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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1944 volume:

KT ""5lu.,g E QCZZKQQCGM xx, -L sf -Fx -Q' Q M, 4 3 w 392 gi U, Qi W iw-Www M 53Tff' f ggi Q Q M? 2 xg Sm QI. Q G f . N' X 'fa' . X M7 X.: .',', 1 XXX .Y r up 1? ,H GR , Y, ' - 4. . . .. , L ,' '. I , 2 P 'iff ,au Y f- ' P hw. 'lf r 1, 'a,,.I 1 ' A4 4 M S.. ' M ' ' I . v Anf.. . ,f HIGH CHOOL f--4-r - -1 "' ., , f'5-LQ 4 ' 7 if ,r , .v , -, . 'jg , f Iv - . b -X, - , - , 5 1 nnzq l f . r- Q 'Ni 'i , I ."'s-.ig , ni zz, , ff. 1 9 11 'w p-0""3kl4 41, 7k sm QW "'T""'v lk aw, 7' ,sw- filly w My :We ' "gm with xx 1' Q JQQ-A I, lg gi X AWK if sm! QLJ WD NQRINE cakps XS B Al Kllled lH Actlon V HONOR ROLL Stewart Day Frederlck Andrews Kenneth Crooker Jo eph Desmond oharles Footer walter Gaudette Norman Guynn Almon Haley Donald Hatch Gerald Lemolne Davld Mooers Tommy Norse Paul Perry Jean Pommerleau olarence Bablne Herbert Belanger Robert Bouget Rlohard Bouget Leo oouture Myron Cralg Thomas Fletcher Dale Harper Scott Hohnes Ralph Houston Cllpford Kelley Paul Leeman Robert Llnnell Andrew Long Phlllp MacAloney Frank Nadeau Mahlon Nlles Norman Pelley Bernard Pratt Joseph Teasdale Gllbert Noodman Jarren Atklnson Leroy Peasley Kendall h pman Janes Voorhee Alan dhltmer Larry Mold Rlchard Orvls I9 HMS 44I 5 1 ti' V i 1, W Ll t t X I t i' ' t t x i K ' w v 1 ' "! W - W 4 g ' ,. Lt tl 1 1 ,, D . WH gt it K 1 at-R, R . I A l "71L!x!n-SN: keg i V ,E-Q , It . . 2 Q N F Q I' '-H X f , Q' ' rl : ' ,J r x, .J A . R' t af A so L: l 'S Edward King N4yy , f,,,. A 4 5' :rf 0 Q 'U ' 4 ', X . lf .x- ll"x. 3 N If X Q 1 v K I! R X ' 5 "1 4, -f A i f . X I, . L Y 'rx 5,9 Y - - 9 Q. 'Sl A , u E. f W' r"'.T ff' Ffh N' Yiebw? X 5' 3- 01 , rn 3 3 tg. i FREDERICK PALMER ANDHEHS 'Fred' Mlth energy and ablllty be goes about hls task Basketball Manager 2,3, Band l,2,3, Orch l,2,3 Dramatlcs Club Pres 3, Ph1 B1 Chem Club 2,3, Stage om 2,3 Dramatlcs Club l,2,3 Nohlba 2,3, Debatlng Fred's the flash of the Chemlstry Lab and really goes to town on those bases and aclds at present he's 1n the Slgnal orps strlnglng wlre for Uncle Sam ROBERT BOURGET Bobby' 'The llttle man who gets around U Manual Arts Club l, Basketball 3, Softball 2 HBobbyH may be small and qulet but he gets there gust the same He's everybody's pal and ought to make a lot of frlends ln the Navy KENDALL CHAPMAN Ken HL1ghts, actlon, camera'H Softball 2, L tln Club 2,3 Phl B1 Chem Club 3, Student Councll 3, MOV1Hg Plcture Progector 3 A Ken was the camera flend of the class and h1s camera :ent every where wlth hlm At present he 15 at the Maine Marltlme Ac demy ln Castlne Best of luck VEJNETH HARLES RO'KER Ken 'Those that 3CCOmpl1Sh most make the least nolse H HKenU lS the xords, he 15 wlsh hlm the know he wlll LEO COUTURE sllent boy of our clas A man of fex very well llked by hls classmates N best of luck 1U the armed forces, and we make many frlends HHe dabbles ln everythlng from athletlcs to love H Basketball l,2,3, Manual Arts Club l Leo :as a real asanova and had many loves No doubt he 13 l1v1ng up to that old havy trad1t1on 'A g1rl ln every port H 7 Wa. 1 A T? JOSEPH FRANCIS DESMOND Joe HHe's all buslness vhen he's tlred of play Basketball 2,3, Soph Hop Com 2, Jr Prom Com Manual Arts lub l dhere Joe ls, there 1S always fun He's the chlef Joker of the Class of 'LA and we certainly mlss hlm especlally at oarl's after school NURMAN IAQUITH GUYNN 'I love speed Manual Arts Club l, Tlcket Com for Jr Play 3 B sketball Usher l,2,3 Norman was lucky, he had a perfect rlght to speed and there was nothlng he llked better At present German ln hls way DALE HARPER 'A llght heart llves long Here we have Exhlblt A ln the Museum of Phllanthrop lcal Humorlsts Jlsecracks, w1tt1c1sms, and forecasts of the wlnnlng football teams are hls speclaltles Although Dale detests gasollne ratlonlng and wage deductlons, he w1ll suffer no annoyance from these or awhlle, as he has entered Uncle Sam's Navy Good Luck, Dale GERALD RAYMOND LEMOINE Jerry' ULove lS llke the measles we all have to go through lt Football l,2, Jr Soc Com 3, Mohiba l,2, Student Councll 3, DF8m8t1CS Club 1, Manual Arts Club l Glee Club l,2, Muslc Club l Yes, we all have to go through lt, but if we had the measles as many tlmes as Jerry has been ln love we'd all be a pretty spotted bunch Jerry was the only crooner our class has had and he wasn't bad elther ANDREW LONG Andy' Ulf quletness be the wlnner, I shall never lose Baseball 1,2 Andy was one of the qu1etes+ boys ln the class H lS now servlng 1n the U.S. Navy and we know that he 15 dolng a real job for Uncle Sam. Good luck, kld 8 ll ll 9 Q --J. l .' - . A . - . H .3g Q V A A ' C . Lxxff . N 4 ' . . . , a 1. v Q .n 75 51 N Q .. ' ' .- - 5 'J' , 5 - swf . . - f he's driving a tank and I wouldn't want to be the f 4 I 4 A I ' ' .ll as ' .'. ' X' ' ' f . . v u I f . ll I ' 'll -- . , . 3 . . , ll I ' ' .ll I ' -1 ' . e Sy' T.-9 EM 148. .Q cr Yq' rlmPhML lmL" Jl e r loj Fc nlr 11 rln P ll p Jo ned the havj dur1n5 ur JdFlOT jelr ind Vlb u1e IG no e'1 t THoMh UlPIE Chsh TommJ HQUl9t, depend ble, ,nd llllH5 Tomr fne of the llent DC ur C m n of Ve s, e 1 v 1K J d Classnate l e n tne hr JULIUS MAHLOM ILES ' e'5 happy, Snappy, full of Deo Qlrls o.1'd better etch our step H W l a Food 1+nlete and sport out l thlnk h1s fiuorlte port s sleepl 5 lH L t1n cl A r ddlHg W 116 there 1 no better fe lol, nd I8 1sh lm the best of luck LJHOY ELMEH PEASLEY Hov H lS 5pQrt5mdp5h1pShlnPS DOLH lH tdp gQmGS and Ou olass Pres 2, student OJHCll 3 Pres OlHCll 3 ohlbe EA oom 2, noys horue POOtb8ll 2 esketball l,2,3 Roy s everJone's pal rd an all round guy ledder among the tu'ents es ell on tne football fleld and be ketbdll court ae d e sure he ll be a great adv ntage to the M r ne Corps BLR ARD IltLlhY PHAT UPr tty ' stend1ng but rot outspoken H less Pres l, Football ,2,3, Jasnetbel 2, student OdFCll l Pratty 15 one of those qu1et ethletl s Pe never used to tilk uch unless lt to H1 d lf he SdllS a sh1p the vsy he used to C rr, football the vJ h s 1 real s 1 9 J I1 5 Q rrJ C 1LFr L L1 v L, Hoarry 4 5 CMG, udt TC Q31-G L memo rs C1 MCTphnIL Varlre a lf e oe fr Qgorts he doab on F1 f 1 f' our surol LO .gre LL J half as V boat t G rows W LAIEEIAE LC'7 " ' It i' ' 'on' slide h M F' L"ll :fl 1 .H Stage Corxittee l,2,1 '. La V is che of ihx happy A 'S ,' our 21abS. N tkF.j botuers Sim, not even home work. He is in the fA:1.f', nd' h Ci "" I VPN on those J hm- - as ' 2- ,'2 sail " , I am S rs el. of X g,'ies ,ill gf 'C ss 3 3:1 ,pw 9-ug "'-westin MORSE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Front Row Left to Rlght Mrs Ellnor Perrln, Mlss V1rg1n1a Jewett, N153 Cather1ne Leonard, Mlss Katherlne Conley, Mrs Catherlne Huse, Mlss Beatrlce Tltcomb Mrs Cllnton Wllson and Mlss Mary H Conley Second Row Mlss Julla Robb1ns, Mlss Adema Smlth, Mrs Ellzabeth Coombs Mrs Frances Young, Mlss Hester Rose, Mrs Margaret Flaherty, Mrs Anne Glpson, Mlss Ellen Rhoades, and Mlss Elalne 'oodhead Thlrd Row Mr Llnwood Abbott, Mr Davld Alkazln, Mr J Edward Pomeroy, Mr Horace P Herr1ck, Mr Nathan Watson, Mr Paul Merlesena, Mr Harold Brown, an Mr Henry Small ll Robert Dolan Martha Leeman Llnna Marle Purdue Davld Desmond Glenda Howard Gerda Langbehn kmmmBmmy Frances Flahertf Madelyn Ollver Rlchard Godfrey Paul Todrtlllotte Franklln Howe Judlth Dennlson Geraldlne Estabrooks Nlck Poulos Joseph Swanton Kathleen Jyman Ceres McCourt Arlene Leeman Loulse Klng Paul ne orosb Barbara Tasker Marguerlte Rlnes Mr J Edward Pomeroy if I YEAR BOOK STAFF Asslstant Asslstant Asslstant 12 Edltor lH Chlef Asslstant Edltor Buslness Manager Buslness Manager BuS1D9SS Manager Buslness Yanager drlte NT1tS wrlte Irlte Jrlte Nrlte G1rl's G1rl's Boj's Bof's G1rl's G1rl's G1rl's Boy's Boy's Boy's ups ups ups ups ups ups Sports Sports Sports Sports Typlst Tdplst Typlst TVplSt Typlst Tfplst olass Presldent Ex Offlclo Faculty Advlsor Ill' .q Ii SEhIOR uLAS OrFI ERS harguerlte Rlnes NlChOl8S Poulos Jlce Jean Stanton Q Glenda Howard 13 S35- C? 50' Presldent Pre ldent oepretgrj Treasurer 1. ELIZABETH ANDERSON Betty' HA smlle an angel mlght envy ' Student Councll 2 Pres Home Ec Club 3, Sec Dramatlcs Club L, Basketball l,3, Archery 2, Soccer L, Volley ball 3, Sr Play, Lat1n Club l,2, Dramatlcs l,2,3,L, Soph Dance Com , Woh1ba Ex Com , Jr Prom Com , Freshman Assembly A truly beautlful glrl Let Hollywood keep Hedy Lamarr we have HBetty U HELEN AIMA AVERY 'sllence 13 sweeter than speech U Basketball l,3,b, Hlklng l,2,3, Soccer A, Softball 3 Usher Sen Class Play, Class Day, Graduatlon, Home Club l,2, Advert1s1ng Com Sen Class Play, Dem 3 Usher Jr Play Helen 15 one of our few bashful glrls Boy' She can really blush We're sure that you w1ll succeed lH whatever you do Loads of luck GERMAINE SENELL BOANEY 'Her world belongs to the energetlc Vlce Pres Student uOUHCll L, Treas Stamp Club, Sec G1rl's Athletlc Ass A, V1ce Pres Home Ec Club 2 Blcycle 2,3, Volley ball 2,3, Badmlnton 3, Basketball l,2,3,h, Softball l,2,3,A, Soccer A, Ex Com Mohlba, Archery 2,3, Hlklng l,2,3, Youth Rec Councll A Nlnter Sports A, Year Book Staff One of our most able members 1U the sportlng fleld goes lnto the world wlth plans for nurslng best of luck for the future' PAULINE THERESA BRDNN Brownle Good thlngs come ln small packages N Hlklng, Soccer, Home Ec Club l nBrown1eN loves to laugh and she doesn't care where she She hasn't declded yet what she w1ll do after graduatlng Could she be waltlng fO1 the Navyo JANE BUKER She s actlve ln a qulet way ' Usher Senlor Class Play A Next fall Jane starts her nurslng career wlth best wlshes from all her classmates We're sure she'll be a real credlt to the Cadet Nurses Corp lL FRANK RAYMOND CAHLETON Jr Speed Curly' Hwatch the Fords go by N Manual Arts 1,2 If there 1S any speed record to be broken, here 15 the guy to break lt Frank 15 an enllstee of the Anmy A1r Forces NSpeedH hopes to fly elther a P 38 or LO sometlmes wonder lf he w1ll be dlsappolnted at thelr speed JACQUELYNE M CASSIDY 'Jackle 'A qulet word 1U a qulet way ' nJack1eU hasn't been wlth us very long We know that she wants to be a beaut1c1an, and thlnk she wlll make a very good one Loads of luck to you, 'Jackle WINONA LOUISE CLARK 'Nonle HNon1eN lS one of the happlest g1rls ln our class About flve mlnutes after the tardy bell has sounded you w1ll see her strolllng 1nto room L uNOHl6n wants to be a nurse, we're sure she wlll be a great success LYN ALL E CORLISS Llndy' NLinda' NBe careful, lts my heart Band l,2,3,A, Orchestra 3, Usher Senlor Class Play, Usher Concert for Band Boosters Club You usually see HL1ndyN Nlth a smlle on her face Could lt be the Marlnes that make her so happy Llndy wants to be a Reglstered Nurse Ne all know th t she w1ll make an excellent nurse wlth her sunny dlSPOS1t1OH GORDON D CONAN Flash Wdhlstle whlle you work ' Gordon clalms he's a r1f1e shooter If he shoots one half as good as he drives that truck, the Anmy 15 golng to have a real sharp shooter 15 . Il ll II I . ' - . We . I ' II , . . . I, . 1 ' . va I ' ll UI'm happy about the whole thing.W . ll ' I ' 0 II I ' II II E . . i, N? PAULINE ROSE CROSBY NPollyH N Perfectlon 15 the polnt at hl h ll should alm H Ba ketball l,2,3,A, Softball 2, Archery L, Home Ec Club l, Year Book Staff TyplSt A 'Pollyu lS one of the more lndustrlous members of ou class, and as a stenographer she couldn't be anythlng but successful ELEANOR IOJISE DAVIS Hwhat a dellcate and graceful art, the art of conversatlon U Transfer from Plttston Hlgh 3 Basketball 2 3 Latln Club 2,3, Spanlsh Club 2,3, Art Club l,2,3 Asslstant edltor of school paper l,2 Although Eleanor 15 almost new to us, lt dldn't take us long to know her She lS an artlst of no mean ablllty, and her glft of gab wlll take her places MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS Betty' 'Just leave me alone lS all I ask Transfer from PlttStOH Hlgh 3 Latln Club 2 3 Cheer leader 2,3, Chrlstmas card com L, Usher Graduatlon 3 UBettyH 15 one of the few lucky glrls wlth a steady who has a car Her 8mblt1OH lS to travel Nell, wo and two make four JUDITH DENNISON Judy' 'The only glft lS a portlon of thy self Vlce Pres G A A A, Latln Club l,2,3 A, Sec 3 VlCe Pres Phl Bl Chem 2, Student COUHCl1 A, Swlmmlng l Baske ball l,2,3,L, Archery 2,3, Soccer A, Glee Club l,2, Orch l,2,3, Band l,2,3, Dramatlcs Club l,2,3,L, Year Book Staff, Mohlba 3, Mohlba Ex Com L, Volley ball Softball l,2,3 A From the bove actlvltles we know that Judy wlll make a good Phys Ed lHStPUCtOF DAVID EDJARD DESMOND 'Dave 'Taxl ' Student Councll l,2,A, Treas A, Mohlba Ex Com l Vlce Pres Jr Class 3, Year Book Staff, Mohlba Dance Com, Sr Play, Fresh Dance Com , Sr Soclal, Jr Prom 3 NDave'sN ambltlon 15 to be a sports reporter and lf he keeps on gOlHg at hls present speed, Blll Stern and some of the others wlll see competltlon lH a few years lo ROBERT CLINlON DOLAN Bobby' Hfhe J1S6 carry thelr knowledge as they do thelr watches, not for dlsplay, but for thelr own use W Student Councll 2,3,L, Pres A, Class Pres 3 Nat Honor Soclety 3,L, Yearbook Ed , Jr Play, Plav Latln Club l,2,3,L, Pres 3,L, Ph1 B1 Chem Club 3,b, Debatlng Club, One Act Play, Softball 2 Mohlba Ex om , Chalrman L, Mohlba 2,b, Soph Soclal Com , Ass Football Nanager, Freshman Assembly, UBobbyN has done, 1n hls four years of Hlgh, what everyone deslres Good Luck' CLARENCE A DUNKLEMAN Dunk 'I see vlrtue ln hls looks HDunk'sU recent arrlval to the Morse Hlgh reg1ster from Cleveland, Ohlo explains the lack of St3tlStlC5 above Dunk, llke many other fellows, yearns to be a pllot, and lf he sells the recrultlng offlcer on hls ab1l1t1es as well as he sells the customers on the quallty of Sears Roebuck automoblle supplles, he' bound to succeed MARGUERITE FLORIS DURGAN Rlssy' Basketball l,2,3,A, Softball l,2,3, Swlmmlng 1, Hlklng l,2,3, Volley Ball 3, oommerc1al Club 1, Home Ec Club 1, Magorette l,2 WR1ssy s ambltlon 15 to be a Unlted States Navy Nurse Could lt be she has a frlend lH the Navy Good Luck, Rlssy GERALDINE CRACE ESTABROOKS 'Gerrle 'Work flrst and then rest uOUHCll member G A A , Year Book Staff, Basketball l,2,3,A, Volley Ball 3, Archery L, Band l, Com merclal Club l,2, Chrlstmas Card Com , Home Ec Club Ushers Jr Play, Graduatlon Sr Play HGerr1eH wants to JOlU the Cadet Nurses Corps Je'll all mlss seelng her on the basketball floor She lS a grand sport and we know that she w1ll succeed IVA ETHEL FAUCHER HThe greatest th1ngs ever done on earth have been done by llttle people H Home Ec lub l, Basketball l, Commerclal Club Ethel 15 the smallest glrl 1n our class Her ambltlon lS to be a stenographer or typlst Here's w1sh1ng you luck ln whatever vou do, we're sure you'll be a success 17 fT' ll I , V. . . . . ' . 