Morrisville High School - Robert Morris Yearbook (Morrisville, PA)

 - Class of 1964

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Morrisville High School - Robert Morris Yearbook (Morrisville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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,H QT. i. WIN' IKM WAX: :- u -lt. :i g " 5 iw- E? E5 Y 1? ,gg V, 3: Q f 1 1 A W 1 Q A I 1 1 1 1 2 N F x f .Nm U 0 5 h . -M 'rr' ,. '-- .. . , , . M 1 3 aff? ' "Q, z.f,,,1,,, ,. F 4, .- K AH u Q ' ,- ' v 5 ---3.-... .....,1,... . ll A af I -fgr- VF? ,hi 1 '?V'Z"l' 3 .- T":":am 3 . r . ! i 5 l i 4 E Qi. if . 9 JC, F -...-.U unquh.. 324 XI! Q Q is ,B -an H I 'HI Q 0 'H u I S-v 9 0 rl A ,Q Q I , , .. me " T? . Q 2 , g f' K 3,3 1 w 1 l i wy 'Q .9 . mm. ' , ug -- 1132 I 5 W f F ,T , 1 . Q-A Mg1w'fa,f:'h:ff4wfW?iT"' ,...,..a r , N, xx, nu- my , .. f fn -Q fx A, as y s .1 H Q a 1-ffwii vw, x if: .1 2+-5 "-4: 'f'v ""T1'-'4'i'1.4 - 1 x ' V - . W1 vw I w:e1ffw2:,v-. "i':2- W J- 1: Q:-zv:wf1.Q r w , ,h XY , .g- - f ,.w ' .3 , W y w . g,..3 A my - 1 , ll yfzggsfkff, :fy , Mi -' 22: 52 , -5 4' " ? 1 fi1 99 5 ,S ' ffl C-'4'if'fa4 i,v,NQ'5.f"2s13':! . - , A 1w.5'vfayz:'.qa1- fi 1 -1 5 T W? f V , ,w Y A'f7fS"ff 4if?i'fK'?'2-Qffii X X A . . ,M f ., . , V I I 51 K I W t.V, Q . , A, , ,,, . , ,M A - . , , - ' .- 3, ,X 1.11 'S' V Y iz.. 1 ,N , V? 7 1 ' . Q,.,,X1.x 1 V PM :fr'z' 25,S . , , f-ima 45335 . , -.fad x 4 . , 4 -. , A ,,, 2 ,957-A:x"P,v iw: ' ,w r ,Jap 1, x ., 1 1 ' ,- 1 , ' ' '. xfsf 'f ' ,, . x .- . Y H- rf" ,fm-:..y:f'f.-.'1 -- 1 aw' :wwf - 7 'W we fY,M1?ig+f5:w-f"QJ'-:H . C f. - PI., - Q A - A1 k, ., ,. , . ., -, ,. -, ' -x .- -V f-' V rf Q. vw' 1'-Af . ,.g. k.,,,' fc'-Efgg 4 , 4' ' I ,L ,.,-KL,m.lwgf,,sj -1 gmng, --,qw ?'y'w,p..,fr , Q5.'Y:g.Y.- , sw, A- WL, ,a.qg,,.,,4 ,gig-52355-3 -' :f.'f4--- .gjfyw fw . f..,,,,.., -. M,:5,,ig,f' k ,:M4-P .fl ' - - - x . M 'f ' -W ' k. f!w1, h " '1f1?'f ' "X ' t" ':.c '5- , . , , i jp1:+, z f ,' q?2 :- fat?-"gif-'.,1: ' ' ' ' ' 1 +2 'Mm Q, X S i K 5 , mf.. -1. 'M Qfigig a s x' fiisb ' -M,,,W .WV s M f,, -1 XJ 25.3 Q-hw wk Z ,sgijwi y M W, 5 fix 38. ..,, 'SXNQ ,K S 5 if J X if X Milf 7 ,As 6 . ,MW Vx ,hs 5 if-' inf., 5 N l g s.gM-,Mx i L xi Smgfmxwf , s yy yi ff g 3 2 K 2 M, A4 Q23 Q 3 x Eff ., ,MAX 1 . , A EF: 4 1 1 3 S 5 , X Q Smfvyw J' Tip? 40 fi 5 559- iD f angry 5 A mf if Q, gg S? ' ,K .5 if ig 'E' "V , V , 25 ,, gs M5,Ly.,. A fp ,U S f W , Q wifxiazmf fl 5 s 5- M, published Ky an Cflnss Of I 964 ,Mvrrisvillv ,Hgh Scnrnf! ,flflvrrisvilla Pennsylvania Vvlnrnc' Cufenfy-sin he aber! mis ?or Hours Bono U16 611155 Of I 964 Prosoozfs its lfooroook Zo: ,Mn Lfhorlos IK Schultz Sp uf ---wA....,., -...,...,,H , .--H-.,,,,, Choosing a Jreacher who has helped a class very much ihroughoui i+s years in Junior and Senior High School is diiiiculf. We ihereiore feel ihal 'rhis honor is one which is hard io obiain buf always well deserved. Mr. Schul'rz's quiclc wif and ad libs made his World Culfures Classes mosl enjoyable. These classes, fhough challenging, never assume a rouiine or 'riresome paHern. This iacl may be aiiribufed io rhe amounl' of preparafion lime Jrhai each one of Mr. Schul+z's classes receives. His s'ruden'rs are armed, ai fhe 'finish of rhe school year wiih many pages of invaluable research maierial aboui World Culiures. Some of fhese siudenis have had ihe benefif of seeing and being an inlegral parr of his iilm on World Cullures. Mr. Schulfz's abiliiy io adopl' an opiimislic aifilude during any siiuaiion has earned fhe respeci and friendship of everyone around him. He came +o Morrisville High School in i959 and worlced firsf wiih Mr. Wood and now alone as ihe advisor for fhe Roberi Morris yearbook. Mr. Schuliz has unself- ishly given of his lime To malce 'rhese yearboolcs possible. 'Thus if is wi'rh sincere appreciarion and humble graiiiucle for all ihai he has done, fhal' we dedicaie our yearbook +o Mr. Charles B. Schuliz. 5 1 4 f 1 d,fiLZf4M! 55s? if W ' Hs 41, , LM :wary fake h' QUT A V , prQf1iim1z+i mf +533 uw -J v E 1 mum Q 1 , wk sw .- V4 fmagh N 'W Activities if r I s clizssmerz Adverfisvmcnis 1 Aw' ,,,Vk 'Uk flizalvefh ,41414 Wading 714 ,Memzfriam IN MEMORIAM During our iunior year, lhe members ol our class were shoclced inlo allenliveness when lragedy slruclc one ol our classmales. Belly became ill al lhe beginning ol lhe I962 school year and suddenly we were all old enough lo lruly worry and sincerely pray lor a lriend. When we lhinlc ol Belly, all ol us have a dillerenl memory. Bul all ol us remember her as a lun-loving, vibranl person. All ol us have missed her smiling lace and cheerlul laugh, her lunny remarks and bouncy personalily. She is slill an inlegral parl ol our class, lor we will always remem- ber our classmale, Belly. Q EF: 200171 Anniversary Uwe Zeniuries 0f,4el1ieeemer1f WE WERE A COLONY when The TirsT provisions were made Tor a school in Morrisville. These plans were made by Josiah Wood in T764. The TirsT schoolhouse was builT To hold only 50 sTudenTs. These sTudenTs, unlike Today's. had To pay a high TuiTion To aT- Tend school. The aTmosphere oT The TirsT schools was compleTely scholasTic: There was no concern T Tor social liTe or exTracurricular acTiviTies. The school house Then, like now. occupied a posi- Tion oT honor in The Town. IT served as a voTing place, communiTy cenTer. and a general meeTing house. To accommodaTe The growing number oT sTudenTs. addiTions were made To The Morrisville, school sysTem. The TirsT addiTion was made in I8I3 and consTrucTion has advanced rapidly ever since. , 3 W, ,. .,'rfwrrffif"fLif'.I-435, ., ., , 1 T f U'ilff-5-5--ifflkffi1555?-iff'Ti-3fT'f.l'T" ' 'Li' "" 5 fw'T'ff" 'il-ff! MW .1-,ei 'f.i-:isa f:4P'I'f:'f-T-L af" 1'-L-fairs."1IfWe'f-'J-ifh::siQ22.Jf4L . . ' fr . ' f :ff Qlji 'T ss- I f M fr , 'fre 4, 5 ff f . -f-':.4m:. jff:.,f.f,,,,++ -,-'J-Qfiffi' ,.: ,, - fumg.-:.ri'fi5f3'-E! ' . "f.f'm33Q.':-'f',-'Su . 1 i f sl-"J sg ,1zm...i-sms f gcfzzfv-f+fsfm.of.:,, T fs-ye-fffq-ek,--L'g,.g.f ' , we ., ,,,,, ,T . - f ,M . ear ,-T . L.-reiiswf-fileT'f-Cf-wefbvrreifrsvh? fsgssxkviw fs . 'J ' ' "1 if"-EJ 2,8-ifjilf' A . . - Y frrw. . ,2271!'Idf'-Qswfffli'SfiII',J7f5'lfff'1il fx' rl' fr :',':g:,w'v-"'T':,,,', wM?':i?,ff:7+::f--" if krsy., . V. Lk, Q.Qa,3QF,, m,,,,.Q k,k,., ,c,. s -s .,,. ,,.Ls..,.,. f,.,, is WN WW' gig ww .vii we M2-'wi if Mayes A-Wwff hgwes, Wmmmlw Ns g5erT'T?Tff eseeee, gy 3 mg' fgkmmewww M vgzia.. -endian. 5TWq,Egi,i,,Q ww .1 1 rv '.r',jgi .my-e',- , ' " J. . .,." - ' ' f1L.5JJ.u.. xv-45.341 .mags ,3,.iL5,3.iM1,-gigs -e e Qs 'ir-fwfr' is sz-i--T-4-ff' j 1 , my My , T. I , K ,,.. We T, T--,-f3is"'s',,is,vyff ,:QWh"!1: :,. .,. . . sss.Yi:7'i.LJf.':-4'ff++-zen-in ,ai-:ff-fwwari-I-,T-s+fy.. --if-vi,-A- g le., ,Tv Tw si - ,. " :Ji --95" f. -:., .11 f1f,f,I.f.',s, " V 1455225 vi Ls, T. riff?-C+ VT A "rs ':..., 'az T :gr-s-. . " ,ISTNfffruls-:-wmesw-sviT1r':'f1' Hui."-psi,ix.'id'!6TU+v 1 Zh -Q -M - - Y - WW- - , f--.- :- H. -1. we s 'fees-,, fe , - . . Teesxegvfssse , V -, ,. , T - H121 5 lg EARLY COURSES WERE DIFFERENT Than Those oT- Tered Today. Some oT The courses Tound on The diploma oT I894 are reading, wriTing, spelling. grammar, liTeraTure. and eTymology. These are oTTered Today under The TiTle oT modern English. Our presenT social sTudies courses combine many subiecTs which were TaughT separaTely sevenTy years ago. MosT oT The scienTiTic and maThemaTical courses have been changed only recenTly. LaTin and rheToric were oT- Tered Then, buT are no longer oTTered. The Tine arT courses included arT and vocal music. OUR FIRST FACULTY was ex- ceedingly small by foday's sfan- dards. This group of accom- plished people was qualified fo feach fhe many subiecfs de- manded by a high school. In fhe early days of our school sysfem fhe communify could nof afford fo pay fhe feachers an adeguafe salary. ln order fo compensafe for fhe small paymenfs fhe feach- ers sfayed wifh each family for fwo or fhree weelcs. If was a greaf honor fo have fhe feachers live af one's house even fhough if meanf "company manners" fwenfy-four hours a day for fhe whole family. CLOTHING STYLES, along wifh fhe school sysfem, have con- finually changed. ln fhe early days homespun clofhing was fhe only affire. in fhe l92O's if was Icniclcers and now casual sporfs clofhes are accepfed. In l892 OUR FIRST I-IIOI-I SCI-IOOL, fhe Chambers Sfreef School, was builf. Unfil fhis fime all high school sfu- denfs from Morrisville had fo commufe fo Trenfon. Our fown confinued fo grow and fwo years Iafer fhe William E. Case School was consfrucfed, serving bofh elemenfary and secondary classes. When fhe Case School was no longer large enough for fhe needs of fhe fown. fhe Roberf Morris I-ligh School and fhe lvlanor Parlc School were builf. These sfrucfures were firsf used by fhe fown in I924. During fhe Firsf World War fhe Capifal View School was erecfed and in I958 fhe fown added anofher school fo ifs sysfem, fhe Grandview School. In fhe Fall of I959 sfudenfs firsf affended fhe new Mor- risville High School. WE, AT MORRISVILLE, did nor adopl our nickname of "Bulldogs"q we earned il. We were dubbed "Bulldogs" in I93I by a local sporiswriler who was inspired by lvlorrisville's Tenac- ily on lhe gridiron. Spiril and second ellorl have always been Tories of Morrisville alhleres. For years Morrisville has been showing Jrhe big schools whal winning Jreams are made of Through sheer gril and delerminalion. Our foolball Team has loughl Jrhrough many successful sea- sons and has broughl home live championships and lwo lies. Our lraclcmen have Taken one Dislricl Class A championship, rhree Class B championships and have relired lwo lrophies al The Berhlehem Relays. The baslcerball ream has conlribuled eighr championship Trophies lo our colleclion. The baseball nine has consislenrly been near lhe lop for years. The girls have compiled oulsranding records in baskelball, solrball and hoclcey. Our slamina and perseverance have seen us admirably lhrough many rugged seasons of organized arhlelics, and will conlinue 'ro do so for years lo come. ONE ACTIVITY ThaT is a TradiTion aT our school is our annual WashingTon, D. C., Trip. This is s+ric+ly a senior acTiviTy, buT iT is one ThaT is anTicipaTed by all underclassmen. Our TirsT such Trip was in The early TwenTies. We were one oT The TirsT schools in The naTion To propose and carry ouT This idea Tor The senior classes. When These groups wenT on The TirsT oT The annual excursions, They were OUR SCI-IOOIQS MUSICAL HERITAGE is evidenT Today, buT Tew realize ThaT The TirsT musical organizaTion, a drum and bugle corps, was organized by Dr. Charles Boehm. Our band has progressed considerably since Then. ITs numerous awards are Tinal producTs oT hard pracTice. The Carol Sing, in iTs 29Th year, is one ac- TiviTy which Ties The communiTy and The sTu- denTs TogeTher. As a parT oT The musical, a coIorTuI diarama is presenTed To enhance The program. awarded an inTerview wiTh The currenT PresidenT oT The UniTed STaTes. On These Trips all Tunds were earned by any acTiviTies ThaT The class could sponsor. ThereTore, no one had To pay any money. Tl-IE MIKADO oT I948 was prob- ably one oT The mosT eIaboraTe op- ereTTas ever given in Morrisville I-Iigh School. The TradiTion oT giving an opereTTa or senior play in our school has been an enioyable and imporTanT one. ,4dlninislralian 270 .lnsiill Knaufledge fast as ine flaine from a burning eandle illuminates ine dark af ine snrrannding night while slawlg difninisning ilsed sa anr adfninislration gives af itseg' la dispel ine darkness ef ianr fnlnre x is U inspire Hrmfilf Ty t '33 QL gi X vs' 'Irie' 'N 5 . 'Wg-fy K ,e L '--- F ,. ffl 1 ,M-Q 3 9' 1 xg -wk?-Xfglfgv H -. - 'fS?!::?:, 5 ww ww V- ' as ' k -. I , f an , :MM rf -rv ,Q ,. X, X ' K- it :"fLg,ll ' ' ,Q . W . , ' ' K " 59 , v SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS -it As head oT The adminisTraTive branch oT our school sysTem, Dr. Phillips' duTies cover a wide area, including The supervising oT many school TuncTions, preparing oT The school disTricT's budgeT, and linlcing The school and The public. Dr. Phillips is al- ways eager To help and give advice To all oT The sTudenTs aT lvi.H.S. Seaied, leff To righh James B. Onofri, Harry H. Lee, William H. RoberTs, Harry A. McClisTer, Homer C. PlaTon, Treasurer AlTrecl G. Champagne, Viceepresidenf, RoberT C. Beadle, President Mrs. Margarel SmiTh, Secrefary. U15 .Mrfrrisville Hoard Of Sducafivn These dedicaTed ciTizens have provided vision and wisdom while governing our educaTional aTTairs. By giving Their Time and TalenT They have made possible The planning and direcTion oT our school year. WiThouT such a sTaTT, iT would be impossible To have The up-To-daTe high school which we aTTend. .52211554ssffissfffffisiiwss, my ms,,:-v.e1111i isiiszfisfwf f 'Zi sh 55315 a s :f-EY x ,I 551355 Wi I fanf, F Q mv W ,wi Mi -Q' si: Q! L1 alia Elf 2 5 : 'iii se rial I ei Q Lglrw isiiiiiyge j K7 SA iii XI , I mm f iii I E355 leaf s ig: 52555532 Si V3.2 xsixrmurfwi 3525512 si is f rim I mm Swing easaisss 1,Y :,: , I is I s r is Z2 A' -if 3 132 15 +516 his rf A i S-1 Twig ! : if x is A: X v ff X Milfs I. A. . His is zu Ki, da K a 5 M gr: i,2n 3'i?fis3I fgsfgi -: i ai SN!! :.!: 'S .sr . si isffgga 3-fs, 295-mag sim- ii is W ,Tamar Qgfwfiiigpfiigif I SEK Wil wfsismifnfsz 5? 