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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1922 volume:

G N liiilnllillllilllllllllllllljllllllljlill 3 1833 02519 5279 (Gc 977.202 R41rha 1922 Oliver P. Morton High School j (RICHMOND! InD. ) The PIERIAN THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIALN MORTON HIGH SCHOOL P» " r i, The " Pierian " a comedy-drama in fii-e ads, of life in Morton high school during the gear nineteen twentg-tico. Shadows and Leaves T ' hrough the trees the shadows lengtheii As the seasons cojne and go, Casting figures on the building Swinging, swayiiig, to and fro. Like unto the changing classes. Here today, tomorrow where? Leaves are falling, leaves are drifting. Some fall here and some fall there. Here ' s to you, O passing Senior! ' Neath the shadows, cast a tear. Some day this will be a mem ' ry, Just a dream of yesteryear. 117 i: i iM ) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi | yOPVlSOW- As a?! expression of our appreciation of his enthusiastic support of all things for the betterment of the school, we, the Class of Nineteen Twenty-two, respectfully dedicate this, the Thirteenth Volume of the " Pierian " to Thomas Olin Cantvvell - - I ' Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM) | XoRMAX HuEFFER. I:d tl i r-ii:-C liicj Prologue ' fi 6975 m LL. here it is. Tiiis is the book. We bei an on it witii our heads in the clouds to make it the I ' .est Rver. We ho])e it is not the Worst liver. It is our hook, and we do not apologize for it. It could be better, and we have not done our best, but we have -[corhcd hard. You are the judge. Be your own censor, — take the scissors and eliminate the part objectionable to you. Should it entirely fall below your expectations, it will be useful to prop up the short table leg. or start the fire on a cold morning. We have laughed and cried over it, loved ami hated it, praised and cussed it, and, we will not undertake to ])ublish a garden seed catalog or a i)atent luedicine almanac now. I ' irst . ct ' . King U]) the curtain! The EuiTOKS, - w The path to glory is sure hel I (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi | The Board of Education Charles W. Jorhax, President H. Ray Robinson, i-rn ' acv Walter Reiii, Tr W. G. Bate. Sul criutciuic To a Young Man THE great were once as you. They whom men magnify today Once groped and blundered on life ' s way. Were fearful of themselves, and thought By magic was men ' s greatness wrought. They feared to try what they could do : Yet Fame hath crowned with her success The selfsame gifts that you possess. Then came a day when tliey Their first hold venture made, Scorning to cry for aid. They dared to stand to fight alone. Took up the gauntlet life had thrown, Charged full-front to the fray, Mastered their fear of self, and then Learned that our great men are but men. The great were young as you. Dreaming the very dreams you hold. Longing yet fearing to be bold, Doubting that they themselves possessed The strength and skill for every test, LTncertain of the truths they knew, Not sure that they could stand to fate With all the courage of the great. Oh, Youth, go forth and do! ' nu. t(Mi. to fame may rise; " ou can be strong and wise. Stand up to life and play the man — You can if you ' ll but think you can ; The great were once as you. You envy them their proud success? ' Twas won with gifts that you possess. — lidgar A. Gi - W " A little learning is a dangerous thins Page six (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) | Xtt rmnnaut iCurilr (Sl urmau Srrembrr 21. 1921 President Travel club ' 21; Girls ' S. B. C. •21; Senior basketball team ' 21; G. A. A. Scout ' 19: Pedestrian club ' 20, ' 21; Com- mercial club ' 21; Dramatic Society ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; " Frenzied Frolics, " " Pinafore " chorus. (Snii rails mir lmlr imcB: but utr Insr tint mlinlly what Hr huth aiurn; ahrji liur nit rartli in thniiiiht aiib r ll. aa trnlji aa in Uraurn. — IHlitttifr. W) AmuiBl ir, 1U21 - w The Last Enemy Shall be Death. Page seven I (M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M) | - ? M ™ S S 1-: c 5 0, o, a _2i Hi - -[ The Faculty is a necessity. I ' age eight iM) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM» Morton High School Faculty 11. C. Cline, Pnncipal John I " . Thompsiiii. J ' icc-Priiifipal Donna I. Parke, Dean of Girls Dorotln- (i. Korves. Secretary Raymond L. Donaker John F. Thompson T. ( ). Cantwell EUa Hildebrandt Eunice ISrokavv ev En lish Herman ( ). Mak Anna L. Fin frock Inez Trueblood Flora Rroaddus Mary [orrow Marion Mains Donna 1. Parke I lelcn Shurtleft " Fine .h-ts I ' .lanche E. W ' aite Joseph E. Aladdy Juhet Xusbaum Study Hall and Library Florence Ratliff Helen L. Bentlage Soeial Science Shannon D. Xeff Blanche Doran Don I. Frace Physical Rdueation Harold Little Marie Kanft ' man .l , ;( ' ;;«( c.s- Alartha W ' hitacre Wihna Craft O. ' . Nicely (Irant Stenger Edna Jay Poreujn Laiuiuaijes Elma L. Xolte Julia Stevenson Elizabeth Smelser Alarie Thorpe Anna I ' .ra.llniry Connnereial (1. H. Clevenger Jesse Griffith Mrs. W. R. Teaford Tressa G. Sliarpe Helena Sntton Practical Arts LeRoy Sellers Daniel ' an Etten (ieorge Thomas Horace Heaton Elbert A ' ickery LeRoy Gibbons Floyd Schlauch Emma Bond Myrtle Holmstrom X ' irginia Junes - w Teachers, like Fords, give the most service for the least money. Page nine (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM A Message to the Class of 1922 You are the first class to leave me as principal of a high school and I am feeling for the first time the mingled pleasure and pain that the head of a school experiences when he attempts to say God- speed to a graduating class. Two things I have to say to you. The first is the concept at the basis of the modern philosophy of education, which says that learning is living. This refers to your past pretty largely — to your school experience. The responsibility for its ob- servance is largely with the school. We have tried to allow you to live whole- some, natural lives while in school. We have tried to make your school life so varied as to bring to your knowledge your natural abilities and your needs, and to show you how to develop the former and to satisfy the latter. As life is a thiny of myriad processes and forms, so we have tried to surround you with a great number of such situations as arise in real life, to guide you in learning how to re- spond to such situations, to permit yuu to form habits that will stand you in good stead in all the future, to give you some information as to the world in which you live and to show you how and where to continue tlie Quest for further information. The second word I would leave with you is that living is learning. Just as living should not be postponed until the close of school, so learning should not stop when school days are over. This is a matter of the future, and the responsibility is largely yours. You should continue to learn, of course, because you have not yet learned everything and because it will be to your material advantage to know as much as possible. But if you are really to lizr, there is a more important reason for continuing to learn. They to whom life is empty and narrow, — for whom it means nothing more, are not those who have tasted all of life, for that is impossible, but those who have ceased to learn and grow in their capacity to understand, and, therefore, to enjoy living — those whose today is no different from their yesterday, and who are looking forward to a tomorrow no different from either. Just what should you do? You should have found from your school experience that part of the world ' s work that you can best perform — make that your vocation and pursue it with all your might. But do not stop there; you might do all that and still live a very narrow, comparatively useless, life. Develop yourself also along different side-lines — have " hobbies, " avocations, indirect interests, that will divert your mind, fill your leisure hours, keep you open-minded, make you an intelligent member of a complex society, bring happiness to yourself and large usefulness to all your fellows. E. C. Cline. - w Never too old to yearn. Page ten iM) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM - Pies benw. Footliall 2), 21, Track ' 21, Second B •20, M club ' 21, 22. Hi ' 20, ' 21, 22, Student Council 21, 22 Athletics, and Sam run together Aside from being a leader in all sportb the most popular senior, and president of his class, " little " Samm doesn ' t amount to much Elizabeth P. Bell — Academic Orchestra ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; French club ' 21, ' 22; Etiquette club ' 22. Elizabeth is an able violinist, unassuming and reserved. Whether her brown eyes are truly de- mure nr hiding mischievous thots, we can ' t figure lice Eb — Cowmeuial G. A. A. ' 20, ' 21 me cial ub ' 21; Pinafore " chor us; Gir s ' S. B. (■ •?.2- iris ' Gle club ' 22; Bas eiiall ' 2 2; Dram So- ety ' 19; " The Charm School. " The nun erous admirers of fair Alice ha VP iled asking that a rty pike as far car line be own Libe as Mi s Eby ' s home. Jun Thomas Schumaker — Academic otball ' 21, Capt. ' 22; " M " club ' 21, Pres. ' 22; letball ' 22; Orchestra ' 19, ' 20, ' 22; Student icil Pres. ' 22; Tennis team ' 19, ' 20; Vice-Pres. nd Senior classes; Hi-Y ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; afor( Tommy ader, a heart all around good fellow. Virginia Livingstone — Acad Novrrac ' 22: C ' club ' ' 20; Latin . ! Ginny, our Ji, faculty and il 22; Commercial tiquette club ' 22. es high with the uture hopes are Lois B. Edwards — Academic Noyrrac ' 21, ' 22; Girls ' S. B. C. ' 22; French club ' 21, ' 22; Pedestrian club ' 21, ' 22; Etiquette club ' 22. Toddy is another pretty senior, independent, cheerful, and good natured. Wendell M. STANL . l-.nlmnr Student Mgr. •22; Footli.ill _M; Second B. B. team ' 20; Del.,,lii ■ , ■22r ' ' -M ' " " clilb ' 22 Htv " ' j- ' T 1; ll i 1 ' ; " PIERIAN " ■22; " The Charm Schu..!. " In 1920 Wendell came here from Ridgeville. Since then he has won honors in football, scholar- ship, oratory, and held down responsible posi- w The pedigree under your picture Page " t buy buns for the babies. iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN Ml - FIERI ' N 2(1 21 fditor 20 21 Student Council 22 h 22 Spanish club 20 21 Philathea 21 22 Hi V 19 20 Dramatic Society 19 20 ice Pies 21 22 Mikado Pinafore The Florist Shop Miss Lnilization Frenzied Frolics The I nsiiincN QueFehcidad The Charm Schi rI lues behind the footlight; KI- desk M RTH E Eggeme No rrac 22 Spanish chil. quette 22 Girls S B C „ 22 ( iris dee club 22 Ft nd the PIE , nil, Harding was alive sixty minutes per hour mini mim during the year he Hmnced the PIERIAN Before that he managed the Register success fully put over big parties broke many hearts and kept the second floor loafers in a good humor (Fle also tainted our pure ofhce air with the iroma of burnt cabbage from his hod ) LouibE Spalding — Acadcmu Cirls SBC 22 i tic Society 20 Cc IAN 22 Pmafor. Janice Meredith — Household Arts Pedestrian club ' 22; Etiquette ' 22; Ci. A. A. You ' ll know Jan by her goloshes fla Carl W. Amick — Academic Miriam E. Little — Commercial Basketball ' 23, •21, ' 22; Pedestrian club ' 21, ' 22: Dramatic Society ' 20. Miriam, our athletic brunette, intends to be a nurse, but we expect there will only be one " Sieckman. " Allan Campbell — Academic Debating team ' 21, ' 22; " M " club ' 21, ' 22; Phila- thea ' 21, ' 22; " Frenzied Frolics; " Di-amatic Soci- ety ' 21; " The Charm School. " Mr. Campbell is fond of tennis, debating, and w " My Ambition is to look like my photograph. " Page thirteen € (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M L ' rances M. Garrett — Academic Student Council ' 20; Orchestra ' 20, ' 21, French club; Pedestrian club. Shorty, although one of the smallest mem of our class, has proved that some of the ni things come in small packages. Eugene Messick — Commercial Mary Fra Student Council ' ,- " , ' - i i .. : ' ■ .1 -- ii, C. ' 22; Pedestrian clii ' . .1 ■ • " lety •21, ' 22; Latin cIuK ■.■!, A.I !..!. J.-: ' ,,.chus Malorum; " " The Con.spiracy ; " -Mikad,. " pianist We seldom find a better all-around girl than Mary Frances. Pretty, popular, and hard-working. Robert Rethmeyer — Academic Student Council ' 19; S. B. B. C. ' 22; Spanish ub. Ye shall kn MuRREL Hamilton — Academic Ralph Ewing — Academic m is a likable chap, always ready with rk that will bring down the house. Is i chicken business at present. Irene J.arr. — Academic Ralph was imported from Shelbyville a year ago. Now he handles Maddy ' s baton like a professor. He deserves credit for his selling campaign that made the Nashville trip possible. Gladys Longenecker — Academic Septette ' 22. Irene is the pride of M. H. S., winning first honors through her scholastic ability. She also French club; Gladys is - W Morton expects every man to do his daddy. Page fourteen (M THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN iMi DuRuTnv Sims — Conuncrclal Commercial club ' 21; Travel club ' 22; Etiquette Dorothy COYLE- -Com Gir Latin s ' s. lub B. C. ' . •20. 2; Pede strian Dot of Gr ic %on friendl little rish la Doro heard " their cc hy gi in late " the person seen bu al w rite s get Charles Yeager- -Coini crcial cLl 1 C. ' 22; Hi-Y B. team ' 21. ' 19; " Regis ter " ' 22; Capt Char a good wallop tin is a happygo jo ' th paws. " " lucky yap. who car packs a ae for Thomas Noland — Academic Football ' 20, ' 21; Basketball ' 22; " Register " ' 22; Track -21; Second B. B. ' 21; " M " club ' 21, Vice-Prcs. ' 22; S. B. B. C. ' 22; Science club ' 20; Latin club ' 20; Spanish club; Journalism club ' 21. Tnnunv is an all-around athlete, despite his size. And Tommy is right there with the ladies. Zelma Slade — Commercial Pedestrian club ' 18, ' 19; Dramatic Socie .., Z_sk« ■ - - - ■ ' 20, ' 21 ; Slats has a great propensity for basketball. Daniel E. Van Voq his— Academic Athleney ' 21; Wireless club ' 20; " Sacchus Male rum; " " The Conspiracy. " After a semester ' s absence, Dan returned t( graduate. He continued his usual practice 01 burning the morning petrol and expanding hi; Pauline Thomas — Academic Pedestrian club ' 20, ' 21, Mock Trial; Philathea Noyrrac ' 22. Pauline ' s friends are the teachers, sharks, and the Honor Roll brigade. 5]- - " Caps cover a multitude of fools. Page fifteen • Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) Richard Peed — Academic S. B. B. C. ' 22; Hi-Y; Phllathea •21. ' 22; Capt. Second B. B. team ' :9; Dramatic Society ' 20, ' 21, ' 23; " The Conspiracy; " " Miss Civilization; " " The Charm School. " If you ' d like to meet a regular guy, let us introduce you to Dick. He has a deep-set, piano- la voice upon which he is fond of playing. LuciLE Tauer — Academic Girls ' S. B. C. ' ZZ; Pedestrian club ' 21, ' 22. Lucile means to brighten up the Earlham cam- pus next year. Had a hard time getting through without giving it away that Earl is her brother. Benjamin Ahl — Academic S. B. B. C. ' 23; Latin club; Philathe rharm School. " If you have gone through Centerville the of I other I:milding the Sunshine K T--Coiiniici- Commercial club ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; Travf Pedestrian club ' 21; Etiquette ' 22. Sunny was well named. Her chief to have a good time down at the skatin Emeline Wagner — Commercial Trav rclu " club ' 20, 21; 22; Girls ' Glee c Pedestr lub ' 22. an club We harclly and n know Emeline, I)ut she seems q Dora E. Stanley- -Co III II cr ial Bas Girls ketball S. B. ' 21, ' 22; Pede :. ' 22; G. A. A. strian c lub ' 21. Luella Masters — Academic. Vocational Latin club; Contemporary Musicians ' club. Lu and a piano get along beautifully. Don keeps her busy when she isn ' t turning sheet music. Ethel H ithavs— Academic - w Gosh, that test taxed my guessing abihty. Page sixteen (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M be seen tearing up A Street motorcycle, with one eye open for the speed [ui the other for one of his girls. Carries around a table five miles every night. Florence E. Wilson — Academic Reddo is doomed to stay in the buildi ears to come, — as our pretty office girl. S aken a special course from Miss Korves on i be busy, though married. " 22; Latin club ' 20; G. A. A. Sc Etiquette ' 22; Pageant ' 20, ' 21; " Frenzied Fr " Aunt Maggie ' s Will. " money for the privilege of seeing Betty dance, and then wait hours at the stage door to hand her the violets. Her name will look well in elec- HoMER Myers — Academic went? Am he gone? Never to walk up asp the paper tied with the pink ribbon. ■ in Feltman ' s Shoe Store. Mary Louise M. tthews — Academic iris ' S. B. C. ' 22; Pedestrian club; G. A. A. ind Lucile make a pair of queen Ag. th A Phelps — Com mercial G. A. A. ' 22: Basketball ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Pe lestrian club ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; My America Leagu. Mildred Mann — Comme ' rcial My America League, ' 18; Travel club ' 22; Com- mercial club ' 20, ' 21. Mildred is one of the kind who close doors be- hind them and do other sensible things that most girls pass up. Alice McGrevv — Commercial whose chief - w A Senior, in filling out his activiti( :luded iber of Methodist Church. (M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M Russell Brown — Academic Basketball ' 20; Track ' 21; Political Science ' 21, ' 22; Latin club ' 21; Athleney ' 21; Yell Le ' 22: S. B. B. C. ' 22: Hi-Y ' 20, ' 22. That handsome red-haired yell leader is I Sure, he ' s a real Euy. You can find out i about him in the athletic section. Margaret Lloyd — Commercial Margaret ' s list ( ' " " " to make friends, and laughs on ont Lawrence Lady — Acadcii nence drives a Ford taxi all nii school all day. Helps out on the Gladys M. Simpson — Con Before reaching high school Mi; ' The Call of the Wild. " Is as busy is a Swiss bell-ringer. Lets her Dorothy E. Finley — Commercial Noyrrac ' 22; Girls ' S. B. C. ' 22. Madge Whitesell — Commercial " The Charm School. " This little Hery-haired country dame holds a daily recitation at the Ninth Street entrance. She studies, too. A little matter-of-fact miss, who can write and who plaved an old maid in the senior play. Re- member the " Old Maid ' s Corner? " Helen Semler— .