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K 1 5 3 u a is h if M E U E F v 1 i F f K x L A I GROUNDS I - MORTON, TEXAS, INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS JR. HIGH SCHOOL 4th GRADE BUILDING 4-th AND 5th GRADE BUILDING . , if , gg QS of' IJ! Of jf' WM. ff 9 MW f '49 if jf, Mp nf if be My ,pf is XR -J P '7 E, E+ ivy Jr? NCD N .. O5 J H Vi Q95 , , I kj X DU X731 OJ In ,A X y ' ' "f4 :'gx4lf'v1 ivfpjl'-X 14r'VLi' f 2757! ff ? J jf!! .W X- .A Lr- 1- :fi H QQQAASZM f'!'A fig-VV A,?"A x lxk T xi K WMM, W, -Q, JK" ' 'X-X , X fff QW 095 EN 5 RR Q ij' M 15:- 39 wg 3' QWJJL , ,di W. 13,112 A My WW R ' ' ' b Sl, k x f ' fx . X6 KQV? M . ? Mx . 3, jf- AXXXVQ 53 XZ Q' xl QQ., XV I 42, I ' W HREF Q4 M! 5,564 ,' A . of-,B 'J T7 25 . 'G ,,' , S ku w xi-FIM 7" MLAZVNI A ' ,ff Fri, WML, fx xx, W V Fava- Y W 'Mfg' C if 1 523:32 Ei 71 ff' MORTON INDIAN BAND . No memory of M.H.S. would be complete without the Morton High Band. The big formation has brought honor to M.H.S., and the LOHAH staff gratefully puts into words the appreciation for the hard work and devotion of the band students and the director. Thus, the Morton High Band is truly a deserving and meriting part of our 1961-1962 year! The Lohah cover is an original design done by Bobby Combs. Bobby is in the sixth grade and eleven years old. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Combs. We wish to express our thanks to these people who also entered covers for the '62 Lohah: Jean Raindl - Sixth, Carmen Carrillo - Eighth, Brenda Stovall - Freshman ior, Jerry Cogburn - Senior. T Joe Seagler, Miss Lonora Jackson. THE LOHAH The Lohah was first issued in 1937-88. A contest for naming the new annual was announced, with the winner receiving special mention and a free picture in the annual. Since the school symbol was the Indian andthe paper, the War Whoop, Mrs. FitzGerald fBeverly Pricej found a series of Indian names and meanings. Finally Mrs. FitzGera1d came to the conclusion that LOHAH, which means "Reaching - Toward the Sun, " could imply scholastic striving. The symbol looked like a setting sun with a running "bar V. " Mrs. FitzGerald was Freshman editor at the time. She was assistant editor of the War Whoop in her Junior year and editor in her Senior year. She was valedictorian of her class in 1941 and attended Texas Tech. She received her B.S. in Physics. From 1945 until 1957 she was employed as a research physicist with the Du Pont Company in Wilmington, Delaware. She is now married, is a busy wife, and mother of two small children. We, as Mrs. FitzGerald, are striving for a better future at Morton High School. Lanya Dolle, Penny Farmer - Sen- Judges for the covers were: Mrs. ANNUAL STAFF JAMES STRICKLAND, SHELBY CHANCY, BOB PATTERSON, LARRY BESEDA, STEVE MIDDLETON, Treasurer, DORSEY OLIPHANT, Corresponding Secretary, KAYE HODGES, Assistant Editor, WILLY CHEEK, Editor, Jerrie Holloway, Mrs. Murray Crone, Sponsor. TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN WHO 'S WHO FAVORITES ACTIVITIES SPORTS JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS ACTIVITIES ELEMENTARY EAST ELEMENTARY 43 46 65 79 95 98 103 134 We, the 196 Coon WILL T WARD MEN ' ' 'OURDESTINY IS IN OUR HANDS td fhe PEACE of the Future educating themselves and others ONE - 1? 3 Fi if Q 6 si . 1: r g Q I MORTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS ELI DOUGLAS SUPERINTENDENT Box 575 MoRToN,TEXAs Dear Students: Never in the history of our nation has there been so much emphasis placed upon education. The necessity of com- pleting at least twelve years of formal schooling has become increasingly im- portant especially during the past fif- teen years. There are two big reasons for this pressure having been placed on all of us to learn more. One reason is that edu- cation is a powerful weapon with which to combat any aggressor that would de- stroy our free way of life. An educated populace is much more likely to resist a dictatorial govern ent than an uneducated people. The second reason is that we now live in the age of technologyg conse- quently, a person must be highly skilled in order to do a satisfactory job in any occupation that he might choose. My challenge to you is to take ad- vantage of the opportunities that are afforded you in an educated today so that you will he a success in your chosen vo- cation tomorrow. Sincerely, Eli Douglas Superintendent of Schools MR. CHARLES BOWEN School Councilor MRS. W. B. MERRITT School Secretary MRS. CAMMIE JACKSON School Nurse MR. JACK RUSSEL Tax Collector MISS ELIZABETH DUPLER HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MR. RAY LANIER B.S. and M. Ed. East Texas State MRS. MURRAY CRONE B.A. , Wayland University Spanish, Typing, Shorthand MISS LONORA JACKSON B. S., Texas Tech B. A. , Texas Tech Homemaking, Annual M.A., Denver University Spanish, Library MRS. A. E. SANDERS B. S. - East Texas State Homemaking MR. JOHN PAUL JONES B.S. - Texas Tech M. E. - Texas Tech Coach, History MR. WAYNE MOHUNDRO B.S. - S. F. A. Civics, History MRS. I. N. LEAVITT B. B. A. Q - Texas Tech M. A. - Eastern New Mexico Math MRS. PHILLIP SHEARD B. S. - MacMurray English MRS. GAGE KNOX B.S. - North Texas State Math MR. JOHN STOCKDALE B. M. E. , Eastern New Mexico Band MRS. BOB TAYLOR B.A. - North Texas State Speech, P.E. , English MR. TED WHILLOCK B.S. - East Texas State Health, Coach, History MR. BOB TRAVIS B.S. - North Texas State Coach, Science MR. BOB TAYLOR B. A. - East Texas State M. A. - East Texas State English, Journalism MR. OWEN YOUNG B.S. - Texas Tech Vocational Ag. MR. DON THORP ,B. M. E. - Eastern New Mexico Choral MR. J. I. JENKINS B.S. - Texas Tech Biology, Chemistry Physics SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Willy Cheek, Vice Pres. Dale DeBord, Sec. Sue Ramsey, Treas. Dorothy Smith, Hist. Paula Burnett MRS . PHILIP SHEARD SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS MRS. A. E. SANDERS MR. I. I. IENKINS I2 SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES SHIRLEY MCMASTER and CHARLES PALMER CITY FLOWER SHOP 63231 -f,aZ,,9:5fi+,i JI PAULA BURNETT F.H.A., 1, F.T.A., 1,2, 3, 4, Science Club, 2, 3, 4, Nurses Club, 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres., Band, 1,2, 4, Sec. , Hist. -Reporter, Class Offi- cer, 4, Library Worker, 3, Office Worker, 4, F. T. A. , Delegate to State Conven- tion SHELBY CHANCEY F. F. A. , 1, Annual Staff, 3, 4, War Whoop Staff, 4, Football, 1, Basketball, 1, Office Worker, 1 ELMA BERLANGA Library Worker, Volley ball LARRY BESEDA F. F. A. , 1, 2, 3, Annual Staff, 4, War Whoop Staff, 4 CAROL CARTER F.H.A., 1,2, F.T.A., 2, 3, Who's Who, Bus. Math, English I, II, Alg. I,Il, Junior Play, Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. , Basketball, 1, 2, Office Worker, 4, National Hon or Society, 3, 4, Vice Pres. WILLY CHEEK F. T. A. , 4, Band, 3, 4, Pres., Annual Staff, 4, Editor, Student Council, 4, War Whoop Staff, 3, Class Officer, 4, Pres. , Band Favorite, 4 NALDA MAC COFFMAN F.H.A., 1,4, F.T.A., Nurses Club, 2, Student Council, 4, Treasurer, Junior Play, Pep Squad., 1, 2, War Whoop staff, 3, Office Worker, 4 4, F JERRY DON COGBURN . F. A. , 1, 2, 3, 4, Report- er, Annual Staff, 2, Asst. Editor, Library Worker, 3, 4 L?12Pfi'?