Morrisville High School - Robert Morris Yearbook (Morrisville, PA)

 - Class of 1961

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Morrisville High School - Robert Morris Yearbook (Morrisville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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xi u f ,. . , ,-g ': 2-4 S. '1 A, 'FF'-Q,Qj-.,' ,:,.,-35' im, 3' v 1 , . Q ,, , , ' f ,Qi ' I' jf? I Twig.. Mi.-J H.,y.,,f-ig. ,gf-:,.,,-xi-:w,g,,5x -.H,51K'2"1", :1355gY:3',:,x1,2AH15?f.'Af rf, wggq , ,. .1 g , 1.3,g.,' 13,311,911 -vm, 554 F ug , gl.-1.5.-2 :az-'f-,w--p1eL!3L,,Af4,151Q',,' '55 , ,l,f4L',:'- 15 5, M, . i,H, 1 ,,qM,..... iv. , - ,W 3 .. W , :, .. .. 12' 1 .,, , .- ,b , . f , h,-, I v - V A 1, K V , ', A ,. .4 '. V-, ' ' V . ww . it 1 'Q . I I1 6 , Q I r - ' 34 ' J 'wmv ' " Jivii , . . . . ,I Z. , A I - , . ., 131:11-2 -, . " N A .f -v, 'inf' , .. -Q,.,1,-:..-- ,.- wif, .H s.- . my ,if . 1 - H ,, .mx , . 5.1 5 -5. 4 u , -3,-Qvf-,f..,,,fg. ,I 6, p A . fy U U ., .q 4 - A 4 N ,. 5 L 5 .ew-.Q .Q .. ,L 9',sfY'?Lf'ffi -V v2'f,:'f3? f1f?L1'4 f: ,. " af-'ff' -'3.7'igf5'tgaf.Tg4w.-Q -09' ,Q--z -A '-,.1!3gfL21' ?x3E" if5:?ff: fffQ5:J22lg??' R ' ' 4 AJP ', -if , W ..-u.'i 'fr- 1,5 9, '.,e?l219.:+,f2g ,": "rN'- w 'W 1'-A 1 - Y -W '- '- ' 1244, iff ' ja W ,, K w . gf f 2 V' , , , . W , ,... ,.,.,,, , - . f . : , ,...,. ,'-. .w ff -".-1 'W -- fan- -'L. - 4, . '. pf-V . 'yt - " ' ." 15, : ' 3'-:-',-'i- ..:'-'V I-FW f'?'.' 'W r"".- I -Af A- H 2.9: i1":" ' J." '. ', a'4,"'-Vkusfwz w1,f'if-"'W'iFf" F12 fww. ,41zfgif":'v4 lt." " ' 4 X 'Q -T.-:gf ' 'L '7 ' ' '- '4 'A J 4, mis -Iwi --'. .-'fa 2 , . k,.,, ,,, V , , V, yn, . ., ,fV.V,,V , , .Q V.e .-L, ,-,-U,,,.--fm-v., - V V V V V w w " 12 A f sy ' ,ww I v L. ..,5g:w,.f,. .Fi 416,55 -Jf,?',:, Q,.,.,,n, M5 ':,k,?.j ,. :V V..,31i M wg? a,,, KL:V5fl.,f.5, - ? 5 5.?,,V.Vf,i,,:...:,, wif 1 . - .- .uf 1. '41 fa "X I 1 V. .V , V J . 4: .fF,.fV-,. f.. 1- -:I-.ww V,+. ,J ,.,-'1',..-fg-1,mV,.e '-:51 J V1.3 s::VA':,1Lf,'g,1-, V:,Ve-few V, 5 .,-"xi 921 . -V '?,'-fV-26520 1 -fffifw , -www' "fgk.1fq+fi':rwHf wVA1"u-14 x v ' if'-1, 4' 515'-4 wafwfgiwc ve azeimf..-'Vvs' 'ss , - K .g.- A J swf '-:iw -.f'f V ' '?P ,V-r d - V .1zV,.-V V, if W I M , 5.5 Y 4 , 1 1,-.3 ' - , .,,L ,Q , -vggt-V',f g3,:.V,1:f. , -m ffifiq -V 255' Vai, . 3 -. ,gd fi- :fi '- V V ff? 1 1 1 Y 1 4 1 5 I 4 ,4 1 1 Y 4 1 Y 1 V V 1 4 l N I V V ,4 , .VA 1 f f .f 6 . mv, Q Q My hwryvhmf 4,59 :V ... W-WK L, -'Q .1 .X Au. -5? zu.-.U Vp -qyggy .1 f F ' V' I A, ': i ' 'N 1 X ' ' Q V ' - ' ' . .g. ' Q, 1 ' .1 1 C. ' j L. ':::.Q4"ij,'1:'xq,5:ViZif2:fLV,,mf ,V giff ,md XVUV-,gsm ,.i.,., I , I lj - , Q V 7 1 - E-, , A f 3' y,,,yV VQ,V4f.s- gifs'-,7 ,eg : ',:y:ff'-wi .,,. Af' ' 'V'6",Z " ' , ., , V ,, ,- 7 Q 9 1V ' ' ' VJ' , , ' ,t:.v,'V7' ' fi 'MPX i.fVg?'wVz.f,.:,,:V-'9V.?1 :yffw3,Qe'- '1' M ,J-'.Lfi.' .f-V 11 f, ,yu 1-f',.,:f,V-1 f ff"-f 'V 39 fi Vfwliw-fi, X -V15-0,22 Vr .f- " A -' ' ':?'.v..'I-MV' 'Wili'-'1?f1f'-1454-PCN? ""'+s'59'?M - '! - .-1 " -'-A YM 'P -'. '- "1iiQEU' ff ..V + - - V" V .vw Vw V.,- . -V an b,.G.fv Q .wx ' .??fV.,. , 1 .V '1-X mf- .Y V - .. YQ- L x .. -..- V V ww-1- .. .-ve1,.'- -'W-'.'m:!...,1 Pb: uf ,a 4, L, .s 'Tr Q .gg , , 4 1 v fx COQZZ ,V fx O ,Q Q 94 Sb 949 l 2 2 saw JU RESERVED 322,52 R f- .4 .........2s m 1---T2 :W C 7X o O P 119 U QMS, Q FK Q E E no 01 for UR joiliii l,j"'l'f-ss "Qx f vacuums few , .V 2 1 2 3 ' - .4 .. 1 ' EL Y P , f S 1 Q ef 'li W'-r M . , . Q .wwwmwm W 'W ' in w 1 ,M P u es., H ,ii ,.,. L J MMU?59TMWWm N , ., in A ,5 'lllln A-f-an 4 ., sv W ' Aww. U 2 .. M qw Q QE H M Q .Wu we W mv 'ilk 9!!!FN f E .E gmw gfy if Q 'f 'X Ai ink fu D I , K m 1 M ' 5 Q norm - 'nl gmmi :iraq faimbm ' 'K f ' som 1 ff-om K 'Q HA K ' '52 Nfmow' are ,Q L o A W 5 -1 , 5? E Q 3 E 'X' " A M on 2, . 2 Volume Goolofy-tlzroo Puoishod oy tho Kloss of 1961 ,Morrisoillo J-lzylz School ,Morrisoilla Ponusyloouio Q9 K xl I " "All the world's a stage, A d all the men and women merely players. i ' jr n 1 They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts." . . . Shakespeare N i, M f v ' fl W' , g- s N S 5 s l ff 1 P L' ' -X r Q fs 1 X :NX NX E ' N NX i . Z. XJ C X 7 ,A I In presenting this yearbook, our staff has chosen the Stage for our theme because it repre- l' es in school from our "small roles" in our earlier years to the sents the story of our iv "starring role" in this, our senior year. We feel that we have successfully recorded some of the comedies and tragedies of our own lives in school. We, the Class of 1961, are proud to present the twenty-third edition of the Robert ou have enjoyed Morris. We hope you will enjoy our yearbook as much as, We are sure, y the books that have preceded ours. 51 r I Hb, 'O Y "1 e qmmww I N'lif:"i"?i'iIEIi1 -".'," .l. A .Wx 9 6 al A .jx G jx. ,C I om fnfraducfivn Dcwcafim Adminzkfrafiau Seuivrs llmlcrclzzssmen Sparfs Acfivzfies gn, SYSTEM Dczhkvzfiolr "I'll take care of it, folks!" We first met Mr. Torok in tenth grade when he taught our biology class. Near the end of our sophomore year he became our class advisor and started his task im- mediately by helping with our first class project, our social. Since then he has been in charge of our class meetings, and has helped us make many important decisions. Our prom is only one example of his invaluable aid. Mr. Torok joined our faculty at Morrisville High School in 1946. He has since taught classes of science, mathematics, and biology, and has also coached our junior high football and basketball teams. For the past five years he has helped guide our summer activities at the Community Pool. As our advisor he has given us unlimited time and has been willing to assist us at any opportunity. Thus we, the Class of 1961, are proud to dedicate this twenty-third edition of the Robert Morris to Mr. Frank Torok, our teacher, counselor and friend, in appreciation of his continued guidance and tireless efforts which have made our senior year a success and one we shall never forget. "With flrfwr Urzztlz and loyalty Willy Chine fltzlls 8110 King . . Q my 1 .V , . . .. 6. 5.5 :,sv Q 4 -.,+ .' -4 ,g- MV K .JL in. A, -. . , . ga- ,,'U V f S, n .,4"o ,. 'inn .-, -wwf wan, A 'V 1' 3. x ,L .qty-' W 1. b,V v f 'Q . - Q, ' x x, W f-,7 lf' , 3 rg, , , '- 1 ' . 1 5 3 gr", ,T , ff HJ V' a- ' 2 1. 7- 'J v rf ,. ,S l 3 4 1 a 3 ' x i e 4-ffQ1""I'7 Y' In 'K X 4. " 3f'W' frxabgwx an ,. W X 4 KV 'K . -19.1- -fx o, ' .'4' A V -1,. ..3.,,5 ..1-. . Y W1 y .ieetsteps All at onee my locker didn't seem large enough for all my hooks. I never realized what home- work really was until I began my second year in junior high school . to W8'1!6 always had a fighting team . . . I remember lookin g into the trophy ease hoping that someday Mom and Dad would he proud of my winning toneh- down. Then, being a member ofthe team seemed so far away. Q E fs ,5 Q22 E 2 s Kffiv i 25 S 6 1, W. K. F5 k xi, L, J x i, E H wx gs H Gw- 5 at kg: .sz is '25 f' I we Q a J,- nsgfwm , --,-a:'f:g,-:f,1.- f-wk f',aLfwqf-,.. Yfwvffffilf-.L,,Aww. A211 -Www ' 1 V f ' -. - ',.Hzfwfy:f7:+ .. 1. ' s .ef-fglw M 1 . Wifz-EV J was K - " ' . K - XE into thc' U 012 ezzferizz Jezzioz' hi ia, I mzy are!! zvifb fl .reriom rablem. 3' 3 For fhe momezzf, I had to PIII my cbilffifla 1l'!Z-'IA' Zaelaiun' me ma' fmzie nz difficufi fierifiozz , . , fha! of feleriifzg my cozzrfe. 0 0 5 Lfzmelzght y I rouldrft flop looking at my ring and polifhirzg it wills my Jleeve. Every time I Zooked of if I realized all zfbe expertoiiom r of my senior year were not for away. -. 'np- The zvealfb of nmzzkirzd if lhe ufifdom they leave . . . Andrew Lang g '-A W QA, DR. PAUL PHILLIPS SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Upon the resignation of Mr. Manoah R. Reiter last june, Dr. Paul Phillips was appointed Superintendent of the Morrisville Schools by the Board of School Directors. During the past two years Dr. Phillips has been familiarizing himself with the many pertinent details of school administration as they apply to the Morrisville Schools. Among his many duties during that time, he has supervised curriculum studies, managed the fiscal affairs of the school system, and appointed new members to the teaching staff. The duties of his new position are many. "The job of a school Superintendent is one of the most challenging responsibilities held in a community. My position requires that I provide leadership to our staff, develop plans for improving our schools, and to guide our schools toward the goals set by cooperative effort," he said. Dr. Phillips also hopes to bring to the attention of the public our fine school system. Since Dr. Phillips has come to Morrisville, he has become a keen observer and participant in our many school activities. He has also become very interested in civic affairs. He was recently elected to the Board of Governors of the Morrisville Rotary Club. The Bucks County Public School Superintendents' Association elected him President of their organization for the ensuing year. When Dr. Phillips finds time for his hobbies, he enjoys golf, gardening, and fishing. We, the student body of Morrisville High School, are very honored to have such a fine man as our Superintendent. We wish Dr. Phillips success in his new position. Our Princzjwzl MR. CAUM The duties of a principal are varied and many, but Mr. Caum takes them in stride and keeps Morrisville High School running smoothly. Though ex- tremely busy, he is always Willing to lend a helping hand. Our Guidance Dirccfar MISS GISH Miss Gish guides and helps each and every student with sincere interest and wis- dom. She is, indeed, an im- portant link of the adminis- trative staff of our school. I8 Che l6'wzrd fff fdumfion Harry H. Lee, jr., Preridefzt Horace E. Hunt, Vire-Preridezzt William H. Roberts, T1'e4z.rm'er Alfred Champagne Donald Frye Robert Beadle Homer C. Platon Frank C. Miller, Sefretary We, the Class of 1961, Wish to express our deep ap- preciation and gratitude to these men for their genuine interest and willingness to de- vote generously of their time and talents in the planning and direction of the Morris- ville School System. Sfmdifzg. from lefl In rigbl. are: Harry H. Lee. Horace E. Hunt. Xvilliam H. Roberts, Alfred Champagne, Donald Frye, Horner C. Plrxton. Robert licadle. and Frank C. Miller. E I9 james 5 Wm! Our best wishes to Mr. James Woorl, assistant principal, who has taken a year's leave of absence from Morrisville High School to take the position of principal at the American Dependent School in Wfurzburg, Germany. Mr. Wood has been our yearbook advisor and co-athletic director for many years and has successfully planned our annual class trips. Always willing to help, Mr. Yffood has been a counselor and true friend to the student body. From the senior ClLlSS--OL11' sincere congratulations and many, many thanks. UQ' .risky r' - T:15xfH?P1ZsV" 1 is ,.,f ,W 'Q L Q ,"' 4 A 1: if-55 '-f..N21w?a- V . : L . ---- 4 if Nl' 1: 'Lf' f"'Ur 3 ' ' ,495 6 551:-'fxzfg-L? ! Q 'SS W y ig H s 5 1 fy N 3 ,. V 'S - 2 ,,. V 5' i fi rm? Ryu 1 A 1 , 'zz ff ? MARGARET A. WATKINS "EFI " ' , 4 I V ilAVig Q V H , A - i a, s is -in , , Tgiugfi 2 'T-V x JOHN GONTAR J. NX'ILBER SAUDER Svery prvducfivu Needs its Direcfrfr . . . HORACE M. I-IUTCHISON ESTHER M. HAXVKINS ANNE E. PARSONS I .R b DOROTHY A. KELLER M"f...'?."' GORDON DAVIES ALEXANDER MCDONALD ,Q We in-. if -A , Q, mmgvw, iw. cgtlffl Hy Hi 9 f'Wf ' W ' ' - .. Q W 1192 hu.. ff ' gl 4 3 Q ,,.. 9' , W N, Z . Aff 3- I , - mf,-Q ., 1. ,M '4 1 my .h iv "-Q, M 5 A :Q-'!'sf,.-'14 1- 1 f ,S www 4 71 'X i-if if :'f!S'T'i7f .vw A i Rfk +1 . H6415 in ,afij A kr ' ,V 1 3 .mf IGN MN N i 9'5" mg,-ou...---' X.: lil: . 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WNUK FRANK PODLEISZEK CHARLES SCHULTZ . 571115 Enriching Our Zzfurcs Mama! and Secfefariul BARBARA BERROTH Staffs 57 3.ii 1 A I IW ? R in A I I ""? x I, Aff SONDRA DEZENHALL MARJORIE JONES, R.N. ROBERT A- GOU1-D, M-D DANIEL P. DEVLIN EMILY HOPKINS LUCILLE MCCAHAN N24 L I X CAFETERIA Seated, lefl lu rigbl: Jeannie Brodeci, Mary Lou McCoy, Mina Braker. Slmzdifzg. lefz fo rigbls Catherine' Osborng Minnie Bostian, Rosanna Sigley, Mary Rogers, Carolyn Foster. Praducfiou Staffs MAINTENANCE Left lo riglalx Robert Habel, Herman Michel, Millie Himmelberger, Adam Hormung Sr., Williaili Van Houten. a' I gmdzmle wills bozzorf Life if my follege, 771 3 . . . L. M. Alcott DAVID ANDERSON "Dave" Academic Morrisville's own Loopie de Loop . . . spends most of his time fishing and trapping . . . really has a keen sense of humor though he often doesn't realize it . . . kept the class in stitches once he got started . . . true-blue Pittsburgh fan from way back . . . mention food and Dave's your friend-doesn't have a hard time putting it away . . . helps Jeff and Dusty hold down the "rail" . . . would like to become an employee of Uncle Sam after graduation. DONNA ROSE BABIC "Sunny" Academic Never a dull moment when Sunny's around . . . always ready to prove a point . . . gives everyone a hard time doing it . . . will remember her terrific bowl- ing scores for a long time . . . what would Spanish be like without her? . . . flipped on the trampoline in her senior year . . . mention Pittsburgh and Sunny knows all . . . forecasted the '60 Series for the past ten years . . . traveled around all summer following the Legion team . . . a whiz with a test tube, she plans to follow her interest in this field. GORDON LEE BECK "Flash" Academic A trumpet-wielding senior . . . member of the Morrisville Veterans' Drum and Bugle Corps . . . participated in the high school orchestra and the marching band . . . helped make up the brass section in the dance band . . . sorry he wasn't a member of the Scout troop that went to Koocamonga . . . shocked everyone when he got his crew cut . . . gets a "bang" out of chemistry class . . . spent quite a bit of time in the art room . . . plans to follow his father's footsteps as a carpenter-contractor after graduation. WILLIAM CHARLES BLOOR ' 'Bill" Academic Tall, friendly, but quiet . . . keeps on the straight and narrow when it comes to bowling . . . spends Thursday's club period at Delmor Lanes racking up the points for his team . . . spends quite a bit of his time boating in the summer . . . likes to mow lawns, don't you, Bill? . . . gives the local mechanics some competition by being able to tear an engine apart, put it back together, and still have it work! . . . would like to become another Uncle Sam man and join the Coast Guard after graduation. DOLORES CAROLYN BODINE "Dee" C 0772772-?1'L'fzIf Dee makes many friends with her winning smile and cute giggle . . . Muzzey of the D.D.D .... believes in a stitch in time,-her spare time that is . . . has a nickname for every occasion and then some . . . why are you so crazy about little red sports cars, Deisel? . . . portrayed the dominated Alice Martin in our class play . . . never has to worry about sleeping on bobby pins . . . not really sure of her future plans, but would like to work at Bell Telephone or as a receptionist. ULIA ANN BURGIISS J 4 "J'Ann" Academic A whiz with a needle-her ability can be seen in her wardrobe . . . one of the girls in green . . . went to Prince Edward Island with the other Senior Girl Scouts last summer . . . assistant gavel banger for the F.T.A .... helped make with the words at all our yearbook meetings . . . aided the intermediate scouts with their skill-building projects . . . added a lot of volume to the senior chorus for the past three years . . . her future holds four more years of schooling and then some more as an elementary teacher. JOSEPH CAMPANELLI "Joe" Gefzem! A real "speedy" senior . . . every morning, two minutes before the tardy bell rang, joe could be seen racing into the school parking lot . . . didn't seem to care too much for English class, did you, Joe? . . . kept the classes awake and laughing with his "dry" comments . . . played a real mean guard for our Bull- dogs . . . after school joe helped keep Caruso's store running . . . would like to continue his education by attending night school and later become a real estate salesman. NOREEN CAPOZZA N 111 Commercial A happy, hard-working senior who always has something to talk about . when it comes to debating or proving a point, Nin's right there . . . be- lieves in speaking her piece . . . has a nifty smile and a personality to go along with it . . . really wished Vermont wasnlt so far away . . . claims to understand all those psychology books she reads . . . may be one of our future female psychiatrists . . . can't really decide whether to be a secretary or attend night school and then college to enter into the field of psychology. RICHARD BROADUS CLARK "Brutey' Amdefzzic Bruising tackle on our fighting Eleven . . . likes all kinds of science and mathematics . . . received a letter of commendation for outstanding work on the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Tests . . . favorite pastime is teasing the girls . . . has many friends because he is so easy to get along with and pos- sesses a good sense of humor . . . delights in stumping teachers with difficult questions . . . interested in space flight . . . hey Broadus, how did that space ship get in your backyard? . . . plans to attend college after graduation. TERRY ALAN CLARK "Terry" Academic A brilliant student who has been on the honor roll ever since it started . . . made any mechanical men lately, Terry? . . . really a high flyer when it comes to pole vaulting and airplane piloting . . . received many honors for his feats in pole vaulting . . . as for flying, he is the only senior who boasts a student pilot's license . . . seems to be the quiet type, but has a winning personality and many friends . . . would like to attend college after graduation and major in engineering. DORIS VIRGINIA CLAWGES "Doris" C07lI71I6i't'f!I! Possessor of a quiet sense of humor-the kind that everyone enjoys . . . seemed to get a kick out of bookkeeping class with "hey mister" . . . has a teasable type of personality that everyone takes advantage of . . . but she seems to enjoy it as much as we do . . . has a lot of fun "trying" to ice skate . . . really an artist when it comes to portraits . . . has beautiful, long, honey-brown hair . . . future plans are not as yet decided but hopes to become a secretary after graduation. RICHARD MICHAEL COMINSKI "Rich" General A happy-go-lucky guy who is always ready to defend his rights . . . for the past three years he has kept the backfield in position during football season . . . was proud of being a co-captain for our Bulldog Eleven . . . a real gunner who uses his height to an advantage on the basketball court , . . what would the gang do without Richie and his Ford for transportation? . . . intends to par- ticipate in sports after graduation on independent teams . . . Rich has a one- track mind which leads to working on the railroad after graduation. SHIRLEY R. CONRAD "Shirley" Genera! A friendly member of the class who is always willing to lend a helping hand . . . is an eager listener though quiet in her own manner . . . enjoyed cooking class with Mrs. Miller during Home Ec periods . . . got quite a kick out of Mrs. Keller's antics . . . enjoys the quiet pleasures of reading in her leisure hours . . . played a good game of volleyball during P.E. classes . . . a real "pro" when it came to serving that ball . . . her immediate plans for the future are undecided. DAVID ALAN COTE "Dave" Genera! An active member of the M.H.S. Band for the past six years . . . did an ex- cellent job as drum major during his sophomore, junior, and senior years . . . has won over two hundred awards in twirling contests and parades . . . as a favor- ite sport, Dave chooses basketball but is an ardent supporter of all sporting events . . . ask Dave what his favorite subject is and he is sure to say lunch . . . has spent many an enjoyable half hour in the cafeteria . . . future plans include college where he will major in education. RAYMOND SAMUEL COXVELL "Skip" C ommerrial A quieter member of the commercial class-but being one of the only two fellows in that section, it isn't any wonder . . . blushed a deep red from all that teasing he good naturedly takes from the girls . . . really "strikes" out when it comes to his favorite pastime, bowling . . . always helped everyone in bookkeep- ing class . . . faithful supporter of our school activities . . . though his plans are not definitely decided, Ray hopes to continue his education by attending a busi- ness college. FRANCIS CROTTO "Fran" Academic A real traveler . . . came back to us as a senior after a year's "vacation" at Woodrow Wilson . . . made every day seem like "sundae', while working at the Dairy Queen this summer . . . gets a big charge out of teasing Fuzzy right back . . . knows just where to aim those balls when it comes to playing basketball and golf . . . spends quite a bit of time riding around in that blue Ford . . . would like to attend a business college after graduation and major in accounting. MARGARET DIABELKO "Marge" C ommercial Peppy and petite . , . can boast of an extensive wardrobe . . . spends some of her leisure time writing to the Marines . . . likes variety when it comes to dancing and music . . . one of Miss Parsons' famous rope climbers in P.E. class -brought out Darwin's theory on the way up . . . oh! those long health classes . . . in spite of her size, she can really handle her big blue Buick . . . will be dialing long distance for Bell Telephone as an operator after graduation. SUSAN E. DUEF Sue" Terlwzim! Small, energetic, and full of fun . . . frequently seen with Gerry and Joyce in her ,53 Merc . . . kept the teachers going at Tech School . . . her blue eyes are the envy of all . . . what would Family Circle do without Sue? . . . her infec- tious giggle could always be heard in the halls of M.H.S .... will never stop talking about her vacation with Gerry in North Carolina . . . looking forward to more weekends at the shore . . . will make a terrific beautician after gradua- tion. WALTER HARRIS ELLIS, JR. "Cookie" Amdemic The "end" of our Bulldog gridders or one of them . . . editor in charge of processing the pages of our ROBERT MORRIS . . . one of our high jumping track men . . . when it comes to wheels, Walt started with an MG and ended up with a streamlined baby-blue convertible . . . says he's not done yet . . . managed to squeeze some food into his combination laugh and lunch periods . . . prac- ticed public speaking as an active member of the Alpha Omega . . . plans to stop off at college on his way to seminary. JOAN M. FOSTER "Joanie" Commercial Known for her quietness, but she still managed to give the teachers a hard time . . . kept our librarian busy looking for books . . . enjoyed Home Ec pe- riods because they're just like another lunch period . . . one of the few girls who doesn't mind eating everything she makes . . . answered to "Ralph" for quite some time after taking driving lessons from Mr. Davies . . . watch outl, here comes joan and her green "bomb!" . . . looking forward to getting married after graduation. Q IF i SARA JANE FRICK "Sue" Academic A senior on the go . . . capable secretary of Student Council . . . participated in all girls' sports and did a good job in each . . . usually found in the center of a good time . . . carried the Red, White, and Blue for our marching band . . . really dreaded those long practices . . . managed to keep her surprise parties a secret till the last minute . . . Hey Sue, what was your final mark in School Store? . . . college bound, Sue will prepare for elementary teaching. JAMES LAMAR GAEGEN "Jim', General "There could be trouble" . . . could often be heard echoing through "C" wing from the art room . . . the battle cry of this talented senior has led to many a handsome sculptured head . . . helped hold up his end of our senior rock and roll assemblies . . . a fanatic stock car enthusiast . . . loves to lend a hand when wheels are involved . . . Jim's "original" sense of humor could keep any class from being dull . . . future plans include getting a job right after graduation. CHARLES RONALD GEANETTE "Ernie" Academic Charlie is one fellow who liked to come to school in the middle of the morning . . . he's hardly ever seen without his red cap . . . threatened to wear it to Washington . . . spends most of his time working on his truck . . . who gave you your nickname, Ernie? . . . avid fan of most M.H.S. sports . . . usually found keeping Gordon out of trouble . . . by the way, Charlie, what happened in chemistry class? . . . his future plans include giving Uncle Sam a hard time in the Navy. JEFFREY GIANO "Fuzz" Academic Jeff is another good-looking member of our male population . . . why do the boys get all the curly hair! . . . was a strong halfback on our Bulldog lineup . . . a fan of all types of sports . . . played a mad scientist in our class play . . . proud driver of a cool Chevy . . . looking for Jeff-try the "raill' . . . spends a lot of time hunting with Dave and Dusty . . . when it comes to clothes, he's strictly ivy league . . . future includes getting a good job or entering college. ANTHONY BAYNE GORMAN "Bayne" General Tall, blonde, and handsome-our senior class's prime example of the strong silent type . . . one of the first to run out of senior pictures . . . has been trying for years to break Dusty's rail-sitting record . . . a member of 12-1's private P.O.D. class . . . as a track man, he specialized in the high jump . . . got to be a permanent fixture in the shop . . . favored some more national holidays pro- vided they fell during hunting season . . . plans to spend the years following graduation touring the world in Navy blues. CAROLYN MARION GREEN " Carolyni' C ommerriazl Can boast of being one of the only "true" blondes in our senior class . . . a peppy co-captain of the cheerleaders . . . has the ability to talk herself into and out of anything . . . claimed her favorite subject was gym class-proved this by doing every trick imaginable on the gym equipment . . . didnt seem to care too much for transcription classes . . . spends quite a bit of her time with a hand- some member of the Class of '55 . . . would like to become a secretary in her father's office after graduation. ALFRED N. HADLEY ' 'A1" Technical The tall quiet type . . . carpentry major at Technical school . . . gave our business manager quite a helping hand straightening out all those candy orders . . . always willing to help whenever something must be done . . . pet peeve is history class-just couldn't get interested in it . . . Al's favorite hobby is woodworking-has made many a handy gadget to prove his talent . . . often seen riding around town in a "hot', Merc . . . is looking forward to a job with a building contractor after graduation. MARY ELIZABETH HAINES "Mary" Commercial A rumpus-raising senior who is really full of the devil . . . could always be counted on to question the whys and wherefores of our schoolls regulations . . . is it really red ?-only her hairdresser knows for sure . . . prefers four wheels to walking any day, especially when they are covered by a white Bonneville . . . wished school started at 2:30 . . . instigator of the instant gym shower-taken while fully clothed, no soap required . . . a secretarial career is her main am- bition upon graduation. CHRISTINE HANSEN "Chris" C ommewial Cute and classy . . . was very dependable as our class secretary and co- business manager of the yearbook . . . treasurer of Student Council . . . well dressed for every occasion--maybe sewing in her spare time has something to do with it . . . how does it feel to be at the top of the rope, "jose?" . . . used her make-up ability back stage during the senior play . . . wins all the locker room competition . . . will make good use of her commercial training, as she plans to pursue a career in secretarial work. RICHARD K. HART "Crotch" Academic Outstanding athlete in the class , . . has three well-earned stripes . . . co- captain and fighting fullback of the Varsity Eleven . . . successful in keeping the state shot put record in the Hart family . . . helped take the Morrisville Legion Baseball team into the finals at Allentown last summer . . . can't seem to stay away from food . . . probably picked up the habit from Vince and Max . . . frequently a "big tease" but knows how to take it, too , . . a neat dresser with added height . . . looking forward to college in the near future. CHARLES VINCENT INVERSO "Tootie" G mem! A good-natured senior who takes a lot of ribbing about "blue and green" . . . often found in the art room giving Ray pointers on his hot rod models . . . Tootie's "taxi service" seems to be in competition with the bus . . . gave Mr. Thomas a rough time in P.O.D. class when it came to politics . . . favors taking the vote away from women . . . quite the Cassanova when it comes to the girls . . . plans to join the Navy after graduation . . . think they'll give you a green shirt, Tootie? WILLIAM JOHNSON UBi11" Technical An auto body major at Technical school . . . has quite a big voice for a short senior . . . kept the customers happy while working at Foose's during the summer . . . spends his spare time improving his bowling score . . takes a lot of pride in keeping the automatic pin-setters busy at Delmorr Lanes . . . won't admit he has short-circuited a couple of them already . . . if you can't find Bill around anywhere, try looking under some cars-will make a career of this pastime as a mechanic after graduation. ARTHUR KAVANAGH "jay" Technical Came to us in his sophomore year from Connecticut . . . enjoys playing basketball and participating in track . . . spends quite a bit of time bowling and weather permitting, ice skating . . . insists he doesn't have any trouble breathing at that high altitude . . . put those pretty white lines on our football field for us for two seasons . . . likes to go boating on the river . . . is always inventing something new . . . spent his summer evenings with the rest of the "mailbox cowboys" . . . plans to attend a technical college and major in elec- tronrcs. DONNA JEAN KEUPER "Donna" Commerriazl A senior with a figure! . . . possesses the looks and a warm personality to go along with it . . . had your fill of history this year, didn't you, Donna? . . . has never been seen with straight hair . . . seemed to enjoy taking her showers fully dressed after gym class, huh Donna? . . . really loved those ex- ercises during gym periods . . . took quite an interest in the Legion games this past summer . . . has her man picked out already-that rock on her left hand proves it . . . plans to get married soon after graduation. s BARBARA FRANCES KLEPADLO "Barb" Commercial Well known as the gal with the sexy giggle-a very contagious one at that . . . derived much pleasure from demanding the unobtainable proof for her completely unanswerable questions . . . helped keep the commercial classes from getting dull . . . gets a big kick out of getting Arlene into trouble-but it usually works out the other way around . . . an inseparable pair . . . enjoyed working at the RKO Trent . . . Barb's future plans are not really decided . . . may become either a secretary or a medical technician. JOSEPH Kovacs UJOCH Academic A quiet fellow until he decides he knows you . . . life wouldn't be worth living if he couldn't ever have the family Ford . . . wants to rearrange the seasons so there will be four summers for swimming . . . denies having a ghost writer . . . had a cheery hello in the morning for anyone with nerve enough to speak to him then . . . always got one of the higher marks in P.O.D. . . . pulling a switch in his future plans-wants to go to college and then join the Navy . . . hopes Uncle Sam will cooperate. ROBERT KRAFT "Max" Gefzeml A trumpet playing senior . . . did a really bang-up job as class custodian of the dollar signs . . . often mistaken for Gotchs shadow . . . insisted they had never planned to dress exactly alike . . . couldnt seem to sit long enough for Shay to sketch his profile in art class . . . spent many a P.O.D. class in heated discussion with Mr. Thomas . , . usually left slightly frustrated at the end of class . . . favored longer class meetings, more often . . . undecided as to what he wants from life. JUD ITH GAIL l..ANli "Judy" General One of Mrs. Miller's good cooks . . . really enjoyed Home Ec classes . . . never missed a football or a basketball game if she could help it . . . loves dogs . . . owns two . . . Helen and Marge join Judy to form an inseparable trio . . . Morrisville's Three Musketeers . . . looked forward to English classes . . . thought Mrs. Keller did a better job of Macbeth than Judith Ander- son . . . also praised the assemblies along with the other seniors . . . her quiet way of doing things always gets the job done . . . hopes to work at Bell Tele- phone after graduation. RICHARD LAXVRENCE LANE "Dick,' General A willing worker when it came time to get ads for the yearbook . . . did somebody say something about a free yearbook? . . . spent his free time working at Talone's . . . says his hobbies are girls, cars, and food . . . spends a lot of time riding with uthe gang" in his '56 Chevy . . . a faithful supporter of most M.l'l,S. activities . . . was notorious for giving the teachers a hard time . . . how much time did you spend in the office today, Dick? . . . he plans to join Uncle Samls boys in blue after he leaves school. JAMES F. LAVERICK "Jim" Genera! The proud possessor of a two track mind . . . cars and girls . . . always found either in his car or under it . . . is trying to break the sound barrier with his "cricket" . . . spells happiness with a great big dollar sign . . . vows heill "strike it richi' . . . a real sports fan . . . tries to make it to all the games . . . has a pretty good record too . . . hopes to get a crack at some of those Air Force jets . . . promises then to settle down with his money and a family. SANDRA LEE LAYMAN "Sandy" C ommercial A real leg-puller from way back-just loves to tease . . . "Sam,' looks like a pro when it comes to dancing . . . a very neat dresser . . . always seems to have something new to wear . . . likes to ride around in her father's big white Buick . . . would make an excellent hair stylistgdoes a wonderful job on her friends' hair and her own . . . spends a lot of her spare time "messing around" with the rest of the D.D.D ..,. future plans include becoming either a beautician or a secretary after graduation. RICHARD HAVEN LEN OX ' ' Dick' ' A rmieffzic avid sports enthusiast often represented M H S on the air Wu es managed to keep in step in all the parades in spite of the bi bass drum he had to carry . . . kept his classmates in a good mood . . . did an excellent job as Willoughby Adams in our senior play . . . won a letter for his participa- tion on the cross country team . . . has a strange dislike for nose spray, don't you, Dick? . . . his future plans include attending college after graduation. A good-looking academic student and efficient president of Student Coun- cil . . . ' ' . . . 