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4NE SENIOR CLASS oflqii Prxesenrs Wm MMAHAWK F qi? o I 'Vm..I DEDICATION On the shoulders of thousands of graduates from American high schools lies the responsi bility of making this war torn world a sanctuary of peace and contentment for the following gene rations Among the millions defending the rights of observe no code of honor concerning either man or woman, are those of Morton High chool who en listed or were called through selective service and in their honor, we dedicate this Annual, hop ing our Senior year '44 will bring to us a de cislve victory and an eternal peace decent peoples against the aggressor nations, who , - ! 1 J ' IFF IH! gl EDUCATION IN MORTON HIGH SCHOOL The first schoolhouse of District 55 located about where Yrs Bertha Lap1en's residence ls now, was moved from the farm that Ambrose Dallenbach lives on now It is said that the dimensions of the building were 10 feet by 12 feet The land on which the school stood originally belonged to Vogt mans The seating capacity was 24 pupils There were two rows of double seats, with six seats in each row Who the first teacher in Morton was no one knows definitely but the names of Cloe Rhenolds, Hella Aldrich and Viola Price are recalled as teachers in the first school The first school board was composed of the following men George Buery, clerk, Henry Jorges, treasurer, and John Kumro director A new schoolhouse was erected 12 years after District 55 was organized It was a long wooden structure painted white situated on the exact location of the B S Menefee residerce The Fur nishings of the new school consisted of a teachers desk and three rows of seats It was also eouipp ed with a blackboard The school was graced ac cording to the first second and third reader ton slster of B Henton Leroy Stegner later editor of The Morton Enterprise Nellie Brown now Mrs Henry Beckman, and J B Arp The schoolhouse remained there until 1895 when the building in which many Morton people be gan their school life was cut in half Part f it was moved to main street where it is known as the old Witte House now the reslderce of Les Wagner The present schoolhouse located in the north west part of town was built 41 years ago and con slsted of five rooms Only a fem classes in high school were conducted at that time J P Arp was the first principal in the present building New parts have been added from time to time The school population gradually grew so that in '59 a one hundred and twenty thousand dollars rebuilding program was completed giving us several needed class rooms The dome tic science kitchen 7 1 Q 0 ! , . , 0 O . , 1 I 0 o 1 a " . Y ! I ' Teachers in charge of the school were: Jessie Hen- - I I ' ' 5 I S , - 1 f . ' , . o 7 , L I , - Y 1 Q C 0 In 7 formerly in the basement, was built in a ne addi tion of the second floor A large kitchen and sewing room was built with a small dining room off the kit chen The kitchen is equipped with modern elect rical conveniences The manual training room, also formerly in the basement, was built on the first floor It is a large room in the front of the building, containing the latest equipment and electrical devices There was also an addition of two class rooms and the superintendent's office on the first floor, and a class room and science laboratory were built on the second floor Morton Public School was admitted to the state high school list in 1906 In the same year Florence and Ethel Keefe constituted the first graduating class M H Melvin was superintendent at that time Other superintendents were Mr Lymon, Mr Dodge, Ralph Wedge, Well Mosier Clark, A H Trapp, E E T B Miller, L S Graves, who served as