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m. k TORCH 4 i.i 5C.V. i 97S 1976 . OpetUitg Csdtow SpiAltoly ' 76 III.Jli sofDistiivdtoiiy V. Pctstum (o AMiss VI. Catsgo tesfo Faces yil ' Aimoutt06hietds (oJiyik Puhilc Devds Qiiuis ike Btceidmtuc I am Dtjmm ' tM mait itntM suf omLmmnh of- mms SRixL anam niafu mWiim ' d a samim am tkimi am misew t m mud in, nrnVuv mehiia ' . e ggyi I Im- eam- and it eiouhm . . . loh g§jspmU 1005 ijht psmuehAjj d Oiik mm, Mj mm, omL ©uv Inmlii a w ieuwe- ei oxH ' (, ' WiM, WW ' aiih TfiV rmiv, imiv p0iM£mj, a m oeit 0 animxi, Diit wmv i«paw i mm im ■6 9; ■eh mm n»t mX Mnt jm ev — oa mm ost ate u paumj gkktOU enM ' JU I Uemnmtnli is Ou ' tjui , mi ' tm O M «| m Qemrnmt ohi ' Mi M; ana oeOi ' Otf ' tiiuit amllM ' tMji m OM mom 1m m e|- lMpmm. 0ft juAtue oAuie, Uim. and att ohi- C5t. u uitine p 10 pledge allegiance .1 ilii- Ki.ij; ol the United States p| AnHTi -i and to " file Ripublic for which il si.iruis. one Nation under CikI. indivi.sihle. with IIIhtIv and iiislicc for nil. flit nfltujni. C uftuvit? peaie ana mmmi iM J. n cJn a naJummlb spanA W mtintnlb. r ' ,6« 12 ' y i , Q6V€ rmeiit urn- flMiAt in tmhina th humav. 13 14 cjimneti iA net mtxib ohMmetie . . . mtmut smm Unanee m smnd awthnmert i pMihw-, u mmt Soma oevihrMetit m Seum llnanei ' iA pmihw. 15 exuottf ' opinim iet Detuutt to emM gewiitwmt, and is mj wot smWMam uv tmu i ■W GM. yatrtes (ydfiikiotv 16 THE PAST This bicentennial year brings into focus those indi- viduals and events which have helped shape the destiny of hundreds of youth. MJHS has a heritage of hard work, proud spirit, and a zest for life. Just as the pride of our ancestors has served as a source of inspiration for students of today, so too, will the memories of our present continue to mold the future of those who ore a part of AAJ. It is for that spirit and pride of purpose and because we believe in allowing the past to help mold a better tomorrow, that we, the TORCH staff of 1 976, dedicate our yearbook to the PAST, the PRESENT, and the FUTURE of MJHS. THE EUTURE DEBRA ALLEN MONA BARNWELL Seniors Exemplify the JUDY BLAIR HOUSTON BOBO GAYLA BRAKEFIELD ;l| :.i!,!i; Spirit of ' 76 CONNIE BURNHAM DEBORAH CALVERT JEROME CANNON PAT CALVERT ELLEN CHAMBERS KENNETH CHEATWOOD Through Twelve Years CINDY COLAFRANCESCO BRIAN CRANE ALTON COLE CYNTHIA DAVIS CHIP COUSINS KAREN DODSON DEMISE DOSS LARRY DOSS RANDY DOSS of Togetherness With RONALD FAUCEH BRUCE DOYLE KAREN FOMBY NEAL FAUCEH CAROL FOSTER KAY FOUNTAIN TOMMY FULLER BARBARA HARDING Confidence SHELIA HAYES REBECCA HICKS mH B 1 1 1 B » 11 H H H H ij Bi H Hv M II Hh mmL . 1 H 1 |nfl 1 H Bb||U| (jfl l 1 - rV HJH H n 1 VICKI HAYNES GRAYLON HICKS RICKY HIGGINBOTHAM TERESA HIGGINBOTHAM ' M m ' ' m Anxiety. . . DAVID HINDMAN BOBBY HOLLAND KATHY HOGAN DARYL HOLT KATHY HOGELAND DENNIS HOOPER TERRY HORTON RICKEY HYDE TAMMY ISBELL Devotion . CANDICE JOHNSON KATHY KIMBRELL DEBBIE KNIGHT CINDY LANCE TRAVIS MANN KATHY MASON KATHY McGAUGHY Rebellion . MARVIN McPHERSON TERRY MIKELL PHYLLIS MIXON JIMMY MOORE JOEL MOORE 1 1 llflte- " .11 fe 1 1 ' ,. tllli it :l; aiV fl 1 w K mi ' tS5 rr a ? It - CATHY MORRIS GREG MORSE MIKE MOSLEY JEFF MULVEHILL Seriousness . . . JOEY NAIL ANGELA ODEN TOMMY PILKINGTON JANICE POSEY MARK RANDLE PAULA REESER DeWAYNE REID JOHNNY REID fA lil i iUi rifi?itttJL!fil GINGER RENO l .. ! Laughter. . . ROBERT SELF KAREN SIMMONS LINDA SIMMONS Work. . GREG SINGLETARY TERESA SMITH KATHY STATON SHERRY TAYLOR KAREN THACKER SHERRI THOMAS STEVE THOMAS EARL THRAILKILL EDDIE THRAILKILL 1 Play. . DEMISE VINSON DUANE TUCKER LEIGH TURLEY NANCY WARD Everlasting Friendship RENEEWEBB KATHY WILSON ZOE WOODS In memory of Ray Brown who would have been one of us had fate not changed his destiny. Ray was killed in an auto- mobile accident on June 1 4, 1 975. Senior Directory DEBRA LYNNE ALLEN MJ for Christ Bradford Jr. High Basketball MONA BARNWELL Pinson Who ' s Who in American High School Stu- dents; Junior Beauty; Red Cross, President; Senior Class Officer, Secretary; Student Council, Secretary JUDY BLAIR Morris 4-H HOUSTON RAY BOBO Sardis Junior Football and Basketball i GAYLA BRAKEFIELD Kimberly Jr. and Sr. Societies; FBLA — Scrapbook Committee; Jr. and Sr. Science Clubs; Jazz Band; Bond — Rifle Twirler CHRIS BROWN Jr. Science Club; Pep Club Morris CONNIE BURNHAM Kimberly FBLA; Choir; MJ for Christ; Student Council DEBORAH CALVERT Masseyline Senior Honor Society, MJ for Christ JEROME CANNON Morris Football; J Club; Who ' s Who — Most School Spirit; MJ for Christ ELLEN ANNEHE CHAMBERS Gardendale Dixie Devilette; Sophomore Beauty; Majorette; Homecoming Princess, 10th Grade; Senior Beauty Pageant, 2nd Alter- nate KENNETH CHEATWOOD Kimberly Jr. Honor Society; Prom Committee; Jr. and Sr. Basketball; Pep Club CINDY COLAFRANCESCO Pinson Select Choir; 4-H; Jr. and Sr. Science Clubs; Student Council; Dixie Devilette PRINTIS COLLINS 4-H Morris CHIP COUSINS Mt. Olive Library Club; Pep Club; AAJ for Christ; Jr. Science Club; Senior Class Officer, Lawyer BRIAN DON CRANE Mt. Olive Jr. Science Club; MJ for Christ; Sr. Science Club; Shop — Ornamental Horticulture; FFA, Secretary CYNTHIA DENISE DAVIS Kimberly MJ for Christ; Marching and Concert Band KAREN L. DODSON Morris Jr. Cheerleader; Dixie Devilette; Student Council, Secretory; FBLA; Pep Club DENISE DOSS Pinson Ushers Club, Secretary; Jr. Honor Society; Sr. Honor Society; Prom Committee; Var- sity Cheerleader, Head LARRY DOSS Pinson Science Club; Football; FBLA; Senior Class Officer, Prophet; Who ' s Who — Wittiest RANDY DOSS Kimberly Science Club; Baseball; Football; Senior Class Officer, Treasurer; Who ' s Who, Best All Around STEVEN DOSS Bradford Shop — Machine Technology BRUCE DOYLE Shop — Drafting Pinson NEAL FAUCEH Pinson Football; AAJ for Christ; Baseball; Track RONALD FAUCETT 4-H; Pep Club Morris FBLA; 4-H; TORCH Staff; Student Secre- tary; Who j j o — Most Talented; Dixie Devilette CAROL JOY FOSTER Crosston Select Oioir; FBLA, Treasurer; Prom Com- mittee; Pep Club; AAJ for Christ KAY DOSS FOUNTAIN Morris Dixie Devilette; FBLA; Select Choir; Ushers Club; Who ' s Who — Best Personality TOMMY FULLER Mt. Olive Football; Ushers Club; Choir; Sr. Science Club; Student Council, President DENISE VINSON GREEN ■ Gardendale Pep Club; FBLA; Choir; AAJ for Christ; Stu- dent Council BARBARA HARDING Gardendale Science Club; Red Cross; Pep Club VICKI HAYNES Pinson AAJ for Christ; Red Cross; Jr. Band; FBLA; Choir GRAYLON HICKS Shop Masseyline REBECCA LYNN HICKS Trafford Band — Asst. Drum Major, Senior Science Club; Choir; Pep Club; Jazz Ensemble RICKY HIGGINBOTHAM Shop Masseyline TERESA HIGGINBOTHAM Pinson Jr. and Sr. Honor Societies; Who ' s Who — Most