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ggg « £ iMKH i ■ ' ■ ' " ■■ ' ■ ' ■■■l : ri ' w ' -w %• - V J % ? f-jC N AM -4 W JBfc J . . « ■ • -••v. ,• •» r» ■vtAJ iv i ' i r«7Mvr ifi ' »i.Mir»7 ' - ' At » r. r ► r T -K . . v_» . a m( fa aiilF Mortimer Jordan High School Morris, A labama Volume XXIX Table of Contents I. Alpha 2 II. Advisors 17 III. Achievements 31 IV. Activities 51 V. Academics 95 VI. Athletics 147 VII. Advertisements 177 W m W " 11 • • lj 1 could save time in a bottle. . . l ' lr-: ' ■ ; fwil stmjlilii] ' . Hr ll 1 1 Dl 1 " P ' sl ■n? f jr! V a I R. ft V Br " [ " HBO «««Mfc«Bllli I ! 3 ▼v. ft £ - J ALABAMA ' ' 77 . U t, Hk Jju JEFFERSON n i f ' ;. ) ' ' .! " IBM Jhe first thing that Fd like to do . . . HaU HUH ■ H £k , v J Ml B V n M ■ X ¥ J Hkl ' El r « i ■ ■ " " ■ ;, ' . • o save ev ' ry day ' til eternity passes away . wmifflrM . ' ! ' % ' -z ii ' ' ' ' r u irffe ' in mBBi Mk . us to spend them with you. . . Jam • «M: . N ' t : S . fo ' i H - V ' But there never seems to be enough time . , . Vfanra H raHHumn wttk s ! ' LN . « . Nf CT»E xl »il fc N :n - 7 : ' ?-. x f 1 1 - ' . .. 1 S 1 SitiltE . P ■ m :- • " »v " -i ' i S ' • - ' - £ «Aip " t r r K J » o do the things you want to do once you find them. ' ' ffi V $ ' Wt-sV ' Bfl ■HHH ' ?m$%Ml§SBm ' flfg£ rs • f ■ j tew " " ; ' «r HHIHumHIII Bi I ' ve looked around enough to know that you ' re the UH ■h one . IHHDM VFtV-T. ' hhi IMiiTi 22 ♦ " " r m ? n nH • £ k = v N MZ : Z ' ' $ ! » %v, ¥ % 5»cOUU» V« » XSS» « ' • " «.„«, Rm 9tOWW £TOQMU Jfc? vr j , ftNM fcUS ' slASSwHS ft. LV. - ' v « M " lsT W K M. «« ■ w ■ k - £ » ■ ' •Jim • rw .-, ¥ VSk .Jjrf9fs i 3BChBP " ;■• ml iT i W 1 ?4 itlS ■ JrJw £t-. ' --r y kliiti£ci k Vw r 5BBrf™25J •wri »■ ■ i ' + ,JJ ;j p ?! . , § fe V pr t } ll p a - jHyyHi. 1 Jkjvf ' If i ]i 1 • - Tl-i 1 li II N ! ' ' ' ' ' - IMP ' ' ' " MBfe want to go thru time with. mm BJMBHl HH ; MW: ! ,Wi - Wmm fi ' iiw tOclS ' - ' fl ;]:;; TIME IN A BOTTLE by Jim Croce Used by Special Permission Copyright 1971, 1972 Blendingwell Music, Inc. Copyright 1971, 1972 in U.S.A. and Canada. Blending- well Music, Inc. and American Broadcasting Music, Inc. c o Publisher ' s Licensing Corporation, 488 Madi- son Avenue, New York, N.Y. 1 0022. The Staff Of Mortimer Jordan Mr. Jimmy Trotter, Principal Mr. Kenneth McMahan, Assistant Principal J Mrs. Clarice Fuller Mrs. Mary Jane Hays Mrs. Betty Thompson The Lunchroom Staff R. to L.: Mrs. Trotter, Mrs. Whitworth, Mrs. M. Kilgore, Mrs. Savage, Mrs. J. Kilgore, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Colley, Mrs. Dodson, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Page. 18 Bus Drivers Front Row: Mr. Counts, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Bones, Mrs. Higginbotham. 2nd Row: Mr. Trotter, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. S. Trotter Back Row: Mr. Keith, Mr. Ingram, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Vines. Mr. F. Savage Custodian 19 History Department Mr. Lynn Kimbrough Mr. Bert Vines Mr. Wayne Counts 20 Business And Office Education English Department Mrs. Mary Hall Mrs. Patricia Hicks Mrs. Mickie Nail Science Department Mr. Frank Ingram Mrs. Helen Guice Mrs. Carolyn Hardy Math Department 26 Mr. LeRoy Simmons Mrs. Elizabeth Arnold Mr. Robert Keith Physical Education Department 27 Special Courses Departments Mr. George Hatchett Mrs. Jane Adams Mrs. Carol Pugh Mr. Philip Renda v H m i pi % • ' $ - - Mrs. Jean Hicks Mrs. Audrey Hasenbein What kind of night did you have Mr. Keith?? What will you students do next??? ■P ' ■■ ■ ■ I PW " . ■■■■ n wm}. ■ " : , ' ?;■.■■ it:s ,il; ;■-(-« 1 i 11(1 ' ,; ) ;:•(.■ Pi M ' i ' t ' ; ' ' ■ ' ' i " . ! i i ■ ' ' ]. ■ i- 1 ..I ' M v irTC wmm HH A chievements fcLOTiir HHfffl , MB ■ : W £ I 1 SI ' " " Homecoming ' 76 Homecoming, September 24, 1976 — a day filled with excitement, brought a feeling of anticipation to the entire student body. Fir- ing up their courage for this important game the football players and fans waited hope- fully for the Big Win. Homecoming contest- ants for queen and princesses waited eagerly for the judges ' decision. Participating floats and cars in the homecoming parade were elaborately decorated for this highlight of the football season. Mr. Sharp proudly holds up his plaque toward the MJ fans. 32 Homecoming Queen — Donna Jones Sherry Doss, Donna Jones, Lisa Allbrirton, Party Holt Junior Princess — Sherri Doss Sophomore Princess — Lisa Allbrirton Freshman Princess — Patty Holt Signs of Homecoming The look of disbelief in the face of the Homecoming Queen. 33 Seniors Win Float Competition ' ft ,- Jordan Roll 34 As Parade Builds School Spirit ,)ry7l ft). IHHk 1M» ; " r •i ' ? iJV; " » H ■ . ■ Attention Getters r J ft A " Ijfe !♦;♦:•:♦:♦;♦: And Crowd P leasers PT Mh ' Mt AAidii n I ilVlT ' ' « J » , A » . ' » t« li ' V t Jk i The 1977 Miss TORCH Pageant Formerly known as the Senior Beauty Pageant, the 1977 Miss TORCH pageant took on a new and exciting meaning. Being named Miss TORCH is an honor given to a senior girl who, in the objective opinion of a panel of competent judges, possesses the most charm, poise, personal- ity and beauty. This year, all 31 contest- ants were interviewed collectively in groups of 4 and individually by the panel of judges. Competition at the pageant included evening and sportswear. Judges included one of the top models in the Southeast, Ms. Hamilton; a charm school owner, operator, and instructor Ms. McGhee; and the assistant director of adult and vocational education who has served as judge at other schools ' pag- eants, Mr. Francis. Judges for the pageant — Ms. Donna Hamilton, Mr. Stanley Francis and Ms. Flora McGhee ;.jjs» V • £ 1 X 1 B ■ 1 I 4 | ,; SO j 7 % t -lllf. ■■Ml jjjjjjjjW i 5 «- - ! " fff : J% A AM , . mi u 1 I i SL 1 1 ■ KS II Hffll ■ • ' isi?v 38 " Fantasy In Frost " w n w The i 1 21 Ik r : I . lP 1 r 1 Vickie Comer Joan Horton Donna Jones Darlene Chatham 42 Finalists Kelly Cousins Tammy Wadsworth Jane Barnwell Mary Torbert 43 •»••■ " -■ -•• N I - 1 v, r 1977 Delia Wilson A Iternates Karen Flinn 2nd A Iternate Ginger Allbritton 1st Alternate 45 Pageant Involves Friendly Competition Miss Congeniality — Patricia Brannon The coveted title of Miss Congeniality is awarded to that one girl who seems to have an extra enthusiasm for the pageant and for the girls who participate in this event. Based on cooperation, cheerfulness, friendliness, and helpfulness, Miss Congeniality was voted on by the girls themselves at the pageant just before the 31 contestants breathed a prayer for one another. Receiving the title of Miss Congeniality — Miss Patricia Brannon. We congratulate you. Delia Wilson, the first Miss TORCH, relaxes in excitement from the thrill of becoming a winner. Patricia receives the trophy from annual staff sponsor, Mrs. Toney, as tears of joy stream down her face. 48 Beautiful People Happier Faces Will Never Be Seen Because Each Girl Is Truly A Winner In Her Own Special Way. ' You mean I con take it Home? " " Denise, I told you not to eat that lemon! " 49 n These Beauties Help Their Talents Add 52 To Make The Band . . . Laurie Thomas 0 ' - - • TV ■ ' .■? ' Ut SJ«!( -V J - ' -. ■-■ r P S fe - ; - ' ■ ■ • V i- ' ■■- - " Top: Janet Barnwell. Bottom: Tanya Love. To Band ' s Performance M a J o r e t t e s Lisa Allbritton 53 HhBH . • 3 frXv 4 . J 1 H k ' A «• ' ■ i f $ . ' ? ' .J- Hi . ' -■rii ' iPn ll 1, I -.; .1 -- r.|. ' ! ■■.