super intendent for seventeen years, and Armin L Wegner, the present superintendent Pupils of Morton interest in athletics 1920, 1921, and 1924 district and regional the state tournament and 1944 have lost but The total number school have always shown an especially basketball In the basketball teams won the tournaments and competed in The basketball team of 1945 one game out of twelve of graduates of the school is 454 The largest graduating class, that of 1957, consisted of twenty four graduates In 1954 when all qualifications and standards had been met, the school received a higher class ification from the state department of education and became a class 'B' institution The highest scholastic average ever to be re ceived by any one graduate in the school was earned by Harold Buscho, in the class of 1955, with a mark of 94 1 per cent Second honors go to Lorraine Egerer, who finished school in 1950, with an average o 95 This is a continuation of the article which was published in the Blue and Gold in 1958 Gloege, Charles A. Frantz, R. Haefner, M. Dunlap, BOARD OF EDUCATION NORTON PUBLIC SCHOOL 1945 1944 Charles Buscho James Clancy N M Mahlum R Lenz C H Litchteneger President Clerk Treasurer Director Director R: E: Simon-::::i::::::::::-Director J0 o """-"""""' FFIC .ff Q-YY X .rg fi'-16-"LG.,-:cf l L 4 GQ Z, fnfylf fllflif img., .-JP' sw A QFMWK J FSL., M, Dain-1 Zirckyl- CQQQ ici-Jug ,M W, L aww IHALQ 'vwwf-La,4.4,4 HCULTY Miss Otterson Flss Van Gerpln, Miss Kesoohl, 'V iss Herring Vis Bolsoe Niss Witcnell Miss Schell Niss Aasen Mr Hebner Mr Johnson 1 s Anderson Viss Garrahy rs wecner gifs PWM7-bvWa719fJAl5Ef Izcayq Lhyyaf L I v V.: 7 3- 1. egg is 49 s f Au' , N . V I a, 44 32' I V ' I '. , 'M is n A A , ' -an I W - sw? f 0 rv h -'U A4 - "Vh ' ,'Q B sf if V - Msn, mm' - i ir , f Eiga. fm V 151' V ' X x X- - X , A75 , y , I , ' J 1 g Q 7 ? 2 ' A ' 1 . S A . . , A . V I . Q A H D . '." . I OUR FACULTY Miss Clara Aasen, of Farwell, Minnesota our first grade teacher is one of the new members of our faculty this year She finished High School at Finley North Dakota, and is a graduate of the State Teach ers College of Mayville, North Dakota Our second grade teacher, Miss Garrahy is from the neighboring town of Fairfax and is a graduate of that high school From there she went to Mankato State Teachers College From Windom, Minnesota, comes Miss Dorothy Van Gerpen, who teach es the third grade She received her high school diploma from the Jeffers, Minnesota, high school and her college diploma from bt Cloud Teachers College A member of our faculty for some time is Miss Jeannette Kespohl who teaches the fourth grade She attended Duluth Central High School while living at her home in Floodwood Minnesota She received her Bachelor of Education degree from the Duluth State Teachers' College A Bachelor of Education degree was also awarded Miss Oletha Schell, a native of Minneiska Minnesota by the State Teachers' gollege at Winona after her graduation from the Hollingstone High chool Miss Allene Herring and Miss Doris Ann Anderson received Bachelor of Science degrees after the completion of their College courses The former our sixth grade teacher is a graduate of Atwater High School and St Cloud Teachers' College The latter the mathematics and science instructor attended Duluth Central High School and Hamlin University Miss Dorothy D Mitchell of St Paul Minnesota completed her College Her Bachelor of Arts degree received from this college fitted her for her position as English and music teacher Our Home Economics teacher Miss Beatrice Otterson of Detroit Lakes and our Junior High Wnglish teacher Miss Viola L Bolsoe of Williston, North Dakota received