Morton Junior College - Pioneer Yearbook (Cicero, IL)

 - Class of 1933

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Morton Junior College - Pioneer Yearbook (Cicero, IL) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1933 volume:

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RICHARDSON Vw W1 -fffMNji'9L- MR. H. H. FIHLEV 5 A M fb WW5'N'mW5fM WWE? ff? All QA A S jLkZV' QB L R My I UAMWRR 1 UQ V10 J I 4V. 1 Wwiff X . RW 'A M y!LT"'J! xi,-L,-J"'J -V-fx ms-Ji . ' ' A"f'!I .. ' aj :VA I -Y W7 VV ' ur DK V52 ,I JVXVIX X 7.72, ' ' I' ,Lx Ju -1 I xjdf-Af I ,f Wy, Lv! ,,.,,.f' ,I ' lx-7,0 W TI-IE PIONEER OF I933 1231 Compiled by the STUDENTS OF MORTON JLINIOI2 COLLEGE CICERO ILLINOIS ' I ,fx y N I I I , J 1 .1-v I .,. J I Q 4 V L, I , ' O .ff wk I ,Ak 'lf '-fd 5 ,A 9 fry V. xvvf .. J Q, J Z f E i 15 Ixx III 'Qi L E I I , XI-. X J! xx I N , I 5 5 I! I IS I V X I l I I x ' xxx .. , V Q Xe, I , . I . , N AX K . xx N X1 X K9 I I ij I I -. 1 I 'I I I P VX I T1 I ,X , y KA X Xt! Q 'CCDNTENTS NU 'X I 'I , , 5 I N. I-GISNQQJI ix KSC!-IDOL . I Q I ff lx Qi Xi Q if 52 C I I IX . N Tx ,. 5, AVI ' , C L A S S E S I W I J X I J, J W3 Section Two Q X II To ACTIVITIES 3 5 Section Three XX E X S ' I E A I II R E 5 S . I6 S Q5 I Section Four X ,lv YT , Q .J A T H I. E 1 B S t' n Five Q AX W1 ec IO L QT X D 13 ' Twig I I SI Y -5 I JQ I N yi AQI X' "if ' I QQ fi if 'g I 2 3 ' , XXL Q, -.jx X n Q f t . Qffw- r M WW I . fuw 1' , , , ,-W' K W J ,VV ,,W?"1"'V'i7VV I VX ,' ii, Lf ff f in!! M V lf' J f ' , , ,lv Mifl' J M , A ,J'vVV .uf -'Vo 'VJQ tj f..' i J I, uf, ff! I W Q My l r' I W Q, - ln accordance with the spirit ol progressiveness Wk I . -fl , I with which the whole world has been Fired Z since the earliest days, we have made the basic f J 3 f theme of this boolc- Progress. As an outgrowth 1 of this somewhat intangible spirit, we have J I, ' , f chosen the Century Exposition with its colors lf A rf. W I 'H jlv fl and beautifully balanced architecture as the v i Q V ' K, ff 0 source of inspiration for the various drawings i and features. ln all respects we have tried to mal4e this annual a really true bool: of progress. ' f al! lxA-L4 ,N 1 ' ...Lk-i gksgn 1 'w,'.fcS1 Nrkll'-P 'QP 1 A gi "'j,,Q,sJ f - -- X .ki -A 'Ax tbiyax, ki LX 8-.Sl-'Ek 95" Sa' 1 Q X - -'fl 'Wi i ,,'A'x,,nft:,riT5'X ,1---L-.N ., J N R. 5 'hgfvp ic, -.- f A4-5, ' iQ , 'xg ' 'N N i""'9'tnt.fQ-. -'W' X' 'L 1 .high LL , s ig . N U ,Q--rx., xv! A lit A L69 I,-' .. ' 3' L Ml A C W wx lla-11 X 4 .t WV 1' 5, 1, . Q-A ll F ii-Jr' .. i., e ii . ,.. bk .NL J vi 1 EEQQQWM W7 MA ffiha Dtoieariom . .YJ-is CE, rx I ' I .-QA ' ...JJ PZ l lax A Since the beginning of the world the desire for "X NT? fe ' ' i if 'fl ,J progress has led manldnd on to bigger and X " 2 Cv -f , 'fly H 'a' 7' better achievements. Sometimes the light oi Q5-l , tw ' J J 75 ft -' ' i l Q ENJ progress has Flicl4ered and almost gone outi but 1 YB .TR V, Ji 3 JJ EJ'-T53 kj it has always been relcindled, burning more N Q A Pl 'if .g A X XT' brightly each time. l ,...s, N .- ij I rl 'vb' I , X 3 I Q H i i -J , .1 1 " '-, . J J jf X N - iT will QW ll .N ,J N ! J b P ,f J J l J X if Aj .X -N ' , , . K' we 1 1 X . 1, x' ' 5 ' P , 'tsl' :tu at Q' fx YXKHMQKJ j vi Jll X fx Ay y .1 I mfg , ,J The early Egyptians, Greelcs, and Romans were the First to light this Flame oi. progress. They toolc good care of the Fire and Fed it carefully, N Q A- X H ' i leg Lg faithfully with their art ol symmetrical pyramids, . A . ,Q X 253 4 wi H if i a AF ii "I" ay - .f N fv if A co umns, an arenaska ter t ese civi izations l Wit 'Q f . N pd .. .N , . " .x , l 'fi ' ' ,X x. ,, sl Lx? M,-Q Q XX, fs: Xp Q--1 .Q i r at f t ss. ,af ggi 'Q ,t rx- W Q3 L is . N. ,Ln vi? KZ5, ii was . n ti? lvl J ff' ft 5 f 2 N: if ,. V l ' X Y Kflx N ' 5 n rf s X aw ' -'X 7 I 'J ITD g xi X xx XS? ff 1 Aixx f 55' X 1 l" . .h .:, tn if j' is ,- X W A 'E-X. - Z X. Ui N " - r if f at fi t-, l 'ii f' by , f N i ss A ,L ,eo 5 vt as 3 xp Xl ,I 'V 'X ' R D Il xi , J, J jgx 'ivy 5 girth not 3 J..-sl vt , T J i A " i r is . Xxx 1.4: .X Xxx to , K i. x Lx, A1 N .eq kr.. 1 , i 1 N 5 it 0 Q5 - . 9 , N . clfmyrw Qtliffvfyfffmppi SJJM-flfffrfiw ymfedmfflf f2'fAa.!frA--0'- L..JA.,,JfSw!-QJ- were gone, the Flame was allowed to burn ,.,.,.L+-fl WWW! wb A1 f , 1 gwwl ya.. 'N9' J ,N , F i, j ff QP' j ,ff f down to mere embers, but these embers were Fired into other Flames -the Gothic, Norman and other Middle-Age architecture. These blazes gave Way to a huge, bright Flame- modern art, whose severe classical beauty be- gins where the earlywestern races leFt oFF and continues with their ideals. To this ever-enduring Flame oF progress, trace- able in architecture, which Finds a huge Fagot For its eternal Fire in the Century Exposition, we dedicate this boolc and hope that it may be the means oF importing the Warmth oF the Progress Flame to the students. .A for X , 1' j' .1 1 . I .1 J . I I j 1 J IX' L'Qy1vx,LLV, l Il'4-4' C 67,94 0-4 45? 1 1 ,fy V-v ' Ma if ' we Lfkz' If V VMS. L, lg .ju Jyb-,fav P v Y A nf . t J f -'Ll I I W J K I f V' +- ,7 2 if I ps - ll S X 3 , ' H '4 if XT 04. ' I ir .A ' 7' , Q 1 W, L -,- I l ' ' 'W The Progress Flame ol our school was started with small but sturdy quiclc burning twigs: As these twigs took lire and gave oil heat and a bright light, greater quantities ol branches were added until now the Progress Flame ol Morton Junior College is burning with a steady high brilliance serving as a source of heat and light lor the people outside of the college as well as For those who participate in its activities. ' 'N ,E 5. E The teachers and students who so willingly and gladly served as twigs left the school a little better each year. The unsellish co-operation ol the faculty and the steadily-increasing student body have made it possible For the collegeto ranl4 as one ol the best. Q 1 K gafib- MX 9 W W9 nwlfffgwbf Fw P ily-ey: , yum,-Lil? M WN MJQN QWJM, b'oJ7M.f-MU wh' -Pv:xofMW'N'Kf' fi 1101" I iqsgg ,,. ,, ffm wt mmf my . X,. Mfn 5Wf9 , Wscf Uf' Ab JM"JC3f ,Mai fvv'-A A fi QW' khljl ,fl WWXVU J K jj-MJ!" I' , ?5f'ff-'VJD 'A ,JD Nllwbx x If U I Nfl' . fX'X'5'ffV Qjj!uQxQ'5y ' W W L L f pr J' f K- SCI-ICDGL 4 it .f dnl 9.1" x , , Q. 4 flu I I 5' My 7 1 , ' I f'-I , l I' figs C LAS .- f 1933 CLAS 5 is ig if ia ge if Q? E5 53 X: Qs 5? if T .Q S X Fa E HARRY VICTOR CHURCH Pioneer President of Morton Junior College 1994 - 'I 933 His was the vision and the courage. The reward is ours WALTER B. SRRLMAN Dean of Men C MARY E RIC!-IARDSCDN J. GRACE WALKER DEAN OF WOMEN QQZLQAMV- W fvlA-7,MX""'C- 4,-'iw-wwf f2fv,,Lf1-411.051-MV I XA 24, -' A A I .. X f 'Q A ADDITIGNAL FACULTY Eari W. Brakicen, B.S. M. Leone Falls, M.A. Fannie A. French, M.A. Robert S. Lundgren, fX.B.Mus. Frances C. Morgan, M.A. Charles K. Nicholas, A.B.Mus. Edward H. Thomas, M.S. Lawrence F. Tulieen, M.S. Registrar and Secretary ANNETTE H. SCHLJSTER BOARD GF EDLICATICDN Richard W. Hoffman, President Edward J. Charvat Edmund E. Placzeic Edward Stuchiik Frank Svoboda IN APPIQECIATICDINI lo tlwe teacliers vve leave tlwis message ol ap- preciation: We realize tlnat vvitliout your lielp and guidance vve could not liave become tlie persons vve are. We liave absorbed tlie knowledge, and unbiased vievv ol life you liave given us, and are able only to leave tliis message lwoping it may ailord a glimpse ol tlwe deep gratitude vve lwold lor you. Your unsellislw worl4 for us in spite ol fault Findings and lwardslwips will remain in our memo- ries as a major part of our recollections ol college days. R x r - '- M I LX ,a," XA! J-f 7-, , - 1, N . s .cv , - xi, 5 X 5 ,. Hx. nr is . V 7 , ! WW' X f . 1 .5 - --v 'tsl ll V V' v ,f .,,, ,wx Raj: EAC LI LTV C. CLIFTON AIRD, M.S. ALVIN T. ALMER, MA. MERLIN M. AMES, Ph CECILE BELL, M.A. C. A. CALLAI-IAN, B.S. EERRIS B. CRLIM, PI1.D. GRACE DARLINGTON, B.L.S. MABEL ELLIS, M.A. FRED J. ERICSON, M I-IOWARD I-I. FINLEY, M.A. JESSE P. GIBBS, M.A. CI-IARLES I-I. I-IABERMAN, B.S.Iv CI-IARLES G. I-IABLEY, B.S. GEORGE E. I-IAEFNER, M.A. h ROBERT M. I-IALE, M J I. . ., I I-IAR.OI,D F.',I+IANSEN, -AQ' . ff 3' f' I , , ,1'CIjIARLES.B1'II-IITCI-I, Ms. c:'HEsTEI2xw.HuNTER,f ' 1 1 I ' ERNEST ILER, M.A. MARGARET KRAEMER, M.A. DAVID R. LAVINE, B.C FACULTY QB WILLIAM F. MARTI L. T. LUCAS, B.S N, M.A. MES R. MCDONALD, A.B. WILLARD L. MLIEI-IL, M.A ROBERT I-I. NAUMAN, M.A. ANCES A. POPE, M.A. WALTER S. POPE, B.S. MOLLIE A. REID, A.B. ILLIAM A. RICI-IARDS, M.A. MARY E. RICI-IARDSON, M.A. JOSEPH B. ROYSE, A.B. IRTON F. SCOTT, M.A. ! R. C. SHELLEV, M,A. ARTHUR L. SMITH, MBA. ALTER B. SPELMANl,,B.'A. H , - ,lf ' f""J,, EM! ', , V , X, CLAUDTA STEVENSON 1 ,MTIIXILLIAM C. STON,EVM.A. fICE,N. TLICKER, A.B. .V 6. fx L MARY TUCKER, Rs. J. GRACE WALKER, M.Ed. AN A. WRIGI-IT, M.A. Cl the Progress Flames of our school, perhaps the most lliclcering one is that of the educational side. With improvements being discovered and advocated every day, a constant change has to be made in order not to be behind times. The teachers of Morton Junior College have care- fully tended our fire and have seen that twigs of improvements are constantly being added so that the flame should neither die out nor become obscured by the smolce of old-fashioned meth- ods. The students too have lent a helping hand in giving suggestions For new ideas, For improve- ments of old ones, and for the carrying out of all experiments. . I u I U J J ' I, ,1 U ,gf it " . 1 f ' f ' 4 A J f -MJ ' f 1 s r ,Q O u 1 if Q F LASSES SQPHGMCIQES fW,My,sfiQ,.i N gsf ', L W P 1 ,P bE3fvQfJf'1:, v-Jy! X4Qix,-1 ' 'lb lyvydxijrjkr ,Pl 'rfb f-wycljff' pf-1 ,ycffsb :fx J, jjfu iggwpwy MOTTEL it i ff J' ,Y , President V ,DJ Jsff fyfww? fy :ff A P ' aff fam? f.. '53-J . 'LSQJ1 if ' , +5 , , sf Q F,-I' ij-1 Viir- gf x Qbgf !fiJ,.r I ,Y,,2w' All, gif " Q, D75 R N ik g M ROLAND Busse v,-V I If r,,JV 5 JA, 'fy Vice-President .t1M,,, M, . .i - KJ Lskfsj, A-4 W fx , 6 R173 is 'E-5'v CJJJJP! - jf' fflf .fkfrf e S' ' ,ff Q R V Q RS' ff N' 'sa' J, R ROBERT SRAHN 9 , Secretary 4 L A S S LESLIE MICKELSON Treasurer Q Last year we were the apprentices, learning the fine art of lceeping the Progress Flame burning to the highest clegree. This year we have been the masters but always en- deavoring to improve our methocls. 8 x VFX ft tl , GRADUATES X f tx . bf 1,4 X, VRVUNK A Q f rm A l lf 2 ' " f f " js A vjjx' L, rf Ulxb JL 'X hx xy W Ukrff vi Ky A "W l1 Cy lp gl is l l X mr' J . Ml- . K 'e , V Dwjix 1 VI' R R w N, is -If iff' XJ 1. , ' ' - ,.' V 7 J ' V K jj I x 'W X ,jul sts ex ,mfs Nl f JAMES uuelcn-4 w NEW V l h . Y Y President .Nik JOSEPH PROS K . Vice-Pres' nt 5 - f'Wf?W '59 FRANK LINDUSKA W Secretary ESTI-IER McKENZlE F F i . E R X Treasurer Q We leel sure that our efforts were not in vain and that the leaders we have chosen 'will be remembered not only for what they accomplished but also for their ideals and goals. 33 SOPHOMORE ADELAlDE M. ANDERLE Education Club, '39, '33, Basketball, '39, W.A.A., '33, Advanced Tap Dancing, '39, 33. Honor Student, CLARENCE O. ANDERSON Engineefs Club, '39, '33, Chemistry Club '39, '33, President '33, Wrestling 33. GEORGE BANKS Engineering Club '39, '33, Pageant Players '39, Tragicomedians '33, Collegian '39, '33, The Poor Nut. Honor Student. NEVA BEGGS W.A.A., '39, '33, Basketball '39, '33, Hockey '33, Swimming '33, Tap Dancing '33, Track 39, Pageant Players '39, Tragicomedians '33, Wetomachick, Secretary '39, President '33 Honor Student. JACK A. F. BESSERER Commerce Club '39, '33, Politician's Club '33, German Club '39, '33, Men's Club President, '33, Collegian '39, '33. ' , , .4 X 1 X iv i ! ,rf f .9 js.-- JJ' ' " 37 V' , , , , X l x A A I ' 4 f X 'Jlaf J' ,ff -. y X ' ,r f W K tl J ff . GEORGE EDWARD BLECTHA , ., , , -, cu En5ineer's Club '33, Politician's Club '39, '33, r X , Q H , rj X Varsity:33,Track'39, '33,Co-Captain '33,Pageant A ' 'CJ IU aj A f I Players 39, Tragicomedians '33, Freshmen Sponsor, ,L dx U ' i Pioneer 39, 33, Editor-in-chief '33, Honor Stu- i' J 'V dent, Pre-Engineering. ' J i X J 1 ,N lr - , ' ii N " ,j ' ,V J X ,wzkxlaa PJ! J To Ld 55,2 MAiaiE BOEHM X f K .5 , Education Club '39, Nihil N151 oaiinlum, Liberal ,P ,V 'l 3 Arts and Science.. ' Ex U- ,NJ , J' X . ."' X X' i xx: GRACE B. BGHAG . l j H.. Vivace Club 'EggC5g?g'2ngT5ga,l3:El!ug.1-3Q,.'X,?3i lj X l K jo r- b ,l is Ii ij N - , rt A xi 'U ' 1 N"Xv 'J . J x X 1 N i X ' -"' A '- i E . MARY HELEN BOLEY W.A,A., '39, '33, Education Club '39, '33, Pioneer '39, '33, Liberal Arts and Science. Honor Student, President's Aide. JANET BOND PIONEE W,A,A. '99, '39, '33, Hockey '99, Varsity '99, Basketball '99, Tragicomedians '39, Aces. GRADUATES ROLAND BUSSE Wrestling '32, Swimming '32, lntramural Board,, Secretary ,'33, Commerce Club, Vice President '32 Riding Club. VICTOR BOUTIN Pre-Medical Club '32, '33, Golf '32, '33, N.l.