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fifww sgiiwww U5 f" , ,V A. uf - ' x Q ,.,,,, 6,64 fpvfk-,-'-" ffj pb H 1 adm ff bf , JIYJ' S 5,3 if Mfqfi ff" f V ' -. I I K a if . 1 W W. 7721! .A ..L - , OA AW , A , -A-4, it W QW W MQA6 QQ, Q 0639!J5-1.3 Jem 5' w N4' . N11 ff . . MUORC, 9,yQW U5W I l L yjgwg Q0 fy Al. Xw f. qw QW gm? 'J 4 G! qu ' www M A 9- . xx R ,si A Y ky WJ A. vw if W , A . K' 'tg .V , .,,' 1 X, rf .fl I H is v KKXW V View of Moscow High School from Third street. ,,: H , + fBecw Cfdracks 19494950 Annual Publication of the Associated Students of Moscow High School Moscow, Idaho able of Gontents Administration . . Page 5 Classes . . . . Page 13 Organizations . . Page 33 Activities . . . Page 45 Sports . . . Page 61 Advertising . . Page 78 Pgt l It's twenty minutes after four and school is out for the year. Time Marches Un As THESE last swift Weeks have brought this fun-filled high school life to a close for us seniors, they have also brought many new de- cisions and plans for the future. Although we are individuals and will lead different lives, Time is our common dominating force. No one can plan anything, whether it be a last minute date or a job for the future, with- out taking into consideration the right moment, the suitable time. Now, then, is the time for us to leave. It is time for the juniors to take over leadership, and for each class to take on a new role. Therefore, the three of us have taken Time, which we consider a guiding force of life, and used it for our theme throughout this book. On the following pages we have tried to cap- ture many pleasant moments and occasions which are all a part of the March of Time. As years pass and erase some of these mem- ories, we hope that you will open this book, and like turning a clock back, you may see again some of our fun-filled high school days and nights. .,f2Zm,!9..,ZW,, O Page three 1 x Students are obviously enjoying themselves during assembly. Tedication VE E HAVE gone to school to get an educa- tion, but in getting it, We have had the times of our lives-times that vve'll remember long after We have forgotten algebra equations or Latin verbs. After certain history dates have slipped our minds, vve'll remember other dates- Debs' Night When that cute new gal got up the nerve to ask her dream man, the Senior Ball with that handsome football captain. And didn't We have fun decorating for the Junior Prom? Some of the classes were even fun. Who could forget the discussions in sociology? Or the time in study hall when we sang "Happy Birthday" to someone? And, of course, the games. Even when we Page four lost it was fun. When we Won, it was terrific. Remember all the times when We took the buses to out-of-town games? Everyone surely got a load of our school spirit, including those poor bus drivers. Who could forget Old Clothes Day? It's a mystery Why some of the kids didn't get pneu- monia, running around in barrels or pajamas when they should have had on coats. Yet everyone, even the teachers, seemed to live through it. These things, and so many others, will stay with us a long time. The 1950 Bear Tracks, in order to help us remember the fun we have had, is dedicated to our good times in high school. May We never forget them! A D M I N P-HUM-4 20'-H-33271 MRS. MARY CANNON Secretary L. C. ROBINSON Superintendent 3 oflclministfration and Faculty RUNNING a school system is like managing a large corporation. Mr. Robinson, superintend- ent of three Moscow schools, manages the finances, the hiring of teachers, and takes care of all the problems connected with the schools. Mrs. Mary Cannon is his secretary. Working hand in hand with the students is Principal Francis Nonini. His regular duties include arranging assemblies, scheduling all dances and special activities, and advising the Student Council. The office secretary is Mrs. Edith Long. Besides conducting their various classes, the faculty members may be found advising clubs and classes, and chaperoning dances. The school board supervises the overall edu- cational policy of the school system. One of the problems before the school board at present is the expansion of the building program to take care of the large enrollment coming up. Left to right: Mrs. Earl Clyde, L. C. Robinson, William C. Banks, 0. W. Schroeder, Richard Oleson, Allen Janssen, and Otha Lyon, Page six FRANCIS NONINI Principal MRS. EDITH LONG Secretary fBoys' Adviser TED Correll, boys' adviser, is a genial fel- low who is never too busy to help others with their problems. In his twenty-three years at Moscow high, Ted has taught algebra, geometry, general math, and trigonometry. He also has been credited with helping many students with their future professions and hobbies as Well as cultivating new interests right in high schoo . He is a sought-after class adviser because of his unfailing efforts to help with dances, raffles and other money-making activities so important to a successful class. Girls' Adviser l THROUGHOUT the year many a girl has received help and encouragement from Mrs. Beulah Martin, girls' adviser. Her judgment and Wisdom are respected by all the girls Who constantly file in to present their problems and receive her advice., Besides teaching her mathematics classes, she manages to find time for supervising the Girls' League cabinet and assisting with teas, dances and various other activities. She also takes charge of the aptitude tests and consults with each girl in high school as to her special talents and future career. Page seven F .N Y X P V" 9 Q E W Page eig MARGARET SCI-IIIVIKE Sociologyx Economics, Civics VINCENT LaVOIE French, Spanish, Latin, Boys' Chorus ht JANET MONTGOMERY WILLARD BARNES IRENE GUSTAFSON Girls' Healthy English III Speech, English V World History EDWARD DALVA PAULINE WHITEHEAD English I, Dramatics English III, English vu NORMA GREENE American History K . I ! I Q J. if V5 ix AW EDITHA WARREN Shorthand, Typing, Transcription JUNE HUNTER neral Science, Biology HAZEL FREEMAN CLINTON WISWALL Home Economics Agriculture MAYBELLE GEHRKE CLYDE YOUMANS Library Manual Arts, Mechanical Drawing CAROL WALENTA Typing, Bookkeeping ALFRED GNIFFKE Physics, General Science, Chemistry Pa ge nine WINIFRED ALLDAFFER Chorus, first semester RALPH PAA S C H Football Coach, B Squad Basketball, Health, P. E., first semester MAURICE RITCHEY Band WILL OVERGAARD Football Coach, B Squad Basketball, Health, P. E., Track, second semester IT HAPPENED HERE . . . 1.-Mrs. Walenta says so . . . 2.--Wha happened? . . . K.-Anna. Plumley gives a reading at F.H.A. tea . , , 4,-Tuneful hunch , , , 5.-Thoughtful! , . , 6,-Whatfs your excuse, Goff? . . . 7.-Ca.n't he read? . . . 8.-What a mouthful! . . . 9.-Jaussi masters the finer things of life . . . it's either that or let his boys go ragged . . . 10.-Ummmmm hummm good . . . 11.-Girls with the zolden voices . . . 12.--Paasch saves money for athletic fund . . . 13.-This ain't the end, boys . . . 14.-Hugh Burgess rings one at the Spanish Carnival . . . 15.-Receiving Girls' League nins at awards assembly. This page was paid for hy the following doctors: The Moscow Clinic, Dr. J. G. Wilson, Dr. C. 0. Armstrong, and Dr. J. F. Gray. Because of their generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been otherwise possible. Page eleven 3 P35 Ge 506 Y' .99 ,M PS' 9669 95 gee QX .153 iw --A 99 XJ cviaeoiei 'XS PTE?-511 'Qi ego JOHN BOND President otmcil Gofvems Student Activities CTING as the voice of the high school, the members of the Student Council took care of the problems and Wishes of the students as best they cou . Their activities included buying flower baskets for the use of all school organizations, renting Staplers to the different clubs, and buying an American flag as a permanent addi- tion in the gym. l First rowt, left to right: Ann Carson, Edro Miller, Gale Mix, Isabel Clyde, John Bond Cpresidentj, Jim Anderson, Richard Gil- lespie Ginger Jones. Second row: Francis Nonxm qadviserl, Rodney Burton, Jane Perry, Richard Rogers, Catherine Fitzgerald, Bob Barber, Jerry Neely, Beverly Gallup, Larry Carson, Allen Dalherg, James Keating. Page twelve C L A S S 5 E S A ED JOHNSON Vice President JERRY NEELY KEITH BIEREN Council Representative Secretary-Treasurer ALFRED GNIFFKE Adviser P e fourteen RICHARD ROGERS President eniors Conclude High School Days ATTENDING only events pre- fixed by the Word "senior" Would have kept any student busy this year. First there were senior-frosh dates on October 5, closely fol- lowed by the senior mixer "B.A.M." February 24 found the seniors donning grease paint to present the Irish comedy, "Peg O' My Heart." With springtime came the senior tea and the picnic, and "Memories," the Senior Ball. Baccalaureate and commence- ment brought to an end four Well rounded years for the graduating class of 1950. JOHANSEN, BETTY ANN Nickname: Bootie. Ambition: To go to college. Says: "Who, me?" Orofino High School, 1-2: Moscow High School, 3-4. SCHROEDER, CHARLES Nickname: Chuck. Ambition: To be a good farmer. Says: "Where's Claudia?" Band, 1-2-3-4: Music Festival, l-3-4: F.F.A., 3-4: F.F.A. Re- porter, 8: Golf, 3: F.F.A. Secretary, 4. OLESON, NORMAN Nickname: Ole. Ambition: To pass any subject. Says: "Floorboard that rod." F.F.A., 2-3-4: F.F.A. Sentinel, 3-4: Football, 3: Track, 4. SUMNER, JUNE Nickname: Beejuice. Ambition: To be a night club bouncer. Says: "Ooooooh, could Il" F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Chorus, 1-2-3: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: Cast, "Maritana," lj Latin Club, 2: Production Staff, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Thes- pian Club, 4. PLUMLEY, ANNA MAE Nickname: Halfpint. Ambition: To travel around the world. Says: "Duh ..... you don't say!" F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Cast, "Maritana," 1: Chorus, 1: Music Fes- tival, 1: Latin Club, 2. BURDEN, EUGENE Nickname: Birdie. Ambition: To invent a machine to take the spring out of spring boards. Says: '4Hey, now." Potlatch High School, 1-2: Yell King, 1-2: Moscow High ichool, 43-4: Thespian Club, 3-4: Cast, "Meet Me In St. ou1s," . KEATING, JAMES Nickname: Tubby. Ambition: To make a million. Says: "Who did?" Cast, "Maritana," 1: Latin Club, 1-2: Chorus, 1-2: Music Festival, 1-2: Football, 2-3-4: Boys' "M" Club, 3-4: Student Council, 4: BEAR TRACKS Assistant Editor, 4: WOCSO- MONIAN, 43 Boys' "M" Club Vice President, 4. SWENS ON, FERN Nickname: Sunshine. Ambition: To have fun. ' Says: "It's a gay life." Latin Club, 1-2: F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: F.H.A., President, 4: Senior gounselora 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart, 4: Senior rincess, . KEITH, HELEN Nickname: Missy K. Ambition: To get some ambition. Says: "It cou1dn't be." Gallatin County High School, Bozeman, Montana, 1: Mos- cow High School, 2-3-4. GARDNER,' JAMES Nickname: Jim. Ambition: To graduate. Says: "Tain't easy." Chorus, 1-2-3-4: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: Boys' Glee Club President, 4. Page fifteen KAMMEYER, DOROTHY Nickname: Haywire. Ambition: To be the third best dressed woman in America. Says: "There ought to be a law against i. F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Latin Club, 1-2: Chorus, 1-2: Music Festival, 1-2: Cast, "Maritana," 1: Cast, "Why the Chimes Rang," 2: International Club, 3-4: Quill and Scroll, 3-4: "30f" Club, 3: BEAR TRACKS, 3-4: WOCSOMONIAN. 3-4: WOCSOMON- IAN Business Manager, 4. BENSON, EDWARD Nickname: Benny. Ambition: To be a farmer and graduated from high school. Says: "Holy catfish." F.F.A., 3-4: F.F.A. Reporter, 4: Track, 4. DALKE, ARTHUR Nickname: Art. Ambition: To build a hot rod. Says: "Holy cow." University High School, Columbia, Mo., 1: Cast, "The Little Minister," 3: Production Staff, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4: Cast, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Thespian Club, 4. KELLY, ROSELLA Nickname: Sis. Ambition: I-Iasn't got any. Says: "Oh, shift." Spanish Club, 1: Yell Leader, 1-2-4: Latin Club, 2: Girls' League Cabinet, 2-3-4: Commencement Usher. 