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 - Class of 1960

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Morton High School - Lohah Yearbook (Morton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Q w MW in H V if ,ififf gi? JMW Q Mi 3 3 5 QQYSEEQEQR 355315 QQ:-iE? iwff'x C9 Q 3 2 gtg?- AEEQ? E Qqbiifia w Z'Q Ex. Kgs? 'wig Qvefl ZX 4' vm, in , w 6 , . . P 4 9 -Q, Q K X4 ziggy J swf? 02326 , WM' if AWWWM My mfg vi? N , Zig Qifwi Wifffim THQ QNX? M , fagyggwifwf assi is K 2 Wm? fffamfi Www 00 mf-rrp Kfxgf 29' VF Kyiv 6 ,ff ,ARP ff' VHQW if FR ff? W qw ,fyyvcoj- L,,f10'. MAXWMQAJ Bwwfifffwigffifnfg WMWfWWy My + Ofc, xg-2, jaw 12 f f' W H lie -gait' ik ii M21 JR 2.-EN E2-jk g hl?'s'5ig 235 2? 5-ZFQQYQ-ii N MQRTON SCHOOL PRESENTS 1959-60 , LOHAH I edge allegiance to the fl of the d ates of America and to th republic for one nauon under God, rxdw gg-Lggjge for ! X A X TABLE OF CO TENTS SENIORS 11 JUNIORS 19 Mrs. Leavitt, Ginger Stovall and Glenda SOPHOMORES 27 Chesshir works Math. FAVORITES 35 ACTIVITIES 41 SPORTS 59 JUNIOR HIGH 71 ELEMENTARY 93 COLORED SCHOOL 124 ADVERTISEMENTS 128 Mr. Middleton and David Ross discuss outer space. ...b--1 Sharon Davis and Levie Minor in 4A Miss Jackson feeds the fish in the Mrs. Whitecotton, Robert Williams build Eskimo scenes. Elementary library. Larry Glodden and Ben Womack look over civics. I . I., 4 r Dorothy Smith and Marieta Edwards Deanna Coats displays art show. Mr. Travis gives experiment to work toward preparing the annual. science class. 2 I 3 P E I 1 E 1 S 5.4-na-ll NNUAL STAFF Mrs. Murray Crone, sponsorg Joyce Edwards, Linda Elliot, Betty Igo, Marieta Edwards, Lt-note White, Ginger Stovall, Dorothy Smith, Jimmy Howell. LINDA ELLIOTT JAMES STRICKLAND GINGER STOVALL Staff Activity Manager Assistant Editor BETTY IGO JOYCE EDWARDS JERRY COGBURN Art Editor BUSiH6SS Manager Assistant Business Manager LENORE WHI'I'lf - ECIIIOI -r M 32-if 45225 f .gk 5' ., if 17,215 Q, f M35 MORTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT JOHN W BARNES Superintendent MORTON TEXAS "It makes little difference -what the trade, business, or branch of learning, in mechanical labor, or intellectual effort, the educated man is always superior to the common laborer. One who is in the habit of applying his powers in the right way will carry system into any occupation, and it will help him as much to handle a rope as to write a poem." Regardless of future endeavors, the student who applies himself NOW will be better equipped to meet the challenges of life. Happiness de- pends on the ability of the individual to adjust to the situation. Trained minds adapt much more readily than the untrained. For the sake of your future happiness and enjoyment, take advantage of your educational opportunities to- day. Claw 6 MORTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT STATEMENT OF CASH RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31, 1959 DESCRIPTION OPENING BALANCE RECEIPTS Revenue from Local Sources Revenue from County Sources Revenue from State Sources Non-Revenue Receipts TOTAL RECEIPTS FOR THE YEAR TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE DISBURSEMENTS Administration Instruction Health Services Pupil Transportation Operation of Plant Maintenance of Plant Fixed Charges Food Service Student Body Activities Capital Outlay Debt Service TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS ENDING BALANCE TOTALS S 11, 095. 62 190, 887. 08 34, 977.26 194, 516. 69 1, 875. 00 422, 256. 03 433, 351. 65 22,988.26 215,510.47 620.79 20,493.84 32,330.63 4,808,12 9,722.69 38,717.73 19,277.70 21, 459. 68 47, 202.30 433,132.21 219.44 MRS. JACKIE ALLEN School Secretary Tax Collector MR. DUB HODGE mmmmwfm,-emxiaia : Agwiifsc-.m,Qms'wsewsfmf HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MR. TOM PATE Stephen F. Austin State College B. S. , Med. MRS. CAMMIE JACKSON School Nurse I X. S. 1 A '5"23"37e " gtpcfyz-f',t.'-' ' --s,.'51'5,1:1S.'.V.', .:K.,-.L-v "'79x'f3'l " lv MRS. JOHN BARNES B. A. - East Texas State English MR. C. D. KNOTT B.S. - Texas Tech M. E. - Texas Tech Vocational Agriculture . .cy 3 il .-.-9.3 :YH 9:-1' ' wx -2' '?5'?'2rS3'1iS"" i4f'3'.vf Spf' 1 -. ., 1 Q59 . ,5.1'Ei. ,tvfrb-,tvs lp, 'g.4f.,,:, .5'-He?-'c' '-AR: zjfifqgpf' MRS. BOB VANOY -:N '-I , . . "'. Highlands University 'rf ,x :'.- . . TE affirm English, Journalism, and r Speech gif' , V S' . ' L ff,-'12, -'F r' N 1-"H, E 945115 sift A 'I m " x Q 'A I1 sr L35-Us 'gQQ.a J ex W DP 71- ' Yvtiq-it Q- ' H53 '.'-' ' -S .an ritgrffgxs rrzi'-if. . . 3 " cfff ' ' ,"' '5f5:5:E?3'5" ' 555163 MISS LONORA JACKSON B. A. - Texas Tech M. A. - Denver University Spanish, Library 5145.3 ,U .s,:,,.,.-A, -,zndgy E?- 9 wfiifif qfiste --PJ: 16.9. 1-5...-r.-x... - si-fii .2 . . .,.v,4 ff'-319V 7:51 V2 f-N133 6 'L'Lr:9.r:,' pi tl f2QJ',L :.-ng ,J - 1 1 I 's?,c.':p 532: 'Z ,1qff5.w 4- ' - . ' f x.. Ln 742 wan 'I'-f95Z'L -1:42 Jjsgl' 'nd '- i..,,'.,:4 . ,. Q 5 -A-fi 117 ' af it -x S '-2.3 .NTI MRS. J. N. LEAVITT B. B. A. - Texas Tech M. A. - Eastern New Mexico University Math 1. avg . rw: in LB- 1 .y5s' .QM 5-+ R 1' 7.1-H-"H" .gill -.gk ,aff-' " MQ, . sr.:- fqsgi- ' .4 1223- .1 MRS. ANSELL ou'rLAw ,- - ' , n. B. A. - Wayland Baptist College ,fr-gf r : , . vo QYWSNQ5 Commercial Arts ,QPJQ 71123 TE- 2' 4314-- wmrsgifs ,iege 115122525-is -'fziffc r.-4, -If ,U bl"J5xSaf9!' x'g"f"' 'Q' "Il-J' v'i'1f ""'e'1': ygfr: rxif ' 'Z-aGb"i:'g-'27 Riff? 1" can kj fir-fa S-s'!':-:X 5 f-9 Q ' 5 A if aft: 1 'Ei'-:ffQgr. ',s',' 5 I 'Tfc X 'Q-Px."e5b4 Inf-53:4fQ'f:l it-4-KV'-1" I Vh 'QS' I C refs? f" ' . sd" , . :fa - r . ,,. Nr 57,5 .'.'.f,Q gf: F12 Qfgiff ns.- :. 54254 Y55' in if Y. v-J Q., x fr xg :ASSY N . . K lgrisfvn- . FZKAWIQGIEQ if ' s gr! Y' 1-. r : HSN nk:-VA' up n '-Y' 0 aria? :ggi 3:5 54:59 5 ' 'J . .sig :PS .f ag: F557 f vs- ' fu ' .gpif ,Q-1,-29' "Sissy S' 931' :+f'fe.'.-1 .R ' a' 1 if-Zyif ng' 5: MJ V " '4c7Qj?Q5'-"ff55?.9JQl5? s sl s 4 . rg:7, 'S libavq-pgs. 4117 W MR. JOHN PAUL JONES B. S. - Texas Tech M. E. - Texas Tech Coach and History MRS. MURRAY CRONE B. S. - Texas Tech Homemaking, Annual . sg-ff . .,, . ..fs!:2?e!,-mr. wi - .. Ji .2 LQ: Rio,-55:51 WEFJJ'-5 E'-f'37i.'f?g- Vfxi., a 1. . 5-1 ' -' " 517351761 29425 x Q55 5 .4 uf!-gf' 'Si A . v I . :gli A bln, fiv- 322255 - .. ,., :X-'+.L6':!v. 4521? ,,s:' - as! 421:'f?B56-4 .-2-2351 'Gifs Kilfiz . NECA: 41 .7 Q gpsdl? S 4 vu... 0 Jzfi-",LT!ig"r:s Gifs-if!!! IL- -9 N vrqgz: s'.4-2n.'f'- MR. J. J. JENKINS B. S. - Texas Tech Biology, Chemistry oe.- fnngffy - rgmgaiv-Z..1.p,, 4-9 ,-.n:'f1.-afggqg-,. fF5::Ii4:-i4:V,2:'9:-.-.-:!i:- ' I ,. lI:1rrS:4l:'f:?' L: 13: 'Q--1.21: ' Uff Y.:-, 'Q' -:na 'Q 4, , -7315 sf' 'a 45.14. ' "'-ZSNIFJ 'tQ'51'f: 24151 3 '41-5952 U 3334 , stil SN ge 'fi 4 . wfary. I MSEQJ: . N S-"NWN N"4lv-,A ' HSS A fiihls f ' f'ZQl'2T7 Fw' - A ssjfv 515 YF, J: '36-1 Vg' HY "v I .5 -fi 5'-2: Jw. .1-f '- 1-45' .-'Q-Z' H L7 dd' ,vp .9112 ,s: 343763. !'.2'lfu'-:J . 763172 Ll .335-.:3,5?f.... J? 54' Q-J MR. BOBBY TRA VIS B. S. - North Texas State Col- lege Coach and Science MRS. A. E. SANDERS , B. S. - East Texas State College ' Ta ffjlkkfsv Homemaking ,. 5 KS' Taz- iff -.-1 fb---. af-135 fgui- A Nuff' ll 's-5?- In-vc" . " 59" fivffzlds-'Ei295sl5i1-Jr.-., :A ff , If A! 3 MR. KIRBY LACKEY '-Msg-ga , . - , , .. If'-'9 B. S. - McMurray College "Q Business, Social Studies '?s59"" 1 ,- J 0 n- ,. -:T T. . fl .Q .. .-4 ,. iii , - , F! 'Ea Lv '61 'e' fi 59. f' S' "ms W wx- , ,LW E ,ww ,,.- V 111 qw., , +w ,4 :rw 5" if .Xi , , ,, 'K :W - L. f ifzl if 5 Hg, ' lx my Mm .9 emummmw.. .Haw ,ma man www W . ,. v riff if" 55,139 L. 4 ,,.. ye, . :W .s v- V is f if v F152 . ll s.,,. lg P ' : X551 3? F2 1654 " W3 it 211.6 V Epi 51563 F6231 faffgv V65 - : SENIOR SPONSORS ' -R7 V-1 5731 1:75 5 .f .- A Ef::S'2 f4'.'.Y,h In 'J li::'C . S. 53144 1 -3- - lfceflf '2',E1 hug 732552 iff-gr ?-'-fog? fiezwsswzsf-v'-"Q-my -:.--v-.-25? g.j5s1,',i'Nq'.. ,1.5ss.:!,. 4,x,5l.ffg,,,5..-1.13 .5 .: ... J-g,41:,.c3-5.f.. '-.p,,,.'