Bachelor of Arts degree from their respective colleges Concordia and Augsburg The three remaining members of our faculty are residents f Morton Mrs Thelma Wegner a graduate of the Washburn North Dakota High School, received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Jamestoun College in North Dakota and at present is our Commercial teacher Mr O E Johnson our high school principal graduated from Clear Lake High School and received a Bachelor of Education degree from St Cloud State Teachers' College Superintendent Armin L Wegner director of our band was grad uated from Milbank, South Dakota High School and Jamestown College From the latter he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree He later earned a Master of Arts degree at the University of Minnesota We are proud of these thirteen faculty members whose co operation and faithfulness we appreciate , - 1 . , . . , high school education at St. Paul Central and then entered Macalester , . o CLHSSE5 E IH 4? l7Mi5' ' Zf ADAMS, BETTY sand-2,5,4 Glee Club-1,2 Mixed Chorus-l,5, Junior Class Play Senior Class Play One Act Play-5 Class Officer-1 Tomahawk Staff-4 Blue and Gold-5,4 Trio-2 :IDINGLR UR Band 1 2 5 4 'ixed Chorus Junior Class Play Tomahawx Dtaff 4 Easzetb ll 1 9 Traca 9 bixed wuartet 5 4 Duet J 4 BRYAN GENE Tomahawk Staff 4 Track 1 Beseball 2 Blue and Gold 4 4 SVT ORS BIDINGER, ELAINE Band-2,3,4 Glee Club-1,2 Mixed Chorus-l 5 . ,4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play One Act Play-5 Claes Officer-4 Tomahawk Staff-4 Mueam M154 Mixed Quartet-5,4 Trio-?,3,4 jiiiig ERONU Band 5 Junior benior ulee v JLAWR Cless Play Class Plav u 1 2 3 Mixed Chorus 'K 1 9' Tomahawa Staff 4 Elue and Gold 9 5 4 CLANCY Band 1 Junior Senior CATHLRI L 3 36- 25. 6 fag' 1 LW- Clase Pla Q Class Pla: One Act Play Class Cfflcer 3 4 Tomanawk 4 of' "" 'N' 2 ff i ani Y' 'Q' 'ff QE 13, fl' 'Din i emi' 4 'K.... K Q, DAUN, JACK Tomahawk Staff-4 Senior Class Play JAASCH ARY FHA'Cnb e d ,4,5 4 Glee Club 1 2 5 Mixed Chorus 1 2 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Class Officer 1 5 Tomahawk Staff 4 Blue and Gold 5 4 Trio 5 4 DORNFELD, WILLARD Band-1,2,3,4 Junior Class Play Senior Claes Play One Act Play-5 Mixed Chorus-5,4 Tomahawk Staff-4 Blue and Gold-4 Basketball-1,3,4 Baseball-2 Track-2 GOLLZ ETHNARD Tomaraux btaff 4 Blue and Gold 4 L,llEn , MrR 1 McCORQUODALE JAMES ee lxb 0 Junior Class Play Iixcu morus 4 Mixed Chorus Senior 'lass Plav Class Officer 5 Tonahaan Qcaff 4 Tomahawk Staff 4 Blue and Gold 4 Basaetball 4 REESE HERBERT Class Officer 4 Tomahawk Staff 4 Blue and Gold 4 Basketball 2 Student Council 4 Senior Claes Play TOOfLY JOHN Mixed Chorus P 3 4 Tomahawk Dtaff 4 raovysow , mamefr Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Tomahawk Staff 4 Blue and Gold 5 4 TROCHLIL DENNIS Band 1 2 5 4 Mixed Chorus 5 4 Mixed Quartet 3 4 Duet 3 4 Junior Clase Play Senior Clase Play One Act Play Claes Officer 2 Tomahawk Staff 4 Blue and Gold 2 3 Basketball 9 5 4 Baseball 2 Student Council 5 NEDERATH ROBERT JHETSTON CHARLOTTE 3 p Q1 1 Tomahawk Staff 4 Senior Claes Play Basketball 9 o 4 Junior Class Play Baseball 2 Tomahawk Staff 4 B ill SENIOR CLASS HISTORY As the school year of '44 is slowly drawing to a close the Seniors' thoughts are turning back to their early school days Naturally our first thought is of first day in our beginning year This is one of the most important days in any child's life, when he meets his fellow classmates most of whom will trudge with him to reach their mutual goal graduation Day But the memories of our first six years are slightly vague Entering the seventh grade our school davs now be come more interesting because we have a different teacher