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■ _ 2 — Opening The Annual Culture Festival highlights the end of the summer for senior Cecilia Stojan and sophomore Diane Fross. Sophomores Lisa Ecsi, Marie Dankanich, and Lori Woodward display the M.H.S. Fitness Trail sign. “ZME DAWfflM 07 A DECADE” Zhe 50 ’s were a deeade of rock and roll and penny loafers. With the 60 ' s came Vietnam, and the first men to land on the moon. Zhe 70’s were a time of Civil liberties and equal rights. “ Zhe Dawning of a Decade. 19 SO. ” What will the beginning of this new deeade bring? dor seniors, who are the • first graduating class of the deeade, it is the beginning of a new phase of life as a high school graduate, freshmen are just starting the final lap of their required formal education. Saeli of us has a place in the SO ’s and every one of us has a contribution to make. We will all be a part of the light in that dawning. Jn choosing “ Zhe Dawning of a Deeade ” as the theme for the 19S0 Zop Mat, we hope to build up a feeling of excitement and anticipation about yesterday’s future which is today. Paula Zheodore Editor r 4 V . • ColJ weather would not stop I class from showing thei If eir school spirit Opening WHAT Will THE 8© S With the dawning of a new decade, we look toward the future. What will or will not happen? Will inflation continue? Will we run out of gas? If inflation continues to increase at the same rate it has grown over the past 10 years, prices will skyrocket by 1990. In 1970, the cost of a new car averaged $3,400. Presently you ' re lucky if you can purchase the same quality car for under $7,000. A car will cost well over $10,000 in 1990. Car care will also increase drastically. A gallon of regular gas cost 344 in 1970, currently gas averages about $1.00 or more, and by 1990 it is expected to be over a $1.50. Europeans are already paying $2.00 a gallon, (please turn to page 7) MEAN TO MCPTCN? Forever searching to satisfy his huge appetite senior Ron Salach takes a closer look at a pie with a helping hand from sophomore Lorie Woodward at the Cultural Arts Fair. I Many changes have been made on Morton ' s campus this year. One of which is the in school suspension for rule breakers. High stepping marchers move with precise steps to the music of " Grease " during halftime of the Morton versus E.C. Washington game. Opening Assigned parking spaces for driving students are here to stay. Cars not in their designated slots will be forcibly removed. Booster club sign paintings offer seniors Candy Ballard, Yvonne Wilson, and junior Tammy Aguilar, a chance to show their school spirit. Lunch hour chats give Dr. Timothy Brown the opportunity to meet his new Morton students. Opening — 5 6 — Opening vwPonniCN with the job ecece. n Solo, Tina and seniors Al e only a few of r a shy students. I- Ca dssendorfer takes time out " during a spare moment! (continued from page 4) Along with rocketing transportation costs, entertainment costs have increased. In 1970, a couple could go to a movie for a mere $2.50. With rising rates, a night at the movies may become a luxury for a couple, costing approximately $16.00. Albums may be unattainable to teens in the 90 ' s if prices continue to raise. Since 1970, the price of albums has gone from $3.00 to $6.00. If the price doubles again, record albums may no longer be your best entertainment value. Most students have not been too affected by rising prices, but many of them have had to give up some of their after school activities because of employment. In the next decade can clubs and activities compete against the job force? Opening Nina Bell Kathy McCormick 8 — Homecoming Sue Howard Happiness reigns as Donna Raymond accepts the title of 1979 Homecoming Queen from last year ' s queen Pam Zabinski. The date: September 28, 1979. The time: halftime of the Homecoming football game. Six nervous girls and their escorts walk onto the football field. An excited murmur charges through the crowd. Who will be the 1979 Homecoming Queen? Senior Class President A1 Ramirez asked for the envelope containing the winner ' s name. Silence fell over the crowd as A1 shouted, " The 1979 Homecoming Queen is Donna . . . Raymond! " Tears of joy streamed down Donna ' s face as she was crowned Homecoming Queen of 1979 by last year ' s queen Pam Zabinski. " I never expected to win. This is the happiest day of my life! " said Donna at the post-game dance. Homecoming is just one night long, but the memories will last forever. After a hectic week. Homecoming Queen Donna Raymond takes some time out to relax. Freshman attendants: Michelle Moskalick, and Mike Brimer Homecoming Court Escorts: Joe Kuna, Rob Cashen, Ed Chamberlain, Phil Elo, Steve Millard, and Mike Bermingham _ Homecoming — 9 RAY HCND ICIEIIGNS HCMECCMING - aV YGAIDIITip The days before the game were excitement packed as students dressed in zany outfits. Jersey Day kicked off the week on Monday, followed by Gangster Day on Tuesday. Wednesday was Fifties Day, brought back by popular demand. Thursday was Western Day and the week ended traditionally with Red and Grey Day. At the annual assembly on Thursday seniors presented the Miss Gross Pageant, which was won by senior Robert McAfee. Spirits were aroused early Friday afternoon at a pep rally later followed by the Homecoming Parade. Principal, Dr. Timothy F. Brown, presided as Grand Marshal for the first time. The year 1979 proved to be the year of the sophomore as they won both the spirit stick and the best decorated truck stating, “Sophomores Add Life " . Morton ' s brutal victory over Tech, 32-7 gave a glorious ending to this decades last Homecoming. Senior Robert McAfee displays his ' r this years Miss Gross. At a pep assembly, sophomore Donna Niemiec, junior Amy Boland and Shelley Geissendorfer cheer for their classes to win the spirit stick. 10 — Homecoming ••MEMORIES SET TIME MAGIC €E IPIRCM At the beginning of a new decade, what could possibly be more romantic than a look at the past? This year ' s prom treated couples to a dreamy journey down " Memory Lane " on May 2, 1980. The prom site. Wicker Park Pavilion, was decorated in a nostalgic air of an age gone by, presenting a modern time machine effect unequaled by H.G. Wells. Promgoers began to arrive at 7:30 for an evening of dancing, piture taking, and a dinner served promptly at 10 p.m. The night really began to fly as couples were rocketed back to the present by the fast paced music of the after-prom band. The band played until the prom ' s end at 2 a.m. Beaches, amusement parks, and other popular " day-after " prom " hang-outs " were crowded on May 34d. The junior class funded the annual prom with profits from the sale of two year planners, candy, Christmas candles, and sponsoring trips to Old Chicago amusement park. Exhausted after a romantic evening alumnus Dan Padilla Preparations are complete and the music is about to begin as and senior Kalee Sobek head home to get some shut eye. couples enter a night they will remember for years to come. 12 — Prom COMMENCEMENT: IIS IT aV BEGINNING? Commencement: an origin, beginning. So states Funk and Wagnall ' s dictionary. Commencement is a beginning, but it is also an ending. To start over a high school senior must end what he began four years ago. He must leave his friends, his school, and maybe even his home. But what is the graduate starting? What decisions does he face? A Morton graduate may continue his schooling, starting another year in a strange place. Perhaps he will become a working stiff and be forced to support himself. Another graduation will soon be here. An ending . . . and a beginning. Relieved smiles of pride flash across the faces of graduating seniors as they receive those long awaited diplomas. Anxiously awaiting the moment at which they shall receive their diplomas, attentive seniors listen to speeches with mixed emotions after completing four years of high school. 16 — Graduation ICIEMK HEEE WHEN? Does Bob Toporek lopk any different to you? X L Darin Bensingt i 1 uJWinfi ci. aJJ the long hours of practice he put in to perfect his pitching skills. t- tf m 9 ◄ rim is g=sgjg?sis 4,2 .2X0) - g c o S .So -cx .a «- » . u ” S IS, 3 s IS •2 u? 2. - L a 2 c ' I B I | §■ isM g sISJ jbIjs c [ 1 .o c tj u ; x 5 P_e E«iOcs1.2if 6= r . I s| u ois u, oJ H 232 0 | i Stf uj £ co a 13 eu 3 Soo. 2 fr-£ .£ 05 Ji $ 2 JK « O ' ■ 8|0g||| I I . -8 c w I Si 5l 2 — •?ra!3’S M, o£IcSCcnENe i_H c SS„ 0 £° m .2 2g£g LW » g-i? M g 4, iu £ S 0 8 ■§ ( } 8 « S.S Bf « s ss-; C f) -C J, .A £ g 5 TJ 5 ri!« 8558 1 i-li ' ®, |S I ire .£ «•£ £ $? cu § S g sf cvf-s ?in = ? ' S 5 i 1 l = il|§ 8 ' 3 ' sSslIllI z S = ' 3 S ( gs IIS ' ' sSIjs .f . f g jo« l |fIJ|2; !S Bes |Jcja 6 J-ill 1141 a JSbiS 3:5 3! £ U J S .£ •£ cU E J ■S - J g IL 3 $ u J-s s s-ffos-irfS “ 5 O N N « , UgtfO} ,; - as g S , ' 5Z U Sf2 SQ n §ius .5 £ S 6 E i W IJiis O ■ t5 jS c s Ok 3 2 -3 O v “ ; v w-fj C SjSb 1—1 -|il:sf Cu O -o Cu 18 — National Local .Si Sc 2 X 5 V » e a: c « " - s s| a c ' t J-fss§ 3 ] S £ J J.|| w I C 3 |s 6 - - - j 8 1 _ § 0 So $?» 5 cx i w T: I3lirllii s in it- m C 2 _ C 3 60’S § ».y cf .2 .s -s ill 5ili!|o E .2 o " c M - 3 - g ■= go « o ' SS .5 e 2 £ c S « z|2 £ § = «2 -s y -r? G C ZZ -J S -l5 If 0 .2 x S i-Sx c £ «5 ec c ° eg Q 2 J — ' x Spfj ™ J § 5 " ■O-XX- -i uC 2 » ? °c n S‘ 4 ‘s’s P ” 60C«XO ' --J.-J3 S o 0 a-Sg- cSf OoST 3 oi 4 . u X«g; C S 5 hi 2 i$ 3 •” 1! -0 — 8-il «-i(g ° $ £3 § 2 « is £ o ®c s u 2 Eg £ 0 5 5 H3 2 . s 5 E " 5 « " 3 3 oU - §| I H 8 O ® 5 IU c yl e .. U B 2 G . B .g c X " -.. x 1 c-o S x ' S ago j S 2 ® cla£ 2 3 X •2’® xSis S2. 2jE •±3 .3 x box c " ci, • V-£“ .S-S si 2 x as § 2| “ § JJ S 8 «§.S ®i2E« 5 . -s,£ - xx « w - 60X c - _■ 5. 2 2 S J2 S!§|§£ £ o c 602 3 .= °l H J 3s.s G — x ? i “ S’? i Jj 5 « H O •§«■? .2 ’l I .8 S U x § E .SP y 5 H -•2,k2 8 - s 8 •inn •l 3 |s,s s |!« S (2 Q S £ x 5 E g w N w CD CD CD PQ s W § gU E 1 O g S •2 « 2 .S S|.|||l||| IpfllJlil ' • .T! ?« g« s ff ,6 bt 6 « M E v u I % VS X •= - J2 I. S.-B 8.1 g x X m o -2 " 2 " £ o « c-f E •£ o c — V s§. tjsji 2 S| S ' fJS | ‘ . E « s c = °: |« «-S | tj “o gs z S « ' a 3 J ”Z •3 $| 6 -5 c 0 ! c 5 H m .t: v W i-a sSsisi l SMi! 1 1 §oh EES Sju a 1 S -o sdu S zi i E g E 5 5 , 1-3 s ™ c H oC ’ " E o « °x x It .i|iliji§! UlU x 22 a c s §■ z s r ° 1 2 1 - x ”5 x 2 jgc JJ v 15j | = | 3 |ssi« Bi 5 !3«tJ°s ' - s2 sJ 2 3° x g x — v «X3 «o x hH JXs g " g x- J af SSE National Local - 19 CAME1CT 20 A castle with stained glass windows greeted couples as they magically strode into " Camelot " from a high school hallway. Normal everyday teenagers were transformed into metal plated men and ladies fair of old. Circus murals and seven foot playing cards adorned the walls and cardboard crowns served as centerpieces completing the medeival setting of the semi-formal. The annual dance, sponsored by the Student Association, featured the band “Three ' s a Crowd " . The dance was originally scheduled for January 26, but had to be postponed because Morton was hosting the SAT tests that morning and the cafeteria could not be decorated in time for the dance. Student ' s reactions to the postponement varied. " Maybe my date will grow taller by then. " , " I hope we ' re still speaking in February " , and " Will my dress still fit? " . The extra time allowed still others to get up enough courage to ask someone. The long awaited dance finally took place on February 23, and after which most couples went out to a restaurant for a quiet dinner. Taking a break from the excitement of the Inaugural, seniors Jamie Snyder and Jeff Relinski stop to share a moment of peace. — Winter Semi-Formal Wow! Institute! Visions of Animal House captured the minds of students for weeks before going to institutes. Would be institutes dreamed of night long parties and endless days of soaking up the warm summer sun. Much to the students surprise it was a lot of hard work. Students discovered that institutes are really for learning. Basic skills of government were put to practice by Girls and Boy ' s State delegates at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. Delegates were able to vote, attend council meetings, and run their own mini-governments. Dribbling, rebounding, lay-ups, and free-throws occupied the days of students attending Indiana University ' s basketball camp in Bloomington. New techniques, drills, and ways to arouse school spirit were taught to Morton ' s spirit boosters this summer. Varsity Cheerleaders attended Ball State University in Muncie, and the Twirlers attended Smith-Walbridge in Syracuse, Indiana. Effective editing and newspaper layout were taught to Mortonite editors attending the journalism institute at Indiana University in Bloomington. Picking a theme, designing a cover, and critiquing last year ' s book were among the duties occupying the time of Top Hat editors, at St. Mary ' s College in South Bend, Indiana. VI5IOM5 OF FfllMflL HOU5E... Journalism Institute — First Row: Sandy Hlad, Robbin McNash, Paula Theodore, Chris Lelito, Paulette Szczepanski, Second Row: Nada Vranic, Cecilia Stojan, Faith Marcinek, Third Row: Ron Salach, Pam Sulivan, John Bass. Girls Basketball camp — Bottom: Sharon Ratajczak, Top: Nancy Hladek. 22 — Institutes SEE See How HOW They Run is the fun filled romp of mistaken identity. Penelope Toop, wife of the local Reverend, Mr. Toop, introduces her old acting partner, Clive Winton, as the reverend Mr. Humphrey to avoid gossip. He introduces himself to the Reverend Mr. Humphrey as the reverend Mr. Humphrey, in spite of the fact that Mr. Humphrey is pretty sure he is himself and the other man is an THEY ZSp HUH of Lax thinks Winton is Toop, Humphrey believes himself to be Humphrey, the Russian spy considers himself to be whichever Reverend anyone wants him to be, Penelope doesn ' t care who is who, and the Reverend Mr. Toop is lost in the shuffle. " Just borrow one of Lionel ' s suits, then neither of us will get in trouble! " says Penelope (junior Sandi Barnes) to convince Clive (junior Tony Maddox) to go out. " Look into my eyes . . . you are under my power. " Ida (junior Leslie Casper) attempts to mesmerize the Bishop (junior John Swanson). Is it a bird? Is it A plane? No it ' s just Reverend Toop (junior Kevin Laurion) leading a chase. 24 — Plays ' Wow, ncrwf-¥oy musn ' t do that! " Miss ion (senior Paulette Szczepanski) tries to stop a quarrel between Penelope (junior Sandi Barnes) and Clive (junior Tony Maddox). Plays - 25 26 — Plays Loree Cornelison Dan Kender Kevin Kolanowski Bridget Lauerman Dan Leismer Maureen McGing Pam Magginnis John Swanson Sue Vrahoretis BAND Glen Williams — David Mays — Ted Janowski Ron Fary — Lori Davidson — Kurt Kortokrax Noah (junior John Swanson) herds his " animals " into the " boat " to prepare for the flood. GCDSPEU STAGES TAIIE Plays — 27 Top Hat Theatre ' s second production this season was Godspell, a modern musical based on the gospel according to St. Matthew. Godspell is considered a " modern " play due to the upbeat music, outrageous costumes and it ' s 1960 ' s lower east side, New York City style setting. The production takes Jesus Christ out of the " Biblical " age and presents his life in a contemporary style. His disciples are dressed as clowns and act out the stories in the, Bible with the use of song, dance, and pantomime. The character of Jesus is also quite a showman, teaching his disciples with magic tricks and ventriloquism as well as song and dance. The exhilaration of the show takes a serious trend when the character of Judas is introduced. Judas is said to be offered thirty pieces of silver in return for telling the chief priest the identity of the Son of Man. At the time of the betrayal, the " disciples " remove their clown make-up to symbolize the games are over, then the last supper is portrayed. Judas rushes in, seizes Jesus and " nails " him to a ladder representing Christ ' s death on the cross. The music swells with the Lord ' s pain and winds down at his death. The play ends with the disciples singing " Long Live God " and " Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord " as they form a procession to carry the lifeless body of Jesus down the aisle of the auditorium. Following the crucifixion the disciples carry the lifeless body of Christ offstage for burial. Cast members, seniors Loree Cornelison, Bridget Lauerman, Pam Magginnis, and Sue Vrahoretis, take time to relax after completing the final performance. " Good Samaritan " (senior Bridget Lauerman) takes a wounded man (junior John Swanson) to the inn on her " beast of burden " (junior Gary Allen). When you say the word " school " , what do you think of? Naturally classes, studying, and homework come to mind. Sure, those are an important part of school but there is something that you missed. That is CLUBS. It is these clubs that enable students to take a break from all the brainwork. Here at Morton, one has a wide selection of activities to choose from. If you are an animal lover. Zoology Club and Herpetology Club are for you. If your hobbies include taking pictures, the club to join is Photo Club. In this club, you take and compare pictures and work with different equipment. If you have a big mouth, you can join Booster Club or try out for cheerleading. This is just the beginning of the list of clubs here at Morton. For a closer look, turn the page .. 28 — Organizations Senior Paul Wiltberger helps out at the Chemistry Club booth during this year ' s annual International Culture Festival. Even red lights can ' t keep A. V. Club member Ron Salach from making a prompt delivery of equipment. Senior Drum Major Chris Reid directs the Morton Governor Marching Band during one of their halftime performances. Organizations — 29 Chem Club: Front Row — Dave Murchek. Gillespie, Pam Sullivan Back Row — Dr. Paul Witlberger, Kurt Geissler, Jim Gillis, Karen Carmon. Paulette Murchek, Shelley Mary Petterson (Sponsor); John Swanson, Paulette Szczepanski, Priscilla Purnick. Quill and Scroll: First Row — Sam Signorelli, Larry Ciupak, John Bass. Dean Rubino. Mark Rebey Second Row — Sandy Hlad. Renee Vermejan, Lisa Nuccio, Marcie Herochik, Paula Theodore, Lana Kaiser, Diane Kosinski, Janice Trissler. Connie Evanich. Pam Meier, Paulette Szczepanski, Pam Sullivan, Georganne Stoming. Nada Vranic Third Row — Wendy Markowski. Dawn Bach, Robbin McNash. Brenda Edwards, Sharon Gasior Fourth Row — Ed Kielbasa, Nick D ' Angelo. Al Rameriz. Joyce Matonovich. Patty Munjas. Faith Marcinek, Ron Salach, Phil Elo, Chris Lelito. Sue Opinker. Ruby Teran, Chris Reid. Nancy Relinski, Cecilia Stojan, Sandy Hooper. 30 — Chem Club Quill Scroll Thespians: Front Row — Pam Magginnis. Paulette Szczepanski. Sue Vrahoretis, Pam Sullivan Back Row — John Swanson, Cecilia Stojan, Jim Ignas. Sandy Barnes, Larry Ciupak. “SfW CHGGZ, PLGhSG” 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Q Taking pictures, developing and printing film all take a lot of experience. Photo Club not only teaches students how to use cameras and take pictures but also shows them how to develop and print the film. Once a year, Morton ' s Photo Club sponsors a photo contest to show some of the student ' s talents and their ability to work with cameras. " I felt Photo Club helped me a lot by showing me what I had to know about photography, " stated senior Top Hat photographer, Ron Salach. Quill and Scroll is made up of the students on either the Mortonite staff which is Morton ' s newspaper or Top Hat staff which is Morton ' s yearbook. Each year, the Morton students who have participated on either of these staff for two semesters are initiated. This initiation takes place at the banquet at the end of the year. Each inductee holds a lighted candle while reciting the pledge and then extinguishes it. " What is a thespian? " That was a question asked by many of Morton ' s new students this past year. A thespian is a member of the Theatre Guild, such as an actor or actress. It ' s more than just acting. Students can earn points through acting, working on sets, costumes or lighting. It takes twelve points for a senior to become a thespian and fifteen points for an underclass student. For every extra ten points earned, you receive a gold star at the ceremony at the end of the year. " It was a real honor to be elected secretary of the Theatre Guild and I hope this year ' s banquet will be a success, " stated senior Carol Smitka. ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© Photo Club: First Row — Eileen Patterson, Michelle Kocoj. Roxanne Cole, Lisa Ecsi. Nancy Magurney. Kim Campbell, Laura Buhring, Theresa Soto Second Row — Randy Buckner, Dave Rycerz. Albert Elizondo, Beth Alexander. Mario Matakovic. Ron Salach. Vernon McCarthy. Art Elizondo, Steve Millard Third Row — Joyce Nolan. Misty Hoskins, Karen Cruz, Roy Ferrer, Theresa Bell. Chris Zampino Center — Herr Dieter Meister (Sponsor). Photo Club Thespians — 31 Concert Choir — llene Bundy, Jami Snyder, Leslie Casper, Joyce Charles, Bridget Lauerman. SandI Barnes. Paulette Murchek, Robin Easton. Kelly Isom, Second Row — Pam Magginnis. Laura Bewley, Nina Bell, Bev Madison. Loree Cornelison, Michelle Weatherford, Linda Neff. Penny Ellison, Mercial Jones. Leticia Magana, Third Row — Dan Kender, At DeBold. Rich Fairchild. Paulette Szczepanski, Pam Sullivan, Sue Vrahoretis, John Swanson, Chris Taylor, Kurt Kortokrax, Fourth Row — Craig Rowe, Tom Brnicky, Mike Hatch, Barry McGuire. Gary Allen. Dan Leismer. Bill Genduso, Brent Theodore, Lew Travis Ensemble — Pam Magginnis, Chris Taylor, Loree Cornelison, Bill Genduso, Paulette Murchek. Alan DeBold. Laura Bewley, Craig Rowe, Merida Jones, Mike Hatch, Sue Vrahoretis. Gary Allen, Paulette Szczepanski. John Swanson, Kelly Isom, Kevin Kolonwski, Leslie Casper, Kurt Kortokrax. Robin Easton. Not Pictured Carol Smitka. Dan Liesmer, Nina Bell 32 — Concert Choir Ensemble CHOIRS PCRFORM M FIRST MORTON CHRISTMAS SHOW tQQQQQQQ QQ QQQQQ At 8:00 every morning, Morton ' s Concert Choir begins exercising. Mrs. Carol Loehrke, choir director, feels this is a good way to wake up in the morning since singing is such a physical activity. At the pop concert this year, a variety of songs were heard. Hit tunes such as " Summer Lovin ' " from the musical " Grease " and the famous Andy Williams song " Moon River " from " Breakfast at Tiffany ' s " , were just two of the many popular songs. This year, students had the opportunity to attend an in-school assembly to hear the Christmas Concert. This type of activity hasn ' t been done in the past, and the response was good. Flower bulbs were sold to raise funds to buy needed equipment. This was also a new activity for the choirs. IQQQQQQQQQQQQOQQQ Mixed Choir — First Row Susan Ellis. Joanne Lukas. Terri Dunne. Rosemary Swanson, Therese Herbert. Mary Rusher. Tina Nadon. Yoionda Torres. Michelle Bartozek, Lori Davidson. Second Row — Doreen Cummins. Janice Waywood. Sue Powers. Lori Hilliard. Annette Jimenez, Karen Kruse. Cindy Bermingham. Melinda Frenzel, Pam Murchek, Third Row — Delfina Mendez, Brenda Traves, Maureen McGing, Carrie Isom. Debbie Lay, Kendra Crowder. Belinda Gates, Marijo Shive. Donna Earl. Becky Morales Fourth Row — Mark Teran. Arthur Elizondo. Ted Janowski, Dennie Hekkel. Raul Lozano. Kevin Laurion, Kevin Allen, Steven Seno. Paul Drees Mixed Choir — 33 Band: First Row — Sandy Hooper, Cheryl Alberts, Leticia Magana. Second Row — Sean Egan, Diane Skeen. Dixie Baker, Pat Laurion, Carrie Reid. Karen Holland. Third Row Kim Easton. Brenda Stalnaker. Sue Bardoczi. Todd Hutchinson. Rob Sheffer, Kevin Gardner, Terry Clark, Candy Ballard, Fourth Row — Robin Hall. Linda Piumiey, Cindy Neyhart, Debra Porter. Donna Suda. Beth Alexander, Barb Laviolet. Debbie Contreras. Mrs. Glenda Koiar, Fifth Row — Ron Fary. Andy Blythe, Darren Highsmith, Joe Saucedo, Ray Dawson, Tony Vela, Lou Psenak. Bottom Picture: First Row — Lisa Ecsi, Diana Fross, Jan Schmidt, Second Row — Dan Leismer. Pam Magginnis. Sue Slapski, Sue Desmond, Laurie Decker, Sue Masick, Lil Mihalov, Third Row — John O ' Keefe, Susan Wall. Chris Kansfield. Jim Ignas, Cindy Wetzel. Chris Hall, Donna Harris. Marla Parrish. Mark Teran, Fourth Row — Chris Reid, Darla Price. Bret Hall, Brian Housty. Gary Graban, Glenn Phelps, Cheryl Kotvacz, Debbie Rowe. Ron Reiddle, Herb Treen, Rob Gerka. John Livingston GOUGMORS Win TOP RGCOGMITIOM 9 ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© The Marching Governor Band, under the direction of Mrs. Glenda Kolar, highlights the halftime activities at all the home football games with music for the pom pon girls and the twirlers and with formations such as a heart or a " M " . The band received first place at the Christmas parade in Hammond, which was televised on Channel 50. The famous San Diego Chicken marched in front of Morton ' s band. The drum majors for the 1979-80 school year were senior Chris Reid and sophomore Darla Price, and to add school spirit during football season Chris and Darla wore black and gold drum major outfits to school on the days of home football games. Band members also competed at the NISBOVA contest in February, and the city solo contest in May. )©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© Stage Band — 35 Association President — Rhonda Reid Association Vice-President — Ron Kaminski Association Recorder — Minna Mandichak Cabinet — First Row — Sue Sliwa, Lyn Algozine, John Bass. Paula Theodore. Donna Raymond, Pam Marlow. Dawn Tomich. Jane Krizman, Second Row — Georgene Sabau, Georganne Stoming, Amy Boland. Shelley Geissendorfer, Lynn Nicksic. Sharon Ratajczak. Sheila Soltys, Nancy Hladek, Third Row — Nancy Jazyk. Nora Csicsko. Tina Sknerski, John Weiss. Mary Egan, Sharon Jadrnak. Karen Holland. Irene Kozubal. 