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Q. 3.-if Q5 iw, Li 1 , 1. K! Us L , , 1 i 5 1 F A 1 43 E 3: il fjifffh. , 5' . ., 34 .3 - 5 1 ,J 3-i'511'1g,g,',,h. . ,- ,wk rgrkfs ik, y ,1 qufm .lf""bl- ' gff7?,3g?f5 -'qgzw -N -. ?f!"f': X' ' ' 'fi H 3" F'-QE. J gf ' Egfr". x .. ,gag igqgkx. S.. X155-2 1 fn- 1 4 u ' N4 .... .hgg 4 ,-21,7 , --xx-., f. ,U5 ' n , I 1 , W3fi'Z"'.T '2fR"? 'T 1 ' QQFET 1,0 I J J. -1 Www V x.,-,IA ,n,-. my M Wi- N - NJN. , .A My MV, ly 1 , .a--.1--.X L -4. ..,.q..-...1.q ,......g .N.tN......1 .......,.....f W , V- 9, "NHL Q , , ,. ..-,.. .Q .- 'QQ h 'nf ,'-f ' J V. , ---J L V, E ,-.xv gf? ' A f- -V xv' , 'i-.I 'S E3 ei N41 f , ,. r,r..w Lit? .' . ,r 7 'frvfff' , Ng 1- J S1-AV ' ' . , ., - is-Giifdfb ,J . I . i WL? ,V WA H- A f 'V' Hx xfk 'V 'F ' ' sit, " O--5 .:9.,f .. , mi - ' - - ' Y, t"f , Y .if " 4 .,, N ?. .t ,,,! A f - ki T'--if-fV.i"f ' . , 2 4 " - Lx, 'ik' f 1 V x lv, ,tx-1 Q .M-Q. v.:sr wlBv., , ,,'..V4,,, mm- um-mmm munsrumx Mwi-2 91 Q F X 4 N 'mf . J.. 'q H - fy. . L .,. I. . . ,M . , -5. . . . .flg .. -Nu, 1'x.v',,M . WM- , Aw .-qxqgl' . X x S . J 1 v -mf. us JA ' E r, vo "v ar . ' Ny. .L if 1 11 , -.Nr 'QV J A ,H ,f'3X'11.m,, V- if A .K fe. 9 ,pmqnmmmnnwm W . ff' i v in -V ,, 922 ,.. f- , 'Ig VV, . ' 1 fl " uw., 'QI X, , 3, ,, 3 . nz' ' 'LC Y f in 4: ' sq 5, 5 P' ' if :fu .. ' ,lf mf. J -1 a, 1 ,fi - 312 l'fn. '3 521-W, , ,, -. " ff? ' Q' v. if ' 4 . fi. , sl-I-2, 5 - e . W v nu. ,S k ilk rf 131 . "M h , QM 31 , , 'LL Jax' , . 'X -37 J ' ' -W, ,fs ww 35" .. . v , Q.. ,fs .wet I , .,, 'f , il X, 7 : .:: fs' my I Q Q, f, WSE, 1.1.55 - -, if.. 117' ,fx , "fy w ,at - -M . v Ki: 'fb fb . vw- xf ik . . FY ui' fl-gi ggi H57 Q J V H ' 1 iii: ,fix W- Y., 2.9 ,M , , :s. If- Qi ' 1. 4, .J .Q J 421 1 :53 A if .,: .., Q , 'l . T55 W- 5 .4 v 1 'Fl ',-,L .-A ' x ,. -Q EPC LIBIZJQ Q 2 V F l ww 1 A W3 4 I E oeorczfrrroru norzeworw QSTH Ammrverzemav Aomrmrsrnmrow I-IUMOIZ mrzoueu me vema uumora uv me FALL I-IUMOIZ IN me wwrera uuzuora nu me Qprzuue QEIZIOUQ F-OP!!! MOMENI WEMAKE -1. K 1 " M' 1 sf P J 1 1 A 1 ,if I m. lx an af in wiv avi' 'W' Q an mdunndi was-1 Nw DEDIC!-YU ON We, the graduating class ot 1963, are deeply indebted to our class ad- visor, Joeepu A. MATINAQ tor the guidance and lead- ership which he has shown our class. Honest in opinion and wise in iudgernent, he never tailed to be on hand when our class problems required his attention. His profound understanding and liberality have long been appreciated. We are glad that we can dedicate this Twenty- titth Anniversary Edition of the Robert Morris to Mr. Matinas, in gratitude for everything he has done to make our senior year a very special year. fy-we ill - Mita 5 ,QU A FOIZEWOED Since you Are sinking Four dollars and fifty cents into this yearbook, You are entitled To know What you are getting. We wish To keep no secrets When we say That the theme Of this unusual, And rather outstanding, Edition, is "Humor." We have spared No expense In bringing it To you And, furthermore, We realize That the '63 Robert Are genuinely Hiimorous. Morris' contents ' gy we ,Z V95 we fs it sig? A Qgijg gwgg bg Q You will know this, too, y . As as Read IT, And We Simefely l1GPe iiti . ,,,, ,si Enloy reading this book Much more Than we enioyed Producing it For you . . THE IZOBEIZT MOIPRJQ - -FIVE YEARS AG-O "HOW WELL! EEIZJ . . Editors, Kathy Mcllvaine and Evelyn Shaginaw, interview Mrs. Thornley at her home. Twenty-five years ago Morris- ville High School published the first Robert Morris and we are taking this opportunity to ac- knowledge this 25th Anniver- sary. The yearbook has come a long way since that first year and many changes can be found in it. However, common problems have always faced the staff whose iob it is to compile the Robert Morris. We found that out through our interviews with for- mer members of the 1939 year- book staff. Among these interviewed was Mrs. Anthony Thornley who had acted as Girls' Sports Editor on The first staff. Mrs. Thornley told our interviewers, "How well I remember our problems of or- ganization, deadlines, and adver- tisers. We were pioneers in our field, for never in the history of Morrisville High School had there been a yearbook. Convinced that we could publish one, our big- gest problem was to convince the school authorities that we could do it. Our persistence overcame their doubts. And everyone fi- nally approved the finished prod- uct." Their theme was "Robert Mor- ris" and they emphasized this by numerous drawings throughout the book. Our yearbook, 25 years the original's iunior, still bears the name of Robert Morris but dif- fers greatly in theme and content. However, the pride in the fin- ished product never changes. 9 DR. PAUL PHILLIPS Superintendent Dr. Phillips graduated from West Ches- ter College in 19112. He received his M.A. and D.Ed. degrees at Temple University before being appointed Superintendent of Morrisville Schools in 1960. MR. E. LEONARD CAUM Principal Mr. Caum graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 1928 and received his M.A. at Columbia. When he first came to Morrisville, he taught science and, in 1932, was made principal. MOERJQALLE BOARD OF EDUCATION Since the days of its origina- tion, the Morrisville Board of Edu- cation has been dedicated to the task of making educational con- ditions in the borough ones that we can be justly proud ot, their foresight and integrity have char- acterized these adept authorities and have made them highly skilled in the work of guiding our school system toward prosperity. I0 MR. JAMES E. WOOD Assistant Principal Mr, Wood graduated from Rutgers Uni- versity with a B.A. and an M.A. He first taught social studies and assisted in sports direction. He is now Athletic Director. MISS DOROTHY GISH Guidance Directress Miss Gish graduated from Ithaca Col- lege and received her M.A. at Temple University in 1945. She first taught physi- cal education and, in 1953, became the directress of the Guidance Department. P1208 IN EDUCATION THIZCUGI-I Ti-IEIIZ LEADERSHIP ING-ENUHV BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Harry A. McCIisterp Horner C. Platon, Treasurer, Alfred G. Champagne, Vice-President, Horace E. Hunt, President, Mrs. Margaret Smith, Secretary, Robert C. Beadleg Harry H. Lee Jr. - ADEPI' TEA 12352 SOL S- KASHOFF RICHARD KYLE ARVID EULNER IVI6TI'1em3TICS English German FRANK PODLEISZEK and HORACE M. HUTCHISON Music FRANK SUNTHEIMER Comprehensive Studies ELIZABETH KANE Mathematics MICHAEL KREPICH Social Studies PAIIENIT UND ING IN PRJOFEQQION . . . ROSEMARY CAVANAUGH Physical Education HELEN L. BRUNNER Business Medical Staff DR. GOULD MRS. JONES MRS. OKUROWSKI GORDON DAVIES Physical Education ,ii fy FRANK zuRLo science I S L 'L!Lk7f" 3 'L : if fi . , 545 u in L x g, A - . i'i QA . W' Ll.: ,,"' " 4 BURTON THOMAS CHARLES B. SCHULTZ Social Studies Social Studies lN'l12MNG QHUNUONQ . . . POQQEQQING A QENQE ! ,U 'SK my .f.' 1. V fi' L V 4 4 ROBERT HATRAK M 'Q --f: Business ' , "Al- MARGARET WATKINS English, Social Studies '----'lull-tin-Q.. GLEN G. GRIFFITHS DR. MATlLDE CASTELLS Social Studies Spanish DOROTHY M. JENNESS Librarian ESTHER M. HAWKINS Mathematics I FRANK TOROK Science GING OF EAHQNEQQ TOWAI-2D ALL 4-as DOROTHY M. KELLER English SARAH T. HUGHES English ELLEN A. MILLER and RUTH A. GRAVES Home Economics J. WILBUR SAUDER A Industrial Arts R RICHARD G. LEE English E OUIZINTELUGENOE. . . HERBERT BERNSTEIN English AND ALWAYS SEEING TI-IE LI SIDE. I6 91' L. FACULTY ALEX B. MCDONALD Science JOHN GONTAR SCIENCE ANNE PARSONS Mathematics JOSEPH A. MATINAS Science e EARL DAVIS Art E is , cc 9.3 '91 Secretarial Staff MRS. MCCAHAN and MRS. HOPKINS JAMES D. KELBAUGH English QE-IZMOE QVXFFQ 4 aaa 454 va,,, ,oo ,L, eww 4 sg Q H, u 'f'llzrfl5a9g0,zl Mogvga Us mfr., .., ans 3 From left fo right: Mrs. Hand, Mrs. Himmelberger, Mr. Monohan. Mr. Hornung Mrs. Foster X 2 r ,- From left fo right: Mrs. W is.. Sigley, Mrs. Braker, Mrs. Osborn. From left to righfq Mrs. Wamsley Mrs. Brodecki, Mrs. McCoy. I7 ' Su. -Ii Qi' , i, l2adiaT Y And she's noT e FN-f ' '-as lf' KA' f l . X f .Wa X K . The ploT oT life. The shovv MusT go on, Drama, EmoTion, ing Trorn The performer. She capTures And enc:hanTs All who look on, eT receives no applause When The audience ls gone. Alone She rnay give l-ler nnosT ouTsTanding Delivery, Never To be applauded For vvhaT The criTics Didn'T see. ven gening paid Tor iT. The ploT of life. Mm -0 Y . K Here I siT C Enveloloed In a sTaTe ompleTe sTagnanc:y. I iusT can'T seem To concenTraTe AT all On This TesT. don'T know why. Or do I? Maybe iT was ThaT BaskeTball game LasT nighT. Yes, ThaT musT be iT. Oh, IT only I had sTuoliecl lnsTeaol of going To The game! TI-IE PRICE BUT Then I clicl Take My books To The game VViTh me, Didn'T I? Then again, I never once opened Any of Them. The game was iusT Too ExciTing. For all The good They olid me, I mighT IUST as well Have leTT All my books AT home. l"" OF OUIZPLEAQUIZE. BuT, ATTer all, We did win, Didn'T we? And how! The crowd wenT wild! People cheering, Yelling, WhisTIing, Jumping up from Their seaTs . . . BuT none of This Is helping me To finish my TesT. This is awful! IT I Tail This TesT, I'II iusT die! Why? Why didn'T I sTudy? WhaT's wrong wiTh me, Anyhow? Why couIdn'T I have known The answer To This TesT quesTion . . . And This one . . . And number eighTeen, Too. If only I had opened up ThaT book And sTudied. C O O Come To Think of iT, My sTudies have been Going To poT LaTeIy. Where did I go OTT The Track? When did I begin To slack off In my work? The TacT is I'm bored To deaTh In class Anymore. . BuT now ThaT I'm off The Track, The problem is . . . ' How do I geT back On The Track? CJOQTLNCYET Oh, How I dread going home To ThaT mounTain OT books Again TonighT! IT's The same old rouTine NighT aTTer nighT. I remember Miss Called me To her She vvanTed To d My WiTh I iusT couldn'T ThaT I no longer Had The deTerminaTiors To geT good marks. I kepT Tolding The college caTalogue I had in my hands And squirming In my csiair . . . Guess l'll be Burning The midnighT oil again, Losing sleep, And missing ouT On all The Tun in life, Why boTher?l I know darned Well I'll never Tinish All my work. There's iusT Too much OT iT To do. WhaT I wouldn'T give I .For a change oT pace. I wish vve could have A class meeTing y Or someThing. BuT we had one Only yesTerday. I remember when vve Were leaving our classes And vvalking Down The hall, The underclassmen, In Their classrooms, Were peering aT us. I guess They Teel We're someThing special, Having The privileges we do. EQ h h I b : s-,E 714- I f:!Q.f--' f' T e Teac er can I e O SCIITTQ T e TesT papers W - aw 556- fs -- '- T - A I read y! W. . sure Why, IT's only . . . Good grief! Only Three minuTes leTT In The period! And iusT abouT The only Thing l've wriTTen On This paper Is my signaTure! WheTher or noT I really wanT My TesT paper Back. I can iusT see iT now . . . All filled up WiTh red checks And snide remarks. Oops! Here comes my paper! Good Grief! IT's worse Than even I Had anTicipaTed! Hey, Barb, whaT'd you geT On your TesT? You would! Darn! Hey, Bob . . . 23 CLAQQ OFFICERS - 1962 I-LARRY HUG-HES ..... ....... P RESIDENT ALLEN QOFILEY .... ...... V1 CE-PIZEQFDENT KAI1-NMHCQTIZ ...... . . .BUQINEQQ MANAGER LINDA ICII2-CHHOFFEIZ .... ........ 112EA QURERJ VICKJ CA'-ABIZO .... ..... Q ECPEVXPY MB. MATTNAQ . . . ..... ADVIQORJ MOST TALEN TED Dave Chewning Ellen Dobson ni 25 WILLIAM N. ALLSHOUSE i Bill Academic Blond hair, green eyes and a neat appearance, that's Bill . . . a real Evangelist, he con-l stantly found something to argue about . . . sparked laughter in many classes . . . didn'ti appreciate the undue attention in German class . . . Bill ran around for three years, on thel track team, that is . . . he ran through the woods like a pro for the cross country team . . . l a band member for six years, Bill kept the trumpets in tune . . . never skipped orchestra practice, especially when it was held during class . . . his musical talents were extended to chorus . . . he plants to attend college after graduation. , l SUE ANN AMERINE Sue Commercial Looked for the fun and laughs in any situation and usually found them . . . lively supporter of the intramural sports . . . frequently patrolled the Morrisville area but seldom on foot . . . took part in the operettas . . . added strength to the sopranos in chorus . . . was a worker for Leaders' Club . . . enjoyed her library chores for Mrs. Jenness . . . never liked people who acted ignorant intentionally or those who polished apples . . . Sue is a candidate for I.B.M. school after graduation. STANLEY LAWRENCE ARABIS Stgn Academic First-ranking scholastically . . . Stan is the owner of a National Honor Society pin . . . winner of a math contest . . . jersey 75 on the football team . . . was its heavy man . . . knew how to raise the score on the basketball court . . . baseball-wise, batted in quite a few runs . . . spoke his piece on the yearbook staff . . , Stan seemed to enjoy those Science-Math Seminars, but not always for their educational values . . . chugged to quite a few places in "Stanley's Steamer" . . . plans to major in physics or electrical engineering in college, MARY LOU ASHMORE Mary Lou ' Commercial A very pretty senior girl who is always on the go . . . working as a salesgirl at Klein's Pastry Shop took up all of Mary Lou's time . . . has accumulated an extensive collection of LP's . . . disapproves of two-faced people . . . disliked cleaning out Miss Gish's files during clerical practice . . . thought going to transcription class was like taking a lethal dose of poison . . . spent all her health classes chatting with Hedy, Rosemarie, Pat and the Barbsey Twins . . . for a change of pace, she and Charlotte ioined the mechanical drawing club . . . after graduation, Mary Lou wants' to become a dental assistant. 26 ROBERT JAMES BAILEY Bob Academic A great kidder and ioke-teller . . . could tell any story better than he heard it . . . patrolled the streets of town in the "Ugly American" . . . had some trouble with the people who hid in his trunk . . . spent his time working at Talone's on weekends . . . enioyed working on his boat . . . used it to water ski during the summer . . . was a regular at canteens . . . Bob was happy with the prospect of graduating . . . Bob's plans for the future include signing up for a hitch in the Coast Guard. KATH RYN ELLEN BAIRD Kathy Commercial A friendly smile and easy-going personality . . . thought of by all as being quiet, yet willing o voice her opinions on any topic . . . Kathy wasn't too fond of busybodies, an opinion shared ly almost all . . . couldn't claim shorthand as one of her favorite subiects . . . added her oprano voice to the Senior Chorus . . . did her part when called upon by the Leaders' Ilub . . . one of the fortunate few girls who owns her own car . . . l. B. M. school holds we key to Kathy's future. WILLIAM TERRY BALDWIN Teffv Technical His smile went everywhere he did . . . Terry showed everyone he meant business as quarter- back for the Bulldogs . . . pitched in to help the Varsity Club . . . cleaned the latrines at football camp with Lontz, Byrne and Groves . . 1 served as a representative to the Student Council . . . Terry held a steady job at Morgan's Mobil Service . . . still found time to lust 'ibum around " . . . Terry became aggravated when everything had to be done at the same time but he somehow managed to make ends meet , . . never got his wires crossed at Tech School . . . Terry's future plans include attending a college for electrical engineering. CHARLES A. BAUGH Ihick Technical Often seen cruising up and down the streets of town in a blue '63 Rambler . . . served vell as manager of the football backfield . . . was primarily regarded as a class comedian and very entertaining one, at that . . . had a technique all his own when it came to iristigating tis share of the senior class fun . , , will always be remembered for those beautifully colored ki sweaters he wore . . . well-known for his rather large feet . . . a smooth dancer, Chick wade any ordinary dance a special affair . . . executed all the latest dance steps with precision iming af Canteen . . . Chick's future plans are to join the Navy. EVA MARIE BlLHElMER Eve One of the nicer looking girls in the class . . . always as neat as a pin . . . she not only kept other people's hair in tip-top shape, but also managed to spare time for her own . . . kept records as secretary of the Student Council at Tech School . . . didn't enjoy late lunches . . . washed many a classmate's hair while gaining experience as a beautician . . . she will pursue her career as a hairdresser during the coming years . . . Eve plans to be married after graduation and has a beautiful engagement ring to prove it. CHARLOTTE JEAN BOGDON Char Char enjoys food and can never seem to get enough of it . . . consistently seen with Sheila and Sue . . . piloted a spotless blue and white Olds . . . lent her full support to the Leaders' Club . . . rooted loudly for our teams from the cheering section during all the games . . . seemed to have fun working for Mrs. .lenness in the library . . . is constantly talking about ROBERTA LEE BEADLE Berta Academic Was a good sport about her many dreadful nicknames . . . for some reason Berta didn't enjoy taking tests . . . held the position of first clarinetist in the band . . . looked forward to orchestra sessions . . . Roberta started each hockey game as right half-back . . . got her share of bumps and bruises . . . one of the starting sextet on the basketball floor . . . a jack-of- all-trades during the summer while working at the Community Pool . . . found it enjoyable . . . hopes to become an airline hostess. Technical ROY RALPH BILHEIMER Ozark General Roy came to Morrisville High in his junior year . . . his quiet attitude and his sense ol humor soon won many new friends . . . can you see any resemblance between Roy and Eva? . . . there might be a slight one since he is Eva's twin . , . Roy never did like girls whc had too much to say but seemed to get a kick out of a few outspoken ones, anyway . . , usually had something to contribute to history class discussions . . . knew his topics well . . enjoyed hunting and could tell you anything about it . . . did you catch any fish lately, Ozark? . . . has his own philosophy on life . . . Roy intends to get a job and then further his education after graduation. Commercial different boys . . . well-known for both asinine antics and her radiant blonde hair . . . E Char's dulcet voice could be heard ringing out in the Senior Chorus . . . Char would like if to become a medical secretary after graduation. 