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i,-.., T0 EVERYTHING THERE IS A TIME These are the young years, the fruitful years when time means only the day after tomorrow. These are the years of wistful-eyed beings with tender dreams, but youth is brutal as well as tender, and youth is reality as well as a dream. A flower blooms and fades and blows away -- and blooms again, according to the seasong and in like manner youth exists from spring to spring, for to everything there is a time. 2 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Dedication HONORS FAVORITES Who's Who Homecoming Beauties ORGANIZATIONS PEOPLE Seniors Juniors Sophomores Underclassmen SPORTS Football Basketball Baseball FACULTY MEMORY DIRECTORY ADVERTISEMENTS Y "If I were sitting here and the whole outside world were indifferent to what I was doing, I would still want to be doing just what I am." Stevens College Bulletin We the 1969 Torch Staff dedicate this annual to a man of great moral character - our teacher and friend: Coach Gerald Tuck. I fffdviik' aff OUR PRINCIPAUS THOUGHTS. . . "I would like to express my thanks and apprecia- tion to the students, faculty, and Torch Staff for making this a happy and rewarding year. I am grateful for the opportunity to return to Mortimer Jordan as principal. I know that Mortimer Jordan is a good school and with the help of the students, faculty, and parents we can continue to improve and have one of the finest schools anywhere. Thanks again for the opportunity to be at home." 'Alai E 5 HUNORS SAL UTA TORIAN VALEDI C T ORIAN SENIORS REPRESENT MJ. AT GIRL'S STATE AND BOY'S STATE . .2 -H' Linda Jenkins Our school was represented at Boy's State by Frank Randle. The Boy's State Conference, held at Troy State University in June, provided experien- ces in local and state government. Frank, who was chosen to be a Representative, attended a legisla- tive session at our State Capitol. He was also a member of the "City" that was chosen to receive an award. Linda Jenkins was chosen by the members of the faculty to represent our school at Girl's State. In June of last year, she spent a week at Huntington College in Montgomery where girls from through- out the State of Alabama met to participate in gov- ernmental experiences. She was selected in a mock election to be an Representative and as a Repre- sentative she learned to introduce bills. Linda re- turned to Jordan a more informed and concerned citizen. Frank Randle 11 Catherine Abel IN TERNA TIONAL TOUR WINNER Janice Stubbs was selected as one of 160 Nation- al Association of Student Councel members to travel and study in Europe for six Weeks this past summer. As a tenth grader she submitted an appli- cation for the trip which included a plan by which she would carry out a program of international un- derstanding after she returned from her trip. She was chosen to be a member of the tour group on the basis of this plan. The Tour for International Understanding start- ed in Washington D.C. Where they embarked for London. From London they toured England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, and Holland. 'I2 D.A.R. REPR ESEN TA TI VE This year Catherine Abel was chosen to be the Good Citizenship Girl of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Each year this honor is be- stowed upon a senior girl by the faculty. The Win- ner must be outstanding in character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Catherine, sponsored by the John Parks Custis chapter of the D.A.R., will represent our school in State competition for scholarships. Janice Stubbs Clifford Bradford GOOD CI TI ZENSHIP DELEGA TE In March of 1968 the members of the faculty se- lected our Good Citizenship Representative, Derek Belcher. As a result of his having received this honor, Derek took a Week-long, historical tour. He visited the colonial settlements of Jamestown and Williamsburg where he saw the House of Burgesses, the Governor's Palace, and other sites of interest. He also visited Washington D.C. where he toured our Nation's Capital, the White House, and the Washington Monument. While he was in Washing- ton, Derek talked with all of the Congressmen from Alabama. Derek feels that the tour, spon- sored by the BIRMINGHAM NEWS and other groups in Jefferson County, gave him a deeper in- sight into our government. UPTIMIST CL UB NOMINEE Clifford Bradford was honored this year by the Optomist Club at its annual banquet. Competing with representatives from every school in Jefferson County, Clifford was presented a first alternate standing for a four year scholarship to Samford University. If the Winner is unable to utilize the scholarship, Clifford will assume the ownership. Derek Belcher 'I 3 E IOR CLASS OFFICER i 5 Q l Seated: Wilma Jones, Secretaryg Janice Stubbs, Vice Presidentg Rickey Wood, President. Standing: Glenda Wilson, Treasurer Ricky McCrary, Prophetg Clifford Bradford, Historiang Derek Belcher, Lawyer 14 FA VORI TES E I OR CLASS MOST SERVICE TO SCHOOL - Derek Belcher and Janice Stubbs 16 I MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT - Johnny Houge and Debra Eddy MOST FRIENDLY - Barbara Mason W WHO' WHO MOST ATHLETIC - Larry Skinner and Linda Jenkins "'l':E Tiwpa Mm fm Jerry Crumbley xviafffwfii hi fm-sw-fr-F .Nz MOST BEAUTIFUL - Nell Ferris MOST HANDSOME - Mike Evans MOST TALENTED-Carmon Love and Marlene Marona MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED-Frank Randle and Vicki Holt N! MOST COURTEOUS-Wayne McCombs and Pam Bailey WITTIEST-Ricky McCrary and Sandra Smith 18 TW an I .I MOST STUDIOUS-Clifford Bradford and Cath- erine Abel CLASS FAVORITES-Rickey Wood and Wilma Jones BEST ALL AROUND-Roger Lee and Betty Brewer BEST DRESSED-Jackie Burham and Linda Spurgeon 19 HOMECOMING 1968 Linda Spurgeon, Homecoming Queen 20 The 1968-69 Homecoming Queen, Linda Spurgeon, was se- lected from the senior class by popular vote of the student body. Mona Chandler represent- ed the junior class as alternate. The princesses Were Debbie Burn- ham, a sophomore, and Debbie Murphy, a freshman. n Senior football players honored. 'W My -It WMD? Q o WZQZQ, ,lll I 4 gtg? l 234532 J' Linda Spurgeon S. X 1 'MA sf i. J, W S1l 5 M 1 3 SENIOR BEA UTY AND FIRST ALTERNATE Miss November-Vicki Holt Miss September-Glenda Wilson Miss October-Debbie Skaggs W L i 24 WI TER Miss December-Janie Todd Miss January-Sandra Smith Miss February-Rita Moore 25 Miss March-Linda Jenkins Miss April-Barbara Mason PRING mia, , ,K ', Eiiifggjg ' i7.Qi752Q 55255 fgixffxsagv .17 W .Y kiwi: 31:22 gg,sv12vm+ 431 ,qzwiszi gexlezsggqifez s2'g:fg,.eiQi iss' 7 Elm Q :5fs,.W15 .f S ef ,,. -55,315-. ..-iiggzsfi 1, fe: yi ,gg 'IL If 95X'i'??s,f2Q F me W Y ai? ,, W 2 V Z SFPET' V .3 fx, si 1. 31 Q, E Miss May-Vicki Murphy UMMER Miss June-Nell Ferris -PJ Miss July-Lelia Jinright 1-1-1 Y x x. """'4 -......... g I m Miss Au gust-Brenda Moody 27 SOPH OM ORE AND JUNIOR BEA U TIES M DEBBIE B URNHA LINDA M cC OM BS DENTAL CLINIC REPRESEN TA T I VE LINDA JENKINS BAND KING AND QUEEN JANICE STUBBS Sz CARMON LOVE OR GANI ZA TI ONS 69 TORCH STAFF Frank Randle, Editor 32 Miss Thrower, Advisor As classes are taught and lessons are done, as games are played and school is continued, the members of the An- nual Staff take pictures and notes of events as they happen. Working hard on weekends and after school and long into the midnight hoursg the staff arranged pictures and copy into a story of 1968-69. Linda Jenkins, Organizations Editorg Glenda Wilson, Class Editor 'T' ,. r ,WV , .