for each subject smile as we think of our first class separation The girls were thrilled at the prosoect of sew ing their own clothes their first Home Economics Class The boys still remember pounding and sawing in this first year of Manual Training some of them still carry the scars of this new experience We hold the honor of being the first sgveggh grade class to have occupied the new school addition o Our Eighth and Ninth grade years were not too eventful except for the first party which we gave for the Senior High School during our Freshman year Our memories are clearer now when as Dophomores we entered Senior High School and toon our places as a small perience which we will probably never forget tornado which swept through part of the village causing much damage The Junior year proved very eventful Our chosen play nwhat Wright Left ' with a cast of eleven members was great success for us being our first dramatic three act olay given in public In the spring after several weeks of hard work we succeeded ln changing the Home Economics room into a delightful 'Little Village Square where the grad uates of '43 were our guests of honor at the traditional banquet given each year by the Junior Class Our clearest memories are those of our Senior year e gave our class plaf 'The Girls Take Over U having a cast of 12 members with most of the Seniors participating The Juniors gave us a grand reception at which we were as Seniors the honored guests In a class of 18 Seniors we have 6 who have gone the whole 12 years at Morton Public School It has been fun to have recalled these old memories but now as Seniors we are looking into a very interesting future ' 1 . l A ..... ' 1 . " . We S 4- 1 1 . 'W I D i " 1 part of the Senior assembly. During this year we had an ex- - --a ' I 1 , 3 . I - ' l I I n Q I J ' ,w :QI .7 , . - I , 0 I . thx MIG. 9" 'Y' X lf-swf P 'Q f J! lg J' Left to right First row Jim Holter Lavine Bidlnger Robert Greenslit Lois Freita Rodnev Squibb Rose Hed Second row Farjorie Brinker Robert Hagan Leota Bucholz Jo.n Hogan Zelda Gaasch Maraaret Kinney hird row Ldward ilrnev, Ermalee Smart Maxine uoodthunder, Otto Kodet, Dortny Bucholz David Dallenbach Fourth row Beulah Simning Katherine Toomey B111 Nemltz Francie Eernier Mary Lou Lussenhop Grace Andrews The following Juniors whose pictures are not here Donald Keefe, and Mary Remlly Ufzfofeo 1 9 Of' 8 pre ignng Robert 'reenallt Vice preaident Francie Lernler new 1 ry Marjorie Brinker Tr ggdrep David Dallenbacn , Q 5 f K ,W 'L ' . -v . Q xg . N in Q I -- -e 'x , v tt X -1- M at 0 'li LVVY "' Q, v ,Mm Y Q Ev' if , iq, Q F Q K ' f A i dd 1 . ' N W ' f A I , n Q f ,le so Q , ..l .r iw 'Y' 1' 2' ' aw Q Q A " Q 1' ,Q A y E ' .Q " 1"- 17, k' YV'vY V MM k to I .M 1 A 5 ,,i L fe ,Q QW Q2?., Q L . f L , l 4 or , F' l Q: :M R tx I ,,,, , H 1 fm Q4 ,fi , 4 A 4 'W-, AA, : .- YQ fflia w 1 r ' , n Q I 5 " 'jf o 2' d L 'Efgfw If :aff f 4 1 X 'Q 5 KN 2: v-' ,S 1 l K of .sf ' + l at . 32 ' ' H165 I Q we 5 e e, Q fl 2 p W' ? , ,L l x , g e . 3'- 1: - ' it 'T " a V , ,u 17' ,' ' , 'X w 1 Q -ea be Q52 ' 'L' 'fl M l ,L L Rl' KXQWWH, A : : , , , g, : ' '. Z I : F - r I PTY Q "' -L ' . f! A. . . . b , . : I I I I , . 1 C as .ic rs S H ..... ..----- - --- J , .. so 2 U ,,... 