3: Girls' State, 3: Student Council, 4: Production Staff, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4: Thespian Club, 4: G.A.A., 4: Pep Club, 4. BAUER, MARILYN Nickname: Butchie. Ambition: To be a hillbilly the rest of her natural days. Says: "It's a great life, isn't it?" Band, 1-2: F.H.A., 1-2-3: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: Latin Club, 2-3: International Club, 3-4: Commencement Usher, 3: Chorus, 3-4: Tri Trio, 3-4: Girls' State, 3: Girls' League Cabinet, 4: Chorus Accompanist, 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. YARNELL, DALE Nickname: Yarn. Ambition: To pass English. Says: "Oh, I wouldn't say that." F.F.A., 2-3-4: Football, 3: F.F.A. Treasurer, 4: Track, 4. WILLIAMS, DAVID Nickname: Goog. Ambition: To be a surgeon. Says: "She ain't too young for me." Spanish Club, 1-2: Band, 1: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: Track, 2-3: Chorus, 2-3-4: International Club, 3-4: International Club President, 3: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. TAYLOR, LORENE Nickname: Larry. Ambition: To get married and travel. Says: "Oh, shut up!" F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Production Staff, "The Little Minister," 3: Production Staff, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Thespian Club, 4 SMITH, DORIS JEAN . Nickname: Dody. Ambition: To wait three years before starting college. Says: "OW, I'm so furiatedf' F.H.A., 1-2-3: Band, l-2: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: Latin Club, 2: Thespian Club, 3-4: Cast, "The Little Minister," 3: Chorus, 3-4: Christmas Concert, 3: "Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. BOSWELL, ELBERT Nickname: Bos. Ambition: To be a forest ranger. . Says: "Dahhhhh!" Cross Country, 1-2-3-4: "M" Club, 2-3-4: Track, 2-3-4. Page sixteen BONNETT, CHARLES Nickname: Oscar. Ambition: Hasnit got any. Says: "How about that?" Latin Club, 1-2: Band, 1: Cast, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4: Cast, "Peg O' My Heart," 4. VAN HARDENBERG, MARGARET Nickname: Marg. Ambition: To get out of high school. Says: "Oh, drop dead!" Coeur d'Alene High School, 1-2: Moscow High School, 3-4: F.H.A., 3-4. ESPELAND, DOLORES Nickname: Lousie Ambition: To learn to speak Norwegian. Says: "Pretty cagey." Chorus, 1-2-3-4: Cast, "Maritana," 1: Latin Club, 2: F.H.A,, I-2-3: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: International Club, 3: All Northwest Music Conference in Portland, 3: Cast, "Meet Mc In St. Louis," 4: Thespians, 4. BJ ORKLUND, ROBERT Nickname: Jerk. Ambition: To own two motorcycles. Says: "I don't give a .... V' Football, 1-2-3: Basketball, l-2: Boys, "M" Club, 2- sic Festival, 2. BIEREN, KEITH Nickname: Curley. Ambition: To get a job. Says: "It don't make no difference." Ursuline Academy, 1: Moscow High School, 2-3-4: Football, 2-3-4: Basketball, 2-3-4: Commencement Usher, 3: Boys' State, 3: Boys' "M" Club, 3-4: Boys' League Cabinet, 4: Class Secretary-Treasurer, 4. HOLMES, EDYTHE Nickname: Mug. Ambition: To become a teacher of .Tu-jitsu. Says: "Can't-that's fattening." F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Chorus, 3-4: Music Festival, 3-4. BOSWELL, EVA Nickname: Ebie. Ambition: To get married. Says: "Details." Palouse High School, Palouse, Washington, 1-2: Moscow High School, 3-4: Chorus, 1-2-3-4: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: Music Camp Scholarship, 3. 3-4: Mu- DAHMEN, GLEN Nickname: Nick. Ambition: To own a harem. Says: "You're ruined for life and maybe forever." Football, 1: Track, 1-2: Cross Country, 2-3: Boys' League Cabinet, 2: Boys' "M" Club, 2-3-4: BEAR TRACKS Make-up Editor, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Pacific Slooe Press Conference in Seattle, 4: WOCSOMONIAN Ad- vertising Manager, second semester, 4. IVERS ON GORDON Nickname: Iver. Ambition: Hasn't any. Says: Quite a few things. - Football, 1-2-3-4: Chorus, 1-4: Music Festival, 1-4: F.F.A., 2-3-4: F.F.A. Secretary, 3: Boys' League Cabinet, 3: F.F.A. Vice President, 4: Boys' "M" Club, 4. HILLMAN, BETTY LOU Nickname: Bets. Ambition: To hitch my wagon to a star. Says: "Good land." F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Chorus, 1-2-3-4: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: International Club, 3. i 1 Page seventeen -x ,. Page eighteen ROGERS, RICHARD Nickname: T.B. Ambition: To graduate. Says: "Who, me? I was asleep." Spanish Club, 1-2: Student Council, 1-4: Football, 2-3: Com- mencement Usher, 3: Boys' State, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Thespians, 4: Class President, 4: Cast, "Peg O'My Heart," 4: BEAR TRACKS, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Pacific Slope Press Conference in Seattle, 4: BEAR TRACKS Snapshot Editor, 4: WOCSOMONIAN Advertising Manager, first semester, 4: JONES, VIRGINIA Nickname: Ginger. Ambition: To join the Navy. Says: "Follow that man! He's cute." Latin Club 1-2: F.H.A., 1-2-3: Latin Club Vice President, 2: International Club, 3-4: WOCSOMONIAN, 3-4: BEAR TRACKS, 3-4: "30" Club, 3: Quill and Scroll, 3-4: Com- mencement Usher, 3: Girls' League Cabinet, 3-4: Girls' State, 3: Student Council, 4: Chorus, 4: Music Festival, 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4: Girls' League Secretary, 4: BEAR TRACKS Co- Editor, 4: Thespian Club, 4: D.A.R. Representative, 4: Pa- cific Slope Press Conference, Seattle, 4. I VAN HARDENBERG, BARBARA Nickname: Bobbe. Ambition: To become a secretary. Says: "Oh, fudge." Coeur d'Alene High School, 1-2: Moscow High School, 3-4. BROWN, KENT Nickname: Alex. Ambition: To be a co-ed. Says: "Tain't easy." Moscow High School, 1-2-3-4. DAVIE, DALE Nickname: Dave. Ambition: To be able to master a Ford. Says: "I wouldn't bet on that." Palouse High School, 1-2: Moscow High School, 3-4 GALLUP, BEVERLY Nickname: Bev. Ambition: To finish what she starts. Says: Nothing. Latin Club, 1: Chorus, 1: Pep Club, 2: Girls' League Cab- inet, 3: Cheerleader, 4: Cast, "Meet Me In St. Louis", 4: Thespian Club, 4. LEE, LOIS Nickname: Loie. Ambition: To be a farmer's wife. Says: "Ain't love grand?" Lake Preston High School, Lake Preston, South Dakota, 1: Moscow High School, 2-3-4: Latin Club, 2: Chorus, 2-3-4: Chorus Secretary, 3: Music Festival, 3: Girls' League Cab- inet, 4: Senior Counselor, 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. NEELY, JERRY Nickname: Jed. Ambition: To make a success of myself. Says: "I don't give a ..... !" Boys' "M" Club, 1-2-3-4: Track, 1-2-3-4: Football, 1-2-3-4: Quill and Scroll, 3-4: Commencement Usher, 3: BEAR TRACKS, 3-4: WOCSOMONIAN, 3-4: Boys' State, 3: Stu- dent Council, 4: Quill and Scroll Vice President, 4: Produc- tion, "Peg 0' My Heart," 4: BEAR TRACKS Business Man- ager, 4: Thespians, 4. BOND, JOHN Nickname: Johnnie. Ambition: To have a rich uncle and inherit his money. Says: 4'Scratch my back." Spanish Club, 1: Freshman Vice President, 1: "M" Club, 1-2-3-4: Pep Band, 1-4: Athletic Manager, 1-2: Music Fes- tival, 1: Band, 1-3: Student Council, 2-4: Football, 3-4: Basketball, 3: Track, 3: Boys' State, 3: Y.M.C.A. Legislature, 3: Cast21"Peg O' My Heart,' 4: A.S.M.H.S. President, 4: Thes- pians, . I-IOOPER. LORNA Nickname: Waizie. Ambition: To wait three years before starting college. Says: "I wouldn't put it past her." F.H.A., 1-2-3: Latin Club, 2: Cast, "Why The Chimes Rang," 2: Chorus, 2-3-4: Music Festival, 2-3-4: International Club, 3-4: Chorus Secretary, 4: Triple Trio Accompanist, 4: BEAR TRACKS, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Production, "Peg O' My Heart,," 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. BARBER, ROBERT Nickname: Goober. Ambition: To go to Vassar! Says: "Arf!" Freshman President, 13 Spanish Club, 1-23 Student Council, 1-43 Boys' State, 23 Boys' "M" Club, 2-3-43 Football, 2-3-43 Junior Vice President, 33 Boys' League Cabinet, 4. MCALEXANDER, JEANNE Nickname: Jeanne Mac. U Ambition: To have a class reunion in ten years. Says: "To each his own." F.H.A,, 1-2-3-43 Spanish Club, 23 International Club, 3-43 International Club Secretary, 33 "30" Club, 33 Quill and Scroll, 3-43 BEAR TRACKS, 3-41 WOCSOMONIAN, 3-43 Pro- duction, "Little Minister," 33 Quill and Scroll Treasurer, 43 Production, "Peg O' My Heart," 43 Chorus, 43 Music Fes- tival, 43 Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 43 Pacific Slope Press Con- ference in Seattle, 43 BEAR TRACKS Co-Editor, 4. BOAS, CAROL Nickname: Bozie. Ambition: To catch a man. Says: "That's life." Latin Club, 1-23 F.H.A., 1-2-31 Production, "Tiger House," 13 Orchestra, 1-2Q Production, "Moonlight for Herbert," 23-Thespians, 2-3-4: International Club, 3-43 Cast, "Little , Minister," 33 Cast, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 43 Thespian Club Secretary, 4. BROYLES, JAMES Nickname: Jim. Ambition: To be a sportscaster. Says: "Horse feathers." Latin Club, 1-23 Latin Club Vice President, 13 Cast, "Mari- tana," 13 Football, 1-2-3-4Q Chorus, 1-23 Music Festival, 1-23 Chorus President, 23 Sophomore President, 23 Student Coun- gf,g33C2mmencement Usher, 33 Boys' State, 33 Boys' "M" u , - . HATCH, HUNTINGTON Nickname: Hunt. Ambition: To find Chloe. Says: "Down with school." Chorus, 2'3'4Q Music Festival, 2-3-43 Boys' "M" Club, 3-43 Football, 3-4. ALLEY, MARGARET Nickname: Bunny. Ambition: To be a nurse and journalist. Says: "Ohhh, is it ever!" Stockton, California, 1-23 Socorro, New Mexico, 2'3Q Mos- cow High School, 43 Chorus, 2-3-43 Band, 2-3-43 Pep Band, 43. Casti "Dixie Doo Dah," 43 Pep Band Librarian, 43 Thes- plans, . STERNER, JEAN Nickname: Jeano. Ambition: To become a beach-comber. Says: "Well, neaty for you." F.H.A., 1-2-3-43 Chorus, 13 Music Festival, 13 National F.H.A. Convention in Kansas City, 23 District F.H.A. President, 33 International Club, 3-41 G.A.A., 33 F.H.A. State Convention, , 33 Production, "Peg O' My Heart," 43 Senior Counselor, 4. I WEISEL, ROBERT Nickname: Weasel. Ambition: To play a uke! Says: "Nuts." Latin Club, 1-23 Band, 13 Music Festival, 13 Football, 2-3-43 Track, 2-3-43 Boys' "M" Club, 3'4Q International Club, 3-4. ANDERSON, DORINE Nickname: Dee Dee. Ambition: To play Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet." Says: 'Tm crazy. What's your excuse?" F.H.A., 1-2-3-43 Cast, "Maritana," 13 Chorus, 1-2-3-43 Music Festival, 1-2-3-43 Production, "Little Minister," 33 Produc- tion, "Peg O' My Heart," 43 Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah, 43 Thes- pians, 4. FRITZLEY, GERALDINE Nickname: Fritzie. Ambition: To make her first million by the age of 21. Says: "Ooooohhh . . . would I." F.H.A., 1-23 Latin Club, 23 G.A.A., 2-32 International Club, 3-42 "BO" Club, 33 Pep Club, 3-43 Quill and Scroll, 43 WOC- ISIOMQNQAN, 43 BEAR TRACKS, 43 Production, "Peg O' My ear ," . Page nineteen Page twenty CARTER, JACK Nickname: Jock. Ambition: To drive a Cadillac. Says: "Who's got the key?" - Football, 1-3: WOCSOMONIAN, 2-3-4: Spanish Club, 2: "30" Club, 2-3: BEAR TRACKS, 2-3-4: Radio Club, 3-4: Com- mencement Usher, 3: Quill and Scroll, 3-4: Quill and Scroll President, 4: Pacific Slope Press Conference in Seattle, 4: Sports Adviser for BEAR TRACKS and WOCSOMONIAN, 4. HAVEN S. IN EZ Nickname: Ine. Ambition: To be an opera singer. Says: "Flunk early and avoid the rush." F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Chorus, 1-2-4: Music Festival, 1-2-4. PARROTT, PHYLLIS Nickname: Phyl. Ambition: To go to Oklahoma and become an "oil maggotf' Says: "Just like a mad bird." Latin Club, 1-2: Latin Club Treasurer, 1: F.H.A., 1: ,Student Council, 1: Production Staff, "Credit to the Family," 1: Yell Leader, 1-2: Chorus, 1: Music Festival, 1-2-4: Cast, "Why the Chimes Rang," 2: Triple Trio, 2: International Club, 3-4: Thespians, 3-4: Production Staff, "The Little Minister," 3: Production Staff, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Drama Festival, 4. SHOOP, JERRY Nickname: Flash. Ambition: To be a bum. Says: "Take it easy-don't get hurt." Football, l-2-3-4: Basketball, 2-3-4: Boys' "M" Club, 2-3-4: Boys' League Representative, 1. CROSSLER, RICHARD Nickname: Oddball. Ambition: To be a lover of pretty ladies. Says: "Hi ya, babe!" Band, 1-2-3-4: Pep Band, 1-2-3-4: Football, 2-3: Chorus, 3-4: Cast, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4. STERNER, JEANETTE Nickname: Jet. Ambition: To have a lot of money. Says: "Kiss me again, baby." Chorus, 1: Music Festival, 1: F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Student Coun- cil, 2: F.H.A. President, 3: F.H.A. District Secretary, 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Thespians, 4. PERRY, JANE Nickname: Lanky. Ambition: To be an old maid ? ? ? ? ? ' Says: "Hay gives me halitosisf' Girls' League Cabinet, 1-2-3-4: F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: ,Spanish