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E E5 5 ig 'i ii B: fz 53 5 3 2 3 2 3 Q E Q 5 aaaaal ,oaolioatioa of tho assooiatod stadoats of laosoouf high school IWIUSCUUC idaho I 952-1953 autographs in nut of this Wzfrld O 'N GN PP elseif ff fb N X I lflftff mmf 600011166 "IT must be out of this world," commented a bystander as Mont Boobalee Cpronounced Mont Boobaleej and troop stepped out of their Martian rocket ship on the school grounds. Boobalee and his companions, Beebalee and Bumblebee Tahdah, find Moscow High School the most fascinating part of the new planet and proceed to mimic everything and anything connected with M.H.S., including the faculty. They evidently think that Moscow High School is out of this world. So is the theme of this 1953 Bear Tracks. xbr aar sehaal We aa page 49 ear sparts aa page 71 ear advertisers aa page 97 leak far. . . ear aaraiaistratiaa aa page 5 ear classes ea page I3 ear argaaizatiaas aa page 39 IIIIKU thru Hill' administration V" lim. L. C. Robinson, Superintendent J X Q in - ' I fjys Y . 3 f . Q Xi, ig . X A Qi: i i ' ii -. 'ff' I V ti? Margaret Logan, Agnes Weeks Secretaries Francis Nonlni, Principal Front row, left to right: L. C. Robinson, Allen Janssen, Clay Boyd. Second row: Robert Greene, Merle Stubbs, Floyd Trail, Eugene Giles. These members of the school board keep the school running. pnfgr' six Pauline Whitehead Jeanette Burford English English, Dramatics, Speech Gerald Goecke Chorus Clinton Wiswall Clyde Youmans Agriculture Manual Arts, Mechanical Drawing , I 1' nigh! 4 May belle Gehrke Librarian our student Nancy Buchanan Bruce Brenn Secretary-treasurer President , A Members of the Student Council are, first row, left to righgz Arlen Ke Ann Schultz, Jane Lange. Second row: Bill Burleigh, Cecil l-lelck, Jo Agnes Bergman, Gail Torpey, Anne Carson, Bev Bolingbrokc. T grufcrnm ut Rich Gillespie Vice president " W 1 ck, Rich Gillespie, Bruce Brenn, Nancy Buchanan, Mary hn Laughlin, Wayne Reid, Ron Tisdall, Dee Humphrey, ,A .. , - ,, W, Sl, 4: page eleven l Hill' vlasses - ,wwf Iffirlun page fourteen mizfrs OUR CLASS RING 0 r lwmvr students Wayne Reid Tom Trail Jerry Verner Nancy Buchanan Bruce Brenn Ken Bergman Mariellen Lough Robert Larsen HONORS Bob Yenor Dennis Gray Mary Ann Fowler Charles Canfield Ron Tisdall Shirley Mortensen Judy Hodgins Barbara Hatch Joan Matz Sherry Oleson Ralph Provencal Ray Sawyer Kay Koster Mary Ann Schultz Bill Burleigh President Jo Ann Schumacher Secretary Jerry Verner Vice president Arlen Keck Student Council Representative Mrs. Gustafson Adviser page fiftcun rerrrrl making seniors fell their story WE have come a long way since those first uncertain days when we were frosh. The usual class war has come and gone, the out of town boys and girls have been looked over and now we are ready to graduate. But oh yes, we have come a long way since our eighth grade sneak! Remember those first days of school four years ago when we self-consciously grinned and took our rightful place as frosh? The way everyone would tease, but underneath it all we didn't mind because we were in high school at last? We did get lost for a while and couldn't quite figure out what all the bells were for. A few trips to the office, and it was no longer a mys- tery. Remember the thrill of our senior-frosh dates--gad, they seemed old! Our sophomore year came and we plunged into the dark ages. Everyone has forgotten us , . . we were no longer "dumb froshf' we were no longer anything. But after looking at the frosh and shaking our heads over such a dumb group of people, we decided we were "men about town" after all! Our class was never like that. . . The sun came out again at the start of our third year. We were now upperclassmeh who could look with scorn on all the underlings. Remember those dinners we never did get because we had to rush down to fix hot dogs . . . the '53 Cafe . . . the Junior Prom? Alice in Wonder- land was the theme and remember that huge Cheshire Cat with the tooth paste smile, the tun- nel leading in, and everyone threatening to use flash lights because it was so dark. Commence- ment came and we realized that next year .... And "next year" came, too. The beginning of the end for the class of '53, Now we could smile indulgently at the frosh, and tease them. Senior-frosh dates came and went, and the frosh in answer took us out. We started a tradition with our Masquerade Ball--Mr. and Mrs. Barnes had everyone baffled when they turned out to be the king and queen! Time flew and soon it was time for the juniors to entertain us down in Davey J ones' Locker at the Prom. Our Senior Ball followed closely and it was all topped with our sneak. None of us got very sunburned! And then the end of May loomed up . . . our time had come. We took our place in our caps and gowns and waited not-so-patiently for those diplomas we worked four years for .... page sixteen RALPH ALLEY Meet: Alley. Ambition: To swipe martinis from a crowbar. Says: "Nobody laughed!" Thespians. 2, 3, 4, clerk, 3, president, 4: International Club, 2: Head Commer.cement Usher. 3: Boys' League, 4, vice president. 4: "Meet Mc in St. Louis" production staff, 1: "A Kiss for Cindei- rella" production staff, 2: i'Cheaper by the Dozen" production staff, 3: Band, 1.2.3, secretary-treasurer, 3: Pep Band, 2.3: Music Festival, 1,2,3: Dance Band, 4: Boys' State, 3. BARBARA ALLEMAN Meet: Barb. Ambition: To graduate in '53, Says: "Oh pot!" F.H.A., 1,2.3,4: Rep Club, 4: "Jerry of Jericho Road" cast, 2: Chorus, 2.3: Music Festival, 2.3: Meridian High School. 1. CARROLL ANDERSON Meet: Ace. Ambition: To keep out of the army. Says: "Dad gummitf' Pep Band. 1.2: "Cheaper by the Dozen" production staff. -I: Basketball, 4: Band, l,2.3.4, president, 4: Music Festival, 1,2,3.4. LLEVVELLYN ANDERSON Meet: Louie. Ambition: To go to Alaska. Says' Nothiizg. DELBERT AVERILL Meet: Bunk. Ambition: To graduate. Says: "Whut girl?" Radio Club. 2: Camera Club. 3: Track, 1. KENNETH BERGMAN Meet: Ken. Ambition: To stay single. Says: "Women are the root of all evil." "Cheaper by the Dozen" production staff, 4: Golf, 3. BRUCE BRENN Meet: Daddy. Ambition: To see the whole world. Says: "Gees 0' flip!" American School at Megro, Tokyo, Japan, 1: Club, 2,3.4: King of Football, 3: Y.M.C.A. Youth Legislature. 3: Board of Control, 2: A.S.M.H.S. pres- ident. 4: Commencement Usher, 3: Student Council. 1.4: "Cheaper by the Dozen" production staff, 4: WOCSOMONIAN bus. mgr.. 4: Football, 1.3,4: Bas- ketball. 2.3.4: Baseball, 1: Track. 1.2,3,4: State Bas- ketball Tournament. 3.4: Football co-captain. 4: In- land Empire All Star Football Team, 3: Boys' State. 3. Lieut. Gov. Bail., BURLEIGH eet: Bur. GERALD BENDEL Meet: George. Ambition: To be a meat cutter. Says: "Oh no!" F.F.A., 2.3.4. v'Ambition: To make all those women leave me alone. .?Says: "I don't smoke, drink, or take out girls, but. boy, do I cuss." Thespians, 2.3.4, v-pres., 3: Quill 8a Scroll, 3.4, v-pres. 4: Y.M.C.A. Youth Legis. Lt. Gov., 3: Pacific Coast Press Conf., 4: Jr. class pres., 3: Sr. class pres., 4: Comm. Usher, 3: Student Council. 3.4: "Kiss for Cinderella" cast. 2: Bears' Benefit cast. 2: "Cheaper By the Dozen" staff, 4: BEAR TRACKS make-up editor, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 3.4: Boys State. 3. NANCY BUCHANAN Meet: Witch Hazel. Ambition: To be a chorus girl. Says: "Well, to put it bluntly." G.A.A., 1,2.3: F.H.A., 1,2,3,4, State meeting, 3, treasurer, 3: Pep Club, 3.4, pres., 4: International Club. 2: Y.M.C.A. Youth Legis., Boise, 3: Comm. Usher, 3: Girls League Cabinet, 3: Student Council, 4:A.S.M. H.S. sec.-treas., 4: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast, 1: "Meet Me in St. Louis" staff. 1: "Cheaper By the Dozen" staff, 4: Chorus, 1: Music Festival, 1: Girls' State, 3. page seventeen CHARLES CANFIELD Meet: Swivel Hips. Ambition: To be able to understand women. Says: "Let's outline this and organize." Club. 3,4: Quill and Scroll. 4: International Club, 1.2: Com- mencement Usher, 3: BEAR TRACKS. Sports editor. 4: WOCSO- MONIAN, 3,4: Football, l,2.3,4: Basketball, 2.3.42 Chorus, 4: Music Festival, 4: Boys' State, 3, Secretary of State: Pacific Slope Press Conference, 4: State Basketball, 4. ANNE CARSON Meet: Kit. Ambition: Lots of it. Says: "Hi Babe!" F.H.A., l.2,3: International Club, 2: Pep Club, 3.4: Board of Control, 2: Cheerleader, 2,3,4: Student Council. 1.3.4: Head Commencement Usher, 3: Girls' League Cabinet, 2,3,4: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff, 4: Chorus, 1: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast. 1: Music Fes- tiva, . KENNETH CANN Meet: Cundy. Ambition: To throw a "kego" in the library. Says: Too much. PRISCILLA COTTERELL Meet: Tippy. Ambition: To be a nurse. Says: "Oh, crumb." .kv Bonners Ferry High School, 1.2,3: F.H.A., 2.3.41 'We F,B.L.A.,3: Tri D., 3: Girls' League, l,2,3, Forum, l,2,3: Commencement Usher, 3: "Cheaper By the Q Dozen" cast, 4. JACK DeWlTT Meet: Jack. Ambition: To be a farmer. Says: "How's she going?" F.F.A., 1.2: Chorus, 1.2,3,4: Mu- sic Festival. l.2,3,4. JUNIOR DUNN Meet: Noose. Ambition: To get what I want. Says: "Beats me." F.H.A., 4: "Our Miss Brooks" cast, production staff, 3: Chorus, 4: Music Festival, 4. RONALD DUNN Meet: Ron. Ambition: To find a car with wheels that won't fall off. Says: "I don't know." "M" Club, 2.3.4, sec-treas., 4: Int. Club. 2: F.H.A. 3,4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Camera Club, 2: Student Council, 3: Soph. v-pres., 2: Boys' League sec.-treas., 2,3.4: Comm. Usher, 3: Boys' League Cabinet, 2,3.4: Student Council Rep., 3: "Our Miss Brooks" cast, 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen" cast, 4: BEAR TRACKS, 3, Bus. Mgr.. -11 WOCSOMONIAN, 3,4: Football Mgr., 1,2,3,4: Basketball Mgr.. 1.2: Chorus. 4: Boys' State, 3. CAROL FESSENDEN Meet: Fuzz. Ambition: To be a beauty operator. Says: "Tough!" Plummer High School, 1,2.3: Commencement Usher, 3: Chorus, 1.2,3: Music Festival, 2.3. MARY ANN FOWLER Meet: Flower. Ambition: To be a nurse. Says: "I'm sooooo mad!!!" F.H.A., 1.2.3,-1: Pep Band, vice president, 3: secretary, 4: Thespians, 3.4, secretary, 4: Pep Club, 3.4: International Club, 2: Junior Classical League. 4: Regional Declamation Contest, 3: Dis- trict Declamation Contest, 4: "Nine Girls" cast, 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen" cast, 4: "The Waltz Dream" cast, 4: "Dixie Doo Dah," 1: Chorus, 3,4: Junior Tri Trio, 1.2: Girls' Quartet, 3: Senior Ensemble, 4: Band, 1.2,3.4, secretary, 4: Dance Band. 4: Trumpet Trio, 1.2: Music Festival. 1.2,3,4: State Music Festival. 3: All State Chorus, 3. page vightacn DOROTHY JEAN DAY Meet: Frenchie. Ambition: To be able to ice skate on one foot. Says: "Oh, go on." Wallowa High School, l.2,3: G.A. A., treasurer, 2.3: Glee Club. secretary. 1,2.3: Wa Lo Hi Club, Vice president, 3: Torch Honor Club, vice president, 1.2: Class secretary, 2.3: Commencement Usher, 1,2,3: ,Student Council, 2, 3: COUGAR TRACKS, l.2,3: WALO HI, l.2,3: Chorus, 1,2,3: Sextet, 1.2: Music Festival, 1.2.31 Girls' State 3. BARBAR A GAINES Meet: Barb. Ambition: To be an eighth grade music tcacher. Says: "No kidding?" Franklin High School, Portland, Oregon. 1.2: Eagle Rock High School. Los Angeles, California, 3: Niecho-Ko, 2: Drill Team, 3: Freshman Frolic, 1: Pep Club, 4: G,A.A., 3: Senior Ensemble, 4: F.H.A., 4: "Cheaper By the Dozen" cast, 4: Chorus. 4: Music Fes tival, 4. JIM FRITZLEY Meet: Fritz. Ambition: To get along with a certain girl. Says: "Judy!" Camera Club, 3: Radio Club 2: Freshman class vice president, 1, Student Council, 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff, 4: Yell King, 3: Chorus, 4: Music Festival, 4, RICHARD GILLESPIE Meet: Rich. Ambition: To be a coach. Says: "Everwhat or everwhich!" "M" Club. 2.3.-4: F.F.A., 1.2: A.S.M.H.S., v-pres., 4: Fresh. pres., 1: Band. l,2,3.4, v-pres.. 3: Comm. Ush- er, 3: Student Council, 1.4: Football, l,2,3,4: Basket- ball, 1.2.3,4: Track, 3.4: St. Track Meet, 3: St. Basket- ball, 3.4: Basketball co-capt., 4: Best Blocker, 4: Mu- sic Festival, 3: Boys' State, 3: Inland Empire All Star Basketball Team, 4. DENNIS GRAY Meet: Deneo. Ambition: To show up J. P. Morgan. General Motors and Standard Oil of California. Says: "Oh?" International Club. 1.2: Radio Club, 1: Thesplans. 3.4. "Our Miss Brooks" cast, 3: "Balcony Scene" cast. 3: "A Kiss for Cinderella" staff, 2: Bears' Bleacher Benefit staff, 2: "A Murder Has Been Ar- ranged" staff. 2: "Peter and the Purple Pearl" staff: "Mother was a Freshman" staff. 3: "Nine Girls" staff. 3: "Cheaper by the Dozen" staff. 4: Band. 1.2: Mu- sic Festival. 1.2. CAROLYN GRAY Meet: Carrie. Ambition: To go to college. Says: "Oh, shucks!" F.H.A., l.2.3.4: "Jerry of Jericho Road" cast, 2: Chorus, 2.3: Mu- sic Festival. 2.3: Ensemble, 1: Tri Trio. 1: Palouse High School. BARBARA HATCH Meet: Barb. Ambition: To see the world. Says: "l-'iffle doodle." G.A,A.. 1.2,3,4: International Club. 2. LORETTA GUSTIN tnot pictured! Meet: Gussie. Ambition: To be a vet doctor. Says: "You really do?" G.A.A., l,2,3: Pep Club, 3.4. BILL IIANDEL Meet: Howdy. Ambition: To find an ambition. Says: "Whatta Matta Yo?" "M" Club. 3.4: Radio Club. 1: Football. 1,2,3,4: Track, 2.3. OLIVER HANSON Meet: Ollie. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Says: "Oh, I don't care." A International Club. 1.2: Thesplans. 