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x WX X X X Q -, ,95QL,z,fw ,, f, x , ww! C3 E 90-mf cu-Usdf, JM 1 , CV Mm -os MM A Qfziygxii Q? Qczffuifkjivfij k Q , 1, . J fZfzL15 L-LQ H411 ' 7 D " Q55 I U Qi ,g,,U.,6 ffT1E- Mfyffgfof Obfi' ' 0' Mama 5,5 '11 QLNK QJQA. ,ff.Lffc,1J. S qfcL,.,.,Z1.,f1Q W f4,g.JiJ2, ' , W A gn R 1 fyawwf XR 'x ,'-X x 2 my A gg, Jxivf GJ? . xxN,?' mf flew-f' - X -My ww , 'SFA fdmfwkf 'vffo Q9 WR .sw-f. wwf - -WH Q, 'N N, 1. Q "7!Afx'fSf ,ff'1fz'?f7 fx Q. 'fifbfgrfyfufrfxfm ,,,i, G Af I K"S5ss. 61 .A , 3fUidYg'a"'Vf7m4S?'f4f'f- Yff-'VY' . -Yv-., .V A ,W V , V E ' -F ' I N ' s QQ by b Rwffiil W W wwf? QfzwfQWjTW9 N Q 'wwgfmfvlffif vsqgffsifffywyfiiiffhgg Wy? 3 Wifwfffmfw bww yjyjfgf Q MQ my , . I. i . v A 1 Q T V' x' Xtggvx gk 5697! Q1 it we W , wwf Cf 2' W7 Uoijfffpifigyffifnte to Learn- Q , My ?'J.,pQj,Qi?'DePcrt to Serveutw A 'P x X522 k . ?fqT9Z0?f.Cf9w,511t0 r' er au Md Oy 39 W www -:A -131,1 4 F ,- 2 a ll I Av ff 3 - 'ffl MW? ij 741 '21 Bruce Cole, freshman class presudent, and Doug Davey, sensor class presudent, reflect on the motto ot the entrance of the school. W .1 Q" M Vi .,'W ,u,1, ' I Lsiijxggik--e'i wuwtzrix I ,P Wm!! . . s - 1 - ' wi M I df I A 1 ' If 3 , , . x-V . W 4f?fo - 'gap 1 'ix 'JO ' .J ffffffw n , mwbw 4QQ 00 5506 O74 af 'M , 1 O 75 PS3 Kfofav - Kfzouzwog ou... W1 965 BEAR TRACKS . . ff Moscow Senior I h, h WWW qfgfff' ff 49" if ,gfqylfj ' 'YO ff ?55Q?5Kff75fffff Moscow, lwfwyjd fj,xyQ,f 3 Zfzffmofffilfif Y lkcuik- .T TQ -' s,.QMeX.,,, Lite is but a highvvay containing many hills and valleys and marking many milestones. During their lives students drive onto various sideroads that are bumpy and unpleasant. Or perhaps they iourney onto some that prove to be smooth and rewarding, The Bear Tracks statt dedicates to the students in the year T966 this highvvay, route 66, hoping it leads them to the ioy and happiness ot the tuture. These two pages contain a record ot the route many students tollovved in the T965-T 966 school year. g 3 X A Q f 4? E'NIg1:-.4 ' , .V ,- , L- aw my , 2 K. A E491 --X,- di... Z! 3 X XX '19 5 1 'F .11- .E , rf z' '28 V W' Q -L ' ., Ln -4- l :W z ,,.ff" 1 f Q , 39425 V Q' :Jai ff lily, ,nl jlgf jzs .47 2 4, ,,xz,, .A A .. Y' 45 "'i'3fT"i'fz,-ag 'L R, N . , ,gy ,A Q A . -J? . 1-...BN 4? :V nifAj'f-A avi M 4 Iggy 3 V, . 1 .V . Yin W ff qw, , ,, , g." W V 3 ' 'flw,g f-fbi f 'f' f ffif . f, i W I M ggi 0'h:, ' V, iii W A. its .ms5 k"A' vh ., J' , if 1- - ' If" ' 'M ' , ,f f ' ,' Y, .1 jg Viral., Q. 1 ,lbs 3',,'Te I--,.i,g'..Zi5 ' fx' Wi K' .JM 1 .., fe H ' ' ..,- H Q - , ,. I -I V- .., ,- .fi " I , I x . y, Q , Q1 ,M -f' 1- - , ,4 I ' ,V , V X f. V- uv , N ,A , xx -W fwydh' , n , A . " F1-' , jf fm , .ge gf?" Z'a2'?if"f f - n f"-V 4 7 ' ,,... 'VA' fx The pointed folk really serves its pose. F X ,NJ 0 1 W -.9 9 5, M, ,M 51131 ,rt . hw M 1 , il 4 L .! 1 in ' 4 0. . m-2 e 4 W ff 3 ,uf e R!-NH! 6 gn - Jdenfs relcix on he schoul iowi during lunch how Color Moscow Senior High School every Color inthe roinbow for its universol pur- poses. Color the pep assemblies full of pride tor the spirit ond loyolty they instill. Color the sports victorious for the fighting Mos- cow Beors. Color the octivities well- orgonized for lciughter-filled ond worth- while events, Color the closses inspirotionol for the effort the toculty puts forth. Color the seniors preparing well tor their future lite. Ishii L: Riding The conveyance of the year, the Bear Tracks staffers travel Route 66. BEAR TRACKS STAFF SP3 BUSINESS MANAGER .4A....., ADMINISTRATION X FACULTY .I CLASSES ......a, . ORGANIZATIONS .. ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISING . PHOTOGRAPHERS I. ADVISER ,. 8 . , , . .Judy Westberg ,....SusanJohnson . . . . . . .Clair Moore Cathy Bingman ,....MarTy Harrison Mary Beth Salisbury .......,.KaTyKavvuIa Louise Burklwarismeier ......,.....NanciLynd Doug Davey . . . . .Ken Jordan Ron Frye ..,,.Mary Liz Hann Mike Mann ......JoIin Potter .,...Mrs. Ted Pursley TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 8. F ACULTY ,g,3g1-141.-me-:ann1Illv1'3 --n--md-ll-I C LASSSES CRGANIZATICNS fvwvg H ' n ACTIVITIES 'I iiniri S PORTS 3 V 1,41 " -I -f ADVERTISING lf" 3.1 . ,ww nw: swam if w 559.3 Q JJ' 521: --v- M- .Q X x 'X' x V , M 5 9 70 i Jiggggw m sh fy QQQQ ,99 ry ylwiii 174 Q Wfiwk Mi QQQQQT Administration im ' cmd Fczculiy X i i 2 1 , ,,.-- i f H2 f ii i fi im iggs Qjfi if 59,55 il 55 Piggy 'i"qQifT7fg ji VAL QiQifi3ii JQQQEQ 7 f i 'ily-n A. B. MCDONALD-Superintendent STOWELL JOHNSTONE-Principal Administration Moscow School Boord members ore from leffto right: Louis Olson, Mrs. Normo Dobler, Dr. Henry Zimetwchoirmon, Dr. Dormold Adoms ond Donold Costellovv. 12 ii3i'fiiiii"i"'Z5r 'MQ Intern Principal Charles Sutton, Superintendent A, B. McDonald and Principal Stowell Johnstone view tuture liignvvays tor Moscow Senior l-liglw School. Directors, Counselors Correlate Activities ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Girls' Counselor 'Yi-'19 13 RICHARD ROGERS Boys' Counselor CATHERINE ARDREY Teaches: General Moth, Science, Chemistry Degrees: B.S.-University of Kentucky, M.S.-Louisiono Stote University, Ph.D.- Michigon Stote LOIS CHEETHAM Teaches: French ond World History Degrees: AB.-Smith College, M,A.4 University of Idaho MERT BARTH Teaches: Physicol Educotion Degrees: BS-Winono Stote College XX Q, -Q PHOEBE DANIELS Teaches: Ecirth Science Degrees: BS-University of ldoho ESTHER BROCKELBANK Teaches: Lotin ond French Degrees: B.S.-University of Woshington M.A,-University of Idaho JEANIE BRYER Teaches: English Degrees: B.A. -University of ldoho SHIRLEY CALDWELL Teaches: Sociology, Government, U.S. His Tory Degrees: B.A.-fUniversity of Nebrosko WILLIAM DANIELS Teaches: Distributive Educotion Degrees: BS.-University of Idoho I4 y KATHRYN DAY VIRGINIA GALE MAYBELLE GEHRKE Teaches: Algebra and Phystcs Teaches: Ertglrsh ormcl Speech Ltbrartarw Degrees: B.A, -Rucktord College, M,N.S. - Degrees: BS -Umversrty ot Idaho Degrees: B.A Umversnty ot Idaho Umyerstty of Idaho CURTIS GOULD Teaches: Geometry Degrees: BS. -Oregon State Urtnverslty I f WARREN I-IARMAN 'Tri-, Teaches: Blology and Earth Scuehce I-In Degrees: BS, M.N.S- Umyersuty at Idaho, MD, Mldwe5terhUrtlyersIty DONALD I-IAYNES JOANN I-IEALY GAYLE I-IUNGERFORD Teaches: World Hlstory and Study Hall Teaches: Ertgltsh Teaches: Emglrsh Degree: Mohtarta State College Degree: B.A -Eost Washmgton State Col- Degrees: BS Umversuty of Idaho lege I5 BONNIE JOHNSON Teaches: Home Economics Degree: B.S,-University of Idaho FLOYD PAULSEN Teaches: Chemistry and Algebra Degrees: B.A.-Washington State Univer- sity, M.N.S.4University of Idaho MARIEN JOHNSON Teaches: Physical Education Degree: B.A.-St. Cloud State College LOIS LYON Teaches: Orchestra Degree: BS A-University of Idaho RICHARD NACCARATO Teaches: Earth Science and Physical Educa- tion Degree: BS.-University of Idaho TONI PURSLEY Teaches: Journalism and English Degree: BS-University of Idaho . W I F .. I g,,,:. -- L q A f NW: , " x GLEN LITTLE Teaches: Shop and Art Degree: B.A.-East Washington State Col- lege ROBERT RICHMAN Teaches: Algebra Degrees: B,A,-Colorado College, BS- Colorado State University 16 fe .5 Q.. 3 S C , Sf if 5 s 9 I I IMOGENE RUSH Teaches: English Degrees: BA.-University of Idoho ALTON SCOTT Athletic Director Degrees: BS., ME.-Lewis ond Clork of Portlond 45 tgsfilgkf, ' KIRK RUSH Teaches: Agriculture Degrees: BS., MS-University'of ldoho LORNA SCHUETTE Teaches: US. History Degrees: BA., M.A,-University of Wcish- ington LAVERNE SCHWARTZ Teaches: English Degree: BS.-University of Idaho LADESSA SMELCER Teaches: English Degree: BS.-University of ldoho 17 MARGARET SCHIMKE Teaches: Sociology ond US. Government Degree: B.A.-University of ldoho I I ,'. 1 I I I Q 7 y :.- t I ,--W Q gs K Q I :gt I -r g I 5 I I I I MARY SMITH Teaches: Algebra ond Geometry Degree: BS.-Ohio Stote University WALTER SNODGRASS Teaches: Bond and Orchesfro Degrees: B,S., MS,-University of Idoho PAULI NE WHITEHEAD Teaches: English Degrees: BS.-Oregon Store University, M.A:-UniversiTy of Idaho CHARLES SUTTON Teaches: Biology Degrees: A.A.-North Idoho Junior CoI lege, B.S., MS.-University of Idoho CAROL VVALENTA Teaches: Bookkeeping ond Typing Degree: B.S.-University of Idaho EDITI-IA WARREN Teqgheg: Typing, Office Proc'iice,Shor- Ihond Degree: BS.-University of Idaho ROBERT WHIPPLE Teaches: Mixed Chorus, Chorcdoires Degree: B,M.-University of Idoho I8 5. : ,I . 1 - 125533 QWENGY DOROTHY TOLLESON Teaches: English Degree: BA,-University of WoshingTon CLYDE YOUMANS Teaches: Shop ond Mechonicol Drawing Degree: B.S.-University of Idaho NONA RAE WILDE AND MILDRED LYTLE MARY JEAN ROSS AND ALTHEA SPENCER School Secretaries Superintendenrs Secretaries Office Staff Assists Administration V .I Ottice girls shown are from Iett to right: from row, Sheila Qornell, Carole Finley, Mary Beth Salisbury, Marty Harrison, Sandy Moon, Diana Benson, Lola Cosner' J - rp Whisner, Mary Kay Wolf, back ww: Chris Cox, Lynn Standley, Marcia Stark, Carolyn Strobel, Japefhun erford, Kay Morgan, Barbara DePree. 19 ,LA GENE MORRISON Student Body Prestdent MSHS Student Body Officers RANDY Student Body HEI LMAN Vice-President SHARON LANGLEY Student Body Secretorylreosurer 20 Student Council Helps Make Decisions jf' 0 Student Council members are from left to right: Bruce Cole, Julianne Williams Jane Burchmter, Sharon Langley, Berntto Anderson Merry l-letclr, Gene Morrison Randy Hellman, John Driscoll, Denny Luvoas, Bruce Stratton and Doug Davey Club Commission Reviews Organizations The Club Commission was formed two years ago for the purpose ot eltmunattng tnactuve Clubs. The Commission reytews the clubs chatters and activities twice a year and decides it they are carrying out worthwhile programs. Any club which does not meet the Commission s standards may be refused a new charter, Commission offtcers standing are John Driscoll, Randy Hellman and Julianne Williams. 21 ITIS museum r Qan- Senior class otticers led their teliovy classmates aiong the road to graduation. They are Doug Davey, president, Carl Harris, yice-president, Chris Cox, secretary-treasurer, Denny Loyaas, student councii representative. Seniors Discover New Freeways TROY LLOYD ALBERT DONALD A. C. ANDERSON Ambition To become a teieytstort mi Andy' Otter swine 'O UQVW Tsftitifl' AntLJttto'w To ptavtor the otzertew-to 'Ute U' CLWWUQ0 to hecorhe a rnecnontco engineer Ac tty 'tes rootbat 2, 3, J, NX Limb J, -1, time i 2 3 Pep Bend r 2 3, Baseooit I 2, Basketboiti 2, Track 3 .1 Weight Lifting 3,1 RANDA Ct-TARLENE ARMSTRONG Afnhtrron To torn the Noyy Acttytt-es Woterioo iowa Swim Ciitb, Math Ciuh Geir-ttousert, Germany Cheer- ieader, Basketbati, Satthal Drama Ctob, Pep Ciub RUSZELEN AUBE Rosy Ambition To tttrtstr schooi, be a beauty operator marry ct miiiionaire and ttye tropptty eye, cutter Arttytttes PNC FHA, GAA JOHN R. BARBOUP .' Sins E .'Q. .eil MWCHAEL EUGENE BARR A vmmw Mm.: !'vrLJm1MCn'Mgqccwf' Wen mrougn men mhd oo' Acvwmes Deknore 3, Jimvd LFSAH z . RNCK A. BAYSNNGEP AW? " 1 vi' cpf? , J" iimev' -'rg "Ne 'Ee' Jrgevs 1 P WP "Uv H ' M 'w L l MICHELE MARIE BECKER -Doc vhmou T:'Q1rL1dU0?P from mMeg1ecmd emcy Me Acwwwes Bo'-1: ' X J Levvwsvovw mm Eewvm W 2 Pep Umm 3 A DwVTec1m 3 J Q:1'mcvi1vvBf1"d FxUvl1"41P.1 U ov! "U Duy J .K ,ef Servmg os senior closs advisers Ore Mrs, Mory Smith, Don Haynes, Mrs. Shirley Cokiwell ond Meri Barth. -2 zf 25 I DlANA LYNN BENSON Ambition To attend college and maqor in psychology, Activities- GAA l, Pep Club 3, 4, Dnll Team A. MARY JANE Bll?Cl"lMlEl2 Janie' Ambition To go to college and have a career rn social or guidance work Activities Freshman Class Secretory Treasurer, Homecoming Princess T, GAA l, Q, FHA l, District Convention l, B Squad Cheerleader 2, FTA 3, Youth Legislature 3, Girls League Council 3, 41, secretaryetreasurer 3, president 4, T1nfState 3, 4, delegate 3, president J, Student Council A, Usn erette 3, Quill and Scroll 3, A, U ol I Press Conference 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, A, Girl of the Month, 'Leadership GARY BERG lGrinnyl Ambitron To be rrclt, happy, play pro-football and benclw press A00 lbs, by graduation Activities: Football TVA, Track l 3, A, Weightlifting l.4, M- Club 2, 3 -1, Boys League Basketball l .1 JANICE RAE BOYD :Sarn Arnbrtron To goto college, marry and make rny marriage successful Activi- ties Girls Clnorusl Girls League l--1 TRUDY ANN BERGER Ambition: To become a major in PE and then become an airline stewardess, Activities: Pep Club 3, 4, Girls League Council 4, DECA 4, state secretary 4, GAA T, 2, Girls Track, Girl at the Month, VVtttiest." CATHY JEAN BINGMAN Ambition: To attend college and suc- ceed in business. Activities: Fl-lA l-4, secretary 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4, Wocso page edttor 3, Bear Tracks classes co-editor 4, Cotton Princess 22 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Junior Miss Pageant A, Lewiston 'Vlusic Festtval T, Carousel stage crew, U of I Press Conlerence 3, 4, l MR. SENIOR Randy Hellman MARILYN GAIL BOYD Ambition: To get an education, then see the whole wide world. Activities: GAA l Pep Club 3, 4, Wocso staff 3, 4, Gtrls League Council 4. NANCY JUNE BRANDT lNancel Ambition: To go to college and molar In sociology. Activities: FHA lvd, FTA 4, FNC 2 3 4, corresponding secretary 4, Girls League Council 4. .,. BERT GLEN BUCKINGHAM Amblluon To play an elghrman foolball game be halfback and make a OO-yard rauchdowrw run Achyrrles, Foosball I..1 Baske1ball2 Choraralres 4,preslderv.1, Boys League Baslcelball 3,-I MVC ub3 -1 Baseball Q 3 MISS SENIOR Judy Westberg LOUISE ANNETTE BURKHARTSMEIR laurel Ambrhan To oecorhe an rnlerpreler and vour rhe wana Acvrymes GAA I, 2 3 FTA 3 .1,LI ol I FIA Corwyenrlon 3, Band I-4 Pep Band .I J, Srage Band 3, Lewlsrorw Muslc Feslrval I 2, Prarrle Musrc Feshval T Carradlan Bond Ex- change 3 Pep Club 3 .1 Drlll Team 3 A, Qulll and Scroll 1 U ol I Press Conference 3, Skr Club -1, Frerrch Club I. -r or V - limes ,V fs. - renee ,, JIM CLARK Ambmon To be accomplished In business adverhsung, worlh one mllluan dollars and worvh far more an the value of my friends, Achvmes, Football IVA, Track LA, Wacso stall A, M,Club A, Maumam Home Hugh School I-3 French Club IV3, Boys Club I-3, school plays SHEILA RAE CORNELL Ambnhon To become an elementary school teacher and travel. Acvrvmes FIA 2, 3, 4, Fl-IA A, Sensor Band I Clarksvon Muslc Feshval I, Cancer? Band 2, 3, A, Lewrsfon Music Fesvlval 2 3, U ol I Band Day 2, 3, A Canadran Band Exchange 3 GEORGE MELVIN BUTTEREIELD Iliragg- Arnblllon To be 0 rnlllronarre Aclrvr hes Football 2, 3 MfCIub2 3 4, Boys League I-4. TED CASS Arnblhon To go 'o college and marar In loresvry or agrlculmre rnaxe a Im or money, and ralse a happy lanrlly Acllvlhes EEA I, 2, 3 Cancer! Band I-A, Wrestlrng 3, 4, Pep Bond 2, 3 A Football I, Welghl Lrlhng 3, A, Slage Band 2, 3, A. ROBERT TIMOTHY CASH lTiml Arnbmon Ta be rrch successful and happy Achvrhes Foarball .1 MfClul:: J Bays League Basketball A DAVID CHARLES Cl-IESNUT Arrwblhon To ge' rhrough school and gc err ra engrrveermg Acvrynres Skl Club Z 3 -1, Key Club 3, 4 AES 3, J, Band I 2, Lewlsron Muslc Feshval I, 2, Irock 2 3, Boys League Baskelball I L7 41 sw xr, v r my X rg QU 5, x N Q , M ,A 1 r L MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kory Kowulo cmd John Potter aw N 1' + 2 if '10 if S, RARTICIA DAI-IL IPGTIyI Arnbrrrrpn Adrvrrreg LaCrosse Hrqrr SCMOOI I GAA I Crrorus I, MSI-IS A Ml- DOUGLAS I-IARRY DAVEY IBombrI Arvrbrvrorr To oecorrre t1COrTm1r5SIOU9d NGVGI Ofircer Agrrvrrres BO5ebGII IVA BoskevboII Z 3 .1 Sur CIUIU Z 3 11, NI CIub Z 3 -1 GUIII orrd ScroII 3 A Lrcefpresrcierrr .1 Ju-rrcr Prom Krrvg 3 Kar CLD J Bear Tracks sporvs edrvcr L Wocso sccrrs Pdrfor 3 LJ QI i Press Corrferervce -1 Lommerrcervrerw' Usher 3, Semor CIoss Presrderrr LOLA COSNER ILO' Arrrorrrorr To ga vc busrrvess coIIege orrc: be ir sIJccessfuI secrerory grrrd mme Iofs of Money, Acrrvrrres Pep CILJI: 3 J EI-IA I ENIC 3, GAA I Z Drr I Igor- .1 A az: V CYNTI-IIA CHRISTINE COX rCI'1rrs' Arrvbmow To be G sooo' worker Ac' rrvrfres FHA I, 2 3 Irrgrgrrorr Z secref vary 3 FTA 2 3 -1 socror drorrrworr 3 vrcefpresrderrv L Nofro'roI Horror So- crevy 2 3 J secrerorv 3 presrderrr J, Pep CIULJ 3 1, AFS I 1 5rrIs Smre AI'er'rwoIe 3, COrv'rmememerrI Ushererve 3, Serwror CIoss Secretory Treasurer GARY LEE CROOKS Arwbrvron- To go to node sclwooI. Q1-A ,.,, GARY WAYNE CUMMINGS Arrrbr-rorr Io Ive .1 rcdrc oper'o'cr rrr We Srrrrreqrc Arr Yorvvrrvorvd Anvrwres CIrorqrInrres T"""v 3 -I Levvryorr '-IusrcFesfrvor 3 .1 BARBARA ELENA DEPREE rBc1rbI Arrrbrfron To ge? the mosf our of Irfe Acrrvrrres Lorvguoge CIub I Chor- oIorre5 2 3 .1 PNC 2 3 A, Lewrsforr Musrc Fesrrvoi I-A DruII Team 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4 VAN DEE DEWITT Arnbrnorr To be corrsrrucvrve rm Irode and I1eIpIr.rl vo orrrers rrr some rndeh rrrre rrrcrrrrrer Acrrvrrres rw-mn., may "Tr 4 na -r-.R was MICHAEL ROSS DREW 1MIkeI Arrtbttton Ta have good heaIth ana ta be successIUI In whatever I do. CHRISTINE DIANE DUNIA5 IKrIs' ArrIbItIon To ga Inta IIarsIng or socIaI work ActIvItIes GIrIs League CoancII I, 3 41, GAA I 2 LCIIII1 Gab I Harnecatntrtg Prtncess 2 ENC 2 3 4 CheerIeaaer 3 41, Reserve Iwo tar Murder cast? AngeI Street cast? Rgonw and Bored cast 2, Corn' Inencemen' US'Ierette 3 Jarmar Prom PrInceSS 3 III S'ate deIegate Z JLIEIQI MISS Contest -1 LI of I FIIQSS Conteterwce 3 Ia ent Show .3 JANE DUNCAN LINDA KAY ELLER Arnbttton Io Itve a happy rIch and Successtw IIte. ActIvItIeS St Manes I-hgh SchaaI I, 3, The Bas Stops I-Iere cast 3 Chorus I 3, MSHS 2 41 Charms 2 A ALVIN ROYCE EVELAND IAII AmoItIan To ga to coIIege, then IIve a SuccessfuI Itte around the worId, CI-IERRE LYNN FELION ArrIbItIan Io taItIII aII my dreams IrI tne worId ot dance ActIvItIeS IaIent smvv 2 3 PNC 3, DIIII tem 3, 4, Pep CIM: 3, 11, prestdent 4, .Iumar MISS Contest 4 CvIrIs League CouncII, tour' tesy Chalrrnan 3, GMI of the Month, Fnertdltest BEST BUILD Marcta Stark and Gary Berg CAROLE JEAN FINLEY Arnbmon Tc goto caIIege and have a CUVQQI IU COYUVWEYCIUI OV' ACIIVIYIQS Language CIULJ I, 2, FIA 3 1, PNC 3, Pep CIULJ 3, 11 vtce-premdertt LI, Gtrls League CauncII Hornecorntng Queen A, Commencement Usherette 3, AFS 3, A Catton Queen 3, JunIor MISS Contest 10' KAY DAWN ELEISSNER I K I Arnbtttan Ia attend coIIege and molar In EIIQIISI' Acttvttues GAA I ENC 2, Pep CIab 3 4, Juntar MISS Contest 4 II. T515 fair N I TRICRT BEST DANCERS Trudy Berger and Joe Walker ROBERT DEAN FRYE TROLJT Ambmon To graduave from coTTege Acnymes BaskevbaTT 2, SRT CTub A, Cross Country 11 RONALD LEE ERYE TSTr'nonT Ambmon To go To coTTege, gev nch, have a garage +uTT af hav rods and have a dovhung svore on the slde Actwymes. SRT CTub 3, BaskeTbaTT 2, Wocsa staff 3, Bear Tracks Staff 4, BowTTng T, 2, A, stave fournamenv T, 2, Boys League BaskevbaTT 3, A, RICHARD ALLEN FURNISS Ambman To go to coTTege on a skung schoTarshTp Acnvmes Wes! Jumor Hwgh, Boise T, FSA 3, 11, Language CTub 3, A, Sk1 Club 2, 3, A, presndenf 3, 4, Boys League Basketball 3, A, Cross Country 4. VVILLARD GEORGE JACK A. FOSTER Ambmon To be presTdenv of the N B D S Acnymes FFATJ1 MIKE FRANKLIN LARRY DOUGLAS GERMER Ambmon To graduare from coTTege wnh a degree In busuness admwusvraf hon and relwre when T am 30 Acwvue nes FoovbaTI 2, 3, 4, Baske1baTT T-4, Wocso staff 3, 4, LJ of T Press Confer- ence 3, DECA A, M-CTub5 Weight Lffr- mg 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN GILES Ambmon To someday maybe neTp someone Acvuymes, Latm CTub T, GAA T, Declamauon Convesv 2, ENC 2, Mixed Chorus 25 Levwsvan MUSIC Fes- tsya!2,3,11, Pep Club 3, 4. LEONA KAY GILLIAM Ambmon To go to coIIege ond get morrled Achvmes Kendruck Hwgh 5cI1ooI I, 2, 3, MSHS 3, A,CIvoroIC1Ires LINDA RAE GILLIAM Ambmom To go on vo Imwsh my edu' canon of me U of I and 'hen become G NQI1 school hwsfory veocher Acrwymes- FHAI ENC? 3 A RepCIub3 -1 DUII 3, A, Conserv Bond 3, Freedom Squares 4 TERESA EILEEN GUNTHER Ambmon To groduclreIromYI1e U OI I cr1droIuIIIII my Iwfe and Irs purpose Acuvmes GAA I 2, 4, Pep CIub 4, Bond I, 2 3 Lewrsvovw Musnc FesrIyoI I, 2 CovvC1dIonleuondwhngeI 2 3 Team 3 A FTA .I HARDEST WORKERS Doug Doyey and Mary LIZ I-Icxrm EDWARD JOSEPH GLEASON Joe Ambmou To compIeve my efiucu' or Lv'c1'IwerIfv:1yeI Aww es Bo":I Q 3 Pep Bgwg 2,3, CIIovQIcwes QI Key Gun 1 TI'e,rIIervw, f 4 SPA Q 3 Leyywycu ',I,5Iq Fgymm ' A 3 Lcpwow One Ac' PIM Les',,1I . ..v-JL: 14 BL:-1: E,-mm'-ge , 3 Bays Save I Bow League Tu ew SLOW . I APS, I' e Ir-v mm' gm' Awerw va Dm Laze 133' DANIEL CARL GOETZ DOH Ambvwc' T: 1'1 E1 +11 OUADELUREGUZMAN' CURTIS ALBERT I-IALL RODNEY FORREST HALL MIRANDA ICUM IRod ILUpeI Ambmorv To go Where my IIIe may Amb,,4O,y 10 gomyo Opfomevfygnd IO Acflvmes' Forevgn exchcmgegyuden. Ieud me Aqvwyrfres iomem Our: wg m 0 fwghv dub Awymes Dwwm i S I Wes: Anchoruge Hwufv Afmrvovoue one Regmncu Dedomovwon Fesvwyol I, rom on Bernardo Chwe AFSA GAAA A! msko A? A x CorouseI cosy! Lew iron Musa FesfIycI I Z ToIem Show 3 Chor owcwres I 3, Kencrwck Muswc Courvm 3, Bwg Reds 41, Freedom Squares 4, Boys League BoskevbuII 2 FTA 3, -1 'F 1 LARRY WAYNE HAMMOND Anrbrtrorr To graduate trarrr 'he U at ! wrth a degree rrr errgrrreerrrrg or lwsr. rress and p!ay co!!eLre toarba!! and track Actryrrres Mlmb I .5 rl pres rdent .1 Key C!o!J I J -1 PNVV Corrf yerrrrarr 3 ,1 AFS-1 roctba!! , 3 -1 rmck 3 J .1 co carrrrrrr .1 Stare Truck Mes-rl? .1 rye-rLrrrrLrr4r-rg! ,a .1 errno T43 MARY EL!ZABETH HANN !Mory Lrz' Arrrbrtrorr To rnarar rn some r're!d at rECrSO!!OrrElrrd!!1err use Vrrs prafessrorr to rrreet as rrrarry peopre as passro!e Act-vvres C!ass secreraryftreasmer 2 Student Coorrcr! representatrve 3 Bona ! Q Levy starr 'Aasrc Festrya! ' 2' LJ of !Barrd Day 7,1 Language C!ob! 2 FTA 3, .1 'reosorer li FTA Conven- trarr ! P AFS 2 3 .1 oresrdenr 3, candrdate A, Pep C!ob 3 4, Grr!s League Councr! 