Club, 2: Spanish Club Vice President, 2: Student Council, 3-4: Commencement Usher, 3: International Club, 3-4: Y.M.C.A. Legislative Meeting in Boise, 3: Girls' League President, 4: BEAR TRACKS, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Chorus, 4: Music Festival, 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. MILLER, MAXINE Nickname: Mackie. Ambition: To get a sonnet Written for Mrs. Whitehead. Says: "That's your story, you're stuck with it." Cascade High School, 1: Chorus, 1-2-4: Music Festival, 1-2- 3-4: "Why The Chimes Rang," 2: International Club, 3-4: Triple Trio, 3-4: Cast, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4: Thes- pians ,4: Drama Festival, 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. BARST OW, KATHRYN Nickname: Katy. Ambition: To wait three years before going to college. Says: "More or less." F.H.A., 1: Latin Club, 2: International Club, 3-4: Chorus, 4: Music Festival, 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. BURGESS, HUGH Nickname: Sonny. Ambition: To ihow up Michelangelo, Barrymore and Ni- Jins y. Says: "Seriously noW." ,Spanish Club, 1-2: Football, 2: Boys' State, 2: Sophomore Vice President, 2: International Club, 3-4: International Club Vice President, 3: Junior Class President, 3: Com- mencement Usher, 3: International Club President, 4: Thes- plans, 4: Cast, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4. VERNER ROY Nickname: Vern. Ambition: To get a job in Alaska. Says Id rather go fishing." Track 2 3-43 Cross country, 3-43 Boys' Club, 4. GREENE, BARBARA Nickname: Frosti. Ambition: To be a journalist. Says: "Ohhhh, do I!" Chorus, 13 Music Festival, 13 Latin Club, 1-21 Production, "Moonlight for Herbert," 23 International Club, 33 "BO" Club, 33 Commencement Usher, 33 BEAR TRACKS, 3-4: WOCSOMONIAN, 33 Thespian Club, 3-4: Radio Club, 3-4' Quill and Scroll, 3-4: Quill and Scroll Secretary, 43 Cast: "Peg O' My Heart," 4. BARNWELL, PATRICIA Nickname: Blackleg. Ambition: To be a hot rod driver. Says It isn't even a real . . . only a maybe." Latin Club, 1-23 F.H.A., 1-2: Radio Club, 23 International Club 3 43 Production Staff, "The Little Minister," 33 Pro- duction Staff. "Meet Me In St. Louis," 43 Production Staff, Peg O My Heart," 43 Drama Festival, 43 Thespians, 4. HORNING, GLEN Nickname: Penny. Ambition: To live in Canada. Says: "Look at that babe!" Football, 13 Track, 1-2Q Band, 1-2-43 Music Festival, 1-2'3Q F.F.A. President, 43 Basketball 2-3-43 Boys' State, 33 Golf, 4. ANDERSON, JAMES Nickname: Andy. Ambition: To join the F.B.I. Says Now when I was a frosh . . . " Band 1 Music Festival, 13 Basketball Manager, 13 Track Manager 1-2: Latin Club, 1-2: Bovs' "M" Club, 1-2-3-53:2 Basketball, 2-3-41 Chorus, 23 Track, 43 Student Council, 4 A S M HS. Vice President, 4. GOULDER, JEANNE Nickname: Pepper. V Ambition: To stake her claim in the mountains. Says: "Too muchf' Latin Club, 13 Cast, "Double or Nothing," 13 Thespian Club, 1-2-3-43 Chorus, 1-2-43 Music Festival, 1-2-3-43 F.H.A., 1-43 Spanish Club, 23 Cast, "Moonlight for Herbert, 23'TI'1p1e Trio, 2-32 International Club, 33 Girls' League Cabinet, 33 Cast, "Peg O' My Heart? 4. POHLOD HELEN Nickname: Hel. Ambition: To see the signature on my diploma. Says Ohhhhh, would I!" Latin Club, 1-22 Pep Band, 1-2-31 Band, 13 Music Festival, 1 Pep Band Secretary, 23 Production Staff, "Tiger House," 2 Production Staff, "The Little Minister," 33 Radio Club, 33 Commencement Usher, 3. COLBECK, RICHARD Nickname: Dick Ambition: To be an undertaker. Says: "My customers usually don't say much." Johannesburg Rural Ag. School, Johannesburg, Michigan, 13 Moscow High School, 2-3-4. GARRIS ON, GEORGE Nickname: Gorgeous. Ambition: To get some sleep. Says Let's go." Band 1 2-3-4Q Music Festival, 1-2-3-43 Spanish Club, 13 Pep Band 2 3-4: Cross Country, 23 Radio Club, 2-3-43 Radio Club Vice President, 33 Radio Club President, 4. HART, ELAINE Nickname: Hartsy. Ambition: To nab Elmer. Says: "Well-by gum." Band, 1-2-3-43 Music Festival, 1-2-3-41 Pep Band, 3-fl: BEAR TRACKS, 3-43 WOCSOMONIAN, 3-41 Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 43 BEAR TRACKS Advertising Manager, 4. Page twenty-one Page twenty-two WINEGAR, ELIZABETH Nickname: Liz. Ambition: To find nicknames for all the "Liz is a boob" promoters. Says: "Hi, you guys." F.H.A., l-2-3-4: Latin Club, 1-2: Cast, "Maritana," 1: Pro- duction, "A Credit to the Family," 1: Chorus, 1-2-4: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: Latin Club Secretary, 2: Radio Club, 2-4: Cast, "Why The Chimes Rang," 2: Production, "Moonlight For Herbert," 2: Triple Trio, 2-3-4: International Club, 3-4: International Club Treasurer, 3: Commencement Usher, 3: BEAR TRACKS, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: F.H.A. Cabinet, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Girls' League Cabinet, 4: Cast, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4: Chorus President, 4: Senior Counselor, 4. HINGST ON, ELMER ' Nickname: Skinny. Ambition: To be a musician . Says: "Wouldn't that frost you." Chorus, 1-2-3-4: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4: Basketball, I-2-3: Football, 2-3-4: Boys' "M" Club, 3-4: F.F.A., 4. JOHNSON, EDWARD Nickname: Jeanne. Ambition: To be with nickname. Says: "Hhhhhh . . . I?" Kendrick High School, 1: Boys' "M" Club, 2-3-4: Football, 2-3-4: Basketball, 2-3-4: Track, 2-3-4: Commencement Usher, 3: Boys' State, 3: Boys' "M" Club President, 4: Boys' Lea- gue Cabinet, 4: BEAR TRACKS, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Senior Vice President, 4: BEAR TRACKS ,Sports Editor, 4. MOORE, DAWN Nickname: Dimples. Ambition: To be a nurse. Says: "You old pot." Lockwood High School, Apponaug, Rhode Island, 1: Colum- bia High School, Richland, Washington, 2-3: Moscow High School, 4: G.A.A., 1-2-3: Chorus, 1-2-4: Band, l-2-3-4: Pep Band, 4: Cast, "Dixie Doo Dah," 4. CLYDE, ISABEL Nickname: Izzy. Ambition: Hasn't got any. Says: "Ohhh, John!" F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Band, 1-2-3: Music Festival, 1-2: G.A.A., l-2: Pep Band, 3-4: Pep Club, 3-4: F.H.A. Regional Conven- tion, 3:. F.H.A., State President, 3: Girls' League Council, 3-43 A.S.M.H.S. Secretary, 4: Senior Queen, 4. EKE, PAUL Nickname: Sam. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Says: "Give me a match." Spanish Club, 1-2: Band, 1-2: Music Festival, 1: Footbal.1, 1-2-3-4: Basketball, 2: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," g:4BEAR TRACKS, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: Boys' "M" Club, GOFF, TIMOTHY Nickname: B. B. C. Ambition: To get a car and a million. Says: "Got a tack?" Gordon Junior High School, Washington, D. C., 1: Western High School, Washington, D. C., 2-3: Football, 1-2-3-4: Track, 2-3: Boys' "M" Club, 4: Production Staff, "Peg O' My Heart," 4: BEAR TRACKS, 4: WOCSOMONIAN, 4: BEAR TRACKS Circulation Manager, 4. TAYLOR, THELMA Nickname: Skippy. Ambition: To live in Oklahoma. Says: "Hi, cuz." Troy High School, 1: F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Production Staff, "Meet Me In St. Louis," 4. STALEY, SUSAN Nickname: Babe. Ambition: To be a beach comber. Says: "I don't believe it." Latin Club, 1-2: F.H.A., 1: Triple Trio, 2-3: Music Festival, 2-3-4: Girls' League Cabinet, 3: International Club, 3. RATHBUN, LORIS Nickname: Pinky. Ambition: To get out of English. Says: "Heck with it." Moscow High School, 1-2-3-4. CARRICO, JAMES Nickname: Jim. Ambition: To get a good car. Says: "It's a cruel world." F.F.A., 3-4. DUNN, DONNA Nickname: Donnie. Ambition: To be a housewife. Says: "Oh, really." F.H.A., 1-2-3-4: Chorus, -1-2-3-4: Music Festival, 1-2-3-4. MYHRE, MARILYN Nickname: Smiley. Ambition: To be a human interest writer. Says: "Uh, hi, George." Orchestra, 1-2: G.A.A., 1: Spanish Club, 1: Music Festival, 23 F.H.A., 2-3-4. NOBLE, .T AY Nickname: Jaybird. Ambition: To go to college. Says: "Is 'at so?" Sand oint Hi h School, 1: Payette High School, 2-33 Mos- P , E cow High School, 4. ogfonofr Students Margaret Alley John Bond Lorna Hooper Virginia Jones James Broyles Jeanne Goulder Barbara Greene HIGH HONORS HONORS Dawn Moore Jane Perry David Williams Elizabeth Winegar Dorothy Kammeyer Helen Keith Rosella Kelly Page twenty-three First row, left to right: Rodney Burton, Joe Corless, Merlin Anderson, Paul Fisher, Dale Allen. Elmer Dunn, Don Adams, Kenneth Dick. Second row: Phyllis Bergman, Mary Cornelison, Susan Banks, Beverly Baker, Donna Adams. Evelyn Dqhlel, Jean Abbott, Donald Bower. Third row: Grace Bowman, Dornthy Dalke, Elaine Dunn. Catherine Fitzgerald, Lita Frisch- knecht. Donna Rae Crossler, Sally DuSault, Bob Bezold. Not nictured: Barbara Bonner, Timmie Hart, Kathleen Williams, Pat Soreng, Don Fenner, Duane Fredekind, Tom Randall. ' cyfllert Junior Class Sponsors Y THE super-salesmanship of such articles as car license tags, bobby sox and purses, high pres- sure junior hucksters saw to it that every spare nickel in M.H.S. found its way into the junior treasury. Several successful mixers given during the year furthered this causeg in addition, the girls bolstered the financial status cf the class by selling refreshments at athletic events. The Junior April 14 was Prom, "Up In Central Park," on a never-to-be-forgotten dance and was a fitting climax to three eventful years for the class of '51, Page twenty-four Clockwise: Edm Miller fcnnncil representativeb, Joan Ogle Csecretaryj, Mrs. Montgomery fadviserb, Mr. Correll fad- viserj, Keith Tarbox Qvice presidentl, Gale Mix Cpresi- dentj. First row. left tn rizht: Neal Hardt, Oha McCoy, Jack Milton, Gale Mix, Douglas McGinty, Arthur Harris. Glen Mortensen. Second row: Berneda Hatley, Shirley Harris. Ulaine Gibbs, Haleen Gunther, Jeanne Keyes, lvadell Green, Marlene Moser, Edro Miller. Third row: Marqueita Hilby, Naomi Little, Roberta Johnson, Barha,ra.Ha,11. Ethel Horning, Arlene Larsen, Wayne Lewis, La Verne Gilbertson. Man McmeyfMaking Projects Fi1'St r0W. left to right: Keith Tarhnx. Wilfred Paluthe, James Parks. Richard Schmidt. Boyd Pedersen, Howard Williams, Don Taylor. Second row: Robert Trimble, Billie Steffens, Sally Pmzh. Valorie 0'Donnell, Margaret Sheaffer, Joan Ogle, Vel- ma Wilson, James Pavel. Bob Reitan. Third row: Milan Tresnit, Mary Weisel, Rita Schroeder, Terrie Thorn, Adele Thomas, Margaret Teare, Donna Robbins. Page twenty-five First row, left to right: Charles Flatt, Kenneth Beckman, Harold Freeman. Da.vid Burgess, Fred Goebel, Larry Harris, Charles Bauer, Howard Guy, Curtiss Humphrey. Second row: Betty Lou Agrell, Clare Baker, Dorothy Cook, Maryalice Carpenter, Claudia Cay, Joan Anderson, Jo Elaine Beeson, Donna Davie, Louise Abbott, Ulla Carlson, Shirley Hall, Karen Hurdstroni. Third row: Joyce Gourley, Royleen Chaney, Carolyn Gray, Ethel Havens, Marilyn Horney, Erma Bingman, Larry Carson, Earl Dunn, Vic Casebolt. Junior fAllenJ Dalberg, Robert Clyde. Not pictured: Donna Cota, Darlene Pickerd, Evelyn Sumner, Wayne Masters. James Whitt, Robert Mock, Emmett Nordlund. onscicntious Soplmomores Clockwise: Arlene Wood isecretaryl, Junior Dalberg fcoun- cil representativel, Wayne Carson fvice presidentj, Mr. Paasch Cadviserj, Larry Carson Cpresidentl. ELPING to start the school year off with a bang, the sophomores sponsored the second mixer of this term on October 1. Their participation in many fields-musical, dramatic, and athletic-demonstrated that the sophomores will be able to carry on in the best , tradition as upperclassmen. Boys of the class of '52 were known as "spark plugs" of the B squads. Their performances in football, basketball, and track gave local fans high hopes for future years. Page twenty-six First row. left to right: James New, Hubbard Miller, Richard Paulson, Ray Osterberg, Frank Moore, Malcolm Neely, Jerry Jackle, Rodger Pedersen. Second row: Verla Pedersen, Marie In,-zehritsen, Patricia Keith, Nancy Lyle, Mona Johnson, Mary Jn Powell. Kenneth Keesee, Richard Preshy, Third row: Claudia Patterson, Joan Purdy, Patty Milsap, Mona Mcvean, Doro- thy Knanik, Robert Melgaard, Rickey Jones, George Passmore. Complete Notefworth Year First row, left to right: Joe Swing, John Thompson, Frank Scmler, Lawrence Rathbun, Kenneth Sodorff, Loren Simmons, Jack Weltzin, Jerry Verner. Second row: Edward Spray, Larry Williams, Carma. Rudd, Mary Kay Winner. Donna Thompson, Annabelle Waters, Darrell Rnmley, James Siron. Third row: Diana Robbins, Helen Wanzer, Dolores Wolf, Lois Rogers, Kris- tine