(»]- . , m r. V u k: y- V »:f -: •■-- - T . - ' .. . fe. j . ■ ' ' i 2 1 " • 1 J »■-■ » l Ttdl i mt w. ' • TL x SAXOPHONES AND FRENCH HORNS DRUMS RIFLES CORPS COLOR GUARD 55 INTERMEDIATE BAND 57 M.J. Band Does Excellent The Mortimer Jordan band has always done well at competition and exceeds most other bands in this county in excellent and superior ratings. Every member of the band has the right to be proud of his work in this organization. Their performance on the field is one of the best around. They help encourage the team and help bolster school spirit. ,s, m i Phillip Renda, Sponsor • • § _f« (m » v . " ■ Performance Over The Years Band Managers Officers: Jerry Pitts, Pres.; Vickie Comer, V. Pres.; Monica Scott, Sec; Pam Nail, Chaplain; Bonnie Banks, Treasurer. Kenneth Lewis, Drum Major Jerry Pitts, Ass ' t Drum Major 59 Cheerleaders 60 Dee Dee Box The Cheerleaders went to camp at Ole Miss in July. While there they won one excellent, two outstanding, and one superior ribbon. They also brought back a sportsmanship trophy. Show The Spirit Of Our School wmM i j- Come on, Gang! 61 Senior Choir m i i i m IMH Dill Morla Wilson, Sponsor. Officers: Jeff Easter, Pres.; Yogi Thomas, V. Pres.; Leah Nail, Secretary. 62 Junior Choir The choirs both give con- certs for the student body in the fall and spring. They sing for the Thanksgiving and Christmas programs. They participate in choral competi- tion and in the county Music Festival in May. Officers: Alice Comer, Pres.; Lee Ann Doss, V. Pres.; Sollie Pugh, Sec. 63 F.B.L.A. — Future Business FBLA is an organization which helps prepare the students who take Business and Office Education for jobs in this area of study and to help them understand how business takes place. They took a trip to the Hyatt House for the State Conference and to the Hueytown High School to start a new FBLA chapter there. This club performs many functions all pertaining to office education. jlil ' Sj3P,a - a. a i " |iaa«a9B«M«)| HH li H -BJ J-r- 1 - j — i_, 1. i, l ' ; ; ' ,» §1 dg= aire ' s 3 fib Entire Membership. Fund-raising Committee. Reporting Committee. 64 Leaders Of America Executive Council. Scropbook Committee. 65 Club The J Club members consist of those students who have lettered in a varsity sport. The J Club holds a steak dinner each year before school is out. They are also in charge of the concession stand dur- ing basketball games. Initiations take place as new members receive shaved heads and a big welcome to the CLUB! Officers: Rusty Graham, Pres.; Darron Savage, V. Pres.; Steve Love, Secretary and Treasurer. F.H.A. Future Homemakers Of America Junior Honor Society The Junior Honor Society members ore voted on for their scholastic achievements. They represent the foun- dation of higher learning. Each and every member of this organization should be proud of his outstanding scholastic achievements. These students hold the key of success and learning and the ability to succeed in their goals. Charlotte Washington, Sponsor Officers: Karen Kelley, Pres.; Robin Belcher, V. Pres.; Cindy Robinson, Sec; Cindy Hill, Treasurer. 68 Senior Honor Society The Senior Honor Society has a fund raising project each year so that a scholarship will be available annually. They also are responsible for posting the A-B Honor Roll. The tapping of new members occurs each year in the spring. Mem- bership in the National Honor Society has become recognized nationally as one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a stu- dent in high school. Once selected for member- ship a student is singled out. The student should continue his good work and promote his good qualities. Officers: Stanley Parker, Pres.; Roger Thorne, V. Pres.; Karen Flinn, Sec; Leah Nail, Treasurer; Jane Barnwell, Reporter. Patricia Hicks, Sponsor 69 The Library Club The Library Club functions as one of our most helpful organizations. This club ' s members act as library help in many different ways for the betterment of the library ' s service. They shelve books, check out books and serve the library users in what- ever problems they have. Fw H I VI I Srantfr 1 " " " T- The Science Clubs Junior Science Club The Science Clubs further scientific knowledge with activities for those stu- dents interested in the sciences. They maintain an aquarium in the library, make trips to the Alabama Space and Rocket Center, Robert R. Meyer Planetarium, the Jimmy Morgan Zoo and the Botanical and Japanese Gardens. Jetta Bradley, Sponsor. ..:+■ Student Council The Student Council operates the conces- sion stand at football games. They plan and supervise the Homecoming Parade and the decorations for it. The organization of the Thanksgiving and Christmas assemblies are also their responsibilities. They deliver the Thanksgiving baskets to the needy in the com- munity; and the opening of school assembly and annual scholarship are organized by them annually. SO THIS IS THE STUDENT Officers: Rusty Graham, Pres.; Tammy Wadsworth, 1st Vice.; Karen Kelley, 2nd Vice; Cindy Hill, Secretory; Stanley BODY PRESIDENT! " Parker, Treasurer. 74 Junior High Members Concession Stand Committee Thanksgiving Committee 75 The Ushers Club The Ushers Club is a service club. They usher at vari- ous school functions like the beginning of school to help seventh graders learn their way around, gradua- tion, and the seventh grade orientation at the end of the year. Membership is by invitation only. Members come from the incoming sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Officers: Robin Belcher, Pres.; Cindy Robinson, V. Pres.; Rhonda Carroll, Treasurer, Karen Kelley, Sec- retary; Head Girl Usher, Donna Jones; Head Boy Usher, Robert Carlisle. MJ. For Christ The purpose of M.J. for Christ is to help the Christians in our school to gather together and study the word of God. They also engage in activities such as Prayer watch and Bible study. Activities during club meetings are Prayer, group discussions, singing and listening to gospel records. Officers: Jeff Easter, Pres.; Karen Kelley, V. Pres.; Lynne Rickels, Sec; Shelio Scott, Program Chairman, Leah Nail; Chaplain; Pam Nail, Reporter. Mary Hall, Sponsor. 77 77 Torch Staff Editor-in-Chief Sandra Long Business Manager Melanie McCarty Section Editors Beauty: Joan Horton Classes: Donna Bell Clubs: Cheri Gray Senior: Leah Nail Sports: Jeff Easter Apprentices: Greg Moore, Renee Angle, Marsha Reeser Sponsor: Mrs. Faye Toney t Mrs. Foye Toney, Sponsor. — ...J ■ 1 r ■ » ■• HP ■ WJ i m ' i H HHf ■ ' [flKl i Bt ' BBfJB ■k vXEj ■ mB So H M ; $ 11 HSSB ' HPrW kIb L ' " as fcu ' . ' ■-,:;;■ jei Band ' s Outstanding Seniors Vickie Comer Jer ry Pitts y — Class Favorite A nthony Meeks Girl — Class Favorite Karen Kelley Sophomore Class Favorites y — Class Favorite Tommy Moore Girl — Class Favorite IHH ■.■ ■; ' ■ B 91 Hi BBBH Vickie Shotts Students Celebrate Christmas M. J. 3 s Thanksgiving Festivities Mr. and Miss MJHS Mr. MJHS — KBjHn ' I j " i V Mike Nation Miss MJHS — Kelley Cousins For their outstanding leadership, participation in school activi- ties, and untiring service to our school, Kelley and Mike received the coveted title of Miss and Mr. MJHS. The award is annually given to those two seniors (one boy and one girl) who represent these qualities. Selection is made by a joint effort of a student and a faculty committee. We salute you, Kelley and Mike, for your contributions toward making our school the best. Boys ' and Girls ' State Representativ Steve Comer N.Y.C. Workers I Senior Elite Stanley Parker Sandra Long Jeff Easter Rusty Graham Leah Nail Mike Oden 86 Outstanding Seniors Gary Craig Robin Belcher Roger Thome Donna Bell Tammy Wadsworth Monica Scott Jane Barnwell Joan Horton . • m ■ I 87 Valedictorian Mike Oden Valedictorian • m k T Highest Scholastic h Salutatorian ■ ' I ' ;■ ' .:, ' ! Monica Scott Salutatorian Averages In MJHS " Well, well, well . . . " Seniors Enjoy One step to the left . . Rn ■ " ft 3 ' f H v Ip [jl V ' T HA 1 1 V BS vi2 " This is the litel " Senior Room What a Year! We Seniors are disappointed (?) to see it go so quickly. We will miss our high school years at Jor- dan as each of us part to go our own ways. We surely have come a LONG, LONG way — class of ' 77 It seems like a feeling of excitement prevailed throughout the year because we had become SENIORS! Underclassmen CHIN- UP! You can make it, we seniors did, (didn ' t we?). WE ARE THE DEVILS, (Blue Devils, of course!) STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN ' CAUSE WE ' RE THE CLASS OF 77 One, Two, Three . ' Get down, Spanky! " " What ' s in that cup? " . u y yrvM 92 ($ y$SL0Mh HOT ONLY DdElttZ SEMrofts S W6 To LEfWt i u.