-1, Q,-L Jerry Crumbley, Business Manager Catherine Abel, Head Typistg Barbara Mason, Copy Editor Rickey Wood, Sports Editor Rena McCombs, Apprenticeg Allen Tumlin, Feature Editor 33 LIBRAR Y l The Library Club consists of students who are willing to give up their study halls to help improve the library. With the help of these students Mrs. McCrackin, our librarian, is able to operate the library and keep it neat and orderly. First row: Phyllis Dye, Pat Labore, Debbie Kilgore, Tommy Neely, Jan Hughes, Karron Doss. Second row: Jan Burkett, Aquila Dial, Debbie Skaggs, Sue Calvert, Dee Dee Johnson, Dena Blackburn. Third row: Nancy Goode, Vicki Bramlet, Stephanie Logan, Mary Ann Mayes, Jane Cornelius. First row: Stephanie Logan, Mary Ann Mayes, Tommy Neely, Debbie Kilgore, Pat Labore, Sue Calvert, Phyllis Dye. Second row: Gayle Neely, -Jessica Wisener, Charlotte Marona, Debbie Skaggs, Aquila Dial, Vicki Bramlet, Karron Doss, Jan Burkett, Jan Hughes, Nancy Goode. Third row: Joan Johnson, Cynthia Glass, Kathy Giles, Donna Kay Stalling, Darlene Smith, Dena Black- burn, Jane Cornelius, Dee Dee Johnson. 34 FELLOW HIP OF CHRI TIA ATHLETE First row: Ronnie Ledbetter, Steve Hill, Joe Horton, Charlie Willis, Mike Reeser, Jack Redwine, Jerry Cannon, Larry Skinner, Randy McKay, Kenny Bean. Second row: Derek Belcher, Horace Haynes, Wayne Sullivan, Wayburn Arnold, Billy Pharris, Rickey Wood, Butch Jones, David Loggins, John Wilson, Allan Hill, Coach Tuck-Advisor. Third row: O'Neal Burnett, Dennis Hicks, Donnie Ledbetter, David Johnson, Roger Burton, Roger Dale Lee, Danny Kimbrell, John- ny Houge, Robert Wood, Dale Thomas. RED CROSS Every year two students are selec- ted from each homeroom as rep- resentatives to this organization. The club promotes the United Ap- peal Drive and the annual Christmas toy drive. First row: Mr. JamerSponsor, Mary Harding, Jimmie Nell Cole, Marsha Hughes, President, Debbie Burnham-Secretary, David Moss, Sherry Booker. Second row: Mary Williams, Donna Ray, Rebecca Drake, Carol Manning, Susan Scott, Third row: Jerry Cannon, Kay Mayfield, Geogia Malone, Maria Trijuillo, Linda Isbell, Teresa Jones. Fourth row: Pascal Dial, Darlene Smith, Barbara Mason, Danny Kimbrell, Daris Wilson, Debra Bowman, Mike Moore. TUDEN T COUNCIL ' N f A l vc is rr Sitting: Mrs. Grace-Sponsor, Teresa Jones, Patsy Rogers, Linda Spurgeon, Gail McGough, Valerie Bobo, Debbie Mosley, Jolene Day, Denise Russell, Janice Stubbs, Debbie Murphy. Standing: Neil Gutherie, Steve Mosley, Richard Dorman, Johnny Houge, Nathan Ledbetter, Jerry Cannon, Jack Redwine, Derek Belcher, Mike Harbin, Jim Scott, Kenny Bean, Rickey Abbot, Dennis Morgan, Mike Shaffer. Student Council is representative of the entire Mortimer Jordan High School. Through service QW projects, homeroom programs, fellowship projects, , 'C X. and honor awards, Student Council works for and C with students and faculty both to make M.J. the S 'X best ever. N Representatives of Council and our school repre- : I A sent us in county state, Southern, National, and In- af ternational Council meetings. Many useful ideas ' are gathered and MJ 's name is being known on a Derek Belcher greater level, President 36 Student Council officers plan successful projects. 'ms 1, af M., - o ,J -.W , L 3:14 f , .s 1 , .ff WE Officers leave for State workshop. f aeaa fi ii-1 l, Jerry Cannon and Jack Redwine work on the coffee com- mittee for concession stands. Friday before the game finds hotdogs to be made. 37 7 gil" CLUB Steve Myrick, Kenny Belcher, Larry Skinner, Jerry Cannon, Billy Pharris, Donnie Ledbetter, Steve Hill, David Loggins, Wayne Sullivan, Dale Thomas, Joe Horton, O'Neal Bumett, Rickey Wood, Derek Belcher, Roger Dale Lee, Ronnie Led better, Jack Redwine, Butch Jones, Johnny Houge, Danny Kimbrell, Roger Burton. The J Club is an organization of lettermen who displayed the qualities of fair play and good sportsmanship. To those who have strain- ed and sweated on the fields and court, member- ship in this club is an outward sign of the in- ward emotions and feelings of the athlete. 38 Wayne Sullivan-Social Director, Kenny Belche-Reporter, Steve Hill-Secretary, Roger Burton-President, Derek Belcher--Vice President. FUTURE TEACHER OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America is an or- ganization for students interested in a pro- fession in the field of education. The pur- pose of the club is to learn about the teach- ing profession, its opportunities, and its important role in our nation and through- out the world. Betty Brewer-Chaplin, Barbara Mason-President, Debby Eddie- Vice President, Marlene Marona-Secretary, Denise Russell-Treas- urer. First row: Linda Jenkins, Richard Dorman, Carmon Love, Harold Gwin, Marilyn Myrick, Rena McCombs, Rebecca Rogers, Diane Sullivan, Polly Stubbs, Jane Cornelius, Theresa Love, June Hughes, Mr. Adams-Sponsor. Second row: Linda Mc- Combs, Debbie Burnham, Linda Mosley, Lila Nail, Lizabeth Rogers, Linda 'Wil1iams, Denise Russell, Debbie Skaggs, Betty Brewer, Barbara Mason, Marlene Marona, Debby Eddy. 39 ,IUNIUR HONOR OCIETY First row: Johnny Rogers, Johnny Love, Denise Kennedy, Debbie Murphy. Second row: Alan Davis, Carol Manning, Gil Booker, Jimmy Lowe. Third row: Patsy Rogers, Susan Lee, Pam Burkett, Mary Nell Burns, Paulette Barnwell, Carol Randle, Jan Hughes. Fourth row: Susan Moore, Jo Foster, Janet Booker, Kenneth Kelly, Phyllis Dye, Jan Burkett. Fifth row: Cherry Redwine, Susan Cole, James Little, David McGowan. Sixth row: Mark Self, Bryan Campbell. The Junior Honor Society consists of Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior students. They are tapped each spring in an assembly program. The Junior students are tapped in the spring for the Senior Honor Society. Duringrthe year they sell dough- nuts, and give out ribbons to those making the A and B honor rolls. Mary Nell Burns-President, Paulette Barnwell- Vice President, Janet Booker-Secretary, Pam Bur- kett-Treasurer, Kenneth Kelly-Reporter. 40 HER CL UB Kneeling: James Little, Kenny Belcher, Jerry Crumbley-President, Dale Thomas, Ken- neth Hicks. Standing: Frank Randle-Head Usher, Cherry Redwine, Mary Ann Mayes, Mary Nell Burns, Susan Smith, Barbara Mason-Secretary, Rena McCombs, Mike Maze, Mr. Manley-Sponsor. PROM COMMITTEE Kneeling: Wilma Jones, Janice Stubbs, Bobbie Summerford, Marsha Hughes, Betty Brewer, Linda Jenkins. Standing: Rickey Wood, Mr. Willis-Sponsor, Miss McRight-Sponsor, Derek Belcher, Glenda Wilson, Jerry Crumbley. 41 FUTURE BU I ESS LEADER The FBLA is a business administration club, composed of major and minors in the field of busi- ness administration, accounting, and secretarial science. Its aim is to promote a feeling of fellow- ship among students having these common in- terests. First row: Barbara Lawrence, Shelia Ringphfiel, Shelly Rogers, Myra Goodwin, Mrs. Floyd, Advisor. Second row: Diane Sullivan, Melissa Murphy, Nell Smith, Estell Kilgore, Jane Elkins, Lila Nail, Reporter, Linda Mosley. Third row: Pat Kilgore, Donna Ray, Mona Chandler, Bobbie Graham, Denise Russell, Vickie Murphy, Gail Owen, Supply Store Man- ager. Fourth row: Linda Isbell, Chaplin, Marilyn Myrick, Donna Wood, Linda Clevenger, Ruth Page, Judy Doss, Eliza- beth Page, Elaine Roper. Fifth row: Stephanie Logan, Bar- bara Wilson, Judy Wood, Janet Johnson, Peggy Johnson, Sue Miller, Pat Gipson, Susan Reynolds. 