28 5?iit.?i52i:1f1 ' 'is JANE ELIZABETH BRODECKl Jane Commercial "Left, left. about face," among the commands Jane gave as captain of the color guard , . . kept them stepping high . . . a hard worker who also enjoys a good time . . . usually has something to laugh about . . . helped arrange layouts for yearbook as a member of the process- ing staff . , . seemed to liven-up the soprano section of the Senior High Chorus . . . added many nice outfits to her wardrobe with her special touch with a needle and thread . . . one expression used often by her friends was, "Hold on to your contacts" . . . Jane plans to attend Rider College following graduation. JANE ANN BURGER Janie Academic You name it and Jane probably belonged to it . . . her musical inclinations paid off in band, Erchestra and chorus . . . was a representative at the Student Council meetings . . . devoted ome of her time to the yearbook as a member of the copy staff . . . used keen strategy on the hockey field since her freshman year . . . served as scorekeeper for both the girls' basketball nd softball teams for the past three years . . . in spite of her heavy schedule, Jane had time or Leaders' Club . . . still, she always kept churning out those good grades . . . Jane's plans or the future are Pa attend college. ROBERT L. BURKE Bongo Academic Happy-go-lucky best describes Bob . . . found fun wherever he went . . . his easy-going nature made him well-liked . . . was active in school but leaned more towards sports . . . patrolled center field for three years for the Morrisville nine . . . served as guard on the varsity basketball team . . . Bob served well on the Student Council ever since his sophomore year . . . was very democratic in all that he did and disliked teachers who weren't . . . also couldn't tolerate conceited girls . . . Ray's Delicatessen made him a part-time working man . . . Bob plans on four more years of formal education as a college student. SUSAN JANET BURNS ue Academic ' The artist of the class, Sue had a flare with a pencil or paints . . . her abilities helped lreate prom and operetta decorations . . . for her iob as processing editor of the yearbook, he was priceless . . . won a scholarship to attend art classes at Moore Institute . . . made i bouquet of flowers something special at the Fashion in Flowers Shop . . . was elected :resident of F. T. A. and also supported the Leaders' Club . . . hated wearing shoes . . . oved the opportunity to say something . . . Sue paints her future as becoming an art teacher. VICTORIA JANE CALABRO Vicki Kept up to date on all of the latest fashion trends . . . served as our class secretary in both her junior and senior years . . . possessed a notebook for the yearbook's business staff that contained everything but notes . . . was a player in the band for six years . . . wailed her mellow sax in the orchestra . . . versatile Vicki's voice could be heard in the soprano section of the chorus . . . conceited people are on Vicki's black list . . . working in the office wasn't her favorite pastime , . . Vicki's future plans are up in the sky as an airline stewardess. ALICE MARIE CARR AI Didn't enioy sitting through classes but at least she was comfortable . . . maneuvered into her own special position in those "modern" seats . . . artistically decorated the showcases for display service . . . Al thought it sheer drudgery to rise and shine so early but managed to arrive at school on time, nevertheless . . . she even had the aid of her own car . . . lucky girl! . . . frequently had some anecdote to tell, usually with a touch of humor involved . . . Alice's plans for the future are undecided. 30 THOMAS EDWARD BYRN E Tom Technica A real car enthusiast . . . made his car quite a hobby but somehow he didn't enioy walking for gas or fixing flat tires . . . through real effort, won his letter in football . . . was on the squad for three years . . . one of the guys on the Varsity Club list . . . football camp wa: love at first sight for Tom . . . he even enioyed those leaps from second story windows . . did his fair share of work at the Acme . . . thought Tech study halls were the best . . . the life of a sailor is in Tom's future. Q ge ie se Commercial CRICKETT GAIL CARNES Gail Commercia Rather quiet but always friendly . . . Gail likes stylish clothes and knows how to wea: them . . . she has a certain knack for styling hair . . . manages to.keep hers neat at all time: . . . a member in good standing of the Senior Chorus . . . took part in the operettas . . Gail worked hard on the business and clerical staffs of the yearbook . , . didn't appreciate the work in the high school office . . . was never seen without Jane . . . enjoyed mastering tennis but didn't boast of her skill . . . Rider College will form Gail's future. Commercial THERESA A. CARTER Terri Commercial A lovely girl with a valentine smile who kept all of us up to date on her arousing out- of-school exploits . . . could never seem to remember iust what time the school bell rang . . . used her decorative talents to good advantage while helping out in the Display Service Club . . . often sails around town behind the wheel of a certain red Chevrolet . . . proved herself to be a competent businesswoman by keeping the Cut-Rate running smoothly . . . Terri's plans for the future include marriage. WILLIAM vv. CASE Biff Academic Anyone for bowling? . . . Biff was a very active member of this club . . . also a fan of he great outdoors . . . thoroughly enioys hunting . . . can tell you anything about it . . . iff didn't care for math classes . . . considered them pure torture, although he was interested in any science . . . how did you ever get that nickname "Nip?" . . . a good-natured and Emiable member of the class with characteristics which made him well thought of . . . college education is included within Biff's future plans. DAVID C. CHEWNING Dave Academic Music, music, music, the center of Dave's interests . . . began with the baritone . . . participated in both District and County bands . . . supplied a tenor voice in Senior Chorus and Vesper Choir . . . sang out in District Chorus . . . a regular at band and orchestra practice . . . proved himself an able actor in the school operettas . . . his quiet personality misleads those who don't know him . . . a real cut-up in Spanish class . . . iust ask Dr. Castells . . . though his future plans are undecided, they are likely to follow a musical path. DENNIS A. COBLE nny Academic Denny could always be found with the Manor boys . . . hanging out in front of Widmann's ith the gang took up only half of his leisure time . . . the other half was spent at the pool ll . . . working at the Post Road Pool and Beach Club during the summer earned Denny his s money . . . spent at least a week out of every year hunting . . . was recognizable on the ad by his blue Chevy . . . Denny intends to further his education after his graduation. AMLTON L. cooo H Milt Academic One of the nicer looking boys in the senior class . . . surprised many by getting his hair A cut short . . . thought twice about physics class and quit while he was ahead . . . showed an uncanny ability for solving math problems . . . possessed an abundance of musical talent . . . 'h-1s i' 0 made mellow music with his trombone in the band . . . was one of the outstanding voices in Q the Senior High Chorus . . . displayed both agility and ingenuity on the basketball court as part of the varsity team . . . formed a familiar trio with Bill and Dave . . . Nlilt's plans for . the future are centered around a college education. KATHRYN ANN CORLESS Kathy Commercial Kathy came to Morrisville from Pittsburgh during her senior year . . . gained many a new friend during the short time she's been with us . . . loves to dance . . . enioyed conversations with new friends . . . helped to straighten out the accounts for the yearbook's business staff . . . claims her pet peeves are conceited people and people who make her feel uncomfortable . . . Kathy takes pride in always looking her best . , . traveled in the same social circle as did Donna and Sherry . . , plans to acquire a position as a stenographer following her graduation. RICHARD A. COWELL , s- Moo Commerciq Rich never tires of the great indoor sport of bowling . . . bowled for two years with thi Tuesday Club . . . naturally, all of Rich's spare time was spent in the alleys . . . livened mani a dull class with his new and varied iokes . . . always seemed to have a wallet full of amusing articles which he passed through his classes . . . has a lot of history behind his nickname . .l frequently bombed around Morrisville in his Pontiac with all his buddies . . . Rich is uncertaid about his future plans. ANDREW RUSSELL CUNNINGHAM Andy Academic Seems to be the quiet, retiring type, but nothing could be farther from the truth . . . a lively, colorful, yet often very talkative member of the class whose sarcastic humor made every- one think twice . , . put his athletic capabilities to good use as a determined runner on the cross country team . . . considered himself a star pupil in physics class . . . couldn't seem to remember what rubbing alcohol was for . . . one of the few members of the class who was fortunate enough to have his own car . . . Andy's future plans include attending college ARTHUR P. DAMERON Art Known to all of the guys by the name of "Magoo" . . . purr better with his knowledge of mechanics . . . is seldom a car . . . often drove around with Don or Rich . . . enjoyed club, but in his spare time, too . . . claims he doesn't like much make-up . . . Art always managed to be wherever further his education after graduation. Commercial he could make almost any motor found not working on or driving bowling, not only during bowling girls with weird hairdos and too the fun was . . . he plans to BARBARA S. DAVIS Bobbie Commercial Sang her way through six years of chorus . . . worked diligently for Miss Gish during Flerical practice periods in the guidance office . . . Bobbie seemed to have a wardrobe that never Failed to yield a new outfit . . . had to be convinced that gym was not really a rest period . . . wore a hair style that could be classified as monumental . , . the first half of the Barbsey Twins . . . Bobbie's future includes being employed as a secretary where she can exhibit her typing skill. GAIL GRACE DOAN Carrot Oh, that flaming red hair! . . . it isn't difficult to guess the possessor of a most intoxicating giggle, Carrot injects her graduation. . . . co.uldn't understand having to come to school iust as the gray mists of away . . . sang along with Hutch in the chorus, then ioined the ballroom Gail would like to put her commercial training to good use as switchboard Commercial how she came by her nickname . . . enioyed working in the office and barging into classrooms while running errands . . . laughter into every conversation dawn were fading dancing club . . . operator following i NANCY ELLEN DOBSON Ellen Academic Ellen came to Morrisville High in her iunior year after spending fourteen years in India . . . demonstrated her knowledge of Indian culture by doing a native dance of the country on United Nations Day . . . her voice added quality to our chorus . . . she also helped support Vesper Choir . . . chauffeured a carload of friends to and from band practice . . , was first violinist in the High School Orchestra . . . used her musical ability to win a position in the country orchestra . . . Ellen's future includes a college education. V my CHARLOTTE MARY DRY Char Academic A sports enthusiast . . . Char played hockey, softball, and basketball with real aggression . . . was elected president of the Leaders' Club , . . has an easy-going personality but becomes very argumentative when provoked . . . packed a terrific punch as well as a terrific lunch . . . has no will power when it comes to her diet . . . seems useless to try it . . . never got her fill of mathematics . . . she not only kept Kresge's running but it kept her running . . . Char can bring the humor in any situation . . . she plans to enter teaching. DONNA ANN DUNCAN DOING Commercial Renowned for her highly original sense of humor and her rare ability to take a ioke smiling . . . took quite a lot of kidding about some of her wild hairdos but is still admired for her lovely raven black tresses . . . can't understand those few people who manage to go through a school day without a few laughs . . . is considered an authority on old records and has amassed quite an extensive collection of them . . . moved to California during her iunior year but came back this year with a truckload of interesting tales about her travels . . . would like to attend the Lawrence Academy of Beauty Culture following graduation. SHARON EDGERLY Sherry Commercia Sherry came to Morrisville from Neshaminy during her senior year and immediately stocker up on a new circle of friends . . . seemed shy and quiet but had a friendly word for everyone . . . helped beautify our halls with the showcase displays she designed , . . when Sherry took to the dance floor, she made everyone else look like they were standing still . . looked forward to gym classes with utter disgust . . . often could be found confiding in Donna or Terri . . . Sherry plans to enter into secretarial work after graduation. EDWARD CARL FlSCl'lER l Eddie Commercial Enioyed the odds as one of the few boys in the Commercial class . . . combined strategy , and speed on the basketball court . . . baseball came naturally to him . . . a sprinter on the track fi team and runner for cross country . . . was never behind the eight-ball when it came to pool . . . an avid participant in the Sports Club . . . did a marvelous iob on the art work for the Carol Sing . . . has yet to be at a loss for words . . . Eddie's plans for the future are as yet undecided. 34 Barb Came to Morrisville from Trenton High in her iunior year . . . tried her darndest to get to school on time but didn't always succeed . . . enioyed skating at the Capitol Arena on weekends . . . was accompanied by Hedy and Joan of the time . . . showed up, without fail, at the many Leaders' Club meetings . . . couldn't stand to wash the dishes during home -economics class . . . say, Barb, who was it that accidentally put soap in the oatmeal cookies? . . . learned the rhumba during ballroom dancing classes . . . Barb's plans for the future are undecided. -larry Certainly one of the more colorful members of the graduating class . . . pounded out a hundering rhythm on his snare drum . . . straightened out the accounts for the Alpha Omega Club . . . possessor of quite an extensive collection of LP's . . . took a lot of teasing about tis rather elaborately groomed hair . . . enioyed discussing and driving cars . . . used both :horus and orchestra as outlets for his abundance of musical talent . . . looked forward to hose hysterical "Let's Go!" copy staff meetings for the yearbook . . . Harry's future plans nclude attending college. FRANCES ADRIENNE FISCHER Fran Academic A girl who really likes sports . . . co-captain of our varsity hockey team . . . tied the school strike-out record as an ace pitcher on the softball team . . . a guard for four years on the basketball squad . . . captain of the cheerleaders who yelled their lungs out for our boys . . . wouldn't tolerate a lack of school spirit . . . kept the books straight for the Student Council . . , never had to worry about putting gas into her yellow Cadillac . . . wonder why??? . . . Fran's future includes a career in teaching. BARBARA ANN FORD F Commercial JOHN JOSEPH GERUC Gork General Always went looking for a good time and usually managed to have one . . . kept his classmates in pleasant humor, if not the teachers . . . had something to say about everything . , . the library held few happy hours for John . . . seemed reading wasn't his favorite pastime , . . hunting and fishing are a different story . . . Gork always finds time for these hobbies . . . can spin some real yarns, about the one that got away, for instance . , . the possessor of a carefree personality . . . he never let anything bother him . . , John's future plans are undecided. HARRY JOHN GLOSSER Academic TERESA LOUISE HADORN Terry Came here from Bishop Egan during her sophomore year . . . belonged to the Leaders' Club . . . was never late for chorus practice . . . was fortunate have any mathematical course in her senior year . . . know as "CalIate" by class buddies . . . seems to have a natural ability when it comes to any kind keeps Mario's Bake Shop running smoothly . . . hates to be called "Tess" . . plans include attending college. i I MARILOU K. HALEY Marilou Academic A really sports-minded girl . . . co-captain of our hockey team . . . played softball and basketball like a pro . . . served as vice-president of the Leaders' Club . . . claims people who cut up Fords really irritate her . . . has one of the laregst collections of stereo albums in town . . . keeps McDonaId's Drive-In from going out of business . . . where there's food there's Mariloull. . . after eating her own lunch, Marilou helps Sandy and Geneva finish theirs . . . Marilou's future sees her wearing the white of a nurse's uniform. KATHERINE LORRAINE HIVICDKO Rocky sung soprano in the chorus for the past five years . . . made Honor Soloist hair . . . why, Kath? . . . Kathy's future plans include marriage. RICHARD WARREN HOFFMAN Rich Academic A good-looking guy whose terrific sense of humor kept many a dull class alive . . . frequently found in the company of Don and Moe . . . claimed his biggest pet peeve was physics class . . . among the star performers on the varsity eleven . . . as popular among the guys as he is among the gals . . . commonly referred to as "Fritz" . , , dances circles around everyone on the volleyball court . . . instigated those insane "Happy Birthdays" in the cafeteria at lunch- time , . . Rich's future plans are undecided. 