-icarffoiic Pedestrian club; Girls ' Glee club -U; " Mika- do " chorus; " Register " ' 22; Etiquette ' 22; Travel club ' 22; Commercial club; G. A. A.; Art club. Another member of the Red-headed Society. Rather prominent in school activities and is Don ' s Elizabeth TvKiiw— Commercial Pedestrian club ' 22; Commercial club ' 20, ' 21; Girls ' Glee club ' 22; Travel club ' 22; G. A. A. ' 20, ' 21: Etiquette ' 22. She wants to be called " Betty. " But all jokes aside, one of our firm foundations has been Liz- zie. Oh, there we forgot again. Some day Lizzie 1 will win a beauty contest and go in the movies. r don ' t have to bo to the circus to see queer things. (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN im7 S. B. B. C. ' 22 Athleney ' 21; . Bud is a natui born lover. Who hair or not ' , a poet, an arti vhether he must Vn.vah Clarke — Acadciinc t help wondering if that spelling of her e from Boston, However her looks and Paul I outs S B B. C. ' 22; Second Foothall ' 20, ' 21; Second B. B. ' 22; Hi-Y ' 20, ' 22; Latin club ' 19, ' 20. Presi- dent Success club ' 22. Doc has played everything on the Seconds except when it comes to friendshin with Don and the Sunday night ride to Twentieth Street. Helen Mashmeyer — Commercial Noyrrac ' 22; French chih ' 19, ' 20; Student Council •19, -20; Girls ' S. B. C. ' 22; Girls ' Glee club ' 22; Pedestrian club; Commercial club; " Mikado; " ■•Frenzied Frolics; " " Pinafore " chorus; " The Charm School. " Helen has a wonderful voice and also some dramatic talent. One of the ideal Dean Parke girls, and yet—. Margaret Smith — Academic Basketball ' 21, ' 22; Girls ' S. B. C. ' 22; Pedes- trian club ' 21, ' 22; Nature Study ' 22; G. A. A. Peggy is rather mannish, fond of all the sports, and loyal to old Morton. One of the boosters that boosts. Paul Stanley — Commercial Orchestra ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Band ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Wire- less club ' 20; Aero club ' 20; Political Science club Thelma Champion — Commercial Commercial club ' 20, ' 21; Travel chib ' 21, ' 22; Etiquette ' 22. Thelma was seriou sly ill during her senior year and we didn ' t get acquainted with her. (loing to be a stenographer. Mary Sprong — Vocational Music Noyrrac ' 22; " B " Orchestra ' 21, ' 22; Girls ' Glee Paul toots a cla He disclaims any student manager. ith Wendell, the - You may have more brains than a dog, but the dog is the happiest. Page nineteen — (Ml THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN M Latin club ' W, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Travel Juliet is a little too friendly to have Maurice Minnick — Academic Fat Minnick blows a French horn from astle to Nashville. A member of the hat made Morton famous. A good, steady C H ,- RLOTTE L OLVI N .1 illdcill IC irchestra ' 19, ' 20, ■21, ' 22; G. A. A.; Pedestr Nashvll Lawrence Peacock — Academic ch club ' 21, ' 22; Track ' 21, ' 22; Hi- 1. C ' 22; " Register " ' 22; J. X ' lOLET RVAN C0 ennis team ' 20; Pede lism club ' 21. Lawrence is an enthusiastic basketball and track fan. He took Public Speaking once, and made it a popular subject. Gerai.dine Pettiisone — Commercial C. A. A.; Commercial clul); Pedestrian clul). Jerry is as brunette as moonless midnight, ish Mu Mv America Leagi 19. Violet may read her personal in the Twent hree " PIERIAN. " Pauline Elliot — Academic Pedestrian club ' 20, ' 21; Etiquette club ' 2 ■rench club ' 22; Commercial club ' 21. Pauline now has her hair bobbed and is son ypist. In the Commercial Contest at Munc he was just one point behind the three winner ho were all tied for first, second, and thi, - W Hundred sixty-four pts. and a " frat ' is all the education girls (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) Helen R. St KW. RD—Ai rdcmU French club. You don ' t know Hele n very well She 5 studi ous, and will make a good teache . " Sil ent and Hazei. Bowers— Commercial Commercial club ' 20 •21; Etiqu ette •22. Hazel will soon own a little mi linery shop on Main Street. She is addicted t maki ng hat and taking Sunday w dks. ootb: Yell •22; Band -21; lU-Y ' 20, J1, ' J.; ' iTlKIA.V ' ' 22; " M " club ' 22. Brownie has done a lot of boosting for Morton with his drawing pen and his fast, cleated feet. Although a " preacher ' s son, " Lourie has never been terribly ornery (not so terribly). Iris Cook — Commercial Orchestra ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Commercial club; Etiquette ' 22. Cookie would like to I)e a nurse. She has played four solid years in the front row of the orchestra, and vmU nrobablv use a violin case for a first aid kit. EiiiTH FiENNiNG — Academic Edith likes art, and is a devoted supporter of athletics. She never misses a game at home or elsewhere, unless it is impossible. A good sport with many friends. WiLLi. M Mendenh.vll — Commercial Commercial club 20, ' 21; S. B. B. C. ' 22; Student Council ' 18; French club ' 22; Spanish club ' 2I . •21; Etiquette ' 22; Travel club ' 22; " Mikad.i " Bill snores out loud in class, but when awake never runs around with his cut-out open. Swartns with " Spike " Ward on his trips. Emm. Hoor — Ct cle, Emma has V NTZ — Com m ercial - - Love me little — love me quick. (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iMi loNE HeIRON Basketball ' 20, ■22; L; hoorjust " beca ■icadcwic Latin club ' 20, ' 21. sketball. She was on the Is ' basketball team. Besides student, which goes to prove avs have to be eased through you are an athlete. Hilda May Farmer — Academic . Orchestra ' 18, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21. ' 22; Latin club ' 20; avel club ' 22; Nature Study ' 22. Hilda May saws on a cello. She doesn ' t care Wants to Eula Eula Krouse — Academic lub ' 22. spring of 1921, so she itered Morton in well known. D( Made progress in her stl food ( Dorothy Ella Miller — Acadcmi, legister " 21; Lat y ' 22; Travel club Dorothy ELLA goes bur: lege fer, her M K i, HOIS— Uad.iiih M K( KH I ' .INri . 1-— C nmun ,h,I Travel club ' 22, 1-rench club ' 21, ' 22 Etiquette 22, Better Tvpist ' 21, I ummercial Mary hkes Math, not Matthew, but Mathe matics. She intends to be second only to Ma Whitacre when it comes to teaching it. Margaret is a Better Typist, in fact, she was sent to Muncie to the Contest. Will be a first- Rebecca Jane MARjiK—.lcadcmic the lunch room table. French club ' 21, ' 22; Pedestrian club ' 21, ' 22. Kathryn Gates— rocalioiial The class of Twenty-Two is going to replenish the supply of nurses, if the girls ' hopes come true. Becky would hie herself to Reid Memorial Kathryn can go about her business quietly, and create more stir than an ordinary thunder storm. •She can play the cello like Kennedy can run the Hospital at once. 1 hurdles. The more waist, the less speed. I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) | Lawrence Koehrinc — CommcrcM Lawrence has been too busy with his book- keeping to get acquainted. He is as serious as he looks. Hi Y ' 19 ; Span Rapid Calculatior Bus went with ised Russell Eb Wll-LODEA N StETLER — Co III III Commercial club ' 21; Pedestrian ch WiUodean is one of Miss Sharpe ' s a mall in stature because everything ■rcial Mavde Rebfj! — Academic Pedestrian club ' 18, ' W; G. A. A. ' 18, ' 19; Com- mercial club ' 20; Vice-Pres. Noyrrac ' 21, ' 22; Etiquette ' 22; Girls ' S. B. C. ' 22. Maude is one of the high lights in the Commer- cial department, and she has lots of influence with the faculty. Interested in the Flash lunch Merle_ belongs to the Detmer tribe. She pull a sleeping beauty stunt off ever; Famous on the basketball lineup. Ti—Coiiimcrcid nmcrcial club ' 2U, ' 21: lub ' 19, ' 20; Girls ' S. pulls fourth hour. Mark Schroeder — Commercial Commercial club ' 20. ' 21; Dramatic Society ' 21, ' 22; " The Conspiracy. " Mark has juggled stage props for years for the strutting players of the Dramatic Society. His crowning glory wa.s Prop Master of the Senior - - TTie early bird catches the blame. M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) Ruth Ketring — Academic Philathea; Latin club. When Ruth was in the Latin club, her dut; notify members that they belonged. She d ' ng history, uses four eyes and t Earl Commons — Coimnrrrurl eam ' 20, ■21; S. B l: • ' ■ ' I ' M I ' [ W Earl helped sell p.-i, n r,.i, ,1 dvertising space in I ' , : in f( M. RGARET Bourne — Academic Noyrrac; French club; Pedestrian club; Rishi. Margaret spends many moons in the library. LeWI! A?.HE—Acadc Movie Operator ' 22; Hi-Y ' 19; Spanish club ' 19; )ramatic Society ' 21. ng into the movie cab. Lewis is so hot, the girls ear asbestos mittens when they dance with him. Mildred H aa.s — ' ocatioiial Pedestrian ' 21, ' 22; Girls ' Glee club ' 22. Mildred plays the piano with as much ease as most people can take a croquet mallet apart. She has for an ideal the great Rachmaninoff. Beatric-e Keller — Academic G. A. A. ' 21; Noyrrac ' 22; Pedestrian ' 22; Girls ' Howard W. Klute — Commercial Commercial cb-b ' 21: Rapid Calculation •22: Journalism ' 22; Hi-Y ' 21. Slings sodies at the corner drug store. Has yellow hair and big feet. Opal J. Whetsell — Commercial Commercial club; Pedestrian club ' 21. ' 22; French club ' 21; ' 22; Girls ' S. B. C. 22. Opal likes a different date every night. She would like to have her hair bo ' ■ • • ■ mother wo - w Comparisons are odorous. — William Shakespear (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi Lowell Miller — Academic de many mistakes and this wa r and graduates n Lowell I Robert Davis — Acadcnuc Football ' 19, ' 20; Track ' 21; " M " club ' 20, ' 21 ' iZ; Hi-Y ' 20,_ ' 22: Etiquette club ' 22; S. B. B. C. ' 22; second cast. Marjorte Gault — Academic G. A. A.; Travel club; Kem Kraft Klul). Marj will be a designer of pretty clothes notto is: " Be conscientious l)Ut have a good Ruby Elliott — Commercial Commercial chib ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; Travel club ' 21, ' 22; Etia.uette club ' 22. Ruby is so good natured that she ' ll never care vhether we used her picture or not. She ought Miriam has a oersonahtv as strong as hote soap Her husband smokes cigars on the install ment plan If she isn ' t married now, she will b. when this book comes out. Paul A. Birchfie Orchestra; " Mikado; " Bai .School. " Paul never lived down the reputatio the " Mikado " as the passionate love gets to lu-aven he will ask for a flute ne of the muSKal U 1 i 1 Rudolph Oelklaus — I ' ocalioiiaf Ili-Y ' 22; S. B, B. C. ' 22. But?, is a quiet fellow, and different, in that (ants to teach. His suggestions arc always ni ith favor. Once he suggested that the hib take toothn i ' ggestcd that the B - w A feller never knows where he got a bad cold or a plugged dime. (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' M) Fred Clark — Academic Freddie is radio operator for the " Palla -Coy. Genevieve McDone Travel club ' 22; Pedestrian cHih ' 22 club ' 21; Philathea ' 22; G. A. A. Genevieve is pleasantly quiet, y good commercial student. She spen( Charles Fisher — Commercial Hi-V -20, -II; Rapid Calculation ' 22; Jour club ' 22. Charlie is such a happy, care-free little guv, that when Mr. Frace says " Zero, " Charlie .- ays " Naw, ten below. " He talks in a quick little way all his own, and is just as energetic as he Mary Louise Loos — Academic French club ' 21, ' 22. Mary Louise holds uo the scholastic end of the family, in direct contrast to her Drot ' icr, Uoss. She plays tennis better than Paul boxes. She will be missed by the faculty, — I . ml t,y the students. Shorty will soon be a full-fledg;d stenograph n some busy office. She is not over fifteen mi ites tall, but she makes up for it. Aui.RiE B. Ross- .;,( ( ' »(iV Colored lli-V -11, Pres. ' 20, ' 21; Du Bois Socie- ty ' 19, -20, ' 21, ' 22; Pres. Mecca ciub ' 11. Doc is a great credit to his race, and well liked iiy all who know him. He is bvi ' it, studiou.s. sur- ;jrisingly quiet, and can play h.isl;etball well. Esther Ja Frencl club ' 21, ' 22; Esther probably admires frai perfectly frank. We didn ' t kn couldn ' t ' write a personal. cadcmic 1 -21, -il- - w Some girls aren ' t near as bad as they ' re painted. (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M Paul Quigg — Academic " Pinafore; " Manager " Frenzied Frolics; " " clui ' 21, ' 22; Debating team ' 21; " Spreading atliea ' 22, ' 21; Hi-Y ' 18, ' 19, a self-important building. He has r tered in his life, s is generally liked. Orchestra ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, Noyrrac. The music department and biij c firm Smith-Johnson Co. is Alice. Sh Roy Johnson — Academic Three striking things about Roy are: his height, his smile, and his case. His height got him half-rate fares, his smile got him his case, Rhea Austerman — Academic Noyrrac ' 22; Girls ' S. B. C. ' 22; French club. Rhea takes her high school work and Gordon seriously. She goes at work as if night were coming. She is sad because Luker can ' t walk up the (Coliseum) aisle with her. KdBKKT 1I(1K h N- . l,-,lJcillii Err.ENK Hoggatt— ' ocatiomil Orchestra ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Band ' 18, ' 19, ' 211, ' 21, Chick talks slowly, laughs queerly, and majors Bob is lopsided from carrying his cornet caiie and his other one around with him all the time. in drafting. His name must be the saddest thing in his life. Works hard at being rough, but is too human. Ouick temoered, but ready to help. A future mechanical engineer. Francis Robinson— codcmiV Student Council ' 2n; Drum Corps ' 19; Orchestra ' 20- 1 iitin I ' VpT-rh ,iiil.- Hi-Y- Track ' 19 ' 23 ■21. -V- ■■s,„,l.,- M,l, „..,;■ " Frenzied Frolics; " If Bob had saved his Durham sacks, he could supply Ringling Bros, with a new tent. He ' ll Willi .illil. 11. . i- ,■ ,, . . no;, and good looks. awake some day to find that he has graduated from Morton High School. Hob tho,i„ht bntanv to hiivc .iml ,1 liinllic. Ill Cliiirlic, ' IK. 1 Why Girls le [ t (M» THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) Grace Chrowe — Commercial G. A .A. ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Commercial c Girls ' S. B. C. ' 22; " Frenzied Frolics; " Pe club ' 21; Dramatic Society ' 20, ' 21. Grace will introduce herself with a " Voi was? " She is happy, full of pep, himself Franklin Johnson — Academic French club. Meek, quiet, little Frankie has more fr than he realizes, lie served l)ehmd the co under Harry, back in the days of the (Them was the days.) Frankie studies, c and works a little harder than the average. BoNiTA Wilson — Commercial Commercial club ' 20, ' 21; Etiquette ' 22; Travel lui) ' 22. Bonita is engaged heavily in the sport of Short- and. She never hurries, and never loafs. Evelyn Ullom — Commercial Commercial club ' 21; Pedestrian club ' 21, ' 22; ;tiquette club ' 22; Girls ' Glee club ' 22. Evelyn carries a suitcase full of second-hand lang, which she dishes out to everybody in arge amounts. Harkins was in a picture with her nee upon a time. She is as lively as she looks. Noyrrac, I rench club, Sara sounds like a mind reader or Kring of the Noy Elden Hoos — Academic S. B. B. C. -n; Kem Kraft Klub ' 21; Science club ' 20. Elden clerks in a grocery, talks up around the fourth floor, lived in the chem lab, and made the second football team last year. A little more beef Wesler Scull — Academic Debating team ' 21, ' 22; Student Council ' 20, ' 22; Orchestra ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Band ' 21, ' 22; " M " club ' 21, Philathea ' 21, ' 22. Latin club ' 22. the sky terrier of the Ch( Very reserved :heniistry De- lerate. Slides - W Pajamas are two-cylinder nighties. (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M Philathea ' 22; Noyrrac ' 22; Latin club ' 20. ' : ■ ' Sacchus Malorum; " Art club ' 20; Etiquette cl ' 22; French club ' 22. What Irene lacks in size, she makes up for swimming. A very good student who is planni to be a missionary in some jungle of India, soft-spoken, independent, and holds herself alo Bern ICE We.wer — Coniincrcial Noy Lois Hlbii.vrI) — .laidtiiii club; Spanish club; Pedes Lois came from Lynn, seriously. On her list of " activities of the Sociology ( but what we should have let bly enter a medical school She takes activities s :lass. " We c it go. She ' Donald Hiatt — Academic S. B. B. C. ' 22; Second football team ' 21; Seco ;. B. team ' 21, ' 22; Morning League; Hi-Y. Don is a boon companion of Doc Fouts. Eliz.vreth McCormick — Academic yrrac; Kern Kraft Klub; Girls ' S. B. C, etball; Independent B. B. team ' 20. Betsy is going to teach gym. She likes :tics and yells with the Booster club. Ir anks of the Noyrracs. Friendly, cheerful, kes the other girls. Ion ACE J. B. Igie came from St. Andrew ' s to finish at Mort Every time his name is read for the attendar slip, school is dismissed for the day. lie alwa works like the teacher was watching him. Elmer, of the merry Irish cognomen, it with a flapper once, lie bumped int le hall. Elmer won ' t think this is a bi e ain ' t that kind. Marjorie Fulle — Commercial My America League ' 18; C. A. A. ' 18, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21; Pedestrian club ' 21, ' 22; Travel club ' 21, ' 22; Eti- quette club ' 22; Commercial club ' 