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ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR Beverly Baker FIRST ASSISTANT EDITOR Carol Knaver SECOND ASSISTANT EDITOR Marlene Sadewasser PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITOR Aileen Doolen SPORTS EDITOR . Chuck Isaacson ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR William Walters FEATURE EDITOR Albert Iorio CLASS EDITOR Louise Shurman BUSINESS MANAGER Mary Mako INDEX EDITOR Janice Lohse CIRCULATION MANAGER Bunnie Baker HEAD TYPIST jo Anne Ruthie ADVERTISING MANAGER Dean Sterling ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGER Jeanette Ewert BOOKKEEPER Betty Smith ART EDITOR Mary Monyok TYPISTS Phyllis Bedwell Barbara Brooke Arden Smith Colleen Popyk SPONSORS Mr. Anthony Wauro SALESMEN ADVERTISING SALESMEN Dean Sterling Bob Kolbert Marge Krupa Mary Mako Tom Black ANNUAL SALESMEN Marlene Sadewasser Marge Krupa Carol Knaver Louise Shurman Bev Baker Mary Mako Tom Black Jo Anne Ruthie Bob Kolbert Dean Sterling 1954 TOP HAT OLIVER P. MORTON HIGH SCHOOL - HAMMOND, INDIANA INTRODUCING nr: • ■ t . ,4 The First Edition LEFT TO RIGHT: A1 Iorio, Bev Baker, Aileen Doolen, Chuck Isaacson, Louise Shut- man, Carol Knaver. Our annual gets a name. To be used henceforth is the name, " Top Hat " , suggested by Myrna Olson. Left, Car- ol Knaver presenting Myrna Olson with a certificate entitling her to a free an- nual. of a Morton Annual Yes, I am TOP HAT, ihe first. Everybody is making such a big fuss over me that I ' m turning red. (Did you notice my cover?) Th e staff has been working on me for months, but I know they will never forget all the fun they have had. I think I have seen almost every phase of teen-age life — eating (everything from steaks to Candy and bananas), tears, laughter, romance and even sleeping. I ' m proud that the staff has chosen my pages to tell you all about this exciting year, and I hope you will enjoy their story. 3 THE TOP HAT Another T owa rd Step in Progress a Better School TABLE OF CONTENTS ACTIVITIES 28-29 ATHLETICS 54-55 PEOPLE 68-69 INDEX 108-110 5 We photographed these students oi the first advanced typing class at Morton during a time test. Row by the wall: Dolores Hess, Betty Smith, Colleen Popyk, Arlene Pokorski, Miss Jasper, Shirley Hammers. Second row: Arden Smith, Donna Rosenberger, Barbara Brooke, Mary Monyok, Paula Ford. Third row: Barbara Minchik, Ernestine Opocensky. V v. Can you imagine talk- ing to someone in the office when you are in the locker room? This is the first year this has been possible due to the installation of a new inter-commun- ications system. Pic- tured here are the inter-com operators who are each res- ponsible for the ma- chine one period a day. Left to right: standing: Richard Fleming, Mickey White, Gerald Gor- don, Paul Edwards Seated: A1 Iorio. |i|m» BfsilfV ' IMPORTANT FIRSTS ACHIEVED IN OUR NEW HIGH SCHOOL The smile of victory is dis- played by Jack Gaughan, representing the student body, as he receives the Holiday Tourney trophy from Jerry Fox, captain of the team which beat Clark and Noll to capture the tour- ney. From left to right: Bob Weis, Frank Chance, Jerry Lambert, Ted Hmiel- ewski, Jerry Fox, Ted Guzek, Jack Gaughan, Vern Guzek. 7 m jyuutfc aim Crowded? Why no! Our cafeteria is never crowded. The line moves so fast you can hardly keep up with it, and there are always so many seats you can ' t decide where to sit. Remember? YOU SEE THEM EVERY DAY And here are our halls, quiet and peaceful. These students could be gaily chattering about anything. But let ' s not kid ourselves. You and I know they ' re talking about what a great team the Ruffriders are. Left to right: Art Lind, Jerry Fox, Jack Gaughan, John Nagy, A1 Iorio, Donna Jarnigan, Janice Lohse, Bunnie Baker, Glenda Benjamin, Donna McKern, Mary Mako, Aileen Doolen. 8 Remember all the time you ' ve spent waiting in the book-store line? These students are be- ginning a busy day by buying the paper they ' ve put olf get- ting for the last week. Here ' s a familiar scene. These students (whether stuaying, reading library books, or even snoozing) are in one of the everpopular library study halls. 9 This class looks like fun! These students are study- ing solid figures in our first solid geometry class, taught by Miss Groves. Front row: Jack Gaughan, A1 Iorio. Middle row: Mary Mako, Aileen Do- olen, Bev Baker. Third row: Miss Groves, Glen- da Benjamin, Chuck Isa- acson. SCHOOL ' S MAIN PURPOSE We hope the Composition V term papers are handed in on time, with correct bibliography forms, as demonstrated by Miss Hunter. Standing: Alice Aldrin, Miss Hunter. Front row: Dolores Hopkins, Dorothy De Rolfe, Pat Mako. Jim Mills. Second row: Mary Joy Bindas, Pat Dixon, Marilyn Iliff. Third row: Terry Zaiko, Terry Fisher, Harry Miles. Fourth row: Duane Dedelow. Lewis Frigyes. Fifth row: Ross Steele. John Rumbut. 10 r 0 ' - os ' °° A oVto et v. . v» K %e « JU° ' A C ' " e ' ets oK t e ° „ Mo ? eX ' v, ? A ' et w t el « e ' A G« V oo ve v-o e» , d Cr ® ' ed G eV.. U a „ s c % e T G e 0» e q kHatVf® ' 8 ' V %o» ' 9 ® . Vvr " « i ;: ?o ; . v S etV ' 1 itvA- 11 The credit for our school being one of the cleanest in the area goes to the janitorial staff. These janitors patiently and efficiently clean up after careless students. Special thanks goes to them for being so patient with the annual staff, who kept the annual room in a continual mess, plastered the walls with signs, and stayed late at night. Left to right: Richard Solberg, James Cox, Carl Reinhardt. Second row: Mrs. Helen Zolines, Mrs. Catherine Boring, Third row: Mrs. Lulu Corbett, Mrs. Esther Conger. Beside stairs: Kenneth Hahney, chief custodian. Remember those scrum- ptious smells which al- ways come floating up from the cafeteria? All the good food we ' ve en- joyed has been prepared by these four cooks. Left to right: Leona Gar- son, Mary Lambert, Mar- tha Constance, Martha Shafer. 12 Chaperoning is another way adults help our school. Here we see the chaperones at our first Prom. " Moonlight and Roses " . Left to right: Miss Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Zlotnik, Mr. and Mrs. Stout, Mr. and Mrs. Wauro, Mrs. Johnson. In Grand March: Jerry Fox and Donna Struhs. ADULTS GIVE OUR SCHOOL A HELPING HAND p I ! 1 Af These gentlemen were members of the School Board this year. Left to right, front row: Col- umbus Smith, Charles N. Scott, Lee L. Caldwell, Dr. Henry W. Eggers, Harold Chase. Back row: R. B. Miller, John M. Bodman, John F. Beckman, Jr., Donald E. Gavit. 13 Many is the time the of- fice helpers have plea- santly helped you in the office. The odd jobs which come up in the office are taken care of by these qirls. Left to right, standing: Rose Sny- der, Rosemary Little, Juanita Cunningham, Leah Rae Hyslop, Jo Anne Arthur, Peggy Falusi. Seated: Barbara Bathurst. STUDENTS HELP OUR SCHOOL IN MANY WAYS If " it weren ' t for these cafeteria helpers, you ' d be waiting a long time in line for your lunch. Remember how patient they were when you kept giving them a nickel for milk which had gone up to six cents? Back to front: Mary Mako, George Germek, Gerry Germek, Pat Mako, Joe Wysong, Robert Henry, Barbara Stricklin. These girls are demonstrating some of the things that they do in the clinic, as clinic helpers. Pictured left to right: Dolores Hopkins, Charlotte Kmetz, Shari Fleming, Diane Powell, Janice Magan, Miss Gibson, school nurse, Mary Mako. Here are some of the people who have worked in the new bookstore, which is sponsored by Mrs. Greskovich. Left to right: Arlene Pokorski, Donald Kirkland, Janet Wilkins, Doree Smith. Dean Sterling, Bill May. Student librarians perform a fine service for their school. Left to right: Barbara Foraker, Miss Allman, Janet Adelsperger, Jean Helgeson, Judith Rubense. Pat Wil- liams, Mary Dixon, Leonna Wiggins. Doro- thy Balka, Ann Brant, Florence Hartman. Was your heart ever so touched as when you saw the Christmas play presented by the Theater Guild? The costumes and scenery were second only to the magnificent lighting effect. PARTICIPATING IN THESE ACTIVITIES TAKES LOTS OF PRACTICE The upset kids did it again. A victory over Crown Point was just another scalp to add to our belts. Do you recall this unforgetable scene from the concert? Quite effective was this musical portion of the program, called " Man- hattan Towers”. Left to right, seated: Jim Foraker, Anne Konyu, Elaine Ceglian, Norma Snyder, Dixie Martz, Judy Rubense, Donna Nemeth, Mary Dixon, Lea Evans. Standing: Dean Sterling. Larry Johnson, Mary Ellen Cornwell, Clarence Murdock. Barbara Stricklin, Joyce Baldwin, Tom Black, Mary Joy Bindas, Wanda Sams, Dick Wehr, Maria Makela, Charles Suto, Don Corn- well, Alice Aldrin, Harry Miles, Janice Searls. The weather was chilly but our cheerleaders were still in there pitching. GLENDA BENIAMIN Most Valuable Band Member AILEEN DOOLEN D. A. R. Award Achievement Award BEVERLY BAKER Editor of Annual. Third place in State Women ' s Club Essay Contest. TED GUZEK Most Valuable Basketball Player. SENIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS JACK GAUGHAN President of Student Council September, 1953 — June, 1954. JERRY FOX Most Valuable Football Player. VERNON GUZEK Most Valuable Cross Country Runner. 20 City Clerk Edward Bellamy explains the accident chart of Hammond to Mrs. Byers and her government class during their visit to the City Hall. THERE ARE BETTER WAYS THAN BOOKS Will these mechanical drafting class members become our en- gineers of tomorrow? Front row: Bennie Burke. Left to right, second row: John Ferris, Ed Johnson. Third row: Richard Vezey, A1 Nowak. Back row: Jack Nelson. 21 Everybody on! Though many are standing and gabbing, some smart kids are in the buses hold- ing down seats tor the long ride to Griffith. Booster Club hired six buses to take all these kids to the last football game. We really smeared Griffith, too! WE WORK AFTER SCHOOL, TOO Hey, Al, where did you put Jo ' s shoes? She probably took them off because she was tired from working after school decorating. This winter formal, " The Sweetheart ' s Serenade " was sponsored by the Senior Class. 22 Art Club members decorating inside lobby doors so that they look like church windows. Pictured left to right: Shirley Alhborn, Barbara Bedene, Don- na McKern, Rose Snyder. The band in block formation. Doesn ' t it look sharp? This year the Spanish Club sang Christmas carols in the halls. Pictured here are some of the members of the organization. Left to right, front row: Florence Hartman, Louise Shurman, Barbara Stricklin, Betty Krupa. Second row: Robert Michaels, Barbara Shay, Louis Iorio, Gloria Asam. Back row: Carol Sarina, Margot Miles, Miss Andrade, sponsor. 23 Boys have their own individual fads also. Here we have, from left to right: Jerry Fox, Bob Pearson, Jack Gaughan, and Art Lind getting a large charge from an unknown source. Jerry is wearing the popular " box " suedes with square toes. All year long most everyone recognized Bob Pearson as possessor of the best looking D. A. Now he is wearing a popular " flattop " crew cut. That shirt with the " Mister B " collar. Jack is wearing, is very popular, especially when worn with a knit tie with a large Windsor knot. Dig those crazy black and white checked corduroy drapes Art Lind is wearing. Art is wearing the " box " suedes also. If you think this is a Conga Line, you aren ' t up on the latest fads. This happens to be the Bunny Hop, imported straight from who cares where. And what boy belongs to the mystery leg? Left to right, Liz McKenny. Pat Harrigan, Jo Anne Ruthie, Mystery leg, Walter Guzek, Donna Jarnigan, Mystery arms. Chuck Isaacson, Bev Baker, Bill May, Aileen Doolen, Ron Owen, A1 Iorio. CATS AND JELLY-TOTS AT M. H. S. HAVE REAL GONE FADS An Indian war dance? We doubt it! We really laked you out on that one. 11 you ' d been at the Morton dances this year, you ' d know that this is a picture ol the Hokey-Poke. It ' s simply the most. Left to right: Glenda Benjamin, William Wal- ters, Bev Baker, Bill May, Aileen Doolen, Ron Owen, Jo Anne Ruthie, A1 Iorio, Pat Harrigan, Chuck Isaacson, Liz McKenny, Walter Guzek. Although sweaters, blouses, and skirts are the usual garb, you can ' t blame the girls lor adding a little variety to their dress. Left to right: Pat Witwer has on the white bucs and thick, knitted socs which are the rage this year. She is also wearing a white collar with lace trim. She is holding one of the slambooks which were such a hit at Morton this year. Next is Lynne Fitzwater modestly displaying her flaming D. A., a hair- cut really in the mode. Veidre Sitnik ' s scarf looks very chic the way she has it crossed in front. Bev Baker also has on a white collar, but hers is a shorter, more rounded type. She has gobs of bracelets, and she is wearing the thick, knitted socs and the ever-popular gray suedes. Bev is also read- ing a slam book. Governor George Craig tells us that he wants us to win every game except those against his home town, Brazil. Note the expressions on the faces of our students. IMPORTANT DAYS FOR THE GOVERNORS What! William Walters tired? We don ' t believe it. He never runs down. His skill at cheerleading and his great sense of humor will not be forgotten here at Morton. He ' s truly a Morton Governor. 