- J.C.C. GolfChampion '32, Morton C:olfChampion '32, '33. ADELINE BRAZA W.A.A. '32, Wetomachicks, Liberal Arts and Science. MARJORIE BROWN BERNlCE BLJKAUSKAS A Bonnie Lassies, Education Club '32, '33, W.A.A. '33, Politician's Club '33. GEORGE S. CERNY Debate Club President '32, Varsity Debate Team, Commerce Club, '32, N,l.J.C.C. Debate Champions '33, Oratorical Contest, '32, Honor Student. FRANK CERVENY Pre-Engineering I R, R Q. ' 3 T--ri" JAMES L.cHisi-iotm XX7,restling '32, '33, Track '33, Politician's Club, Ggmmerce Club, Tragicomedians, "M" Club '33, L Pioneer '33, The Poor Nut. HERBERT JOHN CHOICE HENRY CERNOTA Engineering Club '32, '33, Swimming '32, Chem- istry Club '32, '33, Secretary-Treasurer '33, Wrest- ling '33, Freshman Sponsor, Debate Club '33, Politician's Club, Vice President, President '33, The Poor Nut. ET933 Soccer '32, '33, Engineering Club '32, Politician's ' ' - ' mmittee '33- Varsity Club Club 32, 33, Radio Co , '33, Collegian '33, The Poor Nut, Honor Student. - SOPHOMORE EDWARD J. CHVOJKA Engineering Club '32, '33. LOUISE M. CUCHNA Education Club '32, '33, President '33, Choral Club '32, W.A.A. '33, Politician's Club '33, Tragicomedians '33, The Poor Nut, Peter Pan. GEORGE E. CULLICOTT Politician's Club, President '33, Men's Club, Vice President '33, Commerce Club, Vice President '32i Cosmopologists, Treasurer '33, lntra-Mural Board '32, '33, Football '32, Swimming '32, Track '32, '33, The Poor Nut. ll2VlNG J. DAPOGNY Engineering Club '32, '33, Varsity Club '32, '33, Tennis '32, '33. MANUEL DU CHATEAU Pageant Players Tragicomedians '33, Varsity '33 Engineers Club 32, '33, Freshman Sponsor GEORGE DLESK Swimming 32 33 Pageant Players Varsity Club 32 33 Pre Commerce Club 32 33 Engineering Club Tragicomedlans Treasurer 33 FRANKLIN H DUBSKY Engineering Club 32 '33, Chemistry Club '32, '33, Cosmopologlsts 33, Swimming '32, '33. i DE SALES DU VIGNEAND Pre Med Club 32 33, Chemistry Club '32, '33. DOROTHY M EHRLICHER W A A 32 33 Treasurer '33, Hockey '32, '33, Basketball 32 33 Baseball '32, '33, Svyimming 32 33 Manager 32, Education Club 32,'33, Tennis 32 33 WA A. Board, Archery Club 33, Peter Pan President '33. PIONEE EVELYN ENDRIZ W.A,A. '32, Pageant Players '3Q, Peter Pan, Liberal Arts and Science. ARTHUR E. EWERT Varsity, Debate Club, Tragicomedians, Engineers Club, Choral Club, Riding Club. DOROTHY JANE FETTERS Swimming '39, Archery '33, Golf '32, JAMES FITZGERALD Pageant Players Comme ce Club 32 33, W A A GRADUATES M RUTH DOROTHEA GOLDSMITH M! , - r ' ,' . . .. ' . '39, 'sa. W WK se ciaocs-iALA Educati n '39, '33, G an Club '33, Pageant Player , resident's Ai Nihil Nisi Optimum, 6 Secretary '32, '3 ioneer '33. QF1933 MARTHA J. HAIR W.A.A. '33, President's Aide, Choral Club '39, '33, The Poor Nut, Peter Pan, President '32. WILDER R. HANSES Soccer '32, '33, Varsity Club '39, '33, Politician's Club' 3SZ,' 33, Commerce Club '32, '33, German Club '32, '33, Golf Club '32, '33. CARL J. HANZLIK Swimming '32, '33, En5ineer's Club, President '39 Vice President '33, Men's Club, Vice President, Varsity Club, President's Aicle. GEORGE J. HARDlNA Commerce Club.- Pl-llLLlP R. KASIK SCDI3l-IQMCDRE .x."Nv 1- . BETTY HOPE' Education Club'39, Aces, Liberal Arts and Scienes, EDWARD HOPPE Varsity '39, '33, N.I.J.C.C. Basketball Champion- ship Team '33. sa F15 X 9 ' L xa. 'R " PJ a""" 1' .. V", f K RE' ,. lx N ' A X KP - C tt X15 X ' fri- Q. 5 ik 1- " , 4 4, ,X he .5 5 EDWARD JINDRA Pre-Engineering. JOSEPH M. HOSMAN Soccer '39, '33, Varsity Club '39, '33, Politician's Club '39, '33, Commerce Club '39, '33, German Club '39, '33, Golf Club '39, '33. ELMER JANKOVSKY Pre-Engineering. QQ 4fwJ w MJXL v- yi is r, , ww, . ' fikyywfif N, "' ,X FRANK L. JEDLICKA Pioneer '33, German Club '39, Chemistry Club '39 '33, Pre-Med Club '33. RUTH JOHNSON '33, Wetomachicks. G. MARIAN JOHNSTONE Optimum, President '33. GEORGE W. KALLAL Captain '33. Choral Club '39, Pageant Players '39, German Club Pageant Players '39, Choral Club '39, '33, Educa- tion Club '39, '33, German Club '33, Nihil Nisi Engineer's Club '39, '33, Soccer '33, Chemistry Club '39, '33, Varsity Club '33, Wrestling '39, '33, Commerce Club, President and Vice President '39, Debate Club '39,l'l1e Poor Nut, Debate Team '39, '33, Student Council '39, '33, President '33, Honor Student. PIONEER GEADuAiEs.,W K, ,fx 1.3 LOUIS J. KELLER ww WY ' i L ' Traclc,'32, '33,4Pagzlant Players'3Q, Commerce Club :X A ' I t NT. ei fr 1 33,.?.?,''52L"iz's:-2555',iziizwLi',33?,Ss2zp,Wwe 3,5 Ml fs llkl-Ji' .L-1, PAUL KISER a...x.Ylk i'1T3Sfa'L',.f"'f'5a'f"cE'f,'f,i"'5i'.fE 395 '53f"if'l'if,'ilZl'fQ . N' , Abu' 1 Club '33, Freshman Sp'onsor. Q CYYJ' JW' li! " ' ' ' 'll v 'gd , 'C 5 Q, A A W. EDWARD KNOX ' Class Officer, Vice President '30, Basketball '30, '3'l,Collegian'31,'39bCog1merceClub,Politician's L u . v WILLIAM J. KOCHE 5 'tl etball '39, '33, Soccer '33, Student Council K I 3' , Varsity Club, Treasurer '33, Commerce Club N '39, '33, Collegian '32, Choral Club '32, Freshman ' ' A Sponsor. Honor Student. -V I ,L f 44,9-if ,ov-x JQXVY' A 1 ' A f uf-4' JEIVU WI 3 ' L YV 0. QUMW'-fi A JJ"-f'-Ax 'A' C fdflfdf ,- fp '11 " if if D, I f Hag ' -4 EDWARD c, KONCHAL ffffifk Q11-'val' J 1' 'M' J AC' ,J , T' ,. - mmerce Club '33. C' d X A 'N VX -f',,,,,,J ,1J" qw-'A yo - Juv , 9 , , . "if4'5"V """..,,l"'..A.L,r'..1 . c -A ""r'-"W- Inq V -,day g N, V jg df.. . U .L -M' r E fb. fly!! VJ! Ml.-4. 5- I "" 5 J., ,, , v-'W 1 U' W' '1 ARTHUR J. KOPECKY Engineefs Club '31, '39, Football '33, Pre- Engineering. LUCILLE J. KORES Debate Club '32, Education Club '39, '33, Tragi- comzdians '32, '33, Oratory '32, '33, ALOIS A. KOSTKA Engineefs Club '32, '33, Chemistry Club '33, - President! Aide. RlCl"lARD B. KOSTKA Football '31, '39, Track '39, '33. Jil ,f J X V ' HAROLD H. KREFFT Q' Engineer's Club '32, '33. O 'i ' J ROBERT KRELL uf 'Y' l Politician's Club '32, '33, Wrestling '32, Chemistry p' , -, i - Club '39, German Club '32, '33, Collegian '39, ' XA '33, Business Manager, '33, Freshman Sponsor, V! ll., ix Pioneer, Business Manager '33, Tennis '33, Honor 4 F .XJ Student. Nik, f' f , M O V , ,J M 5 ll! r. ' f l SGPHCDMGRE ELMER F. KOZAK Engineer's Club '32, '33, Cosmopologists '33, Pre- Engineering. BLANCHE KRAEEC Education Club '32, '33, Politician's Club '32, Basketball '32. , i vw 4 vt , . C 3 ISABELLE KRlSTOEFERSEN ' Pageant Players, Secretary '32, Education Club '32 ' '33, Tragicomeclians, Secretary '33, Otyokwas President '32. L ,,i' ANTON KRUZIC ' Football '33, Varsity '32, '33, President '33. RUTH KVECK Education Club '32, Aces, Liberal Arts and Sciences AGNES LANGE Women's Club, Secretary '33, Tragicomedians'33, Pageant Players,.Secretary '32, Education Club '32, '33, Treasurer, 32, Collegian '33, Otyolcwa '32 iimiw ',- GILBERT G. LANGE Commerce Club '32, '33. HOWARD LARSON Engineer's Club '32, '33, Cosmopologists '33. . EMIL LEJSEK Pre-Engineering. F1933 GRADUATES LORRAINE LOEWE RUSSELL LARSON Engineer's Club '32, '33, Varsity Club '32, lntra- mural Board '33, Freshman Class Vice President 32, Freshman Sponsor, President's Aide. IRENE E. LASZEWSKI President's Aide, Tra gicomedians, Student Council, W.A.A. '32, '33, Education Club '32, '33, Sylque- sox, Honor Student. CHARLES LEBL Varsity Club '32, '33, Bgsgball '32, Basketball '32, GEORGE FRANK LEVY Engineer's Club '32. MARTHA B. LHOTKA W.A.A. '32, '33, Vice President '32, President '33, Hockey '32, '33, Basketball '32, '33, Baseball '32, Track '32, Dancing '32, Fencing '32, Tragi- comedians '33, Pageant Players '32, President's Aide '32, Class Qlficer, Treasurer '32, Women's Club President 33, Student Council, Secretary '33, Tragicomedians '33, The Poor Nutj Honor Student. ELOISE INEZ LOHRMAN German Club '32, '33, Sylquesox. BRUNO J. MACK Commerce Club '32, '33, Politician's Club '33, Pre-Commerce. FRANCIS J. MAGUlRE Baseball '32, Basketball Manager '32, '33, Varsity Club '32, '33, Engineer's Club '32, '33, Pre- Engineer. SOPHOMORE Q, C 'fW.A.A. '39 '33, Basketball, '39, Swimming JOHN MAROHNIC Engineer's Club '39,' '33,?gVarsity Club '39, 33 Chemistry Club '39f Football '39, Basketball Man ager 39 Track 39 Football Manager 33 KEAN A MAURER Chemistry Club 33 R - ,ff 'JERRY JLMAYER A ' " ' ,Pioneer '33 ESTHER McKENZlE Pageant Players '39i',Tragicomedians, Treasurer '33, 1 '33- Hockey '33: Cosmooologists '33, The Poor Nutt Class Officer Treasurer '33- Presidents Aide- German Club '33, Aces President '33- Honor Student. VMILDR ED I MEHREN W.A.A. '39, '33, Hockey, Baseball Basketball Fencing, Education Club '39, 33 Aces Secretary '39, President '33, Tennis, Manager Baseball 39 Archery Club 33 ERWIN E MEISINGER Engineer s Club 39, Chemistry Club '39, '33, Vice President 33 Cosmopologist '33, Baseball '39, Varsity Club '33, rl' , I MARGARET M. MEYER P ,-5' Education Club, Aces. ,1 N ' We' 'T , id Qlf ROBERT MONKOWSKI " V Fencing '39, German Club '39, Commerce Club '39, President '33, Politician's Club '39, '33, Honor Student. DOROTHY MORRIS ' Pageant Players '39, Tragicomedians '33,W.A.A. '39, Bonnie Lassies. ANTHONY B. MOTTEL Student Council, President '39, German Club '39, '33, Class Officer, President '33, Collegian '33, The Poor Nut, Freshman Sponsor, Honor Student. GRADUATES ARTHUR MRAVIC RITA MULLIGAN Student Council, Secretary, Alle Zusammen, Secre- tary, Pageant Players, Vice President, Commerce Club, Tragicomedians, Vice President, Collegian. GEORGE C. NADHERNY Pre-Med Club '32, '33, Chemistry Club '32, '33. MARIE ROSE NEJEDLY Pageant Players, Swimming, Education Club '32, '33, Choral Club, W.A.A. '32, '33, Tragicome- dians, Collegian, President's Aide, The Poor Nut. Honor Student. ANNE NELSON Basketball '32, '33, l-loclcey '33, W.A.A. '33, Education Club '33, Alle Zusammen, President '33, Liberal Arts and Sciences. Honor Student. i . If , I, f , f' ' ' - ,uf Wim' xfy 1 ' 'T 'If' x X, J I LEONARD R. NORBERG 'J' ' ' Commerce Club '32, '33, Politician's Club, Cos- r " 'lf' " I ' l .IIT ' fy! 'Q " K J' ,fu ,Fw -.Ri 5 I fr ,R fn, f N J ' , k - fry D J for N X . V Q .kv J ,N iff' ' I if? 5 J a ' 7 fl 7 I F I . E, ' lr N u f ,, I ,tl gym. V In DQ' -I 'N " ",,f'W' , " J' i - ."' ' T 'V ..f" oi 'eyed' , J " " tjvr' 1' 'L , " at A 1 W, -' yy TTGEORGE H. Noiaron, Jia. ' " Ahfistaht' Football Manager '39, Manager '33, 'ff , y Asvtisrant Track Manager '32, '33, Commerce Club ik In ffl, " ' i, '32, '33, Politician's Club '33, Varsity Club '33, - ' Collegian, Circulating Manager '33, Tennis '33, " ' ' Freshman Sponsor, ., dv o 11, , 9 ETQ33 GEORGE JACOB PERCY NOVAK Soccer '33, Swimming, Commerce Club '32, '33 Varsity Club '32, '33, Politician's Club '32, '33. LEO NOVAK FRANCES M. NOVITT Pageant Players, Secretary '32, Education Club '32, '33, Vivace Club '32, '33, Vice President, '33, Choral Club '32, '33, Otyolcwas, President '33. mopologists '33. SOPI-IOMORE VIRGINIA NOVY W.A.A. '39, '33, Collegian '39. THOMAS B. ONDRAK Pre-Engineering. WALTER E. PALMER Basketball '39, Baseball Manager '39, '33, Football Manager '33, Commerce Club '39, '33, Chemistry Club '39, Varsity Club '39, '33, STANLEY R. PALUTSIS Pre-Med Club '39, '33, Tennis '39, '33, Chemistry Club '39, '33. f I 1 1 I ',l. 'x'k J f' , 1' ' Jul.. "LT to W I. M-1' ,1,fJNI' XJV-1 . 4-.x .112 , ' 'TL fX,I-f?'j lx-xlolljjaw' ' JULIE ANNE PATRAS W.A.A. '39, Pageant Players '39, Pre-Med Club '39, '33, Secretary-Treasurer '39, Tragicomedians '33, Chemistry Club '39, '33,Nil1iI Nisi Optimum, Secretary '33, President's Aide. ANNE PERKINS Pageant Players '39, W.A.A. '39, '33, Basketball ,39, '33, Hockey '33, Swimming '33, Tap Dancing 33, Track '39, President's Aide, Honor Student. HELEN PETROVICH W.A.A. '39, '33, Vivece Club '39, '33, Choral Club '39, '33, Basketball'5?9, Sylquesox, Secre- tary . JOSEPH PETRZILKA, JR. Wrestling Team, Manager '33, ELSIE RUTH PHILLIPS W.A.A. '39, Education Club '39, '33, Politician's Club '33, Swimming '39, '33, Tragicomedians '39, Pageant Players '33. F1933 G ia A D u N55 lf 39, 33,C Clb 33,Pltfensv 4 , if an '33, ,,,Cw2sffsa, -saw IM jf ,V Lf , af xxfiLLiAM PIERCE ff - ,A ,bf Pre-Engineering, Engineer s QHWAB. ,,f!I"'- ' K f ' A ff 'J is - uf, ,fl f' ,fu fl fr ff f i' -1 'I l if i-IOWA D PL,.51C5GE f ' ommerce lub '39, '33,M mercg. JOHN PODLESAK EMILY POUZAR ' l fl My .V csaoiacg W. PIANE u H yfjjlfjf ,fi I, ll!! U jf ' 2 - 1 ' .f 1 .1 X i I F ' ' .1 ,' I ' ff' filgtffjyfmdf ,ff Uvjjy ,- f , M I' ' ' j J ,. J jfdifff 'ff 2 ,ff .. jf f l 'J 'XX' 5 J,-f ,W if' "f Jff' 'Jil 'Fa-,J ur' jfs f . fi 10 Doon-iv Education Club '39, '33, Politician' Women! Club Orchestra '39, '33, '33, Liberal Arts and Sciences. JAMES J. PROCHASKA Track '39, Soccer '33, Engineer's Club '39, '33. JOHN R. PROSEK Varsity Club '39, '33, Secretary '33, Track '39, Baseball '33, Soccer '39, '33, Captain '33, Colle- gian '39, '33, Sports Editor '33, Enginzefs Club '39, '33, Chemistry Club '39, '33, Cosmopologists '33, Class Officer, Vice President '33, Freshman Sponsor. . 'll-IQMAS J. PUTZ Chemistry Club '39, '33, Engineering Club '39, '33. JOHN M. RADOWITZ Tennis '39, '33, Varsity Club, Commerce Club. SORHOMORE ELEANOR G. REMES hXf.A.A. '33, Edlucation Club '39, '33, Hockey '39, 33, Easlcetball 39, 33, Swimming '39, '33, Alle Zusammen. CHARLES D. RODRIOUEZ Basketball '39, Track '39, '33, Engineefs Club '39, 33, Chemistry Club '33, Varsity Club '39, '33, Presidents Aide, Collegian '39, '33, Honor Student. MAE ROSENBLOOM Pageant Players '39, Tragicomedians '33, W.A.A. '39, 33, Board '33, German Club '39, Hockey '39, Swimming '39, '33, Archery '39, Collegian '33, Alle Zusammen, Liberal Arts end Sciences. YVONNE M. RCUBIK W.A.A. '39, '33, Hockey '39, Eclucaticn Club '39, '33, Special Dancing. JOHN RYLANDS Engineers Club 39, '33, Vice President '33, Football 39 Varsity Football '33,VarsityClub'39. LADDIE SAFANDA Engineer's Club. MARINO SAlNA'l'l J ' I FRANK E. sci-ammo I Student Council, President '33, Social Committee President '33, German Club '39, '33, Freshman Sponsor, The Poor Nut, Honor Student. JOSEPH W. RYCHTARlK Engineer's Club, Archery Club. M 33, Pre-Med Club 33, i A Soccer 33 Varsity Club Z6 Choral C ub 39. 