20, ' 2L Marjorie is always interested, whether you want her to be or not. She carries a rapid-lire voice all over the building. Never misses a chance to make a speech before the class. - Two things in this life for which we are never fully prepared: Twins. w I IM) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' Ml I Lkussley — Academic •22; (iirls ' Glee club ' 22; Frencl she ther That " ! forgi Morris Cottingham — Academic Orchestra; Band; Spanish club; " Mikado. " Moses does a lot of running around for the Physics Department. When he isn ' t soaking the kettle drums or blowing fuzes, he is getting into kind of mischief. Has an over-developed of humor. hose girls that strolls around f good hims Belongs to the lan clul] gang and hikes about as much lathing beauties swim. Wants to work in Frank Asfalg — Commercial . ., , , , , M s, „,, Dick has made good in ocational Drafting and promises to be a credit to the Vocational Depart I ' l 1 1 1 J2 ment Called • Santa Claus ' by his advisory ■1 ' ; S, .nsjr Ln. Kritt ' klul, 21 1 In ,t e ' . " group " Frenzied I-rohcs, 1 acuity Advisor PILRIAN Doc mav be a big leader up at high school but at home he s married. The worthy sponsor of the l KtMrhK—!a lilt, n Senior class and about everything else. Studies We didn ' t want to publish an annual without out, takes the next train for Chicago. a picture of our real friend, Mr. Kemper. For a good many years he has done his work faithfully Ruth Harrington— Academic and well, besides going out of his way to help N.,vrr;,r ■ ' ;: AvI ,l.,l, ' 20; Latin club ' 20, ' 21: the students. If he has anv enemies, we never saw them. Helped the " PIKKIAX " out. 1 ' - • 1 " ' ■ -nit. Very refined ' and l.i ' l; 1- • . ■■■; - 1 " :;i I ' .L.kc ' s idea of a model -| The world is mine! It is - Commencement Day! Page th rty w (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (JVD 1921 M Review of the Season - THE Season of 1921 in football was the 1:)i,s:g;est ami most successful in the history of jMorton High School athletics. Confidence in Coach Stenger and his men was unbounded, and everyone felt that at last Morton was to feel the thrill of victory. Seven strong teams were met, out of which six were defeated, giving Morton the undisputed title of " Eastern Indiana Champinns. " Wilkinson Game Morton High downed Wilkinson at Reid Fit-Id. Earlhara, OctobiT 8th, by the score of 7-0. The maioritv of Morton ' s men were new. which accounts for the low score. No individual stars, hut everyone playing fast football. Octolier l. th. A Greene ' s nnntintr he Bluffton Game neyed to Bluffton, and defeated Knightstown Game Morton Hifih won her third same on Octolier 22nd. hv defeating Knightstown . on Reid Field, K, H, S. scored first with a drop kick, after which Morton held oval. Brown made a sensational 60-vard end run for a touchdown. Malone dese mention for the creditable way in which he handled the team. (Contimiert on r-iRe . ' S. ) Je a live one if it kills you. W I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) | C JrtAT THE ' j flip u ? T«»«C T - - O - W lootball should be settled by arbitration. r.iKH- th.rtv-lhrcH- I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M | CAPT. THOMAS SCllUMAKER-Half Back ' 21 ■22; Weight 155. Tommy is all that a good captain should lie A real backfield man with an educated toe and ! spirit that makes friends. Played his last garni for Morton. THOMAS NOLAND— End ' 21, -il; Weight 135. Tommy played on nerve and headwork insteac of brawn. Played a mean game with Sheridan JACK MATT(.)X.-Center -JU, 2 ' 1, ' ii; Weight 175. Energy showed us that a center could do more than merely pass the hall. Has seen three years RALPH KENNEDY— Full Back ' 22; Weight 160. Gabe made more improvement than all the others. At Sheridan in the face of defeat, he did his best work. One of the main men throughout WENDELL STA DDXALD Sl;. ILER— Tackle -il; Weight 170. can find Stanley in all of the a He made the one touchdown aga HAROLD MALOXE-( PAUL LOOS-Half Back ' 22; Weight 135. ick -ll; Weight 1 45. Hoss worked hard continually, especially gang. Fine work Elkhart. His nose knows. May be back i - - A high school is known by the athletes it keeps. I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iJVli | MAURICE MINNICK-Guard ' 22; Weight 165. VERXOX SPAULDING— Guard -22; Weight 175. Our big stone wall. Fat [ilayed good l»all stead- MAHLOX WALLS— Guard ' 21, ' 22; Weight 175. No, Sylvestre, this is not Ben Turpin, liut Wall- sie after he climbed out of a mix-up with Knights- town. With us next year, we hope. PAUL MULLIGAN— Left End ' 21, ' 22; Weight 155. Irish, the Uncracked Nut, made three touch- downs in the Decatur game, one after running over sixty-five yards. Two ribs busted at New- castle. Always happy. Waiting for the season rai6975 Wt ' ' " ■ ' " ' - ' i H Sm jHH m -f f t A ' " - ■ " ¥ - ' ii ' ' m STANLEY GREENE- Tackle ' 21, ' 22; Weight 195. Sam looks slightly hard-boiled here, but he got over it in time for the basketball season. A big, tine gridiron specimen. His punting won many times. Graduates. GORDON GAYLOR— Tackle ' 22; Weight 195. Luke, with the aid of 195 pounds of solid pig- DIKIE liUOVV.N In the Knights Rack -ZI; Weighl CLE-Tackle ' 22; Weight rnie played the entire - Our slogan for next year: " Wipe Sheridan off the map. w (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M ) | ' PlGrSKlN " TRIBE - High school without athletics would be like bacon withe -W (M» THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN iM) RED AMD WhITE. - -SUPfrR LEVLW I - The Comedy of Errors is never appreciated when put on by the home team. - I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM) | Football Elkhart Game Morton traveled to the northern part of the state and defeated Elkhart. October 29th, by the score of 15-0. Our points were made by two touchdowns, a goal after touchdown, and a safety by an Elkhart man. Three days rain had made this field a good swimming hole, according to Noland. The team received a wonderful " send-ofl ' " by the school when the train started for Elkhart, after which, as Spaulding said, they were afraid to come back without winning. Decatur Game On November 4th, the largest crowd of the season saw Morton wallop Decatur on Reid Field, 35-6. The game was featured by the wonderful work of " Irish " Mulligan, end, who made three touchdowns, one on a run of over 65 yards. Captain Tom Schuiuaker kicked five goals out of as many attempts. The Decatur gang was heavy and gained by line bucks, while M. H. S. resorted to trick plays, end runs, and forward passes. New Castle Game Over three hundred rooters and the band got to the Rose City in some manner to witness the defeat of Morton ' s old rival. Newcastle. The game was played on Maxwell Field on half snow, half mud. It will go down in M. H. S. history as a hard, well-earned t r T ici i had the 1 all on Newcastle ' s one-yard line, only to lose it on downs. I 1 the th rd q arter after long attempts to get the pigskin over the line, Malone carried t across. Mulligan was laid out with two broken ribs, but M rt n had the fighting spirit in her. Throughout the rest of the i linth teams battled hard to gain but neither was successful. 1 t n v - liad six scalps in her l)elt. Sheridan Game heartbreaking game must be written up as well as the thers. On November 19th, Sheridan Hi,gh defeated Morton at the Plav Grounds 13-0. Reid Field was in no condition for a game, due ti the heavy rain fall. Two serious fumbles on the part of M. H. S. paved the way t r b th of Sheridan ' s touchdowns. The Sheridan team admitted tl at Luck certainly was with them that day. They played good, clea 1 football throughout. Kennedy did some fine line plunging and end running. Al- though the season ended in a defeat, M. H. S. is Eastern Indiana I hampion. and the athletic standard has been raised considerably r tlio past. Coach Stenger is given the credit fur this success. The Season at a Glance U. H. S ; W ilkuiM.,1 Here M. H. S 14 Bluffton 7 There M. H. S 27 Knightstown 3 Here M. H. S 15 Elkhart There M. H. S 35 Decatur 6 Here M. H. S 6 Newcastle There M. H. S Sheridan 13 Here Total Points 104 Total Points 29 ■ ■ [ A guy can go through Newcastle high on one shirt. I (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) | Basketball The 1922 Basketball Season WHE tlio basketliall season opened, Coach Cirant Stenger had five veterans, and a wealth of new material with which to build a winning team. Morton played nineteen games, winning fifteen. During the season the team made four week-end trips of two games each, winning every game. Connersville was defeated on her own floor, 21-14. Our greatest rival, Newcastle, lost to us. Hamilton, Decatur and Dupont, of Louisville, were among those conquered. Decided improveinent in Morton ' s athletic standing followed the coming of Coach Grant N. Stenger to Richmond. Stenger graduated frotn Northwestern College, Napers- ville, Illinois, in 1921. He distinguished himself in all forms of athletics while there. he has had in chary.. The Season at a Glance M.H. S 21 M. H. S 46 M.H. S 24 VI.II.S 24 M.H. S 47 M. H.S 29 M.H. S 35 M.H.S 16 M. H. S 32 M.H.S 2S Milrov 2S Elkhart 1(1 Katon 16 Hamilton 17 LInion City . .19 Winchester . .12 Ridgevillc ... 1 Rushville ...21 Hagcrstown .16 Cnlumbus ...37 M, II. M. 11. M.H. M. H. M.H. Total 35 ■ 25 23 i 26 S 28 3 29 5 14 Pts, 534 Dupont (Kv.)21 Connersville 14 Decatur 30 Wabash 19 Spiceland ... 9 Newcastle ...21 Liberty 12 Brownsville .11 Connersville 28 Opponents ' 333 - - At Connersville game — " is the Christian here? Can ' t some one pray? ' (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M - But lo! The name of Lemuel Greene led all the rest! Page forty - (M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) CAPT. STANLEY CREEXE— Back Guard ' 21, ' 22. Sam has a smile like a rip in a circus tent. An able captain. He is cool headed and has kept many a team from scoring. His black hair and flashing eye get the flappers. Graduates, we regret DANIEL ROST-Forv Dan can hit the bas orking player who Has a wealth of be hard to fill. the hard- PHILLIP KESSLER— Fl tor in Ijreaking up a " t think basketball find of the season. DALE HARKINS-Forward ' 20, ' 21, ' 22. ILirkie prefers dodging to bruising and conse- ntly makes some goals. He is the fastest man ■ ' re (no, girls, you got us wrong), has the ell in hand, passes quickly and accurate- ently innd 1 MATTOX-Sub Floor Guard ' 22. 1 lin ' n!ilil lady ' s man of the squad. i i iMiir he makes a goal. In s I .— . ' 1 lii tivortte tooth, Energy never VERNON SPAULDING— Sub Back Guard ' 21, ' 22. large was on the bench most of the time, he shows his caliber. Out this year. THOMAS SCHUMAKER-Sub Center ' 22. Tommy has a full-pressure grin. That his play;- ing was of the same order, his opponents will testi- fy. He has never been afraid to rough it. Will be missed by everyone, including a certain little - -[|7 Tooth-paste factories pie Page forty-one § (M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' M | An " M " is more to be prized than much Greek and fine learning. Page forty-two (M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iMi n V .J Beeson, Reid, Khonle M. H. S. Second Basketball Team Second team distinguished itself in 1922 lefeating eight teams out of ten, including St teams as Dixon Township, New Paris, .wnsville. Coach Little is held chiefly re- le fur the success of the team. KLSSHLL BROWN— r.- Leader The leader of our Howling Gang has had some pretty tough luck. Back in the ' 20 liasketball season Kuss played a game and stuck right with the team all of the year. He did not play enough to get an " R, " When the football season opened, Russ was out in full .irmor, rapidly developing into a wonderful half back. The first game of the season was not far off. But in the practice scrimmage Russ got his collar bone broken, and was out of harness for all of the games. Although he never received a letter, Russ has worked hard for the success of all teams. He has always taken an active interest in athletics. ■ y spirit. Wliei Kiiss innue.lial - w Hit ' em high, — hit Morton, Let ' s go! I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iMi | Pen ' n Ink Sports FRIDAY NIGHT AHONG THE " COriiC PEOPLE " The whale gets in trouble only when he starts to blow. Page forty-four I (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN HVD | Minor Sports Tod Row— Coach Steneer, Malone, Rvan, Kessler, Manager Seller Mirirtle Row— Hol.son. Beck, Lutz, Hulicr. Bottom Row— Matthews, IIodRin, Greene, Reid, Brown. M fi jfij M -Br i B— 1 1 " f , i 22 Morton Track Team The schedule : M. li. S. 31. Anderson 59 (there) MILS. 35. Connersville 64 (here) .M. H. S. 32. Tech. .Indianapolis 67 (here) Sectional Aleet at Connersville. May 27 M. H. S. vs. Muncie ( here) Morton Tennis Team The Tennis ' i -am defeated Conners- ville twice in 1 ' ' 21. ( iames are scheduled with Hamilton and Connersville for the coming season. Plans for a Tennis Tour- nament are being made in Richmond, but the I ' lRKiA.N ' goes to press before an - deti- nite statements are made. Baseball-1922 - The love game is never called off on account of darkr w (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M Girls ' Athletics Senior Basketball Team— Girls ' Champions Jiianita Detnier, F.. Cal t, lone Heironiimis. G. Alice El.y, F. Agatha Phelps, C. Merle Thistletliwaite. (i. Margaret Smith. C. Mildred Mann Miriam Little Amiah Clarke - - Everyone makes room for an athlete. Page forty-six I (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M. ' Publications THE REGISTER The M. H. S. Register, Richmond, Indiana A weekly journal published in the interests of the student body of Jilcirtim Hii h School. " ' ;od in the school print shop. edited by the class in Journalism a r.a ' 22, ism In Joint Editors: Irene Tana ' , Clayton Tackson ' 22; Toiirnalism Stai=f: L. Brown, Marearet Coe, 1922 Staff: C. YeaRer, Helen .Scm Khite, L. Peacruk. R. Banf?, (I, Managers: Gene Harding ' 21, and Instructor: Flovd Schlauch; 1921 lune Jarra, M. Hodgin, P. Qnigg; . jay, T. Noland. Betty Coate. R, - w Too many reporters spoil a scoop. Page forty-eight iM) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) " THE REGISTER 5! . " ' rr, MORTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL P„ " ' - ' ° ' »...„■■■ - u)««t« .ZT° ' Read your own hot dog fREMED FROI W IN c ni ny p,„ (0 ■ " " ' ms. ;:, ,„r ' " ' " t ' ni sten " Mlk ' Ann " " " ' -;. r )Ns ' " " " ■ ' ' " " hope to bnng home MIKADO A SUCCESS . V _ f - ' " L.h,„,lJwcrr Mc.e Than S6.00 PROFIT F V t T a I APARTMENT g ' ■ " S--::: " " mT Newcastle Smro ' tciner S§ EDITORIAL ' :LL0WS ask the girls ' THAT ' S on vour hip H ' 1 ' UK CAMERA SHOP meet meat M II I I J ' rmrnK„iy-r ' r , " ' ' ' ' ' " " Mewest models l Ji ,£ i mnmt to play ;|c, ,. . qw.. ,„„,„ to?) h.. sens ORCHESTRA nprpDc B FELLOWS ask the girls I c Find your place lost and fodnd 3 f Cj n„ r ( Fill it , PATRONS OF SCHOOL g SCHOOL IS, Keep the Co ,ea « fS °°«tt e SfNIOfiS Building Clean M Q f I " --■-■eh™,,. « gg " :nrr.os.sM. --; w . early bird league 2 1 " !S1 ' ' ' " P " " " " ' ' » « TEAMS S I " - ' " rON GHT I --«. ?-- .«. HOLIDAY SCHEDUIE !, ' ' SOloiSTS ro FIGHT ..- i tt ' ' ,;, FALLS TO MORTON 5 „!— " ' - " -«- " ' .- " ::- ;;v ,,e » JN fast contest " fA -H-S. mWS THRU v. . t- ' r . ' R?