36 Academic the F.N.A. and enough not to all her Spanish of science . . . . Terry's future ai S525 in Commercial Sports a new hair style weekly . . . claims her pet peeve is people who dye their hair . . . got a kick out of irritating Mr. Hatrak . . . constantly cracked iokes with Rose . . . has this year . . . really has a marvelous singing voice . . . roamed the halls with Marilyn, Janet and company . . . often cruises the streets of Morrisville in a green Ford . . . seems to prefer boys with blond is 8, :si sv ge DAVID P. HOLVECK Dave Academic Loved Mr. Gontar's explanations during physics class . . . a determined fighter on the Bulldog eleven these past three years . . . ended up with a fractured elbow as a result . . . had been a runner on the track team since his sophomore year . . . skilled at putting on Formica counter tops for Jay Bee 8- Co .... Dave was outspoken, yet reserved . . . elected to the Student Council in his senior year . . . president of Alpha Omega . . . took more than his share of kidding from Oscar in practical math class . . . Dave plans to further his education following graduation. THOMAS HUDICK Tom General Transferred to M.H.S. from Tech School during his senior year . . . kept his own scholastic schedule . . . whenever Tom came to school, everyone considered it a national holiday . . . Miss Parsons was always mystified about that extra empty seat in math class . . . a fun- loving guy who was always in a good humor . . . of all the many versatile facial expressions that accompanied his iokes, we enioyed his relaxed smile best of all . . . liked to putter with cars . . . Tom's crystal ball hasn't as yet unveiled his future plans to him. HARRY JOSEPH HUGHES Roofer Academic lf you're looking for Harry, iust try the dark room , . . he proved himself invaluable when it came to taking pictures for the yearbook . . . claimed he was modest but would gladly innumerate his virtues . . . reigned as our class president for the last two years of school and did a Hmagnanimous, resourceful, and sexy" iob of it, too . . . loved the view from the roof . . . claimed it created a good dining atmosphere . . . possessed a genuinely sophisticated wit , . . in the future, we may find Harry teaching, practicing law or collecting garbage. LEONARD HYCHALK Lenny Technical L Lenny was one of our more quiet seniors . . . but enioyed having fun nevertheless . . . didn't boast of his talents . . . always had a friendly word for all . . . wasn't easily provoked Mfnmwm . . . hopefully watched for snowflakes, for they usually indicated good skiing weather . . . A A Lenny gave this hobby his full support . . . falls, bruises, and all . . . mastered the art of skiing quite well . . . Lenny chose electronics as his major course at the Tech School . . . lfound a lot of interest in it . . . he hopes to continue his education after high school. DONALD WAYNE JACKSON Don Academic Disliked those long, tedious homework assignments . . . didn't we all? . . . one of our W more outstanding athletes . . . had been a track man since his sophomore year . . . played on the varsity eleven during his sophomore and iunior years . . . assisted with the iunior high wrestling team . . . dislikes stuck-up girls who won't be friendly . . . got a kick out of those Spanish classes, even though Dr. Castells didn't . . . kept Mario's Bake Shop in operation . . . following graduation Don would like to join the Navy. l SHEILA MARY ANNE JEROME Sheila Academic The most easy-going person you could know . . . you can never get Sheila out of that '60 Pontiac . . . that is, unless you mention softball or hockey . . . played before the cage as a goalie during hockey season . . . viewed the softball diamond from behind the plate and through a catcher's mask , . . disliked practice in the rain . . . played basketball well but couldn't tolerate girls' rules . . . was never out of step while marching with the band . . . Sheila plans to further her education. LARRY GUY KEARNS Butch General A quiet sort of guy who seldom speaks unless spoken to . . . Butch first came to Morrisville during his freshman year . . . has warm, chocolate brown eyes . . , spent much of his time clowning around with the other l2-G guys . . . was often the butt of practical iokes but sometimes saw fit to turn the tables . , . took more than his fair share of kidding but never let it bother him . . . came to master the fine art of volleyball after much determined practice ' . . . Butch's plans concerning the immediate future are uncertain. ALICE REA KINNEY Addie Academic Sang with the Senior High Chorus . . . appears to be the quiet, bashful type until you get to know her well . , , likes to cook and sew, so she really enioyed home economics class . . . a neat dresser, Alice made many of the clothes she wears . . . found with Ellen and Sue nearly always . . , never had anything bad to say about anyone . . . enioyed her senior year subjects, especially Spanish . . . Alice plans to attend business school after graduation. 38 NANCY LOIS KOVACS Nancy Why is it that you hated that nickname of yours so much? . . . never seen without Linda, in or out of school . . . enioyed working at the Post Road Pool during her summer vacations . . . waved our American flag on high as one of the color guard . . . used her soprano voice to good advantage in the Senior Chorus . . . was among the many participants in the Leaders' Club . . . an avidly interested member of the F.N.A., Nancy hopes to make nursing her profession, having been accepted by St. Francis Hospital. l l l DENNIS J. KRAUSE Denny Denny helped bolster the moral of the boys as co-captain of the varsity eleven . . . swung i mighty bat for two years on the baseball team . . . enjoyed bowling with the club every 'uesday . . . delivering milk kept Denny occupied . . , worked hard on the art work for the :roms and operettas . . . enioyed hunting in his spare time or even when he didn't have lpare time . . . never went anywhere unless he was behind the wheel of a white '61 Ford . . Denny hopes to secure a iob after graduation. LINDA C. KIRCHHOFFER Linda Academic Kept our senior class finances in order as class treasurer , . . considered practical math really practical . . . appreciates punctuality . . . dislikes people who are perpetually late . . . gave her vocal chords a workout in the Senior High Chorus . . . carried our school flag for the color guard . . . likes to knit during her spare time . . . has the loveliest blue eyes and blonde hair . . . dislikes people who have dirty, mussed-up hair . . . she and "Oscar" always found something to laugh about . . . will be a girl in white at St. Francis Hospital following her graduation. Academic BARBARA FLORENCE KOYEN Barb Commercial Came to Morrisville from Council Rock during her iunior year . . . was a high flyer on the trampoline during gym classes . . . the other halt ot the renowned Barbsey Twins . . . sung alto in the senior high chorus . . . has lovely blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes . . . Barb's only pet peeve was having to live right across the street from school . . . lunch was by far her favorite class . . . quite a tennis fan . . . didn't mind being called "Gino" for some reason . . . enjoyed working for Miss Gish during clerical practice . . . Barb would like to become a medical secretary following graduation. Academic SANDRA CAROL LAYPO Sandy Academic Lovely blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, that's our Sandy . . . considered one of our best looking senior girls . . . was chosen "Miss Morrisville High" of 1962 . . . quite an artist in her spare time , . . enioyed singing soprano in the Senior High Chorus . . . was active in both the Leaders' Club and the F.N.A .... played both hockey and basketball since her freshman year . . . she, Marilou, and Geneva formed a clique known as "The lnseparablesu . . . following graduation, Sandy plans to become an airline stewardess. MP3 2 55 DONALD JOHN LENOX Don Academic A Without a doubt, the king of all our class cut-ups and iust about the liveliest member of 1'1- our whole senior class . . . there's never a dull moment when Don's around . . . was an ablebodied runner on the track team . . , showed up regularly at the bowling alley to demon- strate his skill . . . hated math with purple passion . . . can think of nothing he wants more than a brand-new sports car . . . was a regular patron at the Langhorne drag races . . . claims he'll give you the best dollar's worth of gas at Corti's Flying A . . . Don would like to attend college after his graduation, CARL DAVID LONTZ Buddy Technical An amateur mechanic . . . enioyed puttering around with his car . . , gave his strength and skill for the Bulldog eleven . . . another sky diver from upstairs windows at football camp . . . held a membership to the Varsity Club . . . found time to work at Burns' Pharmacy . . . Buddy couldn't wait to go home from school, unless he was in study hall . . . he became a culinary expert at Lower Bucks County Technical School . . . plans to show off his ability as a cook or baker . . . Buddy will be one of Uncle Sam's boys after graduation. will MONICA MARIE MAIER Moni Technical Carefully studied the artful technique of beauty culture at Tech school . . . loved to experiment with ultra-modern hair styles . . . worked skillfully at administering shampoos, permanents and touch-ups at a beauty salon labelled Coiffures by Mr. Syd . . . likes to knit in her spare time and has created many beautiful sweaters . , . seen frequently in a small congregation consisting of Sandy, Linda, Romona and herself . . , quite an accomplished pianist, Moni enioys playing church hymns more than anything else . . . claims her maior pet peeve is having to dry the dinner dishes . . . Moni looks forward to becoming a successful beautician following her gradu- ation. ROBERT JOHN MANZEK Duke General A happy-goslucky guy without a care in the world, that's our Duke . . , always had a good word for everybody . . . often seen in the company of his bosom buddy, Larry . . . learned all the tricks of the trade as a gifted auto mechanic . . . tending to automobiles is right down Duke's alley . . . an amateur philatelist, Duke showed quite an interest in the art of stamp collecting . . . had his own inimitable style while operating on the volleyball court . . . Duke's plans for the immediate future include attending night school. i PATRICIA ANN MATTHIAS Pat Commercial When you think of Pat, you picture her lavish blonde coiffure , . . has really turned her hair into a work of art . . . naturally, Pat has an unlimited stock of hair spray . . . reveres the fine tradition of eye beauty, too . . . hardly ever seen without Karen, either in or out of school . . . has a versatile sense of humor . . . can transform any ordinary joke into a modern masterpiece . . . dislikes two-faced people , . . Pat could unofficially be dubbed our fashion and beauty expert . . . attending the Lawrence Academy of Beauty Culture is written into Pat's future, JAMES MCGUIGAN Jim General Transferred to M.H.S. from the Tech School during his senior year . . . a true-blue outdoorsman, Jim spent nearly all of his spare time hunting and fishing . . . never failed to rack up a good score when bowling . . . one guy who was never without something to say, especially during T VV study halls . . . found it difficult to put up with teachers in general, though none in particular maiftetm, - . . . enioyed clowning around with all of the T2-2 boys . . . enioys working on his car . . . Jim plans to enlist in the U.S. Navy following graduation. KATHLEEN MARY NlclLVAlNE KBTS Academic ,jg Hey, Kate, remember the Indian blankets? . . . took more than her fair share of kidding but always came out smiling . . . did a good iob as associate editor of our yearbook . . . a beneficial 'nember of our Student Council . . . another of our many Leaders' Club girls . . . was all thumbs when it came to holding on to anything . . . spoke Spanish like a Brooklynite but oulled those "A's" out of the hat iust the same . . . was named "Girl of the Month" for Nlovember . . . a member of the F.N.A., Kathy plans to make a career of nursing. . KATHLEEN ANGELA MIKSITZ Kathy Commercial Held down the iob of business manager for our senior class . . . aided the yearbook as a member of the processing staff . . . didn't appreciate the long meetings . . . gave our Senior High Chorus added volume and harmony . . . claims she will learn to master tennis last thing she does . . . best buddies are Jane, Gail and Vicky . . . disliked people who pronounced or spelled her last name incorrectly . . . became an expert at operating the duplicating machine in the high school . . . Kathy's future plans include attending Rider College. ROBERT MICHAEL MRAZ Bubsy His red hair was the center of much conversation . . . his musical talent earned him in the marching band . . . displayed his skill on the basketball court as a member of team . . . had tremendous ability and drive when it came to getting good marks the best hoagies in town at Ben's Delicatessen . . . took all kidding in his stride and nature . . . has an interesting and amusing story behind his nickname . . . could phase of mathematics or science with only a minimum of effort , . . following his Bob plans to attend college. 42 SHARON MELONEY Sharon Babe Commercial A lively gal with personality to match who enlivens many of the commercial classes claimed clerical practice to be one of her pet peeves . . frequently seen with Kate and Bernice . . . never failed to have a different excuse each week to keep her from having to take showers after gym classes . . . sang a melodious soprano during chorus practice always 'Found time to attend those busy Leaders' Club meetings . Sharon intends to enter into secretarial work after graduation and would someday like to become a medical secretary if it's the JOHN EDWARD MORDOCK Moe Academic Managed to keep all his classes iumping with his wild sense of humor claims study halls are his pet peeve . . . made himself known as a hard as nails football player during his iunior and senior years . . . an avid member of the Varsity Club kept company with Rich and Bob . . . had a perfect sense of timing when telling a yoke and never failed to have the class in stitches . , . Moe's future plans are to attend either college or Technical School Academic recognition the varsity . . . made with good master any graduation, tose Kept her high school years lively . . . won varsity letters in two sports . . . knew how to naneuver a hockey stick . . . liked first base during softball season . . . bolstered the alto section af Senior High Chorus and Vesper Choir . . . was a snappy member of the color guard . . . telped process the yearbook . . . didn't care too much for bookkeeping . . . had trouble Leeping her shoes tied . . , finally switched to loafers . . . spent a lot of time cutting up with Cathy . . . Rose hopes to go to business school after graduation. ELEANOR SUZANNE OKUROWSKI Sue A natural blonde with deep blue eyes . . . knew the art of cheerleading . . . showed it for five years . . . became co-captain in her senior year . . . was escorted to all the football games by "Archie," the school mascot . . . a member of Leaders' Club . . . could be heard in the alto section of the Senior Chorus, Vesper Choir, and Bucks County Chorus . . . a real sports enthusiast . . . sported three stripes on her varsity sweater . . . somehow found time For Monday night Science-Math Seminars . . . Sue plans to study pharmacy after graduation. JOAN MICHELE NAMEY Joan Academic Took part in the Senior High Chorus, Leaders' Club, and F.N.A .... was always well- informed on all the latest movies as a cashier at the RKO Trent . . . looked forward to cutting up in all her classes with anyone who had a sense of humor to match hers . . . disliked having to clean up the home economics kitchen . . . enjoyed eating in class . . . she stashed the apple cores in her handbag . . . Joan plans to take up nursing following graduation, ROSE LEEVONE NAPOLEON Commercial MARY NEWMAN Rabbit Commercial Certainly one of the neatest dressed in our senior class . . . you'd never catch Mary with her hair mussed up . . . was unusually talented when it came to experimenting with new hair styles . . . worked steadily at the New Jersey Manufacturer's Association . . . is a very ef- ficient worker . . . claims our school lunches are enough to give anybody indigestion . . . hated to face teachers so early in the morning . . . gives highly teased hairdos a low rating . . . there's an interesting story behind the birth of her most unusual nickname . . . Mary plans on pursuing a career in modeiing following her graduation. Academic ROSEMARIE ANNE ONOFRI Rose General Rose made "A" hall her home-away-from home . . . she's hoping those many home ec classes will prove useful someday . . . some people picture Rose as the quiet type but once you get her started, nothing short of an atomic blast will stop her . . . can'f remember when she was ever angry . . . the fifth member of that famous quintet-Cheryl, Rose, Pat, Mary Lou, and Rosemarie . . . showed up regularly at Delmor Lanes each Saturday morning . . . always played to win and she seldom lost . . . Rose's crystal ball hasn't as yet shown her what her future's going to be. LINDA JOYCE OSSMANN Linda Commercial Served well as secretary of the Leaders' Club . . . one of the more attractive girls in the senior class . . .rwell-groomed and neatly dressed, Linda couldn't understand people who let their appearances go to seed . . . always wore attractive clothes . . . disliked people who walked around with their noses in the air . . . sang alto in the Senior High Chorus . . . was obviously Richie's only girl . pepped up many a history class . . . Linda's plans for the future include attending l.B.M. school and getting a iob. ALLAN BRAD OWEN Tweet A whiz with electronics . . . could make all sorts of electronic gadgets . . . had a large assortment of electronic equipment . . . you could hear the sound of his baritone as he played in the band . . . often chauffered the gang in a blue station wagon . . . English class wa on his list of favorites but he enioyed and understood science . . . became known around school for his many weird sound effects . . . claimed his share of "school boy" pranks . . . Tweet could be counted on for fun upon any occasion . . . he intends to enter Penn State after he graduates. Marilyn Commercial .L One of the nicer looking girls in the senior class . . . bright and sprightly, vivacious and energetic-that's our Marilyn . . . took pride in always looking her best . , . consistently made her debut with a new coiffure . . . stood in the limelight as one of the class's more celebrated comediennes . . . often found idly walking in the halls with Janet-and JoAnne . . . preferred being labelled "petite" rather than "short" . . . faithfully represented our class as a Student Council member . . . Marilyn's future plans include secretarial work. 44 f li MARILYN ELIZABETH PERK Sandy An attractive senior girl who is most noted for her versatile hairdos . . . Sandy mastered the art of beauty culture at Tech School . . . worked proficiently at Ida's House of Style . . . when not busily perfecting new hair styles, Sandy sought relaxation either at the movies or at Mike's . . . wishes people would stop calling her "Pete" . . . hates work in any form, whether it be classwork, homework or housework . . . was an honor student, and proud of it, too . . . following graduation, Sandy would like to be a beautician. JACK RAY PETERSON Jack General Enioyed taking part in all the antics that went on among the General boys . . . couldn't get his fill of bowling . . . kept those pins flying . . . when it came to making the dash to the cafeteria at lunchtime, Jack was always among the first to get there . . . Jack didn't show as much enthusiasm when going to class, though . . . homework was Jack's strongest dislike, although school, itself, was hard for him to take . . . following his graduation from high school, Jack will join those who are seeking employment. SANDRA FAYE PETERSON Technical School . . . disliked gym classes and those long bus rides to Tech Iharlie Once you get to know him, Charlie is an absolute riot . . . did his best to create a state if bedlam in Spanish class . 