Service to School; S enior Class Officer Vice-President; Prom Committee, Co-Chairmon; Devilette; TORCH Staff, Edi- tor JAMIE HILL Morris Jr. Honor Society; FBLA; Band; Pep Club ALTON COLE Morris KAREN FOMBY Pinson LOREHA HILL Morris - mm 33. Jr. and Sr. Science Clubs; FBLA; Pep Club; Library Club; MJ for Christ DAVID HINDMAN Gardendale Football Mgr.; Baseball; Choir; FBLA KATHY HOGAN Kimberly Band — Drum Major; Senior Beauty Pag- eant, Finalist; Who ' s Who — Most Tal- ented; FBLA; Choir KATHY LYNN HOGELAND Center Point MJ for Christ; Band BOBBY JOE HOLLAND, JR. Pinson Band; Jr. Honor Society; Sr. Science Club; Jazz Ensemble; FBLA; Choir; Library Club DARYL HOLT Shop DENNIS HOOPER Pep Club TERRY HORTON Shop Masseyline Pinson GaWendale RICKEY HYDE Warrior Oneonta High School — Band; Honor Band; Class Favorite, 10th Grade; Vice- President of Junior Class TAMMY ISBELL Gardendale Marching Band; Rifle Twirler; Science Club; Pep Club; FBLA CANDICE JOHNSON Pinson 4-H Club; Prom Committee; Who ' s Who — Best All Around; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students KATHY KIMBRELL Mt. Olive Sr. Honor Society, President; MJ for Christ; Sr. Science Club; TORCH Staff, Club Edi- tor; Who ' s Who — Most Likely to Succeed DEBBIE KNIGHT Gardendale Homecoming Queen 1975; AAJ for Christ; FBLA; Scropbook Committee-- ...- «■ • ■■■— - Club; Science Club; FBLA TRAVIS MANN Morris J Club; Football Mgr.; Baseball; Jr. Basket- ball; MJ for Christ KATHY MASON Kimberly FBLA; MJ for Christ; Pep Club; Varsity Cheerleader, Senior Beauty LYNN McCOMBS Morris Prom Committee; Girl ' s Volleyball Team; FBLA; Girl ' s Track Team; Who ' s Who — Most Athletic CHARLES WAYNE McCULLAR Kimberly Marching Band; Concert Band; Pep Club KATHY McGAUGHY Mt. Olive Jr. " and Sr. Honor Societies; Senior Class Officer, Historian; Band, Rifle Guard; Who ' s Who — Wittiest TERRY MIKELL Who ' s Who — Best Dressed Warri l PHYLLIS MIXON Dixiana 4-H Club; Pep Club; FBLA; Science Club; Choir; MJ for Christ J JIMMY MOORE Gardendale AAJ for Christ; Who ' s Who — Most Courte- ous; Track; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students JOEL MOORE Shop CATHYl CWRIS Blog rd Jr. Cheerleader; Concert and Marching; Devilette; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students; Senior Beauty Pag- eant, 1 St Alternate GREG MORSE Glenwood Who ' s Who — Most Talented; Library Club; Stage Band; MJ for Christ , Jr. and Sr. Basketball; Jr. and Sr. Honor ' | Societies; Ushers Club JOEY NAIL Warrior Bond; Sr. Science Ciub; Stage Band; Choir; Library Club ANGELA ODEN Pinson 4-H Club; Prom Committee, Senior Beauty Contestant; Who ' s Who — Most Popular; j| FBU TOAAMY PILKINGTON Happy Hollow JANICE POSEY Morris Who ' s Who — Best Dressed; Assistant Drum Major; Jr. Honor Society; FBLA; AAJ for Christ MARK RANDLE Crosstoi Senior Science Club; Jr. Honor Society; Band; Who ' s Who — Best Looking; Choir; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students PAULA REESER Mt. Olive Who ' s Who — Best Looking; Senior Beauty Pageant, Finalist; FBLA; Dixie Devi- lette; Prom Committee I DeWAYNE REID Warrior Science Club; Choir; Band JOHNNY REID Smoke Rise Jr. Science Club GINGER RENO Kimberly Marching Band; FBLA; 4-H Club; Jr. and Sr. Science Club; Senior Beauty Pageant BELINDA ROGERS Morris Dixie Devilette; FBLA; Red Cross; Color Guard MIKEMOSLEY - Morns !n| wtball; 4-H Club; J Club; Baseball; Sci- ence Club DAVID ROGERS Jr. and Sr. Football; Track Morris PAUL RUSH Sardis NYC; Who ' s Who — Most Service to School CINDY LANCE Gardendale Marching Band; Red Cross, Secretary;, ep JEFF MULVEHILL County Line 34 DEBBIE SALYERS Morris p I Dixie Devilette; FBLA; Sr. Science Club; arching Band; Library Club; Senior 3eauty Pageant, 3rd Alternate MIEH SANDERS basketball; Baseball County Line JOB SELF Morris 5r. and Jr. Science Clubs; J Club; Jr. Honor society; Band; Shop )EFF SELF Kimberly " ootbail. Honorable Mention All County, Aost Valuable Lineman; MJ for Christ; J Hub; Senior Class Officer, Chaplain; :»Vho ' s Who — Most Athletic i ' 3REG SINGLETARY Morris -ootbail; J Club, Vice-President; FCA; Sen- ior Class Officer, President (AREN SIMMONS Pinson •BLA; Volleyball Team; Select Choir , Iheerleoder; Prom Connmittee JNDA SIMMONS ' Pj| FBLA; Library Club; P0p Club f I ipRESA M.SMITH Morris u ' BLA; Select Choir; Senior Science Club; ' E.lbrary Club; Student Secretary « ■■ »■ TERRY SPENCER FFA Club; Shop Crosston KATHY STATON Pinson Prom Committee; Senior Science Club; Pep Club; Select Choir; FBLA SHERRY TAYLOR Pinson Student Secretary; 4-H Club; Science Club; Pep Club W : KAREN THACKER Gardendaie Dixie Devilette; FBLA, Secretary; TORCH Staff; Prom Committee, Co-Chairman; V ho ' s Who — Best All Around SHERRI THOMAS Morris Jr. Cheerleader; Majorette; Senior Beauty Pageant, Finalist; Who ' s Who — Most Popular; Dixie Devilette STEVE THOMAS EARLTHRAILKILL MJ for Christ; Marching Bam EDDIE THRAILKILL Morri! Jr. and Sr. Football; J Club; S op; Track RANDY TORBERT Football, Track w DUANE ALAN TUCKER Morris Sr. Band, Sr. Science Club; Choir; MJ for Christ; Library Club; Prom Committee; 1 975 Outstanding Band Member Winner LEIGH TURLEY BURKEH Morris Dixie Devilette; TORCH Staff, Senior Edi- tor; Jr. and Sr. Honor Societies, Treasurer; Senior Science Club, Reporter; Top 5% of all Jefferson County High School Juniors; Library Club NANCY WARD Gardendaie FBLA; Bowling Team; Red Cross; 4-H Club; Track Team RENEE WEBB Morris FBLA, Class Reporter; Pep Club; Science Club; Choir; Most Original Project Club; MJ for Christ KATHY WILSON Pinson Student Secretary, 4-H Club; Jr. and Sr Science Qubs; Red Cross Club ZOE oi lSE WOODS Blogourd TORCH Staff, Business Manager; Sr. Sci ence Club, President; Juniot Honor S| ety; Pep Club; Jr. Scienc lub; AAJ Christ 35 g mf 76 eXw:.%(,9te,a«i,sB Wv: CD J Q ■ ■% m lit mi e. lyiM ' mctmm ' tM, ' unj)o)txinci Of (dinim man numki 61 unto " tiiM -pmpu sfiiM h aUmluit: urn-. : QJu)€ (J hmhkA 00 ii cy immks J pW ilth,. QDn- ' (fiMeauiWiQn m ft ?i juAt im u-inc. X detmoiiom iomt m na (mvn and sMf CHxu to m asmm Um aoUoi autumi im% awm mu utl. O touji t iem cmdma oawt fljxttt (rilii C ' JU ' X mmjG i(!i, Su et mmohiei. ijj- Mauuj mm ma a-w|W mm and tnHiinm thiMnm i«i- iMjm mil (m UuUjhin mtk and ' S ' lMpU u-aus and omISj tiium and (ji ' Me daits trtOi. uou. C . P ts.m DftiWi m jxujefi cj- mi mind Qju ' (eknidui)Oii n ' U ' ie a ei j ' lrtt tile u:in£. Jr1 !M ' iij n ■ ' ■ ' ' :■■■ I I H ;9b SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Secretary, Mono Barnwell Treasurer, Randy Doss President, Greg Singletary Vice-President, Teresa Higginbotham 38 Prom Committee First Row: Lynn McCombs, Karen Simmons, Kothy Hogan, Tommy Fuller, Kenneth Cheatwood. Second Row: Carol Foster, Paula Reeser, Kay Fountain, Angela Oden, Candice Johnson, Duane Tucker. Standing: Co-Chairmen, Karen Thacker, Teresa Higginbotham, Denise Doss. Lawyer, Chip Cousins Historian, Kathy McGaughy Prophet, Larry Doss Chaplain, Jeff Self 39 ' 0 ' i .V 40 J 1. c° ty A «; cCP if 41 .o .0 cC xV . A 42 AO ' v V o 6 d . V . tf xV ,s ■ iS 43 A v h 44 ' ( 45 SfcRTIii RmlTtKFTitsS?! 