36 — Student Association irri In ’ v 1 WOMCN’S LIB STRIKGS bCm QQQQQQQQQQQQgg Summer vacation means having fun and not having to go to school for members of student association. These students helped out at various activities such as car washes and setting up chairs for the Culture Festival. Choosing spirit days for Homecoming week was one of the first decisions the student association made once school had begun. Jersey day started off the week, followed by Western Day, Fifties Day, Gangster Day, and ended with the traditional Red and Gray Day, on Friday. February 23 was a date most girls looked forward to. It marked the day of the Inaugural, which is a semi-formal dance, to which the girl asks the boy. The theme of this years Inaugural was " Camelot " . The end of the year marked the annual student elections. A voting machine replaced the homeroom ballots. ©©©©©©©©©©©©©© Freshman Senators Mary Beth Gruner, Not Pictured: Sharron Weis and Renee Hladek Sophomore Senators — Joanne Lucas, Nick Companiott. and Lisa Ecsi Junior Senators — Chris Poiochak, Mike Holper. and Mark Noldin Senior Senators — Loree Comeiison, Karen Lipka. and Nada Vranic Student Association — 37 Home Economics Club: First Row — Chris Wenzel, Karen Poloncyk, Pam Parker. Mrs. Mudra Second Row — Donna Collins, Lana Kaiser, Dawn Martin Third Row — Jill Stevens, Karen Hartlerode, Melody Richardson Fourth Row — Rhonda Reid. Laurie Decker, Tina Douglas Fifth Row — Donna Thurman, Donna Metcalf, Susan Orahood Sixth Row — Melinda Shirley, Sharon Ratajzcak. Laura Marosi. Speech and Debate: First Row — John Holland, Alice Barrett, Ron Fary Second Row — Barb Petrowski. Mr. Fix, Pam Boilek Third Row — Cecilia Stojan, Steve Mallard, Priscilla Purnick, Tim Salach, Ron Kaminski, John Weiss. Karen Ruder. 38 — Organizations CLUBS MaMD STUDCNTS FOR TN.QTTS ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© Folk club members, Ted Janowski and Carrie Isom practice their talents for the Coffee House. A.V. Club: First Row — Mike Kielbasa. Kevin Hulsey, Karen Kruse, Vernon McCarthy, Dan Frey Second Row — Glenn Phelps, Randy Buckner, Jeff Turean, Ken Schultz, Debbie Rowe Third Row — David Jentry. Stan Potter. Mike Herbert, Dave Mays, Ron Salach, Mr. Kolar. Folk Club: First Row — Alice Barret. Pam Vicari, Doreen Cummins Second Row — Ted Janowski. Priscilla Pumick, Jo Ann Lucas Third Row — Mike Herbert. Mary Jo Shive. Carmon Packard. Terry Dunne Fourth Row — Mrs. Gillard. Ray Ferrer. Carrie Isom. Karen Kruse. With hopes of encouraging interest in foreign cultures, the Foreign Language Club sponsored many activities. Among them was a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the " Christmas Around the World " exhibit. In the spring, the club had an International Potluck dinner, serving an array of ethnic foods. From October through April, members of the debate team were busy preparing for and participating in various competitions. " The varsity team members helped to develop the novice team and we all feel they have done a good job this year, " stated junior debate member, Priscilla Purnick. This year ' s fund raisers included working at the Lion ' s Club pancake breakfast, bake sales, and car washes. F.E.A. members gained the experience and confidence it takes to become teachers by tutoring students at Scott Middle School. A stationery sale was among the fund raisers that helped boost profits for scholarships to be given to the members. F.E.A. sponsor, Mrs. Hazel Stockdale stated, " We would like to have all people who are interested in a teaching career to join us in the F.E.A. " A good character, participation and good grades are what it takes to belong to the National Honor Society. The members are chosen by the faculty. ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© Mew expediences ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©€ Crawling through dark, damp caves sounds pretty unusual, right? Well, it wouldn ' t be for long if you were a member of Caving Club. This club teaches and helps students learn how to have fun and at the same time learn how to survive in the wilderness. Caving club is mostly for those students who enjoy being outdoors and studying nature. Horseback riding, sledding, skiing, seeing musicals and concerts are all a part of Travel Club. This club is for those who are interested in traveling or just experiencing new things and places you would like to know more about. This year. Travel club went to Chicago ' s McCormik Place to see Gilda Radner and the musical called " Dancin ' " . ©©©©©©©©©©©©©© Travel Club: First Row — Denise Ebeltobt, Barb Serfic, Sherrie Bruce, Sherri Bryce, Carol Jones. Lori Woodward. Marie Dankovitch, Lisa Ecsi, Nancy Magurney, Diane Vavrek. Second Row — Sandy Knezevich, Kelly Reagan. Becky Morales, Donna Raymond. Debbie Cantrell. Paula Theodore, Pam Brimmer, Linda Calka, Tammy Aguilar, Misty Hoskins, Mary Egan, Third Row — Cathy Kostoff, Yolanda Torrez, Eileen Payonk. Loree Comelison, Pam Boilek. Theresa Herbert, Joe Guerra. Chuck Valandingham, Pam Paris, Terri Szot, Patti Boucher, Debbie Swierz Fourth Row — Laura Rapch ak, Donna Bernacki, Beth Saculla. Raul Lozano, Scott Stevenson, Sue Platt, Beth Scanlon, Karen Poloncyk Fifth Row — Marynell Boer, Debbie Tatum, Pam Sullivan, Joe Kuna, Ed Chamberlin. Ed Holmquist, Rick Quinonez. John Marosi. Steve Vicari, Terry Clark. Jeff Alberts, Dave McNash. Foreign Language Club: First Row — Tina Douglas, Karen Poloncyk, Chris Wickramasekera Second Row — Lana Kaiser, Laura Kielbasa. Chris Reid, Debbie Riley. Cheryl Kotvas. Kathy Wozniczka. Valerie Tharp, Jan Schmidt Third Row — Leslie Casper, Joe Guerra, Karen Holland. Darla Price Fourth Row — Kelly Walsh Georganne Marcinkovich. Sharon Ratajczak, Terri Szot. Susan Masick, Debbie Swierz, Pat Boucher, Mary Egan, Sharon Jadrnak Fifth Row — Bridget Robertson. Cathy Greet. Rose Martinez. Mr. Bolinger. 40 — Organizations Electronics: First Row — Tom Ramberg, Kusbel. John Segan, Ron Salach. Ted Dan Rollins. Al Frost Second Row — Frank Janowski. Chris Zampino, Bill Brightwell, Chris Cudzillo. Mike Kurinch. Mr. Romero. Caving Club: First Row — Yvonne Wilson. Bridget Lauerman. Debbie Bond. Beth Alberts Second Row —Laura Wolfe. Maureen McGing. Mr. Weiss. Therese Herbert, Lana Kaiser Third Row — Rob Avenetti. Kelly Walsh. Rob Cashen. Mark Noldin Fourth Row — Ron Salach. Dave Guzek. Alex Vermejan. Joe Salas. Organizations — 41 TRIPS ND STUDIES 3©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© The National Forensics League was busy competing against other schools in various events such as dramatic reading and poetry. Many fund-raisers also occupied the time of team members. Field trips were on the agenda for the Zoology Club. Members spent time at the Dunes for environmental study, and visited Brookfield Zoo to observe animal training. Members found this to be a very valuable experience. The Herpetology Club, which is sponsored by Mr. Robert Weiss, participated in many activities this year. Among them was a trip to the zoo, and sponsoring a booth at Woodmar Shopping Centers ' Annual Science Exhibit. Physics Club had a bake sale at the Homecoming dance to raise funds. The Physics Club also attended a science open house at the University of Chicago. ! ©©©©©©©©©©©©£ ©© Herpatology Club — Yvonne Wilson. Debbie Livingston, Annette Opperman. Chris Reid. Bridget Lauerman. Pam Marlow. Debbie Riley. Nn| jrv8H| ns 42 — Organizations 44 Booster Club: First Row — Lynn Nicksic. Belinda Coon, Paulette Szczepanski, Lyn Algozine, Rhonda Reid, Amy Lauer. Sandy Hooper, Chris Reid, Kim Hantz, Linda Gaiko, Michelle Dodson, Ruby Teran, Lawrie Pastar, Faith Marcinek Second Row — Marijo Shive, Paula Theodore, Georganne Stoming, Pam Sullivan. Nancy Relinski, Diane Kosinski, Debbie Riley, Pam Marlow, Lisa DelToro, Nada Padezanin, Theresa Lozano, Jessica Aguilara, Brenda Edwards, Renee Vermejan Third Row — Penny Ellison, Mariane Walters, Vanessa Brown. Gordana Vranic, Tammy Aguilar. Cheryl Alberts, Cecilia Stojan Yvonne Wilson, Donna Raymond. Loree Comelison, Sue Vrahoretis. Jackie Nemeth, Sandy Hlad Fourth Row — Tammy Bonham, Sue Bardoczi, Melissa Hoskins. Colleen Derrow, Shelley Geissendorfer. Pau lette Murchak, Pam Brimmer, Marynell Boer, Rose Hernandez, Dawn Gurnak, Sue Howard, Karen Lipka, Denise Listenberger, Linda Lipkovitch Fifth Row — Mary Adams, Denice Ebeltoft, Barb Sertic. Mona Soto. Sue Stirling, Jackie Catania, Becca Soto, Shelley Gillespie. Lisa Botch, Becky Mallard. Lori Kielbasa. Linda Vercimak, Amy Boland, Diane Fross Sixth Row — Margie Cruz, Theresa Herbert. Sharon Ratajczak, Nancy Jazyk. Nora Csicsko, Sheila Soltys. Kelly Reagan, Marie Dankanich. Becky Morales, Karen Dwandras. Sue Masick, Pam Boilek. Joane Luckas Seventh Row — Laurie Decker, Leslie Casper, Nancy Hladek, Michelle Companiott, Eileen Payonak, Pam Murchak. Lisa Ecsi, Nancy Magurany, Sharon Jadmak, Karen Hartlerode. Jean Golgart, Sandy Knezevich. Sue Kielbasa Eighth Row — Laura Rapchak, Brenda Stalnaker, Debbie Porter, Ruth Lipka. Valery Tharp, Teresa Bell, Sherri Bryce, Beth Saculla, Roxanne Cole, Eide Einbinder. Sue Salapskl. Maureen Bac Ninth Row — Melissa Siple, Pat Jansky. Michelle Lelito, Kim Koteki. LeeAnn O ' Drobinak. Carri Prokopeak. Carlene Bishop. Debbie Calderon, Karen Lynk, Lori Woodward. Tricia Hendrick. M-Club: First Row — Lyn Algozine. Rhonda Reid. Sandy Hlad. Renee Vermejan, Joyce Matonovich. Faith Marcinek. Sue Sliwa. Tina Skinerski. Brenda Edwards. Jane Herring, Nora Csicsko. Nancy McGurnie. Nancy Hladek, Lori Farmer. Kathy Howard. Lorie Decker. Sharon Ratajczak Second Row — Aaron Soto„ Chuck Perez, Al Ramirez. Ed Kielbasa, Dale Guyre. Mike Fleming. Rich Nallenweg, Tony Soy, Dave Dowling. Maria Matakovic. Mark Noldin, Mike Herbert Fourth Row — Larry Barton, Bill Brightwell. Rory Segally. Stan Potter, Tony Gresham, Mike Chance. Larry Kielman, Dave — BOOSTCRS BRING OUT SPIRIT ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© To make the activities at Morton Hign School much more exciting, the Pom Pon squad performs to entertain the students who come to watch the team and Booster Club helps out by cheering on the teams. Sign paintings, flowermakings, and the annual Junior Senior Powder Puff game are just a few of the activities that the club gets involved in. Booster Club helps students get into the spirit of things during basketball and football. This year the club sold Homecoming mums in order to raise money for the treasury. This year ' s Pom Pon squad, sponsored by Mrs. Helen Hart, consisted of 20 girls. Captains Nina Bell and Linda Lipkovitch went to a pom pon camp in Florida over their summer vacation for four days, where they learned various routines and new techniques. The girls provided entertainment during football and basketball halftime game shows. Mrs. Hart provided the girls with many different types of exercises to make sure the girls stayed slim. Recognition was given to the students who have varsity athletic awards. This year, the club had 15 girls and in 78, M-club had 12 girls. " I achieved my letter in volleyball, and I ' m really honored for being recognized in M-club, " stated junior Jane Herring. " I think girls should be in M-Club. They work as hard as we do, " stated senior football player David Mays. ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© Organizations — 45 SQUM)S BRING OUT CH€£RS, SPRITS Camp and competition were on the agenda for the cheerleaders and the twirlers this summer, where the squad learned new routines and techniques. Both cheerleaders and twirlers helped with school spirit during the football and basketball games. During this summer, all the twirlers went to Camp Smith Walbridge in Syracuse, Indiana, from July 1-6. They were considered advanced twirlers and won two awards. During the year, the twirlers sold candy. The twirlers meet during second hour, after school, and met everyday during the summer. To make up the routines, all the girls put their ideas together and decide which record to use. The girls twirled the fire batons for Homecoming. The fire is an every year tradition for the twirlers. Having fund raisers such as bake sales, selling rootbeer floats at the Fourth of July Celebration at Hessiville Park, and selling candy were just some of the activities done by the varsity cheerleaders to raise money toward buying new uniforms. Putting hard work into cheerleading, the B- team cheerleaders work four times a week to practice their cheers and chants. This year, selling penants helped the B- team squad buy some uniforms for the warm and cold games. ©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© Competition. People thrive on it. Some people even live for it. Morton Senior High School does a good job of competing when it comes to sports. This year our football team was the team to beat. The cross-country team placed first in conference and in sectionals for the first time in the history of Morton. Along with the cross-country team, the volleyball team placed first in their conference. But no matter what the sport, the players at Morton always put forth their best effort and display good sportsmanship. So when it comes to competition, Morton is always in there fighting. GGV5 CLHim WINNING 5ER5GN Good defensive coverage, led by junior Mike Riffle, puts a stop on a Wildcat ball carrier. GROTEN GAIN 7-3 RECORD Morton Varsity Football Opponent Morton Highland 3 6 Munster 32 0 Fort Wayne Luers 7 0 Hammond High 7 0 E.C. Washington 0 8 Hammond Tech 7 32 Clark 7 20 Bishop Noll 0 20 E.C. Roosevelt 7 14 Gavit Football O ' Rama 6 16 Hammond High 0 6 Gavit 0 6 ' forfeited game — ineligible players In the midst of the summer heat when all the teen-agers are enjoying the cool waters of Lake Michigan, the Morton varsity football team is hard at work training for their 79-80 season. This work paid off as the Governors ended the season with a 7-3 record, the first winning season since 1976. The Govs also placed second in the Lake Shore Conference, the best LSC record since 1977. In the Football O ' Rama, Morton defeated Hammond High and Gavit, making them the only double winners at the O ' Rama. They continued their winning streak by defeating 1979 District I runner up Highland High, 6-3. The winning spell was broken when the Govs lost the next three games to Munster, Fort Wayne Luers, and Hammond High, respectively. Finally Morton broke the monotony by beating East Chicago Washington, 8-0, with a pass late in the third quarter. With the squad consisting of 20 returning lettermen, the team was quite experienced. The seniors led the way. The Homecoming game evened up the record as the Govs crushed Tech, 32-7. Morton ' s touchdowns were scored by seniors Steve Zubrenic, Darin Bensinger, juniors Tony Gresham, and John Hayduk. The following week against Clark, Gresham led the way by carrying the ball 22 times for 120 yards. The upset victory against Noll arose the Govs spirits. Morton, not favored in the game, stomped Noll, 20-0. This enthusiasm continued as the Govs pulled out a last second victory against East Chicago Roosevelt, 14-7. The game was topped off with a pass from Rory Segally to Skip Gyure, with only 41 seconds remaining. Wrapping the season up, the Govs defeated Gavit 16-6 with a fine performance by junior fullback Jeff Schneider who carried the ball 31 times for 110 yards. 52 — Varsity Football Varsity Football — Row 1: Coach Rick Volbrek, Coach Bob Hunt. Coach Nick Luketic. Principal Timothy Brown. Row 2: Rich Nation weg, Mike Flemming. Ed Kielbasa. Mike Herbert. Jeff Reienski. Rory Segally. Al Ramirez. Tony Soy. Phil Markovich. Row 3: Chuck Shive. Dave Mays. Skip Gyure. Dave Parrish. Jeff Schneider. Larry Keiiman, Steve Holmes. Tony Gresham. Row 4: Dave Dowling, Mike Riffle. Jeff Oros. George Hess. Rick Quinonez. Ed Hoimquist, Brian Adams. Tom Romberg, Steve Pauiich. Row 5: Doug Heller. Ed Bowers. Jeff Juscik, Scott Thompson, Frank Clemens, John Hayduk. Doug Fork, Tom Miskovich. Row 6: Joe Brzycky, Mike Salapski. Gary Allen. Craig Rowe. Dennis Zaremba. Ed Hernandez, Ken Paquin. Rick Ramirez, Marenis Candsfield. Row 7: Mgr. Paul Wiltburger. Rich Shive, Kevin Allen, Mike Keilbasa. Jeff Wilson. Jim Boland, Mike Marks. John Keiiman. B-TEflm TALENT 5PARH5 AN UNDEFEATED EEA5DN Winning, there ' s just something about it. It gives you a feeling that ' s very hard to describe. To some, there ' s a feeling of satisfaction knowing that all the long, strenuous practices and hard work paid off. To others, it may be rewarding just to know that you tried your very best. All these feelings and many more were present as Morton ' s B-Team squad gained a impressive record of 7-0. One of the most outstanding games of the season was the opener in which Morton went onto gain a 7-6 victory over highly regarded Munster. This lifted team spirit as Morton has not defeated Munster since 1977. Another highlight was the match up between the Governors and Lake Central. The gridmen topped Lake Central out scoring them 13-6, in spite of the last minute scheduling, which prevented them from practicing ahead of time. Deserving credit is the defensive unit, as the defense only allowed a grand total of 12 points in 7 games, an average of just under .6 per game. Defensive stand outs included softies John Keilman and Scott Thompson, and left end Tom Miskovich; tackles Rick Rameriz and Marenis Kansfield; ends Doug Heller and Mike Salapski; Frank Clemens and Jeff Oros, cornerbacks. The offensive unit is also to deserve credit, as their determination enables them to stay and practice longer a couple times a week. Offensive standouts included backs Dennis Zaremba and Tom Ramberg. " I felt the boys matured and developed from game one offensively and defensively and they gave of themselves 100%, not only in game situations, but also in practice. If I were to sum up the season in one word, GREAT would be it. " , said Coach Hunt. B-Team Football — Row 1: Ed Bowers. George Hess. John Keilman. Ed Hernandez, Rick Ramirez. Dennis Zaremba. Jeff Oros. Doug Fork. Row 2: Larry Barton. Scott Thompson. Craig Rowe, Jeff Juscik, Ed Hoimquist. Rick Quinonez, Gary Allen, Steve Paulich. Row 3: Mike Keilbasa, Tom Gatlin, Ken Paquin. Jim Joseph, Bob Markovich, Mike Marks, Jim Boland. Bob Gollner. Row 4: Mike Salapski, John Gordish, Mike B-Team Football Opponent Morton Munster 6 7 Gavit 0 14 Hammond High 0 18 Lake Central 6 13 Clark 0 14 Bishop Noll 0 12 B.C. Washington (Forfeit) Szymaszek, Marenis Kansfield, Kevin Allen, Dan Schallenkamp. Tom Ramberg, Joe Brzycki. Row 5: Mgr. Paul Wiltberger. Rich Shive, Doug Heller, Tom Miskovich. Jeff Wilson, Coach Bob Hunt. 54 FREEH LEflRN 5HILL5 The Freshmen football season was quite an experience for the players on the team. The players were in a new school and had to learn a new way of doing things. As freshmen football coach Mr. Fred Kepler stated. " Although our Freshmen Football Opponent Morton West Side 6 20 Andrean 14 0 Hammond 8 12 Washington 30 12 Tech 56 0 Clark 54 0 Noll 6 30 Roosevelt 8 12 Gavit 14 6 overall record is not what we would like it to be, we feel our main objective, that of teaching the fundamentals of football and introducing the players to our system, was accomplished. The Govs overall record was 5-4 with the help of all the team members. Some outstanding offensive players were Robert Hernandez, Pete Gil, and Tom Corak. They were quite helpful in the Hammond Tech game when Morton crushed Tech 56-0. They also defeated Clark. 54-0, which made it 110 points in two games to their opponents 0. This is the most points scored in two games by a Morton frosh team. The Govs finished up the season by overtaking their arch-rivals Gavit. 14-6, making it four consecutive years that a Morton Freshmen team has defeated Gavit. Assistant Coach Don Maicher commented " The Gavit game was the best overall team effort of the year . " Freshmen Football — Row 1: Greg Ashby, Mike Sobczak. Tom Corak. Craig Davis. Robert Hernandez. Jim Willison, Mike Brimer. Paul Nickla. Row 2: Mike Sliwa. Mike Tryon. Tom Boucher. Mike Tryon. Ray Hladek. Bob Gatlin. Row 3: Pete Gil. Bob Owens. Todd Mariatto. Chris Mansfield. Ron Gumsey. Mark Wilson. Row 4: Austin Barett. Tim Touchlos. Dan Gresham. Freshmen Football — 55 GIRL5 CRP 5ECTIDNRL5 Success is a common word for the girls ' varsity volleyball team as they won the sectional championship title for the second time in three years. Morton breezed through the first two sectional games beating Whiting and Noll, and in the championship game against Clark, it took a little more determination as it went into three games. Morton pulled it out by winning the 1979-80 Hammond Sectional Title, in three games, 15-7, 7-15, 15-8. The following week at the regional tournament, the Govs beat Lake Station 15-5, 15-4, and North White 15-8, 15-0, advancing them to the championship game against the undefeated LaPorte Slicers. The Govs played an Vi Senior Renee Vermejan aces her opponents during sectional takj0Gyi exceptional game, but LaPorte pulled out with it, 15-4, 15-12. The Govs overall record was 19- 3 and the Lake Shore Conference record was 9-0, making them number one in LSC play. Renee Vermejan and Joyce Matonovich were chosen captains of the team by the varsity squad. Renee also received the Most Valuable Player Award, also chosen by her team mates. “This year and the past years in participating on the volleyball team have been a great experience for me. It was a great honor for me to receive the MVP " , commented Renee. “The majority of the season went the way we planned, as a team we had some goals; to win conference, sectionals, and regionals. Two out of three is not bad. " , stated Coach Aletta Hicks. The regular season record was also quite successful, 14-2. Varsity Volleyball — Row 1: Sue Golon, Sue Monette Martone. Coach Aletta Hicks. Sue Vermejan. Michelle Opat, Joyce Matonovich. Sliwa. Row 3: Sandy Hlad. Renee Vermejan. Row 2: Mgr. Vanessa Brown. Laurie Farmer. Tina Sknerski, Brenda Edwards. Jane Herring. 56 — Girls Volleyball Girls ' Volleyball Opponent Morton Gavit 4 15 6 15 Lake Central 12 15 8 15 Portage 11 13 10 15 Horace Mann 1 15 4 15 Hanover Central 4 15 13 15 E.C. Washington 4 15 10 15 Clark 6 15 12 15 Highland 10 15 14 9 10 14 Hammond High 1 15 7 15 E.C. Roosevelt 8 15 1 15 Munster 11 13 16 14 9 11 T.F. South 15 9 8 15 13 5 Noll 12 15 4 15 Whiting 11 15 3 15 3 15 Lake Central 11 13 7 15 Griffith 3 15 7 15 Gavit 3 15 7 15 Tech 2 15 3 15 Valpo 7 15 8 15 Merriville 10 15 15 11 3 15 LaPorte 3 15 6 15 Sectionals Whiting 4 15 2 15 Noll 8 15 7 15 Clark 7 15 15 7 8 15 Regional Lake Station 5 15 4 15 North White 8 15 0 15 LaPorte 5 15 12 15 Junior Tina Sknerski saves the serve, not knowing whether it is in or out. Girts Volleyball — 57 J.V. FINI5HE5 EE-3 With the J.V. Volleyball team consisting mostly of freshmen, the Govs had a quite impressive season. Out of their 25 matches, they only lost three. One of these was to LaPorte, the team to beat, and the others were to Clark and TF-South. The overall season went quite well. The definite highlight was the victory of the J.V. Tournament. The Govs dominated the event by defeating Hammond High, Clark, and Whiting to end a successful year on a positive note. “The girls worked throughout the. season as a team. We had no stars, everyone contributed in their own way. Teams with this kind of attitude are hard to find today, " commented J.V. Coach Ms. Costanza. With hopes of setting up the bait, sophomore Karen Holland bumps to the setter. B-Team Volleyball Gavit, Lake Central Won Portage, Horace Mann Won Hanover Central Won Highland Won E.C.W., E.C.R. Won Hammond High, Clark Lost Munster, TF South Lost Noll, Whiting Won Lake Central Won Griffith, Crown Point Won Gavit, Tech Won Valpo Won Merrillville, LaPorte Lost J. V. Tournament Won Freshmen Carrie Reid dinks to the her teammates took bn. 58 — Girls B-Team Volleyball IV. POSX ZOMMV WW Winning the J. V. Tournament, under the new guidance of Mrs. Susan Cole, was only one of the highlights of the 79-80 season. In the tourney, the Govs first victim was Clark, with their next victory being over E.C.R. In the championship game the girls went up against Bishop Noll, and defeated them by the score of 26-25, as a last second shot taken by freshmen Chris Spudic from the half court line hit the basket. " With an abundance of freshmen as teammates, we feel very confident about next year , " commented freshman Chris Spudic. Along with winning a first in the J. V. Tournament, the squad finished with a respectable record of 11-3. " As a first year coach, I could not of ask for a more enthusiastic J. V. team. The highest point of the season was winning the J. V. Tournament against Noll in the last 2 seconds as Chris Spudic put up the wing and a pray shot that caught only net , " concluded Mrs. Susan Cole. Freshman Chris Spudic led the team in scoring at 7 points per game and freshman Carrie Reid was the top rebounder with 6 per game. Girls B-Team Basketball Opponent Morton Hammond High 19 22 Valparaiso 30 18 Clark 12 37 Griffith 8 32 Hammond Tech 0 2 Calumet 15 22 Whiting 12 48 Lake Central 23 27 E.C. Washington 31 47 E.C. Roosevelt 18 34 Munster 25 23 Noll 22 23 Gavit 19 18 J.V. Tournament Clark 2 40 E.C. Roosevelt 19 25 Bishop Noll ' Forfeit 25 26 FRD5T CIUmPETE5 IN 5TRTE fTlEET As the old saying says " There is a first time for everything " , and senior Al Frost proved this statement to be true as he was the first person to represent Morton in the cross country state finals in Indianapolis. Frost placed 38th in a field containing 140 of the best runners in the state. Frost led the team all year, aiding in their successful season. Highlights included the Governors eighth place finish in the Semi-State Meet at LaPorte. And earlier, a second place finish in the Crown Point Regional. The sectional title was also awarded to the Govs as they finished in front of highly regarded Hammond High. This year was the first time the Govs won the sectional title since 1956. " Being able to compete at the semi-state level was just a great thrill for me as well as the team members " , stated Coach Bill Archer. Bright spots this year included junior transfer student Frank Johnson-and senior Roy Perez. The Governors compiled a record of seven wins and one loss in Lake Shore Conference meets. " The season was successful because as a team we reached most of our goals and ambitions, " commented sophomore Lalo Martinez. Special cross country awards were presented to seniors Al Frost and Ron Brandner for Most Valuable Runner and Most Improved Runner, respectively. Best Mental Attitude award was given to junior Frank Johnson. " This is the best cross country team I ever coached, " concluded Mr. Archer. Bottom Row: Ron Brandner, Lalo Martinez. Row: Dan Churilla. Frank Kusbel, Tim Salach. At Frost. Frank Johnson. Roy Perez. Top Billy Brightwell. Coach William Archer. Cross Country Lake Central Lost Whiting Won E.C. Washington Won Bishop Noll Won Hammond High Lost Indpls. Washington Invit. 