'vzgwfgiyifii ,fmsiffiiffz ,I ' ivieliiift Ter 'gig-riffs: ., wggsff: 2 as S , ..?jWLfQii Zgsswgislar W s. , xr' ii 'ESQ i frlifwfesiifgfi S Of Our Sd mfiau Mr. Caum's nalural leadership and his experience have proved Io be in- valuable in overcoming 'I'he iniiniie number of obs+acIes Ihar obsiruci +he pa'rh Ioward our educaiion. I-Ie heads our school wiI'h a friendly spirii' of firmness and auihorify. Mr. Wood is a coniinuous help in 'rying 'rogeiher 'rhe defails of a compli- caied life in a high school. Curriculum developmenf and discipline 'Fall under his rule. Mr. Wood serves us as aih- Ie'ric direcI'or and also plans all of our class Irips. Miss Gish has execuied her duiies as guidance direcior by advising us in school and helping us plan our iuirures. As guidance direcior she helps admin- isler many Iesfs To aid in deiermining our inieIIec'ruaI and vocalional ap'ri- iudes. E. LEONARD CAUM PRINCIPAL JAMES E. WOOD ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL um ' 'QW-3,5 m e Has if fb? ?3s5"f?'Q77 M: I-.gill T151 ,ful Y" 'W' :3H'.5':E'53?:1i i?iss?I'5?i f ,riiii 2. filer iw Jksflfi 572 1"'7"5? si ' STM 'Wi' A 'V ,V fu? A ' ' E ' ::' Mensa S5 ik Q 1 , 5 'ifsfgiifsz aasgasfgbvw f- :'f: s me vyzaggyji A 5 f1"'i3,,vfrsgsfasvizwisssi giifwgfii -liffssssa. Q33'1fUvQf11Gf'ii' w gifi jl R FU ' ' is wsiigigiw-leafs 28 Essgfssfisiiifaigaisfiziflfisili-I isLs?3'wsisffzfw x"H,wfSggzfvlg-?gi,f frmwieIf?sp5Wiw5srag9g9giwgQzW1Mmigwgiw-sf' Hrvgvgwgf- H s:-' .2'f: " srigyiggggggigsivgi-.Q-. fi ffkizfisxsr4s25AaQiiu2f?f5:rfis?iisri?ifs?iga9? -Gila? "" 'fa f 'fa fszfzv-mi'ssssiigi-Egggfgsswio ws 'I-M4291-wf1sI?55,f1f5ig:fER'QiE'JJS Y ' as ire" -I assffmz1:swrs?fswBw Qi ss sm-.wfmrriirsww im:-I. I Us 1iseirwswssisisif-seiifwss3ssfS?525IMf:aiuwfiai-wma'91w'?Ieiw Aw as a 2mg3gwiffisas5s5Ris,,.., s Mwwi-fswf':i:wz:1,e-:vsilu-S ffwffsif1'fff iresszifisfzgiipwesiasiiswfiifiirawliwiilsliiiliw If1fi9'a!5Hfw?5?IS ' V355 I I is .. .. . . , , . Es I f Q ,1,Qg5i,'gsM,, I I 1'irf"2iH225HSr1,na-far is , ----, e lffcmitl Vsaslz, nr I si 6 :'issfig,3ggsg,g2f,s -wv'1iwagm Iffiifiwfsviffz sifwssigayiz is 3 -sfr ,fir ,,..,. is a,sW.s,m sVu.s1ssY'f :AH swesisii2,sizsi fegswjifiisg ,zigfigg :Hi pi K I DOROTHY GISH GUIDANCE DIRECTRESS I7 MARGARET WATKINS English JOHN GONTAR Science i J, WILBUR SAUDER lndusirial Aris FRANK TOROK ALEX McDONALD Science Science HORACE HUTCHISON Music haring GORDON DAVI ES Social Sfudies English SARA T. HUGHES HELEN BRUNNER Commercial ESTHER HAWKINS Malhemallcs ANN PARSONS Malhemalics ELLEN MILLER Home Economics Chair ,Mind Milf lls . . . DOROTHY KELLER English JOSEPH MATINAS Science RICHARD LEE English ROS EMARY CAVANAUGH Physical Educalion DOROTHY JENNESS Librarian RUTH GRAVES Home Economics U15 5 - Our Ccachers. BURTON O. THOMAS Social Studies FRANK ZURLO Science ROBERT HATRAK Commercial J. HERBERT BERNSTEIN English EARL R. DAVIS Arr JAMES D. KELBAUGH English MICHAEL KREPlCH Social Siudies ELIZABETH LEE CHARLES B. SCHULTZ Maihemafics Social Sludies SOL S. KASHOEF Maihemafics FRANK PODLEISZEK Music WALTER A. STEENE German JOHN PIN DAR Comprehensive HARRY HOLLI HAN Physical Eclucalion EMILY HOPKINS Secre+ary R JOHN FIDISHUN DR. ROBERT GOULD Social Sfudies X . LUCI LLE MCCAHAN Secrefary OLGA C. MARTINEZ MARJORIE JONES Spanish Nurse A 1 EVELYN MOORE THELMA OKUROWSKI Nurse Sfanding, from leff fo riglrl: Mrs. Rose Sigley, Mrs. Kalh- erine Osborne, Mrs. Lydia Wamsley, Mrs. Caroline Hillmyer. SiHing, from lefl' fo righh Mrs. Florence Cook, Mrs. Marga- re+ Lonlz, Mrs. Mina Bralcer, Mrs. Mary Scullin. .7ar1ifrfria!,414d Hafefcrizz Stags From leff fo righl: Mr. Edward Mono- han, Mrs. Conceffa Hand. Mrs. Mildred Himmellbuger, Mr. Waller Harfel. FF 4 Q. sf PM Q V 5 if Q . A 5 w ' M- fav A3 WW 1 -LX , iz an W - 2 if as 1 'mf .' j 5 'I .' 4' if kpc NH, A hx 5 1 LL K 2 A V A I W 24 ? S b ,,, , . 8 , . bg, I J , , f , f , V. 5,1 WL, - 1. ,, wh i Seniers h Destiny ,flieeted 75? ,llhihty ,L 3 L . N, ' ,hi M, -42,35 ,' . sg, f ' ,, n hge . 5422 !!,,,- We entered this year as a eeeee Zihe elass vt h '64 etee considered a unit New ta! gether, tefnerrew seattered like the rays in shattered glass, te reaeh summits or depths as Mseparate individuals. is , rus, s is 1 New Y mms? 'a-Le QU Cf ew," wfzjrezi LJNYI, md crocuie an wfiegilnbie pgmg3e". 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P pl' summer worlcmg for an engnneermg company as a drgglg iigarnee has . . . ef ff ..,r Were evlde . . . nf sn y hours s l s , g gpenf as cried an The scope of Wa ,e plan s aa slrs so of orders groups and cap nexl for orlc. 3 s" , I -"Z1fZl7?2?fgL "Mr-'P ,W ' , .1 , . gm-WW ., V V H , 1:-s1S7452iss,3f2??3?5'wV'a'adf . M ' i - ' CAROLE JUNE CAROLE We could always see Carole cruising up and do . . . lcepl if in lop condifion . . .Carole Jrhoughl il early bul' managed +0 arrive al school on lime .. club in Jrhe fall . . . worlced lallhfully af 'frying 'ro enjoyed clerical praclice and looked forward sidering a career as a legal secrelary. was. and palrolled . . .lou WV! her In The COMMERCIAL wrll loe a baseball M ercer who E Q is ss Lkgh w::fsi'Ql'59' 525. , m,.1 M :.: NE ANT C W L KL if TQNI n s ssi 5 COMQQRCIAL A1 . all and her +00 5'k' I-: ocalesx weelxe ' . . Elders", Club 'g , if 'illi',"fll1lC5si f Wsl- allerli ool . 4 .i-lllf s llwei-I ,,i' , - K iff' "- if- A -'h' " 7' ZA. wav i y fbl +P-l y s i s dregssi gjeu gl Class - - -lrenesswbuldfsilliefrle mai " - sssi i W C ,l C C C i g A .J , ? , V C M could find lo' be a plans 'ro PAUL 'BECK 3 " X BRUCE i ACADEMIC ,M L Black wayy liairl.. always laughing aboul scimalliinggglieasd a lwabil ol brealcingfup German appreciales good music and has lielfedbio produce E+ willw luis lrumpel for years in llne band . . . had a numloer commenls To aboul cerlain llne liealllw lesls-my goodness! . .Vis Bru lilced llie class lo clarify lnis poin'ls...Bruce plans lo lurllwer lwis 'lr lvl om HS. BENTZ ACADEMIC exlremely lo our clworus and yesper clioir ...she and l'ler all ol sfeps lor llie band drills . . . Mary is a 'laillwlul member ol llwe Senior Girl Seoul Troop . . . slie spends lwer summers al llie sliore and swimming is lnigli on lier lisl ol lavoriles . . . can? underslancl people wlwo lliinlr llwey are inlallilole . . , during E.T.A. meelings, Mary expressed lier desire 'ro enler llwe field ol elemenlary educalion . . .well known for lwer slage whisper. I U M, we 'svgfzzsq f 1 L -,iesesis lf is - LLLz,,Lisz,izL , - L I . DONNA LOUISE BILLS yy ,KL KK DONNA L ACADEMIC , Enioyed herself in all of . . . remember Ihe wild afler-Iheliijame parlies? . . . always busy singing in chorus or vespm, working for our s clufle, or as Lifprogram chairman for l:.7li.A. . . ,Kypllayad as a Iell wing in hogf '. kelball . . . lwirled her shiny bafon as a maiorellre . . . 6 ' ' 'f:Q: ' - - -- --if -Q34 ":'."' ,L IqOnQLVL,?OC'sZkV - - ' Seng II, C0I?"mIiYsir5I"OIUS ,LW 'Illilee Years - - ' :,,. OI L, I1I' fIL fI1 . . . lobe aKffhIeIme4rics V,g., K F.: K K I .IINI is IIIN NIIN L, L 11, A.,, ..,,:,, , K - LK 4 ILL: if As 'I' IIMQLMLM I1.,f. - ,L .,k-- i ' A"' l3+sf',rMLs K as I IIII INII In INNN I is NIII I L, - I ':'I:k E3gs1xgq,w,m mi ' i L K ' "E M Ak,:,A K Krzfj , L ,K KK KK ,si iF'!iIs95LiSiL'u ,..- I , ' ' f 'MV 1 My N-IQQNALB A. BLOODSWQRTEI ,k. k-,V KwzLeisMmEK5KKNmMKK ,K .,.k K LL L K K- L, K KK VVKV K K KK Krfnsiiifrsi,L ,,..,,,: I L L KK Lxkh KKKKKK - i E L or ININ Znw n.L ,I II IILNI as i L III LI is L. ,i s LLII as L LLIILNII I-ffsWiNss,LLliCADEMIC I i . ,-v.., WK, - L L Vizk .,..,.,,,L K KK kgiky r1rr.V Q kjy,' Kj K K K , f nnnnn LNNQ Innn I ": I '-':' ' 3 NIIN INNL K 'Bon plains Io allend Q Lcoieqe iioisbusiness adminislrarlriongl KK K K K I,II i ' - -hfy I I If NILII I L L T :EI :fl " - ,-feel Ji LL il I I ' fi I fg Q' LLLI, N S L ,L S L LILLL, K ,,LL.- 7 , JOYCE 'I' NLLL 2 ACADEMIC, s Where did you gel Jrhal beaulilul --QL ? "': rried a clarinel in band-,g'gKKLKLKKKKKK sang allo in chorus and vesper. . . spe ' ouuisf eaders olub . . . pursued fuiure in E.N.A .... wore a volunieer ide uni Iafpspilal . . . helps ILII L r church wilh a Youlh Fellowship . . , her English Eyvhere she ver being called Joyce. .chad a bel ifh olher Qjgi askelball Iigames . . . lovihd Io fy iifiggel on Miss Cavanaughs nerves.. .pl ns 'fo inclu Q k inq in her lulure. :Qs is i 2 3 L K K 5 , ,,, ,K IILV MKK, ir 'ri L sg 1 W : p q! K-KK i :V nz?2s , if:1 ' 1- lisa? gasses, , 'L 55 -I saw, 1 , if- ' use STEPHEN: iiss ALEXANDER BUCKLEY STEVE K COMMERCIAL Slaves friends have dubbed wiih many and varied nickrames...sorne we slill rClOn'l' unclersland . . . Sieve worked lhroughoul Iwo seasons as one of our varsily Track- ,jjrsen . . . look much leasing during Ioolball season abou? his commenls on lhe field . .. Sieve is one ol 'the nicer dressers in Ihe class . . L bravely sporls Ioalers . . . he didn'I seem 'ro like any aspecl ol any hisiory course . . . we never knew whal was going on in Sieve! mind. and he never would fell us. . . Sieve hasn'+ decided aboul his luiure plans. l1!Pl"'-wr, is 5 f 'QW DIANE BUNDA DI COMMERCIAL Spends a lol of iime in search of fun . . . can'+ seem lo keep denis oui of her car... oflen found wilh Carole. Mary Ann. and Kaihie . . .she could do wilhoul Those early morning classes...looked forward io gym periods. Hsiamped and sorled books in lhe library for Mrs. Jenness.. .Di is inleresied in hair siyling and plans io lake up beauly cullure al Lawrence Academy . . .her immediale 'Fulure also includes working for Bell Telephone. JOHN W. BU RGESS,sJR. BUZ coumiziaciar "ls he siill in lhe darkroom?" is an oilen heard uesiion ' - pei in The band . . . ollen held Jrhe floor in Alphcai OmegacinilihbrilelsgiiulieariEeeoypig cuf up...wishes Thai he had more Time io sleep . . . "spare lime" sees Buz racing around for yearbook piclures in a blue and while, almosi dead, Chevy . . . couldn'+ com- plain, rhough, for his molorbike would gel him iii noi ihe iripodll +o lheiob.. .plans lo find a career in lhe field of pholography. JOHN C. BUSCHE JOHN TECHNICAL John is al The scene of every good lime. . .his clolhes and near appearance are ad- mired by all ...look loads of kidding aboui being so shori...cruising around iown is John's iavoriie paslime ...working on his car is a close second ...added a from- bone perl 'io The band . . .John is a slar bowler. . . is always able To come up wiih a slrike in ihe ,nick of lime . . . John's plans for lhe iulure include aiiending Trenlon Jr. College. ' '-si1.i Q5 s'i,-s ggyg KATHLEEN BYRNE KAN-iii-2 J comiviiircini "Who is your personal hair siylisl. Kaihieff' . . . enjoys doing everyones hair . . . prac- liced for The fuiure in home economics class. , .had considered helping lhe caieleria siaii cook iheir lunches on many occasions ...usually worked behind The swiichboard in lhe office . . . delesled coming lo school on Mondays aiier long-anlicipaied week- ends . . . how and why did you aggravaie Mr. l-lafrack, Kalh? . . . possessor of a mar- velous sense of humor shared by 'rhe whole class . . . will pul ihe long hours of clerical praclice lo usesailer graduarion, N 5 ANTHONY DOMINICK CALABRO NINI TECHNICAL Nini is one oT The TriendliesT seniors To be had . . . always ready wiTh a sincere smile ...during hours oT his own, Nini worked on his coin colIecTion . . ,Took The auTo me- chanic course and plans To Tind a iolo in This Tield. possibly ouT WesT. . .worked on The TooTbaII Team and spenT Two seasons on The baseball diamond . . . was a Tech STudenT Council represenTaTive...Took large arnounTs oT kidding, buT never leT The Teasing boTher him. TERRY CAPOZZA GUIN TECHNICAL Took a IoT oT Teasing because oT his size . . .always seen working on his '29 Chevy... keeps hisTory periods alive and noisy. . .Traveled around wiTh Nini and Dave . . .has a large coIlecTion oT very personalized nicknames. . QTerry's main inTeresTs are cars and girls . ..Guin's mosT ouTsTanding cachievememh, according To him, is passing Trom one grade To anoTher'.. .had a good Time in biology class. . .even Though he disliked iT .. .Ter liked The Trips To Tech and The Tun in The halls. . .Terry's plans include Travel and sTarTing a new business. CLIVE LEE CARNEY CLIVE ACADEMIC A very quieT souTherner . . . even Though he says liTTIe, his remarks are always gems. . . Clive was always presenT aT sTudenT council meeTings and added much To The Alpha Omega discussions...was Torn beTween The hecTic yearbook meeTings and The pro- longed baskeTbalI pracTices . ..why didn'T you like Those heaITh and phys-ed classes. Clive? . . .he used his aThIeTic abiIiTy To supporT The Track and cross counTry Teams. . . his specially was The high iump . . . waiTed anxiously Tor The physics movies wiTh Mr. Flick . . . Clive will enroll in college nexT Tall. JANE FARRELL CARTER JANIE ACADEMIC Janie has been an acTive member oT iusT abouT everyThing ...she showed everyone how loud her voice could really be as The capTain'oT cheerleaders. . .Jane used oTher voice qualiTies in chorus and choir. . . made disTricT. , .a deTermined and aggressive Tullbaclc on The hockey Team and a sharpshooTing Torward during baskeTbaII season . . . in spring she began To pracTice her Tricky TasT piTch . . . The sporTs season was wound up in The summer as a lifeguard aT The Robin Dee Swim Club . . . nursing will be her TuTure occupaTion. Picfure Noi Aveilefsle , V Us-mn . 