1 fiiiwiii " Homecoming Class Favorites 48 FRESHMAN PRINCESS — RHONDA CARROLL ll d H f " •••••• •••••• 1 ' i. ' - ' T , The Homecoming contestants take their places on the field as the anxious crowd of spectators gets quieter. Parents and friends are nervously waiting and wishing that their chosen one could win. Suddenly, the announcement came along with the crowning of Miss Debbie Knight as the 1975-1976 Homecoming Queen. Crown- ing the new queen was last year ' s queen Miss Mary Monte with assistance from Mr. Trotter and Mr. McMohon. Preceding the announcement of the queen the princesses were made known. From the 1 1 th grade. Ginger Gibbs was the winner. Sophomore princess was Tracey Barber. The winner from the 9th grade was Rhonda Carroll. Halftime activities also included the awarding of trophies for the best car and best float in the parade. Homecoming, October 17, 1975, was a day to remem- ber here at AAJ. Homecoming Events Bring Homecoming Day consisted of a flurry of events. Although the night before brought bod weather and near disaster to some of the floats, Friday morning looked better. There were some doubts as to the fate of the parade, but everything turned out as plan- ned. jt: ' 4 " fMl f ffB MI nn 1 P Hl«ii 4lf4 |||j||||| 0 k 50 Moments of Excitement 51 Q4i;0 O Q C 0: 0 ' 76 PAGEANT of the Beautiful 8:00 A.M. — Blushing girls in rollers avoiding everyone they could, hurried through the halls to their honoerooms In order to check in before reporting to the dressing room. 8: 1 5-8:30 — Shouted " Good Lucks " and last-minute touch ups to hair and make up. 8:30-8:45 — Hurried dressing, with " Oohs " and " Ahhs " as each girl dressed in her eve- ning gown. 8:45-9:00 — The line-up is formed with each girl frantically searching for the girl with the number that goes before her. 9:00 — The pageant begins amidst a flurry of beautiful faces, pretty dresses, and whispers of " Do I look O.K.? " As the morning continued, the nervousness increased. When the time arrived for the announcement of the top twelve, every single contestant felt " butterflies " in her stomach. Finally, after much deliberation, the judges handed over their decision. The announcement of the top twelve brought tears of happiness, screams of delight, and all the emotions that go along with success. Interviews and lunch came next with Mrs. Hasenbein and her Home Economics people serving as hostesses. Finally, it was time to begin the actual Beauty Pag- eant. The student body entered the gym and anxiously watched as the 27 non-finalists were presented in their evening gowns. Next came the finalists in their sportswear; then in their gowns. Lastly, the twelve were presented as a group; while the judges were making their final decisions. Miss Congeniality was announced. This honor went to Miss Teresa Higgin- botham. The big moment finally came. Among tensed nerves, breathless silence, and rap- idly beating hearts, the announcements were made — 3rd Alternate, Miss Debbie Salyers; 2nd Alternate, Miss Ellen Chambers; 1 st Alternate, Miss Cathy Morris; and Senior Beauty — Miss Kathy Masonlli 54 ENTERTAINMENT Thanks to Everyone 1 I 55 }!lj ' -, pta f J ' r ilk , 4 i ' 1 1 »% ' liifl 1 ■ mm - 1 mi I3K ' m t WiiV i( " m , b ' Beauty Pageant Shows s% The twenty-seven Lovely Senior Girls ■ ' ■| H U c - Kl H E i H ii ' - -H V% ' H K ■H non-finalists 59 MJHS SENIOR BEA UTY Miss Kathy Mason 1975-1976 ' ,!idh 11 ' !,::; ,. . ;i:ii ' 1st A Iternate Cathy Morris 2nd Alternate Ellen Chambers 3rd Alternate Debbie Salyers MONA BARNWELL DEMISE DOSS THE EIGHT 1 [%H I ' ) n miB ' " m m " i 1 . JBiyMjyii. ■ . i| Mi L 1 Hb- ' i ' ir 1 IHII 1 PAULA REESER SHERRI THOAAAS 62 KAREN FOMBY KATHY HOGAN SEMI-FINALISTS LEIGH TURLEY DEMISE VINSON 63 The 1975- 1976 Sophomore and Junior Beauties With Miss Congeniality Sophomore Beauty — Tracey Barber Junior Beauty — Marilee Rogers Mrs. Toney, the Annual Staff Sponsor, congratulates the editor of the annual as she is announced " Miss Congeniality. " Teresa Higginbothom — Miss Congeniality Band ' s Outstanding Seniors Duane Tucker Sherri Thomas Selected by a majority vote of all the band members, the honor of being Band ' s Best Senior is based on talent, participation, attitude, enthusiasm, and concern for the band in general. 65 Valedictorian Highest S c h o I a s t c Averages 66 Salutatorian a Coveted Ti tles :% For outstanding leadership, initiative, and inspiring service to MJHS, the title of Miss MJHS and Mr. MJHS is given annually to a deserving senior girl and a senior boy. Denise Doss and Jeff Self v ere selected by a student committee and the faculty as the tv o who had contributed the most to help make MJHS a better school. From participating in sports events to planning the prom or cleaning up the school, Denise and Jeff are v ell known to do more than their share of the work. Congratulations to both of youl 68 Jeff Self Jeff was a left offensive guard on tfie varsity football team. He is the chaplain of the Senior Class. Mr. and Miss MJHS DenJse is the head cheerleader and serves as a chairperson of the Prom Committee. 69 Who ' s Who Among American High School Students Teresa Higginbotham, Leigh T. Burkett, bherri Thomas, Mono Barnwell, Karen Fomby, Denise Doss, Kathy Kimbrell, Kathy Hogan, Jeff Self, Jeff Mulvehill, TonDmy Fuller. The Society of Distinguished American High School Students Mark Randle, Gayla Brakefield, Kenneth Cheatwood, Denise Woods. Not Pictured: Kathy McGaughy. 70 The honor of being selected to these two categories is based on active demonstrations of leadership In academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities, and community service. A faculty committee makes the decision for these students to represent AAJHS In its Involvement v ith high schools over the entire United States. These students are to be commended for their outstanding accomplishments. 