2 . . , ' 1 ' Vitft-1-"r" JEANNE LOUISE LONG "Jeannie" A mdemic A miss with personality plus . . . has been a cheerleader for the past six years . . . had a lot of fun as captain of the squad this year . . . known as Miss Parsons' one-man volleyball team . . . was a hard-running center on the hockey team . . . never seems to have a weekend without a date . . , hates to admit it, but she blushes very easily . . . justifiably proud of her long brown hair . . . really got a charge from those college boards . . . future plans include a college education. LINDA SUE LONGSHORE "Linda" C ommercial Linda's gay personality and gift of gab make her a big hit with the senior class . . . happy to say she is a member of the D.D.D. and sports the nickname of "Lover" . . . remembers all the fun she had when she went bowling with her foot in a cast . . . claimed she couldn't see the low curb when she broke her ankle . . . skillfully played the part of "Aunt Hester" in our senior play . . . works during the week at Klein's Pastry Shop . . . Lover's future plans include a career in marriage. N EVIN ALMORE LONTZ "N ev" Amoiemic An academic male with a soft spot for General Motors cars-especially Chevies . . . didn't seem to mind studying, it was the written work that hurt . . . claimed he often teamed up with Bob to help Joe get his homework finished . . . a good time means swimming, boating, or dancing to Nev . . . always knew what was playing at the Lincoln and the Trent-worked across the street at Taylors . . . future plans consist of marriage after receiving a degree in electrical technology from Penn State. RUSSELL R. LYNN URUSSH General One fellow who doesn't have much to say about anything . . . spends quite a bit of time in the alleys!bowling alleys of course . . . likes to go hunting no matter whatls in season . . . kept the general classes in high spirits with his sense of humor . . . always blamed the bus because he never got to school on time . . . a faithful supporter of all the Bulldogs, especially the basketball team . . . plans to take to the "wild blue yonder" in the Air Force after graduation. JUDITH ANN MacN EIL "Judy" C ofzzmercial A proud aunt many times over . . . could always be counted on to liven up some of our duller classes . . . sports an up-to-date hairstyle . . . wears many a cute combination well . . . has held down quite a few part-time jobs . . . another lucky gal who's sporting a beautiful engagement ring . . . rarely ever seen without Don . . . often managed to capture the keys to Donls Pontiac . . . plans to attend a beauty culture school upon graduation, after which she will start work on a happy marriage. PHYLLIS JEAN MAGEE "Phyl,' Academic Phyl has spent the last ten years of her life in uniform-a Girl Scout uniform that is . . . was a Canadian resident for two weeks last summer when the Senior Scouts invaded northern soil . . . appears to be quiet but some- times we wonder . . . added volume to the senior chorus' soprano section . . . chief cook and gavel banger of the F.T.A .... member of the yearbook staff . . . contributed much as student director of our junior play . . . always ready and willing to give a helping hand . . . future plans include college and then a career awaits her in teaching. MARY CARMELLA MARRAZZO "Carmel', C offzmerrml Ranks among our three letter girls . . , fond of all types of sports . . . must have covered miles of court by now chasing basketballs for the last three years . . . deserves a high mark in personality . . . sorry she can only attend East Stroudsburg on the weekends . . . was an able cheerleader for a number of years . . . could bop to a Beethoven symphony . . . often seen bowling with members of the D.D.D ,... had a strange aversion to homework . , . future plans include attending l.B.M. school and marriage. MARTHA MARSHALL ' 'Martyn C 077Z7lZ61'L'fdf A small, quiet senior-never has a mean word for anyone , . . sat through the cold weather at all the football gamesfthawed out when basketball season rolled around . . . favored cutting out all gym classes . . . one of the persons lucky enough to find a part-time job . . . Sun Ray got a good bargain . . . seems to have a telephone that came complete with a "busy signal" . . . claims she is practicing for the future . . . hopes to obtain a position with Bell Tele- phone after graduation. MARTHA JEAN MASON "Marty" Academic Came to Morrisville High a few years back from Council Rock . . . goes for all sports and wears a three striped blue and gold sweater to prove it . . . seemed to enjoy those long walks and fast rides to Neshaminy . . . worked diligently as art supervisor of both our junior prom and our yearbook--they couldn't have been a success without her . , , a very lively member of the D.D.D .... oh that nickname . . . has nothing definite planned for the future but would like to work in the field of art. ROBERT G. McCARTHY "Bob" Technical Came to M.H.S. from Bishop Egan in his sophomore year-claims there is no comparison between the two schools . . . naturally M.H.S. came out on top . . . a sports enthusiast from way back . . . is capable of playing a good game of basketball . . . claims his pet peeve is girls who wear too much make-up . . . one of the few people who can always greet you with a smile regardless of the situation at hand . . . after graduation Bob plans to work as an assistant in a metal fabrication plant. BARBARA A. MILLER "Barb" C ommerciazl A brown-eyed beauty with quite a sense of humor . . . has been co-captain of the IV. hockey team for the past two years . . . played a "hot" clarinet in band for a number of years . . . helped organize the D.D.D. by naming several members, right Phoebe? . . . made the junior and senior plays quite a success with her fine character portrayals . . . spent many hours working on the yearbook as co-business manager-just seems to have a flair for business . . . future plans include a business career for Barb. EARL RICHARD MILLER "Dick', Technical A sports-loving senior from Tech . . . a terrific ballplayer-was practically considered Trenton's Little League home run king several years back . . . has many admirers-wonder if it could be those deep blue eyes? . . . likes to buzz around town in his '54 Ford . . . claims girls are his pet peeve-who are you kidding, Dick? . . . somehow managed to be absent from school whenever hunting season started . . . favorite pastime seems to be teasing . . . future plans include serving under Uncle Sam in some branch of the service. TERRY L. MITCHELL "Terry" j Technical Our mad chemist from Tech school . . . one of the few people who was always on the honor roll . . . was lucky enough to have quite a few college offers . . . enjoys all kinds of sports whether she is participating in them or just watching . . . could be heard cheering our fellows on at all of our football games . . . spends her after school hours at Fanny Farmerls keeping the cus- tomers happy . . . plans to work as a laboratory assistant upon graduation after which a career in marriage will follow. WILLIAM MOI-IR "Bill" Technical A commercial art major at Tech school . . . has many friends even though he is known as a man of a few words . . . this must be due to his winning personality . . . one of the few people who was seen at practically all of our sporting events . . . helped to cheer our teams on to quite a few victories . . . another one of our bowling enthusiasts-a rather good one at that . . . a future in some field of commercial art is waiting for Bill upon graduation. SHEILA JANE VALENTINE MOSLEY "Shay', Comm ewial One of our high-stepping majorettes . . . another member of the D.D.D. . . . a part time job keeps her busy after school . . . a willing worker on the yearbook staff . . . kept the soprano section of the chorus on key , . . makes use of her artistic talents in the art room . . . doesn't particularly care for her other nickname . . . avid supporter of all school activities , . . one of the best dressed senior girls . . . has the appropriate clothes for every occasion . . . a full time job as a receptionist is Waiting for her when she graduates . JONATHAN P. NAMEY "Jon" General One guy who took quite a bit of teasing from the girls, but loved every minute of it . . . put his time spent in the art room to a good use . . . has really done some beautiful oil paintings . . . can rack up quite a high score at the bowling alleys . . . gets a kick out of comparing those scores with Louie and Tootie . . . one of the cutest soda jerks in town . . . enjoys helping keep Burns' Pharmacy running . . . thinking about making the Marines a career after graduation. RAYMOND JANIES NEARY "Ray" Genera! Classes are never dull for long when Ray's around . . . schedules his classes by Eastern Standard Neary Time . . . works his majors around art class . . . hopes to win some prizes with that hot stock car he and jim own . . . helped to keep Holiday Lanes running . . . our own Ricky Nelson . . . still has a large following from his last smash assembly . . . loved every minute of giving Mrs. Keller a hard time . . . proud owner of the "Blue Hornet" . . . keeps all the girls guessing . . . future's undecided but will likely rest on four wheels. JUNE NEv1Ns "june, Academic A quiet, friendly senior who spends much of her spare time working with an easel and palette . . , has painted some beautiful life-like portraits . . . the library seemed to be her favorite spot during study halls . . . possessor of a whistle-worthy figure . . . just waits for the days when she can go horseback riding . . . appears to be rather serious minded but doesn't miss out on any of the fun . . . june's plans are as yet undecided-may enter college or become an airline stewardess. DOROTHY MARIAN NOLAN "Dee" Academic A girl with connections in Morrisvillels government . . . still wearing her Nixon-Lodge button-claims she will wear it until they get in . . . eats her lunch with the rest of the D.D.D .,.. helped quite a bit with the index for the yearbook . . . a staunch Phillies fan . . . keeps everyone in stitches with her "extra dryn sense of humor . . . willing to fight for any underdog . . . keeps a point record for Shay . . . faithful rooter at every Morrisville game . . . plans to become another Florence Nightingale after graduation. LOUIS PACITTO "Lou" Genera! The tall, lanky type . . . really liked to tease the girls but took just as much teasing as he dished out . . . hey, where are you going, "Chester?,' . . . was a faithful atron of "Tootie's Taxi Service" . . . but still managed to get to D school od? time . . . insists the gutters move on either side of Delmorr Lanes- in spite of this, Louie has rolled many a winning score . . . is thinking about starting a movement to abolish clerical practice . . . will take to the clouds as an airman come june. SHIRLEY ANN PATTERSON "Shirl" Academia A gal with an indescribable laugh . . . received letters for each of her great performances in all three sports . . . especially enjoyed teasing Miss Par- sons . . . one of our nice looking majorettes . . . she hopes her part in the senior play will help her acting ambitions . . . found time for chorus, leaders' club, and yearbook staff meetings . . . everybody's a little envious of her green "cat eyes" . . . sports the nickname "Snow as president of the D.D.D. . . . plans to attend college after graduation to become a mortician. ALBERT PAXSON "Alby', Teclmiczzl A good looking senior with an appealing personality . . . was the starting center for our Bulldog gridders in both his junior and senior years . . . one guy who seems to know loads of people from everywhere . . . put his artistic talents to use at Tech school as a commercial art major . . . you can be sure Alby could make some money on those record album covers he specializes in . . . future plans are not really decided but will probably be along the line of commercial art. SAMUEL S. PETRYSZAK "Sam" Academic A friendly fellow with a great sense of humor . . . packed a wallop as a fighting halfback . . . an active baseball and track participant . . . our class bookie-what are the odds today, Sam? . . . especially enjoyed those days when he could sleep late . . . gets a kick out of teasing anybody who's nearby . . . always getting into some sort of mischief with the rest of the senior fel- lows . . . doesnit think he'll ever forget his surprise birthday party . . . a career in engineering awaits him after several more years of higher education. JOANN PICCINETTI Ujoanni' Te charm! A friendly, happy miss who astonished everyone by having her homework done all the time . . . attended Tech school every two weeks to study the value of clothing . . . does exceptionally well in merchandising .... keeps everyone laughing at Clover Leaf Dairy with her crazy antics . . . can tell you all about the latest "scoops" around Morrisville . . . seems to terrify the pedestrians with her little green car . . . claims her pet peeve is all that ghastly history homework . . . Joann's future plans include attending college and majoring in fashion designing. DONALD ALLEN PICCIOTTI "Don" General Quite the comedian . . . spent most of his class time keeping his fellow classmates in stitches . . . had a hard time amusing Mr. Krepich though--isn't that right, Don? . . . enjoyed helping keep Carmen's Barber Shop running after school . . . didn't seem to realize school was in session during hunting season . . . quite a musician too . . . did a terrific job playing the guitar in Bob Cairo's Band . . . often seen riding around town in his '52 Pontiac . . would like to become a full-fledged barber after graduation. KENNETH W. PICCIOTTI "Kenny,' Technical A happy-go-lucky guy who enjoys playing both ends against the middle . . . ready to have fun anytime and his devilish smile suggests it . . . when there is a new dance step out, Ken is doing it at Canteen . . . a spirit rouser at most of our sport events . . . another fellow who forgets about school during hunting season'-seems to run in the family . . . gets an extra big charge out of teasing the girls . . . plans to give Uncle Sam a hard time when he joins the Navy upon graduation. PEGGY ANN PINTO "Mouse" Commercial The tiny member of our class . . . helped give the hockey team a lot of get-up-and-go as co-captain . . . takes a lot of teasing from the rest of the D.D.D .... able secretary of leaders' club . . . keep your great bowling score up, l'Mouse" . . . always heard saying, "XY!hen are we going to eat?'l . . . how's the cheese supply? . . . known as the girl who's bubbling over with a wonder- ful personality . . . plans include going to l.B.M. school or becoming a secretary after graduation from M.H.S. HELEN PO BUTKIEXVICZ "Helen" C ommercml The only senior girl who was fortunate enough to be referred to by her first name only during most roll callsfotherwise known as Helen Smith . . . took a lot of teasing good naturedly . . . claims she frustrates all her friends while shoppingfhas to stop and window shop at every store . . . as a collector of jewelry, she shows a preference for rings-has quite a collection . . . her future plans are undecided, but would like to work as a filing clerk or a telephone operator. NANCY ANN RICHIE "NanCy', Commercial Personality plus attractiveness . . . add them together and you have a senior well liked by everyone . . . applied her tactful abilities as vice-president of our class and copy editor of our yearbook . . . acquiring a beautiful, dark tan is her aim during the summer months . . . loves pizza pies . . . as top come- dienne of the D.D.D., she has the nickname of "Spurtzel" . . . just what would the commercial girls do without her regular morning jokes? . . . working now toward her future secretarial career, she is a part-time secretary with Standard Loan Company. GERA LD RILEY "Jerry" Technical A shorter member of the class yet he never goes unnoticed . . . they say hels the wildest cook at Tech . . . believes in combining a lot of fun with his work-this usually produces a day with a lot of laughs . . . spends most of his time talking about bowling-though a lot more of it is spent racking up some impressing scores . . . was frequently seen roaming the halls with Bill . . . one of his favorite pastimes is fishing . . . plans to put his Tech training to use as a chef upon graduation. x v Y . ,L , I ,af f-J' A - JOYCE KAY ROBERTS "Joyce" Commercial A peppy senior who gets herself out of a lot of predicaments because of her friendly personality . . . held reservations at Canteen from way back- quite a dancer . . . finds fun in the summer at the pool . . . bowling enjoyment seems to run in the family-how many strikes was that, Joyce? . . . rarely ever seen without a novel in her possessionwseems to spend most of her spare time reading . . . hopes her present course in school and her part-time job will help her with a business career upon graduation. JUDITH ANN RUDLOFF "Judy" Commercial Small and energetic, she's quicker than the eye . . . did you see a flash of red go by? . . . it must have been Judy . . . loves to ride with a carload of girls in her little ,Sl Nash . . . saves her new blue Chevy for special occasions . . . made a habit of joking or arguing with the teachers all the time . . . if you find Judy, you're sure to find plenty of noise and fun . . . gave the trampoline quite a jolt during P.E. classes . . . plans on marriage soon after graduation. MARJORIE ANN SABO "Marj,' Commercial A reasonably quiet girl-most of the time . . . she never lets things get dull . . . did a good job as head majorette in her senior year . . . which was taller, Marj, you or the hat? . . . softball is her favorite sportffproved it with her fast pitching arm . . . usually going to the Beacon for cokes . . . why there, Marj? . . . enjoys reading novels in her spare time . . . manages to keep her romantic interests a secret most of the time . . . future plans include fur- thering her education at Rider Business College. DALE AN N E SANFORD "Dale" Commercial An active member of our senior class . . . really likes her name, why Dale? . . . occupies a seat in the alto section of the senior chorus . . . plays the glockenspiel in the band , . . spends many of her idle hours horseback riding . . . keeps Johnson and Johnson in business . . . knits a mean sweater . . . livened up the "dead file" room of New Jersey Manufacturing last sum- idvg Q- mer . . . will never forget the "bumpy road" on the way to get working papers . . . plans to attend business school after graduation. MARY FLIZABFTH SAUDER "Betts" Academic An attractive senior academic student . . . was active in all intramural sports-has received letters for her participation in both hockey and basketball . . . was a competent and hard working assistant editor of our yearbook . . . didn't especially enjoy her math classes, did you Betts? . . . won the Crisco Award for home economics in her junior year . . . proudly and efficiently represented M.H.S. in County Chorus for the past four years and District Chorus in her senior year . . . after graduation Betts will attend West Chester College for a course in elementary education. CARL SCHELL "Dusty" Academic A guy who can tell you something funny and still keep a straight face . . . quite the cut-up when it comes to teasing the girls . . . did a very good job as one of our fighting Eleven . . . hurt his hand in the beginning of the year-claims he didn't know the gun was loaded! . . . a typical neat dresser . . . spends his spare time keeping the animals running-toward his traps, that is . . . dreaded the days when he couldn't drive his '54 Ford to school . . . future plans include attending a business college. CAROL ANNE SHARP "Carol,' Academic A sociable senior with the ability to get along with everyone . . . never seen without her smile and never heard without her giggle . . . part of the backbone of senior chorus for many years . . . a sports fan, especially if Morrisville is playing . . . has a craze for camping . . . been a Girl Scout for many, many moons . . . a member of our valiant yearbook staff . . . F.N.A. would have been lost without her . . . spent last summer at Mercer Hospital getting practice for her future career in nursing. GIERALDI NIE SMlrl'H "Gerry" Technical A fun loving Tech student with a knack for winning many friends . . . a staunch advocate of a lot of laughs and a good time . . . was a faithful sup- porter of all football games-how come, "Beanie'l? . . . wished every class was art-is quite an accomplished artist . . . claimed she really enjoyed those Saturday night canteens . . . is forever experimenting with her hair . . . maybe the reason is that she was a beauty culture major at Tech school . . . will put this training to use as a beautician upon graduation. K. ' if aw ,a-WA. 