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■ ■ ..•. y ; ' :rv ,y: . " : ' ' - 0 ' A ' -J ' fe.. SS:? ■ mm auB i z?yp r y Mortimer Jordan High School MocBis , AlA5AMA THE TORCH BURNS BRIGHTLY Students and teachers work to- gether to gain knowledge and understanding. Dedication Administration and Faculty . Honors Favorites Organizations . Attiletics Classes The Honors Section is dedicated to the memory of a fellow class- mate and friend. Beauty, poise, and personality are recognized. tM«ga,- Mt-.«;air- iiiiJi Mmiin-: i !! m FOR JORDAN STUDENTS IN ' 66 4 n 23 31 39 73 85 These are the individuals who make the story of 1966. -■ Organizations give students a chance to serve their school and fellow students. Athletics build the qualities of integrity. WE DEDICATE A BOOK The 1966 Torch Staff dedicates our year- book to Mr. R, A. Ginn - teacher, advisor, friend, Mr. Ginn attended Birmingham-Southern, David Lipscomb, Howard, and the University of Alabama. He has a B.A. degree in English and Speech and an M.A. in secondary educa- tion. He combines this excellent training with genuine respect for his students. He teaches classes in speech, dramatics, and Latin. His warm attitude toward his job is re- flected in the answer he gave when asked if he liked teaching. He said, " Well, there are good days and bad days. Most of them good. " The picture at the right was taken as Mr. Ginn enjoyed a moment with his study hall group. Students and teachers know him as a modest man who is always willing to help. Each year he serves as Latin and Drama Club advisor. He sponsors senior plays and assemblies. In ad- dition to this, he has a senior home- room and teaches as many as four different subjects. H.imiJiaM iay.BJimj.iM ' Jiiiai!mm m HE DEDICATES HIS LIFE 1 1 Mr. Ginn ' s life is truly dedicated to his students. Not only does he teach them academic studies, but he also sets high standards of behavior. His classes are conducted in an informal atmosphere, but an atti- tude of respect between student and teacher remains. The youth who come into con- tact with Mr. Ginn will always remember his friendship as a treas- ured part of life at Jordan. EVERY MOMENT IS THE JOY Life is no brief candle to me. It is sort of a splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing on to further generations. George Bernard Shaw taamm FILLED WITH OF YOUTH As Shaw said, our life at Jordan is a splendid torch. It is ours to make burn as brightly as we can during the short time we are here. kp PEVIL SPIRIT OF ' 66 A THRILLING MOMENT A TIME TO STUDY SPECIAL HELP THESE ARE A PART OF LIFE AT MJHS 10 .v»paoTOoi II i i u i n ii im m mmmmi y ii r ' j., . w ' mn ' ' ' mfmmf ' r ' -vma NEW ADMINISTRATION FOR 1966 Mr. W. E. Burkett advocates hard work and active interest in learning for his students. His career as a student is evidence that he follows his own policy. In 1951, he graduated from Memphis State University with B. S. and M. A. Later he took some special courses at Howard College. He is now do- ing graduate work at the University of Alabama. This is Mr. Burkett ' s first year as principal at Mortimer Jordan. He came here from Mt. Olive Jr. High where he was principal. Since he received his own high school education here, he is well prepared to understand Jordan stu- dents. Mr. Burkett ' s new administration is characterized by regard for stu- dents and teachers, firm but fair discipline, and a well organized, business-like approach. Mrs. Thompson, our new registrar, works with Mr. Burkett in keeping our school running smoothly. 12 ' mamimmavmiviniiMi ' . i nWK " ! " l l M,. . i . i ]| i il ii l l M i ]J]|||im||IH[IJL i |J|H STUDENTS TAKE PRIDE IN LITERARY HERITAGE Mrs. Hill Mrs. Posey Mrs. Calvert The Englisn Department has always believed that pride in our literary heritage is basic to a well rounded personality. They also recognize the fact that good grammar is an important part of communication. English teachers endeavor to give each stu- dent a strong background in literature and good grammar. Mrs. Glaze Mrs. Dixon Mrs. Shannon This year the National Council of Teach- ers of English awarded the Mortimer Jordan English teachers a citation for excellence in the teaching of English. This award was presented in connection with N.C. T. E. recognition of a Jordan student for proficiency in literature and grammar. They are seen at left looking over the citation. From left to right are Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Calvert, Mrs, Glaze, Patricia Swindle (student) Mrs, Dixon, Mrs, Posey, and Mrs. Shannon. 13 STUDENTS FIND THE HELP THEY SEEK Whenever a student at Jordan has a problem, Mrs. Stubbs is there to help. Personal problems, student- teacher relations, and academic standards are only a few of the categories which qualify a student for guidance counseling. Each year Mrs. Stubbs is also responsible for aiding seniors in selecting colleges which suit their individual needs. Then she assumes the tremendous task of super- vising college applications. 14 ' i mLA I MH l llLl i " » !i ' ! WJ. ' ' . ' , ' » i . i , » l M i ».W| B( " . ' J. ' . ' ' vWH SOCIAL STUDIES DEVELOP WELL INFORMED CITIZENS y MISS VAUGHN The Social Studies Department helps to prepare youth to take their places as respon- sible citizens. They are taught pride in the American Heritage and faith in the Demo- cratic system. Among the many courses offered are Alabama History and Civics; American History, Government and Econom- ics; and World History. MR, WILLIS MR. STRICKLAND FINE ARTS SCHOOL UTERATURB ART SPEECH MRS. TABARES Culture plays a large part in our lives at Jordan. It is reflected in the many fine arts courses offered here. Above, Mrs. Tabares helps a student perfect her Spanish accent. Mrs, Tabares has done much to help stu- dents understand the customs of Spanish speaking people. MRS, TAYLOR The knowledge of art can be a deeply satisfying part of a student ' s life. Miss Hansen helps her students appreciate art and creative genius. At left, she explains an important technical point to one of her students. MISS HANSEN 16 ENRICH OUR LIFE LANGUAGE MUSIC DRAMA MR. OWEN " A wealthy child without music is a poor child indeed. " Mr. Owen and Mrs. Taylor have brought music into the lives of those who attend Jordan. At the far left Mrs, Taylor directs a choral group while Mr. Owen (above) helps the band prepare for traveling to a football game. MRS. BLAYLOCK Mrs. Blaylock, our Librarian, makes the best books of all ages available to students. Mr. Ginn instructs students in speech and drama. He also acquaints them with Roman language, culture, and Literature in his Latin classes. MR. GINN 17 THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE FIT COACH TUCK COACH WILLIS MISS WARREN The physical education department firm- ly believes that a sound body is basic to healthy attitudes and academic success. Mortimer Jordan offers a full curriculum oi physical activity designed to meet these standards. mm m Bj ' ] hmm ■nmm p PMii ' f ' ' ' ' ' Mlr »iSS$!»S ' .aes HBI sBR ' ' m22 r r J f " B m m i l I ■ ' ' . . V ' Vv ' " MRS. AGNOS COACH STRICKLAND COACH MOORE Basketball, softball, soccer, football, and volleyball are only a few of the many games taught in physical education classes. Courses in dancing and first aid are also offered. 18 ..MJ.I«.IH!..I.-MI-U.,J.