Winner, Arlene Wood, Barbara Wilcnx, Raymond Revorrl, Gene White. Page twenty-seven First row, left to right: Bill Burleigh, Richard Gillespie, Llewellyn Anderson, Clarence Bendel. Gerald Bendel, Ralph Alley, Carroll Anderson, James Collins, Elton Collins. Second row: Walter Gibbs, Nancy Buchanan, Joan Abbott, Loretta Gustin. Betty Jo Centers, Louain Floch, Mary Ann Fowler, Roxanna Burgess, Kenneth Cann. Third row: Emmitt Crooks, Jack-De- Witt, Nancy Bushore, Charles Canfield. Delbert Averill, Franklin Chandler, Ronald Gourley. Marilu Frischknecht, Shirley Brynaldson. Dennis Gray. Not pictured: Ann Carson, Caryl Holm, Dwane Hodgson, Jimmy Holmes. Colreshmen Bree e Through Left tn right: Floretta Randall fsecretaryj, Ann Carson Ccouncil renresnntativel. Mr. Dalva fadviserl. Second rovv: Richard Gillespie fpresidentj, Jimmy Fritzley qvice presi- dentj. NTERING into varied activities with vigor and enthusiasm, the class of '53 gave every indi- cation of being a valuable asset to Moscow high. On February 11 the first freshman mixer Was given carrying out a valentine theme, "You're Breaking My Heart." Cupids and hearts inscribed with the names of couples decorated the Walls. Earning numerals in several sports, freshman athletes did much to further the Bears' reputa- tion as a tough team to beat. Page twenty-eight - First row. left to right: Oliver Hansen, Ronnie Dunn, John Million, Robert Larsen, Dale Johnson, Boyce Mix, Kenneth Berg- man, David Hewitt, Jim Moran, Dale Iverson. Second row: Jean Knanik, Shirley Mortensen, Barbara Hatch, Judy Hodgins, Carole Lyle, Kay Koster, Roberta Hassler, Connie Klaaren, Michael McQuade, Junior CAlhert3 Dunn. Third row: Mariellen Lough, Yvonne Miller. Joan McCurdy. Jackie Milsap. Joyce Horney, Jamie Hughes, Allen Johnston, Arlen Keck, James Mengelkamp, Pierce Morgan, Raymond Goolsby. l 0 o Fwst Year of High School First row, left to right: Jerry Wheaton, Robert Kimble, Bill Hamlin, Ronnie Tisdall, Donald Osterherg. Charles Hillestad, Mickey McCarty, Gerald Land. Bill Handel, James Strang, Bruce Nelson. Second row: Patty Patterson. Monta Rae Rey- nolds, Wayne Reid, Tom Trail, Ray Sawyer. Thomas Wilde, James Harris, Gregg Wilson, Kevin Scott, Ralph Provencal. Third row: Ann Smith, JoAnn Schumacher. Beatrice Presby, Donna Selleck, Charlene Town, Mary Ann Schultz, Gail Torpey, Floretta Randall, Mary Sorenson, Anne Schnell. Fourth row: Don Yarnell, De Wayne Normington, Eloise Young, Arlyne Rads- li '. Jim Smith. Q N Page twenty-nine 'IQQQTS Rambles Through As senior class president, Richard Rogers takes the same bumps and flunks that everybody else does. At 8:30 he ambles up the street towards school with the rest of the gang. Later he drifts into the office to wangle an excused ah- sence from Mrs. Long. She grins, writes "Unexcused," and asks how the squirrels were. First period sees him in art with a number of other budding Rembrandts trying to soak up culture via paint nn his Dants. Second period he is in Mrs. Whitehead's class trying to improve his English usage. 'fl never done it nohow!" Third period finds him in typing. A'?!!BcZs,T. Twenty wnrds a, minute. Oh, well, they never pick boys for sec- retaries anyway. Page thirty An Average Da at M. H. S. ,. li He works up an appetite fighting his way through lunch ne. In the other thirty minutes he finishes a chapter in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." 12150: Pardon the whispering, but We're not allowed to talk in study hall. After generously piling his books into a freshman's wait- ing arms, he hurtles to the first floor and chemistry class. In manual arts they drill it in. How bored can you get? 9 Page thirty-one and Relaxes After School Hooray. 3:45! The Nobby Inn Special starts for town. Good thing it's down hill. Hashing over the more serious things in life such as girls, cars, girls, football, and girls, he drinks a root beer. What a line! During the dinner hour he settles several weighty problems. Chemistry has to wait until play practice is over, but come 9:30 it's. eat, drink and study if he has time. Page thirty-two O R ,.w-a?DN"'Z:DQ C1120 First. row, left to right: Bob Reitan fvice presidentl, Vic Casebolt. David Waterman Ted Correll isadvrserl. Second row: Ed Johnson Csecretaryj, Keith Bieren, Bob Barber fpresidentl, James roy es. ELPING the new boys to get started and learn the ways of our , school was the first and most important activity of the Boys' 930 S League and its cabinet this year. The Boys' League added another feather in its cap by aiding L Pullman in organizing a similar group. The Boys' League consists of all the boys in M.H.S. and was under the leadership of Bob Bar- ber during the first semester and Bob Reitan during the second semester. Ted Correll is adviser. QQ EBS NIGHT" is always the big event for the Girls' League. 0 This year the theme was "How Deep is the Ocean ?" and the Russell C1171 S7 gym was decorated with an underwater scene. A rummage sale was held in November to obtain money for the dance. The cabinet also held its annual exchange dinner with the Pull- ifte man girls in March. April 28 marked the date of a spring tea for the mothers and daughters. First row, left to right: Marilyn Bauer. Elizabeth Winezar, Jane Perry Cbresidentl, Mrs. Beulah Martin Cadviserb, Virginia Jones, Jeanette Sterner, Rnsella Kelly, Donna Robbins. Second row: Lois Lee, Mary Ann Schultz, Mary Kay Winner, Isabel Clyde, Marilyn Horney, Kristine Winner, Velma Wilson, Ivadell Greene, Donna Adams. Page thirty-four HESPIANS, national dramatic honorary, began its second year under the direction of Edward Dalva by initiating nine members , after the production of the all school show, "Meet Me In St. Louis." The membership enrollment was made still larger after the senior Z b play, "Peg O' My Heart." C DL The highlight of the year was when the society played host to the state drama festival which was held in Moscow in April. Most of the members took part in the contest. First row. left to right: Robert Trimble, Eugene Burden, Jerry Neely, Maxine Miller, Susan Banks, Connie Klaaren, Dorothy Dalke, Sally DuSault, Billie Steffens, Jeanette Sterner. John Bond. Mr. Dalva. Second row: David Burgess. Hugh Burgess, Arthur Dalke, Robert Melgaard, Pat Barnwell. Ginger Jones, Dorine Anderson, Barbara Bonner, Carol Boas. Not pictured: Richard Rogers, Forrest Williams, Margaret Alley, Jeanne Goulder, Phyllis Parrott, Shirley Harris, Lorene Taylor, Beverly Gallup, Dolores Espeland, Karen Hurdstrom, Rosella Kelly, Doris Smith, Barbara Greene, June Sumner. Page thirty-five First row, left to right: Valorie 0'Donnell Csecretaryj, Donna Robbins Qpresidentj, Isabel Clyde, Donna Adams, Phyllis Berg- man, Mary Cornelison. Marlene Moser. Second row: Geraldine Fritzley, Susan Banks Cvice presidenty, Timmie Hart, Evelyn Daniel, Adele Thomas, Catherine Fitzgerald. Mrs. Henderlider Qadviserj. HE Pep Club has proved active this year by taking tickets and Kpep ushering at basketball and football games. Membership in this organization is limited to girls who have earned five hundred points by participation in after-school sports. The club sponsored a mixer which was decorated in keeping with the theme, "Dark Town Strutters' Ball." . , , N THE line of duty the Girls' Athletic Association participated in many tournaments and brought much glory to M.H.S. In its spare time, the G.A.A. sponsored a mixer and held its initiation. ' ' The girls turn out for after-school sports on Tuesday and Thurs- day, and by active participation in the many sports try to earn the five hundred points necessary for Pep Club membership. First row, left to right: Verla Pedersen, Carole Lyle, Mona Johnson, Joan Abbott. Roberta Hassler, Darlene Pickerd, Marie Ingebritsen, Diana Robbins, Mary Kay Winner. Second row: Donna Thompson, Arlene Wood fsecretary-treasurerj, Joan Mc- Curdy, Kay Koster, Loretta Gustin, Barbara Hatch, Eloise Young, Jo Elaine Beeson. Third row: Kristine Winner, Mrs. Hen- derlimgler gjadwiiserl, Barbara Wilcox, Nancy Buchanan, Nancy Lyle Cpresidentl, Mona McVean fvice presidentj, Nancy Bushore, Doro y oo . Page thirty-six First row, left to right: Glen Dahmen, Bob Reitan, Jerry Neely, Don Taylor, Ed Johnson fnresidentl. Second row: Wayne Lewis, Bob Weisel, Glen Horning, Bob Trimble, Hunt Hatch, Elbert Boswell. Edrn Miller. Rodney Burton. Third row: Roy Verner, Richard Schmidt, James Broyles, Gale Mix. Elmer Dunn, Tim Goff, Gordon Iverson, Elmer I-Iingston. Fourth row: Keith Bieren, John Bond, Jim Anderson, Jim Keating fsecretary-treasurerj, Gene White, Paul Eke, Bob Bjorklund, Milan EBU S' ff 79 Tresnit, Will Overgaard fadviserb. Not pictured, Jerry Shoop. HE members of the Boys' "M" Club have been under the guidance of Ed Johnson as president. Their first social event was a hay ride early in the fall. Funny pranks and girls' clothes characterized the club's high spot of the year, which was an initiation and dance for seven new members. Early spring activities featured the "M" Club picnic and a welcome mixer held for the eighth graders. Left to right: Wayne Lewis, Hunt Hatch, Gale Mix, and Roy Verner dur- ing initiation. Left to 1-ight: Gordon Iverson, Milan Tresnit. and Roy Verner. Page thirty-seven First row, left to right: Diana Robbins, Arlene Wood, Mary Jo Powell Csecretaryb. Claudia Patterson, Lois Rogers, Floretta Randall. Gail Torpey, Pat Patterson, Betty Lon Agrell, Anna Plumley, Karen Hurdstrom. Second row: Jean Sterner, Ulaine Gibbs, Lita Frischknecht, Joan Abbott, Berneda Hatley, Edythe Holmes, Jeanne McA1exander, Jane Perry, Joan Ogle, Miss Freeman Qadviserj. Third row: Naomi Little, Barbara Wilcox, Donna Adams, Donna Rae Crossler, Rita Schroeder, Ethel Horn- ing, Arlene Larsen, Nancy Lyle, Joyce Horney, Jackie Milsap, Shirley Harris, Terrie Thorp. qNot pictured: Fern Swenson, president, Mary Weisel, vice presidentb. Cffluture Home Makers HIS Veal' the MOSQOW Chapter Of FWGUF6 F.H.A. Week during November began with a Horne Makers of America has been one of the schoo1's most active clubs. A harvest ball put on jointly by the F.F.A. and F.H.A. was the formal initiation ceremony. During that week the Future Home Makers also sponsored a groupis first social event of the year. radio DFOSTHUI and aSS9YT1b1Y- Mary Jo Powell. Lois Rogers, Barbara Wilcox, Lorene Taylor, Betty Lou Hillman, and Edythe Holmes are working and Fern Swenson are presiding at the table on a class urnject. during the Christmas silver tea. - ' Page thirty-eight First row, left to right: June Sumner, Anne Schnell, Roxanna Burgess, Kay Koster, Roberta Hassler. Ann Carson, JoAnn Schu- macher, Judy Hodgins, Connie Klaaren, Mariellen Lough, Mary Ann Schultz, Charlene Town, Dorothy Dalke. Second row: Do- rine Anderson. Jean Knapik, Nancy Buchanan, Ruth Havens, Betty Jo Centers. Donna Selleok, Carole Lyle, Joan McCurdy, Mary Ann Fowler, Mnnta Rae Reynolds, Beatrice Presby, Shirley Mortensen. Third row: May Sorensen, Donna Dunn, Evelyn Sumner, Ann Smith, Carolyn Gray, Joyce Gourley, Royleen Chaney, Joan Purdy, Erma Bingman, Verla Pedersen, Louise Abbott, Velma Wilson, Thelma Taylor. Have Strong Group A silver tea was held before Christmas by Hurdstrom, sophomore, who is state F.H.A. rec- the Club for the Purchase of 3 Punch b0Wl and reation director. Last summer they attended the national meeting in Santa Barbara, Cali- MOSCOW Chaptef Of F-H-A is proud of Isabel fornia, with Fern Swenson, chapter president. Clyde, senior, who is state president, and Karen cups to be used by the school. F.H.A. girls are performing their emblem ceremony during initiation. Inez Havens is covering a davenlwrt f0I' the home ec living room. - Page thirty-nine First row, left to right: Joan Ogle, Dorothy Kammeyer, Jean Sterner, Gregg Wilson, Rita Schroeder, Claudia Cay, Susan Banlcs fsecretaryj, Marie Ingebritsen, Anne Schnell, Billie Steifens, Roberta Hassler, Jo Ann Schumacher, Yvonne Miller, Pat Mil- Sap, Shirley Harris, Geraldine Fritzley. Second row: Ulaine Gibbs. Oliver Hansen, .Tack Milton, Elaine Dunn Ctreasurerj, Mar- lene Moser, Dorothy Dalke, Beverly Baker, Terrie Thorp, Velma Wilson. Carma Rudd, Jeanne McAlexander, Dawn Moore, Pat Keith, Mona Johnson, Donna. Cota. Barbara Hall. Third row: Curtiss Humphrey, Vic Casebolt, Malcolm Neely- Cvice pres- identi. Joe Corless, Catherine Fitzgerald, Adele Thomas, Bob Weisel, David Williams, Hugh Burgess Cpresldentj, Ginger Jones, Jo Elaine