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Junior Classical League, 4: "Nine Girls" production staff, 3: "Cheaper hy the Dozen" cast, 4: "Our Miss Brooks" cast and production staff. 3: BEAR TRACKS, 3.4, Circulation Manager. 4: WOC- SOMONIAN. 3.4: Pacific Slope Journalism Confer- ence. 4: Football, 2. JIM HARRIS Meet: Buck. Ambition: To be a 4 minute miler. Says: Things that aren't nice. Club, 3.4: Boys' League Cabinet, 4. program chairman, 4: "Cheaper by the Dozer" cast. 4: Basketball. l.2.3.4: Track. 3.4: Cross Country, 3.4: Captain, 3: State Track, 3: Band, Music Festival, 1.2.3,-l: Stale Music Festival, 3: Boys' State, 3: Bear Board, 3, president. 4: State Basketball, 4. ROBERTA HASSLER Meet: Bobbie. Ambition: To get a kick out of life. Says: "Oh, you guys!" F.H.A., l,2,3.4, Council, 4: International Club, 1.2: Quill and Scroll, 4: Pep Club, 4: Junior Classical League, 4: "Cheaper by the Dozen" production staff, 4: "Kiss for Cinderella cast, 2: "Nine Girls" pro- duction staff: BEAR TRACKS, 3,-4, Senior Activities editor. 4: WOC- SOMONIAN. 3.4: G.A.A., 1.2: Chorus, 3: District and State. Music Festival, 3,4: Senior Ensemble, 4. page nineteen CHARLES IIILLESTAD Meet: Chub. Ambition: To go hunting. Says: "Don't get smart." DAVID I-IEVVITT Meet: Hete. Ambition: To be a farmer. Says: "Well, heavens to Betsy." 1,2,3,4, sentinel, 2: National F.F.A. convention, Kansas City, 2: Basketball, 3: Football, 4: Track, 2: "M" Club, 4. Meet: Judy. , Meet: Punk. ball, 2.3.42 Pacific JAMES HOLMES Meet: Jim. Ambition: To own a Cadillac. Says: Too much at the wrong time. JAMIE HUGHES Meet: Skip. Ambition: To be a P.E. teacher. Says: "Aren't people funny?" G.A.A., 1.2.3,4: F.H.A., 1,2: "Jerry of Jericho Road, 2: Tri Trio, 2: Quartet, 3: Senior Ensemble, 4: Mu- sic Festival, 2,3,4: Chorus, 2,3. ROBERT HOWARD Meet: Tennessee. Ambition: To work with radio and T.V. Says: "I can't figure it out." Bancroft Jr. High School, Los Angeles, 1: Fairfax Hi., Los Angeles, 2,3: Moscow High School, 4. DALE IVERSON Meet: Ive. Ambition: To get out of the army-alive. Says: Anything that comes to mind. F.F.A., 1,2,3,4, treasurer, 4: F.I-I.A., 4: Student Council, 2. ARLEN KECK Meet: Charley. Ambition: To take over Hat Freeman's job. Says: "That's just peachy." "M" Club, 2,3,4, president, 4: F.F.A., 1,2, reporter, 2: Junior Class vice president, 3: Council Representative, 2.4: Boys' League, vice president, 3, president, 4: Student Council, 4: Commencement Usher. 3: Track, 1,2,3,4, Basketball, 1,2,3,4, co-captain, 4: Football, 1,2,3,4, Inspirational Player, 3: Boys' State, 2: State Basketball. 4. pugu twenty Ambition: To get an Says: "What do you F,H.A., 1,2,3,4, Council, 3.4, rec.-sec., 4: G.A.A., JUDITH HODGINS education. want, a medal?" 1,3,4, v-pres., 4: Thespians, 1,2: Pep Club, 3,4: Interna- tional Club, 2: Quill and Scroll, 4: Comm. Usher, 3: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast, 1: "Our Miss Brooks" cast, 3: "Echo" cast, 4: "Balcony Scene" cast, 3: "Nine Girls" staff, 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen" staff, 4: WOCSO- MONIAN, 4: Chorus, 1: District Drama Festival, 3,4: Regional Drama Festival, 3,-4. DVVANE HODGSON Ambition: To go around the world. Says: "Keep cool." Club, 2,3,4, vice president, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: "Cheaper by the Dozen" production staff, 4: BEAR TRACKS Sports Editor, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Football, 1,2,3,4: Inspirational Player, 4: Basket- Coast Press Conference, 4. ball. 2,3,4: Pacific Coast Press Eonference, 4: State Basketball, JOYCE HORNEY Meet: Joyce. Ambition: .To do nothing. Says: "Oh ya old pot." Pep Club, 4: F.H.A., 1,2,3: Inter- national Club, 2: Girls' League Cabinet, 4. treasurer, 4: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast: "Jerry of Je- richo Road" cast, "Cheaper by the Dozen," head usher: Ma- jorettes, 1,2,3,4. Leader, 3,4: Cho- rus, 1,2,3: Music Festival, l,2,3,4, State Music Festival, 3: May Day Queen. CONNIE KLAAREN Meet: Pris. A Ambition: To be a fashion designer for Saks. Says: "Aloha Wahines." Thespians. 1,2,3.4, secretary, 3: vice president, 4: F.H.A., 1,2,3: In- ternational Club, 2: Pep Club, 3,4, vice president, 4: Junior Classi- cal League, 4: Commencement Usher, 3: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast, 1: "Nine Girls" cast, 3: "Our Miss Brooks" cast. 3: "Kiss for Cinde- rella" cast. 2: "Cheaper by the Dozen" cast, 4: "Meet Me ir. St. Louis," production staff, 1, District Drama Festival. 2.3: State Drama Festival. 3: Chorus, 1,2, Girls' Quartet, 2: Senior Ensemble, 4: Music Festival, 1,2: "Men Are Like Streetcars" cast, 4. BOB KIMBLE Meet: Kim. Ambition: To be a radio-television repair man. Says: "Well, that's a nice trick!" GERALD LAND Meet: Jerry. Ambition: To be a beach comber at Wakiki. Says: "I could have sworn she said 'Yes'." Radio Club, 1: Camera Club. 2: F.H.A., 2: "Kiss for Cinderella" production staff, 2: Bears' Bleacher Benefit cast, 2: Football, 1. KAY KOSTER Meet: Kos. Ambition: To get one. Says: "Just lucky, I guess." F.H,A., 1,2,3.4, Historian, 3: G.A.A., 1.2: Pep Club, 3,4: International Club. 2: "Dixie Doo Dah". 1: "Cheaper by the Dozen" productioi: staff, 4: Cho- rus, 1: Senior Ensemble, 4: Music Festival, 1,4. ROBERT LARSEN Meet: Bob. Ambition: To go to B.Y.U. Says: Only what's necessary. Thespians, 3.4: "Balcony Scene' cast, 3: "Our Miss Brooks" cast, 32 "Cheaper by the Dozen" cast. 43 "Nine Girls" production staff, 3: "Mother Is ai Freshman" pro- duction stnff, 3: WOCSOMON- IAN, Ad Manager. 4: Chorus, 4. MARIELLEN LOUGH Meet: Low. Ambition: To grow! Says: "Criminy." G.A.A., 2.3: F,H.A., 1.2,3: Girls' League Cabinet, 2, representa- tive, 4. social chairvnaiz: "Jerry of Jericho Road" cast, 2: Chorus, 2: Music Festival, 2: Girls' State, 3. MICKEY MPCARTY Meet: Mic Ambition: To travel around the world on a mule. Says: "Aw, you're crazy." "M" Club, 1,2,3,-1: F.F.A., 1,2,3,4, pres., 4: Dist. F.F.A. V-pres., 4: F.H.A., 3,4: Comm. Usher, 3: Football, 1,2, 3,4: Track, 2.3: St. Track Meet, 3: Football Capt., 4: Chorus, 2,3,4, pres., 4: Music Festival, l,2,3,4: State Music Festival, 3. CAROL LYLE Meet: Carol. Ambition: To get past thc city limits some day. Says: "To heck with that song and dance!" F.H.A,, 1,2,3,4, Dist. Pres., 3, St. Ed., 4: State F.H.A. Conv., 3,4: Quill and Scroll, 3,4, pres., 4: Camera Club, 2, sec., 2: International Club, 2: Pep Club, 3,4: Comm. Usher, 3: "Dixie Doo Dah" east, 1: "Cheaper By the Dozen" staff, 4: "Nine Girls" staff, 3: "Meet Me in St. Louis" staff. 3: BEAR TRACKS, 4: Liter- ary Ed.: Pacific Coast Press Conf., 4: WOCSOMON- IAN, 3,4: Chorus, 1: Sr. Ensemble, 4: Music Fest., 1.4. MIKE MCQUADE Ambition: To do something. Meet: Grogan. Says: tCensoredJ "M" Club, 2,3,4: International Club. 2: Junior Classical League. 4: Camera Club, 2: Football, 1,2,3,4: Track. 1,2. JOAN MATZ Meet: Matziebabe. Ambition: To be an Apache dancer. Says: "Oh, Really?" Pep Club, 4: International Club, 1: Thespians, 4: Girls' League Cab- inet, 1: 'Kiss for Cinderella" cast, 1: "Our Miss Brooks" cast, 2: "Cheaper by the Dozen" production staff and cast, 4: "Jerry of Jericho Road," production staff, 1: "Men Are Like Streetcars" cast, 4. page twenty-one SHIRLEY MORTEN SEN Mccl: Mori. Ambition: To own a car ol' my own. Says: "Oh, no! Really?" F.H.A.. 1.2: Pep Club, 4: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast, 1: "Jerry of Je- richo Road" cast, 2: "Cheaper by The Dozen" production staff, 4: Scnior Ensemble, 4: Chorus, 1.2,3: Music Festival, 1,2,3,4. RANDOLPH MYIIRE Meet: Randy. Ambition: To get out of school. Says: "What'?" Club, 4: "Cheaper by the Dozen" cast, 4: Foot- ball, 3,4. HARVEY NAIL Meet: Spike. Ambition: College and farming. Says: "What's happening?" Grangeville High School, 1,2: Gonzaga High School, Spokane, 3: Brown Military Academy, Los Angeles, 3: "G" Club, 1.2: Sportsmans' Club, 3: Baseball 1,2,3: Basketball, 1,2,3,4: Band, 1: Club, 4: State Basketball, 4 CHARLES NELSON Meet: Squeege. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Says: "What's the skinny." Troy High School, 1,21 Class treasurer, 1,21 Student Council, 2: "Ab- sent Minded Professor" cast, 2: Football, 1: Baseball, 1: Basketball. 1.2: District Speech Festival, 1. HARVEY NEESE Meet: Koslo. Ambition: To get along with gals. Says: "Dog gone it." Club, 4: Football, 4: Waco Texas High School, 1,2,3. page twenty-two CARMEN MELL Meet: Cookie. Ambition: To finish college with a four point average-ha! Says: "What an optimist!" Thespians, 4: Girls' League Cabinet, 4: Girls' League secretary, 4: "Cheaper by -the Dozen" cast, 4: Chorus, 1.3: Music Festival. 3: Elamiltogi Junlor High, 1, Freemont High School, Oakland, Cali- orma, . MARILYN MILLER Meet: Marty. Ambition: To be an air line stewardess. F gays: 1'iOri3 crud." .A - .. . 3 ep Club: Chorus. 1,2,3: Music F st' .l, 1,23 L V High School, Nevada, 1.2: Harden City High Scriololl, Kansa? 3. egas JACQUELINE RAE MILSAP Meet: Jackie. Ambition: To join the Foreign Legion. Says: "Oh pot!" F.H,A., 1,2,3: Pep Club, 4: International Club. 2: "Cheaper by the Dozen" production staff, 4: "Jerry ot Jericho Road" cast, 2: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast, 1: MaJorettC, 2: Chorus, 1,2: Music Festival, 1,2. JOHN MILLION Meet.: g Milly. Ambition: To own a South Sca island. Says: "Oh! I vvouIdn't say that." PIERCE MORGAN Mccl: Picrrc. Ambition: To make a lot of money, Says: "I don't know." iii, get ARLEY OLESON Mect: Ole. Ambition: To live to be one hundred years old. Says: Nothing. North Central High School, 1.2.3. MARILYN NORSETI-I Meet: Red, Ambition: To go to college. Says: "Nice play!" Mount Veriton High. Washington. 1.2.33 Latin Club, 1.2: 2.3: Girls' Green M. 2.3: .Student Council. 2.3: F.H.A.. 1.2.3 1' Flamingo Swim 'Team 23 Bulldo Staff 3 Tri Hi Y , ' g .3 .3:Hori- zon. 1.2.3: Pep Club. 4: Thespians. 4: "Cheaper by the Dozen" cast. 4: Bear Board, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 3.-1. DON OSTERBERG Mect 2 Buzz. Ambition: None. Says: "Hello dere." SHERRY OLESON Meet: Little Bo Peep. Ambition: To be a chorus girl. Says: "Did you really?" Thespians. 3.-1. clerk. 4: Pep Club. 3.4: F.H.A.. 1.2. 3.4. song leader. 2.3: Pep Band, 2.3: Junior Classi- cal League. 4: "Nine Girls" cast. 3: "Balcony Scene" cast. 4: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff. 4: Chorus, 1.4: Baiid. 1.2.33 Music Festival. 2,3,4: State iVIusic1Festiva1. 3: Rolfe Consolidated School. Rolfe, owa. , PATRICIA LOUISE PATTERSON Meet: Pat. Ambition: To be a good wife. Says: "1'm impressed!" F.H.A.. 1.2.3.-4: Pep Club, 4: In- ternational Club. 2: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff. 4. G.A.A,. 1, . reporter. BEATRICE PRESBY Meet: Beets. Ambition: To join the navy. Says: "What a scream." F.H.A.. 1.2: Pep Club, 4: Girls' League Cabinet, 3.4. vice presi- dent. 4: Tri State Women's Armed Forces Convention, 3: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast. 1: "Jerry of Jericho Road, 2: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff. 4: Chorus. l.2.3: Ensemble. 3: State Music Festival. 3. RALPH PROVENCAL Meet: Pedro. Ambition: To know something. Says: "Sui'ferin' succotashf' F.F.A., 1,2.3.4: "Cheaper By the Dozen" cast, 4: Bears' Bleacher Benefit, 2: Tumbling. 2,3.4: Track, 1.3.4. ARLYNE RADSLIFF Meet: Skipper. Ambition: Don't have any! Says: "That's the way she goes." Pep Club, 3.4: F.H.A., Senior Ensemble, 4: G.A.A.. 1: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production stafg. 4: Chorus. 3.4: District and State Music Fes- tiva . 3.4. WAYNE REID Meet: Snead. Ambition: To become a nuclear physicist. Says: "The heck it is!" "M" Club, 3.4: F.F.A., 1,2.3,4. secretary. 3, vice president. 4: Class secretary. 3: Student Council. 3.4: "Cheaper By the Dozen" cast. 4' Football. Track. 1.2,3: Band, Pep Band, 1,2.3.4: Ali District Band. 2.3: Music Festival. 1.2.3.-1: State Festival. 3: Boys' State, 3: "Men Are Like Streetcars" cast. 4. FLORETTA RANDALL Meet: Sis. . .i..,.,.dniA Ambition: To find one. A airiT" 121:12 Says: "I don't know. it's possible." .mi1o'w,1.i1.S1,l,.A.H.'l F.H.A.,, State Convention. 1: G.A.A.i.1atB:ICladmeel'M3BylJiI:.M Commencement Usher. 3: Girls' League96n1'Brmt,.19ria'Uenrumil :JB- richo Road" cast. 2: "CheaperaBylJth8 piMuemH1lifboQ Chorus. 2.4: Triple Trio. 2: SeniMAKl'lK9 DGXVWL1Isid31l'estblE1..lfC: Girls' State, 3: D.A.R, Rap!7tBai'iI2MU3Nl4Iui'11aiC1 :I ,au1orlD :P .sono :Id-'awww Huw MARY ANN SCHULTZ Meet: Sam. Ambition: To learn to raise one eyebrow. Says: "Yah!" F.H.A., 1,2,3,4, president, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3.4. secretary, 4: International Club, 2: F.H.A. District Sec.. 3: Pep Club, 3.4: F.H.A, State Convention, 3: Girls' League Cabinet, 1.2,3.4, presi- dent, 4: Student Council, 4. Cheerleader. 2: Chorus, l: "Dix- ie Doo Dah", 1: Chorus, 1: Mu- sic Festival, 1. DELORIS TANNER Meet: Dory. Ambition: To win an argument. Says: "Oh putt!" Rosalia High School, Washington, 1,2: Palouse, Washington, 3: Pep Club, secretary. 2: F.H.A., 1. 2.4: G.A.A., 2: Commencement Usher. 2: Double Sextet. 1: Triple Trio. 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff, 4: Chorus, l,2,3: Music Festival. JERRY TERTELING Meet: Turtle. Ambition: To go to college. Says: "That's the way it goes." "M" Club, 3,4: Bears' Bleacher Benefit. 