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-M s ., ., ':3-S xl ix Q L6 W' r . V: fr , MIP -.nun a i I x., qW",af"lh'fn , Mb 5 .ww - .gi :-14" di, af, 1.5 '13 r If wi. Hn My 1' 575:1- S, A I " I .I- 3'f A-' V' V 134' J, Q ig ,PV f A. 1 ' 1, . - 'I ff F 4 . , ,V ft! uv, 'S - fly K , 'p , I .54 v .f ,lift 1 AA I pil, mf" J' ' 43' A J, - .. Q J ' I 1, L I "Quik .4a.....' W I ' 4- "-s x' ' N. c 1 .x V ' ,M " . .5 K5-.,, . W- , Q,-jf x ' A ,WE , xi, X L T '2 " . f af - 'ff 'C'?"4f" ,QM ' . 4 " K " f f- -- x f ju V ' Luis j':?.f ' 'X 'V . . V " . - 'Jig Mi " -all ix ' ,QR ' . ' Am LMA".-1 Y , , FX' .fi N in I 1 -'rwbx nvvbjf' ' as .usa :TN "si ,. ,Sn X, , . M 4 s, X W S 'S' x X nl ' g N n . .N fa ' 1 .v. 5+ X, 4 It N., 1 1 A.. L 7 Q WH - - fx , . t I , N E Y ' il'-. I 'f. X f wifi ,5r'f'f' , H , I-in r f' 'S '. ,Pi I 7 , , . ,K'.. h , w-.. 3 , 1 , ji' E -f.',4.ff: K .. K 'V' ' -' ' , airs xfgi' 9 351.942 i Na 'Q-'J X . , 1: 5. ffnrz - ,V .1. V3.5 N ' fi. -f 4 .aA., K 'kwa . .J ' Q. -,K ' 'fi -'ww .. , 'f '. L'-.ygf -:- ffff- f ' .iflfi 225' f Hi' :- , At-ah' .W 4- M. v '-eww' ., -L is 1 - ' .1 ,, ' 15:11 ' ' L ' 'ri . AAA' ,mx if A . 51, ..- - M5 . C J, Y ,- if .' lv- Y , 4, f 1 ' A 731, ".vf4?- x . JE. . +- -1 X Ls S, ' .a , n X ww- 1 . 9? 5" xx fav'-1 f, 'B .x,.'. ' P? .. E' , IUMA -rf fx ks Y 4+ s,.- . --af r . N' ,-1 n ,W I ..1 - x . ,t .4 H x 4 1 5 i-VK" my f 5 pl, 4' 1. .. fi' H .3 I 'at -'I f N3, ,. 21 X X, 5, , sg y L,f-:L . .sg ,qc E., Jul A .w.,w. 1 Fw... -4. f 1 M' 'X' -FT ,Ji ' 4-fe, f Y . 5 7. ,hr X 'L A V 1 The Yearbook of Morton Memorial High School 19 5 9 Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home ,znlf M It K Y' ai? III' Q 'ff ' The Retrospect S upcrz n tumicnt MR. LESI.ll'I A. CORTNER Clmirnum WY' MR. EVERT KONZELMAN GI'99IlSbLll'2, Indiana MRS. ICSIS DEER Greencastle, Indiana Director, Department of Health DR. BERTRAM GROESREFK, JR. Visiting ommittee I , MRS. EDITH JACKSON Indianapolis, Indiana JUDGE ROBERT CAINE Marion, Indiana Matron -Us MRS. DOROTHY R. CORTNER DR. WILLIAM TINDALI. Shelbyville, Indiana .f '. 'AW ' , W In I mf. 'Hy' ' 'f P... l '.-, all I f it f m: iq ZZ., A . MRS. DOROTHY MCCREA Bloomington, Indiana Oliicers Superintendent of Schools Recreational Director MR. VERNON B. MR. FRED A. CRAIG WRIGHT Ofiice Stal? . K , Business .-ldmznistmzor 515' 4 7 I 1 uv- "' " 5 hw ' X. 'nf N f . NIR. SAM M. PHASE ...-... vfmf is. 4 I! Seated: Mrs. Leisure, Mrs. Fort, Mrs. Windsor, and Mrs. Craig. Standing: Mrs. Mc-Shurley, Mrs. Andis, Mrs. Osborn, Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Rhoudes, Miss Allison, Mrs. Wright. Hrs. Clark, and Mrs. Woods. Faculty MR. RALPII EIJER Indiana State, B. S. Industrial Arts l'. E., Health Track and Cross Country Coach MR. CLARENCE POST Indiana State, B. S. Indiana U., L. L. B. U. S. History, Civics, Government NI R. ROBERT W. ELLIOTT Indiana State, A. B. English, Spanish MR. WILLIAM BREWER Texas Western, B. S. Driver Training P. E., General Science- Haselmall and Basketball Coach MRS. RHESSA POST Indiana State, B. A. Indiana U., A. M. English MR. NEIL J. ZOOK Purdue University, B. S. Agriculture, Chemistry General Science Assistant Coach MR. JULES ELZEY Ball State, B. S. Printing MISS ROSALYN SHOEMAKER Ball State, B. S. Commerce MRS. EUGENIA STRICKLAND Indiana Central College University of Alabama B. S. School Librarian MISS EVELYN STROTHER Ball State, B. S. Music MRS. LUCILE GUYATT Earlham College, B. S. Home Economics j ' ' G MR. WALTER BYERS Butler U., M. S. Cincinnati Cons. Band, Dance Band MISS VVILLA BEIJELI. lnclianu U., B. S. Home lCc'onon1ics A MISS BEULAH MRS. MABLFI aculty MISS MAMIE GARRISON Ashbury College, B. A. Cincinnati Cons. Indiana University, M. S. Music MISS YELMA KNOWLES University uf Kansas B. A. Art MRS. HARRIETT PIPHER SMALL EVANS Indiana State, Central Battle Creek, B. S. Ball Smu- Normal, A. B. Mathematics Health. P. E. Remedial livarlinu acuity M R. ORYN L. PRIDE imlelaiul City C. B. S. Sixth Grade any MR. RICHARD BYRUM Ball State, B. S. Fourth Grade l MISS CARBIEN MILLINER Indiana L'niversity. B. S. First Grade in , . MISS PAULINE TROTH Indiana State, B. A. Fifth Gradv MRS. UBA NIGH Southwest Missouri State College, B. S, Third Grade ,,..-.?,. I .f MRS. DORIS ELLIOTT Ball State, B. S. Kiiiflt-i'g':1i'teii MRS. IRENE PRIDE Oakland City C., B. S. Fourth Grade ' i MRS. IJOROTIIY SCIIWEIZER Ball State, ll. S. Second Grade MRS. MARY RUBY Ball State, B. S. Sec-ond Grade E, THE Seniors of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, have in our hearts many cherished memories gained throughout our high school years here at Morton. So, we would like for all of you to turn back the calendar four years and relive these memories with us. August 29, 1955, we entered our Fresh- man year with twenty-eight students. Miss Hayes and Mr. Elliott were our class spon- sors. We sincerely thank them for getting us started in high school. Being a "freshman student" each boy and girl put forth all his effort in new and different activities Each boy well-represent- ed the class with his achievement in football, and Morton won two games out of three. Before we knew it, football was over and the basketball season was now in session. The boys worked their very best and they can prove it with their basketball record of four wins out of five games. The year was really flying. Before long, we were in the second semester. Basketball was over for us and track was starting. Half of the boys in the class signed up for the team and worked just as hard as the boys who were older and more experienced and the track season was a great success. Then came Award Day. A number of the students were rewarded for their talents, interests, and participation in school and extracurricular activities. After the first week in June, school was out and the students were happy and high spirited after this successful completion of the first high school year. enior Class History Summer vacation passed quickly and we entered our Sophomore year on August 27. 