71 Junior Honor Society Charlotte Washington, Sponsor The purpose of the Junior Honor Society is to give the Junior High academically excelled students an organization which will prepare them for the forthcoming years in the Senior Honor Society. The tap- ping of the Junior Honor Society members is conducted by Mrs. Washington through the use of the students ' permanent records. The Junior Honor Society also promotes good scholarship. President — Karen Kelley; Vice-President — Robin Belcher; Secretary — Cindy Robinson; Treasurer — Cindy Hill. 72 Senior Honor Society The purpose of the National Honor Society is fourfold: to create an enthusi- asm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render services, to promote leadership, and to develop character. The Honor Soci- ety is responsible for the annual Mr. Leggs Contest to raise funds for the National Honor Society scholarship given to a grad- uating member of the Mortimer Jordan Senior Honor Society. They are also responsible for the Annual Tapping Pro- gram to induct new members into the organization. These new members are selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, citizen- ship, and service to school and community. Patricia Hurst, Sponsor President — Kathy Kimbrell; Vice-President — Jeff Mulvehill; Secretary — Teresa Higginbotham; Treasurer — Leigh Turley; Reporter — Gaylo Brakefield. 73 ' ■ !, ASSOCIATIONS , i fi Mf fS FRIENDLY M:; ' ; " ' - ' ' ■ ' ■■ ' ■r ' l ' -lS :W:itn n: ' ' ;: ' - ;I:- M ' ,H!l ■■?.;: .;.:!;: ■,),:, ■(;■■■( « 76 Torch Staff Editor-in-Chief: Business Manager: Section Editors: Apprentices: Sponsor: Teresa Higginbotham Denise Woods Beauty: Karen Thacker Classes: Karen Fomby Clubs: Kathy Kimbrell Senior: Leigh T. Burkett Sports: Kathy McGaughy Joan Norton Sandra Long Melanie McCarty Mrs. Faye Toney 76 i 77 The Senior High Officers: Karen Fomby and Rita Crowe. The Junior High Officers; Angela McCombs and Cynthia Boggett. Paulette Campbell; Sponsor Mrs. Crowe, Mother Sponsor. M R T I M E I? JORDAN 4-H Girls The Girls ' 4-H Club is one of the oldest organizations at MJ. Girls in grades 7-1 2 par- ticipate in this club as they strive to improve not only themselves, but to find vsrays to improve America. All this comes through the use of one ' s head, heart, hands, and health. Individual projects include: 4-H Posters Contest Breads and Dairy Foods Contest Dress Revue Safety Essay Contest Speech Contest all of which teach the members to develop skills and also to show their leadership. Girls who work hard are rewarded with a trip to the 4-H rally at the Fairgrounds. 78 The J Club is an organization which is made up of the boys who letter in the ath- letic program of the school. Their sponsor is Coach Gerald Tuck, who coaches both football and baseball. The club ' s main responsibility is taking care of the conces- sion stand at all home basketball games. As a result of the profit they make, at the end of the year they have the annual J Club steak dinner. President — Neol Faucett; Vice-President — Greg Singletary; Secretary — Jeff Self c u b Gerald Tuck, Sponsor 79 Jazz Band tmwm 80 The Ushers Club The Ushers Club is responsible for assembling programs to be sold at the football gomes. Members of the Ushers Club serve as escorts to direct new stu- dents to their classes during the first few days of school, as well as tour the oncom- ing class through the building at the end of the year. Membership in the Ushers Club is based on initiation by the old members, through their votes on those students who they feel will give the most service to the school. President — Robin Belcher; Vice-President — Leah Noil; Secretary - Jeff Mulvehill; Head Usher — Karen Flinn ■ Denise Doss; Treosurer — Carolyn Hardy, Sponsor 81 Our Choir and Its Many The Junior and Senior Choirs of Mortimer Jordan High School hove really contributed a great deal to the school, its faculty, and its members. The choir is active in concerts, school assemblies, and the county music festival. AArs. Wilson shows Jeff Easter the correct way to play the music. President — Jeff Easter; Vice-President — LaWayne Thomas; Secretary — Pom Moman; Chap- lain — Leah Nail Senior Choir 82 F Talented Members President — Alice Comer; Secretary — Cynthia Baggett Mario Wilson, Sponsor 83 Future Business Leaders FBLA is an organization made up of committees and fund-raising projects which correspond with other State and Local chapters. They take field trips to businesses and conferences within the State and outside of the State. Eight persons representing MJ made a 4-day trip to Gatlinburg to a regional conference. FBLA performs installation ceremonies, sponsors a talent show, and has a FBLA banquet. They raise money for The March of Dimes. Com- peting against other schools and States in skills such as spelling, typing, tal- ent, and shorthand are some of the members specialties. The officers made trip to Montgomery for a leadership workshop. They also have a trip to The Hyatt House in Birmingham for the State Conference planned. Wynema Vogel, Sponsor Greg Vogel is »he first State officer from MU. 84 of America Aid in . . . " ♦ S - r ' V V " «1 lf ' « K tV ' •jpll « 2 .» ' «4 From each BOE ond personal typing class, there is one block chairman and one reporter elected. FBLA sponsored a chain as a fund-raising project. The reporting and publicity committee is responsible for reporting to FBLA. The parliamentary committee is responsible for the procedures of FBLA. The Scrap Book committee maintains the scrap book. The Contest Committee is responsible for sending representatives to contests. 85 . . . the Building of Tomorrow The Special Projects Committee is responsible for providing the club with special projects for the different holidays. The Fond-Raising Committee is responsible for fund-raising projects. The Entertainment Committee 86 President — Jeff Easter; Vice-President — Daryl Crowder; Sec- retary — Shelia Scott; Program Chairperson — Leah Nail; Trea- surer — Jackie Suddeth; Chaplain — Kelley Cousins MJ for Christ A Christian organization designed to shore with fellow students a personality that has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. This group grew from on effort to prove that Chris- tians from all denominations can work together for spiritual betterment. This club ' s title bears the name of our friend, savior, and Lord — Jesus Christ. Mary Hall, Sponsor 87 Junior and Senior Science Clubs President — Greg Moore; Vice-President — Barry Garst; Secretary — Tammy Johnson; Reporter — Linda Reid; Program Chairmen — Rita Crow; Barry Matheney Jetta Bradley, Sponsor 88 The purpose of the Science clubs is to fur- ther scientific knowledge by providing activi- ties for students exhibiting a special interest in science. The Science Clubs maintain an aquarium in the library, make trips to the Ala- bama Space and Rocket Center, Robert R. Meyer Planetarium, the Jimmy Morgan Zoo and the Botanical and Japanese Gardens. The club is also developing an outdoor class- room. President — Denise Woods; Vice-President — Duane