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TOP HAT ' 84 O.P. MORTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 6915 GRAND AVENUE HAMMOND, IN 46323 VOLUME 31 1984 TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING 2 SPORTS 30 CLUBS 70 ACADEMICS 86 FACULTY 98 SENIORS 110 UNDERCLASS 132 ADVERTISING 152 MORTON’S OWN IMAGES From the freshman year to the end of the senior year, the Morton student grows and developes a new and unique type of lifestyle. Free time, academics, friends, sports, and general activities are all a part of the students ' environment. Several of the Morton stu¬ dents also spend time out¬ side of school activities. Some take jobs and others have hobbies or spend time with friends. Most of the Morton stu¬ dents reflect back to the high school years as some of the best years of life. High school gives everyone the chance to express them¬ selves according to each one ' s ideas and concepts. As a student body, Morton also carries out their own type of lifestyle. Academics and sports are activities which provide a group in¬ volvement. Also, general activities in the different clubs and orga¬ nizations provide for group participation. Students learn to work together and to communicate with other people. As the years pass, Mor¬ ton ' s reflection changes ac¬ cording to the type of stu¬ dent body. Yet Morton has many achievements throughout the school years which are a part of Morton ' s overall reputation. Toward the end of the school years at Morton, each student has made his or her own lifestyle, and each has their own ... IMAGES. 1 Junior Karen Stevenson stops ju¬ nior Donna Tutush to catch up on n hj s f ree time, junior Ron Gabbert the latest gossip. makes hamburgers at McDonald’s. Senior Chris Wolfe helps the Boost¬ er Club by decorating the cafeteria for Halloween. Freshman Kathy Jones spends time with a fuzzy friend. 4 Free Time Most Morton stu¬ dents enjoy the time after school more than the time in school. After the 3 P.M. bell, students head for fa¬ vorite hangouts” (anywhere from ar¬ cades to cruising in cars). Some work for local businesses for ex¬ tra money, while oth¬ ers work with organi¬ zations for fun. Free time activities project the fun Morton stu¬ dents have — only one of many ... IMAGES. Junior David Ferris practices his “driving skills” at a local ar¬ cade. CLASS English, science, math, and social studies are all required at Morton. Spe¬ cialized classes in each de¬ partment lets students study exactly what they need to gain knowledge and skills for future edu¬ cation and careers. Some classes are considered less interesting than others, but most lessons are re¬ membered for a long time. Morton’s chances for stu¬ dents to be educated builds futures — helping to reflect ... IMAGES. L J Kelly Stevens, junior, solves graphing problem on the board ii trigonometry class. Senior Patricia Skeen practices cornet in the fifth hour band class. Morton has many op¬ portunities for students to develop long lasting friendships. Classes, clubs, and other activi¬ ties give students the chance to meet other students with similar in¬ terests and goals, the foundation that friend¬ ships need. Ample time during lunch and be¬ tween classes lets stu¬ dents participate in a fa¬ vorite past time: gossip¬ ing, which helps devel¬ op friendships even more. Friendships are an important part of the students’ lives — an¬ other part of Morton students’ ... IMAGES. . , ' Juniors Laura Troksa and Kim Stevens master the art of sharing a locker. COMING AT YA On the night of September 30, 1983, Angie Keutzer, es¬ corted by Ruben Urbano, was crowned 1983 Home¬ coming Queen by last year’s Queen, Chris Dujan. The court consisted of Mary Beth Carmon and Man¬ uel Lopez, Sue Gonzales and Richard Berrones, Kellie O’Brien and Jerry Ryzewski, Shelley Pulkowski and Dan Guzek, and Michelle Taylor and Scott Young. The Homecoming Theme was " Coming At Ya”, based on the 3-D craze during the summer. Spirit week started off with Monday as semi-formal day, Tuesday as pajama day, Wednesday as sports day, Thursday as punk day, and Friday as traditional Red and Grey day. Other activities such as decorating the halls and the cheering block were orga¬ nized by the booster club. Throughout the week, ev¬ eryone prepares for that spe¬ cial night, which will allow the student to show their own school spirit, their own ... IMAGES. » —— Berrones, Michelle Taylor, Scott Young, Mary Beth Camion, Manuel Lopez, Kellie O’Brien, Jerry Rvzewski. Homecoming Court: Shannon Doughman, Sheryl Reyes, Shelley Pulkowski, Dan Guzek, Angie Keutzer, Ruben Urbano, Sue Gonzales, Richard Senior Angie Keutzer takes the stand to make her speech in the Homecoming assembly. Sophomore LaTonya Edwards prac¬ tices her marching before the pa- SPORTS Morton’s athletic depart¬ ment has always been one of the lifestyles which people participate in the most. Whether the lifestyle is in athletic ability or just the spir¬ it, students become involved. The athletic program offers fifteen sports that one can be involved with. Students learn to work as a team and how to take on the pressure of the practices and the game. Many of these stu¬ dents spend three to four hours each day after school. These students which par¬ ticipate with athletic activities show a part of their own IMAGES. FORMAL IMAGES On April 29, 1983, the Class of 1984 hosted the an¬ nual Junior-Senior Prom, at the Wicker Park Social Cen¬ ter in Highland. The theme, “Just Be¬ tween You and Me”, was carried out in the red and white decorations. The 124 couples attending Prom danced to the music of “Sun¬ set” and “Looker”. After the evening of for¬ mal manners and dress, some couples went to local beaches, while others went to Chicago. This one night of being with a special person in a special place enhanced the Morton students ' . IM¬ AGES. Denise Meadows helps adjust John Quil¬ len’s tie before entering the dance. Sue Schallenkamp and Dan Cochran take a moment to catch their breaths between dances. Patty Sweet tries to capture memo¬ ries of her friends on film. Claudia Martinez and Rich Arcien- ega indulge in the friendly art of conversation while waiting for din¬ ner to be served. Prom 17 ’83 GOVS SET “FREE” June 5, 1983 was a day filled with cheers, tears, and a few fears. On that day, Oli¬ ver P. Morton Senior High School graduated the 318 members of the Class of 1983. The 1983 commencement exercises were in the Mor¬ ton Auditorium. The gradu¬ ating seniors were dressed in red cap and gow ns. The Morton Concert Choir performed several selec¬ tions. Valedictorian Tim Sa- lach spoke of the future and said goodbye to his class¬ mates. Salutatorian Garry Graban asserted the value of self-image for future suc¬ cesses. Mrs. Kathleen Hill from the Board of School Trust¬ ees and Mr. Richard French, Assistant to the Superinten¬ dent, presented the diplo¬ mas to the class. Class President Heidi Mandichak read the class creed and the cheers and tears began as the members of the class flipped their tas¬ sels to the right side of their caps, becoming official graduates of Morton Senior High. The graduating Class of 1983 are applauded after they have re¬ ceived their diplomas. 18 Graduation MHS PRESENTS ‘MATCHMAKER’ The Morton Top Hat Theatre presented “The Matchmaker” as the organization’s production of the year. “The Matchmaker”, by Thorton Wilder, is the story of an old mer¬ chant of Yonkers. He was quite wealthy and decided to marry. The merchant then hired a matchmaker, with whom he eventually fell in love. The female lead role was played by senior Tracy Hall and the male role was played by senior Todd Hilbrich. , . rr „ Other productions which Hall participated in were “People and Robbers of Cardemon Town”, “Golden River” and “Oklahoma”. Hilbrich also had roles in “Golden River” and “Oklahoma”. This year the children’s produc¬ tion was “Aladin and the Magic Lamp”. The Children’s play was presented to the elementary schools in the area during the spring. 20 Play Minnie Faye (Renee Falk) helps Mrs. Molloy (Chris Ko- harchik) with her shoes. The maid (Stephanie Reid) an¬ nounces to everyone the real reason why Mr. Vandergelder (Todd Hilbrich) is going to New ork. Play 21 STUDENTS WIN AWARDS Several Morton students won academic and athletic awards in 1983. Seven seniors represent¬ ed Morton at Boys State and Girls State at Indiana State University last summer. At¬ tending were Felix DelToro, Phil Gawron, Jerry Ry- zewski, Rick Way wood, Debbie Buhring, Cindy Psuik, and Patricia Skeen. Mary Gillis received the 1983 Da ugh ters of American Revolution Award. The 1983 All-Conference winners were in football, seniors Mike West, Brian Elo, Jeff Sinchak, and junior Nick Kolisz; in volleyball, seniors Sue Gonzalez and Ami Sherer; in tennis, sen¬ ior Dan Prjlevic; in basket¬ ball, junior Vlado Petkovich; in softball, senior Tammy Hayes. Honorable Mentions were won by senior Tom Vrahor- etis in baseball and football, and in volleyball, by junior Joy Vandiver. Special honor goes to sen¬ ior cross-country runner Sherry Volkman for placing first at sectionals and fourth at regionals. All-Conference and Honorable boretis. Second Row — Nick Ko- West, Vlado Petkovich, Ami Mention — First Row — Jeff Sin- lisz, Bob Golec, Sue Gonzalez, Sberer, Brian Elo. cbak, Tammy Hayes, Tom Vra- Dan Prjlevic. Back Row — Mike 22 Awards Senior Mary Gil I is won the 1983 _ D.A.R. award. Senior Sherry Volkman raced well in the 1983 cross country sea¬ son, placing in the top five at sec¬ tionals and regionals. Boys State and Girls State — First Row — Debbie Buhring, Cindy Psuik, Patricia Skeen. Second Row — Jerry Ryzewski, Rick Waywood, Felix Del Toro. A wards 23 STUDENTS ATTEND CAMP Several Morton students attended different camps and institutes last summer. Senior Ami Sherer and Sue Gonzales and juniors Joy Vandiver, Doreen Bed- nar, Nancy Minch, Kelly Stevens, Kris Maloney at¬ tended a volleyball camp in Kalmazoo, Michigan. Senior Mike West attend¬ ed the University of Michi¬ gan and junior John Hess went to Purdue Calumet ' s sports camp for football. Junior Vlado Petkovich and sophomore Billy Edinger attended All-Star Camp in Renseller, Indiana, for basketball. The Pom-Pon squad also attended camp last summer. Half the squad went to Indi¬ ana University and the oth¬ er half went to Ball State University. The Varsity Cheerleaders attended Concordia College in Michigan. Senior Renae Szymaszek and sophomore Tracy Fos- naugh attended Smith W al- bridge Drum Major Camp. Senior Jamie Jamie, Szy¬ maszek, and Fosnaugh at¬ tended Smith Walbridge Band Camp. Juniors Carol Gaddis, Michele Mikicich and Fosnaugh all attended band camp at Purdue Uni¬ versity in Lafayette. Sports Camp — Front Row: Sue Gon- Nancy Minch, Kelly Stevens. Back zales, Jcy Vandiver, Doreen Bednar, Row: John Hess, Mike West, Vlado Petkovich, Bill Edinger, Kris Ma¬ loney, and Ami Sherer. 24 Institutes lenata Plahtaric, Gail Hatfield. Pom-Port — Front Row: Tammy Banks, Traci Brandenburgs Do¬ reen Reyes, Donna Harakal, Tina Poe, Lisa Contreras, Shelly Pul- kowski, Leslie Soto, Second Row: falski, Pam Wojcik, Angie Vasic, Michelle Taylor, Donna Tutush, ■Monica Stage arid Kareh Steven- •son. | Gina Bachmeier, Vikki Shanahan. Mary BethTCarinon, Kim Haley! Elvira Guerrero, Pam Peardon. Back Row: Linda Brown, Joni Ra- Cheerleading Camp — Front Row: Kathy Csicsko, Bridget Vela, Ann Melton, Kathy Verme- jan. Back Row: Cindy Batliner, Ann Thomas, Angie Keutzer and Cathy Williams. TOP 10 IN REGION NEWS The following article ap¬ peared in The Times on Janu¬ ary 1, 1984. Top Hat would like to thank The Times Staff for their permission to reprint this article. The ailing steel industry was the Calumet Region ' s top story in 1983. Soaring health care costs and utility rate hike battles also lead the list of the Re¬ gion ' s top 10 stories for 1983, as chosen by The Times’ edi¬ tors. The year also saw political history in the making with the election of a Republican may¬ or in Hammond and the first black mayor in Chicago. And the long, hot summer of 1983 won’t soon be forgotten by Indiana and Illinois farm¬ ers, some of whom lost up to half of their crops because of the drought. The top ten stories for 1983 are: STEEL When the 1983 industry losses are tallied, they are ex¬ pected to reach the $2 billion mark — an improvement over last year’s $3.6 billion in¬ dustrywide loss. The United Steelworkers union lost, too, when it signed a historic concessions agree¬ ment on March 1, giving back $1.25 an hour and a portion of the benefit package. The biggest story was at U.S. Steel’s South Works, where the battle for a rail mill and the fear of a shutdown plaughed workers all year. Last week, U.S. Steel said it will not build the rail mill, but it will not shut down the two operating departments there either. The company offered no committments as to how long the mill will continue op¬ erating. On a more positive note, Jones Laughlin Steel Corp. unveiled a continuous caster at its Indiana Harbor Works, while Inalnd Steel Co. and U.S. Steel Corp. announced plans to build similar facilities at their plants in East Chicago and Gary, respectively. Inland and Bethlehem Steel Corp. began operating their new heat-treating lines, which will help them meet their new higher quality stan¬ dards of the auto industry. The industry has operated at about 55 percent this year, up from 48.4 percent last year. HEALTH COST An exhaustive, six-month study by Times Staff Writers Lori Olszewski and Timothy Bannon revealed that most of the Calumet Region’s not-for- profit hospitals make a profit above the national average for hospitals. St. Anthony’s Medi¬ cal Center in Crown Point was the most expensive place to stay among 14 Regional hospi¬ tals in Indiana and Illinois studies by The Times from 1978 to 1981. Following the series which was published in March, St. Anthony began lowering its rates. Lawrence T. Filosa was removed as the hospital’s ad¬ ministrator on May 31, and the 16-member board of directors was dissolved. The Times re¬ ported in August that Filosa headed a network of not-for- profit corporations associated with the hospital which paid him $344,193 from July 1,1981 and June 30, 1982, including $180,000 a year as president and chief operating officer at St. Anthony’s hospital. UTILITY COST Indiana ’s Public Service Commission granted North¬ ern Indiana Public Service Co. a 20 percent, $161.6-million rate increase in August. On December 21, however, the PSC began reconsidering if NIPSCO’s construction costs for the $543-million Schahfer Unit 17 power plant are rea¬ sonable. PSC members said if the rates aren’t reasonable, re¬ funds will be ordered. Commonwealth Edison filed a request with the Illinois Commerce Commission to in¬ crease revenues by $462.2 mil¬ lion annually starting April 1984. ELECTION For the first time in 32 years, a Republican was elect¬ ed mayor of Hammond. Thom¬ as McDermott defeated Ed¬ ward Raskosky — the incum¬ bent two-term Democrat — with 61 percent of the vote on Nov. 8. Raskosky’s campaign manager. Brad Bodney, said he was aware three weeks be¬ fore the election that Ras¬ kosky wouldn’t win. Thomas McDermott was elected in Nov. 1983 as the first Republican mayor of Hammond in 32 years. 26 Local The Hammond election also produced another unique twist-a tie vote in the 4th Dis¬ trict Council race that was de¬ cided on Dec. 23. Lake Superi¬ or Judge Cordell Pinkerton ruled in favor of Republican Janet Moran and declared Democrat Mark Scholer ineli¬ gible to serve because he is a police officer. Scholer is ap¬ pealing the ruling. CH. ELECTION In a radically charged elec¬ tion campaign, Rep. Harold Washington was elected Chi¬ cago’s first black mayor on April 12, defeating Republican Bernard Epton with more than 51 percent of the vote. Soon after taking office, Washington’s 21 black and liberal aldermen squared off in council chambers with a group of 29 white aldermen led by 10th Ward Alderman Edward Vrdolyak. WEATHER With the exception of Cook County, every county in the Calumet Region was declared an agricultural disaster last summer because of the long, dry spell. Corn and soybean yeilds were 30 to 50 percent lower than last year’s levels in most Region counties. New¬ ton County crops were the hardest hit, with a 70 percent loss reported. Because of agriculture di¬ saster declarations farms are eligible for federal assistance for 1984 plantings. But tighter federal restriction on disaster loans mean the number of peo¬ ple who can apply is limited. WILLARDO Lake County Coroner Dr. Albert T. Willardo, convicted of theft by a Lake County jury, resigned May 22. Lake Criminal Judge James Clem¬ ent reduced Willardo’s felony conviction to a misdemeanor, then suspended a one-year prison sentence on the condi¬ tion that Willardo resign. Clement also ordered Wil¬ lardo to make restitution for $4,299 in fradulent milage claims which were diverted to his campaign in 1978. Willardo’s successor — Dr. Daniel D. Thomas of Gary — was elected June 4. KOMYATTI A Hammond mother and son, a Morton graduate, each were sentenced to 100years in prison on December 28 for the March 20 dismemberment¬ slaying of Paul Komyatti Sr., whose badly decomposed body was found buried in six plastic bags along the Lake Michigan shoreline in May. Lake Criminal Court Judge James Letringer sentenced Rosemary Komyatti, 58, and Paul Komyatti, Jr., 18, each to 55 years for murder and 45 years for consipiracy. Mrs. Komyatti is to serve the time consecutively; Paul Jr. is to serve the sentence concur¬ rently. William Vandiver, 35, the elder Komyatti’s son-in-law, faces the death penalty for his December 19 murder convic¬ tion. Vandiver’s wife, Mar- iann, testified against her mother, brother, and husband. Charges against her were re¬ duced from murder to a lesser felony in exchange for her tes¬ timony. ANTON Lake County Sheriff Chris Anton died Oct. 9 of cancer after serving just nine months in office. In an election decided by Lake County Democratic pre- Former Lake County Sheriff Chris Anton died of cancer last year while serving in office. cinct committeemen on Oct. 29, former Lake County Com¬ missioner Rudy Bartolomei was elected sheriff over An¬ ton’s widow — Anna Nuzzo Anton — by 10 votes. DRUG BUST A total of 41 persons were indicted in July after a five- year federal drug investiga¬ tion, dubbed “Operation Sky- Caine”, revealed that 120,000 pounds of marijuana and 2,300 pounds of cocaine valued at $139 million were illegally im¬ ported. It was the largest drug conspiracy case in Indiana’s history. Federal authorities charged two Calumet Region men — Ronald Markowski, 44, of East Chicago and George Chiatello, 42, of Burnham — with oper¬ ating a continuing criminal enterprise involving the il¬ legal importation of cocaine and marijuana. Local MARINES TOP NATIONAL NEWS On the morning of October 21, 1983, the Marines of the U.S. peacekeeping force in Beirut, Lebanon, were sleep¬ ing in their barracks at the Beirut International Airport. At 6:20 AM, a terrorist truck laden with dynamite barged past the guards and crashed into the building. Moments later the building exploded. During the next several hours rescue workers re¬ moved the bodies of 241 dead U.S. Marines. Rescuers lift a U.S. Marine on