1956. Much to our regret, five of our class- mates did not return. These absences de- creased our class enrollment to twenty-three students. Many of the boys returned once more for football practice. There was also a num- ber of the Sophomores representing the class with much hard work and practice in choir. band, dancing, and dance band. The second semester went over with a bang. Morton's basketball team was very successful and we were proud of the contrib- ution of our boys. The choir and band receiv- ed first in the State Music Contest. Three members of the Sophomore class were honored by being initiated into the National Honor Society. They received pins and certifcates for their scholastic achieve- ments on Award Day. It wasn't long until school was dismissed once again for the summer months. The three months of summer vacation went by as fast as rippling water over a water fall. It was now August 26, 1957, and we were ready to begin our Junior year. The first semester found us with nineteen students. We were still well-represented in the music department. Two girls were in dancing. two in dance band, six in choir, and four in 4-H. Sports again played a prominent role in the lives of our Junior boys. On Award Day four of the Junior boys won letters for base- ball, one for cross country: four for varsity basketballg and three for the B-team. We were represented in track with six members on the varsity squad. Senior Class History Perhaps the biggest and most enjoyable event of the year was the decorating of the school gym for the prom. On Prom evening, we received many compliments on our good work. But we must honestly say that most of the credit should go to Mr. Wright. Two days after the prom, Commencement came. There were many tears for the friends, whom we were losing, but we found ourselves realizing that we, too, would soon be leaving. So it was with this feeling of loss and antic- ipation that our Junior year ended. Summertime passed quickly and we re- turned to the halls of Morton to begin our Senior year. We regret that not all of our classmates made it back to graduate with us. The class now only had fifteen students. We wish to thank Miss Pipher and Mr. Elliott for being such fine sponsor teachers to us, and we appreciate all of their help. Being Seniors, we began to think ser- iously of the vocations that would govern our future lives. Each member of the class worked hard at everything he did. The elected class offi- cers were: Donald Buckley, Presidentg Joyce Craft, Vice-President, Frank Riggs, Secre- tary, and Daniel Beard, Treasurer. Our class play, like the Christmas play. went over successfully. We wish to express our thanks to Mr. Craig for helping us make it a success. Among the most enjoyable and out- standing events of the year were the Senior Trip, Baccalaureate, the Senior Banquet, and the Junior and Senior Prom. Saturday, May 23, brought Commence- ment. As we sat on the stage, many thoughts rushed through our minds. We remembered things that we would have done differently, if we had a chance to do them again. We remembered the many friends we had made throughout our years and how they had stood by us through our joys and sorrows. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our brief high school history. Now, from the warmth of our hearts, we wish to say thank you, one and all, and May God bless you always. Last Will and Testament eniors '-ie .K Q '1 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER DONALD BUCKLEY ACADEMIC. Football 1-25 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Baseball 35 Track 1-2-3-45 Volleyball 1-25 Band 3-45 Choir 3--lg Dance Band 45 Boys' State 35 Art Club 1-2-3-45 Oratorical Contest 45 National Honor Society 2-3--15 Color Guard 1-2: Christmas Play 45 Senior Play 45 Photography Club 2-3-45 Retrospect Staff 4. JOICE CRAFT HOME ECONOMICS and COMMERCIAL. Cheerleader 2-3-45 Art Club 3-45 Dancing 1-2-35 Choir 2-3-45 Senior Play 4, Christmas Play 45 4-H Club 2-3-45 Retrospect Staff 4. FRANK RIGGS INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Basketball 1-2-35 Cross Country 35 Track 2-3-45 Volleyball 1-25 Photography Club 35 Dance Band 3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Christmas Play 45 Senior Play 45 Art Club 1-2-3-45 Oratorical Contest 45 Retrospect Staff 4. DANIEL BEARD INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Football 1-25 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Baseball 3-45 Cross Country 3-45 Track 1-2-3-45 Volleyball 1-2-45 Choir 1-2-3-45 Band 3-45 Photography Club 2-3-45 Christmas Play 45 Senior Play 45 Color Guard 1-2-35 Retrospect Staff 4. I, Donald Buckley, being of large body and questionable mind, will all my posses- sions to my brother Larry. I leave my ability to play basketball to Larry, and my height to Jack Darling! I also will my place in the meat shop to Larry fWatch your fingersll, and the best of luck to the future athletes of Morton. I, Joice Craft, being of big brains and larger body, do hereby leave the following: To Elaine, I leave my place in front of the T. V. when Bat Masterson comes on. To Patty Parsons, I leave my sample shoes, may she find some like them. To Dorothy, I leave my ability to get along with the boys, also the governess. To Della, I leave the ability to find the right boy. To Pat Hardesty, I leave my height. I, Frank Riggs, being of feeble mind and even weaker body, do hereby will the follow- ing: To Mike, I leave my place in the barn. To Windy, I leave my lockers. Now, if it looks like I haven't left much it is because I don't have much, and what I do have I will need after I leave. I, Daniel Beard, being of small mind and tiny body do hereby leave the following: To my brother, Lorenza, my ability to get along with people and the keys to my locker. fSo you won't have to pick the lock, Lonzol. To Larry Buckley, I leave my locker. To Denise. I leave my orange jacket. To Mr. and Mrs. Asher, the best of luck with the rest of the gang. To James Childers, I leave my "How To Stay Skinny" book. To Division 27 I leave peace and best of luck to all. Seniors EVANGELINE SMITH COMMERCIAL. Cheerleader 2-3-43 Echo Staff 3-43 Art Club I-2-3-4: Dancing 1-2-3-43 Christmas Play 43 Senioi l'lay 43 -1-II Club l-2-Il-43 Retrospect Staff 4. SAMUEL FRYE ACADEMIC. Football I-23 Basketball 1-2-Il-43 Baseball Ii-43 Track l-2-3-43 Volleyball 1-2-3-43 Boys' State 33 Photography Club l-23 Band 1-2-3-43 Dance Band 2-3-43 Christmas Play 43 Senior Play 43 Oratorical Contest 43 National Ilonor Society 2-Il-43 Retrospect Staff 4. FREDA GRUBBS COIVIMERCIAII. Choir Il-4, Girls' State 343 Dancing I-23 Christmas Play 43 Senior Play 4g Uratorical Contest Ji-43 4-ll Club l-2-Sl-43 Retrospect Staff 4. VERNE DOUGLASS INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Football 13 Basketball 1-23 Volleyball 353 Band l-2-3-43 Christmas Play 43 Art Club I-2-Il-43 Senior Play 43 Retrospect Staff 4. Last Will and Testament I, Evangeline Smith, being capable of al- most anything, do hereby leave the following: To my brother Frank, love and luck in his senior year. To Della, Sandy, and Reda, my ability to finish school and make