3::::i:::- , 1 9 Y rcnsrri I 1"'3' " Q JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The Junior class f the original 26 members who fall of '55 Despite the glnal 26 members the class '44 contains only 9 of trudged to school the loss of 18 of the orl can still boast a mem- bership of 26 due to enrollments from other schools Under the able guidance of our 6th grade tea cher, Miss Blake we published our first school paper the masterpiece called 'Our Own Thoughts Junior class officers are Robert Greenslit, president, Francis Bernier vice president, Mar- jorie Brinker secretary, David Dallenbach trea surer Since the 8th grade Robert Greenslit has served annually as president Our class is proud of their enviable record in athletic activities In our sophomore year our teams captured three inter class championships year we tied for the crown in football and have high hopes of again winning the basketball and track championships We feel quite honored to have the basketball captaincy in hands of David Dallenbach a Junior We also have an excellent scholastic standing In the third six weeks we had seven members on the honor roll They included Francis Bernler David Dallenbach Robert Greenslit Rodney S uibb Lois Mae Freitag Ermalee Smart and Maxine oodthunder The Junior class is well represented in the band and the Mixed Chorus Each supported by nine members of our For our Junior class play Pressure Homer a comedy which despite miserable weather The Junior class is aiding organization is class we selected 'High was well attended the war effort by lending both money and energy We lead the entire school in the buying of War Bonds and Stamps We contributed generously to the March of Dimes cam- paign We are proud to have a page in this book and next year as seniors hope to be able to carry on Morton High School tradition as successfully as the seniors of '44 have done o 1 - .n 1 ' J " football, basketball, and track. Thus far this , , 8 1 n . 61" I fy if ' H.. hu '30, f6bCQv1o.e 'VI 'C' tr .l Left to right Firet row Raymond Jensen Gladys Jacobson Vera Bidinger Mary Ann Bxenop, Shirley Mahoney, Glenn Hattke Second row Norma Haas, Raymond Dornfeld, Ruth Dow, Helen Keaveney, A1015 Goelz Gert rude Uheteton Third row Raymond Thompson, Lavonne O'Ne11 Nina Re se, Darleen Remlly Evelyn Husted Ervin Lueeenkop Fourth row Beatrice Hed, Francis Jueneman Eugene Tisdell, Mary Lou Hunt The Sopromore wrose picture is not rere is Delmar Huhland OPFLOMORC5 Class Officers President-u - ---------- helen Keaveney V1ce-Pres1dent- -------- Mary Lou Hunt Secretary --- ---- ---- --Shirley Mahoney '1'reaeurer-- ------ ---- - --Lavonno O' N011 -... . ' Wir .54 ' W -s ' '5" si v L ',,,, g b n : K.?i Q v Q gif A GLX idly Se 2 f ws. W y? - Q if -'IW V: af -, , i H A .7 in rx N 1. H I 1 ,, .,Twf - fv 1, E Z .Qi?i?T 'V lu! '7 X 'I 41.51 , W ' " Y V, W xl , r . 1 ' ts N 2 I t Q- Y ,, ,, YV A 31, 4' . , if ' V if VE 2, -fr , Q f S 'fi?QM wff - Q g . . - " A A K 'Q' " 1 3, ' f C' 'x h ' Q 'xi :' ff -'-1 - A es 1 4. W , 5 vyx T. ' it a nA' H ' f xw. 5 X x fd kwa 1 Aff .-., 1 i N QV, t H .y an 9 ,. K I R ' y 7 Q. J L, , , 5 QQ. 'egg " f5 . H 9 ' f " n , ' ff -' H ! ,,f , it f V? , ' fliyft X I5 nl, f I I I " I 2 , Q , : n , - : , e , I . , , if 2' JW' 1-. Kuff i s. :inf X , Q Left to right First row Betty Lou Smart John Dirnberger Ardell Witte Harvey Dallenbach Beverly Hoff. 'QA Second row John Gaasch Elols Buehler Larry Lussenhop Lola Andrews Joseph Butcher Third row Maribelle Riley Gerald Reese Mildred Schultz Richard Daun Doris Michaelis Fourth row John Mahlum Vavis Scheffler Robert Brown 3186514 121611 Clase Officers President -------------- V1ce-Pres1dent--------- Secretary ------------- - Treasurer- ------ ------- John Gaasch Doris Michaelis Robe rt Brown John Mahlum ' -4? . K A X 3 x M XS!! 3. SVGVTTII1 Xl J , 'S Wg, nhl'-tg t Rf? K 1 'Q Game Left to rl-'ht First row Vincent Whetston Marion Larson, Robert Mahoney, Marilyn Edwards, Jerome Hed, Mary Keefe Bobby Joe Sallee, Johnny Hunt Second row Barnett Wagner, Billy Haas, Veronica Hoff Robert Blaming Ruth Wehausen, Jim- my Brown Genevieve Beckman, Grace