42 UF AMERICA First row: Mrs. Vogel, Advisor, Linda Spurgeon, Pam Bailey, Deborah Bowman, Linda Denam. Second row: Wilma Jones, Nell Ferris, Brenda Moody, Sandra Smith, Rita Moore, Gloria Pelfry. Third row: Debby Eddy, Peggy Light, Mary Williams, Lelia Jinright, Janie Todd, Vicki Holt. Fourth row: Barbara Mason, Vice President, Catherine Abel, Secretary, Danny Kimbrell, President, Glenda Wilson, Treasurer, Cecilia McMurray. First row: Mrs. Garrison, Advisor, Dena Blackburn, Perry Glass, Judy Johnson, Marilyn James, Betty Scott, Susan Sharrit, Miss McRight, Advisor. Second row: Peggy Hall, Barbara Hosley, Betty Russell, Deane Thomas, Phyllis Dye, Debbie Burnham, Debbie Murphy, Lizabeth Rogers, Emily Price. Third row: Gail McGaugh, Rachel Nichols, Jane Melvin, Janette Doss, Judy Buzbee, Jerri Mosley, Debbie Rickeles, Marilyn Belcher, Debra Owensby. Fourth row: Gaynell Jones, Burma McPhearson, Patsy Rogers, Marilyn Hayes, Patricia Ellison, Debra Smith, Janice Self, Ann Ballard, Donna Burnett, Patsy'Nickolas. Fifth row: Donna McGraw, Denise Howard, Susan Moore, Carolyn Hayes, Glenda Haynes, Linda Williams, Jo Foster, Cherry Redwine, Susan Cole, Susan Lee, Annie Welch, Betty Cole. Sixth row: Mike Maze, Wil- liam Cole, Janet Swann, Kay Mayfield, Van Marsh, Joan Cato, Patty Ferris, Sandra Spurgeon, Jenny Love, Diana Teal. Seventh row: Wayburn Arnold, Rickey Riddle, Tommy Mor- gan, Ronald Sneed, Mike Melvin, Teddy Hughes, Donald Sneed, Rickey May. ECHO TAFF First row: Marsha Hughes, Debbie Skaggs, Gloria Pelfry, Cecilia McMurray, Lillian Wood, Charlotte Marona, Darlene Brown. Second row: Kenny Belcher, Wayne McCombs, Gwin Johnson, Debbie Eddy, Clifford Bradford, Ricky McCrary. By working together members of the Jordan Echo Staff develop a sense of responsibility, many skills, and experience in human relation- ships. The staff complies news of various school activities, sport events, beauty contests, club activities and academic achievements for the school paper. Miss Hurst, Advisor, Sandra Smith, Debbie Eddy, Wilma Jones. 43 SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY N o honor conferred by the school excels that of membership to the Honor Society. This group looks upon education as a total product measured by character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Members are chosen by the faculty. The National Honor Society encourages these students to render service to their school and corn- munity. By doing so they prove their capabilities for this honor. Catherine Abel Treasurer Freddy Bryant Vicki Hglt Marlene Marona Secretary Wayne McCombs Frank Randle 44 Janice Stubbs President Derek Belcher Cliff Bradford Barbara Mason V. Pres. Glenda Wilson X475 2 . ,I r ,W First row: Sheila Ringpiiel, Sue Calvert, Janice Stubbs, Debra Rickles, Polly Stubbs. Second row: Harold Brannon, Alan Lowe, Greg Hopkins, Tommy Phearson, Bryon Campbell, Steve Ballard, Kenny Bean. Third row: Frank Randle, Bill Morse, Hoyt Simmons, Kenny Belcher, Jerome McCombs. CIE CE CL B First row: Darlene Brown, Linda Burnett, Vicke Srofe, Ronda Pilkington, Edna Skinner, Cathy Suell, Cathy Redwine, Karen Doss, Jo Ann McMurray. Second row: Steve Hughes, Greg Ballard, Gary Laughter, Neal Shaffield, Gary McCombs, Steve Tankersly, Jimmy Campbell, David Graham, James Graves, Dale Bartlett, Eugene Hitt, Howard Henderson. 45 E CRE TARIE OF TOMORR 0 W The Secretaries of Tomorrow assist students in their preparation to enter the secretarial pro- fession. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in the secretarial profession, to develop a better under- standing of secretarial responsibilities, and to provide a basis for better secretaries of the future. Debby Eddy-Treasurer, Linda Spurgeon- Secretary, Vicki Holt-Vice President, Cathe- rine Abel-President. Sitting: Mrs. Floyd-Sponsor, Vicki Holt, Catherine Abel, Glenda Wilson, Debby Eddy, Wilma Jones, Pam Bailey, Barbara Mason. Standing: Sandra Smith, Leila Jinright, Linda Spurgeon, Cecelia McMurry, Gloria Pelfry, Janie Todd. 46 k ,., GIRL 4-H CL UB First row: Mrs. Calvert-Sponsor, Cecilia Arnold, Nancy Goode, Karen Williams, Cindy Glover, Sherry Arnold, Donna Self, Sue Calvert. Second row: Barbara Moss, Susan Bul- lock, Vicki Nelson, Kathy Smothers, Debbie Tittle, Beth Cary. Third row: Carol Randle, Debbie Arnold, Mitzi Holt, Debbie Farmer, Kathy Comer. Fourth row: Kathy Suell, Phyllis Morgan, Maria Truijullo, Angela Bryant, Tina Bradberry. BOY 4-H CL B First row: Joe Hughes, Eddie Jenkins, Dennis Doss, Frankie Harris, Tim Duncan. Second row Ronnie Ledbetter, Mr. Ingram, Louie Christian, John Cannon, Randy Scott, Bobby Whitfield Third row: Ken Higginbotham, Joe Horton, Eddie Brown, Charlie Willis, Michael Wood LA TIN CL UB The Latin Club promotes interest in ancient Roman civilization. Participation in this club stimulates the use and appreciation of the language. Steve Hill and Rebecca Rogers-Consuls Mary Ann Mayes-Secretary and Treasurer First row: Pascal Dial, Mary Ann Mayes, Rebecca Rogers, Marsha Hughes, Barbara Mason, Miss Thrower, Sponsor. Second row: Kenny Belcher, Alan Lowe, Harold Gwin, Byron Campbell, Steve Hill, Frank Randle. Third row: James Little, Alan Davis, Hoyt Simmons, Gwin Johnson, Wayne McCombs. 48 PA I H CLUB First row: Johnny Houge, Mary Nell Burns, Pam Bailey, Betty Brewer, Roger Dale Lee, Susan Moore, Cindy Hubbard, Rena Mc- Combs, Susan Smith, Wayne Sullivan. Second row: Glenda Wilson, Pam Burkett, Sue Calvert, Rita Melvin, Diane Sullivan, Robert Wood, Randy McCay, Theresa Love, Jane Cornelius, June Hughes, Marlene Marona. Third row: Wilma Jones, Ginger Smothers, Dena Blackburn, Polly Stubbs, Paulette Barnwell, Roger Burton, Derek Belcher, Gail McGaugh, Linda Jenkins, Judy Johnson, Linda McCombs, Kathy Murphree. Fourth row: Ricky Wood, Steve Shaffield, Mike Melvin, Eddie Hand, Bill Morse, Jerome McCombs, Dana Day, Ronald Melvin, James Pharris. Standing: Mike Abney, Richard Dorman, Michael Pelfry, Ricky Abbot, Joe Horton, Mike Moore, Allen Hill, Kenneth Higginbotham, Jack Redwine, Freddy Bryant. The Spanish Club broadens our knowledge of the Spanish people through different activities. One thing all Spanish I students look forward to is initiation day when they become slaves to senior members. 49 ELECT CHOIR First row: Cecelia Arnold, Sandra Spurgeon, Emma Lee Sanders, Nancy Goode, Linda Sullivan, Miss Rains-Director, Cindy Hubbard. Linda Spurgeon, Linda Jenkins, Mary Dodd, Marilyn Reese. Second row: Carolyn Hayes, Beverly Simmons, Dee Dee Johnson. Carol Randle, Kathy Murphree, Marlene Marona, Jane Cornelius, Marilyn Hayes, June Hughes, Joan Cato. Third row: Denise Kennedy, Debbie Murphy, Mary Faught, Dinah Teal, Barbara Chambers, Karen Wood, Aquila Dial, Paul- ette Barnwell, Debbie Thompson, Pam Burkett, Gayle Neely. Fourth row: John Carter, Tommy Phearson, Van Marsh, David Calvert, Johnny Houge, Steve Ballard, Greg Hopkins, Lynn McKinney, David Staton. Linda Jenkins-Pianist, Nancy Goode-Librarian, Cindy Hubbard-Treasurer, June. Hughes-Secre- tary, Linda Spurgeon-Vice President, Jane Cor- nelius-President. 50 The Select Choir comes to rehersals each day, yawning, slumping into chairs, striving to sing on pitch. The choir has taken part in numerous activ- ities this year, some of which includea Thanksgiv- ing program, P.T.A. Christmas program, caroling on the balcony at Pizitz, annual Christmas con- cert, leading the student body in a program of Christmas songs, All-State Chorus, District Choral Competition and the Spring Concert. This year's Select Choir has been an enthusiastic group, has worked hard for Mortimer Jordan and we salute them. TREBLE CHOIR V tary, Alisa Bice-Vice President, Vicki Srofe- Treasurer, Cathy Redwine-President. The Mortimer Jordan Treble Choir is made up of Junior High students who are interested in singing. This group received the name Treble Choir because it sings only music written on the treble cleft. The choir has performed in the PTA Christmas program, Christmas Concert, school carol program, and the S rin concert. Mrs. Rains-Director P g First row: Sherry Arnold, Edna Skinner, Janice Mann, Sherry Booker, Maria Truijillo, Sherry Curry, Roger Hill, Beth Cary, Cindy Glover. Colette Findley. Second row: Angela Bryant, Vicki Crisler, Myra Sullivan. Vicki Srofe, Rena Ar- mour, Valerie Bobo, Linda Burnett, Dellna Preston, Debra Brasher, Becky Drake. Third row: Cathy Suell, Phyllis Mor- gan, Debbie Martin, Jane Edwards, Kathy Redwine, Pat Giles, Kathy Giles, Shirley Loggins, Gail Reno, Kathy Whitworth, Vicki Chrisler, Jimmy Bookmiller. June Hughes-Accompanist, Renee Armour-Secre- WE PROUDLY PRESENT THE MURTIMER JORDAN BLUE DEVIL BAND The band started summer marching three weeks before school started and have put in many hours of hard Work. They came at seven o'clock and stayed after school every day during the marching season in hopes of making everyone here at Jordan proud of them. They have accomplished much this year for their school. They have gone to Samford's "High School Dayl' as the special guests of the Bulldog Marching Band,'and marched the Little Seven Dental Clinic football game. They also marched in the Veterans Day Parade. This spring they have high hopes of making District-and State Competition. