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f I 1.9.15 Q I OV ig ' ,, PRAM "I-ous J' MHKtS THU? cy qi IDQLD Cro 'ROUND' A' u-Y ,-6, ms-15 nor if 9 max crmmvs, SLI-fool. 55,35 i Rcrerzefuvuu P055 ' 3 D M 0 S MOI2II'ON I-IIGI-I QC!-IOOL N I MOPION, ILLINOIS 2 Table of Contents Organizations . . Student Life . . . Athletics . . . Faculty and Classes . . . Q1.,5x6,.:Qf6 ,Emp f .. ? ,x L-3 5 ' 'mf 7 u Fi , 'iv 6 ,MI 5 1 'WWW V Y' H' ' ' wr' , A W V ' ' f E ' 1 M... , N--A -N M,-fy . . V , ' A W Mg?" L, A MM 1 f i Q j 'kg' E .A , .. + ,W vf .W Ne, . 4 W im' 22 - -A , , Xm V - 2 , , ,M , - M 4 ' Ty f ' 1 P Y , f xi W WS? ' A A f .. if-1: ,X ,xekif-ig?ffei12g1fgwnbmvffsizf-1 ' 'uw - 1 542, - 1 . 1 Q - ' if. l ,,.,,A H Egkgf .g 1 -,- NEB ni-. I ff ' 1 " .2 'Ew a 'V ' 4 W 1 i ' 42, i 4 N ,I . . ,M 4 , ,MW E a J 51 gnau ! Q X 3 vw V , V ..,V--w' ' vu Y- s V M Q W ' ,W,.,N,,,W K' 'N N E 4 V QQV. , .. W gl Ak K, t V f-. LJ 3 G - Q' X55 X , ' , ': ,.1.+ Q'-. 9 Q , f5'5f'?" I P , Us . . 1 I . g M M, x ,glgmf rm: ..,,,waa ,kg X , 4 an qua, 'W D6 ,, :N..,,,mN gl , Q H N?i3M1w5',5H' 'vm M . X 4 if- Ms' I ' ' , 21 52? ,gif-N V fr lf" ' J 'VEi:wx,dE P 2 M1 '2' " " sf! SW 'gf X 5113 ' I ' A . EM X' ,fi ffff - 1 9 ' 2:25 wif ' ' 1 :F M i'5z-:iw ' gizwgjglf -,hx .5 3 ! fi N- ! Q -'v 5 . yaiii ' . , Q xv KH aff, w Q ' rv ,..- Q " f gi" t Hx. 1 ' V M ,K M w W 3 - -V , 'WWW' Alf! """, M 4 K X- A .f---' X M, V , 3.5 , ' S A 1' iii ' - ' U' . i of? r 10 - K V - N '- Y l V 1 4 "LOVE"-A COMMON LANGUAGE "Love makes the World Go Roundl' and couples danced on to the sound of Bill Hardesty and his Holiday Brass dur- ing Junior-Senior prom 1975. Tom Lacy and Nancy Meisner were crovmed King and Queen. The royal court was: first attendants Dave Rice and Rhonda Henning, second attendants Al Kelley and Lynn Carter. Due to circumstances beyond control, Dave didn't have Nancy to the dance in time for the official coronation. Yes, love does make the world go round. - I ffi " ROYALTY AND GTHERS Z'-'H ,yah f'w6.w, YZ' VH..2eL 1 , rgan1zat1on l 1 1 W STUDENT VOICE ..f"" First 1'0W: D- Shi-lu, R- Beeler, President, K- E1W2Id,Vice President, J. Keenan, Secretary, A. Forsyth, Treasurer, Ad- visors: Mr. Hootman, Mr. Bruell. Second row: S. Berger, B. Panzer, M. Wieneke, V. Klunk, N. Koehler, N. Werder, C. Thiel, B. Braker, Third rowg C. Ackerman, C. Getz, S. Yordy, L. Schild, G. Widlowski, T. Taylor, T. Reynolds, P. Welk, G. Hedrick, R. Aragon, K. Carter, Fourth row: K. Christiansen, C. Martinie, D. Tolson, S. Klunk, R. Haw- lcings, S. Parrot, B. Perkins, L. Widlowski, Fifth row: T. Witzig, G. Danby, T. Wiggers, J. Adair, D. Curry, K. Chris- tiansen, S. Hendrickson, S. Hager, S. Taylor Left-Right Pres. Rod Beeler, Sec. -Tan Keenan, V-Pres. Kurt Edward, Treasurer Amy Forsyth. When Duty Whispers low, "Thou Must", The Youth Replies, "I Con". Student Council this year under the leadership of Rod Beeler, tried to better the organization. They tried new ideas, new ways to involve the students, for instance, the bond issue. Together they made it happen. FBLA-Row 1: S. Bartruff, M. Spence, T. Gay, J. Miller. Row 22. Mrs. Callow, B. Miller, M. Riley, S. Hager, G Binkle, C. Zuke, G. Adrian, K. Jordan. FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America and the girls involved have high hopes of gaining ex- perience in the World of business through this group. Speech team, this year coached by Mr. Pierce and Mrs. Coon had a good squad that remained powerful the whole year with Desma Davis leading the way individually. Speech-Row 1: K. Olinger, E. Knotts, K. Olinger, M. Benjamin, D. Davis, D. Zehr, B. Panzer. Row 2: Mrs. Coon, E. Kocher, J. Proedehl, P. Smith, C. Messel, M. Shane, T. Taylor, Mr. Pierce. Row 3: J. Sublette, S. Ver- millon, T. Martin, P. Hasenyager, G. Hoskins, S. Taylor, C. Stradley. GYM HELPERS Gd G A O A F F I GAA GFFICERS AND BOARD C Row 1: V. Henning, W. Davison, A. Zobrist, L. Capelle, C. Whitfield, T. Behme, S. LeBaube, S. Pennington, K. Olinger, N. Mutters, C. Rhoades, K. Gingerich, V. Knapp. Row 2: M. Sheets, D. Penry, D. Robertson, S. Wanner, S. Wittmer, L. Gal- more, K. Neaviell, S. Stuckey, S. Shidler, S. Stork, D. LeVar, S. Witmore, J. Getz, D. Tankersley, S. Cashdollar, M. Wilmert, C. Bennet, Y. Beeler, P. Kelley, N. Kindred, M. Caine, K. Schmidt. Row 3: J. Whitesell, D. Wendy, B. Stinson, P. Ricketts, J. Wynd, L. Krolack, M. Schick, J. Coyne, S. Roeschley, D. Ihnow, B. Atteberry, K. LaGrow, S. Miller, L. Zobrist, J. Dirst, D. Vewell, B. welk, H. Wacker, D. Gibson. Row 4: L. Kaisner, T. Dobbs, B. Schure, A. Novel, L. Bond, A. Clark, J. Webber, D. Bergstrom, K. Kessling, J. Ireland, J. Stieglitz, R. Goggins, K. Apke, K. Beckham, B. Werder, R. Peters, A. Fritz, P. Perdue, K. Kelley, R. Rapp, C. Haikey, S. Adams, T. Sackett. GAA Row 1: C. Schimmelpfenning, S. Sarver, C. Runyon, P. DeSantis, T. Yerby,J. Magary, T. Reynolds, T. Behme, J. Zobrist, L. Williams, T. Ristich, D. Davis. Row 2: J. Stinson, R. McConkey, K. Olinger,J. Sorrels,J. Schurernan, C. Jones, C. Hirstein, B. Dallinger, D. Hamilton, P. welk, A. Gibson, N. Novel, K. Perkins. Row 3: D. Wuthrich, L. Aupperle, D. Ackerman, M. Smith, S. Anderson, K. Oller, N. Howard, L. Scifres, M. Bolam, K. Kelly, C. Carrol, K. Strunk, N. Koehler, J. Miller. Row 4: R. Aragon, C. Irmen, B. Pile, B. Landes, C. Pond, N. Merwin, T. Reynolds, Y. Hansen, C. Crom, J. Keenan, S. Hager, P. Moler, M. Cleveland, M. Shively, P. McMullen, S. White. V 1 V-J-es. ut F Science Club: Row 1-S. Nelson, S. Huette, M. Kaiser, D. Roberson, S. Drake, B. Panzer, C. Thiel, J. Keenan, L. Krolak, R. Peters, K. Ferguson, P. Hermann. Row 2-D. Wenndt, D. Rein, K. Beckwith, M. Cleveland, A. Weber, E. Domnick, L. Kahler, J. Zobrist, S. Wittmer, M. Farwell, M. Cain, H. Zimmerman, B. Meiner, C. Sipka, S. Stubbs, K. Carter. Row 3-S. Wright, K. El- Ward, D. Rice, A. Kelley, S. Parrott, T. A. Whitsitt, B. Schure, D. Johnson, M. Fisher, D. Curry, M. Murphy. Row 4- Mr. Schmidt, R. Miller, J. Williams, S. Butts, T. Wiggers, D. Shay, M. Samp, K. Curry, A. Goettsch, L. Keagy, S. Mowry, D. Tuneff, S. Winters, R. Hawkins. MHS WIZARDS Science Club was again headed by Mr. Schmidt, who had many ideas in mind this year to explore. Science Club visited pres- entations at I.C.C. and at Bradley U. Mr. Schmidt also was planning a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, and the A- quarium, both in Chicago. CO-GP Co-op stands for the Cooperative Voca- tional Education class. This class is for a lim- ited number of seniors and relates vocational training to work experience through on-the- job training. The officers this year are Pres.- Herb Koberg V-Pres.-Dave Scifresg Treas.- Jeff Kaufman, Sec.-Brad Grimm. The ad- visor is Mr. Strunk. Co-op: Seated-H. Kober, D. Scifres, J. Kaufman, B. Grimm. Row 1-S. Rendleman, L. Blair, W. Harris, K. Berta, J. Pfeifer, S. Johnson, R. Marion. Row 2-Mr. Strunk, T. Smith, D. Carroll, D. Perkins, F. Baum, E. Baker, R. Boehme, B. Bangasser, R. Schmidgall. Row 3-M. Good, W. Zeller, S. Park, R. Springer, T. Erickson, J. Miller, S. Yordy, B. Oertle, R. Fender, E. Kaiser, Z0 C. Zehr. Row 15 L to R3 V. Klunk, S. Drake, L. Kolb, M. Wood, C. Wenninger, B. james,J. Purdue, L. Foster, W. Perrow, Row 25 L. Gay, T. Gregory, J. Hofer, K. Olinger, E. Knotts, D. Rein, C. Martinie, C. Sayers, L. Merritt, Row 35 D. Davis, L. Nevakow, C. Baer, S. Hofer, E. Kocher, B. Ogden, H. Ort, M. Mur- phy, C. Olson, C. Haikey, T. Ott, Row 431. Ott, D. Gleason, G. Smith, B. Tes- dall, K. Elward, R. Kolb, D. Kemper, S. Taylor, M. Samp, J. Prodehl, S. Par- rott. N ANOTHER YEAR'S WORTH OF GREAT PAPERS Bottom Row, L to R3 B. Panzer, S. Bauman, H. Polson, J. Fuller, N. Werder, S. Kodatt, M. Fuller, L. Merritt, T. Nes bitt, S. Clark, Miss Maurer. Row 25 G. Danby, D. Kemper, J. Friye, C. Getz, K. Benckendorf, V. Pitonak, L. Oaks, M. Shane, R. Wanner, R. Williams, S. Wagner, B. Schick, P. Farwell. Row 39 A. Grant, J. Juenger, R. Evelsizer, -T. shinall, F. Baum, J. Barton, J. Walker, R. Payne, B. Reddish, T. Stoutenborough, B. Eichhorn. This year, Philosopher staff did many new and interesting things including a literary page called the Pot Pourri. The staff participated in the Illinois Central Press Club. The first meeting was headed by Morton studentsg Diane Kemper, Brent Reddish, and Brigette Panzer. The staff took part in both editing and producing the PhilOSOPhCf, POU- ter Pride, and the Pot Pourri. PHILOSOPHER FFA-seated: M. Yordy, Pres.gJ. Roth, V-Pres., C. Zehr, Sec.: R. Schmidgall, Reporter, S. Yordy, Treas.g R. Bernard, Sentinel, Mr. Lindley, Advisor. Row 1-S. Marion, G. Sauder, J. Ackerman, M. Birkner, J. Klein, S. Yordy, E. Domnick, K. Stephens, R. Henning, D. Gingerich, E. Glaser. Row 2-C. Wagner, D. Murray, K. Karnes, G. Elam, T. Magary, K. Cur- ry, D. Ackerman, D. Watts, A. Duckworth, H. Polson, R. Thomson, Russell, C. Rinkenberger, M. Link, T. Lacy, K. Weiss. Row 3-M. Seibold, L. Schure, D. Ackerman, R. Bowen, C. Carroll, R. Fender, J. Shinall, R. Evelsizer, T. A. Whit- sitt, R. Marion, R. Pfanz, D. Hart, D. Moore, P. King, C. Martin, P. Quevillon, B. Yordy, D. Foster. Row 4-P. Haikey, C. Weinstein, R. Cryll, T. Leitch, B. Crurnrine, D. Hough, D. Scifres, M. Robinson, F. Baum,J. Miller, R. Fender, B. Oertle, C. McKe1vey, C. Brown, E. Glaser, P. Tesdall, D. Karnopp, K. Childress, D. Mooberry, D. Rutledge, P. Brewster, S. Aberle CARETAKERS OF THE LAND FFA is the agriculturally-minded class at Morton High and with the great number of farms and farming-related firms in the area, this is a very relevant course for those people who in- tend to make a career out of farming. The Presi- dent of FFA this year is Mike Yordy and the Vice-President is Jeff Roth. The Advisor is Mr. Lindley. 13' IZ, liv 8 1 5 .. 6' S 1 2 M' 2.3-'..3 3? , X tif NW X ' f A f' X X . ff in 'S' . 