.g.,-.'zi4.f,3' PQ5'f?34Q21i1i'73f:QSt5Saff523f'1'?iQ5?-?1??"i5 5299-'QR --'1:1,114?rf.'-Q,--",m4G1 2 'fa'-M34 1 -.:r:ezu'-21973 --L :vie of .?.w.f:.'x5 M'JIr'.w1'.- MRS. OUTLAW . . ,Q 53:2 b:""-1 w 2,96 Rf N2 A Yu' 91? 11 J.-.EIL I Tint 1 4 Y,-p . RW? ' L"2'7n- 4 rl' v", 1 H r 0 ' 2352 f "f: A 3 -LF ,fax f. --1 :' 'ig fl 511535'f353LfJ',QgEfi2?Q5.'?31fJi'f5?"9356232EGG? L, ,g,,.,4.- .'xu. fqup 3,3 1 J... ., , 5:1,'q!:.,1i'f ,Qp'.:!,.'.,5?-f,.fu"Q,gf5. 71q,1,,,,. ' 1: -11'-::-1:P'- ae:-1 "H-fs' -'zm-wwf' - '-atfins,:M':45lff'3i5':S-fcfa'-:Q'?1Tez'Z!i'-:W :E 'Q il MR. TRAVIS 'Y I 5 .. 'IT' W 'if -.izfgvv-G'a'a' 5' 'l"'!"UL'0"'3 pyf "5 -- I v L .Q -x- ' i'.'357W'S-2 29??111s'S- -9?"95f'5f.55t'w1 5w:Qf1'ffmgmfaS.4f:v1?.:-2592 'f-.1132 ss-S-sf v,:f'3f-:W-'-sz-vc:-42 ire "'-f A JC!"-1-1-Y-g-'S -' fgfffu 1.-bt' -4 .ay TSsX5ziT::f:2.::v-fziffifsarfivaailifiiz MRS. BARNES SENIOR FAVORITES MARY LEDBETTER GARY WILLIN GHAM l.a JARLA BROTHERTON :HAg FTAg Choirg Jun or Playg Pep Squadg Nar Whoop Staffg Of- iice Worker IULIA CHAVEZ Transfer from Bledsoe LINDA BENHAM FHA Vice Presidentg Presi- dentg FTAQ Choir Treas- urerg Student Councilg Who's Whog Junior Playg Pep Squadg Secretaryg Cheerleaderg Library TROY BILBREY FI-lAg Bandg Pep Squad GARY COFFMAN FTAg Science Clubg Stu- dent Council, Presidentg Who's Whog Junior Playg Trackg Football, Captain its CHARLES COGBURN FFAg Junior Playg Trackg Class Favoriteg FFA Vice- President 'K J JACKIE BROWN FFAg FTAg Science Clubg Vice -Presidentg Student Councilg Who's Whog Junior Playg Trackg Footballg Bas- ketballg Class Officer, Treasurerg Office Workerg Most Hand- someg Student Advisor - Sentinel - FFA MRS. BARNES and JAMES RUTHARDT preview a recording of Macbeth. LARRY DARLAND Bandg Annual Staff War Whoop Staff JOYCE EDWARDS FHAg Bandg Student Councilg Annual Staffg Junior Playg War Whoop Staffg Band Sweetheart GEORGE COOPER SUE COOPER FFAg Bandg Student Coun- FHA: Choirg Junior Playg Pep Squadg War Whoop Staffg Basketballg Class Officerg Office Workerg Volleyballg Most Beautifulg cilg Annual Staffg Junior Playg War Whoop Staffg Class Favoriteg Class Of- ficerg President, Vice- Presidentg Vice-President in Student Councilg Sec- retary in FFAg Most tendant Courteous FFA Sweetheartg FFA Queeng Miss March ofDirnes At- NORMA FLANAGAN EUGENE FLEENOR FHA, Reporter, Secretary, FFAg Choirg Trackg Foot- Songleaderg Who's Whog ballg Office Worker Junior Playg Pep Squadg War Whoop Staffg Basket- ballg Captaing Libraryg Volleyball JIMMY DUKE FFAg Science Clubg Junior Playg Trackg Footballg Basketball TRACY ENOS FFA: Junior Play K ATRINA HARDBERGER FHAg FTAg Bandg Jun- ior Playg War Whoop Staffg Feature Editor MARKA KENNEDY FHAQ FTAg Choir, Secretaryg Pep Squadg Science Club MURVIN GATHRIGHT FFAg FTAg Choirg War Whoop Staffg Footballg SHERRY GRANTI-IAM Fl-IAQ FTA, Songleaderg Choir, Vice-Presidentg Basketballg Office Workerg Student Council, Chief Indian Brave and Reporterg Junior Playg Pep Squadg Class Officerg Miss Indian Capers At- tendantg Office Workerg Quintone Most Courteousg FFA Sweetheart Attendantg Football Queen Attendantg Best Personality BETTY KUEHLER FHAg Reporterg Secretaryg Pep Squadg Libraryg Vol- leyballg Basketball, Cap - taing Indian Maid IANICE LEBOW FHAg FTA, Secretaryg Sci ence Clubg Choirg Student Councilg Secretaryg Jun- ior Playg Pep Squad, Presi dentg Class Favoriteg Class Officer, Secretaryg Li- brariang National Honor Societyg Vice-Presidentg Most Beautifulg Miss MHS Football Queen BETTY IGO FHAg Bandg Annual Staffg War whoop Staffg Band Favorite RITA KERN FHAg FTAQ Science Clubg Secretaryg Choir Junior Playg Pep Squad Office Worker ELLEN PHILLIPS FHA, FTA, Junior Play, Pep Squad, War Whoop Staff CHARLES SEAMAN FFA, Science Club, Band, Band Favorite mx nn:ssx'fq. - snr.,--is MARY LEDBETTER FHA, Secretary, Treasurer, Second Vice-President, FTA Choir, Student Coun- cil, Secretary, Clerk, Re- porter, Who's Who, Annual Staff, Junior Play, Pep Squad, Cheerleader, Class Favorite, Class Officer, President, Vice-President, Office Worker, NHS, Presi- dent. NINA SLATON- FHA, Pep Squad BUTCH NAIRN Student Council, Officer, Boys' State, Track, Foot- ball, Captain, Basketball, Most Athletic, Library, Office Worker, Volleyball, Indian Brave. BILL STOVALL FHA, Science Club, FFA, Band, Annual Staff, Junior Play, Basketball, Library PEGGY REED FHA, Pep Squad CHARLEY SILAHN FFA, Treasurer, War Whoop Staff, Football Volleyball BILL ED THOMPSON Science Clubg Bandg Presidentg Trackg Footballg Basketballg FHA Beau RUSSELL WARD FFA, Officerg Choirg Presidentg Junior Playg Trackg Footballg Bas- ketballg Best Person- ality EUGENE TARLTON JIMMY TAYLOR Choir, Track, Football, War Whoop Staff, Volley Basketball ba PEGGY WILLOUGHBY FHAg Who's Whog Junior Playg Pep Squadg War whoop Staffg Basketballg Volleyballg FNA, Secre- tary, President NORTON WILLIS JANIE THOMSON FI-IAg FTAg Librariang Treasurerg Choirg Band Pep Squad, Secretaryg Treasurerg Cheerleader Most Courteousg Foot- ball Queen Attendantg Library GARY WILLINGI-IAM FFA, Treasurerg FTAg Science Clubg Who's Who: Junior Playg Trackg Footballg Bas- ketballg Class Officerg Vice-Presidentg Par- liamentariang Office Workerg Class Favorite Janice Lebow works on the Nation- Viola Smith and Mary Ledbetter Mrs. Crone and Mr. Knott serve al Honor Society Christmas float work on the National Honor Soci- themselves at the F. H.A. and "We Three Kings. " ety float. F.F.A. Christmas Party. Dorothy Smith blowing up a bal- Student Council and their Home- Shirley Miller works on money loon for Homecoming, coming balloons. making project for Student Council. it Margaret Cox, Alta Leavritt, Lin- The Future Nurses discuss plans for Mrs. Raney and class during P. E da Elliott and Peggy Willoughby at school. Future Nurses' meeting. j' 1 ,nr -ww -aewwf 4-' W'- uf mmi .-Q. 1 ' --45. -,"""U'f"' L.':: x:',YLiQZT'iA- v u W .. :J K. L. ----1 "'f:T:' -n -H ,,.., 'A' . 3 : ,-QQQA4 I ix? fer JA, A I AAA 1 1f1.f.5f2.' A fc: A 1 f NiW2-T"- gf? - F. 1 m - .N --' -' 5 ,' IA :V ,A W M4 A if - .' to ,f , is M 17 'ldv h A x . '1 ,V K? ,I A Az Q L 'sf ld' 'N :Q .xvf , A ,- F ff- . r ' f' ., lf' K cf j 13 In " ' 176. .f sd' ' 'Clil s K - .pw 1,2 F' nuns., ' ' ' ,' I 4 mann ' , LJ . 4 - X . uu..,w 'li' ,Z- fxguyi Q". G Aim..-I , . 4 "'.,m . Q' !, . U .- " - , xif". - -ff ' , ,1 ' ' vs' , 1 -,, 'V . "" - "f-4 ,wt -1 :- - ' -.qf . " .U 1 . - 'A , . 1-rw. '.m. .' ".','. ' ' W Kwfwm MR. .IONES JUNIOR SPONSORS MRS. VANOY MRS. CRONE JUNIOR FAVORITES JAMES DAVIS and JEAN WELLS EVELYN AINSWORTH PATSY AMYX PAUL BELCHER JIMMY BILBREY LEN CARTWRIGHT DAVID CATES MELBA COOK MARY RUTH COON EDWARD COURTNEY MARGARET COX RUBY DANIEL JAMES DAVIS Y' fx Aw It ,, Q . K ,gy y x 1' K ,fM,1, I ov-3 My l 1 its . 'uw B, mini msn-gms RAYMOND DAVIS BARBARA ELLIOTT DORIS FLEENOR BILL FOUST BILL FULTON MERLE GANDY PHYLLIS GARDNER BILL GRAY RITA GUNNELS JOHNNY HANCOCK TERRY HANS KARIN HARALSON 9,-0' , 4. S1 , 3 :""'har N '3' f, An L 'Wall' ,4- T'- BERNADINE HENLEY MARVALENE HOFFMAN LEON IEFFCOAT BOBBIE JONES IEA NNIE KELLEY KAY KENNEDY VIVIAN LEDBETTER DIANN LOVE RAY LUPER BENNETT MASSEY DSWAYNE MILLER SHIRLEY MILLER CLAUDIA MILLS TOMMY MORRISON LEE ODEN BOB PYBURN HARVEY RAY LEON REED TRACY ROWLAND JAMES RU THARDT LINDA SKAGGS CHARLES SMITH VIOLA SMITH JIMMY ST. CLAIR LARRY TANNER R. E. THOMPSON 2 v A Q5 Alf -, , M. H AU? sus TURNER R t....w9,.5 N W, J, WALTRIP EARL WARD JEAN WELLS J. R. WILSON PERCY WILSON LENORE WHITE K Jw W ' ' oo Q ,O N .af .,- , an 2, ,oss 1 jf , I A , M . , S tin I sy xv , t Q. S O ,iq at IL W -'..:. 1' fi, A ' 'K' ' ' t 44,4 . ',"o7v,s- , , S' ,ev v , fa, ,' 41 Y , .-. JJ n , O 'I F350 6 1 4 W Q K D ,, I 4 ,ef f I J f Q 9 ,, - - A , A . 3 4 - LU NCHROOM WORKERS MRS. ESTELL TAYLOR MRS. RAY LEWIS MRS. DOROTHY BOWLIN MRS. BERNICE AMYX MRS. TYLENE PHILLIPS MRS. M. E. COATS MRS. OPAL MASSEY, Supervisor X I X ff ,. fn- Ax. if Head Custodian MR. STRACENER MR. WILSON MR. WHITE MR. I. B. CARTER BUS DRIVERS MR. NETTLES MRS. WRIGHT MR. DRENNAN MR. MIDDLETON MR. PHILLIPS , MR. WRIGHT, Foreman MR. NEAGLE MR. JENKINS MR. IERDON CUSTODIANS R l I on f A. -'-- .sw-A '- R-Z ,..r, 1. ,.,...,- E--V.