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NVQ Q J ,, X, ,V ' x l f LEWX Qwx A ,-4. NJ N, 13. kj-fy Mi 'Q Yf Q , x ,jf , fd EQIP? H, Yhl Qs K nw by V 'X . fm . 'Y' . 'UNK ,Q X JU gg YV qvzxmwkfxlgf I -, 'Q 4-SLU! D' r ,JN '7 XJ? J J VQSIX L ,H A ,. r J, ,A 4 V, Q I, v X L f , 5 ff A M' J VJ bw my wwf ,QQ ,f 35 f X ff, Q N9 Li K , SX Ky? 1:12 , X M 4 up XB! A YQ-7. ..QXvfK cj J' ,N ,V wwf, ' L A. Q Mx Xi, MILK, -ff . MN 7 A YJN Y ly' N J ' V'f ,V J Q, 7' 'W "'Q-' NCT' ii V glial 'V XXJJ J , - OV k ' Q '5 'L' U1 1 L A w xi M Lf I N :I Y ,Q J V V Lf.,,.X,f , Q' ' f :X J 17 ,V w 7 ,QJ 5 L, ,- . M -, A, - - ,, XX ,f N 7 .QT ,- X Q! XXX Qyxf ,V--LL, X 7 My ' 1' JJQJ 'yuff fb! P if VX -J A 1 4 , Ll V rf? - fj.f f. V XJ . - kv ' ,f fl, ' QR' C Nw 55 ,ffby gp UTD QQ, U A bv! ,D g,L-"W jj zix DZ .V X v 1 V 1 f' . ' X XJ' A 1 f r y M ' In y I f Q' I x X X XYNXLDJIN K O! I V! 1 Q Afijlx A E 5 1 vN,.N if z X x pl! Q K filly Cf x ,B .uv - ,, ,ff 1 N ,gk L 5' A W , , jkf WA ff f -uf f 9 -N X J of ww ,f UJNUXU . -NPN' N f O! Y ' ,gin-'X - La! fc" QVUL ' - ' . 5 l 2 -.1 Ji" QQ' ZQVAV N 'X , ' A f I PM , N' Nxyifj V 'fifv lab? ,A xr! 'V' AK! I t I K NO X gh O X if V VL E f -'VN J N 'PX X X N QJO N NV f QV I Us J! xy N U , X f Q V x UV X XJX fa? " XJ ,- 56 ff" fl f Q vw X, O f, ,f g LQ 3 Nix if by f uxbgwmb X QW? . IOJIVUV "' , M 45 xxx XXAO X ' iyjujqv V K K , K , Y L-y y Ng H35 f J wyf Q- 1 V f U4 if Q A 'W ' L OL J K gy QQ uv vm, K V. H X, v k,j7"'?7x Nxivt Lf! Tw X ' 'Y " xl X A i .VIJ x .J .X ,J . ffffxx I JW L R 5 x N X7 O 5 5 1 f NJ OV, A . N , I, W vw! Y 5 F V CDN ' JL 'VA f X xv! x "X . W Q3 V' , KL A w wx f pw L' 5 W f QNX AY X C1 p f,X. J .xi H X 1 D . x Nrwvfxk 'K ,kwa Mfgxfljgj 13 M W OW ff w M Q X XML f cwj ? + L L' . M QV WV7 W 'Uh 9211 rf l 5"' ' Wi U! wcfbe VL Md N fu N MM M0 67' TxWQx'NLW 33161441 N kW J QQ Q?mQfff f,.f"5 X5 J Qj PQ OD ffxf Q Q, gg X35 M Q JO W N kb SX Q 5 my Um Som QV QSSQQS5 Q0 GY 'GJQQDOK 5 X A yy XQ x QENQ SWS U BQ Asp? X Q 3 Qs Q ff Xaiggs 1 ' xw lw- ,Q RUR X' -Xxx-PM 4 A- wi-M ,MM Vi,f 1986 RETRCSPECT MGRTON MEMORIAL SCHOCLS Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' ChiIdren's Home Knightstown, Indiana y xi wi ' ' Elie in ' S 2 " 2 1 . rf A I 1,34 Ag W Y W J QQ? :V ,f '51- MI..---.1 ,4-sunllII1' CAMPUS LIFE 'I7 RECREATION 23 ACTIVITIES 29 ACADEMICS 43 2 guuiiiiil SPORTS 51 STUDENTS 81 SENIORS 75 3 We, the senior Class of Nine- teen Hundred and Eighty Six, proudly dedicate the 1986 Ret- rospect to Mr. Max E. Stanley. He has been Superintendent of the Morton Schools since 1962. We feel that Mr. Stanley is most deserving of this honor. He has dedicated himselfto his profession, the school, the insti- tution, and most importantly, to the children of the Home. He has unselfishly given many hours of his time to the activi- ties of the school and institution. A native of Connersville, indi- ana, Mr. Stanley has given 37 years to the teaching profes- sion. Mr. Stanley graduated from Indiana State Teachers College in 1948 with a major in Business Education. He received his Masters of Science in 195 1 , also from Indi- ana State Teachers College. He served his country honorably in the US. Navy during World XVar ll. we, the Class of 1986, the staff, teachers, employees and all the children of the Home, past and present, wish to express our deepest apprecia- tion for his loyalty and commit- ment to the school, the Home, the State and his country. We wish him continued suc- cess and happiness and lastly say, THANK YC DLI. 4 Y Superintendent and Mrs. S.W. Brewer Hon. Robert D. Orr t ! ,ff WOODROW A. MYERS, IR. T.S. DANIELSON, IR., M.D. STEVE DeMOUGIN WILLIAM D. MURCHIE M.D., M.B.A. Assistant Commissioner for Assistant Commissioner for Bureau of Institutional State Health Commissioner Health Maintenance Health Support Services Support Service Indiana State Board of Health Indiana State Board of Health Indiana State Board of Health ROGER BEESLEY - Bureau of Special Service lNo Picture Availablel 5' 2 Z wwwwwfafaf M . I W TS' .'Tf1"T"?4s' Left to right: Mr. William Caldwell, Mrs. Orin Nowlin, Dr. Terry Kyle, Mrs. William Steckler, Mr. William jackson. lNot pictured: Mrs. Otis Bowenl. 6 ..........,.....,.......,..,,....,.. - J Wham f Mr. jules E. Elzey Mr. S.W. Brewer Mr. Max E. Stanley Athletic Director Superintendent Superintendent of Schools Recreation Director is - L is ..b: , LAgL . .trt... Wig ' eittti Mr. Richard Evans Mr. james D. Hart Rev. Mervin D. Kilmer Mr. M.D. Romero Supervisor of Instruction Program Director Program Director Physical Plant Director Dr. Anthony I. Triarsi Vocational Director Elementary Principal Dr. john R. Wittkamper Asst. Superintendent of Administration 5 Mr. Fred A. Wright Program Director aaa! Mrs. Mary Lou Cox Mrs. Linda Gere Mrs. Mona Walker Above: Mrs. Fern Evans is in her seventh year as secretary forthe social workers. Right: Donald Earley makes a telephone call home from Mrs. Cox s V office. 'H' M ' M 'f,' , iiiiifzigf t' 57 I ' 8 5? 95 W"-R-x Phyllis Doty, Arnold Butler, Chief of Security, Sandy Thompson, Tim Swift. john Farmer. X Z Howard Clark 3 Oleta Jarvis, Tony Hickman, Wanda Hinshaw. QQCAMJY Patricia Richardson, Vocationalg Dorothy Dudley, Federal E.S.E.A. Title I: Betty Dean High School: Connie Hunter, High School. Seated: Linda lordon, Sharon Hutson, Tena Harris, Fern Evans. Standing: Alice Ann Leisure, ludy Richmond, Gladys Boatright, Wanda McCleese Shirley Whitfield, Leah Kopp, janet Sutton. iNot Pictured: Avis johnson, Patia Ertell. 10 W. QV? ,K Q 1 11, W sf t 'y JIU b , 1-" ' YK ...a m Left: Bottom row: Billie Sloan, Martha Smith, Evelyn Gabbard. Middle row: lean Madison, Dorothy Jones, Garnett Selvidge. Top row: William Carnes, Ron Cameron, Betty Irving. Below: Bottom row: lan Sims, Esther Stone, Linda C-abbard. Top row: Mary Jones, Pete Lunsford, Ken Gabbard. X i. 7 r A f f 4. H an fy Lfwalif f cifggf, ein' , Z 1452 ff , 2,61 3: 5212? Q. Above: Bottom row: Linda Lair, Beverly Martin. Top row: Doris Ballard, Violet Chalfant, Rebecca Miller. Left: Betty lrving, houseparent in division 17, writes a pass for Erin Hensley to go fishing. l 1 1 i Efforts Put Forth by Legion and Auxiliary Greatly Appreciated by Staff and Students of the Home The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary are vital to the welfare of the kids in the Home, past and present. In 1919 the indiana Department Com- mander ofthe Legion appointed a com- mittee to study and work with the officials of the Home for the benefit of the children. Each commander since that time has appointed a Knightstown Home Committee. The Auxiliary's Department of Indi- ana began functioning in 1922 with child welfare being one of their major pro- jects. They sponsor and take personal interest in each child. The two organizations sponsor groups and individuals in many and var- ied activities on and off the campus. In September of each year both groups gather on the Home campus for the Legion Day festivities, with the pro- ceeds going for Christmas gifts for each student. At Commencement the graduating seniors are presented with various gifts and scholarships to further their educa- tions, and while on the subject of giving, let's not forget that the Legion annually makes your Retrospect a possibility, as they provide the funds for the expenses. Space does not allow to mention everything that the Legion and Auxiliary do for the Home and students, but one thing is for sure -they are doing some- thing that they enjoy -caring. A THANK YOU goes to these two organi- zations for their untiring efforts in trying to make each child's life a little happier. 1!The American Legion Band plays a number at Legion Day. 2fMrs. Claus and Santa Claus enjoy the Christmas spirit with these students from Cortner Cottage. 3fA legionnaire takes advantage of a free shoe shine from Shawn Zilbermann. 12 7 . . W -, . " W lin.. 5 W' 7 4!K.W. Ohl and Lavelle Black during a Christmas party at the Lafayette Post. 5!Ellie Rausch, Missy Allbright and Samantha See enjoy a ride during Legion Day. 6fTracy Fish visits with Santa Claus. 7!A youngster is ready to throw a dart at a balloon at the dart stand. 'I3 1935 - 1960 Graduating Classes Honored for 50 and 25 Year Anniversaries at Homecoming The Alumni Association origi- nated in 1892 and to this year of 1985-86, this association has been active with the Home and its' kids. They had their annual get- together iHomecomingJ in Sep- tember, and as usual there was a good turnout. The classes of 1960 and 1935 were honored for their 25 and 50 year anniversaries. Ira Odle was the recipient of the Alumnus of the year award. Betty Dean, school secretary, was given a plaque and bouquet for her 35 years of service to the school and the State of Indiana. --.,. gi it gy' 3 1fMembers of the class of 7960 that were on hand for the Homecoming Banquet, 2fThe five Shropshires at Homecoming - Betty, Virginia, Charlotte, Howard and Bob. 4!These former students renew fond memo- ries as they leaf through albums of photos and news clippings. 4fThese 70 former students of the class of 1935 were present for their 50th Anniversary. 'I4 X 1?ff'?'-f 2 Reverend Mervin D. Kilmer Completing Fifteenth Year As Chaplain for the Students of the Home Reverend Mervin D. Kilmer is in his fifteenth year as Chaplain for Sunday Church Services. The services, which are nondenominational, are held each Sunday. The students areinvolved withthe services,as they,on occasion will deliver the scripture reading or give the sermon. The Roman Catholic students, upon request, may attend services at the St. Rose of Lima Church in Knightstown. Reverend Mervin D. Kilmer 15 loan Gardner and Staff Kept Busy With Students' Illnesses, Aches and Pains In 1949 the application for a new hospital was approved by the state legislature. The building was started in 1950, the contract having been awarded to V.H. luerling ata cost of S505,919.00. It is a modern two-story brick building which maintains the facilities of a modern hospital suited to give better health services to the children. It has been in operation since 1952. joan Gardner, R.N., heads the hospital staff, which includes seven aides: Flo Abrams, Frances Dudley, Louise Duncan, Vickie Ferguson, Sondra Holtzel, Dorothy Richey and Gladys Tucker. Keeping the hos- pital clean and tidy are Gloria Butler and Denise Hayworth. Also located in separate wings ofthefacil- ity are the Dental and cosmetology classes. Dr. Jeanette Sabir and Dr. Geralynn Schroeder are responsible for the students' dental work, with assistance from Mrs. jill Cook and her dental assisting students. Mrs. Joyce Plank and her Cosmetology students care for students and employees desiring any beauty needs. CJ. Shaneyfelt, a local optometrist, cares for the students' visual needs. Gina Kelley takes her medication during a visit to the hospital clinic. 