Beeson, Lorna Hooper, Kathryn Barstow, Mona McVean, Shirley Brynaldson, Elizabeth Wlnegar, Marilyn Horney, Jane Perry. International Cl I9 dents have been the most important M' projects of the International Club. ETTERS and gifts to foreign stu- The club's biggest event was the an- nual Spanish Carnival in the gymnasi- um early in November. This club is the only organization having evening meetings. Usually these meetings feature a Well-known speaker, some foreign person or a motion picture. Above-Malcolm Neely aims high at the target for the wet sponge throw. Right-Several students enjoying the concessions at the Spanish Carnival. Page forty First rnw, left to right: Harold Freeman, George Garrison fpresidentj, Willard Barnes Qadviserj, Catherine Fitzgerald, Iva- dell Greene Csecretary-treasurerj. Second row: Jimmy Fritzley, Gerald Land, Delbert Averill, Barbara Greene, Elizabeth Winegar, Margaret Alley, Carma Rudd, Jo Elaine Beeson, Dawn Moore, Marie Ingebritsen, Dennis Gray. Third row: Emnutt Crooks, Forrest Williams, Ken Dick, Wilfred Paluthe. HE Radio Club under the guidance of Mr. Barnes was a new or- ganization to join M.H.S. second semester. Cl ' 'TQ zo Composed of students interested in radio, the members took charge of station K.M.H.S., located on the third floor. The club's policy is to teach radio techniques and to give experi- ence. to students who are interested in broadcasting and script wri ing. Bill Burleigh and Liz Winegar during a broadcast. Radio club students learn fundamentals of broadcasting. Page forty-one First row, left to right: Ed Benson Creporterj, Tom Randall, Gordon Iverson Cvice presidentj, Charles Schroeder Csecretaryl, Kenneth Sodorff, Randolph Myhre, Jack DeWitt, Glen I-Iorning qpresidenty. Second row: Dale Yarnell ftreasurerj, Richard Presby, Ralph Provencal, Frank Chandler, Allen Johnston, Don Yarnell, Frank Semler, Tom Trail, DeWayne Normington, Pierce Morgan, Richard Colbeck, lVIr. Wiswall Cadviserl. Third row: James Strang, Gerald Bendel, Kevin Scott, Elmer Hings- ton, Ilnward Glly, Don Bower, Mickey McCarty, Darrell Rumley, Dale Allen. Fourth row: Clarence Bendel, Norman Oleson Csentlnelji, David H6Wltt,. Richard Schmidt, Ray Sawyer, Larry Carson. Fifth row: Wayne Reid, Dale Iverson, Arlen Keck, Walter Gibbs, Richard Gillespie, Edward Spray, Robert Clyde, Wayne Carson, Charles Bauer, George Passmore. HE Future Farmers of America is a nation-Wide organization, the membership of which is composed of young men enrolled in agriculture for the purpose of encouraging better stock on the farm and better building improvements. F This year the club had a basketball team which played surround- ing schools' F.F.A. teams. 1 ' Highpoint of the year was when the organization placed 17 out of of 68 in the Portland livestock judging team. The F.F.A.'s year ended with an annual fishing and pleasure trip. Eddie Benson, Charles Schroeder, and Don Yarnell with Glen I-Iorning putting on the heat while Mr. WiSWal1 and their heads together over rl contour map. Gordon Iverson watch. Page forty-two l First-row, left to right: Gale Mix, Geraldine Fritzley, Glen Dahmen, Richard R0gHl'S. Elivlbeth Wineiar. Joe COYIESS, 112111195 Keating. Second row' Dorothy Kammeyer Barbara Greene Qsecretar D J N l . . , , . y , erry ee y fvice presidenty, Jack Carter Cpresidentj, Virginia Jones, Jeanne McAlexander Ctreasurerj, Mrs. Boas Cadviserb. I HE Quill and Scroll, one of the two national honorary societies in Moscow high, selects the most outstanding journalism students in school for its membership. High point of the year Was a candlelight initiation March 21 when the members of the past three years were guests. In order to qualify for this organization a student must be in the upper one third of his class scholastically and must have done outstanding Work in journalism, either in the Writing or advertis- ing field or in photography. ' JACK cAR?l?:f0xx9 - M1 N3 , nt of Q3gl5oM0l'gQ1p,N Jack Carter, Glen Dahmen, and Richard Rogers provided enter- Preside for WLY UJAH tainment for the initiation. a'1l2Z5'f-if DA' w Page forty-three E Initiations Make For Queer Sights THE FROSH INITIATION BEGAN OCTOBER 5 . . . 1.-Upperclassmen Forrest Williams a.nd David Williams take advantage of their nosition . . . 2.-Who's who? . . . 3.-McCarty over a barrel . . . THE "M" CLUB TOOK OVER ON DECEMBER 19. . . . 4.-President Johnson cheers an initiate on . . . 5.-Warming the boys up . . . 6.-Verner, Mix, and White in second child- hood . . . 7.-Tresnit, the winnah! . . . 8.-Hip, hip hooray. Page forty-four cnt11f-H-if-441'-4'-3032 Virginia Jones Co-editor Richard Rogers Snapshot Editor Tim Goff Circulation Manager Page forty-six fear Tracks Staff Glen Dahmen Make-up Editor Ed Johnson Sports Editor Elaine Hart Advertising Manager Jeanne McA1exander Co-editor James Keating Assistant Editor Jerry Neely Business Manager Mrs. Ruth Boas, BEAR TRACKS and WOCSOMONIAN adviser. Seated, left to right: Mr. LaVoie, senior pictures adviserg Lorna. Hoo er senior activities' Gerald' F 't le ' xg' ' ' - ' G h k , 1 ' 1: I1 , St d'n 5 B b Mel aard Joe D , ' , ine rl z y, senior atc ivlues, Miss e r e, genera assls-a ce an 1 g o g D , Corless, and Rickey Jones, photographyg Elizabeth Wmegar, activitiesg Jane Perry, organlzatlonsg Barbara Greene, write-ups. qoumalists Handle Publications UTTING out both the school publications, the Wocsomoniom and Bear Tracks, kept the journalism class busy. The system of rotating editors and staff was used again this year on the paper to enable all members to hold a new position on each issue. Outstanding stories and editorials of all types appeared in this year's Wocso, which was pub- lished every three Weeks. The Idaho High School Press Association has rated the Wocsomonian as one of the top three papers in Idaho two years in succession. This book is proof that the staff eventually finished all the assignments on the annual With- in the deadline-a real job in itself. Last year's Bear Tracks Was rated All State Superior. First row, left to right: James Pavel, James Keating, Paul Eke, Jerry Neely. Second row: Virginia Jones, Joe Cnrless, Glen Dahmen. Lorna Hooper. Standing: Tim Goff, Elaine Hart, Ed Johnson, Jack Carter, Gale Mix, Jeanne McAlexander, Jane Perry, Dorothy Kammeyer, Geraldine Fritzley, Elizabeth Winegar, Richard Rogers. Page 1' arty-seven First row, left to right: Marilyn Bauer faccompanistj, Louaine Flock, Betty Lou Agrell, Joan Ogle, Evelyn Daniel, Anne Carson, Kay Koster, Patty Milsap, Beatrice Presby, Mona Johnson, Lois Lee, Jeanne McAlexander, Judith Hodgins, I-Ialeen Gunther, Karen Hurdstrom, Connie Klaaren, Barbara Wilcox, Marie Ingebritsen, Yvonne Miller, Ginger Jones. Second row: Ulaine Gibbs, Margaret Teare, Velma Wilson, Mary Ann Schultz, Beverly Baker, Joyce I-Iorney, Dolores Wolf, Jackie Milsap, Clare Baker, Arlene Wood, Charlene Town, Carol Lyle, Carma Rudd, Elaine Hart, Marilyn I-Iorney, Dolores Espeland, Shirley Mor- tensen, Kris Winner, Teresa Thorn, Betty Jo Centers, Winifred Alldaffer fdirectorj. Third row: Maxine Miller, Phyllis Par- rott, Jeanne Goulder, Dorine Anderson, Berneda Hatley, Shirley Brynaldson, Elizabeth Winegar, Gail Torpey, Kathryn Bar- stow, Timmie Hart, Donna Thompson, Verla Pedersen, Edythe Holmes, Jane Perry, Lois Rogers, Donna Dunn, Naomi Little, Eva Boswell. Lorna Hooper, Betty Hillman, Mary Kay Winner, Nancy Buchanan. Ghoms ls Popular Group VER sixty voices Were combined to make trict music festival in Lewiston later in the up the girls' chorus this year. Besides Christ- Spring- MTS- Winifred Audaffel' directed the mas performances, the group presented a min- first semester and Mrs. Keith Forney was direc- strel show in March and competed in the dis- tor the remainder of the year. "'Dixie Doo-Dah" Cast Page forty-eight First row, left tn right: Marilyn Bauer, Lois Lee, Elaine Dunn. Second .rowz Mary Weisel, Susan Banks, Lorna Hooper, Cae- comnanistl. Third row: I-Ialeen Gunther, Sally DuSault, Eliz- abeth Winegar, Maxine Miller. Cfdriple Trios HROUGHOUT the year the junior and senior triple trios entertained for numerous town or- ganizations as well as for many school activ- ities. The two groups also participated in the annual spring music festival at Lewiston. All of their practicing is done in the morning before school. First row, left to right: Mary Ann Fowler, Karen Hurdstrom, Nancy Lyle. Second row: Kristine Winner, Ulaine Gibbs, Bev- erly Baker. Third row: Lois Rogers, Velma Wilson, Mary Cornelison. iBoy5' Chorus NDER the direction of Vincent La Voie the boys' chorus began its second year. When the group enlarged second semester, it was combined with the girls' chorus to form a mixed choir. The boys sang special numbers in the min- strel show. In the spring they entered the dis- trict music festival in Lewiston. Clockwise: Bob Bezold David Williams, James Gardner, Larry Harris, Gordon Iverson, Elmer I-Iingston, Larry Carson, Keith Tarbox, Jack Dewitt, Emmett Crooks, Mr. LaV0ie, Darlene Pickerd Caccompanistl. Huge forty-nine Left tg right: Sally Dusault, David Burgess, Barbara Bonner, Art Dalke, Carol Boas, Karen Hurdstrom Robert Trimble Eu- gene u Billie St "e7XCeet Me QQ MEET Me ln St. Louis," the all school play, directed by Edward Dalva, was presented November 10. Billie Steffens as the youngest sister pro- vided the comedy as she prepared to bite the man who had discharged her father. Maxine Miller as the mother was unusually good. Hugh Burgess did an outstanding job in the role of the worried father. The love interest centered around Beverly Gallup and Robert Page fifty . rggen, Robert Melgaard, Beverly Gallup, Charles Borlnett, Dolores Espeland, Hugh Burgess, Maxine Miller, Susan Banks, e ens. ln St. Louisv Melgaard, while Barbara Bonner tried to cause trouble between Sally DuSault and David Burgess. Carol Boas as the irritable neighbor lady and Arthur Dalke as the grandfather and Dolores Espeland and Susan Banks as the other two sisters all did excellent jobs. Eugene Burden as the boss, Robert Trimble as his Man Friday, and Karen Hurdstrom as the maid rounded out the cast. Connie Klaaren, Catherine Fitzgerald, Gene Burden, Richard Rogers, and David Burgess paint sets for the all- school play. First row, left to right: Richard Rogers, Carol Boas, Jeanne Left to right: Barbara Greene, Arthur Dalke, Carol Boas, Gonlder. Barbara Greene. Second row: Charles Bennett, John Bond, Jeanne Goulder, Richard Rogers, Forrest Wil- Elllabeth Wlllega-I2 liams, Elizabeth Winegar. U 7 99 Teg O M Heart EBRUARY 24 marked the presentation of Carol Boas, in order to become a lady. Richard the senior play, 'fPeg O' My Heart." Rogers was the romantic lead. Jeanne Goulder was the uneducated Irish girl Two lively dogs and a fast moving dialogue Who came to live with her once Wealthy aunt, provided plenty of laughs. Barbara Greene, and cousins, John Bond and First row, left to right: John Bond, Jeanne Goulder, Richard Rogers, Carol Boas. Second row: Barbara Greene, Art Dalke, Elizabeth Winegar, Forrest Williams. Page fifty-one First row. left to right: Susan Banks, Lita Frischknecht, Margaret Alley, Rodney Burton, Forrest Williams, Jo Elaine Beeson, Ann Schnell, Mary Ann Fowler. Second row: Jim Strang, ,Rodger Tyson, Ralnh Alley, John Baker, Elaine Hart, Arthur Harris, Dick Crossler, Jim' Harris, Ray Sawyer, Dennis Gray, Carroll Anderson, Gerald Strang. Third row: Joan Purdy, Pat Crossler, Jack Reams. Curtiss Humphrey. Louise Abbott, Marilu Frischknecht, Jim Smith, George Garrison, Charles Schroeder, John Thompson, Larry Harris. Mr. Ritchey. Not pictured: Wayne Reid, Junior Dalberg, Dwayne Normington, Richard Gillespie. igcmcls Gain Statvwe SNAPPY band under the direction of Mau- rice Ritchey added color and music to the foot- ball games this year and presented several con- certs as well as participating at the annual spring music festival at Lewiston. Led by seven majorettes they often provided half-time entertainment at the games. They showed skill in performing marching forma- tions at the games and in parades held at dif- ferent times of the year. The band has been bolstered this year by the junior high school musicians, and shows promise of being even better in future years. Reorganized at the beginning of the second semester was the Pep Band that gave out with hot licks and school songs during the basketball games here at home and at some of the out-of- town games. The band bought sweaters this year that gave them a uniform look. Also this year the Pep Band presented a mixer to add to its funds. First row, left to right: Mary Ann Fowler, Ann Schnell, Larry Harris, Wayne Reid, James Strang. 