Abel Third row Veronica Stasson, Doreen Wagner Left to rlzht, First row Darrell Warne, Lorraine Steinhouse, Maurice Keaveney, Rosemary Third row 'IGHTH 'lf' Tretbar Second row Maurl e Wagner, Phyllis McKinney, Roger Edfast, Phyllis Ranen, Robert Tret bar, Dorathea Scheffler, Bobby Landers, Mary Ann German Betty Jean Butzer, James Helnecke, Audrey Goelz, Alan Mccorquodale, Doris Mc- Gowan Willis Smith Joan Trochlll, Billy Adams GRHDC 'I f VW' 1 I Q 1 I x X 9 J a , 1, or J 0 1 ' f -- V 1 f Q Z 1- V V n 1 IQI gym F , . . Li 11 -ll ' ' J I x N .I-1,11 .1 'X. L 5 g 1 'Y ,at ,. 5 I 5- . LL? Lam V K 2, S 3 - , . 5 1 u , . : c g - 1 . - - M. '- . V ' 1- 'M 1 9 ' . A 3 3 to , H ' E " V Vvy' V , v5 47 . .. f 4: 5 5 I f Qu I 2 , 1 5. 1 Y I , nic-ljgayfh I , E s,, Nw' 'x ' , 1 M J I 1 1 . s ? A' if' ' n I ,, , - ,J A ,Kg , .ivy -gy' 'B' Q, I M I 5, . 3 A X STUDENT COUNCIL AND SCHOOLS AT WAR The Morton High School is participating in the 'School at War' Program' This program is state and nationwide and under the supervision of the treasury department of the United States The student council in Morton Public School has taken over the supervision an sale of stamps and bonds to students The student council this year is made up of the President and Vice President of each grade from the seventh through the twelvth The members are as follows Dennis Trochlil, Herbert Reese Robert Greensllt Francis Bernier Mary Lou Hunt Helen Keaveny John Gaasch Doris Michaelis Maurice Keaveny Joan Trochlil James Brown and Mary Keefe The officers are as follows President Francis Bernier, Secretary Mary Lou Hunt Gas Mask 39 25 and a few shells and other important A F1e1d Ambulance 31492 One sub machine gun First Aid Kit Sulfa Tablets items The above list of war supplies could be purchased with the money derived from sale of stamps during the first semester While the Junior class has purchased more bonds and stamps, the fifth grade has the highest percentage of pupil participation for the first semester The amount and percentage of buyers are as follows lst 5rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 57 22 42 55 65 76 55 261 Sth 54 lOth 11th 210 12th Faculty 761 Total 31552 41 51 27 1 69 The average per person is 34 27 fincludlng student and fac ulty 1 The 5 of students buying is 515 This year we hope to subscribe for a flying Jeep which is a scout plane Last year we went well over the S2000 mark and have a Jeep certificate showing we have bought a J ep we are planning on staging a treasure hunt to get all the partly filled stamp books in before February 18 We know the students of Morton will respond enthusiastically to this import ant war measure .50 . - 55.00 4.89 . .16 . 8 .10 Z 3 .so Z end 96.50 551 9th v4.40 471 14.10 Z v0.55 Z 48.10 Z .40 Z 94.95 5 9.50 21 55.00 Z .so Z .25 : .55 f ll fl I . x V I-Z6l1iC"EBfZLL Left to right Top row Donald Keefe John Gaasch, Harvey Dallenb ch, Ray mond Dornfeld, Gerald Reese, Dick Daun Center row Glenn Mattke, Dennis Trochlil, David Dallenbach, Robert Green slit Robert Wederath Bottom row Jack Mahlum, James McCorQuoda1e, Willard Dornfeld James Wolters, Eugene Tisdell BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Morton Belview Redwood Falls Fairfax Winthrop Echo 29-- Gibbon 9- Morgan Olivia - --------- Fairfax ---------Winthrop 58- --- --Gibbon ------- ------Echo -----------Belview --- ----- ---Morgan . . , 28 ----------- 21 ----- 27 ----------- Morton 29 ------------ Olivia 45 ---------- 28- ------------- 3 ........ -- 51--- ------- - 57 52 STATISTICS OF FIRST TWELVE GAMES Dallenbach f Greenslit f Trochlil c Mattke g Wederath g Wolter g McCorquoda1e Mahlum g Tlsdell f PTS 2 125 127 Morton Opponents 16O O6 1 5 594 58 272 Morton 59 pts 52 8 Free throws made missed Ave 451 Opponents 27 pts 22 7 Free throws made missed Ave 422 The top rankers in the free throw department were Glenn Mattke with 67? and Bob Greenslit follow ing closely behind with 655 The first twelve games produc ed a record of eleven victories a gainst one loss the Morgan defeat breaking a seven game victory string FG FT F 52 21 4 52 25 25 26 12 24 64 19 14 25 52 6 2 19 14 5 1 9 7 f 2 O 1 4 O 1 O 1 Dornfeld f O O 2 O O O O O 74 222 2 1 g 60 l 5 4 .--c . 2 .-- V. 74 98 60 85 fx n x x P' M may FISKSTBALL E: f-,,,,,,,... E 9 Alva ESR!-w -.-.q.--.- i F David Dallenbach C Dennis Trochlll F Robert Greensllt G-Glenn Mattkn FLJamee McCorQuoda1e F-Willard Dornfald G-Robert Wederath G-James Walter OCAL QE' 19 99 9 om, t1"9 Sopranos Adams, Betty Andrews Lola Mae Bidinger Vera Bishoo Mary Ann Bucholz Leota Freitag, Lois Mae Landers Margaret Lussenhop Mary Lou Mahoney, Shirley Michaelis Doris O'Ne1l LaVonne Smart Betty Lou Tenors Bidinger Elaine Bidinger Urban Bucholz Dorothy Mattke Glenn McCorquodale, James Tisdell Eu ene HE MIXED CHORUS Altos Bidinger Lavine Brinker Marjorie Brown, Jeanne Hunt Mary Lou Husted Evelvn Jacobson Gladys Keaveny, Helen Riley, Naribelle Scheffler, Mavis Basses Bernier, Francis Dallenbach, David Hagan Robert Trochlil, Dennis irector Miss Dorothy Mitchell Our mixed chorus, directed by Miss Mitchell this year contains thirty four members We are proud to have such a large number of high school students intere ted in mixed chorus We are nlanning to sing at the regular spring music festival in A ril Some of the selections we plan to sin are Bless The Lord H 'When Honey Sings An Old ime Song,"The Lost Chord ' and nThe Cherubim Song T 'Y 7 1 .I D I J v 1 7 I , M J., ' Dornfeld, Willard Toomey, John 1 'S , I Q . ig, ' n AND "--fs, ,M-f"' M ,rf bw: --ww W gms: Clarinets Adams Phyllis Bldinger Eunice Brinker, Marjorie Bucholz Dorothy Clancy, Catherine Dallenbach David Edwards Marilyn Gaasch Mary Greenslit Robert Kinney Margaret McGowan Doris McKinney Phyllis Wagner Doreen Warne Iva Saxophone Bidinger Urban Freitag Lois Mae Keefe Mary O'Ne1l LaVonne Trombone Bernier Francis Lichteneger Joan McCorouodale Alan Remily Mary Basses Dornfeld Willard Lussenhop Larry BAND Cornets Adams Billy Dornfeld Raymond Busted Evelyn Lenz, Bernard Mattke Glenn Smith Richard Wagner Bernette Drums Brown Jeanne Smith Willis Wagner Maurice French Horns Brown, James Hunt John Jr Keefe Donald Trochlll Dennis Baritone Horns Bidinger, Elaine Keaveny Maurice Warne Darrell Flutes Adams Betty Scheffler Maris Mr Wegner Director Morton High School is very proud of its forty five piece school band They have built up an en viable reputation as one of the outstanding or ganizations in Norton High School Our basketball games would not be complete without the entertainment furnished br this group Their pep and enthusiasm is appreciated by all The Morton school band in their last appearance at the music festival received an A rating the highlights of the year for the band is the spring music concert In addition the band makes fre ouent public appearanc s throughout the year The commencement program is our l st public appearance for the year 7 I I I I I 7 I 7 I I I I I 3 I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I 1 .- I 4. I I I I I 1 7 I ' -.. V ' - 0 1 1 n 4. w Q Q n I I -. , Q--Q s I " Q V . A 4. 