16 xx! GHSIY CAMPUS LIFE :-' T Q flw . -?S- . l 9 N-...N rx . 5? ff-L t sg? 1 gt s f ,-X..x. t r . W. 1 5' 3 iv' xl M. A is st -5 ,Ls l A f' 3 1fBiIllones is assisted by Louis Riddle, department head of the Carpen- ter Shop, as the two are building a plant stand. 2!Eddie Fettig has found a friend in Pepper, Miss Stone's dog. 3!Curtis Markey, jim Bryant and lim Muncey cut a 2 x 4 for the remodeling of the Barber Shop. 4fPat Gabbard, working with a summer paint crew, adds a coat ofpaint to the storage barn. 18 2 2 f'i'fk+7'Vr' A "L""f+mN W . 4 "ef-1,.31.1 -"' 5 VVVV 47 V791 0 QQ 90409 ,arse 9' Q OQQQ 0.6 4. Q any Y ooo sol PQ4' W gg stacy 'QQQ 0.0.0 K' ra , ...N 30,30 " 'lf V t' QQ' .Vw ,b V, DQQQNV 599' '4 592' 0 0 v 0 to 4 011 0000 4 gag .Q if v5O RV. QQOO 1 906, 4009 ' Eiyi i QQ if ,QOQO '..Q Q0 V. gi? 09 " '09 ,voir rf.,... 040' v.O.9'. 7 'fi r 1: V f' AVN 6 8 5fMissy Allbright was one of the many students and employees that participated in the Central Indiana Regional Blood Drive. 6!Harold Willian is busy cleaning up after the March 10 tornado that swept across the Home campus. 7fLinda Dulfala models clothing during a Style Show that was spon- sored by Foxmoor and was under the direction of houseparents lan Mclntire and Becky Miller. 8fDebbie Swindle is getting herself all ready for a big weekend. 19 3 ni . 'QV . 5, .. r 4 'V' a 7 -, V1 5,.!g.n,f' in v -E. , 1' ,- Y sf ff 5V it Y G 4 V11 , xg V V Vw' ':fVVw s1. .g- 3 I Vww Vg . Zh. . W VX ,ZW fx i s f hgf i' A X C ' -P iw v 3332 J is f' .1 5 ' 1 x Q L 4 5 ig A .. . , V l A 1 WJ A " 'A i i rsV is is V 1 5. ww f' -',V . ,,, f kt, ,X 9 ' -- A E W . , ' ,.A1 , t A iii. s 'E V k V .. fi M2 'Q Q i. f A J... Lisle Eg? . MMM f 51. in f i . V5g,,1 22 ' V is F if s 041 'iw V ' ' f mi? '1 W . ff' sf we - V '-V , V . . " - t V ssss V + 1 so M va ,v as K 5 ' , if 'ff .v - V . . is ,VHV Vsss aff, . . 4 . , Q xi f V NA , . QV 'EA oy V L, Iygrvaftfg , . V , f 1 1+ , W 'M4'Alr"f, , A.W"' V ' , W A f V - .V V"':La ,V . .. , , . ,fi ' r 1. .. ' A . 7 1 W: .V 3 K ' ' p1V'MZ-2,4 -gy x if 159. 'j,,1ffil,VM av mil X . 'why '?9x5f1,. ' .ff .V wx. :ay A fs A , 12 . . 1 V is V kg.,-Q, F Nr Z W: W I.f,W f . A K F".-,.4vA1 -. - H A-, jp g-W ., -2 , Ja va ' f' ',g,., if" bl- W. V V f. V ' '- f liliii. o f-. 'H A H Tl 9!Debbie Fish adjusts a few items in her section of the Honor Divisions. 10fMrs. Boatright assists Angie Meyers during a visit to the Student Bank. 11!Augie Hough keeps the garden neat bypulling and raking weeds. 12fMr. Higgins supervises Rob Barrows as he cuts a sheet of plywood down to the required specs. 13!l don't know if l'd put my money on Sarah Donovan, Marylynn Henry or on houseparent Beverly Martin's dog Buffy. 20 PM 13 --, if 5 . Fi S f .n. 4 L Q W 'X YN Q if ",, A S -O., Y R hid, gin , fa , V V I 1 I1 , 6 ,Y ll-V , q I 261.5 . r 4 ' 1 4' Jw fog, 5 Q, r x yy 1, .gn 4 Q ff 4 s . Q 5 is 4' v P f -1-"7 -1 23 . fn W" .tres ' V ' 1? x.,,.n 0 Q . e, .5 Q ' vw in f . Q Q: i 3 xnxx 'x Q 2 1 1 ' lf' Vis' ,ef S 25 5, 1 3' si .1 lsr V... V ...1,l ia. 'ds-f . s V A-,. 555: H in 1 K wr -be 14 '-.. -. Q , ' K 5 A 1 . -1.5 1 A- bbb 1 'ti 0 , , ...., . .,,, M A A 1 ,,,L am, Q ! t ygtgt t H If sissi s I "'L K 1 ,Qjjgj . . . . K in s .... I ' V- , - me , . , 1 W ' L 4 -Q N f 53" Bn ' ' " M ., ""' - f r ' ' --.. ggg-g "'g--- l uster s, was . fm K W gg gg t 1- xxxmm. LLLL Q Q W " . f 'L-'L .. ' fs ' g 'f M "K ix A' - Q 1 ' '79"A'i - K - 'Y' :af ' 'l s .t A -Fi -.. " 5 M? -fi I ' Ai' .-.L 1' -'VX N .mf 'M' ,'2,FlJ31m. L N! " - f f-'h' X fvgi, Q ',fg.,s311 Q -Q . . . 'SQ A ' Q NL if ,,,. t 'Sy' MQ, f,-.gas t . S, . gm? 5 tswicgfw gl . K M , g tk ,ne A 1 - P " ' do - . ' ' if .1 X -Q ., , s I " i- ' . 16 av-""' gym ft sq Q: .. ,swf 18 15 1 5 for fe II' M tc ,,,V , ii it- df fm M ' ft, , hw ff A , f" 1 132, ., it '- ,V we 17 14fThese elementary students are busy with homework during study hour at their division. 15!Tim Spurlock relaxes in front of the television after a long day at school. 16!Chris Scott, working for the ground crew, gets some early Spring mowing done around the voca- tional building. 17!David Keen has a job nobody likes to do - LAQNDRY. L , X ., ., 18!1l l A ' takes advantage ofa Saturday morning to get a little extra sleep. 21 as . -x .., --,. -...- i s args Q4- 1..t .Z W.-ae Eff? 'P ' . . -3 1 Q- 1 2 2 2 T 2 xg .' 1 2 SK' Q, i X 2 - . F i 2 I 20 tmjgwt-up-Q - sv:-95 . Q . ' , Q ga .sg Q fe if r-N 'kv K X 21 19!Trades Office secretary Mary Keen and Trades Coordinator Mr. Alan VanDuyn look over the Trade Schedule. 2OfBill McLay is busy in the laundry, his after-school trade. 27fScott Fahrnow and john Grigsby have the daily chore of taking down the American Flag in front ofthe school building. 22fKris Heide and Cliff Enright satisfy their appetites during lunch in Lowder Hall. 23!Robert Huff gets some sleep after being laid up in the hospital with the flu. 22 22 s aae it Q 23 5 is 3 if IGHSIY GE.-f RECREATICJN ' we--- M Wi l W. 'I , ,' ,,f, IC ' s , A 'lf' ' - 'I ' t Z7-:Q Q5 Wm VW f islam.:tiff:W1fk,,frEifZ5'ffQ4f"k ' ' if W AJ, ,Z f XWM f f W if ..:-,Q f',f,,,aw,,:.".. . I 1 My , . A 5 1 -- Q , - . 'zigfflgsi ,, Q1 K, . 4 ,. f fl' 3 1!Wendy VanVleet, Mary CrossandLornaDonovantakeadipinlhe Court Pool to escape from the heat on a hot summer day. 2fDevin Spilker takes a shot against Cathy Ingle in a game of basketball. 3fKris Heidesinks a putt in the Optimist Clubsponsored Youth Golf Tournament, which took place Iastsummer. 4fTroy Reffett listens contently to thejukebox in townhall, nearly everyone's favorite pastime. 24 :nu vii? W ...i . I 1' 'cliff 93" 46" Y ,...,, t PC ,:t,, t 2 ' . h Ms we k j.. o n Q .., v 6 X sf A ht l ,, ., 5 wifi as ef f xt f , ,,. X .QQX i i , v VA..--,:QEEN,'5s:ig. ff- .k,.. 5. K fi- re E i i " e i t we , t iam? , . if 3 7, 'faifz , N K, .:.: L A ,M,.., X 'L ,- - 1 ' f M y YNY -- Y Q, N, if E ,.'k g3t,.f .. as A t .igw - e Kg - 1 " ' M 1, K :ft 4 6 8 5flon Horn and joyce Cox, the Valentine's Day Dance King and Queen. 6!Tammy Huffand Heather Kornett may not catch many fish with their old-fashion techniques, but you know they're having fun. 7fMr. Dale Kuhn of Post 119 in Greenfield, presents golfers Laura Borders and Cliff Enright sets of clubs for Golf Camp, 8fMike VanVleet is about to get his foot into a ball in a game of kickball, 25 9 'IO il 3 . ll 5 " H fl , ,,,V I W Q 4. 4 Q 4 .pf , ' ' M 52 A" , ' , i " ,, "g, , " , wwwgfg ' V , ' f"i7'f'f' 1' , it WW? ,1 ' it , ' IK' 1 t i eiti ' s 11 9!Billie Meyers, working in Student Store, makes up pizza kits that are sold to students and employees. 10!Dennis VanArsdale watches as teammate lon Horn makes contact with the ball in softball action. 71!Elery Dixon, recreation employee, waits on Aaron King as he makes a purchase at Student Store. 12fRob Barrows took 1st place at the Halloween Party in the category ofthe best hobo. 26 WW' ,mlm 12 "ii "A' if I fl ffl 40 1' f t 1 Z 4 tif 5 3 Q' , ,W 1 a-fx ' f . 5, Q .. 'v .4 'va V. , ff - . at . . 4 . ". . 1 f, Z , -1ff'ffnf-,5,f- , 1 1 . 1. . , . ' , , .-- ---Ufw, +,-" .1--, 1' - .l Q. ,ff 4 V T ,f .,,,4 1,4 if, ,Q ,Q wg: La' - . 1 . " .i " r A' f .Lfl."" 'f-slang f f -2 z if. ...Q ,. ,,,,, ' H N, :QT Y ' Y , M , L ftjbfgx ff' ,wgigrwf .,,MM1, Q y , 4X,,, r' Q , - ,, werwas.4.z'Z.4zQ.,ffvv?1':s.x t 'Q f -W H2 " A ' f' ' Aawzzwyrqyy-' 'mfflsy XV' , X f- A-Je nrt- 'A aff' - ' 'U- .www Mg..,. Wgzw--, , , A 2"ff'f" M - 'W Q , A f " W""' ' smvwfnwfwwm' .1 ' '7 , , Mff,m.wfm.1. - 0 ,mo-+.s.-if .. J I , 3 ., 4 ,,W. l 'I4 13!For a day of recreation, members of O.E.A., V.l.C.A. and H.O.5.A. spent a day at McCormack's Creek. Laura Borders and Ticy seem to be making good cowgirls. 74fTracy Stafford gets some shots in before the school whistle blows. 15!Traci Martin and Tim Dunham enjoy a dance at the Valentine's Day Sweetheart Dance, sponsored by the Recreation Department. 16!Karen McCallister and Lisa Arrick during the Halloween judging. 27 17 . fa 19 17!Rosemary McCallister attempts to put a softball through a tire during Fun Day, which was sponsored by the Recreation Department. 18fjanice Cross shows her roller skating ability while skating in front of Cortner Cottage. 19!Bobby Morris and Charles Blount get in some practice before the annual Morton 500 Skateboard Race. 2O!Curt Markey isn't another Bill Dance but he is making progress. 28 KL , mf, M... W ' 9315. :gi n-v""""" ' W -.1 . f ' I 2 ' , e .ilgeg A-.l1l' gl , 4:1 it . . , u: -5. 1 kg ,.. ts . I n x 1 V. 4 . up . I Al . , A 1 I X - W' Y A -f '- kv 5 .fi t 3 lit-sh-wi ,gf a'S"k x ,gg-'fa '- , 1' S249 gi lik '25 L ii Q' w--ni!x?gL1 2ii3fw. ' v ' l A A Y, t... 1 L., ls! .. 1mY5r jf 'vt 15 3 ag s s E, ,XZ ox ,-. .f J Vx Q' ,. U 4 f-5139. . Q..v.ew, t . 1 1 1 rg, ' - . Q QQ. f 1 X., Sm 1 1 ,A a wx . if " 5- f .gf5SQ.QfiSf . . 1 f?.l"i9q Q! ...ix e --M g i 's'iffsf.r.M--get - 1., Q hi .Q Nazis . ,Q R , an f- as K- A-S -' 'M K f 1 . , -. f'-sf ,fs x -pix . 1 .1 f' Rwwfi ' 6 .- Q if? Q . .. V r t ? ' elm-. fi -- t ,na .4 J A 'A ' " ' ' Lxf'VQ?'.,- :S 5 Q4-. ff " L. ' .- ' it QS - . g ' ' if ' ' V L . -Kal. . Emi .4 Kfsvs . 3 t xaffswx - if :- f "' ,A Smjilrv ' f ir1QH5'L2:.3.4?.:ji+i'fs'2! tr. , 1 5 Qaaewqfe . 3 . -' .: ' Q23 if + " at -rw .4 ms fu .We iw YM, 1 20 VY 9 900 60.10 060 QI 4+ I AYYQ GI'i5IY 'TEV ACTIVITIES Bands Have An Active Year The Morton Memorial Bands, under the direction of Mr. Keith A. Brakel, showed great improvement throughout the school year. The year started with the band provid- ing the music and National Anthem for the American Legion World Series base- ball game in Kokomo. Next was prepa- ration for an appearance in the Knightstown jubilee Days Parade. Although the temperature was well in the 90's, the students did a very respec- table job. On Legion Day, the Concert and jazz Bands performed very entertaining pro- grams. The jazz Ensemble also per- formed at the annual l.P.A.L.C.O. Banquet. The bands presented their Fall and Christmas Concerts. The bands enjoyed performing the concerts as everyone seemed to enjoy the entertainment. This year marked the return of the bands in competition. In late january, 18 students played for a judge at Ball State University, with seven students receiv- ing Superior Ratings and 11 receiving Good Ratings. During the month of April, the Con- cert Band went to competition, spon- sored by I.S.S.M.A. The band played in front of three judges and received a Fair Rating, missing a Good Rating by one point. These contests provide good experience for the students and greatly assists in improving the quality of the bands. It has been a very productive year for the bands and Mr. Brakel is looking for- ward to building on these accomplish- ments. Look outl Morton's bands are on the move! Mr. Brakel directs the jazz Ensemble during their portion of the Legion Day Program. 