good on the outside. My cheerleading suit I leave to Elaine. To Denise Beard, I leave my bigness. To Phil Locke, the best of luck, always. I, Samuel Frye, being of monstrous mind and small body do hereby will and bequeath the following: To Hawk half of my third of S. S. Sz B. lockers Inc. To Mulligan, the other half. To Bent, my "little brother", my ability to be tall and what few belongings I leave behind. To Kay my place on the basketball floor may he play as much as I did. My place in band and dance band to anyone who can fill it. To everyone I wish the best of luck. I, Freda Grubbs, being of sound mind and body, hereby leave the following: To my brother, Mike, and 'Judy Shaw, the ability to graduate. To Gladys Goins, "our secret". To Reda, the dresser in 22's. May she fill it as I did. To Mr. Craig, the ability to find someone to sew on his markers. To everyone in the Home "THANK YOU" for all you have done for me. I, Verne Douglass, being of large foun- dation and small body, bequeath the follow- ing: To Frank fSniffJ Smith, I leave my ability to keep my mouth shut when I should. To Larry Buckley, I leave my size 12 shoes. To Larry Tyler and Bill Hartley, I leave my ability to play snare drums. To the oncoming Seniors, I leave the best of luck. Seniors LARRY HARSHMAN mea 'Z ACADEMIC. Football 1-25 Basketball 1-2-35 Track 1-2-3-45 Cross Country 45 Boys' State 35 Photography Club 2-3-45 Christmas Play 45 Senior Play 45 Echo Staff 35 Color Guard 1-2-35 Oratorical Contest -15 National Honor Society 2-3-45 Retrospect Staff 4. SHARON BORN COMMERCIAL. Art Club 1-2-3-45 Choir 1-2-3-45 Girls' State 35 Dance Band Z-3-45 Christmas Play 15 S.-nior Play 45 Retrospect Staff 4. LARRY RUPP INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Football 1-25 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Baseball 3-45 Track 1-2-3-45 Boys' Chorus I-25 Dance Band 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Choir 1-2-3-45 Christmas Play 45 Senior Play 45 Boys' Quartette 1-2-35 Retrospect Staff 4. BEVERLEY BRAGDON HOME ECONOMICS and COMMERCIAL. Art Club 15 Choir I-2-Z3-45 Christmas Play 2-45 Senior Play -15 Retro- spect Staif 4. Last Will and Testament I, Larry "Lingo" Harshman, being of sound mind and body, bequeath the following: To my brother Arnold, my lock and keys, and my ability to get along in school, To Janice, my sister, the ability to finish school. To Gladys "Jo Ann", I leave all my love and hope she remembers me always. I hope she enjoys her next two years of school and in- vites me to her graduation. To all my friends, I leave the hope that the coming years favor them. I, Sharon Rose Born, being of tangled mind and medium body do hereby leave the following will and testament. To Ruthie, my place in dance band. May she also be a suc- cessful soloist. To Della, my ability to get to dance practice on time. I leave Jeannie and Mary some peace-make good use of it, sis- ters. To Division 23, my thanks for every- thing. To the oncoming Seniors-Good Luck! I, Larry Joe Rupp, being of large mind with an exceptionally well talented body, do hereby will the following: To Jerry Sanders CLittle Brotherl my ability to sing and dance. May he do better than I! To the Walters fam- ily, the best, especially Della and Wesley. My thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Cortner, Mr. Craig, and Mr. Wright, and everyone who has made the Home very pleasant and wondgrful for me. God Bless you all. I, Beverley Bragdon, being of medium mind and strong body, leave to the following: To my little brother, Donnie, I leave all my love and best wishes for his last year at Mor- ton. To Pixie, I leave my ability to stay out of trouble. To Jackie. I leave my movie star collection. To Bert. Midgie. and Sandie. I leave best wishes for the future. To Danny. I leave all of my love. To Linda. I leave my choir robe, and to 21's I leave peace! Seniors MARY ANN SAGE COMMERCIAL. Art Club lg Choir l-2-Ii-4, Christmas Play 4: Senior l'luy -lg -1-ll Club I-2-I!-45 Oratorical Contest 43 Retrospect Staff 4. CHARLOTTE SKELTON HOME ECONOMICS. 4-ll Club Il-43 Senior Play 41 Retrospect, Stuff 4. BETTY HARDESTY HOME ECUNOMICS. Choir Zi-43 Senior Play 4. Retrospect Staff 4. Last Will and Testament I, Mary Ann Sage, being of fat body and wee mind do hereby will the following: To Johnny, all my love and luck. To Di, a reduc- ing plan whereby she can eat all she wants, To Dora, sleeping pills. I will to Gladys my white dress, may she get more "wears" from it that I. To Mary Walters, the material for her prom dress. To Della, a piano player for her dances. Last but not least to Claudia and Lee, boy friends. Good luck to all that re- main here after I'm gone. I, Charlotte Skelton, being of wee brain and even smaller body, do hereby leave the following: To Phyllis, my record of "Elvis Sails". To Janice, my ability to win at check- ers. To Patty Parsons. I leave my personality and luck in her future years. To Martha Par- sons, I leave my good looks. May she do more with them than I. To Mr. and Mrs. Cortner, thanks for all they have done for me. To the oncoming Seniors, the best of luck. I, Betty Hardesty, being of tangled mind and big body, do hereby leave the following: To my sister, Pat, I leave all my love and the best of luck. To Sharon and Judy, best of luck always. To Lottie Sanders, I leave my bunk and drawer. To Patty Parsons, I leave my place in choir. To Ardeen Dale, I leave my bed. May it treat her better than it did me. To Mr. and Mrs. Cortner and all the officals I leave my thanks. Best of Luck to the future Seniors. DANH1.BEARD NICKNAME-"Dan" LIKES-People who are easy to get along with. Personalities JOKEICRAFT NICKNAME-Joice LIKES-Frank FAVORITE or to be rich. DISLIKES-Two faced people FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FOOD-Chicken SONG-"Sixteen Candles" SPORT-Football AMBITION-To go around the world. SU BJ ECT-Agriculture DISLIKES-Bossy people FAVORITE FOOD-Pizza and Cokes FAVORITE SONG-"My Happiness" FAVORITE SPORT-Swimming AMBITION-To be happiely married, to Frank. NICKNAM'E+"Bornie" NICKNAME'uLama1'H MOTTO-"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but do it first!" SHARON BORN FAVORITE SUBJECT-Office practice MOTTO-"Anything you do, I'll do better." VERNE DOUGLASS LIKES-M. G. cars and The Everly Brothers DISLIKES-Childish people FAVORITE FOOD-Ice Cream and Ginger Ale FAVORITE SONG-"Love of Thy Life" FAVORITE SPORT-Track AMBITION FAVORITE -To be a successful singer. SUBJECT-Shorthand and Music LIKES-To mind my own business DISLIKES-People who think they are better than