6th Gavit Won Hammond Tech Won Highland Invitational 2nd Lake Central Invitational 2nd Hobart Invitational 5th Clark Won E.C. Roosevelt Won Lake Shore Conf. Meet Won Sectionals Won Regionals 2nd Semi-State 8th State — Al Frost 38th Closing in on the finish line is senior At Frost, as Coach Bill Archer records his winning time. Cross Country — 61 LRDV GDV5 Close games, some eventually going into overtime, were very much a part of the 1979-80 girls varsity basketball season. One of the “nail-biters " came on December 18 when the Governors were on the road against Whiting. The score was tied at the end of regulation time, the first overtime, and then the Govs finally yielded at the end of the second extra session 59-57. Another close game took place on January 16. Morton was on the road again, this time at Bishop Noll. This contest was one of the more unusual games in recent history, not because Morton won 49-48 in double overtime, but the Governors ended up with only four players on the floor due to fouls and injuries. “The season was disappointing in many ways, after games I did not FIN15H G-E feel low, but I did not feel high either. This year ' s team was not very emotional, but on the other hand they were a fun group of kids. I enjoyed this year, " commented coach Letty Hicks. The Lady Govs gained a conference record of 6-2 in the 79- 80 season, which was good enough to earn them a second place finish in the Lake Shore Conference. Morton finished with a 9-5 overall record. Girls ' Varsity Basketball Opponent Morton Hammond High 57 48 Valparaiso 62 43 Clark 23 61 Griffith 18 49 Hammond Tech 34 87 Calumet 40 51 Whiting 59 57 Lake Central 44 46 Crown Point 45 34 Lowell 37 53 E.C. Washington 32 36 E.C. Roosevelt 48 51 Munster 39 38 Bishop Noll 48 49 Gavit 35 53 Sectional Bishop Noll 34 27 Varsity Basketball — Row 1: Monette Martone. Jane Herring, Sue Bardoczi, Renee Vermejan. Joyce Matonovich. Row 2: Coach Hicks, Sandy Hlad, Nancy Hladek, Sharon Ratajczak. Lyn Nicksic, Nancy Jazyk Girls Varsity Basketball — 63 J.V. — IT LUH5 H LONG 5EH5DN! Having an eight man team one might think would sometimes bring up difficulties as a result of foul problems or injury. Unfortunately, the 79-80 Governor B-Team fell prone to the set backs. But, despite the conditions that occured, the Gov ' s managed an 8- 11 overall record, and a conference record of 3-5. Later in the season, matters were even worsened by the loss of sophomore Tony Vermejan to varsity action. " We could have won a few more of our games since a number of the games that we lost were very close ' commented B-Team Coach Greg Jancich when asked about the season. B-Team Basketball Opponents Morton Highland 43 41 Lake Central 46 32 Griffith 42 48 Hobart 42 50 Lew Wallace 64 42 Bishop Noll 48 52 Crown Point 20 33 Whiting 40 35 Valparaiso 54 38 Gavit 37 39 E.C. Roosevelt 50 40 Hammond High 46 33 Clark 53 50 Tech 45 55 Gary Roosevelt 49 50 Andrean 30 37 Calumet 34 35 E.C. Wash. 41 40 64 — B-Team Basketball FRD5H LERRN NEUJ !8S B-BRLL 5HILL5 It was a long, hard season for the 79-80 freshman basketball team, as the " A " squad finished with a 5-15 overall record and 1-7 in the Lake Shore Conference. The “B " squad compiled a 5-9 overall season as well as being 2-2 in conference. One factor causing some difficulty was that the five regular starters had only been on the floor together for two games, due to illness, injuries, and ineligibility. " The season ' s been very disappointing to all of us, but the reason for our record is obvious with all of the absences,” commented freshman coach Rick Volbrecht. Losing to Merriville Harrison 50-13 in the opening game of the season, the Governors started off with a poor beginning. This was definitely the low point of our season” said Coach Volbrecht. But on the other hand, there have been many positive points. One surely is that all of the Governor games have been close with the exception of the Harrison and East Chicago Washington. An interesting matchup occured on January 8, when the Govs were on the road against a fairly good Griffith squad. Morton beat the Panthers 37-28. High scorers for the " A” squad were Mike Brimer and Rob Hernandez. Brimer and Austin Barret also led in the rebounding category. Dave Gonzalez led " B” squad scorers. Freshman Basketball Opponent Mor ton Merriville Harrison A 13 50 B 18 37 Clark A 32 41 B 30 20 Crown Point A 18 36 B 29 32 Lowell A 38 37 B 30 18 Highland A 36 45 B 24 34 Munster A 33 40 B 23 30 Andrean A 27 31 B 23 26 Gobart A 36 41 B 43 36 Bishop Noll A 24 36 B 21 69 Calumet A 40 29 B 24 23 Griffith A 37 28 B 27 40 Lake Central A 45 53 B 38 ■ 46 Hammond High A 31 36 B 47 37 E.C. Washington A 38 70 B 29 33 E.C. Roosevelt A 34 45 Gavit A 25 26 Hammond Tech A 43 40 Whiting A 40 44 L.S.C. Tourney Clark A 44 37 Hammond Gigh A 35 40 Freshmen Basketball — 65 GOVERNORS WIN HOLIORV TOURNRITIENT 66 — Varsity Basketball When the 1979-80 Morton Basketball season opened, the one thing the Governors had going for them was experience. Phil Elo and Scott Lush were starters last year, plus Steve Holmes, Darrin Bensinger, and Roy Perez saw their fair share of action during the 1978-79 season. But, when Morton took the floor for the first two times, they were missing two starters, one due to an injury, and one due to ineligibility and then the entire first half of the season saw the Governors plagued by illness. However, when the Governors came out of the Calumet Holiday Tourney, the half-way point of the season, Morton was sitting on a 5-4 record, the best since the 1976 Sectional Championship Team. Coach Russ Marcinek ' s team brought home the tourney trophy on victories over Portage, 84-63, and Calumet, 60-52. Out of the fi rst 10 games Morton played, four games ended in a two point spread or less. The Govs lost to Hobart 65-64, and beat Lew Wallace 57-55, Crown Point 57-55, and Whiting 46-45. Varsity Basketball: Row 1; Mgr. Joe Nagy, Coach Russ Joe Brzycki, Mark Johnson. Ron Brandner, Phil Elo, Mike Hoiper, Marcinek, Mgr. Bob Woosiey. Row 2; Steve Holmes. Ron Paiucki. Scott Lush. Darrin Bensinger. Roy Perez. Tony Vermejan. Varsity Basketball Opponent Morton Highland 85 62 Sake Central 60 50 Griffith 52 72 Hobart 65 64 Lew Wallace 55 57 Bishop Noll 56 51 Crown Point 55 57 Portage 63 84 Calumet 52 60 Whiting 45 46 Valparaiso 87 72 Gavit 58 84 E.C. Roosevelt 67 64 Hammond High 71 63 Clark 72 92 Hammond Tech 71 81 Gary Roosevelt 94 66 Andrean 93 64 Calumet 73 68 E.C. Washington 73 46 Forfeit due to ineligible player Sectionals Andrean 71 56 Senior Phi! Elo uses some fancy footwork to step around the defenders and take a shot at the basket. Varsity Basketball — 67 68 mORTON TRHCHETTE5 5ET FOUR NEW 5CHDDL RECORDS; 3-U IN L5C Record breaking performances certainly were highlights of the 1979 girls track team. Junior Ronda Reid, sophomore Sue Bardoczi, and freshman Colleen Johnston each posted new records in the field events. Reid set the new softball throw record at 203 ' V2 " : Bardoczi threw the shop put 31 ' 43 4 " ; and Johnston set the high jump mark at 4 ' 11 " . Sophomore Nancy Hladek broke the former mile record with the time ' of 6 : 00 . 1 . The trackettes had a overall record of 3-6, while they were 3-4 in the Lake Shore Conference. When asked to summarize the 79 ' season Coach Olive Wade concluded, “It was certainly a great honor for me as well as the team members to have broken so many school records! " Freshman Peggy Stephens and Sophomore Darla Price keeps a sophomore Darla Price join the steady pace as she strives to pack of long-distance runners at improve her time, the start of the miles run. Track Team: Front Row: Janet owski. Sharon Jadernak. Deanna zaiez. Daria Price, Laurie Ratajczak, Sue Guerrero. Peggy Stephens. Larita Bri . Sue Kielbasa. Lawrie Pastor. Debbie) Paatty Jansky, Assistant Coach Miss Schallenkamp, Nancy Magurany. Pam Marlow. Second Row: Coach Olive Wade. Monica Rameriz. Melissa Hoskins. Cindy TRNHmEN TRHE End IN 5ECTIDNRL5 Long, hard hours of practice certainly seemed worth while to the 1979-80 Morton swim team as they broke five school records and tied two this season. The tankmen placed fourth in sectionals and second in Indiana Lake Shore Conference. The Govs ' duel meet record was 10-3. Senior Scot Tomsic broke three school records and tied one. Tomsic set a new record in the 100 yard- butterfly with a time of 54.9. The 500 yard-freestyle was also broken by Tomsic with a time of 5:13.0. Tomsic, seniors Al Ramirez and Chris Wilson, and sophomore Dave Rycerz broke the 200 yard-medly relay with a time of 1:46.5. The 50 yard-freestyle was also tied by Tomsic with a time of 23.0. Sophomore Pat Kowalski set a new mark in the diving with a score of 271 and Dave Rycerz, also a sophomore, broke the 200 yard- individual medley with a time of 2:12. Senior Chris Wilson tied his brother ' s record in the backstroke with a time of 100.5. Out of the thirteen duel meets, the Governors only lost three. Two of them were to state ranked teams. Highland High and Bishop Noll. The other was to Chesterton. Sophomore Pat Kowalski only lost one diving competition this season in regular season duel meets. He was beaten by a state ranked competitor from Highland High. “I felt it was a great season. The team accomplished a lot and we built a good base and foundation for next year ' s team, " concluded Coach Kopercinski, who took over Mr. Bob Hunts position as head swimming coach in 1979. JOE SARWACINSKI aided COACH KOPERCINSKI as ASSISTANT COACH. Swimming Opponent Morton Tech Hammond Forfeit Chesterton 103 69 Hammond High 79 91 Gary Westside 65 107 Griffith 63 108 Horace Man n 31 134 Lew Wallace 55 112 Hammond Clark 45 126 Lake Central 72 98 Highland 97 76 Bishop Noll 98 74 Lowell 72 100 Gavit 59 112 Sectionals 4nd place I.L.S.C. 2nd place 70 — Swimming Swim Team: Row 1 — Scot Tomsic. Cris Kansfield. Mark Noldin, Ken Davidson. Gary Bond. Row 2 — Chuck Way wood. Darrin Doan. Brian Rycerz. Jeff Jelenski, Greg Zabinski. Row 3 — Dave Murchek. Pat Kowalski. Keith Brownwell. Kevin Brownwell. Dave Rycerz. Ro Bill Chris Wilson. Coach Pete Kopercinski. : Sharon Jadrnak. Paul Taylor. Tony Owen. A! Ramirez. Doug 71 TRRCHmEN FINISH FOURTH Placing fourth in the Lake Shore Conference Meet highlighted Morton ' s track season in 1979 as the Governors ended their year one game below the 500 mark at 5-6. Senior Jim Heller and sophomore Chris Polochak were the only record breakers during the 1979 season. Heller broke the previous 100 yd. dash record with a time of 10.1 and Polochak set the new freshmen- sophomore mark for the 120 high hurdles and the 330 low hurdles with times of 16.0 and 42.7 respectively. Mark Riley was voted team captain and was also named the team ' s Most Valuable Player. In addition, Riley accumulated the most total points during the season as he excelled in long distance runs, hurdles, with the pole vault and long jump as his field events. Senior Jim Heller was the team ' s second highest scorer as Heller participated in sprints such as the 100, 200, and 400 yd. dashes as well as participating in many winning relays. Boys Track Opponents Morton Bishop Noll 70 31 Calumet 53 31 Lew Wallace 69 31 Clark 49 71 E.C. Washington 46 71 E.C. Roosevelt 29 47 Hammond High 86 47 Bishop Noll 97 62 Whiting 0 62 Gavit 66 42 Hammond Tech 40 42 Boy Track Team: First Row — Scott Stevenson, George Hess, Jeff Juscik, Ken Paquin, Terry Clark, Cliff Biewinga, Bob Balczo, Lou Psenak, Second Row — Dan Snyder, All Frost, Chris Polochak, Armando Calderon. Roy Perez, Lolo Martinez, Frank Johnson, Danny Churilla, Rodney Elish. Frdnk Kusbel. Third Row — Coach William Archer, Daryll Jones. Nick Paunovich. Stan Potter. Mike Marks. John Marosi, Mike Price, Ron Brandner, William Brightwell, Tim Salach, Tod Marlott. Boys Track — 73 Not knowing what to do next sophomore Ken Quickly moving into action, junior Rick Garcia Paquin falls into a confusing position while attempts to reverse his opponents move, wrestling a Hammond Tech opponent. 74 — Wrestling PDTTER PLRCE5 Uth IN 5EIT1I-5TRTE The highlight of this year ' s Morton 1979-80 wrestling squad was having one of the players qualify for semi-state competition. Stan Potter, who was outstanding during the season, became the first since 1975 to qualify for semi-state. In the Hammond sectional, seniors Stan Potter and Dan MacLean placed first and second respectively. Potter dominated the title match of the 185-pound weight class, 10-2. MacLean advanced by pinning his opponent Dual Meets Opponent Morton Roosevelt 36 15 Washington 56 10 Bishop Noll 52 11 Horace Mann 33 39 Highland 66 6 Gavit 30 21 Hammond 66 6 Clark 27 25 Tech 34 30 Whiting 41 18 Tournament Record Merrillville 8th Place Tournament Calumet 7th Place Conference Conference 9th Place Tournament Sectionals 4th Place Regionals 12th Place in the first round of action. He then lost to his opponent in the title match to claim a second in the 138 pound weight class. Potter then advanced to regionals. He had a tough battle in the championship match, but came out victorious by beating his opponent, 9-4. In semi-state. Potter defeated his first opponent, 7-1. The second match did not turn out so well for Potter. He lost it in overtime, 9-3. Potter ' s overall record was 22-4. The team, which was not so fortunate this season, finished 1-9. Wrestling — 75 mEN TIE 5ER5DN RECDRD " At the beginning of the season there was no team concept, but by the end of the season, the players were rooting for each other, " commented Coach Bob Weiss about the 1979 tennis team. The racketmen finished the season with a 10-4 record, tying the best season record at Morton. The highpoint of the season was beating Hammond High, 3-2, in sectionals after falling to them in regular season play, 3-2. Junior Aaron Soto led the team as number one single player and junior Mike Chance, number two singles player, was also an exceptional racketman. Doubles play were led by senior Bill Golon and sophomore Rob Palucki. TENNIS Opponent Morton Gary Roosevelt 1 4 Hammond Tech 0 5 Gavit 0 5 Gary West Side 1 4 Clark 0 5 Hammond High 3 2 Bishop Noll 5 0 E.C. Roosevelt 2 3 Whiting 0 5 Gary Wirt 4 1 E.C. Washington 0 5 Sectionals Hammond High 2 3 Munster 5 0 Tennis Team: Row 1 — Coach Bob Golon. Andy Ryann. Ron Palucki. Weiss. Mike Price. Aaron Soto. Mike Danny Vranic. Ron Fary. Raul Lozano. Chance. Row 2 — Kurt Kortokrax. Bill Chris Polochak. Sophomore Ron Palucki returns a serve as his opponent tries to ace him. TENNIS Opponent Morton Hammond Tech 0 7 Valporaiso 6 0 E.C. Roosevelt 2 3 E.C. Washington 4 1 Lake Central 2 5 Hammond High 2 3 Gavit 1 4 Clark 1 4 Lowell 3 4 Sectionals Morton 9th Place Conference Morton 5-1 GIRL5 PLACE End IN L5C .The 1979 Morton girls ' tennis team finished with an impressive season record of 7-2. After the first four matches of the season, the Gov ' s were 2-2. The remainder of the matches were won. The Lady Govs beat Lake Central, 5-2, Hammond High, 3-2, Gavit, 4-1, Clark, 4-1, and Lowell, 4-3. Morton placed 9th in sectionals and their standings in conference were 5-1. East Chicago Washington was the only team that beat Morton. There were five teams under them. " The highlight of the season was capturing second place in conference and that was made possible by a great team effort and improvement throughout the season.” stated senior Gretchen Thorsky. J Girls Tennis — 77 78 — Golf GOVERNORS WIN CONFERENCE TITLE; FIR5T IN TOURNEV Finishing first in the conference along with winning the conference tourney certainly were great accomplishments for the 1979 golf team, as the Governors finished 15-3 overall and 13-1 in Lake Shore Conference action. Juniors Bob Soto and Mark Johnson lead the team with 43.1 and 44.3 averages respectively. Highlights of the 79 season included the Govs fourth place finish in sectionals, out of a total of 18 schools. The team placed 16 out of 28 teams in the Rensselear Invitational, and they participated in the Lake Hills Invitational Tourney coming in 22, out of a total of 40 schools. " We had a good season. We were competitive in our conference as we won both the conference and the conference tournament in the same year, which has never been done before. As usual, we had a very coachable kids, pleasant to be around. A credit to our school, " explained Coach Onie Penzato. After the 1979 season, Penzato retired from coaching. During Penzato ' s five years, his team won three conference titles, two conference tourneys, and qualified for the regionals twice. Mr. Fred Kepler took over the coaching job. Boys Golf Opponent Morton Gavit Won Bishop Won Highland Lost Hammond High Won Whiting Won E.C. Roosevelt Won Munster Lost Clark Won E.C. Washington Won Griffith Lost E.C. Roosevelt Won Lowell Won Clark Won E.C. Washington Won Griffith Lost Gavit Won Bishop Noll Won Andrean Lost Hammond High Lost Whiting Won Highland Lost Hannover Won Senior Mark Johnson concentrates while he practices upon his putting for the upcoming Lake Hills Invitational. Golf — 79 M 4 4 11 II A H ICNIDS WITH 6-2-2 IE44EI. 4-1-1 IN CONFERENCE The 1979 Morton soccer team finished their season with a 6-2-2 record, despite all their unfortunate injuries. Rick Thompson, who led the team in scoring, did not finish the season because of a knee injury. Sophomore Jeff Oros was also injured, but he continued to play. The Governors started out their season on a winning streak. With only two games in regular season left to play, the Govs were 6-0-2. The last games, which were to Hammond High and Munster, both were lost, 2-1. In conference play, the Govs were second with a record of 4-1-1. " The season started too soon and the team peaked too soon. The injuries really hurt! " , commented Coach John Pimentel. Jeff DeRolf and Al Skager were team captains. Outstanding players were Ken Kolodziej, a good all- around man, and Jeff Herring, an exceptional offensive player. Opponent Clark Wirt Gavit Tech Merr illville Highland E.C. Washington Bishop Noll Hammond High Munster Soccer — 81 Verejan, Ed Hernandez, Glenn Harakel, Jeff Elo. David Gentry, Dan Gordon, Joe Madison, Rob Avenatti, Third Row: Grubesic, Coach Jack Georgas. Assistant Coach Greg Jancich, Jeff Schneider, Darin Bensinger, Scott Jush. Phil Baseball Team: First Row: Dennis Zaremba. David Opinker, Tony Vermejan, John Reis, Tom Gatlin, Mark Eaton. Second row: Ray Kubeck, Rory Segally. Alex Head Coach Jack Georgas and Assistant Coach Greg Jancich plan the strategy for the Gavit game. Surprising the Gavit catcher, junior Jeff Schneider beats his throw to third for the steal. me: mORTON BRITTEN END SHEAR RT 13- ID Baseball Opponent Mortc Gavit 6 5 E.C. Roosevelt 1 0 Hammond Tech 2 12 Whiting 0 7 E.C. Washington 0 10 Hammond High 3 0 Whiting 6 16 Calumet 9 3 Gavit 10 21 Bishop Noll 11 7 Hammond Tech 3 4 Calumet 0 6 Clark 1 0 E.C. Washington 0 7 Hammond High 2 7 E.C. Roosevelt 4 12 Clark 2 12 Bishop Noll 4 3 Griffith 5 2 Baseball — 85 Finishing the year with a 13-10 overall record, and being 10-6 in the Lake Shore Conference was good enough to earn the 1979 baseball team a fourth place finish in the final conference standings. Junior Scott Lush had the highest batting average with .378; while seniors Mike Sapyta and Greg Brandner were at .338 and .333 respectively. Brander also batted in 27 runs, while Sapyta, Lush, and Phil Elo each brought in 15. Carrying the team through the season was junior pitcher Steve Zubrenic, who had a pitching record of 4-0, and Lush who had a record of 4-3. With tvfo outs, a full count, and the tieing run on third base, senior Rory Segally nervously awaits the pitch hoping to bring in a run and tie the game. With the credit total raised to 34 and seniors taking on a full schedule, a larger selection of electives are needed. The social studies department includes a contemporary problems class. This class, which is taught by Mr. Don Hodson, deals with problems that happened in the past, and problems that face the world today. If one needs an English credit, one can enroll in creative writing, where stories and plays are written. Mr. John Bolinger is the teacher. Reading skills in the English department with Mr. Glen Bacus is another favorable elective. In this class one can improve his reading speed and comprehension. On the other end of the school a new gym class was added; advanced physical education, taught by Mr. Maurey Zlotnik. The class, open to both boys and girls, who participate in activities similar to first year P.E., with greater emphasis on skill improvement. 86 — Academics STAFFERS Drawing layouts, writing copy and captions, and cropping pictures are many of the tasks facing Top Hat students this year. Top Hat is the class which puts together the annual yearbook, but it is more than just a regular academic class, it is also a fun class. " Going along to take pictures, interviewing teachers for stories, and helping to put the book together is all part of the staff working together. " said Paula Theodore, Top Hat Managing Editor. As the deadline date rolls around, many students are running around trying to finish on time. The edge editors are a big help in this aspect, as they do many of the odd jobs for the section editors. After two semesters of Top Hat, one can be inducted into Quill and Scroll, an honorary society designed for the Top Hat and Mortonite staffs. ARRANGE YEARBOOK Edge Editors — Front Row: Sue Golon, Kelley Walsh. Chris Polochak, Jeff Juscik. Phil Markovich, Beth Saculla. Rosie Richmond. Kim Hantz. Bob McAfee, Second Row: Jane Herring. Debbie Bach, Barb Serfic, Joy Berry, Shelley Geissendorfer. Sherri Bryce. Dawn Bach, Lee Ann O ' Drobinak, Michelle Lelito, Third Row: Scoff West. Jeff Schneider, Dave Mays. Carol Olson. Sue Opinker, Patty Munjas, Lori McBride, Jeannine Kocon, Teresa Lozano, Linda Galka, Sheila Soltys. 88 — Top Hat Opening section editor, senior Pamela Sullivan makes final corrections before sending the proofs back to the company. Top Hat Editors: Managing Editor Paula Theodore. Layout Editor Chris Lelito. and Copy Editor Faith Marcinek. Section Editors Front Row: Wendy Markowski. Russ McGehee. Pam Meier. Diane Kosinski. Sharon Gasior. Connie Evanich. Lori Brown. Second Row :Ron Salach. Lana Kaiser, Brenda Edwards. Joyce Matonovich, Janice Trissler, Marcie Herochik, Third Row: Pam Sullivan, Paulette Szczepanski, Lynn Nlcksic. Monette Martone, Karen Lipka. Ruby Teran. Page editors: First Row; Georganne Stoming. Shelley Gillespie. Lisa Nucico. Larry Cuipak, Nancy Relinski, Second Row; Al Ramerez, Renee Vermejan. Nick D ' Angelo. Dan Loser. Jane Krizman. Third Row; Dean Rubino. Ron Salach. Mark Rebey. Chris Reid. Sandy Hooper. Editorial page editor. Lisa Nuccio works on getting all the copy straight before sending the paste-up to the Calumet Press. 