27 Some of the members of Morton ' s first high school band with seniors, look rather uncomfortable here. The sun was very hot and bright. Left to right, front row: Glenda Benjamin, Tom Bander, Tom Anderson, Jim Beckett, Janet Wilkins, Lucy Baker. Pat Parchem, Carl Melton, Barbara Brooke. Second row: Sue Wasmund, Alice Williams, Betsy Hooker, Donna Benjamin. Elizabeth McKenney, Jack Larkin, Pat Hill, Jim Trull, Nancy Shutts, Glen Williams, Pat Garson, Lorna Clark, Pat Miles, Helen Popyk, George Hand, Doris Gray, Rosemary St. Clair. Third row: Christine Anderson, Carol Knopf, Pat Harrigan, Sylvia Shondel, Betty Feldt, Lynn Fitzwater, Dave Ritter. John Nagy, Jack Hayden, Don Kirkland, James Criswell. Dale Dunston, Parker Hand, Jim Hatos, Colleen Popyk, Faith Worman, Ray Narug, Marlene Sadewasser, Donna Struhs, Alice Hopman, BAND LOOKS SNAZZY Any band member will tell yo u it isn ' t an easy matter to keep those ranks and liles so straight. This was the first year for one of the activities of the Senior Band, too. They participated in the High School Marching Con- test at Valparaiso for the, first time — not only participated but won a first division. Other activities during the year were play- ing for football games, the fall and spring concerts, the City Music Festival and the Band Contest in La Porte, acting as hosts for the District Solo and Ensemble Contest, and the chili supper sponsored by the Band Parents Association. The band is dire- cted by Ernestine Opocensky, Duane Sebahar, Janice Lohse, Carol Knaver. Fourth row: Ed Bowers, Barbara Zinn, Danny George. Bob Berg, Karen Daniels, Charles Brown. Fifth row, standing: Sue Franklin, Joyce Dukeman, Pat Sebahar, Bruce Sheline, Linda Smith, Jeanette Ewert, Bernard Goetzinger, Mardell Baker, Mr. Braeuer. Mr. Melton, seated: Donna Jarnagin, Pat Fitzgerald, John Brooke, Ricky Kirkland, Jerry Evans, Roland Unkuri, Sue Losh, Glen Schram, Judy Kreiler, Lester Bergner, George Doolen, Ronald Enoksen, Wayne Mize, Arvin Haines, Barbara Stevenson. Standing, left to right: Betty Czech, Barbara Parsons, Eileen Sampias, Dolores Hess. IN MARCHING CONTEST Glenda Benjamin, concert mistress of the band, here shows the other band officers the clarinet she plays. Left to right: Carol Knaver, Secretary; Mr. Braeuer, Assistant band director; David Ritter, Principal; Tom Bander, Drum major; Mr. Melton, Director. Mr. John Melton and Mr. Thomas Braeuer. This year Glenda Benjamin was concert mistress; David Ritter, principal; Carol Knaver, secretary; and Tom Bander, drum major. Band meets one period every day, which means that members must give up time they would ordinarily use for study. Almost any band member will tell you, though, that there is a satisfact- ion obtained from playing good music and associating with stud- ents of similar interests that can ' t be found in any other activity. How nice the orchestra looks at its first formal-dress concert. Left to right, front row: Jeanette Ewert, Deone Sadewasser, Jean Helgeson, Pat Parchem, Carl Melton. Second row: Ona Bunger, Margaret Beckett. Mary Mako, Pat Williams, Donna Jarnagin, Barbara Stevenson, Pat Miles, Deborah Smith, Tom Bander, Glenda Benjamin. Third row: Eugene Peto. Judy Russell, Marlene Sadewasser, Pat Mako. Standing: Linda Smith, Mardell Baker, Mr. Melton, Lorna Clark. Dave Ritter, Roland Unkuri. ORCHESTRA PRESENTS FIRST FORMAL CONCERT Something new for the Morton orchestra, to q . this year. At the concerts on January 22 and May 21, girls dressed formally and boys wore dress suits. Before this, every- one wore band uniforms. There are full orchestra rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8:00 and at that time on Wednesday a string rehearsal. Oh dear, we arrived too late. String rehearsal is over for today. Pictured in this candid shot are, starting at far left and going clockwise: Roland Unkuri, Jeanette Ew- ert, Ona Bunger, Eugene Peto, Margaret Beckett, Judy Russell. Pat Williams, Deone Sadewasser, Jean Helgeson. 32 Looking very happy about their singing are these Choir officers. Left to right: Norma Snyder, President; Charles Suto, Vice- President; Anne Konyu, Secre- tary; Joyce Baldwin, Secretary. 3ys| 4, ■ I mfw W V f jmLJM jyf -v D ’ » » ■ f k Hi jmM m - CHOIR PRESENTS " MANHATTAN TOWERS " We are confident that this year ' s High School Choir is one of the best Morton has ever had. It is under the direction of Miss Barbara Miller. Since some members rehearse the first period and others the fourth, it is necessary that there be a set of officers for both periods. The first semester Harry Miles and Norma Sny- der were Presidents; Bud Murdock and Charles Suto, Vice-Presidents; Joyce Baldwin and Ann Konyu, Secretaries; Wanda Sams and Mary Ellen Cornwell, Treasurers. A bake sale was held to raise funds to pay for the tuxedos the boys wear for the concerts. -The winter concert, in which they participated, was a masterpiece; we are looking forward to the ones to come. In the future they are planning to hold a pops concert for assembly to acquaint the student body with their work and to interest high school people in singing. This is a fine organization, and we know we shall continue to be proud of it. Many such rehearsals are necessary to pre- pare music for concerts. Here the choir practices a number, directed by Miss Miller. Row one: Alice Aldrin, Elaine Ceglian, Judith Rubense, Patricia Keefer, Barbara Stricklin, Mary Joy Bindas, Norma Snyder. Row two: Mary Dixon, Joyce Baldwin, Lea Evans, Dixie Marts, Mary Ellen Cornwell, Juanita Cotner. Row three: Clarence Murdock, Charles Suto, Maria Makela, Patricia Evans, Janice Searls, Wanda Sams. Row four: Thom- as Black, James Foraker, Harry Miles, Don Corn- well, Dick Wehr. 33 This picture marks history in more than one way. It ' s probably the first time the staff has all been together since September. Left to right, standing: Jeanette Ewert, Aileen Doolen, Chuck Isaacson, Bev Baker, A1 Iorio, Louise Shurman. Seated: Carol Knaver, Betty Smith, Mary Monyok, Mary Mako, Bunnie Baker, Marlene Sadewasser. ' 54 SENIORS CREATE FIRST M. H. S. ANNUAL Yes, now it ' s our turn. We were one of the biggest firsts of the year. Anyone on the staff can tell you about the work we did — especially those last few weeks, but it was fun and well- worth all the effort. We held dances and bake sales to help defray expenses. One dance was held in connection with the naming contest; there were two soc hops; and we will have another in June when the annuals will be distributed. Students on the staff contribute at least one study hall a day. Staff members are Editor, Bev Baker; Assistant Editor, Carol Knaver; Second Assistant Editor, Marlene Sadewasser; Art Editor, Mary Monyok; Class Editor, Louise Shurman ; Feature Editor, A1 Iorio; Index Editor, Janice Lohse; Photographic Editor, Aileen Doolen; Sports Editor, Chuck Isaacson; Advertising Man- ager, Dean Sterling; Assistant Advertising Manager, Jeanette Ewert; Bookkeeper, Betty Smith; Business Manager, Mary Mako; Circulation Manager, Bunnie Baker. Pat Brown also worked on the cover. In addition, there were students who acted as an- nual salesmen; and Bob Kolbert, Marge Krupa, Mary Mako, Tom Black, and Dean Sterling sold advertising. There were several typists also on the staff. We are proud to have produced Morton ' s first annual and wish the best of luck to all future Top Hat staffs. And here are the kids who pounded the pavements! I ' ll bet our salesmen could sell you the garbage dumps if they tried hard enough. Left to right: Tom Black, Mary Mako, Bob Kolbert, Dean Sterling. Colleen Popyk, left; Phyllis Bedwell, middle; and Barbara Brooke, right were three of our hard-working " Top Hat " typists. Sometimes we felt sorry for them when they had to make out the almost illegible scrawls of the editors. National Honor Society officers for the year were, left to right: Beverly Baker. Treasurer; Marlene Sadewasser. Pro- gram Chairman; William Walters, President; Miss Hunter. Sponsor; Louise Shurman, Secretary; Carol Knaver, Vice-President. HONOR SOCIETY SPONSORS FIRST N. H. S. SCHOLARSHIP TEST The National Honor Society was organized in January, 1953. First semester officers this year were William Walters, Presi- dent; Carol Knaver, Vice-President; Louise Shurman, Secretary; Beverly Baker, Treasurer; Marlene Sadewasser, Program Chair- man. The chapter is sponsored by Miss Mabel Hunter, who or- ganized the Junior Honor Society before Morton became a four- year high school. There are two regular meetings a semester and special ones are called whenever it is necessary. The ceremonial for the induction of new me mbers, which depicts a Court of Honor, took place in March. The organization sponsored a soc hop after a basketball game and went to Chica- go to see a stage play. Being accepted as a member of this society is one of the greatest honors a high school student may enjoy. These students were members of the National Honor Society the first semester. Left to right, front row: Janice Lohse. Barbara a urs, ar ene ittric ue Young, Marlene Sadewasser, Alice Aldrin. Second row: Mary Joy Bindas, Jo Anne Kauzlarich, aro nc JJ er etty mil : . Bev Baker, Louise Shurman. Third Row: Sue Wasmund, Glenda Benjamin, Aileen Doolen, Geraldine R 14 ' ° fourth row: Tom Anderson, Jerry Evans, Duane Sebahar, Bill Simmers, William Walters, Lewis Frigyes, 35 STUDENT COUNCIL PURCHASES INTER COM The governmental body of our school is the Student Council, which consists of two representatives from each home room, one representative from each organization, and the president and vice-president, which are elected by the students. The secretary and treasurer of the organization are elected by the organization. The first semester officers were: Jack Gaughan, President; Thomas Miller, Vice-President; Sharon Luchene, Secretary; and Mary Ellen Cornwell, Treasurer. It is sponsored by Mr. Glenn Flans- burg. Some of their activities during the past year have been holding the annual magazine sale, helping to pay for the inter- communications system, planning the auditorium session at which Governor Craig spoke to us, and sponsoring the Clean- up Parade. In the future they plan to rewrite the present Student Coun- cil constitution and purchase a television set for the school. Who will be the candidates for the Student Council election? The Council members take this important task very seriously. First row: Jean Helgeson, Glenda Benjamin, Nancy Giotte, Diane Hipp. Second row: Betty Taggart, Sandra Duncker, Pat Pol- lard, Mary Rivich, John Rumbut. Third row: Kenny Topp, Janet Jeppeson, Sharon Brant, Peggy Falusi, Claudia Warkentien. Fourth row: Ted Krejci, John White, David Bloom, Ted Musser, Bob Artim. Standing are left to right: Nancy Byers, Eileen Sampias, Tom Anderson, Dave Vahorvich, Chuck Isaacson, Bob Gaydos, Kenny Bern, A1 Iorio, Eugene Kirk, Dave Ritter. Seated in the fore- ground is Jack Gaughan, President. The Junior Historical Society members are reading the latest edition of the HOOSIER HISTORIAN. Left to right, first row: Gloria Marek, Mary Monyok, Shirley Hammers, Phyllis Bedwell. Second row: Sandra Hill, Paula Ford, Mary Chancellor, Barbara Goodson, Mrs. Byers. Third row: Donna Jarnagin, Jean Helgeson. Back row: Bill Magan, Bob Gaydos, Richard Jarnagin, Car- los Vargas, George Tobias, David Herring. JUNIOR HISTORICAL SOCIETY TRIES TO PROMOTE PEACE The Junior Historical Society meets every second and fourth Tuesday, as do all academic clubs. It is an affiliate of the Historical Society of the State of Indiana. Members study local and state history and government. First semester officers were: Arden Smith, President; Paula Ford, Vice-President; Donna Jarnagin, Secretary; Shirley Ham- mers, Treasurer. Candy sales have been held to support various projects. In the future the club plans to visit some libraries and support a Korean orphan. The club is aware of problems throughout the world and is trying to do its part to promote peace. The officers discuss the important art- icles of the HOOSIER HISTORIAN. Left to right: Mrs. Byers, Sponsor; Ar- den Smith, President; Donna Jarnagin, Secretary; Shirley Hammers, Treas- urer; Paula Ford. Vice-President. The Future Teachers are shown here observing teaching methods in Miss Alpaugh ' s first grade class. Left to right, seated: Janice Lohse, Alice Alrin, Mary Joy Bindas. Left to right, standing: Janet Jeppeson, Carol Krupa, Marlene Sadewasser, Marie Makela. Aileen Doclen, Miss Alpaugh, first grade teacher. F. T. A. MEMBERS EXPLORE TEACHING FIELD The purpose of the A. W. Clark Future Teachers of America Club is to interest students in teaching as a career and to help them explore the field. Members often have opportunities to do student teaching of many different groups, thus learning which grade level or subject they prefer. Also helpful are the dis- cussions on colleges, teaching requirements in the different states, and experiences of people who are now teachers. First semester officers were lanice Lohse, Presi- dent; Glenda Benjamin, Vice-President; Barbara Broo- ke, Secretary; and Maria Makela, Treasurer. Mrs. Margaret Walker is sponsor and Mrs. Estelle Gres- kovich the co-sponsor. During the year F. T. A. members were hostesses for a Hammond English Council meeting and Open House. They also were guides for tours of the buil- ding on the orientation day for our new students. In the future they plan to visit one or two colleges as well as see several movies on teaching. To the student who is interested in teaching F. T. A. may offer just the opportunity and information he is looking for. The officers view the first graders do- ing some printing exercises. Left to right: Maria Makela, Treasurer; Mrs. Greskovich and Mrs. Walker, co-spon- sors; Janice Lohse, President. Miss Virden demonstrates to the Theater Guild officers methods of applying make-up while she puts the finishing touches on Valerie Harle, President of the organization. Left to right: Miss Virden, Diane Powell, Vice-President; Betty Taggart, Secretary; Donald Harle, Treasurer. THEATRE GUILD PRESENTS RADIO PLAY A radio play! That is something new, isn ' t it? " Busi- ness Is Business " was presented by the Theater Guild over the inter-communications system this year. They also gave a play for the elementary grades, gave a beautiful Christ- mas