3 . ' - .' . ' Sr. A . J . 1 A . ' " ' ' 5 . A I . . . l . 1 U s o .. n A , . . X ' . ' II ll I ' ' ' 1 . n . . . S ll ' I URolling stones gather no moss.H ' ' . . A ' 0 . y . . - . I . . . ? ll ' 0 Il 1 f' v ' u I ' - ll rv ' A . . ' n ' 0 A 0 . . ,E . M . . A , . . V A. . . fi q s 0 ' I 'J u . . . L . . a-Sl .J Y-sr pn 'xiii' I FRANCES CUM INGS FLAHERTY Hlyan HLaughter is the most healthful exertion.H Basketball 1,23 Archery 2,3g Phys Ed. Demonstration, Dramatics Club 2,3g Volley Year Book Staffg Usher Swimming lg Com. Club Play, Sr. Playg Latin Club l,2g ball 33 Ch. Program Com., Graduation 33 Mohiba 3,hg Wherever Frances is found there's bound to be plenty of excitement. May your future life in the business world be just as lively as your past four years at Morse. ELEANOR GRACE FULLERTON HRedH NAin't love grandln Commercial Club 2, Hiking 2. You can always find HRedU by her hair--usually find her in front of room L talking to a cer- tain curly-headed lad. We think that she will . make a very good secretary Good luck MARV EVELYN FURBER 'Silence in women is like speech in men Basketball l,2, Hiking l Mary is one of the quiet girls of our class Her ambition is teaching de don't see how she an help but be a good one IRIS H GARDNER Ulf ever I am a teacher it will be to learn more than to teach Transfer from Merrill High, Class Reporter l 2 Yearbook Staff 2, Basketball l, one act play l Outing Club 2, Dramatics Club 2, Science Club 2 Speaking Contest l Iris ha been with us two years, but we really don't know much about her, except that she plans to be a school teacher Good Luck' BA1BARA LLUISE GENTHNER 'Barbs 'Although you can't hear me, I'm here U Hiking, Home Bc Club 1,2 NBarbsN interest in the British Navy may take her to places of new enchantment our best goes with her Agni? 2' is , . . ' 1 , . . . . . in 'ig . . . l Gs . . . . . , C s Q J .n Ht ' ' . . 3 2 . . 3 . . 3 , . Q . in w I ll I . I . . . A , , . . fVs xv . . . . E' -- - Y , ya, ., iliiiggigrrjg ' DOROTHY ELLEN GILCHRIST Dot HNot that she loved study less, but that she loved fun more Skllng A, Archery 3, H1k1Hg 1, SWlmmlHg l, Soccer A Band, Orchestra l,2,3,A, com Club 1, Home Ec Club HDotsH lnterests are more outslde of school especlally at the U S O She wants to travel Jhere to, Dot999 HICHAHD HUGH GODFREY 'Dlck' uGeHlUS 15 gold ln the mlnd, bralns are the mlners who work and brlng lt out Football 3, Orchestra and band l,2,3, Glee Club 2 Sr Class Play, Year Book staff, Phy Ed Dem 3 Dlck 15 a real trumpet player Belng a member of Bob qlC9S' Band speaks for ltself Good luck ln whatever you ray do, Dlck JEAN LEQLIE GO DY HSpeech lS great, but Sllence lS greater Latln Club 1,2,3,A Jean 15 the qulet member of our class Her shy manner a success of her llfe BEVERLY JEAN HA KETT Bev UCheerful looks ake every dlsh a feas Pres Lawerence Hlgh school Dram club l Basketball 3, Volleyball 4,3, Archery 3, Dram Club l,2, Glrl Reserves 3, GlFlS Athletlc Club 3, Eng l Although HBevN 15 new to us, lt dldn't take us long to HOtlC6 her chewlng gum ln all classes Lucky 15 the patlent who has her as a nurse BUSJELL J HAT H HRu s H'T1S the sportlng world for m Footba l 2,3,A, Basketb ll A HHussH has a one track mlnd Yes, you guessed lt for fOllOW1Ug sports as well as p3rt1ClpatlHg ln them H15 ambltlon lS to become a sports vrlter Good Luck HRussH Il Il ll .. D l . . I . . I g n A 1 A u U o n I ' I ' ' I! o r- v' Q 3 . . . .N and studious aspect is a sure sign that she will make A ' ' C ll ll m ' t.H . f' ' O . C 3 . ' . 1C 5 H ' ' .e.H 1 ' a . . . . . . 1 . n 19 Q.. T' QW' T? STUART M HATCH B 17 'St111 w ters run deep M110 H1ghj Basketball, rootball, Track, Jr Play B 17 new add1t1on to our class, ha11s from M110 H1s qu1et, reserved manner affords one l1tt1e mater1a1 on JhlCh to ur1te H1s amb1t1on, however, 13 to be come a test p11ot, so lot's of luck You'l1 need lt dO1Hg 9G d1ves AUDREY HILL Hlt takes all klnds of people to make a world, I but one H Basketball 3 A Audrey N111 long be remembered by her classmates of LA Here's hOplHg good luck always keeps CummlHgS your way KENNETH LANGDON HILL Bud nSome thlHk thlS world vas made for fun and fFOllC an so do I H Class Tres l,2, Pres debatlng Club 5, Manager stage com A, Basketball 2,3,A, Manager 1, Glee Club 1, Jr Class Play, Sr Class Play, Sr Class Play, Lat1n Club l,2,3,h, DPam8tlCS Club 1,2,3,A, Ph1 B1 Chem Club 3,L, MOh1b8 1,2,3 A, Ch S lass Play Com Bud certa1n1y has h1s fun and fFOl1C, especlally 1n Hlstory Class He ants to be a pllot for the Amerlcan A1rl1nes Best of Luck' GLENDA MAY HOJARD Sl1m 'Nhat 1S thls thlHg called love? Class Tres 3,L, Basketball 1,2,3, Capt Volleyball 3 Sr Play, Nat Ed Meek Play L, Dramatlcs Club 2 NOhlb3 3,h, Year Book Staff, Usher Graduatlon and Class Day, Usher Jr Play, Phys Ed Dem 3,L, Serve Alumnl Banquet, Harvest Soc Com Ne hope Glenda's career as a prlvate secretary to a good lOOklHg boss lS as successful as her four years at Morse JOHN FRANKLIN HOWE Hotney' HOff we go lnto the w1de blue yonder U Glee Club l,2, Year Book Staff Th1s lad 15 leavlng for the A1r Forces upon grad U3t1OH If he thro s a pursu1t plane around 1U the same manner as he throws th t flashy V8 of h1s, Togo and h1s boys N111 be sorely dlstressed Good luck Hotney Be sure to keep all your medals po11shed 20 'Z' 'DN lx. a-.ll BARBARA MARIE KING 'Babs' 'Success crowns patlent effort H Ba ketball 1,2,b, Softb ll 1,2 HlklHg l,4, SN1mmlHg l,4, Volley Ball 3, Archery 3 uBabsN 15 another one of our oulet glFlS de want to N1Qh her luck 1U her HUFSlHg c reer ELEANOR LOUISE KING Babsu 'I am what I mn' Basketball, Softball, Badmlnton, HlKlHg, Swlmmln Archery, Sr Class Play, Glee club, Home Ec Club, Mohlba 3 Thls lS another one of our classmates who prefers a bUSlH6SS career for the future Success lll sure ly greet you 'Elle LOUISE LILLIAN KING 'Good nature 15 the beauty of the mlnd Basketball, Soccer, Badmlnton, Archery, Softball HIKIRQ, Jr Q Sr Class Play, Dram Club, Home Ec Usher Class Day, Perfect Attendance l,2,3,L Durlng her four years at Morse, Loulse has been actlve 1U sports, and she wlll also be remembered for the flne Jobs she dld 1U the Jr and Sr Cla s Plays LORNA FAY KRAMER 'Curloslty kllled the cat U Latln Club l,2,3,L, Jr Class Play Morse Wlll mlss Lorna's buZZlHg around, also seelng all her New York creatlons May that Hgenerous ambltlon of yours come true GERDA JILHEMINA LANGBEHN 'Blondle 'The mall must go through ' Vlce Pres Pnl B1 Chem club, Year Book btaff Basket ball l,2, Swlmmlng l, softball 3, Phl Bl chem Club 2,3,b, Dramatlcs Club 1 Latln Club 3,A, Phy Ed Dem Ne're sure your plans to attend WMalneH next year wlll follow through lf Castlne doesn't take over flPSt Best of luck 1U whatever you choose for the future to a s ell kld 21 I I , . H S u ai 3 A. . h. ,. . ,vi A' .l. ' . ,.H . . a I at ' ' ' AJ ll A I ir ex I 'v , V 2, . ,V . - I r . . . . . . . gs o '1 n A 0 0 Q K I , . . V , ' M . LH - I ' 'Il I I ' ' .II a s I u n Q as Club, Sr. Class Play Ticket Com., Usher Graduation, ' ' ' ' . . s . 'Q 'Jw 1 ' ' ' If ' a bv. ' ' 5? , V .fa ,,.. ' " ffa. . . ' ' 25 ' . I ' n I ' . I fe. ' . '. ' , ' . . . n 5 ' ' ' 5 ' ' . . . , . . 1 Y . ,., . . K 4 4 w ' . l 13. 4 ,QQ its It AK X ARLENE HELEN LEEMAN 'The sllent bear no wltness agalnst themselv 'Sukeyn 15 one of the qulet glrls ln our cla e wants to go to a Secretarlal School after graduatlon Loads of luck to you MARTHA EVELYN LEEMAN Hwhere there's a w1ll, there's a way N Basketball 2, Dram lub 3,h, Latln Club 3,h, Stamp Club, Debatlng Club 3, Ass Edltor Year Book, Press Club l, Usher Graduatlon 3, Tlcket Com for Jr Q Sr Plays, Jr Prom Q Mohlba, Usher Class Day 3 Martha 13 one of our studlous classmates Her ambltlon 15 to become an Engllsh teacher Good luck to you Martha, we're sure you'll make an excellent one CERES ELAINE MCCOURT Gus H HSome thlnk thls world 15 made for fun and frollc and so do I N Tumbllng l,2, Glee lub 3, Home Ec Club l,2,3, Program Com Sr Class Play L, Phys Ed Dem 3 Year Book Staff, Mohlba A UGus' halls from Phlppsburg where there's plenty of room for laughter maybe that explalns the glggles heard whenever she's around All klddlng aslde 'GusH f1ts ln wlth any crowd ALICE M MCDONALD Al 'There lS sunshlne to every sltuatlon UAlN spends most of her tlme wrltlng letters to the servlce men Is there a certaln young man who re celves most of them NAlW plans to be a secretary after graduatlon Here's to you ANNA MERRILL 'A smlle 15 the best tlcket to success H Basketball 2,3, Volleyball 3, Badm1nton 3, Latln Club 3,L, Cheerleader 2,3,A, Mohiba 3 If they sold dlsposltlons, I'm sure we would all have one llke Anna's. Her ambltlon lS to become an Army Nurse Oh well, the Army has lots of attract 1ons! Good luck, pal! 22 , . . . eslu ' ' ' ' ' ss. Sh f-S 'ts I . ' Ag- ' ?""V Eiialllnnhhv ' af a U 4' . . , J dv . . . ,I C, Q Q n n nc . I A 5 I V o . . ' . . . 5 , . . - 1 ' vu n , . . . . .H . . . .- -S - , ' 1 J , . . . Q AF 4' 17" 'iv MARY JANE MORSE Morsey' WJoy ruled the day and loved the nlght Vmce Pres 2, Basketball l,2,3, Hlklng l,2, Softball 3 Soccer A, Archery 3, Dram lub l,2,3, M Club 3,A, theerleader 2,3,A, Sr Play, Phys Ed Dem l, Mohlba Dec om l,2, Debatlng 3, Swlmmlng l One Act Plays 2, Soph Hop Tlcket Com HMorseyH and her dates how Room L wlll mlss hearlng about them' SAnAH ADELINE NUNSEY Sally' Patlence overcometh all thlngs H Student Councll 3, Dram Club l 2,3,b, Jr Class Play Com , Sr Class Play Com , Soph Pln Com nSallyn 15 one of the hardest workers ln our class She has a verv understandlng nature Could lt be for the Army Je are all sure that she wlll have no trouble ln gettlng what she wants Loads of luck MADELYN KATHERYN OLIVER Maddy' 'He treads llghtest who has learned to dance Com lub l,2, Student u0UnCll 2, Basketball l,2, Softball 2,3,A, Year Book Staff, Sr Class Play, Volleyball 3,A, Mohlba l,2,3,h, Phys Ed Dem 3, Majorette l,2, Home Ec Club l,2, Soccer A Cheerful, happy nMaddy H We wlll always remember your danclng ln the Moh1ba, and hope to see that secret ambltlon of yours come true RANDALL HURLEY ORR Randy' 'Oh for a car that needs no repalr ' Randall 13 forever hav1ng trouble wlth h1s car, but when he has lt flxed, clear the h1ghways"' NRandy has enllsted ln the Army Alr Corps Reserve and hopes to be called early ln the fall de hope he w1ll watch h1s alt1meter and not come back wlth h1s head 1n the clouds Good luck, Randall FRANK PAGURKO 'S1lence 15 golden U Tlcket Com Sr Class Play L, Phys Ed Exhlbltlon 3 Manual Arts Club Frank has been a very qulet lad these four years and not untll recently have we dlscovered hlm NC sanovan has a hobby of wr1t1ng poems wh1ch 1f we may say so aren't bad 23 Ui! EDJARD PARKER HMen of few words are the best.H Eddie is one of the shyest boys in our class. Now, don't let the fact that you're bashful get you down Ed. John Alden fared pretty well, didn't he? PHIJCILLA ARLENE PAR:hLEY HPussy NGood nature lS more agreeable than wlt, and more amlable than beauty Hlklng, Band 2,3,h, Home Economics club l, xmmwrmaluhw L3, The glrl wlth the blg sllver horn became a wlll known flgure durlng her four years at Morse, not only for her ablllty ln the Band, but also her sunny smlle that