Mortimer Jordan High School - Torch Yearbook (Morris, AL)

 - Class of 1957

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Mortimer Jordan High School - Torch Yearbook (Morris, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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'---.,,, ms J I 1 , W4 I ' K ! I 1' 1 . B 1 1.1. ,, A ' X x..J,4.. lj ' 1 1 ', "I V -'45 f-L 'I X ', 1-ff:-wx.. --..: 55' 1-4, qqwv.. .AW ..,. r Q . 4 , jk'-' ' -1 'QSHL f , , ,ww EVP r 74 I 'sr' - 1 f Nb VY, W X m. n . f - I ' w A ff' ,Y ' . -vn- ujw, ' ' . K - ,.,,. 'W . r , ' L In a ' 4 C. U , ,. r .in . 141 R T- -. L, 1- 4 A. ,M . .A-4.10 - .1-. i . '54 - 4, .' -' .fu - V ,LZ F q F, ' I . , X , .ae x : vl ' " f W 'kr ' X. .. ' r , ,- . ,r , Q 4 . V. q v, f 41,6 gf , V ., A . Ai 61 ' V ' J' W -N ' . x a . 1 S . , JK',,4,1 ,Q . s KJ ,lon S . A fu Q . , -, 5' 1 sv: 1 I . . 8 xv x Q Q., , Q I .4 ' v ,. ., I , . , , I 245--z-' -, .' 1 . 'Q A - 9 " zu vm? ' " A ' n . ,- ,Q Q ' .' 5 ' 1 f . .Q zu' ' ' f N J, 1-sv ws 91 X I f f 1 J -AL X X x ,Q h ' ,Xi pr, 53335 'Na 49-...X f-'iff iss' X A 5' ' 'KI 5- 3, My Editor - NANCY Co-Editor - NANCY Manager - FRANKLIN THE STAFF alumni of Mortimer Jordan High School, the annual staff presents the. . . THE 1957 TORCH. Co-Editor - JUDY Sales Manager - DON "fOr - Circulation Mgr. - NAN Y 5. Efgx tw OHNSON 590056 ' X fi 97 if 1? Secretary - SARAH AI! Editor ' CLARA Advertising Edit0l' - MACK Sales - JOHN Sales - BOB Sales - BEVERLY XMB' ALMA MATER ELHIJJJUJJJ-UIJJIJ 3' Mort1mer Jordan our Alma Mater gu1de of rn1nd and soul Chemshed by her sons and daughters mernones sweet shall throng E-if-VJAVLJJJJ-L'UJ1J5l Round our hearts our Alma Mater as we s1ng our song A JwJu.Enm,LJ1J f 1 f4bJ-VJ-VLJJJllJ'MJlJ sl i lv I I V Let us e'er be true and faithful and attain our goal b , , Sudre Counts 1920 1921 Not Avarlable 1921 1922 Grace Hughes 1922 1923 Lawton Rogers 1923 1924 J W Mrnor 1924 1925 Mrldred Self 1925 1926 Hayden Rogers 1926 1927 Arlre Creel 1927 1928 1928 1929 Janette Crauswell 1929 1930 Maytle Sandlrn 1 930 1931 Frank Hlckman 1931 1932 VALEDICTORY AWARDS 1921 1957 Evelyn Pltts 1932 1933 Margaret Wrlson 1933 1 934 John Earnest Barnett 1934 1935 Lrllre Mae Rasco 1935 1936 Margaret Jacks 1936 1937 Nara Io Ferguson 1937 1938 Helen Mav1s Swann 1938 1939 R H Dorman 1939 1940 1 940 1 941 Dorothy Wylle 1941 1942 Helen W1ll1ams 1942 1943 Bobble Kathryn Marrs 1943 1 944 Janlce Dean 1956 1957 Joy Ann Srmpson 1944 1945 Srdney Mack Banks 1945 1946 Sara Skmner 1946 1947 Cherry Hughes 1 947 1 948 Edron Cato 1948 1949 Henry Parker 1949 1 950 Anna Frank Foster 1950 1951 Joe Srmms 1951 1952 Carolyn Hlggrnbotham 1952 1953 Glenda Goodwln 1953 1954 Sue Swann 1954 1955 Dorrs Guthrre 1955 1956 ln honor of the hrgh scholastrc achrevements of our valedrctorrans we dedrcate thrs volume of the Torch, 1957 to them Hobson Counts Doris Mildred Stroup ' ' DEDI CA TION WHs'M.1l ml' l,?.l'.fhI X 4' 1 uv I Nngqvf s l 5 is , E M R i is S 2 VICE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE This has been a year of many pleasures. You, my friends, certainly added to my happiness and enjoyment here at Jordan. Thank you for everything. Sincerely yours, Mack Crowe PRESIDENT 'S MESS AGE I would like to thank you, the student body, for the splendid response and co-op- eration you have offered this year. lt has been a pleasure to serve as your president, and I hope you have enjoyed this year as much as l have. I wish you many years of success. Sincerely yours, V Max Guthrie PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Down through the years we shall return frequently to these pages as a reminder of happy experiences together. We will always be grateful to you, the staff of the 1957 Torch, for your long hours of labor and the untiring effort you have devoted in making this 1957 Torch the best yearbook in the history of our school, You will always be appreciated by your fellow students, your faculty, and the administration of this school. Sincerely yours, W. Qaflmcf J. o. Suddeth, Principal E if x' . if at ' A K 4 swf "N . K. gf' ff sf 'Q s , ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE This yearbook is something of lasting value you have given your school. In the years ahead you will be able to look back with pride on a job well done. Sincerely yours, J' Clarence W. Vines Assistant Principal 19' VX 1""' fun LOUISE A, DONNELLY B,A,, Alabama College Business Law, History, Math BLANCHE ELLIS A, B., Howard College American History BETTY PAYNE GRACE B, A, , Judson College Home Economics JOHN HILL B, S, , M, A, , University of Alabama Social Studies JOEL JAMES M, A, , Birmingham Southern College Glee Club HIRAM W, JOHNSON B, S,, Howard College Economics, History, Home and Family f""s it Qibagy L I., xlf xr r Xi I lx My I GERALD BANKS B, S., Auburn Physical Education IVA L, BLANKENSHIP A,B,, Birmingham Southern Librarian MARY BLAYLOCK Driver Training JETTA PEARL BRADLEY B, S,, Florence State Teacher's College Science GAIL CHAMBERS A, A, , Stephens College B. S.. University of Alabama Shorthand SHIRLEY CHILDRESS B, S, , Jacksonville State Teacher's College English, History f N fu " -K' ing REBA KETNER B, A, , University of Chattanooga B. S. . Jacksonville S. T, C. Typing FRANK MARSHALL B,A,, Birmingham Southern English WILLIE D, MAYFIELD B, S,, Howard College Junior Math ETHEL MCANNALLY A, B, , Birmingham Southern M. A. , Columbia Math LYNN T, MCCAIN B, S., Alabama College Science NICH PASCHENKO M, B,M,, Vien College of Europe Band Director 1 4"':4'?x LOU ISE PAYNE B, A, , Birmingham Southem English, Spanish FRANCES POSEY B. S, , Howard College Math BOBBIE M, STUBBS A,B,, Howard College J Special Classes 'lf fx fy t KV1, Q JACKLYN Ti YUM, Q ,fx W M ws E ubppn J B. S. ' PhysicQ'HucatimfV .f K. RICHARD D, WALLACE B, A,, William Jewel M, A., University of Alabama Counselor English FREDDIE W, WOOD B,S,, M,A,, Memphis State Physical Education Social Studies A STAFF A A PERSONNEL QS. gf, pd RL A MRS. PEYTON MRS. LITTLE Reglstrar MRS DORTHY BUNTYN Puciure Noi Avallable 5 MRS ANDERSON MRS CROSSFIELD MRS ELLIS 'Z xx If 'qw nag' NNN' 'Qs 23 f N ITN MRS RAY MRS ROGERS MRS WALLACE l-.lli I . it h ' I ,, .X wg. r . . Q 4 . . f . A A . ' , 1 . 