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. , Anyway LJ! Q K 'xiii ci! n'M'jfMjf My ,M JJINW ' f 'J ' 1 M ' Y! My ZL1 4' Tim? JMZJ JL Q,ZlQJOf1f'f'577ffff,j'f'! W W W WJ WW 5 Willa, J Afbw , !Vv7 t A 4444 J W7 J:1w4 M,,27,, ffMf MC- ,LMC 21444, AAJZHJ Q9 OMS' OM! il My 'f' , r jfh JM K bfi PM X X I . J , 6 X V . 1 'fyyywfyw fi Q1 . xx fs-1?-DQ? " ox A by K3 x 155, gg ,ycWfffq4f, , M M M- THE SENIOR CLA SS MORVEN HIGH SCHOOL Presents yZ0Q122OI'IQS 1955 PATRICIA WILLIAMSON - Editor-in-Chief BETTY IEAN PURVIS AND CHARLES GA THINGS - Business Managers Zeofbahbzz Because of your personality kindness, patience and un derstandmg because you made us happier and our path brighter because you ve always helped us m every way because you are due all the adrnuauon and respect we give you WE, THE SENIORS OF 55 DEDICATE OUR MEMORIES TO YOU Jnlf MR,I EARNEST WITHERSPOON Q? VJ Compliments of STREATER S MARKET Morven, North Carolina o . I u ' . ----. . ' possible ----- because you've shared with us your friendliness 'V . X, wwf' .1 -1 454 w . fV?,g.,f '99 .Q - . .1 -ff. w Q 1 ma. . J 7 1z21n1sfraf1012 SCHOOL BOARD Seated Mr W E Steagall, Mr W R Gaddy Chauman Mr T 1 Northcutt Standlng Mr V L Wall Sr and Dr H L Burnett MRWTBIRD MR.VLWALL,SR MR. W E STEAGALL MRS LUCILLE BROWN Comphments of CAMPBELL'S FURNITURE COMPANY Chesterfleld, South Carohna D R H L BURNETT I 7z6y5 fscgoofsfacuny MRS JOHNSON GRIFFIN MRS ROBERT THOMAS Nmth Grade G1r1s Sponsor -'Umor SPOUSOI MR, RAYMOND NORTHCUTT Tenth Grade Sponsor MRS ROBERT GULLEDGE Semor Sponsor MR. ERNEST WITHERSPOON Nmth Grade Boys Sponsor BENNY S NEW DEAL GROCERY We reach your dollars to have more cents Morven, North Carolma . I a . ' ' r ' 1 Q O -f H TUG? P T A BIRTHDAY Mrs Flay Carupe Presldem Mrs Ray Thomas Vlce Presldem Complxments of CRAWFORD S JEWELRY Cheraw South Carohna 0 0 a 1 ,... ,W I . Q35 f n 0 0 . - . - I n ff , ,ii 9, gf- . Y' . r 5 4 A 4 . I, x A wluefsf 3 K fig? - 1 fwfr fl' 1 QHIOI' CASS OM-CQFS Va. ff 1-5' F j-ful?-A+ 44? fQ"'o-." O6 wwpurv Q -Q A BETTY RUTH CARPENTER, Presrdent HENRY HUTCHINSON Vlce Pres1dent PATRICIA WILLIAMSON Secretary Treasurer ADGIE MORRIS Reporter jyfascofs WENDELL WILLIAMSON Compliments of B, C, MOORE AND SONS Chesterfield, South Carolina to Ju: - . NANCY PRA TT Compliments of M. B. BALLARD'S GROCERY Morven, North Carolina QIYIOIZS' BETTY SUE EDDINS Smcerely JANE STRICKLAND Danger Heartbreak Ahead C 81210113 ADGIE MORRIS Anythmg for a Fnend BETTY JEAN PURVIS Pledgmg my Love PATRICIA WILLIAMSON Teach Me Tomght Comphments of BELK S DEPARTMENT STORE Chesterfleld South Carolma 61210113 HENRY HUTCHIN SON Roll Wnh Me Henry CHARLES GATHINGS In the Jallhouse Now LLOYD RATLIFF Earth Angel Compllments of LILES COMPANY Wadesboro. North Carohna BILLIE ANN FREEMAN More Than Anythmg Else ln the World Comphments of FRANK HUNTLEY S GROCERY Morven, North Carolma C enmrs LAVERNE PREVITTE Never SARA BURR Are You Mme? u n n - ,, A s I , x u - - u U C QIZIOFS DAPHNE GROOMS Hearts of Stone BETTY RUTH CARPENTER Those Weddmg Bells Are Breakmg Up That Old Gang of Mme dv- ANNE THOMAS How Important Can It Be? W. E. PRATT Retail Grocery Morven, North Carolina QS uperhfzoes Most Dependable Best Lookmg BILLIE ANNE FREEMAN and BETTY JEAN PURVIS and PATRICIA WILLIAMSON CHARLES GATHINGS 1 'VE Qu Most Studlous B1ggCSI Fllrts ANNE THOMAS and JANE STRICKLAND and HENRY HUTCHINSON LLOYD RATLIFF RATLIFF S UNITED CASH STORE Dry Goods Nouons Shoes Mxlhnery Morven North Carohna "' A W f Y E I J 2 as 5 ' A v U . 1 I , Q ,Z LA Q .. A ?1eW "-" " I ,f - N .Lx 5 It-s V f I II' A 414 I . : , A y . 5, ' 5 X i Y f - ' ual ,A Q 'x' I l ' l I . . ' . Q5 uperhfzoes 'rw Www Best Sports Best A11 Around BETTY RUTH CARPENTER and PATRICIA WILLIAMSON and DA PHNE GROOMS ADGIE MORRIS "'3U4"' Most Ltkely to Succeed MOS! Athletic LAVERNE PREVITTE and BETTY SUE EDDINS and SARA BURR CHARLES GATHINGS Congratulatxons Semors MORVEN HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Morven, North Carolma GQM c7iR:Sf0fy It rs hard to belreve that just twelve years ago we were Ilmld frrst graders We became acquatnted wtth Mrs Bntt our teacher who made us feel welcome at Morven School Before we knew rt we were rn the second grade where Mrs Johnson became our teacher How well we member readrng so many books Whxle we were rn the thlrd grade we were taught many thmgs by Mrs Hrghfrll but studymg the mult1pl1 catlon table IS what we remember most In the fourth grade we were taught to be more mannerly by Mrs Davls We gOl our frrst taste of geography and hrstory 1n her classroom After four years of longing to be upstarrs we ftnally reached the frfth grade We remember well the Umted States hrstory taught to us by Mrs Blackwell In our slxth year we were lead by Mrs Pratt who taught us many