everybody. FAVORITE FOOD-Breaded Tenderloin FAVORITE SPORT-Swimming AMBITION-To become an Engineer FAVORITE SUBJECT-Agriculture MOTTO-"When you can't say anything' nice MOTTO--"If you want something bad enough- don't give up-you can win it!" BEVERLEY BRAGDON NICKNAME-"Cleo" LIKES--"Cheyene" DISLIKES-People in general FAVORITE FOOD-Vegtables on bread FAVORITE SONG-"Devoted to You" FAVORITE SPORT-Track and basketball AMBITION-To be a dental assistant FAVORITE SUBJECT-Oiiice Practice MOTTO-"That's life-and you have to live it." DONALD BUCKLEY NICKNAME-"Tiny" LIKES-To read about people, don't say anything at all." SAMUEL FRYE NICKNAME-"Bar" LIKES-Pee Wee and sports DISLIKES-Dogging and gripey people FAVORITE FOOD-Country fried ham FAVORITE SPORT-Foobtall AMBITION-To be a success in life FAVORITE SUBJECT-Chemistry MOTTO-"Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see." FREDA GRUBBS NICKNAME-"Feedie" LIKES-Bill Farris DISLIKES-People who think they're better than DISLIKES-Noise FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE' FOOD-Hamburgers SONG-"Enchanted" SPORT-All sports AMBITION-To become a "Head Shrinker" FAVORITE SUBJECT-Spanish MOTTO-"Success is the colmination of all things well done." others. FAVORITE FOOD-Cheeseburgers and French Fries FAVORITE SONG-"To Know Him Is To Love Him" FAVORITE SPORT-Basketball AMBITION-To marry and be happy FAVORITE SUBJECT-Office Practice MOTTO-"Look to the future. forget the past." Personalities BETTY HARDESTY MARY ANN SAGE NICKNAME-"S0amp" NICKNAME-"Kitten" LIKES-"Maverick" LIKES-Jghnny DISLIKES-People who plot against other people. DISLIKES-Unfriendly people FAVORITE FOOD-Hamburgers and French FAVORITE FOOD-Sardines Fries FAVORITE SONG-"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" FAVORITE SONG-"Love Of My Life" FAVORITE SPORT-T1-ack and basketball FAVORITE SPORT-Track and basketball AMBITION-To have a career and marriage AMBITION-T0 be 21 farmers Wife- FAVORITE SUBJECT-Driver Training FAVORITE SUBJECT-Driver Training MOTTO-"It's a good idea to keep your words soft and sweet-you never know when you may have to eat them." LARRY HARSHMAN NICKNAME-"Lingo" and "Squint" LIKES-Gladys DISLIKES-Flirts FAVORITE SPORT-Track AMBITION-Save up enough money for u home. FAVORITE SUBJ ECT-Gladys MOTTO-"Don't try to he 'something' or 'somo- one' you are not." FRANK RIGGS NICKNAME-"John" "Drum Head" LIKES-Joice DISLIKES-Peas FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FOOD-Swiss Steak SONG-Fire Fly" SPORT-Track AMBITION-Have a good business FAVORITE SUBJECT-Art MOTTO-"Take it easy." LARRY RUPP NICKNAME-Larry Joe LIKES-Girls and sports DISLIKES-People who think they than others. FAVORITE FOOD-Steaks and Chili , "Double", "Golf Club", and are better FAVORITE SONG-"All of a Sudden My Heart Sings" FAVORITE SPORT-Football AMBITION-To see Mr. Eder Rock and Roll FAVORITE SUBJECT-Music MOTTO-"If it is worth having. work for it." MOTTO-"Do unto others as they would do unto you, only do it first." CHARLOTTE SKELTON NICKNAME-"Chat" LIKES-Just about everything DISLIKES-Nothing at the moment FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FOOD-Pizza and brown gravy SONG-All of Elvis' SPORT-Basketball AMBITION-To go to Germany FAVORITE SUBJ ECT-Driver Training MOTTO--"That's the way the mop flops." EVANGELINE SMITH NICKNAM E-"Pee Wee" LIKES-Sam DISLIKES-To work FAVORITE FAVORITE Him" FAVORITE FAVORITE FOOD-Pork Chops SONG-"To Know Him is to Love SPORT-Basketball SU BJECT-Driver Training AMBITION-To be successful MOTTO-"Live and let live." Juniors ' Row om-: G1-urge Smith, .lumly Slinw, .lmly Nlvllloilll, .lo Robertson, ldlizulwtli l'zu'sons. Martha llrewer, Charles l"lint, :intl llonulml liraigdoii, Row Iwo: Mr. Zook, Spmisurg lizilph Vurtis, .Innws .l:u'lc, Wm-nmlc-ll llraigg, .luck ll2ll'lllljI, Uh:n'l4-s Weaver, and Mrs. llunsingm-r, Sponsor. Row thru-: l"rzuili Smith. Furl llillnmn, Keith Ili-vker, .l1lllll'S Childers, and liolu-rt Miller. HE JUNIOR class, sponsored by Mrs. Hunsinger and Mr. Zook, has participated in almost every school activity available dur- ing the past year. Members of the Honor Society are: Mary Walters, Charles Weaver, Ralph Curtis. and George Smith. Athletes from the Junior class include: Ralph Curtis, Charles Flint. Wendell Bragg. George Smith, Jack Darling, Charles Weaver, Keith Decker, and Frank Smith. Donald Bragdon was the Student Manager. Mary Walters did a wonderful job as cheerleader during the basketball season. The class is well represented in such extra-curricular activities, as Choir, Band, Dance Band, 4-H, and Art. Sophomores W Row one: Larry Buckley, Martha Parsons, Ed Ferguson, Sandra Miller, Reda Decker, Sharon McCloud, Mollie Brannon, and Bill Allen. Row two: Mr. Post, Sponsor, Pat Hardesty, Gladys Goins, Della Walters, Larry Johnson, Rebecca Oldham, and Miss Knowles, Sponsor. Row three: Jerry Vaughan, .lohn Goins, Lorenza Beard, .Ierry Sanders, Bob Allen, and Gary Lemons. HE SOPHOMORE class, sponsored by Miss Knowles and Mr. Post, is composed of twenty-two members. This class is well represented in almost all school activities. Among the leaders ranking high scho- lastically are the following: Larry Buckley. Gary Lemons, Jerry Sanders, Della Walt-ers. and Sharon McCloud. Much promise has been shown by the Sophomores in athletics this year. The exper- ience and skill they have gained should prove invaluable in sports competition next year. These Sophomore athletes are: Robert Allen, Bill Allen, Lorenza Beard, Larry Buckley, Ed Ferguson, John Goins, Jerry Vaughan, Gary Lemons, and Larry Johnson. The class is represented in organizations such as Choir, Band, Dance Band, Art Club. Dancing, and 4-H Club. Members of these clubs are: Robert Allen, Lorenza Beard, Gary Lemons, Larry Buckley, Ed Ferguson, John Goins, Della Walters, Elaine Weatherbee. Sandra Miller, Gladys Goins, Martha Parsons, Reda Decker, Sharon McCloud, Rebecca Oldham, and Patricia Hardesty. Freshmen Q-0 Row one: Arnold Ilzirshnmn, Margaret Brewer, Linclu l'zulg'ett, lflluino Weatlierlree, Claudia Hill, Linda Garrett., Ruth White, Sharon Panlgvtt, and Vern Hales. Row two: Mr. l'I1lm-r, Sponsor, Jerry Richardson, James Ditton, Victor Mullctt, Dorothy Crouch, Phyllis Cole, Madeline Miller, llnrlem- Czunpbm-ll, Graco Cline, and Mrs. Strirklaml, Sponsor. Row three: llzivid Angel, Bill Brewer, James Frye, Raymond Tincher, Virgil Fultz, Bill Bain, George Cook, Hob Gl'l'l'lll', Paul Hazelwood, and Mike Grubbs. OR ITS first year in Senior High, the Freshmen class started with twenty members. The class was sponsored by Mrs. Strickland and