2, Youth Legrs!ature 3, Idaho State 5YuderrtCouncr!rr1ee1rr'rg 3, C!ub Conwmrssron 3, Wocso ads marr- ager 3, U of ! Press Conference 3, Bear Tracks ads manager .1 QLJr!IC1rrd Scro!! 3 A, Conwrnencemenr Usherette 3, Jonror Pram Prrncess 3, Grrl of rhe Month, Hardest Worker .1 FR!ENDL!EST John VVa!!4er and Margre Stark TIMOTHY ROGER HANSEN rCaesar! Arrrbrtrarr To oo ro ca!!ege became a recordrrrg arrrst trave! oroona the war!d make a rrrr!!rar'do!r1r5:rrrdreYrre at Zin Acrryrtres Concert Band TV4 Rep Banc! 3, DECA A CARL HARR!S Actryrtres Key C!oo3 .1 FTA3 A Thesprahs3 4 Poorbar T 2 Tram T L Arsenrc and O!d Lace crew 3 Frye ra Jodgemens cast and crew 3 Boys League represf ervotrye J Corrrrnerrcerrrerr' Usrrer 3 c!oss yrcefpresrderrt ri MARTY HARRISON Thornper Anro trorr To 'rrsrsrr c:!rege rorn the Peace Corps and rrave! Acrryrrres GAA! 2 FTAZ 3 .L FTA Convefvorr LJ or ! 3 AES 3 Pep C!ob 3 -1 Dr! !Tearn 3 1 Qu!!! and Scror!3 J .Nacsc stat! 3 U ot r Rress Carrserence 3 Bear Tracks crosses cofeartor 4 Tarerr' Snow Q Jonror Prerrr Qornnrruee Z MARY KATHLEEN HASSLER Kathy Arnturrror' To socceec rr' yv!ea'ever ! so Ac' vrrres Rep C oo 3 4 PNC .1 in-r Q-9' DON CHARLES HAUPT Arnbrtrorr lo go to co!!ege and study errgrrreerrng Acrryrrres Track T, Q, Basebal! !, 2. JOHN STEVEN HEICK !Ste-ye! Arnbrtron- To become prosperous rn the ousrness world and lead an actrye and rewordrng hte Acrryrtres, Baseba!! T, Q A, Basketbal!! 2 3, DECA A, Wocso staff 3. RANDY HE!LMAN Ambmou To be 11 secfess W-mvevev ! duces to so Acmmes. Bosxevbo!! 3.1 Bosebo! ' 1 ',!C!u!n ' .1 Key Cmo 1 3 1 Smdef' Body wie :nreswdemr .1 Com- rwemcenwem ushe! J Um: Covwvrvwmweru Sweden! Comm ! Covvyevroq JEANNE LEA !-!!TES Ambmon To fem!! guyemmevw! ov Mwermy ovvr!e!1!g!w sdvoo! !eye! or maybe yew me forexgn !eg!om! Acwymes FHA! 2 FTA -1 Pep Uub 3 -1, Dr!!! Team -1, Woiso sro!! 3, 4, page edwror L5 bnsmees mcmuger 1 U 0' ! Press Covwferewce 3 Qu!!! and Scro!! 4, Language CMD Z Li WALLACE ALAN HUTCHINS JERRY LEE JACKSHA 'VVGHY Anvkwvuorv 'O ge' cw ergmeer ng cle' A"wov!c'v To c1:': cg !eQe Acmmeg 'fee Gnd D Gy CC!!egs Quik-ern? 1 Fovbo! A Z 3 Troof A 'Boys Leanne EUSFUU AUWELSS Kev NUC A ' Boskemzw 3 -I Qof'w1e'ce'WvevNr uslev EL UD RTA, AFS Swan? V' 3 A0550 Smyfl -I os ba!! A J Bas-e'Ds-4 3 - 33 Amsv :H TC PR!SC!LLA ANN HODGSQN Awnmcr Tc oe :vw -'revwov 41e:m,vm Aghmes D-! Team F J ie: EJ'-c 3 4 Peg Cum Z J wwe' 'Awss Cgwer J Qu' udwu' Emfo Exvxvkge E Z Le.-, 5""' 'Wm Sy fn L Lafzev' Blvd' J ROSANNE OL!V!A HOLBPOOK Rosy Amomef To 'york ov 1-ve 'e!ep! cm wma- ,md"!.1vwi1fer':1.v gm Ac' x meg Pmoege H!9!!5fmQ!! Pep CM-1 MA' 'JSH3-! .1 JAN LYNN !-IOLLENBECK Amnvwon To gmdume and me succv-wh, w0v51vy!'vwqMig!!! Me Acmwes DECA L JANE! RU!!-I HUNGEPEORD beirme .1 'ew vc' ' "1 Qtr: Q gm, Ac' , 'es S+ Q J: L -A E 1 :TA 3 V1 'eywe' 1 'wk A ' ,dx 51' J .1131 '-EGL? rv"1"'1"'x1eu Q .1' ' L M. , 1 MOS! TALENTED Coro!yn Strobe! ond Chrxs Robmsor! VVlTTlEST Steve Long and "Cowgirl" Lynd ALLAN LEE JENSEN lRedl Ambition, To ga to college orvocattonal school or become a farmer. Activities, FFA T-4, DAVID ALLEN JOHNSON Ambition, To play professional baseball Activities, M-Club, Baseball, Basketball. Ambition: Activities: Festival l, 3, Pep Clu Quill and Ambition, MARGARET SUSAN JOHNSON lSusiel To become a medical technologist or a PE teacher. Homecoming Princess 4, Band l, 2, Lewiston'Music Festival l, 2, Prairie Music FTA 3, 4, U of I Conference 3, 4, Girls League Secretary-Treasurer A, Tri-State b 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4, Skt Club 3, GAA l-A, Bear Tracks staff 4, Wocso staff 3, Scrolld. KIMBERLY JONES lKiml To be a social worker in Chicago. Activities: DeKalb, Illinois T, 2, 3, Pep Club l, 2, 3, Cheerleader l, FSC 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Msns 4, Pep Club 4. i 34 MARGARET ANN JONES lMargiel Ambition, To become a Red Cross nurse and to travel to California. Activities: fW'v KENNETH E JORDAN JR. Ambition, To grab the world by the tail and hang on. Activities: Debate I-4, captain 3, 4, BPA 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, 4, AFS 3, 4, National Merit Semifinalist 3, Wocso staff 3, Bear Tracks staff 4, Golf l-4, captain 4, M-Club 2, 3, 4. ROGER KASPER Arnbltlonz Acttvltres. KATHRYN LOUISE KAWULA lKatyl Ambltlon: To work my way around the world. Actrvltsesz Central Hugh School, Sprrngtreld, Mo. T, Parkvlew Htgh School, Sprtngtleld, Mo. 2, MSHS 3, 4, Language Club 3, AFS 3, 4, secretary A, Thesptans 3, 4, potnts chalrrnan A, Debate 3, recorder 3, drstrrct tourna- ment 3, Radto Bear 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Wocso staff 3, Bear Tracks statf 4, One-Act Play Festival 3, CHRISTOPHER KELLOGG lChrisl Ambltlonr To goto college and become o chemlcal englneer, make Tots ot money and retire, Actlvlttesz Band T, 2, 3, Pep Band, Dance Bond, Ghost onthe Loose ' crew, Reserve Two for Murder" crew, STEVEN R, KERN Ambttron: To rude my cycle wlthout the traintng wheels. Actrvltres: Lincoln County Hugh School, Eureka, Mont. T, 2, Lettermans Club T, 2, Football T, 2, Basketball T, Photo Club T, 2, Track T, 2, MSHS 3, 4, Football 3, Track 3, A, Sk: Club 3, 4, vrce-prestdent 4, ALETA MARIE KTRKWOOD Ambltron, To go to the U ot I and loin the Peace Corps and then get a lab teachmg art. Actrvltres: Frosh Band T, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Muslc Festlval T, 2, 4, Band exchange trlps 3, A, Language Club 4, AFS 3, Orchestra 2. DAN LYNN KIRKLAND Ambition: To be In the flnals of the NCAA swrrnmrng meet and to graduate from college, Actiyittes: Football T-4, Golf T-4, M-Club 3, 4. BEST LEADERS Gene Morrison and Jane Birchmuer ROGER KOEFOD Ambition: To go into forestry at the University of idaho. Activities: Sammamish High School, Bellevue, Wash., MSHS 4, Basketball 4, Baseball 4. EDWARD DAN KOTTKE lEdl Ambition: To ga through college and then travel. Activities: FFA, DECA. ANNA LOUISE KNAPP Ambition: To be a beautictan. Activities: Bigfork High School, Bigfork, Mont. l, 2, 3, Pep Club l-4, FHA 'l, 2, 3, Cheerleader i, Vikettes ldnll teoml 2, 3, Class Play 3, paper staH3. SHARON ANN LANGLEY Ambition: To become an elementary school teacher or an interior decora- tar. Activities: Student Council Secretary 4, GAA l-4, basketball manager 2, pre- sident 3, Youth Legislature Alternate 3, AFS 3, 4, candidate 3, Commencement Usherette 3, FTA 3, 4, secretary 4, Girls League Representative l, 2, class secretary 3, Girls State Alternate 3, Speech Festival 3, U at I FTA Contere ence 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Latin Club l, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, BRUCE GORDON LANPHEAR Ambition: To become a famous ar- chitect and be another Frank Lloyd Wright. Activities: FSA l, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Track l-4, M-Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Senior Band lp Dance Band 3. KIRK ROBERT LIGHTFIELD NANCY ANN KRASSELT Ambition: To marry a millionaire and have a happy lite. Activities: FHA l, FNC 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. MOST ATHLETlC Rick Pierce and Sharon Langley RICHARD LIND Ambition: To go to college and be: Ambition: come the owner of a string of motels Activities: Basketball 2, 3, Concert along the Pacific Coast. Activities: Track l, Football 3. .ami me .qv-til' Bond l-4. ROGER A. LINDSAY STEPHEN H. LONG KENNETH D. LUNDQUIST DENNIS LEE Ambition: To have a competition lStevel il'lei'byl COUPE: I Ambition: To ga to college and play Ambition: To complete college and be ACf'V"'952 FFA ld? WV95Tl"'l9 4- football. successful in business. Activities: Football 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Activities: Boys League Basketball 3, M-Club 3, 4, 4. MOST ATTRACTIVE Carole Finley and Roger Koefod SHERYL LYNCH lSherryl Ambition: To be happy and make other people happy. Activities: Yreka High, Yreka, Calit. i, 2: Pep Club 3, 4: DECA 4: Ski Club 4. lDennyl Ambition: To graduate from the U of I with a masters degree in business administration and after college to lead a very happy life. Activities: Class president 2: Student Council Convention 2: Boys State 3: YMCA Youth Legislature 3: FTA 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4, president 4, Lt. Governor of PNW Convention 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Bas- ketball T: Weight lifting T, 2: Student Council Representative 4: Head Commencement Usher 3: Big Reds 4: Wocso staff 3, 4: AFS 4. NANCI ANNE LYND iNanl Ambition: To be a traveling prafes: sional cowgirl with a degree in psy- chology. Activities: GAA l-4: FTA 3, 4, parlia- rnentarian 4: FNC 2, 3, 4, vice: president 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4, secretaryvtreasurer 4: Chorolaires 3, 4, production manager 4: Language Club 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: Girls League Council Representative 3: Wocso page editor 3: Bear Tracks staft 4: U of l FTA Convention 3: District and Regional Declamation Contest 3- MICHAEL M. MANN iMikel Ambition: To find what my ambition is. Activities: Basketball l-4: National Honor Society 2, 3: BPA 2, 3, president 3: "Carousel" cast and crew lp Chor: alaires 1, 2, 3: Lewiston Music Festival i, 2, 3: Wocso staff 3, 4: Bear Tracks staff 4: National Merit Semifinalist 4: U of l Press Conference 3, 4. LARRY MICHAEL MATTOON iMikel Ambition: To go to college and ploy baseball. Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4: M-Club 2, 3, 4: Football 4. fi IF I: RICHARD DUANE MEANS lDuaneI BARBARA JO MAYBURRY IBarbI Ambition: To finish college, marry and have a rich, full life. Activities: FTA 3, 4, AFS 4, GAA If4, Ambition: can. MARION LUCILLE MAYNARD To get married and make my husband and family as happy as I possibly Activities: Pep Club 4, FNC 4, FTA 4. Ambition, To get the ambition to study so I can graduate from the U of I or Caldwell in pre-med, then graduate from some medical school to become a doctor ar a specialist, Activities: Wacso staff 3, A. SAM MILLER Ambition, Activities: SANDRA IRENE MOON ISandyI Ambition, To graduate from college and live a rich, rewarding life. Activities, Latin Club I, Language Club 2, Chorus I, 2, Orchestra I, 2, Lewiston Music Festival I, 2, AFS 3, 4, Pep Club 3, A, Drill Team 4. CLAIR FREDERICK MOORE lCemoreI Ambition, Ta find myself and someone! Activities, AFS 3, 4, president 4, Ski Club 2, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, PNW Key Club Convention 3, 4, Wocsa staff 3, Bear Tracks staff 4, M-Club I-4, Weight Lifting 3, 4, Track I -4, co-captain 4, State Track Meet 2, 3, 4. Ambition 1 To see France and became a car designer. Activities: Ambition, LLOYD RAYMOND MOORE FFA IVA, Track 3, Band I, Wrestling 3, 4. RODNA MOORE To go to college so I can marry a rich college boy. Activities: FAA 2, 4, Language Club 4, FHA I. 2 , CAROL ANN MORFORD Ambition: To became an Interior decorator, marry a farmer and have tive kids, Acttvlties: GAA 2, 3, 4, KAY MORGAN Ambition, To attend the University ol Idaho, motor In elementary education and later teach fourth grade in Mexico. Activities, GAA 2, Girls League Post Party Chairman 4, Tn-State 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, secretary 4, FTA 3, 4, U of I Convention 3, AFS 4, Girls Chorus I, Lewiston Music Festival I, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Drtll Team 3, 4 'fb' ff' QF!! GARY FREDERICK PARBERRY lBuIIwinkleI Ambition- To o to colle e become a dentist and live until I die , Q 9 t Activities, M-Club 3, 4, secretary 4, Football I-4, Basketball I, 2, Track 3, 4, Freshman Class April Fool I, Commencement Usher 3, Boys League Representative 2, Football Captain 4. EVELYN JUNE PAUL Ambition, To get married and be successful and happy tn whatever I do Activities: GINO CHARLES MORRISON lGenel Ambition, To graduate os on engineer ond lead a successful lute. Activities: Pasco High School I, Student Body President 4, class president 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, MfClub 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, board ot directors 4, Boys State 3, YMCA Youth Legislature 3, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, U ot I Convention 3, State Student Council Convention 4, Commencement Usher 3, Room and Bored ' cast 2, Bug Reds 4. MARIE THERESA MUSSEAU lTerryl Ambition, To be happy throughout my lute and to make others about me happy and content. Activities, GAA I, FHA I, Mixed Chorus 3, Choraloires secretary-treasurer 4, FTA 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, demerits chairman 4. SUSAN MARIE NICHOLS lSusieJ Ambition: To attend the University ot Idaho, to mayor In business or physical education. Activities: Band I, Lewiston Musrc Festival I, FTA 4, Junior Mtss Contest 4 WAYNE OLAF OLESEN IOIel Ambition: To be o veterinarian and have my own clinic. Activities. Football I-4, Baseball 3, 4, M-Club 3, 4, Concert Bond I, 2, 3 MALVEENA RAE PAULSON Ambition, To lead a happy and successful life and to go to college. Concert Band 2, 3, 4. HELEN MARIE PAVEL Activities, IPunki nl Ambition, To become a nurse. - Activities, Pep Club 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, FNC 2, 3, 4, historian 4, Language Club I, 2, 3, Concert Band I-4, Lewiston Music Festival I, 2, 4, Junior Miss Contest. JOHN DAVID POTTER Ambition, To revise Einstein's Theory ot Relativity, Activities: National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Thesplans 4, AFS 3, Ambition, Activities, BOB PIERCE RICK PIERCE Ambition, To succeed in whatever I decide to do. Activities, M-Club I-4, vice-president 4, Football I 4 ca captain 4 Basketball I 2 3 Baseball I-4, captain 3, Track I, 3, "Room and Bored cast? M Club Court I Ambition, Ambition, Activities, 4, FSA 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, Wocso editor 3, Bear Tracks photographer 4, National Merit Sernttinalist 4, U of I Press Conference 3, 4, BPA 3, HELEN I. PUTMAN Ambition, To be an international air lines stewardess. Activities- GAA 2 3- Pe Club 3, A, Choralaires 4, Lewiston Music Festival I, Girls Glee - I I P Club I, Drill Team 3, 4. EDWARD JOHN PIERSON To attend trade school and get a successful business Activities, Boys League Basketball 3, 4, HENRY POSEY To get away from Moscow, lHankI VALERIE JEAN RODE Walt AmbltlOr1.To graduate from the Umverstty at Idaho wtth a mayor In Engllsh Actuvutues. FHA I, 2, chapter degree 2, GAA I, 2, ENC 2, 3, A, honor pm A, Pep Club 3, A, Drtll Team 3, 4, DECA 4, Juntor Mtss Contestant 4, Muss Personaltty Award BARBARA LEE RODRIGUEZ Ambutuon- To enter the held ot secretortal work, get morrted ond rouse a formly Actrvmes LELABELLE E. ROGERS Ambltton. To get rnarrued and have a happy ltte ever otter Acttvmes A Capella Chour l, 2, Gurls Chorus A ROBERT EARL ROSS lBobI Arnbntuon To ploy professtonal basketball tor IO years and then become a successful o rch I tect Actlvltles- FTA 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball I-4, U ot I FTA Conference 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, class prestdent I, Student Counctl Representattve Q, Boys State 3, Honor Socuety 2, 3, Bug Reds A SHARON RAE RINGER Ambltuort. To be 0 physical therapist. Activities, FHA IVA, presldent 4, vtcefpresldent 3, Dlstrlct ll Hustorian 3, Concert Bond 2, 3, 4, secretory 4, GAA 3, Pep Bond 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Juntor Mtss Contestant A, Lewtston Music Eestrval I, 2, 4, CHRISTOPHER JOHN ROBINSON lChrisI Ambttton. To be o tune mustcton someday. Acttvttles: Canadian Band Trap I, 3, Lewuston Mustc Festival l, 2, 3, Spokane Mustc Festival I, Concert Band I-4, Wocso statt 3, Talent Show 3, Pep Band lf4,CI1orolatres 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, I ' L XJ, V T' It OCT I If NNN tnf ox 8, MARY BETH SALISBURY lMory BJ , ' Arnbutson To be what I know I should be. kj Acttvutues- Band I, Lewrston Mustc Fesnvol I, Reserve Two tor Murder crew 2, Ghost on the Loose cast 2, Room and Bored cast 2, ENC 2, 3, Arsenic and Old Lace crew 3, Wocso staff 3, The Wtld, Wtld West cast 3, Thesplans 3, A, vtcefpresudent 4, Bear Tracks statt A, Quull and Scroll 4, FTA A, Bear Facts radto show dnrector A .IACQUELINE SCHNEIDER lJockueJ Arnbutton. To attend IBM school and trovel. A0'1vmes.BondI-4,Lewuston Music Festuvol 2, A, DECA A LYN N SCI-IULTZ lBridgetl Ambition, To attend college, strive for a degree in the held ot nursing, minor ln languages and be hoppy with my- self and others Adlvltles: GAA I, 2, 3, FNC 2, 3, 4, Candy Strlper 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, vlce- presldent 3, president 4, U at I Con- ference 2, 3, 4, FTA Delegate Assembly 3, Pep Club 3, 4, treasurer 4, '2""" GARY RAY Sl-IAWLEY Ambition, To get out of school, Acrlvitles. MARLENE DAPHNE SILHA Ambition, To live on