- RYE! '25 - Zi? We l V ' SANDRA CUNNINGHAM F.H.A., 1, F.T.A., 3,4, Sec., Band, 1-4, Reporter, Vice Pres. , Head Twirler, Band Sweetheart, War Whoop Staff, 4, News Edi- tor, Basketball, 1-4, Cap- tain, 4, Class Officer, 3, Sec., Octette, 3, Volley- ball, 3, 4, F.F.A. Sweet- heart, 3, Inter. League, 2 BRENDA ENOS F.H.A., 3, Choir, 4, Pep Squad, 3 LOIS COURTNEY F. H. A. , 1-4, Vice Pres. , DONNA KELLY F.H.A., 2, F.T.A., 3,4, F.T.A., 2-4, Who's Who, Science Club, 3, 4, Nurses Homec., 2, Ir. Play, Pep Club, 3, 4, Band, 3, 4, Squad, 1-4, Basketball, Who's Who, Chem., An- l,2, Office Worker, 3, 4, nual Staff, 3, JUI1i01' Play. Volleyball, 1, 2 War Whoop Staff, 3, Li- brary Worker, 4 GLENNA FORD F. H. A. , 1-4, Reporter, F. T. A. , 3, 4, Reporter, Who's Who, Bus. Math, Junior Play, Pep Squad, 1- 4, War Whoop Staff, 4, Basketball, 1, Office Work- er, 4, National Honor Soci ety, 3, 4, Treasurer U X DWANA HENRY F.H.A., 2,3, F.T.A., 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 4, Nurses Club, 2, 3, Choir, 1, Band, 2,3, 4, Junior Play, Pep Squad, 1, Li- brary Worker, 4 J MARIETA EDWARDS F. H. A. , 1-4, Vice Pres. , F. T. A. , 2-4, Science Club, 4, Annual Staff, 2, Junior Play, Pep Squad, 1- 4, Office Worker, 4, Vol- leyball, 1 PENELOPE JEAN FARMER F.H.A., l,2, F.T.A., 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 3, 4, Nurses Club, 3, 4, Sec. , Band, 1, 2, 3, Who's Who, Eng. III, Junior Play, Bas- ketball, 2, Library Worker, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Sec. Y, i fir -2 .-'rf.:iSPE,',2-15,2 za' fi .UV TEDDY HOLLAMAN Office Worker JIMMY HOWELL F. T. A. , 3, 4, Annual Staff, 2, 3, War Whoop staff, 4, Track, 3,4, Football, 1-4, Basketball, 1-4, Library Worker, 1 CATHY I-IUGGINS F.H.A., 1,2,3, F.T.A., 3, 4, Science Club, 4, Nurses Club, 2, 3, Treas- urer, Band, 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad, 1, Library Worker, 1, 4 JANE ELLEN LEBOW F.H.A., 1-4, F.T.A., 4, Nurses Club, 2, Pep Squad, 1,2, 4, War Whoop Staff, 3, Class Officer, 3, Office Worker, 4, Most Beautiful, 4, F.F.A. Sweetheart, 4 DEWAYNE HULL F. F. A. , Library Worker SALLY LEVERETT F. T. A. , 2, 3, 4, Treas. , Hist., Reporter, Science Club, 4, Nurses Club, 2, 3, Pres. , Treas. , Band, 2, 3, 4, Sec. -Treas. , Stu- dent Council, 3, 4, Who's Who, Typing, Am. His. , Junior Play, Office Worker 3, 4, National Honor Soci- ety, Pres. , Miss M. H. S. , Band Sweetheart Attendant MIKE HOUSTON F.T.A., 3, F.F.A., 1, Science Club, 2, 3, 4, Pres.. 4, Student Council, 2, Track, 1-4, Football, 1-4, Basketball, 1, Class offi- cer, 2, Pres., Library Worker, 4, Office Worker, 4, Mr. M.H.S., 4 GLEN KUEHLER F.F.A., 1-4, Student Coun cil, 1, Track, 3,4, Foot- ball, 1-4, Basketball, 1, 3, Class Favorite, 3, Class Officer, 3, Indian Brave, 4 STEVE MLDDLETON F.T.A., 3,4, F.F.A., 1, 2, 3, Science Club, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Pres. , 4, Annual Staff, 4, Track, 1-4, Football, 1-4, Basketball, 1-4, Office Worker, 4 BOB NEIMAN F.T.A., l,2, F.F.A., 1-4, Band, 1-3, Student Council, 1, Who's Who, 1, Boys' State, 1, Junior Play, War Whoop Staff, 4, Football, 3,4 CLETA LOVE WILMA LYON Octet, 3, War Whoop, 4, F.H.A., 1, Choir, 4, WHT Pep Squad, 1-3, Office Whoop Staff, 3 Worker, 4 DORSEY OLIPHANT JR. CHARLES PALMER F. F. A. , 3, Annual Staff, F, F, A, , 1, junior Play, 4, Sec. , War Whoop staff, Track' 2'3, 4, Fogrball, 4' ECUIOI, T1'3Ck. 3- F00f' 2, 3, 4, Class Favorite, 4 ball, 4 SHIRLEY McMASTER F.H.A. . 1-4, Pep Squad, 1-4, Treas., 4, Class Fa- vorite, 4, Library Work- er, 1-4 LINDA ODEN F.H.A., 1,2, F.T.A., 2, 3, Nurses Club, 1,3, Choir 1, Annual Staff, 2, Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, 3, Library Worker, 4, Office Worker, 3,4, Vol- leyball, 1 SUE PJXMSEY F. H. A. , 1-4, Pres. , F.T.A., 2-4, Pres., Choir, 3, Student Council, Hornec III, War Whoop, 4, Basket- oall, 1-4, Class Favorite, Class Officer, Sec., Office Worker, 4, Volleyball, 1- 4, Indlan Maid, 4, Foot- ball Queen, 4 DELLA SCOGGINS F. H. A. , 1, 2, Choir, 3 BOB PATTERSON TOMMY PHILLIPS F.F.A., l,2, Annual Staff, C1'10iI. 1. TYHCK, 2. Bas- 4, Iunior Play, Track, 3, ketball Manager, 2 4, Football, 4, Library, 4 DOROTHY SMITH F.H.A., 1-4, Officer, 3, F.T.A., 2, 3,4, Science Club, 3, Nurses Club, 3, Student Council, 2, An- nual Staff, 2, Pep Squad, 2, 4, Class Favorite, 1, Class Officer, 4, Office Worker, 4, Sextet, 4, Most Beautiful, 3, Football Queen, 3 JAMES STEVENS F. F. A. , 1, Annual Staff, 2, 3. BILL SCHLABACH Choir, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play BARBARA SHAKESPEARE F. H. A. , 1, Nurses Club 2, War Whoop Staff, 3 JERRY TAYLOR F. T. A. , 3, 4, Science Club, 3, 4, Vice Pres. , 4, Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. , 4, Who's Who, 3, Geom., Junior Play, Track, 3,4, Football, 3. 4, Best Personality, 4 WINSTON WARD Choir, 1, War Whoop Staff, 3, Track, 2, Bas- ketball, 2 JAMES STRICKLAND Annual Staff, 2, 3, 4, Of- JOANN TARLTON F.H.A. , 1, 2, Band, 1-3, fice Worker, 4 Pep Squad, 4, War Whoop Staff, 4, Basketball, 1, Volleyball, 1 ll 'K' ,-.. KATIE LACKEY COON F. H. A. , 1, Science Club, 2, Nurses Club, 2, Band, 1,2,3, War Whoop Staff, 4, Office Worker, 4 1 f TENNETTE EDWARDS V Pep Squad, 1 yr. , War Whoop, 1 yr. , Office Work- er, F.H.A., 1 yr. PATSY WALDEN Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, V. Pres. , F. H. A., 1, Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3, War whoop, 4, Business Manager, Bas- ketball, 2, Octet, Miss Indian Capers Attendant WILBURN ZUBER F. F. A. , 112, Junior Play, Track, 2,3, 4, Football, 1-4, Basketball, 1-4, Class Officer, 3, Pres., Officer Worker, 4 DALE DeBORD F.F.A., 1-4, Track, 1-4, Football, 1-4, Class Offi- cer, 4, Vice Pres., Most Courteous, 4 Penelope Jean Farmer "First to the Last" HOMECOMING FLQAT Jet Strother and Morris Peterson work on Make -up art for Speech class Kennedy and McKirn discuss English Miss Dupler explains Pinata to with Mrs. Taylor. Spanish 1 class. I 'C' LJ Linda Oden collects absentee slips Lovise Routon in Hornemaking I class LUN C HROOM WORKERS '1-af QW' . K, - ' fl if-isis 125 Zigi? "" iff -.L"- , SEATED: Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Akin, Mrs. Taylor, STANDING: Mrs. Bickett, Mrs. Bowling, Mrs. Coats, Mrs. Cloud, Mrs. Zuber. CUSTODIANS: Mr. Carter, Mr. White, Mr. Phillips, ., , , , V.. ,, . ., ,,... ..,,.. v M ,... . ,. Mr. Stracner. BUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: MI. Nettles, Mr. Drennan, Mr. Mohundro, Mr. Revis Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Pruitt, Mr. Bowen Mr. Wright, Mr. Nesbut. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Willard Cox, Vice Pres. James Beseda, Sec. Carolyn Hous ton, Treas. Patricia Egger JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS MR. ROBERT TAYLOR MRS. ROBERT TAYLOR March of Dimes Drive Tribune Photo nsilver Dollar Saleh MR. TED WILLOCK ,IUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES GLORIA STROUD and JERRY DAN TRICE BARBARA AKIN RITA BALDRIDGE MATILDA BERLANGA JAMES BESEDA JIMMY BILBREY MARICE BLACKSTOCK LINDA CARTWRIGHT GARY COON WILLARD COX ART DUNHAM TREVA DUNN LES TER DUPLER SAMMY EDWARDS PATRICIA EGGER IRENE GARZA RONALD GOLDEN BILL HANSON IAN HAWTHORNE DENNIS HEAD MICKEY HEFLIN MIKE HOLLAND GLENDA HOLLOMAN CAROLYN HOUSTON CHRISTINE HOWELL ,TAQUITA IONAS DELORES I ONES CARLENE KARNELL LINDA KEY CHARLES LAWS BETTY LEDBETTER LAURETTA MCMUISTION MORRIS PETERSON DON RAY DARLENE RODDY JOHNNY SAMFORD IIMMY SHAKESPEARE KAY ST. CLAIR GLORIA STROUD DAVID TARVER JEFF TOWNSEND JERRY DAN TRICE JOHNNY VANDEVENTER LESTER WARE BILL WHITE GAIL WILKERSON KENNETH WILLIAMS BEVERLY WILSON BILLIE WINDER IUDY ZUBER Z' t SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pres. David Ross, Vice Pres. Clem Kuehler, Sec. Lynda Lynch, Treas. -Reporter Lynne Freeland MISS ELIZABETH DUPLER SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS MRS. GAGE KNOX MR. .TGI-IN P. JONES 28 SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES LYNN FREELAND and CLEM KUEHLER LARRY BAKER EVELYN BUTLER PEGGY CHEEK IOA NN C LA MPITT GARY CLARK RICKIE COFFMAN JIMMY COLLINS TOMMY COMBS FRANK COOK DAVID CRAWFORD BEVERLY CRISWELL STANELY CUNNINGHAM BERTA DARLAND Picture No? Available TERRY DAVIS DEANIE DOTY FRANKIE FORD LYNNE FREELAND LARRY GLADDEN LARRY GROVE MIKE HALE MELINDA HANCOCK STEVEN HILL KAYE HODGES .TANICE HOLLOMAN IERRIE HOLLOWAY BILL HUCKABE NANCY JACKSON ROGER JEFFCOAT EVERETT JONES CLEM KUEHLER LINDA LYNCH CAROL MCCUISTION LAQUITA MASTON BRENDA MULLINAX RAY o'BR1EN IIMMY PETREE DAVID ROSS STEVE SCHLABOCK DONALD SHAW JET STROTHER