'Q Lg., f X Ml A . fl ' E' ' V 3f'n'i5"1 3 f M' f - pd ':"f 1 3 'l' dl' . Us we f f,yVkfQl' - :flu CAA' ' 'Y E' f Sll-VlLlS MIKE SANTIS XJ! F l ' Aft" x, Politician's Club, Tragicomedians, Pageant Players, German Club, Vice President, Freshman Sponsor The Poor Nut. PIONEE GRADUATES LElLA R. SMERZ W.A.A. '39, '33, Pageant Players '39, Tragi- comedians '33, W.A.A. Board '33, Education Club '39, Choral Club '39, '33, Archery Club '33, Golf Manager '33, The Poor Nut. BLANCHE SEDLAK President's Aide '39, The Poor Nut, Tragicome- dians, Secretary '33, Pageant Players '39, W.A.A. 33, Education Club '39, '33, Collegian '33, Bonnie Lassies, Secretary '39, President '33. RICHARD J. SEIBERT Soccer '39, '33, Varsity, Politician's Club, Tragi- comedians, Engineer's Club '39, '33, Chemistry Club '33, The Poor Nut. ANTOINETTE G. SIMECEK Education Club '39, '33, Politician's Club '33, Wetomachicks FRANCES S. SKUPAS Education Club, Bonnie Lassies. ERVIN C. SNOREK Engineer's Club '39, '33, Vice President '33, Chemistry Club '33, Choral Club '39, German Club '39, Cosmopologists '33. ' ROBERT l-l. SPAHN Class Officer, Secretary '39, '33, Swimming, Intra- mural Board, Debate Club, Freshman Sponsor, Ccm- merce Club, FRANCES STASKUS W.A.A. '39, '33, Secretary '39, basketball '39, '33, Baseball '39, Women's Club, President '33, Commerce Club '39, Honor Student. CHARLES STEJSKAL Varsity Club '33, Soccer Team Manager '33. JOSEPH N. STONESIFER Pageant Players '39, Engineer's Club '39, Tragi- comedians '39, '33, Track '39, Varsity Club '39, '33, Collegian '39, '33, Editor-in-chief '33. QIUJV Education Club '39, '33, Treasurer '39, Politician'S JOSEPH G. SVRCHEK RE PHYLLIS R. SURDYK Club, Secretary 33, W.A.A. '39, '33, Swimming 33, Special Dancing '33, Track '39, Basketball '39. Soccer '39, Track '39, Varsity Club '39,'33, Rid- ing Club '39, German Club '39, Engineer'S Club. STANLEY A. TEJCEK Engineer's Club '39, Commerce Club '33. HOWARD ELSTOB THOMPSON Sophomore Class Vice President '33, Football '30, Track '30, '33, Varsity Club, Commerce Club, Politician's Club, Vivace Club. ELBA TINOR W.A.A. Board '39, '33, Education Club '39, Basketball '39, '33, Baseball '39, Tennis 39, Women's Club Vice-President '39, Presidents Aide '39, Peter Pan, President '33, Honor Student. +i.,f1etw,xicix...W GEORGE J TOMAN J cw Soccer 31 39 Cross Country Track '39, '33, Q Commerce Club '39, wt rl ilw? IRMGARDE TONAT WMM M-73? Student Council '39. JOSEPH JOHN TOPlNKA Commerce Club '39, '33, Vice President '39, Chemistry Club '39, Politician's Club '39, Pre- Commerce Club. RICHARD E. TURNER En5ineer's Club '39, '3g3President '33, Wrestling W R Baseball '39, '33, Varsity Club, The Poor Nut, Honor Student. ED PIONEE GRADUATES RUTH TYNDALL JAMES ULRICH ' Football Manager '32, Basketball '32, '33, Traclr '33, Assistant Manager, '32, Class Officer, Presi- dent, '32, '33, Freshman Sponsor. VIRGINIA CAROLINE WALTON W.A.A. '32, '33, Pageant Players '32, Tragicome- dians '33, Hockey manager '32, Swimminglmanager '33, Education Club '32, .'33, Women s Club, Secretary 33. ARTHUR WEHRMANN Football '32, '33, Wrestling '32, '33,HCommerce Club '32, '33, Politician's Club '32, M Club, Freshman Sponsor, Track '32, The Poor Nut. JOHN WENKOWSKI MARGARETTA A. WERNER Vivace Club '32, '33, Choral Club '32, '33, Basketball '32. JOHN WHITE Collegian, Business Manager '32, Pre-Commerce. ALEXANDER H. WIDIGER Varsity Soccer '32, '33, Varsity Club '32, '33, Commerce Club '32, '33, German Club '32, Chemistry Club '32, '33, Cosmopologists '33, De- bate Club '32, Honor Student. EDWARD WOLAK Football '32, '33, Commerce Club '33, Politician's Club '33, Varsity CIub32332, '33,Cosmopologists -5 SOPI-IOIVIORE I ANASTASIA YALIKSI-IA Education Club '32, '33, Politician's Club '33, W.A.A. '33, Nihil Nisi Optimum. LILLIAN YUNEK Education Club '32, '33, Vice President, '32, President '33, W.A.A. '32, '33, Collegian '32, '33, Women's Club Secretary '32, Politician s Club 33, Presidenfs Aide, Basketball '32, Hockey '32, Horseback Riding 32, Alle Zusamrnen, President '33, Honor St cl t HELEN J. ZELEZNIK W.A.A. '32, '33,Tennis '32, '33, Basketball '33, Oratory '32, Collegian '32 .1, '33, Pageant Players '32, Tragicomedians '33, The Poor Nut, Honor Student. CLIFFORD ZITEK U , , ' f, fy . R R v J "" 9 I ' 'I . ' fzfff ' J' ff!! ' ADDITIONAL GRADUATES .Lf : n,,Jj , - ELLA BELOVSKY DR. C. S. BRAZDA GEORGE R. CHOBOT Pre-Med Club '32, '33, Choral Club '32, ,f Chemistry Club '32. Xu! GEORGE DIVIS WARREN DLICKETT RAYMOND ELLIOTT WILLIAM FERNI-IOLZ ADELE FLOWERS B. L. GILSON CARL JOHNSON Chemistry Club '32, Swimmi ng' PIONEER GRADUATES ivy! A I L14 THOMAS A. KECUIQ . S I J V 4 R24 XY. . VIN My J A VJ - ,Ifj ' 3 f EDWARD KERPEC I I v I 1 F 'Q I Z fry! RAMONA KLIKA , , I I I Y JI df I ' HARRY KRAUS ww 0 JK Kp' ,ry Q JY, ,xi 5 xghu VINCENT LARSEN fi yf Ii, J IU A Ebb? JOHN LOEOREN XI YJJ 'xg y 'X f J- 'NJ - I f my I if ,. ERANI4 NEVOSAD ,E V jx! ,- , I I Q I! ff iff' DJJ V' HAZEL NOTT .V 1 I Q' 4 I , . F ' U QQQ , A, j-'I - ,'Ak!"f.l!jfxfi0 ala! , ' "SIM 1,0 3 IJ ' 1 ,f JOSEPH PRIBYL U5 ,J ,, 9 0 If I A RICHARD RROHASKA S i WILLIAM SASKO . ERANI4 SAZAMA ,KJ MROBERT SIIVIEK W WL? AUGUST SNIUTNV 'M ff WJ WSEPH SOEQH QXMIZWQ I' UJURAV SUMA W' I 5 ON,TOBIAS MJ Mun ' Of' RAY TURNER MM I U JOSEPH ZIIVIA WWW CDF 19 3 3 CLASS PRCDPI-lECV 1950. "Nothing now remains impossible. The research scientists at the l-lall of Science have just made a formal declaration to the world that since the structure of the atom has been un- covered by George Cullicott and the harnessing of the atom to machinery instead of mechanical energy has been made possible by Louis Keller, nothing in the way of discovery is hindered." l fold up the Stonesifer News, lean baclc in the pneumatic seat of my roclcet car, and quietly re- pose until l find myself at the l-lall of Science, my destination. l am met by l"lenry Cernota, the doorman, who quiclcly and quietly ushers me into the presence of Raymond Elliott, the Presi- dent ofthe Scientific Research Laboratories. During our brief course of conversation amidst the ringing of bells and the clatter of apparatus l am informed that Joseph l-losman has not quite as yet perfected his mechanical student, but since l have spent an entire afternoon coming from Germany l could spend several minutes in visiting the various departments and above all see the new electric ray. l consented, but explained that in three hours l was to be in Washington, D. C., and that l would, above all, lil4e to see the electric ray. The robot guided me into this room and through that hall until we came to an elevator. A stream of light brolcen by our presence signaled the automatic elevator which came promptly. ln ten seconds we reached the top of the largest observation tower in the world, which was care- fully designed and engineered by Ervin Snorel4. As l entered, l saw Leo Novalc tearing his hair and mumbling something that he would be able to get any country in the world. While pacing 4 bacl4 and forth, Professor Novalc explained his electric ray which was invisible to the nal4ed eye but yet able with the aid of the television and vitaphone mechanism to which it was con- nected to be directed on any individual scene within a radius of one hundred miles and the operator was able tot see and hear what talces place on a miniature screen. l-le connected up his apparatus, set up his electric arcs which il- luminated one entire side of the room, and pulled the switch attached to the invisible ray. My hands eagerly grasped the selector and turned the lcnob. A shrieldng sound and then all was quiet. l could plainly see the Shedd Aquar- ium. Within was Bob Monl4owslci, garbed in a janitor's uniform, and with an extended hand he carefully fed the sharl4 three buclcets of worms which he dropped in one by one. l give the l4nob another turn. Whee-ee. The Criminal Court Building stands just as it did in 1933 but now slightly darl4er as the years go by. Cn the first floor is George Cerny, the County Judge, seated behind a darlc deslc. Before him is seated Martha l-'lair who is suing Roland Busse for breach of promise. Directing the ray into the upper room l see Robert Spahn who raps for silence and carefully scans the beautiful women in the Morals Court. l give the dial another twist and point the ray into the suburban area. Whee-ee. l see Daddy Talpai singing one son to sleep and at the same time trying to free him- self from the toe-hold applied by vicious Junior with the aid of his teeth. l try to get the Banlcs' Theatre on Michigan Avenue by turning the dial. Whee-ee. l see the beautiful dancers on the stage making eyes at the notables in the first box. The dancing ceases and a tremendous applause follows. Those sitting in the first box are Gov- ernor Schmid, Mayor Choice, Ex-Senator Mottel and his wife, and Esther McKenzie, the foremost educator of the day. ln the adjacent box was Elba Tinor, who had just returned from Russia where she had made a social survey. Pit this moment l point the ray to Michigan Avenue. l recognize Mr. and Mrs. Peck looking into Mulligan's Book Shop. The attractive win- dow display is blurred. Ahl Now it is better. No wonder people all stop and look. A new set of books has just been received from the publishers. Among them are Koche's The En- chanting of the Fairer Sex, Edward Konchal's Fifty Years from Now, l.oewe's This Thing Called Love, Gilson's What is Life, and Zelez- nik's Voice Culture. Moving the electric ray to another spot of interest l see the Wehrmann Stock Exchange, a tall skyscraper with seventy floors - all of which are devoted to stock transactions. l see Art with a well established stomach seated behind a dark desk which he uses as a foot rest. l-le sends Mike Santis to summon the directors for a general meeting. Mike notifies Joseph Topinka, the President of the Seibert Bank, Wellington Knox, representative from the Tonat United Bakeries, Kean Maurer, appointed member of the l'lale- Ericson Debate Platforms, and Edwin Tyk, the business manager of the Harold Krefft Cheese Company. l move the electric ray so that it will reveal the main floor on which the crowds of people move about eagerly seeking to sell or buy stock. l recognize in the crowd Leila Smerz, i-loward Biemeck, and Joseph l'losman who are gathered around the new scientific ticker which controls all the opening and closing market prices. l.eo Novak now takes the selector and directs his invisible ray into Wisconsin to show that it really can record any scene at a distance of one hundred miles. Very faintly l see a log cabin in the heart of a thick forest. Now the scene be- comes clearer. l recognize Jack Besserer lying down in the shade of an old tree and emitting a sound similar to that of a carpenter's saw. Down the weather beaten path comes Tom Pxnderle with his string of fine bass. Josephine Grochala calls from within the cabin that dinner is ready and everyone starts for the table. Leo Novak gets impatient because he wants to make a few alterations. l finally persuaded him that l would like so much to see what became of the Morton Junior College. l-le says that it is now located in Riverside along the widened and beautiful Desplaines River which was scien- tifically deepened and cleansed. l point the selector in that direction. Whee-ee. l see a beautiful campus with benches facing the river and contented faces watching the canoes glide past. The dean's office is located in the main building around which are grouped four smaller structures. ln the deanfs office is Mrs. Schuster conversing with Buck Wright. She has just received a list of the warnings which will soon be recorded by the mechanical typist. Through the door l see Mr. Spelman whose brow is wrinkled and his hair turned silver, but he has seen his dream come true and made Morton Junior College a Morton College. - May your dream also come true in 1950. Jerry Mayer 4. To Elmer Levy and Edward Firsein, the lily white complex- CLASS WILL We, the class of 1933, being, for the moment, of a sound and disposing mind, and memory, do make and publish this one last will and testament, hereby revoking and annulling any and all promises or obligations heretofore. We direct that we be cremated upon a pyre of petitions, collateral books, term papers, and exams. They will finish us as we finished them. Also we request that our ashes be exhibited in the Mens Club Trophy Case. We Do Give, Devise and Bequeath: To Morton - 50,000,000 signed and noted petitions to be used in case of need. May Morton Junior College continue forever. To the Deans- A chance to submit to the Supreme Court for final decision their classic debate, Resolved: Man is Superior to Woman. I To the Faculty - All our poor grades to be redistributed among our successors. They won't do us any good where we are going anyway. To the Library Staff- An adequate supply of adhesive tape and earplugs to maintain a seeming silence in the library. To the Collegian - News that never grows old. May it always keep pace with the times. To the Class of 1934 - Individual oil lamps, for the night shift, can-openers for emergency openings of your lockers, the strenuous point system, our text books with topic sentences underlined, and our vacant, deflated lockers along with the ways and airs of a sophomore. And to the following individual members ofthe Class of 1934, the certain share designated. 