Mr. Eder. During the school year the members with high scholastic attainments in the class were: Claudia Hill, James Frye, Arnold Harshman, Alberta Johnson, Bill Bain and Linda Garrett. Although the Freshmen team didn't pro- duce outstanding results in basketball, the members deserve much credit for the efforts they put forth in that sport as well as in base- ball, volleyball, and track. This Freshmen group is an up and com- ing power in the field of sports. The members in the sports arena wcrc: Mike Grubbs, Paul Hazelwood, Jerry Richardson. James Ditton, Victor Mullett, Virgil Fultz, Arnold Harsh- man, Bill Bain, and James Frye. In the past year, the Freshmen class members have participated in many school activities such as: Choir, Band, Art Club, 4-H Club, and Dancing. The members who have taken part in these organizations are: Mike Grubbs, Virgil Fultz, Grace Cline, Linda Garrett, Bill Brewer, Ruth White, Madeline Miller, Sharon Padgett, Dorothy Crouch, Darlene Campbell, Claudia Hill, Alberta Johnson, Linda Padgett, Victor Mullett, James Frye, and Elaine Weatherbee. ,M Underclass Snaps W W? f mi ,W 1114 1. E. Y '1 sd WN ' , ' ff' . S I I Iii! V 1 I I4 x ff 4 , f,'l2 Q , ,A ,H E f? . fjiw 4 +-f mv-M. I in 1...-L ff Z' Baseball if 8.015 QQQ X5 L Y A Kneeling: l,:n'ry Johnson, Sam Frye, Ralph Curtis, George Smith, Paul Hazelwood, Wendell Bragg, :incl lioh Miller. Standing: Keith Ilockcr, Student Nlzinagerg James Frye, Larry Rupp, Larry Buckley, .lack llarling, Daniel Beard, llorenza Heard, and Ed Ferguson, Student Manager. HE MORTON baseball team participated in its second season under the direction of coach Mr. William Brewer and his assistant, Mr. Neil Zook. The Morton Tigers opened their season with Carthage, the the Carthage Raiders nip- ped the Tigers on the Carthage diamond by a score of 6-5. The second game for the Tigers was with Milroy. Milroy came out on top with a 5-2 score. The Tigers traveled to Manilla on Sep- tember 12. 1958 for their third game and re- turned home on the short end of a 17-0 score. The Tigers traveled to Arlington for their fourth game but were defeated by a 5-0 score. Finally the string of defeats was broken by a 1-0 victory over New Salem on the New Salem field. But again defeat dogged the Tigers in the last game of the season with Milroy in the County Tourney. Here the Tigers were down- ed by a 7-5 score. This year's squad showed much prom- ise for the development into a fine squad next season. 2 n-. rf' 3" P-4 -J c: 'U 9. 5 S"' L 2.7 pu lgong pmuoq eu '4 "fa A V Z "1 f-+ 3' m 5 5 'Ti : 'c 0? ET Z 'e FD E Z.. peubs AX 0.19 .uuuag U0 011s U pun H U O AA 0 f 1 J 99 J! U umki L 151 'SG UOSUSS QOBOO .I8plIY'l p-1. ..- .-. 'CD "S CD E Q E 1-r IJ" CD v-1 I r-9' SI c E5 FY' :- CD cr o '4 Z 5' m :L m cr c c ff' m I 'I FD FD nr c F-41 P14 sd '1 m Q SI G 0 FV' - -Q 1-J - -4 A ,... Y. T2 -. I-7 ..- 'c ,- pw S 1 -. .1 5' A. 1- 0 CIS E J F' L4 N 'T FT' '-1 V .. ..- ... ... .... -1 .4 F v- s., 3 A. .- 'IU : 'I :fr F F -1 2-7 'z CU C ft PT' 'Tl '4 -. :' .- : Z. U3 'E m E E7 JZ J oice Craft SECOND TEAM HE MORTON Kits had a fine season as compared to the last few seasons, winning 8 and losing 10. They too lacked in height in some departments but made up for it in their teamwork and fine play which rapidly devel- oped throughout the season. COUNTY TOURNAMENT HE MORTON Tigers entered the county tourney with a record of 4 Wins and 6 losses. The Tigers lost their first game to Manilla, 47 - 39. SECTIONAI, TOURNAMENT HE MORTON Tigers drew New Salem in the first game of the Sectional Tourney. The Tigers entered the tourney with a record of 8 wins against ll defeats. This record left the Tigers facing the odds against the Rush County Champs, the New Salem Eagles. The Tigers lost the game, 77 to 55. CHEERLEADERS THROUGHOUT the basketball season this year, the Cheerleaders were to be con- gratulated for their important role in keep- ing the team's morale high and organizing the student body in their backing of the team. Joice Craft, Evangeline Smith, Alberta Johnson, and Mary Walters have helped to promote an enthusiastic school spirit and good sportsmanship throughout the school year. Cheerleaders Alberta .Johnson Linda Padgett Mary Walters Elaine Weatherbee Evangeline Smith Gladys Goins econd Team 2 00 gage 2 aj LK! A5 Q e, M34 Kneeling: .lorry Vaughan. John Goins, Paul Hazelwood, Bill Allen, Jerry Sanders, Carl Billnmn. and Ed F1-i'g'uson Student lVlanap3e1'. Standing: Mr. B1'0wcr,Coachg Keith Decker, Gary Lemons, Frank Smith, Bob Allen, George Smith, James Frye, Miko Grulmlms, and Mr. Zook, Assistant Coach. port 'naps , ,. .Q m y Q 'j' 1 '3!ig"'ll:+i 2 A l ., 'gjgervhm 144 HF 3 is N F 41 354 Y x gf K W o 1- fr I i Cross Country Kneeling: Jerry Vaughan, Larry llarshman, Ed Ferguson, and Lorenza Beard. Standing: Coach Ralph Eder, Charles Weaver, Bob Allen, Gary Lemons, and George Smith. ORTON Memorial participated in Cross Country for the second time in the history of the school. The squad, made up of boys who were interested in the sport. was coached by Mr. Eder. The members of the squad were: Daniel Beard, Robert Allen, Lorenza Beard, Jerry Vaughan, Ed Ferguson. Gary Lemons. and Charles Weaver. On Monday. September 8, the squad traveled to Spiceland to take its first victory from Spiceland 335 to 24. The Tigers placed 7 runners in the top 10. The Tigers again showed their strength and spirit in the following meet with Spice- land and Middletown by defeating them 33-57-45. This meet was held at Middletown on September 18. On October 1, the Conference Meet was held. With Morristown winning with 19, Morton received second with 91, followed by Knightstown 95, and Spiceland 103. Other teams entered were: Carthage, Centerville, Union City, and Liberty. On October 21, the Tigers traveled to Indianapolis for the Cross Country Sectional, where they placed 23rd. This ended the sea- son for Morton. The boys did a fine job. Bet- ter luck in the Sectional and all your meets next year. fellows. Track 'HQ yi Z ' S Seated: Gary Lemons, Larry Johnson, Ed Ferguson, Larry Rupp, Sam Frye, Raymond Tincher, Carl Billman, Lorenza Beard, and Bill Bain. Kneeling: Mike Grubbs, Arnold Harshman, Charles Weaver, Larry Harshman, Wendell Bragg, Charles Flint, James Ditton, Ralph Curtis, and Bill Allen. Standing: Daniel Beard, Keith Decker, Larry Buckley, Don Buckley, Jack Darling, Bob Allen, Frank Smith, George Smith, James Frye, and Mr. Eder, Coach. FTER doing a fine job in basketball, the Tigers prepared for the 1959 track sea- son. When Coach Eder called for boys to re- port for track, 28 boys answered