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I W 1 v . ' i 1 E E 5 4 1 M E I r i E 5 e l 4 ' ' ,:.1.g. ','-.1,'-,mu - ,. ,. , .. ,,,, ,,, X 51 x ,"ff.. 4' vw A, 'E I y .ln . ' af. 1 , 1 Z 1, I 1. , -,I 1 v . . . Hi' , r - 1 . , - -1 .- .....v,,.7a 1 Q:-'ff ' ' ., an-1: . .4 ,. , wr,--:.,, . 'www' 'L' ,fffmai , , :J -, ' "War " wiv ,, .f - M -. 'H ,,.- W- , . ? , 4 ' ' ' P " ' , -win. in - NH- 'M,w 4a.,' -1 -- ff '9 A" xf91 '-x.- ,V 1 V"'9' 3i2fi Mm -, ,.f 4 . +A--'f-.ff"xff f ff' 4 W' Q, Ki , X, 4 .4 V- , , -,- f V J,-V A. ,Cj,f...,,,x,A1.,,,1lvW WL. :Tk:.l,. ,N fp: , ,. . , 3 rf. ul. 7, Y, Ai -4 , V 4 f . Y ,, A ra 1 S. -Fx: . 3,2 :H 'fi iw .L 'ff Ns' i .3 fi, 'L -51 .mlif ' ix' , 3- ig gf. ig ,CI '12 .5, tr . 5, ,Q t rf? -2' f. 31 1- ii .4 is if f 14 1- ' if! ffl' ffl' 15 5 Ljlvgrf .V . fd ' ' un .3 -if '1 :AX ' by Y-if ff ' fr A . . ES '23 P 'vt 4 1? A 'x 4 R1 ' J az V 25' IQ M 2 ie? 195 Q P 2 Q 4+ F 3 a i1 5 .a 'r 0 . 's X ' E was 4 L ,' f ? X L5 rm ni he , W e s' vi W" l"""w' 5 f 2. " ' 4g I A 4 Q, , dv' THE ROBERT PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1960 VOLUME 22 MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA O R R I S MORRISVILLE Q HIGH SCH00 S Y w wx RQ Q C UQ Q 'f IQ H x F OREWORD For the past twenty-two years the graduating class has worked to put forth a yearbook which would live on to remind its members of their high school days. Our class, spurred on by the grandeur of a beautiful new high school, is aiming to have a book that will surpass all that have gone before. The theme of our book is centered around the de- velopment of the magnificent building from which we shall be the first class to graduate. XVe are proud of this, our new Alma Mater, and sincerely thank the wonder- ful people of Morrisville who have made our dreams realities. TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION EAREWELL ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES 1 - 2 - 5 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - SPONSORS .lf -A 'J Morrisville students taking advantage Of vocational courses leave the school bus and are ready to begin classes in the Bucks County Technical School, These kindergarten children are anxious to begin a new day at the Manor Park Ele- mentary School. Students returning from lunch are eager to begini afternoon classes at the Capitol View Elementary School. THE MORRISVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT These children are entering Grandview Elementary School, the newest elementary school in our district. Elementary children enter the doors of the M.R, Reiter Elementary School, once known as the Robert Morris High School. ALMA MATER TO THEE, MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL! WE RAISE OUR VOICESg AND TO THIN E ALTARS OUR PRAISES WE BRING. THINE BE THE GLORYg OURS BE THE VALOR - WITH HONOR, TRUTH, AND LOYALTY MAY THINE HALLS EVER RING. THINE BE THE HONORg OURS BE THE SERVICE. TRUE, ALMA MATER, BUILDER, MAY WE BE TO THEE. -'EE Q 'dab 4 99 1 ,jg , ff f . V L17 - -.4 ,Lan 3-. ' -- JA ,lv lg i ,nbrf Y ' 'k74rf'Aggf pm ,1,p:gm.,?f ii ' fT"'.'f 1 - W-4 ' Q: . V' , L. , - Av 31 ww' '? Q .23 f . 1 I A 5311? 39' "B. 24 A1 A 1 N .W ' : ' " F' 9 2 ' 1 " - gf'-lf." fu 5,-,. Qi? ,,.,,A ,Q ma I K, +:.4,5fg,,',f f ,. 13 y'l,':f,, jii, 1 x., A,,,, t, .L,, M 6 V 'W' if - il 1 . '-ii: 5556151 V. ' J.. , 1 ' 4w'?gf fag - - 7- n f in xfrigsw 9 X x - 1 WM R ""!""' FAB'-if was iw . X L . W Fi ,i W' 7-if 3 A gbgkgw 3 4? We 3 N, QA 2 . H 2 ' 1 DEDICATION Every year the senior class honors someone with the dedication of its yearbook. We, like many of our twenty-one predecessors, have chosen an individual to so honor. It is with great pride and pleasure that we, the Class of 1960, dedicate this twenty-second edition of the ROBERT MORRIS to BURTON O. THOMAS "What did you expect, a purple jabber with four gold prongs?" What P.D. student hasn't heard that remark? Mr. Thomas has served as one of the advisors of our class, but he also has an unlimited capacity for humor. He can play a good joke, and more important still, he can take one. If headlines had been written describing most of our activities we're sure that "Con- fusion Reigns" would have been most appropriate until Mr. Thomas offered his services as advisor to help organize us. His ability in this field also helped our track teams to some of their best seasons. We, as a class, have come to know Mr. Thomas as a real friend. He sees the class as a group of individuals with their own worth and problems. He is capable of placing himself in someone else's position and seeing both sides of a problem. Through his guidance and willingness to understand, Mr. Thomas has gained the friendship of us all. His patience and tolerance will long be remembered. He has taught us history, served as one of our class advisors, coached our teams, and helped to make our high school years ones we shall never forget. We owe him much and our debt to him can never be fully paid in words alone. At this time, Mr. Thomas, the greatest tribute we can give to you is a very sincere THANK YOU. The framework of the school in the early stages of its growth. Front view of the school and the un- laid cornerstone. I2 PROGRESS The unfinished gym area. " ,Sill -b . . :Jia , ... , , K ,,,, H f 5, ,,,,,, n.,,fm,3,z , U -V v - m21fif-2211-89125-gil:55,21hzf " ' ,, .W xmv?i?1z , pg ,Mg-1,.lgy,g'f,.1f7 ax ,-wig L1wff,sQ1f22:gi.iv?Q-3f.53f2xg fs, W5 .L.,.m:W- A, A, ' F f fimwfggffm 'i Wiaw.f T h e completed wing of classrooms. Progress in the mu- sic room. A peek preview of one of the wings. I3 Y 4 ' ..:Eg:11-.,.k,:: E fm-Q V iw fi if , V , ,af Ng, A Q iw 'Vp .4 an 'K Q ,eg ' Q ie Q HM K -Ly 5. Q 'X 552 M K -' xxx-xWwWXX'?? X ,L - m MANOAH R. REIT ER SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS For almost thirty-three years Morrisville High School has had the benefit of the serv- ices of Manoah R. Reiter, our superintendent of schools. In 1927, when Mr. Reiter joined our faculty, the Robert Morris High School was just beginning, as our new school is now. The curriculum at that time was included in a four year high school program with only academic and business courses offered. At this time the major sport was basketball with moderate interests given to track and baseball. It was due to Mr. Reiter's influence and strong interest in young people that we have a football team. The only sport open to girls was basketball. Today, we have a six year high school program, a general course, and many facilities for athletic oppor- tunities for both boys and girls. Mr. Reiter has witnessed and supported the addition of a library wing on the old Morrisville High School, the building of the Grandview Ele- mentary School, the Capitol View School, and the athletic field. In Mr. Reiter's honor the remodeled Robert Morris High School has been named the M. R. Reiter Elementary School. Mr. Reiter attended Muhlenburg College, and his graduate work was done at the University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers University. While in school he maintained an avid interest in sports. He joined the Morrisville faculty in 1927 as a teacher and princi- pal, and became supervising principal in 1929. In 1940 he was appointed to his present position. To everyone Mr. Reiter is considered a dignified and respected member of the com- munity, and his warmth and friendliness extend to all. To those who know him well his subtle sense of humor is apparent in his dealings with the faculty and students alike. Mr. Reiter has contributed so much to our school system that it is difficult and actu- ally impossible to measure. We can only thank him from the bottoms of our hearts and wish him well in whatever the future holds for him. DR. HILLIPS Assistant Superintendent PAUL P E. LEONARD CAUM Principal JAMES E. WOOD Assistant Principal DOROTHY A. GISH Guidance Director THESE listher M. Durboraw, our Spfzrziih and Latin lerzclver. Om' Ezzglifla Depmvmezzl-Kyealed left lo riglalj Dorothy A. Keller, Barbara Be-rroth, Margaret A. Watkins, Sara T. ' . Hughes. KSlmzdi1zg left la riglflj James D. Kelbaugh, Rich ard G. Lee, Charles B. Schultz. Our mufir tearberf, Frank E. Podleiszek and Horace M. Hutchison. Dorothy N. jenness, our librarian. Our Social Sludiex Deparmzent-Kieatedj Andrew R. Thompson. fSmndirzg, left lo rightj james D. Kelbaugh, Michael Krepich, Gorden Davies, Sara T. Hughes, Richard G. Lee, Glenn G. Griffiths, Margaret A. Watkins, Burton O. Thomas, Charles B. Schultz. ll 52 s l l l l I John J. Wnuk and Helen L. Brunner, our rommer- fjdl teaclverf. Marvin Levitt, our nr! leather. '1x,..."T my? Our Sfienre Deparlmenl-KSeatedj Rosemary Cavanaugh and Frank Torok. Uzanding left to rigbtj Joseph A. Mati- nas, john Gontar, Frank G. Zurlo, Alexander McDonald. Our Playfiml Edumfion Deparznzefzz-flefl to right! Anne E. Puxsonm, Frank Ci. Zurlu. Rwsc1n.11'y Cau- anaugh. Gordon Dzuies. John Gontar and J. Wilber Sauder, our ifzduxlrinl arty learherf. Our Mdlb Deparlmerzl-fleft ,fo riglftj joseph A. Matinas, Betty Kane, Esther Hawkins, Anne E. Parsons, Sol S. Kas- 1 hoff, Frank G. Zurlo. ' I Our home eranomicr leaclaerx-Ellen A. Miller and Ruth A. Graves. Cafeteria Staff-Heated left to rigbtj Mary Rogers, Mary Lou McCoy, Nina Braker, Standing left to rigbtj jean Brodecki, Minnie Bostian, Ruth Emmons, Rose Sigley, Cathleen Osborn. Skelton. Secretarial Staff, Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. jfmilorial Smff-Heated Iefl to rigbtj Evelyn Hageman, David Fabian, Mildred Himmelberger. Standing leff ta riglolj Fred Hutchinson, Nanqf Jurey, Bill VanHouten. Medical Staff! Mrs. jones, Doctor Gould, and Mrs. Okurowski. -S fSeated left to rigblj Alfred H. Champagne, Horace E. Hunt, Harry H, Lee, Frank C. Miller. Gmnding left lo right! William H Roberts, Homer C. Platon, Donald G. Frye, Robert C. Beadle. T1-113 BOARD OF EDUCATIO Harry H. Lee-Prerident Horace E. Hunt-Vive Preridezzl Frank C. Miller-Secretmy Alfred Champagne-Trearufw' Robert C. Beadle Donald G. Frye Homer C. Platon William H. Roberts These men are the newly elected representatives of the community who govern educational affairs. It was the past decisions of the board that laid the basis for our new school. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the board for making our senior year more interesting and worthwhile. 24 .Xl x4v rx -ax .2 if ,f "' M!! ,A M, ,,,ff"' x' NN ,M X T? A . f-'ff ff' Q xy . - ,f 1 ,- ffvgi, T 'P dl xr' M '15 2' 1 X3 EQ yzf ff wx Y, ' if A 1? 2 Lf 8 GC- fl . X W 'Y LQ ki '- X 'Q Q WQWQ, C! F ' K ' Q my A 5' X 4-' X f' XX , X Cx B1 X- z C ' x ,1 1 H W X" 2i'24xQ ff! I, ff I' ' . K N 'J N2 Q hx? "xx 'TT' 47 . V x frX f 'xx ' X Za, -' ' r W X 9 f 1' ' - ,-f""",F ,' ,, X1 Y , X A .r,,1ff""",'-1 Q 6 'ff X - H , - F ' D K, xx, f fi W2 Q Kf 1 f ""' "'W, In A, XX , 'gq If , X X' A . f ,f - " x , , ,Qi ' ' ' 'N X f'7'f Neff ky X K 5 -,tklx S K1 ,VW r 3 K , vi! 'V XX A-.AZ :X li, ll ,RNS "' NL' X V 'f-.QQ KSN X X X x YQ XG X Y. j,g1jLi ,'kf. :ggi Q X 4 ' xg! N.". ,Q 'AL ,s 'Z N . f' 0 fx M ' Y W K' ful xx N ' SY X' 7 1 Yfgifgl Q1 D ' 4. jj X " H 's X, xy X H, . Rf gi up ' X J - V " V ' rl ,W V YQ z w f ' - 0 P -" WM, YQ Q f ty, A n I , ' ', I 2' fi 'R 1 , ' - V f' -,Q N R9 -ifgf f' "AXE X1 X,Gxxi33,Xy M. if A. , -, x xv 'N vf- 0 X X- 2 i' C QYWPPV Y 1 'Q 5 C, f ,w " rv dx W : - K' t ui 'Q D ' J ' ' V . U C41 ,, ,ff G I 1 M' A i f 'gn 1 ,.5,Q33! 'X f- 5 xx I xi ,f r. 1 I xii' .,f '53 V: A xxkx gr RQ tif, '. u W 5 ' x X Z7 , ff' ff ff W. 1 A f f ppf"ff1f'i' .. ' if 5 ' ' '2 U Y .al C I ZZQ. V A ' , 5 'M xx ,yy 1 Z5 A , Q .. V. T' . ff f f f 'X ' 'Q . A ' f 7 G K-ix ag-3, , ,f X . .l , . U, , ,. 1, X 5- -x , 551515 A ,I 1, , 1 ' ' Q U' Y f V " j 4 - N A X799 if f " N lx G QA W " 'Q . fl., , ff JL XL F Y ZA'ffW' ' tw - Y ' ' A Zf ' A ? -V X y l .w YP r' ' X , ,I , Q If If' 3 TX X55 I, ' "5 1-3 7 V, A, f, '- 4 I 73 ifyki ! f V 9 ' , - . 4' I X SARA SUE ADAMS "Sam" Academic Loaded with fun . . . kept our hockey team in line as co-captain . . . how did you get that cute nickname, Frogie? . . . a member of the M.G.G. . . . always teased Cappie about taking extra laps at hockey practice . . . a hard working member of the yearbook staff . . . did a capable job keeping track of the leaders' club's money . . . just crazy about horseback riding . . . claims her pet peeve is people who can't keep a secret . . . why, Sara? . . . plans to be a social worker after college. JANICE MARY ANTDERSUN "jan" Academic Where does she find the time for everything! . . . an active member of the chorus, orchestra, leaders' club, yearbook staff, and participated in district chorus and county orchestra . . . as a member of the Senior Scouts, she at- tended the senior round-up in Colorado last summer . . . has been an im- portant part of the hockey team for four years . . . jan dislikes a certain nickname she acquired . . . wants to be an English major in college . . . enjoyed PJ. parties with the M.G.G. FLORENCE MARIE ANTROBUS "Harry" Commercial Always getting out of class for band . . . played a real cool sax for Mr. Hutchison . . . for her fine work in band she received a letter and a medal . . . claims a two-faced person is her pet peeve . . . has been a soprano in chorus for many years . . . also sings inf her church choir . . . wants to work as a secretary upon graduating . . . was always at the office helping Mrs. Skel- ton . . . loves to eat . . . specialty is tomato pies, why, Flossy? GEORGE BALDWIN "George" Academic Usually just made it to homeroom when the bell rang . . . why, George? . . . you can tell by the mischievous look in his eyes when he's ready for fun . . . spends most of his spare time working on his car . . . enjoys boating, bas- ketball, and girls . . . no "special" one, though . . . pet peeve is getting up early . . . after graduation would like to join the Navy . . . hardly ever found complaining about people . . . maybe that's why he has so many friends. JESSE BILHEIMER "fern" General Came to us as a sophomore from Girard College, Philadelphia . . . forever being teased by the girls about his streak of blond hair . . . liked to have fun during his shop periods . . . why, Jesse? . . . answers to many nicknames . . . known by his friends as the "Missing Link" , . . a man of few words . . . can boast of many pals because of his congenial personality . . . his main goal is someday to own and operate a large farm. JOYCE ANN BOTTOMS "Joyce" Academic One of the cutest girls in the senior class . . . her clothes fit her gay per- sonality . . . a member of the yearbook staff . . . helped conduct a local