JACKIE TAYLOR SHIRLY TURNEY .1 ,Z IOANN WELLS BETH WEMKEN JERRY WHITFIELD ROBERT WIGGINS RHODNEY WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS JUDY WILLINGHAM PAULINE WOODS BRENDA WOODS PENNY LEWIS HOMECOMING MORTON VS MULESHOE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Charles Ledbetter, Vice Pres Peggy Ramsey, Sec. Donna Mc- Master, Treas. Pam Reynolds .A MRS. I. N. LEAVITT FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS MISS LONORA JACKSON 34 FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES PAM REYNOLDS and DONNIE DEWBRE SILVERS ,PUTANE MAYLAND ABBE ORALIA BAUTISTA MARGARITA BERLANGA PATSY BESEDA TERRY BICKETT BARBARA BLACK DIANE BOATWRIGHT CHRIS CARRILLO ROBERT CARTER DOVIE CHANCEY GARY COON GRADY COOPER BETSY CROWDER KENNETH CUNNINGHAM NORA DAVIS DONNIE DEWBRE BOBBY DOBSON MIKE DOSS BARBARA DOTSON BARBARA DUNN SHIRLEY EDWARDS MIKE EGGER ELLIOTT E. ELLIOTT EVA GONZA LES SHERRILL GRIFFITI-I PATSY HANS BARBARA HARVEY LINDA HAWKINS Picfure Noi' Available JAMES HAUGHTON PATRICIA IARAMILLO OPHELIA IONAS RODNEY KELLOGG BARBARA KENNEDY CHARLES LEDBETTER JANE LUKE JANE LUPER CARLA MCCARTY LUENDA MCKIM DONNA MCMASTER DOUG MILLER MARY KATE MILLER DAVID NEWSOM W? Sm 'irish my 1 my Picfure Noi' Available M l X1 K I I DONNA PARKER JUDY PHILBRICK LYNETTE PHILIPS PEGGY RAMSEY PAM REYNOLDS MARLIN ROSE THELMA ROUTON KENNETH SANDEFER WOODY SELF Wmvwmp RONALD SMART BENNIE SMITH WANDA SMITH MARY ST. CLAIR JUDY STEVENS BRENDA STOVALL DAVID STRIC KLAND WADONNA STROTI-IER BENNY TURNEY DARLA TURNEY FRANK VELEZ REBA WALDEN SANDY WALLACE CAROL WATERS CAROL WILLIAMS WARREN WILLIAMSON IANIS WINDER ERNEST CHESHER CLOVIS HEAD " 1 6' : fpwr- v WILLY CHEEK DWANA HENRY Band Typing II Eng. II ' Q?3 " !- -- f A siii Q , , A ,l . I CAROL MCC UISTON Alg. II ---WE: wif' A I in f1p'ffff,ZiLL E W ' - , 'I i. "Wk, , ,W , iii' J S f Si S F A? . p R I I-IO, ' fizl ,Z.:: Q.: COURTNEY LESTER WARE PAM REYOLDS BETTY LEDBETTER Shorthand Choir Eng. I Eng. III, Pl. Geom. Dr. Training Spanish II -, ww? X EATI, I 1 ,. iffy' ' ff Tn II "' A nIInf ' IIAAAIA -Kv, , -," '1 BOB NIEMAN SANDY CUNNINGHAM TREVA DUNN GARY CLARK Speech Journalism Typing I, Spanish I Spanish Band Home Ec. III 1i'i'Ii, I 1" 'f.A' :LI . ,Q X 'U ' ' ..:11ffi!ig I ii. k--ki"' Y 0 I DAVID ROSS f LINDA LYNCH JEFF TOWNSEND PAULA BURNETT W. History, Biology W. History Am. History Civics 40 Home EC. II WHO , if ' , 1 2, af' 1 .tl . ,V'A 1 . .. f . . S ' uv '4 i g? ' 'lfngii Tiff xi, gf' ' RONALD SMART General Science ' yg fe f ff i l I .. 1: ' .5 sf2:1. . 1: -ffu m 1. Zfzigsgl. "gg ,,gg1,k .g ,V .1515 1 li 'E 35551 'fl f 5Z?35iQf5:'f5f7. K' 5515125 wwe? I 'gn.f1!ft1 DAVUJ NEwsoN Ag. 1 CAROL CARTER Bookkeeping MIKE EGGER General Science Algebra I .V,k , .. 1 a .R 1 I '55 A ,m f i'1m-4 1 a-M ,W lf if Na., ix gr f rf' 3' ab, si 1 H Q X 1 ff 52 , if 'S P 5 A k if ar I 7 CLEM KUEHLER Ag. 11 FRANK COOK Gen. Math lu v' "- .1.'.:' W 45 , 5 as A tm . Q f 2 ftmkfi 2 Ear A 1 f I 5 . M ,R 1 1 K. 1 - V5 1 , , . , 5531 if 3, . X M Qt X Y? 5. 1 WM . 1 fi . 521-2 :1,:1 - , ' ,f r DENNIS HEAD Chemistryg Ag. 111 N fp ,Vf.f., , "' at : M C' X A 1 X .lf ,.... . . W J ,ff ,...' 1 .R CAROLYN WATERS Home Ec. I PATRICIA EGGER Spanish I MIKE HOUSTON Physicsg Trig. . . :K V 'f Y' V 2 ff-f W . S gg W 4- f is.. A fig, P f ' 5 Y.. . . r 1 WILLARD COX Pl. Geometry JUDY PHILBRICK Pantornimes P. E. assignment. Child Care Unit Speech Dept. ,, IV, Homemaking 41 rg: JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE WORKERS Wilburn Zuber, Marieta Edwards, Teddy Holloman, James Strickland, Pasty Walden, Cleta Love, Dorthy Smith, Sue Ramsey. OFFICE WORKERS HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE WORKERS Mike Houston, Glenna Ford, Carol Carter, Linda Oden, Jane Lebow, Lois Courtney, fNot Shownj Steve Middleton, Sally Leverett, Nelda Coffoman THE SPIRIT OF MORTON HIGH SCHOOL helped by Charles Ledbetter, Mike Doss Wg? ' :fig Sf- ' 5 vvffff , 2? Lg, X ' ' '-wfewigia S ! A 5 2 g is Q 3 S Q ,1 ii 5 E 'f 4 if E 5 5 1 3 I 2 1 r 3 i 3 .,.., -MM ...,... ,..,, ..,.,..... ,....., .,.-..--..-...-,.......,- .... -M ....... .,... .... N- -...,..-M.. ..,,M,.N.,, ...... ,,., .. ,. ,,-,.-,-,-.,,. ....,.,,.., .,,,,,, M... U-, .. W, ..-,.A, . H-- WW. BEST PERSONALITY CAROLYN HOUSTON and JERRY TAYLOR MOST COURTEOUS BETTY LEDBETTER and DALE DGBORD STRICKLAND CLEANERS 5 TREVA DUNN, Secretary JERRY TAYLOR, Vice President STEVE MIDDLETON, President NALDA COFFMAN, Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS TRUETT'S FOOD STORE STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED: T. Dunn, Secretary, S. Middleton, President, J. Taylor, Vice President, L. Freeland, M. Coffman Treasurer, tt,jMr. Mohundro, M. St. Clair. STANDING: W. Cox, D. Head, W. Cheek, B. Huck- abee, D. Ray, M. Holland, C. Williams. FUTURE TEAGQRS or AMERICA SEATED: C. McCuistion, L. Freeland, Mrs. Leavitt, Sponsor, C. Carter, M. Edwards, L. Courtney, S. Ram- sey, President, M. Heflin, K. Huggins, D. Henry, D. Cranford, P. Lewis, L. Masten, S. Cunningham. Sec- retary, Miss Jackson, Sponsor. STANDING, SECOND ROW: P. Eggar, T. Dunn, Treasurer, L. McCuistion, J, Burns, L. Lynch, G. Ford, S. Leverett, Rep. Historian, J. Willingham, P. Cheek, P. Burnett, P. Farmer, S. Middleton, J. Cogburn, W. Cheek, J. Beseda. STANDING, THIRD ROW: J. Burchell, T. Combs, J. Town- send, J. Trice, J. Howell, D. Smith, M. Coffman, J. Lebow, J. Taylor, L. Dupler, Vice President, B. Nie- man, D. Ross. NOT SHOWN: Dennis Head, Parliamentarian. Science Club FIRST ROW: D. Henry, P, Farmer, K. Hu gins, S. Middleton, M. Houston - President, Mr. Jenkins. SECOND ROW: D. Head - Parlia1nentarianbM. Edwards, D. Cranford, P. Burnett, W. Cox, L. Ware, J. Taylor - Vice President, L. Dupler - Secretary, B. White, J. Tice. THIRD ROW: S. Clark, D. Ray, I. Be- seda, M. Holland - Treasurer, A. Dunham. W RWHOOP TAFF LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: S. Cunningham - Associate Editorg S. Ramsey - Society Editorg P. Walden - Columnistg D. Oliphant - Eclitorg R. G. Taylor - Sponsor. STANDING: J. Tarlton - Columnistg B. Nieman - Columnistg C. Love - Business Managerg C. Kernell - Business Managerg K. Williams - Associate Editorg L. Beseda - Circulation Managerg S. Chancey - Photographerg J. Howell - Sports Editorg K. Coon - Advertising 48 Manager. - Q ,ll Q gf lg .wr FHA CHAPTER OFFICERS SEATED: M. Heflin - 4th Vice President, L. Freeland - 3rd Vice President, C. McCuistion - Treasurer, L. McCuistion - 2nd Vice President, L. Courtney - lst Vice President, G. Ford - 5th Vice President, T. Dumrn - President. BACK ROW: Mrs. Crone - Sponsor, P. Egger - Secretary, L. Key - Historian, Mrs. Sanders - Sponsor, L. Lynch - Parliamentarian, Mrs. H. F. Dunn - Chapter Mother. FHA CHAPTER FRONT: Heflin - 4th Vice President, McCuistion - 2nd Vice President, McCuistion - Treasurer, Freeland - 3rd Vice President, Dumm - President, Egger - Secretary, Ford - 5th Vice President, Courtney - lst Vice President. SECOND: Key - Historian, Criswell, Edwards, Philbrick, Edwards, Black, Burchel, St. Clair, Luper, Lynch - Parliamentarian. THIRD: Edwards, Masten, Cheek, McMaster, Waters, Wempkin, Wilson, St. Clair, Strother Winder, Smith, Crowder, Reynolds, Hawkins, Lewis, Mrs. Crone. FOURTH: Mrs. Sanders, Clampitt, Lebow, Coffman, Dunn, McKim, Turney, Turney, Davis, Phillips, Stovall, Hand, Harvey, Kennedy, Srnith, McCarty Deseda. C. McCuistion aids Pres. Treva President Treva Dunn and officers Jane Luper, Judy Philbrick, Linda Dunn in initiating the new mem- are installed for the 1961-62 school Hawkins, Pam Reynolds, and Betsy bers. year. Crowder look very happy after their initiation. Linda Cartwright, Miki Heilin, and The girls enjoy their fellowship as Miki Heflin serve the mothers at Beverly Criswell help in serving re- they have refreshments at the initia- the inigiatign, freshrnents at the initiation. tion. Pam RCyT101d COHCCHUHICS OH