5 5 . V,-ss . 'f.s'V-'egg , V ' 2 H fV V:V'V . ' ...A ,W ' V' min' ' VV-2 : gm ,. . 2 5 .. . QV K uni 1.-V. - .. S Y w 4 ,M ,,., V Vx 1 .. .z. 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Crash has quile a large record colleclion . . . wonder if cars have anylhing lo do wilh Tom's nickname? . . . hasn'l had loo much luck in lhal lield . . . Crash enioys sludy halls . . . lor some reason he lhoughl lhal lhese periods were nap periods . . . Crash inlends lo loin lhe Navy ailer gradualion. . :'r if r ls DAviD EDWARD eoLDENBAuM gs ,A ,V ,, ,.55,sgiLggi,s,333?u .- . c r',- -i.', , f iijave worked on lhe Sludenl Councilval Tech . . . hasbowled the ii llilili of twan- if-M-Q fx was bowling learn . . . Dave is in lhe Nalional lflonoyrifhociely achievernenl . . . received lhe God-gfand Counlryfliaaward in hZisfscoLrflfing . . Dave is presidenl of his Youlh Sroifp al Sl. Johnsigulheran . gsvsfiviif. s lime in world cullures . . . workeeljhard gelling lhe paper oul . . . plgns iii' l college . . . made plenly ol'sg 'as al Burns' Pharmacy. if af ilxl MCJOHN e-Roves A sg yy , JUHN C AC5D5??4L'iC, yciQ John is one advocale Qliiffoolball . . . plays il year round . . . earned a posilion on''lil1e'if5iiTirifE5 All Counly Team durifngfilwo seasons . . . belonged lo lhe varsily club . . . disiikeds classes in lhe library . . . one ol lhe nicesl lockers in lhe class . . . John worked al Penny Fruil during aller school 'hours . , . had a large colleclion ol swealers . . . looked nice sal all limes . . . liked science courses. any kind . . . Johnny finds much enioymenl in plays ing pool . . . John will enler lhe working world upon gradualion. ' ' J C f KARL HAA5 scir 'KARL J ilKarl look a lol ol leasing lrom lhe looys bul always look il in slridey one needed a movie' proieclor operaled. ,Karl was lhere lo do lhei iolo . making addilions lo his ever-growing coin colleclion . . . liked The hislory classes Mr. Thomas, bul haleol any lirsl period class . . . whal was soqinleresling in Princelorfisgssazgiig Karl? . . . could always loe Found where lhere was a sporls converiselion in progress . . Q Karl plans lo go on lo college 1 . . managed our baskelball lean'ifiesryi'al3ly. L Fllllbgs sq s fix I f' 6 Q L if :ui f M 0 E is lvdvpz- 1. .'v!"hff-' Z1-if iii" LL.i,'-- Hs' A ..L WH' 535554 Xifzixissi i?1iQ2?TU'x571f'f?iiT!EE95VlLzff If 'wif il' "7 , L - - ref . V F -- ,,-ir, er-rr., .M-aLzL,rLrz.f:g.r,.yf.',gView,mfr.ff,:W.:w' 1 M e , 5. 1 if ss -sg .,,.s,gr2g' .Hegel , V, ,. ,L,.,Lgerrggrmgrgefgigfrf,r'rs?1iQg3szff,,t'w Lrri L . 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Roberl' was 'rreasurer of her church's fellowship . . . Carole plans lo enl'erj!'he business world following graduaiiorr . . . has one and a half dimples. ,si , ,if . f ear ., L Lb. , of LrrLr l.rr or kyyk ky Ei,L.kL,rL kV.V ii. rily r.k, gz- E il, . ,k L1 .,. , , V,Vl, .:l.,V. i 7L.i Q, 'franlic schedule fhis ear . . . Took chemislr and lau S- . ,, l.r, W. .r.. 7 , Y , Y 9 , Y S'lUd6'Q'if5W. . . seemed fa enioy work in The prrnl shop more lhan flE3Lis'Qlk:efr1eg?grSe5' . , . The winler monlhs al rhe railroad slalion . . . ioinedif-Hee rahkeed file of workers rhis year . . . was irked al lhe sigh? of any bleachedrblonde . L. . Wgssesses a large mop of blonde hair himself . . . can'+ abide unnecessary' loud . . L affer gradualion, Jim wanls lo allend Penn Shale. j JACQUELINE ROSE HARROLD JACKlE COMMERCIAL "Aren'i lhosepiclures finished yer?" is a queslion oflen asked by Jackie . . . added a liifle humor lo any long yearbook meelings . . . spends much lime reading . . . familiar wirh ali of ihe besl sellers . . . is a member of leaders' club . . , looked 'Forward lo any clerical praciice periods . . . sneaky people seem lo aqgravare her more lhan anylhing flyeflse. . . couldnur undersland lhe cause, or effect of weekend yearbook meerings . . . lfsrrferfher educalion ar +he l.B.M. school is plorred in Jackie's fufure. QZZI? an-v' l. Qver- 3...- L if L? X .ks A w z s, 3-X U ,psi w eywfhwiwa 5,W wgf2:jwkgn5?gk fag V2w5snyiQ,ZffiM5,.,g,.s 5: A Qylifgjgnmzsfw S fygg,hH'?1f1Vw5"f Qpaffg C fikiqqmfvw Mi fafsefgx , ,wi glawsiwg 55 - I yncgg. HW mba,-zngfw z wiiiillgiswg. 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English class . grve Drew a good lDlK8lfQhdr he ll laugh . . . gg-, grill .1 7, 7 L . . . . forever la ed l'l3aegjiifz,fm, f an lhe band and hel ed 'rhe chorus ouirlhls ear a member of The 'rhe discus. . . are dinner wllh The Alpha Omega club every monlh . . 'lhal he really enjoyed lhe meals . . . will furlher his educa- Hon eller graduaflonffgfg plans 'lc enler lhe lleld of engineering. JOAN LORRAINE HU NT JOANlE COMMERCIAL Our class secrelary was always seen running llilerallyl 'From one place lo anolher . . . The job ol business manager of our yearbook pur lo use all of her secrelarial skills . . . sang allo in lhe chorus and vesper choir for fhree years . . . also joined her church choir . . . loecame a member of 'rhe Narional Honor Sociery in her iunior year. . .always lilceol 'ro work in The office, especially al The swilchlooard . . . had a special inleresl' in Phila-A clelphia . . . Joan hopes lo become a secre+ary eller gracluarion . . . always smiling. e EMOOSE sisliiyy s rf iies f 5 ' , f ssel J Jfi s i gg c lssy jg syis 'Never seeing os nffschrool idurirngyehunling season Q lilis . . spends much rimeffridring .molorcycle5gQf..can be heggsslriidrisving all rhrough iown. .ggoczcupies a eu Sea . uf. emi s hard +ve. lasl lunch . . ,.lil4es To play' rhe'V'pisiifEig1lilgnall machine al' f,DinflfSaz.ns i. Moose cullu res . . . appafrenfly y,l, ha worflc ony . worlring in lhe:V.1'fiyeilf?li,.sol i icls l iiii cl r y,l,l High . Q ylgg.g her free periods .zii iazz re- l cordings . . . il.c shaveaagairisilf dislges? . . . Clerical USG lllew Slflllii3'Tfla1.rQQeCOme s yyl gy scyl lslsi yyoy g i One ofslhe more +alenleg:lsffgmembers of our class . . unusual aloilily s ing. wrihng enableclffrim ro head ihe processingjafail of fhis looolr lo help'-The copy: shall when rheywere in neecl , . . speml 'rwo seasons of .rraclc ancllfifbne ol cross counfry wearing our hisfffspikes as a clisrance runner.. .also ioxned lhe wresllmg 'learn for a sli season . . . pulleolfweeds for New Jersey Manulaclurers during summer.. .Q looked forwarcl ro explanarions in physics class . . . seemed unhappy aloour lhe oulcome of Jrhe '63 series . . . Jeff plans lo enler college affer graclualion. PHILIP JOHN KLEMMER PHIL ACADEMIC Green eyes. ..worlced on all of our sporfs feams...Phil feels adequafely prepared for his fufure courses in medicine affer fhis year's' healfh course. . . worlced af fhe pool and felf proud of finally passing Sr. Life Saving ...a Sfudenf Council member in good sfanding . . . led fhe percussion secfion of fhe band during concerf season . . . "Bloody Wednesdays" Ieff marlced impression in Flip's mind...was fhe presidenf of Alpha Omega earnesf worlcer. ANITA MARIE KRIER NITA ACADEMIC A peppy, bouncing miss who always had a friendly "I-li" for everyone ...seems her main inferesfs seffle around blue converfibles. . .was a member of fhe Sfudenf Council for fwo years. . .appears guife proud of Ihe Varsify "M" she earned for her oufsfand- ing performance in soffball .. .was recenfly seen in fhe company of several frogs... fhey hold guife an affracfion for her. . .foolc all fhe feasing we gave her in sfride . .. fufure plans include affending college, wifh hopes of becoming a biology Teacher. DORIS LOCH DORA ACADEMIC A sporfs enfhusiasf...Doris was co-capfain of fhe hockey feam and also played on fhe soffball and baslcefball sguads...offen chauffeured fhe gang in her red Impala converfible . ..was elecfed presidenf of fhe F.T.A .... gave her vocal chords a worlc- ouf in fhe senior high chorus. . .one of fhe co-capfains for fhe color guard . . . handled her rifle lilce a pro. . .could play her Baldwin like a dream ...claimed fhaf hisfory was her favorife subiecf? . . .following graduafion, Doris infends fo enfer college. I JOSEPH J. LOSS JOE TECHNICAL Combos are Joe's main inferesf . . . played fhe drums for fhe Tone Kings . . . fhaf money gbrnes in handy. . .fhe field of prinfing will prove fo be Joe's vocafion ...his fighf Schedule Includes worlcing in a prinf shop . . .carried around a sleepy-eyed loolc during rfhe morning classes . . , will never explain why. . .doesn'f seem fo enjoy fhe bus rides fo Tech.. . would rafher fake his car. . .Joe plans fo enfer fhe Navy and furfher his fraining in lifhography . . . claimed fhaf mafh was his favorife course. glockenspiel . . . was on The baskeTball squad Tor Tour years . . . "PaTsy" is lisTed JAY .LEWIS LUDWIQI my y I BARON: mm., I m"" CQMMERCIAL Viqgie-PresidenT oT our class . . . held a parT Time iob aT Jerry's, didn'T seem ' eiTher . . . oTTen Tound wiTh Billy and Pink, giving The Teachers a cuTTing classes, excepl' when he goT caughT . . . spenT much oT his The swim- pool This summer . . .claimed To be a pro aT pool . . . Jay's TavoriTe sf3ibigecTs were V, halls in which he caughT up on his sleep . . .aT The presenT Timefjyay is idfzdewfg, beTween Tuniheringhis educaTion or enTering The service. g I ' ' I- .MIIsgsIIIIIsIIIII1IsII,-.I.,.I .irigisihiaiivylg Hxxgfs-.sw if ,- -II-ip-.sersissgefiasifepzaqzsI .I I--I-IAN,-fxxi YII -z.s I. 3- ,uf IfGgIA1Sg15fx-I., I-I I , I-Iii-I1-I:sI,.I 1?-iflggiifis iYLsfssiZ.Qf'I K I,g3e,,I.. ,L VINCENT LUCIANO T I I GENERAL .I . Q dark haired membe-IiioT The wresTling Team . . . 'ai ss Tral MeaT MarkeT. , . claims ThaT he deTesTs whiTe raTsii.i.i. why? . , .Vince spends spare hours learning new dance sTeps. . .he is one oT The Tew True Television Tans leTT... likes plenTy OT ThaT good green sTuTT. . . is very unhappy when his walleT is empTy . .. Qplans To ioin The Marine Corps. enjoyed biology classes and said ThaT dissecTing periods were his TavoriTes . ...Jimmy I I II Z- Tfsiqu, . g'Iyst7'I2iji'2:3iVF'gQ?.U.L6iI. :IQg::3IIgf?!'2g,IfI- , 1iIf"f-ifZ:'iIf7:Q,A - T, I4 IIAIIIIII I s IgyI1II.I?iI: We I 5 ielswi . " I ' .- . I ,I T f'-'5'T'ifiififixtiiiillf5i:fQffiIfiii4afIL 1 '25 .- -,f,..:-.k,, ,:.: I Is., .. I , . All 325 :E WINS5914-T?'3STf'i'2Ti5E57i , . - ,A V .EQBKHIV T ' i mwm,!,,, , I..-wasII-I-IeveIIIIAWIASIQIWXI-7vII,:I1IeAiIsI,esswif-A-I4+s'I-NWT I s1i,- I . -I If PATRICIA ANN LuIcAszow PAT ACADEMIC SpenT mosT of The year making The much-loved schedules Tor The yearbook sTaTT . .. was a Girl of The MonTh . I . plays The piano very nicely ,. .led The Troops oT musicians I IT wenT wIT ouT saying . . . o Ten was ungry a Ter unc e- - J: Ir' 75" 'z I' ' ' ' - 'Miz-fi Ti , 'Hifi - W sau-seo? The Ing Tec mgues . . . sang alTo In T e c orus . .fume wifi -- II V I V 'A .g I. I i is In I II . I . 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Ioui his campaign was quicidy ended . . . enjoys ice sI4aIing . . . cuI's a mean figure eighi' . . .aIways had his records spinning ...pumped gaIIons of AIIanIic gas..,wiII don Navy whiies afier -i-555!f!?!f1z,.: sesfsfseffsfif . i iifw ,, gifqggggwv' - '- MATECKI JR .M Three years rriifn on Ihe spo . 5 worked ai I uri enloyed hisiory peanui bu'r+er an .Q summe said gym was h 5 i i. I l MICK PATRICIA E. MCCARTHY i l f lfi PAT ,fl JHURQE HhHCAL l Evenings and allernoon hours saw Pal working al Cul'n Curl ...claimed biology was her lavorile subiecl. . .has always had a passion lor horses and riding ...disliked people who lalk loo much proud ol being a member ol lhe Nalional Honor Sociely . .. haled homework.. .was a member ol Sludenl 'Council al Tech school. . .was disap- poinled when nol allowed lo come back lrom Tech lor pep rallies.. .sludied beauly cullure al' Tech . . . plans lo lurlher her career and lhen gel married ...disliked having lo wail lor lhird lunch, s SANDRA be heard her color r l-los has quile couldn'l lake es lo MANFRED ms fvrrl who always made s ybody had a good il came lo girls . . . lillle perlurbed when peiiiiile .could never quile ligure oul how lhey did ilu. ralher ol baskelball . . . has worked in close associalion wills lhe many years seemed lo be delermined lo keep his classes lively honor soloisl . . . sang allo in chorus . . .worked al lhe pool during . wenl lo Dislricl and Slale Choi' Q leslivals . . .will os yi less. . .was on lhe hockey learnggi . . loved lo lalk s iriled discussions in an class lanis lo allend P Y ,ll P la Mick hopes lo become a denlisl M e Wm, Www-fmgm AW? ,1,.:s ,A A 1 ,A .A g . l QQ img ggi ssl cvs Q swwwwswgggvewfis Q is Boardwalk and Park Place . , youFiV'7lile7ii3lg522fpleaQe," was her headed lhe copy slall ol lhe yearbook. . . sangiilgglilically and con- JOAN MCGARITY JOAN COMMERCIAL Joan used her commercial educarion To irs besl advanrage in her performance as class business manager...played a wicked clarinei in rhe band and orchesira . . . parrici- pared in Couniy and Disrricl Bands . . .sang wiih Jrhe olher allos in The senior chorus... a member of leaders club . . . speni many summer days ai 'rhe pool.. . couldn'+ wair for ihe canal io freeze so rhai she could skale . . . qol her varsiiy lelier in baskeiball . .. Joan is an avid D. and B. corps supporrer . . . has a greal im'eres'r in Bordenlown, New Jersey . . . plans 'ro do secrefarial work of some kind afrer qraduaiion. MlLLS ACADEIVHC Bears no acrual leddy bear... Jrhe lislr ofclass culups . . . was an aciive member Council and wresilinq ieam during his senior year . . .dished our leasing .. anybody here wanr ice cream? ...possesses a many of were censored by ihe yearbook slaff . .. for his par? in making our ke?