90 — Morfonite Editors: First Row — Cecilia Stojan, Nada Vranic; Copy Editors, Second Row — Sandy Hlad, Robbin McNash; Layout Editors. Center — John Bass, Managing Editor. M0RT0NITE STAFF MEETS DEADLINES " Will each teacher please send one student from each class to room 238 to pick up Mortonites. " This announcement is heard every two weeks. During the two weeks between issues, the students in Mortonite write copy, prepare layouts, and do paste-ups of the paper. Mortonite students start each issue by choosing a story to write. The student finds out the facts by interviewing people connected with the story and then writes the story. Copy editors, Nada Vranic and Cecilia Stojan check the copy for errors. Meanwhile, the page editors are preparing their layouts from the list of assigned stories and Sandy Hlad and Robbin McNash, layout Reporters: Front Row, Jerry Walker, Michael Matura, Rich Patlyek. Brian Steinberg, Chuck Morse, Back Row; editors, are responsible for checking that aspect of putting an issue together. After the layout is completed, the paste-up is sent to the Calumet Press for publication. The papers are then brought to school, counted out by the students, and distributed. Besides writing the editorials, managing editor John Bass makes sure that everyone gets their job done right and on time. " When I took over as managing editor, there were a lot of problems that last year ' s staff had that I hoped we would not have. I think this year ran smoother than last year and we did a better job,” stated John. Michael Piotrow ski. Sam Signorelli, Len Relinski. Sue Bardozi. Andrea Dehenes. Tom Miskovich, Ed Kielbasa. EXPERIMENTS EQNELUDE Science classes are not all long hours of listening to boring lectures and taking notes. They are experimenting, examining the results and drawing the right conclusions. Animal behavior is a class that fits that description perfectly. In this class, one studies different animal actions, including those of mice and wolves. Zoology also deals with animals. Students in this class are expected to disect and study the internal organs of animals such as frogs, turtles, cats, and even animals as large as sharks. Zoology is certainly not for those who have weak stomachs. But zoology students are not the only ones who are eager to get their hands on a scalpel; biology students are too. Although the animals used are not quite as large as the sharks, they are still as difficult. Only a small part of biology is disecting. Studying plant growth and making slides are also part of biology. The microscope and the stereoscope are valuable tools to the biologist. Botanists also rely on tools such as the microscope for help in their study of flowers and plants. In botany, which is only offered in the spring, one studies all the parts of a plant; the root, the stem, the leaf and the flower. The botany students go to the Indiana Dunes to study over 30 different types of wild flowers. Learning to make terrariums is also an interesting part of botany. Some people think that taking pictures is interesting, and for them the class to take is photography. In photography, one not only learns how to take pictures, but how to develop them too. Because everybody has different tastes, there are still more science classes, including chemistry and earth science. A new and different class taught this year is drug abuse, which teaches students about various drugs and their effects on people. The results prove that the science classes are interesting, informative and worth experimenting. Two heads are better than one Sophomore Bob Markovich uses this device while studying the body in health and safety class. Juniors Barb Petroski and Ron Kaminski work diligently on a project assigned in zoology class, as junior Kim Kotecki looks on. 92 — Science Sophomore Bob Gollner, with the aid of sophomore Ken George, makes a leaf collection for biology class. Careful procedures are necessary as junior Jim Bac studies the behavior of a snake, as senior Bridget Lauerman takes notes. Closely watching for the results. Seniors Vince Vela and Tami Horn senior Tina Coots and junior Jeff discuss the various drugs in class. Schneider finish lab. Science — 93 •HELP FIND EAREER5 CLASSES Have you ever considered a job in business after high school? Many people are thinking that way these days and will probably profit greatly from it. Morton offers many different varieties of business classes such as typing, shorthand, notehand, stenography, clerical practice, and bookkeeping or accounting. All of which will help you on your way to a job in the business world. These classes are not all work either. For instance, every year, the shorthand classes go on a field trip to Chicago with Mrs. Hart, usually in the spring. There, they get a tour of the First National Bank of Chicago, see the Board of Trade Building, and other businesses in Chicago. Also, in the shorthand classes girls can earn extra bonus points by wearing a dress one day a week. " This helps promote good grooming habits for the girls which plays an important role in making it in the business world,” stated Mrs. Helen Hart, shorthand teacher. Hart also urges exercising and eating right to keep fit. The girls are rewarded for this by having their names printed in a newsletter that is sent out once a month to parents and faculty. Second semester is spent mostly on discussing different careers and finding the right one for you. Mrs. Hart always has a career and fashion bulletin board set up in her room. In the shorthand classes this year, there are two boys enrolled which shows the turnover of all girl classes to a balance in both. In other classes such as clerical practices Mr. Alexander, Business Department Chairman said, " It is mostly learning the use of different machines which should be helpful if you decide to venture into a career in business. " A few of these machines are the duplicator, mimeography machine, dictaphones, 9 and 10 key adding machines and also learning how to file papers. In typing and personal typing classes, one is required to type out letters, envelopes, and manuscripts. Also, there are time writings to do in which one tries to get a better score each time, with as few errors as possible. Then there are always the fun times when students try to type to the beat and rhythm of music. In the accounting or bookkeeping class, students learn how to balance books and work with figures, which is always helpful in getting a good job. ENGLISH MADE INTERESTING Creative writing is a course for those who like to write compositions and stories. This class is a way of expressing yourself through writing. Composition skills is designed as a review of the basic grammar skills for the non-college bound student. Advanced composition, on the other hand, is designed to perfect writing skills, including research techniques. Debate or forensics is a class for those who enjoy arguing. It is a class in theory and participation in structured argumentation. Then there is the famous mass media class in which students tape television shows and commercials they write themselves. This class is perfect for people who like to be " under the lights. " After students complete the required English 1-4, they may choose from any of the other English electives. Among the electives offered at Morton are american literature, world literature, reading skills and more. As a freshman, students are required to take English 1 and 2. In these classes students are taught basic grammar and sentence construction, such as diagraming. Sophomore year students are enrolled into English 3 and 4, where they give speeches and read short plays and novels. The three different one semester literature classes; american literature, world literature, and modern world literature, are all designed as a preparation for college bound students. American literature is the study of the American national literary heritage, which includes many of the Pulitzer and Nobel prize winners. World and modern world literature puts a greater emphasis on the classics of both the Eastern and Wetern Cultures. 96 — English Senior Steve Klosak uses a controlled reader to help improve his comprehension. English — 97 ySj gvught PUPILS STUDY SHAPES Picking up a pencil and drawing a picture ... that ' s art to some people. To Mr. Anthony Waring ' s art students, it is much more. Art requires some ability, patience, much concentration, and a lot of hard work! The first year of art is known as the foundation program. Students are taught the basic principles of art that are essential in becoming good artists. They work with value, space, color, texture, lines, and shapes. To develope better observation and more sensitivity, the students practice " contour drawing " After learning the basics, the students in art 3-4 learn the proper way of drawing. Art 5-6 deals with sculpture and art 7-8 deals with water colors and tempera paints. What you see ... sophomore Carol Hauer and junior Kevin Kolanowski draw their hands by r eflection. BASICS TflUGtiT Interested in learning more about music, such as musical dictation, time signatures and transpose, then you must be in Mrs, Glenda Kolar ' s music theory class. Students learn the fundamentals of music. They learn to read music fast and easily. This is helpful when they create musical compositions that are original. Ear training is an important practice to teach students different notes. It is usually practiced by listening to the notes on the piano. Sharps and flats are determined by listening to these notes. Once the basics are learned, all of their acquired knowledge is put to use by arranging songs for the band. Music theory is a challenging, one semester course. Music Theory — 99 CHILDREN STUDIED Thought you saw an awfully small freshman walking down the hall the other day, right? Well relax, that was just one of the children brought to school for child development. Each year students in child development are asked to bring in a pre-school age child to study his behavior. With the cost of clothes going up, more girls are taking clothing class. They learn the basics of sewing, and the proper way to use a sewing machine. From this, the girls are able to make their own clothes. Students in foods classes have been learning cooking techniques, practicing them, and then eating the results! Interpersonal relationships gives girls insights to happy marriages. GLASSES FOR FUN The foreign language department at Morton is a very complete one, including three different languages; French, Spanish, and German. In these classes, one is taught to use the language well enough to get along in a different country. Also, Morton has a foreign language club for those who like to learn a little bit about different languages. Foreign language classes are a lot of work as well as a lot of fun. Every year, Herr Dieter Meister takes his German classes on a field trip to Germantown in North Chicago, where they see the German way of life and get to eat some of the delicious German pastries and foods. Foreign Language — 101 EAR ENGINES ARE REBUILT To give knowledge, to teach an occupation, and to interest one in an avocation are the three main goals of the industrial arts department. Mr. Onie Penzato, metals teacher, believes that the industrial arts program is one that people can enjoy and also benefit from by participating in it. In Power Mechanics 1, students spend the first six weeks getting to know their cars. They learned the parts of the car and how to give a car a tune-up. To be knowledgeable consumers, the students study many different guarantees of cars. This should help them in the future when they are buying cars of their own. Power Mechanics 2 is an advanced class. This year, these students rebuilt three car engines.. How to use basic hand tools and machines is one of the first things taught in Woods . Once these machines are demonstrated, each student is expected to use them when doing his projects. Every student makes the same first project so the teacher can determine his capabilities and the degree of difficulty for the next project. Welding and forging are two of the main practices of the students in their first year of metals. Introduction to industrial arts is a class that a student must take before he takes any of the industrial arts classes. Precise drawings require concentration for For a smooth finish senior Rob Cashen sands senior Mike Bermingham in mechanical his project in woodshop. drawing. 102 — Industrial At 103 MATH EbflSSES SEflRE STUDENTS If the words analysis, advanced algebra, and trigonometry scare you a little, you are among a vast number of high school students who feel the same way. These classes are some of the college- bound math courses offered here at Morton. The classes are here to prepare students for college-type math. Students are still a bit afraid of taking the higher math classes because the courses simply " sound " hard. The classes are designed for those who like to take challenging courses. The more general-type classes are taken by those who just simply want to get by. The general math classes just go over basic mathematics concepts that everyone should know. Some teachers also try to introduce the metric system to students, a system which will come into effect in this country very soon. Classes like geometry and algebra help to teach students how to think. The two-year requirement for math is not always easy to meet after the two years are completed, many students do not take any math classes in their junior and senior years. However, some students choose to go on to take the harder college-prep courses. 104 - Math flDVflNEED P.E. ATTRflETS STUDENTS Along with the regular boys and girls gym classes, a new one was added this year, advanced physical education, taught by Mr. Maurey Zlotnik. The class is scheduled seventh hour and they participate in the same activities as first year P.E. bul at a more advanced level. Advanced P.E. is open to boys and girls, both in one class. Senior Steve Holmes a student in Advanced P.E. commented, " It is a little different than first year P.E. since it is co-ed, but none of the boys seem to mind. " The regular gym classes participate in such activities as basketball, crab soccer, football, gymnastics, square dancing, swimming, tennis, volleyball and many more. The teachers are Miss Hall and Miss Hicks for the girls, and Mr. Hunt and Mr. Zlotnik for the boys. 106 — Gym Gym — 107 While studying in the library, freshman Karen Ondo attempts to complete a term paper for her geography class. UNELE SW M0NEY, AND CULTURES Social Studies — N. pi: a part of a school curriculum ... usually made up of courses in history, government, economics, sociology, and geography. Added to the list of social studies electives second semester was women ' s issues. It was started by Mrs. Jane Hall. The course is divided into three major parts: the history of women in America, issues and problems concerning women today, and choices and challenges that face women today. Contemporary problems is taught by Mr. Don Hodson. “In contemporary problems, we talk about things in detail that a lot of people really wouldn ' t know. Some of the topics we discussed were the tragic childhood of Charles Manson, and why cult leader Jim Jones destroyed a lot of people in Guyana, " stated senior Nada Vranic. y Debbie Vance, and seniors Michelle ford. Jami Snyder, and KaLee Sobek look magazines for articles in economics class. kjp r ' s education class is not as easy as ' one might think as senior Mike Herbert found out last summer during a parallel parking session. mm OftlM f OUCATIOH CAW studentdriver junior Steve Bn Conservation cj b§planting a I YEE BUILDS NEW FITNESS TRAIL Students heading toward the beach to relax and have a good time is a sure sign that school is finally out. Summer is a time to take it easy, but for some students it ' s back t o the books for three more months of school. Summer school consists of economics, government, English, social studies, etc. For the coming freshmen, typing is available, and for some students driver ' s education is offered. If you ' re the one for money, the Youth Conservation Corps employes many students to work around the school grounds. The students worked on such things as planting and watering trees, laying sod, taking care of the Morton Nature Center, and last summer, the Y.C.C. built the " Fitness Trail " . Summer School — 111 Ml I ISIS RECEIVE To become this year ' s DAR award recipient, one had to be nominated in homeroom, and then selected by the teachers from the 18 names submitted. Sue Vrahoretis was selected to represent Morton and take an essay type test involving current events, history, government, and economics questions. Pam Magginis and Paulette Murchek competed with singers from Northwest Indiana to gain acceptance in this year ' s All State Choir. Selections were based upon the students ability to read music as well as to sing. Titles of Mr. Football, Miss Volleyball, Mr. Tennis and Mr. Cross Country were given to honored sports players at a Booster Club dance. Rich Nallenweg, Renee Vermejan, Bill Golon, and A 1 Frost (respectively) were chosen by the student body in homeroom ballots. Daughter ' s of the American Revolution Citizenship Award Sue Vrahoretis 112 — Awards Awards — 113 NEW PRINCIPAL SHAPES UP MORTON Look around you. Do you notice anything different in the school environment this year? You should! Many changes were made this year at Morton. One major reason for these changes is Morton ' s new principal. Dr. Timothy F. Brown, who replaced Dr. W.W. Becker this year. Dr. Brown has a long list of credentials. He was an English and Humanities teacher in Indianapolis, an administrator at Dyer Middle School, and supervisor of instruction for three Hammond Public High Schools. Dr. Brown has made many alterations in the curriculum this year. The big problem in the parking lot has been solved and you won ' t be seeing any more beer cans lying around because of stricter enforcement of the rules on lunch hours and at dances. Also, each student was assigned a parking space. If a student parks in the wrong space, they risk getting their car towed away at their own expense. All in all. Dr. Brown has done a fine job of cleaning up Morton. The administration, faculty and student body were saddened by the loss of the Superintendent of Hammond City Schools, Dr. Willard Congreve, who passed away on November 29, 1979. A moratorium to Dr. Congreve is on page 19 in this book. Two other new faces have joined the Governor counseling staff this year. Ms. Marilyn Bercik has replaced Miss Judith Anderson, and Miss Wilma Clair has taken Mrs. Marsha Weiss ' s place. The counseling staff has come up with a new policy for schedule changes this year. If a student wants a schedule change, that student must write a letter explaining the change needed and get the letter signed by their parent or guardian. The counselor then looks at the letter and decides whether or not the student should receive the change. This method has avoided much havoc in the counseling department. Seven new teachers have joined the Morton teaching staff. They are Mr. Stanley Bobowsky, Mrs. Elaine Craig, Mr. Jeff Hayden, Mrs. Colantha Hill, Ms. Ramona Engle, Mr. Tim Margerum, and Mr. Tom Schaefer. Mrs. Mikler is the new paraprofessional, and Mrs. Francis Michalak is the new school nurse. These new teachers were a welcome addition to the MHS teaching staff. 114 — Administration Mr. Ernest Alexander Mr. William Archer Mr. Glen Bacus Mr. Michael Bandura Business Science English Business Dept. Chairman Cross Country Track Coach Mr. Don Casperson Industrial Arts Miss Karen Colins Special Education Twirler Sponsor Mr. Robert E. Coolidge Social Studies Mrs. Elaine Craig Mathematics Mrs. Mary Douglas Foreign Language Travel Club Sponsor Mrs. Dorothy Dixon Special Education Mr. Joseph E. DePeugh Mathematics Dept. Chairman Mr. M. Damiano Science Student Association Sponsor Mr. Jack Georgas Social Studies Varsity Baseball Coach Asst. Varsity Football Coach Mrs. Jan Gillard English Folk Club Sponsor Miss Dona Goldman English Mr. Don Hodson Social Studies Senior Class Sponsor Mrs. Geraldine Hooksma Consumer Education Home-Ec Club Sponsor Mr Philip Hruskovich Social Studies Mr. G.R. Huber Mathematics Mr. Gregory Jancich Social Studies B-Team Basketball Coach Asst. Varsity Baseball Coach Mr Fred Kepler Science Freshman Football Coach Wrestling Coach Mrs. Glenda Kolar Instrumental Music Jazz Band Sponsor Band. Stage Band Mr. J.J. Kolar Social Studies A. V. Club Sponsor Audio Visual Coordinator Mr. Donald Maicher Business Mrs. Nora Mann Consumer Education Mr. Russell Marcinek Social Studies Varsity Basketball Coach M-Club Sponsor Mr. Tim Margerum Mathematics Mr Scott Markley Journalism, Top Hat Mortonite. Quill and Scroll Sponsor Mr. Daniel Mayerik Industrial Arts Booster Club Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor Herr D. Meister Foreign Language Photo. Zoology Sponsor Ms. Patricia Mikuta Mr. Dor Moretton Business Typing. Government Mrs. Linda Mudra Consumer Education Home-Ec Club Sponsor Mr. George H. Nelson Social Studies History Club Sponsor Mr. Leo Ortoff English Mr. Onie Penzato Industrial Arts Dr. Mary J. Pettersen Science Dept. Chairman Chemistry Club Sponsor Mr. Julian H. Rasmussen Science Zoology, Photo Club Sponsor Mr. Robert J. Weiss Mr. Jerry A. Woodward Science Social Studies Spelunking. Herpetology Club Sponsor Mr. Dennis Zelenke English Dept. Chairman Mr. Maurey Zlotnik Physical Education Athletic Director 122 Custodians — Mr. John Riley. Mr. Les Rodda. Mr. Mike Spudic First Row — Mrs. Joyce Kovacek, Ms. Norma Smack Second Row — Mrs. Joan Gilespie, Mrs. Eleanor Randall, Mrs. Emily Koibus. and Mrs. Shirley Davis ' aV Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Gregg Jancich works out every day after school in the gym to keep himself in fine ohysicai condition. Mrs. Carol Damiano. Mr. Rick Huber, and Mrs. Elaine Craig discuss what seems to be a funny math problem. 125 " I can ' t believe itl Seniors already. Where did the past four years go? " Comments like these can be heard around school as seniors go to their last homecoming, football and basketball games, and their " last dance. " Remember when we were freshmen and our class won the spirit stick? Sophomore year dragged on and we could not wait to be juniors. And, of course, junior year when the junior powder puff team beat the seniors 12-0. What a night! Now at last the long awaited senior year. Everyone looks forward to it, yet we also are hesitant when we think of leaving Morton forever. But even after we leave the halls of Morton, we will not leave our memories. They will always be with 126 — Seniors — June brings sadness for some relief for others Four years ago, a group of frustrated and nervous frehmen appeared at the doors of Morton High. At first, timid of the size of the school, we walked along trying our best to stay out of the way of the seniors. Now, before we knew it, those four years had passed and we were the seniors laughing at the freshmen, remembering that we had been the same way. Yes, as we look back on those years, each one of us will hold memories that can never be erased from the heart. The good times of football games, dances, and the not-so-good times of term papers, detentions, and homework. We came into this school a group of indecisive young teenagers, and as we leave, hopefully, we will have grown up. We will be more sure of ourselves, our lives, and our future. We won ' t even be able to thank the countless number of teachers and friends who have helped us along the way. The climb to the top was a hard, demanding one and many times we wanted to quit, but the realization that without the education we have received, we would never be able to let our lives amount to anything. As June approaches closer some of us are filled with sadness at the thought of being finished with school. Although college may be the plans for some, it can never be as high school was. The close friends we had in high school usually don ' t attend the same college, and as much as one would like to continue friendships, sometimes they must end in order for new friendships to begin. Letting go of your childhood and stepping into the adult world is something we all must face. It is sad to think it is almost completed now but it is a good feeling to know that we have learned enough to start out as young adults in the world. High school has given us a base to start on, something which has taught us a very important factor in life — responsibility. It taught us to set goals for ourselves and if it was what we wanted that we would have to work our very hardest. This will be the last time I will see all the seniors with such a serious expression on their faces. Each of their minds wondering how those years could have gone by so fast. It seems we had only just begun to become sure of ourselves and now we ' re being pushed out the doors into that wide world of adulthood. And finally my name is called and I walk with my head held high and I look around to see all those proud parents patiently waiting to see their own son or daughter walk up the aisle with jelly knees. Now with diploma in my hand I turn my tassle and realize it ' s over and slowly a tear slips from my eye and rolls down my cheek. So, we the class of 1980, shall step out into the world and put our best foot forward. It will truly be the dawning of a new decade after twelve years of preparing. We will be the adults of tomorrow, the educators of the future. Carmela Abasolo — Girls Chorus 2; Foreign Language Club 2; Travel Club 3; Morfonite 3; Quill Scroll 3-4; Future Educators 4: Who ' s Who 3 Sharon Marie Adorjan — Girls Chorus 1; Who ' s Who 3; Ski Club 2 Lisa Marie Adzla — Mass Media Club 3; M-Club 3-4; Mortonite 2; Girls Basketball 1; Girls Tennis 2-3; Ski Club 2 Jessica L. Aguilera — Travel Club 1-4; M-Club 1-4; Booster Club 1. 3. 4; Association 1, 3 (Homeroom Rep.); Volleyball 2; Girls Tennis 1-4 Tina Marie Alaniz — Travel Club 2; Booster Club 1. 3; Timeretts 1-3 Cheryl Lynn Alberts — Orchestra 2-4; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Booster Club 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Lynn Algozlne — Travel Club 1-2; M-Club 3-4; Booster Club 1-4; Mortonite 3; Association 3-4 (Homeroom Rep); Girls Basketball 1-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Arthur Antkowlak — Boys Chorus 1: Stage Crew Top Hat Theater 1 Sherle Axtman Janee M. Babbitt — Booster Club 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Dawn Marie Bach — Herpetology 1: Travel Club 2-3; Booster Club 1-2; Top Hat 3-4; Quill Scroll 4; MITS 2 Debra G. Bach — Herpetology 1; Travel Club 1-3; Booster Club 2-3; Top Hat 3-4; Pom Pon Girls 4; MITS 1-2 128 — Seniors Candice Ann Ballard — Stage Band 4; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Booster Club 4; Girls Basketball 2; Powder Puff 4; Teacher Assistant 2 Duane Banks — AV Club 3; Teacher Assistant 2 Margaret Bardoczl — Hall Monitor 3; Teacher Assistant 3 Martin Bardoczl — Concert Band 1, 2. 4; Marching Band 1, 2. 