greeted everyone NICHOLAS ERNEST POULOS 'Nlck' 'Noel' 'Babe' 'To have a frlend 13 to be one Football l,2,3,A, Basketball l,2,3,A, Softball l,2 A, Manual Arts Club l,2, Vlce Pres A, Year Book Staff A UN1ckH has been one of the maln supports on our foot ball and basketball teams Wln, lose, or draw, he's rlght ln there glvlng all he's got Nlcku 15 plannl g to enter the Marlne Corps and we know he w1ll succeed CHARLES LEDNAHD PRESBY 'oharlle HSpeech 1S sllver, but sllence 15 golden N For four years now, NCharl1e has plugged dlllgently away, wlnnlng no laurels, asklng no favors, and ln general keeplng pretty much to hlmself To be a oraftsman lS h1s ambltlon and we know he wlll succeed Step up and take a bow, 'oharl1e,n you deserve t LINNA MARIE PURDUE Lln HLet me have muslc dylng and I seek no more dellg Sec Phl B1 chem Club, dadmlnton 3, Orch 2 3 Glee Club A, Latln Club l,2,3,h, Dramatlcs l,2,3, Year Book staff, Mentor Staff, Mohlba 2,3, Ass mbly Planlst 3,L, Debatlng 3, Nat Honor Soclety Q We all wlll mlss se lng and he rlng nL1HH play the piano, as we go lnto the as embly hall on Frldays 'Llhn plans to go to college next ye Loads o luck 2h .4 as snuff PUFIEL DIDIAN RAVNLS H or she f s e ' l rln H Archery 2 j,L dmlnton l Latln Club 2,3, Dram atlcs Club l,2,3 A VUP191'S fFnClOUSH9SS and p t ence endear her the hearts of her cl smates e do not knov her plans for the future, but here's flsn ng her all the luck she may need MARGUERITE FRAN ES Rlhns Sadle Jack of all trades and master of Them all N Class Pres L, Pres G A A A Student uOUHCll 3 A Sec Stamp Club, Mohlba 2,3,A, Jr Play Sr a hatlonal Honor Soclety 3 A D A R candldate, Basket ball l,4,3,L, Glee club 3,a, N lub, Year Book Staff, L tln club 2,3,A, Dram tlcs lub ,2,3,A Mohlba mx Com 3, Ch Jr Rlngs, Softball l 4,3,L, :oph Hop, Youth Rec Councll, Soccer lnter sports, Volleyball Our Slncere thanks for your excellent leadershlp, Sadle How do you do lt? BARBARA MARJORIE RING 'Barb' H H l've got gobs of love for the Navy H Basketball l,2,3, Softball, Phys Ed Dem , Mohlba HBarbn has no speclal ambltlon, but lf thlngs COHtlHu6 as they are no , she'll probably open a U S O center for lonely servlce men Wherev r she goes or what ever she does, ve'll all mlss her late appearance each mornlng DOROTHY B ROBINSON Dot NLaugh and the world laughs wlth you U Tran fer from Harmony Hlgh, Basketball l,2, Soph Play, V106 Pres l, Pres Class 2, Student uOHHCll 3 Ve'll all mlss Dot's glggle 1U shorthand class e 15 about the happlest person to be seen ln the school She plans to go to Buslness college next year Here s to you, Dot MIRIAN ELVA ROBSON lggsy hat s eet dellght a qulet llfe affords Mlrlam has been so qulet, fe hardly know her But we all Nant to wlsh her the best of luck as a stenographer 25 'Dm LO1RAINE B VB1LY PYAN Lorry' 'The h1ghest alm lS the one for me V ce Pres Deoatlng club, Pres Stamp Club, Jr Play, or Play, Ba ketball 3, Dramatlcs olub 4,3 Lorry's amblt on certalnly holds lnterestlng and exc tlng experlences for her would you llke to vlslt alaska, too GE1TRUDE ELZIE SIMPSON 'Ozzle HTo know her 15 to love her Ye r Book staff l, Speaklng Contest l, Mohlba 2 Phys Ed Dem 3, Basketball 3, Ph B1 Chem olub 3 Jr class Play Tlcket Commlttee 3 Gertrude transferred from Stockton Sprlngs Hlgh School durlng her Sophomore year, and slnce then she's made many frlends at Morse He're sure her ambltlon to be a nurse wlll come true lucky pat1ents" ELIVABETH KATHLEEN SMALL Betty' Smally' 'I'll flnd a way or make lt ' Basketball 2 3,A, Volleyball 2,3,h, Badminton 2,3,A, Softball, Archery, Soccer A, Hlklng l, Sr Soclal Com Jr Prom Com , Mohlba Dance vom , Home Ec Club, Treas G1rl's Athletlc ASSOCl3t1OD If you want anythlng done, glve lt to Betty' She 15 one of our most dependable clas mates, and an athlete of no mean ablllty JEAN HARRIET ST!-.NTON Hoome llve wlth me, and I wlll Serenade you N Swlmmlng l, Glee olub l,2, Glass Sec l 2,3,L, Ch Senlor Soclal, Jr Prom Com , Soph Hop tom , Fresh man Soclal Com , Yohlba l,2,3,A, Usher Jr Play, Physlcal Ed Demonstratlon Jean won her ay to our he rts wlth her four actlve years ln Mohlba keep up the good work and some day you'll wln fame HILDA I J APLES Tlny' 'Good thlngs come ln small package Hlklng l, Swlmmlng l, Soccer A B nd l,2,3,A, Orch l,2,3,L, Senlor soc om , Jr Prom uom , Usher J lass Play Freshman Dance Com , Phys Ed Dem Senlor Play Com , ooph Hop com Hllda wants to be a good wlfe e see no reason why she shouldn't see her ambltlon Lb BAKBARA STODD A 'sarb Blondle Nlhe g l of a thousand lnterests all men Latin ub l,2,3,b, Yohlba 3 A 'garb s cr y about dances Perhaps that's one of the any thlngs that make her so lnterestlng lhen are ou golng to stop breaklng men's hearts long enough to ettle do n to somethlng deflnlte The very best of luck, kld 'LAN can never forget Jou MAQV LOU JTONE 'Stonle HEveryth1ng comes to hlm who walts H Clothes, NHHSIOHS, partles and artlsts' Here's to dreamy NSton1eH may all those castles ln the a1r come true' JOSEPH LVERETT SIANTON Joe 'As he brews so shall he drlnk ' Football 3 L, Jr Class Play Sr Class Play, One Act Plays 2, Latln Club l,2,3,h, Phl B1 hem Club 3,A Dramatlcs Club l 2 3,h, M Club A, Year Book Staff MOh1b3 3 A Joe wants to be a doctor, but there lS one thlng to remember HAS he brews, so shall he dFlHk,u so try all those prescrlptlons before you glve them to your patlents BARBARA ELIZABUTH TASKER 'Barble 'Order 15 a lovely thlng ' Basketball, Hlklng, Class Play l, Latln Club, Prlze Speaklng l, Usher class Day 3, Usher Graduatlon 3 Here's another of our classmates that looks toward the buslness world She has proved her ab1l1ty whllo at Morse, and should make good 1n any llne BARBARA E TIBBETTS Barby' 'Reflnement creates beauty everywhere.' Glee Club 3,A, Home Ec. lub 1,25 Commerclal Club 2. UBarbyU lS another of our qulet glrls and she wants to be a secretary after she graduates. Lots of luck to you, Barby. 27 ' 'I . - .Er 1' u H ' n J ir ' -- .H Sl' ' ' - L ' , . I I' Il az . m ' ' s . ' ' . 'H r y . . s w ' ' ' ? . , X 'I A N I ' n Student Council lg Jr. Class Play, Dramatic Club 2. "' P ". ll ll I ' . I , . . 5 . . . ' "' - ' ' F' . - -U , ' f' . V' - . 5 I 3 , . 3 V . ' , Y I ' U U I ' ' . I . ll 1 I ' I . G ' MARTHA FOOTE TORREY 'A pal, a frlend, and a good sport, what more there to say W Soccer A Hlklng l, Rlng Com 3, Freshman Dance Com Phy Ed Dem l,3, Ushers Jr and Sr Class Plays Martha has no speclal plans for the future, but we' sure anythlng she J1Sh6S to do w1ll come out flrst rate how about lt, gang? PAUL F TOURTILLOTTE HHe, of all men, lS best deservlng a falr lady N Student Councll 3,h, Sr and Jr Plays, Latln Club l 2,3,b Dramatlcs Club l,2,3,A, Phl B1 Chem Club 2,3 R, Mentor Staff l,2,3, Year Book Staff, Mohlba 3 Mohlba Ex Com, Jr Rlng and Play Com, Latln Club In1t1at1on Com 2,3,h, Soph Hop, Jr Prom Adv Com Although Paul's ambltlon lS to be a doctor, he lS enterlng the Alr Corps Perhaps, 1f you play your cards rlght, Paul, you can comblne the two and become a fllght surgeon 'I'll flnd a way or make lt Basketball 3,L, Football A, Softball A, Man Arts Club Nlckabodn would llke school much better 1f he could drop all studles and substltute for them a dlSCHSSlOn on sports nAl1b1 Iken has nothlng on Kenny elther Serlously though, we know Kenny w1ll make good wherever he goes RENA CARRIE ULMER HA volce l1ke a canary W Mohlba 2,3,b, Jr and Sr Play Adv Com, Moh1ba Adv Com , Jr Rlng Commlttee, Class Banner Com L Rena came to us her Sophomore year and has made many frlends Her talent should make her a success ln any career VERNA WALLACE Veronlca Hhone knew her but to love her None named her but to pralse U Latln Club l,2,3, Dramatlcs Club l,2,3, Class Treas 3 Mentor 2,3, Edltor 3, Ch Jr Class Play Com , Mohlba Advertlslng Com, Soph Hop Advertlslng Commlttee Verna was one of the most popular glrls ln our class She left last year, but our thoughts w1ll always be wlth her and we know that she w1ll be a great success ln the world. 28 1 - . , is 3 ' ' ' ' . ' . lg ' re 5 ' ' ' l 9 ' . I ' . 5 KENNETH R. WILSON "Kenny" "Ickabod" I ' ' ll . . . . , 1 U ll ' ll . R , . A . . 3 I Qs.. aw' ,...f GILJEHT A MOODLAN Jr 'Glll' Woody' ' lthout labor nothlng prospers Football 3, Softball l,2,3, Manual arts Club HGlllH 15 rever tlred hen lt omes LO orklng on nach nery He also llkes to drlve a car and we me n dr1ve"' He 15 planning to Joln the Marlnes ln the near future MTHMFvE MDMN My 'Emmy 'Let me but do my work from day to day H Ye r Book Staff, DFdHltlCS Club, Home Ec Club Usher sen Play, Sen Play Tlcket Com Mohlba Tlcket Com L, Archery 3 To all of us who know HKayH, her sunny dlsposltlon, good sportsmanshlp, ablllty and wllllngness wlll always be remembered LILLIAN MARY JOHANSEN Dudu 'To flnd one good you must a hundred try Basketball l,2, Volleyball l,2, Glee Club 3,A Home E lub l skllng, Usher Mohlba 2, Mohlba 3, Usher Sprlng Festlval NDuduN 15 tralnlng to be a beautlclan She 15 also lnterested lH a certaln young man ln the Navy Here' loads of luck to you, we're all sure that you wlll succeed LIVERMORE BAILEY 'I do hate to be unqulet Band l,2,3,h, Orchestra l,4,3,h, Jr Class Pla Senlor Class Play Livermore lS new to us thlS year, but he lS already well known We w'sh you the best of luck 1n whatever you do, LIVGFMOFS 29 .1,..r.J vw ,K +-Y' r Y' nO Pi 1 D FS A v- .IVG U L 1 C VVJCE Q :AX U1 ,A . P r ,P mmf Ldrr e ts IGGY f D 4, Forge LQ me 1 Gflrmju D 1 ' H hll 4 I and fs QL P Fredenck And e f rtr Kewl I Crook? Wcrtvrrmz vorp Joie H Dcorond Uver Fh r 95 Footer 1141 Frcrf halter Gdudetue Pd L 1 ,rw S1014 Norrf Ju L11 'yT1I1 Tru W Dorrfq Alror H1 Ir vt Donald Ch A or 5 E rd Hum wus l D1v1Q,Lor1 Gm dd LfmOLI1l br' n rr args I not O"L'T'v MOT' 5 .J ff ui r U .1 r wr nel Porvmrlg u D Vlb1OY1 AVV rm Babme P Mr' derangwr obmt Sougvt M' rd Bouge an xC'lt,L1I6 'rch rp' mms FJetc1er .J 0 HQ Lmns fr our on "frd Fell P 41 Lfgefnurl Howrt Qlmel irwrc. long Pk l nT'1.1cA1orWD5 Prbm Ijodprlll " 'lcv MUN hom r Hella! Reward Platt 30 " 'FS HISTORY Th? fri' '.'.Q iff 5,15 if grffef, Qfgu Ladies 2er.'.ler,e?r. Lite if was r:n'1'ii :br Egrigiegis to thifk: itat nmrqlrrg lrxpcrzzgf -avi. happened Qutfiif, if fxcge Eff the Ilfler East, ad ft. .L..'f.EI'if?-If 'Q act nf if THF rlt 'Leger gif. xii 'I'Qp.X'.d'?i by th: Atlaztir ani F1115 Lcsams. T,ffg.f .ze sw: Lie FQLQJ ir. 5,35 tiiziking. I-fem' Q of 'fr Claws--Y--The Cl:-..:: cf '.,l,---- re mn- fighting in LQ paris cf' 'hlf wcrld. T'-'Q h'QfHbl6 Dratei' f r zneir sn" me jrj' fx? Meir safe ret 'rr Cur Tlfxilq service fag Fra its gold star--Richard Qriif, ki1leJ it acxirn. Th. 'Ill' stare are .-5 in ' ,lsr :ad 5 'L ., ff? Lhr, i'f1,lf,..ir1g f-tux ,W . Q A ., ,. UQLA' Stfrzlrt 'frm-A1':i3' hir N Elo.. prime r if , kiwfgnj env af T.. ' Ifii'-, th LW: L.: f' llgsier. ' 1' r -1-.S--In 5. " int- ' , ,r--We 6 ,titers " 5. Y, ' M- 'LTV'-' : ,, .. --H., .V , 1 K, , r+, 'A . I ii . f . --.Lbt , JA.. X ' ' --I-I, ima' D: Q ',. N . ' 1 v v- 'vw 'H N ..I' A -- .. gn Q A :lf2y-- .fa1,ry Hat w- lr C p 'd'.'.'z1 f ' -J," rf ' 'fd , ': 1 ' 3--D' di if .CQ C ' . David 'Z frs T .. .J 'A' fp:--Tr11"i :fer Pff 1 PQ F,-QR 1 .pL1. Jffm TJ ,, .ii D521 --NedL1'1LL j UQ. YI . Slarfw ,, 2 ' H-r51,,' V U, H 1' i J, Riga L L Lv T,. ' Nj f' S -Lg The, 5 H I Dzilp Harper Suu 1 Riilj. .It GLX., . ey The ever popular French teacher N than atson was elected a our Faculty Advlser lb e ele ed for Student bOUHCll e roy Pe l Sallv Munsey, M FVU9FllC Hlnes, and Gerald u6mOlH9 uerald Lemolne and p Peaslex golned the servlce at the beg rnlng of the vear, so Kendall hapman and Paul Tourt llotte f lled the r laces cn the Student vOdHCll Because of lllness, ferna Wallace reslgned her offlce as tre surer and Glenda Howard flll d tnls vacancv A Junlor SOC181 was held on January 8, and lt proved to be very enjoyable Ma s New Husbandu, a three act comedy was presented on March l2 Ne shall never forget Robert Dolan s 'Hercules Also Lorraine Ryan and Lorna Kramer as the two small chlldren The play was very successful due to the excellent coachlng of Mrs Huth B N1lSOH The Junlor Prom w s sponsored Iay l Nlck Poulos, Leo outure and Bernard Pratt were our contrlbutlons to the basketball team The 'Leathernecks', c ptalned by Judy Dernl on, won the G1rl's lntra Vurll chanplonshlp Mr 'arrell lntroduced three new sports thls year Volley ball, archery, and badmlnton Betty Small's Volley ball team the HPans1esH were the champlons Many of our classmates were actlve 1D Mohlba The chlef character, Raz el Dazh, wa portrayed by Addlson Mclnnes Rena Ulmer, Marguerlte Rlnes and Jean Stanton were three leading slngers Robert Dolan, Merguerlte RlD9S, Llnna Purdue, Jean Gowdey, and Kendall Chapman were elected to the Natlonal Honor Soclety As Senlors we velcomed Mrs Anne Glpson as the GlFl'S Physlcal Educatlon Teacher Our class Officers are as follofs Pres dent Narguerlte Rlnes Vlce Presldent Nlck Poulos Secretary Jean Stanton Treasurer Glenda Howard Te feel proud of the fact that for the flrst tlme 1U the records of Morse, a glrl has been elected as Presldent Mr J Edward Pomeroy was unanlmously elected as our Class hdVlSEF Germalne Bonney, Judlth Dennlson, Robert Dolan, and Paul Tourtlllotte were elected to the Student Councll we sponsored the Freshman Honor Dance 1hlCh we belleve brought the whole 250 Freshman' The Senior Play entltled HDon't Take My Pennyn was presented under the dlrectlon of Mlss Mary H Corley Paul Tourtlllotte stole the show when h appeared on the stage as Mlss Glorla Lovely' Four of our boys were actlve ln sports They were Nlck Poulos, Russell Hatch, Kenneth Jllson, and Kenneth Hlll The glrls have had a very progresslve sport year under the leadershlp of Mrs Glpson A G1rl's Athletlc A SOCl7tlOH was organ1zed wlth four Senlor glrls a offlcers 32 ,, U A , Mr. 2 . f. , , s . ' ff ,., " ' ,, 'W . ff. . .os ,st . ..e. . no ey, .I . nl O . n A ' ' f y l J ' ' H : f i. X ,. w rw ,. ' 4 L ' 4 H ,- V 'J . r 4. .. .1 L if H Q . , , , A ,y . P ,. . ' 1 ll 1 ' W- T T E1 I ll. A ' v . ' . 