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- , J, :fi , ,w"f"-4 -, 7333. br ,in 1,5 :,,i.,2, f,,,.l" Y'7?'7T'F'i'i nf Q ,A . , 1 K! 5 , .A li L2 3 -. 'QQ if if? S., Q il' 'Y ul j 4' M? .4-1, 'vlgwi 1 , ai T51 'yu 5 . , Hg' nah, UVLTL? 11 'If' ' X fili- I K .ik -as , . W 4 . 152 -, 1 :"1w 1 .fi 11-Qj' W Y ,mf 1, i s 1593 I HW' 1 " ' r 4 ,. ,. 1 . 1 v .: 4 1 1 fu.: :" 3 9, f vi. 'J ., T. . , . 1 f. Wm I A . I .14 ,-"5"' -r' " " gp, 1',,:'4i,iE 'f" Yi '- '1:.w Ahw..i.i ' .,. , VJ' -' "'Y" 1" r:f - wr-114'-1, ' a ds Y - -:avg 1:-,,. ., 4 wg-'rf -' 1- f I "P" , . ' ' . .4 7 ff E2 il .L v W k 'E '31 5 gi Q5 if 3 Q 3 3 5 ,W EH 25 A a E Bs 53 172 96 E 13 L? 1-4 '55 . I fi Q si Q. A? 35 550 516 JM if Y -.- HE T Mggzfs Published by the Senior Class of MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHO01 MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA ADELE KOCH-Editor-in-Chief KARIN WITTEKIND4Associat0 Editor MARJORIE KRYSA-Business Manager NED CAUM-Photographic Editor JAMES E. WOODAFaculty Advisor OUR DEDICATION Each year the Senior Class dedicates its yearbook to a special friend. In continuing this tradition the Class of 1955 honors the name of a beloved teacher and advisor-MRS. KATHERINE HASTON. TABLE OF CONTENTS I'UKI:WURD We have had twelve wonderful years and now we face our graduation with the full realization that these have been some of the best years of our life. So that we will never forget our school, teachers and schoolmates we have published this, our yearbook. May you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed producing it. The Class of 1955 Introduction Seniors Classes Sports Activities Informals NIN- A .L Pvsxm In Menzorv of J JUNE CARR Class of 1056 She was always an u nclcrstanding and loyal friend vw.. is 5... Yes- MANOAH R. REITER THEY OPENED THE DOORS OF KNOWLEDGE THE BOARD OF EDUCATION PAUL J. TAYLOR ,,,,,,,,..,,. .,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, President WILLIAM R. ANDERSON . ,.., . ,,,, ,,,, V ice President DR. THEODORE A. HANSEN ,A,,,,,, ,, .,,,,,,, Treasurer WALTER R. TAYLOR ,,,,,,, ,,,, Secretary LEONARD F. FERRY FRANK C. MILLER DR. JOHN R. ,WITTEKIND HARRY H. LEE, JR. MANOAH R. REITER-Superintendent of Schools They provided the teachers, the schools and the equipment to a reality. Without their ever-present help the realization of our would have been impossible. make our education aims and ambitions Front row, left to right: William B. Anderson, Paul J. Taylor, Walter R. Taylor and Dr. Theodore A. Hansen. Back row: Harry H. Lee, Jr., Frank C. Miller, Dr. John R. Wittekind and Leonard F. Ferry. ROBERT MORRIS SCHOOL CAPITOL VIEW SCHOOL SUMMERSEAT N MANOR PARK SCHOOL WILLIAM E. CASE SCHOOL 'QU' x f X ,I 5 . hh . MARGARET A. WATKINS 8 MARVIN LEVITT E. LEONARD CAUM Prinripal A SPECIAL THANKS JEAN M. HOWELL ANNE E. PARSONS JOHN W. SAUIJER SARA F, TURNER FRANK TOROK ESTHER M. HAWKINE I9 OUR JOHN CONTA R KATHERINE HASTON JAMES E. WOOD Assistant Principal DOROTHY A. KELLER ,ff i N ALEXANDER MCDONALD DOROTHY A. GISH GORDON DAVIES ANNE TOWNSEND HELEN BRUNNER 9 JOSEPH V. ZAVARICH -uqq, 5 THOMAS BROWNBACK I0 ROSEMARY CAVANAUGH ROBERT F. MIMM A very special thanks to MELVIN N. BOUBOULIS who resigned from the fac- ulty during our senior year. The hours he spent with us and for us will never be for- gotten. TEACHERS DOROTHY N. JENNESS JOSEPH A. MATINAS HORACE M. HUTCHISOIN . 5 RICHARD C. LEE X W-may ARMOND ADAMS "Armondo" Academic One of the more quiet seniors . . . enjoys chemistry . . . plans to further his education . . . would like to have something to do with electronics . . . always has something funny to say to Mr. Wood in P.D. class . . . faithful guest of detention hall . . . what would happen if he came to school on time . . . is a neat dresser. uEdn EDWARD M. ALLISON A cademic Easy Ed . . . ace quarterback of the Bulldogs . . . has a special love for sports and science . . . takes a great deal of kidding about his interest in the opposite sex . . . what would Eddie do without Hank and Ned and vice versa . . . enjoys eating-especially tomato pies . . . a member of the Cooking Club . . . likes to win in sports . . . has his moods . . . doesn't like English class . . . a real nice guy. ROBERT JOSEPH AMES THE CLASS "Bob" Commercial One of our most determined students . . . when he does something he does it well . . . member of the band and orchestra . . . plays a hot trombone . . . made All-County Band and District Chorus . . . sings tenor in mixed chorus and vesper choir . . . stole the show as Charley's Aunt in the senior play . . . member of the Future Teachers of America . . . hopes to become a teacher of music . . . always drawing pictures of Mrs. Keller on the blackboard . . . drives about town in his boss's station wagon . . . enjoys playing tennis. NANCY SUE BARTRUG "Sue" Academic Takes a lot of kidding from the 12A boys . . . will always be re- membered for her loyalty to the South . . . usually seen with Pete, Edie, and Gail . . . works at the Dairy Bar . . . plays a mean game of hockey and basketball . . . has a wonderful wardrobe . . . should succeed in whatever she undertakes . . . will be remembered for her little peke, "Oochie" . . . assistant photography editor in the Year- book Club. BARBARA J. BROWN "Bobbie" General One of the four girls in the general class . . . always has a friendly "hi" for everyone . . . likes to eat tomato pies and potato chips . . . works in the art room with Margie Ruth . . . very quiet in school . . . has a nice smile . . . sings in mixed chorus and girls' chorus . . . a cute brunette . . . loves to dance. FRANK ALFRED CARUSO "Goldie" Commercial Can usually be found in front of "the" store or in a light blue convertible . . . hangs around with Gus, Lank, and Harv . . . is one of our hard working football players . . . always in good spirits . . . one of the shortest members of the class . . . a loyal resident of Manor Park . . . keeps the girls guessing . . . his favorite pastime is working in "the" store . . . plans for college after graduation . . . oh! that leg! OF 1955 "Ned" Academic Plays center for our fighting Bulldogs . . . gave a convincing per- formance as Col. Sir Francis Chesney in "Charley's Aunt" . . . likes girls, money and food . . . usually has a witty remark in Mr. Wood's class . . . never seen without Hank or Ed . , . always being called to the office for something or other, usually to deliver mail . . . works in the darkroom . . . made the yearbook complete as photography editor . . . seems to like writing letters . . . plans to go to college. PAUL CHAPMAN "Chappie" General Returned to our class after a short stay in the Navy . . . our varsity football punter . . . played varsity basketball in his junior year . . . rides around in a green "Chevie" . . . one of our best dancers . . . never in school during hunting season . . . always being kidded about his "blackout" . . . has a neat appearance . . . won't forget last year's New York trip . . . loves to tease the girls . . . and they don't seem to mind. DENNIS P. CLARK "Den" General One of the 12C gang . . . interests lie in thesophomore class . . . never in school during hunting season . . . the 12C class wouldn't be complete without him . . . likes to give the teachers a hard time . . . if you are looking for him after school, he's probably working on a car . . . would love to have his own . . . is popular with everyone. CHARLES CLAWGES 'LCharlie" General One of the better looking seniors . . . has worked hard in the print shop . . . always called out of classes to work for Mr. Sauder . . . spends most of his time at the Dairy Bar or the Esso Station . . . a regular fan at all our football games . . . enjoys dancing at the canteen . . . likes to go trapping or hunting if the weather isn't too cold . . . usually seen with Ray or Ronnie . . . did a lot of work with the 12C boys on the stage. THE CLASS HENRY W. Coon "Hank" Academic One of the "mob" . . . helps keep the class laughing . . . travels with Ned and Eddie . . . hails from Chicago . . . helps brighten up our dull classes . . . plays tackle on the varsity eleven . . . never has his English homework done . . . really a nice guy . . . seen evenings with a certain junior . . . hates to lose a game . . . is the smallest tackle in the league and proud of it . . . Hank and Ed are firm supporters of the Cooking Club . . . likes to eat anytime, anywhere, anyplace. SUSAN B. CONNOR "Sue" Commercial One of our peppy cheerleaders . . . has been Student Council treasurer for the past two years . . . always seen with Janice or Karin . . . works at Martyn Motors . . . has a nice wardrobe . . . hails from Pittsburgh, Pa .... ambition is to be a legal secretary . . . in mixed chorus for three years . . . Chairman of the Canteen Com- mittee . . . was president of C.Y.O. Club . . . did a terrific job as Amy in the senior play-. . . would make a swell model. J oAN F. COWELL "Jeanie" Commercial .loanie can always he found with Clara, Dottie, and Delores . . . sticks up for her rights . . . faithful member of the M.H.S. band . . . her favorite subject is transcription . . . her ambition is to be a private Secretary . . . always giving Mr. Wood a hard time in P.D. with her side of the argument . . . has a nice smile for everyone . . . gives her sister a hard time . . . had a good time at the football banquet. THELMA G. COWELL "Thelm" Commercial One of the tallest girls in the senior class . . . works after school in Stacy's 5 Sr 10 . . . likes having a coke at Pryor's Drug Store with the gang . . . just crazy about Carl's tomato pies . . . a member of Student Council . . . always willing to make her art talent useful for the school's activities . . . ambition is to be a missionary . . . a color guard in her senior year . . . one of the few to stay in short- hand class . . . has a nice smile for everyone . . . helps to keep the library in order. OF 1955 EDITH M. DUEMAN "Edie" Commercial Edie loves to drive her black "Chevy" with Sue and Gail . . . is one of the faithful members of the shorthand class . . . has hopes of being a secretary when she graduates . . . her favorite pastime is eating . . . she came to us from Germany . . . always ready to give advice . . . did a swell job as Ela in the senior play . . . is a neat dresser . . . and oh, those eyes! . . . plays right inner on our hockey team . . . one of our shortest gals. HARVEY M. FACTOR "HarVeyl, Commercial Always cutting up in 12C with Joe, Gus and Goldie . . . keeps us laughing . . . usually out of class to get the mike ready . . . likes teasing the girls and has a nickname for them all . . . always talks about the parties he went to the night before . . . his special interests are girls and cars . . . plays basketball for the ,ICC's in Trenton . . . his hobby is collecting girls' telephone numbers . . . "Hey, Harv, what does A.Z.A. stand for?" . . . quite the dancer. RAYMOND FICAROTTA "Karyn General Likes to have fun with the 12C boys . . . enjoys all kinds of sports . . . is a whiz on the basketball court . . . in the spring he plays baseball for M.H.S .... enjoys his brother's Pontiac . . . always dreaming of a way to get out of class . . . never seen without Clawges or Hensor . . . no one knows just where his interest in the opposite sex lies . . . just love his smile . . . is a smooth dancer. NANCY FOSTER "Nan" General Always willing to lend a helping hand . . . travels with Topper and Aggie, eating her favorite food-steak . . . plays a good game of hockey as fullback . . . likes to roller skate . . . one of the four girls in the general class . . . doesn't have any definite plans after graduation . . . is in mixed chorus and girls' chorus. THE CLASS JACQUELINE F. FREDERICKS "Jackie" Academic Our happily engaged senior . . . enjoys reading a good book in her spare time . . . very active in all musical activities . . . played the flute in the Bucks County Band . . . always giggling and teasing . . . wants to take a business course after graduation . . . a brown-eyed blonde . . . likes ,to spend her summers at the shore . . . "Does anyone have a pencil I can borrow?" . . . another woman driver. DEBORAH M. CABLE "Debbie" Academic Has been a faithful member of the hand since seventh grade . . . sings alto in mixed chorus and girls' chorus . . . president of F.T.A. . . . her best friends are Gwen, Thelma, Jackie, and Betty . . . Debbie plans to be a school teacher after graduation from college . . . we all like her cute giggle and sense of humor . . . we will always remember her birthday parties and the treasure hunts . . . holds up the clarinet section in both band and orchestra . . . every- one's envious of her wavy, brown hair. CHARLES E. GARMAN "Gus" Commercial One of the tallest members of the class . . . has been class president in our junior and senior years . . . won by a landslide this year . . . did a swell job as Jack in the senior play . . . his main interest is a certain underclassman . . . is a swell basketball and baseball player . . . can usually be found on the bridge or in a light blue Plymouth . . . has no plans for after graduation . . . is very popular with everyone . . . a friendly member of our class. EILEEN F. GLYNN "Nec-n" Commercial Always handy with a joke . . . can make the dullest classes seem lively . . . really keeps the class laughing . . . very active in all musical activities . . . has a wonderful singing voice . . . stole the show in last year's operetta . . . always having a lot of fun . . . has beautiful eyes . . . a very neat dresser . . . is captain of the color guards . . . would like to get into the entertainment world after graduation. or 1955 GEORGE E. GREENWOOD "Greenie" General One of the ends on our Bulldog' eleven . . . always using some excuse to get out of class to work in the shop . . . drives a '47 Ford convertible . . . likes to watch hot rod and stock car racing . . . plays a cool game of basketball . . . seems to enjoy the teasing he gets from the girls . . . another good looking male . . . can usually be seen with the rest of 12C . . . hopes to join the Air Force or work in the Steel Mill after graduation. DONALD W. HABEL "Don" Academic Plays a terrific game as center in basketball . . . ace pitcher for the school and the Kiwanis Club . . . our own "Harry James" . . . plays a cool trumpet . . . one of the better looking seniors . . . ambition is to play professional baseball . . . enjoyed the New York trip . . . our vice president . . . only has eyes for one senior girl . . . has been in the class since the first grade . . , hasn't made up his mind on what to do after graduation, but we have a pretty good idea GWENYLEN R. HADLEY "Gwen" Commercial Always seen with Joyce, Thelma, Rose, Mary and Debbie . . . favorite word is "definitely" . . . can usually be found in Pryor's getting a soda with Thelma . . . loves tomato pies . . . her interests lie outside of school . . . enjoyed marching with the band as a substitute color guard . . . does a good job of yelling in the cheering section at football games . . , is a friend to everyone . . . was one of the few who stayed in the shorthand class . . . does a good job helping Mrs. Jenness in the library. LEWIS T. HART ssl-lewsu Academic One of our football and track stars . . . has been on both varsity squads for the past three years . . . usually seen with Pesce and Chappie . . . here comes Lew in that '54 "Chevie" . . . takes a lot of teasing about his haircut . . . spends most of his time at Goldie's store with the rest of the gang . . . what would Lew do without food! . . . just loves to sleep . . . might go to college on a football scholarship. KARLENE RAE HARTEL "Karr" THE CLASS Our honor soloist . . . very active in all musical activities . . . has had the lead in the operettas ever since we can remember . . . played Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez in the senior play . . . has sung in district and county choruses . . . usually seen in the library . . . plans to continue her education in music . . . plays the glockenspiel in the band . . . likes to play intramural sports . . . one of our few real blondes. GEORGE HEATH "Cham" Academic What would the senior class do without Chazz . . . when Don, Boop, Carl, and Chazz get together, watch out . . . during basketball season, you'll always find him on the court . . . a really good basketball player . . . dances every Sadie Hawkins at canteen . . . has a witty remark for anybody . . . what a laugh! . . . what would Chazz do without his glasses . . . makes up his own jokes . . . never seems to be in a hurry. RONALD D. HENSOR "Ronnie" General Never seen without Chappy . . . is a terrific bowler and all his leisure time is spent bowling . . . Coach Davies dubbed him "puff- nick" in his sophomore year . . . always 15 minutes late for school be- cause of his paper route . . . will laugh at anything . . . varsity catcher for three years . . . always enjoys the canteen. SHIRLEY ANN HILLMAN "Shirl" Academic Works at Clover Leaf . . . always smiling . . . will never forget that week at the shore . . . keeps her interest in the boys a secret . . . a neat dresser . . . always a lot of fun . . . would like to be a nurse . . . usually seen with Marge and Gail . . . "Hey, Shirl, got any gum?" . . . a hard worker for the class . . . co-circulation editor of the yearbook . . . never has to worry about her hair when it rains. OF 1955 CARL J. HUGHES "Shake" Academic Carl is one of the quieter members of the class . . . takes teasing with a smile . . . spends a lot of time working on his '41 Plymouth, "Old Shake" . . . attended all the football games . . . likes to hunt and fish during school hours . . . drives a truck for Hughes's Fruit Market-no relation . . . hopes to further his education . . . travels with Boop, Chazz and Don. JOAN L. JOHNSON "Joan" Commercial Joan is one of the light haired members of our class . . . has been going with Cyndy and Eileen for quite sometime . . . loves to ride in Cyndy's red Ford . . . .loan can't help singing . . . has a good voice . . . has been in every singing chorus in M.H.S .... is quiet in school, but not when she gets out . . . another one of our color guards . . . always has a group of girls visiting her home. 