Morton Memorial Schools - Retrospect Yearbook (Knightstown, IN)

 - Class of 1957

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The Retrospect IWW I The Yearbook Morton Memorial Hugh School I957 lndlana Soldiers and Sailors Chrldren s Home Administration r....J fix 2 A ri I mm fH1 1 Nupgrzrmmmt nn x EN llh l!l'RlR-X11 N IIUROI X QORTNPR llxlll- SRFI lx IR lUR'l'NI'Ix Vlsltmg Committee C lluzrmizn -ns-Q sq NIP RI SSFLI NIRS l'lJl'l'll NIR l'XI' T PIIOIJI' S I-XC KSOX lx0Nll'I NIAN ii Indiana 141 nipoll Il lmi n In X MRS. ICSIS DR.WII,LIAM MRS. MILDRED DEER TINDALL SWIGGETT Greencastle, Indiana Shelbyville, Indiana Franklin, Indiana ff, 1 Szzpcrzrzzvrzilmzr of Sdwuls Rccriurzorwl Director Busmuss Administrator U I XP KNO MR FRI' IJ MR ROBERT D XKR 1 IVI KIFSPINIAN Office Staff xx I 0 I min ml ll 1 i 1 MII. 'I Q NH, . . I A, . . . 4'lI.'XIH ' li ' I YI.. .' J I Row one-: Mrs. Mclianivl, Miss Ryrknizui, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Wrigfht, Mrs. McShi1rley. Mrs. Andis, and Mrs. XVo0ds. I Ru w : Miss Allisnn, Mrs. I.1-isure-. Mrs. Ri 2 I-s. Mrs. Wi sur, Miss l'ivi'sun. z iii M 's, Uvzui. PI' NIUON I N I Faculty 1 Q0 XIII hu NIOXII I xxl 1 In u t111I -Mt ""MXUI'III 'I' It 0 XIINN NI-XXIII' I-XPPINON II N I mas IIFLPN I xrwuq Home Iwonomlcs I' ngllsh md H1 NIISS X I I NIA kNfxXX I I1 s un I' ul IIN Hulxltx S Home I'um0m1u B A Alt H AW.. , 5' ,V 531, 5 0 X N f QI. 3 Y ii. ' ' I. I 'I I MI-:. IzAI.I'11 . 1 '. 2 J NIH- WIIMIA-UI HI H.: - A' HRH "III , , A A I' I1 t'wIlA:'.Ilk ..X Hmm jmu.. H- 3- In IIZHIIIFL llllvm-I's1t?'. S, ufkhllliilln I I H S. d 5 32 ' 'S B H g' I' hu I'. If.. livrmrall Svfe-xlw' ra -I4 4' exch III-:1III1. lH'Ex'v1' Ii1II1I':1Iim1 Illxww IIIWHHH l with Hznxlu-tImll than In 's , A ' ,' my XX',XlA'I'IClQ MRS. IMRWIQIIY " 'f' A fgylqpgg WItlHII'l' X Imhury 4 UIIQ-ge, Ii. A. RIMM I- xl xr 1-illvnnmli 1-NNN' I-I 14. l'im'immti Vous. V, , 'i ' " In l', H, M- 5.1. lmimnuI'r1iw-1'si1y.3I.S. I mrmlmk' tum' lg Q yy, Q. Xl gil' Hz . Ilxurwv :mi ' " ' "W . X . A 3II1.'.I.I'fII.I-I A I Lv n ' ,I H GI' 'A'I"I' A Y: A , v . .. I Irlhzlm I"fiII0g'0,'H4. S. pun' A, In :I ihz UI , 7 I I Ut, Kansas Faculty v' NN l4l'll XII Tlllhl-XS 'HR5 V415 ll'l'l' SHN l'PNl-XX I Y undue Lnixeixitx mm 'I Aginiiltuif, Cheniixti I lit Ill 1 Blgloky Xlil- PUKT 'NTRQ RHPQQ-X N ILI g 1 l'Ifl'X I s nina ' in S l llnti ig iouinnunt 1-ll h x Ill Xu' 1 St - XS' l'3V"E7 ' Mn. ROBFRT w. mas. MAni.F S'1'R1CKl'AN1' ELLIOTT SMALL Indiana Central College lm uma State' A. B. 2 th, '- ., , ,g University of Alabama , , , , I , B. S. School Librarian l"'ff"5h' Spdnhh Hia h' ' " Faculty 1 111c1x ww 1AL11x1 'X 'R I T1111111 11 11111 Stite tht 11th C1 e ,pl ..-L...l NLR 'hm max 111111111111 Q81 I If mi NI H11 1 VFP 11111111 1 NI 11 lmlllmwl X St 1t1 t C ifl-amd glide Qecond 111119 Nilqq All FEN BANTA I111l1.1n.f1 Stxtc H S K1111l111,, nten K sr' NH, ,, I , . .1 111-.1 1:N1 . . 1 1. A Ar' A - , y I Pilllli III' I4 111 111141 1" 3' C. H, 5. In11'a z 1' 2 -. A. B. Uukhillll 1 Ny. 1 " B S Six l1'z11l1- "1 1 'ad Immvth l'm'i' Q- . 1' 1 1 if f. "" -' . if 4 1. 8 . if. ' . . N Y MIX' if- -I.'PN '-s . iss uri K , 4 A A x , Illfill z ' ""sitj 1 1 '11Il0" . B. S. Bull L 1 R1 S- Firxl fl1':11I1 I Seniors ROBERT Iil'l'I' Industrial Arts , , - L lass I resident Football I-L2-I!-41 Ilasketball l-Z2-Il-'lg Volleyball le!-IZ-lg Track l-Z2-Il--lg Volor Guard l-2-Il-43 I'hotography Vlub Z!--lg Boys' State Il: Student Vouncil 43 Retrospect Staff 4. DAISY CURB-IN Ilome lit-onomics Class Vice-President 1-II t'lub 2-Il: Girls' State Zlg Dancing ZZ-Il: Senior l'lay 43 Christmas Play F1443 Stu- dent Council 33 Oratorical Contest -1: Retrospect Statl' 1. JO ANN WIFIATHICIQBIQIC Vommercial Vlass Secretary l-II Club 1-2-Il--1: National Ilonor Society ii-45 Girls' State JZ, Flass Award 1-2-Zig Vhoir 43 Vhristmas l'lay I-Z-4: Senior Play -13 Echo Statf Ii-43 Iicho Editor -13 4-Il President 43 Uratorical Contest 45 Student Council 2-Ii: Retrospect Staff 4. WILLIAM .ll Hill.-XX Acacleniin' I 'lass Tl'Q'21SLll'l'l' I-'ootlaall l-2-I-2-ll Student Vouncil Zig Iloys' Vhorus l- !-Tieelg Senior I'lay -13 Ifcho Stati' 41 Vhristmas l'lay 33-43 ilratorical Vontest 43 Photography Vlub Il-'lg Art t'lub 2-Si-43 Volor Guard l- 2-il: Retrospect Staff 4. Last Will and Testament l. Robert Rupp. having the nickname ot "Huck", being ol' creative mind and destruc- tive body, do hereby will to my big brother. Larry, my ability to leave girls alone and to get into trouble and out again with ease. Mv place in the butcher shop to anyone Who has the ability to become a butcher. Anil to the future athletes of Morton. I wish the best of luck. l. Daisy "Day" t'orbin. being ot' sound mind and body. do hereby will and bequeath the following things to the following people: To Rose and I-Beverly, my bookkeeping books. To Itetla and Mollie. my ability to graduate. My chest to the first girl who gets there. My dishpan in 21's kitchen to the unlucky girl who can't get away. 'l'o Jackie and Jeannie. the best of luck. To the Seniors of Morton, the best of luck. I, Jo Ann Weatherbee, having the nick- name of "Beefy", being of sound HJ mind and body, leave to the following fortunate people: To Sharon Lovett, my ability to get and keep a good looking guy. To Pee Wee, my lovable place in the kitchen. My bed I leave for the nearest junk collector. To 23's I will the key to peace. To Elaine and Jeanne all my love and to all my friends at Morton, I wish the best of luck. I, William Jordan, having the nickname of "Red", being of medium sized brain and small mouth, leave my ability to be cool, calm and collected in time of crisis to Donald Towne, my habit of sleeping late to Lingo, my art ability and best wishes to "Bug", my two lockers to Frank and Wendell, and to the potential seniors may you realize sooner than I, just what it is all about. Last Will and Testament I, George Scott Wheeler. sometimes known as "Chin", being of sound mind and body, leave my ability to grow to Jerry San- ders. Good luck, boy! To the future basketball team the ability to beat Mays. To the barber that takes my place. my ability to Hsnip 'n nick", as well as I. To all future teams of Mor- ton, the best of luck. I, Gladys Hamilton, having the nickname of "lcky", and being of small mind and body, leave to the following: To Beverly Bragdon. my ability to get up in the morning. To Betty Craft. my personality tbig laughl. To Clif- ford. all my love and good luck to him in track. Good luck to the class of '58, I. James "Jug" Hart, do hereby wish to leave to the bright up-and-coming youngsters. my magnificient ability to work hard at all times. I would also like for Daniel Beard to have my "How to Stay Skinny" book. I be- queath to someone with feet as large as mine. my heel plates to walk quietly down the school halls with them. I, James Martin Draper, nicknamed "Dink", being of immense mind and short body, hereby leave as my last will and testa- ment: To Moosey, I leave my good paint brush and the ability to use it. To Jeanne and her many loves, I leave my seat in the date night section. Sen' GEORGE WHEELER Industrial Arts lfootball I-Z-il-43 Basketball I-Z-Il-41 Volleyball 1-22-3-4: Track I-ZZ-Cl-45 Class Award I-23 Senior Play -lg Color Guarcl I-23 National Honor Society -lg Student Council l-Sl-43 Photography Club -13 Retrospect Staff -1. GI..-XIJYS HAMILTON Home Economics 4-H Club 1-2-Il--lg Art Club I-2-IS-43 Ilance Band 2-Il--lg Choir I-2-3-43 Girls' State Il, Dancing 1-2-113 Girls' Quartette 353 Mixed Quar- tette 41 Christmas Play 4: Senior Play 43 Echo Staff Il--lg Retrospect Staff -1: Student Council Il. JAMES HART Commercial Football 1-2-3-43 Basketball l-22-il-43 Volleyball 1-2-3-4: Track 1-ZZ-3-43 Boys' State Zig Oratorical Contest -1: Band 1-12-Il-43 Dance Band I-2-24-4 Photography Club lg Retrospect Stall' 4. JAMES IDRAPER Academic Football 2-3-41 Basketball 2-3-41 Track 2-33 Volley- ball Zlg Choir 3-43 Boys' Chorus I-2-3-45 Senior Play 43 Christmas Play 2-33 National Honor Society 3- 45 Photography Club 3-43 Echo Staff 33 Oratorical Contest 3-43 Color Guard 2- 3-43 Student Council 1-2-33 Retrospect Staff Editor -1. Seniors ICRNEST MINTON .