a lonely beach by the sea and palnt and write. Activities: Language Club I, 2, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, AFS 3, 4, JAMES BRADLEY SLADE Ambition: To goto college and then travel around the world Activities- Basketball I, Football 3, Boys League Basketball 4, MfCIub 3, 4, STAN SLUTZ Ambition ' Activities- CYNTHIA LOUISE SMITH lCindyl ARVIN LLOYD SKRAMSTAD lArvl Ambition: To goto college and live o successful life, Actlvlties: Band I, 2. ALAN D. SMITH lSmi1ryl Ambition To goto college. Activities. Basketball I, 2, Track I. Ambition To go to a business school and become a medical receptionist. Activities- Chorus I, 2, Lewiston Muslc Festival ILA, FNC, Choraloires 3, 4. -Q--p MICHAEL JAMES SNOW lMikel Ambition, To goto college. Activities: FFA 2, 3, 4, reporter 2, secretary 3, president 4, district secretary 4, National FFA convention delegate, State FFA convention delegate, Wrestling 3, 4. LYNN LAURELLE STANDLEY Ambition To be a mental health nurse lRedI Activities: "Carousel" cast I, FHA I, 2, 3, treasurer 3, FTA 2, 3, 4, FNC 2, 3, 4, historian 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, vice-president 4, GAA I, 2, 3, volleyball manager 3, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, secretary-treasurer 3, Girls League Representative 4, Talent Show 3, Girls State 3, state officer, Pep Club 3, 4. KEN SPARKMAN lSparksI Ambition-To la rofessionalbaseball - P YP ' Activtties: Baseball I-4, Basketball I-4, Football I-4, Big Reds 4, M-Club I-4. MARJORIE EDITH STARK IMargieI Ambition, To goto college. MARCIA STARK Ambition, To graduate from college with ci degree in science. Activities: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, historian 3, treasurer 4, U of I Convention 2, 3, 4, GAA l, 2, badminton manager 2, Language Club 3, Commencement Usherette 3, Student Council class representative, Junior Miss Contest 4. DAVID CHARLES STEFFEN IDavel Ambition: To be a test pilot for a white Activities. FTA 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Usherette 3, Wocso stcff 4. Cheerleader 2, 73, 4, Yell Queen 4, Commencement slave ring. Activities: Wocso staff 3. MARY MARGARET STORER Ambition, To live a happy and de voted Christian life. Activities, Highland High School l, 2, Pep Club l, Drill Team I, Ars Nobles 2, MSHS 3, 4, Chorus 3, Wocso staff 3. ,iw CAROLYN ANN STROBEL lButchl Ambition, To become a great dancer and to revise the spelling of the English language. Activities- Girls State 3, Thespions I-4, treasurer 3, Moiorette 2, 3, 4, head magorette 4, Language Club I-A, treasurer 3, Slu Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, Girls League Council 3, Lewiston Music Festival l, 2, De- clamation contest 3, 4, U of I Press Conference 3, 4, Maiorette Camp 3, 4, Moscow Junior Miss 4, Canadian Band Trip 3, Girl of the Month 4, 'Informer' and Reserve Two For 'WK Murder crew, has , MELISSA ANN TENNEY Ambition: To go to college, become a DV and then raise and train horses. Activities, Pep Club 3, 4, GAA l, 2, 3, LAWRENCE TRAUTMAN lLa rryl Ambition: To play college basketball, graduate from college, succeed and be happy. Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, M-Club 3, 4, Wocso staff 3, Bays State 3, AFS 3, A. SHARON ELAINE WATTS lShC1rl Ambition: To have a happy and full life, get married and travel. Activities: Olympia High School l. CARL TYRRELL Ambition: Activities: JOSEPH WILEY WALKER Ambition: To carry through my educational plans and live a happy and successful life. Activities: Bays League Basketball 2, 3, Football l, class vice-president l, 2, 3, Commencement Usher 3, DECA chapter president 4, State DECA Chaplain A. DALE ALLEN URAVICH Ambition. To go into the foreign service. Activities: Student Council 2, Junior English Tech Soc. 2, Latin Club 3, Kubasaki Conservation Club 3, MSHS A, Golf 4, JOHN WAYNE WALKER Ambition: To always be happy and havea successful career in law. Activities: Boys League Representative l, Football l-4, Boys League Basketball l-4, Boys State 3, Wacsa staff 3, 4, M:Club 3, 4,' Talent Show 3, Weight Lifting l-4, DE Historian 4. MICHAEL JAMES WENDT lMikel Ambition: To succeed in life and become a famous and rich physicist. Activities: MSHS 2, 3, 4, M-Club 3, 4, Track i-4, Wrestling l-A, Cross Country 4, AFS 3, A, BSCS 3. JERRY LEONARD WERNECKE lJerl Ambition: To become a produce manager in a large grocery chain, Activities: DECA 4. 61" .v-'-"" ...Q JUDY ANN WESTBERG Ambition, To get a good college education, establish a goal and then reach it. Activities: Miss Moscow 4, Girl of the Year, "Mnss Charm," Miss Senior 4, Junior Prom Queen 35 Junior Miss Pageant, first runner, up 4, Girls State 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Concert Band I-4, Qutll and Scroll 3, 4, president 4, Girls League Council 3, 4, vice-president 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Bear Tracks Editor 4, Wocso staff 3, U of I Press Conference 3, 4, Music Festival IY4, Tris Stote Convention 3, 4, Commencement Usherette 3, Drtll Team 3, 4, Drill Master 4, Exchange Canadian Band Trip l, 3, Elks Youth Leadershtp award 4. MARY REGINA WESTBERG Ambition To become a teacher ofthe deaf and blind Activities Language Club 4 SHARON LEE WILLIAMS lwtllyu Ambition To go to college and work in the field ot medicine Activities Language Club 1 GAA I 2 Honor Society 2 treasurer 3 secretary treasurer 4 FNC 2 vice president 3 presldentd Pep Club 3 4 Cleanest Town tn the West and Riders to the Sea crew Debate 3 AFS 3, 4, ex JACQUELINE MAYBELLE WHISNER IJacqueJ Ambition To teach or go into social work Acttvmes Pep Club3 A FHAI A ALAN DALE WISE Ambition: Ta live life to its fullest extent, have fun while I still can and be considered 0 friend by everyone. Activities: Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Kev Club 3, 4, AFS 4. MARY KATHRYN WOLF JOHN ZIMET lMa ry Kayl Ambition: To become a home eco- nomics teacher and live happily ever after. Activities: French Club I, Language Club 2, 3, FTA 3, 4, U of I Convention 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Wocso stoft 3, 4, U ot I Press Conference 3, FHA 4. Ambition- Actl vtties: Missing Seniors Abbott, Dwayne Cook, Mike Fuhrman, Richard Lander, Birte McGee, Lonnie Russell, Arthur Waldron, Richard Chosen as outstanding senior boy for 1966 is Gene Morrison. Gene has been active in basketball and baseball and is a member ot Key Club. He served as pres- ident ot the iunior class and is student body president this year. Last year Gene was chosen to attend Boys State and Youth Legislature, and this year he took part in the State Student Council Convention. l-le received the Elks Youth Leadership award. Gene was chosen by his classmates as "Best Leader." Demonstrating his service and cooperation, Gene helps Mrs, Nona Wilde, a lady in distress, Gene displays his scholarship. Gene shows leader- ship as he presides over o Student Council meeting. 5 Faculty Chooses Gene An it .di -.-ff' F I :,-.:-L f "::N A LW I I is ,S Q . iq Mary uses her scholarship in studying the stock market. 'tary As Outstanding Seniors 47 Marys "bubbly" personality is evident. Outstanding senior girl by vote ot the MSHS faculty, is Mary Liz Hann. Mary has been active in many organizations, including AFS, of which she was pres- ident her iunior year. She was a toreign exchange student candidate this year. She served as secretary ot her sopho- more class and was her iunior class Student Council representative. Mary attended Youth Legislature last year and is the 1966 recipient ot the DAR avvard. The senior class voted Mary "Hardest Worker." Shoveling snow, Mary displays service and her willingness to cooperate. Graduating with high honors, these students gained a 3.666 or better grade point average, They are front row, left to right: Judy Westberg and Katy Kawula, second row, left to right: Diana Benson, Sharon Langley, Sharon Williams and Marlene Silha, Seniors Achieve Honors Those student graduating with a 3.333 or better grade point received honors. They are front row, left to right: Valerie Rode, Carole Finley, Lynn Schultz, Sandy Moon and Marty Harrison, second row: Mike Mann, Alan Wise, Gene Morrison, Van DeWitt and Bruce Lanphear, third row: Rick Furniss, Bob Ross, John Potter, Mike Barr and Don Haupt, back row: Marcia Stark, Lynn Standley, Chris Cox and .lane Birchmier. Not pictured is Sheila Cornell. K. . Seniors who have attended Moscow public schools tor 12 years are pictured above and below. Pictured above are front row, lett to right: Jane Birchmuer, Nanci Lynd, Bob Ross, Judy Westberg, Clair Moore, Marty Harrison, Ron Frye, Cathy Bingman and Mike Mattoon, second row: Joe Walker, Gary Berg, John Walker, Rob Frye, John Zimet, Duane Means and Larry Germer, third row: Larry Hammond, Susie Johnson, Diana Benson, Lola Cosner, Alan Smith, George Buttertield Alan Wise and Lloyd Moore, back row: Louise Burkharts- meter, Carolyn Strobel, Rod Hall, Dove Johnson, Mike Drevv, Lonnie McGee, Steve Long and Steve l-leick. Students Travel I2 Years Together lvl Pictured below are front row, left to right: Sharon Langley, Kay Morgan, Allan Jensen, Mike Snow, Denny Luvaas, Randy Heilman and Mike Mann, second row: Evelyn Paul, Priscilla Hodgson, Linda Gilliam, Michele Becker, Sheila Cornell, Kathy Hassler, Nancy Brandt and Nancy Krasselt, third row: Mary Liz Hann, Lynn Standley, Helen Putman, Barbgya Mayburry, Mary Kay Wolf, Helen Pavel and Mary Beth Salisbury, fourth row: Carole Finley, Chris Cox, Ed Pierson, Art Russell, Bruce Lanphear, Ken Jordon and Gary Crooks, bock row: Marlene Silha, Ted Cass, Rick Lind and John Potter, 49 Sophomore officers lead their classmates Through their first year as upperclassmen. They are Bruce Stratton, president, John Peck, vice-president, Bonnie Martin, secretary- treasurerg and Julianne Williams, Student Council representative. Juniors Travel New Highways '21 , J W 1 Q fear' .,-K 2 f J er? 'fi llllf' f J f AVVQ . V - , t n ' P A . ' 4 , ' 'Q Z? 4 -' 1 'Wy J ., " ami :V 5' -, Ai -V i ' ' ' J 'fy ' .. fi-W ,gi we K 4. f J strs 1 J C 1 v C 4 J , .U my A 3- aw . tsltt 50 Carol Adams Paul Alberts Mary Alsager Sue Anderson H A ,W 4 A 'fine' 4 Howard Aschenbrenner Tony Barner Muriel Barrus Terry Bateman Richard Bauer Chuck Baysinger Candy Berg Swen Bergman Nancy Berrigan Chuck Berry Marvin Bieker John Black Frances Blacker Alan Borning Norman Bowers Robert Broenneke Ruth Brood Wayne Buttertield Jerry Cameron Candee Carey Becky Cash Caren Castellaw Steve Christensen Carolyn Clanton Bonnie Clark Steve Cole Mary Crowley Linda Cyr Susan Decker fr T if J ,ll 51? 'K . ,. 5, "mar ,V 2... L. .,...,T, ...L .. 'QM-4 Lg Fernle Del Valle Dave Deveraux Greg Doherty Vince Doherty X,x.f Junior class advisers are Glenn Little, Mrs. Catherine Ardrey, Mrs. Katherine Day, Mrs. Carol Walenta and Clyde Youmans. .5 g Q IAQVVI ,- F .. I , ,. i'e e ' ' M -g a ' I . C ii il i .:.- C.: si r ' ' , Sift-A I C 3' 1 l V ff' ii " t I 'rr'.'. t fir 'rs- r ' i. Q x rv esiee rsrl 1 is l 51 Bill Downs Carol Durban Connie Dye Ove Erdal Marvin Eveland Nlurl Eveland Larry Everett Shannon Fairchild Scott Fife John Finley Joyce Franklin Carolyn Furniss Anne Fye Cope Gale Tom Garrett Linda Gibbs Rick Gibson Fay Gillespie Fred Gilmore Margaret Goodnough Diana Gormsen Gene Gross Susan Guske Linda Gustavson Steve Hammond Susan Harbin Ken Hard Robert Harms Lee Hawley Hiroko Hayashi J. ,W w W m:rz4v,f ,1 m i l - rg-wuts, 1 3 4 s- gi'-V -Ir: ,Q raft Ms si H ls 2 we fsifri. if i . i,:.i, iw s31i5t?i5t?is14v,' K' i W: X55 ting- if gift we its at - V Lmggf- , -' 'ikfz . ,,s, m s KW di i n A. ri, at fi 6 5 2 J Q 2? 45' 'W' 4 Q 2 its sg J fi? . y . 1 Q - 1 - R ix! , xl R ev 2 -Fir ! S ' ' -:J ' . ,j,fT"f H .ky Sharon Hoffman Janet Holderness ,QQ fa Kelly Houston al C , , , ms, M C Charles Hull V Z: e, 5: Bob Hutchinson L sq , s Chuck Iverson A Y L V ' y. A kickin 9. "UC ' 4. I A A " ,Skis ltll is ' " ' J , ,sg K 1 Q 52 1155215 , , imwc . , -Mists .f t 3, l?i1f?i7 L s E item S25 J mg my , Q r I Tim Heidland Janice Helbling Ray Henderschott Brock Hill Claire Hirschi Sheila Hoech . 5 E R Linda Jackson Sharon Jasper Ralph Jenks Karen .lanes Ron Jones Cindy Kern Todd Kiblen Wayne Kinzer Arthur Kios Steve Kossmon Wayne Krauss Suzanne Labine .H is X 1:65 m?'1Qg"' 1 " E' 1 WU X 'ii , ig 2 Q 5 L R ,ai V -.x .... ,i .mm ni 5 is as 3 gzrmzez m .,A. S t nn MM mm- M eee nga , 1 ne at Q 3 .ee 3 n S M on 2 ef . L new-we .. , i Don Loman is ii -' :-.. i ' Mike LaZelle .... T Y 244 Charles Leapha rt . gg' A? Wi 'T "' - , 1 Bruce LeTourneou , M Gary Lew A G -0 :"' Jim Loney 'Lrr Q! N3 fx: ' ' Y L Difk LOWS ' Charlotte Lowry 'Q ' 1 H J 1 H Glenn Lyon e ' , gi ' W' ' Ginny McAllister V i i 2 V Bob McArthur ff. Alma McDonald 'E -:Q Randy McPherson ., i " Bryce McProud I Z Glenn Mncpnee . rrrrrr S Q i' ' Bonnie Martin ga Doug Martin 3' Janice Martinson y . - L rf 1 1 Connie MatneY . 1 Robert Mayburry y ' , ' Q. Duane Meneely G - L A. W.: in P Sharon Montoure f ' t ,, ' L"L 'G Diana Morton Morris Musseou L Randy Myklebw in f .L Nick Naylor iw . r 5323 V N 5' I, Keren Neflfing ' ' ii N W- .L Cathy Neely it -. Vg 7' Mflfv NQLSOH H L' ' Kirk Newsome 5 K .' . 1 I ' 1 Sandra Ogle - ' ' .. Linda Olson V Joe Olson H 5 i Dale Owens 5 7 :- i ' Terry Parkins " ' Mickie Partridge Windy POW-2fSOf1 1 ' i ' .i-,n, si 1 - Sandra Pierce 13 5' ' 3 ' I Gcfmeff Pifkm ,, ,L 5 .. ' N f 'ti Q, . Ame Pope ii I K "-'E+ - i fr x fi A J, 53 Lloyd Pope Dan Prater Penny Proctor Carol Purnell Steve Reed Terry Reiloer wfi NL L..3X Q :ge Robert Reisenauer Patricia Rice Phil Riersgard George Robinson Dick Rolland Della Russell Chris Samuelson Judy Scharbach Dale Schoettlin ggi .. X fs? M V, V we . ,MV Linda Schultz Carolyn Scott Steve Seale 54 Hallie Seaman Peggy Sharp In Memoriam Milo Storer Born April 7, i948 Died November i, 1965 A young man of outstanding per- sonality, he liked people and was liked by many. J J l i Diane Webster Sandy Welch Linda Weldon Scott Welfare Donna Wernecke Joanne Westberg Arlin Widman James Williams Julianne Williams Susan Williams Carolyn Wischmier Wanda Wycofl Janet Wallace Roberta Wallace Darrell Wallen Leo Warner Margaret Weber lf. -WSW Doug Todd Darlene Tonn iei'- f .1-5 7 Kathy Smith Lurayne Smith if Lynn Snodgrass L ' Mary Lee Strobel Bruce Stratton T Nancy Thompson Patty Thompson Darla Tobiska Greg Swanson Kerry Tanner Karen Tate John Thomas Ralph Shepard Robert Shepard Robert Sims Rob Sinclair Roger Slade Harold Smith Jittery Juniors Dean King Pat Taylor Glenn Vent Bill Virgil Brent Wagner 'Q r fs 2 55 T Ei Sophomore oTTicers poved The rood Tor Their clossmofes os They compleTed The second yeor oT high school. They ore John Driscoll, president Bob Miller, vice-presidem, Dione Lindsoy, secre-Tory-Treosurer, ond BerniTo Anderson, Sfudenl Council represe-nToTive. Sophomores Make New Roads ws ' T Connie Bough Morla Beck Russel Biggom Bill Billingsley Tom Binghom Kris Bishop M V , , K Doris AlberTs 1' .,- A A ,vi Terri Allen .,,. A To iiss 5 sem-To Anderson . 5 if QF L ,SR KoThy Anderson ' V , A f l'.h "s" T sl f, l -i s Kris Anderson I , ky 5- 5 Russel Anderson A" ' A ' ' ff' I. . l-lorriel Armslrong T B V - , j I W ,L Doug Boker 5 ,V -5 gf T '- -- 5 .K Shoron Boker gl Viggo , J,m - ,I V VVV' K Borboro Borockmon ' J i f Koren Barr l , if3, M , Morilyn Borrus T' Mira fi T eh.. .. , 'f' - T A ' 'f ' ' . . 1 R T TT , i,,L Q " 3 - A - -"f , A ' , f A .- e f f. ' ' "' 56 S Www? E ' Z B ,Q-1, 'ff ..,' 1 M -ifimilrr W BMD' ssh ' irq? P Q W rQ"Qw 1 M ww. C M , lm' if " C .5,. . D 3 Q Z -Q -4- C 1 wg ' A W , W p C U yi , is .M 5 Q "ine 0' Q'Af1 Elie, x ,. ,px M y R S . I ::', I lf' E53 uf B fe 1 Barbara Deobald DlrCl4DeWll1 Mrk? Drew pf- ,L 5 ,Ly adv, li m 'L , , , . kk, R if W J ll Steve Brandt Lee Broenneke Cathy Brovvn Dayrd Brovvn Dlona Buchanan Chuck Burnam Jlm Canode Cheryl Carnahan Waunura Cass Raleigh Chambers Buddy Chesrhur Dvvrghl Clark Gary Collrns Glenda Cook Sondra Corey Gary Currls Dems Dahl Mary Ann Dahmen Glenn Dalberg Sandle Darby Mrlce Davidson Joyce Dayrs Steve Dovrs Vlrke Delles Sophomore class advisers are Robert Richman, Mrs. Imogene Rush, Mrs. JoAnn Healy and Curtis Gould. 57 lk John Driscoll Mike Dumas Jerre Duthie X Q is 3 5 is R i ,M iii", il' ,P f Lai y i if. Claude Dye li Chris Eastman i i H my - L riu 'F Christy Eisinger K K v rg Ann Everson AI .U ' A ' Q 1 "VVon'T you please buy a ribbon from me?" pleads Jerre Lou Duthie To shy Doug Lyon. Doug Fenwick Keri Fosfer Refa Fuhrrnan Myrle Fye N y up . r PG' GOQOU 'z 5 5 , . ,,o , . , 1 pon Ggymor, i George Germer ' I ' Susan Ge rmer 5 V- i wr, ff, l if fi 5 Y mn . f' 4 y1o,M,- ii , C-H K T 5, Z gm ,.., W -f X kd ,QQ --.1 M i ,iff 'ff K i. if RFQ Q V.-A A . r i r G ' i i . KK"' A ' f . wig .- , 1 we Y 58. Sherly Gleason Dave Goetz Mike Goetz Lorie Gregg Ray Gross Koren Gunther Shirley Gustavson Barbara Guthrie Virginia Hann Lynn Horsiein John Hartung Lindo Headrick Bessie Hendrix Anno Herrrnonn Meloinie Hernsrrom Mike HI!! Borboro Hofmann lV!e!ody Howe!! Barry Hughes LoorieJockson Leon Jensen Ricnorc! Jonnson Jeone1!eJorgens Bi!!y Kimber!ung Wh :Nm Q. A nnhh-WA N156 ,Jai .. iw .. ,L V ix :ff 3, . -E -wsfff G: W L q 3 , iii s s , L ff? Mfr ' ic! .. 1 ai- ii, ' L "ci: , f ig- Ns. V ' -j , J M .... i,,:, Y -Z . A , - -. J' so L - f XYVIL in A L K an ! Rig! 3. L gr ' f QQ? L " WAY f- --' 1 - K J Lg, L. V . r Li, -L - mi K 5 L, ,LW L ..f., , , .5 . f 1 L. ,Ji ' 1953! , : kl, . A I L1 Y V sz' in f 1 Q, Z slim? e,ee,.. ig " 1 J is L Q Lindo Lrkens Dic1neLindsoy Cindy Long Snii!ey Loye! Jo!'1nLundquisi Alon Lyon Mike Mcflobe J Wesley King Cnor!es Krosseli Lance Lobine Bruce Lodyyig JU!en en i mo Lorsen Gordon Low Snery! Lew Suzanne Robinson finds someihing interesting in the Iibrory besides studying. ' i '--'k 5 iw? K ,.L..,i.l Z Q Ni A ,.,.. T lzll K 'S . "" , . L 'i I . is 3 - Diane McFeron ' J 1 Mike MCGOVWV R A ' , RV 1 ' Chrissy Mael 991,31 f " ' h-1.. ,, ,.,,, - W ' ' ' ' L'-- f -v. p.. : ' si f is Q s R . f f! H- , as I - Marie Mallory , gil rssis P 1 'g.,s.s Mary Ruth Mmm gg" wr : -Q U ' ' ', .. - . Leolo Morchcnf ,. 5 X 13 Ken Molson QA , :J .,-- ,f i .K gp Sfeve Qrggn f ,- , R'Cl4 Meadows L. "" as . 5 V, l f ' " f 'Qs - 'F r . ,..- ' 1 "'s' b- Shelly Mikula WW . M' Q 'WS " ' I , . + N - fr . Linetle Miller A L l, ' ,Q , Robert Miller ., I , if- .V ky. -Y W.. K .Q yy gk, 1,4 - . f - si r lll y My M of M'M My i M ll ' ' ' , 'K " ' N H "P z 1 if 1 I J' ' .3 "" L ff" ,fy " ' h l sr 4. ' gn. if mi ,. M 'nf V 2 2 ""A if ' M f 'T R " S, " , i V, .f , j 1- c Q -q- Q,,, Sf llll ' is.', f ,,., r'--W 'lwxi' M ., V i L'- H , " ,. ' ",-k , ' 2 5' - '.., ,., vi , as - -- . . W-.'. f .- , .. '13 , :. . r . viva- :. . 1 . V1 r f L' i l M , ,. - ' L , 1 is M '-" i s -- V f . "-', . , ,.,,, " " . E"':JfI: V5 612.11-':7ff.2I1Il.. ' .:-32.1 -M .'-f' 'ffl , ""55S!1" -I-ifigfffiiid. ---L , f 60 Rick Million Allen Moore James Moore Thomas Moore David Morgan Brian Mortensen Bill Mortimore David Mumm Patricia Murphy Rick Myklebusf Bob Neal Marvin Normington Deborah Owens Gail Packard Wesley Paulson Kathy Peebles Jerry Pelfon Ray Peterson .Judy Porter Anne Raunio Darrell Rich Linda Riersgard Kris Roberts Jim Robinson Suzanne Robinson Glenn Rode Kenneth Rogers William Ross Nancy Salisbury Carol Sever Mike Schierrnan Charles Schoettler Annette Shelton Susan Shire Barbara Short Nola Sinclair Vernice Skramstad Judy Smith Richard Steffen Susan Stellmon Kathy Stephens Linda Stokes Jane Stratton Linda Sumner Ben Sun Dehrl Swensen Nancy Tate Carol Thompson Gary Thompson Mike Turk Terry Uravitch Paul Wallin Sheila Walter Carla Ward Dwayne Weeks " ".i .r ls ' liii .:,: fix .. . In kg. I. i f iii L X s i ig. K va F L. -5' 'S .. ,... 