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K 1 all V Published annually by the students o g , icero, Illinois BARBARA M. LINHART .... editor-in-chief JEANETTE E. MEYER . assocmte editor MR. RALPH M. PARK .... . , . . faculty advisor 1 .1 S wag l fi v , J l lf' N I A ll: if -1.1 6 M1 . U3 if 53.- Ill 6 I L lb x , A s . ll R . I if X .V ,. F I, NA l I V I I ff W 'A 74.1 lf f l t 'f A ,xx fl' 'sf fl .L ,I x , L f, if ' ' f Morton junior Colle e C 1961 Pioneer Memories . . . fleeting as the gossamer scent of incensed leaves. . . . fragile as the delicate touch of a butte1'fly,s wing. . . . paths through the seasons of your life. Autumn . . . Winter . . . Spring . . . 1960-61 Do you remember? AUTUMN .. ...PAGE 5 WINTER . . . .... PACE' 43 SPRING .... .... P AGE 63 Q- ! :- I . 4 1 i!ii'1g1'5"Q1"' S lx ' 6 i as so , -' 6 cell' 'id F r K ' lx X 3 x.f,fB' 'U , B 'J-if lsszqb' .1 .5 I- ' , . ,f-4' , 4 is 4' xt 'JPI1 A 'i r is 4. 1..- ,- . I V. fn - 1 P I -' V , 9. . r fl 2 . ' .. if -1. 1 4 ' h 3' A 1 s, 'L g U 1' ? L :iii 5 I X? ff 4 V ' . ' W1 ,E F '.' 'IZ . '- ' i Sl- Q M V-x--N? 1 3 H V 2 ' -V ""' I , ' ' ' ' v -fl . . - q . 1.A. ' Q. I 'SJ' , - V -- ,.1., A I , -Af, " jf - Qllr' :f.'rn7':i" A, t , .' K . I 'N' KA I 4 "f '5 - 1 - """7 f""g ' 1 , ,Q I V ' A-115' - g41,1,QLg4.L-,4,1:3.x:J 2 ' 2--' Sh:-' ' -1 . w ' -s fx,-,.:z, .. z. ,. ' 'Lv "'Q3 71-W" ., .,.f- 'Q -1+-' 3' L1 ,Tut 71 -'lr'-Y fe- Q." -.Q . nr ' 14 1-ffl,-. ,, , .',':,a. ' 2.1-"'7'.v Y' .A-,, 3 . ., ! ' . -P' H '...v I, "-'Q ' J- ,- ' -C J Y - . ' N h .no V-' R' r., A.-Q' .- , , , 1,-..-. D . x. ua: pr, 4 LC fax nz' --L. ., .... b V.. m .3 . ... .- -h .- r. w ' ' T, Qu, 1' .,, -N ,A ' -f' -Y 1' .e' -.. jfs .. 2- - 5 ' Q., :,', , ..n- rf- :r YV., :k 'w 2" . .4 A -qs .n F- 1. Ps. .,,.,,-5 L. 'fs ..-,, 'x .- 'T n Q , f- .Lei ., ,. 4 1.- ,1 ' S, 9-- -'v- ,- ..' .9 . M, . - .. ' --J' R4 .t.'1' Jf. N ..,df.4F,.7r.,F4 1 A' X 7'-.,'-fn.. i '- . , , ' 1. 'Z 1 Q. t ' 1 - V 41'-. .gggfiv ' "' K L ' .74 -ff ' " I 3-ll, 5 41. , , , milf in g , Jfrf'-fa ' Y if -'J 9? " I ' . '75 " 74 ' ,."f: 46+ '1 , ' . . -r.: , , - W' , - -Q f ll , . - -L1 : . . ., - :. - - - ' '35 Y - 'YJ cl' V. ez. 1 2-:fb . L A " 12" v.. A-'7 an A . nh: I v. -s ? . -qw' : , I. ,-:- .A Z 4- veg ' ' wi!-za . Q' in 1 1-5:5 , , ,,, . 5 ,- .N.-. : r'. EE, ,-5. Hin .. - A N 9' , 4-- D61 you rembmberz s 1 A new schedules . ,Afaculty-sitiitieintiea . . class' elections . I. 4 A . . "'WoncTgv5rfm1, 'liowlfi' Hgmeconf ing? WaSi1. w 1 .11 Wifi N -sw 0 ag! may -1'..., Administration and Haculty The success of Morton Iunior College graduates in their chosen professions is a living proof that our administration realizes the problems of today, and, there- fore, organizes the college program to prepare the students to solve these problems with the utmost success. The faculty is composed of persons well qualified to help students assume the responsibilities of enlightened citizens. These excellent teachers endeavor to present a clear concept of their respective subjects, enabling each MIC student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to live in our competitive modern-day world. The leadership of the administration and faculty in upholding the scholastic and general policies of Morton junior College is, undeniably, of the highest cali- ber. The students should be grateful for the fine judgment the Board of Educa- tion has exercised in stimulating the growth and quality of our junior college through its policies and directives. 6 DR. VVALTER L. COOPER President 'fff sg X Si aa mga U 2 Q,,w-of' if-W1 ma , ,luv-j . ,wt :-- , . ' Ci' E' I, 1125- E' .t:',j,QV Under the excellent direction of Dean Harold J. White, Morton Junior College continues to produce the leaders of tomorrow. At its monthly meetings, the Board of Education discusses and formulates the policies govering the administration of thc college. These policies are geared to give each student the benefits of a education. The menihers of the Board are: left to right, top: Board attorney Mr. Edward XV. Chodl, Mr. Otto Pccha jr., Mr. james -I, Zourerg left to right, bottom: Mr. J. F. Mrlzek, Mr. Otto Oplatka, Mr. George Nemec. ' V -i M MQL Q , - fihllnn 'U Miss Dorothy L. Dunn, Dean of Women, displays unbounded en ergy in her associations with the college women. 1 ff: x l fs l x J A WLT. The men of the college confidently look to Mr. Robert H. Nauman, Dean of Men, for guidance and advice with their personal and educational problems. G. ALVIN T. ALMER A.B., M.A. Director of English MARY I. BARDOS B.S., M.A. English HELEN I. BELOW B.A., M.A. Director of Language WALTER R. BLISS Diploma M.I.C. B.S., M.A. Chemistry MARY H. BOLEY DIPLOMA M.j.C B.S., M.A. English CATHERINE BOWES Secretary to Dean White BERNARD BRINDEL B.MUS., M.MUS. Music VIRGINIA C. BROWN B.S., B.L.S. Librarian CLARENCE W. BED., M.ED. Social Studies VINCENT I. CERVENY A.B., A.M. Director of Curriculum De- uelopment I I l .j . . -fa, L .' A ' --. qiLIf'g,,,. Exif fi . ' waffl- -I wig- 12 F-1,."-1425.-,'l A 55, :Qggfffif Vfgwj C' . 3 Y, E2 'L f'f+A'f"fA 'lx 2 i-:gif-Ni,A".4 WP' J L... . jx 1 "KX r - ivj. 5 Q .f If 1.4 ARTHUR C. CLASSEN B.A., M.A. Chemistry ALFRED M. CLEM B.ED., M.A. Director of Natural Science RONDELL L. DAVIDSON B.ED., M.A. Physics WILBERT DOAK B.S., M.B.A. Business ROBERT J. DVORAK B. MUS., M.MUS. Director of Music ,qv 'S' JOAN ERNST Physical Ed. GEORGE S. FENCL B.S., M.A. Director of Athletics DOUGLAS FINLAYSON Diploma MJC BS IN M.E. B.S. M.S. General Engineering GRACE GAARDER B.A., M.A. English ,., - .J 5 --:f ' Q DONALD W. GALEN "1' ' 'wa B.S., M.A.T, Biology ul 4? 4, " 'I 'L' . I A , W - we W N be Y , :li .P ALM 1 5 ix .Wax li A Wy?-r' 4 V ' ., '7 ,V QF-"-f 'Kuff L , h .,.. , ' I X " ng: 5,1-.:.-W, ' 431' ' ' iiasiigin s tein , f , 'EZ ' ' wx'-I r ' 1 HELEN T. GILLIGAN B.A., M.S. Home Economics MARY GRANT B.S- , M.A. Geography DELORES I. GRIESBAUM Diploma M .j.C. B.S. Physical Ed. JAMES M. HALM B.S., M.S. Chemistry CYNTHIA A. HAWKES B.S., M.S. Mathematics PHILLIP R. KASIK Diploma M.I.C. B. S., M.S. Director of Social Science LEROY E. KENNEL M.A. .Speech HELEN C. KEOUGH JOHN A. LEWIS B.s., M.s. B.A., MA. . Physical Ed. - English i WALTER C. KITZEROW B.S., M.A., M.A. German ZENO KOPECKY, IR. Diploma M.J.C. B.S., ED.M. Chemistry xx' l ANTHONY P. KOVANIC Business Ed. 5- f. OLD RICH J. KUDRNOVSKY 3, , B.P.E., B.s. Physical Ed. CLARK T. LOGAN B.A., M.A. Family Living EDGAR WV. LUDWIG B.A.. M.ED. Director of Business BEVERLY L. LUSTY B.S., M.A. Oral Interpretation EIEYVARD M. MARTIN BaseballdrFootball VIRGINIA M. MERO M.A. Home Economics DR. SAM MEYER B.S.C., M.A., Ph.D. English SUSAN MEYER Diploma M.I.C. B.A.. M.B,A. Business x . 57103 -4' ,J V Y, ' . M- V 'I ', J V: V gggii girl '.:f', ,I . MARY ANN MICHELS B.A., M.A. Italian BOHUMIL E. MIKULA L.L.B., A.B. Director of Visual Ed. EUGENE MILLER M.A. Social Studies FRANK NACCARATO B.A., M.A. Spanish VINCENT I. NARBUTAS B.A., A.M. French DR. JOSEPH ONDRUS B.S., M.A., ED.D. Business Manager RALPH MUNROE PARK N A.A., B.S., M.A. English ELAINE PAVELKA B.A., M.S. Mathematics FLOYD S. PLACZEK B.A., M.ED. Director of Testing WILLIAM RADER B.S., M.S. Economics LIONEL I. BANKIN Diploma M.I.C. PhB., M.A. Psychology and Sociology A. WAYNE ROBERTS Diploma M.I.C. B.S., M.S. Mathematics PAUL L. ROISE B.S., M.B.A. Director of Industrial GEORGE L. ROYCE A.A., S.B., M.S. Mathematics WILLIAM B. SANDERS M.A. Geography SARAH P SCHESTA B.A., M.A Englzlvh LUCILLE B.A., M.A. English JAMES H B.S., M.S. Economics JOHN P. SHAND A.B., A.M., L L B Economics MERRILLI SHEPRO Diploma M I C B.S., D.D.S M S A M Dental Assistmg ROBERT W. TEETER, IR. A.B., M.A. Director of SpeechirDrama DOROTHY A. TIMM B.S., M.ED. Director of Home Economics LAWVRENCE F. TULEEN A.B., M.S. Director of Public Relations JAMES O. UMBAUGH B.S., M.F.A. Director of Art HAROLD I. WARREN B.S.. M.S. Biology DONNA I. WVILKES English ,-:gf .nd DR. HOMER YOUNG B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Social Studies Unphotographed Teachers IOHN MASHEK B.A. OF SCIENCE Geology DIANE TARACHAS M.A. Art Personnel may see Mr. White." Mrs. Mildred Brull, Bowes, Mrs. Adeline Alice Frantes. Ill wash you dry." Agnes Nowowlejski fleftj and Lillian fiirst Semester Student Council Under the advisorship of Miss Dunn and Mr. Nauman, the Student Council offers opportunity for the development of leader- ship by acting as the governing body of the college. The purposes of the Council are to provide an effective method of communication between the students and the facultyg to attempt to unify the organ- izations of the schoolg and to distribute the money from the activity fees in the best interest of the student body. Two of the Council members are elected by the sophomore class while one member is elected by the freshman class. The Deans select the other two members. The members of the first semester Student Council were: seated, left to right: Sandra Lileg- dong Janet Haplg Janice Wagner. Standing, left to right: Charles Robertsg