brownie troop . . . where's your lollipop, Lulu? . . . one of the few second sopranos in the chorus . . . sang in the Bucks County Chorus for many years . . . hopes to go to college and become a nurse . . . a member of the M.G.G. . . . loves to drive her new 1960 Buick . . . why is Joyce always laughing? MELVIN L. BOUBOULIS U "Mel" Academic Often found with a rifle or a fishing pole . . . enjoys spending his spare time hunting or fishing and boating . . . known for his interest in girls, and pleasure at trying to get them peeved . . . his subtle wit is often displayed in Mr. Thomasls room . . . how does he manage to keep that innocent look? . . . much of his leisure time is spent with George . . . he would like to join the Navy and center his work abroad. HELEN MARIE BRESLEY "Red" General One of the few girls in the general class . . . has a wonderful personality . . . well liked by all . . . interested in all sports, especially basketball . . . always thinking up a new hair style . . . likes to buy new clothes and big hats . . . has been a member of girls' chorus all through high school . . . what is the matter with two-faced people, Helen? . . . can usually be seen with Carolyn or Nancy . . . plans for the future include marriage. JOSE PH M. BRESLEY "foe" Commercial Envied by many for his wavy hair . . . the male half of our class's only set of twins . . . likes sports-especially water skiing and swimming . . . often seen riding around in that sharp, black Dodge of his . . . after graduation his plans include the United States Marines . . . Joe, where did you get that big appetite? . . . one of the two boys in the commercial section. ANTHONY CAPPIELLO "Tony" General Has a good sense of humor and can take a joke well . . . sometimes it's hard to tell if he is kidding or serious . . . can never be found in school during hunting season . . . one of Talone's hardest workers . . . says he would rather grease a car than do anything else . . . drives around in a really cool '59 Impala . . . has a variety of nicknames, where did you get them all, Gooch? CAROLINE DOLORES CAPPIELLO "Cappie" Academic Wherever you find Cappie, you'll find fun . . . always manages to keep things popping . . . did a good job as captain of the color guards and as co-captain of the varsity hockey team . . . Cappie has always wanted someday to have a set of bongo drums-we wish her luck! . . . hopes to become a P.E. teacher . . . her pet peeve is people who say we played a good game when we were creamed! . . . with her terrific personality we know Cappie will succeed. DIXIE DIANE CARNEY "Dixie" Academic Dixie joined us in our junior year . . . she came from Oklahoma . . . how many of us havent admired her southern drawl? . . . really was a tremendous help in making the art work of the junior prom so beautiful . . . loves to sit and draw at any time . . . one of the M.G.G .... never seen without blue on Wednesdays, why, Dixie? . . . attended all the confusing Q?j year- book meetings as our art editor . . . Dixie's future plans include attending college. JANET LYNNE CAUM "fan" Academic Did a good job as editor of our yearbook . . . has been a member of cho- rus for many years . . . and this year janet was one of the representatives for the district chorus . . . kept the accounts straight as treasurer of Student Council this year . . . she has been a member of leaders' club for many years . . . has a whole menagerie of stuffed animals in her room . . . another member of the M.G.G .... attends F.N.A. regularly . . . plans to be a nurse after graduation. JOSEPH P. CLARK JR. "joe" Academic You may think joe is quiet but just wait until he and john get together . . . have you built any cannons lately, joe? . . . enjoys all sports, especially track, basketball, and baseball . . . during the fall you can usually find joe trapping or hunting . . . is always on hand for a good time . . . just loves those long summers at Gilford Park . . . another member of the Sunday night poker five . . . future plans include college. WILLIAM H. CLARK "Bill" General Always has a friendly smile and for everyone . . . enjoys all sports, especially football . . . spent most of the past summer at the community pool . . . a terrific diver and swimmer . . . likes to go gunning with his father . . . can't wait for ice-skating season to roll around . . . enjoys driving around in that green jeep . . . disliked doing those shop reports for Mr. Sauder . . . why, Bill? . . . is still unsure of future plans, but they will probably include some branch of the service. SANDRA CLEM "Sandy" Technical If you want to be late for school, come with Sandy . . . hurried to catch the Technical School bus with Pat . . . has an avid interest in merchandising . . . followed this up by taking merchandising at Technical School . . . Sandy really keeps the sales high at Lit Brothers . . . plans to continue study- ing to be a buyer for department stores or to be an interior decorator after graduation. ROBERT COWELL "Bob" Technical Took restaurant management in Bucks County Technical School . . . plans to manage a restaurant in the near future . . . sure can roll a good score at the bowling alley . . . enjoyed giving Miss Graves a hard time in boys' cooking club . . . spends his spare time at Var1ce's as a short-order cook . . . disliked those double periods of history . . . can takea good joke as well as give one. MARIAN ALICE DELANY "Mg11'jgn" Commercial Look out! . . . here comes Marian in her green hot-rod . . . the possessor of a magnetic personality . . . was a member of chorus and was on the year- book staff . . . what was it that the yearbook staff vetoed? . . . helped Miss Gish out a lot during her senior year . . . will make an efficient secretary following graduation . . .enjoys going to Rainbow on Tuesday nights . . . likes to make her own clothes in her spare time . . . did we say "spare" time? . . . oh, those P.E. classes! ARLENE ANN DEMECH "fir" Academic One of our most popular senior girls . . , a member of the band for six years . . . really made the band look good as head majorette . . . was also elected secretary of the leaders' club . . . took the free hits hard and fast in hockey, also played a good game of softball . . . Arlene's endless wardrobe is the envy of all . . . after high school she hopes to attend college to become a teacher. THERESA DiBRACCIO "Ter1'ie" Academic A short, peppy senior who is noted for her dark, curly hair . . . assistant editor of our yearbook . . . Student Council representative . . . also a member of leaders' club . . . did you ever notice the "dang" in the band? . . . that's Terrie with the cymbals . . . Terrie, where did you get all of those nick- names? . . . takes a lot of teasing from Mr. Thomas . . . her art ability helped make our junior prom a success . . . loves red convertibles . . . plans to follow a business course in college. GARY DOAN "Gary" Technical Always seen wandering about the halls of M.H.S .... why, Gary? dislike the classwork? . . . traveled between Tech and Morrisville on alternate weeks . . . spends a lot of time working on his car . . . hopes to have it ready for the drag races . . . during hunting season Gary is never in school . . . ever caught a deer yet, Gary? . . . hopes to become an auto mechanic after graduation. ROBERT V. DREHER "Bob" Academic Kept our accounts straight as class treasurer in our junior and senior years . . . takes an avid interest in sports . . . girls, too! . . . helped keep the ball bouncing for our basketball team . . . what about that hair cut, Bob? . . . senior Student Council representative . . . hills and hurdles didn't bother Bob as a member of our cross country and track teams . . . terrific dancer . . . disliked our "lengthy" lunch periods . . . always willing to help. RONALD A. DREISBACH ' 'Rolf' General One of the friendlier members of our class . . . an outdoor enthusiast . . . Ronny can be found taking careful aim during hunting season . . . enjoys working with cars . . . also wields a mean rod during fishing season . . . was a member of the general gang . . . always enjoys a good baseball game . . . wonder why he disliked all those shop classes? . . . usually seen with Gooch . . . interested in archery and racing . . . plans to attend night school after graduation. EDWARD B. DRY "Ed" g Academic Came to us in our senior year . . . quiet in class but quite talkative when the period ends . . . his main interest in his spare time is bowling . . . want a good hoagie? . . . go to Kresges and see Eddie . . . a good-looking boy who has made many new friends . . . a whiz in P.D. class . . . he must read some of Mr. Thomas's "special' newspapers . . . can usually be seen with George and john . . . plans to attend college after graduation. LOIS LESSLIE ELGERHAUSER "Lo-Lov Commercial One of our friendliest seniors . . . among Mrs. Brunner's best typists . . . another member of the yearbook staff . . . gave Mr. Wnuk a hard time . . . put her voice to use as a soprano in mixed chorus . . . would like to become a private secretary following graduation . . . did someone say something about red hair? . . . loves to hot rod in her green Olds . . . what happened on that first ride? . . . really hated taking showers in P.E. class. BEVERLY JEAN FOOSE "Bez", Technical One of the cutest members of the senior class . . . a high-stepping major- ette in our marching band . . . you never know what will happen next when Bev is around . . . Student Council representative for two years . . . a member of our chorus . . . can usually be seen driving a "54" Ford , . . hopes to become a beautician after graduation . . . is sure to succeed . . . took awhile for her pretty long hair to grow . . . loves to give Mr. Schultz a hard time in English. CAROLYN FOSTER 'iDj7?IP.fH General Enjoyed being one of the few girls in general class . . . always seen in the halls with Audrey, Helen, or Nancy . . . gets teased about her dimples from all of her friends . . . spends most of her free time playing records or listening to the radio . . . doesn't like two faced people . . . uncertain about her plans for the future. GAIL MAE FOSTER "Gail" Academic Can be seen carrying a gun as a member of the M.H.S. Color Guard . . . you can always depend on Gail's hard drives and timely stops on the hockey field . . . wherever theres fun, there's Gail . . . just loves to hot rod around town in her father's truck . . . remember the driving class, Gail? . . . usually seen with Jayne, Terrie, Norene, and Cappie . . . a long time member of F.T.A .... looking forward to being a teacher after graduation. MAURICE FOULKE "Skip" Academic Did you ever notice a blond crewcut, green eyes, and a friendly smile? . . . that's Skip . . . baseball just seems to come naturally to him . . . helped to bring home a second place trophy in the American Legion state play-offs last summer . . . likes to fish and swim . . . everyone looks forward to his witty remarks in class . . . where does he get so many? . . . his pet peeve is beatnicks, so he says . . . his closest pals are Ed, Bob, Zuk, and Rich . . . plans to attend college after graduation. ROBERT GARDNER "Tonka" Technical Kept the presses running at the Tech School . . . has an avid interest in theatre directing . . . has participated on our track team for several seasons . . . may often be seen "hoofing it" from Grandview Estates to school . . . what's your interest in radios, Bob? . . . after graduation would like to get into theatre management or the field of printing . . . his work at the Bristol Playhouse will benefit him in the future. HARRY GASKILL " H arry' ' General A member of Student Council . . . possessor of a variety of odd nicknames . . . what are they, Harry? . . . played football in his junior year . . . liked to tease the clique . . . oh, that dark, curly hair . . . never seems to enjoy his study periods in the library . . . can usually be seen roaming around the halls . . . has a pocketfull of pet names for his classmates . . . plans to work after graduation. ELIZABETH A. GRAY "Betry" Academic A talented senior who sews nifty outfits . . . she also knits . . . full of fun and life with many interests . . . a member of chorus, leaders' club, and F.T.A .... out of school Betsy is active in the church fellowship, and the Girl Scouts . . . she attended the little roundup as a representative of her troop last summer . . . hustling fullback on our hockey team . . . kept busy collecting yearbook subscriptions . . . future plans include college, then home economics teaching. Q15 aaa: , CAROL LYNN GROH "Carol" Academic An attractive blond with a variety of nicknames . . . her alto voice can be heard in the school and county chorus, and the church choir . . . helped organize the yearbook . . . her height was put to use as a guard on the basket- ball team . . . a whiz on the piano . . . dislikes competition . . . another member of the M.G.G .... toured Europe during the summer of her junior year . . . where did you ever get all those sweaters? . . . made district chorus in her senior year. RICHARD K. HENLEY ' 'Rirlf' General Always seems to be in a hurry . . . usually can be found working on his car . . . enjoys wood working . . . has some nice projects to show for his efforts . . . spends many hours playing basketball with the boys . . . a man of few words in the general section but can tell many stories about his fishing and hunting trips . . . plans to go to Trenton junior College after graduation. THOMAS S. JAMES ' 'Tom' ' Academic Tom is the senior with the most unique vocabulary, and everyone is always borrowing from it . . . don't get rammy, james . . . loves cars and girls . . . the only boy with as many sweaters as Carol Groh . . . will be driving a '58 Impala Convertible soon . . . what about Washington, Tom? . . . our chem lab periods will be remembered . . . what happened when Ron tried to burn Fe? . . . works at the Forrestal Research Center . . . will go into the service after graduation. NANCY JOYCE JANASKI "Nan" Commercial One of our high-stepping majorettes . . . really enjoyed those band trips, didn't you, Nancy? . . . can usually be found with Carolyn and Helen . . . likes to hot rod around in a '54 Ford . . . was never on time for school . . . youlll just have to set the alarm a little earlier, Nancy . . . she doesn't care for two faced people . . . hopes to get married in the near future. PATRICIA A. JOHNSON "Pat" Academic A real whiz with a hockey stick . . . played varsity for two years . . . represented our class at Student Council meetings . . . enjoyed singing in the Bucks County Chorus . . . one of the few violinists in the orchestra . . . was active on the yearbook staff and leaders' club . . . guarded the enemy on basketball court , . . took a lot of teasing from the boys but seemed to get along with them . . . vice-president of F.T.A .... she'll make a fine nursing instructor . . . Pat, what does M.G.G. mean? MARGARET F. KELLEY "Margie"' Technical Has naturally curly red hair . . . keeps Kresges at Levittown alive with her antics . . . plans on going to work as a dental assistant after graduation . . . will keep any dentist on his toes! . . . enjoys picnics at Stover Park . . . what ever happened to those pictures? . . . has lots of real "special" plans for the very near future . . . is ready to eat at the mere mention of food . . . but stays neat and trim anyway. BETTY A. KIRYLYCH ' 'Betty" Commercial Came to us in our sophomore year from Pennsbury . . . member of the newspaper staff . . . some of her interests include library work and book- keeping . . . pet peeve is too much homework at one time . . . friendly and easy to get along with . . . is envied for her naturally wavy hair . . . plans to become a bookkeeper or a comptometer operater after graduation . . . we all know that she'll succeed. LEE O. KISE "Lee" Academic A tackle for the varsity eleven . . . enjoys collecting antique guns . . . received recognition for his merit scholarship score . . . pet peeve is George in math class and people cutting in front of him in the cafeteria . . . a member of the Student Council Constitution Revising Committee . . . had the only male role in the junior play . . . enjoys playing poker with Ken, Steve, and joe . . . main ambition is to attend college and become an engineer. k . '. " 'gil 'ia '-ff' -- gr 5515 CAROLE ANN KLEMMER "Clem" Academic Perky member of our class . . . will always be remembered for her stories . . . spent half of her summer at school and the other half in Reading . . . really bangs that glockenspiel . . . what did Mr. Hutchison mean when he said you were an "odd,' one, Carole? . . . crazy about ice skating . . . caused her a little discomfort at one time, though . . . would like to earn her B.S. in nursing after graduation . . . another member of the M.G.G .... how about that hair cut, Clem? ELEANOR ANN KLINGERMAN "Eleanor" Academic This active miss is musically inclined . . . played the clarinet as a member of the band and orchestra . . . accompanied the school choruses . . . will be sporting a varsity sweater for hockey . . . vice-president of leaders' club . . . earned a chair as oboist in county and district orchestra as well as county band . . . kept the books straight for the F.T.A .... worked on the yearbook staff . . . one of the M.G.G. girls . . . hopes to continue musical interests as a music teacher after college. RICHARD LAYPO "Rink" General A fleet-footed end on our varsity football team . . . one of the general gang who never seems to have a class to go to . . . did someone mention a car caravan, because here comes Rich with the truck . . . seems to be shy . . . that is until you know him! . . . pals around with Harold . . . Rich has a wonderful sense of humor and is always looking for a good time. KENT V. LEN HARD "Kent" Academic Came to us in our senior year from Florida . . . has quite an accent to prove it . . . can boast of a long list of nicknames . . . takes more than his share of teasing , . . claims it is his pet peeve . . . likes to watch football games, but it gets awful cold, doesnlt it? . . . enjoys dancing and collecting coins . . . very often can be found bowling in the parish house basement . . . what did you say about liking sciences, Kent? . . . plans to be an architect after graduation from college. DOROTHY M. LOUDEN "Daz" Commercial Showed up with a new wardrobe at the change of seasons . . . has a craving for cheeseburgers and '57 Chevies . . . wonder why? . . . hit the high notes with the sopranos in chorus . . . what's Wrong with P.E. classes first thing in the morning, Dot? . . . enjoyed those clerical practice classes . . . she turned out many sparkling writeups . . . would like to become a hard working secretary after graduation . . . loved to help Mrs. Skelton in the office during P.E. classes. YOLANDA LUCASH "Y0ly" Technical One of the quieter members of our senior class . . . alternated between Tech School and M.H.S .... looking for Yoly?-find Margie or Elaine . . . in her spare time she babysits for her mother . . . took the medical secretary course at Technical School . . . can always be seen at the shopping center . . . why, Yoly? . . . could it be because you live in that vicinity? . . . will make an efficient medical secretary upon graduation. JOSEPH MANZEK "joe" Academic Bubbling all over with that wonderful personality . . . is constantly wearing a great big grin . . . friends kid him about his wavy hair . . . quite popular among his classmates . . . complained about the poor grades he expected on his report card . . . but he always came through with good ones . . . another member of the Sunday night poker party with john, Lee, Steve, joe, and Ken . . . hated those homework assignments . . . enjoys fishing and boating . . . plans to attend college and major in engineering after graduation. KENNETH H. MARSH "Ken" Academic Enjoyed his job as a representative of M.H.S. in the radio program, "Junior Town Meeting of the Airn . . . pet peeve was any kind of homework, but studies seemed to come easily to him . . . when not working for the Levittown Times, Kenny can be found fishing or hunting . . . What are you trying to do, Ken, launch corks into orbit in chemistry? . . . plans to attend college after graduation. WAYNE ROGER MCCRANE "Wayne" Commercial Quite a musician-was not only in the band and orchestra, but also a member of chorus . . . plans to make the Navy his career . . . attends Tuesday night Naval Reserve meetings . . . had more study halls than classes . . . was forever encouraging the band . . . better not let Wayne catch you cheat- ing on a test . . . why did you like P.D. classes so much, Wayne? . . . hits the pocket with the bowling ball. EDWARD E. MCTAMNEY "Eddie" Academic You could set your watch at 8 o'clock when you saw that green '56 "Chevy" going past the school . . . helps keep Ace Bedding running smoothly during the week . . . an earnest worker on the yearbook staff . . . enjoys playing basketball in his spare time . . . active on the Student Council for many years . . . supported M.H.S. at all sports events . . . an ardent sup- porter of the Saturday night canteens . . . plans to be wearing navy blues after graduation . . . can't seem to guess what M.G.G. means. MARY ELAINE MCTAMNEY "Elaine" Commercial Friendly senior with a congenial personality . . . kept the chorus going for several years . . . loves to dance . . . spends Saturday nights at canteen . . . looking for Elaine? . . . go to Washington Crossing . . . main hobbies are babysitting and sleeping . . . thoroughly enjoyed all of our class trips . . . enjoyed home economics periods . . . pet peeve was P.E. class . . . ambition is to become a private secretary after graduation. RICHARD A. MILLER "Rich" Academic One of the few members in our class lucky enough to possess a boat . . . seems to like all water sports . . . been water skiing lately, Rich? . . . helped M.H.S. on both the track and cross-country teams . . . usually found with Skip, Kent, Zuk, Bob, and jack . . . drives around in a car of his own . . . didn't seem to like getting up early to come to school . . . plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. , ELIZABETH LOUISE NASH "Betly" Commercial Watch out! . . . here comes Betty in her hot blue and white Ford . . .has a different outfit for each day of the week . . . has been a member of the chorus all through high school . . . plans to become a private secretary fol- lowing graduation . . . pet peeve is two-faced people and getting up in the morning . . . enjoys eating tomato pies at Orzi's. LOUIS NAY "Lou" Technical Oh, those blue eyes! . . . seems to dislike getting up in the morning . . . how's that long hike to Technical School? . . . by the way, Lou, what's a divided highway? . . . usually has one of two things on his mind-sports or irls . . . one of Mr. Thomas's distance men . . . has a s ecial talent for hunt- 3 . . . . . P ing . . . Lou is still undecided about his future, but is sure to come out on top in whatever he does. EDWIN ALEXANDER NEUMANN "Eddie" Academic Eddie was our active and able class president this year . . . enjoys all sports and has three varsity letters . . . was chosen co-captain of our fighting Bull- dog eleven . . . contributed much to our football victories . . . one of the friendliest seniors, who's always in the middle of the fun wherever it is . . . Eddie's pet peeve was the lunches in the cafeteria . . . wants to go to college after his departure from M.H.S .... hopes to become a teacher. LEON OKUROWSKI "Leon" Academic Did a tremendous job calling signals for our varsity eleven . . . member of the track team . . . held the trumpet section of the band and orchestra together with his horn . . . enjoyed playing in county music festivals . . . one of the representatives for our school in district chorus . . . why do you think home- work is a waste of time, Leon? . . . worked on a fishing boat at the shore last summer . . . hopes to become an Annapolis midshipman after graduation. JOHN W. PATRICKO "john" Academic Always gave us a good laugh with his fluent sense of humor . . . favorite chums seem to be joe, Lee, Steve, and Ken . . . spends many Sunday nights at the poker party . . . how much did you say you won, John? . . . enjoys fishing, hunting, and swimming . . . say john, why do they call you the Hunter? . . . learned to do those flips of his on the trampoline at the Y.M.C.A .... is still partially undecided on his future, but hopes to attend college. DENNIS POLAND "Denny" Academic "Play ball!" is the familiar call as Denny takes the mound . . . has quite an arm . . . sleeps, eats, and talks sports . . . can really move that basketball around the court . . . during the fall he could be seen snagging passes from his end position on the varsity eleven . . . how's the "Sun," Denny? , . . voted captain of the varsity basketball squad . . . did someone say carrots? . . . hopes to go to college after graduation. GEORGE E. POLICELLO "George" Academic A witty combination of brains and brawn . . . played terrific football with the varsity eleven . . . photo-editor of the yearbook . . . builds "little" stereo sets and radios in his spare time . . . participated on the track team and has awards for the high jump . . . why do you want to know what M.G.G. means? . . . is always in that blue Dodge or with Bob . . . enjoys his job as stage manager . . . after graduation he would like to attend college and become a physicist. CAROLE JUNE PRESTON ' 'Prey' Academic Runs around in that crazy blue Studebaker . . . "Can I have a ride, 'Pres' ?" is the familiar cry . . . and the answer is always, "Sure, hop in!" . . . was a capable president of leaders' club, and class secretary . . . was often in Miss Parson's room with new ideas for making money . . . had fun playing hockey on the varsity team . . . has been a member of chorus for a munber of years . . . worked as a nurse's aid during the summer . . . plans to become a nurse upon graduation. ALFRED A. RADOSTI "Al" General Co-captain of our varsity football team . . . one of our fleetest dash men on the track team . . . ran on the 440 and 880 relay team that won first place at Bethlehem . . . was proud to be a member of the 1958 Bucks County Football Championship Team . . . answers to the name of "Alphonse" . . . would like to attend a southern college and become a physical education teacher . . . collects sports magazines . . . want a ride? . . . Al always has a car load of fellas. CHESTER N. RECH "Cher" Technical A smart member of the technical section. . . plans to enter the field of restaurant management following graduation . . . one of the better looking senior boys . . . will never forget those lunch periods at Technical School . . . dislikes homework . . . would rather be having fun . . . pals around with Bob B. from Girard College . . . is known for his sharp wardrobe . . . enjoys water skiing and other sports . . . likes to burn up the road in his '59 Chrysler. RAE MARIE RESO ' 'Rad' Academic Played a real sweet flute with the band and orchestra . . . helped the girls softball team with a booming bat and wicked throws from the outfield . . . always seemed to have a special Student Council meeting to attend . . . had a ball working down at the pool last summer . . . could think of so many worth-while things to do instead of homework . . . takes a lot of teasing but doesn't seem to mind . . . can really fly on the basketball court . . . is sure to be a fine teacher. JANE MORRIS RIDGEWAY ' 'fayn e" Academic Did someone mention drag racing . . . an active member of the F.N.A. and sure to be remembered for her work as president in our senior year . . . will make a pretty nurse following graduation . . . has beautiful, wavy, dark hair . . . usually seen with Laura or Gail . . . hopes to own a Thunder- bird, and have money to burn . . . can't stand people who are conceited . . . played good games in the wing position in hockey. LAWRENCE RILEY ' 'Larry' Technical Has done a lot for Mr. Thomas's track team . . . it's hard to beat Larry at the high jump or pole vault . . . has won honors to prove this talent at District, Meet of Champions, State, and Bethlehem meets . . . studied auto mechanics at Technical School . . . enjoys tinkering with cars . . . Larry earns his extra money working at Ernie's Delicatessen . . . after high school he plans either to enter the service or to take a course in jet engine me- chanics. RICHARD RUDLOFF "Rick" General Can always be found cutting up in the halls, in classes, anywhere . . . say, "General," where did you get those crazy boots? . . . clomp, clomp, clomp . . . a very good mechanic, always working on his '55 Chevy . . . Rick, I didn't know you were for Pennsbury . . . where did you get that orange and black paint? . . . spins the records at canteen every Saturday . . . has a large collection of his own . . . will be a big success with his mechanical ability. STEPHEN SHUTT ' 'Sle1fe" Academic A member of a minority group in the school--the Democrats . . . how many laps did you run in cross country, Steve? . . . in his spare