2: WOC- SOMONIAN, 3: Baseball, 1: Football, l,2,3,4: Track. 1, 2: Basketball. 1: Lewiston High School. 1. BONNIE TISDALL Meet: Tiz. Ambition: To retire. Says: Most anything. RAY SAWYER Meet: Beans. Ambition: To stay out of the army. Says: "You'll think so when I get through with you!" 1,2,3,4, vice president, 2: Football, 1,3: Band, 1: Music Fes- tiva, 1. KERMIT RUDOLPH Meet: Coolie. Ambition: To stay alive. Says: Nothing much. "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff. 4: Chorus, 1.4: Tekoa High School, Washington. ANNE SCI-INELL Meet: Minnie. Ambition: To go through college. Says: "Wait until the time comes." F.H.A., 1,2,3: G.A.A., 2,3,4, pres., 3: Pep Band. 1.2.3,4. v-pres., 2, pres., 3.4: Pep Club, 3.4: International Club, 2: "Waltz Dream" staff, 4: Chorus, 4: Sr. En- semble, 4: Band, l.2,3,4, v-pres., 4: All Dist. Band. 2. 3.4: Trumpet Trio, 1,2: Music Festival, 1,2,3,4: State Festival, 3: All State Band, 3: All Northwest Band, 4: Bellingham Music Festival, 4. JOANN SCHUMACHER Meet: Jo. Ambition: Lots of it. Says: "How truef' International Club, 1.2: Pep Club, 3.4, sec., 4: F.H.A., 1,2,3: G.A.A., 1: Quill and Scroll, 4: Comm. Usher, 3: Class sec.-treas., 4: "Cheaper By the Dozen" staff, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Senior Ensemble, 4: Chorus, 3: Music Festival, 3.4: State Music Festival, 3. EVELYN SUMNER lnot pictured! Meet: Knuckle-head. Ambition: To play my uku- lele in Madison Square Gar- den. Says: "But my car won't start!" Latin Club, 1: F.H.A., 2.3: Cho- rus, 4: Music Festival, 4. JAMES STRANG Meet. Strangle. Ambition: T0 be a rich stock farmer. Says: "My golly!" Band, 1.2,3,4, president, 3: Pep Baud, l,2,3,4: Music Festival, 1, 3.3.1-1: F.F.A., 1.2: Cross Country, International Club, 1,2: "M" Club, 2,3.4: F.H.A., 3.4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Junior Classical League, 4, vice-president, 4: Commence- ment Usher, 3: Student Council, 4: BEAR TRACKS Ad manager, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Football, l.3.4: Basketball. 1,2,3,4: Track, 2,3,4: Cross Country, 2: Boys' State, 3: State Basketball, 4. GAIL TORPEY Meet: Torp. Ambition: To get over feeling gling glong. Says: "This is really going to sound silly." F.H.A., 1,2,3,4, council, 1, v-pres., 3, parliamentarian, 4: Camera Club. 2: Quill and Scroll, 4: International Club, 1: Pep Club, 3.4: Cheerleader, 2.4: Comm. Usher, 3: Student Council, 4: "Nine Girls" cast, 3: "Dixie Doo Dah" cast, 1: "Cheaper By the Dozen" staff, 4: BEAR TRACKS, 3-4, Photo Ed., 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 3.4: Pacific Slope Press Confer- ence. 4: Chorus, 1: District Music Festival, 1. page twenty-four TOM TRAIL Meet: Tom. Ambition: To get through college. Says: Just about anything. F.F.A.. 1,2: "Cheaper By the Dozen" Business Manager, 4: Foot- ball, 1. JACK TRIMBLE Meet: Gayda. Ambition: To break up the tennis "racket" and join a golf "club". Sa s "You lau h"' y I S - Club, 3,4: International Club, 2: Junior Classical League, 4: Boys' League Cabinet, 4, social chairman, 4: Basketball, 3.4: Track, 3.4: Football, 3: Baseball, 4: Ursuline Academy, 1. JERRY VERNER Meet: Weed. Ambition: To be a "bird watcher." Says: "Oh? Is 'at right?" International Club, 1,2: Junior Classical League, 4, president, 4: Club, 4: Class Vice President, l,4: Commencement Usher, 3: "Our Miss Brooks" cast, 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff, 4: Football, 2,3,4: Basketball, 3: Boys' State, 3: "Men Are Like Streetcars" cast, 4. DAVE WATERMAN Meet: Cave. Ambition: To own a cattle ranch. Says: "Dear girl." "M" Club, 2,3,-l: F.F.A,. 4: Football, 1,2,3,4: Basket- ball, 1: Baseball. 4: Chorus, 4: Music Festival. 4: Bellingham Music Festival, 4. JERRY WHEATON Meet: Big'n Dumb, Slew-foot, Slag-leg, Tiny, Shorty, and 'f'?!""r"fZ1- Ambition: To make a fast one off the government. Says: Anything. Thespians, 3,4: "M" Club, 4' F.H.A., 2,3,4: "Our Miss Brooks cast, 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen cast, 4: "Balcony Scene" cast. 3: "Mother Was a Freshman" pro- duction staff, 2: Bears' Bleacher Benefit production staff, 2: Foot- ball, 3,4: Regional Drama Fes- tival, 3: Greater Spokane Fes- tival. 3. 1 in TOM WILDE Meet: Bisli. Ambition: To keep my name off a casualty list. Says: "Not really?" Thespians, 3,41 F.H.A., 2,3: Re- gional Dramatics Festival, 3: District Dramatics Festival, 3,4: "Our Miss Brooks" cast, 3: "Bal- cony Scene" cast, 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen" cast, 4: "A Kiss for Cinderella" production staff, 2: "Jerry of Jericho Road" pro- duction staff, 1: Bears' Bleacher Benefit, production staff: "Moth- er Was a Freshman" production staff, 3: "Nine Girls" produc- tion staff, 3. ELOISE YOUNG Meet: Eddie. Ambition: To attend West Point. Says: "Say no and have 'em worried." F.H.A., l,2.3,4: Pep Club, 3,4: Thespians, 3,4: G.A.A., 1,2,3,4, historian, 4: "Nine Girls" cast, 3: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff, 3: "Echo" produc- tion staff, 4. GAIL WOLVERTON Meet: Doll. Ambition: To be a P.E. teacher. Says: "Rats!" Enterprise High School, Oregon, l,2,3: Cottonwood High School, 3: Girls' Glee Club, 1,2,3, treasurer, 2: Hi Booster staff, 1,2: Annual Staff, 1,2: G.A.A., 1, 2,3, secretary, 1.2: F.H.A., l,2, reporter, 1: Class secretary, 3: Student Body secretary, 3: Girls' Lea- gue Cabinet, 1,2: Student Council, l,2,3: Chorus, 1, 2.3: Music Festival, 1.2. GREGG WVILSON Meet: A boy without a nickname. Ambition: To find a nickname. Says: "Oh, well." F.H.A., 3,-4: Quill and Scroll, 4: International Club, 1.2: "Cheaper By the Dozen" production staff, 4: BEAR TRACKS, photographer, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, photographer, 4: Track. 2: Cross Country. 3: Boys' State, 3. ROBERT YENOR Meet: Bob. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Says: "I don't give a darn." St. Maries High School, 1: Class vice president, 1: Football, 1,3.4: Boxing, 1: Baseball, 1.4: "M" Club, 4. page twenty-five BEST DANCERS Carol Lyle Ralph Alley page twenty-six enirfr HAPPIEST Judy Hodgins Jerry Wheaton 1 MOST ORIGINAL Barbara Gaines Harvey Neese BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE Mary Ann Schultz Arlen Keck BEST ATHLETES Anne Schnell Rich Gillespie Jai 5 BEST PERSONALITH Nancy Buchanan Ron Tlsdall characters BEST COMEDIANS Marilyn Norseth Ronnie Dunn .41 HARIH' ST W ORKI' RH Flora-M1 Randall lerry Ve-rner 1 F x P l f BEST SPORTS Sherry Oleson Jim Harris BEST LINE Gail Torpey Charles Canfield i 1lUlJl' lu'1'1lly-xc'l71'vl ssniars lzonar queen and princesses . Ns-vw, XX sixusy h Jo Ann Q Pr -vu-Q.:-, .,,,.,.s. E ' ' 'QQQ . First row, left to right: Mr. Barnes, adviser, Jane Lange, Student Council representative. Second row: Dee Humph- rey, president, Wade Patterson. vice president, Sherm Snow. secretary. junirfr class cnjvys originality HIS year's junior class has had quite a busy Under the able direction of Mr. Barnes, their year! Selling at games . . , chasing mice adviser, they gave several mixers and spon- from the candy bars . . . winding old crepe pa- sored the annual Junior Prom. This year's per, theme was "Davey Jones' Locker." The junior class earns the money for the Prom by selling concessions at games. Shown below are some of the members working between halves of a basketball game. .....- .---- v- -, .1 43 pagv hL'1'nIy-nine dwg, J .5 .M a iv Q N lk .Q sg. as X Bill Howard Jean John Art Barbara Jeannine Bev Anderson Anderson Anderson Baker Bedard Bemiss Blaylock Bolingbroke I , 2 ... ' ' J H , - gi. -Q 'rx in I Q . 1, . , -it 1'.,,.m,s-: sms' ? K 1 z Is . v , E W .I Msg 4 - -L L Persis Duane Joan Perry Pat Dorothy Jerry John Bull Carlson Carssow Cramhlit Day Drayton Falls Fields , , .e A A 4 , .-if K ' 'V , K Ann Dale Gene Pat Joann Patsy Jerry Annie Foley Flomer Frink Fritzley Froman Garrison Giles Goff 4' , Q' I . 4 A 5 1 ' T .f r Q..-ya ' A 4 . irq f f' 1 ga t .V 5. ,. 1 1-N k-1 H Y 111 x, J " 1-,gist Gordon Ed Chet Jo Ann Kay Marcia Dee Jerry Gourley Gray Hall Halversen Holder Hordemann Humphrey Jensen ' I , CQ . 9 x Q ! L X I K -, L Q Dempsey Larry Jane Jerry Kay Jay Dee Linda Douglas Kite Kline Lange Lange Laughlin Leavitt Lew Lindquist S -.. -N - , S 1 .Q .5 L 'fi f' V '1 iff? ' . 1 fi Marilyn Jim Rhoda Ken Don Ben Pat McAllister McCarty McGraw Magnuson Miller Miller Morgan flllfll' llzirty La Verne Mulalley ' , , , 1 Elaine Patterson Irene Nearlng Q ,Sk Q r . Wade PRIIBTSOII La Vance Rauer if Nancy Sisty ' 1 v s 4 Bob Thomas Francis Ray Barbara Shaffer Marjorie Thompson X. Bob Ardith Boyd Darlene Wilma Duane Nelson Normington Olson Orr Packard Parr V , W, , .qffjjix V ti"'u,, fr A MQ 1 4 M Q. X! ,1 E h ' lwg . Y ' A. 5 g,,:g,, q,3.rfw..1 , Q Q in . 1155! I ., Gerald Aurora John Don Curtis Kay Peterson Provencal Raeder Randall Randleman Randleman in, 3 . - . H4 rl. Q Jack Leslynn Frank Dlck Fred Ron Reams Rogers Stanford Seely Schopp Scrlvner -can , iw 4 , K" 4' l , 3 I -4 V ' 'gaze . - ' - F .C A 3 ' Darlene Sherm Charlotte Jack Gerry Janene Snelson Snow Sodorff Starr Stubbs Taylor ., Q Qf.Sg E3: l - . t 552 1 Q 4 If . . 1 f ,Om , . N3 - f I - ' A 1 5 D ' fx . . A , A 2 Bob Roger Vivian Fern Joan Joyce Tresnit Tyson Vaagen Van Dyke Wernecke Wernecke Q A F, , 1 e Q nl Q A , . e 1 A e . , ,g V V 41 F, ' I .' ' . X L i ' ' fu fMrs.j Jolene Betty Constance White Williams Wlswall page thirty-one Sophomore class officers from left to right are Dorothy Bauer, secretary, Ron Schwartz, president, Ted Correll, adviser, Joan Ramstedt, vice president, Agnes Bergman, Student Council representative. saphamarcs Ht fum pattern EING wise to the mysteries of high school sored a mixer in January to stock their treas. the sophomores have contented themselves ury. t "1" dltl' "th' . 0 me an e We IS year They have taken part in many of the other Under the direction of Ted Correll they spon- high school activities. First row, left to right: Pat Cossairt, .loan Adams, Agnes Bergman, Jean Crimmins, Marilyn Greene, Dorothy Bauer, Judy Cranney, Louretta Alley. Second row: Dolly Ann Cole, Wanda Bendel, Betty Anderson, Mary Eikelberger, Pauline Byers, Vern Anderson, Mike Estes. Third row: Bob Beckvold, William Cleveland, Don Bellomy, Jerry Berg, Dean Fredekind, Ronnie Clark, Bob Brasch. Not pictured: Patsy Casey, Judith Casebolt, Lolo Holmes, Myrlene Nelson, Sally Parkes, Henry Nelson, Victor Nelson, James Waterman. . . . . den , X , ofa?-rs, X vi fy, l df, -'YV-iiv - ,- i . .. . t ., - L -- M 1. r....,.s,.,..s X-M-srwiffef. .salnzs.a,Jf,5?fi?f2iQ5:ffs,fv1ffK-yanfr p page thirty-two ' ' d ll w rd Roberta Hawk Maxine llilbv Janet Pelfrev Liv Passmore, Janis First row, left to right: Rhoda llumley, Lin a 0 'a , , . ., A , . McBride. Barbara Pope. Second row: Janet Hites, Peggy Harris, Dawn Maih, JoLynn Keck, Mary Knight, Phyllis McAlex- ander, Pat Lawton, Lois Lundquist. Third row: Mary Ann Johnson, Kathy New, Wayne Kelberg, Rich Koster, Arthur Mell, .lim Kimble. Fourth row: Bob Nonini, Reid Miller, Dudley Mayo, Martin Rathhun, Jerry Johnson. Jerry Knapp, Boyd Hager. Orrin Lyon, 'a'a fdd e , Yliif-lfl X """':' mg-'12 4,.- H '-,' r-:1 - -e ,l" I 1 MM., . . i Sk 'H ar M3 fx? N . mf ....- , . M.gLIL..m, .ii po z 1 Q 9 u th ll Cecelia Tompkins Marilyn Williams Louise Waterman, First ron, left to right: Dolores Spuler, Ruth Wolf, Carol Ro we , ,, . A .. , Kathy Torpey, Bobby Lee Wagner, Renee Vvallen. Second row: Gary Thompson, Larry Town, Carol Wolverton, Glenna Weinmann, Donna Rohrbaugh, Joan Ramstedt, Kathryn Weber, Bob Williamson, Bill Schmidt. Third row: Dale Ricdesel, Bill Woodbury. Larry Steele, John Schuette, Jackie Sumner, Lewis Schafer. John Standley, Marshall Thorpe. Fourth row: ' ' ' ' ' ' W ' T mmv Rodgers. Larry Towncr. John Snider, Doug Jerry Robbins. Ron Schvulrtz. Denny Rankin. Don tenor. Robert EISS. 0 . Tyrrell. 1lug1:'llli1'lg1-Illrru Front row, left to right: Susan Snow, secretary, Mrs. Long, adviser. Second row: Cecil Heick, president, John Laugh- lin, student council representative, John Scheldrup, vice president. freshmen ezetlzusiasfie about new We AKING part in all the activities of their They sponsored a mixer, Boney Bones, in first year with gusto typical of frosh, they February, and in March they started a new have established themselves firmly in the high tradition of taking the seniors out as a return school, for the senior frosh dates. First row, left to right: Cheryl Jacobs, Lorraine Farnam, Carolyn Burke, Marilyn Gregg, Donna Hukill, Carole Haddock, Harriet Hagan, Carol Hatten, Betty Hoffman. Second row: John Agenbroad, James Allwardt, Sherman Clyde, Don Erick- son, Valetta Hatley, llene Havens, Marilyn Hatley, Francine Blaylock, Carole Howerton, Carole Jacobs. Third row: George Benedict, Jerry Bendixen, Jim Crathorne, Merrill Harding, Ed Boas, Dick Day, Gwendolyn Johnson, Mary Jones. Fourth row: Wayne Darby, Jack Carlson, John Fork, Ted Holder, Dale Burr, Darrel Cox, Frank Hunter, Ralph Johnson, Jim Davis, Not picture: Leatha Fessenden, Jerry Meyerhoeffer, Galen Byers, John Burgess. page thirty-four First row, left to right: Dorothy Myhre. Neela McCowan, Janet Lenke, Lois Makinson. Helen Laughlin, Leslie Leavitt, Denny Morris, Dawn Keck, Donna Mae Morton. Second row: Allen Diethelm, Paul Million, Buddy Myhre, Don llingston, .lim Kraus, Bill Moore, Allan McCown, James Mulalley, Fred McMillan, Karl Kimberling. Third row: Gayle King, Maxine Klnzer, Marl- lyn Mosman, Carol Mitchell. llappy McClure, George Miller, Ron Frcdrickson, Jim Morgan, John Laughlin. ms.. .. A -24....,.., Q , , A ..,. i First row. left to right: Gerry Williams, Susan Snow, Mickey Wagner, Beverly Peterson, Margaret Snow, Sandra Summer- field. Maureen Walker, Beverly Renfrew. Betty Revord. Second row: Vivian Ray, Barbara Wiswall, Lois Van Dyke, Bar- hara Wohletl, Gary Pedersen, Gerald Strang, Jakie Wilson. Third row: Edward Tanner, Vietor Skiles, Louraee Thorp, Syl- via Olson, .lohn Pavel, Richard Ogle. Fourth row: Gordon Rathbun, Dale Randall, John Scheldrup, Charles Sumner, Cay Teuwiek, Allen Parkins, Dan Pope. Teddy Roberts, Jim Sehopp. 