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, shall stop the Mortimer Jordan Marching Band. 52 Mr. Morrison-Director Susan Lee-Vice President, Pam Burkett-Treas- urer, Rebecca Rogers-Secretary, Marilyn James -Librarian, Janice Stubbs-Presidentg Mr. Cliff Morrison, the new director of the Morti- mer Jordan band, has given his time and talent to creating a band that we can be proud of. He is a 1968 graduate of Samford University, a member of the Birmingham, Symphony Orchestra, and a pro- fessional percussionist. 53 PERC SSI 0 FLUTE Linda Burgett, Marilyn James, Sheila Ringph- fiel, Polly Stubbs, Rebecca Rogers, Janice Stubbs. 54 Kneeling: Mary Nell Burns, Patty Pharris, Greg Ballard. Standing: Phillip Love, John Carter. Paulette Barnwell. TR UMPE T Susan Lee, Kathy Murphree, Jerome McCombs, Steve Ballard, Mark Mosley, Jimmy Lowe, Bill Blackburn, Joan Cato, Van Marsh, David Graham, Barney Heron. SA X OPH ONE , Y , Gurley, Greg Hopkins, Chad Burks, Chris Ringphfiel. CLARI ET First row: Marilyn Myrick, Alan Davis, Harriet White, Susan Love, Rita Cotton, Diane Jenkins, Janet Booker, Bonnie Calvert, Jenny Love. Second row: Deb- bie Anderton, Sherry Patterson, Dawn Kelley, Wanda Justis, Vicki Hayes, Be- linda Jones, Marilyn Evans, Linda Wil- liams. S LOW BRASS Kneeling: Roger Doss, Michael Mitchell, David Staton. Standing: Alan Lowe, Mark Hayes, Tommy Pearson, David Calvert. 55 F OR YO UR ENJO YMEN T- THE MAJ ORE TTES ene Marona Emma Lee Sanders or Sophomore Linda McCombs ' Head, Junior 6 ,f QW ww-gel seg., 4 555,535 ?YesQ2g!2g25T5sZ?Qrfv4,.1L fr ei Qs fzra.gz1.4:e1 3 EQQENQR Lifgsfjii? M 5 'z:7::?'EiTsSiki5S 42'iSZi52?5ff??Eil?fHS3E --ff gr, e ,Y , . ' Q . Qi: L:lf?5,1i'f', 'V'k2CiQfZff372g"l?3f'sfQjff?5f'tvfrff' - ' K,-fx 'mira .4 J U . ' N4 . ,, , 'I 4 i 0 R SCHOOUS FIR T: 'W zQvi?? l55Z1Q5? THE COLORGUARD xx J-naw W--. 'ww ., - .F .. sw.. Nw , J. . . Lanwe- QNF, VY r Q 1 Melissa Murphy-Captain, Marilyn Moore, Dena Blackburn, Beverly Simmons, Debra Johnson, Denise Abney. QSM? X 57 VAR ITY CHEERLEADER Sitting: Annie Welch, Linda Jenkins, Steve Shaffield, Judy Johnson, Denise Russell. Standing: Linda Spurgeon, Ginger Smothers, Gail McGough, Lila Nail, Pat Kilgore, Pam Burkett, Debbie Burnham. Steve Shaffield Blue Devil If ' 5' - ' MQ, ,. J, ff' V , ' is - f 1 ' "W . "' w ,L I H, Linda Jenkins Judy Johnson Cofhad, Senior Co-Head, Junior 58 59 JUNHHI CHEERLEADERS 5 I Sitting: Vickie Bramlet, Jan Burkett, Vicki Banks, Myra McCay, Debra Mosley, Denise Kennedy. Standing: Janet Booker-Head, Sherry Patterson, Alisa Bice, Diane Jenkins, Debby Murphy, Mildred Mayfield. Miss Stojcich Advisor 60 These girls along with the Varsity squad are will- ing to endure colds, Windblown hair, and sore throats to support their team. They are under the direction of Miss Stojcich, better known as Miss Jo She has been the sponsor for Junior and Varsity squads for the past three years. She helps them during the summer practice and planning activ- ities for football and basketball seasons. Together they boast school spirit and good sportsmanship. PEOPLE AHHH! SENIORS AT LAST Abel, Catherine Abney, Michael Acton, Billy Bailey, Pam Belcher, Derek Bowman, Deborah Bradford, Clifford Bd U Burnham, Jackie Buzbee, Jimmy Carter, Ken Bradford, Perry Brewer, Betty Bryant, Freddy 63 Cole, John Crumbley, Jerry Denam, Linda hu. 45 yu :LQ E' X 64 Dial, Aquila Dorman, Rlchard Wk. .T Vg, 'Wau- ff gl1"'M f"'T'inp an-3' 'YQXLTF' I if Dutton, David Eddy, Debby Evans, Mike Ferris, Nell Gamble, Billy Glass, Gary Glass, Perry Glazier, Billy Glenn, Eddie Gwin, Harold Heath, Byron Hicks, Kenneth Hill, LCSW! Holland, Gerald Holt, Vicki 'Wha- Houge, Johnny Hughes, Freddie Hughes, Marsha Jenkins, Linda Jenright, Leila Johnson, Gwin THESE ARE TIMES FILLED WITH Jones, Dean Jones, Wilma A,-' I . Kilgore, Debbie L I V l 1.1-JF' Kimbrell, Dan Lee, Roger Ledbetter, Do 68 VORR Y, FRUSTRATION, AND HAPPINESSS E xxx ,K x"""'-mn. Ledbetter, Ronme Light, Peggy Love, Carmon Loggins, David Mahaffey, Raymond Mann, Allen Marona, Charlotte Marona, Marlene Martin, Alvin 69 Mason, Barbara McCombs, Sammy MCCT-ary, Ricky McCombs, Wayne McKinney, Lynn McMu11-y, Cecelia Moody, Brenda Moore, Rita Mllrphy, Vickie Myrick, Steve Neely, Ronnie Pelfrey, Gloria Pharris, Billy Randle, Frank Russell, Denise Simmons, Hoyt Skaggs, Deborah Skinner, Larry Skinner, Roger Smith, Sandra Smothers, Larry Spurgeon, Linda Stubbs, Janice Summerford, Bobbie Todd, Jane Tumlin, Allen Tyler, Phil 72 SURELY, THUSE WERE TH1 .-and!" TAPPIEST DA YS OF OUR LIVES wil' R, Waddell, Linda Watson, Ronnie Williams, Mary Wilson, Glenda Wood, Richard Yeager, Don UNI OR WI '68 OLYMPIC nr , . 1bvBv8v ru ... M 9 wma X? K 4 DHDKNY HAVK A 1...-40 vo wslnx -0 li Ill 5 f:',, -5 , .,,A S P Photo not -xv fm, ABLE dr ww V W- .E.,,,.. L.-e,W,,,,, , ,g l 4 74 Arnold, Wayburn Ballard, Gary Barber, Paul Belcher, Kenny Berry, Estell Berry, Melanie Blackburn, Dena Burnett, 0'Neal Burton, Roger Cagle, Deborah Cannon, Jerry Chandler, Mona Clevenger, Linda Cole, William Connell, Joe Cornelius, Jane Dial, Pascal Doss, Carl Doss, Judy Elkins, Jane Gilley, William Gipson, Pat Glass, Janice Goodwin, Myra Graham, Bobbie Hands Eddie Higginbotham, Hill, Steven Hill, Terry Hall, Mike , Ke Horton, Joe Hubbard, Cindy Hughes, June Isbell, Linda Johnson, David Johnson, Janet Johnson, Judy Johnson, Peggy Jones, Butch Kilgore, Patsy nnet Lawrence, Barbara Light, Danny Logan, Stephanie Love, Theresa Lowe, Alan 1? . . ,ws-is 4 3 6 'Q 5 -if 'iv 1 'xxx 1 az ,Q.' x Wi , u QF Photo not Anihlk i?flf?.L2Q, ' 'L ' ::"" 'i - . ' 2::i,af.!E'Y:: M ,X , 5 , , in . . Nm. ,. X N' 4 wi' W' L QR, 1 Y 3 L f f fans., , .,. Ak,, , ,,,,, . ' W as waf:f,,,i Q, 'W-.Q w i. : . fe fx 3, ni ' 1 1 mi, if gy is al J . JUNIUR PREPARE FUR ENIOR YEAR ICO? YNOWN I 2 i "Q, v, xx, gfx 'be l l Si' F 1:35:34 ?f fy 92 RMKINAIAILI 76 Malone, Georgia Mayes, Mary Ann Maze, Mike McCombs, David McCombs, Jerome McCombs, Linda McCombs, Rena McGough, Gail Melvin, Rita Melvin, Ronald Miller, Harlan Miller, Sue Miller, Wanda Mitchell, Mike Moore, Mike Mosley, Linda Moss, Stewart Murphy, Melissia Murphy, Pat Myrick, Marilyn Nail, Lila Owens, Gail Page, Elezabeth Page, Patsy Page, Ruth Pharris, James Pollard, Tommy Price, Emma Ray, Donna Reese, Marilyn Redwine, Jack Reynolds, Gary Reynolds, Susan Rickels, Mike Ringpfeil, Sheila Rogers, Rebecca Rogers, Shelley Roper, Elaine Scott, Betty Sheffield, Steve Smith, Nell Smith, Susal Smothers, Ginger Sullivan, Diane Sullivan, Wayne Thomas, Dale Tucker, Alfred Wilson, Barbara Wisener, Wayne Wood, Donna wfklilxa P ff' Xp-,g'W R ,ff 'Q W wfivialfnzfi Wood, Judy Wood, Robert UPH UM ORE WORK HARD IN CH OOL DT new s 'ILQNMM .l J J ia .1 M 9 NUD WMMLI 78 Ballard, Ann Ballard, Sharon Ballard, Steven