4 1- A A 54 ,.1,3f -A ."-- 1 'R W T ! A 4 I ' I Q 5 , Q - xg., X -ffwl., X. F, :V ,Aux 3 .S , - --- '-H"'- ,g,lQ,' . f -.FK-I ,,f:QK',,6' ' C ,7 XM' -iii ' . 1 ' I- S, W 5 STA FF page A, 4 V Available g ,, 5 .S F 1 x .1 3 S fk x 1 , ..1..i.l1l MR. DAVIS MR. LITTLE Mechamc MR. STUBBS Custodlan MR. SMITH 991 MAX GUTHRIE HUGH GUTHRIE STEVE HARRIS 'X ---f XY' Rs A fb! '5 " Vw' CHARLES KIRBY EDWARD LYNCH DON BELCHER JAMES REESE if If ik S+' 42 .SA f 4 ' A Q 4 A S A ' : , ' : - K 1 Skif K :I X A TL . i n ,, ,. ' Wifi z - , R vi x N RN' 5 A V ,, 'Hy wx awww ", . z , - .2 , 'L , . .L ... , k , 4' 'X A . "' ""' . ' 1 ' 9 , f , ' r'ff,. Q ":"," . , ,A Ti ' . 325335 ., ' A.-, f-.-' - -, ' 19, wax? 4, A , ,,..,, .-vi. 5 ,TEN V K ., , '- ,fiil . . ','. f f sry f'i',Ct':fYze"' , .' 1 ,Q -ia -S 3 4 .. X , 3 7,5 --M it au S Q2 'w 'X X . . x 5 F , '- .535 1 S A . X - 1 Q Q X' mi WZCZYZS r 'I' 1 Ev, 'Qi' ?' , .j2f J. - Yilf 9','3' K, F. Q.-,'M wp R CLASS OFFI x X X ffm i ge-nl 'N-nv' 41' 'YL , 1 if' Nw, K YU!-M-1' MARGERINE BAIRD Library Club, Vice President, Reporter, Spanish Club, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, French Club, Paper Staff, Art Editor. MARILYN FAYE BASINGER CAP, 4-H Club, Glee Club. GWENDOLYN SUE BEAVERS 4-H Club, Red Cross, President, FBLA, Office Assis- tant, Senior Class Treasurer, Quiz 'Em on the Air, Alternate, Glee Club. BETTY CAROLYN BELCHER Glee Club, 4-H Club. FREDDIE AKINS "J" Club, President, Senior Class, President, Football, Basketball, Track, 4-H Club, "Who's Who" - Class Favorite, "Who's Who" - Best Athlete. MOLLIE ANDERSON Student Council, Paper Staff, FBLA, 4-H Club, Glee Club, "Who's Who" - Wittiest. DONNA GAIL BAILEY 4-H Club, Band, French Club, CAP, Homeroom Re- porter, Homeroom Officer. NAN BAILEY 4-H Club, Vice President, Paper Staff, Annual Staff, Student Council, Homeroom Officer, Senior Class, Secretary, CAP, Queen's Court, Senior Beauty, Paper and Annual Staff representative to U. of Ala, , 'Who's Who" - Best Personality. if CLARA JEAN BELCHER Band Queen: French Club: 4-H Club: FBLA: Annual staff, Art Editor: Home- room Officer. RED BELCHER Football: Basketball: Baseball: Track: Red Cross: "J" Club: Annual Staff: 4-H Club. it tm, f ' X I: o.:Q1 1vxV X . I C Q In af--4,,gQN., . fin -9 ' K , 1 JERRY BELCHER x 4-H Club. by -rysk ' N fi NELLIE BELCHER A - A Glee Club: 4-H Club: Red Cross: Monitor. N 5 RAYBURN BLAYLOCK GENEVA FOSTER BRAKEFIELD 4-H Club, VERVA JEAN BREWER FBLA: Student Council: Homeroom Officer: Paper Staff: "Who's Who' Historian. BETTY BROWN 4-H Club: Paper staff. 'A X... NANCY ALICE COOLEY Library Club, Secretary and President: 4-H Club: Queen's Court: Spanish Club, President: Annual Staff, Editor: Paper and Annual Staff representative to Uni- versity of Alabama. LORENE CRANE 4-H Club: Library Club. PATRICIA CRAWFORD National Honor Society: Student Coun- cil, Secretary: FBLA, President: Junior- Senior Committee: Red Cross: Home- room Officer. MACK CROWE Student Council, Vice President: National Honor Society: Quiz 'Em on the Air: Band: Annual Staff: Ushers' Club: 4-H Club: "Who's Who' - Most Versatile, -ff' HOMER BYNUM 4-H C lub . IUDITH ANN CASTLEBERRY 4-H Club: Recreation Club: Band: FTA FBLA: Homeroom Officer: Annual Staff Hostess for Junior-Senior Party. JOHN CHURCHWELL Ushers' Club, Vice President: Student Council: Homeroom Officer: 4-H Club Secretary: Baseball: FBLA: "Who's Who" Most Courteous. CEC IL COLEMAN JAMES DAVIS FBLA: 4-H Club. PATSY DAVIS FBLA: 4-H Club. JANICE ANN DEAN Head Cheerleader: "J" Club, Vice Presi- dent: Head Monitor: Student Council: Honor Society: Red Cross: FTA: 4-H Club: Junior-Senior Committee: Chair- man, Dental Clinic Committee: "Who's Who" - Best Dressed, Best Athlete, MARTIN DEVENYNS 4-H Club: Spanish Club: Ushers' Club: "Who's Who' - Wittiest. -lL jul' RONALD DOOLEY 4-H Club. LUTHER EADY 4-H Club: Glee Club: FBLA. DOYCE ELLENBURG 4-H Club: Vice President, Senior Class: "Who's Who" - Pianist, Best Personality. KENT FAUCETT Ushers' Club, Head Usher: 4-H Club, President, Vice President, Secretary: Red Cross. 5' LORETTA GARNER FBLA: 4-H Club. LOWELL GARRETT National Honor Society: Student Coun- cil: "J" Club: Usher's Club, President: 4-H Club, President: Junior-Senior Committee, President: Football Captain: Basketball: Baseball: Track: Math Team BILLY GOODWIN 4-H Club: Baseball: Basketball. CAROLYN GOWINS 4-H Club, Vice President: 4-H Club, Editor. MARGARET FAUCETT National Honor Society: Majorette: Usher's Club, Secretary: 4-H Club: Glee Club: Red Cross: Monitor: FBLA: Homeroom Officer: Junior-Senior Com- mittee. ELNORA FENDLEY National Honor Society: FBLA: Quiz 'Em on the Air: Glee Club: Library Club, Secretary: Homeroom Officer: 4-H Club. JEWEL FAY FINDLEY Glee Club: 4-H Club. MARSHA GALLUPS Transfer Student: FBLA: Red Cross. lk 'llsub-. 