} They 93 ; ' For his subtle humor and dry wit. . . For his genuine interest in all phases of our lives . . . For being there when we need him . . . For stimulating the minds of his students . . . For taking the time to help It L.r • • • For being a person we can love and trust . . . We, the TORCH staff, proudly dedicate the 1 977 TORCH to one whom we will remember as we continue down the road of life. Mortimer Jordan Salutes Its Government Buff ■ Mr. Grovef Keith ■.! ' :! MJ: ' : Founded On Friendship, Trust, And Love . . . Mike A bney 98 Daphne Arnold Kamie Adkins Lisa A mold Ginger A llbritton Randy Ballard Jane Barnwell Robin Belcher Seniors Exhibit A Spirit Of Unity Janet Barnwell Donna Bell Randy Beasley Bill Bennett 99 Diane Bolden Danny Brown Patricia Brannon Monica Calvert Dena Brasher Phillip Chambers J j J w fstk y w w lBI| WW 1 w ¥ WW Www I j Ai " r www r w w F J Jf w w 11 u 1 jM $Bm ' oo Darlene Chatham Renee Cole Steve Comer V «► V ) Vickie Comer Gary Craig Danny Conn Daryl Crowder Rodney Dobbs Kelley Cousins m ■ - .. S ■■ ■• Steve Davis Jeff Easter 101 Johnny Findley Joel Goolsby Russell Findley Russell Graham Karen Flinn David Grantham ,02 Cheri Gray Wendy Green James Guthrie Terry Harris Neal Hannah David Hicks David Hansen Joan Horton Randy Hughes Kathy Jackson Sarah Jolly 103 Donna Jones C ere t hi a Lewis 104 Sandra Long MWMjmj, L If i£y fl ifcfch. Br : ?jH dw9l I fly «Sffl - ' I .»- [ " Gerald Jones Kenneth Lewis Steve Love Ronnie Keith Charles Loggins Trexel Manley . If.. Gary Mann Tim McCool Melanie McCarty Kathy McCray Danny Mc Combs Teresa W. McKinnon Tim Moman Mike Morgan Leah Nail Michael Oden Michael Nation Randy Owens Wayne Nix ■ ■ i ml Stanley Parker ,06 Bobby Patterson Mike Patterson Jerry Pitts Man lee Rogers Monica Scott Teresa Russell Denise Shaver Jerry Suggs W a ■ - . Greg Thomas Darron Savage Tim Smith La Wayne Thomas I07 Roger Thome r m J? Mark Wadleigh Mary Torbert Tammy Wadsworth Greg Vogel Debra Williams ' os Glen Williams Teresa H. Williams Delia Wilson Tommy Witt Seniors Say " Thank You " To Our Senior Sponsors Mrs. Faye Toney Mrs. Wynema Vogel Miss Barbara Johnson n W BTZ 1 ' ' ' ■ " IV wKB Mk Blj| . Jul- H 109 ' .outez: £xl z c ' .i. azz like icaz±, uou cvlLL not luaczzd in touching thzm with uouz hanai, but Like thz ±zafazing man on tnz a£±£zt of uratzzi., you chooiz thzm a± uouz guicu-i., ana, roLLouxing them, uou t!azL .cSohuzz 5HB ™ ' si ' V ft - 1 - ■ i ' a±4. atn lis but a yame and they IJ$ fit slip away , 1 J?ove — Lihe the czrutumn sun Should be dyiny but it s only just beyun Uike tne twiliyht in ins. zoad up. ahead. —they don t see iust wh ze we re yoin cpy-na aLL tnz secrets in tnz universe ( vl hispez in out eazs and all the y eazs wiLL come ana yt c?rnd take us up. always up. J zeams — so they sayjf cyrre for the pooLs and they Let them dzipt away Should be fly in ' but it s only f ' ust: beyun Like LloLumbus in the obden days. lie alL our couraye cSaiL our sn ips out on the open sea C.ast awau our peazs and ail tne years will come at nd JJ J may ,hMxrniLe tne Lauqhin is. easu U wanna cry (p it manes it wozthwhile U may never piass this (fay ayain JH -Jrzat ' i. amy U want it with you ' Clause you make me peel like Jj ' m more than ffriend ' U want it with you baby ever piass this way ayain irez piass this way ayain ffi piass this way ayain fr pass this: way ayain 13y pontes Seals and. ' J ash Ciopts „.„ „ —mm ■ ' 4 w i , lift j i n Whom. ti«T ifefe Complete 0. ' Mlbcl IX punt " The winning float! 112 L Senior Directory MIKE ABNEY Castle Heights KAMIERENEEADKINS Morris FBLA; Senior Science; MJ for Christ; Pep Club. GINGER ALLBRITTON Kimberly Miss TORCH Pageant, 1 st Alternate; FBLA; Dixie Devilettes, Group Leader; Student Council; Prom Committee. DAPHNE ARNOLD Majestic Marching Band; Rifle Team, Co-Captain; Concert Band; FBLA; Pep Club. LISA ARNOLD Majestic FBLA, Reporter; MJ for Christ; Dixie Devi- lettes, Group Leader; Concert Band; Sci- ence Club. RANDY BALLARD Castle Heights Who ' s Who — Best All Around; Varsity Football; Pep Club. JANE BARNWELL Morris Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Soci- ety, Reporter; Dixie Devilette; Who ' s Who — Best All Around; Choir. JANET BARNWELL Morris Marching Band; Head Majorette; Concert Band; FBLA, Parliamentarian; Senior Sci- ence Club; Pep Club. RANDY BEASLEY Crosston Varsity Football; Junior Football. ROBIN BELCHER Gardendale MJ for Christ; Ushers Club, President; Jun- ior Honor Society, Vice-President; Girls ' State Representative; Prom Committee. DONNA BELL Glenwood TORCH Staff, Classes Editor; Prom Com- mittee; MJ for Christ; Library Club; FBLA. BILL BENNETT Morris Junior Science Club; Marching Band; Red Cross; Pep Club; MJ for Christ. DIANE BOLDEN Bradford 4-H Club; FBLA; Who ' s Who — Most Pop- ular. RONALD BOLDEN Bradford PATRICIA BRANNON Bradford FBLA, Vice-President; FTA, at Woodlawn; Miss TORCH Pageant, Miss Congeniality; Homeroom President; Who ' s Who — Wit- tiest. DENA KAY BRASHER Morris FBLA; Senior Science Club; MJ for Christ; Pep Club. DANNY BROWN Trafford Senior Science Club; Junior Science Club; FFA;4-H. MONICA CALVERT Pinson 4-H; Senior Science Club; FBLA; MJ for Christ. PHILLIP CHAMBERS Choir; Band. Gardendale DARLENE CHATHAM Castle Heights Senior Science Club; Miss TORCH Pag- eant, Finalist; Junior Honor Society; Junior Science Club; FBLA. STEVE COMER Morris Band; Choir; Boys ' State Representative. VICKIE LYNNELL COMER Crosston Marching Band; Senior Band, Vice-Presi- dent; Band ' s Outstanding Senior Girl; Miss TORCH Pageant, Finalist; Senior Science Club. Junior Science Club; Senior Science Club; Rifle Corps; FBLA; Pep Club. DANNY CONN Castle Heights Varsity Football; Senior Science Club; Pep Club. KELLEY COUSINS Mt. Olive MJ for Christ, Chaplain; Who ' s Who — Most School Spirit; Head Varsity Cheer- leader; FBLA, Treasurer; Prom Committee. GARY CRAIG Kimberly Senior Homeroom Treasurer; Who ' s Who — Best All Around. STEVE DAVIS RODNEY DOBBS Shop. Crosston Mt. Olive RENEECOLE Sardii JEFF EASTER Kimberly Choir, President; MJ for Christ, President; Senior Class President; TORCH Staff, Sports Editor; Senior Honor Society. JOHNNY FINDLEY Mt. Olive Shop. RUSSELL FINDLEY Morris 4-H; Junior Science Club. KAREN FLINN Mt. Olive Rifle Team, Captain; Senior Honor Society, Secretary; Usher ' s Club; Miss TORCH Pag- eant, 2nd Alternate. JOEL GOOLSBY Morris Choir; Stage Band; Marching Band; Con- cert Band; Pep Club. RUSTY GRAHAM Smoke Rise Varsity Football; Junior Football; Track; Student Council, President; Who ' s Who — Most Service to School. 