30 L jAZZ ENSEMBLE - Row one: Cory Schwadlenak. Row two: Mr. Keith Brakel, Director, joe jenkins, Samantha See, Anita Tegarden, Leland Shook. Row three: jon Horn, Mark Zacharias. Row four: Cliff Enright, Kris Heide, Pat Mildenberg. Row one: Angela Clark, Laura Borders, loyce Cox, Linda Duffala, Angela Meyers, Samantha See, Rita Sheasley, April Busters, Debbie Fish, Sonja Thompson, Vickey Lucas. Row two: Corey Shirley, Barbara Crago, Devin Spilker, Barbara See, Michelle Sampley, Dannelle Barnes, Aaron King, Donna Yocum. Row three: Mark Zacharias, Korey Kord, lon Horn, Pat Gabbard, Kent Lane, Nathan Bland. Row four: Bill Cross,Tim See, Bill McLay, Ray Constant, joe jenkins, Aleanjdro Roseberry, Cory Schwadlenak, Mr. Keith Brakel, Director. Row five: Rob,Barrows, Leland Shook, lames Heaton, Kris Heide, Cliff Enright, Pat Mildenberg, Mike Zilbermann, Anita Tegarden. Left: jazz Ensemble trumpet player Kris Heide plays a solo during one of the band's concerts. Above: Pep Band members Angela Meyers, Samantha See and Rudy Cox play during halftime of a Varsity basketball game. Samantha was awarded with the john Philip Sousa Award for being the top performer for the band. 31 Swing Choir Has Very Satisfying Year With Many Performances 1985-86 has been a very busy year for the Morton Memorial Swing Choir. They have gone to several American Legion Posts throughout the state including Lafayette and Indianapolis. They performed at the annual I.P.A.L.C.O. Banquet and during Legion Day here on the grounds. Mr. Rick Seaver, the choir's director, is looking forward to a new and better year in 1987. He is presently in the pro- cess of purchasing new music and creat- ing a whole new routine for the group. It sounds as though the choir will be bigger and better next year. The choir members are Lori Krause, Kris Heide, Lisa Krause, Samantha See, Sheila Harris, Laura Borders, Ellie Rausch, Missy Allbright, loyce Cox, Tim Dunham, Barbara Crago, Sue Fisher, Kellie Weaver, Shawn Zilbermann, joe jenkins, lon Horn and Lana Owens. The group will be losing members Samantha, Sheila, Ellie and loe, so if any of you want to audition as their replace- ments, you are urged to see Mr. Seaver. 1!Swing Choir members perform a Christmas Program for the Lafayette American Legion Post. 2!The group looks on as Ellie Rausch sings a solo. 3fDirector Rick Seaver and joe jenkins do a two-man act. 32 i. X sf? ' 5 QQ? X.. Front row: Director Mrs. Susie Lewis, Donna Bear, Ticy Cox, Lisa Krause, Denise Morris, Sheila Harris, Gina Kelley, Laura Borders, Debbie Fish. Middle row: Donna Yocum, Tracy Keating, Brenda Hough, Donna Bays, Lori Krause, Denise Blow, Karen McCallister, Cathy lngle, Tracy Weinke. Back row: Rita Sheasley, Dawn Dwigans, james Heaton, james Sumpter, Dannelle Barnes, Kellie Weaver, Shawn Marie Stafford, julie Campbell. High School Robed Choir Growing More Each Year The High School Robed Choir has had a very successful school year. They sang at several out-of-school sites, such as: Christmas on Monument Circle, The Knightstown Friends Church, and The Knightstown Senior Citizen Center. They enjoyed these and other oppor- tunities very much. The organization started the year with 35 members and finished the year with 30. Mrs. Lewis would like to thank all of the choir members and let them know how proud she is of their many i improvements and achievements they've accomplished this school year. 'l mm .i.g,a...eaN.A .f 3 r- fr- ffr- -- f f Y' L as misss .S ... .. . X. .--. -. . r ' . wi sw 'S ,., . .1 . 1 si -' ., . tif' Q is 4 .F . '.,'.. tk . 5 , X E Q L . . st ft. l is . 1 i , . .1 ,Q ' A 1!Mrs. Lewis directs the choir during their A Q , QT glii ig 5 presentation of A Night of Miracles. . 2fLisa Krause sings Every Valley ShallBe Filled il' Z ' fy' W. igii T 3 ..'gii" 0 during the Christmas Cantata. M I .i.,M,f .W I A 3fMr. jim Lewis did the narration for the . ' C - A ,f V ale ,-'V 1 2 3 Christmas Cantata, A Night of Miracles. .S C 33 . -I -ir ii B i t l W Clubs Offer Wide Range of Activities for Students gl SCIENCE CLUB - Left to right: Debbie Fish, Missy Allbright, Mark Zacharias, Ed Rausch, Joyce Cox, Kris Heide, Mr. Myron Applegate, Sponsor. ART CLUB - Row one: Barbara See, Mrs. Vonda Price, Sponsor, Missy Allbright, Ticy Cox, Curt Williams, loyce Cox, Ellie Rausch, Dennis VanArsdale. Row two: Samantha See, Sheila Harris, Angela Meyers, lon Horn, Kim Stahl, Debbie Swindle, Devin Spilker. Row three: Bill Cross, Veronica Warner, james Gardner, Scott Fahrnow, Aaron King, Korey Kord. Row four: Lori Krause, Kris Heide. 34 -1.1. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB - Row one: Lou Nell Wilson, Sponsor, Missy Allbright, Lisa Krause, loyce Cox, Frieda Newcomer, Sponsor. Row two: Melody Gasho, Dannelle Barnes, Michelle Sampley, Lana Owens, Debbie Fish, julie Campbell, Ticy Cox. Row three: Veronica Warner, Rennie Schervish, Herb Schaffner, David Keen, Angela Meyers, Samantha See. ., RS 4. L , 34225 Q we-Q L ECHO STAFF- Standing: Mary Keen, Pete Morris, Ellie Rausch, Kris Heide. Sitting: David M. Anderson, Mark Brinkman, loyce Conn, Tami Woodring, Kim Stahl. -f-th.. .. maauiba, .55 A VG , V 'K ' 'Y,:' lg Z' ' A C' f V7,, , f.. --v, 0 L h f fi? Y ff , 1 if 7? ' Q -uri Y 4 2 nj Q W i, , is ' f 5 1 if flfw J 1 W Q 1 " ljfg , Q? J. f 4 we " ' f"-if ' ' apr' jfqj 4 1 , ' 4.1: X if Zi ' Nt L f -1 P: I ,M S' 56.4-., fi: 'W ' l my ' ff vw .f ff ' 9. ..,. ""' 4 ., Am, - B X ' .2 ' if ' 'ga .- f L lv-ig, .5 L. . J: A, :aff Z2 E -'-,' 1 - V X' W , , Av by V , DRAMA CLUB - Seated: Sheila Harris, loyce Conn, Ellie Rausch, Samantha See, Mrs. Sondra Dooley, Sponsor, Karen McCallister, Standing: Mark Zacharias, Harold Willian, Carmen Huss, David M. Anderson, Tami Woodring, Mark Brinkman, Billie Meyers, David Keen, Kim Stahl, Curt Williams. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB - Seated: Michelle Sampley, Missy Allbright, loyce Cox. Standing: David L. Anderson, lon Horn, Angela Meyers, Kris Heide, Bill Cross, Laura Borders, Bryan Stormes, Mr. Phil Cole, Sponsor, Dannelle Barnes, Cory Schwadlenak. ,. . A -ffe.-f-.Tx sg - M s - X . . 2 .Q 5 J A s 354.5 H :S .N iam' J ' 3 if. . 1 ' ' ., ' sv - -2 if - - W -Q aw-s. f --6 -- . -- 1 L t ' Q S :S --- - fs K ' . . A ' tw S L- E . ,. S f ' Qt - 1+ f ' p ' If - . if ..... s A K . A .... ' K' 1 Y li .. X .L ' X B Ei ' .... f Q :f .- 3 -- t t ae , 1 S A ' il Sw 8 ' is 5 S S l S A N X 3- X .Sl S K ss. .. .. A K X ! 5 . X 9 sz if S .r A x ' - .f . g L - S. sfmigt. . E , -. X 5, 1 .Q 5"3i'- 5 z Q . -it! All S lf. .. ' L' S X X . . .. M .A X, QW Sheila Harris, Kim Stahl and Tami Wood- ring in a scene from Wedding of the Year. 2 l i f i I 2 s i HEALTH OCCUPATIONS STUDENTS OF AMERICA - Seated: Tami Woodring, loyce Conn, jenny Toler, Wendy Gordon, Ellie Rausch, Marcy Dalton. Standing: Geavonna Stockton, Margie Ellis, Kelly Gideon, Donna York, Traci Martin, Jennifer Lane. 35 -4f .g.....t.... .zur s-ss s---- Art Club member Veronica Warner does painting on a Rickshaw that will be used for the oriental-style junior-Senior Prom. yn-f STUDENT ADMINISTRATION - Seated: Lisa Krause, Debbie Fish, Laura Borders, Dr. Anthony Triarsi, Advisor, Ticy Cox, lane McCallister, Tracy Keating, Melody Gasho. Standing: Ed Rausch, Derrick Zachery, Cory Schwadlenak, john Curtis, Pat Mildenberg, Mark Brinkman, Mark Zacharias, Tami Woodring, Bill Cross, Lori Krause, Kris Heide, Rennie Schervish. 36 , , ,M J T iiul' .W hdvmria I ,,,, :, ,,, Mfsgo wc, , ,. Qi OFFICE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION - Left to right: Sheila Harris, Laura Borders, Kris Heide, Ticy Cox, David M. Anderson, Korey Kord, Lisa Krause, john Curtis, lane McCallister, Michelle Sampley, Bill Cross, Cory Schwadlenak, Mrs. Sondra Dooley, Sponsor, David L. Anderson, Melody Gasho, Kellie Weaver, Vickey Lucas, Rob Barrows, Karen McCaIlister. VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA - Row one: Billie Meyers, Kim Stahl, Mr. Paul Wilkinson, Sponsor, Missy Allbright, Samantha See, Angela Meyers, Lana Owens, Sue Fisher. Row two: Tony Wittworth, Kenny Sullivan, Mike Roland, Mark Stults, lon Horn, Mark Brinlgnan, Rennie Schervish, David L. Anderson, Derrick Zachery. lNot pictured: David Keen, Mary Keen, Mark Zachariasl. v W Q' -fr f 2 1 iw? liiiiaff' ' fri. f:'v271 Lima? if Q- I w -pi, A A A : ,jf 15' ' 1 MW!! EEK? V 'liff1f2Lifgi12Aiff?14iaf1ifs?Lhffiiffl5' i'if'fi'fSTifiY, u 'fa'9iWS.T'IiiQQy:ii?'fsfe5L?Ziif 'W"f"'i Left: Dependability, service, leadership and patriotism earned Mark Brinkman the distinction as Morton's DAR, Good Citizen. 1 Belowj KNICHTSTOWN HOME OPTIMIST CLUB GOOD CITIZENS 1 Seated: Debbie Fish, Kris Heide, Ellie Rausch, Missy Allbright, Standing: Karen McCallis- ter, David M. Anderson, joyce Conn, Lisa Krause, Tami Woodring, Kim Stahl. Students Receive Speci ir If at .-,E - , V N I V WW ':. ,-fi" , 6' N . k i ' ,aff ,i ' I ik?" ' W' f 'ii , '1 f . V V Y, , V vr 1 .g ty . f , ,' i 1, f f I k il! in W at al Honors for In-School Activities Left: Scholarship, personality, school and institutional activities, and plans to obtain a higher education, earned Tami Woodringthe honor as Morton's Altrusa Girl. Above: Senior Samantha See was recognized as Morton's School Spirit Award Winner for her involvement with the basketball teams, which consisted ofbeing in the cheerblock and being a member of the Pep Band. 37 QAM! Mr. Max E. Stanley, Superintendent of Schools J g U1 W ' ""f' MMM " ' ' ' A ' 'W' 4 . MR' RKZHARD EVANS Federal Program Coordinator DR. ANTHONY I. TRIARSI MR. IULES E. ELZEY Supervisor of Instruction Elementary Principal Athletic Director Director of Curriculum Vocational Director 9 3 6 1!Myron Applegate - Science, Math. 2!Keith Brakel - Band Director. 3!james Brown - Social Studies, Basketball, Cross Country Coach. 4!Phil Cole - Industrial Arts. Sflill Cook - Vocational Dental Assisting. 6!Marcia Compliment - Librarian, Media. 7fSondra Dooley - Business Education. 8!Verle Foster - Physical Education, Driver Educa- tion, Business, Track Coach. 9!Melissa Gooden - English. 10fRexanna Hamm - English. 