milk' Lynne Freeland and Laquita Masten Beverly Criswell leads the group in ing a good pie for the bake sale. prepare for the candy sale. singing Christmas carols at the Christmas party for Elders. F.H.A. ACTIVITIES FFA CHAPTER OFFICERS Adv. - Owen D. Young, Vice Pres. - Ray O'Brien, President - Clem Kuehler, Reporter - Larry Baker Treasurer - Steve Schlaback, Sentinel - Mike Hale, Secretary - Dennis Head. GREENHAND OFFICERS Sentinel - Roger Jeffcoat, Rep. - Donnie Dewbre, Student Advisor - Woody Self, Treasurer - Ernest Chesshir, President - Mike Egger, Vice President - Sherill Griffith, Secretary - David Newsom. MORTON CO -OP GIN Future Farmers of America FIRST ROW: Head, Strickland, Turney, Wiggins, Hale, Schlabach, Elliott. SECOND ROW: Egger, Kuehler, Baker, Strothers, Dewbre, Gladden, Collins. THIRD ROW: Bilbrey, Jeffcoat, Huckabee, O'brien, DeBord, Chesshir, Kuehler, Davis, Newsom, White, Mr. Young. FOURTH ROW: Head, Griffith, Beseda, Shaw, Self Cogburn, Neiman, Coffman, Williams, Blackstock, Shakespeare, Ray. F.F.A. SWEETHEART JANE LEBOW COCHRAN COUNTY GIN Glen Kuehler and Grand Champion Hogs Hampshire Terry Davis and Reserve Grand Champion Hog Chester White ww Robert Wiggin and Hampshire Gilt Bill White and Hampshire Lamb Ray O'Brien and Hereford Calf Bill Huckabee's Calf Benny Turney and Chester Whites -lit' AW o U59 ' MER E FAR Or , FUTUR , i n QV? FARM EQUIPMENT CO. 54 MORTO HIGH SCHOOL BA D STANDING: Kellogg, Carter, Schlabach, Cranford, Crawford, Rose, thorne, Jackson, Holloway, Hancock. SECOND ROW: Henry, Self, Wenkem, McCuistion, Wells, Doty, Ross, Drum Major. FIRST ROW: McCuistion, Kennedy, Head, Self, Carrillo, Clark, McKim, Sand- Edwards, Jeffcoat, Chesshir, Petree, Jones, Seigler, Avery, Freeland, fer, Trice, Luper, Huggins, Hodges, Holloman, Hawkins. THIRD Hale, Jeffcoat, Nieman, Wiggins, Meeks, Strickland, Hollornan, ROW: Woods, Lynch, Masten, Crowder, Townsend. Ware, Anglin, Egger, Combs, Elliot, Cunningham, Cheek, Haw- HAWKINS OLDS MARCHING BAND MAJORETTES DRUM MAJOR Laquita Masten Jan Hawthorne, Jand Luper David Ross Linda Hawkins Sandra Cunningham LUPER TIRE 85 COURTS W P BAND SWEETHEART Sandra Cunningham ESCORT Willy Cheek ATTENDANTS Jan Hawthorne and Sally Leverett ESCORT ESCORT Sam Edwards Bill Schlabach BAND FAVORITES Dwana Henry and Willy Cheek COCI-IRAN POWER 85 LIGHT CO D OFFICERS STANDING: Sally Lev ' , Treasurer, Willy Cheek, Pres- ident. SEATED: Sandra Cunningham, Vice President, Paula Burnett, Historian, Reporter. 1 n I COUNCIL STANDING: dnavid Ross, Willy cheek, Bill Schlabach. SEATED: Jeff Townsend, Sandra Cunningham, Paula Burnett, Sam Edwards. .sr MCA LLISTER-HUGGINS MISS INDIAN CAPERS, CHOIR BEAU and RUNNERS-'UP Miss Indian Capers - Patsy Walden, Choir Beau - Lester Ware, lst Runners-Up, Peggy Ramsey and Morris Peterson, 2nd Runners-Up, Cleta Love and Charles Ledbetter. Morton High School Choir including Miss Indian Capers, Choir Beau and attendanrs ar the Finale of Indian Capers Feb. , 1962. CHOIR OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Lester Ware - Vice President, Charles Ledbetter - President, Gloria Stroud - Librarian, Cleta Love - Secretary -Treasurer, Jaquita Jonas - Vice President, Morris Peterson - Secretary-Treasurer, Patsy Walden - President. HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR BACK ROW, left to right: M. Peterson, J. Sandefer, L. Groves, E. Cooper, B. Schlabach, S. Wallace, R. Smart, T. Bickett. SECOND ROW: M. Abbe, F. Velez, L. Ware, C. Ledbetter, N. Houghton, C. Carrillo, B. Dobson, K. Cunningham, D. Miller. THIRD ROW: D. Doty, P. Walden, W. Lyon, I. Jonas, P. Reynolds, D. Smith, G. Stroud, D. Jones, L. Carrasco, D. McMaster, L. Jonas. FOURTH ROW: E. Gonzales, D. Boat- wright, D. Scoggins, B. Darland, C. Love, D. Chancey, P. Ramsey, L. Rowden, L. Phillips, J. Philbrick, J. Burchell, R. Walden. Girls, Ensemble D. McMaster, L. Phillips, J. Jonas, D. Smith, G. Strouu. 5 Q 3 Z EE 5 K 5 5 E 5 3 2 ? 5 Judy Philbrick sings "My Funny Valentine" Diane Boatright sings "You Can't Get A Man With A Gun" 6I Girls of the choir during the song "Hey, Look Me Over" "C ommerce or Collapse" - motto of girls attending All-Senior Honor Chorus at Commerce, Texas - C. Carter, P. Walden, C. Love, P. Farmer and D. Smith. 62 Smart, Schlabach, Wallace, Ledbetter Humor - Doug Miller, Wallace, Cooper, Smart, Abbe Dobson TRIBUNE PHOTOS INDIAN IVIAID AND INDIAN BRAVE SUE RAMSEY and GLEN KU1-:HLER CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Houston, K. St. Clair, B. Ledbetter, L. Freeland, M. Heflin, M. Jones. Pep Squad BACK ROW, left to right: S. Turney, N. Davis, D. Turney, S. Edwards, B. Black, B. Smith, P. Beseda, B. Dunn, D. McMaster, M. St. Clair, Miss Dupler. SECOND ROW: B. Stovall, J. Jonas, J. Burns, G. Stroud, J. Lebow, R. Baldridge, B. Akin, D. Smith, B. Winder, P. Reynolds, T. Edwards. THIRD ROW: R. Walden E. Butler, 1. Zuber, J. Burchel, C. McCarty, J. Winder, J. Tarlton, L. Jonas, L. Courtney. FOURTH ROW: J. Philbrick, D. Chancey, B. Harvey, W. Smith, P. Hans, M. Edwards, S. McMaster, B. Wilson. FIFTH ROW: P. Farmer, -P. Cheek, C. Carter, G. Ford, P. Egger, T. Dunn, L. Key. XJ ST. CLAIR DEPT. STORE , . mu, .,v: L 1 I K T FOOTBALL 1961 WE THEY Sudan 21 14 Whiteface 39 16 Friona 48 22 Farwell 24 20 Sundown 21 8 Abernathy 22 27 Olton 2 6 15 Muleshoe 31 14 Floydada 8 17 Lockney 15 16 Assistant Head Coach Assistant WEAVER JONES TRAVIS "A" Team TOP ROW: Coach Weaver, Ledbetter, Chesshir, O'Brien, Huckabee, Dewbre, Coach Jones. SECOND ROW: Coach Travis, C. Kuehler, Smart, Wallace, White, Managers: Dunham, Monroe. THIRD ROW: Beseda, Holland, Zuber, Middleton, Dupler, Taylor. BOTTOM ROW: G. Kuehler, Howell, Palmer, Neiman, Mascot: Randy Jones, Sanford, DeBord, Houston. 379 xy gt MIKE HOUSTON DALE DeBORD JOHNNY SANFORD BOB NEIMAN Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Center CHARLES PALMER JIMMY HOWELL GLEN KUEHLER Right Guard Right Tackle Righl End LESTER DUPLER CHARLIE LEDBETTER Left Halfback Right Halfback 'L"'3 I V fx , E , . - ,Q 1 5-A gi VAL ,. cw. ra f 2 -W fi I 68 WILBURN ZUBER STEVE MIDDLETON JERRY TAYLOR BILL HUCKABEE Fullback Quarterback Left End Left Tackle MIKE HOLLAND RANDY JANES JAMES BESEDA Fullback Mascot Right Halfback BILL WHITE CLEM KUEHLER Right End Left Halfback 'M JL t DONNIE DEWBRE RAY O'BRIEN ERNEST CHESSHIR Center Right End Left End ig R A 'fs X Q RONALD SMART SANDY WALLACE Right Guard Right Halfback HOMECOMLNG FLOATS PEP SQUAD sopuomoms CLASS if M ' ' M"MQ"M an 2 1' I I I "!: ' - - I L I 1 M I ' I YYYI "Q I 5'f'i?" g is , gig if I Nw fri A I f s f. . f I 71 5 l Yi Q k i ? EYT Z,A V I I BENNY TURNEY MIKE DOSS LARRY GROVE BOBBY DOTSON Halfback Halfback Guard End ACTION PHOTOS FURNISHED BY TRIBUNE aw 6 E 51 eww my ...M .me -.A aww: 'Q . 63325 Wim 9533253 S:-Z' .53 fm mg if 1 s, "ui .3 L,A. vw k Q73 . BW vu Q my 71-ww ,Af- 'Ku-P' """-4-wr' Nm XWN 3 6 3 S 3 JANET BURNS PENNY LEWIS EVELYN BUTLER PAM REYNOLDS Guard Guard Forward Forward PENNY FARMER JUDY WILLINGHAM JOANN WELLS CARLENE KERNELL Guard Forward Guard Guard 3 2 1 r E e i r SANDY CUNNINGHAM SUE RAMSHY LYNN FREELAND MIKI HEFLIN Guard Forward Forward Guard 75 , fdyaw, qw Vg' fp 1-P I 1 ,Q A i R ,, :.V. Q f ' ff 5 'Pg' ' ,rilgflf , W? w4m'4EN'5f?3xQ EY N, G O L F Practice round for team 1962 Golf Team W9-112106 Sh00fS Out Of S9-Hd U'aP Coach Travis instructs Wallace on drive Cox driving Trice driving Ledbetter driving Williamson chipping 77 f -,: .- - " 5 ..v, nl- f ,-.lj ' T I VVVL - VVLV Q E nf? yr : is geu f ugeyi ' D 5 l fy, C Q5 D Y Flin ' - gli, s e' d ' 'M-f' F .' dpi, 13 ' r Q- Ma ,, - V. , -y M il i f x I RETURNING LETTERMEN 1962 TRACK TEAM Middleton, Ledbetter Kuehler - Howell Houston - Beseda 880 Beseda High Jump handoff 1T1i16IS Dupler Hurdles Holland - Discus Samford - Discus Griffith - Shotput Griffith - Discus White - Polevault Taylor - Shotput Dobson - Polevauln 78 W1 5. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SUPERVISED STUDY SILVERS BUTANE CO. .. . Xl, Ni - -f,.. ,NNN U - A , ww ,Tx . 1 I -A -J I I fy-I : ft- i 2 " sig? I , ,wit - 1 .15. KQV- X5 ying . ' -: I :Iv .: .. '. . yt.. A , , tt 5, , . , A ' -I 1 ,5 - 5 pf. . ,. ' it MR. JOHN REVIS B.A. - Stephen F. Austin MW IR. HIGH PRINCIPAL MR. JIM MIDDLETON MR. DOYLE PRUITT B.S. - Texas Tech MRS. MARY ELIZABETH WHILLOCK B.S. - East Texas State MRS. RUTH WHITECOTTON O. C. W. , Chickasha, Oklahoma MRS. GLENN THOMPSON B. S. , Texas Tech MR. FRED WEAVER Texas Tech MRS. I. A. LOVE B. A. , Texas Wornan's University M. A. , University of Texas MRS. F. G. KENNEDY B.S., Texas Tech MR. HAROLD DRENNAN B. S. , Degree Texas Wesleyan College s M D CLASS FAVORITES um C umm Mike McDer1'r1ett ME 2 52? R ag A , ' W x . up -..., ff-tar j. f'., X S P 3 it pf? We Y l fl X 5 5Wi-'f'-ixg,s1,.ff:- ,iw--mf. H I at S fs yi 1. aw- 1, F, . - arp v-W., 'Www-av' Z bl QDA. Z i if, A ,mlz . LL,, -ML' "if : -ik A iiiiiv a -'., , 'A 46 ' Q ff 1, it . km 5 my Q 'ivafri F-A EIGHTH CLASS OFFICERS Pres. Terry Anglin, Vice President Mike Dermitt, Secretary Carlis Dupler, Reporter Jerry Elliott. Dennis Avery Gail Barkley Aurora Bautista Glenda Black Susan Blackley Linda Blackstock Everett Bilbrey Penn Tom Burke Sharon Bynum Mary Carillo Carmen Carrillo Yvonne Click Kenny Coats fm Sherry Deaver Karen Dunham Larry Embry Vicki Esquire Billy Freeland Sammy Garza Jeanie Grove Jimmy Gunnels Lonnie Hamilton Maragret Hansen Tommy Hobbs Sarah Holloman Eddy Holloway Gloria Howard Mike Irwin Deana Jackson Alfonsa Jaramillo Larry Jeffcoat Terry Jenkins -2 xi 5 fi ff. ,iL',. 1 E 'P ,::.. :"'i 2' --..V LL'- V J - lilsss Y Z Q ' L L lsyysr -li .. , L '1 3, my are ilir if if fix wl,?fr'5' L L ' J if' ij Tis' mix -awe is-,. ., .EJ f, , , V. .aa L-t.f gk ,, AE? ' ,gm ,f..f . ... Asks? fs-. , ,V ,.,gg. 1 fr' , ,3:sa:zzg::.fsiz:sr-- f - f f., is , ref f.-swffiefy 2, A5215-K r:221f'22:f'??K3if4h L -it ., ' . L fl: 'f.- .wig bg A L: J I -.M .,,, I J . J , -- -' f f ' " - u l 1 is? , ,J -za gigxn q-,gg K A X elf X 5" :,- , 1' " sr ,'r. V Az' ,Q 5-rk:fkV:g:?j,r"'. gr ' X ' f sa , , R ' ' :'. is g ag A V4 3 S' -f af 3 is , ,1 -4.4 'SSE - Q.. 131-ew? , 11 f 1:wf33re K ' is ,,5,:ij::,N. f ,r?'7:Wag.a-' K : .. f-k if l , a iQ? A" is ,iz ,7,,"V, 5 1 1 L' 1 J V , ' N. .s je is of fit 1 f U ," A saziif-" - .fs K v i AR ka? f if if J L syrr .'-, 1 v':gi" V,,. , A1..A L mpg" f2'LLw:Q::f.,.f,Slr ' v1Y,g.,aMswK? ' ' ' rv is -f mm A 35551 . rr . if-S7 L , 1 if yyy L , 3 , Q' J wp' 2 3 'Y i -9.. :W jf, 9,35 ,gi , Y Weldon Jenkins Ronnie Jonas Jill Jones Gale Kirk Dennis Lemons J'Taun Lewallen Linda Long Sylvia Lopez Sherry Lynch Eddie Lyons Darlene Lytle Jerry Mings Freda Newman Joey Newsom Terry Pace Kenny Palmer Minnie Peacock Kay Peterson Jimmy Petree Mickeye Raindl Blanca Ramos Gracie Reed Jimmy Roddy Ieanetta Rowden Patricia Sandefer Ginger Scoggins Larry Seigler Reggie Self Juanice Skaggs Tommy Slaten Tommy Smedley Glenda Smith Judy Strickland Loyd Strother Leroy Tackett Betty Taylor Mary Taylor Carla Teal Freddie Turney Larry Ward r ,gg ,, - W ' if '95 'W- 'V' E' V ,R JM Wi S B 7 HSL Riff z S SEVENTH CLASS OFFICERS President, John St. Clair, Vice President Janette Cooper, Sec- retary, Joyce Stevens Rep. , Don Vanlanding ham. Donna Allsup Jill Banks Eddie Bedwell Patricea Brown Beverly Bynum Mary Burchetr Patsy Butler Jimmy Cartwright Lem Chesher Jeanett Childs Sharon Clayton Gaylord Cogburn Jerry Cooper Donny Crawford Glen Dotson Gary Embrey Mike Enos Peggy Farmer Sandra Gandy Estela Gauza David Gentry Carolyn Gladden Leonova Gonzales Terrell Hansen rmkm 991 "18"'!w Mary Hobbs Connie Hodges Mary Holloway Linda Faye House Frankie Jackson Curtis Jennings Donald Jonas Charles E. Jones Paula Kelley Sandra Kelly Gary Kernell Danny Knox Rory Kuehler Leonard Lavendar Billy Laws Dale Lemons Sue Lewis Jerry Luper Carolyn Marina Herman McCamish Patricia McClure Cherryl McDaniel Rosa Mendosa Mary Morales Mike O'Brien Lillian Pool Billy Procter Jr. Linda Rose Gail Rowland Janita Scoggins Larry Shaw Charlotte Smart Dena Smith Larry Smith Janice Stokes Jimmy Studdard Randal Tanner Janet Thomas Freddy Thomas Joe Villirreal CLASS FAVORITES Alice Black Lamell Abbe Linda Velez Mary Webb Judy White Carolyn Whitfield Ronnie Windom Carl Woods Carolyn Woolam SIXTH CLASS OFFICERS Pres. , Ronald Hale, Vice Pres. , Lamell Abbe, Sec. , Mickey Patterson, Rep. , Danny McCoy. Trina Arteaga Billy Baker Lucy Bautista Inez Belararo Ronnie Bell Eddie Beneliield Alton Black Alice Black Joe Bowers Andy Carrilo Charles Carter Henry Casarez Dan McCasland Deanna Coats Bobby Combs Norman Cook Wanda Cook Keith Cunningham Loy Daniel Edith Davidson Sharon Davis Karol Derrick Lanya Dolle Ann Dunham John Dunham Mando Garxa Alvin Gladden Karl Griffith Dale Greer Sharon Hall Therasa Hargis Jim Heflin G. A. Heflin Donna Hofman Belinda Holloman Tommy Hudson Carolyn Jones Randall Kelly Magraret Ledbetter Pete Lopez J im Madrid Willie Martinez Patty McBee Linda McCamish Ginger McCasland Greg Meek Levie Minor Rickey Monroe Amelia Morales Lupe Orozco Arturo Perez Jean Raindl Clara Richards Roperto Rodriquez Lanelda Romans Joe Salinas Norman Self Sandra Shaw Billy Smart Ronnie Smith Judy Smith Dennis Strickland Jerry Strother Carlos Trinidad Brenda Turner Barbara Turney Dick Vanlandingham Jimmy Waters Dara Webb Danny Wiseley Charlie Woods Edwards Chapa 8TH GRADE FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Burke, Jenkins, Jenkins, Newsom, Coats, Coach Weaver, Holloway, Lemons, Tackett, McDer- mitt, Ward. SECOND ROW: Gomez, Elliott, Anglon, Palmer, Pace, Embry, Gunlleys. BOTTOM ROW: Free land, Jonas, Garza, Erwin, Slaton, Petree, Dyer, Turney. 7TH GRADE FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Luper, Thomas, Cartright, Dotson, Smith, Enos, Anzaldoa. SECOND ROW: Jonas, Tanner, Stud dard, Jennings, Cheshire, Hansen, Handcock. BOTTOM ROW: Shaw, Keulher, Vanlandingham, St. Clair, Windom, Bedwell. STH GRADE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TOP ROW: Coach Weaver, M. Raindl, L. Blackstock, M. Taylor, Y. Click, B. Taylor, D, Lytle, J. Rowden BOTTOM ROW: S. Lopez, A. Bautistia, C. Teal, G. Barkley, D, Jackson, K. Dunham. 7TH GRADE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TOP ROW: L. Rose, M. Burkett, S. Lewis, C. Marino, Coach Weaver. MIDDLE ROW: I. Stevens, D. Smith, M. Holloway, S. Lynch. BOTTOM ROW: P. Butler, I. Cooper, F. Jackson, D. Alsup, S. Clayton. 96 N! E i s 5 i 1 I xx 'li .1 X V 2, . .Q , gk N, W. :W .x 2 x M . . K ,germ BM X: T . -as L J X4 PE? SIXTH GRADE CHOIR BOTTOM ROW: Alvin Gladden, Alton Black, Beth Woods, Wanda Cook, Patty McBee, Sharon Davis, Amelia Morahes, Edwawada Chapa, Debbie Strickland. SECOND ROW: Johnny Rodriquez, Henry Casarez, Joe Salinas, Pete Lopez, Billy Baker, Lanya Dolle, Carolyn Jones, Alice Black, Dona Webb, Deanna Coats. THIRD ROW: Benny Martinez, Danny Wisely, Dennis Strickland, Lamell Abbe, Judy Smith, Belinda Hollman, Linda Mc- Camish, Theresa Hargis, Ginger McCasland, La Nelda Romans. TOP ROW: Antowo Morales, Ruperto Rodri- quez, Sandra Shaw, Jean Raindl, Barbara Turney, Clara Richards, Edith Davidson, Maggin Garate, Lope Orozco Sharon Hall, Trina Arteago. SEVENTH GRADE CHOIR BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Cooper, Leonard Lavinder, Joe Villaveal, Mike Enos, Glen Dotsen, Dale Lemons. SEC- OND ROW: Judy White, Rose Mendoza, Anita Salas, Carolyn Gladden, Jam Scoggins, Gail Rowland, Paula Kelly, Jeanette Childs, Jill Banks, Sandra Gandy, Connie Hodges, Mary Webb, Sandra Kelly. THIRD ROW: Roy Kuehler, Gary Embry, Freddie Thomas, David Gentry, Ronnie Smith, Terrel Hansen, Larry Shaw, Jimmy Cartwright, Gaylord Cogburn, Mike O'Brien. FOURTH ROW: Patsy Butler, Estela Garza, Linda Velez, Leonora Gonzalas, Mary Burchett, Virginia Frienles, Betty West, Mary Hobbs, Carolyn Woolam, Janice Stokes. TOP ROW: Linda House, Carolyn Marina, Dena Smith, Joyce