'alta at 5 Q M V ROSEMARIE KINCEL s4H0neyss Commercial Loves to drink cokes with Mary, Gwen, Joyce and Debbie . . . during hockey practice a hockey stick replaces her coke . . . she'll change street clothes for a Wave uniform when school is out . . . really enjoys the football games, especially when the Bulldogs are on top . . . intramural sports are her favorite . . . mixed chorus is also among her activities . . . always busy, and we certainly wish her luck. ADELE C. KOCH uDe1v1 Commercial Came to M.H.S. during our sophomore year from Pittsburgh . . . the da Vinci of our class . . . always does a terrific job of cheer- leading . . . takes a lot of kidding from the 12-C boys . . . worked hard as editor-in-chief of the yearbook . . . has a good sense of humor . . . Aclele's usually seen with Mariann, Lil, and the twins . . . she'll never forget those times at the shore . . . ambition is to be an illustrator . . . what an appetite!! . . . always ready to listen to the serious side of life . . . designed the Sesqui-Centennial Shaving and Cosmetic Permits. THE CLASS CATHERINE A. KOREYVA "Bobbie" Commercial Bobbie came to us from Cathedral High . . . is one of the Manor Park girls . . . usually seen with Dottie and Gail . . . "I'll Get By" will always be Bobbie's theme as long as she is now . . . can always be found . . . her big, brown eyes are the envy lie out of school . . . always enjoys a with real cute dimples. she stays as happy-go-lucky as behind the counter at Talone's of everyone . . . main interests good joke . . . a real cute gal MARJORIE A. KRYSA "Margie" Academic One of the most popular girls in the class . . . she certainly enjoyed the New York trip! . . . did a good job as business manager for the last two years . . . always willing to help in any way . . . is co-captain of the hockey team . . . plays a good game of basketball . . . student director of the senior play . . . best friends are Marian, Sue, Lillian, and Betty . . . seems to be enjoying life . . . one of our really versatile seniors . . . puts time in at Kresge's. BETTY J EAN LAVERICK "Betty" -1 Academic Came to M.H.S. in her senior year from Clairton, Pa .... our sports editor of the yearbook . . . usually seen in the halls with Debbie and Jackie . . . plays a mean game of basketball . . . enjoys bowling in her spare time . . . well liked by all . . . one of the quieter members of the class . . . the only girl in trig class . . . allergic to studying . . . finds chemistry very confusing. GEORGE A. LEMING "Lem" General One of the more quiet members of the class . . . always has his shop reports done before anyone else . . . helps to keep Goldbergs' running smoothly . . . will always give anyone a ride in his '46 Mercury . . . George is interested in helicopter flying . . . always ready to give a helping hand . . . keeps us guessing where girls are concerned . . . his favorite subjects are shop and science . . . hopes to fly his own helicopter. OF 1955i THoMAs G. LENox "Tom" Academic One of the brains of the class . . . has little time for sports but has gained recognition in model aviation by winning many prizes . . . held the national hand launch glider record for a while . . . worked at the Acme in his senior year . . . has an interest in cars and plans to be a mechanical engineer . . . Tom plays a hot trombone in the band and orchestra . . . pals around with Dick, Bob, Wick and Bill. DOLORES LoncE "Dee" General Always ready for a laugh . . . keeps Miss Cavanaugh going in gym class . . . what would the 12C boys do without Dee? . . . she takes a lot of teasing from her classmates but never gets angry . . . usually seen with .loanie . . . keeps the boys guessing . . . has no special plans after graduation . . . special interests lie outside of school . . . possesses beautiful blue eyes . . . Dee can usually out talk anyone . . . never without a smile. PATRICIA H. MALMSBURY "Pat" Commercial Has been in the Bucks County Choruscs for the last three years . . . has a cute giggle . . . enjoys singing . . . has appeared on many TV shows with her sisters . . . is active in all musical activities . . . seemed to enjoy being Kitty in the senior play . . . made a pretty attendant in the anniversary last year . . . never gets to business law class . . . had the best time of her life on our New York trip . . . has singing plans after graduation . . . the girl with the hour- glass figure. LILLIAN MARTIN "Tiger Lil" Commercial Our blondie . . . always seen driving that Dodge . . . special interest is boys and usually has a date . . . loved eating at the Dairy Bar or Talones . . . best friends are Betty, Margie, Sue and Adele . . . hobbies are dancing and hot rodding with the gang . . . member of the band . . . had a nifty time at the shore last summer . . . always ready for a good time . . . never misses the canteen . . . plans to join the Waves after graduation. THE CLASS DOROTHY E. MATTIS "Dottie" Commercial One of the more talkative members of the class . . . always ready for a good laugh . . . usually seen with Bobbie or Gail Neuman . . . her ambition is to be a secretary . . . loves to dance and eat . . . interest lies out of school . . . keeps up on the latest movies . . . never in a bad mood . . . can always be found cheering at football and basketball games . . . depends on .loanie to get to school on time in the moming. CLARA A. MAURER "Clar" Commercial Clara is the only girl in the senior class with red hair and is the envy of everyone . . . is a faithful employee of Woolworth's . . . prefers M.H.S. to Neshaminy . . . can usually be found at .Ioan's . . . had quite a time at the shore . . . our "Sunrise Kid' . . . Mrs. Jenness can always depend on her . . . is one of our color guards . . . did a good job helping with the yearbook . . . has no plans for after graduation. RAYMOND H. MAYER "Ray" GCYICFUI Came to us in our junior year from West Hazelton, Pa .... one of the taller members of the class . . . shy and bashful when it comes to girls . . . quiet and studious in class . . . another member of the 12C gang . . . keeps his interests to himself . . . takes a lot of teasing . . . has a complicated schedule . . . is a member of the 12A homeroom, but has his classes with 12C . . . can take kidding as well as hand it out. ROBERT MICHEL "Bones" General Never seen around school during hunting season . . . likes to fish and hunt . . . his hobbies include pigeon racing . . . does he hate to get up to go to school! . . . faithful member of the canteen . . . a good dancer . . . always ready with a witty remark . . . would like very much to be a veterinarian . . . hangs around with Charlie and Ray . . . can't wait 'til graduation . . . enjoys having a good time and usually does. OF 1955 JANICE M. Moons "Janice" Commercial What would Talone's do without her . . . plays left inner in hockey . . . has been varsity cheerleader for three years . . . did a good job as secretary to the cheerleaders . . . plans to study fashion designing . . . designs some of her clothes . . . drives a '51 Buick . . . has beautiful, blond, wavy hair . . . made a pretty attendant in last year's anniversary celebration . . . interest seems to be Navy blue . . . our class vegetarian-hardly ever eats meat. ERWIN MOSLEY "Butch" General One of the nicest looking seniors . . . sports a nifty crew cut . . . came to M.H.S. in his sophomore year from Trenton High . . . has fitted in nicely with the kids . . . usually the life of the party . . . can be seen riding around in his brother's Mercury . . . likes to hunt and swim . . . pals are from both 12C and 12A but Jim and Denny are his favorites . . . likes to work in the