39 I, lf 4 , . if A 'WW v MW tw L'gMWm,.M I F f ll if A Q 'W 12 13 11 14 11fBecky Horning - Reme- dial, Computer Special Instruc- tion. 12!Sgt. jackie Hunter - lr. R.O.T.C. 13!Donna Isom - Non Graded Elementary. 14fHarold Jeffery - Voca- tional Electronics. 15!Cynthia Kendall - Non Graded Ele- mentary. 16!Michelle Klacik - Speech and Hearing. 17!jana Knott - Math. 18!Larry Kuhl- man - Vocational Printing. 19fSgt. George Lacy - lr. R.O.T.C. 20!Mary Sue Lewis - Music: Piano, Organ, Choral. 40 c,,.....4,........N ......a.a.4 wi ns of tfzmaoefiz 17 18 .ww H-...4 24 25 ' 2 ,' yi' ff' .1 ' I' '32, E .fi fmptif' 5 ' ' 'gggsi , aww , .. . , i ,Q f-a,,...i A, M. E, ..,,., U 5:11, A o I '-212 A A w . 432313. Q i ' -W-'VM Kwik - 1 f 'ah ...J-' "--' ' "y, W , . 31591 TN, .. Q z .r"f Nil A .P wg., -qv iw L' ,fav fwfii , :" si f 23 26 21!Cheryl Miller - Basic Skills Work. 22fFrieda Newcomer - Life Science, Vocational Home Eco- nomics. 23!1oyce Plank - Voca- tional Cosmetology. 24!Vonda Price - Art, Speech and Drama. 25!Marsha Rector - Reading. 26!Carol Renfro - Non Graded Elementary. 27!Dennis Richardson - Vocational Baking. 28!Richard Richey - Vocational Building Trades. 29!Violet Schonhardt - Guidance, 30!Peggy Schweizer - Non Graded Elementary. 41 31 34 31!Mischele Stearns - Girl's Physical Education, Health, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Track Coach. 32fWilliam Thomp- son - Vocational Barbering. 33!Bruce Trump - Sixth Grade. 34fLeroy Walker - Physical Education, Health, Social Studies. 35!Mary Wilkinson - Fifth Grade. 36!Paul Wilkinson - Industrial Education, Related Information. 37!Lou Nell Wilson - Vocational Home Eco- nomics. 38!Diane Wright - Special Instruction. 42 i D , x N N X x N W E IGI'i5IY IX f-451 'I 'XM A N my 3 7!Colonel Lenz presents lane McCallister with an award for being the Superior Cadet at her L.E.T. level. 2fDavid L. Anderson is studying very hard on an engineering drawing in Drafting class. 3fDuring her band period, April Busters practices on her flute for an upcoming concert. 4!Scott Klinge and Lorna Donovan pose with Readmore, who was on hand for the federal- funded R.l.F. Book Give-Away. 44 5 i, 1 K f F , ,,4-65 1 uo"""' 4iF f 3 , f I fm Gmf Q M , 1 H a if 1 Z 1 49? ,MM 'wah 6 8 5fMrs. Rector helps Tim See with a reading assignment. 6!john Curtis uses a calculator to figure an answer in Chemistry. 7fDuring Summer Experience, Tracy Fish recorded a 93'Zs efficiency rating for the A.A.H.P.E.R. Youth Fitness Test, which was the 3rd time she had achieved this rating. The test is part of the President's Council on Physical Fitness. 8!Bobby Morris goes off the board in 7th grade Physical Education. 45 9 11 9fTraci Martin is busy with a typing assignment in Mrs. Dooley's Typing class. 10fTicy Cox takes time to dust offa bookshelf she made in the Wood- working Shop. 1'lfPaula Hoffman is using her time wisely in Remedial to work on a homework assignment. 12fSue Fisher is in the process ofmaking lye soap in the Chemistry Lab. 46 U .1 RQ 'Xu f x ,. W is 0...-.9-1' 'I5 F' fc. 4 f . , 9' A wwl . x -.21 Q - -Q ir.. , g t - I e. - . tw 1 .1 g -ev , , Ls af: K -QQ F' W A M b ' - .fe - tex v - is- mix. ...vvg:.fzfess5:-in wg --: . 4 J .. . Ss-. -Qyiswf'1.s1:s:'-law W- " - awe':1g3S iii ' els .Swv.xifwwyliii--sv wifes f is . -' ,,9 . L. w:.g.g,, .... ,gt . K ...s , ' - K .f .. K k k .Jb i n K M Q , s 'z - X l E, . t gi s K x L S. ! v . , th 12 Q -tx. wt - . K. t 2 ,.. f' , I 4 . . . Nw 1 K, x K - XXV .X . X -.. 4 13!Area farmers lectured to the elementary kids about the farming industry. A farmer's daughter and Molly Shuter like the company of these pigs while Kristal Spurlock doesn't seem to want anything to do with them. 14flVlr, jeffrey watches the work of Stephanie Adams, Kent Lane and Mark Rausch on the computers. 15!lames Heaton is taking a reading assignment in Civics seriously. 16!Greg Crail and Lawrence Bender use their time in the library to read a magazine while Kevin Haskett uses the card catalog to find a book. 47 'hmm A' "'ma, 1 3 1fMary Keen looks over the pattern for a blazer she is making in Sewing. 2!Dental student Ellie Rausch checks her patient, Billie Mey- ers for cavities during a visit to the clinic. 3!The Building Trades classes constructed a shelter over the amphitheater in Goodrich Valley. 4!There is more to Foods class than just cooking and eating -just ask David M. Anderson. 48 :Za H3 4' Q- L -f g t, . ,fm -W 15 ,,..,.--f ,.: ' f:g.YQ:f.is9ww.Qi J, , 5 515- . at gl 5 ea ga 2 an g s A t k t A ,. ,L -fam K VV4- fsmsglf -wig X 4 1. sf a lx, 6 5 s ,iismtfsitfa 9521 A 43,9 ,tfigw J,f5,i1- , ffl ' - ,.f!.f5,:,f'f 35+ My rw ' We Ru 4' i ,Y E. K x ,..IvV44 i' . J H f f ' 5 M, in i at a, ., f fl . ' ' jf H l we ' ' ,, -I r fi if ' 5 ' , ,, if-MWMMA 8 5!Bakers Larry Earle and Pete Morris are getting doughnuts ready for the oven. 6fRita Sheasley and Karen McCallister work on individual assignments in the Intensive Office Lab. 7!Mark Zacharias installs an electrostatic plate on a 2850 offset press in vocational printing. 8!Derrick Zachery is splicing a wire in a radio that he is repairing in vocational electronics. 49 f, 4 t my . .,, , 'f 5: -if I9 . 6515 , ., -f , A . ,fa WMW,,v, M ,,1,, ,,,, V . M ga! 4, , l it . . . f , , . ., , 7, -v may X Nr X ak F , Q, f . , 4.45124 ,,f, :fl A f l 3, , li Y ga i .. 1 f 9 9 rg? -:' ,.z.:Ei',Wt -1. "af ' - , X , , gg y .ze ,A N' ' t 10 9!The cosmetology students practice hair styling on manikins before moving to the real thing - the students. 1O!Mrs. Flanagan, Morton's new vocational barber, gives a happy Derrick Zachery a trim. 'l1fKorey Kord trims up a job on the paper cutter in the print shop. 50 IGHSIY X! SPGRTS Cheerleaders, Cheerblock Give Avid Support to Teams 1!Pep Band members Cliff Enright, Kris Heide and Pat Mildenberg play a number during halftime of a ball game. 2fThe cheerleaders get the crowd going during the Sectional Pep Rally. ' 'fieimgfi -"5:W'?'?47! f 115, , lzffj, ,fri I M., , ,,-: W,f,,, , ,,7 ,N 52 'UIIF' WIIIU' l I um, p,at ill 3 5 3fLeading the cheerblock and fans this season were cheerleaders Kim Stahl, Missy Allbright, Ticy Cox, Angela Meyers and Laura Borders. 4fHe may not be the prettiest cheerleader you'll ever see, but Herb i Schaffner certainly got the crowd, as well as Coach Brown in good spirits during the Sectional Pep Rally. 5!Kim Stahl in action during the playing of the school song, Indiana. 4 53 Harriers Record 6-5 Record Behind jenkins and Zacharias Coach jim Brown's Harriers recorded a fine 6-5 record after going winless the previous season. Senior joe jenkins and Mark Zacharias led the team, running in the 1-2 positions throughout the year. The team finished 12th in a 21-team Rushville Invitational and 8th in a 14-team Greensburg Sectional. joe jenkins had an outstanding season. In addition to being the top runner for the team, he finished 9th in the sectional, which put him up against stiffer competion in the regionals, where he finished 13th. A solid nucleus for next year's squad includes john Curtis, Harold Willian, David Anderson and Cliff Enright. 1 1fMark Zacharias keeps pace with this Rush- ville runner. Mark was Coach Brown's number two runner throughout the season. 2!Top runner joe jenkins hada fine season as he took 9th in the Sectional and 13th in the Regional. 3fjunior Harold Willian ran a steady 3rd for the team and will be a top prospect next year. 4fDavid Anderson has a slight edge over a Laurel runner. He returns next year with a year's experience. 5!john Curtis and DavidAnderson congratu- late each other after a team victory. 54 it Kneeling: Cliff Enright, Harold Willian, Pat Mildenberg, Cory Schwadlenak. Standing: Coach james Brown, David L. Anderson, joe jenkins, john Curtis, Mark Zacharias, student manager Rennie Schervish. JV' If: ,. , V. M - .i x, if M V. ,, ,,,.. , r 3? y r - . , Y 2 ' A "" W , , as ., xv F 78 ff gg, is JW2, s-,E 5 5 2 4 . , 1 F it ... r'r , 1 Mt' 'sf 1- . . 'f A 8. ..- E . I V , wf,,,,..,5Li3L. - . -'if z-52 s "W . if grief 33 ' f"1 .' r w Mm -2 ,f " .- iw' '1"'fr""'fZ""' 5'5" ' f,jgQ'5r . , -HW-V JA" ,,:",f "" ,, ,f.g:f:.ttj. I V S'-f'fwW'f' ' ' 6, 'f t h '.., lrrl f 1 . . . j ...... i ff A if i t fr 1 sa -- S ,l-PY' gre .-V ' '55 , , .., 19 s ' 3 at . " ,ui . - -ts .1153 at at "'f' f mf- tm. J A Y .3-ff? ,J . -- 2 f , gf as abr .: H r .354 f 3 J fi 'M . f y r it g r f Q ,1.,+gm4iwfg 2 5 2 4 " ' iii, , 'Q wut, f . 7 9 6!Coach Brown tallies the results ofa meet. 7fDavid Anderson takes a minute to catch his breath after a long 3.7. miles. 8!The start of a three-way meet with Knight- stown and Tri High. 9fHarold Willian loosens some muscles before a race. 1O!lohn Curtis seems relieved that this race is over for him. 71fCliff Enright showed promise for the future, gaining experience as a freshman. 55 Solid Nucleus Returning for 1986 Varsity Volleyball Season Coach Mischele Stearns' Varsity Volleyball Team posted a 2-10 record this season. In the 16-14, 15-5 win over Bethesda, Kris Heide led the way with 12 points5 followed by Saman- tha See with 85 Ticy Cox 65 Angie and Billie Meyers with 2 eachg and Missy Allbright with 1. The three set win over Deaf School had Billie totaled 135 Missy 95 Angie 65 Kris 35 Samantha 35 and Ticy 2. A good nucleus returns next sea- son with the team losing only Billie, Samantha and Ellie Rausch off a team that has played together for two years. 1 1fTicy Cox was a steady player as a sopho- more and will be one of the top players next season. Zflunior Missy Allbright returns the ball as teammate Billie Meyers looks on. 3!Angie Meyers attempts a spike against Bethesda. 4!Samantha See uses her reach to spike the ball over the net. 5!Billie Meyers comes up a little short in her attempt to block an opponents' spike. 56 ' t f Mt . V, .-wrt ff ai M2 .. Ja i. Mt wtf- s '5 1. , af wif i fwf, :.'z fm .,,,. M .1 .ss ,,.,,,., , 4. . I 3, 1 'twfgf'f,f'i' lfl rf 1 , . . X ., ,... .5 ,..t,...,..t., ,.. H... , ., Mmw xMg W ww, . N iaswifti i'M'4?', ' .,,, Q - ' ' i"' ' M-.. ..... ..,. ..... , Q i f V .g W,?W5.t?,..f:7.,... . . My fthe: f 4 5 fi ,Y " if ,. .,,,, .e, , fr ' ,, .1 ',i4.Q.,. . , t, .... t . W . W . ,.,. . 5..s..... .2 . ,..,, . .f - 1 . . f f f I E .,.,,,, 9 M Z .-f , l f M , My 3 . -5, E N .. . . L Q.. 7 "ii W :SQL .. 11' fm 5 r I " Am , ' 5 x I J , ,. .,", 5 I ,, M.,-0 " f W I ft- V, .. ,N 5 . , f 4- 5 .2 2, - ing., 1 :fri M - :tt 2 is f "-My - 'ft M 'Q "', , 1 1 . .7 f ' ' i Q 4 .4 ' , It' 'i Y ..., M K ,L V6 , .. 3 MJ 4 I K 1 A .,.., it . . A 1 , 1 We ......,.. . f I ',,.V V ,., , I M Km, W, . . . f r f 1. 1 ' , l S ' ' W H A. . rl 4. ...l V, i fs' 'f "" --ff K 1, if if f 5 ,V . f ' .if ,t., . 