Tucker; Secretary ■ BurVett; Program Chairman — Roger Thorne and Ginger Gibbs ■ Monica Scott; Reporter — Leigh 89 Student Council Student Council handles the first day of schools ' open- ing program, which involves printing programs and being in charge of the assembly. Student Council is in charge of the concession stand at football gomes and the Thanks- giving and Christmas programs. Student Council also sponsors the Homecoming parade. Student Council offi- cers work with the faculty and Mr. Trotter for the improve- ment of the school. Student Council raises money to send flowers and cards in cose of illness or death. Student Council also sponsors a college scholarship. President — Tommy Fuller; 1 $t Vice — Rusty Graham; 2nd Vice — Sherri Thomas; Secre- tary — Mono Barnwell; Treasurer — Jeff Easter 90 Student Council ' s Junior High Members Student Council ' s Senior l-ligh Members The Concession Stand Committee is in charge of operating the concession stand. The Decoration Committee is in charge of providing decorations for assemblies. 91 An A ctivity of SC Is this what Student Council is all about? 92 The Pep Club The pep club is the members of the student body who have spirit. They attend football and basketball games and help the cheerleaders with chants and cheers. LOVE is being a member of MJ Pep Club. The cheerleaders promote school spirit through daring pyramids. 93 Cheerleaders Bring Out The MJ Varsity Cheerleaders ottended a Universal Cheerleaders Association Camp at Ole Miss in July. They learned how to promote school spirit, and they also learned various types of cheers, pyramids, and boogie chants. The cheerleaders won 3 excel- lent ribbons and 1 outstanding; they also brought home a sportsmanship tro- phy. A Pyramid? Denise Doss — Head Cheerleader y WfUmtmA m S BLLOg j 0 -. ' b IH H 1 Cassie Cope, Sponsor Kathy Mason Karen Simmons 94 the Spirit of Our School WL Kelley Cousins Jo Daniel Tommy Wodsworth Cindy Robinson Sheila Scott 95 Service Is Our Business The library is a service organization with many functions. They operate a circulation desk, shelve books, check books in and out, shelf and exchange magazines, rack newspa- pers, repair books, keep the library clean, keep students quiet during study halls, and provide A-V materials, machines, and ser- vices. Mrs. Crow, Assistant Jane Adams, Librarian - i 1 f 1 ■■ ft m 1 ' ••.• . .v. ••. ,■ ' ir-it 1. m ibJB 1 1 J ... ' • 1 ' h i jL i 1 1 - -1 1 96 The Library U ' . ' mm vk ' PI h ■ ■i I en II w A ■■■■ iC i Z? 97 MJ Band Continues Its Fine Record The band marched in the Dental Clinic, attended the space City Marching Festival in Huntsville, and the Tarrant Marching Festival in Tarrant. The band received a rating of excellence in both contests. The band marched at all football halftimes, and they marched in the Jefferson County Band Jamboree. The Dixie Devilettes have received three first place awards this year. Also, they have never placed lower than first in the post three years. The majorettes received a first place at Tarront. The MJ stage band is in its second year. The stage band performed as the guest group for the Birmingham Eye Foundation Christmas Party and attended the Jacksonville State Jazz Festival in Jackson- ville, Alabama. The Birmingham Jazz Festival in Vestavia, the County Jazz Contest at Shades Valley, and the Loyola Jazz Fes- tival in New Orleans, Louisiana are some more of their activi- ties. Kathy Hogan, Drum Major Jerry Pitts, Field Captain Rebecca Hicks, Saber Bearer and Assistant Drum Major 98 iin Various Contests and Shows Band Managers 9? Devilettes have been an outstanding asset to the band this year. Rifle Corp Drum Corp 100 Lower Brass Trumpets Clarinets Flutes Saxophones and French Horns 101 Talented Beauties Add 102 T to Band Showmanship j M|ta| i_j. ' ' - fLl 2 £ ' Sherri Thomas Ellen Chambers Janef Barnwell Tanya Love 103 .1 Jk JkX JLii kA d mm 1 ii r • - i. ...,i ' V.? r« jL ' tC E ' ' -A 9 ■B|nS«. ' ■j r .. • Mr m »Hv i. ' -: :. 11 ■ -M- 9 -m a ll-l I m Beginner Band 104 105 Yogi Is Crowned Mr. Leggs. Our appreciation is extended to Mrs. Higginbotham, Mrs. Doss, and AArs. Wood for helping out in LaWayne Thomas was crowned 75-76 Mr. Leggs. contest. 106 r Christmas — A Time of Peace and Joy The time of year most looked forward to by students is the Christmas holidays. During the day preceding the holidays, special events take place. The choir lifts its voices in serenading the classes as they wander through the hall. Bulletin boards are decorated in various Christmas themes and judged in competition for the best ones. The Christmas assembly program sponsored by the Student Council presents music, fun, and excitement as Santa Clous makes his appearance. It is a " season to be jolly. " Santa Clous, alios Mr. Simmons, reads his gift list. Mr. Trotter with his gift from the Student Council. 107 Thanksgiving Is a Time for Sharing The minister of music and youth director of Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Chris Fowler, gave the stu- dents of MJ the pleasure of hearing him speak at the assembly Thanks- giving day. There were baskets, judges, and smiling faces as we a gathered to share the joys of Thanksgiving. 108 A Flash of the Past One of the funniest experiences the stu- dents of MJ enjoy is coming to school and seeing their friends dressed in the fashions that were supposedly worn in the 1 950 ' s. Aren ' t they sweet? Parade of fashions. Sit on it, Mrs. Toneyl Jordan ' s High School band??? Jerome Cannon, the Fonze??? 109 hi:i;iii;i ' -.;ifii ;- ' £ " :i :i!( ' ivsj! -I Football ' 75 The ' 75 football season brought the Jordan Devils crashing to real- ity after losing to the top flight team from Fultondale. Bruised and bat- tered, the team continued to plug along with opponents who seemed to be seeking revenge against a struggling MJ team. Victory seemed to slip from the hands of our team each week as the steadily improv- ing team lost by one or two touchdowns. A history-making event come on September 1 2 as the mighty Blue Devils took to the home field and brought home the bacon with a glorious victory over the Gardendale Rockets by a score of 26-24. Wir ning this game was the peak of suc- cess, especially for the Senior players who had seen victory for every game during the post two years except with that Rocket team. Victory finally came again at the end of the season when the Devils rolled over the Yellow Jackets from Corner on our own field. Scoring ' four touchdowns with two extra points, the MJ team whipped the visi- tors by a final score of 26 to 7. It was a joyful climax to a disappoint- ing season which was filled with injuries, bad weather, and rookie players, who will have much more experience to bring the victories home in the ' 76 season. 