4 Titus it CHRISTINE GUTHRIE Homeroom Officer: Student Council: Quiz 'Em on the Air: Red Cross, Vice President: 4-H Club: Paper Staff: Moni- tor: "Who's Who' - Most Studious, Prophet. HUGH GUTHRIE Band: Bus Driver. MAX LOWELL GUTHRIE National Honor Society: Usher's Club, President: Student Council, President: Quiz 'Em on the Air: 4-H Club: Red Cross: "J" Club: Basketball: Math Team: Bus Driver. SHIRLEY JANE GUTHRIE Majorette: Red Cross, President: FBLA: Glee Club: 4-H Club: Junior-Senior Committee: Paper Staff: "Who's Who" - Class Favorite, Most Courteous: Senior Beauty. DAVID HARGETT 4-H Club: "J" Club: Football: Baseball: Track: Red Cross. STEVE HARRIS 4-H Club: Bus Driver. PATSY HATHCOX Cheerleader: "J" Club: Red Cross: Glee Club, CARL HIGGINBOTHAM 4-H Club: Monitor. ff , 1 A X 3' '25 Q- 1 'FX GLENDA JAMES Student Council: 4-H Club:FBLA: Essay Winner: Home- room Officer: Monitor: Junior-Senior Committee. MARY JOHNSON 4-H Club: FBLA: Glee Club: Monitor: Paper staff: Red Cross. JERRY JONES "J" Club: 4-H Club: Red Cross: Spanish Club: Football: Basketball: Baseball: Track. CHARLES KIRBY 4-H Club: Bus Driver. TROY HIGGINBOTHAM 4-H Club: Monitor: CAP. DORIS HOLT 4-H Club: Monitor, CARL F. IACKS JR. 4-H Club: FFA. CAROLE IAEGAR Transfer Student: 4-H Club. N..f'K. JERRY 'WOOGY' LEE 4-H Club: "I" Club: Red Cross: Paper Staff: Glee Club: Monitor: Football: Basketball. SARAH JANE LIMBAUGH FTA: 4-H Club: Queen's Court: Monitor: Junior-Senior Committee: Homeroom Officer. CECILIA LINTZENICK Spanish Club, Vice President: Home- room Officer: Monitor: Glee Club: CAP: Class Soloist. GENEVA MORROW LITTLE 4-H Club: FBLA: Library Club: Glee Club. ' .xx A NANCY CAROLYN LITTLE Band: Red Cross: 4-H Club: FTA: FBLA: Paper Staff: Junior Maid: Annual Staff: Paper and Annual Staff representative to University of Alabama: Homeroom Officer: 4-H Club Baking Contest, Second Place. CALVIN LYNCH 4-H Club: Football. CLAUDE W, MAY 4-H Club: Glee Club. JAMES MCKINNEY 4-H Club: Monitor: "Who's Who' - Most Studious. -T 5 NJ hr' ,rx an-qi! 92' in-v' Q I SARAH PALMER Transfer Student: Band. JERRY A, PATE 4-H Club: French Club: Basketball: Red Cross. MYRA SUE PHARRIS 4-H Club: French Club: Red Cross: Glee Club. RAYMOND DAVID PHILLIPS BETTY MINOR 4-H Club: Glee Club: FBLA, Secretary: Red Cross: Monitor: FBLA representative to Oxford: 4-H Club Sewing Contest, First Place: 4-H Club Baking Contest, Second Place: Recreation Club. DEAN MULLINS FBLA: Glee Club: 4-H Club: Red Cross: Homeroom Officer. WAYNE NELSON Football: Basketball: Baseball: Red Cross: 4-H Club, President: "Who's Who" - Best Dressed. JIMMY OLDFIELD Football: Basketball: 4-H Club. R 3 'US 3 , -4-'ff' 'ii' RUTH KAY PHILLIPS Student Council: Homeroom Officer: French Club: Glee Club: Spanish Club. FRANCES RAY 4-H Club: "J" Club: Cheerleader: Paper Staff: Homeroom Officer: Red Cross. BARBARA JERENE RAMEY 4-H Club: FBLA. RONNIE REDMANE , cb JAMES MURRAY REESE Football: "J" Club: Bus Driver. FRANKLIN RICKELS Band: 4-H Club: Homeroom Officer: Annual Staff: "Who's Who" - Class Instrumentalist. BOBBIE SHARP 4-H Club, President, Reporter: Red Cross: Student Council: Band: Miss Mortimer Jordan: Majorette: Homeroom Officer: Usher's Club: Football Queen: FBLA: Junior-Senior Committee. ANNETTE SIMS Homeroom Officer: 4-H Club: Dental Clinic Committee: Glee Club: Cheer- leader: "J" Club: FTA: Junior-Senior Committee. - it at I CAROLYN STROUP Jefferson County Citizenship Tour Repre- sentative: 4-H Club: Honor Society, President: Student Council: FTA: Quiz 'Em on the Air: Band. WILLIAM SWANSON 4-H Club. GLENNA MAUREEN SYLVESTER 4-H Club: Monitor: Homeroom Officer. RAY TAYLOR 4-H Club: French Club. CARREL SKINNER 4-H Club: CAP. CONNIE SMITH 4-H Club: French Club: "Who's Who" - Most Likely to Succeed. MYRTHA SMITH Majorette: 4-H Club: Red Cross: Glee Club. SUE SMITH National Honor Society: Majorette: Junior Maid: Senior Beauty: 4-H Club: Junior-Senior Committee: Annual Staff, Typist: Red Cross: FBLA: Monitor: Home- room Officer: Band Reporter: Recreation Club: Paper Staff: "Who's Who" - Most Versatile: Junior Basketball Cheerleader. 'B' X Qr 4-ra-ig, QD'--sux PHILIP THOMAS Football: Baseball: "Who's Who" - Attorney. MARGARET TIDWELL Band: Glee Club, BEVERLY PHILPOT WALKER Library Club: Cheerleader: "J" Club: Red Cross: Paper Staff: Monitor: 4-H Club: Queen's Court: Junior-Senior Committee: FBLA: French Club: Annual Staff: Glee Club: Shorthand Contest, Winner. BETTY IO WAUGH 4-H Club: Library Club, Vice President. M' Q M . X SN 'Q DARLYENE WILLBANKS 4-H Club: Red Cross: Que Junior-Senior Committee. L- 'vw' Q nv I A. pw? ' v , ' ug- -. v , 1 'W Q. .ll BOBBY WEST 4-H Club: French Club: Glee Club: Red Cross: Football . REX WHITTEN 4-H Club: Basketball. -21 t' en's Court: wx.: .fx fi gi Y E E , f C1 L, 1 2 , IW 3 ws' ,, 4 S 4 4 'VD Q S fi . 4 ' I if D 5- ' Q .A i ' SENIOR SPOTLIGHT CLASS MUSICIANS Pianist ------------- DOYCE ELLENBURG wry.. Instrumentalist - - - - - - FRANKLIN RICKELS Soloist ------ - - - CECILIA LINTZENICK MOLLIE ANDERSON SENIOR NAN BAILEY JANICE DEAN BEAUTIES SHIRLEY GUTHRIE W2 f' 2, I 0 -we X P k as V CECILIA LINTZENICH SUE SMITH M 495 f-32" ,, ,i. ,. - Q x wg A i -I Nl pf'- s ti 2 Q L ' V A S Tix ' . Xe' SATS!! Best Personality NAN BAILEY, DOYCE ELLENBURG X. Most Versatile SUE SMITH, MACK CROWE Wittiest MOLLIE ANDERSON, MARTIN DEVENYNS WHO 'S QR" ? li X- , J T .' f.. -yu, a 5 lr .1 ,a 'I Y .Q .5154 rv , . t Q N ,u .. A -Y' W, . ,hm xl: ,. - ,r.,!.Yi? ., - wg,- ,-K. 1. 7 , '2'22'2ffQ1.3'ff7f 'awww W i " ju-m5'::1.C.f ' L 7 3 mn 'QNX .N .N.f ,"" ,Q Q, ,,-. ,f 'hw 3 1 Y ' 4 , Q' , 1 Qs ,W Q has xr' L f 1 gg 4 . L44. S533 1 A Q, gi-gh, ', , 'fs Q1 ' v Y 5 A V95 Nfl! Lggfw 4 'TW K-. . 'fr 7 K K , iwxu ' M. " . V, I Q 'FNQS is. XE ,y , Q jf x x.- f 4, wk? xii' ...J X .album E Ni rt N x WHO'S Most Llkely To Succeed CAROLYN STROUP, CONNIE SMITH Most Courteous ASQ ,Q SHIRLEY GUTHRIE, JOHN CHURCHWELL Best Athletes JANICE DEAN, FREDDIE AKINS WHO all dsisgy A 4-ni..,S,s ,C X . Nv- x i Betty Crocker Homemaking Award CAROL JAEGAR Oratorical Representative CHRISTINE GUTHRIE DAR Citizenship Girl IANICE DEAN Laurie Battle Representative CAROLYN STROUP rers A 5 img- ,ffsifrr he-'ilwafl Prophet, CHRISTINE GUTHRIE Attorney, PHILLIP THOMAS Historian, VERVA JEAN BREWER IQ, .af-If Aszwf J " my P i A 5 4. i. xr-xi Q t. ' Z, 'F 'Q '4sgwr3. 