-?, j6 ' Winchester OurF-«St , t. " ?.tr. ' ,« Speeches END OAV -• f mm ON HONOR ROIL ' ' - 4 ' l., ;- -... ,,„, : : — : — : -[ Getting facts from a Register story is like unscrambling eggs. I (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M Press 1922 Pierian Staff .rmanHr cffiT. f i, W.ndell Staiil r-iu-chicf Manager Assistant liditor W alter Van Etten. Artist l- ' iuise Spalding, Tv yist L.iurie Brown, Exfloitcr I ' iarl Commons, Collector Martha Eggemeyer, Jokes T. O. Cantwell, Advisor The Register Herb Hotsenpiller Irene larra Eny ravings by Indianapolis Engraving Co. Printing Mfg. , - ,v by :nrris Hirshhur Makers of the Book - PI r ' riXG out an annual i.s not the tiling in the world. Tlie worst annual ever published required an unusual amount of time and work. . nd nn matter what the size of the staff, a few people always do all the work. Certain members of our staff ' literally tocik nft " their coats and sjot down id work. C ' ares have infested the days, and the nii,dit have not been filled with mu ie. I ' .tU they all came throus;h smiling. Harding, the biisiness manager, did some unusual things, lie raised enough money. He helped all he could on the editorial side. He sold more advertising than ever. He kept us from going in a hole. Stanley took the place of assistant late in the game. But he has worked with never-failing enthusiasm during the day and most of the night. He also helped on the business side. The Pieri.w this year is the result of co-operation between the two sides. The party of the ' third |iart was Walt anluten. (lifted with a good pen and the spring fever, Walt spent many unhapiiy lioiir away from the Alurray and Washington — drawing, drawing, drawing. In the eleventh hour we were helped greatly by 1 lerli I lotscn|iiller and his mighty pen. The three great unseen helpers were: Xicholson I ' rintmg - Mfg. C ' o., Indianajiolis Engraving Co.. and Rov llirshburg. . la - all three always gel the contracts at Morton. XUK HOEFFKK. Udltoy -12. Popular PIERIAN Editors are not. They can ' t. Page w (M THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN ' Ml I Debating M. H. S. Debating Team ALL wild arc interestt-d in . k)rton High School and in the mam- activities, musical, athletic, dramatic and forensic, carried on by the students here, are proud of the work of Richmond ' s De- dal in " ; Team this year. Debating is a worthwhile interscholastic acti it_ . Fo students of keen intellect it gives opportunity for the development of quick thinking and ready ex- ])ression Debating, like athletics, offers a challenge. It calls upon every student for sup])ort of our school team As coach of the Richmond team this year, I have cnjoved and appreciated the ready response and splendid coo])eration given by the four men on our team . esler Scull, Allan Campbell, Wendell Stan- lev and William Ronicy. I ' .. ' .M. DnUAX. Iust,-u,t..r in Public Stcoh-iiig. Ft Wayne Dual Debate Morton AH led Ihc .UK- the Lnilcil Sl,-iti-s should grant the I ' hilippiiu nil wi-nt to l ' " l. ' aMic. while the .Negative RlCllMOXl) ht. Waviie Morton ' I ramnhell and Scul - W Living next to a debater pleasant as sleeping boiler factory. § M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) | Oratory (0 Wesler Scull won the Knollcnberg Cup Contest in chapel on May 5, 1922, speaking on the subject " Crime Wave and Law Enforcement. " On May 19, 1922, Allan Campbell won the Nusbaum Cup Contest. His subject was " The Open Shop. " Irene Jarra and Wesler Scull were the speakers for the Senior Commencement on June 2, 1922. The subjects were " The Mariner ' s Compass, " and " Carry On. " - w Actors may strut and singers may scream, but orators rave on forever. Pngc hftvtwn (M ' THE TWENTY- TWO PIERIAN i M i Art The niivcle Race. The Art Section •hash. " ' I ' hc tnitli is. we- Uayv nollnn.i; tcr Art, so vc i a t iiod fxanipK- of had snaps. nialiTial. and arranging-. Her 1(ir v. - ' I beg your pardon, " said the convict, as the governor passed his cell. P.iKe I ' lfty-tlirec w (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M ' Dramatics I IK ill SCHOOL AUDITORIUM The evenings of Thursday, I ' Viday, Saturday, February ' , 10. ai two special Matinees on February 10 and 11, with a company in the leading roles. MORTOX HKill SCHOOL PRESENTS " The Mikado " The Japanese Comic Opera by Gilbert and Sullivan Under the Direction of Mr. L. Barton Evans. (_. ST OF Characters (Arranged in the order of their first appearanc Pish Tush, a noble lord. Morris Cottingham Nanki Poo. Mikado ' s son, disguised as a minstrel Paul Birchfield Pooh Bah, Lord High Everything Else William Romej Ko-K. d High Executioner Norman Hoeffe Yum Yum Rhea Crandall Pitti Sing Martha Plummer Peep Bo Norma Meloy Katisha, an elderly lady.. Helen Mashmeyer The Mikado, Rider of Jajian. . Keith Cruni Umbrella bearer Griffin T;. Gentlemen ot Japan — Messrs. Bantz, L. Brown. Clark, L. Davis, DeBeck, Ewing, Fitzpatrick, Harrington, Hinsky, Hodgin. Jay, Johanning, King, Klute, Mendenhall, Semler, Weiman. Japanese School Girls — Misses Collins. Critchctt, Kinert. Lobinsky, Land, Chris- tine I ewis. Dorothv Lewis. Livingstone, I.o.ifliourrow. Masters, McMahon, Sack- man, Semler. Shei)pard, Starr, Townsend. Principals of Second Company Pish Tush Roy Hawekotte Ko-Ko Robert Davis m ' uIU Marguerite Cox Peep 111) Madonna Newton The M ikadii George Krueger - w Everybody feels sorry for an amateur on his first night. I iM ' THE TW ENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' M ' | K-l Fce| Bo PWSTn « Yum-y ..Jifjiijii " TTirstr Ca-sf of tkc - Thret LttXU rO ' OS Pooh- P. ti- w,.f , -fi,, K ' T-rsKa H " f ovw School — Bah s. j- ) KM o ji Actresses will happen even in the best of families. W (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M The Mikado ACT I Exterior t)f Ko-Ko ' s Palace. The Courtyard. .ACT II Same as Act I. Later in the day. Scenery by M. H. S. .Art Department. Properties by M. H. S. Woodwork Department. Electrical Effects l)y M. H. S. Science I5epartmcnt. EXECUTIXE ST. FK FOR MORTON HICH SCHOOL Mr. L. Barton Evans, Stapc Maiuuicr Miss . nna L. Finfrock, Assistant Stage .Maiiagi-r Mr. 1. E. Maddy, Musical Director Mr. S. D. Neff, Miss Emma Bond, Wardrobe SC.MMARV MCSICAL NUMBERS ' - ■■.An ' il ' Ha " Taken F " I ' ve Got " Comes a " Three 1- " Vouth . " Were Y. " To Sit " With A: . CT I l ' " li " ni ' ; Chorus of Men Irinv Minstrel I " Paul Birchfield .it . likailo " Morris Cottingham and Chorus .1.11. I kspair " William Romey, with Mr. Birchfield and Mr. Cottingham ve 1 Ji lurney ' d " Mr. Birchfield and Mr. Romey rom the County Jail " Norman Hoefifer and Chorus a Little List " Mr. Hoefifer and Chorus Trail if Little Ladies " Ch K I I Mill s.hnnl " Rhea Crandall, Martha Plumnur .ni.l . h- I liii- ■ Miss Crandall, Miss Plummer, Miss Mel-N .m I. K.i k.. I ' liKhted " Mr. Birchfiol.l .unl 11 Silcnr, " Mr. Romey, Mr. Hoefifer Mr. i Girls .Meloy kiimey landall n.nham Act •Braid the Raven Hair " Miss Plummer and Chorus of Girls ■The Moon and I " Miss Crandall ' Here ' s a Howdy-de-do " Miss Crandall, Mr. Birchfield and Mr. Hoefifer ' Mi-ya Sama " (Entrance of Mikado and Katisha) Keith Crum and Helen Mashmeyer ' A More Humane Mikado " Mr. Crum and Chorus " The Criminal Cried " Miss Plummer, Mr. Hoefifer, Mr. Romey and Chorus ' Glee " Miss Plummer, Mr. Hoefifer, Mr. Romey, Miss Mashmeyer and Mr. Crum " The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring " Mr. Birchfield and Mr. Hoefifer ' .Alone, and A ' et .Alive " Miss Mashmeyer ■Tit-W ' illow " Mr. Hoefifer " There is Beauty " Miss Mashmever and Mr. Hoefifer " l- ' or He ' s Gone and Married ■um- ■um " — l- " inale .- ct U. The Mikado " company played five performances without stop w (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM) MORTON HIGH SCHOOL PRESENT " Frenzied Frolics " An AlUschuol audcvil Paul Quigg. Stage Di, Norman Hoeffer, E. Maddy Musical II Meloy Company opened the bill with some clever songs and musical numbers. Little Miss Meloy featured the acl with her dancing and cute singing. Several at trac- tive girls did the musi- cal numbers well. FREMZIED ( FROLICS- JL VAUDEk ' LLE 1W % roughout ks with chem- )rogram. Th ' Schell assist mcing Mi Crandall audc Fitz, The Wizard, does a fair magic act very the act with his bright side talk. Used an assistant icals, small animals, and complete equipment. The third spot was held down by Miss Betty Morgan, who i She displayed her usual high-grade act of Terpsichore. Wonderful ability. She will go far. Three Merry Maids offered a strictly musica Mashmeyer sing well separately and together. M Morgan I. Bettye (Francis Robinson) scored He burlesqued the dancing of Miss Morgan with unusual aliilitw He also did some dangerous tumbling. Assisted by Malcomb Smith. " .A Pair of Lunatics. " with Allan Campbell and the late Miss Lucile Thurman. was an amusing farce, presented in an attractive manner. Dutch and Maggie, otherwise known as Paul Quigg and Marguerite Cox, put the big time stuff into the bill. Dutch sang well and drew the applause. However his songs were a little out of place. Maggie plays Jazzzzzz as no one else can do it. She also sings. Hoeffer and Crum, blackface and a straight, entertained with a song or two, and a lot of sidewalk patter. It be.gan with an interruption act. and ran fifteen mimUes. They worked hard for the headlining act. Ewing and His Jazz Hounds succeeded. Wardrobe aiul up-to-the-minute music. They put their stuff across the footlights. The feature was the trio, Mr. Romey, and the Misses Eggemcyer and Plummer, who sang pleasingly and danced in front of the Jazz band, N ' c Okie Facultie, composed of members of the faculty, gave a long and varied act. Packe rnmg - w Melodr makes the whole I iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M» | High school theatrics are uncalled for, but they arouse noise from the balconies. (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi " Mi " Six Times Nine " — The CirU discuss tlie qiicstio " The Dear Departed " — Mr. Merryweather (Franc " Capt. Joe " — The girls after the game. " MISS CI ILIZ.- T10X " By Richard Harding Davis Presented by Pul lic Speaking Class Alice Gardner Helen WetheriU Uncle Joe Hatch Norman Hoeffer Harry Hayes Gene Harding Brick Meakin Mnrrel Hamilton Capt. Lucas Richard Peed Policemen-EIden Hoos, Lonric Brown, and Law- rence Peacock. " CAPT.MN JOE " Presented by the Noyrrac Club Josephine (Capt. Joe) Alice Lemon Mildred Martha Eggemeyer Kate Florence Wilson Pat Mary F ' rances Churchell Sue Sara Kring June Powell Irene Jarra Team Girls— Miriam Jordan, Helen Roland, Eliza- beth McCormick, Irene Fcltnian and Ruth Har- Pres the ety Mrs. Slater Reba Morgan Victoria Bernice Meyers Mr. Slater Griffin Jay Mr. Jordan Benjamin Ahl .Mrs. Jordan Madge Townsend Mr. Merryweather Francis Robinson " SIX TIMES NINE " Presented by the Pedestrian Club Princess Dorothy Coyle Countess Alexis Blanche Miller Countess Yvonne Margaret Coe Freda Norma Meloy Lurine Bernice Meyers Mrs. Ilapgood Reba Morgan Winifred Grace Chrowe Lucy Margaret Livingstone Molly Helen Semler Amelia - Miriam Little Delia Marguerite Cox - w The Dramatic Society ' s contribution to the uphft of drama is a boost in prices. Page fifty-nine (M» THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M» Act I — Austin ( Norman Hoeffer ) inherits a girls ' boarding school, which Mr. Johns (Richard Peed) and David (Benjamin . h ) think le should sell, although George (Wendell Stanley) and the twins (Al- lan Campbell and Lewis . she lielieve he sliould take it over. " The Charm School " Play for 1922. The story re- lates the adven- tures of a young automobile sales- man, who, upon inheriting a girl ' s hoarding school from a maiden aunt, insists on running it himself, according to his own ideas, chief of which is, that the dominant feature in the education of a young girl of to- d a y should b e charm. Many hu- morous situations arise, and in the end the young man gives up the school to wait until the most precocious of his pupils reaches a marriageable age. " The Charm School " was first produced at the Bijou Theatre. New York City, toured the country, and later screened, star- ring Wallace Reid. EXECUTIXE STAI-K 1-()R THE SENIOR CLASS f - «■ T. C). Cantwfll SUuic Mamujrr j— . - ' " " - ' ' ' ■ " ' " " " -- Wendell Stanley Business Maiunicr J Mark Schroeder Properly Masirr mJj M Norman Hoeffer Waster MM M Elizabeth McCormick Wardrobe Mistress V H - w ' More action, Lionel, they ' re walking out iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM Act 11- The Senior CI of the Fairv School for Gi vote to return their homes, cause they arc be taught cl Ml■KRA • tiii-:atr[-: Wednesday .Matinee an,l l-Aenin-. Mav 31, ' U. THE SENIOR CLASS ol ' MoKTOX HK.H SCHOO ' ' The Charm School ' ' A Comedy l y Alice Diicr Miller and k..l:ert Mil With a Wee 15it nf Music hy jer.mie Kern Under the Direction of T. O. Cantwell. assisted hy Mr. A. To P.eKin With Miss t ' urtis . ustin Bevans Norman Hoeffer An automobile sales. nan with lUEA.S, which David Mac Kenzie Benjamin . hl A law student, considers unpractical, though George Boyd Wendell Stanley and so are Jim Simpkins Allan c:ami)bell Tim Simpkins Lewis . ' shc sidered spinning. Homer Johns Richard Peed is the guardian of Elise Benedotti Martha Eggemeyer The president of the senior class at a school presided over hy Miss Hays Helen Mashmcyer Wh,. is loved and fe.ired I.y all who know .Madge Whitesell Sally Boyd Alice Eby who is George ' s sister, anil M Uriel Doughty Alice Lemon I ' .thel Spelvin Opal Whctsel .Mix Mcrcier Charlotte Colvin Lillian Stafford Grace Chrowc Madge Kent Elizabeth McCormick Helen Williams Sara Kring Margaret Hill Lois Edwards Mary Powers Dorothy Coyle And it is hardly worth while to mention a Dots .Hilda Mav Earmer - lis soon as a girl gets in a play, she tries to look like a Movie Magazine Co w I (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) | Austin Eli-,c Sally Miss Curtis Miss Ilriys Act III — Elise ( Martlia Eggemeyer) is brousht back to the school. The twins are engrossed in Sally (Alice Eby). Miss Curtis (Madge Whitesell ) and Miss Hays (Helen Mashmeyer) are interested spectators. The Senior Play Committee T. (J, Caiitwell. Chaunian Alice Lemon Stanley Greene Francis Robinson Marv Frances Churchell Norman Hoeffer - W Popular yell for chapel: " We want I (M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM) | Music The " A " Orchestra Musical Season UXUOLT ' .TEDLV the year of ' 21 and ' 11 has been the most successful year the M. H. S. orchestra has ever experienced in the history of its organization. This is the first year the orchestra has been placed on a credit basis and as the crowning result it has achieved more than possibly any other orcliestra in the country. Under the capable direction of Mr. Maddy, the orchestra has been able to play in a very creditable manner a type of music never before attempted by high school orchestras. Its repertoire for the past year included such numbers as Wagner ' s overture " Rienze. " " March Slav, " " Fifth Symphony, " and other selections of equal difficulty. By practicing five hours a week the orchestra has been able to work up a greater range of The greatest event in all the history of M. H. S. music was the orchestra ' s appearance at Nashville. Tenn., before the National Conference of Music Su- pervisors. Early in tha fall of 1921 the orchestra re- ceived an invitation from Mr. Gedhart, Supervisor of I E M.iddv Director Music in Nashville, who had charge of the program ■ ■ ' ' ■ " • " ■ ' ■ ' " ' " for thg convention, to play before the annual conference of Supervisors. The orchestra members were enthusiastic over the proposal and immediately launched a campaign to raise the necessary amount to defray the expense of the trip. A series of concerts were given, but. as these did not net the orchestra very much, other means for raising the required amount were sought. The Starr Piano Company came to the rescue by offering to make a record of the orchestra ' s playing and to give half the proceeds to the Nashville fund. The orchestra played at the Company ' s local recording laboratory before the Christmas holidays and a record of two selections was made, namely: " The Red Man " and " In the Village. " The sale of the records, however, did not firing in the amount needed, so other things were tried. Princess Watahwaso was brought by the orchestra in cooperation with Fulg- hum ' s Music Store, and gave an orchestra benefit concert. The business men of Richmond also contributed largely to the fund so that by the week of larch 20 the necessary amount had been raised. The organization departed for Nashville on March 21. . series of four concerts was given before Nashville audiences and before the convention. The first was a concert at Hume-Fogg High School, the second before tlie Peabody Demonstration School, the third and best, before the supervisors, and the last for the children at the State School for the Blind, By its appearance before the convention, the orchestra won for itself the title of the " best orchestra in the country, " according to remarks made by many of the supervisors. Many of the delegates to the convention expressed the intention of working up a higher standard of music in their own home towns. The M. H. S. orchestra really did more than play for the music supervisors! — it set a standard which many schools will try to attain. . Dart of the orchestra had the valuable experience of playing in the supervisors ' orchestra which gave a concert for the people of Nashville on March 23. On the return trip from Nashville the members nf the orchestra enjc-ved a trip through Mammoth Cave. The Nashville successes of the orchestra were followed hv nianv invitations from cities in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Of these tlie invitation to pl.iy .U Columbus, Ohio, was accecpted. Morton has indeed great reason to be iirouil mI ' its " tb.inipioii ( Ircbestra. " Music is divine, but a tenor with sand in his voice box is a Public Nuisance. (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iJVH | - 3= r r § s ?5 -2 S S MM £■ = 1 rldttc ( olvin, Concert h(tcs— Edward Nus Paul Birchfi Thomas Scl !3 M ill 3 -a £ •§ = O ' - ' : -51 CO ; I S ' i ES c ilSij S i ZCiSs: 5(SlA :S ' 5i ' p " t:H-ii ,a .a;o-?C ill 11 : uj ; oi Lxj : -1 ' The best hia;h school orchestra in the country. " Homer Rodeheaver I (M ' THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN iMi | 4 ThE- NASHVILLE- TR.IP ' " - Jfj| jg School SSOrchestrs m mmmmmm mmmmm w - When the bunch got back from Nashville they walked like globe-trotters. (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) ' nf i_ :- M. . S. ' ' B " Orchestra ( )riranizeil 1920 M iss Juliet Xushaum. J. irci-trcss IJernicf Richards, (. ' .m ct t Master F nV J ' iolins — Cello,— Tuba— Bernice Richards Kmily Rol)erts John l ' " ancher Pauhne Arnold Irma Weaver Thelma Shellenberger Piano— Mary Minnick -iohr— Morris Mendenhall Richard Finley Carolyn Nice -Marv Sprong llelen Kiciiorn Gaar Davis Clarinets — Bassoon — Maurice Longfellow Elgar Hopkins Lucik- Moorman Walter Rinehart h ' ned Lurine; SccomI r iolins— Ruck.lph Cliase Flutes — Clara Hubcr. Priiicif al Thelma Sullivan John Farmer Victor Turhune Conu ' ts- Horton Cowles Edward Nusbaum ( leor e I ' ilsrim James Mulligan i ' aul i ' .irchfield Lester Strader Drnnis — Byron McKee J-rnu-li Horn — William Scliroeder n Mildred Minnick Morris Coltingham n The clarinet is hard to play and hard to listen to. 3 (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' M M. H. S. Band T ' aul Stanley Marion Thomas Raymond Conley Maurice Minnick Maurice Longfellow X ' ernon Spaulding Xorman Sliellenljergci R()l)ert Hornaihn- Ralph i ' .wing. Hand Leader J. !