113 DAVID GRANTHAM MJ for Christ. Kimberly CHERI ANNETTE GRAY Bradford FHA; MJ for Christ; Senior Choir; TORCH Staff, Club Editor. WENDY GREEN Mt. Olive 4-H Club; MJ for Christ; FBLA; Junior Achievement. SYLVIA GRIGGS Pinson 4-H Club; FBLA; Pep Club; MJ for Christ. JAMES GUTHRIE Shop. Blowgourd NEAL HANNAH Bradford 4-H Club; Junior Science Club; J-Club; Senior Science Club. DAVID HANSEN Crosston Marching Band; Concert Band; Stage Band; Choir; Pep Club. TERRY HARRIS Gardendale Junior Science Club; Junior High Football; MJ for Christ; Senior Science Club; Junior Basketball. DAVID HICKS Bradford 4-H Club; Junior Science Club; J-Club; Senior Science Club; Baseball. JOAN HORTON Gardendale Ushers Club; Senior Choir; Senior Class Vice-President; TORCH Staff, Beauty Edi- tor; FBLA, Chaplain. RANDY HUGHES Warrior 4-H; Senior Science; Junior Science; Pep Club. KATHY JACKSON Kimberly FBLA; Choir; 4-H; MJ for Christ; Junior Sci- ence Club; Library Club. FBLA. DONNA JONES Morris FBLA, Historian; Prom Committee; Senior Class Secretary; Who ' s Who — Best Per- sonality; Homecoming Queen; Miss TORCH Pageant, Finalist. GERALD JONES Shop. Castle Heights RONNIE KEITH Snow Rogers Junior Science; Senior Science Club; Junior Football; Varsity Football; Who ' s Who — Best Dressed; Student Council. CERETHIA LEWIS Shop. Crosston MICHAEL JOHNSON Pinson KENNETH LEWIS Mt. Olive Marching Band; Senior Science Club; Stage Band; 4-H. SANDRA LONG Pinson TORCH Staff — Editor; Who ' s Who — Most Likely to Succeed; Prom Committee; FBLA; Senior Honor Society. STEVE LOVE Hopewell J-Club; Junior Football; Varsity Football; Baseball; Student Council; Who ' s Who — Most Athletic; Junior Science. TREXEL MANLEY Morris Senior Science Club; Varsity Football; J- Club. GARY MANN Blowgourd Senior Science Club; MJ for Christ; Senior Choir; 4-H; Red Cross; Pep Club. MELANIE McCARTY Mt. Olive FBLA; TORCH Staff; Prom Committee; Who ' s Who — Most Service to School. DANNY McCOMBS Majestic Junior Science; Senior Science Club; J- Club; Baseball; Junior Football; Library Club. Senior Honor Society; Marching Band, Section Leader; Concert Band; Senior Sci- ence Club; Library Club; Senior Choir. KATHERINE DELORES McCRAY Pinson FBLA; 4-H; Pep Club; MJ for Christ. TERESA W. McKINNON Kimberly MJ for Christ; Junior Science Club. TIM MOMAN Gardendale 4-H Club; Junior Science Club; Senior Sci- ence Club; Pep Club. MIKE MORGAN Morris Junior Football; Varsity Football; 4-H Club; Student Council. REDA MELCHER Majestic MJ for Christ; Pep Club; Science Club; FBLA. LEAH NAIL Kimberly TORCH Staff, Senior Editor; Senior Class Chaplain; Senior Honor Society, Trea- surer; MJ for Christ; Library Club; Miss TORCH Pageant, 3rd Alternate. MICHAEL NATION Kimberly J-Club; Varsity Football; Track; Who ' s Who — Most Talented. WAYNE NIX Trafford Shop; Science Club; Track; Varsity Foot- ball. MICHAEL ODEN Hopewell Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Soci- ety; Ushers Club; Junior Basketball; Var- sity Basketball. RANDY OWENS Kimberly Pep Club; MJ for Christ; Science Club. STANLEY PARKER Shady Acres Junior Honor Society; Senior Honor Soci- ety; Ushers Club; Library Club; Varsity Bas- ketball; Student Council Treasurer. SARAH JOLLY Warrior TIM McCOOL Morris BOBBY PATTERSON Blowgourd 114 J-Club; Varsity Football; Who ' s Who — Wittiest; Junior Science Club; Track Team. MIKE PATTERSON Haig Junior Football; Shop; Junior Science Club. JERRY PinS Morris Band; Drum Corps Captain; Assistant Drum Major; Stage Band; Senior Science. MARILEE ROGERS Gardendale Dixie Devilettes, Co-Captain; Junior Beauty; Junior Honor Society; MJ for Christ; FBLA. TERESA RUSSELL Kimberly Choir; MJ for Christ; Science Club; Pep Club; Library Club. DARRON SAVAGE Morris J-Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Basket- ball; Baseball; Track. MONICA LEIGH SCOTT Morris FBLA, President, Reporter; Choir; Who ' s Who — Most Talented; Stage Band; Sen- ior Science, President, Secretary; Senior Honor Society. DENISE SHAVER Gardendale Homeroom Chaplain; Prom Committee. TIMOTHY E. SMITH Happy Top Senior Science, Secretary; Library Club; Choir; Outdoor Classroom Committee; Band. JERRY W. SUGGS Gardendale Band; Stage Band; FBLA; Who ' s Who — Most Popular; Senior Science; Prom Com- mittee. GREG THOMAS Shop. Crosston LaWAYNE THOMAS Bradford Varsity Basketball; Varsity Football; J- Club; Junior Football; 4-H Club; Red Cross Club; Pep Club. JACKIE THOMAS Kimberly MJ for Christ, Reporter; Junior Honor Soci- ety; Senior Honor Society; Choir. ROGER THORNE Bradford Varsity Basketball; Senior Honor Society, Vice-President; Junior Honor Society; Library Club; Senior Science Club; Ushers Club. EMERSON THREADGILL 4-H Club; Basketball. Bradford GREG VOGEL Gardendale FBLA, State and Local President, State Treasurer, Local Vice-President; Senior Sci- ence; Varsity Football; Junior Honor Soci- ety; Senior Honor Society; J-Club. MARK WADLEIGH Hopewell J-Club; Varsity Football; Track; Junior Football. TAMMY WADSWORTH Bradford Student Council, Vice-President; FBLA, Secretary; Cheerleader, Varsity Co-Head; Prom Committee; Finalist in Miss TORCH Pageant; MJ for Christ. DEBRA WILLIAMS Pinson 4-H Club; FBLA; Devilette; Senior Science Club. GLEN WILLIAMS Blowgourd J-Club; Junior Football; Varsity Football- Baseball; Science Club. TERESA WILLIAMS Trafford Who ' s Who — Most Athletic; MJ for Christ; FBLA. DELLA WILSON Bradford Prom Committee; Dixie Devilette; Miss TORCH; Who ' s Who — Most Talented; Stage Band; FBLA. TOMMY WITT Morris Senior Science; Baseball; Pep Club; MJ for Christ. 115 Most A thletic Teresa H. Williams Steve Love Most Talented Kenneth Lewis Monica Scott Delia Wilson Mike Nation 116 Most School Spirit Kelley Cousins LaWayne Thomas Most Service To School Melanie McCarty Rusty Graham 1 17 HJ , HHMB Best Looking Kamie Adkins Mark Wadleigh I !r . • ;{ • . .• - Best Dressed Robin Belcher Ronnie Keith ' -i flH IBHAJJ «f9kr W X 1 : 1 18 Most Courteous Leah Nail Jeff Easter Wittiest Patricia Brannon Bobby Patterson 119 Most Popular Diane Bolden Tammy Wadsworth Jerry Suggs (not pictured) Ronald Bolden Best Personality Mike A bney Donna Jones 120 Best All A round Jane Barnwell Randy Ballard Kathy Jackson Gary Craig Most Likely To Succeed Mike Oden Sandra Long 121 Senior Class Officers Senior class officers are selected by the majority vote of their classmates. 4 A Secretary, Donna Jones Chaplain, Leah Nail Treasurer, Kelley Cousins 122 Prom Committee First Row: Denise Shaver, Tammy Wadsworth, Ginger Altbritton. Second Row: Sandra Long, Donna Jones, Kelley Cousins, Robin Belcher, Delia Wilson. Third Row: Jerry Suggs, Melanie McCarty, Donna Bell, Ronnie Keith. Prom Committee members are selected by a faculty committee. Vice-President. Joan Horton President. Jeff Easter 123 Juniors Work Hard To Paula Aaron Lynn Able Doris Armstrong Laura Armstrong Owanna Barber Tracey Barber Rhonda Barfield Denise Barnwell Joe Barnwell Laura Barnwell Pam Bibb Michael Bookmiller William Bowers Kim Brasher Tammy Brasher Jeanette Brown Darlene Burnett Cornelia Burrow Robert Carlisle Mary Caminita Suzette Chamblee Donna Cheatwood Randy Clevenger Lee Cochran Donaid Colley Renee Conn Becky Crane Larry Creel Pete Crittendon Phyllis Curry m Jo Daniel Denise Densmore Dale Dial Sherry Doss Kim H. Drake 124 Prepare For Their Big Year Benny Dunn Bryon Ellard Furman Gray Charles Golla Debra Green Anthony Hamilton Michael Hargreaves Gordon Hicks Michael Higginbotham Becky Hays Tim Harris Cindy Hill Wayne Hill Crystal Hindman Russell Howard anessa Mixon anise Neely avid Holland { Purcell Houzer jj Audre y Jackson) Maxie Johnson Sharon Johnson-, Karen Kelley i Wilma Kelley Karen Knox Cindy Lawrence Eddie Layne Michael Lee Mike Logan Cindy Long Tanya Love Linda McCullar Kelly McGaughy Anthony Meeks Johnny Melvin 125 We ' ve Got Spirit, Spirit, Spirit Johnny Morris Lee Morton