a stretcher out of the wreckage of the U.S. Command Post in Beirut. U.S. LOSES The United States lost the American Cup for the first time in the 132 years history of the event. In September, Australian II beat the U.S. Liberty in the seventh leg by 41 seconds, making the final score 4-3. The event, one of yachtings most prestigious, was held off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island. EVACUATED The late winter early spring of 1983 brought record warm temperatures to the midwest states. However, the West Coast was not so lucky as rain storms caused millions of dollars in damage. The tides pounded the coastline forcing families to leave their homes as the water swept houses and trailers into the ocean. HISTORY MADE KOREAN JETLINER SHOT YAZ RETIRES On September 1, a Korean jet- On September 6,1983, some 5,000 liner with 269 passengers was Korean Christians gathered for shot down by a Soviet fighter i n a 2 ti ' Soviet ra,, y to protest the pilot. No apologies were of- Sov,e ' ‘ e “° " s , “ ' ie " lo ‘ r - fered. THE DECEASED OF 1983 George Balanchine, Eubie Blake, Paul (“Bear " ) Bry¬ ant, Luis Bunnuel, Lilian Carter, Cardinal Cooke, Bar¬ ney Clark, Joe Edlaney, Jack Dempsey, R. Buckmin¬ ster Fuller, Arthur Godfrey, Ira Gershwin, Henry (“Scoop”) Jackson, Herman Kahn, Arthur Koestler, Meyer Lankey, Raymond Massey, David Niven, Pat O’Brien, Frank Reynolds, Sir Ralph Richardson, Jessi¬ ca Savitch, Gloria Swanson, Rebecca West, and Tenne- see Williams all passed away in 1983. David Niven Pat O ' Brien Arthur Godfrey National 29 FOOTBALL The 1983 Morton football team compiled an overall re¬ cord of 4-6. Though the re¬ cord might not show it, this was a successful year for the gridman. The team achieved the goals that were set at the beginning of the year. The goals include implementing a strong passing game and obtaining a more positive at¬ titude as a team. There were also some outstanding indi¬ vidual performances. Head Coach George Hall: “It was a season that was enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding because of the players we had who made a commetment to achieve to the best of their ability. ” Junior Dennis Edwards attempts to make a block on his Portage opponent. Junior Nick Holisz attempts to put a move on a defensive back. 32 Football Varsity Football — Front row: Mike Dodson, Paul Kolisz, Brian Elo, Keith Kessler, Mark Gordish, Jack Minch, Bob Golic, Jeff Sin- chek, Tom Vrahoretis, Mike West, Tim Jolink, Dan Dills, Ed Gomez, Jeff Earl, Tony Rodriguez, Tim Pa- quin. Second row: Dwane Purnick, Brian Morris, Nick Kolisz, Jim Czernak, Dave Schneider, Steve Coza, Brian Rodamaker, Jeff Barton, Brent Ad¬ ams, Brian Clark, John Hess, Ron Balta, TomPsuik, Dennis Edwards. Back row: Brad Wilson, Scott Zim¬ mer, Ed Gerka, Dave Slapski, Ed Ortiz, Don Bednar, Dave Semon, Jerry Richardson, Eric Smeberg, Jim Balta, Tim Smith, Jeff Orange, Craig Spurner, Robbie Clark. Senior Jeff Sinchek attempts to elude Gavit would be tacklers. Coach George Hall talks with quar¬ terback Tom Vrahoretis about the present situation. 33 CROSS COUNTRY The 1983 Morton cross¬ country season was high¬ lighted by the performance of senior Sherry Volkman. Volkman was the girls ' cross-country conference champ, as well as the sec¬ tional champ. She then placed fourth in the region¬ al and qualified for the state meet. The team as a whole had a somewhat disappointing season, finishing with a 3-7 overall record. Head Coach William Ar¬ cher: “We developed matur¬ ity as we went through the season and finished by beat¬ ing some teams in sectional, that had defeated us earlier in the season . " 34 Cross Country Sophomore Bob Lopez gets ready to overtake his Gavit opponent, r Sophomore John Marcum begins to gain ground on the Whiting runner in front of him. Coach William Archer gives instructions to his runner. Cross Country — Front Row: Mary Jansky, Joe Rozwera, Bobby Lo¬ pez, Frank Gutierrez, Wendy Nu¬ gent. Second Row: Tony Silva, Sherri Volkman, Erik Anderson, Jim Michilin, Owen Marcum, Jeff Allen. Back Row: Joe Villireal, John Marcum, Ray Anderson, Dave Sandlin, Andy Hlydek, John Spudville, Coach William Archer. Cross Country 35 HUM TENNIS The 1983 Morton boy ' s tennis team compiled an im¬ pressive record of 6-1 in the Indiana Lake Shore Confer¬ ence. Their conference re¬ cord earned the team a tie for second in the confer¬ ence. The raquetmen had an overall season record of 10- 4. Highlighting the individ¬ ual performances was sen¬ ior Dan Prljevic, who won the number two singles championship. Prljevic, who was the team ' s captain, was voted Most Valuable player and senior Bill Todd, Most Im¬ proved. Head Coach Jerry Wood¬ ward: “We had several ex¬ perienced players, and this resulted in a good season. It will be difficult to replace the six seniors on the team because they were our lead¬ ers. 36 Boys Tennis Boy ' s Tennis — Front Row: Robert Brown, Mike Czjia, Tim Kulsa, Dan Prljevic, Ed Jen, Bill Todd, Back Row: John Tucker, Pat Hooper, Jerry Czjia, Coach Jerry Wood¬ ward, Rob Edinger, John Borucki, Bill Edinger, Pat Jen. Conference champ Dan Prljevic practices before his upcoming match. Senior Bill Todd shows good form in returning his opponent’s serve. Boys Tennis 37 VOLLEYBALL The Morton volleyball team caped off the 1983 sea¬ son by winning their fifth straight sectional title and the Governors ' sixth in the last seven years. The Lady Gov ' s, with a 17-14 record, were not picked to win the sectional, but over came their regular season problems to post a thrilling sectional victory at home. Head Coach Aletta Hicks: " This was probably one of the best sectionals I ' ve ever had because these kids had to work so hard together in order to get it. " 38 Volleyball Volleyball — Front Row: Nancy Minch, Joy Vandiver, Sue Gonza¬ lez, Doreen Bednar, Tammy Hayes. Back Row: Jodi Herring, Kelly Ste¬ phens, Ami Sherer, Chris Maloney, Sue Machuca, Coach Aletta Hicks. Volleyball 39 VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1983-84 Morton bas¬ ketball team finshed its sea¬ son with a 7-12 overall re¬ cord. The cagers placed fourth in the Indiana Lake Shore Conference. Though the team’s record may not show it, they held most of their opponents un¬ der their scoring average. Head Coach Russ Marcinek: “Turnovers were our ma¬ jor problem this season. If we had controlled our tur¬ novers better, we could have finished with a much better record. ” 40 Varsity Basketball Senior Jim Balczo takes a shot be¬ fore the defense can read. Junior Vlado Petrovic gets him¬ se lf set to take a shot. Junior Nick Kolisz attempts to steal the ball from an op¬ ponent. Senior Manuel Lopez drib¬ bles past his defender. Varsity Basketball — Front Row: Jim Heinz, La tony a Edwards, Bill Ferris, Second Row: Coach Russ Marcinek, Greg Noldin, Manuel Lopez, Vlado Petkovitch, Dan Gu- zek. Back Row: John Krzan, Jim Balczo, Mike Revere, Ken Maloney, Andy Hladek. Varsity Basketball 41 GIRLS BASKETBALL The 1983-84 Morton girls varsity basketball team had a very disappointing season, finishing with an overall season record of 7-11. The team finished sixth in the Indiana Lake Shore Confer¬ ence. The team lost to cross¬ town rival, Gavit, in the fi¬ nal round of Sectional play. Head Coach Sherry Wil¬ liams: “I ' m disappointed that we weren ' t a .500 ball club this year. I ' m probably more dis¬ appointed that we never reached a level of consisten¬ cy in our play. We ha ve a lot of players coming back next year so I ' m optimistic that we can improve our record. " 42 Girls Basketball Senior Sue Gonzalez puts up a shot on a fast break. Junior Nancy Minch takes a shot hoping to score. Varsity Girls Basketball — Front Row: Joy Vandiver, Doreen Bednar, Sue Gonza¬ lez, Tammy Hayes, Back Row: Kris Maloney, Kelly Stevens, Ami Sherer, Sandi Bonomo, Sue Machuca, Coach Sherry Williams. Girls Basketball 43 WRESTLING The 1983-84 Morton wres¬ tling team finished its sea¬ son with a 4-6 overall re¬ cord. The matmen began the season on a bad note, losing thier first five match¬ es. As the season progessed the team pulled together to win four out of their last five matches. Strong individual perfor¬ mances were turned in by senior co-captains Tim Jo- link and John Michelin with records of 13-8 and 11-7, re¬ spectively. Sophomore Don Bednar, with a record of 12- 6, was voted Most Valuable. Head Coach Fred Kepler: “We were really happy about the way we picked up strength at the end of the season. We wished we had done as well at the begin¬ ning of the season. 44 Wrestling Senior Tom Jolinkl gets instructions from %Coach Fred Kepler, Wrestling — Front Row: Dave Gutierrez, Owen Mar¬ cum, Mike Chronister, Mike Montavo, Juan Blanco, Ken Stevens, Scott Nava, Ron Needham, Rob Clark, Brian Radermacher, Back Row: Bob Serifin, Opie Taylor, John Ashby, Brian Rodri¬ guez, Billy Adkins, Ricky Mills, Jeff Earl, Ruben Ur- bano, John Michelin, Don Bednar, Steve Cozza, Tim Paquin, John Marcum, Steve Shaller, Jim Nugent, Rod Cox, John Archibald, Ed Faught, and Coach Fred Kepler Wrestling 45 SWIMMING w m The 1983-84 Morton swim team finished the season with an even 6-6 overall re¬ cord. The mermen placed 3rd in the Indiana Lake Shore Conference. Throughout the season , the team was plagued with the problem of being under¬ manned. Many events had to be forfeited because there was not enough swimmers. Some strong individual performances highlighted the year. Seniors Rick Waywood and Rob Rycerz did particularly well. Head Coach Peter Koper- cinski: “Too many kids don’t take pride in sports at Morton. We lost a few meets that could have been won had we had more swimmers. ” 46 Swimming A Morton swimmer gives that little bit extra needed to finish first. Morton swimmers compete in the 200-yard medley relay. Senior Rob Rycerz a waits the starters guit, , ■V Morton swimmers compete in the 500-yard freestyle. Swimming — Front Row: Eric Sinks, Carl Olson, Frank Gutierrez, Gary Garza, Sec¬ ond Row: Kim Stevens, Dave Conder, Tim Nelson, Darin Doan, Mike Hollie, Back Row: Doug Fork, Rob Ry¬ cerz, Dan Jones, Rick Waywood, Rick Spudville, John Masick, Coach Pete Ko- percinski. Swimming 47 BASEBALL The 1983 Morton baseball team finished a disapointing second in the Lake Shore Conference behind Bishop Noll. They had an overall record of 19-7 for the season. The team was led by sen¬ iors Rob Hernandez and Jeff Sullivan who batted .405 and .368 respectively. In the pitching department, the batmen were led by seniors Tom Corak, Jeff Sullivan, and Mark Wilson with re¬ cords of 6-2, 5-3, and 5-3, re¬ spectively. Head Coach Jack Georgas: “Although we had one of the best winning records in the state, and one of the best in Morton History, it was a frustrating season because we took second in the Indi¬ ana Lake Shore Conference, and lost in sectionals . " Arriving safley at third base, senior Rob Hernandez checks to see where the ball is. 48 Baseball r Baseball — Front Row: Bob Gatlin, Mark Wilson, Pete Gil, Tom Bass, Rob Hernandez. Second Row: Mark Woody, Tim Kulesa, Gary Harper, Jeff Sinchak, Steve Sier- zega. Back Row: Head Coach Jack Georgas, Jeff Sullivan, Dan Guzek, Rick Way wood, Keith Whiddon, Tom Corak, Ray Hladek. Senior Tim Solan practices his start right before he runs in a relay. TRACK The 1983 track team had a very disappointing season. Due mainly to having a very young team, they compiled a season record of two wins and six loses. Junior Bruce Lewis con¬ tributed one bright spot dur¬ ing the season. Lewis quali¬ fied for the regionals in the high hurdles. Head Coach William Ar¬ cher: " With a very young team we did not have good team balance, therefore did not score enough points in the various events to have a winning season. We did show improvement throughout the season and expect to do much better in the upcoming year. ” Track Senior Bob Balczo attempts to over take his opponent. Sophomore John Hess prac¬ tices hurdling before an up¬ coming race. Track — First Row: John Marcum, Eric Anderson, Andy Hladek, Jim Balta, Bruce Lewis, Noel Caraballo, Dwane Purnick. Second Row: Brad Wilson, John Hess, Ron Balta, Steve McCloud, Bob Balczo, Jeff Earl, Tim Solan, Dave Salapski, Coach William Archer. Third Row: Jack Minch, Greg Noldin, Doug An¬ derson, Darrell Jones, Jim Balczo, Keith Kessler, and Tom Balczo. Track 51 GOLF The 1983 Morton golf team finished their season third in the conference with a 6-6 record. They finished behind first place Gavit and Whiting and Bishop Noll, who tied for second. The team also finished third in the Indiana Lake Shore Conference Tournament be¬ hind Gavit and Whiting. Overall, the clubmen were 7-8 during regular season play. Senior Garry Graban was voted team captain and Most Valuable Player. Soph¬ omore Dave Ferris was vot¬ ed Most Improved. Head Coach Fred Kepler: “Even though we had a young team, I feel th at we did very well this year. I am looking forward to having a more experienced squad next year. ” 52 Golf Senior Gary Graben concentrates on the ball while he swings through. Golf — Front row: Brian Roder- macher, Rick Golgart, Dave Ferris, Rick Scartozzi, Scott Zimmer, Bill Edinger, Steve Jardink, Back row: Coach Fred Kepler, Don Johnson, Rob Woolsey, Don Cox, Dan Reid, Tom Vercimak, Steve Schaller, John Tucker, Jeff Turner. -1 Head Coach John Pimentel: “I wasn ' t totally disap¬ pointed with the season be¬ cause the team played well, had a good winning attitude, and knew what to do to SOCCER The 1983 Morton soccer team finished its season with a 7-3 overall record. They were 6-2 during regu¬ lar season play and 1-1 in the playoffs. The kickmen started off the season with two con¬ secutive wins before losing to E.C.W. The only other losses came to Clark, once in season play and once during the playoffs. Highlighting the squad was some exceptional play¬ ing from senior Scott Han¬ kins and junior Ed Gomez, who was the team high scor¬ er. Some outstanding play was also turned in by juniors Don Bacso and Rob Mackin- day. Soccer — Front Row: Tim Paquin, Henry Gonzalez, Albert Guerra, Rick Mills, Mike Czaja, John Ma- sick. Second Row: Mike Miley, Jeff Orange, Ron Weaver, Dan Prljevic, Ron Catania, Mike Sliwa. Back Row: Scott Hankins, Dave Sandlin, Dan Snyder, Don Bacso, Mi tar Vranic, A1 Mendoza, Marvin Ze- bell, Ed Gomez, Coach John Pimen¬ tel. Freshman Michelle Troksa hands off to Senior Peggy Stephens in a relay. GIRLS TRACK One bright spot of the 1983 Girls Track season was the accomplishments of ju¬ nior Sherry Volkman. Volk- man placed first in the mile and second in the half mile during the conference meet. Volkman then went to place first in the mile and second in the half mile in sectionals. In regionals, she placed fourth, and in state placed sixth in the half-mile. Other individuals also placed well in the confer¬ ence meet. Senior Janet Rutkowski placed ninth in the shotput and freshman Michelle Troksa pl aced sev¬ enth in the high jump. The team as a whole did not do too well, winning only one match, while los¬ ing eight. Senior Liz Bonilla just barely clears the bar during a track meet. Head Coach Ramona Engle: " For a young team, we did really well, but I think with another year of experience, we will have more state con¬ tenders. ” 56 Girls Track Girls Track — Front Row: Linda Hulsey, Theresa Robertson, Janet Rutkowski, Liz Bonilla, Diane Sau- cedo Back Row: Sue McQuigg, Mary Janski, Michelle Troksa, Lisa Gonzalez, Angela Zonta, Coach Ra¬ mona Engle, Coach Pam Dorsey, and Peggy Stephens. Girls Track 57 GIRLS TENNIS The 1983 Morton girl ' s tennis team had a very re¬ spectable year, finishing second in the Indiana Lake Shore Conference. The team ' s overall record was 7- 6 . Highlighting the team was the performance of sen¬ ior Nancy Babbit, who went undefeated in conference play. Head Coach Terri Miller: “The team did very well because it had a lot of talent. AH the girls worked very hard all season. We will cer¬ tainly miss the seniors who graduated. ” Senior Nancy Babbit concentrates •as she returns her opponents serve. Sophomore Nancy Minch and senior Sharon Weis show team work in their match. f 58 Girls Tennis Girls Tennis — Front Row: Kim Nowacki, Sharon Weis, Judy Fer¬ nando, Sue Ladendorf. Back Row: Coach Terri Miller, Vickey Brown, Sue Zawadski, Nancy Minch, Nan¬ cy Babbit, Kris Maloney, Kathie Kronland. Girls Tennis 59 SOFTBALL In 1983, Mortons first girl ' s softball team began play. The team did very well, tieing for first place in conference. They had an overall season record of 12- 3. Three girls, junior Tammy Hayes, and seniors Kelly Hladek and Michelle Moska- lick were named to the all¬ conference team. Head Coach Mary Lou Ziel: “I was real happy because it was a winning season. I hope we can have even more improvement with next year. " A Lady Gov attempts to score against a ILSC opponent. 60 Softball Softball First Row: Michele Mos- kalick, Jackie Hernandez, Sue Gon¬ zalez, Kim Matusik, Doreen Bed- nar. Second Row: Kim Ross, Pam Wojcik, Sue Machuca, Kelly Hla- dek, Renee Hladek, Tammy Hayes. Back Row: Coach Mary Lou Zeil, Sandy Bonomo, Kelly Stevens, Tammy Barnett, Samantha Hen¬ son, Coach Vermejan. 18 Junior Tammy Hayes delivers the ball as senior Kelly Hladek looks on. Senior Kelly Hladek takes a short swing at an inside pitch. Softball 61 FRESHMEN FOOTBALL The 1983 Morton fresh¬ man football team had a sea¬ son record of 1-6. The team’s lone win was against the Whiting Oilers 14-0. The gridmen came close on an¬ other occasion but finally fell to Clark 6-0 in overtime. Clarence Thompson was voted Most Valuable Offen¬ sive Player and Matt Smith, Most Valuable Defensive Player. Head Coach Rick Vol- brecht: “I was very pleased and proud of the frosh foot¬ ball players for their deter¬ mination. 62 Freshmen Football Freshman Football — Front Row: Tom Hartlerode, Mike Montalvo, Mike Chronister, Clarence Thompson, Joe Le- mos, Ray Payton, Craig Thompson. Second Row: Steve Hensley, Juan Blasco, Dave Lo¬ pez, Ron Needham, Bill Allee, Mark Johnson, Jerry Garza, Freddy Reyes, Dave Conder, Craig Coleman. Back Row: Coach Volbrecht, Tom Wilson, Dave Sampson, A1 Guerra, Dan¬ ny Jones, Ed Faught, Steve Dills, Kevin Enright, Ricky Ayala, Matt Smith, Coach Beh¬ rens. Freshmen Football 63 Sophomore Bill Edinger takes a shot over his opponent in hopes of making a basket. J.V. BASKETBALL Sophomore Brent Adams tries to get past his opponent in a game against Hobart. The 1983-84 Morton boys J. V. basketball team fin¬ ished their season with a 6- 11 overall record. This season was mostly a learning experience to pre¬ pare the players for varsity play. The team was mostly made up of sophomores, who were just outsized by other teams. Head Coach Nino Muffe- letto: “The season had its valleys and peaks. Hopeful¬ ly, these sophomores will benefit from their exper¬ ience when they’re sen¬ iors. ” J.V. Basketball, Front Row: Brent Adams, Dave Sandlin, Jim Balta, Bobby Lopez, John Tucker, Dave Ramirez, Back Row: Coach Nino Muffeleto, Bill Edinger, Tom Balczo, Dwayne Purnick, Dave Salapski, Scott Zimmer. 