-weaving hopes DICK Dick managed +o . . . ran Thai' order fulure plans include llollowing JUDITH ARLENE NIRSHL JUDY COMMERCIAL Spenf all of her exlra lime al' Kresges . . . "Thank you" . . . carfl sland being loaded wilh homework on weekends . . . pu? clerical praclice +o good use...anorher of our lrue-blue clarinelisls . . . claims one of her hobbies is sewing . . . is very proud ol lhe "M" for band she gol lasl year. . . dislikes inoongenial people . . .anybody in parlioufy lar in mind, Judy? . . . carried lhe allo par? wellgin chorus . . . will enle xgrlefifsflfless world upon gradualion . . . is fond of lennis . . . Mrs. classes. I?-QZZ 1355-' v FRANK . always ull very 'reach- wmlllim a slandoul' counlry feam Scam? awawelss .ru .Lg .3 -W ff xr Mr 2x mr fs 2 f 22 S 3 -' ,ff X 2 , 55325515253 ' -z. 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GSICGJV wde . . - ms-Q - :- W sas, ,mf firsmm M sm: rfwrfizgersyzs'zmffm we . V-frgmggzgv,..w,qrgfirgggg iwwggy, Mwffgg LSL.ww.g,r',pfrfg-.qawygwwgwr,riffM- Wm-1 JK, Q --eg 2 fair s LfrE'Mf1'1- ikfiie 5213533'HSZSSZ'-5'SP?ib?5Q??fif?55i2i'5.7WZESWS' I if e r G Jfef' we W gig'-Uawgwsir nH152rsizszrlmuwxdzreiifferr ,me r 11wr1f:rzrQifzwrfSf :ww rrwiiwxfaazgfw rL2ww5H25wrlmileisww-2 J. 312, M 2 ,gn w,5m,g2,,,S,,,. SM ASM,,,.wgr:Mf.a:.z,.me -Q sr M-Sw-5 ww? M rr, ram WLM.,Hmefzmmew My M U jf . M Y'Ansfwgflgfiirl'iifaiiezs 1-355222552 gy T H me U igu,smrzrszraz'?as:,2g,zs f. .f,fr- gEasier-'AW2'4z.,ff1's?r'szzf,g52r' Swserw rr ,gui svwkzzssrgrggLgewwgggg, , , A NANCY AN NI POTOCKI I I NANC COMMERCIAL "Why don'l people relurn Ihe ilems Ihey borrow?" was Nanc's plainlive, alrnosl con- slanl cry! . . . Nancy worked for Two years arranging our showcases.. .is quile pro- licienl al' Ihis unusual arl . . .was very friendly wilh Belly and Judy . . . selecled business praclice course as her lavorile . . . spenl long hours as one of Ihe assislanls in Ihe Ii- brary , . . Nancy has a very nice seemingly endless supply ol shoes and pockelloooks . . .wanls Io enler gradualion. KAREN LOUISE ROGERS SQUEEKY ACADEMIC Karen is 'rhe smallesl maiorelle in Ihe band, laul her size says nolhing aboul her abilily ,..never slingy wilh her conslanl supply ol gum . . . became very emolional al Ihe loorball games. . .has somelhing againsl people who waler dowrsffsoup and acl like Scrooge ...sang alro in Ihe senior high chorus. . .several nighls a week she can be 'Found bowling like mad . . . enjoyed home ec buf oh whar a drag Ihose double period English classes were. . . Karen plans Io enler nursing aller gradualion. KATHERINE ROSATI RAVIOLI COMMERCIAL Her craz nickname belils her nully personalily . . . enioyed experinnenls in Ihe arl ol inlerior decoralion . . . loved Io work in arr class . . . sludied al Ihe Lawrence Academy of Beaufy Cullure . . . planned and carried our Ihe beaulilul decoralions for our prom . . . proved Io be quile a 'raskmasfer . . . Kay can'? bear Io crawl our ol bed so early, buf somehow managed Io arrive every day . . .quire a goodfnarured lease . . . knew when To slop, rhough . . . mighl enler The field ol inlerior decoralion aller gradualion. IifZ'fs-lsriirsiiIgiifiiii-Tl1"1 ' s :Q -will-rwiufizzsffrff-M. f f .vysrga,-r,ggSzr,,5if-11 . ' - - fisher' , ls r RUSS sii A I I ACADEMIC Always me draw skelches of Iusl abou? . zany yearbook adver- lrsemenls Sludehl' Council represenlailve . . . surprised us all wiih hissleng. curly I15l'F?ai,'k. Wiisiiffivlimember of 'rhe Alpha Omega club . . . induclecl info ?hegNa+lonaI Honor SQCIQEY'-CQUVIDQ his junior year . . . Russellfi plans Io slucly physics alfer gracieyagiion. A y y I ii I slsl I -I JOSEPH RUSHINSKI JOE CHNICAL Joe was never heard above ihe oiher guys, bul could' spealc his piece he had 'io . . . offers seen in The company of Moose in his broiher's 327 . . . had a s cial reason for his irips lo Ewing . . . spenl many hours urilizing any emply phone boo . . . in The lasi' four years he has shown his bowling ab'ili'ry by boosfing his 'ream io . . . en- ioys hunling and 'fishing . . . aller gradualion Joe plans io apply his drafriihg slcills and iurrher his educaiion. ALEXANDER sci-iEPELANKo scHEP Ci-INICAL On weekends Schep plays ihe guilrar in a band . . . +his Tech cur-up spend lor of Jrime in Trenlon . . . whai aboui Hawaii-Kim? . . . roamed Through The halls h Dave . . . speni long hours a+ his easel . . . Sundays were almosl always spenl ai drags . . . a Ford don'l lil4e, Schep? . . . 'ioolc drafiing ai' T h and never ' . of high . This year Schep's fav ie class was ou? +o 'fish . . . inrends To i a career in ?f KATHLEEN MAURE MITH , Karnak? A COMMERCIAL 'lsaihy has a pair of beauiiful, sdeep,cse'l:'f1Que eyes . . . They were always smiling . . . warned our as a Tfioiball 'team . . . didn? like lo rise and shine . . . lilsed coming Aygg iess . . . Kalhy is a quier member oi 'rhe secrelrarial course, ,ggg . . sl'uinning oufiiis . . . does iusiice To all of lhem . . . English ihsscou'rse in which all of Kai'hy's inieresf was cenlered . , 4 Kathy plans on , ,L ,L I Y' K f ggVf,rk, I .- L ., ,.,, -iris. ' - ' . .srsgsl KATHLEEN SUSAN soLAN A iss sa A There goes ihai whisile again! . . . Kalhy golf a lol of salislaclion from leading lhe band down The field or ihrough lhe lown . . . Kaihy ioined F.N.A. and chorus . . . was chosen for Vesper Choir and 'rhe Sludenr Council . . . her lavorife courses were English and his- Tory . . . Thar summer in Wildwood was really greai according 'ro lhe many siories aboui' ii . . . lilies io ear and buy cloihes in her spare lime . . . Kaihy will some day don a nurse's cap. -ss if Wils- sLiNKY AcADEMseQ GENEVA STEINBEISER NEVA ACADEMIC Neva is a peppy senior who doies on chances +o visil haunred houses . . . elecled 'ro secrelary posiiion in The leaders club and presideni of Ihe PNA .... worked as a clerk ar Ajax Cleaners . . . was always seen wirh Marcia and Donna . . . had Irouble making The Teen Board meelings . . . 6eneva's hair was always in place . . . could be because her Iavoriie pasrime is doing hair . . . played wiih rhe loaskelloall leam . . . couldn'I waii for any of rhe "good" P.E. classes . . . Geneva plans io rake up cosmeiology aiier grad- uarion. ,s is WALTER STRASZYNSKI TCM siir Tom will readily resiiiy To Ihe y coldness of his ' longifgsssyygalks every ing . . Fey were his pei peevei.i.,.,enioyed sporrs and pracrice +WO vers sslusire slfe ei-file baseball CCQSSIVG SO TQH1 was s i . . - I G i:f,"i'i':':i3 ii'f ii": . , . wa nis io al endiveiflege afiagr his grad- I' iii iii I ilsii I --" iii "i" iiii' i I ,. ss,s g, iiiii 5 I Q I i --ils I ,s,ssl swunnunnns is -7 WWI ": 'il"' s gyygg RICH MLAN' SULTZBACH ssss s iisis ACADEMIC as is Musicg music, musicQiiis'WilIie's chief inreresl a zgi aclivilry . . . how 5 day do youilpracfice? . , . or should we say, "Are g rac'Iicef?3ii-'rnii'g . . became a member of F.T.A. in his senior year . . , helped Io airs? ., .. Aaik ascenery which was used in various school aciiviiies as a pariicipanr in The arf col- lecimg an expensive, buf rarher worihwhile hobby . . . why don'+ you likeihomeiiigiiichih The weekends? . . . hopes Io make 'rhe piano Ihe keynole of his furureiicareer, s VIRGINIA JOYCE SU PPERS GINNY ACADEMIC Speni many happy hours in home ec. class cooking up a siorm . . . worked as a member yearbook on Ihe phoro slafi . . . was a member of Jrhe leaders' club and F.N,A. . . Qfginny worked during Ihe summers ai Korveiies and Klein's bakery . . . was also a volunieeriflaid yzgy all Mercer Hospilal . . . wouldn'r mind having a Corveiie . . . a charrer member of Iheiexclusive "Porcupines" club . . , Ginny will go info Iraining nex'r .year ai Mercer Hospiial School of Nursing. i , yew, WILLIAM CHARLES TEMPLE, JR. CHIP ACADEMTC The Don Juan oi The senior class . . . acTed as co-capTain of The varsiTy TooTball Team in his ,senior year . . . nobody has To be Told ThaT Chip's likes are TasT cars and good cloThes. ....parTicipaTed in Track Tor Two seasons as a sprInTer . . .Tor some odd reason Chip said English was his TavoriTe course . . . maybe iT was because oT The good grades he gm' in iT. . . aTTending college is included in Chip's TuTure plans. THOMAS C. TETTEMER TOM ACADEMIC Tom loves all kinds oT Tood--excepT cheese sandwiches! . . . played baskeTball year- round and on The Team Tor Three seasons . . . anoTher nervous member oT The Alpha Crnega club . . ,one of The individuailisis of The class . . . a very nice dresser. . . be- longed To The,varsiTy club.. . was Thetreasurer oT our German club . . . olidn'T enjoy Tield oT accourniing aTTer gracluaTEon. CAROL JOY TYNDALE CAROL COMMERCIAL Carol was one girl who had many opporTuniTies To sTrike iT rich ...she always Turned down The opporTuniTy, Though . , . she received These chances while serving as our class Treasurer. ..collecTs records by one gerTain singer . . . his iniTials are Ricky Nelson . .. Tor any number oT unknown reasonsfffarol has chosen bookkeeping as her TavoriTe sub- iecT . . .would like To become a Bookkeeper . . . Carol aTTended all oT The leaders' club "convenTions" ...was always presenT aT The sporis evenTs. . .proved ThaT "good Things come in small packages." ri i MARY ANNE WEAVER MARY TECHNICAL The Tech school will never be The same wiih Mary Anne gone . ..sTood behind whaT The Tech kids wanTed aT The STudenT Council meeTings. . .could be Tound working parT Time aT CuT and Curl BeauTy Salon . . . spenT Three years on The hockey Tield and Two on The baskeTball courT . . . had a wide collecTion oT cloThes . . . highlighTed wiTh a beau- TiTul array oT sweaTers . . .very TalkaTive miss. . .will work in The Tield oT cosmefrology aTTer graduaTion. geTTing assesses. in a Tux Tor any occasion . . .will TurTher his educahon and enTer The- MARIE WIENCKOSKI MARIE COMMERCIAL Marie is a hard working business sfudeni wifh an eye for fashion . . . hafed fo gei up for school and could never seem fo be on fime for school . . . enjoys good movies and becomes emofional over a dead werewolf.. .a member of fhe bridge club . . . spenf some fime in leaders' club , . .found The hours in English class mosf enioyable . . . lvlarie plans fo enfer fhe business world and pui her abilify fo use as a secrefary. HOWARD w. wiuvior, JR. R i-iowiis p TECHNICAL Riding around Town is Howie's main inferesf. . , kepf chorus in fune . . . defesfed any kind of homework. . . kepi busy during his spare fime working af Pierce's . . . Howie has helped fhe frack feam 'keep righf in sfep . . . Howard lisfs mafh as his favorife class . . . we wonder why? . . . hafed io do his hisfory repor'rs...whoever helped make The lunches af Tech? . . , liked fo give Mrs. Daily a hard 'rime . . . Howie's plans for fhe fu- fure are nof definife ascof yef. RICHARD GRANT YATES, JR. RlCH R ACADEMIC Rich was one of fhe small per cenf of Spanish speaking sfudenfs in our class . . . col- lecfs coins and sfamps during his spare fime . . , a member of "ihe group" ...said fhaf hisfory was his favorife subiecf. . . pef peeve? Rich had a differenf one every day... alfhough he was a bif on fhe shy side, Rich's amiable affifude earned fhe friendship of all his classmafes...Rich would like fo furfher his educafion af a college following graduafion from lvl.H.S. DONALD ZURACHIUSKI BQW TECHNICAL Bow likes To bowl . . , has fhrown fhe ball down fhe middle for any exfra poinfs his feam needed . . .can be found working on fhe inners of any car af almosf any fime . . . en' ioyed fhe winfer sporf of skafing , , . can spend hours on fhe ice wifhouf geffing chilled ...his inferesfs in school veered fo fhe field of hisfory. . .liked fo go fo fhe drag races ...spenf weekday hours hunfing and fishing . . , enioyed fhese fwo pasfimes . . .would like fo work in fhe welding field. This pholo slalf almosl revo- lulionized pholography. They are from lhe left Mary Benlz, Kale Anderson, Buz Burgess, Dave Kinney, edilor Jackie l-larrolcl. and Ginny Suppers. Leading lhese groups are co-edilors Al Hague and Pal Lulraszow, wilh Mr. Schullz and Mr. Sleene, advisors. This slafi more lhan 'tripled The sale of aspirin while selling yearboolis. They are Frank Noonan, Rus Rud. and Drew l-lunger wilh business managers Mary Lou Anderson and Joan l-lunl. The members oT The yearboolc sTaTT are a unique subseT oT The senior class. We are reading This ediTion Tor The TirsT Time, as are you. We are seeing diTTerenT Things Than you: we are seeing argumenTs abouT color, "TwenTy-minuTe Tun periods," and an oTTen TelT new emoTion. This emoTion is one which combined TaiTh in ourselves, T,rusT in our advisor, and a belieT in The realism oT This boolc. Wraclcing Their brains Tor cre-aTive ideas is our small, buT powerful, processing sTaTT: ediTor JeTT KeTaner, Donna Bills, Dave l-loplcins. Our Tech represenTaTives are Mary Anne OuTnurnbered by his copy sTaTT co-worlcers is Clive Carney. From The leTT his d Weaver and PaT McCarThy. mirers are: NeTra Magill, Jan Moore, Sandy lvlcClisTer, Es Pinclcard, and ediTor Ellen McDonald. ,1- llnderelnssfnen we Hrented Oni Own Qmgile Werhl Che highlights of iz hnhhle ehange as it drifts frefn ene heel te anether - ,As the interests and eoneerns of an nnderehzssninn are also everehnnging. 