play, and helped with the senior play. Officers for the year were: President, Valerie Harle;. Vice-President, Diane Powell; Secretary, Betty Taggart; and Treasurer, Donald Harle. Miss May Virden sponsors the organization. Members of Theater Guild often find it necessary to put forth a great deal of effort, but most of them don ' t mind because they are doing the kind of work in which they are really interested. Miss Virden is telling some of the members of the Theatre Guild that good diction is an essential for any actor or actress. Left to right, front row: Miss Virden, Valerie Harle, Mary Mako, Pat Evans, Camilla Kennel, Carol Lindberg, Joyce Baldwin. Second row; Betty Taggart, Barbara McCarty, Lonaine Wisniewski, Dorothy Balka. Third row: Jim Richter, Glen Williams, Robin Mills, Ronnie Lenz, Tom Black. These Hi-Y Officers are discussing the plans for their bake sale. Standing, left to right: Don Cornwell, Master-at- Arms; Jerry Evans, Chaplain; Duane Dedelow, Secretary; Howard Long, Vice-President; Lewis Frigyes. Treas- urer. Seated: Terry Fisher, President. YOUNG MEN WITH A DEFINITE GOAL — HI-Y The Morton Hi-Y is a junior affiliate of the YMCA. Officers this year were: President, Terry Fisher; Vice- President, Howard Long; Secretary, Duane Dedelow; Treasurer, Lewis Frigyes; Chaplain, Jerry Evans; Master of Arms, Donald Cornwell. Sponsors are Mr. Graydon Ley and Mr. Jack Georgas. The club meets when other service clubs do and has special meetings in the evenings. It is their pur- pose to uphold the spiritual and moral codes, and in their meetings they discuss community, school, and group projects. This year they held a bake sale and the first dance of the year. Funds from these projects helped to send representatives to state conferences. These boys were members of Hi-Y the first sem- ester. Left to right, front row: Ray Narug, Jim Trull, Alex Ander- son, Walter Guzek. Sec- ond row: Donald Kirk- land, Louis Iorio, Ed Bromels, Phillip Lohse. Third row: George Ger- mek, Jim Hoffman, Tom Bander, Roland Unkuri. Standing: George Doolen, Ed Bowers, Harry Alex- ander, Larry Kitchell, Bob Ganchiff, Duane Se- bahar. 40 D fk " r : r v I- Mrs. Kelly briefs her Press Club re- porters on the proper way of writing the account of an event. Left to right, back row: Florence Hartman, Pat Mako, Barbara Bathurst. Front row: Leonna Wiggins, Lenore Schmid, Mrs. Kelly. TOMORROW ' S JOURNALISTS — PRESS CLUB MEMBERS Of course, you have seen the many fine articles that appear on the Mortonite page of the " Hessvillite " every week: but do you know anything about the •students who write them? The Mortonite page is the responsibility of the Press Club. This year ' s editors were Mary Mako, Editor-in Chief; Glenn Schram, Assistant; Patricia Williams, Organizations; and David Bloom, Athletics. Reporters were Barbara Bathurst, Florence Hartman, Patricia Mako, Lenore Schmidt, and Leonna Wiggins. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Norma Kelley. A gold guill pin is given as an award to a re- porter who has twenty-eight inches of copy printed. Members get together once a week for assignments. In the future the club hopes to have its own paper, and we hope this dream is fulfilled. The hard-working officers of Press Club look over the MORTONITE Page of the " Hessvillite ' ' . Left to right: Pat Wil- liams, Organizations Editor. Glenn Sc- hram, Assistant Editor; Mrs. Kelly, sponsor; Mary Mako, Editor-in-Chief. 41 The officers were discussing the Nor- thern Indiana Y-Teen Conference. Left to right are Sue Young, Vice-President; Mary Joy Bindas, Secretary; Dixie Marts, Treasurer; and Miss Martine. YOUNG WOMEN WITH A PURPOSE — Y-TEENS The Y-Teen Club is a junior affiliate of the Y.W.C.A. First semester officers were: Arden Smith, President; Sue Young, Vice-President; Mary Joy Bin- das, Secretary; Dixie Martz, Treasurer; Marcia Bock- en. Chaplain. The club is sponsored by Miss Jean Martine. The club meets every first and third Tuesdays, as do all service clubs. The goals of the Y-Teen organization are an inspiration to every member. Their purpose is to grow — grow in person, in friendship with all people, and in knowledge and love of God. A letter from overseas seems to be the topic of conversation at this meeting of the Y-Teens. Left to right, standing: Bonnie Sinsabaugh, Diane Hipp, Miss Martine, Joan Dakin, Shirley Wilson. Back table; Charlotte Kmetz, Judy Russell, Helen Popyk, Carol Brown, Sharon Frankovich, Pat Eppl. Front table: Dorothy De Rolfe, Pat Burkhart, Shirley Ahlborn, Pat Dixon, Barbara Stevenson, Lea Evans, Sue Losh. Members of Booster Club the first semester. Front row: D Martinich, J. Neal, P. Strain, N Snyder, M. O ' Sullivan. Second row: S. Wasmund, M. Posey, A Williams, B. Baker, B. Baker Third row: M. Kozubal, J. Ray Y. Gardner, G. Nemcek, S. Dum ler. Fourth row: J. Criswell, I Hatos, M. Sadewasser, B. Sim mers, J. Stimac, T. Stafford, P Cline, A. Givers, G. Baltos, C Vargos. Fifth row: M. Ker rick, C. Knaver, J. Klen, P. Kukta G. Kalena, C. Kantor, C. Lind , C. Kennell, J. Weatherford B. Shay. Sixth row: M. Olsen, N. Meyers, E. Bolen, O. Bunger, L. Baker, P. Keefer, B. McCarty, L. Behling, P. Witwer, C. Miller. Sev- enth row: J. Magan, J. Wilkins, J. Adelsperger, P. Evans, J. Manu- shaw, N. Nemeth, J. McBroom, M. Mirzalli, J. Zimmerman, V. Sitnik. Eighth row: M. Krupa, J. Shearer, G. Bradford, A. Gardner, L. Fitzwater, S. Losh, L. Evans, K. Daniel, A. Hopman, P. Har- rigan. Ninth row: S. Stahl, S. Spudic, S. Shondel, M. Iliff, D. Gray, R. St. Clair, N. Shutts, R. Jenkins, J. Xauzlarich. Tenth row: B. Parsons, S. Morris, J. Littel, L. Lundgren, M. Makela, C. Krupa, J. Berta, R. Keefer, W. Anderson, L. Baker. Ele- venth row: H. Medvecz, D. Dittrich, R. Littel, D. McKinley, P. Mack, D. Corman, D. Smith, J. Hesterman, V. Harle. Twelfth row: S. Fleming, P. Balser, B. Bedene, R. Lutes, A. Aldrin, D. Hopkins, D. Powell, A. Konyu. Thirteenth row: D. Jarnagin, M. Viou, M. Miles, S. Beck, B. Detvay, J. Poulsen, C. Sarina, J. Rygiel, B. Russell, C. Peters. Fourteenth row: M. Baker, C. Anderson, B. Zinn, P. Hill, J. Ewert, B. Foraker. Standing, front to back: B. Boesch, M. Snyder, S. Tanner, P. LaSalle, S. Johnson, B. Marquiss, C. Capuzzi, J. Szura, M. Sadewasser, M. Curtis. It looks like Mr. Harper has been accused of something by the first semester officers of Booster Club. Left to right: Leah Rae Hyslop, President; John Remesnik, Vice-President: Jo Anne Arthur, Secretary; Pat Harrigan, Treasurer; Jo Anne Ruthie, Parliamentarian; Liz McKenny, Pep Session Chairman. BOOSTERS BOOST SPIRIT Aren ' t those red and gray shakers that students bring to games sharp They are another first for Morton this year. Sell- ing them was one of the activities of the Booster Club to carry out their objective — supporting the school athletic programs and extra-curricular activities. Another first sponsored by the Bo- oster Club was the snake dance down Kennedy Avenue before one of the football games. What fun! There is a special committee to plan pep sessions. Many of them are really major productions. First semester officers were Leah Rae Hyslop, President; John Remesnik, Vice-President; Jo Anne Arthur, Secretary; Pat Harrigan, Treasurer; Jo Anne Ruthie, Parliamentarian. Mr. Donald Harper is the sponsor and Mrs. Anne Jankovich, co- sponsor. Booster Club has done a great deal for the school in the past, and we are sure it will continue doing so in the years to come. 43 v- oY i5!k -flS Do you remember these attractive Christmas decorations? Finishing them up we find the officers and sponsor of Red Cross. Left to right: Ernestine Opocensky, Secretary- Treasurer; Pat Holly, President; Juanita Cunningham, Vice-Presi- dent; Louise Shurman, City Coun- cil President; Mrs. Johnson, spon- sor. SERVICE TO THE WORLD BY THE JUNIOR RED CROSS Another fine service club is the Junior Red Cross. It is sponsored by Mrs. Kathryn Johnson. First semes- ter officers were: Pat Holly, President; Juanita Cun- ningham, Vice-President; Ernestine Opocensky, Sec- retary and Treasurer. During the year they supplied hospitals with magazines, stationery, nut cups, and tray favors. They also sent gift boxes overseas, gave toys to needy children at Christmas time, and contributed to the local and general Children ' s Fund and the Gift Chest Fund. Money was raised by sponsoring a movie, sel- ling Christmas decorations, and sponsoring a dance. When we interviewed Mrs. Johnson, she said that she had had an excellent group of people, and that she appreciated all the fine work they had done. We feel that working for such a worthy cause is one of the finest things a boy or girl can do. The Red Cross was so busy filling Christmas gift boxes they didn’t notice us. Row one: Ernestine Opocensky, Juanita Cunningham, Gloria Asam, Evelyn Rolfe, Kathy Barno. Row two: Pat Holly, Louise Shurman, Nyla Miller, Sam Karras, Larry John- son, Betty Feldt, Elaine Ceglian. 44 Cinema Club members and some of the machines they operate. Left to right: Dan Clark, John Nagy, Ronald Hrebenyak, Donald Mentzer, Bob Schollar, Norma Edwards, Roger Mierzwa, Dan- ny George, Dale Dunstan, Ralph Gardner, John Holland, Jerome Babitz, Donald Oglesby. CINEMA CLUB OPERATES INTER COM Another first in this wonderful year - the inter-communicat- ions system! Who operates it? Why, members of Cinema Club, of course. First semester officers were Wayne Gardner, President; Paul Edwards. Vice-President; Karen Rosenswank, Secretary; Louise Shurman, Recorder. Mr. Arthur Gibson is the sponsor. Before a student may become a member, he is reguired to operate the two most important machines - the sound projector and the film strip projector. Special committees are appointed for operating the inter- com system, the auditorium projectors, and the public address systems in the auditori um and the gym. There are also com- mittees for recording and handling of the film. Whether he is playing records for a soc hop or showing a movie to the chemistry class, you may be sure that a Cinema Club member is doing his best He is not only serving his school but also developing a sense of responsibility This machine looks complicated to us, but not to Cinema Club mem- bers. Left to right: Gerald Gordon, Michael White, Harry Miles, Rich- ard Schimming, Richard Flemming. Albert Iorio, Clarence Murdock, Donald Merchant, Dan Balog. These Cinema Club officers are discussing the point system with Mr. Gibson. Left to right: Louise Shur- man, Recorder; Mr. Gibson; Wayne Gardner, President. 45 Miss Dorothy Jasper, leit, talking with Ann Konyu, seated, the morning lieu- tenant, and Janet Hesterman, the after- noon lieutenant. PATROL GIRLS KEEP ORDER Patrol girls are on duty in the halls before and after school each day. It is their duty to see that order is maintained in the halls and on the stairs, that boys do not wear hats in the building, and that there is no screaming, shouting, pushing, shoving, or banging of locker doors. The first semester Anne Konyu was lieutenant in the morning and Janet Hesterman in the afternoon. It is the duty of the lieutenants to check attendance, report special problems, and sometimes find sub- stitutes. The patrol girls are under the direction of Miss Dorothy Jasper. The girls perform a fine service for their school and deserve to be respected at all times. Patrol girls are discussing problems with Miss Jas- per, their sponsor. Left to right, top row: Helen Popyk, Shirley Ahlborn, Mary Dixon, Pat Burk- hart, Barbara Stricklin. Second row: Miss Jas- per, Mary Joy Bindas, Juanita Cunningham, Marilyn Iliff. Third row: Barbara Bedene, Pat Balser, Shari Fleming, Judy Russell. Fourth row: Darlene Dittrich, Sue Young, Valerie Harle. Mr. Ley must be demonstrating something humorous to the Science Club, everyone has such a broad smile. Left row, back to front: Tom Bander, Arvin Haines. Second row: George Doolen, Jim Trull, Phil Cline. Third row: Jerry Evans, Duane Sebahar. Fourth row: Gerry Germek, Sandra Duncker, Ernestine Opocensky. Mr. Murzynn standing at left, and Mr. Ley. SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERS DEVELOP SPECIAL INTERESTS First semester officers of the High School Science Club were: President, Tom Bander; Secretary, Ernes- tine Opocensky; Treasurer, Jerry Evans. Sponsors are Mr. Graydon Ley and Mr. Julian Rasmussen. The club is divided into biology, chemistry, and physics groups. Each member works with the group in which he is especially interested. Many of the members are working on projects for a Science Fair this spring. Two of the projects are the growing of plants without soil and the making of cosmetics. What is this mysterious object Mr. Ley is showing the officers of Science Club? Left to right: Tom Bander, President; Mr. Ley, Sponsor; Ern- estine Opocensky, Sec- retary; Jerry Evans, Treas- urer. The members ol Forensics Club are listening attentively to a speech presented by their President, A1 Iorio. Left to right, front row: Eileen Sampias. David Bloom, Mary Ellen Cornwell. Second row: Elsie Peterson. Donna Benjamin, Pat Williams. Back row: Mr. Becker, Barbara Trost, Ken- neth Bern. ANOTHER FIRST THIS YEAR FORENSICS CLUB Forensics Club is another organization which had its be- ginning in this eventful year. If a person ' s knees shake or his teeth chatter whenever he has to talk before a group of people. Forensics Club may be just what he needs to rid himself of the fear. It is not necessary to be in a speech class to be a member; and the easy, informal atmosphere of the club makes it easy for anyone to speak. It is sponsored by Mr. Winston Becker. First semester officers were Albert Iorio, President; Harry Miles, Vice- President; Maureen O ' Sullivan, Secretary and Treasurer; and Pat Williams, Reporter. Forensics Club sponsored the Thanksgiving program, one