time he can be found deep in a science fiction book . . . kept the English class laughing with his humorous compositions . . . always being teased about his Volvo . . . why? . . . business manager in charge of the ads for our yearbook . . . enjoys those Saturday night poker games with Lee, joe, John, and Kenny . . . plans to attend college. THADDEUS' C. SIN CLAIR "Ted" Technical Ted is easy to see from quite a distance . . . oh, that red hair! . . . a member of Technical School's Student Council . . . what's wrong with Fords, Ted, don't they run? . . . what would Mr. Thomas have done without Ted during track and cross country seasons? . . . one of our future volunteer firemen . . . whenever there is a sport of any kind being played Ted is sure to be in the crowd . . . not quite certain of his future plans . . . either in dentistry or the field of construction. WILLIAM SLOTTERBECK "Bill" General Keeps McGarity Bindery running . . . enjoys tinkering with his Ford . . . can usually be found with 12-G boys . . . wishes he had more money and longer vacations . . . but nevertheless always has a friendly smile for everybody . . . has a terrific personality with a lot of friends to prove it . . . certain of his future plans . . . we know he's bound to succeed in what- ever he chooses. CAROL L. SMITH "Shrimp" Commercial Came to us from Penns Valley in our freshman year . . . always going back home for short visits . . . just can't forget that "Teddy Bear" . . . one of our high-stepping majorettes . . . received a letter for band . . . waits eagerly each year for the band trip . , . why, Carol, are we missing some- thing? . . . Carol belongs to leaders' club and keeps the soprano section of the chorus alive . . . plans to become a private secretary upon graduating . . . always changing the color of her hair. NANCY SOLT "Nancy" Technical One of our friendly senior girls . . . could be heard singing in the soprano section of chorus . . . likes all sports, especially basketball . . . Nancy took beauty culture at Technical School . . . hopes to become either a beautician or a P.E. instructor after graduation . . . has a massive post card collection . . . objected to the long walk to school each morning . . . oh, what big, blue eyes! . . . can't understand why there aren't more P.E. classes. JACQUELYN MARIE STADLER "Mikie" Academic The instigator of some of our most mischievous fun . . . what did the teachers say when you walked into your classes with that cute kitten . . . meow?! . . . marched with the band as one of Cappy's snappy color guards . . . sang soprano in the senior high chorus . . . one of the members of the art committee for the yearbook . . . also worked on our junior prom decora- tions . . . what do you do with all the money you make working at Lits, jackie? RONALD STOCKMAN "Ronnie" Academic Was an able president of Student Council . . . one of Mr. Hutchison's "Front Row Boysi' in chorus . . . claims the mile is the toughest track event . . . someone has to run it don't they, Ron? . . . did a proficient job as business manager of our class . . . say, Ron, those bunsen burners sure are slow, aren't they? . . . top salesman of our magazine drive . . . managed the football team for two years . . . main ambition is to become a doctor. PATRICIA ANN SUTYAK ' 'Paf' Academic Made a wonderful color guard this year . . . really stepped-lively . . . sews cute outfits for herself . . . active in all sports . . . could really dribble that basketball . . . remember that 'ping pong' game at Lois's birthday party? . . . was a member of band, and leaders' club . . . kept the alto section right on key in chorus . . . Pat plans to go to nursing school upon graduation . . . took a lot of teasing about that 'southern accent' . . . who was always asking to hear you say 'five' in that drawl? ROBERT TAYLOR "BNF" Technical Was a big supporter of the woodwind section of the band and orchestra with his terrific saxophone playing . . . took electrical construction at Tech- nical School with hopes to further this education in the armed service . . . will never forget the driving classes with Mr. Davies . . . one of the best- dressed boys in the senior class . . . Bob considers education one of the greatest assets a person can have . . . we all know he will succeed. JOHN RUHL WEAVER "jack" Academic Made a capable class vice-president in our junior and senior years . . . fast on the draw when it comes to sports and girls . . . has many medals to prove his speed on the cinders . . . could often be seen running down field after a long pass . . . helps support our musical activities as a member of the mixed chorus . . . reached high on the backboards for rebounds during basketball season . . . why don't you like to get up in the morning, Jack? JAMES WIEDEN H AEFER "fimmy" Academic One of our shyer classmates . . . he recently became a man of many words . . . a snappy second baseman for the M.H.S. varsity . . . won a position on the Lower Bucks All-Star Team . . . went to Reading with the American Legion Team . . . what's the matter with English, Jim? . . . can really travel up the court with a basketball! . . . sometimes loses a little sleep to go hunting or trapping . . . jim plans to enter the army after graduation. RICHARD WIBLE ' 'Ri C fl" General Rich hopes to join the Navy or the Air Force after graduating from M.H.S .... could always be heard saying anytime or place, "You ain't right" . . . will never forget the junior class picnic at Bowman's Hill . . . enjoyed P.E. classes in our new gym, but complained that the showers weren't warm enough . . . Rich usually has one thing on his mind . . . could it be girls? PATRICIA WIENCKOSKI ' 'Path Technical Really knows the art of hair dressing . . . forever coming to school with a new hair-do . . . want to know where Pat is? . . . just find Sandy . . . we don't know what Lits would do without her . . . hated staying for detention . . . enjoys those frequent walks to Trenton with Sandy . . . can't wait to start working as a hair dresser so she can buy her car . . . any special kind, Pat? . . . took a lot of kidding about her "doctor bagu pocket- book. CHARLES B. ZUCKER "Zuk" Academic Zuk has a keen sense of humor, and what's more he can put it to good use . . . a talented artist . . . will make a fine architect . . . served as an alternate on the Student Council . . . can often be found stretching those long legs down the football field after a pass, or over the high hurdles at the track . . . spent many enjoyable days on the river in Rich's boat . . . remember, Zuk? JAMES NELSON REARICK "Chick" General pgcfure joined us in our junior year from Pennsbury . . . an avid hot rod fan . . . Not follows most of the big races at the "Horne" . . . attended Tech School last ear, but switched to the general course . . . handy man with the art1st's Available Y paint brush . . . seems to have a knack for bowling . . . what's your average, Chick? . . . can be seen early in the morning driving his black Pontiac to school . . . member of the Naval Reserve. WALTER S. TUSTIN Picture "W4!f" Technical No+ Travelled between Tech and M. H. S. ever two weeks . . . studied elec- Avaijable trical construction at Tech . . . member of the United States Naval Reserve . . . one of the taller members of our class . . . hey, Walt, how's the weather up there? . . . a neat dancer who is often seen at canteen . . . what's the matter with people who talk to themselves-conceited? . . . plans to enter the regular Navy after graduation and make it his career. CLASS FLOWER Forget-me-not CLASS COLOR Royal Blue and White CLASS MOTTO Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost PRESIDENT Ed Neumann SECRETARY Carole Preston BUSINESS MANAGER Ronald Stockham vvwf' VICE PRESIDENT jack Vlfeaver CLASS OFFICERS TREASURER Bob Dreher BEST LOQKING Arlene Dcmech and fl MOST TALENTED, Eleanor Klingerman Joe Bresley. BEST ATHLETES, Caroline Cappiello and Ed Neumann BIGGEST FLIRTS, Pat Johnson and Charlie Zucker. and Leon Okurowski. CLASS BEST PHYSIQUE Pat Johnson and Jack Weaw'er. BEST DRESSED, Arlene Demech and Charlie Zucker. POLL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED, Eleanor Klingerman and Ron Stockham. CLASS CUT UPS, Caroline Cappiello and Denny Poland. BEST ALL AROUND Caroline Cappiello and Jack Weaver. MOST POPULAR, Arlene Demech and Jack Weaxfer. x Q X X A Y 1:-1 ,- Qr,awf:r4-if 114' im- A . .umm I ART STAFF, D. Carney, C. Cappiello, muy B. Dreher, G. Policello. CD' BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL STAEFS, sealed I lo r: D. Louden, E. Klingerman, C. Preston, B. Gray, S. Adams, B. Nash. Second raw, M. Delany, P. Johnson, E. Mc- Tamney, S. Shutt, C. Groh, L. Elgershauser, U. Bottoms J. Anderson, not photographedj. 7 janet Caum, Editorg Terry DiBraccio, Associate Editor. ...fd YEARBOOK STAFF 1 ADVISORS, Mr. Wood, Business Sgpgpyd Mr. Schultz, Editorial and Production ,lf ., K, QW ,zz x if x W ,-f' " :KEY ,, v 'K KJ ,',,.1f'!d K Q X1 x ,,f-"""K'KK,f'KK K K!A'k'WfK1 .5 Y A if 'xx 3-'QQ A M K ix ., ff eff A 1 1 V FY K .,,.L,, ' 13 ,V .1- L lgxxxwiziis Fx xx ,E I, X ' KX K agffgij It , .N YY X., 'V ig Eta . K Kx K. Q f' xx .x fi X X xv L x4 X KA, K ,AZN c W WLFEX A . ,A , KT- 1 ,L f X 1. . R IA --" ' ' ' RM' f V, XX ' -Q . in ' .N ZX x 1 K Ki -15. A X ,f"i': s ii x if -X 2 . X0-.5-I ,.- 'X f ,, f 1 l X f , 1 X w , wif X X , K? I 'Ki xx 3 ' X- 0 f . 5 VN K K , x ff iii If X, f s . .P A Us 3, 3K9xN?,w ,. -. A Ny, XX L' xy YC Q3 x fx, A Fi 1 .3 K C5 ??SL!KK?r X ,yi if, x ' J' 'f K' K ' r H 41, y L it I4 L. x .N . ,fs QP - NV- ,-.'- 4' A: , N, 11 O 3 fy W 15 , ,rx , 4 x J- XF' :Jw W2 fa A f xl L - Ky, KE K' O KK Y KK, -- N. XZ U , . if 7,7554 I A ' A- X 1 , 19 I ' -L' , f N, x ,4 K' Q Q., KX L . x X K K K K U - ' y NAA' N xx 5? ,,?,nix f K KEY . L' .1 X, K K 'kv VK 'KA , G x K KK K r R ,,.,, K Q A f , y , ,f 1 . , XE? ,X Y J K f K , XXX " ' X ' A 1. . ,A x 5 V VM, KX G ' xx ,, Q- 1 K ff K gx v ' ,1 ' . Ki '- y 2 7 XX A 51 li, Xl ,E I fy , X' A X ,,,, f Qx :gf , ,ff ' . 4.3 X KK ' ', .X "-' .M ' . 1153 X, X15 434 51 X ' 4 W u 4- 822, 4 fu' K ,, li,fK2l XM b ,M :XS ,I yn A Lkif, X . mt' ,A O :fi 'Q 'K K ':Kf i: K 41. 'K 13-, KK" 27 1 ff' Y? , 4:1-L O ' ff! if 1,-, f 'S if, . f ' ' f .D gl' 1- ,' f ' KKK K5 J Q-1 'A 4' A . '.', L I' -'f ky ,.- K x .3 1' I" L. K ff' 5' ' K .ff T' 17, , . if ui F2 -A rg., 717 V, L, p. I E ,x,, ,I . ' , Rh fxx lk , ,-1' KK' 3 Wg X5 K ,XA xx U 4 I ar ,J CD X x . xr' A" , Q6 J I fx, x ,ff fs' r V 1 K ', X ' " M ,QM I 2 5 l i i 7-1 Fifi! row, lefl to right: Miss Watkins, K. Nolan, C. Mitchell, A. Adams, M. Alexander, A. Colangelo, E. Michel, D. Gailey, E. Pric C. Pidcock, L. Cappiello. Second row: T. Hope, R. Foose, W. Calhoun, N. Rud, C. Fischer, N. Mohr, J. Apgar, C. Scheidemante J. Symington, L. Bryce. Third four: J. Browne. T. Lykens, W. XX'hite, M. Barker, E. Codd, W. Harshharger, T. Williams, J. Scullii R. Weber, D. Marsh, D. Gray. 7-2 Fin! rout. lefz zo rigbl: Mr. Thompson, B. Reed, C. Anderson, M. Meyers. J. Onofri, B. Beadle. S. Wfoolverton, J. Sharp, C. Bozartli S. Tyndale, L. Nagy. Second row. I. Dreher. L. Adams, D. Fisher, S. johnson, M. Sigley, P. Orazi, F. Bennett, B. Menth. Tbiri raw: W. Boychuck, R. Pogany, P. Gargan, J. Firman, J. Pasteur, W. Schmidt. D. Kinney, L. Hayes, A. Shutt, N. Magee. Fourlfa row R. Patterson, T. Brodecki, C. Hughes, J. Clay, B. jackson. wk-awii :V ,N ., 2 2 2 i 2 fa 7-5 Firxrz wuz left 10 rigbz: H. Robbins. G. Nevins, E. Herbeck, L. Wakefield. C. Vlfisner, P. james, S. Wfidmann, S. Haldeman, J. Jansen. C. Cook, J. Kurfuss. Mr. Podleiszek. Second mum' R. Lyons, J. Stout. R. Smith. F. Menschner. R. Constantino, R. Bennett. B. Greiner. Wfm. Fenimore. H. Mount, C. Ossmann, R. Reso. D. Petryszak, C. XX"enver. 7-fl Fifi: row. left Ia rigbt: J. Nfarkee, K. Behrman, R. Lohin, B. Mate. T. Widmann. M. Shull. C. Conrad. R. XValter, S. Meyers. J Garey, D. Sultzbach, Miss Brower. Sermzd row: D. Tomlinson, J. XXfisneiwski. R. Hoagland, J. Kish, T. Softley, H. Peterson, A Tanzillo, D. Carr, T. Hovemeyer, A. Laverick. Tbird mum' R. Cadwullzzder, R. Lopez. A. DeMario, D. Piscopo. E 5 I 8-1 Firft row. lefzjo rigbl: Mr'. McDonald, M. Disler, L. Redland, K, Anderson, E. Pinckard, N. Magill, B. Campbell. A. Allison, P. BIN Carthy, J. Hunt, M. Bentz. Serozzd raw: P. Klemmer, G. Hunger, C. Fischer, D. Platon, C. Franklin, D. Bills, V. Suppers, J. Moog R. O'Brien, J. Ketaner. Third wuz' F. D'Agostino, L. Hopper, R, Frick. J. Cicco, H. Barker, C. Carney, W. Fabian. C. Boubouli B. Beck, R. Stawski, R. Rud. 8-2 Firrz row, lefl lo riglalx Miss Kane, A. Schepelenko, J. MCGarity, B. Reading, ul. Carter, B. Houser, J. Bottoms, D, Terry, C. Hughe C. Tyndale, M. McDevitt. Sefond rout' D. Comfort, J. LOSS, N. Haines, G. Doster, K. Solan, D. Loch. M. Anderson. T. Prestox J. Harper. Third row: W. Chapman. W. Albee, D. Hopkins, T. Straszynski. J. Rushinski. R. Mattis, D. Bloodsworth, T. Mills, I Wilson, J. Busche, D. Golclenbaum. I i 'M 8-3 lFirfz row, lefz lo fighz: F. Smith, J. Burgess, J. Nirshl, K. Smith, K. Alexander, A. Robinson, B. Manzek, P. Davis,.S. McClister J. Groves, Miss Berroth. Sammi raw: R. Conklin, K. Haas, D. Zurachiwskyi. R. Contursi, W, Cunningham, J. Rogalski, W. Mason lW. Temple, G. Poland. R. Weaver, K. Fineburg. ' 8-fl Fir!! row, left to right: J. Demos, M. Stoddard, M. Maier, S. Hall, M. Wet1x'er, G. Peterson, L. Witkowski, Mr. Matinas. Seromi row. A. Calabro, K. Pinto, -I. Cronon, R. janaski, C. Hayes, H. Wilmot, R. Cadwallader, R. Marshall, R. Trankley, M. Martin. ,tt-wgwezm,..+efa.Q l EE. l ., l v l f f E 9-l Frou! row, Jeff io riglyzx Mr. Hutchison, M. Ashmore S., Schciclcmantel, J. Stacllcr. I.. Ossmann, S. Olcurowski, R. Samsel, Bilheimer M. Perk, N. Tyndale, G. Doan. Second mug lefl to riglaly J. Schwarz. E. Shaginaw, S. Burns, J. Burger, F. Fischer, B. Davis, R. Burke R. Cowell. Third row, lefl Z0 rigbl: T. Sinclair, R. Hoffman. H. Glosser. H. Hughes. A. Owen, R. Mraz, S. Tarr, A. Dameron, M Codcl. D. Lenox, C. Roberts, J. Morcloclc. 9-2 lflrvf wzr. Ziff iff nigfvlx Mr. Kelluaugh. K. liainl. A. Carr. P. Matthias, 1. Rigby. S. Ainerine, S. Meloney. S. Peterson, K. Milcsitz, I4 Hivicilko, M. Newman. Srmzzd wuz' 'lf Capozza, R. Beadlc, C. Snedeker. L. Kirchoffer. N. Kovacs, J. Boddic, G. Carnes, C. Lowel R. Onofri, C. Bogclon. Tlziad fvzuz' F. Sliull. A. Softley. Cf. Moser. VU. Case. R. Bailey. R. Tanicello, S. Arabis, T. Byrne, D. Jacksot VU. Allshouse. 