1 'T ri 'T I, , . A V. . . U I I f ' ' . a . s . . . - . - . F . . . A . I . . . . . , . . . . - S . . J , ' H ' x- a ' I 4 . . l ............... A .... ..... 6 ....... ..... ............... fu . 1 . , . . , . . . . . N . . . . . . , e J H . . . . . . . . 1 , 'X s 1 ' s . ho's Jko 1U the Iorse H gh 700 onmeJ pe rox D er g J Ostrlch Lover rd Eel near Perrot Clam Owl oanary Cctopus Ger alne Bonney U1 bert Ioodran Judy Dennlson r e Fr nk Jerd ver rank H Pegurko Lln oern ore sal ex oarlton Frances Fl1hertJ Jeer Go de HlCH8Fd Godfrey Rena Ulmer ranklln Hove H 7. ' 4 i Q if I vy Th ' v e . - A l f .N f. N . E, ' , N u.. : ' wr P E Q 13.4 .. .L 351.90 ' A 1 4 o f , f ol fl L A . . l Li 2 F"l J 1 f D F M. l 1 ' A -C X 4 wvl sw... ,. n y I , A , u f .-f:-"' 55:1 .1 , s F ' U ffti?-nf , ' 7 ,Hz 'E 4-:A wx Q A 2, . - -r Bobby Dolan N ,,x ' L uf L - 'd ' a "-,, A uv Q "1 . w TJ , , V 11: 1 ' ,gf L3 X . . ,F . ,- I. oo ,, b . ' " .? , 4, ,- f ' H e' Q of ft .MJ .7 y.. , " 'X If 'Y ,,'vf',:-lp: 1:5-.3 - 'Q , xml' W' 1 1-Xvtg X ' lg --X ep Q' 9 , ' v- '- 1, I I Leap rog Red hed ed Noodpecker Vule P acock Laughlng Hxena olf Iolverlne ora Beaver C3THlVOTOUS Neasel dOlV9PlHP5 Ele nor Fullerton Joe 5 anton Gertrude DLHPSOD eres McCourt Padl Tourtlllotte oarbara Rlng 1F15 Gardner Marguerlte Rlnes U Guess 9 ClasS MOSTS 3 'ucv 31+ 1 9 6 i PST of 'Ax 0 Q Q 4' 0 Huw M09 Q W Q Mo T 05 fx 5105, U 0 906' 5057 3 D5 liifii ,W LSA oCrn1S1l JM T jett Ander Q To e n 5 amor 1 Je 120V D AAL rj Jtcne plV8F ore 3JllEl LJ Bett Y n IGNIFILD Andersen N rle Purdue rd Godfre DG Af JJQ JJ bfi A hATEH Juan uc dz uh rles Pre UV Bc l Q - .vs usa Ill il Ill ll is I' if uf .,n If: an nn -gn qv ll Ill UI usa I u las Isl DUI Ill T r vu Tar .mer te 11 av d De 'lord 'i ,X 9 Q! wilt T LFI 'VF :LQ " r Jeb ond -of .oe-""' e net Arm Terr ll Kenreth Pi ll G v in '4 In 'E Q:- :E QI! if Bl! 1 it ll ,I DW' Co Q 'J "-. uv se E3 M L If f an 'CQT LAW' C CUQ L 'ma r e mr ue rf Jw' ff em J CQT MX LL. IJIL IKJT LI DUE. wil M-.J PLI Jem Gowd d Bdrbdrd ptoddzr Itlvhard Godfre derna d Pr tt, Paul Tr lrtlliotfe fx 5? ..- 4 Lf O6 11 .ur -,. pw 44 4. .4 ID r.LT Tyr fr! Jtc Pm. Kr :HPF Qui' L ilu Rena Vlmer Davld CJ f J 'T' 1 TL.. ,FL L f f LL l.,JT Af 1 0,23 Q, In our .1 rd. 1 Amr, fiom man D Q ntof. v ! 1 'V ' " ii 'Y .,,,,.- 2' 0 4' I 5 i ww rj ,, ,i . ,,,m Mr. .. , , , .B ,,,,....l. ' ,. , :V - V 3 ' . 1 , I' 4 we 1' L, K V , I 'A . JA,"- , ,, A .. Q ' E' LETH EE: 'Q 1.753 1-fggk 'fgjgn 1' 14 I-fx Q ' me LQ. fy., I-.g. s Qfrltg 153535 Pfermezh Pill Kvrdgl jh:1g,gn:,p D551 ygv nd MT? Y -'lib-.L 3' UW dI"3?ELT KLFF 4 ,J A, Q p T -Nj 13 1, 'iff V if '. D"HO..d Fo. C Jas .ph 'Ha . ,, , , ? V. 1 P2 , b ' A in r , , , V , A, L X Y 'Q 4 v auzsaunalvv- Y I.- at J' .I IEKERKK N. 75 , IDF,-L PrcCFILE 1-LL HF LD A C C J :WU fmderscn IV' rguerlte urea Framfe. Fhmert Gordcn Moran Rox Pevle P ul To.1r't1Aot+e B1 wT UAIM E11 Jean .Jtmton Paul Tourtlilotte mul ,JL MOQT AFFABLE I1 T5 Norge IDHL HAIR Robert Dolan Gertrude Slmpson Dav d Deemond Frank variton 1. in- iw 4 58 41' -.wiv ,Q QUIh EQT Jear do d Ed ari r rr r NOST nTHL.TI Judith Danni Nick Poulos SON EQULJ Ti I L L C ' AICN rguer te TJ OT nnx F me K6Hn9t iobe t J POJT DI Udslfl Mary Qnfn Leo Ccuture Norman Frizgell J J LA:J ,A Iris G' ,ner Joseph Snantun U5 IFVV 41,1 4-V in 7 pQar gl D w Q Q 5 Q 4. J As x1 V 5' for O1 or for icr or for or or or or lor lor for or tor vcr lor JEIIOR LASS ALPHABET , r c Q e g1rJ nth w Q cu 'o o .0 e als lxe quiet lttle man ee: OILS 5 the, our 5 rl atllete 'lenabodn ou hssxetbsll or Je h uno comes from far Kerheth, our .less clsahovd r , who cQr't be px sed over Martha, who rever fal s kick, who knows all the tales Ollfer, our danrlhg glrl Paul, two taxes them th Q nhlrl questlons, N ch all of us ask Hlth rd, who qF1TkS no t k bdile, rho N111 shr h vno lS Ferd to flHd us, hc are frltlng thls Verna, nhom a l of us msss wvven, 1th fsture career the snxrown h1 h all of us Peer re Ve rboox f ' 4 the Verhs t ale no .0 Q .+I ' I C 'Y . is fer A4jrey ou 3 dest little H' T is fer dopby, M' sexy f rl. is fer Gvres, nh Likes L hike is for Dave, whom 1 5 could "-l" . is lor Eiiie, 5 4 L' is for Fran' ', our 2 '4 f n. is Germalr ' ei F is for Helen, who cax't be beat. Qs f ' ' V' r L' K ' st' is f ea., 'L , 5 . is A . A 'N z ' is 'Y Ligna Q. is H is f X " A 'l is H " 'f F U . is f ., 1. . is f ' 11 ' i ' 1" . is f ' 'hi ' ' is f 'els ' -.' as . is 4 "" 1 ' W " :HS is ' Ti y, .I ' ,H ' . is N V.. . . is f . " 1 4 . ts for 'auf W' e 'M A is L . ' '. ' , n 'Q L f is rx tk - s ' C A' is n -h, ,s,, , whish e'f T rl. L as i iimfghgfiil If-F2 5552 if giiiiiafiiigggi gisxwxm 'Ss' 'IB' lnlllllllllllllllliih-..5 51 r ., S I U f'f ?"v f w f 1wf !ff L' 'E 1lxirflifiminzsiiizilif' " ?ifEi!S5?iiiZEili?Si?3i?2Eiwg A H , Y: vs . W , 11, ,J A 8 -V , i , wa Q f M. , W , . 54 .. , ,v -f Y A ff Q V, K 5 4 ', .mm M. ,- - 1 zzsixiias ialxss alzlinj 3 g an 2xxxxXll-in iii' J num Efffa,....., ll!llH!llillilillli!llh- hub .nimminnsunmud 2. "' """ K an A ,gr - fag ay A , My 44? ,H rlbfff E' H : 4 " 5317 ' 5 :fp-, :if fl mmg- ' ' ' .v -.':1-'--- A 4 , 1 s a A a umuL4.n,4 1 C A l 1 4- - f I Q wf, Q S! -Hi g:asain4anansauxnnsnnillillulllll il 0 mlaatlliaiiiillilxwfflllllusf Hki?I5iilillilllilmlliiglln "fF3 llilllv ! i Q I 5 i I i I I igtihineng Q S 2 ll fl ' 'I 8 fa' E f sw "" ' fnaysx qfvfjfi iim' H ' ' f 1 ' M rf ' 1- : 5 3 ! 1, ' I 5 5 ' flfiiillfllskis ..n .5 NIMH I Q' N I ' ' : 9 3 i5f'f?li "'! oil 5 k L, vim 1 L W e r H 'he lLWlHf Y ga Loc S he me ee V e rres ASPH Jurton a A Secretd' Rub 1 4l3mS TTEdCuT9T Donald Jpeir Ame anc1 A Lfr, er Jd r hwer FalQ'DL 'ere 11 M se flnal 3 deelded to 'old a 3OC14l sometime LH npr' 1 wae wel Y e'+f r' 'his ,DAF L .snj or oar soy tail QLHQ Qth LQOLLAAA nd DJS46tb1J e 5 NlSh6 to LHLHK Mr rown, P cultf Auvlacr, lnoer whom they have sf 1 ye r r h J he,p, A, Ae 3 51 Hl5T5hY KF THE "'fS OF L947 .h F Hshmah 21253 elefted LQ, fel H" 1 -0 serve " off' r.: Pepsi? Ht ----- H ----N------ Philip Am , 'ic- N , i4 A ------------ 1' 'r4Lh fAv-- ------- - ---- --- "h U'l" 1 yy -1-M -11-- -----1.5-V I " f Sth' nt Qc' fl Fl:?2 F FQLQ tcm FLW. " y Qlr first class meeting was heLd on February Q. At this meeting methods of 'A,L j money w e'scHS d. IL was ' l' G' Q L 'F J A :- The :Qas3 ' F H 'I xepres,g,zc in spa .E J ' P,f , ni h r,.v ' ' V S cp e fl ' ' in bn A "" Q A ': Q a'l. Thi QLAS' V' 5 I ' . E ' 'Q ,' "'- 1 K had a very sucses Qu a , fc 'ie tile, . W id iF.a . r..,. F At the second meeting of the student councll ln October, the followl f U8 o flcers were elected for the ensulng year President- Robert Dolan Vice Presldent Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advlsors Mrs R H Cook Mr Duncan Farrell Germalne Bonney Ellzabeth Trott Davld Desmond The proceeds of the annual Mohlba th1s year, w1ll be donated toward the new Athletic F1eld Th e money wlll be put lnto a fund for the present tlme At the end of the year, the Student Athletlc Cup w1l1 be awarded to the boy most outstanding in sports An award will also be glven to the outstandlng girl In Aprll or May the Counc1l w1ll make 1ts fourth trlp to Augusta to attend the State of Maine Councll Meetlng at Cony Hlgh School 52 . I fi 5 L i Q""""' ' 1 D - , 4 Y S 4 1 V s ' da-5 V . 4,4 If ,rw 5 y D' STUDENT COUNCIL W3 U MOHIEA -.--'vu-C Th1s ye r the Moh1ba 1111 be pre ented on March 29, 30, and 31 under the dlFeCt 1on of H155 V1Fg1H13 Je ett of the faculty The 1a1ent Parade A111 be called 'The Yankee Doodle Blues fUSlC for the Ball N111 be provlded by Lloyd Rafnell and H15 orchestra The proceeds from th1s event 111 go toward the new hth1et1c F1e1d Moh1ba oomm1ttees are as follows Faculty hdVlS6P T1Ck9t con Mrs Margaret Flaherty Dance com N155 E1a1ne Joodhead Pub11c1ty Mr Nathan Iatson Program Mr Dav1d A1kaz1n ohalrman Germa1ne Bonney Jud1th Dennlson Ellzabeth Trott Paul Tourtlllotte Beverly ourren Hlchards Andrews P 111p Ames The Executlve oomnlttee lS composed of student OUHCll members, each of whom lS cha1rman of one of the COmRltt66S named bove cha1nnan of the Execut1ve Com 15 Robert Dolan ,.. .,.,,,....- - --QL-1-1 f-nf...-P,-.-Q-.-Q.,-Na,-.-r-q , ,. ' I ,, . iff I V , . u K X ,Q ' Y , - Y 0 ' . a., L P - gi et Y fl. J ,V A , it ' ' .- ' , H' K- ' C , v Q - . , . . . . v ,T ' , 11 . I In w ' -' ' , 1 . n' ' . . ,, . l . - , . ,, . . ,, F . A. . ,., . . . . . . 4 . . I fw Q '1 fs . ,, . . ,, ,, . Y . .. u . A . ' ,, . . A cl 4 0 . SENIOR CLASS PLAY 3-9141+ The comedy, NDon't Take My Penny,W was presented to the publlc December lA, l9h3, under the dlrectlon of Miss Mary H Conley On the executlve committee were Kenneth Hlll, Lorralne Ryan, and L1nna Marie Purdue The followlng students took part 1n the play Hadelyn Oliver Kenneth H111 Betty Anderson Rlchard Godfrey L1vermore Balley Frances Flaherty Marguerlte Rlnes Joseph Swanton Paul Tourtlllotte Lou1se Klng Robert Dolan 51+ mald Nonman Porter Penny Caleb, her father Mark Lydia Joanna Kerry Greg Gram Monsleur Henrl ................a ' Glenda Howard...... ....Mavis -CQ 'ff 3-gy JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 'ha nMa's New Husband,N an exc tlng comedy was presented by the Junlor olass on March 12, l9h3, and was dlrected by Mrs Ruth Wllson Those on the executlve commlttee were Verna Iallace, Joseph Swanton, Betty Anderson, and Paul Tourtlllotte The cast 15 as follows Robert Dolan Marguerlte Rlnes Lwmmewm Lorna Kramer Kenneth H111 Addlson Burbank Paul Tourtlllotte Loulse Klng Marv Stone Frances Kobs Joseph Swanton 55 Hereules Harser Mrs Lottle Dlnsmore Lucv Dlnsmore Marlon Dlnsmore Fred Sevmour Elwood Thornton Ned Walker Slmpllclty, a mald Isabella Chase Marguerlte LaSylphe An Offlcer .D GIRLS GLEE CLUB Thls fall, when the call for Glee Club members was made, flfty two glTlS responded The magorlty of these glrls are from the Freshman class Thls group meets every Thursday durlng home room perlod Thelr flrst appearance was lH the Assembly program durlng Natlonal Educatlon week At thls tlme two selectlons, 'C1r1b1r1b1nH and HThe Lost Chordn we rendered Also ln thls program Ruth wllllamS and VlPg1Hl8 Andre Jere featured 1U duet accompanled by the Glee Club HAngels We Have Heard on H1gh,n NS1lent W1ght,H and the beautlful Htant1que de Noelu were sung as part of the Chrlstmas Assembly A magor performance of the Glee Club lS the Easter Cantata, the HEaster Sunrlse Songn whlch wlll be presented Easter Sunday Sololsts are Ruth Wllllams, Betty Arderson, and Vlrglnla Andre Llnna Marle Purdue and Valerle Nlckerson serve as able accompanlsts The Glee Club 1S under the dlrectlon of Mlss Dyer 56 W- Q '. i ' Q I '7' ' - - ' qi' a 'L J .X W A' . I- F V ' A-i'r.,5 0 . . . I ..... re . . . .. . . . . V . . A . . ,, . O BAND Who are the students wearlng those blue w1th sllver tr1m uniforms9 None other than the Morse Hlgh Band members who rehearse alternatlng Thursday and Friday afternoons Besldes playlng for assemblles nd rallles, the Band presented a most successful concert February A at Huse Memorlal School The program included Flag Presentatlon Pledge of Alleglance Unlted States Army Alr Corps Song by school Patrlotic Medley Band Squadron Band Bands As We Know Them Today Edward Cogan Chlna Cllpper Band Famllies of Instruments 1n the Band Hllton Llbby Blaze of Glory March Band Llfe of John Plllip Sousa Billy Pomeroy Mar1ne's Hymn Band Torch of L1berty Band Star Spangled Banner Band and School By request, Central Grammar heard thls same program March 17 Muslc for the Junlor Play was furn1shed by the band, as well as the music for the spec1a1 P3tP10t1C assembly February 21 The Band wlll also march and play for Memorlal Day exerclse 1n May 57 --:ug f""mm --.Q--1 f""""'mW r.....m ORCHESTRA Orchestra members thls year lnclude Mllllcent Hecht, Norma Drummond, Norma Cummlngs, Rlva Greenblatt, and Valerle Nlckerson, p13I1O, Murlel Moore, Judy Slnclalr, Beverly Rogers, V1rg1n1a Bowker