Robert Vostal. unzip J -fg A 4 Hreshmen . . Ute Class of1962 This year marked the largest freshman enrollment in the history of our college. In the first semester, the freshman class, under the direction of Jeanie Meyer, President, Al Kolar, Vice-President, Lynne Lawson, Secretary, and Sandi Pertle, Treasurer, with the aid of Mr. I. Hahn, advisor, sponsored a successful playnight of volleyball and dancing. Planning a dance in March was the task of the second semester f1'CSll1'HCl1,UIlCl61' the direction of Lynne Lawson, President, Al Kolar, Vice-President, Sandi Pertle, Secretary, and Claudia Paveza, Treasurer, and their advisor, Mr. Hahn. The class of 1962 lent their ingenuity to the planning of the spring prom and to the memorable Class Night. Supervising the activities of the class 1962 for the first semester were the officers chosen in , the fall class elections: left to right, seated: Sandi Pertle, Treasurer, Jeanie Meyer, President, FI'6ShI'I18.I1 Cablllet and Lynne Lawson, Secretary. Left to right, stanclingg A1 Kolar, Vice-President, and Mr. james M. Halm, advisor. Top row: Roger Brinker, Philip Al- bert, David Fountain, Mike Edger- ton, lion Decker, Dennis Houdek, Dave Pavlctich, ,Ioscph Duclzik. Sco- oncl row: ,lim McGuire, jack Stvan, Richard Tomaso, jim Ricker, Tim Fleming, john Vrana, Don Ballarini. Third row: Phil Smith, Kenneth Shu- mate, Beit Austin, Alan Kolar, Frank Krych. Bottom row: Nancy Potokar, Sandra Karel, Sharon johnson, Sha- ron Bucaro, Lynne Lawson, Nancy Franzen, Bernardicne Baranowski. V Top row: John Plantan, Torn Hurt, Tom Spcrlik, Richard Obernauf, Bob Boburka, jim Justus, Ron Hier- boum, Robert Barcal, Rich Cossling. Second row: Donald Patzem, Bob Carr, jim Petrzelka, Kenneth Poi- man, George Bonucilli, Earl Ellison. Angelo Louero. Bottom row: Carol Gribben, Mary Alycc Posanka, Mar- ge Demski, Pat Lutkauskas, Al R0- gers, Rexene Bertolino, Elaine Ru- pert, Carol Rekus. gp Top row: Howard Odin, Ronald Sa- gan, Richard Hurak, David Niver, Jerome Kozel, Allan Jordan, Frank Solik, Russell Woodrick, Chuck Svec. Second row: Frank Brogni, Patrick Pieper, Frank Bauer, Gene St. George, Bill YVilliams, Hank Car- stensen, Don Musial, Dennis San- ders. Bottom row: Arleen Morgan- tini, Gail Cech, Sharon WVolforcl, Mary Lou Gaba, Amy Groh, joan Vodraska. Top row: David Forbes, Vince Ma- lek, Thomas Kamin, Thomas Zay, Frank Hass. Second row: Mike Mar- cinkus, John Dillman, Ron Kirch, Frank Freiberg. Bottom row: Joe Ciamopoa, Denise Vaurek, Susan Gavac, Judy Dusek. Top row: Ken Kucera, Bob Heller, George Moudry, Frank Smith, Frank Pavlik, John F ortin, Don Podzamsky, Larry Kozin. Second row: Pearl Ori- hel, Nancy Slowinski, Jan C-assaway, Marcia Liska, Joyce Sobotica, Mary Kuske, Terry Catrambone, Jim Tim- mins, Ed Kujawa. Bottom row: Bon- nie Togias, Phyllis Blackstone, Cyn- thia Subach, Susan Gimiinski, Be- verly Grassi, Renata Koliha, Janet Jicka, Maryann O'Connor. Top row: Doyle Hickey, Earl Hodek, Charles Anclelbradt, Jim Catenby, David Sedivy, Don DelBene, Tom Szot, Matt Carr. Second row: John Kubiak, Jim Cleary, Bob Hrouda, Bob Nieminski, Dale Thomas, Dick Ouraoa. Bottom row: Audrey Panus- ko, Ruth Anderson, Carole Vessell, Dolores Desicleri, Marilynn Skorski, Nancy Sobran, Ellen Borgeaud. i r Top row: Bob Carlis, Joe Panik, Jerry Hulka, Don Straka, Terry Dei- nes, Norbert Wfojtowicz, Lou Mar- tini, Bruno Dombkowski, David Sla- ger. Second row: Louis Prapotnik, Donald Eisermann, Marla Vales, Be- nae Staral, Betta Garbarino, Patricia Loidolt, Pauline Sievert, Lynda Bus- ta. Bottom row: Rita Harper, Jean- ne Blanch, Christine Pakan, Claudia Paveza, Sharon Kuba, Janice Pola- cek, Diane Martin. Top row: William F lemr, Jim Ma- nusos, Tom Staniszewski, Ray Has- sler, Dale Bonga, Dave White, Bob Defenbaugh, Ronald jalowiec, Chuck Zajicek, Bruce Hnilo. Second row: john Mostacci, Frank Warga, Joe Gerrini, Cliff Dominas, Iohn Witt, Izolina Ioyaisa, Carol jozwiak, Pat Grenvich. Bottom row: Betty Lutkus, Natalie Ruffolo, Jackie Ha- razin, Nancy Ciner, Gayle Skaja, jo Ellen Dvorak, Bonnie Kaucky, Diann Prutky. Top row: james Podojil, Howard Kostoiis, Ray Kruntorad, jim Sou- kup, Bob Bell, jim Novak, Frank Mushow, Harold Haiek, Bob Hill. Second row: Peter Ianclacek, Ed Heimann, Paul Trantina, Thomas Nickel, Jessica Feinberg, Lorraine Huizinga, Virginia Scheid. Bottom row: Donna Novak, Jeanette Meyer, Diane Marsiglio, Carol Batka, Grace Geis, Karen Puike. Top row: Tom. Hudik, Al Ache macher, WVayne Vermillion, Iim Bar tunek, Roger Ahniholz, Richard jir- out, John Vallino, Tom Eccarot, Ro bert Hawkins. Second row: Ken Kro nenberger, Bill Coyer, Steve Crnko vich, john Kostel, Kenneth Schlich ting, Mike Milosevich, Gene No wicki. Bottom row: WValter E. De Lise, Bill YVittenberg, Glenn Pun cochar, Denise Robb, Robert Musil, Bruce Mattran, Gerald Tornan. .Q, 1 Top row: Wayne Ratay, Don Dragi- sic, Roy Votava, Duane Burda, Wal- ter Mazurek, Don Stevens, Carl No- votny, Allen Bernard. Second row: jim Sheppard, Rich Klingcnmaier, jerry Libera, Richard Acacco, Ted Krakowski, Leo Ambrose. Bottom row: Carol Krupinski, Camille Her- mann, Keith Heicller, Ken Simmons, Dolores Stechly, Bill Budenbencler. if Top row: Ray Simek, Glenn Rajeck, Allan DelSartl, Rio Tauer, Frank Hasner, Stanley Howe, john Lep- pert, Joseph Bellezzo, Walter Friis, George jabes. Second row: Ron Slouka, Frank Sebek, Kenneth Nor- man, Ron Burisek, james Patitucci, George Kroupa, Rich DeLong, Ron- ald DeCesare. Bottom row: Jerome Sypien, Wayne Giacome, Clarence DeVries, Ian Cefalo, Bob Simak, Bob Tysl, Ed Strobl. v' Top row: Larry Frczek, Richard Ynclestad, Frank Szczech, Russell Lekovish, Frank Zahour, Don VVork- man, Frank Beranek, Allen Krc, Dennis Biolobok. Second row: Bruce Bastiaans, Charles Firnsin, Denis De1Sarto, Bill Kriblcy, Bill Jordan, William Dedic, .Bill Fcrrado, Joseph Kratky. Bottom row: Grace Bruno, Janet Hapl, Roberta Victor, Barbara Akin, Rosemary O'Dormell, Karin Farmer, Katherine Albert, Judi Bog- dan, Sandra Pettigrew. Top row: John Pertovic, Ron Pau- laskas, Mike Kouvelis, Charles Zajic, David VVettstaedt, Ed Moose, Jim Hosek, Raymond Hoag, Larry Rem- pert. Szecond row: Jack Jacobs, Jim Benes, George Goens, Jim Styblo, Lawrence Workman, Paul DelCarlo, Ron Krajicek. Bottom row: Marianne Daddino, Patricia Zak, Donna Whit- lock, Patty Curda, Roberta Sestak. - Top row: NVilliam Strnad, Ed Kra- sovich, Charles Kirian, Frank Opa- lecky, Larry Hess, Rich Meyers. Sec- ond row: James Kozel, Thomas Bar- tell, Edward Benson, Richard Allen, Ernest Chaloupka, NValter Urbano- wicz. Bottom row: Carole NVidiger, Dorothy Cribauskas, Thomas Teare, Tony Lutkauskas, Darina Cizek, Carole Zilavy. Top row: John Trappina, Jerome WV0lak, Peter Lazzari, Richard Biehl, Robert Austera, Charles Foune, Ken Bishop, Roger G. Forcash. Second row: Frank Hamtak, Ronald Roeges, Steve Malatek, James Pupelis, Marie Yazdgerdi, Gloria Luse, Louis Lo- renz, Bill Lukes. Bottom row: Jean- nette Demma, Melody Leoni, Judith Kula, Janice Keyes, Pat Hart, Jac- queline Myolil, Emily Lazazzera, Jeanette Skrha. Top row: George Albrecht, Len Sa- wosko, Dave Kelly, Louis Pechan, Bill Kuban, Jim Kovarik, Frank Pli- inl, Norm Garneau, Jerry Wenzel. Second row: Ray Marek, Kurt Aird, George McClcndon, Lee Baxa, Tony Caselli, Bob Kizior, Wayne Schenekl. Bottom row: Pam Marecek, Marcia Hackl, John Morganti, Richard Har- vey, Bill Fairchild, Eric Meskaus- kas, Melodec Bouska. Top row: Ron Groer, Dave Sum- mers, Robert Biciste, Ed Jachimow- ski, Franklyn Pekarek, Leland Ze- leny, Joe La Porte. Second row: George I-Iodul, Dennis Theriault, Frank Holik, Frank Navratil, Pat Hincik, Lynda Schmid, Susan Dux, Kathleen Baysick. Bottom row: Kathy Mach, Sandi Pertle, Joe Pi- sauro, Joanne Spelman, Joan Gre- gor, Sandra Mastalerz. Top raw: Robert Scjnost, Andrew Olsen, .lcroinc Mmkmvski, joe Dy- IllilCClC, lion Pctermzui, l'Iiu'olcl XV0l- lcnlmerg, VVaync Mueller, Hon Hell- ncr, Bill Miclielon. Second row: Arla-nc Grccco, Sylvia jccliort, Irena- liicli, Brian Brunslik, Bryzui Kussinziu, Peter Gregory. Gcomc Relior, Ron Almluton. Bolton: row: Marilyn Cli- vaitul, Dorothy Adam, Ioan Macie- iewski, joan Milly, Mnrccllzl Malcli, Pat Molek, Carrol Hronclc. Top row: Peter Hay, Lambert Mied- ler, NVilliam F ricke, Robert Koma- rek, William Ieske, Ed Przeklasa, Carl Reina, Edward Plocek, Ierry Altier. Second row: Vandal Bunch, jim Palini, Paul Bonin, Don Linde- man, john Potokar, Doug Edison, Jerry Lucas, Dave Pekarek. Bottom row: Sharon Simonek, Don Chesky, Betty Rimdzius, Ervin Nemec, War- ren Sclineider, Diane Frait. 