3 4 A - 0 DRAMATIC6 2 1 JUNIOR CLADS PLAY 6 'HI PRESSURE HOMER' Mrs Woodruff Father Woodruff Junior Woodruff Boots Woodruff Aunt Cora Arlene- Homer Haywood Wade Wainrlght Zenith Cast Mrs Margaret Taylor Bunny Taylor Chetwydne Cluett Ermalee Smart Robert Greenslit Donald Keefe Zelda Gaaech M018 Mae Freitag Marjorie Brinker Rodney Squibb B111 Nimitz Levine Bidinger Buelah Simnlng Katherine Toomev David Dallenbach Director- Miss Anderson D RAMAT lc5 L.. SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Girls Take Over Cast Libby Salisbury Goldie Nalda Darby Mirella Lyons Lana Atwortr Bunny Hatton Patience Lassiter Ursula Lassiter Hugo Prescott Lansing Quigley Sherwin Maddox Clem Spears Charlotte Whetson Jeanne Brown Betty Adams Mary Frances Gaasch Margaret Landers Catherine Clancy Elaine Bidlnger Harriet Thompson Dennis Trochlil Herbert Reese Willard Dornfeld Jack Daun Director Miss Anderson vpn-"" 2 B-... UBLICATIONS B UE 8 GOLD STAFF Editor- Dennis Trochlil Assistant Editor- James McCorquodale Business Editor- Betty Adams Production Manager Willard Dornfeld Art Editor Mary Gaasch Ads- Lavonne O'Ne11 Music Lois Mae Freitag Reporters Jeanne Brown Lois Freitag, Lavonne O'Ne11 Alan Mcflorquodale, Doris Michaelis, Mary Keefe, Francis Bernier Typists Harriet Thompson Bernard Goelz, Elaine Bidinger, Herbert Reese, Betty Adams Advisor Miss Bolsoe UBLICATIONS TOMAHAWK STAFF Editor Betty Adams Assistant Editor Dennis Trochlil Business Manager Catherine Clancy Advertising Manager Jeanne Brown Artist Mary Gaasoh Music Elaine Bidinger Sports Robert Wederath Senior Scripts Margaret Landers Snapshots Willard Dornfeld Urban Bid inger James MeCorquodale John Toomey Typists Harriet Thompson Gene Bryan Herbert Reese Jack Daun Charlotte Whet ston Bernard Goelz Photographer R E Simon Advisor Armin L Negner xr' QTB n 145- if 1 'Q Q, rf ,!"1 'Q 1 M' Jsf' L1 .234 iS L4 ,J fy, pr- Jdcilmf any 'POV' if f Y PJ 'SYN .1 jfx fo Nina K- r9fweK-QJ 1"-a is av' Bw-5 Qa- Fm if 1 of VV' fyv fgfbg, Lyn! fi av' 4M0ff6W5 :ww 211 fflf--H1 f .Mn 'aw ghfltnp AW, 0 ,aff '95 'Y ff' , 3 V. fig ' i . 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" 9 . - .ln '- ' V. v - 'Q 1 , - X if ,- Z :u,,:' , ' f Q 7 I f 5 0' 'tffv r x .1 HX' A ,, ,Q A ' ,I "f ' A, ,M 4 - ,L 5 ,QQ 4 I ,, vm- A uf' . r , 1' 'Q ng MW.: We 2 .sl i-...J 31. W 1 J Wal' 'V w W ,V-nf' Qwl.-x ' A 9 'Ss Y A421 Aa., Qnfmfynf? fifbfgfvf . K Y- K f M,"xf1lf I' "X f 0 'f J , I f" f V 5 1" "4 " . 1' Q I I l The Senior Claes wishes to thank these friends for their oatronage This annual would not be ooesihle witkout the financial suoport of tke following JOHN HUNT VILT BROS DAUN D V SMITH ADANS LYDIA NAGES PETE ICKMAN BUCKLEY Ik GALLS BERT GREENDLIT G C JAEHNING CHAS MACHACEK DR J R LE Z RED OWL AGENCY E R FESENMAIER FARIERS GRAIN CO FARMERS STATE BANK DOLLIFF LUMBER CO C H LITCHTENEGER MORTON NEQCANTILE CO MUNICIPAL LIQJOR STORE I I I A I L o w 1 Y 0 E. H. 0 110 E. G. . X .4 XII T E. W. V ' Y E. N. 'W 1 . 4.4 Y I I 0 'N I I U . 'Q I I T "" ' vi ' 4 I I C 4 Lp , ' T v ,

Suggestions in the Morton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Morton, MN) collection:

Morton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Morton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Morton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Morton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 41

1944, pg 41

Morton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Morton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 41

1944, pg 41

Morton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Morton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 8

1944, pg 8

Morton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Morton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 38

1944, pg 38

Morton High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Morton, MN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 36

1944, pg 36

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