v1ol1n, Edward oogan, saxophone, Dorothy Gl1ChTlSt, Llvermore Balley, John wlSh8Tt, Albert Berry, Magella M1ller, Mary Lermond, clarlnet, B1lly Pomeroy, Arthur Berry, Maynard Stevens, trumpet, Charles Lermond, bass, Donald Povlch, trombone, Adell Balley, drums The orchestra rehearses every Tuesday afternoon At thls t1me student conductors are tralned by Mlss Dyer Mlll1C6Ht Hecht, Norma oummlngs, Rlva Greenblatt, and Valerle Nlckerson have developed qulte successful conductlng patterns The orchestra played lncldental muslc for the Senlor Play Thelr se lectlons were these 'Chrlstmas Medley,' 'Alla Turca March,H and Poem Nwalta of the Flowersn and HSurpr1se Symphonyn are belng studled for thelr educatlonal value, although the lack of SUfflC16Ht strlnged lnstruments 15 a serlous handle p to performlng muslc of th1s type It lS hoped that next year, several grade school puplls wlll augment the strlng sectlon so that the orchestra can play more standard works 58 W ,M, ,,,,,, W -uf' ' D ' . . . . . . , . . . ' 2 . . . H l . . . . . . . . . . . l I I . . . l . . . . . . , A . . . . . . . . . . - ' . I ' I v u n . . . . E . . . . . .i-.1 a 2 15 B HEHAQ V LATIN CIUB Under the upervlslon of M153 Hhoades, the faculty advlsor, the Sodalltas Latlna passed an lnterestlng and successful year The club was lncreased thls year by 23 members who were eliglble for membershlp These were inltlated 1n the usual manner, gally garbed 1n Roman clothlng, faces brllllant wlth palnt, and obedient to the regular members' behests The 1n1t1at1on was completed by servlce at the annual banquet, elther as entertalners or slaves The 1n1t1at1on committee was as follows Paul TOuPt1llOtt6, Chalrman James Bonney Marguerlte Rlnes Doreen H1gg1ns Wllllam Elllot Hurlel Poullot The banquet COmm1tt86 was as follows Nonma Drummond, Chalrman Hilton Llbby Virginla Bowker Gene Bennett Hlllicent Hecht Frances Callan Mrs R Hazel Cook left us at the half of the year This year's offlcers were as follows Coneuls,James Bonney Robert Dolan Quaestor, Mary Lou Reed Censor, Murlel Poullot We are now working on an assembly for the latter date of the year 59 , -,.-..'- , , ,.- ....,.. -....-. T -QQQ ' I . ' - Y v ,V N.. ' - 'yas 2, 1 ..,- V, M ' .V ,H w V , ... . A ' H, n H ' "Har" .P 4-. f ,j.3, ?w,Ml vi ,Eg4srf,, ,f,g,f jj flasws" S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' n . . . . . . ' o . . . . nnsni 5- all r..H....... I 1 nun, DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club was increased thls year by 30 members who were el1g1ble for membershlp Under the supervision of Mlss Mary H Conley, faculty adv1ser The first meetlng was held on November 3 l9h3 The following 0fflC8rS took charge Presldent Edward Cogan Vice Presldent Judith Dennlson Secretary Betty Anderson Treasurer William Barter Wllllam Barter su mitted his res1gnat1on on January 26 as Treasurer, an the vacancy was lmmedlately fllled by the competent Robert Nlles of the Junlor Class Dur1ng the year we sponsored two assembl1es The one ln fall HLet Them Come Backn, was for the beneflt of the students durlng Amerlcan Educatlon week For our assembly program ln the sprlng we presented the one act play y Speclal Request W The club approprlated money for draperles to be used w1th the stage settlng with the cooperatlon of Mlss Vlrglnla Jewett and M183 Catherlne Leonard, who made them, we were able to have them 1n tlme for the Senlor Class Play O 1 q ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A ,,A,, ,,,,, F ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,. .--W A. , ,uh , Y M-,,,.. ........1.-. .....,P....4... Q 4, ' 1 4 , ll - 'T ' L- x' 5 r ' ,, . - , ag F ' U ' A N t l g - , I I I ,, N an .er M . B 1 Z - , W . . A , . . ---... -.... .-..-- . . . . d 5 nB ' . 6 Q... PHI BI CHEM CLUB Under the capable dlrectlon of Mr Paul Merlesena, faculty advlsor, the Ph1 B1 Chem Club has passed a successful and prosperous year The club, con slstlng of approxlmately twenty flve members, meets once a month The OfflC8PS are as follows Presldent ex offlclo Fred Andrews, now servlng 1n the anmed forces V1ce Presldent Gerda Langbehn Treasurer Elalne Noyes The 1HltlatlOH of new members wlll be held ln the near future, and plans for a soclal are underway 61 W 5 I , , .,.,.. Q h r, 1 Q a - - V ' , s-3 ' .1 E. K 1 X 2 ' 3 If e Z N . , I ' - .2 ....1 , .T 4 . . 1, T 2' 'iv ' ix K N S-M . x 5 3 W' STANDING STAGE COMMITTEE This year as 1n previous years the Standlng Stage Committee of Morse High School has served at all school activitles It has also served ably on many professlonal functlons staged ln the Morse Hlgh School Aud1tor1um It is the only fraternal organization 1n the h1gh school, and lts new members are selected by the committee of the previous year and approved by their faculty advlsor, J Edward Pomeroy Its outstandlng achlevement was the arrangment of scenery and stage effects for the Mohiba The members of the Standlng Stage Committee are the followlng Kenneth Hill Manager Richard Andrews Ass't Manager Edward Cogan Electrlclan Donald Povlch Curtaln Attendant Ernest Hamblett Stage Hand Rlchard Godfrey Stage Hand Wllliam Elllot Stage Hand Two members of thls years commlttee have jolned up with Uncle Sam to fight the Axis They are Frederlck Andrews U S Anmy Slgnal corp Larry Wold U S Maritlne Commission 62 f r 5 Lg - 2 1 3 Q I I 1 ,M . ' ' 'I I' 1, X ... U- ' 1. ,, U L U 1 i I W ' Mr. -O6 .-ef. 4. 5'-1 -for ATHLETIC INSTRUCTORS Mr Paul Merlesena, Mrs Anne Glpson, Mr Henry Small, and Mr Duncan Farrell are ln charge of athletlcs at Morse HHankH Small 15 athletlc dlrector and football coach All glrls' sports are dlrected by Mrs Glpson HDuncH Farrell coaches boys' vars1ty basketball and Mr Merlesena coaches JUHlOP V8PSlty basketball Th1s lS Mrs G1pson's and Mr Merlesena's flrst year at Morse, and Mr Farrell's f1rst year as coach of varslty basketball 63 , 4 -s "5 li" . . S v 11, . ?, , V .. 4- , - , , y J f . ...---9 , , 5 .' I N af A A , 5' ig fb., v...-4-annw.-.u,.1f,1L-if ' "f-1 TK ' ini gl I L ' .ff-31, VN K . Q . . . . . . . . . . . 45-s ll II President Vice Pres Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor Nick Poulos Anna Merrill Mary Morse Glenda Howard Mr Henry D Small From the sale of ice cre m the WMU Club was able to raise the money to buy the four sweaters awarded the seniors Anna Merrill Mary Morse, Nick Poulos The following received letters this year Burgess Glnsberg Lamont Smith Hogan Hinds Cogan Morse ay Mazeiko Merrill Tabor Steen Andrews Mayo Brady Poulos King Svanton Hill Small Huff Hatch Stanley Small Wilson Hill Trott necessary Ray Bouget, The following girls received sweaters by the point system in sports Small G Estabrooks M Rines G Bonney M Durgan J Dennison Other girls in the organization will reteive letters in collective sports activities and working toward their sweaters next year. oh The team ended the se son 1th a vlctory over Thornton, chalklng up 9 The basketball The boys chalked up Wlmflng by elther a Under the able BASKETBALL season thls ye r was an excltlng one, lf not too spectacular vlctorles over clubs whlch were supposed to be much better, basket or a foul shot leadershlp of the new basketball coach, WDuncH Farrell, they overcame a handle p that has been hlnderlng the Morse teams for years, the 1nab1l1ty to play on large floors VlCtOFleS and 9 defeats Morse went to the tournament and was defeated by Lewlston Through g1aduat1on, the Morse basketball team wlll lose Nlck Poulos Kenneth N1lSOH, Russ Hatch, and Bud Hlll Thls Jas the schedule Morse Morse Morse Morse Morse Morse Morse Morse Morse Alumnl 38 So Portland Brunswlck 29 Cheverus 31 So Portland ao Brunswlck 25 ony 32 Lewlston 25 Ed Llttle 25 Morse Morse Norse Morse Morse Morse Morse Morse Morse Nestbrook 20 Portland 32 Ed Llttle 30 Cony 35 Gardlner 2l oheverus 35 festbrook 2A Lewlston 3l Thornton 3A . K ' K f, X 3 20 ' 33 ' '1 1-1+ - 3h - 30 -A AO ' . 32 . ' 2b lb lo . ' 30 ' LO ' 17 H 11+ Q 30 fv 26 ' 25 ' 31 . ' 39 65 Ouuuunuug-Q U-an-sus'-g,,+, ,- FOOTBALL The football season started as lt has for the last few years Coach UHankn Small had qu1te a turn out, but lt contalned green materlal for the most part The boys seemed to have the sp1r1t but not the sureness of the seasoned football player The loss of Pratt, Peasley, Belanger, and Nlles to the war was also a prlme factor The f1PSt game, whlch was wlth Edward Llttle, came out ln thelr favor u showed the detenmlnatlon of our boys he season went on wlth Morse chalking up but one vlctory against St Lou1s e season closed 11th a defeat suffered at the hands of Brunswlck, our blood rlval The boys who w1ll be lost from the football llne up by graduatlon are Hatch Poulos Swanton K Wllson The schedule was Morse O Gardlner Mgrse 0 Sanford MOPSS 11+ St Louls Morse O Brunswlck 66 . . . . . . , b ,G . . I T . ' ' . ' . Th v' R. . N. J. Morse ------ 6 Edward Little- ----- 13 Morse -----. 6 Biddeford----26 ------ ' -----------13 ---,-, --,-,,,,3L, ------ . ' ----------12 ------ - ,,-,,25 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOuIATION Thls year the G1rl's Athl9tlC Assoc1at1on was formed to represent all the g1rls 1n the entlre school The Off1C6FS are as follows Marguerlte Hlnes Judlth Dennlson Germaine Bonney Betty Small Mrs Anne G1pSOH From each of the four classes, a They are as follows Geraldlne Estabrooks Ruth Small Betty Ladd Mae Nelson The G A A follows the polnt system drawn Educatlon Thls new polnt system deslgnates the earned ln each sport durlng the year SO polnts class, lOO polnts glves the glrl her letter, l5O Presldent V1ce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advlsor glrl was chosen to represent thelr class Sr Representat1ve Jr Representatlve Soph Representatlve Fresh Representatlve by the State Dept f amount of polnts that can be glves the glrl numerals of her polnts g1ves the glrl a speclal deslgned state letter A SJmbOllC medal and state certlflcate wlll be given when the glrl has earned a total of 400 polnts 67 1-sung ul" BASKETBALL As usual Basketball proved to be the most 1nterest1ng 8CtlV1ty ln the fleld of sports S1x lntramural teams were organlzed 11th ten members each, and each team elected thelr own captaln The teams were as follows EMM CAPTAINS WON LOST Bonnets Germalne Bonney Tlgers Mary S3PklS K 225 Marguer1te Durgan Le thernecks Judlth Dennlson Seabees Geraldlne Estabrooks Caboloes Betty Small Each team played flve games ln the Tournament Games were played on Tuesday and Fr1daJ afternoons between 3 30 and 6 o'clock Competltlon between the above teams was very pronounced 68 'W' 1' EXHIBITION GAME An exhlbltlon game was played thls year between two teams made up of twenty two glT1S The names of the two teams were the Ndhltesn and the HBlacks H The two teams were made lp of the fOl1OW1Hg glT1S NHITES Bonney CCapta1nJ Dennison Small Durgan Estabrooks Klne Avery Sarkls Klng N11SOH Hopklns BLACKS Rlnes CCapta1nQ Trott Ladd Small Pomerleau Dole Klng Pratt Danforth Hlll Klng Thls g1rl's game was played before the hoy's varslty game, Morse vs Gardlner The Blacks were the wlnnlng team 69 A G - . 5 ' . E . 4 ? ' T' T 1 1 fy. C '--HA. rg, B T- , V A ,i,,Q,-an 3 x - , B .asf e- '." " N." Rl .-H J - G. ' M. ' ' J. ' E. B. B. PI. Ii. G. M. E. ' L. H. B. ' M. ' M. L. ' B. D.' ' A. ' B. ' A. ' 'Y SOCCER Soccer was one of the new soorts lntroduced lnto our athletlc program thls season Many glrls partlclpated Four teams were formed and thelr captalns are as follows Germalne Bonney Judlth Dennlson Lorna Kramer Q Betty Small Marguerlte Rlnes Q Mary Morse Slx games were played by each team Germalne Bonney's team was the wlnner Thls sport lS one of the flrst autumn sports that the glrls have partlclpated ln for some tlme It was greatly engoyed, not only because lt was new, but because lt gave them exerclse and fun ln the open alr St Mary's playground was used as the soccer fleld 70 ' wa . . . ' Q . . . Y . . . . . I 0 ARCHERY A great many girls turned out for Archery They were as follows Betty Anderson Virginia Andre Virginia Bowker Peggy Bull Pauline Crosby Geraldine Estabrooks Lillian Farnham Edith Hall Deletra Hill Helen Kakos Edythe King Eleanor King Barbara King Valerie Nickerson Elaine Noyes Barbara O'Grady Nellie Page Martha Pratt Janet Sullivan Elizabeth Trott Pauline Milliken Thalia Bailey A contest was held and Geraldine Estabrooks was winner with Pauline Crosby as runner up Riva Greenblatt Caroline St. Martin 71 It E Mx WINTER SPORTS Winter sports thls year conslsted of Skllng, snow shoelng, and Skat1U Those who partlclpated ln them are as follows Nancy Gregware Catherlne Glroux Nat al1e Burdltt Ann Jewett Vlfglnla Rand Eleanor Gralnger pOUlSe Dole Carolyn Carpenter Jean Small Arllne K1ng Mur1el Poullot Germalne Bonney Mae Nelson Nellle Page Judlth Dennlson Martha Pratt Marguerlte Rlnea Helen Avery Marguerlte Durgan Audrey Anderson Dawn Avery Anne Klng Mary Lou Reed Betty Cummlngs Mary Jane Footer Durlng the w1nter, Monday and Wednesday were the dars set as1de for skllng On Monday the leader was Martha Pratt, and the Wednesday group was under the leadershlp of Judlth Dennlson 72 8 ........... t' vu 6 I-1 V , .,. "'7r4:- . - ,ff R , ,.'