112 Special Recognition for Special People COACHES — Robert Keith, Gerald Tuck, Pete Pettus, and Lynn Kim- brough. ' f SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER — Grover Keith SENIOR PLAYERS — (Standing) David Rogers, Greg Singletory and Larry Doss. (Kneeling) Jeff Self and Neal Faucett. AAANAGERS — Mike Hill and Kenny Harris. 113 Steve Love shows great passing ability against the Rock- Pretty girls with dazzling smiles accompany the history made on September 1 2, 1 975: AAJ — 26, Gardendale — 2- ets. Randy Beasley Donald Colley Larry Creel 114 Greg Singletary and Randy Beasley show great blocking strategy as LaWayne Thomas prevents additional yardage for the Rockets. Rusty Graham Was that a flying saucer??? 115 Mrs Spirit Will Never Die! i I Tim Harris David Hollon Ronnie Keith The Blue Devil Marching Bond adds a sparkle to the halftime agenda. Mike Nation and David Hollon show MJ ' s defensive power. Steve Love 117 THE SCOREBOARD TEAM SCORE Fultondale Lost 42-0 Pleasant Grove Lost 26-13 Gardendale Won!! 26-34 Dora Lost 37-30 Leeds Lost 26-13 Tarrant Lost 25-7 Pinson Lost 33-0 Hanceville Lost 28-0 Warrior Lost 15-12 Corner ' Won 26-7 Trexel Manley , T© H. igi ' jgi Ronnie Keith uses all his power to rock the strength of the Rockets. Bobby Patterson Keith Sartain Darron Savage Jeff Self 119 ■ ' ll BflBS JI I H|«jL 1 i icl?! 5 . h m r 4M i t AJM 3J M m Greg Singletary LaWayne Thomas Greg Vogel 120 Yogi plows his way through a tough defense. p « Monimer Jordan Varsity Teamhine-Up NUMBER 50 51 52 60 62 63 66 72 75 77 80 81 83 84 NAME Savage, Darron Harris, Tim Love, Steve Barnwell, Joe Thomas, LaWayne Creel, Larry cett, Neal Nation, Mike Wodleigh, Mark Manley, Trexel Graham, Rusty Reid, Do ' riBb. artain, Keith if, Jeff ogel, Greg Doss, Larry Beosley, Randy Colley, Donold ftJtferson, Bobby Rogers, David Keith, Ronald Ballard, Randy Singletory, Greg Hollon, David POSITIOI 121 Hi-Lites of This Season ' s Football Banquet 122 ' ' ?: l i ' Awards for the Spirited Group 123 MJ Looks Toward a Better Day in Basketball The Varsity Team Thorne stretches to stop a Leeds ' score. 124 z M Kenneth Cheatwood Darron Savage Mike Oden H Anthony Meeks Michael Johnson Gary Craig Emerson Threadgill 125 Varsity in A ction 126 127 Varsity Action Continues Anthony Hamilton and Carl Scotland race in defense of a Gordendole player. A swarm of Jordan jersies press toward the goal. 128 Cheers for Our Coaching Team I Yea Team! 129 B Team Offers Russell Howard James Brown Michael Bookmiller 130 Hope for the Future Tim Harris 131 Boy, am I bushed! 132 133 MJ Corner ardendale Tourney MJ V5 ■IU|U MCf (MMI-l Wk in ' MJ VS Pin n Mortirj J MJ S TarrML MJ VS Fuitmm MJ VS MJ MJ VS VS MJ VS Pinson MJ VS L Mfn H MJ VS m MJ VS W MJ VS 1 Tourney MJ VS MJ VS MJ VS F ltondale ' MJ vs Of k Grove ' VS Hancevifle 4« ' ; ' t:. ' j-i ' " ii ' ni, ■ I,- ., ,ll;[tv i; ' ;;;i v,i Junior High Basketball ' 75-76 Date Thursday Mof Moj Thurs, Monday llHuiTnfi Monday Thursday Monday Thursda Monday Thursdc Mondn Thurs Monday Thursdo 11 20 J 1 24. ' M K M ' ir. . — ' y76 ' 5 76 ' 19 76 1 22 76 1 26 76 1 29 76 V2 76 2 5 76 Opposing Team mdale » V i jom Pins BYE Wan N. War sr.r-= ' Tough Schedule Fouls Emerson Threodgill receives last minute instructions. Darron Savage attempts to breal av ay from a defending Rocket. The typical jump shot. H V ™ " ! 1 ■j H B K H l l d m f m 136 MJ ' s Hopes for ' 76 Yogi Thomas receives some after-game refreshments. " Pep Talk " from the coach to the team at the break for half time. MJ and Leeds cheerleaders pause at half time to exchange Larry Creel and Carl Scotland explode into defense as the boll goes into the hands of a Gordendale Rocket. greetings. 137 Junior A Team Junior B Team 138 Congratulations: MJ Bowling Team The 1 976 AAJ Bowling Team has had an absolutely shining season. The team placed second in the county tournament, and has high hopes for the state tourna- ment. Every girl has put forth her bowling ability to make this a historical season. Captains: Lynn McCombs and Jamie Hill !=.■ ■• HiP. iif Sponsor: Miss Jo Standing: Miss Jo, Cindy Robinson, Monica Scott, Rita Crowe, Sheila Scott. Kneeling: Cindy Hill, Lisa Taylor, Lynn McCombs, Jamie Hill, Melanie Hill. 139 Our MJ Volleyball Team! I Miss Jo — Sponsor Team Captains — Cindy and Lynn it ■.V ' . ' " " ( . i v " r»i- ■ . - ' . ■ ' » ' ' ' ' ' ,- • I ■- , ' ■ Lynn McCombs Cindy Hill Kim Tillery 140 J Tammy Roper Debra Morris Sherri Neely Lisa Taylor Sherry Doss Tammy Savage Robin Lewis Lynn Higginbotham 141 MXim CA TEGORIES MJ ' s Future Class of ' 77 Barnwell, Jane Beosley, Randy Belcher, Robin Bell, Donna Bennett, Bill Bolden, Diane Bolden, Ronald Brannon, Patricia Brasher, Dena Brown, Danny Calvert, Monica Carroll, Joy Carroll, Lois Channbers, Phillip Colafroncesco, Donna Cole, Renee Comer, Steven Conner, Vicki Conn, Danny Cousins, Kelley Craig, Gary Crowder, Darryl Davis, Steve Dobbs, Rodney 144 Drake, Eddie Easter, Jeff Echols, Gay Findley, Johnny Findley, Russell Flinn, Karen Franklin, Charlotte Gibbs, Ginger Goodwin, Wanda Goolsby, Joel Graham, Rusty Grantham, David Gray, Cheri Green, Wendy Griggs, Sylvia Guthrie, James Hall, Teresa Honnah, Neal Hansen, David Harris, Terry Hicks, David Horton, Joan Hughes, Randy Isbell, Mary Jackson, Kathy Johnson, Michael Jolly, Sarah Jones, Donna Jones, Gerald Keith, Ronnie Lewis, Cerethia Lewis, Kenneth Loggins, Charles Long, Sandra Love, Steve Manley, Trexel AAann, Gory McCorty, Melanie McCombs, Danny McCombs, Ernie McCool, Tim McCroy, Kathy Mickle, Julie Miller, Tony 145 Juniors Look Forward to Moman Tim Morgan, Mike Nail, Leah Nation, Michael Nix, Wayne Oden, Michael Owensby, Ronnie Parker, Stanley Patterson, Spanky Patterson, Mike Pitts, Jerry Roddonn, Donald Rogers, Marilee Russell, Teresa Sargent, Baron Savage, Darron Scott, Monica Shaver, Denise Smith, Tim Suggs, Jerry Thomas, Greg Thomas, LaWayne Thorne, Roger Threodgill, Emerson Tucker, Kim Vogel, Greg Wodleigh, Mark Wodsworth, Tammy Williams, Debro Williams, Glenn Yondell, Susan the Thrill of Being Seniors! ! i I 146 Being a Sophomore — Only a Beginning Aaron, Paula Armstrong, Doris Armstrong, Laura Baker, Diane Barber, Owanna Barber, Tracey Barfield, Rhonda Barnwell, Denise Barnwell, Joe Barnwell, Laura Bibb, Pom Bookmiller, Mike Bowers, William Brasher, Kim Brasher, Tammy Brown, Jeanette Burnett, Darlene Burrow, Cornelia Campo, Liz Carlisle, Robert Chamblee, Suzette Chandler, Kelly Chatham, Darlene Cheatwood, Donna Clevenger, Rondy Clinton, Pom Cochran, Lee Colley, Donald Conn, Renee Crane, Becky Creel, Lorry Crittenden, Pete Curry, Phyllis