64 J. V. Basketball FRESHMEN BASKETBALL The Morton boys fresh¬ men basketball team fin¬ ished the season at a disap¬ pointing 3-16. The season ' s three wins came against Clark, Whiting, and Griffith. Clarence Thoppson was voted the A ' team ' s Most Valuable player, and Ricky Ayala was the B’ team ' s Most Valuable. The A ' and ‘B ' team captains were Nick Flesher and Ron Mihalec, respectively. Head coach Rick Volbrecht: ‘Tn terms of discipline, competitiveness, and sport- manship, the past freshmen basketball season was a suc¬ cess. " Freshmen Basketball — Front Row: Jerry Czaja, Ray Payton, Clarence Thompson, Nick Flesh¬ er, Jim Taillon, Craig Thompson, Second Row: Jeff Van Dyke, A1 Guerra, Mark Johnson, Joe Le- mos, Ron Mihalec. Back Row: Coach Rick Volbrecht, Mark Bradner, Tim Frankovich, Kevin Enright, Rick Ayala, Todd McKechnie. Freshmen Basketball 65 GIRLS J.V. BASKETBALL The 1983-84 Morton girls J. V. basketball team fin¬ ished the season with a dis¬ appointing 5-12 overall re¬ cord. The team struggled through a five game losing streak in the middle of the season, losing to E.C. Roose¬ velt, Valparaiso, Hammond High, Calumet, and Clark, consecutively. Head Coach Marie Herring: “I was a little disappoint¬ ed. I expected to be closer to .500 than we were. Our re¬ cord was not really indica¬ tive of our play. ” Girls J.V. Basketball — Front Row: Sophia Stavropoulos, Cathy Starkey, Mindy Powers, Second Row: Sue Sutton, Dawna Camp¬ bell, Lisa Gole c, Judy Ramsey, Mary Jansky, Back Row: Sue Col- grove, Deana Barnett, Marie Her¬ ring, Sue Zatlakowitz, Kim Brum¬ field. [ Sophomore Sue Zatlakowitz and Freshman Kim Brumfield block I out their opponents. 66 Girls J. V. Basketball GIRLS J.V. VOLLEYBALL The 1983 Morton J. V. vol¬ leyball team finished the season with a 7-17 overall record. The team started the season off on the wrong foot, losing their first two games. The team also had an eight game losing streak in the latter half of the season. Head Coach Miriam Cos¬ tanza: “We were young and in¬ experienced, but as the sea¬ son progressed we started to click as a team. ” J.V. Volleyball — Front Row: Sue Weis, Tammy Clark, Cathy Starky, Judy Ramsey, Dawna Campbell, Reisha Abel, Back Row: Michelle Troksa, Chris Lipski, Chris Revere, Deana Bar¬ nett, Sue Colgrove, Marcella Guerrero. Girls J. V. Volleyball 67 STATISTICS VARSITY FOOTBALL E.C. ROOSEVELT BISHOP NOLL LAPORTE LEW WALLACE GAVIT M.C. ROGERS BOLINGBROOK E.C. WASHINGTON PORTAGE HAMMOND HIGH OPP. 6 12 13 47 8 35 0 19 14 0 35 6 12 FRESHMEN FOOTBALL OPP. M.H.S. EC. ROOSEVELT 12 0 GAVIT 35 0 HAMMOND HIGH 33 0 WHITING 0 14 E.C. WASHINGTON 22 0 BISHOP NOLL 28 0 CLARK 6 0 CROSS COUNTRY OPPONENT MORTON GARY ROOSEVELT LOST MERRILLVILLE LOST VALPARAISO LOST E.C. WASHINGTON LOST WHITING LOST BISHOP NOLL WON HAMMOND HIGH WON NEW PRAIRIE 1NVT. SIXTH LAKE CENTRAL INVT. SIXTH HIGHLAND INVT. EIGHTH GAVIT LOST HIGHLAND FROSH-SOPH SECOND CLARK WON E.C. ROOSEVELT LOST LAKE SHORE CONFERENCE MEET FIFTH SECTIONAL THIRD SHERRY VOLKMAN FIRST REGIONAL TENTH SHERRY VOLKMAN FOURTH STATE MEET SHERRY VOLKMAN BOYS TENNIS OPPONENT MORTON CROWN POINT LOST CALUMET WON MUNSTER LOST GRIFFITH WON LAKE CENTRAL WON HIGHLAND LOST HAMMOND HIGH WON CLARK WON- E.C. ROOSEVELT WON E.C. WASHINGTON WON GARY WEST WON WHITING WON BISHOP NOLL LOST GAVIT WON CONFERENCE TIED FOR SECOND CONF. TOURNEY THIRD VARSITY VOLLEYBALL OPPONENT MORTON CROWN POINT WON ANDREAN WON PORTAGE WON MANN WON CALUMET LOST ANDREAN LOST T.F. SOUTH LOST LINCOLNWA F WON CLARK LOST GAVIT WON HIGHLAND WON LAKE CENTRAL LOST VALPARAISO LOST MERRILLVILLE LOST EC. ROOSEVELT WON BISHOP NOLL LOST SOUTH BEND ADAMS LOST F.W. CONCORDIA LOST DOWNERS GROVE LOST E.C. WASHINGTON WON WHITING WON LAKE CENTRAL LOST HOBART WON LAPORTE LOST MUNSTER WON HAMMOND HIGH WON CHESTERTON WON EC WASHINGTON WON GAVIT WON CLARK WON CROWN POINT LOST SECTIONAL REGIONAL FIRST CROWN POINT LOST B TEAM VOLLEYBALL OPPONENT MORTON CROWN POINT LOST ANDREAN LOST HORACE MANN WON PORTAGE LOST HOBART LOST GA VIT WON CLARK LOST HIGHLAND WON LAKE CENTRAL LOST VALPARAISO LOST CALUMET LOST E.C. ROOSEVELT WON BISHOP NOLL LOST WHITING LOST E.C. WASHINGTON LOST LAKE CENTRAL LOST MERRILLVILLE LOST MUNSTER LOST LAPORTE LOST HAMMOND HIGH LOST J.V TOURNEY GA VIT WON WHITING WON BISHOP NOLL LOST CHESTERTON 1 VON BASKETBALL HIGHLAND LAKE CENTRAL GRIFFITH HOBART CROWN POINT BISHOP NOLL WHITING GAVIT EC. WASHINGTON WHITING PORTAGE GAVIT E.C. ROOSEVELT HAMMOND CLARK LEW WALLACE GARY ROOSEVELT ANDREAN CALUMET SECTIONALS HAMMOND HIGH OPP. 57 73 56 58 64 61 49 52 68 40 59 48 67 76 53 61 43 63 64 49 87 42 72 68 91 60 57 63 70 75 87 58 80 50 50 76 42 38 53 52 BOYS J. V. BASKETBALL HIGHLAND 45 LAKE CENTRAL 60 GRIFFITH 54 HOBART 46 CROWN POINT 56 BISHOP NOLL 57 E.C. WASHINGTON 52 WHITING 37 PORTAGE 44 GA VIT 42 E.C. ROOSEVELT 37 HAMMOND HIGH 5] CLARK 35 LEW WALLACE 33 GARY ROOSEVELT 55 ANDREAN 33 CALUMET 54 53 52 48 45 59 42 46 45 31 44 31 35 SWIMMING HAMMOND HIGH HORACE MANN KANKAKEE VALLEY GRIFFITH HOBART LEW WALLACE CALUMET CLARK HIGHLAND BISHOP NOLL LAKE CENTRAL GAVIT CONFERENCE MEET SECTIONALS OPP. M.H.S. 76 94 41 124 68 101 78 106 116 86 67 99 118 90 89 62 49 83 97 70 50 74 74 68 Stats GIRLS BASKETBALL WRESTLING GOLF GtxiFFITH MERRILLVILLE BISHOP NOLL CHESTERTON WHITING HAMMOND HIGH WESTSIDE E.C. ROOSEVELT VALPARAISO CALUMET CLARK ANDREAN BISHOP NOLL E.C. WASHINGTON GAVIT GARY WIRT MUNSTER GARY ROOSEVELT SECTIONALS CLARK GAVIT 50 37 41 44 39 42 55 49 37 56 35 57 34 34 34 36 33 52 46 22 32 41 39 41 70 43 46 53 40 31 41 34 GIRLS J.V. BASKETBALL OPPONENT GRIFFITH MERRILLVILLE BISHOP NOLL CHESTERTON WHITING HAMMOND HIGH WESTSIDE E.C. ROOSEVELT VALPARAISO HAMMOND CALUMET CLARK E.C. WASHINGTON GAVIT GARY WIRT MUNSTER GARY ROOSEVELT WON LOST WON LOST LOST LOST WON LOST LOST LOST LOST LOST WON WON LOST LOST LOST BASEBALL T.F. NORTH HIGHLAND GARY WEST WHITING E.C. WASHINGTON EC. ROOSEVELT CALUMET CALUMET BISHOP NOLL HAMMOND HIGH CLARK E.C. WASHINGTON GAVIT WHITING GRIFFITH E.C. ROOSEVELT BISHOP NOLL GAR Y ROOSEVELT HAMMOND HIGH CLARK GAVIT ANDREAN HIGHLAND HIGHLAND LAKE CENTRAL HIGHLAND OPP. 7 0 5 7 8 5 3 1 11 2 1 3 2 8 1 0 10 1 13 2 M.H.S. 2 14 5 8 5 5 11 6 9 5 4 9 5 7 9 1 6 2 6 OPPONENT MORTON GRIFFITH LOST E.C. ROOSEVELT LOST BISHOP NOLL LOST WHITING LOST HAMMOND HIGH LOST MERRILLVILLE TOURNEY 10th HANOVER CENTRAL WON E.C. W. — MISH TOURNEY 16th CLARK WON EC. WASHINGTON LOST GAVIT WON CONF. TOURNEY 7th LEW WALLACE WON SECTIONAL 4th FRESHMEN BASKETBALL OPP. m.h.s MERR. HARRISON 52 25 CROWN POINT 62 32 HOBART 46 34 HIGHLAND 37 28 MUNSTER 48 29 CLARK 43 33 GAVIT 48 26 E.C. ROOSEVELT 57 19 HORACE MANN 53 34 BISHOP NOLL 57 30 WHITING 26 42 CALUMET 40 25 GRIFFITH 28 33 HAMMOND 39 32 LAKE CENTRAL 38 27 PORTAGE 42 32 E C. ROOSEVELT 50 31 EC. WASHINGTON 64 21 EC WASHINGTON 56 26 GIRLS TRACK OPPONENT MORTON LAKE CENTRAL RELAYS THIRD BISHOP NOLL RELA YS SIXTH GARY WIRT LOST EC. WASHINGTON LOST HAMMOND HIGH LOST WHITING LOST GRIFFITH LOST BISHOP NOLL LOST E.C. ROOSEVELT WON CLARK LOST GAVIT LOST CONFERENCE MEET FIFTH GIRLS TENNIS OPPONENT CROWN POINT MUNSTER CLARK PORTAGE EC. ROOSEVELT HAMMOND HIGH E.C. WASHINGTON CLARK BISHOP NOLL LAKE CENTRAL GRIFFITH GAVIT CALUMET LOST LOST WON LOST WON WON WON WON LOST LOST WON WON LOST BISHOP NOLL GA VIT E.C. ROOSEVELT WHITING BISHOP NOLL HANOVER CENTRAL HIGHIAND E.C. ROOSEVELT E.C. WASHINGTON EC. WASHINGTON WHITING CLARK HANOVER CENTRAL HIGHLAND IN VITAL L.C. CONF. LAKE HILLS INVITAL SECTIONAL LOST WON LOST LOST LOST LOST WON LOST WON WON WON LOST WON WON 9th 3rd BOYS TRACK OPPONENT MORTON BISHOP NOLL LOST PORTAGE LOST LAKE SHORE SEVENTH LAKE CENTRAL RELAYS FOURTH CLARK WON ST. FRANCIS LOST MORTON RELAYS EIGHTH BISHOP NOLL LOST E.C. ROOSEVELT LOST CALUMET RELAYS EIGHTH CLARK WON GAVIT LOST HAMMOND HIGH RELA YS EIGHTH LAKE SHORE CONF. SIXTH SECTIONALS TWELVTH SOCCER OPP M.H.S. BISHOP NOLL 7 GAVIT 3 E.C. WASHINGTON 0 WHITING 10 E.C. ROOSEVELT MERRILLVILLE 7 CLARK HAMMOND HIGH 5 TOURNEY HAMMOND HIGH 5 CLARK 6 5 GIRLS SOFTBALL OPPONENT MORTON E.C. WASHINGTON WON WHITING WON PORTAGE WON GAVIT WON WHITING LOST HAMMOND HIGH WON CLARK WON E. C. WASHINGTON WON EC ROOSEVELT WON MERRILLVILLE LOST PORTAGE WON GA VIT WON HAMMOND HIGH WON CLARK LOST E.C. ROOSEVELT WON Stats CLUBS Division 71 MORTONITE The Mortonite, advised by Mr. Scott Mark- ley, won a first place award from the Colum¬ bia Press Association for the third consecu¬ tive year in 1983. The newspaper also re¬ ceived an All-Columbia Award, the highest award given for a specific category. The Mortonite received perfect scores in seven categories which include General Plan, Sound Journalistic Principles Editing News Stories, Feature Stories, General De¬ sign, Front Page Design, and Advertise¬ ments. The Mortonite was awarded a total of 875 out of 1,000points possible. The Morton¬ ite has now received five national awards in the last three years. Mortonite — Front Row: Debbie Hurley, Lisa Lipkovitch, Cathy Wil¬ liams, Tom Roderick, John Tucker. Second Row: Lisa Phillippe, Joan Borchert, Donna Tutush, Dawna Campbell, Jeff Orange, Eric Fiscus, Mr. Scott Markley; sponsor. Back Row: Steve Vernengo, Steve Jadr- nak, Dan Guzek, Jim Dills, Brian Bewley, and Chris Wolfe. 72 Organizations TOP HAT The Top Hat, also advised by Mr. Scott Markley, won a first place award from the American Scholastic Press Association for the second consecutive year. The yearbooks were judged by the work done in several categories and points are given in each of the categories. Top Hat received a perfect score in the General Design Category. The yearbook received perfect scores in nine out of 14 subcategories in the Content Presentation categories, five out of six per¬ fect scores in the subcategory under General Photography, and 11 out of 12perfect scores in the subcategory under Publication Struc¬ ture. Overall, the Top Hat received 935 out of 1,000 possible points. Top Hat received a second place from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The a ward ga ve the yearbook its in the last year. The staff works on writing copy, drawing lay-outs, taking pictures and selling adver¬ tisements throughout the year to meet their deadlines. NlORTOV Top Hat — Frop mv: Cindy Psuik, Pam Peardon, Mary Jean Franks, Edd Harney. Second Row: Ei¬ leen Lozano, Janet Baranowski, Brian Bewley, Catherine Olson. Third Row: Renata Plahtaric, Lori Allee, Mary Gillis, Betty Jazyk. Back Row: Mary Potosky, Tom Adams, Brian Elo, and Mr. cott Markley; sponsor. ■ CHEM, CARE CLUBS The Care Club is sponsored by Dr. Hazel Stockdale. The organization is composed of students of interdenominational faiths who want to discuss and share their beliefs. The Chem Club, sponsored by Dr. Mary Pettersen, involves chemistry students and other students who are interested in the sci¬ ences. The organization has a fish toss booth at the annual Culture Festival each Septem¬ ber. Chem Club gives students a chance to find out about careers in the field of science. Chem Club: Front Row: Chris Brown, Paul Spasske, Tom Kulesa, Mike Czaja, Basilio Lopez, Pat Jen. Sec¬ ond Row: Dr. Pettersen, sponsor; Rich Berrones, Dan Prljevic, Renata Plahtaric, Michele Mikicich, Karen Stevenson, Dianira Rodriquez. Third Row: Debbie Hurley, Jenny Oberc, Tom Roderick, Joni Rafalski, Gail Hatfield, Janet Baranowski, Cindy Batliner, Mary Gillis, Mary Franks, Donna Tutush, Donna Har- I akal. Fourth Row: Lisa Lipkovitch, Cindy Psuik, Mi¬ chelle Sojka, Jocelyn Smeberg, Bridget Vela, Nancy B Minch, Kris Maloney, Kim Stevens, Laura Troksa, l and Ed Wojcik. 74 Organizations D D, ICE CLUBS Dungeons and Dragons is a club in which students let fantasy overcome reality. The individuals play certain roles in the game which takes imagination and creativeness. ICE DEC A (Distributive Education Clubs of America), a National Youth Organization sponsored by Mr. William Speelmon and Mr. Doug Fix, is an organization of students who go to school half of the day and work the other half of the day. The club is designed to help students prepare for their future ca¬ reers. Dungeons and Dragons — Front Row: Chris Boggs, Shannon Doughman, Chris Longawa. Second Row: Bobby Lockridge, Cheryl Gregory, Rudy Arredondo. Third Row: Edd Harney, Dan Sobolewski, Chris Brown. Back Row: Paul Spasske, Gary West, David Ferris. ICE DECA — Front Row: Laurie King, Joanne Ra¬ mirez, Debbie Pirtle, Angie Fary, Mr. Doug Fix, spon¬ sor. Second Row: Robin Szczudlak, Teresa Hendrix, Tracy Eisenhart, Sue Bair, Linda Mota, Joan Jasin. Third Row: Diann Frost, Shari Companion, Susan Grauvogl, Debbie Johnson, Tami Fout, Dawn Law¬ rence. Fourth Row: Debbie Corbett, Tony Fenyves, Julie Light, Sandy Pilipow. Back Row: Bob Crouch, Ron Brooks, Mike Podsiadlik, Rob Nevilda, John Morey, Mr. William Speelmon, sponsor. BAND The Marching Governors Band, under the direction of Mrs. Carol Loehrke, highlights the halftime activities at all home football and basketball games. The band also goes to parades and contests during the year. The band members found time to sell grapefruits and oranges during the year. The money made by this financed uniforms and equipment needed for performances. Band — Front Row: Carol Gaddis, Karen White, Theresa Hendrix, Lin¬ da Brown, Tracy Fosnaugh, Renae Szymaszek, Sharon Smith, Vicki Magginis, Amy Kostyo, Mary Luka- cek, Tracy Hall, Linda Hulsey. Sec¬ ond Row: Tracey Torres, Kim Lu- chene, Patrick Hooper, Tammy Clark, Latonya Edwards, Tina Poe, Pat Pirtle, Linda Barker, Renata Bi- canic, Mary Johnson, Michelle Miki- cich, Debbie Corbett, Brian Bewley. Third Row: Angie Vasic, Noel Cara¬ ballo, Sue Christopher, Cheryl Greg¬ ory, Emily Clark, Mike Matlock, Tom Vicarr, Dan Reid, Pat Skeen, Craig Williams, Tom Mathewson, Russell Bucker. Back Row: Jeanette Dodd, Basilio Lopez, Jaime Jaime, John Poe, Shanne Lundmark, Mark Szymaszek, Tony Remsey, Scott Co¬ leman, Judy Ramsey, Tammy Ed¬ wards, and Diane Lopez. 76 Organizations MAT MAIDS TIMERETTES The Timerettes assist the swim team at all home swim meets. The Timerettes record times and scores of each swimmer’s events and the team’s overall score. They also keep official records for the team’s diving events. The girls are in charge of collecting the admission fees at the door. The Mat Maids keep score at all home wres¬ tling meets. The girls keep official records for the team and for each individual wrestler. The Mat Maids also collect the admission fees at the door to the meets. Timerettes — Front Row: Shari Companion, Michelle Muffett, Angie Keutzer, Michelle Sojka, Dawn Can¬ trell, Second Row: Sue Ann Lara¬ mie, Cynthia Shy, Angela Zonta, Lisa Gonzales, Cheri Zaremba, Jus¬ tine Mikula. Back Row: Janet Smitka, Jenny Decker, Lisa Zawadski, Lisa Hunt, Maria Sojka, and Lisa Reyes. Mat Maids — Front Row: Sherri Poole, Melisa Richardson, Roberta Mick, Dawn Lind, Sue Bair, Angela Zonta, Lisa Gonzales. Second Row: Kim Waggoner, Vicki Ferguson, Dana Barnett, Amy Alexander, Sherry Marcum, Janet Dunlap, Vikki Shanahan, Cheri Zaremba. Back Row: Anna Schomber, Dione Brubaker, Becky Boyon, Cathy Wil¬ liams, Ann Melton, Michelle Cox, and Missy Whiddon. Organizations 77 CHOIR ENSEMBLE The Concert Choir, Girls ' Choir, and Ensem¬ ble performed in the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts in 1983-84 and, for the first time, they performed in a Mid-Winter Concert in March. The music department participated in the In¬ diana State School Music Association Contest on January 28. Beth Domsic, Tricia Skeen, and Tracy Fosnaugh received a first place rating in vocal solo and Emily Clark and Stephanie Reid placed first in piano solos. The Ensemble placed first in the group competition. Jennifer Toth, Tira Matthews, Stephanie Reid, Kathy Wozniczka, Tracy Hall, Doug Riddell, Laura Pell, Mark Mikula, and Emily Clark placed second in vocal solos. The Ensemble is a song and dance group that performs routines in public and for pri¬ vate organizations. In 1983-84, Ensemble per¬ formed at the Woodmar Country Club, South- lake Mall, Woodmar Mall, various churches and elementary schools. Both choirs and the Ensemble performed on WJOB radio at Christ¬ mas. Girls’ Choir — Front Row: Kathy Dockins, Amy Alexander, Laura Pell, Tammy Edwards, Ronda Wil¬ son, Tracey Pirtle. Back Row: Col¬ leen Roderick, Julie Junkens, Chris¬ tine Smith, Emlyn Cruz, Marza Oli¬ varez, Julie Bukowski. Third Row: Michelle Cox, Becki Willison, Janet Dunlap, Kathy Wozniczka, Gina Watterson, Lana Moskalick, Kim Cornelison, and Mary Jansky. Gutierrez, Douglas Riddell, Deb¬ bie Turczi, Tricia Skeen, Ronda DeRolf, Beth Domsic. Back Row: Theresa Guiden, Eddie McGee, Jennifer Toth, Ben Fout, Carl Porter, Scott Bell, Mark Shell- man, Chris Koharchik, Mark Mi¬ kula, Steve Schaller, Susan Kerr, Tammi Vogel, Kathy Wozniczka, and Sue Machuca. reen Patterson, Jeff Van Dyke, Dawn Miller, Gina Bachmeier, Su¬ zanne McQuigg, Charlene Riddell, Robert Koharchik, Louis Mata, David Van Dyke, Tracy Hall. Third Row: Stephanie Reid, Brenda Lash, Stacy DeRolf, Ruth Spudic, Vikki Shanahan, Linda Hulsey, Nick Violette, Belinda Burns, Annette Meadows, John Concert Choir — Front Row: John Tucker, Renee Falk, Emily Clark, Tracey Hagen, Dawn Lind, Roberta Mick, Tira Matthews, Ryan Koharchik, Mason Murphy, Annette Williams, Pam Boyd, Caroline Kozlowski, Tracy Fos¬ naugh, Kevin Griffith. Second Row: Eric Sinks, Vicki Magginnis, Kim Hylek, Melissa Ballard, M au- 78 Organizations Ellison, Mrs. Jan Gillard, Bill Sampson, Back Row: Julie Ko- panda, Angie Fary, Pam Ra- kocszy, Dave Sampson. FOLK HOME EC The Folk Club, sponsored by Mrs. Jan Gil¬ lard, is for students who are interested in folk music and playing guitar. The Folk Club orga¬ nizes the annual Talent Show. Home Economics Club helps students pre¬ pare for future homemaking and domestic life. Throughout the year Home Economics mem¬ bers worked on projects and discussed useful techniques for their personal interests in the home. Home Economics Club — Front Row: Amanda Sandor, Cheryl Hy- lek, Elvira Guerrero, Christine Gu¬ tierrez, Back Row: Mrs. Linda Mu- dra, Kelli Long, Rosita Gutierrez, Marcela Guerrero, and Shannon Lazzell. Ensemble — Mark Shellman, Kathy Wozniczka, Carl Porter, Maureen Patterson, Michelle Muffett, Mark Mikula, Emily Clark, Theresa Gul¬ den, Doug Riddell, Scott Bell, Renee Ralk, Tricia Skeen, Steve Schaller, and Linda Hulsey. Organizations 79 CHEERLEADERS The cheerleading squad, sponsored by Ms. Ramona Engle, participated in a National Cheerleading Association competition at the University of Chicago in December. The squad won a ribbon for Excellence at the competi¬ tion, which was attended by representatives from six midwestern states. The cheerleaders promote school spirit by cheering at pep rallies, football games, and basketball games. The varsity squad also at¬ tended a camp during the summer to improve its skills and to learn new techniques. Varsity Cheerleaders — Front Row: Kathy Csiscko, Angie Keutzer. Second Row: Ann Thomas, Ann Melton. Third Row: Bridget Vela, Kathy Vermejan. Back Row: Cindy Batliner, Cathy Williams. 