.L,J . . . . . . ' . . . . . . . . -Y . . . . . . . . . . , v . . . . . . . 4-'73 M IPR' CHEERLEADERS We lose by graduatlon two of our varslty cheerleaders, Mary Morse an Anna Merrlll The two remalnlng varslty cheerleaders are Ruth Small and,El1zabeth Trott On the J V Squad were Barbara Preney and Betty Anderson of the Soph olass, and Betty CUmmlngS and Nancy Gregware of the Freshman Class These g1rls met wlth great success and N6 hope that they w1ll contlnue to do so 73 LETTERS The glrls who have earned a bor e letter thro gh the p nt sy tem bv faxing part 1D the sport program are s 'o lo Mary Norse Marguerlte Rlnes Anna Merrlll Marguerlte Durgan Glenda Ho ard uermalne Bonney Judlth Dennlson Jeraldlne Estabrooks Betty Small Barbara Klng Loulse Klng SJEATERS Ne are proud to say that elght senlor glFlS recelved Morse s eaters thls The other glrls recelvlng sweaters won them through the polnt system bv t8k1Hg part lH varlous sports durlng thelr four years 1U h gh school They are Marguerlte Rlnes Germalne Bonney Geraldlne Estabrooks Betty'Small Mmywmemmm Judlth Dennlson SPORTS ANAQD Thls year for the flFSt tlme at Morse, the Student Councll wlll glve an award to the senlor glrl who has been outstandlng lH sports durlng her four years She must have won a letter, have had a scholastlc average of elght have played two seasons of basketball, have p rtlclpated 1n two other sports, and have been outstandlng ln thletlc ablllty, cooperatlon, and leadershlp The Student Council wlll nomlnate her, and the faculty who dlrect and supervlse sports 3CtlVltl6S flll select her che wlll recelve the award at graduatlon '7L+ ' . ' 1 s ' . u . L oi "s 'Z . 1' ' s a T l HS: L 1 . . ' ' P 4 T . . . . . w . year. The senior cheerleaders, Mary Morse and Anna Merrill received sweaters. 1 Q u . - 4 -i G A . Y ' . P A ya 8 , , E . . 6 . . . . . . . . A. V. . MAJ P L ' 19uL aett1rg ie ept on con SUHSF1HI6Hd9 t's off ce 1U 190A Frdn es r xrert 1 t Anna Verr1ll A p11c1r Bsrbars stodder e lane r e le op s ous t her de A enters Good MOYH1 g Jood FOIH1Hp 'on t you he eatedo I'11 be r1th you IH just 4 moment flPlbHLQ her crk, nd 1o k up Nor may T ne p ou 15 lr unn1ngh.m lHQ Yes he ls dho shell l say 15 ca llng pledseo M155 Anna Merrlll Recal IH5 nsre Anni MerI1119 Arne 1errL11' Yes And you'r Frances Flaherty Or 15 lt Flxhertyo Ves lt 15 Jhy, Anna, I nsJen't seen u s1nce ye were grlduated That was no, LO year Jhat brlngs you here9 I came to see Mr ounnlnghlm about the rew posltlon open for a teacher Oh, th t pc51t1c as fllled yesterd 1 The ne teacher shou d be here any minute enter Jood mOTHlYg I weve an appointment wlth Mr cunnlnghan Oh, yes, you're the nel te cher 1'l1 e11 Mr u nlnghem you're here 5 ar 5 o v a r noves oudr r 5 offlce undertone Doesn't she 1ook farlllaro heslt te , trerl Ves, he does She cons 1 me narosrs Stodcer It 5 5 roars' S looks up tcofs c1ose1v then Arne and Franves' :hat you dolng here? Frerce the re eptlODlSt ans 1 ca e o app y 'or Q yOS1tlOH I h d o ldea you ere a teacher hy ye I ent to Norwel School nlth lHOH3 Q n und Pau lne Brown The,'re t ecnlng P Adergsrten 1F Old mean now 1 norder h t happened to 1 ndd dow rd one Janted to be a scnooltedcher '71 ...-- w-1Hn.. 1.1 'J T ifiluv . . : F 2 1 ro A of a n n ' 1 ' c. 'l.. y: Heceptfonis , . . M : p ea.t .5 7. f' 1 1' .,. 'T' , ,. I A. -1 2 he As th scer ens F. 1 sy 5 1 s'. M. . M. 'rA. '. I ,, , . . . r 4 F. F .1 Rf. v 1 ' 1 S f . ' 1 ' . K 1 . F. . '.2- w Q f 5 1 . "a ' 1 L11 y ? N , 5 . , . .1 A u XJ F' - F. 3. . ' ' 1 , ' . F C ww- W , X . f 1 - U - . 1 M ., C . . . . . M. . e-------------- f . ' ' 1 F. 1 " . f ' "' . . yo ' Z ' . ' 18, ' 5 ago. ' , . M. F . F ' 2 . ' ' . Q F. e 1 , fn w' ' sg. w 1 ' 1 3. 5. F '1f. L' ' F ' V' . ' ' 1 F. ' v a . . t . 1 n 4 ' ' ' . . A 5 A ., - A - M. t t t 164 e 5 . n t d M . J' . N. C D . - . F ' f- f- -. 1 1 J! 'X ' I .5 ' . S D 4. A - D4 . A A I 1 4 Ar- ' f ,- M. 1 1 . . . ' K' U . : '1 '--- . . I are M. 1 '. 5 is -. c ' ' ' n t 1' 1 ' n 1 ' . A . , a. a L ' ' H . -r ., ,. ' f' r ' , ww' v H. If " 3. u .V 1.1 -I ul I' J- - f' eg l .15 4' . A 11N . . . .- f .- . f' 1- V vf- "' -. ' r F. . uv c' o J C! Q- . 1 - That remlnds me of the new Broadway play, NPin Up G1rl' co starrlng Llvenmore Why Glenda and Jean Gowdy are settlng up plns ln the Arcade Bowllng Alley I heard Randal Orr and Frank Balley and Betty Davls Do you remember Llnna Marle Purdue and Martha Leeman9 Well, they're chorus glrls 1U the front row of the Zlegfleld Fo1l1es If you thlnk that's news, llsten to thls Rlchard Godfrey has started a harum He calls hlmself the Modern Bluebeard And Betty Anderson and Mary Morse are two to the few women rlveters left at Lockheed By the way, have you read the new book on Chlld Phsycology by Professors Nlck Poulos and Kenny N11S0D9 Can you lmaglneg Gennalne Bonney, Judy Dennlson, and Gerry Esterbrooks are tS3ChlHg ballet I hear Davld Desmond has lnherlted a fortune and 15 now r1d1ng 1D the back seat lnstead of the front By the way, glrls, thls 1S electlon year 1 hope everyone wlll vote for Marguerlte Rlnes, and g1ve her the honor of belng the flrst woman presldent Do you know Frank Pagurko and Charles Presby are head walters 1n the Brown Derby and Eleanor and Barbara Klng are waltresses You remember how sophlstlcated Audrey H111 was Well she's now the star trapeze artlst of the Barnum belng the only wanan who can tlmes 1n the alr Cwlthout a and Balley Clrcus She has the d1st1nct1on fly from one trapeze to another and twlrl e1ght net, too carlton have gust entered the Slx Day Blcycle Races Madelyn Ollver and Ceres McCourt are 1n New York composlng songs Thelr latest hlt lS 'They're St11l elther Too Young Or Too Old U And Buddy H111 gust recelved the Academy Award for the best romantlc plcture of the year I always read Betty Small's and Sally Munsey's column 1n the Bath Dally Tlmes They're glV1ng advlce to the lovelorn Franklln Howe and Gordon Cowar were wardens at Slng Slng No one knows where they are now Do you remember Loulse K1ng9 She was marrled rlght after graduatlon, and the have been voted the typlcal Amerlcan famlly I saw Rena Ulmer and Hllda Staples the other day They're stlll wa1t1ng for Cy Leeman and Bernard Pratt to get out of the guard house Ihat are they dolng ln the guard houseo They were caught when they left thelr posts to come home and get marrled 76 . . . . . ., - . -- . . . V . . y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . of . . . , J . f, . . . . . . . . I . . 1.1. ' . . . . . 4 . . . . . . . v . . U - . . Barbar Hlng and Mar! stone uert to Hawall They clal. tc be lts best Hula glrls l'l' Det vou d1dr't kno: that Bono! Dolan m rr SG Vleanor Fullerton He has oec me r yoert f sherhan, an t y're re dlng n a houseboat at Boothbay Harbor I recelved a card fron Dorothy G1 Chflot a cc ple of weeks ago She and Barbara uerthner ire llvlng 1U Log and Remembe P al Tourt lotte Jell, he's an orderly at the Bath Memorlal Hospltal ess e' e Jus nome aerda T ngb and Lorne Kramer are tr vellng a ourd e country yfsy avan nov Gllbert Joodman ln his a Sl tant manager You know that Beverl Hackett, Mary Furber, Jane Buker, and Lyndall UOFllSS all golned the hurse's adet orps Iell, they :ere sent overseas, and llked 1+ so vell they stayed there I bu ped nto wussell H t h tHE other dar e's runnlng from town to town uds ng baby conte +s Fartha Torrey and Jelr stxnton hafe taken up permanent resldence lH mono save the bother of golng b ck and forth I had a manlcure at Gllberts' yesterd1y hues who gafe lt to me Guy Hynes I heard Joe S anton last nlght He's SlHg1Hg ommercl ls on the radlo advertlslng Baby soap and powder Nr Cunn1ngham's bell rlng That's Nr ounnlngha ue s e w l e now to Barbaraj Anna sta t to leave Then I t lnk l e gc g ome down tomorrow, anna If Fran es 1sn't Du y, we'll go over some more old tlmes WHL W J Anna Merrlll Barbara Stodder Frances Flaherty 77 ' a Q' A n A 1 ' ' . V ". . ' l 'm X ' ' - ' U ' . Q. v "5 ' e i ' A l . ' o a. e.' i - M d he' si ' i . . . ., .N my V n i .MA . A to Q ' ' ' '. l' . . r a' il . W ' ' Gu w r ' t stay-at-' .,s. ' We f.ehn . a ' r . the V Y in a Q'r V car ' 1. I hear? olarence Dunkleman has become manager of Sears Roebuck. He's taken ' 1 ' as ' s 's A . v- V A y " ' - - Y A . f , , ' u u . if 1' ' 'U 1 ' . T i ' T ll ",c ' . 5. H ' ' j Hi ,' so L ' X ' a. A 1 . .1 ' ' ' to l 21 . ' . ' Y a . ' s ' ' -- I w ' ' . ' ' , C ,'a . . Q ' ' ' ' 'M I gy as h "dl s e vcu C X . . M. , . l J . ' ,F s c . h' I' l b in . C M ' ' . ' 3 ' ' s W ya L. un By ULASS JILL We, the Class of l9AL, of Wor e Hlgh School, of the clty of Bath, curtv of Sagadahoc, and State of Nalne, belng of sound mlnd and body, do hereby make b llsh, and declare thls to be our last vlll and testament, n ranner ana form fOllOW1Dg lst e, the aradu tlng c ass of 'LL, bestov upon the facultv, our e e thanks for the patlerce fcu haxe shofn to us, and the guldarce y u n e 5 Je us durlng our four years t Norse 2nd e, the class of 'uu, GO wlll and bequeath to the Junlors our very loyal faculty advlsor, Nr Poner y, hoo rg you spare nlr the headaches e g ve to hlm Br Ne, of buntlng, to 1+ e, the bla s of 'QA, do xlll and bequeath to the Sophomores, our bolt be used at thelr dlSCF6tlOH for future CtlVltl6S ln Morse the ulass of 'AA, do 1ll and beque th our falthful attendance, Sth I, Marguerlte Rlnes, do wlll and bequeath my success as a glrl presl dent, to the next one to be so onored oth I, Jean Stanton, do wlll and bequeath my sfeet HSpear1ngH volce, Martha N1lll3mS of the Sophorore class 7th I, Joe Desmond, do lll and bequeath my sensatlonal, unforgettable laugh, to Harold Annes of the Junlor class 8th I, Prlscllla Parsley, do wlll and bequeath my way 1th the teachers to Sarah Sllverman of the Sophorore class 9th I, Frances Flaherty, do v ll and bequeath my 8CtlH5 ablllty along fTlVOlOUS llnes, to Frances Callan of the Junlor class lOth I, Rlchard Godfrey, do vlll and bequeath my qulet y of cqulrlng knowledge, to Blll Voorhees of the Sophomore class llth I, Anna Merrlll, do wlll and bequeath my faculty for lnnlng frlends and lnfluenclng people, to Mary Plerce of the Junlor class 12th I, Ceres Mcoourt, do wlll and beque th my cheerful chatter, to V1v1an Whlte of the Sophomore cl ss l3th I, Leo Couture, do ll and beque th W 151031 neel lron , to George Burgon of the Junlor class lhth I, Germaine Bonner, do 1ll and beque th my' lttlness 1D amuslng people, to Elalne Noyes of the Junlor class l5th I, Betty Small, do lll and bequeath my frankness and NBabe1shN dreams, to Nancy Gregvare of the Freshran class loth I, Kenneth vllSOH, do 1ll and bequeath my pep, vlm, and vlgor to alter Hlll of the Junior cl ss 78 A . . s ' G' . CI .N A . l . I .. I .. , DH L ' ' A Q' ' i nr .- A . N j ' 'a ' l J ' U ' sin: r ' . QI' ni' W ' M ' 'I 'o 'fv 'id n tc a a I . l H . F , , ,,. . . q . . . .. C A 1 U' 'N Y ' .L I 1 Y- E1 d. ' ' s v' . . . . 8 . . , . . th. W A w' a ' . and ability to get to school on time every morning, to the Freshman. h . . S I' I ' ' to ,. . A . . TJ. . , - " , . . . F . 5 vw 2 11 a I Ji V . N . . . . D H . da F . . l . . A W. . . 'W ,' F f a O L. ' ' ' . a . . wi a K m' ' ' ' s . . V . ,H S V5 . . . . , . I .F . I wllr- YI.. . D U . . . a u 17th I, H11da Staples, do N111 and beque th f ever f1111ng hope chest to Deletra H111 of the Sophomore cl ss 18th I, Llnna Mar1e Purdue, do Nl 1 and bequeath my permanent place on the p1ano berch to Norma bUUmlHgS of the Jun1or class 19th I, Roy Peasley, do 111 and bequeath y n tural thl6tlC ab111ty vh1ch developed my oharles Atlas phys que to Allen Gregvare of the Sophomore class 26th I, Aud ey P111, do N111 and bequeath my a1r of f na11ty to Ruth Small of the Ju,1or class 41st I, Llvermore Ba11ev, do r111 and bequeath my lengthy 11mbs to Donny Spear of the Freshmar class 22nd I, Gertrude SlFpSOD, do w11l and bequeath my sunny smlle, and W1HHlHg way to Betty CummlHgS of the Freshman class 23rd I, Judlth Dennlson, do w1l1 and bequeath my athletlc ab111ty to Norma Drummond of the JUHlOF cla s 2Ath I, Paul Tourt1l1otte, do N111 and bequeath my ab1l1ty 1D stay1ng out of love rhlle dat1ng many women to Horace Morse of the Sophomore class 25th I, Rena Uhner, do 111 and bequeath my Ncy1n5 about the latest fash lons to Ruth w1l11ams of the Freshman class Ged1man of 27th enables me 28th up and taxlng 2 h 1 the Freshman class Barbara Stodder, do w111 and bequeath my adaptness IH danc1ng wh1ch follow each and every partner to PhJ11ss Douglas of the Jun1or class Dav1d Desmond, do A111 and bequeath my generos1ty ID plCklHg people them around to Paul Lemont of the JUHlOT class Jean Go de , do 1 and bequeath my FUShlF5 from one class to another to Betty Ladd of the Sophomore class 30th I, Nadelyn O11ver, do N111 and bequeath y short SklTtS to Mary Clap p1son of the JunlOT cla s 31st I, Joe Swanton, do 1111 and bequeath my recently aCqulTCd, voluble an d1nam1c use of the Engllsh language to Aubrey Steen of the Junlor class 32nd I, Glenda How rd, do 1 and bequeath my falthfulness to my man 1n e serv1ce to G1or1a Leavltt of the Jur1or class 33rd fem1r1ne class 31+ th Nwyam 35th I, Franklln Hole, do 111 and bequeath ry hab1t of creatures, and aklng them 11ke 1t, to Lowell op1cer heckllng the of the Sophomore I Barbara Rlng, do w111 and bequeath ry kee,1ng up the morale of the the Coast Guard to Ann Jewett of the Freshman class I, Martha Leeman, do N111 and bequeath my hablt of dO1Hg one thlng at a t1me and dOlHg lt Nell, to V1rg1n1a Bowker of tke JUHlOT class 79 . A. K W. 1 5 it . . 