'f if K 'lk 'fi if . ' -' .'- 3 if jak F 2 V5 Es. v 1. ,Lv z f gl? xr 55 ,,1,,s. is -.3 C? Y F5 ll llll Y ' - n iv of - sf Pam White - llc Shari Zaat li ll"l ' Russell Zabel Stan Zimet Shy Sophomores Anthony Copeland Mike Elliottt Kristy Rainer 61 I 4-uma ri:-ri -'lr 59i'M' ' . f ir Freshman officers successfully lead Their class Through their first year of high school. They are Bruce Cole, president? Lynda Lyon, vice-president Jerry Washburn, secretary- freasurerg and Merry l-leick, srudenf council representative. , we IX I 25 . f sw -fi' in -rem., wr 5952+ r -fl , .. , ' i " ' f .pa ,H . ii? Freshmen Blaze New Trails .Mr V ms as W , , xr 1 S A S . L-H N aff ' Ki iicy ' 1 rr A , is ' I A f 2, re ,rg 355 -- 7 .-554 r ' . ,I . -I ' . 1 5 E, 1 f i QL, H ,Milf 3 .mr K - W Z- ,, ., F V . if ' " r " f .,, mb . l A E i A a A A sf - - , r 'Wiz A I .22-mi, .. l , Ii- el. : V. , F :E in K 1 .L -, l , Ve 4.7, " . i,i, '33 ' f. , 62 David Abborr Kevin Amos Debbie Anderson John Anderson Ken Anderson Gloria Armstrong Nancy Barackrnan Earl Barker Celinda Barnes Hollis Behling Fred Berger Linda Bergman Connie Bingrnan Chuck Boyd Benny Brausen Neil Brood John Burlison Steve Burlison Gilbert Bussanich David Butler Becky Byers Sharon Byers Claire Caldwell .lohn Carlson Brad Chapman Ed Christian Randy Clark Bruce Cole Gerard Connelly Rebecca Cook Steven Copeland Gordon Cotterell Sam Coterell Shirley Cowin Anna Marie Cox Michael Crader Karl Craine Wayne Crooks Charles Crossler Pat Crossin Debbie Cunnington Bruce Cyr Beverly Dahl Steve Davidson Marlene Deesten Carlos DelValIe Jeff Dixon Darlene Doty The freshman class advisers are Mrs. LoDessa Smelcer, Richard Naccoroto, Mrs. Phoebe Daniels and William Daniels. is Q 1' , x55T:5sE?51S'i'f l '..-: F A li . ' XD 5:5 lsigz .b ' ' 1- . ,sw Qi is l 1 C E B R , f i 3 vile . if li' in .a5'1hQi5faQ?" W5 if 5 ! - wi 'Qs , 533 SEE i will R R K V, K 2 i l A 0 it " ' ' i i Q1 1l-: i 'fi 8 , ,. s s '55 R ' ff iff 3 S K V ---if --l' 5 - -sz .sk K Y A R 11 - R-fl' X gag as C ssll - " . ' 3 - Q .3 i ' s 63 9 2333 WMS E 32 Q '55 3 li c if fi, 5 Freshmen intently read their books in English class on library day. R T F - A ' 1 Kathy Douglas , g ' A E . L. E Q F Brian Dreisbach -5: gig it, Q, 1 , - xj ' Kurt Dressen 5 1 Q -if ' M. Duane Eikelberger ' ' i Theresa Ensign b 4- fl Janet Erickson 'H' ' Y E ,R ' Monty Fahrenwald E 1 l V K V Mike Farber , Gail Fleissner Il, "f I Stephome Fosberg ' 2 Q ' f:L,, - 'l f ri V .,. t IF 'V Kathy Foster QW ' 537 ...W gg, L - ,. Nancy Frye Q A ,H . 4 V Peggy Fuhrman M' wwf ' L I I w.,'Qr Q E gf Melvin George ,, LE , -F ' Elaine Gilstra ,. F. sr. 1 ' L. .. 1 D Q F ,G G , rri F Mmm GNSHGD Anita Gleason 't'y M I I Chuck Goetz r f X 2 is ' Frank Gordon A V E , , f , I . - ji x fi , K Richard Grendahl -A .hg,A L' ,ei,-' - ,Q .,e, 'E , r .,,g , A F F aiiri as f . i 7 I Mar Gustavson . i ,... W , V F E A m f-.i fr ' ,. . f, --fr A . -A Jess Holt ' ' 4 " h-,- 3 I .xg Jim Hall - it G f tkr i f X it John HO" - ,. 'V ',,. - ,E " SUSOV1 HOHSGH 64 Larry Headrick Merry Heick Ruth Hendershott Torn Hendrix Mary Lu Henry Harley Hites Janet Hoech Alan Hoffman Steve Hoskins Sheila Hoy James Jacksha Bill Jasper Karl Johnson Paul Johnson Trish Jones Lenney Kammeyer Torn Kimberling Marigail Kindschy Kim Kirkland John Koefod Ron LaZelle Jim Leaphart Garry Letfors Diana LeTourneau Nancy Lundquist Linda Lyon Marilyn Lyon Victor Marshall Nedra Matney Steve McCoy Q I yi , Y r-,. ' A ' fi ff' Gary Harms Judi Harrison is . E 'W 'f. Lisobetlw Hassler R M i':"'::' 1 22 Kirk Hfwpf W J M -- Mork Howley ' ., I I i i ,Y , f "ai s ye , r ""' 3. - ' - . ,.,. il ,. V 1 A K J 6 Q :" ff '- Qi? ' J sg -Q V. "-: M- i iff i i-..., 41 I af r E+ 5 ' 4 .. ' if : P . Q Q N' ,.,, Skies, . ui l 6? N ' '-.. ' A J 'ii r I , gg QQ ss: Kr in gxwwff-1 2. fig? K W K ,sg . I Q V . '-A A 5: L r1" ' J issi K fl - Bi t V , '- H Wig: Dennis McElroy .,,. 1,1 A f ' 5, dit I i i N ' 1' ' W N' Lin MErCiyrM k is it 3 L ' U ' cry ef ic ev . . 'H is 1, si I. Dennis Mills M y V : "" 1 Ted Moffett grismwi ' a ss s 4,5 s ' f -fe- ,f N fm gs, if , ii il Yr ' Q , ' , 'lk -.ii ' ' se, i if -I .... 3' A ., 'zzz , 1 'J' T J ' " ,E ..,, . V .4 I A ,sf -VW, , Ls, We ... 2 J W., 65 J 5-33 my ' '-"':. ' i 32 S i time Joyce Nearing Sayla Nelson Corinne Nygaard Nick Ogle Lorrayne Olesen Randy Moore Jane Mortensen Jerri Lee Mundell Steve Musseau Robert Myklebust Ron Myklebust ri. ' M , . 'pig ix A f1wu'1' , "1i'13ilili P P P NGHCY Olson is ff f ' 1 Ron Olson 1. f f M ' r if Bruce Ostyn w""' iilliyisi QL 4 l- ffiagft 'P 'iw ,, , r, Im 1 M . W L if 1 F y V V Roger Pannter 1,- ft ' 'U W if Q7 V. lt V I Susan Parnslt 47 137 t ' 47 , A if , BUZZ Partridge Ag I ' Charlotte Paul .. J, ev P, .ge i 1 ' nga s '51 ..,,, ., by kg' A ,..k -EM., , -I 1 44 f ,fr r A A . ' " '-" . 'A f r ' 12 1 -' ' fgflqxisz' ' fl Sgr, 'iff ' 'IVA P ,, . ,f x' ., A- '1-. V ' A 7 P 'Q 'Y ' E ff ' or to no IZ ' nkitiitill 2 .9 3' - weffsuzw 4 , , . i , --t - ..: 'f 5 'K , uv ! U W 5 i t , V. . I ,kk T. ,wt F 1 Q ., 3 ' QQ: " I ,K J, 'If' 1 n el AVVA -tv - - Q, , llfibtsfs-g e K sts, K 66 Lovvly troslt bow to seniors' vvisnes an Initiation Day. Janet Peck Valerie Pedersen Barbara Peterson Kit Petrie Gary Pope ' e V W -'Fi 5 .ff , is -W Z is Slew Q ,ist A Q, . rm, we it tm . , l at ,,,:r ., in 'Erin-xr' S2 V Danny Posey Kathy Raleigh Nancy Randall Arnold Ratlwbun Jett Reed Lynn Reisenauer Steve Reynolds Bruce Robertson Ken Robinson Dale Romans John Rydholm Margaret Salisbury Forgetful Frosh Linda l-lendrin Terry Lamb Ann Wilson Joe Yockey Becky Youmans Kathy Zimmer Eileen Zimmerman .lean Zimmerman Steve Swensen David Thomas Dennis Thomas Rod Thornton Billy Tolson Janet Vogt Burrell Wallen .lerry Washburn Kathy Weber Vicki Wendt Cheryl Wernecke Teresa Wernecke Lois West Carl Westberg Jay Westergreen Howard White Nancy Wilde Becki Williams Clay Williams Denise Williams 1 . - .5 K if if .5 rs , 1. Cecelia Schoettler Deanna Schultz Thomas Shepard 4zfiix'f2rr fu, r- Q , . .. . ,T .,.. T W .P i.,-1 finiii .:,i., , . - Qic- y , . 5 "Ure".. f Howard Short Elaine Silha Linda Snider Mike Sparkman Kerry Stellmon Cliff Stevens John Stube Bruce Swanson A Y 1 L sm , ff 3517 is ,A EEQ.. , . i E5 . I 1 5 ul ,i .M F . , I, i Q . :sw -fr ' fl' ' in 'ffl' A 67 sky Vt ,M . ., 4,- .J fi Wim , 5 Q M .4 vw, . ,' , L , . ,Ax ,, A 2, iw J 'ef l ,Mi ,,kV K . ' . -Wei 2. 9 ffl ii mal T vest: ws, ., .'f12:':f1? M fm 1, ri M f T K ir W 1 K A T I ' 57 -5 4 rry 5 ,iy V, 'ig ,, f A' i,i: if f -1 Sil, , AH : . me T K S I Q 3 Ah , + , iiie 4 QM 1 f .ii K ,K 4111 Ln! F ME' 4 If W mf f ,gy wygxifiiig? 3522 jjoffgfw Q ff! M4705 Ogv Organizations i With an understanding heart and guiding hand, Mrs, Elizabeth Williams sponsors Girls League. Girls League GIRLS LEAGUE unites all girls in the school with numerous planned activities. For the first time in many years, MSHS hosted the Tri-State Convention with delegates from Washington, Idaho and Ore- gon. Added to the many annual events was the MothereDaughter Tea and Style Show. Shouldering the load of responsibility are officers Susie Johnson, secretary-treasurer, Judy Westberg, vice-president, Jane Birch- mier, president, Members of the Girls League Council are front row, left to right: Judy Westberg, Jane Birchrnier, Susie Johnson, second rowg Marilyn Boyd, Debbie Anderson, Lynn Standley, Carole Finley, Kay Morgan, Kris Dumas, back rowp Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, Nancy Brandt, Julianne Williams, Joanne Westberg, Linda Olson. T, X 'Xfx ,. m s: -i-1am man.: f Mory Liz Honn models o coot ond hot ot the Mother-Daughter Teo ond Style Show. Other senior girls modeled sports clothes, evening clothes ond school clothes from Davids, Hot Doy winners pose for comero, They ore front row, left to right: Marilyn Boyd cmd Morigoil Kindschy, Funniest, second row: Merry Heick ond Morcio Stork, Most Original, back row: Connie Bingrnon, Goylo Nelson, Chris Cox, Prettiest. 71 Couples danced ot the first formol of the yeor, Debs Night. Thetheme wos "Midnight Moon." se ef Members of FNC are front row, left to right: Mrs. Estherx'Broclcel- bank, Helen Pavel, Nancy Brandt, Sharon Williams, Nanci Lynd, Janice Helbling, second row: Lynn Schultz, Cheryl Carnahan, Shelly Mikulo, Kristy Rainer, Nancy Germer, Karen Tate, Linda Gustavson, third row: Melissa Tenney, Anne Raunio, Chrissy Mael, Barbara Hoffman, Margaret Goodnough, Bonnie Clark, Susan Guske, Barbara Guthrie, Mary Crowley, fourth row: Kathy Peebles, Shirley Gustavson, Christy Eisinger, Linette Miller, Alma McDonald, Suzanne Robinson, Nola Sinclair, Nancy Thompson, Chris Samuel- son, Kathy Stephens, back row: Chris Peterson, Valerie Rode, Kris Dumas, Pom White, Barbara DePree, Mary Margaret Alsager, Susan Shire, Diana Morton, Sharon Montour, Linda Gibbs, Sharon Baker. Future Nurses Club FNC is a national club for girls interested in the medical field. This year the club initiated the Candy Stripers, a group of girls who help at Gritman Hospital after school. FNC continued its community service pro- iects by working at the blood drive center and at the nursing home, The club toured several hospitals and mental institutions. 72 Sharon Montour and Nanci Lynd work as Candy Stripers, a new activity for FNC this year. Their duties consist of aiding nurses and patients, Sharon Williams, president, Nanci Lynd, vice-president, Janice Helbling, secre- tary-treasurer, Nancy Brandt, corresponding secretary and Helen Pavel histo- rian, led the clubs activities this year. is es awww 0, Qaw dam sclhoofig Aldon 079054 cswai L3'hcJlc5LSn'lv ' ,tml old QLMO Li. L D If 3 www Am OO . Ocd LC Home offer school ond on weekends, Here Suson Germer pauses while serving dinner to one of the potients, in the medicol field, Helen Povel wos chosen ,- Miss PNC. Because of her service to the club ond interest ll? Shirley ond Lindo Gusfovson smile oi oll prospective customers of the cnnuol FNC hospifol candy wq nay sole. f-A-A "'--11 'I Ba 77 D Ly 'S C 3 il Coq f-,-U il Nuar.-jf Bl. Yflczfo Mlzsnylwl M- rf ni ' fem.. ...i 73 FHA maior otticers are lett to right: Cathy Bingman, secretary, Mary Margaret Alsager, vice-president, Sharon Ringer, president, Janice Helbling, treasurer, Linda Gibbs, degrees chairman. Future Homemakers of America 99.1801-qc 'x.':,1,nv., 57 7+ if '5 g 9 Law u S ' r ul ka f 2 t 2 ' fa 7 vq 4 545 "ll qs? -irq. vaU5 F H FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA is a national club tor girls interested in homemaking. Some ot the years actiyi- ties included the annual cookbook sale, the Harvest Brawl, a mixer and the Ma and Pa Banquet in March. For Christmas the Moscow and Genessee FHA chapters held a ioint party to make gifts tor the hospital. ln October Moscow represene tatives attended the District Convention in Kendrick. FHA members are front row, left to right: Sharon Ringer, Mary Jacque Whisner, Kathy Douglas, Lorrayne Olesen, buck row, Margaret Alsager, Cathy Bingman, Janice l-lelbling, second row, Candee Carey, Sharon Hoffman, Gail Packard, Ann Wilson, Nancy Diane LeTourneau, Linda Gibbs, Mary Kay Wolf, Sheila Cornell, Brandt, Linette Miller, Kristy Rainer. 74 M , Jcmrce He-Nblmg cmd Rofergh Chambers relgrw over The Unrwol HC1rveStBrowf. Moscow and Gerwessee FHA ers Ore hczvmg C1 good trme mokmg Clwrrsfmcs grits for hosprrol po- tlerwrs. X' 1" Sharon Ranger mes her best to sei! o cookbook To Mrs LyrNe FTA officers are left to right, Charlotte Lowry, junior representative, Mary Margaret Alsager, iunior representative, Lynn Schultz, pres- ident, Chris Cox, vice-president, Carole Finley, historian, Marcia Stark, treasurer, Janet Hungerford, reporter, Nanci Lynd, parliamen- tartan. Lupe gives an informal talk to FTA members. Future Teachers Of America FTA is a national organization for students interested in a career in education mid winter Conference at the University and to the SIEA FTA IEA Conference at Boise in the spring To raise funds the club sold popcorn balls during the noon hour FTA formally initiated 30 new members in October. Officers went to the SIEA FTA members are front row, left to right, Charlotte Lowry, Nanci Lynd, Sharon Langley, Lynn Schultz, Chris Cox, Marcia Stark, Carole Finley, Mary Margaret Alsager, second row: Susan Decker, Kathy Smith, Becky Cash, Cindy Kern, Marty Harrison, Margie Stark, Mrs. Lorna Schuette, adviser, Susan Johnson, Jean Hites, l-liroko Hayashi, Linda Jackson, third row: Susan Harbin, Mary Beth Salisbury, Janet Hungerford, Margaret Weber, Louise Burk- hartsmeier, Sheila Hoech, Nancy Berrigan, Suzanne Labine, Diana Gormsen, Mary Kay Wolf, Barbara Mayburry, Alice Pope, Nancy Brandt, Sheila Cornell, fourth row: Janet Holderness, Muriel Barrus, Carolyn Clanton, Kay Morgan, Katy Kavvula, Linda Olson, Susan Anderson, Lynn Standley, Mary Liz Hann, Terri Musseau, Marian Maynard, Carolyn Scott, Janice Helbling, Joyce Franklin, Susan Guske, Caren Castellaw, Sharon Jasper, Valerie Rode, back row: Rod Hall, Bryce McProud, Dick Bauer, Clair Moore, Denny Luvaas, Alan Wise, Jerry Jacksha, Potty Thompson, Bob Ross, J. O. Williams, Paul Alberts, Steve Christensen, Brent Wagner, John Peck, Dave Deveraux, Mary Kay Crowley, Judy Scharbach, Linda Gibbs, Susan Nichols. C WYWM, sa fx '41 1171 A co ma 59 4 .2 Fc. T110 cJ. CX 3 ij f aku JB, C .7 C'-sage-'J 'C Liufifu FFA members are front row, lefr ro rrgh' Mike Snow Arlar- Jerrserr Bop Qergenauer Raleigh Chambers Kirk Rush adviser second row: Teo Cass Mike Drew Dowel Wallen Arlen Meere Torn Moore Lee l-lawiev third row: Mark '-lawrev Def'-rs Car' Choc- ,erser Auf my A gf- lrloffman, Chuck Cvoerz back row: Nlck Ogre Larry Heaorrcl Nea Broad lm Roar-wsar Kerb Rogers Bill Jasper Joev Yockev Roger L rrdsav Future Farmers Of America FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERlCA has a program closely related fo training in vocational agriculture. The club em- phasizes performance in public speaking and parlramenfarv law and iudging confesfs, The longest fnp of fhe year is The Trip To The EFA National Convenflon in Kansas City! Mo. The Moscow FFA chapter senf 5 members in T965 Stock ludging Trips To Porfland, Ore., and Spokane, Wash., gave members a chance ro see and iudge diffferenf kinds of livesfock, L Officers of FEA are front row, eff ro right Mike Snow presraerr' A lan Jensen vrceepresrderr Bob Rersenauer secrerarv back row: Tom Moore assrsranr reporrer Kirk Rush adviser Raleigh Chambers reparrer Gene Gross Treasurer Lee Hawley senrrnel bs. XFAUI 7K1 l FSA members are front row, left to right: Hallie Seaman, linda Olson, Mike Barr, Paul Alberts, Floyd Paulsen, adyiser, second rowy Kathy Stephens, Judy Potter, Anne Raunio, Mary Ruth Mann, Bob Mayburry, Alan Borning, back rowg Dave Deveraux, Steve Christensen, Rick Furniss, Phil Riersgard, Sandy Ogle, John Potter, I LATAH COUNTY A 'H I Moscow msn school. 'ws' 'fi' aisgseisiiifr .-,qggisgs-'L . uma counrv cuvs 5 ' munom of mc OIBJUZT F F -j 3EJTmn.t:?i7M,+..aJi,.:w -Q A U. .,,.-...ew Neem, K -- 5lfiTi."'.1,iZ..'i'L."'i'31'T4'.Z' """" ' L L , V,,. QV , , x -' F R 4 Q , 'lyl 1 '11 ng' 15 x, 'K" 1-E 5' ,, 2 ' jf,-ix A t ' ll' i A Mun . WW Judy Potter, FSA member, submitted this booth entry inthe Latah County Fair. FSA officers are left to right: Mike Barr, vice-president, Linda Olson, secretary-treasurer, Paul Alberts, president, Future Scientists of America FUTURE SCIENTISTS OF AMERICAS main proiect for the year was to take a trip to Hanford Atomic Works. The club entered booths in the fair and tried to encourage interest in the many fields of science. The club sponsors were Warren Harman and Floyd Paulsen. GIRLS CHORUS functions not only as a club, but as a class with school credit. During the year the Girls Chorus sang at the dedication ot the new tield house and at the Christmas Concert. Girls Chorus Chorus. ,J Conductor Robert Whipple directs the girls in practice. Members of Girls Chorus are front row, left to right: Linda Eller, Lelabelle Rogers, Charlotte Low Montoure, Sandy Ogle, second row: Janel Erickson, Peggy Fuhrman, Gail Fleissner, Kathy Zimmer, Patty Dahl, Chris Samuelson, Shari Zaat, Shirley Lovel, Kristy Rainer, Linda Headriclc. Robert Whipple was the director at Girls ry, Sharon back row: -...