of the most inspiring auditorium sessions we had all year. In the future the group is planning to sponsor a demonstrat- ion debate team for an assembly program. The officers are looking over the script of the Thanksgiving program. Left to right: A1 Iorio, President; Maureen O ' Sullivan, Secretary and Treasurer; Harry Miles, Vice-President. Believe it or not, here are the monitors all in one group. Left to right, first row: Rosemary Lit- tel, Eileen Sampias, Nancy Cole, Barbara Stricklin, Roberta Lutes, Donna McKinley. Darlene Dit- trich, Jo Ann Manushaw, Pat Witwere. Second row: Kathy Barno, Myrna Olson, Beulah Wayne, Mary Chancellor, Betty Russel, Geraldine Germek, Bon- nie Holst, Janet Hesterman, Carol Jo Miller. Third row: Alice Al- drin, Mary Joy Bindas, Sheila Beck, Ona Bunger, Mary Lynn Mirzalli, Janet McBroom, Pat Balser, Valerie Harle, Sue You- ng, Nancy Shutts. Fourth Row: Joan Baut, Gloria Asam, Juanita Cunningham, Jane Zimmerman, Doree Smith, Don Ganchiff. Har- ry Alexander, Donna Corman, Pat Mack. Fifth row: Dick Wehr, Dennis Conroy. Terry Fisher, Lewis Frigyes, Fred Comer. HALL MONITORS ON DUTY The monitor system was inaugurated in the fall of 1952. There are about fifteen monitors on duty each hour of the day. One person is posted at each stairway, a lieutenant for that hour must check all the posts and report any problem that arises. It is the duty of the monitors to see that every stu- dent who is in the halls has an admit to be out of the room to which he has been assigned for that period. They must also direct strangers to the office to get a special visitor ' s pass. Members are accepted on the basis of dependa- bility and trustworthiness. Mr. Walter Ruff is sponsor of this group. These students are the lieutenants, each of whom is responsible for the monitors one period of the day. Left to right, back row: Dennis Conroy, Jerry Evans, Louis Iorio, Fred Comer. Front row: Mary Joy Bindas, Shiela Beck, Valerie Harle, Jaunita Cunning- ham. Art Club members are learning to draw irom a model. Pictured here are left row, back to front: Rose Snyder, Jeanette Ewert, Roger Mierzwa, Ted Tarr. Second row: Shirley Ahlborn, Mary Dixon, Clea Capuzzi, Barbara Dorrance, Kathrine Brumfield. Third row: Paul Edwards, Nancy Shutts. Sitting on table: Barbara Chalmers. The model is Norma Edwards. FIRST HIGH SCHOOL ART CLUB IS ORGANIZED Did you see the stained glass effect on the win- dows of the main lobby during the Christmas season this year? Wasn ' t it beautiful? The High School Art Club did it. Although this club meets when other aca- demic organizations do, it is their aim to be an art service group. The members helped on all stage sets and often made advertising posters for other organi- zations. First semester officers were: Rose Snyder, Presi- dent; Vice-President, Nancy Shutts; Wanda Samms, Secretary; Barbara Zinn, Treasurer. The club is sponsored by Mr. Anthony Wauro. In the future they plan a trip to a museum in Chicago, and they are going to sponsor a dance. The high school Art Club was another first for Morton this year, and we ' re mighty proud of the work they have done. What is it going to be? We couldn ' t tell you, but it looks very interesting. These Art Club officers are working on decorations for a dance. Left to right: Barbara Zinn, Treasurer; Mr. Wauro, sponsor; Wanda Sams, Secretary; Rose Sny- der, President. Miss Andrade shows the Spanish Club an Aztec mask. Left to right: Florence Hartman, Gloria Asam, Margot Miles. Miss Andrade, Rob- ert Michaels, Louis Iorio, Barbara Shay, Betty Krupa, Louise Shurman, Barbara Stricklin, Carol Sarina. BEGINNING OF A During the week before Christmas, members of this club sang Spanish Carols in the halls. That is something we seniors will be sorry to miss next year. It was beautiful. The Spanish Club, sponsored by Miss Lenore Andrade, is another first for Morton this year. SPANISH CLUB At their meetings club members have seen col- ored slides of Latin American countries, sung Latin American songs, and played a game called Lotera. In the future this organization plans to work on Spanish exhibits and have a Mexican dinner. The Spanish Club looks at Mexican relics. Left row: Louise Shurman. Second row, back to front: Leah Rae Hyslop, Dolores Hopkins, Ken- neth Topp, Miss Andrade. Third row: Ronald Topp, Louis Iorio, Margot Miles, Barbara Shay. I These girls were members of G. A. A. the first semester. Left to right, back row: P. Witwer, S. Trout, B. Detvay, S. Shearer, M. Kozubal, J. Ray, Y. Gardner, B. Boesch, S. Dumler, G. Brad- ford, J. Rygiel, B. Russell. Se- cond row: G. Nallinger, S. Beck, P. Falusi, C. Kantor, K. Barno, B. Feldt, A. Gardner, J. Cun- ningham, D. Corman, S. Flem- ing, C. Peters, J. Zimmerman. Third row: N. Williams, J. Poul- sen, E. Bolen, M. Iliff, D. Gray, R. St. Clair, L. Behling, S. Lu- chene, L. Evans, S. Losh, K. Daniel. J. Kauzlarich. Fourth row: L. Olson, C. Anderson, S. Wasmund, V. Sitnik, O. Bunger. L. Baker, M. Olson, S. Shondel, N. Snyder, D. Smith, B. Bedene, P. Balser. Fifth row: M. Baker. P. Hill, J. Adelsperger, B. Forak- er, R. Littel, L. Hyslop, D. Dit- trich, R. Lutes, J. Magan, C. Kmetz, E. Ceglian, A. Konyu. Front row: ]. Szura, B. Parsons, S. Morris, L. Baker, W. Ander- son, N. McCoo, D. Martinich, J. Neal, P. Strain, P. Harrigan, A Hopman, J. Weatherford, D. Hop kins, J. Arthur. 1 W w f aSk j§! [jQm 53 SPORTS AND FUN FOR G. A. A. Members of the Girls ' Athletic Association enjoy many activities: among them are bowling and play- ing basketball, volleyball, Ping-pong, and baseball. During the year G. A. A. sponsored a dance and donated money to the Student Council for records. In the future they plan to have a Mother and Daugh- ter Banquet. Business meetings are held the second and four- th Tuesdays of every month. The organization is sponsored by Miss Evelyn Schurr. First semester officers were: Doree Smith, President; Jo Anne Arthur, Vice-President; Barbara Bedene, Secretary; Sue Young, Treasurer. There is also a chairman for each sport. G. A. A. officers are shown here dis- cussing their program with their spon- sor. Left to right: Doree Smith, Presi- dent; Barbara Bedene. Secretary; Sue Young, Treasurer; Miss Evelyn Schurr; Jo Anne Arthur, Vice-President. Here are the cheerleaders in one ol tneir ciassier positions. Leit to right: Hat Mack. Joan Rygiel, Sue Young. Valerie Harle, Donna Corman. RAH, RAH, RAH, CHEERLEADERS! Can you imagine what the football and basket- ball games would be like without the cheerleaders? We can ' t, and we don ' t want to. These girls have done a wonderful job, and we love every one of them. This year our yell leaders were Donna Corman, Valerie Harle, Pat Mack, Joan Rygiel, and Sue Young. They were chosen by the representatives of the Student Council and the Booster Club and Miss Evelyn Schurr, who sponsors cheerleading, on the basis of skill, sports, school attitude, scholarship, and standards. The girls lead cheers for all games and pep assemblies. They made up many new cheers for us this year. They practiced every Tuesday and Wed- nesday after school. New uniforms were provided for them this year. Thanks a lot, girls, for everything. FOOTBALL TEAM MAKES CREDITABLE SHOWING Morton, progressing into a four year high school, completed its initial season of senior high school football with 3 wins 6 losses and 1 tie. Although lacking experience and being out- weighed, Morton did a creditable job through the first five games. However, when our Hessville gridders reached the easier part of their schedule, they man- aged to win three, to lose only one, and to tie one. Following their fine showing with Hammond Clark, the Governors came back to tie Crown Point 7-7. On the very next day Morton tasted its first var- sity conquest by subduing Glenwood School for Boys 27-12. After losing a hard fought battle to a strong Gary Edison squad, the Governors trounced a help- less East Gary team 26-6. Now realizing the feeling of victory in football the Governors journeyed to Grif- fith to close the season. Although entering the game a solid underdog, the Governors upset the heavier Panthers 13-0 on a weather-beaten field. Morton should be much stronger in football next season, for the Governors will lose only three players from last year ' s team. They are Jerry Fox, who was chosen by his teammates as the most valuable play- er, and co-captains Ted Guzek and Larry Poulsen. With more weight and experience the Morton grid- ders can be expected to give such schools as East Chicago Roosevelt, Hammond High, Whiting, Benton Harbor, Hammond Bishop Noll, and Hammond Clark a good " run for their money. " MHS 7 GRID RECORD Hammond Tech 39 MHS 6 Whiting 46 MHS 14 Brazil 20 MHS 6 South Bend St. Joseph 40 MHS 7 Hammond Clark 28 MHS 7 Crown Point 7 MHS 27 Glenwood School 12 MHS 12 Gary Edison 25 MHS 26 East Gary 6 MHS 13 Griffith 0 LEADING SCORERS TDS PAT PTS Mike Ventrella 7 5 47 Ted Guzek 5 0 30 Jerry Lambert 4 3 27 Jerry Fox 3 2 20 Jay Kimmel 0 1 1 TOTAL 19 11 125 Left to right, front row: M. Porter, manager; R. Owen, Manager; R. Weis, D. Hill, W. Zybell, P. Vukovich, R. Petrovich, W. Opasik, M. Ventrella, J. Kimmel. D. Lutes, G. Paguin, D. May, W. May. Second row: J. Mills, R. Dikun, R. Galosich, L. Poulsen. T. Mathews, A. Johnson, P. Puglise, R. Stryzinski, R. Gearman, S. Greer, D. Sterling. Third row: Mr. A. W. Clark, principal; Mr. R. Gollner, ass ' t coach; R. Kessler, J. Fox, J. Hodgson, T. Zaiko, J. Kantor, T. Guzek, J. Anderson, D. Kralik, G. Germek, J. Lambert, Mr. M. Zlotnik, coach; W. Walters, manager. Varsity football coaches Bob Gollner and Maury Zlotnik pace nervously along the side-lines dur- ing a football game at Hammond High Field. Mr. Zlotnik, heading his first varsity sguad, turned in a fine record with three victories: Glenwood School 27-12, East Gary 26-6, and Griffith 13-0, and a 7-7 tie with Crown Point. Strenuous work-outs in all types of weather, even snow, keep the varsity squad in the peak of condition. It was on field soggy with snow that the Morton gridders surprised Griffith 13-0 to close the 1953 season with an upset and a 3-6-1 record. 57 HOLD THAT TIGER! This action shot taken at the Morton - Tech game shows Morton gridders Jerry Fox, 33; Larry Poulsen, 16; Jerry Lambert, 32; Jay Kimmel, Paul Puglise, 14; John Anderson, 38 closing in for the ’ ' kill " . Although the Governors lost to the Tech tigers 39-7, our squad displayed signs of brilliance throughout the tussle. Jerry Fox, most valuable player on the football squad, and co-captains Ted Guzek and Larry Poulsen are shown receiving their sports ' letters. All are seniors and have played their last games in Morton uniforms. Coach Gollner drills the Morton eleven on the funda- mentals of tackling and blocking. It was this type of drill that toughened the Governors and helped to carry them to three varsity conquests. 58 FRESHMEN TIE FOR CITY TITLE The Morton Freshman football gridders conclu- ded their fall season with a record of six wins and two losses. Their fine record tied them for the city grid title with Hammond Tech and Hammond High. Our Frosh team defeated the Tigers 13-6, but lost to Ham- mond High by a 13-6 count. Among the impressive victories were conquests over East Chicago Roosevelt 26-6 and a 13-0 shutout against powerful Noll. Our Freshman record shows that within these boys lies the future power of Morton on the gridiron. FRESHMAN RECORD MORTON 13 Hammond Noll OPP. 6 27 Whiting 0 12 Hammond Irving 0 26 Hammond Clark 0 13 Hammond Tech 6 6 rfammond High 13 26 E. C. Roosevelt 6 0 E. C. Washington 18 Left to right, front row: D. Wil son, D. Gasvoda, J. Downing, T White, L. Buckmaster, G. Con ger, D. Brimer. Back row: T DeRosa, J. Sorbello, R. Balta, J Bobowski, J. Ward, W. Lazar. Left to right, front row: F. Arcella, B. Magan, T. Hayden, W. Blanchard, J. Zgunda, W. Dittrich, A. Houchens. Middle row: J. Downing, F. Jazyk, T. White, J. Sorbello, G. Conger, J. Bobowski. Back row: D. Ritchey, manager; L. Buckmaster. T. DeRosa, D. Gasvoda, D. Wilson, D. Brimer, W. Lazar, R. Balta, J. Ward, and Coach J. Georgas. 59 Left to right, first row: C. Suto, manager; A. Lind, J. Lambert, V. Guzek, J. Fox, T. Guzek. D. Kessler, T. Hmielewski, M. Sadewas- ser, manager. Second row: W. Walters, manager; A. W. Clark, principal; J. Poulsen, T. Miller, J. McDonough, J. Anderson, F. Chance, W. Hartman, B. Weis, J. Georgas, assistant coach, and B. Fraser, coach. MORTON QUINTET GAINS SEMI-FINAL IN SECTIONAL The red and gray Morton Governors won 18 games while losing only 5 during the 1953 ' 54 season. The " upse t kids " , as area newspapers called them, greatest accomplishments were (1) advancing to the semi-finals in the Hammond Sectional, (2) capturing the Hammond Holiday Tourna- ment, (3) knocking Hebron High School from the list of the state ' s undefeated teams, and (4) blasting Crown Point 70-58. To open the 1954 Sectional our Hessville boys overpowered an undermanned Dyer squad 63-49. Then before a stunned crowd " the darlings of the Calumet " upset tourney co-favorite Wa- rriors of Bishop Noll 59-55 by erasing a 40-24 deficit. The victory advanced the Governors to the semi-finals to face dangerous George Rogers Clark. Playing before a capacity crowd at the Civic Center, our Hessville boys staged another magnificent ral- ly. Only after the gun had sounded did the loyal Morton boosters realize that we had dropped a 64-62 heartbreaker to the Pioneers. The Governors copped the Holiday Tournament dumping highly touted Bishop Noll 57-52 and by edging Hammond Clark 36-34 to take home the trophy. Morton provided still another thrill for its followers when the " upset kids " nipped Hebron High School 61-55 to snap a 17 game winning streak by the Hawks. According to Hawk Coach John Bastin, Morton had the best quintet the Southern Porter County school had played during the season. It must be re- membered that Hebron had played Michigan City, the state ' s number five team. Against the Bulldogs of Crown Point Morton unleashed a great offensive attack to blast Crown Point by the impressive margin of 12 points, 70-58. With the fine " B " team we had this year, 1954 promises to be another great season for the Governors. Ted Guzek, who was selected the most valuable player for his stand-out play, could well be called Bevo Francis, for he scored a towering total of 420 points, a new Morton record. Other Morton basketballers who scored over 200 points were Jerry Fox (269), Dick Kessler (215) and Vernon Guzek (204). 