5 V ' t , ,, 2 ' V 'N 1 '.,, ' jaglw' .7 A 1 If j 3 5 I ..... ...W . ,, 1 at . ,,.. , , , .7 X. I W' ' I my .. WX g I ,thx -aw-w :iq-, .f-M E . I -1 ,f , 0 if g -a, . ,M 4 f ff I in I3 z' .. f . V' ' t-!L.,1.'- 9' f wa, f . M, wt .. wi, 1 2 . A.. ...,m M ttri ' 5 . ,, 5 ....,.,W, Kneeling: Student Manager Shelly Sampley, Allison Curtice, Missy Allbright, loyce Cox, Lisa Hahn. Standing: Billie Meyers, Samantha See, Angela Meyers, Barbara See, Coach Mischele Stearns, Kris Heide, Ticy Cox, Laura Borders. 2 3 5 "'wwam'M"43li2kl fE19W'f,WAJ.ZM..M:M7-1" ,mn , NWA ''ui.ZEi:':2EL5'iiQ::f7m . , .. V. wzwmzwkwwf " " 'A ' iiimfgztalzaaaagzfiiiffgaittlluxgaeaiiggfgzefm,L W. ..,. ,. ... .,. ., k , ,M,,M,,...t....,.. .QlL2l.i2lli2li:ZZL,tff, ,,,, Y . , H ., ..,..W,, s.,s..,,a,,,,.aW.,...,.W,,0. . ., . ....a, . . I f A ' f v2 i , , 1 . , . A 1 5' ,,.,,,, ' ,V ,,..Q f' ,,:.V, ., . . M t s: lil!! 1 1 ,aa at . . hifi . V 'if -, j J ,L f 5.1, FK, X ,s '- V VY . - -'A V , If . .K I u I Y . 'fa ,M A L J ,mg 5:5 J 1 L: -L X A .WM 'W ll g JL' M I . , x - V rf M Kneeling: Student Manager Shelly Sampley, Karen McCallister, Jody Farrell, Dawn Dunster, Barbara See. Standing: Rita Sheasley, Allison Curtice, Joyce Cox, Lisa Hahn, Laura Borders, Coach Mischele Stearns. i l i i l 2 1 1 2 by . yy . , u -we ' --""s- - 'V-W ff W--W ' -2- Several Key Players Gain Experience During 2-8 Season The Junior Varsity Volleyball Team put together a 2-8 record this year, with the wins coming against Bethesda and Tri High. The bulk ofthe scoring this season came from Barbara See, Allison Cur- tice, Laura Borders and Joyce Cox. With these girls joining what is already a talented group of return- ing varsity players, a few more wins should be recorded next season. E- CJLL as Z.. ' t' .. ...N 'P s a s F 3 7!Laura Borders gets the ball back over the net the hard way - backwards. Zfloyce Cox sets up a teammate for a spike. 3!Lisa Hahn concentrates on her serve. 4!Allison Curtice played steady throughout the season, playing on both teams. 5!Karen McCallister goes down on one knee to return a serve. 57 Varsity Team Posts 2-10 Season, Key Players Returning Next Year The High School Varsity Tigers, play- ing a reduced schedule of only twelve games, finished the season with a 2-10 record. The team's strength was their rebounding ability, as they out- rebounded half of their opponents. The rebounding should be a plus for the team next season as all thetop rebound- ers will be returning. The two biggest factors in the team's 2-10 record were their inability to score points and their high number of turnovers. The squad averaged 39 points a game while com- mitting 226 errors. Defensively, the Tig- ers allowed 58 points a game, not too bad considering the 18 plus turnovers a game. Top performers for Coach Brown were sophomore center Steve See, who led the team in rebounds with 112, steals with 24, total points with 121 and scoring average at 11.0. junior forward john Curtis was steady, grabbing 88 rebounds and scoring 98 points for an average of 8.9. Guards David Keen, Mark Zacharias and Harold Willian averaged 7.2, 4.8 and 3.4 respectively. A strong nucleus returns next season, headed by See, Curtis, Willian,jon Horn and Tim Spurlock. 1fPoint guard Harold Willian looks for a teammate cutting through the middle. Zflohn Curtis was second on the team in scoring and rebounding. He averaged 8.9 points a game and 8 rebounds a contest. 3!Cuard David Keen gets offajumper over a Indianapolis Christian player. David aver- aged 7.2 points a game for the Tigers. 4fMark Zacharias has his defender beat, giv- ing him an easy shot at the basket. 5!Sophomore Steve See led the Tigers in rebounding with 172, Steals with 24, Total points with 121 and scoring average at 11.0. 58 i Student Manager Derrick Zachery, Harold Willian, Mark Zacharias, David Keen, john Curtis, Head Coach James Brown, Steve See, Ed Rausch,lon Horn, Cory Schwadlenak, Mark Brinkman, Assistant Coach Brent Hickman. 8 7 6fThe officials go over the rules with Deaf School players and Morton team captains john Curtis and Steve See. 7!lunior lon Horn gets off a shot over the out-stretched arm of a defender. 8fTim Spurlock gained valuable experience during the season, playing for both the lunior Varsity and Varsity teams. 9!Steve See heads a list of seasoned veterans that will be returning next season. 59 'rm Kneeling: Brenda Hough, Dawn Dwiggans, Barbara See, Missy Allbright, Allison Curtice, Vickey Lucas, Kathy Hough. Standing: Coach Diane Wright, student manager Lori Krause, Anita Tegarden, Ellie Rausch, Sheila Harris,loyce Cox, Kris Heide,Ticy Cox, Coach Mischele Stearns, student manager Kim Stahl. Varsity Girls Post 3-12 Recordg Solid Nucleus Back Next Season The Lady Tigers, under coaches Diane Wright and Mischele Stearns, posted a record of 3-12 this season. As a team, the girls gave up 60 points a game while averaging 39 offensively, with the bulk of the scoring coming from junior Kris Heide, sophomore Ticy Cox and freshman Barbara See. Kris led in scoring with an average of 15.5, fol- lowed by Barbara at 12.7 and Ticy with a 10.5 point average. The three combined for 533 of the team's 592 points scored this season. The team's wins came over Indiana School for the Deaf, Indianapolis Luthe- ran and Xenia. With the top players all returning next year, a better record is expected from the girls. 1!Barbara See tries to deflect a Centerville pass. 2fMissy Allbright fights for a rebound against a Centerville player. 3!Ticy Cox finds the path to the basket shut o . 60 2 2 1 f" V- 'iii , . hvtvagavir E -,qxiff f , . " MZQQQ,-ff. I Hifi.--gff li "i. 'F , ., , , it 6 I f A ' ii 3. ? , '14 'www 4' 5 8 4fKris Heide puts up a jumper over two opponents, 5!AIlison Curtice looks for open teammate to pass to. Gfjoyce Cox takes a jump shot from the baseline. 7!Ticy Cox shows a good follow-through with this shot against Daleville. 8fEllie Rausch eyes the bucket before going up with this shot. 9!Ticy Cox takes an uncontested jump shot against Tri High. 61 Coach Foster's Thinlies Finish Season With 2-6 Record Coach Verle Foster finished the sea- son with only nine runners, but they were backed by hard work and determi- nation. Not expected to do well during the season, the team won two of eight meets. The team was led by senior Mark Zacharias, junior lohn Curtis, sopho- more Steve See and freshman Corey Couch. john Curtis ran consistently in the low and high hurdles and gained experience in the shot put and discus. Steve See was the team's top shot putter, 100 and 200 meter sprinter, and was a valuable member of the 400 meter relay team. Mark Zacharias topped the team in the 1600 and 3200 meter runs, having been beaten only once during the season in the 1600. His best performance came in the final meet of the season, running a 4:54 to beat some top quality runners from Eastern Hancock and New Pales- tine. Corey Couch showed his ability in the long jump, his best jump being 18'- 7". He also' performed well in the 100 and 200 meter dashes and the 400 meter relay. Cliff Enright, another freshman, gained experience running against older, stronger boys in the 800 and 1600 meter runs. His best time in the 800 was 2:15 in the season-ending meet at New Palestine. Other members of the team gaining experience for next season were Pat Mildenberg in the 32005 Larry McKin- ney in the 400 meter dash, 800 meter run and the discusp Ed Rausch in the high jump, 400 meter dash and 400 meter relayg and Herb Schaffner in the lows and highs, high jump and 400 meter relay. 1fSteve See and Corey Couch get out of the blocks in the 100 meter dash. Steve had the best time in the event with a time of :11.42. 2!Mark Zacharias ran his finest race of the season here by posting a 4:54 in the 1600. 3!Larry McKinney gained experience for next year in the 400, 800 and discus. 4!With Mark Zacharias graduating, Cliff Enright will be one of the top distance men, being only a freshman. 5fCorey Couch and Ed Rausch will be two of the four returning 400 meter relay team members. 62 6 . s r t .453 i-gt' .- W- s a-'M ' 45- . w , ...., .- sg QQ- i f X -' stfyt- -at '-' - . ,x.....t' 1- - . s " -:'..s:Z': " rf fs- st.. ' vii - 3 - Is' 'Ni ' E . ssse . ,Z k . L, . . X K ma K l ...M A ,i ,L . l if fm 3 ' ... . Q , K 5 -dw C- N. " 1 . .V .....,. . : N .'t.s,-,,t'-gui-4' .'.- - K' s I ,, ,QQ j ,, ,.. --'f --r -- , . f . -,. 3.5, . 'I t JUL .,A K 'mg l ,fl f l . M .ff 'T' 1' I . - .. ,, ..,. . 1 - il l": if w I' , V , x A ll it Q"I je' .. ga ,h,,,gU :,, Q..,' Y ii' :fi -6 1 6 6175355: 'i ?i5Xi.y3?33if:ef'l'?iti9wfp75i8l"SZ1w4zi,H2r'2l1'n9t 1? . ai X-wf-twNr',f'-'f'- 'K Nxt- ---V. X ,s ., , . . A. Kneeling: David L. Anderson, Mark Zacharias, Corey Couch, Pat Mildenberg, Cliff Enright. Standing: Student Manager Bill Cross, Ed Rausch, Larry McKinney,Steve 5ee,lohn Curtis, Herb Schaffner,Coach Verle Foster. 2 if my i i W i 6 wwf my at. t 7 6!Herb Schaffner did well in his first year of competition in both hurdle events while lohn Curtis was the team's top hurdler, both lows and highs. 7fSteve See gets all his strength into the shot put against Knightstown. dit ' 8!lohn Curtis placed on a regular basis com- peting in the discus. 9!Corey Couch shows good form in the long jump, and jumping 18'-7" as a freshman, he if, should only get better. if 8' P 9 y 63 A Disappointing Season Turned in by High School Girls Team Coach Mischele Stearns and her High School Track Team had a disappointing season, finishing 0-11. The decreasing number of participating girls played a major role in the losing record. The girls however, did extremely well in their individual performances. The team had two girls qualify for Sec- tional competition. Ticy Cox qualified in the 200 meter dash with a time of :27.54., and Samantha See qualified in the high jump, clearing the bar at 5'-0". Other girls having respectable sea- sons were Kris Heide in the shot put and discusg Missy Allbright and Billie Meyers in the low hurdles and 400 meter relayg and Dawn Dwigans in the 400 meter dash. We encourage all girls to compete in track next season in hopes for a better season. 1fSenior Samantha See will represent Mor- ton's girls in Sectional competition in the high jump. Her best jump of the year was 5'-Of'. 2!Missy Allbright and Billie Meyers are a half step behind a Knightstown hurdler in the 100 meter lows. 3fLori Krause has a slight edge at this point of the race over a New Palestine 1600 meter runner. 