23 Q 3 VN X 7 ,, r 'ff i Q six V ' , 1 N X N VM 'ee-Z yd R T Z' X f ND Straesser, S. Mussgrave, K. Shelten, K. Kath, P. McMullin, P. Miller. Row 2: K. Fahlberg, S. Sarver, A. Morgan, V. Hufty, Row 3: L. Williams, K. Strunk, M. Shively, C. Pond, B. Zimmerman, D. Yearain, P. Feeney, C. Young, C. Schimmelpfennig Row 4: L. Gay, C. Shay, S. Stubbs, B. Colliliwood, A. Frintz, P. Perdue, Y. Beeler, T. Lichti, T. Williamson, S. Thomson, S. Warner, B. Chadwick, J. Atteberry, S. Clark, S. Standford, J. Subelette, B. Hendrickson, A. Petonke, D. Yeargain, E. Gla- 3 Drum Majors-C. Fahlberg, S. Clark, D. Lichtenstein. Majorettes-P. Miller, V. Hufty LEADERS OF THE MUSIC MAKERS The MHS band, directed by Mr. Bob Kiesler, participated in several activities this year. During the fall and winter seasons they helped arouse team spirit by playing at home football games, not to mention the great job they did at homecoming. Marching is an important part of every school band, and MHS came through with flying colors. They musically bounced their way up and down the town during the Pumpkin Festival in September, tuned the Christmas spirit into everyone's ear in Peoria at the Christmas Parade, and finally, lifted almost magically, everyone's heart at Canton in the Friendship Festival. Drum Major this year was Scott Clark. He should be greatly congratulated for a Ene job. Love ya Scott. Last, but not least, the MHS band made everyone in Morton proud by performing for their own community. They presented several concerts, and sadly, but sweetly, said good-bye to the seniors, when the musicians played at graduation. Front to Backg S. Stanford, K. Christiansen, G. Smith, J. Atteberry, A. Petonke, J. DaViS, Row 2g S. McGuire, C. Stradley, V. Hufty, D. Yeargain, G. Gunter, C. Meiner, B. Hucker, C. Rinkenberger, D. Lichtenstein, C. Mason, K. Hubbard. Front row: A. Mahrt, K. Beckwith, G. Borman, Row 2: S. Aupperle, M. Seibold J B BUSINESS LADIES OF CAULDRON Row 1: L to R3 T. Gregory, D. Hamilton, L. Bartlemay, J. Ferguson, K. Hepp, P. McMul- len, Row 2: J. Davis, D. Grawey, N. Meyer, Y. Hanson, B. Wixom, M. Shively Z9 M-CLUB Row 1-D. Shull, S. Kodatt, M. Fuller, T. Lacy, T. A. Whitsitt, G. Stieglitz, D. johnson, G. Rapp, G. Parrott, Row 2-T. Wig- gers, D. Shay, M. Johnson, R. Fender, S. Mowry, T. Leitch, D. Rice, R. Foster, S. Park, Row 3-J. Ferguson, J. Kraft, A. Goettsch, M. Samp, R. Tohn, M. Olson, S. Parrott, A. Kelley, R. Driscoll, Advisor-Scott Repplinger INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Front Row. R. Bensel, M. Probasco, H. Ort, K. Ferguson, M. Hirstein, K. Leach, B. Geyer, B. Baker. Back Row. T. Imig, T. Lenz, J. Williams, D. Mahrt, K. Brown, R. Sutter, R. Beeler, G. Good. Advisor, Mr. Heinold The Future Homemakers of America. These girls find out just exactly what it takes to be a home- maker. They take interesting field trips, and find out what is needed in homes, apartments, and how to choose a home. The course and club is good for young girls who plan to be homemakers in the near or far future. me FHA Row 1: Mrs. Walker, Advisor, P. Desantis-Pres., K. Owens-Vice-Pres, P. Crurnrine-Sec., E. Zimmerman- Treas., J. Schureman-Public Relations, Row 2: C. Baer, K. Hill, L. Eslinger, D. Taylor, J. McCool, J. Leininger, J. Wittmer, Row 3: M. Hayse, D. Fox, V. Pitonak, R. Thomson, L. Thomson, W. VanOppen, K. Leach. Not Pictured: J. Cruse, D. Boynton. PEP CLUB: Sitting: C. Cali, B. Ogden, C. Martinie, P. Chismark, Row 1: D. Gleason, D. Post, D. Hamilton, T. Yer- by, C. Berta, T. Gregory, E. Knotts, S. Neukomm, S. Yordy, J. Zobrist, L. Merritt, V. Klunk, R. Kaufman, T. Behme, K. Fahlberg, K. Strunk, B. Parcel, C. Parks, P. Hermann, M. Stear, K. Olinger, D. Penry, C. Bennett, P. Kizer, Row 2: J. Keenan, W. Davison, V. Knapp, C. Wenniniger, H. Zimmerman, J. Hauter, J. Perdue, C. Ackerman, K. Fahlberg, M. Wieneke, F. Finks, M. Shane, S. White, C. Perry, N. Koehler, K. Kelley, L. Williams, V. Sutter, B. Belser, S. Cal- landar, S. Hines, I. Stear, C. Haikey, J. Ligon, Row 3: S. Schick, J. Getz, R. Rapp, V. Hufty, L. Scifres, S. Liddle, J. Davis, J. Stinson, H. Ort, C. Stear, D. Tolson, C. Getz, N. Bollegar, J. Butler, S. Hager, P. Welk, K. Jenson, C. Dex- heimer, L. Kahler, T. Ott, G. Binkele, J. Coyne, J. Neland, B. Atteberry, B. Welk, Row 4: K. Kelly, B. Kind, B. Chadwick, T. Reynolds, N. Merwin, J. Marshall, D. Heffel, C. Burnham, R. Crabb, K. Christiansen, K. Elward, J. Adair, T. Lacy, B. Teasdall, G. Danby, G. LeVar, R. Beeler, C. Carroll, S. Schild, P. Perdue, C. Dexheimer, K. Kelley, S. Roeschley, S. Stuckey, K. Nevall i 'Hia iff 2 f Wh K- R . i . r"'l r 5' iff' If-.W r. f 4 J' H1 - Qwfdmxfr + if 53,5 Q 4 J lm' leg A in X ,ich J fa wi ' KW. :ii ', . -6 , s s f- ', . 35, gf: .. 5. ,ff , PP ' ' lf, '25 ' ' '1- " fi4i'Fi'f'i3Q-f:',:5sf L' I3 . Qx fiffr ' .' .2 12 A Q Q Q , W A ,f 5, M 3 5 'Q Q53 5 , 4 if 4 Az. Yf R KW X W, I fm 5 'V J , , 'WW 'W wi v FV' I fr H fli l ? ' ' Q5 W QC fi EXCHANGING Bergerg Rosanna Aragon CULTU RES OUR ESPECIALLY DEVOTED STUDENTS This year, National Honor Society again tutored students, but new ac- tivities also took place. One of which was a new kind of initiation ceremony. The society also acted with other organizations. To be a member of the society, the student must have been in school 2 years, and have a composite grade of 93 or better. These grades must be maintained through high school. Not only must the student have the grades, but they are screened by a faculty committee to meet other requirements. Bottom Row, L to R: C. Runyon, P. DeSantis, T. Yerby, C. Thiel, D. Hamilton, G. Anderson, S. Drake, V. Birkey, B. Pausell. Row 2g M. Murphy, B. Pile, I. Wittmer, J. Prodehl, B. Belser, S. Burritt, L. Novakow, E. Dominick, T. Rocke, T. Kidd, Row 35 S. Taylor, S. Wright, S. Winters, D. Rassi, C. Rich, T. Wiggers, D. Rice, G. Rapp, A. Forsythe, K. Olinger. O. H.E.R.O. with advisor Mrs. Walker, has found jobs for 17 girls. These jobs concern home economic occupations. They have many activi- ties through the year in- cluding a slumber party, a bake sale, taking chil- dren from an orphanage to the chink Rink, and the HERO Easter Bunny Bottom Row: L to R: S. Hofer, N. Fuljambe, D. Gardner, T. Hauter, Row 2: S. Williams, E. Dom- nick, C. Thiel, D. Wilson, K. Jensen, S. Rayburn, Row 3: Mrs. Walker, M. Fort, E. Zimmerman, L. Thomson, J. Moley, K. Stevens, J. Getz, C. Dexheimer. 35 F I C E O C C U P A 'I' sitt, advisor. Rew 2-K. Owens, M. Spence, L. Hanson, s. Bartruff, W. Price, s. Kimmey, s. Gr eene , C. Ackerman. I O N S 0.0. is the business equivalent of Co- op in that these people go out and work in offices or other business related occu- 0.0.: Row 1-C. Zuke, Pres.g S. Jacobson, V-Pres., S. Nelson, Treas.g J. Goggins, Sec., G. Hedrick, Hist.g Mrs. Whit- Row 3-G. Adrian, M. Ross, K. Kessling, J. Luttrell, J. Liddle, G. Zobrist, P. Neible, D. Ritthaler, S. Burgerner. pations in addition to attending classes, some of which relate their experience and training into one. The advisor is Mrs. Whitsitt. HALL RUNNERS P.E.-Front-P. Hermann, S. Sarver, Hall Runners: Row 1-J. Simmons, J. Ackerman, C. Park, T. Behme, C. Huette, K. Back-C. Hirstein, T. Hippie, B. Landes, Greene. Row 2-J. Tobias, K. Smith, M. Riley, Sipka, G. Lowery, H. Schuon, C. Say- L. Novakow. ers, Helen Heth. Row 3HR. Thomson, T. Hipple, N. Bollegar, C. Irmen, D. Schuck, S. Liddle, S. Brunner, J. Tobias. 36 T TA CT N Row 13 L to R5 C. Burnham, D. Treece, B. Steffan, A. Mahrt, L. Kaisner Row 25 D. Cundt, M. Seihold, E. Bagley, M. Walker, T. jones. Not pictured: L. Schoenbein, L. Smith, R. Rolfe, R. Coyne, M. Kaiser S HALL RUNNERS Row 13 L to R5 J. Simmons, J. Ackerman, C. Parks, T. Behme, C. Huette, K. Green, Row 2g-I. To- bias, K. Smith, M. Riley, C. Sipka, G. Lowery, H. Shouon, C. Sayers, H. Heth, Row 33 R. Thomson T. Hippie, N. Bollegar, C. Irmen, D. Shuck, S. Liddle, S. Brunner, J. Tobias IL S B UR D A ER N Q 1 ' I 1 i 3 3 3 1 1 s 3 1 I l . I 1 i- 1 2 2 r Y 4 A H ?i Harvey QA Real Rabbit Ruckusj Harvey, this years school play, seemed to be a great success. It was the story of a man who had as a best friend, a big, white invisible rabbit named Harvey. For one month before the play an eager cast of eleven members strived and sweated to turn out a smoothly finished production. The jazz band performed too, and they really had the beat. Thanks gang. Only one question cropped up. Where's Harvey? Harvey, was that pepperoni or ancho- vies? New make-up for "75" . . . "The Natural Look" I'm Joe Cool, who are you? Hey, now, let's not get so vicious! The Lawrence Welk of Morton High. "HARVEY" PREPARATIONS Yes, the preparations for a play are long and hard, but ask any cast member if it isn't worth it on open- ing night. Why me? You must say that to all the girls. How was I supposed to know? And then she said . . . Aw, it's alright Scotty. l And your next line is . . I've got this one whooped. Listen, I know it all. ' Boy, do they look guilty. fi 'K Qfs"'lal Any little improvement helps. Let's boogie. Whatcha tryin' to hide? Busy study hall table. I can't believe it! Gordie Park? Ruthie the Rabblt. Wife of the Whop TO LIVE IN A "FANTASY" 1974 HOMECOMING DANCE een Heidi With the new trend of Homecoming King this year, Morton High Scl1ool's king is Rod Beeler and Qu ' ' ' ' the junior class are Barny Perkins and Zimmerman. Senior attendants are Doug Shull, and Tom R1st1ch. Representing ' k homore attendants. Jackie Getz is our freshman attendant. Crystal Ackerman. Gordon Foster and Sheri Par s are sop " 1 f It" la ed to all our fantasies. Follow the The homecoming game, a victory for us all was no fantasy. The Fee o p y ' ' ' h ' nior's float coming in second. M-Club took the organiza- yellow brick road, the senior float, won first PYIZC, Wlt Ju tional prize this year. D Shull Toni Ristich King Rod Beeler, Sophomore attendantsg Sheri Parks, Gordon Foster, Senior attendantsg oug , , ' ' ' ' al A k man, Barny Perkins Freshman attendantsg Jackie Getz Queen Heidi Zimmerman jumor attendants, Cryst c er and her escort. The Parade iw The Dance my Q3 s E s f P I get 'em all Boy is she great! She's a tiger . . . Future Writers of America. - ng - Oh Don't cry, Craig. Here I am! Over here! The hooker of Main Street. I see you All together now. These X-Rated gym movies are too much. I'm so ashamed. The closer you get, the worse she looks. Writing notes again, janet? Zombies in the night. 51 Look out Of VH bust you in fhe mouth! What do you think of new Purina Dog Chow? just wait till after school. Welcome to the faculty, Dirck! Such enthusiasm' Diamonds are a boy s best friend. You're disgusting. Hi, my name's Bozo. I ,Va 1 VJFM 6 . E f f "-' A . Q FS H i f ff yi' ,N 41 'af naw 'Kc ' 1 LL' , ,L,.. ' . ' H -fy "ww, ,ff 0 m9..,,:.--ww Bubble head. Watch it, I'm cool Mrs. Walker has finally cracked up. ' -Q -af iii, Q , g sz. h I've seen frizzies before, but this is ridiculous! Maxie as usual. Is Joy sleep-walking again? FLEX is No. 1 at Morton High! 