Barnwell, Paulette Bean, Kenneth Belcher, Marilyn Brannon, Harold Burkett, Pam Burnett, Donna Burnham, Deborah Burns, Mary Nell Buzbee, Judy Calvert, David Calvert, Sue Campbell, Byron Carter, John Cato, Joan Cole, Betty Cole, Susan Connell, James Davis, Alan Day, Dana Dobbins, Billy Doss, Jeanette Drake, Wayne Dye, Phyllis Ellison, Patricia Farmer, Alice Ferris, Rickey Foster, Jo Glenn, Kenneth Hall, Peggy Hayes, Carolyn Hayes, Marilyn Hayes, Mark Hayes, Ronald Haynes, Glenda Haynes, Horace Heron, Barney Hicks, Grant Hill, Allan Hopkins, Greg Horsley, Barbara Howard, Denise Howell, Johnny Hubbard, Cecil Hughes, Teddy James, Marilyn James, William Jones, Gaynell '55-X +- CJ L j,,- Pham not ,4...J.lA Aqprvvnlarunns 1 1. X , b it 0.5 ,awusnc 'mn by 53,4 mm AVNLASLE 'ss f' ho J , H06 ,S AVNLABLE 1 PHGTO NOT AVMLABLE p PHO V092 APM N0 7 AYA14 An, 5 ,km SQEPY Y PNOTDJ P30 6 1:5795 t if 2? PHOTO NOT AVASLABLE 70680.57 '56, 4. M i . M l 7!dZ'51vwx """"' 'M 2521.1 , fi W if , yt, Al 439.96 NIAQLABLE EET W' n 'HTF ' fini' Y?53iaZ" 4951 f 5"'7no more 4 ao AVAILABLE L. QEEY PROTON! A-scifi no ,Ga ag, 52, , F5 Jones, Teresa Lagrond, Joyce Ledbetter, Nathan Lee, Susan Letlow, Ray Light, Marvin Limbough, Kenneth Little, James Logan, Lois Love, Jenny Goodwin, Barbara Marsh, Van May, Ricky Mayfield, Kay McCay, Randy McGraw, Donna McPherson, Burma Melvin, Jane Melvin, Michael Moore, Susan Morgan, Thomas Morse, Williams Mosley, Jerri Murphree, Kathy Murphry, Deborah Myers, Michael Nicholas, Patsy Nicholas, Racheal Owensby, Debra Pearson, Tommy Pelfrey, Michael Pesnell, Melba Pharris, Patricia Redwine, Cherry Resser, Mike Rickels, Debra Riddle, Rickey Rogers, Doris Rogers, Lizabeth Rogers, Patricia Russell, Betty Russell, Bobby Sanders, Emma L Self, Janice Sharit, Susan Smith, Deborah Sneed, Donald Sneed, Ronald Spurgeon, Sandra Staton, David Stubbs, Polly Swann, Janet Teal, Dinah Thomas, Diana Thomas, Harold ee 1 o-our ww: n vamo vo win! 'Q ., - wif - x , N f , fiff G T , '1J'fh,:,,'n-la: 2: . ,N,,.u,. .M , ' f V 15- I, gn -i-i ,jf Welch, Annie Williams, Linda Wilson, John SQBPY 7 no mom., Wi' fir In-W FRE HME lvvn eg - .f,, . ...M M.. , 3 I 'a ff ' . ,Q re, Q I 1 -+12-vrfzfffw -' - if f lt JH 4 i ,V ,. 3 SQBPY PROUD.: 'O 6. Q!! 59 409:- .V , fa, V 1 Abbott, Rickey Arnold, Cecelia Ballenger, Walter Banks, Vickie Barnwell, Warren Belcher, Pamela Balckburn, Ferrell Booker, Gil Booker, Janet Bowman, Billy Bramlet, Vicki Brown, Darlene Brown, Donna Bryant, Darryl Bullock, Roy Burkett, Jan Campbell, Earl Cannon, Melba Chambers, Barbara Childers, Joe Cole, Jimmie Conn, David Crane, Mike Dodd, Mary Donaldson, Diane Doss, Conrad Doss, Karron Doss, Karry Dutton, Linda Edwards, Jan Elliot, Roger Evans, Sandra Faught, Mary Faught, Randall Findley, Terry Geeters, Doris Giles, Kathy Glass, Cindy Golden, Violet Goode, Nancy Graham, David Hamilton, Tamara Hardiman, Danny Harding, Mary Harper, Phillip Haynes, Ray Henderson, Dixie Hicks, Dennis Hitt, Eugene Horsley, David .i Ikea? r' f '34 L 5 9??i2f f-'wi S3 Www more SQEPY PHOTO! H0 if 3 ff? 954 O YOWR A95-A N0 7 11114 All. Q' QQ 9 84 Aqyrv vunnnux f ,gk 1 f Q 1 . .' . z 35, i -'lx v M il THEY FI D HIGH SCHUOL LIFE Hughes, Jan Johnson, Debra Johnson, Joan Johnson, Ruthie Jordan, Bette Kelley, Kenneth Kennedy, Denise Kilgore, Stanley Knox, Charles Labore, Patricia Logan, Jerry Long, Richard Love, Johnny Lowe, James Mallan, Joyce Manning, Carol Marona, Charles Mays, Charlotte McCay, Myra McCowan, David CEXCITINGU McCullar, David McGaughy, Essie McMurry, Joann Morgan, Dennis Mosely, Billy Mosely, Mark Moss, David Murphy, Debbie Neely, Charlotte Neely, Thomas Nicholas, Joyce Odom, Pam Pesnell, Cathy Pilkington, Rhonda Randall, Carol Reese, Lou Reno, Aaron Robertson, Lester Robertson, Patricia Rogers, Johnny Nllf -0 41' 'V N 52 SQBPY PHOIUJ N0 6 -if L ,Q 3 59 J E' S , Photo not AVAILABLE , ax PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE -S ff .OOOOOA T A Wisener, Jessica Wood, Gary Wood, Karen Woods, Lillian affix' f. if,-i?i1"l Roper, Martha Russell, Alice Salyers, Gary Scott, Jim Self, Mark Self, Rickey Shaffield, Neal Simmons, Beverly Simmons, Donald Smith, Darlene Smith, Dabra Smith, Diane Stallings, Donna Stanley, Brenda Steel, Ralph Sullivan, Dale Sullivan, Linda Swann, Betty Swann, Rickey Swann, Teresa Thomas, Leonard Thomas, Leslie Thompson, Deborah Tumlin, Martha Willis, Charlie EI GH TH GRADE Aaron, Donna Anderton , Deborah Armor, Renee Ballard, Greg Banes, Billy Banks, Harold Barber, Shane Bartlett, Dale Bearden, Ruby Bell, Vicki Bice, Alisa Bookmiller, Jim Bowlin, Polly Brasher, Debra Brown, Eddie Burgett, Linda Burks, Chad Burnett, Linda Calvert, Bonnie Campbell, Jimmy '-C7 A ff PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 7- S 4 ' J 123 25 . , Q QM 2 Q rx M . an f it an W fini M ,gist A 3 ,X , 3 X W ,Q 5? le ,ff as ,gif Q 2 'rips Ph not V AVAILABLE Cato, Michael Cole, Otis Cotton, Rita Christler, Bo Crump, Cheryl Curry, Sherry Day, Jolene Doss, Johnny Doss, Mike Doss, Roger Drain, Michael Drake, Rebecca Easter, Gregory Evans, Marilyn Foster, Eugene Fountain, Michael Franklin, Wanda Giles, Patricia Gipson, Ronald Graves, James Gurley, Edwin Hallman, Angela Hammons, Judy Hammons, Larry Harbin, Michael Harbin, Richard Hayes, Vicki Hays, Rita Henderson, Glenda Henderson, Howard Hill, Mark Holder, Charlotte Horton, Gary Hughes, David Hughes, Steven James, Steven Jenkins, Diane Jones, Belinda Jones, Bobby Justice, Wanda Knox, Jeanie Langham, Jerry Langham, Larry Laughter, Gary Lawson, Kenneth Lemley, David Loggins, Shirley Loggins, William Love, Phillip Love, Susan Lowe, Jahn Mahaffey, Betty Marona, Donna Marona, James Marsh, Valerie Mayfield, Deborah Mayfield, Mildred McCombs, Dale McCombs, Gary McGaughy, Sarah Q f 'sex V nfs., ' e Q It E x X 'Sw I , , ,,,,.A"f xv. 'M wsigsl-mggiaffigu 45 ' ' irfiirg 'Q X ffesff' iff-es? -- , Q We 1, :Jim we iw .- 51151 . 89 5:25 55? WINNER UF ,IU IOR Meadows, Deborah Mikel, Sue Moore, Marilyn Morgan, Phyllis Mosley, Debra Moss, Barbara Nelson, Vicki Patterson, Sherry Phillips, Steven Preston, Dellna Redwine, Cathy Reno, Gail Rickels, Jeff Schafer, Michael Sharitt, Andy Sharp, Janice Simmons, Sarah Skinner, Edna Smith, Peggy Srofe, Vicki 'PIRI T C OMPE TI TI ON Suel, Kathy Sullivan, Myra Summerford, Ronnie Tankersly, Steven Thomas, Bonnie Tillery, April Underwood, Rita Underwood, Rozelle White, Harriet Williams, Ted Williamson, Walter Wilson, Doris Wolford, Greg Woods, Michael PHOTO NOT AVMLABLE '-ff, r ai Pham not AVA ILABLE 91 E VEN TH GRADE BEGIN FIR T YEAR AT MJH PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE F I if Q hola not AVAILABLE 7. 