-Xcadeniic Football 1-2-I!--1: Basketball I-2-Ii-lg Volleyball 1-2-I!-4: Track I-12-Z5--13 Dance Band 2-3--13 Hand 2-21--13 Boys' Chorus F!-4: Senior l'lay '13 Uhristnias Play I-2-Zig Boys' State 33 Photography Club I!-4: Retrospect Staff -I. REGINALD STONE C'onunercial Football 1-2-33 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Volleyball 43 Track 41 Choir 343 Boys' Chorus 2- Z!-43 Band I-2-II--13 Dance Band Z2-Il-43 Piano 1-23 Or- gan 23 Dancing Ig Echo Staff 4. DIANA BRAGDON Commercial 4-H Club 3--lg Girls' State Sig Choir 1-ZZ-3--15 Piano I-2g Orchestra 1-23 Senior Play 45 Oratorical Contest 4: Retrospect Staff 4. JOHN MARKUYICH Commercial Football 1-43 Boys' Chorus I-ZZ-3-43 Band 2-Sl-45 Echo Staff 2-4g Christmas Play 45 Retrospect Staff 4. Last Will and Testament l, Ernest XVillie Minton, also known as "Rig I'Irn", being of sound mind and sound body, hereby pronounce my last will and test- ament. My ability in the music world I leave to Don Buckley tmay lie pi'oduce better notes than IJ. My lockers and their contents. I leave to the junk man. 'l'o David Sanders. my 20 cents an hour barn pay. My knowledge I leave to the birds. To the future sportsmen of Morton Memorial, best of luck. 1, Albert Reginald Stone. better known as "Preston", being of sound mind and body, do hereby will the following: I leave my basketball ability to Hob Miller. To Jerry Sanders, I leave my height. My ability to sleep late to Frank Strother. The wonderful ability I have of getting along with the em- ployees, to Frank Riggs and Larry Rupp. My musical ability to the one and only. Daniel Heard. I, Diana "Di" Bragdon, being of sound mind and body bequeath to the following: To my sisters, Beverly and Lois, and to my bro- ther, Don, I leave all my love and wish them the best of luck for the future. To Sharon, I leave my ability to be seen and not heard. To Pee Wee, my ability to sleep late. To Flo and Judy, I leave my ability to keep calm. To Division 23, I leave some peace. I, John "Butch" Markovich, being of small features fexcept feetj, will my abilities to get along in the storeroom to Verne Doug- las. I also will the job as assistant projector operator to anyone who can afford to miss date night. I will my lockers to anyone who is fast enough to grab them, and to the future graduates of Morton, good luck. Last Will and Testament I, Charlene Flint, nicknamed "Ducky", being of absent mind and large body, leave as my last will and testament to the following To Charlie, lmy brother! all my love and luck in his following years here. To "Curt", my bottle of peroxide- To Evelyn, my ability to overlook unimportant things. To Sharon Pad- gett, all my meanness. To Mollie Brannon, my ability to charm the boys. lHalJ To the Seniors of good luck in all you do. I, Albert Harrington, often known as "Big Al", being of small body and large brain, leave the following: To Don Dawson, my gig and basket in the greenhouse. To Arnold Harshman, my ability to get out of work. My locker to whoever finds the key to it. To Charles Flint, all my meanness. My ability to take a joke, to "Blunt". My ability to be a miser, to Don Buckley. To the next Seniors, all the luck in the world. I. Anita Smith, being of sound mind ami body, leave as my last will and testament the following: To Della, the very best of luck. To Curt, my ability to get along with "Waldo". Those two steady datenight seats to .loice and Frank. My many drawers, bunks and shelves to the one that can fill them. To Linda Garrett, l leave my place in Cheerlead- ing. To the Seniors of the best of luck through your last year at Morton. I, Norman "S-keeter" Goins, being a phys- ical and mental wreck, leave to my brother. David, my lockers and everything in them. Also. I leave him my ability to make good grades with a minimum of effort. To my little brother, John, I leave my ability to get along with everyone and the talent of getting out of work. To Gladys, I leave her camera and anything I borrowed and forgot to return. Seniors t'IlARl.l'INI'I FLINT Home Economics I-Il Club I-2-34--I3 Choir l- !-il-43 Senior Play 43 Stu- dent Council 533 Christmas l'l'iv "-"-4 1. ...fn . ALBERT HAHRINGTON Commercial Football I-1.-3-43 Track L- 33 Choir 3--13 Boys' Chorus ZZ-Il--I3 Christmas Play fi-43 Senior Play -1. ANITA SMITH Commercial 4-H Club I-2-Ll-43 Art Club Il: Yell Leader I-Z2-I1--I Stu- dent Council 3-213 Dancing l-2-3-43 Christmas Play 3- 13 Senior l'lay 43 Girls' State 33 Choir I-2-Il--1 Ret- rospect Staff -1. NORMAN GOINS A cademie Football 1-23 Basketball 1- 23 Track 1-2-3-43 National Honor Society 3--13 Senior Play 43 Christmas Play 43 Oratorical Contest JI-4: Art Club 1-2-Il: Boys' State 33 Boys' Chorus 3-43 Photog- raphy Club -1: Echo Staff 43 Retrospect Staff 4. Seniors NIILDRED OLDHA M Home Iicouomics I-H Club I-2-fi--I1 Art Club Il-43 Choir 2-3-43 Dancing 1-2-33 Christmas Play Il-4: Student Vouncil I-Z: Girls' State -1. CARI. GILMORE t'oniniei'cial Basketball 2-Sig Choir Il, Boys' Chorus 2-33 Color Guard 3: Retrospect Stan' -1: Echo Staff 4. MARILYN BROWNING Home Economics 4-H Clllbii-41 Fhoir I-2-Il-1. VIIARIJCS BRAGG Industrial Arts Football I-2-I4-43 Basketball I-2-Si--Ig Volleyball 243 Track I-2-33 Boys' Chorus 1-2-ZZ-43 Choir 1-2-33 Color Guard fi-4: Student Council Zi. X' Last Will and Testament l, Mildred "Millie" Oldham, being of sopand mind and body, do hereby leave the following: To .Indy Shaw, my drawers, shelves and closet space. My comfortable bed to the first one tlnre. My ability to get up early in the morning to Hetty Hardesty. My wonder- ful t'.'J voice and place in choir to Mickey Miller. To Kaiser Kate, my trade at the hos- pital tshe'll be a good nursel. And I leave my love to my sisters and brothers. I, t'arl "Froggy" Gilmore, being of large body and little head, do hereby will my ability to keep my mouth shut to Jerry Blair. To Daniel Beard. I leave my skill in typing. To the Bakery boys, I leave this motto. "Always do better next time." I, Marilyn Browning, also known as "Weensie", being of wee body and big brain, leave the following: To Ronnie, I leave all my love and the best of luck to him in his senior year. To my sister, Garnet, the wish to make her junior and senior years her best. May she do better than I. To the seniors of '58, good luck. I, Charles Raymond Bragg, nickname "Scabs", leave my ability to play basketball to little Scabs or Wendell, tmay he have better luck than IJ. To Larry Rupp my ability to get up to go to the barn. To Jim Jack and my brother Wendell, my locker locks. Last Will and Testament I, John Ilenry Ilull, usually known as "Johnnie", being ot' sound mind and body, up- on this day leave the following: 'I'o Frank Strother. I wish the best of luck in school and athletics. may he do better than I. My lockers I leave to a future dashman in track. 'I'o Fred Searcy, to have the patience through his senior year and to grow five inches so that he can play basketball. To the oncoming sen- iors and athletic teams, I wish the best of everything. I, David Leth, familiarly known as "Pop- eye", being of large mind and body, leave my lockers to the highest bidder. I leave my place in dance band, band and choir to anyone who likes them. To Janet and Florence, my two sisters, I leave all my love. To "Boy" Green, I leave my barn clothes, my ability to milk cows and to use the pitchfork. And the best of luck to next year's Senior Flass. I, Richard "Slew" Moreland, being of sound mind and body, leave as my last will and testament: To George Smith, I leave my art ability. 'I'o the lieth girls, my ability to get along with Judy Jordan. I leave my locker to the first person able to clean it out. I leave my traps to Gene Vaughn. To the Seniors of future years the best of luck. I, James Doherty, also known as "Caes- ar", being of sound mind and body, do hereby will to the followng persons: To Buckley and Paige, Rupp's and my locker. To Blackie San- ders, I leave my ability to get out of work successfully. Seniors .IHIIN III'I.I. Industrial Aits Football I-Z-el: Baflletball Student Vouncil I3 Iietio- spect Stuff fl, DAVID LETH t'oinmei'cial Football 1-Z-Jig Boys' State Sig Choir 3--I: Boys' Chorus 1-2-Sig Band 1-2-3-43 Dance Band 2-Si'-Ig Boys' Quartette 243 Christmas Play 4. IIICHARIJ MURICI.,-XNIJ C'oinniei'cial Football l-12-Il: Volleyball 213 Choir 4: Boys' Vhorus I5- -1: Fhristinas Play 3--I3 Art Club 1-ilfelg Color Guard Cl- I: Retrospect Stall' 4. .IABIICS DOH ICRTY Industrial Arif Football I: Basketball lei 2-Ii-45 Boys' Vhorus Zi-4: l-X5l',1.l,.