•:. Maddy. Director Paul r.irchfield Roland Fancher Wesler Scull Morris Cottingham Warren Cottingham Roland Kemper John [ " anchor " Wilham Mar-hall llnnu ' ll A bel James Mulligan Donald Chenoweth Willard Crandall Donald Murray Richard Crawfortl William IVnery ( leorgc I ' .cam Wahor Kinchart The Apollo Chorus - W If you ha ived near a cornet-player, you can stand anything. (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M - Girls ' Glee Club [uliet Xusbauni, Music Mistrrs Alberta (iossett. President Rhea Crandall, Secretary Helen Riilaml, Treasurer w The opening number of a Glee Club will clear the aisles of a crowded house. I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi | s::: QJ y " » :§ - — —c S m :t SB B Sm. M Uk m % I S r- 5d hTS ' E ' l i ' " " ' ! 9 -! IS E T k fi[i! HB liiV . . .. SS _ Q o - Be a senior, my boy, but don ' t run for the PIERIAN job. w iM- THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN iMi o o - There is invariably one killing wit when the group is being taken. - (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN Mi V3 a - -[ Insignia: The bottle and the pin. Cla Page se Song: " The Wearing of the Green. t (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iMi Council V 9 ' mk mMM M. H. S. Student Council ( )rs-anized I ' llS lioiiias Scliuinaker. President Harold Alalone, Vice-President Marv 1-rances Churcliell. Seeretiir [ : rl;ER Principal E. C. Cliiie, Adi ' isor Thomas Schumaker, Captain iMxitball team. Harold Malone, President Junior class. Alary Frances Churcliell, Representintj Senior class. Phillip Kessler, Captain Track team. Grace Eggemeyer. Representing Soph- omore class. Wesler Scull, Debating team. Frances Sheppard. Representing l ' " resh- man class. Wilfred Jones, Tennis team. Carl . mick, P.asehall team. Reba Morgan, Pres ident (i. . . A. Marguerite Co.x. Representing Junior ( lenc Harding, Representing Senior class, Wendell Stanley, Student Manager. Xorinan Hoetter, iulitor " i ' lERi.vx. " Richard Coons, Representing Sopho- more class. Stanley Greene, Captain Basketball team. Wanda Mahan, President Sojihomore William . l iresentint; P.ernice Richards, l ' re id nt of 1-resh- man class. X ' ernon S])au1ding, President ( )rches- - - An all around feller gathers no moss. Page seventy-three |] iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iMi | Wearers of the " M " ' •M " Club ( )r ianize l 191 ' ) Tlionias Scluiiiiaker, President lnnla Xolan.l. nee-President Paul Mulli.iran. Seeretary X ' ernou Si)aul(liiig. Treasurer Letter Men Stank-y .reune ernoii Spaulding .Mahlon Walls Diinald Semler .Maurice .Minnick I ' aul Lu is •rii..mas (.lau l Ik-rnai-d Knliulc Ralph Kcuurdy l.duric llrnwn Thiimas Schuuiaker (. ' lordoii (iavlor lack -Mattox Wendell Stank ' 3 Paul Mulligan Harold M alone Daniel Rost Dale Harkins Robert Davis Phillip Ke sler Allan C ' aniplicll Wesler Scull Jean Graffis William Romey Paul Quigg - - Men of Letters. I ' agL- seventy-four M THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN Mi Carry On ! Noyrrac Club .Miriam jordon. J ' ycsKiciil Maude Reber, l ' ic-i--I ' rcsi(lfiit l- ' lorence Wilson, Sccrrtary-Trrasiircr Donna I ' arke, S ' l uiisor .MKMr.KRS ' irginia Livingstone I ' lcatrice Keller Dorothy I- ' inley Lois Edwards r.etty Morgan Lois Hubbard Margaret Bourne Miriam Jordan Sara Kring Mary Frances Chu rchell Rhea Austerman Maude Reber Alice Lemon Ruth Harrington Elizabeth McCormick Irene Jarra I ' auline Thomas Florence Wilson Helen Roland Irene Fcltman Martha Eggemever Mary Sjjrong Alice Smith MF ;ERS i-or xi ' .xr i-: r Marv Alice Collins Reba Morgan Marg aret Ewan Alice Palmer Anna Hale Margaret lloUingsworih Virgi nia Harris i- " -dna Sausman (icorgia Healy Anita Sudhoft irgi nia Hodgin Ethel Tillman ' era Kinert Queen Webb I ' .nu ' l vn Land Doris Weesner Lncih ;■ l.oofburrow D.n-olbv Wbctsel lie Mcl ' Mary Kallnvn ■onnglU■sh An ugly girl alius takes a swell photc [ I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM Drammer Dramatic Society ( )rg.-inize l T ' lO Reba Morgan, President Norman Hoeffer, I ' lcc-Prrsidc ' itt Alice Lemon, Secretary Martha Eggemeyer Mary Alice Collins Alice Lemon Rhea Crandall Georgia Healy Grace Chrowe Lucile Thurman ( d ACTix ' E membp:rs Marguerite Cox Bernice Meyers Irene Jarra Thelma Thomas .Madge Townsend keba Morgan Lourie lirovvn llenjamin Ahl • ranci Robinson William Rnniev Griffin Jav Keith Cvum Ricliard Peed Paul Quigg Roy Hawekotte Allan Campbell Xor lloelTt -Mark Schrocder ( Proji. Maste Miss Anna L. Fin frock N( ) one has ever l)een missed as niucii as Miss 1 ' in frock. Since 1910 she has taught English at Morton, and earned the title of " The best-loved Teacher. " At the close of the first six weeks period the past semester she was taken seriously ill, had to discontinue her school work, and take a much needed rest. Since she has always been right in the " thick " of things, it nearly broke her heart to be away from her work and the organizations she sponsored. The Dramatic Society and the Pedestrian club are two that she kept going. Her spare time has been spent coaching plays and acting as advisor for the " PiERi.XN. " The annual has been dedicated to Miss Finfrock on many occasions, because of her interest, her ability, and her kindly disposition. . play was never presented without consulting her first, and very rarely staged without her valuabk aid as coach. So much of her time was spent on high school affairs that we feel her breakdown came because of her work for us. She is slowly recovering, although the forced rest is hard for her to bear. We sincerely hope she will fully recover and be back witii us next war. - W The acting marred a good performance of " East Lynne " in Dramatic Society. (M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M S. B. B. C. Senior Boys ' Booster Club ( )rganize( 1 L»21 Carl Annck. I ' lrsidcnt Norman 1 loeffer. 1 ' Ici ' -Prcsidcut Ralph luvin-. . Secretary Theodora 1 lender s(in, ' frrasiirrr llarnl.i Little , S onsor MEMBERS ol ' THE CAXti Leiii-tliy I ' .wiii.i; Dick I ' eed Kennie ( rnni Bob Rethmeyer Francf KdliiiiMui l)..n lliatt (■arl Annck B.ill Rindt [rish Mulliijan Keith L ' rum l-:iden I loos Russ Brown George Berry lien Ahl 1 loss Loos Lourie Brown Bob Davis Xick lloelTcr Bud Hodgin Jean Graffis Allan Caniphcll Wendell Stanley Mark Schroeder 1 larry Hart man Doc Fonts Charlie Yeager Tom Xoland ICarl Commons Dan an orhccs r.ill Mendenhall •led llenderscn I ' .ntz ( )elklaus 1 ernnn Ward Cene Hardin- 1 Too many cops spoil a hike [ f (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi | Girls ' S. B. C. Girls ' Senior Booster Club ( )rganize(l I ' l Juaiiita Detnier, I ' nsidriit Mt-rlc- Thistlethwaitc. Sccrctary-Tn-asurcr T. ( . Catitwcll. S ioii. ' or A[p:.Mm ' :Rs Rhea . usternian Ahce r.eni,m Louise Spalding Dorothy Coyle Miriam Little Zehna Slade Grace Chrowe 1 )(ir(ithv l ' ' iiile - Lois luhvards Marv 1 ' rances C ' luirclicU I ' .hzahetli AlcComiick Alargaret Smith Juanita Detnier Helen Mashmever Liicile Tauer AHee I ' hv .Mar - Lcmise Matthews Merle Tiiistlethwaite Martha Eggemever lone Heironimus ( )i al Whetsel Miriam Jordan Dora Stanley I ' lorenee Wilson Sara Kring 1 Madge Whitesell Ueatrice Keller Annah Clarke It wouldn ' t help some fellers if opportunity broke th ' door in. Vage seventy-eight [ iM THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN iM ' Pedestrians Pedestrian Club ( )rgaiiizcil l ' »0 ' l Susan ' ossler. President Alice Lemon, Secretary Miriam Little, Treasurer - The Road to Vagabondia r-step With a wistful, ' omesick eye — An ' ' e weren ' t the kind you ' d borrow. An ' ' e weren ' t the kind you ' d steal. But I guessed ' is ' eart was breakin ' . So I w ' istled ' im to ' eel. They ' ad stoned ' iin thru the city Street, and naught the city cared. But I was ' eadin ' out ' ard and the Roads are sweeter shared ; So I took ' im for a comrade, and I W ' istled ' im away — On the road to Vagabondia. that lies Across the day ! Yellow dog ' e was; but bless you— ' E was just the cha|i f..r iiu- ! i- ' or I ' d ruther ' ave an inch o ' do ' .; Than miles o ' pedigree. So we stole away together. On the road that ' as no end. With a new-coined day to fling awav And all the stars to spend! Oh, to walk the road at mornin ' , when The wind is blowin ' clean. An ' the yellow daisies fling their gold Across a world o ' green — For the wind it ' eals the ' eartaches. An ' the sun it dries the scars. On the road to Vagabondia that lies Beneath the stars. ' Twas the Wonder o ' the Going Cast a spell about our feet — An ' we walked because the world was young. Because the way was sweet ; An ' we slept in wild-rose meadows By the little wayside farms. ' Till the dawn came up the ' ighroad With the dead moon in ' cr arms. Oh. the dawn it went before us Through a shinin ' lane o ' skies. And the Dream was at our ' eartstrings, . r ' the light was in our eyes. . n ' we made no boast of glory an ' we Made no boast o ' birth. On the road to Vagabondia that lies Across the earth! ' V 1 w Ther hain ' t lavorites in th " school experience. M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M) | Organizations Girls ' Reserves (Organized l ' )21 Eunice Brokaw, Sfoiisor Gratify One — Marjorie I)aven])( |-t, President Hek-n Heitlirink, Seerefarv Groiily T ' cco — Alice Carr, President Alarv lane Shillincrer. Seerctcv Rishi Poetry Club Organized 1921 Herman ( ). Alakev. Sponsor MarsKm Hodgin and Alice Palmer. Presidents Girls ' Athletic Association Organized 1009 Reba Morgan, President ' irginia Harris, J ' icc-Prcsidcnt Emelyn Land, Secretary Mary Kathryn Youngflesh, Treasurer Geraldine Pettibone, Senior Seout Margaret Coe, Junior Seout Mary .Minnick. Sophomore Seoul Xornia Melov. Freslnnau Se(Oit - - Truth is stranger than fiction, — to most folks. age eiginy € iM THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iJVl ' iliire Sliidii CAiib Organize! I ' LM Betty Coate, rrcsul,iil Harold Malone. Vicc-l ' rcsidcnt Susan Vossler, Secretary Junior All Association Hlnu-r Fdrter, I ' rrsideiit N ' orthrup Elmer, I ' icc-I ' resiiient Helen Pille. Secretary Madge Harris. Treasurer l ' .laiu-lu- W ' ailr, St„nsnr Junior Girls ' Booslcr (Aub Organized 1921 Grace Simcoke. President Harriet Kllis, Srrrelarv-Treasiirer lunior Hoys ' Booslcr CAub Organized )921 William Romey, President Lewis Davis, Vice-President Wilfred Jones, Secretary-Treasurer Phildlhctm Dcbdlinfj Sociclfi Or.yaiii r.l I ' lil " Allan Campbell, fresuleut Lucile Loofburrow, Setrelary Blanche Doran, Sf ' ousor Travel (Aub Miss Broaddus, Sl ' oiu Eula Krousc, Presidei Unn.tbv Miller, Srrreic - Domestic Science — the art of getting along with the home folks. l :igc eighty-one w IM) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iJVl SpaiiisJi Club Organized I ' Jl Anna Bradbury, Sfoiisur Harold Malone, President Wilfred Jones, Vice-President Martha Eggemeyer, Seeretary-Tren. Polilical Science Club Shannon Neff. Sponsor Tack Mattox, President Lewis Davis, Secretary-Treasurer Conlempomrq Musicians ' Club Martha VVhitacre, Sponsor Helen Mashmeyer, President Ethel Tillman, Secretary The Room of the green car- et, presided over by the Prin- ipal. Many a trembling stude as witnessed this scene be- - ' e come tor education and leave with a pose. Page eighty-two w iM» THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN (Mi French Club Organized 1921 Miss Noltc, Miss Kust, and Miss Stevenson. St ' c William Romey, President Francis Robinson, I ' ice-Prcsidcnt Rapid CdUuhilion CAiib H. (). Makey, .S ,.- ,s-„ - Organized 1921 Joiirndlisin Club l O. MaUey. Spoii.u, HI:RMAX O. MAKK ■ Head of En.jlisli I )eiiartnunt. Instructor in JournaliMii Sponsor of Rislii l ' oelr ( lul, Sponsor of Rapid Calculation. Sponsor of Journalism Club. liter. Poft, and Coach of Eng- lisb Basket-ball Team. ■ w Pay as you go, but not if you intend going for good. I ' .igc fiKhtytlirec I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN UVJi | Lalin Club Organized 1920 Roy Hawekotte, President Lucile Loofburrow, Vice-President Anna Hale. Secretary Elizabeth Snielser, Sfonscr Freshman Pep Club Wilbur Wilbams, I ' rrsule Red Carr.ill, Veil l.cadc - Many are dead in Richmond, but they won ' t He down. Page eighty-four - • Ml THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN ' M Colored Hi-Y ( )rganizcd 1920 Grant Spears, Prcsidriil Gaar Davis, Secretary T. O. Cantwell, Sf ' oiisor Paul Diinbctr Lilentrii Club Soph Boijs ' Booster Club Audrie Ross, President Gaar Davis, Secretiiry Martlia Whilacre. Sfoiisoi Organizea 1421 Louis Wontz. President Samuel Ki)lp. ) ' ell I.eeide Soph Cirls Booster Club Orsanized 1922 Mary Minnick, President Helen Reese, riee-l ' resident Elizabeth Kinney, Seeretary (See page eighty-eight for photos.) - w A safety razor is one with which there is no danger of harming the beard. I ' .-ige eighty-live I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M ' - Eight bells and not a button on this shirt. Quick Watson, the needle. - iMi THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN Mi Act right in company so you will know how to act at home. (Ml THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN iM) | - Qytrh Botih j SoJetj KoRJIA , , , Th« ««$ StK( m«ILER, Pve$. y| TKft«.e Clubs a-re S BTetT To c-HAWfrE. A date is three hours of canned companionship ordered in advance. Page eighty-eight - [ q (Mi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM) 5CH00LEGE — ' 22 jp,-t., AT y. .. - -[ The survival of the fittest is all right if you are one of the fittest. ' Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' M ' | A Very Movixc; I ' lCTrRi-: (u- the juMOK-hENioK Sci Why Can ' t History Repeat Itself? - A rolling stone gathers no moss, but a pair of loaded dice will carry a guy thr - I iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M | Evolution mm (Camuhell traces ancestry liack to the apes.) He acts like them, looks like them, eats like them, too, But the h— 1 of it is. he ' s not in a zoo. MLS.S 1: AK K •: ' s ALl " .X ) lo 13 13 13 13 13 FRI 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 U U 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 1 ■THE PASSING OK . KTHLK " Seven ! ! ! Eleven ! Eleven ! ! ! ! ! Bang ! Arthuh are you here? " Convict 7734: " Well my father wanted me to ma Old Ladv: " Well— " Convict 7734: " Bigamv. " A: " Made any contributions to the Pikri snap-shots? " B: " Neither. One dollar. " B: " Vep. " . : " Cartoon, jokes or Hen: " Gimme a cigarette. " Bol) : " Go to hell. Von can smoke there without it. " Gene: " Gif mo a match. " Ikey : " Here you iss. " Ciene: " ' y, someliody has sviped ine pipe. " Ikey : " Den gif me liack mine match. " Mark (the stage hand) : " Shall 1 pull the curtain, Dui got the hicci ' Uglis. " living statues has I ' ard alter I Mulliga ' Treasure Island " ): " (iee, vvi - Some students have a sense of humor like an embalminar fluid. W [ iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) mi It ' s a long walk that has no spooning. Page ninety -three (Ml THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN iJVli | How Our Boys Spend their Saturday Nights r - ' 1 -n ' A.- ' H). , ,. ,2r J-,,a± - -[ You are never treating a girl right unless you ruin her digestion. [l |{ (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' Mi § F UNFAMILIAR SCENES AT FAMILi R M H.S, - W Alice before breakfast is not the same girl. i: iM» THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM) | - PIERM DuvCesQue- TVumher -J(h.! J ' w P ' o Un. ' TK OLt BuluDir G-- ThE So„KD OF r o forth, fr, .f S io. r.U, fK. BDUCP T OV- ♦Th.s ' Jo.s not Vow A cont,-n r. into ■ " o i f ;n.t,; . x J r 77 ■. b-.. - n IS ieina- i i,rncd A date is never satisfactory. You have to stay till, or leave at, 10:30. w IRicbmonb ifututiet Sun THE WORLD ' S ROTTENEST NEWSPAPER Richmond, Indiana, Ji , Two Snowballs. POLICE RAID GAMBLING HELL SCANDALOUS LETTER FOUND IN WASTE BASKET OF HIGH SCHOOLTEACHER PASTOR ATTEMPTS TO RUN MOVIE QUEEN OUT OF RICHMOND Alleged to be Perfect Example of English Composition SCHOOL BOARD UP IN AIR (Special to " The Futurist Sun " ) A letter was found, torn into very small liits, in the waste basket of a well- known teacher in the local high school, ' which promises to submerge the entire i teaching staff in hot water, I The school board is savagely hunting the guilty woman. Plain clothes men fill the halls, while Pinkerton men are searching for further clues. The letter } is published below in its entirety: I " My dearest Wilfred : It ' s one-thirty, and I cannot sleep I can ' t see why vou had to leave, when I I wanted to talk t.i c,u, and I ddu ' t know | m li " plans " Please tell what I think I lo e . ou now, or I wouldn ' t be writing to you at this ungodly hour. I ' ll try not in think — thmys Don ' t kis. Mil dred— 1 don ' t uant you to— FLE SE I ' ve loads of things I want to ask you and I surely wish you were here now When wdl I see you again Just at the pres- ent, 1.1. ot nn M but Miss Parke, another teacher, found it and turned it into the hands of the school board. We can only wait to sec what develops. The writer is still unknown, but before morning the detectives ex- pect to have convicting evidence. Mr. S. D. Neff has c footed for the referendi ll:it Miss Maltha I -;-,i mcyer (abcnel an Ri. Louru Blown (right or wrong m country) who sa th(. mo ie IS tht gn a est t il suue thi ap pie Ris LoniK Hi owi Pastoi ot the I I Lhnrch is workin, hard to ha L Mi-- Martha Fggemevii btautitul mo K stai ejected from the peaceful citv of Rub mond ' 1 he movie is tin n lu i i il tin world has known sum dam bit the apple " Re Brown declares nd m the person of this woman who daily appears at one of our wicked theatres, I find a reason why men leave home. The movies must stop. The censors have made them cut the kisses to two fut, cut out all scenes in which there is smoking, let them dance only when wi,irnig life preservers, and banned any desert island scenes, but it does no good. There must be no real life shown on our screens. The movie must go ! " Storm