1. To William Suchy, Sweet William Koche's most enchanting 11. To "Duke" Bishop, l-lelen Zeleznik's sophisticated speech' h . C alms 12. To Bessie Pesek, Earl Morris's triple treble voice. 9. To Charles Vaughn, Mike Santis's empty and unfillable Chdrify basket. 13. To Jean Pope, Bob Monkowski's ability to detest math. 3. To Martha Peterson, Marge Werner's clinging vine 14. To "Shovel l-land" Cech, Rita Mulligan's dainty hands. technique. 15. To Fred l-loppe, Roland Busseis broadmindedness. ions of Esther McKenzie and Frances Novitt. To Alice McCausland, Martha l-lair's way with men. To Kenneth l-leise, Jerry Mayer's appeal to the mother instinct of women. To Eleanor Oak, a dozen "hankies" to wipe her tears when shelaughs. ' To Stanley Petzel, Marino Sainati's staccato, rapid-fire speech. To Marion Dawson, the toddler, Francis Staskus's long stride. ' To Albert Stedry, Phil Kasik's acting in "The Poor Nut" as an inspiration. To Tom Noland, a nudist cult swimming class. To Albert Putris, Anthony Mottel's plea to "Wake Up." To Richard Pollack, Bill Vytiska's accuracy with basketballs. To Romeo Weil, the melting pot dialect of Jack Besserer along with his ukulele. To needy freshmen girls, all of Lorraine Loewe's pretty pink blushes. To Bill Gebhardt, all of Jimmy Ulrichis "original" wise cracks. To Madeline Whitbeck, lrmgard Tonat's jobs and her abil- ity to do them. We do hereby constitute and appoint Mrs. M. E. Richardson as sole executrix of this, our last will and testament. ln witness whereof, we, the Class of 1933, have set our hands and seal this third day of June, Anno Domini, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Three. Witnesses: James Chisholm I5 SEAL 'TN Arthur Wehrmann IMMCDRTALITV When l look back and see how kingdoms fell, And hear some mighty monarch's tolling knell, When l repeat the wealth of towering Rome, And learn how quickly closed became her tomb, When l conceive that nations, out of dust Well steeled against the damp oi time, -still rust, ,Tis then l wonder ii this class oi ours, Shall wither, dry and crumble with its latent powers. When night gives way to day, and day to night, young things are taught the common mode of Fight, As leaf gives way to wind, and wind to sail, And sun to rain, and then the rain to hail, While beast serves man, and man in turn, his God, And all creations in this circle, plod, l wonder if this class must meet its lord, Give way to time beneath his pestilential sword. ft? But when l know that in the core alone, Resides the worm that gnaws its hollow home, And when l see that every love of peli ls found within the nation's heart itself, And when l feel internal acid sours No organs of a group in health- as ours, 'Tis then l take my joy, and loud decree Throughout the halls of time - the CLASS OF '33! JUS. S-l'ONESlFEl2, Class Poet "A" STUDENTS Sophomores who made straight fI's: September 1931 to January 1932 PI-IILLIP KASIK ANNE NELSON IRENE LASZEWSKI ANN PERKINS - MARIE ROSE NEJEDLY CI-IARLES RODRIGUEZ ELBA TINOR January 1932 to June 1932 IRENE LASZEWSKI ANNE PERKINS ANNE NELSON CHARLES RODRIGUEZ MARIE ROSE NEJEDLY ELBA TINOR LILLIAN YUNEK September 1932 to January 1933 GEORGE CERNY ES-II'IER MCKENZIE FRANKLIN DUBSKY ANNE NELSON ALEXANDER WIDIGER I If n I , f V' I I fs! I I In Y I I .I Ny m r II ,' IIJ 'III M J If II'I x f XII BIN! I Wy. W' MK ,JTC Efffjinffw' IQWMM I Sifjlwfwf If ,C SPECIAL STUDENTS ,MW .PW ADAMEK, ADELINE BARTELS, LAWRENCE BLAZEK, STANLEY BOND, JANET BROUSIL, MILES BRAZDA, C. S. FROLIK, RUDOLPH HARRIS, JACK 0 f MESTEK, HAROLD MUIR, MARION NAJEMNIK, MILDRED NELSON, EVERETT NEMEC, HARRIET O'NEILL, VIOLET PALMER, HARRIS SEBEK, LADDIE l,.M.f-X ' I ll '. D I 1 gf, ,QC , ,L f , ,. 1 'IIS 4 HATFIELD,ROLLAND SIPIORA, HELEN . ,f .1 I , , 9' .-.Cb 1- az HRDLICKA, EDWARD STIPEK,MILDRED I I I f gf' KLAUB, FRANCES TESARIK, ANNETTE '- SVS' 4 ful! I ' wi KOXANDA, QNILIEQ- TICI-Iv, woomeow W - V.,3"5"" V ITOBSTEIN,MELVILLE TOMPOROWSKI, TO X-A ,Q ' 5 . I , - ' , Lol-ne, JOSEPH VACI-IERLON, EDWARD f ,VII . , , 4 MAC:-IESKV, MILTON VONESH, CHARLES - ,fvfv , ,S A Io A II DKJI ,J ff 'AIIQZX6 ' E . I IOXIV JVM -I ,Ik I O ,,. A! - Y. il, IDfvIIfWI"I IIWM I' I A I ff My 4, , ,IJ ,J If I ci? N I KA LMI I AM J M q , ,L I ,Af W X ,LA ,ff ,lv EVA-,,,..f bij. "IRM 5 VJ I I I N' jv M,XfQ4y 5 WW I I L ,, IIJD I ,Sf I S Sf . I ,, Iflfy ,XL MMV vJ,,,ff I ICJ? I A 'LAI I .. - 41 fr' CA gf" I . 'A I II S ,A Q QE, .'.- -A-A 'JU A ,f ,I ,- - It V.IIlf!II,!C! I FRESHMEN T .ff ,W ff' aww ALBERT STEDRY President T EARL Goals Vice-President b I Qi :xnxx 'T Q S xt TEDFSR-D-BJSQHO? Secretary f I 4 L A S S JOHN VAUGI-IAN Treasurer The freshmen have shown themselves to be apt students in learning hovv to lceep tl Progress Flame burning, Not only have they proved proficient in carrying out orde but they also have suggested sound improvements. Their leaders have been wise FRESHMEN WILLIAM GEBHARDT President Wllhwlk fe MMJJQMM as l Y 1 l x WWVX . MADELINE WHITBECK Vice-President vb F v '.,.jfil , D , ,i pg fxlox vgf , .tvfgflfi Iv J If M X 'A ,bg ,tfvvftv X, -M ,fx fy, . I. n 'I U E lb 'll i " '. '?,xg-,.,.sf." .f M32 CHARLES VAUVGI-IN fads? 'X -' Secretary V, W W ,M i 7 l Z , , JOHN vAuGHAN if i Treasurer hosen and have truly demonstrated the spirit ol the class. The apprentices will be- ome line masters in their duties without doubt. 16 FRESI-IMEN ANDERSON, MARJORIE ANSON, BERNICE ANTINK, JACK BABKA, BERENICE BABKA, EDWARD BAKA, ELEANOR BAKER, DOROTHY BAUER, VLASTA BAUM, DOROTHY BAUM, OTTO BECKER, MARIE BEGGS, BERNARD BENCUR, JOHN BENDER, ANNE BERG, IRWIN BIANCHI, LENZO BICISTE, OTTO BISHOP, LEDFORD BLAHA, CHARLOTTE BLAVKA, THOMAS BLOZIS, PETER BOBISLID, ROBERT BOUZEK, JAMES ............,... lx BOYER, MERLYN BRANDNER, ANNA DRAvER, RLIDOLRH BRAZAITIS, NATALIE DREDIS, GEORGE DROCCOLO, TERESA BRONIARCZYK, ANTON BROZ, CHARLES BROZAS, CASIMER BROZOVSKY, BERNARD BRUNER, VICTOR BUKOYSKY, JOSEPH euRNETT, JACK BUSH, OLGA CAPAK, EMILY CARLSON, RAYMOND CECH, STANLEY CERNOHOLIZ, HELEN CERNY, MARIAN CESARIO, ALBERT z, MICHAEL CHLUMSKY, JERRY CHMIELEWSKI, STANLEY R If' 'I ff' ,J fkjg- L 1' f'-X Yr ' 9 A 4' 'V I 6 f L cllx ' il HL. Jw, '5Jf:q""7S.f" V' I, xx-DJ .v." Kc! IMI, t I ' . I ' yryi, +A. M " 'L I JJ Oxy CHOICE, DORIS CIBOCK, FRANK ' CIPOLLA, ARTHUR CLARK, HOWARD CLISH, FRANK 1 I NR COLLIER, HAROLD I COLLIER, MARGARET CONNELLY, JOHN CORDLY, PARKER COLITONMANOS, ANDREW COYKENDALL, JOHN - JI' DAMASCLIS, ALEXANDER f I Ip DAMER, EDWARD I ' - . , , , HI DAVID, ALEX Ny I Nj I U DAVIS, ANNA MI ' '. N DANICHEK,EMIL '- -I ' 'I v f J I DAWSON, MARIA I I , N A JII J 3 , DEMIN, WILLIAM u , 1. V R 'L fn I X I ,X DIANlSH,ANNE S IJ k f ky! Y V -I,X-AVR? --E A DILLEY, FRED R - , -I DORSEY,JAMES, by! If I A I ,U , , , I I , DORT, WILLIAM J ' I K 'Syl 1 if EIDESVI, 'CH IAN, H rv" IQ'Afj"5ri If f - gw I I I I f U N MIM wwf 0 ol 6 If Ifwyjl WW. III I ,Dr-Nfl T J CJ. ' I I FT Y 'I I 'jf' I, , A f I qw ,Jw ff' ,A A v ON- EMI g A I r BY II C-R' I' , I ! .sink N 1 in WN! . 4 'X ,Lf VIN If Q, I ' JU" 5, N I X . X A If '-JN .J . . DQHZ G13 557 I1 f' T EI Rf' III I 1 R, rg Y IQTZTII' - M ii- Y' F pf! ,FH I ij V-a SU' If QI 5,-If T V I' rA jf Y, - X ,JP I I fnaftjy R ,J X. If A . - I 1 ' 03 jul EWERT,WILLIAM, GROSS, HOWARD HOLT, EDWARD I I. EABRI, FRANCE 'A'A . GROTKE, MARDELLE HOPPE, FRED FAKO, PAUL FENCL, NORBERT FERES, VLASTA FIALA, MILES FIRNSIN, EDWARD FISCHL, EVELYN FLENS, ANTHONY FLICKINGER, PAULETTE FLORIAN, ANTHONY FLORING, AUGUST GUDATIS, BRUNO GUTSCHECK, RAY HAAS, WILLIAM HALL, RICHARD HANGE, RICHARD HART, LE ROY HANS, ROBERT HARTMAN, OTTO HARTSOUGH, JESS-ELIZABETH HAVRANEK, JAMES J J NKA, WLET 2. 9 I' 1 . HORA, RUDOLPH HOSEK, GEORGE HOREK, GEORGE HRABE, CHARLES HROCH, JAMES H4 JABLECNIK, CHARLES JANASER, MILES JANECEK, JOSEPH JANDA, LILLIAN JANDASEK, VLADA W- -I f PROULA, HENRY HAYDER, MAY JANOusEK, JAMES FULLER, VIRGIL HEISE, KENNETH JANTAC, JOSEPHINE I FUREY, JOHN HEJNA, JOSEPH JANUTKA, JOSEPH GEBHARDTLWI HENSON, CATHERINE ,W JAROSIK, ANTON , AA, GEMBICKI, NLEY J Q HERVERT, GEORGE IAIIIIX JELEN, JOSEPH I GLICKALJ ,LILLIAM HIGGINS, BRUCE IQWTW S JENSIK, ROBERT I M G SPJIRA - XHINKEL, LESTER QI-i1'JINDRAf'3ADELlNE I M MlODAfSAzN, I HLALIA, ELVERA I" RICHARD D IS I ' A' Y I RIJQE N, DOROTHY JOSEPH OFFMANMMILDRED fwonj I Z MII ALJ' A , ,fm Z5 j-6123 7'f'47 JQJGI-2 W, .wx T QW , M' 2 V l J ,,, JP I J I X E rj Ax "I , f- . -gif I 0 karm- , FRESHMEN KADOW, CLARENCE KADOW, LORETTA KAFKA, ARTHUR KACIREK, JOHN KARLICKE, BLANC!-IE KARR, JOSEPH KASAL, DOLORES KASKI, IGNATIUS KASPER, JOHN KATHERA, EDWARD KATILIUS, JOHN 1 IS J KAY FRANK Q Pa. , N XKERPNERTH IN I . I ' CH, LESTER KIBITZ, RUTH KIEFT, WlLLIAM KINISE, PAUL KISILOWSKI, THOMAS KLADIVA, JERRY KLAUD, GEORGE KLIMENT, JAMES KLUKA, JOSEPH KNOX, HELEN KOKOSKA, EDWIN KOLAR, JERRY KOLKA, MILDRED KOLUMBAR, FRANK KONRAD, JAMES KORIC, RUTH KORBEL, ALBERT,f AR" f KOSATKA, TOM KOSTAL, MILDRED KOWALSKI, RAY KRATKY, EVELYN KRCEK, JOSEPH KREJCI, JEROME KREvc:IK, FRANK KRIER, ROBERT KRISTECEEK, OTTO KROCKER, CHARLES KUBIN, STEPHEN KUCHZUKA, EDWARD KUHIK, STEPHEN KUCKIE, ROMAN KULHANEK, LADDIE KUZEL, ROBERT KUNG, HELEN KlJNZ,RL1DOLPH fffx LAMBERT, EDWA LANG HN I S X ANGE, JOSEPH Af LAUGUARD, MIKE L LAVENAU, RUTH E,K LEIROLD, ALICE A LESAK, EDWARD X LEVY,ELMER - ,W LIDRA, GEORGE ,Q LIGLER, RUTH X f, LINHART, ETHEL K LISKA, EDWIN J' LORENAT, JOSEPH A A J LOTT, RALPH J WH 'W nj 'fm ll X . LOULAN,GEORGEf1j LI 5, ' A gps ' I . lg RRI ' LOWERY, JAMES ', ff, - ' R- LOY, MURRELL LUKES, GEORGE LUTHER, FRED LYONS, MARIAN If. I 0 Lf MALECEK, JERRY MARES, JAMES MAREK, ERWIN MARKHAM, AL MARTIN, HELEN MATTHIES, DALE MASKA, ALBERTA MARKLEY, MARIAN MALI, JUANITA MAXWELL, ALICE MEISINGER, LE ROY MENDALA, FRANK MEYER, GEORGE ,fu Y MICHALEK, RAY MICHL, OTTO MICHALEK, RAY MIRODA, JAMES I 4 I'-PXIWINARIK, AUGUST MILLER, JOHN MILSEK, ELEANOR MITCHELL, LLJELLA -AMLYNIEC, PHYLLIS MORTON, ROBERT FRESHMEN MOTICKA, EDWARD MOTTL, ERNEST MOUREK, GEORGE MUELLER, JAMES MCCAIG, HAROLD MCCANSLAND, ALICE McCARTHY, JOHN MCGUIRE, MARTIN McKIERNAN, JAMES MCKIERNAN, JOSEPH MCLALLEN, DANIEL NELSON, CARL NELSON, ELSA NERVEGNA, MARY NEUBERG, FRANK NEWLAND, BETTY NITTIS, MARIA NOCEK, STAN NOLAND, THOMAS NOLD, DON NOVAK, EDWARD NOVAK, GRACE NOVAK, ERVIN NOVAK, JOSEPH NOVOTNY, BLANCHE NOWAK, MARIE NYE, BERNICE OAK, ELEANOR OLSON, WALBERT OWSIANKA, STANLEY OLSON, NORMAN OSMOLAK, ED PADALIK, ADOLPH PALM, LUCILLE PALMER, BRUCE PARISH, THEODORE RARSHALL, VINCENT PARIZEK, WILLIAM PASER, AGNES PASTERIK, LADDIE PAUL, RUTH PAVLIS, EDWARD PEACOCK, JOHN REARSON, HAROLD PEKNY, GEORGE PELLER, HERBERT ,IEW I 'I L . IL, , , . ' I, l 1 55 Ii 5 i CD25 ig 'f X ERESHMENR 1 PESCH, HENRY PESEK, BESSIE PETERSON, MARTHA PETR, ERVIN PETRIK, JOHN PETZEL, STANLEY A PHILLIPS, LAURETTE PIASECKI, JOHN PICHA, EDWARD PLANICKA, JOSEPH PLEPEL, JOHN POKORNEY, EMIL POLLAGK, RICHARD POPE, JEAN PORTL, GUST POTTS, RALPH POTCH, JOHN POLJST, MILTON PRACHAR, GEORGE PREST, GEORGE PROCHASKA, JOHN PUTRIS, ALBERT RADA, FRANK RAPP, FRED REESE, JOE REMES, JOHN REYNOLDS, ETHEL RIMKUS, JOSEPHINE ROBINSON, NORENE ROBERTS, JOHN ROHLBERG, EDWARD, ROCKIS, JOSEPH ROOT, EARL ROSALDO, RENATO ROSENGARD, YVETTE ROTHFORD, GEORGE ERGO, RAY SHAY, EVELYN , THOMAS Q DDJ' SHINGLEMAN, GRACE SIEWERT, MILLICENT ESIMANDL, GEORGE ,J V.,-.1 , SKINNER, MAR RIE SKUDR ,ED KUDE A, TOR SKULT v,JO SL ,ED SLEM , ELE SANDA, LOUIS 'IJ LIF ER SAFANDA, FRANK 5 iw ,ANNE SCARAMELLA, MICH L AHA, FLORENCE SCH ECK, EDWARD MEJKAL, ANTON SCHREDEL, VERNON SMITH, MARTIN ERR SCHEJBAL, FRANK SCHWEBEL, DANA - SCHREDEL, VERNO SEBEK, LIBBIE MITH, HARRY EBERGER, JAMES SOLAR, ELMER I Q 2 , SCHlLLlNG,EUGENE S .,- ' I I ' 8, , rv' BL' SILHAvv, MvRuS -- "' V SOKOL, LOUIS obu A19, CD Ffvff' PAULINE 5 SD XVI' SPELMAN, MARGERY SPINA, LIBBIE SPIROFF, GERTRUDE SPOUSTA, VERNON SOUIRE, BONNIE SRYGLEY, MARCELLA STANKUS, JOHN STANKOWIAK, JOHN STEDRY, ALBERT STEPANEK, DOROTHY STOKLAS, JOSEPH STRAND, GLENN STUBBINGS, RUSSELL STUCZYNSKI, CASIMER SUCARDA, RUDOLPH SUCHY, WILLIAM SULLIVAN, RITA SUMERACK, CHESTER SURDYK, CHESTER SWANSON, ELIZABETH SWANSON, VERN SWENSON, ELLA TESAR, EVELYN FRESHIVIEN TOBEY, PATSY TOKARCZYK, ROSEMARIE TOMAS, VINCENT TRACY, ELWOOD TROJKA, I-IENRY TURAK, LORRAINE TUREK, JERRY TURNER, SEDELL vAcI-IouT, DALE VANDERNAALD, BARTEL VANECEK, ALDRICI-I' II,E , VANEK, FRANK K VAUGHAN, JOHN VAUGHN, CHAREQ 7 vEsELY, JOHN VLK, JAMES I voGEL, RIIDQLRI-I 6 VOKAC, FRANK VONASEK, MILDRED VONDRAK, GEORGE ' VONDRASKE, FRANK VRTIAK, JOI-IN VYTISKA, WILLIAM WALDVOGEL, ZOE WALLACE, DOROTHY WARNING, LOUISE WARNING, ROBERT WASZ, PEARL WASZ, RICHARD WHALEN, CATHERINE WHITBECK, MADELINE WOECKENER, EVELYN WOLACH, MILDRED WOLF, SYLVIA WOLTA, EDMUND WOOD, GEORGE ZALUBIS, FRANCES ZIGMONT, VICTORIA MMERMAN, WILLIAM ITK0,0TTO X r I 5 ,, af. 'T' I 0 4 .s, , J l . I' I ' r K RFE WX 4 , ., XM . 9 1 I Lv f v I K v Ky Nw -f J' L, v ' J' R Y if ' ,XJ -' I AI II' I , I 'I , I J I J M X I gm? AI I II I f J, , ' '.KJ L6 If 65 JCSLIXXT Tu rf V, 1, , .,, ,ffl ' 1 , f" y X i , 1' r" f 1 f I ' V f . f . 1,1 V 1 - . .Q 4, 117' f ,L. ff 'ff iz ' .. 