thlngs lncludmg medreval hrstory The seventh year we saw cuprd 1n actron Mxss Robrnson left us and became Mrs Hargett Then Mrs Lrttle became our tutor She drrlled arlthmetrc and more arrthrnetrc mto our heads In our last year of grammar school we were fortunate to have Mrs Chapman who lntroduced algebra to us and taught us the hrstory of our own state She d1d her best to prepare us for hrgh school Four short years ago we came wandermg up the steps of Morven H1gh School and now rt IS t1me for us to wander down agaln In the fall of 1950 we entered hrgh school feelrng exactly llke the freshmen we were We needed lots of help and gurdance Mrs Br1tt and Mr Wltherspoon drd therr very best for us We chose as our class offrcers Adgre Morrrs Presrdent James 1 Pee Wee l Gathrngs Vrce Presldent Anne Thomas Secretary and Betty Jean Purvrs Treasurer Our honor students to serve as commencement marshals were Anne Thomas and Adgre Morris When we began our second year of hrgh school we began to feel more a part of the actrvrtres of our school Mr McCracken our class sponsor was very patrent w1th our stlly sophomorrc ways and gulded us safely through the year Our class offlcers were Harold Grrggs Presrdent Betty Ruth Carpenter Vrce Presrdent Betty Sue Eddrns Secretary and Daphne Grooms Treasurer That year Anne Thomas and l-lenry Hutchrnson were our commence ment marshals We felt qu1te grown up and burdened wrth responsrbrlrtres as we began our Jumor year Our class offlcers were Anne Thomas Presrdent Henry Hutchrnson V1ce Presrdent Patrrcxa W111l8ITlSOH Secretary and Treasurer Lloyd Ratlrff Reporter Anne Thomas was chref marshal and Lloyd Ratlrff and Henry Hutchrnson were marshals That year we had two major tasks to accomplrsh the Halloween Camrval and the Iumor Semor Banquet We spent a lot of class trme on both of these proJects but thrs we d1dn t mrnd We had lots of headaches and Mrs Thomas was always nght there shanng the work the fun and the headaches Of course getttng our class rrngs durrng our Junror year was an 1mportant excrttng and expensrve event And then we were senrors rn Mrs Gulledge s homeroom From the frrst day of school rn the fall unttl Apnl we l1ved and breathed only our proJected tnp to Washrngton with the Iumor Class Jorntly our classes worked and worked hard wrth Mrs Gulledge Mrs Thomas Mr B1rd the P T A , our parents and frrends helptng us to make the money needed for the trrp We are thankful we could vrsrt our natron s caprtol and we had a grand trme For us as senlors a real treat was bemg grven our Iumor Semor Banquet 1n Washrngton rn the Lotus Club When we weren t WOIk1Hg on our tnp we went to classes worked on our annual played basketball attended club meetrngs and mcrdentally studred enough to pass exams Our last month of school was busler rf that s possrble than all the others of the year We practrced for com mencement sang rn Glee Club went on the F H A F F A wemer roast at Morrow Mountarn enjoyed the partres grven by our mascots and the Iumor Class practrced and presented our class mght play spent a day at Cheraw Beach w1th the other h1gh school people and our teachers We graduated on the evenrng of May 23 l i ,I g 1 ' ' . . re- . . . ' . . . .' . ..- , . ' . . . .' . S ,,. . s , Q ,I . . z .' . 3 '. . Z .' : . - ' ' 2 . . : . '. . Z .. .. ' S , . , . . . . .' . . , . , . . . , u - . . , . . . . 12' . . .... .. D . , . , -4, eu' 5 . , . .. ., . 1 I .I ' .D . . .-. . . , . , . . l D l I ., .. . . u . . . . . - I I ' : ' : ' ':' ' . . 5 . . : GL-zss 9jI'0!05eCy One Sunday afternoon 1n Aprrl we were lersurely rrdrng along wrth some frrends w1th no partlcular place to go when we found ourselves 1n Aberdeen North Carohna Bx chance we notrced by a house trarler a srgn whrch read See Madame Lours Knows all Tells all about the future Thrs was the answer to a problem that had puzzled us for weeks the wr1t1ng of our Semor Class Prophecy To get the rnformatron from Madame Lours we had to empty our pocketbooks but rt was well worthevery cent She told us what each of the fourteen members of our Semor Class w11l be do1ng,the year mneteen hundred and srxty frve Belreve rt or not we d1dn t even have to glve Madame Lours our names and those of our classmates She knew each and every one of us Gazrng rnto her crystal ball she spoke slowly I see Laveme Prevrtte an attractrve major rn the Umted States Arr Force Lloyd Ratlrff owner of a very convrncrng vorce IS readrng commercrals on televrsron Much to our surprrse Madame Lours began to yodel Excuse me fnends she sard I Just saw Daphne Grooms srngrng on the Grand Ole Opry Show and I Just had to Jorn rn My' Your frrend IS talented Mrnnre Pearl was never that goodl Ah I see a very busy beautrcran none other than B1ll1e Anne Freeman She IS also creator