WEATHER FORECAST Probably HOT (for the Ed.) For Wayne County: We i-anted to be sure that Spring lad arrived before saying nything about it ; but now el safe in announcing the pleased to state that Spring RED HORSE TEA ROOM FALLS BEFORE ATTACK OF ENTIRE POLICE FORCE Many Prominent Citizens Arrested in Biggest Raid in History. HAND TO HAND FIGHT AT DOOR In the biggest raid ever made in the histor of the local police department, 1 hi Red Horse Tea Room " was taken It 2 a m. by the entire Richmond Polue Force, under the command of (.but of Police Tom Noland. After a hand to hand fight at the entrance, (, onstable Sam Greene broke in the hrst rtoor with an axe and let dozens it oIlKers pour into the financial room of tlu tstablishment. The treasurer, Ralph I wing fled across the room, and dove hi id Inst out of the window, but Ofii- m Hiatt grabbed one of his long legs, iiid (ajitured the gambler. ( ustoiners were driven away from Hu arious tallies by the sounds of the ii-,bt and attempted to escape, but pa- I hiicn outside clubbed them as they in out and dragged them to the wait- iM_ patiol wagons. Many well known lid prominent citizens are behind bars 1 i including Maurice Minnick, who 1 found with a put and take top on l MM Street iust before the raid. It lioie tht letters. G. H. and below was the sNinbal of the Red Horse. With this tvukncc, the officers hired a merchant ' s (kli cr truck, and hurried to the Tea Room (i(.iK Harding, owner and proprietor, locked himself in his private office and stacked poker chips against the door. When the police finally broke open the door and rushed in. Harding opened fire from the rafters above, and serious- ly injured several coppers with a volley of loaded dice. He was captured by sawing the rafters in two at either end, and catching him in a clothes basket when he fell. Three v nu- woineii were found in the cellar lirlini.l inIi - of punch board.s — Misses Lmn . SiliMiiil;. Aiinah Clarke, and Elizabctli Ucll. riiey were released upon promising Mayor Fouts never to gamble again. All of the other prisoners are being held under bonds, and the trials have been set for lulv 4. CONDITION UNCHANGED Paul ' s condition remains changed. He eats hearty and plays fairly well, but won ' t work. Page Two RICHMOND FUTURIST SUN June 3, 1942 IRicbmonb jFutuvtst Sun The World ' s Rottenest New pap ■r Founded in 1917. Enter d as Nth Class Matter Postotfice Building. in the Published Yearly by the PIERIAN PUBLISHING COMPANY EDITORIAL The Appropriation Bill Councilman Harkins has introducul his bill for the appropriaticii of i it funds to the extent of $1.0(10, ():ii) (iiili This is all very well but there is ii..thni, in the bill which says how it is to be spent. If it is to buy tan sneakers tor councilmen to play tennis in, we are against it. We agree with the Cincni- nati Trombone that " a billion dollars is a lot of money. " The Richmond Pullu- dium avers " the recent Hornaday-Har kins liill is a bad l ill. " The Richmond Etim sits on the other side of the fence and exclaims : " The bill has neither good nor liad points. " We claim they both are crazy. This bill is the greatest piece of constructive legislation since the League of Notions. My country, right or wrong. The FL ' - TURIST SUN ' S platform is to do away with all councilmen. and thus eliminate such storms of controversy. Our council has taken the " high " nut Report shows that a man tried kill his wife with a pitchfork. Be luck next time. loks like the theatrical slump chmond. Hot dog. Mayor Fonts says: " Don ' t give up lie ship. " We have heard that solu- ion before, however. An e-xpert says all old men with wooden legs have defective vision. Oh, sav can vou see ? THE PEOPLE ' S VOICE eene savs our pa- must be awfully d up to give so ch space to just moving picture w adverti semciit. cr oiie should lit out to the par- 111 memo ry of the t kaiser of Free rmanj B mg vour n pretzc Is a n d FAMOUS ALUMNI ENJOY BANQUET (From Ictt tn M 111 I 1 nil — I artb, r, -t i u 1 I 1 U,n I ' amt. r Xenia Ohi,. lis. Ii,i, lim leader .,t th. l ' uiit I.isJ.all Lia.4u, nt America Hon Wendell Stanle Judge of Mad nth0n3 Wa ne Count and Mrs Elizabeth Doll arden, of Flapjack. Mo Front Row Russ Brown President of the C O Hoboes Ass ' n Mr Thomas Schumaker sole owner of the Schumaker Mousetrap Factory, Inc , Mr. ' ern Spaulding and little Son, Arbutus, of the Farmers State Bank of Kalamazoo, Mich., and Mrs. Lois Edwards Robinson, Dean of Girls of Culvert Military School. Earlham College is now holding a gigantic reunion party for the famous alumni of Earlham. The above persons attended the Bean banquet which was donated them by the Richmond City Police Force Band, last night at the Hot Pup stand of Benjamin Ahl. It was one of the most notable social events of the Richmond season, and will be followed by an extensive course of chowder parties at the Rex Hotel. SOCIETY S..1 . liss .Sunshine Kej-t played l-rench harp, threw a surprise Russell Eliert is in town todav from Turkey Hill, to hear his uncle ' s will read, and perhaps to buy a new Ford. Miss Fay Crossley has resigned from the Shakespeare Club because she looks so ugly in nose glasses. Miss Thelma Champion was elected to fill the vacan- cy. Miss Emma Horr read a paper on " Fur. Fat, and Forty. " Miss Irene Feltman took the train for Centerville this morning. She is getting to be quite a traveler, and can now ride without even buying an orange. She is said to go for the purpose of seeing a gentleman friend, namely, Fred Clark, a truthful paper-hanger of that city. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Harkins, and little daughter, Eveline. Tuesdayed in Spring Miss Hilda May F ' armer has returned from the California fruit belt and ex- pects to return if she can sell her cello. One of the most charming social affairs of the midsummer was the go- ing-away party given last evening for Mrs. Tom Noland, who leaves her hus- band today. Helen Semler Aufdermasch and her man have been married six weeks today. Don ' t it beat all how some folks can get along? Miss Lois Edwards made the keynote speech at the Kind Word Club ban- quet last night, hut you couldn ' t hear it for the celerv. Helen b ' ulle pre- liiig for her husband, a garbage truck foi Mrs. Ins A breakfast this r I Mr. . mick dri j the city. I Miss lone Heironimus has returned I from a five weeks visit among relatives. It takes some folks a long time to get I enough of relatives. I Mrs. Bob Hornaday will take her lit- I tie boy to see Niagara Falls ne.xt week. I as he ' ll soon be too old to ride for nothing. An exquisite wedding took place Thursday at U. B. church when Miss Margaret Bourne was united in holy matrimony to Mr. Franklin Johnson. The Rev. Lourie Brown officiated. Rice, old shoes, and tomatoes were bestowed upon the happy couple by the guests. The best man, Mr. Frank Asfalg, for- got to remove the can from a tomato, and laid the groom out j ' ust as he climbed onto the train. It is thought he will recover while enroute to his honeymoon. Miss Lois Hubbard said it was clearly the groom ' s place to stand any expense incurred in shortening the trousers of the best man ' s borrowed dress suit. Mrs. Dorothy Finley Hoos and chil- dren have returned from Indianapo- lis where they took in their relatives and visited the Opera House. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Minnick in- formally entertained the neighbors last evening at an open air bickering match. RICHMOND FUTURIST SUN Page Three DISCLASSIFIED ADS TICKET TAKER Wanted— Must be stranger and must not know any- body. Apply to Manager M. Cotting- ham. Richmond Theatre. DONKEY Wanted — .-Xpply in person to Miss Grace Chrowe. 1063 Cucumber street. HATS— Direct from Paris. Indian; Fits guaranteed. Beatrice Keller, Mi linery, 7734 South Main. HAIRCUTS— In season. Richard Peed Barber Shop. Horse-clipping also done. Very sanitary work. Under Kelly Pool Room. Shaves and Whis- ker Trims all the year HORSE COLLAR Sale today at Reth- meyer ' s Harness and Piano S t ore. PHOTO SHOP Opening — Likeness guaranteed. Argus Harding Studio. SINGING LESSONS— Mary Nichol ' s Conservatory of Music. VEBO— For that dried feeling. Boca- Bola, the Dust Allayer. Gooseberry Pop, Bum ' s the word. Snappy-Suds, Like Mother used to Take. Messick Bottling Works. EAT at Bob Klute ' s Beanery. Ham and Eggs 10c. Meal 2jc. Gorge 50c. PRINTING and so forth. Van Voorhis Print Shop. ENERGETIC Blacksmith Shop. Mark Schroeder, Prop. Shoes that Fits is our Motto. HENRY BUGGIES- Feed Store. " or Sale at Loos ' s WANTED — .A skinny Stenographer. Apply in own handwriting to Eugene Hoggatt, Room 202, Rex Hotel . USE Dorothy Coyle Shampoo Cream for Chapped Hands. Peacock ' s Drug Store. INSURANCE — On Fords, chicken coops and lawn mowers. Pettibone Law Office. PARTY Pants pressed. Audrey Ros! Tailoring Establishment. Our suit! will not shrink. FOOTWEAR— For your feet. , lso shoes, boots and slippers. Jordan Shoe Store. HORSE REMEDIES — . nd Potatoes. Opal Whetsell, FUTURIST SUN, Bo.x ACCORDLAN Fleeting. Irene Feltman Musical Co., South Grande street. JIM NASI UM Health Sanitarium Agatha Phelps Institute, Opposite (iU-r Park. HABERDASHING, Lightning Rods. Fishing Tackle and Coffins. Gault ' s Electric Store. Corner North F and 11th Streets. SNL FF, .Smoking and Chawing To Bill Fiindt Autodome. STONE-M.ASON— Poultry, Hardware, and other Sea Foods. Birchfield Soft Drink Co. Prof. Allan Campbell bought a beauti- ful Morocco bound univcr.sal black dic- tionary yesterday for a dollar down and the rest sometime when he ' s taken un- expectedly. CRYSTAL " GOOD LUCK " The Fastest Play in the World with ALICE EBY All Week. RICHMOND THEATRE The Photoplay of the Century ALHAMBRA Sara, The Mystic, in " THE SHEIKESS " And a Pathos Weakly WE-LL fOLlCS THE ou ' ©OS MA-i AGMN ON THIS ROAO OSTEOPATHIC Treatments. Bakery and Plumbing Shop in rear. Miriam Little Grocery, Southwest 62nd . ve. TONSORIAL EMPORIUM. Meat Market and Gift Shop. Kathryn Gates, Prop. FAMOUS Family Remedies— For Flea Bitus and Ague. Doc. Bankowski Co. FRESH COW— For Sale. FUTURIST Box 6645. Care of Richard Robbins. HONEY BOY MIN- STRELS Tonight Only Featuring , w. Nick ■ V Hoeffer { He offered her everything — everything but his last bottle of white mule. And the other man was poor, and he of- fered her strawberry pop. Which did she take? See her ordeal, her strug- gle, her wonderful gowns. But be sure " Which Loved Her Best " Starring Richmond ' s Own Actress IVJISS MARTHA EGGEMEYER PALACE THEATRE HELEN MASHMEYER ' The Lights Are Out and So are the Folks. " Page Four AHL TO LEAVE TOWN Ben Ahl. peanut vender, received a circular this morning from a land com- pany saying " Texas Wants You. " He expects to leave this week. Mr. Ahl has been the most beloved, respected and honored peanut vender ever coming from Centerville. CHURCH NEWS Rev. Lourie Brown has set Wednes- day aside as amateur night at the local United Brethren Church. Tomorrow is Mother ' s Day— if she can net somebody to work in her place. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Mrs. Rhea Gaylor. who was married last week, is having her teeth all fixed up by Doc. M. F. Churchell. Her hus- band, Gordon Gaylor, says the next time he gets married he will be more careful like a horse buyer. AGENT FROM PIQUA HERE . lightning rod agent from Piqua came here Wednesday and signed up on the Koehring Hotel book as Earl Commons. Clerk Don Hiatt asked the stranger if he wanted a room with b ath, and he said : " No, I won ' t be here Satur- SHORT NEWS OF THE CITY Miss Mary Sprong has bought a new eighty-eight note player piano and ex- pects to play everyone of them before she makes the second payment. Mayor Paul Fonts is shaking hands for re-election. The new Grand Marshal for the Dem- ocrat Parade has been appointed. The Hon. Lewis Bond Ashe is the lucky man. Hubert Williams has thrown away his union suit and seceded. Robert Davis, who will be (iperated oil tomorrow for lumbago, will leave a wife and two children. Miss Marjorie Fulle has stopped the FUTURIST SUN and got on a party wire. Miss Ruth Harrington was defeated for the secretaryship of the Richmond Ladies ' Republican League, because she ' s too effeminate. Miss Mildred Haas is suffering from an attack of piano feet. Lawrence Lady says he wouldn ' t like to be ' ice-President of the United tih ' . bn ius( theie ' s no chance of Stanley VOTE FOR The Hon. W. M. STANLEY For SENATOR Judge of Wayne County for ten vt. irs, Member Dog Pound Board in 1926, Pies. Pluto Water Assn. Stands for high taxes and long beards. RICHMOND FUTURIST SUN INTERESTING FACTS Bill Kindt has lieen married two weeks, and still shaves his neck and wears white shirts. Miss Margaret Bentlage, who is tak- ing penmanship by mail, can now write a running hand while standing. It ' s so lonesome in New Paris, Ohio, that owls often fly nine hundred miles out of their way to spend the day there. Miss Emeline Wagner bought musk- melon on approval. Every time Dick Peed sees a fellow with rubber heels, he puts his watch in his pants pocket. CITY COURT NEWS ' eriion Ward came tiack from Colo- rado yesterday l ooking like another man, but Constable Sam Greene recognized him. Murrel Hamilton, who broke out of jail Saturday night, returned and gave himself up to Sherifif Charlie Fisher, as he wasn ' t making running expenses. Constable Greene arrested a keg backed fellow for bootlegging yesterday. Howard Klute is at home from the reformatory and says that two terms is long enough for any man. Mrs. Roy Johnson ' s niece, who mar- ried Paul Stanley just to get rid of him. is asking for a divorce on the ground of desertion. Wesler Scull says nothing makes him as mad as to have his wife call the con- stable while he ' s choking her. HIGH SCHOOL NOTS M; r i r. ill McCormick, physical iii-ii ii school, overtaxeci her- sili ■■ " I I ■ , liMig dishes. ' Ihv ■ !,ii, are being offered at high schii,.l this semester: English, baseball, and dairy lunch. Paul Mulligan, who graduated with honors last year, is taking a post gradu- ate course in spelling. .A new instrument has been noticed in the orchestra which looks like a yel- low German pipe. Harry Hartman took a teacher ' s ex- amination yesterday. The school board asked him if the Mississippi River flowed north or south, and he answered " I teach both ways. " Mr. Hartman will teach Practical Nursing. SPECIAL EXCURSION To Pinhook Next Sunday Alice Lemon Fair Grounds P.C.C. St. L. R.R. and C. O. THE BUILD NOW— ] S ;iX We put up GOOD ffrj SHACKS LIVINGSTONE CO. MESSICK Heads ROTARIANS Mr. Eugene Messick has been honored with the presidency of the Richmond Rotary Club. He owns the Messick Bottling Works and is very po- pular with the thirsty men. Have Your Eyes Tested By Seeing Me. Don ' t Delay — Write now. Our prices are high, but you owe it to yourself to see. JAN MEREDITH WJLSON ' S FASHION SHOP For the Women of taste See our 57 Varieties Florence Wilson, Prop. 613-627 Redd Ave. COLVIN LONGNECKER MELODY PLACE Just Out! A Sensation ! " SLUSHY GOO " Played by the Roland-Masters Six Gennett No. 662 Our Ads Bring Awful Results. Don ' t Pay For Them. SPALDING SPORTING GOODS Moth Balls, Trunks, y Razors, Jewelry and ( " (fe-l ' j Other Hardware. i : STEM WINDING DICE Sent in plain cover for $1.00 MENDENHALL Box zyx, Poison Ivy, Indiana THE RED HORSE TEA ROOM i Mush-rooms a specialty No advance in prices Crap Tables in the rear. Also Put and Take Tables GENE HARDING, Proprietor (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M ::3 - w Nowadays beggars can ' t be boozers. I ' agf one hi.iulrcd one I iM) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM) | 3IQN HERE PLEASE. Our Own Safety Device name right at the U-ft. and IK I talKlillg in front of a Pitch factory at midnight with his .■ves and mouth shut. What the girls will wear m ' 1062. Wldther.may I go out tonight? " " No, my darling Jill ; Katlier and I go out tonight. You ' ll liave to tend the still. " w He who laughs last had to have the joke explained. (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN Mi :i 2 7 Y©u wrR f - w Running a snow-plow in P. idea of a good job. Ta .- .mc Inimli.a tin I (M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM | IJIJ L By OuPt ARTIST - w Some fellers ' 11 take anything but a joke. [li § (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) § - w ' Hell, yes. ' " said Satan as he picked up the phone receiver I (M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (JVH | te WESTER UNION -u CHAMPA.IGN ILL 419P MAR 2 1922 RICHMOND HIGH SCHOOL -r ' l ' l-V RICHMOND IND WE ARE STILL FOR YOU ALUA MATER HIT EM HIGH AND LOW PRICE BROTHERS KEMPTON MOTLEY HODG I The Coach - - A good many fathers are working their son ' s way through college. Pase one hundred six I iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M ' | ITRACK ntET UiTii ConnersvillE fi f , ZS ,]31Z conmersville 6f rv .H.S. 35 ' - M..itMn lli.uh Sch Exams are like the poor — we have them always with Page one hundred seven - f (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (JVP | U . . - iESl ' LTS OF THE BASEBALL SEASON M.H.S M.H. S M. H. S M. H. S i LH. S May 27— M. H .0 Stivers (Davton) 28 (lu-re) 13 Miltuii 8 (here) Id Milton 6 (there) 1 College Corner 16 (there) 3 Newcastle 18 (there) ,s. Newcastle (here) w onder if they ' ll miss me at home, " said the ball-player as he rounded third. w iMt THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) - Our Grid-Iron Champions Did you ever stop to ponder What the football men have done; On the time they spent in practice. And on all the games they ' ve won? On the times they missed their puddinj And have lost clear out on cake; On the sore spots as their portion. And the kicks and cuffs they take? On our Spaulding ' s skinned-up visage. And how Irish ' ribs were " cracked; On M alone and Tom and Jackie. And the others that we liacked? STEdGERiS TmCK ' -U mmw m ACTION. On the mud they each have eaten. And the snow they ' ve had to buck : On Decatur — Oh, so easy ! And on Sheridan ' s good luck? When you ' ve thought of all the tri)ul)le These brave kids have faced for us. Don ' t you think we ought to cheer them. And just make a little " fuss? " May the cake and pie they covet. Be their portion every daj ' . May they always know we ' re boosting For them all along the way. Marian Handlev. ' 2. Morton took second place in the Secti..n:i M. H. S. 57. Brookville 1.5 (here), Mav IS. Mav 31 Slate Track Meet (lir,, ). k Meet at Connersville May 13. Folks ought to talk about de neighbors like de tombstone do. — Uncle Remus. - I (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN Mi | Day by Day SE[ ' TK.Mr,l-:R, 1-Pl (In which cIk.uI begins). 