1e yearbook's copy staff . . ives . . . semed to die a thousand deaths during physics classes . . . dislikes party-poopers and teople who think they know it all . . . likes to unwind by reading ghoulish murder mysteries . . never tired of those marathon telephone conversations . , , following graduation, Charles 'itends to enter college. JANET LEE RIGBY Janet Commercial A peppy little senior with a sense of humor that matched . . . enioyed being a source of the added confusion in her classes . . . devoted time and effort to further the goals of the Leaders' Club . . . sang alto with the Senior High Chorus . . . was a constant companion to Marilyn, JoAnne and Kathy . . . got a kick out of kidding Steve . . . took more than her share of kidding in return . . . wore some of the cutest outfits imaginable . . . Janet's plans for the future are, as yet, undecided. CHARLES WILLIAM ROBERTS Academic . . had a knack for doing write-ups as assistant to the editor on . an enthusiastic record collector, Charlie has well over 800 forty- RONN IE JOYCE SAMSEL Rocks Academic Considered to be one of the better looking girls in the senior class . . . could brighten any class by her mere presence . . . knew how to do all the latest steps when it came to dancing another of the many Leaders' Club girls . . . got fed up with people who continuously down- graded themselves . . . gave aid to the yearbook's copy staff . . . frequently found in the company of Shag and Aggie . . . served as an alternate representative to the Student Council . . . Ronnie plans on becoming an airline stewardess following graduation. SALLY SUE SCHEIDEMANTEL Aggie Academic One of our more industrious seniors, Sue always had something to take up her time . . . proved herself to be quite an athlete as a participant in girls' hockey, softball and basketball . . . a copy staff member on the yearbook staff . . . established a reputation for infallibly attend- ing all the yearbook meetings, didn't you, Sue? . . . her musical talents aided both the Senior High Chorus and Vesper Choir . . . Aggie held the High School Orchestra together by i serving as pianist . . . Sue's plans are to attend college following graduation. l JAMES N. SCHWARZ Jim Academic Our Student Council president during his senior year . . . used his athletic abilities to good advantage as a runner on the track team . . . kept the Acme running . . . his ideal grades earned him membership to the National Honor Society . . . despite his good marks, Jim claimed spelling as one of his annoyances . . . one senior who sincerely enioyed the varied person- alities of his many friends . . . Jim had a strong dislike for gum chewers . . . gave added power to the voices of the Senior High Chorus . . . following graduation, Jim plans to go on to college. EVELYN LORRAINE SHAGINAW 5559 Academic One of our more illustrious class comediennes, Shag was tops when it came to humor . . . entertained many an otherwise dull class with her riotous antics . . . served the yearbook staff as copy editor and usually turned the staff meetings into a state of pandemonium . . . would like to build a better mousetrap in order to catch a better mouse . . . noted for her stylish handwriting . . . participated in Leaders' Club and F.N.A .... disliked cigar smoke . . . had a fiery temper when provoked . . Ev will further her education after graduation. THOMAS L. SINCLAIR Tom One of the few boys who took the Commercial course . . . gained recognition as a pool shark . . . appreciated iazz in Jazz study halls, Tom didn't enioy himself . . . working at the Dairy Queen during the summer en- abled Tom to keep his friends well :afeteria . . , had a great deal of trouble keeping his shirt tail tucked in . . . Tom's future plans nclude ioining up with Uncle Sam. FORREST CARLYLE SHULL Fudge Academic One of the more handsome male members of our class . . . centered for the varsity eleven during his senior year . . . considered by many to be the biggest flirt in the class . . . the story behind his nickname could fill a book . . . Fudge had endless car trouble . . . a smooth dancer . . . never failed to answer questions in class with "Ah, forget it" . . . seemed to have a different girl problem every week . . . has an impressive appearance . . . following his graduation from high school, Fudge plans to attend college. Commercial Appreciation Club, for some reason . . . when it came to fed . . . preferred lunches at McDonald's to those in the i l JOHN J. SMOLINSKI Monk General John will be remembered for his change of pace remarks kept homeroom periods alive i F and noisy . . . seemed to live at the bowling alley . . . kept the pinsetters busy at all hours V . . . as a matter of fact, John considered bowling his hobby . . . never seen without buddies, A Tom and Rich . . . as far as homework was concerned, John was a first-class rebel . . . couldn't L see why teachers had to give homework over the weekends . . . John has not made up his mind on any definite future plans. CHERYL J. M. SNEDEKER heryl Loves horses . . . would like nothi ours listening to music . . . claims uite a camera-bug, she enioys taking pictures . . . a photographer on the yearbook staff . . . articipated in softball, bowling, and :tamed in the halls with Rose, Pat, f the armed services after graduation. Academic ng better than to be in a sulky race . . . spends endless her favorites in this field are Ferrante and Teicher . . . ' hockey . . . disliked housework, especially dusting . . . and Rosemarie . . . Cheryl would like to ioin a branch ALLEN L. SOFTLEY Geto Academic A determined senior . . . gave his all to the support of the varsity eleven . . . as photo editor of the yearbook, Geto planned our many pictures . . , worked in the school store as a member of Student Council but refused to give Green Stamps with the purchases . . . played his clarinet when marching with the band . . . served the class well as vice-president . . . claimed that English was far from being his favorite subiect . . . since he has outstanding ability in math, Geto plans to major in advanced mathematics in college. Dolly Dolores came to M.H.S. in her iunior year and quickly made friends . . . a person easier to get along with was hard to find . . . envied by many for her long brown hair . . . has a DOLORES EVETTE STABINSKY Commercial tremendous amount of artistic ability . . . enjoyed typing and art work . . . spent her out-of- X- E school time working in the Morrisville Bakery . . . claimed she found people interesting to watch but didn't care to see them sloppy . . . learned the new steps in ballroom dancing class i . . . Dolores' future plans include being an airline reservationist. Pat One of the few General girls . . . a quiet girl except to friends . . . rolled a terrific bowling ball during Tuesday's club , . . didn't have anything to do with conceited people . . . spread at sunshine with her pleasing smile . , . was always on time for the bus to and from school . . . didn't appreciate school on days when gym class was on her schedule . . , loved to eat in if home-ec class but didn't care for the clean-up detail . . . Pat's future plans include getting a it job after graduation. 48 l JAN ET L. STADLER Jan Academif Took a lot of kidding about her lame knee . . . despite that handicap she was an ardenl member of the hockey and basketball teams . . . earned her varsity sweater through her wor for the Leaders' Club . . . acquired the nickname of "Rabbit" because of an unusual nose move ment . . . served as the secretary of the Student Council . . . will never forget those yearboo meetings where she presided as editor-in-chief . . . say, Jan, where did you ever learn to writei . . . psychiatry plays an important role in Jan's future. 1 l PATRICIA ANN STODDARD General is if as iii is 1 -sa Ronnie Technical Working at Levittown's Towne Theater, where he was head usher, monopolized most of Ronnie's out of school time . . . when not working, Ronnie liked to catch up on his sleep . . . he aved up his money to buy a brand new, blue Tempest . . . helped out the Bulldog eleven for wo years . . . ran for track . . . Ronnie knew all the latest dances and enioyed demonstrating hem . . . his favorite dates were Ivy girls , . . learned the printing trade at Bucks County ech . . . advanced Tech school is printed on his future plans. ltlancy Commercial t Nancy makes up for her lack of height by being long on personality . . . a really quiet girl with a soft-spoken manner . . . has a sweet smile and great sense of humor . . . could blush at the drop of a hat . . . tried her hand at adding volume to the soprano section of the Senior High mixed chorus . . . never missed a Leaders' Club meeting . . . kept a wardrobe Full of attractive clothes . . . Nancy intends to exercise her secretarial skills following her gradu- ation. HEDY CHRISTINE SURDY Heidi General Came to Morrisville from Trenton Central during her junior year . . . Hedy likes to collect records and always kept up to date with the latest hits . . . thought gym class to be quite a bore . . . roves the corridors in a group composed of Joan, Terry, and the three Barbs . . . thought that ballroom dancing club was the best thing that could have happened to a Tuesday . . . got annoyed at having to wait in line for lunch . . . following graduation, Hedy would like to become either a practical nurse or a beautician. ANTHONY RONALD TANICELLO STEVE F. TARR Johnny Academic Took a lot of kidding because of his long, curly locks . . . loved to have a friendly argument, especially with Janet . , . kept the Manor alive with the rest of his gang . . . seemed to be inseparable from Denny . . . couldn't seem to let the pin ball machines rest . . . that is, until he took up playing pool . . . didn't understand the purpose of homework . . . got good grades despite his dislike of school . . . they earned him a spot in the National Honor Society . . . Steve plans to further his education after his graduation. i i NANCY L. TYN DALE VICTORIE VAN DER LEE . Tori Academit Came to us, from Holland, during her iunior year . . . known to other schools as "the bare foot wonder of Morrisville" . . . kept things hopping on the hockey field . . . slammed ir those goals to set a league record . . . exhibited her skills in iudo and gymnastics . . became a member of the Leaders' Club in her senior year . . . wore her varsity sweater witl pride . . . her experience in the F.T.A. should aid her greatly in the future, since she has chose: to become a physical education teacher after graduation. 5 55 ,ii as is is JOANNE M. WIDMANN Nut Commercial Our class redhead, Joanne is often teased about her strawberry locks, but she takes all kidding in her stride . . . once she started talking during class, nothing short of an atomic explosion could stop her . . . has a very infectious laugh that usually breaks everyone up along with her . . , looking for Joanne? . . . iust find Janet, Karen, and Marilyn . . . claims that classes were made for fun and that people who act serious during them are a real drag . . . Joanne's plans for the future are as yet undecided. ff RONALD JOHN WIENCKOSKI Ron Ac. Could never be seen resting on the job at Kresge's where he was stockboy . . . kep floor spic 'n' span with his broom . . . Ron never allowed anything to get dull . . . as as things were quiet, Ron would step in with one of his many hilarious remarks . . . somet , Ron managed to keep silent in study hall . . . handing in his homework on time somet gave him trouble . . . he often felt that school was a big waste of time . . . after gradua Ron would like to go on to college. S si KAREN H. WORTHINGTON Karen Commercial The possessor of a large and beautiful wardrobe which was admired by many . . . always had a neat hair-do and seemed to have an endless supply of hair spray . . . took pride in growing long fingernails . . . talking in her classes kept Karen occupied when things got dull . . . constantly told anecdotes about her cute pet poodle , . . if she could have possibly gotten out of it, Karen would have chosen not to come to school . . . as far as the future is concerned, Karen's plans are undecided. 50 BERNICE ANN ZABORGWSKI Bern Commercial Has the prettiest green eyes around . . . Bernice is neat and well dressed . . . quite an artist in her spare time . . . goes wild over Chryslers . . . frequently seen with Kate and Sharon . . . hated taking showers after gym class . . . sees all of the latest movies . . . didn't care to operate the switchboard in the high school office . . . got a kick out of bouncing on the ' ' . B n' e lans l'ne during gym classes could fall asleep at a moments notice . . er ic p trampoi . , . to become a hair stylist or go into police work following graduation. MOIZIZIQVILLE l-HGH QC!-IOOL VOICES: TO Tl-UNE TRUE, Al-MA , EUlLDEl-Z MAY WE BE TO Tl-IEE. OOI6 STAFF BASICS I EDITORS ASSUMING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS YEARBOOK ARE: A. Softley? S. Burns? H. Hughes? E. Shaginaw? K. Mcllvaine? J. Stadler? and Mr. Sch . . . COPY STAFF . . . The members of The copy staff wish to remain anonymous, bu? due To circumstances beyond Iheir conirol they are from left to right: R. Samsel, S. Scheidemanfel, C. Roberts, E. Shaginaw- Edifor, C. Dry, H. Glosser, and J, Burger, 52 N GLORY FEUTTQ OF GENIUS UNU5-AQ!-IED UPON Tl-IE WORLD We can only be expecTed To paT ourselves on The back for having produced This yearbook. When we consid- er The meeTings ThaT we had To geT iT Together, we real- lize ThaT we had had Twice as many as would have been necessary, had There noT been such chaos. Those riotous sessions didn'T do rnuch To help us geT any nearer To The finished prod- ucT, buT They Turned The dull Times inTo memorable ones. Deadlines came and wenT. PuTTing work off un- Til The lasT minuTe made iT necessary for us To burn The midnight oil many Times. And yeT, here iT is-finished, and we wonder how we did iT. Yearbook Advisor, Mr. SchulTzg Associate Editor, Kathy Mcllvaine, and Editor-in- Chief, Janet Stadler, plot next pages. Photo Staff: The photos staff was responsible for taking many pictures, a few of which were censured, and they are from right To lefT: H. Hughes, A. Softley, and C. Snedeker. Processing Staff: The processing staff is from left To right, K. MiksTz J. Brodecki, S. Burns, and R. Napoleon. Business Staff: Managing The yearbooks finances was only one of the problems faced by The members of the business sfaff who are, from right to left, S. Arabis, V. Calabro, and G. Carnes. 53 Nfl' Q e 3 , 1 1, 53 ? 1 E K 5 ! 2 s E . ? ig 35 gi E, Ya Q ii if X55 ms TIF 573 S51 73 A Sw ii N sr as 3 Us W 45 ii Q, i Sei 21 :fig Q 7-l From left to right, Row 1: l. Austin, R. Cheslock, J. Cavanaugh, L. Fredericks, C. Fravel, J. Amenta B. Demas, J. DeUmber1o, B. Commings, D. Beck, H. Bozarth, B. Harper. Row 2: K. Carney, R. Harrold J. Hall, V. Day, D. Coffman, F. D'Agustino, D. Clark, R. Custer, G. Cronen, D. Haynes. Row 3: A. Friday A. Conslantino, E. Green, J. Adams, A. Collins, B. DeShields, D. Carros, R. Deis, T. Beadle. Q 7-2 From left to right, Row 1: L. Morris, K. Gume, K. Keller, R. Mutek, D. O'Brien, K. Morris, C. Reynolds, W. Morgan, S. Hughes, B. Hovemeyer. Row 2: B. Moser, C. Mate, J. Morris, L. Mate, B. Poland, R. Kronnhagel, T. Ledger, E. Miller, M. Hodak. Row 3: W. Martin, M. Pogany, W. Lebontosky, J. Newman, J. Jurey, M. McCahan. 7-3 From left to right, Row l: E. Wamsley, M. Zelenak, S. Trexler, R. Seah, L. Vogler, B. Thompson, C. Skuse, C. Worthington, K. Schragger, S. Spreat, E. Solf. Row 2: S. Smith, G. Rockafellow, T. White, S. Vender, V. Weber, T. Watkins, B. Toth, R. Rogers, D. Warrel, D. Widmann. Row 3: G. Troxell, M. Traub, D. Shoriak, N. Tettemer, A. Surdy, R. Steward, W. Scott, J. Whalen, A. Riley. 1 l 8-I From leff fo right, Row 7: S. Campanelli, L. Gurne, K. Anderson, V. Bennett, B. Borden, C. Disler, P. Fenimore, T. Cransion, l. Bush, J. Boher, B. Black, B. Bloom. Row 2: S. Anzalone, A. Collins, L. Chmura, N. Enoch, D. Fausey, C. Custer, S. Conrad, N, Adams, P. Baldwin, G. Aldararo, B. Cronon, C. Brown. Row 3: J. Antonelli, W. Antonelli, G. DeJoseph, G. Barber, C. Cook, D. Brudon, J. Costello, C. Cook, C. Berish, R. Dayton. B-3 From left to right, Row i: C. Suiilerley, P. Temple, J. Szura, K. Soir, P. Oraz, R. Tarr, G. Welker, S. Scott, S. Witkowski, S. Shimko, S. Palmucci, B. Piscopo, T. Webb. Row 2: G. Rose, B. Wylie, C. Venis, C. Willis, J. Wood, E. Stoddard, L. Russo, B. Yafes, M. Williams, G. Plummer, M. Zaborniak. Row 3: P. Traub, A. Proulx, R. Waikins, B. Robinson, R. Tozour, B. Sfradling, G. Zsolnay, K. Senghaas, J. Phillips, T. Owen. ,J 8-2 From left fo right, Row 7: C. McCIis1er, D. Alexander, R. Jones, R. Muckey, M. Klekner, P. Johnson, E Gengo, P. Ford, D. Heuser, P. Greiner, R. Harris, C. Harper. Row 2: D. Mount, S. Hague, P. Jurey, L Martin, D. Gindin, D. Fisher, E. Mafe, E, Kelker, B. Monti, W. May, T. Hansen. Row 3: J. Meloney, J Fischer, P. Goldberg, D. Hughes, M. Onofri, S. Lasky, B. Hopper, M. Harrold, J. McCoy. is 9-2 From left to right, Row l: D. Hall, T. DeShields, P. Gaskill, J. Kleinfelder, C. Leichliter, D. Greiton, L. Deis, P. Dyer, M. Kaugher, E. Delaney. Row 2: D. Kennedy, L. Larison, A. Johnson, D. Lehman, W. Worthington, M. Kania, T. Gavrish, N. Koons, J. Kearns, J. Hillman. Row 3: A. Labatch, P. Gamble, D. Gasper, D. Gargan, L. Deacon, M. -Fletcher, M. DeMario, J. Kronnagel, J. Jansen. 