-Xllu Seniors llome Int-ont in Us Art t'IuIv 1-L2-Il--1: llaneinu' 1-jj-Zig 1 hon' IZ- lg t IIVISYINSIS l'I'1v " 1 fl. ERA LID RRI-IW ICR t'ommereial Choir Il-43 Boys' Fhorus 2-1- 43 Bantl Il--lg Ilanee Rantl H-I last Will and Testament I. .lane tflaze, more otten known .tr "Wagon", In-ine' ot' sound hotly antl question- :tlile mintl. leaye my hunk antl shelt' to anyon- who frets it tirst. although I hope it is Shar-vi t'urtis. .Xlso to Sharon. anything: I leaye 1-.-- hintl. May she get in enough praetiee to wir :1 game ot jacks. tiootlliye tn lxalser lxate. Lot-- ot' luek to the Seniors ot' may they he st-1 tort unate as I. I. tleraltl lirexyer. sometimes known "lIrewk". ht-ine' ol' souncl mind and rounl hotly, tlo herelry will my huilcl to Roh Greene. I leave my alrility to get places on time ' I "little ln'other." I leave my haritone to Jam-'-f Woods. To the stroinfest one I leave my lock- er and I wish my brother and sisters hest 4-1' luck. Personalities DIANA BRAGDON l,lKl'lS--To he alone lJISl,IKl'ISfKnow it all people I-'AVORITIC Sl'URT4Basketl all AMBITION--Being' a successful nurse FAVORITE SUBJECT-Shorthanml MOTTO-"Today is the tomorrow you uorrietl about yesterday." CHARLES RRAGG l,lKl'IS-Sports lJISl,IKl'IS-V-Helm: bored ABIBITIUN 'To be a coach l"AYORI'l'l'I SPORT- -Basketball l"AYORlTl'I SlfBJl'XfT--llriver Training NIUTTU-"The more one listens. the more one knows," GERALD HRICWTCR l.IKl'IS"-liaselmall lllSI.lKl-IS' People who think they are better than others l"AVORlTl'l SHIRT-Baseball ANIRITION-To he a sueeess I".-XVORITIC Sl'B.IEC'T-Driver' Training' NIUTTU "A stiteh in time saves nine." MARILYN HROWNING LIKES-Ronnie IIISLIKI-IS--People who think they can boss others l"AVORITl'I SPORT- -Basketball A MRITION- 'l'o get married l"AYORI'l'l'I SI7RJICt'T--llriver Training NIUTTO -"Try and try again and Someday you will get it right." Personalmes II N NI-XX CU H 1111 , N ll 11111 x Ixffk 111 -X, CII III Ii1111l1I11111111 1 N111 11 ILIIIITW S 1111 K 'I 1 11111111111 HH L IIAIXH 1 1111 VI KITIKIX 111 111 T1 11111 1 ll I1 H rim 111111111111 ' I I 11111x-T1 1111111 I KII NI 1 I x INI kk 1 pu, I TII X 1 11111 11 1 I1111 1 iII'If N 11111 IIIIIIL, 1111111 11111 1 1, NI IKII-KT I51111I1I1111D X I I 1 1 NI I' N 1 1 51 1x1.N ,U I XXURITI' SPORT H1I1111f1II X IITIIIN T1 11 1 Q11 IUX UL I' Nl BII'f T -XQNIICU 1111 1 1 1 NIITTO 10 111 IN X I Til 1 1x 11,5 I I I1.1.ISY1'I IIIIN .IUIL 1 1' I IN.. AI ' 35 fI'I"IWI5- IMI I ""' Pl" LIKIQSV I'l1'1'1'1I11111g 111111 1-1'1'1'1'111111 IIIUIJKI-ZS Sunil 'wif' 111.'1,1.' lf N111111 1-.' 1111111111.1-11 I".-XX'1IIII'I'IiSI'lIIi'I' If 1v11 1I121ll 1.'11'1,1.11'1'1.: g111111'1i 112U,mu. UH "INN T11 11' 1- I 'iw .1111e1'1111x 111- 11-1.1111 11 1111II11111 I".1XWII1I'l'I'lSI'II.lI-lf"I4 ' 11 1.'A.11'1,111'1 1.j g1'11'y1g4"1' "1 1. MMVI-'ll' 'All' IIN' Nl l"" lux- WW" It-H NIlI'I"I'lI "N1-'-1' IIZVII 11111111 2111 111111111' I I XNIICS IIIIIII'1Ii'l'Y 'IMS SI 'lll 1' 1114-,111'.' 11.1g1111,'1'11x IIINIIKIQS lQ11'I1 I".-XX'l1IZI'I'I1lSI'1IIl'I' Ii:1XI.111I111II I,IliIQ34- llIII, If.1XYl1I1I'II-I SI'II.II'Il"I' II1'11'1-1's TIL- 11114 IIISIIIKII' 111111111 111.11 11111115111 111-1111I1- 'XNII1'l'IllX 'l'11 X 1-1' I'II1'1f IlI'l'NIl'j' I1:1I1II1f-:11I1-11. l 4'1' XWPIII'I'I'. SVUIIT 'l'1'z11'l-, .NIlI'l"l'll I'I1 I'I1I'I1 I'I1 l'I1 .-XNIIIIIIUN 'l'11 111-1'l-. ll: il 1I1-111111 11II1'1' I 1l.1 XW'IiI'I'Ii FI'Ii.II'Il"I' II1111111 IC' 1'-s 1Xw1l,1Sl1liiXlYI,:11 II'VI"l4P MII' III 'iw' j.'11L lll'lI-I XIl1'l'1'Q'lI. '11 1,1111-3:4 11111111111-111111111 .U w""' IIlSI,II1l'fS II111x11-11111: 111-1111I1- 1f.11'111:1'1'1g s1'111:T 1111111-1111111 M HFHT 1 NGN Y .XXII 'HX 'l'11 111' ll x111"1'ss A A A ' A ' I"1XX'lIIlI'I'Ii SI'Ii.II1I1"I' S111 'SI1 111111.25 1111.15 XII 'IU "Tw ZI11' 1-11'11x1-If. 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Semor Class History I IS sprmg, oi 1957 and the tlme IS near mg when we vull leaxe Morton Memorxal We the semors vs ould luke to share wlth you 1 few of thg hdpplest dau of our llx Cb those d us Wh1Ch h ue Lone but mll nex er be for gotten In 1953 we mug treshmen Phe class was huge compared mth the number who are xbout to flI'llSh the course of studx m oul Ll wx Lpon retulmm, to the Home from our summer x nc ation we xx ere surprlsed to see N0 m mx fmshmen bows out for football A xchool xtirted there seemed to be an an' of enthusmsm mth all the students puttmg foxth full Qffort knoxung that thelr work hom thu xtlge through the semor year would CdNt i stmng bedrlng on the Ines of 1 uh md exuwone of them DUIIIU., thy hut dau ot September 41 tughtened mde ew ed freshmen entered the meat open doors of Horton Nlemorlal Hlgh Qchool to st xrt than last four years of sghool Ex CINOHQ was lookmg, forward to m my new lLt1Ylt16N and pl-1x lleges that would by gn en hlm Included m these NOCldl dCtlXl tles were the prlxllegex of gomg, date nlght md to Tow nh ill xuth the blg klde 'lhe xen seemed to fly Before we knew lt football w .as ox er and basketball w as IH full using' The second semester seemed to flw eun faster than thy flrst Basketball was ox er track vu is stdrtlng The weeks flew Award Dax had come Many of us recelxed unudw for our lthletlc or muslcal abllltlee A1,,.11n lt IS the fall season but one sea.: litu' On our return ue xx ere xery sorry to wee that all of our classmates could not make It back There xx ere onlx 34 out of the Oflgllldl 41 xx ho had Qtarted IH our hlgh Qchool ranks mst one short wear before Sexerfzl of our bow dgdlll returned for tootball Also the band had been DI'3Ct1Cll'lg for the State Marchmg Context and sex eral of our sophomores were ln the band When school started mam of the gurls were taken mtn the 4 H Club We were well represented m All sports clubs .md mumcal orgamzatlons of the wchool When the Yule Tlde Season reared Qex eral of our sophomores were honor ed by bemfz chosen to be In the Chrmtmas dy We were taught many thmgq thlq vear md our sponsor teachers Mrs Whlte and 'Vit Davis were xery helpful mth thelr en vo uraglng' and vnllmz aid School dgdln closed and as we went our may for the summer vue reallzed that mam of our school mates and teachers would not leturn thc folloumg fall to gulde ue thxough one of the most Important years vue mll ex er encounter Our Junlor year started mth 4 xery good shomng The football team had 1 mnnmg, season Sex eral weeks before football season was oxel work was started to perfect the ent rtalnment for LQQIOH Dax md Homecommg, 'Slam Juniors were xerx mme m the two p1ogramQ After Home-Lomlng th1m,s settled dovsn .md the next mfuor exent was not untll Chrlstmas tlme Agam Qexeral of our Qtu dents were m the plav cfwt The plaw was xerx Nucnuxtul md was cntltled Come Let Ls -Xdole Hlm Ax the second semextu started xxe had mothel xerx IITIDFQSSIXG athletlc trlumph Thu was the basketball teams wunnmg, sea Non VS e Hue not too fortunate m the Countx or the Sectlonal Tournaments but nex erthe lew xxe had 1 uolthvuhlle season The next memorable dax as fal as holl dax s were concerned was Easter The cholr xx 1th manv Jumors 1n lts membershlp gaxe .1 xerx mce Cantata Follomng, the Easter re cess track lmmedlately resumed The track team albo brought home honors to the school Wlth .1 ulnnlng season Another hlfzhllght of the Xen sm-Q the Athletlc Banquet As the days went bx we began to rea me that thls xear too would soon be oxer The most memorable actlxltv of the Junlor dass xnxx the Prom One xx eek before xt was to be g,1xen a mam Qcaxenger hunt xx M on .it the school IdeaQ were many and we knew that only one was to be chosen After the ldea was chosen the propertles had to be gathered Crepe paper cardboard wood nalls mre palnt and many other thmgq be gan to pour lnto the gym No one except the Jumorw knew the motlf m WhlCh the gym uae to be decorated It was hard work but a lot of fun When the mght came for the Prom and we saw exeryone enjoymg themfzelxes wi linen that we had done qomethmg worth xx 16 Before the summer was ox er we were more than anxlous to return to school We all knew that we would be on the last lap when school fmally opened m the fall of 1956 Soon our daye at Morton would come to an end and we would not have the guldance of our teach ers officers and school chums It would be up to us to make the declsxone I I rw - - x - - ' ' L' 1 1 ya ' - 1 1 - v K r K - . , . I ' . I -. v . v y 1 ' v ' v . . . ' I V 1 p Y I 1 1 1 Y 1 I V sf A K A , L . , L . I r . , n ' I ' , , . , 1 - 4 v1 v 1 - A 1 ' ' . ' ' 7 ' . v I v w v . V. . 