6 — Scliool opens with new facnhy and student faces. 7 — Periods organized. 8 — Quigg announces plans for all school vaudeville. 9 — First chapel of year, headed by our new i)rincipal. The ild (inc. Mr. Rate. speaks to us. ' 22 balloon sent up. Imt Mr. XetT is too tall. 2 — Xoyrrac organizes under .Miriam Jordan. Coach Stenger has first foot- ball scrimmage. 3 — Kal])h Ewing wins 1921 championship for length, standing 6 feet 3 inches in his socks. Allen Hole Jr. takes dwarf prize on 4 feet 6 inches. -I — Classes organize. Sam Greene heads Seniors and Harold Malone the Juninrs. ■ ' M " Club elects Schumaker president. 5 — Sophomore class organizes under Wanda Mann. 6 — First Register of year published. Ralph Xicholson speaks in chapel. Fresh- man girls meet Noyraac. 19 — . lice Lanning and Ennis Whitley married. Eleven practices with Farlham. 20 — S. P . B. C. organized under Carl . niick. Tryout for Dramatic Society. 21 — G. A. A. party for Freshman. Philatheans organize under Ouigg. 22 — Frosh organize under Bernice Richards. Y helps athletes. 23 — Register out again. First orchestra concert. 26 — 1019 students in M. H. S. ' audeville tryout. 27 — First art exhibit. Speedy boys pinched — for speeding. 28 — First council meeting. Schumaker president. 29 — Football uniforms arrive. Movies for chai)el. 30 — (Gordon Gaylor appointed Student Manager. Brown - Brown ell lea lers. OCTOBER (In which there is much toudidownin? ) . 1 — Hamilton wins practice game there. -1 — This is Riley week. Hi-Y organized. 5 — Hoeffer elected editor ' 22 Piekia.n. Harding appointed liusiness manager. 7 — Register out. Booster tickets sold. 8 — Wilkinson defeated in first game of season. 10 — Harry F. Ross, former teacher and Pieui. . advisor, comes from Indianapo- lis to sell engraving. 12 — Council meets. French club elects Romey president. 13 — Travel club meets. Nick represents high school at Clay Memorial Dedication. 1 1 — Register out, special Pieri. n edition. Tennis team again licks Connersville. 15 — Football squad defeats Bluffton there. Wilkinson defeats Newcastle. 19 — Special edition of Register printed on mimeograph. 20 — Teachers go to State Teachers ' . ssociation at ln(h ' anapolis. 22 — Knightstown bites the dust. 25 — Symphony orchestra concert. Hi-Y. 26 — S. B. B. C. Art Association Tea in Art ( lallery. 27 — Dramatic Society. " M " clulx Poetry club. 28 — Junior partv. Second orchestra concert. Register out. Team given real ■■seiid-oli " ' to Elkhart. 29_Elkhart loses to husky .Morton eleven. . ' ( ) h:.MI ' l-:R ( In which many things tlourisln. 1 — Hi-Y part} ' . Sociology class helps Social Service Bureau. 2 — New dean of girls coming to succeed A. V. L. Dramatic reader here. 3 — Floyd Schlauch, new printing instructor arrives. 4 — L. Piarton Evans sings in chapel. " Frenzied bYolics " in Amliiorium tonight. ■ ■ ■ ; A senior would make a good detective in a piano store. (M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN Mi — IF Mr.Thoi ipsonWere Santa Clau«S3. DcccmlxM- - ' 4th. - 5 — Decatur del ' aled! " l- ' renzied Frolics " repeated. 10 — Prof. Maddy arrested for speeding. Poetry club meet 11 — Register out. Armistice Day. Leaving for Newcastle 12 — The fatal day for Newcastle. 14 — Eleven home and happy. Mulligan with two 15 — ' ' Mikado " tryout. 16 — Nashville campaign begins. 18 — Brandon Griffis gives best talk of year in chap 19 — The dark, rainy day on which the Eastern 1 ndia Senior party to entertain Sheridan. 23 — Register out as usual. 24 — Thanksgiving. Alumni fot)tball game tied. 28 — " ■ Iikado " cast announced. Education week. 29 — Alumni Association gives money to Music Department 30 — luirly llird League plays basketball. e l ( )rche: iiamps tra concert, lost to Sheridan. D]-:CEMP,ER (In which Santa Claus visits us again). 1 — Dramatic Society. Parents crowd building at open night 5 — Jack Matto.x captain of 1923 football team. 6 — Hi-Y. Booster club out in Fezes. " Xashxille or bust " i- 7 — Dennis Junior High School nearly done. 8 — Senior list posted. 12 — Breakfast League games interesting. Stanley is ai)p( inted lo as Student Alanager. 13 — Pedestrian club hibernates for the winter. 16 — Elkhart defeated in basketball. Register issued. 19 — Christmas decorations uj). 20 — Miss Parke starts " anti-slush " drive. 21 — Lucille Thurman, prominent senior, dies suddenly 22 — School closed. Orchestra makes record at Starr I ' iann C 30 — Eaton defeated on liarnstorming trip. It pays t " be honest, but it don ' t pay igW - suit some (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi APfliL I : pr. ,jbi i APR " - 4: - APRIL S : D£ ' " is APRIL. 2.1: xiij S PfCATC D . SENIOR. CU«.SS l C S ■ ' j. (_ ,©rTA-OT iA -xl.ervY -lL vvAl) i 0 -[ L I fe at seventeen and 1 IF e at seventy. M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN Mi awarded. Register printed. I ' ublic Speaking (.)uintet. II Cha]5el. JANUARY (In which the best year of all starts). 2 — School again. .A new year started. Resolutions broken today. 3 — Nothing happened to speak of. 4 — Junior chapel. Faculty B. P.. team coming strong. 5 — We get sectional Tournament ! 6 — Union City defeated. Register iiublished. 7 — Winchester defeated. 9 — Girls stage " ' interclass games. 13— Ridgeville defeated. Football " AF 16 — Debate scheduled with Ft. Wayne. 17 — " Mikado " rehearsals in rapid progress, 18 — SociaJ hour. 19 — " Miss Civilization " presented bv I ' ublic Speaking cla? 20 — Register issued with new staff. 2A — Hagerstown defeated by M. H _ 2S — Grades given out. 27 — Columbus defeated. Record Campaign (in in chapel. Register! Tv 30 — ( )rchestra consolidates with Symphony. 31 — Educational System of India discussed in Junior chapel. FEBRUARY (In which the hardwood court is popular ). 1 — " M " club initiations. 3 — Register sold. Dupont of L(.)uisville defeated on own floor. -1 — Connersville the same. " Mikado " tickets on sale. 8 — Beautification plan started by student council. 9 — Xoyrrac .still busy. " Mikado " staged. 10 — ' aientine edition of Register. " Mikado " huge success. Decati 11 — " Mikado " for the last time. Wabash beaten there. 13 — Spring football begins. Thirtv-five tracksters out. 1-1 — S. B. r.. C, wins prize for svUnvj; most -MikadcV ticke - w When in high school, keep one foot on the floor. iM) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M» - cm the Tourney. 16 — " Julius Causar " films shown by X ' irgil i 17 — Spiceland defeated. Register out. 20 — Tournament committee chosen. 23 — Etiquette club organized. 2-1 — Newcastle bows to M. H. S. Net Tosser 27 — Beachy wins Pierian Beauty contest. 28 — Czerwonky, German violinist, praises m Sam ( ireene is the mc jrk of orchestra. Ik- fall t Connersx .MARCIT ( In which tl iourne - t 1 — Miss Finfrock leaves school for a 2 — Nashville booster concert. 3 — Tournament. Liberty and I ' .rownsv 4 — Special Tourne_ - edition of Register. tourney. 6 — In mourning. 7 — Breakfast League stops. 8 — Grades out. $500 appropriated for school b 10 — Register out on time. 14 — Nashville trip assured. 15 — " M " club party decided ujjon. 16 — Indian Princess Watahaso sings for orchesti 17 — Coffer-Miller players appear in " An Imagin: 18 — Basketball season closed. 20 — Franklin is .state champion. Girls ' Senior 1 ' .. 21 — Track schedule made out. 22 — Orchestra leaves for Nashville. 24 — Register out. 25 — Orchestra goes through Maniniolli Gave. !•• 27 — Quigg returns from Florida. 28 — Orchestra record ])Iaye l in lion 30 — Junior class meeting. 31— " Morton wins debate ' with I ' t. W; of Reiiister. orchestra takes their l ong awaited the promised land ). :)r a rest. Many activities stop. Morton. teats us aiK jpular. ins the lutification plan. leneht. Invali •De I ' ), team is champion. :antwells Kids defeated, ir Departed " given in loses there. April Fool chapel, edition A senior always feels that the high school is going to kids - iM THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM ' pour - APRIL ( In wliicli it never rains, hut 3 — Civics classes visit council. 4 — Clean-up week. Xoyrrac skate. r asel)all started 5 — " M " club meets. 6 — Tennis tourney under way. 7 — Lucille Loo f burrow wins I.atin Contest at Shelby v Picture contest decided upon. 8 — Dennis Junior High School Dedication. Xovrrac gives " Capt. Jc 10 — Commencement Committees appointed. 11 — Winners of Picture Contest announced. 12 — Orchestra gets invitation to make another record fur (jennett, c to New York for Columbia Cdnipany. 13— S. B. B. C. hikes to Henlev ' s cabin and ' gets pinched. Returns ti for supper. 1-1 — Anderson defeats us in track meet. Rciji.stcr out. 18 — " Capt. Joe " repeated for Rotary club. 19 — Senior play tryout. Xick and r each - win leads in " ' 20 — Commercial Department shows nio -ie fur benefit of T; Muncie. 21 — Senior Kid party. Steno contest at Aluncie. Morton gets Honorable Mention. Billy Sunday speaks in chapel. Homer Rodeheaver plays trombone. 22 — Stivers of Dayton defeats Morton in baseball. Sunday umpires three innings. High school night at Tabernacle. Band and yell leaders there. 2A — W ' esler Scull and Irene Jarra will speak on Commencement night. 25 — Prof. Maddy asked to go to California to address California b ' ederation of Music clubs. 26 — Junior Art Exhibit on. 27 — Girls ' have baseball season. 28 — Concert of orchestra. Lucille Loofburrow gets Latin medal for contest. 29 — ISig track meet at Reid b ' ieUl. Connersville beats Morton while b ' arlbam wins over Kalamazoo. Winners of Famous 1 to go luilding ' he Charm School, pewriting contest a If the gym piano was a horse, there would be work lor the S. P. C. A. Vasc .iu- lunulrcd fifr -n W (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iMi - May 2oth. Going. Going, Go . ] rAV (In wliich things are finished up). 1 — Mr. r.criault frcmi the Aletropohtan School of Expression coaches " The Charm School. " 2 — Senior invitations out. 3 — Preliminary recjuisitions for next year. 4 — Rodeheaver entertains in chapel. 5 — Register issued. Knollenberij cup contest. 6 — Track meet with Tech of Indianapolis. 8 — PiERi. ' VN goes to press. 11 — Senior Recognition chapel. 12 — Junior chapel. 13 — Sectional track meet at Connersville. 18 — Brice sextette in Junior chapel. 19 — Nusbaum Cup contest. 20 — Newcastle baseball game there. Saturday sjunled by the spirit of Final Exams. 25 — Gettysburg address contest in Junior chapel. 26 — Xearing the close of the school year. Senior assembly by seniors. ' oca- tional music recital at night. Register out. 27 — Newcastle baseball game here. 28 — Billy Sunday revival closes. 29 — Baccalaureate services at Reid Memorial Church. Address bv Rev. Work. 30 — Decoration Day. ( )rchestra ])lays fnr program. 31 — " The Charm School. " Senior play, at the Washington theatre. JL ' NE (The sweetest of them all). 1 — PiERiAX out, we hope. Class night. 2 — Coniinenceiiieiit. Irene and Wesler address us at Coliseum. 3 — ( )rchestra concert in Taliernacle. 6 — " M " club stages big annual ]iarty at Westcott. The E. d The days of the night eaters are numbered. Page one liujidred si.xt-e ' i w i; • M THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN Mi Advertisements THERE is not going to be any more I ' iekiax this year. After the pages of Advertising, which are as necessary for the success of an annual as the photos of the faculty, we bid you one and all a kind good night. In this section, sjjace comes high, . nxious to raise money in order to finance the book, the business manager and his assistants sold more advertising than ever before, and in a harder business year! It is not the best means of advertising. The business men advertise in the Pierian, not because they expect great returns in a business way, but because they know the Pierian is a necessary evil. Below are the names of those men and firms who have advertised with us : Second National Bank Home Coffee Shop Starr Piano Company Feltman ' s Shoe Store Jordan, McManus, Hunt V: Price ' s John M. Eggemeyer Sons City Restaurant Harter Shop Wilson, The Cleaner Parsons Murray and Murrette Horna ' day ' s Hardware Store Beckman Kreimeier Bartel Rohe Vigran ' s Ladies ' Shop Jay, The Jeweler Jenkins Company Dennis-Gaar Company The Camera Shop Romey ' s Steve Worley Zwissler ' s Bakery Kramer Bros. Dairy A. L. Bundy O ' Brien Richmond Oil Company Glen R. Crum Dr. N. S. Cox Dr. J. W. Gans Drs. Grain Sanitarium Dr W. J. Smith Dr. A. O. Martin Dr. H. E. Hinshaw Neff Nusliaum X,.l.lrr MillniriA Store H.iMri I lull lillinerv Store I ' l.ui S.,nl.,. Adam-.-, ConlLaiunery Abel ' s Yes and Now Drug Company Lee B. Nusbaum Company 1-lasli Lunch China Cafe Wcisl.rod ' s Wayne Dairy . nierican Trust and Savings Bank Eirst National Bank Home Soft Water Laundry Dafler Drug Company Richmond Business College . . G. Luken Drug Company Himes Bros. Dairy John H. Niewoehner W. B. Eulghum, Inc. B. B. Shoe Store E . Campbell ' s Photo-Art Shop Dr. Chas. E. Duffin Dr. A. B. Price Frankel Harding Loehr Klute Webb- Coleman Company Lemon ' s Flower Shop Quigley ' s Weldon ' s Y. M. C. A. Kennedy Clothing Company Miller-Kemper Company Atlas Underwear Company Mashmeyer-Granger Co. Kolp School of Dancing Nicholson Printing Mfg. Company George Brehm Company OUTSIDE ADVERTISERS Teachers ' College of Indianapolis L ' niversity of Notre Dame I). L. Auld Company, Columbus, Ohio L ' nitcd Pencil Company, New York City Indianapolis Engraving Company - w Keep to the right. Page one hundred scveiitet (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi THE SECOND XATIOXAL P.AXK offers unusual (i])])nrtunities to the public. Safetv, Ericndlv Omr- tciius Ser ice, and Sccuritw W ' c like ' (iuno- people, we believe in the activities of Hi.»;h School students, and we solicit your business, your sa ings, and checkini;- accounts. 1 ' ' ' n; a ' ' r ' nli " p ' ' | V ..T 1 l- V n :3 TKe con i National Bank Richmond - W Summer positions but most are jobs. Page one hundred eiyhteen |{ (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi | Congratulations — Class of 1922 Malvern Soper ' 19 Home Cojfee Shop Mr Van Ettcn (in Auto Mechanics)— -i n ,o ,,i,„rch this morning, Whitie? " Charles, how would you cool an over heated engine " " ' Do my clothes look as though they had Charlie Y.— " I ' d strip the gears. " heen slept in] STARR -MADE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Arc used in many of our l)cst hii h schools and colleges, because the_ - are recognized as a most dependable line. THE STARR PIANO COMPANY ' )31- ' »o5 Main .streel Richmund : [ ■ Early to bed and early to rise, and you 11 meet very few of our best people. Page one hundred nint-iecn I i i M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi | AT FELTMAN ' S The Seasons Newest Footwear at Popular Priees $4 $5 $6 FELTMAN ' S SHOE STORE 724 MAIN RICHMOND, IND. Mr. Neff — " I want all of you to feel per- fectly free to ask any questions. " Roy J. (timidly) — " Who made your Louise — " Why Carl! You never spoke to Carl — " Excuse me. You have on a new air of slioes and I didn ' t recognize you. " Cir. S. V. lORDAN T,M 1. HrXT JUS. M. W ' ALTHK.MAXX Jordan McManus, Hunt L Waltermann FUNERAL DIRECTORS Assistants — Robert Mashmeyer and Robert Jordan Limous ine Anilmlance Se rvice. Free Chapel. I ' .eauti- ful . -ihow Room. At } •our service iiii;ht and day. 1014 MAIN ST l-.l-.T I ' lloXi- 2173 - w The smallest trick on earth: to put a thumb tack in a blind man ' s hat. Page one hundred twentv I Ml THE TWENTY -TWO PIERIAN (iVD For Fifty-seven Years - We Have Been Serving- High Scht Students with the Best I C i C R ]•: A -M S and C A N D I E S ' no Main mm mm Phone 1233 Price ' s The City Restaurant STEAKS, CHOPS SHORT ORDERS HO.ME-MAUE PASTRIES ' la carte Table-d ' liDt I ' l ' .X DAY AXl) XK.IIT Don H.— " Why is cheese so full of holes? " Ho— " Set the alarm for Bill F. — " It needs all the air it can get. " Bo — " Vou and who else? Cuiiiidiinents of John M. Eggemeyer L Sons FANCY (GROCERS m 1(117-101 ' ' Main I ' lKnic !1 ' ' S ( ;( ) T( ) The Harter Shop The Home of BARE-TO-HAIR For BALD HEADS and BAD SCALPS WE WILL SHA ' E YOU AND .MAKE YOU HAPPY ri ' .xrii AX!) MAix srRi-.i:rs - Take things seriously, else you won ' t have anything to laugh at in your old age. Page one hundred twenty-one -[ I (M ' THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN (M) | WILSON Murray and THE CLEANER Murrette " Better Come Early " 1018 Main Street RICHMOND ' S REPRESENTATIVE THEATRES S§| Home of " Keith Vaudeville Big Pipe Organs PHONES Concert Orchestras 1 105 — 1 106 Holders of First National Picture Franchise CONSOLIDATED REALTY AND lis THEATRES CORPORATION Proprietors ■ " When it ' s done by Wilson it ' s done A. F, BRENTLINGER, Gen. Mgr. right " FRANK HOLLAND, Resident Mgr. Marston H.