-M Anita Herrmann Carolyn Strobel Concert Band members are fron! row, left to right: John Peck, Bob Shepard, Bruce Lanphear, Dick Johnson, Sue Stellmon, Linette Miller, Doris Alberts, Shannon Fairchild, Karen Gunther, Judy Westberg, Russ Biggam, Priscilla Hodgson, Linda Stokes, Merry Heick, Linda Lyon, John Lundquist, second row: Earl Barker, Randy Myklebust, Kathy Peebles, Linda Olson, Barry Hughes, Ken Rogers, Diana Gormsen, Julene Larson, Gloria Armstrong, Lonnie McGee, Glen Rode, Mike Dumas, Rick Baysinger, Leon Jensen, Malveena Paulson, Hallie Seaman, third row: Steve Seale, Charles Schoettler, Kathy Stevens, Louise Burkhartsmeier, Dianne Lindsay, Sheila Cornell, Jackie Schneider, Bryce Mcproud. Mary Lee Strobel vlarching Band CONCERT AND MARCHING BAND consists of about 75 members. Throughouf the year the group performed at many school assemblies and of two public concerls. It also Traveled with The football Team To all games. Members made Their annual spring tour and held an exchange assembly. MSHS maioreffes per- formed vvheneyer the band marched in area and local parades. Concert Band officers ore left To right: Sharon Ringer, secrefarykrreosurer, Lindo Olson, vicefpresident, Bryce McProud, president, Walter Snodgrass is The direcfor MSHS bands, 3,2 of oll 2 John Harfung, Sharon Ringer, Helen Povel, Susan Harbin, Sandy Ogle, Rick Meadows, Lynn Snodgrass, Debbie Cun, nington, buck row: Douglas Todd, Wayne Bufferfield, Ted Cass, Joe Olson, Rick Lind, Wayne Krauss, Dick Rolland, Jerry Washburn, Carol Adams, Sheila Hoech, Nancy Salisbury, Candee Carey, Alera Kirkwood, Pep Band members are front row, lett to right: Doris Alberts, Shannon Fairchild, Hallie Seaman, Chris Robinson, director, second row: Sharan Pinger, Judy Westberg Priscilla Hodgson, Helen Pavel, Sandy Cgle, third row: Candee Carey, Louise Burkhartsrneier, Linda Olson, Kathy Peebles, Earl Barker, fourth row: Dick Johnson, Bruce Lanphear, fifth row: Steve Seale, Chuck Schaettler, sixth row: Pick Lind, Ted Cass, Jerry Washburn, Dick Polland, back row: John Peck, Bob Shepard, Carl Tyrrell, Wayne Krauss. Players in Senior Band are front row, lett to right: Jett Peed, Billy Tolson, Mary Lou Henry, second row: John Anderson, Chuck Crossler, David Butler, Tom Shepard, Janet Hoech, Nancy Barackman, Stephanie Fosberg, Nancy Randall, Valerie Pedersen, Kerry Stellmon, Kay Finley, Judy Harrison, third row: Lenny Kammeyer, Charlie DelValle, Marilyn Lyon, Nancy Olson, Jay Pep Bond PEP BAND is a selective group ot players chosen to help instill enthusiasm in the MSHS student body. To turther this purpose, Pep Band worked on the creation and presentation to the student body ot a nevv tight song tor the school, Senior Bond SENIOR BAND is primarily a training band tor treshmen in preparation tor Con- cert Band work. The band gave tvvo con- certs during the year, one in February and one later in the spring. The group also did some parade work, Individual members participated in solos and ensembles in Lewiston. Westergreen, James Hall, Dennis McElroy, Pon Myklebust, John Pydholm, Chuck Boyd, Anna Marie Cox, Gerard Connelly, back row: Neal Brood, Burrell Wallen, Howard Short, Gloria Armstrong, Mary Beth Mickey, Nancy Frye, Janet Peck, Joyce Nearing, Becky Williams, Linda Snyder, Margaret Salisbury. . A ,, , , by 6.1 K 7 V K Orchestra ORCHESTRA is on oll-school orgonizotion meeting every morning ot 8 with its director Mrs. Lois Lyon, During the yeor orchestro procticed o yoriety ot pieces trom Broodwoy themes to ciossicoi music. Besides o number ot concerts given throughout the yeor, the orchestro presented o short progrom tor the grode schoois ond yorious other orgonizotions. The string members ot the orchestro met the entire yeor, but the wind instrument ployers procticed with the group only before concerts. A newcomer to the high schooi, Mrs. Lois Lyon spends rnony hours worting with 'he Orchesf tio The otticers ot orghegtro ore iett to right Moiy Ruth Monn business mohoger- Dick Emerson historion, Cherie Anderson yicefpresident, Dick Bouei president Cindybornes secretoryfreosuret' Orchestra members ore front row, iett to right: Mrs, Lois Lyon, director, Doris Alberts, Shonnon Eoirchild, Dick Bouer, Cindy Bornes, Brod Chopmon Roger Brinkerhott, Jortei Erickson, Cherre Anderson, Noncy Necii, Chuck Bouer, Deboroh Bermon, Keith Peck, Dick Emerson: back row, Lynn Snodgross John Peck Bob Shepord, Corl Tyrreii, John Hortung Prisciiio Hodgson, Sheilo Corne1i,Condee Corey ond Mclry Ruth Mann, After an absence of two years, Robert Whipple returned to direct MSHS choral groups. Choralaires Members of Choralaires are front row, left to right: Janet Holder- ness, Muriel Barrus, Theresa Ensign, Lynn Standley, Patricia Rice, Sue Anderson, Nanci Lynd, Pam White, second row: Anthony Copeland, Barbara Depree, David Abbott, Peggy Sharp, Rick Gibson, Myrle Fye, Brent Wagner, Nita Cass, Gordon Cotterell, Choralaires officers are Bert Buckingham, president, Charlotte Lowry, Girls Chorus representative, Nanci Lynd, production manager, Terry Musseau, secretary-treasurer, Brent Wagner, vice-president. CHORALAIRES is Moscow Senior High Schools performing choral group. Members held concerts at Thanksgiving and Christmas and in the spring and presented a special program for the Chamber of Commerce. Many attended a choral clinic at the University in February. third row: Dick Bauer, Cindy Smith, Mike McCabe, Claire Hirschi, Cindy Barnes, David Morgan, Kay Gilliam, Dwayne Abbott, fourth row: Chris Robinson, Joyce Franklin, Bert Buckingham, Shirley Cowin, Gary Cummings, fifth row: Rick Lind, Terri Musseau, Helen Putman, Wayne Butterfield, back row: Arlin Widman. Choraloires entertained the public and the student body at Christmas with a concert featuring carols from other countries. .al f' is 3,3511 A biuiiiu G' ,J NXNM Choraiaires members wait tor the bus that will gf' " take them on C1 concert tour around the Paiouse area. Big Reds, mole choral group, is composed ot boys chosen for school leadership. Members are front row, left to right: Bob Hutchinson, Gien MacPhee, Bob Ross, Dan Lonmon, Bruce Stratton, second row: Rick Lind, BVYCS McProud, Randy Myklebust, Paul Alberts, back row: Denny Luvaos, Chris Robinson, Dick Bauer, Gene Morrison, John Peck, fha, ,L Girls Afhleti GAA rnernbers Ore from row, refr to rrgrrr Sue Anderson, Nolo Srrrdorry Corby Brown Dronne Lrndsoy Mrs Morren Johnson, Coren Cosrerrow Hrroko Hoyosnr Jorronne VVr5rroms Ruth Ann Brood, Korer: Neorrng, second row: Noncy Borockrnon, Rufn He-ndersnorr Morrryrx Lyon Becky VVrNrorns Anno Morre Cox, Merry Herck, Joyce Neorrng, Drone Bucnonon Krrsry Rornery Gorr Frerssner Anrro GYeoson, Jerre Dotrrre: third row: Borboro Snorr Janet Peck Noncy Frye Nancy OJson Srrer'yJ VVer'neCke Teresa Wernecke, Jurene Lorsorr, Anrro Herrmcmrr Bessre Hendrrx, Mary Y E r ? 3 Is rr o orro? rs rr o prone? Nor lr s 0 boskerbolr' 'x Gusroyson Becky Yournon, Sosve Johnson, Joyce Dcryrs, fourth row: Noncy Rondorl, Srepnonre Fosberg, Cnrrs Eosrmon, Mory Ann Dimmers Lyneve Mrlrer' Jane S'rof'or' Porsy '.Mrr'prry Uorre Hrrscnr Korerr Gurrrner, Sozonne Robrnsorr, Nancy Tore, Snoron Longrey Dr0rreLeToor'neC1U Sosre Snrreg back row: Cnrrs Anderson Dorrs Aroerrs Joonrre Wesroerg, Morgorer Goodnoogn Susre Wrrlrorns, Sandro Prerce, Susan Guske, Susan Gerrner, Lrncio Cyr Vrckre Wendr, Susre Stelrrnon, Borboro Moyburry, Theresa Ensrgn, NC1ncrLynd, Nrro Coss, Caro! Morford. GAA monogers ore Corby Brown, Hrroko Hoyosnr, Dronne Lrndsoy, Noro Srndorr, Coren Cosrerlow, J Iggy Mrs Marten Johnson, PE teacher, was adviser to GAA this year. Association GAA held meetings every Tuesday and Thursday in the gym vvhere members played ci vvide variety ot sports including volleyball, basketball, sott ball and badminton and practiced modern dancing. Members traveled to Colfax, Orotino and Clarkston tor playdays vvhere one sport was emphasized. A grubbies banquet and initiation were tall activities. 4 . . 1 .... S if 'Q l it HWS l T l g N if if Q it Atter school Tuesdays and Thursdays members changed into grubbies and participated in group sports M-Club members are front row, left to right, Steve Long, Tony Barner, Rick Pierce, Larry Hammond, Gary Parberry, Mike Mattoon, second row: Ken Sparkrnan, Randy McPherson, Fernie De Valle, Dick Lowe, Doug Davey, Clair Moore, Mike Wendt, third row: George Butterfield, J. O. Williams, Paul Alberts, Larry Trautman, Gannett Pitkin, Lloyd Pope, Bert Buckingham, Wayne Olesen, ,aa fourth row: John Walker, Gary Berg, Rick Lind, Denny Luvaas, Jerry Jacksha, Bob Ross, John Thomas, Bob Miller, fifth row: Morris Musseau, Scott Welfare, Tim Cash, Jim Slade, Dan Kirkland, Gene Morrison, Steve Cole, Don Anderson, back row: Howard Aschen- brenner, Randy Heilman, Bob McArthur, Bryce McProud, Bruce Lanphear, Lance Labrne, Scott Fife. M-Club M-CLUB is Moscow Senior High Schools athletic honorary. Its chief purposes are to give recognition to athletes and to promote school spirit. The activities began before school with a summer dance in the pork. Annual activities included planning Homecoming, choosing the Homecoming royalty and holding the Football Banquet. One of the more pleasant duties of the M-Club president is the privilege of crown- ing the Homecoming queen. This year she was Carole Finley. M-Club Ieoders ore Lorry Hom mond, president, Rick Pierce, vice- president, Gory Porberry, secre- toryerreosurer, Morris Musseou sergeont-ot-orms. Senior M-Ciub members ore front row, left To right: Bob Ross, Gene Morrison, Mike Mottoon, Mike Wendt, second row: Ken Sporkrnon, Jim Slode, Lorry Hommond, Doug Dovey, Cioir Moore, third row: Tim Cosh, Rondy Heilmon, Rick Pierce, Gory Porberry, Woyne At the onnuol tootboll bonqoet Couch Noc- coroto presents Don Anderson with the ' Out- standing Linemon' oword. Olesen, Don Anderson, fourth row: Rick Lind, Lorry Troutmon, Steve Long, Denny Luvoos, Jerry Jocksho, Bert Buckingham, Bruce Lonpheor, back row: Donny Kirklond, George Butterfield, John Wolker, Gory Berg. I Pep Club otticers are front row, lett to right: Lynn Schultz, treasurer, Cherre Felton, president, Carole Finley, vice- president, buck row: Kay Morgan, secretary, Mrs. Gayle Hungerford, adviser, Diana Morton, games chairman, Janet Hungerford, points chairman, Pep Club PEP CLUB is an organization tor iunior and senior girls who are interested in supporting the athletic program and promoting school spirit. This year the Pep Club girls voted to wear red blazers and black skirts as their otticial uniforms. Pep Club had many activit- ies throughout the year including an initiation banquet, decorating tor Homecoming, work- ing at home games, holding a food sale and co-sponsoring the annual Pep Club-'Vl-Club Banquet. wax 'I aaa, Kc' Kg' PE PO' '1 - . M . la Senior Pep Club members are fron! row, left to right: Mary Kay Wolf, Diana Benson, Lynn Schultz, Cherre Felton, Kay Morgan, Janet Hungerford, Carole Finley, Terry Musseaup second row: Kim Jones, Jacque Whisner, Kay Fleissner, Carolyn Giles, Kathy Hassler, Jean l-lites, Michelle Becker, Marty Harrison, Judy Westberg, Priscilla Hodgson, third row: Sharon Ringer, Barbara DePree, Jane Birchmier, Anna Knapp, Helen Pavel, Marian Maynard, Nanci 90 Lynd, Susie Johnson, Sharon Longley, Sharon Williams, Louise Burkhartsmeier, back row: Lola Cosner, Cathy Bingman, Mary Liz l-lonn, Lynn Standleyf Valerie Rode, Marilyn Boyd, Lindo Gilliam, Chris Cox, Marlene Silho, Sandra Moon, Melissa Tenney, Helen Putman. Cheerleaders are topto bottom, Marcia Stark, Kris Dumas, Patty Thompson, Becky Cash, Margie Stark, Y, ,K rf xt ffl , wr' .' i Junlor Pep Club members are front row, lett to nght. Llnda Gtbbs, Charlotte Lowry Hnoko Hayashr Peggy Sharp Susan Shne Pam White, Judy Smrth, Clndy Kern Ann Fye Drone Webster Alrce Pope second row, Joanne Westberg, Lurayne Srnnh Caren Castel- law, Jullanne Williams, Nancy BGVVIQOYW Diana Gormsen Claire Hlrschr Kathy Smlth Karen Neortng, Drana Morton, Sue Anderson, Sharon Jasper, Murrel Barrus: third row, Anlta Herrmann Mary Lee Strobel Carolyn Scott Suzanne Labrne Kathy Neely Grnny McAl- t N ,f f, 1 Nui After school Pep Club grrls have tun decorating lrster Roberta Wallace, Susan Detker Donna Wernecke Bonnre Martrn Mary Margaret Alsager Carolyn Wrschmeler, Mary Crow- ley Darlene Town' back row, Janet Holderness Shannon Fanchtld Susan Harorn Cara yn Clanton Candee Carey Ruth Ann Brood, Joyce Franklrn Margaret Gaodnough Susan Wrllroms Chns Samuelson Lrnda Jackson Janrce Heiblrng, Susan Guslse, Judy Scharbach ' Drlll Team members are left to rrght: Cherre Felton, Mlchelle Becker, Duane Gormsen, Dnana Morton, Lrnda Grllram, Susue Johnson, Grnny McAlIrster, Kathy Neely, Suzanne Labrne, Bonnre Martun, Donna Wernelqe, Carolyn Scott, Sandy Moon, Candee Carey, Valerle Rode, Judy Westberg Pnsculla Hodgson Louuse Burkhartsmelr, Helen Putman, Lrnda Jackson, Terry Musseau, Janlce Helblung, Marty Harrlson, Kay Morgan, Shannon Farrchlld Kathy Srnrth, Candy Berg, Jean Hntes, Drana Benson Lola Cosner Hrroko Hayashr, Peggy Sharp, ,J l QI, W fs the goal post tor tootball games 91 K 9 X Officers are top to bottom: Rick Furniss, president, Lynn Standley, secretary-treasurer, Steve Kern, vice-president. Members had informal meetings in the school cafeteria. Ski Club SKI CLUB is open to all students interested in skiing. The club purchased a two-year subscription to "Skiing" magazine for the school library. Members worked at Moscow Mountain Ski Area to earn season passes and held a ski meet for area clubs. Members of Ski Club are fron! row, left to right: Steve Kern, Lynn Standley, Rick Furniss, second row: Hollis Behling, Monty Fahren- vvald, Ginny McAllister, Sue Anderson, Suzanne Labine, Claire l-lirschi, Rob Frye, Bruce LeTourneau, Candee Carey, third row: Sharon Byers, Mary Liz l-lann, Louise Burkhartsmeier, Nanci Lynd, Randy Myklebust, Stan Zimet, John Zimet, Pam White, Mary Lee Strobel, fourth row: Debbie Anderson, Dianne Lindsay, Cathy Brown, Pat Murphy, Steve Davidson, Bruce Robertson, Bob Myklebust, Dick Rolland, Art Kios, Gordon Law, back row: Tom Bingham, Kirk l-laupt, Jess l-lall, Gene Guilfoy, Brian Dreisbach, Doug Davey, Stan Slutz, Pat Gagon, Steve Reed, Steve Heick, Sheryl Lynch. Thespians S ,S Tl-IESPIANS is a national honorary tor pertormers in the dramatic arts, j speech and debate. Thespians worked actively throughout the year at KRPL ' k on the "Bear Facts" radio show. Student pertormances were features ot regular meetings. Thespran members are front row, lett to right: Sandy Anderson, Joe Gleason, Ken Jordan, John Potter Alan B Ogle, Linda Olson Mary Beth Salisbury, Dwayne Abbott, Katy Kawula, Anne Raunto, second row: Marg aret Weber, Mary Ruth Mann, Darlene Tonn, Hallte Strom, back row: Shetla Walter Candee Carey Sue Seaman Carolyn Clanton, Susan l-larbtn, Melante Hem orntng. U 'Y 3 Y We 'Y Q- '53 3 T 3 7' Thesptan ottlcers are lett to rlghtt Ltnda Olson, secretary, Katy Kawula, patnts chatrrnan, Dwayne Abbott, prestdent, Mary Beth Salisbury, vtce-prestclent. 93 Thespian radio teams pose tor the photographer at KRPL. Chris Cox Honor Society president, formally initiates new members into the society. Honor Society members are front row, lett Hirako Hayashi, Alice Pope, Judy Westberg, Gibbs, Julianne Williams, Mary Kay Cr Williahnsf Lynn Standley, Chris Cox, second row: Silha, third row: Penny Proctor, Hallie Seaman, Linda Sharon Langley, back row: Phil Riersgard, Alan Borning, Paul Alberts, Alan Wise, Gene Morrison, John Potter, MAY ouAL uouefx on cw Honor Society X J 3, x, is T75 if activity card tile. Honor Society officers are lett to right: Sharon Williams, secretary-treasurer, Chris Cox, pres- ident, Lynn Standley, vice-president. iN' K 5 . HONOR SOCIETY is an honorary organization tor students with a high scholastic average and a record ot service to the school. This year Honor Society used the new display case in the second floor hall to acquaint stu dents with scholarship opportunities in the area. The club maintained an twig Quill and Scroll members are front row, left to right: Doug Davey, Judy Westberg, Nanci Lynd, second row: Mary Beth Salisbury, Marty Harrison, Janet Hungerford, Jane Birchmier, third row: Mary Liz Hann, Susie Johnson, Cathy Bingman, Louise Burlshartsrneier, Marlene Silha, Jean Hires, back row: Denny Luvaas, Clair Moore, John Walker, John Potter, Milne Mann, Quill 81 Scroll QLJILL AND SCROLL is an international honorary tor outstanding high school iournal- ists. Regular meetings featured speakers from related tields of iournalism, This year students made a tour ot the ldahonian plant. Quill and Scrolls main proiect tor the year was to raise 0 money to assist the iournalism departments. L1 7 i"l i l Rafe Gibbs gives an informal talk on public relations to Quill and Scroll members at one or their meetings. Quill and Scroll otticers are lett to right: Nanci Lynd, secretary-treasurer, Judy Westberg, president, Doug Davey, vice-president. A tew ot the Key Club members show the good spirit they demonstrated while they painted the concession stand. The executive council members ot Key Club are lett to right: John Peck, vice-president, Scott Fite, iunior representative, Denny Luvaas, president, Randy Hellman, treasurer, Clair Moore, secretary. Not pic- tured is Gene Morrison, senior representative. Key Club KEY CLUB is the Kiwanis sponsored service club for high school boys, This year members painted the concession stand, decorated tor the Choralaires Christmas concert, checked coats at the AFS Interna- tional Dinner and helped at the Kiwanis Pancake Feed. Many members attended the Key Club Convention at Tacoma in March, The social committee remained active throughout the year planning parties tor mem- bers and triends. we The social com- mittee relaxes atter a ,,,. strenuous party, planning session, s' '4 Ck I I 4' , 0 s , I I " : ' ' ks f' 9' 0. .5uu'uci'. Key Club Members ore front row, left to right, Alon Wise, Denny Luvoos, second row: Carl Horns, Joe Gleason, Jerry Joclcsho, John Peck, Scott Fate John Fnnley, Ohird row: Rondy Hellmon, Clow Moore, Lorry Homrnond, Bruce LeTourneou, John Block, John Zlrnet, Gene Morrison- back row: Dove Chestnut, Lorry Troutmon, Doug Dove-y, Bob Ross, Don Lonmon, Roncly Myklebust, Glen MocPhee, Steve Homrnond, Steve Reed. X X t Ltlll I VW t ' J ,tl 1 'tl We ll fx-J f t A 3 wt , ll 9'-if " 1 " , . tt ,X ll .J J l t A Plx ly'l'l 1 lp lllll Jllllflilfgf xo llfllg lllllllli J AAL A ll' Q lk fel-J lhlfi J v lw , . V, 4 1,35 t t ul +V V X f , - t tt t ll LN - -Y M, IJ , lf -1, X , t 'V V Itqt, Key Club members check over the selectugw if Doo they open the Key Club bookstore. 3 97 M x el lngl' X ,irq hlld only Officers of AFS are front row, left to righti Larry Trautman, viceepresident, Cindy Kern, treasurer, Katy Kavvula, secretary, Clair Moore, president. Members are second row, left to right: Anne Raunio, Elaine Silha, Kay Morgan, Sharon Langley, Chris Eastman, Barbara Mayburry, Ginny Hann, third row: Nancy Olson, Gayla Nelson, Julianne Williams, Ann Wilson, Christine Cox, Sheila Walter, Patty Thompson, Mary Lee Strobel, fourth row: Marlene Olson, Sandy Ogle, Stephanie Fosberg, Mary Lou Henry, Nancy Randall, Sandy Moon, fifth row: Mary Liz Hann, Nancy Frye, Bev Dahl, Annette Shelton, Susan Hansen, Becky Williams, Bernita Anderson, Claire Caldwell, Carolyn Clanton, Sharon Baker, Kathy Stephens, back row, Steve Seale, Dick Bauer, Mike Wendt, Rick Furniss, Larry Hammond, Randy Heilman, Denny Luvaas, Jerry Jacksha, Ken Jordan, John Potter, Silha, Carole Finley, Denise Nilliams, Sharon Williams, Linda American Field Service t , , L 2 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE is open to all students interested in ,, ' supporting the foreign exchange program. The club sold Christmas cards designed by former AFS students and Jan. l the club sponsored the annual movie at the Nuart Theater. Profits from Christmas card sales and the movie are to finance a foreign exchange student for the l966e67 school year. . -5 1 7, ,I , .lfifhf W Cliff, Mary Liz Hann and Mike Wendt, seniors, are the candidates for travel abroad next year. Katy Kawula and Clair Moore try to persuade Mrs. Toni Pursley to support AFS by buying Christmas cards. -ew , Roman Ba Cathy Brown, Dianne Lindsay, Nola Sinclair and Suzanne Robinson ltoregroundl pose tor the camera in their Roman Banquet costumes, Otticers are Jane Stratton, treasurer, Bruce Stratton, vicefpresident, Joanne Westberg, secretary, Chris Samuelson, president. Members ot Language Club are front row, left to right: Phil Riersgard, t-liroko Hayashi, Jane Stratton, Joanne Nestberg, Bruce Stratton, Chris Samuelson, second row: Sharon Baker, Susan Parish, Annette Shelton, Pat Murphy, Linda Riersgard, Laurie Jackson, Barbara Peterson, Diana Lelourneau, third row: Nancy Frye, Bernita Anderson, Alice Pape, Susan Shire, Susan Germer, Cathy Brown, Nola Sinclair, Dianne Lindsay, Linda Cyr, Diana Gormsen, fourth row: Cindy Barnes, Shirley Cowin, Diane Morton, Roberta LANGUAGE CLUB aims to promote international under- standing. The club includes members ot French, Spanish and Latin classes. Monthly meetings teatured several international speakers, movies and slides ot other countries. The annual nauet took place in October. Nallace, Becky Cash, Susan Guske, Mary Crowley, Rodna Moore, Darla Tobiska, Linda Jackson, Carolyn Clanton, fifth row: Kathy Neioer, Lurayne Smith, Dennis Mills, Dick Bauer, Steve Reed, Steve Kossman, J. O. Williams, Alan Borning, Rick Furniss, Suzanne Robinson, back row: Melanie Hemstrom, Carolyn Furniss, Alma McDonald, Aleta Kirkwood, Reggie Westberg, Bruce Leiourneau, Bev Dahl, Becky Williams, Susan Hansen, Claire Caldwell, Kathy Stephens. nc v -11.4144 Debate Club MSI-lS debaters organized themselves as a chartered club for the first time this year with Mrs. Toni Pursley as coach, Weekly Monday afternoon meetings gave opportuni- ties for practice, preparation and intersauad competition. lnterscholastic competitions were held not only with schools in the immediate area, but with Spokane and other Eastern Washington schools. Before competing in state meets, the squad practiced at the Gonzaga Forensic Tournament and held a Moscow Invitational Meet. Steve Seale and John Burlison, freshman de- baters, practice debating techniques in an after Debate Club officers are left to right: Mary Ruth Mann, School prgcrige, treasurer, Ken Jordan, chairman, Anne Raunio, re- corder, Sandy Ogle, historian, Debate Club members are front row, left to right: Sandy Ogle, Mary Ruth Mann, Anne Raunio, Ken Jordan, second row: Dwayne Abbott, Carolyn Clanton, Susan Parish, Hallie Seaman, Mike Barr, back row: Steve Seale, Glen Vent, Alan Borning, Ed Christian, Earl Barker, John Burlison, John Potter. WL-41' P CLUB MSHS Clubs Hove Their Lighter Side JM Ger- ,H E ' Y' bfi g , , if ff 1. Q ,fn mshs Activities i l .ai ' W!! ,, 1.5, km :fir xx .JA 5 1 Q R M, . lv .YL I I if .M 'X - 1 F ally The annual bonfire and serpentine high- light the last MSHS freshman initiation. Next year the ninth grade class will be moved To the iunior high school. Leweston Bengal effigy burns high in bonfire. Foofbalilream fakes if easy during serpentine. Egyptian pyramids you say? Seniors play leap-frog over freshman initiates Q 1 f . .J I Q I XI " ' 5, , . l xx V Wm , N ' R' D Y l X Mosc , s If E o in i X 0 X W u mQrXMls . Xl V . . J 'EX X W 'N X Cqrolih Sfflnbef . - x 1 'f X- Q X 3 -" W I we ,N s ' r, I K xx J .y X .KL :Z 1 st R . KV X1 'J . Q N ' x K Qi NX X-V X. 1 xg ' Q U hX I , X ax x A . ' ' YN .V 1 .A , X ' xx- X Q X X M X- s Q X .. Ls A -' . K .X 1. y wx, I X A u Q 4 I QP v 's .QIN xx xx 5 5 1 X N4 F M 2 T F V R ' Xt 'X X ,KLXX x ' X ., .Vu 2 xx N. Miss Moscow Judy Westberg ,Lo-1-fx. QJVwJC+-Q-GD xfxQ.wxQ.wx9-Q-lfx, ff' Q gm ,MQ Ebwoiaobmmiiobfwkglme Cuxjkr-QQ CY-"-ND 'Q-SJXJA QM PNN ' ge Nik-me CS 'Lg CN ixQQMmC,.Wo Qoggjfkxrxw Homecoming wow-mx fgxmh, Q can 107 Royolty Sbl Girls going to Syringa Girls State this year were Carolyn Strobel, Lynn Standley and Judy Westberg. The alternates were Sharon Langley, Chris Cox and Nanci Lynd, This annual event tor senior girls was held onthe College of Idaho Campus at Caldwell. Students Are Selected For Numerous Awards Recipient ot i the DAR Good Citizenship award is Mary Liz Hann. Attending the annual Boys State for high school seniors were front row, lett to right: Bruce Lanphear, John Walker and Larry Trautmang second row: Gene Morrison, alternates Denny Luyaas, Randy Heilman and Carl l-larrisg back row: alternates Clair Moore, Bob Ross and Mike Mann. Not pictured is Joe Gleason. Boys State was held in Boise. 