1. jf' 7' N MJ g. JJ 1 bu ,I r A , N I l l Y fn", 'J '5"'?'Z'K- !C"f3594Lf2f' ff-Xey'.X'1i,l'fi-J ,oy ,ff...fl.ffL.fofcIf.f -af ,Qc+Lf.ff,r.14.5fgLf7 'Q rf X , . - ,i Within this .one steady Progress Flame ol the f L college, many small but sturdy fires ol clubs have been started. The students who belonged to these clubs believed in malcing them live up to the standard set by the college as a body. Ac- cordingly, those small numbers ol students who started the individual fires, removed the tangle and brush which tended to mar the brightness ol the flame. As the clubs became more perlect in construction and activities, a larger number ol students began to help, bringing in their ideas and willingness to co-operate. The improvement has given us clubs whose or- ganizations and activities have maintained a high standard of perfection. , , P--cf .fQLfL,CJ 7:11 4. ,- I. U, ,, , V fi.. , 7 . . . ,,. ff if ' f4!,,J ,. F I 1 x -s lf. .--A i.i L IW I If! " J JM, I V jf! 4960 , A, , I ,f A . 1 . kjf JJ uf' L! ,Sw if ,V f' if f if ,J-fx! t MDI' JJ P rv' J ,U .J I f ,fr M ,Iv JI I 9,7 ACTIVITIES f ' IP I KI PRESIDENTIS AIDE MARY HELEN BOLEY GEORGE CERNY Jossm-NNE GROCHALA I I MARTHA HAIR CARL HANZLIK PHILLIP KASIK ALOIS KOSTKA RLJSSEL LARSON IRENE LASZEWSKI LORRAINE LOEWE I ESTHER MCKENZIE ANTHONY MOTTEL MARIE ROSE NEJEDLY JULIA PATRAS ANNE PERKINS . CHARLES RODRIOUEZ JOHN RYLANDS ROBERT SPAHN BLANCHE SEDLAK ELBA TINOR LILLIAN YUNEK Additional Aides: ROBERT KINDERMAN RICHARD ROSANDER EARL WORCESTER QNQR STUDENTS ADELAIDE AINDERLE GEORGE BANKS NEVA BEGGS GEORGE BLECHTA ARY HELEN BOLEY GEORGE CERNY HERBERT CHOICE PHILLIP KASIK I ' fJf.,f,.,.,fx 'So nfl' I ' 'lv V""'fT-A ,Y-fx ,'isCw- J -J"fvN-" ., IELIAM ROQ ROBERT KRELL IRENE LASZEWSKI LORRAINE LOEWE STHER MCKENZIE ROBERT MONKOWSKI ANTHONY MOTTEL MARIE ROSE NEJEDLY NNE NELSON ANNE PERKINS CHARLES RODRIOIJEZ FRANK SCHMID RANCES smsxus ELBA TINOR EDWIN WR I ALEX WIDIGER ILLIAN YLINEK HELEN ZELEZNIK WGIVIENS CLUB GHICERS LORRAINE LOEWE 'Ist Semester Pres. FRANCES STAKLIS Qnd Semester Pres. RUTH LAVENAU 'Ist Semester Vice-Pres. ZOE WALDVOGEL Qnd Semester Vice-Pres. AGNES LANGE 'Ist Semester Secy. GRACE HEJNA Qnd Semester Secy. ETI-IEL SALCI-IOW 'I st Semester Treas. VIRGINIA WALTON 2nd Semester Treas. The Women's CIub is a social cIub oi Iong standing, being organized in 1924 It members, consisting of all the women in the coIIege, have occasional meetings to plan various social affairs in conjunction with the IVIen's Club This cIub has a room of its own which contains a radio and lounging furniture used for rest and study Its faculty-adviser is Miss J. G. WaIIcer, the Dean of Women MEN S CLUB W Zkdsufy y, If f .Z ,,a..,.4vf' JACK BESSERER .f w f " 'Ist Semester Pres EDWARD McCARTl-IV Qncl Semester Pres EDWARD McCARTHY 'Ist Semester Vice Pres GEORGE CULLICOTT Qnd Semester Vice Pres qf QCLA. GEORGE PARSHALL 'lst Semester Secy ' EDWARD WOLAK WK 41 ,Q-Afffi f'N""l-R d"""g Qnd Semester Secy 4:1 GJ DL4 sf ZW o l l I cms The Men s Club IS a soclal club of long standing, being organlzed In 1924 It members, conslstlng of all the men In the college meet ID the clubroom and tall: over current events, play chess, and plan social affairs In conjunction with the Women s Club The clubroom is the well lcnown home worlc exchange lts Faculty adviser IS Mr. W B Spelman, the Dean of Men 1' "A fx X 1 ,f"' ff f ,' ' ' 1 af ,' ,V ,V f "4 ff ,, , . V. A, 1, 4 f , ,gs , 1 - f" " ' M "9" ls' ffj I 1 V, , , , , , 1 , A , f' , r ' ' I QM. ,ff Q, A Xtywvffw 1 W 'sv . ' ' ,. ,f X Y 1 - . f , , - , ff-----1 ,Z zhxg, f,vy,n,Vg ,b,.f,,!vV.,9-,JI L .far . 7 , - Z . if .V .Y -.1 4fr""-.f"7 u ,.. ,fg H v.,,,f - . I , . E., , . , . , Ly Q,, ,- Q-Afpv.-' f V , V V ' 1 -ff., -f' -' . . l, 'fy QQ' ?,'.2ff.,' ' I, g , , jf U' -" .--- I k ,Y 7, I . ' f' ' ff f , , ,. ' Q., Q rf -, 4, f,,.,,,l, . , , fy.. ,fy ,M M , If -A - . ,ff f' J ' f M, , , . V, , . , f , . .. . I "x.f ' 1 . U . 1 l ,' , , W A1 t U ' Q 1 9 U I I . S . . . . - l 0 n 4 0 u 9 ' STUDENT CCDUIXICII. I f , . ldljy at ' i, T if g H! 7 f Ti' , 4 ii 'L fififof l 'T 'v fir- , T ff ,T r ft ala 1 at fl f vp ll-flb 'XX P a Nl l fly ff! ,owl 'W' ,I Jf'W,zf-F' Inj meow. 1srsemesm.scHMiD, PRES., wr-uraecic, MAm-nes, MULLIGAN, Kfxsnc. , ja, "' i " Once each weelc during the year, live representative students met with Deans Walker and Spelman to discuss the problems of Morton Junior College. This group of students, called the Student Council, formed a most im- portant bond between college men and women and the faculty. Two sophomores and one freshman were elected to the council each semester, the deans chose a sopho- more and a freshman who were representatives oi their respective classes to complete the Student Council. Un- der the guidance of a chairman elected from the council and the advisorship of the deans, the division of student activity Fees, plans for the assembly schedule and the Open l'louse program were successfully talcen care oi. The driving power behind petition, coupon boolc, and charity campaigns lay in that group of five students. J -x 9 rl TWT' '155t"'oLdL lf' ,W 1 ff' .1 JC, ,f'VlJ" To T ggi. Qnaizaw. Qnd semester. icftsut, Press., Loewe, Koci-ie, wfxsz, SNEBERGER. T 'S-TJ X. in SP Last September marked the time when the largest group of freshmen men were to begin their career of education in the ninth year of history of Morton Junior College. l-low was the Morton spirit and traditions going to be planted and cultivated in these men? Gradually the sponsor plan l"lere the freshmen men were divided into g ups and each group was headed by a sophomore m n who was evoluted and was launched at a Freshmen Mixer ight. bubbling over in the spirit of Morton. ,f hese groups were to have wholesome competition in aghletic, scholas- tic, and social activities of M..l.C. Jurle marks the end of much activity amongst the groups and September will open with newly promoted captains lo guide the next set of freshmen. ons if. lit? ri, 40 jf ffl we 'istRow. SPELMAN, HANZLIK, ULRICH, DAMER, lDLESK, WEHRMANN, CERNOTA,,f!v 2nd Row. RODRIGUEZ, HOPPE, DUCHATEALJ, KOCHE, LARSON, CULLICOTTU,'E.A.WRlGHT. 3rd Row. BLECHTA, KRELL, PROSEK, KEBERLE, BEhSERER, KELLER, JARES. f' I ,X I TRIBES ACES ,W 9 , The 1932-33 officers are as Follows: Esther McKenzie, Natalie Brazaites, Mildred Mehren. X" 1"'V'Dl ':"L""' PETER PANS The 1932-33 officers are as follows: Elba Tinor, Bessie Pesek, Dorothy Ehrlicher, Adele Slemenda. Nll-lll. NlSl QPTIMUM The 1932-33 oFlcers are as follows: Marion Johnstone, Julia Patras, Dorothy Baker, Josephine Grzofzhala. BONNIE LASSIES W-is-., f The 1932-33 ollicers are as Follows: Blanche Sedlak, Marjorie Anderson, Norene"l2ol3jnson:, ' V A-' . ' E , .5 K: -1, ,, 7 , I 'I -- V -1,4 xx V. Q 7 X l'f,1"". TRIBES The 1932-33 officers are as follows: Mary Helen Boley, Jean Pope, Ruth Lavenau, Helen Petrovich. WETCMACI-llCK The officers for 1932-33 are as follows: Neva Beggs, Madeline Whitbeclc, Madeline Whitbeclc, Mabel I-lughstecl. ALLE SUZAMMEN The 1932-33 officers are as follows: Lillian Yunelc, Pearl Wasz, Ann Nelson, Phyllis Mlyniec. OTVOKWA ' The 1932-33 officers are as follows: Corlette Balser, Charlotte Blaha, Frances Novitt, Marie Tyzarilc. SYLQUESOX PICKER STA GEORGE BLECHTA Editor-in-chief MARY HELEN BOLEY Womzn's Athletics ROBERT KRELL Business Manager JOSEPHINE GROCHA Associate Editor MARJORIE ANDERSO Activities JERRY MAYERXAE f . ., i Vfxrt Editor ififtf' ff".f'i I 1 '-1' i LOUIS SOKOL Photography JAMES CHISHOLM Features FRANK JEDLICKA Men's Athletics MARY E. RICHARDSO Adviser HOWARD H. FINLEY Adviser f JOSEPH STONSIFER Editor-in-chief CHESTER SUMERACK Managing Editor ROBERT KRELL Business Manager f fn 4' 'P Lf ,f IL IAM SUCHY ff I! Qtiatefditor I 1 Fflll, .r Jj -ffzffift ACK BESSERER "M K Columnist . L+ wr I Wf ! ,o3Z5i41V,o. Noun .1 AssogieffEditor ,ff f ' N ' 'If I I, R YIJOHN PROSEK .' Y J' f SDOrts Editor nf PETER BLOZIS A ss't Circulation Manager GEORGE H. NORTON Circulation Manager ARY E. RICHARDSON Adviser C. L. DETRECK Adviser 'VV 1 v . V P4 uv? x., .Y-f 90' , . ,Jaw ll Col' STAFF f Jo,g,,i,53,LC:A, xy ,gi A J Kp J fxiipf , 5,1 ik , ' A , , g of gf ff X f' I I L f y x ' j l - Y 'is ,i L ' , L ii ' 1 L A ' it 'D l llc xg J v ' :KL I ,fx-, ff xi 'Vx Yi L N J N . X14 i. Nl Thit the 1932333 tevrm wasjtllue greatest in the history oi the school lor successful dramatical productions is ,K - i i A . , 2 lr. ,l proven tly glimpses the Hilfe scenesjbeldwllhe photographs were taken in the Little Theater, where the Fi . lj Tragiconiedianlsy Sophomore, Clubddnd th-eipageant Players, Freshman organization, displayed their unlimited XJ ttalgntsblhe sjtfenesgare asilollomfsz Upqqpdrxleltr "Where the Cross ls Made" Clragicomediansbi Upper right: Q 1 "Highness" fPagealn't Playiersbyjgentewlilhe Thrift Shop" Cpageant Playersbf Lower left: "Demitasse" Cpageant so . .i ' . iswx if , ul X Playersll Lower ri-ght: 'kl'le Said aindiShe Said" Qlragicomediansj. I 'L '. l I XS X tv 1 il Al 0, XX P if i 1 x,,r1s,r.r,'s . ri xt' ' .i f L , use 5 3 xl x A it Q wr X DRAMATICS Ulhe Poor Nut," the annual college play, presented by the Sophomore Class on March 4, was labeled by Miss M. A. Reid, its director, as the Hbest college play ever vvrittenf, There is no doubt in the minds of the spec- tators that Miss Reid was absolutely correct. l-lad Phil Kasik been really nervous that night, he could not have acted as Ulnleriority Complex" in person with better success. l-lis leading lady, Miss Loewe, was everything any college hero could hope lor. Qther leading parts were talcen by Anthony Mottel, Martha l-lair, Herbert Choice, George Parshall, l-lenry Cernota, and George Cullicott. me Ziff? ORGANIZATIONSM f The Tragicomedians is a dramatic club oi comparatively short organization. It was organized in 1930 for sophomores from the too large Dramatic Club. Since then it has grown rapidly. lVlr. Drobnilc is the present director of the club. The club presented "The Poor Nut" and several other short plays. The oiticers Were: Kiser, Banks, Pres., Kristotlenson, Nejedly, Sec't.f McKenzie Dlesls, -lreas. I The, Chemistry Club is organized to promote friendship among the students oi the college and is open to any student vvho is interested in any vvay in chemistry. The club holds its meetings the second and fourth Fridays of every month at which the students give short talks on ditierent sub- jects concerning Chemistry. The otiicers are: Clarence Anderson, Ervin Meisinger, and l'lenry Cernota. Mr. R. l-l. Nauman is the faculty adviser. S Top picture: 'Ist Row Qnd Row. Bottom picture: 'lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row NEJEDLY, DUCHATEAU, ZELEZNIK, BANKS, McKENZIE, CHISHOLM. VIDAS, SEDLAK, BLECHTA, LEHN, STONESIFER. BLAFKA, NADHERNY, KREFFT, MEISINGER, ANDERSON, SEIBERT, WASZ, BAUM, WIDIGER, JEDLICKA, SNOREK. OSMOLAK, JABLECNIK, JOHNSON, KOLAR, KEBERLE, DUCHATEAU, DUBSKY, PROSEK, VAUGHAN, LEVY, KULHANEK. ' SILHAVY, STEDRY, PETRIK, PRACHAR, SCARAMELLA, VIDAS, PUTZ, KALLAL, SANDA, ZIMA. KLAUD, LAMBERT, DUVIGNEAND, KRAL, MROSALDO. ORGANIZATIONS The Pageant Players is a dramatic club of comparatively short organization. It was organized in 'I93O for Ireshmen from the too Iarge Dramatic Club. Since then it has grown to over Fifty mem- bers. Mr. Drobnilc, who succeeded Miss Reid and Miss Julien as director, successfully presented a number of one-act plays Iast semester. The otficers Ior 1932-33 are: Richard Wasz, James Mueller, Juanita Mau, Richard -IucI4er, Earl Goris, Pearl Wasz, Rudolph Brauer. Although the German Club is one of long standing in the college, it is one of the largest of the groups in school. It is comprised of students of German and those other students interested in German drama. The meetings are sources of interesting lectures, sI4etches and gay social chats. The club is under the capable directorship of Miss M. Kraemer. Qne of the main Ieatures of the club is the annual picnic it sponsors. Qnly members are invited to this affair. P Top picture: 'Ist Row. JANTAC, KOPIC, STEDRY, NOVAK, GORIS, MALI. I , Qnd Row. NYE, TOMAS, PESEK, VAUGHAN, NERVEGNA, LEVY. ' If 3rd Row. WALDVOGEL, WASZ, KOSTAL, BRAUEI2, WASZ, VLK. Bottom picturz:'lstRow. HUGI-ISTED, SCHMLITZER, ZELEZNIK, BESSERER, MISS M. KRAEMER, SAZMA, BUSI-I, FROULA, JOHNSTONE, KOSTKA. Qnd Row.SLIFKA, JOHNSON, GIZOCHALA, STONESIFER, SANTIS, LAMBERT, SNOREK, PETRZILKA, JOHNSON. 3rd Row. MEI-IREN, BALSER, MORRIS, LOI-IRMAN, PATRAS, WARNING, FLORIAN, KRELL, LUKES, KOLAI2, CHMIELEWSKI, ZDROJESKI. 4th Row. SCHMID, VANDERNAALD, I-IODGSON, TINOR, MCKENZIE, MATTI-IIES, VANEK, NOVAK, KREFFT, ,QHOBOF 5th Row. ZLICKERMAN, POTIJZAK, NEWMAN, FLEMS, NKOWIAK, LAVGLIAD, HARTMANKVAt1NGHIjJ,I."NPxDHERNY. ORGANIZATIONS The Education Club is made up of Teacher Training students and has been organized since 19525. The club numbers about Fifty students. This group, under the leadership ol Miss F. French, talces interesting trips to places of educational interest, to lectures, radio stations, and indulges in pleasure jaunts such as picnics, horseback riding, parties, etc. The 1932-33 officers are: L. Vunelg E. Remes, E. Swenson, L. Cuchna, lvl. l-l. Boley, M. Nervegna, B. Nye. Realizing what 'little they lcnevv of the important part that science plays in one's every day life, a group of students interested in Meteorology, Geology, and Geography organized the Cos- mopologists in order to study the controlling factors of these sciences with Mr. C. Clifton Aird as adviser. Numerous trips and lectures have been planned and consummated, helping to make the members of this new club truly cosmopolitan. The otiicers are: R. Schmutzer, E. lvleisinger, B. Nye, G. Cullicott. Too picture: 'istRow. NERVEGNA, GOBER, KRATKY, NVE, LEHN, WALTON, NEJEDLY, ANDERLE, HOFFMAN, UANTAC, PESEK Qnd Row. ROBINSON, CUCHNA, SOMMERS, BOLEY, EHRLICHER, MEHREN, SEDLAK, REMES, NELSON, WALDVOGEL, SWENSON. Bottom picture: 'ist Row. KELLER, CULLICOTT, LEHN, HARTSOUGH, SCHMUTZER, NERVEGNA, SWENSON, NYE, SPINA, .1 L. MEISINGER, E. MEISINGER. 