80 Organizations POM PONS The 1983-84 Pom Pon Squad attended the Miss Drill Team Competition at Munster High School on November 19, 1983. The girls, sponsored by Ms. Ramona Engle, were a warded two first places in Props and Novel¬ ty. The squad also received a second place in the Dance category. The squad, consisting of 24 girls, performs at pep assemblies, football games, and bas¬ ketball games. During the summer the Pom Pons also performed at the Little Red Schoolhouse Festival. Pom Pons — Front Row: Tina Poe, Lisa Contreras, Tammy Banks, Pam Pear don, Kathy McCrea, Doreen Reyes, Shelly Pulkowski. Second Row: Gail Hatfield, Tracy Brandenburg, Gina Bachmeier, Donna Harakal, Marybeth Carmon, Michelle Tay¬ lor, Renata Plahtaric. Back Row: Vikki Shanahan, Joni Rafalski, Pam Wojcik, Linda Brown, Moni¬ ca Stage, Donna Tutush, Karen Stevenson and Kim Haley. Freshman Cheerleaders: Janet Szydlowski, Cindy Ryzewski, Dione Brubaker, Carrie Griffin and Cheryl Reyes. Organizations 81 CHESS CLUB STUDENT ASSOC. The Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. Don Huls, is a group of individuals who enjoy Chess as a hobby. The students become more proficient at the game and improve their techniques. The Student Association, sponsored by Mr. Michael Damiano, is the student govern¬ ment at Morton. The club organizes Homecoming, fresh¬ man orientation, and student elections. The Association also sponsors the annual Inaugu¬ ral Dance each November. During the summer, the students in the organization had car washes and bake sales to raise money for financing the events. Seniors Mary Gillis and Michelle Muffett make plans for the Student Association. Student Association — Front Row: Lisa Lipkovitch, Shelly Pulkowski, Michelle Muffett, Michelle Kiel- basa, Valerie Murdock. Second Row: Donna Harakal, Cindy Batliner, Michelle Taylor, Bridget Vela, Gina D ' Angelo, Ann Thomas. Back Row: Manuel Lopez, Marybeth Carmon, Dave Niemec, Kelly Stevens, Mary Gillis, and Denise Rebey. 111. 1 NHS DEBATE The National Honor Society, sponsored by Mrs. Alberta Lungren, is an honorary orga¬ nization for selected juniors and seniors. Students must first pass several require¬ ments before being inducted every March. Seniors must have a 3.2 grade point average and juniors must have a 3.5 grade point aver¬ age before they can even receive an applica¬ tion for NHS. Students must also be in¬ volved in community and extracurricular activites. They must excel in areas of schol¬ arship, leadership, and service. The faculty then chooses the members after reviewing the applications. The Debate Team, coached by Mr. Doug Fix, traveled to meets in Highland, Colum¬ bia City, Butler University, West Lafayette, and Notre Dame this year. Losing one half of the team to graduation, the team was very young and inexperienced. Senior Debbie Buhring was the only returning varsity member on the team. Composed mostly of sophomores and juniors, the group did very well winning 80% of their competitions. These students have the opportunity of im¬ proving public speaking skills which will be a lot of help in the future. National Honor Society — Front Row: Debbie Buhring, Kim Nowacki, Mary Gillis. Second Row: Michelle Rakoczy, Dan Prjlevic. Third Row: Jerry Ryzewski, David Van Dyke, Ed Jen. Fourth Row: Kellie O’Brien. Back Row: Mrs. Al¬ berta Lundgren, sponsor. Debate — Front Row: Dawna Camp¬ bell, Amy Kostyo, Toya Sherrod, Pam Rutkowski, Suzanne McQuigg. Second Row: Sherry Fritz, Sandi Machuca, Rudy Arredondo, Mary Franks, Maureen Gruener. Back Row: Phil Garwon, Dave Ferris, Garry West, Paul Spasske, Edd Har¬ ney, and Mr. Doug Fix, Coach. Organizations 83 THESPIANS PHYSICS The Thespians is an honorary organization sponsored by Mr. Donn Edwards. The students must be actors, actresses, or be involved back- stage in the stage crew. Before students can be inducted they must pass certain requirements. Thespians must earn 15 points which is equal to 150 working hours, by participating in the theater. The Physics Club is sponsored by Mr. David Lindsey. The organization gives students a chance to learn more about physics than actu¬ al class time allows. Physics Club members have an opportunity to acquire more knowl¬ edge of the physical laws of nature. Thespians — Front Row — Tracy Hall, Renee Falk, Back Row — Beth Domsic, Todd Hilbrich. Physics Club — Front Row — Scott Servies, Tom Roderick, Jer¬ ry Ryzewski, Michele Rakoczy. Second Row — Rich Berrones, Mike Rymarczyk, Chris Brown. Back row — Mr. David Lindsey, sponsor; Paul Spasske, and Ed Wojcik. 84 Organizations Q S, PHOTO CLUB Quill Scroll is an honorary organization sponsored by Mr. Scott Markley. Members must be in Top Hat or Mortonite for at least two semesters before being inducted into the club at the Society ' s annual banquet. The Photo Club, sponsored by Herr Meister, gives students experience in using cameras, taking pictures, developing and printing film. These students also may take Photography or Advanced Photography classes. Quill and Scroll — First Row — Mr. Scott Markley, sponsor; Brian Elo, Jim Dills, Tom Roderick, Lisa Phil- lippe, Brian Bewley, Eileen Lozano, Cindy Psuik, Mary Potosky. Second Row — Cathy Olson, Betty Jazyk, Lori Allee, Tom Adams, Dawna Campbell, Cathy Wiliams, Donna Tutush, Chris Wolfe, Mary Gillis, Steve Jadrnak, Debbie Hurley. Back Row — Dan Guzek, Eric Fiscus, Edd Harney, Mary Franks, Pam Peardon, Janet Baran- owski, Joan Borchert, Lisa Lipkovitch, Steve vernengo, Renata Plahtaric, Jeff Orange and John Tucker. ACADEMICS Division 87 CLASSES TEACH SKILLS The academic section of Mor¬ ton not only includes traditional classes but also several different types of academic classes and a variety of electives. The traditional classes of Eng¬ lish, math, and science are main¬ ly to improve the basics. Taking more complex classes from such electives as world and English literature to develop¬ mental reading and advanced composition is for those who wish to continue in formal educa¬ tion. The Foreign Language De¬ partment offers French, Ger¬ man, and Spanish, which may be taken all four years of high school. In these classes, begin¬ ning students learn simple phrases and verb conjugations. Advanced students learn actual conversations. The Social Studies Department offers more than the require¬ ments of U.S. history for juniors, and government for seniors. Eco¬ nomics was changed from a re¬ quired course to a recommended course for seniors. The depart¬ ment also offers such courses as geography, psychology, sociolo¬ gy and world history. They have basic, yet a wide field of studies of the past, present, and inner studies of social life. The Science Department has a vast array of courses. One learns the basic structure of life in the biology and health and safety classes. Elective classes consist of zoology, animal behavior, bot¬ any, physics, chemistry, and earth science. In these classes, students learn the process of life. In classes as zoology and animal behavior, students observe the behavior of animals by experi¬ ments. Morton offers a variety of math classes ranging from general math to calculus. College pre¬ paratory students are required to take algebra and geometry. Also offered is business math which deals with business careers. The business courses, includ¬ ing typing, shorthand, clerical practice, accounting and general business, are also important to learning. They offer students the basis of general offices, secretar¬ ial work or accounting careers. The Fine Arts Department consists of art, instrumental and vocal music. The music depart¬ ment incudes band, music the¬ ory, music history, and several choirs. The band performs for football and basketball games and march in parades. The con¬ cert and mixed choirs sing in public concerts. Art provides stu¬ dents with an opportunity to ex¬ press his her creativity. Consumer Education offer courses as child development, foods and clothing. These pre¬ pare students for future home¬ making. The purpose of home economics is to help people with the problems of domestic chores as proper dress, and how to cook. Students develop an understand¬ ing of health care throughout the life cycle in family health. The Industrial Arts Depart¬ ment consists of electronics, met¬ als, woods, and mechanical draw¬ ing classes. Each class is de¬ signed to help students who plan to go on to careers dealing with Industrial Technology. Such things as blueprint reading and drawing, fixing machines, and making projects are all part of these courses. The Physical Education De¬ partment comes next. All stu¬ dents are required to take one year of gym to meet graduation requirements. Students are taught the basic skills in such sports as tennis, football, basket¬ ball, swimming, and golf. Ad¬ vanced courses consist of further physical improvement. 88 Academics Academics 89 Senior Dennis Toporek sketch¬ es in mechanical drawing class Preparing slides is one of the many assignments in biology. 90 Academics Academics 91 Dan Sabolewski, junior, repairs a carburetor in power mechanics class. Mr. Bob Fischer, art teacher, observes stu¬ dents as they work in art class. Senior Cathy Williams ex¬ plains how to thread a sew¬ ing machine to sophomore Laytona Edwards. Senior Kristin Ashcraft looks over for mistakes as she proofreads her letter. Academics 95 band practices togethei% Sue Taylor, sophomore, sketches a picture in Mr. Fischer ' s art class. Junior Beth Domsic re¬ hearses for a concert in choir practice. 96 Academics Mr. Steve Stavros, Principal BS — Ball State MS — DePaul MS — Purdue Mr. Phil Mateja, Administrator BS — Purdue MS — Indiana State Mr. John Molnar, Administrator BS — Purdue MA — Indiana State Dr. Frank Sanders, Superin tenden t School Board — Front Row: Mrs. Yolanda Butler, Mrs. Kathleen HU1, Mrs. Nikki Foster Back Row: Mr. Adolph Biel and Mr. Robert Gluth 100 Faculty TEACHERS SET EXAMPLE The faculty at Morton does more than just teach, sponsor clubs, or do assigned extra-cur¬ ricular activities. The teachers get involved in the shaping of the students both inside and outside of school. When students become involved in extra¬ curricular activities they participate and learn from their experiences and mistakes. By being given responsibilities and being guided, the students learn independence and develop con¬ fidence in themselves. A student learns more from a teacher than just the subject the teacher is teaching. By helping out the students in various ways, the teachers pose an impression on the teen-agers, so that when the students get older, they will project on what the teachers have taught. Students may look up to the adults and fol¬ low their examples. Students watch the adults take their actions into consideration, and learn from these experiences. ‘The teachers and the staff at Morton are helping to develop society, and will help a stu¬ dent, in the future, to become responsible. Along with developments and responsibil¬ ities there were some changes in the faculty this year. Mr. Anthony Waring, art teacher and head of the art department, retired after 30years of teaching at Morton. The new teacher is Mr. Rob Fischer, who taught at Gavit High School before coming to Morton. Mr. Walter Ruff re¬ tired at the end of the 1983 school year after teaching social studies, Latin, and English for 36years. Miss Colantha Hill, who taught Home Ec for 3 years, is now teaching at Hammond High. Mrs. Mary Lacy, who taught business, was also transferred to Hammond High. Mr. Joel Romero, who taught Industrial arts for 5 years is now at Clark High School. In addition, Mrs. Carol Brundidge, Social Worker of the Year for the state of Indiana, will work inside of Morton as well as the other schools in Hess- ville. Mr. Earnest Alexander Business, Dept. Chairman BS — Ball State MA — Ball State Mr. William Archer, Science Head Cross Country Head Track Coach BS — Manchester College MS — Indiana State Mr. Glen Bacus, English BS — Emporia State BA — Emporia State MS — Indiana Univ. Mr. Stanley Bobowsky, Math BS — Marian College MS — Purdue Calumet Mr. John Bolinger, English, Foreign Language Foreign Lang. Club Sponsor BA — Ball State MA — Purdue Ms. Nancy Brundidge, Social Worker, Attendance BS — Roosevelt Univ. MA — Roosevelt Univ. Faculty 101 Mrs. Marcia Burr English. Spanish BA — Valparaiso MS — Indiana State Ms. Catherine Carter English BA — Univ. of Chicago MA — Northwestern Univ. Mr. Don Casperson. Industrial Arts BS — Purdue University MED — Ball State Mr. Charles Chidester Guidance BA — Yale University MA — Univ. of Kentucky Mrs. Karen Colins Special Education Department Chairwoman BS — Governors State MED — Valparaiso Mr. Bob Coolidge Social Studies BS — Anderson College MA — Valparaiso Univ. Ms. Elaine Craig, Math BA — College of St. Francis Mrs. Virgene Culbertson Librarian BS — Indiana State MS — Indiana State Mrs. Carol Damiano, Math BS — Indiana State MS — Indiana State Mrs. Shirley Davis Clerk Typist Mr. Joe DePeugh, Math Department Chairman BS — Indiana State MS — Indiana State Dr. Knalil ElNaggar Math BS — Indiana University MA — Indiana University PhD — Indiana University 102 Faculty Miss Ramona Engle, Special Ed. Cheerleading Pom Pon Sponsor Track Coach BS — Ball State MS — Purdue Mr. Doug Fix, English Debate Sponsor BA — Purdue Calumet MS — Purdue Calumet Mr. Jack Georgas, Social Studies BS — Indiana Univ. MS — Indiana Univ. Mrs. Jan Gillard, English Folk Club Sponsor BA — Indiana State MS — Purdue Mrs. Jane Hall Social Studies Junior Class Sponsor BA — Purdue MA — Purdue Miss Aletla Hicks. P.E. Athletic Director, Head Volleyball Coach BS — Indiana Univ. MS — Indiana Univ. Selling tickets at basketball games is one of the many things that teachers do out¬ side of the classroom. Pic¬ tured are Mr. Phil Hrusko- vich and Sophomore John Tucker. Faculty 103 Mr. Don Hodson Social Studies BS — Indiana State MS — Indiana State MA — Indiana State Mr. Phil Hruskovich Social Studies BS — Indiana Univ. MS — Indiana Univ. Mr. Rick Huber, Math BS — Indiana State MS — Indiana State Ed.S. — Indiana State Mr. Don Hu Is, Math Chess Club Sponsor BS — Western Illinois MA — Purdue Mr. Greg Jancich Social Studies Baseball Coach BA — St. Joseph’s MED — Loyola Mrs. Helen Jancich Business BS — Indiana State MS — Indiana State 104 Faculty Mr. Fred Kepler. Science Head Wrestling ' Golf Coach Asst. Football Coach BS — Northwestern Univ. MS — Indiana University Mrs. Emily Kolbus Office, Bookkeeper Mrs. Joyce Kovacek Educational Secretary Mr. Dennis Kucer. English Morton Outdoors Sponsor BA — Marian College MS — Indiana University Ms. Lucille Labas Attenance Mr. David Lindsey. Science Sponsor — Physics Club Sophomore Class BS — Western Illinois MS — Institute of Technology Mr. Cliff Snow explains how to repair a car bora tor to sopho¬ mores Kevin Sutherland and Bobby Clauson. Faculty 105 Mrs. Alberta Lundgren, English. NHS Sponsor BS — St. Louis University MA — Univ. of Illinois Mrs. Linda Luttringer, English Theatre Guild Media Club Sp onsor BA — Purdue University MA — Purdue University Mrs. Nora Mann, Home Ec. Sophomore Class Sponsor BS — Purdue University MA — Purdue University Mrs. Carol Loehrke Instrumental Music BS — Butler Univ. MS — Purdue Univ. BM — Purdue Univ. Mr. Nick Luketic Business BS — Ball Slate MS — Ball State Miss Betty Lundahl Guidance BA — Augustana College MED — Loyola Univ. 106 Faculty Mr. Russ Marcinek. Social Studies Basketball Coach BA — St. Joseph ' s College MA — Indiana State Mr. Scott Markley, English Mortonite. T op Hat Advisor Quill and Scroll Sponsor BS — Ball State Mr. Daniel Mayerik, Industrial Arts Booster Club Sponsor BS — Ball Slate MA — Ball State Mr. Deiter Meister Foreign Language Photo Club Sponsor BA — University of III. MA — University of III. Ms. Paw Mikler Librarian Ms. Patricia Mikuta, Business Senior Class Sponsor BS — Indiana Univ. MBA — Indiana Univ. Mrs. Linda Mudra, Howe Ec. Home Ec. Club Sponsor BS — Ball State MA — Purdue Mr. George Nelson Social Studies Department Chairman BS — Western III. Univ. MA — Univ. of Chicago Mr. Onie Penzato Industrial Arts BS — Indiana Univ. MS — Indiana Univ. Dr. Mary Pettersen, Science Department Chairwoman Chem Club Sponsor BA — University of Iowa MS — Univ. of Pennsylvania Ph.D. — Univ. of Iowa Mrs. Midred Reese, Nurse BS — Indiana Univ. MS — Indiana Univ. RN — St. Catherine Hos. Ms. Eleanor Randal! Educational Secretary Faculty 107 Cafeteria — Front Row: Martha Florig, Ardeth McCallister, Phyllis Newman, Dolores Jelenski, Ann Springer, Flo Elish, Mary Shurman Back Row: Elizabeth Floyd, Joan Porter, Sally Bair, Myrtle McCarty, Betty Grubesic, and Mildred Thomp¬ son Mr. Cliff Snow. Ind. Arts BS — Northern III. MS — Indiana State Mr. William Speelmon. Business ICE Work Coordinator DECA Club Sponsor MS — Indiana Univ. Dr. Hazel Stockdale, English Care Club Sponsor BS — Indiana Univ. MAT — Indiana Univ. Ed.D. — International Graduate School Ms. Ann Rotenberg. English Booster Club Sponsor BA — Indiana Univ. MA — Indiana Univ. Mrs. Cynthia Slaboski Special Education BS — Indiana State Ms. Norma Smack Secretary 108 Faculty Mrs. Nancy Sullivan Guidance BS — Indiana State MS — Indiana State Miss Olive Wade, Math BS — Indiana MA — U. of Michigan Mr. Bob Weiss, Science Soph. Class Sponsor BS — Franklin College MA — Purdue University Miss Sherry Williams, P.E. Girls Basketball Coach BS — Ball State MS — Purdue Calumet Mr. Jerry Woodward, Social Studies Boys Tennis coach BS — Indiana State MS — Indiana State Mr. Dennis Zelenke, English Department Chairman BA — Indiana AB — Indiana MS — Indiana Ed.S. — Indiana IN MEMORY Miss Wilma Clair, a Hammond educator the past 34 years, died of lukemia in St. Mary Hospi¬ tal in Rochester, Minnesota, April 25, 1983. Miss Clair, valedictorian of Mendon Township High School’s Class of 1941, earned a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University and a master’s degree from Loyola University in Chi¬ cago. ' She was a very caring person, ” commented Principal Steve Sta vros. “What really impressed me was that she was always willing to do that little extra for the students; even if it meant bending the rules sometimes. ” Faculty 109 SENIOR Division 111 SENIORS BID ADIEU The time has come to donn our caps and gowns, and bid a teary adieu to all as the last year of high school has ended. Though friends part and life brings dramatic changes, the memories will linger on. The senior year was filled with happiness and sadness. As June neared, memories in¬ vaded the minds of many, and thoughts from the last few years of high school came rush¬ ing back. Of course, the most vivid memories were those of the final year experienced at Morton. Senior year consisted of many activities. Homecoming was a special time for the Class of 1984 because it was the last one. Powder Puff, which was scheduled during homecom¬ ing week, added to the excitement. Special events for most seniors were the last winter formal in November and the Ju¬ nior Senior Prom in April. Some students will always hold special memories of the awards and scholarships received during the last year of high school. Graduation brings serious thinking about one ' s past, present, and future. For some col¬ lege is the next step; for others there is mar¬ riage, work, or just a brief time to decide what to do in life. Class Officers — First row: Angie Keutzer Back Row: Mary Gillis and Man¬ uel Lopez Class Sponsors — Mr. Dennis Zelenke, Miss Colantha Hill, and Miss Pat Mikuta 112 Seniors Kimberly Bach Janet Baranowski Phillip Benton Roy Allee Henry Antkowiak Suzanne Bair James Balczo Donald Bacso Adrianne Barnes Cindy Batliner Mark Beal Richard Berrones Brian Bewley Glen Blackburn Kristin Ashcraft Melissa Ballard Dawn Bednar Sandra Bonomo Seniors 113 Joan Borchert Traci Brandenburg Diana Brandt Robert Brooks Christopher Brown Linda Brown Debra Buhring Pamela Burks Kathleen Campbell Dawn Cantrell Noel Caraballo Mary Beth Carmon Victoria Carrothers Michael Castillo Emily Clark 114 Seniors Richard Cordell Linda Cox Randall Croft Robert Crouch Elisa Cummins Mike Czaja Danny Dills Carolyn Dinelli Felix DelToro Tracy Eisenhart Michael Ellis Brian Elo Renee Falk James Farr Seniors 115 Diann Frost Mark Gabbert Cheryl Garcia Steven Garcia Philip Gawron The senior bench is a favorite spot for the seniors to stop between classes. 