60 Smiling over the successful basketball season are Morton seniors Jerry Fox 6 ' guard, Ted Guzek 6 ' 3 " center, 5 ' 9 " guard Art Lind, and Vernon Guzek 5 ' 10 " playmaker. This foursome ac- counted for 904 of Morton ' s 1355 points. Where ' d he go? Number 55 doesn ' t seem to know. Ted Guzek goes up to score arother of his jump shots ag- ainst Griffith. Ted scored 20 points, but the Governors dropped one of their four losses to a fired-up Griffith five. OUR BASKETBALL RECORD MHS 56 Hammond Tech. 37 MHS 75 Lowell 57 MHS 53 Benton Harbor .. 48 MHS 68 50 MHS 69 Wheatfield 41 MHS .... 47 Griffith 62 MHS 48 Chesterton 54 MHS 57 Hammond Noll 52 MHS. 36 Hammond Clark 34 MHS 53 South Bend St. Joseph 59 MHS 70 Crown Point 58 MHS. 60 Gary Edison 47 MHS 82 DeMotte 49 MHS...... 45 Merrillville 67 MHS 29 Thornton Fractional . . 28 MHS ......61 Hebron 55 MHS...... 57 Rolling Prairie .. 55 MHS 60 Culver M. A 43 MHS 78 Portage 46 MHS 67 Union Mills 64 MHS 63 Dyer 49 MHS 59 Hammond Noll ... . 55 MHS 62 Hammond Clark 64 During the highly successful 1953- ' 54 season the Morton quintet averaged 58.9 a game compared to 51.4 average by our opponents for an average victory mar- gin of 7.5 points. INDIVIDUAL RECORDS FG FT PTS AVE Ted Guzek 147 124 420 18.3 Jerry Fox 96 77 269 11.7 Dick Kessler 83 49 215 9.4 Vernon Guzek 71 62 204 8.9 Jerry Lambert .26 14 66 2.9 John Anderson 23 15 61 3.1 Ted Hmielewski 15 11 41 2.3 Morton varsity basketball starters report to officials table to re-enter Lowell game. In the game played in our gym the Governors blasted the famous Red Devil quintet 75-57. " DARLINGS OF THE CALUMET " WIN AGAIN Ted Guzek is snapped at the charity line sinking another free throw. " Bevo " Guzek scored a total of 29 points ag- ainst the Crown Point Bulldogs and paced Morton ' s 70-58 triumph over the Hub. The loss was only Crown Point ' s second of the year. 62 Jerry Lambert prepares to pass to teammate Jerry Fox during the Morton-Noll fracas. Lambert ' s fine ball handling helped the Governors pull one of the top upsets in Indiana Sectional play. Our Hessville boys, after trailing by as many as 16 points early in the second half, swished 22 points in the final period to dump a tall Bishop Noll team 59-55 before 5,000 in the Civic Center. Kk jM THk 1 W; illlP’T ; ill IK. J M In the semi-final contest against Ham- mond Clark, Jerry Fox leaps high into the air to discourage any scoring op- portunity by a Clark player. In a thrilling game that was not decided un- til the final gun, Morton fought back desperately only to fall by a single basket 64-62 to the Pioneers. 63 " B " TEAM COMPILES IMPRESSIVE RECORD Coached by Jack Georgas, the Morton junior var- sity team compiled an impressive 16-4 record in basketball. With such giants on the floor as 6 ' 4 " Jerry Kantor, 6 ' 2 " David Kralik, Spencer Greer 6 ' 1 " , and Gordon Paguin at 5 ' 11 " , the j. v. five dominated the rebounds. Control of the backboards, along with the fine shooting of Dick Vezey and Ray Dikum and the fine ball handling of Robert Stryzinski, was responsi- ble for the " B " team ' s great success last year. With such promising sophomores, Morton will probably field an aggressive varsity ball club for next year when the Governors play such area power houses as Hammond High, East Chicago Roosevelt, Merrillville, Hammond Bishop Noll, and Hammond Clark. Left to right, front row: C. Suto, manager, J. Kimmel, R. Dikun, S. ghan, P. Puglise, G. Germek, J. Kantor, D. Kralik, L. McDonald, B. MHS 32 Hammond Tech 35 MHS 47 Lowell 28 MHS 46 Benton Harbor 33 MHS 32 St. Mary ' s of Michigan City 33 MHS 41 Wheatfield 21 MHS 39 Griffith 57 MHS 35 Chesterton 25 MHS 45 South Bend St. Joseph 29 MHS 45 Crown Point 20 MHS 50 Gary Edison 35 MHS 46 DeMotte 25 MHS 32 Hammond High 49 MHS 55 Hammond Tech 31 MHS 57 Merrillville 38 MHS 52 Thornton Fractional 35 MHS 49 Hebron 41 MHS 45 Rolling Prairie 33 MHS 57 Culver M. A. 40 MHS 52 Portage 32 MHS 40 Union Mills 30 4 :, G. Paquin, B. Stryzinski, D. Vezey. Back row: P. Gau- c. J. Georgas, Coach. It ' V ' r Hi 7 - Jl ft i w 9 1 mw M I I . 41 9R ft i i ’ ft V 1 1 J j 1 1 rn , i fj k wmM lr J 1 i ■ I I ■ ■ .St a; ' 4 | i 1 1 ftn 17 T | sM i 4 J ftrv r L J . v rz 64 Left to right: Mr. Stout, coach, W. Blanchard, W. Lazar, T. DeRosa, R. Balta, I. Ward, D. Branson. I- Dedlow, D. Ritchey, manager, J. Sorbello, D. Gasvoda, D. Wilson, G. Conger, D. Hmielewski. FRESHMEN COP IRVING FRESHMAN TOURNEY TITLE A tall Morton team entered the Irving Freshman Tournament and returned to Hessville with the crown. The first hurdle for the Morton five was a pesky Tech team, but the Governors, Coach- ed by Mr. Howard Stout downed the Tigers 42-23. Then the Freshmen blasted Hammond Irving 47-39. In the final our squad proceeded to subdue Griffith 35-31 to take home the laurels. Throughout the entire season the Freshman quintet built up an excellent record of 18 victories against only 3 losses. MHS 39 Hammond Tech 20 MHS 50 Griffith 33 MHS 47 Hammond Clark 34 MHS 47 Thornton Fractional .. 33 MHS 38 Hammond Noll .. 37 MHS 21 Hammond High 29 MHS 40 E. C. Roosevelt 36 MHS 44 31 MHS 37 Whiting 25 MHS 35 Hammond Tech 24 MHS 30 E. C. Roosevelt ... 29 MHS 42 Thornton Fractional 36 MHS 42 Hammond Tech ... . 23 MHS 47 Hammond Irving 39 MHS 35 Griffith 31 MHS 39 Gary Horace Mann 41 MHS 36 Hammond Clark 31 MHS 55 Hammond High 40 MHS 24 Hammond Noll 35 MHS 52 Gary Horace Mann 36 MHS 29 Hammond Irving 27 Mr. Stout, coach, and David Gasvoda and Don Wilson are shown with Mr. Clark viewing the Irving Tourney trophy which the freshman team won by defeating Griffith 35-31. 65 The Morton track team, which won the Hammond Outdoor Frosh-Soph. Meet, are shown above. Left to right, front row: J. Kimmel, J. Rumbut, J. Lambert, R. Baldin, J. Remesnik, G. Paquin, S. Greer. Back row: Coach H. Stout, W. Hartman, A. John- son, D. Kessler, D. Vezey, V. Guzek, P. Vukovich, B. Fraser, assistant Coach. MORTON THINLIES WIN HAMMOND MEET The Morton cinder stars captured two track meets during the and later in the season nipped Hammond High by an important past year. Our thinlies defeated Bishop Noll in a dual meet point 29-28 to take the Hammond Frosh-Soph Meet. Perhaps our team may be crowned the new king of the " cinders " this year, for all members of last year ' s squad, will be returning. This, along with the fact that we have picked up some new students, should qualify us as a definite threat in the Hammond Track Sectional. Gordon Paquin, who as a freshman tied for first in the high jump in the Ham- mond Sectional, is shown here in champ- ionship form. Gordon is also a fine broad jumper. He has cleared twenty feet sev- eral times. 66 Pictured at the right are Art Lind and Vernon Guzek, the only seniors on last year ' s cross country team. Vernon was selected by his teammates as the most valuable member of the team. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM SENT TO TOUGH HOBART INVITATIONAL Although Morton placed only thirteenth in the Hobart In- vitational Meet, Vernon Guzek brought home a new record for his squad. He set a new Morton two mile time record at 10:39, breaking the previous mark of 10:46 held by Gene Misel. Perhaps to most people thirteenth place sounds poor, but it must be remembered that our cross country team is made up primarily of sophomores. Our top hats are off to the cross country team for its hard work. Left to right, kneeling: V. Guzek, R. Yanek, J. Bell, J. Mihalic, L. McDonald, E. Johnson, D. Batsel. J. Dedelow, W. Hartgian. Standing: B. May and W. Walters, managers, P. Gaughan, J. Poulsen, A. Lind, R. Vezey, F. Chance, J. McDonough, J. Rumbut, T. Hmielewski, B. Clark, T. Miller, and Coach B. Fraser. 67 : • ' . 1 ..v ■: ’ - : $ SK ■ ; V ■ ' • . ■ Xvl, v v.M mil A conference with the principal isn ' t necessarily for disciplinary purposes. Anyone who has ever asked Mr. Clark for quid- ance on a school project knows he is always willing to listen and help if he can. Left to right: Beverly Baker. Aileen Doolen, Jack Gaughan, Mr. Clark. Jerry Lambert. Here we see the office staff busy working at some of their every- day jobs. We sometimes won- der how they can be so patient with us. Pictured left to right: Mrs. Betty Riley, standing; Mrs. Herbert Payne and Joyce Emer- son, seated. 70 M. AILEEN ALLMAN School Librarian Degrees: B. A. - Northwestern University; M. A. - Wisconsin University; B. L. S. - Chicago University. Faculty LEONOR ANDRADE Subjects: Spanish and English Sponsor: Spanish Club Degrees: B. A. - University of New Mexico; M. A. • University of Wisconsin. NORA BAKER Subject: Geography Degree: B. A. ■ Indiana Central College. LENA BONEBRAKE Subject: Jr. high classes and Algebra Degree: B. A. - Indiana State Teachers College. W. WINSTON BECKER Subjects: Speech and English Attendance Counselor Sponsor: Forensics Club Degrees: B. A. - Huntington College; M. Indiana University. S. THOMAS G. BRAEUER Subject: Instrumental Music (Assistant) Degrees: B. M. - Butler University; M. A. - Col- umbia University. LA VERNE A. BURNS Subject: Mechanical Drawing Degree: B. S. - Stout Institute, Wisconsin. OLIVE S. BYERS Subjects: U. S. History, U. S. and State Govern- ment and Sociology Degrees: B. A. - Indiana University; M. A. Indiana University. CHARLES B. CHIDESTER Subjects: General Math and Commercial Math Sponsor: Freshman Program Counselor Degrees: B. A. - Yale University; M. A. - Kent- ucky University. GLENN E. FLANSBURG Subjects: Algebra, Geometry and Senior Math Sponsor: Student Council, Sophomore Program Counselor and Faculty Athletic Manager Degree: B. S. - Northern Illinois State Teachers College. ARTHUR R. GIBSON Subjects: Biology and Sponsor: Cinema ordinator Degrees: B. S. - Monmouth Wisconsin University. General Science Club and Audio-Visual Co- College; Ph. M. - ROBERT FRASER Subject: Industrial Arts Coach: Varsity Cross Country and Varsity Bas- ketball Assistant Coach: Varsity Track Degrees: B. E. - Northern Illinois State Teachers College; M. A. - Iowa University. LAURA GIBSON School Nurse Degree: B. S. - Washington State University. JACK GEORGAS Subject: U. S. History Coach: Freshman Football Assistant Coach: Varsity Basketball Co-Sponsor: Hi-Y Degrees: B. S. - Indiana University; Indiana University. M. S. ROBERT E. GOLLNER Subjects: Geography and Physical Education Assistant Coach: Varsity Football Degree: B. S. - Butler University. ESTELLE GRESKOVICH Subjects: Bookkeeping. Business Law, Office Typing and Salesmanship Co-Sponsor: F. T. A. Degree: B. S. (Business Education), Indiana Un- 72 iversity. MARJORIE GROVES Subjects: Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry Sponsor: Senior Program Counselor Degrees: B. A. • Missouri University; M. A. - Chicago University. DONALD HARPER Subject: Biology Sponsor: Booster Club, Junior Program Counselor, Boys ' Counselor and Head of Guidance Pro- gram Degree: B. S. - Indiana University. DOROTHY JASPER Subjects: Shorthand, Typing and Stenography Degree: B. S. - (Business Education) Indiana Un- iversity. MABEL V. HUNTER Subjects: Composition V and American Litera- ture Sponsor: National Honor Society, Head of English Department Degree: B. A. - Nebraska State Teachers Col- lege. KATHRYN JOHNSON Subject: Junior High Classes Sponsor: Red Cross Degree: B. A. - Iowa State Teachers College. ANN JANKOVICH Subjects: Clerical Practice. General Business and Bookkeeping Co-Sponsor: Booster Club Degree: B. S. - (Business Education) Indiana Un- iversity. NORMA KELLY Subjects: Composition VIII, English and English Literature Sponsor: Press Club and School Publicity Degrees: B. A. - Iowa State University; M. A. Colorado University. GRAYDON LEY Subjects: Physics and Chemistry Sponsor: Science Club and Hi-Y Head of Science Department Degree: B. S. - Indiana State Teachers College. JEAN MARTINE Subject: Foods Sponsor: Y-Teens Degree: B. S. - Northwest Missouri State Teach- ers College. JOHN MELTON Subject: Instrumental Music Sponsor: Band and Orchestra Degrees: B. M. - Valparaiso University; M. M. Northwestern University. BARBARA J. MILLER Subject: Vocal Music Sponsor: Choir Degrees: B. S. - Indiana State Teachers College; M. S. - Indiana State Teachers College. JULIAN H. RASMUSSEN Subject: Biology Sponsor: Biology Club Degree: B. S. - Northwestern University JOY MILLER Subjects: Jr. High Gym Classes Sponsor: Freshman Physical Education Degree: B. S. - Ball State Teachers College. PHIL F. ROBASKA Subjects: Job and Trade Inlormation Sponsor: Attendance Counselor and Guidance Counselor Degrees: B. A. - Illinois State Normal University. M. A. - Northwestern University. WALTER P. RUFF Subjects: Latin and World History Degree: B. A. - University of Illinois. NORMA SANKOWSKI Subject: Clothing Degree: B. S. • Northeast Missouri State Teach ers College. EVELYN L. SCHURR Subject: Physical Education Sponsor: G. A. A. and Girls ' Counselor Degree: B. S. • University of Michigan. HOWARD E. STOUT Subjects: U. S. History and Health Safety Coach: Varsity Track and Freshman Basketball Degrees: B. S. • Ball State Teachers College: M. S. - Indiana University. ANTHONY P. WAURO Subject: Art Sponsor: Art Club