- wn ! w wr " r " W mn SCIENCE AND MATH CALL FOR EXCELLENCE Jordan is one of the few schools which offers a course in CBA Chemistry. Mrs. McCowan conducts this course which calls for a high degree of achievement. Pictured with Mrs. McCowan is Mr. Manley. Mr. Manley teaches two demand- ing courses. Physics and Plane Geometry. Above, Miss Bradley helps a student with the lab work which is so important to a sound background in Biology. Below, Mr. James and Mr. Morton dis- cuss teaching techniques for Jr. High stu- dents. The advanced mathematics — Algebra 11, Plane and Solid Geometry, Algebra III, and Trigonometry--are reserved for Miss Mc- Annally. Here, she is shown in a familiar pose giving her students the special help they need. 19 FOUNDATION IS LAID FOR HAPPY HOMES The Home Economics Depart- ment is concerned with every phase of planning a home. The art of successful entertaining is taught, as well as sewing and cooking. A course in Home and Family is designed to help students build healthy at- titudes toward family re- lationships, and plan for their own future homes. Mrs. Grace has taken on this tremendous task single- handed. r ' ' :::=: " " Wp ' Xl V ■■ 1 ft —i — ... ■ B- «• - wk H HH H 5 i " i;l! 1 m 7 IZ fl [ — H L H ii Hifi fe .1 ! i BB ' - -- P ' B ifcP 1 ■ - ■ ■Hi t . g m B mL HI mimmm ' m STUDENTS PREPARE FOR JOBS Competent teachers give business students the instruction they need to develop high quality vocational skills. Below, from left to right, are Mrs. Vogel, Mrs. Rich, and Mr. Pannell. MRS. VOGEL MRS. RICH MR. PANNELL 21 STAFF SERVES STUDENTS AND FACULTY Here the staff prepares and serves a meal. Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Whitworth, Mrs. Patterson, Miss Loggins, Mrs. McCombs, Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Creel The lunchroom staff prepares our meals and keeps the dining area a pleasant place to be. It is here that some of our fondest memories take place. For a few minutes each day, students and faculty can relax and enjoy their time away from classes. 22 mmmmmm wmmmmmmmmmm. ■MM IN MEMORY OF BILL WE DEDICATE THE HONOR SECTION OF THE TORCH Bill Farmer served his school well since he came to Mortimer Jordan as a sophomore from Mt. Olive Jr. High. He was most actively involved in Student Council work serving as both Second-Vice President and President, He attended workshops, State Conventions, and Southern Conventions. He was the first person from this school to attend the national convention of the Na- tional Association of Student Councils. Bill was a member of various clubs - Latin Club, Ushers ' Club, and Future Teach- ers of America. He was the official an- nouncer for the scnool band. The Senior Class honored Bill for all of these accomplish- ments by electing him " Most Service to School " in Who ' s Who. 24 mimmmmmm nmniMi tfrnm mmmm i m ' m ' imtf aiimm CLASS OFFICERS GIVE TIME AND TALENT The 1966 Senior Class officers are dedicated to serving their classmates. They are active in con- ducting thd Who ' s Who contest. They also organize senior assemblies. Prophet JIMMY STEWART Historian JERRY HALL 25 TOP HONORS GO TO KATHERINE AND BARBARA Katherine Lawrence takes top honors as valedictorian of the 1966 graduating class. She is an advanced academic student with a 2. 87 out of 3. 00 average. Katherine came to Mortimer Jordan from Gardendale Jr. High. She has served as Spanish Club vice-president, Student Coun- cil representative and Student Council pres- ident. The seniors selected her as the Most Studious girl in Who ' s Who and she belongs to the National Honor Society. Barbara Burkett ' s 2.78 average gives her the honor of being the 1966 salutatorian. She is an academic student who is a mem- ber of the National Honor Society. Barbara came to Jordan from Gardendale Jr. High. She is the Student Council Sec- ond-vice president, and vice president of the Math Club. Barbara represented our school in the Optimist Club competition. The Club chose her as a finalist. Barbara was chosen by the seniors as the girl who gave the most service to her school. 26 SENIOR WINS NATIONAL AWARDS Patricia Swindle has been selected as a National Merit Finalist and a National English Achievement Award Winner. The National Merit Scholarships Foundation based their selection on test results of the top 3 0 of students in the nation. They also required transcripts and recommendations. The National Council of Teachers of English selected her as one of 400 students in the nation to be recognized for excel- lence in creative writing, literature, and grammar. Winners are selected from a field of 8000 candidates. Patricia is Editor of the Torch, an Honor Society member, and Science club president. GAYLE IS DAR GOOD CITIZEN Gayle Yarbrough is the 1966 Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen, This honor is bestowed upon a senior girl by the faculty each year. The winner must be outstanding in character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Gayle has proved that she meets the qualifications. She is Copy Editor of the Torch Staff, National Honor Society Treasurer, and a part of many other activities. The DAR chapter which sponsors Gayle is John Parks Custis. This chapter sponsors her in state competition for scholarship. Each February the girls make a pilgrimage to the State Capital where they are honored for their achievements. 27 OPTIMIST CLUB HONORS JORDAN SENIORS IN 1966 BARBARA BURKETT Barbara Burkett is an honor student. She is salutatorian of the senior class, second vice-president of the Student Council, a member of the Honor Society, and in Who ' s Who, Billy Rodgers is an academic student with outstanding grades. He has represented Jordan on the Know Your News Program, and he is a Math Assistant, Each year two seniors are nominated from each school in Jefferson County to participate in scholarship competition sponsored by the Jefferson County Optimist Clubs, Barbara Burkett and Billy Rodgers were chosen by the faculty to compete for the four scholarships sponsored by the club. Two are to Samford University and two are to Birmingham Southern. This year both of Jordan ' s nominees were chosen as finalists in the scholarship competition. They were honored at luncheons and meetings of the Optimist Club. BILLY RODGERS 28 7 7 th GRADE GOOD CITIZEN Dianne Scarborough was chosen as the 1965 Eleventh Grade Good Citizen. (This honor is awarded annually to a Junior in high school. ) The program is sponsored by the Brimingham News. It gives a Junior some first hand acquaintance with the American Heritage, The honor includes an extensive tour of the historic sites in the eastern United States. Dianne visited places such as Wash- ington D.C., Jamestown, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, and New York. BOYS ' STATE AND GIRLS ' STATE WINNERS Boys ' and Girls ' State representatives come from the junior class. Audrey Allen and Gary Quick were chosen to attend the 1965 conference. At each convention a government patterned after the Alabama constitution is set up. Students have the opportunity to run for the various offices and participate in Congress and the Judicial System. 29 ' M SEN OR EXCELS IN SCIENCE The National Science Foundation awarded Linda Hughes a Summer Science Grant to the University of Georgia, There she studied bio-chemistry. Later, she was chosen as one of 82 girls and 218 boys to be selected from 2883 contestants as an annual Science Talent Search Finalist. Linda is a member of the Science Club and National Honor Society. She also serves in several other clubs. TWO ATTEND YALE SUMMER SESSIONS THOMAS DIAL During their sophomore year, Byron McCay and Thomas Dial were chosen to attend a summer studies program at Yale University. The program was designed as enrichment in math, English, and logic for highly capable students. Since only 100 boys in the nation were chosen, Mortimer Jordan was honored to have sent two. BYRON McCAY 30 few FAVORITES MISS AUDREY Each year the boys of the senior class select the girl who they think is most beau- tiful. After the first balloting the field was narrowed to four girls — Nell Riddle, Jo Robertson, Audrey Allen, and Linda Hughes. On the day of the pageant, the 196b Torch Staff presented the girls to senior high students. The contestants walked up the center aisle wearing floor length pastel gowns. All eyes were on them. On stage, the girls were asked surprise questions which concerned their views on life. The announcers, David Crump ton and Richard Goodwin, called, " Third Alternate, Miss Linda Hughes; Second Alternate, Miss Jo Frances Robertson. " When only two girls remained seated, the audience held its breath. The announce- ment was made, " First Alternate, Miss Nell Riddle. Audrey Allen is the 1966 Senior Class Beauty. " ALLEN IS 1 966 SENIOR BEAUTY FIRST ALTERNATE Nell Riddle SECOND ALTERNATE Jo Robertson THIRD ALTERNATE Linda Hughes 33 JO BRINGS HONOR TO MJHS JO FIANCES ROBERTSON - 1st ALTERNATE 1965 DENTAL CLINIC Each year the Jefferson County high schools participate in a football tournament. The pur- pose of this contest is to raise money for underprivileged children who need dental care. As an added attraction each year each school nominates a senior girl by popular election. The queens from each school appear before a highly selective panel of judges. This year Jo Frances Robertson was chosen as the First Alternate to the Dental Clinic Queen for 1965. We are proud of this lovely girl who has brought much honor to herself and to Mor- timer Jordan High School. 