-R-, .1 :R-R 'f-v-RQRQ-fR.f.-1'.s1..-SRM...wwf ri 4 1 Q ,Wg , 1. Yr ' A ,, 4155 :am W g 5 -, , mavmnwfaam I x vm:-:wmv .mar mmm L. ,.,M ,. , . xx. I Q I 4, MR. KNOTT SOPHOMORE SPONSORS MRS. SANDERS MRS. LEAVITT F f 4 VN'-3,2 ' SOPHOMORE FAVORITES GINGER STOVALL MIKE HOUSTON GIN GER STOVA LL Larry Beseda Paula Burnett Carol Carter Shelby Chancey Glenda Chesshir Nelda Coffman Jerry Don Cogburn Larry Combs Franklin Cook Donald Coon Howard Cooper Lois Courtney X.. P--uu- rx rf? ff 'ik NWQJ Mum, -,it 'R""Ix:- Effwzi if qua! Sandra Cunningham Dale DeBord Tennette Edwards Marieta Edwards Linda Elliott Brenda Evans Penelope Farmer Glenna Ford Delores Garate Jim Gamer Ronald Golden Steve Green David Haralson Dwana Henry Teddy Holloman Mike Houston Judy Huckabee Cathy Huggins Dewayne Hull Glen Keuhler Mary Lackey Jane Lebow Sally Leverett Cleta Love PWQ P P di' l fr" dl ugh .liilz ll ::n",' I,uau l,O ,O ,ig . .Rr fanny W-AW Wilma Lyon Shirley McMasters Stevie Middleton Jimmy Mullinax Bob Neiman R. W. New Virginia Ovalle Charles Palmer Bob Patterson Kenneth Patron Tommy Phillips Sue Ramsey 1 mf A , Jane Sanders Della Scoggins Barbara Shakespeare Dorothy Smith james Strickland Jo Ann Tarlton Jerry Taylor Johnny Vandeventer Patsy Waldon Winston Ward Patricia Wesson Kenneth Williams Wilburn Zuber yz"-if YZ? of dw ""fi'i-T' "Quai" r 3 mln. if any 91. iz AT A 5, EL my Q2 'Q 9, E 55 S1195 -.L ,nl-Sq.. 415 I1 A OFFICE WORKER FIRST ROW: Ainsworth, Ledbetter, Belcher. SECOND ROW: Willingham, Brown, Hobgood Cooper Kern Brotherton, Gathright. THE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL POETRY ASSOCIATION is publishing RITA KERN 's poem in the TEXAS ANTHOLOGY OF 1960. "The Old Elm Tree" In our back yard, shading the door Stands an old elm tree so tall. It sheltered me from the sun 's hot rays ASI played there when I was small. While the dollies slept, we went to kill The buffaloes and Indians that roamed the hill. It watched as we had our big stage showg As the curtain went down, its limbs bowed low. Its branches are broken, gnarled, and bent But to me it stands as a monument Of the carefree days when I was small And swung and played in its branches tall. - - Rita Kern - - 1 Y , 1. J- iz ., ?f S I 'll f Q M, Q i ,Q Ns Vi 5 5 5 Muni. 2 l raw iii", -fl is Ri iii -45" X L I 1- 1 an x ' 2 KJ , ' U "N f'f'L:f' vu wx 434161, -fn, i Eliza, X ,1.D, M sulfa- W, , , s-Qin: ,,,,, ,M keg, iii? QSM: ,WF fffilfiig www ,.,, .Ms Q Xu WONT 1' JANIE THOMSON GhORGIg gouml 'if , xx'-5 SHHQRH GRAINTHAM RUSSILLL WARD MITH FURNITURE 64' APPL. WI-10,5 WHO CAROL PATSY AMYX Typing' Math Math, English Il will give 1 RL LOIS COURTNEY RUBY DANIEL TERRY HANS Homemaking II American History Speech GLEN KUEHLER MARY LEDBETTER BOB NEIMAN Biology English IV Agriculture II LENORE WHITE BILL ALL Agriculture III Band English III, Choir 'EM Chemistry, English IV, Civics 1 Q-4 KARIN HARALSON Homemaking III ,Ss . I, I Q fini iiiiii Q s is - , , I if .. 3 L, CHARLES SEAMAN World History rnuu I WILLOUGHBY Journalism s Qual X W xx 'Ma-fl wif' ii Yya? W - fer QT vw l 1 f milf Mrs. Seagler works with Billie Mrs. Barnes' bulletin board carries Students enioy refreshment at the Proctor and Mary Burchett on an a note of importance. F- H-A-. F-F-A Christmas WHY nrt project. Linda Benham and Janie Thomson Janice Lebow and Janie Thomson Janice Lebow and Iarlie TTIOYUSOH decorating goal posts for Home- decorating the prize winning door. decorating the HOmCC0TDiHg goal coming. POSI- Phyllis Gardner, Linda Benham, Dorothy Smith presents the award Sue Ramsey and Ginger Stovall and Mickie Heflin at the F.H.A. for the best dressed hobo to Billie listen to Eva Sung talk about teen- initiation. Winder. F. H. A. WORK age activities in China. 3 4 r ff Y' f 1" 1 Q- g ' "TLA 183'-1'-fhfv, K1 ,n 53-25 Q. . 4 , ' fkli' J f ' J -I :' 4 , X , Q, 3 we , ' 2 'cr Qt . ,". 2 Q ,"kt4 f . 'iff' Q 2Z".x f" 'pk lug, ana-1-1 ui I " 4 15'-.Z as . Av . ? 1 0 1 X , .. Q A-'U ,h It F ' l if .P-i4.:'Qx say' if-' ' Q2-1,25 ' 'ff'-:'J'fl1 51. n..L..,' ll-A Y7- mix' Qnlzk K:-lui ,K ,.. .'-,- -,nv ?fi-., 52:1 V . 11- -fx - JT, 41'-fi W-if rsgffggfg- - Ki vi ,V 5 s . I 1 I Ltfysf'-wL,m'!'.2-I-, . V . , g.,ff 1 5 -. .. -flu .245 ch , lf wlqk ' A 'Q .-4"'QAm l N ,H . .A,,-.-.?- 1. 1141 . .1 ' , "' , P 'A ' 5 "'--. - 'Zz' il: .f R- . ., - ' . Xa xi - : . ,g , A Q' 51 . aff ' , K fl Y '- 4 m . 5 NF ' 'ff' sz' ' .IE- -fwffi. 'ld vm, 4-L Flip- 'gtg 4 1 swan Numan -.. 'C ,wx J. . "NS ,,' I A s Q 4 ? yi, 0 N 5 , fH'i,1 .ff Y? 5 . V ir l ' ? fgik 4 Q 4 ,- . A 1 , , 5 11.3, I 4 R - NNW X . V flf. 5' xv . vfwdf i ' V ,m . nw- .- 'Y ' ' .,,, I, fix! ff '-o-'e.:k'1 'Vs - -ag 'As' , .Y ,gf V - l 1 s ". 5 . a 2 x ' X H X .x 1 ' x NM Wa , xB swf xii' X.. ' 4 ..:'?'..' 'ig ,fr ' ,z :fy ' ' 4 ,- 7 ".,,'. . -163 ' . 5 , no 'l V U I r'g!'l.' A , Jax? f -" ' , l ki , -fx. 0 ... .fs is Hg v, NX STUDENT COUNCIL Coffman, President, Cooper, Vice President, Edwards, V. Smith, Amyx, V. Ledbetter, Taylor, Houston, Jeff- coat, Middleton, Nairn, Thompson, D. Smith, M. Ledbetter, Lebow, Miller, ,Benham, Grantham, Mr. Tom Pate and Mr. Jenkins, Sponsors. FUTURE TEACHERS FIRST ROW: Elliott, Kennedy, Brotherton, Grrdner, Benham, Belcher, Leveritt, Thomson, Lebow, Morrison, Willingham, Jeffcoat, Gathright, Brown, Coffman, Ledbetter, V. Smith, D. Smith, Coon, Kern. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Leavitt, Sponsor, Farmer, Turner, Henley, Hardberger, Phillips, Amyx, Miller, White, Edwards, Elliott. THIRD ROW: Ward, President, Misslackson, Sponsor. ,,,,,...41' HICH SCHOOL CHOIR OFFICERS Marka Don Kennedy, Sherry Grantham Tunnell, Linda Benham, Mr. Robert Hahn, Lenore White, and Russell Ward, President, work on the selection of music. HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR FIRST ROW: K. Kennedy, Walden, Love, Tunnell. SECOND ROW: Coon, White, Benham, Kelly, M. Ken- nedy. THIRD ROW1 Tarlton, Ward, Green, Fleenor, Pyburn, and Hans. 9th GRADE CHOIR FIRST ROW: Key, Berlanga, Egger, Winder, Akin, Houston, Baldridge, Heflin, Mixon, Howell. SECOND ROW: Kernell, Jones, St. Clair, Ledbetter, Stroud, Wilson, Roddy, McCuistion, Billington, Cartwright. THIRD ROW: Clampitt, Dupler, Peterson, Holland, Beseda, Ware, Shakespeare, Cox, Mapes, Ray Bilbrey Wesson. gg 3 . F, Q .. al Q ST x 8th GRADE CHOIR FIRST ROW: Williams, Butler, Darland, Peacock, Clampett, Turney, Freeland, Lewis, Willingham, Criswell Mullinax. SECOND ROW: Williams, Strother, Gladden, Butler, Coon, Coffman, Davis, Taylor, Huckabee. THIRD ROW: Hobgood, Tucker, Baker, Collins, Ford, Shaw, O'Brien, Willis, Lloyd, Rose. T 5 "z' ' if - 5' : ,W 5 ,xi 4 1 ' 1 'f 4" ' . W in Av , E L V . 4 . K 4 4 ,Q 43. A x ly S si' n Z .ir is 'si ... r f " K N , nw ' I N. if , T z A A 'V . - X Nu , W ' 4 - 7th GRADE CHOIR FIRST ROW: Stovall, Waters, Edwards, Hans, Luke, Parker, Walden. SECOND ROW: Carrasco, Reynolds, Smith, St. Clair, Haralson, Turney, Ramsey, Beseda. THIRD ROW: McMaster, Phillips, Tucker, Strother, Smith, Boatright, Black, Ovalle, Berlanga, Philbrick, Dotson. FOURTH ROW: Bickett, Cunningham, Dobson, Salas, Dewbre, Billington, Miller, Carter, Cooper. Q-1? cw' CHOIR R SWEl+ITIlPIAH'l . LHNORE wrrmz ff if il CHOIR it Y 711 Y Emu RUSSELL WARD 1 SENIOR HIGH SEXTET Jeannie Kelly, Mary Ruth Coon, Lenore White, Sue Cooper, Phyllis Gardner, and Sherry Grantham. X SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW: Clark, Morrison, New, Belcher, C. Smith, Ieffcoat. SECOND ROW: Daniels, Hoffman, Skaggs, Lackey, Burnett, Willingham, Mr. Jenkins, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Coffman, Middleton, Houston, Pyburn, Mil ler, Stovall, Rowland, Ward, Thompson, Gray, Thompson, Brown, Seaman. 4 .11 . Q, A f 1, . if ,Q f I , KXXX fx Q AL - i . NX J 5 'Z me X 2... 'Q ,Qc ,., A .- . ' . 