'Ui -ru K . wf The bathroom is THAT way. Mr. Turner is always late. Getting out of that class is the best part of my day OH Oh, Cherie lost her contact lens. Dave gets that Life-Boy lift. ' Best seat in the house. Todd uses his magic to make free throws. Hi! My name is Tammy. What's yours handsom e? Make way for Mark andjudy. But Gregg, I've got a terrible headache. . .Q IV Q No Herb, tl1at's not an elevator. Free kick, anyone? Watch it Warren, IS Curt busy, that has Kandee? POWCYS- Burnt-out. LANCE ROMANCE They're not exactly Black Sabbath. OH MY! Girls, It's che law, hide it, QUICK! I've heard of girl-watching, but BOY-watching? Who knows what evil lurks in MY heart? She'l1 never find out! No. 33 stands on his head for the half-time show. .1 7' Why all smiles, Michelle? Craig Platt, come on down. I'm stuck-up, are you? I said come along with me, baby O.K., who has the teacher's copy of the test? Saturday night's alright for fightin'. I'm sorry I fell asleep Mr. Policeman Ronny, wait up, sweetie pie! Cody and his friends beat to the music. Even teachers girl watch. Hey guy, come here, she wants to meet you It is unanimous. A-A-A-CHOOO ! Lez be friends There is only one way, Lori, my child. I pledge allegiance to the flag. . . Black is beautiful. Don't Worry, it's Diet Pepsi. Donit look at me in that tone of voice. Fight? Wl'l6fC,S the fight? ,4 A,,,, I 72, , . .., I brought the kegger. Now THAT'S talent. They don,t look TOO bored, do they I'm so lonesome I could cry. ' .fi g::'E +w? i, gf . Wm' l ,gg " ' ' ,Q .11 Avrmf 'N' mv X . K R 1 R? if vw' x f 1' E, ' x Q I' in - i ' gl it an W Q 9 M., ., IAA, ,.,,, ,rg gf , ' ,wa 'WZ' M I know that you told me to smlle, but thls 1S You can have thisjob for all I care . .. 1 QUIT! the best I can do. Closing your eyes doesn't make the camera go away. Drink much! Oh, that poor, mixed-up kid. ggggw. TU ,wi Q Wfffsv' G.A.A. TURNABOUT 197 5 Hold your breath cause dovsm we go into the Undersea World of Neptune, this yeaI's theme for turnabout. GAA sponsors this annual event each year. Pictures were taken in front of a sunken ship. Faculty and students danced to the music of "Genesis Rock". Other undersea attractions included the treasure chest, octopus, and an aquarium. And the band played on. Ain't l0ve GRAND? An intellectual conversation Lori, you have something on your chin. What's everybody looking at? What is she doing now? I think she fell asleep. Who are you looking at Valerie? Gotta look these guys over good We want a party, anythingjust to break the bore- dom. What a ham! Oh Connie, you've offended her Hey Seniors, remember when YOU were the green people? Poor, helpless children wandering aimlessly around the streets. Oh, lt was so good! And last year on my skiing trip Well, who can I suspend today? It's too late to hide it now,john! Connie's mad because she copied off me and I flunked! I am so sick of popcorn I could scream! It Does Not Look Like Val Ze to Me! ro hour and Lori do not agree. Hey, come on Dauger. Poor lonely julie. 1 ' 75 rl' a 4 SX? w ag ,- OW my if H' My ff fr TZ hw :Ag fhvitg. eg! ,wf w?,q i1 filwmggnk mzylwwkkv 1234-iwmn ww ww 15 av? uf. ,jralgltr slab 5,25 wif- V M17 Ffjw 715,51 rxwlahig biting F Alrfvfn, 'f"Ia2w'g, 'frgzimift allfxpiizfg W' 75' FW gg ,Q wmv' XWw?'f'?'fr+, 1g2,,.i:, 125,12 3:4275 Va 'l57?ffi 515734, .4-Valley: 11-ima f!?5"g A, UPF? ? , lfeiikgn rw 45 ET? 23 :W fi. fwbzz ibfiiiw 5515: get :f'9.a"'?3fL fm 31 f f if '42 'iiftffllwa V ,' ,Y-A fir ' Q: H 'IPI ,.,,A, l? n R7 Athleucs U-.ll 71- 51 Z., m.,3.f-Sul L Vu. x'uJ-. ' 4 1 1 4 i i 1 I l 5 L r K v P at u 6 D K2 at S ,. V Varsity cheerleaders back to frontg Heidi Zimmerman, Crystal Ackerman, Renee DeSollar, Kim Strunk, Cherie Wenninger and Teri Hauter. This Year's cheerleaders brought spirit from the bleachers into the air. They cheered onto vic- tory and in some cases brought their spirits up even when defeat was present. They made signs for the halls, and the horse shoe for the football games. They were coached by Mrs. Waibel. Junior Varsity cheerleaders top to bot- tomg Pam Perdue, Stacy Schild, Ruth Rapp, Cathy Carroll, Jacky Morgan, and Carole Dexheimer. 78 First row: Karen Leach, Karen Olinger, Laurie Merritt, Leslie Schild, Viclde Sutter, Lisa Foster, Valerie Klunk, Mary Sparr. Second row: Sue Yordy, Rhonda Kaufman, Gloria Widlowski, Amy Forsyth, Carol Getz, Kim DeVan, Justine Loercher, Kim "LET US ENTERTAIN YOU" The 1974-75 DrillTeam were proud to he a part of the school spirit. Dur- ing the football season the girls worked hard putting up signs and making up routines to be performed at the half times with the band. The team performed new routines at all home basketball games and re- ceived Erst place in the Peoria area Santa Claus Parade. The Drill team sponsored two dances to raise money for their new uni- forms. Leading the Drill team to a successful year were co-captains Leslie Schild and Amy Forsyth. Footballg Row 1-R. White, B. Kaufman, S. Kodatt, M. Muzzarelli, B. Kodatt, B. Miller, T.A. Whitsitt, R. Payne, S. Ward, Row 2-B. Houle, R. Tohn, C. McDonough, R. Fender, B. Perkins, G. Parrott, S. Parrott, A. Kelley, S. Park, D. Molony, D. Curry. Row 3-T. Miller, mgr.g Coach McDonald, Coach Feeley, J. Danielson, T. Wiggers, C. Weinstein, B. Reddish, R. Foster, R. Dris- coll, Coach Schupp, Coach Muzzarelli, F. Nepolello, mgr. Row 4-B. Foster, G. Foster, S. Kindred, S. Zimmerman, R. King, B. I Wacker, J. Ferguson, M. Eldridge, R. Springer, M. Yordy, J. Polak, mgr. I974 HEART OF ILLINOIS CONFERENCE ' FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS One often reads or hears about a coach who takes a team from the depths of failure and chaos and in a few short years makes it the team to beat. To most people this coach is merely a dream, a hope. Three seasons ago, a man was hired to take over the Morton football team to try to pick up and give it life, and maybe mold a competitor out of it. That first season, this man showed some new ideas about football to this town, and to the players, but the season was little different than ever, the Potter's finishing with a 2-6-1 season record. The very second year that the new coach was in command ofthe Morton team, he led it to a 7-3 record, Morton's first win- ning season since 1948. The magic that Mortonites had hoped for was beginning to show and the rest of the year was talk of next year's prospects. The 1974 season opened with Georgetown cancelling out of the Potter's, who are by this time better known and more fre- quently called the "Hogs", opener. This left 80 ' Frosh Football: Row 1-M. Reasy, B. Brown, P. Owens, C. Miller, J. Michel, K. Moushon, J. Pile, B. Sollberger, K. johnson, D. I Fink. Row 2-P. Brewster, S. Kaiser, J. Robinson, D. Auer, S. Gieblehausen, M. Houle, N. Case, R. Myers, K. Karnes, B. Eng- berg. Row 3-R. Rue, J. Foster, V. Runyon, M. Badgerow, T. Williamson, D. Foster, J. Grant, S. Aberle, C. Hilliard. Row 4- Coach Weachter,J. Rocke, D. Driscoll, S. Klunk, L. McHenry, L. Bayless, J. Ledvina Qmgnl, Coach Pierce. HOI ALL-CONFERENCE TEAM SELECTIONS- FIRST TEAM Qoffensej: John Ferguson, Sam Parrott, Steve Park, Rocky Foster Qdefensej: Steve Zimmerman,Jeff Danielson, Steve Park, Rocky Foster, Sam Parrott SECOND TEAM Qoffenselz Rick King Qdefensej: Glen Parrott HONORABLE MENTION: Curt McDonough, Mike Yordy, T. A. Whitsitt, Barney Perkins, Ron Tohn, Al Kelley, Randy Driscoll, Brent Reddish Metamora for the first game. The Hogs tough defense held the Redbirds scoreless and Morton put on 16 points to win. From that game on throughout the rest of the season, the Potter's shutout five opponents, averaging 30.5 points per game while hold- ing all eight of their regular season opponents to 5.8 points per game. The Potters finished first in the HOI Conference with a 7-O Q8-0 overallj record and continued into the first annual Illinois Prep State Tourney against Momence, the Kankakee Valley Conference champs, 3rd in the polls. Morton, who had reached 5th in the polls came back from a 8-6 halftime deficit and blew the game wide open, beating Momence 28-14 in front of an estimated 4,500 jubilant fans. Although the Hogs were edged out in their final game against Quincy C. B., they finished with a 9-1 overall record for the entire year and brought a spirit to the school and to this town, unheard of for any sport. The man, the magic, chiefly respon- sible for all this is Head Coach Gene Muzzarelli. 81 Rocky off for a long gain Sept. 6 Morton Georgetown cancelled Sept. 13 Morton 16 Metamora 0 Sept. 20 Morton 44 Canton 7 Sept. 27 Morton 24 Pontiac 19 Oct. 4 Morton 24 Clinton 0 Oct. 11 Morton 47 Homecoming Olympia 0 Oct. 18 Morton 14 Pontiac 0 Oct. 25 Morton 39 I.V.C. 6 Nov. 1 Morton 36 Washington 0 STATE TOURNAMENT Nov. 6 Morton 28 Momence 14 Nov. 9 Morton 8 Quincy C.B. 10 Parrott divgs for a TD, With a little help from his friends SQ . iz, g. ,,. mek. Y ff ' X- - , . mnkz , ' ' Q: gp- Q, . " FN 5 HQ Q L IZZ Q Q .L Q QQ Q L Q N Q. Q AN ' ni:- iz? g .QQ'i,g.,kQ ,, Q HQ :Q QQ , Q - Q QQQ krk, ' , QQ Q Q 'Q QQ A y 5 Q Q Q Q Q . Q Lkr, Q Q, - Q . L , -Q ' Q mm" ' 2-1 - , , if Q ' s " Qi 1 ff Q 1 . 53 . Y K " - 51 Z' . 1 ., 2 li puma -rw -,, ' ' - ' . A . by ez. 'Ili' it QQ ng..-R-. . J-11.-'Q S" L 1' B A f G if 26 X3 ' if ' J JFK? f X 26:2 W 1 'fig '55, ,QQ ,g Q . L 'L w ---sw, 9-A' gh -ff . f' Q" Q Q S .' ' ,S ' ' ' :. 'fl f'-2 ylhjffrsfi , gh Y S' 3.f'1f5g3-'Zigi QI '55- 1 :Lip-9' .'f':f3' mf . , ,fm SP Q QQ, . , sy Q Q Qrgxr fQQ, Q QXQQX QQQ QQ QQ QJXQQ Q15 n A Q ' , J iff QQ, .. . wmk 'kk' L.. - ', ' . Ti 5Ef4 '25 , 4 'ff 55 f . M 4 .3 .1 f , Ax. 1 ' iff Q .. 9' ' . LL.-. ' H I QQ, QQQQ Q .ii Q Q' Q Q , -. ,,Q . Q . Q. Q Q , QQ QQ off , Q QQ -' Y Q ' QQ,,wg L'L,.. 5, ' , 2 f ,:4erw.:,Q1sQiz2iQf1 Q . l K5 -' NX Q.: ,ab 1 HA fb , en .lx-F J:-,,.k gi f-'12 ",'r,Q. 5, 3 A yu 52 Qu 1.033 X Q,5'?.Q,J . .' , " S' S Q-17"-.Q Y' , - 1 - " k'8- f 41-,-Z.,!1A'i, ASQ yggg, 'my 1 ', L - 4-1,-51" ' Smwklilfk ' R' Y2'fmf ' Mfg' 5 Q""Q,' 53234 L 3 ' ' ' ??'l"' - 3',M '.x!Ja ' M .Ni ai QQ xx QQ Q ,kk.. XQ ix 1 ,. ' QQ Q W -. Y' 'Vi ,qv is we Q ,,..',-. YS! ' , W HQ: .K 'mi I -fl fb- M - f-ff' - ' 1, , ' -ff L. ' L - A- 5 1- - A, 5 , if .wa v X . , - - any- ' Q .. ' if L'. V r N "3 , Lk.hX, Qj-Q ., m' k 2:7 A Spartan meets a buck wall Emphaslzlng a polnt to Sam Q W x N' i g ?'Al , , . .L , ,. Q ...-- Hog Leaders 1- ff it tt t- ,ft .. --LI-. . ,-J.. Elusive Pigskin 5 as. Morton's newly-adopted football mascot. .P 3 lg fl 3 .