4 v 7- v - - ' ' cu A K ' v. v . N . . . V I V Lv V rl - . .,.,' . ' .. ' g ' rg1',' , ' 3 1 . . .. . 1 . r ' '. ' . L- . A1 -. K. Y K L ' . . 1 i ' 7 . . 9 . C K K K A 1 . s - ' iff. Y ' ' ' 7 2 r' A ' . S . 1 v. .. ' v - 1 'w w 2 ' ' ' ' .. . c C , . . . ' . v ,. v- 1 - . . . . 1 y . i . . 5 . v rl. A, . . . . . ,. . . f . . . . c . . 4 v vf 1.4 1 'I 4 v 1 . , , 1 , . . . . . 1 . v . a L L . A I - . , - ,- 1 v . , f v v . , , , . V . . A, . ' .' .' 2 7 7 .' ' . . . . . . . . ' . -. . , ' U , , I . . . . 1 , ' ' .' 2 .' ' ' ' A' ' . . ' 'Y . A . 'Z ' Z X I' . . .,. . . ,. . . - . - -- - w . . . . f r 1 'A' - 'L' Y f 2 . -, v . , . , "' r ' ' ' ' . -. . . J ' ' U 5 Y 5 n 5 ' n n Y r ' ' ' l v v 4 . v nr ' A A A 4' I A r x . 2 , - . A. v . K- it ' 1 , , , . A , - . 1 - - v w - 7 va . . . , , V . v ' . - - - , - . . , r . ' . . I ' ' 1 I . '. . I 1 I V. ' I ' 1 . c . . , . . . . . . . v . . - . 1 x 1' ' K' x' ' ' ' - .n ' - ' u . - n 1 I Vw ' ' 1 I 1 ' x. - - 5, r . 7 . U . , . . . , ' ' V. H . . ,, v K- x v 1 c 1' r .. , " , ' . . , v t , ' . r K ' 1 , . v , , 1- . ' '- v l 2 . '. 'H s - - . I 4 'I lv ' 1 I K1 I ' KN . Y L' K' 1 v' V p w x 1 . r ' ' ' A' 'x ' 'x .S . x K- . .S u A' S xg 'A I ' ' 4 V1 w H I I f ' ' u 1 K K - K 1 11 - v v ,, v . - v . . ' I ' . 1 . ' 4 r f w v v w 7 1 Q 1 1 ' H. ' . I K A K ' r . 1 . . . , 1 - ,' - - ff ' ' ' - . 1 1 - r 4 - ' ' Qt' " s' . ' , . . . , U 0 ' 2 x ' ' ' ' ' ' . 7 , .S . -. w v l 1 1 . sk- 4 K- L ' x ' K Y ' , , 1 - v v. 1 v l L ' . . l V I . . 1 A., . A. lv uv . i i Z Y 7 , N V . Kv 9 1 K ' 1 ' l V1 1 I ' L t . , . ' I . . . . V . . . v . - . , ' K n . Y , ' V . , . . . . . . v ' - v . - y ' ' y ' ' v . - - ' 7 v v v ' - J p L A ' . I 1 I ' . . Y 1 . . . , . , . . . . . A v Y 1 - - K 1 . . . . . A' I L I' ' v Pl- - . . w . . L O Y ' 1 1 Y . . 1 L . . . l 1 Y . V V V . 1 1 K m , . ' 4 - v ' 1 v - ' . '. . . . . - . -. Semor Class History 1k Xen Jegdut mu Neemcc to we ll .111 0 1 um Meme .lx nu 1 N 11101 pl 1 1 111 1 0 N N 511011 1 mx 101310 14 gg Milli N me ,uw 0 the XIOIUPII 'xllllllll At . mu su Nl mu um ul N ma 1 uw mmf 5 Y'l8I'ldN imc! h.ul 1 xwmlel tul 1mQ1 ll Ill is XL 1 X ll tht . Ntllllil u ht 141 Kxt L l XXQIQ mul x sw ltxltl NX Lltfl 4 0 lN nnthmg nu mu .u 1 u 1 1 tl mon ucmx uurm 1 1mhu It xx N It 11 N mm u 1 Il umm xu nu n 1 num x gn hu f . G H N mm N vtmnmhu Ph un . L 1 N ur en um p 4 cl, tl c 1 unix Q .umm 1 ax xv x 1 0 om mn u x - mood Q nu mx 1 t e umm .mc Nuum L .uxex u hs Jlkllllld 113 nt e 1 1 ouw Nei 16 NUM e lx .ltule 111 .mc mn Q N u mt U 0 Nu IIN .lm thy fm ru muh ll 11 mu un +gN1 Q mmf .uh N111 Qmxr. 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' . m tl 1 s11rx1cx1 ch's1w to am vmi, vc pw- 'fh ' lg Stl ,t 'I -lui tml' hhmt f' 'IV IW' pzuwl to h1zu'm1 the II TN' zmcl s 1 we 1hind. , , ' ' ' ' 1, ," lh1rf1 was 21 hit of ,"ulm1.'.' :Ls 11: 'h .'111m' imf Vt itnlr ',.-ftfj , lt' 2' lot. tm? NVQ' his way, hut it wrmld soon yu-us as V1 --fx, ,, 5' st'z't1 I k' zh'lt th1ft .' f ,X . ,, , A J' " 11X A All '1 ' hgl h.' ' X 1 ,' 1t 1. it AI , y, Nl., ' , L, , I Maj 25-17: '1 ' ' 'l"'1 h' 1' ex- K L K Ron one: Vliiford Blcllerniitt. Betty Craft. l"lorenvv l,e-th. Janice l.e-th. llavifl Goins, lien llayilvn. il2l.l'lllL'll llarhert. and Vernon llrulfl w two' 'Nlr Brewer Sponwwr' l"'thQr Nlcfloud luclv lorclan. Geneva Vollins. live-lyn Smith. 1 Ro ..s,.rl. Wanita Beard. Sharon Lovett, and Mrs. Wogerman, Sponsor. lion three: Frank Strother. Donald Towne. Fred Searcy. Roland Jack, Frank Oldhain, Hill l'aig'v. and James Smith. HE JUNIOR class, sponsored by Mrs. Wogerman and Mr. Brewer, started their third year of High School with a grand total of twenty-one members. They have partici- pated in almost every school activity. There are two very outstanding scholars in the Junior class who are members of the National Honor Societyg these students are Betty Craft and Donald Towne. Other out- standing scholars are: Clifford McDermitt and David Goins. In the field of athletics the class was re- presented by Clifford McDermitt, Frank Strother, Bill Paige, Frank Oldham, Fred Searcy, Vernon Grubbs, and Donald Towne. James Smith was student manager for the football, basketball, and track teams. Betty Craft did an excellent job as one of our cheer- leaders. Those who have done excellent work in the Dancing classes are: Betty Craft, Wanita Beard, Carmen Harbert, Florence Leth, and Evelyn Smith.. There are also many Juniors in choir and boys' chorus- These are: Judy Jordan, Carmen Harbert, Wanita Beard, David Goins, Clifford McDermitt, Vernon Grubbs, Ben Hayden, and Roland Jack. Those in 4-H are: Esther McCloud, Judy Jordan, Janice Leth, Florence Leth, Wanita Beard, Evelyn Smith, Carmen Harbert, Betty Craft, and Sharon Lovett. One of the biggest events of the Junior year is the honor of decorating the gym- nasium for the Junior-Senior Prom. Row one: Beverly Bragdon, Mary Ann Sage, Fharlotte Skelton Betty Haidesty 'N mu I ek Loretta Gossage, Evangeline Smith. and Sharon Born Row two: Mr. Elliott, Sponsor: Freda Grubbs, Rose Smith Ina Shauel Shnon Cuiti Rosemary Miller, Joice Craft, Frank Riggs, and Miss Piphel Sponsor Row three: Sam Frye. Charles Krivanek, Daniel Beard Donald Buckley I un Hiishman William Tuttle. and Larry Rupp. HE SOPHOMORE class is composed of twenty-three members sponsored by Miss Pipher and Mr. Elliott. This class is well represented in the Honor Society by Larry Harshman, Donald Buckley and Sam Frye. Other outstanding scholars in this class are Sharon Curtis and Sharon Born. There are many students in the Sopho- more class who are active in athletics. These are: Sam Frye. Larry Rupp, Frank Riggs, Charles Kriyanek, Daniel Beard, and Larry Harshman. Students taking part in musical organiz- ations such as choir, boys' chorus, band dance band and dancing are: Joice Craft, Sharon Born, Freda Grubbs, Evangeline Smith, Garnet Browning, Larry Rupp, Frank Riggs, Daniel Beard, Bill Tuttle, Sam Frye, Verne Douglas and Donald Buckley. Evangeline Smith and Joice Craft have done a wonderful job this past year as cheer- leaders. Girls in -1-H and Art Club are: Sharon Curtis, Beverly Bragdon, Nancy Jack, Joice Craft, Evangeline Smith, Rosemary Miller, Garnet Browning, Sharon Born, Mary Ann Sage, Freda Grubbs, Loretta Gosage and Rose Smith. Among these Freda Grubbs is a Junior Leader in 4-H. Row one: Donald Bragdon, Robert Collins, Martha Brewer, Elizalmeth Parsons, .Indy Shaw, Mary Walters, Judy McCloud, James Jack, and Wendell Bragg. F h Row two: Mr. Moon, Sponsorg George Smith. Jerry Blair, Robert Miller, Carl Billman, David Lemons, James Childers, Frank Smith, James Woods, and Mrs. Guyatt, Sponsor. Row three: Donald Dawson, John Grubbs, Keith Decker, Jack Darling, Eugene Vaughn. Ronald Schuesler, Charles XVeaver. Ralph Curtis, and Charles Flint. RS. GUYATT and Mr. Moon sponsored the Freshman class through their first year of Senior High School. Adding to our Schools' High Scholastic standings are the following Freshmen: Mary Walters, Charles Weaver, Jim Woods, and George Smith. This class has shown much promise in athletics in the coming years. They lost only two games in their basketball season and are proving themselves in other sports such as track and volleyball. The athletes of this class are: Ralph Curtis, Wendell Bragg, Jim Woods, Eugene Vaughn, David Lemons, Jack Darling, Carl Billman, Charles Flint, Keith Decker, and George Smith. The Freshman class has also contributed largely to extra-curricular