1 ' . . a . . l ' ' . L ' . 'A nl rm . I 4. 1 ' . W w"' ' e m a a ' ' ' r.' 1 f' f r J 1 f' , A. 1 , . . 1 . I . r .' " 1 f ' . ' 1 ' . 1 W' . F . . . Y. I Y . ' C v ' ' . " '. . . D -I.: ' 1 fs - -11 - 4 26th. I, Charles Presby, do will and bequeath my subtle quietness to Alvin . I, v. X . . . to ' U ' ' i I, . M. F AA . . . . Qt , , , w y w'11 A ' '.f - 1 I ' ' " m ' - . . Q l W. I . , d I . . r . ' . 'a wil ' . 4 ' ' th . . . A. n . ' 'li ll! ' LA' ' A A . J I F m . 1. . 1 . . .A . . V . . . I . g Cook sway 36th I, Scott Holmes, do lll and bequeath my Santa Clause costume to Jack of the Junlor cla s, provldlng he'll hold all The llttle glrls on hls knees 37th I, Mary Stone, do wlll and bequeath my slnglng, sophlslcatlon, and to Beverly Curran of the Sophomore class 38th I, Russell Hatch, do wlll and bequeath my recent lnterests IH sports to Everett P rker of the Freshman class 39th I, Mary Morse, do Nlll and bequeath my art of falling 1U and out of love so easlly to Nat lle Burdett of the Freshman class LOth I, Bernard Pratt, do lll and bequeath my ablllty to love one glrl, and one glrl only to a lv Vayo of the Junlor class hlst I, Irls G rdner, do wlll and bequeath my hatred for men to Mae Nelson of the Freshman class b2nd I Robert Dolan, do wlll and bequeath my leadershlp 1U organlzlng school actlvltles to HBuddyH Bonrey of the Junlor class L3rd Ne, Jane Buker, and Mary Furber, do alll and bequeath our ablllty 1U passlng notes at all tlmes and lH all classes, and get lng avay 1th lt Jane Trott and Ann Desmond of the Junlor class Lhth I, Betty Anderson, do N111 and bequeath my art of keeplng my love l1fe strlctly confldentlal, to Betty Anderson of the Sophomore class L5th I, Fred Andre s, do w1ll and bequeath my constant experlrentlng wlth sclentlflc lnstruments to Roger Plnkham of the Sophomore class hoth I, Lorna Kramer, do wlll and bequeath my 50UV9UlTS C0119 Ted on mv many trlps to Allce Lorralne Purdue of the Sophomore class h7th I Edward Parker do wlll and bequeath my ablllty to never get lH other peoples vay to Bllly Barter of the Sophomore class A8th alarms to L9th school s 50th M much Eleanor Klng, do w1ll and bequeath my love for turnlng IH flre Jane Footer of the Freshman cl s Guy Hynes, do w1ll and bequeath my pet pa slon of staylng out as posslble, to Reglnald Parker of the Freshman class Betty Davls, do wlll and bequeath my brown eyes, whlch expres all my thoughts, to Dotty Dunn of the Junlor class 5lst I, Nlck Poulos, do wlll and bequeath my theorles on llfe and llvlng, to George Heath, of the Junlor clas 52nd I, Eleanor Fullerton, do alll and bequeath my standing post outslde Room L to Llbba Trott and Dannv Brady of the Junlor class provldlng they wlll take as good care of lt as NFrench1eH and I dld 53rd I, Kendall Chapman, do v'll and bequeath my ablllty to catch the glrls 1th y camera to Robert Tanner of the Junlor class Shth I, Paullne Crosby, do wlll and bequeath my tltle as sweater glrl Barbara Preney of the Sophomore class 80 . w' . S . 4 A I . . . . . a . a . , I, V .,. . , v'Y U7 v ' H l U n ' . I 4- ' ' 1 o '1 1 A . , , - . . . J A . . . . . . 7. if A. . y to . A . .A . I v. , ' A ' c c, u t . . , , A J ' ' . . I, ary as . , I, S ' of a ' Q ' . . I, 1 . . . S . . - A A ' S. . . . 'v ' ' . L. m b . i . - v ' . t O n . . 55tw I, Kennet H111, do N111 an bequeath V ab1l1ty to keep the boys back stage qu1et, to D1ck Andrews oi the Jun1or Pla s Soth I, Sally Vunsey, do N111 and bequeath my hab1t of be1ng domestlcally 1nc11ned to Charlene Rogers of the Jun1or class 57th I, Thom s Worse, do N111 and oeoue th my love for the Army to all those prospect1ve d a'tees IU next fears class 58th I, Martha Torrey, do w1ll and b queath my rany anx1ous moments Na1t1ng for the mall to armen Fuse of the Junlor class D 59th I, Murlel Ravne , do Wlll and bequeath 10 bralds dur1ng my four years, to N rtha Pratt of bOth 1, Frank t rltor, do 111 and bequeath dy long ha1r, hlch I kept the Junlor class y nanla for speedlng around town, to Ph111p Burr of the J oromore class tlst , Loulse Dole of o2nd I to Barbara Dan ray to Ruth auth cert1f1C te 05th T er, do H111 and o que h my healthy' OmpleX1OH to or class Buora the J r I rona forth of lark, do 111 and beqdeath my uHSXh3USt1b1G supply of gum the Jun1or class 11 of the Jun1o class Kathleen Annan, do 111 and bequeath my lOO word a mlnute Shorthand to larraret Jyran of the Jun1or class Mary Morse and Betty anderson, do w11l nd bequeath the remalns ot our gr y natter to those fho are 3mblt1OUS enough to attempt th1s task next year In 1tnes ther of we here nto set 1 hand IH seal, thls seventh d y of June, lH the year of our Lord, one thous nd n1ne hundred and fortv four Slgned, for 1ts 1 st 1 prese thereto th1s sealed, D111 shed, an declared b the sa1d class w111 and testament n the p esence of us, who at of eacn other, r ve hereunto SUbSCTlD8d our names seventh day of Jane, 195A A D ary Norse Betty Anderson of l9AA as and ts reouest as NltHC ses Mr J Edward Pomeroy M15 o3th9FlH6 teonard HJgmrmeRnws 81 1. th ' " ' d my ' ' ' ' w- ' ' e s . . ' 11 ' . 1 I . 5 . a . " ' , Q . . ' ' r - ' . j . . 1 . E' . .1 I ' I . . A . . , . U A A 1 . ' . 1 ,T ' n ' w ' . . . , Aa 7 . l . 'a . w' ' Rl H ' ' ' ' ' as 'o,Q. . ' . I ' a ask " 'e at 1' , c ' ' . u.i . . , Yi. C n' ' A ' 63rd. I, Gerda Langbehn, do will and bequeath my quiet manner and subtle 'J '.l Sma .. ' r h . .. I, 1'. N' . " A '. ' a 1U . . , Y 3 '1 . . We, ', ' ' a ' , ' 4 . . . , I .J Q1 .. w Y w' ,Qs e u e'r n ' ' a ' . ' . a ' U- . M . ' 11 x P 4 ,J v' ' 0 . ' 'L M ' L' 3 'a " . 1 r H 1 ' 1 , , in 'ts nee ' ' la A " " s ' V - v v ' - 2 A - 1 A ,C . . TUV VA LBOX Oh THE LOQNVQ re e' lbox on the orner ass bf eac ate remlnder ads aho've gore 4 leave my dutles somehow th t I etter lH that box nut street and H gh 9 IDE r A C nary mallbox, e o tslde's palnted r er Ddt rs oe holds preclous oros rave been there many a aase I've heard Mother So glrls lU 'l8 wrote to bcfs ln qalte another fray That The g1rls p on th 1F ay to school Tn groups from three to nlne, Stop + +he box and laugh, then blush no they step out of llne Anna serds her note to Pete and Betty he s to Babe And Ke lv gets best wlshes On the vlngS that he wus? m The boys to 'hom they're frltlng Jalxed thls same street before, when the were on tnelr way to school A year go or more The 're cattered no' about the globe he e laos have Jandereu far o the contents of that m3l1bOX Are llxe a shlnlng star It brlngs them home lH splrlt, 1th ords both gay ,nd nlld To the e here they ere cr dled To D6 once more a Chl d A otner on her y to Mass o offer fervent prayer, lll a K God's klnd protectlon ro her three Hover there N Frances Flanertj 82 7 - - Y . no . - . A o. Thor s a zail' . U Q inet I pe 5 ' h day. 't'5 just e mu ' fl the lr v A away. . Now when I ' " . ' ' J .L V l ' 6. Host i-op a L ' . . w ,, . t ohest ' 1 ' f 1h-l f- ,-"W . lt's ai ,Ill lr nf' - + : -' A . lH AJ. g C 4, " lt 1 it ' . w M FT' ' A. ro otgs so long unseen. L ,,.,q+ t.,-,V - v v ..-C if mul- . - JC L-, If'-'V 4- fn o J A : U ' 1' . l u e xv A , 54.1 .1 , ' o V r ' . 1' 9 L , , 1 9 , . l U o . 1 V U , ade. ,7 .., A M.. - ' Y 1 l L . , . A . V " . X ,,.. E Q y S . , . VT' 1-' v 1 vs ' fx l. S 4. 4' . -N L . 3 t U ., I . A . A . . . A 'n u 2 h , ' CLEC w - s f v. a , . . .1 - A - l . ' m l A waY A VTW lf AS, . . "' v1 , . . u v 1: ,Md Ha 1 frl e oem oouto D tn? L Uods And drfulht 'TAS 1 HF! W JPL H JO I' .H 1.4 ' 'A txll UHQ ,nd rtrgn 1 hyd ff -ore o 1 re Q S AHA C 4 fe'C cod L rY'Cf- 4 Hen too M 7 9 0141.3 .YG V 'Y l L .. P 1 Lf a 1 LHP subjefts C T te ot one eemc oetter twan the t've thought lt out, I've tr ec Lnd tr , .ow P n't you telp me to aeclde Q -v Edvard Pgrker MT PH b'VF Qhnt SH ll J 'L 3 D . E 'The .M,r X r x'lLk i S ftf ' 5 .v tx Y CY Txyhv 'HU H9155 ., warm ard n,,Q, tr zi.ff ff fLd, V isn F d 3"eQ. I", he jht ,E :any otger 'il1fs, if hfuser, hfgxs, H Qttjff :t'g ir wcldiers with their stripes and bare, Ann :r't rl cl t. er .-maxtiC Stars. Q 4 tner tQgQQt are fo l5T.'zJ1ig 'r 3 'xt highufy ' M rcadti,e stawds. T. thk. , f ' aid Stairs thtt HQY I xisA 1 3 tif FSH, up my Mixd. A lf ., f ',. thft- st, N S .V ' Ln rect. T . l i K z ied P v L - - ' ' C B31 f-,Jr ,f ou Ard VAL u r-'I LHu O YC V KI 5 L LTC Nl r. 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' H 3 i 4w" . El! 1 -If ,:-1 Y . T '.' r ' 'f ' L, A N w rw w l r ' i Ax ,L Ye! i' Q tl t14g1 vhel 'v' ' F 1' t.L v: f k F .. , . 4 , . r . F4 .L A . ,. J. . A 1 A 1 '., fi I 4 "Q, ' 1' , 'rf e 'I ' 1102" + v r n ..r QW P I -1 ' r' .: 1, , ,, ,,v,',..L,, ..,,:',.. . nw , , . '.,, . ,' ., . p ' , fry., ,.L,, ,-,,- ,ima va Aff! f, '--..A,,l- 'f , . ,. , ' ' . 'v . 4r .- A-4 - -. ,,1:, ,J-. Awe: :,,,,A,.Y. ' '.f-VP' ' JI! 'Flzfd ff, ' :A - ,f rfv' , ,V . .,,. K. .1 Q.. ..f . 4' ..r. M P xx.: "1 .g:1A1:.-, ,-.nitwv f:I.L.I'f2 urpj: A 1' . mf.: LL.,':2 rf: gm 51-ZQF: 'ffl :fx u' M FV., v -Jn ., An 4l.,A,,i,.':,,1 4' - af."-Lev f ' v ,J ,4 J' -1,1 ,. ., , ' vi. .4 Q A Q- .A--..D, .LU I- 3 're gm .r jc,.f' I' 'rky ' A . LLYWA .0 f-"1 .X Hn .iv , .ri :fry 2111 QTLQM ' Lv X f13'P .wx -I . A, LA F TUV o r Pans l d of ar ar o ood D ond Hal arc llgnt D te e es R urrd on The n nks of the mlghtf Eloe Of rlppl ng dscle and S156 P s other an a k rd o e n the an mear o nh t a dl fUStlDg scene she ade ,Qnp fron tne kl+Ch6H door For rarchlng onward to the foe ln the que t of thelr glOT1OUS mlSSlOH These supermen would end them all Stralght to perdltlon Spe rhe ded big thelr mighty lord, Thelr host excellent Fuehrer, Thex would destroy the Chrl Tlans, we1k Nothlng could be surer Attack' attack' and Qammel's thrust Of planes, ard tanks, and men H d pushed the flghtlng Tommles b ck To the dunes of El Alameln UBeyond lle Egypt's cltles strong, Our supply of ater's gone The stubborn Engllsh rust be smashed 'Ere the breaking of the daNU'H As vultur s on the de d the, fell The golden sands rar red Llke a rock the mlght llon held Tho' the blood of many a shed Hans, postr te, lay upon the fleld Llke a Teutonlc lord No plea to dle for Hltler Only to llve wlth God Nlth trenbllng hand ne fe rfull felt The gap ng round 1F hls s de HPle se, Lord, show me mv mo+her's face Before l d1e'N he rled Alas, hls YlSh A8 rot fulfllled, hrFmelmddmm1mrmmQ And 'ere the sun had set, he slept WwaU1Uw mmdatug amd RlCHaFG Godtrey 88 .T , , v , ,Um-.,,.,, .Y TH- sal D c ln- o nzuam ' -,,. ,. . , 1 .- ' w . .. has fa a If . .g. -- Nl ,. ' ,. , ' ' ,,- ' 1 . ., l . .. .l ,. - J , 4: 2 ' -1 ' Y ' M- ,C , , ,.J. , , U ' 4 mx ' ' f l M . il m was w wa n l Ha,s d .s l har. .a sj e 3 , . . , . . or' 4 .. o . , l V . . Y , ,s . , s f . Zi Il , J s, o 5 x ' '. . . . . , a I A n a M a' , A H . . A . 1 e a 'f 3 71 , . . 3' . ., . . ' I S . a . , J ,, YY' u ' . . ' . a y Q 'J .L 1 . ci L .ip X, . A . . - . T , S A . AQ TL go rl H S9 L wwe haver't LV? seem t oe re t e 5 dor't read rush through nw J F 15 LK? L .cH't edt my ore l94QV m g ve, den' d ern I'm fQWr1nP 1 love GO Mnju A J God Tade a soul Add then a oodv AUTH Merrlll He et lt on thls lOhlf earth urdalhed for at Q L Ie atPH9d tha' Sou ner lts ear+' JP 'old his rearesf e a 'd Dee 1 5 Ther called THQ you rls e e ral vc 99 e OI snrlfe 'ost t6HdCFLV ood seemed to dr arg 4 that e ough from earth be ow Hedveh Martha rfemar 3YYP-'H3 1 SQ ep sdfhd an bedtimes, I .1 'ike a near: A ln A to do E, .h:rk, I . ,. a Care. I ' o ' f 1 fe, I . eel my 5 ' , I . j .5 l6'SOln, My mild ' ll'- 'eed. I ei 1 .Q ' akfnst, I m'.Wf .v lo I 'V t do my hcmeww -- h,W' , 'n . By ' . ' D "V 'CUL . ' du for it 2 . . Av' - A ., N , ' ' 1 ' wif ' ' . 1 ww- ' ' f -1 f- 'W .. . .,N. , A W V Ani wi . ' ,hly ' y . C f L- L R h" . - '. e' Th W y 'V 1 cn: h ' Qg , - A 1 1 To .1. t r. Q y called ' . By ' 6 'E . oy, ' C ' H othPr 14Eh noon Cu see Y'J.i7ty 6,4 5 IHOOU 54 1 nfl A C Lend walr x ao wlrht, ele J ue ana mimmmmr Kem F r t lor X '.,a h ly C Though e 111 d K PPP sHcrt nu Q 9 held my hand uu,TG cg udll o t ght nv rm fracturvd ,, P mar Q lntg, P 14" ,VI V C NP dlned .nd dfncid L1 almo Jie Tke +HeQ+e1 Hr W1 e QQ, tHd F ou Q Clk me hom , The +3Xl rlde naq fuw, e fewt ard QPL alone An KLDSDG mc e dun qerda Lbngnehn Qu L14- L., ! A 'I-T 13Ii,,-1-.SITIIZZD We neu eac. Q. at 14W , T'w15 so dark we 15,16 2N+ 5 The 'Hn was shfiiir b :nh 1 ' J the rain hscxr 4 th . He lik ' if short bs Q ' , o i ues ' ig and blac' F .'j ' Ee ,EC'g t N 'yes w M Fl ' brigh A r a 1 ar' a ' J',. My fingers, long and tapered, H,.M .1 Pi they C, li b,g U, , .y ' A-iQ, QS '1'y, S i' 5 R A was ' , . 