the call. They were: Bob All-en, Ed Ferguson, Frank Smith, Jack Darling, George Smith, James Frye, Mike Grubbs, Carl Billman, Bill Allen, Wendell Bragg, Gary Lemons, Keith Decker, Jerry Vaughan, Larry Buckley, James Ditton, Charles Weaver, Raymond Tinch-er, Lorenza Beard, Larry Johnson, Arnold Harshman, Charles Flint, and Ralph Curtis. Senior boys on the squad were: Daniel Beard, Sam Frye, Don Buckley, Frank Riggs, Larry Rupp, and Larry Harshman. These Senior boys are to be congratulated on their fine performance in the past as well as this year. The Tigers started their season this year by going down to defeat before the New Castle Trojans, 72-37. On April 10, the Tigers recovered to defeat Middletown by a score of 61 to 48. Morton ran New Salem, Rush County Basketball Champions, on April 14. The men of Coach Eder proved too much for the Eagles, and beat them 79 to 30. The Spiceland Stingers were next on the list for Morton. The Stingers were easily defeated by the Tigers, 673-46. Morton Memorial's track team soundly defeated Charlottesville on April 21, Ttllg to 35ln3. The Tigers took 8 of the 13 first places. Don Buckley of Morton set a new shot put record of 46' 10' g". On Friday, April 24, the Morton Tigers played host to the Rush County schools in the Annual County Track meet. Schools entered in the meet were: Carthage, Mays, Morton. and New Salem. Morton took first: New Salem, second: Carthage, third: and Mays fourth. This was the third straight year that Morton has taken the County Track Crown. Also in this meet, Don Buckley broke his previous record, to set a new shot gmt record of 47' 4". Season Records VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD MORTON . 50 Mays. . fovertimel MORTON .58 Sandusky iovertimej MORTON .48 Milroy . SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL RECORD Morton . Morton . . 44 KNIGHTSTOWN Morton . . 42 CAMBRIDGE C. . Morton . . 48 SPICELAND . . Morton . .70 MANILLA. . . MORTON .85 Laurel . Morton . . 63 LIBERTY . . . Morton . . 48 ARLINGTON. . County Tournament Morton . MANILLA . Morton . NEW SALEM Morton . SULPHUR SPR. . MORTON Carthage . MORTON Union City . Morton . STRAUGHN Morton . WALDRON MORTON Burney . MORTON Cadiz. . . Sectional Tournament Morton .... 55 NEW SALEM. . Morton . Morton . Morton . MORTON BASEBALL RECORD CARTHAGE MORTON Mays ..... 19 MORTON Sandusky . . 32 Morton . MILROY . . . 30 Morton . KNIGHTSTOWN 42 Morton . CAMBRIDGE C. . 34 Morton . SPICELAND . . 37 MORTON Manilla .... 42 MORTON Laurel . . . 33 Morton . LIBERTY . . . 40 Morton . ARLINGTON . . 38 Morton . NEW SALEM . 49 MORTON Sulphur Springs . 18 MORTON Carthage . . . 30 Morton . UNION CITY . . 36 Morton . STRAUGHN . . 29 fovertimel Morton .... 31 WALDRON . . 47 MORTON . . . 36 Burney .... 25 MORTON . . . 39 Cadiz. . . . 34 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD MORTON . . .24 Spiceland . . .35 MORTON . . .33 Middletown. . .45 Spiceland .... 57 MORTON . . .29 Spiceland . . .35 Liberty .... 60 MORTON . . .25 Charlottesville .30 TRACK RECORD . 2 MILROY . . . 0 MANILLA . . 0 ARLINGTON Morton . NEW CASTLE 72 MORTON Middletown . 48 MORTON New Salem . 30 MORTON Spiceland . . 46 New Salem . County Tournament Morton. .... 5 MILROY. . . MORTON. . . 73M Charlottesville . 3592 DEAF SCHOOL 67'4 Edinburg . . . 45 Morton .... 2414 Dancing Vw H 3-gy WIRE, at ,Ll If 4 wa.. AGROUP that is responsible for the enter- tainment at different times of the year is the members of the dancing classes. Under the direction of Miss Beverly Dickinson, the group puts on some very professional like revues and programs. On Legion Day, Homecoming, GAR Day, IPALCO Club, and in the Spring Dance Re- vue, the students of the dance class take part in the enjoyable task of putting on a program. The dance numbers include everything from tap dancing to the graceful ballet. i 1 I I ,,,, , W- ,c .ig l. ls. . Featured with these dance revues are vocal specials. The Morton Dance Band furnishes the music for all of the dancing programs. It is always a pleasure to watch the dancers in their latest costumes which are styled by the women of the sewing room staff of the Home. Mrs. Pride, Miss Milliner, Miss Pipher. Mrs. Elliott, and Mrs. Ruby assisted Miss Dickinson. This group worked hard the past year and are to be congratulated on their work. Band Row one: Ralph Curtis, Jack Darling, James Frye Virg'le Fultz, Ronald Sherber, Austin Snow, Gary White, and Daniel Snoke. Row two: Larry Buckley, Gary Tuttle, Sam Frye, Charles Weaver, Steve Padgett, Randy White, Earl Elliott, James Robertson, and Tim Locke. Row Three: George Smith, Donald Bragdon, Jerry Sanders, Eddy Ferguson, Charles Cline, Charles Flint, Daniel Beard, Lorenza Beard, and Mr. Byers, Director. Row four: Mike Grubbs, Bob Johnson, Larry Johnson, Larry Rupp, Donald Buckley, Verne Douglass, Larry Tyler, Bill Hartley, and Gary Lemons. BAND N ORGANIZATION that has for many years been looked upon with pride has been the Morton Memorial Band. Mr. Byers does an excellent job as director of this band. In August, the band went to Indianapolis to participate in the State Fair Marching Contest. On March 8, the band went to Marion to play a concert for the veterans. On March 13, the Band participated in the Rush County Festival. On April 11, the band went to Edinburg to the State Music Contest. They received a second division rating' there. DANCE BAND NOTHER organization which is well known at Morton is the Dance Band un- der the direction of Mr. Byers. The dance band is made up of the ad- vanced music students from the band and the girls who participate in playing violin and piano. The Dance Band provides music for the dances at Dance Revue time. The Dance Band also plays for special trips and programs. Choir Row one: Miss Strother, Director, Martha Parsons, Betty Hardesty, Judy McCloud, Rebecca Oldham. Don Bragdon, John Goins, Larry Johnson, Ed Ferguson, Jerry Sanders, Judy Shaw. Joice Craft, Gladys Goins, and Miss Garrison. Director. Row two: Sandra Miller, Ruth White, Elizabeth Parsons, Dorothy Crouch, Bill Brewer, Larry Rupp, Daniel Beard, George Smith, Mike Grubbs, Darlene Campbell, Madeline Miller, Martha Brewer, and Mary Ann Sage. Row three: Sharon Born, Elaine Weatherbee, Sharon McCloud, Patricia Hardesty, Gary Lemons, Larry Buckley, Don Buckley, Jack Darling, Bob Allen, Victor Mullett, Charles Weaver, Claudia Hill. and Tom Sullivan. CHOIR NE OF the most active organizations in the Morton music department is the Mor- ton Robed Choir. This year the choir was under the direction of Miss Evelyn Strother and Miss Mamie Garrison. This well known organization contributes greatly to the Sun- day services held in Lincoln Hall and presents the Christmas and Easter Cantatas. The Choir participated in the State Music Contest April 11 under the direction of Miss Evelyn Strother, and received a sec- ond division rating. RELIGION N SUNDAY afternoon the students of Morton Memorial attend the church ser- vices held in Lincoln Hall. The Services are conducted by Mr. Donald Burkhardt. After the services are concluded in the Chapel, Sunday school services are then attended by everyone. These services are held in various places on the campus. A Junior Chapel is provided for the younger children from Kindergarten age to the third grade. Morton Seniors may attend the church of their choice in Knightstown on Sunday mornings. Catholic students attend mass at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Knights- town. Dance Band . .