activities such as band, dance band, dancing, boys' chorus, choir, 4-H, and art. Members of the Fresh- man class in these organizations are: Mary Walters, Martha Brewer, Jim Woods, George Smith, Jack Darling, Ralph Curtis, Wendell Bragg, James Jack, Jim Childers, Charles Weaver, Judy McCloud, Jerry Blair, Don Bragdon, Eugene Vaughn, Charles Flint, and Ronnie Schuesler. From the participation and sportsman- ship shown by this class it is obvious that much can be expected from them in the years to come. Athletics Now one: l.:ii'ry Rupp, Carl lgllllllilll, Frank Uldliam, William Jordan. lfrank Strother. James Woods. Ralph Curtis. Wendell l'lragg', and lien Hayden Row two: .lames Smith. Student Blanager, Frank Smith. Daniel Heard. George Smith, John liull. Charles XYeaver, Richard Nloreland. Clifford Mc-llerniitt. Sam Frye. Fred Searcy. Eugene Vaughn. .lack llailing. and David Moms. Student Managti. Row three: Mr. Brewer. Assistant Coach, Albert llarrington, Robert Rupp, John llarkovieh, James Draper, .lames Hart, George XYheeler, Donald Buckley, Bill Paige, Charles Bragg, Ernest Minton, and Mr. Moon, Coach. NDER the excellent guidance of our new Coach, Raymond Moon, and Assistant Coach, Bill Brewer, the Tigers had a very grueling season. Having lost several boys by graduation last spring, the team lacked in depth and experience in some positions. The boys worked long and hard throughout the season and came up with three wins against four losses. The season started with the Kirklin game. The Tigers fought hard and were tied 7-7 at the half. In the second half the Tigermen couldn't score, while the Kirklin team tallied twice to bring the score to 20-7 for our first defeat. We next traveled to Brookville for a 12-6 victory over the Grey hounds. The next game proved too much for the Tigermen and they lost to Batesville, 25-6, then to Cambridge and another heartbreaker with Morton coming out on the small end of a 14-6 verdict. But Morton came back strong with a 40-20 victory over a small Charlton team. Our next game proved that the Tigers had power by defeating Jackson Central 26-7. Our last game was lost to Alex- andria 19-0. Despite the four losses, Morton had a fine team and the boys tried their best in every game. The following senior boys represented the team very well and they will be remem- bered for their athletic accomplishments. James Hart KLEJ James was one of the best ends in the Conference, a hard runner, fine pass receiver and a good defensive man. Ernie Minton KREJ Ernie was perhaps one of the hardest charging linemen Morton had, he was always in the other team's back- field making many tackles. George Wheeler KQBJ George was per- haps Morton's most versatile ball player, not 'iniy could he call the signals, but in the last four games he played fullback and called the signals too, a good hard runner and pass re- ceiver. Bob Rupp QLHJ The team had a fine hard running ball player in Bobby. He could always be depended upon for that extra yard. John Hull QQBJ John finished the season as the Tigers quarterback. He did a nice job of running, blocking and passing Albert Harrington CGD Al was plagued with injuries this year, but did his best to help Morton win. James Draper CCJ James broke in at center and filled a big hole very nicely. He also did an excellent job at line backer. Charles Bragg QGJ Chuck was always in there opening holes and giving all he had. He was a fine aggressive ball player. John Markovich CED John never missed a practice and was always in there trying to help his team win. Richard Moreland CCD Richard was al- ways in there pitching. and could be de- pended on any time he was called. William Jordan IT-GJ Bill alternated be- tween Guard and Tackle positions last fall. He did a commendable job at either position. Ifnderclasmen who deserve much recog- nition for the past Football season were: Donald Buckley. Daniel Beard, Sam Frye, Fred Searcy, and Frank Strother. Cheer Leaders HESE girls are very important in our sports schedule. It is their duty to keep the team's morale high and to organize the student body in backing the team. This year the cheerleaders, under the guidance of Mrs. Brewer, led the students in forming a cheering block for the County Tourney. The block proved such a success at the County, that a card section was added for Sectional play. This combination made its appearance at the Sectional Tourney with the cheer- ing block giving yells during the game and the card section displaying a very large tiger with the words Morton Tigers above. Anita Smith, Joice Craft, Evangeline Smith, and Betty Craft are to be congratf ulated for the enthusiastic school spirit and sportsmanship that every Morton student showed throughout the past school year. Anita Smith Joice Craft Betty Craft Evangeline Smith DF'-?T Sport Snap: 1 1.1 5 v-1 4 -J! Kai' Kneeling: James Jack. Student Manager' Frank Strother .Iohn Hull. James Ilraper, Roluit Ri Sam Frye, flhlll'l0S Bragg. and James Smith. Student Manager. I Standing: Mr. Moon, Assistant Voaehg llziniel Beard. Bill Vziige. George Wheeler. .lame H Reginald Stone. Ernest Minton. and Mr. Brewer. Coach. HH MORTON Tigers started their third season under Coach Bill Brewer late in October with twenty-fiye boys reporting for the first practice. Making up this year's squad were senior lettermen: James Hart, George Wheeler, Bob Rupp, and Ernie Minton. Other seniors in- cluded: Reginald Stone, James Draper, John Hull, and Charles Bragg. Underclassmen on the team were: Hill Paige, Frank Strother, Sam Frye, and Daniel Beard. The Tigers started the season rather slowly, losing two of their first three games by a total of four points. In losing these games the boys gained valuable experience and teamwork. The Tigers then had a winning streak of four games before the season was interrupted the last of December for Christ- mas Vacation. Returning from Christmas Vacation the boys had three practices to prepare for their game with Arlington, which they lost by a margin of four points. The Tigers went on to win the last game before the County Tour- ney. Morton entered the County yery strong- ly, reaching the final game only to be put out by Arlington. Following the tourney the Tigers won over New Salem, but lost their next game to Morristown. Although losing to Morristown, the Brewermen were not disheartened and went on to win the next five games only to end their season by losing the last two games to very strong Waldron and Connersyille teams. Q Y x N " llli 0 huxt f uh NN mm f mln-f Q . X Nt ldui x th . N . 1 Mi N I TU Ik U K udu xx nz lll ll Stum m S I N f if Lountu Tournamtnt hlUX iou VIUUIIRX 1 x I I X 1 X 11 Q L lx Qr N g X X N 1 N x f t to m mx 1 f IN gum max mm rx It ft N L tlrml L mme 1+ 1 N n llluftlill in N lN K D r' UV btctsonal Tournament If f with mx 1 N gm u If . 0 x s H1 Ltlllll ll dm xml xedl , f 1 loo m ll w m non then' 1 N gamu um NIIIIOX 1 QI 1 lon had Im In the xeumd game Horton .lgwun Came mu to tau xxlth Anllllljjtflll fm the thlrd tlme xx s 1 1 N N F x A mug. x 5, N 1 4 ,N K Segond hum X N x N Hlllll I Hx 1 ll LX I 1 l X0 X f- N INUII c lx Frexhrmn Team I 4 N 4 Hldl Q x l' x N 1 1 4 g an N . Non x lx xt uw N turn own I um M1311 N mll L L X 0. x muml . . x N m mnxe X 1 1 ntfm . .mm 0018 u rume Ntlfl lll NLUFIIIQI thu pmt seuuon Othu outsmm plmcxx xwre 1 m llltlN Vhme Bragg: .mal Pugzcnc X lugrhn Th' 'l'igvl'.' .'l1mx'wi pxwrmi lmll-hz llillpf Illip fx-:1.ur1, llzlvillg llwdll civl'v:xIvll ill the- IUVS1 illlil il lui t' A ling, wh" llvlpe-cl thvm 'in tw v rm-vting '.'. 'Nw lm-vp flfllljjlll lmrcl :xml finf ltSut'tlwi1'lmll gzumls whilv I gx S. zlllj. zmftm' playing am m'm'timQ-. vzum- out ml tupwitlm 11 final sa-1u1'vf1t't313 6Sl. . ltl rh vin' Sf 1- h fm' thx Mlm' Wil" WW tx V Amy min f this gamma Bl: rt an was 1Ivt'mI1-mi in the- dix.. N vi .I-mul: H11-1 lvzuling th- 'I-i ly-I mml Umm! by Mm-Vishmln M, U S4HWU1.6TV5J,, wit! 121 1 iuts. Ilv was tldlmwmi by C- rgx tu Kimi mv Smwn with A M-H Hlwmi, XVI H X' 'hu sw "Ll 3151211 Haig' :ll .' 2 22111 Hub HLl1v1r.2lHl1 Hl'l1it' Minn 11. l?4Al1.xilIN l"1'3'x-. -11: .lznws IH'z11w1'. W1 I"1'zu1k .'tl'lh1hl'l'. - Q x 1T1l Iill rmiw. 121 .mm Hull. :Q :md 1'1W-ws ' UYYMH- 2- HIC AXlHl"l'UX Kity haul il fim- sq-zzxmx us wxxlpurwl In tha- lust thu' IUHSHIIS. 