1 I xx ' ig ,' , M x I mx X X Wk.. fn. ,fps , A Q ' xx j Y I. t 1. Q 'N 4, I , ...fx . " 4 . '94 ff' , 121 Wm-W my K' V' i X 'E s ' Jffiirir qu K l is .. Q' W X I xx wk -kkg an 915 t , ' an .5 x..! y'k'1q,.4,, V' ' , . fx IW? R , gi3sg:Wx:,, K, ,U ' A A my , 'A thx ' Lak? Y 5 ip sf, .1 . H 'Q' 1 X Aylwqgqkr I 1 Y KV I , 'A f Nh- I , Nxl ., i , , A A' , 1 I Z 5 t . uf W1 yqlwflifa . A gg, B, . W V.,. ' sg. X , .' f 'V - gf, ' " " .- ' Mil f 1 I . ' I H1 N, J' 1 J lMQx:s,sx'?'-uf, K t ' - x . f ,V V , M I qw. G . m?x .,,, 1, M ,,,. , , ff A , y ,. , i . , .VXUKKQ , fd. .,..., ,. Q.. . H' " 1 N V. ,f sf-Q-,Ti49'ff' ff . -MQ' ' , A ' ,fy ? '! -. 'T ,J 5 + J! Il' -, f - . 'A . ...- N A A f,1xaaluw'ffW,,7g D ' K'. fs , , Avkz S 5,1 .,,..-z, . . V. J h K I 1 , X , i F ,ali milk!! xwfwf WIS?-il 3 'ff ' W .3 f Q . W I ' t K 4 ...h X V3 Y- Q j? fffQ',QZf1g 5 Vliayfifgimw E? X .-- .1 A ' If ff E Vw A if K, I Q xx: ,S WL . 'ffm-f, . lj uf -XM wan.-4 , 'I J:-,Ng K Q1 J ! F L- ' 1' I v"i fy 'la a " I .r 2,519 ix, Axjuyg. . F ig i ,if Q 'qi 4 F 1 'f IQ 5 Q ",1L , i -' LW' M, ' .3 "f1'A,Lf :U I . gfffiim :g. 5a3sgs +41 I 1 :zig .1 , KQ, HH I x '4 ' - .. J 0 ff f: 1-2M5f3',Qfis: x ' ll : ,V L4 . . x . 1 I f's QI -Lg NIM!! SQ 1 w'iiY!j,ji3 . . -f V ', -', 'f , V--' w,,,N c w, 5. -'k. -, ,f ,il jx - xi Y. - fm ., QW! ,gl ,ff -, , ,gkaffyi , +V L M ' V.,-a. 1 -- 4 ... M .f X 'ti ki-A 2 .. ,Af . WQQWTS A . " X 7 X Q' ? 1 215, ' " ' iysfii -'EJ t . T. , Vfgai - G , . A f 41 -V V 'N " 4 ?.f1..i? ' -' ' ' V iH?:3: 3 BAND SWEETHEART JOYCE EDWARDS Attendants VIVIAN LEDBETTER PATSY AMYX A 4,77 BAND BETTY IGO FAVORITES CHARLES SEAMAN LUPER TIRE 1.',lU 1 - v Hg 424 ,if ww-""'c M .......z X ,Q-6" 4:-"' Qi Qi Qlllll- 'V HQ' in 114 1 x .mf I x 1 E HUMEM 9- .. Af'- Goa F.H.A. OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Judy Huckabee, Parliamentarian: Betty Kuehler, Secretary: Phyllis Gardner, Treasurer: Jean Wells, lst Vice President: and Viola Smith, Historian. SECOND ROW: Glenda Chesshir, Rep. g Mary Ledbetter, 2nd Vice President: Dorothy Smith, 3rd Vice President: Sue Ramsey, Song Leader: and Linda Benham, President. MORTON CO-OP iq XSWRE HUMEMAKFRS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Grantham, Key, Heflin, Mixon, Cartwright, Berlanga, Garza, Kern, Eggar, Mills. SECOND ROW: Wilson, Chesshir, Benham, Carter, Ford, Igo, Kennedy, McCuistion, Henry, Edwards, Kelly, Hobgood. THIRD ROW: Baldridge, Akin, Billington, Kernell, Howell, Huggins, Huckabee, Ledbetter, Lebow, Thomson, Gardner, Haralson, Teed, Flanagan, Fleenor, Houston, Winder, Mrs. Sanders, Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Crone, Sponsor:E11iott, Ramsey, Farmer, Stovall, Courtney, Smith, Stroud, Smith, Daniels, Kuehler, St. Clair, Led- better, Roddy, Turner, Wells, Scoggins. MORT ON CO -OP Q...- l'l1e F. H. A. girls enjoy refresh- Phyllis Gardner and Linda Benham ments after Hobo Day. Billie Winder is in the process of participate in an old-fashioned preparing a homemade pie. Christmas. Tllcsc are the foreign students from Jimmy Duke, Janice Lebow, and Karen Haralson and Kay Kennedy Lubbock Chrisitian College. Jimmy Taylor work on door deco- work on door decorating. rating. Linda Benham, Linda Mixon, Lin- Phyllis Gardner, Linda Benham, Dwana Henry works on her home JJ KGY. and Gloria Stroud at ini- Kay St. Clair, Carlyon Houston at experience. nation. initiation. MORTGN CO -OP GIN , - V., gf 5 4? .uwvf M. -fn--ff 1--ENUM ' .gm fzyxw ' O ....,,,-vwf - -'E A 'tis' ff ' , V L ,. A L I' ,rn t-1 Av W , ,tw , .... W ,L , ,,, 'K ,-- 4 ahfg wk 'E H, li " ' K ,mfrx 1 Y XII llllh GINGER STOVALL BILL I-YD THOMPSON . - y GARDNER -ROSS -Y 1' ff' "i. Maxam: mm WHS sm X nn gm 'FIM FFA CHAPTER OFFICERS TOP ROW: Jerry Cogburn, Lee Oden, Bill Gray, Glen Kuehler. BOTTOM ROW: Stevie Middleton, R. E. Thompson, Dewayne Miller. ya-, AC neee y is A A CREENHAND CHAPTER OFFICERS . TOP ROW: Billy White, Jimmy Bilbrey, Art Dunham, Jerry Dan Trice. BOTTOM ROW: Lester Dupler, Mike Holland, James Beseda. MORTON CO -OP 3 1 FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA FIRST ROW: I. Cogburn, Miller, Oden, Gray, Middleton, Kuehler, Thompson, Blackstock. SECOND ROW: Silhon, Tarver, White, Wesson, Bilbrey, Clampett, Brooks, Burns, Bunham, Trice, Ray, Haralson, Mr. Knott Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Dupler, Shakespeare, Stovall, Ray, Carrassco, Rowland, Holland, Beseda, Edwards. FOURTH ROW: Williams, Waltrip, Beseda, Foust, Palmer, Wilson, Green, Bebord, Cates, Nieman, Coon, Head, qNot shownj C. Cogburn, Massey, Patterson, Patton, Vandeventot, Cunningham. ,:..,, i,, Q 8 EV: in mi' li!! 5 z S f 5 5 S q F.F.A. SWEETHEART AND ATTENDANT GINGER STOVALL IUDY HUCKABEE COCHRAN COUNTY POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY lil? if if 1-.-...--.... T Ala if F .wg f , rg, v 1 A assiriiii avi? WAR WHOOP STAFF FIRST ROW: Love, Gandy, Hoffman, Phillips, Mrs. Vanoy, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Flanagan, Willoughby Edwards, Igo, Cooper, Brotherton, Foust, Cooper, Gathright, Wilson, Darlancl, Silhon. 'N 4 LIBRARY GROUP FIRST ROW: Lebow, Thomson, Flanagan, Kuehler. SECOND ROW: Ward, Smith, Nairn, Davis, St. Clair. fx, olds. .. In 'Q NATIONAL HON OR SOCIETY Mrs. Barnes, Sponsor, Shirley Miller, Patsy Amyx, Viola Smith, Secretary, Janice Lebow, Vice President, and Mary Ledbetter, President. FUTURE NURSES CLUB FIRST ROW: Coffman, Brotherton, Elliott, Cox, Coon, Greer. SECOND ROW: Lebow, Sanders, Huggins Willoughby, Leveritt, Phillips, Lackey, Burnett, White, Edwards, Ainsworth. J? ,M we. WINIJIAN NMID AND HILXVIC. 5' BLI IH KUHILLR NIARVIN C11XfHRIGHl sir' BAILEY COUNTY ELECTRIC , I , M, K if WS Fai my f' f H39 M3511 H-v'.-,:.:,-x. ,--rm.. In .. , Q -g,. ll Y' 4 1 .9 ...N-.J ,MQW-4 .-W H-.L J FUUTBALI, Ulll'.I'.N IANICE LEBOW SHERRY GRANTHAM IANIE THOMSON CIT Y FLOW ER SHOP f55,?.1,n- .,.1,' -3' Q W-4 mins. ' ' C'x2kS 'W-T" AA a 4 v Sudan 6 Whiteface 6 , , 7 27 Plains 0 18 Farwell 6 16 Idalou 6 O Sundown 8 30 Abemathy 8 6 Olton 0 26 Muleshoe 34 14 Lockney 16 34 BUTCH NAIRN - C0-Captain COACH IOHN P. JONES COACHES TRAVIS, HUGHES, AND VANOY. GARY COFFMAN - Co-Captain FIRST ROW: Oden, Palmer, Willingham, Zuber, and Randy Jones, Mascot. SECOND ROW: Morrison, Coffman, Brown, Houston, Kuehler, Miller, Fleenor. THIRD ROW: Coach Jones, Silhon, Pybum, Davis, St. Clair, Hans, Thompson, Coaches Travis and Vanoy. FOURTH ROW: Tarlton. Ward, Middleton, Tanner, DeBord, Neiman, Jeffcoat, Vandeventer, Duke. and Wilson. 5 JACKIE BROWN GARY WILLINGHAM LEON IEFFCOAT 165 Quarterback 135 Left Halfback 135 Left Halfback A r 12 fl ik: :I 3 .pf ...N LARRY TANNER GLEN KUEHLER STEVE MIDDLETON 140 Right Halfback 130 Left Halfback 150 Quarterback WILBURN ZUBER EUGENE FLEENOR MURVIN GATHRIGHT 155 Fullback 210 Right Guard 140 Right Guard 44? . f.g-'tw ,Hiya , ,,E,,:4iH EUGENE TARLTON TOMMY MORRISON JIMMY ST. CLAIR 150 Left Guard 165 Fullback 165 Left Tackle J. R. WILSON DeWAYNE MILLER DALE DGBORD 165 Right Tackle 183 Left Tackle 170 Tackle JAMES DAVIS TERRY HANS BILL ED THOMPSON 173 Right End 170 Right End 170 Left End my-n lm m Q ?7'i , , W Y I 11 A . N: 1',:, 1.-.-,, 'A 1. .XL fi. I! JJ' ' lf g q ? Q 'J"'f'weN..w my AR qgfw.-5 JM N, AQ. .Xp 5 x A - Li , ' A -ww W sid fb . W F 2 nz :ffvfgg-SEM, ,Fw 1' 4:53-M -W - K xx, W 4.41, . an Q , K gb 1"-'.1.T,LfM Q jk . . Q XV zfzfxzsra W Y Egagjfg ,..., In A I NL Xi A M A .W ' ' 'Ein-2-fy 5 , 'N + YQ. 4 :wife 'I ff ' X' S ef X - f "Q ",' , .L A 1 - V 'L ik. I fl ,fi MSW K 'T ,..L. 1 ,, 3, X, - A ,,,f-A-ff'-'-m""'W 1 X ' ' -' ""' -fx 5? W kwfrz-:QQ A - 1 f -- ,. pf -we-fin . ,.1zf,f' J H H f Q , I Lv ' ' , fifm ' L -fps .gqifff xg: .4 fa Qmx-I f f W 5 K Wi L:L.- K A'f-h -"-- , A J QW .wg if ,, J R R 4 532 f 1 w .. . 12 xv -. E 1 'W E- 7 ' WA. ,A ,Q 14, ,sim W ,, 1 ' 1 ,, - f K' .1g,,g.,Ly.::L' SX ,, ga ,man ga ,- V Q5 fl , M.. 5 ,gg i K 2 f .E 1 M: . R .1 s. HID' ...nil ,"v1Y:r1v'p - ww-'M --5-uni' E ,,,..... A 'Z' .al wi: ,LJ ' :fi 1... r ff, x 1.50 Qvlllhh , . HL vm , I' 1 If Eff: 'TILQSW -4 im 32323535 K. iifi1WigLi" 1, , . . .,, EK V, . ' Q a . .1 1 is W ,fa ,X ,N ,515 K , 'i , Nl: ',.?5u . W 19' 2592? ' E F' , 'Arif "ffl f 4, y ff! ww we .1 rward E GREEN 'f' yu Zgg, W E., ga va f, -fm , , Zfziifu . 