0540 g . is funn iigi , J W , T ei 'W ff' ,,v-'uv iff' 1' ,a'l'f' 'TM' I 1 1 I 7 , ' 1 sw Ilff ,ff Y I f fff'4ff?ff,fLf, . NHL 2 'Um if ' W ,am 5 . Q x M M. ,Q ' f L ' 3 2 ,jg 5 gg 2 i iwiffm, '63l Our Jufaresis Ar Many And Varied "As underclassrnen we enler a world ol seemingly endless conluslon. We wander fhrough rnazes and labyrlnlhs Filled wllh unknown soundsglaces-and people. We slurnble info slrenqe rooms following new schedule cards. Our conluslon ls compounded because ol our changing ideas and expandlnq world." "This level has been allalned. We lead our learn ln helghl, experlence, and age. This is one of lhe 'lrlumphs experienced as Freshmen. We lead, buf we sllll musl follow." "We have given 'rhe school one of our classmales io honor. All of The class vied for ihe posilion bu+ we feel no envious Feelings aboul lhe winners, They are merit worfhy and we are becom- ing more manure." "As we are made lncreaslnqly aware ol ourselves and our surroundings, we realize llwa? we live ln a blown-up world lull of ourselves. Bur lnls dialorlecl plcmre ls nol all llwal we seep we see, as we grow in knowledge, llna+ our own world Is only a small parflcle agalns' fre backdrop of our lumre 'lfef' .K wg 7-I Row I, lefi fo right M, Burgner, S. Bryce, G. Goldenbaum, P. Bennell, J. Berendl, P. Anderson, G, Colarigelo, R. Fravel, R. Clwewning, Sec- ond row: D. Fox, B. Allison, D. Anderson, J. Fislner, S. Doyle, B. Brilla, L. Bacowslfy, J. DiSlelano, L. Bond R, Cusler.Tl1ird row: L, Berg, S. Cav- anaugli, J, Cronon, B. Demos, J. Beal, L. Gabriele, L. Boyer, A. Conslanlino. . . . Striving to Mus. 7-3 Row I, lef+ +o righfz G. Milclwell, C. Pelryszalc, C. Wagner, K. Scoll, M, Snyder, R. Scullin. P. Radosfi, R. Scliwenzer. Second row: J. Mc- ginis, P. Pinckard, D. Sclwieler. C. Whalen, J. Rodriguez, S. Wadsworlln, J, Woyllco, S. Milclnell. Third row: P. Pidcoclc R. Rossi, J. Sewir, L. Ow- en, B. Slnarp, R. Rose, R. Wurpel, J, Warenda. Fourih row: B. Slacklwouse. R. Riley, J. Tanzillo, G. Paslor L. Proulx, A. Zaluslci. 'gg ,. Q5 if: 7-2 From leff fo rfghf, Row I: P. Kenner W. Hulse, G. Greenbacker, R, Krfer E. MGUTP, N. Hague, C. Vrwerso, S. Mogill. Row 2: F. Kurt, F Mae' P. Meyers, L. Lubioz O. Lewdenko H. LoHIn, B. Grafton, B. Menrr. Row 3: S. Manror J. Laporr L, MCQLHNM, M. Lurz, P. Hayes, J. MC , . . Wrxwre R, Merzscrwr-sr D. Looavcr. Row 4: S. Mcffaran R. Lee, P, Lucwarxo J. Lorman H. Mar'-n. if new sifuaiirfrzs . . . Tech B From leff fo righf, Row I: T. Deshield, D. Capoferrl, B. Menfh, ham, C-3. Woolverfon. J. Binder, G. Barra, R. Consfanino, J. Albright I 5 C. Thompson, R. Woodward, F. Menscrmer, J. Luciano. Row 2: C. Eve 2 - Aavvszw:-agar' He:-17s'I-.1-.. ,,. A e T Q 3 E 2 s Q E E E z 5 L 8-I Firsi' row, Iefi fo righh H. Bozarfh, T. Harris, J. Amenfa, B. Cummings, D. Beck, C. Fravel, J. Cavanaugh, M. Hodak. Second row: N. D'Aqos+ino, D. CTark, D. Heuser, R. Deis, D. Corbeff, L. Fredericks, G. Cronon, R. Clwesfock. Third row: D. Haynes, J. Deumberfo, T. Beadle, E. Genda, J. Adams, V. Day, R, Harrold. Fourfh row: A. Collins, B. DeShield, J. Brewer A. Friday, K. Carney, J. HaU. . . . Beginning A 8-3 Firs+ row, lef+ 'lo righf: E. Solf, R. Scoff, B. Thompson, L. Vogler, E. Wamsley, C. Worrrmingion, M A. Zelenak, K. Schragger. Second row: C. Sufferley, C. Skuse, M. Yusco, S. SmHh, D. Warell, V. Weber, D. Widmann, J. Watkins, S. Speak Third row: N. Teffemer, A. Surdy, G. Troxell. B. Tofh, T. Whife, B. Too+eH, S. Vendor. Fourih row: L. Wiley, M. Traub, W. SCOH, D. Shoriak, J. WT'1aTen, B. Sre-ward. J. Terner. E i i E T i 5 i i . S 2 s i .I :Kia LIES HSE 5 'f',J 5' . - ,gfgfiiza 8-2 Firsf row, le'F+ +o right K. Morris, T. Kennedy, L. Morris. K. Keller, J. Morris, R. Mulelc. D. O'Brien, G. Roclcalfellow. Second row: M. Kelan- er, C. Reynolds, B. Rogers, B. Hovemeyer, L. Male, S. Male, E. Miller, P. Roflwsclwlnq. Third row: R. McQuIllan, B. Moser, B. Poland. B. Marlin, D. Riggs, T. Ledger, B. Neumann, W, Morgan. Fourlh row: M. Poqany, R. Kronnagel. J. Jurey, B. Levondoslcy, J. Newman, G. Hunger, M. Mc- Calman, Wu! our places . . . l Tech A Firsf row, leff fo righf: R. Griener, D. Cowell, D. Moser, R. Lohin, J. Bunda, L. Carler. Second row: J. Moyer, D. Grier, C. Calhoun, E Liechlifer. E. Suflerly. R. Taylor. Third row: T. Hoverneyer. K. Harvey, J. Syrninqfon, C. Brudon, D. Piscopo. 4 Wi -. 9-I Firsf row, leff io righfz D. Alexander, E. Benfz, V. Bennerf, S. Berrie, B. Black, C. Anderson, G. Cddamro, B. Cronon. Second row: B, Bor- den. K. Berendr. D. Cnarnberiin, A. Coflins, R. Bloom, S. Anzalone, J. Bobinchak, P. Baddwin. Third row: V. Adams, S. Conrad, D. Brudon, C. Cook, J, Cosrezlo J. An+oneBi. W, Anfonelfi. Fourih row: K. Burns J. Booker, C, Be-risrw, J. Busn L. Crwmura, , . . . Our Wusfmeun 9-3 Firs+ row, Ie'F+ +o righfz J. Nice R. Muckey, C. McCHs+er, R. Jones E. Mare, D. Mount P. Orazr, B. May. Second row: L, Nugent S. Palmuc ci R, Onorfri, P. Lucasn S. Lasky A, Kerner B. Piscopo, B. Robinson. Third row: L. Marin B. Monti, A. Proux J. Mdone J. Phmips, G. Rlurn mer, R, Jurey. Fourfh row: J. Judy, R. Kabay, E. Kelker, J. Pasfe-ur, T, McCoy. 'Y ' - ,al 5 ip. E L 9-2 Firsf row, leff +0 rigl'1+: P. Duffy, D. Gonnelle, R. Harris, S. Fuccello. P. Johnson, P. Fenimore, L, Farwell. H, Ellenger. Second row: D Gindin, F. Harvison D. Fisher, S. Haque, N. Enoch, T. Hansen, G. DeJoseph, Third row: J. Fischer, M. Harrold P. Goldberg, B. Hopper, P !Foose, B. Daylon, D. Fausey. i complete . . . 9-4 Firsf row, leff +o righfz J, Suzura, P. Temple, G. Welker. C. Willis, B. Tarr, L. Russo, B. Yales, E. Sloddard. Second row: B. Slradlinq, D Walsh, J. Wood, S. Willcowski, R. Wallcins, W. Krier, P. Sleinbeiser, E. Williams, M. Zubornialc, R. Yorlcus, K. Senqhaas, lvl. Zaborniak. S 9 P. Traub. Third row: T. Webb, R. Tozour, G. Rose, B. Wiley . wi ,2 Q 115 5 5. IOQI Firsr row, lefjr fo righh V. Benneff, L. Farweii, A. Carnpaneiii, J. Coniurso, V, Dayion, F, Axeirod, B. Cummings, S. Baionis, Second row: L. Bush L. Bodine, C. Deacon, J. Burgner. B, Burgess, K. Cushing, N. Caiabro, P. Claassen. Third row: R. Cunningham, D. Crisp, W. Alborn, J Cook, G, Cinewninq, S. Brown P. Briiia, L. Deacon. . . . fach year We assum IO-3 Firsf row, Ieff +o ri H: M, Radosgi, L, Ricci, C. Leiciwiirer, J. Merriii, A, Marsh, J. Maieracky, J. Padge-V, Second row: P. Mciniyre, M. Mey Q ers, M. Magee, D, Lehman, M. Reed, L. Larison, D. Peirecca.Ti1ird row: D. Pairs-rson N. Nevin, G. Roman, B. Noonan D, McCiees, D. Ludwig. E. S i i . X . .K E K if- i 5 L of . ,,,,4 ,., f X , fr' Q 44424 . ., . W,,,w,::b--asf'r WW! H 'M - Q 5..,,,., .mmf 7f,, "" I ,,,,.. ,., ,, . ,y 7 ,,,,, . .M ''4jg'7 r 'Y -W, IO-2 Firsf row, Ief+ fo right D, Heli, J. Kieinfeider, C. Kafona, R. Hanna, P, Graskiii, D. Gre++on, L. Deis, E. Deianey. Second row: A. Jonnson A. Labarciw, P. Edinqer, N. Koons, S. Gonnelia, P. Dyer. M. Kaugiuer, C. Gordon. Third row: J. Harvison, H. Krier, S. Dodson, P. Gamble, L YDodson, J. Kerns, D. Garqan. Fourfh row: D. Gasper, A. Gavrisin, R. DeMario, M. Kania, M. Flefcher, J. Hiiirnan, new respvnsiifilitics . . . i IO-4 Firs+ row, leff fo right J. Szoine, D, Wakeiieid, G. Rossi, L. Simii, M. Smifii, P. Wiedennaeier, D. Yeager, S, Sieele. Second row: B. Sew- ard, R, Sciwrieber, T. Swope F, Woriiwinqion, iiroie. D. Thomas, B. Sarnsei, C. Siadier. M. Wilmor, C, Rusfay, A. Warren, T. Tooreii. Third rowz' D. Wiafer, J. Sinoriak, N. Ross, J. Torn, F i S ii f i i 3, K 1' ll-I Firsf row, le'H io righfz L. Barlley, J. Comislcy, C. Bozarllw, A. Colangelo, M. Alexander, J. Barlley, L, Cappiello, K. Belwrmann, R. Bennell. Second row: C. Anderson, J. Apgar, l. Drelwer, B. Beadle, L. Adams, C. Conrad, C. Day, R. Cadwallader, F. Bennelf. Third row: W. Fenimore, M. Barlcer, W. Boyclwclc, D. Buckley, NN. Dyer, J. Clay, E. Codd, L. Bryce, T. Brodeclci. . . . Aehieeemeul ef eur goals II-3 Firsf row, leff io righi: C. Mirclwel, M. Miliolc, L. Mareiilc, C. Radosli, C. Pidcoclc, E, Miclwel, B. Reed, E. Price. Second row: C. Reirzle, B. Male, K. Nolan, N. Magee, L. Nagy, P. Palmisano, C. McKeever, J. Onolri, L. Dyler. Third row: P. Orazi, D. Pelryszalc, W. Parferson, S. Miller, L. Piecliowski, R. Poqany, R. Reso, N. Molir.Four'rl'1 row: H. Mount R. Paflerson. J. Palrnucci, Gm Nevins, R. Miceli, E. Marsh. gs Bwm HHf 31,191 1 ll-2 Firsf row, Iefl fo right M. Lucuski, M. Koreyya, J. Garey, E. Jaso, L. Hayes, lvl. Lucash, E. l-lerbeck, G-. Grady. Second row: P. Kelly, A l-lulse, D. Fisher, S. Haldeman, lvl. Frick, C. Krarner, J. Kish, T. Lykens. Third row: J. Fuccello, D, Kinney, J. Firman, T. Hope, P. Gargan, A. Gab xriel, B, Foulke, W. Fredericks. Fourih row: B. Jackson, R. Foose, C. Hughes, J. Kurluss, J. Keegan, i seems eminent . . . ll-4 Firsl row, leff +o righfz M. Talevi, K. Zelenak, A. Robinson, S. Tyndale, S. Woolverlon, L. Wakefield, J. Sharp, D. Sulizback. Second row: A. Shufl, N. Rnd, M. Shull. S. Widmann, M. Sioddard, A. Rosali, T. Sullivan. R. Wiedenhaefer. Third row: R. Smiih, D While D Schmidf D. Walsh, S. Scheidemaniel, L. Wurple, P. Rupprechi, S. Zima. Fourfh row: J. Scullin, J. Swope, T. Williams, R. Weber, D.'Wilson,iR.iS+awski. I z I f I fr" 1 rv ,4ci1'cfi!1Z's we V Working . l 1 4 Zfvgvihcr E21 Kreafc ,4 lluif I , f ,ia man baud is not one can da Ji fakes zz indent Qfvzfernmcui Leading The schools council are: Barry Jackson, Presidenf Mr. Ke1baugl'1,AdvIsor Tom Toofell, Vice-Presidenf Ka+l'1y Anderson. Secrefary Brenda Houser, Treasurer ""'!ur this year md I Each homeroom elecls i+s represenlalives lo The Slu- denr Council. This year, rhe Srudenr Council members followed The rules of a revised charler while considering The inreresrs of 'rheir vorers. Sludenr Council sponsored 'rhe very popular junior high dances and iniriarecl a "blue-ancl-gold-day" program. On April I8 rhe Sruclenr Council's work reached irs peak ar 'rhe Spring Fling. Sludenls eilher linger or buy al' lhe school sfore The slarl of a school dance . .. .Ccaders Glub The ranks of The Leaders' Club were Tully accom- modaTed This year. The girls Tools complete charge of The reTreshmenT sTand aT The TooTball games and aT The end oT The season were hosTesses aT The vic- Torious Thanksgiving Day Dance. The proTiTs realized by The club were used To purchase sweaTers Tor all Temale leTTer winners. The VarsiTy Club purchased TacTeTs Tor The leTTer- winning men. The club worlced especially hard To reach This goal. The programs aT TooTT3all games and The candy aT The loasl4eTball games were sold by yarslTy men. These club members sponsored, Tor The TlrsT Time, The annual ChrTsTmas Dance. 7 80 Varsity gfllb xx lmprornpfu speeches highiiqhr The evening. 