5 Qnd Row. DUBSKY, NORBERG, KOZAK, PROSEK, WIDIGER, ANDERSON, SNOREK, DILLEY, SIMANDL. 3rd Row. MR. AIRD, VANECEK, KREFFT, SKULTELY, KIZELL, SPAHN, SPELMAN, MARES, POTTS, LISKA. 4th Row. HOPPE, LUKES, PARISH, ZDROJESKI, DAMER, SHIPLA, SENN, GEBHARDT. Sth Row. POTCH, MATTHIES, McKENZIE, KLAUD, CHMIELEWSKI, LARSON, LANGE, VOGEL, PETRIK. , . ,,, ... R ..,,. .- .. -. - .A A ., . . A M -... -31,-A A St ES 'E 7 f l ,pf af ORGANIZATIONS The Commerce Club, novv one of the largest in school, vvas organized several years ago. lts purpose is to acquaint its members with the industrial world. This is being accomplished by engaging prominent spealcers and taking trips to places of commercial interest. The otlicers for 1932-33 are: Robert Monl4ovvsl4i, Joseph 'l'opinl4a, Edward Scheclc, Robert Schmutzer, Charles Cervenlca, Evelyn Shay, Edward Damer. ' The Engineers Club was organized a number of years ago by students of that divisilon. The members participate in trips, lectures, and broadcasts. The club is directed by Mr. l-labley and its otficers for 1932-33 are: l'lanzlilc, Rylands, Froula, l-lanson, Turner, Snorek, Larsen, Seibert, and l'lrouda. Top picture: '1stRow. VONDRASEK, SPINA, SCHMUTZER, SHAY, SCHECK DAWSON, SNEBERGER. LISKE, NOVOTNY, MONKOWSKI, ZALUBAS, MEYER, JUNGKANS, Qnd Row.BABKA, POTTS, TALl5AI, TOPINKA, KRUZIC, WIDIGER, KNOX, DILLEY, GORIS, OAK, THOMPSON, TINOR. 3rd Row. POTUZAK, I-IEJNA, NOVAK, SIMONEK, LINDUSKA, CECH, SPAHN, KRIER, HARDINA, KONCHAL, TOMAN, POLLACK 4th Row. KELLER, CULLICOTT, KLAUD, CHMIELEWSKI, POCH, NORBERG, BAUM, MACK, LEVY, MARES, VAUGHN. NOREK, ROSALDO, PRACHAR, POLLACK, KALLAL, ANDERSON, Bottom picture: 'lstRow. CERNOTA, BLAFKA, SPELMAN, TURNER, S MEYER, DUBSKY, KISILOWSKI. BLECI-ITA, LARSON, CHLUMSKY, PROSEK, KADOW, KEBERLE, DU CHATEAU, PROSEK, SEIBERT, CULLICOTT, KREFFT, 2 are . n OW Koicosicfi, JOHNSON. ara Raw. LOEENAT, vmsz, STEDRY, JANDASEK, SILHAVY, viofxs, WEIL, vvrism, JANUTKA, zirvifi, KATILIUS, NOVAK, i4iziEie. 4ri,reaw. ggygilyxo, KOLAR, Purz, PASTERIK, LIDRA, i-iEcKEL, BAUM, SCARAMELLA, cEci-i, mox, sNEsEnoER, rs1ELsoN, DILLEY, sihizaw. Zfgrmscqus, LOWERY, sANDA, rviEisiNGEi2, Dfipocsisiv, MAGUIRE, JABLECNIK, MIKUSKA, LINDUSKA, icozfxic, icoPEcKv, aiiiizaw. Pics-m, FLROCHASKA, Mfxzfic, vAuc3HN, icoisirresr, BICISTE, KELLER, GuTscHEcK, Doier, PALMER. vihieaw. BAUER, LEVY, Lfiizsom, BESSERER. X s CDRGANIZATICDNS The Choral Club which is directed by Mr. l-laberman enjoyed a very successful and active year. It was perhaps one of the best groups of this type ever organized at Morton Junior College. During the entire year, this organization represented the college on very many occasions. Each individual in this selected group enjoyed his work, and those people who will be sophomores next year are loolcing forward to a very promising year. Northern lllinois Junior College Conference debate champions for the second consecutive yearl That is the enviable record compiled by the Morton orators during the 1939-33 season. With George Cerny and Phil Kasik, veteran sophomores from last year's winning combination, and a quartet of capable freshmen of high school experience, the team tallced themselves into the Conference title without much difficulty. The freshmen members are Vincent Tomas, Williamguchy, Stanley Petzel, and John Furey. 140, ,eff f.ff4v,fpff7 4-Zwvpofzclg 724, rgxfvu-rv' f Zf M-V M J Q9 ibcf-f4Mf+V fjfaf-A-fV Xbwxjl rf, :aka t'ffy'21,ff,,-'il Zf"'L'fp'fc . fed ,Wwf K ,,-LL. .Z , f Qhfxfff., . J,g 41. .of 2- I J iff? " ' .1 .1 " 'fig ffvvsa' " "'5f.,L'4' 'jjf'Vl'1'f' flag? I 5, cf? M H,,4,VLf Jfvd-V541 "lt ff-'fm Q!!-,1f",fL,-f L7Zf,' "'f . ' Jff-f'-'15 I ,, 70. X Tappfaufe: 'lstRow. HAIR, Novirr, Weigcre, ROBINSON, 'PEsEK, SMERZ, Boi-mc, 'Bisci-lop. fi,-4. t 4 f J J 'jf' Qnd Pow. HARRIS, MUELLEP, TOBEY, PETROVICH, GLICKAUF, JOHNSTONE, JARES, VLK, HABERMAN, ADVISERC Bottom picture: 'Ist Row. KASIK, CERNY, . Qnd Row. FUREY, TOMAS, SUCHY, PETZEL. ,,f-- S 5 is l .lin BNI! ,XAAF K, ORGANIZA J NS fn f x . fx . x The Pre-Medic Club was organized a number ol years ago. It aims to app yjgange, .Tducatio to the best advantage through uniiied contact with valuable sources oi ec -ical, Rriavvled . The program consists oi prominent spealcers, medical trips and motion pict?Q?fQFl25f the b l lectures was given by Dr. Pxrens on Radium and X-ray which drew a ve y large crow d, otiicers are: V. Boutin, Q. l-lartman, G. Chobot, R. Elliott, D. DuVignean E5 'Viii 5 Q X . X H The Vivace Club was organized in 1930, with a membership of ten students. jr it rluxmibers T arrs twenty-one. It is a musical organization For music students and those inter e i gubjt. S The meetings, held every second Thursday, are comprised of speeches and so yt mftfg -Q The otiicers for 1932-33 are: George Jares, Frances Novitt, Madeline Wh' e Helen Petro? Thx vich, Laurette Phillips, Fred Rapp, Grace Novak, Mr. C. l-l. l-laberman istmei culy agviseri .-f , g Q, J, r 5 max Q Top picture: 'lstRow. WENZELi BLOZIS, NITTIS, ELLIOTT, DU VIGNEAND, JEDLICKA, HAVRANEK, KLILHAN , F RT,4 K MBAR Qnd Row, BOUTIN, NADHERNY, SCARAMELLA, BREBIS, SANDA, VAUGHAN, JENSIK, RO O , NEK 3rd Row. POCH, DUBSKY, L. NOVAK, MEISINGER, LAMBERT, DANISEK, BRAUER, NOVAK, OSMOL , C OBOT. I Bottom pictureflstkow. LEPEK, WHITBECK, KOSATKA, KASAL, SKINNEI2, LISKA, PESEK, ROBINSON, PHILLIEK Qnd Row. VONDRASEK, NOVAK, RAPP, MARES, SLEMENDA, THOMPSON, OAK. . :ti .2-J 9- 1 ,s X. is at K TJ. ' - , V frm ORGANIZATIONS 'Ist Ro End Ro 3rd Ro 4th Ro 5th Ro Morton's 'I933 Varsity Club boasts the highest member- ship in the history ol the organization, plus a line-up of famous athletes that would malce any previous year's club turn green with envy. The Varsity Club, made up of all letter men in the school, is as old as the school itself. lts membership is emblematic of men with true school spirit, its motto and purpose is to promote that school spirit among fellow students and instill the athletes with good sportsmanship at all times. This club is behind every team, and it leads the rest of the student body in giving moral support to all athletic enterprises. The ol- licers ol the year 1932-33 are as follows: Leslie Mickel- son, August Smutny, l:ranl4 Keberle, Anthony Peternel, Anton Kruzic, Anthony Skriba, John Proselc and William Koche. Coach E. A. "Buck" Wright is one of the most active members in his post as faculty adviser. RODRIOUEZ, PROSEK, HANZLIK, DLESK, CECH, KRLIZIC, JANUTKA, LEVY, KONFRST PROHASKA DAMER STEJSKAL, SAINATI, WIDIGER, CULLICOTT, KOCHE, ULRICH, SNEBERGER, LINDUSKA GEBHARDT VIDAS MORRIS, KOSTKA, PALMER, MEISINGER, HOPPE, VYTISKA, THOMPSON, TALPAI WENZEL STONESIFER, CORBLY, PIERCE, DUCHATEAU, KEBERLE, PASTERIK, POTCH, LEBL BLECHTA, RADOWITZ, MAGUIRE, DAPOGNY, EWERT, POLLACK, SEIBERT. N ll A Jlfwl ,VX 'T'-J N: .wvl cv Ol2GANIZATIONSf+ , s Politicians, the kind everyone would like to see at the X , 6 helm of modern government, are the kind that are or- ' is ganized into the Morton Politicians Club. The purpose of . j the local group is: "To organize all the pre-legal students l F 3 " 5 and those interested in legal and political problems into R t 3 - j , 3 a club, to organize and conduct trips to various courts X gl ' and jails, and to hold meetings which would stimulate ' K' V5 ' ' the interest of the members in the various phases of the J J 'l 'l A, legal or N , X 'X profession." The Politicians this year sponsored , '3 . . 1' ' ' 'O X '7 mock trials, an all-college social, checker tournament, and r ' N Ju -1 'fr "' . . . . . Qi ,Q f l. ,J X Q an investigation of the school standing. The officers for X y . . . --, .l '3 E . A first and second semester respectively are: Presidents, j 1 - 3 ga, 1- 1 ' X 4 Cernota, Cullicott, Vice-Presidents, Kay, Florian, Sec- S ' i 4 Xl . X X ' l E I retaries, Surdyk, Nowak, Treasurers, Krell, Keller. , , X Q 4 f NJ .. iw .4 V 3 ' J Tfstllzow. DOBRANSKY, KRELL, DLESK, SNEBERGER, CERNOTA, BESSERER, KELLER, NOVOTNY, SPAHN, CULLlCOTT, DAWSON, Qnd Row. 3rd Row. SNOREK, OAK, SPELMAN, DILLY, PALMER, NOWAK. i-mock, HOPPE, HEJNA, TOPINKA, HANZLIK, JANUTKA, MACK, VYTISKA, ANDERSON, SPINA, MEYER, LESAK, SEIBERT, MEISINGER, MONKOWSKI, VONASEK, HOFFMAN. tru BLECHTA, SUCUQRDA, NORBERG, KOLAR, KNOX, NOVAK, LINDUSKA, SCHEQK, sn-iAv,,'c , i4ozAK, PIASECKI, vuc, PETZEF", LINHART, YUNEK. 'f f , 4-th Row. SUMERACK, SKULTETY, SCHMUTZER, FLORIAN, ULRICH, VOGEL, POCH, KRIER, BAUM, LVY, SHIPLA. Sth Row. ZAHOUR, STONESIFER, KLAUD, KOCHE, GEBHARDT, VAUGHAN, WEHRMANN, SUCHY, THOMPSON, PROHASKA, POLLACK, CERNY. 6th Row. SANTIS, LEPIC, DAMER, LISKA, PETRIK, WIDIGER, EWERT, WEIL, 5? f ,WM ,Qty fY,,yy U Jia aj ,i, , r V F ' , 7 4 , ,I , , ' i - , I .rr . x . ,J 3 ff 6 f ' lj x lv -1 in 7 ', ,. .l , - f . ,rx ,J If , , K ,l ' l A il . Q ' " 'J ry ' ' f ,xi ,JA L., !f 1 l' A X if ry , I' X F 3 1 f . " A It If , YJ JP fe-l I if ' lf ' ' ff' Q , ' Q ' 1 ' , ,' if I L" I' ,fltilx JA I V i I rl.: -6 x ' l ,uw flj '- , l f X' ' i' l OF all the individual flames of Morton Junior College, it may safely be said that this flame is made up of more different kinds of twigs than any other. Twigs of serious and humorous every- day happenings contribute to the blaze. Branches of more important social affairs form a smaller but steadier part of the blaze. Qther happen- ings, not necessarily social but neither belong- ing to the study routine of the day, add yet another part to the flame. And, as all the other flames, the flame continues to grow in brilliance and clearness as the social side of the college expands, always adhering closely to the higher standard of the college. -so . xx . XX J 'J 'i X Af ' Fa wlX 53.3 A W X , 1 X XX ,.v' K' J XJ W N- ' X. R x. JN, X f55XX'x X 3 CQ - ,JB 5 1 XE N , 1 XS' V f X R K . G X I 1 I L I 1 SX . E F T U IQ E S 7 !,jX,1,wf7 pffvadfh ' P ' 'K' 'IJ9 'IL K' A - 5. . UQ -fu,Of A f if , ,JU Q ifkgw ' 4 Q V Kr, I ff f N my -'4' 1'f6L f' WERENT TI-IEY CUTE ROMEO WEIL, of Cicero, believed in being prepared. Gun in hand, he is looking for the one that wronged good old Mona. Cn the chair is ERANlE STASKUS. ln her younger days she was a tomboy and a bad girl. Evidently awaiting some sweets ESTHER Mc- KENZlE licks her chops in anticipation. Either that or she's washing her face. Hows Tnorvipsorsi, in fwhiigsha looking like an angel for once, is interested in the birdie. The smiling youngster is GEORGE CULLICOTT. He admits having had a passion for bananas. No wonder he wore such a wide belt. Horses were the main interest ol ARTHUR WEHRMANN'S life. He tore down the shades and curtains once to see the milkman's horse go by. There he sits on a pillow-alter a ride on his hobby horse. JACK BESSERER, standing, says, that when he was a baby he had a mania for sewing buttons on everything. His early leanings indicate that he should be a tailor or an ideal husband. ln the circle is HELEN ZELEZNIK. She confesses 'learning how to talk very early and Hungarian at that. Naked, barefoot, mouth agaping-LINDUSKA seems a bit surprised at the world. JERRY MAVER, in the sailor suit, says that he looked like a girl when he was young and that nothing happened except that he didn't grow. Dressed in a long white dress, FRANK VQKAC, is bald from practicing diving onto sidewalks. The little fellow in the rullled bonnet is MANUEL DU CHATEAU. Strange as it appears, the dog seems content with his company. fVlCDTl-IER'S DEARS BOB PECK, on the chair, has all the marks of being a 'iweti' democrat. l'le looks very un- comfortable now. In a dress, BGB KRELL, seems startled. l-le boasts of always keeping his mother's clothesline full when he was a baby. LES MKZKELSQN, in the white jumpers, always had a hammer in his hand when he was young. l-litting pet corns was his childhood hobby. Tsk, Tsk. Shame, AGNES LANGE, where are your socks? When her father dug the garden, JANET BOND used to pull out the worms. Qnce when the worm was stubborn, she said, Hcome here wahrmf' She also used to swing chickens around her head by their tails. LUCILLE KQRES, in the white sweater, hated dolls but liked dogs. She used to dress them up. The barber is coming, FLORENCE SlVlPxl-lffx, don't be afraid. ff11'ffj.1i,w"1F- T V 1: ff,47,,,l,- .L . I The prim little girl in striped stockings is l.Ell.A SMERZ. She is trying to be a good girl. She ran away once and got caught between two street cars. . MARGE WERNER, in the long white dress, un- like most babies liked milk. BEN RABIN, interrupted in the midst of his first bath, confessed that one was his last. The infant in diapers and on his back is MIKE SANTIS. l"le was just fifteen months old. Cl-lERUl3S AND SCAMPS HARRY KRAUS, the one on top, had aspirations of being a bronco-buster. The broncos wouldn't stand still so he gave up. The curly-headed lad is Hl:l.ASl'li' PALMER. l'le grew to become one of Mortonis most con- scientious managers. SHIRLEY WALTON in theicollapsible buggy seems happy now. 