33: by If N025 "" wAaLAs:,E 92 Aaron, Aubruy Abney, Denise Arnold, Deborah Arnold, Sherry Ballard, Francis Banes, Linda Bartlett, Joyce Belcher, Vance Berry, Tommy Bice, Richard Bobo, Valeria Booker, Sherri Bradberry, Tina Brovnm, James Bryant, Angela Bryson, Donna Bullock, Susan Burgett, Howard Burnham, Mike Calloway, Phillip Cannon, John Cary, Beth Christain, Louie Cole, Robert Comer, Cathy Copeland, Ricky Cotton, Richard Crane, Kerry Crisler, Vickie Day, Donald Dockery, Charlotte Dockery, Sherry Doss, Dennis Duncan, Tim Cunnavant, David Edwards, Rickey Ellison, Brenda Farmer, Debbie Findley, Collete Fountain, Tommy Fuller, Bobby Glover, Cindy Goodwin, Donald Graham, Randall Gray, Dennis Guthrie, Tommy Hagood, Rusty Hall, Elton Harding, Maggie Harris, Frankie ua AS? OMOTOGRAPH N07 IYIM A IL f f'Z 1 0401? n4AVl A 1-,no wg NEAR fm 3 5 s S ft' , MSD O ., ' 1 93 C5 Obs AVAILABLE .L Hays, Randy Hill, Curtis Hill, Roger Hodge, Rickey Hogan, Carol Hollond, Debbie Holt, Mitzi Hughes, Randy James, Joyce Jenkins, Edward Johnson, Brenda Jones, Charles Jones, Rickey Kelly, Gary Kilgore, Wayne Lackey, Deborah Light, David McCombs, Jimmy McGough, Deborah Mann, Janis Martin, Debra Melcher, Tommy Mickwell, Donna Miller, Dale Mosley, Steve Mulvehill, John Murphy, Marc Neely, Timmy Neely, Wayne Nicholas, Michael Parker, Allen Pharris, George Pilkington, Susan Reid, David Reno, Danny Reno, Elmer Rhodes, Douglas Rack, John Rack, Randy Roper, Deborah Russell, Kathy Salter, David Savage, Terri Scott, Randy Scott, Susan Self, Donna Sharit, Nelson Singletary, David Smothers, Kathy Suddeth, Clarence Tankersly, Stanley Teal, Emily Tittle, Debra Truhilla, Maria White, Kenneth Whitfield, Bobby Whitworth, Kathy Williams, Karen Williamson, John Wood, Donna Ray EET? 2""ll Q QE? 597 mom PHO YOGRA954 NOT IVIIA AILI L8 fax gift fi 1 k u- l it J' 'X 95 '9ln.... Select choir prepares for the season of goodwill. ,f""""' Wait! Are you sure you don't have atheletes foot! 96 'Sm Mmmmm! Short skirt! I'd rather fight than switch! SPOR TS 68 BLUE DEVIL - K. -'1 if lj .L "' Q ' A.f4W-Q ., -af? . ,. W, A Q X X Head Coach-Jimmy Jett Asst. Coach-Gerald Tuck fig' a BLUE DEVILS IN ACTION M.,l. INTRUDUCES TWO GREAT STARS --su., FOOTBALL HONORS Ronnie Watson: All-Metro, All-County, Most Val uable Back Most Valuable Lineman Roger Burton: All-County David Loggins: Most Dedicated Larry Skinner: Most Heart Steve Myricks: Most Coachable Boy Horace Haynes Tackle Soph. l Billy Pharris Center Sr. Roger Burton Tackle Jr. Donnie Ledbetter Tackle Sr. 103 Derek Belcher: All-Metro, All-County, All-State, Jack Redwine Back Jr. Larry Skinner Back Sr. 4' FP Butch Jones Back Jr. David Loggins Q'Back Sr -Qi David Johnson Tackle Jr. Steve Hill Center Jr. Wayne Sullivan L'Backer Jr. Kenny Belcher Q'Back Jr Charlie Willis Guard Fresh. Kenny Bean Back Soph. Steve Myricks Back Sr. Allen Hill Back Soph. Mike Reeser Back Soph. Wayburn Aronld Guard Jr Dale Thomas Guard Jr. Jerry Cannon End Jr. W Dennis Hicks Back Fresh. Danny Kimbrell End Sr. O'neal Burnett Tackle Jr. John Wilson Tackle Jr Randy McCay Back Soph. Robert Wood End Jr Ronnie Ledbetter Tackle Sr. Roger Dale Lee End S Derek Belcher, Guard, Senior Ronnie Watson, Back, Senior Joe Horton, End, Junior Varsity Schedule Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Mortimer Jordan Jimmy Jett, Hotdog Locust Fork Gardendale Oak Grove Leeds West Jefferson Hewitt Hayden Warrior Corner Tarrant x Q JUNIOR TEAM MJ. BASKETBALL SQUAD Willie Adams Roger Lee, Center, Senior Richard Dorman, Forward, Senior Derek Belcher, Forward, Senior Roger Burton, Forward, Junior Wayne Sullivan, Gua.rd, Junior Jerome McCombs, Forward, Junior i Randy McCay, Guard, Sophomore Dale Sullivan, Guard, Freshman MJ. B TEAM MJ. JUNIOR TEAM WE BLUE DEVILS VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD FACULTY Willie Adams B.S. University of Alabama American History Joan Floyd A.B. Samford Business and Office Ed. X Jetta Pearl Bradley B.S. M.A. Alabama College Biology Grey Calvert A.B. Samford Junior High English Terry Garrett B.S. University of Alabama Math 4 Q Carolyn Garrison B.S. Alabama A 8a M Business and Office Ed. Patricia Hurst Frank Ingram Joel James A.B. Samford B.S. Florence B.S. M.A. University of English Junior High Science Ala. H6 Junior High Math Carolyn Doris B.S. Blue Mountain College Speech, Drama, English Betty Grace A.B. Judson, B.S. Peabody Home Economic, Govern- ment Jimmy Jett A.B. St. Bernard College Physical Education Marion McCowan B.S. Judson Counselor Cliff Morrison B.M. Samford Band 2 Frances Stojcich B.S. Alabama College Phys. Education, Science Carolyn McCracken Librarian Frances Posey B.S. Samford English Johnny Strickland B.S. Auburn M.A. Univ. of Ala. History . , :jf V 56" ' ,JY Marilyn McRight B.S. University of Alabama General Business 3 l s Brenda Rains M.M. Southern Miss. B.S. Huntington Choir Kent Manley B.S. Samford M.S Univ of Ala. Advanced Mathematics Jane Scott B.S. Alabama College Phys. Education, Science Betty Thompson Lynda Thrower Registrar B.S. Jacksonville English, Latin M 'Nr' Gerald Tuck Wynema Vogel Bill Willis Jean Daniels B,S, Samford B.S. Florence B.S. Samford B.S. Alabama College History, Phys. Education Business and Office Ed. Social Studies Aft, Spanish C US TODIA LU CHRUOM LADIE Left to right: Mrs. Irene Jett, Mrs. Kathleen Trotter, Mrs. Rachel Whitworth, Mrs. Juainta Fields, Miss Maxine Loggins, Mrs. Johnnie Kilgore, Mrs. Juainta McCombs not pictured. 118 AD VER TI SEM EN TS -an ,JB Jia. ELMORE 5-I0 Gardendale, Alabama Phone: 63 I-5342 Mf. Olive, Alabama Phone: 63I-43I I GARDENDALE PHARMACY Gardenclale Shopping Cen+er We Discouni' Every Prescripfion Cosl' Plus One Dollar THE MODERN SHOP Free Delivery Gardendale Alabam , a Ronny Payne Phone: 63I-26I I Rome I' Box 5 Phone: 631-767I 120 WILSON Fl0RlST Fulfonclale, Alabama The Teenagers Florisf Phone: 84I-449I HOOVER MEMORIAL Garclendale, Alabama PRICE'S DRUGS "On The Corner Since l898" Lef Us Fill Your Nex'r Prescrip+ion Dial Pinson 68l-232I In Beau+iful Pinson Valley Mm W THRIFTY DRUG Prescripfions Our SpeciaH'y Cosmefics - Jade Eas+ - Co+y Max Fac+ors Tussy Greefing Cards 8: GiHs Foun+aineH'e WESTERN AUTO Gardenclale, Alabama E. W. Hughes Phone 631-3647 "House of Leading Fabrics" CROSSTAN 1 GROCERY COMPANY LEVY S Modern S+ores Serving Your Grocery Needs 7 Days A Weelc Wesi' End Jiffy Check Garclenclale, Alabama Norfh Birmingham J. J. LAUNIUS Furniiure and Appliance Warrior, Alabama MAYEIElD'S Complimen+s of DR. H. JEAN GAYLE R Wahl Vacumn Clippers olancl Mayfield 8: John Florence Warrior, Alabama BRIDGES-CALVERT CHEVROLET CO. 400 Main S+ree+ Warrior, Alabama X FOR QUALITY . . . FOR SERVICE . . FOR DEPENDABILITY ASK FOR SEALTEST YOUR FRuENDs Do. BURN'S BAR-BE-CUE PH' Bar-Be-Cue The Finesf WESTERN AUTO And Curb Service Warrior' Ahbama Phone: 647-9930 Warrior, Alabama Frederick Mobley McCOMBS FREIGHT LINE WARRIOR MERCANTIIE Phone: 647-266I Tommy Mil: M 8. M MOTORS Warrior, Alabama Clean Used Cars Repair 8: Wrecker Service Phone: 647-9 I 06 ell Herm an MuIvehiII 124 MT. OlIVE DRUGS Curfis Florence, R.Ph. Phone: 63I-46I I RUSSEl'S FOOD CENTER 8. HARDWARE Warrior, Ala ba ma CompIimen+s of SANDERS HARDWARE Pinson, Alabama Phone: 68 I -630I ROBERT'S BARBER SHOP Hairsfyle AII Your Hair Grooming Needs Dually Holland John Florence CITY APPLIANCE Warrior, Alabama Phone: 647-387I Gas and EIec+ric AppIiance's FlORENCE DRUG CO. Make Florence Drug Company Your Drug Company Warrior, Alabama Phone: 647-230I O' , IIWEC fr MCCURRY FURNITURE Phone: 647-227I I25 ,X WHITE LIVESTOCK COMMISSION COMPANY, INC. CaH'Ie and Hog Auc+ion Every Wednesday Horse and Mule AucI'ion Every OI'I1er Friday NigI1+ BIrmIngI'lam Mgrris Phone: 25I-4580 Phone: 647-I 396 Ck Your diplomo con molso you on importont port of South Control Bell 1, 2? o W CRUMBlEY'S STANDARD M+. Olive, Alabama Henry Crumbley Phone: 63I 9047 .I 8. J DRUGS Garclendale, Alabama Proprie+or: Joe Page WARRIOR HARMACY Bill Reid, R.Ph. Phone: 647-285I McKAY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Warrior, Alabama Phone: 647-523 I J. E. SANDIN GROCERY Kimberly, Alabama FOOD TOWN Pinson Plaza We Sell Only U.S. Choice Beef Selecfecl by Our Experfs S 81 H Green Sfamps Roy N. Shaclix, Manager BELMONT STUDIOS Belmon+ ls Where The Ac+ion Is WIllIS SERVICE CE Groceries Cafe Beaufy Parlor Coin Laundry Phone: 647- I 036 NTER 647-3831 BALDWIN APPIIANCE Whirlpool Appiiances Philco Sfereo and TV's Full Line of Hardware Warrior, Ala ba ma Phone: 647-6 I 0 I BATES TEXACO SERVICE U. S. Highway 3I Nor'rh Gardendale, Alabama Phone: 63 I -9025 ETHEl'S BEAUTY SHOP Morris, Alabama All Your Beaufy Needs Phone: 647-9256 CARlISlE'S GARAGE Experf Aufomofive Service Phone: 63 I -443 I Mt Olive SENIOR MEMORIES if 2: 1 vm Y - 9 ,-is t Y? . 