34 ELAINE WINS CLASS HONOR SECOND TIME This is Elaine McKinney ' s second year as class beauty. She first appeared in last year ' s Torch as the 1965 Sophomore Class Beauty. This year her class mates again chose her as their ideal and she bec ame the 1966 Junior Class Beauty. 35 QUEEN AT HOMECOMING QUEEN Nancy Russo FIRST ALTERNATE Shirley Ausborn QUEEN ' S COURT Sharon Pollard QUEEN ' S COURT Brenda Elkins 36 A PRESENTED HOMECOMING MAID ' S COURT Dean McGraw MAID ' S COURT Deborah Hart JUNIOR MAID - Darnell Wilson Homecoming means different things to the different students and alumni of Mortimer Jordan - a chance for a football victory, reunion of classmates, a dance in the gym, or tne crownmg of the homecoming queen. QUEEN ' S COURT Daylene Smith Band and Glee Club await performance for queen and court. 37 • • J 966 QUEEN OF HEARTS . NELL RIDDLE FIRST ALTERNATE Miss Doris Lucas - Junior The student body chose Nell Riddle, a senior, as the 1966 Queen of Hearts. This contest is sponsored by the Echo Staff as part of Valentine festivities. SECOND ALTERNATE Miss Wanda Gilley - Sophomore 38 ORGANIZATIONS ' " ■iiT; SCHOOL PROGRESSES WITH STUDENT COUNCIL Bill Farmer, president, served from September, 1965, to November, 1965. OFFICERS; Acting President, Katherine Lawrence; Second Vice-President, Barbara Burkett; Secretary, Pam Craig; Treasurer, Betsy Vines Michael Abney Shirley Ballard Deborah Barnham Barbara Burkett Mike Burkett Student Council committees sponsor-concession and sales, morning devotionals, programs, school calendar and album, and Christmas decorations. Pam Craig Linda Day Beverly Drain Dianna Goodwin Bobbie Graham Pat Guthery Harold Gwin Donna Hagood 40 m All members serve on committees. Members learn about Student Council work by attending various workshops at local colleges and con- ventions on the state, southern, and national levels. Diane Kelly Katherine Lawrence Kenneth Laney Mary Ann Mayee Johnny Miller Nancy Neely Patsy Nicholas Ruth Powell Sponsor, Mrs. Grace Katherine presides over a typical meeting. Gary C lck Betsy Vines Jane Sparks Rickey Wood Jimmy Stewart Paul Wood NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS EXEMPLIFY . . . SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP ;) pr r-r::: - character SERVICE Beverly Drain Margaret Graham Patricia Gutherie Linda Hughes Katherine Lawrence Sherry Lee Gayle Parks Martha Ringpfeil Billy Rogers Patricia Swindle 42 JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President Gene Gary Treasurer Janice Shaffield V. President Yvonne Dutton Reporter David Brewer Secretary Carol Faucett Sponsor Mrs. Posey 43 MATH CLUB PROMOTES INTEREST IN HIGHER MATH To qualify for membership in the Math Club, students must have had at least two courses of advanced math. In the fall these prospective members complete initiations by wearing large white signs over their shoulders on which mathematical equations are printed. At the club meetings, mem- bers must solve a given math problem or pay a small fine. President - Dennis Swann Vice President - Barbara Burkett Secretary-Treasurer - Linda Hughes Sponsor - Mr. Manley 44 YOUNG SCIENTISTS TRAIN FOR FUTURE President, Patsy Swindle; Secretary-Treasurer, Deborah Drain; Vice-President, Gene Carey; Program Chairman, Betsy Vines; Reporter, Yvonne Dutton Science Club members promote an interest in science by presentation of assembly programs, completion of yearly projects, and attendance of State conventions SPONSOR: Miss Bradley 45 SPANISH CLUB ADDS TOUCH OF FOREIGN CULTURE TO SCHOOL LIFE Sponsor, Mrs. Tabares; President, Mike Burkett; Vice-Presi- dent, Katherine Lawrence; Secretary, Denis Swann, Treas- urer, Elaine McKinney The Spanish Club broadens our knowledge of the Spanish people through their presentation of assembly programs and initiations in which pros- pective members wear Spanish costumes and serve the regular members as slaves. The club members presented gifts to a child born on Christmas. Spanish students entered a con- test of written compositions spon- sored by Birmingham-Southern College. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE PASSES TORCH OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATION Consuls: Linda Guthrie, Paul Walker Quaestor: Pam Craig Sponsor: Mr. Ginn Historian: Jerry Hall JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE We, the members of the Junior Classical League covenant to hand the torch of Classical Civilization in the modern world. We believe an acquaintance with the Civiliza- tion of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise this world of today, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its govern- ment, laws, literature, languages, and arts. The Latin Club actively pursues a greater knowledge of the ancient Romans through initiations in which prospective members dress as Ro- man slaves, attendance of State conventions, and sponsoring of as- sembly programs. An annual ban- quet highlights the year. Sponsor - Mrs. Vogel President - Willogean Murphy Vice-President - Marcia Carroll Secretary - Linda Smith Treasurer - Betty McPherson SCHOOLS ' NEWEST CLUB . . . FUTURE SECRETARIES The Future Secretaries of America is the most recently chartered club at Mortimer Jordan. 4S FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The Future Business Leaders of America are students interested in the career opportunities of the business world. . . . Sponsor - Miss Ketner President - Beverly Drain Vice-President - Patricia Guthrie Secretary - Marcia Carroll Treasurer - Joy Powell Reporter - Ronene Gowins Chaplain - Elizabeth Bennett Supply Store Manager - Charlotte Lessenberry The club sponsors the " Miss Ideal Secretary " contest, takes an educational field trip, and attends conventions. 49 CLUB MEMBERS PREPARE FOR FUTURE AS TEACHERS Future Teachers of America encourages an interest in the rewarding career opportunities in the field of education. It sponsors an honors ' day on which students with high aca- demic records are recognized for scholastic achievements. Linda Belcher - President Brenda Higginbotham - Secretary Mary Dixon - Vice President Janice Nation - Reporter Marie Willis - Treasurer Sponsor - Mrs. Dixon The club sponsors a " teach- er-for-a-day " program in which each member replaces a faculty member for one per- iod of the day. County Board of Education members are in- vited to observe these student teachers for possible recom- mendation for a college schol- arship. The club highlights its year with a tour of at least one college campus. 