and Annual Degrees: B. F. A. - Chicago Art Institute; M. F. A. • Chicago Art Institute. MARVIN WHEELER Subjects: Jr. High Classes Photographer lor Annual Co-Sponsor: Cinema Club Degree: B. A. - University of Alabama. MAY VIRDEN Subject: English Sponsor: Theater Guild Degree: B. A. - Cornell College. Margaret walker Subject: Jr. High English Sponsor: Future Teachers of America Degrees: B. A. - Ohio State University; M. A. - Northwestern University. LOUISE WILLIAMS Subject: Geography Degree: B. S. - Southeast Missouri State Teach- ers College. MAUREY ZLOTNIK Subject: Physical Education Coach: Varsity Football Sponsor: Head of Athletic Department Degree: B. S. - Indiana State Teachers College. Seniors The first senior class of Morton High School grew with the school, being the oldest class for three years. Many responsibilities were imposed upon the mem- bers of this class Their biggest job was to establish traditions for the school. Such traditions included: the Junior-Senior Prom, the school annual, the Senior play, having a winter formal, leaving something to the school, and having a governor and symbols to represent the school. To carry out their responsi- bilities, funds, facilities, and willing workers were needed. Thus, the members of the senior class joined together, under the supervision of their sponsors, to raise funds in every possible way. For two consecu- tive years gift ribbons were sold before Christmas. During the Student Council ' s annual magazine cam- paign, the class sold as many magazines as possible since part of the profits from the program were added to their treasury. School dances were another means through which the class raised money. Although raising funds and carrying out their responsibilities was a hard job, the senior class and their sponsors enjoyed working together. Both the hard work and the good times will always be remembered. The senior class officers meet to discuss the first winter for- mal. Left to right are Ronald Owen, Historian; Albert Iorio. President; Dean Sterlin. Treas- urer; Bev Baker, Parliamentar- ian; Marlene Sadewasser. Sec- retary; and Aileen Doolen. Vice- President. 76 MARGARET ANGELOS Clinic Helper 3,4 Office Helper 5,6 Monitor 5,6 Jr. Historical Society 7,8 Shorthand Speed Certificates 6,7 BEVERLY BAKER Theater Guild 1,2, 3,4 Jr. Honor Society 1, 2,3,4 (Secretary 4) Monitor 5,6 Sr. Honor Society 5, 6, 7,8 (Treasurer 7,8) G. A. A. 5,6 Booster Club 5, 6, 7, 8 (President 5, Vice-Pres. 6, Parliamentarian 8) Press Club 5,6 (Assistant Editor) BUNNIE BAKER Annual 7,8 (Editor) „ , Senior Class Parliamentarian 7,8 Office Helper 3 Clinic Helper 4 Annual 7,8 (Circulation Manager) Booster Club 5, 6, 7,8 Monitor 5,6 Choir 3,4 Shorthand Speed Certificates 6,7 PHYLLIS BEDWELL Monitor 5 Historical Club 5,6,7 Annual 7,8 (Typist) Shorthand Speed Certificates 6,7 Red Cross 3,4 GLENDA BENJAMIN Band 1-8 National Jr. Honor Society 1-4 National Honor Society 5-8 (President 6) Monitor 4 Future Teachers of America 5-8 (Treasurer 5,6; Vice-Pres. 7,8) Clinic Helper 4 Library Helper 6-8 Student Council 7-8 Orchestra 1-8 Jr. and Sr. Band Awards Most Valuable Member of Band and Orchestra Award BARBARA BROOKE National Jr. Honor Society 2-4 Band 1-8 Monitor 5 Future Teachers of America 7 (Secretary) Annual 7,8 (Typist) Flute Quartet 2, 4,6,8 Student Council 1 PATRICIA BROWN Roosevelt High, East Chicago: Monitor 3 Y-Teens 3 Morton: Monitor 7 Y-Teens 7 Art Club 7 PHILIP CLINE Theater Guild 1-3 (Treasurer and stage manager) Booster Club 7,8 Forensics 7 Physics-Chemistry Club 8 AILEEN DOOLEN Student Librarian 1-6 National Jr. Honor Society 2,3,4 National Honor Society 5-8 (Vice-Pres. 5,6) Monitor Lieutenant 5 Theater Guild 1 ,2,3 Future Teachers of America 5-8 D. A. R. Award Achievement Award 7 Queen ' s Attendant for Clean-up Campaign 4 JEANETTE EWERT Library Helper 2,3 Band 1-8 Orchestra 1-8 Jr. Sr. and Second Sr. Awards National Jr. Honor Society 2-5 Office Helper 3,4,6 Booster Club 7 Art Club 7,8 Annual 7,8 JERRY FOX Leyden H. S. Franklin Park: Football 1-3 Basketball 1-3 Baseball 1-3 Hammond High: Basketball 3,4 Track 3,4 Morton: Football 7,8 Basketball 7,8 Red Cross 5 Monitor 5-8 Most Valuable Player Award Football 7 Basketball Captain 7 Lettermen ' s Club 8 JACK GAUGHAN Boys ' Patrol 1,2 Science Club 1, 2.7,8 (President 1,2) National Jr. Honor Society 3,4 National Honor Society 5-8 Student Council 5-8 (President 7,8) Booster Club 5,6 Hi-Y 2-8 (Vice-President 5,6) Monitor 5-7 Press Club 5 Official Timer-Basketball 3-6 RONALD ENOKSEN Band 1-8 Orchestra 3-8 Cinema Club 1-3 Office Helper 1,2,4 Monitor 5-8 Boys’ Patrol 1,2 PAULA FORD Clinic Helper 1-3 Monitor 1-5 Jr. Historical Society 5-8 (Vice-Pres. 7: Treas. 8) Y-Teens 1-3 SHARON FRANKOV1CH Clinic Helper 1-4 Art Club 1,2 Library Helper 1-4 Y-Teens 8 GERALDINE GERMEK National Jr. Honor Society 1-4 National Honor Society 5-8 (Treasurer) Monitor 6,8 Science Club 1-4,8 (President 3-4) Press Club 4-6 (Editor 5,6) Future Teachers of America 6,8 Clinic 1,2,4, 5 Library 5,6 G. A. A. 1,2 Art C lub 1,2 Theater Guild 6,7 Red Cross 1.2 Girls ' Council 8 78 TED GUZEK Cross Country 1-4 Basketball 1-4 7,8 Track 1-4 7,8 Football 7 Most Valuable Player Award Basketball 3-4, 7-8 Assistant Coach 5,6 Lettermen ' s Club 8 Co-Captain Football VERNON GUZEK Basketball 1-8 Cross Country 1,3,7 Track 1-8 Assistant Gym Instructor 1-4 Football 5 Lettermen ' s Club 8 Most Valuable Cross Country Player Award 4,8 SHIRLEY HAMMERS Red Cross 1 Monitor 1-5 Student Council 2-6 Jr. Historical Society 5-8 (Treas. 7; Vice-Pres. 8) PAT HARRIGAN Band 3-8 Red Cross 2,3 (Treasurer) Girls ' Patrol 1-4 Monitor 6,7 Student Council 5,6 (Treas. 5; Vice-Pres. 6) Booster Club 7,8 (Treasurer) G. A. A. 7,8 Theater Guild 3-5 Future Teachers oi America 6 Office Helper 8 Queen for Clean-up Campaign 4 BONNIE HOLST Band 1-4 Monitor 8 Booster Club 8 Forensics 8 Orchestra 1-4 ALBERT IORIO Boys’ Patrol 1,2 Cinema Club 1-8 (President 3! A. V. A. 3-6 Hi-Y 2-8 (Vice-Pres. 3; Pres. 4) Student Council 1-8 (Vice-Pres. 3; Pres. 4,5) Inter-Com 7,8 Forensics 7,8 (President) Annual 7,8 (Feature Editor) Senior Class President 7,8 Achievement Award 4 Music 3 CHUCK ISAACSON Eveleth High: Eveleth, Minn.: Football 1 Driver ' s Training 1,2 Sheffield High, Sheffield, Ala.: Basketball 3,4 Morton: Student Council 6-8 Hi-Y 5,6 Annual 7,8 (Sporis Editor) DONNA JARNAGIN Band 1-8 Monitor 6,8 Jr. Historical Society 6,8 (Secretary 6,8) Girls ' Council 7 Booster Club 6-8 Orchestra 1-8 Girls ' Patrol 3-5 79 At this Senior class meeting the gift ribbons which the class sold were distributed. Left to right, around table: Dean Sterling, Bob Kolbert, Mr. Ruff, Mrs. Byers. Stand- in line, left to right: Jack Gaughan, Bill Vogel, Larry Poulsen, Ronafd Owen, Carol Knaver, Louise Shur- man, Donna Rosenberger. CAROL KNAVER Band 1-8 Press Club 1,2 Orchestra 1-4 National Jr. Honor Society 1-4 National Honor Society 5-8 (Vice-President 7,8) Monitor 5,6 Booster Club 5-8 Secretary of Band 7,8 ROBERT KOLBERT Football 3-6 Basketball 1-6 Track 1-6 Cross Country 1-2 Monitor 5-8 Office Helper 7 Annual 7,8 (Salesman) MARGARET KRUPA Monitor 5 A. V. A. 1-4 Booster Club 5-8 Office Helper 7 Theater Guild 5,6 Annual 7,8 (Salesman) Library 1,2 ART LIND Washington High, East Chicago: Morton: Monitor 5,6 Basketball 5-8 Track 5,6 Cross Country 7 80 JANICE LOHSE Band 1-8 National Jr. Honor Society 1-4 (Vice-President 3,4) National Honor Society 5-8 Office Helper 6 Clinic Helper 5 Student Council 1-6 (Secretary; President 6) Future Teachers of America 5-8 (Vice-Pres. 5,6; Pres. 7,8) Annual (Index Editor) Sax Sextet 2,4,6 Sax Quartet 8 Girls ' State Representative DONNA McKERN Wirt High, Miller: Mixed Chorus 1,2 Vermilion High, Ohio: Glee Club 3-6 Mixed Chorus 3-6 Dramatic Club 3-6 Junior Class Play 6 G. A. A. 3-6 Student Council 6 Morton: Art Club 7-8 MARY MAKO Orchestra 1-8 Choir 1-3 Theater Guild 5-8 National Jr. Honor Society 2-4 ■ National Honor Society 5-8 Clinic Helper 1-2, 4-5, 7 Press Club 2-8 (Editor-in-Chief 7-8) Science Club 4 Art Club 4 Annual Staff 7,8 (Business Manager) Future Teachers of America 5-8 G. A. A. 1,2 MARY MONYOK Art Club 1 Clinic Helper 3-5 Monitor 5 Jr. Historical Society 5-8 Booster Club 8 Annual 7,8 (Art Editor) Queen for the Victory Varsity Hop 4 How fortunate the have such kind sponsors. Mr. Ruff here checking the ribbon sale. senior class was to and understanding and Mrs. Byers are profits made on the 81 JOHN NAGY Band 1-8 Red Cross 1,2 Cinema Club 7 Monitor 7 ERNESTINE OPOCENSKI Clinic Helper 1 Band 1-8 Red Cross 7-8 Biology, Physics, Chemistry Jr. Assistant 3-8 Science Club 7,8 (Secretary) RONALD OWEN Football 1,2, 5, 6 Football Manager 7 Monitor 5-8 Boys ' Patrol 1,2 Cinema Club 1,2 Gym Instructor 3-6 Track 7,8 Basketball 1-4 Theater Guild 7 Senior Class Historian Lettermen ' s Club 8 ARLENE POKORSKI Girls ' Patrol 4-8 Jr, Historical Society 7,8 Monitor 4,6 Booster Club 4 Y-Teens 4 Student Council 2,3 Book Store 7 COLLEEN POPYK Art Club 1,2 G. A. A. 1,2 Y-Teen 3,4 Monitor 5,6 Band 4-8 Jr. Historical Society 7,8 MARIELLA POSEY Annual 7,8 (Typist) Booster Club 8 G. A. A. 1-6 Press Club 4 Monitor 5 Science Club 5 Library 4,5 National Jr. Honor Society 14 Booster Club 5-8 Art Club 8 Spanish Club 6 Music 6 LARRY POULSON Office Helper 5,6 Football 3-8 Track 3-8 Most Valuable Player Award Football 5 Co-Captain - Football 7 Lettermen ' s Club 8 PAULINE REED Choir 1,2 G. A. A. 1,2 Future Teachers of America 5-7 Y-Teens 3,4 Art Club 6 Theater Guild 7,8 82 JOHN REMESNIK Morton: Football 1-4 Track 1-4 Tech: 5.6 Morton: Booster Club 7,8 (Vice-President 8) DAVID RITTER Band 1-8 Orchestra 1-8 Forensics 6-8 Monitor 6-8 Student Council 6-8 Jr. and Sr. Band Awards DONNA ROSENBERGER National Jr. Honor Society 1-4 National Honor Society 5-8 (Secretary 6,7) Theater Guild 1-8 (Sec. 2,3; Pres. 4-6) Booster Club 3,4 Monitor 6,7 Music 2-4 MARLENE SADEWASSER Band 1-8 Sax Sextet 1-6 Sax Quartet 7,8 Orchestra 3-8 National Jr. Honor Society 1-4 (President 3,4) National Honor Society 5-8 (Program Chairman 7,8) Monitor Lieutenant 5 Booster Club 7 Senior Class Secretary Future Teachers of America 5-8 (President 5,6) Jr. Secretary to Mr. Gibson 6 Annual 7,8 (Second Ass ' t Editor) Shorthand Speed Awards 6-8 ARDEN SMITH Theater Guild 1,2 Clinic Helper 3-5 Y-Teens 3-7 (President 3-7) Historical Club 5-7 (Vice-Pres. 5; Sec. 6; Pres. 7) Annual 7,8 (Typist) JoANNE RUTHIE Lew Wallace, Gary: Biology Club 1,2 Morton: Choir 2-4 Booster Club 5-7 (Parliamentarian) G. A. A. 6 Student Council 5-7 Monitor 5-7 Annual 7,8 (Typist) Girls ' Council 7,8 Jr. Secretary for Miss Groves 6 Queen ' s Attendant for Clean-up Campaign 4 LOUISE SHURMAN Student Council 1 National Jr. Honor Society 1-4 Girls ' Patrol 1,2 Theater Guild 1,2 Office Helper 3 Clinic Helper 4-6 Red Cross 3-8 (Pres. Morton Coun- cil 5,6; Sec. of City Council 5,6; Pres, of City Council 7,8) Cinema Club 3-8 (Vice-Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Recorder 5-8) A. V. A. 5-8 (Assistant) Spanish Club 6-8 (Vice-President 6) Annual 7,8 (Class Editor) Inter-Com 7 National Honor Society 5-8 (Treas. 5,6; Sec. 7,8) Achievement Award 5 J. R. C. representative to Miami U. Oxford, Ohio BETTY SMITH Theater Guild 1,2 National Jr. Honor Society 1-4 National Honor Society 5-8 Clinic Helper 3-5 Monitor 5-6 Y-Teens 3-7 (Secretary 3,4) Jr. Historical Societv 5-8 (Secretary 5,6) Annual 7,8 (Bookkeeper) Booster Club 8 83 JACQUELINE STARK Hyde Park, Illinois: G. A. A. 1-7 Library 7 Conservation Club 7 Morton: Choir 8 DEAN STERLING Football 5-7 Basketball 4,5 Track 3-8 Theater Guild 1-8 Monitor 5-7 Annual 7,8 (Salesman, Advertising Mgr.) Student Council 5 (Treasurer) Senior Class Treasurer BARBARA STEVENSON Band 1-8 Monitor 5,6 Orchestra 3-8 Sax Sextet 1-6 Sax Quartet 7,8 Y-Teens 6-8 CAROLE SWINT Band 3,4 Monitor 5-8 Press Club 5,6 Booster Club 5,6 Y-Teens 3,4 Red Cross 1 ,2 Jr. Historical Society 7,8 Choir 1,2 BARBARA TROST Clinic 3,4 Monitor 5-8 Girls ' Patrol 1,2 Choir 1-4 Student Council 5-8 Forensics 7,8 G. A. A. 3,4 Music 3,4 (Secretary) WILHELM VOGEL Marinette High, Wisconsin: Football 1,2 Washington High, East Chicago: Monitor 3,4 WILLIAM WALTERS Booster Club 5-8 (President 6) Athletic Manager Press Club (Sports Editor) 3-6 Red Cross 2 Theater Guild 4,5 (Treasurer 5) Student Council 1-2,6 Hammond Times Sports Correspondence Gary Post Tribune Sports Correspondence Spanish Club 6 (President) National Honor Society 5-8 (President 7,8) SUE WASMUND Jr- Honor Society 1-4 Band j.g Monitor 7 National Honor Society 7,8 Monitor Lieutenant 6-8 Booster Club 7,8 G. A. A. 7 Jr. and Sr. Band Awards Clarinet Quartet 5-8 84 LARRY JOHNSON (not pictured) Red Cross 7,8 Music 7,8 Choir 7,8 JO SHEARER (not pictured) Rulus King, Milwaukee: Annual Service 1-4 (Sports Editor 3,4) Morton: Art-Club 5-8 Booster Club 7,8 These nice people are sitting in the Garden of Paradise, which was a part of the decorations for the " Sweetheart ' s Sere- nade " . Left to right: Mr. and Mrs. Sadewasser, Miss Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Harrigan, Mrs. Byers, Mr. and Mrs. Ruff. These seniors are working on decorations for the Sweetheart ' s Serenade, the winter semi-for- mal, which the class gave. Naturally, the an- nual room became the headguarters for these preparations, as it did for all class projects. Left to right: Donna Jarnagin, Albert Iorio, Carol Knaver, Chuck Isaacson. ALICE WILLIAMS Band 1-8 Monitor 5,6 Booster Club 7,8 Art Club 8 Science Club 1 Clinic Helper 4,5 Jr. and Sr. Band Awards Clarinet Quartet 5-8 185 The junior class officers don ' t seem to mind having responsibilities. Pictured left to right are Roberta Lutes, Secretary; Pete Vukovich, President; John McDonough, Vice- President. Juniors The junior class has been busy raising money to cover their expenses for this year and