9-4 From left to right, Row i: P. Wiedenhaefer, D. Yeager, T. Swope P. Edinger, S. Steele, D. Wakefield, B. Schrieber, G. Rossi, L. Shull M. Smith. Row 2: J. Shoriak, M. Wilmot, B. Seward, R. Samsel, N Ross, C, Rustay, A. Warren, R. Taylor, D. Waiter. Row 3: G. Woolver ton, F. Trofe, D. Thomas, T. Tootell, S. Williams, D. Slack, M Stromberg, C. Stadler, 60 9-'l From left to right, Row 7: T. Carey, D. Cowell, V. Bennett, D. Capoferri, P. Balog, V. Dayton, J. Conturso, A. Campanelli, B. Cummings, R. Cronon, S. Balonis. Row 2: C. Deacon, D. Austin, B. Antrobus, L. Bush, L. Bodine, B. Burgess, N. Calabro, W. Alborn, J. Burgner, S. Brown. Row 3: M. Davala, R. Cunningham, D. Crisp, J. Cook, G. Chewning, C. Brudon, P. Brilla, G. Barta, J. Albright, J. Adams. 9-3 From left to right, Row 7: M. Radosti, D. Rhoades, A. Marsh, J. Merrill, D. Petrecca, J. Mclntyre, L. Ricci, E. Leichliter, M. Mannon, J. Padgett. Row 2: J. Materacky, A. Lynn, R. Mouton, M. Meyers, M. Reed, M. Magee, D. Ludwig, G. Roman, B. Noonan, J. Lucino. Row 3: J. Pasfuer, L. Moyer, D. Paterson, N. Nevin, R. Lopez, D. Piscopo, D. Rose, R. Mateiik, D. McCIees. 6I lO-2 From left to right, Row 7: J. Kish, D. Kinney, M. Koreyva, B Fenimore, R. Hoagland, E. Jaso, C. McKeever, A. Hulse, E. Herbeck S. Haldeman. Row 2: M. Frick, C. Fisher, L. Hayes, J. Keegan, B Gorman, J. Garey, D. Fischer, C. Kramer, J. Firman. Row 3: A. Gabriel P. Gargan, B. Foulke, T. Hope, C. Hughes, B. Jackson, J. Kurfuss, W Fredericks. T0-4 From left to right, Row 7: M. Talevi, K. Zelenak, S. Widmann, R Wiedenhaefer, T. Sullivan, S. Tyndale, S. Woolverton, L. Wakefield J. Stout, A. Tanzillo, B. Smith. Row 2: N. Rucl, M. Stoddard, A Rosati, J. Sharp, A. Shutt, D. Sultzbach, D. White, J. Swope, B Schmidt, M. Shull. Row 3: C. Reitzle, C. Scheidemantel, P, Rupprecht T. Williams, R. Weber, R. Stawski, D. Wilson, L. Wurpel. 62 r lO-l From left to right, Row 1: A. Colangelo, M. Alexander, B. Burk, J Comisky, C. Bazarth, R. Bennett, J. Dobson, L. Cappiello, F. Bennett K. Behrmann, J. Apgar. Row 2: R. Cadwallader, C. Day, E. Austin L. Adams, C. Conrad, B. Beadle, M. Barker, I. Dreher, W. Boychuck Row 3: D. Carr, D. Buckley, W. Dyer, E. Codd, B. DeMario, J. Clay T. Brodecki, L. Bryce. IO-3 From left ro right, Row 7: A. Robinson, C. Mitchell, H. Mount, T. Lykens, L. Mateiik, M. Lucuski, C. Radasti, W. Patterson, C. Pidcock, M. Mihok, E. Michel. Row 2: B. Reed, P. Palmisano, E. Price, K. Nolan, B. Mate, J. Onofri, P. Orazi, N. Magee, S. Miller. Row 3: M, Lucash, N. Mohr, R. Reso, R. Patterson, G. Nevins, R. Pogany, D. Marsh, L. Piechowski. 63 A il-2 From left to right, Row l: C. Hughes, A. Krier, L. Heuser, B. Manzek, C. Hall, J. Ludwig, C. Hayes, P. Lukaszow, N. Magill, J. Hunt. Row 2. D. Loch, B. Houser, J. Ketauer, M. Martin, M. Matecki, J. Groves, A Hague, D. Hopkins, B. Mason. Row 3: K. Haas, R. Marshall, P. Klem mer, D. Hunger, C. Franklin, J. Harrold, R. Frick, L. Hopper. TECH SCHOOL From lefr ro right, Row 7: J. Rushinski, C. Evernham, R. Janaski, J. Loss, A. Schepelenko, J. Wisniewski, T. Hovemeyer, F. Menschner, B. Menlh. Row 2: L. Carter, M. Maier, R. Lohin, J, Bunda, J, Moyer, M. Weaver, P. McCar?hy, A. Allison, K. Harvey. Row 3: D. Golden- baum, V. Luciano, K. lvins, J. Symington, J. Busche, H. Wilmot, R Constantino. 64 ll-l From left to right, Row 7: M. Bentz, G. Ficarrotta, I. Antoniw, R Gurne, W. Cunningham, D, Bloodsworth, B. Chapman, B, Beck W. Albe, H. Barker, J. Burgess. Row 2: J. Carter, K. Byrne, M Carter, D. Bunda, G. Doster, R. Conturso, M. Distler, J. Bottoms, K Anderson, D. Bills, C. Carney. Row 3: J. Cronen, C. Andrews, M Anderson, S. Buckley, W. Fabian, C. Fischer, J. Cicco, R. Conklin, K Fineberg. ll-3 From left to right, Row 7: K. Rogers, C. Tyndale, E. McDonald, N. Potocki, E. Pinckarcl, M. McDevitT, W. Materacky, R. Mitchell, R. Sultzbach, R. O'Brien. Row 2: T. Mills, R. Yates, K. Rosati, K. Smith, M. Wienckoski, J. Nirshl, J. Moore, S. McClister, R. Rod. Row 3: G. Steinbeiser, K. Solan, T. Tettemer, W. Temple, D. Platon, V. Suppers, T. Straszynski, R. Mattis, F. Noonan. 55 Fall . . . The golden days And blue-black nights, The warmth of The sunlight, The cool dampness of dusk, The rusTle of dry leaves, Concealing banana peels On which The unsuspecting May slip and Fall. f' 1 1 ' U x.Z S W The Senior pictures Were taken. Everyone Wore his most becoming smile. These pictures Were important. They proved that we were, Finally, Seniors. 68 IN Tl-IE Suddenly The Senior girls Realized That the male students in school Had lost their appeal. There were no older looys! While some Senior girls Found their interests In the class, A few went looking To underclassmen, Although the vast majority Found "older men" Outside of school. Now, The Senior boys Saw things Differently. lift. No No More More Older Older Boys!! Boys . . . Bee-INNIN e, tt-15125 we cum Locker assignments Added their share To the beginning of school Confusion. Locks stuck, Combinations were forgotten, Doors broke. When the ants came in To invade the lunches, Fumigation took place. Books y Were necessary, of course, To get the studies rolling. , They get students Into the annual rut And make lockers look "Lived-ln." When football season Rolled around, It looked as though Our team would be Undermanned. But, the loyal fan Could see Tremendous power and Strength ln our Bulldogs. 69 PRACTICES Tl-IE CROSS COUNTRY F m left to rght, Row i: R. Mitchell, B. Beck, A. Hague, D. Jackson, J. Swope, R. Pogany Row 2 E Fischer W. Boychuck, C. Carney, W. Allshouse, C. Hughes, J. Clay, Mr. Thomas, T. Sullivan D Hopkins P Gargen. This was our cross country team's second year for running on its new course, so maybe they got lost a few times in the woods. That would be one explanation of the fact that the team didn't come in first very often. But Mr. Thomas' boys did try hard. They were a determined group of runners who knew the importance of a contest and, also, the agony of a loss. The team will have another chance to better its record next year, but, for novv, it must O9 considered a team that didn't give up when the chips were down. e SSWOVS Allsllouse Edd'e Tori van der Lee, our barefoot wonder Fischer and Don Jackson had run for from Holland, made hockey hisfory for Morrisville this year. Here, with coach Anne Parsons, she receives a few tips on the game. OF TI-IE SEASON The cheering, The cracking of sticks, The running, and the scrambling were all ele- ments of our hockey games. They led To many exciting climaxes Tor Morrisville's Team This year. "Hustle" was a word which brought the eleven starting players into position, other players to The sidelines, and the coach pacing The field anxiously. Through aggressiveness, hard work, and the will To win, the team, which was always spurred on by iTs coach, Miss Anne Parsons, claimed a well-earned second place in the league's competition. All that was necessary To tell that we were victorious was to look at the faces. V A.. v, i 5 ,r X .X vii' 'S' 'I- F VARSITY HOCKEY-From left to right, Row 7: Miss Parsons, C. Snedeker, S. Laypo, M. Haley, F. Fischer R. Napoleon, J. Burger. Row 2: S. Scheidemantel, C. Dry, S. Okurowski, R. Beadle, T. van der Lee, J Stadler. Row 3: S. Jerome, B. Beadle, C. Hughes, D. Loch. A IVENEQQ AND TEAMWOIZK l J.V. HOCKEY-From left to righf, Row 1: B. Burgess, J. Burgner, F. Axelrod, P. Dyer, L. Adams, J. Dobson, C. Pidcock, A. Hulse, J. Apgar, C. Anderson, L. Cappiello, E, Michel. Row 2: B. Houser, J. Conturso, N. Nevin, M. Stromberg, M. Weaver, D. Bills, D. Patterson, M. Frick, I. Dreher, S. Haldeman, C. Fischer, N. Mohr, Miss Kane, Q Co-captains Marilou Haley and Fran Fischer warm up Cheryl Snedeker, Rose Napoleon, and Charlotte Dry before a game. exhibit good hockey form. MADE!-I ASU Action on the hockey field moved toward the cage as Morrisville scored a goal. Morrisville Opponents l Pennsbury 2 2 Wilson O l 3 Council Rock O 2 Bensalem 3 i Bristol i 4 William Tennet 1 3 Neshaminy O 5 Delhaas 1 Janet Stadler, Roberta Beadle, and Sandy Laypo stood ready for action during a practice game. le, ci ti V3- Taking time out to practice a few ma- neuvers were Sheila Jerome and Sue Okurowski. Sue Scheidemantel and Jane Burger bullied for the ball, 73 ' ea?f4 JJ- ff. Wfkwy K ir, WV V,,, V if .J 5 Y V Football- It started with posters, Traditional symbols Of loyalty to Our team And their ability. The selection Of cheerleaders was A suspenseful moment. While waiting To be iudged, The girls experienced Tension Which quieted The auditorium. When the names Were called, The relief Was evident. Shrieks and screams Of ioy Showed the release Of emotions. Our cheerleaders lncited school spirit At our games. Our pep rallies Got EVERYONE into the act Of cheering, Even a few Witches Stopped by To provide An unusual twist To the fun. While they stirred The boiling Caldron, They chanted Words Of inspiration For the fans As well as The team. HAVE BEEN POE FUN . . T 'x Q The aroused SupporTers OT The Bulldogs Proved ThaT our school Was long on spiriT. Everyone LeT The Team know ThaT They were Behind Them All The way. Our pep rallies Made everyone See The imporTance OT backing The Team And They came OUT To all The games. ls in Half The Tun OT TooTball The preparaTion. FooTball Tans MeT and creaTed Car caravans. The cars Were decoraTed WiTh blue and gold STreamers. WiTh honking horns And chanTed cheers, The caravan Was on iTs way, Showing everyone The TaiTh we had In our Team. Working out with The blocking machine toughened up the team. Coach Kyle ialks to 1l'me boys during a praciice. fi' A . .. "fi fi' i . ..-- . . lac VARSITY FOOTBALL-From left to right, Row 7: C. Loniz, T. Byrne, D. Holveck, T. Baldwin, F. Shull S. Arabis, R. Hoffman, A. Softley. Row 2: A. Calabro, W. Temple, J. Cicco, G. Poland, C. Fischer, J Groves, W. Fabian. Row 3: R. Greiner, W. Fenimore, B. Jackson, P. Klemmer, R. Foose, T. Straszynski. xx-A M510 ,ww f Q 1 7Ef"7l' g M. 6 r I 19 4 1 wg? i "3 'C' I Q, up my 'un-P' ""'f im ,. K I sr ' 4 11-IE ACTION N71-'E "Yea, team!" was a cry that could be heard across the tield at any of our tootball games. The traditional football sayings and cheers raised emo- tions which lasted throughout the game. This year the spirit was iust as strong and enthusiastic as in any other year. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-From left to right: C. Mitchell, C, Anderson, M. Frick, S. Okurowski, F. Fischer, B. Beadle, J. Carter, N. Nagy. 78 The varsity eleven really put out its all. It never lacked the spirit or the go and they fought to the end even when victory vvas completely impossible. Half-time at the games gave everyone a chance to thaw out. BPJOLIGHTPEAL Cold, rainy nighTs couldn'T dampen The spiriT of The Team or The fans. The cheers kepT coming from The sTanols and The TighT remained on The Tield. Our coaches, Mr. Kyle and Mr. SunTheimer, puT a Tremendous amounT of Time and efforT inTo molding our Team inTo a sTrong TighTing uniT pre- pared To baTTle wiTh The besT. The high-iumping cheerleaders kepf The fans screaming for a vicfory. Everyone especially remembers Mr. Kyle's "crazy play," which many Took as a misTake aT firsT, bUT Then realized ThaT This play was prob- ably going To go down as one of The mosT unusual and imporTanT plays of The season. After The half, The Team came back onTo The field, ready Tor more fighf. The band goT onTo The field aT The half To enTerTain. The cheerleaders yelled Tor vicTory, The Team lefT The field Tor The half, and The band marched onTo The field To perform. AfTer half-Time .acTiviTies The Team re- enTered and The game conTinued UnTii The gun signaled The end. 79 Senior Iinemen, from left to right, kneeling: D. Holveck, T. Byrne, R. Hoff man, C. Lontz, F. Shull, S. Arabis, A. Softley. Senior backfield: T. Baldwin, D, Krause. The end of the game was grow- irg near. The minute hand on the clock ticked away and the crowd be- came restless. The teams were grow- ing tired but they kept on playing right down to the final moment. The gun was fired. Our team was defeated and the crowd began to file out of the stands greatly disappointed. The football had been thrown into the air by the referee, marking the end ofthe game. The action on the field was rugged. SEASON Assistant Coach, Mr. Suntheimer, gave last minute tips to a player FINISHED ,, 'QPR 4-. Football Coach, Mr. Kyle-the picture of anxiety. 0 4 I Junior Bulldogs rush in to intercept a pass. Football action was heavy during iunior high games. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS-from left to right, kneeling: P. Temple, P. Gaskill. Standing: R. Harris, P. Dyer, D. Gargan, S. Brown, J. Wood, C. Willis. 82 The least talked about division of sports at Morrisville is the lun- ior high games. Though they drew thinly populated crowds, the boys still played with vigor and vitality. lt was here in iunior high school that the team learned the basic skills they'll need for varsity competition. Here they got their initial bruises and broken bones. Junior high cheerleaders were also necessary for the stimulating encouragement they give the team. With their many cheers they urged the boys on to suc- cess. ' k ..,.....c,K,.,avu.s Q 3 42 2 ., 39, Yi. Jurvioia mei-1 Experzzewceo , izueeeo 12001341-L Acnow Keeping up the school spirit was easy for these bouncy Jr. High cheerleaders. Here they practice cheers. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL-From left to right, Row 7: N. Ross, J. Merrill, N. Calabro, P. Wiedenhaefer S. Williams, W. May, C. Stadler, E. Leichliter. Row 2: D. Crisp, J. Shoriak, D. Thomas, J. Albright, D Slack, J. Adams. Row 3: B. Robinson, D. Mount, M. Harrold, J. Costello, T. Cranston, C. Bruden. Row 4 T. McCoy, P. Baldwin, R. Dayton. VVinTer . . . The faded grey sky, The frozen silence of night, The shimmering of crysral ice, The anticiparion of seasonal fesTivi'ries- The realizarion Thar The season's ioy Resrs in Sanra's hands- An unusually characrerized season is Winrer. Q.,- 90 TI-IE W5-AIZLY FZOUHNE BEGINS And breakfasf next, n Take if morning. Is you That IT porfant day. K I k-7,,,,,, K J, E an WEAPJNG- UQ INTOA l-ZUI' Then Off to school On a schedule That resembles A railroad timetable. The usual crowd Falls in Enroute to school And All arrive Together. In homeroom The Bible is read, Daily, The flag is saluted And first period class Follows shortly after. Once it begins, The most comfortable Position Is assumed In the uncomfortable Desks And boredom sets in Effecting the students With simulated Rigormortis. Occasionally, The tedium ls broken By getting out of class For various reasons. 'K A Fifi? si The Future Nurses ot America were given early training in their given profession by Mrs. Jones. They planned visits to the Naval Base in Philadelphia, the Fort Dix Hospital, the Home for the Aged in Doylestowm, and the Trenton State Hospital for the Mentally lll. OUTSIDE F.T.A. Officers, sitting: S. Burns, Miss Gish, N. Magill. Standing: J. Moore, E. Pinkard FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA V cnvmec me raounmcc X E Homecoming guests were honored at a special lunch in the school cafeteria. The Future Teachers of Ameri- ca are instructed by Miss Gish in the science ot teaching school. They staged the annual home- coming at which the alumni re- turn to tell ot their experiences at college. A Hawaiian luau was given in honor of our faculty during National Education Month. The FTA also helped out the ele- mentary school teachers with their classes as part of their training. From left to right, seated: J. Moore, J. Apgar, J. Sharp. Standing: M. Bentz, N. Magill, B. Houser, E. Pinckard, D. Loch, D. Bills, M. Frick, L. Cappiello, M. Alexander, C. Anderson, .l. Nirshl, A, Colangelo, E. McDonald. An alumni speaker addressed an assembly during homecoming festivities. IO ADDED QIONN SENIOR HIGH CHORUS-From left to right, Row l: C. Mitchell, J. Carter, K. Hivicdko, D. Chewning, R. Foose, F. Noonan, M. Codd, W. Allshouse, J. Schwarz, J. Clay, H. Glosser, S. Okurowski, L. Ossmann, J. Rigby, R. Beadle, E. McDonald.-Row 2: J. Namey, A. Kinney, T. Hadorn, N. Magill, D. Bills, K. Solan, J. Brodecki, N. Kovacs, T. Brodecki, H. Wilmot, J. Firman, R. Bailey, E. Pinckard, P. Lukaszow, J. Hunt, J. Bottoms, J. McGarity, B. Houser, J. Moore. Row 3: D. Loch, F. Fischer, S. Scheidemantel, J. Dobson, S. Jerome, G. Carnes, K. Baird, K. Anderson, K. Miksitz, M. Bentz, M, Talevi, A. Colangelo, C. Hall, B. Davis, B. Koyen, R. Napoleon. Row 4: Mr. Hutchison, C. Anderson, L. Cappiello, B. Beadle, C. Scheide- mantel, S. Amerine, S. Meloney, V. Calabro, E. Dobson, J. Nirshl, M. Alexander, S. Tyndale, T. Sharp, E. Austin, M. Frick, J. Apgar, A. Hulse. Honor Soloist Kathrine l'liviGllK0 thrilled The Christmas play at the Carol Sing was a huge success. the audience with "O, Holy Night." DIKEIZQHY The excitement of tall and its activi- ties had passed. Thoughts were turned tovvard Christmas and, ot course, vaca- tion. But the Yuletide season also had, as one of its highlights, the traditional Carol Sing. The chorus members worked hard at memorizing their music. Several stu- dents had been selected tor parts in the diorama and Christmas play. Speeches were learned and rehearsals held. There never seemed to be enough time for everything. It appeared that there might be something which would be forgotten. Finally the big day arrived. A tevv last minute rehearsals and we were ready! A quick glance at the audience indicated the usual large turn-out. With apprehen- sion and butterflies the Sing began. Ev- eryone was on key. We were a success and we brought Christmas to Morrisville High through tradition. Carol Sing preparation busied the pre-Christmas season JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS-From left to right, Row 1: S. Smith, S. Campanelli, P. Temple, C. Disler, L. Mate, S. Mate, R. Jones, D. Fisher, B. Piscopo, V. Weber, C. Reynolds, T. Kennedy, M. Ketaner, Mr. Podleiszek. Row 2: D. Wurpel, J. Booher, E. Miller, A. Campanelli, B. Antrobus, L. Deis, V. Dayton, R. Touzour, D. Petrecca, M. Radosti, V. Bennett, R. Harris, R. Muckey. Row 3: E. Green, M. Meyers, J. Burgner, P. Orazi, M. Kaugher, L. Shull, D. McCleas, D. Bruden, A. Johnson, C. Venus, J. Wood, J. Conturso, F. Axelrod. Row 4: D. Austin, M. Williams, C. Carney, C. Deacon, N. Koons, M. Reed, M. Wilmont, G. Roman, G. Chewning, R. Dayton, M. Stromberg, D. Patterson, S. Lasky, K. Burns, A. Friday, B. Burgess. Roberta Beadle and Sue Okurovvski showed off their basket- INQPIEED GIRLS BGQICEIBALL Desire, drive, determina- tion, only words on paper, yet action on the court. This win- ter the girls' team had the ability and used it. The trophy vvasn't ours but second place was. Miss Parsons' coaching provided the know-hovv and gave the entire team incentive. Pennsbury will long remem- ber the Morrisville game tor the Bulldogs ended their boast of undefeated seasons. We're proud ot the girls, the coach, the record and of the will they've inspired with their motto, "Hustle." Coach Miss Parsons diggugsed pregame ac. Team-mates Janet Sfadler and Fran Fischer opposed each other Tiviiies with senior S. Laypo. dUI'iY'Ig PFBCYFCS. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKET- BAALL-From left io right, Row 7: C. Dry, Miss Par sons, M. Haley. Row 2: S. Laypo, S. Okurowski, R Beadle, J. Sfadler, F. Fisch er. Row 3: N. Mohr, B Beadle, M. Frick. .-ww.-s-wr A WWW 1 gi-if irir 5 is . L. if L : Rai 1 ' ff? ':'5' fz 2? -,fi , E aww 5 . .gaussian 4 r rmnnmnnub sms, iw! . r K x , . . BYVICIOIZIES With lust seconds left in The game, another baskei was made for our team. A scramble on the court gave Morris- ville possession of The ball. J.V. GIRLS' BASKETBALL-From left to right, Row l: S. Haldeman, L. Cappiello, C, Fischer, C. Anderson, B. Houser, J. Carter. Row 2: N. Nevin, C. Scheiclemanrel, C. Mitchell, C. Hughes, P. Lukaszow, A. Krier. Row 3: S. Brown, D. Gargan, P. Dyer, D. Bills, D. Loch, G. Steinbeiser, J. McGari1y, B. Burgess. Row 4: M. Sfromberg, P. Rupprecht, M. Shull. LEADERS AND WXRBHY KEPVQPOPJQ RUNNING Q O O Tr-lLv,a'W3Iv- , , W . 11' 5 31' gwffw 552, .A- V A , T 'Y Uff.Zfi:A "' , '. wa" f H.. -f 0 Tir 5 ' . f . UH . , T A g,,g-mg, A - , 4 'U' 4 4 'i s W5 5 nr... gf- 4 Q :'. H T 'su I f , The girls in Leader's Club spend much of Their Time figuring ouT ways To raise funds wiTh which To buy VarsiTy sweaTers. Bake sales were held and food was sold aT The refresh- menT sTand during fooTball games in order To raise enough money for The well-earned awards. VarsiTy Club members sold candy aT bas- keTball games To cover The expenses of Their varsiTy sweaTers. OfTen, They wondered where Their nexT dime would come from, buT They always seem To be able To come up wiTh enough money. From left to right: K, Gurne, T White, M. Barker, W. Boychuck, W. Fenimore, A. Sottley, R. Bil- heimer, J. Adams, B. Jackson, V. Luciano, W. Dyer, W. Albee, R. PHYSICAL FUNEQQ 5. Gurne, R. Mitchell, L. Gurne, B. Thompson. Center: Mr. Suntheimer. Down on the mat was Senior Al Sottley during a match. Wrestling action was always thrilling. 96 AN IMPOIZENI "Throw a cradle!" are words familiar to any wres- tling tan. Although our team was eager and willing to learn, it did lack needed ex- perience. This year's grap- plers, along with those who will participate -next year, should produce a winning team next season. Mr. Sun- theimer, the coach, added that drive and initiative needed for all competitive sports. ?N2TlN OUIZ QPOIZJQ. JUNIOR I-HGH BASKETBALL This was a thrilling season for the iunior high basketbail team Coach Torok can be lustly proud of his boys and their third place pos: tion. The tearn was rugged and will ing to learn and play hard to achieve its victories. This foul shot gave Morri an extra point THE NIGHT OFA GAME We gor There early We have To eaT supper Early Tor1ighT In order To geT To The TirsT game OT The season On Time. An Ek . T2 w To avoid The rush, piled OUT of The car Afraid To miss The firsT ShoT. ' lg A 7 2 :csf755g,i .rn Mr. Hafrak and Mr. Kelbauglw The coaches Discuss Some lasl minute Plans, Hoping That their Knowledge of strategy Would help. Jump snofl Come on, boys! LeT's see you rnake A basket VARSITY BASKETBALL-From left To right, kneeling: E. Fischer, S. Arabis. Sfanding: R, Wiedenhaefer, B. Burke, B. Mraz, D. Frick, C. Carney, T. Tetfemer, M. Codd, D. Bloodsworth. WE "LE-TQ GO!" T The willing spiriT of our Team To go back and play, even aTTer deTeaTs, proved ThaT iT was Tull of drive. Our basketball Team played hard and never gave up. Much of The supporT came from The sTands. The spirit shovvn by The Tans aT our baskeTball games could be considered even sTronger Than ThaT shown in any of our oTher sporTs. BaskeTball season This year savv a new cheer, "LeT's Go!" come inTo exisTence. The clapping and yelling ThaT resulTed broughT The feeling of school spiriT To everyone. f f i STan Arabis and Bob Burke pracTice a few shots. AND THEY DID. .l.V, BASKETBALL-From left To righr, kneeling P. Orazi, T. Sullivan. Sfancling: J. Swope, J Specfafors never had a dull moment at the games. Scullln, P. Gargan, C. Hughes, R. Pogany, H. Barker, J. Keegan. Milf Codd got a little help from Bolo Mraz. Senior Ed Fischer was a high scorer Oh OUT Team. -fwgeix 'firm Z N FALL ul' The wa Spring . . . The TragranT perfume OT nevvlyehorn blossoms, rmTh oT golden-azure days, The deIicaTe Hora! p,asTeIs, The pieasanf-TasTing Red mouThvvash Received aT The denTisT's Cn The annual visiT in The Spring. M: ., ,K qfw 1 2 L 4 !L,m+3A M lk- ,, , A -m y f if fl ,L 'W ' ' 5 -1' as-. - f ' 33:5 i , 12 'WN f.ff .,fw' . ,4, . 'gsm " 5 1. as-' .sk :ff Q Tl I ggi' N if QM . ,W , ' , -:SQ S R I -X -JA, g x ,ah A 4 242: -5 A, -2,, ifielkl 1 f I V.-, : '2'3'Q-ig-Q'4 s,f,--. . 4 -Kjg fvg Af . A ni, V r ur v '15 iz' x ,s f QF, A ', ,fv 'v . '1fW.,Qf'w' 3' fe' wnu GRADUATION WE BEGAN TC It seemed Like such a short time ago That we were on Our Washington trip. Our days were devoted To visiting various National historical Monuments Which had, It seemed, i lntinite numbers Ot steps. At night We were exhausted But tew ot us Found time or peace To sleep. Tl-HQ MOMENT OVW! QO SOON. Our graduation is here. Now We will begin A whole new Way of lite. Our high school days Will be the past. They will live As memories That we can always Recall Because they had been Our lite As we had lived it. l' We will have much We were reluctant To remember. TO leave Our National Capital, And the fun and excitement We had experienced. But all good things Have to end. 14 AT HAND Tl-IE PAST The Track Team Had been good This year. ,a e Q As The Tinal deadline For The yearbook Grew nearer And nearer, The meeTings Became More serious Because The work Had To be done. They will run again NexT yearg BUT wiThouT us. When The reigning Senior Miss Morrisville Crowned her successor AT The annual Spring Fling, We knew ThaT our senior life Would soon We didn'T End, SiT in The wasTebaskeTs Or make paper dolls ysgy Or Tell jokes Any more. 1 Time was Too imporTanT And we didn'T Have much leTT. fy I' ICJAL QCP-TOOL O UQ The Bucks County Technical School was designed to teach students a vocation. A ONAL EDUCJGTTON. Remembering Tech school always brought back thoughts of the bus ricles. They were sometimes speedy and always bumpy. Meeting the kids from different schools was a nice part of Tech. lt expanded our outlook and circle of friends. Of course, when you met kids from different schools, the question of rivalries was sure to arise. We competed with them in sports over the weekend and, then, had to face them on Monday morning at Tech. Needless to say, differences of opinions developed. Senior Ronnie Tanicello learned the printing trade at Tech. V- ,.,.....,---- NfI'5' SHORE PTS. -nf", W Tom Byrne watched Carl Lontz prepare lobster nn restaurant management VARSITY BASEBALL-From Iefr to right, kneeling: E. Fischer, J. Smolinski, D. Krause, S. Arabis, Mr. Kel- baugh. Row 2: P. Klemmer, R. Frick, F. Benneit, W. Fenimore, D. Petryszak, P. Orazi, A. Gabriele, J. Scullin. Row 3: T. Swaszynski, C. Fischer, C. Evernham, A. Calabro, H. Barker, R. Mattis, G. Poland. 37,17 Faux, r. i ,., .Q ,-'Aw 1 vw-wr These anxious seniors, D. Krause and J. Smolinski, showed Morrisville a good s KM SSHSOH- f . 1 5 , .. T 1 J' Wei-52: "' Q f iv 'U' ,, ' l08 t IBC! 'E91SIH3GLL.UM4S3 ,.... ,,.,, 725,31 iff H' T f FULL C l ss, fr,ege, C110 r r A N- , 1 s S . W Q 1 f?"'2ifi??-Q ' r r ' . A 54 r C r Yfgggiflif Qin L sjwv5,.f ' A - ,f:Q . ffl' Finishing with a sec- if ., W g " lrflrgi ond place standing, our is any f r .V -- if Q team can be justly proud f I wif "i, of its record. r st' W Baseball is an impor- ' l tant sport at our school 1 I Q 3 because we have the H ' ,, talent and skill to put ut - . ii out a good team. This y Y . 1M r ,y 51? year was no exception. , WSU E C if ,M 5 Coach Kelbaugh was H ' P1 tg? gigs responsible for keeping 3 . K. X '- y .Q the team's ability, skill, " ' " i li i at '-if-, fr' and determination sharp. With his backing and the -sw.c.w G ..,. fr ll it support of the fans, along 1 i with the team's athletic :H ll X ability, Morrisville had a ,, il' B' team that ranked among , S . the best. fttirf 1 ilk, Q-M sl . - sl srsrs l r Q 2 g.T " ' ' A ,vssggz-i'y 11 :. f',57xM'5ys:k:,,' 5 sr s hf i si n bz r 55 iys. Ffss f, 7 ' '- 7 , .V f dwg, . ,Y 1 , ..,VM',i,, John Smolinski bats in a run for Mor- risville. Senior Stan Arabis Schedule Wilson Delhaas Neshaminy Wm. Tennent Bensalem Council Rock Bensalem Bristol Council Rock Delhaas Pennsbury Bristol was one of Morrisville's varsity nine. Senior Ed Fischer pitches WHOOPS! WRONG . . I09 VARSITY SOFTBALL-From leff to right, kneeling: A. Krier, F. Fischer, M. Haley, C. Dry, R. Napoleon S. Scheidemantel, S. Okurowski, C. Hughes, Miss Parsons. Row 2: J. Dobson, P. Dyer, D. Loch, M, Frick N. Mohr, B. Beadle, J. Carter, C. Mitchell, M. Radosti, J. Burger. Row 3: C. Anderson, C. Scheidenantel C. Fischer, K. Anderson, D. Gargan, S. Haldeman, N. Nevin, E. Austin, L. Cappiello, B. Burgess, M. Shull is as., Mary Lou Haley catches Morrisville Opponents 4 Bensalem 35 Pennsbury 16 William Tennent 12 1 1 Delhaas 12 21 Neshaminy 11 7 Council Rock 11 9 Wilson 1 1 Bristol 2 . . CATCHER! G-il2LQ' Q0 WAS A Wm-I VICIUPJEQ "Batter upl" The game began. A victory brought us closer to the top. A de- feat brought disappointment, more conscientious practices and harder work in the following game. One of the highlights of the sea- son was the game between Morris- ville and our arch-rival, Penns- bury. Teamwork was important but home runs also came in handy. Of course, the able coaching of Miss Parsons made it possible for the team to get ahead and stay ahead and make a successful season. .Mm .awww fs., c.,,, wmszts -tl - During practice R. Napoleon and C. Snedel-ser took a time-out These girls, S. Okurowski, C. Dry, F. Fischer, S. Scheidemantel, helped bring victories to our school. Batting in runs was Morrisville's specialty, J . i A A TI-IE MUSICAL OPT!-IE The band spent many hours practicing in preparaiion for The Spring Concert. Mr. Hutchison rehearses The mixed chorus for the Spring Concert. COUNTY AND DISTRICT CHORUS, left ro righf: M. Frick, L. Oyler, E. McDonald, D. Bil C Scheidemanfel, D, Chewning. se DING All the practicing paid off on the night of the Spring Concert when the perfection could be heard in the music. A V Q1 if E. COUNTY AND DISTRICT BAND, left to right: J, Moore, T. Brodecki, D. Chewning, N. Magill. Q 14 ' 5 3,1 3-4 K Y 2 S 1 in...- YOU PINS DROP BOWLING: From left To right, seated: T. Hope, J. Busche, R. Cowell Mr Sauder J Smolinsks R Woodward. Standing: B. Foulke, D. Lenox, J. Ludwig, B. Menfh, T. Williams D White D Cowell The Morrisville Bowling Team gave The enThusiasTic sTudenTs who love To bowl a chance To piT Their skills againsT eager compeTiTors. The crash of falling pins was a welcome sound in The alley. This year's Team Tin- ished iTs season wiTh T6 wins and T6 losses. High scorers were Roland Wood- ward, John Busche, and John Smolinski wiTh ToTals of 604, 604, and 603, re- specTively. Rich Cowell sent a ball Towards John Smollnski aimed for a strike The pins. FANS IN TI-IE QTOOD ON TI-IEIIZ FOIZ JUNIOIZ I-IIGI-I BASEBALL L, . ,. ANw V , H Vfff'm,f,i W, ...z gg I I , V 2 g I V V ,Mi V .mf L I , , ,. L Y VV V V V V . VV L ,.... V, VVVRVV VV 2? E. V ,I AL 'V LL -V - , L, air gy 'J V V VV V V V i V3 I Ig , L - , , f V ,, 1 , g-N 5 .4 .LMN L , . V V ,V V L. , , V ,,.., , 6 V, V y VV . L , V L,L , V V- V .. VVHV V l Y S. I . 1 'L " I 5 ,L .t 1 ' L 511' L ' z' 'If 1 I L ,. Q J I N f M I I fi V. . . i-V I .L ,-.k V1 . . i L r .Leaf 'uni' V Bl- ,I ' V - i I , uf , 5 " . - - VV h,,A 5 I l ,.-, I "" ' " Q V ,,., V V Lg, V m.V V V, VVVVV V V VVVA, 5 V V VV fx V, V V VVV V.. V. VVVV V V V V ,V L . ,L , V V , if L ,V - V-g.. VV X V ff , f I ' V I, I L 1 .' f ,QU "' .L . 2 ' LLP Z ' of S? ':" . f ' M I Q - ,ff IX , 'V ff V il l. ' V' K ' l I I I li ' ii . I ' ' fb ' I L V' I L .1 if ll Va I V-' 1 ll I' N 'Q' l' 1: If ' 1- E25 A LV n,V.V' L f fl. ' na' ' 4 ' , ' vw ', V ', I V .,. V 'I . is VV H V V H - V 1 'V - ' --V - V' f V , ' . I ff Ml if ' ' - ' If :':: I V' , fl ' V4 V U- 63379 ,V 'lx i l' 4' ' ' V an L V 'VV A I V, V' V All V ',' X V L V V, VLVV V an VV nf :H 5 VV .AL V. ,,V VV V V VVV L . V V ' - ' L- ' V 5 ,WSL I L ' fs' V 'Wf?fi9?" VVV, '. ' 'k" - -.1 ' -V - V " 'V ,.g,f' Q . J Aa' P L J . . VV T i V- -, I I , JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL-From -left ro right, Row I: D. Thomas, R. Toofell, T. Swope, P. Wieclenhaefer, D. Yager, G. Kronen, W. Scoti, W. Wylie, S. Kramer. Row 2: Mr. Hafrak, J. Albright, J. Cook, G. DeJosepl1 D Slack M Harrold P Brilla S Williams T Tootell V V,5,i VVVV Q -r I , MT- YL. ,L.,L.?LVL.,,..pM5f-N3 ,, VARSITY TRACK-Seated, from left to right, Row 7: B. Jackson, J. Clay, W. Temple, D. Holveck, C. Carney, D. Hunger, R. Mitchell, A. Hague. Kneeling, from left to right, Row 2: B. Burke, F. Shull, C. Hughes, R. Tanicello, L. Bryce, L. Hychalk, D. Buckley. Standing, from left to right, Row 3: R. O'Brien, D. White, J. Firman, S. Buckley, H. Wilmont, B. Foulke, P. Gargan, J. Ketaner, T, Sullivan. Forest Shull practiced with the shot put while Lenny Hychalk looked on. Ronnie Tanicello and Bob Burke, the seniors, did the last of their running in their track careers this year. Dave Holveck, a senior, lorought add- ed honor to our track team and to our school when he won second place in the low hurdles and a third in the high hur- dles at the State meet. I i oumm FAN rome eesromuenz, ABlLITY Don Lenox showed his skill in the high jump as Jim Schwarz looked on. High hurdles, low hurdles, shot put, TOO yard dashes-the track season came to Morrisville High School. Grueling practices prepared the track team for meets and paid off in the long run. The track meets were sparsely attended by fans but, even though the crowds weren't there to cheer them, the team did a good job on its own. The meets weren't easy but our team faced them with aggressive spirit and made a fairly good record. Mr. Thomas' time and patience were important in keeping the track team on its feet. Tl-IE QENIOIZQ The "Senior Cotillion" was one of the high- lights of our social calendar. The misery of plan- ning and decorating was overshadowed by the thrill and beauty ot the prom night. The music, supplied by Larry Lane's Orchestra, was marve- lous for dancing. Our last prom was committed to our memories as the best. Entering on prom night with everyone watch- ing was almost frightening. Dancing at our prom to the music of Larry Lane's orchestra made it a memorable evening. As the seniors settled down to a meal in the hotel restaurant, they discussed the fun they had been having. me Tl-IEIPJ EXCLUQIXE ACTIVITIES I The seniors assembled for the traditional picture with Congressman Curtin. Remembering Washington al- ways brings back thoughts of the wonderful time we had. The sights we saw were fascinating, even though the steps we had to climb to see them seemed to go on indefinitely. We hated to leave and end our three days of fun and tour- ing, but it was inevitable. We left with hearts that were as heavy as our suitcases. Leaving Washington behind wasn't easy after all the fun we had had. EPJNG WASHINGTON NOW We planned, sold candy and magazines, and saved our money unTil we had enough To make The Trip. We packed our bags and caughT The Train and ThaT's when iT began-our Senior Class Trip To WashingTon, D.C. IT was Three wonderful days before we had To come back home, Three days of more fun and acTion Than we had seen in a long Time. When we arrived we lined up on The sTeps in fronT of The capiToI To be phoTographed. Then we checked inTo The beauTiful SheraTon-Park HoTel which, by The l20 way, isn'T minus Too many glasses and Towels. AfTer lunch we had Time To freshen up before being hur- ried To our buses To sTarT our day of Touring. We saw The Archives Building, The F.B.l., and many oTher poinTs of inTeresT ThaT firsT day. In The evening, we had, as our honored dinner guesTs, Congressman and Mrs. CurTirT. AfTer dinner we wenT To The TheaTer To see "MuTiny on The BounTy" and, afTerward, we vvenT ouT for someThing To eaT. We reTurned To The hoTel ex- hausTed buT kepT each oTher awake by phone and by , ,. , ,,wQq3Wi3 ,..,,. f K ifwxmfggflisss Lf MM, ,T 1 ,Y it . f 5' AND FOB TO visits in person. The next clay started early. After breakfast we did more touring and then came back to the hotel for lunch. Then touring again and back for dinner. It seemed that we were constantly on the go and vve really appreciated the hour we had free before din- ner to clean up and relax. That evening our dinner was at a night club where Johnny Raye starred in the shovv. No-Doz tablets helped us last through the evening. Our third morning was free. Most of us either slept late or went shopping and, at ll:OO we re- luctantly checked out of the hotel. We wound up our touring and caught our train. Our trip was done. lt had all gone so quickly but it won't be forgotten for quite a while. The weather had been beautiful, the tours exciting, the food delicious, and the chap- erones understanding. And we were able to enjoy ourselves without even getting into trouble. l2I The after dinner speaking club, the Alpha Omega, helped many of our boys to become fluent speakers. They got self-confidence and a sense of pride from being able to stand and speak before a group. They re- ceived constructive criticism of their speeches from the Alpha Omega ad- visor, Mr. McDonald, which enabled them to recognize their faults and im- prove their speaking. Speeches were given following a dinner prepared and served by the girls ot the elective Home Economics class, supervised by Mrs. Miller. A From left to right, seated: W. Boy- chuck, P. Klem- mer, H. Glosser, B. Mraz, A. Owen, H, Hughes Standing: Mr. McDonald, J. Burgess, B. Jack- son, T. Hope, A. Hague, D. Hopkins, T. Tettemer, R. Rud, T D. Hunger, C. Carney, R. Frick, J. Scullin, T. Brodecki. Giving speeches confidence Omega members. t' s .T r 4 ' Elective home-ec girls served the meals for the Alpha Omega. DINNEIZQ AND APJTEQCU 11-IE The hypnotist That enterrained at The senior party really entranced everyone. Yearbook editors, Janef Sfadler and Kaihy Mcllvaine, present a copy of The yearbook to our class advisor, Mr. Marinas. The book was dedicated Y To him. l To wind up The year and spend The lasT of The cash in The class Treasury, we had our Senior parTy. IT was ac- Tually our lasT chance To geT our class TogeTher, socially, and have a good Time. For enTerTainmenT, we had dancing and refreshmenTs. The evening Turned ouT To be a memorable one, filled wifh fun and friendship. Senior President, Harry Hughes, reads the class prophecy at The senior party. ,,,.,.,,, T.., ,,,,,,,.Ma, V,,, M,..,,,,W, .f,, Q-,f.,W,Wm-. ,,.s, Ti,,.,.c,,am.