1 4':-fi:-his 1 fi MWPNC 4.59318 Salutatonan M ARGARET FAUCETT Valedxctorlan IANICE DEAN 355: mmf,- mwl I ami!! QQN assume S133 WQQQ QNSQ 1 K fm ,S 'W' IL? gg? fn X 1 in 74" N T -QQ-Q ' ws f? fR .4 YS N W X , 'N X U fn ig., j R 4 . 'V , QW as i ms X ,mmf Nl! 1 V I .,iP, 1- I' t WR Hi ltr,- M,-R' .- I I rw R- SENIOR u OFFICER 39' 5 , 1 ROBERT SORENSEN 'mx FREDDIE KNOFF L " JERRY BROWN PRESTON MQCOMBS 5 an Ni f 1? had INDI 9 NOT AYAKAILI ORBIE ALEXANDER NANCY ANDERSON BUSTER ARMSTRONG JERRY ARNOLD RONALD ARNOLD CHARLSIE ARRINGTON JAMES ARRINGTON BARBARA AYERS PEGGY AYERS HELEN BAGGETT LEON BAILEY JIMMY BARNETT DAVID BARNWELL . I X uf! A I -1 'Y' up-9" 1: . L ' 1 ,. A I ..- ANN BELCHER PAT BELCHER ROY BITTLE EUNICE BRASHER EUGENE BRASHER DELITHA BREWER JERRY BROWN BILLY BURGESS NORMAN BURKETTE SHIRLEY CAGLE V- DAN CAMPBELL WAYNE CANNON 4!N"i W 1 1 If 'T 'c YAG Ahunl PHO! 0 NO! VAII AME fx 1 if'- .L n u Ig: rf t 5 If M JOE DOSS HUGH DYE ARNOLD EADY CHARLES ENGLAND MARY JO FENDLEY OMA FIELDS GAIL FLYNT DAVID FORSYTH FAYE GRAHAM GAINS BETTY JO GILES DOUGLAS GRAY GENE GRAY 5 -f-' g--x . ,Q ' D. L, CARLISLE BARBARA CAWFIELD DRONNIE CHANDLER LAMAR CHATHAM NELL COOKSEY SHIRLEY CRANE DENNIS CULBRETH ZELL DENNIS RAY DENSMORE CHRIS DOLAN IIMMIE LEE DOLLAR MARTHA DOLLAR AQ 'A .A ""s,.- ' t--" "ai -'X X I , I 5 AL " DORIS GUTHRIE BILLY HAGAN JEROME HALL JOAN HARDIMAN A. C. HAYS HAROLD HIGGINBOTH AM JANE HIPP TOMMY HOBERT PAUL SIDNEY HOLLIYAN I BRUCE HOWELL DOLAN HOWSE MAX JAMES BILLY KEITH 85" is f Ax xX X ff! 'if , I ,Q A lg j ,, fl 1 'A -nav ii' -Q jf' ' J tx -4 I , ,svn X-1 N 1 6' 4 BRENDA KELLY JEROME KENNEDY FREDDIE KNOFF PHILLIP LA NEY DORTHY LINTZENICK VERA LOGGINS DENNIS LOVE EDWARD LYNCH JAMES MASK JAMES MASON CAROLYN MATHIS GRACE MCANNALLY LEON MCCOMBS Jil-rx I? if iq-v xv , Q7 M 514. 3:-QS-HQ w-wg., 1 I EDDIE POWERS LARRY PRICE SIDNEY RASCO NINA REED BARBARA REID CHARLES RHOADES BILLY RHODES JIMMY RHODES MARION RHODES DON SANDERS RUDY SANDLIN TRAVIS SCREWS DEWIGHT SELF 4'-Q ig PRESTON MCCOMBS TOM MCCORMICK JERRY MOODY JAMES MOORE JOYCE NAYLOR DEL RAY NICHOLS RAY OGLETREE DOT PAGE BOBBY PATTERSON MARY ELLEN PAYNE JAMES PESNELL BILLY POE MARY FRANCES POSEY . N . N 5' s Ss? " C' iz MARTHA SELF VIRGINIA SHACLEFORD BOBBIE LOU SHARP BETTY SIMS 'BETTY SMITH PEGGY SMITH REBA SMITH ROBERT SORENSON BARBARA STORY MARY STORY BOBBY STRICKLIN NICK SULLIVAN MONTEZ SWANN l "CT f roo ausv We . K 'SR I 'Y Qs K I -.... 5. mesh. , 5. vs- 4 I . 1 ,Y K ' 3 - if Mi - .,x,:g'g . X A 'ICT I 1' ' Y 4 Q., 0.-6. 11 'Gr . 5,5"91f"" R , gr . ", A ff in M X 'fQ5"'Vf mv S., Ji X SX K N X - '- 5 f .-A 'SIKA 1. I X, W-r' 'T DAVID TARWATER BETTY TAYLOR DOUGLAS TERRY CHARLES THOMAS GEORGE THOMAS RUTH TIDWELL LINDA TODD BOBBY VANN BEVERLY WALTHALL JUANITA WHITWORTH CHAIRL WICKS MARTHA IO WILSON CLARENCE WOODY WMM I fl -' it, ', w I N 'X "A ww I-TI ma Q Q D fx N 'L is f QW 5 Q I b A I 1 x vi ' 4 , Liifmxiwl Q"'W--ffiaa Mm IJLJIS k'2"ffI,-iw' ,- ' I in ' ' A if I 5 If-1, I I4-MX S2 I 5 n, kk,- 1 S-M I ww, M., "' uluullIll-, -L" , . lllv- - 1' ' -wtf if I5-I' NI' CK 'vo '54 FQNGA fi., 1,1 :X .. ,. .,, .51 Y J , :S Q 'K I' . I 'S'."figfw24..- 'zffs A 1 4 , ,s,,m.,A,xM A, SENIOR I OFFICERS JOHN DAVID WILLIS BETTY REDWINE GAIL GLASS CAROL LEE Egd, M4 'af' I . rf' Lf:-QE' . 1 of ..I"fii'3f,4., - 1 V Nof Kvailablo Faye Amason Norma Anderson Kenneth Arnold Bonnie Arwood Pat Ashmore Mary Alice Ballard Neil Ballew Reba Bames . Charolette Basinger Ja mes Belcher Robert Belcher Gerald Benson Peggy Berry Terry Bolden Linda Booker - 'lr .,., f Q 1 , Y. 9 C. y Q ff :sl , ses fx ,Y ffl l , .gsfh-1 lf! AN x ..-1' -..Ns - N fx K s x sd r W EEE? lf,-2 f f, gk - , i ' Q Piclure Nof Available wi ,K 5 Q .I My r 95 Shirley Booker Calvin Brasher Nancy Breashears Bobby Brewer Donald Brooks Kay Brooks Patsy Brooks Dorcas Brown Al Brunette James Burkette Charles Cagle Kenneth Camp James Carter Clifford Cato Marie Carroll Jerry Chamblee Jerry Chappel Jim Chatham Carol Sue Check Q A x-'fa i. 1 vt 1 W .. Bobby Gilbert Ethel Glass Gail Glass Ianova Glenn Travis Goodwin Larry Graham William Grooms Denny Hall Groce Harris Shirley Heaton Dale Henley Sue Higginbotham X Billy Joe Higgins Dan Hill Sandra Hogan Nellie Hogeland Opal Holcomb Gail Holloway Hilburn Hopper at Q l'x PNOYO N.: A..,mn1f 1. Q9 1 Charles Crawford Clarence Dairs Raymond Dean Wayne Dean Kermit Dooley Howard Dorman John Doss Martha Doss Willodean Dozier Glenn Duncan Eugene Easley Phyllis England Linda Ernest Jackie Franklin Glenda Garrett S if 7 I C gf, 41:53. ,3:4...,: N.. 'Q U Edward Howse Larry Huffstutler William Hughes Georgia Isbell Joan Jackson Regina Johnson Ruth Johnson Mary Jones Arthur Kassau Billy Kyle Robert Lawrence Jackie Leatherwook Carol June Lee Richard Lee Roderick Lee .R ,N w.- T17 I X -'Uv ...- 'an x x Q QW! x sl ", I f , .. , 1 ... 4 i is .a-, -4 -4 i ,553 A f' aff! X "' 2.5 5 E 4, .i ' .A-f ,Z Ronnie Lee Charles Letchman Don Letchman Larry Limbaugh Betty Lingo Peggy Lotz Leon Love Peggy Love Ernest Lucas Pat Marsh Carolyn Mayfield Joyce Mayfield Gerald McAnna1ly Ernest McC1urg Freida McCombs Grover McCombs Paul McCombs Donald McCrary Mavis McGowen 'FIU' -'uf 7 Marion McSpaddcn Jimmy Melvin Marion Melvin WJ Mary Mey J Patricia Moncrief Dona Moon Christine Moore Y f Q sf' ' . 1' Jo Ann Moore ' lj Mary Jewel Morris N ':o'f'.. W X A J Herman Morton f Yi f J. ,in J f " f Pattie Nation x 1 Q Bruce Newton - N A' N2 Y James Padgett S 4 N, James Palmer 7 1' . , Joyce Parks X 1 J M' - I 9' .I L.