'Tis said she used to pout quite a bit, however. JIMMY ULRlCl'l and his hobby horse on which he won the Derby innumberable times and tracl4ed down hundreds oi desperadoes and indians. The little lad in the white dress is DUKE BlSl'lQl9. l'le says he used to talte the millc from the door- step and pour it on his head and also that he was jealous oi the rag-manis loud voice. The little miss combing her sister's hair is VlR' GINIA WALTON. FRANK SCHMID, leaning on the chair, proudly displays his new suit with the short pants. The little girl on the fur is GRACE BOHAC. She used to play the piano on the buttons ol the parlor davenport. All dressed up in cap and cape is VlQl.A JUNKANS. She used to snub the girls and tell everyone, ul don't like you," when she was young. BGB SPA!-IN, sitting on the iur, used to call a horse a ublupf' l-le used to stand in his yard, yell, and throw dust in the air and on his head. The serious boy on the chair is GEORGE CERNY. l'le is awaiting his turn to speal4, as usual. That little girl by her uncle is FRANCES NQVITT. When she was a child, she had a peculiar habit oi getting up at about three in the morning and pounding on the piano. LITTLE DARLTNGS XXfll.lVlA TRAXEL seems to be enjoying the rubbish basket. The tough looldng fellow with the cap on is ED WOLAK. He used to picl4 and eat potato bugs. He received a scar from a jealous girl when she hit him with a roclc. The girl in the buggy is VIRGINIA WALTON. ALICE MCCAUSLAND when she was a blond. She used to sticlc her tongue out at people. Among the group is JOE SVRCHEK - smiling and with a tie on. He had a passion for baldy- sours. ln the big coat and hat is MARGE WERNER. She was bitten on the forehead by a dog. She got a scar, the dog died. RUTH LAVENAU, throwing the ball, used to crawl baclcwards and sprinkled people who walked by with the hose. TTTN puxw , E x The two little girls are MARION DAWSQN, with the bow, and ELANQR OAKS. ln the blaclc coat, white hat, and rubbers en- semble, MARTHA HAIR is ready to go out. She had all her hair shaved ol'i when she was young. lVllLDRED HGDGSON, with her dog, proudly displays her bow. She stuclc a silver lcnife in a light plug and was lcnocked across the lcitchen Floor by the shock. GEQRGE NQRTQN, in his Super-Twenty, stops for a moment and speeds on. HERBERT CHCDICE with his sister DQRIS. Herbie used to live near Dunning. That tact explains all. Doris once chewed an angle worm but unfortunately didnit swallow it. OPHOMOPCE GI P O PU I. A FL Q VOTE- SE PTEMBER f E POPUPAR 29-SOPH WELCOME S o C I A 1. OCTO B E Rf 5- FROSH SOCIAL ' 21' FRCSH SOCIAL D f DC C E E -To SOPHS Mow f zcfspowsoa Amo E Aovnsee GET- ' ToeE'rf-s E P. 5 wsu. h S U C CEED M os-r X Qs E 51-MEN'S Cl-UB 3-MOTHER-' MASQUEFLADE DAU Nove MBE 0. SCH0L ARDf 2 E TD.Acxc - E. COMEDIANS' C MQSET ASS EMBL-Y 5' ALL FROSH- PA RTY TQC 15- ACE-3 19 - FATHER Ano SON BANQUET ZZWJETOMACHEE H UMOQOU5 NOv.lO " CADER SPREE LIK SEMESTER END EXAM WE IAN .21 FALL PROM NOV - 2 5 C I .JAN-23 GLOOMCH F,-..,. ,.,...-- ,.,- HTER BANQ e , no -woMEN'S CLUB NEW SEME MCJNTE CARLO FEB-W pp,RTY SCHEDULE: V 211-CHRISTMAS TEXT500 KID PARTY- GET ACQU 28'ALUMNI wrrrxkgug PARTY 50 -COLLEGE ALUMNI DANCE JANUARY 1:55.21 6-ALL 3oPH ELECTRO Soc,xAL S I3-COMMERCE OF CLAZE ASSEMBLY AND C-L pol.sT1CzANs' oEF1cE R Z0-CCEDS Ap-I-Egy,1A VOTE AGAINST owrcs-1 TREATS qi --dGF-- SOPHOMOQE PO PULAQ. 5 vow' E- RC H 1' APRIL FSQEIQJBQQUSE E POOR SOPHOMORE N mem- pQKpL3LAl?l N UT e,Ar-IN ofwca EGE-QLAY PLAY DAY , , HALE-Conv ucggn A UT -fx ,ax RCANTKLI sm fi A 'X APRIL Eff? 6'x.A amuse XE., Assemgmf a-TRAelc- .r. C,OMEo1As-aa" smcson THREE PLAYS I6 -ALUMN x- DANCE ,111 .,., QQET BALL SDPJNCT przom NER-'DANCE APRU.-22 BOP-E ADVLSEE E TRO POLL1TPsN A SS EMBLY APRIL 26 ENGIHEERSS ASSE MBLY 28- FROSH SOCIAL. T0 SOPHS V V D YD 1 VX O ST 5- OPEN House WH- NIGHT IO-CQDER SPREE FIELD DAY Am.. C,Om.1.EGE-. TEA ANNUAL5 P-RE OUTI' jaiieei NE- CLASS N ITE GRADUATION' Loo SCENES COLLEGE CORRIDOR LIBRARY MENS CLUBROOM WOMENS CLUBROOM E SQCIALS FALL PROM SOPHOMORE BARNDANCE BASKETBALL DINNER-DANCE SPRING PROM I F 1 f UD 'fb Jljinyx-'1',L ' ff ,4 , - - I f .ff , L yr Q , 1 , Q 2 , , I . , rf , qu, W., 1. ' Ov jfy , 1 11 . N N! - A ty f ". KI ' yn My , X ' . f X J CQ! k - , '. X - A I 'kv 1. - HL x A! w r N LJ .U F fYy.."y " 'V W N ,,. f , f1' K h 4 ww' W , .X - J K ,VV x 'H v ' J." .+ PY L 17' Egfr 5 L" ,Mu V I r .ING fqf Wffwg f W5 I : I 9 lv 41" 1 QQ'553,45555F?-flaL2Yk1iZa'X5EtL,ifssEix5Vfs??wrli6 WT? 'Chi 5T"newsYfwY31?31fv M' 'H+' 32559 MM" ff' Txi,KES5 fik iiiiluiiiliikiwik !Z95i5fi?92?Z ,gi my ,.,.,. 36 Luv .if ,251gQggs: , , 12 - ' 4' ' z 1: , ' Rm: my x ' Q, , 5 yy , w. Z ti 2 , . W' ,,-'.i4U5fA .V 1, AA C1 ' ' -Q 'S' . ' . W ' m - .51fM5?l' . ,ff U 4 V V. ,h L ,, lk A A K: , 5.1 . "f7 iW:f1, ' I Ayrri L3 , LVVL M 4,2 ,.,,, . f, , , V- fp. , - g ,K f ,Qi ,,,,,, V' Irbtk, I kE.7 h' Y'V , , , J1. k jV L Ki y V5 '-15 53: 5 'ff 3 ff. Pi ', 1 I . ,S X x x ' W, 'K "V , 1 wg' I, A :w1s5'fi:fa ' ,Ufim , fir f-,f'5'2'. ' 4 L .Elf . f 0 fr ' , 4 -,., A . 2. . m', ,, I W . W A Vx V J wif, V ' W, ,fa Vw-,f,1,' ' f ,. V, 2 -M j g: A: N . Y an K 4 1 , Q . , - x I . A " , if 1 X4 x V X , 'T' sn 3 ' A ' ' '31 40' ' ' we 41 J' .f ,. , 45 A V. 9,5 mf , .- gl -Q, ' im, I x " r. , "Ki ' . .Q:5a, V . M' .if Ei V f. ,i, 4 Q S ,. 3 ' ,, rg, K, K -w ,, I 3.0 vl , W QT Q 51 3 1.--rl Qi 4, Q' 47. K s , - J- , ,W-J XV J 7 X. f 9, L ,,,.- gs - k',: izygl . ,L.' 1 f R W i s 98 K, X , 3 A 4' Q gl H ' 'W U is ff' A 3 4 gr Q! I if QQ 45 Q' I W X - ?f M 5 ,U . M ' 'Q if 1 M A , V, vf ,NVQ , . JEK: , a 7 J , gx 2 22121 M., ,S QQ, W X it gy Lf ' I ,kfzf f ,L ' its IN .,,, iw 4 A ,Ar Ji 4 ' W A W A Q 5 Q it ,ff X , , I if P W A F avi f X, 2 xy 4 2 p i My W L' 7 ,J wi ,fy li! E 1 if jsp ,fill ?M'X Q ,ll-SN Eh 1 'XX xg 5,3 I J M E ti by fx 1 fi 4. ak u Q K 1' 'VU' B My he K EV' ff A NAL L M Vim' i f n X 4 ff Q I R s Q QQ! "' J 1 f R? f f x ' Q I A J" ,f ' , 1 r kykgh 'ififk ,",'1 , N f . f- M E ' f""' xy, ' 4. ,g i Q A Y I , ' ,.k,-f, . X' , ,..,-, uruxl ' , I yi? AV mf I Vkyg 1. D . ff it l J, fa vw W- 'T , , fm 'A A ' M Li, - L, V 4 V A JN 1- f . - I VV A X N 5 I A X W' jf fffwcgi-'11 fnfafzfv' V 4 my ly , M - Wi-COM! ff' M7 ' if ,V M, ,Q Q. my of A m 'c i VU? z K V., , L U sph.. Ag QAJJ MPA ! MM . J5f1A 7LoeeQ,l ,LZ yfffdff'-'f'd'CfgH'if'l. Q sift", k.Qf' K y,-V L , ','l I K If ' L fi 0,,w,,e WE cf Mj'as- ,ova cy, one we ' f ML, A f fi. ww J il K Coming up to the same high standard whica 5 'f ' ,Q,r,,f ,,!,g.f,41s 4. ,rx f "f" governs the other flames of the school, the ath- A V LQ' 'i J ' K-Q. O 1,4 1. L, g I - letic Progress Flame has given the college some- , LL' ' thing to be proud oi. The best oi talent and A ' AU!! ,A X I . JU skill is given over to the athletic world to make Aepj. -ef, I th m ffvit Jwcu fade UQQ Mqjliifff rii' Qin e na e o or on unio o ege san s ,M A2 !L4Aff,1 symbol oi integrity and high ability in athletics 'A kc as well as in intellectual fields. Fine teams ' 77L2.l throughout the history of the college have added 44 ,bw ' " . ' X' 'ff ' l more branches not only to the flame of progress A0 y f , ' ,f but also to a lcindred one, that of lame- Fame - ACM' MQM ' P .D 4 ,Lf " Lf 1 , for clean playing, Fame for excellent ability, K' MQ' MSL, 'Lf Fame for hospitality. The athletic Progress Flame, 'i g J , f ll M " C' 0 -f MZ always up-to-the-minute, is a large contributor t f' J 4,1 Q . m if i . Lf flfffvlfv c',!iC-Zwzdyjf' our central Progress Flame. 2 f sf f K K t MM- were b e fbblfcf f V X, , - 3, xi My, ,Mia ytfgewhfffift Vw XUKMYM if fl H , N ' f - ' J- 4 QCQU J f 'AVL ' f AQ, ,. ,GAL , V swf 'V'-'P Q. . I KM I 2 Sl fwiw' V L N 4 JFRRY ATHLETICS Qfdr ffkgakfxpkj ,iam LQfC!'c94fLf ULMJ J VDC J ,VJ JJAM4 ' A 9, ! , F Uv f ' ' 'fl If 'L. f , L U 1 ' ,. ' " xf- , V , . I . X .V Q,,.,,f u ,,j554A1x9b1Q ff , L,.,vr1L,,f,x.1vwc,ym4,, - fi , r . M 7 , 1f , , 3 fx lv MENS ATI-1 LETICS THE AIMS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION .... by Coach E. A. Wright The required program of physical education at orton Junior CoIIege aims to develop in each istudent Ieadership, strong character, and dy- fnamic personality, through activities arising from Ithe deeper instincts, a high degree of sI4iII, a Ivital interest in and a knowledge oi those phys- IicaI procIivities most beneIiciaI to growing youth and deveIopment, and which aIso serve Ias the physical aptitude necessary Ior participa- tion in any Ieisure time activity. ,The required phase of the worI4 oi the depart- ment oI physical education thus seeIcs to bring I each student to a point oi physicaI fitness and eificiency necessary for participation in the va- ious physical activities and, at the same time, cvelop in him through actuaI practice sIciIIs, nterest and a I4nowIedge of those forms of physicaI diversion and recreation arising from the deeper propensities which wiII serve as a pre-requisite for the many Ieisure time activities IIater Iife. ,hysicaI education wiII pIay an ever increasingIy vaIuabIe part in the preparation of individuaIs COACH MCBLIRNEY Tennis COACH JOHNSON Baseball COACH ELVAN A. WR GHT A,ItAAA.AJsLAA.AAAAA,kAA,k for the use of their Ieisure time, In order to overcome the worId-wide custom of vicarious enjoyment of Ieisure, we must provide iaciIities, and develop interest in seII-participation. We Icnow that an in- dividuaI tends to pIay that game at which he has acquired some proficiency, there- Iore, the department aims to provide adequate opportunity Ior him to acquire some sIciII in a variety of sports. Without a question Morton Jr. College has never possessed a better basketball team than the present one which clinched the conference championship, vvas runner-up for the state basketball crovvn, and shattered several records. During the season Morton has averaged about 50 points a game as compared to its opponents' Q8 points. Scores over Fifty vvere quite common. The record-brealcing score vvas l0'l-Q5 vvhen the Panthers trounced Chicago Jr. College. Qther outstanding scores in lVlorton's favor vvere 90-Q3 Cvs. l.isleD 74-Q6 Cvs. North Parlcj, and 56-Q0 Qvs. l.isleD. Vytislca and Prohaslca vvere awarded positions on the all-conference team. l3rohasl4a was also avvarded a position on the All- lournament team along with Linduslca, and Cech was awarded position of center on the second team. Three of lVlorton's stars led the conference in scoring. Vytiska scored 300 points during the season, Lindusl4a 217, and Prohaslca 214. Credit is due Coach Wright for the development ol a well left the college in February, Hoppe, Grau, Koche, and Pro BASKETBAL , l l 4 i 4 i 1 4 4 6 i 4 l N. I. J. C. C. TRCQHV l i . , VJ balanced squad. With l.intdYJsl4a, Piha, haslta from last yearls squad as the nucl 1 9, ' 1 ' 61" I, T Coach Wright lorme a spirited, aggressive, and co-ordinat- ing unit. Nat o is the regular team a champion but also Ca ' 's H te m which did not lose a single- game l the four emgp d. Q the tvventy-three ,X games orton ayed it l st o four, - o ol which were confer g e t Fin .1 e ' the state tourna- ment, a t e oth r, th First gam the season. The o nler ce- m were Concordia and ' vvhi ' phed in t -' state tournament. Thornton, ' t rlc, and La Grange tell twice before the l3anthQ 'e single victories were scored agains Concordia, an Joliet. Thornton, North Parlc and Chica o Normal succumbed to Morton in the state tourna- 5 "" ment. llvery one ol the boys in the squad deserves credit ' - I ,h Qi f- , - , , g . . . . J, A- cfxprfxiu Ptorif-XSKA , lo' 'NS Splengll SDM' gf" ,it ,,,-4, ,Wu 'I ' - -' 4 ,. 71 ,. " ', ., , ' 7 1 i 3 uf.!'nAL'Lb ll .2-' "1 ff ' ,ry ,IJ I . . ' ' favffk i wv'4 'sf ,i f Lffg "' , ' .JPN-1 g , A ', Uynll V LJ A ff - " ', ffpyl' 4 , ,J twig' ti JW ,,, 1 , Y' -Q, ,Ly-A ,fi ww i ,qugg , W. MJ ,.. A f..Jw" ' ' 'ISL Row MANAGER MCGUIPE, f IMENT, MZOQ-HIE, GRAU, CAPHAIN PROHASKA, GEBHARDT, POLLACK, MANAGER FENCL. A ,, Qnd Row. COACH WRIGHT, DAMER, HOPPE, VYTISKA, CECH, LINDUSKA, LEBL, HEAD MANAGER ULRICH. A ..A' 1-MA A-,, ,,.J.t. l Tgf.. 'KW lfhxx Wt"W"""i'i"' In spite of the many men, all of them excellent football players, who responded to Coach Wright's call for varsity football material, Morton failed to retain the football championship of the Northern lllinois Jr. College Con- ference. The 1932 football season was one of the most unsuccessful the Panthers ever played, nevertheless Coach Wright has stated that this year's team was on par with, if not better than, last year's championship team. The Pan- thers suffered as many tough "breaks" as any one team Lf'-'1 , possibly could. l-landicapped by a late start, the team - gradually became a perfectly co-ordinated unit imbued , : it K Q with the "never say die"' spirit. With each game they D improved, and it is safe to say that they probably would s , 01: have retained the title if football practice had started t QTE earlier. - The warriors' stalwart forward line was co sed of f-E-Q3 - ' Miachiewitz, while Kruzic, Krause, lvliclcelson, Clish, andiaborslcy onstituted the baclc field. Wolalc, Skriba, l-lora, McCarthy, Teborelc Gebhardt and The inexperienced Morton team had less than three days' practice when it battled in vain against North Central in the opening game. The following wee Elmhurst handed the hard- Q, V FCDGTBALL 1 1. J , V l,Lff 2 ' if fb f J .H if , J l K if I' gifviw li 1 if 4 , , I,- All Mf I ffl! Aff ,fl AW C fly!! ,'i ,,',-X15 L-. 