4!Iunior Kris Heide gets off a throw in the discus. Kris was the team's leader in both the discus and shot put. 64 . ,Q -Yi ,sy.:zga:s5:z, ps: - f w- tt- .Aiwa gtsgk .1-tg.. , it f . F gt It t k s M s t X sa rs ' QS S Q i i as E i Q sf . js. Y ri WY l - as :5 - x 3 www ii ' K . nw g ... . . .. . . .. .. . 4, s me S Q' l if -sl. gg is if s t'-sm wg? 3 s Wgx t gf' lmir-Q Kneeling: Kris Heide, Missy Allbright, Dawn Dwigans, Denise Morris. Standing: Student Manager Lisa Krause, Samantha See, AnitaTegarden,Vickey Lucas,BilIieMeyers,TicyCox,KellieWeaver,StudentManager Lori Krause,Coach Mischele Stearns. Q - 1 X --K - fr Wm- X K .. K .K K K X X. SK mms K WX ,X - ss - - X .K K K K K - K. K . 1 .K K. K. - M- ' s " K' r r r - N 5 X " ' - - h .X .. WW" "i' I " ,-., X 1 32,2-ij gt kj - -- -- fr- W rw-X-sy ..... . ,-,.LV 'f 57.7 5-wg K WM .s.s - 5 RWM ,Ei W' Neva NWWQWQM we sk' K ..... -.5 X KK K. - -V . K X - we Xuxtnd X Q - ,Q ' K ...S L ' A X .V 'iz-fl Lg, Q. ,. X X is 5 P' . 'J . ....,, 1 " ------- ' 2 ss- m'K 'Q - 'L ...... :Q - .... X si 'K ,--111 KK K ,s.. ..i.i,. K f.qXy,s,. . . K ,..:,,:,., K .,1 K As.,s,, KK K, ,ii. r -K , Kms. .NWS ssii - K- '-' WWWX H W - WW 'WL-" X wwe W X .Xa ,.... h,.. K f ' " pu .. K . M K, X -F ..,.H. .k.. W' H 4 M ----9?'11'-l ' ' 0 af-1'-VS' 5 hw- -+wW'Wm1"m'm1. -,W W.,-'W : ' I - A Qf,Q'mf- ' - 'A 'T W- "" f M - K K . KK 'M ---ss """" : r .uw-5 ...M W -- - :E W - 'f ' -f .Ks ,,,, K, ,XM K r 1 ff:-fe -N s it Ms- ",, ,,' t Q-,,r K I - V- X, Mm K- K " . . ,X,.,,..X,., . ww. . S . . N- ,.,, . 7 N A f K KK .... X K ws- K, KK ,M .X XK . vs - - X-Yizsgffff-X-is-A -- K Kf K 1 sew - rs zzz- me -- W-W W K- K ? Wt ,... r- E W- 1 X sm S -' M. wi -f M "-i ----" - ggggg H- "- QQQM 'QQIQ' -"- "M -...X.ews"f,,gm XJX 2 W - - K X KK 4 H . ...WW M .. .,. W ,,,..,M,. ,,.. N, sw- K. K -1- ,sss K f A ik sfijn 1' ...W ,. KKK: sgvgvjkwmva W-emgg-Mwefew V K - - --Awww .... ...N M .s... W-z.-X M-'ig K as W se s-fwssms eesmsesegi N--We s- w.QtEii w - , - f X ..,...... M .. NNW N t - ,- gg .---- ,N X X ,t N X X X X X .,.. 1.,,, ,1.. KK X. KK K KK K. K k,., KK K ' e X. ..., - . K. 5- 5- 34 S 'ss-i'ii 4' ,.,, -ff- .. .1-M..,.gXi,KX,Ks '-.- QM' . + - . ...K N' Q K Q'- -f- -S'-' f-s S 1 if iisi- K Lss- f i--s -r S ' " -iiss A X ' - 1 3 K K . - g 5 1 K as i-iii ' ss,i 's,'s 1 K -'-as K K 1 1 if I -' "Ji: : E 'LL'L : f-"-" V"' . ' L " --'L S: L KVL' 1' 'E : - A 'N -. M ' ' ' -siisimxwt' 'M i it-f - 'Q K -w:-:ii - L ' ' :I L .sss W - 2 - K - - I - -ff K --'.fjss1---g-K..'.-gg-If--KK K 1 k..u:5-:-KKKK.- -g kf.- .f K . ,K,. x .1 .. :K ttf, K M5 is -i' S35 35 ' . A - .X H Q53 me 'fr' ' r --fA-- i,h- .-'- gf iw, me ' M...,.f X f .N K sf -Ma 3-A fs M tam- .. 5' '5 X S QC. .ss VW I "" " D A Y -M KK K. K " i .saa K ' S X K. L, KKKKKK K .. ' L. me s - K K it K' K -- MS K .- -ag. -Qs ----E -W K . BW Sis-K 'C wx B. SSW W X W XM M X 3 as KW ,..e...X.., W3 Q Q WX - K .KK....KK..K - X i -. X s Q -:X Q F! x 5' X S? 5' 1 sf s y . . ..-- -Y A A f 1, xii lx at K K K, .t K. , g QL! A 2. K ' 4 X ze- K' X NK Q -it s ' -.s J ' ' ' --..- ik. y n K,K, . K X Kes ..Lg 1 wg K . S X -.-' - X . 7 - - -'KK ---- KK ze :ff K ,XKK . . - " -- K KW- AXKKf kt .thy at fem.-K.iA1kFN..jfg5 -V .,........,,..M get--was M if - as 5-we K- . Nik. C : . ,K wi-YXFNKQ - K wins., it . kanji .xi ',K is-'K KK KM wg- K, 't' -M-f K.. 4 , any LM ' X A sm. 'M ,X V K KL M- t ss 1 ...C ' -1 'HK at we K f-s - 1, My K 4..jf'QQXgx 6 5fSamantha See fleftj and Ticy Cox frightj were consistent scorers in the 100 meter dash. 6!BiIlie Meyers hands the baton to anchor- runner Ticy Cox in the 400 meter relay, 7fDawn Dwigans was the top 400 meter dash runner for the team this year. 8!5ophomore Ticy Cox was the team's top point-producer. Here she gets off a good jump in the long jump. 65 i .- 1 - . -. -. . ,L . ,.., st. X frogs 3 Kneeling: B-TEAM - Tim See, Floyd Morrison, Bobby Morris, Ray Constant, Mike Grube. Standing: A-TEAM - Larry Earle, Tommy VanArsdale, Mark Rausch, Pat Gabbard, Charles Blount. B-Team Posts 2-4 Recordg 3-9 Record Posted by A-Team The junior High A-Team posted a 3-9 record, with the wins coming over County foes Arlington, New Salem and Milroy. The team was playing pretty well until returning from the Christmas break, where they dropped all five of their games while giving up 50 points a game. As a team they averaged 36 offensively while giving up 45.5 defensively. Charles Blount led the way with a 10-point scor- ing average. Steady players besides Blount were top rebounder Mark Rausch, Tom VanArsdale, who split time between the two teams, and Pat Gabbard. The B-Team recorded a 2-4 season, defeating Milroy and Deaf School. 1 2 Scoring 18.5 points a game and giving up 31 won't win many games, and it was evident by the team's record. Turnovers were also a big factor as the inexpe- rience of the players showed on the floor. 1!Carry Buell plays a sticky defense against New Salem. 2!Bobby Morris puts pressure on a New Salem player. 3fFIoyd Morrison puts up a 75-footer as teammates Tommy VanArsdaIe f34j, Tim See 001 and Mike Crube M02 look on. 66 so ii B 4!Pat Cabbard nearly has this shot blocked by a Deaf School player. 5!Charles Blount puts up a jumper over a New Salem player. Charles led the team in scoring as a seventh grader. 6!Mark Rausch is a little too aggressive as he is called for the personal foul. Mark led the team in rebounding for the second straight year. 7fKevin Wright reacts to a foul called against the opposition. 8fTommy VanArsdale shows good form at the foul line. Tom split time between the A and B teams, being the leader for the B-Team. 9!Mark Rausch applies a little defensive pres- sure against a New Salem player. 67 Tigers Showed Improvement As Season Progressed In his second year as the junior Varsity coach, Brent Hickman's squad put together a 1-7 record. The team lacked experience and size, as many of the players were in their first year of organized action. The inexpe- rience showed as the Tigers were aver- aging only 13 points a game through their first five games. Once center Scott Fahrnow and forward Tim Spurlock became available, the team's average jumped up to 32 a game. Fahrnow and Spurlock, who was splitting time between the l.V. and Varsity teams, led the Tigers in scoring with 7-point aver- ages and were also the top rebounders. Scott had two games with 10 rebounds and Tim had one game with 11. Gaining experience as freshmen were Cliff Enright, Grant Henry and Devin Spilker. Sophomore john Grigsby saw a lot of action and should contribute next season. in the Tigers' lone win, they had to come back from an 11-point halftime deficit to edge Indianapolis Lutheran 31-30. Devin Spilker was the difference in the game as he tallied 8of his 11 points in the final period. The team showed improved play at both ends of the floor toward the end of the season and should be more compet- itive next season. 1!Cliff Enright gets his jump shot off against Plainfield Charlton. 2fDevin Spilker uses his body to protect the ball while laying the ball in against Laurel. 3fScott Fahrnow is about to find his path to the basket cut off by two defenders. 4!Three Charlton players collapse on Scott Fahrnow, not letting him get his shot off. Sf Tim Spurlock loses his balance while going after a rebound against Deaf School. 68 Q I sae M 5 .xxxi X X 1? 1.. Eff . ea .r ,,x, ABQ My Xi Nfff? , 'N N 'f1, 2 3 px, X XA . ,.... . ,,.Q,,, . C 4 234' xg .1 .4 Ex ... ...,, x K.:,,..f...+ at-su' kg4v-,Z Coach Brent Hickman, john Grigsby, Grant Henry, Tim Dunham, Scott Fahrnow, Rob Barrows, Cliff Enright, Devin Spilker, Student Manager Derrick Zachery. E., 6 7 l 6fFreshman Devin Spilker was a steady player for l Coach Hickman throughout the season. 7!Rob Barrows has no place to go as two Laurel defend- ers cut off the baseline. 8!Sophomore Scott Fahrnow led the Tigers in both scoring and rebounding. 8 69 Coach Walker's Crew Records Another Perfect 4-0 Season Coach Lee Walker's junior High Harriers ran their way to another 4-0 record this season. Mike Covington led the way, being the top runner on the squad. However, the team's success was due to their ability to run in a group. In all of their meets, Sam Allbright, Bobby Morris, lim Muncey, Charles Blount and Tommy VanArsdale would all finish within a minute of each other. Mike had a season's best of 8256: Allbright 9:085 Morris 9:09g Muncey 92135 Blount 9:32p and VanArsdale 9:37. 'I 1!Sam Allbright was the team's number two runner this season. 2!Mike Covington paced the harriers to another undefeated season, running in the number one spot. 3fCharles Blount comes through the chute in 6th place in the team's win over Knightstown and Tri High. 4fCoach Lee Walker hands out ribbons and talks to the team after beating Knightstown and Tri High. 70 Kneeling: Bobby Morris, Charles Blount, jim Muncey, Tim See, joe Swain. Standing: Sam Allbright, Tom VanArsdale, Mike Zilbermann, Mike Covington, Coach Lee Walker. 2 3 V Xi, if X 1 ,E""" Rose Mary McCallister Sonia Thompson Stephanie Adams Coach Diane Wright Tudy Swain Lisa Tegarden, Patty McCallister. Adams, Thompson Shine for Winless lunior High Girls Coach Diane Wright's junior High Track Team finished the season winless due to the low number of girls participating. The only bright spots were Stephanie Adams and Sonja Thompson. Both girls scored most of the team's points, run- ning in the sprints and hurdle events. Stephanie won the 100 meter dash in the County Meet with a time of :14.4. She also finished second in the 60 meter dash and third in the 55 meter hurdles. Sonja was the only other girl to place in the meet as she finished third in the 200 meter dash. Milroy won the meet with 82Vz points followed by New Salem's 4010, Arlington totaled 29 and Morton 16. 1fStephanie Adams just does edge this Mil- roy sprinter across the finish line to capture the blue ribbon in the 100 meter dash during the County Meet. It was the only first place taken by the girls during the meet. 2fSonja Thompson is in the set position for the start of the 60 meter dash. 3!Rose Mary McCallister at the start of the 400 meter dash. She did not score in the event but ran well for Coach Wright. 71 Allbright, Zilbermann Pace Coach Trump's Thinlies to Rush County Championship Bruce Trump's lunior High Track Team capped off a 6-3 season by win- ning the Rush County Track Meet for the second consecutive year. Sam Allbright and Mike Zilbermann led the way by collecting four and three first place ribbons respectively. Sam won the 110 meter lows, long jump, and in winning the 400 meter dash, set a new record. He was also a member of the record-setting B00 meter relay team. Mike took blues in the 60, 100 and 200 meter dashes. joining Sam on the relay team were Garry Buell, Mark Rausch and Tom VanArsdale. Other team members scoring in the meet were Rausch with a second in the 100 and third in the 200. Buell took second in the 800 and fifths in the lows and shot put. Zilbermann placed second behind Allbright in the long jump, and VanArsdale took thirds in the 400 meter dash and 800 meter run. In winning the meet, the team scored 65 points followed by Milroy with 51, Arlington 33 and New Salem 25. 