-.4 ffftww Edna Parris - Ralph Patton , H W -n -1. ' Q "' Greta Pendley w V - Herschel Phillips K Q Q ' rf 9 w ,Jl Patricia Posey 'J Ray Powers S -- Donna Preskitt M ' b ' V , 1 ' Ted Price I rf' L Sarah Pruitt Z 5, X 5 f I 4' 4-'Q' v if J . s X Jimmy Pugh - Jimmy Pursifull --In h ., M an "" Terrell Ragsdale -- U .ci Betty Redwine A V Joyce Reid , ' - P C X A ., Raymond Reid Gloria Reno Gwen Reno Kenneth Roberts Carl Robertson Jimmie Rogers John Rogers Robert Rogers Ellen Russell Tommy Scarborough Arden Sharit Genevieve Simms Gerald Skinner Brenda Smith Drennon Smithson Norma Story Jerry Sutterlin Fred Sylvester Douglas Thompson Linda Tumlin gr ' fr ...,4v'?'1 N , Q J' H- 'f t tw it Q Q 5 -u --...M if-I 9 Sv Picture Noi Avhilable X -Q. 1 'P-Q Picfure Noi Available Avi ,. S Cwx if Marie Vaughn Gail Walthall Paris Watson David Weichler Robert Weinman Peggy West Gene Whitten Charles Wicks Clara Wigley Harold Williams Mary Lou Williams Sarah Sue Williams Billy Williamson Janet Willis John David Willis Jeannette Wilson Nellie Winnett Pat Youngblood ,- W W asv l ,Mun .W R' li sw is i x ,. " uv' Q5-l if Q2 1 O -lx 7 YN 3 ' 5 ff. ' Q LL' Lu Wax ' A 7+ i dw Q if . sg X iv is 'Q 4 I la! f 4 s Q I 3 mf N 'L 'I x 5? 'L ' 4 .D J Q nm' .f-A . ' 'fi 1 ,Q if grx mimi 1 h Sh, qv- . .f infix s K 'K 'Q . 5 Q .- 3 gl NX tw. KJ Sv '5- ,af E- ' x Pireltutre , , X-A egg-A Q ,f 'My 0 ' A Q ' Available -E' i - A . -- J ll 151, Q If gp ' sl -H, Y -w ' ' .A""' '77 7- , 62 7? ,ga A H f U f: .A V . V Q is e. Ex x - Y 5... sc?" x swells -A-"" Q- A Sf q NM -QA Al? , 'K Mlgx. . r 3 - . be me W 5' ' J' , B 1 ,, . J, .,. 1 I A .-.Lf X f 1' 1 rf' m f 1- ,L .. is- il-v 5 .. ' 'YZ' 'fr-"t . ' IX W A A Lx x -.. W .. f N C - A J XX ' X1 lf 'KXXX -EX i 1 J N:f ' 7: in 'ii 1 ' ft: 2 9 'W 1' s. Y Qi- X A l ,, v- H' Q., ,K :L 1 -- . ' AA P, X , ,' ii Ni i J 1.- I 'A V. E xl I i ,., A is 'D K' - -v ,, 1 S. f 'C7 W J .5 D . K 4 'voir O IRS" . L . .A A , .. 1 X qw 2 gr .les 'J gi 1 ,-A-A' xkiyaxh. scarf: Q5, N, f r J ' ' ' v ' N. f . an ' 9 i V . N 1,-I . ff Laid. 5' Shirley Anderson Avlene Archer Jimmy Arnold Marilyn Aron Douglas Baird J. T. Baird James Benner Jimmy Blackwell Kenneth Blevins Sue Boatright Larry Bodey Jessie Booker Jr. Doi-thy Bowlin Bobby Brannon Bury Bright Marsh Cato Linda Cleckler Jimmie Cole Frank Comer Elizabeth Cordar Barbara Craig lvlannie Crane Jerry Creel Lamar Dean Carolyn Dennis Janice Donlan Shirley Doss T. J. Franks Raymond Guthrie Howard Heaton Douglas Heron Billy James Jack Little Jerry Little J. W. Lynch Oliver McCombs Charles Mahaffey Buddy May James Miller n-.-.. r.....l -..A Jean Goolsby Juanita Hagood Gwen Hargett Brenda Higginbotham Carolyn Hodges Sarah Jean Isbell Shirley Jordan Marie Kennedy Martha McCurry Nelda Mccuffia Ollie McMurrey Arvel Jean Mays Lucille Nail Dora Naylor Anita Nichols Donald Nichols Patsy Nichols Adam Posey Saderia Posey Jean Price james Pruitt Jerry Rainey Merritt Rogers Richard Rogers Frances Rhodes Alice Io Russell Don Self Jimmie Sloan Wayne Smith Peggy Stacks Tommy Swindle Martha Tumblin Shirley Underwood Betty Walton Norma Watson Shirley West Rhonda Wilson Woodrow Wolford Geraldine Yeager K A .S .fm K" , ,N '- 47 Y ' 5- i f Pav' I, S, V1 .Q ,,,,.- if Qffriit S if 'A 1 ,Q Picture .. f J Not ' Available as r , EA 5 Q i 1 ,. N g L q x is -g w K f U, C 1 Y V ' 'i Picture . 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Frankie Baird Patricia Benner Patricia Brannon Edward Carroll Mary Cole Peggy Cole Jimmy Cook Janet Cox Jerry Crane Edwin Crowder Larry Doss Elizabeth Gann Huston Graham Eunice Guthrie Sue Heaton Shirley Henry Elbie Hogeland William Holloway Evelyn Hughes Jimmy Kennedy Paul Kilgore Roy Kilgore Wallace Locroy Janet Little Jeannine Little Dennis Love Judith Love Sue Love Edgar Lucas Ronald Lucas Bobby Marsh Ray Marsh Julius Martin Jenie Mayfield Norma McBrayer Geraldine Moore Johnnie Murphy Gary Nail Barbara Neely Mary Nelson rx F v T" 1-X X - Sherry Patterson Wayne Patton Carl Preskitt David Pruitt Janice Reno Betty Rice Jimmy Roberts Thomas Tucker Janice Atkinson Dwight Baird Carol Basinger Charlotte Bates Ray Belcher Louis Bowen Jean Bowman Eugene Butler Gary Carter Jerry Castleberry Dalton Chandler Janice Daniel Larry Day Vincent De Grado Jeanette Dunnavant Shirley Ellis Thomas Ellison Joyce Gorman Larry Gorman Wilma Graham Leon Green Nancy Guthrie Sue Headley Annie Ruth Holley Thomas Hughes Danny James Monroe Jett Martha Kennedy Clayton King Shirley Lecroy Gene Limbaugh Jerald Limbaugh X, in Picture Not Available e viii Q 1 Vernon Marsh Annie Fay Masters Tommy McBrayer Thelma Jean McCurry Douglas Mosley Buddy Murphy James Nail J. R. Nail Barbara Neely Brenda Sue Neely Edna Nichols Paul Nichols Tommie Patterson Johnnie Mae Powell Bobby Joe Reed Mary Nell Richards Mary Carolyn Rickels Judy Rickels Aubrey Sharit Luckie Sharit Maola Shears Dorothy Simmons Joe Skinner Flora Mae Sullivan Patricia Thomas Ralph Thompson Margaret Torefer Fay Whitworth Jessie Mae Wiggins Willodean Wilson Dan Yeager Jerry Yeager Linda Zorn lxlli C Q 5 Q 3 1 E E i l 2 C 1 3 i 5 tg l F L v 3 as s., ."""" 5 . 2 STUDENT COUNCIL ACTIVITY Left to right: Pat Crawford, secretary, gave the devotion, Miss Blanche Ellis awarded the 1956 Citizenship Tour to Carolyn Stroup, Max Guthrie, president of Student Council, presided, Carolyn Stroup, 1956 Citi- zenship girl, Mr, J, O, Suddeth, principal. as . M-i , Q g4oa,sgca 46440-wage 7Zdtcba4Z Wann Sandy Smeg QA gl atv D 1 CR N OR 4' 1 3 ure! IA NE HIPp Mary Allce Ballard Jesse Booker Jerry Brown John Churchwell Larry Doss Lowell Garrett . Sf JWX QA' s 'N "N ff Presldent MAX GUTHRIE Ki! Q: Sponsor MRS GRACE Gall Glass Nancy Guthne Juamta Haygood Freddre Knoff Dennrs Love Preston McCombs Iepr MA eslde C K CRO Berry Redwlne Judy Rrckels Robert Sorenson Peggy Stack Carolyn Stroup John Davld W1l11s Moilltot 6 rl SXXXCE DEA LX h . S: V.C Sac! Q ' Ut WE 2, 3 X Q . if ., or . Q! A f A 4 M M. as 'rr J L1 K Q 4 ' r 1, MU Tfe S ' I i 'J - x X , President FREDDIE AKINS w if HV, 1- , 3 ff Fr iv .H if .av 'Burg My uw, . , 4 Aww , pf, V ,P W ,, 4 , f Wu 'K. azwqwf 1 'f V, ' A W.'wf1',A H .,,.f,,Ma- .. 