9-3 Finzrz row, left fo rigfns R. Wfeiser, A, Kinney. C. Dry, N. Pasteur, C. Lewis, S. Jerome, B. Zaborowsky, J. Widixuann, M. Maier, Mr. Krepich. Sefoud wuz' D, Krause, R. XX"ienckoski, T. Skelton, J. Namey, M. Haley, S. Laypo, L. Moser, R. Napoleon. T. Hudick. Third faux' E. Fischer, D. Holverk, T. Baldwin, C. Baugh. D. Coble, C. Lontz, R. Devlin, F. Kincel, D, Chewning, 9-4 Fjaxfl muy lefl Ia rigbt: P, Stoddard, H. Doney, B. Markee, D. Duncan, K. Rosati. G. Ficarotta, Mr. Gontar. Second wuz' R. Edwards. J. Neumann, J. Elcock, J. Smolinski, J. Di Giorgia, R, Manzek. if si Q is 3 it ra 3 x 10-l Firfz ww, lefz la fighl: Mr. Kashoff, C. Waltersdorff, P. Gray, B. Bucknum, L, Phillips, P. Staub, N. Valeriano, S. Landis, B. Hoag land, S. Cnnturso, J. Colangelo. Serond row: L. Cart, S. Lenhard. M. Schmitt, B. Harris, E. Piro, A. Butterworth, J. Jablonski, I Okurowski, C. Reading. Third wuz' C. Habel, W. Frye, P. Johnson, D. Lohin. Fourth faux' J. Huggins, B. Stromberg, M. Mraz L. Rockafellow, J. Vlfoocl, J. Taylor, C. Skuse. C. Szura, A. Schafer,R. Olafson. E.Thorn. D.Kaugher. 10-2 Fifi! rozv, lefz za right' Mr. Davies. D. Elmer. D. Leedom, C. Bradley, J. Koons. M, Herrity. T. Campanelli, A. Bilheimer, P. Lenox D. Carroll, J. Ditmars, C. Davis. Serofzd faux' R. Girton, B. Vacca, G. Paxson, P. Smith, P. Lippin, C. Slack, B. Anderson, B. Gerber K. Young. Third row: G. Zsolney, C. Shull, T. Thorn, J. Peterson, J. McIntyre. C. Hensor, T. Barber, G. Mount, K. Maschal, C Jurey. l l l lf E if lf it .l ll 1. it e i f r l 10-3 Fim row, lefz to right: C. Gengo, P. Wallow'er, K. Worthington, D. XX'idmann, M. johnson. S. Lodge. B. Beclcet, C. Fabian, D. Cunning- ham, B. Deitrick. Mr. Lee. Serozzd wuz' P. Heller, S. Lewis, M. Vfoytko, L. Stoddard, P. Rogalski, DI, Tozour. Third wuz' R. Gamble. J. Cappiello, T. Davis, M. Podoris, R. Smith, R. Jackson, G. Cutchinenl, R. Kostar. VU. Wootlxxiard. 10-11 TB. Fin! rozr, Jef! zo right: XV. johnson. J. Riley. M. Baugh, J, Piccinetti, C. Mutelc, J. DeLay, G. Rech, N. Lontz, Mr. Schultz. Serozzd row: A. Kavanaugh, E. Gardner, L. Mitchell, K. Picciotti. A. Paxson, F. Valeriano. R. Miller, -I. Nagy, XV. Mohr. Third row: N. Dun- lap, T. Zawatsky, R. Kania, W. Hartel. . . . .. ., .W ,. .L .f - 5 g.. 41, 554 :Qs as 11-1 Fifzrl row, Zefz to fight: Mrs. Hawkins, B. Bodine, C. Green, D. Clawges, M. Haines, M. Diabelko. Second row: W. Ellis, J. Burgess S. Frickll D. Babic. S. Conrad, R. Cowell. Third row: W. Bloor, C. Geanette, D. Anderson, R. Cominski, J. Giano, D. Cote, G. Beck B. Clar . 11-2 Fin-.ff row, leff in rigbl: Mr. Torok, D. Keuper, J. Nevins, C. Marrazzo, D. Nolan, J. Long, S. Mosley, M. Marshall, L. Longshore. Serum TURN' P. Magee, M. Mason, C. Inverso, S. Layman, J. Lane. Third wuz' R. Neary. R. Lane, R. Lenox, J, Laverick, J. Namey, R. Lynn J. Kovacs, R. Kraft, R. Hart. 1 R ri. 1 l Q E' .3 A 5 l 5. Q 5 . 2. ll. . lllll ME? f. L.: U 'Gs 11-3 511411 rozv, lefl to right: T. Softley, A. Smolinski, J. Rudloff, P. Pinto, M. Sabo, H. Pobutkiewicz, P. Roman, M. Toth, Mr. Zurlo Sammi rouu' D. Suppers. N. Richie, J. Wfolf, C. Sharp, B. Stauffer, J. Roberts, S. Patterson, L. Speechley. Third wuz' S. Petryzak, C Shell, C. Wiedenhacfer, R. Wfaltersdorff, C. Savage, V. Straszynski. ll-fT.fK :ini row, Iefz to 1'igfJl.' T. Mitchell, Mr. Schultz. Sefozzd row: A. Hadley, J. W'isc:nor. Third raw: D. Picciotti, T. Haley, R. McCarthy. 4 l P. 1 . , 3 . , 2 . , H. g , , ' 'T 1 9 Y' 2 l . f Y . 1 5 1 1 l . V i Y El ll X E E . S' -is '- F . Q22 5 ' ,gi , A, avi: 5.14, . , .W ff: A-. . MN ! 62 mm-an -mv' A ,4- '1 ...A "Au X S Ya X31 2, ,x ' ,V ,wfzy K I ' 6 Milf-"' Q 1 X ,lfflf A 7 X' ,nziff F, q if , Z:f"..-f 'LJ f::j, ,2 xv 'x !,f5',4f- N YJ' . V' I 2 4 s-!2'r5AM,f 'TN' - 'ffl C' V ,L 0 If 9.2, 39 5, . ff' X f HA il' iq K L V5 g7'fj6J' ,sw ,- .N . A ,Ty A , fait. I :X ix 5 Av, ,,-5 W, ., ,L A K ff 'fa X, f'Q5fxs 'E1 VV' W ,V wg N .sfo it M X11 A ,ff 31 U1 fa Q ' XLXW1 V I my gt A ,Q 1 Q , I , .. 4 . Q.. 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Laypo, C. Zuckei G. Policello, L, Kise, VU. Clark. Sc'C07ld roux' R. Kraft, D. Anderson, J. Wood, R. Cominski, R. Hart, G. Cutchineal, J. Gafgen, C Habel, W. Ellis. Third wuz' T. Softley, S. Petryszak, R. Neary, C. Schell. R. Clark, R. Smith, R. Olafson, DI. Taylor, A. Paxson. Four! row: T. Zawatsky, B. Jackson, D. Lohin, J. Cappiello, G. Mount, B. Gerber, C. jury, V. Straszynski, T. Davis. FOOTBALL Mr. Wnuk, Mr. Lee, Mr. Davis, Mr. Galambos 64 F LEON JACK co-CAPTAIN V SENIQ1-SS '1 ' 1ilExEXY ' fix P DENNY I RICH GEORGE New 12D BILL CHARLIE CO-CAPTAIN 0' , au, i LX fr AQ i? A ig? w.,4NV.f,iJ -p V wflfvwizii. . .W , , ,, 501.-I 4, ,M 5ei:fW- ,, , QQ, 1 17 A 'Bw mf ri' 252 9:5517 N .We M K 'M k 'EQ Q-Q, , WE ,k ,,k- in ,- LLP gy Q 9 d .pu 5 M x ,, 1, - A if .w Qmwmwfw 'mil w fawlfixa Vw mn vm -me-M if ' N :fi A is A 5 S h 4 L "Qi -. gf,--.SL 5.4 - W .. y A .,A, "' if Z . " 1,1 H CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Pint row, left to right: C. Szura, L. Rockafellow, W. Frye, C. Shull, P. johnson, G. Zsolnay. Second row: Mr. Thomas, T. Sinclair, D. Lenox, L. Nay, S. Shutt, B. Stromberg, B. Dreher. f ' , 18 11 wi. Yam' , wwffw W .H A W-zz-,Z M' Mr. Thomas CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling, lefz zo right: L. Nay, L. Okurowski, J. Wiedenhaefer, T Zawatsky. Second row: Mr. Lee, D. Lenox, J. Weaver, B. Dreher, D Poland, S. Foulke, E. Neumann, R. Smith, Mr. Galambos. E.. gnukg M.. Lee, BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling, left to rigloz: B. Gerber. P. johnson, C. Habel, J. Taylor. C Wiedenhaefer. Second row: C. Jurey, B. Stromberg, G. Zsolnay, Valeriano, M. Podoris, Mr. Wnuk. .lr .-fwwlwwlswlfu -1 lg mm-In -.11 nw, F5 5 E E 2 H E I I I E S E fa E E E l Sw E I i BOB SKIP 1 ED JACK JIM DENNY - CAPTAIN r LOU LEON SEN IORS we migggw- - 5 I' ala E22-if, Km, A . 22-21452 2 8 m'--" X52 1 Q witiziig uf V I 21 2 l'?'i4Z'z1 Y S We . Q, , Q, S KL vw- iw f- 1 Q A ,A Jmyqgl ww: , 5 F? 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K 'V D ' M:,.M,,gw,I - ,, ,gm-11 , ywmwy- " 'fmufyf 2 ' Qin iv ,a,,. f f. 11 K .9 9 I an 1'?i:, W ELEANOR CAROLE IORS JANICE CAROLINE BETSY SARA SUE CO-CAPTAINS PAT ARLENE GAIL X92 1. M , fgyf ,INK W 3 L. Jw El R3 W "Wig-if Q T Q L.. M 51 2 AQQ: X 7 19 K K, M 2 gym: Q 1 K - 3 'X f 1 f gg I. ix mm! S' 1 ,lam li 'Milf - M 21 .WQ y Q f fy' .A f 3' "4 , '- f ' A . 'M N ' " V 2 ..,:'5" Z ' 'A - ,fx A MA . . , 'grmNu,nm' 1 ypnuh UM 4034 mam Md, 2 fwfr f Wai .,1A f mfm AAN!! . Av VV v-v: Z fl Y lv: ':--v: A A ' yy Taj 2 ::- , V A V' f., -. i :f:s '+:s. V '- J Q l g -f. I W xkv' ':. f z " I Q 5 ' - 1 " 5 zgv ' ' "'-,, ' . Y "-- L ,'1" -- V ' Z .' Y E 1f K "' E"': f ':" ' - 'A'l--Qi -QQ. fA:f':" ri i 'V A ffl be Q ,, 5 if 2 ! H K X PAT CAR SEN ICRS JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL-Fin! row, left I0 righi: J. Sigley H. Mount, D. Petryszak, R. Wiedenhauefer, R. Reso, W. Boychuck B. Fabian, F. Smith, F. Shull. Semnd row: W. Albee, R. Weber T. Straszynski, C. Lontz, R. Devlin, T. Byrne. Third row: Mr. Zur10, S. Akabis, B. Jackson, D. jackson, J. Mordock, G. Poland, P. Klem mer, D. Hunger, Mr. Thompson. Mr. Zurlo, Mr. Thompson JU IOR HIGH SPORT SL 1 Burke. I1. I'1x1l1cr. is 'I Xb-.SQ iv. , j .7 f saw Mr. Tomk Mr fhmmupson JUNIOR HIGH XVRESTLING-Fifi! mzv. iff! fa figbl: J. Firman, R. Greiner XV. Cunningham. R. Rcso. XXL Boychuck. Swuzfd mum' J. Ciuo. R. XX'cbcr, B Fabian, F. Smith. A. Cunningham, R. Foose. Tlnizzl row: D, Jackson, G. Mount fV11rs1ty assistnntj, R. Jackson. L. Bryce. R. Conklin. M11 'lhompson 2 2 1 WK JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL lnwf nu I I If flgbl B DAg0st1no J Scullin, R. XX7iCLICl'lIl11CfL'l'. P, 1111 1 Clppsun P G11L,1n R C0nSt1n1no C. Ossmann, D. Lenox. T. Sullnm Mr Torok S1 and 1011 le f I0 11361 S Arabis, J. McGuigan. G. Poland P Klemmer J C111 B Dexlm R rI'ICk R ,1,afQ' LJ Q? IEANNE CARMELLA CAPTAIN CHEER LEADERS SI-IARI JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS - Lefl muy, from In bark: S. Okurowski, M. Perk, S. Johnson, K. Solan. Right row: L. Fisher, L. Ossman, P. McCarthy, A, Allison. BARB YZF' ARLENE CO-CAPTAIN DIANE ARLETA EDWINA , A X In Www, 53, g, N K ' X f ,. 'X . x N X A X. FA A xx X A X , N .1 x . , 4, ff" Q vi 'f , ,i N ff ffl! gl .9 K N Qzl , V X Y, ff Q ,. 4 . ny X 3 fi N i fc t - X K' X ' X X ,1 A- 5' X JY , 9 . X X xv , fx 'Qgx , X K A Xt xx Y A X Z3 ' '34 ' X V , A A 2 , K ' CJ if in ' -- " Yiassk A Y . KN ,,, V 5, . R .gw , V X A k X. , x Y' 1 ' YQ GX N X Sw A A xr -X X -x - " if "x Ly? 'X f , Hy. S? X ' gp , . ' ,f . X ij' - A ' " X xA . V. A' If ' . , K'l . , A' Ku KVA? xg A "X4W1LXy V, X x Y 1 V - L 1' ' 5 'f. .Y ,xd 5 A KX 'LQ y . O A 3 , P U XA X K x L HX ,I , A x? V. K ,X ' -Q , ' X. y T? 1. V - I NL .K K XX ,IPX . X, ,X U t if ' X R X px K , x l .R , . M , X2 XX f Q , ., J X Sa x v ig.. 1 f" XX' V K A K M X W , x I I , xg if Q. X L X, . f ,V ' A , 'VY' , " -' 1 X . ,, Ax .MVN gg V N ,, A-is - xq-X1 , xg 1 I V 37,2 f X . Q1 0' 1 v,.' ' xpg,-yn , H 'S-dx ' , X 1 A, X f . .A T 5, ' ,x A A km K r- M A ,X 1 X 13 X 1 C2 xnxx, Q P, 'Y ' ' - W '. Y" 'J 3. f 4 .1 ., 7 7, 14 - asf' Q fl-5 2 3 X,k1 0 -fn H MQ - . 2-Q. il A -1,4 4 . ' Y l G- . 1-LQ X G K4 3 1 '- M ,Q , .l . Y . Iffg -C Y .f v , in Y , , .Lx .XM . . a qx fi I' ' " '. I 'LL- A . -' ' , 1' 0 V if 'Q' Y' X K Xgxlxly ,-,yn A' Ke. , M, . a xv A .5 f G 1 4. ' . .47 V N pig, Fx L ,X ,H , 5 , 1 fw M In 1 I A axis ,Qi-193 f . h , ' ' ' J- .sw X A ,Q " Q 11 "."-4f55'9' ' X ' ' 'bf --qu I '-.'.-1K'?"f'iP 4 X 4 x .Rv 3",'l:"in - Y f , Q ' 21 X ,'-" H " ' "if - ' . 11121125 . E355-I' A ,X 8. Z ' -V ,, v , - ,gas 'gig-x K Y , - 4 , D : , 1 . f .REL-i 1 4 'fiigefga t X xx 1 1, Xi, iv 5' 79 W F. Antrobus S. Adams J. Anderson M. Delany J. Bottoms C. Cappiello A. Demech P. Johnson R. Reso R. Stockham B. Nash G. Foster D. Louclen L. Elgershauser B. Kirylych B. Gray E. Klingerman C. Groh E. McTamney N. Janaski R. Miller W. McCrane C. Smith L. Okurowski C. Preston SENIOR CHORUS J. Stadler J. Ridgeway P. Sutyak J. Wleaver E. Neumann B. Foose N. Solt J. Burgess C. Green J. Giano S. Mosley R. Neary L. Longshore M. Marrazzo C. Hansen J. Long D. Anderson S. Frick P. Magee M. Mason D. Nolan S. Patterson P. Pinto E. Zocco L. Speechley C. Sharp B. Sauder T. Mitchell G. Smith S. Duff B. Harris R. Henry J. Jablonski N. Valeriano C. Habel S. Conturso P. Staub P. Gray W. Frye S. Landis L. Phillips C. Waltersdorff M. Schmitt L. Cart E. Okurowski A. Butterworth C. Reading J. Taylor D. Kaugher E. Thorn X A . Bucknam Piro Girton Carroll Smith Slack Elmer Lippin Leedom Lenox Bradley Koons Davis Janice Anderson Honor Soloist SENIOR ORCHESTRA QMR Hutchisonj M. Schmitt R. Taylor K- Young C. Waltersdorff L. Okurowski B. Stromberg J. Anderson W. McCrane R- LCHOX P. johnson C. Szura E- Okurowski B. Sauder G. Beck B- Sfallfffl' F. Antrobus R. Girton E. Klingerman JAZZ APPRECIATION C. Klemmer R. Taylor R. Laypo W. Ellis G. Beck J. Foster M. Diabelko M. Haines D. Babic D. Cote N. Capozza Lane Mars hall Keuper Savage Gamble Heller Gengo Rogalski Widmann Lewis ACTI ITIES R. Reso B. Miller D. Kaugher Lohin Ashmore Bilheimer Ossmann Shaginaw Fischer Stadler Burger Scheidemantel Okurowski Perk Tyndale Doan Davis Hall Samsel Newman Peterson Snedeker Hall L. Kirchoffer N. Kovacs A. Carr S. Meloney S. Amerine K. Baird V. Calabro C. Lowell J. Rigby C. Hivicdko G. Carnes R. Onofri M Maier C. Lewis M. Haley R. Napoleon L. Moser N. Pasteur B. Horvath J. Namey JUNIOR CHORUS fMr. Podleiszekj A. Kinney S. Laypo K. Rosati D. Bills G. Ficarotta J. Moore E. Pinckard M. Bentz P. McCarthy L. Redland B. Campbell J. Hunt K. Anderson C. Tyndale K. Solan J. McGarity D. Loch M. Weaver B. Houser G. Doster J. Carter C. Andrews M. Anderson J. Bottoms R. Davis J. Nirshl K. Alexander A. Colangelo N. Adams M. Frick R. Foose D. White C. Fischer L. Cappiello C. Scheidemantel D . Gray J. Hope J. Apgar D. Gailey N. Mohr COUNTY AND DISTRICT MUSIC Fin! row, lefz zo riglaz: L. Okurowski F. Antrobus, B. Stauffer, E. Klinger man, D. Lenox. Second row: E. Zocco B. Sauder, J. Caum, C. Groh, J. Bot toms. Third row: Mr. Hutchison, W McCrane, R. Stockham, W. Hartel. E. Michels Miller B. Memh Tyndale D. Fisher Hayes C. Bozarth S. Widmann B. Beadle Haldeman B. Boychuck Sharp C. Anderson Herbefk N. Magee Thompson D. Kinney Jansen S. Johnson James J. Onofri Cook L. Nagy Tkacs M. Meyers Mate B. Reed Markee S. Woolverton Behrmann P. Sigley M. Shull M. Alexander Widmann C. Conrad Meyer B. Gengo Garey R. Cadwallader v64Q'J.2wm:w:i'lQW.f.21 l 1' ...wa filrinnthwvar wa 3, waz" . . f 1 LEADERS CLL'B Firfz rouy Jeff ta right: Miss Parsons, J. Colangelo, P. Pinto, C. Smith, C. Preston, D. Elmer, N. Valeriano, T. DiBraccio. S. Adams A. Demech, P. Sutyak, S. Landis, M. Mason. Second row: L. Phillips, E. Klingerman, R, Reso, E. Zocco, J. Ridgeway, C. Cappiello M. C. Marrazzo, P. Staub, C. Hansen. Third row: L. Longshore, N. Richie, P. Lenox, P. Lippin, C. Reading, B. Harris, G. Foster I. Stadler, C. Slack, Fourzlz rouf: B. Anderson, L. Speechley, J, Caum. B. Gray. J. Bottoms, C, Groh, ACTIVITIES VARSITY CLUB Biff! muy Iefz to rigbis G. Policello, L. Kise, J. Weax'er, L. Olcurowski, A. Radosti, J. Wfiedenhaefer, D. Poland, E. Neumann, 7Oulke, C. Zucker, B. Dreher, Setozzd row: Mr, Davies, R, Laypo, V. Straszynslci, T. Zawatsky, S. Petryszak, A. Paxson, R. Cominski. R. Hart. I FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Fir,-'I mzvy. left to rigblx G. Foster. A. Demech. C, Czlppiello, R. Rcso. E. Klingcrman, Miss Gish. Sefwzd rozzx' C. Reading, M. Schm1 P. Magee, T. Barber. J. Burgess, B. Gray. ACTI ITIE FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Firfz mu. lefl 10 right J. Bottoms, J. Caum, J. Jablonski, C. Preston, J. Ridgeway, Mrs. Okurowski. Second wuz' D. Nolan, E. Pir- E, Okurowski, B. Harris. C. Sharp, C. Davis, J. Burgess. T5 W , , ' C ..fg1S"' iv V, y ,gqmi5i:QS'jgsz. iv . W. . H. . . . Tssss A 2 JUNIOR BOWLING CLUB fMiss Cavanaugh and Miss Kanej L. Alexander W. Baldwin C. Baugh T, Byrne A. Carr R. Cowell T. Capozza A. Dameron R. Devlin J. Elcock R. Foose F. Fischer T. Hope H. Hughes L. Hychalk T. Hudick L. Kirchoffer J. Kronnagel C. Lontz T S. C. R. K. L Ri J. J. F. J. J. T C. N. S. T R. D. Lykens Laypo Moser Mraz Miksitz Ossmann Onofri Rigby Namey Kincel Smolinski Sigley Sinclair Snedecker Tyndale Tarr Williams Wienckoski Wilson ACTI ITIES SENIOR BOWLING fMr. Griffiths and Mrs. Keller, N. janaski D. Wible J. Rearick G. Baldwin B. Gardner R. Cowell W. Bloor C. Savage B. johnson R. Stedman B. Mohr D. Picciotti J. Riley R. Moser T. Haley K. Picciotti A. Kavanaugh D. Robinson J. Piccinetti S. Lodge A. Horvath C. Fabian B. Deitrick A. Paxson W. Tohm L. Riley C. Hensor J. McIntyre G. Paxson C. Mutek