-. .9 , K 491,19 71, , ff 1 , X , 31.352-4, ., W , -wg, 31 if A Y ' 15 K, ,,, , , 0 o 0 ,wwf 'V ,IW if f 2? - 2' ..W f CHAMPS' if ., M. , 4,,,:,, ' C N' , ' 'al QF i.' T jc f 5314 G Row 1, L to R3 T. Behme, T. Reynolds, L. Williams, R. Peters, D. LeVar, T. Yerby, Row 251. Zobrist, K. Kelly, B. Pile, P. Moler, B. Landes, N. Novel, P. DeSantis, C. Stuckey, Coach. DANDY DGZEN ON TO VICTORY Morton Girl's Tennis Team, coached by Mrs. Carol Stuckey finished another successful season, ending the season 7-3. They placed second in the Morton Invitational tournament bowing to Central Catholic. Tennis '74 meant long practices in all kinds of weather, Thelma, a few defeats, many victories, and most of all a lot of fun. Mason City Central Catholic East Peoria Washington Central Catholic U High Canton U High Richwood Morton Them 6 O 1 4 5 1 5 1 2 3 6 O 4 2 7 0 2 4 'TK K .,.,,,.,, , . , ... , , , Y .. . K it it st? It sl-l..... , Tennis: Kneeling-T. Yerby, T. Behme, T. Reynolds, J. Zobrist, P. DeSantis, N. Novel, L. Williams. Standing-R. Peters, P. Molar, B. Pile, B. Landes, M. Bolam, K. Kelley, D. LeVarg Mrs. Stuckey, Coach. MHS GIRLS TENNIS TEAM 1974 There were many high points for the tennis team, coached by Mrs. Stuckey, this year. Complete with bright red warm-up jackets, the girls finished 2nd in their own invitation- al and ended the year with a 7-3 dual meet record. SEASON WINILOSS RECORDS Bolam Landes!Novel NovellPeters DeSantis BehmefReynolds Pile!LeVar Kelley Kelley! Pile Novell Pile Landes PetersfZobrist Bolam! Williams LeVar DeSantislZobrist BehmelPile Novel William sl Reynolds DeSan tis! LeVar Peters Molar!Yerby BehmelZobrist Williams Bolam! Kelley Peters! Bolam Zobrist DeSantisf Landes NovellZobrist WilliamslZobrist A Team R to L, Row 151. Zobrist, C. Runyon, J. Miller, T. Reynolds, Row 251. Magaty B Lan A TEAM FIGHTS FOR 8 7 RECORD Tremont Dunlap Washmgt on Pont1ac Metamora Peoria Heights Metamora Deer-Mack Canton Bloomington Washington Metamora Canton Pontiac Record 8 7 A-Conference Won Lost 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 des C Baer, K. Perkins, Mrs. Judy Griffin. 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 I B. Teamg L to R, Row 1: T. Behme, J. Regnier, C. Schmilfinnig, D. LeVar, S. Longdon Row 2 N. Novel, T. Reynolds, M. Cleveland, R. Goggins, A. Gibson, B. Pile, Mrs. Judy Griffin Tremont Dunlap Washington Pontiac Metamora Peoria Heights Metamora Deer-Mack Canton Bloomington Record 8 2 Won Lost 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Front row: G. Rapp, R. Warmer, S. Kindred, M. Welsh, D. Rice, A. I-Iufford, B. Davis, T. Lacy Row two Coach Reiser, B. Reddis, I. Keach, E. Peterson, J. Gardner, T. Vetter, R. Driscoll, C. Rich, R. Foster D New lin. 67 65 ' 39 37 48 63 ' 49 87 ' 52 68 68 83 Canton Washmgton Macomb Clmton Prmceton Metamora I.V.C. C. Catholic Pontiac U. High Metamora I.V.C. Olympia St. Bede Canton Peoria Heights Washington Opponent Morton 65 76 44 49 52 56 56 68 61 73 '48 59 52 59 77 40 68 70 60 69 64 62 Front row: G. Martinie, M. Deterding, D. Kraft, T. Witzig, M. Muzzarelli, B. Howle, D. Kath, J. Marf tens. Row Two: T. Allen, R. Miller, T. Martin, S. Mandrell, J. Gay, C. Elward, C. Meiner, Coach Schupp. UPCOMING COURT-WARMERS Front row: S. Kimmey, D. Kniep, T. Grimm, B. Engberg, R. Rue, J. Grant, T. Grimm, M. Houle, J. Getz, J. Boh- len. Row two: Coach Muzzarelli, I. Harris, B. Sollberger, D. Bayliss, S. Klunk, B. Pflederer, J. Rocke, D. Driscoll, L. Stevig,J. Grimm. 9 1 . Row 1: T. Magary, G. Stieglitz, S. Lynn, V. Austin, R. Fender, K. Berta, C. Ackerman, M. Risin ger, Manager. Row 2: Coach Dale Coulter, C. Lynn, S. Winters, J. Kraft, B. Koke, J. Adair, C. McDonough, D. Mueller. Morton's hard working men of the mats sweated out an 11-8 record. They placed third in the highly regarded Morton Invitational. In the Heart of Illinois Conference meet held at Olympia High School, Morton placed fifth They placed sixth in the Washington district and 20th in the Dixon Sectional. The Most Outstanding freshman award was given to Richard Bernard. The Most Outstanding Varsity wrestler award was given to Keith Berta. The Larry Vas selin award, which is given to the most dedicated wrestler, was received by Scott Lynn. WE 40 21 26 35 26 ' 24 1 5 ' 40 21 ' 35 24 i 21 33 21 18 . . . 34 Morton Morto n Morton Morton Morto n Morto n Morton Morton Morto n Morto n Morto n Morton Morton Morto n Morto n Morton Morton Morto n Morto n SCORE 36 24 28 56 24 23 27 39 34 1 9 24 THEY Woodruff LaSalle Washington East Peoria Pontiac Peoria Central Canton I V C Lincoln Lawphier Southeas Olympia Metamora Rantoul MacArthur Eureka Illini Bluffs Richwoods U-High SCORE 17 21 17 5 32 30 25 14 24 36 30 I Row 1,1to r: R. Bernard,J. Ackerman M Cooper R Belsle S Witzi C Mart' D G' a - s ' ya - gs ' lna ' ln' gerich. Row 2: R. Moushon, R. Marlatt, D. Keach, T. Woerner, P. King, M. Zimmerman, C h oac John Feeley. J-V WRESTLERS J.V.'S GRAPPLE CUT FINE RECORD Supporting our fine Varsi- ty matmen, were these girls who led fans' cheers. L to R: C. Berta, K. Dex- heimer, K. Jensen, F. Finks. In front is J. Huffman. VARSI"Y SPIRIT -EADERS I I I A Team: Row 1, L to R3 L. Krolack, N. Novel, L. Williams, J. Zobrist, D. LeVar, T. Behme, Row 2: K. Lagro, M. Cleveland C. Baer, B. Landes, C. Irmen, K. Schmidt, Mrs. Stuckey. LETTERLADIES MAKE SEASON GREAT OPPONENT A TEAM Peoria Central 40 35 Mason City ' 14 62 Tremont 36 50 Richwoods 59 42 I.V.C. 39 69 Woodruff - - Pontiac 23 40 Washington 41 29 Brimfield - - Pekin 28 35 Academy 35 58 East Peoria - '- I.V.C. 30 40 This year, the proud A Team had the right to be proud. These hard working girls won the conference champion- ship for the second year in a row. They defeated Washington 37-35 in an all-out basketball game. They practiced hard, and earned their good record. QW? 4, B Team: Row 1 L to R: S. Longdon, P. McMullen, C. Schimmelphening, T. Yerby, N. McMullen, R. Peters. Row 2: A. Nove1,J. Shin:-111, C. Pond, P. Molar, Mrs. Stuckey, C. Yerby. PROUD SEASCDN FOR B TEAM ni' EP fx Front row: B. Unger, S. Kodatt, G. Stieglitz, G. Rapp, R. Moushon, M. Darst, M. Stoetzel, R. Tohn K Hubbard, D. Maloney, P. King, R. Crabb, A. Edgar, R. Knisely. Row two: Coach Schwenk, K. Elward I Fergeson, B. Carper, M. Olson, T. Stone, J. Keach, P. Smith, R. Foster, R. Springer, R. Miller, Coach Rep- plinger, Coach Smith. MHSKSPIKE AND CINDER MEN OPPONENT Canton Farmmgt on hdetaniora Lincoln I V C Woodruff Peoria Central Washington MORTON 29 79 ' 67 79 48 V 93 ' 49 92 Spalding 53 sz . . . 67 74 . 77 64 ' 94 46 ' 64 76 UPCGMING SPEEDSTERS Row 1: left to right 1 R. White, K. Karnes, M. Badgerow, J. Ackerman, M. Risinger, R. Smith, T. Ingles, M. Houle, P. Ownes, P. Quevillon, E. Glaser, C. Young, S. Schroeder, Row 2: R. Knisley, B. Sollberger, L. Stevig, D. Foster,j. Foster, R Belsley, R. Moushon, S. Klunk, J. Vaughn, ger, Lee Smith. D. Bayless, L. McHenry, L. Schafter, K. Curry, P. King, A. Edgar, B. Unger. Row 3: Gordon Schwenk, A. Payne, K. Krolack, B. Koke, K. Moushon, Cornelius, M. Eldridge, R. Miller, T. Allen, Scott Repplin- 97 Front row: M. King, D. Ackerman,G. Bagby,G Parrott B Perkms T Zobnst G Good B Kaufman Row two: Coach Wendell Good, R. Beeler, M. Johnson J Kraft G LeVar S Mowry T Colegrove P Koch, R. Jennings. MHS SHINES LIKE A DIAMOND Metamora Lrmestone Eureka Canton Washlngt O1ymp1a Woo druff Canton Washington Eureka Woodruff Pekin QDistrictj OPPONENT MORTON ' on Row 1: Left to right B. Brown, S. Gibelhausen, S. Bartlemay, T. Grimm, T. Ledvina, R. Bensel, M. DeSantis, S. Nel- son. Row 2: T. Grimm, M. Reese, R. Rue, T. Shive1y,j. Rocke, D. Driscoll, J. Grimm, J. Grant, B. Ingberg, Coach Don Cordell. BATS CRACK, BALLS SAIL, POTTERS WIN Row 1 L to Rg B. Miller, D. Mueller, B. Simmers, E. Opperman, M. Zimmerman, S. johnson, G. Maxtinie, M. Stephens. Row 2 G. Wilcox, M. Deterding, J. Kraft, S. Kindred, B. Pullins, C. Minier, B. Kodatt, D. Feuhring, D. Hart, Mr. Jay Aielts. 99 -I-V Cheerleaders are: J. Weber, D. Heffel, C. Burnham, T. Dial, T. Behme and N. Koehler. These girls give much enthusiasm to our up-coming matmen. With- out them, the boys probably wouldn't have had their spunk. Fans cheered along with the I-V cheerleaders for the matmen, and boosted them to a fine season. FINE YOUNG PRCDSPECTS Our Freshman wrestlers are: Row 1,,L to R5 B. Braker, T. Clark, T. Quevillion, G. Hil- liard, B. Yordy, J. Gingerich, M. Donavon, S. Kaiser, S. Schoder. Row 2: J. Davis, B. Clark, L. McHenry, K. Moushon, J. Oney, M. Diericks, M. Drummond, E. Glaser. Row 1, L to RQ M. Wineke, N. Koehler, D. Michel, K. Perkins, S. Jacobson, T. Hauter. Row 23 Mrs. Key, D. Hamilton, A. Gibson, J. Regnier, B. Lancles, C. Baer, D. Fox, P. DeSantis. BIRDIETTES SMASH OPPONENTS MHS Gir1's Badminton team, coached by Mrs. Carolyn Key, smashed their way through their eighth undefeated year in a row. This year they had a 9-O record. They won all divisions and won first place in the Pontiac Invitational Badminton Tournament. 101 aculty and Classes 'ZBYVX' 11 i ? 1 1 1 4 H I I 4 1 3 i 9 1 1 i I 5 I 8 E P I Q 3 ? I I' l 5 E Q Q 4 L E , E x I x , 7 T I fs k , I K I I l 5 I 4 , 1 1 , 1 1 7 r 1' H B , 32 U 3 I v ps 19 fl W tl 5 ! Y 0 I I O. Standing: Mr. Joseph Witzig, Assistant Superintendentg Mr. Wayne Newlin, District Superintendentg Dr. Wayne Suttfi Witter, Sec.g Dr. Lott, Mr. Ken Getz, Mr. James E. Davis, Mr. Elmer King, Dr. James Davis, Dr. Howard Getz, Mr. Frm SCHOOL BOARD BOND REFEF SCHOOL BOARD After an earlier defeated attempt this year, a revised referendum was submitted to the voters of the village of Morton who passed it. Construc- tion on the school addition will begin this summer. james Davis and Elmer King were re-elected to the school board. ENDUM PASSES L1brary SCCTCYQIICS-MISS Betty Melvm, Mrs. Marilyn Min Ms. Judy jones, Mr. George Creager. LIBRARY SECRETARIES OFFICES SECRETARIES Carolyn Hubbard, Florence Kennel, Judy jones MORTON HIGH SCHOOL INSTRUCTORS Miss Linda Atchison English U. of I B.A. Mrs. Jamie Bradshaw French, Spanish U. 0fI B.A. Mr. William Beaird Social Studies Montana State M.A. Mr. Gilbert Bruell Business Ed. Bradley M.S. X Mr. Jesse Aeilts Miss Bunny Amdor Social Studies Speech, English U. ofl B.S. U. Ofl M.A. Mrs. Doris Blair Mrs. Janet Boeker English Business Ed. Carthage B.A. ISU B.S. Mrs. Betty Callow M1-5, Linda Coon Business Ed. English, Speech ISU NLS- Eureka College B.A MY- D011 Cordell Mr. Dale COL11f6r Mr. Mike Dugard Mr. William Dunn C0l111SCliHg Biology, Chemistry Social Studies Electronics ISU M.A. NIU M.S. U ofl M.A. Mrs. Edith Evans English LaCross U. B.S. Mr. Dan Heinold Graphic Arts ISU B.S. Mrs. Sherry Hughbanks Home Ec. ISU B.S. Mrs. Carolyn Key Girl's P.E. ISU B.S. , Mrs. Florence Gerig Home Economics Goshen B.A. Mrs. Shirley Hildebrand Chemistry EIU B.S. Mr. Thomas Joyce Social Studies ISU B.S. 1 . Mr. Robert Kiesler Instrumental Music WIU M.A. Mr. Wendell Good Math ISU M.A. Mrs. Velma Hixstein Business Ed. ISU B.S. Mrs. E. Jolene Kaufman Spanish NE Missouri B.S. Ed. Mr. Ray Kimmey Latin, German U of I