11114.50 llnirlgf-lim' Amvril-an llislury llume- livunomics P 4 5 i 3 pugr' thirly-six Libr 1rV Dramatics Geometry l so Q40 caaaia calaara Latin S Junior English Art 'X ix Biology mfchvs classes l : mu .5- Manual Arts Typing 'U " . .f.- 'wa page thirty-seven K 010' ozyanzbafivus - 4 'nemo N322 aww wwf - X it le: . Above new initiates are being "corsaged" by Parllamentarian Gail Torpey. future ha home ec class are eligible for the national organization of Fu- ture Homemakers of America. IRLS who have had a semester of home ec or are enrolled in a af amerim First row, left to right: Janet Pelfrey. Ruth Wolf, Mary Ann Schultz. president, Gail Torpey, Elaine Patterson, Charlotte Sndorfl, Leslynn Rogers, Marjorie Thompson, Glenna Weinman. Second row: Jolene Williams, Louise Waterman, Vivian Vaagen. Barbara Pope. Donna Rohrbaugh, Kathryn Torpey, .loan Ramstedl, treasurer, Elizabeth Passmore, Bobby Wagner, Joyce Wernecke. Eloise Young. Third row: Rhoda Plumley, Carol Wolverton. Mickey Wagner, Barbara Wohletz, Beverly Peterson, lleloris Tanner, Arlyne Radsliff, Floretta Randall, Betty Wiswall, Secretary, Jerry Wheaton. Fourth row: Wilma Packard, Renee Wallen, Barbara Wiswall, Patty Patterson, Jackie Milsap, Nancy Patterson, Dick Seely, Ron Tlsdall, Gregg Wilson. 'Q 2 page' forty First row. left to right.: Dawn Keck, Denny Morris, Irene Nearing, Sherry Oleson, Carol Lyle, Donna Morton, Myrlent- Nel- son. Second row: Ilene llavens, Lois Makinsnn, Sylvia Olson, Dorothy Myhre, Leslie Leavitt, Janet Lenke, Phyllis McAlvx- under, Marilyn McAllister. Third row: Ardith Normington, Bobbie llassler, Kay Koster, Mary Ann Johnson, .lo Lynn Keck, Carole Jacobs, Cheryl Javohs, Fourth row: Kathy New, Pat Morgan, Maxine Kinzer, Gwendolyn Johnson, Carol Milvht-ll, Net-la Mcfowan, Darlene Orr. future , HA is Moscow High s largest organization with over one hun-- dred members. Among the annual events sponsored by FHA are the Harvest Ball with the FFA, the Silver Tea around Christ- mas time and Hobo Day. of amcr ka First row, left to right: Judy Hodgins, vice president, Harriet Hagan, Priscilla Cotterell, Ann Foley, Mary Ann Fowler, Doro- thy Drayton, Nancy Buchanan, Pat Day. Second row: Joan Adams, Roberta Hawk, Dolly Ann Cole, Marilyn Gregg, Francine Blaylock, Betty Hofmann, Veletta Hatley, Miss Freeman. Third row: Peggy Lou Harris, Janet Hites, Joann Froman, Bar- bara Bemis, Jean Anderson, Jo Ann l-lalversen. Dale Iverson, Ronnie Dunn. Fourth row: Mary Lou Eikelberger, Betty An- derson, Maxine Hilby, Patsy Casey, Pat Cossairt, Dorothy Bauer, Louretta Alley, Marilyn Greene. Y , I prim' forty-nm' I-'lrst row, left to right: Jack Trimble, Ron Dunn, secretary, Arlen Keck, president, Ralph Alley, vice president, Ted Correll, adviser. Second row: Jim Harris, Dwane Hodgson, Jerry Giles, Jim Kimble, Ed Boas, HE Boys' League gavela mixer in December which was a big success. Following thls was a sprlng track meet between the classes. A cup was awarded the class with the most points. ' 7 rummage sale and food sale financed the Girls' League semi- glffb' ffllgllb' formal, Dells' Night. With Mrs. Schimke's help they also had 0, f an exchange dinner with Pullman, a mother-daughter tea and a ca senlor tea. First row, left to right: Denny Morris, Patsy Casey, Louretta Alley, Agnes Bergman, Marjorie Thompson, Marlellen Lough. Second row: Joyce llorm-y. treasurer, Pat Day, Mary Ann Schultz, president, Mrs. Schimke, adviser, Beatrice Preshy, vice president. Anne Carson. Third row: Rhoda McGraw, Floretta Randall, Helen Laughlin, Sherry Oleson, Neela McCowan, Jane LZIIIKP. Not pictured: Carmen Mell, secretary. ix X in SS 4 A x HMS la Liv pugrfnrlgl-ll1'u I I-'irst row. ln-ft to right: Mrs. Long, ndvisvr. .lnmiv llughcs. BA-tty Wiswall. presidvnt, Ire-no Nvziring, Agn:-s llvrgmzm, svrrv- tnry, .llnrjoriv Thompson, llnrharn Slmffvr, Eloise Young, Jane Lange, vivo preside-nt. Svrond row: Joann Fromzin, Donna llnkill. .lilllvl L1-nk:-, Aurora l'rovvm-al, Marilyn Mm-Allister, Maxine Kinzvr, Marilyn Mosman, Gwendolyn Johnson, Sylvia Ol- son. Tliird row: Nam-y Pziltn-rson, Jl'1lllllilN' Blziylovk, Beverly Pvterson, Patsy Cast-y, Kxilhvrinv Wvln-r, .Indy t':ism-holt, Max- ine llilhy, Milly Pzlrlu-s. llvlly Andvrson, llnrhurzi livnliss, Fourth row: .lo Lynn K1-ck, Marilyn Grvm-iw, Annm- Srhnc-ll, liar- lnurzl llntcli. lla-lon Laughlin, lmrlmrzi Wiswzill, Iylnrgarvt Snow. Carolyn Burke. Dawn K1-ck, - Q 0 EEPING busy this year with regular turnouts :incl pluymiuys, - - the members of the UAA had at very active your. Also on thoii' zigeiidu was 21 hziyricle and 21 mixer. if p AKING and selling tickets at garnes scvrnccl to be tho main Joh of the Pep Club. Two initizitions wuru hulml, one in Ilucunilwi' for seniors and 21 Februziry initiation for juniors. First row. ln-ft to right: Eloism- Young. BM' llolinghroke-. J2'lllt'lH' Taylor, Rhoda Mciirnn, Ili-alrirv l'r1-shy. Mary .Xnn Sc-hullz, Putty l'auIla-rson. .Xrlvno Raldslifl. llzxrhnrn Allvmrm. S1-cond row: Sherry 011-son, Marilyn Nurs:-th, Kay Koslvr, Nsnwy lin- clmnnn, pri-sidn-Ill, Conniv Klnziron, vivo prvsidvnt, JoAnn Svlilimfwllm-i', svvrl-tary. Third row: .lzrrkiv Nlilszip, .loyro llorm-y, lK1ll'lHlI'Ll Gaines, Mary Ann lfowlvr, Annu- Srhnvll. Anne Carson. Carol Lylv. .Ioan Matz. Lorvltn linslin, Gail Torpe-y. Shirlvy Mortvnsvn. Rohn-rtai llzisr-:lm-r, Mrs. Long, zlclyisvr. ' Ati 'V ll HM' N, a . .S . 5 A as Hifi your forYuf1hrf'1' The members of the "M" Club at the fall initiation are having a little good-natured fun. Anything for a laugh, HE "M" Club took an active part in many extra curricular ac- ! tivities during the year. Two initiations were held, one after football and again after track. In January the annual "M" Club Ball was held. A queen and M princesses were crowned and the inspirational player award was given. This spring the "M" Club went on its annual picnic. First row, left to right: Jack Trimble, Arlen Keck, president, Gerry Stubbs, Mike McQuade, Jerry Giles, Wade Patterson, Gary Pedersen, Roger Tyson. Second row: Ron Dunn, secretary, John Raeder, Dave Hewitt, Charles Canfield, Dwane Hodg- son, vice president, Bruce Brenn, Bill Woodbury. Third row: Bill Schmidt, Bob Yenor, Dick Seely, Jack Starr, Ron Tisdall, Jerry Tertellng, Rich Gillespie, Wayne Reid, Jerry Verner, John Baker. Fourth row: Jerry Wheaton, Fred Sch0DP, Bill Handel, Dave Waterman, Jim Harris, Ron Scrivner, Bob Thomas, Sherman Snow. l pugv forty-fuur Flrst row, left to right: Eloise Young, Mary Ann Fowler, secretary, Connie Klaaren, vice presldent, Judy llodglns, Marllyn Norseth, Barbara Gaines, Leslynn Rogers, Dennis Gray, Tom Wllde, Mrs. Burlord, advlser. Second row: Dee Humphrey, Joan Matz, Jean Anderson, Carmen Mell, Pat Day, Oliver Hanson, Jerry Wheaton, Sherry Oleson, Robert Larsen, Bill Bur- leigh. Not pictured, Ralph Alley, president. NITIATIONS were the highlights of the activities of the Thes- pian Club this year. Under the direction of Jeanette Burford the club had a good time by sponsoring a dance, selling tickets to plays, and making up most of the play and production staffs. Pictured below are this year's new initiates. bringing the roll call up to over twenty. pm.51'fnrIgf-fin' napa F.F.A. initiates seem to be keeping their sunny sides up at one of their more solemn, serious-minded meetings. ITH approximately thirty members in the Future Farmers, un- der the advisership of Clint Wiswall, the boys have been very active this year. They held an initiation in October in which they took in seven new members. With the FHA they also co-sponsored , the annual Harvest Ball. This year the FFA celebrated its silver gf anniversary. First row, left, to right: .lack Realms, Dale Iverson, treasurer, Sherman Snow, Gerry Stubbs, secretary. Wayne Reid, vice president, Mickey McCarty, president. Second row: Ben Miller, Ron Schwartz, Boyd Hager. Jerry Johnson, Ralph Proven- rnl, Don Miller. Third row: .lim Kimble, Richard Koster, Jim McCarty, Dave Waterman. Jerry Knapp. Don Bellomy. Paul Million. Fourth row: Howard Anderson. Jerry Jensen. Ray Sawyer, LaVerne Mulalley, Orrin Lyon, Clint Wiswall, adviser. An. ........Q pngz' fnrly .six s-1 First row. left to right: Mary Ann Schultz, secretary, Bobbie llassler, Judy Hodgins, Gail Torm-y. Dorothy Drayton, llwane Hodgson. Second row: Ronnie Dunn, Charles Canfield. Ron Tisdall, Bill Burleigh, vice president, Oliver Hanson, Gregg Wilson. Not piftured, Carol Lyle, president. quill and sum!! radix? club AKING honors as the smallest club in MHS at the start of school, the Quill and Scroll has grown to nearly twenty members this year. HE Radio Club entertained the students while learning radio 1 techniques. They also took care of the radio equipment and played records for most of the mixers. First row, left to right' Pcrry Cramhlit, president Larr To . , , y wner, Joan Ramstedt, serrrtary. Pat Lawton. Lois Lundqulst, Pansy lnsoy. second row: Curt Randleman. Glenna Weinman, John Fields, vice president, Allen Parkins. .leant-tte Bnrford, a v ser. i 'fi l 5 A Q it -B il 0 prim' forly-.wfrr n nur izcfilfifies f' ,M , 'H ww. t Gale Torpey Bill Burleigh Photo Editor Make-Up Editor ww' X 'CK-ff' ,vvomi edifm' Hnish annual r i 1 RS. Boas' house saw lots of wear and tear this year l Q as the annual staff made up Q :Nm K 5 its mind, changed its mind, . X W i 1 made up its mlnd, changed i lg Q Q j its mind, made up its mind, 1 v" " f N T changed its mind .... i A We haven't made up our V mind what to Write here. f me I E 5 t as e- jr. NXXX G F Charles Carifield Dwane Hodgson Sports Editor Sports Editor Our Annual Carol Lyle Literary Editor E X page fifty First row, left to right: Leslynn Rogers, .lean Anderson, Roberta Hassler, Judy Hudgins, Jane Lange, Pat Morgan, Bruce Brenn, Bill Burleigh, Charles Canlield, Oliver llanson. Second row: Gregg Wilson, Dot Drayton, Carol Lyle, llwane Hodgson, Jo- Ann Scliumavher. Gail Torpey, Ron Tisdall, Wade Patterson, Jim Holmes. Robert Larsen, Ron Dunn. Wacsv sdiirfr rrfmfss " APER goes to press Friday, better get the journalism teacher. The Wocsomonian busy" are words that the journalism class came out every two weeks with a different heard eighteen times this year from Ruth Boas, editor every time. Oliver Hanson, Circulation Manager Gregg Wilson Ron Tisdall, Ad Manager Roberta Hassler Photographer Ronnie Dunn, Business Manager Senior Editor l at .4 As. " 3' 1 .M-1 XV, 3 xi ,Q - HY 2,5-stil , ,Q 51 ll in ml ,J X f- A. .f A to .1 I ii nl ,V 1 swf, if fx.. 1. 4, , x o an- !i gtnfsfl an an 1 if W' A is x f 1: ZZ' -- if ig, . . 'vw ,f 'f Aff, . v ' 'iz 1 I :Y XX i - lf, V .2 , "M, 5.4 bear tracks business staff R ff page fifty-one First row, left to right: Lola Holmes, Patsy Fritzley, Joyce Wernecke, Kay Laughlin, l-'at Borgan, Vivian Vaagen, Ann Foley, Dorothy Bauer, Bob Thomas, John Agenbroad. Second row: Dolores Spuler. Janet Lenke, Marilyn Greene, Joan Ramstedt, Louretta Alley, Nela McCowan, Dolly Ann Cole, Kathryn Torpey, Jim McCarty, Dave Waterman, Mickey McCarty. Third row: Floretta Randall, Kathy New, Roberta Hawk, Vivian Ray, Renee Wallen, Myrlene Nelson. Jack DeWitt, Ron Scrivner, Kermit Rudolph, Jerry Meyerhoeffer. Fourth row: Carole Jacobs, Gerri Williams, Barbara Wohletz, Nancy Patterson, Bar- bara Wiswall, Donna Mae Morton, Gayle King, Betty Hoffman, Dorothy Myhre. Francine Blaylock. chorus wmplcfcs ucccssful year Christmas concert got the ninety member the Prairie Music festival which was held in chorus off to a good start. Under the di- Moscow. Receiving high ratings at the Lewis- rection of Gerald Goecke, they followed this up 5011 ML1SiC festival, the CYIOFUS b1'0Ught its Year with an operetta in April. Also in April was to a successful end. Left hand side, left to right: Jane Lange, Louretta Alley, Joan Ramstedt, Dorothy Bauer, Vivian Ray, Mary Ann Johnson, Dawn Keck, Carole Haddock. Top, left to right: Arlene Radsliff, Barbara Gaines, Anne Schnell. Mary Ann Fowler, Kay Kos- ter, Jn Ann Schumacher, Shirley Mortensen, Connie Klaaren, Bobbie Hassler, Floretta Randall, Jamie Hughes. Not pictured, Carol Lyle. Right hand side, left to right: Carolyn Gray, Barbara Pope, Leslie Leavitt. Jean Crimmins, Pat Garrison, Darlene Orr, Jolene Williams, Ann Foley, Marilyn Greene. Pllfll' fiftyrfwn Q Q- ,',, ,.,, E' I if - an it "" M V, I ,., ,Q,: X V Ima The case from the Senior class play, "Cheaper By the Dozen." First row, left to right: Tom Wilde, Priscilla Cotterell, Ron Dunn. Ralph Provencal, Second row: Wayne Reid, Barb Gaines, Jerry Wheaton, Carmen Mell, Third row: Randy Myhre. Marilyn Norscth, Joan Matz. Mary Ann Fowler, Oliver Hanson, Jim Harris, Connie Klaaren, Bob Larsen. senior play ,vrszfss gran! success HE senior class put on one of the most suc- the Dozen." A packed crowd, both matinee and night, enjoyed many laughs. ' Jerry Wheaton took the leading part of fa- November 7, when it presented "Cheaper By ther with Carmen Mell as mother. cessful plays ever staged in this high school Scene from "Cheaper By the Dozen" shows father calling his twelve children to a conference. 