1 :WL W X J ' I 'L X 3 Y .gl Aff? f K 1 f ' 4 . U XS" 'Wag A Q, fk GIRLS' BASKETBALL, "Aw TEAM FIRST ROW: Hoffman, Cunningham, Walden, Ramsey, Fleenor, Amyx. SECOND ROW: Farmer, Flanagan, Kuehler, Courtney, Cook, Daniels. is S Sf sg 3, t sr GIRLS' BASKETBALL, 'QBN TEAM FIRST ROW: Love, Carter, Ford, Walden. SECOND ROW: Hoffman, Farmer, Courtney, Turner, Ramsey. iv . - 1 Milf . ff .,zf,f A.,, iw ,fy ,, , L g.sii f 1 5'fEf? ,r ,, ,f ix W - :KEY ig , fy rg f 'r iifiify ' ' N.. , WS", :g11:ST,v,g:" - ll if A A "i5ijg,Q'i, W' wr g , f Aggie 1-sqm vf Hy ,mx 3,4 is Q 329: E -41.1 iw' .fnrlw 4 . wwf 1 A 'S- if U VM lv 1 1 14 gi.. :Y : j , if Q .M- a , .M 2 .,,i.,,5: .i fm ,wa J i'J?gi,g wg 'Hgrm ' .. - Lf if H+' 1' .. .1 , . yn .,.. V ,. ,l mg guy, . Ulf! x 'Z A iff H :: : :fLiF':f f f P 9' tm. 2 wan: , fi ear,-my f ng f , iw" . 5 u ,.. . -, . Y W,-gg jr ,IA H 1 xg- ffggga - I ' f ww' i ., t V- -1 -V A ,A ,' 552' ,,.,,,,:T.f' Axfwf- 118353 in 'Em K' gag laL,g"A ' ff? af! 2 , QQ' Zyl-f' Wifpi? 95' : N 1. 1275 iigzfjg. 5' M V, 3 ' aim ' A gi 1 Q ge? V F 43 , ' ,ef ' V in L J ff , 0 Ek' egg uw , ST' Y Q.-am' gg e ' Q 1. , 1, A1 ,H .W Q8 Ci In? ' 'ifyu' W -.1 V ' 455 3? Q ' W Az 'ff , Q J' " A .nf 215 , -M 1 h 5, , X 'iii IWW-A' Wsfg: asf 1, 1 xx? 'gf -:Msn 'H Ja: 'Q mf V ' " Rf fix W whit? cam ATE Wa In A xii! , M1 Q ,4 ' H4454 ATN EEL -WA, A M., W I' N f P, R 41 W fu.. 4 . W 5 nl M raw 'A-'Q' 'iv COBB'S DEPARTMENT STORE wrt" w FIRST STATE BANK - WILLIAMSON INSURANCE 9 f , far' gn v ,1 v'-4 N rw . I H5- .4 .4- .0 M' 1-,ML ,Zz AQ' I I f 5 9 0 1 1 "' . MR. BOB VANOY Highlands University N. M., B. A. MR. ROBERT HAHN Eastern New Mexico University, B. M. E. , M. A. Sw" MRS. RUTH WHITECOTTON O.C. W., Chickasha, Oklahoma MISS CLAUDIA HARP Wayland College B. A. -'Z 4-Y ' 'Ir-'I Pldgi P-'ENE Lb PEI W' 721 fi'-cn r . I wh: fa.: Q: 3,172 J ' . M311 . xl- lv T Ivy s . ... 653 215,29 i 01 :ff A5557 ali 'f-' Hz' Zffbfgf 345: 1.82-Z: 2 P' 1,1 Af, - S fall? L"1'qf:2 151. ,3 ZESBNI asa 192242 U' P -'fn 7-732 Cl ' ' .- is I 1,335 In 5 QEE3: Sf 5402 .iv -. M971 5.255 32311 , ,Y : lla?-5, 9 u. GSS? A-.-rg -Inj.: E -P . gf 'iz . 15 JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL MR. ELMO SMITH B.A., Texas Tech M. A., Baylor University MRS. SHEARD B.S. , MacMurray College MR. BILL HULSE Northeastern State University of Miss. rg'-,QE 1190: 5:9-6 7515 fe? ss-.. l'52q .gang Lev' r '."' r'-1' 23.11 1215 sk ' 1511 I 'ggi we s A ALJ L':v. 7 9123 ,,.. 51? L' I '- . . -71 .51 EFT: 1- -ug. . 0-. grif 4. A 321 Y 535 H77 L' 5 ri? Sig Lgfgz Sis? Lyra 12524 :gi M? 'J 1 1531? fig 217.51 IRM? :M iff? I og' l'Kg7 393-J rap: sX -ti .Q .577 'en-s' MRS. I. A. GOWDY University of Texas ' 1 Fr " J . 1' rr fini .'.-,as 411'-:J Texas Tech, B. S. .0. . , F553 - 4-fg. P",-'cl 1' . 95. 63-JP? 2 i ' Q L ra -I ' 354154 w g .1 57514 ' qi N yt. 1 li 'ft "M....,,..s S3512 Qv. . 52224: 'T' ng "Kauai Hi-2 MR. GEORGE ROGERS swf? Paris Junior College North Texas State, B. A. lv-IVV ,,"1 ' u. '-!. 'A ll! 1 I E323 fx, Qgggn illgfl .gm .. 1-Z X ..,. Yusuf 'I --JP It 'FQ' l 1231715 MRS ELMO SMITH Wayland College West Texas State, B. S MR. R. P. HUGHES B.S., Texas Christian University MR. JIM MIDDLETON East Texas State B.S. Miss Harp works with Carl Burkhart and Sammy Kennedy on a special problem. 2123? -rfb g 1 ,rx 14 1141ixl111u.t4l1L1l1.4'- ' ZZ - L h 1 . S r.1- 'Ls E -4 P L ' ,t FR HSHIVIAN 5 rs 71 qt CLASS l"AVUHl'l'F1S 1 K 3 - i N' ' " JAN HAWTHORNE s S - f N . G, s 'S JOHNNY SAMFORD 4 N4 'F R. -4 'C rs 4 . N4 " i E 4 3 . 1 I . '7'VTYT'V'V'7'fVTT7'f'f7VT - Y ' QC "'4 .flip Eff' '-'55 251:-Z' v fn! .lui QTY: tgy FQ: , . 51:11 . . nhl 5421? nf! :blk aff: '-: tr- Nj-1" 53? 3'-15' nftad 1925: 555 I-6.11 12"-3 ,fJflfs.l . ,- P29 r'? -01.1 361-E T291 I-f-gt J-. . H291 F152 Siifif We ' if H551 .,, . , if 'Q :rift af.: :eff 1 . ifr- we isis mf: ?5f5 'Pei- irlyf :mag 'G-L. SRI. ifzii lfatj Egg fan 11 r J! . :NYS fi 34 Mg iii n.,fp Ag -fl: Barbara Akin Rita Baldridge K. Bamett Jane Barnhill janet Sue Burns Kenneth Burns Maurice Blackstock Glenda Billington Jimmy Bilbrey James Beseda Matilda Berlanga Linda Car-:right Gary Coon Earl Cox Willard Cox Stanley Cunningham james Davis Lester Dupler Sammy Edwards Patricia Egger Billy Don Enos Billy Gamer Bill Hanson Ian Hawthorne i"" W -4,91 .J f A Dennis Head Miki Heflin Mike Holland Glenda Holloman C . Q--.f Carolyn Houston Dolores Jones Carlene Kernell Linda Key H633 I FTU' Nw Betty Lou Ledbetter Lee Mapes ag., 'fx Lauretta McCuistion Gary McDaniel we-J ff Lynda Mixon Morris Peterson Don Ray A Rx Darlene Roddy M 'Wim-" far- 1' 1-SW we Qgnwnm uf! 3 mmmh' ' .. m.L 2 if V A qv, as .. A is "'4' T' - " ' i IQ f if - ' if '.- ' - f. L,--,, 55 ,- - fi C ' " ' ' '5 I 'B ... ., -QL. 5 is ...Q .,. ,lf me . hu., Y, 3 gi ., , ., K r. Johnny Samford Jimmy Shakespere Kay St. Clair Gloria Stroud David Tarver Jerry Dan Trice Dickey Walker Lester Ware Thurman Wesson Bill White Andy Wilson Beverly Wilson Billie Winder Art Dunham Sam Carrasco Michael Clampitt Clarence Cooper George Hays Mrs. Gowdy helps Jane Barnhill and Jan Hawthorne in the li brary. Eddie Allsup Larry Baker Clifford Butler Evelyn Butler Maria Castellano Jo Ann Clampitt Gary Clark Ricki Coffman Jimmy Collins Tommy Combs Gary Coon Beverly Crisswell FIIClII'l'll CHAIN" FAVOHITICS LYNNE FREELAND TERRY DON DAVIS .IT 1 1 x www ,f No Phoio AVAILABLE sy yi 1:1014 Qgw.-N--f I ' 1 Ms A Eg. Nov pau-Ml , . Q - PHOTO Nor Available R I' 'I -Weir if sei 2 'Nitin' an-W. ..,,,s,,f Q as . my :sal E I if '1' , l Q irrl r x R y r .:.: i Berta Darland Terry Davis Deanie Doty Frankie Ford Lynne Freeland Edwards Fuentos Larry Gladden Audon Gomez Eva Gonzales Mike Hale Barbara Haley Melinda Hancock Joe Hernandez Kay Hodges Janice Holloman Jerrie Holloway B111 Huckabee Nancy I ackson Rodger Ieffcoat Clem Kuehler Nickle Landers Penny Lewis ,', 5'- Johnny Lloyd Linda Lynch , -,,,..a Eva Jane Mapes Laquita Masten Carol McCuistion 'gal .W ,rm Qin LJ Ko.. 'Os New-1 4 , A asm 1 A Brenda Mullinax I 'I' Ray O'Brien Elvin Peacock Nellie Peacock Raul Perez Tommy Powers Gary Quinn David Ross Donald Shaw Jackie Taylor Jerry Tucker Shirley Turney Joann Wells Q7-J 'ix m,.., 2 Y 4"'a """ . 'v-J 1 YN-v ,F 9211 if . 11" W Elf" Stud I-I if .I fs -LZ Q9 ug , are PHOTO Noi Available Quan' 4- Seventh Grade Favorites PEGGY RAMSEY C HARLES LED BET TER Beth Wemken Robert Wiggins Carolyn Williams Mary Jane Williams Rhodney Williams Robert Williams Judy Willingham Junior Willis Ben Womack Pauline Wood Terri Zielinski Billy Garner SEVENTH GRADE Gene Allsup Margarita Berlanga Patsy Beseda Terry Bickett Sammy Billington Barbara Black Diane Boatrighr Carl W. Burkhart Chris Carillo Linda Carasco Robert Carter Connie Catano Dovie Chancey Emest Chesshir Erwin Cooper Betsy Crowder Kenneth Cunningham Nora Davis Donnie Dewbre Bobby Dobson Mike Doss Barbara Dorson Shirley Edwards Mike Egger Elliott Elliott Michail Ford Sherrill Griffith Patsy Hans Cloie Haralson Barbara Harvey Linda Hawkins Clovis Head Jerry Don Hobbs Judy Hodges Norman Houghton Barbara Kennedy Sammy Kennedy Charles Ledbetter Carlos Liscano Jane Luke Jane Luper Donna McMasters Douglas Miller Mary Kate Miller Judy Mills David Newsom Elisa O'valle Donna Parker Elizabeth Peacock Minnie B. Peacock y Darlene C. Petty ,- 'Vw-are Judy Philbrick Lynette Phillips Ni aku. Peggy Ramsey Pamela Reynolds elim-t, Simon Rodriquez Marlin Rose an Manuel Salas Kenneth Sandefer ' Woody Self John Slaten Tommy Smetley Nw, so an ' r' Ronald Smart 'iii N F , ,I . 'YH W' 'NI TQ, .9 ,Fr 'I vi F I ,E .Jae va """""' ., S if hx J, . Nba M84 --.-,,. ,.... 'Vx 1 .ww 525' ,.a-+.w- - I ' K ' 3, IA. X ' we 1,,, . F A gm, r wr J' SSE ' is X is is 3: 0' if F All ...