Daniel, Jo Densmore, Denise Doss, Sherry M7 Dunn, Benny Dutton, Melody Ellard, Bryon Evans, Patti Godsey, Renee Golla, Charles Gray, Furman Green, Debra Hamilton, Anthony Margraves, Mike Harris, Michael Harris, Tim Hayes, Jimmy Hays, Becky Hicks, Gordon Hicks, Kim Higginbotham, Mike Hill, Cindy Hill, Ricky Hill, Wayne Hindman, Crystal Hogeland, Elaine Hollon, David Howard, Russell Hughes, Perry Jackson, Audrey Johnson, Maxie Johnson, Sharon Jones, Karen Kelley, Denise Kelley, Karen Knox, Karen lawrence, Cindy Layne, Eddie Lee, Michael Lewis, Sherry Logglns, Neil Long, Cindy Love, Tanya Mahaffey, Alan McCay, Kathy McCullar, Linda McGaughy, Kelly Meeks, Anthony Melcher, Redo ■MB MkC fiMTEx of Life ' s Realities: 148 Melvin, Johnny AAiller, Jimmy Mixon, Vanessa Morris, Johnny Morton, Lee Mosley, Cindy Mulvehill, Bruce Murphree, Mike Noil, Pom Neely, Doris Neely, Jonise Nugent, Pom Pickett, William Reese, Patrick Reid, David Reid, Ann Reno, Julie Rickels, Lynne Riddle, Judy Roberts, Rodney Robinson, Cindy Ross, Lenny Russell, Sandra Sortain, Keith Self, Joy Shore, Robert Sides, Freido Smith, Bill Smith, Mike Smith, Sandra Readin ' , Writ in ' , ' Rithmetic 149 We ' re the ones who really rate; we ' re the class of ' 78 il Williams, Barbara Wilson, Delia Wilson, Tannnny Wood, Barbie Wood, Debby Wood, Tammy Yeager, Johnny Yeager, Terry 150 Spirited Freshmen Enjoy Life and Its Privileges !B!B Adams, Brenda Altbritton, Lisa Angle, Renee Banks, Bonnie Barnwell, Allen Barnwell, Debbie Buzbee, Stanley Camp, Larry Campbell, David Carlisle, Johnny Carroll, Rhonda Chappell, Brenda Cole, Junior Collins, Kerry Crowe, Rita Darnell, Cindy Dean, Steve Dennis, Kenneth 151 Being Serious? Do le Ramona Drain, Busier Faulkner, Patricia Fields, Ellis Fields, Sandra Fomby, Timothy Franklin, Jim Franklin, Pam Fuller, Melissa Fuller, Steve Garst, Barry Gilland, Charlotte Glover, Shania Glover, Tim Godsey, Cindy Griggs, Sheryl Guthrie, Bonita Guthrie, Dorethea Hall, Kae Harding, Lynn Harris, David Harris, Karen Hicks, Lynn Higginbotham, Wally Hill, Brian Hill, Danny Hill, Melanie Hill, Terri Holcomb, Jerome Norton, Billy Howell, Joseph Hughes, William Jackson, Ann Johnson, Barbara Jolly, Martha Jolly, Mary Kelly, Lisa Kennedy, Beverly Kennedy, Rita Kimbrell, Nina Leipert, Anthony Loggins, Laura Love, David Marona, Keith Matheney, Barry May, Robert f 152 A Time of Fun and Relaxation Mayes, Steve McCombs, Angela AAcCombs, Clark McCombs, Edith AAcCombs, Greg McKinney, Chris McKinney, Loquetta McPherson, Clark AAelvin, Pam Meskimen, Dennis AAickle, Dwayne Miller, Harvey Miller, Phillip Miller, Terry Moman, Pamela Monte, Donna Moore, Danny Moore, Greg Moore, Michal Moore, Tommy Morgan, Ricky Morris, Debra Myrex, Kenneth Nail, Dwayne Nail, Vickie Nation, Sandra Nibbett, Belinda Oden, Steve Owens, Lou Ann Owensby, Teresa Padgett, Greg Pate, Jeff 153 3iSi!! ! ii; ' ' ! J;i! Rylant, Mark Savage, Jay Self, Cindy Self, Kim Self, Pam Sharit, Belinda Shrader, Brendo Shotts, Vickie Srofe, Pam Stephens, Gerald Stewart, Karen Sullivan, Keith Surrett, Ricky Swindle, Sheila Taylor, Carol Thomas, Beverly Thomas, Laurie Thomas, Theotis Thraikill, Angela Tidwell, Steve Tillery, Kim Tittle, Mike Trotter, Carol Truljillo, Mela Tumblin, Regino Vickers, Charlie Williams, Jerry Williams, Roland 154 Eighth Graders Struggle to Become Individuals Able, Melissa Armstrong, Beth Arnold, Mary Boggett, Cynthia Barnwell, Robert Beasley, Roger Bell, Deborah Bennett, Terri Bradberry, Eddie Brakefield, Brian Brasher, Sammy Brown, James Buchanan, Cathy Bullock, Robin Burgett, David Burrow, Martha Calvert, Ronald Cannon, Joey Carlisle, Patti Cato, Ronald Chambers, Penny Chomblee, Dorryl Chandler, Teresa Clinton, George Coggeshall, Jimmy Comer, Kevin Cousins, Tony Densmore, Randy Dickey, Chorlie Dormon, Ekirry Doss, Barry Earl, Reno Elkins, Sandra Foucett, Kim Fomby, Freda Ford, DeWayne Gilland, Vicki Golla, Wayne Goodwin, Dorlene 155 Goodwin, Greg Graham, Lee Gray, Steve Green, David Greenhill, Randy Guntharp, James Guthrie, Anita Guthrie, Lisa Hadley, Diane Hammett, Cindy Handley, Mike Hannah, Kathy Hannah, Pom Horgett, Allen Harris, Kenny Harris, Tommy Hays, Mark Hoys, Sandy Henderson, Audrey Higginbotham, Carolyn Hill, Mike Holt, Potti Hooper, Renae Horton, Suzanne Howard, Jeff Howard, Linda Jackson, Raymond James, Kenneth Jenkins, Paul Johnson, Anita Johnson, Ann Johnson, Tammie Jones, Merry Jones, Steve Jones, Terry Lance, Graylon Lawrence, Regina Logan, Mark Loggins, Janice Long, Gary Love, Dana Lucas, Tomara 156 mIw!!S P4. ffipHW N 1:?. , Marsh, Rickey Martin, Tommy McAvoy, Myron McCarty, Susan McCombs, Rickey AAcKinney, Prince McMurry, Teresa Melcher, Sandra Melvin, Randy Miller, Bennett AAiller, Carole Mller, Sherry Mims, Marie AAixon, Sybul Moman, Cindy Morse, Doug Mosley, Sandra Nation, Joy Neely, Janet Norris, Bridgett Page, Diane Page, Donita Patrick, Harry Potterson, Mory Payne, Cheryl Peterson, Chris Posey, Clarke Reese, Mike Reese, Regina Reeves, Sandra Reid, Linda Reno, Phillip Reno, Randy Rickels, Jay Rogers, Jeff Roseberry, Jerry 157 8th Graders: Proud Ross, Sharon Rush, Brenda Rush, Linda Sargent, Mike Sartain, Dana Savage, Tammy Scottland, Wanda Seale, John Shotts, Marvin Singletary, Cynthia Singletory, Lyvonnia Statts, David Smith, Jimmy Spradling, Mari Ann Stasko, Joseph Standridge, Sam Stubbs, Charlotte Suggs, Keith Surrett, Mitzi Swann, Donna Tawbush, Dale Tidv ell, Anthony Todd, Toni Travis, Judy Trussell, Billy Trussell, Nadine Tucker, Janice Tucker, Denise Tumlin, Jon Turner, Lynn Varden, Linda Vaughn, Lisa Wadsworth, Hal Webb, Scott Williams, Karen Williams, Terry Wilson, Mike Wright, Greg Wood, Janet Loyal Ambitious Cool :,.m j m i F m ' " " " ' Ip 158 7th Graders: We ' ve Only Just Begun £f ££ ■y? r WT-l :S:? Pl f H© Abel, Troyce Adams, Ronald Alexander, Lisa Anderson, Allen Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Carol Anderson, John Angle, Bobby Anglen, Mike Anglen, Rot ert Archer, Steven Arnold, Leslie Arnold, Teresa Bailey, Phillip Boird, Daine Barfield, Jonine Bentley, Charles Bishop, Anthony Bowers, Sharon Bradford, Phillip Brasher, Debbie Brasher, Tina Brewer, Jeff Buchanan, Mike Bullard, Terry Bullard, James Burkett, Vincent Burkett, Bill Burrow, Teresa Cagle, James Campo, Robert Cannon, Tommie Carlisle, Allison Carroll, Susan Cates, Teresa Chamblee, Lorry 159 Cheatwood, Debra Clay, Fred Curry, Daniel Coggeshall, David Comer, Alice Crowder, Cynthia Davis, Terry Day, Johnny Dean, Barry Densmore, Teresa Durbin, Jeff Dutfon, Marty Elliott, Nancy Farley, Loretto Faulkner, Johnny Felton, James Fields, Troy Findley, Rebecca Flanagan, Teresa Fomby, Sheila Gardner, Sharon Gloss, Randy Graham, Jeffrey Graham, Jennifer Grahan, Shannon Green, Stanley Hale, Wanda Hallman, Tony Hannah, Melissa Harris, Lisa Hayes, Alan Hicks, David Hicks, Glenn Higginbotham, Lynn Holcomb, Cynthia Holcomb, Herbert A. IP r f } W. . . 