101 Pl page filly-four 1 Janet Pelfrey. Maureen Walker. Pat Morgan, Joan Matz, Jolene Williams, Patsy Casey. Standing: Jerry Verner, Connie Klaaren, Wayne Reid, Marilyn McAllister, Dick Day, Marilyn Greene, John Burgess, Patsy Garrison, Dan Pope. This pic- ture was taken as the cast started practicing for "Men Are Like Streetcarsf' all-schovl play staged in april HE play, "Men Are Like Streetcarsf' was presented on April 24 with a cast chosen from the whole student body. The plot center- ed around a business deal a father made which Some of the members of the speech class are shown register- ing for the District Declamation Contest. To the left is the group which won excellent or superior in the Declamation Contest in Wallace. was completely bawled-up by his daughter, The main part of the daughter was well portrayed by Jolene 'Williams First row, left to right: Larry Towner, Janet Pelfrey. Beatrice Preshy. Second row, Anne Srhnell, Priscilla Cotterell, Eloise Young, Sherry Olson. Third row: Delbert Averill, Bob Coon- ey. Jerry Wheaton. . . K ff" ,.f ymgv lifly-lirz' An Esquire Girl is pictured here To represent our high school year. Gals and dates and slumber parties, Chocolate cokes and unsigned tardies. Pictures make remembering easy, Turn the pages, if you pleasy. www mfr ww high elzzfzfl calendar aff iz I Zfifies 79 -7953 page fifty-six september Juniors put on the first mixer of the year. Gad, what a turnout. At the right is the bonfire the night before the Lewiston game. It didn't burn early this year. September 26-Played Lewiston and tied 13-13. At the right is the crowd at the first game of the year with Potlatch. In the foreground are cheerleaders Gail Torpey and Anne Car- son. Sepfcnzlwr 18-Girls League held its rummage sale to raise a little money for Deb's Night. September 23-FHA elected officers today. Septeemlaer 8-School starts today and no one seems to want to take what he signed up for. At left are a few "changes," Bunch of new teachers around here, looking as lost as the frosh! Lost one swell bus driver. Mr. Eshom. He went to bask in the California sun. What are those? Oh yes, this was the day the frosh were initiated. September 26-This was a big day-seniors gave a mixer, too. page fifty-sf' octobfr Carrying on the tradition, the seniors took the frosh out. This was the month that KMHS went on the air. Pictured at right are several FFA boys at the initiation. Someone seems to be left in the dark. October 10-National assembly featuring Jack and Richard at the piano. Pictured at right, couples dancing at the annual Deb's Night, October 18. The theme was "Desti- nation Moon," remember? 1 October 3-Thespian mixer was held af- ter the St. Maries game. Incidentally, We beat 'em. October 10-Played Central Val- ley and tied 12-12. Quite a game! At the left, "Tennessee" Bob Howard is giving with one of his songs at a street dance. October 2.4-Team left to go to Twin Falls. They were slightly beat when they got home! Pictured at left are the members of the MHS dance band, playing for the Halloween dance. Work started on the Pep Club drill team. gr fifty-eight O navembcr November 1-GAA sponsored a hayride. The hot chili really hit the spot afterwards! At the right is the cast of the senior play, "Cheaper by the Dozen," given November 7. Nmfenzber 3 - FHA sponsored its annual "Hobo Day" to start FHA week with a bang. Took in S40.00. 4 ....,4k.,.,,i-355' - -Q , 'T 'N L 'Lf M. -.. At the right the "M" Club is enjoying a banquet, served especially for the new in- itiates. Mighty appetizing! November 13- The annual football banquet for fathers and players was held tonight. The entertainment really brought down the house. Bonfires burned early this year in Pullman. A few of our upstanding students must have want- ed a wienie roast. Jim Harris completed two years of track without a defeat this month. Set some rec- ords, too. November 11-Eighteen seniors played their last football game for MHS over at Pullman today. We won, too. At left is a picture of the crowd at the halftime. Novenlber IJ-Five of our band members went to Lapwai to take part in the All Dis- trict Band. November 11,-Cries of "swing your part- ner" were heard and a few of the people pictured at the left were right in the middle of it. November 21-22-The district one act play was given. Got an excellent rating on it. page fifty-n eieeember Drfccniber 4--Pictured at right are some of the better looking females in the high school. They are being initiated into the Pep Club. Floretta Randall was chosen DAR representative by the senior girls. She will represent the class by writing an essay. Played our first game with West Valley the 5th. We lost. For outstanding blocking dur- ing the football games, Rich Gillespie was voted best blocker by the team. A new club was formed recently to be called the Junior Classical League. It's for all students who are taking or have taken Latin. Couples tripped the light fantastic at the Elks Christmas dance December 30. At right is some of the crowd. At left, members of the FHA at the win- ter initiation. Boys must belong to the or- ganization, too. The all star football team may have the support of Moscow. Five boys were nominated, Arlen Keck, Bruce Brenn, Dwane Hodgson, Chuck Canfield and Har- vey Neese. Dcccnzlwi' 17-MHS's troop of Thespians held an initiation on stage for six new members. The people earned their points in "Cheaper by the Dozen." Pictured at left are several members of the senior class relaxing while they wait to be entertained at the Silver Tea. Every little bit counts. Frosh saved the school five dol- lars by chopping their own Christmas tree instead of buying one. Student council gave its annual mixer the day school got out. So many people you could hardly fight your Way through. 1 f., sixty january Everyone looks a little pale and washed out about now-pretty rough recovering from a two week vacation! January 9 - The Girls League Cabinet entertained twen- ty-two girls from Pullman's cabinet tonight at a dance. Boy, what a feed. Dance, dance, dance . . . at right are some of the kids at the Bear Spot doing just that. Looks like fun, huh? With a new year comes a renewed determ- ination to be first in the lunch line. At the right is proof of that determination. People sure can get hungry between 8.59 and 12:00. Moscow dropped Lewiston again in a snappy ball game, 38 to 37. All the little fifth grad- ers were moved out this month. The new grade school is done. Jmzmrry 9-"Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" was the theme of the sophomore mixer held tonight after the Pullman game. We beat them, by the way. Pictured at left are the students enjoying a national assem- bly given by Snow Allen, an ex-convict. It's the straight and narrow after this. This was the month that the Arlen Keck fan club was formed. Beats Van Johnson's all to pieces. Jfznzmry 24-The Inspirational Player tro- phy was awarded to Dwane Hodgson. First time in three years that it has gone to a sen- ior. FHA held a potluck dinner with a busi- ness meeting afterwards. Over forty were there to dig in. At the left are the royalty of the annual "M" Club Ball, Jane Lange, queen, and Louretta Alley and Carol Lyle, princesses. li- 11 february Maurice Ritchey, band leader for several years, resigned this month. Going to go back to book larnin' for awhile. Everyone seems to be leaving this month . . . one of the jani- tors and Mr. Robinson's secretary, Mrs. Lo- gan, resigned, too. February 14-The sen- iors in the best tradition of the class spon- sored a Masquerade Ball for junior and sen- or dates only. Only for the fun of it, not the money. Ha, ha. Pictured are some of the couples. "Boney Bones" furnished the theme for the frosh mixer after the Grangeville game. Good old Oscar down in the Biology room finally came into his own. A bunch of pinch- ed faces and swollen arms were seen wan- dering around the halls after that scourge of smallpox shots this month. Pictured at the right is the American History choral read- ing group that went to Wallace to the Re- gional Declamation contest. At the left is pictured the rooting section at one of the many basketball games. Feb- ruary 8-"Never Smile at a Crocodile" was the theme of the junior mixer given after the Sandpoint game. Quite a crowd out. Felwuary 13-Bear Tracks staff held a mix- er to raise money to go to Seattle. No mon- ey, no Seattle! Semester tests over this month. No more books to crack for the lazy seniors. Pictured at the left are several hard working partici- pants of the District Declamation contest. Got a superior, of course. FeIn'21a1'y 21 - Twenty new girls were initiated into the Pep Club. Glad they don't look like that all the time. 1 ' .N .. . .... . , 1 . Q .. .. ., ..,., ,, .,. ..... 5 gt 4 1' .- ll- Ill march March 14-The District Declamation con- test was held at the university today. Really were a slug of kids entered. March 14--The FHA St. Patrick's Day Brawl was held to- night. That's Ron Dunn grinnin' over there. He was crowned St. Patrick at intermission. March 15-The team took off bright and early this morning for the state BB tourna- ment in Pocatello. Everyone was kinda bleary. The dancing couples pictured at the right are "Down in Davey Jones' Locker" at the Junior Prom. It was given March 28. Pam Long, girls' P.E. instructor, resigned this month, to settle down and raise big Long kids! March 4-Played Lewiston at the tourna- ments tonight. We beat them by a couple of points. Pictured at left are some of the kids at Old Clothes Day. Those clothes were really ancient. Quill and Scroll initiated eight new members to add to the three offi- cers the other day. Xit' , - it -" x ' Tn . 354' if-.I 73 'W ' T.. . --A V' 1' '- Qs 3 V ..... - ..... . .1 - af, Puff' P llkl egg ' i r i - ' '. , YA f m Q ,- l .Iw i A a K' -,J .,,',,,, yi p , fig ,. y .3 A y f Q -' Q ,. iv, -wfk ,. H .. -., s. 'sf s p a .- f f-- , ui Work on the all-school play, "Men are Like Streetcarsf' is in full swing. At the left is pictured the tumbling team members going through one of their routines. And they act so casual! March 26--The FHA and FFA delegates took off for Boise and Twin Falls, respectively, for the state conventions. Joyce Horney was voted queen of MHS for Mos- cow's May Day celebration and parade. 1 1. 'ixlgf-Ill 42 The "M" Club was repre- sented by three lovely helles, better known as Boh Yenor, Jerry Verner, and Mick McCarty. No comment about the bottom picture, just a bunch of idiots. pugr' .X'l.ll!I'f1IHY was x, wx XKNJ X X X Even the faculty gave us laughs as they judged the costumes in the auditor- ium Old Clothes Day, left. aid clrfflfes day HE purpose of Old Clothes Day is to give the team a sendoff to the Lewiston tournaments, and of course, this year we took first. Besides giv- ing everybody lots of laughs with the original costumes, Old Clothes Day finally came through with a win. aa- Some of the finalists for the girls on 0ld Clothes Day are pictured in the Y right corner. Coach Hammond presents his own home baked cake to Mr. Jonas. is zz success N the morning everybody wore crazy costumes and participated in dozens of skits in the auditorium. Prizes were taken by Kay Randle- man. Mickey McCarty and Bob Jo- nas. It all ended with a serpentine downtown. Finalists in the boys' di- vision make up the hot- tom picture. page sixly-lim The top left picture shows some of the characters at the Seniors' Masquerade Ball. Picture of students in the cafeteria in- dulging in a bite to eat are shown in the middle. Dancing in the halls to KMHS music gives the girls a chance to practice up before the Prom. More of the Masked Ball, a hoped-to-be- lradltion in the high school. flzcsc pictures ,vrmfe ONT Boobalee's most enjoyable entertainment during the year was watching a typical M.H.S. boy and girl, Wilbur and Lucy, in their daily ac- tivities around school. Mars will probably be overrun with Moscow High's customs when Boo- balee gets back. Here is our high school in a Mar- tian bylktmp's eyes . . . l'Eat me!" bellows Wilbur, 'Tm a cupcake." The dainty feminine echo of Lucy roars back, "Get off my back and munch me." These and many more quaint sayings haunted the lives of three are hundred and eighty odd members of the student body. This Whole hectic year has been one fad or say- ing after another. "M" jackets and dirty cords CWilbur stood his up in a corner at nightj came into style in the fall. This page was paid for by the First Trust Branch of the First Security Bank of Idaho, N. A. Because of its generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been possible otherwise. We are grateful for its support. page sixty-six Everybody sure seems to be caught off guard at the Junior Prom. top picture. Next one down shows the smil- ing faces of proud owners of shop exhibits, Early morning departure of the football team. via Greyhound. No one knows what's at the left bottom but it's something from Old Clothes Day. we 're out af this ufarld UCY looked like a Christmas tree after a few applications of hair powder that came in orange, lemon, lime, cherry and two other delicious flavors. Even hair styles affected Wilbur in the form of an undescribable boogie hair cut . . . long on the sides and short on top. , Lucy couldn't be outdone and appeared at " school with a duck tail. After the Masquerade Ball Wilbur and his buddies could be seen with pork-pie hats perch- ed on their peaked heads. Whenever Wilbur was left in doubt, his ques- tion would always be, "What's the skinny on the deal ?" and the answer came tripping back, "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself." r i Z X l fu. This page was paid for by the following firms: The Owl Drug Store, Rollefson's Grocery, Washburn Wilson Seed Company and Short's Funeral Chapel. Because of their generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been other- wise possible. 