-wx 'Qs .gi:z.f" Ei". , iw.: - by ' A N., M- 435' Na W' """'1-.. S rt ,vw Sire away' .s, 4? an-s""N M' X " ,' -. f Q 'Q il ' M sas? me ' ' .,L . B 1 K me ku K wi 1, W 2'Q or 4 WWMFW ik 4- Wi.: Bennie Smith Wanda Smith Mary St. Clair Brenda Stovall David Stickland Wadonna Strother Jackie Tanner Jesse Terrazos Mary Dell Tucker Benny Turney Darla Turney Reva Walden Sandy Wallace Carolyn Waters Carol Ann Williams Warren Williamson Janice Winder Beverly Womack Lionel Zertuche Mrs. Sheard admires Barbara Harvey and Mike Doss's good grades. James Beseda Jimmy Bilbrey Maurice Blackstock Kenneth Burns Gary Coon l Earl Cox Willard Cox Stanley Cunningham ROW I - Allsup, Williams, Gladden, Tucker, Butler, Clark. ROW II - Williams, Huckabee, Willis, Shaw, Lloyd, Womack, Coffman, Kuehler, ROW HI - Combs, manager, Baker, Davis, Ross, O'Brien, Powers, Ford, Coon, Wiggins,manager, and Coach Pat Hughes. james Davis Lester Dupler Bill Enos Bill Garner Mike Holland Lee Mapes Gary McDaniel Don Ray Johnny Samford I g 1, ROW I - Egger, Elliott, Cooper, Kennedy, Cunningham, Williamson, and Ford. ROW II - Doss, Miller, Rose, Dobson, Tanner, Strickland, Wallace, and Turney. ROW III Griffith, Chesshir, Salas, Dewbre, Billington, and Ledbetter. Jimmy Shealspeare David Tarver Jerry Dan Trice Dick Walker Thurman Wesson Bill White Andy Wilson ,A F fi' .xv 16. VA I in 40 3421 ' 1 34, kiwi, 981.29 ' 3 K :1 ,, V ,gy W . Qi C SV if -Q, . gg 5 2, ,WQ 'W am 'ff Lg EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL BOYS FIRST ROW: Burns, Tucker, Clark, Gladden, Williams. SECOND ROW: Davis, Kuehlcr, Baker, Coffman, Strother, Shaw.. THIRD ROW: Mr. Vanoy, Sponsor: Huckabee, O'Brien, Ross, Lloyd, Ford. FOURTH ROW: Williams, Willis, Coon, Womack, Jeffcoat. ,Q ......., 40' 'M aa S21 SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL BOYS FIRST ROW: Doss, Cooper, Turncy. SECOND ROW: Dobson, Billington, Dewbrc, Wallace, Salas, Strickland. THRID ROW: Williamson, Rose, Chesshir, Leclbetter, Griffith, Rodriquez, Mr. Hughes, Coach. O fb Q JUNIOR HIGH PEP LEADERS FIRST ROW: I.aQuita Masten, Penny Lewis, Carolyn Houston. SECOND ROW: Betty Lou Ledbetter, Lynne Freeland. JUNIOR HIGH PEP SQUAD FIRST ROW: Masten, Lewis, Freeland, Ledbetter, Roddy, Houston. SECOND ROW: Willingham, Wimpkin, Holloman, Walden, Edwards, Haralson, Hans, Smith, Phillips, Luke, Mullinax. THIRD ROW: Williams, Phil breck, Hawkins, Womack, C. McCuisLion, L. McCuistion, Barnhill, Winder, Holloway, Jackson, Wells, Doty FOURTH ROW: Howell, Chancey, Petty, Turney, Butler, Berlanga, Hancock, Mapes, Jowell, Kernell, Billing ton. FIFTH ROW: Wilson, Key, St. Clair, Cartwright, Stroud, Mixon, Baldridge, Akin, Heilin, Jones. MORTON FLASH-O-GAS TOMMY LYNCH, Owner Phone by day 4831 Bula 3-2302 P 8. B AUTOMOTIVE Brake and Front End Service Phone by night Phone 5191 Box 911 4247 L' . EAST SIDE CAFE AND PASTRY SHOP ,vu """ ""--...M a ,.0""""00 von-an ...nn-O..-...:.... LTI: Emu WKLHQJI '33 Q. '-.Q .... ..n,,, ..,.., .........:,.l-.',.,." g MR.. and 'O oouqc -oo' Q.. ..... lx., 'hh 5. O. D. VERNON 29: MRS. LESSYE SILVERS COUNTY 8: DISTRICT CLERK COIllllZll"f, WILLINGHAM GIN PRODUCERS WAREHOUSE Whiteface and Morton, Texas f M 3241 Ph 5891 HAZEL HANCOCK SHERIFF to the graduating class MRS. OTHA DENNY -. ,-N -1 ,., vf -,-. ,.... 'f. 2. I Z ,T X. 7 1 ,- is r ,mv 'A I milwfw- S . :.A , .,,xX QA, Q M. mv, .n 'Q ., ,f x vi X W' if ml- fm :ggi -Q l I vf uf ,gg 4 ....4.. ., KM. Er YW 'A if 'E f , X M4 Aa. ,, , QR" K z7:..,.1,1i' ' +- 'WUZQH f :M , HH, bfi 239 .mfs 22 1 'Wfik L .E A ,V .. ,,m, '5S1f'f3'Kzfsfw A 'Eg rgfifza ,'.' W R , . L L X. X ,M W. -:1gty,5mq ,,.': Z IKM. . .qw v Qi.. ., 11 . , my LL., .wx 4 'Y'iil555xfxTiz3' .A,,,:t,g .E W w A152 :inf K .. ,.n..,r,-f .J Wm, . ,, Wa. K , ,Q ' , K say' 11 1 H ,Q . my . ..,.,.. , H: Lx V Q? 5 Q ,.,,,,.,, L yy 1?T'if"1t in lf 'O U1 X 1, H if 'W'- E E .A 'kgy . 96 ,s .st .', ' 'gmt " -LL 411' MR. HAROLD DRENNAN 6th - B.S. Degree Texas Wesleyan College Mike Irwin Gale Kirk Dennis Lemons Sharon Lynch Robert Maddux Jerry Mings Joey Newson Kenny Palmer Arlie Reed Patricia Richards Patricia Sandefer Reginald Self Belva Tanner Carla Teal Willard Ware Judith Wernpkin Aurora Bautista Everett Bilbrey Linda Blackstock Gene Cox Mary Taylor Nancy Webb Paul Zielinski Karen Dunham Billy Freeland Ralph Dyer Johnny Gomez Arlan Haralson Alice Head David Holland Larry Jeffcoat Jill Jones Linda Long Eddy Lyons Mike McDermett Freda Newman Terry Pace Patricia Phillips Ieanetta Rowdcn Ginger Scoggins Tommy Slaten Judy Strickland Leroy Tackett Mr. Harold Drennan Linda Blackstock, Jill Jones, Ieanetta Row den, Everett Bilbrey MISS ELIZABETH DUMAS B. S. , West Texas State Donna Allsup Eddie Bedwell Patsy Butler Joe Castillian Janett Cooper Jerry Cooper Mike Enos Carolyn Gladden Michael Hays Mary Ann Holloway C. E. Jones Sandra Kelly Rory Kuehler Jerry Luper Nancy Lynch Herman McCamish Patricia McClure Maria Mendoza Antacia Morales Allen Nesbitt Ronald Phillips Gail Rowland Larry Shaw Jimmy Studdard Randall Tanner Judy White Ronnie Windom Miss Dumas helps Randall Tanner Jill Banks Mary Burchett Larry Butler Lem Chesher, Jr. Jeanette Childs Glen Dotson Clara Estevies Mary Ford David Gentry Cindy Greener Linda House Jimmie Jones Ronnie Kinnikin 1 is '-rsf' New 'vr--w' ' MRS. W. G. FREELAND B. S. , Texas Tech x ale... K - I . r. , -, r 5 r - -- yi, , v., i ' ly mfg 'Z lf? - 4 hy D . A 1 '-"Y 'X l 'Q X.. 2: E3 F if 3' N V 1 .G ga . l L- ,Rh . s- 1 J Q--arf' Pi "' Cn xjjr my HW 5 1.7 as QM. 'Rm '9 ,Y 21.4 5 ' L -I--HF' P.. , J . - x - --.:. ' A i'Xr"f Paula Kelly Leonard Lavinder Travis Mapes Caroline Marino Cherlye McDanie1s Rosa Mendoza Mike O'Brien Billie Rae Proctor Janita Scoggins Ignacia Salas Larry Smith Ian Thomas Don Vanlandingham Harold Williams Carl Woods Estela Garza 5C Manuel Garza Patricia Browne Jimmy Cartwright Elicio Chapa Betty Dean West swmruumzwtw rir' ew fe ,111 K Sharon Clayton Gaylord Cogburn Garry Embry Sandra Gandy Leonora Gonzale Danny Hancock Terrell Hansen Gayle Hayes Mary A. Hobbs Connie Hodges Frankie Jackson Curtis Jennings Gary Kernell Dale Lemmons Sue Lewis Inez Martinez Priscilla Massey Marcus Mills Isidro Ovalle Linda Rose Richard Sanders Charlotte Smart John St. Clair Judy Tucker Joe Villareal .s li K ff' t o C 1 v A rs 'Pls frsqb ,ff M N Q, s s n gy if .. 1 ai., ms -mf' sl X wil N M S-5l',iJ ss .J ., "'- " ,f A ss tisr i f .. - X fe 1 X if Mi 1.t sb J. .gem MRS, IOHNNIE GREEN 4A - B.S., Texas Tech 'Mop' N111 Na -, . 4 4 is ,7 5 5 5 1 51 'H W' is kk,w,QriYl7:f ,a r a ar... ? . , . 1 " ws 1 bl S.. Q- K .P 4' I r,Q5jq'82n ian? 6? 1954 a s 1, Y' Patricia Albrecht Inez Bejarano Alton Black Larry Burkhart Deann Coats Norman Cook Edith Davidson Sharon Davis John Dunman Maggie Garate Armando Garza Theresa Hargis Jim Heflin Pablo Hernandez Tommy Hudson June Jackson Randy Kelly Treva Sue Lewis Ramon Martinez Jim Madrid Linda McCamish Lcvie Minor Antonio Morales Lupe Orozco Mickey Patterson Rudolph Samarripa Norman Self Dennis Strickland Barbara Turney Freddy Wesson Larry Burkhart, Norman Cook, Inez Bejamaro, and Mrs. Green discuss science. C Billy Baker Maria Bama Lucy Bautista Elliott Benefield Shirley Burns Charles Carpenter Andy Carrillo Bobby Combs iq... ,af inf 6 'L' if L L C ':. ,. M Qs ff-. M' ,ITM 5'5" .- 12, f 1 ff. if 2 'iff' 'fr L. . .Lg ,Vx r Ei x . fzmmgzgz 5 Jigga ,I 1 f' Q 3 z.. sa- MRS. F. G. KENNEDY B. S., Texas Tech 4th Grade .1-nv Hi! L . ig' ,f AQ. 4' ni .Vs 4 x si adm . Q a ful-Q' f' 4. K Fava , S Loy Vern Daniel Lanya Dolle Bruce Evans Ronald Hale Sharon Hall Belinda Holloman Margaret Ledbetter Bennie Martinez Manuel Martinez Brenda McCain Gregory Meek Johnny Mendellian Arturo Perez Raymond Reed Roy Richards Lanelda Romans Ronnie Smith Brenda Turner Jimmy Waters Charlie Woods Mike Zielinski Loy Vern Daniel, Andy Carrillo, Ronnie Smith, and Mrs. Kennedy are in an oral reading group. 