'Q"""r 5 ,, A ANNA MAE SMOLINSKI "Mae" Genera! Noted for being one of the friendliest members of the senior class . . . if you have anything to sell, just ask Anna to help you-she has fine sales appeal . . . is able to boast about her ability in volleyball-has helped several gym class teams in their race for the championship . . . enjoys cooking and watching television . . . can tune you in on all the latest happenings . . . faithful and hard working member of Mrs. Miller's club . . . Anna's future plans are as yet undecided. t THOMAS A. SOFTLEY Duke i Academic Another good looking academic male . . . never seen with a frown . . . did an outstanding job as our senior class president . . . participated in the science seminar for nearly four years . . . played varsity basketball and football for the Bulldogs . . . type casted as the athletic Mr. Allison in our senior play . . . owns an amateur ham radio which he operates in his spare time . . . can be heard all over the world . . . plans to enter college after graduation to study in the field of electronic engineering. LYNNE BROOKS SPEECHLEY "Lynne" Academic Proud of being one of our three letter girls . . . did a good job as captain of the color guard . . . takes a lot of teasing about her red hair but doesn't seem to mind it, do you "Big Red ?" . . . Gee Lynne, where did you get that big white Caddy? . . . oh, those hockey practices! . . . kept that ball moving up the field giving the other teams a lot of competition . . . a bowling addict from way back . . . spends August at Stone Harbor recuperating from july . . . bound for college after graduation. ELIZABETH JANE STAUFFER "Betsy" Academic An active miss both in and out of school . . . did a tremendous job as our yearbook editor . . . doesn't think she'll ever forget those chemistry experi- ments . . . worked hard on the hockey team . . . also enjoyed intramurals . . . always takes time to say . . . a faithful member of band and orchestra . . . helped make the senior play a success . . . didn't seem to mind writing all those English compositions . . . enjoyed working as a volunteer at Mercer Hospital . . . is looking forward to attending nursing school after graduation. RICHARD STEDMAN "Rich" Technical A hot-rodding senior with a "nutty" sense of humor . . . could often be seen riding around town in his '54 Ford . . . was an auto body repair major at Tech-one of those "you bend 'em, we mend 'em" guys . . . wishes hunting season could be extended to last all year 'round . . . has quite a vast gun col- lection . . . joined the rest of the Tech fellows when it came to clowning around . . . future plans are undecided but will probably join some branch of the service. VINCENT EDWARD STRASZYNSKI "Vince" Academic Another of our bigger senior athletes . . . made the All Delaware Valley football team as a tackle in his junior year . . . active as a baseball player and track man . . . spends his spare time sleeping or playing pool . . . always praising his "Black Bomb" . . . likes to lift weights when he finds the time . . . can be found with Sam, Gotch, and Brute-especially if they're in some sort of trouble . . . takes the brunt of a lot of teasing good naturedly . . . after graduation Vince plans to enter college to further his education. DONNA JAN ET SUP PERS "Donna" Commercial Known as our class beatnik . . . just loves being different . . . you'll never know what kind of hairdo she'll come up with next . . . kept busy after school working as a part-time dental assistant . . . has a variety of nick- names . . . hey, "Fred," what happened to your sneakers? . . . believes in letting her conscience be her guide-in class plays that is . . . a steadfast homework hater-since it can't be helped, she laughs it off . . . her plans for the future include either becoming a secretary or entering modeling school. H. ARLENE THOMPSON 'Arlene" Commercial A staunch upholder of our student rights . . . a member of Student Council for the past six years . . . was noted for her thoroughly confusing questions asked during bookkeeping classes . . . spends most of her time in an isolation booth selling tickets at the RKO Lincoln . . . enjoyed cheerleading for two years and did a good job as co-captain in her junior year . . . had trouble getting to classes on time . . . loathed working in the high school office . . . will take to the air after graduation as an airline stewardess. ' -f'.,, . if fry.. '-'S' :Jail Q' ,. 5, .- B gf J 0 tr +1 is J", . aff, ET f L .1-.+.:gf.m-auf.. ', XVILLIAM RAYMOND TOHM "Bill" Technical A friendly hammer wielding senior-majored in carpentry at Tech school . . . holds a high rank along with those who have a "little,' trouble getting up on time for school . . . claims his pet peeve is girls but he still manages to get a lot of enjoyment out of teasing thcmfand he gcnerally succeeds . . . en- joys spending his spare time tinkering with cars and going bowling . . . is capable of giving his fellow bowlers quite a bit of competition . . . Bill's future plans include joining the Navy. MARGARET ANN TOTH "Butch', General Head majorette of the V.F.W .... did a fine job of teaching the younger members of the corp to twirl . . . has won many medals to prove her twirling ability . . . claimed she enjoyed doing those exercises in gym class, are you sure, Margaret? . . . looked forward to all of those Home Ec classes with Mrs. Miller . . . has made quite a few of her own clothes . . . is lucky enough to have the opportunity to move to Florida soon after graduation . . . future plans are undecided but will probably get a job there. FRANCIS M. VALERIANO "Fran" General A good looking senior with the type of personality that makes him one of the most popular boys in our class . . . always found having a good time or in the middle of creating one . . . switched back to M.H.S. from Tech school in his senior year . . . helped add a lot of humor and fun to all of his- classes . . . has been a faithful member of Canteen for quite some time-is a sharp dancer . . . future plans are not definitely decided upon but will prob- ably get a job soon after graduation. ROBERT LLOYD WALTIERSDORFF "Bobi' Academic A combination of a keen mind and a terrific sense of humor . . . when he teamed them up with his artistic talent, he turned out many a wacky car- toon . . . proved to be a dependable and conscientious business manager . . . was typecasted perfectly as the wise-cracking conscience in our senior play . . . a ping-pong prodigy . . . one of the pole vaulting men on our track team . . . worked hard at Factorls grocery store in his spare time . . . a career in medicine is Bob's goal after his graduation from college. CHARLES XWIEDENHAEFER "Chuck" Geffzeml Blond hair and freckles ?Ayou're looking at Chuck . . . a second baseman for our baseball Bulldogs . . . track and basketball took up quite a bit of his after-school time . . . the outdoor type, he likes to go hunting and fishing . . . also goes for bowling in a big way '... spent a lot of his time in school in the shop making all those "gadgets, '... the activity he gets the most pleasure from is cutting Vince up . . , future plans include getting a job after graduation. JEAN ELEANOR WOLli ujeanl' C077777ZC'1'C.f4Z! Jean is really a fun-loving senior . . . one of the most loyal supporters at all M.H.S, games . . . will always remember the trip to Canada with the Senior Girl Scouts . . . was kept busy for two years keeping a Brownie troop in line . . . when she's not camping, she's eating . . . gathered enough informa- tion while lending a hand in the library to start one of her own . . . really packs a wallop when it comes to bus numbers . . . intends to work for a while after graduation and then get married. THADDEI IS M. ZAXWATSKY 'Ted' ' Teclmiml Blond hair and blue eyes make a good looking combination . . . did a great job calling signals for our Bulldog Eleven . , . the only senior to play all our varsity sports . . . looks terrific in his varsity sweater with its four gold stripes . . . could only brighten up our halls every second two weeks . . . attended Tech the other two , . . usually stopped at every inter- section while changing classes . . . could be he was waiting for the light to change . . . summer finds him fishing or swimming . . . hopes to build his future around a career in electrical engineering. ELAINE CAROL ZOCCO "Elaine" Commercial The girl with the winning smile! . . . played hockey for three years and was co-captain during her senior year . . . her excellent soprano voice enabled her to participate in County and District Choruses for the past three years . . . was selected honor soloist for the class of '61 . . . portrayed the role of Aunt Phoebe in the senior play . . . worked hard as photo editor of our yearbook . . . held down a job at Klein's Pastry Shop . . . after graduation her ambition is to attend business school or become an airline stewardess. Ce Chee, Jlflerriseille flryh Seheeh We Krzise Onr Veieesf and te Chine ,fllfrzrs Our Praises We Kring. Chine l6'e the Glory, Onrs l6'e the Zhzler - With J-fener, Crnfh, and loyalty may Chine Halls 5ner King. Chine l5'e the ffenerf Onrs l6'e the Serniee. Crne, ,llhnn Maier, lsnihier May We l6'e fe Chee. , -,-f.. ,...,, Y-+v::f',, f,- 'L , , f . .f-J Q73-5-vf:y,,f.f, ' ."?iff4-My-sry, 5' q.'.z7?ffN+Wf..i ,H f -,-H9373 , , ,, 'r f ,, , 4 ' .,f,.,.,. ,. f f 72,602 J, - -ff, :ff N A , M ,, ., ' -- ,..,.,.gg: . ,...,,,,.,.7, ., ,f -,:1Q1.ff.,. ,pam-fy -:-,,p,mfa44.'- fr S ,J mf? 'J-: , V LwlfH1'fff,f' v-Q., , " gf f-f.,55f,-5-ff , f, , ., J . , T f , KJ .,,-Q, 11 H... - ' l:'9'iiTki5. ff! v?5,5f'f,-5,,J.f,, , . 5.4-M.. 5-Q ,,,.,..,,.L .,,Q,.,.,, , -1-mf 4 ,. L1 ggiy rg: kgwwmg, - K ""' .ima W . wi..-,,, f. W. --..,.w,i,w.uQ,,-U..f,.f.,,-,,-f-,,-mu,-'',-1,-1'vi'f...-,Q-,".'--w vf' L 13. ,. 5' "5 , S.,-f . , , 'fffffafgfi--53245, , J ' f-Www-n..,Z, ' mg, S.. 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',fi5sa1g,--vy , f , fie : fu , , . -,- H, f'y.Q,1,-',,-, V. ,,'.5M,w2.ai4.1,y', S ' 4' ....w,,-1 -- ' 'yfq-fazw. fr. ,, V .V - rf, M.,- 5 ,-f,.U,.w. 75, . "K.:,.s-w, 'law-.1-1,-Q5 in f:w.g,.3: v -I f. ..,,, M., , Q, ,..,.. ,,. my . .V.. . , ' ' - -f ,., E ' 7 f ' L, -QW:-SSFQMQL 5, ,fy ,- .S wg: I NFA, 1'-,i Am' V. 1 , 3 -W 115-MHi!z1z.f, L: fwijqgefg.-53.11. , JQ- - , f Q AQ Lf 1452-ng it sf. mf-.ff .5,.1'..f5,,, fm, . 4 2, ffv.zef?TE?9:2, fffij-gisf, 15f5fgfg..1,g,a2 SLfg8-3ffg,,m,,,.QJ,f5-,V-1, ' K -14.13. L, ,V V 1 Mel ,- -- .. a Q. ev ,mf 4-Q,',ww,'1,,f -.lf L, ,- --,.w,4,.WifffU2L'fwi-MJ -'fb L '--S-:H If NL- f zz, 5, 'Ni'12j.fL2,,ww1. yi psf 5.55.11 4,5 f 5 ' ,',a-U,-ig-7.,, , 14.-,s ' ,, f wMf,g..,- Q -- -fm ww..-"5 -. ,,,.kV J: . f-if 2 waz-,fu-aflgfkiggiii-11,12-' yi. '5 f41f7ziZi5fe W 5 3 MOST POPULAR Jeanne Long and Tom Softley FRIENDLIEST Nancy Richie and Dick Lenox MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Betsy Stauffer and Terry Clark 54 Senirfr CLASS CUT UPS Donna Suppers and Don Picciotti BEST ATHLETES Sue Frick and Dick Hart BEST ALL AROUND Nancy Richie and Tom Softley NICEST SMILE Nancy Richie and Dave Anderson BIGGEST FLIRTS Sheila Mosley and Jon Namey BEST DRESSED Jeanne Long and Tom Softley Supvrlnfives 3525+ L -1:-' D 'WMM ...AW vi' Qi? if MOST TALENTED Betty Sauder and Dick Lenox BEST LOOKING Nancy Richie and Tom Softley BEST PHYSIQU Donna Keuper and jim Gafgen E T 55 ing Jmpressivu fiffflllgflf in ZW As seniors the emotions we hzuc experienced are many. Al- though they have occurred quickly and seemed unimportant, they have made strong impressions upon us which will stay with us long after our june graduation. The D-wing rufh! Enfh lime we made fha! liflle trip we mked aurfelzfex, "Why muff they fend ur here when we have a whole U wing over Ihere? If war almoyl a rhallenge. fiffwie-v2f.' - I-U.:w-x L 2 -Vx , ff 5 it + fi S -J' ' -1 ev.:'.Q+Qe:2w-gf:-Q f' ,V 11'-2-,mf-1, +R f .V ff --w-1 ff-,iw-1, f.ff-, 1: .f , f. -1 -S-,,-.,.s.Q , V S S , SS Q Sfg ..g.fL..k -, , kiwi: .f'- , S iw,--Ju-1-ki ' S S 1 E h'-.' if 5 2 ,, Q F 1 . . ,. ., S ,mm 3, ,:,. Ni, S ' S vw-V . ir Q 5 , naw :kf'2f1f .f1-fgif, 1:-gfxegglkzfgf Q - 5 1 vfimmmweimi :JE X MM A ll1f1dersfz1a0cs X-"I bed ou as I za-Zztfbed 4 5Iar-- I watc y I' into view . . . through darknefx :tmgg mg V Sir Edwin, Arnold qwl .V . . Q.. W ll. . ,vw iv vi Q. f i-E? ,grD lv ' DQ f F ...aiv 11-1 From lefz lu figbl, Rauf lf C. Davis. A Bilheimc-r. J. Culnngclo, J. Ditiuurs. Ron' 2: P, Heller. B. Deitrick, D. Carroll, C. Bradley, B. Bucknum, B. Harris. Raw 3: D. Cunningham, C. Fabian, T. Campanelli, A. Butterworth, I.. Curt, li, Anderson. S, Cuntursu. D. Elmer. Rffzz' -JJ T. Balrlwcr. C. Hensor, J. Cappiello, R. Girton, J. Cutrhineul, B. Gerber, T. Davis, B. Frye, C. Hahcl. Zflb' l6'ril!izz11ce af the Spotlight - the 11-2 From left Io right, Row 1: S. Lodge. S. Lewis, D. Lecclom. U. Paxson. Rau' 2: M. Herrity, B. Hoagland. Rau' 3: L. Phillips. S. Landis, R. Miele. P. Lenox, P. Lippin, J. Jablunski. Okurow- ski, M. Johnson. Raw 4: M. Mraz, D. Luhin. J. Huggins, K. Muschal, R. Johnson, I.. Parker, G. Mount, R. Jackson. J. Mclntyrc, M. Marshall, D. Kuuglier, J. Murphy, C. Jurey, R. Olafson. ,.,-- i l H- H 13, - I fi .wm,,,, audi- 11-3 From left ia riglal, Row 1: C. Skuse, C. Szura, R. Voglur, G. Rech. Rauf 2: P. Smith, C. Wultci'5- dorff, T. Thom, J. Taylor, M. Schmitt, E. Pim. Raul 3: C, Slack, C. Reading, P. Stauh, M. Woytko, L. Stoddard, N. Vulcriamm, P. Rogglski. blqllllllllf Rffzi -fx B. Stmiuhcrg, li. XXYOULlVv'L111l. C, Shull, F, Thorn, G. Zsolnny, L. Roclcufellow, A, Sclmfvr, R, Smith, R, Kostiir. K, Young, B, Vncuo. Uzrill af the Star Wzfzzld S0014 16? Zfaurs 11-'IB From lefl in rigbl, Raw 7: I, Scliepclcnko. N. Bnugh, C, Mutek, A. Horvgilh, Ron' 2: J. Riley, J. Delay. Row 3: L. Mitchell, E. Gardner, W. Hartel, J. Nagy, R. Kzmia. ff. f, 42' 'L1 "' , Amungarmwhwfmaa, V ' A- ......,..i... . . W., -W 2.151 """'-1-annsiw A ,V J,,,,,,,,,.,. giwj, . 4. l.,f,galw,i 7 ' ,f ,W V M., 5 7 . E. .. ,, Yfw- 10-1 From lefz lo riglolx Row 1: V. Cailahro, C, Dry, S, Amcrine, K. Baird, A. Curr, D. Duncan, G Ficarrotta. Row 2: K. Mcllvaine, F, Fischer, R. Beudlc, J. Burger, G. Donn, M. Ashmore, J. Bro- clcflsi, Ran' 3: N, Cmlal. B. Davis, G. Carnes, S, Burns, C, Bogglqmnl R, Dcvlig, RUN' .jg A, Dame ron, W. Case, D, Chewning, W. Allshousc, R. Bailey, E. Fischer, D, Coble, R, Cowell, R. Burke, S. Arabis, A. Cunningham. In Making Zfrfur Debut Wu of fha? 10-2 From M1 fn rfgfif. Rfizz' I: S. jr-imma. 'lf H.ulurn. A. Kinney. 1. Nnmcy, K. Hivicdko, P. Mnttliins. Row 21 S. hlclonuy, I., Kirsliliolifcr. K. Niksitz, R. Niipolcon, N. Haley, V, Longtin. Razz' 35 Morclock, S. Hall, N. Kovacs, S. Luypo, J. Gcruc, H. Glasser, R. Hoffman. Ruzv D. Lenox, H. Hughes, B, Manzik, D, Holveck, D. Jackson, R, Mraz, D, Krauss, L. Kerns. ,eff Q f-Q ,fr Mywfgw 2-im Emma 1. .zww 1 1 M Mhwmiw M.. 10-3 from bf! In riqfwf. Razz' l.' Stndlcr, I.. Om111z1nr1, S. Ok111'11wski, M PHL N lyndllc H 71b0I'JVk ski, N. P.1St11c1'. Razz' 2: D. XV1d111.11111, K. XX7L7I'fl!1I1f.IfllIl. P. XX'11IIme1 S 9LhL1de.111111tL 'I R1 R. Samsel. Row 3: E. Shaginnw, M. Ne11m.1r1n, K. Rosnti, P. Stcmdd.11d R 0111111 I Pctuwn R IZ R. Wicnckoski, A. Softley, A. Owen, F. Slmll, VI. Schwmz, T. S1111 111 1 Roberts. 9561 of the Stage far the Hrs! Uma' From left to right, Row 1: M. Maier, L. Moser, If, Billuuimer. C. 'inulpknr S Pcfuxun Iqllll T. Hudick, T. Skelton, L. Hychalk, J. Elcock, 1. NCLIIII-IIID, Run Baldwin, R. Tanicello, C. Baugh. A A Hb Zwffzsrse Ii 1. 4. 9-1 From left to right, Row 1: M. Disler, P. Lukaszow, N. Magill, M. Bentz, E, McDonald, J. Hunt. Row 2.' D. Bills, P. McCarthy, V. Suppers, D. Plntnn, A. Allison, C. Franklin. Rrm' 3: B. Beck, H. Werner, J. Moyer, E. Pinckarcl, J. Moore, J. Ketnner, R. O'Brien, Rau' 4: C. Cnrney, R. Rnd, J. Cicco, C. Fischer, R. Frick, L. Hopper, R. Stawski, G. Hunger, P. Klemmer. Zfrfur Apprenficcshzp After Zflzrec' 9-2 From leff 10 rigbz, Raw 1: G. Doster, J. McGarity, I. Antoniw, E. Reading, C. Hughes, C. Tyn- dale. Row 2.' B. Manzek, 1. Bottoms, J. Carter, N. Haines, K. Byrne, N. Potocki. Rauf 3: M. Mc- Devitt, A. Schepelenka, D. Goltlenbaum, C. Andrews, M. Mnciknnycz, M. Anderson, B. Houser. J. Kronnagel, W. Fabian, R. Sultzbach. Row 4: J. Harper, VV. Chapman, D, Hopkins, F. Noonan, 1 A. Albee, R. Mattis, D. Bloodsworth, T. Mills, J. Loss, 1. Groves, T. Preston, J. Rushinski, 1 l QP? 