108 Ken Jordon, Mike Mann, Katy Kavvula, John Potter, Mike Wendt ond Joe Gleason received recognition for tine performances on the Na- tional Merit Scholarship tests given to students across the United States, 1 Nl! lllFl TNZAG ,A Mary Kay Wolf received the nigh school Betty Crocker Homemaker ot Tomorrow title. Chosen to attend the 1966 Youth Legislature are Julianne Williams, John Black, Joanne We-stberg and Bruce Stratton. Gene Morrison and Judy Westbeig won the local Elks Youth Leodersnip COVWYSST. yt-.,,M, i V i 5 San Bernardo Lupe Guzman The Moscow chapter of The American Field Service sponsored The stay of Guadalupe Mercedes Guzman-Miranda lLupe Guzmanl in Moscow. Her home is San Ber- nardo, Chile. During her year in Moscow, Lupe is living in The Louis Olson home. l.upe's activities in MSHS include Pep Club and Choralaires. I I NORTH TO MOSCOW, IDAHO Lupe enioys singing ond does well in the ChoroIc1ires.She olso took port in the Honor Choir in the chorol clinic ot the University of ldoho. .gas f Qfesfisl- . LCM Moscows third foreign ex- chdnge student is Miss Lupe Guzmon-Mirondo, Lupe come from o school ot oll girls, but even then hos little difficulty getting olong vvith both boys ond girls. Well liked by everyone, she vvosted no time in molcing friends, Petite Lupe olwoys hos o friendly smile for everyone. ' dur Noncy ond Lindo Olson ore Lupes sisters" while she is living in Moscow, F LEEE l ,X Alwoys oround people, Lupe fits in well with the students. Fads And . . . Kris Dumas, Mike Schierman and Margie Stark model the tuzzy "Rat Fink" coats, 'W "Go-Go" boots, vvorn by Carolyn Clanton and Margaret Weber are seen trequently around the halls. Chuck Boyd and Nancy Tate show their attractive, toot sup- porting ' clods. With the coming ot spring, girls in empire dress made their de- but. Kathy Neely, Kathy Smith C and Cathy Bingman model ,X dresses ot different design. Senior Marty Harrison smiles happily as she shows her new shoulder bog. ,Q l Q t O Nanci Lynd and Sharon Langley sport blazers which have become quite popular. Fashions The '65-'66 year at Moscow Senior High brought in several different types of cloth- ing, shoes and hair styles, Just a few of them are pictured on these two pages. Debbie Anderson and Karen Barr model the new "total look." Madras shirts, worn by Janet Hungerford and Clair Moore, are a '66 fad. Theresa Ensign wears the little girl look of pigtails, while Mary Gustavson sports the popular long, straight hair. Worms eye view J ,W K, Does if poy to be on The boli? Mr. Johnstone? Who says MSHS is Average? is Q? R I ,,,. , if 1 ,QQL Whos lecding? . , . The girls moy weor slocks rodoy. Swinging on 0 sTur M Winter Takes its toll H4 W fl "M i i M,....-+95 .1 Technical Director Stowell Johnstone Hermione Pemletter. Harold Rudebaker. Wainwright Wooten Alonso Rudebaker. Amy Wooten .... Elizabeth Finch. . Bertram Otis. . . Extras Stage Manager . Secretaries , .... Executives , . . Commercialaires .... Choreographer . . . Bubble Trouble All-School Musical Cast Jim Loney Nancy Berrigan, Suzanne Labine, Charlotte Lowry, Alice Pope Earl Barker, Dan Lanman, Jim Laney, J, O. Williams Sue Anderson, Cindy Barnes, Carlos Del Valle, Bruce LeTourneau Diana Morton, Doug Todd Carolyn Strobel The cast goes through many long hours ot learning dance routines and rehearsing lines before opening night ot the performance. Director Robert Whipple . Nanci Lynd . Steve Christensen . Jim Clark . Bryce McProud Pam White . Candee Carey . Cope Gale ff!-0 j , i QQ' K x. ,O Ken ra 'Q in cites Samuelson, Steve Seale, X X x , 5 C 'I 15 C i E 5 r 5 During intermission, Jane Birchrnier, president of Giris League presented Debbie Anderson as Miss Debutante, Miss Debutante for i9o5, Debbie Anderson Q Deb's Night '65 Girls League presented the first all-schooi f tormal ot the year, "Deb's Night," The X f attair attracted approximately 225 couples, Q the largest crowd ever to attend the dance. Nith the music ot the Cellar Dwellers, couples dance to the theme of "Midnight Mood." Y' 'ff 3 sf - 'fi Personalities 1 ' 53 WT TTT we I ' I I I 'f S 609119 1 lk gr K insf I III24 I ' GIRL OF THE YEAR and MISS CHARM' Judy Westberg 'ATHLETIC' ' FRIENDLIEST' BEST LEADER ' "SCHOLARSHIP" Sharon Langley Cherre FeI1orv Jane Birchmier Katy Kawula 'SCHOOL SPIRIT TALENTED' 'HARDEST WORKER" WITTIEST' Margie Stark Carolyn Strobel Mary Luz Harm Trudy Berger .S I - .- Il David ltopl and Dennis Thomas peek to see it the coast is clear. YlELD FOR TWINS ,,.-.1 lt's difficult to see who is giving Whom a detention slip an , f Xfrk Q-. 1 ' ir Twins Rob and Ron Frye always seem to get everything mixed up--even their cars, when John and Joe Walker are involved. Duplicates Are Abundant Margie ltopl and Marcia Stark demonstrate their ladder climbing ability, in matching dresses no less. Gordon Cotterall prepares to ac- company his tvvin, Som, onthe pis ano. Or is it Sam vvhas going To play forGordon? 118 myself to lean on, says 'lt s nice to have someone lust like Wayne Eikelberger of his brother Duane. le George Germer ond Gary Thompson demonstrate wrestling under the supervi- sron of Cooch Noccoroto ot on All-School Assembly. Students gather ln the gym for Q Pep Assembly led by the cheerleoders. MSHS Has l M Varied Assemblies Mr Johnstone recelyes o Clwrnstmos present from Sonto Clous ot the Cltnstmos Assem- bly President Doug Doyey conducts cz senior closs rneetlng. x Managing Editor: Janet Hungerford """"U""M Ed itor: Jane Birchmier Assistant Editors: Mary Kay Wolf Carolyn Strobel Marlene Silha Tv? A, 4' l M' as Sports Editors: John Walker, Jim Clark Photographers: Mike Mann and John Potter Photography coordinator: Wally Hutchins Staff Works Hard To Produce WOCSO The Wocso statf kept busy producing the paper every two weeks. This year the senior iournalists published the paper all year long without a substi- tution at iunior journalists at semester end. Advertising: Janice Boyd 'L I N Adviser: Mrs. Toni Pursley 1 Business Manager Jean Hites Reporters are left to rrghtg Margie Stark, Duane Means, Larry Germer, Denny Luvaas, Kns Dumas, Rodney Hall, Mary Neison. W-15" "Nw M-r-'ff-""" -ff-111 Editor: Judy Wesiberg Adviser: Mrs. Toni Pursley ,Jr xx SporTsEdnTors1 Kerwordan, Doug Davey, Ron Frye N Orgomzohons: Katy Kavvula and Mary Beth Salisbury 'Q'-xr. A Activiries: Nanci Lynd and Louise Burkhartsmeier Senior iournalisrs again worked hard To put out the yearbook. With deadiines never ceasing, The staff always kept busy. '66 Bear Tracks Staff Poses For Camera Photographers: Mike Mann John Poher . qu W -A ms.: X. is . F" , ii " nr Business Manager: Susan Johnson Advertising Manager Mary Liz Hann Ciasses: Murly Harrison Caihy Bingmon Administration: Clair Moore if ?,,. M ic: iff: Hlijuiq ggffx ' 3:-gg N we -f ,fff 'W k B fs 1 we f. M wx.- 62' MA, S' We ig? wk jf. .el V A ,i am mx, 'MY 'G M- 1 A - Mg f an 3, ,Q 'QS 'Sus M, X1 5931 :Q 14 f 22 5122252162 . .,,y,f3g A 4, 151 es vflwff P A '7 fi WMM A p ,Q 09' PM wg r mshs 5? Dfw? f X ' N mm V A x W' WJjLw5My J W ,gig NNW? I qqjgoukj W A w v A M 4 wJ A Us pg JJNF ' 4 ok ff' Ly 5, Op! OJ? S wif yu po rfs , Season At A Glance Sandpoint' Lewiston' Pullman St. Maries Coeur d' Alene' Colfax Wallace' Clarkston' Kellogg' 'lnland Empire League games at at GT at at at CIT at CIT Sandpoint Lewiston Moscow Moscow Coeur d' Alene Colfax Moscow Clarkston Moscow MOSCOW OPPONENT O 28 O 42 6 20 AO 6 O 6 20 24 21 7 Ql O 7 lA Rick Pierce llOl leads interference as hard charging Tony Barner l4Ol tallies for final Bear TD at season. FPR 126 Larry Germer Sr. l-lalfback l Jim Clark Sr, Tackle John Walker Sr. Center ff , , as lf X, i r fl fl 'af 'Z' , ,f ll fi.A..fw ' , - V t, fl ssh F M, 4 E. in ,J f K-34. JMX Vw, wx. 2,Q,,q,f'f...,, ,. l ff.,-.fc-iv 2 Lf U. , . ' if JM W "gi ,Q I 1 ff ,f ,f f 4 1, . ,al f ge lwlilllQ,fMfc ll, l 5 l'fl"'7'-Q16 f'g,,pc,.f-l,ltl,' f-,' ' f ,J X l Mlm 5? l l' ii? OL c Qc 1 1 if lf L,.Q,f1vvf'V'lJ fb. fe-lM"'f"4 J A Don ers2fL,31,1+-,ie 1,5 A ,:VLLfS,,. ,. fl" f ' A f",,f'1Q"' V' ,V -Q , A l'. 6, M11 X V jf XJ, lf' 'Y ,f I 1 liLJl"J 1 ,N-f " 1,v' 1,3 ,f,,..z42f" I, Z 1 il Wayne Olesen Sr. Tackle Dan Kirkland Sr. Tackle fl l lg 5' xy f I, 1 fl,'x..v ' U, J 1 xx fflx W X l X f- z fx , a x A J X I I I ... Denny Luvaas Sr. Fullback f l Bert Buckingham Sr. l-lalfback 128 Ken Sporkmcm Sr. Hcdfbock Tim Cash Sr.Guc1rd G0 ry Berg Sr. Fuilbock Lorry Hommond Sr. Lmebocker Mike Moftoon Sr, Holfbock 1.I. nm'a.i,mmn-'mz1,4 , Iwi., ,EN fu: Q2 Steve Cole Jr. End ,Ms L X K x www ' -. f .gf ,-. - L W, ,. .. lt? ' L, Q: HW f Xi ,V AJ., , Morris Musseau Jr. Tackle Arlin Widmon Jr. Center Ron Gayman Soon Haltbock Gannett Pitkin Jr. Guard John Thomas Jr. Quarterback Tony Barner Jr. Halfback Howard Aschenbrenner Jr. Guard T31 Bryce MCP ro ud Jr. Tackle T' 3355 YM' HW Managing the Varsity, JV and Frosh football teams were Marvin Normington, Bill Mortimer and Vlike Davidson. saws After a rather slow start, the Moscow Bears tootloall team came to life with occasional moments ot brilliance. A large part of the credit must necessarily go to Tony Barner, first string All-State, and Morris Musseau, honorable men- tion. The development of the players is the result of long hours ot coaching by Alton Scott, who left the staff at the end of the season due to the inheritance of a busi- ness. The starting eleven show their form in pre-game warm-ups. T32 ' twig-w1f,gg Moscow JVS ore front row, left to nght: Cooch Nlert Borth, Del third row: Chuck Boyslnger, Doug Todd, Russell Anderson, Drck Owens, Bill Vnrgrl, J. O. Wtllloms, Make McGoryey, John Driscoll, Rolond, Gordon Low, Mrke Goetz, fourth row: Dove Brown, Bull Bob Hutchrnson, Art Klos, Bud Chestnut, ond Cooch Greg Horde- Krrnberlrng, Claude Dye, Butch Broenneke, Rrck Meodows, Dove monn, second row, Woyne Butterfield, Brion Mortensen, Steve Nlorgon, Make Schlerrnon, George Gerrner, Lloyd Popep fifth row: Dovls, Rack Myklebust, Make Dumos, Krrk Newsome, Dove Goetz, Todd Knblen, Steve Hornmond, Alon Lyons, Bolo Mrller, Dorrell Wollen ond Greg Doherty. Heod cooch Mert Borth guides the JVs fortunes wuth Chosen by their teornrnotes os JV tru-coptonns were Russell Anderson, John oble ossrstonce from Greg Hordemonn, Drlscoll ond Bob Mlller. 133 Backs are fron! row, left to right: John Driscoll, Mike McGarvey, Mike Dumasg back row: Del Owens Kirk Newsome, Rick Meadows and Wayne Butterfield. JV Players By Position Centers are left to right: Darrell Wallen, Mike Goerz, Russell Anderson and Burch Broenecke. ' N ,K 6 . in Backs ore front row, left to right: Mike McCabe, Steve Hommond, Gordon Low, Claude Dye? back row: Brion Mortensen, George Germer, Dick Rollond and Chuck Boysinger. 'w..,,,-n ,, if lv ab' Y Guords ore front row, left to right: Rick Myklebust, Dove Brown Art Kiosy back row: Lloyd Pope ond Mike Schiermon, W 9 Ends Ore front row, left to right: Bill Virgil, Steve Dovis, Dove Goefz, buck row: Doug Todd Bob Miller ond Greg Doherty. Tockles ore front row, left to right: J. O. Williams, Alon Lyons, Todd Kiblen, Bob Hutchinson, back row: Bud Chestnut, Bill Kimberling ond Dove Morgan. 136 Moscow Senlor Hlgh Schools cross country runners ore front row, left to nghn Bruce Letoorneou, Jesse Holl, Joe Yockey, Kurk l-loupt, back row: Couch Pool Henden Steve Seole, Robert Frye, Buzz Jenks, Rick Furness, Coptoln Mlke Wendt oncl Steve Mosseou. V965 Freshman Footboll teom members ore front row, lett to rtght Kurt Dresson, Clttt Stevens Ron Myklebusr Brlon Dretsbrook, fifth Bull Tolson Gory l-lorrns, Steve Reynolds, Gerord Connelly, Bruce row: Jerry Woshburn, Jornes l-loll, Korl Johnson, Kenny Roblnson Cyr Bruce Swonson second row: Gory Lelzors, Som Cotterell, Tom Steve Dovldson, Benny Brousen, Nlck Ogle, back row: Steve Hendrix Allen Hotfrnon, Arnold Rothbon, third row: Dennrs McEl- Hosklns Bruce Cole, Bob Myklebust, Jlrn Jocksho, Kevin Amos ond roy Nell Brood Rod Thornton, Horvord White, Dove Abbott, Gory Woyne Crooks. Frosh cooches ore Leon Powers ond Curtls Flasher, Portrldge fourth row Chuck Goetz, John Anderson, Cloy Wlllloms, Troy at Moscow Potlatclw at Moscow Wallace at Moscow St. Maries at Moscow Clarkston at Lewiston Lewiston at Clarkston St. Maries at St. Maries Orotino at Orotino Grangeville at Grangeville Kellogg at Moscow Sandpoint at Sandpoint Pullman at Pullman Kellogg at Kellogg Wallace at Wallace Orotino at Moscow Coeur d'Alene at Coeur cl'Alene Grangeville at Moscow Coeur d'Alene at Moscow Lewiston at Moscow Pullman at Moscow HOME VISITOR 80 6l 86 50 81 54 7l 33 82 52 51 60 73 43 84 56 66 50 80 55 57 68 67 68 65 55 88 56 75 37 63 54 66 47 68 50 68 50 74 59 TOTAL average points per game 72.5 52.9 l 138 Pullman s Jim Sleeth seems to realize the tutility of attempting to block Bob Ross lump shot as Moscow tastes sweet revenge against the Greyhounds The T965-66 basketball road was a bright one. The best season tor the Moscow Bears tor many years ended with T7 wins and 3 losses. The season started with the Latah County Tournament which was inno' vated to show ott the new tieldhouse. However, since this facility wasn t ready, the tournament was played in the University ot Idaho gymnasium. The Christmas tourney held in Lewiston ended in a resounding deteat ot the Clarkston Bantams and a heartbreaking loss to the Lewiston Bengals. When the Bears tinally came home to play on Jan, l5 atter a string ot road trips, the result was disaster tor the Kellogg Wildcats. A dark period followed when the Bears were dealt their second and third losses ot the was debatable, but not changeable, due to a ret- erees call about the ball hitting the ceiling. An overnight trip to Kellogg and Wallace added two more wins to the Bears! record. When the new tieldhouse was tinally ready, Moscow had tive home games lett with only one on the road. The road trip was to Coeur d'Alene to deteat the Vikings on their home court tor the tirst time in 26 years. The final two games ot the season reeked revenge an Lewiston and Pullman for earlier defeats, Many records tell this year. Among them were Bob Ross scoring 30 points in one game, the team averaging 72.Q5 points per game and 20 points more than the opponents and the Bears never losing a game on their home tloor all year. Coach Don l-laynes takes time out trom a practice session tor individual tutorage ot Doug Davey The Bears T7-3 record shows that the lessons were well-learned, season by Sandpoint and Pullman. Pullmans victory 6' Senior 6'6" Senior Moscow Bea rs A bright, shining tloor with a snarling bears head in the rniddle, bleachers that go up twenty-one rows high and room tor all kinds ot activities are some ot the features ot the new athletic pavilion. Built be- tween Aug. l, l965, and Feb. i, 1966, at a cost ot S297,000, the building seats over 3,000 per- sons. Purchased by the Associated Students, the sign pictured below hangs outside the new pavilion. Steve Cole Bob Ross Jerry Jacksha 6'1" Senior Scott Welta re 6'3" Junior all avant A in in HSS! in IK1 ., vi. ,. i iT i s lK " Kiidi Wi ii ilii IQSQKU' lill mf. nr Kiln f .. gill 2.,, 4s4ef': "fi A V untill: K 7 WHBNMKKI 'gg .. V..:I5E wmii W was 3 ummm mom . l i --....""'-if-L'--,..,"'-4 ,glam - unnnulauu fig, B llfllvklinlml -1-I unusual: ,,,-,,. unnunnnnull -ian . nails: , l annum: llnlnann-..-..- Randy Hellman 5'll" Senior Doug Davey 6'3" Senior Gene Morrison 5'8" Senior -f ' Jerry Jacksha goes high into the air for two more points toward the 80-55 victory over the Kellogg Wildcats. Scott Welfares i507 position for the rebound proves unnecessary. Larry Trautman Ken Sparkman Mike Mann 6'5" Senior 6' Senior 6'2" Senior Roger Koefod Morv Bieker Kirk Newsome 5'ii" Senior 5 104' Junior 5'9" Junior "Howk" Welfore i503 drives ihe baseline while Bob Ross IAM ond Sreve Cole i221 woit To pounce on The rebound in The decisive victory over The Coeur d'Alene Vikings by 68-50. Aiding The Bosketboii teams this seoson were, top to bottom: Butch Broenneke, monoger and srotisficion, Denny Luvoos, monoger, ond Alon Wise, score- keeper, 142 i 'SWF E l K T l Junior Varsity Boasfs 19-1 Season Elk River Var. Koofenai Var. Koofenai Var. Elk River Var. Wallace JVS St. Maries JVS ST. Maries JVS Plummer Var. OrofinoJVs GrangeviIIeJVs Bob Miller 6'1" Sophomore Cubs Opp. Cubs Opp. T 74 66 John Thomas 5'9" Junior SandpoinTJVs Pullman JVS Kellogg JVS Wallace JVS Coeur d'AIeneJVs Plummer Var. GrangeviIIeJVs Genesee JVS l.ewisTon JVS Pullman JVs ,,,W,.4,, sw! no-.., T 112 T 66 T 53 T 115 T ol H 43 H 52 H 52 H 55 Doug Baker 6'5" Sophomore 'Eff , ,, femme, misss: 7: -ml T- .irsfrefnpfl - -wwf 1 3 Lonce Lobine 5'7" Sophomore Dove Goetz Bill Ross 6'2" Sophomore 6' Sophomore "WWF Doug Todd Ron Goymon 5'iO" Junior 5'9" Sophomore ,K Don Lonmon 6'3" Junior Q8 Steve Kossmon 5'iO" Junior 144 Rolph Shepard 5'9" Junior ,V Vw .,.,. GSK! If as W . , . 