1m1J'.vi'.'ly-x1'l'rll Top picture shows the noon rush in the parking lot. Dorothy Bauer is crowned queen of Harvest Ball in the center picture. Lower left shows baseball team warm- ing up. Lower right, some people actually study at noon. and haw fa show I at ILBUR hummed, whistled, and sang every popular song that came out this year. "You Belong to Me," was one of his favorites until it was done by Homer and Jethro. It took Lucy a Week to learn "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" by Perry Como. When asked about the night before, Wilbur would undoubtedly say, "I feel gling glongyf' Things had just been "real crazy" all evening. He tried like all get out to grow a beard this year un- til someone gave him a wash cloth and some after shave lotion. This page was paid for by the dentists of Moscow. Because of their generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been possible otherwise. We are grateful for their support. page sixty-ciglit ln the top picture the basketball team receives awards at assem- bly. Custodians of the school, left to right, Schilling, Fessenden, Hingston and Hoffman. In the lower right students are shown saluting the flag. In the lower left, lockers bang and crash at 3:45. maui Ifwluzlcc' is home N dates Wilbur always picked the shows that had a Magoo cartoon or a Tom and Jerry. News reels sent chills up and down the backs of the senior boys, because of the Korean War, and how close they were to it now. Wilbur had 1-A- itis. Marlon Brando made Lucy "flip a duggle juggle" in the show "Streetcar Named Desire." Turquoise sweaters were worn by both sexes during the cold winter months. Blue denims sub- stituted for dirty cords to keep the boys' legs warm. All in all, the general opinion is that the year 1952-53 has been "downright peachy!" Mont Boo- balee must have thought so too, because as he left he remarked, "You never had it so good!" 11: This page was paid for by the doctors ol Moscow. Because of their generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been possible otherwise. We are grateful for their support. page .vixfy-nim' Iflll' .wry ,N ,,f,fff,1,.! First row, left to right: Rich Gillespie, John Raeder, Jim McCarty, Jack Starr. Bob Yenor, Jerry Giles, Chuck Canfield, Mick McCarty, Arlen Keck, Ron Scrivner. Second row: Coach Hammond, Dick Seely, Jerry Verner, Bruce Brenn, Harvey Neese, Dave Waterman, Sherm Snow, Ron Tisdall, Roger Tyson, Dave Hewitt. Third row: John Elmen, Jerry Terteling, Bill Han- del, Chet Hall, Randy Myhre, Wade Patterson, Wayne Reid, Bob Thomas and Ronnie Dunn, managers. Fourth row. Jerry Wheaton, Mike McQuade, Pierce Morgan, Larry Kline, Dwane Hodgson, Ray Sawyer, Gerry Stubbs. fzfzffball . . . s l 4 5 i im hammaud Well liked 3 at and nf svwnd year R INISHINC his second year of coaching football, Jim ' Hammond was even better liked by the players than the year before. Not only did he teach the boys football but he was also an inspiration in every-day living. The boys felt that Coach Hammond did a swell job, He never lost his temper and got stern only when he was justified in doing so. Whenever a boy had any troubles, he could always take them to the coach. MMS-Mx .. iii page .vz'rz'nfy-Iurn Sherm Snow makes valuable yardage in Clarkston game. Other players are Mickey McCarty 183, Gerry Stubbs 1203, and Wade Patterson 1273. mzfsww has grind mzsamzl rewrd LTHOUGH the Moscow Bears didn't quite live up to previous expectations the team had a fairly successful season by winning four and losing three and tying two. The Bears started their season by winning over Potlatch in a one-sided game, 29-0. Moscow then took on Sandpoint and held the Bulldogs scoreless the first half. Then the breaks went against the Bears and Sandpoint pulled through the victor. One of the darker periods of the season was when the Bears traveled to South Idaho to play Twin Falls. Moscow just couldn't start rolling fthe boys have been looking for an excuse3 and the southern team won 26-6. The Bears wound up the season with flying colors in their final game by downing Pullman 20-0. The Bears couldn't be stopped and played the kind of ball the townsfolk were waiting to see. SEASON SCORES FINAL INLAND EMPIRE LEAGUE STANDINGS Moscow ........... Potlatch 0 Won Lost Tied Pct. Moscow ,,..... Sandpoint 20 Sandpoint ..,. ,..,... 5 1 0 .833 Moscow ...... Lewiston 13 Clarkston ..,... ,,..... 5 1 0 .833 Moscow ........ St. Maries 7 Lewiston ..,,.. ,,..... 5 l 1 .833 Moscow Ccntral Valley 12 MOSCOW .,.. ,........ . .. 2 2 2 .500 Moscow ..... ,.... W est Valley 0 Central Valley ........ ..,,.,, 3 3 I .500 Moscow ...... Twin Falls 26 West Valley ........., ....... 2 5 0 .286 Moscow ..... Clarkston 19 Coeur d'Alene ,...., ....... 1 4 0 .200 Moscow ....,, Pullman 0 Pullman ,,...,.... .. .. . 0 6 0 .000 pagc .szwfcrzhj-Illrw' cw at .....-...... I Eighteen seniors who played their last high school football game are, first row, left to right: Bruce Brenn, Ron Tisdall, Dwane Hodgson, Mike McQuade. Second row: Jerry Terteling, Bob Yenor, Randy Myhre, Dave Waterman. Third row: Jerry Ver- ner, Wayne Reid, Jerry Wheaton, Dave Hewitt. Fourth row: Arlen Keck, Mickey McCarty, Bill Handel. Not pictured are Chuck Canfield, Rich Gillespie, and Harvey Neese. elynfeen seniors inspire renin THE Moscow Bears are losing eighteen foot- ball lettermen by graduation. The follow- ing are the seniors who were the backbone for the 1952 season. HARVEY NEESE--a transfer from Texas who inspired the boys with his fancy running. ARLEN KECK-called signals for the Bears the last two years. He also was a mainstay as a linebacker on defense. RICH UILLESPIE - end on both defense and offense. He was one of the best pass re- ceivers and elected best blocker by his team- mates, MICKEY lVIcCARTY--offensive center who could be depended on for hipping the ball and blocking. He also played defensive linebacker. DWANE HODGSON-one of the best line- backers in the state, a utility man in the back- field on offense. Voted inspirational player by his teammates. CHUCK CANFIELD-eleft halfback who has done most of the passing for the Bears for the last two years. Played safety and halfback on defense. 1 1. tcnty four 1 BILL HANDEL-defensive and offensive guard who was often the fifth man in the op- ponents' backfield. WAYNE REID-offensive right tackle who at times opened big holes for the fleet backs. MIKE MCQUADE-played a lot of ball as tackle on both offensive and defensive. DAVE HEWITT--played tackle and even though it was his first year of football, was a great asset for the Bears. RON TISDALL-defensive right end who was hard to move out when the opponents came his way. JERRY WHEATON-another senior who played his first year of football but helped the team. Weighing 245, Jerry was the biggest man on the team. JERRY VERNER-right end who saw a lot of action at both defense and offense, Jerry was a fine defensive end. RANDOLPH MYHRE-defensive and of- fensive guard who was very rough on defense. .8250 Q55 Football Captains Football Managers Best Blocker Inspirational Plays-r Mickev McCarty, Bruce Brolin Bob Thomas, Ron Dunn, John Baker Rich Gillespie llwane Hodgson BOB YENOR-offensive guard who was a good blocker and who always did his job. BRUCE BRENN-defensive and offensive left end. Bruce was a very good pass receiver but was out most of the season this year due to injury. DAVE WATERMAN-defensive guard his senior year and a quarterback his junior year. Dave was one of the mainstays on defense. JERRY TERTELING--defensive left end who was very rugged when he wanted to be. Jerry was also a utility man. sizable gain is made by llwano Hodgson in the Potlatch game. Mickey McCarty f8j and Miko McQnade 1243 are also pictured. ymgr'.vmwvlty-fii'1' r 7 1 M - an xxx x .. N .E -X F . W F X . . ,v u l "'L al' . X f m f C., r K1 H A Rf , X X X ,f E f 1 I X xi 4 E e W gl X -A K, I , , ' Y: 1 L , is xx ' , X x 1 J k A X r lx-'W .-.A 4 ,M X , it .5 SX 1 s 1, z X , if . X, .K I 1 K Q. V 'A' o f N 'W X 2' ' PM n . - Qi. ,X 3 '41-.W x A eg? x 5 A . ,Six X, . K x xi N gf 31 'x I a -'W as ' . : wg.. ' Ld Xvowlk 4 . . bw!! iff x we A Ron Scrlvner Chet Hall Dick Seely Junior, Center Junior, Tackle Junior, Center Jerry Wheaton Bruce Brenn Senior, Tackle Senior, End Charles Canfield Q75 gets away for a long run in the Pullman game. Also pictured are Mick McCarty 183 and Arlen Keck 493. prim' .wwrnly-uiau 6 4 Gerry Stubbs bulls his way through the Clarkston line for a big gain as Mike Mcquade 1241, Arlen Keck 193 and Bruce Brenn 1133 look on. "B" FOOTBALL SCORES Opponents Moscow Clarkston .. ,. ......,. . 12 7 Lewiston .... , ...,., 12 6 Pullman .,,. 6 19 Clarkston .,... ...... 1 3 12 Pullman ,,.. 0 32 Lewiston .,... 0 6 Moscow squad members are, first row, left to right: Don Bellomy, Rich Koster, Wayne Cleveland, Reid Miller, Jlm Wa- terman, Dudley Mayo, Gary Thompson, Bob Beckvold. Second row: La Vance Rauer, Dale Riedesel, Jim Schopp, Ron Fred- rickson, Fred Schopp, Denny Rankin, Jerry Falls Third row: Ralph Johnston, Jerry Robbins, Jerry Berg, Fred McMillen, Mike Estes, Coach Parkinson. , . X. .T , Q . , twtw... .. 5 -. 2 4 4, 'Wy 1 . ts ss- N ss- we g f . Ssisx ' X KT X Ns ti sv r tx g s s 2 'ff gy. : by if 'J x 5 K , x si X i gf L Q l . W X P sg? t . S . is l O O V ' V fx lk K ii- gfgr 1, it I Q 1 is K 11 X ynrlgf' 1'ig.:hly-mu: First row, left to right: Coach Parkinson, Jack Trimble, Jim Harris, Charles Canfield Ron Tisdall Bruce Brenn Second row Art Bedard, Dwane Hodgson, Wade Patterson, Arlen Keck, Rich Gillespie. Not pi tured Harvey Nail page eighty-two West Valley ...... ,Genesee .............. Central Valley Potlatch ............ Sandpo1nt .....l.... Coeur d'Alene Central Valley Potlatch ............ Pullman ...... Lewiston ...... Clarkston .....,. Clarkston ,...... Pullman ...... Orofmo ........... Grangeville ........ Genesee ........ Sandpoint ..,.... Oroflno ...,....... Coeur d'Alene BASKETBALL SCORES 54 Moscow . 40 Moscow . 45 Moscow . 28 Moscow . 33 Moscow . 47 Moscow . 38 Moscow . 41 Moscow . 37 Moscow . 38 Moscow . 69 Moscow . 56 Moscow . 36 Moscow . 32 Moscow . 43 Moscow . 54 Moscow . 61 Moscow . 41 Moscow . 59 Moscow . Co-captains of basketball, Arlen Keck and Rich Gillespie Coach Seth Parkinson 1 Managers, Gerald Strang and Whitey Dlethelm 6 kcfb ll ,cczrkiuscu successful in scccuc! ycczr COACH Seth Parkinson headed the Moscow Bears to a very successful season as mentor of the basketball squad. In his second year at M.H.S. Coach Parkinson succeeded in literally master-minding the Bear five to the first Dis- trict two Tournament Championship in seven years. The student body is thoroughly grateful and appreciative for the wonderful job that Coach Parkinson was able to perform during the 1953 basketball season. 1 :gc eighty-three I mzfsww Winds up season with gm! rcmrd NDER the direction of Coach Seth Parkinson the Bears finished the season with a way-above average seasonal record, Moscow beat Lewiston, the main basketball rival, three out of the four times they met, losing the one by the slim margin of 38-37. Moscow also beat Pullman both of the games they played. With ten of the eleven players on the team graduating the squad for next year will be lack- ing in experience. The members of this year's team showed a lot of fire and school spirit and always did their best even when they couldn't seem to get rolling. They never lost heart and al- ways fought till the final buzzer. In the upper left hand corner Rich Gillespie 183 drops in two points against West Valley. Wade Patterson 1123 comes in for the rebound. Left, Art Bedard U41 racks up a basket against Sandpoint. Wade Patterson U23 waits for re- bound. Lower left, the Bears' Carroll Anderson puts up a shot against Gen- esee. In the lower center picture action was rough when Bruce Brenn t7J at- tempts a layup against Lewiston. Harvey Nail U13 looks on. Lower right, Ar- len Keck mades a two pointer against Genesee. Rich Gillespie 183 and Wade Patterson 1123 are also pictured. bears Win district titlct first in seven years HE Moscow Bears fought to the first tournament cham- pionship in seven years by dropping the Lewiston Ben- gals twice and the Orofino Maniacs once. Forging through a closely called game, the home five succeeded in leaving the Lewiston team by the wayside in a 51 to 45 defeat. Starting out slowly and gradually picking up steam, the Bear quintet rolled over the inspired Orofino club 50 to 43. In the championship game the Bears were pitted against the Bengals once again. Ball control characterized the game, thus keeping the score in the thirties. Lewiston hopes fell with two last second shots that failed to go in. The final score found Moscow on top 38 to 37. This was the first time that a clean sweep in the Dis- trict Two Tournament had occurred in a number of years. tllpper rightb Bruce Brenn puts in a jump shot in the district play against Lewiston. tCenter rightj Art Bednrd dumps in two points the hard way. tLower leftj Keck puts in ai left handed lay-in for the Bears during the Oro- fino game. tLower center! .lim llarris scores against Orofino. 