'A ing Q IIIIIU :md lfing ima Th Im, lacked in ' i hvighl in SHIUQ' llUIb2ll'IINt'I1T.S. but mulv up fm' HH MU ,,, A. ,l.igH,S mm,Nd tht, - my it in ilu-ir tlzmx' rk. :md Vim' play vhivh . . Wm U Wwrd of 6 wing and rg lumpidly mlm-vvlmqwml 1hI'IlllU'llHllY thv sv: 3 . lussvf. z1I'te1l'stz1'ting tlw sn-:umm s 11 VIN. ,HW Vxlwrimlw thin Hwy wlinwi Hum IH tht, I--I,-.I Km Q, th, fl-i.,.l,l,S Plztul playing- fm thv sm-cmui tm-um will lu- nt' gn-Q11 ilhilillll N-x'Sz1lvn1 whum the-5' .1-ut I1ncl1'i'02lI W'Il'f't"Thf'W1"SiT5' Wilm IMI W2 NUN- hy an 51--12 .'c11'm'. This vin gum- Blortmn thv righ Haj f'2ll'fll'l,L,i' Sziturclzly Zlflvl' nm. This ' 1 '- Q ' lx' tl 1'I'ig, -18-IZEI. In 5 1 th- " ' fa - t' the- tuurm-5'. thv 'l"g:m'.' wt A1-" 1' - thq- gvunul Linm thig gi-ggm1, HIC l"l'I'1SIUII'IN lJ'1.'kr-Hmll Iwim ' 1' zmfl x 'Q-ut 1lflXK'Il in clelfwmt. as the- sw rv re-ml at zu Ye-ry' gmail ,'h0XX'iIlg thi: past swlsml. Al- thn- Quill. Arlingt .1 438. llwtmw 52, th vupl playing vnly sm-will 1111111-s. the- I y' L'UIlK'Illllk'1I the' se-'15 viih il l'w1n'ml uf fivv wil .' zlpfuius tmp 1 .'.' 1 -.'. 'l'lw ' l .'.' 4' 1 m- 1- nt thv hands ut' the- Va I -'I Q City Hc"1'1oNA1. tin - mf-fi -U-fmml f me W1 M"""i"1"W I' ml "L" Tull", "mdy fm! their fipt 'mv' Th Vlllllxl' thx- czu'vful illlidzmcm- of C' 'rch XVt1'3CflIlSiil6'l'E'fl onv of thm- cl-xrkh rsex ' the RMA. Mmm' the twim Pl,U,i,d Hwy WH Sw ' z ' I "1-:mt 1'z1x'm'e-cl to mr fm' this and Sh' WWI much Im fm. mm, fin, '. Put the- Tip,ff1's hwri lwen k' ALI fur- M1 ' x'z1l'sity twxms in thx- future-. wa 'rl to this fflll'T'l8X' 2 cl ' V f'r.'t .I'1 W is l-I thnx fvxl 1'n .'11'1l ' ffl' ."jzf't'z 5: Q' 'ttle, " . -' I- 65-53. fx ' ' ' " ' 1 ing ' : Rzhh C ' 'I I-ll .ww 1 95" f' , P Y A J5- :idx NJ hIH'l'IiHj1f-IZlIIH'N.IH4Px.SlllIi0'Y11 Nlzumgvzg I'xl1lI2fx4H4H11LII..I.2AIIj'H12I4hIlHl!..I.11IIX I 1511 S d T Ifmrzk. lliggx. YQ-V11-yn 12rL1Mff. :uni Jurm-5 Smith, SILMQ-rut KIzu1:1g:v1'. Stamiing: 311. Blmln, Asfiflunr Umm-P13 l'hzu'lvN Krivzuwk. Imnzxl-1 'Ihuxm li M111 Pluwklz-y, Ifzmle-I lla-znwi, Vliffvlrwi 1IK'I,Q'I'II1iII. :uni N113 HV:-we-11 lM:u'h. Km-4-ling: l'h:n'1L-5 W1-an-rg Ralph lllrtlf. Wvrnivll Iixupgg, 1'h:11'lus Flint, K Freshmen Team IM-rkm-r, Furl Hillmzm, He-M1150 Smith, :md limba-rt Nlillm-1: Stzmding: .Imm-5 Jzxvk, Stlllilqll Murmupa-1'g IP:1vi1i 1.1-nlflrmf, Flllllk Snmh. Jul lmrlmg, lzugvm- Xlll1LfhII..IllIIIl'N 1 hllfi1'Y'r,rI2lIl1Q'X XXWMX. and Mr: Nlwfn. f14v1xL'h thus breaking the old Morton record set by f if .gf Row one: Bill Tuttle, Sam Frye, George Smith, lsezxrd. Row two: Norman Goins, Bob Rupp. Fred Searcy. Mellerinitt. Row three: James Smith, Student Managerg James George Wheeler, and James Jack. Student Manager FTER completing a successful season in basketball, the Tigers made preparations for track. On Coach Eder's call, 29 boys re- ported for practice. Several of these were lettermen from last year's squad. Those re- turning were: Ernie Minton. James Hart. Bob Rupp, George Wheeler, Bill Paige, Sam Frye, Clifford McDermitt, Norman Goins. and Donald Buckley. The 1957 season was slightly delayed with the first four meets canceled because of bad weather. On April 16, permissable weather allowed the Tigers to open their sea- son against Rushville. The first meet proved to be very successful with Morton winning. Morton track men captured several first place ribbons. April 18, the Rush County Track Meet was held on the Morton cinders. Those who participated were: Carthage, Mays, Milroy, New Salem and Morton. The Tigers showed considerable strength as they won 12 out of 13 first place ribbons. James Hart of Morton set a new school rec- ord in the Broad Jump with a jump of 21' S", ry Rupp, VVendell Bragg, Frank Riggs, and Daniel Ernest Minton, Charles Krivanek, and Clifford llart, Bill Paige, Donald Buckley, Reginald Stone, Tim Brown in 1955. On April 213, the Tigers were hosts to Wilkinson and Centerville in a tri-meet. Mor- ton took top honors by a score of 69 to Center- yille's 47 and Wilkinson's 19. On April 26, the East Central Conference meet was held on the Morton cinders. The Edermen beat out second place Morristown by 2' 3 points and thereby won their second trophy of the year. April 230 was the date of the Tigers win ov-er Cambridge City. Morton took 9 first place while the Wampus Cats were winning four. Morton ended the year unbeaten by down- ing Deaf School 60-49, May 7. The meet was the first held under the lights, and proved to be very successful. Two other school records were set during the year. A 16 year old record was broken by George Wheeler in the High Hurdles. The record time now stands at 16.05 seconds. Clifford McDermitt broke the other record by lowering the mile mark to 4 :44.3. Season Records Vamtu Raclxttlmll Ruord Suond Ram Basketball R ord II I Ill N NIlIhIUX I1 III IIlJIx N IIlIIx X IIlIIx N I III X I II Xlillx 'X Xlibh I ON I Xlmton NIORIOX Nlm ton It N O X NIHII I ON XIII! Ion 4 I I I I INIII ll fl I I 'Mu I 1 XxxNe III N N LIIIIII IIIt mm -X my ll NIHI IxINI'U Varsltq Football Ruord IxIhIxI IN Imwkxl 1 SX A IIIIJI F I AI I XANDRI-X ID 3K rl PI II III PI II X II PI rl N x I 1 ll Ix 'I A II I' IO ILI xx N NIUIxI INIU IN I -XIHII XXII III llNNI'IxNI II Fm slum n Bach tball Rewrd NIOIx I I X Xlllh I ON XIUIxI1lX I I1 ll III IIN! II Ill II0IxIxIS'I0XN'N Trml. Ruord IIII NIUIxI IX III 4 IIIIIxIUX NO S 5 T -'A Am 11 :w- 1 :Qx EC BIUI-l'I'llN . . . 543 Huy ...,. IT .XIUIi'I'llX . . . ZIP . Iujs . . , I NIT 'nm .... 559 .NIILIIHI '... lil BIHI-l'I'HN . . . ZS Blilwly , . . NIU 'Ion .... lil IQNI iII"."' WN . 51 3IlIIl'I'HX , , . ISSJ IQIIIASIIIISI wn . .I Il'I'lIf . . . 113 Kirklilu ..,. Iii NI' 'Ion ,... BT IQII-I 'LIN , . BIHI-l'I'tlN . . . T2 S1 I 'I-Izumi . . . IT Mr 'um .... till SI I 'ISIN NIP . NIIIIIIKJN . , . TI Nlzuuillzl .... 632 .XIHI-i'I'flX . , . I2 Blzmillu . . . . "' .' . . . 52 XII I Ilvtf wn. . . IX XII 'Ion .,.. 121 NIIIII , I" WN XIII' llll .... Ili ,XI-lI.INIl'I'lJN . . 51' 3IflIi'I'fIN . . . I2 ,XVIII f HII . . XIllI'l'I'lJN . . . r4.l 1111-I-l1sl'1 VII . . . 43,1 KIIJIIIHN . . . iii! 4911-vl1sI'm'Ix. . IIHI-l'I'fIN . . , I2 NI- '.':1Ivm. . I-iufllIMIIII5''I'flI11'l1zI111n-111 MA AMAA VQA- AAA, A A A VA, XII 'INN . . . 51 .'- 'Sul Im. . . I2 Mr .MAH AQA' 53 HHUUKYIIAIAIAA XIlII'l'I'lIX . . . IH l':1I'II ZIIII' . A . . 59 MAAMAAH A-'- :AH ,A AA A- A IIIII-IMI "" If AIIIAINIIIIIIIX A ' IIT BIfJI"'HN . , , IIN I'2lI'III2I1Il' . . AIm:'mx . , . 5T f.- '.':1I-m , . . .sz WII'1'I'HI '--. 29 IIIIIIIII Viwr . x1..m..I. I.., no x1oIQ:I:ls'1'rm'N , TT III W1 .,.- 28 I'-UIIo1IilIIl9I'I I NIflI'l'I'HX . . . rf' III-oolixillo . . . 543 III 'VIII ...- 27 WAII UPN I . "ITL ',.. 8.0 I'I2lI'IIII2lIlII . . . IIS AI' 'IMI' -AA- FII I' 1'-' I II I' . "ITL ',.. lifl I42lI'IIIZlQ't '... 554 . "I'lJ. '... TT I'r1I1vr1l'I1y. . . 'IH If I - M T .I 'l'I'0. '... 5T 1':1mIn'icI5J1- Vity . 515 MUNI-UN A A A :H 1-AAA. IAAKAA A A NIfv'tm1 .... 50 WAI. ION . , VI' A "' IA 'AIV 12 gl,i.,lum1 A A NIU' on .... 6:2 l'1IN.'I'II'ISYII,I,I'I l'.' . "' . '... 2,1 3IiImy . . . BIIIIITIJN . . . 318 l'I-rm-I'x'iIIv . . .R-' ' III 'I'f+m'r1:1 Int . "' . '... 23,1 Mays . . . . A ,rl-UA 'll' 65 Milrm ..AA. 6:3 NIH 'THU .... Ulf! l'.-XKIIIHIIIGIQ I A V' A 'AAA pq' A 1-1' fl 1, A A A 61 I'II't'NIIIIIt'II 'Ilvu' 1 -ut 'UI --1' 1 Ilral -I NIT 'IHII .... I I I ' ' I ' Hwtml .... . -I ' WN . IST ' 1- XII "UN .....,. 5215 IQ"sIIx'iII1- ..,.,.. T151 . ' .... T "'..'...2ll A ,HCA-AAAAAAAC9 I " . '--. I2 II' 'II' I . - I3 41-ntor-x'iIIf-. . . . . I -17 . ' .... 6 I-IA'I'Ii.' 'II,I,I'f . 25 Wilk' sm ..,.... 19 NIU' on ..., G l'. XIII ' 1, '. I1 A Y' A' AAAAA A A 30 .I IITO. '... 410 I'Iu11'Itm1. . . . 211 l':m1In'i1Igvl'ity ,.... 29 . "' . '... 