M.A. Mr. Burdell Hall Social Studies ISU M.S. Mr. Gary Hootman Math ISU M.S. Mrs. Davsm Kelley English ISU B.S. Mr. George Lemoine Driver's Ed. ISU B.S. Mrs. Charlene Lessley Business EIU B.A. Miss Diane Maurer Journalism, English ISU B.S. Mr. Gene Muzzarelli Boys' P.E. SIU M.A. J 11-enn Mr. I-Iarold Lindley Miss Bobbi Lynn Mrs. Velva Martinie Ag. Math Math U ofl Advanced ISU B.S. ISU M.A. Certificate Mr. Mike McDonald Miss Betty Melvin Mrs. Barbara Mote Health Ed. Recordkeeping, Vocal Music Bradley B.S. Librarian ISU M.A. ISUg SIU M.S. Mr. Dale Nannen Mr. Charles Pierce Mr. Norm Reiser Auto Tech. Speech, English Boys' P.E. WIU B.S. Bradley M.A. ISU M.S. MIS. Ruth ROIII Mr. Clay Rupprecht Mrs. Alice Schertz Mr. Ray Schmidt EI1gliSI1 Counseling English Physics, Math Bradley M.A. ISU NI.S. U of-I M.A. WIU B.S. Mn Gordon Schwenk Mr. Robert Shanks Biology Counseling Bradley B.S. SIU M.S. Mr. Gene Strunk Mrs. Carol Stuckey Graphic Arts-Co-op Girl's P.E. ISU M.S. ISU B.S. Mr. John Turley Mrs. Sandy Waibel Arts and Crafts Girl's P.E. ISU M.S. WIU B.S. Mr. Art Zwanzig Drafting ISU M.S. NOT PICTURED- Mr. George Creager Mr. john Feeley Mr. David Hager Mr. Douglas Moews Mr. Tom Murphy Mr. Will Shipton Mr. Lee Smith Boy's P.E. ISU M.S. Mr. William Tucker Math WIU B.S. Mr. Wayne Weachter Mrs. Mary Alice Whitsitr Office Ed. WIU Bus. Ed. Mr. james Ogg Mr. Scott Repplinger Mr. Steve Schupp Mr. William Turner Mrs. Faye Walker 110 Cooks: L to R3 Evelyn Adair, jean Woolenschager, Evelyn Hamilton, Delma Rendleman, Lela Gramm, and Edie Stubblefleld. THE MHS COOKS AND JANITORS Janitors: Clyde Brown, Rudolph Egart, Roland Zeller, John Strickfaden, Wayne Bell, Charles Wilson Little Miss Betty Crocker and her following. What do you mean? This is my locker, buddy! Humpty and Dumpty. One man band ------ ' Colonel Klink strikes again! l , 113 The senior class was led this year by Kendall Christiansen, who was also President of the Illinois State Student Council. Vice-Pres. Tim Wiggers and Sec.-Treas. Leslie Schild aided him in developing new senior activities such as the senior letter. Theme for the Homecoming Dance was "Follow The Yellow Brick Road." CLASS OF '75 MADE IT HAPPEN ' MONICA ABBOTT JOHN ABNER Chorus CHRIS ACKERMAN Wrestling, Cross Country, Philoso- pher's Staff JAMES ADAIR A Football, Wrestlini ps, -K M- Philosopher's Staf, GRACE ADRIAN GAA MARK APPLEGRE ROSSANA ARAGO Student Council, GAA, Int'l Club CRYSTAL BAER GAA, Band Girl's Volleyball, Girl's Basketball CYNTHIA BAER Science Club EUGENE BAKER BRIAN BANGASS Philosopher's Sta .A KVIL KATHY ANDERSOIT NITHONY BARTIMO JE BARTROFF Chorus, FBLA iNEST BATSON Band EITH BAUM FFA l NDNEY BEELER tudent Council, atin Club, Football, asketball ZABETH BELSER nt'l Club, Pep Club, at. Honor Society VIG BERGER nt'l Club, Student ouncil TH BERTA restling, National onor Society ELY BIRKEY RY BLAIR ootball ERT BOEHEME NA' BOYNTON ES BRANDT ootball L BROWN ootball, FFA, Wres- ling DI BROWN BLA BETH BRUNNER GAA SUE BURGENER Band, FHA SHERYL BURRITT GAA PAM CALI SUE CALLANDER Pep Club, Int'l Cl RODNEY CAPELLQ Football, Wresrlin ROBERT CARPER Football, Track, Chess Club DANA CARROLL Basketball PHYLLIS CARTER GAA, Int'l Club DAVID CHADWIC Chorus MICHAEL CHRIS- MARK Basketball KENDAL CHRIS- TIANSEN Chess Club, Stud Council, Nat. Ho Soc, x-country, I Club TERRY COLGROV Band RANDALL CRABB PAULA CRUMRIN Chorus, GAA DENIS CURRY IRCK CURRY Football WENNETH CURRY FFA -IOMAS DALLINGER w Band REGG DANBY Football, Basketball YFF DANIELSON Football NCY DAUSMAN NNA DAVIS Band, GAA KEGG DAVIS Football N DAY LA DESANTIS AA, Int'l Club EN DEXHEIMER ERO, Pep Club, beerleading EN DOMNICK and, Chorus, GAA IRLEY DRAKE Band RLA EARL AN EICHORN FA RT ELWARD nt'l Club, Football, tuclent Council l 1 W l 1 W 1 I RHONDA HENNING KATHERINE HEPP I BUNNY HIGGS KATHERINE HILL Library Helper MICHELLE HIRSTEII Chorus N SHARLA HOFER FHA, Int'l Club, Sa ence Club STEVE HOFFMAN GARY HORN Basketball, Hall Ru ner BECKY HOWARD WILLIAM HUCKER I Chorus, Band, Swir Choir LORI HUETTE Gym Helper JANA HUFFMAN Chorus, Cheerleadi STANLY HUFFORD Basketball, Footb WARREN HUFTY Band, Science Clu WILLIAM IRMEN Football SUE JACOBSON Cheerleading, GA I K RICK KING football, wrestling, basketball GARY KLASING football, Wrestling JAYNE KLEIN chorus HERB KOBER football ROGER KOLB CARL KRAFT basketball, wrestlin ROLAND KRAHN chorus, band CATHY KUYKEN- DALL GAA TOM LACY football, M-Club, Nat. I-Ion. Soc., bas ketball KIM LEACH chorus, GAA JANICE LEINIGER KYNA LENNINGTO GAA, cheerleading chorus, Int'l Club, girls' basketball GARY LEVAR JAN LIDDLE Pep Club CYNDY LOGAN chorus DEBBIE LOWERY Nat. Hon. Soc, GA A 1 STANELY MOWRY Basketball DAVE MUELLER Wrestling, Football PATRICIA NEIBLE GAA, Chorus, Pep Club, Cauldron Staf SANDY NELSON GAA, Chorus LINDA NOVAKOW , GAA, Band, Nat. Honor Society, Intl Club, Philosopher's staff ROBERT OERTLE MARK OLSON W Calclron staff, Cros: Country CYNTHIA ORTKIESH KELLY OWENS STEVEN PARK Football, Wrestling SAMUEL PARROTT Football, Student Council, Basketball ELAINE PATON FHA, Chorus, Band BARBARA PAULSEL Nat. Honor Society FHA, Band BARBARA PAYNE GAA, Int'l Club i REG SAUDER chorus, FFA UE SCHAEFER UDY SCHAFER ,ESLIE SCHILD Student Council. GAA, Int'l Club. Pep Club, Drill team, Nat. Hou. Soc ANDY CHMIDGALL FFA, Wrestling EAN SCHUREMAN X cl1orus,,vollcyball AVE SCIFRES AREN SELMAN IICHAEL SHANE Student Council, golf, basketball OUGLAS SHAY band, baseball ACK SHINALL DHN SIVELY football, Chess Club, basketball, library helper 'OUGLAS SHULL Student Council, DAR, x-country, track .ONALD SIMPSON 'INDY SIPKA GAA ARBARA SMITH M? KATHLEEN SMITH Chorus, band JOY SORRELS GAA, FHA, Int'l Club TIM SPEERLY football MAYRON SPENCE 1 FBLA , ROLLIE SPRING-:ER football, basketbal FFA, track STEVE STANFORD band, wrestling KAREN STEPHENS 1 FFA, GAA, band MICHAEL STOETZE Student Council VICTORIA SUTTER Latin Club, Cauld- ron, Cheerleader, GAA, Chorus DEBI TAYLOR GAA, Intll Club SUSAN TAYLOR Student Council, GAA, Forensics BRUCE TESDALL wrestling, Int'l Club Science Club, base- ball CHRIS THIEL Nat. Hon. Soc., G LORETTA THOMSO Y I w 1 4 1 1 1 1 ll 4 SIT DOWN, JOHN! My teeth have to be their whitest Yup, I got away with it. x N, ,,,k SX -7 See, your tongue is no better-looking than mine. Not now honey, they are looking. ff Please hold it down Heidi, some people need their sleep. Now who could deny this? NO WAY! Hey, get back. I am too cool for you! o .4 , .-,m S I'm Allen Funt and you are on . . . that's right . . . CANDID CAMERA! Someone help me! my upper plate is coming out! Oh, where IS the bathroom? 1 ji.:-' Oooh, they are crawling down my back. Here come the after effects of lunch. Chivalry is dead, Huh, Steve? Hut, two, three, four, come on, move it out now ,-N- . f . l L A A... A L.. Q' ,,., ANOTHER RUNG OF THE LADDER Anther step towards women's liberation took place in the junior class this year with President Connie Martinie, Vice President Sue Yordy, and Secretary Mindy Wieneke. As always, junior class was responsible for prom and candy stand. C. Ackerman D. Ackerman G. Anderson M. Anderson M. Anthony R. Antrim ' M. Applegren M. Arnett G. Ashlock V. Austin G. Bagby D. Barbier L. Bartlemay J. Barth J. Barton M. Batson G. Bauman J. Bauman S. Bauman E. Bayer T. Behme D. Bell M. Beckendorf R. Benes , 5. A. Guth J. Halkey D. Hamilton J. Hauter R. Haynes C. Heidbreder A 5 .. 1 A. Gibson S. Gilliland E. Glaser G. Good D. Grawey T. Gregory C. Gum G. Gunter C. Gunther F. Finks J. Fischer C. Flynn L. Foster D. Frank J. Friye J. Fuller M. Fuller S. Gallamore J. Gardner T. Gay C. Getz 136 I M. Herman H. Heth J. Heubach P. Hill T. Hinciahi D. Hines T. Hippie G. Hoskins B. Hough K. Hubbard D. Hull K. Humphrey W. Hunter T. Imig R. James R. Jennings D. Johansen S. Jones T. Jones C. Jordan J. Juenger M. Kaiser R. Kaufman D. Kenney 4.9. 46 N 5 x i Williams L. Williams Williams Williamson . Wilson S. Winters B. Wixom D. Woodbridge T. Yerby B. Yocum M. Yordy S. Yordy D. Zehr K. Zehr M. Zimmerman J. Zobrist T. Zobrist C. Zuke .itil T' v,kA Q 'lj ...N .....,.,..,..A-fn It's not your picture he wants, Kim, it's mine. Don't be too sociable now, Char. We're not trying to hassle you, Doug, it's just you always LOOK so guilty I 143 I got school whooped. Mr. Kreager's evil eye. Ever tried to milk a donkey? Wait till after school, Tim 1, ' ,H 'g ..,' ," - Hi, click, I'm click a robot! I don't want to talk about it. These books are just for my mom- ing classes. Help me make it through the day. C'mon Jane, count out their change Well Norm, I say my girls could whip you guys anyday! 'N 146 An understanding in life is that one cannot have all the good things without having some bad. For those who knew Randy Shelor taking the had this year has been very painful. Advisor-Mrs. Atchinson, Class Officers Nancy Koehler, Patti Chismark, advisor Mr. Dunn. Kyle Christiansen is Randy Shelor-Sophomore other class officer not pictured. ANOTHER STEP UP L. Abbott D. Ackerman J. Ackerman J. Adair M. Alexander T. Alexander T. Allen S. Amstutz S. Anderson S. Anderson S. Arbuckle J. Attebury L. Aupperle D. Austin E. Bagley D. Bailey M. Bangasser J. Barry N. Bartimo K. Baum M. Baum L. Bauman T. Behme R. Belsley 1 D. Knopp B. Kodacr N. Koehler B. Koke L. Kolb A. Kolesar J. Konieczny D. Kraft K. Krolak K. Kuykendall D. Lalock B. Landes K. Leach J. LeBaube D. Lee S. Liddle C. Ligon J. Loercher B. Logan R. Long J. Longden G. Lowery J. Lynn D. Mahrt S. Mandrell R. Marlatt 150 I knew this wasn't a good place to park. L. Penry C. Perry E. Peterson R, Pfanz B. Phillips C. Pond P. Preston D. Price P. P1-uvost B. Pullins P. Quevillon' A. Ramsey B. Rapp K. Rentfro J. Reynolds B. Rhodes M. Risinger P. Roecker B. Rosen K. Rother K. Ruggles J. Russell W. Rust D. Rutledge S. Sarver L. Schafer S. Schild C. Schimmelp- fennig B. Schoenbein x Q -.ish x D.sChfaidef That teacher bugs me too . . . 1 w 5...-fy A. Zobrist E. Kinney D. Yeargain C. Yocum C. Young B. Zimmerman C. Zimmerman M. Zimmerman T. Zimmerman T. Witzig T. Woener D. Wuthrich G. Wynd T. Wynd Lunch line gets longer every day I Back to your cages, girls! W ! I'O1'1g I'CSfI'OO1'l'l I can hardly keep my eyes open! Who is that masked Qman?j? 90 mph and not out of his desk yet. Wait! Don't tell me. Let me guess. . . Batman and Robin. . .Cisco Do you always wear that dumb grin? Kid and Pancho . . . Pixie and Dixie? Free Ride----- Gossip time at M.H.S O.K. Mahrt, what'd ya do? Little Willie won't go home What have you been smokin'? Heeere's Johnny! Mr. Tough Guy r I 157 R. S. N. S. R. Abbot: Aberle Adams Adams Aker T. Allen E. Anderson j. Anderson P. Antrim K. Apke G. Armbruster J. Ashworth R Atteberry D.Auer H Bain S. Bartelmay L. Bartlett D Barton B Batson J. Bauman D. Bayless K Beckham K Beckwith Y B eeler J. Bell C. Bennett R. Bensel D. Bergstrom R. Bernard D. Berryman L. Boehme D. Boggs I. Bohlen L. Bond D. Bowers B. Braker T. Bretag P. Brewster R. Brown R. Bundy L. Burgener D. Burk B. Burns G. Burton M. Burton M. Cain B. Carey N. Carr K. Carter W. Case S. Cashdollar I 1 o .5 e"Pw L .rs or A Freshman sure do act weird! Another NSPOICHH? 