0 cya This club is unique in Bucks Counfy. The club holds dinner meefings abou? once every Two or Three weeks where, affer The dinner, each member is required To give a 'Three-minufe imprompiu speech. Affer each mee+ing The boys choose The besf speak- er of +he evening and This member serves as +oas+- mas+er af fhe nexf meefing. The dinners are planned by Mrs. Miller and served by The home-ec sfudenfs. YW I-I . ,.,Y V, Hr 1-1 rf .. .f'. rf Seafed from lefi 'ro righi' J Scullin T Tefiemer C Carney R Frick P Klemmer, Mr. McDonald fadvisorl, T. Too+eTl, B. Jackson, D. Mcffiees G Roman Sfancllng 'From leff fo rigl1'f J Swope A Haque D Hopkins, D. Hunger. B. Noonan, D. Pafrecca, T. Hope, T. 8I The NaTional Honor SocieTy is an or- ganizaTion Tor Those who mainTain only A's and B's in high school and laTer in college. ThereTore, iniTiaTion inTo This socieTy is considered a greaT honor. During The iniTia- Tion ceremony, The members pledge Them- selves To high ideals. Our FTA. was more acTive This year Than in pasT years. lv1eeTings were held in The evenings and guesT spealcers were presenTed. The club planned and exe- cuTed The annual college day program. For The TirsT Time, The club sponsored school dances. The club members enTerTained The school wiTh an F.T.A. as- sembly during Teacher EducaTion MonTh. This year. Tor The TirsT Time, The F.T.A. was a True service club. Members learn Of guture Prvfessivus The F.N.A. is an acTive group which helps To pre- pare iTs members Tor The Time when They will enTer The Tield of nursing. Field Trips. such as visiTing homes and hospiTals, make up a large parT of Their iTinerary. As They cheer The paTienTs They gain ex- perience which will be of value To Them in TuTure years. Firsf row, lefl' fo righh E. Herbeclc, J. l-lunl, N. Magill, M. Benlz, K. Anderson, J, Carler, C. Anderson, E. McDonald. A. Hulse, L. Nagy K. Zelenak. Second row, leff fo righf: Mr. l-lulclwinson, F, Noonan, G. Roman, J. Swope, D. Hunger, G. Clwewnlng, H. Wllrnowk, D. McClees F. Foose. Third row, lefi' +0 riglmf: D. Bills, K. Solan, A. Jonnson, L. Dels, J. Bollorns, J. Moore, B. Beadle, M. Frlck, D. Fisher. 'H Firsf row, le'f+ fo righh C. Willis, S. Bryce, B. Grellon, L. Bond. M. B, Kelaner. Second row, lefi' fo righh B. Borden, R. Harris, C. Pefryszak P. Pinlcard, B. Yales. Third row, leff +0 riglrh J. Wood, V. Benneff, D. Fischer, B. May, D. Fausey. Fourih row, leff fo righfz P. Lucasln, K Carney, B. Piscopo, B. Hopper, E. Miller. 84 Each year Mr. l-luTchison selecTs The besT singers Trom The Senior l-ligh Chorus ancl Torms The smaller Vesper Choir. He Then works wiTh These people To creaTe special eTTecTs he cannoT obTainf wiTh a larger group. This year The Choir represenTecl The school aT many ouTside acTiviTies in addi- Tion To Their worlc in The Carol Sing and The Spring ConcerT. Zfhcy H6417 lls Develop Our ,flbzlzfy . The Choraliers are an equally selecT group Taken Trom The Junior Chorus. These are chosen by Their clirecTor, Mr. Podleiszelc. Mr. Podleizelcs Training provides an excel- lenT background Tor TuTure worlc in The Sen- ior Chorus. This group parTicipaTes in all choral acTiviTies. This year They puT on an excellenT performance aT boTh The Carol Sing and The Spring ConcerT. Much work and Though? was puf info The scenery. 86 . . G lflmsc Che ,llud mac x Waifing for The cue fo enfer . ., The early Tall marked The sTarT oT The Carol Sing pracTices. The choruses were The TirsT To know of This year's program and looked Torward To The com- ing evenT. Soon The arT sTudenTs began work on The miniaTure scene oT a Salzburg winTer and The Eng- lish classes sTarTed To plan Tor The Tableau. STU- denTs assembled The diorama and The brass ensem- ble began iTs work. Cne oT The lasT Things done was The selecTion of The honor soloisT. RepresenTing The senior class aT This year's Carol Sing was Ellen Mc- Donald. As The nighT oT The Carol Sing drew near, all of The school bowed To The many necessary exTra prac- Tices. The Carol Sing was held on a snowy nighT and sTill The audiTorium was Tilled To capaciTy. The eye- ning passed rapidly and soon The 29Th Carol Sing was over. Our honor soloisT s ings "O Holy NighT years Of Crain kg ,find Z9 active Jnstrumenial Seafed: Janice Moore'-Counfy. Standing, Iefi' fo right Tom Bro decki-Counfy. Bob Pawurerson- Couniy and Dlsfricf, John Firman- Counfy, Jeff Clay-Counfy. rc' kewa ded. . . Ifaml n Sfanding, 'from lefi' fo right Mary Ann Frick-Counfy, Dewain Mc:- Clees-Coumky and Dis+ric+, Befsy Burgess-Coun+y, Guy Roman- Counfy, Ray Foose-Coun+y, Eve Herbeck-Counfy, George Clwewn- ing-Couniy, Ellen McDonald- Coun'ry and Disfricf, Jane Car+er- Disfricf. Seafed 'From lef+ 'fo righh Linda Deis-Counfy, Joan Hun?- Counfy. funiar J-hgh Hlmrus junior flzyh Vmzl e. e o ri ' ennle aus S f d I H + gh+. D F y B bare Borden Chrisfine WiUis. Shand ing, IH 'r ghf Dave Brudon. K y Car y B ly Y T Brian Hopp M Band members wafch fhe acfion on fhe field befween numbers. This year our school color guard did a magnificenf iob on The field and in com- pefifion under fhe direcfion of Sandy McClisfer. If includes Sandy McClisfer, Linda Wurpel, Doris Loch, Janef Apgar, Befsy Burgess. Ann Hulse. Nancy Ma- gee, Brenda l-louser, Mary Befh Kaugher. Firsf on fhe field were The Maioreffes headed by Kafhy Solan. They are: Karen Rogers, Mary Maier. Donna Bills, Jean Moyer, Donna Sulfzloach, Susan Woolverf fon, Kafhy Solan, kneeling. Jlflusic 901' .Tvld The band's worlc is a year-round ac- +ivi+y. This year's foolball games were enliyened by The songs of The band in +he srands and by Jrheir half-Hme per- formances. The annual band concerr, fealuring music from Weslr Side Slory, was held on May l. This year's Trip was an exceprionally fine one for lhe band membersg rhey were guesls of The Band Booslrers a+ lhe World Fair in New York Ciry. Those who would go on lhe Trip were delermined by The newly eslablished syslem of awarding poinls for each al- Jrencled parade, pracrice or foo+ball game. ,find Stage Praclice played an imporlanl' perl in crealing The program ......! 1 Sparts Praetiee Ureatrng s ,4 Spirit Ce Hun gg Uris part af senaal ufe is familiar te an atnlete. As ne wearilg leaves the selraal aker a grueling practice sessian. ne realizes that the enormous business of a senaal eantinues bug after tne daars elase and the building is ernptg. 5+ 5 E Q , ,.... .ff-A r. -:Q if I - si ,rf-, , 25 Q X me ,Q -- 5 iam: is fl ' ' A x Ml ff is S--,,,, W . D ,ummm 93 FooTball season exTends Trom The heaT oT AugusT Through The snow Tlurries oT No- vember. This year's Team, in spiTe OT Their losses, caughT up The enThusiasm oT The people in The sTands and gave Morrisville many good games. This year Coach Holli- han, The men on The Team, and The specTa- Tors experienced a rare Thing in any sporT: a loss ThaT we could be proud oT. This Teel- ing Tollowed The Team To many games and Tinally, in our. conTesT wiTh BrisTol on Thanks- giving Day, The Morrisville sTands were The supporTers OT a winning Team. Warking 901 Coach Hollihan Coach Fidishun l Coach Pindar ,4 livin y From leff +o righf, Row I: B. Jackson, D. Pelrizeak, N. Ross, A. Gabriel, G. Barla, M. Barker. Row 2: R. Weber, R. Foose, J. Cronon, C. Fischer, N. Calabro Wilson, W. Dier, R. Reso. From leH +o righf, Row I: R. Wied enhafer, A. Gavrish, H. Krier, D Thomas, J. Shoriak. Row 2: T, Too?- ell, P. Orazi, W. Temple, J. Groves W. Fabian, S. Buckley. Row 3: R Pogany, P. Klemmer, J. Albright C Hughes, W. Fenimore, D. Buckley. John Groves Bill Temple Phil Klemmer 95 Brisiol man biles The dusll Charles Fischer Bill Fabian Sieve Buckley MHS men slruggle for possession of fhe ball. Jim Cronon junior J-KW1 ?rwfluzll From lef+ +o right Row I: D. O'Brien, A. Gonnella, R. Rossi, R. Deis, lvl. Yusco, G. Pasluer, L. Boyer, L. Proulx, Mr. Bernslein. Row 2: Mr Zurlo, R. Lee, S. Anzalone, B, Robinson, J. Newman, J. Lehman, J. Jurey, J. Philips. Row 3: P. Baldwin, B. Yorlcus, P. Jurey, R. Kaybay, J Coslello, P. Goldburg, D. Shorialc. Row 4: J. Fischer, J. Meloney, lvl. Harrold, B. Daylon, T. McCoy, B. Slraclling. Righf fo leH', kneeling: lvl. Zelenalc, P. Benneil. S+anding: P. Temple, V. Bennell, J. Wood, lvl. Traub, C. Willis, D. Widmann. 97 Caplain Jane Carrer prepares for a year of cheering. Leading U1 H We have heard a lol said aloour school spirii over lhe pasl few years, mosl' of il crilical. Bur anyone who afrrended lhe Thanksgiving Day Toolball game, or +he Pennsbury baslcelball games, lcnows whal Mor- risville's school spiril is really lilce. The upswing of enrhusiasm for Morrisville afhlelics is largely due 'ro our cheerleaders, They follow our Toolball and bas- lcelball Teams Through inclernenl weaiher and long, Jriring schedules, lending suppori and encourage- menr To our alhleres. They pul The pep info our pep rallies and spirif info our alhlefic conlesls. As a school, we owe lhem a greai debl. Cheerleaders perform new cheers ar fooflsall games. 98 Umm is Suppo ters Leff +o rgihf: Pal Gvaslcill, Carol Anderson, Sis Gargan, co-capfain Barb Beaclle, caplain Jane Carrer, Mary Ann Frick, Linda Cappiello, Laureen Nagy. Caprain and co-caplain arrive af school on 'flue morning of a pep ral- ly. Bollw help carry Hue many arricles necessary for flue success of 'rhe rally. Cross CounTry is probably one oT The rnosT unheralded sporTs in any school buT This did noT hold baclc The Morrisville High runners. They worlcecl TogeTher, pracTiced long hours and ToughT To win againsT larger schools. y The arduous pracTice paid OTT1 The Team placed second aT The disTricT W k d rneeT and Thereby won a berTh aT The 6 sTaTe rneeT Tor six OT The boys. Hard . . FirsT row, leTT To rigl1T: J. Clay, R. O'Brien, A. Hague. J. Swope, R. BenneT, T. Swope. Second row. lefi' To righh Coach B. Thom- as, H. WilmoT. D. Hunger, R. Frick, J. Firman, J. KeTaner. D. Hopkins. Third row, le'H' To righT: D. Ludwig, F. Trofe, F. Noonan, G. Zsolnay, R. MiTchell, W. Boychuck. I00 Clive Carney, Jeff Kehaner, Howie Wil- moi And Znished 9115! Bob O'Brien Frank Noonan Dave Hopkins Rick Frick Alan Hague Drew Hunger Girl Who Might C0 Wu - Q" W," .+E,.'. f1v. JH- .. 1 dw. a ,.,.- Q .Mai 3 , ,f . . L ' -if if V gi ,, . f- V f. figs. ' 'V', Tijaflsf + This year's hoclcey leam possessed Jrhe spiril of a ...Q .g .. .. j ui. ,Mg ,iff I I , . , ' ,V ' winning Team from +he firsf day of prachce. The . f ' 1,57 1 , A-I .3 T' ' ':,- Jream Toughl hard and ranlcecl close lo The lop al' 'l'he in-iq -- 1 is f' end of lhe season. The members of The feam had a 12,91 k . " rl QW . . . . . il rg ' sense of unily and deferminahon which is hard lo f .-as N' .L 'Q , H: vc l . . K "1 '-- ' fi! " ""' J .i .,,.,..,,, find in a hi h school leam. -1-3 --v .. ,g ,M .. . T g 15' . 5 .:.. ,. 4 V -' 2 ' I ' -.T f'.?'sf'?f .1 l- - " WJVff'ieff1f. .QL ' Q Q . i eshs A goal is blocked by Morrisville. From leff 'ro righf, Row I: J. Carfer, S. Wiclmano. C. Hughes. D. Loch, E. McDonald, L. Cappiello. Row 2: C. Anderson, K. An derson, B. Houser, C. Fischer, D. Bills. Row 3: P. Dyer, M. Frick. B. Beadle. S. Brown, N. Moore, S. Haldeman. Coach Parsons. l02 Firsf row, le:-'H +o righfz L. Adams, E. Williams, J. Szura, I. Dreher, M. Traub, C. Kramer, Second row, leff fo righf: J. Confurso, B. Burgess, E. Michel, I.. Naqey, N. Nevins, S, Gargan, Miss Cavanaugh. Kafhy Anderson and Donna Bills Carol Hughes and Ellen McDonald Jane Carler and Brenda Hauser Doris Loch Kulldvg As a game of speed and aciion, baslcelball has long been a lavorile al' Morrisville. This year Jrhe new blazers which Jrhe baslcelbal Team wore were accompanied by a new spiril of aggressiveness. Mr. l-lalralcs Bulldogs iniiialed Jrheir season by downing Bridgeport lhen Jrhey proceeded io give Jrhe larger Jreams in our league a hard lime for lhe resi of fhe year. The season was highlighfed when Riclc Friclc, lhe senior scoring ace, sei Two new school records by rofaling 89I poinis during his high school career and hilling 43 poinls during a single game. Considering 'rhe ouisianding record compiled by Mr. Kelbaugh's Junior Varsilry squad, Morrisville's baslceiball ouiloolc is an opiimislic one. Coach Halrak ?yl1f Zvgefhcr Firsf row, Ieff +o righf: Mickey McDevi'r+, Russ Wiedenliaefer, Jim Swope, Don Bloodsworln, Torn Tellemer. Second row: Coaclw Kelbauglw Barry Jackson, Riclc Friclc, Bulcli Fisclier, Pinky Poland, Clive Carney, Jeff Clay. Karl Haas, Coacli Halraclc. During a 'lense mornenl in ine game flue boys are given special inslruc- lions before ilney go oul on llwe courl 'ro figlif again. Co-capleins Pinky Poland and Rick Frick 7 Clive Carney. Clwarles Fisclwer i sz. i f 1 -l i Don Bloodsworll1,Tcm Tellemer, Mickey lvlcDeviH' Firsf row, le'f'I' fo righi: P, Gerqan, P. Wiedenlwaeler, R. Bennell, T. Swope, P. Orazi. Second row: Mr. Kellnauqli, C. Hugh Che-wning, N. Calabro, T. Toolell, J. Keegan. I06 ,fllfrfflzcr 15,11 ke! junior J-hgh Basketball Morrisville slwools from l'l1e lcey. Firsl' row, lefi' 'lo righl: G. DeJosepl'1, P. Baldwin, M. Harrold, W. Wylie, R. Kabay, P. Jurey, T. McCoy, Mr. Pinclar. Seeoncl row: T. Leclger, R. Lee, J. Meloney, J. Jurey. G. Hunger, R. Bloom, W. Hulse, F. Maier. Third row: R. Kronnagel, R. Scoll. S. Vender, M. Traub, S. Spreal, R. Toolell, T. Beadle, R. Slewarl, C. Wagner, J. Lehman. Morrisville's girls affained a long soughf goal fhis year. Through a combinafion of sure ball- handling, accurafe shoofing. and a sfubborn defense fhey finished fhe season as fhe cham- pions of fhe Lower Bucks Counfy League. The ofher league feams found fhe unify and defer- minafion of fhe Morrisville feam an impossible combinafion fo beaf. The Morrisville girls will fell you fhaf if was "husfle" fhaf won for fhem. Whafever fhe reason, MHS can be fruly proud of fhe girls' feam. They did a commendable iob in fheir represenfafion of our school. llmlefea at . . . Xl V 1 mils Carol Hughes, Joan McGarify, Anifa Krier I08 Donna Bills, Geneva Sfeinbeiser, Paf Lulcaszow Doris Loch, Jane Carfer. Brenda Houser Uur girl Wm' Hhamp ! Firsi' row. lefi' +o righh N Molwr, C. Fischer, B. Beadle M. A.. Frick, C. Anderson, D Bills. Second row, iefi' fo righf Miss Parsons, P. Lukaszow, C. Scheidemaniei, C. Hughes, A. Krier. Third row, iefi' fo righi B. Houser, J. McGari+y, G. Sieinbeiser, J. Carier, D. Loch. Firsf row, leff +o righf: L.Si1uii J. Szura, L. Cappieiio. C Mifciwel, P. Gasiciii, P. Dyer Second row: Miss Parsons, E Wiiiiams, S. i-iaideman, B. Bur- gess, S. Brown, N. Nevins, P Ruppre-chi, V. Adams. IO9 Prafficc: From lefi' To righT, Row I: J. Rushinski, D. Walsh, C. J. Scullin, B. Foullc, D. WhiTe, R. Schrieber, Mr. Sauder. l l John Busche, Joe Rushinslci Row 2: B. MenTl'x, T. Lykens, Suvccs J V Morrisville's bowling Team earned second place in The league sTandings This year. The Team's per- Tormance was marlced by The ouTsTandinq eTTorTs OT Two individuals, John Busche, who won second place in The Lower Bucks CounTy Tournament and Roland Woodward, who Toolc TirsT place in The GreaTer Philadelphia Area 'l'ournamenT. Spar! Of Smiurauce Wreslling exisfed in virlual obscurily for several unsuccessful sea- sons al' Morrisville. The efforls of The parlicipanls in Jrhis demanding sporl wenl unnoliced and unrewarded. This year, however, wreslling earned recogniiion in our school. The sludenl' body came To appre- ciale 'rhe speed, slcill, sfrenglh, and endurance involved in This mosl' basic form of alhlefics. Under lhe leadership of l'he new coach, Mr. Fidishun, fhe high school came home from Penninglon l-ligh School wil'h Morrisville's firs? inlerscholaslic wresfling viclory. Diclc Mifchell Wall Albee Jeff Kelaner Firsi' row, leff fo righf: W. Albee, J. Shorialc, R. Hanna. B. Jackson, B. Paflerson. Second row: R. Milchell, T. Sullivan, K. Cushing, M. Barker, C. Brudon, Mr. Fidishun. ,A ,. , . ..,'ffszwffaagngizg-,s M-'5mf2's . 