4 Charles Barnes — M-Club 2-4; Boys Basketball 2 (Manager) Bridget Denise Barrentlne — Teacher Assistant 2; Hall Monitor 2 Pamela Jean Barrlck — Girls Tennis 1-2; Teacher Assistant 1-3; Hall Monitor 4 John Bass — Mortonite 2-3 (Sports Editor 3. Managing Editor 4); Quill Scroll 3-4 (Vice-Pres. 4); Associdtion 4; Baseball 3-4; Who ' s Who 3; Citizens Apprenticeship Program 3 Darcella Bell — Art Club 3; Booster Club 3 Lewis Bell Nina Bell — Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Choir 2; Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 4; Herpetology 2; Travel Club 2-3; Booster Club 2-3; Homecoming Court 4; Pom Pon Girls 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Who ' s Who 3-4 Patricia Bell — Top Hat 3; Teacher Assistant 1-3 Darin Benslnger — M-Club 2-4; Boys Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4 Michael Bermlngham Donna Bernackl — Photo Club 3; Travel Club 3-4; Booster Club 1-2; Top Hat 2-3; Association 2 (Homeroom Rep.) Seniors — 129 Steven Bethell Lori Beverlln Laura Bewley — Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Choir 2; Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 1-4; Travel Club 2-3; Booster Club 1-2; Folk Club 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Top Hat Theater 1-2; Mixed Company 3-4; Who ' s Who 3-4 Angle Bllllngsly — Photo Club 4; Art Club 2-3 Kathleen Bobowski — Photo Club 2-3; (Secretary); Booster Club 3; Powder Puff 3-4: Teacher Assistant 2-3 Martin Craig Boelt — Av Club; Association 4 (Homeroom Rep.) Marynell Boer — Chemistry Club 3; Travel Club 4; Booster Club 4; Powder Puff 4; Martin Booker — AV. Club 1-3 JoAnn Botman Dale Bradley — AV. Club 1-2 Ronald Brandner — M-Club 2-4; Boys Basketball 1-4; Boys Track 1-4; Cross Country 3-4; All Conference 4 William Brlghtwell — M-Club 3-4; Boys Basketball 2-3; Boys Track 1-4; Cross Country 3-4 David Brllmyer — Association 3-4 (Homeroom Rep.); Boys Basketball 1; Boys Track 2 Pamela Brlmer — Travel Club 4; Booster Club 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4; Tea cher Assistant 3-4 Velma Brlzzl Thomas Brnlcky — Mixed Choir 2; Boys Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4 Seniors struggle through final semester Duane Brown — AV. Club 1-2: Soccer 1 Daniel Bryant — Wrestling 2-3 Armando Calderon — Boys Track 1; Football 1; Wrestling 2 Daniel Cambell Tina Canarlnl Debra Cantrell — Chemistry Club 3: Foreign Language Club 1: Travel Club 1- 4; Booster Club 1-4; Association 1 (Homeroom Rep.); Powder Puff 4; Joan Carlson — Caving Club 1-2; Herpetology 1 Karen Carter Robert Cashen — Photo Club 1-2; Homecoming Escort 4; Mortonite 3; Quill Scroll 3 Edward Chamberlain — Photo Club 2; Physics Club 4; Travel Club 4; Bowling Club 4; Homecoming Escort 4 Joyce Charles — Mixed Choir 3; Girls . Chorus 2; Concert Choir 4; Home Ec. Club 1-2 Misty Chavez — Foreign Language Club 1- 2: Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-3; Girls Basketball 1; Girls Track 1-2; Association 2- 3 Laurence Clupak — Caving Club 1-3; Photo Club 2; Herpetology 1-3; Thespians 2-4; Mortonite 3-4; Quill Scroll 4; Stage Crew Top Hat Theater 2-4 Craig Clark Michele Clark — Herpetology 2 Belinda Coon — Foreign Language Club 1-2; Travel Club 1-2: Booster Club 1-4: Powder Puff 4 Tina Coots — Travel Club 2; Booster Club 2-4: Pom Pon Girls 2-4; Association (Homeroom Rep.); Powder Puff 3 Loree Cornellson — Mixed Choir 2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 2-4; Travel Club 2-4; Booster Club 3-4; Folk Club 3-4: Association 4 (Senator); National Honor Society 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4; Who ' s Who 3-4; Ploys 4 Arthur Cornwell — Bowling Club 4 (Pres.) John Coulter Donald Cruse Lisa Cruz — Foreign Language Club 1-2; Travel Club 1-2; Booster Club 1-4; Girls Track 3-4: Powder Puff 4 Chris Cudzilo Michael Cummins Seniors — 131 You must have been a beautiful Baby! Nicholas D’Angelo — Mortonite 3-4: Quill Scroll 3-4: Football 1-2; Baseball 3: Boys State Rep. 3: Golf 1-2: Boy’s State 4: Who’s Who 3-4 Kenneth Daniels — M-Club 3-4: Association 4: Boys Track 1-2; Football 1-4; Baseball 3-4; Wrestling 1-2 Alan DeBold — Mixed Choir 2; Boys Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 3-4; AV. Club 3; Top Hat Theater 2-4 Lisa Ann DelToro — Girls Chorus 1: Travel Club 1-2; Booster Club 1, 3, 4; Mortonite 3; Pom Pon Girls 4; Twiriers 2; Association 2 Powder Puff 3-4; Who ' s Who 3-4 Jeffrey Devine — Electronics Club 4 Donna Dodd Mary P. Domslc — Photo Club 3; Travel Club 3-4; Booster Club 1 Jeffrey Dowling — Powder Puff 3-4 (Coach); Hall Monitor 1-2 Tammy Downey John Dragomer — Caving Club 2-3; Top Hat 3; Association 2-3; Boys Track 1-2 Lisa Dugan — Volleyball 1; Teacher Assistant 4 Dennis Ebeltoft — Cross Country 1; Golf 3-4 Brenda Edwards — Orchestra 2-3; Stage Band 2-3; Concert Band 1-3; Marching Band 1-3; M-Club 3-4; Booster Club 3-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Underclass Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 4; Girls Basketball 1-3; Powder Puff 3-4; Volleyball 1-4; Association 1-4 (Homeroom Rep.) Philip Elo — Physics Club 4 (Vice-Pres.); M- Club 2-4; Homecoming Escort 4; Mortonite 3; Quill Scroll 3-4; Association 2-3 (Class Pres.); N.F.L. Debate 4; Boys Basketball — 1-4; Baseball 1-4; All Conference Basketball 4; All-Conference Baseball 3 Senior Rory Segally shows his good humor after being selected Mr. Baby by students attending the Mr. Football dance in October. 132 — Seniors Senior Vice-President Sue Platt takes time oft during a busy school day to arrange for ' and for the senior class banquet. Ronald Enoksen — Electronics Club 3-4 Constance Evanich — Booster Club 1; Top Hat 3-4 (Ads Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 4; Nurse Assistant 2: Library Assistant 3-4 Richard Fairchild — Mixed Choir 2; Boys Chorus 2; Concert Choir 4; Boys Track 1; Hall Monitor 1-3 Laurie Farmer — Girls Basketball 1-2; Volleyball 1-4; Teacher Assistant 1-4 Michael Fenes — Ski Club 1-3; Hall Monitor 1-3 James Michael Fleming — Physics Club 4 (Treasurer); M-Club 3-4; Football 1-4 Dana Ford — Stage Band 1-3; Concert Band 1-3; Marching Band 1-3 Joy Ford — Booster Club 1, 3. 4; Folk Club 1; MITS 1 Alan Frost — M-Club 2-4; Electronics Club 4; Boys Track 1-4; Cross Country 1-4 (All Conference) Linda Anne Galka — Photo Club 3; Art Club 2; Foreign Language Club 1; Travel Club 3-4; Booster Club 2-4; Top Hat 4; Powder Puff 3-4; Teacher Assistant 2-4 Christine Gallegos — Girls Chorus 1; Travel Club 2-3; Booster Club 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Tonya Gamble Michael Garza Sharon Gaslor — Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Faculty Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Ruzlca Gazlbara Seniors — 133 David Gldcumb Carol Goldschmidt William Golon — Chemistry Club 4; Boys Basketball 1-2: Boys Tennis 1-4; Teresa Gomez — Girls Chorus 2; Association 2 (Homeroom Rep.); Future Educators 4 Anthony Gonzales Patricia Griffith — Booster Club 1; Teacher Assistant 4 Joyce Grimmer — Teacher Assistant 2-4 Debra Grzecka — Teacher Assistant 2-3 Maria Guerra — Concert Band 2; Marching Band 2 David Guzek — Caving Club 4; Herpetology 4; Teacher Assistant 1-4 Dale Gyure — Physics Club 4; M-Club 3-4: Association 3 (Homeroom Rep.); Boys Basketball 1-2; Boys Track 2; Football 1-4; National Merit Scholarship Commended Student 3 Terry Hadu Kelly Hall Robin Hall — Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Teacher Assistant 1-3 Shayne Hall 134 — Seniors Seniors anticipate graduation Sandra Hlad — Foreign Language Club 1- 2; M-Club 3-4; Booster Club 1-4; Mortonite 2-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; N.F.L. Debate 4; Girls Basketball 1-4 (Capt. 4); Powder Puff 3-4; Volleyball 3-4 (All Conference 4); Who ' s Who 3 Christopher Hllsta — Mass Media Club 4; M-Club 3-4; Boys Track 4; Cross Country 1-4 Senior Class Secretary Kathy McCormick finds time between classes to go to the library to pick out a book needed for a class. 135 Commencement — June 5, W$0 Terrence Holland Steven Holmes Sandra Hooper — Orchestra 3; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Foreign Language Club 1-4 (Vice-Pres. 4); Booster Club 1-4 (Pres. 4); Mortonite 3-4; Quill Scroll 4; Association 3-4 (Homeroom Rep.); Powder Puff 3-4 Taml Horn — Teacher Assistant 1-3; Booster Club 1 Susan Howard — Travel Club 3; Booster Club 1-4; Powder Puff 4; Homecoming Court 4 Kevin Hulsey — N.F.L. Debate 1; Wrestling 2; AV. Club 1-4 Nancy Hurley Girls Chorus 1; Mat Maid 1; Travel Club 2-3; Counselor Assistant 2-3 Jeffrey Huffs David Ingram Theodore Jankowski — Mixed Choir 4; Electronics Club 3-4; Folk Club 2-4 (Pres. 4 ) Elaine Jansky — Girls Track 1; Booster Club 1-2; Girls Tennis 1-2 Charles Johnson Mark Johnson — Boys Basketball 1-4; Golf 3-4; M-Club 3-4 Richard Josway — Electronics Club 3 John Jusko — AV. Club 1-2 Michael Kelley 136 — Seniors the only cure for senioritis Edward Klelbasa — Travel Club 1; M-Club 2-4; Mortonite 3-4; Quill Scroll 4; Boys Track 1; Football 1-4; Wrestling 2-3; Golf 2-4; Boys State 3 Michael Kirlnch — Electronics Club 3-4; Helen Kirlncic — Girls Chorus 1; Herpetology 2; Travel Club 2-4 (Officer); Booster Club 3-4; Mortonite 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4; Who ' s Who 3 James Kllsurich — Boys Track 1; Football 1; Wrestling 1, 4 Steven Klosak Nancy Knight — Booster Club 4; Teacher Assistant 1-4 Robin Knight — Teacher Assistant 4; Office Assistant 1-3 Janet Kocur — Travel Club 2-3; Booster CLub 1-4; Mortonite 3; Association 4 (Rep ); National Honor Society 3-4; Girls Track 1; Volleyball 1; Who ' s Who 3 Kimberly Kollsz — Association 4 (Homeroom Rep.); Office Asst. 1 Diane Kosinskl — Travel Club 1-2; Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; Association 2-4 (Homeroom Rep.); Powder Puff 3 James Krachenfels — Caving Club 2-4; Herpetology 1-4; Boys Tennis James Krcellch Janeen Krieter Timothy Krieter Jane Krlzman — Girls Chorus 2; Foreign Language Club 1-2; Booster Club 2; Mortonite 3-4 (Reporter 3; Feature Editor 4); Quill Scroll 4; Association 4 Debra Kronland — Caving Club 3 Seniors — 137 Government papers require long hours of research Joseph Kuna — Travel Club 4; Homecoming Escort 4: Soccer 2 Lois Kutie — Band 1-3; Tennis 1; Office Assistant 3; Caving 2-3 Susan Lara Amy Lauer — Travel Club 2; Booster Club 1-4; Timeretts 1-4; Association 3-4 (Homeroom Rep.); Powder Puff 3-4 Bridget Lauerman — Mixed Choir 3; Concert Choir 4; Caving Club 4; Photo Club 1-3; Herpetology 4; Zoology Club 1; Booster Club 1-3; Folk Club 1; MITS 1; Plays 4 Christine Lellto — Foreign Language Club 1; Travel Club 2; Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Layout Editor 4); Quill Scroll 3-4; Timeretts 2-4; Cheerleaders 1-2; Powder Puff 3-4: Volleyball 1; Girls Tennis 1 Karen Llpka — Girls Chorus 1-2; Caving Club 2; Travel Club 2-3; Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Org. Asst. Ed. 4); Timeretts 2-4; Pom Pon Girls 4; Association 4; Powder Puff 3-4 Linda Upkovltch — Travel Club 1-2: Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3; Pom Pon Girls 2-4; (Co-Capt. 4) Powder Puff 3-4 Denise Llstenberger — Travel Club 1-3; Booster Club 1-4; Pom Pon Girls 4; Cheerleaders 2; Association 1-4; Girls Track 1; Powder Puff 3 John Livingston — Herpetology 3; Bowling Club 4; Band 4; Caving Club 3; Wrestling 1 Iva Locke Dan Loser — Band 1-4; Mortonite (Columnist) 4 Rhonda Love Teresa Lozano — Top Hat 4; Powder Puff 3-4; Pom Pon Girls 4; Travel Club 1-3; Booster Club 2-4; 138 — Seniors Grog Lucas Robert Lucas Jose Luna — Wrestling 1 Scott Lush — Basketball 1-4 Bruce Luttringer — Herpetology 1; Zoology 1; Electronics Club 1 William Lutzenberger — Swimming 2-4; 14- Club 2-4 Lisa Lutzenberger Beverly Jo Madison — Mixed Choir 2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Home Ec. Club 3-4; Thespians 3-4; Twirlers 2; Stage Crew Top Hat Theater 1-4 Leticia Magana — Orchestra 4; Mixed Choir 2; Concert Choir 3-4; Concert Band 1-4: Marching Band 1-4: Art Club 3; Travel Club 3; Booster Club 4; Top Hat Theater 3; Future Educators 2-3; Powder Puff 4 Pamela Magglnnls — Orchestra 1-4; Mixed Choir 2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 3-4; Stage Band 2-4; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Thespians 3-4; Booster Club 3-4; Folk Club 1-4 (Pres. 3); National Honor Society 3-4; Top Hat Theater 1-4; Who ' s Who 3-4; Who ' s Who in Music 3-4 Leticia Maldonado — Home Ec. Club 3; Booster Club 2 Jeffrey Malizlola Belinda Marie Mandlchak — Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3 (Underclass Ed.); Association 3-4; (Recorder) Powder Puff 3-4 Pamela Marlow — Herpetology 2-4 (Sec. 2); Foreign Language Club 2-4 (Pres. 4); Booster Club 1-4; Twirlers 2 (Capt. 2); Association 4; National Honor Society 4; Girls Track 1-4 (Capt. 2-3); Powder Puff 3-4; Who ' s Who 3-4 Dawn Martin Jerry Martin Seniors — 139 Juniors learn a lesson from mighty seniors Powder Puff football isn ' t all fun and games. Traditionally it is a great rivalry both mentally and physically between the juniors and seniors. To play in the Powder Puff game the girls had to make sacrifices such as practicing long hours after school or at night. In order to be eligible to play in the powder puff game, the girls had to attend six practices, possess a C average or better, and not have any unexcused absences. Also, this year a teacher had to be present at each practice. The preparation culminated Friday, November 2, with all the girls wearing their jersey-to school. After weeks of practice, it was all over. The seniors won 18-6. Senior Sandy Hlad scored two touchdowns. Senior Renee Vermejan scored one touchdown as did junior Tina Sknerski. The seniors first touchdown of the game came in the first quarter as Sandy Hlad scored on a reverse. Their second score came in the third quarter as Janee Babbit tnrew a 30 yoia pass to Hlad. The seniors final score was on a short run by Renee Vermejan. Junior Tina Sknerski scored their only touchdown on a run in the third quarter. Brian Adams, Dave Dowling, Tony Gresham, Ed Hernandez, Jeff Juscik, Larry Keilman, Dave Parrish, Mike Riffle, Jeff Schneider, and Dennis Zaremba coached the juniors. The seniors were coached by Mike Fleming, Mike Herbert, Ed Kielbasa, Bob McAfee, Dave Mays, Rich Nallenweg, Al Ramirez, Chuck Shive, and Tony Soy. 140 — Senior Section Senior halfback HetmKirihcfc. who had just taken a hand-off from senior quarterback Lawrie Pastor, looks up field for running Senior quarterback Lawtje Pastar unsuccessfully attempts 9 for ware the first quarter. 141 Lunch hour: 55 minutes of fun Faith Marclnek — Foreign Language Club 1; Travel Club 2; M-Club 2-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Copy Ed. 4); Timeretts 3-4; Cheerleader 1-4 (Capt. 1); Association 2; Powder Puff 3-4; Girls Tennis 1-4; Girls State 3 Philip Markovich — Travel Club 1-2; M- Club 2-4; Top Hat 4; Quill Scroll 4; Association 3; Football 2-4; Wrestling 1-3; Soccer 2-4 Wendy Markowski — Herpetology 1; Travel Club 2-3; Top Hat 3-4 (Bus. Manager 4); Quill Scroll 4: MITS 1-2 Edward Marzec Joyce Ann Matonovlch — Travel Club 2-3; M-Club 3-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Sports Asst. 3; Senior Ed. 4); Association 1; Quill Scroll 3-4; Girls Basketball 1-4 (Capt. 4); Powder Puff 3-4; Girls Volleyball 1-4 (Capt. 4); All Conference Basketball Volleyball 3-4 Michael Matura — Photo Club 1-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; Mortonite 2-4 (Page 3 Ed.) David James Mays — Mass Media Club 3; AV. Club 1-4 (Pres. 4); M-Club 3-4; Folk Club 2-4; Top Hat 3-4; Football 2-4 Robert McAfee — Wrestling 2-4; M-Club 3- 4 Kathleen McCormick — Travel Club 1-2; Homecoming Court 4; Mortonite 2-3 (Page One Ed.); Quill Scroll 3-4; Association 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Girls State Alternate 3 Kimberly McCullough — Caving Club 3; Chemistry Club 3; Herpetology 3; AV. Club 1-4; Folk Club 1-3 Dawn McDlllon Kathleen McGann Maureen McGIng — Mixed Choir 4; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4; Caving Club 4; Foreign Language Club 1-2; Travel Club 1-3; Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3; Association 2. 4; Top Hat Theater 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Barry McGuire — Mixed Choir 2; Boys Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 3; National Honor Society 3-4 " II buy lunch.“ " No you bought lunch yesterday, I ' ll buy today.“ Seniors Chris Reid and Lisa Cruz indecisivty argue over who ' s treat lunch should be. 142 — Seniors Bobbin McNash — Foreign Language Club 1; M-Club 3; Booster Club 1-2; Mortonite 2-4 (Sports Ed. 3. Layout Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 3-4; Girls Basketball 1-3; Volleyball 2-3; Who ' s Who Joseph Medwetz Pamela A. Meier — Top Hat 3-4 (Index Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 4; Association 4; Stage Crew 1, 3 Delflna Mendez — Mixed Choir 3-4; Girls Chorus 2; N.F.L. Debate 1; Stage Crew Top Hat Theater 3-4 Edware Merkel Evelyn Mick Joy Mielenz John Mlley Steven Millard — Photo Club 2-4; Homecoming Escort 4; N.F.L. Debate 3- 4; Boys Tennis 1; Ski CLub 2-3 Lisa Mlsh Charles Morey Terry Morey Trudy Morgan — Hall Monitor 1-2; Teacher Assistant 3; Office Assistant 2-3: Nurse Assistant 3 Charles Morse — Travel Club 1; Mortonite 3; Association 1-2 Boys Basketball 2; Boys Track 1-2; Football 3 Sherry Mullins — Girls Track 2; Powder Puff 3 Seniors — 143 Study Halls provide more free time Patricia Munjas — Foreign Language Club 1; Travel Club 1-2: Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 2-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Paulette Murchek — Mixed Choir 2: Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 3-4; Photo Club 4; Chem Club 4 (Pres.); M-Club 3-4; Booster Club 4; Nikki Murga — Assciation 3 John Muskowski Steven Nagy — Teacher Assistant 4 Terrence Nagy — Wrestling; Teacher Assistant 4 Richard Nallenweg — Physics Club 4 (Pres.); M-Club 2-4; Association 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Football 1-4. (MVP 4); U.P.I. State Football; Boys State Alternate; Who ' s Who 3-4 Linda Nett Jacqueline Nemth — Travel Club 2: Booster Club 1-4; Powder Puff 4; Teacher Assistant 3; Hall Monitor 3; Prom Committee 3; Association 4 Michelle Nevllda — Herpetology Club 2; Booster Club 2 Toula Nichols — Booster Club 4; Mortonite 3; Quill Scroll 3-4; MITS 3-4; Future Educators 3-4; Bookstore 1-3 Lisa Nucclo — Travel Club 2-3; Booster Club 1-4: Mortonite 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4. Timeretts 3-4; Association 3; Powder Puff 3- 4 Jerome Oberc — Teacher Assistant 3 Carol Olson — Travel Club 2-3: Booster Club 2-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Susan Opinker — Top Hat 3; Timeretts 3; Powder Puff 3-4; Travel Club 1-3; Booster Club 1-4 144 — Seniors Whooes of winning the spirit stick, seniors Phil Elo and Bob McAfee display their rowdiness at the Homecoming pep-rally. Raymond Opperman — Boys Basketball 1 Susan Orahood — Herpetology 2; Home Ec. Club 4 (Sec. Tres.) Jerry Osborne Deana Owen — Herpetology 1-3; Teacher Assistant 1-3; Who ' s Who 4 Lisa Owen Michael Pace Carman Packard — Girls Chorus 3; Art Club 4; Folk Club 4; Association 1-4 Nada Padezanln — Photo Club 4; N.F.L. Debate 3; Powder Puff 4; Travel Club 3- 4; Booster CLub 4 Pamela Parker Kimberly Parr — Mixed Choir 2-4; Girls Chorus 1; Booster Club 1 Charlene Parosn — Photo Club 1; N.F.L. Debate 1-2; MITS 2 Lawrie Pastar — Top Hat 3; Quill Scroll 3; Pom Pon Girls 3-4; Cheerleaders 1-2; Association (Senator); Powder Puff 3-4 Richard Patlyek — Folk Club 3; Mortonite 2-4; Quill Scroll 3; Boys Track 1-2 Kimberly Patton Joaeph Pavlick — Photo Club 1-4; Top Hat Theater 2-3 Study Halls are good for those who need to catch up on homework, but for senior Geralyn Swigler being an office assistanf k easier. Seniors — 145 Catherine Peltrey Roy Perez — M-Club 3-4; Boys Basketball 1-4; Boys Track 3-4; Cross Country 4 Steven Petho — Boys Track 2 Georgene Petroski Timothy M. Pickens Walter Plekarczyk III — Photo Club 1-2; Electronics Club 3-4; Folk Club 2 Kenneth Pllipow Randal Pinson — Electronics Club 4 Michael Plotrowskl — Mortonite 4; Quill Scroll 4; Track 4 Suzanne Platt — Travel Club 2-4 (Officer); Homecoming Court 4; Association 4 (Class Vice-Pres.); National Honor Society 3-4 (Treasurer) William Poland Stanley Potter — AV. Club 1-4; M-Club 2- 4; Boys Track 1-4; Wrestling 2-4; (Capt. 4) Michael Price — M-Club 3-4; Boys Track 3- 4; Boys Tennis 3-4 (Capt. 4); Boys State Alternative Alfonso Ramirez Jr. — M-Club 2-4; Electronics Club 3; Mortonite 3-4 (Sports Editor 4); Quill Scroll 4; Association 3-4 (Class Pres. 4); Boys Track 1-3; Football 1- 4; Swimming 1-4 Laura Rapchak — Travel Club 4; Twiriers 2 Donna Raymond — Travel Club; Homecoming Court 4 (Queen); Association 4 (Cabinet); Girls Basketball 1; Powder Puff 4; Girls Track 1-4 Mark Reber — Soccer 2-4; Quill Scroll 4; Mortonite 4 (Cartoonist) Christine Reid — Orchestra 3; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Drum Major 3-4; Herpetology 1-4; Foreign Language Club 1-4 (pres. 3); Booster Club 1-4 (Vice-Pres 4); Mortonite 2-4 (Press Bureau 3-4); Quill Scroll 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4 146 — Seniors Seniors look forward to 147 final days Rhonda Reid — Home Ec Club 4; GAA 1; Booster 1-4; Travel Club 2; Association 1- 4 (V. Pres. 1. Senator 3. Pres. 4) MHS 2, 3; Girls Track 2-4; Powder 3. 4; Volleyball 1. 3; M-Club 3-4 Jeffrey Pellnskl — Football 1-4 ; M-Club 3-4 Nancy Relinski — Girls Chorus 2; Foreign Language Club 2-3; Travel Club 2-4; Booster Club 2. 4; Mortonlte 3-4 (Feature Editor 4); Quill Scroll 4; Powder Puff 4 Rosemary Colleen Richmond — Travel Club 2-3; Booster Club 1-2; Top Hat 4; MTS 2 Debra Riley — Herpetology Club 1-4; Foreign Language Club 1-2; Booster Club 1-4. Powder Puff 4; J.A. 3 Michael Ring Judy Roach — Booster Club 1-2 Dean Rublno — Mortonite 2-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; Football 1-2; Wrestling 1-3; Soccer 1- 2; M-Club 2-4 Doug Rudzlnskl Ronald Rymarczyk Michael Rzechula — Boys Track 1. 2 Georgene Sabau — Mixed Choir 2; Girls Chorus 1; Foreign Language Club 1-2: Booster Club 1-4; Association 4; Who ' s Who 3-4 John Saeger — Electronics Club 3-4 Natalie Sako Ronald Eugene Salach — Caving Club 2- 4; Photo Club 2-4 (Pres. 3): AV. Club 2-4 (Vice-Pres. 4); Electronics Club 3-4; Bowling Club 4; Mortonite 3-4 (Photographer): Top Hat 3-4 (Photographer); Quill Scroll 4; N.F.L. Debate 4: MITS 3-4; Boys Basketball 1; Boys Track 1; Cross Country 1 Seniors — Homecoming parade adds to festivities Joseph Solus — Caving Club 2-4; Herpetology 1-4; Zoology Club 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Who ' s Who 3-4 Cynthia Sancya — Girls Track 1-2; Association 4 Anthony Sapyta — Electronics Club 3-4; Bowling Club 4 Sandra Saucedo — Teacher Assistant 2 Dena Schroeter Robert Schultz Rory S. Segally M-Club 2-4; Boys Basketball 1-2; Football 1-4; Baseball 2-4 Charles Shive — M-Club 2-4; Boys Track 2- 4: Association 2; Football 2-4 Samuel Signorelli — Mixed Choir 2; Photo Club 1-4; Mortonite 3-4; Quill Scroll 4 Lynda Silaj — Foreign Language Club 1-2; Travel Club 1-3: Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3: Association 2-3; Powder Puff 3-4 Monica Slmlnskl Melissa Slple — Booster Club 4; Girls Track 1: Powder Puff 4 Victoria Slat — Travel Club 1-2; Booster Club 1; Top Hat 3; Association 2 Susan Sliwa — Art Club 3-4; Booster Club 1-4; Association 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Girls Basketball 2; Girls Track 1; Powder Puff 3-4; Volleyball 1-4; Girls Tennis 2-4 David Smith Carol Smltka — Mixed Choir 2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 3- 4; Thespians 3-4 (Clerk); National Honor Society 3-4; Top Hat Theater 1-4; Future Educators 2 (Sec.); Who ' s Who 3-4 Jaml Snyder — Mixed Choir 2-3; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4; Timeretts 1-3 Kalee Sobeck — Girls Chorus 1; Booster Club 1-4, Folk Club 2; Association 1-4; Powder Puff 4 Robert Soto Anthony Soy — Football 1-4; Soccer 2 Steven Speer Peggy Stanley Margie Starkey Brian Steinberg — Mortonite 3-4; Quill Scroll 4; Bowling Club 4 Richard Stephenson Cecilia Stojan — Foreign Language Club 2- 4; Travel Club 4; Thespians 3-4; Booster Club 3-4; Mortonite 2-4; (Page Editor 3 Copy Editor 4); Quill Scroll 3-4; N.F.L. Debate 3-4; Top Hat Theater 2-4; Powder Puff 3-4 Georganne Stomlng — Travel Club 2; Booster Club 1-4; Mortonite 2-4 (News Page Editor 3-4); Quill Scroll 3-4 (Program Chairman 4); Cheerleader 2-4 (Captain 3); Association 2-4: Powder Puff 3- 4 Kevin Stone Pamela A. Sullivan — Mixed Choir 2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3-4; Chemistry Club 3-4 (Sec. 4); Home Ec. Club 1; Travel Club 1-4; Thespians 3-4; Booster Club 4; Folk Club 3-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Opening Ed. 4); National Honor Society 3-4; (Sec. 4); Stage Crew Top Hat Theater 2-4; Powder Puff 4; Girls Ensemble 1-4: Quill Scroll 4; Who ' s Who 4 Linda Sumler — Girls Chorus 1; Caving Club 2-3; Herpetology 3 Geralyn Swlger — Travel Club 4; Girls Track 2 Seniors — 149 Paulette Marie Szczepanskl — Mixed Choir 2; Girls Chorus 1: Girls Ensemble 1-4; Mixed Company 4; Chemistry Club 3-4; Travel Club 3; Thespians 2-4 (Vice-Pres. 4); Booster Club 4; Folk Club 3-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Opening Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Stage Crew Top Hat Theater 1-4; Future Educators 2 (Sec.); Who ' s Who 4 Karen Szczudlak — Foreign Language Club 1; Travel Club 2; Booster Club 1-4; Girls Track 1; Powder Puff 3-4 Ruby Teran — Travel Club 1; Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4; Timeretts 4; Pom Pon Girls 2-3 (Capt. 3); Cheerleaders 1; Girls Track 1; Powder Puff 3-4; Who ' s Who 3-4; Association 2 (Vice-Pres.) Paula Theodore — Foreign Language Club 1-2 (Sec. 2); Travel Club 1-4 (Officer); Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3-4 (Managing Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 3-4; Association 2-4 (Cabinet); National Honor Society 3-4; Powder Puff 3-4; Who ' s Who 3-4; Ski Club 2 Scot Tomslc — Physics Club 4; M-Club 2-4; Swimming 1-4; Association 3 (Cabinet) Robert Toporek — Boys Tennis 3; Golf 1 Larry Toth Brenda Travl — Mixed Choir 3-4 Bruce Travis Janice Lynn Trlssler - Top Hat 3-4 (Ass ' t. Senior Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 4: Association 4 (Homeroom Rep.) Christine Turcotte Nancy Urbahns Charles Valandlngham — Travel Club 3-4; Swimming 1 Diane Vavrek — Marching Band 1; Travel Club 3-4; Twirlers 2-4; MITS 3 Vincent Vela — Homecoming Court 1; Association 1-2 (Class Pres. 1); Football 1; Golf 4 Renee Vermejan — M-Club 1-4; Booster Club 1-4; Mortonite 3-4; Quill Scroll 3-4: Association 1; National Honor Society 3-4; N.F.L. Debate 4; Girls Basketball 3; Powder Puff 3-4; Volleyball 1-4 (Capt. 4); All Conference Volleyball 2-4; Girls State 3 Scott Vlcarl — Wrestling 2 Susan Vrahoretls — Mixed Choir 2; Girls Chorus 1: Concert Choir 3-4; Vocal Ensemble 3-4; Physics Club 4; Travel Club 3; Thespians 2-4 (Pres. 4); Booster Club 1- 4; Folk Club 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4 (Pres. 4); N.F.L. Debate 3; Top Hat Theater 1-4; Future Educators 2; Powder Puff 4; Who ' s Who 3-4; D.A.R. Award 4; Girls Ensemble 1-4 Longer school hours mahe employment picture bleah Nada Vranlc — Foreign Language Club 1- 2; Travel Club 3: Booster Club 1-4; Mortonite 2-4 (Page Ed. 3 Copy Ed. 4); Quill Scroll 3-4 (Pres. 4); Association 1. 2. 