of several successful beauty formulas whrch are on the market St11l gazrng rnto that rnagrcal glass ball Madame Lours exclarmed What a charmrng bass vo1ce Anne Thomas has! She rs a member of a quartette whrch IS featured only rn the most exclusrve places of entertarnment Oh what an attractrve Esso Statronl Charles Gathlngs the owner seems to be drawmg qurte a few lady dr1ven Cadrllacs w1th hrs curly harr Poor Lrberace she srghed he doesn t realrze how short lrved hrs fame rs to be Henry Hutchrnson noted for hrs unusual bow tres and fascrnatrng talents wrll be Amenca s number one prano player rn 1965 Now I see a large hosprtal where Sara Burr works She rs an excellent nurse loved by all her patrents Stepprng off a plane 15 the former Betty Sue Edd1I'IS She rs Jormng her husband 1n Japan where he rs statroned rn the Au Force I see a cheerrng crowd at a wrestlrng match Practrcally everyone rs rootrng for the lady champlon, Betty Jean Meeks In my crystal ball I spy a flashy Jazz srnger Jane Strrckland She has revrsed the old song Wallflower and tt has become a brg hrt How charmrngl Patrrcra Wrllramson rs on a European tour modelrng the lovelrest of all bathrng sutts And now before my eyes 15 a beautrful burldrng whrch happens to be a large advertrsrng agency rn Florrda I see Betty Ruth Carpenter busy takrng notes She rs prrvate secretary to the manager In the adjornmg offrce Adgre the head srgn parnter 15 prtntrng Well satrsfred wrth the secure future of our classmates and ourselves we bade goodbye to our fortune teller frrend and hurrred home to WI'1I8 the good news I 1 - , 1 11 ' H ' -1- . I ' I 1 1 1 . . . , . . . , 1 , . U . . . . . . ,, , . H , . .... . . . ,, 1 I ' - ,, . ,, . ,, . . . - 1 I ' ' . . . . . . . 11 a I ,, . . . . . I V ' - 11 . . . . . . ,, . . 1 1 . . . . . . , 1 ,, . . . . . 0 1 1 . . . . . ,, 11 . 11 - 11 1 - - - - 1 1 1 ' 1 . . . . . . , . . ,, 1 1 ,. . . . ,, 1 1 1 ,, . . . . . , . . . . - - 11 ,, . . . . . . 11 ,, . . . . , , I ' I I . . . ,. ,, . . . . . . . . , , H 1 11 . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . ,, 1 1 - I csfafzsflcs CHARLES GATHINGS FFA 1 2, 3 4 Vice President 4 Participated in FFA State Farr Exhibit 4 Glee Club 1 2, 3 4 4 H Club 1 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Assistant Chxef Observer 4 Basket ball 1, 2, 3 4 Co-Captain 3, 4 Baseball 1 Substitute Bus Dnver 2 Bus Driver 3, 4 HENRY HUTCHINSON FFA 3 4 Sent1nel4 Participated in FFA State Fair Ex hrbit 4 Class Vice Presrdent 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Secretary 4 4 H Club 1 Glee Club 2 3 4 Ground Observer Corps 2, 3 4 Assistant Chief Observer 4 Annual Staff 4 Marshal 2, 3 Substitute Bus Driver 3 4 Scorekeeper of Basketball Team 3, 4 LLOYD RATLIFF FFA 1 2, 3 4 Treasurer 2, Partrcrpated rn FFA State Farr Exhibit 4 Class Reporter 3 4 H Club 1 Glee Club 1 2, 3 4 Substitute Bus Driver 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Marshal 2, 3 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Chief Observer 4 Beta Club 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Co-Captain 3 Baseball 1 SARA BURR FHA 1 2, 3 4 Historian 4 4 H Club 1 2 3 Beta Club 2 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Waitress at Junior Senior Banquet 1 BETTY RUTH CARPENTER FHA 1 2 3 4 Vrce President 3 Presrdent 4 Treasurer 2 FHA Work Shop 2 3 4 Vxce President of Class 2 President 4 Beta Club 2, 3 4 4 H Club 1 2, 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Photo Editor Annual Staff 4 Basketball 1 BETTY SUE EDDINS FHA 1 2 3 4 Song Leader 3 Pianist 4 4 H Club 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Ground Observer Corps 2, 3 4 Class Secretary 2 Waitress at Junior Sen1or Banquet 1 Basketball 1 2, 3 4 Co Captain 3 Annual Staff 4 BILLIE ANNE FREEMAN FHA 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Beta Club 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2, 3,4 4 H Club 1 2 3 4 Sales Manager Annual Staff 4 Waitress at Junior Senior Banquet 1 DAPHNE GROOMS FHA 1 2 3 4 Delegate to State FFA Conventron 2, 3 Treasurer of Class 2 Glee Club 1 2, 3 4 4 H Club 1 2, 3 4 Ground Observer Corps 2, 3 4 Annual staff 4 Watt ress at junior Senxor Banquet 1 Cheerleader 3 Basketball 1 2, 4 ADGIE MORRIS FHA l 2, 3 4 Secretary 2 Parlramentartan 3 Reporter 4 Glee Club 1 2,3 4 4 HClub 1 2 3 4 Beta Club 2 3 4 Secretary and Treasurer 3 President of Class 1 Class Reporter 4 Marshal 1 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Reporter 4 Art Editor Annual staff 4 Waitress for Junror Senior Banquet 2 Chief Cheerleader 3 LAVERNE PREVITTE FHA 1 2 3 4 Song Leader 4 4 H Club l 2 3 Beta Club 2 3 4 Presrdent 3 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 BETTY JEAN PURVIS FHA 1 2, 3 4 Secretary 4 4 H Club 1 2 3 4 Beta Club 2 3 