116 Seniors Anthony Gensel Richard Gonzalez Elvira Guerrero Tracy Hall Mary Gillis Christi Glover Robert Golec Edward Gomez Susan Gonzalez Mark Gordish David Grim berg John Guerra Daniel Guzek Kimberly Haley Theresa Guiden Jeffery Guetzloff Donna Harakal Gary Harper Patricia Harrell Marie Harrigan Seniors 117 Tammy Hayes Joel Hedrick Priscilla Hemmons Christine Hendricks Tracy Jacobson Jaime Jaime Jr. Joan Jasin Edward Jen Michael Jernigan 118 Seniors Donald Johnson Timothy Jolink Carl Kaminsky Valerie Kasper James Kelly Susan Kerr Keith Kessler Seniors 119 Lynda Kusbel Dawn Lawrence Renee Leaver Jerry Lee Susan Leonard Traci Brandenberg, Dawn Cantrell and Kim Matusik take “time out” to do a little studying. 120 Seniors John Michelin Roberta Mick Melissa Mihalic Albert Mendoza Ginger Mendoza Seniors 121 Mark Mikula Ronald Miley Jack Minch Denna Moore Jon Morey Linda Mota Tim Montgomery Michelle Muffett Mary Mycka Robert Nevlida 122 Seniors Sandy Pilipow Debbie Pirtle AnnMarie Pisowicz Renata Plahtaric Michael Podsiadlik Seniors help to cheer their class on in a battle of the spirit stick. Seniors 123 Dragan Prljevic Cindy Psuik Corporal Greg Gima helps Top Hat play a little joke on Paul Kolisz Shellene Puikowski Michele Rakoczy and Ed Radermacher during lunch. Joann Ramirez Timothy Rau Doreen Reyes Lisa Reyes Todd Rhea 124 Seniors Melisa Richardson Anthony Rodriquez Jerry Ryzewski Timothy Sargent Randy Richardson Charlene Riddell Kimberly Rocky Thomas Roderick Elizabeth Rodriquez Michael Rymarczyk Phillip Sandlin John Santana Christopher Scballer Steven Scott Scott Servies Michael Shaffer Seniors 125 Ami Sberer Jeffrey Sincbak Patricia Skeen Christopher Smith Mark Smith Maria Sojka Jeffery Sopber Paul Spasske Robert Stanley Rose Marie Suda Lisa Sullivan Robin Szczudlak Scott Coleman practices on bis cornet during Band class. 126 Seniors Renae Szymaszek Michelle Taylor John Theodore Ann Thomas Ronald Thomas William Todd Dennis Toporek Dawn Tunis Deborah Turczi Reuben Urbano David VanDyke Jovan Vasic Richard Way wood Ronald Weaver Belinda Wells Michael West Catherine Williams Seniors 127 Terry Wilson Kathleen Wiltberger Matthew Wojas Edward Wojcik Christine Wolfe Kenneth Wright Judy Yockey Scott Young Christopher Zawadzki Lisa Zurawski Seniors show their spirit during Homecoming. 128 Seniors SENIOR SUMMARIES AGUILAR, RAY — Stage Crew 1; Travel Club 1; Track 1. 2 ALANIZ, LISA ALLEE, ROY ANTKOWIAK, HENRY — Elec¬ tronics 4 ASHCRAFT, KRISTIN — Booster Club 2-4; Office Aid BACSO. DON — Photo Club 1: Stu¬ dent Association 1-4; Soccer 1-4: Id- Club BAIR, SUZANNE RENEE — Home Ec. 1; Booster Club 1-4; DECA 4; T.A. 4; Treasurer DECA 4; Letter- girl 1; Powder Puff 3, 4 BALCZO, JAMES M. — Stage Crew 3, 4; Football 1. 2; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-4; M-Club BALLARD, MELISSA J. — Boost¬ er Club 1-4; Girls Choir 2; Concert Choir 4; Photo Club 1; Band 1; T.A. 2; Office Aid 3 BALLENTINE, MICHELLE M. BARANOWSKI, JANET — Chem Club 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Booster Club 1-4; Student Association 1-4; Top Hat 3, 4; Senator 4; Lettergirl 3; P.P.O. Aid 1, 2: T.A. 3, 4 BARNES, ADRIANNE L. — Pow¬ der Puff 3, 4 BATLINER, CINDY JO — Chem Club 3, 4; Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; Student Association 2-4: Cheerleader 1-4; Timerettes 4; Pow¬ der Puff 3, 4; T.A. 1. 2 BEAL MARK T. — Stage Crew 2 BEDNAR, DAWN MARIE — Booster Club 3, 4; Student Associ¬ ation 4; Powder Puff 3, 4; T.A. 2, 3; Library Aid 1 BENTON. PHIL — Football 1 BERRONES, RICHARD — Chem Club 3, 4; Foreign Language 1. 2; Physics 4; Tennis 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Homecoming Escort BEWLEY. BRIAN EDWARD — Quill and Scroll 4; Travel Club 1; Student Association 4; Mortonite 3, 4; Top Hat 4; Band 3, 4: T.A. 2: Bowl¬ ing 3. 3 BLACKBURN, GLEN — Photo Club 3; Track 2; Bowling 3 BONOMO, SA NDRA LEE — Boost¬ er Club 1-3; Student Association 1-3: Basketball 1-4; Volleyball 1; Softball 3, 4; Attendance Office Aid 1, 2; Powder Puff 3. 4 BORCHERT, JOAN MARIE — Art Club 2; Quill and Scroll 4; Booster Club 2-4; Booster Club Secretary 3; Girls Choir 2; Photo Club 1, 2; Stu¬ dent Association 3, 4; Mortonite 4: Top Hat 3; Tennis 1. 2; Bookstore Aid 1; T.A. 2 BRANDENBURG, TRACI — For¬ eign Language 1, 2; Tra vel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; Pom-Pon Girl 4; Student Association 4; Powder Puff 3. 4 BRANDT. DIANA BROOKS, ROBERT S. — Foreign Language 1; Debate 1. 2; DECA 4. BROWN, CHRISTOPHER — Chem Club 4; Physics 4; Physics Vice-President 4; A V Club 1, 2; AV Club Captain 2; Caving Club 1; Dun¬ geons and Dragons 4; Soccer 1; Who ' s Who 3 BROWN, LINDA DARLENE — Chem Club 3, 4; Foreign Language 1; Theatre Guild 1; Booster Club 1-4; BUHRING, DEBRA MICHELLE — Debate 2-4; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3; Stage Crew 1-3; Photo Club 1- 4; Student Association 2; Girls State 3; Who’s Who 3; Debate Captain 4; N.H.S. Director 3: Photo Club Secre¬ tary 2; Photo President 3, 4; Student Association Senator 2 CAMPBELL, KATHLEEN G. — Chem Club 3; Debate 2, 3; Stage Crew 1-3; Photo Club 1-3; Powder Puff 3; Who’s Who 3; Photo Club Treasurer 2; Photo Vice-President 3 CANTRELL. DAWN — Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1; Timerettes 1- CARABALLO, NOEL — Student Association 4; Band 2-4; Track 2, 3; Bowling 3 CARMON, MARY BETH — Chem Club 3; Foreign Language 1. 2; Booster Club 1-4: Pom-Pon Girl 24; Student Association 1-4; Homecom¬ ing Court; Powder Puff 3, 4; Senator 2-4 CL A RK. EMIL YF.— Foreign Lan¬ guage 1, 2; Theatre Guild 1-4; Con¬ cert Choir 3, 4; Ensemble 3, 4; Band 1- 4; Tennis 2; Class Vice-President 1 COLEMAN, SCOTT — Band 1-4; Track 1, 2; Electronics 1, 2 COMPANIOTT, SHARI D. — Booster Club 1-4; Student Associ¬ ation 3, 4; DECA 4; Timerettes 1-4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Office Aid 1; T.A. 2- 4 CONSTANT, CRAI G — Track 2 CORBETT, DEBBIE — DECA 4 ' Band 2-4. CORDELL, RICH — Stage Crew 2; Track 1 COX, LINDA ANN — Band 1, 2; Track 1; Band Letter CROFT, RANDALL LEE — Bowl- CROUCH, ROBERT — DECA 4 CZAJA, MICHAEL RONALD — Chem Club 4; Foreign Language 1,2; Outdoor Club 2,3; Tennis 1-4; Soccer 1-4; M-Club DELTORO, FELIX — Student As¬ sociation 1-4; Top Hat 3; Tennis 2. 3; Boys State 3. DILLS. DANNY — Football 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1-3; Baseball 2; M-Club DILLS, JIM — Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Mortonite 2-4; DECA 4; Basketball 1- 3; Track 1; T.A. 3 DINELLI, CAROLYN DOC KINS, TINA MARIE — Band 1; Powder Puff 3, 4; DECA 4 DODSON, MICHAEL — Foreign Language 1. 3; Football 4; Cross Country 3; Wrestling 1-3; Track 1,2; M-Club DOEDTMAN, PAM I. — Home Ec 3 DOUGH MAN, TROY — Wrestling DUCKETT, JEFF EARL. JEFF — Band 1-4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-3; Track 1-3; M- Club EDWARDS, LESTER EISENHART, TRACI — DECA 4; Powder Puff 3, 4 ELLIS, RICHARD — Photo Club 1; T.A. 1. 2. 4 ELLISON, COY — Folk Club 1-4; Chess Club 1-3; Band 1. 2 ELO, BRIAN — Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Top Hat 3, 4; Football 1-4; Basket¬ ball 1; Wrestling 2-4; All-Conference Football 4; M-Club FALK, RENEE — Stage Crew 1-3; Theatre Guild 1-4: Girls Choir 2; Concert Choir 3. 4; Ensemble 4; Folk Club 4; Thespians 3. 4; T.A. 1. 4; Bookstore Aid 1 FARR, JAMES FARY, ANGIE —Debate 1-3;Stage Crew 1-3; Theatre Guild 1-3; Booster Club 1-4; Ca ving Club 4; Folk Club 3. 4; DECA 4; T.A. 2-4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Who’s Who 3 FORTENBERRY, MICHELLE — Booster Club 3, 4; Timerettes 4 FROST, DIANN R. — Booster Club 3. 4; Caving Club 3, 4; Student Asso¬ ciation 3; DECA 4; Cross Country 1, 3; Track 1; Powder Puff 4: T.A. 3 GABBERT, MARK ANTHONY — Chem Club 3; Foreign Language 1,2; Physics 4; Dungeons and Dragons 3, GARCIA, CHERYL GAWRON, PHIL — Debate 3. 4; AV Club 1, 2; AV Captain; Boys State 3 GENSEL, TONY — Foreign Lan¬ guage 1; Basketball 1, 2 GILLIS, MARY LOUISE — Chem Club 4; Foreign Language 1, 2; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4: Student Association 1-4; Top Hat 2-4; Timerettes 2-4; Powder Puff 3, 4; T.A. 2; Frosh. Class Secre¬ tary; Vice-President 2; Secretary 4; DAR Award 4 GOLEC, ROBERT — Football 1-4; Wrestling 4; Baseball 2. 4; Golf 3; Football Honorable Mention; M- Club GOMEZ, EDWARD — Outdoor Club 3; Football 4; Basketball 1; Soc¬ cer 1-4: M-Club GONZALEZ, RICHARD — AV Club 4; Outdoor Club 2; Swimming 1 GONZALEZ. SUSAN K. — Booster Club 1-4; Volleyball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Softball 3, 4; Powder Puff 3, 4; T.A. 3, Office Aid 4: All-Conference Volleyball 4; Honorable Mention Basketball 3; Homecoming Court GORDISH, MARK — Outdoor Club 1-3; Football 1-4; Track 1. 2; M-Club; Honorable Mention Football 4 GUERRA, ALBERT — Chem Club 3; Band 1; Soccer 1-4; M-Club GUERRERO, ELVIRA J. — Home Ec. 4; Home Ec. President 4; Pom- Pon Girl 4: Mat-Maid 3 GUETZLOFF, JEFFERY GUI DEN. THERESA JEAN — Foreign Language 1. 2; Stage Crew 4; Theatre Guild 1-4; Booster Club 1- 4; Girls Choir 1,2; Concert Choir 3. 4: Ensemble 3, 4: Thespians 4; T.A. 3 GUZEK, DANIEL EM AM — Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Outdoor Club 3; Mor¬ tonite 3-4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 2- HALEY, KIMBERLY DAWN — Booster Club 3, 4; Pom-Pon Girl 3, 4; Student Association 4; Who ' s Who 3; Powder Puff 4 HALL, TRACY A. — Debate 2-4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Stage Crew 1-4; Theatre Guild 1-4; Concert Choir 4; Student Association 2; Band 1-4; Thespians 2-4; T.A. 2-4 HARAKAL, DONNA — Chem Club SENIOR SUMMARIES Club 1-4; Pom-Pon Girl 2-4; Student Association 1-4; Cheerleader 1; Pow¬ der Puff 3, 4; Frosh Attendant HARPER. GARY R. — Football 1; Baseball 2 HARRELL. PATRICIA — Golf 1; Powder Puff 3, 4 HARRIGAN. HELEN MARIE — Chem Club 4; Booster Club 1-4; Cav¬ ing Club 1-4; Who’s Who 3 HA UER, ANN — Home Ec. 4 HAYES. TAMMY RENEE — For¬ eign Language 1; Booster Club 1-4; Volleyball 1-4; Basketball 1-3; Soft- ball 3. 4; Powder Puff 3, 4: T.A. 2-4; All-Conference Softball 3 HEDRICK. JOEL — Stage Crew 4; Football 1, 2; Wrestling 2; Track 1 HEKKEL. DA VID — Home Ec. 2; Concert Choir 2; Ensemble 4; Folk Club 3; Thespians 4 HENDRIX, TERESA — DECA 4: Boys Basketball Manager 3; Band 1- 4; T.A. 3 HENSLEY, ANGELA — Band 1, 3, 4 HERRING, JODY ANN — Booster Club 1-4; Volleyball 1-4; Powder Puff 3, 4; T.A. 4; M-Club HILBRICH, TODD — Chem Club 4; Quill and Scroll 2; Theatre Guild 2-4; Caving Club 2-3; Concert Choir 3; Student Association 1-4; Top Hat 1; Thespians 2-4; T.A. 2-4; HIGGINS, CHARLES — Chess Club 3 HOLLIDA Y, JEFF — Wrestling 1- 3 HOUSER, KELLY — Caving Club 4; T.A. 4 HULSEY, LINDA BETH — Na¬ tional Honor Society 3, 4; Theatre Guild 2, 3; Concert Choir 3, 4; En¬ semble 4; Student Association 1-4; Band 1-4; Volleyball 1; Basketball 1, 2; Track 2. 3; Girls State Alternate 3 HYLEK. CHERYL L. — Home Ec. 4; Booster Club 2-4; Girls Choir 2; Concert Choir 3; Photo Club 1; Track 1; T.A. 3, 4 JACOBSON, TRACI JEAN — T.A. 1-4: Powder Puff 3. 4 JAIME, JAIME JR. — Band 4; Dun¬ geons and Dragons 3. JASIN, JOAN — Booster Club 3, 4; Caving Club 3; P.P.O. Aid 1 JEN. EDWARD — Chem Club 3. 4: National Honor Society 3, 4; Physics 4; Outdoor Club 2; Top Hat 3; Chess Club 2; Tennis 1-4; M-Club; Who’s Who 4; Boys State 3 JERNIGAN. MIKE JOHNSON, DONALD — Football 1. 2; Wrestling 1. 2; Golf 2, 3, 4 JOLINK, TIM — Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; M-Club KAMINSKY. CARL J. — Electron¬ ics Club 1. 2: Football 1,2; Wrestling 1; Track 1, 2; Outdoor Club 1, 2 KASPER. VALERIE J. — Mat- maids 3, 4; T.A. 2, 3, 4. KESSLER. KEITH — Outdoor Club 1. 2: Football 1-4; Basketball 1; Track 2. 3, 4; M-Club 3. 4. KEUTZER, ANGELA S. — Booster Club 1-4: Student Association 1-4; Cheerleader 1-4; Track 1, 2; Timer- rettes2,3, 4; Vice-President 3; Presi¬ dent 4; Powder Puff 3. 4; T.A. 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Court 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Who ' s Who 3 KILAR, TINA — Booster Club 3. 4; Caving Club 4; T.A. 4; Bookstore As¬ sistant 3 KING, LA URIE — DECA 4; T.A. 3 KOHARCHIK, CHRISTINE S. — Home Ec. 1; Stage Crew 1. 2, 3; The¬ atre Guild 1-4: Booster Club 2, 3; Concert Choir 4; Attendance Office Aid 4 KOLISZ, PAUL A. — Football 4; Baseball 4; M-Club KOPANDA, JULIE — Theatre Guild 2-4; Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; Folk Club 2-4; T.A. 3, 4; Powder Puff 3, 4. KRIVO. JOANNE M. — Physics Club 3; Booster Club 2-4; Student Association 1-3; Powder Puff 4; Girls State Alternate 3 KRONLAND, SANDY — Booster Club 1, 2; Caving Club 4; T.A. 3, 4 KULESA, TIM — Chem. Club 4; Outdoor Club 2; Chess Club 2-4; Electronics Club 3; Tennis 4; Base¬ ball 3, 4; Track 2; M-Club KUSBEL, LYNDA M. — Band 1; Powder Puff 3, 4 LAWRENCE, DAWN M. — For¬ eign Language Club 1; Home Ec. 1: Booster Club 1-4; Student Associ¬ ation 1; DECA 4; Track 1-3; T.A. 3; Powder Puff 4 LEA VER, RENEE M. — Home Ec. 1-3; T.A. 2 LEE. JERRY — Football 1 LEONARD, SUE — Home Ec. 1. LIGHT, JULIE — DECA 4 LIND, DAWN — Booster Club 3; Girls Choir 3: Concert Choir 4; Track 3; Mat maid 3, 4 LIPKOVITCH, LISA A. — Chem. Club 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Theatre Guild 4; Booster Club 1-4; Student Association 4; Mortonite 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Powder Puff 3, 4; T.A. 2-4, Band Letter LOPEZ, MANUEL JR. — Foreign Language Club 1, 2; Booster Club 3, 4: Student Association 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1-4; Homecoming Escort 4; Sec¬ retary-Treasurer 3; Vice-President 4; T.A. 3; M-Club LOZANO, EILEEN — Chem. Club 3; Foreign Language Club 3; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Travel Club 1; Pom- Pon Girl 2, 3; Student Association 3; Top Hat 2-4; Herpatology Club 2, 3; Timerettes 3; Powder Puff 3, 4 LUCAS. JAY LUKACEK. MARY — Band 1-4: Swimming 1; Pep Band LUSH. TODD W. — Stage Crew 3; Electronics Club 4; Basketball 1-4; M-Club MACKINDAY. ROB R. — Foreign Language Club 1. 2; Soccer 1-4; M- Club; Who’s Who 4: MARTINEZ. CLAUDIA I. — Chem Club 3, 4; Foreign Language Club 2, 3; Booster Club 3, 4; Student Associ¬ ation 2-4; DECA 4; Band 1.3: Powder Puff 3. 4; Who’s Who 4 MATUSIK. KIMBERLEY A. — Booster Club 3, 4; Softball 3; Powder Puff 3, 4; Senator 3 MEADOWS, ANNETTE T. — Stage Crew 4; Theatre Guild 4; Booster Club 4; Concert Choir 4; T.A. 4 MEDLEY. CARY L. MENDOZA, ALBERT — Student Association 1-3; Soccer 1-4 MENDOZA. GINGER S. — Powder Puff 4 MICHELIN. JOHN — Footba ll 1,2; Wrestling 1-4. MICK. ROBERTA A. — Home Ec. 1,2; Booster Club 4; Concert Choir 4; Matmaids 1-4; Powder Puff 3, 4; T.A. 1-4 MIHALIC, MELISSA — Home Ec. 4; Timerettes 4; Powder Puff 3 MIKULA, MARK — Theatre Guild 1-4; Travel Club 1; Concert Choir 3, 4; Ensemble 3, 4; Thespians 4; Thes¬ pians Vice-President 4 MINCH, JACK — Outdoor Club 1; Football 1-4: Track 1. 3; M-Club MOREY. JON— DECA 4; Electron¬ ics Club 4 MOT A, LEND A MARIA — Foreign Language Club 1: Stage Crew 2; Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; DECA 4; Powder Puff 4; Library As¬ sistant 1 MUFFETT. MICHELLE D. — Chem. Club 3, 4; Theatre Guild 3, 4; Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; Girls Choir 2; Concert Choir 2. 3; En¬ semble 4; Cheerleader 2, 3: Tennis 2; Track 3; Timerettes 2-4; Powder Puff 2, 3; T.A. 1, 2; Student Associ¬ ation President 4; Student Associ¬ ation 1-3 NEVLIDA, ROBERT — A V Club 3; DECA 4; Electronics Club 3; Foot¬ ball 1; Baseball 3; Track 2; NIEMIEC, DAVID A. — Student Association 4; Soccer 4;St. Bonaven- ture Prep High School Wisconsin, Soccer 1-3; Basketball 2; Baseball 1- 3 NOWACKI, KIM — National Honor Society 3, 4; Booster Club 3, 4; Ten¬ nis 1-4; T.A. 3, 4; Booster Club Vice- President OBERC, JENNY — Chem. Club 4: Physics Club 3; Booster Club 4; Nurses Aid 1; T.A. 4 O’BRIEN, KELLIE S. — National Honor Society 3, 4; Booster Club 3, 4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Office Assistant 1; T.A. 2; Homecoming Court 4; Who ' s Who 4 OLDENBERG, DAWN — Home Ec. 2; Travel Club 1; Powder Puff 3, PATTERSON, MAUREEN G. — Booster Club 1-4; Girls Choir 2; Con¬ cert Choir 3; Ensemble 4; Lettergirl 1, 3; Theatre Guild 1; Backgammon Club 3 PEARDON, SHELLY R. — For¬ eign Language Club 1. 2; Booster Club 2-4: DECA 4: Powder Puff 3, 4: T.A. 4 PEARSON. KRIS — Booster Club 4; Powder Puff 3, 4: T.A. 1-4 PEREZ. CYNTHIA — T.A. 3; At¬ tendance Office Aid 2 PHILLIPPE, LISA L. — Foreign Language Club 1-3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-3; Booster Club Treasurer; Photo Club 1: Mortonite 3, 4; CARE Club 4; Choir 1; Zoology Club 1; Zoology Club Treasurer 1; T.A. 3, 4 PIERCE. SCOTT— Outdoor Club 1; Electronics Club 3 PILIPOW, SANDY — Travel Club 1; Booster Club 3, 4; DECA 4; Office Assistant 1, 2. PIRTLE. DEBBIE — Foreign Lan¬ guage Club 1, 2; Home Ec. 1; Caving Club 1-3: DECA 4 PISOWICZ, ANNMARIE — Home Ec 1; DECA 4 PLAHTARIC. REN 130 SENIOR SUMMARIES Club 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Boost¬ er Club 1-4; Photo Club 1; Pom Pon Girl 2-4; Student Association 1-4; Top Hat 3. 4; Pom-Pon Captain 4; T.A. 1-4 PODSIADLIK, MICHAEL J. — DEC A 4; A V Club 1, 2 POOLE, SHERRI — Booster Club 3, 4: Matmaid 2-4; Powder Puff 3, 4 POTOSKY. MARY — Quill and Scroll 4: Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; Pom-Pon Girl 3; Student Associ¬ ation 1-4; Top Hat 4; Timerettes 2-4; Powder Puff 4; T.A. 1 PRLJEVIC, DRAGAN — Chem. Club 3. 4; Chem. Club President 3. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Top Hat 3; Electronics Club 3; Tennis 1-4; Soccer 2, 3; M-Club; All-Conference Tennis 4 PSUIK. CYNTHIA L. — Chem. Club 3, 4; Foreign Language Club 3; Home Ec. 1: Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Booster Club 1-4; Booster Club President 3, 4; Student Association 3, 4; Top Hat 2-4; Lettergirls 1, 3; Junior Achievement 2, 3; Powder Puff 3, 4; Girls State 3 PULKOWSKI. SHELLY — Boost¬ er Club 1-4: Pom-Pon Girl 2-4; Stu¬ dent Ass ociation 1-3; Student Asso¬ ciation Treasurer 4; Band 1-3; Pow¬ der Puff 3, 4; Homecoming Court RADERMACHER, ED — Foreign Language Club 1-3; Wrestling 2; Track T-4: M-CInh RAKOCZY. MICHELE R. — For¬ eign Language Club 1; National Honor Society 3. 4; National Honor Society President 4; Physics Club 3, 4; Booster Club 1: Photo Club 3, 4: Photo Club Vice-President 4; Stu¬ dent Association 2-4. RAMIREZ, JOANN —Home Ec. 1; Booster Club 1; DECA 4; Matmaids2: T.A. 1-3 REYES, DOREEN L. — Chem. Club 3; Booster Club 3, 4; Pom-Pon Girl 2-4; Student Association 4; Band 1, 2; Powder Puff 3. 