Cindy Mosley Susan Mosley Bruce Mulvehill Mike Murphree Pam Nail Doris Neely Steve Patterson Patrick Reese Julie Reno Ann Reid David Reid Lynne Rickels Judy Riddle Cindy Robinson Rodney Roberts Lenny Ross Sandra Russell Bill Smith Joy Self Keith Sartain Howard Stephens Michael Smith Shelia Scott Sandy Smith Freida Sides Brian Turley Dawn Vogel Suzanne Wigley Anita Williams Barbie Wood Johnny Yeager Terry Yeager A NOT PICTURED Diane Baker Ricky Hill Elizabeth Campo Perry Hughes Kelly Chandler Beverly Jones Richard Doss Tim Stubbs Melody Dutton Barbara Williams Barney Hill Tammy Williams 126 Sophomores — Class of " 79 EfPfl Lisa Allbritton Renee Angle Bonnie Banks Allen Barnwell Debbie Barnwell Nina Barnwell Teresa Bishop Karen Bolden Danny Bookmiller Joe Bramlett Gary Brown Lonnie Brown Michael Brown Frank Bullard Marcia Burgett Greg Burnham Larry Camp David Campbell Johnny Carlisle Rhonda Carroll Darlene Chavers Kerry Collins Rita Crowe Cindy Darnell Kim Davis Steve Dean Ramona Doyle Buster Drain ■ Patricia Faulkner Ellis Fields Sandra Fields Tim Fomby Jim Franklin Pam Franklin Mellisa Fuller % 127 The Days Were Scheduled Steve Fuller Barry Gcirst Charlotte Gilland Shania Glover Tim Glover Cindy Godsey Sheryl Griggs Dorethea Guthrie Bonito Guthrie Kae Hall David Harris Karen Harris Micheal Harris Lynn Hicks Wally Higginbotham Bryan Hill Danny Hill Melanie Hill Terri Hill Jerome Holcomb 1 | : Billy Horton Joseph Howell Willie Ann Jackson Barbara Johnson Martha Jolly Mary Jolly Karen Jones Lisa Kelly Nina Kimbreil Beverly Kinnedy Rita Kennedy Anthony Leipert David Love Tammy Mahaffey 128 To A llow For Studying Keith Marona Barry Matheney Robert May Steve Mayes Angela McCombs Clark McCombs Greg McCombs Chris McKinney Laquetta McKinney Clark McPherson Pam Melvin Dwayne Mickle Phillip Miller Terri Miller Pam Moman Donna Monte Rickey Morgan Danny Moore Greg Moore Tommy Moore Debra Morris Vickie Nail Dwayne Nail Sandra Nation Belinda Nibblett Steve Oden Teresa Owensby Greg Padgett Jeff Pate Brenda Patterson Sheila Pennington Sonya Prince Marsha Reeser Danny Reid David Reynolds 129 . r m? Listening A nd Relaxing Rita Roberts Alan Robinson Tammy Robinson Holly Rogers Tammy Roper Blonnie Ruff Mark Rylant Jay Savage Carl Scottland Cindy Self Pam Self Belinda Sharit Brenda Shrader Vicki Shotts James Smith Pam Srofe Gerald Stephens Karen Stewart Ricky Surrett Shelia Swindle Carol Taylor Angela Thrailkill Beverley Thomas Laurie Thomas Theo Thomas Kim Tillery Mike Tittle Carol Trotter Mela Trujillo Regina Tumblin Jerry Williams Rowland Williams Penny Wilson Grady Wood Tammy Wood Charlie Vickers NOT PICTURED Tammy Able James Cole Terry Bagley Laura Loggins Jack Berry Edith McCombs Lynn Blakely Terry Page Dee Dee Box Teresa Ray Kim Self 130 Freshman Spirit Never Dies Melissa Able Beth Armstrong Teresa Armstrong Mary Arnold Cynthia Baggett Roger Beasiey Deborah Bell Terri Bennett Kim Blakely Billy Blanset Eddie Bradberry Brian Brakefield Sammy Brasher Cathy Buchanan David Burgett Martha Burrow Ronald Calvert Patti Carlisle Joey Cannon Penny Chambers Darryl Chamblee Teresa Chandler Ronald Cato Jimmy Coggeshal Bob Cole Tony Cousins Larry Crisler Randy Densmore Shelia Dial Barry Dorman Barry Doss Manuel Duncan Sandra Elkins Kim Faucett Freda Fomby 131 High School A t Last Dewayne Ford Wayne Golla Greg Goodwin Lee Graham Steve Gray David Green Randy GreenhiM James Guntharp Anita Guthrie Lisa Guthrie I Cindy Hammett Mike Handley Kathy Hannah Pam Hannah Allen Hargett Mark Hayes Kenny Harris Tommy Harris Tammy Helms Audrey Henderson Tina Hicks lyn Higginbotham Mike Hill Patti Holt Renae Hooper Suzanne Horton Jeff Howard Linda Howard John Howell Gwendolyn Irvin Raymond Jackson Kenneth James Paul Jenkins Anita Johnson Ann Johnson 132 For Smiling Freshmen Tammie Johnson Merry Jones Steve Jones Terry Jones Regina Lawrence Mark Logan Janice Loggins Gary Long Dana Love Tamara Lucas Cullen Manley Rickey Marsh Tommy Martin Myron McAvoy Melinda McCarty Susan McCarty Prince McKinney James McMurray Teresa McMurry Sandra Melcher Randy Melvin Carole Miller Sherry Miller Marie Mims Sibul Mixon Doug Morse Sandra Mosley Joy Nation Janet Neely Bridget Norris Donita Page Connie Parton Harry Patrick Mary Patterson Cheryl Payne ■iBB w 133 We ' re On Our Way To Graduation Chris Peterson Clark Posey Mike Reese Linda Reid Regina Reese Phillip Reno Jay Rickeis Steve Rizzo Jeff Rogers Sharon Ross Brenda Rush Linda Rush Tommy Sandlin Mike Sargent Karen Salter Tammy Savage Scott Webb Wanda Scottland John Seale Cynthia Singletary Lyvonnia Singletary Marvin Shotts Jimmy Smith Mary Ann Spradling Joe Stasko David Statts Charlotte Stubbs Keith Suggs Mitzi Surrett Dale Tawbush Jeanine Taylor Anthony Tidwell Toni Todd Judy Travis Denise Tucker 134 Day — May, 1980 Janice Tucker Lynn Turner Linda Varden Hal Wadsworth Jackie West Karen Williams Mike Wilson Terry Williams 135 Eighth Grade Looks Forward Ronnie Adams Carol Anderson Robert Angle Michael Anglen Robert Anglen Leslie Arnoli Teresa Arnold Lisa Alexander Phillip Bailey Daina Baird leanine Barfield Jay Belcher Anthony Bishop Kay Blanset Sharon Bowers James Brown Phillip Bradford Debbie Brasher Tina Brasher Robert Buchanan Terry Bullard Vincent Burgett Bill Burkett Teresa Burrow James Cagle Tammie Cannon Allison Carlisle Susan Carroll Teresa Cates Larrv Chamble Debra Cheatwood Fred Clay David Coggeshall Alice Comer Cynthia Crowder 136 To Becoming Freshmen David Curry Teresa Densmore Charles Dickey Jeff Durbin Marty Dutton Douglas Early Nancy Elliott Johnny Faulkner Loretta Farley Joey Findley Teresa Flanagan Sheila Fomby Trisha Gammon Sherry Gardner Randy Glass Jeff Graham Jenny Graham Shannon Graham Belinda Green Wanda Hale Tony Hallman Melissa Hannah Lisa Harris Alan Hayes Glen Hicks Lynn Higginbotham Cynthia Holcomb Herbert Holcombe Connie Hollon Thomas Horn Paula Horton Wanda Howell George Hughes Pam Hurst Angela Jackson 137 8th Graders — Learning To Belong Darlene James Linda Jones Rhonda Jones Veresa Jones Janet Kennamer Pam Keeton Rita Kilgore Cindy Kimbrell Shaun Knopf Paula Lane Darrell Lawerence- : : Thomas Lawrence Sandy Launius Sue Ann Layne Mona Lee I Tommy Letlow Robin Lewis Tanya Lucas Terry Lucas Rodney Marsh Mike McAnnally Sheri McCain Greg McCombs Lori McCombs Ricky McCombs Dwight McCufry Mac McGlawn Roger Miller David McDonald Glenn Mclntyre Jackie McMurrey Karen Mitchell Patricia Morton Bonnie Nabors Brenda Nation ft M 138 To MJ ' s Traditions Christopher Nation Nancy Nation Sheri Neely Terry Neely Nita Nibblett ynn Page Ray Page Randy Parsons Russell Patrick John Patterson Sheri Peoples Jerry Peterson John Peterson Linda Pilkington Vicky Pratt Raynard Price Sallie Pugh Terri Randall Stella Reid Phillip Roper Rod Roper Scotty Roper PamelaRuff Terri Russell Lori Sanders Lisa Sandlin Darryl Sartin Gary Savage Mark Self Clint Singletary Shelly Smith Terri Smith Sherry Stallings Calvin Stasko Robin Staton 139 Making Friends For Life i Larry Stell Wanda Stephens Daniel Sullivan Jeff Taylor Lisa Taylor Bert Thomas Richard Thomas Sheila Tidwell Scott Tyree Angle Vann David Vickers Joey Vinson Eugene Waldrop Mike Ward Skip Welsh Carol Whitaker Doris Willis John Willis Shawana Witt Richard Kennedy Jeffery Brewer James Bullock Robert Campo Theresa Chambers Keith Dellinger Rebecca Findle Sandy Hayes ,J8?V 140 Seventh Graders Are MJ ' s Future Peggy Adams Howard Alexander Norman Alexander Diana Allen Allen Anderson Bobby Anderson Randy Anderson Mary Jane Archer Steven Archer Mac Archibald Lurinda Armstrong Steve Arnold Doris Ann Baggett Eric Baird Foy Barber Bobby Beasley Becky Bell Charles Bentley