4, Treasurer 4 Class Treasurer 1 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Business Manager Annual Staff 4 Wartress at Junior Senior Banquet 1 IANE STRICKLAND FHA 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 4 4 H Club 1 2 3 4 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co Captam 4 Best Sport 3 ANNE THOMAS Presrdent 3 State Hornemakers Degree 3 Delegate to State FHA COHVCHIIOD 1 2 3 FHA Degrees Chairman 4 FHA Camp 2 3 FHA Work Shop 2 3 4 2nd Prize Winner Dress Revue 1 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 4 Class Secretary 1 Presrdent 3 Marshal 1, 2 3 Chief Marshal 3 4 H Club 1 2 3 4 Frozen Food 4 H School Wmner 2 President 3 Beta Club 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2, 3 4 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Basketball 2, 3 4 Captatn 4 All Star Player 2 3 4 All Tournament Player 3 Copy Editor Amlual Staff PATRICIA WILLIAMSON FHA 1, 2 3 4 Historian 2 Treasurer 3 Parlramentanan 4 FHA Dress Revue Blue Ribbon Winner 1 Fl-IA Camp 2 3 Delegate to State FHA Convention 2 3 Workshop 2 3 4 4 H Club 1 2 3 4 Beta Club 2, 3 4 Vice President 4 Class Secretary and Treasurer 3 4 Ground Observer Corps 2 3 4 Editor in Chief Annual staff Basketball 1 3 956 , , ' : : ' : s . . 3, 4, President 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Annual Staff 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, President 3, Anson-Union I 4 c11210rs JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD RHYNES, Presrdent BRYANT BRASWELL Vrce Presrdent MARY HARNEY Secretary CLARA ANN LIVINGSTON Treasurer PEGGY JOYCE LOWERY I-llstorlan Our Iuruor year has been a busy and excrung one Early in Sep tember the Seruors mvrted us to make a tnp wrth them to Waslungton rn the spnng We accepted of course Mrs Thomas and Mrs Gulledge worked on the plans for the tnp then we all set to work rarsrng funds sold newspaper subscnptrons we recerved all kmds of help from our parents and fnends All our efforts brought forth fru1t for the tnp to our nat1on s capnol w1l1 always be a hlgh hght of our school years We were hosts to the Semors at the Lotus Club where we held the Juruor Semor Banquet rn Washlngton As Ih1S year comes to a close we look eagerly forward to our Semor Year ANSON FLOWER SHOP Flowers for all Occasrons 135 East Wade Street Phone 605 Wadesboro North Carohna Comphments of B C MOORE8n SONS INC Cheraw South Carohna We made and sold cakes: we held the annual Halloween Carnival: we U12 1 OFJ CHARLES ACKERMAN IULIA ADAMS BOBBY ALFORD BRYANT BRASWELL BILL CANIPE HAROLD DEAN IRENE DEAN LOIS EDDIN S JAMES GATHINGS MARY HARNEY PLATT HENRY CLARA ANN LIVINGSTON JOHN LONG BETTY ANN PHILLIPS RICHARD RHYNES DORIS WHITTINGTON MORVEN ESSO STATION Charles G Gulledge Clean Rest Rooms Washmg, Greasrng, Battery Chargmg, Spark Plugs Cleaned Sandwtches and Cold Drinks csop om ores I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Janet Adams Presxdent Wayne Ballard V1ce Pres1dent Thomas Ph1ll.1ps Secretary Dewey Thomas Treasurer Mary Braswell Hrstonan We looked forward to our sophomore year when we would not be that awful freshman class We soon found that just bemg sophomores hadn t changed us that much Our boys really led us rn the role of stlly sophomores As ln our freshman year all meanness seemed to be blamed on us and we spent a great deal of ume in the offrce We dropped the role of s11ly sophomores for one rught when we had a very enjoyable class party We re lookrng forward to our jumor year wrth antrcrpanon We hope we wrll be as successful as the Iuruors of 54 55 HAMILTON S MEN S WEAR Cheraw Style Center of South Carolina Chesterfield County Compliments of HANCOCK MOTOR COMPANY Your Ford Dealer Chesterfield, South Carolina X X Y vy if Qgopfom ores Ox Rlsden Ackerman Janet Adams Mary Braswell Sylvxa Braswell Wayne Ballard Lowell Boswell Ahce Burr Martha Deese Joyce Gathmgs Kathryn Hlghtower Judy Hutchlnson Robble Jean Llvrngston CUIIIS Nelson Tommy Parxsh Thomas Phrllps Daisy Lee Purvls Bobby Stubbs Dewey Thomas Mac Thomas Jerry Txmmons Comphments of GADDY BROS GIN CO Morven North Carolina Ji N5 M U' K Rvfxyx .. X' .Qy. x . . . rSj'Dgy lx xg' ' 7res5men Q' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Albert Paradise President Juhan Ackerman Vrce Presrdent Garl Johnson Secretary Roger Dean Treasurer Juamta Adams Hrstorran Before we got to hrgh school we had been warned that rt was no bed of roses And we have certarnly found that to be true As freshmen we have bome the brunt of the drshes need washmg we must clean them up But rn sprte of our hardslups as freshmen we have nearly reached our goal for tlus year promotron We are lookmg forward to our sophomore year when we can lord rt over the new freshmen In all senousness we will work hard