53 is fi 'R .,-.ZW A ff: 4 nm 'Nm . . ,Jug , My' .A f S, hx, L 4 K3 Cheerleaders Susc1r1Sh1re Pc1mVW111e Y N-11,4 5.14 N v e 1 fe fron row e' 1 1 1 1 1 E411 1 Y f t 1rd row ' 1 J19 P 1 1- 1 1 i"'1' 11 , 1 1 L teslfl ec? 1 back row Av11f'J1F-' A 1 '-4111211 Y J el fe 1 lv While an almost capacity crowd looks on, Randy Heilman steals a pass and goes all the Way down the floor for an easy lay in against the Pullman Greyhounds, Freshman basketballers are front row , left to right: Bruce Cyr, Gary ams, John Stube, Kim Kirkland, third row: Bruce Robertson, Tommy Lefors, Bruce Cole, Karl Johnson, Dennis Thomas, Jim Jacksha, Hendrix, Billy Jasper, Bill Tolson, Jett Reed, Gilbert Busanich, Coach Leon Powers, Manager Martin l-laarr, second row: Benny Arnold Rathbun, Manager Lennie Kammeyer. Brausen, Sam Cotterell, Mike Sparkman, Steve McCoy, Clay Willi- Wrestlers are front row, left to right: Gary Thompson, Ken Matson, Mike Wendt, Mike Snow, Tom Bingham, Coach Rich Naccarato, George Gerrner, Dave Murnrn, Lloyd Moore, Russell Anderson, Ihird row: Charles Krasselt, Doug Fenwick, Marv Normington, Tom Jerry Washburn, Bob Sinclair, second row: Coach Ted Kuykendall, Moore, Mike Franklin, Roger Lindsayp back row: Bob Riesenauer, Raleigh Chambers, Alan Moore, Gary Harms, Steve Hammond, Wayne Butterfield, BurlWallen, Darrell Wallen. Wrestlers Make Debut reshman Jerry Washburn forces his opponent to the mat in a hard fought out. Wayne Butterfield gets the advantage over an opposing wrestler, but in this sport anything can happen, NJ, M vf 1 - in - 'Aki .V f,i' :, V' I , S ff U! T is 5 ' 6 W W , 4 , up 55 V w V if kv- iq... - 5 H A Q ,,,,Af' ,. N 'F 1' . , ' A- ., if km , ,.V, ,J A 4 if , I Q' ., .. U , U ie :Q ,I ! iggvm Y A y 5g .ili -'i, f V ' A , S j ' A' 2 if ' ' J . -: 1" ' 1 - 'J . wind "' . ,,,, K J , Mgkxp -, ,V ,:,V f 'f , - fy y K u"?'-A ble, L 11, ' 2 , ' MW fx Q-:J v v eil R-Q2 -Q1.rN'N ' "A-ss '-4-4 R1 X Y f 1 X X . ga' - X3 x I N A lkuxl N l .A I xx. XX' J LA, , ,, 1 3 Q lx. Y"-'71 M YANG-X' wif K-A-M N X-X 'A L -f W X WW ,-U0 P N i1 5 A N -x X m S S M Q Mkmw wi KMM L kdm, M " " Jkfkllffvx v f-N. X KBQMM ,xi,,Q,-fx xg Xylyijx X-,QQ X4-XA-Q SAX skhlgywvgx Q-' R3-l'x,Q-,AX X rx X-. , I . ,, X X 113-ik Lxprfvlix jX'X,r1,Vf,,-xx UXLQNX JQ ,ZA Ngqvyi QQ, f3 lidl Q-H V4 K X QQ., 2 kiwi V 5 X ai? 5-V X110-1, SN. 0, X1 VANX C N X gA-.xSv' mx tx .NN X K, mx MGKL:-wc- ' mb, Ck X 'Q x!X'X.JSAXx JQJQ h 'ui - AM,5 j I fm Vi 5 , 7 W' N Q. N K AQ Q t ff ,x K ',Gi-ALAWXIA wxljx .55 -" D UY?"O - V011 wkxbkwwl WJBYQJ ,fm-X,B6M AX tSw,mm gb M WM wMMAdVGfTI s I ng :M WM W my WQYQCW wW+M4 Q UJX Ak xmg QQN V P ' w X1 . yffkm - 5 'KVM Nwvx Nxlffvu X158-SIJLJEQ-fl K ,, A 'NXRJABX-LA. 5 ckfvxx ' Y , ! J 31 A Q gill r-if X sz S IBVLAXN UfO "Q:'2"3' M i N' x,vQCk.fvvf9 ZWQIREEQMSKQI - H Murphy's Appliance We service what we sell Exclusively Franchised for Moscow-Pullman Area Builders Distributors Appliances Televisions RGdiOS 7-Cees Trailer Sales Security Furniture David Chesnut drives around looking tor girls. l-le may be successful with that car and Photographs 4 5001 ,' K X , i s 1 1 i f ft 130 E 3rd Tu 2-0941 ' i . . i 1 , , ' l x . ' r , i 1 , 'it y , , " v - , l 1 it 1' i. it x .' Q f l -l ' 1 rx ' N G , I ' ' ' ' T l 1 , s lv' A 1 1 i i 1 J , , 3 , , 1. ' ' . 1 ,, . J 1 A 1 1. . 1 ,J x, X Ut ULUSV j U VJ ij ! 21 11 J LJ mr Q v gf O 1 l ww Mjmt V w,f U,,v or 191 bifpvj may 1 tl' ll fl lt ll lv ll fl! A ll X I X AlL,flQ My li ylywlj fi kgl X Lt A N 1 Xl X ' rx ld IN 0 XFX l ll My 'll ll 1 l ll ll' l ldl 5 - lf X' X11 EA X If l 1 x AL? W Nix, IN ,i i lvl V ' ll! 1 'tlll it 1 U 1 ' ll 1 ,, 'lv I t, ' c L 'N V I ' l l I , xw lu A Alb! will mil! ,XJ O ' XX, X L X xp V U1 VX. 'W Vv,u,f ,N X X V xii own DR G rl W ti ltr 1 ff we 1 , -J 1 'I A lx 402 South Main Moscow, Idaho Orland Hardware General Hardware 5 M New- Paints Sporting Goods Gifts mi Don Birchmier - mgr. TU 3-3191 Rick Pierce, Gary Parberry and Steve Long stop in for the pause that refreshes. 120 East Third Moscow, Idaho Cindy Kern and Ginny Hann take Jim Casey for a ioy ride. OGUE BEAUTY SHCP Suite 6 - O'Connor Bldg. 208 South Main Moscow N X ., cj ly N 0 XX mf for il l , X M f NJ X Modern Way Food Market Pullman Road Moscow, Idaho J81J Glass Inc. Picture Framing Table and Desk Tops Jim Anderson Jerry Hundtoft 4th 8. Washington Moscow o Mary Lee Strobel seems to be having trouble with her shopping, but Morris Musseau comes to the rescue. Rollefson's Grocery Jackle Jewelry 309 South Main Watches- Rings School Jewelry- Trophies Gifls for all Seasons Watches and Jewelry Repairs Moscow, ldaho l....i.... Jewelry Hodgin's Drug Sfore 307 South Main Moscow, Idaho Sharon W lliarns certainly seems To have faith in The skill of Bob Ross and Judy Weslberg and Doug Davey practice. Tri-Stale Distributors Clothes Sport needs School supplies Pullman Road Hunter's Candy Shop Delicious Homemade candy All occasion candy gitts Popcorn Carmeled Apples Paper House Annette Shelton helps her father seil a book Www W' Everything GOOD! pffiwe Aw Am fe? l ' . A jnylac, i23E3rd Moscow Idaho W4 Wbjg Moscow Realty and Insurance .5 B A I ,7?"'u-,- Lynn Standley J rn Canocle John Stube a d Ca olyn Cla to sho how ettc e t they could be fthey took over the office work l TH E FASH ION CORNEPR PMOC Approved X Levis 1' il . Haggar y li Haddock and Laughlin K 4l4 Main Moscow - 3 Playboy pholog poses Chris and Anna x Holbrook N for his own collection. bf ' ygsfajifril if ef l 9 if' y A l I Arrow l iff N , I 0 i Auto Dealer s Association P .f. T ri 1 . acl ic ran fy X Carl Cunningham - Rambler , fl 218 gough Main Mggggw W Lf Delta Ford Sales, lr1c.- Ford Fahrenvvald Chevrolet - Chevrolet l Hale Motors, lric. - Dodge NAf 'l Moos Motors-Cadillac i l , Neely 81 Son - Chrysler i JW. . K . N. INC., 517 W. RIVERSIDE. SPQHKN I J" ' D0DS0N'S be 'UC m1 1ss7 Wwh ig-J ',,,,,- MOSCOW. I AHO STORE LQ-,bc dv Q f 206 souri-1 MAIN A !L"""lfCAxQ,3 D MANAG y I 6, 1 Cc1rfer's Drug Store Bowleroma Jerry Carter shows Carolyn Strobel ond Louise Burkhorrsmeier h I f b d d is suppyo on ' GI S. These high school students enioy bowling in the high school mixed bowling leogue. '7 ,QW lrwnaflfzasurq. we 6-lmla of rw LLVNIXW gxbtn Slal-wi if-bplna owl 015365 , 1' l'l4'0' Su- 40K-f oor Covering Q E. B. "Jim" Newsome Farmers Insurance Group Auto - Bonds Liobility Truck - Life The office of complete insurance of Iower cost 213 Soufh Moin Moscow, Idaho HARVEST Wlth an Internatlonal Truck FIRST SECURITY BANK CF IDAHO Member F.D.l.C. Third cmd Moin Moscow, Idoho HAPPY Harvest Your Crops wlth an Internatlonal Combme -:mf HELBLING BROS HELBLINGS BILL MOSCOW TUcker 2 145 I Pullman ZEn1th 9133 Genesee ZEn1th 9199 WITH and Fleld Jobs wlth Internatlonal Tractors and Equlpment I BOB Harvest Your Payloads HHFVCSI YOUI' POWCI' . . . . , " ., Nc. ' 1 I - r- of 60-rw - L L3 FN aus real vbrebd - ei, L',i,x'L SQQJYX WCW he 29,0 'i'f?x'5 mr isa figugb eb Q kjOO WULM GENERAL svsvcn GENERAL TELEPHONE COMPANY Ready to serve the "Grads of 66" with Total Communications SCOTT'S FLOWERS 0,0-Q, Larry Hammond seems to think Susie Johnsons tcrste in flowers NEW IDAHO HOTEL , M' ' sv ' pt' 1-3:f:s..95- x "W 1 " L? Gracious Dining 4 N Main - TU 2,1496 01' :if X SX "Anyone wfmf Q swemew' asks Pot Murphy. 4 Q 5 v L5: fi" -17' ffl. by .XS fa saw M. Q, Q a-aE- Q 'Q Q ' . 3' ' . ASKK- 1' ,-0 N5 Mosco FLoRusTs Ngwemmgwog S sefxfizgljvl, Hofelmbby S S 5 Q YJ M X Q V QL Q5 QQYEQSQ NV . u 5 jx S Q5 L A SQ SX S Q nnrs APIAIII. A 9 4 ,S 3 XQSQ 5, L Q p SEE M b FDIC First NATIONAL FIRST THE mAHo FIRST NAnoNAL BANK 3rd and Main Mosc . F. . -,ji K, g E410 xg, mix F Q- 9 N fx IN Qxq FX ki I QI iiggwka gg XJ, k l N H P K FX C 'T ' E N X 6 y gl Q , A VN Eg N M Ps ri Q 1-O A g N VF S i , , A X W, .. , s Jw' f X -x X 1 Q TSX F .W m XX A w mxx W ,Q?29f' V F X pix hx wig gg XX gg - C Q K Q w VT-gs? tf Y F' I X KR X QQ ri' X ffl: -Q 1 were MOSCOW RADIO SERVICE, INC. Radio - TV S enowrsrs FURNITURE South Main TU 2-1276 s Pupineau Insurance Agency Aufo Life Fire Health General L b I d A d I07 S. Main TU 2-I . o EVERETT TRACTOR CO.X Wishes the "I966 Seniors" Sugs R Tope Recorde A' l We ly ff ple l l , 1 A , ml f ,MAP A 3 CV W . gp Pho+ography by Mx,V9'sJ L ,f epdfwl W cl lf X 9 l l ,fl ,ff l L M ivy Porfralls AJ' hcl J , W l Weddings r M Commercial Nalural Color rj .JJ 'X fll 'lilly ygjill lie' cl' fly M299 W W W ,f ll OW W ll W lgiiyx. Mjf'lEll 5LfMf?f'l'XWfff'lf iv -- J Q-ll rlfl if f'! VCU 'jf 2 'J IJ liffj.J lf X , 'gjjiyyj e9U2? Photographer 1 Allen Kim 304 Wesf 6th 3912 pg, V91 2- J Y, Q tru, 9 Phone TUcker 2-7011 5 Af 7k ag Moscow, Idaho MUD vjvl fl fjaw ' I Q-W1 ' -721,7 my? Dfjafw 2y710KL?7l slew vie view MM Wwffwm awlmf fff WATCH LATAH COUNTY TITLE C0 for i ads X E f TIA w x Title Insurance MMM? fTffTT1fi,W5Tf'f?fjWyTTTfQ,T TUQQWW5 T T Aim Wigs M1543 '2: . WG , x .l.lx 1 ' . - I'l"ll 5, -I lil .ff1-ff- T '!g:L: g1f 5 S,,,N55f?h ,IL 553 . K, DEPARTMENT STORE - Moscow zz E Ni!!! f 5 T'r.1tji5r' KEN'S STATIONERY HANSON ELECTRIC Office and Party E, , Supplies Q H g d d Q 513 s ufh Main - TU 3 3251 C K 1, Appl s 1 C1 s OI E H 203 s . M 9 , TU 2-1387 llOI'ES1uNfRA1OcHA1Zf1 Q W Q FIRSTANDWASHINGTON STS .... MOSC W,lDAH N fy vi 1 I sy N s I AKXSJ 7M?lMfBfl Sd 1 Sy S X 111111110111 X 1. 1 X 1 xv Tj GUEJDFEEEEIEULE ix gf? QW V0 X955 W TSX! y V Q XJ 111, Nm, fi. A ti We TQ WY 1 WQ1 is JS' T N9 Wishes The Seniors of YQ x by gf T A YQ Si S ivy T The Best of luck Q EJ! if 4 ,ywiisvxg1ib1P1vLQ Q3 fb T 2, we - WWf WM QZMWW l W W ifljnllfwwlf W ,filly My Nfl ll lb MJ ROGER'S ICE CREAM SHOP H'ome offhe one-ceni bcmanp split 4 d ,Ze-Afyg f -X6 l f1f1,c,.., CL 'Z Cx lv cfffvfzcf I ff M gif iii? N wflsfl f 'C QQLZX INSURANCE M' Ml? MUQZ N' AGENCY 'WL K X, N av H y D h PM ,fy FONK'S58f no Pcirfy supplies 106 N h TU 2 1404 Pef supplies Sh l ppl All f ppl 07S hM TU21390 J I VQCUYW 'X50 Q Rival Qppwkh 1 ' ikffdk ovwfi Q dlgii www JAM Lum 1 A AA, A Am AWMAA V - ,QOAQL vucwvw cpm JQLLJQ Q YYX fQfU3Ub Vdc uvvuli Xfxcgji, . Q GVVNX Siu .XYN-QJNDQJ QQAYQCAJL, Oxfvx dl CUM Gwent Vtjx D EOL ,fffVNKkLfQ'N XQCRAAK QL LCM X!-X CCE Q Club. Cu , CXXJLQO N H dw x9xL9,,AiJ .lLuAQ,QE vvyx WN? Mx 0 MUN , . kxx,x.fsfxC6..f'K,,JL,x.,'xsL!yf, 'I C44 Ck!! X AVL Qkfvxdx Fins AUTOGRAPH PAGE IS Tnfiogiiiiiyforz QA-ff QAM M Q A n. E. Adams, M.D. Wviwfiyf IMUW giuy A fu T. D. Baird, M.D. qgff JjY ,M A MM 1.B.Bmzmun,M.n. wi 'f we awp WR. D. Brooks, M.D. 2425, 05 03,019-V QQVA avdf A M mm M. E. can, n.c. A Ok fmgflf D. M. loehr M.D. QR UMW 9834 H. F. Miller, n.n.s. LJ. Stephens, M.D. ww ' ,QW R..l.STr0bel,M.D. M Qwakwhg, QMMMLMZL MLM XMVVMJV i7tj,OQ04 b- 1- dd H i L S W , Buy Records WWEFWMW fam G - Your Progressive BANK OF IDAHO Qgfpjf ,lr yrg 3. i I If Affiliated with Western Bank I t Mr M QJAFbdF?DLJRfI SyTCp ya i if V X QFIQJV' Pj, W db , Cf of V X cs DID ' Tis! xxxs Qbjxw H 6 K I 1 VX X YR NS XJ Q0 fp if fy 23595 9,2 J FO 01 . fcypi lr is XQQQQSYQ Q 9 Gd 3 QV ffm-fi in WS. , H' fuk? J DVNVEX Qs JDVDX ' ef ee Q? E W ' Dick Bauer and Lynda Lyon try to decide on a record. if GJ, gf, Moscow Music CENTER kk 206 soofh Mem ru. 3-8251 X , W G ,ga AN x Of Mmiywfwiggiwm N . ffl 15 QW arnauon Esn MILK and :ce CREAM QAX 52 M QQW' W Q 9jEWffW5 UW? Graqkfolzs, M0.SCOlV'S PIONEER CLOTHIER Box 590 BIOSCOW, IDAHO Mike Ma The Finest M and Women's Cl fh g 2115 hM TU21414 W 'hi 7,QQ 4 N 'P 11,6106 7 J ffxagh- , ' , fglfy Y 0, iii yi :VDO !?g??kgQ?0z,4fLc527 1641? fog? I fi Cm! If cfffeawfzyf W rj 5 My 117050. A1wZ fcc5f Q, pry! QQPQQI 5 ixQEAZKZQip 5 Jp QQi?Mi?Z?7 WMV? SIGN HERE, COURTESY OF THE FOLLOWING FIRMS: I Berg's Young Fashions CIarence's Barber Shop p ci , -N Idaho Radio and tv A CX IX .Io.,. Nobby Inn Cafe Up Q A V1 XI, IX I Queen City Printing Company ix X NI ggi Schumacker's .lewelry NISI Spence Electric X SX Q 'I . V' IN -. U' 't Ph 'I 1' W niversry armacy gag wwf rrc X Mx I 'Io Ward Paint and Hardware , E E A Q QI I ISU FP IWW sig Rnnmi xg I I as 3 5 RS I isessa f oust it iii tjjfw 'Egg 'WMM ,Vi My ttw suov M i ifgo jpg qw H, M L T555 Wi if t if Wow Oo A Hutchison Studios the studio with o notional reputation F P Q. f""' Riff 1 .E UW' gf- 4 ... . -'mes f' . H 'ELI -as ,...a:-f, 'aff' wr? ,5 us' x -f if ' 2' j ' , -f M... Q.. - . '. 425 Y"'4"'f-5- 4"'f-." 'f GQ E Q f.a ,N .. H ig n , fr wifi, Aff -431 -S Q' A ff 'wwf' if ' Q , .ga I b '-,, .P B 4 , fm: in ix .4 -, , - A K f, , :umm f Q Q -.. n m' 'Sh I-A J 1 .T v ,Y , iv . N ,ui -- x M ., 3-A 5 ' "'Wx ff Y r . ' I A . 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Q 'vi ,.,, ,wjx "H Q f 4,4 147' , M, e . ,mf 'Qs 8 A Abbott, David 62,84 Abbott, Dwayne 45,84,93,10O Adams, Carol 50,81 Alberts Alberts ,Doris 56,80,82,83,86 ,Paul 50,76,78,85,88,130 Albert, Troy 24 Allen, Terri Lee 56 Alsager, Mary Margaret 50,72,74,76,91 Amos, Kevin 62 Anderson, Bernita 21,56,98,99 Anderson, Debbie 62,70,92,113,116,147 Anderson, Don 24,88,89,128 Anderson, John 62,82 Anderson, Kathryn 56 Anderson, Kenneth 62 Anderson Kristine 56,86 Anderson, Dale 56,133,134,148 Anderson, Sue 50,76,84,86,91,92,93 Armstrong, Gloria 62,80,82 Armstrong, Harriet 56 Armstrong, Ronda 24 Aschenbrenner, Howard 50,855,131 Aube, Ruszelen 24 B Baker, Doug 56,143 Baker, Sharon Kay 56,72,98,99 Borackman, Barbara 56,82 Barackman, Nancy 62,86,147 Barbour, John 25 Barker, Earl 62,80,82,100 Barner, Tony 50,88,126,129,131 Barnes, Cindy 62,83,84,99 Barr, Karen 56,113 Barr, Michael 25,48,78,100 Barrus, Marilyn 56 Barrus, Muriel 5O,76,84,91 Bateman, Terry 50 Bauer, Richard 50,76,83,84,85,98,99, 167 Bough, Connie 56 Baysinger, Chuck 50,133, 135 Baysinger, Rick 25,80 Beck, Mark 56 Becker, Michele 25,49,90,91 Behling, Hollis 62,92,147 Benson, Diane 19,26,4s,4Q,9o,91 Berg, Candy 50,91 Berg, Gary 26,29,49,88,89,129 Berger, Fred 62 Berger, Trudy 26,30,114,117 Bergman, Linda 62,147 Bergman, Swen 50 Berrigan, Nancy 50,76,91 Berry Chuck 50 Bieker, Marvin 50,142 Biggam, Russell 56,80 Billingsley, William 56 A Bingman, Cathy 8,26,49,74,9O,95,112, 123 Bingman, Connie 62,71 Bingham, Tom 56,92,148 Birchmier, Jane 21 ,26,35,48,49,70,9O, 95,116,117,120 Bishop, Kris 56 Black, John 50,97,109,165 Blocker, Frances 51 Borning, Alan 51,78,93,99,1O0 Bowers, Norman 51 Boyd, Charles 62,82,112 Boyd, Janice 26,121 Boyd, Marilyn 26,70,71,9O,121 Brandt, Nancy 26,49,70,74,76 Brandt, Steve 57 Broenneke, Leonard 57,145 Broenneke, Robert 51 ,133,134,142 Brood, Neil 62,78,82 Brood, Ruth 51 ,86,87,91 Brousen, Benny 62,149 Brown, Cathy 57,86,92,99 Brown, David 57,133,135 Buchanan, Diane 57,86 Buckingham, Bert 27,84,88,89,128 Burkhartsmeier, Louise 8,27,49,7618O, a2,Qo,91,92,95,122,157 Burlison, John 62,100 Burlison, Steve 62 Burnam, Chuck 57 Bussanich, Gilbert 63,149 Butler, David 63,82 Butterfield, George 27,49,88,89,134 Butterfield, Wayne 51,81 ,84,133,148 Byers, Becky 63 Byers, Sharon 63,92,147 C Coldwell, Claire 63,98,99 Cammeron, Jerry 51 Canode, Jim 57,155 Carey, Candee 51,74,81,82,83,91,92, 93,115 Carlson, John 63 Carnahan, Cheryl 57,72 Cash, Becky 51,76,9O,99,146 Cash, Tim 27,88,89,129 Cass, Theodore Vincent 27,49,77,81 ,82 Cass, Waunita 57,84,86 Castellaw, Caren 51 ,76,86,91 Chambers, Raleigh 57,75,l48 Chapman, John 63,83 Chesnut, Buddy 57,133,136 G1esnut, David 27,97,152,154 Christensen, Steve 51,76,78,115 Christian, Ed 63,100 Clanton, Carolyn 51 ,76,91 ,93,98,99, 100,112,155 Clark, Bonnie 51,72 Clark, Dwight 57 Clark, Jim 27,115,120,128 Clark, Radal 63 Cole, Bruce 1,21 ,62,63,149 Cole, Steve 51,88,129,14O,142 Collins, Garry 57 Connelly, Leland 63,82 Cook, Glenda 57 Cook, Mike Cook, Rebecca 63 Copeland, Anthony 85 Copeland, Steve 63 Corey, Sandy 57 Cornell, Sheila 19,27,49,74,76,80,83 Cosner, Lola 19,28,49,90,91 Cotterell, Gordon 63,811,118 Cotterall, Sam 63,118,149 Cowin, Shirley 63,84,99 Cox, Anna 63,82,86,147,156 Cox, Christine 19,24,28,48,49,71,76, 90,94,98,108,156 Crader, Mike 63 Craine, Karl 63 Crooks, Gary 28,49 Crooks, Wayne 63 Crossler, Charles 63,82 Crossin, Patricia 63 Crowley, Mary Kay 51 ,72,76,91,94,99 Cummings, Gary 28,84 Cunnington, Deborah 63,81 Curtis, Gary 57 Cyr, Bruce 63,149 Cyr, Linda 51,86,99 D Dahl, Beverly 63,98,99 Dahl, Roy 57,77 Dahl, Patty 28,79 Dahmen, Mary Ann 57,86 Dalberg, Glen 57 Darby, Sandie 57 Davey, Doug 1,8,21,24,28,31,88,89,92 95,97,114,119,122,139,141,145,154 Davidson, Mike 57,132 Davidson, Steven 63,92 Davis, Joyce 57,86 Davis, Steve 57,133,l36,145 Deesten, Marlene 63 Decker, Susan 5,76,91 Delles, Mike 57,145 Del Valle, Carlos 63,82 Del Valle, Fernando 51,88,12O Deobald, Barbara 57 DePree, Barbara 19,28,72,84,9O Deveraux, Dave 51,76,78 DeWitt, Dirck 57 DeWitt, Van 28,48 Dixon, Jeff 63 Doherty, Greg 51,133,136 Doherty, Vince 51 Doty, Darlene 63,107,147 Douglas, Kathy 64,711,147 Downs, Bill 52 Dreisbach, Brian 64,92 Dressen, Kurt 64 Drew, Make 29,4977 Drew, Mike 57 Driscoll, John 21,56,58,133,134 1 Dumas '29,70,72,9O,112,121,146 D mas, Mike 58,80,133,134,145 Duncan, Jane 29 Durban, Carol 52 Duthie, Jerre 58,236,107 Dye, Claude 58,133,135 Dye, Connie 52 E Eastman, Chris 58,86,98 Eikelberger, Duane 64,118 Eikelberger, Wayne 64,118 Eisinger, Christy 58,72 Eller, Linda 29,79 Elliot, Mike Ensign, Theresa 64,84,86,113 Erdal, Ove 52 Erickson, Janel 64,79,83 I ,,-,,..