50 FUTURE NURSES PROMOTE INTEREST IN HEALTH The Future Nurses of America Club affords interested students an op- portunity to gain valuable preparation for entering the career of nursing. The students visit Bryce ' s Hospital in Tus- caloosa, hear speakers from various hospitals, and aid a ward at Jefferson County ' s Home for the Aged. 51 PEN AND BRUSH CLUB PAINTS ITS WAY THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR The Pen and Brush Club, sponsored by Miss Hansen, pre- pares stage designs for assem- bly programs and the senior play. It sponsors trips to art museums and private artist showings. Art club members have an opportunity to display their work at the annual art shows at our school. Sharon Pharris - President Jan Spence - Vice President Judy Studdard - Secretary 52 DRAMA CLUB PRODUCES SMASH President Mary Dixon, Vice Presi- dent Carmen Fountain, Secretary- Treasurer Nell Wilson, Sponsor Mr. Giiin Drama Club members present the senior play in the spring. At various times during the year, mem- bers present short skits for assembly programs. Members gain valuable experience through these presenta- tions. LIBRARY CLUB MEMBERS ASSIST STUDENTS Library Club members keep books in good condition. Library Club members sponsor book fairs and assembly programs to encourage an interest in reading. Members visit two college campuses and take two field trips during the year. The social life of the club includes dinner with members of the Fifth District and entertainment of the faculty. President - Linda Hughes Vice-President - Carolyn Anderton Secretary - Gwen Brown Reporter - Judy Studdard 54 .i ECHO STAFF REPORTS SCHOOL NEWS The Echo Staff com piles news of various school activities, sports events, beauty contests, club ac- tivities, and academic achievements for the school paper. Interviews with school authorities, teachers, and students are combined with these features to make the Echo an outstanding school newspaper. The Echo Staff sponsors the annual Queen of Hearts contest in which one girl is chosen as the school Valentine sweetheart. Later, all contestants are presented in a leadout at the Queen of Heart ' s party. 1 ' l V u Hlk.- M H j B " B fl K m l-3:: jHgp H ,TJ p (| 1 w£ J q P|P :i . i EDITOR - Jo Robertson SPONSOR - Miss Hansen The Torch staff has the responsibility of recording school life in all of its many phases - administration and faculty, honors, favorites, organizations, and classes. Robert Moore, art editor, and Sherry Lee, classes editor, plan layouts. Sports editor, Richard Goodwin, interviews coaches. TORCH STAFF RECORDS YEAR ' S MEfAORIES Miss Vaughn, advisor, and Patricia Swindle, editor, confer on yearbook plans. 56 Gayle Yarbrough, copy editor, and Dianne Scarborough, organizations editor, prepare club section. Junior apprentices, Linda Guthrie and Jean Bradford, assist staff members. The Torch staff is involved in many activities concerning the publishing of the yearbook. Staff members solicit ads, handle business arrangements, and attend workshops at various colleges. The staff sponsors assembly programs for the presen- tation of Senior Beauties and dedication of the Torch. David Crumpton, business manager, and Linda Belcher, typist, plan solici- ting of ads. Annual Staff takes a rest after the final deadline. OFFICERS: President, Brenda Higginbotham; Vice-President, Patsy Melvin; Secretary, Peggy Echols; Song Leader, Janice Higginbotham 4-H MEMBERS PLEDGE . . . OFFICERS: President, Paul Walker; Vice-President, Rodney Higginbotham; Secretary- Treasurer, Forest Arnold; Reporter, Gary Self; Chaplain, Wayne Mulvehill 58 OFFICERS: President, Sammy McCombs; Vice-President, Donald Lynn; Secretary, Roger Burton; Treasurer, Jerry Cannon; Chaplain, Freddie Hughes HEADS, HEARTS, HANDS, HEALTH OFFICERS: President, Barbara Mason; Vice-President, Janice Stubbs; Secretary-Treas- urer, Linda Jenkins; Reporter, Essie McGaugh; Song Leader, Pam Burkett ;iki ' ' " 59 Linda Hughes: President of Birmingham Area Red Cross, Southern delegate to Red Qoss National Convention in Detroit, Mich- igan. President David Crumpton, Vice President James McGee, Secretary Ann Cargo, Program Chairman Sarah Camp, Chap- lain Charlotte Lessenberry, Sponsor Mrs. Shannon SERVICE IS SENIOR RED CROSS MOTTO Senior Red Cross mem- bers believe in service to the community. This is exemplified by their work at local hospitals and the Birmingham Red Cross Chapter. III . " r m ■■Ik 4 1 ■ 11 11 r Wv % K im The Senior Red Cross sponsors the United Appeal Drive and a campaign to collect toys for needy children at Christmas. JUNIOR RED CROSS SERVES COMMUNITY SPONSOR: Mr. Moore President Pam Burkett, Vice President, Linda Jenkins, Secretary Gail McGough, Treasurer Sue Calvert STAGE BAND ENTERTAINS The Stage Band plays for the spring musical as well as entertaining with concerts and assembly programs. 61 MAJORETTES Majorettes are often featured twirling fire batons in football halftime shows. JESSICA KIBILDES - Junior Head Majorette SHARON CRAWFORD - Senior ' } M WANDA KELLY - Junior 62 ADD COLOR TO MARCHING BAND JUNE DAY - Senior ANN CARGO - Senior " ? ' • -a . . iiy.:;-.. y-:- SUSAN SANDERS - Junior SENIOR MAJORETTES: June Sharon, and Ann. BAND STRUTS IN NEW UNIFORMS ■ i:T 7 ! ' !L:m The Concert Band, a vital part of our school life, presents Christmas and spring musical programs and participates in the County Musical Festival. The first drum major in the history of our school, Tommy Scarborough, proudly led our band at every football game. Dur- ing concert season, he acted as assistant band director. This year he planned and directed an entire half-time show. 64 i Chaplain Tommy Scarborough, Librarian Pat Guthrie, Treasurer Linda Mitchell, Secretary Sarah Abel, Vice President Rick White, President Dianne Scarborough, Director Mr. John C. Owen Our varsity band performs not only for our football games but al- so participated in a mass band show for the Dental Clinic Game, Band Day at Auburn University, and a parade in Cullman. •% • ♦ k irs f - - V t:j " - j Band rares back for march down field. 65 BAND KING AND QUEEN Ann Cargo, Band Queen, has been a drummer in the band for three years, as well as a majorette for one year. Rick White, Band King, has played in the band for four years, and he has served as solo trumpet player for the past two years. 66 GLEE CLUB PERFORMS THROUGHOUT YEAR The Glee Club presents special musical programs throughout the year, especially for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter assembly programs. A select group of its members compete for district honors at Shades Valley High School. This select group also performs at county -wide teacher conferences. President, Steve Tuck; Margaret Pharris, Treas- urer; Vice President, Chuck Townsend; Reporter, Dianna Goodwin; Pianist, Audrey Allen; Sponsor, Mrs. Taylor. 67 4 CHEERLEADERS Head Cheerleader CARMEN FOUNTAIN - Senior m mefz m Mm Cheerleaders pose with Blue Devil - JIMMY STEWART. ELAINE McKINNEY - Junior BECKY TANKERSLEY - Junior MARY DIXON - Senior 68 SPARK SCHOOL SPIRIT DIANE FAUCETT - Senior JAN SPENSE - Senior Varsity cheerleaders spark school support of the football and basketball teams. They never miss a game but .cheer both teams through hard-fought seasons! NANCY NEELY - Junior Cheerleaders practice pyramid formation. REBECCA HELMS - Senior JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS BOOST " B " TEAMS DARNELL WILSON LINDA JENKINS 70 PEP CLUB BOOSTS BLUE DEVIL SPIRIT Pep Club members support our athletic teams at every game. This year, thanks to the club, school spirit is at its best. Treasurer, Janice Nations; President, Rich- ard Goodwin; Vice-President, Jo Robertson 71 USHERS SERVE SCHOOL Steve Byron Jo Tuck McCay Robertson President Vice-Pres. Secretary Mrs. McGowan, Sponsor James McGee Head Usher Connie McGee Johnny Parker Dennis Re id Dianne Scarborough Tommy Scarborough Tommy Self Patsy Swindle Michael Thomas Charles Townsend Nell Wilson 72 ] ATHLETICS ♦ FOOTBALL . . . touchdowns, pigskins, cleats Assistant Coach GERALD TUCK Assistant Coach JOHN MOORE J 965- ' 66 VARSITY k. : -i !r i. Sbii AND BLOOD Since only four starters returned, it is evident that this football year has been one of rebuilding. The Blue Devils started slowly. We were first tied by Er- win; then beaten by Lin- den, McAdory, Leeds and West Jefferson. With M. J. spirit at its lowest, the Devils rallied for three straight victories, defeat- ing Hewitt-Trussville, Cor- ner, and Warrior. Though beaten by Shelby County in the last game, school spirit remained at a high pitch which continued in- to basketball season. Head Coach: JOHNNY STRICKLAND 75 A TOUGH SPORT REQUIRES DETERMINDED MEN GARY QUICK - H.B. - SR. ITH..,.. „,j£ ...-.