1,, 'fr ,-fa We ' . 'aff 9 Ig an ,I I . ,HW Y ,H " I 'Qs i ' f W 1 'hw ,Sp Y ' , V vw 'f 5 K e AUX ,tx ' cl . 1 f' W ',' b J Vice President BILLY KEITH If 77 ffm. ix fgw, V Nw fi wf4?"."'iw ,, ,pw 5 i ,iazrtnreiw , Ml Y -we V' V me if W . uv" f .v it ,jf lv 'f' wg, y T ir' ' a v Q f T?" . '1g,'4 iv' 1" KJ. ,.w.. -4 ' 0 I f ,wif ,Q , ami 'ff 'Q '4 -1- ,ff if 1' 1 , 1 'f as.. M 1 L, .. 'X My 'fr f' Vf5"1"'!Q"p,f fe . , VJ, , fi W VI I nv j ' E W i O Presldent Sarah Lrmbough Vxce Presldent Jamce Dean Janet W1111s Annette S1ms Beverl Walker D I Miss Childress gg, B iv W g iffy-Fife Secretary AZ'-v. nrt " 1X '-LQ Re porter Judy Castleberry f- Nancy Llttle Glenda James Donna P J y ar yene W11lb3DlCS Sh1r1ey Guthne Genevxeve S1m 4 Martha Jo W11son reskltt Mary Johnson S E In I iw IW ,. ., Tx M ' L , - 5 Y' Vice President Betty Waugh d Secretary Elnora Fendley President Nancy Cooley LIBRARY CLUB K V- A .23 VM ,3 Aug A, QSO B I 13,1 No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books. Elizabeth B. Browning f"X .os We 'hn- X XX Q- 1 Treasurer Brenda Kelley Reporter Margie Baird Librarian Mrs. Blankenship EL CLUB ESPANOL v 1 V1ce Presldent Presldent Secretary MARTIN JOHN PAT 'f-B it DON HUGH CHARLES BILLY JERRY JAMES M TRAVIS JERRY CLARENCE X Ji ROBERT BARBARA OPAL DORIS v-x BARBARA MARGARET MARGIE wg-r DORTHY RUTH NANCY Q Sponsor MISS PAYNE JAMES w ,F C, ' ix T ,., 1: -A R- 'f A A ' A fm A .W D AY QQ. , Cr: . . A 5 .li A fl N A L. 5' 'Q'- .L A Q B..hh ,x - Q , A f I ' I k is 1 X Aft 43 A I ffl. N fl A 5. A an A C 5 1 - , - KL Q Mi! N - ' 4 JI . 346 A f Q v Q aw' y, Q ,INI In 'f - Q' -s.:'f VL A1 fn A. 9- Ak L X 43 K X if , , 1 .f H' .L R A .JA SENIOR GIRLS 4 H Vice Presldent Secretary -ik Song Leader Reporter Nell Cooksey Bobble D Sharp President Martha Jo Wilson MOTTO To Make the Best Better COLORS Green and White Nancy Anderson Barbara Ayers Peggy Sue Ayers Mary Alice Ballard Patsy Brooks Nell Cooksey Shlrley Crane Janice Dean Zell Dennis Martha Doss Glenda Garrett Gail Glass Nova Glenn Shirley Guthrie Shirley Heaton Sue Higginbotham Gail Holloway Doris Holt Georgia Isbell Sarah Limbaugh CLUB ROLL Fredla McCombs Mary Frances Posey Joyce Reid Gwen Reno Martha Self Bobbie Lou Sharp Bobble Dill Sharp Annette Sims Peggy Smith Barbara Story Mary Story Betty Taylor Ruth Tidwell Linda Tumblin Beverly Walker Beverly Walthall Gail Walthall Clara Wigley Darlyene Willbanks Martha Jo Wilson 7 Bobbie L Sharp L to V .I L Peggy Ayers ng H 5 VTWV g , I ,,.. , " A K 45 gf . L ' hx 40' K1 'F' I X D N DAVID MARTHA S T 2 Q Y. .Qi r D E 7 xx TT gsm Zi Xu X Q Y va E 14.0, 1 3-, 1 JERRY E29 -J UEHEES LOL C B 1956 1957 ' FREDDIE KNOPF cHURcHvvELL MARGARET FAUCETTL RANK WQODR OW BOBBIE BETTY RRITT WNW NNI3 BETTY DELITHA QACYWW EVN 'QD MRS MCC AIN 15 x, I , O . E L1-Y 5 D I ................ ... , P V r A i b S . C - Q i .T - 4' 'Ex Eff d L-., P U H ' a ' I S J Y ee lv L e n e L I a S C l I d r 5 , e Z U Q t .L S K 5 W? 3 ' " h -T' I 1' P " . . 3 V . 4 b L . 1 I 'b Z, T T , , , 2 :. , - 'r .Q P' M," . TP: . E P-C' . Q- .1 :Av L X K- f 3' ' at E " , . 3 . R . ,V M' I, i' 4 1 -s kv T i gk ..,, ' 68 EE E E 'E QQ E E To T 3 U L. xi' S :J 9 ,Jai Q DE E Aa' T , . 9 t 4 X X X Y I Pat Belcher Judy Castleberry FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President - - - ---- - - - - Vice President Secretary ---- - Treasurer - - Reporter - - - Pat Crawford Doris Guthrie - Betty Minor Shirley Crane - Linda Todd Sponsors, Mrs. Gail Chambers, Miss Reba Ketner Mrs Gail Chambers MEMBERS Betty Minor Linda Todd Pat Crawford Shirley Crane Doris Guthrie Miss Reba Ketner Sue Smith Barbara Story Mary Story Molly Anderson Shirley Guthrie Oma Fields Jan Dean Nell Cooksey Betty Brown Clara Jean Belcher Juanita Whitworth Marsha Gallups Gwen Beavers Nancy Little Bobbie Sharp Dean Millins Glenda James Patsy Davis Margaret Faucett Loretta Garner Elnora Fendley Joan Hardiman Delitha Brewer Zell Dennis Verva Jean Brewer Bobbie Sharp Martha Jo Wilson Barbara Reid QCHQ STAFA- n Left to right: Faye Amanson, Margie Baird, Doris Guthrie, Zell Dennis, Betty Brown, Mary Johnson, Miss Ketner, Mollie Anderson, Nell Cooksey, Jerry Moody, Dwight Self, Larry Huffstutler. GLEE CLUB SENIOR BEAUTY CONTESTANTS JrR:',vQf 'A 1 li if 3 1 V 7 , ' i' -r y . 1 . A 1 , V, Q 4 x - 5 ' Yi 0le eff C, ew AVW- W xxtdkff Znxxilxxf 4Y,xk lifi'5 ?X 3 5 A Q1 xx Nw S- - A , - X Q K ' gt , 1 X --- A S1709 'M .T r -If . -, 1l"'LUv"' ww 'W 4 , 1 ' ' 1 wh ,, ,Wy ,yi .V 5 f,- c-...."- ,'+',zH ' ,L ' X11 ,, , 4 11' K - w v '29 f. .!,.. ,Stag X1 SUE 1, , , . 'A-i gh . is nw I4 P nip .,,xk2:m1,N , Ay, , v 2 Band .ii if 5.-xl 0-4 Q'-4. 2 - -,www-35' .K 1 4 ,E ,,,:.. i-"Q A 5 I ll fag in: K f -5 L ,. ,x,!.: .V E Uh, -'FK A .3 'M I Hjkvgg Q, aw -v ffl, x cr QM fi?-awk... MARY ELLEN fa S -.,.,:.:'iN, 1 , .X ,V 4 .,.511- 1 ML' RITA R:-amy, , M fkyp.-.+. K' yw. ..,h:.veg 0. T Ma jore nes 099 Hmm at Jw ,f he 0 -B P ignsm,-,Q Q fmk at G2 k mm Sv 4,1 Q' ,an 5 A ' '1' 7'-K sq N' f .Jr 5, i ,A xr 494 , if . V J 6' Q' -' Q ' tl 1 as A 1' 5 X- Ji QQ 5 Q may Q. 'wf 4' wr. X.-iii is m . 'W x ,b A. 'Ui Q. i x X X X JERRY JAMES KENNETH BUSTER JONES PESNELL ROBERTS ARMSTRONG Q, JIMMY ROBERT LARRY JAMES ARNOLD WEINMANN GRAHAM REESE x'-' Q, ff, ' - JAMES BILLY DAVID MARION S- MILLER RHODES WILLIS RHODES R L, av N. Co Captaxn BILLY ,al 'Sv ,N s 5 'ss' "V, na 7 ff J if KEITH fl ,J 1 ,',vs' OS Ai Jo JV' 'X FREDDIE JERRY ROBERT DENNIS AKINS LEE SORENSON LOVE X ill! e-f'V' fha 'ld l. f X E . -0, .. - -, X - . 