5, ,fr-V ,yzf1,f,: ff-m,,,g Wim K myK.,,.,,?,,,,5,,,,f,M,.:, ,, ,K -f - K.,-1-55,J,gf351.9121,wg,?,ggfg55gfmLmagg,113,,19,,.zi'Q1, ig..,fw.,1..1...5-2,1-uwwwmffm. M . - .mpgifmayffMrwwaggwwsfwffswwf-w''ff ' ' - ?,,w2,5. .Y 1111,515,m:,g':3'sfg,11Q:1:1auf' sswisi ,, 2 M f Q,'iZi,fT?f.:gl-?:z1?,' . ''E''i''E''ziw1'5vQQQ'.i?'."5f'3,3,f'S,1f9,.3,5, Sm- 1' 'fi - ' ' g,g,,,,w,5:,, K i ,. .mggffffvwsfww---WMk-4 -sff'f'ffavfs11z - ' ' ' ...nw ,g gi so ard Hauwl i UI!! 'vice 4 1 l 5 E N , E iz? ii ' ' - ,fi W V' 5. . iz- L K ,f . 5' 4 , .,,, ,--,,, , ,,1,4..,.rz , 4 , W - , - - , ,W vsfmfi-1-:Mei , v ----s.va34:1f:z.f wwllg'-1Hmlmza!55w,fQszs,mMs22sxzH-.U 3 ! my-snr V, Harms, fm ff Sf. ,Q . 9 , ff? Wy, 1 9? N i 7, 3 ww 'iff' . .,. r Lfgsmgwmw we Q QE in Q 11 giiwh rv' ,gp fiiiflgfgiii A . 4 235-fy? 'Missa xagwz 1 A .,.. 7 4 . , J ' Q ' . 1 , .. H.. :Ji . - -Q ' an 'fb ,,',f,.TF?-'-,gQY'f7 M,mw.i ,.... ,,:,H:.:.:,....x. ww 3..,VAgE!N2- QS' ,ggi W f ..,, I "" Qi? H ' H :. ::.:g-: 1-gg.x.,. f-5.4 f, "fW3:xis7'ff qxsgy A . L AK'iE?'Q' 1333 , SA ' C X K 7 'K . A xg-'rn V Q51 ,- A1, ,,,. wwf -1 if Q Vg QQ. , -2 2 5: - fMuffJf:Hff'f -' .za Tw- fff X33 M i . riN1a?i5a32?f'2S51fi'l5 H' 'H - 3312iW2fEAfL4f SN A gm 1aF,g?9lg5s,iLJL.mfff'jL,fA, .W E I ' aa f2f'f": hi 'Z' -'M N"-3112 Fffwiwwxu. 5 Lf " ' a wzw ' Lwquai , .M ..: - f iv' :'9:2:5':-fl -' ".. W9 A?Z55'fl.f ' 4 k .W 'wif' UWM' 5' f, Q.. V ' V f.:e35'. fi- maya' f . V J - fg k 1'2" 91" 'S'fii75"f1Z?"!l.Lv 4 N '63, '5'-2-' fn--, , , :Q,-inf ,M - ff' -:YY f' x an W f, W.,..,,j,,,,, . ,, ,, , R ,. f v Q JL f W :JAM :tl 7 :Pf5Q,Ei5iSAisiL'iTw12??,Zi1:L4X' Q ' .. ,,.. W A5fz.Vm,,,?f,.zi?,3s:,mi5igil5Qg e X 'Y WE? 5 'ff' ",,.f'jg-?S-?:5fQrff,. Y I"' 5' f'3QgQfS7.,"-' vi5"n' 'Z x V - H Mm, Q N 'dv an :,,--g::j5s,3:.p- if 5-f1f:5aNi+L,'p'5If V, MW 1 Y - zgl " ,,.. - . f ,m v ffiqlrerif-ff", .- , . -f'4 f-A "' ' - I - N . , ff "1 fm 'H " F 'J ' 'K Tu W1 ,f 1" f eiFJ,,f:3'f:e-at 4 '-a' " fi M77 2' l.,XVMI?,'9f5E?Wii-if'5"'Le?K3?A.W,, YWW .LWMW ,, . WAHM, vw JW gn L I Vri, f N M ,SW I If I M be sig K M Y I K E L LIIL ,X 5 , K .. V 'X' JI , I I , Bes+ Wishes NYLOMATIC CORPORATION Phone CY 5-5234 Phone CY 5-2087 CY 5-9855 DELBERT E, PINCKARD WILLIAM J. TALONE 227 Ofbgrne Ave. MorrlsvlIIe, Pa. STEEL FABRICATION 54 Manor Lane, W. Yardley, Pa. AND WELDING Bulldozing Service See the New I964 Royal Portable il D V ......, ,hug L N C'QQQQQ5'2n5TIHf9Q,-I...-.II S ,ll QQQSQQQSQSELW " QQQQQQQQQQ I QQQQSPQSS BucIgeI Plan RenI'aIs PRIOR TYPEWRITER CO. 232 EasI' S'ra+e S+. Trenfon. N.J. THE MORRISVILLE BANK "The Friendly Bank" 2 Easl' Bridge S+. and 53 Morrisville Shopping Cenler MORRISVILLE, PA. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION anlhlhx 'eww fe ei Q J- E? i' fff 7f,, T A -5 ,F Q lii' M , ,.??f T, 3 AUTO RADIATORS 0 Exchanged 0 Repairecl Liberal Trade-ln Allowance for Your Tired Raclialor CY 5-3 I 00 Morrisville Au'I'o Raclialor Nexl' Io Ihe Union Fire House Complimenls of JIM McHALE'S "In nolhing do men more nearly approach lhe gods lhan in giv- ing 'heallh lo men" -CICERO JOHN M. BURNS CLASS or 'za Pharmacisl' SHOE REPAIR 53 Union Slreel' Morrisville, Penna. COngraI'ulaI'iOnS +0 Ihe Class of I964 From BRIDGE GRILL I Philadelphia Avenue Morrisville, Penna. GULF SERVICE Ill E. Trenlon Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone CY 5-9882 DELAWARE VALLEY BINDERY Book and Pamphle'r Binding THOMAS RIGBY lI25 Ohio Ave. CY 5-II73 Morrisville, Pa. The YOUNG SET Children's Shop Morrisville Shopping Cir. Morrisville, Pa. lnfanls-Childrens Pre-Teens CY 5-3 I66 PENN VALLEY CONSTRUCTORS MAIN OFFICE 20 Norfh Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville Pennsylvania Telephone CY 5-744I Builders ' Designers ' Financiers Com plimenfs of MORRISVILLE OIL CO. Phones: Day, CY 5-3I96g Night 557I MIKE'S AUTO SERVICE Tune-Up-Igni+ion Specialisf Mofor Overhaul Wrecker and Towing Service Penna. Official Inspecfion S+a. III-II3 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. AIRTEX PRODUCTS IO5 Easi' Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-4I I6 Goodyear Pliofoam Cushions for +he Home. Elec+ric Wafer Healers C0mPllmen+5 of Sales and Service CAPITAL VIEW EDWARD R. ROBERTS, JR. BARBER SHOP Eleclrical Conlraclor 50' No. Penne. Ave. Phone CY 5-7692 Morrlsvllle, Pa. 224 Osborne Ave. Morrisville, Pa. RALPH'S FLOWERS 2 509 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. "Fines+ in Flowers" R. J. CONTURSO CY 5-26II HUNT PRINTING CO. CLAWGES BROTHERS 623 Coleman Ave. Morrisville, Pa. . Commercial Prinling Free Eshmales Wedding lnvilalions CY 5'759l CY 5-9757 CY 5-3469 DEL VAL CAFE Under New Managemenf of CHARLES' "ANNE" and "LEW" SCHMIDT BEAUTY SHOP 27 N. Pa. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone CY 5-5784 440 S. Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville 'Tables ancl Boolhs for Laclies "'Homes+yle Cooking 'Daily Luncheon Specials "'Talce-Oul Service PRINCETON RECREATION CENTER IA Mere 6 Miles North of Trenton! GET A DATE -- BRING THE FAMILY BOWLING SKATE GO TO I I' GE. THE Movies . rf' M . ' eggsw S - C I ,I I rg? ik . 1 J vi'v1! I D37 I XIX! 'figjxk V' ' C vesQ R LARGE INDOOR 'iw' ICE RINK First Run Movies 40 A. M. F. Lanes , isKA1Es ron RENTJ at Prince Theater ir EAT AT CENTRALLY Locum sNAcK BAR if . 'Q IFaciIitafe Business at Center's Plush Cocktail Lounge! 'BM I' ,J 'A' SEE ADJACENT WINDSOR GARDEN APARTMENTS 'A' V. COME EQUIPPED WITH: AMPLE STREET PARKING o USE OF SWIMMING, TENNIS, PLAYGROUND FACILITIES FULLY FURNISHED KITCHEN o CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING AND HEATING Compliments of THE ROBERTSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Manulaclurers of ceramic wall and floor Tile, abrasive grinding wheels and segmenls. Cuslom Cabinefs ACE BEDDING CO CARL s. MERSHON 'BMN' .Pefm Me' orrisville, Pa. 57 N. Delmor Ave. F .+ Morrisville, Pa. umldure an CY 5-7805 Bedding MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION Congralulales 'Ihe Class of I964 MEETING 3rcI Tuesday of Each Mon'rI1 ALWAYS WELCOME CY 5-5590 FOOSE'S SELF-SERVICE MARKET 353 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. J. ALLEN HOOPER FUNERAL CHAPEL 45 N. Penna. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. LICENSED IN NEW JERSEY Phone Morrisville CY 5-7725 CY 5-9330 MICHAEL JR. and MARGARET SAYKO MARGIE'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions F.T.D. MEMBER Flowers Wired Anywhere 27 E. BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE, PA NOVAK'S GROCERY STORE I2 Melvin Ave. MORRISVILLE. PENNA. ANDREA MOTORS Lincoln Highway Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-5453 UNITED CUT RATE 29 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. COUNTRY BOARDING Heafed Kennels-Air Condifioning Individual Oufside Runs Baihing-Clipping-Grooming Greal' Dane and Boxer Puppies Full Line of Dog Eoocl and Canine Accessories MACKENSEN KENNELS I'IY 3-27I7 Reading Ave. Yardley, Pa. 2' i I , ' Q 4 . 5 . I Compliments of 'I TALONE'S GULF SERVICE I. Ill W. Bridge SI' !.c F,,q Morrisville I ix 'ff BEN'S DEL CY 5-576l I2 Washinglon S+. Genuine l'I'alian Hoagies 30 Cold Culs lmporled Delicacies OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK G. E. Appliances J. P. CUNNINGHAM HARDWARE 522 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-74 I 3 Complimenls 'of MOTOR PARTS 8: IGNITION 24 W. Bridge Slreel' Morrisville, Pa. Plumbing and Healing JAMES A. ANTROBUS 426 N. Pennsylvania Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. Call CY 5-347l for Service and lnslallalion GOOD LUCK +o 'rhe Class of '64 CREGAR MOTOR CO. 835 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. STILLWELL'S Wholesale Soff Drink Dislribulors Nolan Avenue Morrisville, Pa. Phone CYpress 5-3254 CYpress 5-400 I HI-HAT DINER Resfauranl' and Cocldail Lounge Calering lo Banquels and Parlies RALPH Roule l MARY Fallsing'l'on, Pa. FRANCES CYpress 5-2874 Owners PENN DRUGS Complimenihs of ROBERT H. WHITE B.Sc. R.P. CLOVER LEAF DAIRY B 848 S. Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Penna. AR 8I3 W. Trenfon Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Free Delivery CY 5-9777 CY 5-9770 Complimen'I's of CHESTNUT HILL DAIRY, INC. 550 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Penna. CY 5-4I4I WI 9-0404 'UN 2? CONSUMERS OIL CORP. 42l John Filch Way Trenfon, New Jersey Phone EX 4-5353 Disiribulors for PHILLIPS 66 Fuel Oils Gasolines SAMUEL FINEBERG, Presidenl' PRYORS PHAMACY Bridge S+. and Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Prescriplion Specialisls Since I 888 Cards - Cosme'I'ics - Sick Room Supplies FORCE 81 STANTON Beverage Dislribulors MORRISVILLE SHOPPING CENTER LEWIS ESSO SERVICE Official Pennsylvania S'I'a'I'e Inspec+ion No. 0496 IIS E. Bridge SI. Morrisville, Pa. Chevrolei' Sales and Service SIMPSON 222 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Penna. "OK" Guaranieed Used Cars Morrisville and Trenlon Calls CY 5-7 I 84 V H 'V Y so "' 5' ' e E, I ,a ,L N. -ymgi S2254 I .f ' ' RAY'S DELICATESSEN Morrisville Shopping Cenler CY 5-4964 Q' 3 so fi? Besf of Luck +o 'Ihe Class of I964 For I'I1e Fines+ Milk and Dairy Produc+s PLUS Service You Will Appreciaie, Try CLOVER LEAF DAIRY 850 So. Penna. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone CY 5-7648 HuNT's STATIONERY I' AND VARIETY STORE I9 Easl Bridge SI'ree'I' Morrisville, Pa. School and Office Supplies MORRISVI LLE DELICATESSEN I5 E. Bridge S+. CY 5-5568 Groceries - Cold Cuis Produce WM. HIUDZINSKI P xmr,ef7x 'Z - ' 1 ,MA M: :gm , 2 , V . . . ,-'fp:ifs-K IIS H Q W W --4 Q 1- rpg, ,,::1 :- , 5. - , "-53' ' " ' v. W . ,,giLQ-..I1-i':PI-:li m 'ffifvifll' 'if P1 3- " ' '- .... ' -...I-"1-7.."1i "'H f' F n d' ,1'- El.wt1.l .. "' I A ' -fy Z'.:-we -1: ,1:'--:S 7541 ' " ' Solf MORRISVILLE FACTORY STORE II8 Wesf Bridge S+ree'r inf SELLINGER'S GARAGE Philadelphia and Wrighl' Avenues Morrisville, Pa. Complele Body and Fender Shop S+a+e lnspeclion General Repairs 24 Hour Towing Lubricalion EMERGENCY 0 SERVICE CY 5-4I29 SKIP SELLINGER NORM SELLINGER RICHARD L. SULTZBACH'S DELICATESSEN PAINTS-GLASS Floor Sanders for Renr Phones: CY 5-7074-7367 720 S. Penna. Ave. Morrisville A Complimenls 0, me FRIEND ROBERT MORRIS HOTEL C I f PENNSBURY ompimen+s o POTTERY GENERAL REFRACTORIES . Refall Sales a+ Fac-Iory Posl' Road Tyburn Road Morrisville, Pa. Telephone CYpress 5-5829 CY 5-77I2 C 81 M CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Sanifary Sewers and Drainage Clearing and Grading I05 Delaware Ave. Morrisville, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF FAIRLESS WORKS CENTRAL OPERATIONS United States Steel Corporation SNYDER'S SPORT CENTER I07-09 Perry S+. Tren+on, N. J. Phone EX 2-4059 RussELL HELvEsroN CY 5-5444 MAKEFIELD TELEVISION Sales and Service 5I6 W. Tren+on Ave. Morrisville, Pa. GUARANTEED SATISFACTION MORRISVILLE ROTARY CLUB eff'-Q A 153385 MORRISVILLE PENNSYLVANIA DESIGN FOR VISION INC. Op+ic:ians Morrisville Shopping Cen+er CY 5-9000 CENTRAL MARKET INC. 336 W. Bridge S+. Cor. Mercer S+. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-3309 Complimen+s of MEENAN OIL COMPANY, INC. Serving Lower Bucks Coun+y Levi++own, Pa. WI 6-2000 Tully+own, Pa. WI 5-4300 CompIimen+s of KING SUPPLY CO. MORRISVILLE, PA. MORRISVILLE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION To Promofe +he Welfare of Children and YouIh in Home, School, Church and Communi'ry DICE MORRISVILLE JOHN o. DICE co. LIONS , Real EsI'aI'e Broker E f, 7 I Insurance Makefield Rd. Shopping CenI U 6' Morris II , Pa. B I' I CY 5 II5I MorrisviIIe f enna. YVJ P IXXSNNATIOP 20,000 Wa++s of Glorious S+ereo WBUD-FM IIOI.5 on Your FM Diall The Sound of Wonderful Music STAG VILLAGE Men's Shop Arrow Shirls Morrisville Shopping Cen'I'er Morrisville, Penna. CYpress 5-9728 REDNOR 81 KLINE, INC. Lumber and Millworlc Yard and Warehouse U.S. No. I Freeway Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-7I 75 CY 5-3 I 64 TRAVEL KINNARD AG 5I8 Ardross Avenue Ambler, Pa. 643-0888 GRANT C. KINNARD ENCY I I . V I Q-aiu L CY 5-7 I 72 WI 3-3222 HARBISON FORD, INC. Roule I Morrisville, Pa. For The Finesl Sales and Service A X.. MANFRED MCDEVITT Builder and ConI'rac'I'or 395 Hamillon Blvd. Morrisville, Penna. JOE'S TOMATO PI ES Pizza Drive-In Window EXpor'I' 3-3945 Your Order Will Be Ready. Phone 585-7205 SUSAN'S WEDDING SERVICE No Running Around 'Io Do We Come +o You 47I Gropp Ave. Tren'I'on, N. J. HARRY H. KRIEGNER Manager "HUNSY'S" PENN TAVERN PHONE CY 5-9880 4II W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. TREVOSE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Trenron and Pennsylvania Avenues Morrisville, Pa. CYpress 5-4 I 2 I WHERE THRIFTY PEOPLE SAVE '22-cf' .sw E afuafzed ai' 2 A4"V'44 N 90365 Q 2 J' S' if 001- Q ? .INSURED F Pfof--'ffm 3 5 lor vour 4 o "Wt: :WJ Insured Savings 951 DTVIQQ A J? ek Augie? Morrgages HOME OFFICE: TREVOSE. PA. "Bucks Coun+y's Original Insured Associafion Serving Delaware Valley, U.S.A." SCHOOL RINGS Designed Exclusively for Morrisville High School These classic SOLID GOLD High School rings . . . wilh lhe COLLEGE LOOK . . . really ring 'lhe bell when il' comes +o superb slyling and cralls- manship. They're iusl whal- a proud college bound sludenl- would expecl in a modern up-'ro-dale school ring. ll you're looking lor an oulslanding school ring . . . made 'ro your measure menls . . . slop in loday . . . and selec+ yours now! CHOICE OF 5 STYLES 'I' CHOICE OF STONES Prompl Delivery! LAY-A-WAY 'I' BUDGET PLANS "' TRENTON TRUST "QUICK CHARGE" Jewelry and Gill' Shop WAXMAN'S Open Thurs. and Fri. Eves. Till 9 P.M. Morrisville Shopping Cenler Lar e seleclion of MORRISVILLE charms in sloclc 9 Girls loin our Ad-A-Charm Cub - and receive lree charm bonuses - come in and gel' your free membership card Office CY 5-7804 MANOR LANE FLORIST ADAMS MOBIL SERVICENTER D. MARRAZZO Wesl' Trenlon Avenue Flowers 'lor All Occasions Opposlle Morrlsvllle Drive ln We Grow Our Own CY 5-9255 l Kelly Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Hservlce Speclallslsll PENN JERSEY COAL COMPANY COAL FUEL OIL Delmorr Ave. and Chambers Slreel Morrisville, Penna. Phone Trenlon - CY 5-7955 - Morrisville --fc, -'Q of Compliments of DE LMOR LAN ES 8I NorI'l1 Delmorr Ave. Mo rrisville, Penna. CY 5-29 I 9 Complimenfs of WASHINGTON CROSSING INN WALT'S BARBER SHOP I7 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. PISCOPO BROS. Garage Wriglnl- ancl Hall Avenue Morrisville, Pa. Meei' +l1e Gang al GREENWOOD DAIRIES Lincoln Highway. above Penndel Enioy Delicious Hoagies Hamburgers. Sunclaes ancl O'I'l1er Good Things most Morrisville students know . . . That only insofar as people have access to clear, accurate information in their areas of interest, can they formulate sound plans, make wise decisions, take effective actions. A It is the primary function of these newspapers - 4 Q to provide this type of information. -.ll!!lljHRss - tt :latin t U"'-S,:I.l- E.. 0 LU 3 U it im, , masse E Sa-fa . O KEEPING OVER 40,000 SUBSGRIBERS INFORMED Uhr llruiiinmn Efimw igrintnl Bailg Glnurirr si X r Ry, VARSITY -Q32 , CHEERLEADERS since :seo 5- ,,?, nu' L Liitja Mcisrinn Bi-K'ebEferZ+p+' BEVERAGES Fine Natural Flavors CHEVROLET CHEVELLE CHEVY II CORVAIR CORVETTE CHEVY TRUCKS IMPERIAL CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIANT SIMCA DODGE DART RAMBLER RENAULT DODGE TRUCKS Acres and Acres of New and Used Cars and Trucks World's Largest Automobile Dealer EDMAN MOTOR CAR AND TRUCK CORPORATIONS U. S. Route I Langhorne, Pa. SK 7-496i Service and Parts Department open trom 8:00 a.m. to 2 o'clock in the morning. Visit Reedman's 80-acre, multi-million dollar automobile center. 5,000 passenger car and truclc inventory at most times. E. V. CORTI AND SONS Retail Petroleum Products and Related Services N. W. Corner Bridge and Penna. Morrisville, Pa. W' CY 5-5504 Flying "A" Products Penna. State lnspection Dump Truck Service 325 Harrison Avenue l3l6 Walnut St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Morrisville, Penna. Phone: CYpress 5-3l I7 JERRYS CHARCOAL HEARTH Dinners - Snacks - Entertainment - Bucks-original non alcoholic -night club- till I :30 a.m. Compliments of VULCANIZED RUBBER AND PLASTICS COMPANY M IIP Complimenls of COLOR GUARD Sandy, Capt Brenda Doris Mary Beih Belsy Jane+ Nancy Linda Anne BACS REALTY, INC. and ROBERT D. QUINN, AGENCY General Insurance Broker Residenlial Farms Commercial Morlgages Appraisals Pennsbury Plaza, W. TrenI'on Ave. Morrisville, Penna. CY 5-I I8I HY 3-3657 Insurance Main Office Roufe I3 and Haines Rcl., Levi'Hown, Penna. WI 5-0300 Shgpping Cen-fer MOTFISVIIIS, Pd. PLAIN 81 FANCY Sporlswear Open Evenings Free Mon., Thurs. and Fri. Parking frafcsszkwal Pafzwzs THOMAS J. DOUGHERTY, M.D. ROBERT A. GOULD, M.D. DAVID B. JOHNS, M.D. THEODORE R. COHEN, D.O. THEODORE A. HANSEN, D.S.C. WARREN A. FROBURG, D.C. LEROY P. LEAHY, D.D.S. JAMES C. McNALLY, D.D.S. PAUL PHILLIPS, ED.D. HARRY J. GLOSSER, ED.D. MARY YEAGLEY LUDWIG, R.N H. LEE KUSTABORDER, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Calabro Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maier Diane and Donna Mr. and Mrs. J. George Keller Bruno Rosafi and Sandy Peierson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carier Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clawges Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hillman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Carney Mr. and Mrs. Walier L. Po+ocki Ann Z. Poiocki '34 A Friend Walier H. Ellis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burgess J'Ann Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Wilmol' Mr. and Mrs. David D. Smi+h Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' C. Crowell Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Homko Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Simpson Chef and Carol Bruce L. Plafon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pefers Charles T. Brudon, Jr. Tom and Pal Marilyn '63 Diane and Ronald Kinnonen Mrs. Mary Smi+h Mrs. James Andrews Mr. and Mrs. William Halliday Carole and Joey Mr. and Mrs. John McDonough Roland C. Girfon Roberl' J. PaHerson Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Hughes Evelyn and Eddie Gail and Tony Mr. and Mrs. Hydock Carmen Caribardi Mrs. Emily Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Burkhardi' Mrs. Olive Tyndale Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Krier Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Foose Rober+ J. Recupido Mr. and Mrs. Richard Amrich Tommy James '60 Sandy and Jack Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Har1'el Micky and Cindy Canniball Champ All Americans Duke and Mickey Es+her M. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee Ruih A. Graves Rosemary Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krepich Patrons Mr. and Mrs. P. Lukaszow Glen and Jo Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Nirshl Richard L. Knoof a Mr. and Mrs. Mary Baugh '6l Mr. and Mrs. Bur'l'on O. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Brunner Dixie '60 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sulhbach Mrs. Anna Krause Mr. and Mrs. John C. Busche Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schnee Mr. and Mrs. John F. Harrold Jackie Harrold Mr. Harry Hollihan Frank Torok Mr. and Mrs. R. Sullivan Mary Lou and Sieve J. Wilber Sauder Richard G. Yafes, Jr. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Rigby Mr. and Mrs. David Haldeman Raymond Foose John Goniar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maiinas Charles J. Moxley Dorolhy A. Gish Roberf C. Beadle Barbara Mi+chell William R. Kerner, Sr. Jon and Toni Mr. and Mrs. Philip Anioniw Frank E. Podleiszek Horace M. Hufchison Johnny and Ca+hy Mr. and Mrs. W. Enoch and Fam Mr. and Mrs. Swope Mr. and Mrs. J. Gargan Mr. and Mrs. Wiedenhaefer Mr. and Mrs. Behrmann Mary Anne and Terry Mr. and Mrs. Lufher F. Edwards Miss Lois Waikins Mr. and Mrs. Delberl' E. Pinckard Es+her M. Pinckard Mr. and Mrs. James Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Jackson, Jr. Kafhy and Tommy '64 Ka+hie and Joe Diane and Joe Howard W. Wilmof, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Emery Varga Margaref A. Waikins Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Kashoff Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Jones James E. Wood nd Son ily Mary Benlz '64 Mrs. William S. Lewis Mrs. R. H. Deis Mrs. Richard L. Burns Asbury Mrs. T. V. Klingerman Mrs. R. L. Slrunk Mrs. M. A. Cubberley "The Pholographer" Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Helen E. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Jay and Mrs. Sherman Vaughn, Jr. Mrs. Lewis Ludwig Mary Lou The Lawsons Laurie and Jell Amy and Meg The Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Floyc.l'Scheidemanlel Neshaminy Girls' Baskelball Team Mr. Frank Carr Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Olga C. Mr. and Mrs. William Carler Mrs. Chewning Mrs. A. McDonald Mrs. Waller A. Sleene Marlinez Mrs. Herman H. Kelaner Mrs. Joseph H. Kelaner Mary Belh Kelaner Jell Kelaner Tally KCD604l-Tom Bill and Bud Herberl J. Bernslein Mr. and Mrs. Philip Klemmer Rev. and Mrs. George L. Nichols, Jr. Joan Hunl '64 Horace E. Hunl Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Smilh Mary Jane Nevin Mrs. Mary M. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Roman Gordon Davies Mrs. Janice Marsh Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Theodore -H. Evans Mrs. D. Alan While Mrs. Waller Neumann Miss Lyn Bull Miss Mary Broome Miss Belh Broome Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Bennell Mrs. F. J. Hilsinger Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Caum Mrs. R. J. McCahan Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Krier Cassius Clay Miss Barbara Gaul Mrs. Carrie Selchlield Dr. and Mrs. J. DiRende Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Frick Sue and Nick Ann and Mall Shaire and Cicco Russell Rud Mr. and Mrs. Monroe M. Houser Mr. Harry Hillibush Mr. Richard Magill Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Burns Dorolhy and William Wilmol Sleve and Peggy Anne Maliek Janel Rigby Mr. and Mrs. J. Dosler Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Francis James Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Roberl W. Toolell Mr. and Mrs. Wurpel Bob Schrieber Clive Carney Gail Rose Laurence K. Owen Wall and Margol Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manzek Ron and Bealrice Mrs. Lillian Marlin Susan Lewis '62 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kelbaugh Jimmie, Johnie, Jellrey Mr. and Mrs. F. W. McGarily Ken McGarily '59 Joan McGarily '64 Dave and Darnley Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius W. O'Brien Bob and Doris Mr. and Mrs. Roberl S. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fischer Kale and Bren Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hughes Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver Jim and Pal Eva Bilheimer Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Benlz Miss Rila Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Halrak Belly Ann Kalona '64 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Schullz WM. H. WOLF COMPLETE BUFFET SET UP FOR WEDDINGS - REASONABLE PRICES azz W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Penna. CY 5-3030 Po+a+o Salad-Cole Slaw-Macaroni Salad-Pickles-Olives, E'I'c. For All Occasions Eow. N. MATT:-HAS - Prop. Bridesmaids and Accessories Formals Cocldail Dresses Personalized Cuslom Fi+'I'ings and AlI'era+ions STARDUST BRIDALS The I964 Yearbook sfaff expresses Hcomplele Une Ol Brldalsn i+s apprecia+ion +o all Ihose who Bridal Consullanls Eleanor Blasius Theresa Tazza CY 5-4576 made Ibis yearbook possible. I3 Eas'I Bridge S+ree+ Morrisville, Penna. flufvgraphs Aufagraphs ' v ,fl D, 2 , f 5 .L 'fl Q L Z. ,Q . x ' 1 i ' w TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Besi Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" .K 5 ,. -' , . ' , .:. . .. . 1 V :v 12 .wg-W - '- . -. ,- ,- ,.. 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