„_-.. JERRY HALL -Q.B. - SR. m --v K k wtsA ■i PAUL RHODES - G. - SR. BOBBY LOVE - H. B. - JR. S-M f PETE WILLIS - C. - SOPH MIKE BURKETT - E. - SR. RODNEY JAMES - F. B. - SOPH. JOE ARNOLD -H.B. - SR. EDWARD SHALING - T. - JR. JOHN CHANDLER - E. - SR. 76 AND DEVILS HAVE WHAT IT TAKES KIRBY COUNTS - E. - JR. ROGER MEADOWS - G. - FRESH. BARRY LYLE - Q. B. - SR. MIKE KENDRICK - T. - JR. LARRY FERRIS - E. - SOPH. ' . , ■ ; ■ ■ " : ■ ' DERIK BELCHER - G. - FRESH. LARRY BURNS - T. - JR. CHARLES INGRAM - F. B. - SR. BILL FINDLEY - T. - JR. TOMMY STUBBS - T. - SOPH. STEVE KILGORE - H. B. - SOPH. HARRY HAYES - Q. B. - JR. TOMMIE SELF - G. - SR, RONNIE PAGE - T. - JR. BILLY SANDERS - H,B. - SOPH. 0i DENNIS REID - H.B. - JR, OUTSTANDING ABILITIES BRING REWARD SCHUYLER WOOD - C. - JR. RONNIE LEDBETTER - C. - FRESH. This year the Blue Devil Team boasted several outstanding players. Mike Burkett, Paul Rhodes, and Gary Quick (pictured above) made the Birming- ham News and Post Herald First Team All-County, and Donnie Harbin made the Second Team. At the Football Banquet this year Paul Rhodes and Gary Quick (at left) were awarded trophies for the most outstanding Lineman and Back. 78 HOMECOMING ' 65 Jerry Hall and Gary Quick lead the Devils to the Battlefield. Jordan won the toss and elected to receive. These Homecoming fans weren ' t disappointed as Mortimer Jordan drove to a 14-0 victory. Coach never really shed a tear. Rodney James and Pete Willis get a well de- served rest. Homecoming 1965 proved to be an exciting experience for both students and alumni. The festivities began on the night before the big game at a bonfire where the Blue Devils burned a Hewitt Huskey. On Friday, spirits were still high as Jordan met and conquered He- witt. 79 FIRST TIME EVER . . . COACH JOHNNY STRICKLAND MANAGERS Richard Goodwin, Steve Hill, Kenneth Laney VARSITY 80 MJ WINS CORNER INVITATIONAL MIKE BURKETT - Forward GARY QUICK - Guard PAUL TANKERSLEY - Center BILL SANDERS - Guard CHUCK TOWNSEND Guard BRUCE JONES Forward KIRBY COUNTS Center MICHAEL WELLS - Forward JIMMY WREN - Center BOBBY LOVE - Guard TOMMY SCARBOROUGH - Guard 81 D " B " TEAM Larry Ferris Rodney Higginbotham Steve Kilgore Kenneth Laney Wayne Mulvehill Larry Skinner Rodger Skinner i ' I ,.i ?W t .(y Pete Willis Johnny Wilson Schuyler Wood Coach Gerald Tuck JUNIOR FOOTBALL TEAM n ' % % 1 .1 1. )fvh ' I ' ' " ! IT— ?! •■» ky i i lT. MnHaK-igmtvsM ' 82 NORTHERN DIVISION CHAMPS COACH TUCK This year has been Coach Tuck ' s fourth year of baseball at Jordan. In the three years prior to this, he has lost only one game in the Northern Division. When asked about the ' 66 team, Coach said that it would depend more upon speed and squeeze plays than upon power, as in the past. In January, Coach and some of the players attended a Baseball Clinic sponsored by the Atlanta Braves. MIKE BURKETT - Third Base GARY QUICK - Pitcher STEVE TUCK - Pitcher 83 GO FOR ANOTHER TITLE JOHN CHANDLER - Right Field DENNIS REID - Second Base STEVE BELCHER - Pitcher TOMMY SCARBOROUGH - First Base 84 CLASSES Steven Ballard Elmer Banes Marilyn Belcher Pam Burkett Deborah Burnham Mary Burns HOMERCX3M PRESIDENT: Patsy Nicholas Debra Burnham SEVENTH GRADE IS YEAR David Calvert Sue Calvert Byron Campbell James Connell George Cooper Alan Davis Betty Day Dana Day Phyllis Dye Glenn Eflis Kenneth Ellis Danny Ellison Patsy Ellison Joey Fendley Ricky Ferris Ricky Glover Violet Golden Mary Harding Mark Hayes John Heron Cecil Hubbard Ted Hughes Marilyn James Gaynell Jones Charles Knox M 86 Linda Lawson James Little Dennis Lynn Van Marsh Charlotte Mayes Rhonda Mayfield Susan Moore Tommy Morgan Jerri Mosley Kathy Murphiee OF NEW HOPES AND PLANS Patsy Nicholas Rachel Nichols Pamela Odom Tommy Pharris Rickey Pilkington Diane Reynolds Debra Rickels Chris Ringpfeil Lester Robertson Wanda Robertson Patricia Rogers Betty Russell Bobby Russell Susan Sharitt Larry Sullivan rf® . V a. s Marie Swann Diane Thomas mil p . L ' " David White Samuel Williams 87 HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: Bobbie Graham Mary Mays Amos Akers Waybrun Arnold Gary Ballard Patricia Basinger Kenneth Belcher Estell Berry Harold Brannon Roger Burton Deborah Cagle EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS Jerry Cannon Linda Cason Mona Chandler William Cole Walter Coleman Joe Connell Jane Cornelius Joey Cox Ricky Drain Donna Glover Jackie Goodwin Bobbie Graham Peggy Hall Deborah Hart Shelia Henry Steven Hill 88 June Hughes Janet Johnson Judy Johnson Peggy Johnson Grover Jones Barbara Lawrence Danny Light Stephanie Logan Theresa Love Alan Lowe Donald Lynn Joyce Marquis Steven Marsh Mary Mays Mike Maze ENJOY SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Debra McBrayer Rena McCombf Wade McCombs Gail McGaugh Jackie Mikel Ronnie Miller Sue Miller Thomas Miller Wanda Miller Michael Mitchell Linda Mosley Melissa Murphy Patrick Murphy Marilyn Myrick Brenda Nicholas Gene Nicholas Gail Owens Patsy Page Marilyn Pannell James Pharris 89 Donna Ray Jack Redwine Marilyn Reese Gary Reynolds Susan Reynolds Mike Rickels Charles Ringpfeil Shelia Ringpfeil Rebecca Rogers Elaine Roper Steven Shaf field Barbara Sharet Janice Skinner Wayne Slatton Nell Smith Ginger Smothers Evie Sullivan Dinah Teal Dale Thomas Gene Thomas Linda Thomas Bill Townes Alfred Tucker Betty Tucker Norman Tucker Charlotte White Ruth Williamson Barbara Wilson Darnell Wilson Wayne Wisener Judy Wood Donna Woods Mi 90 HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: Michael Abney Ricky Wood Harold Gwin NINTH GRADE STUDENTS . . . Catherine Abel Michael Abney Billy Acton Pam Baily Shelia Bartlett Derek Belcher Deborah Bowman Perry Bradford Betty Brewer Jackie Burnham Ken Carter Raymond Cato David Conn Donnie Conn Peggy Crane Linda Den am David Dutton Nell Ferris Jerry Foster Tommy Freeman 91 Ricky Geeters Perry Glass Eddie Glenn Peggy Goodwin Stella Gray Harold Gwin Carolyn Hann Glenda Henry Jerry Henry Lester Hill BEGIN HIGH SCHOOL LIFE Gerald Holland Vicki Holt Alan Hopkins Brady Hubbard Freddy Hughes Marsha Hughes Sharon James Linda Jenkins Renee Johnson Wilma Jones Donnie Ledbetter Ronnie Ledbetter Peggy Light Betty Loggins Eugene Loggins David Loggins Allen Mann Al Martin Barbara Mason Sammy McCombs 92 c. . -mv iK ' k WA : Wayne Mc Combs Ricky McCrary Connie McGraw Dean McGraw Barbara McHaffey Raymond McHaffey Cecilia McMurry Roger Meadows Harlan Miller Mike Moore Brenda Morris Wallace Moseley Terry Murp hree Vickie Murphy Ronnie Neeley Billy Pharris Tommy Pollard Frank Randle Ronnie Reynolds Marsha Rogers Larry Skinner Roger Skinner Sandra Smith Larry Smothers Janice Stubbs Jane Todd Allen Tumlin Phil Tyler Linda Waddell Ronnie Watson Norman Whittaker Mary Williamson Glenda Wilson Richard Wood Don Yeager 93 HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: Linda Day Paul Wood Kenneth Laney Diane Kelley SOPHOMORES SET THEIR OWN GOALS Mary Abbott Jimmy Allen Sandra Allison Alvin Anderson Nancy Bagwell David Baker Carroll Banes Merle Banes Mary Banks Paul Barber Gail Bartlett Gorden Beil James Bowlin David Brewer Robert Brooks mmm 94 Larry Bryant Joyce Bullock Cathy Burch Rebecca Campbel- Wayne Cannon Gene Cary Joe Cato Terri Chandler Peggy Chatham Philip Cook Rhonda Cotton Steve Davis Linda Day Deborah Drain Wayne Drake Yvonne Dutton Brenda Elkins Steve Farmer Carol Faucett Paul Faucett Rebecca Faught Larry Ferris Mary Gilley Wanda Gilley Cheryl Gorman Jimmy Hammons Kathy Hayes Betty Harding Eugene Hicks Janice Higginbotham 95 Kay Higginbotham Cathy Hill Charles Hopper Lee Houlditch Rodney James Pat Jinright Cynthia Johnson Carolyn Jones Dianne Kelley Brenda Kennedy jteve Kilgore Kenneth Laney Lynn McKinney Kenneth McKinney Carolyn McLeroy Gail Moore Dennis Morton Stanley Mosley Wayne Mulvehill David Naylor Janie Panther Arnold Perkins Carol Pugh Doris Purser 96 Calvin Smith Joe Stanley Cynthia Staton Tommy Stubbs Charles Sullivan Sandra Summerford Judy Taylor Gloria Thigpen Michael Thomas Sharon Thomas Steve Thomas John Thompson Earl Reese Sterling Reno Janice Rickles Linda Rooker Nancy Russo William Sanders June Self Freida Sexton Janis Shaffield Roger Sharit Brenda Sharp Dwain Simmons Donnie Underwood Sandra Watson Travis Wessinger Dan Williams James Willis John Wilson Carlene Wisener Paul Wood 97 Richard Acton Vicki Airhart Forrest Arnold Tommy Arnold Mary Aycock James Baldwin Shirley Ballard George Barnett Mary Barnwell Patsy Beach Ann Belcher Stephen Belcher Elizabeth Bennett Boyce Berry Kenneth Black JUNIORS HAVE MANY Mike Blizzard Jean Bradford Patricia Brazell Joel Breed Marilyn Brock Larry Brooks Morgan Bryan Bert Burford Tim Burgett Larry Burns I 98 • ' .