4Lower rightj llrannom takes a rehnund as Gillespie can't quite reach it. pugv r'i,uhIg1-.v1'l'1'rl prim' Pipglliy-fight dcspcrafiau sim! staffs bc1zrs'l10pes at staff TARTING out strongly the Moscow Bears downed Madi- son high of Rexburg, one of the favorites of the tourna- ment. From that time on Lady Luck shunned the home five completely. ln the last five second of the Rigby game a Wild jump shot Went through to put Moscow under by one point, Seeking revenge the Bears led the Nampa Bulldogs up to the last seconds. This time a shot with three seconds left to play ended Moscow's tournament hopes by two points. 1Upper centerj Harvey Nail puts in a jump shot in the Rigby game. iUpper lefty Bruce Brenn has a field day against Rigby as he dumps in another two points. 1Upper rightj Bruce Brenn lays in a cripple against Rexburg. qLeftJ Rich Gillespie hits for Moscow, as Harvey Nail waits for rebound. 4Lower leftj Harvey Nail scores against Rigby. QLower rightj Keck, Brenn, and Pat- terson play control ball against Rexhurg. First row, left to right: Roger Tyson, Bill Moore, Ron Fredrlckson, John Raeder, Ron Scrivner, Ron Schwartz, Shcrm Snow, Art Mell, manager. Second row: Coach Hammond, Larry Kline, Jerry Jensen, Boyd Olseson. Bob Thomas, Gerry Stubbs, Jerry Giles. 'Z " 0 kttb ll Ron Scrivner making an easy lay-up against Troy A squad. fl fl squad slmufs future talent OSCOW'S Cubs proved themselves as capable basketball players this season. Although the "B" squad was on the short end of the scoring in many of the games this season they showed that there will be some talent coming up to re- place the graduating seniors on the varsity. Using many freshmen and sophomores on the squad this year Coach Hammond spent much time building a team for next year. page eighty-nine These four boys were chosen as candidates for the annual all star football game this summer. Probably one and perhaps more will participate in this game. Pictured left to right are Bruce Brenn, Arlen Keck, Chuck Canfield, and Dwane Hodgson. Not pitcured, Harvey Neese. tumbling teams entertain at basketball games FTER hard work several boys proved to the tainment at the basketball games. Also tum- school that a tumbling team would be a bling at the district tournament won them good idea. The team provided half-time enter- great acclaim. Ralph Provencal sails through the air with the greatest of ease while fleft to right! Roger Tyson, Jay Dee Leavitt, Dan Pope, and Jimmy Allwardt form a bridge over Gerald Peterson. -1. 1. 4 page n inrly Left to right: Bill Woodbury, Gary Pedersen, Bill Schmidt, Jim Harris, captain. crass cauutry team makes gaod rewrd ROSS country, a sport which is not too popu- lar around M.H.S., made one of the best seasonal records this year. Jim Harris, Mos- cow's fastest distance runner, set two speed gn f becomes mm' ,zwpular NTluhEST in golf is becoming more intense each year. Although this year's team is mostly inexperienced it was built around two of last year's vet- erans, Bob Thomas and Ron Scrivner. Future prospects are looking better each year as interest grows. W1 records this year and was undefeated. Al- though Jim graduates this year Moscow still has hopes in the future running of Bill Wood- bury, Bill Schmidt, and Gary Pedersen. Members of the golf team are, from left to right, first row: Ron Scrivner. Tom Trail. Dwane Hodgson, Boh Thomas. Second row: Gregg Wilson, Jim Kraus. Rich Koster, Jerry Meyerhocffer. This page was paid for by the S. K. Smith Company of Los Angeles. This company produced our cover this year. gmgv 1nim'ly-um' Members of the track team are, from left to right, first row: Bob Brasch, Reid Miller, Bill Anderson, Bruce Brenn, Sherm Snow, Wade Patterson, Mike McQuade. Second row: Bill Woodbury, LaVance Rauer, Orin Lyons, Rich Gillespie, Jerry Giles, .lack Starr. Third row: Coach Parkinson, Arlen Keck, Ronnie Schwartz, Bob Beckvold, Bill Schmidt, .lerry Berg, Dick Seely. Fourth row: Jerry Strang, Mickey McCarty, Duane Carlson, Jim McCarty, Jim Harris, Larry Kline. fhiozolods lzooo prosperous sooson RACK is considered the most popular of the spring sports and as the usual spring wea- ther rolls around Moscow tracksters can be seen sprinting around the school during the . middle of a rain or snow storm. The team made 'g'30f,'5'WejffS a new 'econ' in the Idaho "W" a good showing at state last year and have sev- eral returning lettermen. Hopes are fairly high r for the team as the annual goes to press. A lot p will be expected of Jim Harris, Dwane Hodg- l son, Arlen Keck, and a few others that made a good showing at state last year. This year in order to qualify for state only first and sec- ond winners of the regional meet will be able to go. This page was partially paid for by the optometrists and auditors of Moscow. Because of their generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been possible otherwise. We are grateful for their support. page ninety-Iwo fmcksicrs pezfvrm COLD weather held up track practice, but the team fi- nally got into action at the North Idaho Invitational Meet. Wade Patterson, top left, shows good form in the shot put ring. In the top right picture Arlen Keck is coming in first for the relay team in the 880 yard relay. Ron Schwartz, center, easily clears the last low hurdle to place first. Harvey Nail, lower left, Sprints to place third in the 100 yard dash. Dwane Hodgson, lower right, clears the bar in pole vaulting to tie for third place. is This page was paid for by the Daily Idahonian. Because of its generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been possible otherwise. We are grateful for its support. !l gan wmplsfes successful year THE Girls' Athletic Association offers com- petitive sports in which each girl can earn points for a letter. A six inch letter is the re- ward of 1,000 points. To earn a trophy, the highest award in G.A.A., a girl must show out- standing ability in several sports. Under the supervision of Mrs. Pam Long, the G.A.A. has completed another year of ac- tivities in girls' sports. Moscow is in a league of five schools competing in speedball, volley- ball, basketball, badminton and softball. Moscow won one game and lost three at the speedball tournament in Lewiston. They were undefeated in the volleyball tournament in Clarkston. The basketball team was hindered by the loss of three main forwards, but lost only to Clarkston. l un-.. Cr' Q' Mrs. Long Jane Lange and Jamie Hughes are playing bad- Two basketball players are jumping for a loose mmton m the Playday tournament. ball. 1 L, 1l irwty-four wig- 'l 7 ' I P l if - ' X' ' " 'X img x - I . ...Li 2 I 1 , hp f 3 1 i W In-v Bolinghroke- Anne Carson Gail Torpvy chaff leaders N spark team C . MONU the harclvst workers in thc school are the chcurlvaclurs. Gail ini' Torpey, Anne Carson and Beverly Hol- inglrroke, 'A' squad vhccrloaclers, really did a great joh this year rousing school spirit at crucial moments. Thr Junior Varsity choorlcanlcrs, Mary Ann Johnson, Dorothy Bauur, and Kathryn Torpcy, clicl their share in stir- ring up the spirit ot' tht- .I.V.'s rootors. Ln-ft to right: Dorothy Rani-r, Kathy Torpvy. Mary .hm Johnson. l'1-p Band nu-mln-rs arc- picture-d in-rv. In the first row, left to right: Cc-vil ll:-ivk. Kzithvrinu- We-ha-r, Liz Passniorv, Phyllis Muxlvxaiidn-r. Bill Noodhury. ,lim Stramz. Second row: Don Erickson. Don Randall, .lohn link:-r. ,Univ Svhnvll, Mary Ann lfowlvr, I-'rank llnntn-r. lnlg1r'liiur'lyffil1' ., -Q lflll' advertisers 1:11-'I mm Yu w 1 VH I.1...1..1-ll.-u,1un1u.1uu1un-.nniuliuninpi 1 1.11. I111nv.,un...u1lu-.nu1nl1nl1llinn-.uninui--1-11.11.11 MARKETIME DRUGS I .,..' A , . PRESCRIPTIONS T Serve Yourself :4, and Save Xx x :Eff V 'fr' , wi 'A" 209 East Th a N PHONE 2144 BEN FRANKLIN Off I V -111 1oc to CANDY . X, STORE ,. SPORTING ' I GOODS 1' I 415 So. Main Phone 2405 T H E P A R I S I A I W N 1 1 ety-eight LAN E'S X15 . ' r HIV . 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I I L V MOSCOW FURNITURE I I-..-..-..-..-......-...................-........-..-..-.4. p 1 -.n 1..1..1..1..1,,1..1..1,.1..1..1..iu1nninn..nn1nu TRUCK - PASSENGER Abbott's Auto Service ' , , -15. 3. 1 RECAPPING A Q vULcAN1z1NG :!:n'l5 REPAIRING ' QIHI: N I 'z ' I Phone zso-1 115 East 2nd SUGAR 'N SPICE BAKERY -g -M - ff x xx BEST PASTRIES f'f.,f-gf ' IN TOWN fll gifi X? is -6 'i ' , :..-..:::: f: K Z:-:f 3 2:3 -.-.Q The Home of Good Clothes for Men and Women CREIGHTONS MOSCOW'S OLDEST CLOTHIERS Since 1890 1:11.-1nuig ginu1n-1 .. 1 1.11.4-1.1- .1.-1.-. 1 1 1 1 1-N1-E1-u1..1g.iqiqi..1.,-...1..1 Br0wn's F umiture r 1::7:: :iz iz:-in ' :u7:n7:: Y fr: rr :: A- --1 WILLIS MARKET AND GROCERY Fresh Produce Clean Meats 2353 GROCERY MARKET 2434 TO COMPLETE THE ELECTRICAL I HOME . . . SPENCE ELECTRIC -..-..--.-..-..--.-.--..--.-..-.--..-..-.-..-..-...- p g nc hundred-0 -5- -......- aiu 4. CLEA 'WING PRESSING rum 2141 0, szs s. M STUDIO Gracluatmg Senwrs 521 S Mam Phone 2245 GALLUP YARDS, Inc. 810 South Main Phone 2357 'E' H nin--uni:-n1gl1q--:slum -..1q.-gg.1.,1..1..1..1..1g.1g. -ing.-,, 1-7 1,7 ning.-nglgingi O I H T fi ll I 1: D I I A T The Home of Famous Brands l.-..-...................-.-.,...-..-..-..-.....-..... ?n1nuu1nuui 1.-nn--n-1n1nn-un-In1n1nn1n 1 1 1 111:-n I VARSITY H I L J lx FOR THE VERY BEST ' 13 wmv In IN H A FOOD 42....................................-..... -..-..-....... 10:--uu1-m1 1-1--1--1:n1nn-un1uu1-111-11111 1 1 1-q-.1 WMV A?f4!fUf0l got n Buy 1: 'HUT F See- QZ KENNEDY sf KEANE V REAL ESTATE i .i............-..-..-........-..............-..- - -..-. -In 1-:1g:-1:i:l1ls--lc7"7x1an1qu GOOD LUCK, GRADS! Schneidmiller 81 Faires 611 S. Main St. Moscow, Idaho CASE - CALKINS - GOBLE FARM MACHINERY gg-n1n:fn:7:u1u:il.-:: 71:7 ni : 1 - --' 7- -u-.unl::::l1gl-.n7..n1lulx-u::n1nn OPEN 1 . 24 A V tq:A , V Darl HOURS Delight DZY Cafe uiuzincfx nie.: ...--lq1..1..1..1.. ,- .A X. C S X 1 ,. , I JY I 12 MS lg-.qg1u1u-u Ward Paint Sz Hardware SPORTING GOODS PAINT FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES PHONE 2221 404 South Main ,,..1..1.gig.1'.1nninn1n.-..- mC52'-r-UUl"l'1'lI TF' H N w ir H H T 1: N xi J -i- 1? if H T ll if H I 4. TF' li ll A V ar :I 11 il 1: F is A zz an H 4- 1? H Il A X 1, M H il H page one humlnul-three ln... 11.-.iuini.q1..1gp-.gg1g,1..1qn1..1.p1.. glnf: 1 -: iz .- :fl .in :ilu 31.14311 1 fr- -.. 1 MacRae Motors as I .-......n1q.1q.1q ni..ilg...qg-...1.g-...1l.1..1,,1n.-1 WRIGHT'S "' FOUNTAIN , 3 SOFT DRINKS G5-', S' and E ICE CREAM 1.p1g.q.qu.-nu1nn1..1..1g.1.. .1..1..1nilgigpilglu-'lg-n1l.1ll1n1lpiglinpiu-. ..1.--...lui.l1.l-.nin1n.-.l...l.1n1nn- -p-ni' -mqugiupigl h rl MOSCOW FLORISTS d-four 11.11.-q1lq1n-.uni 1nn1nn1n,1nn -I- E Congratulations jj the Senior Class of 1953 H i THE VETERANS H OF H FOREIGN WARS 1 'lll"'l'1'll-I'inilli'il'TllTl'illT"'T'l"ll1'llTl'TllilCl Izmir- 1uiun:un1ul-ln-uvs1ol11l1In1ln1ul11I--ul1su-nu1n:? J 81 N JEWELERS W I t Best In , H ,. -Y 1 if 155559 V N fl . li FINE JEWELRY ll AND SILVER :i5i?Ef,1TllluNN1Nm Dsl, A in li I .-..-..-..-..- .-..-..-..........-..-..-..- ....-..-..-..i. I1Il1lI1lu-Iu1n1:u1nu1cu-an-sn1:n1un1nn1uu1uu1nn1-1111? ! Moscow Concrete Inc. Ready Mixed Concrete E Pumice and Concrete l Building Blocks Allied Products I 237 West 8th Phone 2202 gi i .-.-.-.:E.-- 2 :i:E: -E .164 1m: n1l51qp1np1nn:nn1u 1ll1lp1n1-lgilgiluzlnilnxnn-1lg1n1lp1u1n1n1n1n1u'in 7 .I 7 ,...-an Y Y .. .nin Y.: 7 ... 7. .n W, , .rin -Y .- 7 .n1gl1au1gp1gp1q1n1gg-gn-.uiluiu HALE MOTOR .1lp-gp.-n1nin-..n1l.1l.1-11.1111.11.1111-.1..1.,1..1l.1l.1..1 .1 1uuiuu1uu1uu1n.1l.--1.11-un1nn1..1,-1.111.114 -"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-""-"- -"'-"!' ! SUCCESS H 'I' U D I Y I Idaho First National Bank Member F.D.I.C. +-------------------- whb- -4- :..:: af:-:f::f:.,:.,:. 1. 1: :4:.,:.::.3:.l:.-.4 ACE WELDING I gn' I 1 U 1 f .an I If You Can Break It, LL Bill Knight can Fix nz 1 N -I- -- ---ff-- f--rf--W --f- - f--f --f f 'Q' 0. K. RUBBER WLDEBS 1 NEW AND USED . - . I The In I Tire worhrs 7.5, xx RecaDDinE H Finest 1'-u, ' H X Q H -i- ui n1:n1 n1lg1nilp1usnll1l1ll1gl1un1pu-n1u1n1-n--un- .1ni...1..1,.1,.1.I1uu1ln1ll1n1gq:n1pp1qn1qliun-.pp1l SERVICE :J IE , an At Its Best '15 T VESSEL .x Aj f ' STATION p.1g.1q.iggiqn1ng1qu1..1g.-1pl1gpip1qg1gqilp1gq1g.-gl..