3 . xgiifg 4 - QW iiigfiwgql ik A ,S il' 315 As the 1968-1969 school year draws to a close, there are many things that each student holds as a dear memory of Mortimer Jor- dan High School. Things have not always been as you wanted them to be, but all things have many times worked together for the good. Now as you go your separate ways, not knowing if happiness or sorrow will cross your path, hold the thoughts of your days spent in Jordan High as the happiest of your life. Turn to this rambling structure which houses the best of students and adults and simply say, "Thanks for the memory." The Editors of the Torch DA VID IN MEMORY WHITE AND BILLY GAMBLE "Forgive what seemed my sin in meg What seemed my worth since I begang For merit lives from man to man, And not from man, O Lord, to Thee." -Alfred Lord Tennyson SENIOR DIRECTOR Y CATHERINE ABEL Morris F.B.L.A.-Secretaryg Secretaries of Tomorrow- Presidentg Sr. Honor Society-Treasurerg Pep Clubg Science Clubg Annual Staff-Typistg Student Secre- taryg lst alternate to Girl's State Representativeg D.A.R. Good Citizeng Most Studious in Who's Who. MIKE ABNEY Morris Spanish Clubg Ushers Clubg Red Cross-Presidentg Homeroom officer-4 yrs.g Student Council-2 yrs.g Pep Clubg Science Clubg 4-H Club-President. BILLY ACTON Gardendale Art Clubg Jr. 4-H Clubg Shop. PAM BAILEY Morris Science Clubg Pep Clubg F.T.A.g Secretaries of Tomorrowg Most Courteous in Who's Whog F.B.L.A.g 4-H Clubg Spanish Clubg Student Secre- tary. DEREK BELCHER Gardendale Salutatoriang Student Body Presidentg Lawyer of Sr. Classg Most Service to School in Who's Whog Sr. Honor Societyg Spanish Clubg Prom Committeeg "J" Clubg F.C.A.g F.T.A.g Homeroom officer-3 yrs.g Student Council-2 yrs.g Red Crossg Pep Clubg Football-4 yrs.g Baseball-4 yrs.g Basketball-1 yr.g Good Citizenship awardg Outstanding Line Mang Good Sportsmanship Medalg All-Metrog Scholarship to Chattanoogag All-Countyg 3rd Team All-Stateg 2nd Team All-County. DEBORAH BOWMAN Kimberly Red Cross Representativeg Co-op Studentg F.B.L.A. CLIFFORD BRADFORD Pinson Valedictoriang Paper Staffg Yale Summer High School Representativeg Spring Musicalg A Sz B Honor Rollg Know Your Newsg Optimist Club Scholarship Alternateg Science Clubg Sr. Honor Societyg Spanish Clubg Pep Clubg Top Ten Percent in California Testingg Most Studious in Who's Whog Sr. Class Historian. PERRY BRADFORD Pinson Shopg Substitute bus driverg 4-H Club. BETTY BREWER Morris F.T.A.g Spanish Clubg Science Clubg Library Club- Secretaryg Pep Clubg Red Crossg Prom Committeeg Varsity Cheerleaderg Outstanding Jr.-U. of Ala- bamag lst Alternate to Senior Beautyg Best All Around in Who's Whog 4-H Clubg Queen of Hearts Contestant. FREDDY BRYANT Pinson Sr. Honor Societyg Spanish Clubg Pep Club. JACKIE BURNHAM Kimberly 4-H Clubg F.T.A.g Ushers Clubg Science Clubg Pep Clubg Homeroom officerg Best Dressed in Who s Who. JIMMY BUZBEE Shop. KEN CARTER Morris Pep Clubg Science Clubg Jr. Red Crossg 4-H Clubg Homeroom officer. JOHN COLE Mt. Olive Red Crossg Library Clubg Pep Clubg Jr. Footballg 10th Grade Track Team. JERRY CRUMBLEY Mt. Olive Ushers Club-Presidentg Prom Committeeg Annual Staff-Business Managerg Pep Clubg Most Friendly in Who's Who. LINDA DENAM Morris Jr. 4-H Clubg Pep Clubg Jr. Choirg Mixed Choirg Select Choirg F.B.L.A.-Chairman. AQUILA DIAL Mr. Olive Pep Clubg Library Clubg Library assistantg F.B.L.A.g glixed Choirg Select Choirg Drama Clubg Senior lay. RICHARD DORMAN Pinson Spanish Clubg Pep Clubg Science Clubg F.C.A.g F.T.A.g Basketball-3 yrs.g Homeroom officerg Stu- dent Council. DAVID DUTTON Morris Senior 4-H Clubg Drama Clubg Pep Clubg Spanish Clubg Science Clubg Red Crossg Footballg Senior Track. DEBORAH EDDY Gardendale Most School Spirit in Who's Whog Paper Staffg Secretaries of Tomorrow-Treasurerg F.B.L.A.g Homeroom officerg Red Crossg Pep Clubg Home- coming runner-upg Co-op Studentg F.T.A.-Vice- Presidentg Queen of Hearts Contestantg School Mascotg Drama Clubg Student Secretaryg Best Typ- ist of the Year award. MIKE EVANS Gardendale Most Handsome in Who's Whog Red Crossg 4-H Clubg Drama Club. NELL FERRIS Gardendale Ushers Clubg 4-H Clubg Red Crossg F.B.L.A.g F.T.A.g Pep Clubg B team cheerleaderg Spanish Clubg Varsity cheerleaderg Miss June in Sr. Beautyg Jr. Beautyg Most Beautiful in Who's Whog Home- coming contestant. BILLY GAMBLE Mt. Olive GARY GLASS Pinson Footballg Spanish Club. PERRY GLASS Morris Red Crossg Pep Clubg F.B.L.A.-Chairman. BILLY GLAZIER Morris Art Clubg Jr. 4-H Club. EDDIE GLENN Morris F.C.A.g "J" Clubg Football-3 yrs. HAROLD GWIN Pinson Homeroom officerg Student Councilg Science Clubg Latin Clubg F.T.A.g Art Clubg Pep Clubg Footballg Basketballg Baseballg Track. BYRON HEATH Pinson KENNETH HICKS Bradford Pep Clubg Spanish Clubg Ushers Club. LESTER HILL Morris Jr. and B team footballg 4-H Clubg Jr. Red Crossg Shop. GERALD HOLLAND Gardendale F.B.L.A.g 4-H Club. VICKI HOLT Gardendale Senior Honor Society-Secretaryg Secretaries of Tomorrow-Vice-Presidentg F.B.L.A.g Miss Novem- ber in Sr. Beautyg Spanish Clubg Most Likely to Succeed in Who's Whog East-West Queeng Co-op Student. JOHNNY HOUGE Glennwood Spanish Clubg "J" Clubg F.C.A.-Secretaryg Base- ball-2 yrs.g M.J. Committee for Patriotic Events- Chairmang Most School Spirit in Who's Whog Stu- dent Councilg Homeroom officerg Pep Clubg Foot- ball manager-1 yr.g Select Choirg Red Cross. FREDDY HUGHES Morris Jr. 4-H Clubg Sr. Art Club. MARSHA HUGHES Warrior Pep Clubg Red Cross-President 2 yrs.g Library Club-Presidentg Latin Club-Secretaryg Science Clubg F.T.A.g 4-H Clubg Prom Committeeg Paper Staffg Delegate to National Red Cross Conventiong Red Cross County-wide Youth Planning Committee Representativeg N CTE Award Nomineeg Homecom- ing courtg California Test honoreeg Reporter of Jeff. Co. Library Assistants Associationg PTA Hon- or's night. LINDA JENKINS Morris Head Varsity Cheerleader-2 yrs.g Gir1's State Rep- resentativeg Miss March in Sr. Beautyg Dental Clinic Representativeg F.T.A.g Annual Staff-Organiza- tions Editorg 4-H Club-Girl of the Year 2 yrs.g Sci- ence Clubg Select Choir-Pianistg Prom Committeeg Spanish Clubg Pep Club-Vice-Presidentg Red Crossg Most Athletic in Who's Whog Junior Achievementg PTA Honor nightg Junior Maidg Homecoming courtg Queen of Hearts Contestant. LEILA JINRIGHT Mt. Olive Junior Cheerleader-1 yr.g Varsity Cheerleaderg Second Alternate in Queen of Heartsg Miss July in Sr. Beautyg F.T.A.g F.B.L.A.g Secretaries of Tomor- rowg Co-op Studentg Pep Club. GWIN JOHNSON Pinson Latin Club-Senatorg Pep Clubg Science Clubg Art Clubg F.T.A.g Spring Musicalg Paper Staff+Photog- rapherg Outstanding Jr.-U. of Alabamag Represent- ative Summer Art Seminar. DEAN JONES Morris Bandg Majoretteg Spanish Clubg F.B.L.A.g Sr. Red Crossg Pep Clubg F.T.A.g Ushers Club. WILMA JONES Morris Senior Class Secretaryg Prom Committeeg Paper Staffg F.B.L.A.g Secretaries of Tomorrowg Class Favorites in Who's Whog Pep Clubg Student Coun- cilg Homeroom officerg 4-H Clubg Spanish Clubg Student Secretary. DEBBIE KILGORE Gardendale Art Clubg Future Nurses-Presidentg Pep Clubg Spanish Clubg Library Club-Reporter and Pres- identg Volleyball team-Captain. DANNY KIMBRELL Mt. Olive Football-2 yrs.g Baseball-2 yrs.g Red Crossg F.B.L.A.