to reach successfully the graduation of our class rn May 1958 LEE S DAIRY CENTER Sandwrches Ice Cream Cold Drinks Chesterfreld South Carohna Complrments of MELTON S FLORAL SHOP Chesterfxeld South Carohna Comphments of MOORE S VALUE CENTER Chesterfreld South Carolrna Comphments of CHESTERFIELD MOTOR CO Chesterfreld, SouthCarolrna v' 'dirty workg" when the Ag shop is dirty, we must sweep it clean: when the Home Ec jI'G.SgI22G12 I ulian Ackerman Juanna Adams Madre Bryant Robert C anipe Helen C arpenter Terry Carter Roger Dean Blanford Diggs Gail Johnson Tommy Jammu Jay Lee Jolly Frankie Lowe Virginia McLaur1n Lewis Morrrs Albert Paradise Ted Parker Welton Purvis William Teal Barbara Williamson Pauline Williamson Congratulations Seniors MORVEN BARBER SHOP gas! Mzf nor fyesfamenf We the graduating class of 1955 realizing that the close of our school days is near at hand, think rt wise to leave something to those who in the future will un dertake to fxll our places In the course of our high school days, naturally we have accumulated various and valuable possessxons our years have been fruitful We have acquired a vast store of knowledge along with other thmgs that wrll help us through our lrves Smce we are burdened wrth some xmnecessary possessrons, we thmk xt wrse to drspose of them too we realrze that the school wlll have a peat loss wlthout us or our valuable possessions The underclassmen, especrally the Iunxors, would be handicapped rf we took all our valuable assets Bemg of sound mmd and body we do here by make tlus our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT SECTION ONE Article 1 We the SENIORS of 1955 wish to leave to our faithful and long suffermg supermtendent Mr W T Bud, our heart felt gratltude for his helpfulness and co operatlon in leadmg us to our goal Amcle 2 We bequeath to our well loved and lmderstanding princrpal Mr R H Northcutt, our admrratxon and respec for his good and helpful advlce for our many problems Artrcle 3 We leave to our sponsor Mrs Ruth Gulledge to whom we are very much mdebted for her leadershrp and guidance our wrshes that the rest of her years w1ll be as happy as thrs one has been for us Article 4 We wtll to our teachers who are our fnends and helpers, the wealth of knowledge that we haven t acquued that they may pass rt on to other students Article 5 We leave to our parents only a small poruon, a downpayment, of the love and apprecranon we own them for all they have done for us Article 6 We bequeath to the Jumors our abtlity to face unpleasant srtuations wrth a smile and our aptitude to wm our way mto the beans of all those we meet Article 7 We will to the Sophomores our hope that they may enhance their wrsdom as we have ours and that before long they wtll occupy the position we hold Artlcle 8 We leave to the Freshmen the struggle between student and textbooks for which they must leam to have Sfeat TCSPCCI SECTION TWO Amcle 1 Indlvldual Bequests Gathmgs, m hopes he will put them to use BETTY JEAN PURVIS, leave my abrlrty to get what I go after to Judy Hutchmson, and my talkauve eyes to Polly Williamson PATRICIA WILLIAMSON wrll my short harr cut to Doris Whittington and my dancmg abrlrty to Platt Henry BETTY SUE EDDINS w1ll my basketball abrlrty to Kathryn Hightower and my carefree ways to Robbxe Jean Lrvmgs ton CHARLES GATHINGS, will my lrresrstable ways with the guls to Rrchard Rhynes, as he has a love for the faxrer sex and my wavy locks to Mac Thomas BETTY RUTH CARPENTER, bequeath my love f r a green Dodge to Madre Bryant, and my cute actlons to Helen Carpenter just to keep them m the famlly DAPHNE GROOMS leave my abllrty to get my own dates to Clara Ann Livmgston, and my abrlrty to strut and my gigglmg ways to Jul1a Adams ADGIE MORRIS bequeath my love for Blues Boogie, and Barrel House to Mary Harney and my good spoken Englxsh to Charles Ackerman SARA BURR, will my qurck temper to John Long, and my xcess weight to Betty Ann Phllhps HENRY HUTCHINSON wtll my musrcral abrllty to B111 Canipe and my vocabulary to Dewey Thomas LAVERNE PREVITTE leave my abrllty to get along wlth Mrs Gnffm to Irene Dean, and my class room behavior to Bobby Alford I, JANE STRICKLAND wlll my good frgure and extra boyfriends to Peggy Joyce Lowery and my reputation as a flrrt to Joyce Gathings BII.LIE ANN FREEMAN, wlll my sweet smlle to Lois Eddms, and my flirty eyes to Harold Dean I, LLOYD RATLIFF bequeath my muscles to Bryant Braswell, and to Curtls Nelson my big mouth Srgned and sealed on thls the thirty frrst day of March, nmeteen hundred fifty five by the SENIOR CLASS Betty Jean Purvrs Betty Sue Eddins G . u L I, ANNE THOMAS, will 'my :ability to make people mad and my fussing ways to Mary Braswell, and my brains to James I' l u s I s L , . . . . . G L . . . . . . . - L . . . . I. ' . ' ' I I ' ' ' If I I . I l L . . 