shop . . . hasn't any definite plans for the future. CYNTHIA DIANNE NORTH ucyndyn Commercial One of our best dressed girls . . . never wears the same outfit twice . . . loves to drive her brother's red Ford with Eileen and Joan . . . has kept Cloverleaf Dairy going for three years . . . Cyndy made a wonderful queen for our 150th anniversary . . . didn't want to give up the beautiful Pontiac convertible she had for that week . . . has a cute laugh and uses it to good advantage . . . co-captain of the hockey team. RUSSELL OAKES LsRusSvy Academic The reserved type . . . his name always seems to be on the absentee list even when he's in school . . . rides around town in his black Mercury . . . you can always hear him coming . . . never refuses anyone a ride . . . interest lies in the junior class . . . one of Joe Davis' gang . . . helps support the canteen . . . rarely seen without Roger Kehoe or Charlie Clawges . . . likes to ice skate . . . an all-around guy. JOSEPH L. PACITTO uLankn THE CLASS An active baseball and basketball player . . . usually seen at "Goldie's" with the Manor Park kids . . . is a faithful member of the canteen . . . did a wonderful job as Charley in the senior play . . . always cutting up with Harvey and Gus . . . one of the few men in 12C . . . one of the taller members of our class . . . oh, that dark, wavy hair! Gan. PAxsoN sspaxn Commercial One of the cutest girls in the senior class . . . ambition is to become a successful secretary . . . a lot of fun . . . usually Seen with Edie, Betty, and Sue . . . loves to ride in Edie's "Chevie" . . . keeps the Ranch Room in business . . . favorite pastime is visiting the Cloverleaf Dairy for breakfast . . . likes to sing and is a member of the senior high quartet, mixed chorus and vesper choir . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . . . a swell dancer. FRANK Pasca "Rock" General Captain of our fighting eleven . . . one of the most versatile athletes . . . excels in basketball, football, and baseball . . . able president of the Student Council . . . has an eye for all girls but concentrates on one certain senior . . . regular member of the canteen and a good dancer . . . hasn't quite made up his mind what to do after graduation . . . always has something nice to say about everyone . . . enjoys a good time. MARIAN C. PETERSON "Pete" Commercial "Pete" came to us in her junior year from Pittsburgh . . . made a big hit with everyone . . . usually seen cutting up with Sue and Midge . . . always ready for a good time . . . loves to drive that cool Lincoln . . . a good swimmer . . . will be remembered for her one-handed shots in basketball . . . loves to eat tomato pies . . . always getting called on first in P.D. class . . . interest lies outside of school . . . what would happen if Pete got a job? . . . scored the winning goal in the Bristol game. OF 1955 J OHN F. PH1LLiPs "Wa-hoo" General Has a variety of nicknames . . . enjoys telling about his good times . . . keeps everybody laughing . . . what would happen if "Batch" came to school when it rained? . . . is a good dancer and a faithful member of the canteen . . . we never saw a guy with so many relatives . . . usually with the Phillips gang on Saturday nights . . . ask him to tell about football cam d h h p an ow e got his nickname . . . would like to become a crane operator. Anvil: L. POWELL UBQ1-,e" General Our only four letter man . . . interested in all sports . . . Babe runs like lightning . . . always ready for fun and never without a smile . . . enjoys riding in his black Ford . . . one of the most popular fellows in the senior class . . . made the all'county football team . . . placed second in scoring in the Lower Bucks football league . . . a ladies man . . . a neat dresser. SHIRLEY A. RILEY "Shirl" Commercial Shirley dislikes homework of any kind . . . usually seen with Delores . . . always has a full house . . . a loyal majorette . . . one of the quiet members of the class until she gets outside of school . . . enjoys a good time . . . had a swell time at the shore . . . her favorite pastimes are eating candy and talking on the phone . . . hasn't made up her mind what she'll do after graduation. WILLIAM F. ROGERS "Bill" Academic Interested in airplanes . . . obtained a flying license in his junior year . . . ambition is to become an airline pilot . . .anybody wanting an airplane ride call Morrisville 5772-ask for Bill . . . worked two years at the ACME . . . likes to swim . . . travels with Tom, Dick, Wick and Bob . . . plays a cool cornet in the band . . . likes a certain alumnus . . . speeds around on a motorscooter . . . always kidding his classmates. MARY C. Rosso THE CLASS "Mary" Commercial One of our shortest seniors . . . usually seen with Thelma, Joyce, Rose and Gwen . . . has a friendly "hi" for everyone . . . sticks up for her rights . . . has been with our class from the beginning . . . likes to drive and hopes to get her license soon . . . always has plenty of gum . . . plans to go to comptometer school after graduation. J AMES ROBERT RUDLOFF "Jim" General Our mechanic . . . always working on his '46 Ford . . . likes to change the color of his car . . . came to us from Ohio in our sophomore year . . . .lim has many moods . . . his favorite subjects are P.E. and shop . . . goes around with Dan and "Butch" . . . ambition is to be a mechanic after graduation . . . enjoys roller skating . . . oh, those dimples! . . . hopes to join the Air Force after graduation. MARGARET A. RUTH "Margie" General Always ready for a good time and a laugh . . . loves tomato pies . . . travels with Barbara and Nancy . . . likes to play badminton . . . teaches Sunday School . , . never gives any of the teachers a bit of trouble . . . Margaret enjoys sewing . . . she hasn't decided what she will do after graduation . . . an active member of mixed chorus and girls' chorus. JOSEPH C. SAVAGE, JR. 'LMert" General Hard-working member of the varsity eleven . . . rides around in his little, red "fire engine" . . . likes both football and track . . . will always be remembered for his 88-yard run for a touchdown in the Bristol game . . . is a good worker in the shop . . . will do anything for anyone . . . always combing his hair . . . everyone calls on Mert if they want something done . . . worked hard for our junior prom . . . ambition is to become a construction engineer. OF 1955 JOYCE I. SAXTON "Joyce" Commercial Joyce is one of the more- quiet members of the senior class . . . her main interests lie out of school . . . one of M.H.S. majorettes and a good one too . . . one of the few that stayed in shorthand class . . . can usually be found -wherever Thelma or Gwen are . . . has been singing in mixed and girls' chorus since tenth grade . . . always has a nice smile for everyone . . . her ambition is to be a private secretary. CHARLES TAYLOR "Chuck" Came back to school to graduate with our class . . . served in Korea . . . a smooth dancer . . . interest lies outside-of M.H.S. . . . the only male blond in the class of '55 . . . likes to have a good time . . . never without a smile . . . usually seen in the library . . . works hard in all he attempts to do . . . well liked by'all who know him. General DELoREs A. TERRY "Dee" Commercial Always laughing . . . never a dull moment when Delores is around . . . usually seen with Shirley . . . will never forget that summer at the shore . . . always talking . . . likes to argue in P.D. class . . . loves to dance and is a regular member of the canteen . . . worked hard on the yearbook staff . . . takes a special interest in boys . . . especially one,. . . was a color guard for M.H.S. this year . . . has a lot of school spirit . . . doesn't have any definite plans for after graduation. FRANCIS C. TERRY "Fran" General Another member of our varsity football team . . . will be remembered for some great catches he made playing end . . . usually seen at the bowling alley . . . loves to pick on his sister . . . does anybody know why Frannie goes to the Ranch Room? . . . loyal fan of the Phillies . . . played varsity baseball for three years . . . oh, that brown wavy hair! . . . may be seen at the canteen every Saturday night . . . ambition is to be a carpenter. THOMAS WARREN THATCHER II THE CLASS "Boop" Academic Never a dull moment with Boop around . . . usually seen with Don and Chazz . . . likes to travel, especially to Detroit . . . takes an interest in all sports, particularly baseball . . . a P.F.C. in the Marine Reserves . . . nobody knows where he got his nickname . . . when you see Boop you usually see Westy, his dog . . . a ping-pong champion . . . takes a