Stevens, Mary Morales, Sue Lewis, Nancy Lynch, Janette Cooper, Frankie Jackson, Cheryl McDaniel. JUNIOR HIGH PEP LEADERS Linda Rose, Janette Cooper, Darlene Lytle, Jill Jones, Susan Blackley JUNIOR HIGH PEP SQUAD BACK ROW: J. Cooper, J. Stokes, C. Woolem, M. Burchett, G. Grove, F. Newman Taylor, M. Raindl, Tay- lor, G. Barkley, K. Peterson, D. Jackson, L. House, J. Raindl, D. Lytle. SECOND ROW: L. Rose, S. Kelley, M. Hanson, S. Hollman, L. Strickland, L. Long, L. Pool, G. Reed, J. Stevens, M. Hollway, C. Smart, C. - Hodges, J. White, P. Sandefer, G. Scoggins, S. Lynch, G. Smith, J. Scoggins, J. Skaggs, J. Jones. THIRD ROW: P. Kelly, J. Banks, S. Gandy, D. Smith, N. Lynch, S. McDar1iel, S. Lewis, M. Carrillo, M. Iapia, M. Maltis, L. Gunxolis. FOURTH ROW: F. Jackson, S. Claton, C. Marina, C. Whitfield, T. Artiga, D. Coats, G. McCamish, L. Romans, J. Wimken. FIFTH ROW: D. Allsup, J. Childs, M. Ledbetter, A. Black, D. Webb, P. Butler, D. Hoffman. SIXTH ROW: W. Coak, P. McBee, S. Davis, S. Blackley, J. Smith, L. Holloman, L. McCamish, T. Hargroves. OO JUNIOR HIGH 7th and Sth GRADE BAND FIRST ROW: Rowden, Feal, Blackstock, Dunham, Allsup, Proctor. SECOND ROW: Anglin, Pace Ware 11m mings, Tanner, Studdard, Mings, St. Clar, Vanlandingharn, Luper, Self, Windorn, Click, Long, Klrk, Webb THIRD ROW: Seigler, Avery, Jefcoat, Freeland, Burke, Smith, Laws, Crawford, Woods, Petree Chesher, Tur ney, Smart, Pool, Bedwell, Jones. ...,,...,.,,...M,,.,,., .. 1 ,o, I , ,A to N ,o,,,o of. ,ro to Akbg. rf, .. '. ' 5' ,f ff, . ' ti d ' 1 ' fr - ,WM ' oor ff I A JA , kg . nib' ' JE .9 xl I it 'Q B ,,.. Q K A az.. Q f A Q W, r , 'Cllr .,,f,,5?.' Lfga Wg," N, ,Q aw , 1' , w fl A g X 4' 5 1 L 1 'Q " WV 1 '- f .,f,,,1 N X, , , 1 . ,qs-,, .. if WP, V 1 wg fig Q "shi 21, of Q E u 'Q 'Nr 1 es, lf .1 J ,Q r ,MH LL, Morton Band 19?? Does anyone know the fellow on the left? W xfk' , Are these our seniors! I ! OUTSTANDING STUDENTS OF JUNIOR HIGH Danny Wisley Norman Self Linda McCamish Danny McCasland U I gl si! 5? ? E l I 1 E 5 5 I 3 Iohn St. Clair Joyce Stevens Mike O'Brien Donna Allsup 8TH Willard Ware Joey Newsom Billy Freeland Carla Teal I02 ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL MR. JACK SIMMONS MRS. CONNIE GRAY MRS. JOE SEAGLER B. S. , Hardin Simmons B. A. , Texas Tech M. A. , E. N. M. U. Elementary Art 5A Tanya Arnett Esther Bautista Patsy Collins Lewis Cuenas Ricky Cunningham Fabian Flores Carol Ann Freeland Rayla Ann Griffith Charles Hofman Sharon Irwin Gwin Dean Lewis Rosa Liscano Betty Lynch J. Wayne McDer1T1ett Deborah Miller Rita Monroe Cecil Morales Linda June Nettles Maria Orozeo Joe Perez MRS. RAYMOND ROSS B.A., Texas Tech West Texas State 'M W ff' X 1 kg, ,Q , Q 'w ,f sig fm 1 X alkyl , 1 s s K dwg as se it 'iii 'Q E i f' ,s , ff' J ,vs R sf' 4 i s QM 1 A -xref .WF 414 fff. 2 5 X Jr , sw mi' 4 are f r ,v1. Q j . ,,,., fl zlll . ydk5i'g'k M if We I i ff' ,, 2 R R' B' ,qi k,ky,k H V, sk dpmsmykv ykkz V V. V , my 3 1. x A l any , , 1 4 ..?, B. nrll: is '2'A2 4 nzsl i J sasa , G z 1 - in ', 11 :'l .4:wni, ,, -- . I ,ark WV ' if K if 0' f r -"-- iii 3151-Q' '5 5 Q 25 'kk,, 'K 5 4 T is N, A Y ri MRS. GERONE HOLLOWAY B.S., Texas Tech Travis Rowland Mike Stevens Kenneth Strickland Melba Townsend Byron Willis Lanita Anglin Beverly Brown Jerry W. Cloud, Caren Fred Delores Gregory Bob Hawkins Roger I-Iuges Imogean Lavinder Wayne Legan Frances Lopez Gladys Lyons Ramon Martinez Gloria Mendoza Rita Jean McMinn Arnold Morales Iaella Nehbut Joe Orozco John Pastusek Rusty Rowden Sandy Sanders Lee Sinclair Eliseo Salis Judy Sublett Kathy Turney Danny Williams 5C Linda Anderson Maria Bejarano Carolyn Benefield Rheda Brown Arnulfo Cano Ronnie Dupler Maria Estevies Irmalinds Flores fl C 'f-rf'-f'i""f' 5 if in rg 5 5 as 2 ,f?l5 a M is 1 'k' 'h' ' .. hii f l fy r l Country Cousins-, Curtis Gandy Iuluis Gonzales Peggy Groves Terry House Charlotte Jones Froyne Jones Hershel Lamar Vivian McDaniel Dee Merritt Johnny Orliz Mike Proctor Ronny Reeder Karen Rozell David Salinas Douglas Scott Sheryl Shaw Mary Elena Villereal Tommie Waters Joe Whitfield Edward York 4A 4A Jan Bankes Angeleta Bejarand Wendel Bickett Dennis Clayton Marie Davidson John Duron Marcello Flores Angeleta Gonzales Gail Hobbs Vicki Goodman Jane Holloway Ricky Lemons Mary Liscano Gail Mathews Tommy Merritt Sherrian Ottinger Doleres Rodrquez Loretta Smedely Jerry Steed Peggy Thomas Danny Wollam Mrs. Douglas 4-A Sherry All good Eva Sanchez Virginia Sanches James Deyer LLB Johnny Arnold Gerald Baker Janice Cunningham Karen Davis Glorietta Gray James Howard Maurica Howell Jeff Isharn Cynthia Kuehler Mary Lopez Mike Love Helen Lynch Mary Minor Connie Morales Yolanda Morales Dean Morales Ronnie Pack Lynda Romans Lana Smith Larry Strickland Geneva Turney Maria Munis Jesus Muniz Floyd Trevino Roger Hagan Ronnie Allsup I oe Bautista Rita Bedwell Sandra Courtney Wesley Dupler Carol Edwards Joe I-Ieflin Brenda Holloman Debra Kelly Zuellen Ledbetter Lucy Martinez rPic+ure B Na+ B Available 4D Charlotte Masten Bill McClure Deletta Nebhut Rosalinda Reyer Roger sandefer I erry Shiflett Wandell Strother David Villerreal ,Terry Wiseley Walter Chaney Bobby Lavinder Billy white Elsa Garate Robbie Burkett Jimmy Allen Diane Avery Donny Barker Alberto Bautista Mike Bryan Shella Corder Roe Crone Bill Elliott I oe Philbrick Donna Hodges Tommy Jackson Anita Jones Debbie Kuehler Diane McCasland Mike'McCas1and Teresa Mullinax AFundio Rios Sandy Sheard Ruthie Smith Kenneth Taylor Connie Salizar Rornlilo Madrigal Mark Thomas Ralph Soliz Kasandra Davis Rosa Alvara Regina Butler Mary Cano Picfure Na+ . Ayasasbnaff Picfure pgcfure irL.ri Noi Available , Avaifable MRS. CHARLES BOWEN Tarleton State Texas Tech Keith Coats David Cook Delana Doyle Larry Elliott Angel Flores Len Gandy Mary Lou Gonzales Cindy Gunnels Robert Hernandez Lessel House Randy Jones Vickie Kennedy Gregory Morales Kenneth Pastusek Mary Perez Olivia Salas Mark Simmons Luther Sutton Yolando Villereal Karen Willis Dan Smith Wayne Woods David Woolarn Joe Vigil Joel Zertuche Mike Abbe Darryl Betts Katie Cogburn Butch Davis Douglas Evans Luis Fuentes Edward Garza Rebecca Greene Robert I-Iargis Becky Harris David Jenkins Carla Knott Dolores Lackey Juan Lozano Cicheline Marina Josephine Martinez Diann Morales Bobby Pack Susan Reyes Joe Rodriquez M. C. Sherbet Betty Silhan Johnny Trinidad Eddie Turney Bill Webb Lopez Valdez Nina Hagan Irene Artidga Forrest Baker Henry Beutista Alicia Cerda Ann Cloud Stanley Coffman Ronnie Cunningham Bernalda Darila Keith Embty Ismael Flores Larry Hale Janice Hall Byron Howell Rubez Jaramillo Joan Kuehler Haskell Lamar Eloisa Martinez Philip Mathews Arthur Morales Winnie Phillips Hortense Resendez Sunya Sanders Robby Scott Joe Trinidad Carolyn Winder Doris Anderson Susan Arteaga MRS. DOYCE IANES Bethany Nazarene College si' x, x 'C .t Kia. H I - --Q rig , Y Y YZEQB5 if G diff! , X Debbie Beck Paul Blanton .AIN Joanzn Cook Gloria Cunningham Randy Poppelz Ginger Davidson Monte Dewbre Thomas Fipps Nancy Gomez Debbie Gregory Adolph Grenado Trezelle Hill Randy Holloman Joe Dan Jones Frank Morales - Estilla Martinez Dwylene McCoy I oe Partlow John Rodriquez Bobby Ruthardr Ronnie Studdard Jackie Watts Susan White Rosa Ortiz Arcelia Acosta Mrs. Iva Williams Carolyn Arnett Duwayne Baker Angel Bj arano Sherri Cadenhead Arthur Cervantez Randy Clayton Rubylee Coon Mark Cranford Pamela Cross Beverly Dolle Ivy Lee Dotson Rachel Duron Micheal Grove Ricky Gunter Norma Hodges Royce Jonas Jimmy Jones Nadene J ones Laura Lopez Jonas Lozano MRS IVA WILLIAMS B S , Texas State 35452. 