•»i ' ' fc- , ' ■ ' •■ ' J . •■. ♦ ■♦■••■ :■ Sarah Camp Gilbert Carleton Kenneth Carter Frederick Cash Kathryn Cato Carol Chambers HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: Bruce Jones, Donna Hagood, Johnny Parker, Brenda Martin, Ruth Powell, Pam Craig, Shirley Ballard, Dianna Goodwin, Betsy Vines, Linda Guthrie, Nancy Neely ' , Jane Sparks PROSPECTIVE LEADERS Kathy Chatham Jo Childers David Coalburn Linda Cole Michael Cole Kirby Counts Pam Craig Gary Creel Monra Chrisler Pat Davidson 99 JUNIORS . . . Ann Davis Thomas Dial Dolores Doss James Doss Howard Drake Becky Drinkard Janelle Edge Wayne Edgeworth Joyce Elsberry Sherry Echols Pam Eubanks Edward Farmer Clarence Faught Joyce Fendley Richard Fendley Thtu M 100 Jennifer Ferguson Albert Fields Randall Fields Sherry Fields Bill y Findley SPIRIT OF 7 967 Hubert Fulmer Danny Gamble Linda Gardner Glenn Gilley Edna Gipson Betty Glasscock David Goode Dianna Goodwin Harland Goodwin Ronene Gowins Jerry Graham Alice Graves Robert Graves Teresa Gravlee Johnny Gray Joe Guthrie Linda Guthrie Donna Hagood Linda Hall Myra Hallmark 101 Larry Hays Linda Hays Ronnie Hays Preston Heard Gary Hicks Rodney Higginbotham Don Hill Allen Hinkle Randy Hood Ann Holmes Ralph Holmes Gaynell Hopson James Hopson CuUen Howard Mary Howse Karen Hannah Donnie Harbin Susan Hatfield Harry Hays STUDENTS RELAX AFTER - 4. 1 102 Wade Howse Bonnie Hu bbard Diane Huffstutler Michael Jenkins Connie Johnson Bruce Jones Michael Kauhn Norma Kelly Dandra Kelly Wanda Kelly BUSY CHORAL SESSION 103 STUDENTS RELAX ON Michael Kendricks Jessica Kibildes Patricia Kilgore Claudine Lahore Gary Lang Danny Lawrence Melanie Lawson Charlotte Lessenberry Eugene Longshore Patricia Lowery Anna Love Bobby Love Doris Lucas Charles Marcum Brenda Martin • «? x 104 ' ' " L Donald Martin Sandra Martin Sarah Mask Linda Mays Byron McCay Wf } Larry McCombs r Charles McKinney 3L " Elaine McKinney (J b ; ' Jerry Melvin 1 Donald Mitchell FRONT LAWN OF SCHOOL Dale Moody Doris Moore Gloria Moore Janice Morgan Richard Mosley Sue Murphy Ronnie Myrex Linda Myrick Sherry Naramore Janice Nations Philip Naylor Nancy Neely Dale Nichalos Ginger Nichols Debbie Osborne 105 Patricia Page Ronnie Page Barbara Pair Johnny Parker Frances Perkins Thomas Poe Mickey Powell Ruth Powell Peggy Phillips Nathan Redwine Linda Reeves Dennis Reid Gary Reynolds Danny Rhoades Patricia Robbins Bonnie Roberts Brenda Rogers Sandy Russell Susan Sanders Tommy Scarborough Gary Self Deborah Sexton Edward Shaling Ramonia Sharit Kenneth Shelnutt Peggy Simmons Carol Sims Daniel Sloan Annette Smith Darlene Smith 106 Jane Sparks Glenda Standridge Tommy Stinson Jo Streetman James Sullivan Becky Tankersley Danny Tatum Med Tatum Virginia Teal Michael Thigpen Rodney Thomas Sherry Thompson Don Thrasher Betsy Vines Paul Walker Shirley Watson Terry Watson Larry Watwood Sandra Whitaker Ronnie White Linda Wilkerson Randy Williams Marie Willis Brenda Wilson John Wilson Schuyler Woods Danny Yarbrough • •I ' ll 107 ATHLETICS PLAY Sarah Abel MOST ATHLETIC: Diane Faucett Mike Burkett Donna Adams Elissa Alexander Audrey Allen Carolyn Anderton 108 PART IN SCHOOL LIFE Francis Armstrong Joseph Arnold Betty Barnwell Reba Baty Linda Belcher Ricky Belcher 109 Joan Benefield Ann Brooks Gwendolyn Brown Joy Bullock Barbara Burkett Mike Burkett Shirley Butler Regina Cannon Ann Cargo Marcia Carroll Ray Channel Rita Cleckler 110 MOST BEAUTIFUL: Audrey Allen MOST HANDSOME: Steve Tuck III Dixie Cole Raymond Ciane Linda Coleman Susan Crane Donna Copeland Sharon Crawford MJHS BOAST: BEST ALL-AROUND Mary Dixon Paul [diodes 112 Doyle Creel Jimmy Crittenden David Crumpton June Day BRAINS AND BRAWN Linda Dean Jess Dixon 113 COURTESY PROMOTES Mary Dixon Lynn Dorman June Doss Linda Doss Beverly Drain Linda Easter 114 miENDLY ATMOSPHERE Wayne Easter Peggy Echols Jimmy Edwards Joyce England MOST COURTEOUS: Jane Hooten Dennis Swarm Glenda Farley v . . Bill Farmer Jean Farmer FUN, FUTURE, FULFILLMENT ARi Diane Faucett Gaye Ford Jerry Foster Carmen Fountain 116 CLASS FAVORITES: Gayle Yarbrough I Michael Wells Virgil Fuller PHASES OF SEN OR YEAR r Jimmy Gipson Jerry Glass Kerry Goggins Rachael Golden 117 Richard Goodwin Marshall Graham Mary Graham Amy Graves FRIENDLY SMILES Steve Graves 118 MOST FRIENDLY: Nell Riddle Jess Dixon 7iS. Patricia Guthery David Guthrie Patricia Guthrie Sylvia Gwin BRIGHTEN OUR DAYS Mary Ha good Jerry Hall 119 PERSONALITY . . . BEST PERSONALITY: Gayle Lollar Barry Lyle Sue Harbinson Dorothy Harding Joyce Hayes Angelina Heath Rebecca Helms ) i Brenda Higginbotham Cheryl Hill Larry Hill Robin Hood Jane Hooten Beverly Howard 121 IS KEY TO Ronald Howard Linda Hughes Charles Ingram Carolyn Johnson John Johnson Carolyn Jones 122 SUCCESS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Patricia Swindle David Crumpton Dean Jones Katharine Lawrence Larry Kelly Beverly Latta Shirley Langley Kay LeCroy .. man M l k. 123 SENIORS CHOOSE BEST DRESSED Linda Hughes Johnny Miller sherry Lee Jerry Logan Gayle LoUar Barry Lyle Bob Maldonado Mary Malone Sharon Maines Martha McAnnally Calista McCarty Judy McCay James McGee Betty McMnrry Betty McPherson Glenn Melvin SENIORS LEAD SCHOOL IN Michael Melvin Patsy Melvin Johnny Miller Linda Mitchell 126 MOST SCHOOL SPIfUT: Carmen Fountain Richard Goodwin Maxine Moon BLUE DEVIL SPIRIT Gary Moore Robert Moore Willojean Murphy Johnny O ' Brien - v I 127 Jeanne Odom Gayle Parks Wayne Palfrey Bonnie Patrick Joyce Palmer Margaret Pharris SERVia MOST SERVICE TO SCHOOL: Barbara Burkett Bill Farmer Sharon Pharris Johnny Pilkington Sharon Pollard Joy Powell DEVELOPS QUALITY Gary Quick Paul Rhodes 129 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: David Rickels Nell Riddle Martha Ringpfeil Jo Robertson Billy Rodgers Arnold Rogers r 130 . SENIOR GOAL MOST STUDIOUS: Katherine Lawrence Billy Rodgers Eugene Rooker Ronnie Sanderson Beckie Sandlin Sharon Sandlin Dianne Scarborough tsm m 131 Larry Self Y " Tommy Self mk i «■ Eloise Shears !»■ ' k 1 -■ Ronald Simpson TALENTED SENIORS ADD TC 132 r Judy Singleton MOST TALENTED: Dianne Scarborough Richard White t 9 David Smith Edward Smith Linda Smith Ralph Smith SCHOOL LIFE ENJOYMENT Virginia Smith Fay Soienson 133 SENIORS OFTEN SHOW Max Sotrelle Janice S pence Robert Stanley Jimmy Stewart Foy Stricklin Judy Studdard 134 i HUMOROUS SIDE WITTIEST: Jeanne Odom Jimmy Stewart Dennis Swann David Tatum Patiicia Swindle John Thomas Paul Tankersley Michael Thomas 135 THE TORCH IS Sharon Thomas Charles Thrasher Clarence Tillery Dee Todd Charles Townsend Doris Trantham 136 PASSED BY THE . . . Stephen Tuck Elaine Turner Pamela Turner Neil Warren Roger Watwood Michael Wells 137 CLASS OF 1 966 Jimmy Wren Gayle Yarbrough 138 1 SENIOR DIRECTORY SARAH ABEL Band; Paper Staff, Head Typist DONNA ADAMS FHA; FTA; FBLA; Future Nurses; Red Cross; Paper Staff, Exchange Editor; Pep Club ELISSA ALEXANDER Spanish Club; FTA; Paper Staff; Band AUDREY ALLEN Sr. Honor Society; Senior Beauty; Who ' s Who; Glee Club, Secretary; FTA; Pep Club; Ushers Club; Latin Club; Student Council; Homeroom Officer; Honor Day; Girls ' State Representative; Prom Committee, Treasurer; Queen of Hearts Con- testant; Select Choir, Pianist CAROLYN ANDERTON 4-H Club; FBLA; FSA; Pep Club; Jr. and Sr. Red Cross; Home Room Officer; Library Club,- Vice-Presi- dent; Queen of Hearts Contestant; Student Secretary; Annual Staff Apprentice FRANCIS ARMSTRONG FBLA; 4-H Club; Future Nurses Society; FTA, President; Math Club; Spanish Club; Sr. Red Cross; Honor Day; Pep Club; Glee Club; Select Choir; Math Tournament; FBLA; Jr. Press Representative JOAN BENEFIELD Sr. 4-H Club; FBLA; Band ANN BROOKS Drama Club; FTA; Spanish Club; Sr. Red Cross; Pep Club GWENDOLYN