lot of teasing and usually gives out twice as much. llJ 07? JOANNE WAY Commercial Came to us in her junior year from Cary, Indiana . . . never seems to have a hair out of place . . . art editor of our yearbook . . . a real cutie . . . has a sweet personality . . . would like to return to Indiana and study to be a secretary . . . always showing those dimples . . . a neat dresser . . . quiet until you get to know her . . . has a mixed schedule . . . blushes easily . . . likes to ice-skate and ride horseback. RICHARD M. WEED "Dick" Academic Did a good job as Mr. Spettigue in the senior play . . . enjoys a good argument with Mr. Matinas . . . plans to become an engineer . . . always seen with Bill, Tom, Wick and Bob . . . Dick helps keep the ACME running . . . a whiz at math . . . likes tennis, golf, bowling, and swimming . . . came to M.H.S. in his sophomore year . . . member of the canteen. WALTER H. WICKHAM "Wick" Commercial An active member of Student Council . . . was lucky enough to be chosen to go to Abington to represent the school . . . hangs out with Bob, Dick, Tom and Bill . . . regular member of the canteen and a good dancer . . . keeps the ACME running . . . just can't wait to go to transcription class each day . . . loves to drive his green Nash . . . his pet peeve is Bermuda shorts . . . really eats those tomato pies . . . has college plans for after graduation. OF 1955 DANIEL WIENCKOSKI "Dan" General Came to us in his junior year from Wilkes-Barre . . . usually seen with Butch, Denny and Jimmy . . . has an interest in one of our cute, senior girls . . . played guard in football in his senior year . . . raises dust when he digs out in that black "Olds" . . . makes a wonderful pizza . . . enjoys the canteen . . . talks about going into the Navy after graduation. GAII. PATRICIA WITTEKIND "Gail" Academic One of our peppy cheerleaders . . . able treasurer of our senior class and secretary of the Student Council . . . one of the twins . . . works part time at Burn's Pharmacy . . . a striving art student and hopes to continue her education after high school . . . swell sense of humor . . . usually seen with Doris, Adele, or Mariann . . . excels in basketball and swimming . . . wants to make that trip to Hawaii . . . loves Buicks . . . the gal everyone likes . . . oh, that curly hair! . . one of the queen's attendants during the celebration. ,x its tx" KARIN L. WITTEKIND "Wick" Academic Captain of our cheerleaders . . . the other twin . . . ambition is to travel and hopes to visit France . . . takes pleasure in her squabbles with Gail . . . does a good job as left wing on the varsity hockey team . . . worked hard as associate editor of our yearbook . . . was waitress in the Ranch Room . . . doesn't dig those shift cars . . . late every day for Mr. Wood's class . . . plans to study merchandising after graduation. GARY WORRELL "Car" Academic Likes to sleep . . . started at Morrisville, moved to Bristol, then came right back to M.H.S .... has a nifty Ford convertible . . . usually seen with Ronnie and Charley . . . belongs to the Cooking Club . . . part time help at Campbell's gas station . . . hunts and traps in fall and winter . . . usually seen in the study hall or delivering the school microphone . . . supporter of all class activities . . . will make a good automobile mechanic. THE CLASS OF 1955 BETTY A. YOUNT "Bet" Commercial Always cuttin' up-that's our Betty . . . get's all the "A's" in 12-C . . . ambition is to become a private secretary in a large company . . . we know she'll succeed . . . still driving that '52 Ford . . . stayed with transcription . . . oh, those dark eyes! . . . likes to be with the gang-usually Midge, Gail, Lil and Sue . . . always goes to the Dairy Bar or Talone's for a bite to eat . . . w0n't forget the times at the shore or the people she met there . . . always a lot of fun. CLASS OFFICERS CHARLES CARMAN t.......iVtt,t.........vVt..........tVVVtt.. President DONALD HABEL ,,,,,, c,... V ice President GAIL PAXSON .........,, ....VVtAVttt S ecrelary GAIL WITTEKIND ....... .,.....V.,.,....... T reasurer MARJORIE KRYSA ,,,,.. ..,,,,, B usiness Manager L ? S X i j X Q S S XE E Y x wi X .sk X 4.3, :N k Gb if Eff A , ' e Q. M 'ep if? ,Di g ,. V s:.., . w w I f 'f E- A w X - 1 ' 1 -- L X . ,SSH -.gssf .vw -wa , , wr X, X x .A Q-fiijw v A43 Mx: wf Y 2 s ji- ' A Nu 1 Q-ay? 0 President ...........,..,.. .......... ROBERT BREWER Vice President ,.,,,,.,,,, -.. RALPH DEMECH Business Manager .,,..... ....... D ORIS ROHNER Secretary ..............,...... ...... Treasurer ......,,...... BARBARA LANE .........,.. PEGGY LEE Will never forget their New York trip . . . always good for a laugh in English class . . . most of the class are licensed drivers . . . could tell quite a story on what happened to the Christmas candy samples. ll-A MRS. KELLER 11-A-First row, left to right: S. Foster, S. Sultzback, J. Leming, L. Shaner, L. Cutchineal, V Ray Second row: J. Solt, E. Geanette, D. Rohner, J. Lyons, J. Schell, M. Novak, D. Champagne B Loss. Third row: R. Brewer, P. Crooks, J. Allshouse, B. Harris, M. Demech. President ,...,,,..,,,,.,.,, ,,,,. R OBERT BREWER Vice President ,........ ......,.. R ALPH DEMECH Business Manager S eeretary- -1 .,.....,........, ,,,..,... Treasurer ..,......, ,. ..,,... DORIS ROHNER BARBARA LANE PEGGY LEE ll-C Did a wonderful job getting the report cards out each marking period . . . can't wait until they take the seniors' place in the office . . . always doing a last minute rush job on their typing assignments. MR. BROWNBACK 11-C-First row, left to right: D. Felsburg, S. Coulton, P. Riley, M. Titus, C. M8lmSbUfY, J. Weaver, J. Carr. Second row: B. Lane, J. Middleton, P. Jerome, J. Krogulski, P. Greenlee, L. Lovett, P. Lee, E. Foster, N. Lee, P. Lippincott, N. Slack. Third row: D. Sinclair, C. Malms- bury, D. Becket, D. Kane, N. McCrane, D. Smith, A. Houston, C. Hughes, W. Zerrenner, R. Houser. President ......,..,,.,.. ..,.,,,, Vice President .....,.... ROBERT BREWER RALPH DEMECH Business Manager .,.,.,,, ,,,,,,,,, D ORIS HOHNER Secretary ................ ........ B ARBARA LANE Treasurer .,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,, P EGGY LEE Famous for its many class "comedians" . . . most of the group are varsity athletes . . . known as Andy Gropp's boys . . . famous for their regular attendance in detention hall . . . never a dull mo- IIICIIL MR. TOROK 11-G-First row, left to right: A. Stout, T. Rose, P. Johnson, A. Miller, D. Brelsford, W. Bresley, R. Emmons. Second row: F. Doan, T. Phillips, M. Cappiello, R. Demech, J. Clawges, J. Rigby. Third row: J. Slotterbeck, K. Roberts, J. Brewer, E. Nemeth, C. Fordham. 33 President ..,..,,Y,,A...,.. .,w.....,... U UN r ri 1 L 1 0 A Vice President ,,,,..... ,.,.,,....,. L EE ROGERS - Secretary .,.....,.,,,,, ,........ R ONNIE EMILIE Treasurer ...,,,e,.. .....,,, J OY SKELTON Proud of its two senior cheerleaders . . . look for- ward all week to their study period in the library . . . took part in all sports . . . had a tough time de- ciding where to go on their class trip. MR. HUTCHISON 10-A-First row, left to right: M. Kane, K. Haston, A. Shipman, J. Chapman, J. Adams, B. Burns, C. Clark, M. Miller, J. Skelton. Second row: R. Bunting, L. Rogers, J. Taylor, K. Meiners, M. Phillips, W. Dreishach, R. Klingerman, T. Allison, R. Harding. Third row: R. Emilie, J. Broderick, W. Wamsley, B. Lucash, D. Frye, R. Greenlee, J. Walsh, B. Danley. President .,...,......... ,,,,,.,.,,.,,,, P AT FOULKE 'I O - C Vice President .,....... ....... R oB1N LAFERME Secretary ....,.,........ ,.,,,, J OAN MATEJIK Treasurer ..,,...,. JOAN KETANER Will make good secretaries . . . not a boy in the class . . . hate to dissect animals . . . enjoyed their homeroom periods . . . looked forward to gym classes . . . always lead the absentee and tardy lists. MRS. HAWKINS 10-C--First row, left to right: J. Ketaner, D. Johnson, R. Antrobus, J. Matejik, R. Carroll, M. Latham, H. Disler. Second row: T. Capodici, M. DeFazio, J. Kehr, C. Morgan, C. Konat, T. Tan- zillo, E. Tarr, P. Foulke, S. Rule, L. Neuman. Third row: R. Cardinali, L. Wienchoski, H. Bell, B. Ciangrante, B. Fritz, S. Thorn, R. DiCicco. Fourth row: B. Pierson, A. Klepadlo, B. MacNeil, M. Groves. President ,,,,,A.,,,,,,,,, ...,, B 1 0 - G Vice President ....... ............ J ERRY GAFGEN Secretary ,,,,-.,,,,,,, ,,,..,, J Trga5urer ,,,,,,,,, ............. R AY KEUPER Can always be found in the shop or typing room . . . love to do anything in class but work . . . al- ways seemed to he attracted by certain members of Mr. Hutchison's homeroom . . . enjoyed their class trip. MRS. HOWELL 10-G-First row, left to right: J. Arch, J. Vaneekhoven, D. Bigley, R. Van Arsdale, R. Keuper, C. Marshall. Second row: K. Hensor, R. Cox, L. Gonnella, C. Brady, T. Johnson, R- Del-HY, J- Gafgen. Third row: J. Patterson, D. Causey, J. Pietrocarlo, A. George, W. Cohle, D. Codd, L. Brelsford, J. Haas. -..