1 -- QP fx 1- xv Top row: Michael Strzelecki, Den- nis Scliarf, Frank Slechter, Joe Aus- tera, Dick Reggi, Irvin MacDougall, Norman MacLean, Bob Senese. Sec- ond row: jerry Castello, Alan F orst, Lau'ry Derengowski, Ray Platek, Stanley Cherney, Fred Frencl. Bot- tom row: julie Fretueg, Peggy Ba- ker, Audrey Rutland, Marlene Me- ioricli, Catherine Oswald. I F - - Hlllll Top row: Robert Schabinger, Gre- gory Sorwell, George Kosmak, Mit- chell Kotennanski, Ron Ballarini, Terrence Booth, Edward Miller, ,loseph Cieply. Second row: Deanna VanHuezen, Kathy Tanczyn, Sherry Svoboda, Karen Steinberger, Patri- cia Adams, Dorothy Langer, JoAnn Zeman, Sharon Miller, Charlene Cjondla, Carol Clabots. Bottom row: Mary Ann Rizzato, Susan Horrell, Catherine Hnetynka, Kathryn Manu- sos, Pat Taraba, Iudy Blazina, Cece- lia Callahan, Iudi Panzer. T012 row: Laddie Hynko, Ron Ca- pek, Allan Furman, john Ludwick, Victor Crowe, Tom Robinson, Bill Saver, Tom Nolan, Victor Starostlsa, Steve Pavish. Second row: Richard Anderson, Don Lentzen, Lee Mart- inson, Stephen Pictras, Lee Drabek, Wayne Zimny, Ray Nelson, Dan Romito. Bottom row: Ioan Fennessy, Judith Hogner, Donald Lorr, Leo- nard Clemeson, Scott Pinta, Ruth Arasim. ll A - I "What do you mean we're on Can- did Camera? ' Morton Svening School The aim of the Morton Evening School is to provide convenient and inexpensive instruction for the out-of-school people of the district. junior College subjects can be taken for graduation and for transfer to other educational institutions. Morton Evening School is an ac- credited institution. The regulations for admission into classes, Where credit is desired, are those applied by the accredited schools of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Morton Evening School belongs to the community, and it aims to serve the wants of those who desire to improve themselves. If stu- dents are interested in any subject, a convenient time will be arranged to offer this subject. 550 ,V -. 29 .J 'Cid 'O . . ya. "Orcliilds In the Snow" was u great success because tlicsc officers workcd hard on every clctail. Left to right: Judy Novak, Carol lfioliitog Marilyn juncu, Prcsidunt, and Marilyn Slaby lUomen's C lug The Womelfs Club provides a place of Anything for a friend relaxation for all M.I.C. Women. The com- fort of the clubroom is greatly appreciated on hectic college days. The clubroom is equipped with a hi-fi set, magazines, and many soft, comfortable chairs. Besides providing a haven for the dis- traught college maidens, the Womenis Club sponsors dances, teas, the Mother- Daughter banquet, and the Big-Little Sis- ter reception. Officers are elected each semester. Members and officers alike appreciate the great help and assistance they re- ceive from the Club,s advisor, Miss Grace Gaarder. Mellow music makes studying al most enjoyable The officers of thc first semester were: seated, left to right: George Wolf, Bob Far- liks Mr. NValter R. Bliss, advisor. Standing left to right: jack Knrbens, Prcsiclentg Louis '1 Vieceli. , , t L j --. V sl -..RS lVlen's Club Every male member of the MIC stu- dent body is an automatic member of the Menis Club. The club sponsored the fall dance, Autumn Leaves, served at the Mother-Daughter Banquet as well as the Faculty Tea, and presented the first dance of the second semester, Sweetheart Sere- nude. Three intramural teams represented the club in the basketball contest. A first place award was merited by this organization's "Paddlin, for Victoryl' float entered in the Homecoming Parade. This club provides a room in which the men can congregate for small talk or set- tle back in an easy chair to watch their favorite TV program. Who said it couIdn't be done? 2. The F aculty-Student Tea was a welcome break in the school day. Two students enjoy a game of skill and concentration. ...AB lr' 61111 if C l .. i 1- Convocation Committee The Women's Athletic Association some enjoyment for sportsminded women. Under the guidance of its advisor, Miss Delores ' Griesbaum, the officers planned interesting and fun-filled meetings for the members. The w,A,A, O I officers were: left to right: Carol Carayg Barbara Linhart, Presidentg Miss Delores Griesbaum, aclvisorg and Kathy Tanczyn. .Q VVithout the Convocation Committee, the programs presented bi-weekly at seventh hour on Thursday would never become realities. The first semester committee, selected by the Stu- dent Council and advised by Miss Lucille Schilling and Mr. Roger Kampschroer, was: seated, left to -right: Joan Maciejewskig Jeanette Moranog Janice Wagnerg and Miss L. Schilling. Standing, left to right: Don Jirakg Mr. R. Kampschroerg and Larry Workman. offers opportunities for athletic achievement and whole- , R Ls-- -v -rx . w , , E, ..:.fg1qiji YL, AEK. n X Sharon Zogas and Adeline Reda starred in the production, "Wonderful Town." ki J 1 wi x T7 With the aid of Miss Lusty and Mr. Teeter, these Guild members presented Noah, Wonder- ful Town, and Harvey to the students of Morton junior College: Top row, left to right: James Sheppardg Alan Havlicckg Rich Wiedenhoeftg joseph Legnerg Walter Mazurekg and Martin Lukes. Middle row, left to right: Sandra VanC0ethemg Rosemary O'Donnellg Terry Catram- boneg Sharon Zogasg jim Timminsg and Glenn Roepke. Bottom row, left to right: Mary Anne Haackg Diane Lukaszekg Dorothy Gribauskasg and Adeline Reda. Hours of practice are needed to acquire grace and coordination for the dance rou- tines. 2 ..- v . ,,..l '. Lil 'l rv ,M li lm E, "1 wr .:i I l .J .'."3i l i l RICHARD WIEDENHOEFT JOHN PLANTAN KEN POJMAN Tackle F ullback Guard Zfie 1960 Season FOOTBALL . . Fortune the ancient Roman od stirring offense in the last moments of the game dess of luck, turned a mischievous and often alluiive face toward the hopeful aspirations of M.I.C.'s Panth- ers this season. The team, though inexperienced, displayed unshakable spirit, willingness and an often desperate courage in the face of overwhelming odds. The squad of thirty-eight, led by Coach Hedtke, received their baptism by fire in the season's opener against Wright. The 21-6 defeat only served to harden the Panthers' grim core of determination. The night game against -Ioliet at Memorial Sta- dium resembled a slaughter of innocents. The blind- ing lights of the Stadium revealed the bewildered but courageous Mortonites trying vainly to hold the dike in the face of an overwhelming flood. With demoniac fury, the joliet backs skirted the ends and poured across the field leaving M.I.C. on the short end of a 49-0 score. The Panthers were "bloody but unbowedn as they journeyed to VVilson for their next game. It was a hard and bitter contest. The gridders displayed a JOHN LARIMER, Halflmck, and BILL COYER, JIM VVYCPAULEK, Tackle FRANK H but failed to keep Wilson from grabbing a 21-13 decision. The Homecoming game provided hopeful fans with the most thrilling battle of the season. Coach Hedtke, aided by Coach E. Martin and volunteer instructor R. Masek, had shaped the Panthers into a fighting fury. It was a well organized, battle-tried team that stalked onto the field that blustery No- vember day. But Fortune, in the guise of two in- attentive officials, ignored the Panthers clever maneuverings and presented LaSalle with a 13-6 victory. The team closed the season with a 40-7 defeat at Thornton. The record of no wins-five losses stands recorded in M.l.C.'s athletic annals. But what can't be re- corded-what can never be recorded-is the deter- mination, willingness and raw courage of the thirty-eight men who played and prayed on a scuffed Held. Quarterback, and DENNIS FLAHERTY, Left Back, and OSNER End RON KOUTSKY Middle Guard , s JIM SRBENY IOHN KOSTAL EDWVIN HOMOLKA Tackle Halfbtlck End 5542 Uarsiiy V The Pznmtlu-rs of the 1960 season were: first row: left to right: Jerome XVolukg Joseph Krcmarg -Iznnes Srlxenyg joseph Bellezzog Dennis Flahertyg john Pluntung Tony Cznnpog and Alam Forst 561201111 row, left to right: XVilliann W'itzennz1nng Conch E. M. Matting Robert Boburkag Timo- thy Flexningg liclwin Hmnolkug Donald Lorrg joseph Ferrinig Head Coach XV. A. Hecltkeg Ken- neth Poimung und Frank Kritelx. Third row, left to right: XVillium xvlllklffg Russell NV00drick Donulcl Del Ba.-neg Michael Eclgertong Rielnlrd XVieclenl1oeft5 Frank I-Iasnerg and james Wye: pulck. 35 Homecoming . . 1960 Homecoming is tradition. Itis something old, something new, something borrowed- but never something blue. Itis filled with the laughter and dreams of yesterday and today. Homecoming is a memory. The memory of -- Elections Four coins tossed into the fountain of for- tune-the Ballot Box Beauties-each hopefully eager to be Queen for a Day. Pep Rally Cool, clean jazz ripping across the roar of a hundred hurried conversations. The Panth- er's spirit goaded into action by the thunder of clapping hands and stomping feet. A play- ful pageant of former Queens from Bicep Bow. Parade Mr. Bones: "Sa1n! Does you know what a parade is PU Sam: "No Suh, Mr. Bones. What is a parade?,' Mr. Bones: "Organized disorder." Game Blankets . . . curly headed chrysanthe- mums tipped with 'Autumn bronze and gold . . . blankets . . .Q Cheerleaders coaxing the crowd with frantic signals . . . blankets . . . aQueen meets her subjects . . . blankets . . . Panthers darting across a scuffed field, claw- ing after victory. Dance Mood . . . lilting . . . lazy . . . lingering . . . a swirl of bright colors and dim li hts. Love whispered with a shuffle. Mezlieval and modern meet as a Queen is crowned and pomp and ceremony gets a cha-cha beat. ii " Flapping their ears and wagging their tails for a Panther victory were these two mice, Elaine Morosky, left, and Judy Janouskovec. 