BROWN Student Secretary; Pep Club 4-H Club; Jr. and Sr. Red Cross; FBLA; FSA; Library Club, Secretary; Annual Staff Apprentice JOY BULLOCK Future Nurses; Glee Club; Transfer Student BARBARA BURKETT Salutatorian; Sr. Honor Society; Pep Club; Math Club, Vice-Presi- dent; FTA; Homeroom Officer; Honor Day; Who ' s Who; FBLA; Student Council, Second Vice- President; Student Council Work- shop and Convention; Optimist Club Finalist ANN CARGO Sr. Red Cross, Secretary; Latin Club; FTA; Math Club; Band; Band Queen; Majorette MARCIA CARROLL Library Club; FBLA, Secretary; FSA, Vice-President; Homeroom Officer; Student Secretary RITA CLECKLER Band, Librarian; 4-H Club; Student Secretary DIXIE COLE FTA; Pep Club LINDA COLEMAN Jr. 4-H Club; Science Club; Latin Club; Band, Librarian; Stage Band; Choral; Pep Club DONNA COPELAND Drama Club; Art Club; Pep Club; FBLA; Library Club SUSAN CRANE Jr. Honor Society, Pres. ; Honor Day; Sr, Honor Society, Vice- President; FTA; Spanish Club; Math Assistant; Glee Club; Home- room Officer JOSEPH ARNOLD 4-H Club; " J " Club; Football; Jr. Red Cross BETTY BARNWELL Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club; FBLA; Pep Club REBA BATY Spanish Club; FBLA; Pep Club; Future Nurses LINDA BELCHER Annual Staff, Typist; Sr. Honor MIKE BURKETT Sr. Honor Society; Student Council; Football, All-County; Basketball; Baseball; Spanish Club; " J " Club; Prom Committee; Who ' s Who SHIRLEY BUTLER 4-H Club; Annual Staff Apprentice; Paper Staff; Glee Club; Junior Maid REGINA CANNON FBLA; Paper Staff, Reporter, Typist; Pep Club; Student Secretary; Jr. and Sr. 4-H SHARON CRAWFORD Student Council; Sr. Honor Society; Band; Head Majorette; Jr. Honor Society, Secretary; Latin Club; FBLA; Pep Club; Stage Band; Home room Officer DOYLE CREEL Jr. Honor Society; Latin Club JIMMY CRITTENDEN Latin Club; Pep Club; Red Cross DAVID CRUMP ' TON 139 Sr, Class President; Homeroom Officer; Sr. Red Cross, President; Math Club; Pep Club; Ushers Club; Spanish Club; Sr. Honor Society; Annual Staff, Business Manager; Citizenship Conference; Spring Musical; Who ' s Who; Math Tourna- ment JUNE DAY Paper Staff; FSA; Spanish Club; Band; Majorette; Jr. Cheerleader, Co-Head; Jr. Red Cross; Glee Club LINDA DEAN 4-H Club; Library Club; Jr. Cheer- leader; Paper Staff; FBLA; Pep Club JESS DIXON FTA; Spanish Club; Band; Choral; Sr. Red Cross; Who ' s Who MARY DIXON Sr. Class Secretary; Sr. Honor Society; Who ' s Who; Glee Club; Spanish Club; FTA; Pep Club; Varsity Cheerleader; " J " Club; Queen of Hearts Contestant; Paper Staff, Assistant Editor; Prom Com- mittee LYNN DORMAN Math Club; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Basketball JUNE DOSS FBLA; FSA; Pep Club; Student Sec- retary; Miss Ideal Secretary Con- testant BEVERLY DRAIN Sr. Honor Society; FBLA, President; Student Council; Jr. Honor Society; Citizenship Conference; Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club; Glee Club; Miss Ideal Secretary Contestant PEGGY ECHOLS Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club, Secretary; FBLA; Paper Staff; Pep Club JIMMY EDWARDS Baseball; Basketball; Drafting JOYCE ENGLAND FSA; Jr. 4-H Club; Student Secre- tary; Miss Ideal Secretary Con- testant GLENDA FARLEY Paper Staff; FBLA; FSA; Pep Club; Sr. Red Cross; Glee Club; Student Secretary; Miss Ideal Secretary Contestant BILL FARMER Student Council, Second Vice- President, President; Student Coun- cil Conventions, State, Southern, National; Workshop; Latin Club; Usher ' s Club; Who ' s Who; FTA; Band Announcer JEAN FARMER FBLA; Supply Store Manager; FSA; Student Secretary; Miss Ideal Sec- retary Contestant DIANE FAUCETT Varsity Cheerleader; Prom Com- mittee; " J " Club; Pep Club; Stu- dent Secretary; FBLA; Jr. 4-H Club; Homeroom Officer JERRY FOSTER Shop; 4-H Club; Jr. Red Cross; Football Manager; Jr. Basketball; " J " Club CARMEN FOUNTAIN Varsity Cheerleader, Head; " J " Club; FTA; Latin Club, Historian; Pep Club. President; Prom Com- mittee; Drama Club, Vice-Presi- dent; Annual Staff Apprentice; Sr. Play; Jr. Favorite, Alternate; Math Club; Homeroom Officer KERRY GOGGINS Band; Stage Band; Paper Staff; Shop; Red Cross; Pep Club RACHAEL GOLDEN Drama Club; Pep Club; Band; Spanish Club; Jr. Red Cross; Homeroom Officer RICHARD GOODWIN Sr, Honor Society, President; Pep Club, President; Math Club; " Know Your News " Panelist; Bas- ketball and Baseball Manager; Who ' s Who; Spring Musical; An- nual Staff, Sports Editor; NEDT Commended Student; Math Tourna- ment; Reception By University of Alabama; Transfer Student MARSHALL GRAHAM Latin Club, Senator; Red Cross; Band; Stage Band; All-County Band; Jr. Press Representative; Reception by University of Alabama MARY GRAHAM Sr. Honor Society; FSA; Student Secretary AMY GRAVES Jr. Honor Society; Sr. Red Cross; FTA; Art Club; Latin Club; Drama Club; Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club PATRICIA GUTHERY FBLA, Treasurer, Vice-President; Red Cross; Library Club; FSA DAVID GUTHERIE Jr. 4-H Club; Jr. and Sr. Red Cross; 140 Latin Club; Math Club; Science Club; FTA; Pep Club PATRICIA GUTHERIE Band, Librarian, Stage and Concert Band; Student Council; Latin Club; Science Club; FTA; Sr. Honor Society; Honor Day; Spring Musical; Lab Assistant SYLVIA GWIN Miss Junior; Alternate Queen of Hearts; Band; Majorette; Choral; Paper Staff, Society Editor; Band Queen; FBLA; FTA; Jr. and Sr. Red Cross; Pep Club; 4-H Club MARY HAGOOD Jr. 4-H Club; Student Secretary JERRY HALL Student Council, Vice President; FTA; Football; Sr. Class Historian ' Latin Club, President, Historian; Math Club; Sr. Red Cross; Sr. Honor Society; " J " Club; Pep Club SUE HARBISON Red Cross; Library Club; Pep Club DOROTHY HARDING FSA JOYCE HAYES FSA; Jr. 4-H Club ANGELENE HEATH Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club; Library Club; Sr. Red Cross; Paper Staff; Pep Club REBECCA HELMS Varsity Cheerleader; Pep Club; Latin Club; Usher ' s Club; Prom Committee; CJieen of Hearts Con- testant; Homecoming Queen Con- testant BRENDA HIGGINBOTHAM 4-H Club, County Leadership Award Winner; Student Council; FTA, Secretary; Sr. Red Cross; Pep Club; Library Club, Secretary; FSA; Glee Club; FBLA; Student Secretary; Dental Clinic Contestant; NSA Contestant; Jr. Citizenship Student; 4-H County Council; Youth Power Attendant; Homeroom Officer CHERYL HILL Glee Club; FSA; Prom Committee ROBIN HOOD Art Club; Paper Staff, Art Editor; Pep Club JANE HOOTEN Sr, Honor Society; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Smdeni Council; Stage Band; Who ' s Who; Homecom- ing Queen Contestant BEVERLY HOWARD Jr. 4-H Club; FBLA; FNA; Choral RONALD HOWARD 4-H Club; Spanish Club; Basketball; Baseball; Math Club LINDA HUGHES Jr. and Sr. Honor Society; Latin Club; Jr. Red Cross, President; Band; Library Club, President; Sr. Red Cross, Secretary, President; Delegate to National Red Cross; State Fifth District Library Club Vice-President; Math Club, Sec- retary; Science Club; Westinghouse Science Talent Search Winner; Birmingham Area Red Cross Presi- dent; Summer Science Institute Participant Lab Assistant; Senior Beauty, Third Alternate; Who ' s Who; Spring Musical; Jr. 4-H Club CHARLES INGRAM Spanish Club; Sr. Red Cross; Foot- ball; " J " Club CAROLYN " JOHNSON Drama Club; Glee Club; Select Choir JOHN JOHNSON Pep Club; Prom Committee; Shop CAROLYN JONES Glee Club; Pep Club; Prom Com- mittee DEAN JONES Jr. Cheerleader; 4-H Club; FBLA LARRY KELLY 4-H Club; Library Club; Spanish Club; Math Club; Basketball; Baseball SHIRLEY LANGLEY Transfer Student — Science Club; Student Council; Songleader; Co- Chairman Jr. and Sr. Prom KATHERINE LAWRENCE Spanish Club, Secretary, Vice- President; Math Club, Vice-Presi- dent; Sr, Honor Society; Student Council, Vice-President; Attended Student Council Convention and Workshop; Honor Day; Spanish Assistant; Homeroom Officer; Who ' s Who; Valedictorian BEVERLY LATTA Spanish Club; Choral; Drama Club KAY LECROY Glee Club; Art Club; Latin Club; Pep Club; Red Cross; 4-H Club; Prom Committee 141 SHERRY LEE Jr. Honor Society, Vice-President; Student Council; Sr. Honor Society; Sr. Red