'Uv'- if 9-3 From leff Io riglni. R011' 7: M. Maier. A, Robinson. C. Hull. D. Bumln. G. Stcinlvciser, I. Harrold Ron' 2: M. W'icnCkoSlxi. T. Gcraral. K. Smith. D. Tmh. K. Solan. 9. RlCClistr1'. Rim' 3: VU. Clin ningham. F. Smith, XV. Temple. J. Bumcss. T. Alcfhcv. ,l. Niiwlil. S. Buclclcv. XY. Mata-mcky, T Tcftcmer. Rfvu' ff! T. Strfisrvnslci, R. Contllrw, R. XX'c11vcr. G. Poland, K. Hans. XV. Mason, xl Busclic. F. Conklin. K. Finclwurfz. years Was ,Maui I0 16? Hamplefed 9-4 Fmm Zefz 10 riyliz. Rfm' Z: H. Vfilmot. C. HAVQQ. A. Fletllicr. N. M.n'tin. rl, Cmnun, D. Zuracliiw Sky. Ron' 2: J, Rngalski, K, Pinto. A, Calaluro. R. Vlilnaski. R. Trankluy. R. XY'omlward. R. Cid wullncler, Row 3: R. Marshall, l.. XVitkowslci, bl. DL-mos. M. Stmldgml. N. XX'eawr, B. H0fX'ilfl1 R, Davis, T, Gamble. H ' H W2 I 3-1 From Iefz I0 righf. Ron' 1: D. Marsh, xl. Browne, E. Codd. T. Lyksns. 1. Stullin, 'lf XX'illiams. M. Barker, D. White. Rauf 2.' E. Price. F. Michel. C, Anderson. N, Adams, A. Colungelo. C. Kramer. l.. Cappicllo. K. Nolan. Rffzz' 3: C. Mitchell. M. Alexander. M. Friak. D. Gnilcy. N. Rud, N, Mohr. C. Pic1cock,j. Apgar, C. Fischer. Ron' ri: B. I'l.lI'Sl1l'7.ll'Q.fCI'. K, james, D. XX'ilson, L. Bryce, J. Syming- ton, T. Hope, R. XVeber. aw you J-fad 8-2 From iff! 10 rfglif. Row 1: A. Gnlvrielc, B, Schmitt, B. Menth. B. Boychucli. bl. Firnmn, D. Petrysvnlq, P. Orazi. R. Bennett, Razz' 2.' D. Fisher. S. Tyntlalc. S. XY'oolvL'rton. L. Nagy. N. Magee. H. Bcntllc. L. Hayes. E. Hcrhefk. Rau' 3: B, Rcul. Slmrp. Onotri. S. -johnson, l. Drrhcr, A. Shutt, I.. Adams, C Boznrth. Row 4: C. Hughes. B, Foulke. G. l-lrotleclsi, tl, Clay. B, jackson. R. Foosu R. Laird, R. Patterson, R. Pogany. in Buckk 8-3 From left lo righf, Rau' 1: F. Menschner, J. Stout, H, Robbins, J. Pastuer, R. Wietlenhaefcr, R Treaclway, W. Fenimore, H. Mount. Rau' 2: S. Widrtinnn, L. Moyer, C. Conrad, T. Sullivan, B Bennett. L, Saxton, L. Wfakeficld, K, Bchrmunn, Ron' 3: S. Haltluntin, S. Thompson, C. Tkucs. P. james, R. Lohin, C. Cook, J. Jansen, M. Shull. Run' -if C. Brudon, I. Howmsycr, R, Rcso, R Lyon, W. Dyer, 1. Nevins, R, Constantino, C. Oysnmn. Down and learn the Ar 8-4 From lefz 20 rigbf. Rau' I: D. Sultzbach, S. Meyers, hl. Grll'L'j', B. Gcngo. Run' 21 S. Miller, B Mate. T. XX'idmunn, R. Cadwnllader. Razz' 3: D. Carr. A. l.uxc1'it'k. R. Gricncr, xl. Kish. Rffzz' 4, R. Hoagland, A. Tanzillo, M. DeMari0, 1, XVi5nicwslci. 1, Kurluss. C. Evcrnham. fx--.r 7-1 ,ffl From left I0 right, Row 1: C. Petty, Burgncr, F. Axelrod, P. Dyer, B, Antrohus, A. Cumpimclli, M. Szoke. Row 2.' C, Oakes, L. Deis, P. Gaslcill, N, Nevin. D. Gaspcr, M. Smith, M. Strombcrg. S. Brown. Row 3: D. Pctrecca, D. McClces, J. Hillman, G, Roman, A. Cumfui-t, D, Thomas, D. Slack, N. Ross, D, Yeager, D. Rhoacles, T. Tootcll. 7-2 E716 mga Wight Wu .Mt S0 Frnm Ivff In right, Ryu' I: D. Vifidmnnn, A. Marsh, D. Hall, G. Rossi, C. McMullen. Row 2: M, Lewis, Cook, Frye, Merrill, tl, justitc, lf. Dclrlncy, l., Shull, R011 3: D, XY'ir1tc1', A. Cum- fort, L. Duff, P. Kusherick, C, Rustay, A. hihutclu, I.. Bodine, D. XX'r1kcficlLl, M, Kuuglicr, V. Dayton, E. Burgess, -I, Kearns. Razz' -if F, Trofc, j, Arlzims, R. Czlrlucci, S. XXf'illiams, C, Crisp, G, Chewni ng. K 3 if ii 7-3 From lofi 70 rigbf, Row 1: N. Caluhro. R. XX'icdcnlmefer, F. Toth, D. Cowell, H. Peterson, G. Wloolverton. V. Bennett. XV. Alhnrn. Raza' J: N, Koons. A. jwhnwsn, J. vludy. R. XVeiuer. R. Sumsel D. Ludwig. R. Cronon. M. Reed. Rffzz C, Leithliter. S. Biilonis. M Xllilmnt. D. Grettun, L Ricci, M. Meyers, R. Rustay. Row AX: R. Wlitkins, R. Lwpcv. J. Albright, P. Brillu, M. Fletcher, R Cunningham. H. Grimes. frangly Af Hrs! Sam Disappmrcd 7-4 From lufz to right, Row 1: D. Lehman, B. Seward. D. Moser, C. Stadler, R. Schrieber. E. Leichliter Row 2: M. Mannon, E. Stoddard. D. Kennedy, P. Ford, D. Patterson, L. Larison, J. Kleinfelder Row 3: R, Taylor, J, Padgett, R. Mutcjik, G, liarta, M. Kunin, JZ t 'F'?5i?S'S. . - 12...-L .NCT -. fl. ' fn .M . gf- . , ne nfl ibcir fflftff begzrilll. By .f,l70I'1'.Y like flame f ' . . .Oliver Goldsmith VARSITY FOOTBALL From lefl to right, firfl row: S. Petryszak, T. Zawatsky, R. Hart, R. Cominski, V. Straszynski B. Clark, R. Kraft. Second TOZLX' D. Lohin. A, Pnxson, R. Olafson, G, Mount, Giang C Habel, J. Taylor, A. Softley, Third mtv: R. Smith, R. Jackson, D. jackson, D. Holveck C Jurey, T. Baldwin, R. Tanicello, C. Lontz, D. Krause. Gridirvu Sfarzdrfufs One of the smallest schools in the Lower Bucks County League, Morris- ville has always given its Opponents a lot of challenging competition. Dur- ing the past years our Fighting Eleven have held high ranks in league records. We have proudly succeeded again this year by placing in the top division. 72 CO-CAPTAIN RICH CO-CAPTAIN DICK CO-CAPTAIN VINCE ,Mister Davies 511ff:rs Kristal .Weld for fast Uma' as Jlflarrisville Kvach N .,.,, vcr -.Sa-vv-gwggmgi . . .gf .- ' M COACH RICHARD LEE COACH JOHN WNUK With the Thanks- giving Day game at Bristol Mr. Davies ended his fifteen year coaching career. Dean of the Lower Bucks County League coaches, he has been 21 valuable member of the faculty not only as a coach but also as a teacher and friend. 73 SCHEDULE 1. OPPONENTS MORRISVILLE JOE BROADUS 6 Bishop E gan 1 9 O Pennsbury 1 8 O Council Rock 34 4 1 Neshaminy O 6 William Tennent 20 O Woodrow Wilson 1 9 1 9 Bensalem 1 3 Y 7 Delhaas 45 6 Bristol 41 , 7 1 Q X 1 M X ,, J. W mi if is f Q . Hifi df' 91565 gp 1,1 ww K .Mfg M-Q Zzauksgiviug Day Credit 2714 l3"g C' ph rm 5 FILIWI Q yy Attending our Morrisville-Bristol football game on Thanksgiv- ing Day is as much of a part of the holiday's activities as eating a turkey dinner. Added to the crowds, the cheering, and the excite- M ment, there is sentiment as we seniors realize that this is our last Y football game. Q L s ,, fi-- jumping Team cheerleaders enters arouse field enthusiasm after of l it r l , r,sstrrt final student pep body talk as from big Coach. game HCZIIS Traditiotiail half-ti mc ceremony is carried out as Bristol Cheerlc.itiui's present basket to Morrisville girls in token of friendship. in Victory dance honors cheerleaders and 'team topping off triumphant day. 1 1' y V, Q 2 K I K ggi! if N , 'E ' 'Amr A 11 ' - 1 A A f ' Tl K A1 A I f ,,,,5. r ..,L. ,XI i 4 gh win , A In J ,,... ,Xm gg ,fi 14! aw "fXx www fgmpvfend Goals BETTY LYBME BETSY L35 MISS PARSONS J.v. HOCKEY V From left to right, firft raw: K. Anderson, J. Hunt, K, Alexander, S. Lan- dis, P. McCarthy, B. Miller, B. Sauder, S. Laypo, M. Weaver, J. Carter E. McDonald. Serond row: S. Jerome, D. Bills, K. Solan, D. Elmer, L Phillips, C. Slack, L. Cart, C. Smedeker, R. Napoleon, B. Stauffer, C. Dry J. Stadler, J. Burger, S. Scheidemantel. 1 1 L If Kunnvr Kmdy . L When school opened last fall, Q the cross Country team was seen jog- ging around the track. The "A" field became a very familiar place for these racing runners. The Morrisville Cross Country Team, one of the youngest in the League, has gained added experi- ence through long hours of practice and Competitive meets. These run- ners can look forward to a winning season next year. MR. THOMAS CROSS COUNTRY From lefl In rigbi, ffm! 1'0Z!f B. Gerber. NW. Frye, A. Cunningham. R. Vogler. C. Szurri. C, Shull. Second faux' Mr. Thomas, D. Lenox, B. Stromberg, G. Zsolnay, P. Johnson, L. Rockafellow. Q OO JR. HIGH TTOQTBALT. Franz lofi zu rlgbl. firfl rozax' T. Tettemer, XV. Dyer, J. Frye. R, Reso D. Petryszak, ll. Greincr, A. Caluhro, VC". Temple, P. Wiedenligrefer, C. Hayes. Serorzd mu: P. Brillrl. XV. Fenimore. S. XVillii1ms. N. Calabro, R. Pogany, R. W'ieelenhaefer, T. Sullivan, C. Ossman. 'l'fm'd faux' j. Adams. T. Strnszynslci, R. Conturso. C. Fischer, K. Hans, G. Hunger. G. Barta, B, jackson, L. Bryce, P. Klemmer, R. O'Brien, R. XVeber. x, wg 5 V' ' 'ww I ' f h"xA M,....W..-A f ' yunivr J! gh glflffb ll 9uries Clnptatin Drew Hunger and his gridrlers kept high spirits through 11 kiioclcing season. The peppy junior high elmeerlezulers aroused much deter- minntion among the players. Mr. Zur- lds huys were considered by many schools ir lwrrl-to-heat team in the league. 2 'fvF5if?f1Q?4WU1L i if w.11e4:1zLtff.f'ff:. '-Izxrifgzgevgibk'wg2Q1+g552t'ii41,qiY 3-:iii 1 I my S455:-4:141frvg'fgw'5sg.1fii.m.srQ2zlfsr?Qefgg?Ygfiicisxiiwr2-simfii2fL'v'if'f'1f'if'?2ii21:"s5wf1W? Pi''fW1t1Vf7"w?fW3i'VWswlififff'-wiv'f'f'fvf1sze9.ffrfvisw-'Effif P'eW2ifrefW is K '55 . f,,.i,W Z, ,ffiiviisi-wxfwiii , twig ii.. if MM, , 5. W ...rswgiggr , Q -gg. . mi, .G ii '12 1.551 sez. iw w, ,Stew Q.. ww wr M. 5 ,M ifiieirifiism -Mzvsztgiggiesiagsgiiggfzwi Gegiilfefgfigfl ,fir ef ,irwf,zrw5s5,YQ51f1' in Qgigfiigr grief? if:gsQi'mQhmi5Mm ,17wief8Eg2zf?ti5s2im,2egLSgg:t,f,E2QQ . wwsisgif if f ' Q ii? " f. " QP W : iffy' I A l5wg3s5iSiz'gf?g63s!4K - , . S , : ' A. , Q' ff 'fd " 1 um.fgiifyirewvasisswisis ,,31,weWg-1..ff23,,5k3?Zgi5,,f,q?gg..,zw6.,q,1 -,if eff we as -if z ,ww ww-i-. -.29-,i A-if if 'Hia i my f- f - w w' -1 .iw X Mr? Q.. ,. W . ..- fn, 'f 'Li r QQ, . Q .3 A l sg Zigi H L 5 ji .xg A' ff' fy 49 , .in 91331 ZXEQYMSWXSPQ Sgiviiaiflf 457' 9 XWWSXQQSYSZ 7 3' mx :iw -,sig i iwfdggwiisgligwfl' A 'U.'K1.'A " QW" H5 avi? f ig' ,x -'xii if " ff L 3 . S5 :fQ'5'fiE5:if 'Hi' :' 3,.3Q5:i:Z-5. ' i a ':5!f:?: vii' Veiwmfwiiiiswe V Q feiiltm m , Ymis.ifr6r w fi ,ig M f 1 i,xim,.'..mi .i .A .'fri:sfg,i.1:im-rLi2esfni'ekf.ff1Ei .a ASQ. V wfigfif.-divx' yi K-f iff., 5 W in ,f.i..ff1mgfigigg 25Qz,'.sX:r,9fgwW 41-15 15355 wg ,ggrf ..,, f'g,,M3eEUf31wuEfj'fj Y . L- 'Q' W f' ?1574k3.'f+H'1 wifi 5,1-,H : A . Ffa' . fr zw3'E1,i 21 Q. "yi Wig ,ij ,X if fQf'1'iv1t:i.x Yiwu' ff af' fi .A rr' we ,.., 84 X 1' tg' V 1' W . f I '01 4 V .1 J" .midi ff -- :' I r ': --51115 1- I 'I' , 7 ' L 1 :"i:'f:'..:' ."' rf ' ':i.:- 2 ' " fC:'!' Q5 ' 52225 f f dlsiiilidf' -Q ' we at W 'kk' 4-We ff W - L- ff--f f --ff -- --iw-ww-1 f pow,-i 14: -,fissmfw if X-of fy .f .nxixifzw fa r 4: ,, 2 K Q, . . . With added experience and valuable assistance contributed by Mr. Sauder, their coach, the bowlers ended a successful year by ranking high in county league competition. The Morrisville club sent the pins flying for a 24-16 record. MR. SAUDER BOWLING TEAM Kneeling, left lo right: R. Woodward, W. Bloor, W. Tohm, T. Thorn, J. Huggins, J. Rushinski. Standing: D. Zurachiwsky, D. Lenox, J. Busche, R. Cowell, S. Cowell, H. Glosser, T. Tettermer. 2 VARSITY BASKETBALL From lefl 10 rzgbls M. Podoris, J. Cutchineal. C. Yifiedenliileter, R. McCarthy, R. Comm ski, E. Fischer, T. Zawatsl-cy. T. Softley. J. Riley. l6'a kefb ll Kcviews COACH XVNI 'K -.M . . :ff 'air . ,, h ai.. Q hs. sur, Thrilling games were seen on the Morrisville I-lilgh lmsketball Court this season its the Bulldogs bat- tled under the backboards. Tension often mounted during the last moments ot play as the scoreboard revealed a deadlock. The miners posed a constant threat to top league con- tenders, nearly upsetting first-place Wilson and tripping Bristol. The senior boys have now played their last game of high school basketball and deserve a Kulldogs l6'urk l6'f1ck well-earned pat-on-the-back for the fine jobs they have done. RICH BOB Captain J.V. BASKETBALL All eyes are on the ball as the Bull- From left to right, fini row: M. Codd, 1. Dunka, J. Smolinski, C. Habel, 1. Taylor, B. dogs Score Burke. Second row: W. Allshouse, P. johnson, C. Jurey, B. Stron1berg,,T. Sinclair, F. Schull. 84 9 K 3 lv in gil keflmll Ulfs ' ',m'Lk ' ' v ,Til-J . g 5, ff' , 1 f . 1 5 5 f iw., A ' " "Q ,- iii' ,.:zgfQgsf,1FE llcl ., c lc A yi ' 1 '- A " . 'fi ,..' wrigqgwf , I 4 A ,el -Fix, Efifxu, 7' I , - I L'f-. ' 1 ' , -Q W V! ., is ,V.V, . , T ' l -'L',' , Q Q .K - ' - KW, ' TOM FRAN CHUCK TED Varsity Bulldogs scramble for ball in action- packed XVilson game. VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL From lefz 10 rigbl, fin! wuz' S. Patterson, C. Marrazzo, L, Speechley, S. Frick, B. Sauder, M. Mason. Swami row: A. Butterworth, E. Okurowski, E. Okurowski, M. johnson, M. Haley, C. Dry. Girl ' Ka kefb ll Hoasfs Morrisville girl leaps for another two points. MISS PARSONS Sums ful Sea an J.V. GIRLS' BASKETBALL From lefl to right, first row: D. Bills, C. Waltersdorff, B. Harris, S. Landis, B. Anderson, S Laypo. Sefond row: P. Lulcaszow, S. Scheiclemantel, R. Beadle, F. Fischer, S. Okurowski, J. Stadler M. Weaver. We 3? 305955 Qgasm tg9W'j'5?j2Q QQ,msvfQ Q' " 'X' 'S iv.. Q 4 Q 1 'hL 1 ' . ES, .., M' E4 . A? kk 5 ' 88 if -, .4-' j i . , thy , , QF 'Z Q. 'fu 2, . 'fi' .Sh gg vu-wmv.. , , if . 3. -51 Q 1 I A Agn 35, , , dx , X 4 , I W,,,, A W J. ,, 1- ' '-Q: 'ff difffg SE 5 . 1 44, i 5, ggi? i 2' 15' . K K ,x 1. NW., W gig -wi jfs, M ,, v -1 3212 ' we ,L,, N, . vw. ...W f"esgfef'f7Qv mf ., Qg,:zzgfgg- Q -vez Hx ,.F:mvkK2? ., ew my A if 15 , 22 2 , SS K 'W ' WWW, MM., f. ,M 5.315 H 4 K-Fe"ff1"'m Y - M3222 ., , 5 1 -x Y? fm, Q 2,1 we as S 4 3 +4 su a JW' NY , K hm. ' mm! nzzfai! flaem on Ike f1c'ffI'ff,1 mul 1111171 are :mf lo be ffmmf by Ike rmrfvizfe. One . flvzvrlmhf, m1J3 fo fm! fbem wzfer' fl! Nw IIIf7,'Hcf!il of paffilzgf and ffvvy j7n.f,v ez'er"y Maurice Maeterlinck :fag , . 9I new M 7.,. 5 i 15 A . P ' we Ns ff We Qieftftggtf 14 in Yi mffeat fl , nt. . R' 7' vi ' . f . , ,,., . A . H www" F35 W. X - ' ww i raw... 1 fwitsawfffw 1 it nw , .1 :ra , -gg,-.sgkgj i,?Q!f5lfwy gE,'5f'v4G7 '1. I ' f'-' .Q 1 7, wfztfg- ' . The basic fundamentals of typewriting are taught in personal typing club. Students learn the "extras" in iyr i Engineering Drawing. Z Math enrich- ment students M work on problems under the Q instructions of Mrs. Hawkins. Q vi 92 T f 1 Uzreugh ,fletieities Students Preee Deep r Morrisville High School offers the student body many varied activities in which it may participate. The activities in- clude such catagories as hobbies and interests which are com- prised of such a diversity of clubs as dramatics, boys cooking, industrial artsg cheerleading club unfortunately limits its mem- bership to cheerleaders only, but the entire school benefits by it when we see our snappy cheerleaders perform so wellg sports clubs hold the interest of the many sports-minded students in our school as they offer an opportunity to im- prove and increase our athletic skillsg the future nurses and teachers are introduced to the careers they will follow in serv- ices clubsg a student may participate in a club that benefits the rest of the student body such as leader's club and student councilg music activities enable the students to develop their talents and abilitiesg the yearbook club is experience in pub- lications for the staff as they edit the annual Robert Morris. One of the most important activities, and the activity that will introduce this section deals with learning. In these clubs, the students have the occasion to increase their educa- tion and their skills. To A further increase their knowledge of science, Mr. Marinas has the students experiment with titration. 93 A 73, gi Sigur' Qn'TuTNr-A V-v"'? . . Q. . ,Wi W X I 3 'QW' .QQ Cub reporters prepare articles for "The bulldog Edition." JUNIOR HIGH DRABIATICS rmm lefl 10 rigfai, fin! raw: B. Bendle, K. Anderson, A. Shutt. M. Frick Serorzd man' M. Alexander, D. Gailey, P. Kusherick, E, Pinckard, C. Scheide: mantel, J. Moore, L. Cappiello, A. Colangelo. Members of junior high boys cooking club sample mouth-watering morsels. li A wg- xiii ,xv 534.3 A as .r ,, W. gg.:-32.15,--V'V -QV -25.52-V :VVVV-,fs-71eV'1VV's,V-+.VVi'ffi1:ir- 'Viafiv ' --Wifi'-VV ,fVVV'VV,f ,'1'V5g2Vz1rVVg,'i.,VV,. .V .-VV-rv-SVV-V-A .fm-:',l-. . - rVVVV,.:VVVs, V VVV-YV V V--V VV- . 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V. .V ,,,.,, V , ,.V,..,,.., .. ,V Q, VVV. .. ,. ,, ,V , .,,A,. ,V V . ,.,,.V,,. Students practice proper methods of introduction on stage Through' the cooperation of various teachers, this year we have been able to present clubs in which students are given time to enjoy their interests and hobbies. The boys' cooking club, under tne supervision of Miss Graves, serves to instruct the boys in the preparation of well balanced meals and tasty snacks. The newspaper club, with Miss Brower as advisor, provides the student body with the latest high school happenings. The dramatic club also under the super- vision of Miss Brower, encourages those with an ability in dramatics to exercise their talents. The industrial arts club, instructed by Mr. Sauder, pro- vides time and materials for those boys who are in- terested in woodworking and other manual arts. Dramatics participants take positions Senior high drarnatics club members learn lines for their new production. for first rehearsal. Senior High Cheerleaders prirnp before game time. ,4 Hhser for I 5 Girls "XVhen the blue and gold men fall in line," there are eight blue and gold girls who follow, backing these boys up all the way. It is the job of these girls to lead the cheers that drive our teams on to victory. During football season, these girls brave all kinds of weather go keep up our school spirit. They put in many hours of practice in order to perfect their variety- of cheers. Basketball season brings about an emphasis on cartwheels and splits. As the ball goes bouncing clown the court, these girls are there to keep our spirit at a high pitch. Never has a Morrisville player left the floor Without a cheerleader shouting his praises. t Our cheerleaders have always been the backbone of our root- ing section and they do so without glory. So-let's have "A Cheer for the Girlsnl 'iShoot it up, put it in-let's go we gotta' win!" X mv ,Q W 54,3 'L' E , 5 6 , m . 3, . Q , 4? 42, ' 'j ,K I HQ, Q . 