1 WKs.. .::d 160 •i;;-c i:lU;i ' t Jackson, Angela James, Dorlene Johnson, Constonce Jones, Undo Jones, Rhonda Jones, Vereso Keeton, Pom Kennedy, Richard Kennemer, Jan Kilgore, Rita Knopf, Shaun Lane, Paulo Lawrence, Dorrell Lawrence, Thomas Layne, Sue Anne Lee, Mono Letlow, Tommy Lewis, Robin Lucas, Terry Lucas, Tonya Marsh, Rodney McAnnally, Mike McCain, Sheri McCombs, Greg McCombs, Lori McCombs, Rickey McCombs, Terrt McCurry, Dwight McMurray, Jacqueline McDonald, David Mclntyre, Glenn Miller, Roger Mitchell, Karen Moore, Johnny Morton, Patricia Nobors, Bonnie Nation, Brenda Nation, Chris Nation, Nancy Neely, Sheri Neely, Terry Nibblett, Nita Page, Lynn Pair, Keith Parsons, Randy Patrick, Russell Peterson, Jerry Peterson, John 161 Pickett, Robert Pilkington, Linda Pratt, Vicky Price, Raynard Pugh, Sallie Randall, Teri Reid, Stella Rogers, Rickey Roper, Phillip Roper, Roderick Roper, Scotty Roseberry, Vicki Ruff, Pomelo Russell, Terri Sortain, Dorryl Savage, Gary Self, Mark Singletary, Clint Skinner, Shelia Smith, Shelly Stollings, Sherry Stosko, Calvin Stoton, Robin Stell, Lorry 162 bli E Taylor, Lisa Thomas, Bert Thomas, Richard Tidwell, Shelia Timmons, Willie Tyree, Scott Vann, Angle Vickers, David Vinson, Joey Waldrop, Eugene Ward, AAike Welsh, James Whitaker, Carol Williams, Karen Williams, James Willis, Doris Willis, John Wilson, Robbie Witt, Shawano Wood, Carl )63 Photo Not Available JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Janet Barnwell Brenda Buzbee Tommy Jones James Mims Randy Owens Howard Stephens Jackie Suddeth Jeanette Thomas Tommy Witt Lynn Abel Mary Caminita Kelly Crumley Dale Dial Richard Doss Beverly Jones Gary Melvin Susan Mosley Steve Patterson Mike Santy FRESHMEN Lynn Blakely Roger Nickols Carl Scottland James Thomas EIGHTH GRADERS Kim Blakely Alecia Crowder Bob Cole Tammy Helms Larry Crisler Cynthia Hicks Theresa Cross Tommy Sandlin Jennette Swann SEVENTH GRADERS Russell Calvert Trisha Gammon Tim Mosley Ray Page Robin Sullivan DEVILS™ " ' tKITTENS jm wm The Leaders of A II Classes: Faculty and Staff Jimmy Trotter, Principal Kenneth McMahan, Assistant Principal 1 AArs. Thompson Mrs. Hays AArs. Fuller 165 The Food Fixers The lunchroon staff joins in with the spirit of the season on Homecoming Day! Mrs. Trotter, Manager 166 Front Row: Grover Keith, Teresa Higginbotham, Shelby Creel, Margaret HIgginbotham, Idelle Banes, Sarah Williams, Frank Ingram. Back Row: Ernest Tucker, Dwight Sloan, Bert Vines, L. K. Trotter, Eddie Jenkins, Duane Tucker, Wayne Counts. B u s D r V e r s Trocey Barber, James Bullock, Paul Rush, Yogi Thomas, Donald Colley, Allen Mahaffey, NAike Nations, Roland Williams. 167 Business and Office Education •-nAHT i — ' Barbara Johnson Foye Toney sam2. — - J: " - ' : -- ' ' i " ■ i ' T 7 ' — n ' ™ 168 w 169 History and Physical Education Grover Keith Bert Vines 170 Coach Kimbrough demonstrates his kicking ability Lynn Kimbrough 171 Math and Science Cassie Cope Maria Wilson 172 Frank Ingram 173 English Department 174 s e n i o r H i g h Mary Hall 175 Faculty = Caught in the Act of Just Being Themselves . . . 176 V Teachers — Their Mood and Humor I » IUGHE5HARDWARE Tt»ST KATIOHAl lAMK WHITE LIVESTOCK COMMISSION COMPANY INC. Cattle and Hog Auction Every Wednesday Horse and Mule Auction Last Saturday of Every Month Birmingham Phone: 251-4580 Morris Phone: 647-1396 180 ( (5)(¥) ®) ®) (5) (£) (5) IF YOU CARE ENOUGH TO BUY THE VERY BEST 67 P HUGHES E. C. HUGHES FARMS R+. I Warrior, Ala. 35180 E. C. Hughes Charlo+te Tidwell HUGHES EGGS, INC. Rt. I Warrior, Ala. 205 681-7952 E. C. Hughes Linda H. Appleton Lib Crane ( ) (2) (ft) (ft) (sT) ( } (£) CD Ife 181 BIRMINGHAM TRUST NATIONAL BANK Any+ime+eller Full Service Bank Banking 24 Hours Compliments of SHULOU BOUTIQUE Y 0 " In the Gardens " Gardendaie BARGER ROLLER RINK Morris 182 For Beautiful Gift Ideas Visit THE PUBLIC BATH 1213 The Garden Shopping Center Gardendale Annbassador Greeting Cards Bath Accessories Wicker ! 631-6273 Compliments of , FREW V " CARPET ,) ' and INTERIORS JIFFY CHEK JERRY ' S UNION 76 Gardendale Fultondale Gardendale Pleasant Grove Center Point Congratulations Seniors!!! Warrior Convenience at low prices. ¥ Open Every Day 7 a.nn.-l 1 p.nn. (70) UNION i 183 LLL RESTAURANT 716 Main Street Ga rdendale, AL Delicious Home Cooked Meals, Homemade Pies, Pit Bar-B-Que, Steaks, Chicken, Chops, and All Kinds of Sandwiches. Take-Out Orders Owner: Joe Luna Phone:631-7707 Compliments of DEVOE PAINT COMPANY 608 So. 23rd Street Birmingham, AL James W. Long Sales Representative Residence Phone: 68 1 -2 1 69 Office Phone: 252-0248 Compliments of PINSON PHARMACY GARDENDALE AUTO SALES Decatur Highway Gardendale, AL Office Phone: 63 1 -7485 Home Phone: 63 1 -9076 184 MT. OLIVE DRUGS Curtis Florence, R.Ph. 631-461! 631-3618 » L Compliments of T T PAINTING Resident and Commercia Phone:631-4162 185 SEAMLESS GUTTEHS LIFE TIME ALUMINUM IN WHITE • GALVANIZED MANUFACTURED ON THE JOB TO FIT YOUR NEEDS. LEAKPROOF MADE TO LAST A LIFETIME FOR ANY AND EVERY JOB. NEW OR REPLACEMENT " We Will Go To " Any Length " To Make A Better Job " ALl IN OKE PIECE ALUMINUM 631-4586 RE-ROOFING REPLACEMENT WINDOWS all workmen fully insured for your protection PAINTING NATION ' S GUTTERS MOUNT OLIVE 186 FARMER ' S GIN AND TRACTOR COMPANY Allis Chalmers; David Brown Farm Tractors New Holland Haying Equip. 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Christine and Nick Cottis Randy — Roy — Bernard - Johnny — Chris — Carl 211 i| BUTLER ELECTRIC COMPANY Free Es+ima+es All Work Guaranteed for One Year Phone:631-3036 H PAYNE ' S APOTHECARY 2l9Fields+ownRd. Gardendale, AL We ' ll Meet or Beat Any Prescription Price We Honor All Union Cards Phone: 63 1 -5676 JOHN L BELCHER " Your Friendly State Farnn Agent " See Me for Your Insurance Needs Auto — Life — Health — Home and Business Phone: 63 1 -8778 Office 631-3777 Home 212 Minutemen of ' 76 Working Toward a Better MJ.H.S. 213 " We ' re the Class of 76 " 214 Complimen+s of TRAFFORD BEAUTY SHOP AND A FRIEND 215 From the Torch Staff Our school days were filled with feelings of good times that could never really be recaptured. The 1 976 TORCH staff has attempted to assemble some reminders so that these times will never be forgotten. We hope that you will be abl e to relive some of those moments through the 1 976 TORCH. 216 - " M f- ' .

Suggestions in the Mortimer Jordan High School - Torch Yearbook (Morris, AL) collection:

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