Cross, Secretary; Jr. 4-H Club, President; Latin Club; Annual Staff, Classes Editor; Honor Day; Prom Committee JERRY LOGAN Band; Jr. 4-H Club; Pep Club GAYLE LOLLAR Queen of Hearts Contestant, Second Alternate; Glee Club; Pep Club; Miss Junior Alternate; Who ' s Who; Homeroom Officer BARRY LYLE Basketball; Football BOB MALDONADO Shop MARY MA LONE Glee Club; Spanish Club; Math Club; Art Club SHARON MAINES Paper Staff, Business Manager; 4-H Club; FSA; Library Club; Student Secretary MARTHA McANNALLY FBLA; FSA; 4-H Club; Student Secretary CALISTA Mccarty Red Cross; Spanish Club; Pep Club; FTA; Drama Club; 4-H Club JUDY McCAY FSA JAME S McGEE Usher ' s Club, Head Usher, Latin Club; Sr. Red Cross; ' ice-President; Pep Club; Drama Club; Sr. Play BETTY McMURRY 4-H Club; Red Cross; Glee Club; Spanish Club; Drama Club BETTY Mcpherson Jr. 4-H Club; Sr. Red Cross; FSA, Secretary; Pep Club; FBLA; Student Secretary; Homeroom Officer GLEN MELVIN 4-H Club MICHAEL MELVIN Shop, Safety Committee PATSY MELVIN Paper Staff; 4-H Club, Vice-Presi- dent JOHNNY MILLER Spanish Club; Math Club; FTA; Student Council: Pep Club; Who ' s Who LINDA MITCHELL Band, Treasurer; Stage and Con- cert Band; Jr. 4-H Club MAXINE MOON Glee Club; Annual Staff; Home- room Officer; Homecoming Queen Contestant ROBERT MOORE Art Club; Band, Concert, Stage; Spanish Club, Treasurer; Math Club; Science Club; Annual Staff, Art Editor; Reception by University of Alabama; Honor Day; Math Tournament; Spring Musical; NEDT Commended Student; Se- lect Choir WILLOJEAN MURPHY Jr. 4-H Club; Paper Staff, Reporter; Sr. Red Cross; Band, All-County; Prom Committee; Pep Club; FBLA; Student Secretary JOHNNY O ' BRIEN Shop JEANNE ODOM Spanish Club; FTA; 4-H Club; Homeroom Officer WAYNE PELFREY Shop; Math Club; 4-H Club; Homeroom Officer JOYCE PALMER 4-H Club; Red Cross; FTA; Pep Club; Student Council; Paper Staff; Spanish Club; Homeroom Officer GAYLE PARKS Spanish Club, Corresponding Secretary; FTA; Band; Sr. Honor Society; Paper Staff BONNIE PATRICK Paper Staff, Proofreader MARGARET PHARRIS 4-H Club; Red Cross; Pep Club; FNA, Vice-President; Glee Club, Treasurer SHARON PHARRIS Art Club, President; Drama Club; Senior Play; Student Council; Prom Committee; 4-H Club; Red Cross; Paper Staff, Co-Editor; Sweetheart Queen Contestant; Homeroom Officer SHARON POLLARD Latin Club, Senator; Pep Club; Varsity Cheerleader; Student Council; Prom Committee; Spring Musical; " J " Club; Student Secre- tary; Homeroom Officer; Home- coming Queen Contestant 142 JOY POWELL Glee Club; Paper Staff; FSA; FBLA, Treasurer; Student Secretary; 4 H Club; Homeroom Officer GARY QUICK Senior Class Vice-President; Prom Committee; Latin Club, Senator; Student Council; Pep Club; " J " Club; Football, All-County; Base- ball; Basketball; Boys ' State Rep- resentative; Sr. Red Cross; Sr. 4-H Club; FTA PAUL RHODES Football, All-County; " J " Club; Who ' s Who; Shop DAVID RICKELS FTA; Red Cross; Pep Club; Math Club; Student Council; Jr. Football NELL RIDDLE Junior Favorite, First Alternate; Senior Beauty Contestant, First Alternate; Queen of Hearts; Cheer- leader; Pep Club; " J " Club; Who ' s Who; Homeroom Officer MARTHA RINGPFEIL Jr. and Sr. Honor Society; Sr. 4-H Club; FBLA, Vice-President; Sr. Red Cross; Glee Club; Select Choir; Pep Club; Spanish Club JO ROBERTSON Paper Staff, Editor; Dental Clinic Representative, First Alternate in County; Senior Beauty Contestant, Second Alternate; Latin Club, Senator; Red Cross; Usher ' s Club, Secretary, Treasurer; Pep Club; Student Teacher; Student Secretary; Homeroom Officer BILLY RODGERS Sr. Honor Society ; Honor Day; Who ' s Who; Optimist Club Finalist; " Know Your News " Contestant; Math Assistant; Homeroom Officer ARNOLD ROGERS Football Manager; Transfer Student EUGENE ROOKER FTA; Library Club; Pep Club; Red Cross; Drama Club BECKIE SANDLIN Band; FBLA; Pep Club DIANNE SCARBOROUGH Varsity and Stage Band; Usher ' s Club; Spanish Club; Math Club, Secretary; Glee Club, President; FTA; Annual Staff, Organizations Editor; Who ' s Who; Good Citizen- ship Trip LARRY SELF 4-H Club; Latin Club; Pep Club TOMMY SELF Football; Basketball; 4-H Club; Latin Club; Sr. Red Cross; Usher ' s Club; Pep Club; Student Council; " J " Club ELOISE SHEATS Jr. Honor Society; FBLA; Pep Club; Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club; Glee Club; Jr. and Sr. Red Cross; Spanish Club; Student Secretary RONALD SIMPSON 4-H Club, Spanish Club; Science Club JUDY SINGLETON Library Club; Student Council; Prom Committee DAVID SMITH 4-H Club LINDA SMITH Jr. Honor Society; Jr. and Sr. Red Cross; Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club; Pep Club; FSA, Secretary VIRGINIA SMITH Glee Club; Drama Club; Pep Club; FBLA MAX SORRELLE Math Club; Red Cross; Spanish Club; Paper Staff; Pep Club; Home- room Officer JANICE SPENCE Varsity Cheerleader; Drama Club, Secretary; Art Club, Vice-President; Paper Staff, Society Editor; Sr, Play; O een of Hearts Contestant; Pep Club; Spring Musical; Dental Clinic Queen Contestant; Homeroom Offi- cer ROBERT STANLEY Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club; Drama Club JIMMY STEWART Student Council; Class Prophet; Official Blue Devil of ' 66 FOY STRICKLIN Pep Club; Math Club JUDY STUDDARD Drama Club, Treasurer; Library Club; Art Club, Secretary, Treas- urer; Pep Club; Sr. Play; Paper Staff, Business Manager; Queen of Hearts Contestant; 4-H Club; Red Cross; Glee Club; Prom Committee DENNIS SWANN Select Choir; Pep Club; Spanish Club, Secretary; Science Club; 143 Math Club, President; Glee Club; Spanish Club Student Council; Pep Club FTA; Honor Day; Who ' s Who; Math Tournament; Spring Musical; Homeroom Officer PATRICIA SWINDLE Jr. Honor Society, Treasurer; Latin Club; Sr. Honor Society; Annual Staff, Editor; Usher ' s Club; Science Club, President, Vice- President; Who ' s Who; NEDT Commended Student; National Merit Scholar; NCTE National Winner; Glee Club; " Know Your News " Panelist; Howard College Workshop; Honor Day; Biology Lab Assistant; Homeroom Officer PAUL TANKERSLEY Basketball; " J " Club; Pep Club; Football; Representative to Govern- ment Day; Homeroom Officer MICHAEL THOMAS Math Club; Latin Club; Usher ' s Club; Pep Club; Science Club DEE TODD Jr. Honor Society, Reporter; Jr. and Sr. Red Cross; Sr. Class Treas- urer; Latin Club; Spanish Club, Assistant Treasurer; Lab Assistant; Queen of Hearts Contestant; Pep Club; Jr. 4-H Club; Homeroom Officer CHARLES TOWNSEND Usher ' s Club; Math Club; Pep Club; Latin Club; FTA; Glee Club, Vice- President; Basketball; Baseball DORIS TRANTHAM Student Council; Drama Club; Paper Staff; FSA; 4-H Club STEVE TUCK Glee Club, President; Latin Club, Senator; Usher ' s Club, Vice-Presi- dent; FTA; Pep Club; Math Club; Baseball; Basketball; Football; Select Choir; Who ' s Who; Spring Musical; Homeroom Officer ROGER WATWOOD 4-H Club MICHAEL WELLS Basketball; " J " Club; Sr, Red Cross; Prom Committee; Who ' s Who; Paper Staff, Sports Editor; Pep Club; Homeroom Officer RICHARD WHITE Band, Vice-President; Stage and Varsity Band; Band King; Latin Club, Senator; Glee Club; Select Choir; Math Club; Science Club; Pep Club; Who ' s Who NELL WILSON Student Council; Usher ' s Club; Science Club; Drama Club, Secre- tary; Library Club; Homeroom Officer JIMMY WREN Basketball; Latin Club; Pep Club; " J " Club SHARON THOMAS Transfer Student— FHA; 4-H Club; Pep Club; National Beta Club CHARLES THRASHER Spanish Club CLARENCE TILLERY Jr. and Sr. 4-H Club; Pep Club; ELAINE TURNER Latin Club; Math Club; Pep Club; Art Club PAMELA TURNER Band; FNA, Secretary; Sr. 4-H Club; Paper Staff NEIL WARREN GAYLE YARBROUGH Sr, Honor Society, Treasurer; Annual Staff, Copy Editor; Latin Club, Consul; FTA; Pep Club; Glee Club; Select Choir; Who ' s Who; DAR Good Citizen; NEDT Commended Student; Honor Day; O een of Hearts Contestant; Home- room Officer 144 CONGRATULATIONS We Have Enjoyed Being Your Official Photographers. 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" NPi -. y ■■-v. {« i -( y " •. ■ -W ' %. •v . ' xS ' . ' I V

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