5 ' . . . . In 9 , . . u . I I ' L . . . . . . . . I. ' ' ' . lift: ' Ur,-'1-. 8 if N Ccjkmen fary cscfoof gacuf MRS B H CHAPMAN MRS L E PRATT Erghth and Seventh Grade Teacher Slxth Grade Teacher MRS G B BLACKWELL MRS ESSIE MCQUEEN DAVIS Frfth Grade Teacher Fourth Grade Teacher I MRS, RAY MAUNEY MRS. LELIA K, SHAW Thxrd Grade Teacher Second Grade Teacher T MRS. REBECCA P, BRITT Fust Grade Teacher Compllments of THE WOMEN 'S SHOP Cheraw, South Carohna - . .- " - W A . , , Lg I ' Y 175 B Y V: "IEEE: 47 ' 4 O I O l C I O I 0 U QFGOQ Margaret Ackerman Mtldred Alford Mary Grace Bullard Peggy Carpenter Wayne Dean Brenda Eddlns Joe Henry Nancy Huntley Lmda Lowery Ray Morgan Joyce Moms Shxrley Purvrs James Spencer Patsy Streater Shuley Stubbs Don Teal Boyce Whxttmgton Complunents of WALTERS DRUG COMPANY Prescnptrons, Nunnally s Candy, Sealtest Ice Cream, Sheaffer s Pens Morven, North Carolrna S. CSG!! Q12 106 Cjyll ffQ 'QF W Llliam Adams Albert Burr TK Marvm Campe 41 Ehse Crlbb L Land1s Dlggs Margaret Godwm Elxzabeth Keeter Josephme Lowery Comphments of WILLIAMSON S GARAGE Day Phone 75 I Emergency Nlght 83 I Morven, North Carolma Qszxff grak James Adams Joy Ann Adams Judy Brown Betty Lou Bullard Evelyn Campe Harner Dawkms S ylvra Grooms Ins Hardrson Clara Mane Livingston Margaret Lowery Judy Ann Mlller Ralph Paradrce Steve Parnsh Glenn Phrhps Lovenla Purvrs Don Short Shuley Streater J onn Stroud Carolyn Teal Lmda Thomas W R, GADDY S GIN Congratulauons Senrors Morven, North Carohna Jimmie Livingston 52,95 9,1006 Harvey Adams Loulse Adams Dorothy Atkmson B111 Braswell Don Bryant Barbara Burr Vlrgxma Deese Bemadme Drggs Chve Dosher Battle Hardlson III I oe Johnson Kathleen Keeter Charles Lowery Drenda Lowery Ralph Morgan James Purvxs Elame Ratllff Dranne Rhyne Frankre Teal Comphmeuts of Lan Williamson Nyce Truman BANK or cussfrsarmw Y Member of F D LC Ellen McLaurin ,I an , -6- Kenneth Ackerman Dorothy Adams Beverly Beane Margaret Ann Best Barb ara Brock Dav1d Bullard Elizabeth Carpenter Patrlcla Carpenter Thomas Deese Paulette Dosher Wxlham Eddms I ames Guffey Archte Lee Henr Brenda Henry I ane Jann Bonme Jenklns Margaret Llvmgston Helen Long Margaret Ann Lowery William Miller Jr James Riley Moss Ralph Parrish Betty Ann Strickland Grady Tucker BANK OF MORVEN Organized 1903 Member ofF D I C F rances Whittington gourff gfdk s , JV - . a v If. K .". gr fi A all 4 A C A a a Y f' A A l B I U l -5 'A' gag S' 1? 3 l t Y' , 75 ff Sf-QOQ Larry Adams Alvln Boswell Charlie Bullard Lola Burr Myrtle Deese Karren Dlggs Jxmmte Eddmx Hamer Gaddy Rtchard Gaddy Carolyn Gathmgs Bobby Gulledge Elhot Hardtson Dane Jann Sara Jones Ed Ltvmgston Donnte Lowery Lmda Morr1s O11n Parker J Jane Pratt Dlanne Purvts Lois Short Davtd Teal Don Vaughn Harry Wllltamson Congratulauons Sentors CHESTERFIELD LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Chesterfneld, South Carohna 12' Johnnie Jacobs . , L QSQCOHJ 9 J Essre Mae Barwick Jimmy Beane Carolyn C ampe Jule Campe Faye Dean Susan Drggs Jean Gulledge Becky Henry Elsre Ingram Rlchard Johnson Davrd Kelly Jlmmy Lowery Sue Miller J P McLaurin III Annette Morris Frances Moms Vera Lee Moss Betty Phrllrps Bobby Phrlhps Louise Ph1111ps Mamn Dalla Pozza Marlon Ratlrff Sandra Rhyne Margaret Short Don Streater Hobby Srreater Brenda Strickland Freddre Teal Wrllram Tmman Libby Vaughn Mary Wall Comphments of WATSON BROTHERS Goodyear and G E Lrnes Chesterfield, South Carolma fd Q Ronnie Morris Zn! QFGOQ Cecelia Ackerman Bonnie Adams Jack Adams I. W. Bullard Peggy Bullard Myrtle Carpenter Hazel Deese Barry Grooms Eugene Harney Frank Huntley III Dewey Jacobs Travis Keeter Hugh Lrvmgston Jackte Ltvmgston Lonnle Ray Lowery Sue Lowery Ianrce Maree Norma Melton Faye McLaur1n Ray McLaunn Jack Moore Benme Moms Billy Momson Judy Pamsh C ynthta Rat11ff Harry Rhyne Helen Short Martha Short Judy Teal Sue Vaughn Robert Lee W1Jl1ams Stephen Wllhamson TOM1.INSON S For Better Values Phone 187 Chesterfteld, South Carolma 4 l 6 L ' Gommencemenl Comphments of BLACKWELL MOTOR CO Phone 7400 Cheraw, South Carohna SENIOR CLA SS Va1ed1ctor1an A NNE THOMAS GLEE CLUB Way 23, 1955 SENIOR C LA SS Salutatonan HENRY HUTCHINSON THE FRIENDLY CAFE Home Cooked Food Cheraw South Carohna MARSHALS Compliments of unzbr- enzbf' 57011113 5 Compliments of CITY CLEANERS Your Patronage Is Always A pprecnted Wadesboro North Carolina Zyanyuel 7!dS6lI?yf0I2 D G Com phments of CHARLES RATLIFFE Gradxng Truckmg and Wood Morven, North Carolma ' I . U Adgre Moms Art Ed1tor Typlst Henry Hutchrnson Jqnn uaf Cgfgff Betty Jean P11l'V1S Busrness Manager Busrness Manager Charles Gathmgs Patncla Wxlhamson Ed1tor in Chref BOWMAN S Hlghway '74 Phone 9122 Amaco Products Good Foods Wadesboro