4'f ffl ,W - Al! l f ,fo iff fl ff!!! cj ll ff ffl E gxhe Northwestern B team and Notre Dame freshmen. Sh was - Q 1 Citi lighting Panthers their second defeat. Concordia won lVlorton's first conference game in spite of the Panthers' last quarter rally during which Wolalt scored on a pass from Kraus. ln the Fourth game ol the season Captain l.ayman's warriors tied the American College of Physical Education by staging another linal quarter rally in which Wolalt repeated his performance ol the previous game alter spearing a pass from Kruzic. The Wrightmen won their First game ol the season by conquering Chicago Nor- mal. Clish scored on an end run, and in the last seconds ol the game Mickelson was tackled within a loot ol the opponent's goal line. Wright's warriors lost the last game ol the season to Lalce Forest. They lost by a relatively small score consiclering that Lake Forest boasted victories over IIMWLI Wi dv X 'v"f"f-' ' ff. .Z P . -I I ,ffl nf! r' 3-gl.. j ., 1 uf' 4 I' ' f I I . ,' ' f! V fy M .' 5 , P , Q pd WLMQ iBASltEBAL,Li,"f7"1MW nl-N-'-Q -,,c..r9 'lst Row. RADA, MEISINGER, PROSEK, LOY, TUREK, BOUZEKA-CORBLY. Qnd Row. PETROVICH, GUTSCHICK, POLLACK, KRUZIC, VANEK, SLIFKA, CLISH, TROJKA, 3rd Row FIALA FENCL ZAH UR PETERNEL FULLER TYK r E K H PIASECKI, . , , o , , , ,re ess, oc E, csai-miernr cftiats Mi HAIEK coAcH Jonawsom. Q X f :rn , X SZ , .- . .,b1,.,. .B ly, Q I l Mfyk ,MA 7' ,J . ' " I of 9' r "7r""'x7""f Mt' is ew ZWJWM . f' 0-f-f 'i ' QI- A-Lthgtgh Ithebba e season is not yet ovfg itifmfe to P Z ' sa-7 thqt,Mor59:o 'll ranlc high at the close of the season. ' or Thhfththltlt a fur. tif' , Y gyfyay e eam as os ony vvo games an vvon o WA K I . ,' ,l I Z "ZA Thbteam has been giving -l'yl4 and Peternel, the pitchers, A C' t ",' ' 'J "' A excellent support. The infield is composed ol Kruzic, at ' X? ' ,fl , short, Prosek at first, Pelmy at second, and Vanelc at third. 4KQAW,,,,.,L-1-f-f If .. sr gh ., - Q' Petrovich does the catching. Gutschiclc,-l'rojl4a,and Loy con- i--l""' n A , , I , stitute the outfield. This year's team is a heavy " 'nfl lf' , g 'T' . . , ' f - 5- l hitting one. Gutschiclq Vanelg Petrovich, ' 'L ,- - jf' i' ' " . .i ..i,.,.,.. J Kruzic, and Peternel are the team's dynamos. Coach l'l. C. Johnson has undoubtedly built a baseball team of which the opponents vvill be well aware before the season ends. The re- serves, composed ol Pollack, Floring, -lvrdik, Meisinger, Corbly, Rada, Gebhardt, and Fiala are almost on par with the regulars. Z-Wr,wa.r fr W fu. 1 l fluffy ,A' dwg? lw"'f'if'f -' "ww A f V 'v ' V y I Yi ff fo alfa ' Z: fc,,,L-2 ff lan" ,,., I VQA, vb' 1--.f4-'r.f,SfJ','..,,i.- L' Q7 f","'M ZA-'ff' 14 ' ' r:-A ' W lllflk. Mortonslpdd Q justly proud of having one of the Finest ri , K 1-f':X'x't I Y fffcaer teams in the Middle West. The team won four games and lost one. The Panthers ltnocleed the lid oil their 1932 season by trimming La Grange. Keberle scored two goals. Later Sainati scored on a pass from Widiger. The scrapping Panthers won their second game of the season by whipping the Baptists. Keberle led the Morton attaclc with two goals to his credit, and Sainati scored the third. The following weelc Morton gave the Baptists a second drubbing. Prosel4, Teborelc, and Kraus distinguished themselves by putting up a brilliant defensive game. Koche and Pas- teril4 each scored a goali while "Keb" scored two. The Panthers then divided two games with the undefeated lllini. Keberle wound up the season in a brilliant Fashion by mal4- ing one goal and l-losman the other in the winning game. af W 1 Y ,, ydipl' " Q II - A JJ Q, -Q -g it if y fi-J? 7,391 .5 'ff T V I ' ' xx fi 'If IVV b4L" f if ij! . In E X J. XJ I yay fx. I X - - D, fi fl' J' Ly.ff 0 f fly 5":"ZI I -TY!!! g Y .f'.f' '44 .- 'lst Row. ASSISTANT MANAGER ANDERSON, UTSCHICK, A. KALLAL, G. KALLAL, NOLAND, CAPTAIN T LPAI, HEJNA, CHISHOLM, MANAGER J. PETRZILKA. 1 ' . 2nd Row. ROHLBERG, STANKOWIAK, BICISTI, S EBERGER, DAMER, WEI-IRMANN, TURNER, FLENS, DAVID. I ' N ' II WtfW'Qf.a'fa2Wj:' I 71" I A "2 ,,f"Z.IffV4flW 'T' ,.. . V Q 6 . f. 1'- .rx fc fr ' The wrestlers must be given credit for the admirable spirit I ig. I, f I they disDIaYed throughout the season. Coach Miles Brousilwuj f ' last year's captain, especially deserves credit For turning ou I A ,. V, 'ji' a vvorthy team. I-Ie was hampered by ineligibility of several 7 "I 4' " 'I I I of his star wrestlers. . ' I I ' J 1 Chisholm, Wehrmann, Talpai, and the Kallal brothers were the only ones left Irom last year's squad. AII of them carried on splendidly. Talpai didn't lose a single bout, an the Kallal brothers did almost as well. Qs i.. Ty Morton Iost.tI1eIirst meet.,to'XTI7hIeTaItoI?by IIT Q1-'I'I score.QI9UtrisQfaTTQshman, and the Kallal brothers all vvonitheir matches. Then Morton roundly trounced I.isIe tvvice, once, SZ'I-8, and then, Q3-'IO. In a meet against Crane, in which Pirsein Furnished a treat, Morton lost 25.5-6.5. The Panthers ended the season by losing twice to Armour. ,i' 'N ' xi ,J nit , I., ,ri , :lllif ' 4 K rlX'0,.axk ii,5i biz, xr f l PQ .ini 'V li lil l ii l l l l X ILOG., LCD fmilbfu W l ' 1,-Mfg X l I 5 1 .. I I n 25 yllfall we W-MQNJK b Ka fy. Qt, UU- Q QQ I I Q The Morton natators laclced competition this season be- i f, , l' cause almost all of the conference schools had 'no swim- VVJ L' ' ' ming team to represent them and consequently, the f- A ' .ff , f 5 . l Q Panthers did not have a very active season. It is too bad i me , it was so,'ior Morton probably would have gone lar: F, K f ,ElQiJ,l!,vX-'AKQJM ,fy ,U i , The Panthers, however, were handicapped by the laclc of a V V, , , 5 , , f' a coach, but Manager Spelman partially filled that Lflffmlfff'-o capacitY. 0 f i V. ' . . ffmipfcpblklwy ,Q X , The Morton -lanlcmen triumphed both times fi J Yi' I . . . QAQV y QZKW ,y in their dual meets with the Qak Park Q if AJ, VX Q ' ' t ff -f F ,i , V.M.C.Px. Remes and Saslco excelled in , ff the 90 yard backstrolce. Matthies and Schmutzer held their own in the breast strolce. Pierce and Vol4ac did the diving. Froula toolc care of the 40 yard lreestyle and 'l'lanzlil4 the 90 yard freestyle. The relay team was usually composed ol Potch, l-lanzlilc, Volcac, and Froula. W Ji , 1' T TRAC WASZ ANAGER D ASCUS years r through lllrnols unr hrst place urst ntercol W C late meet besndes nth Thornton, Geo WTI! nt men were Co Captain Sneberger, Co Captaln Blechta ancluf VOl4dC 1 Tstllow NEWBERG VOKAC TOMAN VAUGHAN TALPAI RA W' lwir, AIN BLECHTA PREST KOSTKA VLK PRACHAR SUCHY BAUER BICTSTE BROUCEK RAUSCH Mc NOVAK TARNOWSKI PASTERIK JANUTKA MANAGE NOR ,.,,..f .fue ,- 'NZ' The Cross country team clncl CSD2CldllvLWCll For thelr hrst year They tred wuth the Umversuty ol Chicago Varsnty ancl placQQ second between Elmhurst and Wheaton Assisting Coach Wright 292 was Captain Sneberger The hrghponnt men ere Sneberger, Wasz, and Talpal The team also won a meet wrth the lVlorton l-llgh School ff Lg. f 2nd Ro MANAGER KROCKER SUCHARDA LEVY BROUCEK PTAIN SNEBERGER TARNOWSKI WASZ LINDUSKA PRACHAR 'ff' Dpyjr 02149 Jmfmf e 5 t O .5 f s M -l I , .X . 'f . ' xt rw .r T r' ' , A :gif ' . .. ti. I, .4 I ff' Q -A x l l 2 J " l ' ll J A I I' T A T i I i' v . 1 K F J jf -' rllyw X f ' fi x -r , I .' ' . '- v f 1 ' ,f 1 P A X ,T ily, 1 34 v' , , , 5 : 's U 0 ' ' I 'W 1 ' , Ci I . . 5 5 0 ' I , XV T' L - - "TT O R ' X 4 ,f 4' T -. 1 . xx ' t 1 V ' t . it t T . , .A Z . th . . 'D . I T T E"2"l , . . J . N . df, ,X ' . in A 4 U Q X A ancl Elm - r - Ty g , - A ' 1 X XX Xfgffy I ' T ' ' , ' 'X . lf! Q ' , ' . Q My .W ' I ' T' I 'Q' A - 4 ' fn 3 Salk IIQXVVIQI' V ' J at V I E HA 1: 'Y ,Q T I J I W ' .X f, W ' b In ,540 ff , A .M,.f7' ' , Q W. I , , , , I , , , , , W . - '31 A ,-33 T ' , I ll A' a ', Q s . N , ' , - 2: t :L ' I O l Ill 6 V - .1 IX 1 xx X 3 .. I A ,ff-f" I I rgyql' X I sa, ff cotr A tiirtnnis 1 'V 1stRow. MONKOWSKI, CAPTAIN BOLITIN, HOSMAN, HOPPE, DAMER.' a -in Qnd Row. HANSES, JENSIK, PIRSEIN, KISILOWSKI. The golf team this year consisted of Joe Jugo- vic, Captain Vic Boutin, and Joe Pirsein. Jugovic, a freshman, qualified for the Western Junior at Medinah last year. Boutin was intra- mural champ for '32 and '33 and conference individual champ in '32, l-loppe was runner-up For intra-mural honors in '32 From Pirsein, a freshman, much is expected. v. ,,. Coach McBurney's tennis team has thusfar had a hard schedule. Handicapped by not being able to play on the home courts, they lost three games and won one. Radowitz and Palutsis play number one doubles and Dapogny and Morris number two. The singles ranlcing is as follows: Dapogny, Rado- witz, Morris, Palutsis, Pesch, and Putris. I DAPOGNY MORRIS SCHECK RADOWITZ PALUTSiS I ,f fi -, 1 -' I J' t Q2 INTIQAMURAL J M s Sew The intramural board has directed the athletic activities so that th re were agrea r uinber AM! of men participating in athletics than would normally do so. Be ides enabling more men to engage in athletics, the intramural tournaments revealed hidde varsity talent. Tournaments in golf, tennis, football, baslcetball, swimming, basebal held this year. inter-class tourneys were held in football BOuTIN, GOLF CHAMP iNTRArviui2AL BOARD BASKETBALL CHAMPS SWIMMING CHAMPS FOOTBALL CHAMPS A PING-P and ping-pong were ll, and swimming. G CHAMP a5lx5,sQ1?l?Q IN TI-IE l-ILJIDDLE l"leard in the locker rooms before a football, soccer, or basketball game: "lsn't there anything l can say to make you fellows mad?" Surely itys not Buck Wright talking. A spectator seeing Levy pass up Sneberger and Wasz the other day remarked, "Boy, can those niggers run." Cech and Vytiska have been mistaken by opposing players and referees because they look alikef thatls embarrassing to Cech because he's good looking. Keberle ran 65 yards for a touchdown. I-IE was bewildered when nobody could hit him. The only man that could stop him was the Whatta man. By J. PROSEK We XQSXA YJ " if-JCITPGEE if al C3 OF' P-ICHIE IN Acfio X11 0 u ici4i.EsoN TAKES A REST v L I-Y BETWEEN H IT S A HALVES, NEW LOW o--Q---o CB ic swiwes - QL 1 AND sm vas XX HIS DiVOT. rs' ll f V09 fn! QQ Q, 1 ilieizisia 9 A T cwoice 'SS?f' E f ,Q Viigfd ,Neg , ,Inv 'M T 7 I -1- 4- QLEE ,Kc i J s 94 ' O S' X lidizuzic TURNS -X, no l' Som-T 72 W f aficis STOP. GET ,L K: if - i -5 Xe , T -' -,,,,2'S E Too QOUGI-0.6 fx fpgtgimmvsmhweq X AC: " TFKE SWAN 1 Y 1. X I T f . N 3 ,,.' f X I WGMEIXIS ATHLETICS ,W.A,A. BOARD The Women's Athletic Association Board, its members the Uspolces- womenu of the association headed by Miss Martha Lhotl4a, president of the W.A.A., meets regularly once a weelc to discuss any questions pertinent to that association which can best be handled by a smaIIer,' informal group. The Board members, elected by the club at its first, formal meeting, plan the activities of the club-its assemblies, its play day, its tournaments, and its social affairs, and call upon the other members to help carry out those plans. During Miss Callahan's leave of absence, Miss Mary Tuclcer acted as adviser of the association. Miss Tucker is a Morton Junior Coliege graduate and a member of the W.A.A. C, A, CALLAHAN M. TUCKER Top picture: 1stRow, BEGGS, BASEBALL, PERKINS, TINOR, TENNISf TRAXEL, RIDINGf JUNGKANS, SECRETARW HLAVA, VICE-PRESIDENT Qnd Row. SMERZ, GOLF, WALTON, SWIMMING, NELSON, MISS TUCKER, ADVISER, Li-IOTKA, PRESIDENT, MEHREN, BASKETBALL, LAVENAU, ENTERTAINMENE EHRLICHER, TREASURER. Bottom picture: 'Ist Row. NELSON, PETROVICH, MEI-IREN, REMES, LAVENAU, JUNGKANS, LEI-IN, ZELEZNIK, SCHINDLER, OAK, VRBA, ANDERLE. 2nd Row. WARNING, EHRLICHER, HOFFMAN, GOBER, KRATKY, ZALUBIS, TINOR, McKENZIE, WALTON, WHITBECK, BEGGS. 3rd Row. BOLEY, SEDLAK, LHOTKA, FERES, WHALEN, SLEMENDA, ANSON, WASZ, MAU, WOECKNER, PERKINS, HARTSOUGH. 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KASSEL, JUNGKANS, BEGGS, PERKINS, PASEK, HARTSOUGH, TINOR, KRATKY, ZALUBIS. h A -A----K--.- 11 . SWIMMING WASZ, BOND, WALTON, LAVENAU, DIANISH, SMERZ 'ENNIS MEHREN, ERHLICHER, TINOR, ZALUBUS, BOLEY, JUNGKANS ,. 4"-I . 1 ': Lf E - 5 ' X A 'N B A D if ,, ' Guess wi-scsQ fo'-Wax i . ire. l5i.ANci-be SEDLAK IN PEJ SCLN .f- l l an LENJ' , 6 43 fE1E1N0R SMEWL gl 'Mx ' V ps. P1 Q U 5 lg J g ifs 5 ,5 fP"" Q f O cgtli 5Q?1iEf'Q Gmus! 3 cf mx. S lCo55n'r GET' SO Rove H. 11.1 MARTHA LHQTKA , TAKES c.AREFui. mm. a - l i udp' ortl 'Mx i X 08 ooy 5 1 Zi if 4' If s UM 5 C' uc Q f, - 0- Y-K, M. QW O ' 9 vody' go o 00 If v o 60 .117 0 1' r ,K , ,f j f i i .2 4 iv qifqkig li Q BILLY TRAXEI. wvru-1 HER naw N33 mo'oE.L -lfofi CUTE eu? MARY Hacen BOLEY Q TURNS' mmcnes , ,,,,o'Qj,2j, . E ' Jsnav-maven 54 Doivou REMEMBER WHEN of ' on I , 'j 4 I "Martyn l.hotka took a long shot from thehmiddle of the Floor in the last fevv seconds ol the basketball game-and nearly made it? Bernice fAxnson,s forehead collided with a hockey ball? l.ouise Warning almost didn't get her "tux" for the waltz? Millie Mehren's vvork on the treasure hunt for play day came to nought? . Jess-Elizabeth l-lartsough "slid" For the baseball action picture? Captain Bing thought the prisoners never would scream and rush dovvn the aisle, and so had to stalk across the stage popping a toy pistol? Helen Petrovich and Mary l'lelen Boley gave the anchor such a hefty heave that they broke it? V No one could guess whose legs were whose? The photographer Forgot his Films? The photographer took the wrong ULN? The pictures didn,t turn out? CAPTAIN BING The Pioneer stall wishes to express their appreciation of the splendid service and co-operation received from the McGrath Engraving Corporation and the Magill-Weinsheimer Company in the publishing of this yearbook. ' Fm,.. 1 ,,,,,.,,,,.,,w- ,v---vv-v f ., W-.Wf.w,v,.Y1Y---.-..... , . , -- qv-f--:W-' ' - -. Y " ' ,w4'g,7-nf . 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