-1 W -nag- X xx. A Q, xl R xv .Q Q. X. X if Q i k i NE Nl , xy 330. AV N X T xx X X5 vi? -Nix .. ,......,.....f ,.... fw K f. Q 1 Q A nk, 0' vm kk 1 - P ..., . 'Hamm Q ' ' Q vggff ' 1 Q nl- H S N as kan . f f X e s "' 'S 'Wi X 'Xu L MW 1 W K I 1 I A 51' -..B ' 3 ,fi A Q' f 4. "xr . ,pq ,V I Zi N X SST! az? 1 V2 k':E'1,54..f I if . . i s . 1 9 -Ni -qu- Jsfj ' . r wif '7""'! ' 4. Kb y 'wa 'YD 4. 'Xi ,din 1""l A fg- fui. Ag vw- M 95 i ww 4 I 4 VH fi" pa, ill' 4 1 President .....,,..... ..,.. ,..... LOUIS PERRY Vice President ...... ,....,.. B UDDY ROBERTS Secretary ............ ,....,... A NTHONY DEAN Treasurer ............. BERT FONDE 9 'I Will never forget Harrisburg or Hershey . . . very active in all sports . . . can't wait until they move into senior high school. MRS. HASTON 9-1-First row, left to right: M. Hornyak, B. Petrik, C. Hadley, S. Cote, C. Penn, J. Cappiello, L. Alexander. Second row: A. Taylor, L. Sharpham, L. Sultzbach, S. Smith, R. Schiefer, D. Masciar- elli, C. Lindenthal, M. Peterson. Third row: R. Horvath, P. Fordham, F. Bogdon, M. Roberts, B. Fonde, C. Dreisback, J. Foster, R. Lee, F. Bentz. Fourth row: R. Clark, B. Rosati, C. Hunsberger, A. Dean, D. Brewer, J. Rogers, E. Lasky, J. Lenox. Fifth row: E. Laypo, R. Hart, L. Perry, T. Marshner. President ..........., ...........,...... E VERETT FOSTER Vice President ....... ......... D OMINICK MARRAZZO 9 2 Secretary ............. ........... C LIFFORD COWELL - Treasurer ..... ........ N ORMAN SELLINCER Proud of their cheerleading captain . . . had a won- derful series of homero m programs . . . many ac- tive musicians and artists. MR. MIMM 9-2-First row, left to right: B. Hand, C. Meszaros, P. Salt, M. Burke, S. Richards, D. Slack, J. McGarity. Second row: Y. Titus, D. Hunt, K. Hludzinski, S. Ossman, G. Ficarotta, N. Ricci, C. Adams, D. Mogle, B. Richie, J. Miller, C. Aiello. Third row: C. Cowell, R. Reitzle, J. Sulick, E. Stockham, A. Gonnella, T. Bigley, R. Sullivan, R. Stein, B. Blyler, J. Allison. Fourth row: B. Roberts, R. Bloor, R. Schiefer, F. Seman, D. Marazzo, E. Foster, N. Sellinger. President ......,.,.....,.. ....... W ILLIAM ANDERSON Vice President ...... ...... - ..,.,... E MMA WALSH 9 3 Secretary ............. ....... B ARBARA SOLAN - Treasurer ........ ...... I OHN SKELTON Boys had a big part in bringing Morrisville its third straight Junior High football title . . . could give their teachers a hard time yet liked them all. MR. ZAVARICH 9-3-First row, left to right: B. Solan, J. Bailey, S. Reich, J. Solt, L. Sabolovich, M. Toth, J. Symington. Second row: C. Rushinski, M. Slack, J. Preston, J. Kirchhoffer, E. Tootell, S. Auton, C. Kachinski, N. Woolley, K. Terry, J. Skelton. Third row: J. Rodenbaugh, W. Long, C. Stouffer, R. Sinclair, E. Walsh, M. Carfello, R. Comisky, C. Danley, B. Butterworth. Fourth row: B. Ander- son, W. Tettemer, F. Picciotti, B. Davis, L. Dunka, R. Chapman, J. Christ, D. I-label. 37 President ........,.,,... ......... L ORRAINE PIDCOCK 8 'I Vice President ..,.,...,. ,.....,.....A.. R OBERT LANDIS Secretary ............... ,.......... B EVERLY CLAY Treasurer .,......... ....... P ATRICIA ROSATI Looking forward to their annual trip to Philadel- phia . . . several outstanding artists in the group . . . enjoy giving homeroom programs . . . some of the Junior High cheerleaders come from this class. MISS PARSONS 8-1-First row, left to right: I. Hellings, C. Steel, P. Rosati, S. Symington, C. Michel, A. Ander- son, J. Lyon. Second row: C. Bull, D. Hoffman, L. Pidcock, L. Giano, P. Loss, I. Mount, B. Clay, E. Novak. Third row: P. Mason, M. Bush, H. Hrahchak, D. Purdy, B. Landis, B. Strunk, M. Miksitz, L. Weaver, L. Felsburg, J. Marshall, J. Walsh. Fourth row: T. Antrobus, E. Matthias, R. Strebel, R. Hoppe, W. Rogalski, D. Huff, W. Campbell, B. Slotterheck. President ................ ....... G EORGE WEEKS Vice President .......,.. ...... C AROLE PRESTON Secretary .........,.. ,....,...... M ARION FOOSE Treasurer ....... HERMAN PAXSON Many future varsity athletes . . . enjoy teasing their teachers . . . turn out in large numbers for each canteen . . . had some good dancers . . . al- ways ready for a good time. MISS CAVANAUGH 8-2-First row, left to right: A. Hand, M. Hutchinson, C. Preston, B. Meiners, D. Straszynski, J. Clawges, R. DeStafano. Second row: B. Tohm, P. Ossman, J. Gaskill, N. Martin, T. Dunka, M. Foose, K. Ruth, E. Borden. Third row: J. Frascella, E. Rule, H. Paxson, J. Winters, C. Phillips, C. Saxby, D. Olafson, R. Snedeker, B. Platon, C. Weeks. Fourth row: D. Eldridge, J. Walker, M. Immordino, J. Heenan, J. Marrazo. President ...r....... ......... C HARLES OSSMAN Vice President ...... ...... J OSEPH CAPODICI - Secretary .....,..,.. ....... D OROTHY WHITE Treasurer ....... DOROTHY WHITE Many good looking boys and girls . . . always try- ing something new in homeroom . . . hate to he quiet in study hall . . . famous for their witty re- marks. MR. DAVIES 8-3-First row, left to right: W. McCrane, V. Klepadlo, S. Haines, J. Morgan, D. White, J. Kovacs, B. Davis, C. Oakes, J. Capodici. Second row: C. Lee, B. Calambos, D. Trankley, R. Felsburg, J. Tanzillo, J. Midwood, P. VanAifsdale, B. Woodward, C. Allshouse, M. Mohr, K. McGarity. Third row: D. Napoleon, L. Groves, D. Fordham, M. Kemmler, J. Antrobus, B. Bennett, C. Clark, B. Harvey, B. Waltersdorff. Fourth row: G. Titus, G. Brown, C. Ossman, C. Janaski, L. Way, S. Nay, L. Shull. I Qgv gy 1, 4 5' 12 Lf 'A J!! . I Ya 'K 've '. ..,v., Q xl, 1 Gt. v-A fb. .F 1 P 929: 4 n X E 1 f ' ' Q 5, - a ii 4, f ,k . w f+ f- RWETFL . .. fb X. Qt, +1 I4 1125! X 'iw 4 ,, ,. '. -2 lk . Lf, V4 X644 wfx 4 , . .1 X sf f Q if ,A ,-yr ,Q me-' Q. ,A 7 I qw' L ., ,..amf'h l . A -b km , ' v 4' r . . 3 ,..n 5 x I, E V+ 5 . ,ff 1-Jiri, ys-vf ,.. 155- WGUW v ,.... i vi Pfegldgnl YYYVVVV ,,,A, ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,..,,,,., T E D Vice Presidgnl Y,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, E Serretary .,,,,,,,,, ...YY,,v....fV..-Yf..-.--.,--Vf- L EE KISE - Treasurer .. ,,,,Y BETSY GRAY Both boys and girls are interested in sports . . . - always faithful spectators at School games . . . en- joy dancing . . . have a great collection of nick- names. MRS. TURNER 7-I--First row, left to right: J. Anderson, P. Johnson, B. Gray, B. MacNamee, J. Caum, L. Burns, E. Klingerman. Second row: S. Chmura, C. Klemmer, J. Bottoms, D. Devereaux, S. Yolke, S. Shutt, C. Croh, B. Nash, S. Adams. Third row: R. Wintjen, E. McTamney, L. Rogers, R. Rudloff, B. Kehr, J. Manzek, J. Blundell, S. Sinclair. Fourth row: L. Riley, K. Marsh, G. Policello, L. Kise. E. Neumann. L. Cappiello, R. Hibbert. President ...........,. ....,... R ONALD STOCKHAM " ' Vive President ,..,.,, ....,,,.,.. A RLENE DEMECH ' Secretary ......,....,. ..... B EVERLY FOOSE Treasurer , ........ JOSEPH CLARK Don't care for their homeroom lectures . . . several cheerleaders in the class . . . looking forward to a tour of historic Valley Forge . . . always thinking up some new trick. MISS WATKIN S 7-2-First row, left to right: R. Reso, C. Preston, J. Ridgeway, C. Foster, C. Dager, J. Eby. M. Terry. Second row: F. Antrobus. S. Johnson, B. Foose, A. Demech, N. Solt, E. Disler, C. Rech, J. Wiedenhaefer. Third row: B. Moss, C. Zucker, J. Weaver, J. Clark, M. Bouboulis, G. Baldwin, L. Okurowski. R. Henley, J. Patricko. Fourth row: R. Stockham, B. Dreher, R. Dresibach, B. Cominski, D. Trout. President .,.,.......... ..,..... R OBERT COWELL 49"- Vice President .....,, ....,,. J AMES GAFGEN Secretary ..,..,...,,,. ...,..... H ELEN BRESLEY Treasurer .. ,,,..,., PATRICIA SUTYAK Work hard on their homeroom programs . . . had fun in their art class . . . work well as a group on special class projects . . . many good checker players. MR. LEE 7-3-First row, left to right: P. Sutyak, D. Louden, H. Bresley, N. Janaski, L. Elgerhauser, S. Ossmann, J. Rigby. Second row: M. Huff, C. Foster, M. Marshall, H. Gaskill, T. James, L. Nay, R. Taylor, M. Bush, C. Cappiello. Third row: R. Cowell, R. Reese, W. Clark, J. Slotterbeck, R. Miller, M. Morgan, T. Rigby. Fourth row: J. Bresley, R. Laypo, J. Davala, J. Gafgen, A. Gonnella. 