159 ! w 1 W . P. Hermann K. Hickey C. Hilliard S. Hines L. Hipple R. Hochstetler R. Hoffman S. Hough M. Houle S. Huette K. Hunteman D. Ihnow A. Ingles J. Ireland L. jackson K. johnson L. jones R. Justice D. Kaiser S. Kaiser K. Karnes K. Kelley K. Kelley P. Kelly M. Kemper K. Kessling S. Kimmey They call that a band? Y This is an interesting bulletin board. G. Powley D. Newell A. Novel K. Olinger M. Oller C. Olson J. Oney J. P. R S. D P. C. R R B. B. Ott Owens Paton Payne Penry Perdue Perrow Petermann Peters Peulausk Pflederer J. Pile G. Price L. Puzich T. Quevillon x R. Rapp M. Reecy Q . ' 1 165 n I J. Weber R. Welk S. Welsh D. Wenndt E. Werder J. Whitesall . Whitmore Widlowski Wiegand . Williamson Wilmert S. Wittmer M. Wood J. Wright J. Wynd K 1 ,, i . , f J. Wynd J. Yarbrough C. Yerby Did you see that? Not Pictured: M. Badgerow A. Bauman G. Borman J. Cohenour T. Fulk R. Miller S. Morris D. Murray S. Pennington S. Schroeder M. Sheumaker B. Yordy L. Zobrist A. Zuke B. Hendrickson M. Miller i You think you're sexy, don't you? ,,,,..-w"""""'A' Three heads are better than one. FLASH! A new football drill, boys What do YOU think of new Purina Dog Chow? B Nice spot, girls. . You shouldn't have looked in the Huck Finn II O.K. Amy, what did you do this time? mirror. That's what I heard, too! Alright, who let in the Kangaroo? UEEUI B0 D74-'75 E3L'J iW E Teri Reynolds-Senior , Kari Jensen-Senior Tammy White-junior THREE OF THE BEST REASONS WE KNOW TO S SHOP IN OUR YOUNG PEOPLES DEPARTMENT OF MORTON JAKE'S STANDARD 319 N. Main-Morton Tune-Up Specialties 24 Hour Tow Service Day Service Ph. 265-9950 Nite Service Ph. 265-5980 Auto Accessories WALDBESER COUNTRY FLORIST Let WALDBESER,S Help You With All Your Flower Needs. Unique and Distinctive- Artificial Arrangements Lovely Corsages-Designed Exclusively For You Wedding Flowers- A Specialty Funeral Flowers- GERBERS JEWELRY Morton Ill. Watches, Diamonds, jewelry China, Crystal, Silverware "gifts for all occasions" Potted Plants Where your orders get that extra touch that means so much. RFD 2-2 Miles West of HEISER INSURANCE AGENCY INC. INSURANCE OF ALL Morton on Rt. 98 KINDS AND Call 267-7 841 REAL ESTATE Originalit our Specialty Phone 264-4211 "Every Blroomin Thingi' QI- 265-9312 Morton CARAGHER BUICK 326 S. Main Phone 267-71 51 Morton A Good Place to Buy A Good Car SAFARI LANES 628 David St. Morton 16 Brunswick Lanes -Pro Shop- Cocktail Lounge Babysitting Open Daily 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Phone 267-7010 C. H. REIN 81 SONS 1 13 N. Main 264-4191 DOUG WALTON'S MORTON MUSIC CENTER 415 W. Jefferson Morton, Ill. 61550 Phone 264-1021 Pianos-Guitars-Accessories B-LINE FOOD SHOPPE Sandwiches Soft Drinks Sundaes Donuts Open 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. A 8: M BEAUTY SHOP 309 E. Edgewood HARDEES 265-9098 MABEL KIESER ARLENE RYBoLT 618 S. Main Street GENE'S BARBER SHOP Morton, IH. Phone 265-9331 Field Shopping Center Morton, 111. Ph. 265-6302 FIELD SHOPPING CENTER HOURS: MON.-FRI. 9-93 SAT. 9-5:30 MILLER PAINT SHOP WE SERVICE MOST MAKES TELEVISION - STEREO I Q 9 f ' fl 3 Y Q . . , Q SALES Pamt. Pamt Supplies and Wallpaper Q new snorrme cmmz Art Supplies Q and Picture Framing "CLOSED wzpxesmrs ANL st'NDAYs" 401 W. jefferson I I Morton. Illinois Morton Village Pharmacy R. O. Schnarr Gifts Hallmark Cards Prescriptions School Supplies Paperback Reference Books RESTMOR INC. Nursing-convalescent retirement 925 East jefferson St Morton, Illinois Phone 267-7141 MINNIE'S GLAMOUR HOUSE Air Conditioned Frosting D Tinting J Hoircuhing '14 I Permanent Waving ' fyg Q: 1 Wigs 8- Wiglets 1 YQ? Complete Wig Core ' -I I iw 1. I 1 -J N1"'b. 5 ,IGN "N Open Tues. Thru Sat. ' 3 OPERATORS TO SERVE YOU Evenings By Appointment Minnie Nepolello - Owner O32 W. DAVID MOITI Compliments of LIBBY McNEILL AND LIBBY Canners Morton, Illinois Compliments of TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 111 N. Main Morton SCHIEBER FLOOR COVERING 720 WEST JEFFERSON STREET Morton, Illinois 61550 MORTON 265-5524 WM. KLOPFENSTEIN INSURANCE 213 S. Main Street Phone 264-3241 Peoria 699-5606 Morton, IL Compliments of THE BARGER AGENCY WALT WITTMER INC. WITTMER REALTY 8: INSURANCE 110 West Adams "All forms of Insurance Phone 267-7117 118 S. Main Street KZ CORVETTE SHOP INC. 800 W. Jackson St. Morton, Illinois 61550 Fiberglass Repair Specialists PHONE 309f264-0021 JUST oFF I-74 G. M. BARTEL MAY APPLIANCES 81 GUNS 657 W. jackson Street Morton, Illinois Maytag, Frigidare, Amana, Tappan, Fedders, Kitchenaid SALES SERVICE MORTON REALTY CO. RDCKE S MEATING HAUS 140 s.Ma1n 226 W. Adams MORTON, ILLINOIS 6 1 550 Phone 267-7 124 "A most Unique Meat Shoppei' For products and services you can depend on, patronize your nearby Standard Oil Dealer FRANK'S STANDARD 6:30 AM To 10 PM 581 W. jackson HAUSER'S CAFE Party 86 Banquet Facilities Available All Hours Up to 100 People Homemade Breads and Pastries Complete Carry-Out Service 267-7700 MQRTON' IL 757 W. jackson-Morton CLIFFORD KAUFMAN 85 SONS, INC. Compliments of MASON coNmAcToRs IRON-A-WAY RESIDENTIAL 84 COMMERCIAL Morton, Illinois Phone 264-1781 GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS 215 South Second Avenue Sf' Morton, Illinois 61550 Phone: 264-3631 Compliments of STOLLER 84 OVEREND FURNITURE Congratulations to the class of '75 Phone: 265-5348 Compliments of ROECKER'S INC. FIELD GIFTS Field Shopping 109 S. Main Center Morton, Illinois Morton, Illinois Locally Owned Downtow BEN FRANKLIN Two Stores To Serve You Nationally known n Field Shopping Center Your Best Place To Shop CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS TC THE CLASS CF 'lS7S O IF IT'S HUNTER 'tg IT'S A HONEY! 65: GIIUN'lDER,CEjVlFQ.m1. 1 N. MAIN ST OPHONE 1309! 359-3611 OMACKINA ew? "Morton's Award Winning Twice Weekly Newspaper" 100 Detroit Avenue 264 221 1 Phone 309f265-6144 CARAWWS ulie Cbm MENS FASHIONS Field Sho Ping Center 4r'f'f2'Jfkf612'J auf A121 Morton, Ililinois 61550 THE OFFICE 119 N. Main, Morton 265-9934 COMPLIMENTS OF LUDWIG MORTUARY Homer C. Ludwig jackson at Third Avenue Morton, Illinois 61550 FOUR SEASONS HOME IMPROVEMENT CENTER 321 S. Main-Morton, IL Phone-264-0312 Hours-Mon-Fri 7am-9pm Sat 7am-6pm Sun 10am-4pm "If We Haven't Got It-We'll Get It" Hours to Please YOU! Fast, Friendly, and PERSONAL Service Owners: Bob 81 Sandy Bartlemay One of Peoria area's finest and most complete home improvement centers with everything for "do it yourself" remodeling, decorating, and home repairs. W v M41 , fo ewfffliwffj aLJl7L'L'1"'M'M' rw MMA S Judd W WMV W l ' Compliments 4 QQ QM i of GRIMM BROS. TRUCKING ROECKER'S CABINET 8. MILLWORK Custom Built Prefinished Cabinets 850 N. Main St. Morton, Ill. Peoria 673-01 1 2 Morton 265-505 1 Parts for " Trucks "' Tractors 627 W. Jackson HORMN, llllfY0lS 61550 PHONES 264-5101 265-6912 CONIBEAR REXALL DRUGS "Since 1869" Free Prescription Delivery Sick Room Needs Cosmetics Greeting Cards Gi ts School Supplies 101 W. jefferson Phone 264-4171 Morton, Illinois QEIR VVIEIVIBEFI nun cuvv auocnlou luvucl Homes Lots 85 Acreage Commercial Industrial Multiple Listing Service SCHROCK REALTY, INC. 117 N. Main Street Morton, Illinois Morton 267-7188 Peoria 688-8011 Model 382-2267 'Moreton BUILDINGS Backed by the strong-eg: warranty in writing ever offered on a farm building! 3uIlDING? Morton offers a complete line of farm buildings for livestock, grain and machinery. Bring your ideas to Morton for a building designed for your operation. I-li h Quality, guaranteed, buildings are Morton 's only business. . ams t. g 252 W Ad S MORTON BUILDINGS Morton, Illinois 61550 CATFISH-STEAKS-SANDWICHES THE BEST COFFEE IN TOWN TRUCKING 81 GRADING --- R1 mf 14, 1 oucxm gniags 'IIIlI5ig 57'g?1. , , xg 2-"iE'T: 'T' ' ' ' ' 4 tame 5 Qlztfe es ,Q W . C rw-f Sewer 8: Water Wrecking Contractors - ' Land Clearing Road Construction PHONE 264-6831 Ditching Construction ' . Sand8cGraveI Dred 'n Contractors JOHN R KIESER 656 W' JEFFERSON S1 5 OWNER-OFERATOR rvaonrom, nu. 61550 Truck Sc Crane Rental Fully Insured Ima! C, MORTON CINEMA ,329 '1 1-'31 'Hel ' - 69 -3 6 9 95 Field Shopping Center C. A. Powley Co' 3536 E. Washington East Peoria h h 1 f 5 E YEARS A MR. K'S KORSMEYER'S SUPERMARKET jk 11 LES SUTTER STORE SEEDS, PLANTS PET SUPPLIES 264-4971 MORTON, ILLINOIS Compliments of MORTON UTILITIES 131 South Plum Morton Eugene H. Mathis, President Fredora Wenniger, Treasurer Wm. Klopfenstein, Clerk BOARD OF TRUSTEES Lee K. Hinnen Henry D. Grimm William Stetzler Lee. D. Heiser Lloyd C. Zobrist Superintendant of Public Works Richard Karnopp Zoning Enforcing Officer Homer Oswald -A- Abbott, Lesa G. 146 Abbott, Monica G. 114 Abbott, Robert E. 158 Aberle, Steve H. 158,81,23 Abner, John R. 1 14 Ackerman, chris A. 144,36,31,92 Ackerman, Crystal K. 134,44,16 Ackerman, Deborah S. 23,19,146 Ackerman, Douglas C. 1 34,23,98 Ackerman, James W. 36,23,146,35, 93 Adair, James G. 144,16,31 Adair, Jeffrey W. 146,92 Adams, Nanette L. 158 Adams, Sandra J. 158,1 9 Adrian, Grace E. 17,114,36 Aker, Robbin K. 158 Alexander, Mark A. 146 Alexander, Timothy C. 146 Allen, Terry W. 158,146 Allen, Troy D. 158 Amstutz, Susan G. 146 Anderson, Eric B. 158 Anderson, Gwendolyn S. 134,35 Anderson,-Iennifer L. 158 Anderson, Kathryn S. Anderson, Mark 134 Anderson, Stephanie K. 19,146 Anderson, Steven J. 146 Anthony, Marc S. 134 Antrim, Patty K. 158 Antrim, Rick E. 134 Apke, Kimberly A. 158,19 Applegren, Mark S. 144,33 Appleg-ren, Mary A. 134 Aragon, Rossana F. 144,16,19 Arbuckle, Scott R. 146 Armbruster, Gregory E. 158 Arnett, Marla M. 134 Ashloek, Glenda J. 134 Ashworth,Jill M. 158 Atteberry, Becky R. 158,31,19,33 Atteberry, Jeff M. 24,25,146 Auer, Daniel R. 158,81 Aupperle, Lori L. 19,146 Austin, Daryl G. 146 Austin, Vernon L. 134,92 43- Badgerow, Michael B. 167,81 Baer, Crystal M. 144,101 Baer, Cynthia D. 144,31 Bagby, Gary L. 134,98 Bagley, Edward C. 146,35 Bailey, Douglas E. 146 Bain, Holli A. 1 58 Baker, H. Eugene 144 Bangasser, Brian E. 144,20 Bangasser, Myra G. 146 Barbier, Doug P. 134 INDEX Barry, James L. 146 Bartelmay, Lorri R. 134,28 Bartelmay, Scott B. 158 Barth, Christy J. Barth,Janet 134 Bartimo, Nancy M. 146 Bartimo, Tony W. 115 Bartlett, Lorrie E. 158 Barton, Douglas A. 158 Barton, john E. 134,22 Bartruff, Sue Ann 17,11 5,36 Batson, Bridget A. 158 Batson, Ernest L. 115 Batson, Mike 134 Baum, F loyd E. 2o,122,23 Baum, Keith A. 115 Baum, Kurt L. 146 Baum, Michael C. 146 Bauman, Alan 167 Bauman, Gerald L. 134 Bauman, Jill A. 1 58 Bauman,Joseph 134 Bauman, Lee Ann 146 Bauman, Sandra K. 134,22 Bayer, E lizabeth A. 134 Bayless, David A. 158,81 Beckham, Kimberly S. 158 Beckwith, Kendall D. 158,20 Beeler, Rodney C. 115,44,16 Beeler, Yvonne A. 158,24,25,19 Behme, Teri L. 134,26,87,19,86 Behme, Tonia S. 31,19,146,35,1O0 Bell, Debbie L. 134 Bell, Jan et L. 159 Belseley, Randallj. 