'Susan Banks, Lita Frisch- knecht. Second row: Elaine Hart, Charles Schroeder, Wilfred Paluthe, Margaret Alley, George Garrison, Rodney Burton. Thud row: Dawn Moore, Arthur Harris, Curtiss Humphrey, Jo Elaine Beeson, James Pavel, Forrest Williams, Mr. Ritchey. Page fifty two L,et'5 Turn Back The School Clock September 12 .... The doors of M.H.S. swung open to admit 350 eager CD students. September 17 .... The Student Council sponsored the first mixer of the year. September 29 .... There were plenty of splinters as the kids gathered wood for the big bonfire rally before the Lewiston game. October 1 .... Sophomores got on the ball to give a dance. October 7 .... Juniors gave a mixer on the night of Day- ton game. October 22 .... No drownings were reported at Debs' Night, "How Deen Is The Ocean." October 29 .... There were gaiety and fun galore at the Spanish Carnival given by the International club. November 4 .... Gordon Iverson and Joan Ogle were crowned King and Queen at the junior class "Foot Ball" following the Clarkston game. Page fifty-three November 10 .... After eight weeks of rehearsal, f'Meet Me In St. Louis," the all school play, was presented before a near capacity crowd. November 18 .... Hay seeds and square dances predominated at the "Harvest Ballu sponsor- ed by the F.F'.A. and F.H.A. November 23 .... "Racing with the Moon" was the theme of the traffic dance given by the Girls' chorus. December 1 . . . . First basketball game of the sea- son at Palouse-they won. December 9 . . . . United Council of Church Wom- gndpresented United Nations flag to student o y. December 12 .... Awards Assembly. Jim Broyles was awarded a trophy for being the best blocker on the football team. December 21 .... The F.H.A. girls gave a silver tea for the whole school in the home eco- nomics room to get enough money for a punch bowl. December 22 .... Christmas vacation fat lastl. The seniors gave a stocking dance . . . . plenty of cold feet. December 29 .... A swell dance was given at the Elks Temple for kids from this area. Page fifty-four t t y I January 10 .... Through bad weather and despite vacation, Clarkston got here for the game. January 10-20-A snow vacation for everybody but the "Bear Tracksv staffg they trudged through the snow for their chawin' and jawin' sessions. January 21 .... The Recreation Center sponsored a dance after we played Pullman here. January 24 . . . . More snow and more vacation. Toooo bad. February 4 .... "Bear Tracksi' staff gave a dance to finance Seattle trip. February 18 . . . . Our last pep rally in the gym. After the last home game wih Central Val- ley was the G.A.A. Mixer, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." February 21 .... We beat Pullman and won Hor- tense back again. They gave a dance for everyone afterwards. February 24 .... The senior play, "Peg 0' My Heart," provided plenty of laughs. A Thes- Dian dance of the same title followed. March 2 .... District tournaments. Bus loads of happy students went down to root for the team. Page fifty five Qld Clothes Upper left . Odd characters. Upper right . Serpentine forms Circle . . The winnahs! Right . . . Un in the air. Left . . . Plenty of ligaments stretched during the serpentine. Lower left . Main street rally. Day Upper left . . Know these people? Upper right . . The judge approves. Left .... No kiddixf, these ar Circle . All eyes. Below . . . First grade hams. Small circle . . Judges look up the Lower left . . . Aren't they sweet? Lower right . Hilarious hulas. e teachers! rules. Page fifty-seven March 3 .... Elated Moscow team wins a district tournament game. March 24 .... My soul and black body! The chorus finished the minstrel. March 31 . . . . Local Thespians entertain at Region- al Drama Festival. April 14 .... Many students, as shown by the pic- tures, Went "Up in Central Park" for the Junior Prom. April 28-29 .... The music minded have fun at the Lewiston Music Festival. May 2 .... Wind, rain and snow couldn't stop the senior picnic at Spalding. May 13 .... The windmill at last year's Senior Ball brings back "Memories" to the class of '50. May 21 . . . . Mr. Clayton gives Baccalaureate ser- mon. May 22 .... New Girls' League Cabinet honors seniors and their mothers with a tea. May 23 .... Seniors look serious as they listen to Dr. Steffen's Commencement address. Page fifty-eight 4 4 r I E s Isabel Clyde, queen of the Senior Ball. Elizabeth Winegar, princess, Isabel Clyde, queen, and Fern Swenson, princess. Gordon Iverson, king, and Joan Ogle, queen of football. Page fifty-nine 1. B.T.0.'s and books too. 2. As I was saying. 3. Who lit the match? 4. Down, Burleigh, down. 5. It's your deal. 6. Mary Jo Powell. 7. 1-2-3 kick. 8. Come tn papa. 9. Bon! 10. Oh, oh, the cons. 11. Whatls so interesting? 12. Um, huh! 13. That-a-boy "Fuz," take 'em all. 14. Rah! Rah! Rah! This page was paid for by The Idahonian. Because of its generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been otherwise possible. Page sixty r F V S P 0 R T S T First row, left to right: Don Taylor, Jerry Shoop, John Bond, Jim Broyles, Bob Barber, Ed Johnson, Gordon Iverson, Keith Bieren, Bob Weisel, Robert Trimble, manager. Second row, left to right: Coach Ralph Paasch, Elmer I-Iingston, Gene White, Bob Reitan, Edro Miller, Larry Carson, Rodney Burton, Kenneth Dick, James Keating. Third row, left to right: Paul Eke, Jerry Jackie, Elmer Dunn, Malcolm Neely, Hunt Hatch, Milan Tresnit, Gale Mix. fBeaT Eleven Launches Potent Attack INNING three out of eight games this year the Moscow Bears repeated their perform- ance of the year before in wins and losses. With only three men left from last year's starting eleven and a handful of lettermen, Coach Paasch developed new material from the B squad. He was able in one season to give them not only experience but valuable football know-how. Ed Johnson eludes Dayton players for a ten Under the newly formed Inland Empire league the Bears met stiffer competition than they have for many years. With eight out of eleven of the first string graduating, Coach Overgaard will have to dip deeply into the re- serves and rely on next year's freshman class. But both players and the coaches promise Moscow will be in there fighting. yard gain. Bob Barber scores his third touchdown against Potlatch. Page sixty-two Colootlnall Scores Moscow Moscow Potlatch 0 Sandpoint 0 Moscow .,....... .......,... L ewiston 32 Moscow ........... .................... D ayton 13 Moscow .................... Central Valley 33 Moscow .......... ................... K ellogg 54 Moscow ......... ........... C larkston 27 Moscow Pullman 6 Coaches Harold Jaussi and Ralph Paasch. oaclres Work To Develop New Material TAKING over the coaching reins at Moscow High School last fall were two former Univer- sity of Idaho athletes. Ralph Paasch, a four year letterman in football, guided the Bear gridders through a tough schedule, winning three and losing five. Harold J aussi, who spent his college days on the maple court, coached the Moscow hoopsters to one of their most suc- cessful seasons in many years. When Paasch resigned, Moscow obtained an- other former Idaho football star to fill his posi- tion. He is Will Overgaard, also a four year letterman and an All-American Candidate. Overgaard should prove to be an outstanding addition to the Moscow coaching staff. Coach Wilford Overgaard Co-Captains Ed Johnson and Bob Barber. Managers Bnbby Trimble and Ronnie Dunn. l Page sixty-three Elmer Dunn Keith Bieren Bob Weisel junior, halfback senior, end senior, guard JS-IIXBS Keating Bob Barber Ed Johnson SGHIOT, tackle senior, tackle senior, fullback Page sixty-four X E 2 1 Bob Reitan .Jerry Shoop . junior, halfback D T 1 senior, quarterback on ay or junior, center James Broyles Gordon Iverson senior, guard SGHIOT, 91161 Page sixty-five Page sixty-si Milan Tresnit junior, halfback Paul Eke senior, tackle Larry Carson sophomore, tackle I Kenneth Dick junior, end Malcolm Neely sophomore, halfback Edro Miller junior, halfback Gene White sophomore, tackle Jack Weltzin sophomore, tackle Hunt Hatch senior, guard Jerry Jackle sophomore, fullback Elmer I-Iingston senior, end Rodney Burton junior, tackle Tim Goff senior, guard Jerry Neely senior, center John Bond senior, quarterback Gale Mix junior, end Page sixty-seven Bob Reitan scores six more points in the Pullman game. Guia Griddefrs Hold Ke To Future LTHOUGH losing all but one of its games, the Moscow B squad left no doubt in the spec- '4B" FOOTBALL SCORES tators, minds Would brighten the MOSCOW 0 ....... ...,..,....................................................... G enesee A Bears' 1950 grid hopes. Coached by Harold MOSCOW " Pullman Jaussi, the Cubs took their only win of the MOSCOW --'--- Colfax season from the Pullman Pups. Included among Moscow ..... Lewiston the outstanding players on the team were MOSCOW Pullman Dwane Hodgson, Malcolm Neely, David Water- man, Ray Sawyer and Kenneth Keesee. Front row, left to right: Kenny Sodorff, Frankie Semler, Boyce Mix, Charles Canfield, Ray Osterberg, Dwane Hodgson, Manag- er Ronny Dunn. Second row: James Siron, Gerald Land, Tommy Trail. Arlen Keck, Richard Gillespie, Mickey McCarty, James Mengelkamp, Frank Chandler. Back row: Ronny Tisdall, David Waterman, Robert Clyde, Mike McQuade, Coach Harold Jaussi, Pierce Morgan, Allen Johnson, Ray Sawyer, Wayne Reid. Page sixty-eight Junior Dalberg Ed Johnson Keith Bieren Milan Tresnit Tommy Keith fasketball Scores Show Improvement Date Moscow Opponents Jan. 20 34 ................................ Pullman Dec. 26 ........ ....... P alouse 30 Jan. 28 28 ...... ....... C entral Valley Dec. 34 ..... .. St. Maries 22 Jan. 31 41 ...... ............. P otlatch Dec. 33 ..... ....... W allace 30 Feb. 3 47 ..... ...... P otlatch Dec. 39 ....... Kellogg 24 Feb. 7 34 ..... ...... C larkston Dec. 29 ..,. ....... P alouse 19 Feb. 10 41 ..... .........., L ewiston Dec. 48 ..... West Valley 36 Feb. 18 31 ..... ...... C entral Valley Dec. 41 ..... West Valley 45 Feb. 21 45 ...... ............. P ullman Dec. 35 ..... .... S t. Maries 25 Jan. 37 ...... Kennewick 24 District Tournament at Lewiston Jan. 44 ..... .... L ewiston 57 Mar. 2 Moscow 37 .............. Lewiston Jan. 32 ..... ...... C larkston 36 Mar. 3 Moscow 39 .............. Lewiston Jan. 27 .,... ....... O rofino 37 Mar. 4 Moscow 38 .............. Lewiston Page sixty-nine Bottom row, left to right: Edro Miller, Victor Casebolt, Glen Hnrning, Tommy Keith, Douglas McGinty. Ton row, left to right: Coach Harold Jaussi, Keith Bieren, Ed Johnson, Junior Dalberg, Jim Anderson, Milan Tresnit. .Squad Gamers Ragged Reputation STARTING his first year as basketball coach at Moscow, Harold Jaussi, building his squad around three lettermen, molded the Bear hoop- sters into a rugged, outstanding powerhouse. Prospects for a successful season at Moscow next year are bright. With six players from this year's squad returning, the Bears should pro- duce a topnotch five. Moscow's well rounded squad was sparked by Senior Keith Bieren, high scoring post man. Bieren's deadly right or left hand hook shot kept the opposing team on its mettle. Sparkplug of the Bears' offense was Ed John- son, playing his third year as guard. Ed, al- though not a high scorer, showed up consistent- ly as a top play maker. Showing exceptional promise, Junior Dalberg has two years of basketball ahead of him. Rounding out the first five are two scrappy juniors. Milan Tresnit, who is a vicious defen- sive player, and Tommy Keith, gifted with a long two-handed set shot that seldom misses, will be the leaders of next season's contingent. Left to right: Glen Horning, Douglas McGinty, Jim Anderson, Victor Casebolt, Edro Miller. I w Page seventy i Left to right: Edro Miller. Glen Hnrning, Tommy Keith, Ed Johnson, Keith Bieren, Junior Dalberg, Douglas McGinty, Jim Anderson, Milan Tresnit, Victor Casebolt. Name FG FT PF TP Bieren .,... ....... 1 20 59 66 299 Keith ....... 50 32 69 132 Dalberg ..... 48 25 55 121 Johnson 39 29 49 107 Tresnit ....... .... 3 7 26 70 100 Horning 12 17 46 41 Reitan 10 6 16 26 Miller .... 5 8 14 18 Anderson ,..... 2 1 9 5 McGinty ...... 1 1 6 3 Taylor ..,.... 0 1 7 1 Casebolt ...... O 0 0 0 TOTAL ..... ....... 