-Presidentg Student Councilg Student Sec- retaryg Pep Clubg "J" Clubg F.C.A.g Victor Auto- matic Printing Calculator Gold Certificate winner. ROGER LEE Bradford Football-3 yrs.g Baseballg Basketballg Spanish Clubg Science Clubg "J" Clubg Best All Around in Who's Whog F.T.A.g Red Crossg Prom Committeeg F.C.A.g Player of the Month in School Paper. DONNIE LEDBETTER Morris Latin Clubg Science Clubg Red Crossg 4-H Clubg "J" Clubg F.C.A. RONNIE LEDBETTER Morris "J" Clubg F.C.A.g 4-H Clubg 4-H'er of the Year Awardg F.T.A.g Football-4 yrs.g Science Club. PEGGY LIGHT Morris F.B.L.A.g Pep Club. CARMON LOVE Bradford Spanish Clubg F.T.A.g Drum Majorg Student Direc- torg Band-3 yrs.g Most Talented in Who's Whog All County High School Band. DAVID LOGGINS Warrior Football-2 yrs.g F.C.A.g "J" Club. RAYMOND MAHAFFEY Warrior Jr. 4-H Clubg Student Council. ALLEN MANN Warrior Jr. 4-H Clubg Sr. 4-H Clubg Spanish Clubg Library Clubg Pep Clubg Science Club. CHARLOTTE MARON A Pinson Jr. 4-H Clubg Paper Staffg F.H.A.g Library Club. MARLEN E MARONA Pinson Bandg Majoretteg All County Bandg F.T.A.-Secre- taryg Sr. Honor Society-Secretaryg Spanish Clubg 4-H Clubg Outstanding Jr.-U. of Alabamag Pep Clubg Select Choir-Vice-Presidentg Glee Clubg All County Choirg Science Clubg Most Talented in Who's Who. ALVIN MARTIN Gardendale Footballg Jr. 4-H Clubg Shop. BARBARA MASON Gardendale Jr. 4-H Clubg Sr. 4-H Clubg Glee Clubg Latin Club- Presidentg Pep Clubg Sr. Honor Society-Vice-Pres- identg Annual Staff-Copy Editorg F.B.L.A.-Vice- Presidentg F.T.A.-Presidentg District F.T.A. Parlia- mentariang Secretaries of Tomorrowg Red Crossg Ushers Club-Secretaryg Most Friendly in Who's Whog Miss April in Sr. Beautyg Queen of Hearts Contestantg Alternate for Good Citizenshipg Pizitz Teen Board-Chairman. SAMMY McCOMBS Morris Bus driverg Shop. WAYNE McCOMBS Morris Sr. Honor Societyg Sr. Science Clubg Most Court- eous in Who's Whog Homeroom officerg Select glioirg Latin Clubg Paper Staff-News Editorg 4-H ub. RICKY MCCRARY Morris Jr. 4-H Clubg Homeroom officerg Pep Clubg Paper Staff-Sports Editorg Wittiest in Who's Whog Sr. Class Prophetg Baseball-2 yrs. LYNN McKINNEY Mt. Olive Shopg Junior Achievement officer. CECILIA MCMURRY Kimberly Jr. 4-H Clubg Library Clubg F.B.L.A.g Secretaries of Tomorrowg Pep Clubg Paper Staffg Student Secre- taryg F.N.A. BRENDA MOODY Mt. Olive Pep Clubg Student Councilg Homeroom officerg Miss August in Sr. Beautyg F.B.L.A.g Co-op Stu- dentg Science Clubg Library Club-Chairmang F.T.A.g Red Cross. RITA MOORE Birmingham F.B.L.A.g Pep Clubg F.T.A.g Miss February in Sr. Beautyg Homeroom officer. VICKIE MURPHY Morris Library Clubg 4-H Clubg F.N.A.g Homeroom officerg Student Councilg Miss May in Sr. Beautyg Secre- taries of Tomorrowg Co-op Studentg F.B.L.A.g Kappa Pi Omega Social Sororityg Pep Clubg Thalia Literary Society-Secretary. STEVE MYRICK Birmingham "J"c1ubg Footballg F.C.A.g shop. RONNIE NEELY Gardendale Shopg Jr. and B team basketballg Jr. and B team football. GLORIA PELFREY Pinson F.B.L.A.g Secretaries of Tomorrowg Paper Staffg Student Secretaryg Jr. 4-H Clubg Sr. 4-H Club. BILLY PHARRIS Warrior Football-4 yrs.g Basketball-1 yr.g "J" Clubg F.C.A. FRANK RANDLE Morris Boy's State Representativeg Ushers Club-Head Usherg Latin Club-Presidentg Sr. Honor Societyg Jr. Honor Societyg Yale Summer High Schoolg Sci- ence Club-Presidentg NEDT Top Ten Percentg Art Clubg Central Alabama Science Fair Winner-3rd place M.J. Science Fairg Outstanding Teenager Awardg Annual Staff-Editorg Most Likely to Suc- ceed in Who's Who. DENISE RUSSELL Gardendale F.B.L.A.g F.T.A.-Treasurerg Secretaries of Tomor- rowg Art Clubg Pep Clubg Student Councilg Home- room officerg Varsity Cheerleader. HOYT SIMMONS Pinson Latin Clubg Sr. Science Club. DEBORAH SKAGGS Pinson Paper Staff-Art Editorg F.T.A.g Library Clubg Sr. 4-H Clubg Miss October in Sr. Beautyg Art Clubg Pep Clubg Queen of Hearts contestantg Homeroom officerg Spanish Clubg Drama Clubg Recognition for California Achievement Testing. LARRY SKINNER Morris Footballg Baseballg Basketballg "J" Clubg F.C.A.g Most Athletic in Who's Who. ROGER SKINNER Morris SANDRA SMITH Morris Wittiest in Who's Whog Paper Staff-Head Typistg Secretaries of Tomorrowg F.B.L.A.g Pep Clubg Homecoming court--2nd alternateg Red Cross- Vice-Presidentg Library Clubg F.N.A.g Co-op Stu- dentg Miss January in Sr. Beautyg 4-H Clubg Home- room officer. LARRY SMOTHERS Morris Pep Clubg Jr. and Sr. Red Crossg Jr. 4-H Clubg Homeroom officerg Spanish Clubg F.T.A. LINDA SPURGEON Pinson Student Council-2nd Vice-Presidentg Summer Work Shopg Select Choir-Vice-Presidentg Secre- taries of Tomorrow-Secretaryg F.B.L.A.-Chap- laing BOE-Chairmang Student Secretaryg Home- room officerg Varsity cheerleaderg Best Dressed in Who's Whog Queen of Hearts Contestantg Home- coming Queeng Senior Beautyg F.N.A.g Glee Clubg Pep Club. JANICE STUBBS Morris 4-H Club-Vice-Presidentg Spanish Club-Vice-Pres- identg Student Council-Treasurer and Vice-Pres- identg Homeroom officerg Art Clubg Science Club- Secretaryg Sr. Honor Society-Presidentg Band- President and Librariang Prom Committeeg Most Service to School in Who's Whog Band Queeng Know Your Newsg European Tourg Honor's Pro- gram at Univ. of So. Miss.g Jr. Achievement-2 yrs.g State Student Council Conventiong Sr. Class Vice- Presidentg PTA Honor's N ightg Editor-Jordan Blue Notes, Star Journal-2 yrs. BOBBIE SUMMERFORD Pinson F.T.A.g 4-H Clubg Pep Clubg Spanish Clubg Prom Committee, Drama. JANE TODD Pinson F.B.L.A.g Secretaries of Tomorrowg Spanish Clubg Pep Clubg Varsity cheerleaderg Sophomore Beautyg Miss December in Sr. Beauty. ALLEN TUMLIN Warrior Select Choirg Art Club officerg Annual Staffg Sci- ence Clubg Pep Club. PHIL TYLER Morris 4-H Clubg Jr. and Sr. Red Crossg Jr. team footballg Science Club. LINDA WADDELL Kimberly 4-H Clubg Library Club-Reporterg Pep Clubg Drama. RONNIE WATSON Gardendale Footballg Red Crossg Baseballg Drama Club. MARY WILLIAMS Dixiana F.T.A.g 4-H Clubg Pep Clubg F.B.L.A.g Red Cross. GLENDA WILSON Morris F.B.L.A.-Supply Store Manager and Treasurerg Secretaries o Tomorrowg Sr. Honor Societyg Pep Clubg Spanish Clubg Art Clubg Senior Class Treas- urerg Prom Committeeg Annual Staff-Class Editorg Miss September in Sr. Beautyg lst runner-up to DAR Good Citizeng Student Secretary. RICHARD WOOD Kimberly Sr. Class Presidentg Annual Staff-S orts Editorg Spanish Club-Reporterg Student Cgouncilg "J" Clubg F.C.A.g Footballg Baseballg Wrestlingg Class Favorite in Who's Whog Prom Committeeg Home- room President-3 yrs. DON YEAGER Morris Spanish Clubg Pep Clubg 4-H Club. ,, K ,.Q,,::w: 1 NLS ,M , f,-'fgigae L- ' , , N I af W y 4 r ,M f R f 1 5. 3QmH5? V fi-1 'ily L1 if :gl , ,Wi .1-.,?3,K,,. Lg QA ' , ' g r .. f'- '- ' ' X?..1?3:i17fi-'3-49433-12 .' .diggs ., 1 .': ' ,iffy-f 'fx' ' :'gw,L ul e-ffffgxg,g- ',,-,iv , 15.-Z,-,-1.-. Q :M-fx 3172, ,LQ xifnzp m,,HA.,,,. V. ' ,gg . , - Q :A ,V 2 1 an .,, ,', " " '7 - ' Q'1 K f - , M' ' 5' K G , " K Wu-'-f f-M 'sem : :f' 1 ' . - .., , , K , Q . b - , . f ' , LQ ,Q.g,v:fgg1fQg', , ' , Ufi':"'. vf, J. . , , U if . , "Z '- If ,, . '5l',,f.",Gf ,'j".,':1t., V. ,gif ,X X -' gg-V, 4 - QQ 4 4 L 4 'E ..-9' ' '-.wrnrxi Flfbgf ,ff 4' .. ,. .,, ,,.,xt.f ,:.5,52,.3Q:..S,,fg1L,.5 , ,C .f . .. , J'-Lf fgxr.,-X-sg-'-Q :Arf'f4f,f..f.'.gv, f 4, f' 'L L,g,I.3 If - .-rf 3, ri,-kk .-,- , lg . , , , -M Q' 4 Jiaf' WLM ' .1 ' 4 .gm my x Vw 4 ll., .Qs "5 ' .fp-Wi ff . ,vt gJmg:..xv Q n -if af 1 if , 45 ,Q U . 4. . ' I l 9, , f .7 ' "' Va" W 32 , 3 , ff .VI , Inv In 1 :YJ TQ' , mg- L , N Wg-a Lf Af fr.. , f,,-fqiw 'iQ,A1f- QA, xt - .M '15 xii. 3,4212.553'w,g,ggH9+f,,-5-5fff'g5'.ng.4,1-,pig-q,.g.mxa.g -Wise-Qgiffgw m5'.-iw 5511. Q--eyfwifqf '-Mr .Q1:vf2--::1i5f1zwA-W f:v?'?jl,-1 'vw-fir s N 'S , ff 4' 4' -1 -2-2.,:3'f r ...ff . , .u,,4,52, ,wg .N f ' ,ft 'W' . rf'-' fn WMM Q . - . R K, ,f , -S. ,fw3fA.,.:,a, , 9' 'M 4 D -. My ' , - N, jg, rf H 1 . , . , ,JL 7 gs" - Q ,J ,J 5 W A L n ,win 'PM s D 5 .0 are - ., A4 , Q. ,, 4 , u. iii" -rl is f b- -. 1549? K . 3,-,. wf , i"s:AFi:,'gg--gfgfqa V mfs- x h . 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Suggestions in the Mortimer Jordan High School - Torch Yearbook (Morris, AL) collection:

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