4 REYES, LISA — Timerettes 4; Powder Puff 4; T.A. 1-4 RICHARDSON, M ELIS A — Chem. Club 3; Booster Club 3, 4; Student Association 3; Matmaid 3, 4: Powder Puff 3 RICHARDSON. RANDY L. — DECA 4: Football 1 RIDDELL. CHARLENE — Con¬ cert Choir 4; Band 1-3; T.A. 2 RODERICK, THOMAS — Chem. Club 3, 4; Physics Club 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Mortonite 3, 4; Chess Club 4: Senator 4 RODRIGUEZ, ELIZABETH — Foreign Language Club 3 RODRIGUEZ, TONY D. — Stage Crew 4; Football 4; Track 4 ROGERS, ROY — Electronics Club 3 RYCERZ, ROB — Basketball 1: Swimming 2-4; M-Club; Co-Captain Swimming 4 RYMARCZYK, MICHAEL — Physics Club 4: Stage Crew 4; Elec¬ tronics Club 3 RYZEWSKI, JEROME L. JR. — Chem. Club 3: National Honor Soci¬ ety 3. 4; National Honor Society Treasurer 4; Physics Club 4; Foot¬ ball 1-3; Basketball 1. 2; Powder Puff Coach 3. 4; Homecomihg Escort 4; Bovs State 3; Who’s Who 3 SABOFF, TODD M. — Band 1. 2; Electronics Club 3 SANDLIN. PHIL JR. SANTANA, JOHN — Photo Club 1- 4: Wrestling 3 SARGENT. TIM — Photo Club 1; Student Association 4 SCHALLER CHRISTOPHER A. — Concert Choir 1, 2, 4; Footall 1; Golf 2 SCHALLER STEVEN J. — The¬ atre Guild 1-3; A V Club 1, 2; Concert Choir 3, 4; Ensemble 3. 4; Dungeons and Dragons 1; Football 1; Golf 2-4 SCOTT STEVEN J. — A V Club 1. 2; Band 1-3; Dungeons and Dragons 3; Electronics Club 3 SERVIES SCOTT C. — Chem. Club 3. 4; Physics Club 4: Theatre Guild 1- 3; Caving Club 2, 3; Photo Club 4; Herpatology Club 1-4. SHERER AMI R. — Foreign Lan¬ guage Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; Vol¬ leyball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Attendance Aid 1; Main Office Aid 4 SINCHAK, JEFFREY B. — Foot¬ ball 1-4; Basketball 1: Baseball 2-4; Track 1; M-Club, All-Conference Football 4. SKEEN. PATRICIA A. — National Honor Society 3, 4; Girls Choir 2; Concert Choir 3, 4; Ensemble 4; Band 1, 3, 4; CARE 4; Girls State 3 SMITH. CHRISTOPHER — For¬ eign Language 1, 2; Physics 4; Stage Crew 4; Football 1-3; Track 1 SMITH, MARK — Band 1 SOJKA, MARIA — Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1, 2; Timerettes 2, 3, 4; Office Aid 2, 3 SPASSKE, PAUL S. — Chem. Club 3, 4; Foreign Language 3; Debate 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Physics 4: Physics Secretary; Theatre Guild 4; Student Association 3, 4; Chess Club 2-4; Secretary Treasurer of Chess Club 3; Dungeons and Drag¬ ons 2-4: Treasurer Dungeons and Dragons 3; Vice-Pres. 4; Boys State Alternate 3 SPISAK, STEVE — Track 3 STANLEY, ROBERT WALTER STEVENS. SHERRY — Home Ec. 2; Nurse ' s Aid 1 STORCK, JENNY — Booster Club 2. 3 STRICKLIN, KIM — Foreign Lan¬ guage 1; Caving Club 4 STRICKLIN. M.ARYJANE —Pow¬ der Puff 3, 4; T.A. 2, 3 SUDA, ROSE — T.A. 1-4; Band 1 SULLIVAN. LISA SZCZUDLAK, ROBIN A. — Boost¬ er Club 1-4; Caving Club 3, 4; Stu¬ dent Association 2-4; DECA 4: Cheerleader 2; Powder Puff 3. 4; T.A. 1-4 SZYMASZEK, RENAE — Band 1- 4: Drum Major 3. 4; T.A. 4; Office Aid 2 TAYLOR, MICHELLE — Chem. Club 3: Foreign Language Club 3; Booster Club 2-4; Folk Club 1; Pom- Pon Girl 2-4; Student Association 1- THEODORE, JOHN A. II — Foot¬ ball 1, 2: Track 1 THOMAS, A NN MA RIE — Foreign Language 1.2; Booster Club 1-4: Stu¬ dent Association 1-4: Cheerleader 1- 4; Timerettes 4; Powder Puff 3, 4; Frosh. Class Senator; T.A. 1, 2 THOMAS. RON — Chem Club 3: Foreign Language 1, 2; Physics 4; Student Association 4: Football 1, 2 TODD, BILL — Tennis 2-4; Basket¬ ball 1 TOPOREK, DENNIS — Foreign Language 2; Stage Crew 1; Electron¬ ics 1 TUNIS, DA WN — P.P O. Aid 4 TURCZI, DEBORAH ANN — Home Ec. 4; Booster Club 1-4; Con¬ cert Choir 2; Photo Club 2; T.A. 2, 3 URBANO, PA UL RUBEN — Foot¬ ball 1-3; Wrestling 1-3; Track 1, 4; Frosh. Attendent; M-Club; Escort Homecoming of Queen VANDYKE. DAVID — Chem Club 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Cav¬ ing Club 3, 4; Concert Choir 4; Her¬ patology Club 1-4; VASIC, JOVAN — Student Associ¬ ation 2-4; Baseball 3; Soccer 1, 2 VELOCK, SCOTT VERMEJAN. CHRISTOPHER BRIAN — Class President 1 VOLKMAN. SHERRY LYNN — Foreign Language 1; Cross Country 1-3; Track 1-4; Powder Puff 3. 4; All- Conference Track and Cross Coun¬ try; All-State Team VRAHORETIS, THOMAS A. — Chem Club 3: Student Association 1- 4; Outdoor Club 3; Football 1-4; Bas¬ ketball 2; Baseball 2-4; Track 1; Class President 3: M-Club; Honor¬ able Mention All Conference Foot¬ ball 4; Honorable Mention Baseball 3 WA YWOOD, RICHARD — Physics 4; Swimming 1-4; Swimming Co- Captain 4; Baseball 2-4; Boys State 3; Who’s Who 3 WEAVER, RON — Soccer 2-4; M- Club WELLS, BELINDA — Home Ec. 2; T.A. 1-3 WEST, MIKE — Football 1-4; Track 1; M-Club; All-Conference Football 4; WILLIAMS, CATHERINE M. — Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Theatre Guild 1; Booster Club 1-4; Student Associ¬ ation 1, 2; Mortonite 2-4; Managing Editor Mortonite 4; Cheerleader 1-4; Timerettes 4; Powder Puff 3; Li¬ brary Aid 1, 2; T.A. 3 WILSON, TERRY WOJCIK, EDWARD — Chem Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Physics 4: Chess Club 4; Boys State Alter¬ nate 3 WOLFE, CHRISTINE M. — Quill and Scroll 3-4; Theatre Guild 1; Booster Club 1-4: Photo Club 1; Mor¬ tonite 3, 4; Booster Club Treasurer 4; T.A. 3, 4; Libra ry Aid 1: Attendance Aid 1; Powder Puff 3, 4 WRIGHT. KENNETH R. — Travel Club 1; Caving Club 2 ZA WADZKI, CHRIS — Chem Club 4; Theatre Guild 2; Concert Choir 2, 3; Folk Club 1-3; Chess Club 2-4; Class Senator 3 ZEBELL, MARVIN — Photo Club 1-3: Band 1-4; Football 1-3; Wres- tling 1-3; Soccer 1-4 ZURA WSKI, LISA — Foreign Lan¬ guage 3; Home Ec. 1: Stage Crew 1- 3; Theatre Guild 1-3; Booster Club 1- 4: T.A. 2-4 UNDERCLASS Division 133 ’85 AWAITS FINAL YEAR For the juniors, the countdown is on as the light at the end of the tunnel is just ahead. The question running through the minds of most juniors is, “How can senior year arrive so soon?” During freshman year, becoming a senior seemed so far away but the years passed quickly, and the time has arrived for the juniors to serve their long waited term at the top of the “totem pole”. As freshman, what classes to take was the big¬ gest decision and what class ring to purchase was the biggest decision during the sophomore year. The main decision junior year was the theme and all involved in making a successful prom. The theme chosen for the 1983-1984 prom, which took place at the Wicker Park Social Center on April 27, was “Steppin Out” and the colors selected for the occasion were blue and silver. At the time, the decisions were of great impor¬ tance but do not compare to those to be made in the years ahead. Now suddenly, the juniors are faced with the decision of what will become of one ' s life after graduation. That determination of which could effect the outcome of one’s entire future. This year was also filled with a lot of fun as the junior girls were given the chance to compete in the annual Powder Puff game. Although they were defeated by the seniors, 34-26, the juniors never lost their spirit. The Class of ' 85 looks ahead with great anticipa¬ tion and some with a bit of sadness for just as quick¬ ly as senior year arrived it will also come to an end. Some juniors believe that senior year is a time for having fun and not worrying about grades, others believe that it is a time to do the best they can academically to prepare themselves for college. But, all will focus on making of memories that will stay fresh in the minds of the Class of ' 85 for many years to come. Bill Adkins Jorge AI tier! Ray Anderson John Ashby Mike Asher Gina Baehmeier Ron Balia Tammy Banks Tina Batliner Doreen Bednar Scott Bell Rob Brown Junior Class sponsors: Mrs. Jane Hall and Mr. Bob Weis. 134 Juniors Juniors 135 136 Juniors Juniors 137 0 ft i A A 91 aflftBo m ki Juniors 139 FINALLY! The time is finally coming when the Class of ’86 can safely say that they are “upperclassmen.” Without a doubt, the Class of ’86 is halfway to the top. In the midst of the 1983-84 school year a num¬ ber of things took place for the sophomore class, one of them being the traditional purchasing of class-rings. With the help of class sponsors, Mr. David Lind¬ sey and Ms. Nora Mann, class officers, and mem¬ bers of the sophomore class, raffle tickets were sold to raise money for the 1985 prom. The Class of ’86 would like to attempt something totally dif¬ ferent for their prom but the final plans are still in the making. The sophomore class also worked hard aca¬ demically to meet graduation requirements — bi¬ ology, English 3 4 and a math class — geometry or math 3 4 were just a few of the classes taken. Homecoming was not an exceptionally happy time for the sophomore class, as their float placed last in the homecoming parade. With junior year in mind, the Class of ’86 bid a farewell to the title “underclassmen”. 140 Sophomore 142 Sophomore Sophomore 143 Students take advantage of the last few minutes of class. 144 Sophomore Sophomore 145 FROSH BEGIN The Class of ’87got off to an extra difficult start as freshmen. Along with the traditional problems that come along with starting high school such as initiation, the freshman were left without a class sponsor. The freshman soon found out that fitting in at high school was not as big a deal as it once seemed to be, as it did not take very long for one to get acquainted with the system at Morton. The freshman class did not take a big part in homecoming due to the problem of not having sponsors but the class was represented by Sheryl Reyes and Shannon Doughman as freshman at¬ tendants in the homecoming court. English 1 2, health and safety, physical edu¬ cation, and a math class — Algebra or Math 1 2, were just a few of the classes taken during one’s freshman year to begin to meet graduation re¬ quirements. The Class of ’87 is beginning to consider the agenda that they will be faced with during the sophomore year. Getting started with fundraisers to prepare themselves financially for prom and the purchasing of classrings are just a few exam¬ ples found on the list. All of the students life he she was told what to do and when to do it but seldom told why, as freshman, one discovers that a big advantage of high school is being able to make some of one’s own decisions, the student also discovers that he must likewise learn to live with these decisions. 146 Freshmen Freshmen 147 148 Freshmen Freshmen 149 150 Freshmen Freshmen 151 BURGERS SUPERMARKET 165th And Columbia Hammond 12 Ridge Road 1830 45th Ave. Munster Munster ( OUN1MI - ' l LA I m tClX h. 1 Wolfe, Joan Borchert and Lisa Zur- awski go shopping for a weekend party. 154 Advertising SOLINA’S BAKERY Complete Assortment Of Bakery Goods Special Decorated Cakes For All Occasions 6712 Kennedy Ave. 844-6815 KENWOOD LANES VIRGIL HUBER FUNERAL HOME 6311 Kennedy Ave. 7051 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana Hammond 845-0980 844-1020 Sophomore Class Officers Maureen Gruener President Basilio Lopez Vice-President Tierney Rodda Secretary Q.T. CANDY INCORPORATED “Candy Is Happiness” 6737 McCook Avenue 844-8060 Advertising 155 SENIOR POWDER PUFF TEAM A 0 A JUNIOR POWDER PUFF TEAM 156 Advertising SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS CHEM CLUB Front Row — Mary Johnson, Donna Harakal, Mary Gillis, Cindy Batliner, Lisa Contreras, Beth Domsic, Rudy Arredondo, Mary J ean Franks. Second Row — Lisa Lipkovitch, Donna Tutush, Karen Stevenson, Dan Prljevic, Renata Plahtaric, Rich Berrones, Mi¬ chele Mikicich, Dianira Rodriguez, Ed Wojcik. Third Row — Debbie Hurley, Gary West, Pat Jen, Tom Roderick, Tim Kulesa, Janet Baranowski, Cindy Psuik, Joni Rafalski, Gail Hatfield, Michele Muffett. Back Row — Chris Brown, Ed Jen, Chris Zawadski, Mike Czaja, Scott Servies, David VanDyke, Jenny Oberc, Bridget Vela, Jocelyn Smeberg, Ann Melton. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 1983-84 The cheerleaders doing a mount during a time out. Cindy Batliner Kathy Csiscko Angie Keutzer 158 Advertising A Former Morton Student Takes Great Pleasure In Being Able To Offer All Morton Supporters An Alternative To The Ever-Increasing Cost Of Home Heating, We All Take Great Pride In This, Our First Ever Top Hat Appearance. Why Save Energy? ★ To Fill The Demands Of 1984 ★ To Fight Ever-Increasing Utility Bills ★ To Keep From Building Nuclear Reactors In Our Back Yards ★ We Feature The First In Solar Energy Management Systems ★ Up To 65% Tax Credit On Qualifying Products ★ Serving 36 Dealers Across 5 States With Over 500 Products ★ A Careful, Professional Installation By Specially Trained Technicians Make It Yours, Too GRAY IMPORTS, INC. Briar East Shopping Plaza Next To Jewel 845-9672 Or 845-3027 3440 169th St. Hammond 46323 WRIGHT ANGLES Good Luck Class Of ’84 Advertising 159 MCDONALD’S 3639 169th St. 7420 Kennedy Ave. Hammond, IN Hammond, IN Advertising 161 ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA CHURCH 6525 Kentucky Avenue Hammond 844-9661 Rev. Timothy E. Benante Rev. Charles Niblick WOODMAR FAMILY RESTAURANT 7012 Indpls. Blvd. Hammond, IN 46324 Phone 219-845-3500 Open 7 Days 6 A.M.-ll P.M. WOODMAR JEWELERS GIFT SHOP 7012 Indpls. Blvd. Hammond, IN 46324 Fred Messman, Owner Jane Sullivan, Assistant FIFIELD PHARMACY 2729 Kennedy Ave. Hammond, Indiana 844-8025 162 Advertising EPPL INSURANCE Every Possible Protection Line John R. Eppl Owner 6808 Kennedy Ave. 845-0431 LINDY’S ACE HARDWARE 6220 Kennedy Avenue 845-4520 Make This Store A Headquarters For All Your Hardware Needs Owners — Emil And Lindy Cergizan HAMMOND BOYS’ CLUB 165th And New Hampshire 845-1560 “Go Govs” The Boys Club offers many activities for teen¬ age boys. PEPE’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 6220 Indianapolis Blvd. 845-3003 BOYS CLUBS OF AMERICA Advertising 163 JACK’S CARRY-OUT • Chicken • French Fries • Fish • Salads • Shrimp 6602 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana 844-3032 CANTRELL’S HOOSIER FLORIST SHOP 1424 119th Street Whiting, Indiana 164 Advertising TEIBEL’S The Ideal Family Restaurant Schererville, IN 865-2000 At The Intersection Of Routes 41 30 ERNIE’S BODY SHOP Over 30 Years Experience 3301 Grand Boulevard East Chicago Indiana 46312 Tel. 397-1831 Ernie Labas Tom Papierz Compliments Of HAMMOND SCHOOL EMPLOYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 7144 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana 845-5654 BOCKEN FUNERAL HOME, INC. 7042 Kennedy Ave. Hammond, IN Mr. Mrs. George Bocken Mr. Mrs. John Ault C|i24ri£ifer K| I CALUMET NATIONAL BANK Member FDIC CALUMET NATIONAL BANK ... Makes Life A Little More Convenient ... With A Calumet National Bank 24 Hour Teller Card, Traditional Banking Hours Are A Thing Of The Past For Customers Holding Our Bank Card ... Your Key To Our Automatic Teller. You Can Bank Day Or Night ... 365 ... Days A Year. Hessville Office 6611 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana 46323 Phone: 219 845-4680 8 Convenient Locations Advertising 165 POM PON SQUAD Gina Bachmeier Tammy Banks Traci Brandenburg Linda Brown Mary Beth Carmon Lisa Contreras Elvira Guerrero Kim Haley Donna Harakal Gail Hatfield Kathy McCrea Pam Peardon 166 Advertising 1983-84 The pom pon squad cheers for the basketball squad to come out before the start of the game against Ho¬ bart Doreen Reyes Advertising 167 CLASS OF 1984 Senior Class: First row — Randy Croft, Charlene Rydell, Julie Light, Sandy Kronland, Kelly Houser, Dianna Brandt, Tina Kilar, Mary Stricklin, Mary Mycka, Ed Jen, Scott Coleman, Tim Kulesa, Rob Rycerz, Chris Zawadski, Dave Irby, Dennis Toporek, Michelle Muffett, Mike Castillo, Rob Macklnday, Charles Higgins. Second row — Emily Clark, Linda Hulsey, Michele Rakoczy, Patricia Skeen, Theresa Guiden, Maureen Patterson, Melis¬ sa Ballard, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Linda Mota, Caro¬ lyn Dinelli, Kim Nowacki, Angie Fary, Julie Ko- panda, L. Harrigan, Janet Baranowski, Ann Thom¬ as, Shelly Pulkowski, Ron Thomas, Mary Potosky. Third row — Sue Kerr, Cheryl Hylek, Mike Dod¬ son, Tim Sergeant, Sue Gonzales, Traci Branden- berg, Donny Johnson, Debbie Corbett, Jenny Oberc, Debbie Turczi, Priscilla Hemmons, Cathy Williams, Chris Wolfe, Joan Jasin, Kathy Wilt- berger, Lisa Zurawski, Todd Hilbrich, Donna Hara- kal, Michelle Taylor, Mary Beth Carmon, Felix DelToro, Melisa Richardson, Tom Sexton. Fourth row — Kim Matusik, Kellie O’Brien, Jerry Ry- zewski, Ed Gomez, Shelley Peardon, Tim Jolink, Jaime Jaime, Mark Gabbert, Rich Berrones, Tom Roderick, Joel Hedrick, Tim Paquin, Mike Shaffar, Paul Spasske, Dave Niemiec, Ed Wojcik, Angie Keutzer, Jim Kelly, Mary Gillis, Rich Cordell, Phil Benton, Marvin Zebell, Scott Pierce. Fifth row — Tammy Hayes, Ruben Urbano, Chris Smith, Ami Sherer, Jim Balczo, Ray Aguilar, Glen Blackburn, Bob Golec, Mark Gordish, Jack Minch, Rick Way wood, Dan Prljevic, Keith Kessler, Todd Lush, John Theodore, Mike Rymarczyk, Tony Gensel, Jerry Lee. Senior Class: First row — JeffSopher, Tim Kulesa, Mike Czaja, Salena Steffy, Dawn Oldenberg, Lisa Reyes, Rose Suda, Kris Pearson, Dawn Bednar, Do¬ reen Reyes, Renata Plahtaric, Tina Dockins, Kim Stricklin, Tracey Jacobson, Ginger Mendoza, Re¬ nee Falk, Ed Jen, David VanDyke, Dawn Lind, Kel¬ ly Long. Second row — Jeff James, James Farr, Valerie Kasper, Sue Leonard, Lisa Sullivan, Sheri Matthews, Sandy Pilipow, Ed Radermacher, Tony Rodriguez, Linda Kusbel, Tim Montgomery, Kim Haley, Sherry Volkman, Mellissa Mihalic, Adrianne Barnes, Ken Wright, Scott Servies, Tra¬ cy Hall, Renee Leaver. Third row — Brian Bewley, Tom Vrahoretis, Jeff Sinchak, Lisa Lipkovitch, Cindy Psuik, Felix DelToro, Chris Vermejan, A1 Guerra, Tim Sergeant, Maureen Patterson, Dawn Tunis, Kim Rocky, Judy Yockey, Annette Mead¬ ows, Lisa Cummins, Chris Brown, Claudia Mar¬ tinez, Renae Szymaszek, Rose Canirini, Roberta Mick, Traci Eisenhart. Fourth row — Brian Elo, Dan Guzek, Marvin Zebell, Chris Zawadski, Ron Thomas, Robin Sczudzlak, Don Bacso, Diann Frost, Shari Companionott, Chris Koharchik, John Miche- lin, Missy Ballard, Dan Dills, Jovan Vasic, Ron Weaver, Eileen Lozano, Steve Schaller, Mary Lu- kacek, Gary Harper, Sherri Poole. Advertising 169 Student Association 1983-84 Student Association Officers: Front Row — Michelle Muffett, Kelly Stevens. Back Row — Shelly Pulkowski, Michelle Taylor. Student Association: Front Row — Lisa Lipkovitch, Shelly Pulkowski, Michelle Muffett, Michelle Kiel- hasa, Valerie Murdock. Second Row — Donna Hara- kal, Cindy Batliner, Michelle Taylor, Bridget Vela, Gina D’Angelo, Ann Thomas. Back Row — Manuel Lopez, Mary Beth Carmon, Dave Niemec, Kelly Ste¬ vens, Mary Gillis, Denise Rebey. 170 Advertising ANDERSON AUTO PARTS 7114 Cline Avenue Hammond, 844-0317 Quality New Used Parts Mm TRI-ELECTRONICS DIVISION OF TRI-CITY ELECTRIC COMPANY 6231 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana Telephone Systems Professional Sound Mobile 2-Way Radio Design Consulting In Touch With Tomorrow MUNSTER LUMBER CO., INC. 1330 Ridge Road Munster, IN 46321 MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK 3514 169th Street Hammond, Indiana Member: F.D.I.C. PHONE: 844-3736 844-3737 LUNG WAH RESTAURANT LUNCH - DINNER - TAKE OUT - COCKTAIL 3240 E. 169 STREET Hammond, Indiana OPEN DAILY: 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p. Sunday: 12 p.m. to 10 p. Advertising 171 PATRONS Mr. Donald Adams Harry Adams and Family Roy and Donna Allee — Roy ’84, Lori ’86, Karen ’88, Kim ’91 Charles and Frances Anguiano — Linda 71, Carol 73, Pam 74, Chuck 77, Andy, Mike ’82, Angie ’86 Mr. Bill Archer The Arredondo Family — Rudy ’85, Laura ’86, Danny ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bachmeier — Gina ’85, Sean ’88 Flora Baranowski — Myra 74, Fred 76, Walter 78, Janet ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Emil Batliner — Susan ’82, Cin¬ dy ’84, Tina ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bewley — Ted 73, Terri 75, Laura ’80, Brian ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Don Bednar — Dawn ’84, Do¬ reen ’85, Don ’86, Deanna ’89 Laura Bolch 78 and Sue Bardoczi ’81 The Booster Club Ervin and Mary Lou Clemens — Sue 77, Patty 79, Frank ’81, Bob ’86, John ’88, Mary ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Colgrove — Rich 73, Jon 76, Paul 78, David ’81, Susan ’87 John and Phyllis Elo — John Jr. 76, Karen 78, Phil ’80, Brian ’84, Tim ’91 Mr. Paul Dancho — Natalie ’82, Debbie ’84, Adam ’85 Bertha I. Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Val Fary — Mike, Ron, Angie Mr. and Mrs. Val Fary — Mike, Ron, Angie Mr. Doug Fix Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gerka — Rob ’83, Ed ’86 Mr. and Mrs. John Gillis — Barb 79, Jim ’81, Mary ’84, David ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Guerrero — Diana ’82, Elvira ’84, Marcela ’87, Elizabeth ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Guillen — Oscar II ’93, Alvaro III ’99, Joshua ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Ramirez — Monica ’83, Mel ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Harney — Edd ’85, Lori ’88, Kim ’89 Edelmiro Hernandez and Family — Rose ’80, Ed Jr. ’81, Robert ’83, Jackie ’85, Debbie ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hewlett — Mark ’87, Mike ’88, Jackie ’94 Larry and Angie Hladek — Lori 74, Cathy 76, Larry 78, Nancy ’81, Kelly ’83, Andy ’85, Oscar ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Huber Don and Judy Hudkins — Kris ’83, Brian ’87, Susan ’89, Karan ’92 Jim and Sandy Hurley — Debbie ’85, Robin ’89, Cindy ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Irby — David A. ’84 The Jolink Family — Tim ’84, Jenise ’88, Monique ’92 Mrs. Vera Jazyk — David 75, Janice 78, Nancy ’81, Betty ’85 Mr. and Mrs. John Kmetz — John Jr. ’88, James ’94 Greg and Paula Kraus — Noel (Class of2001) Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kraus 172 Advertising PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Krzan — John ' 85 Steve and Joan Lipkovitch — Lisa ' 84, Larry ' 86 Mr. and Mrs. James Macklnday — Joe ' 81, Rob ' 84 Raul and Sara Lozano — Teresa ' 80, Raul A ' 81, Eileen ' 84, Steve ' 88, John ' 89, Maria, ' 93 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Markley and “Lil” Scott Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Martinez — Claudia ' 84 Sean ' 92, Camilla ' 94 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Melton — Rich, Tom ' 72, Terry ' 73, Jim ' 73, Rosalee, Ann ' 85 Mr. and Mrs. Don Mikicich — Michele ' 85, Dawn ' 89. Mr. and Mrs. William Olson — Cathy ' 85 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Paquin — Ken ' 82, Tim ' 84, Michele ' 86 Don and Sonja Peardon — Shelly ' 84, Pam ' 85, Kevin ' 92 The Phillippe ' s — Clyde, June ' 64, Lisa ' 84, Carl ' 88 Mr. and Mrs. Plahtaric — Renata ' 84, Mar¬ ianna ' 92 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Potosky — Mary ' 84 Fritzie and John Psuik Leonard and Marilyn Psuik — Cindy ' 84, Tom ' 86, Linda ' 87, Angie ' 90 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pulkowski — Shelly ' 84, Shannon ' 89 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rafalski — Jim ' 68, Jamie ' 72, Joni ' 85 Harry and Linda Rebey — Mark ' 80, Jim ' 82, Denise ' 86, Michele ' 92, Michael ' 95 Linda Reynolds — Tricia ' 88 and Tracey Torrez ' 86 Mr. and Mrs. William Semon — David ' 86, Sue ' 88, Danny ' 90 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shanahan — Cindy ' 81, Vikki 85, Dean ' 87 Mrs. Carol Skorupa — Chris ' 67, Rudy ' 69, Lori ' 71, Kathy ' 75, Kerry ' 75 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stevenson — Scott ' 81, Charles ' 83, Karen ' 85 Mr. and Mrs. Szydlowski and Family Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Timmons — Dana ' 79, Denise ' 81, and Stacey LaSalle ' 85 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Thomas — Patty ' 76, Ann Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tutush — Dusan ' 75, Mi¬ lica ' 77, Danica ' 85 The Uylaki Family — Paula ' 85, Kristie ' 89, Ronnie ' 92, Jeffrey and Jason ' 00 Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Vela, Jr. and Family — Vikki ' 71, Veronica ' 72, Fernando III ' 76, Vincent ' 80, Bridget ' 85 Ms. Sherry Williams Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson — Mark ' 83, Brad ' 86, Kara ' 89 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolfe — Chris ' 84, Deb¬ bie ' 87, Joe ' 92 The Young Family — Lynn, Veda ' 65, Rob¬ bie ' 83, and Scott ' 84 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Zelenke and son, Brian (Class of 1998) Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zurawski — Alan ' 73, Jeff ' 78, Lisa ' 84, Linda ' 87 Advertising 173 BODIE PHOTOGRAPHERS “We’re Always There” 3037 45th Avenue Highland, IN 924-0143 HESSVILLE 5 10 6803 Kennedy Avenue Hammond 845-9545 THE CALUMET PRESS We Are Interested In Your School Activities Publishers Of School Newspapers 8411 Kennedy Avenue Highland, IN Call Our Deli For Further Information Merrillville Hammond 738-2383 844-6500 Schererville Highland 865-8990 924-6932 McCLOSKEY’S AUTO SERVICE Parts, Service Machine Shop, Carburetor Rebuilding 6101 Kennedy Avenue Hessville 844-5015 Advertising 175 Cindy Bat liner Shari Companionott Lisa Gonzalez Mary Gillis Cindy Shy Ann Thomas Sheri Zaremba Angela Zonta 176 Advertising HAMMOND MUFFLERS MORTON ADULT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President — John Balczo Vice-President — Terry Revere 1st Vice President — Marge Machuca Secretary — Marianne Zimmer Treasurer — Jeannie Bednar 6135 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, IN 46323 SECURITY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAKE COUNTY 5 Convenient Locations WHITE HEN PANTRY 3213 169th Street Open 24 Hours Ray And Joyce Vandiver DENNY’S DAIRY QUEEN HERFF JONES GEORGE KINGSLEY 6642 Kennedy Avenue 844-2755 Box 741 Monticello, IN (219) 583-3420 Advertising 177 TOP HAT 1983-84 Cindy Psuik, Man aging Editor; Mary Jean Franks, Ei¬ leen Lozano; Not pictured, Opening Editors. Front row — Edd Harney, Photographer; Brian Elo, Sports Editor; Back row — Tom Adams, Lori Allee, In¬ dex Editors. K 178 Advertising Abel, Reisba 67, 146 Acbeson, Nicbole 144 Adams, Brent 33, 64, 140 Adams, Tom 73, 85, 140, 178 Adkins, Bill 45, 134 Aguilar, Ray 113, 164 Aguilera, Greg 140 Alayon, Jim 140 Alexander, Amy 77, 78, 146 Alexander, Mr. Earnest 101 Allard, Karen 146 Allee, Bill 63, 146 Allee, Laura 73, 85, 140, 178 Allee, Roy 113 Allen, Jeff 35, 140 Altieri, Alejandro 146 Altieri, Jorge 93, 134 Anderson, Doug 51 Anderson, Erik 35, 51, 140 Anderson, Ray 35, 134 Anderson, Stacey 146 Andrews, Mike 140 Anguiano, Angie 140 Archer, Mr. Bill 35, 51, 101, 104 Archibald, John 45 Arcienega, Rich 17 Arens, Tony 140 Arredondo, Laura 140, 141 Arredondo, Rudy 8, 75, 157 Ashby, John 45, 134 Ashcraft, Kristine 113 Asher, Mike 134 Aube, Brian 140 Aubrey, Tammy 140 Axarides, Carol 140 Ayala, Rick 63, 65, 146 Babitt, Nancy 58, 59 Bachmeier, Gina 25, 78, 81, 134, 166 Bach, Kim 113 Bacso, Don 55, 113, 169 Bacus, Mr. Glen 101 Badillo, Adriana 146 Bair, Mrs. Sally 108 Bair, Sue 75, 77, 113 Baker, Amy 146 Balczo, Bob 51 Balczo, Jim 40, 41, 50, 51, 113, 169 Balczo, Tom 51, 64, 140 Ballard, Melissa 78, 113, 169 Ballentine, Terri 140 Balta, Jim 33, 50, 51, 64, 140 Balta, Ron 33, 51, 134 Banks, Tammy 25, 81, 134, 166 Baranowski, Janet 73, 74, 85, 113, 154, 157, 160, 169, 178 Barara, Shannon 146 Barker, Linda 76, 140 Barnes, Adrianne 113, 169 Barnes, Jim 140, 146 Barnett, Deanna 66, 67, 77, 146 Barnett, Lisa 140 Barnett, Tammy 61 Barton, Jeff 140 Bartock, Melinda 146 Bass, Tom 49 Batliner, Cindy 25, 74, 80, 82, 113, 157, 158, 170, 176 Batliner, Tina 134 Baum, Pat 146 Beal, Dan 140 Beal, Mark 113 Beavers, Don 146 Bednar, Dawn 113, 169 Bednar, Doreen 24, 38, 39, 43, 61, 134 Bednar, Don 33, 140, 145 Behrens, Mr. Fred 62, 63 Bell, Karla 146 Bell, Scott 78, 79, 134 Benton, Phillip 113, 169 Berrones, Rich 11, 74, 84, 113, 157, 169 Bewely, Brian 72, 73, 76, 85, 113, 169 Bicanic, Renata 76, 140 Bigger, Barb 146 Biel, Mr. Adolph 100 Bircher, Terrie 146 Birkenfield, Larry 146 Bisbee, Babs 146 Blackburn, Glen 113, 169 Blanchard, Dawn 140 Blasco, Juan 45, 63, 146 Bline, Cindy 146 Bobowsky, Mr. Stanley 101 Boggs, Chris 75, 146 Bolinger, Mr. John 101 Bonilla, Liz 56, 57 Bonomo, Sandra 42, 43, 61, 113 Borchert, Joan 72, 85, 114, 154, 157, 161 Borucki, John 37, 140 Boyan, Becky 77, 146 Boyd, Pam 78, 140 Brandenburg, Traci 25, 81, 114, 166, 169 Brandner, Mark 65, 146 Brandt, Diana 114, 169 Brnicky, John 140 Brockman, Becky 146 Brooks, Rob 75, 114 Brown, Chris 74, 75, 84, 114, 157, 169 Brown, Linda 25, 81, 114, 166 Brown, Lisa 146 Brown, Robert 35, 134 Brewbaker, Dione 77, 81, 146 Brumfield, Kim 66, 146 Brundidge, Ms. Nancy 101 Brys, Michelle 140 Brzozkie wicz, Colieen 135 Buckner, Russell 76, 140 Buhring, Debbie 23, 83, 85, 114 Bukowski, Dawn 135 Bukowski, Julie 78, 146 Bullion, Chris 135 Bundy, Francine 140 Burks, Pamela 114 Burns, Belinda 78, 141 Burr, Ms. Marcia 102 Butler, Ms. Yolanda 100 Buttram, Dee Dee 146 Calabrese, Tony 141 Campbell, Dawna 67, 78, 83, 85, Campbell, Kathy 114 Canarini, Rose 169 Cantrell, Dawn 77, 114 Caraballo, Noel 51, 76, 114 Carmon, Mary Beth 11, 25, 81, 82, 114, 166, 169, 170 Carrotbers, Vicky 114 Carter, Ms. Cathrine 102 Cartwright, Norman 146 Casperson, Mr. Don 102 Castillo, Mike 114, 169 Castle, Pam 146, 148 Catania, Ron 55 Cavalaris, Leo 146 Chance, Randy 146 Chance, Rob 135 Chidester, Mr. Charles 102 Christopher, Sue 76, 141 Chronister, Bruce 135 Chronister, Mike 45, 63 Clark, Brian 33, 135 Clark, Emily 76, 78, 79, 114, 169 Clark, Glenda 135 Clark, Robbie 33, 45, 141 Clark, Roger 135 Clark, Scot 146 Clark, Tammy 67, 76, 146 Clemens, Ben 135 Clemens, Bob 141 Cochrane, Dan 17 Cole, David 146 Cole, Fred 135 Cole, James 135 Coleman, Craig 63, 146 Coleman, Scott 76, 114, 126, 169 Col grove, Sue 66, 147 Colins, Mrs. Karen Index 179 102 Collins, Phylleda 135 Companiott, Shari 75, 77, 114, 169, 176 Conder, Dave 47, 63 Conner, David 147 Constant, Craig 114 Contreras, Lisa 25, 81, 135, 166 Cookston, Janet 114 Coolidge, Mr. Bob 102 Cooper, Mrs. Francis 150 Corak, Tom 48, 49 Corbett, Debbie 75, 76, 114, 169 Cordell, Richard 115, 169 Cornelison, Kim 78, 141 Cox, Don 53, 141 Cox, Gary 135 Cox, Michelle 77, 78, 147 Cox, Rodney 45, 135 Cox, Steve 135 Cozza, Steve 33, 45, 141 Craig, Ms. Elaine 102 Craig, Natalie 141 Croft, Randy 115, 169 Crouch, Bob 75, 115 Crouch, Judy 147 Cruz, Emlyn 78, 135 Csicsko, Kathy 6, 25, 80, 135, 158 Culbertson, Mrs. Virgene 102 Cummins, Elisa 115, 169 Czaja, Jerry 37, 65, 147 Czaja, Mike 35, 37, 55, 74, 115, 157, 169 Czernaik, Jim 135 Damiano, Mrs. Carol 102 Damiano, Mr. Mike 93 D f Angelo, Gina 80, 82, 141, 170 Daniel, Kelly 147 Daniel, Paul 141 Davgherty, Shirley 147 Davidson, Fred 147 Davidson, Sue 141 Davidson, Teresa 135 Davidson, Wesley 135 Davis, Mrs. Shirley 102 Dawson, Sue 141 Dec, Debbie 135 Decker, Jenny 77, 147 DeLaGarza, Renee 141 DelToro, Feliz 23, 115, 169 DePeugh, Mr. Joe 102 DeRolf, Ronda 78, 135 DeRolf, Stacy 78, 141 DeYoung, Bill 147 DeYoung, Patty 147 Dills, Danny 33, 115, 169 Dills, James 72, 85, 115 Dills, Patti 147 Dills, Steve 63, 147 Dinelli, Carolyn 115, 169 Doan, Damon 47, 147 Doan, Danny 135 Dockins, Kathy 78, 141 Dockins, Tina 115, 169 Dodd, Jeanetta 76, 135 Dodson, Mike 33, 115, 169 Doedtman, Julie 141 Doedtman, Pamela 115 Domsic, Beth 6, 78, 84, 135, 157 Coach Pam 57 Dougbman, Shannon 11, 12, 147 Dougbman, Troy 75, 115, Dowling, Lisa 147 Duckett, Valerie 147 Dukes, Karen 147 Dunlap, Janet 77, 78, 135 Dutton, Rob 147 Earl, Jeff 33, 45, 51, 115 Eastlund, Connie 147 Eastlund, Heather 141 Ebeltoft, Derek 141 Eberle, Stacey 147 Edinger, Bill 24, 37, 53, 64, 141 Edinger, Rob 37, 147 Edwards, Dennis 32, 33 Edwards, LaTonya 12, 41, 76, 141 Edwarda, Tamra 76, 78, 141 Edwards, Tammy 147 Eickleberry, Sam 141 Eickleberry, Stacey 92, 141 Eisenhart, Kendra 141 Eisenhart, Tracy 75, 115, 169 Elish, Mrs. Flo 108 Elizondo, Rob 141 Elizondo, Tianna 141 Elliot, Dana 135 Ellis, Brian 147 Ellis, Michael 115 Ellison, John 141 Ellison, Coy 79 Elms, Shane 135 ElNeggar, Mr. Knalil 102 Elo, Brian 22, 33, 73, 85, 115, 168, 178 Engle, Miss Ramona 57, 103 Enright, Kevin 63, 65, 147 Espinosa, Ciprian 147 Estep, Ann 147 Estep, Larry 141 Falk, Renee 20, 78, 79, 84, 115, 169 Farmer, Patty 135 Farr, Jamie 115, 169 Farr, Rich 141 Fary, Angie 75, 79, 116, 169 Faught, Ed 45, 63, 147 Fenyves, Tony 75, 116 Ferguson, Brian 141 Ferguson, Vicki 77, 147 Ferris, Bill 41, 75, 141 Ferris, David 5, 52, 53, 83, 135 Figg, Bill 141 Fischer, Mr. Bob 91 Fiscus, Eric 72, 85 Fisher, Tina 135 Fix, Mr. Doug 75, 83, 103 Flesher, Nick 65, 147 Flitar, Diane 141 Florig, Ms. Martha 108 Floyd, Mrs. Elizabeth 108 Ford, Doug 116 Fork, Doug 47 Fortenberry, April 147 Fortenberry, Cindy 141 Fortenberry, Michelle 116 Fosnaugh, Tracy 25, 76, 78, 141 Foster, Mrs. Nikki 100 Font, Ben 78, 141 Font, Tami 75, 116 Franks, Mary Jean 74, 83, 85, 136, 137, 157, 160, 178 Frankovich, Jim 65 Franovich, John 148 French, Mr. Richard 19 Frenzel, Michelle 136 Fritz, Sherry 80, 83, 141 Frost, Diann 75, 116, 169 Frost, Ron 141 Furdeck, Gina 141 Gabbert, Mark 116, 169 Gabbert, Ron 4, 136 Gaddis, Carol 25, 76, 141 Gallegos, John 136 Garcia, Cheryl 116 Graza, Jerry 63 Gassner, John 136 Gates, Chris 148 Gatlin, Bob 49 Gawron, Philip 83, 116 Gaza, Jerry 47, 148 Gensel, Anthony 117, 169 Gensel, Debbie 148 George, Michelle 136 George, Shawn 148 Georgas, Mr. Jack 49, 103, 139 Gerka, Ed 33, 141 Gil, Pete 49 180 Index Gillard, Mrs. Jan 79, 103 Gill is, Dave 141 Gillis, Mary 23, 70, 73, 74, 82, 83, 85, 112, 117, 157, 169, 176, 178 Glass ford, Joe 148 Glover, Christi 117 Glutb, Mr. Robert 100 Goff, Linda 148 Golec, Lisa 66, 141 Golec, Robert 22, 33, 117, 169 Golgart, Ricky 53, 136 Gomez, Ed 33, 55, 117, 169 Gonzales, Henry 55, 169 Gonzales, Lisa 57, 77, 136, 176 Gonzalez, Richard 117 Gonzalez, Sue 11, 22, 24, 38, 39, 43, 60, 61 Gordisb, Mark 33, 117, 169, 178 Graban, Garry 53 Grady, Jeff 142 Grauvogl, Sue 75 Gregory, Cheryl 75, 76, 142 Greshman, Romano 148 Griffin, Carrie 81, 148 Griffith, Kevin 78, 148 Griffith, Ron 136 Grimberg, David 117 Grifberg, Kris 148 Grubesic, Mrs. Betty 108 Grubesic, Carolyn 142 Gruener, Maureen 80, 83, 93, 142, 155 Grzeczka, Janet 142 Guerra, Alfred 63,65, 148 Guerra, Albert 55, 92, 177, 169 Guerrero, Elvira 24, 79, 117, 166 Guerrero, Marcela 67, 148 Guetloff, Jeff 117 Guiden, Theresa 78, 79, 117, 169 Gurley, Dena 142 Gutierrez, Chris 79 Gutierrez, David 45, 142 Gutierrez, Frank 35, 47, 148 Gutierrez, Johnny 78, 141 Gutierrez, Rosita 79, 148 Guzek, Dan 11, 41, 49, 72, 85, 117, 169 Gyure, Tracy 148 Hadarich, Laurie 142 Hagen, Tracy 78 Haley, Kim 25, 81, 117, 166, 169 Hall, Mr. George 33 Hall, Mrs. Jane 103, 134 Hall, Tracy 76, 78, 84, 117, 169 Hankins, Scott 55 Harakal, Donna 25, 74, 81, 81, 117, 157, 166, 169, 170 Hardin, Lisa 142 Hargrove, Deanna 148 Harney, Ed 73, 75, 83, 85, 136, 178 Harper, Gary 49, 117, 169 Harrell, Tricia 117 Harrigan, Marie 160, 169, 177 Harris, Scott 142 Hartlerode, Tom 62, 63, 148 Hartzell, Dawn 142 Hasson, Negma 148 Hasson, Sofia 142 Hatfield, Gail 74, 81, 136, 157, 166 Hatfield, Jerry 148 Hauer, Ann 118 Hayden, Mr. Jeffery 19 Hayes, Tammy 23, 38, 39, 43, 60, 61, 118, 169 Haynes, Jeff 148 Hedrick, Joel 118, 169 Hemmons, Priscilla 118, 167 Hendricks, Christine 118 Hendrix, Teresa 75, 76, 118 Henson, Kary 148 Henson, Samantha 61 Hensley, Angela 118 Hensley, Steve 63 Hernandez, Jackie 61, 136 Hernandez, Rob 48, 49 Herring, Jody 38, 39, 118 Herring, Jerri 142 Herring, Coach Marie 66 Hess, John 24, 33, 51, 136 Hewlett, Mark 90, 148 Hewlett, Stacy 148 Hicks, Aletta 39, 103 Higgins, Charles 118, 169 Hilbricb, Todd 20, 84, 118, 169 Hill, Miss Colantba 112 Hill, Mrs. Kathleen 19, 100 Hines, Jim 41, 142 Hinton, Melissa 142 Hipp, Don 148 Hladek, Andy 34, 35, 41, 51, 136 Hladek, Kelly 61 Hladak, Renee 61 Hlista, Dave 136 Hodson, Mr. Don 92, 104 Holland, Stacey 142 Holliday, Brian 142 Holliday, Jeff 118 Hollier, Mike 47, 97 Hooghuis, Ron 136 Hooper, Pat 37, 76, 142 Hoover, Darrell 148 Hoskins, Dave 136 Houser, Kelly 118, 169 Housley, Mike 148 Howell, Chris 2 Howell, James 148 Hruskovich, Mr. Phil 103, 104 Huber, Mr. Rick 104 Hudec, Tony 147, 148 Hud kins, Brian 148 Hudson, Angie 148 Hughes, Cleveon 148 Huls, Mr. Don 104 Hulsey, Linda 57, 76, 78, 79, 118, 169 Hunt, Lisa 77, 148 Hunt, Patty 148 Hurley, Debbie 72, 74, 85, 136, 157 Hylek, Cheryl 118, 169 Hylek, Kim 78, 79, 142 Ignas, Holly 142 Irby, David 118, 169 Jacobson, Tracy 118, 169 Jadrnak, Steve 53, 72, 85, 142 Jaime, Jaime Jr. 25, 76, 118, 169 James, Angela 142 James, Jeff 169 Jancich, Mr. Greg 49, 104 Jancich, Mrs. Helen Suikola 104 Jansky, Mary 35, 57, 66, 78, 142 Japkowski, Chris 149 Jarosz, Kim 142 Jasin, Joan 75, 118, 169 Jason, Donna 136 Jazyk, Betty 73, 85, 136, 178 Jelenski, Mrs. Dolores 108 Jen, Ed 36, 37, 83, 118, 157, 169 Jen, Pat 37, 74, 82, 136, 157 Jernigan, Michael 118 Johnson, Dana 149 Johnson, Debbie 75, 136 Johnson, Don 53, 119, 169 Johnson, Mark 63, 65, 149 Johnson, Mary 76, 136, 157 Jolink, Tim 33, 45, 119, 169 Jones, Barry 142 Jones, Chris 159 Jones, Danny 63, 47, 149 Jones, Darrell 51 Jones, Kathy 4, 149 Jovas, Jeff 142 Junkens, Julie 78 Index 181 Kaminsky, Carl 119 Kantor, Lori 142 Kargan, Shawn 136 Kasper, Valerie 119, 169 Katovitch, Nick 149 Kelley, James 119, 169 Kelley, Tammy 142 Kelley, Tim 149 Kemper, Dennie 149 Kepler, Mr. Fred 45, 52, 105, 153 Kerr, Sue 78, 119, 169 Kessler, Keith 33, 51, 114, 169 Keutzer, Angie 11, 13, 25, 80, 112, 119, 157, 158, 169, 176, 177 Keutzer, Bill 149 Kielbasa, Michelle 82, 142, 170 Kilar, Tina 119, 169 Killar, Tom 142 Kinder, Jeff 136 King, Carmella 149 King, Laurie 119 King, Vince 142 Kinley, Brent 149 Kirby, Lisa 149 Kirleis, Wendy 142 Klaubo, Mike 136 Knight, Karl 149 Kocoj, Joe 8, 136 Koharchik, Christine 20, 78, 119, 169 Koharchik, Ryan 78, 143 Kolbus, Mrs. Emily 105 Kolisz, Nick 22, 33, 38, 41, 136 Kolisz, Paul 33, 120 Kopanda, Julie 79, 120, 169 Kopercindki, Coach Pete 47 Kostyo, 76, 83, 143 Kotecki, Mike 136 Kovacek, Mrs. Joyce 105 Kozlowski, Caroline 78, 136 Krachenfels, Mark 143 Krivo, Jo Anne 120 Krizman, Anita 143 Krizman, Elizabeth 143 Kronland, Sandy 120, 169 Krousb, Pennie 136 Krsan, John 41, 136 Kucer, Mr. Dennis 105 Kulena, Tim 37, 49, 74, 82, 120, 157, 169 Kusbel, Lynda 120, 169 Labas, Ms. Lucille 105 Ladendorf, Sue 59 Lambert, Sheri 143 Lancaster, Becky 140 Laramie, Sue 77, 149, 176 LaSalle, Stacy 136 Lash, Brenda 78, 136 Lawrence, Dawn 75, 120 Lazzell, Shannon 79, 149 Leaver, Renee 120, 169 Rich, Leaver 149 Lee, Jerry 120, 169 Lee, Roger 136 Lemms, Joe 63, 65, 149 Leonard, Susan 120, 169 Leone, Tracy 143 Lewis, Bruce 51, 121 Lewis, Dawn 143 Licsenfelt, Jim 143, 149 Light, Julie 75, 121, 169 Light, Rob 143 Lind, Dawn 77, 121, 169 Lindsey, Mr. David 84, 105, 140 Lipka, Amy 143 Lipkovitcb, Larry 82, 143 Lipkovitch, Lisa 72, 78, 82, 85, 121, 157, 169 Lipski, Chris 67, 149 Lockridge, Bobby 75, 149 Loebrke, Mrs. Carol 106 Lohse, Tina 149 