3 24 205 397 853 Page seventy-one First row, left to right: Howard Guy, Jerry Jackle, Ronnie Tisdall, Frankie Moore, Kenny Spdorff, David Waterman. Second row: Arlen Keck, Walter Gibbs, Wayne Carson, James Siron, Richard Gillespie, Arthur Harris, Ronnie Dllllll, manager. Third row: Richard Paulson, Robert Melgaard, Gene White, Larry Carson, Malcolm Neely, Frank Chandler, Coach Overgaard. outhful Cagers Sparkle Un Court . . . MOSCOW "B" SQUAD SCORES FOR BASKETBALL NDING its season w1th,seven Wins and twelve losses the Moscow B squad made up of MOSCOW """" Palouse 22 Moscow ........ Palouse 29 only freshmen and sophomores produced many MOSCOW ...,,,,',, W. Valley 33 outstanding players. '- Moscow .... W. Valley 43 Led by Center Gene White, who ranked first MOSCOW """""" Ufsulmf fm . . . . . . Moscow .... Troy A 33 in scoring with 134 points, the Cubs claim Wins MOSCOW .....,.,l. Lewiston 46 over such outstanding teams as Central Valley, Moscow Clarkston 34 Pullman and the Troy A squad. Moscow ........ orofino is Among the players that should bolster Mos- jjffjfffjf coW's chances next year are White, Frank MOSCOW ,,.,,,.,,, Troy HA" 23 Moore, Richard Paulson, Kenny Sodorff and Moscow Cent Valle 42 Frank Chandler. '-5 MOSCOW Q The Cubs were coached by Ralph Paasch 34 ifffflff Potlatch 32 during the early part of the season. After the Moscow 20 ...- Clarkston 41 resignation of Paasch at the end of the first y MOSCOW ------'4"" Lewiston ?1 semester, Will Overgaard took over the coach- f MOSCOW """""" Pullman 30 mg reins. Smile, son. Hooray!YfWe won the game! I l Page seventy-two W 353241 1 Svx V LR' ,W 3 K 2 faq f 3, 3: " ':: ., . . iff? A gm' First row, left to right: Curtiss Humphrey, Elbert Boswell, Don Adams, Arthur Harris. Second row: Art Thompson qcoachj, Jim Parks, Richard Schmidt, Wayne Lewis, Duane Fredekind. Cgltinclads Work Hard For Lcufwels NTERING five meets, the Moscow cross T THE time of publication Moscow's track country team, although not boasting an impres- squad is hard at Work, although progress is sive record, produced many outstanding run- greatly hampered by the unstable Weather. ners. Next fall's thinclads will be led by Letter- Four lettermen and many promising prospects men Richard Schmidt and Wayne Lewis. should make a Well rounded track squad. Al- though the thinclads have stronger teams to compete against this year, they should take their share of points in the meets. First row, left to right: Dale Johnson, Wayne Carson, Robert Clyde, Mickey McCarty, Jerry Jackie, Don Yarnell, Jerry Shoop. Second row: Jim Anderson, Dale Yarnell, Ed Johnson, Jerry Neely, Robert Weisel, Merlin Anderson, Dale Davie, Roy Verner, Third row: Richard Schmidt, Gordon Iverson. Bob Reitan, Jim Parks, Wayne Lewis, Richard Gillespie, Wayne Reed Charles Canfield. Fourth row: Lawrence Rathhun, Norman Oleson, Arthur Harris, Curtiss Humphrey, Jim Strang, Ronnie Tisdall, Mike McQuade. Fifth row: Manager Bob Trimble, Coach Jaussi, Manager Ronnie Dunn. Page seventy-four Girls' Sports Prove Popular IRLS' P. E. and after-school sports helped to keep figures slim, aided in the development of coordination and brought out sportsmanship in the games that they played after school and during P. E. classes. Some of the games were She makes it look easy. Let's lose a few pounds. Esther Henderlider Esther Henderlider is in her third year as girls' P.E. in- structor, director of girls' after school sports, and Pep club adviser. During these years she has given them guidance and stressed the development of good sportsmanship. basketball, soccer, volley ball, badminton, and a score of others. Points were given for each after-school turn- out, and after a total of five hundred points a girl received an UM". She was then eligible for the Pep Club. Fore! I 2501: it! All mixed up. Page seventy-fine Beverly Gallup ' Catherine Fitzgerald Rosella Kelly Gheer Leaders Show Pep NEW yells, rallies, mothering Hortense, back- ing the Bears with enthusiasm, upholding the school colors, and promoting good sportsman- ship are only a few of the many things our high school yell team has supervised. Through their efforts, Old Clothes Day and the bonfire before the Lewiston game were a big success. Beverly Gallup, Rosella Kelly and Catherine Fitzgerald make up the hard working trio. Following the standards set by their seniors, are Karen Hurdstrom, Carma Rudd and Mari- lyn Horney, who comprise the "Bn squad yell leaders. Rosella Kelly, Catherine Fitzgerald, Beverly Gallup, Marilyn Horney, Karen Hurdstrom, Carma Rudd. Page seventy-six eibfajorettes Left to right: Marilu Frischknecht, Shirley Hall, Donna Selleck, Leeann Lawton, Lita Frischknecht, Shirley Brynaldson, Pat Milsap, Yvonne Miller. 1 L , 1 L N 4 7 1nn.1uu- 1:1nu1nu-nu1uu1nu-uninu1lllu1un-lnn1nu1 1un1n -un1nu...un1mn1nu-un1.nu1nun1uu1nn-.uu- inn:-uu1nn1uu-n 1nu1nu.1 n1nu.-un1ml1ml--nu-uu1nu1uu-uu1nn-.1111 11m-n 11:n1un1uu1,,,,.1,m1.m1M41lm1m.1ml1.m--,,,,1.,,,1,.,..1uu..m.1.., In Appreciation of the '6Bear Tracks" Staff of Moscow High School and the Class of 1950 Martin V. Huff Laurence E. I-Iuff HUNTEIPS DELICIOUS 5325-fy? HOME-MADE Z CANDIES C6The Best In Town" 518 S. Main Phone 5031 -nu1nn-un111:11nn:-un-nu-nu1un-nn-nu-uI-uu1nu-un--nu--un Moscow Commission Co. The Home of "Chicken Little" GRAIN - FEED - WOOD - COAL DAIRY FEEDS - POULTRY .FEEDS FARM SUPPLIES J. E. Barr, Proprietor fSince 18963 707 S. Main. Phone 7176 -.n-nu-ml-m.-m---I.. ------- Im-m.-W.-H..-lm ge seventy-eight 51141 .1un1un-un... nu-:uninn1nnil:un-uniuniun-un-mn-mn-nu-nu-mn u1nu1un1un.1un1uu1uu....m1.lm..nn1.nu1nu-my-un-nn1ml1lm-nm -1uu1uu-1nn1nn-nu-un1uu.1nn.1nu-un1un1uu-uu.1mu1nu1un1nn "1" .,1m.....,,..1.,,,,1.,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,m1.m.....m.1m, """' --un1nu1nn1nu1nn1un1nn1nn1un-uniM1W1nn1nu1nu1nn-un 11+ u1n l...uu..nu1.un1my1,..,1,.,,1 1 1 1 1 10,,1,,,,1,q.1m,1m.1m. ACE WELDING Moscoufs Finest Welding Service Farm Equipment and Auto Repair Route One Phone 6981 BEN FRANKLIN ,S 3.10 - S1.00 STORE SOUTH MAIN QUALITY AND QUANTITY AT REASONABLE PRICES 415 S. Main Phone 2406 LANE'S - A8zK RED 8z WHITE FINEST GROCERIES A 8z K QUALITY MEATS FRESH GREEN GOODS 3rd 85 Washington Meats-Phone 2191 Groceries-Phone 2181 JACKLE JEWELRY J AFURTHE EBRD 401 S. Main Phone 7226 1:11:14 .1 -miM1nu-1nu1um1uu1nn-nn1un1nu1uu1 -nu-un1u "OLIVER" FARM MACHINERY Sales and Service STATE TRACTOR Sz: SUPPLY 6th and Wash. Phone 2106 1...,1,.,,1,.,,1,,,,1..,.1m,..n,.-W1 1 1 1 1...,1.,.,1,,,,1,.,,1.11.1I, inn1uu-nn1nE1mo-:Quinn-nuint:-nn1un1uu--nn-un1nn1uun1uu1u M . There Is A Ford 'P x RY- In Your Future ' DROP IN AND X I l fig.. SEE IT 35 .,.. fy THOMPSON MOTOR COMPANY 118 W. Third Phone 2325 1:1111nu1nu1nn14.1.-xnun-vnvn-nlnuinn-un-nu-un-nu-lm.-nu1nn-lm-n :un-nuinu-u.:-uu1nm-M1nn-un1nu1nn-mu.1mn-un--nm1nn1nn-u KENNEDY Sz KEANE "The Best of Luck in the World to the Seniors of 1950" REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 5245 S. Main Phone 5012 1m.1m,-.lm.1n..1,...1m1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,.,...,,,,1,..,1.m..m.1.. 1nn1nu1nn1nn1-uan-nn1nn.-1m1unu1nuu1nm-M1m-un-un1uu-nu-u Val's Seed Service Poultry, Feeds and Supplies Seeds and Garden Supplies -2- l l l E 'P 'E' l l l -1- '!' T -I' 'E' Baby Chicks I 111 S. Main Phone 25-141 i I +- ---- - ---- - -.-- - -,-- -M-------- -l-- ---- --.- - ---- - '--. - ---- - ,-,- - .--- - - -4 4. n1nninu-nu-nn11:111un1nn1uu1uu-un-nu-nn:un1nn1nn-nu1un1 Peggyis Millinery Hats Blouses Searfs Hose 201 S. Main Phone 25-006 ,,1.m,..lm1lm1m,1m1 1 1 1 1 1 1.,,,..,,,,1....1.,,.1,,,,1m,1 ,,1nn1 1 1 1ml...,,,,1.,..1W1H,...,,,,1,m1ml1uu1 1 ..m.-.m...- QUEEN CITY PRINTING COMPANY DANCE PROGRAMS PERSONALIZED STATIONERY GENERAL PRINTING 314 S. Wash. Phone 5071 in1I.1.11.41-....,1m,-m,1,1 1 1 1 1 1n1uu1.m1,,,,1,,,,..m11 n-un-uuiuu-uu1un1nu.-nu1nn1un-un1nn1nu...uu1nn1nn1lll1nu1 Our Ambition is to Serve Our Customers to Their Best Interests Hamilton A - Elgin Waltham Ilb lll fmiw ROWE JEWELRY 113 East Third 1111:n-u111-I1111nluixnu.-.nnlxuninn-ml-nu--un-nu1nu-nn1nn1un:-nn- I.1nu1.1u-uu1nu-uu1nn1nn..nn-nn-un1uu1uu-nu.-N111nn-un1uu- WILLIS MARKET 81 GROCERY Market Phone 2434 Grocery Phone 2353 E. A. WILLIS, Prop. !l-lllll-1lIII1l i 1- lillhvlIlklTlllllfllIllllllillllvllll-Tl T 1 1llllllI!ll P nty-n 'iT'ii'iffflEEET5T'ETTTETQEWEEQ-'TT ' ' T ' ' T T T T ' ' ' T ' T Q SEED COMPANY Q Q l f ' I I I 'TYour Checkerboard i I C R E I G H T 0 N S Store" . Farming Supplies J' Gardening Supplies ix ,gr -pr Building Supplies L 1 Troy Road Phone 2270 WN 'JV 'if E 77 .i..-n..- .... -n..- .... - .... - - -...- .... - .... - .... -1- .... - .... .. .... - ,.,. - .... -.,.i. M K fn lr kq The Home of Good 'im' "" - "" - "" 'M'-'M' "" " "" - ' "" - "" 'W' "" " "" - "" -'M""- "" -"fb h AO - ' -f Clothes for 2 3 E ill D I X I 2 5 " Men and Women Q W R VE-IN 1 4 We L I l T ' T T - - -X 1 . E f 1 f ir if Car and Booth Serfvlce L- T' 1.- M oscowis Popular Drive-In A T OUR ooth YEAR IN MOSCOW L PHONE 27-341 1 Q T T I 4.1-M.-1. ---- - l.ll - l..l - llll - l.ll - l.l. - l,l. - 1 .-.- mei -f---- ifif --------------- i-'- - A H-- -s-+-- f--- ----- '--- - ---' - ---- - '-f- - ---' - ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- -- ---f -1- -1:-- ---- - ---- ---------- f-" ---- -"' - - f ' -- - - L L Everett W 111 A Q eg l L l g Tractor Company Q 4 A I 1 I j EvER-mm WILL, Proprietor j i EOR FURNITURE OF DISTINCTION T T T CATERPILLAR AND JOHN DEERE aa l TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS Always the 9, 7 7 Smart Place to Shop Sales and Service T North Main Phone 2216 T T 118-122 E. Third Phone 2461 -i-.--m-- 1--- - ---- - --', - ---- - ---- - --'- - --'- - --" - --'- --'- .-f- - ,--- - 1-.- - .--- - ---- -is -i-f- -'-' - 1--- - '-'- - --'- - '--' - ---' - '--- --- ----- ---- - '-'- - '-'- - -'-x - -'--- TH- "" -" ---------- '-""-""-""- "" - "" - "" -""-""- "" - "" - "" - "" -' "" -""- - " " - - - " -""'-""- 1 T MATZ MOTORS T Union Oil Products Sales and Service CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH S T 626 S. Main , Phone 2476 I nip-1ln1nnl11lu1unu1nn1n 1 1 1 - iiiiiiii 11111111111 11-11 I I lI1IlII1III11MII--H111 'ft Page eighty 1. Here I come. 2. Shy RUN. 3. Sittin' around. 4. Ahoy, mate! 5. Tarzan and Bob. 6. Watch the birdie. 7. Toothbrush smiles. 8. Cuz and Fuz. 9. After school. 10. Phil P. This page was paid for by the following firms: Carl Cunningham's Service Station, C. M. Wilderman Co., Rollefson's Grocery, and julie Owl Drug Store. Because of their generosity we were able to include more pictures than would have been otherwise possi e. Page eighty-one Page eighty-three .111n1nn1nn1nn1nn1,1n1nn1nn1nn1nn.-.uu1nn1nn1nn1 1nn1.nn 1nn1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-nn1nn1nn1nn1nu1nu1nn1nn 1uIl1nu-W1 nu1nII1nu-1Im1nn--nu1un1un:uIr1nu1un1uII1un1nII 1nu1un1nu-Im1IuI1un1nlliuII-un1In1 1uII--vnu-uu1uu1uu-.u 1nn..nn1nn1nn1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1un1nn1Im1un For the Best in Fountain Service Hamburgers - Ice Cream THE IDAHO FIRST NATIONAL BANK Has Successfully Served the Public for 33 Years Cleaning Pressing - N -S 06 MW 1 ' iiixfyyiiii I ll n A FA N 2 Q' 623 So. Main Phone 2147 1un1un1uu1mI1un1un1uu1mI1un1un1nn-nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1.n ThompSon's Men's Wear THE HOME or Manhattan Shirts Hardeman Shirts Hickok Belts Stetson Shoes B.V.D. Sportswear Superba Neckwear Wings Shirts 208 S. Main Phone 26-281 age ghty 11: ni u +n1nn 111-1-----1111 - I--uuirwf' l 4- I I Q F l T I I l Sh0rt's l ' I Funeral Chapel E I .i...-.... ..-... ... -.......... .----- .-....-...g. turn 1 --IIII1uu-uniun--IIII1un-nn1un1uuinniMI1un1nu1un-un.--ua? L L SCOTT9S FLOWER if and f i I T i GIFT SHOP N ,ggfif-4 3 S 5 I 'figs 1 I "Say It With Flowers" ff' 1 Z E 314 S. 'Main Flower Phone 7191 i -i-f'- -'-' - -'-' - "-' -'m- III- ----- --'- - "" - "" - '-" - '-" - 'II' - "-' - "" - I -3- '!"'- "" ' "" - "" - "" ' "" - "" -"'-"'- "" - "" - "" - "" ' "" ' "" " "" "' "" " "" ""!' I I I AUNIVERSITY PHARMACYI A Your Friendly Walgreen Agency I i DRUG SUPPLIES 1 FOUNTAIN SERVICE I Q CANDIES - MAGAZINES - FILMS if WRITING SUPPLIES T A sth at Main V' Phone 2336 fin- "" v "" - "" - "" - 'I" ------- ' "- "" - "" -"sl-III'-'II'-Hi' 11111-11111-.1111111uu..nnu1 WASHBURN-WILSON SEED COMPANY "Good Luck to All the Graduating Seniors of the Class of 1950" A 84 Almond St. ' .-ng-14.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-mn1,m...