their senior year. Dances have been their chief means for raising the money. The biggest activity for the junior class this year is the Junior-Senior Prom. Sally Addlesberger Shirley Ahlborn Alice Aldrin Harry Alexander 86 John Anderson Tom Anderson JoAnne Arthur Pat Balser Tommy Bander Barbara Bathurst Barbara Bedene Mary Joy Bindas Jeannette Blair Marcia Bocken Class sponsors have many responsibilities, especially if their class is a group of juniors or seniors. The junior class sponsors pictured below have done a fine job in getting the juniors started in their necessary activities. Left to right are Mrs. Jankovich, Miss Andrade, Miss Jasper, and Mrs. Greskovich. Nancy Byers Donald Carlson Frank Chance Fred Comer Donna Corman Don Cornwell Juanita Cunningham Duane Dedelow Darlene Dittrich Mary Dixon Bernard Dowling Bill Dowling Paul Edwards Pat Eppl Jerry Evans Howard Farver Terry Fisher Shari Fleming James Foraker Yvonne Frederikser 88 Lewis Frigyes Donald Ganchiff Wayne Gardner Russell Gearman Nancy Giotte Arvin Haines Valerie Harle Florence Hartman Walter Hartman Jack Hayden Jean Helgeson Janet Hesterman Diane Hipp John Holland Dolores Hopkins Ronald Hrebenyak Leah Rae Hyslop A1 Johnson Sam Karras Richard Kessler 89 Don Kirkland Ronald Koch Anne Konyu Jerry Lambert Jack Larkin Rosemary Littel Howard Long Roberta Lutes Patsy Mack Janice Magan Patricia Mako Dixie Martz Bill May John McDonough Elizabeth McKenney Alice McKern Donna McKinley Helen Medvecz Don Merchant Harry Miles Nyla Miller Thomas Miller Jim Mills Barbara Minchik Eddie Neal Robert Pearson Elsie Peterson Barbara Polgar Helen Popyk Marvin Porter 90 Jim Poulsen Diane Powell Joe Ratkay John Rumbut Judy Russell Marvin Sadewasser Eileen Sampias Richard Shimming Duane Sebahar Richard Shegich Robert Simmers Bonnie Sinsabaugh Doree Smith Norma Snyder Tom Stafford Ross Steel Jerry Dean Stimac Donna Struhs Charles Suto Jacqueline Szura Ronald Topp Roland Unkuri Steve Vermajan Marie Viou Peter Vukovich Bob Weis Janet Wilking Suzanne Young Terry Zaiko Bill Zybell 91 Darlene Burr, Secretary ol the sophomore class takes down the decisions of the officers as they discuss their problems. The three boys around the table are. from left to right: Bob Strysinski. President; Paul Puglise, Treasurer; and David Kralik. Vice President Sophomores Janet Adelsperger Carl Ahrens Christine Anderson Winifred Anderson Gloria Asam 92 . Linda Baker Lucy Baker Mardell Baker Joyce Baldwin Patricia Baldwin Richard Baldin Dan Balog Joan Baut Jim Beckett Lyla Behling As a class grows more sponsors are assigned to guide the students. The sponsors of the sopho- mores are pictured below. Standing are Mr. Georgas, Mr. Ley, Mr. Stout and Mrs. Sankowski. Seated are Miss Hunter and Mrs. Baker. Not pictured Mr. Rasmussen. 93 Donna Benjamin Robert Berg Lester Bergner Kenneth Bern John Berta Thomas Black Dave Bloom Kenny Boardman Ellen Bolen Ed Bowers John Brooke Ona Rae Bunger Patricia Burkhart Darlene Burr Clea Capuzzi Elaine Ceglian Mary Chancellor Bill Chick Bob Clark Nancy Cole Alice Collins George Companiott Dennis Conroy Mary Ellen Cornwell Juanita Cotner Jim Chriswell Joan Dakin Roger Detterline Raymond Dikun George Doolen 94 Carol Drangmeister Sandra Duncker Dale Dunstan Patricia Evans Barbara Foraker Terry Fowler Dorothy Gajda Ronald Galosich Pat Gaughan George Germek Donald George Jerry Gillespie Andy Givers Eileen Gomez Doris Gray Spencer Greer Parker Hand Donald Harle Jim Hatos Jeanne Hetterscheidt Danny Hill Pat Hill John Hodgson Jim Hofiman Pat Holly Betsy Ann Hooker Ted Hmielewski Marilyn Iliff Louis lorio John Ingram 95 Ruth Ann Jenkins Edward Johnson Sarah Ann Johnson Gerald Kantor Martha Kasarda Jo Anne Kauzlarich Robert Keefer Camilla Kennell Jay Kimmel Eugene Kirk Phyllis Klien Bob Kliza Charlotte Kmetz David Kralik Ted Krejci Phyllis La Salle Ronnie Lenz Carol Lindberg Judy Littel Bill Lohmeyer Beverly Luchene Sharon Luchene Lynda Lundgren Robert Lutes Larry Mac Donald Ernest Malatinka Jo Ann Manushaw Jerry Marlow Tom Mathews Dale May 96 ♦ Janet McBroom Robert Medwetz Nancee Meyer Robert Mikhel Carol Jo Miller Robin Mills Mary Lynn Mirzalli Wayne Mize Sandra Morris Clarence Murdock Ted Musser Raymond Narug Clifford Neal Jack Nelson Donna Nemeth Nancy Nemeth A1 Nowak Myrna Olson Walter Opasik Ronald Opinker Gorden Pacquin Pat Parchem Barbara Parsons Carol Peters Bob Petrovich Betty Pollard Betty Pribble Paul Puglise Kenneth Raduski Allan Robertson 97 Evelyn Ann Rolfe Betty Russell Jean Rygiel Wanda Sams Bob Scartozzi Lenore Schmid Albert Schweighardt Gerald Schimming Sylvia Shondel Nancy Shutts Bill Simpson Viedre Sitnick Peggy Smith Ronald Smith William Smith Marie Snyder Bill Speelman Charles Spillers Rosemary St. Clair Jim Stewart Barbara Stricklin Robert Stryzinski Judy Szekely Dorothy Szura Betty Taggart Jim Trull Michael Ventrella Richard Vezey Beulah Wayne Richard Wehr 98 John White Michael White Leonna Wiggins Pat Williams Shirlee Wilson David Wimmer Pat Witwer Thomas Yonker lane Zimmerman Barbara Zinn Here we see the sophomores discussing their problems at a class meeting. Of course, the entire class is not pictured. I wonder what the freshman class officers are talking about. They look so serious that perhaps they are discussing their future at Morton. Left to right: Peggy Falusi, Vice-President; Tony De Rosa, President; Alice Hopman, Secretary; and Jerry Arcella, Treasurer. Freshmen 100 Frank Alexander Alex Anderson Andy Anton Bill Arnold Robert Artim Ramona Baine Dorothy Balka Ronald Balta George Baltes Don Barker Kathy Barno Carol Barr Donald Batsel Sheila Beck Larry Bedene Jerry Bell Phyllis Bence Wendell Blanchard James Bobowski Beverly Boesch Roland Balcerak The freshman class spon- sors are shown studying together on class projects. Standing, left to right: Miss Virden. Mr. Golner. Mr. Chidester, Mrs. Kel- ly; seated: Miss Davis. 101 Bill Bovala Gale Bradford Sara Bradley Dale Branson Ann Brant Sharon Brant John Breger Donald Brimer Shirley Brockus Edward Bromels Leonard Broski Carol Brown Charles Brown Katherine Brumfield Larry Buckmaster Benjamin Burke Patricia Butler Joe Byers Barbara Chalmers Danny Clark Lorna Clark George Conger Jane Crum Maureen Curtis Patricia Czarneck Karen Daniel James Dedelow William Deering Tony DeRosa Beverly Detvay 102 Walter Dittrich Barbara Dorrance Jack Downing Donna Dragmeister Shirley Dumler Norma Edwards Lea Evans Peggy Falusi Betty Feldt John Ferris Lynne Fitzwater Richard Fleming Alexandra Gardner Ralph Gardner Yvonne Gardner Carrol Garza Bob Gasaway Pat Gasaway David Gasvoda Robert Gaydos Dan George Jeanette Gheaja Otto Gibson Bernard Goetzinger Barbara Goodson Gerald Gordon Walter Guzek Carol Halbrook Patricia Halsen George Hand 103 Dixie Harrell Terry Hayden Bob Henry Andy Heresz Dave Herring Sandra Hill Dick Hmielewski Alice Hopman Richard Jarnagin Fred Jazyk Leon Jenkins Janet Jeppeson Robert Jeppeson Gloria Kalena Carolyn Kantor Patty Keefer Ray Kempe Marjorie Kerrick Marcia Kilerski James Kiley John Kirkland Ricky Kirkland Larry Kitchell Judy Klen Carol Knopf Michael Koss Mary Ann Kozubal Betty Krupa Carol Krupa Patricia Kukta 104 Peter La Salle Emil Laviolette Wayne Lazar Phillip Lohse Sue Losh Bill Magan Ernest Magan Maria Makela Gloria Marek Barbara Marquiss Diane Martinich Ruth Matthies Peggy Mauger Pat Maxwell Barbara McCarty Nancy McCooe Carl Melton Donald Mentzer Roger Mierzwa John Mihalic Margot Miles Richard Mings Warren Mueller Rosalie Murdock Glenda Nallinger Beverly Neal Joyce Neal Gloria Nemcek Robert Oberle Donald Oglesby 105 Lorretta Olson Lottie Opolski Thomas Planer Patsy Pollard Joyce Poulsen Allan Quigley James Race Joan Ray James Richter Don Ritchey Mary Rivich Karen Rosanswank Jean Rosek Judith Rubense Gary Ruhs Deone Sadewasser Carol Sarina August Schischka Bob Scholler Glenn Schram Janice Searls Richard Shawver Barbara Shay Sandra Shearer Bruce Sheline Diane Simmons Linda Smith Katherine Snyder Rose Snyder Jack Sorbello 106 Shirley Spudic Sally Stahl Phyllis Strain Donald Stryzinski Bob Stuhlmacher Shirley Tanner Charles Tarr George Tobias Kenneth Topp Sharon Trout Dave Vahorvich Carlos Vargas Marge Vermajan Donald Voros Dorothy Waddle Jack Ward Claudia Warkentien Jenny Weatherford Pat White Tom White Glen Williams Nancy Williams Don Wilson Lorraine Wisniewski Bill Wollin Faith Worman Richard Yanek James Yonker Marilyn Zawadzki John Zgunda 107 INDEX Addlesberger, Sally — 86 Adelsperge r, Janet — 15, 43, 52, 92 Ahlborn, Shirley — 23, 42, 46, 86 Ahrens, Carl — 92 Aldrin, Alice — 10. 17, 33, 35, 38. 43. 49, 86 Alexander, Frank — 100 Alexander, Harry — 40, 49, 86 Anderson, Alex — 40, 100 Anderson, Christine — 30, 43, 52, 92 Anderson, John — 56, 58, 60, 87 Anderson, Tom — 20, 30, 35, 36, 87 Anderson, Winiired — 43, 52, 92 Angelos, Margaret, Sr. — 77 Anton, Andy — 100 Arcella, Frank — 59 Arnold, William — 100 Arthur, Jo Ann — 14, 43, 52, 87 Artim, Robert — 36, 100 Asam, Gloria — 23, 44, 49, 51, 92 Babitz, Jerome — 45 Baine, Ramona — 100 Baker, Beverly, Sr. — 2, 10, 18, 24, 25, 34, 35, 43, 76, 77 Baker, Bunnie, Sr. — 8, 34, 43, 77 Baker, Linda — 43, 52, 93 Baker, Lucy — 30, 52, 93 Baker, Mardell — 31, 32, 43, 52, 93 Balcerak, Roland — 101 Baldin, Richard — 66, 93 Baldwin, Joyce — 17, 33, 39, 93 Baldwin, Pat — 93 Balka, Dorothy — 15, 39, 101 Balog, Dan — 45, 93 Balser, Pat — 43, 46, 49, 87 Balta, Ronald — 59, 65, 101 Baltes, George — 43, 101 Bander, Tom — 30, 31, 32, 35, 40, 47, 87 Barker, Don — 101 Barno, Kathleen — 44, 49, 52, 101 Barr, Carol — 101 Bathurst, Barbara — 14, 35, 41, 87 Batsel, Donald — 67, 101 Baut, Joan — 49, 93 Beck, Sheila — 43, 49, 52, 101 Becket, James — 30. 93 Bedene, Barbara — 23, 43, 46, 52, 87 Bedene, Larry — 101 Bedwell, Phyllis, Sr. — 34, 37, 77 Behling, Lyla — 43, 52, 93 Bell, Jerry — 67, 101 Bence, Phyllis — 101 Benjamin, Donna — 30, 48, 94 Benjamin, Glenda, Sr. — 8, 10, 18, 25, 30, ' 31, 32, 35, 36, 77 Berg, Robert — 31, 94 Bergner, Lester — 94 Bern, Kenneth — 36, 48, 94 Berta, John — 43, 94 Bindas, Mary Joy — 10, 17, 33, 35, 38, 42. 46, 49. 87 Black, Sherman — Black, Tom — 33, 34, 39, 94 Blair, Jeannette — 87 Blanchard, Wendell — 59, 65, 101 Bloom, Dave — 36, 48, 94 Boardman, Kenneth — 94 Bobowski, James — 59, 101 Bocken, Marcia — 87 Boesch, Beverly — 43, 52, 101 Bolen, Ellen — 43, 52, 94 Bovala, William — 102 Bowers, Edgar — 31, 40, 94 Bradford, Gale — 43, 52, 102 Bradley, Sara — 102 Branson, Dale — 65, 102 Brant, Ann — 15, 102 Brant, Sharon — 36, 102 Breger, John — - 102 Brimer, Donald — 59, 102 Brockus, Shirley — 102 Bromels, Edward — 40, 102 Brooke, Barbara, Sr. — 6, 30, 34, 77 Brooke, John — 31, 94 Broski, Lenard — 102 Brown, Carol — 42, 102 Brown, Charles — 31, 102 Brown, Pat, Sr. — 77 Brumfield, Kathrine — - 50, 102 Buckmaster, Larry — 59, 102 Bunger, Ona — 32, 43, 52, 94 Burke, Bennie — 21, 102 Burkhart, Pat — 42, 46, 94 Burr, Darlene — 92, 94 Butler, Patricia — 102 Byers. Joe — 102 Byers, Nancy — 36, 88 Capuzzi, Clea — 43, 50, 94 Carlson, Donald — 88 Ceglian, Elaine — 47, 44, 52, 94 Chalmers, Barbara — 50, 102 Chance, Frank — 7, 60, 67, 88 Chancellor, Mary — 37, 49, 94 Chick, William — 94 Clark, Dan — 45, 102 Clark, Lorna — 30, 32, 102 Clark, Robert — 64, 67, 94 Cline, Phillip. Sr. — 11, 43, 47, 77 Cole, Nancy - — 49, 94 Collins, Alice — 94 Comer, Fred — 49, 88 Companiott, George — 94 Conger, George — 59, 65, 102 Conroy, Dennis — 49, 94 Corman, Donna — 43, 52, 53, 88 Cornwell, Don — 17, 33, 40, 88 Cornwell, Mary Ellen — 17, 33, 48, 94 Cotner, Juanita — 33, 94 Criswell, James — 30, 43, 94 Crum, Ellen — 102 Cunningham, Juanita — 14. 44, 46, 49, 52, 88 Curtis, Maureen — 43, 102 Czarnecki, Patricia — 102 Dakin, Joan — 42, 94 Daniel, Karen — 31, 43, 52, 102 Dedelow, Duane — 10, 40, 88 Dedelow, James — 65, 67, 102 Deering, William — 102 De Rolf, Dorothy — 10, 46 De Rosa, Tony — 59, 102, 165 Detterline, Roger — 94 Detvay, Beverly — 43, 52. 103 Dikun, Raymond — 56, 64, 94 Dittrich, Darlene — 35, 43, 46, 49, 52, 88 Dittrich, Walter — 59, 103 Dixon, Mary — 10, 15, 17, 33, 42, 46, 70, 88 Doolen, Aileen, Sr. — 10, 18, 24, 25, 28, 34, 35, 38, 76, 78 Doolen, George — 31, 40, 47, 94 Dorrance,. Barbara — 50, 103 Dowling, Bernard — 88 Dowling, William — 88 Downing, Jack — 59, 103 Drangmeister, Carol — 95 Drangmeister, Donna — 103 Dumler, Shirley — 43, 52, 102 Duncker, Sandra — 36, 47. 95 Dunstan, Dale — 30, 45, 95 Edwards, Norma — 50, 45, 103 Edwards, Paul — 7, 50, 88 Enoksen, Ronald, Sr. — 11, 31, 78 Eppl, Pat — 42, 88 Evans, Jerry — 31, 35, 40, 47, 49, 88 Evans, Lea - 17. 33, 42, 43, 52, 103 Evans, Patricia — 33, 39, 43, 95 Ewert, Jeanette, Sr. — 31, 32, 34, 43, 50, 78 Falusi, Peggy — 14, 36, 52, 103 Farver, Howard — 88 Feldt, Betty — 30. 44, 52. 103 Ferris, John — 21, 103 Fisher, Terry — 10. 40, 49, 88 Fitzgerald, Pat — 31 Fitzwater, Lynn — 25, 43. 103 Fleming. Richard — 7, 45, 103 Fleming, Shari — 15, 43, 46, 52, 88 Foraker, Barbara — 15, 43, 52, 95 Foraker, James — 17, 33, 88 Ford, Paula, Sr. — 6, 37, 78 Fowler, Terry — 95 Fax, Jerry, Sr. — 7, 8, 11, 13, 19, 24, 56, 58, 60, 61, 63, 78 Frankovich, Sharon, Sr. — 42, 78 Frederiksen, Yvonne — 88 Frigyes, Lewis — 10, 35, 40, 49, 89 Gajda, Dorothy — 95 Galosich, Ronald — 56, 95 Ganchiff, Donald — 40, 49, 89 Gardner, Alexandra — 43, 52, 103 Gardner, Ralph — 103 Gardner, Wayne — 45, 88 G«rdner, Yvonne — 43, 52, 103 Garza, Carroll — 103 Gasaway, Bob — 103 Gasaway, Patricia — 103 Gasvoda, David — 59, 65, 103 Gaughan, Jack, Sr. — 7, 8, 10, 19, 24, 26, 36, 78, 80 Gaughan, Pat — 7, 64, 67, 95 Gaydos, Robert — 36, 37, 103 Gearman, Russell — 56, 66 George, Dan — 31, 45, 103 George. Donald — 95 Germek, George — 14, 40, 56, 64, 95 Germek, Geraldine, Sr. — 14, 35, 47, 49, 78 Gheaja, Jeannette — 103 Gibson, Otto — 103 Gillespie, Jerry — 95 Giotte, Nancy — 36, 89 Givers, Andy — 43, 95 Goetzinger, Bernard — 31, 103 Gomez, Eileen — - 95 Goodson, Barbara — 37, 103 Gordon, Gerald — 7, 45, 103 Gray, Doris — 30, 43, 52, 95 Greer, Spencer — 64, 66, 95 Guzek, Ted, Sr. — 7, 11, 18, 56. 