- Eveland, Marvin 52 Eveland, Murl 52 Everett, Larry 52 Everson, Ann 58 F Fahrenwald, Monty 64,92 Fairchild, Shannon 52,80,82,83,91 Farber, Mike 64 Felton, Cherre 29,90,91,117 Fenwick, Doug 58,148 Fife, Scott 52,88,96,97 Finley, Carole 19,29,37,48,49,70,76, 88,90,98,107 Finley, John 52,97 Finley, Kay 64,82,147 Fleissner, Gail 64,79,86,147 Fleissner, Kay 29,90 Fosberg, Stephanie 64,82,86,98,147 Foster, Jack 30 Foster, Kathy 64 Foster, Ken 58 Franklin, Joyce 52,76,84,91 Franklin, Mike 30,147 Frye, Nancy 64,82,86,98,99,147 Frye, Rob 30,49,92,118,137 Frye, Ron 8,30,49,118,122 Fuhrman, Peggy 64 Fuhrman, Reta 58,79 Fuhrman, Richard 45 Furniss, Carolyn 52,99 Furniss, Richard 30,48,78,92,98,99,137 Fye, Anne 52,91 Fye, Myrle 58,84 G Gagon, Patrick 58,92 Gale, Cope 52,115 Garrett, Tom 52 Gayman, Ron 58,131,144 George, Melvin 64 George, Willard 30 Germer, George 58,119,133,135,148 Germer, Larry 3O,49,121,128 Germer, Susan 58,72,73,86,99 Gibbs, Linda 52,72,74,76,91 ,911 Gibson, Rick 52,84 Giles, Carolyn 30,90 Gillespie, Fay Gilliam, Kay 31,52,84 Gilliam, Linda 31,49,90,91 Gilmore, Fred 52 Gilstrap, Elaine 64 Gilstrap, George 64 Gleason, Anita 64,86, 147 Gleason, Joe 31,93,97,109 Gleason, Sheryl 58 Goetz, Chuck 64,77 Goetz, Dan 31 Goetz, Dave 58,133,136,144 Goetz, Mike 58,133,134 Goodnough, Margaret 52,72,86,91 Gordon, Frank 64 Gormsen, Diana 52,76,8O,91,99 Gregg, Lorie 58 Grendahl, Richard 64 Gross, Eugene 52,77 Gross, Ray 58 Guilfoy, Gene 64,92 Gunther, Karen 58,80,86 Gunther, Teresa 31 Guske, Susan 52,72,76,86,91,99 Gustavson, Linda 52,72,73 Gustavson, Mary 64,86,113 Gustavson, Shirley 58,72,73 Guthrie, Barbara 58,72 Guzman, Lupe 31,76,11O,111 H Haarr, Martin 64,149 Hall, Curtis 31 Hall, James 64,82 Hail, Jess 64,92,137 Hall, John 64 Hall, Rod 31,49,76,121 Hammond, Larry 32,49,88,89,97,98,129, 159 Hammond, Steve 52,97,133,135,148 Hann, Mary Liz 8,31,32,47,49,71,76,90, 92,95,98,108,117,123 Hann, Virginia 58,98,153 Hansen, Susan 64,98,99,147 Hansen, Tim 32 Harbin, Susan 52,76,81,91,93 Hard, Ken 52 Harms, Bob 52 Harms, Gary 65,148 Harris, Carl 24,32,97,108 Harrison, Judi 65,82,147 Harrison, Marty 8,19,32,48,49,76,9O, 91,95,112,l14,123 Hartstein, Lynn 58 Hartung, John 58,81,83 Hassler, Beth 65 Hassler, Kathy 32,49,90 Haupt, Don 32,47 Haupt, Kirk 65,122,137 Hawley, Lee 52,77 Hawley, Mark 65,77 Hayashi, Hiroko 52,76,86,91,94,99 Headrick, Larry 65,77 Headrick, Linda 58,79 Heick, Merry 21 ,62,65,71 ,80,86,147 Heick, Steve 32,49,92 Heidland, Tim 52 Hellman, Randy 2O,21,26,33,49,88,89, 96,97,98,108,140,145,149 Helbling, Janice 52,72,74,75,76,91 Hemstrom, Melanie 59,93,99 Hendershott, Ray 52 Hendershott, Ruth 65 Hendrix, Bessie 59,86 Hendrix, Tommy 65,149 Henry, Mary lu 65,82,98 Herrmann, Anita 59,80,86,91 Hill, Brock 52 Hill, Mike 59 Hirschi, Claire 52,84,86,91,92 Hites, Jean 33,76,90,91,121 Hodgson, Priscilla 33,49,80,82,9O,91 Hites, Harley 65 Hoech, Janet 65,82 Hoech, Sheila 52,76,81 Hoffman, Alan 65,77 Hofmann, Barbara 59,72 Hoffman, Sharon 52,74 Holbrook, Rosanne 33 Holderness, Janet 52,76,84,91 Hollenbeck, Jan 33 Hoskins, Steve 65 Houston, Kelly 52 Howell, Melody 59 Hoy, Sheila 65 Hughes, Barry 59,80 Hull, Chuck 52 Hungerford, Janet 19,33,76,90,95,113, 120 Hutchins, Wally 33,104,120 Hutchinson, Bob 52,85,133,136,145 Iverson, Chuck 52,77 Jacksha J Jacksha, ,Jerry 33,76,8a,89,97,Qs,14o,141 James 65,149 Jackson, Laurie 59,99 Jackson, Linda 52,76,91,99 Jasper, Bill 65,77,149 Jasper, Sharon 52,76,91 Jenks, Ralph 52,137 Jensen, Allan 34,49,77 Jensen, Leon 59,80 Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson 91,95,l Dave 34,49 Karl 65,149 Paul 65 Richard 59,80,82 Susan 8,34,49,70,76,86,9O, 107,123,159 . Jones, Karen 52 Jones, Kim 34,90 Jones, Margaret 34 Jones, Ron 52 Jones, Trish 65,147 Jordan, Kenneth 8,34,49,93,98,100, 109,122 Jorgens, Jeanette 59 K Kammeyer, Lenny 65,82,149 Kasper, Roger 35 Kawula, Kathryn 8,28,35,48,76,93,98, 109,117,122 Kellogg, Chris 35 Kern, Cynthia 52,76,91,97,153 Kern, Steve 35,92 Kiblen, Charles 53,133,136 Kimberling, Billy 59,133,136 Kimberling, Tom 65 Kindschy, Marigail 65,71,147 King, Dean King, Wesley 59 Kinzer, Wayne 53 Kirkland, Kim 65,149 Kirkwood, Aleta 35,81 ,99 Kios, Arthur 53,92,133,135 Knapp, Anna 36,90 Koefod, John 65 Koefod, Roger 36,117,142 Kossman, Steve 53,99,144 Kottke, Edward 36 Krasselt, Charles 59,148 Krasselt, Nancy 36,49 Krauss, Wayne 53,82 L Labine, Lance 59,88,144 Labine, Suzanne 53,76,91,92 Ladwig, Bruce 59 Lamb, Terry Lander, Berte 45 Langley, Sharon 20,21 ,36,48,49,76,86, 90,94,98,108,113,117 Lanman, Dan 53,85,97,144 Lanphear, Bruce 36,48,49,80,82,88,89, 108 Larson, Julene 59,80,86 Larsen, Wilma 59 Law, Gordon 59,92,133,135 Lazelle, Mike 53 Lazelle, Ron 65 Leaphart, Chuck 53 Leaphart, Jim 65,145 Letors, Gary 65,149 LeTourneau, Bruce 53,92,97,99,136 LeTourneau, Diane 65,74,86,99 Lew, Gary 53 Lew, Sheryl 59 Lighttield, Kirk 36 Likens, Linda 59 Lind, Rick 36,49,81,85,88,89 Lindsay, Dianne 56,59,80,86,92,99 Lindsay, Roger 37,77,148 Loney, Jim 53,145 Long, Cindy 59 Long, Steve 34,37,49,88,89,l 30,152 Lovel, Shirley 59,79 Lowe, Dick 52,88,130 Lowry, Charlotte 53,76,79,84,91 Lundquist, John 59,80 Lundquist, Kenneth 37 Lundquist, Nancy 65 Luvaas, Denny 21 ,24,37,49,76,85,88, 89,95,96,97,98,108,121,128,142,156 Lynch, Sheryl 37,92 Lynd Nanci 8,34,37,49,72,76,84,86,90, 92,95,108,113,115,122,165 Lyon, Alan 59,77,l33,136 Lyon, Glenn 53 Lyon, Lynda 62,65,80,147,167 Lyon, Marilyn 65,82,147 M McAllister, Ginny 53,91,92 McArthur, Robert 53,88 McCabe, Mike 59,a4,135,145 McCoy, Steve 65,149 McDonald, Alma 53,72,99 McElroy, Dennis 65,82 McFeron, Diane 60 McGarvey, Mike 60,133,134 McGee, Lonnie 45,49,80 McPherson, Randy 53,88 McProud, Bryce 53,76,80,81,85,88,115, 131 MacPhee, Glen 53,85,97 Mael, Chrissy 60,72 Mallory, Marie 60 Mann, Mary Ruth 60,78,83,93,100 Munn, Mike a,37,4a,49,95,1oa,1o9,120, 123,141,145,16a Marchant, Leola 60 Marshall, Victor 65 Martin, Bonnie 50,53,90,91 Martin, Douglas 53 Martinson, Janice 53 Matney, Connie 53 Matney, Nedra 65 Matson, Ken 60,148 Matson, Steve , 3AQi+U:m117lTTQZQ3Qf49,a5,a9,12 Matburry, Barbara 38,49,76 86 '7vl81LL3l3liYlJ?55er , aynard, Marion 38,76,90 Meadows, Rick 60,81,133,134 Means, Duane 38,49,121 Meneely, Duane 53 Mercer, Patricia 65,147 Mickey, Mary Beth 65,82 Mikula, Shelly 60,72 Miller, Bob 57,60,88,133,136,143 Miller, Linette 60,72,74,8O,86 Miller, Sam 38 Mills, Dennis 65,99 Million, Rick 60 Moffett, Ted 65 Montoure, Sharon 53,72,79 Moon, Sandy 19,38,48,90,91,98 Moore, Clair 8,38,49,76,88,95,96,97, 98,113,123 Moore, Allen 60,77,148 Moore, James 60,145 Moore, Lloyd 38,49,148 Moore, Randall 65 Moore, Rodna 38,99 Moore, Thomas 60,77,148 Morford, Carol 39,85 Morgan, David 60,84,133,136,145 Morgan, Kay l9,39,49,70,76,90,91,98 Morrison, Gene 20,21,35,39,46,48,85, 88,89,94,97,108,109,114,141 Mortensen, Brian 60,133,135 Mortensen, Jane 65 Mortimore, Bill 60,132 Morton, Diana 53,72,90,91,99 Mumm, David 60,148 Mundell, Geri Lee 65 Murphy, Patricia 60,86,92,99,16O Musseau, Morris 53,88,89,131,153 Musseau, Steve 65,137 Musseau, Terry 39,76,84,90,91 Myklebust, Bob 65,92 Myklebust, Rick 60,133,135,145 Myklebust, Ron 65,82 Myklebust, Randy 53,80,85,92,97 N Naylor, Nick 53 Neal, Bob 60 Nearing, Joyce 65,82,86,147 Nearing, Karen 53,86,87,91 Neely, Kathy 53,91,112 Nelson, Gayla 65,71 ,98 Nelson, Mary Lynne 53,121 Newsome, Kirk 53,133,134,142 Nichols, Susan 39,76 Normington, Marvin 60,132,148 Nygaard, Corinne 65 O Ogle, Nick 65,77 Ogle, Sandy 53,78,79,81,82,93,98,100 Olesen, Lorrayne 65,74,147 Olesen, Wayne 39,88,89,128,129 Olson, Joe 53,81 Olson, Linda 53,70,76,78,80,81,82,86, 93,98,111 Olson, Nancy 66,82,98,111 Olson, Ron 66 Ostyn, Ken 66 Owens, Deborah 60 Owens, Del 53,133,134 P Painter, Roger 66 Parberry, Gary 39,88,89,127,152 Parish, Susan 66,99,10O Parkins, Terry 53 Partridge, Buzz 66 Partridge, Mickie 53 Parkard, Gail 60,74 Patterson, Randy 53 Paul, Charlotte 66 Paul, Evelyn 39,49 Paulson, Malveena 40,80 Paulson, Wesley 60 Pavel, Helen 40,49,72,73,81,82,90 Peck, Janet 66,82,86,147 Peck, John 50,53,76,8O,82,83,85,96,97 Pedersen, Valerie 66,82,147 Peebles, Kathy 60,72,80,82 Pelton, Jerry 60 Peterson, Barbara 66,99 Peterson, Christine 53,72 Petersen, Ray 60,145 Petrie, Kit 66,147 Pierce, Rick 36,40,88,89,126,127,152 Pierce, Robert 40 Pierce, Sandy 53,86 Pierson, Edward J. 40,49 Pitkin, Gannett 53,88,131 Pope, Alice 53,76,88,91,94,99 Pope, Gary 66 Pope, Lloyd 54,133,135 Posey, Danny 66 Posey, Henry 40 Potter, John 8,28,40,48,49,78,93,94, 95,98,1oo,1o9,12o,123 Potter, Judy 60,78 Prater, Danny 54 Proctor, Penny 54,94 Purnell, Carol 54 Putman, Helen 40,49,84,90,91 R Rainer, Kristy 60,72,74,79,86 Raleigh, Kathleen 66 Randall, Nancy 66,82,86,98 Rathbun, Arnold 66,149 Raunio, Anne 60,72,78,93,99,100 Reed, Jett 66,149 Reed, Steve 54,82,92,97,99 Reiber, Terry 54 Reisenauer, Lynn 66 Reisenauer, Robert 54,77,148 Reynolds, Steve 66 Rice, Patricia 54,84 Rich, Darrel 60 Riersgard, Linda 60,99 Riersgard, Phil 53,78,94,99 Ringer, Sharon 41,74,75,81,82,90 Roberts, Kris 60 Robertson, Bruce 66,92,149 Robinson, Chris 33,41,82,84,85 Robinson, George 54,77,130 Robinson, Jim 60 Robinson, Suzanne 59,60,72,86,99 Robinson, Ken 66 Rode, Richard Glenn 61,80 Rode, Valerie 41,48,72,76,90,91 Rodriguez, Barbara 41 Rogers, Kenneth 61,77,80 Rogers, Lelabelle 41,79 Rolland, Richard 54,81 ,82,92,l33,1 35 Romans, Dale 66 Ross, Bill 61,144 Ross, Bob 41,48,49,76,85,88,89,97,108, 14o,142,154,139 Russell, Arthur 45,49 4 Russell, Della 54 Rydholm, John 66,82 S Salisbu , argaret66' Salisb ry, Mary B - ,19,41,49,76,93, 95, Salisbury, ancy 61,81 Samuelson, Christine 54,72,79,91,99 Scharback, Judy 54,76,91 Schierman, Michael 61,112,133,135 Schneider, Jackie 41,80 Schoeffler, Cecelia 67 Schoeffler, Charles 61 ,8O,82 Schoefflin, Dale 54 Schultz, Deanna 67 Schultz, Linda 54 Schultz, Lynn 42,48,72,76,90 Scott, Carolyn 54,76,91 secie, sieve 54,ao,82,9a,1oo,137 Seaman, Hallie 54,77,8O,82,93,94,100 Sever, Carol 61 Sharp, Peggy 54,84,91 Shawley, Gary 42 Shelton, Annette 61 ,98,99,155 Shepard, Ralph 55,144 Shepard, Robert 55,80,82,83 Shepard, Thomas 67,82 Shire, Susan 61 ,72,s6,91,99,147 Short, Barbara 61,86 Short, Howard 67,82 Silha, Elaine 67,98 Silha, Marlene 42,48,49,90,94,95,98,120 Sims, Robert 55 Sinclair, Nola 61 ,72,86,99 Sinclair, Robert 55,148 Skramstad, Arvin 42 Skramstad, Vernice 61 Slade, Jim 42,88,89 Slade, Roger 55 Slutz, Stan 42,92 Smith, Alan 42,49 Smith, Cindy 42,84 Smith, Harold 55 Smith, Judy 61,120,147 Smith, Kathy 55,76,91,112 Smith, Lurayne 55,91,99 Snider, Linda 67,82 Snodgrass, Marilynn 55,81,83 Snow, Michael 43,49,77,148 Sparkman, Kenneth 43,88,89,129,141 Sparkman, Mike 67, 149 Standley, Lynn 19,43,48,49,7O,76,84, '- 90,92,94,108,155 Kqrl, ,,-,,-----"P S6115N1akEiT5f26,43,4a,71 ,76,9o, 118,146 SlOI'l4,N1Gl'Ql9 43,76,90,112,117,118, 121,146 Steffen, David 43 Steffen, Richard 61 Stellman, Susan 61,79,86 Stellman, Kerry 67,82,147 Stephens, Kathy 61 ,72,78,8O,98,99 Stevens, Cliff 67 Stokes, Linda 61,80 Storer, Mary 43 Storer, Milo 54 Stratton, Bruce 21 ,50,55,85,99,109 Stratton, Jane 61 ,86,99 Strobel, Carolyn 19,33,43,49,80,106, 108,117,120,157 Strobel, Mary Lee 55,80,91,92,98,107 153 Stube, John 67,149,155 Sumner, Linda 61 Sun, Ben 61 Swanson, Bruce 67 Swanson, Greg 55 Swenson, Dahrl 61 Swenson, Steve 67 T Tanner, Kerry 55 Tate, Karen 55,72,112 Tate, Nancy 61,86 Taylor, Pat Tenney, Melissa 44,72,90 Thomas, David 67,118 Thomas, Dennis 67,118,149 Thomas, John 55,88,131,143 Thompson, Carol 61 Thompson, Gary 61,119,148 Thompson, Nancy 55,72 Thompson, Patty 55,76,9O,98,l46 Thornton, Rod 67 Tobiska, Darla 55,99 Todd, Douglas 55,81,133,136,144 Tolsan, Billy 67,82,149 Tonn, Darlene 55,91 ,93 Trautma n, Larry 44,88,89,97,98,108,141 Turk, John 61 Tyrrell, Carl 44,B2,83 U Uravitch, Dale 44 Uravitch, Terry 61 V Vent, Glenn 55,100 Virgil, Bill 55,133,136 Vogt, Janet 67,147 W Wagner, Brent 55,76,84 Waldron, Richard 45 Walker, Joe 30,44,49,118 Walker, John 32,44,49,88,89,95,108, 118,120,128 Wallace, Janet 55 Wallace, Roberta 55,91,99 Wallen, Burrell 67,82,148 Wallen, Darrell 55,77,133,134,148 Wallin, Paul 61 Walter, Sheila 61 ,93,98 Ward, Carla 61 Warner, Leonard 55 Washburn, Jerry 62,67,81,82,148 Watts, Sharon 44 Weber, Kathy 67,99 Weber, Margaret 55,76,93,1 12 Webster, Diane 55,90 Weeks, Dwayne 61,145 Welch, Sandy 55 Weldon, Linda 55 Welfare, Scott55,88,13O,14O,141,142 Wendt, Make 44,88,89,98,109,131,148 Wendt, Vicki 67,86 Wernecke, Cheryl 67,86,147 Wernecke, Donna 55,91 Wernecke, Jerry 45 Wernecke, Teresa 67,86,147 West, Lois 67 Westberg, Carl 67 Westberg, Joanne 55,70,86,91,99,109 Westberg, Judy 8,27,45,48,49,70,80,82, 90,91 ,94,95,106,108,109,1 17,1 22,154 Westberg, Mary 45,99 Westergreen, Jay 67,82 Whisner, Jacque 19,45,74,90 White, Harvard 67 White, Pam 61,72,B4,91,92,115,147 Widman, Arlin 55,84,131 Wilde, Nancy 67,147 Williams, Becki 67,82,86,98,99 Williams, Denise 67,98 Williams, George 67,149 Williams, James 55,76,88,99,133,l36 Williams, Julianne 21 ,5O,55,70,86,87, 91 ,94,98,109 Williams, Sharon 45,48,72,90,94,98, 154 Williams, Susan 55,86,91 Wilson, Ann 67,74,98 Wischmeier, Carolyn 55,91 Wise, Alan 45,48,49,76,94,97,142 Wolf, Mary Kay 19,45,49,74,76,9O,lO9, 120 Wycoff, Wanda 55 Y Yockey, Joe 67,77,137 Youmans, Becky 67,86,147 Z Zaat, Shari 61,79 Zabel, Russell 61 Zimet, John 45,49,97 Zimet, Stan 61,92 Zimmer, Kathy 67,79 Zimmerman, Eileen 67 Zimmerman, Jean 67 Quin, lm Q live Xgjlelilglis il Kwwl UXB-xlx'-2 'm,M-WWW QW XWllQ The 1966 Beor Trocks Staff Wishes To Acknowledge The Following logo s Q ,s ,bf Q 5,9 Q55 ,J ig? Ulglgfoy - Dodson's 3 gbsfo ' T d C i U ,, 4 e own gy Egg Kyle Laughlin U' I - MSH Administration iii 5 dy QT All ad elf? N Ml, lyyllfglk KW? ww gf 5 1 966 BEAR TRACKS SUPPLEMENT .hu -3 5,-,. ga., , .. , 4 4v.fa,4gs4fqV5 -' v V, A V 14+ f':F?fff'? E T4 Wai K if Y wh M. f 1 r L Y 'if .if ' A ,t"i.21VF',.xg ,L ' 5-hiqglw, K 1 'F' Q i Queen Carole ond Prtncesses B escorts to the Royalty Waltz. Seniors Go "Downtown" 3' is 1' 1 . Ke wt 1 Mn ev ond Moreno dome with then Cow Wes dooce me mom ovvoy 'o 'he rock om: D o roNbeo1ofThe Alpacas. Smwmg hoppwy o sorpruseo queen x5 crowned. Q? ea Q f Prmce Moms Mosseoo www Prmcess Mory Lee Strobe! JUNICJR PROM I 966 "A Touch Of Spring" X X Prmcess Chorbrre Lowry vvnrh Prmfe John Block Kmg John Ped. ond Queen Loroyme Smnh RGYALTY Receiving music avvards are Dick Bauer, Best AllfAround Musician, Brent Wagner, Most Inspirational Choralaires Member, Bryce McProud, Most Inspirational Band Member? ond Chris Robinson, Best Band Member and Best Choralaires Member. Students Win Awards Diana Benson and Mike Wendt received scholarships from the' University at Idaho. , v ,ii H Q L -31: I i 3 ' 1- '35 Y 'll if 'f 7 fafp!'.il" A if ' B V -' 'N g i I .gi B ii 21 'i -'- an " '71 93 Q, B I , ft f B H-f 4 nz f Q i 5 , xg r l xr' I i, 1 - .4 . y T riii Q ? , i , 5 5 Receiving athletic scholarships to the University ot Idaho are Bob Ross in basketball and Dan Kirkland in swim- ming. 4 Recipients of Navy and Army scholarships are Doug Davey and Gene Morrison. And Scholarships Dlsplaying the watch he vvon when he receuved the FFA Star Chapter avvard lS Allen Jensen. 's. Hallie Seaman and John Potter receuved four-year scholarshlps tram Reed Col- lege and Columbia Universlty respec- tnvely. Wtnners of the Elks Most Valuable Student contest are John Potterand Dlana Benson, Mr. Irresistible, Mike Sparkrnan, and Miss Mush Mouth, Cindy Kern, were announced at intermission at the Dog Patch Drag. Music was by the Old Crows. Twirp Week Marry 'n Sarn, Nanci Lynol, pertorms on Hunlavytul marriage' with the help of Susie Johnson. 4,J,g The boys demonstrate their pulling ability during the Tug o' War held during the noon hour. The iunior class was the declared winner. GMS show OH Wen new sprung omfns or The Covon Dey assembly K -f A 1 E .K :AR ' I f Ls 539 V766 Cotton Queens me Ruth Hendershon freshman SheINy MNPUXG sophomore Lwndo Olson yunxory and Eve-Nyn PGM, senuor, Cotton And Lollipop Day 3 Jonue Bwrcnnmer Gwns League presrdenf, speaks or The Cowon Day ossenwbw W' ry Us 4 ' 'Ag as Y I X F Senwors enyoy Tne Wowpops gwen Lowpop Doy 7 to fnern by Thexr Mine swsters on N SENICDRS END Reverend Larry Merk, Assembly of God Church, addresses the senior class at Baccalaureate Sun- day, May 29. The senior class, dressed in all red caps and gowns, leaves the athletic pavilion Sunday after Baccalaureate The seniors enioy Arrovv Point on Couer d4Alene Lake where they vvent for their sneak shortly before school was out. June 1 the sensors enter for Commencement. Compton Whtte was the speaker. tmrneduotely otter groduotton vvos the Atlfhltght Forty held ot the Etks. Besides eottng ond ptoyung o vortety of gomes, the sentors donced ond went to Cl movne, Eoch yeor groduotton ushers ond usherettes ore selected by thetr clossrnotes. They ore tn the front rovv Bonnte Morttn ond John Peck, second row' Luroyne Smnth, Juhonne Wut- itoms, Potty Thompson, Mory Morgoret At- soger, Mory Lee Strobel, Condee Corey, JoAnne Westberg, Altce Pope ond Ctndy Kern, thtrd row: Roger Slode, Duck Bower, Bruce Stratton, Bruce LoTourneczu, Don Lonrnczn, Scott Welfore, Steve Cote, Steve Chnstenson ond Phat Rtersgord, The motn 'ob ot the ushers ond usherettes ts to decorote Here Jultonne Wttltoms Don Lonmon, Phat Ruersgord ond Jtm Loney ore cieonrng op, Track L . A. I 'Q ser. Q l l Trackmen pictured are Front Row, left to right: Randy Myklebust, Howard White, Mike Wendt, Paul Alberts, Steve Hammond, Mike Schierman, Rick Myklebust, Brian Mortensen. second row: Larry Hammond, Kirk Haupt, John Peck, Dennis Mills, Kevin Amos, Wesley Paulson, Bruce Lanphear, Ted Moffett, Lloyd Pope, Doug Baker, Larry Trautman, Mike Dumas, Rick Furniss, Charles Leaphart, Paul Johnson, Glen Macphee, Gordon Lavv, Fernie DelValle, Darrell Wallen, Mike McCabe, Bob McArthur, Ralph Jenks. Not pictured are Clair Moore, Gary Berg, Mike Mann, Jim Clark, Don Anderson, Bill Kimberling, J.O. Williams, Marvin Normington, Steve Masseau. CO-CAPTAINS . . " 4 -A Clair Moore IO Larry Hammond Winners In Action Mde reloyers Brion, Homms, Clair ond Mocvvnn ogoun. Gory Berg Throws the shor put for 0 school record. Morris Musseou with every muscle straining heoves the shot put. Sieve Hammond socnrs over the pole vouli pole. Jim Clark hurls the discus. Bob McArthur wins the 440 open. Glen McicPhee finishes the medley reloy 12 Track Staters Cindermen pictured from left to right are Charles Leaphart, Gary Berg, Clair Moore, Bob McArthur, Larry Hammond, Mike Wendt and Gordon Law. Not pictured are Rick Furniss, Glen MacPhee, Paul Alberts and Doug Baker. ...... cuz M.1m.:ff. nun ig, lfqn -he A s AC "The MSHS track team finished the season with one of the best records in years," according to Coach Charles Sutton. Under the coaching of Sutton and Stan Karr in the sprints, Coach Paul l-lenden in the distance, and Coach Richard Naccarato in the field events, the team soared to new heights. The Bears won the Regional Track Meet at Moscow and qualified ll tracksters forthe State meet at Boise. At State the Bears took a first in the 880 open due to the efforts of Clair Moore, placed second in the shot thrown by Gary Berg, fourth inthe mile relay, and fifth in the medley relay. Out of 34 competing teams, Moscow finished ninth at State, defeating all other Northern Idaho teams. 13 Hui . ills State 880 Champion Clair Moore is congratulated by Coach Sutton. .Tl s w Moscow bosebdllers ore left to right Rolph hepord Rick Pierce, Ken Sporkmon, Scott File, Dove Goetz, Pondy l-leilmon Bob Miller Gene Morrison Jerry Jocksho, Steve Cole, Mike Motloon, Jim Conode, Dove MSHS Baseball A slight chonge wos mode in the boseboll progrom ot MSHS this yeor. The seoson didnt stort Until Moy l ond vyos combined with the summer progrom sponsored by the recreotion depottment. Reosons tor the chonge were wet spring vveother, the pooling of money tor both progrorns for better equipment ond the corry oyet' ol ploiyers for the summer progrom, One disodyontoge cropped up. All ol the other teorhs in the oteo hod olreody ployed o nurnber of gomes betore they met the unseo- soned Beors. This lock of proctice coused the Moscow bosebollers to lose oll games. 1 "Url li .3343 3 6 , L we 1 Randy Hewlrnon and Rwck Pierce snow rnerr prowess with the bot. Gonnetf Pwtknn, Jerry Jockshcm, Mike Mottoon ond Lance Lobene strolN off The fneld ofter o nord-played game 1'f1'1m F111 ,X 3 5 J: fs , , W, s .... ll 'A ve w I5 Golf Team Makes Its Mark Team captain and most outstanding golfer forthe 1966 season is senior Ken Jordan, The guiding hand onthe reins which led the bears to a most successful golf season belonged to coach Greg Hordernann, shown here giving pointers to If? man, sophomore PatGagon. 4 -Qufl 5 A ','- - xr l O 3 5 S ' L . fwyzi. ng , ,,.s , as Golf team members are front row, left to right: Jess Hall, Kim Kirkland, Martin l-larr, Gene Gilfoy, second row: Dan Kirkland, Ken Jordan, Dale Uravich and Mike Barr. l6 GOLF SEASON AVERAGES Ken Jordan Pat Gagon Ed Christian Kirn Kirkland Dale Uravich Kirk Newsome Dan Kirkland Gary Lefors 78 841 85 85 88 90 91 91 SEASON AT A GLANCE Moscow-Clarkston Clarkston GC Moscow-Clarkston Moscow Elks GC Bi-state League play Inland Empire Chmp Spokane Lewiston-Moscow Moscow Elks GC Idaho State Chmp Boise win lA-A tie 9-9 3rd l2th Win lf!-3 lOth n 1 X xx A x sf X X X ' " x 1 x Y x I If 1 7 f fx f X , , x xx A N a V9 i .X . . n X' X VX '5 1 'X X 'S xx ,X X . X 'XX x A K X. X X A, X X X X NX xx X x J N , K 'X X A N VX f, X - x 1 ' S- X x , X , x 1 X N x , X N. x 'X X

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