1!Garry Buell waits for the gun to start the 800 meter dash, won by the New Salem runnerto his left. 2fSam Allbright comes across the finish line with a new record of :58:27 in the 400 meter dash. 3fMike Zilbermann easily won the 100 meter dash with a time of :12.73. 72 5 if . . 'L. A, . . is . . ' . . . 'f ",. . ., W ' 'M ' r 'W . 2 ,," x air 1 rg . . A-J 'N it , V-A sitr - 2 ir , X V, 4... ' f.-rf' ' . ,. V f. ws . .. . , if :V if 1 f z , .. .. . - .l . ' . .-.. ,V " rf Z., f I ' 'A' M fi' V' ' 22 "ll i , 5 1. A all -. ll Z! 2. I' is 55, 5 rrrr- I . KM, 4 . by-.,.al1.,z V W 'J f . V . f ' 1 Qt? lfwgizfcffffw ' ' I t G , 1 + r I Q Tlx' . ', " w . 5 A ff, . 4 1,7 A .V , . X y .wr K :I ,. A... Q X V7 7 if b w ' J f .. W . VY :vi t 1 Q ' f , ' f ' . f . ' ki -," ' 3 "N Y 5 ' fn' "Y-' ' '.94lVT:Ji4iL': I '1. 1 5 ..i ' , f . ing ' 5 ' cf, it . i l . . Y 1 ' if . . we T if ' . . I X-tl Af B Vi flpqk Q Q .. A f' T ,ft L 1 it H we . its 5. I 5. , an 4 f R 11,41 . , . 5' 2 ' "VA ti:f'iiW'f' -I f ' i f K Q 'M ' 'al 5 ' ., -. ' ' E' J f 7 A ' ,iff v ,.2gE2?jfUf . 5' ,.. , V 7' K, Q . VV M ' in , , ji ' A Q . fy 5 ' Q .1 rm . ' i 41 . 'W ' 'ifxftf ,. 'f"2g::f'i' jf Q ' .jQ'Qj 1 ' ' f 1 1 ,A . . , Kneeling: Bobby Morris, Tony Stafford, Tim See, Sam Allbright, Tommy VanArsdale. Standing: Coach Bruce Trump, Charles Blount, Shawn Zilbermann, Mike Zilbermann, Mark Rausch. Erin Hensley, Student Manager. ' " '- f is ' MW g x ' "":A 2, 7 cf I , . V. -. 1 4 ,, fm,-,W If MQ' nf ,JV 3,5 y r 3 fmfitgegw IW . .. ' V. 1 . " 2 ... ' .. .- 3 Zi, ' Q 1 . S 2 f t . .. . . ' .. . .W .M . - ,. mg. 4,2 , WM, ...L I I b y My , P T W qw M Q.. fi,,,,,,,,f,,MfM Mm-ww we V .VZ , f 5 A Wfxwr -122:17 V5 tj .f f. 'i" ' W- f f 0 . .J .Jw - ,M "gf-..'f z, ' '.' 'S IN v?'f2vf.f ' .' " 'H W was 'Q 1 if M4 , We E5 'Q W Z T fp fy ,H , fszgw , W. f X ,, WWW .tw-'V-WWW ,...r1T:M---f""'A' 'fl , ' WV' -4 -1 fr Zi? me-"H , mwyiiiwgw ff ff? ,, ,,,,, M, Mm .AW M2 , ,, ,ggi 'f"' f if 'W 4 , W r j f I ' VH ft ff- . , J. " "' H H 1 V , W f. , .,t,,.M, f ,. ,f . 'i, ',q7W,?,,. 7' f, l Jw if, f,,.,, ., ,,,, ' .f , N , V' A" ,, I , 4 5 1 I 7 4fThe starter watches for a foul in this 100 meter dash heat featuring Mark Rausch. 5!Sam Allbright is behind at this point in the 110 meter lows but out-sprinted this Milroy ' hurdler to the finish line to capture the blue. 6!Shawn Zilbermann keeps the starting block in place for brother Mike in this 100 meter dash heat. 7fThe 1986 Rush County Champions. ff 8!Tom VanArsdale waits for the start of the 400 meter dash, where he finished second. 9fBruce Lord of Milroy hands Tom VanArs- dale one of his third place ribbons. 9 73 Qu ,M R? pq E ABQ-QEOUC-V ESOELMEVQ -im 5 Camp:-2 mm Em-mm amz SATMF :EM Q:-m N572 E CSU-mg' m mm W mV,A vanish be-EU :sz :cami-2 1:0302 W-'SU 302 mm gtg-S EZ mm mm :EELS nm-QUE mm 5:2 mm 2-2 -Q53 zum my .D-mg mm mv L Em-ww 252 ov ENE bczourm-J! mwmwm-' has-wo F-:OZ TNA., mm ESSWEOE mm -OOF-Um wawnyqncmic- 2.8 vm ESOEEOZ Nw 2-2 if E. :IN sm Egmgenomv S3 3' C955 mm .QQ mr mga 3 4 V :OED :ZF mm :wi E S R 5:2 mm 5:2 mm 2-2 Jugs: E35 Z mv :dawg EEZ 2 Nm CNET-:U im-QUE ov :Swv-:E N-'lm-'IN -Ooim WSG manic- 26-2 X -lm JUOUENI Swag mm , QA ZXUOUCNI Ewumg WN Ev-mm EEZ Nm wig, V44,m N V , MEN!-am :MMF E2-Sao C252 mm A Em-mm 52 on :mi E mv mga X5 amps-E6 ml, 2 HECS! 3 :SME-Q they cm Ewcogo C952 mi: :Sou Pg 55: 3 :mf E R 2 MESS. 2-2 505:02 NE Nm N652 :V V-UID: zo-I .E 2-2 VUOUCNI ct-was mlp , Ewcoaao C952 Emcoan-O C962 2 ies- QE U-ESQ 4 V :guy- gm, EEEX :QI .E w 355:05 Emxsf 4 , 4 m L V :goin EV- my 4 V NEP -Q53 mg -M2295 SE: Ii :Im-' 5580 F-:OZ SIP GN :await V Egmwg-tzom mm V2 , F-mf EIN mg? 4 Sv EU-Nm EZ J 2 A mir X :OED O2 , Lg A A EEZ 2 W-zmwwwcwum ,mm E5 5 is 1 -20255 v-yugo miqmr Jugs: E23 E2 U32 Q58 :mg 55:2 :mi E 3 LEM E mwmpiv gmwr-Em SINIB E 552652 I U:-amgmu Nm 8 ,EsOEi ,Ex GN m-'ir 5 wwges Eg NB df NNN v-USED E23 mm my 4W 4 kk C3255 mr 2-2 :SBU me E N652 MP Z wm C9325 FN Elm? :gsm-to cum m D :assi imap: 8 EMCOQQO C962 ' E ov C9 E-2 Mango EEZ GN Amwmr my Xue-Lmx Swag mi A mv E23 262 Vimm CEO 6-:wx mm My QJQVUESWM 4, 4 E338 C962 S if E N nm -ODE EQ 565 ov :ESS 305 IQ: .E 4 gs Z u-E82 E288 C952 Nm if E Q is-Egg t-mag! :lip K 4 my :oi-Ng cm Z I M ,V 4 I 4 k X I 4 4 K ,A 4 A X x kqfq A ! I If I x 4 N 4 its min, Io-I 'sw cm 623 E5 Egg: mm G52 E 3 V -goiuw gamma W 3 2-so-we NN AE-my F5 is I -gczsgs U-:im-am M V A R cgeammwr 3 L :mi :P , V 4 V ,',t X X vm h, M M V ,Ypcwcogtvq ,V :BBE VNV! Vigcmumwgw 1 J -Ncozuvmxvzwmv ,Sz NFA MESS- vm A N-:Ewan lg gem-Nm 252' VN Fm Mwsarum N4,, mm jim.-mv-min PCMES SEO mm xgucmr Egmmm Nm WMM X gmEgwEVmwWW 2 Q ww J MN 4 k ,gg Hmmm QMS Ez A E 4 3 m :wi E J gu I VR v--Ewzg NN Nm :Eve-AEEEUE mm C956 Begg Nm 2 Cggiwg vm V Aazogum EE suis Fm S X mv ,V Q -2:3 Nm mm I 5563322 NmM M?w44 BN 4 k V A 4 c 3OuwEQ2MMWm X M Mm -gem E5 jx , 4 ,, omg, 63053 ing- 5 kg mm k V, M Y-E363 N, Q Ewa?-Sow 2 Nm OEORNEWX ig WN M223 on ww QU vm?-DENU 2 YS Iwi tr 3 5 begin EEZ PM Nm -ooruw vga NCEE- NN FN 2-M?-QEQU 9 4 K V hemwmm 53015 mv mm omg B288 5:02 m , 4 M Ahyy 4 EwcgAD Mw KA4, Cnhwmiwm U , 4, UOUFLM Q-. gHmww,, N v R V ,Cl-glbssom ,NN mm Ewumwgtjom Z X We HEOUUWL, , 3 r4,4L4 M4 W J N N A S A ESS PM 5 Egg 2 :EDS 395 Emcgao H 4co:22W V , ESRKO Vcotoi E2-ego , I E362 7 N A vY4V,v V 4VmV IM, 4 ,,,m 14VAm MV 4,Q,m 4,VAm,, 4, V 4, , qqy, , 4 my J mV,vm4 nV, V 4 , Z m 4 N ,,mY4m ! , 4Eo M mEmfV Mm 4 , W K 4 I ! 4 X 4 E EE , ,4 4, W MVJ 4 ,4 1 Q , M x S 4 kk 5EEU doOIumwU-I 252 M W , 4 A M 2 A my ,444V k ,,A4 m k 4 3 kV44 4 MV0wV4 hw 4, , JM m4 V W ?JWmV, ? k V'V Mm V , I N ,A V W 4 W ,, q 4, qq , 4 A v , f ,f """hs.f zz V 'L , 1, 4 w Q ' ' f 4,-45' IGHSIY 'TEJ SE ICRS Right: CLASS OFFICERS - Left to right: Samantha See, Historiang Kim Stahl, Presi- dent, David M. Anderson, Secretary, Ellie Rausch, Vice President, joyce Conn, Treas- urer. Below: David M. Anderson poses with State Senator Thomas D. Hession IRI Shelbyville, while serving as a Page during the February 14 meeting of the Indiana General Assembly. DAVID MICHAEL ANDERSON MARK ROBERT BRINKMAN f w. IOYCE ELLEN CONN SHEILA MARIE HARRIS CARMEN MICHELLE HUSS 76 Left: Sheila Harris, playing as Ethel Murchin- son in the play, Wedding of the Year, makes a point to Carmen Huss, fMatilda Murchinsonj and Mark Zacharias fHonoria Murchinsonj. Below: Curtis Williams works on an experi- -Q 'KB gg ment in the Chemistry Lab. I- ,. "f A I fi v fm f f m , -, .4 .. 'L H V ASW., Y 91, ,, Y . lv e f I 33 gb Q7 , ,T M, v' , A . 5" 7 V i , f A .ax af I 1? M j W. W , , , ""' W 4 ..4,,, ,MA DAVID KEEN MARY KEEN a VICTORIA SUSAN LUCAS KAREN FRANCES MCCALLISTER BILLY IO MEYERS 77 aaaaa 1 NELSON EUGENE MORRIS, IR. ELEANOR LYNN RAUSCH SAMANTHA ANN SEE Y? A an KIMBERLY KAYE STAHL M, 'fff .1 0 ,Q 4 Samantha See, Morlorfs 1985-86 Basketball ' Queen. 78 NEAL CURTIS WILLIAMS TAMMY IENISE WOODRING N MARK WAYNE ZACHARIAS if? . - . CQ -Vx if.-I .KES ,Neg - - . -- we N X- Left: David Keen and his date, Tracy Keating, dance to a slow song at the junior-Senior Prom, Above: Samantha See and Mark Zacharias, the Prom Queen and King. 79 Q. DAVID MICHAEL ANDERSON Academic Class Officer 3-4, Senior Play 4, Echo Staff 4, Basketball 3, O.E.A. 3-4, Officer of Club 4, Boys State 4, Science Club 3, R.O.T.C. 3-4, Color Guard 3, Drill Team 4, Optimist Good Citizen Award 4, Cheerblock 4, Richard Lugar Symposium 3, Senate Page 4, Superior Cadet 3-4, Scholastic Excellence Award 4, Colonel Clark Award 4, R.O.T.C. Battalion Commander 4, R.O.T.C. Honor Guard Commander 3. MARK ROBERT BRINKMAN Vocational Electronics Echo Staff 4, Basketball 4, Sports Manager 1, V.I.C.A. 4, Boys State 4, Art Club 1-2, D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 4. jOYCE ELLEN CONN Vocational Dental Assisting Modified Academic Class Officer 4, Senior Play 3-4, Echo Staff 4, Basketball 3, Cheerblock 3-4, H.O.S.A. 4, Officer of Club 4, Girls State 3, Science Club 3, R.O.T.C. 4, Optimist Good Citizen Award 3-4, Salutatorian 4. SHEILA MARIE HARRIS Vocational Business Senior Play 4, Basketball 2-3-4,Track 3, O.E.A. 2-3-4,0fficer ofClub4,Art Club 2-3-4, R.O.T.C. 2-3-4, Drill Team 4, Optimist Good Citizen Award 4, Cheerblock 2-3-4, High School Choir 1-2-3-4, Home Eco- nomics Club 4. CARMEN MICHELLE HUSS Vocational Home Economics Senior Play 4, O.E.A. 2, V.l.C.A. 3, R.O.T.C. 1-2-3-4, Color Guard 2, Drill Team 1-2-3, Cheerblock 3-4. IOSEPH WALTER IENKINS Vocational Baking Concert Band 1-2-3-4, jazz Band 2- 3-4, Pep Band 1-2-3-4, Basketball 2- 3, Cross Country 4, V.l.C.A. 2, Color Guard 1-2-3-4, Drill Team 1, Cheerblock 1, High School Choir 1. DAVID KEEN Vocational Printing Senior Play 4, jazz Ensemble 2, Pep Band 1-2, Basketball 2-3-4, V.l.C.A. 3-4, Photography Club 2-3, Science Club 1-2, R.O.T.C. 2-3, High School Choir 1-2-3. MARY KEEN Vocational Printing Echo Staff 4, Concert Band 1-2-3, jazz Ensemble 2-3, Pep Band 1-2-3-4, O.E.A. 1-2-3, Photography Club 2, Science Club 1, Cheerblock 1-2. VICTORIA SUSAN LUCAS Vocational Business Senior Play 4, Concert Band 3-4, Pep Band 3-4, Basketball 4, Track 3-4, O.E.A. 3-4, Science Club 3, Color Guard 3, Cheerblock 3-4, High School Choir 3-4, Marching Band 3- 4. KAREN ERANCES MCCALLISTER Vocational Business Class Officer 4, Senior Play 4, Volley- ball 3-4, Basketball 3, Track 3, O.E.A. 3-4, Optimist Good Citizen Award 4, Cheerleading 3-4, High School Choir 4. BILLY IO MEYERS Vocational Printing Volleyball 1-3-4, Basketball 3, Track 1-3-4, V.l.C.A. 3-4, Cheerleading 1, Cheerblock 3-4, School Spirit Award 3, High School Choir 1-2. NELSON EUGENE MORRIS, IR. Vocational Baking Senior Play 4, Basketball 3, O.E.A. 3-4, V.I.C.A. 3, Photography Club 3, R.O.T.C. 2-3, Color Guard 2-3, Cheerblock 2. ELEANOR LYNN RAUSCH Vocational Dental Assisting Class Officer 3-4, Senior Play 4, Echo Staff 4, Volleyball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-4, Track 2-3, O.E.A. 3, H.O.S.A. 4, Officer ofClub 3-4,ArtClub1-2-3-4, Optimist Good Citizen Award 1-4, Cheerblock 4. SAMANTHA ANN SEE Vocational Printing Senior Play 4, Concert Band 2-3-4, jazz Ensemble 4, Pep Band 2-3-4, Volleyball 2-3-4, Basketball 2, Track 2-3-4, O.E.A. 2-3, V.I.C.A. 4, Officer of Club 3, Class Historian 4,Art Club 