25 1 R .5 'Q- 1 4 - aifmag' - S ,, ig 5 2 ..s,,.2i A 'fi-2 k y - ,A ,W 2 Z JM Me 522 15 5 e I . , Aga Q, 1 . ,,3 fs LEM xii K w Alf af i 419165034 91 , K Q F X 1 Y: ,iw X' - E "ff ,. ' 1 , ,..,,f. ,. V---:.::- L-if xA ,Q flwwqk, K5 E-, Clif wk,- ali' ,- V 'fl1 +2. lA 45 I 15.1112 may w ,i i t Out thre ling teams rebort to Demorr Ilehes each week for at sportive clubifegeriod. Meanwhile back on the M.H.S. ranch, our yourilg Robin Hoods practice shooting their bows anclearrows. Thisiyear, for the first time, the girls' and boys' sports clubs presented exhibitions to the student body and com- munity. The athletic skills as well as the quality of sportsmanship acquired in these clubs prove the worth of these activities. Klub Ihr! tyrants H641 0 hm FUELLRRMTEQEPAERS za right: Miss Gish, F. Fischer, S. Scheidemantel, J. Burgess, C. Dry, S. Burns, and RED CROSS CLUB IOO Seated, from left I0 rigbz: P. Heller, A. Smolinski, S. Lewis, J. Moyer, M, Carter. Smfzdifzg: L, Stoddard, P. Rogal- ski, J. Tozour, R. VUaltersd0rff, R. Conklin, D. Leedom, G. Paxson, J. Lane. W1 75 learn hy These three clubs, Future Nurses of America, Future Teachers of America, and Red Cross give their participants a chance to offer services to others while they learn. The Future Nurses of America, under the leadership X of Mrs. Jones, make hospital visits in preparation for their l future careers. . 1 With the assistance of Miss Gish, the Future Teachers of America become better acquainted with their future vocation. The Red Cross Club, under the direction of Mrs. Dezenhall and Mr. Thomas, endeavors to work with the American Red Cross in their many service projects. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICAY From left to right, firrz row: S. Laypo, T. Hadorn, M. Haley, P. Smith, C. Davis, E. Piro, D VARSITY CLUB From left to right, fir!! row: V. Straszynski, C. Schell, XV. Ellis, C. Wiedenhaefer, S. Petryszak R. Kraft, T. Zawatsky, R. Hart. Sewrza' mu: D. Lenox, A. Paxson, J. Campanelli, J. Gafgen, T Softley, J. Giano. Third row: R. Olafson, G. Mount, P. Johnson, B. Stromberg, J. Cutchineal, J Taylor, W. Frye, B. Gerber. STUDENT COUNCIL From Iefz lo riglvz, firsl row: T. Softley, B. Miller, C. Hansen, S. Frick, S. Landis,-R. Lenox, M. Wleaver, K. Anderson, E. Leichliter, M. Kaugher, M. Reed, M. Lehman. Second row: R. Burke, A. Thompson, K. Mcllvaine, N. Kovacs, J. Stacller, F. Fischer, J. Kish, J. Sultzbach, C. Anderson. Third row: J. Taylor, P. johnson, KW. Frye, P. Lippin, P. Lenox, L. Mitchell, J. Schwarz, C. Ossman, N. Calabro, T. Tootel, D. White, J. Frye, I. Dreher, S. Haldeman. Fourzb row: C. Slack, L. Cart, J. Mordock, R. Rud, T. Preston, A. Calabro, D. Thomas, C. Hughes. B. jackson, S. Brown, D. Gargan. LEADERS CLUB From left to right, firft row: B. Miller. B, Stauffer. E. Zocco. B. Sauder, J. Long. P. Pinto, M. Marrazzo, S. Patterson, S. Frick, L. Speechlcy, M. Mason. Second wuz- C. Sharp, C. Hansen, S. Layman, J. Burgess, D. Elmer, S. Landis, J. Colangelu. B, Bucknum. S. Okumwski. S. Conturso, J, Burger. Third row: P. Magee, R. Napoleon, J. Namey, J. Moore, V. Calabro, N. Tyndale, T. Hadorn, C. Dry. P. Lenox. S. Vlcrome. S. Amerine. S. Scheidemantel, Miss Parsons, I'if1ll1'lb row: M. Ashmore, N. Kovacs, S. Laypo, M. Haley, C. Bogdan. S. Burns. F. Fischer, P. Lippin. B. An- derson, C. Slack, L. Cart, A. Butterworth, B. Zahorowski. K. Mcllvaine. R. Beadle. 611111 Activities Hanging Qronz Snpplging Varsity Swcatvrs to Senna! L kegnlntions l6'eneHt Student Kgdg Ji, Schuol store clerks display meruhandise. l los ,gs TWIRLERS HEAD 'IWIRLERS From left to right: S. Mosley, M. Maier, M. Wbytko, K. M. Sabo, D. Cote Rosati, K. Solan, S. Patterson. the Kandi " The band adds much enjoyment and color to Morrisville High School activities. As they march down the field during football season, the band brings cheers from the Morrisville fans. The color guard and the twirlers cause all eyes to focus on the band as they come into view. One of the many im- portant events of the year which many people look forward to is the annual band concert given each spring. The spotlight is definitely on the band as they march in many parades in which they participate during the school year. Proud they are of the trophy they won in the fall of 1960, which is now dis- played in the showcase as a tribute to our school. The 1960-1961 band has been very successful both as a marching band and as a concert band. The members of the band are grateful to Mr, Hutch- ison for his guidance and leadership. Sincere thanks is also given for the excellent support of the Band Boosters Association. COLOR GUARD From lefz lo right: L. Speechley, M. Schmitt. S. Frick, B. Anderson, P. Lippin, C. Waltersdorff. White Zhrisflhas Highlights The Carol Sing at Mor- risville High is an annual event of long standing. This year the Christmas spirit was dramatically presented in our Twenty-Sixth Carol Sing. ng ? l 'N as si Zradil anal f!r1lidaySi14g tu! Q .3 3 Q iff 5 35 A A - wh -Q s 5 . , V il, m 'A - 4 ww.. A LLL T , f A. ., 'A Q X1 i g f L 7 . 51? W H 8 Q aff m 1. V IO7 ,Q .Music - the Jnfernafivnal .,. .. .-20 I-ww sv . . . I W., NR .. .. . sv , .. . - . .3 SENIOR I-IIGH CHORI 'S From left In right. fin! 7'l21l'.' D. Chr-wning. M. Codd. XY. lfryu. C. Hnhcl. D. Kziuglmer. B. Allshousfr. E. Thorn, XX' Hnrtel. B. Stromherg. R. Girton. J. Taylor. J. Schwarz. Scrum! 1v,f11'.' B. Duitritk, Il. Lenox, l'. Pinto, J. Long. B. Sauder. M. Marruzzo. I.. Longshore, C. Sharp. 'l. Burgess. N. Tyndale. J. Burger. M. Ashmore. S. Patterson. S. Okurnwski. R. Napoleon. D. Nolan. Tbifd faux' B. Stuuffcr. D. Lcedom. K. B.xird. J. Stadlcr. T. Campanelli. C. C. Bradley, P. Smith. S. Frick. L. Speechlcy. B. Zaborowski. Shnginaw. I.. Ossnmn. J. Rigby, J. Koons. C. VC'alterSdorff. E. Piro. S. Amerinc. J. Roberts. Faurfb mzw: S. Lodge. E. Zocio. M. Hcrrity. D. Cunningham. J. Nauney. K. Hivicdko. S. Landis, I... Phillips, S. Hull. S. Scheidemantcl. K. Milcsitz. L. Kirchhoffer, C. Davis. J, Ditmars. J. Wolf, D. Sanford. Fiffh 1-ani: S. Mosley. C. Fabian, T. Hadorn. J. Brodccki, M. Schmitt, F. Fischer, G. Carnes, S. Laypo, A. Butterworth, D. Duncan. V. Calnbro. S. Meloney, M. Mason, I., Cart, N. Kovacs. C. Bogden, B. Davis, N. Pasteur. J. Nevins, P. Lippin, B. Anderson. B. Harris. R. Bcudlc, S. Jc-rome. J. Juhlonski, G Donn. SENIOR.HIGH DISTRICT AND COUNTY FESTIVAL PARTICIPANTS From Jeff lo righz, fini faux' J. Schwarz. D. Chewning. M. Codd, B. Stauffer. E. Zocco. B. Sauder. Serum! 7'01Af'.' XV. I-Iartel, M. Schmitt, R. Girton, C. Vihltersilorff, R. Lenox. JUNIOR HIGH COUNTY CHORUS MR. HUTCHISON, Director No yearbook would be complete without a section de- voted to music. Morrisville High School, during the years- and '61 is no exception--has always had more than its share of musical talents. A number of junior and senior high students with mu- sical abilities represented our school in the County and Dis- trict Festivals. Membership in these organizations is highly competitive. As another senior class graduates, they leave behind their school books, but their memories of the work they put into these programs and the feeling of achievement attained will be with them always. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS From Jeff 20 riglal, firrz faux' D. Lehman, M. XY'ilmot, M. Kaugher. B. Antrobus, C. Mitchell, N. Adams, D. Wfake- field, C. McMullen, A. Colangelo, I.. Nagy, S. Tyndale, A. Krier, j. McGarity, E. Pinckard, Mr. Podleiszek. Semud rouz' J. Britton, C. Petry, J. Burger, P. Ford, L. Deis, V. Dayton. E. Michel, M. Alexander, M. Bentz, Hunt, N. Cala- bro, G. Roman, M. Mannon, E. McDonald, A. johnson, J. Bottoms, M. Frick. Third row: J. Carter, B. Beadle. E. Burgess. I. Antonin. M. Smith, A. Labatch, P. Lukazaw, M. Maier. D. Moser, K. Anderson, Ludwig, D. Gargan. S. johnson, N. Macikanycr. D. Patterson, D. Kinney. Fozmb ma: D. Fisher, M. Disler, G, Steinbeiser, K. Solan. J. Garey. C. Anderson, L. Cappiello, J, Onofri, G. Doster, C. Rustay, P. Kusherick, 1. Apgar, I. Nirshl, B. Houser, C. Fischer, N. Mohr, A. Comfort, J. Hillman, R, Foose. Fiflb may C. Scheidemantel, C. Andrews, D. Bills, N. Magee, G. Chewning, F. Noonan. Accompanistf-J. Moore. MR. SCHULTZ The competent yearbook editors: XX'alt Ellis, processing: Elaine Zocco. photo: Nancy Richie, copy, Betty Advisor Sauder, associate editor, Betsy Stauffer, editor-in-chief. "We Did If . . . " From September to March the yearbook staff dilligently worked on this, our "masterpiece" When the editing of the yearbook is completed, the future business managers, photographers, and writers will have doubts in their minds as to whether this is the career they really wish to follow. Our now gray- haired advisor has his doubts also. The activities of the individual staff members are as varied as they are numerous. Very often the photo editor and her staff were seen madly rushing around the auditorium taking last minute pictures, and the times ean't be counted when the editors held late evening meetings after school. In spite of the hectic running around and the added gray hairs, we, the yearbook staff, can hon- estly say that we loved every minute of this "mass chaos" and we are all very, very proud of having had the opportunity to publish this, the 1961 Robert Morris. . , Wu,-m.PF"" Q 1931 -1 A 1 1 mv-..,,. Copy staff-Shirley Patterson, Nancy Richie, Sheila Mosley, and J'Ann Burgess-puts finishing touches on write-ups. 'F V i Processing group--Elaine Zocco, XX'alt Ellis, and j'Ann Burgess-gives final stamp of approval, Index 8f0UP"J0YCe Roberts, IIO Delores Bodine, and Dee No- lan-prepares final section of yearbook. in sr' . 5 . ,- B ,i .,-- C' ee My .. 4. ,Ex Divider work is being pre- pared hy art staff, Elaine Zocco. and Martha Mason. Business managers, Bar- bara Miller, and Christine Hansen, smile over pros- perous yearbook. YEARBOOK STAFF From Jeff to rigfvl, .i1.nzdiizg.' M. Mason, B. Miller, D. Bodine, C. Hansen. S. Patterson. J. Wolf, L. Speechley, S. Frick, D, Babic, C. Green, 1. Roberts, J. Burgess. Seated: C. Sharp, P. Magee, D. Nolan, S. Mosley, M. Marrazzo, P. Pinto, S. Layman, L. Longshore, J. Long. N02 ,i1f90Zo,qn'zpbed.' S. Duff, T. Mitchell, G. Smith. i Editor-in-chief, Betsy Stauffer, and asso- ciate editor. Betty Sauder, prepare dum- my layouts for The Robert Morris. III -- nth kg These people have greatly con- tributed time and energy to the process and progress of our year- book. We take this space to ac- knowledge their willing assistance and thank them wholeheartedly for their help. MR. CAUM MRS. BRUNN ER You mn tell t he idealf of fl nation by ily adzferlisemerzif . . . George Norman Douglas THE MORRISVILLE BANK "The Friendly Bank" 2 Eas+ Bridge S+. and 53 Morrisville Shopping Cen+er MORRISVILLE, PA. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPosiT lNsuRANcE coRPoRATloN MORRISVI LLE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION To Promoie Ihe Welfare of Children ancl YouI'h in Home, School, Church ancl Communify Congrafulafions Io +he Class of I96I BAND BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION OF THE MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Meeling 3rcI Tuesday of Each Mon'I'h ALWAYS WELCOME X ,X MORRISVILLE MQRRISVILLE UONS CLUB ROTARY CLUB X A aim f: 'A , -L 'if Xf"fNAnf?'f- ' Monmsvme PENNSYLVANIA MoRRusvuLLE, PENNSYLVANIA MANFRED MCDEVITT av Rs, .rf Builder and Con+rac1'or SI CE - A 'Beg KERNS BEVERAGES 264 BARNSLEY AVE. MORRISVILLE, PENNA. Fine Na'rural Flavors Compliments of TALONE'S GULF SERVICE all W. Bridg S+ MORRISVILLE Elecfric Wa+er Heaiers Sales and Service EDWARD R. ROBERTS, JR. Eledrical Con+rac1'or Phone CY 5-7692 224 OSBORNE AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA. Lincoln - Mercury - Comei' MAURO MOTORS, INC. 835 Wesi' Bridge S+ree+ MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone CY 5-5057 GREENWOOD DAIRIES Visii' Our Modern Dairy S+ore Home Delivery of Fine Dairy Produc'rs SKyline 7-3764 U.S. ROUTE aifl LANGHORNE, Pa. Complimenfs of KING SUPPLY CO. MORRISVILLE, PA. Home Phone: CY 5-9I52 CAPPY'S BARBER SHOP 267 HiIIcres+ Avenue TRENTON, N. J. SAM CAPPIELLO, Proprie+or WI 6-2022 WI 9-II75-6 MELODY MUSIC COMPANY CENTRAL MELODY 8I6 LeviHown Shopping Cen'I'er LEVITTOWN. PENNA. SARA'S BEAUTY SALON 449 N. Penna. Ave. Shop and Save a+ J. D. GOLD 5c- I0c-SI.0O STORE I9 Eas'I Bridge S+. MORRISVILLE, PA. Morrisvillels CY 5-9Il9 Only Independenf Varie+y Sfore CY 5-57I9 Open Daily-9 fo 9 Safurdays--9 Io 7 COUNTRY BOARDING l Heafed Kennels-Air Condi'rioning C0mpIImerl'I'S Individual Oufside Runs of BaI'hing-CIipping-Grooming Greai' Dane and Boxer Puppies RUBBER CO.. INC. MORRISVILLE. PA. Full Line of Dog Food and Canine Accessories MACKENSEN KENNELS HY 3-275I READING AVE. YARDLEY. PA. BUD'S SUNOCO Bridge and Delmorr Ave. MORRISVILLE. PA. Phone CY 5-5882 Phones: Day, CY 5-3I96g Nigh+, 557I MlKE'S AUTO SERVICE Tune-Up-Igni+ion Specialisi- Mofor Overhaul Wrecker and Towing Service Penna. Official Inspec+ion S+a. No. 8458 Ill-I I3 W. BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE. PA. Besl' of Luck To The Class of I96I For +l1e Finesf Milk and Dairy Proclucfs PLUS Service You Will Appreciafe, Try CLOVER LEAF DAIRY 850 SO. PENNA. AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA. CHEVROLET Sales and Service 222 E. BRIDGE ST., MORRlSVlLLE, PA. Loca+ed a+ Lower Delaware Free Bridge Approach "OK" Guaranteed USED CARS Morrisville and Trenlon Calls CY 5-7I84 WILLIAM J. TALONE Bulldozing Service Phone CY 5-2087 54 MANOR LANE WEST YARDLEY. PA. DELAWARE VALLEY BINDERY Book and Pamphlei' Binding THOMAS RIGBY II25 Ohio Avenue Phone CY 5-705I MORRISVILLE, PA. BesI' of Luck b 'Io 'I'he Class of '6I NYLOMATIC CORPORATION MORRISVILLE, PA. MORRISVILLE FLOWER GARDENS ROBERTW. Fuel-I Flowers 'for AII Occasions We Grow Our Own 509 W. Bridge S+. CY 5-7575 MORRISVILLE, PA. CompIimen'rs of UNITED CUT RATE 29 E. Bridge S+. MORRISVILLE, PA. CY 5-3835 CY 5-9330 MICHAEL JR. and MARGARET SAYKO MARGIE'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions F.T.D. MEMBER Flowers Wired Anywhere 27 E. BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE, PA Phone CY 5-3309 Home, OW 5-023I Home Freezer Service a+ Lowes+ Prices CENTRAL MARKET Selecf Beef-Veal-Lamb-Pork WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PAUL BECK Carpenfer and Con+rac+or SMALL JOBS A SPECIALTY CY 5-5763 337 Crown S+. MORRISVILLE 336 W. BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE, PA. Cor. Mercer S+. Uniiy-Frankford Sfore DELMOR LANES NQVATQS Aufomafic PinseH'ers FULLY AIR CONDITIONED Phone CY 5-29I9 GROCERY STORE I2 Melvin Ave. MORRISVILLE, PENNA. Phone CY 5-7648 HUNT'S STATIONERY School and Office Supplies I8-20 E. Bridge S+. MORRISVILLE. PA. JOHN J. KOTZ A Com plefe Insurance Service CY 5-7420 Bes'r of Luclc SNYDER'S SPORT +0 me CENTER IO7-09 Perry S+. Class of '6' TRENTON, N. J. From Phone EX 2-4059 ZEFFIRO'S MARlO'S BAKE SHOP WAXMAN'S JEWELRY GIFTWARE Morrisville Shopping Cenfer MORRISVILLE, PA. Wesi' Trenfon Ave. and Big Oak Road MORRISVILLE, PA. CY 5-5383 G. E. Appliances J. P. CUNNINGHAM HARDWARE 522 N. Pennsylvania Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. CY 5-74I3 Plumbing ancl Hearing JAMES A. ANTROBUS 426 N. Pennsylvania Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. Call CY 5-347I 'For Service and lnsfallafion Complimen+s of WARD BAKING COMPANY CROSSWICKS MACHINE AND TOOL CO. Makers of Fine Molds for Plasfic and Rubber Phone Ju 7-3434 3 Huber+ Ave- R. E. BUCKNUM TRENTON. N J Compliments of THE ROBERTSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Manufaciurers of ceramic wail and floor Jrile, abrasive grinding wheels and segmenis. CYpress 5-3044 CYpress 5-3850 PISCOPO BROS. "Bear" Frame and Wheel AIignmenI' Body and Fender Repairing - Pain'I'ing -Glass Day and NigI1+ Service, 24-Hour Towing WRIGHT AND HALL AVENUES MORRISVILLE. PA. Official Garage for KEYSTONE INSURANCE AND MOTOR CLUB OF AMERICA Compliments of RICKERT NURSERIES "In nollwing do men more nearly approach llwe qocls llwan in giving lwealllw lo men" -ciceno JOHN M. BURNS Class of '28 PHARMACIST Complimenls of GENERAL REFRACTORIES CO. POST ROAD MORRISVILLE, PA. MORRISVILLE MOTORS Bocly. Fender and Painling Service Aulhorized Pennsylvania Sl'a'le lnspeclion Slalion PHONE CY 5-5367 PHONE CY 5-5234 DELBERT E. PINCKARD Sleel Fabricalion ancl Ereclion General Welding 227 OSBORNE AVE. MORRISVILLE. PA Compliments of VULCANIZED RUBBER AND PLASTICS COMPANY NEW YORK, N Y MORRISVILLE PA "CongratuIotions, Seniors' SOLFO PAINT MFG. CO. TRENTON N J 82I P A EX 3 4 6I Compliments of CHESTNUT HILL DAIRY, INC 550 W. Bridge St. MORRISVILLE, PA. CY 5-4I4I WI 9-0404 CONSUMERS OIL CORPORATION Richfield Products Gasoline-Kerosene-Molor Oil Domeslic and IndusI'riaI Fuel Oil PHONE EX 4-5353 42l John Filch Way Trenfon, N. J. LEWIS ESSO SERVICE Official Pennsylvania SI'aI'e Inspeclion No. 0496 II5 E. BRIDGE ST. l . . Morrisville. Pa. THE YARDLEY FLORIST Flowers and Planfs for All Occasions I75 S. Main S+. YARDLEY, PA. Phone HY 3-3676 TREVOSE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION TREVOSE, PA. Spvciliiiiivivics 0? ,vmsunsn T -A ,E ?'9 SIIILDIIIJO. 5 'fu gi MORRISVILLE OFFICE Trenton and Pennsylvania Avenues IOpposi'I'e Shopping Cen'I'erI CYpress 5-4I2I A Progressive Association Where Thrifty People Save This Association With Assets of Over S I 9,000,000.00 has Paid LIBERAL DIVIDENDS for 47 Consecutive Years! -We Invite You to Stop In and Get Acquainted- PENN DRUGS CY 5-9777 R. H. WHITE, BSc., Prop. Free Delivery PRESCRIPTIONS TOYS FOUNTAIN DRUGS COSMETICS 8I3 W. Trenfon Ave. HI-HAT DINER Res+auran+ and Cockfail Lounge Cafering +0 Banque+s and Parfies RALPH Roufe I MARY Fallsingfon, Pa. FRANCES CYpress 5-2874 Owners STlLWELL'S Sof+ Drink Dis+ribu+ors Fairhill Road Grandview Es+a'res Morrisville, Penna. PHONE CYpress 5-3254 PHONE CY 5-7806 EVENINGS CY 5-3956 HOWARD E. GREENLEE Trenching and Grading Free Es+ima+es Trucking PHILA. AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA. A ,f A. Q r r Goodyear Pliofoam Cushions for Ihe Home Le+ us re-'fiII your davenpori' and easy chair cushions. They will IooIc Iike new and give maximum comfort Phone CY 5-4I I6 for Prices You'll Be Surprised aI' 'Ihe Low Cos+. AI RTEX PRODUCTS I05 E. Bridge S'I'. MORRISVILLE, PA. RECH'S BRIDGE GRILL I Phila. Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. Wm. G. Rech, Mgr. BILL'S DRIVE-IN Charcoal Ho+ Dogs, Hamburgers and Sfeaks 2 S. DELMORR AVE. MorrisviIIe, Pa. 5-7 I 72 HARBISON FORD INC. Roufe I Morrisville, Pa. Bud Sweeny Tom Harbison PHONE EX 6-35I4 CARL J. GOELLER PI-IoNE CY 5-7648 HUNT'S STATIONERY Florist School and Office Flowers Telegraphed Supplies I 530 Hammon Ave. Is-zo E. BRIDGE sr. J. Morrisville, Pd. I Complimenfs of BLAKELY LAUNDRY PQTTERY AND DRY CLEANING I TRENTON, N. J. I Since I 890 Relail Sales af Facfory Tyburn Road Telephone CYpress 5-5829 I sAM's PLUMBING 8. EQUIPMENT co. Regis+ered Plumbers Hoi' Vfarer Heaiing 523 Barclay Ave. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-922 I CY 5-922 I SARONY STUDIOS I3I6 Walnuf S+. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Official Phofographers for +IIe I96I "ROBERT MORRIS" PENN DECORATING COMPANY Decoralors of Fine China CLARENCE ALDERFER Owner 627 Baker Avenue Morrisville, Pennsylvania PHONE CY 5-5644 EX 3-238I Esfablished I9I0 HERMAN SACKIN CO. Fine Furnifure Rugs Bedding ERNEST SACKIN 206 S. Broad S+. TRENTON 9, N. J. J. ALLEN HOOPER FUNERAL CHAPEL 45 N. Penna. Ave. MORRISVILLE, PENNA. Licensed in New Jersey Phone Morrisville CY 5-7725 JOHN'S Family Circle Res+auranI' SPECIALIZING IN Hoi' PIaH'ers Sandwiches Founrain Service I05 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. JOHN JEREMIAS, Prop. wi 6-9822 MODERN UNITS FALLS MOTEL Complimenfs One Mile Above of Oxford Valley Crossing A on U.S. Rou+e I SAMUEL VACCHIANO 20I I-IFICOIH I'IIWay OW,-,er-Man,,3ger FAIRLESS HILLS, PA Cusrom Cabiners CARL S. MERSHON 57 N. Delmorr Ave. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-7805 ANDREA MOTORS Lincoln Highway Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-5453 PHONE CY 5-5590 ACE BEDDING CO. Furnirure and Bedding 63 N. Pennsylvania Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. EX 3-3945 SILVESTRO BROS. .IOE'S TOMATO' PIES IThe Original Toma+o Pie Malcersl 548-50 S. Clinron Ave. TRENTON. N. J. GARTH PITCAIRN PIymou'rh-VaIian+-Fiaf Chrysler-Imperial ROUTE I MORRISVILLE, PA H ARMSTRONG umms mls -1 J. N. YOST Complefe Hea+ing and Fuel Oil Service Sheer Me+aI Producis Made Io Order Q Air Condifioning Phone IO4 W. BRIDGE ST. Nigh+ Phone CYpress 5-3I I4 MORRISVILLE, PA. CYpress 5-2339 REDNOR AND KLINE, INC. Lumber and MiIIworIc Mason Ma+eriaIs-PIywood-InsuIa+ion Do-I+-Yourself S+ore MORRISVILLE, PA. Phones Yard and Warehouse CY 5-7I75 U.S. NO. I Freeway CY 5-3I64 THE D. D. D. Hose' Beanie Iky Poo Spur+s Dennis Tur+Ie Muzzy S,-,O Lover Phoebe Bee+Ie IVIOUSG SELLINGER'S GARAGE Philadelphia and Wrigh+ Avenues Morrisville, Pa. Complere Body and Fender Shop S1'a're lnspecfion General Repairs 24 Hour Towing Lubricalion EMERGENCY O SERVICE CY 5-4I29 SKIP SELLINGER NORM SELLINGER CompIimen'I's of A A FRIEND PHONE CY 5-9804 Hours 7:00 A.M. +o I0 P.M. MORRISVILLE ESSO SERVICE CENTER T JOE DAVIS Mo II P M.H.S. COLOR GUARD Capfain-Lynne Sue Bev PGI Bonnie Marie Do Connie Complimenfs of DEL VAL TAVERN .. I Hgh' fain "PRYORS PHARMACY" I888 I96I Prescripfion Specialisls Free Delivery Service Cosmelics, Greeling Cards, Sick Room Supplies CY 5-74 I 6 TAYLOR'S CAMERA SHOP Morrisville Shopping CenI'er MORRISVILLE, PA. One 3-Ib. Box Wise PoI'aI'o Chips-52.75 MENTION THIS AD AND SAVE 50 CENTS Lisl' Price 52.75 .50 Your Price 52.25 Buys a 3-Ib. Box a+ WISE POTATO CHIP WAREHOUSE I4I Perry Sf., TrenI'on, N. J. HOTEL ALEXANDER I00 E. Bridge S+. MORRISVILLE, PA. Clean Rooms by Week or Day HOME COOKING Complimenls of TIRE CITY, INC. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-5473 CompIimenI's of WILLIAM WOODWARD SILVER ASH COAL SILVER FLASH FUEL OIL An+hraci+e's Finesi' Around 'rhe Clock Cos'I's No More Dependable Service -Jus+ Phone EX 6-820I TATTERSALUS SINCE I884 Lei' Ihe "SiIver FIeeI"' Deliver Your Heat SOUTH END AUTQ PARTS FORCE 81 STANTON New-Used-RebuiII' 79I-805 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. Phone CY 5-3246 CY 5-3689 Beverage DisI'ribu+ors Morrisville Shopping Cen+er CAMBELL'S GULF SERVICE III E. TrenI'on Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-9882 MORRISVILLE OIL COMPANY Sales and Service York Oil Burners III E. Phila. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-7083 BALDERSTON BROS. Home of Qualiry Beef NEWTOWN, PA. R.D. WO 8-3460 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND BOL-D-KAP TIRE COMPANY IOI Washingfon S+. Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-4I26 Visif Our New Re+aiI OufIe+ "HUNZIE'S" PENN TAVERN Our Specialfy Is FINE FOOD We Cafer +o Privafe Pariies and Banquefs PHONE CY 5-9880 4II W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. WILLIAM D. MURPHY Funeral Home 4l Wesl' Trenlon Ave. Morrisville PHONE CY 5-7922 PALMER TROUT, INC. II22 So. Clinlon Ave. TRENTON IO, N. J. EXpor+ 6-557l JOSEPH HAIR STYLIST in While Horse JOS. NAPOLI, Prop. Cold Waving-Slyling Culling-Tinling 629 While Horse Ave. TRENTON. N. J. EXporl 3-4245 Congralulalions lo +l1e Class of 'bl ln Memory of SAMUEL S. BERNSTEIN Complimenls of DIAMOND CAB CO. Phone OW 5-6770 I20 Perry Sl. TRENTON. N. J. PLASTIC BINDING JAMES MCGARITY, JR. Eslablishecl l922 Paper Ruling and Prinling Finishers 20 Union Sl. al Penn Ave. Morrisville Penna. PHONE CY 5-3848 YARDLEY PHARMACY Prescriplions Drugs Luncheonelle FREE DELIVERY YARDLEY HY3-2703 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS .. SPH. 4 f ,. .3 3. - 1 ,if K- Q IQ - fix 1 F Q A, ' 1' 35" .V 5 I' Ryksig-,F E .EW 'Il Ex ff DONALD DUNCAN 620 Crown SI. MORRISVILLE Free EsI'ima'Ies All Work Guaranfeed Don'I Jusi' Dial 'For Any Plumber Dial DUNCAN CY 5-59I2 CHARLES' BEAUTY SHOP 27 N. Pa. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5f5784 MILL GATE FLYING A So. Penna. Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. Service for AII LYNN JAMMER Morrisville Shopping Cenfer Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-4223 Those Who Love Fashion Love Io Shop Wi+I1 Us! CY 5-3I06 CY 5-4745 JOHN P. READING KLEINS LICENSED PASTRY SHOP PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR MORRISVILLE SHOPPING CENTER Specializing in Balhrooms, Kilchens Oil and Gas Fired Healing Sysfe Domesfic Air Condifioning 242 Washing+on Sf. Morrisville, Pa. Wedding Cakes Birfhday Cakes Bread, Rolls and Fancy Pasfry WALT ED WALT'S BARBER SHOP I7 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. LOU BERNIE CLOVERLEAF DAIRY BAR 848 S. Penna. Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. Biggesi' Cones and Sundaes in 'Ihe Delaware Valley Area MR. AND MRS. J. GOTTFRIED Propriefors BEN'S DELICATESSEN 30 Differenl Cold CuI's-lmpor+ed and Domeslic I2 WASHINGTON ST. Morrisville, Pennsylvania Phone CY 5-576l JOHN W. HILLMAN Dump Truck Service 325 HARRISON AVE. Morrisville, Pa. Phone: CYpress 5-3I I7 Complimenrs of NICK A. SERUBY BARBER SHOP I7l Cooper SIreeI' TRENTON, NEW JERSEY LY 9-9068 ABCO PRINTING CO. LeH'erpress Pl1oI'o OHseI I806 So. Broad S+. TrenI'on, N. J. Tel. EXporI' 2-I I68 MICHAEL MIKSITZ SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Captain-Jeanne Co-Captain-Carolyn Barb Diane Shari Arleta Edwina Sue Alternate-Fran Mascot-"Archie" The Friendly Place to Shop BEATRICE SHOPPE OTT'S Women's Apparel Stationery and Toys PHONE: CY 5-345I Open Thurs. and Fri. Evenings I3 E. BRIDGE ST. Morrisville, Pa. Congratulations ADAMS Mobil Service Center W. Trenton Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-9255 We Sell Only the Best FO0SE'S Self-Service Market Phone CYpress 5-5597 CYpress 5-9887 'For Prompt Delivery BEST WISH ES TO to TH E I962 "ROBERT MORRIS" STAFF -1961 STAFF mx. fl fbg - Sffjlamil f' Tum D TOWN if i f' X TTC s 4 '7 ' OM-M O --5 M I 'a I " .3 Mn. Pafrvus Walt Ellis Ginger and jon Chas. I-label "62" "The Big Surprise" Gail and Charlie Fran, janet, Lyn Sue, Jane, Roberta T.'C.T.I. of Morrisville jr. High Cheerleaders Barbara Berroth Janice B. Brower Sondra Dezenhall Daniel Devlin Esther Durboraw Betty Kane Margaret A. Watkins Frank Zurlo Miss Dorothy Gish John Wnuk Esther Hawkins William E, Apsche Mr. Arthur Patterson Miss Ann E. Parsons Frank E. Podleiszek Rosemary Cavanaugh Miss Mildred Arms Miss Myra Arms Ruth Graves Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Paul Phillips R. D. Green, Jr. Andrew R. Jr. Peter Palz L. Mosley Calvin Marshall Frank C. Miller Rowland Woodward, Jr. Curtis H. jurey Ben Bodine George Hunger james Kelbaugh Charles T. Burgess R. G. Lee J. Gontar Fred Nirshl R. Smith Harry C. Anderson Charles E. Geanette L. A. Brunner Pafrvus Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Broadus Clark james E. Magee john W. Burgess Elmer V. Miller Almore Lontz Raymond L. Cowell Harry A. Widmann Harry B. Lane Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Worthington Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr .and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Chewning john E. Young, Sr. Walter Pobutkiewicz Dominick Caldararo Kay Hart James Piscopo Frank Tucceri Charles Inverso Anthony Pinto Austin Spatty Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Fimmano Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Keller Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matinas Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schultz Mr and Mrs. Frank Torok Mr and Mrs. Robeit G. Clark V Mr. and Mrs. George Waltersdorff Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilber Sauder Mr and Mrs. Clair E. Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Klingerman Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Frick Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Speechley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rabberman Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bentz Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Deis Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cubberly Mr. and Mrs. Emil Conrad Mr. and Mrs. john Marrazzo, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Marrazzo, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Marrazzo, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Zocco Mr. and Mrs. George Woolley, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. john Foster Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Richie Mr. and Mrs. john Whalen Mr. and Mrs. john Yeager Mr. and Mrs. Harold Longshore Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Demech Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Newmann, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McCahan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Worthington Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Houser Mr. and Mrs. joseph Bottoms I46 Ed S. Lenox H. R. Mason R. J. Patterson Mr. and Mrsiliarnv V. Jenks Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Rita Cooley Betty and Fran Mrs. Laura M. Hillman Mr. james L. Yoxtheimer Mrs. Carrie Setchfield Lynne, Betts, Sue Gerry and Bob Mrs. Donna Weed Carmella and Eddie Mary Ann Neumann "54 "George" and "Gigi" Mr. Clinton Oliver Juliet Colangelo Joan and Clay Marie and Nevin Nancy and Mike Brenda and Bill Robert E. Lee Linda and Dave Dolores and Bill Val and Corky Doan Noreen and Denny Judy and Mike Richard W. Morris Carl Lontz Earl Harrop Harry J. Layman john H. Meuhlhausen Donald G. Frye Arthur W. Beadle Charles C. Young, Sr. Robert A. Habel George Kovacs Stephen Diabelko j. C. Adams, jr. Michael Miksitz Warren Long Martin J. Lewis Maurice Foulke, jr. Richard E. Groth Frederick Burkhardt Nevin Shaffer john B. Delbridge Ben Capozza Carl A. Schell, Sr. Carl A. Sdiell, jr. Horace M. Hutchison Vernon Ferguson Michael Krepich Samuel J. Hughes, jr. Burton O. Thomas Alexander McDonald Sol S. Kashoff Gordon Davies Philip Jones E. L. Caum Glenn G. Griffiths Joyce andFFranlE Dick Sullivan "SS" Mrs. Lloyd W. Vandenbergh Carol and Eddie Bob and Libby Patterson Paul, Evelyn, and Debbie Koch Robin and Segal Arleta and Teddy Dick Lenox "61" Mrs. Marjorie H. Smith Mr. Fabian Tony Vicki and Riggi Barb and Richie Arlene and Bill Mrs. Helen Klepadlo Estelle Wilkes Jean and Larry Ray Cowell Richard C. Sherman Don Lenox Richard Hoffman Joe Kovacs "Chipper" Mr. Edward Stiendel Mrs. Anna Smolinski Mrs. Lena Updike Issac Heath Linda and Bobby Marilou Haley Charlotte Dry Carol and Alby Frrrfrssirrmzl Ferrous firms 13. l6'rr1lir1srrr1, D. 6 Urrrrrlrrrr K. Zrrhcrz, D. 0. C Z Daugherty, JVLD. Virirrr IK 51514, M. D. Uzizdilrus l6'. g0Wf6'l2 D. D. .Si Warren ,4. Eiroirerg, D. 5 Krrlrrrf ,4. Qifulit M. D. Uzwdvrc ,4. J-lizrzsrir, D. .STK David IK johns, M. D. Kudvgrh Komarrk, DL? fl Dre Ifusfrziwrden D.D. 52 ferry Z? lfrahy, D. D..Si james 6 McNally, D. D.S Harald J kvbiusvu, D. D. Si Jlflmdr Whiteside: D. 63 A Adams, Jay, 68, 81 Adams, Linda, 66 Adams, Nancy, 66, 109 Albee, Walter, 64, 88 Cicco, Joe, 64, 88 Alborn, Warren, 69 Albright, James, 69 Alexander, Karen, 79 Alexander, Marsha, 66, 94, 97, 109 Allison, Ann Marie, 64 Allshouse, William, 62, 84, 108 Amerine, Sue, 62, 103, 108 Anderson, Bonnie, 60, 78, 87, 103, 105, 108 Anderson Carol, 66, 102, 109 Anderson, David, 28, 54 Anderson, Kathryn, 79, 94, 102, 109 Anderson, Mary Lou, 64 Andrews, Carole, 64, 109' Antoniw, Irene, 64, 109 Antrobus, Bonnie, 68, 109 Apgar, Janet, 66, 109 Arabis, Stanley, 62 Ashmore, Mary Lou, 62, 103, 108 Axlerod, Fern, 68 B Babic, Donna, 28, 111 Bailey, Robert, 62 Baird, Kathryn, 62, 108 Baldwin, Terry, 63, 72 Balonis, Susan, 69 Barber, Thomas, 60 Barker, Michael, 66 Barta, Geza, 69, 81 Baugh, Charles, 63 Baugh, Mary, 61 Beadle, Barbara, 66, 94, 97, 109 Beadle, Roberta, 62, 87, 103, 108 Beck, Bruce, 64 Beck, Gordon, 28 Behrmann, Kathy, 67 Bennett, Frederick, 66 Bennett, Robert, 67 Bennett, Vincent, 69 I4-8 Jude! Bentz, Mary, 64, 109 Bilheimer, Audrey, 60 Bilheimer, Eva, 63 Bills, Donna, 64, 79, 87, 97, 109 Bloodsworth, Donald, 64, 88 Bloor, William, 28, 82 Bodine, Dolores, 29, 110, 111 Bodine, Linda, 68 Bogden, Charlotte, 62, 103, 108 Bottoms, Janice, 64, 109 Boychuck, Billy,' 66, 88 Bozarth, Caroline, 66 Bradley, Carole, 60, 108 Brilla, Paul, 69, 81 Britton, Janice, 109 Brodecki, Jane, 62, 108 Brodecki, Thomas, 66 Brown, Sally, 68, 102 Browne, John, 66 Brudon, Charles, 67 Bryce, Lawrence, 66, 81, 88 Buckley, Stephen, 65 Bucknum, Barbara, 60, 78, 97, 103 Bunda, Diane, 65 Burger, Jane, 62, 79, 103, 108 Burgess, Elizabeth, 68, 109 Burgess, John, 65 Burgess, Julia Ann, 29, 100, 103, 108, 110, 111 Burgner, Joanne, 68, 109 Burke, Robert, 62, 84, 102 Burns, Susan, 62, 100, 103 Busche, John, 65, 82 Butterworth, Arleta, 60, 86, 97, 103 108 Byrne, Kathleen, 64 C Cadwallader, Rose, 67 Cadwallader, Russell, 65 Calabro, Anthony, 65, 81, 88, 102 Calabro, Nicholas, 69, 81, 88, 102, 109 Calabro, Victoria, 62, 103, 108 Campanelli, Angelina, 68 Campanelli, Joe, 29, 74, 102 lv- Campanelli, Theresa, 60, 108 Capozza, Noreen, 29 Cappiello, Joseph, 60 66, 94, 109 Carlucci, Robert, 68 Carnes, Gail, 62, 108 Cappiello, Linda, Carney, Clive, 64, 88 Carr, Alice, 62 Carr, Dwight, 67 Carroll, Diedre, 60 Cart, Linda, 60, 79, 102, 103, Carter, Jane, 64, 79, 97, 109 Carter, Maryann, 100 Case, William, 62 Chapman, William, 64 Chewning, David, 62, 108 Chewning, George, 68, 109 Clark, Richard, 30, 72, 74, 83 Clark, Terry, 30, 55 Clawges, Doris, 30 Clay, Jeffrey, 88 Coble, Dennis, 62 Codd, Edward, 66 Codd, Milton, 62, 84, 108 10 Colangelo, Annita, 66, 94, 97, 109 Colangelo, Juliete, 60, 103 Comfort, Alan, 60, 109 Comfort, Anne, 68 Cominski, Richard, 30, 72, 83, 84 Conklin, Ernest, 65 Conklin, Roy, 100 Conrad, Carolyn, 67 Conrad, Shirley, 31 Constantino, Robert, 67, 88 Conturso, Ralph, 65, 81 Conturso, Sharon, 60, 78, 103 Cook, Carol, 67 Cook, Jim, 68 Cote, David, 31, 104 Cowell, Donald, 69 Cowell, Richard, 62, 82 Cowell, Raymond, 31, 82 Crisp, Donald, 68 Cronon, James, 65 Cronon, Rosemary, 69 Crotto, Francis, 31 Cunningham Andrew, 62, 80 Cunningham Darlene, 60, 108 Cunningham, Robert, 69 Cunningham, Williarn, 65, 88 Custer, Coleen, 69 Cutchineal, Jerry, 60 83, 102 D Dameron, Arthur, 62 Davis, Barbara, 62, 108 Davis, Carolyn, 60, 101, 108 Davis, Ruthie, 65 Davis, Thomas, 60 Dayton, Virginia, 60, 109 Deis, Linda, 68, 109 Deitrick, Barbara, 60, 108 Delaney, Elizabeth, 68 Delay, Jane, 61 Demario, Matthew, 67 Demos, Joan, 65 Devlin, Robert, 62 Diabelko, Margaret, 32 Disler, Marcia, 64, 109 Ditmars, Joan, 60, 108 Doan, Gail, 62, 108 Doster, Gail, 64, 109 Dreher, Irene, 66, 102 Dry, Charlotte, 62, 79, 86, 100, 103 Duff, Laura, 68 Duff, Susan, 32 Duncan, Donna, 62, 108 Dunka, John, 84 Dyer, Pamela, 68 Dyer, William, 67, 81 E Elcock, James, 63 Ellis, Walter, 32, 75, 102, 110 Elmer, Diane, 60, 79, 97, 103 Evernham, Clint, 67 F Fabian, Carole, 60, 108 Fabian, William, 64 Fenimore, William, 67, 81, 88 Ficarotta, Gloria, 62 Fineburg, Kerwin, 65 Firman, John, 66, 88 Fischer, Charles, 64, 81 Fischer, Cynthia, 66, 109 Fischer, Edward, 62, 83 Fischer, Frances, 62, 87, 100, 103,108 Fisher, Darla, 66, 109 Fletcher, Anthony, 65 Fletcher, Michael, 69 Foose, Raymond, 66, 88, 109 Ford, Patricia, 69, 109 Foster, Joan, 32 Foulke, Bruce, 66 Franklin, Carole, 64 Frick, Mary Anne, 66, 94, 109 Frick, Richard, 64, 88 Frick, Sara Jane, 33, 55, 78, 86, 1o3,1o5,1os,111 Frye, William, 60, 80, 102, 108 Frye, James, 68, 81, 88, 102 G Gabriele, Angelo, 66 Gafgen, James, 33, 54, 102 Gailey, Donna, 66, 94 Gamble, Thomas, 65 Gardner, Elwood, 61 Garey, Jennie, 67, 109 Gargan, Dolores, 102, 109 Gargan, Patrick, 88 Gaskill, Patricia, 68 Gasper, Donna, 68, 97 Geanette, Charles, 33 Gengo, Bonita, 67 Gerard, Betty Jean, 65 Gerber, Bruce, 60, 80, 102, 112 Geruc, John, 62 Giano, Jeff, 33, 72, 75, 102 Girton, Rowland, 60, 108 Glosser, Harry, 62, 82 Goldenbaum, David, 64 Gorman, Bayne, 34 Green, Carolyn, 34, 97, 111 Greiner, Robert, 67, 81 Gretton, Diane, 69 Grimes, Herbert, 69 Groves, John, 64 102 102, H Haas, Karl, 65, 81 Habel, Charles, 60, 72, 84 Hadley, Alfred, 34 Hadorn, Terry, 62, 101, 103, 108 Haines, Mary, 34 Haines, Nancy, 64 Haldeman, Susan, 67, 102 Haley, Marilou, 62, 78, 86, 101, 103 Hall, Carole, 65 Hall, Daniel, 68, 88 Hall, Sandra, 62, 108 Hall, Sandra, 62, 108 Hansen, Christine, 1 1 1 Harper, James, 64 Harris, Beverly, 60, 78, 87, 108 Harrold, Jacqueline, 65 Harshbarger, William, 66 Hart, Richard, 35, 55, 72, 102 Hartel, Walter, 61, 108, 112 Hayes, Charles, 65, 81 Hayes, Lynn, 