0 4' - N'-' S , 0, Q ' Q - ' :- - '35 h ' "0 IX 1 X. xx 3 . . H . Q it .uf 0 -, X .v 1 x f x v ,X '- 'uy " - , N S '- - K '15 .Q KJ , I Q., f 1,2 A IX' ' 9 , I " br-'V , , 1 14 It is p ' A r' -1" f 1' E f H . 1 1 4 1 pf 0 'vt I , , 'T-1. , ' , fl 1' v 1 ,I 1 -lp ' 1, I , - V , v , ' ' . ' ffgif 2 -- 'ff ' 1 0 r N Qi' oz " - , - 7 , -Qi n' J M 1 ' A I A , ..+ Q01 ,- ' A I r. Qs If , AQ '. H . L' N: . 'lb . ' Q' E' 8 E' '1- ' 1 ef, tg 4 4, A l 4 ' i " . 1 ll 55 ' - I ' . A LS 3'-Y Lax. - .' sql' Y. - JI 'Q , h- ' w ' . 'J' rp" 5' tl. . ..7 A X' ' ,f ' 7 s In R - , 1 5 A Forward Gu ard . Guard Fgrward RICHARD LEE LARRY GRAHAM TED PRICE TOMMY SCARBROUGH ,. ll: lay? B' th xg " f4"ft'a X m , V, ' 1 I . Jil .-' 1 I I I r4"s. I 'lg I Q ' ' ' 0 . If 1 lr Q l x 9 l W. ,, f s an M, :J Y -, v' , ' f . ' Q ' 2 1, 4 hah" X ff- Nx ,-94. ,vllhx rx N- V l ,' 1 lu , M t m'Zf1 - -, ' 1 w '3 ' .V X153 5 BA SKET BA LL BRIEFS JIMMY OLDFIELD - All-Tournament John Carroll Invitation, The "B"-Team has made a good record this year, We will have fifteen veteran players for the 1957-58 season. I,- "B"-TEAM f K' ll J Q: 4 I E in t ' 5 3: ' rg' ' hx .- I 4 'J1bf'1 I L o Hr 'M Alvix Q ii?hdFig r l v N 'V' , v 'Mau- fl :N K I 04. ., IQ ! I 1 mi'- f 'SKI 11 , ifffQQW' A I "V -Q V.. -r' 4? ', 1 A Forward Forward Guard Center JIMMY OLDFIELD FREDDIE AKINS DON SANDERS HAROLD HIGGINBOTH AM Q Q CHEER GENEVIEVE SIMS ' 1 r. A . X- -A 1-, .4 v M i x .. iff I Q -4,3 Head -Cheerle ader JAN DEAN ,ww V UMA FIELDS 1. Sf' W,, if C0-Head ANNETTE SIMS NORMA -.fy fgrzyi , ...Q-by -,V STORY M' H 'Nr - . wfffs, F 1 ..S 5? .H1p,yr:- ', ' - , . ff- I ff Riff" ' r I f 4. f'if"' :I " . , .. ' 3 1 .I - ,,f4y' f gi! . ' ' -q , - I I " ' I if 'ln' . 51 ' . ' I 1 I Af. ZELL LEADERS GAII. GLASS JOAN HARDIMAN FRANCES RAY A? BARBARA DENNIS AY ERS S . -, 4-s ' 1 , ,A--1 - v , ' T' I ' 1: I' fy I 5 kv 'S 3 ' Q ...-f v, 1 ' , , I 1 'W E ni . 5 T?-S 4 HV X. N .1 5 ..-. A 9' .K I C .. .1 .mf Rf . F ,bf C - Lf fi +- f ly xy Q fha tt .L .gf i X .. L , . - 1 in - x. ,lg . Q ,e .gya . 'iq .. -i .,k,.,t, , N 'rl 'Qt ' ,z ' ' ff .t t QS ,KS ,. rx its . N4 3' f o vis 'S V ,. Q R Nia u"i,,x 1 15 4 'I - we if Q.. fi, ' , S tt ff,?,,?4,, A ,Q ,gf . . QE QW 'ig + if! wb MLB-ri X, guyz . ' et 'T Y df' f 'uk A " .f "" """""""""S 2 ty-Q P is ' 1 iff - .. ' 'S at is ft N , fe-:fi AD, S S-SR T ' v . at 1 -he K f M gg ,QHQQX THE TORCH STAFF First row: Sue Smith. Judy Castleberry, Clara Jean Belcher, Sarah Limbaugh. Second row: John Church- well, Mack Crowe, Nan Bailey, Annette Sims, Beverley Walker. Third row: Bobby West, Nancy Little, Jerry Amold, Mr. Johnson. My ' .Y if we 'if 'tw .592 Q v ws by Q ,Q li N E S S 1 w WWZZZZZZJ W Zum Xhffzfzb Congratulauons to the 1957 Class on Your Ach1evements! We Have Enjoyed Furn1sh1ng M11k for You Durmg the Last Seven Years and Hope to Furmsh You and Your r " ome Produced Rxcher and Fresher M11k' Call Us Phone 2 2.841 Friends in the Years to Come. Fo H - ' ' ' ,r fm Q, fo ,ap M www SOUTHERN BELL . f.. ,x s . Many of Your Frlends of Edrher Classes Are Now Members of the Telephone Famlly We .Tom W1th 1n W1sh1ng You Every and Good Fortune Them Succes s for the Future its-sv 'Iu,,,,, , u TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY - N TON 4' N 13 dt: B' 7, f, ,gf 4 ' ' '-.. ,q-,x u . , - fn 3 Q- UJFXY 'K' :uf x f xy I I 'Q rejx T' Rf f 1 X W x C omphments of M1 5375264 l. LJMEQEIQ CCDMDANY Morms Alabama Telephone Warrxor 3831 T. J. WILLIS J. W. WILLIS I ' f n N 5 ' .Si it 'I' "I XL ' 'lun .Ni N A ,- xl lf, X I! Nl, mx NN Z' ' K I ", W' 5' 'pd A . I , FINEST QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 1 1 Barbara T 2.410 7th Ave S 318 SKATE if f.: Your Date auuo A Business 2:52222 3-Wk?-ig E63 QC-P ' with a new 1957 Harley Davidson UNIIIR Its easy to make good money with your own dellvery servxce Come 1n and see how llttle xt costs to ow operate and enjoy a HUMMER EAQQEI2 HARLEY DAVIDSON SALES ROLLER RINK Harley Davmson Motorcycles Morrls Ala 312 South 24th Street . O. - 11 I ' VMI' lbifkau- M ,V,ZxTf-..- P-JI.: I xxx Iwn rw X If ,fs X ' wx 7 x W vc- I-In SHI Qfws-3 433335: M125 AWWA ff? gif' 1? ff? gm! f un-oil! ss AL DE IVIT1-ENT CHEVROLET CO 54 1511 JOHN STEELE 3228 N 27th S A1 b 1 MIAJESTI C BEAUTY SALON W 6501 LOUISE HIGGINBOTI-IAM ETHEL ARNOLD ,E VV VVEOGERS ' O' Hunting E GENERAL MDSE. Fishing supphes E E Morris, ma. and Licenses f Pho. 2633 W fa-,...E..,f,f c, N0 Wigan 6 32,0 THEATER Warner Ala GILLESPIE'S CAFE Warrior Alabama QQPXUH1gh Prmces f .' P' Sh OP at CUNLIFF'S FLOWERS ag MC Flowers for All Occas1ons 0 FURNITURE STORE Orchlds 1037 Pmson St Phone 52 3418 W T 1 h Warrior Alabama e e egrap Flowers pliASllkt'l " 4-IAWKINS BOOK STORE 212.3 3rd Ave North Birmmgham Alabama J' owe ' P ! A -v I X 0 of I n , , J . Q- ' . lI'3 A iialhzfeat I WQEELQQ Phone 4821 Warrmor Alabama A O SMITH Jeweler lst Floor Dry Goods Lad1es' Ready to Wear Men' Wear and Shoes Basement 5 10 and Var1ety emembef MITCHELL GROCERY and BUILDING SUPPLY Gardendale Alabama Phone 3 3221 SVVAN SON HARDWARE CO Phone 3 4501 Gardendale Alabama WESTEIQN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Tmres and Batterles O B MCCULLOUGH Phone 52 4476 1414 Pmson Street Tarrant Alabama CXMQ9 X 1 f El GARDENDA LE C LEANERS Gardendale Alabama aiu HOUSEHOLD APP LIANC ES 5 JJ LJXLJNILJS X-,Ll FURNITURE COMPANY Warr1or Alabama ff 1 f .. 