4B Trina Arteaga Ronnie Bell Alice Black Joe Bowers Garry Burkhart Charles Carter Henry Casarez Edwardo Chapa Billy Coleman Keith Cunningham Eva Escalon Alvin Gladden Armida Gomez Dale Greer Karl Griffith Nelva Haralson G. A. Jeflin, Jr. Donna Hofman Carolyn Jones Willie Martinez mi... --ng 1 Qi. 5 4 MRS. WILLIE LEE NETTLES B.S., Texas Tech W-1-rv' -,,,..4 ya, R , w. O I be-5 ff 'OP' 'KW zflga X we-4 R, :btw WOW "hs-nv 1 f"""'9H ,ug-vdlff MRS. TOKIE DOTY B. A. , West Texas State mm w , f+,1fs,, Patty McBee Dan McCasland Ginger McCas1and Ricky Monroe Clara Richards Ruperto Rodriquez Billy Smart Judy Smith Dick Vanlandingham Dana Webb Danny Wiseley Mrs. Nettles and studen1 work on geography Lanita Anglin Esther Bautista Juanita Berlanga Rheda Jane Brown Dale Burris Arnufo Cano Ralph Carrasco Maria Chapa Ricky Cunningham Frank Escalon Fabian Flores Richard Gomez Angelita Gonzalez Charles Hofman Charlotte Jones Wayne Legan Sara Martinez LaRita McMinn Cesario Morales Ricky Nesbitt Linda Nettles Joe Perez Ronny Reeder Eliseo Soliz Melba Townsend Tommie Waters 3B Michael Auld Shirley Williams 41"-.A fC! 'L H17 an MRS. ROBERT HAHN B. M. E. , Eastern New Mexico University -E gf, 5, qs... 9m ii.,- i l ,, . i ' K it P. 1 N wi- , , . ,a -,, 'fri 5 r '5 ' Mg, ff, if ' Cl' 3 E 'Fa C' 5' ::1 -'M , if fl 1 "?: A Q - I ..,. , C RM A L wfx iwkw? ii m X .: K, . .swf J Carolyn Benefield Gabriel Castellano Patsy Collins Rosa Costillo Larry Davis Maria Estevis Estella Fuentes Curtis Gandy Gail Hobbs Terry House Fronye Jones Luis Leal Rosa Liscano Betty Ann Lynch I. Wayne McDerrnett Deborah Miller Dorthy Miller Oscar Morales Joe Orozco Maria Orozco Robert Powers Russell Rowden Kenneth Strickland Kathy Turney .Lil , Am, Ay, :Q s X X 1 . X i H T341 , .1E5,5,?5gf .,.:,1g,1g, .L .-'if S xig44fgiQfif w Q if 5' ggfsa-A , iifdkff. f mi gi,:,,V5,xf xl 5 sg Q FQ X X 95'- Ql. - V ...W,..5 -- F . .apr ' fQi'wj-4. .ef 'if J N ii ' WW x g ew F I ,if :V rs. Nw! Mfg? .a 'Y ? - Loretta Smedley iiiir Bill Tilley i Mary Villerrael WW " '-A Gloria wiurams 5 fir ry L Q W . ff I5 2, l , 'I ln I A A x XX Byron Willis w. . 1. Dickie Womack , X .., if krk- F! or 2 We 3D L ,F L' Beverly Browne ' A 5""H+"' MRS. E. C. RANEY James Dyer QM y. M.Ed., Texas Tech 55' Si B. A., Southern Methodist University Elva Flores Erme Linda Flores Carol Freeland Robert Hawkins Sharon Irwin Herschell Lamar Gwin Lewis Francis Lopez Felix Luz Vivian McDaniel Lupe Medellin Gloria Mendoza Dee Merritt Ann Morris Janella Nebhut Michael Proctor Frank Rivera Sandy Sanders Douglas Scott Judy Sublett James Tucker Donna Williams James E. York Sharon Irwin, Donna Wil- liams, and Mrs. Raney read out of their reader. Pedro Armendariz Gerald Baker Jan Banks Angelita Bejarano Dennis Clayton Sandra Courtney Karen Davis Brenda Duran lv- wiv' wi' I-15. wwf? Y 4 rg, E X .- 'my I A ' '7 WUITYV ER 9 r M. . P .... ,Qrdgxi In in A ' .4 ""' 3 .., 1,3 .WM H E 45' 1 'F' an' al 1 L-'Ta-f .,...- N5 MRS . NEAL ROSE B. A. , Baylor University M. Ed. , Texas Tech kv... Marcelo Flores John Ford Philip Hays Brenda Holloman Cynthia Kuehler Debbie Kuehler Mary Helen Liscano Mike Love Florence Martinez Lucy Martinez Mary Jean Minor Dolores Rodriquez Lynda Romans Roger Sandefer Sandra Sheard Terry Shiflett Roy Paul Stephens Yolanda Tellez Vicki Wallace John Henry Williams Jerry Don Wiseley Mrs. Rose helps her students in class activity. Room 2C and 2D in play activity. Ronnie Allsup Robbie Jo Burket Barbara Carpenter Sheila Corder Socorro Cruz Janice Cunningham Bill Elliott Henry Escalon Glorietta Gray Donna Hodges Jane Holloway Tommy Jackson Anita Jones Debra Kelly Carla Knott Teresa Lawrence Zoellen Ledbetter Helen Lynch Micheline Marina Bennie Martinez Mike McCas1and Fay Morris Ralph Soliz Wandell Strother I. Mark Thomas Geneva Turney David Villereal Danny Woolam 'Yo11anda Armendariz Susie Artega Steven Auld Danny Barker Grady Billington Marie Davidson Kay Davis John Duron Wesley Dupler Carol Edwards Joe I-Ieflin Robert Hernandez Charlotte Masten Connie 'Meathenia Maria Medeilin Tommy Merritt Teresa Mullinax Bill McClure Diane McCas1and Linda Patton Joe Philbrick Leta Pierce Jerry Steed Larry Strickland Yolanda Viliereal Sue Womack Dicky Zielinski Mrs. Hub Cadennead helps Grady Billington and Tom- my Merrit with their read- ing. MRS. JOE SEAGLER B. A. , Texas Tech Jimmy Allen Diane Avery Joe Bautista 4 -- ',,l U.. , .. .1 . A ,iff S , inn V nf. M asf"-'V , 5 RY?-vw ' g ., L - Y t is A X MRS. ROSS SHAW B. S., Texas Tech Ie, sw Bl' 55' fl Rita Bedwell Wendel Bickett Michael Bryan Kay Burris Roe Crone Diana Cross Johnny Duran Angel Flores Paul Gage Elsa Garete Abelardo Gomez Vicki Goodman Vickie Jones Bobbie Lavinder Rickey Lemons Melinda Lewis Gail Mathews Iudy McDowra Consuela Morales Billye Narin Deletta Nebhut Linor Samarripa Ruthie Smith Kenneth Taylor Wayne Woods H Forrest Baker Yulando Bosquez Mary Linda Cano Arthur Cervantez Katie Sue Cogburn Gloria Cunningham Roy Davis Keith Embry Beth Ford Luis Fuentes Joe Garate Johnny Garza Craig Gandy Ricky Gunter Mary Hernandez Lessel House Vicki Kennedy Joan Kuehler Haskell Lamar Jonas Lozano MRS. ELI DOUGLAS B.S. , East Texas State College 1109 1 Mxy in V- :L A 1'fl?3f.1a-f:4'x Lux -1---" it N-...V iff? 9? fl? L , 53 O ' 1 b?ii1Pff.Sr 42423 Y A 1 i' - j 4 .I no . iq--fi. ig A s . X fi? 'Cha 13 .. . ,ng 'Y 42 , 5. Q. N ss as . . .I ff' ,405 Mr. - 6 'i i Q., MRS. CONNIE GRAY B. S. , Hardin Simmons University M. A. , Eastern New Mexico University 5' ""in. Anjelica Luna Debra McDowra M. T. Miller Amelia Morales Gregorie Morales Rosa Ortiz Randy Poppelz Eddie Turney Jackie Watts Freddie West Susan White Sue Winder Mrs. Douglas poses with M. T. Miller, Lessel House, Forrest Baker, Greg Morales, and Joe Garate. Mrs. Gray helps Pablo Perez, M. C. Colins, and Douglas Evans. Rex Allsup Bobby Armendariz Deborah Beck Darrell Betts Paul Blanton Bill Bridge Regina Butler David Cook Ioanza Cook Ramon Cruz Ginger Davidson Douglas Evans Amelia Flores Cynthia Gunnels Adolph Granada Larry Hale Janice Hall Dolores Lackey Juan Lozano Ruben Martinez Frank Morales Mary Perez Pablo Perez M. C. Sherbert Betty Silhan Dena Stephans Ronald Studdard Mrs. Douglas and her stu- dents. -nm- ,kbs Xara. '57 in Y 'kf'1V"' ww X ffl -ffl .K vu: jar' alb- 'fs,..-v 'sf-'P 35 MRS. TOM PATE B. B. A., Stephen F. Austin WiDW'N""f"'Q'fe its sss B X unv- X E Bmw-s J at X A W w ill t. t D ,AL.,,1 Q M 'W rim af Donna Allison Johnny Bautista Deaana Benevides Ronnie Burkett David Carrasco Leonardo Costellano Monte Dewbre Andy Duran Larry Elliott Len Gandy Eddie Garza Nancy Gomez Jimmy Gonzalez Mary Gonzalez Debbie Haney Robert Hargis Trezelle Hill Joe Dan Jones Kent Lindsey Juan Luna Elosia Martinez Gracie Martinez Iosephina Martinez Sally Martinez Phil Mathews Estella Mendellian Arthur Morales Lynda Nesbitt Angelita Perez Diana Perez Marcous Salazar James Sanders Bill Tucker Sharron Whitner Karen Willis Mrs. Pate is helping Ron- nie Burkett and Eddie Garza. Bobby Burns Isabel Carrasco Keith Coats Ronnie Cunningham fs...- 03? ,al V 4 as . Q27 V mf 'IW9 4 Y Q1 Lf Q qu.-1' T7 Sz it if 5 'isa-f fx NN 0. fi gg ff. if ii MRS. J. C. SHELTON h w, y db Wt' B.S., Wayland College 5 r-:'E"' " X 'H' 5-km f C .13 A 5. nittmhli YQ ' ww- f f 'S' 1 V if' G f '5 Ig QE? fa .rn gf i k yz f, Q ,W, . f i iii G r 'Z Q " .