3 llil Hoping that Fortune would smile on the Panthers, these fans cheered for a thrilling victory for a team which never lost its fighting fury. Full of vitality and school spirit, these cheerleaders help lead the football and basketball teams on to victories: left to right: Pam Marecekg Carol Berang Carol Bejnag Sandi Pertleg Geri Stavag and Adeline Roda. 37 -if ,ss M A Men's Club float which gif-1 -1 The hardworking students spent many hours building this They look like they've seen a ghostl 2 . o Homecoming 1960 HER MAIESTY OF 1960 Angeline Zakrocky 'W The boll-weevil of Publications merited a thir Struttin' along to the beat of the victory song. P15106 1'1bb0H- . Qs MH? c 1 I had ,.. . H , Q ,,, ,,! . ,J , -- il T ,il-l1"i,H1- f' ' ' L' V E- ' J - 5 1.f1?1a? ::39LL A, Ari 5 cl i'Q'B'-mu 2 K ll w..,xk One of the unusual entries in the parade was the Theatre Guild's "diesel" v- I 'Er Queen Angeline received her crown and bouquet from Dennis Flaherty and then met the members of her court: from left to right: Judy Novak, Publicationsg Pat Rose, Football Tearing Angelineg Dennisg Carol Bejna, Men's Clubg and Adeline Reda, Panther's Roar. This car won first place for its unique idea. ii a ""'7 1' I W-1 ' 4-' x "-.s " 'll 1wgiJt,,gr3r4e,f lub '-' f.M:'E,f'h1i7,Y1 I 5? ' L- 1 V' it P ll ri' vw. in ffiftfl-E " IL . , , T f ,N , 5 . ,Q :W -wi -V n ' W-1 s ' .-V l - , i '-13sf'f3'2.!4 ' ' Q' 1 -H I 4- . 4 X lt Can you tell that Ilm wearing contacts? W J ld ul Jfldw , iii x - Pl' G Couples at the Homecoming Dance enjoy watching the march of the Queen and her royal court. She couldn't hold back the tears when the Panthers lost the game. A Perry Fotos played his mellow music for many of this year's dances. l l 1,. ,, ..1 , I, ' 1 ,giiia f,- K ..k.:g- 4.x ww! uf -. '-Q l ' E " ag,-MKS M, a J .N l 'A 1 l. gig 1 1 'V' 1 l v , . MQ mm- '4' A in. Qi. Y-A,5ig?'Q-51,3554 gf. f-: -'1 -V ,fu f, , A.-. 4 4537- 31 ' Tho NJC l-l'illll'U1ltln canrrim anmlln-1' loud of fans to tllc-game. The excitclncnt of llrnnucmuing im clinmxccl with a night of dancing. " i il r' ' 1,8 W. 1 ---' V+ gli-liliill look nl llu- lirsl plum- llunl in the 1960 Homecoming l , , and the band played un. I zracc. P l l Xl U ' 1 f ' Q ' ' l l I K, 1 1 Q ' I 6 4- .ll V' 5 IJ- .1 , :lf ,V ' lkyffm..-Nl ""--3' " "fl 1 'V' I - rx: . L 9' x xf vb Y , 1 if f ' 1 ,V '. K 715' f' ' , V ' 'V " ,Fm M If - Y 1 5 v 51 L 1 , w f'lgL -JN' . ll X 'E "'-. Af , hr' , I 'KL' -lui!-Fd' l , A 'I' I . " 1-Af' ' .I -,': , ' ' . ', 'Q V l-L -W hi, ' The rn-frcslnmcnl lable is always ax popular spot. A wonderful night . . . A wonderful girl , . , A wonderful memory. 41 F 'T' 4. RH WN I W. un- -S' . . ..- '- ,..f . 1. n L 4 .- Ein. -5 Do you remember: car trouble . . . "Orchids In the Snowv . . . caroling . . . final exams . . . basketball games the Christmas convocation? This was llfintel Mu, J-I w H m"w ' my fx? ff 'W H, W ,wi 515 I V ra ' 1 A A ,'Ea:,.,. w-.l"- , H H w H -: ::,:E:E.. . . I x 3 A L it . ' ,' ' ..- wfn' W, J-T' 'Pwr I U. inf ' L ...Q .., f,-. - as 'hifwny ,. , . C., 'vu .., fs v 1 4 "" U . - , 1 . 1 'RF' l 1 , Y 4 . . ..Ns,,,-"li, r w. vw,-1113. X.-,-g "-nw ' '- -15 WUF. 1 - 5.-.4 7 ' f - 5. , Qfirig-V ' - A Q-4,54 ,, 2 - A , "WE A - 1 L V: :V . -' , W 0 w " " -N H 'H ' ' X -V vw! Wu uw S I ,mf " H , "M M : Ni ' , M11 H 'Lim ' www W - w , ' W- 1 E., fu, 5:5 U Y 1 ng - , 'i -N ' ' . N . - if WEB? :gf 55' K- -yr ' -2 . V F. ,, H -,-91 A 1 5 W' , H 6:5 Qi,-5'gy"'f.a-"als, ef : : ::::::: 51 gf 311.1-,-mm w 4 Q ig A ., - KWH-g,: Il - " Wfi,-,Q 1 "":'-'rfwm "" M f ! M' 1 , . ,H -1' . . L21 - . .H Xfgiiiiv M . ' wwJ"'?fmfmm l1.muJ"mu1 ,, W -A " , ' ' " ' Ly 1 J. 1'-vi' If 'mm umglvi. , - i Q .WEL ng- 4 :K 1, . , .. 5 I J L , 'HMG U Q- l ,-M34 mfs Tit , .....,, ,., .I Wg .,.E.iL:MM! J W ,... f u, lx. xi V N fin 'W-:,.,. 122:22 ' ' ' 5' ""z ...Q ' '1 ' ' l:1f"f'Z:E?. ' Humming M... L .... ' 4 M. :Jas .K -' Lf " H 1" ' fi V-. ?-' ' .- ,,1.- " -- - 21' -.g,,A4" ,:1- : .. 'T'flZ' ,4 ' N I ' '. Eifplf.. ' V?-Q' f A .ajfy , J' 2 ..:g,,J' 'f . " 'rf , F , ,L V. A,- Wat I it Fl rg. F Y P 1 I 1 ' L 11 w ,l I A ,if I x 1 I 1 um" 'w l -' Gite College Choir The Morton junior College Music Workshop, under the direction of Mr. Robert I. Dvorak, is an example of an organization in which the combined efforts and talents of its members are developed and coordinated to produce a unifold blend of harmony and song. The choir offers variety and relaxation to its members, and the pleasure of expressing emotion and thought through melody. The choir furnished the vocal background for the Guild pro- duction of "Wonderful Townv and, in addition, presented delightful and entertaining programs for the Christmas and Easter convocations. The members of the Morton junior College Music Workshop are: Sandra Smithg Joy Dougang Patricia Roseg Adeline Redag Paula Parkg Sharon Roussarg Diane Lukaszekg Rosemary O'Donne1lg Patricia Carrg Angeline Zakrockyg Marilyn Slabyg Lynne Lawsong Philip Albertg Robert Bellg Richard Buricg Anthony Casellig Ro- nald Deckerg Fred Fairchildg Walter Mazurekg Robert Norrisg Benedict Sedivyg Wayne Vermilliong Edward Zajdag and Carol Zilavy. i The M.J.C. Quintet, under the direction of Roger Vitek, provided the musical entertainment l at many of the pep assemblies and convocations. The quintet is composed of Roger Vitek, N trumpetg Chuck Herman, bassg Ed Zajda, saxophoneg Ben Sedivy, drumsg and Ron Polaskas, , piano. ' l. l ' The book you are now holding is the product of the work of the staff members of the PIONEER. Pictured above are, seated, left to right: Jeanette Meyerg Barbara Linhartg and Elaine Horaz. Standing, left to right: Virginia Scheidg Ian Keyesg Lorraine Huizingag Ernest C pkag Carol Carayg and Sandy Smith. 5He 1961 Pioneer gr: A .gw"' ' VL ' '32 .-Q I t w. H Jr' I ' .I.. 1, lil 7" - N, I-Or" MR. RALPH M. Advisor The staff members who are not pictured are: Joyce Fiflisg Kay Hrochg Christine Stachurag Lillian Feeg Kathy Tanczyng Robert Defenbaughg Ellen Oehmeg and Sylvia Iechort. 46 halou- PARK BARBARA M. LINHART Editor-in-Chief JEANETTE E. MEYER Associate Editor Clie Collegian The Collegian is the pulse of the college. hrough its Weekly issues, the students are in- ormed of important future events. It is through the Collegian that the student body is unified 'nto an active and responsible group. This staff drawn mostly from the journalism class of r. Sam Meyer, the paper's advisor. The Collegian publishes special issues at Homecoming and Christmas and usually breaks the serious routine by issuing an April Foolls edition. The editors of the first semester were: Charles Ianovsky, editor-in-ehiefg Lana Liska, news edi- torg Joanne Sitar, feature editorg and Robert Faje, sports editor. Those elected for the sec- ond sernester were: Arthur Sejnost, editor-in- chiefg Richard Mikuleeky, news editorg Eric Meskauskas, variety editorg Arlene Macek, fea- ture editorg and Dave Canonico, sports editor. The Collegian is printed in the high school print shop which is supervised by Mr. R. A. Kreitzer. Arlene Macek and Eric Meskauskas read a "hot off the ' press" issue of the Collegian. The following group of industrious ncwsmen is credited with all the hard work and long hours which are required to produce each issue of the Collegian. Seated, left to right: Arthur Sei- noslg joaune Sitarg Chuck jauovsky: and Bob Faje. Second row: Lillian Feeg Gloria Luseg Arlene Macckg Judy Novakg Rich Meyersg and Scott Pinta. Third row: Don Childsg john Stre- leekyg Frank Zuhourg Ceorge Phillipg Richard Mikulcekyg and Eric Meskauskas. C3 'X The Party Line staff were, left to right: Dorothy Langerg joan Macie- iewskig and Retta Garbarino. Seated: Renae Staral. The concise, convenient telephone directory, the Party Line, is issued by a student committee under the advisorship of Dr. Sam , Meyer. This directory contains the names, addresses, and telephone Paffy fine numbers of the faculty and student body of the college. This year's issue was edited by Renae Staral and her staff. 