146,93 ,31,98 Belser, Elizabeth J. l15,31,35 Benckendorf, Mary K. 134,22 Benes, Richard J. 134 Benjamin, Marsha A. 17,135 Bennett, Connie J. 159,31,19 Bensel, Russell L. 159 Bensel, Mark 147 Berg, Elizabeth A. 147 Berger, Solveig E. 115 Bergstrom, Deborah M. 159 Bernard, Richard E. 159,135,23 Bernard, Robert L. 93 Berryman, Doug H. 159 1 Berta, Chris M. 135,31,93 Berta, Keith W. 115,20,92 Binkele, Gayle A. 17,135 Binkele,Jeanne M. 31 Birkey, Candace L. 135, Bifkey, Vicki s. 135,35 Birkey, Wesley D. 115 Birkner, Michele D. 135,23 Blair, Larry A. 115,20 Bodnar, Patty L. 147 Boehme, Lynette K. 159,33 Boehme, Robert D. 115,20 Boerckel, Steve A. 135 Boers, -IefferyfD. 147 Boers, C. 147 Boettcher, Thomas W. Boettcher, Tim C. 147 Boggs, Diana L. 159 Boggs, Malinda K. 135 Bohlen, jeffrey G. 159 Bolam, Melissa J.147,87,24,25,19 Bollegar, Nancy A.135,31,35 Bormarito, Karen S. 147 Bond, Lisa A. 159,19 Bontomps, Gary R. Borman, Gene M. 167 Bott, Brenda J. 147,33 Bowen, Randy J. 147,23 Bowers, Diana L. 159,33 Boyd, Mark W. 135 Boyer, Nancy A. Boynton, Diana K. 115,31 Braker, Bradley A. 159,16,100 Brandt,james L. 115 Brave, David A. 135 Brentz, Chuck W. 147 Bretag, Terri M. 159 Brewster, james Brewster, Patrick O. 159,81,23 Bright, Tammy L. 135 Brown, Carl D. 115,23 Brown, Cindi A. 1 1 5 Brown, Kenneth L. 135 Brown, Robert W. 159,81 Brown, Shelly I. Brunner, Elizabeth A. 116 Brunner, Suzy K. 147,36,33,35 Bryson, Edwin W. 147 Bryson, Jerry T. 147 Buehrer, Linda R. 135 Bugaieski, Mark S. 147,24,25 Bundy, Robert A. 159 Burgener, Lori A. 159 Burgener, Sue Ellen 116,36 Burger, Slovig 16 Burk, Darin R. 1 59 Burkley, john F. 147 Burnham, Cathy J. 14'7,31,33,35, 100 Burnham, Lee 1. 147 Burnham, Victoria L. 135 Burns, Brent R. 159 Burritt, Sheryl S. 116,35 Burton, Georgianna S. 159 Burton, Krista L. Burton, Mary B. 159 Butler, Joanne K. 135,31 Butts, Steven E. 147, 20 Byers, Collen M. Byers, Kathy M. -Q- Cain, Margaret M. 159,19,33 Cali, Cindy K. 135,31 Cali, Pamela A. 116 Callander, Susan H. 116 Capelle, Lisa J. 147,31,33 Capelle, R. Capelle, Rodney M. 116 Carey, Eugene Bryon 159,19 Carlton, Cindy K. 135 Carper, Robert J. 1 16,96 Carr, Nancy M. 159 Carroll, Christopher D. 135,23 Carroll, Cathleen R. 147,19,33 Carroll, Dana M. 116,20,31 Carroll, Kathleen J. 147,31 Carter, Anne M. Carter, David F. Carter, Kathryn R. 159,20,24,25, 16 Carter P L nn 116 , - y Case, William N. 159,81 Cashdollar,Jim 135 Cashdollar, Susan M. 159,19 Dallinger, Thomas L. 1 1 7 Danby, Gregg C. 117,16,22 Daniel, Bill R. 135 Danielson, Jeffery A. 81 ,117,8O Danner, Dale R. 160 Darst, Major 135,96 Dausmann, Nancy J. 117 Davis, Desma D. 17,160,33 Davis, DonnaJ. 117,19 Davis, Gregory S. 117 Davis, James K. 16O,24,25,100 Davis Davis Davis Davis , Janet K. 135,31,38 Les W. 160 Rebecca A. 135 William 147 Elwrrd, Kurtis s. 117,2o,16,31,96 Enerson, Michael A. Engberg, William R. 81,160 Erickson, Anthony F. 120,20 Erkkila, Mark A. 135 Eslinger, Linda S. 120,31 Evans, Mark A. 160 Evans, Mike A. 160 Evelsizer, Randy 120,23 -F- Fahlberg, Kathy J. 148,135,31 Fahlberg, Kristine L. 24,25,31 Causey, Philip L. 147 Chadwick, Barbara S. 147,24,25,31, 33 Chadwick, David C. 46 Chance, Debra M. 147 Chandler, Randolph D. 135 Childress, Kirk D. 23 Chismark, Michael J. 116 Chismark, Patti A. 147,231,146 Christiansen, Kendall S. 116,16,31 Christiansen, Kyle A. 147,16,.146 Clark, Barry E.160,24,25,1OO Clark, Erin M. 160,19,33 Clark, Scott B. 24,25,22 Clark, Timothy s. 160,100 Clark, Troy W. 147 Claywiitter, Aaron B. 160 Cleveland, Mary K. 20,135,19 Clevenger, Tammi L. 147 Colegrove, Terry D. 1 16,24,25,98 Collingwood, Beth A. 160,24,25 Combs, Alice L. 135 Connor, Allen R. 147 Connor, Sharon A. 135 Cook, Carlene K. 147 Cook, Diana L. 33 Cook, Lauri A. 147 Cooper, Michael E. 147,93 Costello, William J. 147 Coyne, Janice K. 160.31 ,19 Coyne, Richard L. 147,33 Cox, Edward D.135 Crabb, Randall R. 116,31 Crabb, Ron R. 135,31,96 Cressman, Karl W. 160 Crumrine, G. Bradley 135,23 Crumrine, Jo Ellen 160,33 Crumrine, Paula S. 116,31 Davison, Joseph C. 160 Davison, Mark F. 147 Davison, Susan M. Davison, Wendy A. 147,31,19 Day, Ann F. 117 Day, Bill B. 160 Day, Theresa S. 147 Deavers, Susan I. 135 DeSantis, Mark G. 160,135 DeSantis, Paula X. 117,87,31,35, 19,86,10l DeSollar, Renee N. 135 Deterding, Mark W. 147 Devall, Elvin D. 147 Devall, Melvin E. 147 DeVan, Kimberly S. 135,79 DeVore, Douglas L. 160 Dexheimer, Caren L. 117,31,35,93 Dexheimer, Carole R. 160,31, Dial, Teresa L. 147,100 Dickey, Cynthia S. 135 Diemer, Rebecca Jo 160 Dierks, Michael W. 160,24,25,100 Dill, Russell D. Dimon, Vicki L. 147 Dirst, Julie E. 160,24,25,19 Dirst, Philip L. 135 Dixon, Mark W. 135 Dobbs, Tamara M. 160,1 9,33 Domnick, Ellen J. 117,20,35,23 Domnick, Kathy R. 160 Donovan, Jane I. 135 Donovan, Mark R. 160,100 Drake, Shirley K. 117,20,35 Drebes, Diane M. 135 Drebes, Donald E. 160 Drebes, Lori 160 Farwell, Michelle L. 160,20 Farwell, Phil D. 135,22 Feeney, Paula K. 148,24,25,33 Feeney, Teresa A. 135 Felker, Kathleen D. 148 Fender, Richard L. 135,23,92 Fender, Robert J. 1 20,80,20,23 Ferguson, Jane E. 148,28 Ferg'uson,John R. 120,81,80,96 Ferguson, Kim A. 148,20 Ferko, Amy L. 160 Fernandes, Anne D. 148 Fieffer, Cheryl A. 160 Fieffer, Theadore H. 148 Fink, David M. 81,160 Finks, Frances E. 136,31,93 Finley, Brenda L. 148 Fischer, Janet E. 136 Fischer, Mark E. 120,20 Flowers, Dana P. 160 Flowers, Russell B. 160 Flynn, Christopher A. 136 Foley, Don E. 148 Foljambe, Nancy K. 120,35 Forbes, Chalres L. 160 Forbes, D. 148 Forbes, Robert B. Forsyth, Amy V. 120,79,16,35 Fort, Phillip G. 148 Fort, Marsheila R. 120,35 Fortman, Jill A. 160 Foster, Douglas G. 81,160 Foster, Eric 120,23 Foster, Gordon 148,80,44 Foster Lisa L. 136,79 Foster N. Joe 81,160 Foster Robert M. 148,81,80 Cron, Cynthia S. 147,19 Cruse, Jill A. 31 Cruse, Lyle M. 160 Culbertson, Susan L. 160 Cunat Curry , Curry , Cu rry , Curry , Curtis, Daniel B. 160,35 Dennis R. 116,20 Dirck A. 117,80,16 Kemieth B. 117,20,23 Kevin G. 147 RickJ. 135 -D- Dale, Lindy L. 147 Dallinger, Barbara L. 135,24,25,19 Driscoll, David M. 160 Driscoll, Randall E. 81,80 Drummond, Gregory K. 147,100 Drummond, Randall W. 160,100 Duckworth, Alice L. 148,23 -E- Eads, Ronald D. Earl, Karla M. 117 Edgar, Andy C. 148,96 Eichhorn, Bryan A. 117,22 Elam, Gregory D. 148,23 Eldridge, Mark W. 148,80 Elward, Clay S. 148,20 Foster, Rock A. 12O,80,96 Fox, Diann E. 120,31,101 Frank, Douglas E. 136 Frintz, Amy S. 160,24,25r19 Friye, Janet K. 136 Fuehring, David W. 148 Fulk, T. 167 Fuller, Jane A. 136,22 Fuller, Michael 136,22 Funk, Sherrill K. 148 -G- Galbraith, Lori L. 160,33 Gallamore, Sherry A. 136 Gamble, Vicki S. Gardner, Deborah M. 120,35 Gardner, Diana L. 148 Gardner, Jeffrey L. 136 Gay, Linda S. 160,24,25 Gay, Jeffrey D. 148 Gay, Teresa M. 17,136 Getz, Carol 136,79,16,22,31 Getz, Jacqueline S. 160,31 Getz, Janet R. 120,44,35,19 Getz, Jey C. 160 Getz, Mark A. 148 Getz, Michael J. 160 Geyer, William J. 148 Giacinti, Jeff Gibson, Ann P. 136,19,101 Gibson, Diane D. 161,19 Gibson,John K. 148 Giebelhausen, Steven W. 161,81 Gillan, Mark S. 148 Gilliland, Sandra J. 136 Gingerich, Douglas J. 148,100,93 Gingerich, Kathy J. 161,19,33 Gingerich, Timothy W. 161 Glaser, Ed C. 161,24,25,23,160 Glaser, Eric L. 136,23 Gleason, Diane L. 161,31,33 Goettsch, Andrew J. 120,20 Goffinet, Gary G. 149 Goggins, Julie A. 120,36 Goggins, Ruth L. 161,19 Good, Gar L. 136,98 Good, Michael G. 119,20 Gossman, David L. 161 Graf, Keith B. 119 Grant, Alina c. 119,22 Grant, Darrell J. 161 Grawey, Denise M. 136,28 Green, Maxie L. 119 Greene, Kathy L. 161,36,35 Greene, Roger L. 161 Greene, Sharon K. 119,36 Gregory, Terri L. 136,31,28 Grimm, Brad H. 119,20 Grimm,Joe1 A. 161,24,25 Grimm, Todd D. 161 Grimm, Tracy D. 161 Grisham, Deborah Kay 1 19 Grisham, Jennifer L. 16 1,33 Guderjan, Julie R. 119 Gum, Carol 136 Gunion, Sandy K. 161 Gunther, Cynthia J. 136 Gunter, Gregory L. 136,24,23 Gunter, Steve L. 24,25 Guth, Anthony P. 136 Guzman, Guy L. -H- Hager, Sue E. 17,119,16,31,19 Haikey, Cindy L. 161,31,l9 Haikey, John Phillip 136,23 Hale, Benny D. Hale, Bret C. Hale, James R. Haller, Shirlene S. Hamilton, Debra A. 136,36,19,28, 101 Hancock, Donit J. 161 Hand, James V. 161 Hansen, Yvonne L. 149,19,28 Hanson, Lisa A. 119,36 Happach, Rhonda A. 119 Hare, Dana M. 149 Harris,James 161 Harris, Larry J. Harris, William L. 119, 20 Hart, Dolphis D. 149,23 Hasenyager, Peggy J. 149,17 Hasselbacher, Susan J. 149 Hassing, Debbie A. Hatch, Gail J. 119 Hatch, Gene L. 149 Hatcher, Teri-Lyn 161,35 Hauter, John W. 136,31 Hauter, Teresa L. 119,101 Hawkings, Robert S. 119,20 Hawkings, Brenda F. Haynes, Robert E. 136 Hayse, Melanie R. 31 Hedrick, Gail A. 119,36,16 Heffel, Donna C. 149,33,31,100 Heidbreder, Charles L. 136 Helmer, Bradle G. 149 Henderson, Robert S. 149 Hendrickson, Brian P. 167,24,25 Hennings, Rhonda L. 120,23 Hennings, Thomas A. 149 Hennings, Victoria M. 149,19 Henriksen, Steven D. 161,16 Hepp,Judy L. 161,33 Hepp, Kathryn I. 120,33 Hermann, Pamela J. 162,36,20,31 Herman, B. 161,33 Herman, M. 137 Heth, John H. 149 Heth, Helen M. 137,36,35 Heubach, John R. 137 Heusuk, Theodore A. 149 Hickey, Kerwin G. 162 Higgs, Ernestine F. 120 Hill, Greg D. Hill, Kathryn M. 120,31 Hill, Patricia D. 137 Hilliard, cfeig A. 162,100 Hindahl, Timothy L. 137 Hines, Deidre K. 137 Hines, GreggJ. 