58, 60, 61. 62. 79 Guzek Vernon, Sr. — 7, 11, 19, 60, 61, 66, 67, 79 Guzek, Walter — 24, 25, 40, 103 Haines, Arvin — 31, 47, 89 108 Holbrook. Carol — 103 Halsen, Palsy — 103 Hammers, Shirley, Sr. — 6. 37, 79 Hand, George — 30, 103 Hand. Parker — 30. 95 Harle, Donald — 39, 95 Harle, Valerie — 39, 43, 46, 49, 53, 89 Harrell, Dixie — 104 Harrigan, Margaret, Sr. — 24, 25, 30, 43, 52. 79 Hartman, Florence — 15, 23, 41, 51, 89 Hartman, Walter — 60, 66, 67, 89 Hatos, Jim — 30, 43, 95 Hayden, Jack — 30, 89 Hayden, Terry — 59, 104 Helgeson, Jean — 15, 32, 36. 37, 89 Henry, Bob — 14, 104 Heresz, Andy — 104 Herring. David — 37, 104 Hesterman, Janet — 43, 46, 49, 89 Hettersheidt, Evelyn — 95 Hill, Dan — 48, 56, 95 Hill, Pat — 30, 43, 52, 95 Hill, Sandra — 37, 104 Hipp, Diane — 36, 42, 89 Hmielewski, Dick — 65, 104 Hmielewski, Ted — 7, 60, 67, 95 Hodgson, John — 56, 95 Hoffman, James — 40. 95 Holland, John — 45, 89 Holly, Patricia — 44, 95 Holst, Bonnie, Sr. — 49, 79 Hooker, Betsy — 30, 95 Hopkins, Dolores — 10, 15, 43, 51, 52, 89 Hopman, Alice — 30, 43, 52, 104 Houchens, Albert — 59 Hrebenyak, Ronald — 45, 89 Hyslop, Leah Rae — 14, 43, 51, 52, 89 Iliff, Marilyn — 10, 43, 46, 52, 95 Ingram, John — 95 Iorio, Albert, Sr. — 2. 7, 8, . 10, 24, 25, 34, 36, 45, 48, 76, 79 Iorio, Louis — 23, 34, 40, 49, 51, 95 Isaacson, Charles. Sr. — 10, 24, 25, 34, 36, 79 Jarnagin, Donna, Sr. — 8, 24, 31. 32, 37, 43, 79 Jarnagin, Richard — 37, 104 Jazyk, Fred — 104 Jenkins, Leon — 104 Jenkins, Ruth — 43, 96 Jeppeson, Janet — 36, 38, 104 Jeppeson, Robert — 104 Johnson, Alan — 56, 66, 89 Johnson, Edward — 21, 67, 96 Johnson, Lawrence — 17, 44 Johnson, Sarah — 43. 96 Kalena, Gloria — 43, 104 Kantor, Carolyn — - 43, 52, 104 Kantor, Gerald — 56, 64, 96 Karras, Sam — 44, 89 Kasarda, Martha — 96 Kauzlarich, Jo Anne — 35, 43, 52, 96 Keefer, Patricia — 33, 43, 104 Keefer, Robert — 43, 96 Kempe, Ray — 104 Kennell, Camilla — - 39, 43, 96 Kerrick, Marjorie — 43, 104 Kessler, Richard — 56, 60, 66, 89 Kilerski, Marica — 104 Kiley, Jerry — 104 Kimmel, Jay — 56, 64, 66, 96 Kirk, Eugene — 36, 96 Kirkland, Donald — 15, 30, 40, 90 Kirkland. Fred — - 31, 104 Kirkland , John — 104 Kitchell, Lawrence — 40, 104 Klein, Phyllis — 43, 96 Klen, Judith — 43, 104 Kliza. Robert — 96 Kmetz, Charlotte — 15, 42, 52, 96 Knaver, Carol. Sr. — 2, 3, 31, 34, 35, 43, 80 Knopf, Carol — 30, 104 Koch, Ronald — 90 Kolbert, Robert, Sr. — 11, 34, 80 Konyu, Anne — 17, 33, 43, 46, 52, 90 Kors, Michael — 104 Kozubal, Mary — 43, 52, 104 Kralik, David — 56, 64, 92, 96 Krejci, Ted — 36, 96 Krupa, Betty — 23, 51, 104 Krupa, Carol — 38, 43, 104 Krupa, Margaret, Sr. — 43. 80 Kukta, Patricia — 104 Lambert, Jerry — 7, 56, 60, 63, 66, 90 Larkin, Jack — 30, 90 La Salle, Peter — 105 La Salle, Phyllis 43, 96 Laviolette, Emil — 105 Lazar, John — 59, 65, 105 Lenz, Ronald — 39, 96 Lind, Arthur, Sr. — 8, 11. 24 , 60, 61, 67, 80 Lindberg, Carol — 39, 43, 96 Littel, Judy — 43, 96 Littel, Rosemary — 14, 43, 49, 52, 90 Lohmeyer, Bill — 96 Lohse, Janice, Sr. — 8, 31, 35, 38, 81 Lohse, Phillip — 40, 105 Long, Howard — 20, 40, 90 Losh, Sue — 31, 42, 43, 52, 105 Luchene. Beverly — 96 Luchene, Sharon — 36, 52, 96 Lundgren, Lynda — 43, 96 Lutes. Robert — 48, 96 Lutes, Roberta — 49, 52, 86, 90 MacDonald, Larry — 64, 67, 96 Mack, Patricia — 43, 49, 53, 90 Magan, Bill — 37, 59, 105 Magan, Ernest — 105 Magan, Janice — 15, 20, 43, 52, 90 Makela. Maria — 17. 33, 38, 43, 105 Mako, Mary, Sr. — 8, 10, 14, 15. 32, 34, 35, 39, 41, 81 Mako, Pat — 10, 14, 32, 41, 90 Malatinka, Ernest — 96 Manushaw, Joann — 43, 49, 96 Marek, Gloria — 37, 105 Marlow. Jerry — 96 Marquiss, Barbara — 43, 105 Martinich, Diana — 43, 52, 105 Martz, Dixie — 17, 33, 42, 90 Mathews. Tom — 56, 96 Mauger, Peggy — 105 Maxwell. Pat — 105 May, Bill — 15, 24, 25, 56, 67, 96 May. Dale — 48, 56, 96 McBroom, Janet — 43, 49, 97 McCarty, Barbara — 39, 43, 105 McCooe, Nancy — 52, 105 McDonough, John — 60, 67, 86, 90 McKenney, Elizabeth — 24, 25. 30, 43, 90 McKern, Alice — 90 McKern, Donna, Sr. — 8, 23, 81 McKinley, Donna — 43, 49, 90 Medvecz, Helen — 43, 90 Medwetz, Robert — 97 Melton, Carl — 30, 32, 105 Mentzer, Donald — 45, 105 Merchant, Donald — 45, 90 Meyer, Nance — 43, 97 Mierzwa, Roger — 45, 50, 105 Mihalic, John — 67, 105 Mikhel, Robert — 23, 51, 97 Miles, Harry — 10, 17, 33, 45, 48, 90 Miles, Margot — 23, 43, 45, 51, 105 Miller, Carol — 43, 49, 97 Miller, Nyla — 43, 90 Miller, Tom — 60, 67, 90 Mills, Jim — 10, 48, 56, 90 Mills, Robin — 39, 97 Minchik, Barbara — 6, 90 Mings, Richard — 105 Mirzalli, Mary — 43. 49, 97 Mize, Wayne — 31, 97 Monyok, Mary, Sr. — 6, 34, 37, 81 Morris, Sandra — 43, 52, 97 Murdock, Clarence — 17, 33, 45, 97 Murdock, Rosalie — 105 Musser, Ted — 36, 97 Nagy, John, Sr. — 8, 11, 30, 45, 82 Nallinger, Glenda — 52, 105 Narug, Raymond — 30, 40, 97 Neal, Beverly — 105 Neal, Clifford — 97 Neal, Joyce — 52, 105 Nelson, Donald — 21, 97 Nemcek, Gloria — 43, 105 Nemeth, Donna — 17, 97 Nemeth, Nancy — 43, 97 Nowak, Albert — 21, 97 Oberle, Robert — 105 Oglesby, Donald — 45, 105 Olson, Loretta — 52, 106 Olson, Myrna — 3, 43, 49, 52, 97 Opasik, Walter — 48, 56, 97 Opinker, Ronald — 97 Opolski, Lottie — 106 Opocensky, Ernestine, Sr. — 6, 31, 44, 47, 82 O ' Sullivan, Maureen — 48 Owen, Ronald, Sr. — 11, 24, 25, 48, 56, 76, 80, 82 Paquin, Gordon — 48, 56. 64, 66, 97 Parchem, Pat — 30, 32, 97 Parsons, Barbara — 31, 43, 52, 97 Pearson, Robert — 11, 24, 90 Peters, Carole — 43, 52, 97 Peterson, Elsie — 48, 90 Petrovich, Bob — 48, 56, 97 Planer, Tom — 106 Pokorski, Arlene, Sr. — 6, 15, 82 Polgar, Barbara — 90 Pollard, Betty — 97 Pollard, Pat — 36, 106 Popyk, Colleen, Sr. — 6, 30, 34, 82 Popyk, Helen — 30, 42, 46, 90 Porter, Marvin — 48, 56, 90 Posey, Mariella, Sr. — 43, 82 Poulsen, Jim — 67, 91 Poulsen, Joyce — 43, 52, 106 Poulsen, Larry, Sr. — 11, 56, 58, 60, 80, 82 109 Powell, Diane — 15, 39, 43, 91 Pribble, Betty — 97 Puglise, Paul — 56, 64, 92, 97 Quigley, Allen — 106 Race, James — 106 Raduski, Kenneth — 97 Ratkay, Joe — 91 Ray, Joan — 43. 52, 106 Reed, Pauline, Sr. — 82 Remesnik, John, Sr. — 83 Richter, Jim — 39, 106 Ritchey, Donald — 59, 65, 106 Ritter, David, Sr. — 11, 30, 31, 32, 36, 83 Rivich, Mary — 36, 106 Robertson Allen — 97 Rolie, Evelyn — 44, 98 Rosanswank, Karen — 106 Rosek, Jean — 106 Rosenberger, Donna, Sr. — 6, 80, 83 Rubense, Judith — 15, 17, 33, 106 Ruhs Gary — 106 Rumbut, John — 10, 36, 66, 67, 91 Russell, Betty — 43, 49, 52, 98 Russell, Judy — 17, 32, 42, 46, 91 Ruthie, Jo Anne, Sr. — 24, 25, 43, 83 Rygiel, Joan — 13, 52, 53, 98 Sadewasser, Deone — 32, 106 Sadewasser, Marlene, Sr. — 30, 32, 34, 35, 38, 43, 76, 83 Sadewasser, Marvin — 43, 60, 91 St. Clair, Rosemary — 30, 43, 52, 98 Sampias, Eileen — 31, 36, 48, 49, 91 Sams, Wanda — 17, 33, 50, 98 Sarina, Carol — 23, 43. 51, 106 Sasnowski, Donald — Scartozzi, Robert — 98 Schimming, Gerald — 98 Schimming, Richard — 45, 91 Schischka, August — 106 Schmid, Lenore — 41, 98 Scholler, Robeert — 45, 106 Schram, Glenn — 31, 41, 106 Schweighardt, Albert — 98 Searls, Janice — 17, 33, 106 Sebahar, Duane — 31, 35, 40, 47, 91 Shawver, Richard — 106 Shay, Barbara — 23, 43, 51, 106 Shearer, Jo, Sr. — 43 Shearer, Sandra — 52, 106 Shegich, Richard — 91 Sheline, Bruce — 31, 106 Shondel, Sylvia — 30, 43, 52, 98 Shurman, Louise, Sr. — 2, 23, 34, 35, 44, 45, 51. 80. 83 Shutts, Nancy — 30, 43, 49, 50, 98 Simmers, Robert — 35, 43, 91 Simmons, Diane — 106 Simpson. Richard — 98 Sinsabaugh, Bonnie — 42, 91 Sitnick, Veidre — 25, 43, 52, 98 Smith, Arden, Sr. — 6, 37, 83 Smith, Betty, Sr. — 6, 34, 35, 83 Smith, Doree — 15, 91 Smith, Linda — 106 Smith, Ronald — 98 Smith, William — 98 Snyder, Kathryn — 106 Snyder, Marie — 43, 98 Snyder, Norma — 17. 33, 52, 91 Snyder, Rose — 14, 23, 50, 106 Sorbello, Jack — 59, 65, 106 Speelman, Bill — - 98 Spillers, Charles — 98 Spudic, Shirley — 43, 107 S tafford, Tom — 43, 91 Stahl, Sally — 43, 107 Stark, Jacqueline, Sr. — 84 Steele, Ross — 10, 91 Sterling, Dean, Sr. — 11, 15, 17, 34, 56, 76, 80, 84 Stevenson, Barbara, Sr. — 31, 32, 42, 84 Stewart, Jim — 98 Stimac, Jerry — 43, 91 Strain, Phyllis — 43. 52, 107 Stricklin, Barbara — 14, 17, 23, 33, 46, 49, 51, 98 Struhs, Donna — 13, 91 Stryzinski, Bob — 56, 64, 92. 98 Stryzinski, Don — 107 Stuhlmacher, Robert — 107 Suto, Charles — 17, 33, 60, 64, 91 Swint, Carole, Sr. — 84 Szekely, Judy — 98 Szura, Dorothy — 98 Szura, Jackie — 43, 52, 53, 91 Taggart, Betty — 36, 37, 39, 98 Tanner, Shirley — 43, 107 Tarr, Charles — 50, 107 Tobias, George — 37, 107 Topp, Kenneth — 36, 51, 107 Topp, Ronald — 91 Trost, Barbara, Sr. — 48, 84 Trout, Sharon — 52, 107 Trull, Jim — 30, 40, 47, 98 Unkuri, Roland — 31, 32, 40, 91 Vahorvich, Dave — 36, 107 Vargas, Carlos — 37, 43, 107 Ventrella, Mike — 48, 56, 58, 98 Vermejan, Marge — 107 Vermejan, Steve — 91 Vezey, Richard — 21, 64, 66, 67, 98 Viou, Marie — 43, 91 Vogel, Bill, Sr. — 11, 80, 84 Voros, Donald — 107 Vukovich, Peter — 48, 56, 86, 91 . Waddle, Dorothy — 107 Walters, William, Sr. — 25, 27, 35, 56, 60, 67, 84 Ward, Jack — 59, 65, 107 Warkentien, Claudia — 36, 107 Wasmund, Sue, Sr. — 30, 35, 43, 52, 84 Wayne, Beulah — 49, 98 Weatherford, Jennie — 43, 52, 107 Wehr, Richard — 17, 33, 49, 98 Weis, Robert — 7, 20, 35. 48, 56, 60, 91 White, John — 36, 99 White, Michael — 7, 45, 99 White, Patricia — 107 White, Tom — 59, 107 Wiggins, Leonna — 15, 41, 99 Wilkins, Janet — 15, 30, 43, 91 Williams, Alice, Sr. — 30, 43, 85 Williams, Glenn — 30, 39, 107 Williams, Nancy — 52, 107 Williams, Patricia — 15, 32, 41, 48, 99 Wilson, Donald — 59, 65, 107 Wilson, Shirley — 42, 99 Wimmer, David — 99 Wisniewski, Lorraine — 39, 107 Witwer, Pat — 25, 43, 49, 52, 99 Wollin, William — 107 Worman, Faith — 30, 107 Yanek, Richard — 67, 107 Yonker, James — 107 Yonker, Thomas — 99 Young, Sue — 35, 42, 46, 49. 53, 91 Zaiko, Terry — 10, 58, 91 Zawadzki, Marilyn — 107 Zgunda, John — 59, 107 Zimmerman, Jane — 43, 49, 52, 99 Zinn, Barbara — 31, 43, 50, 99 Zybell, Bill — 48, 91 Compliments of HESSVILLE CLEANERS 6429 Kennedy Sheffield 4528 Branch: 6810 Kennedy Sheffield 5416 no Compliments of JANC ' S DRUG STORE 6737 Kennedy Avenue Congratulations to the Class of ’54 from CARLSON ' S JEWELRY Diamonds - Hamilton Watches - Jewelry 6821 Kennedy Avenue Sheffield 3354 Phone Dyer 3161 Compliments TEIBEL ' S Catering To Weddings Banquets DAN ' S GARAGE 6922 Kennedy Avenue Sheffield 5517 General Automobile Repairing Prompt Quality Service - Expert Workmanship Prop., Dan Sadewasser THE TOWN SHOP 6625 Kennedy Ave. Hessville, Ind. Children’s Ladies’ Fine Apparel Phone Sheffield 4691 Compliments of KRILL CONSTRUCTION CO. AND CENTRAL EXCAVATING CO. Shef. 5224 An Informed Press Means An Informed People THE HAMMOND TIMES “Calumet Region’s Home Newspaper” Compliments of GREGORY ' S I.G.A. Corner of 169th Kennedy PLAIN VIEW FOOD MART Finer Meats Foods 6831 Kennedy Shef. 3036 THE BORDEN COMPANY 402 Clinton The Best Tasting Milk In Town! J. ARTIM SONS 7105 Kennedy Ave. Hammond, Ind. See Councilman GEORGE LAMB for Fire - Auto - Life Insurance Phones: E. C. 916 6874 112 V Compliments Compliments of HUBER FUNERAL HOME Virgil J. Huber ACE THEATER Ambulance Service - Day Night 6735 Kennedy Phone Tilden 4-1278 7051 Kennedy Ave. Hessville Congratulations Compliments of To the First Morton High School Graduating Class CALUMET AUTOMOBILE DEMPSEY ' S GIFT SHOP TRADE ASSOCIATION Sheff. 3353 6819 Kennedy Ave. 113 Congratulations to the Class of ’54 Compliments of Compliments of George L. Bocken HOMER ' S SERVICE BOCKEN FUNERAL HOME 7104 Kennedy Avenue 7042 Kennedy Ave. Tilden 4-1145 Tilden 4-1600 Homer Crawfoot, Prop. Compliments of BEE LORANN ' S Congratulations To the Class of ’54 6813 Kennedy Avenue Phone: Russ. 7046 Compliments of 1. B. E. W. Open Mon., Tues., Fri., Eves. • Featuring “Bobbie Brooks” Sportswear Koret of California p VIERK ' S HESSVILLE FURNITURE CO. LAWRENCE ' S for Flowers “Let us make your house a home.” 7034 Kennedy Ave. Phones: Sheff. 320, 321, 685 Hammond, Indiana 6727 Kennedy Avenue Hessville’s Oldest Florist You Can Park In Hessville Tilden 4-3013 COMPLIMENTS OF A “MORTON BOOSTER” • Russell ' s Mens Wear “YOUR SPORTSWEAR HEADQUARTERS” 6719 KENNEDY AVENUE PHONE: Russ. 2655 Compliments of LOU BROWNLEE ' S LUDDY ' S MARKET BARBER SHOP 2247 169th St. Hammond, Indiana 2832 169th Hessville, Ind. 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Sheffield 5070 5315 Hohman Avenue Rent pure wool Gabardine coats in White or Powder Blue Also Shoes and Accessories Special Student Rates MASTEY - JEWELERS 6627 Kennedy Avenue Watches: Elgin, Longines Wittnauer Gruen Diamonds: Tru Blue, Blue Ray, Feature-Lock, Birthstone Rings Parker Pen Sheaffer 1 Year Guaranteed Watch Repair Customized Jewelry SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1954, MAY YOU GO FORTH WITH COURAGE, OPTIMISM, AND THE DETERMINATION TO BUILD A BETTER COMMUNITY AND A BETTER WORLD. Hammond City Administration MAYOR VERNON C. ANDERSON Lik «tirl W A by WAUVWOSTM WOTMEM r «•-. usa. 123 v-i ■jyksssfe » " v t £? ' S ' ’■S. ' V ' ' - ' V " _V ' ,- ' vr i, ' jk, ■ - - iSo vAr I . y . — S ’4e.J. W jr‘ ' -TlV V- t . _ • ?■: •-•- - ' =.-= ' : r 8 §££ ,.. $ .- ,- : - ; .- •■ •• 3 i .- ; %k Wf : is, , « r£»aww- «r, ' ' - -Ok Jv r . ' ■.;■ • ■ T. - ' V si -; .%3 .- •» ' ■ . ,-.L ' - J ‘ _ t ' ,, T” ■ . ‘1- .■■‘ t l r f ' .. -4? ,- 4 — r ; r 1 ..■•-«• • - ' ; ’’fr’ ’ . i- .- ' •;» - ' ■.■ ., v ' ••• ' j5S» .. . »v Sfc. ' ii«r vS : ??- ... - - " U Z ' i V- - SB E£ «%?T?«r . 3-;, . -«s - • ir ,J -. - :;v.3i 4:; --.-C ' -A ::=— 3? ' ’ ' e-,- ,..-v . BIB S8K SSB ”fiffi|r ' - ' ' 3 ifrT‘ t 7 ' ” fr yc geagsgs . nI» 1 1f4 s 5 a S»s - ■ .- •tfe Sr ’v? -£. - r .

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