'J, 'VJL t, see BCL Sicrl' Q Th . Chi, ,km 'ii V1.1 g ', Q 9 w -' 'll f St n5r,, 1 U.xiU ' nas SQ i. iQ, ng. H P'id .'t .e w 'L' vi' e H w . Af 1 -. me all ' A d Tia ' -d---4--'a 4 J f' ' 'fi ' 'I f f V .Y ,...,,,,n-'hp an 49 PY Inq Ql'l'lQI'l'l QI' What better souvemr ot school days than the prctures m your classbook9 Classbooks produced by Semco Photo lrthoaraphy can be generous drawmgs at lrttle or rt addrtrortal cost Thrs book was produced by Semco Photo lrthography SPAULDING MOSS COMPANY 42 Frcmklln Street Boston Massachusetts 92 ly illustrated by photographs and 111 mduczte INTERESTED IN EMPLOYMENT WITH A FUTURE femploved xt the Telephone Company you ll be helprng to w1n the wxr, because communxe moms 15 one ofthe most essen ual wartxme nndustrles At the same ume you wlll e xrn good monev under pleasant working condmons Here IS an opportunntv offermg you far more than just 1 plxee to work Glrls of the Semor Class should IFIWCSIIQLILC this opportumty Traxmng courses do not lnterfere vuth studnes or graduatxon and are gnen rxght here at home Sxgn up rlght awav and recene pay while learmng G1rls ln the umor Class are welcome to make xnqulrxes lookxng to employment later on Full salarv from the txme vou start tralmng and prospects for advancement XVhether vou stiv with us a few vears or many sou vull find the wholesome, Con gemal atmosphere of telephone work abundantly worth vwhlle for urtber Nl wnmfzou get 1:1 toucb uztb MISS ELLA MCALLISTER CHIEF URERATGR CENTRAL OFFICE 72 FRONT STREET ann-4 TELEPHONE 9908 93 NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE A TELEGRAPH COMPANY VK f cannot Ne A vnaxher or A sunk But vu are here fkpft ng, chr Vhth hardlx Hmm 1 1 Lhlrk VK L h YSL '310tlffJfhPl'th1Ilj,,H n It vex nd vsal S and mn lhat fmr' the xr wax 9 ac h vmrklng, 4 U Tu folk Wlth vv.-xx t and lack In find just what vnu fi hke Irwmlgmixthrfr Jrza w VM re dONNI1bl'NlCi! th cllk NH fl r Ll Pl HONAI IINANLI LU 0 V .J+IE,L Iiwjpe '1 vit, MWJT CIXIDQ Nh Te emma: e f? JQJPT' street JF? ISI WAN IARM: INC ICE. CREAM 15352 Qlffl Y T -Q QL C1 flcior ill Fiml 2-il 'J Q 311E':ak?"rQ'gf1ri:11rv kigzpgg mu At? 5 w '? , 2 ' X 159 ' ' wr' , ' B' - r . . jANl:b A. f 'I LO , NIC. 7' 2 'f L J - 7 U sl 11' J 5 " lx: ' 'km ' ' , if :N ' ' '1"Y ' . ' V. -. . - V A 5 lb' 5' ,L f'.XYk .fH,, S0 if you fail at ot hm' sffmls "V ' ' , - , . - ' ' , " g -' fl -11 - ll H12 Eafh, HQ: Q, 'J x 1 AL-' . ,. 5.- ACH f SUPP AY VU. W w. . ':ix gj.ier,t.9 '31 Omp Lgmc its 411 J - :RN : ' : 1 NX' f 2. 1 A' i. 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D 4, - L' I , v 4 , . .. , A A 1 X ' ' 'r , .g . 2131-L,f6f9 :fatter Street H V A T Jyvhffrie :Ji U , Ji . , -,,, QQ of ,fx - , - . . , -. , . - - .F - H .I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l9bb MAY YOU SOAR TO THE HEIGHTS AHEAD ,n Come to us for anythlng PHOTOGRAPHIC Thompson s Studio L9 ELM STREET BATH, MAINE 97 XJIQQYA jewewy Zafze 3 w L, 'W mo mewts Of D UI YMPIA SPA H RI AND 'UNIAD BAKFRY JININIH IRXILI S1 xr N t t L be er er' D ree MJ Jlqp J Met datli, Halma Q8 1 I f X I J 0 S C9mp1'l,m,.:AT,:9 of R X WOO ,X-i'fQ!H'I'V5 CTV, i lgbygpt I '1 I i X ,, "QA.:7lirtent3 of -,DUAL . ' , ' - 2 "S " ' 2 'i'Sf ' 'f:Hf'lU -CL A W,. ,i , . ARTHUR F. MAYO A. EAHLEY MAYO, JR. HOWAHD N. MAYO Telephone 116-N Telephone 116-R 1 H ARTHUR In MAYO ilhlnvrzxl Qirmhrnrr AMBULANCE DEHVICE LADY ATTENDANT IUH QTREET BATH, MAINE QASK THE FAMILIES NE HAVE SERVEDD 'SHOP AT SEARS AND DAVE' RETAIL DEPARTMENT STORE M rTngton 8 enter Streets TEL 1398 For eatdlog Orders Tel T705 99 8 9 T T Seam Roeburk Sf? Co. L, 'ml eta qwfzeadd Venter sit, e Co IL I"16fuo A Friend O Ulm L5 Madame Qollaan geawiq .Salon Tel A ompllu ents of LIBBONC LOAL COMPANY been and O11 LJ Old Col ar1y's Lehlgh lOO - . A om, Jmm of ,v XTQ .4-.. -r f, , , ,L .A . rw U4 , , ' ,Q ' .J-,I':f J, iii, T'f1,-Yk , . U ,en of . . V . 'H 1 . I W 1 7 r. YY'vw I "f " 1. Ll . L1-N - ' n 1COtt 0 nson QUALITV SHOES AN BE HEPAIRED AGAIN and AGAIN Kwik WMZU SLA I E Ratlon coupon BHHPlHg Checklng Accounts H2c heckn iccounts Savlngs Accouvts Lo ns Tru t Accounts Jecurltw es Q1-'rvlce lOl C f O TTXYY "' X1 U Har Bonds . n . , , U .f X 2 S , . . , . Compllnoents C f M XYIIAL SII WART WARNI R STURI: 108 Front Street Complynent f IA VI RD IJRUQJ STORI enter Street I-DMIIND M SI'APLI:S Prescrlptlon Drugglst Front Street, Bath, Iralne Telephone 10 Iffaune Central and Boston and Malne Bus Agency Compllments of SIII-AS FILLING STATION lC2 L I L J ', 5 o ' 1 I I - E E ' - 1 - Sales and Service C 51 I ' - i , - I. P 4 1 fi? - N ?. . r K 1- A, , O, - ---ug. 1. - ,..-.n-q- CQ3, my f - , -.. Tin DOUGLAS PHOTO SHOP PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTO FINISHING Sp9Cl3llZlHg 1D Marlne Photography l PHO H- 'SEN' 29 BROAD STREET A'ii:Fq TELEPHONE 29 flu-o 'vl- 4fH MQ ll Ill Ill!!! K7'! 19l'P25E? JK'4'Gmw., vii' 3 FALIS'+KH3-TORE BOSTUNIM A R D SMITHS TAXI FlFSJH'EMOS BOS1ONIPN AND FTOHS4IEN SHOES Q 99 Front Street Corner Front and Broad Telephone 37 N CARS AT YOUR SERVIoE Telephone AFV The Local Goodyear Tire Store PAJQRXTS Front Street Opposlte the Park Compllments A G.PAGE 10h ,f-.N f- -sfp -f.. 7 T X AH , 1' uv Y 17 .. A ,J F11 V X Y I - .J . 4 f1 1 sl . Y fy VO. . P i1Pr'f , .,.., of Bath Bus crvue OFDl+m nt T e Dramatlcs Q u dva d ogar Judlth Dennlsor Bettf Anderson Robe t lles W SS N r Pre ldent Vlce Pre ldent Trea urer Facultf AdVlSPF J O I W C .LA 4 'S S of 11 ' W1 IJ Er T' C .-.... .. ........ 'S' ' . ." ..... .... ' - S' ,Q , .... .....3eCretfry ,. M' ,. . 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Rogers, Inc 108 ent Gatewav ana Wm Bar OL Thebst :clue rg '10 QV 'f 1' t T t T 16 Yout Recreatlon Council of Bath Qzwwfzw, QW W QW 9 of of 'V 2fI'H Me e ,. oLj,gt - e Qs ai .ing - 1' :ge .ij L "S, of lfff"r'.- -' 'tc li jg 3.1 1 ' W ' f lb ompllme t of LFP PRILI WXRKI F D M HVMPHRI-YQ 6? LO INSUHANC1: room Tl oagadahock Blk Front atreet, Bath, Maine Sli I Vl H MARKFT Telephone l3O ompllments of POWI-RQ MARKET The Red 81 Whlte Store omplnnente of PHII b LORNl:R MARK!-I The Hatchet Brand Store oomphxnents of 1 J NEWBPRRY CO oompllments of WLC NGC 314 oenter Street, Bath, Malne Complunents of A FRIEND ' 1 ' ' 4 L . C ' on S f , V 'V 'E A r E, . '72 T A ' T fW ' fi ' XJ oomplunents of 1 .. SNES if 1 ,, . L1 g 4 . - , - -H ' '1 fl ' I ,, . l O ompllmonfs L CLA S OF 1945 m rf Lksb LF LQLS KLC1dFG Amore 5 J WM io I Ffaroes Lo PTfwldCHt Y IH 4 em? apcretary easqrev oowoL1m+ntJ UPHOMORE CLA CD4k forse John 0160 11S fUTlaL Pou 1oT L1r1lfn Booker V' 1' 1 A 1 T Javld V Aikazln fb PFSJLd6HE V.ce Prejldent zQLFStCrf TreaQurer Faoult rdv ser ll ,Q Nw. o.., , , or Y ' fzf' qv mf f U . V1 ?' ' ' K JL .... . ........ FF' mu-S U nxey...... . ..IiCC-P'gs4C , . L Iallan... .... .......',t PiQl4oent He it........ .......TF ' - Yr. Hafhin Jvf:on.......Faculty Adviser . ,. A 1 of foigLiMwn-: ly' ,L 3x.1AfLFE 7LKT3 rrfV.,,.,,1 ,4 -ff-f-1vAA --.... f -.. 1-1 I A F hi. ,. o. 1.1 and :1 ... . ....f,- 'S' R "W 1' ,... . ... . ...T - f v mf ' T A L ....... ...... V NI T ' " ' W' 4 1 0 -I Onan: .1 v' . .L - Tl llczaqwmfe Jwnaay MILLINERY Center Street Bath, Nalne M W SFWALI if LO 01-.L Sc LIE RANGE 8.1 FUEL OIL Agent for e Texas Co Pe roleum Product Complunents of 09604 Gmdq .Shag Home Made oandy and Ice Cream C ompllment S of I IRS'I I EDIARAL SAVINL S LOAN ASSOCIAT ION 109 Front Street, Bath, Malne Compllments of IACKS SHOE STORE 28 oenter Street, Bath, Mane oompllments of BOSTON SHOE STORE 19 Center Street, Bath, Malne Compllments of COLUMBIA HOTEL 173 Front Street Bath, Maine Telephone 835 oomplments of A FRIEND 112 " TY S I G 12 . ' Th J . t , , Master Kraft Oi1 Burners : ' : I 1 Eff S. ' -. fi I Q O ' v "1 "' U n . Bath Lum er Company Oc' s 0 IH n PHI BI CHF 1 CLUB TL-3 Y Ti ai- Iiviaioi L 3'th ESX jc. BUILDING HATIRILQQ QQ9 fa hihgt Q StrQet Telew.o e 335 1 mp ik 5 C - - W g 1 Compliments of Compliments GABRIELLES BEAUTY SALON 100 Front St Bath, Maine MARKSON BROTHERS Telephone 1185 Cllothier to the entlre family For Beauty Care at 1tS Best on the budget plan Complunents A F rlend Compliments Vu-gnnxa Poulos Dressmaking Shop Compliments Fred Thomps INSURANCE Compliments Kennebec Greenhouses Compllments D Stetson fl C "A ways at your ser'v1ce" Lra I Battery Service Center Street. Bath, Maine of of of of of 0113 P. M. Olm f 1 ' . of 1 ft: . A. . .on 17 Compliments e Latln 01111 DSQIHOII LO Batn' Q nest FP7l3Dl9 ments shop .hoo l LA 1 of Th Club J I fl w .' S L' . , ,,' ' . EXTEXD EE3T JISHES TO THE Compliments MALONEY S BEAUTY SHOP Bath, Maine Tel 11141, Compllments Hxlltop Market Compllments The Edna Mae Shoppe N Gratz Jackson 8: Sons "Tell your electrlcal troubles t usn Tel 205 Let NNick the Shoemakern Rebuild Your Old Shoes United Shoe Repair Shop 13h Front St Bath, Maine Compllments A Frlend Compliments Bath Department Store Compllments Lewis E Wll80h Graduate ln Pharmacy 1 Front sf, Bath, Maine 1 1 of of of - O D O of of ' . ' 1 A - 6 THE VERY BEST WISHES UF TURREY QI-JLLER ELISHINE CU TDTHE ERADUATWHBCLASS ll UF 1944 7 HOTEL SEDGWICK Bath's Best Hotel Tel A80 oompllments of MORRIS S POVILH Clothlng Store feanelw geauizf Salon Bath Natlonal Bank Bulldlng Phone L,O9 Ruth H Allenwood, Prop Best W1 shes 7 IOEIII S C ompllme nt S of l9O Front Street Telephone 52 Complnnents o f OPTOMETRIST Telephone 390 W Bath, Mamie Complments of Compllments of WILLIAM E KAMBER PODL MILLER TAILOR SHOP Foot Speclallst Chlropodlst 162 Front Street lOO Front St Telephone l7l ' oleanlng and Presslng ll8 MADDENS MARKET DR. WILLIAM S. FRADKIN Compllments The G V1 guerlte Hlnes I141en Denn son uern lne Bonne Bettf Small ls Athletlc Assoclatlon Vlce P e de t Pres dent aecretarf T eesurer me re rtatlv Ru+h small Junior Bettf L dd Sopno ore Nae Nels n Freshman Repr sent enre e t R re t Vr Anne Glpson l tlve t ve tlve ser 9 of I I I O n'r f ' P' .... . . . . ...... r si n . 'L Q ' J 'JJ -' .A. una: 1- a u a alla ' " .L fi AA:-. Yfrnsu o an an 1 u clioll,-Q rx Y Geraldine Estrbrooks... . ......Senior Y p se. ' e J U ' ' e a ' ' a ... ..... m R S n 1 i n ' O ........ . . ... A ep sen 2 ' n S. . i -.. . .........Facu ty Advi TT 4.L oompllments of LARROLICHH'RATE Center Street, Bath, Palne oompllments of CHAPMANS AUTfJPIkCTRKfCFRVK1 Best HlSh9S To THE CLASS OF 'bb Jgzpadi SHOE STURE 102 FRONT STREET IIALIETS DRUu QTORF The Rexall Store Prescrlptlon Speclallste for 62 years 1882 l9LL Compllments O M Redlon lWacDCHQAlJJS STTJRE Harry J MacDonald grocers Your WNe1ghborhoodW Store 932 Hlgh St Bath, Mal Telephone 737 T16 Shawn Book Store Fred P Shaw Newsdealer and Stationer 91 Front Street Bath, Maine Compllments A Friend U ' fy 'X Y - - ,- -- N- A T. , A 4 1 Lf 4 , , V of . . . 1 of 220 , V lFPW+ THE TLDE T COUNCIL OOP W C Eilf oe 1 DECT JUW 'W 5,er1 l JD .JHVAL Je 'wfd Ll CLL J Lf if D of Q5 1 1 W . vw .JF zqnp D 1 Dux HOF ur .L AU f- C- JBLT' Jar r TV V1 I-NY' I no,p1'Min,: jf 'W W kr ff H 'EEL ,ol R.. .. .... ... . .. .. ...... Pre iient GCYK'iKn Bonney.. .. .... . . ...Vine-Presiiext "ga1 Ll Trout ..... ...... ... .. .. . .. ...... Svxretal Divid f - chi ............ ... . .. ... ..... . .... TT2':1rQr HFS. R. H. Cock.. . ..... .. . .... .faculzy Advifer Hr. N MC-n F rrelg... ...... ....... ...... Ffculfy Adviser nwvw,-d m,-n,H,.wf .D ' 1. ,.', L13 "liLJ.',l, IZLV I FTM. Qte Rimes ' ace Horse Jud'th qvnii GK Dn.aw1 W'ff h :Ti ' 3-.n .Q Iiig"J1gLsk Pa l T 'rtilc'te is -Fly 'v-ra. nerma4Je Btniev JUH',R' FRETIHZH Richard EHiTEH1 Philip Ame: D',LVl Eraij iitiari FuLQ::.Qn Ui l'a, Zljicit Dann A'- 3 H4tiie HcyP3 Eli 'L,'h Trait ww ,-,T 12 A Vw, fxfgai gk,E? GNN 3 AX ,fi an L 41' wi? E yi x zgf 5 1 fx 5 :Q ag if fn Jify, gf if 5 'bc 1' 9342- gf 6' , JM,,' ,f"f' w.,x Bath's newest and Smartest store for men and young men g lgfvfe or' en 10h Front Street Bath, Malne 123 49 xpnd gg? W ee iw? 2 V '-Q ' SHE 2- 1 f l 5 e ' :wing 1 fX'ia ' ,Q fig 1: , . K x ,- Q33 ' 1 lilgfp- 7i f K Hlwswee ..1 .-,,'n.... ,..e. In Ii 1 A -. 'fa 'La -1.1: f' ' L -'f2"a:.. 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Compllments Compllments Max Kutz Clothlng, furnlshlngs A F,-lend and shoes ln Apprwzzzfzofz THh 194m VEAH 300h JTAFF hes to thank ll the advertiser ard ll others especlally Mr J Edward Pomeroy, our advlsor for hls uhtlrlhg efforts ind guldahve 'e LH turn wltl how omr 5 9 apprerlatlon to our advert er by our patronage The C ass of 1944 lah of of O I f Q U' 1 f -. f wis f as ,' s 1, a who assisted in making this book possible . . N G . 7 ' , . .w A A V. LJ 1 ,'V ' is s C 0 fi

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