4 (Senator); Girls Track 1; Powder Puff 3- 4; Who ' s Who 4 Betty Vyner — Office Assistant 1; Library Assistant 2-4 Teresa Vyner — Office Assistant 1-4; Teacher Assistant 3; Library Assistant 4 Jerry Walker — Photo Club 1-2; Art Club 1-3; Mortonite 3-4; Wrestling 1-2; Ski Club 1-3 Michele Weatherford — Mixed Choir 2-3; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4; Booster Club 1-2 James Westbrook Oledra Wheeler — Bowling Club 4 Jeffrey White Jean Williams Christopher Wilson — Swimming 1-4 (Co- Capt. 4) Yvonne Wilson — Girls Chorus 4; Caving Club 4; Herpetology 4; Travel Club 4; Booster Club 4; Powder Puff 4 Paul Wlltberger — Chemistry Club 4; M- Club 2-4; Electronics Club 3; Boys Basketball 1-3 (Mgr.); Football 1-4 (Mgr.) Debra Wojcik — Travel Club 1-2; Booster Club 1-4; Top Hat 3; Quill Scroll 3; Pom Pon Girls 2-3; Powder Puff 3-4 Laura Wojcik — MITS 1; Booster Club 3-4; Teacher Assistant 1-3; Bookstore 2 Peggy Wolfe Seniors — 151 Ismail Yoldash — Boys Track 1-3; Cross Country 1; Association 1-4; Boys State Alternative Richard Young — Concert Band 1-2; Marching Band 1-2; Bowling Club 4 Denise Zedov Jacqueline Zubrenlc — Herpetology 3: Teacher Assistant 4; Office Assistant 3 Steven Zubrenlc - Football 1, 3. 4; Baseball 2-4 152 — Seniors Senior Section — 153 Trying his best to look extremely gross, senior Ron Salach displays his physical appeal at the Ms. Gross contest during homecoming week. These scary witches and goblins aren ' t for real they ' re just seniors from the Top Hat class trying to have some unusual fun on Halloween. As the Homecoming parade returned it was necessary for seniors to give spare time to flowermakings at senior homes. Don ' t shoot! Seniors Debbie Riley. Paula Theodore. Pam Marlow and Mike Herbert show their spirit by dressing up for Western Day. Studying, getting involved, and having a good time are the three essential parts of high school. All three are needed in order for high school to be the best years of our lives. This year the freshmen were just getting acquainted with the new surroundings and new teachers. All the freshmen met many new friends and students. The sophomores started the year off right by winning the annual homecoming spirit stick. They won the spirit stick by participating at the football games and the homecoming pep rally. The juniots spent most of their time raising money and working on the prom. The prom was at Wicker Park Memorial Club House in Highland. As the year comes to an end, the juniors anxiously await their senior year. 154 — Underclass Underclass — 155 Class of “81” plans prom " Will we have enough money? " " When will the band get here? " " Will everyone have a good time? " These were some of the questions that were asked by many juniors as they prepared for the annual Junior-Senior Prom at the Wicker Park Club House. With the help of the two junior sponsors. Miss Diana Vasquez and Mr. Michael Harris, three years of fund raising activities were a success. " All the hard work that was put into the fund raising activities really paid off. " stated junior class secretary. Barb Sertic. This year ' s activities included car washes during the summer with calander and candy sales during the year. Although the juniors were unsuccessful in the annual Powder Puff game, they did obtain first place in the Homecoming float competition. Mr. Michael Harris, junior class sponsor commented, " The small group of juniors who participated in class activities are very enthusiastic and hard working students who are capable of getting the job done. " Adams Brian Adams Mary Adkins Linda Aguilar Tamara Aguilera William Alien Gary Appelquist Sharie Aragon Rosalinda Avenatti Robert Bac James Bair Ronald Baidazo Jeanett Bardoczi Susan Barnes Sandra Barrett Alice Bartock Brian Berg John Berry Joy Biewenga Clifford Bishop Ruby Blyfhe Andrew Bokun Dick Boland Amy Botch Lisa Bond Deborah 156 — Juniors Gillis James Golon Susan Grant Lorie Grant Vickie Greaney Dennis Gresham Anthony Grzych Jennifer Guerra Joe Guerrero Renee Gurnak Dawn Hall Patrick Hamrick Mark Hanes Patrick Hansen Robin Hansen Scott Hantz Kimberly Hayduk John Heller William Hendron Angela Herbert Patrick Herbert Theresa Hernandez Edelm Herring Catherine Hess George Highsmith Darren Hilbrich Holly Hilliard Lori Hladek Nancy Higgins Peggy Hogan Shirley Hoimquist Edward Holper Michael Hoskins Scott Howard Kathleen Hutts Michael Isom JoAnn Isom Kelley Jackman Ronda Jansky Patricia Jasgur Christopher Jazyk Nancy Jimenez Annette Johnson Frank Jones Joyce Jones Merida Juscik Jeffrey Kaiser Lana 158 — Juniors Lauer Karl Laurion Kevin Lay Debbie Lederman Glen Lelito Michelle Lewis Jean Lipka Ruth Littlefield Theresa Long Barbara Long Bobbie Lozono Raul Lynk Mark Macenski Mitchel Mackinday Joseph Maddox Tony Maier Kathy Mallard Rebecca Marcinkovich Georganne Marks Michael Marosi John Martinez Diane Martinez Rene Martone Monette Matthews Sheila McBride Lori McCormack Sue McGehee Russe McNash David Mendez Virginia Mendoza David Miskovich Tom Juniors — 159 Culture Festival Murchek David Myers Mark Odrobinak Lee Ann Opinker David Oros Jeffrey Park Richie Parrish David Paulich Steve Pearson Kimberly Pena Camille Pers Richard Petitt Tammy Petroski Barbara Phillips Karen Plaskett Michael Polochak Christopher Porter Debra Prieto Barbara Prokopeak Carri Purnick Priscila Quinonez Hector Raduski Michael Ralph Robert Ramberg Thomas Rambo Denise Ramirez Richard Ratajczak Sharon Reigel James Riffle Mike Rogers Tami Rountree Maureen Rowe Craig Ruder Karen Rycerz Daniel 160 — Juniors attracts all kinds Sandlin Christine Sargent Debra r ' »r v Sks Sarwacinski Edward Szot Terri Szymaszek Lisa Taylor Christopher Taylor James Thompson David Thompson Scott Tomich Dawn Toth Geri Travis Louis Vance Deborah Vandiver Angel Varlin Mark Vercimak Linda Vermejan Alex Vicari Sandra Vranic Gordana Waechter Tracy Walsh Kelly Walters Marian Waugaman Randal Waywood Janice Weis John Wenzel Christine West Scott Whitler Roger Williams Audrey Wilson Jeffrey Windel Kathy Wisniewski Scott Wolf Lora Wright Ricky Wriston Lee Ann 6AMBKA SMy HUMOUS Axarides Evitim Brzycki Joseph Henson Donald Nemeth James Bigbie Robert Hess Bridget Paganelli Richard Blair Michael Hinton William Petho Joe Bond Gary Ignas James Poland William Boyan Nicholas Johnson Tyanh Powers Susan Brady David Kahn Sharig Raiden John Brzozkiewicz Kristine Keilman Timothy Ring Michael Buchko Tammy Kentzen Harold Rollins Daniel Criswell Glen Kirk Brenda Shabaz Sam Dark Charles Klaubo Jeffrey Sinsabaugh Pete Davidson Michael Kotvasz Garry Smith Sandra Derolf Paul Kotvasz Jerome Spletzer James Dujan Thomas Laurion Patricia Stone Brian Dunn Ronald Laviolette Barb Straub James Dunne Terry Lawrence Robert Tall Steven Eaton Dennis Leismer Daniel Toth Larry Emerson Jack Lewis Dawn Trigo Vincent Frank Chuck Love Ronda Vicari Stephen Gardner Ron Lukacek Timothy Weeks Cecilia Gil Frank Lynn Ronald Wheeler Neal Gil Tony Marsh Walter Wickramasekera Marie Gilchrist Susan Matakovic Marijoe Williams Gregory Goodson Richard McCormick Hugh Williams Roger Grubsic Joe Mick James Wimmer Matthew Guerra Carlos Mily Timmy Wood Lonny Harakal Glenn Mitchell Jeffrey Zasytis Tim Harmon William Morales Gregg Zatlokowicz Chris Hatch Michael Morgan Trudy Zedov Ray Juniors adventure Sophomores show accomplishments The beginning of a new school year brought along a problem for the sophomores. They didn ' t have a class sponsor. But two generous teachers came to the rescue of the sophomore class, Mr. Dan Mayerik and Mrs. Shirley Rotenberg. Sophomore year is a time to look at schedules and requirements that need to be fulfilled for graduation. It also means the privilege of choosing a class ring. Fund raising activities kept the sophomores very busy. During the summer, car washes took place at neighborhood gas stations. Key chains and stuffed animals were sold at the beginning of the year in addition to the windshield scrapers that were sold during the winter months. Selling carnations on Valentines Day and corsages on Mothers Day also aided the class in their fund raising activities. The sophomores have been a very responsible class and they work together to achieve their goal. Mrs. Rotenberg stated " This is a very good class that has many enthusiastic, hard working students and I think the class will be a very successful group. " Homecoming week was very special to the sophomore class this year. During this week, they showed their creativity by winning the number one decorated truck in the Homecoming parade. The sophomores also exhibited their school spirit by winning the annual Booster Club Spirit Stick. " Because of the hard working students in the sophomore class it has been a successful year, " commented sophomore class secretary, Marie Dankanich. Allen Kevin Anguiano Michael Axtman Patricia Bach Sandra Barnett Denise Barton Larry Bartoszek Michelle Batliner Susan Baum Michelle Belcher Steven Bell Eric Bermingham Cindy Bielak Bernie Boilek Pamela Boland James Boskovich Mary 164 — Sophomores Byrne Kathleen Byrom Judith Calandrello Rick Call Rhoda Campagna Rudy Cambell Kimberly Canarini Lisa Carrubba Donna Charles Thomas Clark Terrence Clayton Kevin Coffey Terry Collins Donna Collins Michael Companiott Nick Cook Brian Coon Brian Cowan Jill Crane Karen Crum Ronda Cummins Brenda Cummins Doreen Cummins Sheila Curtis Patrick Dalton Jill Damron Nova Dankanich Marie Dark Kevin Dauksza Rick Davidson Kenneth Davidson Lloyd Davidson Lori Davis Sandra Dawson Raymond Dec Diane Delache Kathleen Delp Chester Dickey Elizabeth Dills Raymond Doan Darrin Dodd Myra Doland Kimberly Downing Daniel Dziadon Marilyn Ear! Donna Ear1 Edward Easton Kimberly Eastwood Cindy Ebeltoft Deanna Ecsi Lisa Edwards Debra Egan Mary Elish Rodney Elizondo Albert Elizondo Alexander Ellis Susan Evanich Chris Evanich Robert Fahey Leslie Fenes Marsha Sophs Spring Fernando Joseph Fernando Sonali Ferrer Roy Floyd Denise Foote Rhonda F rankland Brian Frenzel Melinda Fross Diana Gabry Holly Gallegos Patricia Garcia Robert Gardner Kevin Garvey Sue Gates Belinda Gatlin Tommy Gearman David Gentry David Gillham Patricia Golgart Jean Gollner Robert Gomez Luisa Goodson Lisa Gordish John Grauvogl Carol Grzych John Guerrero Cindy Guerrero Dianna Halon Jeff Hamilton Lori Harrell Tammy Hartierode Charles Hartlerode Karin Hauer Caro! Hayden Tina Hedrick Tricia Hekkel Dennis Hendron Michael Hewlett Scott Hilton Stephen Himmel Karen Hladek Carol Holland John Holland Karen Holycross Clint Hoover Tina Hoskins Melissa Housty Brian Howard Dawn Hudec Caryn Hunter Lisa Isom Carrie Jadrnak Sharon 166 — Sophomores for new rings Jansky James Johnson Christine Johnston Colleen Jones Arthur Jones Carol Jovas Lisa Kammer Lynn Kansfield Marenis Kielbasa Michael Kira! Christine Klaubo Lorrie Knezevich Sandra Kocoj Michelle Kostoff Cathy Kowalski Keri Kozubat Irene Kozy Steve Krcelich Linda Krieter Diane Kubeck Raymond Kwandras Karen Lawrence Larry Lee Michael Lelito Scott Lemos Monica Liesenfelt John Listenberger Debbie Livingston Lisa Lockridge Michelle Lopez Maria Lukas Joanne Lush Kevin Lynk Karen Madison Jeff Madison Terri Magurany Nancy Majewski Kimberley Malerich William Maliziola Jim Mambourg Mary Marcum Cathyleen Maridon Anita Markovich Robert Marosi Laura Martin Billy Martinez Abelar Martinez Jose Martinez Joseph Masick Susan Matus Leiiani McCarthy Vernon McKechnie Patrick Sophomores — 167 Sophs Boogie McReynolds Richard Medley J ames Medwetz Dana Metcalf Donna Mihalov Lillion Mish Laura Morales Rebecca Morse Barbara Murchek Pamela Myka Kim Nadon Tinamarie Nagy Holly Nagy Joseph Nicholas John Niemiec Donna Oakley Nickey Obacz Larry Okeefe John Opat Michele Opperman Anne Osborne John Osborne Sandra Palucki Ronald Paquin Kenneth Paris Pamela Parker Johnie Parrish Marla Patterson Eileen Paunovich Nicholas Payonk Eileen Peters Lisa Phelps Glenn Polonczyk Karen Poston Daniel Potter Daniel Prendergast Pat Price Darla Pully Diana Pumnea Denise Quillin Billy Randolph Janice Raymond Janet Reagan Kelly Rebey James Reding Alfonso Reeder Pamela Reffkin Lisa Reid Kenneth Reis John Relinski Leonard Richardson Melinda Richardson Melody Roach Daniel Roll Lisa Romaniak Paula Rosek Rhonda to. the beats Schmidt Jan Seno Stephen Shive Richard Sierzega Bob Sikora Edward Silaj Patrick Skaggs Laronda Smith Paul Smith Tina Smitka Diane Snow Timothy Sopher Rollin Sotelo Raymond Soto Vincent Soy Timothy SpearRhodeen Spiro Laura Stanny Philip Starkey Michael Stevens Thomas Stricklin Donna Sufak Daniel Swanson Rosemary Swinscoe Gary Swisshelm Michael Szczepanski Michael Szczudlak Kevin Szymaszek Michael Tatum Deborah Taylor Marjorie Teran Mark Thacker Darlene Thurman Donna Torres Yolanda Travis Cleveland Travis Roger Turean Jeffrey Vandermeer Denise Vavrek Albert , Vermejan Susan Sophomores — 169 Vermejan Tony Vetroczky Kenneth Vacari Pamela Vrahoretis Robert Walker John Walters James Waywood Charles Weatherford Dena Wheeler Charles Wheeler Krayle Wheeler Maike White Gary White Janet Wickramasekera Chris Wiedemann Jeffrey Williams Raymond Sophs Fight for A Wilson Jacquelin Wilson Jeffery Wimmer Patricia Wojcik Robert Woods Eddie Woodward Lori Zych Patricia CAMERA SMy SOPHOMORES Allison Donald Ally Sandy Aumiller Daniel Bardoczi Anna Bean David Bell Heather Bell Terry Blackburn Cindy Blissmer Todd Boilek Paula Brown Earl Brozozkiewiaz Kristine Bullion Jeffrey Byrd Thomas Campbell James Camp Dora Castellanos Jeffrey Caudle Joseph Conner Jeffrey Davis Janet Dennis Julie Dubeck Mark Duvall Douglas Frank Joseph Fulmer Jeff George Kenneth Gething Stephen Gilmore Tami Griffith John Hofferth Robert Hutchinson Todd Joseph James Junkens Kevin Keilman Sheila Kowalski Patrick Lancaster Traci Lara Sandra Layne Charles Leyba Janice Lifting John Maclean Della Maclean Denise Magana Andres Mahan Timothy Markley Richard Matthews Jeffrey McGee Mike McMahan Jim McReynolds Barbara Mize Robbin Moore Stephen Murchek Steven Olson Lisa Ossanna Michael Oulrey Geraldine Painter Anthony Philips Elizabeth Raymond Ronald Richardson Gregory Rogers George Rollins Jerry Rosek Joseph Saeger Elden Salatas Steven Seren Karen Seydel William Simala Jacqueline Stephen David Stevens Jill Velock Eugene Winscher Karl Winters Kimberlie Wittig David Wolski William 170 — Sophomores Wcw Start for Frosli Coming to a new school can be exciting as well as scary. Many anxieties go along with being a freshman, such as wondering if you will be accepted at a big school or getting lost and walking into the wrong classroom. But as freshmen adjust to high school life they find it full of new experiences. Meeting new friends, joining clubs and Homecoming festivities were a brand new part of a freshman ' s life. Homecoming is extra special because two freshmen were elected as Homecoming attendants. To help the freshmen in acheiving their goals are class sponsors Mr. Jeff Hayden and Mrs. Mona Sherman. “The freshmen class is just getting organized and hopefully we will be working hard at earning money for the Junior-Senior Prom, " stated class sponsor, Mr. Hayden. Abdethadi Ghadi Anderson Douglas Ando Steven Anoskey Daniel Arnold David Ashby James Babbitt Nancy Bac Maureen Baker Dixie Balczo Robert Barbara John Barnett Tammy Barrett Austin Bass Thomas Beavers James Bell Theresa Bodie Joseph Boelt Teresa Bogunovich David Bolsega Debra Bowker Howard Brady Carol Brightwell Loretha Brimer Mike Brooks Tanya Brown Vicky Carter Katheryn Cash Sheila Catania Ronald Caudle Teresa Cavanaugh Jennifer Chavez Mark Clark Tresa Cochrane Daniel Cogdill Tina Cole Roxana Contreras Deborah Coots Carolyn Corak Thomas Cornwell Mike tmen class officers Heidi Mandichak. Carri Reid, and Bk_make £)jgn oMuty[£jyg£ gijjg£ [QjQ — 172 — Freshmen Cox Jennifer Cox Pam Cruz Linda Cudzilo Maryann Davidson Stanley Davis Craig Day Amy Dehenes Steven Desmond Susan Deutsch Ellen Dey Chris Downen Gregory Orach James Dujan Christine Ebeltoft Derrin Einbinder Edie Einbinder Sheri Elizondo Maria Ellis Jutta Fabrie Scott Farmer David Fellows Gerry Fenes Matthew Fernando Judy Fiscus Greg Flitar Samuel Frigo Jody Fritz Shelly Frizzell Sherry Gardner Eric Garza Gloria Gatlin Bobby Gawron David Gerka Robert Gil Peter Gildersleve Jim Gonzalez David Gonzalez Deanna Graban Garry Greaney Michael Gresham Daniel Grinberg Paul Gruener Maribeth Guernsey Ronald Gurchek James Hall Brett Hall Susan Hankins Scott Hansen Lisa Hanson Melanie Hantz Heidi Harris Kelly Freshmen — 173 Initiation is Hartlerode Debra Heavner Edwin Heflin Bobby Hernandez Robed Hess Robeda Higgins Jeaned Hladek Kelly Hladek Raymond Hladek Renee Holland Rebecca Hooper Raymond Horvat Richard Hudkins Kristine Hunter James Ingram Darnell Jaime Hilda Jameyfield Sandy Jelenski Jeffrey Jones Darrel Jones Jeffrey Jones Ron Kansfield Chris Kasper Sandra Kelley Christine Kerr Susan Key Robed Kielbasa Susan Klamut Anne Klosak Gary Kolbed Joseph Komyatti Paul Kostecki Chris Kotlarz Cynthia Krachenfels Michael Krivo Marianne Krinland Kathie Ladendod Susan Lance Anthony Lear Catherine Levan Darryl tough when there are upperclassmen like Greg Chappy. Lewis Joyce Love Michael Ludford Kimberly Maas Christina Macenski Geraldine Mandichak Heidie Manns Dale Marcum Teresa mk i 174 — Freshmen tough for Frosli Martinez Rosa Matthews Sheryl Monos Matthew Montgomery Paul Morris Daryl Moskalick Michelle Mulhern Brenda Mulling Paula Nagy Patricia Nevills Larry Neyhart Cynthia Nick la Paul Nordyke Richard Obrian Deborah Oldenberg Dawn Olenik Cynthia Ondo Karen Opinker Debra Oros Barbara Ostoich Jane Oulrey Marie Owen Anthony Owen Julie Owens Theodore Padilla Jaime Palucki Debbie Paris Monica Parker Randy Parsanko Dave Patrick Brenda Paunovich Kimberly Pavlick Kimberly Pearman Thomas Pearmen Tim Freshmen — 175 Freshmen enjoy Psenak Louis Pulley Tracy Queer Brian Quillin John Ramirez Monica Rangel Melinda Ratajczak Laure Reding Gay Reid Carrie Richardson Randy Richmond William Riddell Ronald Rivera Damaris Robertson Alex Robertson Bridget Robertson Theresa Rochner Diane Rohi Paul Ross Kimberly Rowe Debbie Pozwara Rebecca Rutkowski Janet Ryann Andrew Rycerz Brian Sago Tina Sako Teresa Saksa Trudy Salach Timothy Saiapski Susan Sarang Frank Sarver Nancy Saucedo Diane Sayers Cynthia Schallenkamp Susan Schultz Alvin Schultz Kenneth Scott Greg Shawver Regana Shearer Bradley Shellman Mark Shellman Russel Sibley Ronald 176 — Freshmen the winter season t«, rL-lisr : rN f.) Ai 4 •r 7 1 1 S Wo Michael Smith Jacquelyn Smith Jeffrey Smith Judith Snyder Daniel Sobczak Michael Solan Michael Solan Timothy Sparr Sandra Spasske Cindy Spiccia Dawn Spiccia Laura Springer Jacinta Spudic Chris Starkey Shirley Stavropouios Harry Steele Linda Steele Todd Stephen Jennifer Stephens Peggy Stevens Sherry Stevenson Charly Suda Donnamarie Sufak Jacqueline Sullivan Jeffery Sumter Lisa Swanson Marjori Sweet Patricia Tate Bryan Taylor Lisa Taylor Paul Tharp Valerie Tokoly Mary Townsell Patricia Tracey Melissa Treen Herbert Tsouchlos Tim Turczi David Ulm Nick Urbanski Jami Freshmen — 177 Frosh Hide Weis Sharron Wethington Dave Wetzel Cindy White Debra Williams Rena Willison James Wilson Douglas Wilson Mark Wimmer Scott Wolan Joyce Wolski Mary Woosley Robert Wozniczka Kathleen Wright Sheryl Wriston Jeff Wrobel Larry I tm Yoldash Mustafa Yoldash Yasemin Young Robbie Zabinski Gregory Zaremba Kevin Zawadzki Susan Zisoff Rhonda CAMSKA SMV ZKSSMMSM Aldridge Myron Alexander Mark Anderson Ramona Arnold Mary Ball Kermit Ball Theresa Bardoczi Chris Bellamy Gregory Blount Jay Blount Steven Bos winkle David Boutcher Thomas Bowen John Brilmyer Jim Cable Ronald Cassoday Timothy Christman Lisa Clausen Farriel Curiel Louis Damron Don Dills Kimberley Donnelly Terren Doughman Brian Eisenhart William Ellis Richard Elmore Tracy Gawne Henry Gilchrist Bette Gilder sleeve Ed Gomez Gary Grauvogol Susan Green Brian Green Cheryl Greene Cheryl Greer Catherine Griffith Philip Guzman Edward Hale Kathey Hale Tina Hall Christopher Hayes Timothy Heavner Robert Hendrix Teresa Hensley Teresa Henson Samantha Herron Brent Hofferth Richard Holten Angie Holmes Arthur Hoover Adam Hoover Greg Hunt Darrell Hurt Eugene Hutchinson Robert Keaton Robbie Keilman Donald Keilman Lisa King Dwayne Kinley Tracy Kirk John Kotvasz Cheryl Kritikos Alan Kruse Karen Kukula Robert Lanham Patrick Leonard Steven Lesher Patty Lewis Lynn Lukacek Christopher Malatinka Ed Maskovich John McDougal Mark McGann Annaclare Michelin Renee Miley Braedly Miley Michael Mose Matthew Mota Linda Muffett Dennis Nickla Paul Novetske Jery Obrien Patty Obrien Penny Opperman Tim Orriols Ruth Ossanna Christopher Owens Robert Pearce Mildred Pemperton Kenneth Peterson Dirk Porras David Porras Rosemari Pulley David Robinson Scott Rogers Ken Sanders Sharon Saucedo Jose Scartozzi Richard Sertic Robert Shindle David Sikorski Anthony Sirbas Christopher Sisco Deborah Smith Paul Spletzer Ellen Springer David Stevens Johnny Sutherland Julie Thacker Douglas Theodore Tamera Tomich Donna Tomich Dragon Tryon Michael Vela Fabian Victor Cathy Washington Ann Wells Darwin White Anita Whittinghill Jim Williams Steven Wilson Cynthia Windle Angela Winters Kimberley Witting Shelly Woody Mark York Anthony Zasytis Daniel 178 Freshmen With inflation hitting America more and more everyday, we need places where one can go to purchase food, clothing, and household objects without hitting our wallets too hard. A wide variety of places are available in Hessville. If a student is really hungry at lunch, he does not have to settle for cafeteria food. Within walking distance are Bonanza, McDonalds, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. For the students fortunate to drive, Arbys and Wendys are close by. In the clothing department, this area has an abundance of stores, such as Woodmar Shopping Center, The Gap, and Goodeal Pant Co., just to name a few. For ordinary household items or groceries. Van Tils, Jewel, Ribordy Drug, Fifield Pharmacy, and Lindy ' s True Value Hardware take care of the problem. So as one can see, Hessville is well equipped with business ' to serve the people. 4 180 — Advertisers Advertisers—181 PRIME MINISTER RESTAURANT 8601 SO. INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HIGHLAND, INDIANA 46322 838-2166 " YOU TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE BEST” HAIRSTYLING $g Aiw 3311 - 45th STREET 2205 MAIN HIGHLAND INDIANA CROWN POINT IN (219) 924-4100 (219) 663-9450 CALUMET PRESS “FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS” 8411 KENNEDY AVENUE HIGLAND (219) 838-0717 VIERK’S FURNITURE 6727 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND, INDIANA 844-8320 Ads — 183 HERITAGE MOTORS 6450 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-1570 MORTON SENIOR HIGH P.T.A. PRES. MRS. LORRAINE GOLGART 1st V.P. MRS. GLORIA EBELTOFT 2nd V.P. MRS. THOMAS GENSEL SEC. MRS. JOELLEN MIHALOV TRES. MRS. SALLY J. SACULLA SALES INC. 6641 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-4400 CINDY’S DANCE STUDIO 3506 169th STREET HAMMOND 844-2060 DENNY’S DAIRY QUEEN 6642 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-2755 HEGEWISCH DISCOUNT RECORDS TAPES 522 TORRENCE AVENUE CALUMET CITY, ILL. OAK FOREST, ILL. LOMBARD ILL. U.S. 30 (1 MI. E. OF SO. LAKE MALL) READ “NIGHT ROCK NEWS " LISTEN TO “NIGHT ROCK” WFLM - FM - 104 Ads AMY BOLAND GEORGANNE STOMING JACKIE CATANIA VARSITY CHEERLEADERS MISS RAMONA ENGLES - SPONSOR SHELLEY GEISSENDORFER FAITH MARCINEK LISA BOLCH GIVE YOUR FAMILY A STEAK BREAK! HEARTY STEAK, SEAFOOD, AND BURGER PLATTERS BROILED TO ORDER, COMPLETE WITH POTATOES AND SIZZLER TOAST REASONABLY PRICED. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WE BACK EVERY BITE! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. LUNCH THROUGH DINNER ALL ITEMS PACKAGED TO TAKE HOME. SIZZLER FAMILY STEAKHOUSE 428 RIDGE ROAD 312 WEST US 30 MUNSTER-MERRIVILLE INDIANA 219-836-9010 219-769-1101 9010 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HIGHLAND, INDIANA 219-923-4441 CANTRELL’S HOOSIER FLOWER SHOP 1424 119th STREET WHITING, INDIANA CONGRATULATES SENIORS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCASIONS OWNERS RICHARD JEANETTE CANTRELL MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK 3513 169th STREET HAMMOND 844-2006 For a Morton studeg saving ' s account if the help from a _ Mercantile Natim 186 — Ads STUDENT ASSOCIATION Officers President: Rhonda Reid, Vice President Ron Kaminski, Recorder Belinda Mandacek. SueWnfl, Ijmi Algozine, John Bass, Pa Qjn r C Thetmre, iM na Raymond. Pam MarrfiSgl w, Tomich, Jane Krizman . ' Second Row: _ Georgine Sabau. Georganne Stoming, Amy Boland, Shelly Geissendorfer, Lyn Nicksic, Sharon Rataczak, Shiela Soltys, Nancy Hladek. Third Row: Nancy Jaysk, Nora Cisko. Tina Sknerski, John Weis, Mary Egan, Sharon Jadmak, Karen Holland, Irene Kozubal. Ads — 187 HEAD-IN RECORDS AND TAPES 1919 169th STREET HAMMOND 844-7425 7051 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-1020 MORTON ADULT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT - MR. RAY JOHNSON VICE PRESIDENT - MRS. LORRAINE MATONOVICH SECRETARY - MRS. MARY ANN PALUCK1 TREASURER - MR. BILL McCREE VIRGIL HUBER FUNERAL HOME Q.T. BRANDS INC. “CANDY IS HAPPINESS” 6736 McCOOK AVE. 844-8060 VAN TIL’S SUPERMARKET 2635 169th STREET HAMMOND 844-5415 Juniors Terri Szot and Jean Lewis sample the fresh grapes in Van Til’s fruit department. FIFIELD’S PHARMACY 6729 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-8025 m r 1 P.O. BOX 2337 6937 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND IN. 46323 PHONE (219) 844-0101 BOCKEN FUNERAL HOME INC. ANDERSON AUTO PARTS 7042 KENNEDY 7114 CLINE AVENUE HAMMOND 844-0317 MR. AND MRS. GEORGE L. BOCKEN MR. AND MRS. JOHN C. AULT QUALITY NEW AND REBUILT PARTS 190 — Ads Fast friendly service , Weiss ' motto as he pr Bonanza. em CITIZENS FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE COME SAVE WITH US SAVINGS PLAN AVAILABLE HOME LOANS TO BUY OR BUILD 155 NORTH MAIN STREET 5311 HOLMAN AVE. CROWN POINT IN HAMMOND IN 663-4758 1720-45th AVE. MUNSTER IN. 933-0432 US 30 THORNAPPLE WAY VALPARALSO, INDIANA 465-1602 4 GOOD REASONS TO SEE YOUR GOOD NEIGHBOR AGENT CAR HOME • LIFE • HEALTH ROGER SLOSSER 7014 KENNEDY AVE LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR STATE FARM IS TUTTPIT STATE FARM INSURANCE I-‘ HOME OFFICE: BLOOMINGTON, IN. 1 BONANZA SIRLOIN PIT 3651169th STREET HAMMOND 844-9850 Ads — 191 SULLIVAN MFG SALES CORP. P.O. BOX 666 5031 PAXTON HAMMOND IN. 46325 P Ca,kl - V No more lost soap, dirty soap, soggy soap. Just hang Soap Caddy around your neck. Perfect for campers, vacationers, students, service men. Unbreakable plastic in white, pink, blue, green, yellow, or orange. Guaranteed for 10 years order today Soap Caddy Co. P.O. Box 1366 Hammond, In. 46325 192 — Ads TINKER’S DEN PANELING • CEILING • CARPETING AND EVERYTHING ELSE FOR INTERIOR REMODELING 3317 - 45th STREET HIGHLAND 924-5700 EPPLE INSURANCE AGENCY 6808 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 845-0431 FREDDY’S STEAK HOUSE 6442 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-1500 For an after school snack, sophomore Tina Hale, junior Scott Hansen order at Freddy ' s. LAKE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 7048 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 845-0220 Ads — 193 JACK’S CARRY OUT • CHICKEN • FRENCH FRIES • FISH • SALADS • SHRIMP 6602 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-3032 A.P. DAVIS SPORT, INC. AWARD SWEATERS AND JACKETS CUSTOM STYLED CHEVILLE LETTERS HEAT APPLIED LETTERING ON ANY GARMENT TROPHIES AND ENGRAVING 4532 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. 