Kelli Bennett Jill Berry Charlene Blaikie Carolyn Blankenship Lisa Bowlin Danny Bradford Stephanie Bradford Billy Brasher Alan Brannon Donna Buchanan Alice Burrow Tom Butts , isa Cagle Russell Calvert Dennis Caminita Wendy Camp Donald Cato Melissa Cato Kenneth Childers Cindy Cooper Jay Cotton Gary Crane 141 7 th Graders Display Enthusiasm, ■ Tina Cross Joy Curry Richard Darnell Cheryl Davis Mark Davis Johnny Day chael Day Barry Dean Toni Deason Brenda Dorman nn Doss Susan Doss Laura Ehl Tammy Faulkner Troy Fields Connie Flinn nthony Fothergill Travis Franklin Jeff Franks Elisa Frye Natalie Gamble Theresa Gill Angela Graham Elaine Guthrie Keith Guthrie Eric Hale Steve Hallmark Cathy Haynes Patti Haynes Dwayne Higginbotham Paula Higginbotham Dana Hill Terry Hogan Mark Holt Keith Hooper Shelly Hubbard Donna Sue Isbell Jamie Jacks Vince Jackson Vicki James 142 Energy, A nd Overwhelming Spirit Solomon Johnson Latarsha Jones Lori Jones Mindy Jones Renea Jones Shelia Jones Thomas Jones Kevin Kelley Sonja Kelley Adon Kennedy Lydia Knox Malcolm Landreth Eddie Lawson Renee Lee Teena Lee David Logan Ronald Loggins Cecelia Long Kellie Lawless Jeffery Lucas Teresa Lucas Karin Manley Jeff Man Brandon Martin Linda Masters Vanessa McAnnually Lisa McCann ; Donna McCombs Theresa McKinney Rebecca McMinn Charlie McMurry Ollis McMurry Pam McMurrey Terry Melvin Bryan Merrell Jerry Merritt Danny Miller Edward Miller John Mitchell Phillip Mixon 143 Getting Prepared For Life Rusty Mize Debbie Moore Penny Moman Marty Moore Kelley Mosley Pat Mosley Thomas Mucha Scott Murphy Pam Myrick Darryl Nail Merry Nation Gary Nelson Bobby Nichols ard Padgett Deana Page Diedra Purten Keith Pate Vickie Patterson Rex Peterson James Pilkington Derrick Posey Elaine Pratt Andy Prince David Rayburn Linda Redwine , Jimmie Reese Paul Reese Darell Reid Richard Reid Leisa Rizzo Gina Roberts Holland Rogers Ronald Rogers Terry Ruff Perri Self Christine Samuels Rodney Sargent Tommy Scottland Chris Self Terrell Self I 144 Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness NOT PICTURED Tim Adaway John Anderson Rene Bryant Lonnie Conley Robert Conn Denise Hamilton Kenneth Hardin David Hicks Steve Hill Donald Kennedy Jessee McKinney Kerry Mixon Robert Pickett Greg Ray Randy Reese John Trussell Victor Shotts Lisa Smith Luther Springer Anna Stasko Jay Strickland Bobbie Sullivan Regina Sullivan Pam Terry Julie Thomas Stacy Thomas Judy Tidwe Riley Tolbert Wayne Tolleson Rebecca Tumblin Jimmy Tucker Brian Tyree Teresa Vaughn Rachel Ward Barbara Weichle Jeffrey Wilbourn James Williams Verlisa Williams Chris Willis Alice Wilson Sammy Wooton Robin Wortham Jeff Yeager 145 a • A thletics ! j : ' ■ The Thrill Of Victory . . . % JI ' fl nl . ' 5 ■ ' Bfry mwLJl " T J . . . The Agony Of Defeat ! Victory and defeat together spelled Foot- ball ' 76 for the MJ Blue Devils. Facing one of their toughest seasons ever, the mighty Devils saw many accomplishments and some disap- pointments through the 76 season. Through a lot of help and encouragement, Coach Lynn Kimbrough led his team to an even 5-5 record. We proudly salute our team. FULTONDALE On a wet field, the spirit of Mortimer Jordan ' s Blue Devils was dampened with an opening loss to Foltondale. At halftime, the Wildcats led 20-0; however, Jordan evaded a shutout at the end of the 3rd period when split end Darron Savage raced 58 yards with a Fultondale punt, Savage also added the extra point. The State play-off bound opponents scored 8 final points to beat MJ 28-7. TARRANT With morale somewhat down after 2 consecutive losses, MJ trav- eled to Tarrant only to be disappointed by another loss. In the 1st quarter, neither team could muster an offensive drive. However, in the 2nd stanza MJ had gained field-goal range but failed to achieve the desperately needed 3 points. The Wildcats mounted valuable points on a TD and a field goal to beat the Blue Devils 9-0. PLEASANT GROVE Mortimer Jordan ' s first home game of the season ended in vic- tory for the Devils. Although the hard-fought battle was delayed 45 minutes due to power failure, Jordan got game-clinching points in the 2nd period with 5:54 to go when Yogi Thomas scored from the one,- the extra point attempt failed. Jordan ' s heavy defense, led by Rusty Graham, Danny Conn, Randy Beasley and Tim Harris ena- bled the victory-hungry team to shut out the Spartans 6-0. CORNER MJ ' s record was broadened to 2-1 when the team stomped the Corner Yellow Jackets. Yogi Thomas was good for 2 Jordan TD ' s in the 1 st half; Darron Savage added both extra points. At halftime, the score was MJ 14, Jackets 0. With 3:30 left in the 3rd period, Savage scored on a 20-yard reverse play; quarterback Steve Love passed to Thomas for 2 points following the TD. Final score: MJ 22, Corner 0. HALEYVILLE The Devils suffered their worst defeat of the season to the State play-off bound Haleyville Lions. Haleyville built a 22-0 halftime lead, then went on to defeat MJ 50-1 2. Jordan quarterback, Steve Love, fired touchdown passes to Darron Savage of 51 and 18 yards to give the Devils 1 2 points for the game. LEEDS Homecoming 1 976 was spoiled with a loss to the Leeds Green- wave. The Dental Clinic bound team led 34-7 at halftime and held a 40-7 margin until midway in the 3rd period. Jordan came back for 2 late scores to narrow the final difference when Mike Nation scored on one and two-yard plunges for the Devils. The final score: 40-21. PINSON It looked as though the Blue would inevitably be beaten by the thriving Pinson Indians; the reverse happened, instead. Jordan ' s upset of the year was spurr ed from 3 Mike Nation TD ' s, the first of which came with 8:1 7 left in the 1 st period. On the ensuing kickoff, the Dev- ils recovered an Indian fumble and within six plays had " 6 " more on the board. MJ tallied once again midway through the 2nd period when Nation went in from the 3. At halftime, it was MJ 1 8, Pinson 0. The struggling Indians managed to get a touchdown in the 4th making the final score 1 8-7. GARDENDALE After the glorious victory over Pinson, the Blue Devils faced Gar- dendale, who was out for blood because of MJ ' s victory last year. At halftime, the Rockets had pulled out in front of Jordan 1 4-0; this lead was never overcome by the Devils, though they did manage to put 7 points on the board with 1 1 :26 left in the 4th. Yogi Thomas did the honors after an explosive MJ drive to the one. Gardendale then added 6 more points to make the final score 20-7. WARRIOR As Jordan met the explosive Warrior Indians (7-2), everyone knew that the battle was not yet over for the Devils. At halftime, Warrior had taken a 1 6-9 lead over MJ with Jordan ' s 9 points coming from a spectacular 57-yard punt return and a 23-yard field-goal by MJ ' s Dar- ron Savage. Jordan ' s winning points came from a 3rd period safety and a Steve Love to Terry Bagley TD; Savage ' s PAT attempt was good sending MJ to an 1 8-1 6 victory over Warrior. DORA MJ closed its season magnificently with an upset over the Bulldogs from Dora. The Devils got things rolling when Allen Barnwell scored on the first play of the 2nd period. The one-yard plunge capped an 1 1- play 57-yard march; Savage ' s kick made it 7-0. Dora, however, came back with 7 points to tie the game, but a Darron Savage field-goo! in the 4th clinched the Devil victory, 1 0-7. 