Long, Angie 149 Long, Bruce 148 Long, Kelli 121, 169 Longa wa, Chris 75, 149 Lopez, Basilo 74, 76, 83, 142, 123, 155 Lopez, Bob 34, 35, 64, 143 Lopez, Dave 63, 149 Lopez, Diana 76, 149 Lopez, Irene 136 Lopez, Manuel 11, 41, 82, 112, 121, 157, 170 Loredo, Melissa 143 Loy, Marion 149 Lozano, Eileen 73, 85, 121, 169, 178 Lucas, James 121 Lucas, Tjrya 136 Luchene, Kim 76, 149 Lukacek, Mary 76, 121, 169 Lukaczyk, Tina 143 Luketic Mr. Nick 106 Lundahl, Miss Betty 106 Lundgren, Mrs. Alberts 83, 106 Lundmark, Shaune 76, 149 Luptowski, Eric 143 Lush, Todd 40, 121, 169 Luttringer, Mrs. Linda 106 Mensing, Brian 149 Mensing, Tabitha 149 Macbuca, Sandi 83, 143 Macbuca, Sue 39, 43, 61, 78, 143 Macbinday, Rob 54, 121 169 Magginnis, Vicki 76, 78, 149 Mallard, Rob 143 Malone, Lisa 149 Maloney, Ken 42, 136 Maloney, Kris 24, 39, 43, 74, 135, 136 Manns, Julie 74, 154 Mann, Miss Nora 106, 140 Marcinek, Mr. Russ 41, 107 Marcum, John 16, 35, 45, 51, 143 Marcum, Owen 35, 45, 149 Marcum, Sherry 77, 149 Markley, Mr. Scott 72, 73, 85, 107 Marlatt, Kelly 149 Martin, Jerry 16 Martin, Joe 143 Martinez, Claudia 17, 121, 169 Martz, Dan 137 Masick, John 47, 55 Mata, Louie 78 Matakovik, Boris 149 Mateja, Mr. Phil 100 Mathewson, Tom 76, 143 Matlock, Mike 76, 143 Matthews, Shawn 137 Matthews, Sheri 169 Matthews, Tira 74, 78, 137 Matusik, Kimberley 61, 121, 169 Mayerik, Mr. Daniel 107 McCallister, Mrs. Ardith 108 McCallister, Peggy 137 McCarthy, Ms. Myrtle 108 McCloud,. Steve 51 McCormick, Kym 137 McCrea, Kathy 3, 81, 137, 166 McCready, Robin 137 McGee, Ed 78 McGill, Karen 149 McGregor, Cindy 143 McGregor, Terry 149 McGuire, Patty 183 McKecbnie, Todd 65, 149 McNerlin, Robin 149 McQuigg, Sue 57, 78, 83, 137 Meadows, Annette 78, 121, 169 Meadows, Billie Jo 143 Meadows, Denise 16 Medley, Cary 121 Medley, Darla 137 Meister, Mr. Deiter 85, 107, 148 Melton, Ann 8, 25, 77, 80, 137, 157, 158 Mendoza, A1 55, 121 Mendoza, Ginger 121, 169 182 Index Mendoza, Tony 143 Mensing, Brian Meyers, Kelly 149 Michelin, Jim 16, 34, 137 Michelin, John 44, 45, 121, 169 Mick, Roberta 77, 78, 121, 169 Mihalic, Lisa 137 Mihaiic, Melissa 121, 169 Mihalic, Ron 65, 149 Mikicich, Michele 25, 74, 76, 137, 157 Mikler, Ms. Pam 7 Mikula, Justine 143, 176 Mikula, Mark 20, 78, 79, 122 Mikuta, Ms. Patricia 106, 107, 112 Miley, Melinda 137 Miley, Mike 55 Miley, Ron 122 Miller, Dawn 78 Miller, Jim 137 Mills, Ricky 45, 55 Minch, Jack 33, 51, 122, 169 Minch, Nancy 23, 39, 42, 43, 58, 74, 137 Molnar, Mr. John 100 Monos, Mike 143 Montalvo, Mark 149 Montalvo, Mike 45, 63, 149 Montgomery, Tim 122, 169 Moore, Denna 122 Moore, Randy 143 Morey, Jon 75, 122 Morey, Regina 137 Morey, Rob 149 Morris, Becky 143 Morris, Br ian 33, 137 Moskalick, Lana 78, 149 Moskalick, Michele 61 Mota, Linda 75, 122, 169 Mudra, Mrs. Linda 107 Muffeleto, Nino 64 Muffett, Michelle 78, 79, 82, 92, 122, 157, 169, 170, 176 Mulhern, Brenda 16 Munsie, Jeff 149 Murdock, Valerie 82, 143, 170 Murphy, Ann 143 Murphy, Mason 78, 149 Mycka, Mary 122, 169 Nava, Scott 45, 149 Needham, Ron 45, 149 Nelson, Mr. George 7, 107 Nelson, Tim 47 Nevlida, Rob 75, 122 Newman, Ms. Phyllis 108 Niemiec, Andrea 137, 170 Niemiec, David 82, 122, 169 Noldin, Greg 41, 51, 137 Noojin, Jim 45, 137 Nor dyke, Kim 143 Novak, Amy 149 Nowacki, Kim 83, 122, 157, 169 Nowak, Jean 137 Nugent, Wendy 35, 149 Oberc, Jenny 74, 122, 157 Oberg, John 149 O’Brien Kellie 11, 83, 122, 169 Ochoa, Orlando 143 Odegard, Kathy 137 Oldenberg, Dawn 122, 169 Olenik, Tom 143 Olivarez, Marza 78, 149 Oliver, Gina 143 Olson, Carl 47, 149 Olson, Cathy 73, 85, 137, 178 Opperman, Veronica 149 Orange, Jeff 33, 55, 72, 85, 143 Orange, Tina 137 Ortiz, Ed 33, 143 Oulrey, Marie 143 Pace, Dawn 143 Paine, Robert 122 Paquin, Michefle 80, 93, 143 Paquin, Tim 33, 45, 55, 122, 169 Parcball, Cynthia 137 Parker, Sherri 143 Patrick, Debbie 137 Patterson, Maureen 78, 79, 122, 169 Paunovich, Dave 149 Paulicb, Mark 122 Payton, Ray 63, 65 Pazera, Jeff 143 Peardon, Pam 25, 73, 81, 85, 137, 155, 162, 166, 178 Peardon, Shelly 122, 169 Pearson, Kris 123 Pell, Laura 78, 149 Petitt, Rob 137 Penzato, Mr. Onie 107 Petkovich, Vlado 22, 24, 41, 137 Pettersen, Dr. Mary 74, 107 Phillipe, Lisa 72, 85 Picket, Dave 149 Pickens, Bill 137 Pierce, Jim 149 Pierce, Scott 169 Pilipow, Sandy 75, 169 Pilipow, Tammy 143 Pimentel, Mr. John 55 Pinkstaff, Cheryl 143 Pirtle, Debbie 75 Pirtle, Pat 76, 137 Pirtle, Tracy 78, 150 Plabtaric, Renata 25, 73, 74, 81, 85, 157, 166, 169, 178 Podsiadlik, Mike 75 Poe, John 76, 150 Poe, Tina 24, 76, 81, 143, 166 Poole, Sherri 77, 124, 169 Porras, Chris 150 Porter, Carl 78, 79 Porter, Mrs. Joan 108 Potosky, Mary 73, 85, 155, 162, 169, 176, 178 Powers, Melinda 66, 150 Prahlow, Jim 150 Prince, Jessica 143 Prljevic, Dragan 22, 37, 55, 74, 83, 124, 157, 169 Pruitt, Tammy 143 Psuik, Cindy 23, 73, 74, 85, 124, 157, 161, 169, 178 Psuik, Linda 150, 178 Psuik, Tom 33, 143 Pulkowski, Shelly 11, 25, 81, 82, 124, 166, 169, 170 Prunick, Duane 33, 51, 64, 138 Queer, Kevin 143 Quillin, John 16 Radermacher, Brian 33, 45, 52, 53, 138 Radermacher, Ed 169 Rafalski, Joni 25, 74, 81, 138, 157, 166 Rakoczy, Michele 83, 84, 85, 124, 169 Rakoczy, Pam 79, 85, 150 Ramberg, Tim 150 Ramirez, David 64, 143 Ramirez, Joann 124 Ramirez, Melissa 150 Ramsey, Judy 66, 67, 76, 143 Ramsey, Tony 76, 138 Randall, Ms. Eleann 107 Rau, Tim 124 Rebey, Denise 82, 143, 170, 178 Reeder, Kris 138 Reese, Mrs. Mildred 107 Reid, Dan 53, 76, 138 Reid, Stephanie 21, 78, 143 Repko, Sharon 150 Revere, Chris 67, 150 Revere, Mike 41, 138 Reyes, Doreen 25, 85, 124, 167, 169 Reyes, Fred 63, 150 Reyes, Lisa 77, 124, 169 Reyes, Sheryl 11, 12, 81, 150 Rhea, Todd 124 Rhodes, Jim 143 Richardson, Jerry 33, 143 Index 183 Richardson, Melisa 77, 92, 125, 169 Richardson, Randy 125 Riddel, Charlene 78, 125, 169 Riddell, Doug 21, 78, 79, 143 Roberts, Charles 143 Robinson, Kevin 137 Robertson, Thersa 57 Robinson, Charity 150 Rocky, Kathy 150 Rocky, Kim 125, 169 Rodda, Jennifer 150, 176 Rodda, Tierney 142, 143, 155 Roderick, Colleen 78, 143 Roderick, Tom 72, 74, 82, 84, 85, 125, 157, 169 Rodriguez, Tony 33, 125, 169 Rodriguez, Brian 45 138 Rodriguez, Dianira 74, 157 Rodriguez, Elizabeth 91, 125, 169 Rogers, Roy 125 Rohl, Rhonda 150 Rompa, Jesse 143 Ross, Kim 61 Rotenberg, Ms. Ann 108 Rovi, Mike 138 Rozwara, Joe 35, 150 Rusher, Jim 138 Rutkowski, Janet 57 Rutkowski, Melanie 143 Rutkowski, Pam 83, 138 Rycerz, Robert 47, 125, 169 Rymarczyk, Mike 84, 125, 169 Ryzewski, Cindy 81, 150 Ryzewski, Jerry 11, 23, 84, 125, 169 Saboff, Bridget 150 Saboff, Kris 150 Saboff, Todd 125 Sako, Tara 150 Salapski, Dave 33, 51, 64, 144, 178 Salatas, Tommy 125 Sampson, Bill 79, 138 Sampson, Dave 63, 150 Sanchez, Rob 150 Sanders, Dr. Frank 100 Sandlin, Dave 35, 55, 64, 144 Sandlin, Phillip 125 Sanders, Amanda 79, 144 Santana, Dave 138 Santana, John 125 Sargent, Tim 125, 169 Sarwacinski, Angie 144 Sasse, Steve 150 Satmary, Mark 150 Saucedo, Diane 57 Scartozzi, Rick 53 Schallenkamp, Sue 17 Schaller, Chris 125 Schaller, Steve 45, 78 Scbane, David 144 Schilling, Debbie 150 Schilling, Jim 138 Schmitt, Tony 150 Schneider, David 144 Schomber, Anna 77, 150 Schomber, Natalie 138 Schultz, Tim 150 Scott, Jeff 144 Scott, Paula 138 Scott, Steve 125 Scott, Tina 138 Semesky, Ted 144 Semirosum, Don 138 Semon, Dave 33, 144 Seri fin, Bob 45 Servies, Scott 74, 84, 85, 125, 157, 169 Sexton, Tom 169 Shaffer, Mark 150 Shaffer, Mike 125, 169 Shaller, Steve 45 Shanahan, Dean 150 Shanahan, Vikki 25, 77, 78, 81, 138, 167 Shearer, Lynn 144 Shellman, Mark 78, 79 Sberer, Ami 14, 22, 24, 28, 29, 43, 126, 169 Sherrod, Toya 83, 138 Shondel, Jennifer 150 Shurman, Mrs.Mary 108 Shy, Cindy 77, 144, 176 Sias, Tina 138 Sibley, Sandy 138 Sierzega, Steve 49 Silva, Tony 35 Sinchak, Jeff 22, 33, 49, 126, 169 Sinks, Eric 47, 78, 150 Slabowski, Mrs. Cuntbia 108 Slat, Laura 138 Sliwa, Mike 55 Smeberg, Eric 33, 144 Smeberg, Jocelyn 74, 135, 138, 157 Smith, Chris 78, 150 Smith, Christopher 126, 169 Smith, Donna 144 Smith, Harold 150 Smith, Jeff 150 Smith, Lisa 138 Smith, Mark 126 Smith, Matt 62, 63, 150 Smith, Rob 150 Smith, Sharon 76, 144 Smith, Tim 33, 144 Smithers, Stacy 138 Smitka, Janet 77 Smolar, Chris 144 Snedden, Mark 144 Snow, Mr. Cliff 105, 108 Snowden, Kim 144 Snyder, Dan 33, 55 Sobolewski, Dan 75, 91, 138 Sojka, Michelle 74, 77, 135, 140 Sojka, Maria 77, 126 Solan, Tim 50, 51 Soliz, Patty 140 Sopher, Jeff 126, 169 Soto, Lesley 25, 140, 167 Spasske, Paul 74, 82, 84, 126, 169 Speelmon, Mr. William 75, 108 Spiro, Nick 140 Spisak, Elsa 150 Spisak, Steve 126 Spoerner, Craig 33, 144 Spoerner, Julie 144 Springer, Mrs. Ann 108 Spudic, Ruth 78, 79, 140 Spudville, John 35, 47, 140 Stage, Monica 25, 81, 144, 167 67, 144 Starkey, Dennis 150 Stavropoulos, Sophia 66, 144 Stavros, Mr. Steve 100 Steffy, Salena 169 Steffy, Stacey 150 Stephens, Ed 150 Stephens, Peggy 56, 57 Stevens, Kelly 6, 24, 39, 42, 43, 61, 82, 140, 170 Stevens, Ken 45 Stevens, Kim 4, 9, 46, 47, 74, 137, 140, 160, 170 Stevenson, Dina 140 Stevenson, Jim 145 Stevenson, Karen 4, 25, 74, 81, 140, 157, 167 Stockdale, Mr. Hazel 74, 108, 136 Storck, Cindy 145 Storck, Jeanette 126 Stricklin, Kimberly 126, 169 Stricklin, Mary 126, 169 Stricklin, Tracy 145 Suda, Rose 126, 169 Sullivan, Jeff 49 Sullivan, Lisa 126, 169 Sulliven, Mrs. Nancy 109 Sumler, Myra Jo 151 Sutherland, Kevin 145 Siple, Rob 138 Skates, Adam 138 Stahl, Ron 150 Skeen, Patricia 6, 23, Stanley, Cindy 144 74, 76, 78, 126, 189 Stanley, Robert 126 Starkey, Cathy 66, 184 Index Sutton, Kevin 5 Sutton, Sue 66, 151 Swanson, Alien 151 Sweet, Patty 17 Syndrowskil, Janet 81 Szczudlak, Robin 75, 126, 169 Szydlowski, Janet 151 Szymaszek, Mark 76, 140 Szymaszek, Renea 25, 76, 127, 169, 178 Taillon, James 65, 151 Taillon, Cathy 140 Taylor, Michelle 11, 25, 27, 81, 82, 167, 169, 170 Taylor, Opie 45 Taylor, Sue 145 Taylor, Tammy 151 Theodore, John 127, 169 Thomas, Ann 25, 80, 82, 127, 158, 169, 170, 176 Thomas, Ron 169 Thompson, Clarence 63, 65, 151 Thompson, Craig 63, 65, 151 Thompson, Sheri 140 Thompson, Mrs. Mildred 108 Thorne, Mary 151 Timko, Shannon 151 Torrez, Tracy 76, 145 Toth, Jennifer 78, 145 Tredway, Brandon 151 Todd, Bill 37, 127 Toporek, Dennis 89, 127, 169 Troksa, Laura 4, 9, 74, 140 Troksa, Michelle 56, 57, 67, 145 Tucker, John 37, 53, 64, 72, 78, 85, 103, 141, 145 Tunis, Brian 140 Tunis, Dawn 127, 169 Tunis, Lisa 145 Turczi, Deborah 127, 169 Turner, Jeff 53, 145 Tutush, Donna 4, 25, 72, 74, 81, 85, 140, 157, 167 Tykra, Lisa 145 Urbano, Ruben 11, 13, 45, 127, 169 Urbanski, Kevin 140 Urbina, Nacbo 140 Uylaki, Paula 140 Vale, Michele 151 Vandiver, Joy 24, 43, 39, 140 VanDyke, Dave 78, 83, 127, 157, 169 VanDyke, Jeff 65, 78, 151 Varshal, Dean 140 Vicari, Tom 151 Vasic, Angie 25, 76, 145, 167 Vasic, Jovan 127, 169 Vela, Bridget 25, 74, 80, 82, 135, 137, 140, 157, 158, 160, 170 Vercimak, Tom 53, 145 Vermejan, Kathy 25, 58, 80, 140 Vermejan, Chris 127, 169 Vernego, Steve 72, 85, 145 Vicari, Tom 76 Villireal, Joe 35, 145 Violette, Nick 78 Vlahos, Kris 145 Vogel, Tammi 145 Volbrecht, Coach Rick 63, 65 Volkman, Sherry 23, 35, 57, 127, 169 Vrahoretis, Tom 16, 22, 33, 127, 169 Vranic, Mitar 55 Wade, Miss Olive 109 Waggoner, Barry 145 Waggoner, Kijm 77, 151 Warner, Brett 140 Watkins, John 145 Watson, Denise 151 Watterson, Gina 78 Waywood, Rick 23, 27, 29, 127, 169 Weaver, Ron 54, 55, 127, 169 Weaver, Scott 140 Weiss, Mr. Bob 109, 134 Weis, Sue 67, 151 Weis, Sharon 58 Welker, Tina 140 Wells, Belinda 127 Wells, Dan 145 Wells, Julie 140 West, Garry 8, 75, 83, 140, 157 West, Mike 22, 24, 33 127 Wbiddon, Keith 49, 140 Wbiddon, Missy 77, 151 Whitaker, Kelly 145 White, Karen 76, 151 Williams, Annette 78 Williams, Cathy 25, 72, 77, 80, 85, 127, 158, 169 Williams, Craig 76, 147, 151 Williams, Miss Sherry 43, 109 Williams, Steve 145 Willison, Becki 78, 145 Wilson, Brad 33, 51, 145 Wilson, Jeff 151 Wilson, Jennifer 145 Wilson, Rob 151 Wilson, Ronda 78, 145 Wilson, Tom 63, 151 Wilson, Terry 128 Wilson, Mark 49 Wilson, Vikki 145 Wiltberger, Kathy 128, 169 Wimmer, Carol 145 Wojas, Mattew 128 Wojcik, Ed 74, 84, 128, 157, 169 Wojcik, Pam 25, 61, 81, 140, 167 Wolfe, Chris 4, 72, 85, 128, 154, 157, 160, 161, 169 Wolfe, Debbie 3, 151 Wolfe, Tim 151 Wolters, Nancy 140 Woodward, Mr. Jerry 10, 37, 109 Woody, Mark 49 Woolsey, Rob 53 Word, Melissa 151 Wozniczka, Kathy 78, 79, 89 Wright, Kenneth 128, 169 Wrobel, Melanie 145 Wrzalinski, Tom 151 Yockey, Judy 128, 169 Young, Steve 151 Young, Scott 11, 128 Zabinski, April 140 Zatlakowicz, Sue 66, 145 Zawadzki, Chris 74, 82, 128, 157, 169 Zawadski, Lisa 77, 151 Zaragoza, Samantha 151 Zaremba, Cberi 77, 140, 176 Zaremba, Chris 151 Zebell, Marvin 55, 169 Zelenke, Mr. Dennis 109, 112 Zeil, Coach Mary Lou 61 Zigler, Stephanie 151 Zilinskas, Nick 151 Zimmer, Scott 33, 51, 53, 64, 145 Zisoff, Sandy 104 Zonta, Angela 57, 77, 140, 176 Zurawski, Linda 151 Zurawaski, Lisa 112, 128, 154, 160, 161, 169 Zwijac, Julie 145 Zwijac, Wally 140 Index 185 FACULTY Alexander, Beulah Bookstore Cartwright, Cena Special Education Damiano, Michael Science Dixon, Dorothy Special education Edwards, Donn English Elgas, Stanley Library Hall, George Physical Education Hunt, Bob Physical Education Kolar, John Social Studies Maicher, Don Business Mikler, Pam Pa ra-professiona I Spry, Bob Science Williams, Glen Fine Arts SENIORS Brian Bachurek Michelle Ballentine Rose Canarini Linda Cruz Jeffery Duckett Lester Edwards Richard Ellis Coy Ellison Eric Fiscus Thomas Galambus Susan Grauvogl Darnell Ingram Christina Kelley Eric McCall Scott McNerlin Dawn Miller Gary Nelson Tina Oakley Jaime Padilla Monica Paris Kimberly Paunovich Edward Radermacber Steve Reeves Carrie Reid Michael Rutkowski Steven Scballer Mark Shellman Russell Shellman Tony Smith Sherry Stevens Carrie Turcote Dennis Valandingbam Scott Velock Scott Wimmer Kathleen Wosziczka Gregory Zabinski Marvin Zebell JUNIORS Rob Adkins CAMERA SHY Lisa Alaniz John Archibald Bob Ally Don Arnold Steve Ando Karen Aube Joe Arnold Flavio Baldoni Rudy Arredondo Cathy Billingsley Ann Aubrey Nolin Brandt Carlos Beristain Saverio Brizzi Paul Boyles Tom Buckley Jeff Carter James Bundy Sue Carter Dawna Campbell Dave Davidson Rob Clauson Cheryl Dilbeck Richard Clay Bill Doloszycki Hope Clemens Dennis Edwards Tony Coberg Steve Garcia Jerry Collins Dave Garza Clint Colston Lilly Gedremenc Kim Copeland Henry Gonzalez David Dubeck David Grant LoAnn Earley Greg Grach Anthony Elizondo Lorraine Gutierrez Rich Fisher David Hekkel Kevin Fox Jim Hutton Tim Frankovich Ada Jamie Jeff Guetzloff Peyton Jenney John Gutierrez Ron Keilman Tracy Hagen Sue Kerr Chris Hart Mike Kubiszewski Todd Hayes Dawn Lain Rob Hensley Ed Long Mike Hollier Mark Malone Erika Ilic Kelly Marlatt Carl Ingram Lydia Martinez Wiley Jenkins John Masick Robin Kinley Rich McCraney Don Krieter Mark McDougal Mike Laviolette Eddie McGee Nick Laviolette Jim McQuire Ann Lewis Raul Melendez Rob Lewis Rick Mills Melissa Mann Ernest Nevlida Bobby May Steve Packard Tony McCloud Jim Papay Ken McCloud Jim Pautler Mike McCraney David Payton Rob McCriegbt Carl Porter Jim McCelroy Jeff Powers Wayne Miley Mel Rambo Cindy Montgomery Dianira Rodriguez Walter Morales Margret Ruder Vickie Nail Wanda Rutkowski Tim Nelson Jeff Sanders Krystan Nevers Rob Scott Russell Odell Tom Sexton Tony Oost Charles Shelby Andrea Parks Mark Shellman Laura Pear Steve Shelton Joe Porras Steve Sierzega Larry Pucalik Brian Smith Rob Pulley Marko Tomich Michelle Riley Sheila Townley James Rose Mark Varga Larry Roy Rick Waggoner John Shelby Charles Williams Mark Shindle Brian Wolfe Janet Smitka SOPHO¬ Ken Stephans Rob Taylor MORES Debbie Turean Ray Urbina Dave Velaso Annette Williams Roger Allen Joy Williams Dowell Altizer Lisa Williams Rich Antkowiak Barron Woods FRESHMAN Don Allard Yvonne Altieri Mia Ambrew Gina Atkinson Brian Bartoszek Rudy Beristain Brian Brogdon Mike Chronster Donna Clark Joe Clark ] Debra Collins Chris Cornelly John Culver Gary Fothergill Lora Gibson Rex Goatley Chris Grach Dan Green Chris Gutierrez Jo Anne Gutierrez Betty Guzman Kenny Hale Tony Howley Steve Hensley Carl Hestermann Dawn Holloway Scott Tulow Kim Jackson Jim Johnson Julie Junkins Matt Kansfield Tracy King David Klumet Jerry Koziol Michelle Krapac Maybelle Kreiter Rich Kronland Russell Kruse Laurie Kubow Stacy Longworth Louis Mata Heather McMahan Paul Meadows Diana Mikhel Jenny Montgomery Sandy Mullins Dan Murchek Ray Payton John Pizzolato Frank Postelmans Herb Ross Adam Ruder Rich Rumsey De wayne Sabody Dan Schindley Cary Schwalm Laura Scott David Shebesh Eric Sias Rich Silva Don Slemin Theresa Smallwood Darin Smith Jim Smith Stacy Spenser Scott Spinks Nick Tanses Chris Tomich Mantha Urbina Randy White IMAGES I’d like to express much thanks to this year’s Top Hat staff. Everyone worked to¬ gether wonderfully and met their deadlines. The whole staff worked hard in putting this yearbook together. Whether it was drawing up layouts, cropping pictures, selling ads or writing captions, everyone helped each oth¬ er. I’d also like to thank Mr. Scott Markley, our advisor, for all the help and inspiration. I don’t think that words can express what I learned from being involved in putting a yearbook together. It can be frustrating for an editor when he she had to do one thing over and over until it’s done correctly. While working on a yearbook or even a newspaper, one can nev¬ er expect to do something one time and get it right. It’s a process that takes patience, time, and devotion. We chose the theme “Images” because we feel it symbolizes our four years of high school. High school provides each student with an “image” of many different careers and lifestyles. It is the time when one must start considering an avenue. The avenue, in turn, may be chosen on an impression, an “image”, that he she received while in high school. We hope that each student at Morton will again read Top Hat several years from now and the book will provide the stimuli that brings back all of the good times and dreams that each student shared with friends. After all, they can say these are the bpst of times! Good Luck, Cindy Psuik Managing Editor The 1984 Top Hat contains 188 pages on 80 bound shadow paper. The book is smyth sewn andbound with rounded backed binding. The 800 copies of this book were published by Josten’s American Yearbook Company, located in Clarksville, Tennessee. All copy is printed in 12 point and captions are in 10 point with headlines varying in size from 18 point to 36 point. The copy and the head¬ lines are in Angeles Bold. The captions are in Angeles Bold Italics. The bulk of the photographs, plus the senior and underclass pic¬ tures, were taken by Bodie ' s Photographers. Staff photographers, Jim Dills and Edd Harney, also contributed in taking photographs for the book. TOP HAT STAFF Managing Editor . Cindy Psuik Opening Editors . Mary Jean Franks Eileen Lozano Senior Editors .. Janet Baranowski Mary Potosky Underclass Editor.... Pam Peardon Sports Editors . Brian Bewley Brian Elo Academics Faculty Editor .Renata Plahtaric Organizations Editor ... Mary Gillis Advertising Editor ... Cindy Psuik Index Editors . Tom Adams Lori Allee Photographer . Edd Harney Staff . Mark Gordish, Betty Jazyk, Cathy Olson, Linda Psuik, Denise Rebey, Dave Salapski, Renae Szymaszek Josten’s Represen tative . Bob Henning Closing 187 SIGNATURES 188 Signatures JOSTENS

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