4l 12-A- 12-C- 12-G- 11-A- 11-C- 11-G- First row, left to right: A. Stout, R. Cominski, E. McTamney, C. Lee, R. Landis, Mrs. Turner, F. Pesce, L. Shaner, M. Kane, L. Gonnella, J. Allison. Second row: R. Brewer, J. Anderson, R. DeStefano, C. Allshouse, S. Ossman, A. Demech, I. Hellings, R. DiCicco, L. Alexander, R. Hart. Third row: P. Crooks, D. Lodge, D. Rohner, P. Lee, C. Hughes, T. Cowell, D. Slack, J. Pietrocarlo, J. Taylor, W. Anderson. Fourth row: C. Carman, W. Wickham, G. Wittekind, S. Connor, S. Bart- rug, R. Michel, L. Hart, D. Sinclair. STUDENT COUNCIL Sue Bartrug Lewis Hart Thelma Cowell Walter Wickham Robert Michel Delores Lodge Doris Rohner Phillip Crooks Peggy Lee Dann Sinclair Albert Stout Michel Cappiello President .................. .....,...... F RANK PESCE Vice President .,.,,,,, ...,,, C AROLE HUGHES Secretary ..,,,.,,,,..., ,... ..,,.. G A IL WITTEKIND Treasurer .................,....... ....,.... S USAN CONNOR President of Senior Class . ....... CHARLES GARMAN President of Junior Class .,,...,., ROBERT BREWER 10-A Mary Ellen Kane Irma Hellings Thomas Allison Robert Landis 10-C- Agnes Klepadlo Rose DeStefan0 Ruey Mae DiCicco John Winters 10-G- John Pietrocarlo Carole Allshouse Larry Gonnella Charles Lee 9-l.- Lynda Alexander Janice AIldCI'SOI1 Robert Hart Edward McTamney 9,2- James Allison Arlene Demech Donna Slack William Cominski 9-3- William Anderson Th0l'Il3S .JHIIICS Mildred Carfello Sharon Ossman xx X X 5 XX 5 S Q X: 5 S X X X X E R X 2 N Y S S x X X X X R X , X X 3 X 35 l XXXXX ,W 55 :Srl ,yX XJ. X if lii Sz xii VESQNX iw? X+XXwXXX XX X S X XX-XX ,S - X XXXXX Q X X X 5 NK f- X X 9? 359559513X K kX.i. X XX X QX N x A Xfgfxlxixlg X 1 X xxx sg'- S i Q S X E - E S X X X ' X XS X RX 2223 2? iss SX X s S if A fx 7 'SVSSE X 0 E ,ffmwmfmw ,ww 1: :XXX- P' X . . if X 2 NX X Q Q X Q r K A X X X X X X ,,., X, wi if 4' 7 X M, iv ' if Q 2 M " 3 W Q , .W A K A N7 F 11 3 X X-gg we my Rfk li, X 'L H 5 N, 11 .-X X X - 2 X wa X - X i52?i? X ' -- , X X :XXV X vX X X Ts. 1' ff , fi- J f f1:,g,,: ff: , Y? ORCHESTRA First row, left to right: M. Burke, J. Morgan, D. Cable, B. Harvey, W. Loss, J. Brewer, W. Dreis- bach. Second row: D. Straszynski, J. Bailey, N. Wooley, P. Greenlee, W. Campbell, F. Seman, Y. Titus, R. Landis, J. Heenan, L. Okurowski. Third row: K. Hartel, L. Shaner, J. Taylor, Mr. Hutchison, R. Bunting, R. Ames. DISTRICT FESTIVAL First row, left to right: P. Greenlee, W. Loss. Second row: R. Ames, E. Glynn. Third row E. Caum, K. Hartel. QUARTET First row, left to right: C. Paxson, Mrs Howell, K. Hartel. Second row: E. Glynn, J Johnson. L in 4 ,K 1 55. nv, gh Ei' , ,,?f "7 3 fvf EQ W W Qs We if 6, ' Q, M Jn A . 'Wi' fi' MSW! bile -fu? if if ' w 1-ilfln .. ,nl M F ' C 9' ss in xg! m ,lj S 1. W Q " G' 'F , is V iq if W1 x f 9 fX, f 3 6 i XQNW W, I, 'Vg' . 11 . A h .v Q ff ' If eb VV 1, 09 '93 U 0 0 0. 0 N5 COLOR GUARDS First row, left to right: C. Maurer, T. Cowell, D. Terry. Second row: E. Clynn, J. Johnson. HEAD MAJORETTE CAROL MALMSBURY MAJORETTES First row, left to right: A. Demech. Second row: N. Wooley, S. Riley. Third row: D. Smith, S. Smith, N. McCrane. Fourth row: K. Hludzinski, J. Saxton. ,Q S mga W W 1' A Qa ' MN tdnivi Q --warg 'W ' Ulu! 4 Vvullul ' nuns if ,. , Q. 3" I ll ,fx if 5 Q WF W , S ,X ,- if X A 3? J ,S W X 3 Q. X SEE YYYQX. -K '- X me l.-. AQ - ' V 5"23f"5""i1'R'k. Y sh ww, sm ,Xi . 1 :khan ff. K. 5, + HK ,W Q f 13,5 Q ', f l ' 'Zi X s X is ff? X if Sf 3 ' 4 X f Q-. . WW Wy Www 1 y 'Q M it , , Q i . -is Q S -' A--M an un 19? ,aff .... . Q - 5 -. ,QV Q 2 53 -M if .4 1... S , V+ f A Aff- 'L5 ,, FU AA N. mv Eisfiwfy fy Kms il 'Z 7?' 'L 5 ' ' 1, 21 Q 4,1 2 q '???f?4? V --"7 ih 'X L k 1 ,f'-' K, .X XY .ll if' xv - ' Kd, E Q x trys 1 ttf: 11, U KL ip J! 'll N,, A y. v. S . r 5 SS W X - H ' Xf ,ffssE?2 g5 :,Mxsgxx,l,,. .,,-,.,v,,1, 8 Half! wt.. 3,,....!-.Q1 R J .wwuvnur A ffwula, x Xgizjggrqg Q Q sf . 4 I1 af .sg Q5 w WK' : N ff' W sw H ' and N ...A S ?!!!?!i, x H , 5: gi fi MIINF- -RHI S w S5 U R' . X X H. 1 ' ,T 3, .., ., W - wg W 1+ , Q3 If ii , .sg Q i K T up 16 A X K' W W 'g Q V MS' uv 'N' 'W' " 'iw mg 9 zzf' ,W if Q ,E sg. asf ,M Muir 23.125 AHIT!! XILTLY 813735 r 3 tx S1 , ,gm cgwwiixf 5 M S J tl -'Wig fi 'U 'ff 14 Q. 2 Km. Nui' 1 .35 rf' A W4 Q ,, A I Q .NX I 4 sl 5 5 in . 3 fm f 5 ' ' x .P 1 'Q N '37 wg: M V531 HM- L M . Q 5 K'? if if . 1 1 V:.b,, , ,.,E 1 mx 4, li rf, X33 ' aa A Tk, . , -mi. f Z 36 v QQ! Q I s Q K Q, trac ,+V 1 +G. it gif? A ii, 4 Q gf sin. Y P 4, if Q - Q - in . 1 . -P ,x . 5 ,,vc1r,gv 1 , ,, f -. -' K, .. K ' " sX: 1 rx "" " 5, .N - ' W A., f f X ff . Q x, x ,.. . W ' ' xx l "Qs, EK , ivxs VI - 1 - x Q 5 as sv X ' X t K ,-A+ 4 - s - h f yn .1 2 4. 3, v .- , , Y E. An., H A . N :gi K 'pw o' K . Y Q :Li-'i ,JP Q' sr . -Pr ' , , , wx - ' . ' Vi - ,, 5 . M X X V 1 Q Lg f ' - f , ,g .A . ' '-., ...a+-f-"""-'ff-,J A ' ' L' X. - I A , F . I X ....m....... ,my - +5-1 K K .um . I L NNN' - X A - x S' :Q fri: N , Y N Y XX? if .i' Q 4 ,E ,qwyn 4 4 M is ,, ,A if, . W A-f . mir-' STAGE CLUB First row, lm-ft to right: R. Brewer, A. Pow:-ii. F. i'vsc1-. Svcnnfi row: C. Claw- ge-s, P. Crooks. C. Lvming. GIRLS' ARCHERY First row. left to right: ,I. Midwoocl, T. Dunka. Second row: D. Masciarelli. H. Hrabchak, C. Lindt-nthal. Third row: l. Hellings, J. Symington. S. Haines. LEADERS' CLUB First row, left to right: E. Fritz, I. Neumann. J. Ketaner. T. Tanzillo. Se-1' rind row' Miss Parsons, D. Lodge, M Peterson, M. Latham. 5. Rule-. JUNIOR SEXTETTE First row. It-ft In right: Mrs. Howe-II, Il. Hunt. I.. I'i1I1'oc'k, ,I. Morgan. SPC- ond row: IJ. Slavk. .I. Miller. M. Horn' ,-ak. SWIM CLUB First row. If-ft to right: Mrs. Brunner. ,I. Anderson. .I. Wvaver, R. Drs-her, C. Rc-ch, I.. Fm-Ishurg. C. Dagger. B. Tohm C. Witt:-kind. S1-vond row: R. Crea-n Ie-0, W. Wazlislc-y, G. Policrllo, W. Slut te-rlwck, R. Fr'Isburg. Third row: R Hunting, IT. Eldridgv. D. Frye, E. Lasky, R. Ifniiliv. BOYS' ARCHERY First row, Ivft to right: If. Matthias, II. Phillips. R. Rudloff. 51-cond row: Il. Olafson, R. Strvhe-I. C. Saxhy. Third row: L. Perry. E. Lasky, F. Frascs-IIa. g? 5 E g . VP i 2 XM fx 9? ' - hx ' 'rc I . mtg, f 'intra- "w."ff .44 fix' . -. 5'-'Y-'5I ?ff is dm 55 W- ig git!! 5. 5 I I K 5 L ri -7 .."?.S f' gnu' 4.1 if f -ik N ' fix .V Qleg, It-in if, ii - , ' 1 ' " n ' - '-I 3 I3 f i m"' f ixis 1 'YE' ff W fiiifr :Izgx -2 Lxiiisiiiiifi 2' pg-1 "-fmaaaaawgi. lf 1 1 f Q21 -' ai:-mf' 4. 'ff Q, sggeeezkgifb g, g 2:1 : Q 3,5 . : ' ' .g, .:r:i:,. - U1 ' kr ' . ,nmnmq ii , QL . s 15 ,5 g I-QE I 1: in 'ig , a wk " uns . A fs . ,Q i 'W Y 44+ Q 1 ,K Si W5 gg gg 'i gk, 54225 is new ff- -- 1 .f IX xr f K.LL H i 13' K3 .72 tit., ,, W 'a . "ish si' iff K ' K "Y.':Q1 ,!5 ., '- ' .- M , ,. . W, . .. Q l ' . lygnksi g ' AEN X 1 . f gz Q55 ' M :?'iE?.. : 5 fs SN 1 If 'href f 3? Z Q35 4 .M L2 in 404 FDL N H - 1 :Sax T" fs: , 5 A ff? f 'Wh- Morrisville Morrisville 77 7 ,,,, 77 0 Morrisville ,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 3 Morrisville ,,77, ,,,777 3 7 Morrisville 77 77 26 Morrisville ,,777 .,..,, 6 Morrisville 7 77 ,,,, 77 37 Morrisville ,,,,7 ,,,,7 3 1 Morrisville ,,,7, ,,,77 2 7 Morrisville ,,,,, ,,,7 2 5 Captain Pesce and two stars of Ioniorrowv. AL FRANK ED ALBIE FRAN HANK NHKE NED JOHN THE RECORD 6 Wins-2 Losses-1 Tie Opponent Collingdale ,,,77,,,,... 20 Hamilton 7 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 13 Southampton ,.7,.,7,,. 6 Bensalem ,,7, 7 77 6 Neshaminy 7777777777 77 27 Delhaas 777777777 7 7777 0 Pennsbury 77777777777777 13 Council Rock 77777777 0 ' 0 Bristol . .777777 BABE LOU JOE "BULLDOGS" THE w Coarhes-LEE. DAVIES and McDONALlJ VARSITY First row, left to right: L. Rogers, G. Gafgen, P. Crooks, J. Allshouse, D. Codd, J. Solt, T. Alli- son, R. Harris. Second row: R. Dems-Ch, P. Chapman, N. Caum, F. Pvscv, L. Hart, J. Savagf-, M. Cappiello. R. DeLay. Third row: R. Brewer, D. Wienckoski, C. Greenwood. F. Terry, A. Powell, J. Rudloff. H. Codd. E. Allison. A. Stout. L. DiCicco. Fourth row: H. Stockham. J. Haas. D. Brels- ford, A. Miller, J. Pie-trocarlo, D. Frye, J. Walsh, D. Marrazzo. GIRLS Coach Parsons talks to hc-'r team. SUE PAT CAROLE 'N VARSITY A1 -i First row. I4-ft to right: M. Krysa. captain: P. Greenlee, Miss Parsons. Second row: M. Peterson. C. Hughe-s. Third row: C. Wim-kind. L. Lovett. Fourth row: S. Hartrug, captaing K. Haston, IJ. Fi-lshurg. BASKETBALL A pop talk from Cuarh Cuvanaugll. mls KAY 'MRM 1' JUNIOR VARSITY First row, lcft to right: R. DiCic-co, E. Toolvll. I.. Sharpham, 5, Fostvr. Sf-cond row: A. Taylor. I.. :Xls-xande-r. Third row: J. Kc-taner. M. Latham. Y. Titus. Fourth row: S. Symington, J. Cappic-lln. D. Slavk. R. Pe-trik. if 'CT' -9-'U lfvxfy, 1 9-Igifm SQA Trenton High St. ,lohn's . . .,7, . Neshaminy ,,7A.. Southampton First row, left to right: J. Vaneekhoven, C. Carman, J. Allshouse, F. Pesce, K. Roberts, Mr. Lee. Sc-cond row: J. Rudloff, D. Sinclair, C. Greenwood. Third row: J. Pacitto, A. Powell, D. Habel, E. Allison. Bristol ,,.,,,,.,t,,t,t,,,7 Council Rock BASKETBALL Opp. 62 59 52 58 51 Pennsbury t,,t,t -A,.,-- 3 5 Bensalem ,,t,, ,,,,i,, 6 5 Delhaas ,,,,..,,t, ,,,,,, Y,Y,,Y,7,,,,A ,,,,,777AA 5 8 MHS Opp. MHS 46 N.J.S.D. ..... ..,,,, 4 0 69 62 Alumni ,,,,,.,.., ...... 