26 .lzwksmm l'onI1'z1I . T A1 IQTUX AAAAAAA CII . ' ..., II , .' . . Ifl IIv:1l' .'L'I14mI . . . . . . -19 MWC Classroom Snaps is Row one: Reginald Stone. llavid Goins, .laclt llarliug. llonalel lbawson, liill l'llj,L'L1's,.l1ltll4's lfryv, Yirigil Fultz. and .lerry Sanders. B d Rosy two: James llart. Franlv Strotlier. James Sni1tli.ti1-orgeSmith. ltonald liraeflon. hlllvm' tirztbl s.'iy an llarelesty. Eddie Ferguson. llavid l.eth. and Mr. Byers. llirector. Row three: Ernest Minton. lfrank Higgs. Vharles Flint, Hill Paige. t'liarles Wi-:ive-ip llalph l"lt'Ils. Sam Frye, .lerry Brewer. Janie-s Woods, and John Markovich. Row four: Larry Rupp. VYilliam Tuttle. liugene Vaughn. Vernon liriililis, and Yi-i'iie Ibong-lass, Band NF UI" the music organizations that plays an important role in the life at Morton Memorial is the band. under the direction of Mr. Walter Byers. The band returned two weeks before school began and started to prepare for the State Fair Marching Contest. They did very well in this contest placing twenty-third among the ninety bands that participated. The Morton Band is also honored on Legion Day to play for the visitors and lead the competing Legion Bands. Drum Corps, and Drill Teams on the athletic field. October brought another contest. the State Marching Fontest which was again held at Southport. The Morton Marching Band received a second division in this con- test. On March 15, the band participated in the first Rush County Band Festival held in Rushville Memorial Gym. On April 6, the band completed the year's activity by going to Centerville to participate in the annual State Music Contest. and received a first division rating. Dance Band llli IJANKF band is a very important musical organization at Morton. lt is very capably directed by Mr. Walter l-lyers. The dance band participates in many ofthe school activities. The dance band is made up of advanced members of the marching band interested in dance music. The dance band's main activities are playing for the Dance Revue and taking part in the Legion Day and Homecoming activ- ities. It also provides music for various school activities and programs. The dance band also gives programs, along with the dance groups, before outside organizations such as the IPALCO Club at Indianapolis. The band also played two fea- ture numbers at the Rush County Band Fes- tival on March 15. Choir Row one: Miss Garrison. llirectorg Marilyn Browning, Judy Jordan. Diana Bragdon, Mary Walters. Mary Ann Sage. David Goins, Donald Biagdon, Betty Craft, and Miss Chowning, Director. lion two: Martha Brewer. Garnet Browning, Beverly Bragdon, Sharon Born, Loretta Gossage. Joice Craft, .lane Glaze, Wanita Beard, Nancy Jack, and Carmen Harhert. Row three: Gladys Hamilton, Mildred Oldham, Sharon Lovett, Anita Smith, Evelyn Smith, Joann Weatherlee, Charlene Flint, Vernon Gruhbs, Albert Harrington, David Leth, and James Draper. Row four: Jerry Brewer, George Smith, Daniel Beard, Jack Darling, Eugene Vaughn, Ronald Schuesler, James Woods. Clifford Mt-Dermitt, and Richard Moreland. Choir HE MOST active organization in the Morton music department is the choir. The choir is directed by Miss Mamie Garrison and Mrs. Dorothy Wright. This organization plays an important role in our religious program every Sunday. It also presents the annual Christmas and Easter Cantatas. Other activities in which the choir participates are: Legion Day, GAR Day, and many special trips. On April six, the choir traveled to Cen- terville to participate in the annual State Music Contest. There it received a Second Division rating. Boys' Chorus OYS' CHORUS had a late start this year due to the number of boys engaged in athletics and other extracurricular activities. Under the direction of Miss Chowning the Boys' Chorus started practicing, late in the first semester, on new songs for the contest and other activities. At the begining of the second semester, Miss Carol Chowning passed away to every- ones regret. Mrs. Dorothy Wright took over the Boys' Chorus. On the sixth of April, the Boys' Chorus went to Centerville to participate in the an- nual State Music Contest in which the boys came through with another first division. for the fifth straight year. Row one: Gladys Hamilton, Evelyn Smith, Sharon Born, Reginald Stone, David Goins. Ralph Curtis, Charles Weaver, Sam Frye, and Bill Paige. Row two: Betty Craft, Ernest Minton, Larry Rupp, Mr. Byers, Director: James llart. llavid Leth, Frank Strother, James Smith. James Woods, und Jerry Brewer. Row one: Betty Craft, Accompanistg Lorenza Beard, Robert Rupp, Roland Jack, Charles Bragg, William Jordan, Norman Goins, Gary Lemons, and Miss Chowning, Director. , Row two: Eddie Ferguson, Wendell Bragg, Jerry Brewer, Robert Mullett, Clifford Mcllermitt, James Draper, Richard Moreland, and James Jack. Row three: Albert Harrington, Jerry Blair, John Markovich, Ronald Schuesler, Eugene Vaughn, Carl Gilmore, John Hull, and George Smith. Dancing 1 1 11 1 t 111 11111111111111111 1111 the 111 01 ll 111111111111 11 the 11.1 1 11111111111 111 th1 111111111111 1 .1111 1111111 11111111111 111 N111 P1 1151111116 1111111 111 1111 1111111 11111 11111fe1111111.11 llke 1111111 11111 1110111.11111 11 1g11111 11.11 H11m111111111111 1 -XR .11 .11111 111 1111 511111111 13.111111 Re111e 111n1e Nlxtx 1fl111N 111 11 1.111111 1 . 1 1 1.11 111 11 e111111.1111e 1.1111 111 11111111111 1111 1 11111111.1111 1.11 1 11111111 111111 1111111 f 1111111 1h1 11111111-1 QI 1111111 111111111 h1111t11 11r.11e1111 ll 11 I1 11111111 111111 the1e 1.11110 1111111 .111 th1 1111 11 1111111111111 The 11111111111 13.111011 11.11111 t1111111h11 the m1111c for .111 111 the 11.1111111111 1110111.11111 Thr111111h1111t the 1 e.11' the 111111111 111e1e11+1 1110111.11111 11 Cl erent Clt1tlN .11 111111111 01 1 111111 111 I 111111111 P011 11 .111.111 1 D16dNLll't 111 11.1t1h e 1t11e11 111 the 1e1111111 11.111 of th1 Home 111111311111 XITN 911.111 NI111 N111l111er 111 11311 .1111 N111 111411 .111111 N111 H1191 11118 2101113 h.11 1111rk1d h.11d th1 11.111 11.11 .11111 .1111 111 be 1111111r1t111.11e11 1111 thelr 1111111 1'1'1 " 11 1 ' - 1 1 -- ' - .1 - ' - ' 1111111111-111 111 1'1't'1' 1 ' IS 1' , 1' 1' 1' is ' -- th 1 1 --1 ' 1 - 1' 'l- 11. 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Bllvx-rs. l"xri't5'-twxv girls imxxlx- xiii this .rx-:xr's im-mlxx-i rlllll. lhx-sx-girls:xrx-xlixlixlx-xl llll1llllX'- lSl1IllS :xml thrxxxig'hx-xit lllt'.Vl'2il'1'2ll'll xlix isixiii lll2lllS :xt lx-:xst xrm- im-x-ting. A pi'xlgr:x1h is prx-se-iitx-xl hy 1-ll im-mlnx-rs xiii Aclxix-rx-im-tit Il:xy. l'l:xx'h girl x-xhilxits hx-r spx-x-i:xl piwrix-x't fur Viixxlgimg. .-Xxx':xrxls :xrx- thx-ix gin-ii to thx- girls who h:xx'x- xlxvm- xxxitstnmlixig wxrrk iii thx-ir t'ix-lxl. Art Club NlJ'l'lll'lH vc-ry x-irjxxy:xlllx- x'lxih is thx- Art fliih. It w:xs txxrim-xl iii lfml hx' thx- lnrvs- x-xxt lllSil'lll'l0l'. Bliss Yx-lm:x Kixxrwlx-s. I mlx-rthx-gxx1xl:xiix'x-ul Bliss lxmxwlx-s thx- twx-iitlx' im-mlrx-rs ul' thx- x-lxih ir:xrt,ix-iir:xtx- iii :xrl wrtitx-sl. wists-i' xwllitx-sts. :xml sxixliisxxl' thx- sprim: :xrt x-xhilxit :xt Nlxxrtxvix Mx-imxri:xl :xs wx-ll :xs x-iitx-r wxri'lx iii thx- l':xll x-xhiliit :xt liiiiglitstxlxrii. A xxx-xrjx-rt xll' sp:-x'i:xl iixtx-rx-sl this yi-:xrw:xsthx-x'rx-:xtixriixvl'l'l1ristiii:xs wih- xlxxxrs xxl' stimxil:xtx-xl st:xim-xl x:l:xss. symlixllixiixgr thx- siliritxi:xl si4v'i1il'ix-:xixx-x- ffl' Vhristmzxs. Klr. l'r:xiQ xrriy'iii:xxx-xl this ixlx-:i xrhivh wzxs sw :xlily x':xrrix-xl xxaxt ln' thx- .