219-397-0274 NEMCEK FLORIST 7034 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-3013 To make a clean sweep senior Steve Millard stuffs senior Rob McAfee in a fine aluminum Lindy’s trash can. LINDY’S HARDWARE 6220 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 194 — Ads BODIE PHOTOGRAPHER 149 STATE STREET HAMMOND IN WE2-1493 Ads — 195 COMPLIMENTS OF CHRISTENSON CHEVROLET 9700 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD. HIGHLAND 924-3344 Calumet National as shown by Mr. Thomas J. Dwan and his secretary. CALUMET NATIONAL BANK 6611 KENNEDY AVENUE HAMMOND 844-4680 ADZIA TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 737 169th STREET HAMMOND 933-0480 WOODMAR DELICATESSAN CARRYOUTS PARTY TRAYS PARTY FOODS QUALITY AT LOW PRICES 2247 - 169th STREET HAMMOND COtfZKACZOKS PMOMS ZJCDSfl 4-0960 General Contractors — Complete Kemodeling Don S. White President 7244 Kennedy Hammond. Jnd. Woodmar Shopping Center 6540 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana 46324 WOODMAR SHOPPING CENTER 6540 INDIANAPOLIS BLVD HAMMOND INDIANA 46323 Ads Cookie Mon Cecilia Sto}i sophomore sophomore l the sclcctioi softest " says sophomore Sue Masick while senior Cecilia StojAn and sophomore Pam BURGER’S - LOW PRICES FRIENDLY SERVICE BURGER’S 1830 45th AVENUE MUNSTER 165th AND COLUMBIA HAMMOND RIDGE ROAD MUNSTER Laurie Pastuar Pam Paris Lee Ann Teresa Lozano O’Drobinak 198-Ads Sue Sterling Debbie Bac Carri Prokapeak Nina Bell Carlene Bishop Ilene Bundy POM PON SQUAD ■ I OF 1979-80 Calderon Tina Coots Margie Cruz Lisa Deltoro Denise Linda Karen Lipka Michelle Lelito Listenberger Lipkovitch 1980 Seniors Put-It-Together First Row. Dave Mays, Jeff Dowling, Skip Gyure, Bill Golon, Rory Segally, Linda Lipkovicb, Linda Galka, Chuck Valandingham, Denise Listenberger, Diane Kosinski, Karen Lipka, Teresa Lozano, Second Row: Marty Boeht, Mark Rebey, Mike Kirincb, Ed Kielbasa, Jamie Snyder, Jeff Relinski, Jessica Aguilara, Mike Herbert, Laura Wojcik, Debbie Cantrell, Third Row: Donna Bernacki, Nancy Knight, Debbie Grezcka, Sherri Mullins, Jackie Nemeth, Sue Howard, Steve Millard, Darth Vader, Laura Harrigan, Dean Rubino, Pam Meier, Connie Evanich, Fourth Row: Bridgette Lauerman, Lori Cornelison, Sue Platt, Donna Raymond, Helen Kirincic, Jamee Babbitt, Nikki Murga, Patty Griffith, Joe Salus, Jim Krachenfels, Greg Lukas, Fifth Row: Yvonne Wilson, Vicki Slat, Sandy Hlad, Renee Vermejan, Ruby Teran, John Bass, Mike Fleming, Rich Nallenwag, Rhonda Reid, Phil Elo, Blenids Coon, Sixth Row: Dianne Vavrek, Pam Parker, Denise Hamel, Paulette Murchek, Pam Magginis, Jose Luna, Lisa Delors, Marcie Herochik, Kathy Bobowski, Seventh Row: Laura Bewley, Sue Vraboretis, Pam Sullivan, Paulette Szczepanski, Tom Hart, Mickey Harris, John Jusko, Chris Cudzillo. 200 — Ads With Spirit and Enthusiasm First Row: Wendy Markowski, Debbie Bach, Brenda Edwards, Joyce Matonovich, Debbie Wojcik, Lawrie Pasta r, Chris Reid, Georgene Sabau, Nancy Relinski, Candy Ballard, Second Row: Deana Owen, Sue Orahood, Belinda Mandichak, Patty Munjas, Chris Lelito, Amy Lauer, Debbie Riley, Sandy Hooper, Barcey Bell, Tina Coots, Third Row: Mike Bermingham, Karen Szczudlak, Nada Vranic, Sue Sliwa, Georganne Stoming, Lyn Algozine, Faith Marcinek, Scott Lush, Darin Bensigner, Terri Hayes, Mike Kelley, Laura Rapchak, Fourth Row: Chuck Morse, Sharon Gasior, Janet Kocur, Bill Brightwell, Mike Price, Ron Brandner, Dave Brilmyer, Mike Garza, Mike Fleming, Rich Fairchild, Cheryl Alberts, Fifth Row: Phil Markovich, Larry Cupak, Dave Guzek, Stan Potter, Linda Sumler, Timm Krieter, Jeanine Krieter, Rich Nallenwag, Mike Herbert, Sixth Row: Dianne Vavrek, Pam Parker, Chuck Sbive, Tony Soy, Bob Macafee, Dave Gidcumb, Nick D’Angelo, A1 Ramirez, Steve Zubrenic, Denise Listenberger, Teresa Lozano, Diane Kosinski, Laura Wojick, Seventh Row: Teresa Vyner, Tom Hart, Mickey Harris, John Jusko, Ron Salach, Cecilia Stojan, Sue Opinker, Paula Tbeordore. Ads — 201 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES People Serving Lake County People ESLE Teibel’s The Ideal Family Restaurant Anniversary 1929-1979 Schererville, Indiana 865-2000 At the intersection of Routes 41 30 Kenwood Lanes 6311 Kennedy Avenue Hammond 845-9080 Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Seniors From Mayor Edward J. Raskosky Ads Wooster Club Booster Club members President senior Sandy Hooper, Vice-president senior Chris Reid, and junior Kim Hantz, and secretary senior Linda Galka promote spirit at Morton Senior High School. Rice Realty Inc. 2325 Jewett, Highland 923-6700 MLS Send your cleaning to Hessville Cleaners or Dooling Etter 6429 Kennedy 550 173rd 844-9310 932-4404 Hessville 5 10 6803 Kennedy Avenue Hammond 844-9545 Ads — 203 Bert’s Shell Service 7315 Kennedy Avenue Hammond Indiana Robordy Drugs 2 convenient locations 2633 169th St. Briar East Shopping Center 845-6500 Hammond 844-5033 Prescriptions, Hallmark, Cosmetics Gifts, Liquor, and Auto Almira’s Pastry Shop Whipped Creams Pies cakes for any occasion “Story book character cakes” 836-1070 844-4334 932-1922 421 Ridge Road In Van Tils Sibley Muster Hammond Maywood Security Federal “5 Convient offices to serve you” East Chicago — Main Office Indiana Harbor — 3405 Michigan Ave. Highland — 2600 Highway Avenue St. John — 9301 Wicker Avenue Lowell — 1329 E. Commercial Avenue Woodmar Jewelers Gift Shop SPECIALIZING IN FINE CLOCKS ft DIAMONDS WATCH REPAIR - RING REMOUNTS GIFTS - ENGRAVING 204 — Ads Jftar yiinic AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS - OUR SPECIALTY ALL TYPES OF MECHANICAL REPAIRS PH. 989-9677 6146 KENNEDY AVE. HESSVILL. INO. STAN Lauer Insurance Agency 6727 Kennnedy Avenue Hessville 844-1140 Compliments of Jessey Maid Ice Cream 4641 Hohman Avenue Hammond WE2-1122 Pleasant View Dairy Milk 2625 Highway 838-0155 Highland, IN. Go Govs Go The Hobby Shop 6524 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond 844-9050 Councilman Bob Golec 6th district Class of ’61 Ads — 205 Solina’s Bakery Complete assortment of bakery goods special decorated cakes for all occasions 6712 Kennedy Avenue Hammond 844-6815 T-MAX REALTY 2850 — 169th Street Hammond Indiana 46323 Office home 219-989-9400 219-844-2763 Gene’s Plaques 6949 Kennedy Ave. Hammond, Indiana 844-7585 206 — Ads Rev. D.A. Pallone St. Catherine of Siena Church and 6525 Kentucky Avenue Rev. Anthony Vattierra Hammond 845-9661 Compliments of Ventrella’s Lounge and Pizzeria 6625 Columbia Avenue Hammond Indiana next to Stardust bowl Carryouts 932-2410 Lounge 933-9485 owners: Michael Kenny Ventrella Heather Bell Carolyn Coots Shelley Geissendorfer Chris Lelito Lisa Nuccio Ramona Soto THE TIMERETTES OF 1979-80 Cindy Bermingham Jill Cowan A @ Tina Hale Lisa Jovas Sue Opinker Julie Owen Sue Rovi Co-capt Amy Lauer Tina Skernerski Rebecca Soto Sue Sterling Ruby Teran Kelly Walsh — Ads McCioskey’s Automotive Service Parts 6101 Kennedy Avenue Service Hessville Machine Shop 844-5015 U-Haul Rental Herff Jones Co. George Kingsley Box 747 Monticello In (219) 383-3420 Jimmy’s Olympian 6512 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond 845-1977 Ben’s Restaurant and Lounge Inc. Marvin JurJevic — owner 2739 Highway Avenue Highland, Indiana 838-3100 Businessmen’s Lunches Sizzling Steaks Prime Ribs Bar-B-Q Ribs Pan Fried Chicken, Lobster — Sea Foods Ads Good Luck Class of ’80 Jack Crawford County Prosecutor Lansing Auto Glass Trim 2209 165th St., Hammond 844-9512 McDonalds 3639 169th St. Hammond 845-8625 210 — Ads Marbor Paint Center 3820 Main Cast Chicago 397-4962 THE TIMES Home Newspaper of the Calumet Region 417 Fayette Hammond 932-3100 Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church and School 7132 Arizona Hammond 844-3473 — Ads Crowel Agency 8244 Kennedy Avenue Highland 923-2131 mmm Steffie Joe’s Restaurant Lounge Your Host Joe Stephanie Fistrovich 2804 Highway Ave. Highland, In. 46322 923-2525 Sauteed Shrimp — Steak — Prime Rib Lake Perch — Frog Legs — Lobster ® Bank of Highland Main Office South Highland Office 2611 Highway 45th Kennedy Highland, In Highland, In Zandstra’s Store for Men 2629 Highway Ave. Highland, In. 923-3545 214 — Ads House of Pizza 7008 Indianapolis Blvd. 844-6065 Hoosier State Bank Clem A. Gargula President 12 Convenient Locations In Lake County Paris Style Shop Creative Cutting Hair Styling Permanents Hair Products Mens Custom Toupees Roffler Franchised Stylists at Your Service Tuesday-Friday 8:30-5:30 Saturday 8:00-5:00 3205-173rd St. Hammond, In. 844-1827 Barton’s Pizzeria Hammond 7322 Calumet 932-1300 Highland North Hammond 3925 45th 904 Hoffm an 924-6200 932-3333 Hoosier Travel Agency 6640 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana 46324 Doris E. Couch Hammond 932-4515 Wm. C. Couch Illinois 868-1551 Serving Youth that Youth may better Serve YMCA of the Hammond Area 7322 Southeastern Avenue Hammond, Indiana 46324 845-1507 216 — Ads Have a Coke and a Smile COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 1000 Colfax Gary, In 949-1573 Good Luck Seniors from MORTONITE TOP HAT OPEN f! Monday 9-8 J Tues.-Fri. 9-6 Sat. 9-5 6750 Broadway—Merrillville 769-2451 San Remo Home of the famous Festa Carte 112 E. Ridge Road, Griffith, In. Reservations 838-6000 Your Hosts: A1 Sweet and Family Ads —217 218 — Closing Staffers Pet Tear fe ettier Closing — 219 NEK DEC ADE I t DDK EE DAHNIND Good-bye 70 ' s. Thanks for the memories, but it ' s time to be moving on. We hope the 1980 edition of the TOP HAT will not only bring back memories but will also serve as a catalyst in helping us achieve our goals in this new decade. I guess every editor, in their closing comments, tries to relate to the school the tremendous amount of hard work it takes to publish a yearbook. And no matter what I say, the only way you can fully appreciate the dedication and work is to be a part of the staff. In simple terms we collectively spent over 10,000 hours producing this book. Contrary to popular belief, they were not all fun. Many hour were filled with frustration and just plain hard work ... but certainly, now that it ' s all over, it was worth it! A big thank you to all the staff! You were great to work with and you can be proud of your accomplishments. Each of the 60 staff members know that they have had a part in the designing and content of the book. It is truly a unique product. A note of special thanks goes to Mr. Bob Henning, our yearbook representative, for helping us make it through the year. Also to our advisor, Mr. Scott Markley, for his continued support and for his little pushes to keep the ball rollin ' when the work slowed down. Thank you Bodie photographers Harry Dudzik and Jerry Misiewich for the bulk of the pictures in this book and also Andros Studios for underclass pictures. I hope you will enjoy reading this edition of TOP HAT from time to time as you live through the " dawning " years of the 80 ' s. Best Wishes, Paula Theodore Editor §I4ff Managing Editor Paula Theodore Layout Editor Chris Lelito Copy Editor Faith Marcinek Opening Editors Pam Sullivan Paulette Szczepanski Organizations Editor Ruby Teran Assistant Karen Lipka Sports Editor Lynn Nicksic Assistant Monette Martone Academics Editor Marcie Herochik Assistant Mary Adams Faculty Editor Sharon Gasior Senior Class Editor Joyce Matonovich Assistant Janice Trissler Academics Editor Marcie Herochik Assistant Mary Adams Faculty Editor Sharon Gasior Advisor Mr. Scott Markley Representative Mr. Bob Henning Index Editor Pam Meier Assistant Diane Kosinskl Student Photographer Ron Salach Business Manager Wendy Markowski Assistant Russ McGehee This book was published by Jostens American Yearbook Company Clarksville, Tennessee. Closing — 221 A Abasolo. Carmela Abasolo, Cris 128. 164 Abdelhadi. Ghadir 172 Abdelhadi, Hiam 164 Acevez, Lupe 164 Adams. Brian 53. 156 Adams. Mary 44. 156 Adkins. Linda 156 Adkins. Sherry Adorjan, Sharon 128 Adzia. Lisa 128 Aguilar. Tammy 5. 44. 156 Aguilara, William 156 Aguilera, Jessica 44. 128, 200 Alaniz, Tina 128 Alberts. Beth 41, 164 Alberts. Cheryl 34. 44. 128. 200 Alberts. Jeff 40. 164 Aldridge. Candy 164 Alexander, Beth 31. 34 Alexander, Mr. Ernest 116 Algozine. Lyn 36. 44, 128. 187. 200 Allen, Gary 26. 27. 32. 33. 53. 54. 156 Allen. Kevin 25, 33. 53. 54. 164 Ally, Sandy Anderson, Doug 55, 172 Ando. Steve 172 Anguiano, Mike 164 Anoskey. Dan 172 Antkowiak, Art 128 Appelquist, Sharon 156 Aragon, Rosa 156 Archer. Mr. William 49, 60. 61. 116 Arnold. David 172 Arnold, Steve Ashby. Greg 55, 172 Atelevich, Linda Aumiller. Dan Avenatti. Rob 41, 156 Axarides, Tim 162 Axtman. Patty 128. 164 Axtman. Sherie 13 Babbit. Janee 128. 140. 200 Babbit, Nancy 172 Bac. Jim 93. 156 Bac, Maureen 44, 172 Bach. Dawn 30, 88. 128 Bach, Deborah 45. 88. 128, 198. 201 Bach. Sandy 164 Bacus. Mr. Glen 97. 116 Bair. Ron 156 Baker, Dixie 172 Balczo. Bob 55. 172 Baldazo. Jeanette 156 Ball. Theresa Ballard, Candy 5. 34. 35. 100. 129. 201 Banks. Duane 129 Bandura. Mr. Michael 94. 116 Bardoczi. Anna Bardoczi. Chris Bardoczi. Margret 129 Bardoczi. Martin 129 Bardoczi. Sue 34. 44. 63. 91. 156 Bariara. John 172 Barnes, Charles 44. 129 Barnes. Sandy 24, 25. 31. 32. 156 Barnett, Denise 164 Barnett. Tammy 172 V INCH Barrentine, Briaget 129 Barrett. Alice 38. 39, 42. 43. 156 Barrett. Austin 55. 172 Barrick, Pamela 129 Bartock, Brian 156 Barton. Larry 44, 54. 164 Bartoszek. Michelle 33. 164 Bass, John 22, 31. 36, 90, 129. 187. 200 Bass. Tom 172 Batliner. Sue 164 Baum, Mickey 164 Bean, David Beavers. Jim 172 Belcher, Steve 164 Bell. Darcey 129. 201 Bell. Eric 164 Bell. Heather 208 Bell. Lewis Bell. Mrs. Lois 115 Bell. Nina 8. 23. 32. 33. 45. 129. 198 Bell. Patti 129 Bell. Terry Bell. Theresa 31. 44. 172 Bensinger. Darin 15. 17. 51, 53. 67. 129. 201 Bercik, Ms. Marilyn 115 Berg. John 43. 99. 156 Bermingham, Cindy 33, 164. 208 Bermingham. Michael 9. 102, 129, 201 Bernacki, Donna 40. 129. 200 Berry. Joy 88. 156 Bethell. Steve 130 Betustak, Rob Beverlin. Lori 130 Bewley. Laura 17. 32. 38. 130. 200 Biel. Mr. Adolph 115 Bielak, Barny 164 Biewenga, Cliff 156 Bigbie. Robert 162 Billingsley. Angie 130 Bishop. Carlene 44. 45. 156, 198 Blair. Mike 162 Blackwell, Vicki Blaski. Joann Blythe. Andrew 34. 35. 156 Bobowski. Kathleen 130. 200 Bobowsky, Mrs. M.C. 116 Bobowsky. Mr. Stanley 116 Bock, Nancy 100 Bodie. Joe 172 Boelt. Martin 130. 200 Boelt, Teresa 172 Boer, Marynell 40. 44. 130 Bogunovich. David 172 Boilek, Pam 38. 40. 44. 164. 197 Bokun. Nick 156 Boland, Amy 10. 23. 36. 44. 46 156. 163. 185. 187 Boland. Jim 53. 54. 164 Bolch. Lisa 23. 44. 46. 156. 185 Bolek, James Bolinger, Mr. John 40. 116 Bolsega. Debbie 172 Bond. Deborah 41. 46. 156 Bonham. Tami 44. 156 Booker, Martin 130 Boskovich. Mary 164 Bossinger. Ms. Barbara 42. 116 Boswinkle. David Botman. Joann 130 Bouthcher. Pat 40. 156 Bouthcher, Tom 55 Bowen, John Bowen, Kim 164 Bowers. Edwin 53. 54, 156 Bowker. Ed 164 Bowker. Howard 172 Boyan. Niel 162 Bradley. Dale 130 Brady. Carol 172 Brady. Dave 162 Brandner, Greg 86 Brandner, Ron 44. 60. 61. 67, 72 113. 130. 201 3reaks, Ronald 164 3rey. Kim 164 Brightwell. Bill 41. 44. 49. 61. 130. 201 Brightwell. LaRetha 130. 172 Brilmyer, Dave 130, 201 Brilmyer, Jim Brimer. Mike 9, 55. 155. 172. 173 Brimer. Pamela 40, 44. 130 Brimmer. Tom 55 Brizzi. Velma 130 Brnicky. Thomas 32, 130 Brooks, Tanya 172 Brown. Duane 131 Brown, Earl Brown. Lori 89, 156 Brown. Steve 110. 111. 156 Brown. Dr. Timothy 5. 114. 171 Brown, Vanessa 44, 56, 156 Brown, Vickey 58, 172 Brownewell. Keith 156 Brownewell. Keven 87. 156 Browning, Jami 43, 157 Bruce, Sherrie 40 Brumfield. Kevin 164 Bryant. Dan 74, 131 Bryce. Sherrie 40. 44. 88, 157 Brzycki, Joe 53. 54. 67. 162 Buckley. Candy Buckner. Randy 39 Buckner. Ronald 31. 164 Buhring, Laura 31. 164 Bukowski, Rachelle 164 Bukowski. Shelly 47. 171. 193 Bullion. Jeff Bundy. Ilene 32. 45. 157. 198 Burr. Mrs. Marcia 116 Byers. Sherri 164 Byrd. Donna Byrd. Tom Byrne. Kathy 165 Byrom, Judy 165 c Calandrello. Rick 165 Calderon. Armando 74. 131 Calderon. Debbie 44. 45. 157. 163. 199 Call. Rhoda 165 Camp. Dora Campagna, Rudy 165 Campbell, Dan 131 Campbell. James Campbell. Kimberly 131. 165 Canarini, Lisa 131. 165 Canarini. Tina Candsfield. Marenis 53 Cantrell. Debbie 40. 131. 186. 200 Carlson. Joan 131 Carmon, Karen 10. 23. 30. 46. 157. 190 Carrubba. Donna 165 Carter. Mrs. Catherine 116 Carter. Karen 131 Carter. Kathy 172 Cash. Sheila 172- Cashen. Dennis 157 Cashen. Robert 9. 41. 102. 131 Casper. Leslie 24. 25. 32. 33. 40. 44. 157 Casperson. Mr. Don 116 Cassoday, Tim Castellanos. Jeff Catania. Jackie 23. 44. 46 157 185 Catania. Ronald 172 Cavanaugh. Jeannie 172 Cavanaugh, Jennifer 47 Caudle. Teresa 172 Caudle. Terri Chamberlain, Ed 9. 40. 43. 131. 150 Chance. Mike 44. 157 Charles, Joyce 32. 131 Charles, Tom 165 Chavez, Mark 172 Chavez. Misty 131 Chidester. Mr. Charles 115 Christman. Lisa Churilla, Dan 44. 157 Ciupak, Larry 30. 31. 90. 131, 201 Clair. Ms. Wilma 115 Clark, Craig 131 Clark. Michelle 131 Clark. Terry 23. 34. 35. 40, 165 Clark. Tresa 172 Clauson, Farniel Clayton, Kevin 165 Clemens. Frank 53. 157 Cochrane. Dan 172 Coffey. Raymond Coffey. Terry 165 Cogdill, Tina 172 Cole. Roxana 31. 44. 172 Colello. Steve Colgrove. David 157 Colins. Ms. Karen 116 Collins. Donna 38 Collins. Kathy 157 Collins. Mike 165 Companiott. Michelle 44, 157 Companiott. Nick 37, 165 Congreve. Dr. Willard 115 Conner. Jeff Contreras, Debbie 34. 172 Cook. Brian 54. 165 Cooke, John Coolidge. Mr. Robert 116 Coon. Belinda 44. 131. 186. 200 Coon. Brian 165 Coots. Tina 45. 93. 131. 199. 201 Corak. Tom 55. 172. 179 Cornelison. Loree 27. 32. 37. 38. 40. 44. 131. 200 Cornwell, Arthur 131 Cornwell. Mike 172 Coulter. John 109. 131 Cowan. Jill 165. 208 Cox. Brian 157 Cox, Jennifer 106. 173 Cox. Pam 173 Craig. Mrs. Elaine 117. 125 Crane. Karen 165 Crowder, Kendra 33. 157 Crum. Rondo 165 Cruse. Donald 7. 131 Cruz. Danny Cruz. Elizabeth 131. 142 Cruz, Karen 31 Cruz. Linda 173 Cruz. Margie 45. 199 Csicsko, Nora 36. 44. 157. 187 Cudzilo. Chris 41. 200 Cudzilo. Mary Ann 173 Culbertson. Mrs. Virgene 117 Cummins. Brenda 165 Cummins. Doreen 33. 39. 165 Cummins. Mike 131 Cummins. Sheila 165 Cummins. Shelly 157 Curiel. Louis Curtis. Pat 74, 75. 165 Index — 223 D Dalton. Jill 165 Damiano. Mrs. Carol 104, 117. 125 Damiano. Mr. Michael 117 Damron. Don Damron, Nova 165 D ' Angelo. Nick 23. 30. 78. 90. 132. 201 Daniels. Ken 14. 52. 86. 87. 132 Dankanich. Marie 2. 40. 44. 165 Dark. Charlie Dark. Kevin 165 Dauksza. Rick 165 Davidson. Ken 165 Davidson. Lloyd 165 Davidson. Lori 33. 165. 166 Davidson. Mike Davidson. Stanley 173 Davis. Craig 55. 173 Davis. Sandy 165 Davis. Tom 44. 157 Dawson, Ray 34, 165 Day. Amy 173 Deasy. Kathy 157 DeBold. Alan 32. 132 Dec. Diane 165 Decker. Laurie 34. 44. 38. 157 DeHenes. Andrea 91. 157 DeHenes, Steve 173 DeLache. Kathy 165 Delp, Chester 165 Del Toro. Lisa 44. 45. 132. 199. 200 Deming. Regind 157 Dennis. Julie DePeugh. Mr. Joseph 117 DeRolf. Paul Derrow. Colleen 44, 157 Desmond. Sue 34. 106. 173 Deutsch. Ellen 172 Dever. Charmaine Devine. Jeff 132 Dey. Charles 173 Dey. Christy DeYoung, Joe Dickey. Elizabeth 165 Diehl. Tom 157 Dills. Kim Dills. Raymond 165 Dixon. Mrs. Dorothy 117 Doan. Darrin 165 Dodd. Donna 132 Dodd. Myra 165 Dodson, Michelle 44. 157 Doland, Kim 165 Domsic. Mary 132 Donnelly. Terry Doughman, Brian Douglas. Mrs. Mary 117 Douglas. Tina 38. 40. 157 Dowling. Dave 44, 53. 75. 157 Dowling. Jeff 132. 200 Downen. Greg 173 Downey. Tammy 132 Downing. Don 165 Drach. Jim 173 Drach, Mary 157 Dragomer. John 132 Drees. Doug 157 Drees, Paul 33 Dubeck. Mark Dujan. Chris 173 Dujan. Tom Dugan. Lisa 132 Dunn. Ronald Dunne. Terry 33. 39 Dziadon. Marilyn 165 E Earl. Donna 33. 165 Earl. Edward 165 Easton, Kim 34. 165 Easton. Robin 32. 157 Eastwood, Cindy 109, 165 Eaton. Dennis Eaton. Donna 157 Eaton. Mark 74. 85. 157 Eaton. Mike Ebeltoft, Deanna 165 Ebeltoft. Dennis 40. 78. 132. 157 Ebeltoft. Denise 44 Ebeltoft. Derrin 173 Ecsi. Lisa 2. 11. 31. 34. 37. 40. 44. 165 Edwards. Brenda 30. 44. 49. 56, 89. 132. 201 Edwards. Debra 165 Edwards. Mr. Donn 25. 117 Egan. Mary 36. 40. 165. 187 Egan. Sean 15. 23. 34. 44. 112. 157 Einbinder. Edie 44, 173 Einbinder. Sheri 173 Eisenhart. Bill Elgas. Mr. Stantley 117, 124 Elish. Rod 165 Elizondo. Albert 165 Elizondo. Alexander 165 Elizondo. Arthur 31. 33 Elizondo, Maria 173 0 Ellis. Karen 173 Ellis. Susan 33. 165 Ellison. Penney 32. 44, 157 Elmore. Tracy EINaggar. Dr. K. 104. 105. 117 Elo. Phil 9. 23. 30. 42. 43. 44. 67. 113. 132. 144. 200 Engle. Ms. Ramona 117. 185 Enoksen. Ronald .133 Evanich. Chris 165 Evanich. Constance 30. 89. 133, 200. 216 Evanich, Robert 165 Evans, Mr. Richard 117 F Fabrie. Scott 173 Fahey. Lou 165 Fairchild. Richard 32. 133, 201 Faist, Mary Farmer. David 173 Farmer. Laurie 44, 56. 133 Fary. Ronald 34. 38. 42. 104. 111. 157 Fellows. Gerry 173 Fenes, Marsha 165 Fenes, Mathew 173 Fenes. Michael 133 Fernando, Joe 166 Fernando. Judy 173 Fernando, Sonali 166 Ferrer. Roy 31. 39. 166 Fiscus. Greg 173 Fix. Mr. Doug 38. 42. 117 Fleming. James 43. 44. 53. 109, 133, 200. 201 Flitar. Nick Flitar. Samuel 173 Floyd. Denise 166 Floyd. Judy 157 Foote. Rhonda 166 Ford. Dana 133 Ford. Joy 133 Fork, Doug 53. 54. 157. 181 Frak. Alison 157 Frank, Joe Frankland. Brian 166 Frankovich, Tina Fre. Dan 157 Frenzel. Marsha Frenzel. Melinda 33. 166 Frigo. Jody 106. 173 Fritz. Shelley 47. 173 Frizzell. Sherry 173 Frost. Alan 41. 44, 61. 73. 113. 133 Fross, Diana 2. 34. 165, 166 Fulmer. Jeff c Gabry, Holly 166 Galka. Linda 40. 44. 88. 133, 200, 203 Gallegos, Christine 133 Gallegos. Patty 166 Gambill. Tonya 133 Gamia. Richard 157 Garcia. Rick 74, 75 Garcia, Robert 166 Gardner, Eric 173 Gardner, Kevin 34, 166 Gartner. Mr. Joseph 114 Garvey, Sue 166 Garza. Gloria 173 Garza. Michael 133. 201 Garza. Ricky 157 Gasior. Sharon 30. 38. 89. 133. 143. 201 Gates. Belinda 33. 39. 166 Gatlin. Bob 55. 106. 173 Gatlin. Tom 54. 166 Gawron. David 173 Gazibara, Rose 133 Gearman, David 166 Geissendorfer. Shelley 7, 10. 23. 36. 44. 46. 88. 140. 157, 185. 187. 208 Geissler, Curt 30, 157. 190 Genduso. William 32. 157, 159 Gentry. David 39. 166 Georgas. Mr. Jack 84, 86. 118 George, Ken 93 Gerka, Rob 34, 173 Gidcumb, David 134. 201 Gil, Frank Gil. Peter 55, 173 Gilchrist. Bette Gilchrist, Jim Gilchrist. Susan Gildersleeve. Ed Gildersleeve. Jim 173 Gillard, Mrs. Jan 39, 118 Gillespie. Shelley 30. 44. 45. 90. 157. 190. 199 Gillham, Patty 166 Gillis. Jim 30. 158, 190 Gilmore. Randy Gilmore, Tami Goatley. Carl Goldman, Ms. Dona 118 Goldschmidt. Carol 134 Golgart, Jean 44, 166 Gollner. Bob 54. 93. 166 Golon, Sue 56. 88. 158 Golon, William 14. 44. 113, 134. 200 Gomez. Louisa 166 Gomez, Teresa 95, 134 Gonzalez. Dave 55. 173 Gonzalez. Deanna 173 Gonzalez. Tony 134 Goodson, Lisa 166 Gordish, John 54. 166 Graban, Garry 34. 55, 173 Grant. Lorie 158 Grant, Vickie 158 Grauvogl, Carol 166 Grauvogl, Susan Greaney, Dennis 158 Greaney. Mike 173 Green, Cheryl Greer, Cathy 40 Gresham, Dan 55. 173 Gresham. Tony 44, 53. 74. 158 Grezcka. DebDie 200 Griffith, Patty 134. 200 Grimberg, Paul 173 Grimmer, Joyce 134 Grubesic. Joe Gruener, Maribeth 37, 173 Gruener, Maureen 58, 59 Grzeczka. Debbie 134 Grzych. Jennifer 100, 158 Grzych, John 166 Guernsey. Ronald 173 Guerra, Carlos Cuerra, Joe 40, 104, 158 Guerra, Lolly Guerra, Maria 134 Guerrero. Cindy 166 Guerrero. Dianna 166 Guerrero. Renee 158 Gurchek. Jim 173 Gurnak. Dawn 44, 158 Gurnsey. Ron 55 Guzek. David 41. 127, 134. 201 Guzman. Ed Gyure. Dale 43, 44. 53. 112, 134. 200 ■- Hadu, Terry 134 Hale. Kathey Hale. Tina 193. 208 Hall. Brett 34. 173 Hall. Chris 34 Hall. Mrs. J. 118 Hall. Ms. Judith 118 Hall. Kathleen 134 Hall. Patrick 158 Hall. Robin 34. 134 Hall. Shayne 134 Hall. Susan 173 Halon. Jeff 166 Hamel. Denise 200 Hamilton, Lori 166 Hamrick. Brenda Hamrick. Mark 158 Hanes. Patrick 158 Hankins. Scott 173 Hansen. Kert 135 Hansen, Lisa 173 Hansen. Robin 39. 158 Hansen. Scott 158, 193, 203 Hanson. Melanie 173 Hantz, Heidi 173 Hantz. Kim 44. 88, 158. 203. 215. 216 Harakal, Glenn 103 Harmon, Bill 87 Harper. Jeff 52. 87 Harrell, Tammy 166 Harrigan. Laura 100. 135. 200 Harris, Donna 8. 34. 135 Harris. Kelly 173 Harris. Michael 18. 135 Harris, Mickey 200. 201 Hart. Mrs. Helen 118, 199 Hart. Thomas 135, 200, 201 Hartlerode. Charles 166 Hartlerode. Debby 174 Hartlerode. Karin 38. 44, 166 Hatch..Mike 32. 135 Hauer, Carol 98, 166 Hauer. Mary Hayden, Debby 134 Hayden. Mr. Jeffery 118. 172 Hayden, Tina 166 Hayduk. John 44, 52. 53, 158 Hayes, Terri 135. 201 Hayes. Tim Heavner, Ed 174 Heavner, Robert Hedden. Kevin Hedrick. Tricia 44. 47. 166 HeFlin. Bobbv 174 224 — Index Hekkel, Dennis 33. 166 Heller. William 53. 54, 158 Hemmerich, Brian 135 Hendrix. Terri Hendron, Angie 23. 46,, 158 Hendron, Mike 166 Hensley, Teri Henson. Don Henson, Samantha Herbert. Michael 39, 44. 52. 53, 110. 135, 153. 200. 201 Herbert. Pat 158 Herbert. Therese 33, 40, 41, 44, 158. 163 Hernandez, Ed 53, 54. 158 Hernandez, Rose 44. 135 Hernandez, Robert 55, 174 Herochik, Marcie 30. 89. 135, 183, 200 Herring, Janie 44, 56, 63, 88. 158 Herron, Brent Hess. Bridget Hess. George 53. 54, 158 Hess, Roberta 174 Hess. Robyn Hewlett. Scott 166 Hicks. Ms. A. 56. 57. 63. 118 Higgins, Jeanne 174 Higgins, Peggy 158 Highsmith. Darren 34. 