9.U,C,3. The I.V.C.F., the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is an inter- denominational organization interested in religious activities. The Morton Junior College chapter is one of many established at univer- sities and colleges throughout the World. The sponsor of the group is Mr. Lionel I. Rankin. The club meets Weekly, at which time the members study pas- sages from the Bible, While ministers, missionaries, and religious films help to create an atmosphere of good will and religion, and relate the Christian faith to a vigorous student life, emphasizing spiritual, social, and intellectual maturity. This year the I.V.C.F. was composed of: seated: left to right: Ruth Ander- song Richard Mikulcckyg and Marcella Mach. Second raw: Ellen Rissky, Paula Parkg Lorraine Huizingag Mr. Lionel Rankin, advisorg and Virginia Scheid. Thircl row: Don Childs, Bob Bytnarg Ron Decker, jerry Rogowskig Ernest Chnloupkag and Thomas Hurt. U i , , g3"Ffrg7ffe1"i The members of the Emblem Staff were: Sitting, left to right: Carol Bcnesek, Pat Carr, Virginia Kafka, Mary Ann Rizzato, Sandra Smith. S'tuntling, left to right: Fre- ' derick Fairchild, Donald jirak, Miss L. Schilling, Charles Roberts, Brian Kussman. YJ gfie Smfllem l The Emlnlem is an annual student publication featuring literary work in the form of poetry and prose. This material is contributed by students personally or through their rhetoric instructors. Through the efforts of the 1961 staff under Fred Fairchild, stud- ent chairman, with Miss Lucille Schilling as advisor, the creative compositions - novel, humorous and informative - of promising writers were edited and the best were selected for publication in the Emblem. XJ The mcmbcrs of the Vct's Club were' Sitting, left to right- Richard Wassenaar, VVillian1 Adams, Richard Turynal Standing, left' to right: Matthew Nevrkla, joseph Jeras, Don Mc- Mullen, Bob Horna. Frank Konfrst, Donald Ierabek, Rudolph Sylvan. 49 g The officers of Orchesis were: Left to right: Bonnie Togiasg joy Dou- gang Dena Demos, Presidentg Jo- Ellen Dvorak. L..- 4- Thc inc-lnbcrs of Orclwsis were: Strmcling, left to right: Mary Alycc Poscnka, Judy Innousko- vs-c, Elzum- Morosky, judxth HL-gncr, Dale McClcndon. Knveling, left to Figllff Dunn Demos, Carole Zilnvy, Bonnie Togius, Nancy Sclwjbail. Sitting, Ivft In right: Szuidm Maistzxlcrz, Carol Rckus, Lolita Formunek, Diane Martin. . 31-eh, '35, .L-'ll N sl? V, 17 E? Q7 nf'- cv , iff Orchesis Through the ages, dancing has been a pleasant and popular pas- time. The cultural aspect of the dance is seen in grace and poise, the artistic aspect in style and movement. In Orchesis, exercise and coordination go hand in hand to produce agility, rhythm, and balance. The students are able to experiment With various routines and techniques in the interpretation of a par- ticular dance. Under the direction of Miss joan Ernst, Orchesis members applied their skill and training when they danced their way through this yearis musical show, "NVonderful Townv, and in a spring convocation. Q30 I J 1 Come to me. It takes courage to stand on that cold floor. 51 ' Learnin' the techniques of choreography. s TQ f, ., . ::m...r - v.. 'lin tl Swim Clufi He who enjoys swimming and wishes to perfect his skills and strokes is a Swim Club member. In addition to learning the finer techniques of swimming and diving, the members acquire grace and the ability to synchronize their strokes to music. This yearis membership Was restricted to students who passed a swimming achievement test. Under the direction and instruction of Miss Delores J. Griesbaum, the talented group displays the result of months of consistent effort through practice in a Spring Conventiong here they combine strokes and stunts in a variety show. The ninc survivors of this ycz1r's Swim Club wt-rc: Stunzling, left fo right: Phil Sulvatorig Larry Hcssg Jack Forting and XVa1ync Cailis. Seated, left to right: Durina' Cizckg Samdrn Trincrg Carol Bcjnag Cynthia Salvinog and Sharon Svobodzl. ARNOLD'S GANG Bob Ourada Chuck janovsky Rich DeLong Frank Pavlik Rich Tomasz MORAVECEK FUNERAL Tom Staniszewski Louie Vieceli Fred Onorati Tom Sladek Chester Ryndak TOUCHABLES Glen Soper Jerry Sypien Bill Lucek Frank Mushow Paul Trantina VVHEELERS Terry I-Iulka Chuck Zaiicek Earl Ellison JOE'S FIVE Ron Abluton Mitch Kotermanski Pete Hay Jim Styblo Tony Caselli UNKNOWNS Jerome Libera John Isacson Vince Macek Tom Teare Dennis Scharf RIVER RATS Ron Slouka Mike Marcinkus jim Pagni jerry Robertson Bill Michelon PORTIN'S FIVE Bob Ward Mike Malzahn Paul Zitnilc jack McCowen Jack Fortin FIVE BOH'S Ken Marecek Roger Vitek john Wenzel R. Rojicek Rudy Sylvan UNMENTIONABLES Bill Lukes Glenn Puncochar Dick Ourada R. Slechta Jim Kovarik CHARLEY'S HEROES John Trappina Don Podzamsky Howie Kostoris Terry Pawlowski Chuck Mitchell PHAETONS Arnie Siudut Ed Mach Bowling league Every Sunday at 10 A.M., the twelve teams of the Morton Iunior College Bowling League meet at Palace Bowl. Each howler receives gym credit for participation While trophies, ohtained with prize money, are awarded at the end of the league year. The advisor of this organization is Coach O. J. Kudrnovsky. Assist- ing him are the president and secretary of the league, Terry Pavvlow- ski and Chuck Ianovsky, respectively. It is the duty of the officers to record the averages and collect money for the league. The purpose of the group is to promote hetter citizenship and to develop national leaders among the college men. 53 Panfhefs Roar The Pantherls Roar, which boasts a large membership, is the booster club of the college. It promotes school spirit and sportsmanship at all of the athletic events which take place throughout the academic year. Its members take leadership and pride in the Homecoming activities by building a float, choosing a queen candi- date, selling rah-rahs and mums, and managing the refreshment stand at the game. 'ali The officers of Pantheris Roar were seated, left to right: Mr. W. D. Rader, advisor, Terry Zmr- hal, President. Standing, left to right: Lynne Lawsong Angie Zakrockyg Sandra Lilegdon. The members of Pantheris Roar were: First row, left to right: Susan Horrell, Sandra Lileg- don, Dorothy Cribauskas, Marietta DeMarco, Natalie Ruffolo, Carol Bejna, Elaine Rupert, Cynthia Salvino, Ioan Vodraska. Second row, left to right: Patricia Zak, Donna Whitlock, Jeanette Morano, Ioan Maciejewski, jessica Feinberg, Carole Zilavy, Patricia Adams, Dorothy Adam, joan Maly, Rexene Bertolino, Beverly Grassi, Pat Molek. Tlzirzl row, left to right: Sandi Pertle, Judy Janouskovec, Barbara Akin, Elaine Morosky, Angie Zakrocky, Susan Gavac, Ian Gassaway, Sharon Miller, Mary Kuskc, Kathy Mach, Audrey Rutland. Fourth row, left to right: james Carlson, Frank Mushow, Robert Biciste, Rich Wiedenhoeft, joseph Legncr, Robert Ho- resovsky, Joe LaPorte, Arthur Sejnost, Glenn Puncochar. F' V 54 "T The members showed their enthusiasm for Homecoming by building this float, "Carriage to Victory." . , ,-vi. -' gy' V .- 5,215-Flare L1 Even after working on their float all night, this group still shows bright smiles and a "we're gonna win' spirit. The members of P2lI1tllCl',S Roan' were: First row, left to -right: Adeline Reda, Pam Marecek, Nnncy Nowicki, Karen Puike, Carol Benin, Carol Crihben, Sleconcl row, left to right: Catherine Hnetynkn, Valerie Anderson, Judy Novak, Lynne Lawson, Darina Cizek, Marilynn Skorski, Ruth Arasim, Bonnie Kaucky. Third row, left tu right: Mary Alyce Posanka, john Potolcar, Jim Novak, Roi Tauer, Bill Strnud, Rich Gossling, Irene Rich, Denise Vavrek, Frank Freiberg, Terry Zmrhal. 15 55 Q 0 . guna, 12 mos C X .Ae If ' 'ofa Ns ,nl as LT! X A X -99 Ngbaigs W, A 4 'a OT 35151. I 1 ' K.. A , , i x U Pl 75 Varsity ' BasQet5aH Alth they A big pow-wow between Coach Hild and the "starting five" during a timeout in the DePaul-Morton game. ough the Panthers played hard and fast, ended the 1961 season with a 6-16 re- cord. Dennis Houclek successfully intercepts 21 pass from the DePaul team. Good work, Den! Bill Heimann and Ron Peterman combine their skills to give Morton another 2 points as Lester Kopecky, -17520, and Joe Iellen, 432, watch the action. I-Iigh-jumping joe Iellen directs the jump ball to one of his teammates as Dennis Houdek gets ready to clear the way for u Morton shot. Tho Palxlllwlw unclvr thc- dircction of Coach Hild for tlic- 1961 season were, left to Tiglllfi Bob Ourzlrlng Eclxvurd Snwdog 'loc Hiemg John Mucauleyg -loc jellong Ronald Petermang Dennis Houdokg jim Spcrlikg Luster Kopcckyg Bill Hcimunng amd Ed Kujawzl. l I if pf-7 QTJE FJ' Are you always this friendly? Aw, hgckl u 1-I-nnlill gp 1 ' 1 y 1 K'-' 'L' I .v 1. Iff' - -1- ..-- l,+'f-ia. he-7"' .3.."- . Ld I.Y:,,, g. V .- .-vi-A -Y, ' 'Qin ...- - ' ...AP ,f-'-' -5, AA , HSN, , fir -4 7 i.."'h W wr- , - - Y Wx Pi 1 .2 r. Surprise! Where's the itsy-bitlsy, teenie wee nie, yellow polka dot bikini? U! an D0 you rememljer: research papers . . A baseball games. , .Easter vacation. , .p1'O1T Class Night . , gracluation? Thiswas., Spring fF3f15"5"',5..g:E T . U 3 .v fk Ev The second semester officers of the Class of 1962 were: seated, left to right: Se Lynne Lawson, President, and Claudia Paveza, Treasurer. Standing, left to right, are: Alan Kolar, Vice-President, and Sandi Pertle, Treasurer. 