L. Mitchell M. Baugh JA Nagy R. Cowell W. Tustin C. Geanette G. Beck L. Pacitto B. Miller J. Namey N. Richie J. Riley M. johnson W. johnson S. Duff J. Campanelli J. Cutchineal R. McCarthy P, Smith m::'i'1'xim11arf nfmvwaauenimf mfs' swfwwfwiaw- Wm M... Mm 9- 10th INTRAMURALS J. Mordock D. Lenox H. Glosser T. Sinclair R. Hoffman R. Mraz D. Jackson T. Byrne C. Moser T. Capozza R. Bailey F. Shull S. Arabis A. Cunningham D. Holveck C. Baugh W. Baldwin L. Hychalk R. Weinckoski D. Chexvning F. Kincel T. Hudick J. Neumann R. Tanicello R. Edwards G. Rech -I. Peterson J. Riley J. McIntyre T. Davis 1. Cappiello R. Gamble R. Smith XV. Wfoodvvard M. Podoris R. Jackson E. Fischer M. Mitchell C. Hayes B. D'Agostino D. Wfilson T. Straszynski R. Mattis J. Kronnagel D. Comfort J. Cicco XV. Chapman N. McDevitt W. Albee XV. Mason K. Fineburg F. Smith C. Evernham R. Wfeaver' R. Wfoodward K. Haas G. Poland W. Temple D. Zurachusky 7-8th INTRAMURALS Cronon Caclwalladei' XX"illiams Scullin F oose Wlaite Goldenbaum Symington Marsh XX'el:er Foulke Gargan Firman Clay Bennett . Kinney B. jackson C. Hughes Po gan Wiedenhaefer D. Petryszak C Ossmann Smith R. Reso Stout Robbins Nevins L. Saxton Kurfuss Menschner Hoagland Lyons C. Brudon T. Hovem eyer Lopez R. y W. Schmidt J. Rogalski Laverick M. DeMario J. Grover A. Calabro D. Carr R J. A R. J. R 11th and 12th INTRAMCRALS Wihle Wiedenhaefeir Radosti Rudloff Bilheimer Driesbach W. Clark Henley Wiedenhaefer Savage Shutt Bresley C. Fischer N. Mohr C. Sheidemantel J. Jansen S. Widmann T. Xwidmann K. Behrmann C. Conrad R. Lohin S. Miller B. Mate S. Thompson R. Gadwallader B. Gengo M. Shull P. James S. Halderman D. Sultzbach E. Herheck 7th and Sth INTRAMURALS M. Meyers L. Cappiello L. Wakefield C. Kramer L. Nagy V. Suppers C. Anderson A. Allison D. Fisher J. Carter L. Hayes B. Houser B. Reed M. L. Anderson J. Sharp D. Loch S. Woolverton N. Haines B. Beadle C. Hughes I. Dreher J. Bottoms S. Johnson K. Solan L. Adams M. A. Weaver C. Mitchell M. Stoddard E. Michel C. A. Hall D. Gailey L. Witkowski M. Alexander M. Maier M. A. Frick A, Colangelo C. Pidcock XWEIGHT LIFTING Mr. Thompson D. Jackson R. Wienckoski D. Holveck R. Tanicello J. Loss H. Wilmot K. Pinto R. Trankley W. Dyer W. Fenimore A. D. D. J. T R. L. C. Tanzillo Piscopo Tomlinson Wisnienski Hudick Devlin Hychalk Moser SENIOR SPORTS CLUB Miss Parsons H. Bresley N. Solt S. Frick C, Green M. Marrazzo J, Roberts P. Pinto -gn X .X Q . Mr. Hutchison, Band Director wg .Ns- Arlene Demech. Head Majorette BAND Fjfllf wiv, fefl fo figbl: B. Campbell, E. Klingerman, A. Demech, Mr. Hutchison, B. Stauffer, B. Miller. Sefozzd mum' F. Antrobus, V, Cala- bro, E. Coclcl, A. Shutt, B. Stromberg, R. Lenox, D. El- mer. P. Lenox. Third mum' L. Redland, L. Rockafel' low, C. Szura. J. Taylor, C. Habel, W. Allshouse, D. Lenox, T. Preston, D. Hung- er, L. Okurowski. fCont. on the next pagej Fourzlf row: W. McCrane, R. Olafson, T. Thorn, R. O'Brien, J. Rushinski, R. Frick, M. Codd, J. Busche, D. Chewning. Fifth row. J. McGarity, J. Moore, N. Magill, R. Beadle, P. Gray, S. Jerome, R. Taylor, D. Sanford, C. Klemmer. Sixth row: M. Sabo, S. Pat- zerson, B. Foose, T. DiBraccio, T. Skelton, K. Young, P. Klemmer, C. Smith, S. Mosley, W. Hartel. Smnding.' D. Cote, S. Okurow ski, C. Cappiello, G. Foster, L. Speechley, P. Lippin, J. Stadler, B. Anderson, P. Sutyak, M. Perk, N. Janaski. MORRISVILLITS MARCHING B 89 JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB Firfz raw, Jef! 10 riglzf: Mr. McDonald, D. Gray, J. Cronon, D. Marsh, R. Trankley, R. Weber, D. Carr, A. Schepelenko, R. Trea way, D. White. Second row: B. Beck, R. Hoagland, R. O'Brien, J, Ketaner, J. Scullin. H. Robbins, G. Nevins, B. Chapman, Mr. Matin: Third row: D. Coble, D. Goldenbaum, T. Preston, L. Hopper, W. Case, T. Hudick. D. Comfort, D. Wilson. Faurfb row: I.. Bryce, li Fineburg. D. Hunger. F. D'Agostino. R. Edwards. ACTIVITIES SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB fMr, Torokj R. Kraft D. Lohin G, Mount C. Jurey B. Stromberg I. Huggins K. Maschal B. Gerber C. Szura A. Schafer T. Barber B. Woodward R. Olafson M. Mraz K. Young R. Smith L, Rockafellow C. Skuse B. Vacca R. Dreisbach -X . T- 1.1 ,A-S. IM . OYMNASTICS-flXIr. Zurloj XX". Baldwin L. Hyrlmllc C. Lontz J. Neumann D. K1'.1uSS F. Sliull F. Kincel R. XY'iulenli.1cfr-1' D. Holveclq P, Ciiirgan lfuullcc Orazi jackson lfcniniurc R4-so ACTIVITIE hi Q . 5 5. Ss. M. Martin R. Xwicnskcvski R. Hoffman J. Cronon M. Codd XX". lioycliuck R. Devlin XY, Allsliwusc jL'NIOR AND SENIOR BOYS' COOKING lMiss Gmxcsj DI. Schwarz K. Manzelc C. Roberts 1. McGuigun T. Byrne R. Tanicello S. Arabis DI. Smolinski D. Chewning R. Cowell X x R, Gardner NW. Tustin R. lNIcCartl1y A. Hadley D. Picciotti R. Moser T. Haley 'El in-unfL.....l E F51 2 E rs. , 'ski ., 4. .1 . , 1- . ix .Tu an 1' s JK LEATHER CRAFT QM1: Levittj J. Sharp S. Burns A. Kinney C. Lewis P. Stmiciard B. Reed P. Matthias C. Dry M. Haley M. Maier W A. Cnlabrn C. Bogrlnn D. Duncan M. Maier L. Hayes C. Hayes ,I. Brndecki R. Napoleon D. Holveck S. Xwnolverton R. -Iunaski B. Case L. Moser J. MrGuigan BIODEI.-MAKING QMD LeYittj S. Burns A. Carr JA Mcguigm R. Conklin M. Barker R. Bennett H. Hughes S. Meloney H, Barker T. Lykens T. Brodecki D. Dunran S, 'fm-f J. Neumann DI. Burgess J. Brown H, Peterson I 'H-v. 'G' . ...HJ- O . -... i 5 . QI if I 5 I READERS CLUB 'irst row, left to right: Miss Brower, I. Kish, P. Orazi, D. Kinney, R. Treadway, J. Ketaner, J. Pasteur, H. Robbins, G. Nevins, Mrs. Lrunner.'Ser0rzd row: M. Bentz, S. Tyndale, C. Bozarth, P. McCarthy, G. Peterson, L. Witkowski, J. Onofri, N. Magee. Third row: . Amerine, A. Carr, S. Meloney, S. Halderman, N. Pasteur, K. Anderson, E. Pinckard, P. Lukaszow. Fourth row: M. Disler, C. Cook, V. Jensen, D. Bills. ACTIVITIES JUNIOR-SENIOR DRAMATICS CLUB First row, left to right: Miss Brower, K. Mitchell, T. Williams, F. Bennett, M. Maier, C. Pidcock, J. Pasteur, W. Harshbarger, T Lykens, N. Rudd. Second row: M. Mason, R. Trankley, P. Magee, R. Patterson, M. Codd, R. Beadle, L. Adams, S. Burns, T. Skel- zon, C. Roberts, L. Witkowski, D. Suppers, Mrs. Keller. Third row: R. Stawski, R. Rudd, W. Allshouse, A. Owen, L. Hopper, C Carney. Fourth row: P. Staub, N. Valeriano, C. Hansen, L. Longshore, D. Bodine, D. Babic. NEXVSPAPER STAFF fMi'. Schultz, N. Capozza D. Cote W. Ellis B. Kirylycli S. Lerihard 'If Mitchell C, Roch 'lf Sinclair H. Q? if df 'XP DANCE BAND i Liff In 1'f4QZ7f,' Vs". Mcfliinc, li, SI1'OlNl'7L'I'g. R. 'l'i1ylc11', Ci. link. R. I.L-max. I.. Okurmxski. Mr Hutili 15011. 1 5 E 5'nf Sli. FASHION CLUB P K Nl W C lhoun C Kramer B Manzek Second row: Miss Kane irrz row, Jef! fo riglaz: C. Hughes, A. Robinson, E. rice, . oan, . a , . , . . , I. Smith, G. Miller, N. Magill, D. Sultzbach. Third row: S. McClister, M. Disler, P. Lukaszow, J. Broclecki, C. Bogclon. ACTI ITIES ASTRONOMY CLUB iff! row, left za right: R. Constantino, J. Rogalslci, J. Burgess, C. Laverick, R, Sultzbach, R. Greiner, T. Sullivan, H. Mount, L rxton. Second row: D. Wilson, C. Hayes, A. Calabro, G. Nevins, J, Scullm, W. Chapman, B. Mason, R. Weber. Third row: H. Hughes . Frick, H. Barker, XV. Case, C. Bouboulis, J. Loss, C. Evernham. Fourth row: P. Klemmer, F. D'Agostino, D. Coble, D. Comfort . Haas, J. Symington. liiillgg Mr. Schultz, Mrs. Brunner Mr, Wood. Mr. Caum The 1960 Robert Morris, the product of the first yearbook staff in the new school, would have been impossible without benefit of the people on this page. For untold hours they snapped pictures, developed them in the darkroom, supervised the typing that appears throughout this yearbook, and boosted our morale when we were at our lowest. We owe them our sincere gratitude. sr David Holveck, john Nagy, Walter Hartel. L..-.1 URRISVIU-E Along with our new school we also have at new school seal. The top of the seal is from the Coat-of-Arms ol' Wfilliam Penn. PCIllIS3'lYL1I'1lCilS founder. The open book signifies learning and education, and the torch represents knowledge. The copy of the Declaration of Independence with the quill pen is dediczited to Robert Morris, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the namesake of our borough. The bordering ribbon proudly displays. MORRISVILLF HIGH SCHOOL. THE MORRISVILLE BANK "The Friendly Bank" W Mr. Roberf C. Beadle, assisl'an+ lreasurer and assislanl vice presidenl' of l'he Morrisville Bank, discusses 'the facilifies and services of +he bank wilh Mr. Burfon Thomas and fwo Morrisville High School sludenls, Carolyn Green and Shiela Mosely. 2 Easf Bridge S+. and 53 Morrisville Shopping Cenler MORRISVILLE, PA. Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion I MORRISVILLE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION To Promo+e Ihe Welfare of Children ancl You'I'h in Home. School, Church and Communily Congra+uIaI'ions fo Ihe I960 ROBERT MORRIS BAND BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION of the MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Mee'I'ing 3rd Tuesday of Each Monlh ALWAYS WELCOME PROFESSICNAL PATRONS HAROLD H. KELSEY, D.D.S. ROBERT A. OOULD, M.D. JAMES O. MCNALLY, D.D.S. DR. JOHN E. DIESEL THOMAS J. DOUGHERTY, M.D. CURTIN and HEEFNER - A++0meys-a+-Law MICKLEWRIGHT and MOUNTEORD- Archi+ec+s THADDEUS B. EOWLER, D.D.S. LEROY P. LEAHY, D.D.S. MERTON S. ADAMS, P.E. DR. THEODORE A. HANSEN Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Kennedy Joy Kennedy C. Bradford Fordham John and Marie Wnuk Mr. and Mrs. J. George Keller Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' F. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Goniar Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Lenox Frank E. Podleiszek Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Olafson Mrs. V. V. Bradley Dale B. Thomas, '66 Dorolhy A. Gish Olive J. Snelson Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wood Mr. and Mrs. E. Leonard Caum Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Foulke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Frick Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Lane Mr. and Mrs. George Waliersdorif Dick's Tailors Eddie and Joyce Mrs. Francis A. Smi+h Dr. and Mrs. E. A. K. Roepecke Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. McTamney Esiher M. Durboraw Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Brunner Miss Ruih Graves Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Jenness Mr. and Mrs. Charles Delaney Harry and Marian Mr. Frank G. Zurlo Mr. and Mrs. H. Harper Sfockham Elmira E. Sfockham Mr. and Mrs. John Davis Mrs. John G. Skelfon Mrs. David Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. D. Alan Whiie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klingerman Bob Klingerman, '57 Mr. and Mrs. Clair E. Siauffer Mr. and Mrs. F. Leslie Burke Mr. and Mrs. Ron Francis Mr. and Mrs. Francis Benh Miss Riia Cooley Mr. James L. Yoxfheimer Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Scheidemanfel A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Emil Spillman Mr. and Mrs. George Hunger Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Frye Mr. and Mrs. Marcus B. Keicham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rohner Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schell, Jr. Lois A. Waikins PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. John H. Soli' Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Shunk Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Champagne Dave Champagne, '56 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Gable Mr. and Mrs. Pairick Demech Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Frank Torok Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McDonald Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilbur Sauder Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Schuliz Persey and Chris Joanie and Johnny Linda and Dave Shari and Dick- Barb and Phil Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hari' Mr. and Mrs. John Cappiello Mr. and Mrs. Peier G. Reso Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Buniing Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. BenneH' Mr. and Mrs. Edward La po Mr. and Mrs. Peie Sufyak Mr. and Mrs. Leon Okurowski Mr. and Mrs. John Kiley Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' Smiih Mr. and Mrs. Waller Neumann Mrs. Mae Naylor Mr. and Mrs. Kenneih Traub Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Ridgeway Toofsie Giano Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Seichfield Mr. and Mrs. Charles Galambos Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rabberman Mrs. Harvey Huichinson Mr. and Mrs. George Thorn Miss Elizabeih Kane Mrs. Charles A. Pa'Herson Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mershon Mr. and Mrs.vJohn Mahalik Mr. Michael S. Voda Mr. and Mrs. William Ruddick Mrs. William Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyers Mrs. Janice Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Gray DoH'ie Saniore Girl Scoui' Troop 999335 Miss Barbara Berrofh Mr. and Mrs. James Kelbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph BoHoms Miss Ann Parsons Myra S. Arms Audrey H. U11 Beih Broome Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mafinas Miss Margarei' Wa'l'kins Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lee Mrs. Sara T. Hughes Slifher and Don Lorraine, Pai, Carol, Jul and Slilh Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Elgershauser Roger and Evelyn Kehoe Mr. and Mrs. Evere'H' R. Fos'l'er Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' Anfrobus Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Davies Mr. and Mrs. Howell E. Windle Dick Lenox, '6I Mr. and Mrs. Alva W. Hefiy Mr. and Mrs. E. Edward Janaski Joan and Tom Nancy and Rich Carol and Joe Helen Quill, '40 Mary's Delicafessen Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Levih' Trio Spori' Shop Mr. and Mrs. Siephen Shu'H' Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kish Edwina and Albie Pam and Ronnie Emilie Mrs. Julia Louden Mr. and Mrs. Charles Louden Mrs. C. Mason Doi and Eddie Mr. and Mrs. Spencer LoveH' Mr. and Mrs. Lesfer McGari'l'y Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sheefs Rebel Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wallace Mr. and Mrs. F. W. McGari'iy Ken McGari+y, '59 AKC and Mrs. William E. Bresley Ill Mr. and Mrs. Pefer Jerome Peggy Anne, Sieve and Peier Jerome Mr. and Mrs. Na+ Wolinsky Jack's Food Markei, River Road Trivia Joe and Jackie, Clay and Joan Thelma and Marlin Weiiman William VanHou'ien Complimenis of Messina's Elinor McCardle Barb Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henry