-...wifi Row one: Sharon Horn, Sam Frye, Ralph Curtis, Larry Buckley, James Frye, and Charles Weaver. Row two: Tom Sullivan, George Smith, Don Brandon, Jerry Sanders, Ed Ferguson, Charles Cline, Charles Flint, and Mr. Byers, Director. Row three: Donald Buckley, and Larry Rupp. Classroom Snaps A e -if Clubs NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY N OUTSTANDING organization at Mor- ton Memorial is the Honor Society. Like all clubs, this organization has high stand- ards that must be met during the school year. To become a member of this select group one must have qualities of leadership, character, service and a high scholastic attainment. Officers elected at the beginning of the school year were: Donald Buckley, President: Larry Harshman, Vic:--I'resident: Ralph Cur- tis, Secretary, and Mary Walters, Treasurer. DRAMATICS ACII YEAR Morton students present the Christmas Play. "The Other Wise Man" produced this year was directed by Mr. Vernon B. Craig, the Superintendent of Schools. The cast enjoyed giving the play before an audience. The Senior Class play of 1959 entitled, "The Five Dollar Bill" was based on a modern family situation at a lake resort. The play had many psychological overtones wov-en through its plot. Mr. Craig produced and directed the play. The members of the Senior class wish to express their appreciation to Mr. Craig for the excellent direction given and the experiences gained through the pres- entation of this play. ART CLUB RT CLUB was directed this year by Miss Velma Knowles. This special group of students participated in many projects dur- ing the year. The artistic skill displayed in the scenery for the Christmas play, Senior play, and the annual dance revue can be attributed to these students. Indivdual projects included painting, drawing, metal enameling, and many other crafts. Fine examples of these crafts were to be found in the corridor display cases arrang- ed by the students during the year. i W. .. y .TT , 1 asgwffs , if gfilaif lf QWQW , 155221215 f Clubs 4-H CLUB HIS YEAR as in preyious years becoming a member of the Morton 4-H club repre- sented a special occasion for many girls. The girls enter either the baking or clothing diyi- sions of 4-H. Achievement Day was an exciting day for the girls. On this special day the results of the finished projects were on display to be judged so that each participant receiyrd her special award. The adult leaders were Miss Bedell and Mrs. Hunsinger. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB LTHOUGH Photography Club has a small membership, it makes an important con- tribution to its members and the Home. Be- sides assisting in the preparation of pictures for the year book, the members develop many films for Morton students during the year. Many members are discovering a fascinating hobby for future leisure hours. This group was ably guided by Mr. Jules Elzey. MORTON ECHO HE STAFF of the Morton Echo consists of upperclassmen who Write the stories and articles for the Home Journal published in the Home print shop. This staff, was under the direction of Mrs. Rhessa Post of the English Department. The Echo staff is to be congratulated for many fine articles and the ability to "meet that deadline." 'Qi-V - . 8' S' - Recreation YEAR AROUND ACTIVITIES NDER the very able direction of Mr. Fred Wright, the recreational director. and Mrs. Overman, all Morton students have enjoyed an extensive recreational program. Many of the activities are centered around Townhall. A wide selection of outdoor activities is offered. These include: sledding, skating, ball games, weiner roasts, swimming, boat- ing, and fishing. There also are facilities for tennis. A number of special dances and parties are held during the year. Dances this year were: New Year's, Valentine, Easter, and the high light ol' them all, the Junior-Senior Prom, on May 21. Special parties have includ- ed a chili supper, a bingo party, and a bridge o party. MOVIES HE WEEKLY movies, which are shown in Lincoln Hall on our Cinemascope screen, are enjoyed by all students of Morton. Movies M93- of all types are obtained by the recreational director, Mr. Wright. SUMMER CAMP ,hu-.ti M 4 M 4 H HE HOME Camp, located about five miles A ww 3,4 W' .',,,qy,. . west of Carthage, is a very popular place for the students who do not go on summer vacation. It is an ideal place for the weiner roasts during the brisk fall evenings. The woods surrounding the camp pro- vide hiking ranges for the students. At camp the students may participate in many activ- ities, such as: fishing, swimming. volleyball. baseball, and other sports. The summer camp last summer was under the supervision of Mr. and Mrs. William Brewer. V ig-34 . , f'34,g,v gm .gf f W5- . 