North Carohna 1 ,-.f I I !'X Zjefa C516 Sara Burr Pres1dent Patricla W1l11amson Vxce Presldent Henry Hutchmson Secretary Betty Jean Purv1s Treasurer N I Nf W gufure Jimem ers 0 qmenca Pres1dent Vrce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Parhamentauan I-hstona n Reporter Pramst Song Leader Q Betty Ruth Carpenter Judy Hutchxnson Betty Jean Purvrs B1111e Anne Freeman Patr1c1a Wrlhamson Sara Burr Adg1e Moms Betty Sue Eddms Laverne Prevrtte Complrmentx of RIVER S MUTOR COMPANY Your De Soto and Plymouth Dealers Cheraw South Carolma 'Qai- ufure Qzarmers 0 Wmerzca Presldent Vrce Presrdent Secret ary Treasurer Re porter Sentrnel Bryant Braswell Charles Gathrngs Robert Campe B111 Canrpe W11l1am Teal Henry Hutch1nson Q LYON RADIO AND TELEVISION Dealmg Excluslvely rn Wesunghouse Phone 7181 Sales and Servrce on A11 Makes Cheraw South Carohna IIIZIOI' CZIIJ QIIIOI' gk? SENIOR GLEE CLUB Judy Hutchinson Betty Sue Eddins Senior President Senia' Secretary JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Compliments of CHESTERFIELD DRUG COMPANY Whitman and Norris Candies Chesterfield, South Carolina uzzzor anof enzor 4 if SENIOR 4 H CLUB g R1cha.rd Rhynes DOH T631 semor Presxdent Junior President JUNIOR 4-H CLUB Compliments of F, M, HIGHTOWER Merchant and Farmer Phone 60 Wadesboro, North Carolina , if qixf 0' grounoffggseruer Cjozps fl 'Q C -jf 'v 0' ' X gs XM if QK-r-gf! i gi3e!"'4"' 9 X f I. 'N In Z K -0-1! f--f'fl""'u u an U I ! Chief Observer Lloyd Ratliff Assistant Chief Observe Charles Gathings Assistant Chief Observer Henry Hutchinson F C X COOPERATIVE SERVICE, INC. Quahty Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizers and Farm Supplies Chesterfield, South Carolina ,145 M224 925' Zasfefgaf geam Left to nght Joyce Gathmgs Mary Harney Clara Ann Lxvmgston Jane Stnckland Kathryn Hlghtower Mary Braswell Betty Sue Eddins Betty Ann Phllllps Juha Adams Judy Hutchinson Anne Thomas Janet Adams Daphne Grooms Coach, Mr Northcutt Patsy Su-eater Nancy Huntley Harnet Dawkms, Joyce Truman, Jlmmy Lwmgston, Sylvxa Grooms Lmda Thomas, Chref JONES PHARMACY In Busmess for Your Health Chesterfteld, South Carohna Phone 61 Night 104 J D hues and Sam Gandy 5 CHEERLEADERS joys ' xasfeffaf geam w, , - I VMQ I l TEAM CAPTAINS AND CO-CAPTAINS Coach, Mr Northcutt Jane Smckland, Co-Captam Platt Henry Co Captaln Charles Gathings, Captam Anne Thomas, Captam Compluneuts of WADE CLOTHING COMPANY Home of McGregor Sportswear Phone 345 Wadesboro North C a.ro11na Left to nght Robert Campe Risden Ackerman Louxs Moms Dewey Thomas B1l.l Campe Charles Ackerman Rrchard Rhynes James Gathmgs Platt Henry Lloyd Ratllff Charles Gathmgs Thomas Phillips Joe Pratt Welton Purvls Coach Mr N orthcutt We CSQHIOI' GQSJ IUNIORS AND SENIORS IN WASHINGTON, D C Phone 7445 Wallace South Carolina Congratulations Seniors INGRAM COURT RESTAURANT Cheraw South Carolina Comphments of M 8a B DEPARTMENT STORE Cheraw South Carolina WALLACE MOTOR COURT 8: DINING ROOM NL 1 .lf F -, Q.. -":d""f -Qc, A, 1 g '4 :'- 1 gf, , :Sy ivan , Af, Xl K 1 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Orga.n1zed 1894 Complete Bank1ng Serv1ce Member Federal Reserve F D I C Wadesboro North C arolma Cm' mmf Phone 170 Your Patronage IS Always Apprec1ated Wadesboro North C arohna Congratu1at1ons Sen1ors THE BANK OF WADESBORO Your F nendly Bank Orgaxnzed 1902 I Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat1on MODERN Ufmwu admafwf Make One Call Do It All 4231 Phones 7247 170 Second Street 230 Market Street Cheraw South Caro11na A MAR PARTS INC Complete L1ne of Parts T1res Accessones Battenes and Equlpment 666 Phones 670 East Wade Street Wadesboro North Carolma MELTON S FLORIST Roses Are Red V1o1ets Are Blue et MELTON S FLORIST Make a Bouquet for You Cheraw South Carollna Tncot Fahncs Outerwear Underwear E E CONNOR 8: CO INC Selhng Agent New York Cnty HORNWOOD WARP KNITTING CORPORATION Wadesboro North Carohna B C MOORE AND SONS and MOORE S VALUE CENTER Buy from MOORE and Save More Wadesboro North Carol1na - Q , I - Jobbers - .. - L , Congratulatmns Senlors ALLEN FURNITURE COMPANY The House of Dependable Furn1ture Phone 41 Wadesboro North Carohna 3 When 1n Chesterf1e1d Stop By' D B GOODMAN FURNITURE Fr1g1da1re Appl1ances Sales and Serv1ce TV Zexnth Adnfural Motorola Ph1lco Wadesboro North Carohna whim am! Zgwfgafwa Q0 Wade sboro North Carolma C ornp11ments of WLM. MI LLI NG COM PANY Wadesboro North C arol1na T and T W mmm Sales Serv1ce Antennas Rotors Phone 643 L Wadesboro North Carohna BRIGMAN STUDIOS Portra1ts Ch1ldren Wedd1ngs Commerc1als Cop1es Photography Phone 318 34 W Martm Street Wadesboro North Carohna C ornphment s of ANSON COLJ NTY AUTO DEALER S ASSOCIATION Wade sboro North Carolma . ,. Q! CO. Q u . I , " . ' I ' Wholesale Grocers