- 1 11.1.1 1,4 HODGINS . ' DRUG 81 BOOK STORE Musical Instruments RECORDS KODAKS 1mq1.mq1mq1I1441.m1q911'31'g1pg.411.n1nu1nn1nu1un1nu1un1nu1n 1un1 1nu1uu1nn11:n1nu1uu1nu1uu1nu1m111m1nu1n1 1u1u Congratulations the Senior Class 1950 MODERN WAY MARKET 1lm1uu1nn11:n1mn1nn1.uIn-.ann-un-ull-un-uu1.nn:..un1nn1nn1nn1n 111:11nn1nu1nn11m1uu1uu1un1nu1un1 1 1 1 1 1un--un..n VARSITY Ph 2103 ,11111111111111-.11,,,,1lu1 N1m41un..un111141M1nn1nu1n1114411I.1n.1g.1gq1g1.1uq1.,g1gu1 FRANCISCO MOTOR CO. NASH SALES AND SERVICE "There's a New Kind of ML Automobile Dealer!" 105 S. Main Phone 2261 DAHMEN REALTY I 'L ,f' We 5,815 - Sell, x9"' W U l ' Trade, A' and an L! Q O Finance 515 S. Main Phone 26-781 H1m,1ml..,m1M11m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu1 u:nn1nn1nn1nu-u1:1nn.1nn.1lm...nn1un-amiun1xlu11ll11xnl1nn11nl1 Sterner's Studio A Courtesy , CONGRATULATIONS, sEN1ORs, Cleanliness FROM Quality 5 YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER , AL HURDSTROM 521 s. Main Phan 2245 505 S. Main Phone 2349 +-....- - .... - .... - .... -....--..-----.- -.-. -....- .-.- - ...- - '..- ---- ---. - - -4- -1------.-- ------m-- - - - - - - - - - - - -H-+ h E . z 1. Who dat? 2. Deb's night preparation. 3. "Jerk." 4 Run, Ed, run! 5. Cold Dal-berg. 6. Sleeping, too! 7. Timmie and Evelyn during vacation. 8. Man nf the world. 9 Male shortage. 10 Nick and Bonnie at a. mixer. 11. M. M. M.H.S. 12. P.E. class. 13. Don T. giving the good word. 14. Nancy B. 15. Leading a yell. Page eighty-eight 1.m1.m1 1 1 1 1 1 11.ll1gln1.m1.1141M1In1ql--gq1ng1pl141H1nu.-lm1lm15I1nn1ml1lm1m.1.m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,m1m.1. MICKEY 81 CHILDS Insurance Agency 213 South Main Post Office Box 395 I Moscow, Idaho 1m.1nu1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1NH1H411n.,1ml1m...4m1..m1ml1m1...-im--,m1lm1m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -..m1m,1 1m.1..m1 1 1.m..,m1,m1.m....lm1m.1,m1.,,.1.l....m,.... 14m1un- PHOTOGRAPHY BY RUDY For the Best In Annual and Graduation Pictures 312 S. Washington Phone 27-011 1,m1lm1m..-1...1m,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1uu1,,,,1,m1lm...nn.-.H 1:11 1 1uninn-uu1uu1nu11:ll1lm1nu1um--nu-un- 1 :Lenin STEWART'S Shoe Repair Skilled Repairing 507 S. Main Moscow, Ida. inn-...uu1uu-nu-uninu1nn.1nn1nu1uu1nu1nu1nu-urn:-un1uu1ulu1u :uninn1nu1nn1uu1nu1un1llln1uu1ull:nn1ll1l1nu-nn1nu1lln1nll1n KORTEIPS IDAHO DAIRY PRODUCTS xg ICE CREAM CREAM MILK A 4th Sz Washington Phone 6011 1ml..lm1lm1lm1.m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,-..m1., n-uniuniInu1uu1nn--uu.1uu1nu1ul1...uu11nl1nn1nn1uu1nn.-un.1m:1 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADS! It's a Pleasure to Serve You MAJOR STORE POLLY CLEANERS 1:1911 1 ixulimn--un--nullnu1un1uu-un--uninn-nn1nu1- 1:11:11 At PENNEY'S Moscow, Idaho Names to Be Remembered GAYMODE'1c for Hosiery CYNTHIAPY' for Slips ADONNAW for Undies TOWNCLAD for Suits, Shirts, Shoes, and Sportwear u1nu-lm1uu11m--lull-uu:lul1nu1nn1m1-luu1un1uu1un1nnL 1uu1n la:u1110:uiuni1:01nu1llll1lln.-uu1lnl1nuills:-1un1lul1uu1lul1nu1uu1u DRIVE "Z" INN OPEN 11 A. M. TO 1 A. M. SUNDAY 4 P. M. TO 12 A. M. M ' Phone 25-571 410 W. Third , u-un1un1uu- - 1nn-un-un1nuu1unl1uu1un1vn1 1 1,m1m.1. P g ghty-ni 1111111111-111111111-1111111111111111111-11111n1111111111111.1n11-111111111 111,111.11111111111111,,,111111,,1,1111111111 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111111111111111111111111111111-11111111111111111111-11 GENEQS A DO-N UT SHOP Bob Mortensen, Class of '40 MS Photo Supply Cameras Films Tinting Enlarging Developing Flash Equipment : 1 11111--1111111u1111111111 1111111111111111111111111-1111111111111111111111111111111111 -11+ 'IN' 111111 -11111111111111--11u-1111111111111111111-111111111111111111111111-111111111-11 PAPINEAU Insurance Agency 'ir Your Best Assurance Is INSURANCE 107 S. Main Phone 2306 1111111111111111111-111111111-1111111111111111111--1111-111111111-1111111111 11111111 PLANTATION ,QMRHSTAURANRC . . 'fp Q , "FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, HOMELIKE SERVICE" Stan and Mom South Main Phone 25-221 11111-1111111 111111111111111111111111111111-1111-1111111111111111111111111 1111111111 eni 111111--111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111:1111:1111-1111111111-1111-1111-1 ,,,,,1,111... 1 1 1 111111111111111.-1111.11111--un-1111111 111111 -111111111111111111111111-1111111111111111111111111111111111-111111111111111111111111 1.11111-1111-ua? 02411-114111111111111111111111111111111111111-1111111111-11111-1111-11111-1111111111141111111 00N6RAlU Prompt, Courteous Service NEELY'S TAXI Al and John Sixth and Main in Moscow The Home of Good Service Contracting Wiring Electrical Appliances Moscow Electrical Co. 203 S. Main Phone 6611 COLLINS Sz: ORLAND HARDWARE COMPANY General Hardware . ' Signal 0 . Ph 5191 11111 1111111111-1111111111111111111-1111-111111 111111111111111-111111111-11111111111111-11 x W! CAREY s fff Where Clothes Cleanest , f 9 3 T 'H Are l r 1 Cleaners and Tailors M 101 S. Main Phone 4191 ..1111..11111111111111- - 1 111111111n111111111111111111111111111-1111-1111111 111111111111111111.,111,,111111,,,,11m11.1111.1.1111,1,,1.1,11,11111..,,,.1.111111111111 THE GEM SHOP For the Finest in DIAMONDS -- WATCHES - JEWELRY ., 1 ffw, ,- fj ,. ,N 108 East 3rd FLA' X Phone 3426 E. lgffs-1. 3 Q1-QV 11111111111 1 1 1 1 11111111111111111111-11111 1 11111111111111111111 11111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111111111 Moscow Service Center VELTEX PRODUCTS Gas - Oil - 'Lubrication Auto Repairs - Reasonable Prices 5th 85 Main Phone 2201 111111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111 1,1,,11111111 11111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111-1111-I1 MARKETIME " DRUGS, Inc. Prescriptions Serve Yourself and Save 209 East 3111 Ph0Ile 2144 111,111111111.11111111111111411 1 1 1 1 1 11.,111111...,,.,111111,11,111 1111111111111 1 1 1 1111111111-111111111111111 1 1 1 11111111 111111111111 1 1 1 11111111111 11111111111 -1 1 1 111111111 11-111111111-111111111-1111111111111111111111111IHI111111111111111-1111--111111111- 1111.111111111,111111111111 11111111111 111111111111111111111111111111-.11111 1111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111111 Makers of Portraits of Personality Hutchison Studio Phone 7636 Cokes - Chocolates - Cones Shakes - Sodas - Sundaes Pie - Hamburgers - Salads Magazines 463, HARRYS 112 E. Third Phone 2311 E ui F- ft' 41,1 QQ 6 Q X TRI-STAJE D!.S'TRgLBUTOR5 4th 85 JACKSON P g Pty 111 11111 11111 1111- 11111111111111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111-1111-.11111111111111-1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111.-111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111111111 1111111 111111111111111111111 1 1 1 1111111111111111111 1 1 -.. 1 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111-11u11111:11111111111111111111111111111 ALLWARDTS 1 HARDWARE PHILCO RADIOS - EASY WASHERS CASE IMPLEMENTS SALES AND SERVICE u 611 S. Main Phone 2327 FOUNTAIN'S GROCERY Your Neighborhood Store FOR BETTER AND SURER BUYS Free Parking 329 N. Main. Phone 4011 Moscow Theaters MOVIES ARE BETTER THAN EVER IQENWORTHY NUART south Main Phones 2157 - 3601 11111111111111111111111111 1 1 1 111111111 1 111 1 11111111 Inland Motor Co. Chevrolet A I .Q and h x sw Oldsmobile ' ' - .' 'QW M51 I X - 0 8- ' 2nd and Washington Phone 2444 11111111111111111111111n-111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111111 ge ninety-two 111 111111111111-.11111111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 111111111 1111111111 1, 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 111-.11 11111111111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111111 1111111111 The PAPER HOUSE Quality Stationery Best Sellers 1 ' ff? School Supplies ' I 412 S. Main St. Phone 2149 "Home of Moscowls Finest Foods" NOBBY INN 501 S. Main Phone 2350 F ON ICS x I A Where Your Nickels and Dimes Buy the Most 11,11 11:11-1nr1unl1nu-nu1nn1un11:11-un-un1nu1nu1unn1nu-un1uu-un 1,1H111n1nu1uu1nn1uu-- 1 1 1 1 1 1ml.1lm1lm1nm1,m 1nu1lm1. 11:n1uu1nn1nu1nu1uu1nu1uu-m,1ml1 1 1..,.11ll, Br0wn's Furniture Featuring KROEHLER FURNITURE o Distinctively Styled o Beautiful 0 Large Variety First 85 Main Phone 2276 "You Gain At Gallup's" GALLUP YARDS, Inc. LUMBER AND LUMBER PRODUCTS BUILDERS' HARDWARE PAINT AND FUEL 810 S. Main Phone 2357 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1nn1m.1 1.m1.m1u 1nu1ml1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-un..-u Sparkling - Taste Free 0 Block or Cracked , V IW" 1 ICE For Your Parties - Picnics - Home - Vacation I-Iart Ice 81 Refrigeration 1012 So. Jefferson Phone 25-641 1u 11: 'Q' I I ,,-lm-H....,..,..,..,-,,,,..,.,,-,,.,-,...-....-........,..-,..,-....-..,.....,..-.m-....-.,q. 1 I I - PHILLIPS SI I-IART MOTOR CO. E KAISER - G? 3' I I FRAZER QL. 51970 I ' Sales and Service '-.,.k I 409 S. Washington j I l Phone 2158 -i---- ---- - ---- -- --1' - ---' - ---' -I --------- --'- - ---- - ---r I I L ssh 5 i - MEN'S APPAREL There is N0 Substitute ' for Quality I I I -i--'- '-" ---- H -'m- "" - "" - '-" - "" - "'- - "" - "" - - - "" -""-H+ Q.----M ---- - ---- - '--- ---u- '--- - ---- - ---- -u--- ---- - - - '--- --------'- --'---we I I E Real Estate or up I Insurance I 3 ' I I if if if ' I E I I I I MOSCOW REALTY I I 201 E. Third Phone 3461 I -f-A-- ---- - ---- - ---' ---n- -'-- -u---- -- -m----n--w-m-'---m'--H--R----i 'PJ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" "'I""""u" "" ' "" """'u'I"N"""-"'f : Q : I The M an of g X H i Dlstinctwn is X f Always Well , Q it I Groomecl INepean9s Barber Shop -i-----H-u--u----m- ---- ---n-n----------1-W ---- -H---H---------n--2 ' P g ty-three 1. Um. um, good. Z. Mic McCarty. 3. Baby Face Jaussi. 4. Near You. 5. Who, me? 6. Moscow-Pullman game. 7. Howja-do, Jerry? 8. Cold, too. 9. Some of the boys. 10. Jim and Evelyn. 11. Hi, Howard. 12. Hiding, Crooks? 13. Ethel and her friend. Page ninety-four 1un1nn1nu1uu:nuu1nn1nn-:minn-.nuiuu11m1.un1nn1nu-un-an 1ul.-.HH1m,14m1,m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1,,,,1 1ml1,., 1m,1m.1m.1uu-,m1,m1,m1m.1mu-. 1 1 1 1 1 1.1, 1,l,l1l4u1 1 11,111-nll1lm1m.1,m1ml1nu1 1 1 1 1 11.11, 1un11:ninn-1:u:uu1nn1lln-url11:u11:n--nn1un1nu-nu1un1nn-nu Congratulations to the Class of '50 North Idaho Brokerage Company Specializing in Peas - Beans - Lentils 110 East sth Moscow, Idaho Carter's Drug Store Stationery 1. Drugs Cosmetics Q! 310 S. Main P h0ne 6561 Treat Your -- 1 if V.-fi. X Friends at H EES Wright's Fountain 4th 8: Main Moscow Concrete, Inc. Ready-Mixed Concrete Pumice 81 Concrete Building Blocks Allied Products 237 West Sth Phone 2202 .-on .,,...-....- - 11:1 In-1 Congratulations! WELDON SCHIMKE Attorney-at-Law New Creighton Building SCOTT? Gaia Refrigeration ' . Qs geg 81 Appliances ':" 110 East Second aiu- nlli 11-1 1 1 null 1 nuen 1nu1uu-llu- llll 1 llll 1 IIII 1 1 -1111111111 Latah County Grain Growers, Inc. WAREHOUSING - HARDWARE FERTILIZERS - WEED KILLERS Phone 7611 Phone 2266 l1,m1 1N,41HH1.151,,,1nn1nu1,,u1.nn..un1,,,,11l1l1,,.,1,, 1,,,,1,..,1 WARD PAINT Sr HARDWARE COMPANY BUILDERS' SUPPLIES FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES FULLER PAINT 404 S. Main Phone 2221 up -vi' +u-....--...-....-....-N.. --------- m.-....-m.-....- 4. 1nu1m.1,,u1m,1nn1nn.1 1 1 1 1 1u1nn1nn:-nn-un-un P ge ninety- SMITH BROS. STATION 723 South Main PEDERSEN BROS. STATION 245 North Main SIGNAL SERVICE STATION 726 South Main MANDEL'S BARBER SHOP 531 South Main MOSCOW BARBER SHOP 311 South Main CLASSIC BEAUTY SALON 'fl h t B 'ld' MOSCOW BODY AND GLASS SHOP 114 E t F fth SPENCE ELECTRIC 201 E tTh d ASBURY BABY SHOP 114 s th M WESTERN STORE 527 S th M SANITARY MEAT MARKET 205 E c Th a FARM REPAIR AND SUPPLY 69 Id h FLOYD HIGGINS SERVICE STATION d VANDAL SERVICE STATION E ghth d J k Ur u ar u1 mg I as i as ir ou aiu ou ain as ir Phone 86 - Moscow, a o Thir and Jackson i an ac son - .... ....... - , --.. .... - .... - ,... - ,.,. .. - ,... - .... .. .... .. .... -.-- 1sh to ' ' V ack Marineau. for the division Dage of . ' ' h nk Mr. Robi , Mr. Nonini 59W f WWW' 4. k' P V b ,,,,,,.,4'zw www WWW . 4? ,I V' .Lo Q3 ' f'!4'Qfq ff l ,f Q-, I ZZ, ff ' X ,,.f dyifiiqyf ' M 46,35 J,f..Q! , 3, y Af' . 1. L! ' N W ,952 'fan -46 1 7 f , M5ff?7Q'9ZJH526! C31 M95 QW 0 ' ,gn J - fx I W vJ' Wigiffw . X , wjwf' , X ' P Xyfff 'h .1 S. W, .. 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