3-4, Cheerblock 2-3-4, Basketball Queen 4, School Spirit Award 4, Prom Queen 4. KIMBERLY KAYE STAHL Vocational Cosmetology Class Officer 3-4, Senior Play 4, Echo Staff 4, Volleyball 3, Track 3, Sports Manager 3-4, V.I.C.A. 4, Officer of Club 3-4, Girls State 3, Art Club 2-3- 4, R.O.T.C. 3-4, Optimist Good Citi- zen Award 4, Cheerleading 4, Cheerblock 3-4, Richard Lugar Sym- posium 3. NEAL CURTIS WILLIAMS Vocational Printing Senior Play 4, V.l.C.A. 4, Art Club 3-4, R.O.T.C. 3-4, Color Guard 3-4. TAMMY IENISE WOODRING Vocational Dental Assisting Modified Academic Senior Play 4, Echo Staff 4, O.E.A. 4, H.O.S.A. 4, Officer ofClub4, Altrusa Girl 4, Optimist Good Citizen Award 4, Cheerblock 4, "Voice of Demo- cracy" School Winner 4, Valedicto- rian 4. MARK WAYNE ZACHARIAS Vocational Printing Modified Academic Class Officer 3, Senior Play 4, Con- cert Band 1-2-3-4, jazz Ensemble 3- 4, Pep Band 1-2-3, Basketball 3-4, Track 2-3-4, Cross Country 3-4, Sports Manager 1, V.l.C.A. 3-4, Science Club 4, R.O.T.C. 1-2-3-4, Drill Team 1-3. IGPISIY 'wi STUDENTS Mellisa Allbright Billy Cross john Curtis Simona Fisher Lisa Hahn Kristine Heide jonathan Horn Traci Martin Marion lane McCallister Angela Meyers CLASS OFFICERS - Missy Allbright, Secre- taryg Ed Rausch, Vice Presidentg Derrick Zachery, Treasurerg Kris Heide, President. Ed Rausch uses his Library time to enjoy a good book. 82 ,-na 419 'es as My i N Z, f W Lana Owens Edward Rausch Rennie Schervish Cory Schwadlenak Rita Sheasley Timothy Spuriock j Kellie Weaver ' Vi Harold Willian fi fffff Derrick Zachery CA! Lg,,,V rj ,Q fgjlfifkfx Gaim. Mm ?5 ff ff Q Q f fQffQQpC lill , 7 cw A QLQAQOLA Rennie Schervish and Melody Casho enjoy a dance at the junior-Senior Prom. 83 David L. Anderson Dannelle Barnes Robert Barrows Donna Bear Laura Borders Nathan Bland Michael Braden julie Campbell Billie Artice Cox loyce Cox Allison Curtice Sheenagh Cuthill Scott Fahrnow lody Farrel Melody Gasho john Grigsby Megan Heberden Paula Hoffman Harold Dustin Howell David Hutton CLASS OFFICERS Laura Borders, Vice Pres- ident Tlcy Cox Presldentg Joyce Cox, Secre- tary Debbie Swlndle Treasurer. QW' s Q lx Tracy Keating Korey Kord Lisa Krause Raymond Lambert Lisa Lollis Larry McKinney Christopher McKune Patrick Mildenberg David Phillips jeffrey Quillen Herbert Schaffner Nichol Schwinnen Stephen See Leland Shook, lr. Bryan Stormes . Amy van der Vliet QXMAJL -1 MU-lil eiffj x fclkpaar xkflddl Jwrxewba WWW QJxJGwsfJ.L iid, fbvdcl , 6 X ft N it A h A l 'gg lm Ummm WMM Gvbwvclws MW lla mek? WM bcfggjlx gfwxvgxklwxqimlg JSANQ VWUZAAMD Kofi Clayaafv -ILL ' Scott Fahrnow shows a look of concentration as he works on a drawing in Drafting. 85 Donna Bays Darrell Black Denise Blow Christopher Briedinger james Bryant Corey Couch Barbara Crago Heather Cubel Randall Davis Raymond Davis l Linda Duffala Timothy Dunham Dawn Dwigans Clifford Enright Victoria Farquer Deborah Fish Phillip Foreman james Gardner Lora C-eil john Groler CLASS OFFICERS - Tim Dunham, Treasurer, Debbie Fish, Secretary, Veronica Warner, Vice President, Denise Morris, President. 86 I V i i ' 'WML 4 AW james Heaton Grant Henry , I 'YV 1 Ku? Brenda Hough My MQ, 2 ,, Sherry Hudson . I E . l I Gina Kelley 5 3' , 5 Nj 5 A! , 7-'-:ff-"' , .' 5' 1 , Q! Il, 'EM li-II.. xx V . . f ,N E 1' 7 .J Lori Krause f,.Q"g A , I Brent Lane ..' 3' U M H A lason McKinney Q flxl Denise Morris 1 . V .-ll I N s y :sg vc, jeffrey Owens iff , r 4. X il Lili- 1 M 'V 5 - 7 hilt .' .f H ff X if fi taxi? .. 'l lg ' H1 E f gf. lf ll lf! i In ll-"' - ,, .ll---' la K M x jennifer Picou Q iff ffl' 1 Kevin Roberts qu -A? l ' , Aleanjdro Roseberry lg fl" il f g Michelle Samglegyv H' fmt " ---A Scott , jig, if , ,yqyf rx - Barbara See l gg f f. . ,,.f Charles Edward Sheets' ' Nancy Shoemaker Devin Spilker Shawn Marie Stafford james Sumpter Anita Tegarden Dennis VanArsdale Veronica Warner Lynn Willian Donna Yocum Anita Tegarden is busy with a reading assignment in Mrs. Newco- mer's Life Science class. 87 1 ff Stephanie Adams Samuel Allbright Betty Anderson Amie Bales Christopher Constant james Rhudel Cox Gregory Crail Steven Delon Lucinda Iodean Dobbs Wannetta Dobbs Lena Dotterweich Timmy Durbin Larry Earle Donald Earley, lr. Sherry Evans Edward Fettig Patrick Gabbard Michael Grube jerry Haskett Kevin Haskett CLASS OFFICERS - Amie Bales, Treasurer: Mike Zilbermann, Secretaryg Pat Cabbard, Vice Presidentg Sam Allbright, President. 88 eel . , fe! Q PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE 2 L 'r ,, ly, is 1 - ,u , fwhfy' ,Hwy .Y Ji ,+f,,l-f i Lonny Hodges Vonetta Hughes William jones Tara Kornett Kent Lane Patricia McCalIister Katherine McClanahan William McLay Floyd Morrison Deana Powell jason Randolph Mark Rausch Angela Spurlock Daniel Steiner Cherrice Swain Sonja Thompson Thomas VanArsdale joseph VanVleet Angela Wessel Michael Zilbermann Shawn Zilbermann Mrs Cook cleans Kent Lane's teeth during a vlslt to the Dental V l Angela Bangs Charles Blount Angela Bryant Raymond Constant Robert Dotterweich Linda Fuller Michelle Gilbert Bridgett Gross Rhonda Haley Marylynn Henry Erin Hensley Marla Hobbs Chastity Irwin ' Edward Keith Daniel Lucas Above: Rhonda class. Haley works on a Math assignment in Mr. Applegate'5 Right: CLASS OFFICERS - Rhonda Haley, Secretaryg Chastity Irwin, Treasurerg Michelle Gilbert, Presidentg Charles Blount, Vice President. 90 Rose Mary McCallister Bobby Morris jimmy Munsey Dorronda Danielle Peckinpaugh Troy Reffett 'Ul- m Richele Riley jeffrey Roberts Timothy See Corey Shirley . Tina Smith A l 3 Anthony Stafford joseph Swain Lisa Tegarden Travis Wilkerson Left: Richele Riley and Tony Stafford monitor students in Mrs, Newco- mer's sewing class. Above: Corey Shirley seems to be interested in an article in a maga- zine. 91 Holly Bennett Ivan joseph Eccles Tracy Fish Robert Frye Michael Hirshey Dennis Hough james Howerton Franklin Deon jones Robert Keller Alexander McCallister Nancy McGuire Margaret Sanders as Ryan Shuter james Spurlock Tracy Stafford Billy Wethington Cassie Henry Anthony Hough April Hubbard Michelle Kornett lon Lemler Eric Mahin Mary Ann McClanahan john Repass Kelly Stack Darren Tegarden Michael VanVleet Randy Vaughn L4 C210 . fi A "' . .,.f' w"""D C50 Yzzafmfe Eric Angel - 4th Grade Brenda Belcher - 4th Grade Brandy jo Bowen - 2nd Grade Jonathon Couch - 3rd Grade jerry Cross - 1st Grade A Mary Cross - 3rd Grade joseph Donovan - 4th Grade Lorna Donovan -- 3rd Grade Richard Donovan - 3rd Grade Chetina Henry - 4th Grade 2 r J Ryan Hubbard - 2nd Grade Tammy Huff - 1st Grade Robert Kite - 4th Grade Raymond Klinge - Pre-School Scott Klinge - 3rd Grade Brandy Kornett - 3rd Grade Heather Kornett - 1st Grade Brett McKenney - 2nd Grade Chase McKenney - 1st Grade David Morris - 2nd Grade wail ft J! ,, f W Kenneth Newman - 4th Grade Mark Settle - 4th Grade Mahlon Shuter - 4th Grade Molly Shuter - 2nd Grade Brandon Spurlock - 4th Grade Kristal Spurlock - 2nd Grade Charles Swisher - 3rd Grade jeremy Tegarden - Pre-School Wendy VanVleet - 3rd Grade ,e 60 19 i',f"Qrf Lisa Arrick Gary Buell Chrysler High School North Campus Duane Hibbard August Hough Sunnyside Elementary Parkview lr. High Terry Huff Burl Prater Greenstreet Elementary Chrysler High School Pamela Snodgrass Rusty Summers Chrysler High School Eastwood Elementary 94 tyicafezzh lanice Cross Greenstreet Elementary Kathy Hough Parkview jr. High in kg., th. aww., . Z .,., A Tilden Prater Knightstown Upper Elementary at lllll' i 53? 93 2215 5' X K ....-. t or tstsss we jeffrey Teeter North Campus f 'W Sarah Donovan Seventh Grade Building . t Robert Huff Eastwood Elementary Patrick Smith Eastwood Elementary Robert Wood North Campus We, the Seniors of 1986, wish to leave warm memories, not only in our minds, lout in our hearts. It has loeen fun learning, preparing for life, and most of all, laughing with those spe- cial people we are leaving Ioehind. Special thanks to photographers Mr. Joe Cooney and Mr. Joe Porter and the Printing Department of the Ralph E. Eder Vocational Center for the 1986 RETROSPECT. We would also'like to thank those of the faculty and staff that have helped us to our goals. God Bless You Alll "Together we form the best there is, 1986 we forever live!" Kim Stahl Senior Class President CREDITS PHOTOGRAPHY Mr. loe Porter Carthage, Indiana Mr. joe Cooney Knightstown, Indiana Graphic Arts Students Ralph E. Eder Vocational Center PRINTING Ralph E. Eder Vocational Center HALFTONES Rheitone, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana STOCK Butler Paper Company Indianapolis, Indiana COVERS Paragon Yearbooks A Division of Herff jones BINDING H 84 H Bookbinding Indianapolis, Indiana EXPENSES The American Legion Department of Indiana 4 as .QA 5155? 67 '11 Q2 --r 5,9 'v 8 I 7, ' 1 b v -.1 if?" vt' 4 L' 4 I MW Q 73 8 JT?- ' an .--.Q .f'4,lS'x1LQ --' .. QR-Q n- Ka N V' " v n NNW Q N75 X A 5' Q ' ,x , 5. x 5 S fv fly" GSX? ,'-QP.. xv I -J-'fr nf N .u :Sk -k ,R xv 4 s 'g..1',v' 3 . 'Q ' "4 ' 'Q Liv:-' - - Q ,I ,'- 1.,' x . Y s-'5 'x . 5. w A s "2 '41 QY .f qi f P:--LN... IN KX X f' KH l .ik f x QQ X- 'M 'SO , Q5 . E' K - oxxgfljt. 2, wg- ? ,QM , , V Q, AQ, Q,mQ -Q. QLLQ QM, 'sh " , L5 x k X A . 'X 1 -- Yi- H T Y QA" . S 'rx'-ll N- , Af: JJS xQy, Q1 'T J 'H D+? - . rx .1 Y, .xxx-:nw - xx -A W l.5,,,hs LX Lx gg 555 2 ' 1 f -E K -s-x A-xr Q-,Xu k K K and N FK, L. g , 'Nh - F Xi W: Af f iwiwf 01121 Aw if f- f if-KN '- 5 lk . Jvfwrma Q K -X, X . C-12 ' N xx X-S., C' . f x xx' is Y fl My ff X K Q! F X 43 'F C 9 Q ' x O , Q' 1 -f x U K wgx, fx . Qfusm. Q Ms , , f ti ' ,I--L rg' ' Tl K gfxxex '- . 89 fxfrw 5' 1 Ll rf L,L,QfS.,NQ9, W gf. ix ' ff-L N iisffdfa f 1 A X. 'N' F- Q 92 if D X WX f1fl" .Qf 'A A V48 1' VL A xc"' f- Nj fb--,. L ,x f ,-. V is J k :E R in Jfify, -4 defy ffwcmf f'emQ6fvf1c,ff'y 1Lwf5fc'f --fn-- ., r fins! 2' 5-74,-,ff CQ-fx dfdckf 1, fa! 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Suggestions in the Morton Memorial Schools - Retrospect Yearbook (Knightstown, IN) collection:

Morton Memorial Schools - Retrospect Yearbook (Knightstown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Morton Memorial Schools - Retrospect Yearbook (Knightstown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Morton Memorial Schools - Retrospect Yearbook (Knightstown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Morton Memorial Schools - Retrospect Yearbook (Knightstown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Morton Memorial Schools - Retrospect Yearbook (Knightstown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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