'mm WWW Ww sf? A :Q Sfitx 'lk A ' L C is . ai 153 was fi silt 2B Charles Marina Ector Morales Linda Morales Melvin Ottinger David Reed Henry Serna Vicki Shieflett Morton Smith Jeanna Thomas Larry Turney Sheild Allgood Pam Bates Susan Bautista Lesly Carter Sonja Cheney Tong Click Marilyn Crawford Jesus Duran Mary Glassford Velma Granado Bob Greene Rene Guerrera Patty Jenkins Charles Koontz Donna Layton Tommy Lewis David Mohundro Salvidor Ortez Diane Pastusek Nan Ray Armando Renteria Barry Revis Pete Rodriquez Sylvia Salinas Billy Shaw Chipper Sheard Karen Stevens Delis Stubblefield Jack Sublett Sylvia Villereal Randy Alston Armando Barrera Johnny Bautista Barbara Brown Carlos Castillo Jerry Christian Kim Coats Maria Cuevas Paula Derrick Leo Garcia Dien Garza Mario Gomez Terry Harris Mary Ann Hernandez Bobbye Jamison Tony Iaramillo Becky Ierden Kevin Kuelher Greg Loran Steve Merritt Denese Miller Alex Perez Robert Procter Steban Rodriquez Lavern Romans Robert Silhan Marilyn Stroud Dale Tilger Rosa Trinidad Mrs. Maxyne Cadenhead Steve Allen Randy Boatright Sharon Carter Silvia Cerda Nancy Courtney Lanston Darnell Teresa Dupler Rosa Estevis Gloria Garcia Herman Garza Tommy Glass Treva Jackson MRS. HUB CADENHEAD B. S. , Southwest Missouri Texas Tech . Pidure Piciure Noi No? Available Availawe James Kelley Ann Kernell Sonia Lopez Rickey McMasters Diana Perez Gary Pierce DeAnn Ramsey Johnny Resendez Jackie Richards Rita Rodriquez Kenny Sparks Mary Valdez Rodney White' Deborah Willoughby Lynn Woods Marvin Wollam The spirit of Morton Schools is displayed by Carolyn Houston, Kay St. Clair, Mascot Jones, Betty Ledbetter, Lynn Freeland, and Miki Heflin. Tribune Photo HAPPENINGS Peggy Thomas - Twirling - Travis Rowland - "Santa Christmas Bells - 4th grade Linda Nettles - Patsy Col- The Christmas Polka Claus Upon the Housetop" girls - Hear the Bells Ring lins - Rayla Griffith - Sing ing - Silver Bells Toy day for Mrs. Nettles' Reading is a pleasure. Mrs. Mrs. Holloway teaches her Mrs. Janes and Mrs. Doty class brings the latest in Williams guides her stu- Sth grade class how to excel plan their 3rd grade work. breathing dolls dents in their work. in arithmetic. MI. Forbes teaches an in- A recess inside on a bad Mr. Simmons - Free art Mrs. Seagler teaches a teresting geography class. day.. Teal I I time. class in sketching. First grade study under 121118 Holloway " 4111 grade Mrs. Ross helps 5th grade Mrs. Freeland wits her Mrs. I0r1es guidance. - Eskimo Unit students with spelling. ambitious 5th grade class. I25 MRS. RAY LANIER East Texas State College Deborah Willoughby Lynn Woods Marvin Woolam Amado Arteaga Morris Gene Baldridge Phil Barker Delfina Baustisra Luis Bejarano Dubbie Bryan J. W. Carorhers Jimmy Collins Greg Crone James Dane James Dewbre Leticia Duron Eloisa Flores Linda Gandy Richard Garza Hilda Gonzales Judy Gregory Robert Liscano Sidney Love Mary Lou Martinez Sammy Martinez Doris Drozco Rodrigo Reyes Cindy Simpson Peggy Steed Julian Trinidad Dan Webb Oswaldo Acosta Ruyla Arant Gerry Carder Richard Coleman Lonnie Cunningham Gregory Davis Brenda Edwards Oralia Fuentes Jimmy Fuller Olga Garcia Salvado Garza Dub Hill Elton Jonas Carrnillia Knott Thelma Lopez Joe Morales Juan Maroles David Palmer Linda Peacock Ierel Roddy Paul Rozell Rhonda Stakes Ted Thomas Richard Vasque Mikilla Windom Rickie Woods Brad Akin Donna Arnold Teresa Arteago Noberta Bejarno Jach Benham Deane Bickett Linda Blanton Jim Burchett Adeliene Cervantez Beverly Doyle Gerry Dupler Rita Fipps Martha Garza Mike Gillian Becky Goodman Vickie Head James Houghton Larry Key Donnie Kuehler E iii MRS. NITA MERRITT Texas Tech 5 Lane Mayon Marcos Reyna Jimmy Rodriquez Clifford Sinclair Ricky Servicegood Ricky Whice Mary Cadenhead Eddie Akin Ricky Bedwell Luciano Be j areno Ramona Boatright Freddy Brown Elia Cano Terry Cartwright Robert Casserez Vicki Cloud Robert Davidson Laneta Davis Andy Gunter Gerry D. Herod Vicki Hodges Rhonda Kellogg Barry D. Key Raul Leal Ernest Morales Alex Navarro Steven Scott Micheal Sparks Ann Townsend Ricky Webb Erlene Wells Rosa White Noemi Acosta Kathy Bautista Randall Bedwell Kenny Brock Terry Burchel Sammy Burnett Juanita Cerda LaNita Combs Rolondo Cuevas Jesus Davila Galen Deaver Janie Flores Richard Holloman Kathy Houck Mike Hunter Wanda Kellogg Treva Lemons Manuela Mendoza Nikki Merrill Thomas Navarro James Partlow Debra Silhan Hope Soliz Alicia Valdez Jane Wells Ricky Willians Anne Winder Charlotte Woolam Second Grade Reading Children singing Christmas Marcello Flores, 4th Eskimo R. Green looking at 5th Group carol unit grade Indian projects. Students make folders for I. Wayne McDermott sings Studenm practice their Third grade girls' "Angel work in Miss Kendricks "It's Fun to Get Together" music. Choir" room. "l Heard The Bells on Elem. student pledge al- Christmas Day" sings Kay legiance to the flag Davis. Mr. Forbes and Mfg, Nettle-,5 4th grade Students Sing Crone, Hagen, Barker demonstrate the method for 4th grade room. Flag Pro- "America-' folding the flag. , I33 gI31'1'1 EASTSIDE ELEMENTARY FAVORITES OUTSTANDING STUDENTS CLAUDETTE LEWIS, JIMMY JOYCE, GEORGE PRIT- TOMMY LEE KERVEN, KATHLENE JOYCE, ANNIE CHETT, JUNIOR DEAN FITTS, HELEN CHRISTIAN, PEARL MOORE, WILLIE G. MOORE, EDDIE LEWIS LINDA KAY THOMPSON JR., GWENDOLYN GREEN QQQ M. , Q ,L wvrf, I MISS BOBBIE JEAN HAMILTON st 5 ,S M J A K ' ,bib Q Q Q: n -zik Charles Adams Joe Drennan Junior Dean Pitts Velma Goodwyn John Green Carolyn Green Jimmy Harvey Guendolyn Robinson Evelyn Holland Cindy Joyce Irma Joyce Carl Morgan Dorothy Patton Irene Pritchett Bobby Richardson Rhonda Robinson Larry Thompson Linda Thompson Mildren Williams Myra Williams Margie Fitts Guendolyn Green Johnnie Green Willie Holland Allen Joyce Bryant Lewis Ray Patton Carnell Thompson Helen Christian Terry Harvey Andrew Harvey Otho Hightower Mary Holland Darlene Joyce Eddie Lewis Dorothy Moore Evelyn Newman George Pritchett Debra Robinson Annie Williams Gilbert Williams 1 is-'lr G' rtslt r 'H fs i t Qi Mi nis' as :etsrfr I1 I' at is L, , ,Q 'ZZ in , f Wax W -3 5 4 f ,I fr fa' ,X in W AX in ,gi J' E 6th 7th Deloria Brown Amie Davis Charles Henry Kathlene Joyce Joyce Neal Tommie Davis Charles Joyce Nina Lewis Annie Neal Lorenzo Green Donnie Harvey Willie Moore JoAnn Harvey Gloria Harvey Rosa Holland hm Jimmy Joyce ,X 'S .gi . Claudette Lewis W J Annie Moore as George Williams ,, ll Q? BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM STANDING: Coach Slice Traylor, G. Williams, Lo- MRS' L' M' BLANFORD renza Green, J. Joyce. KNEELING: Otho Ray High- tower, T. Davis, C. Henry, W. Moore. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM TRIBUNE PHOTOS STANDING: A. Neal, O. Williams, R. Holland, G. Harvey, C. Lewis, A. Moore, F. Shepherd. KNEELING: D. Brown, A. Williams, N. Lewis, D. Shepherd, J. Harvey. l38 K X ull We Give S 8: H Green Stamps X9 Ag ' PIGGLY WIGGLY Morton T MORGAN OIL CO. Gasolin Diesel Wholesal i n . DERWOOD'S TEXACO G t Y FARM EQUIPMENT C Oll1'Z CASE TRAcToRs an z w w at WOOLAM IMPLEMENT COMPANY d WESTERN ABSTRACT CO. Federal and Bank Loans Real Estate MR. AND MRS. W. M. BUT LER, JR. STORAGE, INCORPORATED Ph. 266-5541 Ker GEORGE W. BORING Congratulat Con Senio ROBERT H. GEORGE gratulat ons to the Graduati Class! MRS. LESSYE SILVERS COUNTY AND DISTRICT CLERK Congratulations to the Graduating ROY WEEKES INSURANCE AGENCY Class! 215 South Main SEANEY FOOD STORE DORTHEA WEEKES Processing for Home Freeze Zetlez Valued BEAUTY SALON Ph. 266-3601 CHAT 8. CHEW 3 BALDRIDGE 2- GROCERY 8. MARKET fW"5S6'tB'?F Q M FTNE FUDD ll GRQ 8' Owner DON MCKIM Ph. 266-5601 Q P s. B AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Specialists in Brake and Front End SPEED-WASH South Main Street A S ,fg" . J i " Phone 5191 Morton T s ' Ax TTT C L BOLTON FURNITURE 81 REEDY'S APPLIANCES PAY 8. PACK East of Stop Light 7 to 9 Seven Days a Week Shopping Phone 266-2811 Morton, T , BEAUTY Box FRAUN S DORTHA HATTER PHARMACY Phone 266-3561 0 4- Way Hair Cutting 1. ' , X f ' Phone 266-5181 uf" Zadwgleaning NUWAY CLEANERS AND MEN SHOP We-Strive-to-Please MR. AND MRS. .TACK WALLACE Phone 266-3566 Success to the Graduating Class MORTON FLORAL 8. GREENHOUSE LEM AND JEWELL CHESHER F 'Y evvfiifr d Flowers for All 35' QQ Occasions S E Q5 Phone 266-4451 z j ps 'Za 19' 0 Loms15 WILSON LAUNDRY 'f HAZEL HANCOCK SHERIFF .,A. ,.,., my W Your Protection Is Our Policy Morton, Texas Phone 266-2736 M01-ton, Texas fx' For Your Automotive ' T: Machinist Work at J AA MOTEL ,,. fa 1 Owned and Operated by mr S MOTOR MACHINE SHOP A. J. BILBREY Q Your Business Appreciated Morton, Texas Q w'f Phone: 266-5431 Morton, Texas MODERN BEAUTY SHOP RAY'S MARGIE CQATS HARDWARE af FURNITURE CO. Phone 266-2321 Morton, Texas Morton' Texas 212 West Wilson K 39 SEFOND SINGLETON ,857 VLQQ FUNERAL HOME Manager - SAMMY LEVERETT WAYNE CLEMENT Independent Distributer for Morton, Texas STANDARD 'Phillips ABSTRACT co B 8, Q MRS. GROVER D. EDGAR Manager 66 SERVICE South Side of Square 4105 Mein Phone 266-4011 Morton, Texas Phone 266-4011 Morton, Texas X ,T ' -1 .. I ,.