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Phone LY-4-3591 EAST LAKE BAKERY - 0771 607271115 0 We Spec1al1ze ln Weddlng PALMEPS Partles and B1rthday Cakes 7934 Znd Avenue South SERVICE STATION Enrmmgham Alabama P1ns on Alabama Phone WO2 9360 Q 647 7 d Comphments of Wand J D HAGOOD Q t V 5 GENERAL MERCHANDISE Route l Pmson Ala GARAGE Phone 6 4813 Bradford Alabama WFSTERN ALTO Assocxm swan X Qu O B HAMBRICE Owner I Pmson Alabama Phone 6 9170 . . . . l ' ' 1 eu! rl W ,TE l ' -Qi . . , Comphments G1 NN DRUG CO 2831 No 27th St B1rm1nghan'1 Ala A12 VVO OD SERVICE STATION .I L SONNY ARWOOD Owner Gas O11 Lubr1cat1on T1res Battemes and Accessones Road Servxc e Fultondale, Ala HELL Phone 7 9156 .VW Skull A Fw-' nn 1 f' 525519 C RC DQ-Q TC JN GROC ERY Independent Cha1n Store and KNOPF'S POULTRY FARM Fresh Eggs and Poultry CARL KNOPF Owner Phone 6 3271 JOHNSON 8: C O Jewelers I hz, FURNITURE CO S lg 2913 North 27th st Nt' B1rrn1ngham Alabama Phone AL 1 4595 1725 Znd Ave N B11'm1ngham Ala Cornphrnents of .JOHN SEXTON AND COMPANY Manufacturxng Whole sale Gr oc e r Phone 54 2501 Blrmmgharn, Alabama ' of , D - ' -XXI! -Q - N , A ' 7.54 ' ar 1 .QF ' 5209? 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Q ,xry W Bus Phone 52 5007 hALJE3C3I2CDNHEE FURNITURE C OMPANY GRAVES MUSGROVE Proprietor 1124 Ford Ave Tarrant Ala Your Health Is Our Business C2C3VVC3H.L. DRUG CO 3130 North 27th St Birmingham Ala JOI-IN FZCJESEHIVFES BARBER SHOP Gardendale Alabama FZLHQTZDPTEMALIE HARDWARE COMPANY Sportmg Goods Seeds Paints Telephone 3 0376 Fultondale Alabama .I ARRow CLEANERS 2627 31st Avenue North BILLY COOK Owner Complete Laundry Service BATE S TEXAC O SERVIC E "Complete Texaco Service Gardendale, Alabama Phone 3 4561 Complxments of VMWL.LJAlh4E5 MUSIC HOUSE Establxshed 1890 Band House of the South Phone AL 1 1511 1920 Fourth Ave North Birmingham, Ala gwufd- soon ,COFFEE and Sandwic he s I CZAXFEEENKES Gardendale Alabama Phone 3 4411 I Phone 4-2091 Odorless Cleaning ' ' II lFI1"S GOOD FOOD YOU WAIT 407 Q UNCLE JIM'S BARBECUE 24th St 12th Ave N Blrrrungham Alabama Phone 52-5900 "mm"" FENNELLQQ NASH MOTORS Sales Serv1ce Parts Used Cars 1505 Pmson Street Tarrant Ala Trade 12 UQAL SERVIC E C ENTER F' JAM Gardendale Alabama Phone 3 82.06 NX NZ E1 X Q0 LOIS CAZOLA'S CAFE Fultondale Ala dffdwf MATTRESS CO Tarrant Alabama Pho 52 3317 i2iQ'sKg'11 12 N I-IOTDC-SES Mt Ohve Ala Fon SMOOTH DRIVING ADAIQQ AUTO PARTS Fultondale Ala Q For Qulck Serv1ce f-vnu? 5 ffl EXE A , SUPER I MARKET 0' Warnor Alabama Lx.. -E: ' ' Eg "J ' ig N E M at C' O rw- I 4 ' A I7 Q W, , S XQ Y f , ' Agri' "M 5 X 0 MQGQX Wk rx 0 -ff-'ii , ! L: " N f Q ' A TXT 3.7 3 Congratulatwns to Graduatlng Class of 1957 ALABAMA BUTANE APPLIANCE CO Tarrant C1ty 7 Alabama MR AND MRS J S ELLIOTT ALJSTI N MUSIC CO 1922 4th Avenue North B1rm1ngham Alabama Band Instruments Organs P1anos Phonographs Tape Recorders Sheet Mus1c Phone AL 1 6108 J ONES VALLEY SAUSAGE C O INC 1129 6th Avenue No B1rm1ngham 4 Ala T W COOPER, Pres Class of 1933 Phone 54 9526 We Issue All Forms of Insurance Comphments of F-I NANCE SERVICE INC DAVID MCCARTY Pres B1rm1ngham Alabama Comphments of 1: PCIQBES K SONS PIANO CO Everythmg m Mus1c P1anos Records Band Instruments Hammond Organs New Address 1914 4th Ave N B1rm1ngham Ala O MAX GREEN DEPARTMENT STORE 2909 North 27th Street Bxrmzngham, Alabama Phone ALp1n 1 4935 Cornphments of VVI LSON EIMS LINN MOOEE 31 SON GIFT SHOP WHOLESALE GROCERY 2902 North 27th Street B1rm1ngham Alabama Phone 4 2408 B1rm1ngham Ala ' the o 3 u ' ' ' 3106 North 26th St. mewmadagg HUFFSTUTLER FURNITURE CO 2620 No 29th Ave Bxrmulgham Ala A T HOLT Phone Bus AL 4 3510 Res 53 3929 YOQKS PHARMACY For Prescrmptxons 3000 No 27th St B1rm1ngham Ala Phone AL l 4131 ,AAUBONDS FURNITURE CO Incorporated New and Used Furmture 2117 Thlrd Avenue North Bumxngham 3 Alabama MASKS MKT Member of Blg Saver Food Store QL A DADDY HAYES V GARAGE Q Gardendale Ala EOWEQ GRO Mt Olwe Prescr1pt1ons F1lled at FICPFNGF DRUG STORE Warmor Ala Comphments LASSETWEQ ANDCXD INC 1918 4th Avenue N Phone 4 3407 School and Art Supphes ' I I Q ' ' ' ' f Gardendale, Ala. f A 'B HATQTSPIELD HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO Corner Mount O11ve Road and Shady Grove Dr1ve Hardware Pa1nts Seeds Bu11d1ng Mater1a1 Cnfts Toys Houseware Phone 51 32221 Mt O11ve A1a ,,.,f-ff-f,.fNaz-Crwgb. fg ance EMA I BIG SAVER FOOD STGRE U 'S Ou' FIRST THOUGHT Phone 3 3344 6 HARVEY RAGLAND Mt Ohve Ala CO INC B1rm1ngham A1a TOVVNES TADREN I' CAFE DRIVE IN REAL ESTATE Pmson Street for Fme Foods 1212 P1ns on Street Tarrant Ala Tarrant Alabama Phone VI ctr 1 4108 ledayfq X 1-4 vv x co POTATO CHIPS K, Phone LYr1c 2 8936 Blrrnmgham, Ala P 'N , tb, SQ , J .,,:Cf',, O "., v v, JJ 4 , A' ., . ' ' ' 5500 Third Ave. S. , I I 1 X 5 ig 9 O Q E' - K , 7 K C ompliments J. F. HARMON GROCERY WORTHINGTON GROCERY HOWARDS SUPPLY STORE SPROUCE GROCERY BLJNCI-IMAN MOTOR LODGE Fultondale, Alabama Phone ALpine 2 -9760 ' I STANDARD fp 5 gilt? scHooL SERVICE xy A 3827 13: Avenue No. I SERVICE X STATION Birmingham, Alabama Worth 1 -6 196 For the Best in School Supphes Dixiana, Alabama A Serv1ce When You Need It - v - if - af441vvQJL , 1 1 ff ffZ""'Lf4' DJJ! K 76 all F - -' 'tgp' wx, rf x ,Q A W ,L X ff AW' f W2 , , Q ff fs " Q1 V M' Q , A W fl-7 ,CV ,X jx lf. A ly .1 .124- Yp ' 1' fr F3 'V I 'ff " 15 K' 'YJ ' ff N Nj .JM , x Cf ' 'f f 'ff f m fr Y QW' ' "W ' s 1 JN W ' Q - fv ' Qi A 5 .w A " 'V 1 'IR 7 Q ',.Qf" -. V H V X ' ' his H l fl A YN!--. xxx :L X ,W . 1 1 1 - -5 'l ' -.L I 'x A .. ' 'vw fn 'gqmf j 5 A gl P --xx ' .' . A " --H--. N 'N N. Jw A Z fy iv' K S ff fm -- 1' - , A If A:, ll! I yy' 5 .X 1 " ri- xx fx ,R J ms K Sxj E HK, - 1 ,. A ,L xxx Nik . "' g' '- ' A P fi J' ' . " ' ' ' if 1 -"N, X-. Aj iv in Im 'r - 1 P' J pl Af! If I x 1 .. f ,f ,. , . 3 X 2 ,-, A - . 5 . . 1 . . ,- i Y - . ,, ,f Q i " 1,2 JK ffl .I , Y 4 L Y X I sf Mlf4 ' A L !ZCf'.SVr34 , s rf, f7V' A71 ,iff fw-1f,fz" ,QV-'Jiffy I ' kv . 1 ,Q ff ' .- . . 4- , .wr QA - '-L . .X 1 J! 'rg xkg.YT Mx ll Ulillnsng. fig!! 1 1

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