3resHman Officers Second Semester ' ' Je' .' " : l ' Egzrflszseisab13351agpffrifsgzsgira??LiefsOEgs251in2e50,1 3225 Student Connell ' ffm" ,Nl , iii Z? 11 Q7 A 5-,I AAF l an 4 .AJ x .5 !'1 ,A 1 Sngineering Association , 1- T o gain il realistic picture of what engineers do on the job, the following students became members of tho Engineering Association: Seated, left to right: Marilyn Iancag Jim Carlsong and Ed Suwdo. Standing, left to right in first row: William Adamsg Ken Meskawitzg Frank Gullnghcrg Dcnnis Wittg and Mr. C. L. Roycc,aclvisor. In seconcl1'owr1re: Ken Schuetz, Ken Finkg Ken Slllllllllillg jinncs Rickerg Joyce Fiflisg Larry hVOI'lilU111'1Q and john Skoda. In tllircl row are: Kun Brill, Ccorgc X-Volfg Ray Hzisslerg John Potokarg Rich Toinuszg Robert Rybiczlg and David Slugcr. Silamling in fourth row ure: Roi Tziuerg john Maculeyg Dale Bongaq and Dennis Hou- clek. Mr. L. E. Kcnncl aiclvisvcl thc MIC forcnsic tcinn which was composed of: Frank Zahour and llnss NVoocl1'ick, i"0I'Cj.ll'0lll1ClQ. .vvcmzcl row, SUIIQCII lcfl to right: Carol Fiollito, Maryzlnn ' OConnor, and Duvv Pountanng .vczltccl lvfl fo right ui Nm Hizrcl row arc: Emic Clmloupku, Bcrnuclicn Bnrainowskl, und Stain lxontskv. .-, 3- if-for-,f,,.,.j.'T' T' ii :"ibfw' . ,fl i lf..-,g i -- --I 'T La-.i , i wi- .. df- . iw. .' ' 1-:I 1' 1:-f . 6-,ii -fi ' l Hi ik '-ff'1'J. il' if 112 ,ITLM ll A i ' MP4 ,Wing -,P ' 'fi ". . - -"lc-'ii v I' i.. 11 af f La: ' ',i v fi gf l '7' .ifQ1i . fi ' ..,.f ft" 4 H. ' H . l L -Ji' I D 4 P, -l -1 Zi A. ..- 1.-,., -e-'QCA vs .wa 4145 sv-A u U., The WVomen's Club made a wise choice when it selected its Homecoming Queen candidate. LUomen'sClu5 Making plans for the student-faculty tea and the spring turnabout dance was the job of the second semester officers, who were: left to' right, Virginia Grenvichg Geri Stava, Presidentg Pat Adamsg and Carol Bejna. i K. f I f' 4 f V27 ,. +7- .ff af' n,. .21 418 V1 4 'LAL-.I ,f -' 1 Phnk-a-plunk. Men's Clufi Directing the activities of the Men's Club for the second semester were the officers, seated left to right: john Macauley and Louis Vie- celi, President. Standing, left to right, are Frank Gallagher and Eugene Morrissey. Jef. 1 si ff ee is m KX .1 War.-:..'iw r , Charlene and Pat begin one of the W,A.A.'s exciting basketball games. Ever see such pretty legs? l,Uomen's Athletic Association Enjoying sportsdnys und conventions were the lllCll1lJU1'S of the XV.A.A., who were: left to right in first row: Carol Curayg Nancy Franzeng Bu1'bnru Linhartg Churlcnc Kndlccg and Kathy Tzmczyn. Left tn right in secmul row arc: Sylvia Jcchortg Rcttu Carbarinog Pat Loicloltg Isolinu jcwuisug Peggy Bnkerg and Rcxene Bcrtolino. Not pictured arc Irene Richg Clau- dia Pzlvezag Pat Zazvorkag Bcrnudien Bara- nowskig and Indy McDougal. xs- - in E.- F S-,7 '1- Z' ,1 fm C27 S Lawreucia Welk? Oh, my nchin' back! XX.- the talents of thc 'lheatre Guxld. Gee, that's pretty. What is it? Zgeafer guild Production "Wonderful 5own" 1-2 Cha-Cha-Cha. L... Honors "They did not seek the honorsg rather the honors sought and found them Phi Oheta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa is the national scholastic junior college honor society. Sophomores ire eligible to be recommended by the faculty for membership in the Theta Omicron Chapter if they ire in the upper ten percent of the full-time student body. At least four-fifths of their work must be applicable towards a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. In addition to the schol xstic requirements, the student must possess recognized qualities of citizenship and be of good moral character. BELLANDI, JAMES BENDINC, SUSAN BENESEK, CAROL FAIRCHILD, FREDERICK GAILIS, WAYNE HAVEL, DIANE IOVINELLI, RALPH IIRAK, DONALD KAFKA, VIRGINIA POMIERSKI, JOY ROBERTS, CHARLES SAWDO, EDWARD vos'rAL, ROBERT WACNER, JANICE JANCA, MARILYN ZAZVORKA, PATRICIA JEDLICKA, IUDITH ZHSCHKE, RICHARD Permanent Honor Roll The Permanent Honor Roll contains the names of those sophomore students who deserve recognition for thier academic achievements and outstanding character and fine school service The following sophomores have been chosen. BEINA, CAROI. BELLANDI, JAMES BENDINC, SUSAN BENESEK, CAROL DEMOS, DIANA DOUCAN, EMILY FAIRCHILD, FREDERICK CAILIS, WAYNE CRENVICH, VIRGINIA HAVEL, DIANE IOVINELLI, RALPH JANCA, MARILYN JEDLICKA, IUDITH QIIRAK, DONALD KAFKA, VIRGINIA KAYE, TED KOLAR, BESS POMIERSKI, JOY ROBERTS, CHARLES SAWDO, EDWARD VOSTAL, ROBERT NVAGNER, JANICE ZAZVORKA, PATRICIA ZESCHKE,rRICHARD Presidenfs Aides The Presidents Aides is one of M-IC's most distinguished organizations. It is an honor society for freshmen students who achieve an average of B or better for the first semester. Other quahfi cations for membership are leadershipjservice and character. The Aides are chosen at the be ginning of the second Semester by the faculty and have charge of the majority of MIC elections and aid in commencement exercises. 70 Press Quilci FOUNE, CHARLES GUMINSKI, SUSAN HACKL, MARCIA IIINCIK, PATRICIA I-IUIZINGA, LORRAINE LANGER, DOROTHY LOIDOLT, PATRICIA MACH, MARCELLA MALEK, VINCENT MASTALERZ, SANDRA MEYER, IEANETTE NOVAK, DONNA PERTLE, SANDRA REMPERT, LAWRENCE RIZZATO, MARY ANN RUFFOLO, NATALIE SCHEID, VIRGINIA TOGIAS, BONNIE ZEMAN, IO ANN Outstanding performance and meritorious service are the basis for Press Guild Membershin. The mere meeting of the standards which each of the Morton junior Collegeis publications sets is not enough to become a member of this honor society. One must excel. Evaluation of service and election of members arc done by the Press Guild Board, made up of the senior members who were elected the previous year. Advisors are: Dr. Sam Meyer, Mr. Ralph M. Park, and Miss Lu- cille Schilling. Presiding over the Board is Arthur Sejnost, Executive Secretary. SENIOR MEMBERS ROBERT FAIE CHARLES IANOVSKY BARBARA LINHART COLLEGIAN INITIATES PIONEER DAVID CANONICO DAVID NIVER LILLIAN FEE ' SANDRA PERTLE SANDY SMITH JESSICA FEINBERG , VIRGINIA SCHEID GEORGE PHILLIPS LORRAINE HUIZINGA ARTHUR SEJ NOST GEORGE C ZOENS ARLENE MACEK ERIC MESKAUSKAS JOANNE SITAR EMBLEM RICHARD MIKULEGKY FRANK ZAHOUFI FREDERICK FAIRCHILD Delta P51 Omega Delta Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic fraternity formed in junior colleges. This is al international fraternity ol which Morton junior College is Chapter 189. Admission to the organization is by acting ability, stage craft, costume making, and makeul work in thc school plays. , , TITO SEBASTIANI , . . . DENNIS REMBLOS , . MARY ANN HAACK Score!ary-Treasurer . . . Prcsiflenf . Vice-P1'e.s'irIncI ACTIVE MEMBERS JOSEPH l,IiGNI:1R MARTIN LUKES RIGIIARD WIISDENHOEFT GLEN ROEPKE ALAN HAVLICEK SHARON ZOGAS ALGIS KRONES INI' REDA 'V ' NTINI ADICI, u 4 TITO SICBASTIANI DALE MeCLENDON DENNIS REMBLOS MARY ANN IIAACK DIANE LUKASZEK ROBERT HORNER CYNTHIA SALVINO .IAMES CERMAK SANDY VAN GOTHEN NVAI,'I'IiR MAZUREK PLEDGES 71 ARLILLN MORGA STANLEY KOUTSKY ROBERT NORRIS TERRY CATRAMBONE ROBERT BORBURKA RAYMOND VOTANA ROSEMARY O'DONNELL LARRY HESS YVONNE ZOGAS The first semester officers for the Sophomore Class were: Right to left: Sandra Trincr, Vice-President, Mr. R. L.. Davidson, Advisor, Susan Bending, Secretary, james Carlson, President, Pat Zazvorka, Treasurer. ,--j- --,Avg-g -. 7-.-:Y-V ----.-X-7:::--, 4- Y - - --- .-- The second semester officers for the Sopho- more Class were: Standing, left to right l james Carlson, President, Robert Farlik, Treasurer, Mr. R. L. Davidson, Advisor Seated, left to right: Susan Bending, Sec- retary, Sandra Lilegdon, Vice-President. L, 5642 Class of 1961 , , . , The beginning of the school year was filled with excitement and great anticipation as the sophomore class, under the direction of Jim Carlson, President, Sandra Triner, Vice-President, Sue Bending, Secretary, Pat Zazvorka, Treasurer, and Mr. Davidson, Advisor, execut- ed elaborate plans for the 1960 Homecoming Dance, "Southern Serenadef, The sophomore class also held three playnights during the year which gave fun and pleasure to all who attended. Working with james Carlson, President, Sandra Lilegdon, Vice-President, Sue Bending, Secretary, Robert Farlik, Treasurer, and Mr. Davidson, Ad- visor, the second semester sophomore class planned what has been termed the most beautiful Prom and Class Night of our college. VVhen the solemn commencement exercises were held, the sopho- mores received their diplomas on graduation day, they looked back on their two years at M.I.C. and realized what a privilege was theirs to have been prepared for life through the excellent teaching and counsel- ing staff of M.I.C. 72 WILLIAMI ADAMS IR VALERIE ANDERSON GEORGE BALEY Electrlcfll L1'1f,ll'1E6I'1Ilg Medlcfll Technology Phamqacy CAROL ANN BEINA Liberal Arts and Sc1ences CONSTANTINE BENAKIS General l CAROL BENESEK Liberal Arts and Sclences CAROL ARLEEN BERAN General .