149 Hines, Sandy J. 162 Hipple, Lina K. 162,36,31,33 nipple, Lina K. 162,36,31,33 Hipple, Teresa L. 137,36,35 Hirstein, Christa S. 149,36,19,33 Hirstein, Michelle L. 120 Hochstetler, Rachel L. 162 Hofer, Joy E. 149 Hofer, Sharla D. 120,35 Hoffman, Randall L. 162 Hoffman, Steve A. 120 Horn, Gary A. 120 Horner, Steven E. Hoslcings, Gregory D. 17,137 Hough, Bobbie Doug 137,23 Hough, Steve K. 162 Ho ule , Houle , Bruce A. 149,80 Mark E. 162 Howard, Becky L. 120 Howard, Joeliene D. 149 Howard, Nancy R. 149,19 Hubbard, Kent L. 137,24,25,96 Hucker, William D. 1 20,24,25 Huette, Curtis E. 149,35 Huette, Lori D. 120 Huette, Steven J. 162,20 Huffman, Jana L. 120,93 Hufford, Stanley A. 120 Hufty , Hufty , Virginia L. 24,25,31,33 Warren S. 120,24,25 Hull, David O. 137 Humphrey, Kathryn A. 137 Hunteman, Kathy S. 162 Hunter, Vicki L. 149 Hunter, William R. 137 Huser, Tammy L. 149 Ihnow, Debbie J. 162,1 9 Imig, Timothy P. 137 Ingles, Anthony D. 162 Ireland,Jan L. 162,19 Irmen, Cheryl A. 149,36 ,1 9,35 Irmen, James G. 149 Irmen, William N. 120 -J- Jackson, Lisa E. 162,33 Jacobson, Sue F. 120,36,101 James, Rebecca R. 137 Jennings, Randall E. 137,98 Jensen, Kari A. 170,121,31,35,93 Johansen, Diane L. 137 Johnson, Daniel S. 121,20 Johnson, Kevin E. 162,81 Johnson, Mark S. 121,98 Johnson, Paul R. 149,24,25 Johnson, Scott A. 149,20 Johnson, Steven C. 121 Jones, Cheryl L. 149,19 Jones, Laura M. 162 Jones, Steven A. 137 Jones, Twila M. 137,35 Jordan, Catherine M. 17,137 Juenger, Janice A. 137,22 Justice, Rhonda C. 162 -K- Kehlef, Lisa A. 121,20,31 Kaiser , Kaiser, Kaiser, Kaiser , Kaiser, Kaiser, David H. 162,24,25 Edward D. 121,20 Jane E. 121 Michael L. 149,20 Marcia A. 137 Steven B. 162,81,100 Keiener, Linde s. 149,19,35 Karnes, Kurt E. 162,81,23 Kath, Daniel W. 149 Kath, Kimberly S. 149,24,25 Kaufman, Jeffrey L. 121,20 Kaufman, Kaylene A. 149 Kaufman, Rhonda L. 149,79,31 Kaufman, Robert E. 137,80,98 Keach, DougJ. 149,93 Keach, Jeffrey D. 121,96 Keagy, Larry V. 121,20 Kefauer, Brian 121 Keefauver, Brad A. Keefauver, Carla S. 149 Keenan,Janice I. 121,20,16,31,19 Kehlert, Peter A. 149 Kelley, Allen K. 81,121 ,80,20 Kelley, Kathleen D. 162,24,25,31, 19 Kelley, Kimberly L. 149,87,31,19, 86 Kelley, Kirsten L. 162,31 Kelly, Pat A. 162,19 Kemper, Diane M. 121,24,25 Kemper,Janet K. 149 Kemper, Michael W. 162 Kenney, David M. 137,22 Kerrn, Ann M. 149 Kessling, Karen S. 121,36,19 Kessling, Kim A. 162,19,33 Kidd, Teri D. 138,35 Kieser, Dianna G. 138 Kimmey, Sheila R. 162,121,36 Kimme , Steven J. 149 Kindredl Nancy S. 163,19,33 Kindred, Stephen L. 80 King, Barbara L. 163 King, Barabara S. 138 King, Daniel B. 163 King, Holli M. 163 King, D. Martin 130,98 King, E. Philip 149,23,93,96 King, Riclci A. 122,81,80 Kinney, Elizabeth 154 Kizer, Patricia A. 163,31 Kizer, Timothy R. 138 Klawer, Cecelia A. 163 Klawer, John P.138 Klasing, Gary 1 22 Klein, Jayne M. 122,16,23 Klunk, Steve T. 163 Klunk, Valerie L. 149,24,25,16,31 Knapp, Fritz 149 Knapp, viaki s. 149,31,19 Knie , Dave J. 163 Knisiey, Robert W. 138,96 Knobloch, K. 138 Knopp, David L. 150 Knotts, Edith L. 17,136,131 Kober, Herbert H. 122,20 Kobylanski, Frank A. 163 Koch, PaulJ. 138,98 Kocher, Ellen M. 17,38 Kodatt, Bruce E. 150,80 Kodatt, Steve M. 138,80,96 Koehler, Nancy K. 150,31,19,100, 101 Koke, Bruce A. 150,92 Kolb, Elsie L. 163,33 Kolb, Laura A. 150,33 Kolb, Roger S. 122 Kolesar, Andy G. 1 50 Koons, B. 138 Konieczny, James E. 150 Kraft, Carl J., Ji. 122,92,98 Kraft, David A. 150 Krahn, Roland G. 122,24,25 Krolak, Keith R. 150 Krolak, Lynne A. 20,163,19,33 Kuhel, Kim M. 33,163 Kuykendall, Cathy A. 122 Kuykendall, Karen D. 150,33 Lacy, Thomas A. 122,31,23 LaGrow, Karen S. 163,19 Lalock, Dori E. 150 Lambert, Elizabeth L. 163 Lambert, Terry G. 138 Landes, Beth E. 150,36,87,19,86, 101 Landis, Debbie S. Lang, Leia J. 138 Lantz, Charlene V. 138 Leach, Karin A. 150,79 Leach, Kim R. 122,31,33 Leavitt, Kathleen J. 138 LeBaube, Jaime E. 150,19 LeBaube, Michele R. 163,33 Ledvina, Thomas J. 81,163 Lee, Debbie O. 150,33 Leininger, Janice L. 122,31 Leitch, Terry L. 138,23 Lenhard, Linda L. 163 Lennington, Kyna B. 122 Lensme er, Jude L. 138 Lenz, Thomas G. LeVar, Denise A. 87,163,19,86 LeVar, Gary D. 122,31,9s, Lewis, Mary E. Lichtenstein, David E. 138,24,25 Lichti, Thomas H. 163,24,25 Liddle, Janice L. 122,36 Liddle, Stephanie A. 150,36,31,35 Ligon, Christopher J. 150,24,25 Ligan, Jill A. 163,31 Lindeen, Kathy M. 163 Linder, Kathy S. 163,33 Link, Martin J. 163,23 Litherland, James L. 138 Loercher, Justine J. 150,79 Logan, Barbara L. 150 Logan, Cynthia A. 122 Long, Marion J. Longden, John S. 130 Lorentz, Denise A. Lorentz, Dennis W. Lowery, Debra L. 122 Lowery, Gina R. 150,36,35 Lucas, Mark W. 123 Lusk, Robin L. 123 Luttrell,Jo A. 123,36 Lynn, James C. 150 Lynn, Robert S. 123,92 -M- Mackert, Carol S. 163 Magary, Jennifer L. 123,19 Ma y, Timothy w. 138,23,92 mg, Angela s. 35 Mahrt, Daniel G. 138 Mahrt, David v.1so Majerus, Anthony J. 138 Majerus, Tamy Maloney, Dic 96 Malinowski, Pamela J. 1 63 Mandrell, Ross C. Mandrell, Scott M. 150 Marion, Robert D. 123,20,23 Marion, S. 138,23 Marlatt, Robert J. 150,93 Marshall, Janeen E. 151 - Martens, Joe A. 151 Martens, Kim I. 163 Martin, Craig G. 151,23,93 Martin, Joan M. 138 Mania, Rick 0.151 Martin, Teresa A. Martin, Thomas D. 151 Martinie, Connie M. 138,134,16,31 Maaiinia, Gary L. 151 Masinelli, Bret T. 163 Masinelli, Melanie P. 138 Mason, Craig T. 151,24,25 Maughan, Becky A. Maughan, Gary A. 151 Maughan, Ralph A. 163 Maxwell, Lisa D. 138 McClelland, David J. McClelland, Mark S. 138 McClintock, Richard J. 1 51 McConkey, Robin G. 151,19 McCool, Julie L. 138,31 McCoy, Kim D. 163 McDonald, L. Jana 163 McDonough, Curt 138,80,92 McFarlane, James C. 151 McGuire, Jim D. 151 McGuire, Susan E. 138,24,25 McHenry, Leroy K. 163,100 McIntosh, Ronald D. 163 McKelvey, Coy R. 138,23 McKernan, Sean M. 151 McKneight, Brian S. 151,24,25 McMahon, Timothy J. 138 McMullen, Nancy K. 123 McMullen, Pamela A. 151,24,25,19 28 Meierhans, Sanna 123,24,25 Meiklejohn, Jeffery G. 163 Meiner, George H. 151,24,25 Meiner, Rebecca J. 20,163,253 Meldrum, Morag M. 163 Melvin, David P. Melvin, Randall K. 123 Meritt, David S. 123 Merritt, Laura J. 138,79,22,31 Merwin, Nancy M. 151,31,19 Messel, Kathy L. 17,151 Meyer, Nancy A. 151,28 Meyering, Leonard R. 138 Michael, Dawn P. 138,101 Nichel, Scott W. 81,163 Miesner, Nancy L. 123 Miller, Anthony J. 138,80 Millar, Bob J. 151,81,80 Oaks, Leigh Ann 139 Miller, Miller Millerl Miller, Miller, Miller Brenda L. 17,138 Carl J. 163 Curtis D. 138 Donald P. 123 Frank R. 123 Gary 123 Millerj Janet K. 17,38,19 Miller,John E. 20,23 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Michael D. 167,163 Patricia A. 151,24,25 Ramona L. 167 Randy N. 151,20,96 Sara A 163 19 Ramsey, Angela G. 152 9 - 9 Miracle, Mark 138 Mohr, Carol J. 138 Molef, Elaine M. 138 Moler, Patricia A. 151 ,1 9,86 Moley, Janet F. 123,35 Moloney, Richard S. 138,80 Mondron, Lori L. 138 Mooberry, Dale L. 163 Mooberry, Randall L. 138 Moore, Dale W. 151,23 Moore, Darrell W. 151,23 Moorhous, Deborah M. 1 51 Moreland, Cathy S. 151 Morgan, Alan J. 151,24,25 Morgan, David A. 138 Morgan,Jacki S. 163 Morris, John M. 163 Morris, Sandra J. 167 Morris, Terry M. 123 Moss, Rick G. 151 Moushon, Kevin T. 81,163,24,25, 100 Moushon, Raymond L. 151,93,96 Mowry, Stanley A. 124,20,98 Mueller, Dave L. 24,92 Mueller, Dou E. 151 Mullins, Stephanie R. 151 Murphy, Brian J. 151 Murphy, Matthew J. 20,139,35 Murray, David A. 167, 23 Musgrave, Sherry L. 151,24,25 Mutters, Nancy A. 163,19 Muzzarelli, Mark 151 ,80 Myers, Jeff E. 151 Myers, Richard A. 81,163,139 Myers, Ricky L. -N- Neaveill, Kimber L. 163,31,19,33 Necessary, Robert D. 139 Neible, Patti L. 124,36 Neylon, Timothy J. Nichol, Steven A. 139 Nolen, Rick L. 130 Novakow, Linda L. 124,36,35 Novel, Amy J. 164,19 Novel, Nancy C. 87,139,19,86 Nutter, L. 139 -Q- Oertle, Cheryl S. 151 Oertle, Robert S. 124,23 Ogden, Rebecca A. 139,31 Ogden, Stan E. 139 Olinger, Karen M. 17,7 9,139,35,19 Olinger, Kathy A. 164,17,3l,19,33 Oller, Connie K. 33 Oller, Marjean K. 164,19,33 Olles, Susan L. 151,139 Olson, Carol A. 164,33 Olson, Kimberly A. 139 Olson, Mark L. 124,96 oney, John R. 164,100 Opperman, Erik C. 151 Ort, Hollace J. 31 Ortkiese, Cindy S. 124 Osborne, Leslie A. 139 Osborne, Mary F. Ott, Jennifer D. 164,33 Ott, Teresa L. 139,31 Overholt, Kenneth J. Owens, Kelly J. 124,36,31 Owens, Patrick S. 164,1 51 Owens, Phillip S. -p- Panzer, Brigitte 17,6,22 Parcel, Bonni S. 151,31 Park, Chery L. 44,31,35 Park, Steve P. 81,124,80,20 Parrott, Glen A. 81,80,139,98 Parrott, Samuel R. 81,124,80,16 Paton, Elaine P. 151 Paton, Elizabeth A. 124,24,25,33 Paton, Robert E. 164,24,25 Paulsell, Barbara L. 1 24,35 Payne Payne Payne Payne, Payne Payne , Andy E. 151 Barbara J. 1 24 7 , James S. Randall L. 80,139,22 Steve F. 164 :T.151 Nelson Neible, Stephen K. 151 Nelson, F. 151 Nelson, Eric E. Nelson, Kriste1D. 163 Nelson, Sandra G. 124,36 Nelson, Stuart C. 20,163 , Terrence R. Pennington, Susan B. 167,19,33 Penry, Darah W. 164,31,19,33 Penry, Larry Allen 152 Perdue, Judy A. 139,31 Perdue, Pamela J. 164,24,25,31,19 Perlcins, Barney H. 81,80,44,139, 16,98 Nepolello, Fred M. 151,80 Nesbitt, Thomas D. 139,22 Neubauer, Craig A. Neukomm, Sara J. 139,31 Newell, Debbie L. 164 Newlin. 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Wynd, Jeanne M. 167,19,33 wyrrd, Jim A. 167 Wynd, Terri L. -Y- Yarbrough, James E. 167,24,25 Yeargain, Daetta K. 154,24,25 Yeargain, David L. 13o,24,25 Yerby, Christy L. 167,33 Yerby, Tobey L. 87,31,35,19,142, 86 Yocum, Barb J. 142 Yocum, Charles 1 54 Yordy, Brent L. 167,23,100 White White White White ,David A. 141 , Rick F. 153,80 , Susan 153,24,25,31,19 , Tamela J. 170,141 Whitesell, Judy A. 167,19 Whitfield, Carol A. 153,19,33 Whitmore, Stacey L. 167,19,33 Whitsitt, Terence A. 81,129,80,20, 23 Widlowski, Gloria J. 1 29 ,79,16 Yordy, Michael 80,23 Yordy, Scott Michael 130,20,31,23 142 Yor dy, Young, Susan B. 134,79,16,23,142 Clinton L. 154,24,25 -Z- Widlowski, Larry E. 167,16 Wiegand, Linda S. 167 Wieneke, Melinda R. 134,16,141, 31,101 Wiggers, Timothy E. 129,80,20,16, 35 Wilcox, Gregory A. 153 Wilcox, Terri D. 129 Will.iams, Gregory L. 142 Williams, Janice R. 129 Williams, Jeffrey A. 153,20 Williams, Laura B. 87,24,25,31,19, 142,86 Williams, Robert J. 22 Williams, Sandra 35 Williamson, Kim R. 153,79,33 Williamson, Melod R. 24,25,142 Williamson, Timothy E. 167,81,24, 25 Wilmert, Marti J. 167,24,25,19,33 Wilson, Denise E. 130,135 Zehr, Debra L. 142,17 Zehr, Karen L. 142 Zehr, William D. Zeller, William 20 Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman Zimmerman: Mark A. Barbara L. 154,24,25 Cara L. 154,33 Elaine M. 130,31,35 Heidi D. 130,44,20,31 Zimmerman, Mary E. 142 Zimmerman Zimmerman Steve 130,81,80 Z Thomas A. 154 Zobrist, Am R. 154,19 Zobrist, GailyE. 130,36 Zobrist, Jennie R. 130,20,87,86 Zobrist, Julie A. 31,19,142 Zobrist, Lisa R. 167,19 Zobrist, Thomas A. 142,98 Zuke, Anna M. 167,142 Zuke, Charlene D. 142 Zuke, Christiene D. 130,17,36,142 f W 1 U 955125823 Y Sari angelo, texas V W K tff Q Ng ,xg-1 A 1 .il . My ,W- ,L if! 'Sn 1 .gp 4' ll

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