Compl1ments of ZZMWZQQ W! CUKFOKA-I-ION Wadesboro North C arohna Manufacturers of Cameo and Ballet Brand Full Fash1oned HOSICIY 0 MABUMTEZINK ffwf F PEE DEE BOTTLING COMPANY Wadesboro North Carohna Corrmphments of E I LT MORE 0900? QWZM? Phone 520 Wadesboro North CaTO11na Home Dehvery of A11 Da1ry Products "Ice Cream and M11k Shakes Are Our Spec1a1ty." STEGALL OIL CO W E STEGALL D1str1butor Phone 466 Es so Products Wadesboro, North Carolina ' ab . . f' 0 T0 Z u'-2-: , Wadesboro Plant W 5 zftr P 2d't I . - Noll ' l Q , . . . TEAL S GRILL ALLEN W Meals and Short Orders Hamburgers Steaks ,lf W 0'2EZW'2h1'i'X' Hotdogs Seafood f flu! K WM Phone 376 H1ghway No 74 East Cut Flowers Plants and Floral Des1gn Wadesboro North Carol1na The Best Meals Are ll Found at Teal s' Cheraw South C arohna ABATTOI K Spec1a11zed 1n Pork Sausage Veal and Western Steak The Home of Good Photographs See Us for Your Portra1ts In Commerc1al Work Phone 485 Wadesboro North Carol1na Wadesboro North Carol1na Comphments of RATLIFF 8: RATLIFF INC Motor Transportatwn Insured Carners Long D1stance Hauhng P O Box 399 I C C No 107409 Phone 44 Wadesboro North Carolma Under Interstate Commerce Comm1ss1on Rule Payments Must Be Made W1th1n UD Days QRQMWM WMM FUNERAL DIRECTOR Annbulance Serv1ce Phone 149 West Morgan Street Wadesboro North Carol1na X - ' x ., vw . n iyhiw- Zh KW GADDVS Always Welcome at DAIRY BAK 81 GRILL Cher aw South Carol1na Chesterfleld South Carol1na Large or Small Cones WM From 9 AM T111 4 A M From 10 AM T111 12 P M 9 fl -Thick Milk Shakes, Hot Sandwiches - naps ofs 2, fm. L 3 2, , . ,5 , f, ff ua, V - 5 Qfyifv' .gf . , ., - 9 W5 , ,, A dvi " ' wi Qf, ' fc ,, ,wa 1 if f fy4 0- .QW Q , , K, ,, ',, 4 2 'fy MZ? bf 5 M..-M ,aw 4 7-ua gm M fi 1' .ul vw' , ,Z 5 , XM 'V ., , W ,.Lk,',gx'-W 'ef A -fy-af' , y , g K , ,.4, f kfazfiii wpfg' 1' 3-' if Q Lf AA, ,X- fa-74 ww 44? H: 5533: 951121 1, - , wh 'iff Y 4 A .1 Q. -L My L rwx C! LLL DL l N-'PL. Ll Ln!! kk Q x OA f 41 4?L QOLL Q L11 Q, L K Llc LLLVM Ln. ,, 'Y A 1 A. P rm LC U r it L XLL 4.1 CL ffccf 'IM ,,-.41 Lfi' z7k' lfxf, Cixi f x VVLLJLA, kd L L in L k L l L J Lt! 4 JAL i I l 4.944 LL L if LL A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS . TEXAS X Q-'ik 7"U-V4.1 , 'V 'RNA 4 1, f, ,,5, gnrf ',4 4 L V L .-1- L I, 1 T V X , . .1 . fl I 4. 1,1 .',XL.,1 . Af f 'A'-I If A' lvl' X , AAI ' U l LV. 5.1! w 1 1 II , fb A ,v i l I' H , L L , L 5 L, 1 . , , 1 . 'Il Mu ui f l lim iz t.,lQk ,Iii xi., I fm ,mf X gf ilk, A 'U ,, L- L v In 1,13 ,ANZ ,: , Q, 'L' Lx , I , ' V3 I A 1 nfl, Z' L J Ld It ' 7 fl 9- 0 ' ' 7 V! 17:1-L 1 - , ,.-, Lx .1 K' LVL" P X' 1 'Ag' L Q i J , J L'C,4.0Yz. f., 4164 K I 5 'LVM ,. , , If 1 Y' I I Q, . mialg vJXLw L-A I-fs, . I, f,f f, A - - Zu fi R . ' . ' , , x V if fklf' U'Lf"1 gt 1' ,' -NN-,., ',LLg' , Jtflxn, ,lflv-f ky! I - i 0, 5 .' Y 4 .' V fy-,gp .1-K, ,L Lg, ily ff! Qbphxgb ,J I irxk, ,K L L -LIXL .CQ OVLLIX KKK bids I gb , 1-' - 1' .- 'M , 4 I ' , f V -K Lg Lady' Vx KKL I LWB5 '-J .Q L, L 4' ' LP - f 1. ,, , KZ II x-.' mia- Q lt L J' - K :A n CL 1, Lllk lx , V I -J f k Us 'VM Xlvj , Af 1 1: 41 L f LQ C L, 1 IV ' 1 vi ,f 'A f"' 'Wy 1 IC: ,XL ax, 0. L x " I I U L" ' L' W Ld :Lf 'QLAC K . A VWL L "' 1 f' W V1 A Lx I . D ' I , . L.. . X..-.ii N I ML LLLC V ,px - I I L J A ,Ly L , . x ,x A x . -- X- L! 'NX LL ft ,Y 4, L ,4x ,f . ', w '. - , ' , , LN L ' C' T Q A lx V A 'f 1 L7 X! i A 'X L! 1".v,l 'lA Lk ,g r . . V ' 5 X vu - L fx- K U , b , ' . Q1 4 K 'M C .L WCW 4 Z.:,T 1' dgkfgj ,rj LLK 4k -194-Y 1 J fx' , . f - 2 A ' I I lr 7 rn IL " l L L, L 'V L' .,- '-.I 34'-ut L' , -A -- ' mlku L ' LO- If - ' H ,xA 1 u fl vm .M A A , JBA, -4 . gnxrg N , gi ' ij Lk, Cfk C' fp, T i , ff' " ,1 I f- 4 . . -H-Q vm bi 4, -Z 'lv f f I 7 3 I gl 1v4,.v, f' Vu. 4- ' K lf, x K X V Jflhxi 5 I.,-, by 1 3 x. C- .',' f . ,L,,-, -Adv, , ,L X ! , Ak VLVLLX , CLf - r Lx . ' "" - , LL ' L 5 S " ' "' 5 K, 1 .J ,5 5 " 11,0 L4 r 5' - , , V A J ' , V' .X , . K C' J7 um.-L AALZL, ' IAAL P-J - W A' -5 Lwgfx A X -- 4. . ' ' ,f 'f XJ k Vx' KQJXY . '- Lk xl tx 1. .X -K C' -IL-, Li -.AXLLA I '1 1-A fall k j ' Lk' 'T 1 ' Q ,f -9 "4" -rrkx Y 461, k-L X CLXQ Lf J . I F C 1 if iQLxu Q , !rKx 5 U fl Q f Z 44 1 y ,K 1fj,'AMk 5 LLM. ,. 9 f lllx- 2' 1, U MJIQLL A Cv If NM' 4LfQf"3i,J Mjijyfiijjo 'W if JGQJQQKW if f'j'5fQ7AZymM 655 'fmffmllyy U qwdfflfg gfyfij fyygywlf MPM PM wgfwfjivyf Wy! 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Suggestions in the Morven High School - Memories Yearbook (Morven, NC) collection:

Morven High School - Memories Yearbook (Morven, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Morven High School - Memories Yearbook (Morven, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 45

1955, pg 45

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