151 SCOREBOARD MJ Fultondale 28 7 ' Pleasant Grove 6 ' Corner 22 12 Haleyville 50 ' Leeds 40 21 Tarrant 9 •Pinson 7 18 Gardendale 20 7 Warrior 16 18 ' Dora 7 10 •Home Games The accomplishments of ' 76 football were due to a group of hard-working individuals. Each member of this spirited team played an important role in the successes of the ' 76 sea- son. Those who possibly did not receive as much recognition as others were just as instru- mental as those who felt the thrill of passing the goal line. 152 NAME POSITION GRADE 12 Darron Savage F.L. SR. 14 Tim Harris Q.B. JR. 15 Steve Love Q.B. SR. 21 LaWayne Thomas H.B. SR. 22 Larry Creel H.B. JR. 24 Allen Barnwell H.B. SOPH. 30 Tommy Moore F.B. SOPH. 32 Mike Nation F.B. SR. 40 Mark Wadleigh LB. SR. 41 Frank Bullard F.L. SOPH. 42 Terry Bagley S.E. SOPH. 50 Trexel Manley T. SR. 51 Rusty Graham C. SR. 52 Jim Franklin C. SOPH. 60 Rowland Williams G. SOPH. 61 Danny Hill G. SOPH. 64 Danny Conn L.B. SR. 65 66 Ronnie Keith LB. SR. Randy Beasley T. SR. 70 Jerry Williams T. SOPH. 72 Donald Colley T. JR. 75 Bobby Patterson T. SR. 76 Alan Robinson T. SOPH. 77 Larry Camp T. SOPH. 80 Barry Matheney T.E. SOPH. 81 Randy Ballard T.E. SR. 84 David Hollon S.E. JR. 85 Ricky Morgan S.E. SOPH. 88 Jay Savage S.E. SOPH. ■■fcj " Ifl i ■ h£ iltt arron S avage ,- fl Cheerleaders And Fans Keep " Spirit " High Senior Football Players — Steve Love, Randy Ballard, Bobby Patterson, Ronnie Keith, Mark . , . Wodleigh, Trexel Manley, Rusty Graham, Lawayne Thomas, Mike Nation, Danny Conn Junior Football Team SK?v. ' T, " — -Tfc- . Coach George Hatchett Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. The Schedule 20 27 4 11 18 25 8 Fultondale Tarrant Vestavia Homewood Pinson Fairfield McAdory Won One Lost Five Tied One T W Coach Jim Lowery 161 MJ 9 s ' 77 Bask etball Team Emerson Threadgill Terry Bagley Roger Thome Anthony Meeks Stanley Parker Gary Craig Anthony Hamilton Coach: Jim Lowery 162 The Blue Devil Cagers, this year as last, ran into much difficulty with a tough schedule. However, the team fought a hard battle to the end. Therefore, to each member of MJ ' s 1977 Basketball Team, we say thank you for your efforts and hard work. MJ Basketball a hard- fought battle to the end 1 Anlhony Hamilton — Gilo re period Varsity Basketball ' 7 6 - ' 7 7 MJ VS Corner Gardendale Tourney MJ VS John Carroll MJ VS Pinson Mortimer Jordan Tourney MJ VS Tarrantfk f MJ VS Fultondale County Tourney MJ VS Gardendale MJ VS Warrior MJ VS Pinson MJ VS Leeds MJ VS Oak Grove MJ VS Corner MJ VS Gardendale MJ VS Warrior MJ VS Tarrant MJ VS Fultondale MJ VS Oak Grove MJ VS Hanceville MJ VS John Carroll MJ, VS Leeds Varsity B Team From Left to Right: Kerry Collins, Tim Fomby, Buster Drain, David Starts, Michael Brown, David Harris. Kneeling: Coach Robert Keith. Mr. Robert Keith — Coach 170 •- jSRz ■ £ ■ • - - ■ Junior B Team Bowling Team Rita Crowe Monica Scott Cindy Godsey Cindy Hill Melissa Fuller Melanie Hill Miss Jo — Sponsor MJ ' s 76-77 Volleyball Team ■ ) x . r - n - - ■ ' • » ' - , ■ - Teresa Armstron ?-3 S Wendy Cam Sherry Doss Shania Glover Lynn Higginbotham Tammy Savage Lisa Taylor Miss Jo — Sponsor flffWiiBinii mtmata Advertisements luHj HHW ,.| ■ : ; : i ; .■ m nun H hub min HH mm H ■— BIG BRIDGE RESORT LAH. HJdtOUTIQUE Smith Lake Box 535 Pinson Plaza Star Route Crane Hill, Alabama 35053 Area Code 205 Phone:287-1431 Your Hosts Ted and Ruth Wagnon Pinson, AL 35126 Phone:681-8482 Name Brands Jrs. — Missey — Lingerie Gift Items Costume Jewelry Owner: Thelma E. Ledbetter THE BYNUM ' S Gardendale Flower Gift Shop GARDENDALE GULF Robert Reeves P.O. Box 1 86 Phone:631-3202 Mk mm teleFJora 700 Decatur Highway Gardendale, AL Phone:631-6206 Complete Auto Service 178 ' ' - • Coke i . f ' . r jpjw ri " Coca-Cola " and Coke " are ' egslO ' ad Hade marks when id«ntily ihe same product ol The Coca-Cola Company. ■;: ;: 179 Compliments of SHULOU BOUTIQUE " In the Garden " Gardendale BARGER ROLLER RINK 180 Morris LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH Welcomes You Where Everyone Is Someone and JESUS CHRIST Is Lord Hoyle Guthrie, Pastor Route One, Morris 181 HOPEWELL BAPTIST CHURCH Rt. I, Box I 13-C Pinson, AL 35126 Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship - ■■-, . , 0:50 a.m. Evening Worship 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Service 7:00 p.m. Tom Hammett, Pastor Phone:681-3755 Compliments of PINSON MEDICAL OFFICES, P.A. Pinson, AL George E. Rudd, M.D. Robert Bryant, Jr., M.D. Phone:681-7902 182 Southern Institute . . . Designed for the Individuol Coreer Needs of Students Todoy ond Tomorrow . . . Staffed by Professionals. In Fashion Merchandising . Interior Design . . . and Secretarial Sciences. SOUTHERN U INSTITUTE 201 5 Highland Avenue South • Birmingham. Alabama • 933-8242 COMMUNITY LANES KIMBERLY STANDARD Trussville, Alabama Bowling Is a Ball Try 1+ Often (standard ) Steam Cleaning Minor Mechanical Work Free Grease Job With Oil Change and Filter r- .; FARMERS GIN TRACTOR CO. Allis-Chalmers, Ariens Case, David Brown New Holland, Satoh Bush Hog Warrior, Alabama Phone: 647-0662 2k4 184 A Great Big Thank You to BELMONT STUDIO 1433 N. Montgomery Highway Birmingham, Alabama Phone 823-4141 Christine and Nick Cottis, Owners 185 SANDLIN ' S GROCERY Groceries, Hardware, Sporting Goods Kimberly, Alabama Phone: 647 0760 TO SUIT YOUR TASTE PAYNE ' S APOTHECARY DRUG William W. Rogers BanlcAmericard Master Charge Blue Cross Paid Prescription Union Plan Hospital Bed, Commodes, Wheel Chairs, Sick Room Supplies 631 5671 Across From Sears Morris, Alabama Phone:647-1437 MORRIS MERCANTILE WILLIS CAFE WILLIS ' COIN LAUNDRY 647-3831 Old Highway 31 647-1036 Morris, AL 35116 187 JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Mortimer Jordan is an integral part of the Jefferson County Board of Education, the largest suburban school system in Alabama. The School Board consists of five citi- zens, elected by popular vote, to serve staggered terms as the decision and policy- making body. The Board operates under the committee system to approve educational pro- grams, new construction projects, and employ the necessary personnel to effectively operate the school system. Dr. George E. Rudd is chairman. Dr. Jack M. Dabbs serves as chairman of the systems management committee and Mr. Randall I. Godwin is co- chairman. The president of the School Board, Mrs. Robert W. Gwin, serves as ex-offi- cio member of each. Dr. J. Revis Hall serves the Board as superintendent and secretary, and is responsi- ble for carrying out the Board ' s decisions. Mrs. Robert W. Gwin, President Dr. J. Revis Hall, Superintendent Dr. George E. Rudd, Vice-President Dr. Jack M. Dabbs 188 Mr. Jack E. Brymer, Sr Mr. Randall I. Godwin Compliments of GOLDEN FLAKE, INC. 110 — Sixth Avenue S. " Gobble Golden Flake With Everything " BURCH TANT FORMAL SHOPS 9 1 84 Parkway East 2829Cahaba Road Western Hills Mall " Rent a Tux " 0,000 Formals in 52 Styles 189 Compliments of 190 Seal+est Is a Registered Trademark of KRAFTCO KRAFT, INC. Dairy Group Compliments of ALABAMA GRADUATION SUPPLIES Representatives for: Class Rings Invitations Caps and Gowns Diplomas Bob Patrick Ed Moore 191 In Memory of KEN FAUCETT By Friends Who Loved Him Very Much 192 CARLISLE ' S GARAGE Complete Auto Service 24-Hour Wrecker Service Phone:631-4431 Nights and Sundays: 63 I -3 1 60 Mt. Olive, AL Compliments of GARDENDALE BUILDING SUPPLY Gardendale Shopping Center Phone:631-5244 BOOKER ' S The Convenient Store Groceries Ed and Avis Booker Castle Dale Compliments of THE PANTS POCKET The Garden Shopping Center 04, 193 J. M. BOSGAN COMPANY Compliments of Real Estate — Insurance Appraisals J. M. (Jack) Boggan, CPCU Res. Phone:841-7359 1 20 West Tarrant Drive Phone:631-5674 Gardendale, AL H.JEANGAYLE Warrior, AL 35180 WELTON CARTER REAL ESTATE, INC. FOOD TOWN Pinson Plaza Shopping Center Serving Warrior Smoke Rise Areas Warrior, AL 35180 Home Owned and Operated We Sell Only U.S.D.A. Choice Beef We Give S H Green Stamps Phone:681-7122 Co-Owner and Manager: Roy N. Shadix 194 WILSON FLORIST GIFTS 1 328 Main Street Gardendale, AL 35071 jftotoen Phone: 631-8754 195 GLENNWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH J. Randy Bo+tomlee, Pastor R+. | _ Morris, AL Sunday School — Worship Service — Church Training — Worship Service — Midweek Service — was glad when they said unto me; let us go into the House of the Lord. Psalms 1 22: 1 10 a.m. I I a.m. 6 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. We preach Jesus Christ crucified, risen, and coming again. 