-1 L- -X in 1 , if V V, 1 , X CHET BIEDRON ANTHONY D CAMPO JAMES CARLSON Commerce Engineering Commerce KENNETH JAMES Engineering -S fi PATRICIA CARR Liberal Arts and Sciences 74 RAYMOND I. COSENTINO Business THERESA ANN CWIOK Commerce DENA DEMOS Liberal Arts and Sciences ARLEN E N ENA DOTHUM General DOUGLAS DVORAK Liberal Arts and Scicnccs 7 WILLIAM EDWVARD STUART DEARDORFF DAVVSON Commerce Education 1.5 " . i 0 .Lf 5' I., 4, Y' ' JOHN DETTMER Commerce L Q' JOY DOUGAN FRED DRANTZ Music Liberal Arts and Sciences GEORGE FRANCIS DVORAK Education 75 6' FREDERICK D. ROBERT FAIE ROBERT FARLIK FAIRCHU-'D General Liberal Arts and Sciences Music RICHARD FERGUSON Chemistry JOYCE FIFLIS KENNETH FINK Education Engineering DENNIS M. FLAHERTY Business 76 x l MICHAEL FESSL Engineering CAROL ANN FIORITO Pre-Law LOLITA MARIE FORMANEK Education 'I . WVAYNE CAILIS FRANCIS X. CAROL CARAY General GALLAGHER Education AUGIE GATTO Business 1 4- Chemistry PETER GIACALONE Liberal Arts and Sciences 2' 'CJ' MICHAEL CIAMPAPA VIRGINIA GRENVICH PAMELA GRIFFITHS Edugmgiun Education Education BRUCE CRUNST Education is 77 MARY ANNE HAACK Commerce 735. KATHRYN HAAS BILL HAIEK RAYMOND HALE Liberal Arts and Sciences General Music GEORGE HARDING D , DIANE JEAN HAVEL General 1 Education I X fi 1 ALAN CHARLES ROBERT JOHN RONALD E. HEBEDA HAVLICEK HAVLICEK Chelnigtfy Engineering Business WILLIAM HEIMANN Business 78 ED HOMOLKA Engineering I ELAINE I-IORAZ ROBERT HORESOVSKY ROBERT HORNA Education Commerce General KAY HROCH Dental Assisting r : "-'i f J 1. ' RALPH IOVINELLI General JAMES JACKSON MARILYN JANCA IUDITH JANOUSKOVEC Liberal Arts and Sciences EHgiHGC1'iHg COmmC1'CC CHARLES FRANK JANOVSKY Pre-Journalism IUDITH JEDLICKA General JOSEPH A, JERAS DONALD JIRAK BARBARA JOHNSON Business COI11m6rCe Education AL IURKUS Business CHARLENE KADLEC Education FRANK KAFKA VIRGINIA KAFKA WILLIAM KANIA Business General Forestry JACK KARBENS Liberal Arts and Sciences . I +3- fe, Q: EDWARD KASPER Engineering TED KAYE GERALDINE Engineering KOENICSMARK Business 'll l A H i I g C, I 2 BESSEMARIE KOLAR Education LESTER KOPECKY Commerce MILDRED KOSNER Liberal Arts and Sciences RONALD KOUTSKY RAYMOND A. KOZAK, IR. ONA KREIVENAS Commerce Commerce JOHN KREICI General 81 Liberal Arts and Sciences WILLIAM C. KUBAN Business JOYCE KUKLA Education SANDRA LILEGDON Education .u Ml IAMES H. LAGA DARYL LIETZ Liberal Arts and Sciences General , ,H BARBARA LINHART Medical Technology I 5 L LANA LISKA DIANE C. LUKASZEK MARTIN JOHN LUKES Liberal Arts and Sciences Dental Assisting Engineering JOHN MACAULEY Engineering 'UI ARLENE A. MACEK Education 82 SUSAN MARINO DONALD JOE MARRONE HOWARD MATTHEWS Education Business Liberal Arts and Sciences l 9 1 x, x WILLIAM ROBERT MCGLYNN Business JERRY MEIDRICH Business AHMAD MESBAH RICHARD MIKULECKY RICHARD MIKOLAINIS Business General Pharmacy THOMAS R. MILLER Education 83 KENNETH E. MISKAWITZ General . JEANETTE MORANO ELAINE MOROSKY EUGENE MORRISSEY BUSiI1GSS Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry JOHN A. MUISENGA Business FRANK MUNOZ General WILLIAM NAUS BENJAMIN NEMEC JOSEPH NEMECEK Chemistry Pre-Medical COIUIUGYCG KEITH N ERGAARD Business MATTHEW A. NEVRKLA Engineering Aide ROBERT NORRIS IUDITH ALINE NOVAK ROBERT NOVAK General General rn. PATRICIA O'BRIEN Pre-Veterinary xx X r Commerce MICHAEL J. O'CONNOR Pre-Law ELLEN OEHME ROBERT OURADA General Commerce PAULA PARK Music TERRY PAWLOWSKI ' Chemical Engineering 85 WILLIAM PE LCH General I calm LADDIE A. PESEK GEORGE PHILLIPS PHILLIP PICK Commerce Commerce General DEANNA PNIAK Education JOSEPH POLIVKA Business .1 ,. sq I 1 LORRAINE M. POLIVKA DENNIS PUFPAF ADELINE REDA Education Commerce Liberal Arts and Sciences DENNIS REMBLOS Business SANDRA REMUS Medical Technology i in JOHN RIHA Liberal Arts and Sciences GLENN ROEPKE 15.5 ELLEN MARIE RISSKY Educ'1t1on l -3 5,41 CHARLES ROBERTS Liberal Arts and Sciences 'SJ' DANIEL ROGERS Engineering General JERRY ROGOWSIGI WAYNE ROGOSKI PATRICIA ROSE Education Education W W 1 MARGARET ROTH Education 87 SHARON ROUSAR -V77 ' X MUSIC RICHARD R. RUS ROBERT RYBICA CHESTER RYNDAK Ch61T1iSfl'Y Pre-Dental Liberal Arts and Sciences CYNTHIA SALVINO General FORREST SCHAEFER Engineering HENRY SCHLUETER ROY I. SCHNEIDER KENNETH SCHUETZ Engineering Commerce Engineering BENEDICT SEDIVY Music ,Q wtf ARTHUR JAMES SEINOST Education JAMES SRBENY hw. DIANE SHARVIN Business I ROBERT SKUPA Education CARL SIEBERT JOANN E SITAR Engineering in General MARILYN SLABY Education SANDRA SMITH FRED SOBOL RICHARD SPEVAK Education Education 'General Y . I v General 89 CHRISTINE STACHURA Dental Assisting - Nfl CERI STAVA JOHN STRELECKY SANDRA JEAN TRINER Liberal Arts and Sciences Pre-Dental Liberal Arts and Sciences KENNETH F. UFFERMAN Commerce BONNIE LYNNE UHLIR General GLEN VAN DERXVERKER LOUIS V. VIECELI ROBERT VOSTAL Architecture Engineering Education RONALD VRBA Pre-Pharmacy IANICE WAGNER Business .leaning -J --a ROBERT WARD RICHARD C. RICHARD Enginecrhm WASSENAR WIEDENHOEFT Pre-Legal General 3 DENNIS WITT Engineering 4 WILLIAM W. WITZE MAN N General GEORGE R. WOLF JAMES I. WYCPALEK FRANK YURKA A Engineering Engineering Engineering EDWARD M. ZAJDA Music Y' ANGELINE ZAKROCKY Liberal Arts and Sciences 91 if ' ' ' kiwi: i Y' 3 i 'x in - ! ,.. PATRICIA ZAZVORKA RICHARD ZESCHKE ELAINE TZIMMER Engineering Aide Education General I - ' ' TERRY D. ZMRHAL vi' ' SHARON ZOGAS - General Q vgff. ' Education 2- iff' Q A in .. 92 i 1. jf, 4 This year Rader's Raiders was composed of thirteen men, four of whom were returnees. Intense practice began on March 20 while outdoor practice started on March 27. These practices included the improvement of techniques to gain excellent coordination and accurate serves and returns. A successful season was anticipated by the team's coach, Mr. William D. Rader, the team,s manager, Robert Bytner, and the squad of thirteen, hard-hitting members, who were: Bob Ourada, Larry Workman, Lee Martinson, Jim Hosek, Dave Canonico, Jerome Libera, Irv MacDougall, Rich Mikulecky, Terry Zmrhal, Ken Mis- kawitz, and Don Childs. Zennis Taking a brief rest during practice are, kneeling, left to -right: Rich Mikulecky, Don Childs, Terry Zmrhal, and Ken Miskawitz. Standing, left to right arc: Lee Martinson, jim Hosek Mr. NV. D. Rader, Irv MacDougall, and Jerome Libera. Not pictured are Bob Ourada, Larry Workman, Dave Canonico, and manager, Bob Bytnar. 94 ecreational activity and opportunity for self-improvement is p1'O- ed for the young men of Morton junior College hy the track team. 's team promotes competitive spirit and good relationships between e various colleges of the area. Although last year's team was reduced sophomore graduation, equally talented freshmen have replaced the duating members. The yearly events are climaxed hy the Invita- nal, an indoor track meet, and the outdoor Iunior College Con- ence Meet. he running activities of the team include high hurdles, Sprints, the -yard dash, the mile run, the mile relay, and the 880-yard relay. the field, they participate in pole-vaulting, high-jumping, broad nping, and shot putting. 5racQ The incnnhers of the track team were, ,s'tam1in,2, left to right: Toni Szot, Dennis Pufpaf, Dennis Caggini, Bill Nuns, jim Pribyl, Rich Spevak, Ken Brill, Earl I-Iodek, John Potokar, Eugene Morrissey, and Bob Nicminski. Sitting, left to right, are: Chuck Firnsin, Dennis Sanders, Paul Traintina, Ccorgc NVolf, jim Manusos, Kermit Radke, George Kotty, 95 WILLIAM J. ADAMS, JR. Vets' Club VALERIE ANDERSON Panthers Roar GEORGE BALEY Intramural Baseballg Panthers Roarg Pioneer THOMAS I. BARTELT CAROL ANN BEJNA Cl1eerleadg2gi,Orcl1esisg Freshmen Cabinet, Secretaryg Swim u , Panthers Roar, Homecoming Court JANET BEKMAN Swim Club JAMES BELLANDI CONSTANTINE BENAKIS SUSAN BENDING Panthers Roarg Sophomore Cabinet CAROL BENESEK Orchesisg President's Aidesg Intramural Volleyball JOSEPH BENETKA Theater Guild CAROL ARLEEN BERAN Cheerleadingg Panthers Roarg Theater Guild CHET BIEDRON RICHARD BORZYCH Panthers Roar KENNETH IAMES BRILL Trackg Engineering Association ANTHONY D. CAM PO Football IAMES CARLSON Freshman Cabinet, Treasurer, Presidentg Sophomore Cabinet, resi ent, Engineering Association, President PATRICIA CARR Choir, President's Aide DONALD B. CHILDS I.V.C.F.g Basketballg Debateg Tennis RAYMOND I. COSENTINO THERESA ANN CWIOK Intramural Volleyball YVILLIAM EDWARD DAWSON STUART DEARDORFF DENA DEMOS Presidenffs Aideg Swim Clubg Emblemg Orchesis JOHN DETTMER ARLENE NENA DOTHUM Panthers Roar , President 96 Sophomore IOY DOUGAN Orchesisg Choirg Panther's Roar FRED DRANTZ DOUGLAS DVORAK GEORGE FRANCIS DVORAK Intramural FREDERICK D. FAIRCHILD Music Workshopg Press Guild ROBERT FAIE Collegiang Intramuralg Press Guild ROBERT FARLIK Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Volleyballg M RICHARD FERGUSON MICHAEL FESSL JOYCE FIFLIS Engineering Associationg Pioneer KENNETH FINK Engineering Association CAROL ANN FIORITO en's Club Panthers Roarg Collegiang Women's Club, Vice-President DENNIS M. FLAHERTY Convocation Committeeg Basketballg Footballg Theater Guild LOLITA MARIE FORMANEK Panthers Roar WAYNE GAILIS Panthers Roarg Swim Club, President FRANCIS X. GALLAGHER Engineering Association, Track CAROL GARAY WAAg Pioneerg Intramural Volleyball AUGIE GATTO Baseball PETER GIACALONE MICHAEL GIAMPAPA Music VIRGINIA GRENVICH Women's Club, Treasurer PAMELA GRIFFITHS BRUCE GRUNST MARY ANNE HAACK Theater Guildg Panthers Roarg Collegiang Party KATHRYN HAAS BILL HAIEK RAYMOND HALE Music Workshop Line Activities GEORGE HARDING DIANE JEAN HAVEL