Mr. and Mrs. William H. Clark Donna T., Kaihy H., Diane E. Ro DeSi'efano, '59 Mr. Douglas L. Presfon Junior High Cheerleaders Miss Cavanaugh SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS CapI'ain - Mary Co-Ca p'I'ain - Arle Jeanne Shari Barb ArIeI'a Edwina Diane OFFICE FURNITURE Office Layou+ Service Commercial SI'aIionery DupIica+ing Machines Supplies and Service PALMER TROUT 81 CO. he EX6-557I lI22 S. Clinfon Ave. TRENTON, N. J. Compliments of RICKERT NURSERIES FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF BUCKS COUNTY "l.orge Enough to Serve You Smell Enough to Know You" Insured Savings Accounfs Money Orders Chrisfmas Clubs U.S. Savings Bonds Morfgage Loans Travelers Cheques Vacalion Clubs Share Loans THREE CONVENIENT OFFICES II8 Mill S+. Bris'IoI, Pa. ST. 8-3344 737 Shopping CenI'er LeviH'own, Pa. WI6-7400 Roule il Nex+ fo Counfry Club Shopping Cen+er LeviH'own, Pa. WI 9-3900 WILLIAM J. TALONE Bulldozing Service Phone CY5-2087 54 MANOR LANE WEST YARDLEY, PA Iva 'Q Y r C' , A A' Q s E ' :aa FRIEND KERN5 BEVERAGES Fine NaI'uraI Flavors E BesI' of Luck Io +I1e Class of '60 NYLOMATIC CORPORATION Morrisville. Pa. SELLINGER'S GARAGE WRIGHT AND PHILADELPHIA AVENUES Extends Best Wishes to the Class of '60 SKIP SELLINGER NORM SELLINGER ARMSTRONG FUIIIIACES IIEATIIIG IIILS 11 J. N. YOST CompIeI'e Healing and Fuel Oil Service SI1eeI Me+aI Produds Made Io Order Q Air Condi+ioning PHONE IO4 W. BRIDGE ST. NIGHT PHONE CYpress 5-3I I4 MORRISVILLE, PA. CYpress 5-2339 Sfop aI' 'l'I1e ALEXANDER'S HOTEL I00 E. Bridge S+. MORRISVILLE, PA. - CY 5-9836 Daily and Weekly RaI'es CLEAN ROOMS HOME COOKING CYpress 5-4 I 24 CYpress 5-4 I 25 INTERNATIONAL ALUMINUM SIDING CO. OF BUCKS CO., INC. BRIDGE ST. AND PENNA. AVE. Morrisville, Pa. DELAWARE VALLEY TRACTOR sALEs coup. AuI'horized Ford Traciors and ImpIemenI's PHONE: CYpress 5-5600 5l0 W- BRIDGE ST. 54535 MORRISVILLE, PA. ABCO PRINTING CO. Letterpress - Photo Offset I806 SO. BROAD ST. TRENTON, N. J. Tel. EXport Z-I I68 MICHAEL MIKSITZ PENNSBURY AGENCY INSURANCE Homeowner's Specialist Phone HY-att 3-557I Iome On In! renton's Only :Iothing Dept. xcIusiveIy tor tudents and Men. oung izes 36-40 regulars and Longs CLUB ROOM Second Floor-Rear ot Men's Clothing III Come On In-Get Acquainted Have a Coke on Us! Ill 35 East State St. Trenton, N. J. dwl C0 Dormzuv f. Ion MORRISVILLE LIONS CLUB X 'Yay Jr ef' 'T is J' -lf' XFQNATIQVT f ' xv! MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA MORRISVILLE ROTARY CLUB lik Q MORRISVILLE PENNSYLVANIA Warner CERTIFIED CENTRAL-MIX CONCRETE BITUMINOUS CONCRETE BLAST FURNACE SLAG High Calcium - High Magnesium Limes Sand and Gravel WARNER COMPANY Philadelphia . Paoli . Morrisville Chesfer . Wilminglon Complimenls of YARDLEY FLORIST I75 S. Main S'Iree+ pon 3.2391 ESTABLISHED I9 HERMAN SACKIN CO Fine Furniiure Rugs Bedding ERNEST SACKIN 206 S. BROAD STREET TRENTON 9. N. J. I0 CompIimenI's of UNITED CUT RATE 29 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. CY5-3835 TIRE CITY R+ 4,3 Bun's suNoco Wigfgss Bridge and Delmorr Ave. 535 W. Bridge Morrisville, Pa. gfggrmf PHONE: CY 5-5882 New - Used - Recaps DXFORD BOYS' SHOP I20 S. Broad SI. TRENTON. N. J. Tren+on's Mos'I' Compleie Boys' Shop Fea'l'uring Con'Iinen+aI Suifs Spori' Coa'I's Slacks CAR-CRAFT, INC. Body and Fender and PainI'ing 27-29 Brooks Avenue Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-7700 MARIO'S BAKE SHOP W. Trenfon Ave. and Big Oak Rd. Morrisville, Pa. CY5-5383 SARONY STUDIOS I3I6 WaInuI' S+. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Official Phofographers for 'rhe I960 "ROBERT MORRIS' QW? 3 Phone CY 5-3309 Home, OW 5-023l HOME FREEZER SERVICE AT LOWEST PRICES CENTRAL MARKET Seleci' BEEF - VEAL - LAMB - PORK Wholesale and Re'I'ail 336 W. BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE, PA. Cor. Mercer Sf. Unify-Frankford Sfore Complimenfs of FAMILY CIRCLE RESTAU RANT PHONE CY 5-7648 HUNT'S STATIONERY School and Office Supplies I8-20 E. Bridge S+. MORRISVILLE, PA. BILL'S DRIVE IN Charcoal Ho'I Dogs Hamburgers Siealcs Complimenls of JACK HANSEN'S PAUL BECK Carpenfer and ConI'racI'o SMALL JOBS A SPECIALTY CY5-5763 337 Crown S'l'. MORRISVILLE PU RCE'-LIS Complimenfs SHOE STORE of fGoo: Cssaliiy ghoels or I' e oe amly I2 S. Warren S+. TRENTON, N. J. Lincoln Mercury Edsel Sfudebaker Lark MAURO MOTORS, INC. 835 WEST BRIDGE STREET Morrisville, Pennsylvania PHONE CY5-5057 "In no+l1ing do men more nearly approach 'I'he gods fhan in giving healih fo men" -Cicero JOHN M. BURNS CLASS OF 'za PHARMACIST "HUNZlE'S" PENN TAVERN Our Specialty Is Fine Food WE CATER TO PRIVATE PARTIES AND BANOUETS PHONE cYs-9aao 4lI W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. WAMSLEY PONTIAC E. Bridge S+. and Delmorr Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE CY 5-4I II WALL GASES, INC. Manufacturers and Distributors of Compressed Gases OXYGEN-ACETYLENE-HYDROGEN-CO' Propane-Nitrogen-Argon-Helium and Medical Gases WELDING EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES CYpress 5-7I II BRISTOL PIKE, MORRISVILLE, PA. Distributors of Colomony Hard-Facing Alloys Do It Yourself Foam Rubber for AII Purposes CHAIR CUSHIONS, PILLOWS, MATTRESSES Factory Salesroom CARTEX CORPORATION Route No. I3 I Mile South of MorrisviIIe, Pa. PENNSBURY TRAVEL AGENCY WORLDWIDE SERVICE I4-I6 Sou+l1 Main S+ree+ YARDLEY, PENNSYLVANIA Phone HY-aH' 3-3638 EDWARD F. SMITH REALTY, INC. Realfors Newporfville and Brisfol Oxford Valley Roads LEVITTOWN. PA. WI-5-5500 Lisfing lnformafion on Proper'ries 'For Sale Across +l1e Counfry-Siale-Nalion J. ALLEN HOOPER FUNERAL CHAPEL 45 N. Penna. Avenue MORRISVILLE, PENNA. Licensed in New Jersey PHONE MORRlSVlLLE CY 5-7725 GREENWOOD DAIRIES Visi+ Our Modern Dairy Sfore Home Delivery of Fine Dairy Produc'I's SKyline 7-3764 U.S. ROUTE ilfl LANGHORNE, PA BURT ANDERSON THE HERMITAGE PRESS Offsef LeHerpress 755 CASS STREET TRENTON, N. J. Telephone EX 2-I885 DELAWARE VALLEY BINDERY Book and PamphIe'I' Binding THOMAS RIGBY II25 Ohio Avenue MORRISVILLE, PA. Phone CY5-705I Phone CY 5-7806 GREEN LEE 81 SON Contractors Excavaiing and Grading Trucking 64 HARRISON AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA. REDNOR AND KLINE, INCQ Lumber and Millwork MASON MATERIALS - PLYWOOD -INSULATION CINDER BLOCK Morrisville, Pa. Phones CY 5-7I75 Yard and Warehouse CY 5-3I64 U. S. No. I Freeway BEN'S DELICATESSEN 30 Dif'Feren+ Cold Cu+s-lmpor+ed and Domes+ic I2 Washingfon S+. MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone CY 5-576i Coal Oil Burner Service Fuel Oil PENN-JERSEY COAL COMPANY Chambers S+ree+ af Delmorr Avenue MORRISVILLE, PA. Phones - Morrisville-CY5-7955 Tren+on-EX4-I36I MORRISVILLE FLOWER GARDENS ROBERT w. PUGH A Flowers for All Occasions We Grow Our Own 509 W. Briclge S+. CY5-7575 MORRISVILLE, PA. PEMCO AND WHITEHEAD Elec+ric Wafer Hea+ers Sales and Service EDWARD R. ROBERTS, JR. Elecfrical Con+racl'or Phone CY 5-7692 224 OSBORNE AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA BRIDGE GRILL Joseph Rech I I Phila. Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. Phone-CY5-3977 Compliments of THE ROBERTSON MANUFACTURING CCDMPANY MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Manufadurers of ceramic wall and floor file, abrasive grinding wheels and segmen'l's. Phones: Day, CY 5-3I96: NigI1+, 557I MIKE'S AUTO SERVICE Tune-Up-lgniiion Specialisi' Mo'I'or Overhaul Wrecker and Towing Service Penna. Official Inspecfion S'I'a. No. 8458 III-I I3 W. BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE. PA. The Friendly Place Io Shop BEATRICE SHOPPE Women's Apparel Phone CY. 5-345I OPEN THURS. AND FRI. EVENINGS I3 E. Bridge S+reeI' Morrisville, Pa NOVAK'S GROCERY STORE I2 Melvin Ave. MORRISVILLE, PENNA. PENN DECORATING COMPANY Decoraiors of Fine China CLARENCE ALDERFER Owner 627 Baker Avenue MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone CY5-5644 ALGERNON s. wAxMAN's CADYALLADER viiifilligfiiffii. 20-28 N. Penna. Ave. MORRISVILLE. PA. CY5-7007 FINE WATCH REPAIRING MORRISVILLE SHOPPING CENTER Morrisville, Pa. CY 5-5069 WILLIAM G. KELLY Real Es+aI'e and insurance 30 Easi Franklin SI'ree+ MORRISVILLE, PA. Phone 3028 SARA'S BEAUTY SALON 449 N. Penna. Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. CY5-9l I9 Phone Morrisville CY5-3286 JOHN J. RESO Fine Waich Repairing JEWELRY - WATCHES - DIAMONDS SOUTH END AUTO PARTS New-Used-Rebuilf 79I-865 W. Bridge S+. SILVERWARE MORRISVILLE, PA. I I E- BFICIQG Phone CYpress 5-3246 Opp. 'I'he Bank Morrisville, Pa. Cypress 53689 CY5-9330 MICHAEL JR. and MARGARET SAYKO MARGIE'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for AII Occasions CAMPBELL'S GULF SERVICE III E. Trenfon Ave. F'T'D'.MEMBER MORRISVILLE, PA. Flowers Wired Anywhere Phone: CY 5-9882 27 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville. Pa. .1252-sz. POTTERY Re1'aiI SaIes a+ Fac+ory Tyburn Road TELEPHONE MORRISVILLE 5829 23 E. Affon Avenue YARDLEY, PENNSYLVANIA Hy-3-3l58 HELEN HULEY DOROTHY LEE FLOWER SHOP MRS. EVA R. BLAKE, Presidenf 60I Edgewood Ave. TRENTON 8, N. J. Phone EX 2-5l I6 YARDLEY PHARMACY Prescrip+ions Drugs LuncheoneH'e FREE DELIVERY YARDLEY HY3-2703 M. . .I ,M Compliments ot KING SUPPLY CO. Morrisville, Pa. l26O on Your Dial WBUD The BIG Station PENN VALLEY CONSTRUCTORS, I Builders -- Designers - Mortgages 20 North Pennsylvania Avenue MORRISVILLE, PA. MORRISVILLE MOTORS Body, Fender and Painting Service Authorized Pennsylvania State Inspection Station Phone CY5-5367 STI LWELL'S Sofi' Drink DisI'ribuIors I25 So. LafayeHe Ave. MORRISVILLE, PENNA. PI1one CYpress 5-3254 PENN DRUGS CY5-9777 R. H. WHITE, B.Sc., Prop. Free Delivery PRESCRIPTIONS TOYS FOUNTAIN DRUGS COSMETICS 8I3 W. Trenfon Ave. THOMAS B. STOCKHAM, INC. REALTORS INSURANCE BROKERS CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS MorrisviIIe Phone CY 5-5234 DELBERT E. PINCKARD SI'eeI FabricaI'ion and Erec'I'ion General WeIding 227 OSBORNE AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA STAG VILLAGE MEN'S SHOP Arrow Shir'Is MORRISVILLE SHOPPING CENTER Phone '-CY5-5590 ACE BEDDING CO FurniI'ure and Bedding 63 N. Pennsylvania Ave. M Ile, Pa. ALBERT RICHMOND MORRISVILLE OIL COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE YORK OIL BURNERS III E. Phila. Ave. Phone CY 5-7083 CompIimen'I's of FACTOR'S STORE CHARLES' BEAUTY SHOP 27 N. Pa. Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. Phone CY5-5784 Complimenis of BLAKELY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Trenfon, N. J. Since I890 HN J. KOTZ JO MORRISVILLE BAKERY A CompIe+e Insurance Service Open Sundays 467 S+ocIrham A MORRISVILLE PA T I ph CY 5 7420 343 W. BRIDGE ST. PHONE CY5-385I Complimenfs Complimenfs of FRCIIEND MOTORS 83+ Vnshesgo dAII TAYLOR'S U' ew 'B S I CAMERA SHOP Morrisville Shopping Cenfer Morrisville, Pa. BOL-D-KAP TIRE COMPANY IOI Washingfon S+. MORRISVILLE, PA. Phone CY5-4 I 26 COUNTRY BOARDING ATED KENNELS - AIR CONDITIONING I INDIVIDUAL OUTSIDE RUNS VETERINARIAN ON PREMISES IATHING - CLIPPING - GROOMING I E an BOXER PUPPIES I GREAT DAN d ILine of Dog Food and Canine Accessories MACKENSEN KENNELS J. Maclcensen Jr.-AKC Licensed Handler I Over 20 Years Experience HY 3-275I READING AV. YARDLEY, PA. DELMOR LANES Aufomafic PinseH'ers Fully Air Condifioned Phone CY5-29I9 Chris X Crafl' WorId's Largesf Builders of Mofor Boafs AUTHORIZED DEALER ROSS MARINE SERVICE I445 Lamberlon Road, P.O. Box 823 Tren+on, New Jersey MOTOR BOATS MARINE ENGINES FRANK P' ROSS BOAT KITS Owner SEA SKIFFS EXPORT 3-2546 BOAT TRAILERS PLYWOOD BOATS Complimenfs of MEENAN OIL CO., INC. LEVITTOWN, PENNA. :se f' .IW CYpress 5-2820 OTT'S, MORRISVI LLE Toys, Gree+ing Cards, S'I'a'I'ionery 69 Morrisville Shopping Cenfer MORRISVILLE. PENNSYLVANIA CYpress 5-3469 Phofo Offsei Le'H'erpress HUNT PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Prinfers HORACE E. HUNT I9-2I Chambers Sfreef MORRISVILLE, PA. Sincere Good Wishes 'Io 'Ihe Class of '60 ADAMS MOBIL SERVICE CENTER W. Trenion Avenue Complimenis of HI HAT DI NER RESTAURANT AND cYs-9255 COCKTAIL LOUNGE The Finesi in Beaufy Care 'For 'I'he Discriminafing Woman WI 6-2022 wi 9-1 l75-6 PHONE CY 5-4947 MELODY MUSIC COMPANY Cen'I'raI Melody 8I6 LeviH'own Shopping Cenrer LEVITTOWN, PENNA. RAYMOND 8: JOSEPH BEAUTY SALON 8I7'WesI' Trenion Ave. Morrisville, Pennsyivania Speciaiisis in Hair Shaping, S+yIing ancI Permaneni' Waving COmP'imen+S AIRTEX PRODUCTS of los-109 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. RUBBER CO., INC. MORRISVILLE, PA. TEXTILE PRODUCTS FOR AIRCRAFT BENHAM'S PAINTS AND WALLPAPER DUPONT - DUTCH BOY PRATT AND LAMBERT - SOLFO We Do ExI'erior and InI'erior Painfing II8 W. BRIDGE ST. CY5-3093 BUTTER EGGS POULTRY LAWRENCE STARKEY Yardley, Pa. Home Phone: CY 5-9I52 S CompIimen'I's of BARBER ROBERT MORRIS SHOP 276 HiIIcresI Avenue TRENTON. N. J. SAM CAPPIELLO, Proprielor HOTEL General EIec+ric Appliances J. P. CUNNINGHAM HARDWARE 522 N. Pennsylvania Avenue MORRISVILLE. PENNSYLVANIA Telephone CY5-74I 3 PHONE CY5-7648 H U NT'S STATION ERY School and Office Supplies I8-20 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. SHOP AND SAVE - af - J, D, Gow wALT'S BARBER SHOP 5c- I0c-SI.00 STORE I9 Easi' Bridge Sf. MORRISVILLE'S LEADING VARIETY STORE CY5-57 I 9 n Daily-9 Io 9 Saiurdays-9 Io 7 I7 E. Bridge SI. Morrisville, Pa. 3 BARBERS WALT - EDDIE LOUIE- An M.H.S. Graduafe MANFRED LEWIS McDEVITT ESSO SERVICE Builder and Coniracfor II5 E. Bridge S+. MORRISVILLE. PA. 264 BARNSLEY AVE. MORRISVILLE. PENNA. CONSUMERS OIL CORPORATION Richfield Products GASOLINE - KEROSENE - MOTOR OIL DOMESTIC AND INDUSTRIAL FUEL OIL Phone EX4-5353 42l JOHN FITCH WAY TRENTON, N. J. SARA ADAMS JANICE ANDERSON JOYCE BOTTOMS DIXIE CARNEY JANET CAUM THE M. G. G. BETSY GRAY CAROL GROH PAT JOHNSON CAROLE KLEMMER ELEANOR KLINGERMAN CAROLE PRESTON AND ACH TUNG! Compliments of GENERAL REFRACTORIES CO. POST ROAD MORRISVILLE, PA. CY 5-5440 WM. WOODWARD JR. Builder and Conlraclor Alferalions and Addilions Free Es+ima'I'es 80 ALTHEA AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA. PRYOR'S PHARMACY I l Bridge S+. and Penna. Ave. I 960 The Slore lhe Doclor Recommends Prescriplions Carefully Compounded PHONE CY5-74 I 6 ik. - A ,, Ai Wwsiwr Q U R "', Ja.. - 'S' ' I b a Q ,V gf A U W 2' 'V CYpress 5-3044 CYpress 5-3850 PISCOPO BROS. "BEAR" FRAME AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT BODY AND FENDER REPAIRING-PAINTING-GLASS Day and NigI1'l' Service, 24 Hour Towing WrigI'1'I' and Hall Avenues Morrisville, Pa. OFFICIAL GARAGE for KEYSTONE INSURANCE ancI MOTOR CLUB OF AMERICA Complimenfs of WARD BAKING COMPANY Bakers of "Tip-Top" Breads and Cakes Compliments of TALONE'S GULF SERVICE Ill W. Bridge S+ MORRISVILLE V 1 v ' v Compliments of VULCANIZED RUBBER AND PLASTICS COMPANY NEW YORK. N Y MORRISVILLE PA Q Best of Luck to the Class of 1960 CLOVERLEAF DAIRY 850 S. PENNA. AVE. See The New I96O ROYAL PORTABLE rr ! X x A um 'X ..... 