- , S Q M mi. A fa32.2if'waa S rvgirggf. wa fd! 5 ex W fs' in is 3' r R ..., as-"' R W 1 , ZA Hr Ivy Datson Paula Dyer Aultan Evans Tommy Fipps Bonnie Ford Gloria Garcia Carolyn Gonzales Becky Greene Becky Harris Randy Hollaman Randy Jones Ricky Jones David Martinez Estella Martinez Joe Martinez Diann Morales Joe Partlow Winnie Phillips Linda Polando Thelma Richards Joe Rodriquez Juan Rodriquez Bobby Ruthardt Debbie Smith uther Sutton flary Zielinski flrs. Shelton watches Becky larris and Debbie Smith rork on a Pilgrim Display. ls q Q: its 'CI37 MR. ELI DOUGLAS, Elementary Principal B.S., M. E.D. - East Texas State MRS. JOE SEAGLER B.A., Texas Tech Elementary Art MRS. W. H. MAHAN B.S., Southeast State Elementary Music Okla. PRIMARY FAVORITES OUTSTANDING STUDENTS EDDIE LEWIS and HELEN CHRISTIAN CLAUDETTE LEWIS and CHARLES HILL ' I in I 'Q' EAST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IRS. L. M. BLANDFORD . A. . Texas Southern University IIGHTH GRADE ,ouise Bell dattie Ervin Zharles Hill EVENTH GRADE eroy Atkins ietty Garrett oe N. Garrett mma Joe Robinson dward Ward IXTH GRADE rchie Bell :mes Ervin osie Holland mmie Joyce laudette Lewis nnie Moore ary Ann Robinson :orge Williams . C. Williams IFTH GRADE :bert Bell JURTH GRADE lvin Ervin mrenzo Green Charlie H111 and Joe Garrett arranging Halloween decorations sr nf 'E 3 11 g ig, Richard Holland Shirley Ann Holland Margaret Morris Virgust Munson Shirley Robinson MISS B. J. HAMILTON B, A, , Prairie View Colleg GRADES 1-3 Deloras Atkins David Bailey Ruthie Bailey Bessie Bell James Bell Iacquline Brooks James Brooks Helen Christian Robert Coulter Leonard Coulter Amie Ruth Davis Mary A. Ervin R. C. Ervin Guendolyn Green James Hall William Hall James Hawkins Mary Hawkins Charles Henry Otho Ray Hightower Ernest Holland Ernestine Holland Joyce Holland Willie B. Holland Vada Ann Holland Allen Joyce Charles Joyce Darlene Joyce Kathleen Joyce Eddie Lewis Nina Lewis Annie Bell Neal Joyce Neal Elton Patton Debra Robinson Glenn Roberts Carnell Thompson Annie B. Williams Gilbert Williams Ozell Williams L 1 3 my .Na t E' 'Li' x 'intron MCMASTER TRACTOR CO. MORTON . ',7,g BOX 486 1 lll, A U T G Ph, 3321 Mr. Smith congratulates Mary Led- ,5 Q!V'TRS better by offering her a bite of his cake at the Honor Party. R.AY'S HARDWARE and FURNITURE CO. SINGLE TON FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Sanders shows a film to the Home- Manager - SAMMY LEVERETT GREAT PLAINS NATURAL GAS ' co INC Insecticides Fertilizer Stanley Clark pins Stevie Middleton WOOD CHEMICAL CO. at the Honor Party. Service sells - Quality tells My amz.. STANDARD ABSTRAC T COMPANY MR. and MRS. GROVER D. EDGAR C Mrs. Outlaw hands out corrected papers in Typing 1. ORD -5F MAHAN FORD CO. ' l JU Call. I Dgfyf' BILL HARRIS If PLUMBING J S6600 v Phone 2861 - Night 5826 MINNIES SHOP Your Fafshion Center CHILD'S MEN CLOTI-IIERS t vf '7 BYRON AUTO PARTS MR. WESTERN ABSTRACT CO. and MRS. W. M. BUTLER, JR. COFFEE SHOP Owner, JOHN DANIEL fe M and M BARBER SHOP Glenda Billington and Delores Jones working in the Homemaking lab. ,X Sheree Tarver, mascot, at a Pep Rally. Viola Smith and Jean Wells enjoy cocoa and cake at the first Six Weeks Honor Party. Cathy Huggins pins Sally Leverett at an Honor Party. v L.- SILVERS BUTANE BARTON SHAMROCK DAIRY INN MARGIE'S BEAUTY SHOF West ashin ton rtales Highw MORTON LAUNDRY B s. J DRILLING co 'T I ... Q AND MACHINE SHOP HEFLIN LUMBER CCMPANY 251' . sf' 5 -K. his ' ph. E Qfifftls4f22?S?Ifss1 Jw , g??Wf?et- l -' - r 1,f"if 1 wtf: 'ffwa,,ze-fmt-W E' E K . Z ,,, .,.k , . .,., K Sfiih iii., ,yi fm, K k X ti 3. ,.,,,,,-.Qi J AERO SPRAYING AND FERTILIZING ALLSUP CHEVROLET Mr. Don Allsup hands Mr. John Barnes, Superintendent of Schools, the keys to a new Chevrolet. The Chevrolet is to be used in Morton Schoo1's DTiVCT'S Training class . K J., AVE! AVE! AJW ' A , PIGGLY WIGGLY Thr bfzml ,army bww Bell' BURLESON Q V AZRUZQ , . K vm PAINT and SUPPLY C P N uccess to the graduating class MORTON ,ggtf-C'RAP,, fi 13 og- ..-, P- f 9 FLORAL and GREENHOUSE "VX I O S nlrrx X u 1.1 1 A1135 D . Flowers for All Occasions 'V o unneu A a . NAPPY , f Envlce M29 gg, CD BUCK'S Q' - 'M SW "66" SERVICE Complete 24 Hour Service sz St ,Q I! fl I Nursery rhymes are fun! Mary Lee Hawkins, Charles Ray, Henry, Mrs. Zelma Hudson. iw if E S 1 is 5 5 Q We wonder what "A" students think about - Stanley Clark Could this be Dorothy Smith helping Ginger Stovall with her honor pin? ifwmif' iff.-ii V +4-Q' SL, A K Q if 3 S3 , ,, x in l JGIES TUE ll mm n lmulm TH 7 BLANKENSHIP THEATRES SAY... CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS IL MODERN MOTOR SERVICE Er - w A trif- 1. LQ k y srnulcs ms .f ii-iv , Y x A X X sas' J There's u "one and only" HIGGINBOTHAM-BARTLETT - CO. Building Materials of All Kinds IF lT'S GOOD FOOD E You wAN1 e r y y MORTON MALT SHOP and DRIVE INN WILLINGHAM FARM and RANCH STORE Ph. 4036 North on Muleshoe Highway Mr. Vanoy teaches Kenneth Williams and Bill Foust about health foods. Mrs. Smith gives Bernadine Henley helpful hints about posture exercises. . - S English Ill students design the bulletin board, Johnny Hancock, R. E. Thomp- son, Shirley Miller, and Patsy Amyx. Mrs. Mahan has Dale Lemons, Terrell Hanson, Osidro Ovall, and Patricia Brown listen to the opera "Hansel and Gretel ' on the record player. MARKET POULTRY and EGGS, GRAIN co. u di. ,1 ,KEvGNnLn's TIRE me WHEEL BALANEING Wg, REYNOLDS 5: Eg ,Q TIRE xxx .-',,'MV Conoco Products CLARK'S DRY GOODS COCHRAN CO. GIN Where Ser A and Gin g I5 E I 1, I' x A I! "Q N ll 1 NATIONS BARBER SHOP 4' ' ' s 22 Years Barber Business ENOS X A A X I A ' 5 Y 6 5 v ff N 45223269 su . ,':, " ' i SHOP Christmas tree made from triangles by 8th grade math students. Left to right: f Carolyn Houston, Morris Peterson, r S . . Q Sam Carrasco, Marcus Griggs, Bill KA JAY at DINKS Garner, Gary McDaniel, Billy Enos, X S and Patricia Egger. EPAIR S GARAGE LINDSEY PUINIIA CIIQWS FEED at SEED Custom Grinding and Mixing MCALISTER- HUGGINS DEERE Mrs. L. M. Blandford checking the ' ST CLAIRJS 1959 Annual. Wit' ' ilu , DEPARTMENT STORE flllw' flgxx W 5 nu S t 3554 A 'gzffk wwf ave a if'WIs:af2 l'-ff , WILLINGHAM GROOERY v -'ia' ' C . " fi. O 1 1 v ' 'U 4 r I THE GENERAL STORE School days are happy days- Mary Alice Erwin, David Bailey, Mary Lee New and Used Clothing Hawkins, Bessie Ruth Belle. C. J. SEIBOLD I IWW? ' ROY GENTRY - Manager LUMBER C MP NY Cornplnnents of Mninsil'-'SMULINE MASSEY V1 ll Vi FERGUSON TRACTOR ROSE AUTO " and APPLIANCE R .g - gs, if . -v 5 P J I 14 GH f.. 4 AC I, lfaf K CASE' , 1 WOOLAM IMPLEMENT COMPANY BEDWELL IMPLEMENT COMPANY BRIGGS STRATTON Gas oline Engines -in all I 48 States x., DERWOOD'S TEXACO THE TRADING POST ARMY SURPLUS R GOO S N S O S KELLY'S SPRAYING SERVICE AM KELLY - Owner When Seconds foanf. . . GROVER D. EDGAR SEANEY FOOD STORE Pmessin HERB'S GULF for g SERVICE STATION GLENN THOMPSON COUNTY ATTORNEY ROY WEEKES INSURANCE AG C A. D. FOREHAND JUSTICE OF THE PEACE -HEW- onnewpwyw. MACHINE STORE "Im Lubbock since 1928" 1408 Texas Ave. Lubbock lg- . OWNER S. A. RAMSEY f I ff., + S Y, i W 5 McMinn. Community Mural done by 3rd grade BSS . J. W. McDERMETT BUTANE---PROPANE DOROTHEA'S BEAUTYSHOP A E , X 'Q i M' 5 Yfofabzi mg ' 5 u. 'S in . n. .-555 ws., MCRTON DRUG SIXTH GRADE BAND COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY PRODUCTS . ir' , , 192 V 'q , 1 . Q .1 uf' g.f "Hep-,. --'- 'vin p. .5 A -,B HZ-'N Q! urn 'Mr-I W MP x 5 . ' X rt., 1 7 . if W, -f X vw y Q wr? Wgfffggf f',, ,. S Q , 9 1 ' JE. wg be .gg -ip X -, '- Kgs- L Q 1 22521 g X' I V .,,.'-, :'. I - U I if,- fig .,,.: 6 A" X fwdi NEW , 1111 ii 4JLl1JiJ4A.LJJ,1l" Our yearbook cover was de- fp signed by Russell Ward. We P express our appreciation to him for this work. Rita Baldridge and Lynda Mixon Students work on art project. removing pie from oven. Mrs. Thompson, 6th grade teacher and class. r ! 3 Bill Stovall, Jimmy Duke, and Jimmy Taylor model aprons made in Homemaking. Mr. Knott discusses farm problems M1-5, Freeland feng Story of art with class. work. X A. Mrs. Seaglers art class. in ii S at C f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The Worlds Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" ."x i xx x U X X y 3 X ,I K N B Wx S xiii LLL' mf.. ...rmfialutasm ,Ki Mxgffwffiy W vwgigl N599 MgL5g me-QL: gyjfmj M 'E M' . ' W WV' , W W WW 1 awww? 611 OW gs we wif i is 'Y ,gwx X. We KQQM ORM ia 929: 12 M, fi 2354 -4 f f AW A Q I P739 7' 5 7711 W WMM Z 7 . Z' , , 0 fi fe f 24' fx J I 3 W, B j!Zf!1,f?ZCL'fLf!'fi-.Eyvfq I 5' Mn Q 'f-ff., A 4'f'-6 , Z57,f1f4jf50fZ!L"'gf' om QM W M .M 55, ,J 40" n ' I ' ,ll J Pggyfbf-i". QSQMZMM. jaw J 7 A liphdgf 1 AJ 2449 , ifivmfw 4-.,,',4.J9f 7 ' ff pLww fWW73iLi Qfffwfvigw fpfvrfwrw i I7 'OV

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