— ' ■Oh, this world is so beau- tiful. " Bill M.— " What ' s her name? " l- ' rancis R. — " You better get a hair cut. ' Lourie — " Why ? " 1 ' . R. — " It ' s cheaper than buying a vinlin. ' PARSONS " PHOTOGRAPHER 704 Main Street Phone 2209 Hornaday ' s Hardware Store SPORTING GOODS FLASH LIGHTS FISHING TACKLE Good Service One Price 616 Main Street - W Nothing new under the sun but always something new on the daughter. Page one Ininclred twenty-two I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ii l | Beckman Compliments of Kreimeier VIGRAN ' S Ladies ' FOOTWEAR For School Children For Street or Gym Purposes Shop 923 Mam Street Richmond They Always Satisfy RICHMONDS BUSY LADIES ' STORE Headquarters For COATS. SUITS. DRESSES 708 Main Street . Phone 2252 BLOUSES. SKIRTS and FURNISHINGS Jiulgc— -Well, William, spcedm; What ' s the excuse this time? " Bill — " There ' s a hig sign on the ' Fine fur si)eediny ' . " Blue — " What kind of a girl is Lois? " Jay — " She ' s the kind that asks what the frosted windows are for in the Y. M. C. A. basement. " Bartel Rohe OFFICE SUPPLIES FILING DEVICES DESKS, CHAIRS AND SAFES SCHOOL SUPPLIES 921 Main Street Phone 1916 Richmond For Graduation ' - w This guy is known by: first, the line he carries; second, the line he spreads. I " iM) THE TWENTY TWO PIERIAN iM | Jenkins l Company Xew and cumplete showin,;;- i His ' h School Pins and Rinss. J Ianv Desio-ns in Roth GOLD and SIL ' ER Loz ' iiic Cut ' s, Trof liies. Eiiiblciiis and Frat Goods A Gift from Jkxkins Co. is a Gift Worth Having. Jenkins Company High School Jcurhvs 72( Main Street Would You Succeed in Life? lie Honorable in your dealings — Clean in your habits — Faithful to your duties and responsibili- ties — Work hard — I ' e of service to other.s — Practice economv — Wear X N SHOES aii(f Success is assufcd Neff Nusbaum " TlicSlioc Corner " Sexenth and Main Betty T.— " I don ' t kmuv what to tonight at the party. " Margaret R.— " How ah. iit clothes ' " Doc. Cantwell (in cliemistry )— " We will now take poison. " Sam G. — " Go right ahead. " High School Gentlemen Nothing contributes so much to 1 )f Discrimination that coveted appearance which at- are Partial to tracts, as the perfectly chosen, ••MEX ' S DUDS " perfectly fitted FROM Hat The And vours is here, readv for vou. Dem-iiS ' Gaar Come — Try it on. Co. Nolder 1010 Main Street MiUiuery (Always correct) 3 ' i Xorth h:ighth Street - Idea for a truly exclusive dramatic society: one reader w I iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN IM ' HOSIER HIATT Millinery 902 Main Street l-or the Best Hume-Made CAXDIES AXD ICE CREAM Go to Adam ' s Confediionery The Home of .llaska Puffs and . r ' .s- Pclights 624 Main Street Phone 14 ' We wonder what Miss Ratliff means when she says : " Only low conversation allowed. " A fool is born every minute and some- one wants the " Pierian " job every fall. Piatt Sauters EA ' I ' Seven Abel ' s First-Class Velvet Ice Cream Barbers and Eskimo Pies Piatt Sauters Sl() Main Street IdOO Main Street i ' li. me I ' Hll - " You can ' t always count on me, " said the adding machine in Room 2 3. Page one ii ' .KHlrcd Iwenty-rive w (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' M ' The Yes and Now Dru Co. Reliable Gut-Rate Drugs Eastman Kodaks and Kodak Supplies of all kinds in the Genuine Eastman Quality Phone 1217 22 North Ninth Street Life, liquor, lips and love, Kuss B. — " Did you have a wild time last Craps, cards and Camels. night? " Wild women and wine— Ve Gawds Lewis A.— " Oh my. yes. We blew out all H. w did Hardint; araduate " " the ciijar lighters in town. " NUSBAUM ' S The Home of Hart, Schaffner Marx Coats for Girls Man Tailoring " Knickers " made by Hart, Schaffner Marx are Tailored just like Men ' s Clothing You Should See This Line LEE B. NUSBAUM GO. [ " This is my water Lou, " gurgled Neptune, as he dodged his mermaid wife. ed twe.ity- I. 1 (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) | . ■av v.s- at ] ' (}tir Service AT THE Flash Lunch For Your Warm Lunch, Cold Drinks, Confections and Fountain Service That you can depend on f(ir Quality JESSR K. CHRXOW ' KTH ;V " . Xorth VJ ' Anh St. l- ' irsl leitli the Latest Opp. [ ' ostotiice COLUAIBIA RECORDS g. R. S. ROLLS SHI ' .LT rUSTr Eugene— " Wliatcha gonna do tonite? " Gene — " Nuthin " . Whatchu gonna do? " Eugene — " Nuttiin ' . " f-,ene— " Who else will play ' " Lewice — " Sav, you ' re working hard on that composition. Trying to write a prize essay ? " Mauruss — " Trvin ' to compose a letter to paw that will l.rins five dollar ' ;. " China Cafe We serve Chinese or American Cooking in our l:)eautitully redec- orated and remodeled dinini;- room : in fact, we now ha e the most l)eatitiful (hning-roum in l " ,astern Inch ' aiia. ' ou will enjoN ' rating here, and we maintain (|ualit - for reason- China Cafe 10 Xorth l-.ighih St. Milk Fresh Milk lM)od for . thlete and Student nri—Be sure it ' s Fresh We handle n. ■■shi]ipe(l-in " Mil Wayne Dairy Sduth (tth and . Sis., I ' hone 52. - W No, Maggie, Economics is not a Larkin Soap circle iMi THE TWENTY- TWO PIERIAN i M i The American Trust and Savings Banl Recommends thai you start a Savings Account NOW. This will give you Financial Standing. An Account with us is an IDEAL GRADUATION GIFT. Fat S. — " Whatcha doin ' out there on the steps? " Fat M. — " Admiring the beauties of nature. ' Fat S.— -ril be rieht out. Have manv !, ' one bv Ambitious students realize tliat a growing Savings Ac- count with The First National Bank will help them to achieve their ambitions. " We strive to do the impossible— Please Everybody. " Home Soft Water Laundry Phone 2766 ' U- ' That ' s a good point, " said the pencil to the sharpener. Page one hundred Iwenty-eight w I iM THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M If it ' s found in a Richmond Drug Store— Business College We have it. 5 a member of the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools Dafler Drug Co. Corner Ninth and Main Phone 190+ SECRETARIAL, BOOKKEEPING AND STENOGRAPHIC COURSES Students admitted every Monday, Day or Night Call at office or phone for " Budget of Information. " Every student has a Life Membership in our up-to-date Employment De- partment. 322 Colonial Building " The Store with a Personality " Chas. C. Craig, President A ' . L. Stump, Manager Phone 2040 Mr. Cline— " Oh, you ' re very welcome. Paul ; don ' t mention such a trifle. " 1S82 l ' )22 The Teachers ' College A. G. Luken of Indianapolis A Standard Normal School Accredited Drug Co. iffers the Following Courses : Kindergarten and Primary. Nome Economics. I ' ul.lic School Music. Public School Art. Rural and Graded School. Special Classes for Teachers of Experience. Special Classes for Review of the Common Branches. SHERWIN - WILLIAMS PAINTS VARNISHES Send for Catalog No. , ELIZA A. BLAKER, President A. G. Luken Drug Go. Alabani.i and Twenty-third Streets Indianapolis, Indiana 626-628 Main Phone 1213 - " Hurry up, we ' ve just got time for a smoke " — Hen. J. w I iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM) | Himes Bros. Dairy Clarified and Pasteurized Milk and Cream 19 South Sixth Street Phone 1850 Mr. Nicely (sternly) — " ouiig man, are you lannhing at me " " Scared freshman — " N-no sir. " Mr. Nicely — " Then who else is there in the room to laugh at? " John H. Niewoehner Plumbing Steam, Water, and Vapor Heating Sanitary, and Heating Engineer .V Complete Line of Bath Fixture.s and Bathroom ' I ' riiiimiiigs Ahvaws on Displa Pipe, ' alves. Fittings, I- lectric 1 ' limping- Machinerx ' il9 South G Street Phone 1828 Richmond, Indiana Snore — An unfavorable report from head quarters. Page M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' JVH | The University of Notre Dame B B Shoes WE si :r that our FOOT- WI ' LAR PLEASES NOTRE DAME, INDIANA ]Je])artnients of Arts, Letters. Journal- ism, Political ICconomy, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining En- gineering, Chemical Engineering, Ar- chitecture, Domestic Commerce, For- eign Commerce, Law, Agriculture, Library Science First to Show flic Xcwcst B B Shoe Store S()7 Main Street For Catolo; - ' ItMy ' " ' ' ' ' ' Rcijistrar Gene — " There ' s Turn Schumaker uutsii waiting for a picture to be taken. " Roy Hirshburg — " Side face? " Lli.b IJ. — " Gunna take a post graduate course next year? " Allan C. — " No. Papa says I know too Gene— " No. half-back. " much niw to make a good living. " .Iftcr l-iftccii ] ' cars ' -..v criciicc H ' c Sell THE ' A ' ICTROLA- aiul •A ' lCTOR " R1 :C()RI)S only I-:, w c.vmi ' 1 ' ,[-:ei;s Photo-Art Shop Photographs . x» rh si(nis FOR Advertisers A n YOU Walter B. Fulghum, Inc. 1000 Alain Street Richmond ■ " KMI ' l-OVKKS .SILVKIC IX PKOfirs " I ' lMnedlU 7LSArainSt. - w strong stomach that has no turning. Page one hundred thirty-onc i: (M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M THE CAMERA SHOP 512 Main Street KODAKS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES W. E. MORREY Beachey-- ■I X isli (_ od had made me a Hershcll- ••He did. I ' m him. " You can tell when Mr. Thi mpson is soured on life by the way he writes out a ••C " grade excuse. " ' ' R.omey s Brunswick Sho HEAR BRUNSWICK RECORDS " XrOTE the difference and the im- provement. Any make of rec- ord can be heard on the Brunswick. Famous musical critics endorse this universal phonograph. We cordially invite you to visit our new big store any time SHOP AT ROMEY ' S 920-926 Mam - W Many are called, but few get up. Page one hundred tliirty-two (M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN tM TKe NEW MITCHELL-Series F Featuring tke New F-50 MitcKell Motor Improved HATNES FIFTY-FIVE WitK the Ha3;nes-55 Motor A time tested engine Expert Repairing Accessories Steve Worley 0 . Dennis Junior High School Pa — " Well, has a high school education fitted your boy for the battle of life? " Paw — " I fear not. His classmates elected him class poet. " Earl C. — " We took up a new step today in bookkeeping. " Outsider " H ! Are they teaching dnncintr up at high schr).,l now? ' " ZWISSLER ' S Kramer Bros. Dair)) BAKERY AND Pasteurized RESTAURANT Milk and Cream A GOOD PLACE TO EAT ® Everything Nice and Clean Good Steaks and Chops to order. A nice line of Bread and Cakes WE DELIVER TO ANY PART OF THE CITY always on hand BETSY ROSS and EAT-MOR Bread our leaders Try our Butter Maid Cake South Ninth and L Streets 908 Main Street 43 32 — Phones — 1531 - - Man is the only animal who wears short socks I ' aKi- uiic lu.iiJri-d llnrty-three (M ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M) In a few years you will he glad you nave Pnotogra ns to alive the memories of OcnooJ Days. PHOTOS 7ZZ MAilN ST RICHMOND. IND. Cliarlotte— " What do you think of a fel low that makes a girl blush? " Tan. — " I think he ' s a wonder ! " A pair of tight shoes will do more to keep a young man from roaming, than all the Bine Laws in the world. OM CLEANING AND PRESSING By Men who care For People who care " Call the Checker-Board Wagon " Phone 2807 41 North Eighth St. RICHMOND GASOLINE, KERO- SENE, AUTO OILS and GREASES Service Station Ft. Wayne Ave. and North Sixth S t. PHONE 2566 Office: No. 6 North Sixth St. Richmond, Indiana - w Only the young die good. Page one Iniiulre.I thirty-four (Ml THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iJVD DR. N. S. COX Compliments of Dentist GLEN R. CRUM American Trust Building Phone 1378 DRS. GRAIN SANITARIUM DR. J. W. CANS Twenty-second and Main New York Dental Parlors Across the Street from Glen Miller Park Hours 8 to 6 and 7 to 8 Phone 3812 Corner Eighth and Main Streets Office: Murray Theatre Building Richmond, Indiana Phone 1983 Stranger — " Where is the Fool ' s Paradise? " St. Peter — " The Fool ' s Paradise? " Stranger— " Yes. I Avas a -Pierian ' Editor " ' ( i ' li ll -dii,: ,l„y afln-ii. ' oiis DR. H. E. HINSHAW DR. W. J. SMITH Dentist Dentist E eventh and Main Streets Phone 1382 216 K. of P. Building Phone 1637 DR. GHAS. E. DUFFIN DR. A. O. MARTIN Suite 301 K. of P. Building Dentist Office Hours 9 to 11 :30 A. M. 1 to 5 and 7 to 8 P. M. 212-213 Colonial Building Telephones Richmond, Indiana Office 2683 Residence 1999 - w Look before you sleep. iM) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN M ' Dr. A. B. Price DENTIST Colonial Building PHONES Residence, 4890 Office, 2281 When In Need— OF CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS. HATS, CAPS, ETC., ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES AT PRICES LOWER THAN ELSEWHERE Call and See Frankel Harding 820 Main Dick r. (in Public Speaking )— " Miss Doran said that that that that that girl used Muncll 11 - " Send Dick to a stuttering school. " The D. L. Auld Co. JEWELERS ■BO Class Pins a Specialty Columbus, Ohio Loehr Klute HOME OF Hart, Schaffner and Marx Clothes - w " Anybody wanta pay dues? " — Carl Amick. iM ' THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN ' Mi | FORD CARS and TRUCKS FORDSOKf TRACTORS and LINCOLN " LELAND BUILT " WeDD-Coleman Co. 27-31 North NintK Dowx IN Hell. Ewing — " This sure is hell ! Wish I had some sandpaper. " Harkins- " What for? ' Evving " T.. chew, atK make cold cliill run down my hack. " BEAUTY OF ARRANGEMENT, COM- BINED WITH FRESH FLOWERS OF HIGH QUALITY, COURTESY AND PROMPF SERVICE THESE ARE OUR IDEALS LEMON ' S 1015 Main Street FLOWER SHOP Phone 100} - ■ The most comfortable people on a hay ride are the horses. (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (Mi The Sl.irc iK ' Uh Ihc Hiiilirsl Class Toilet .Irlulfs and Ihc Hujhcsl Punly in Drugs . U ' Tcays just the Kii lit Snap to KOD- }KS and KOD.IK SUPPLIES Kennedy Clothes Expert E i n i s h i n g 2}uigley ' s Matte hy Four Hundred Main Sci-cn Tzcenty-scirn .Vain riic Efouse of -TRY Till: r k-Cci STORE l-IRST " I iippenlieiiiier Soper (at the Grali and (irunt I— " Milk or water? " Alice Eby— " Don ' t te ll mc. please. Let me gncs?;. " Billy Sunday (in chapel)— " The Bible says that riches are a curse. " Jessiip (back from Earlham ) — " Well. I ' ll he damned ! " THE. or. I LEE y SEORE .1 MenilKVsliip in tlie Weldon ' s Young Mens Christian Stieeeetliitii Association Reed Furniture Co. lE-lps in - -m— OOSTlXG M Better schools M- ETTER ATHLETICS i BETTER FELLOWSHIP J— ETTER SCHOLARSHIP Yoii ' tt Eilce Traitiiitj at - Weldon ' s Eiternieiliate Menilwrship Eeitfli am! Main S7.t ( Per ) ' ear - w Samuel Greene wears low shoes in summer fMt THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN tM ' THE MILLER-KEMPER COMPANY LUMBER, MILLWORK — —=— and = BUILDING MATERIALS ' ' ality and Service ' ' is our Motto OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE : 702 707 N. W. SECOND ST. PHONES 3247, 3347 ■ Pride goeth before a stall. Page one luiiulr (M THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN tM) THE ATLAS UNDERWEAR FACTORY RICHMOND, INDIANA Stude — " Have you an opening for a bright, energetic, high school graduate? " Store Owner — " Yes. and don ' t slam it on the way nut. " " Qiiigg lias a peaceful job in the bis factory. " " What does he do? " Summer-Time — Kolp School of The Season of Dancing and DAINTY DRESSES and LINGERIE Assemblies M See Help Make Dancing a clean, social ©he Mashmeyer- recreation Granger Company m Eighth and Main " Where the Cars Stop " MR. AND MRS. BERT KOLP - - You cannot eat potato chips confidentially. Page one humired fnrty (Ml THE TWENTY -TWO PIERIAN Mi Will your Classmates say your Annual is splendid? Getting out an Annual is a big job — but one you ' ll enjoy too. If your book is a good one you ' ll win sudden popularity and the compliments of every one. You can afford to put 3 ' our best efforts into the work you have been chosen to do. But you don ' t need to do it all alone. Here ' s help for you. The Service Department of the Indian- apolis Engraving Electrotyping Company will help you get out a better book and solve j ' our hard- est problems. Ask for more information. INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING ELECTROTYPING COMPANY Annual Engravings Commencement Invitations 222 EAST OHIO STREET, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - The ■PIERIAN " and then the Anvil Chorus. Page one hundred forty-one - I (M) THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN (M ' | Producers of the " PIERIAN " Printin i a Link Better than is usually thought necessary It was live minutes before the debating team went into action. Wendell Stanley " lay I have a glass of water? " he asked. " Gonna drink it? " went u,. tn a it. Wayne man. " A aw. 1 do a high divmg act. The 1 Thompson Borton George Brehm ( 25 Main St. Company CLOTH I XG and FURXISHIXGS r.lLLTARl) SUPPLIES — SPORTIXc; GOODS AXl) TOYS Ricluiiond • Popular-r ' riicd Store for Men and Boys MASQUERADE SUPrS — Thompson Borton Phone 1747 517ALnin 625 lain St. - w Where there ' s a will there ' s a lawyer I iMi THE TWENTY-TWO PIERIAN iM | ONCE upnii a time tlu-re lived a lively crowd of high scIkkiI chaps in a city called Richmond. These young folks decided one day that they would make a high school annual which was different from any liook the school had ever made hefore. They wanted ciclioii in the book, and at the same time they wished to have it refined and artistic enough to meet the tastes of the most discriminating people. Sn they started to plan. " How can it be dune? " was the cry from all. Then crime the answer. " HIRSHBURG ' S I ' OKTK.MTS. " .And so the problem was solved. bopfrAiTS ' ' (tLQ ' 6narihePAey no Main Street. - w When it comes to doing nothing, : of our janitors show perfect team work. ndieil fortvi;nfo t«f I M9 ' Library closed! age one hundred forty-four

Suggestions in the Morton High School - Pierian Yearbook (Richmond, IN) collection:

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