-. EVERETT WILL TRACTOR CO. Ellwood Widman W. M. Jones, Jr. ' , - . "L1l:"i-- --fi fy? R4 5 vi-7 U" W uv mg. B' " wgw, .At- " N Xx-.N: .L ' N Q4 L -I W iN1p 54 ' . w 'ns . -. " YY 'ip-.,:L.:N 4 'I CATERPILLAR JOHN DEERE TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS Phone 2216 218 N. Main .111 ll-up-1 1' H ll I Pi I1 I Il N -i- 1' i 3' Y II T H ll ll ll 24 I I N I F' in ii H if -I- p g hundred-five liuluilI1lwml1mn1uml1ll1lu1lu::u7: 7: in H3101 :n7::7:: :a --7 9.31513 3.7: g 73 gig? if if I S "ff M . fa, , , I 1 e j f ' or IW5Wf9.W fiizgfwfuuialzwzs W5 T I 5 H il H ll lg U 4..-..-..............................................-...........-..-. ...... ..-..-......................-..-.....-...,5, lin aiu: ni:ni::i::i:ui::7::7:: :urn :: si: ::i:l1n 1.1-un------ni-qi: inqi:-u4::,:xf:n1-an :: :n --::-:n-nu1un-ng. I il J! Specialized Motor Tune'up a I' " Ignitions Carburetor 1' H x " II H Automotive Wiring Service QQSXNN V 4 N Q H Batteries Heaters Wipers C :Q if U Kenby Auto Electrlc 1 STOP IN AT THE Jefferson 84 Troy Road Phone 25-751 i CO, I T i +n1-'1qn1u1qp1ll1nl1nn 111------ n-11111: .fg.1nn1nu- 1luill1uu1ll--ll-lr-ll--ll-In-ll1rl1:l1-1-nuiqi, -!-.-..-..- -..-..-..-..-..-...-..-..-........ .. -...-..-. ,-I,-I,-,,-H-,,-,,-,I-,,,-,,-,,,,,,-,,-,,-,- -I,-H-I f f I At PENNEY'S 5 1 Moscow. IDAHO i E' BRAND NAMES T0 BE REMEMBERED 5 I i . . . Cynthia' for slips T Q I . . . Adonna' for Undies i A Q . . . Towncladr for Suits I . . . Towncraft' for Shirts, Sportswear, T i Shoes, etc. X i 7 L .g........-.... ....... -..-... -------.. ,.-..,-.- - 2 I ,-,,-,, ------,------- ,,-,,-,, 4 i 5 N Q 1 cuss ones: g 9 i : ' . -..-.-.-,-.-4 ' ' I 'J' I E 5 as ,..., ..,.. S i 1 T 3 CORNER CLUB 1 4 I WHERE WORKING MEN MEET l I 4 1 +-------- -------------------------------------------'-- -1----------------------------------------- --------+ page on I I l 1'q1..i...-..1..1..1q.-...1 1 .. 1...1..1..1..1..i.. -- f-r--- - - - -nxosxss '- " -- "as-nf 7-1:-1. I . 'E n Z uf , IX v + f ,tl ' arg W A .KIU4 E AIKLY I , I I A I X 44 EED PEAS CRITES MOSCOW GROWERS, Inc. WEST 8th STREET 1.11.I-..1.,i..-.,p1n1n.1nn1n.-1,1nn-.u-11 1 inqilqlu 4? 5 E: FOR THE I..:.. 'W - I N FINEST IN bl ' I CRAFTSMANSHIP Talbott Cabinet Shop 312 College ...,...,1 1 1 .-.l-....1..1.l1.... 1 ... 1 .- 1,.,,..,,,1. 1.p..-.1 1-n1nn1un1.n1uui --.1 1 1 1 1 1au1uu1 Congratulations to Class of '53 HAROLD CORNELISON INSURANCE .1,....... 1II1..1..1..1..1.,....-...QM1 1 .1 1...1,,,.-.. .7311-.:: 1: 7: 7::7:: T. : : 1 gg ED SEZICE X SEMLER'S OUR . X - TEXACO BUSINESS Z STATION X 505 West 3rd GOODRICH TIRES AND TUBES 1..-p.1..-.....-p..1..1..1g.1.11-gig..-......i..1nin1.g Ilul..1.,..,,1,.1..iqqi.........g.iq1..1..1..i..1..1u Kirby Vacuum Cleaner SALES AND SERVICE Service to All Makes of Vacuum Cleaners Phone 2-9251 722 S. Main .1..1..1u1.g1..1g..1 1 1 1...-..i..1..1......q..-..1.. Wade's Drive-ln 'VY Q Rafi-rfb 1 I I fl-A I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I' -g..-..-.................-..-..-..-......-..-...-..-..-..-..... . I VAL'S SEED SERVICE I Poultry, Feeds and Supplies Seeds and Garden Supplies If Baby Chicks 'I Out South Main Street Ph 25-141 H 5lillll llTllillilllllillilhlli T lllll 101-un1n-no-n1q1.-vi-11'-1:-1--1--1-111111.--I--.1-..i. I I Ku Complete Line of If FARM I If ' SUPPLIES I I I I Moscow Commission Co. 1: 'I' I II FOR REFILL . . .CALL I FRED HANDEL U U I II H MOBILHEAT MOBILGAS 1: MOBILOIL I' Phone 2279 1102 S. Main Moscow, Idaho I 'I' page one hundred-eight .1..1..-UI1p1.g1.,1.g1..1..1..11.11.1l.ini..1..1..i..1..1..1..1..1.Ii 1 1 - 1n1..1. 1,1111 Llu1nu1n:7u:-- nipzfuir: :: n1::in:- nina-.1-:,.1.......1.'1..i'.1..1..1..1n .i..1g1q-u1q.1q1-l1..1p..1 -. iuulnliuulnui iuiu 113731: : 1 3: 31:1 u1q:ip:i.n1-111.1--1 1-.11 nini.c7l,7pp1.,,,l.inp1l, ... .. W nfs. -.7 .7 1,,I.-qg1ql1I-my1up-...in1..i..1.p.-nlinqlngillil...,,1I.1,,i..1...1gn1q1q1q1q.1.l1..-.I-11. eely 81 on TUDEBAKER g1,..-M1..-.g.i..1..1..-.p.1..1g.1q1q-....i.l-...i..1.' NORMAN'S SHOE E5 SHOP I y SHOE REPAIR 'gy SHOE SUPPLIER nin-niun-nu1un1un:un1u :1:n:lo ACLE P. ANDERSON 4 Paint Specialist ly I' fl' I ' AWlllllgS I I ag Everything in W5 Canvas , g1..i.,i.n....i:.1 -nuimufzqzq: :ix ,E::7::ia:-asain: Aff! ' , Travel Info I? I and Northwest Airline Transportation to the Airport N EELY TAXI For Quick Taxi Service lining-.g1.?..1l.1n-1 I i In II ala -,.,-,,-...,,..,..,,,.,,.,..,,......-..-..-......,..-..-..-..5. Q- .-..-..-..-..-..-..-...-.....-..-..-.....-.........-..-..g. i l V ' I j 9 I - PACKARD - gg N BE SMART! ff OA I Q V USE OUR I SALES ----- SERVICE A CONVENIENT X, A i SEIBERLING TIRES FACILITIES ' X CUNNINGHAM MOTORS 115 West 6th Phone 2280 i.-....,.....................-......-..-..-..-..-.i 4.-......-..-..-..-..-..-....,...-.,..-.....,-..-..-.i in.1.'1..1..1..1,.1qi..1..1g.1..1..1..1.. i1i11 .5 T111 1 - 111-111--1uIv1uu1un1nn1nn1uu1uu1an1a1on1an1uu1u5. I MMM I 5 DRIVE Oz" INN if 1 1' ' IF YOU'RE 1 I o LOOKING FOR 5 .A Drive In After I PROPERTY OF ANY KIND - SEE fi the Show ,, I . A 1: MOSCOW REALTY H l 1 203 East 3rd Ph0ne 3-1461 g H I,-:.....D,D E,.S.L.S..- - -..-..-.I lm.-. ...Z HEI E,.1..1..1n::-1:11:11 ::i:.i:.i:-1.n7:n1l-i:- :un-uf oil-11.1--1111...-nuf:u1nni:ni:r ,::7: :n : :: :7::i:u1uT jj THE HOBBY gf Ralph Walters Paint Shop I A CYCLE SHOP 1 ' Q Pu-5 2 i Pfmf , A To You of the Class of '53 Z ,ax F CONGRATULATIONS! 5 37 H In South Main I ! PAINT AND PAPER SPECIALISTS fl i 5 213W N. Main Ph0ne 2337 fl' .i.,-..-..-........................-..-..-..-..-.....-..-.4, .,:.-..-..-......-......-..-..-..-..-..-.....-..-..-..-..-.4. a!s.,.1..1..1,.i,..-..1.,.i.1..1..1..1 - .. 1 n1au1n? !l H GIV X 3 E., ......22i,,a,-.-Af.. QW Z Charles Drayton I F Q E , - Distributor - I nj,-, -1- lx'-:"' . EA if" H - l Phone 2416 I T T Q.-1nn-.u,..u.1..1nu1n1u-n1g-lp--.1I-1...-..1., 1u1ll.-niuiplu ........................-..............-...........-..-..-.i. 1 ne hundred-nine 1u1n1 1n1n1. 1u.1n1 1u1nu NOBBY INN l1u.1p1n.1n1n1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.1.. I-...1.-1-n1nn1un1nu1u1u1 u1n1n1.n1......, Congratulations, Seniors Class of '53 W. C. "Bill" Jones JONES FARM CHEMICAL DISTRIBUTOR Moscow, Idaho ...........-..-...-.- - - - .. .. -........ .........-..-..- - - - - - - - -.-..-.q. ANDERSOIVS Store and Spot Shop 'QWWW -Aiftfauwe 0 QW Quality Made and Designed for Long Wearing Comfort- Tops in Looks. MEN'S SHOES . . . Telephone 2224 3rd and Washington Moscow, Idaho 4. .. -4- one umlred-ten 1 1. h 1...1.,,1..,1...1,,,......1n1n.....- .1..1...1.1..1..1..1.....,.,....,1..1...-,l, uiuuiuu v:11 nu-nu1ll1qn1u1q.1-gp-ql1gl1g.1..1..1,g? I This could ' X happen to you! I -QQ? BE SURE . . . INSURE ' . I Welsel Insurance Agency 1 I I I-------1 ------- --------------- - -----4. n---1--1 1.-1'-1 1 1n1---nn-an-a-1:1-:u1nu1nn1nu1n?o nunnno TOM A --.lf uf -lee1-l If -e-V S . L W we IRVING in Lincoln and Dealer ' 105 S. Main Phone 2401 I 'IillT'lTllTllTlI'iI ill?llillllillvllillllllllllllll1nl+ H1 1lIl 100 111111 n-cn1an1un1n 11111 n1..q!. I I Precision Machinists Arc and Gas Welding Sheet Metal Metal Fabricating I IDAHO MACHINE sl SHEET METAL I 122 West st. Phone 6091 I I IITIII?IHWIIIWIIITIITIIITllTllTllllillllTlllll? illllllla n lnclx:ill1lo1ltini:l1ni:'1ll7 Your Standard Distributor C. W. fChetj TAYLOR Office Phone 31281 House Phone 20041 .........::.......::: 3R11 1: 2:11 1 A :Vf:e.:f.:f.,i. 1:01n:niniun--unzn-In-nn::n:nn:un1nn1n 1 1:11-nina! L so X I . R -'V i A .563 fi X. M in 3 Nhffv--M ' ! inlenluillillinin-Iluzlnilnillinn-nn1n1n1n:rI-using! 1.un1nu1nu1an-n--an1-ln-nu1u1u1luuiuniuliuu-nu-u--nuxnogn Moscow Commission Co. l. QSince 18963 J. E. BARR, Proprietor I GRAIN - FEED - WOOD - COAL Dairy Feeds, Poultry Feeds and Supplies The Home of "Chicken Little" Phone 2385 Moscow, Idaho 707 So. Main St. I 1ll1ll-nil:-ll:-ll1cl1nn1uu-1nn1nn1:n1un1nn-un1un1un1ni, 11:11:1uu1:u-uu1un::n-un1ul1in1ll11u1ll-ll-In--u1ln1n!n ! Arun use I 9' its WILLETT Q BROTHERS AUTO PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Q I Phone 2277 215 s. Main I iuinlinhgpp-lp1nl l -1- u1gl1qu-nz----ninninilpil SHULL BROTHERS 's . J' C... " ,X RODENT, INSECT is N AND WEED , F , -J CONTROL .1.,i,1 1 .. 1 1.-1u...nu1.l1qu1nn1n1qn.1n1..1..1 Congratulations, Grads! from MARK P. MILLER MILLING CO. BLUESTEM FLOUR . u1n-n-up-ll-ll1l.1lp1ln1ln1n1 1 1 1111.1 11:11-1.1 1 1nn1nu1n1 inniuliuuiquigni-11.11-l.1nq1 am.: . .., . Eff 0 f 'S A as ' .1- ffb ,P Af P A' , 2 riff fi 1 Ah A E M P I R E D E P T S T O R E PULLMAN, WASH. .1,,...... 1 1,.1..1.p1..1..1..1..1..1..1 1 1-...1 pai. I l l I cle 1n-gn1.u1.s:n:un1q'1qn1pl1qu1qn1u-ql-..1q1q. .-gg.-ginnilninu-n1n.1.n1nni-uui iuuingin..--ni p-501-ll1ll1ll1ll1ip1g REDDY KILOWATT SAYS: Congratulations, GRADUA TES! There is Opportunity ahead for you in the American Free Enterprise System The Washington Water Power Co. "The Office of Nfl? Complete Insurance" I . " 2 Mickey Q Newsome 213 S. Main Phone 6711 ::7::i:. fin in 134:24 ini ORIENTAL CAFE Pullman, Wash. Home of Washington State College - FINEST AMERICAN 8: CHINESE FOODS Open 6 A. M. to 1 A. M. 7 ge one hundred-t lv -ani: pimpin p1pp-...1..1..1..1..1..1..1n-.lp .11'q1uI-1:11:11nn....nigp.-q1n1n-qn1:p.-I-1nn1un1nn1 I1nu1un1n'1nn1qn1n1qn1ql1q1.....p1qg1qq1gl1gn-.q1ql Moscow Scrap Metal STEEL PRODUCTS Troy Road Phone 3-1241 Moscow, Idaho Cash Buyer of All Scrap Metal .Tug 1 1I.1..1..1.....l1n1qq1q.1g.1..1..1..1..-1. BARKER 8: CARLSON Wholesale Candies and Tobacco "Buy Your Concessions Wholesale" A. L. Barker - 0. W. Carlson 201 S. Main St. Moscow, Idaho 5c 81 10c 15c - 31 F0 ' Try F onk's LUN CHEONETTE Delicious Food :gi in in : 7::7::l :ln1n1un J: 3 ::i::7:ui:l-on ::1n YOUR HOME IS AN INVESTMENT PROTECT IT ' WITH INSURANCE PAPINEAU INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 1. 1ni.IiI-1...-...1u-.1.1g..-.l..-u1u1l.1 1.,i,.1n For the BEST In A Television See HADDOCICS Y MAGNAvox Today 1.1 T575 7 1.1517 nfgq-u1::7:: Y -- u:::+..1uu1u1u .1l.1n1n-ln1u1nn1lu-.ll1nn1uu-ul-ll-:n1:l1n.-n1n 11:1 1uu..nu1u-pq.-..1..1 -11.1 1 1 in-n-n T .A .. .. ,. A .. . AA .. . A .L . AA .. . .. .. .. . .A .. 'H' A A AA .A 2 l A A A I A A T A A AA AA A I 3 A A A I ! ! ! l ! ! u-in r --u---M -- --fr fu-"---:fu '-4:'f lu. .. .... 1 'Q THE PLACE TO GO FOR GOOD ICE CREAM SOFT ICE CREAM MILKSHAKES OR BULK COME IN TODAY!! 4-9 A A f I S: AAA- : -': : : - : A - :' : .-,' +u1un-n1:m1n1l:1n1un-ne1uo-nl1ll1ln1ls1 If it steers like a truck IT'S NOT A .:.,,,: ff .,.,.:.1 ls: 'iiiisa .1...,.. ffllszfiiiiii LAWTON MOTORS Moscow, Idaho .-gl..-.n1nu1 -.. -n.1nn1uninn..n..1nu1.-1 1 - in- YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH .-.41p.1..i.p1p.1g.1.'1.l1g -qq 11:1 INSURE IT WITH MUTUAL OF OMAI-IA Q F. D. FARNSWORTH I. Resident District Manager Q Office-109 W. 3rd St. Phone 29332 1 Representing M Mutual Benefit Health 84 Accident Association i United Benefit Life Insurance Company E ....- - -..-..-..-..-..-......-..-...- - -............+ l-.......-..-..-...............-......-..-..-..-...-..-..- p 5, nr' lmmlred-t -q-1,1l.1..1..1..1..1.,1..1..1. -...1.11.g1..1n1....n.-.11.1911.11'11,1g.1g.1..1H111-gn1gl-gl1.n1..1..-1.1 N epeanis Barber Shop Bobis A Do-Nut Shop Lockers Groceries Wholesale and Retail Meat Custom Slaughtering Meat Cutting Moscow Meat Co. West Sixth Phone 4381 1n1n1n..- 1 1 1 1 1nu1nn1nn1nn1 1 1 1 1nu....v 1..1..1..1n1..1,.1.q1..1'p.-1.1.-1.-1nn1un1un1uu1uu-.u SHELL DISTRIBUTOR Q FARM CHEMICALS Q FERTILIZERS am 22235 fmlllllw A 31211 Williams Distributing Co. PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 213 South Main Street Phone 6721 Z' on I tl f f. mss 0111953 Cliff Lathen YOUR RICHFIELD DISTRIBUTOR 111.11 1nn...u1 1 1:11 1111-11.--n.1nn1nn1un1 1 w..nn..m,.- 1 1 111111un1un1n1uu.1uu..n--u.1n1n1-I- BEST WISHES to the GRADUATES OF 1953 New Idaho Hotel Main and "A" Streets ,...m.1l.u1 1 1uu1uu1 1uu1n.1uu.-nu1uu1.u1 1 1-11 u-M1 1 1.0.1.......1..1,.1....gg1q.1q..-gn1nu1uu1 -- ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW - Kenworthy or Nuart Th-eater A Good Place to Take Your Date ,.1..1 .-..1m1..1..1.....g1..1nn1n..n...n.1u.1u1u1 --1nn1.---1--1l.1..1 11: 1 11:1 1r"x"1rfn-- - -- -if The Light Refreshment EPSI' A 0 A IDAHO BEVERAGES LEVVISTON, IDAHO 2004 4th Ave. North Idaho Brokerage Co. Specializing in PEAS - BEANS - LENTILS 110 East 5th Moscow 1..1.,,7,, ,I 3 1 p1gg1n,,7lu--1,7 7u..7u..7l.. - A A ee A -A -- - - -fain FIRST IN SELF-SERVICE 'Juv FISH AND SPECIALTIES MOSCOW MARKET Phone 2162 IN THE MOSCOW FOODS MOSCOW SHOPPING CENTER Phone 3-6152 7 gin- -p.-.. -Q-::,:.,::L:.,:.-..::. 1: :fx 1: I 11:-:--q. STATE TRACTOR 8r SUPPLY 1..1. n1uu1nu.-nn.-un1u.i.p1.q1.q1ni. gt..1.qi..1n1.l1u-gg-gp1g.-ll.-.p.1..1..1p.1..i.g1..1..1 p g h ndre d-fifte 11111111-u11q11111.1111..1 1- 1 1 11.11.1111 1111111111u11 1 1 1 1 11.1..1..11 1..111111.11 1.111 11111.1.111.111111111113111-111.11111141115111-1 7:13 : A Y: :fn--11111 --YY :1 ::ia11117:1111111i:1111114o 11 I! 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MOREY O'DONNELL, Attomey I CLASSIC BEAUTY SHOP ORLAND HARDWARE ESTES AND FELTON, Attorneys ROBERT PETERSON, Attomey II FOUNTAIN GROCERY WELDON SHIMKE, Attorney ABE GOFF, Attorney SMITH BROTHERS SHELL SERVICE INLAND MOTOR FREIGHT JACK TOMLIN CHEVRON SERVICE I LATAH COUNTY TITLE COMPANY WATERMAN'S FLOOR COVERING MOSCOW GLASS AND BODY SHOP WESTERN STORES MOSCOW HOTEL ,, W gpg, ..,, 1.7,,.7,,,, HY., ,,7--7-- , DR. H. R. ZIMET, Veterinarian 'i H I If -- 7 -7 -I:7::7:: :: f--7 f- -- - -- -- gg. A 1 I, one hundred-seventeen autographs

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