158 Hilbrich. Holly 158 Hill, Mrs. Colantha 118 Hilliard. Lori 33, 158 Hilton. Stephen 166 Hinton. Bill Himmel, Karen 166 Hlad, Sandra 22, 23, 30. 38. 42. 44. 56. 63. 90. 113, 135. 200 Hladek, Carol 158, 166 Hladek, Kelley 58. 59. 172. 174 Hladek. Nancy 22, 36, 44. 62, 63. 163 Hladek. Ray 55. 174 Hladek. Renee 58. 174, 187 Hlista. Christopher 135 Hodson. Mr. Don 118 Hoffert, Rick Hofferth. Rob Hogan Shirley 7. 158. 184 Hojnacki, Mark Holland. Becky 174 Holland. John 38. 42. 166 Holland. Karen 34. 36. 40. 58. 166. 187 Holmes, Artie Holmes. Steve 10. 44. 53, 67 Holmquist, Edward 40, 53. 54, 158 Holper. Michael 37. 66. 67. 108 Holycross. Clint 166 Hooksman. Mrs. Geraldine 100. 118 Hooper, Raymond 174 Hooper, Sandra 30. 34, 44, 90, 201. 203 Hoover. Greg Hoover, Tina 166 Horn, Tami 93 Horvat. Rick 174 Hoskins. Melissa 31. 40. 44. 166 Hoskins, Scott 158 Housty. Brian 34. 166 Howard, Dawn 166 Howard. Kathleen 44. 158 Howard. Sue 8. 44, 163. 200 Hruskovich. Mr. Philip 118 Huber. Mr. Rick 119. 125 Hudec. Caryn 166 Hudkins. Kris 174 Huls, Mr. Don 119 Hulsey, Kevin 39 Hunt. Mr. Bob 54, 119 Hunt. Darrell Hunter. James 174 Hunter, Lisa 166 Hurley, Nancy Hurt. Eugene Hutchinson, Todd 34 Hutchinson, Robert Hutts. Jeff Hutts. Michael 158 I Ignas, Jim 31. 34, 35 Infante. Cecilia Ingram, Darnell 136, 174 Isom. Carrie 33. 39. 166 Isom, JoAnn 97, 158 Isom. Kelley 32. 101. 158. 163 J Jackman, Ronda 158 Jadrnak, Sharon 36, 40, 44, 166, 187 Jaime. Hilda 174 Jameyfield, Sandy 55, 174 Jancich, Mr. Gregory 54, 84. 86, 119. 125 Janowski. Ted 33. 39. 41. 103. 136 Jansky, Elaine 100, 136 Jansky, Jim 167 Jansky. Pat 44. 158 Jasgur, Chris 158 Jazyk. Nancy 36. 44, 63. 158, 187 Jelenski. Jeff 174 Jennings. Kathy Jewett, Tom Jimenez. Annette 33. 158 Johnson. Charlie Johnson. Christine 167 Johnson, Frank 60. 61, 158 Johnson, Mark 67. 136 Johnston. Colleen 167 Jones, Arthur 167 Jones. Carol 40. 167 Jones. Darrel 55. 174 Jones. Jeff 174 Jones. Joyce 158 Jones, Mericia 32. 158 Jones, Ron 174 Joseph, Jim 54 Josway, Richard 136 Jovas. Lisa 167. 208 Junkens. Kevin Juscik, Jeffery 14. 53. 54, 88, 158 Jusko, John 136. 200. 201. 216 K Kaiser. Lana 30, 38. 40, 41. 89. 158 Kammer. Lynn 167 Kaminski. Ron 36. 38, 42. 92, 159. 160. 187 Kansfield, Chris 34. 54, 55. 174 Kansfield, Marenis 167 Kasper, Bettina 159 Kasper. Sandy 174 Keilman. Don Keilman, John 53, 54. 87 Keilman, Larry 44. 52. 53, 159 Keilman. Lisa Keilman. Sheila Keister. Brian 159 Kelley. Chris 174 Kelley. Michael 136. 201 Kender. Dan 26, 32. 159 Kepler. Mr. Fred 74. 119 Kerr. Sue 174 Key. Robert 174 Khan. Shariq Keilbasa. Edward 23 30. 44, 53, 91. 137. 200 Kielbasa. Lori 40. 159 Kielbasa, Mike 39, 53, 54. 167 Kielbasa, Sue 44, 174 Kilar. Don King, Dwayne Kiral, Chris 167 Kirinch, Helen 137. 200 Kirinch, Michael 41, 137, 200 Kirk, Brenda Kirk. John Klamut. Anne 174 Klaubo, Jeff Klaubo, Lorrie Klisurich, James 137 Klosak, Gary 174 Klosak, Steve 97. 137 Knezevich, Sandy 11. 40. 44. 167 Knight, Nancy 137, 200 Knight. Robin 137 Kocoj. Kim 31 Kocoj. Michelle 167 Kocon, Jeannie 88. 159 Kocur. Janet 38. 137. 201 Kolanowski, Kevin 27, 32, 159 Kolar. Mrs. Glenda 34. 99. 119 Kolar, Mr. J.J. 39. 119 Kolbert, Joe 174 Kolisz. Kim 137 Komyatti, Paul 174 Kortokrax. Kurt 32. 159 Kosinski. Diane 30. 44, 89. 137, 200. 201 Kostecki. Chris 174 Kostecki, Tina Kostoff, Cathy 40. 59. 167 Kostoff. Norman Kotecki. Kim 44. 45. 92. 199 Kotlarz. Cindy 174 Kotvasz, Cheryl 174 Kotvasz. Garry Kotvasz, Jerry Kowalski. Keri 167 Kozubal, Irene 36. 167. 187 Kozy, Steve 167 Kranchenfels. James 137, 200 Kranchenfels. Michael 174 Krcelich, James 137 Krcelich, Linda 167 Krieter. Diane 167 Krieter. Janeen 137. 201 Krieter. Tim 137. 201 Kritz. Alan Krivo. MaryAnn 174 Krivo, Ron 159 Krizman, Jane 17. 36. 90. 137. 187 Kronland. Debbie 137 Kronland, Kathie 174 Krueger, Teresa 159 Kruse. Karen 33. 39 Kubeck, Ray 167 Kucer. Mr. Dennis 119 Kuchta. Nancy Kuhn. Mr. Alfred 115 Kuna. Joseph 9. 40. 137 Kusbel. Frank 41. 61. 159 Kutie. Lois 137 Kwandras, Karen 44 I Ladendorf, Susan 174 Lane. Anthony 174 Lanitam, Pat LaPosa. Ron 159 Lara, Sandy Lara. Susan 138 LaSalle. Denise 159 Lauer. Amy 44. 138. 201. 208 Lauer. Karl 159 Lauerman. Bridget 27, 32. 41. 42. 93. 138. 200 Laurion. Kevin 24. 25. 33. 34. 159 Laurion. Tricia 33 Laviolette. Barb 34 Lawrence, Larry 74, 167 Lawrence. Robert 74. 75 Lay. Debbie 33. 101. 159 Layne, Charlie Lear. Cathy 174 Lederman, Glen 159 Lee. Mike 167 Leismer. Dan 25, 26. 32. 34. 35 Lelito, Christine 30. 138. 201, 208 Lelito. Michelle 44. 45. 88. 159. 199 Lelito. Scott 54. 167 Lemos. Monica 167 Leonard, Steve Lesher, Patty Levan. Darryl 174 Lewis, Dawn Lewis, Jean 159, 189 Lewis. Joyce 174 Lewis, Kimberly 138 Lewis, Lynn Liesenfelt. John 167 Lendsey. Mr. David 43. 119 Lipka. Karen 6, 37. 44. 45. 89. 138, 199. 200. 208 Lipka. Ruth 44. 159 Lipkovitch, Linda 23. 44. 45. 138. 199. 200 Listenberger, Debbie 167 Listenberger, Denise 44, 45. 138. 199. 200. 201 Littlefield, Theresa 159 Livingston. Debbie 42 Livingston. John 34. 35. 138 Livingston, Lisa 167 Locke. Iva 138 Lockridge. Michelle 167 . Loehrke, Mrs. Carol 119 Long. Barbi 159 Long, Bobbie 159 Lopez, Maria 167 Lore. Brenda Loser. Dan 90. 138 Love. Michael 174 Love. Ronda 138 Lozano. Raul 25. 33. 40. 159 Lozano. Teresa 44. 45, 88. 199. 200 , 201 Lucas. Greg 139 Lucas. Robert 139 Ludford, Kimberly 174 Lukacek, Chris Lukacek, Tim Lukas, Gregory 200 Lukas. Joanne 33, 37, 39, 44 Luketic, Mr. Nicholas 49. 119 Luna, Jose 139, 200 Lundahl. Ms. Betty 115 Lundrgen, Mrs. Alberta 38. 96. 119 Lush. Kevin 167 Lush. Scott 66, 67. 139. 201 Luttringer. Bruce 139 Luttringer, Ms. Linda 119 Lutzenberger, Bill 139 Lutzenberger. Lecia Lynk. Karen 44. 47. 167 Lynk. Mark 159 44 Maas. Chris 174 Macenski. Gigi 174 Macenski. Mitchell 159 Macklnday. Joseph 159 MacLean. Dan 74 MacLean. De MacLean. Della Maddox, Tony 24. 25. 44. 72. 159 Madison. Bev 13. 32, 139 Madison. Jeff 167 Madison. Terri 167 Magana, Andy Index - 225 Magana, Leticia 32. 34, 139 Magginnis, Pamela 17, 23, 27, 31. 32, 34, 35. 38, 112, 139. 200 Magurancy, Nancy 11. 31. 40, 44, 166, 167. 171 Mahan, Tim Maicher. Mr. Donald 55. 120 Maier. Kathy 159 Majewski, Kimberly 167 Maldonando. Leticia 139 Malerich. Bill 167 Maliziola. Jeff 139 Maliziola. Jim 167 Mallard. Rebecca 44. 157. 159 Mambourg. Mary 167 Mandichak. Belinda 36. 139. 187. 201 Mandichak, Heidi 58. 59. 172, 174 Ma nn. Mrs. Nora 120 Manns. Dale 174 Marcinek. Faith 17. 22, 23. 30, 44. 46. 140. 142. 185. 201. 208 Marcinek. Mr. Russell 66. 67, 120, 125 Marcinkovich. Georgeanne 40, 159 Marcum. Cathyleen 167. 171 Marcum, Teresa 174 Margerum. Mr. Tim 120 Maridon. Anita 167 Markley. Rick Markley. Mr. Scott 120 Markovich. Bob 54, 92, 167. 171 Markovich. Philip 44. 53. 88, 142, 201 Markowski. Wendy 30. 89. 142, 201. 205 Marks. Mike 53. 54. 74. 159 Marlatt, Todd 55. 75. 175. 181 Marlow. David Marlow. Pamela 36. 38. 42. 44, 139. 187 Marosi. John 159 Marosi. Laura 38, 40, 43. 167 Martin. Billy 167 Martin, Dawn 38 Martin. Jerry Martin, Robin 155. 175 Martinez. Abelardo. 60. 61. 167. 171 Martinez. Diane 159 Martinez. Joe 167 Martinez. Jose 167 Martinez. Lalo 73, 113. 171 Martinez. Rene 159 Martinez. Rosa 40. 175 Martone. Monette 56, 62. 63, 89. 97. 156. 157. 159. 204 Marzea. Edward 142 Masick. Sue 34. 40. 44. 167. 197 Maskovich, John Matakovic. Mario 44. 155, 158 Mateja. Mr. Phillip 115 Matonovich. Joyce 30, 44, 56. 62, 89, 142. 201 Matonovich. Mario 31 Matthews. Jeffery Matthews. Sheila 94. 159. 184 Matthews. Sheryl 175 Mattingly. Martin Mature. Mike 91. 142 Matus. Leilani .166, 167 Mavzec, Ed Mayerik. Mr Daniel 120 Mays. David 39. 44. 53, 88. 142. 200 McAfee. Rich 74. 75. 175 McAfee, Robert 10, 44, 74. 88. 142. 144. 194. 201 McBride. Lori 88. 159 McBride. Mindy 175 McCall. Eric 175 McCarthy. Tammy McCarthy. Vernon 31, 39. 167 McCaisland, Don 175 McCormick, Kathyleen 8. 38. 135. 142 McCullough. Kim 142 McDillon, Dawn 142 McDougal. Mark McGann, Ann McGann, Katy 142 McGee, Marty 175 McGeHee. Russ 89. 159 McGing. Maureen 26. 33. 41. 142. 146 McGregor. Tim McGuire. Barry 32. 38. 142 Mclver, Ed 86 McKechnie, Pat 167 McKenzie. Sharon 175 McMahan. Heather 175 McNash. Dave 40. 159 McNash. Robbin 22. 30. 90. 143 McReynolds. Barbara McReynolds. Richard 168 Medley. Jim 168 Medwetz. Dana 168 Medwetz, Joe 142 Meier. Nancy 175, 184 Meier, Pamela 30. 89. 142, 188. 200 Meister. Herr D. 31. 120 Mendez, Delfina 33. 143 Mendez, Virginia 159 Mendoza. David 159 Merkel. Edward 143 Metcalf. Donna 38. 43. 168 Mezatis. Joe 175 Michalak, Mrs. Fran 120 Michelin. Renee Mick. Evelyn 143 Mick. Jim Mielenz. Joy 143 Mihalov. Lil 34. 168 Miiler. Dawn 175 Mikler, Mrs. Pamela 122 Mikuta. Ms. Patricia 120 Miley. Brad Miley. John 143 Miley. Mike Miley. Tim Millard. Steve 9. 31, 38. 42. 143. 194, 200 Mireles. Karen 175 Mish, Laura 168 Mish. Lisa 108. 143 Miskovich. Tom 53, 54, 91. 159 Mitchell. Jeff Mitchell. Mary 175 Mize, Darryl Mize. Robbin Monos. Matt 175 Montalbano. Lori 160 Montgomrey. Paul 175 Moore, Debbie Moore, Michele Moore. Patrick Moore. Steve Morales. Becky 33. 40, 44, 168 Morales. Gregg Moretton, Mr. Don 120 Morey. Charles 143 Morey. Terry 143 Morgan, Trudy 143 Morris. Bruce 160 Morris. Daryl 175 Morse. Barb 166. 168 Morse, Charles 91. 143, 201 Mose. Matthew Moskalick, Michele 9. 58, 59. 173, 175. 181 Mota. Linda Mudra. Mrs. Linda 38. 120 Muffett, Dennis Mulhern. Brenda 175 Mullins. Paula 175 Mullins. Sherry 143. 200 Munjas, Patricia 30, 88. 140, 144, 201 Murchek, David 30, 43. 160 Murchek, Pam 33. 59. 168 Murchek. Paulette 31. 32. 38. 44. 112. 143. 144, 190. 200 Murga, Nikki 144, 200 Muskoski. John 144 Mycka. Kim 168 Myers, Mark 160 N Nadon, Tina 33, 168 Nagy. Holly 168 Nagy. Joe 67, 168 Nagy, Patricia 175 Nagy. Steve 144 Nagy, Terry 144 Nallenweg. Richard 43. 44, 52. 53. 105. 113. 144. 200, 201 Neff. Linda 32, 144 Nelson, Mr. George 120 Nemeth. Jacqueline 44, 144, 200 Nevills. Larry 175 Nevlida, Michele 144 Neyhart, Bob 16Q Neyhart, Cindy 34 Nicholas. John 168 Nicholas. Toula 39. 144 Nickla. Paul 55. 175 Nicksic. Lynn 36. 44. 63. 89. 160. 187 Nicoles. Patty 160 Niemiec, Donna 10. 47. 168 Nine. Dr. Migull 115 Nolan, Joyce 31 • Noldin. Mark 37. 41. 44. 160 Nordyke. Rich 175 Novak, Jeff 160 Nuccio. Lisa 30. 90. 144. 208 € Oakley. Carla 160 Oakley. Nick 168 Obacz. Larry 168 Oberc, Jerry 144 O ' Brien. Debbie 175 O ' Drobinak, LeeAnn 44. 45. 88. 95. 160. 198 O ' Keefe, John 34. 168 Oldenberg. Dawn 175 Olenik, Cindy 175 Olson. Carol 88. 144 Olson. Lisa Oman. Lisa Ondo. Karen 108. 175 Opat, Michele 56. 168 Opinker. David 160. 181 Opinker. Debbie 175 Opinker, Susan 30. 88. 144, 201. 208 Opperman, Annette 168 Opperman. Ray 34, 145 Opperman. Tim Orahood. Susan 38. 110, 134. 145 201 Orloff. Mr. Leo 120 Oros. Barb 58. 59. 175 Oros. Jeffery 44. 53. 54. 160 Ortiz. Abby Ortiz. Debra Ortiz. Freddy Ortiz. Roy Osborne. Jerry 100. 145, 168 Osborne. John Osborne. Sandy 168 Ossanna. Chris Ostoich. Jane 47. 175. 179 Oulrey, Geri Oulrey. Marie 47. 175 Owen, Anthony 175 Owen, Deana 145. 201 Owen. Julie 175. 208 Owen, Lisa 145 Owen, Tony Owens. Bob 55 Owens, Ted 175 P Pace. Michael 145 Packard, Carmen 39, 145 Padezanin. Nada 44, 145 Padilla. Jaime 175 Paganelli. Richard PalucKi. Debbie 175 Palucki. Ron 67, 168, 169 Paquin. Kenneth 53. 54. 74. 168 Paris. Monica 175 Paris. Pam 40. 44, 145. 168. 198 Park. Ritchie 160 Parker, John 168 Parker. Pam 145. 200. 201 Parker. Randy 175 Parr. Kimberly 13. 145 Parrish, Dave 44, 53. 157, 160 Parrish. Marla 34. 168 Parsanko. Dave 175 Parson. Charlene 145 Parsons. Donna 122 Pastar. Lawrie 17. 44. 45, 140, 145. 198. 201 . Patlyek. Richard 91. 145 Partick. Brenda 175 Patterson. Eileen 31, 168 Patton. Kimberly 145 Paulich. Steve 53. 160 Paunovich. Kim 175 Paunovich, Nick 54. 168 Pavlick, Joe 54. 145 Pavlick. Kim 175 Payonk, Eileen 11. 40. 44. 168 Pearman. Tim 175 Pearman. Tom 175 Pearson, Craig 176 Pearson. Kim 160 Pederson, bavid Pelfrey. Cathy 146 Pemberton. Ken Pena, Camilla 160 Penzato. Mr. Onie 78. 102, 121 Perez, Kim 58. 176 Perez. Roy 44. 60. 61. 66. 67. 146 Pers. Rick 160 Peters. Lisa 58. 59. 168 Peterson. Dirk 55 Petho. Joe Petho. Steve 146 Petitt. Tammy 160 Petroski. Barbara 38. 42. 92. 160 Petroski. Georgene 146 Petterson. Dr. Mary 30. 121. 190 Phelps. Glenn 34. 39. 168 Phillips. Karen 160 Phillips. Liz Pickens. Tim 146 Piekarczyk. Walter 146 PiliPow. Ken 146 Pinson. Randy 146 Piotrowski, Michael 146 Plaskett, Mike 160 Pldtt, Suzanne 8. 38, 40. 133. 146. 200 Plumley. Linda 34 Podsiadlik, Mark 176 • Podsiadlik, Vincent Poland. Bill 146 Polochak. Chris 37. 44. 72. 88. 160 Poloncyk, Karen 38. 40. 168 Poper, Jack. Porras. Dave Porras. Rosemarie Porter, Debra 34. 44. 160 Poston. Dan 168 Potter. Daniel 168 Potter. Stanley 44. 72. 74. 75. 146, 201 226 — Index Powers. Michelle 176 Powers. Susan 33, 99 Pratt. Rick 74, 75, 176 Prendergast, Patty 168 Price. Darla 23. 34. 35. 40. 168 Price, Michael 44, 146, 201 Prieto. Barb 160 Prokopeak, Carri 44, 45, 100. 160. 198 Psenak. Louis 34. 176 Pulley, David Pulley, Diane 168 Pulley, Tracy 176 Pumnea, Denise 168 Purnick. Priscilla 22, 30. 38. 39. 42. 43. 97. 160. 190 c Queer. Brian 176 Quillin. Billy 168 Quillin. John 176 Quinonez, Hector 160 Quinonez, Rick 40. 53. 54. 74 E Raduski, Mike 160 Ralph. Bob 160 Ramberg, Tom 41, 44, 50, 53, 54, 160 Rambo, Denise 160, 163 Ramirez, Alfonso 7, 9, 30, 44, 52, 53, 90. 129. 146. 201 Ramirez, Monica 176 Ramirez, Rick 53, 54, 87, 160 Ramsey, Linda Randolph, Janice 168 Rangel, Melinda 176 Rapchak, Laura 40, 44. 146, 201 Rasmussen, Mr. Julian 43. 121 Ratajczak, Laurie 176 Ratajczak, Sharon 22, 36, 38, 40. 44, 62. 63. 100, 160, 187 Raymond. Donna 8. 9. 36, 40, 146. 150. 187. 200 Raymond, Janet 168 Raymond, Ron Reagan, Kelly 40, 44. 168 Rebey. Jim 168 Rebey. Mark 30. 90. 146. 200 Reding, Al 168 Reding, Gayle 176 Reding. Jeff Reeder, Pam 168 Reffkin. Lisa 168 Reid. Carrie 34. 58. 59. 172, 176 Reid. Christine 23, 29, 30. 34. 35, 40. 42. 44. 90. 142. 146. 201. 203 Reid. Ken 168 Reid, Rhonda 36. 38. 44. 140, 147. 187. 200 Reiddle, Ron 34 Reigel, James 160 Reis. John 168 Relinski. Jeff 44. 53, 147, 200 Relinski, Len 91. 168 Relinski. Nancy 30. 44. 90. 147, 201 Raiden, John Richardson. Greg Richardson, Melinda 168 Richardson. Melody 38. 168 Richardson, Randy 176 Richmond. Billy 176 Richmond, Rosemary 88. 147 Riddell. Ron 176 Riffle. Mike 50. 53. 109. 160 Riley. Debbie 40. 42. 44. 147. 153, 201 Ring, Michael 147 Rivera. Damaris 176 Roach. Dan 168 Roach. Judianne 94. 147 Robertson, Alex 176 Robertson, Bridget 40, 176 Robertson, Theresa 176 Robinson, Scott Rochne. Diane 176 Rogers. George Rogers, Ken Rogers, Tami 160 Rohl, Paul 176 Roll. Lisa 168 Rollins. Dan 41 Rollins. Jerry Romaniak, Paula 168 Romero, Mr. Joel 41, 121, 124 Rosek, Joe Rosek, Rhonda 168 Ross. Kimberly 176 Ross. Steve Ross. Mrs. Yvonne 105, 121 Rotenberg, Mrs. Shirley 121 Roundtree, Maureen 160 Rovi, Dave Rovi. Sue 208 Rowe, Craig 32. 53. 54. 74. 160 Rowe. Debbie 34. 39. 176 Rozwara. Becky 176 Rubino. Dean 30. 90. 147. 200 Ruder. Karen 38. 42. 43, 160 Ruder. Sharon 169 Rudzinski, Douglas 147 Ruff. Mr. Walter 121 Rusher, Dennise Rusher. Mary 33, 169 Russo. David 169 Rutkowski. Janet 176 Ryann, Andy 55, 176 Rycerz. Brian 176 Rycerz. Dan 160 Rycerz, Dave 31. 169 Rymarczyk. Ron 147 Ryder. Kathy 169 Rzechula, Mike 94. 147 § Sabau, Georgene 36, 147, 187, 201 Saculla, Beth 40. 44. 88. 161. 163 Sadler, Sherry 161 Saeger. Elden Saeger. John 41. 103, 147 Sago, Tina 176 Sako. Natalie 147 Sako. Teresa 176 Saksa, Trudy 176 Salach, Ronald 4. 22. 23. 29. 30. 31. 38. 39, 41. 42. 89. 90. 147 153. 188. 201. 215. 216 Salach. Tim 6. 61. 176 Salapski. Michael 53. 54. 169 Salapski, Susan 44. 176 Salatas. Jim 13 Salatas. Steve Salus, Joseph 38. 41. 148, 200 Sanchez. Christine 161 Sanchez, Theresa 161 Sandlin. Chris 161 Sancya. Cynthia 151 Sandlin, Tom 101, 169 Sapyta, Diane 169 Sapyta. Peggy 169 Sapyta, Tony 151 Sarang, Frank 176 Sargeant, Debbie 161 Sarver. Nancy 176 Sarwacinski. Ed 161 Saucedo. Diane 176 Saucedo.Joe 34 Saucedo. Sandy 151 Savers, Cynthia 176 Scanlon. Beth 37. 40. 169 Scartozzi; Rich Schaefer. Mr. Tom 121 Schallenkamp. Dan 54, 169 Schallenkamp, Susan 47, 169 Schmidt. Jan 34. 40, 169 Schneider. Jeff 44. 50. 53, 84. 88. 93. 161 Schroeter. Dena 13, 151 Schultz. Alvin 176 Schultz. Bobby 151 Schultz. Ken 39. 176 Scott. Greg 176 Scubelek. Linda Segally. Rory 44, 51. 53. 85. 132. 151. 200 Seibold. Robert 75. 161 Seno. Steve 33, 169 Serafin, Mr. Bob 75. 121 Sertic, Barb 40. 44. 88. 156, 157. 161. 204 Sertic. Brenda Shabaz. Sam Shanahan, Cindy 161 Shawver, Regana 176 Shearer, Brad 176 Sheffer. Judas 34. 161 Shellman. Linda 161 Shellman, Mark 176 Shellman. Russ 176 Shindle, Dave Shirley. Melinda 38. 161 Shive. Chuck 53. 127. 151. 201 Shive. Marijo 33. 39, 44, 87. 161 Shive. Rich 53. 54. 169 Sibley. Ron 176 Sierzega, Bob Signorelli. Sam 30. 91, 151 Sikora, Ed 169 Sikorski. Anthony Silaj. Bob Silaj. Lynda 151 Silaj. Pat 169 Siminski, Monica 151 Siple, Melissa 44. 151 Sirbas, Chris Sisco. Deborah Skaggs, Ronda 169 Skeen Diane 34, 161 Sknerski, Tina 7. 36. 44, 57. 159. 161. 187. 208 Slapski, Sue Slat. Vicki 151. 200 Sliwa, Michael 55. 174, 177 Sliwa. Sue 7. 36. 38. 44. 56. 98. 151. 187. 201 Smith. David 151 Smith. Jackie 177 Smith. Jeff 177 Smith. Judy 177 Smith. Paul 169 Smith. Tina 169 Smitka, Carol 17. 32. 149. 151 Smitka, Diane 169 Snow. Mr. Cliff 102. 121 Snow, Tim 169 Snyder. Jami 49. 200 Sobczak. Michael 55. 177. 179 Sobeck. KaLee 12. 32. 108. 149 Sojka, Paul 161 Sojka, Peter Solan. Mike 177 Solan. Tim 177 Soltys. Sheila 36. 44. 88. 161. 187 Sopher. Rollin 169 Sotelo. Ray 169 Soto. Aaron 7, 44. 161 Soto. Bob 78. 149 Soto. Mona 44. 161. 208 Soto, Rabecca 44. 161, 184. 208 Soto. Theresa 31 Soto. Vince 169 Soy. Tim 169 Soy. Tony 44. 53. 149. 201 Sparr. Debi 161 Sparr. Sandi 177 Spasske. Cindy 177 Spear. Rhodeen 169 Speer, Steve 149 Spiccia, Laura 177 Spisak, Thomas 161 Spiro, Lori 169 Spletzer. Ellen Spletzer, Jim Spotten. Scott 161 Springer. David Springer. Jacinta 177 Spry. Mr. Robert 121, 124 Spudic. Chris 58. 59. 177 Stalnaker. Brenda 34, 44, 161 Stanley. Peggy 149 Stanny, Philip 54, 169 Starkey. Margie 149 Starkey. Mike 169 Starkey, Shirley 58. 59. 177 Stavropoulos, Harry Stassin, Dawn 161 Steele. Linda 177 Steele, Todd Steinberg. Brian 91, 149 Stephen, Davis Stephen, Jennifer 177 Stephen, Peggy 177 Stephenson, Rick Sterling. Sue 44. 156, 157, 198, 208. 215 Stevens. Jill 38. 43 Stevens. Sherry 177 Stevens. Tom 169 Stevertson, Charles 177 Stevenson, Scott 40. 161 Steveny, Johnny Stockdale, Mrs. Hazel 39. 121 Stojan. Cecilia 2. 7. 22. 30. 31. 38. 42. 44. 90. 138. 149. 197. 201 Stoming, Georganne 23. 30, 36. 44. 46. 90. 109. 149, 185. 187. 200 Stone. Kevin 149 Stout. Mr. Howard 121 Straub. Jim Stricklin, Donna 169 Stricklin. Tammi 161 Suda. Donna 34. 177 Sufak. Jacki 58. 59. 169. 177 Sullivan. Bob 161 Sullivan, Jeff 55. 177 Sullivan. Mrs. Nancy 115 Sullivan. Pamela 22. 30. 31. 32. 38. 40. 44. 89. 149. 190. 200 Sumler, Linda 149. 177. 201 Sumler, Lisa Sutton. Sherrel 161, 216 Swanson. John 24. 25. 26. 27. 30. 31. 32. 161. 190 Swanson. Margie 177 Swanson. Rosemary 33. 39. 169 Sweet. Patty 177 Swiercz, Debbie 40. 161 Swiger. Geralyn 145, 149 Swinscoe, Gary 169 Swisshelm, Mike 169 Szczepanski. Mike 169 Szczepanski. Paulette 17. 22. 25. 30. 31. 32. 38. 44. 89. 150. 200 Szczudlak. Karen 109. 140. 150. 201 Szczudlak. Kevin 169 Szot, Terri 40. 161. 189 Szymaszek. Lisa 161 Szymaszek. Mike 54. 169 I Tall. Steve Tate. Bryan 177 Tatum. Debbie 40, 169 Taylor. Chris 32. 161 Taylor. Jim 161 Taylor. Lisa 177 Taylor. Marjorie 169 Taylor. Paul 177 Teran. Mark 33. 34. 54. 169 Teran. Ruby 17. 30. 44. 89. 150. 151. 200. 208 Thacker, Darlene Thacker, Doug Tharp. Valerie 40. 177 Theodore. Brent 32 Theodore. Paula 22. 30. 36. 38. 40. 44. 150. 153. 187. 201. 225 Theodore, Tamera Thompson. David 161 Thompson. Scott 44. 53. 54. 161 Thorsky, Gretchen Thurman. Donna 38. 169 Tokoly. Mary 111. 177 Tomich. Dawn 36. 161, 163. 187 Tomich. Donna Tomich, Dragan Tomsic. Scott 43. 150 Toporek. Bob 17. 150 Torres. Yolanda 33. 37. 40, 169 Toth. Geri 161 Toth. Larry 150 Townsell, Patricia 177 Tracey, Melissa 177 Travis. Brenda 33. 150 Travis, Bruce 150 Travis. Cleveland 74, 75, 169 Travis. Louis 32. 161 Travis. Roger 74. 75. 169 Treen. Herb 34, 177 Trissler. Janice 30. 89. 150, 186 Tryon. Mike 55 Tsouchlos. Timothy 55. 177 Turcotte. Chris 150 Turczi. David 177 Turean. Jeff 39. 169 u Ulm. Nick 177 Urbahns, Nancy 150 Urbano. Jennifer Urbanski. Jamie 177 Valandingham, Charles 40, 150, 200 Valandingham. Dennis 177 Vance. Debbie 7. 108. 162 Vance. Mrs. Janice 115 VanderMeer. Denise 169 Vandewater, Wayne 177 Vandiver. Angel 162 VanMeter, Bob 177 Varlan, Mark 162 Vasquez. Ms. Diane 122 Vavrek. Al 169 Vavrek. Diane 3. 23. 40. 46. 150. 200. 201 Vela. Fabian Vela, Tony 34. 177 Vela. Vince 93. 150 Velock, Scott Vercimak, Linda 44, 162 Vermejan, Alex 41. 162. 215 Vermejan. Renee 23. 30. 38. 42. 44. 49. 56. 62. 63. 90. 112. 150. 200 Vermejan, Susan 49. 56, 59, 169 Vermejan. Tony 54, 67. 170 Vetroczky, Ken 170 Vicari. Pamela 39. 43. 170 Vicari. Sandy 162 Vicari. Scott 150 Vicari, Steve 40 Vineyard. Mrs. Sue 122 Volbrecht, Mr Rich 55. 122 Vrahoretis. Robert 170 Vrahoretis. Sue 26. 27. 31. 32. 38. 112. 150. 200 Vranic. Danny 177 Vranic. Gordana 44. 161 Vranic. Nada 22. 30. 37. 90, 151. 201 Vyner, Betty 151 Vyner, Theresa 151, 201 w Wade. Ms. 122 Waechter, Tracey 98. 162 Waggoner. Christine 177 Waggoner, Laura 177 Walker. Jerry 91. 151 Walker. John 170 Walsh. Kelly 40. 41. 88. 162, 208 Walters. Jim 170 Walters. Marian 44. 162 Waring. Mr. Anthony 122 Washington, Ann 122 Waugaman. Randy 162 Way wood. Chuck 170 Waywood. Janice 33. 162 Weakland. Wendy 177 Weatherford. Dena 170 Weatherford. Michelle 32. 108. 151 Weaver, Ken Weaver, Wayne Weeks. Cecilia Weis. John 36. 38. 42. 101. 160, 162. 187. 191 Weis. Sharron 58. 177 Weiss, Mr. Robert 122 Wells. Darwin Wenzel, Chris 38. 162 West. Scott 88. 162 Westbrook, James 151 Wethington. Dave 177 Wetzel. Chris 43 Wetzel. Cindy 177 Wheeler. Charles 170 Wheeler, Dierdra 151 Wheeler, Krayle Wheeler. Mike 170 Whit. Rog 5 White, Chuck White. Debbie 177 White. Gary 170 White. Janet 170 White. Jeff 151 White. Michelle Whitler, Roger 75. 162 Whittinghill. Jill Wickeramasekera. Chris 30, 170 Wickeramasekera. Marie Wiedemann. Jeff 170 Williams. Audrey 162 Williams. Greg Williams. Jean 151 Williams. Raymond 170 Williams, Rena 177 Williams, Roger Williams. Scott Williams. Steve Willison, James 44, 55. 177 Wilson. Christopher 151 Wilson. Doug 55, 177 Wilson. Jackie 170 Wilson. Jeff 53. 54. 162. 170 Wilson. Mark 55. 155, 177 Wilson. Yvonne 41. 42, 151. 177 Wiltberger, Paul 29. 30. 53. 54. 151 Wimmer. Matt Wimmer. Patty 170 Wimmer. Scott 177 Windle. Angie Windle. Kathy 162 Winters. Kim Wisniewski, Scott 103. 162 Wittig. David Wittig. Greg Wittig. Shelly Wojcik. Bob 54. 170 Wojcik, Debra 17. 151. 201 Wojcik. Laura 151. 200. 201 Wolan, Joyce 177 Wolfe. Lora 162 Wolfe, Peggy 151 Wolski. Bill Wolski. Mary 177 Wood. Donny Woods, Eddie 170 Woodward. Lori 2, 4, 40, 44. 47, 170 Woodward, Mr. Jerry 122 Woody. Mark Woosley, Robert 67, 177 Wozniczka. Kathy 40, 177 Wright. John Wright. Ken 102 Wright. Rick 162 Wright. Sheri 177 Wriston. LeeAnn 162 Wriston. Jeff 177 Wrobel, Larry 177 Wusik, Marty 162 y Yoldash, Fatima 162 Yoldash. Ismail 152 Yoldash. Mustafa 178 Yoldash. Yasemin 177 York. Claud Young, Rich 152 Young, Robbie 75, 177 z Zabinski, Greg 178 Zakarias. Paul Zampino, Chris 31. 41, 162 Zaremba, Dennis 53. 54, 162 Zaremba, Kevin 178 Zasyns, Dan Zasytis. Flip Zatlokowilz. Chris Zawadzki, Susan 106, 178 Zedov, Denis 100, 152 Zedov, Ray Zelenke, Mr. Dennis 122 Zisoff, Rhonda 177 Zlotnik, Mr. Maurey 122 Zubrenic. Jacqueline 152 Zubrenic. Joe 162 Zubrenic. Steven 51, 52, 53, 87, 97. 100. 152. 201 Zwatski, Sue 58, 59 Zych, Patty 170 Adzia True Value Hardware 196 Almira ' s Pastry Shop 204 Anderson Auto Parts 190 A.P. Davis Sports Inc. 194 Bank of Highland 214 Bartos Pizza 216 Ben Restaurants 109 Bert ' s Shell Service 204 Bocken Funeral Home Inc. 190 Bodie Photographer 195 Bonanza Sirlion Pit 191 Booster Club 203 Burger ' s 197 Calumet National Bank 196 Calumet Press 183 Cantrell ' s Hoosier Flower Shop 186 Chem Club 190 Christenson Chevolet 196 Cindy ' s Dance Studio 184 Citizen Federal Savings and Loan Association 191 Counselman Bob Golec 205 Crowel Agency 213 Denny ' s Dairy Queen 184 E. S. Kar Klinic 205 Einhorns 196 Epple Insurance Agency 193 Fifield ' s Pharmacy 189 Freddy ' s Steak House 193 Gene ' s Plaques 206 Hair Benders 183 . bor Paint Center 210 Head Iq Records and Tapes 188 Hegwisch Discount Records and Tapes 184 Herff Jones 209 Heritage Motors 183 Hessville Cleaners 203 Hessville 5 8r 10 203 Hobby Shop 205 Hoosier State Bank 216 Hoosier Travel Agency 216 House of Pizza 215 Inland Steel 206 Jack Crowford 210 Jack ' s Carry Out 194 Jersey Maid Ice Cream 205 Jimmy ' s Olympic 209 Jostens Yearbook Company 211 Junior Class 204 Kenwood Lanes 202 Lake Federal Savings and Loan Association 193 Lansing Auto Trim 210 Lauer Insurance Agent 205 Lindy ' s Hardware 194 Loomis Cycle Sales 184 Mayor Edward Raskosky 202 McCloskey ' s Automotive Service 209 McDonald ' s 210 Mercantile National Bank 186 Morton Adult Athletic Association 188 Morton Senior High P.T.A. 184 Munster Lumber 217 Nemcek Florist 194 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church 212 Paris Barber Shop 216 People ' s Federal 202 Pleasant View 205 Pom-Pon Squad 198, 199 Prime Minister Restaurant 182 Q.T. Brands Inc. 189 Ribordy Drugs 204 Rice Realty Inc. 203 St. Catherine of Siena Church 207 Security Federal 204 Senior Class 200, 201 Shore Color Lab 190 Sizzler Family Steak House 186 Solina ' s Bakery 206 State Farm Insurance 191 Steffie Joe ' s 214 Student Association 187 Sullivan MG. and Sales Corp. 192 Teibel ' s 202 Time ' s 212 Timerette ' s 208 Tinker ' s Den 193 T-Max Realty 206 Town Country Contractor 196 Travel Club 210 Van Tils Supermarket 189 Varsity Cheerleaders 185 Ventrella ' s Lounge and Pizzeria 207 Vierk ' s Furniture 183 Virgil Huber Funeral Home 188 Woodmar Delicatessan 196 Woodmar Jewelers and Gift Shop 204 YMCA 216 Zandstra ' s Store for Men 214 228 - Index

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