-W--f,,,-, f wt? Sig? ,i M 9 n Sandy Laypo, Miss Morrisville l962, crowns her successor, Kathy Byrne. 'A A? THE ANNUAL QPIZJNG FLING- . To wind up this year's social events, the Student Council staged the annual Spring Fling. Early in April the Council started preparations with the nominations of five junior girls for "Miss Morrisville." By mid- April things were in full-swing with the building of booths and the search for local talent. April 20 arrived and brought the result of the month's hard work. The gym and variety shows went oft as anticipated. The dance, with the crowning of Kathy Byrne, ended a day well spent. ADDED E9Cl'l2A Glen 'tech enleffalned at The Va"lelY Show- Student Council girls prepared stage for the cor onation that night. 1 STUDENT COUNCIL-From left to right, Row 7: K, Mcllvaine, R. Sarnsel, M. Perk, J. Schwarz, R. Burke D. Holveclc, R. Mraz, R. Beadle, F. Fischer, A. Softley, T. Baldwin, B. Jackson. Row 2: T. Beadle, J. Wood R. Harris, V. Bennett, W. Wylie, L. Mate, E. Miller, R. Harrold, D. Widmann, Mr. Kelbaugh. Row 3: E Herbeck, C. Anderson, L. Nagy, B. Beadle, J, Swope, T. Hope, E. Codd, R. Patterson, D. Fisher, N. Rudd M. Tolevi. Row 4: K. Gurne, N. Calabro, G. Roman, J. Kearns, F. Noonan, T. Tootell, D. Slack, D. Gargan S. Brown, M. Smith. Row 5: C. Mitchell, D. Hunger, F. Noonan, C. Carney, K, Solari, B. Houser, G Doster, K. Smith, M. Weaver, C. Hughes, J. Jury. --4 .ll .1 B Dart-throwing was one of the many booths at the Spring Fling. "Who, me?" TI-IE MUQTBE FACED. OUIZ MEMORIES WILL LAQI' FOPHIEIZ HJTMUQI' BE QETAQIDE FOIZTI-IE MOMENT TI-IE MIXED irvorcmeo A Graduation's b e i n g here seemed almost un- real. We had spent so much time in preparation for it and waited so ex- pectantly for it to come that the full impact of the actual event was not realized at the moment it occurred. lt felt like an- other rehearsal instead ot the real thing. We didn't think that it would ever happen to us. But it has. We are out ot school. EMOTIONQ OF GEADUNION SIEPTOIMARDTLIE Walking Toward the stage as seniors only to leave as graduates. Ll. z,:,f H ii fx is s , 1 1 I. I QM all Y The seniors stand tensely as they awaited their diplomas. Class president, Harry Hughes, made the welcome speech af commencement ,,,. f -I AL ,, 7 P.T.A.: ho e economics, R semarie Onotr'. In- dustrial arts, rthur Dameron. 1 American Legion Auxiliary: Kirchotfer, g 'tW3llaC6 M- Coiid ward American Legion: Allen : J, 'Leslie David Holveck, Morrisville Education Association: Fiiances Fischer. Patriotic Order of Americans: English, Kathleen Mcllvaine. iii Jack Brodrick: bookkeeping, Victoria Calabro and Kathleen Miksitz. Typevvriting, Barbara Davis. Union Fire Company: Harry Hughes. Union Fire Company Auxiliary: Linda Kirchotter. Italian American Club: vocal music, Milton Codd. Veterans of Foreign Wars: Jane Burger and Harry Hughes. I28 eterans ot Fo eign Wars nary Scheide- ma'ntel. ' Office' Managers Association: Kathleen Mlksitz. iirs ii . it ' 1 Morrisville Junior Woman's Club: Susan Burns. S Crisco: EllenDobson. Lower Bucks' County Association ot Educational Secretaries: Kathleen Miksitz. International Association bot Machinists: Janet Stadler. Student Council: Roberta Beadle, Suzanne Okur- ovvski, Jane Burger, Frances Fischer, Milton Codd, James Schwarz, William Allshouse, and David Hol- veck. A ar -wr A gsm f , 451' .k 5"- 15559 s. 5 it XV Q ff Amazing new A Aff' 'P gi f: .. ' ' mv + ' A , ' 'if x 'W 2 X ii N :IQ J "' A H Q IEE? gf" 5 X J -ki' 5 1 MY X .K in vp. 1 :12"'f5'.1EE?tg- Swami: ,afiggfia I T W A: ,. .W KL 215' Y t "K ii 1 X 1 I1 X w,.i .v,..., , K mm y ' ,' SG Q arxxx A .If f fxHp.u11plm,unflQ"'Y . 1- ,s ,ow K I u. jf A W.: COMPLIMENTS OF FAIRLESS WORKS CENTRAL OPERATIONS United States Steel Corporation Congra'I'uIaI'ions +o I'I1e Class of I963 BAND BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION OF THE MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Meefing 3rd Tuesday of Each MonI'I1 ALWAYS WELCOME Do I+ Yourself Foam Rubber for AII Purposes Chair Cushions Pillows MaHresses Fac+ory Sales Room CARTEX CORPORATION Rou+e No. I3 I Mile Sou+I1 of MorrisviIIe, Pa. LETTERPRESS Pi-loro-oFFsET EXPOH 2-' '68 BUSINESS FORMS ABCO PRINTING CO. PURCHASE ORDERS I806 Soufh Broad SI'reeI' PROGRAMS Trenfon IO, New Jersey WEDDING STATIONERY MICHAEL MIKSITZ POLITICAL ADVERTISING BOOKLETS LEGAL FORMS Morrisville Shopping Cenler STAG VILLAGE Men's Shop J, Arrow Sl1ir+s Morrisville, Penna. G. E. Appliances P. CUNNINGHAM HARDWARE 522 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Pa. V. CYpress 5-9728 CY 5-74,3 Kg? ', if CAMBELL'S SINCE i889 -J.. GULF SERVICE lll E. Trenfon Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone CY 5-9882 BEVERAGES Fine Nafural Flavors 20,000 Wai-ls of Glorious Slereo WBUD-FM lIOI5 on Your FM Diall The Sound of Wonderful Music UNITED CUT RATE 29 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. MORRISVILLE ROTARY CLUB D 9 C 5 QRS? Complimenfs of MORRISVILLE IE D A N PENNSYLVANIA Phone CY 5-7700 , CAR-CRAFT S INCORPORATED Self Service Market Meals - Produce - Groceries Complefe Aulomofive Frozen Food Repairing and Refinishing 353 W BRIDGE ST 27-29 Broolcs Ave. Morrisville' Pa, Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-77 I 2 C81M CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Sanilary Sewers and Drainage Clearing and Grading I 05 Delaware Avenue R. COWELL Morrisville, Pa. Compliments of VULCANIZED RUBBER AND PLASTICS COMPANY AND AJAX COMB COMPANY D fVI dRbb d PI1' C py M II P Esfoblished 1882 Hl-HAT DINER Res+auran+ and Cocldail Lounge Cafering Io Banquels and Pariies Bridge Sl' .anfil Penne' Av' Morrisville, Pa. FREE DELIVERY RALPH Rou+e I MARY Fallsingion, Pa. CY 5-74l6 FRANCES CYpress 5-2874 Owners Besi' of Luclc Io Ihe Class of I963 For +l1e Finesl Milk and Dairy Producis PLUS Service You Will Apprec:ia'l'e, Try CLOVER LEAF DAIRY 850 So. Penna. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-7806 GREEN LEE AND SONS Con'I'rac'Iors THE YARDLEY FLORIST I75 S. Main S+. Trucking Yardley, Pa. Phone HY 3-3676 Excava+ing ancl Grading 64 HARRISON AVE. MORRISVILLE. PA. Q. -'il I in . We -S. , ai js 81- i Congralulalions HH U EISH +0 PENN TAVERN +he Class of' I963 From BASEBALL AUXILIARY PHONE CY 5-9880 BOWLING LEAGUE 4lI w. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. "ln nollwing clo men more nearly approach The gools llwan in giving lwealllw lo men" JOHN M. BURNS Class of '28 PHARMACIST STILWELL'S SQFT DRINK PISCOPO BROS. DISTRIBUTORS Gafage Nolan Ave. Wrighl Phone CYpress 5-3254 Hanaxvenue Grandview Es'raI'es Morrisville, Pa. Morrisville, Pa. MORRISVILLE .ax Lions Af , , JIM McHALE 7 SHOE REPAIR 53 Union S+. orrisvi e wxf-,?NAn0,a Penna. ' f Y L f' U E, . . 3 7' Morrisville, Pa. M H 11, V XI! QTUDENTCOUNCIL OFFICERS - 1962 PRESIDENT. .......... VICE PRESIDENT. . . .... . QECQEIZREN ........... qmgfg+.,.9.... TREASURER.. . . .... Rflwwu-'?jQ.1,II9JV Aoweora .... . . . MQ M135 'Ihe fines+ in Beaufy Care for +I1e Discriminaring Woman PHONE CY 5-4947 RAYMOND 8: JOSEPH BEAUTY SALON 8I7 Wesf Trenfon Ave. Specialisls in Hair Shaping COUNTRY BOARDING Heafed Kennels-Air Condifioning Individual Ouiside Runs Baihing-Clipping-Grooming Greal' Dane and Boxer Puppies Full Line of Dog Food and Canine Accessories MACKENSEN KENNELS Siyling and Permanenf Waving HY 3-27I7 Reading Ave. Yardley. Pa. PENN DRUGS J. N. YOST ROBERT H. WHITE Complefe Heafing and B-Se R-P. Fuel Oil Service IO4 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-5867 8I3 W. Trenion Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Free Delivery CY 5-9777 CY 5-9770 BACS REALTY, INC. and ROBERT D. QUINN, AGENCY General Insurance Broker RESIDENTIAL FARMS MORTCSAGES APPRAISALS Pennsbury Plaza, W. Tren+on Ave. Morrisville, Penna. CY 5-I I8I HY 3-3657 Insurance Main Office Roufe I3 and Haines, LeviH'own, Penna. WI 5-0300 THE MORRISVILLE BANK "The Friendly Bank" 2 Easl Bridge S+. and 53 Morrisville Shopping Cenler MORRISVILLE, PA. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CompIimen+s of KING SUPPLY CO. MORRISVILLE, PA. DELMOR LAN ES 8I Norfh Delmor Morrisville, Penna. CY 5-29I9 I6 Brunswick Au'I'oma'Iic Lanes REEDMAN MOTOR CAR 81 TRUCK CORP. Imperial-Chrysler - Dodge Dar'I'-Rambler-Simca RenauI+ and OI'I1er Franchises WORLDS LARGEST AUTOMOBILE DEALER R+. I Langhorne, Pa. SK 7-496I RICHARD CLAWGES CY 5-9757 CHARLES CLAWGES C0mPIimen+S Of fhe CY 5-759I CLAWGES BROS. Builders of Fine Homes Esfimafes Given Free 326 Clymer Ave. Morrisville. Penna. PATERSON PARCHMENT PAPER COMPANY Bris+oI, Penna. In Business Since I885 PITCAIRN Aulhorizecl VOLKSWAGEN Dealer RouI'e I Morrisville J. ALLEN HOOPER FUNERAL CHAPEL 45 N. Penna. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. LICENSED IN NEW JERSEY Phone Morrisville CY 5-7725 James O. An+robus TAY'-ORS PLUMBING CAMERA 8' sl-lor HEATING PI1o'I'ograpI'1y-Sporfing Goods 426 N. Penna. Ave. Morrisville Morrisville, Pa. Shopping CYpress 5-347I Cenler MORRISVILLE OIL co. Snack 0' Meal We Sen me Beg- Our Own Ice Cream ancl Service 'Ihe Res'l' III E. Phila. Ave. Morrisville, Penna. HARRY F. CHRIST AND SON 848 S. Penna. Ave. Talked to San Francisco lately? Ur Miami CQeacl1'? Las Vegas? llllltllilllllllllllll? Sound interesting? It is-for the many opera- tors at New Jersey Bell who talk to folks from one end of the country to another, all in a day's work. And it's an important day's work -it puts you on speaking terms With the whole wide world! That's one reason Why so many girls like being telephone operators. Of course, they like the good starting pay and rapid advance- ment, too. And there are regular raises. Pleas- ant surroundings. And friendly people to I+!-I'1-I-Z-I'2-Z-I'If-I-I'I-I-I'Z'I'Z'Z'Z'Z-I '.'.' . '.'.'. fa .'.'. ' .'. Your school's Vocational Guidance Counselor can tell you all about an excit- ing career as an operator- ii: e,1, or the many other interest- I' 'rni i "'l " m f: ing careers offered by the A e -.r' IV1' 'f" ' in Telephone Company. -5 ff' ' .Q NEW JERSEY BELL HORACE E. HUNT EYJS? CENTRAL MARKET INC. 336 W. Bridge S+. Cor. Mercer S+. Morrisville, Pa. I9-2I Chambers S+. CY 5-3309 Morrisville, Pa. MORRISVILLE DELICATFESSEN CUT Nl CURL '5 E' Bndge SI' Main s+. a+ AHon Ave. CY 5-5568 Yardley, Pa. Groceries - Cold Culs HY 3-4.33 Produce WM. HIUDZINSKI MARY'S LUNCHEONETTE JOHN KOTZ Tomafo Pies A Comple+e lloagies Insurance Service lea S CY 5-7420 FRANK PICCIOTTI Phone CY 5-9804 MORRISVILLE Complimenls ESSO SERVICE CENTER of a JOE DAVIS I06 Trenion Avenue T Morrisville, Pa. -Mer: . vii? N? k ,I W- fem f alia? - V 1: y - si . . and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. William DeFazio Charles H. Burger F. L. Burlre Arrhur A. Pelerson Richard Shull H. Harper Sfocltham J. Dosler Edward Korgiowshi Thomas Rigby S. Berish Charles Hughes Roger Johnson Fred'lc K. Burlrhardl' William Wilmoni Sr. Lyman F. Phillips Rober+ L. Allshouse Donald W. Codd P. Lulcaszow Charles B. Schulfz Howard Sofrley Raymond Cowell Joseph Powell Roberr McCall Waller J. Nowalinshi James Onofri Franlr Bogdon Michael Demech Mannon C. F. Ashmore W. R. Wilson Raymond Snedelrer Chesrer A. Doan Jr. Milne Yusho Jr. R. J. Bailey Lesler A. Lancfol' Neal Carfer Franlc E. Cowell Sr. A. P. Hague William Kiggins Charles A. Hill Roy Delay Vincenr Konslan Ralph Coble John Firman John Allseimer George Chewning C. J. Alexander Joseph Olafson John P. Dyer D. Fenimore PAITZONQ Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Foullre Jr. James Baird Slephen Barlrer . William Reid Joseph Goldberg George H. Groh Jr. Harry J. Glosser Paul Phillips Peler Olrurowslci Richard Friclr Sweeney Nicholas J. DeMa'H'eo Charles Hoffman William Rech Peler Jerome Frank C. Miller Ray E. Elmer Michael Milcsih. Jr. Joseph Shaginaw Joseph Malinas Calvin McCall Russell Gindin Howard W. Kinney Richard W. Carr John W. Hillman Gerard Brodeclci Raymond L. Sfeen Chesrer Doan Jr. Roberl W. Tooiell A. Pidcock Richard F. Sullivan Holloway Peler Pelrino Floyd Scheidemanfel George Gasper Ralph Conrurso Lawrence E. Lane Dom J. Calabro Marvin H. Benneff Charles E. Brown E. Wilmer Fisher Donald G. Frye Thomas O'Brien George Evernham Conrad Gilsdorf George Waliersdorff Edward Schragger C. C. Carney John Davis Mr. and Mrs. J. Ashmore Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Bugbee Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ossmann Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Kovacs Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fischer Mr. and Mrs. J. Sfeinbeiser Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Devlin Mr. and Mrs. Peler Fuccello Mr. and Mrs. Elco'H' Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Laypo Mr. and Mrs. Sfephen Maleiilr Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Smifh Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Brewer Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Hornyalr Mr. Floyd S. Plalf Mrs. Mary Moon Scammell Mrs. M. C. Tomlinson Mr. Clifford C. Nelson Mrs. Henry Labaich Mrs. Olive Tyndale Miss Rachel Riley Miss Helen Lelaegern Mr. Eugene Capoferri Mr. Harry Wilcox Mr. Richard Oliver Mr. Halralc Mr. M. R. Reiler Mrs. Roberr Anderson Mr. John H. Solf Mrs. Julius Schey Mrs. Daniel Napoleon Mrs. McTamney Mrs. Owen Mrs. Carl Szura Mrs. Elynor Carnes and Daughfers Mrs. Harry J. Burns Mrs. Harry Lylcens Mrs. Maureen Labdon Mrs. Maude Schulrz Mrs. Elizabelh Nolan Mrs. Elmer Whiflalcer Mrs. V. Codd Mrs. Bernard Sholiis Mr. J. W. Sauder Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Shaffer . William Wogner Almore Lonl'-L Joseph Cermele Jacob Kirchholfer Reyneld Sfrunlc Ronald Francis Horace M. Hulchison Thomas Klingerman Edward M. McTamney Marvin H. Bennell Theodore H. Evans Taylor Richardson Mrs. Jeanne D. Burgess Mrs Carrie J. Sefchfield Mrs. Carol M. Roberls Mrs. Calherine McDonald Mrs. Mason Weed Miss Helen Asbury Mr. Vernon W. Ferguson Mrs. Anne'H'e J. Deis Miss Mildred Arms Miss Myra S. Arms James L. Yoxlheimer Mary Broome Mrs. F. J. Benfz Belh Broome Lois A. Waflcins Curlin and Heefner Emma A. Shaw Sandy and Sam Nevin Lonlz Carl Lonlz Junior High Cheerleaders Marie Schmill' '62 J. R. Hussen Roberl W. Morris Norman Frye Eddie McTamney Bill Bloor Pefer Maleiih Terry Haley Rich and Linda Joan Kovacs '59 Sally and Donny Burns Ron and Alice Virginia Lou Wamsley Marylou and Tom '63 Charlolfe and Geneva Dave and Gail Mill- and Kalhy Lynn Alexander '58 Harvey J. Cole A Friend Joseph Zeis Jane, Gail. Vicky, and Kafhy Kalhy and Johnny Denny and Noreen Terri and Al Peg Depelro Sunny Babic Jimmie Ley Sheila Jerome Ann Parsons Rufh Graves Joseph J. Loss Gail and Joe Esfher M. Hawkins David Crisp Harry H. Lee, Jr. Michele Ringlcamp G. S. Barlleff Paul Lewchenlro Dorolhy A. Gish William Fisher Barbara Miller John R. Sfamm Harry Medici Lloyd Schumann Ro DeS+eliano '59 Rila Cooley The Bilheimers Roy and Margol' Dick and Nancy Thelma and Spike Linda Lee Cade Pickle, Fish, and Smichels '65 Bob Walfersdorff 'bl Broadus '6l Sara S. Binker Rowland C. Girlon Carole Andrews '64 Pal' Koryiowslri Lois Schieclr Jaclr's Handy Cleaners Joe Clark Charley Schulz Jane Brodeclri P1201-T-ESQ! ONAL PAHZJONQ meooorzz re.. oouew, mo. moMAQJ. ooue-uerav, Mn. wArar22N A. r-raoeurae, me uArzr2xJ. GLOQQE-121, ew. F2OBEI2TA. GOULD, MD. meooorae A. I-IANQEN, n.Q.c. DAVID axjoume, Mn. LEEJOY P. LEA!-N, D.D.Q. JAMES o. MCNALLY, rms. PAUL mums, ann. MORRISVI LLE MOTORS Body, Fender, and Painiing Service Auihorized Pennsylvania S1'a+e lnspeciion S1'a1'ion Phone CY 5-5367 WAXMAN'S Jewelry and Giffware SNYDER'S SPORT CENTER Jewelry Repairing 11709 PSLY 5+- renfon, . J. Phone EX 2-4059 Fine Welch and Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-5069 Compliments of THE ROBERTSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA lvlanulaciurers of ceramic wall ancl floor Tile, abrasive grinding wheels and segmenls. SELLINGER'S GARAGE Philadelphia and Wrighl' Avenues Morrisville, Pa. Complefe Body and Fender Shop S+a+e lnspecfion General Repairs 24 Hour Towing Lubricalion EMERGENCY O SERVICE CY 5-4I29 SKIP SELLINGER NORM SELLINGER PENN DECORATING COMPANY Decorafors of Fine China CLARENCE ALDERFER Owner 627 Baker Avenue Morrisville, Pennsylvania PHONE CY 5-5644 224 EIecI'ric Wafer Heafers Sales and Service EDWARD R. ROBERTS, JR EIec+ricaI ConIracI'or Phone CY 5-7692 Osborne Ave. Morrisville, Pa, CompIimen+s of CAPITAL VIEW BARBER SHOP 50I No. Penne. Ave. MorrisviIIe, Pa. BEN'S DEL CY 5-576I I2 Washing+on SI. Genuine II'aIian Hoagies 30 Cold CuI's Impor+ed Delicacies OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK PLAIN 81 FANCY Spor+swear Shopping Cenfer Morrisville, Pa. FROM A T. T. FRIEND CY 5-7 I 72 WI 3-3222 Complimenfs of BLAKELY LAUNDRY HARBISON FORD AND TT CNLEfN'NG INC. SINCE :soo Rou+e I Morrisville Penna. Bes'r Wishes For We NYLOMATIC Finesf SGIGS CORPORATION and Service DICE Phone CY 5-5234 DELBERT E. PINCKARD 227 Osborne Ave. JOHN O. DICE CO. Real Es'I'a+e Broker MorrisviIIe, Pa. Insurance S+eeI Fabricafion and Makefield Rd: Snopping Cenfer General Welding Momsv' e' Pa' CY 5-II5I The YOUNG SET MAKEFIELD PHARMACY ChiIdren's Shop Morrisville Shopping C+r. Morrisville, Pa. Infanfs-Childrens Pre-Teens CY 5-3 I 66 I05 Makefield Road IFaIIs Townshipl ILoca+ed in 'Ihe Lower Makefield Shopping Cen'IerI CY 5-505 I DESIGN FOR VISION DEL VAL TAVERN INC. S. Penna Ave. - . Morrisville, Penna. Ophcians under new Morrisville mana emem Shopping Cenler g CY 5-9000 Complimenfs of CY 5-3977 SAM'S PLUMBING and EQUIPMENT, INC. 430 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Penna. THE BRIDGE GRILL Fine Food and Liquors I Phila. Ave. JOS. G. RECH Morrisville, Pa. LEWIS ESSO SERVICE Official Pennsylvania Slale lnspecfion No. 0496 Il5 E. Bridge SI. Morrisville, Pa. Besl' Wishes lo 'lhe Class of '63 Solf MORRISVILLE FACTORY STORE II8 Wes+ Bridge S+ree'r Compliments of TALONE'S GULF SERVICE III W. Bridge S+. Morrisville Sou'I'I1 End AUI0 PGFIS ACE BEDDING CO. and Glass 63 N. Penna. Ave. AUTO ACCESSORIES Morrisville- Pa- CY 5.4144 Furnilure -4I45 and 791-805 W. Bridge S+. Bedding Morrisville, Penna. CROSSWICKS MACHINE AND TOOL Co. RUSSELL HELVESTON CY 5-5444 Makers of Fine Molds for Plaslic and Rubber Phone JU 7-3434 R. E. BUCKNUM 3 Huberl' Ave. Trenlon, N. J. MAKEFIELD TELEVISION Sales and Service 5I6 W. Trenlon Ave. Morrisville, Pa. GUARANTEED SATISFACTION Cusfom Cabinefs SWEETIS CARL S. MERSHON 57 N. Delmor Ave. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-7805 MANFRED REDNOR 8: KLINE, INC Lumber and Iviillworlt Builder and Conlracfor 264 Barnsley Ave. Morrisville, Penna. Yard and Warehouse U.Sf. No. I Freeway Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-7 I 75 CY 5-3 I 64 TREVOSE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Trenfon and Pennsylvania Avenues Morrisville, Pa. CYpress 5-4I2I WHERE THRIFTY PEOPLE SAVE fla , swine: ua veyl- W-I ' Q Mmm Q -'?,lN5URED F Profedlon E 2 3 5 lor your 4 W OUR 49+h YEAR Assefs Over S29,000,000.00 6,91 UI V106 Q' -1- --1 O '69 4' il Insured Savings RANNO Mor'rgages HOME OFFICE: TREVOSE. PA. "Bucks CounI'y's Original Insured Associafion Serving Delaware Valley, U.S.A." most Morrisville students know . . . That only insofar as people have access to clear, accurate information in th-eir areas of interest, can they formulate sound plans, make wise decisions, take effective actions. It is the primary function of these newspapers I 4 to provide this type of information, ,,IIIlIl3jP.l+Jsc , 0 I fr' r.liICl-ljl-1Y'4lA-Iw- , . Lil" rrililtillalguv . KEEPING OVER 40,000 SUBSGRIBERS INFORMED Ellie Blvuiiitnmn Efimw Erisml Bailg Qinurirr CHARLES' BEAUTY SHOP 27 N. Pa. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone CY 5-5784 Phones: Day, CY 5-3I96g Night, 557l MIKE'S AUTO SERVICE Tune-Up-Ignition Specialist Motor Overhaul Wrecker and Towing Service Penna. Official Inspection Sta. III-II3 W. Bridge St. Morrisville, Pa. Chevrolet Sales and Service SIMPSON 222 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Penna. "OK" Guaranteed Used Cars Morrisville and Trenton Calls CY 5-7 I 84 Compliments ot GENERAL REFRACTORIES CO. Post Road Morrisville, Pa. William C. Bonner TRUCKMEN SouI'I1 Pennsylvania A Morrisville, Penna. Ve. Complimenfs of ROSS ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORPORATION 3I2 SouI'I1 Broacl S+. Trenfon IO, New Jersey RAY'S DELICATESSEN Morrisville Shopping Cenler CY 5-4964 RALPH'S FLOWERS 509 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. "Fines'r in Flowers" R. J. CONTURSO CY 5-26II Complimenis of CHESTNUT HILL DAIRY, INC. 550 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Penna. CY 5-4I4I WI 9-0404 F SENIOR HIGH Complimenfs C of p Jane f- Mar?-inrixda BARRET-TS NURSERY + caihv 'L cfffaureen River Road ' Bar Marsha Trenfon, N. J. CHEERLEADERS THE QUEEN DINER IO0 Washinglon S+. Morrisville, Pa. "AIl Way" lhe Bes'I' in Food Open 7 Days a Weelc. A. YANDRICH, Owner COLOR GUARD Jane-Capf, Linda Nancy Rose Ellen Gail Brenda Sandy Doris AIRTEX PRODUCTS l05 Easl' Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-4l I6 Goodyear Pliofoam Cushions for 'I'l1e Ho me. DELAWARE VALLEY BINDERY Book and Pamphlel' Binding THOMAS RIGBY ll25 Ohio Ave. CY 5-II73 Morrisville, Pa. Open 7 Days PlERCE'S PIZZA- FOUNTAIN SERVI I02 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. CE THE MAKEFIELD CO. Corner E. Tren'I'on and N. Pennsylvania Aves. Morrisville, Penna. CY 5-I I ll ROBERT C. RUEHL. JR.. Presidenl' DEKTOL, INC. Specialisls in Double Exposures. Suile E-2 H. HUGHES, Prop. MORRISVI LLE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION T P mofe +he Welfare 'F Ch Id n and You+h H shlchhdc fy THE 1962 YENZBOOIO SVU-EF UVIQHEQ T0 THANK! AU- WHO HE'-P3 MAKE TF-'IQ VOLUME POSSIBLE, ESPECIALLY: WD CONTUP90 KEIZWIN FINBEPJG H12 HJIZGEQQ mvg ygyqyqgy Bunda, INDEPC Janet 64 A Adams, Jay 61, 96, 83 Adams, Jolene 56 Adams, Linda 61, 72 Adams, Nancy Adams, Valerie 58 Albee, Walter 65, 96 Alborn, Warren 61 Albright, James 61, 83, 115 Alexander, David 59 Alexander, Marsha 63, 89, 90 Allison, Ann 64 Allshouse, William 26, 70, 90, 128 Amenta, Joy 56 Amerine, Sue 26, 90 Austin, Vi Anderson, Clifton Anderson, Carol 65, 89, 90, 125 Anderson, Kip 58 Anderson, Kathryn 65, 72, 90 Anderson, Mary Lou Andrews, Carole 65 Antorelli, Joe 58 Antonelli, William 58 Antoniw, Irene 65 Antrobus, Bonnie 61, 91 Anzalone, Sam 58 Apgar, Janet 61, 72, 89, 90 Arabis, Stanley 26, 53, 76, 80, 100, 108 Ashmore, Mary Lou 26 Austin, Ernestine 63, 90 Austin, lsaian 56, 91 vian 61 Burger, Jane 29, 52, 71, 128 Burgess, Elizabeth 61, 72, 91 Burgess, John 65, 122 Burgner, Joanne 61, 72, 91 Burk, Barbara 63 Burke, Robert 29, 100, 116, 125 Burns, Kathy 91 Burns, Susan 29, 52, 53, 128 Busche, John 64, 114 Bush, Linda 61 Bush, Iona 58 Byrne, Kathy 65, 124 Byrne, Thomas 30, 76, 80, 107 C Coldwallader, Rose 63 Calabro, Anthony 76, 108 Calabro, Nicholas 61, 83, 125 Calabro, Victoria 24, 30, 53, 90, 128 Caldararo, Gary Calhoun, Charles Campanelli, Angelina 61, 91 Campanelli, Sharon 58, 91 Capolerri, Dennis 61 Capozza, Terry Cappiello, Linda 63, 72, 90, 89 Carey, Thomas 61 Axelrod, Fern 72, 91 B Bailey, Robert 27, 90 Baird, Kathy 27, 90 Baldwin, Paul 58, 83 Baldwin, William 27, 76, 80, 125 Carnes, Gail 30, 53, 90 Carney, Clive 65, 70, 100, 116, 122, Carney, Kerry 51, 91 Carr, Alice 30 Carr, Dwight 63 Carros, Donna 56 Carter, Jane 65, 90 Carter, Mary Ann 65 Carter, Theresa 31 Carter, Jane 64 Case, William 31 Balog, John Balog, Paul 61 Balonis, Susan 61 Barber, Gary 58 Barker, Harry 65, 101, 108 Barker, Michael 63, 96 Barta, Geza 61 Bough, Charles 27 Beadle, Barbara 63, 71, 90, 93, 125 Beadle, Roberta 28, 71, 73, 90, 92, 93, Beadle, Tommy 56, 125 Beck, Bruce 65, 70 Beck, Dale 56 Behrmann, Kathy 63 Bennett, Frederick 63, 108 Bennett, Robert 63 Bennett, Vincent 61, 91 Bennett, Virginia 58, 125 Bentz, Mary 65, 89, 90 Berish, Carol 58 Berish, Evelyn Bilheimer, Eva 28 Bilheimer, Ray 28, 96 Bills, Donna 65, 72, 89, 90, 112 Black, Billy 58 Bloodsworth, Donald 65, 100 Bloom, Robert 58 Bodine, Linda 61 Bogdan, Charlotte 28 Booher, Judy 58 Borden, Barbara 58 Bottoms, Janice 65, 90 Boychuck, Billy 63, 70, 96, 122 Bozarth, Caroline 63 Bozarth, Harry 56 Brilla, Paul 61, 115 Brodecki, Jane 29, 53, 90 Bradecki, Tom 63, 90, 122, 113 Brown, Charles 58 Brown, Sally 61, 82, 125 Brudon, Charles 61, B3 Brudon, David 58 Bryce, Lawrence 63, 116 Buckley, David 63, 116 Buckley, Stephen 65, 116 Bunda, Diane 65 Cavanaugh, Joseph 56 Chapman, William 65 chewing, David 25, ai, 90, ma, 112, its Chewning, George 61, 91 Cheslock, Richard 56 Chmura, Linda 58 Cicco, Joe 65, 76 Claassen, Paul Clark, David 56 Clay, Jeffrey 63, 70, 90, 116 Coble, Dennis 31 Codd, Edward 63, 101, 125, 128 Codd, Milton 32, 90, 100 Coffman, Diane 56 Colangelo, Annita 63, 90, 89 Collins, Adalean 58 Collins, Arletta 56 Comisky, Janice 63 Conklin, Ernest 65 Conrad, Sandy 58 Conrad, Carolyn 63 Canstantino, Anthony 56 Constantino, Robert 64 Conturso, Joyce 61, 72, 91 Conturso, Ralph 65 Cook, Carol 58 Cook, Charles 58 Cook, Jim 61,115 Carless, Kathryn 32 Costello, John 58, 83 Cowell, Donald 61, 114 Cowell, Richard 32, 114 Cranston, Thomas 58, 83 Crisp, David 61, 83 D D'Agostino, Fernanda 56 Dameron, Arthur 33, 128 Day, Cheryl 63 Day, Vicki 56 Dayton, Robert 58, 91, 83 Dayton, Virginia 61, 91 Davala, Michael 61 Davis, Barbara 33, 90, 128 Davis, Rothie Deacon, Carol 61, 91 Deacon, Laura 60 Deis, Linda 60, 91 Deis, Robert 56 Delaseph, George 58, 115 Delaney, Elizabeth 60 DeMario, Matthew 60 DeMario, Robert 63 Demos, William 56 DeShields, Bernice 56 DeShields, Thomas 60 DeUmberto, John 56 Disler, Karla 58, 91 Disler, Marcia 65 Doon, Gail 33 Dobson, Ellen 25, 33, 90, 128 Dobson, Janice 63, 72, 90 Doster, Gail 65, 125 Dreher, Irene 63, 72 Dry, Charlotte 34, 52, 71, 72, 92, 93 Duff, Laura Duffy, Patricia Duncan, Donna 34 Dyer, Pamela 60, 72, 82 Dyer, William 63 E Edgerly, Sharon 34 Edinger, Patricia 60 Edinger, Raymond Enoch, Nancy 58 Evernham, Clint 64, 108 F Fabian, William 65, 76 Fausey, Dennie Fenimore, Pat 58 Fenimore, William 62, 76 Ficarrotto, Gloria 65, 96, 108 Fineburg, Kerwin 65 Firman, John 62, 90, 116 Fischer Fischer Fischer Fischer Fischer Fischer Fischer, Charles 65, 76, 108 Cynthia 62, 71, 72 Edward 25, 34, 70, 100, 101, 109 Frances 25, 35, 72, 90, 93 128 Jeff 59 Darla 62, 91, 125 David 59 Fletcher, Anthony Fletcher, Michael 60 Foose, Foose, Paul Raymond 76, 70 Ford, Barbara 35 Ford, Patricia 59 Cronon, George 56, 115 Cronon, James 65 Cronon, Rosemary 61 Cronon, William 58 Cunningham, Andrew 32 Cunningham, Robert 61 Cunningham, William 65 Cummings, Barbara 61 Cummings, William 56 Custer, Coleen 58 Custer, Robert 56 Foulke, Bruce 62, 114, 116 Franklin, Carole 64 Fravel, Clifford 56 Fredericks, Louis 56 Fredericks, Walter 62 Frick, Mary 62, 72, 89, 90, 93, 112 Frick, Richard 64, 100, 122 108 Friday, Anne 56, 91 Fuccello, Susan G Gabriele, Angelo 62, 108 Gamble, Patricia 60 Gamble, Thomas Gorey, Jennie 62 Gargan, Dolores 60, 82, 125 Gargan, Patrick 62, 70, 101, 116 Gaskill, Pat 60, 82 Gasper, Donna 60, 82 Gavrish, Anthony 60 Geier, Don Gengo, Elaine 59 Geruc, John 35 Gindin, Darrell 59 Glasser, Harry 35, 52, 90, 122 Goldenbaum, David 64 Goldberg, Paul 59 Gorman, Bramalin 62 Green, Elly 56, 91 Greiner, Phyllis 59 Greiner, Robert 76 Gretton, Diane 60 Groves, John 64, 76 Gurne, Kenneth 57, 96, 125 Gurne, Loren 58, 96 Gurne, Ronald 65, 96 H Haas, Karl 64 Hadorn, Terry 36, 90 Hague, Alan 64, 70, 116, 122 Hague, Stephen 59 Haines, Nancy Haldeman, Susan 62, 72 Haley, Marilou 25, 36, 71, 92, 110, 93 Hall, Carole 64, 90 Hall, Daniel 60 Hall, Janet 56 Hansen, Theodore 59 Jasa, Emiliene 62 Jerome, Sheila 38, 71, 72, 90 Johnson, Lois 60 Johnson, Pat 59 Jones, Joy Jones, Robert 59, 91 Judy, James Jurey, John 125 Jurey, Paul 59 K Marsh, Alan 61 Marsh, David 63 Marshall, Richard 64 Martin, Helen 57 Martin, Larry Martin, Matthew 64 Martin, William 57 Mason, William 64 Mate, Barbara 63 Mate, Elelr 59 Mate Linda 57 91 125 Mate: Shirley 57, 91 Mateclci, Matthew 64 Kaugher, Mary Beth 60, 91 Kearns, Joseph 60, 125 Kearns, Larry 38 Keegan, James 62, 101 Kellxer, Edward 59 Keller, Kenneth 57 Kennedy, Dorothy Kennedy, Trudy 91 Ketaner, Jeffrey 64, 116 Ketaner, Mary Beth 91 Kinney, Alice 38, 90 Mateiilc, Lillian 63 Mateiik, Raymond 61 Moteraclry, Jerry 61 Materacky, Walter 65 Matthias, Patricia 41 Morris, Richard 108 May, William 59, 83 Meloney, John 59 Meloney, Sharon 42, 90 Menschner, Fred Menschner, Frederick 64 Kinney, David 62 Kirchholfer, Linda 24, 39, 128 Kash, Jenn 62 Klelrner, Mary 59 Kleinfelder, Judith 60 Klemrner, Phil 64, 76, 122, 108 Koons, Nancy 60, 91 Koyen, Barbara 39, 90 Koreyva, Marian 62 Menth, Merrill Barry 64, 114 , John 61, 83 Meyers, Marie 61, 91 Meyers, Shirley Michel, Elaine 63, 72 Miholc, Marie 63 Milcsitz, Kathleen 24, 42, 53, 90, 128 Miller, Elaine 57, 91, 125 Miller, Suzan 63 Miller, William Harrold, Harper, Charles 59 Harper, James Harper, William 56 Harris, Theresa Harris, Ruth 59, 91, 82, 125 Jacquel ine Mouto Harrold, Michael 59, 83, 115 Harrald, Rosemary 56, 125 Harshbarger, William Harvey, Keith 64 Haynes, Danna 56 Hayes, Charles 64 Hayes, Lynn 62 Herbeclc, Eve 62, 125 Heuser, Dorothy 59 Heuser, Linda 64 Hopper, Hillman, John 60 Hivicdlro, Katherine 36, 90 Hoagland, Ronald 62 Hadak, Mark 57 Hoffman, Richard 36, 76. B0 Halveclr, David 37, 76, 80, 116, 117, 128, 12 Hope, Marion 62, 114, 122, 125 Hopkins, David 64, 70, 122 Brian 59 Hopper, Lee 64 Horvath, Barbara Hauser, Brenda 64, 72, 89, 90, 125 Hovemeyer, Bonnie 57 Hovemeyer, Thomas Hudiclr, Thomas 37 Hughes Carol 64 Hughes Charles 62 70, 101, 125, 110 Hughesi Diane Hughes, Harry 24, 37, 52, 53, 122, 127, 128 Hughes, Sharon 57 Hulse, Ann 62, 72, 90 Hunger, George 62, 116, 122,125 Hunger, Glenn Hunt, Jaan 64, 90 Hychallc, Leonard 37, 116 Ivins, Kenneth 64 J Jackson, Barry 62, 76, 116, 125, 122 Jackson, Donald 38, 70 James, Patricia Janaslci, Ronald 64 Jansen, Joan 60 Kovacs, Nancy 39, 90 Kramer, Constance 62, 115 Krause, Denny 39, 80, 108 Krier, Anita 64 Kronnagel, James 60 Kronnagel, Robert 57 Kurtuss, John 62 L Labatch, Arlene 60 Laird, R. Larison, Lillian 60 Laslry, Susan 59, 91 Lavericlr, Albert Laypo, Sandra 46, 71, 73, 124, 93 Laws, Ronald Ledger, Tim 57 Lehman, Donna 60 Leichliter, Claudine 60 Leichliter, Edward 61, B3 Lenox, Donald 25, 40, 117, 114 Lewis, Michael Levondoslry, Billy 57 Loch, Doris 64, 71, 89,90 Lohin, Romana 64 Lontz, Carl 40, 76, 80, 107 Lopez, Ray 61 Loss, Joseph 64 Love, Bonnie Luciano, Joseph 61 Luciano, Vincent 64 Lucash, Mary 63 Lucuslri, Margaret 63 Ludwig, Douglass 61 Ludwig, Jay 64, 114 Lulcaszow, Patricia 64, 90 Lylrens, Terry 63 Lynn, Alice 61 Lynn, Russell Lyon, Robert M Macikanycz, Natalie Magee, Marion 61 Magee, Nancy 63 Magill, Netra 64, 90, 89, 113 Maier, Merry Maier, Monica 40, 64 Mannon, Margaret 61 Manzelc, Beatrice 64 Manzelr, Robert 41 Mills, Theodore 65 Mitchel, Catherine 63, 90, 125 Mitchell, Richard 65, 70, 96, 116 Mohr, Nancy 63, 72, 93 Monti, Bruce 59 Moore, Janice 65, 90, 89, 113 Mordoclr, John 42 Morgan, Willis 57 Morris, Keith Morris, Letta 57 Morris, June 57 Moser, Barbara 57 Moser, Dorothy Mount, Dennis 59, 83 Mount, Harry 63 n, Ruth 61 Moyer, Jeanne 64 Moyer, Linda 61 Mraz, Robert 42, 100, 101, 122 Muclcey, Rebecca 59, 91 Mutelr, Richard 57 Mc McCahan, Michael 57 McCarthy, Pat 64 McClees, Dewain 61, 91 McClister, Craig 59 McClister, Sandra 65 McCoy, Timmy 59, 83 McDevitt, Manfred 65 McDonald, Ellen 65, 89, 90, 11 McGarity, Joan 90 McGuigan, James 41 Mcllvaine, Kathleen 41, 52, 53, Mclntyre, Pat Mclntyre, Jean 61 McKeever, Cynthia 62 N Nagy, Laureen 125 Namey, Joan 43, 90 Napoleon, Rose 43, 53, 71, 72, Neumann, Bill Newman, John Newman, Mary 43 Nevin, Nancy 61, 72 Nevins, Edward 63 Nice, Joanne Nirshl, Judith 65, 89, 90 Nolan, Kathleen 63 ,125 2 128 90 Zaborowski, Bernice 51 . l n Noonan, Francis 65, 90, 125 Noonan, William 61 O O'Brien, Donald 57 O'Brien, Robert 65, 116 Okurowski, Suzanne 43, 71, 73, 90, 92, 93, 128 Onofri, Jacqualine 63 Onafri, Pat 50 Onotri, Rosemarie 44, 128 Orazi, Patrick 63, 108 Orazi, Phyllis 58, 91, 101 Ossmann, Linda 44, 90 Owen, Allan 44, 122 Owen, Richard 58 Oyler, Lynda 112 P Padgett, James 61 Palmisano, Pat Palmucci, John 63 Palmucci, Sandra 58 Pastuer, Johnny 61 Patterson, Darlene 61, 72, 91 Patterson, Robert 63, 125 Patterson, Wayne 63 Perk, Marilyn 44, 125 Peterson, Jack 45 Peterson, Sandra 45 Petrecca, Daniel 61, 91 Petryszak, Danny 108 Phillips, Jeffery 58 Pidcock, Carole 63, 72 Piechowski, Lucille 63 Pinckard, Esther 65, 89, 90 Pinto, Keith Piscapo, David 61 Piscopo, Robert 58, 91 Platon, Darnley 65 Plummer, George 58 Pagany, Michael 57 Pogany, Richard 63, 70, 101 Poland, Bonnie 57 Poland, George 76, 108 Potocki, Nancy 65 Price, Estella 63 Proulx, Anita 58 R Rodosti, Carrnella 63 Radosti, Marie 61, 91 Reed, Barbara L. 63 Reed, Michelle Anne Reitzle, Christine 62 Reso, Peter R. 63 Reynolds, Celia 57, 91 Rhoades, Don L. 61 Ricci, Lilia A. 61 Rigby, Janet L. 25, 45, 90 Riley, Albert 57 Roberts, Charles W. 45, 52 Robinson, Ann 63 Robinson, Bertram 58, 83 Rockatellow, Gary 57 Rogalski, John S. Rogers, Bonita 57 Rogers Karen L. 65 Roman, Guy A. 61, 91, 125 Rosati, Adeline 62 Rasati, Katherine 65 Rose, Dennis 61 Rose, Gregory 58 Ross, Nicholas G. 60, 83 Rossi, Gail E. 60 Rothsching, Paul Rud, Natalia 62, 125 Rud, Russell 65, 122 Rapprecht, Patrica 62 Rushinski, Joseph D., 64 Russo, Linda 58 Rustay, Catherine M. 60 S Samsel, Robert T. 60 Scmsel, Ronnie J. 46, 52, 125 Scheidemantel, Cynthia 5Cl1eldel'f'0ftlel, Sue 46, 52, 71, 90, 128, 112 Schepelenko, Alexander 64 Schragger, Karen 57 Schmidt, William H. 62 Schrieber, Robert W, 60 Schwarz, Jim N. 25, 46, 90, 117, 128. 125 Scott, Raymond Scott, Sandra 58 Scott, Wilford 57, 115 Scullin, Jay R, 101, 122, 108 Senghaas, Kenneth 58 Seward, Barbara J. 60 Shaginaw, Evelyn 46, 52, 128 'Toth, John Tazaur, Rodney 58, 91 Traub, Mark 57 Traub, Peg 58 Trexler, Scott 57 Troxell, Gloria 57 Trofe, Frank 60 Tyndale, Carol 65 Tyndale, Nancy 49 Tyndale, Sandra 62, 90 V Van derLee, Tori 50, 70, 71 Venis, Celeste 58, 91 Vender, Stevie 57 Sharp, Jane E. 62, 89, 90 Shoriak, David 57 Shoriak, Jahn 60, 83 Shimko, Sharon 58 Shull, Laura O. 60, 61 Shull, Forrest C. 47, 76, 80, 116 Shull, Marian E. 62 Shutt, Ann L. 62 Sinclair, Tam L. 47 Simon, George Skuse, Craig 57 Slack, Dean W. 60, 83, 115, 125 Smith, Kathleen M. 65, 125 Smith, Margot H. 60 Vogler, Leonard 57 W Wakefield, Doris 60 Wakefield, Linda 62 Waiter, Donald 60 Wamsley, Edith 57 Warrell, Diana 57, 91 Warren, Arlene 60 Watkins, Joyce 57 Watkins, Ronald 58 Smith, Robert W. 62 Smith, Susan 57, 91, 125 Smolinski, John 47, 114, 108 Snedeker, Cheryl 47, 53, 71, 72, 111 Spreat, Scott 57 Sattley, Allen 24, 25, 48, 52, 53, 76, 80, 96 128, 125 Solan, Kathleen S. 65, 90, 125 Salt, Eileen 57 Solt, Kathleen 58 Stabinsky, Dolores 48 60 Stadler, Charles H. Stadler, Janet L. 25, 128 Stawski, Richard 62 Steele, Susan 60 Steward, Robert 57 Steinbeiser, Geneva 6 Stoddard, Emma 58 Stoddard, Maude 62 Stoddard, Patricia 48 , 83 48, 52, 53, 70, 73, 93, 5 Weaver, Mary Ann 64, 72, 125 Webb, Thomas 58 Weber, Roger 62 Weber, Virginia 57, 91 Welker, Glenn 58 Whalen, John 57 White, Todd 57, 96 White, David 62, 114, 116 Wiater, Donald Widmann, Donna 57, 125 Widmann, Sharon Lee Widmann, Jo Anne 50 Wiedenhaefer, Carl 62, 100 Wiedenhaeler, Paul 60, 83, 115 Wienckoski, Marie 65 Wienckowki, Ronald 50 William, Cronon Williams, Sid 60, 83, 115 Williams, Eileen Williams, Monica 53, 91 Williams, Terence 62, 114 Stout, James 62 Stradling, Barry 58 Straszynski, Thomas 65, 76, 108 Stramberg, Marilyn 60, 72, 91 Sullivan, Thomas 62, 70, 101, 116 Sultebach, Donna 62 Sultzbach, Richard 65 Suppers, Virginia 65 Surdy, Ann 57 Surdy, Hedy 49 Sutterley, Carol 58 Sutterly, Edmond Symington, James 64 Swope, James 62, 70, 101, 125 Swope, Thomas 60, 115 Szura, Janet 58 T Talevi, Mary Jane 62, 125, 90 Tanzillo, Jo Anne Tanicello, Ronald 49, 116 Tanzillo, Anthony 62, 106 Tarr, Robert 58 Tarr, Steve 49 Taylor, Roberta 60 Temple, Pamela 58, 91, 82 Temple, William 65, 76,116 Terry, Dorothy Tettemer, Nancy 57 Tettemer, Thomas 65, 100, 122 Thompson, Bruce 57, 96 Thomas, Dale 60, 83, 115 Tootell, Robert 115 Tootell, Tom 60, 115, 125 Toth, Betty Ann 57 Willis, Christine B2 Wilmot, Howard 64, 90, 116 Wilmot, Melody '60, 91 Wilson, Danny 62 Wylie, William Wisniewski, Jay 64 Witkowski, Steve 5B Wood, Judy 58, 91, 82, 125 Woodward, Rowland 114 Waolverton, George 60 Waolverton, Susan 62 Worthington, Charles Worthington, Christine 57 Worthington, Karen 50 Wurpel, Linda 62 Wylie, Bill sa, 115,125 Y Yates, Beverly 58 Yates, Richard 65 Yeager, Doug 60, 115 Z Zaborniak, Martin 58 Zelenak, Mary Ann 57 Zelenak, Kathleen Zima, Stephanie Zsolnay, Gilbert 58 Zurachiwski, Don muon ruisqsning commv L xp ,M 'fvusfkt r 'R A ' va We "W aff.: Phe M ww 'fp V 'inf , f s' V , . . . , .xx 'rif f'--fl. ,ivff?."5:.,-M, :QQ 1,',, ,z U .X .f .,, V, ,, .- . t. .11 .,',,-fxiw 1 , ., 1 , ,wh f, M - H -' ,V ' V. . .- J. -. iff:-1-'af " 'fx 1...' . . , .. ..- ,--J -- Je f" 41. 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Suggestions in the Morrisville High School - Robert Morris Yearbook (Morrisville, PA) collection:

Morrisville High School - Robert Morris Yearbook (Morrisville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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