5 Q . X Q if l Ls... aeiiwwx W 1... A Recreation TOWNHALI, OWNHALL is a gathering place for the students to talk about recent events over a coke or soda. It is equipped with a billiard room, dancing room, reception room and a gymnasium, Above Townhall is the club room. The student store is certainly the out- standing part of Townhall. The soda fountain and booths are very useful. One may buy candy, gum, ice cream, pop, etc. at the count- er in front. The sunary room is open with cosmetics, stationery. trinkets, and many other things. The dancing room is a very popular place for boys and girls of all ages and one can always see the dance floor being put to good use. The upstairs rooms of Townhall serve many groups. It is in one of these rooms that Junior Fhapel is held each Sunday. There are Club Rooms for Hoy Scouts and Photography Vlub. Another room provides space for dancing practice. The Barber Shop and Beauty Shop are located in the lower part of Townhall. lt is here that the boys come on regular schedule for haircuts. The girls have their grooming needs cared for in the Beauty Shop. A full time beautician is on hand to teach and advise the girls on grooming problems. CHRISTMAS YAUATION S IN TWO previous years, the students of Morton had the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas in the home of parents, friends. or Legionaires. The evening before the vacation. each student had the pleasure of attending the Christmas play which was ably directed by Mr. Craig. After the play, Santa Claus pre- sented each of the students with their Christmas gifts. It was an exciting time for all the students as they prepared for a week of pleasure and relaxation in a home away from the Home. For homecoming, there was a movie at Lincoln Hall and a lot of talking to be done about holiday experiences. These werf never to be forgotten events. Division Life V- ' "-' '4:f, M 1 V - urn., " -A ' XV ,X x R ,f u N THE divisions, the students of Morton are helped and guided by governesses, or governors and governesses. The students live, work and prepare their lessons and spend their leisure time in their division homes. Each division is sponsored by the Amer- ican Legion and American Legion Auxiliary. On Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and many other special days these organizations make sure each student is happily remembered. Many of the recreation facilities, as well as . ti gf may X ,, , , i '-' labor saving devices are generously provided by these organizations. The governors and governesses help the students adjust to the normal division life. They do an excellent job in looking after the students in their divisions, Divisions are provided with a wide selec- tion of recreational facilities such as tele- vision, radio, and a record player for the enjoyment of the students. Trades NES? 15 Medical are N THE year of 1952, the doors of a new clinic opened to the children of the Home. The erection of this modern clinic has brought about more dependable service for the sick children and a better working con- dition for the nurses. During the past few years, Dr. Leonard H. Wiatt, has been the excellent supervising physician in the new clinic. Miss Elizabeth Thomas, nursing supervisor, has made a great contribution to the efficiency of the clinic. American Legion and Auxiliary OWN THROUGH the years the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary have done many wonderful things for the students of Morton Memorial. The Legion and Auxiliary of each of Indi- ana's eleven districts sponsors a division and sees to it that each child has an individual sponsor. These individual sponsors send gifts to the children on special occasions through- out the year. Much credit must be given to these two organizations for their contributions to the institution. They make possible summer vaca- tions for the children as well as providing a week's vacation at Christmas. They provide Christmas shopping trips, and have made possible many parties and enjoyable trips throughout the year. In early September, the American Leg- ion sets aside a day of entertainment for all of the children of the Home. They provide spending money for the children and encour- age them to enjoy their time at all of the concession stands. Each Commencement the American Leg- ion and Auxiliary give a number of Scholar- ships and awards to the outstanding members of the graduating class who are planning to continue their education. They also gave each graduate a cash com- mencement gift and help many of them with employment after they leave the Home. Calendar of Highlights SCHOOL STARTED .... . . . AUGUST 25 AMERICAN LEGION DAY . . . . SEPTEMBER 14 HOMECOMING Q .... . . SEPTEMBER 20-21 HALLOWEEN PARTY ...... . . OCTOBER 31 SENIOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TRIP . . . . DECEMBER 6 CHRISTMAS CANTATA ...... . CHRISTMAS PLAY . . . . CHRISTMAS VACATION . . . . NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY ......... RUSH COUNTY BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT . . VALENTINE'S DANCE ........... SECTIONAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT . . . RUSH COUNTY BAND FESTIVAL ..... CONFERENCE VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT . . EASTER CANTATA ......... . BAND AND CHORAL CONTEST . . SENIOR CLASS PLAY . . . ATHLETIC BANQUET. . . RUSH COUNTY TRACK MEET . . DANCE REVUE . CONFERENCE TRACK MEET fNightJ . SENIOR TRIP . 4-H ACHIEVEMENT DAY . . BACCALAUREATE . . . SENIOR DINNER . AWARD DAY . JUNIOR AND SENIOR PROM . SENIOR DAY . . COMMENCEMENT MEMORIAL DAY . SCHOOL IS OUT . . DECEMBER 14 . DECEMBER 19 DECEMBER 20-28 . DECEMBER 31 . JANUARY 8--10 . FEBRUARY 14 FEBRUARY 25-28 . . MARCH 13 . . MARCH 27 . .MARCH 29 . . APRIL 11 . APRIL 16 . APRIL 20 . . APRIL 24 . . APRIL 29-30 . . .MAY1 . MAY 4-5-6-7 . MAY 13 . MAY 17 . .MAY 18 . MAY 19 . . MAY 21 . MAY 22 . . MAY 23 . . MAY 30 . . JUNE 5 Retrospect talf Editor .... Associate Editor . Copy Editors . . Organization Editor Senior Editors . . Underclass Editor . Sports Editors . . Club Editor . . Calendar Editor . Snapshot Editor . . Faculty Editor . Printing talf . Donald Buckley . Freda Grubbs . Mary Ann Sage Joice Craft . . Sam Frye . . Sharon Born Larry Harshman . . Frank Riggs . . Daniel Beard Larry Rupp, Verne Douglass . . . . Beverley Bragdon . Betty Hardesty Evangeline Smith Charlotte Skelton Robert Allen Daniel Beard Donald Bragdon Donald Buckley Charles Cline Verne Douglass Larry Harshman Robert Miller Steve Padgett Frank Riggs Larry Rupp Jerry Sanders George Smith Charles Weaver A utographs Acknowledgments PHOTOGRAPHY Henley Studio, Knightstown ENGRAVING Fleur l'ut Iiiigmving Co., Lafayette l'RIN'I'ING The Printing Department Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home Knightstown BINDING C. P. Lesh Paper Co., Indianapolis .xg w i 1. 5, . Lf Z. , V JA Hun, f fi . V-5 ." k I 7.41 1 TWA, ,,.--Av 1 . , . , Y . , , , wg ' iigui--312 5, 1 'A A 13 ' , ' X fu- f'- . ' ff 41:3-4' WGN 1 1 :fe .335 ' Q5 A 3 '37 I 79? 5fTP?LzQ1 L . , - . ,QM .,3.5. ,.,- .'::mw,41q, .A 1 g JW.. " :, Q .-vi ' ,iixlgyi "A h -A ,v -. if ga 1 e 1 . 1 fffff - a .W?f .i?i1iv Ewa : .5 Q, fn 'L -:kg-f?f'4fg2.:Eg I-it l .V 1 1 ,-r V- -,gun Ffvyn L: '-1 ,f 1-ff 2' 5 wif 1' ,,, ,. , ,f -, ,-,qixg . ,fl , wp' r X . l vl T '3 , F- . w..v,2s .Q. 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Suggestions in the Morton Memorial Schools - Retrospect Yearbook (Knightstown, IN) collection:

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