0 A 'TE:'irifi""" A Budge'r Plan Ren+als PRIOR TYPEWRITER C04 232 EAST STATE ST. TRENTON, N. J FORCE AND STANTON BEER DISTRIBUTORS Free Home Delivery I45 W. Phila. Ave. MORRISVILLE OPEN TILL 7:00 CY-5-3256 SNYDER'S SPORT CENTER I07-I09 Perry SI'ree'I' TRENTON, N. J. School Sweafers - Jaclceis Gym Clofhes PHONE 2-4059 Com plimenfs of SAM'S PLUMBING AND EQUIPMENT INC. SAM PETRYSZAK MAX SMALL-Prop. ow 5-0790 QUALITY DINETTES Cuslom Made DineHe SeI's Complefe Kifchen Renovalors 202 S. BROAD ST. TRENTON, N. J. Complimenls of NEW JERSEY PLUMBING AND APPLIANCE! 2 STORES TO SERVE YOU I 2 S II B d S . I80i NBIIIIIII Olgzn Alve. SIGN SERVICE IIREETONQE- Pum ing upp ies TRENTON- N' J' Healing Supplies General ElecI'ric Appliances CLOVERLEAF DAIRY BAR Please 848 S. Penna. Ave. PGtr0nIze O SVILLE, . e n B' LIICERI GIPS cl our IQQGS ones an un a s Advertlsers in +l1e Delaware Valley Area MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH GOTTFRIED Propriefors .,JW M0 by o-P 0 W' fo N326 if Af I lf In 1 0 51 y i!! k , ,D V f Q , W ' W W3 jig J Fr 1 , ff 1fW f x " l'7ff2..5 ' ff VV ,,w L "" U A 1 ,W A V . . MJ ,M WW W nw MMM WW My 49752 MJ fzw-Affcmi JZ!! Q09 ,W 1 rl! X ' X w Af 4,, v W' 'X' K' ,K X X , I if N I ,V x U ,.,' M A L A ,lf F 'N Q X f y , N , I x X44 P x X A if . . , , X .XX X , I N X E X X v , N Ad K f I 4. 1 1 if :F s W fn T ,E ic M, -MM SUMMER SUPPLEME T E E1 fi 5 N 5 MORRISVILLE HIGH SCH L Morrzswlle, Pemzsylvanm y Q . 95. QQ 34 'sl . s fs M ii: ,gi S, Q QF L A2 H if! . ,525 fit in K ii' f ig .i 42, L- fig 2 24 Suk 'W Ed Jack Carole Prefident Vive Prefidezzl SEL'1'8ld1'j' , A " K ? -l 9 xi' Z 1 il' Q W X Q Q .M N Q gif , . . V sk ff- x Q' s r 5 gg A 4 , X m iw 3 ft 'N S1 Bob Treafurer xxx janet Ron Terri Editor Buxzneu Mazzager Auofiafe Edizor Pref. of Sludenz Counril . ,gzz ? ,,, 1 , .112 'S 39325 - X V A Sara Janice Flossy George jesse Joyce Mel x Helen joe Tony Caroline Dixie 5 joe Bill Bob Marian Arlene Gary Ron Ed Lois Bev Carolyn Gail ...,.. , , Y fg -- . :s . ':!ssgEsv:, ' M - ... I+. .. ? ' ,miif 1 :wi .... .. ., J 1 i x Skip Bob f 3 1 i. " wiki ' K f fs-r fb-539. .1521 M: KK Nw f 5 E Q M , K A , ,Q X i ,S K fs an xy a' Harry Betsy Carol 1 Y w, fffw?J W " 1 A V 53 ' ,.,,,. .... ' ' , ., ' - , 63? Q6 1 N F512 ' M N fi wig r ., N Wifi ' .f ' 'UC , .. V Il., A 2 . ? Rifh Tom - 7 ,ssfar,'fe:f,:2wg5 wr-5, x Betty Lee Nancy Pat Q'- Fbsg, An' :ii Carole Eleanor , 5? ,V ' , 1. w ' V if .ix , ,W I . K 251 .V mm X A xx 55' an , Kent Dot Yolanda Ioe zz?i .mSr vis' 'I' 'zniibfks ' , . 4 i , sl lyy y:-.: . - V .. Wayne Eddie . f fl X Margie Rich Ken ak' Elaine Rich Betty 1 M-.4 John Denny 'K '--' ,K ,ji 0 Q. f?? i'f2Zi' ,Lilley ., :iwegwlg,g54mg:1,,:vi fzi w,-se My ,. , , M., wiki,-'Q-,1,.swiefm.. ses?-,req-I 6' I., ' ' " V "5'Vi?P in k fl S-1 i ,J v. 1525325525 7 mzfsriawgs?g?iW,. -sufmzgli -"- V - lewis, ,eww W- ' - -- - -Ziggy . :M ifigggg 455593 ,V . ir. . , -. . K ,L ,.., QM.. xi.-W., ' , - 7 gg! ,i - i ' V ill . lk- .8 x-...f af"-L - - Wi , - f if A Q, , Lx -W .,:, K 3 L I 1 sw x Chet Rae Jayng Ted Bill gisiigxi wfgeggif ggfxw E 'lfe ipf' ' H, 2 T 5 S fx, gi Q , ' ' mi 4-2::".:9'. 'I 'fi 1.. S r W, ,Q-im, k ww, : Pat Bob Piciure Nol Available A Charlie Chick S 'Nm 1 . ggi. im George Larry si ' 214-xxlszm-:W .. ' Carol jim Picfure Nol Availa ble Walt ' .F 4' , ?, COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Rflffdl .,,,fffff,,f,,,,f,,,,.......f... ...,,,,..,,,,,.,,,, ...................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....Y W a yne McCrane The Flag was lowered by Carole Preston and Robert Taylor Prvfeiiiomzl .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,.,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,. H igh School Orchestra Pomp and Circumstance - Elgar "SIM Spangled Bazzzzef' , ,,,,,.,,,.,,...,.. ...,.....,,,,r..r.,,,,,.,...,.. ..., , .,,,.,.,, A udience Led by Janice Anderson Iflromliwz ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. R e verend Robert E. Lenhard Church of the Incarnation Pmlm 145 ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, C horal Speaking Group Class of 1960 "lVelrome'f , ,,,,....,,,,.. Edwin Neumann President, Class of 1960 Trumpel Solo ,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,.r.i,,.,,,..,,,,,,,r.,...,.,,,.,..,.,,,,..,.,,,, ,,,,,, L eon Okurowski La Virgen de la Macarena- Mendez Eleanor Klingerman - Accompanist Address za Gnzdualizzg Clan .,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,...,,.i .,,,, M i ss Anne Guthrie Lecturer and Traveler Clam Song ,,,,.,, H ,, ,,,,,,,,,, "Salute to '60 ",,, .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, , ,. Class Of 1960 Words and Music written by the Elective Music Class "Farewell" Y,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, S t e V en Shutt Prerenlatiorz of Azmrdf , , . ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.Y,. James E. Wood Assistant High School Principal Presentation of Diplomas ..,i... ,...,,, ,,,,,....,,..f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H H rry H. LCC, Jr- President, Board of School Directors Benedifzign ,,,r,,, ,,,,,........ R everend Robert E. Lenhard Church of the Incarnation "Alma Mawr" ,,,, . .,,,,,.. V,.,,,,,,,,,,,,......,...,Y,Y....VYYYVYYYVYVVYYY,YY C lass of 1960 Led by Janet Caum Rgfejffgngl ,,,,,,A,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, H igh SCl'100l OfChCSfI3 War March of the Priests - Mendelssohn H551 iff M i fy Ha.. .2 if ff 6 1 1 1' fl .M ....,.. .. 1 1 ,E . F I ,1 4 i s 1 ..-f" , , not-aug, All over Morrisville seniors were going to bed early so they could rise next day at the crack of dawn to go to Washington. Some of them may have gone to sleep quickly and dreamed that . . . The morning was foggy. Down by the tracks half of Morrisville was seeing them off. They boarded the train, waving at families or friends and were on their way. When they pulled into Union Station about three hours later, most of them didn't really believe they were there. Everybody walked miles fwell, it seemed like milesj carrying suitcases and other paraphernalia to the buses. They took them down near the Capitol, where UHubba-hubba" shot some pictures. Then they were whisked off to the Roger Smith Hotel, which they ransacked-or-lived in for the next two days. That afternoon they visited the F.B.I. section of the Department of justice, where some of them claimed to recognize friends or relatives among the Ten Most Wanted posters. There, too, they saw an example of firearms marksmanship which tended to support the statement that crime doesnit pay. The Capitol Building, impressive, even though draped in scaffolding and red domed because it was being remodeled, followed. Most of them shook hands with Senator Hugh Scott. Senator joseph Clark happened to be speaking at the time, so they got to hear him, too. Then on to the Supreme Court. Here, they were happy to see benches were available for spectators. Everyone got a good look at the Justices, and at the procedure for hearing cases. I if f ws if ' Pham Thursday started off with a fascinating subject-money, to be more accurate, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. But though they were told the Bureau printed other items than currency, it was the sheets of bills that attracted the most attention. Later, the Washington Monument-some of the more adventuresome types even climbed it. They next had a look at the Smithsonian Institution, or rather, fractions of it, since it would take weeks to see it all. Then they were entertained by the President-sort of. They went through the White House. That evening they saw the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, dignified and awesome buildings dedicated to two patriots. And then they saw "Ben Hur," which most agreed was wonderful, but which caused a few of the more easily "shookU to shudder. The next morning was free and everyone went his separate wayfshopping, sight-seeing, or buying sou- venirs. There were so many plumed hats, it looked like an Indian uprising. Next they boarded the buses for Arlington Cemetery to place a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknowns. Mount Vernon, on the edge of the Potomac, was the last stop. The weather was so springy many of them spent more time on the lawn than in the house itself. The train ride back was characterized by noise, smoke, and high spirits. Dinner in the dining car was a treat, but for the most part everyone was happy for no particular reason. Arriving finally at Morris- ville, they may have stepped from the train to hear a voice calling . . . "Wake up! Today you go to Washington." Make yourself comfortable. "Bet'cha 3 to 1 it won't fire!" 5611- B'-1ff0U O- ThOm21S het and Wayne honor the Tomb of the Un- nowns. "Is the orange juice spiked ?" ua., M.H.s.p "Where'd all the boys g "Who switched the sugar and salt for Mr. Curtin's coffee?" The thinking man n 3 "To Tell the Truth" UYOU are Vefl' ITHPPY-H I SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS Our senior year wasn't all work. These Apictures show the fun of our Class Play, Washington trip, our class parties and picnic. "sun hypnotized 9" "Do you always drink soda like that?" Dig that crazy girl! VARSITY Fiwt row: R. Reso, J. Wiedenhaefer, M. Podoris, A. Schafer, D. Poland, S. Petryszak, D. Gray. Second row: Mr. Lee, C. Wiedenhaefer, D. Kaugher, T. Thorn, J. Dunka, J. Giano, T. Zawatsky. Third row: R. Hart, D. An- derson, D. Lohin, F. Valeriano. V. Straszynski. MORRISVILLE BOYS This year's spring sports season brought with it a good turnout for the track and baseball teams. The baseball team, guided by Coach Lee, ended their league competition in fourth place with five wins and five losses. The fighting spirit and sharp playing of the Bulldogs resulted in many thrilling games. Three of the most exciting were lost in extra innings. Player opinion indicated that the Bensalem Game was the best. The borough batmen won the contest by a score of 8 to 3, Mr. Lee and Mr. Wnuk u Dem-ly Ken, Steve, Lou . VARSITY Fin! row: J. Taylor, P. johnson, T. Clark, W. Frye, C. I-lable, G. Mount, C. Szura, R. Rudloff, T. Sinclair, S. Petryszak, C. Wiedenhaefer, G. Cutchi- neal. Second row: C. Skuse, L. Riley, R. Smith, L. Nay, C. Zucker, B. Stromberg, C. Shull, B. Dreher, L. Okurowski, R. Lenox, T. Zawatsky, L. Rockafellow. Third 1'01l'.' R. Hart, B. Clark, K. Marsh, W. Ellis. ARE O THE MOVE The track team, directed by Coach Thomas, also ended their sea- son in fourth place in the league with four wins and three losses. One of their most successful triumphs of the season came when the trackmen won three out of the five Bethlehem Invitational Trophies. The Bulldogs also won the District One P.I.A.A. Class B Cham- pionship Trophy and placed second in the L.B.C.L. track meet. Lou Nay, Larry Riley and Dick Hart won the right to go to the state finals, and Dick now holds the state shot put record. Over the Top . . . Charlie and Bob Mr. Thomas . . . Coach Ted Sinclair . . . Manager Grab it! . . . Leon and Jack Firrl row fl. lo rj D. Elmer, L. Speechley, S. Erick, S. Patterson, E. Okurowski, M. johnson, C. Marrazzo, C. Cappiello, R. Reso. Second row: Miss Parsons, S. Jerome, C. Dry, M. Haley, B. Anderson, M. Mason, B. Harris P. Lenox, F. Fischer, L. Ossmann, M. Sabo, J. Long, E. Bilheimer. . BATTER UP! Spring of 1960 marked one of the largest turnouts for girls' soft- MISS PARSONS ball. Miss Parsons, through her able coaching, led the girls to a successful season. While softball isn't the most prominent girls' sport at the moment, it is gradually becoming more important with the new, expanding athletic program. The most exciting game of the season, M.H.S. vs. Pennsbury, was played on the Capital View Field. The rivalry between the two schools was at its peak, and the spirit of the M.H.S. girls was at a high. The game ended in a 6-3 VICTORY for the Bulldogs. This combination of enthusiasm and determination can bring new victory. RAE CAROLINE IOR HIGH BASEB LL Firrl rauf, lefz to right: J. Smolinski, D. Krause, T. Straszynski. A Calabro M Codd C Evernham. Second row: Mr. Kelbaugh, D. Mattis, B. Burke, R. Covell D DAgust1n0 S. Arabis, P. Klemmer. Coach James Kelbaugh IOR HIGH TRACK Unfortunately the negative for the junior High Track Team photograph was defective and could not be used. However, the Robert Morris wants to acknowledge the spirited and enthusiastic efforts put forth by the junior track and field men, coached by Andrew Thompson and Frank Zurlo. Listed below are the names of those photographed. B. Fabian J. Firman P. Orazi R. Contorso D. Lenox C. Hays D. White T. Sullivan R. Bennent M. Barker T. Williams T. Skelton D. Krause B. Foulke B. Temple C. Lontz D. Chewning R. Devlin K. Pinto A. Cunningham F. Shull B. D. S. D. T. B. T. D. B. H. O'Brian Hunger Arabis Jackson Byrne Burke Baldwin Holveck jackson Hughes SALUTE T0 '60 Eltlwog Klmssgmg., DWI! Cnwvsr """"45 lquhilboav R99 RESa ' . .. f: S 3555 :5 E , .: :ls 3 Q lbs!! I 3 quiz!! sJ -me ay., .19 sm -+7 wen we-frm wean Plan-snrff mem-o-ny, AND iN OUR hennt ffm Eh wE'H Mil g 0 I . . li I 0 I .zlfll ', !:!l::l:'.i.!.!.:z:g N! 'P .zg ' Q:-fl: z.. ., F-I pines RE- SERVED 4.08 +555 OUR Clnsg may pmrf nun NBf'Efi"1Fff nab -Fmsum my no 'Hum wfyslillu-f w??Q www ML PjB3EEjfj E :Em Ev- EN 1-H,o ourzfrfrhs di- uem' ,dew N593 foe-ad -lime clnys.jL All +56 Jays mm YEARS -fo came 1. .. .IEEE E E Q .Q :..:r: 5' ua No mn+-1-en whmL+6Ey bnnwe.-H115 c!nssJ'H1eseyefm5 +f1Esflv-lflowu hnlfsyws ff?Ff-5650-1? SW! SING!! Qwwwmwv? Il I IYQHY 11 -Y l---25 if S38 ELLSIOW SI EIITI9 HHH KINEIAEI CIEIN fTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" ' 'saffw ,,,,,, N VA P Y . . . . . ..,w.,,'.,, M 57, Hx A V , 5 1 1 'q -"'-rv ff V, J. 'Q X' " fic'-'ffflf f' f 'wiw bl H f f , ,. . . 4 - ,,v.5,.+4L , ,Q21,, ' Q., J., Y H VV H ' 'Fr ' ff-f" "ff5w:." iaJgaA'r!'2 ' .Mgw 'S V FL K N-"1 A -if -f, , .. .. r " 6 Medi- ddwgw, -H., ,11, ,p5,g:, ', H . A, tj Q 1 ,Aw L ,uw A 'Pr 1? 'P . f ' fu ,N -f- I . , ' - L ,- '-'-f "2"',.- -'fift ' '-1 1 4' -'. -A ... Q., , .. -1,--rs Q- 1:.,. , . ,. ., ' ' " . , . , X 4? .3222 ' 'Qxgv . . aff? iq' I , .KP X ' ff . - V . , 'fw N ,gm , , '- -M -mm., I ,N X Q . .. , , H, A ..,.. V , hh ,,, ,, v, M. Q 1 , ' , " 1 x 1

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