-Xrt llx-xx:xrtim-ixt. lhx- yxxirlxxrsx- xll thx- vlxxlx is txx x-iix'xrxxr:xgx- zxrl :ls :x lrxllllxw: :xml tix s -i"xx- thx- :xi'l llt'1'llSlll' thx- sclixrxll sxxx-ii :xs sxw-ix--xjx' l'xrr thx- l'hristm:xs :xml N-imrr pl-:rs :xml llzxixvx- lix-xm-s :xs xxx-ll :xs sx'x-m-ry fm' thx- .lxxixixvrfSx-ixixrr l'rxrm. Dramatics tlR'l'tlN'S seniors presented their annual play on March 28 to a large audience composed of the student hody and outside visitors. This play, entitled 'The Green Man" was very capahly directed hy Mr. Vraig who also did an excellent jolt with the actors' malvefup. This year's play was entirely different front any given previously. lt was a first class inystery. eoinplete with a murder and plenty ot suspense. The audience was kept on edge during the play with a murder in the first act. an attempted murder in the second act. and the l'1'X't'2lllllQtll the killer in the last act. The play proved a success with everyone trying: to solve the mystery. Photography Club HIC l'HO'l'0tiHAI'HY Vluh was directed this year hy Mr. lilzey. The fourteen hoys who were interested in photography were divided into two groups which met on Monday and Thursday evenings. They were taught how to develop film. make prints and enlarge negatives. This cluh has proved to he very helpful in the work on the Retrospect. Also, the boys developed and made prints for students in the lloine. This cluh has proved to he very successf ful and is very useful for those hoys not part- icipating: in sports. who need a holmhy for their spare time. Morton Echo HE MORTON Echo is edited and printed semi-monthly during the school year hy the students. The Echo staff has done an excellent jolt this past year in covering: all events which have taken place in or around the school. Some of these events were: Fluh meetings, Sports, Trips, Dances, and other types of school interest stories. Our faculty advisor, Mrs. Post, has done an outstanding jolt in guiding: the students. The Editor of the staff this past year was ,Io Ann XVeatherhee. The following students helped as reporters: Gladys Hamilton. Hill Jordan, Varl Gilmore. Norman Goins. John Blarkovich, and Reginald Stone. ia Underclass Snapv Sn, , -wr- '1--Q uyxx .fi Muf' Activities S11 1 1 f 1 Recreation Your Arouiid Activities 1111111 1111111 1 11111 '11':11' X:11'l11l1X ..1T1'1l1l111 1il1i1' 11111111 1111 :11111 21171111111 1111' 1'11l11111lr, 111l'5Q' 1111111111-s 111'11 11111111' 11111511111 1111'l1111111 1111' 1'.-1'1'111111111'111 111'11'11'11111-111 NY111K'11 1- 11111111' 1 . , . 1111- 1111'1-1'111111 111 N111 1'1'1-11 1111111111 '1111 111N Q12111.l11'.X1-1'1111'11s 1 . 11-1' 111111 N11's, 1111-1'!11:1l1. '1'11is 11-111' 3112 XY1'11I111 1111111111 slx '-fM'L'12i1 x:11'11-15' 111'111f1'211115. w11i1'11 111-1'11 1111111 1-11111'11- 111 1111111111111-1111-1'111i11i11g'.'1'111-s1-111'111g1'1111f w1-1'1- 1111111111-11 1111'1911"'11 11111 :X111l'1111 1'1111't'2l11, 1-. 11111111 illit' 1111111111'1111s 1111111111-s 1111111111's. 11111 111A1111111's. 211111 Sl1111l'11111l'5 1111 1111' l'11111I1115. A 11-11' 111 1111- 111 111111 411117111 1111111' 2lk'11X'11lt'S 111'1 '11111 v11111111. XYQ'111l'1' 1'1111s1s. s111'1111111 y1111111s. '1111111i11g'. 1'1S1l1l1,1I.1111111111141S11'111111l1J'11ltI'111'S. '11111 21 II211111xYl'Q'11 112l1'1j'. 'l'111- 1111'-1111--1-111111111r -11-11x'11111s 111l'111l1f' 11111 11111111111 11fly1'll1f' All 1111- 11111 111111 11'1-11111-111 x'1si1s 111 111l' II11111Q 412111111 11111 '11111' 11111 S1l111I11Ul'. I1111s1- 111111 1't'111211l1 1111 11111 11111111-1'111111111s 11111'111Q' 1111- S111111111-1' 112lY1' 11'i11s 111 l1z111i11111. 1.1111'1I1I12111. :11111 1'11111-1' IQ1'11111 . 1 . 1111- x'1-'11' 111111111 11111 111- 1'111111111111- wi11111111 1 51111111 112111l'1'S. S111-1'i111 111'1'11s11111 1111111'11s 11t'111 N1 1111 IJ Ali " 1 j 'ill' w111'1- 1111- 1411l'1S1I112lS 111111Cc. 11111111 1111 11 111111. -11' Y1'211"S 1111111'11, Y1111-111i111- 111111c1- 111111, the 1s1 1'111'111111 111. 11111111 1111, 1111- J11111111'-S1111i111' Movies IHC WICICKIX BI11x'i1- 1Jl'l1SQ'l11K'I1 111 11111011111 H1111 111'11x'i111-s 21 11111111 111' 1111-i11yn11111t f111'1111 11'1lIll 4111111'1l1S. 1111'u11 111111 sm1111. 'l'1111 S111- 111-111s 111 s1-111111' 1111111 112lX'i' 11111 111111111'11111i1y 111 1111111 il s11111'i111 "111111-" 111 1111- m111'i1-s if 1h11y XY1 111- .1111 'S111111111s11. 1111- 11111111- s1'111- u'1'1jI111. 111111- is 1l1l11t'1' 1111- 1111'1-11' Recreation Townhall llE CENTER for social activities for stu- dents of all ages at the Home is Townhall. lt is here that one can enjoy anything from a fast basketball game to a nice slow dance with his favorite dancing partner. Townhall is equipped with a large gymnasium, pool room. visiting room, student store. dancing room and the club meeting room in the up- stairs. The pool room has two tables, on which Senior High School boys can pass the eve- ning with a round of billiards or rotation. lt is a lot of fun to try even if one is not a pro- fessional. The dancing room was redecorated last winter. and with the juke box, it is a good place to forget one's cares and have a lot of fun. The Student Store is probably the most outstanding part ot' Townhall. lt has a soda fountain and booths that are equal to any other in usefulness and style. One can buy candy. gum. ice cream. pop. and pop corn at the counters in the front part. ln the hack room cosmetics. trinkets. and many other things are sold. The Townhall building offers upstaii's for the .lunior Vhapel. dance practice rooms. the lloy Scout and the l'liotof'lul1 rooms. The lloys go at regular intervals to the llarber Shop which is located in the lower part of the building. Adjoining the Barber Shop is the lleanty Shop where the girls can go to have their grooming needs attended. Christmas Vacation OR THE first time in the history of the Home, the students enjoyed a Christmas vacation off the campus. Some went to par- ental homesg others were taken into the homes of the American Legion members and given a wonderful Vhristmas vacation. On Friday evening, the day before leav- ing, the students attended the annual Christ- mas play, which was very ably directed by Mr. Vraig. After the play Santa Claus came: then the senior boys went caroling around the Home campus. Early Saturday morning the students prepared to leave for a week of re- laxation and pleasure. Homecoming the following Sunday was a happy affair with a movie at Lincoln Hall. The t1'aditional New Year's Eve dance was held on Monday night. Summer Camp HE SUMMER Camp is enjoyed by all students who do not have the privilege oi' enjoying a vacation for the summer. They have all kinds of activities. such as swime ming. fishing. hiking in the woods. volley hall, liasehall. and various other sports. if they wish to participate. The students spend at least one week at camp. if they wish to do so. There are many good times had there during their stay. The summer camp was operated by Mr. and Mrs. McGinnidy. of Fonnersville. last summer. Summer Camp Division Life 5 IYISIUN lift- is wry' importziiit tu Mm'- tmfs stitch-rits. It is whorv they live. spomi must ut' thvir lvisurv time and do their sttidit-s. The studs-nts art- under thv guicizmce tif ai gmc-i'iit-ss, ui'z151rJX'vriiur and goveriwss. 'l'ht-sv pt-tiplv do am excelivnt job in see-ing that the students do their part in ketpiwg thc division clvzin and in hvlping tht-:ti gt-t nlumr with each other. Hi Trades 1 5 , ragga, Medical Care hospital for good medical attention l'ntler the capable supervision ot' Dr Leonard Wiatt. Mrs. Vollins and tht stall. such minor ailments as cuts ne-ssc-s are cared for at Indianapolis We also have a well-equipped Denta tltiice under the direction ot' Dr Miller. Q4-viofwff' " " Religion VERY Sunday afternoon the students at Morton Memorial attend church services at Lincoln Hall. Mr. John Bennett, the Home Chaplain, conducts the service. Mr. Bennett also counsels with the students who wish to talk over their religious and personal problems. After the regular church service, the students attend Sunday School classes held at various locations on the campus. The students of the first five grades meet each Sunday afternoon for a forty-five minute service in the Junior Chapel. There they sing hymns and have their Sunday School lessons. This group also participates in Bible memory work. The Junior and Senior students have the privilege of attending the church of their choice, on Sunday morning, at Knightstown. The Catholic students may attend Mass at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. llli MURTON students can al- ways look to our well-equipped bruises. and stomach aches are cared tor. 'l'host- students with serious ill- I 6n'C 1 , I f 7 " V11 I 4 A ',4:G10, Q Amencan Leglon and UXIIIGVQ 11N N 1h 1h1I1 1 1g11111 11111 1h1 -111111111 111 1,1 1:11111 -11111 1. 111 1111 111111 11N11111N N N N 1 1.1 1 IL 1 1 111 I11N 111 1111111111u.1l N111111N11r T N IX It 11111111 11111 1 11111111 1111 1h11N1m1N FAN 111111. N ll N 111 111 11111 1111111 1111 111111 1h1 1IlNIlt11 11 1 . 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