ALAN CHARLES HAVLICEK Theater Guildg Baseball ROBERT JOHN I-IAVLICEK RONALD E. HEBEDA Intramural Bascballg Panthers Roar WILLIAM HEIIVIANN Intramuralg Basketball ED HOMOLKA Football ELAINE HORAZ Pioneer ROBERT I-IORESOVSKY Swim Glubg Panthers Roarg Debate ROBERT A. HORNA Vets' Clubg Theater Guild KAY HROCH Pionecrg Choir nA1.PH IOVINELLI JAMES JACKSON l.V.C.F., Vice-President MARILYN JANCA Prcsident's Aicleg X'Vomen's Club, Prcsidentg Engineering Assoeiationg Student Conncilg Freshman Cabinet, Vice- President JUDITH JANOUSKOVEC Orehesisg Panthers Roar CHARLES FRANK JANOVSKY Collegian, Editor: Press Guildg Bowling Intramurals JUDITH JEDLICKA JOSEPH A. JERAS Baseball DONALD JIRAK Convocation Connnittceg Panthers Roarg Emblem BARBARA JOHNSON AL JUHKUS Basketball CI-IARLENE KADLEC Choir: Panthers Roarg Swim Clubg NVAA FRANK KAIFKA Bowling VIRGINIA KAFKA Ennblemg Panthers Roar WILLIAM KANIA JACK KARBENS Men's Club, Presiclentg Freshman Cabinetg President's Aides Intramuralg Panthers Roar EDWARD KASPER TED KAYE Tcnnisg Engineering Associationg Panthers Roar GERALDINE KOENIGSMARK Collegian BESSEMARIE KOLAR Music Workshop LESTER KOPECKY Basketballg Track MILDRED KOSNER RONALD KOUTSKY Footballg Baseballg Intramurals RAYMOND A. KOZAK, JR. ONA KREIVENAS JOHN KREJCI YVILLIAM C. KUBAN JOYCE KUKLA JAMES H. LAGA Basebabll DARYL LIETZ SANDRA LILEGDON Intramural Volleyballg Panthers Roarg WVomen's Club, Presi- dentq Student Council, Secretaryg Theater Guild BARBARA LINHART Womcn's Club, Seeretaryg VVAA, Presidentg Pioneer, Editorg Intramural Volleyballg Press Guild LANA LISKA Pioncerg Collegiang Intramural Volleyball DIANE C. LUKASZEK Music VVOIICSIIOPQ Theater Guild MARTIN JOHN LUKES Cheerleadingg Theater Guilclg Panthers Roarg President's Aicleg Baseball JOHN MACAULEY Intrainural Basketballg Engineering Association ARLENE A. MACEK Panthers Roarg Collegiang Press Guild SUSAN MARINO DONALD JOE MARRONE Track HOWARD MATTHEWVS Baseballg Bowling OBERT MCGLYNN XVILLIAM R Baseballg Intramural Basketballg Panthers Roarg Theater Guild JERRY MESDRICH Footballg Track AHMAD MESBAH RICHARD MIKULECKY Tennisg Collegiang Press Guildg I.V.C.F., President RICHARD MIKOLAINIS THOMAS R. IVIILLER Choir KENNETH E. MISVKAWITZ Tennisg Engineering Associationg I.V.C.F. JEANETTE MORANO R Intr'1mur'1l Sophomore WILLIAM PELCH LADDIE A. PESEK GEORGE PHILLIPS Collegiang Theater Guild PHILIP PICK Bowling DEANNA PNIAK Panthers Roar JOSEPH POLIVKA Panthers Roar LORRAINE M. POLIVKA DENNIS PUFPAF Orchesisg Convocation Committeeg Panthers oarg . . ll .ll V0 eybl ADELINE REDA ELAINE MOROSKY Panthers Roarg Chcerleadingg Th-eater Guildg Music. Work Panthers Roarg Debate Clubg Phi Beta Lambda SIIOPS HOITICCOHIIHI-I COLIN DENNIS REMBLOS ' ion Committee VVomen's Club EUGENE R. MORRISSEY Football JOHN A. MUISENGA Intramural Board FRANK M UN OZ WVILLIAM NAUS Intramuralg Track BENJAMIN NEMEC JOSEPH NEMECEK KEITH NERGAARD MATHEWV A. NEVRKLA Vets' Club ROBERT NORRIS JUDITH ALINE NOVAK , Treasurerg Collegiaug Panthers coming Court ROBERT NOVAK Intramural Baseball PATRICIA O'BRIEN MICHAEL J. O'CONNOR Football ELLEN OEHME ROBERT OURADA Bowling, Track, Tennis PAULA PARK Chorusg I.V.C.F. TERRY PAWLOWSKI Bowling League, President Roarg Home- Pan Thcatcr Guildg Panthers Roarg Convocat SANDRA REMUS JOHN RIHA thers Roarg Orchesis, President ELLEN MARIE RISSKY I.V.C.F.g Music Workshop CHARLES ROBERTS Student Councilg Speech Arts GLEN ROEPKE Theater Guild DANIEL ROGERS JERRY ROGOWSKI NVAYNE ROGOSKI PATRICIA ROSE Choirg Homecoming Co MARGARET ROTH WAAg Orchesisg Band SHARON ROUSAR Music Workshop RICHARD R. RUS ROBERT RYBICA Engineering Associati urt on CHESTER RYNDAK Bowling A ctivifi es CYNTHIA SALVINO Swim Club, Orchesis, Seeretaryg Panthers Roarg Theater Guild FORREST SCI-IAEFER I-IENRY SCI-ILUETER ROY J. SCHNEIDER Speech Club KENNETH SCHUETZ Engineering Associationg Panthers Roar BENEDICT SEDIVY Music VVorkshop ARTHUR JAMES SEJNOST " - Press Guilclg Intramural tor' Panthers Roar, Collegian, Edi , Volleyball DIANE SHARVIN Orchesis, Panthers Roar CARL SIEBERT IOANNE SITAR Collegiang Press Guild ROBERT SKUPA MARILYN SLABY Womerfs Club, Secretary Orchesisg Choirg SANDRA SMITH Choirg l'ioneurg Emblemg Press Guild FRED SOROL RICHARD SPEVAK IIAMES SRBENY Football, Baseball STACHURA CII RlS'l'lN E Pioneerg Choir CERI STAVA Clit-ex'leaclim.Lg Panthers Roarg Presit lentis Aide IOHN STRELECKY Collegiang Intramural SANDRA JEAN 'PRINER 1 Swim Clubg Freslnnan Cabinet, Treasl I Cabinet, Vice-Presidentg Convocation Commlttee irerg Sophomore KENNETH F. UFFERMAN BONNIE LYNNE UHLIR EN VAN DFRNVERKER Cl. ' . Cheerleading, Panthers Roar LOUIS V. VIECELI Intramuralg Men's Club, Treasurer ROBERT VOSTAL President's Aide, Secretaryg Student Council, President RONALD VRBA Baseball IANICE XVACNER Presidenfs Aidesg Student Councilg Convocation Committeeg Panthers Roar ROBERT WARD Bowling RICHARD C. VVASSENAAR Vet's Clubg Debate RICHARD WIEDENHOEFT Trackg Menis Club, Treasurerg Intramu Guildg Panthers Roar Footballg ralg Theater DENNIS WITT Engineering Assoeia tion, Treasurer VILLIAM W WITZEMANN Y . Football GEORGE R. WOLF Track, Intramuralg Engineering Association, Men's Club, Vice-President JAMES J. WYCPALEK Football FRANK YURKA EDYVARD M. ZAIDA Music XVorkshop5 Panthers Roar ANCELINE ZAKROCKY Panthers Roarg Choirg Intramural Volleyballg Homecoming Queen PATRICIA ZAZVORKA Sophomore Cabinet, Secretaryg President's Aideg Panthers Roar RICHARD ZESCHKE . President's Aide, President, Tennis ELAINE ZIMMER Panthers Roar TERRY D. ZMRHAL Tennis, Panthers Roar, President SHARON ZOGAS Theater Guildg Orchesis P n. 1 'Ely ll PY e , D lx v l' r ' R Nl 1 . - , Eff: I. ifvs' ,, fa-xg, There must be a message. V 'J ll.. I . -+ . ee Aj mei Elvis II, I'd like a Betsy Wetsy doll and . . . ZR lp In H QYR NM 440 l' 1, . L 9 ish --. sex' i i, .uv - J""' Better prices at "Tops Some people iust d0ll,t appreciate ll good joke. 102 Dear, You're again. stepping on my toes I won't take no for an answer. "Sweet Thingv in the third race? Me and My Shadow. N25 A H- ' 'V i -,Q Avxvh i ...,.. 4- ' ' w "" w N L. - , B -1- -Q. :--5 if Teething again? , - 103 T- 'Did you hear what the circle said to the triangle? . . and then there was John. '-'A "Hey! XVherc,s everyone going?" "Haven't you lmnrd-I-Iillmuns' hav- ing a saIe!', Now just lean forward a bit 104 Mother!! He followed me home again. '1 . . now at Canaverel Calling Vic Tannyl H, mm Music soothes the savage beast. -1, IVY' urur I' 105 106 Achowledgemenis XVith a deep feeling of appreciation, I now commend and praise the staff members of this 1961 PIONEER for their untiring efforts and fine work. To Mr. Ralph Park I give my thanks f01 being a helpful and understanding advisor. I also wish to acknowledge the following people who helped the PIONEER staff produce the book you have just Hnished reading. Miss Ioan Macicjewski Mr. Dennis Sanders ,... Gibson Studios ,,., Mr. William T. O'Connor , . . Mr. Anthony Comunale Mr. Clarence DeVries . , . Cicero Photo Service Shop , ......,.ART WORK PHOTOGRAPHERS CPhotographer of the Board of Educatioraj HUNTER PUBLISHING CO. . . . .MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHERS Sincerely, . . . PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES Editor-ln-Chief, 1961 PIONEER Barbara Linhart 107 Org anigaiional flnciex ACTIVITIES Band ........ .... 4 5 Cheerleaders .....,... . . , 37 Collegian ..,.......... . . . 47 Convocation Committee . . . . . 32 Emblem ..,........... .... 4 9 Engineering Association . . , . 65 Forensic Team .,...... ....., 6 5 I.V.C.F. .,....... . , ....... . 48 Men's Club ........ .... 3 1 or 67 Music Workshop .... ........ 4 5 Orchesis ......... ...... 5 0 Panthers' Roar . . . .... . . 54 Party Line ...... ,....... 4 8 Pioneer ....,....... .......... 4 6 Student Council ..., 19 :Sc 64 Swim Club .,... ........ 5 2 Theatre Guild .... ........ 3 3 Vet's Club .,.,.... .......... 4 9 Women's Club ..,... .. 30 St 66 ADMINISTRATION Board of Education . . ..... . 8 Dean of the College .. ,. 8 Faculty .... ,..,...... . . 10 President ..,......... . . . 7 ATHLETICS Basketball .... , ..,. 57 Bowling League . .... 53 Football ......, .... 3 4 Homecoming . , , . . . . 36 Tennis ....... ,...,, 9 4 Track .,.... ..,..... 9 5 W.A.A.... ...328c68 CLASSES Freshmen ....,. . . . 20 61 64 Sophomores ...,...... ........ 7 2 HONORS Delta Psi Omega ........ .... 7 l Permanent Honor Roll ,... .... 7 0 Phi Theta Kappa ...... .... 7 0 President's Aides ..... ..., 7 1 Press Guild ...... .... 7 1 MISCELLANEOUS Evening School .,..,.. ...... 2 9 Sophomore Directory . . .,...... 96 Candids . ,...,.,.....,.. .. 60 6: 100 108 Autograph 109 CIJIIPMIY T A n'I'er Phone PArk 4-7851 YEARBOOK PUBLISHERS - SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS 333 INDIANA AVENUE-WINSTON-SALEM, N. C This book designed 8. serviced by Phone CLeorbrook 3-3794 WILLIAM T. O'CONNCvR Prospect Heights, III. Northern District Manager 6Ol N. Elmhurst Road

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