196 OAK GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH Wei comes tou Y( Pastor: Rev. Gary Hardin Minister of Music: Gil Lowery Address: Route One, Box 35-D Pinson, AL " Holding Forth the Word of Life " 197 Federal ■ Alabama ' s largest Savings and Loan Association Gardendale Branch 631-6286 North Birmingham Branch 324-6822 DOSS DRUGS Old Highway 3 I North Morris, AL Phone:647-0515 Low Prescription Prices and Quality Service Larry F. Doss, R.Ph., Owner We Take: Mastercharge Bank America rd Union Cards Paid PCS Medimet Medicaid 24 Hr. Emergency No. 647-7270 Health and Beauty Aides Cosmetics Gift Center Cards and Candy Associated Druggist Member 198 RUSSELL ' S FOOD CENTER I I I Park Drive Warrior, AL Phone:647-3241 " Quality for Less " YOUNG ' S EXXON Gas — Oil — Grocery Phone:647-4131 Member Associated Grocers " We Give S H Green Stamps " MANDM MOTORS INC. Warrior, AL Repair and Wrecker Service Tommy Mikell Herman Mulvehill Phone:647-0535 647-6901 A. P. GREEN REFRACTORIES Kimberly A. P. G R E REFRACTORIES CO. DIXIE DI VrSION SUB ' SlblAhV OF UNITED STATES GYPSUM COMPANY ft JOHN L BELCHER " Your Friendly State Farm Agent " See Me for Your Insurance Needs Auto — Life — Health — Home and Business 807 City Federal Bldg. Home Phone: Birmingham, AL 631-3777 LLL RESTAURANT 716 Main Street Gardendale, AL Delicious Home Cooked Meals, Homemade Pies, Pit Bar-B-Que, Steaks, Chicken, Chops, and All Kinds of Sandwiches Take Out Orders Owner: Joe Luna Phone:631-7707 ML OLIVE DRUGS Curtis Florence, R. Ph. 631-4611 631-3618 GARDENDALE SAMPLE SHOP Village Green Shopping Center Save 30, 40, and 50% 200 WHITE LIVESTOCK COMMISSION COMPANY INC. Cattle and Hog Auction Every Wednesday Horse and Mule Auction Last Saturday of Every Month Birmingham Phone: 25 1 -4580 Morris Phone: 647- 1 396 201 Western TSuto ..the family store land [III CATALOG ORDER C 6 T e t, 3 I Warrior, Alabama Phone:647-6921 A AND A AUTO PARTS Owner: Earl E. Posey New and Used Parts We Buy Wrecked Cars of All Kinds Owner: Ray Rogers 3010 Stouts Rd. Fultondale, AL BIRMINGHAM TRUST NATIONAL BANK 202 Anytime-Teller Full Service Bank Banking 24 Hours T I £ IIIMIHGMAM HUST MATIOMAL • WARRIOR SAVINGS BANK " Make Our Bank Your Bank " Member F.D.I.C. Phone:647-0531 BOBBY BAKER Your Good Neighbor DeVOE PAINT COMPANY Gardendale, AL Phone:631-8766 608 So. 23rd Street Birmingham, AL STATE FARM INSURANCE James W. Long Sales Representative Residence Phone: 68 I -2 1 69 Office Phone: 252-0248 203 GARDENDALE AMOCO IMPORT SERVICE PRICE ' S DRUGS 977 Main Street 631-9014 Pi nson " On the Corner Since 1898 Let Us Fill Your Next Prescription In the Heart of Beautiful Pinson Valley Phone:681-8821 Hours 7-9 Daily Sunday 10-6 J. H. BERRY REALTY CO. Gardendale, AL 939 Main St. Phone:631-8724 BURN ' S BARBEQUE Warrior, AL Phone: 647-9930 ? GOOD FOOD The Finest Pit Barbeque and Curb Service CULLMAN- JEFFERSON COUNTIES GAS DISTRICT 212 Main Street Warrior, AL Phone:647-5311 Nights: 647-2333 SEW SEW FABRIC CENTER 133 Louisa Street Warrior, AL Owners: Kenneth and Linda Young = J.J.LAUNIS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE 204 Louisa Street Warrior, AL 35180 Phone:647-4311 205 FLORENCE DRUG CO. Two Registered Pharmacists Rick Bradshaw O. B. Florence Save on Prescriptions Compare and Shop for Quality — Service — Savings Warrior, AL CALVERT Compliments of LEWIS FLOWER SHOP Main Street Warrior, AL Phone:647-9591 WARRIOR MERCANTILE CHEVROLET Meet the Chevy Stars The Great Highway Performers Warrior, AL Phone: 647 0538 Warrior, AL Phone: 647-0533 WARRIOR MERCANTILE CO. 206 HUGHES HARDWARE Owner: E. W. Hughes SCOTT CAMPER SALES Phone:631-8601 P.O. Box 233 A Mt. Olive, AL iHUGHE5 HARDWARE 410 Hwy. 31 North Gardendale, AL Phone:631-3004 FAITH BOOK STORE 100 Fieldstown Road Gardendale, AL Phone:631-6331 " Serving You With the Finest Christian Materials " RIDOUT ' S BROWN-SERVICE Gardendale Chapel Lloyd Morgan, Manager 2229 Decatur Highway Gardendale, AL 207 W. A. BALDWIN Appliance and Hardware Appliances (Uhuepooe Sale s and Service Warrior, AL ■LDWIN HOWE BALDWJA?PJJJ!E Compliments of WARRIOR READY MIX AND SUPPLIES Warrior, AL Phone: 647 9628 JIMP ' 208 ELMER ' S AUTO PARTS Delco Arvin Perfect Circle 1 25 Louisa Street Warrior, AL Phone: 647-0827 WARRIOR ALUMINUM SCREEN AND DOOR R+. 3 _ Hwy. 3 I North Warrior, AL Custom Made Replacement Windows, Storm and Screen Doors, Screens, Storm Windows, Aluminum Siding, Carport Covers, All Types of Glass Installation Available KIMBERLY CHURCH OF GOD a a a i Located on Highway 3 I North P.O. Box 296 Kimberly, AL 3509 1 647-0585 L J. Weeks Pastor Jerald Wilson Minister of Youth and Education " Jesus Is the Answer " 209 ©©©©©©(5) IF YOU CARE ENOUGH TO BUY THE VERY BEST HUGHES E.C.HUGHES FARMS HUGHES EGGS, INC Rt. I , Warrior, AL 35180 205 681 7952 E. C. Hughes, Charlotte Tidwell R+. I, Warrior, AL 35180 205 681-7952 E. C. Hughes, Lib Crane Linda H. Apple+on © ©© © © © © © 210 PAMPER POODLE SALON W HIGGINBOTHAM GROCERY Highway 79 Pinson, AL 35126 Vera M. Hobbs, Owner N. M. Higginbotham Personalized Grooming Phone:681-6327 ' We Use Loving Kindness Not Tranquilizers " Phone:849-9191 Musical Strings and Sheet Music Instruments Accessories Song Folios MUSIC STORE P.O. Box 356 The Garden Shopping Center f:l ' ,M«M KROTZER BROTHERS Ann and Charles Morrison w»w Gardendale, Alabama 35071 (205)631-7152 Highway 3 I Gardendale Phone 63 I -3 1 22 Band Accessories 211 MLiirrrt uS " 6 StfvKt MLS TM m REALTOR ' CUMBERLAND REALTY Gary Anthony Coleman Brooks William M. Bryant Darlene Cherry David Duke Broker: Harry Crane Planning on Buying or Selling a Home Call a Professional 631-5686 Serving All the Gardendale and North Jefferson Area A. E. Fetner Donald Garrett R. M. Jones Bill Walker Marguerite Smith MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO OF GARDENDALE Try Before You Buy Courtesy Make-Up Lesson by Appt. Your Beauty Advisors Are . . . Marguerite Craft and Marinox Moore I 206 The Garden Shopping Center Gardendale 63 I -4 1 33 E P FOOD STORE I 30 Graymont Ave. N. Birmingham, AL 35204 212 ftughcs Memorial baptist Church Located On; B radfo rd-Traffo rd Road BRADFORD, ALABAMA RICHARD COGGIN, Pastor Rt 1, Box 85 Pinson, Alabama 35126 213 CARL L HAGOOD GEN. MDSE. Rt. I, Box 150 Pinson.AL 35126 Phone:681-6486 Compliments of Compliments of KALEY ' S PINSON FLORIST Compliments of 214 WARRIOR PHARMACY Compliments of WARRIOR FAMILY STORE Bill Reid — Registered Pharmacist Warrior, AL Phone: 647-0528 Clothing — Variety — Materials WJTWSLY btui McCURRY FURNITURE Warrior, AL Phone: 647-0456 Serving Jefferson County Since 1917 215 A utographs 216 k«as;-- ' - i »vr : flOr? »a — . w tJ % s- - r+f . ' r ' " ' " ' ' hlk " ?- ■•■ ... ft ... • MrWi r ' i t i« : i J

Suggestions in the Mortimer Jordan High School - Torch Yearbook (Morris, AL) collection:

Mortimer Jordan High School - Torch Yearbook (Morris, AL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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