66 Heller, Patricia, 60, 100 Hensor, Chester, 60 Herbeck, Eve, 66 Herrity, Margaret, 60, 108 Hillman, John, 68, 109 Hivicdko, Katherine, 62, 108 Hoagland, Beverly, 60 Hoagland, Ronald, 67 Hoffman, Richard, 62 Holveck, David, 62, 72 Hope, Thomas, 66 Hopkins, David, 64, 93 Horvath, Alexander, 61 Horvath, Barbara, 65 Houser, Brenda, 64, 109 Hovemeyer, Thomas, 67 Hudick, Thomas, 63 Huggins, James, 60, 82 Hughes, Carol, 64 Hughes, Charles, 66, 88, 102 62, 93 64,s1,ss Hunt, Joan, 64, 79, 88, 109 Hychalk, Lenard, 63 Hughes, Harry, Hunger, George, 149 35, 53, 102, 103 I Inverso, Charles, 35 J Jablonski, JoAnn, 60, 101, 108 Jackson, Barry, 66, 81, 88, 102 Jackson, Donald, 62, 70, 88 Jackson, Robert, 60, 72 James, Kelsie, 66 James, Patricia, 67 Janaski, Ronald, 65 Jansen, Joan, 67 Jeffrey, Theresa, 65 Jerome, Sheila, 62, 79, 103, 108 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson, Lois, 69, 109 Mary Ann, 60, 86 Johnson, , Peter, 60, 80, 84, 102 Sandra, 66,97, 109 William, 35 Judy, James, 69 Jurey, Curt, 60, 72, 84 Justice, Edna, 68 K Kania, Michael, 69 Kania, Richard, 61 Kaugher, David, 60, 108 Kaugher, MaryBeth, 68, 102, 109 Kavanagh, Arthur, 36 Kearns, Joseph, 68 Kennedy, Dorothy, 69 Ketaner, Jeffrey, 64 Keuper, Donna, 35, 54 Kinney, David, 109 Kirchoffer, Linda, 62, 101, 108 Kish, Jerryl, 67, 102 Kleinfelder, Judith, 69 Klemmer, Phil, 64, 81, 88 Klepadlo, Barbara, 36 Koons, Judy, 108 Koons, Nancy, 69 Kostar, Raymond, 61 Kovacs, Joseph, 36 Kovacs, Nancy, 62, 101, 102, 108 Kraft, Robert, 37, 53, 72, 102 I50 101 Kramer, Constance, 66 Krause, Denny, 62, 72 Krier, Anita, 109 Kronnagel, James, 64 Kurfuss, John, 76 Kusherick, Patricia, 68, 94, 109 L Labatch, Arlene, 68, 109 Laudis, Shari, 60, 79, 87, 103, 108 Laird, Robert, 66 Lane, Judith, 37, 100 Lane, Richard, 37 97, 102 Larison, Lillian, 69 Laverick, Albert, 67 Laverick, James, 37 Layman, Sandra, 38, 103, 111 Laypo, Sandra, 79, 87, 101, 103, 108 Leedom, Dorothy, 60, 100, 108 Lehman, Donna, 69, 102, 109 Leichliter, Claudine, 69 Leichliter, Edward, 69, 102 Lenox, Donald, 62, 82 Lenox, Patricia, 60, 78, 102, 103 108 Lenox, Richard, 38, 54, 55, 80, 95 102,108 Lewis, Michael, 68 Lewis, Susan, 60, 100 Lippin, Patricia, 60, 102, 103, 105 108 Loch, Doris, 65 Lodge, Sandy, 60, 108 Lohin, Don, 60, 72 Lohin, Romona, 67 Long, Jeanne, 38, 55, 54, 78, 97, 103,108,111 Longshore, Linda, 38, 108, 111 Longtin, Virginia, 62 Lontz, Carl, 63 Lontz, Nevin, 38, 72 Loss, Joseph, 64 Lopez, Ray, 69 Ludwig, Douglas, 69 Ludwig, Jay, 88, 109 Lukaszow, Patricia, A 64, 87 Lykens, Terry, 66 Lynn, Russell, 39 Lyon, Robert, 67 M Macikanycz, Natalie, 64, 109 MacNeil, Judith, 39 Magee, Nancy, 66, 109 Magee, Phyllis, 39, 100, 103, 111 Magill, Netra, 64 Maier, Merry, 65, 109 Maier, Monica, 63, 104 Mannon, Margaret, 69, 109 Manzek, Beatrice, 64 Marrazzo, Mary, 40, 78, 79, 8 103, 108, 111 Marsh, Alan, 68 Marsh, David, 66 Marshall, Martha, 40 Marshall, Martin, 60 Marshall, Richard, 65, 88 Martin, Matthew, 65 Maschal, Kenneth, 60 Mason, Martha, 40, 78, 79, 8 103, 108, 111 Mason, William, 65 Mate, Barbara, 67 Matejik, Raymond, 69 Materacky, Walter, 65 Matthias, Patricia, 62 Mattis, Richard, 64 Meloney, Sharon, 62, 108 Menschner, Fred, 67 Menth, Barry, 66 'Merrill, John, 68 Meyers, Marie, 69 Meyers, Shirley, 67 M1Che1,E1am5, 66,109 Miele, Ruth, 60 Miksitz, Kathleen, 62, 108 Miller, Barbara, 41, 79, 102, 111 Miller, Richard, 41 Miller, Susan, 67 Mills, Theodore, 64 Mitchell, Catherine, 66, 109 Mitchell, Lawrence, 61, 102 Mitchell, Terry, 41 Mohr, Nancy, 66, 109 Mohr, William, 41 6, 87, 6, 87 103, Nevins, June, 42, 108 Moore, Janice, 64, 94, 103, 109 Mordock, John, 62, 102 Moser, Dorothy, 69, 109 Moser, Linda, 63 Mosley, Sheila, 42, 45, 104, 108, 110,111 Mount, George, 60, 72, 102 Mount, Harry, 67, 88 Moyer, Jeanne, 64, 100 Moyer, Linda, 67 Mraz, Michael, 60 Mraz, Robert, 62 Murphy, Joseph, 60 Mutek, Charlotte, 61 McCarthy, Patricia, 64, 79 McCarthy, Robert, 40, 75, 83, 84 McClees, Dewain, 68 McClister, Sandra, 65 McDevitt, Manfred, 64 McDonald, Ellen, 64, 79, 109 McGarity, Joan, 64, 109 McGuigan, James, 63 Mcllvaine, Kathleen, 62, 101, 103 McIntyre, Jerry, 60 McMullen, Connie, 68, 109 N Nagy, John, 61 Nagy, Laureen, 66, 109 Namey, Joan, 101, 103, 108 Namey, Jonathan, 42, 54 Napoleon, Rose, 79, 103, 108 Neary, Raymond, 42 Neumann, Joseph, 63 Newmann, Mary, 63 Nevin, Nancy, 68 Nevins, Edward, 67 Nirshl, Judith, 65 Nolan, Kathleen, 66 Nolan, Dorothy, 43, 101, 1 1 1 Noonan, Francis, 64, 109 O Oakes, Cheryl, 68 O'Brien, Robert, 64, 81 10L 108, 110, Okurowski, Edwina, 60, 78, 86, 97 Okurowski, Suzanne, 63, 87, 97, 103, 108 Olafson, Ray, 60, 72, 102 Onofri, Jacqueline, 66, 109 Onofri, Rosemarie, 63 Orazi, Patrick, 66 Ossman, Clinton, 67, 81, 102 Ossman, Linda, 63, 108 Owen, Allan, 63, 93 P Pacitto, Louis, 43 Padgett, James, 69 Parker, Lawrence, 60 Pastuer, John, 67 Pastuer, Nancy, 63, 108 Patterson, Darlene, 69, 109 Patterson, Robert, 66 Patterson, Shirley, 43, 78, 79, 86, 87, 103,104,108,110,111 Paxson, Albert, 43, 72, 75, 102 Paxson, Gladys, 60, 100 Perk, Marilyn, 63 Peterson, Harvey, 69 Peterson, John, 63 Peterson, Sandra, 63 Petrecca, Daniel, 68 Petry, Carol, 60, 109 Petryszak, Daniel, 66, 81 44, 72, 75, 102 Phillips, Lorraine, 60, 79, 108 Petryszak, Samuel, Piccinetti, JoAnn, 44 44, 55 Picciotti, Kenneth, 44 Picciotti, Doanld, Pidcock, Carol, 66 Pickard, Esther, 64, 94, 109 Pinto, Keith, 65 Pnno,Peggy 45,78,105,1os,111 Piro, Elvira, 61, 101, 108 Platon, Darnley, 64 Pobutkiewicz, Helen, 45 Podoris, Mike, 83 Pogany, Richard, 66, 81 Poland, George, 65 Potocki, Nancy, 64 Preston, Thomas, 64, 102 Price, Estella, 66 R Reading, Carol, 61 Reading, Elizabeth, 64 Rech Reed Reed, Reso, Glen, 61 Barbara, 66 Michelle, 69, 102 Peter, 67, 81 Rhoades, Don, 68 Ricci, Lilia, 69 Richie, Nancy, 45, 53, 54, 55, 110, lll Rigby, Janet, 63, 108 Riley, James, 61, 83 Riley, Jerry, 45 Roberts, Charles, 63, 95 Robbins, Harold, 67 Roberts, Joyce, 46, 108, 110, 111 Robinson, Ann, 65 Rockafellow, Lee, 61, 80 Rogalski, John, 65 Rogalski, Patricia, 61, 100 Roman, Guy, 68, 109 Rosati, Katherine, 63, 104 Ross, Nicholas, 68 Rossi, Gail, 68 Rud, Natalia, 66 Rud, Russell, 64, 93, 102 Rudloff, Judy, 46 Rushinski, Joseph, 64, 82 Rustay, Catherine, 68, 109 S Sabo, Marjorie, 46, 104 Samsel, Robert, 69 Samsel, Ronnie, 63 Sanford, Dale, 46, 108 Sauder, Betty, 47, 54, 79, 86, 87 103,108,110,111 Saxton, Leon, 67 Schafer, Andrew, 61 Scheidemantel, Cynthia, 94, 108,109 100,103 Scheidemantel, Sue, 63, 79, 87 Schell, Carl, 47, 75, 102 Schepelenko, Alexander, 64 Schmitt, Marie, 61, 105, 108 I5I Wienckoski, Ronald, 63 Schmidt, William, 66 Schrieber, Robert, 69 Schwarz, Jim, 63, 102, 108 Scullin, Jay, 66 Seward, Barbara, 69 Shaginaw, Evelyn, 63, 101, 108 Sharp, Carol, 47, 101, 103, 108, 111 Sharp, Jane, 66 Shull, Carl, 61, 80, 84 Shull, Laura, 68 Shull, Forrest, 63 Shull, Marian, 67 Shutt, Ann, 66, 94 Sinclair, Tom, 63, 84 Skelton, Thomas, 63 skuze, Clyde, 61 Slack, Carol, 61, 79, 102, 103 Slack, Dean, 68, 88 Smith Gerry, 47 Smith, Kathleen, 65 Smith, Margot, 68, 109 Smith, Peggy, 61, 101, 108 Smith, Richard, 61, 72 Zaborowski, Bernice, 63, 103, 108 Smolinski, Anna, 48, 100 Smolinski, John, 63, 84 Snedeker, Cheryl, 63, 79 Softley, Allen, 63, 72 Softley, Thomas, 48, 53, 54, 55, 75 85, 85, 102 Solan, Kathleen, 65, 79, 97, 104, 109 Speechley, Lynne, 48, 78, 79, 86, 103,105,108,111 Stadler, Charles, 69 Stadler, Janet, 63, 79, 87, 101, 102 108 Staub, Pat, 61 Stauffer, Elizabeth, 48, 55, 79, 103 108, 110, 111 Stawski, Richard, 64, 93 Stedman, Richard, 49 Steinbeiser, Geneva, 65, 109 Stoddard, Emma: 69 Stoddard, Laura, 61, 100 Stoddard, Maude, 65 Stoddard, Patricia, 63 Stout, James, 67 Straszynski, Thornas, 65, 81 l52 Straszynski, Vincent, 49, 72, 102 Stromberg, Bert, 61, 80, 84, 102, 108 Stromberg, Marilyn, 68 Sullivan, Thomas, 67, 81, 88 Sultzbach, Donna, 67, 102 Sultzbach, Richard, 64 Suppers, Donna, 49, 55 Suppers, Virginia, 64 Syminton, James, 66 Szoke, Judith, 68 Szura, Carl, 61, 80, 95 T Tanicello, Ronald, 63, 72 Tanzillo, Anthony, 67 Tarr, Steve, 63 Taylor, John, 61, 72, 84, 102, 108 Taylor, Robert, 69 Temple, William, 65, 81, 88 Tettemer, Thomas, 65, 81, 82 Thomas, Dale, 68, 88, 102 Thompson, Arlene, 49, 102 Thompson, Sharon, 67 Thorn, Edward, 61, 108 Thorn, Thomas, 61, 82 Tkacs, Catherine, 67 Tohm, William, 50, 82 Tootell, Thomas, 68, 88, 102 Toth, John, 69 Toth, Margaret, 50 Tozour, Judy, 61, 100 Trankley, Donald, 65 Treadway, Richard, 67 Trofe, Frank, 68 Tyndale, Carol, 64 Tyndale, Nancy, 63, 103, 108 Tyndale, Sandra, 66, 109 V Valeriano, Natalie, 61, 95 Valeriano, Francis, 50, 85 Vacca, Benjamin, 61 Vogler, Robert, 61, 80, 95 W Wakefield, Doris, 68, 109 Wakefield, Margaret, 67 Wallover, Patricia, 63 Waltersdorff, Connie, 61, 87, 105 108 Waltersdorff, Robert, 50, 53, 100 Watkins, Ronald, 69 Weaver, Robert, 65 Weaver, Charles, 69 Weaver, Mary Ann, 65, 79, 87, 102 Weber, Roger, 66, 81 Werner, Hans, 64 White, David, 66, 102 Wiater, Donald, 68 Widmann, Daniel, 68 Widmann, Diane, 63 Widmann, Sharon, 67 Widmann, Toni, 67 Wiedenhaefer, Russell, 67, 81, 88 Wiedenhaefer, Charles, 51, 83, 85, 102 Wiedenhaefer, Paul, 69, 81, 88 Wienckoski, Marie, 65 Williams, Sid, 68, 88, 81 Williams, Terrence, 66 Wilmot, Howard, 65 Wilmot, Melody, 69, 109 Wilson, Daniel, 66 WisnieWSki,'Jay, 67 Witkowski, Linda, 65 Wolf, Jean, 51, 108, 111 Woodward, William, 61 Wodward, Rowland, 65, 82 Woolverton, George, 69 Woolverton, Susan, 66 Worthington, Karen, 63 Woytko, Marion, 61, 104 XYZ Yeager, Douglas, 68 Young, Kenneth, 61 Zawatsky, Ted, 51, 72, 75, 83, 85 102 Zocco, Elaine, 51, 78, 103, 106, 108 110, 111 Zsolnay, George, 61, 80 Zurachiwskyi, Don, 65, 82 TAYF95 'LU E'-!5'I,',!I'9 ,CPWANY . . . Q32 V 1, , 5 Y .. . 2 " f .ai .firm EW H 54' 2 'WD .1 .42 -Q Q ad! -4 I 5 . . v . 5 I r n I iw' E 3 5, 1 1: ,V ,.,f - A v 2 Q S . 2 ii umm E . k , V A I , I s fffffffmf ,W ,Q mf . 1:- eygwx 15 5: we M., , .w 'al gf .W ,f.--.Jw 1 . ww, 4221, saifgiial -'f+vf"i5iN?it1'H1 ., an if A 54 mszkifvrh .M , ,, W, 53355. .g3,..ff., . .2,v,,., , . ,..:.,a' wh 4 , Q., mx f Aii.g2.' , 11. Q Psfifk 1. Ufjfgg'-' if? k l I if 4' N I .'f.f .,1...f.,,L TOM NANCY CHRIS BOB President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 'IS 7Whr ww! X, k DAVE DONNA GORDON h-Q y BILL DOLORES IANN JOE NOREEN 'nv BROADUS TERRY DORIS SHIRLEY DAVE BOB DICK BETSY BETTY Business Manager Student Council Yearbook Editor Yearbook Associate President Editor RAY FRAN MARGE SUE WALT JOAN JEFF BAYNE CAROLYN SUE JIM AL MARY DICK CHARLES BILL JAY DONNA Wtvv' BARB JOE JUDY DICK JIM SANDY JEANNE LINDA J,., my A .. I .wqmxw g ! VVVAL A ' i 1 A Q I A "'f 5' wi V1 I . JJJL2 A LJJ ' ,. i: . '-' JUDY PHYLLIS CARMELLA NEVIN RUSS MARTHA MARTHA BOB BARB DICK TERRY BILL SHEILA LOU 1-fr' DON JON . -HMS, Y, f ,, -.F ,.Q-': f-vw ,- - U ,,,, as mis: Visa? 4 , ,S WQ5 Ka f SHIRLEY TOO BUSY gn "f . iq. 1, -I Nof Shown KENNY - v . fa I , gi 5 RAY JUNE DOT . .. w I , L .I ' . I.,I. gg , K 5 I .1 TNQ.-an Q ALBY SAM JOANN PEGGY HELEN JERRY 3 Q4 3 fi 2 I I 2 5 Q, I I Ugg, 1 4 JOYCE JUDY MARJ DALE DUSTY CAROL GERRY VINCE DONNA F RAN CHUCK ANNA LYNNE RICH Qi-v ARLENE JEAN BILL QPU!-si TED MARGARET ELAINE ,mi had a long wait before JFK opened his front door on Tuesday morning, Washingfm Jmprvssivu Sir Roger Smith . rag N ,,,, Q Mi-1 f r2i2.fe." A -xmas. YA: Weill 21,--' ' few? 3515,-:fs fxi1?.kV ur class president and our advisor greet Congressman and Terry Clark and Tom Softley placed our class wreath at the rs. Curtin at dinner on our first night in Washington. tomb during an impressive ceremony at Arlington Cemetery. His back door was closed, too. i We all let our hair down. "wh, All ,110 ard . . . Washington, D. The time didn't pass fast enough before our class could be in Washington, but now . . . now it seems so long ago. We really had a blast! We can still remember some of the things we did and some of the places we went just as though it happened yesterday . . . Our tour through the F.B.I. building seemed like a view of the conclusion of a true-to-life whodunit show. The Brink's robbery and the Rosenberg spy ring were two of the highlights of the tour. There were displays showing how seemingly insignificant pieces of evidence were used to unwrap these almost perfect crimes. When we were shown the picture display of the ten most-wanted criminals someone remarked about their uncanny resemblance to those notorious "Thursday night TV hoodlumsf, Everyone was impressed with the thoroughness and quantity of the information on hand which helped in tracking down suspects. There were paint slides from every automobile company in the U.S. representing the original color of every car manufactured. This enabled the modern day Mr, Holmeses to be able to track down hit-and-run drivers in a comparatively short period of time using for evidence just a chip of paint found on the victim's clothing. The most interesting part of the tour for the boys, and surprisingly the girls too, was the display of every type of firearm ever made in this country and the expert exhibition shooting on the firing range which seemed to have proved to discourage any "prospective criminals" in our group. After an exhausting day of sightseeing, we stopped at the Washington Monument just long enough to wear everybody out even more. A few of us were either adventurous or foolish enough to climb all eight hundred ,U il 24, 25, 26, 1 96 1 ninety-eight steps. The most daring members of the class made the return trek down the steps, but the remainder of the class rode the elevator. The trip down provided us with information about this impressive structure as well as the much needed rest. After all this, though, it was the unanimous decision of the class that it didn't look a bit like George! Come Wednesday evening we could hardly believe we had made it to the train station. A few of us came to the conclusion that we really had fun when we lugged our suitcases down the seemingly endless platform to our passenger cars. Shortly after the train started rolling we experienced, what was to the majority of us, our first meal on a moving train. It was something worth remembering-rather something hard to forget as we now realize turkey gravy spots cannot be removed from neckties. As the ride home progressed, someone started a bunny hop line and practically the whole class joined in on the fun. None of the other passengers seemed to mind our antics. The various hula hop demonstrations had a hilarious response. We doubt if there was anyone who wanted to get off the train when it pulled into the Morrisville station. There were so many other things that happened that won't be forgotten. I don't think the fellas will ever forgive the girls for all the noise they had to put up with on the floor below. Yes, we found it to be true when we were told, "Your Washington Trip is a thing to remember." Criumplzanf Cn District champions Terry Clark and Bob Vfaltersdorff discuss pole vaulting techniques with Bill Mohr. Seniors Wzllt Ellis, Bayne Gorman, Bob Kraft, and Bill pause during a warm afternoorfs practice. fa , U A ,- A ,nt 3 . waz-Qwf' ,W-, 'A---3'f'5f w M 5 A h , 1 . 1 1 p Q 1 Aff ' x .J , A 5 V A ff t fy, V ki, I . H 0 U ,. Q .Q in . 57 V5 . A V K , H A A A K A I I M K. , ,A . :Z ' Q4 M55 , , V ,.LL VAHLL jj ,x,,l av 7 WI ,V ' 5, -W fi ' ,Af f ' Q M 4' W 4,z"'??342 fm 2' ' f' A A .A if V., E X W I K U kgs :1'a I ,,., b ri uf k ' 1 if V N ,gm V , Q ,f , i 'SS 1 72, 5 ,,VV kV,V 0 W V ,ity ' if My , Y hklazgxffkli, X , Q, , - A 4 V igzysegi A ' ' , A 'V A i 5' L if L . g my W f ' Q' ff n 5 s X A 1 A 3 , A Q, 11 I 3. M HI' - as be 4 5 hm If MQ N1 22 5 x if 5. ' If .A 95 X , Fm! mu M Podous V Stmszynski, R Hlft S PLt1ysf,1k I Guno D Amlelson R Xklllns D Lohm Semzzd mu j SIUOIIHSRI D K1UQhCf D Krlusn Dunln E. Fischer L1 Zsolmx R Burlxc A Sphlfer Mr Vxnuk Firff ron Mr Kelblugh W Femmore R Rego I Iourell D Xgmpr N C,1L1h1o SLLOZIKZ Grows, J Cxcw I Qtrawynskx A Cqllhro XV llbam T Tnttemer D bluk Fbnd mu R Klemmw R Fuck C Evernh 1111 RLISPIIDSRI R M 1tt1b 7 Wing in the Spring . . rsfigggggglv ,....,,A - X....a Petryszak coaches third as Vince Straszyn- Senior girls Martha Mason. Marge Sabo. Jeanne Long. tags runner Jeff Giario. Camella Marrazzo. and Shirley Patterson gather at home plate before practise. VARSITY SOF'l4l'3Al.l. mzw, lvfl fo rigbf: S. Schcidemantel, M. johnson, M. Salvo. J. Long. S. Patterson, M. Mason. M. Marrazyo. L. Speechley, M. Haley Dfyi 56501161 faux' C. Hughes, B. Reading, B. Harris, E. Okurowski, B. Anderson, Miss Parsons. F. Fischer, S. Olcurowslci, J. Carter Jerome. S, Laypog Third mzzx' D. Loch, A. Krier, R, Napoleon, G. Steinbeiser. 4711146 14, U 4 . 5. 35:3 Q, SJ: speaker, Dr, Wffllter Eshlemzm addrcises d A I K ' H K Tom Softley, class president, gives welcoming address. gm uatmg c ass. X , nfl H, J! Ji. 'M' Li ws?gif-effivxazfkigiiiiliwws'M .,.. 4 f7-. is Q Ts J wr 2' E2 E .f x -H 4 xi? N s. 3? 5, LQ, 1 I 96 I ,4 Wards Parent Teachers Association . . . Home Economics . . . IANN Industrial Arts . . . CHUCK American Legion Auxiliary . . . Americanism . . . NANCY American Legion . . . Americanism . . . DICK L. Band Boosters Association . . . DICK L. Morrisville Senior Women's Club . . . Mathematics . . . TOM J. Leslie White . . . Girl Athlete . . . SUE E. Boy Athlete . . . DICK H. Morrisville Education Assn .... Mary Schuyler Scholarship Patriotic Order of Americans . . . English . . . QIIANN jack Broderick . . . Bookkeeping . . . BARB M. Typewriting. , . CHRIS Union Fire Company Auxiliary . . . Service . . . BETSY Union Fire Company . . . Service . . . DICK L. Italian American Club . . . Vocal Music . . . BETTY V.F.W .... Problems of Democracy . . . Girl . . . JIANN Boy . . .TERRY V.E.W .... Community Service . . . GORDON Wallace M. Codd Loyalty Award . . . WALT M.H.S. Student Council Activities Trophy . . . Girl . . . BETTY Boy. . . DICK L. Activities Medals . . . Girls . . . SHIRLEY, LYNNE, MARY M. Boys . . . VINCE, DICK H., TOM Lower Bucks County Assn. ot Educational Secretaries . . . ELAINE I LA 4 fl- L,

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