- if 9 . ' 11 X F s. B BYRONS I ., 1 6 ' M Gi BODY SHOP AUTO sumv Wholesale and Retail Complete Body Repairs Day Phone 266-5431 Night 266-2901 Call 266-2891 Every Visit Appreciated Morton, Texas Compliments DOTY Of BATTERY 8. ELECTRIC mai W MAX HAMILTON LQRAN-TATHAN CO. IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT Sales and Repairs Morton and Levelland Highway M DAN EZ BEAUTY SALON erle Norman Cosmetic INEZ SWICEGOOD S WILLINGHAM GIN LASR MINUTE xr ESNEWS f 6 at T R A C T 0 R MCMASTER INIPLEMENT MORTON TRIBUNE Ph. 266-2631 Compliments of FRONTIER LANES Ph. 266-3911 M t n T Morton T MX! LI ALLSUP-REYNOLDS CHEVROLET If 11 va l X Moline 124' 1 x1 4 -14f11 S-- . 9:21 - szigg- -, . 1 . "'?1f5I 1.1 1 If 1 604 . . 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J,-.-,.'. - 1 J..-,3 ,l 1 1 . , ,.v, ,.'.-g.-,.', -, , ,'.- . ,'.'.'-gt' ' ",.-'.v'.-. Q.-,g1.g1,1 -. .1' nl c ' 1 ,- '1 9 . ....-,,.n. 1, , .,.1g-,. 4-..-.3...'..--:.q.-' 1' 1 '.,1:.' if.. :g - -- ---3.-:f .-'IPI-' 1 .-J-' ' Q' "Q - . "' '."I- x-"PI "Y: 1211:-11" ,'.-"af-' , ,. ,-ff' g ,1'3 .1 --.. , . . - . . Y. ., ... ....,.-,-.-,. ft .-:-1. . ,. 1,111 ..--,.--,. 1 .J .-.-,. . ,L- ' ' f- -.::.- ..-:J .v , ,' ' -,-' 11 of ' . - .--- ,1-,.- 1-. ,.-.-ou' 1 1 Q1., .,.,., ,,.. 1,',, , --., Q --uv .- .- ,.-.- . 1 ,- 1 1 1 1 -:.,L:.. ..,z,.,5,- .1 .. ' t . - 0 l,:,f. -an-.--'-rr-:--:::':.-112-1 1 'z "-'-4'-:'12'i::1 ' 1 - ef" af-...-- . ... va . ,v " .ZZ--' 1 0 1 .. . 1 f 1 .....-- .n 1 'H--...--1 '1 .- --'::.":FJ..-- .-'1-:Z ., ...::g..-f - Massey- 11 Q xxsx Ferguson BEDWELL IMPLEMENT CO. 1.. 1. 1' 41' 41' , -,- 1,13 1 1 1 . ,qv 1 .1,- '1, 1 .1 , - 1 - - 1 1,11 11 . 1' ' .nu 1 va' 1 1- I 1 ' -' 1 ' 1' 9 1' l 1-un. age., .ily I .gl . ,. ,n . . . 1 .gr Q-,1 , .. an ,.' I 'I 1,1 I K 0.2 9 41 I .199 'f.,p,1 1. 1' 4, K , 1'-.19 1 , 1 1,191 0 "1 1 ' ',g.:,x, 221 . 1 G 'p '1 11 .. 5 O Q 101,111 I 111 1 eval 1 0'a' I 1 COUNTY LINE GIN Box 577 Morton, Texas L. M. RUZICKA D 3 Z N 1857 YEA R 5 CQ Bor an Co. K9 SCO- d THE BORDEN COMPANY KRAN RADIO 1280 on Your Radio Dial ENOS TRACTOR 8: WELDING GIFFORD HILL Sales and Service WESTERN 401 North Main Morton, Texas Phone 266-2191 Box 237 BUTLER MlNNIE'S GARAGE 8: WRECKING SHOP Fashions for Juniors and Ladies Morton, Texas Morton, Texas r- ' COCHRAN COUNTY FARM BUREAU 8: FRONTIER FARM LABOR ASSN. Complime2r1'f:S of ROSE AUTO AND APPLIANCE JACKSON'S Farm and Ranch Feed and Seed CAFE AND BAKERY Ozark - Amo - Phos. Ph' 266-5106 Fertilizer MR. AND MRS. O. D. VERNON Ortho Insecticides CLARKS DRY GOODS ww qwww ! 5 Y? X. -' '-I' . A M ' 5 L25 j-.:?f2Y,Z. Q ' V!! RM. .- Q". . f .' , X FOR THE FAM1LY'S AT ' 'Qi CLOTHING NEEDS . COUNTY LINE GRO. SKINNER BUTLER MOR-I-ON AU-I-O WRECKING AND BODY WORKS pAR-I-S M rton Texa Morton T Ph. 266-3 321 ll lps ' 'PI1lII1ps M ons WINDOM OIL 81 BUTANE COMPANY PHILLIPS I A I I .W WH' 1: . ,, ., ,I PHONE 3351 .I'I fjfwta I f. 1 BOX 697 P- 'IPPP 'PII MORTON' TEXAS L f ' -:" J e .1,q F414-:fffg1gE 4, EW, ,,LLLLLL X 5 E E In , A ' ' I J: - 'i"' "" V Q 'X f' I- J, - - Y . - E' EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER ROY GENTRY, Manager MCCOY FORD SALES FIRST STATE BANK WILLIAMSON INSURANCE ROSE AND WALLACE THEATRES S Congratulations. DORSEY OLIPHANT, Manager gt in 3 gg S S if Zig 5:3 MORTON DRUG MORTON REDI-MIX CONCRETE EOLES! NO STREAKS! NO POOR END sucesl MRS. OTHA DENNY COUNTY TAX ASSESSOR AND COLLECTOR LINDSEY FEED at SEED BUDDY'S MACHINE AND WELDING SHOP Pumps and Gearheads Repaired DOUBLE THRIFT STAMP Manager, MRS. FLOYD JONAS Three Ways to Receive Merchandise 1. Stamps ' 2. Cash 3. Stamps and Cash 'Q .-. ,w v FAST 5 - lfeagcm, Phone 266-7251 Morton, Texas U - Morton, Texas Phone 266-2376 BELL ALEXANDER'S WHOLESALE PRODUCE Bananas - Fresh Fruits - Vegetables Serving Eastern New Mexico and West Texas 702 Reid Street, Clovis, New Mexico Phone PO 2- 1230 nxuuulw uouoonuua 'annum D Quaiky Chekd Lubbock, Texas Il - .arm - -!., . emembel' a ' . 3' 4 Y - A -Q f - 1 I l - Alayh J. 'T A. , Ns There's a One and Only-- J. W. MCDEERMETT Butane - Propane - Fertilizer BARTLETT CO. . Since 1946 Building Materials of All Kinds Morton, Texas MORTON TAYLOR AND soN WELDING SHG? Owner --- MIKE WALDEN "Quality Is Our Most Important Product" Phone 266-4191 AERO SPRAYING Spraying and Fertilizing Sue Winder, 3rd Grade Home Unit made in Art Class with salt and flour. Dennis Clayton, Peggy Thomas, 4th Grade Eskimos Unit Rebecca Green, Robert Hargis, Karen Willis, and in Geog. This work was done in art. Mrs, Byron Willis enjoy an art exhibit, L AND .N-.R X 'H 1-. BURLESON IQBAINT 'AND SUPPLY ' 4 BARBER SHOP RAINES THE IDEAL GIFT SHOP CASH Fooos Open on Sunday JACK'S 'Phamps HM" SERVICE "We're the Jolly Bakers." Muleshoe Highway Morton, T Taylor, McCasland, Elliott 4 h grad KZ EXQXCO f TEXACO mm. 'A WHOLESALE RAY HUDSON - Manager fzflwwpw V , 4, A- ,Q 11:1 ,fl We wwf M253 W my fydavu C 4ffc?W6g! Qg J A9- ffdw f4W1MlffL,,2 A 7M Qoa M, A I , ,S x A W K SQSSSSEQESS S ' f ' 1 ,. . 'cz-,f I 5 f" l La! .1 f 1 Bye , dig My -, jg, t I.,-'71 I im Qt F gift 255110 I-.1 A - Q V Q CQ M 1 V fi f WM fp ik. OL ygg , f - f , sf 1 lwbagljz 4.34, ggi U X' "9 fgwo, fggfefgf W2- f Gag : 55' JM, ADj1JJnvrx0I-Mlgiefy Q. A Vw L k M Aw M gm QQWWLW W ,I 6 Ep 1 ,L ,SIMXUV M ,HW M7 JW 4' Q , 'Az J Hwwdc 1 . 5 .. C, r . 'xxx X ' fm- . X . N I u :Ml Q55 3 Q if ' ' ,Six 223 ff . CQOUTA I 76? 5 f J MV l Pl . M' '5NCoUJ-194 ' Mft . W , W www' QWWWW K.-. . Y E- - "N f -M WWW fi M, Wfffkmifff W egg x - fy Fifi I n pw A w'f'W5i:3'fMpj LN 'M WM ff M V qwwbmvy. 6' W dxf? MU", " V' . NW' ' 'W fm 4 N WWW C542 f9'AJ,,,,Z4,,A,f.fAfA,wcL4fc.,wfJ MJ ,wc!e4Dfwmf2.vL7,bwd1,67M-HJ fefZv,,,,,,,.,a.AJf g,,,Wi?ZJ,,QjLM'44M, f fffi wa eugmuw Azfu,QJg,Ugf?,,.,,,,j'.4f,Z,,,g 4AuJ,QZwwLp . 21 Z. ,- ' Mix! MW- C, 4' I .f fi-me za'mf,Z,4lf.P M, Q ,. 'i1x r :fl,7J . gf wi, fb , 1,,zw1J x Af MW af ,lflff-'QJJ-dcify ' LQAM M 'O ,,"""'J I 1 law W Trim? , WY' wwfffiwf Wiwwwj? X if g wg Qfkffiggfw My ,sa ' 'E Qfwvfsyfy WSW viva M 1' -, f I Ly ly I 4 v l I. N I 1 TAYLOR PUB 6 "The World's Best Yearboo YEAKBO0KSj f 2 , ,IDM xi ,f wg, .X qi ,V-A sk .Ex 'I' F x' 41' " , I f- , ' ,f -'vi W f , Q-f P . a 'NX X. 5 X . x . ix if xi' W gf" 1 'x X 4:2104 ar A' 3,34 nf ? it-' . N x:sAW2z1 L. N w, 5 -A ' , xi, q.:f,w-,, ,gf J x g ,Q f M. - I LQ, gi3qg1Q1,1gg M Lf. . k J .. . OUR Wu

Suggestions in the Morton High School - Lohah Yearbook (Morton, TX) collection:

Morton High School - Lohah Yearbook (Morton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Morton High School - Lohah Yearbook (Morton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Morton High School - Lohah Yearbook (Morton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Morton High School - Lohah Yearbook (Morton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Morton High School - Lohah Yearbook (Morton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 98

1962, pg 98

Morton High School - Lohah Yearbook (Morton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 55

1962, pg 55

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