4.4 65 51 Neshaminy .,.... ,,... 54 66 70 Bristol ,,.,.,....,,. ..,... 4- 1 49 4.5 Council Rock ,.... ...... 3 1 61 71 Pennsbury .,,,.,. ...,,. 5 8 63 54 Bensalem ...... ...... 5 8 4-5 64- Delhaas .r........, ...... 5 6 44 73 Southampton ..,.................. ,.r. . ..... . 4-7 68 First row, left to right: L. Rogers, K. Meiners, T. Allison, R. Dems-ch, L. Gonnella, Mr. Lee. Sec- ond row: J, Patterson, E. Nemeth. Third row: D. Marrazzo, D. Causey. J. Walsh. Fourth row: R. Lucash, W. Bresley, W. Coble, R. Emilie. CQ?" l3ff9 -.,l,,-in er.. L 'I e 4 'x 'fi al First row. loft to right: J. Saxton, K. Witte-kind, J. Moore, C. North, M. Krysa, E. Dueman, M, Pc-te-rson, S. Bartrug. Se-conrl row: S. Foster, E. Fostvr, C. Hughes, D. Fe-lslmurg, P. Greenlee, D. Rohnvr. L. Cutcltinval. rv- MARC E4Co-Captains-CYNTHIA MARIAN CX f::::-gp KARIN HOCKEY Neshaminy ,,,,. Pennsbury Bensalem ,, Council Rock New Hope Bristol Delhaas ,,,,....,, Southampton JANICE MHS . .. 1 1 3 1 1 0 0 SUE OPP 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 "x raw. 'K 'WM CTN EDITH an 3 T JOYQE EVELYN c:ARn1,1-1 f"" COACH PARSONS JUNIOR VARSITY ls if Kfn' PAT DARLA First row. I:-ft lo right: J. Kvtanr-r. N. IA-0. NI. I.atIlam. II. Smith, K. Hastnm, fl. Tlulmslmry, I P I IL:-c-. ,I. MimIcIIc-tml, R. Kim-cl. Svconml row: I.. I.0ve-tt. I. FtlllIIit'. M. Iiurkv. II. SOIan, Il. Slack, I.. Alexander. A. Taylor. ggi SVI? - 5 if., COACHES TOROK and MATINAS Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville First row, left to right: J. Cafgen, T. Bigley, W. Campbell, M. Kemmler, R. Landis, R. Lee, R. Sullivan, C. Stouffer, J. Kise. Second row: B. Davis, R. Hart, M. lmmordino, E. Foster, N. Sellinger, C. Ossman, L. Okuroski, G. Baldwin, L. Gonnella. Third row: M. Slack, F. Bentz, J. Foster, B. Fonde, E. Rule, C. Janaski, J. Walker, P. Allison, E. Stockham. Fourth row: L. Groves, L. Shull, J. Lenox, B. Roberts, R. Sheaffer, C. Hunsburger, D. Brewer, B. Roberts. LOWER BUCKS COUNTY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS 14- Pennsbury 0 33 Delhaas 0 13 Council Rock 0 30 Neshaminy 0 26 Bristol 0 27 Trenton Catholic -.-, 0 Total 143 Total 0 CHAMPIONS-1952, 1953 and 1954 THREE YEAR TOTALS-17 WINS-0-LOSSES MORRISVILLE-393 Points OPPONENTS-6 Points lrirst row, left to right: R. Leo. R. Sullivan, J. Foster, B. Bennett, Nlr. Tomk, ll. Napoleon. I.. Groves, M. Slack, B. Strunk. Second w: H. I.an1Iis. .I. Christ. P. Allison. E. Foster. ,l. Heenan, M. Rulwrls. R. Hart. M. kQ'IlllIllf'T. LOWER BUCKS COUNTY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville .45 40 fs 23 . 27 3 ,... 1 44 . , ...,, 48 52 , ,,,. ..... 5 0 71 43 34 Total 561 Southampton Bristol ..,,., 25 33 Pennsbury .,... ..... 3 0 Delhaas ., .,.,,. ,,,, 4 6 Neshaminy ............ 30 Bensalem ,,,..,. ,.... 1 8 Neshaminy .,.......,.. 18 Southampton ,,,,.,.. 22 Bristol .........,. .. ,,.,.. 20 Council Rock 15 Pennsbury .... .... 3 6 Bensalem ........ ..t.. 1 5 Delhaas ....,....,...... 38 Total 34-6 11 Wins-2 Losses COACH TOROK lnstruvtinns from captain Karin. DORIS SANDY , BARBARA .il3w.KT-7' . A ', Q., ' .V if 'uf 51 w l . A -Nt . ,, -Af' . yi' 3 5 JOY YEA! TEAM! N41 OUR MASCOT JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Center, clockwise: M. Terry, D. Slack. S. Haines, 5. Oss- man, R. Felsburg, I. Mount, L. Burns, C. Allshouse, J. Preston, J. Bailey. W K , V KARIN CAIL 'X-N ' 1 . J Tha- Svniors Nw, vi' AIDEIE SUE THE CHEERLEADERS JANICE M-0-R-R-I-S-V-l-L-I.-E SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Cvnter. clovkwisez A. Koch. J. Moor:-. C. Hughes, K. Wittc'kinzi. Captaing S. Connor, S. Foster. J. Skelton, B. Burns. C. Witte-kind, D. Rohnvr. THE i STAFF Karin and Adele 1955 RCBERT MORRIS 'rx Joanne and Sue Dolores and Gail 'Q Clara and Betty ADELE KOCH Editor-in-Chief KARIN WITTEKIND Associate Editor DOLORES TERRY Editorial Staff GAIL WITTEKIND Editorial Staff MARJORIE KRYSA Business Manager SHIRLEY HILLMAN Assistant Manager Ned X Q Y Shirley and Marjorie BETTY LAVERICK Sports Editor JOANNE WAY Art Editor CLARA MAURER Typing Manager NED CAUM Photographic Editor SUE BARTRUG Photographic Assistant JAMES E. WOOD Faculty Advisor Z F 1. ,Z 1 X gk if x li K 52 , Q sf 4 5 . X, Q N!- A Q is X 5 KX gg ga W in fi i X N Q Q is S F Q X . .Wi L Y , Z , m ,sf 1, wx Z2 M Q35 ish , ffhfn xiii? 'Q Mt ,www .nf W5 , Zfaw M .H V . Wifi '+L ,, r A, K ' 1257 7 E5 5 - X A 2 h 2 4' J i, f J 1 ' L t 1 5 7 rj 1 "K . XA, X 'XX A Q-X X A x 14 , Q' 1' A xx ,' Qu, , W ,I X K SN" I. .J ' Xi N ff Q' f gx"73L 2 QD f X Q5 X' 'Nw YK. if A? ,N V ' fm 2, ' im .G RA I I if 'S 'fr s L Q1 5 Y ina...-. Q! Si? ngx Svrulwlviug flmnw ilu- hard way. In-k.-is plpu.,-I g 5 I4 , 1, A ' Q ,KJ L 1 Y A . I - Hut and ln- mvrry! ,,.,-f"""",' The' ll'Ll4'hQ'l'i' vhorus awaits its turn. Refady sf-rw! I I , , , , ,, lIl Q Fa . ,.. 1 I I ' , Fri l , u 0 9 1.t'lllIllf' out! Cu 11l14'111l slmotl 011- I-mm. mm! 'D' Kials will play. Chfwking: Ilia' yQ'Z1l'lHllYlx 4lllIIlIllV 71' N1 Q Cowl 'til llll' last lviti-. 74 Piled high "l"in- at will" "Say l'lll'l'Lu Ll , 541. ll 1 ml ln' that guml. l'l'x-wx Vllilllgi' . 1 . tty spvvtulors. Kathy 1'llt'l'l'iS tha' re-marc 'Q . H Y ! X. .xx 3? .E nf .N ' The' junior High champs. Fruit cup for the boys. -... ,i is . ,N 1" X rt 4'-.Ni Mcvt Tom Scott of tht' Eagle-s. The Mothers get their turn. f i t i 1 I Y I 'Fx .5 ,-ff This is how it works. The alumni make a Comeback. .t F I Y ,at An Thr- hvud talulv. Thf- future- tvacllvrs. 'N 1 , i i", in-v Our staff. H xii Tinw to Fi- pu homv. A The- first snow. A P.D- fiom trip. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We, as a class, are very grateful to the many people who have con- tributed so much that this book might he a reality. To Mr. Caum and the many underclassmen who took, developed and printed so many of the pictures. To Sarony Studios who took our formal pictures and were always ready to lend a helping hand. To the Taylor Yearbook Company for their patience and understand- ing in their work with our staff. And especially to the many advertisers without whose generous help there would have been no 1955 ROBERT MORRIS. The annual summer supplement will he published soon after we graduate. As in the past, we hope you will use the glue provided to make it a perm- anent part of this record. Sincerely, THE CLASS OF 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Caruso Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Smiih Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ruiherford Evelyn and Bill John Meszaros Mr. and Mrs. Franl: Garman Mr. Charles Garman, Sr. Mr. Chesier Garman Anfhony Burien Mr. Charles Garman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wrighl Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hariman Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Ames Miss Ann Caruso Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Rigby. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Facior Wesley Evans Coleman P. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. James D. Logan Mr. and Mrs. Carl Abromovih Mrs. Kaiherine E. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. John A. Younl' Mr. and Mrs. J. Widmann Mr. and Mrs. Mallhew Marlin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Servis Mr. and Mrs. John Welch Henry A. Konai '54 James F. McGariiy, Jr. Franlr K. Picciofli Algeron S. Cadwallader Ralph De MaH'eo Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lenox Theodore Hansen. Jr. Rev. Joseph D. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fielding Nancy and Willie Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Olson Mrs. Helen Ma'H'is Mr. and Mrs. Rose Messina Mr. Evar+ L. Marsh and Mrs. Franlr Pesce Mr. and Mrs. J. Fosier Mrs. M. Lodge Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Caum Mr. and Mrs. A. Way Mr. and Mrs. George Heaih Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Terry PATRONS C00 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wickham John C. Maurer Belmonf Adams M. L. Dueman Richard Hardin Andrew Sabolovich Pairicl: Demech Paul Chapman Charles Hughes Mr. John Huscher Mrs. John Huscher Mr. and Mrs. Howard Johnson Marie and Freddy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph PaciH'o Sam Cappiello Mason Weed Mr. and Mrs. N. Peierson Mr. Marlin E. Peferson Mrs. C. Messina Neal Nolan Niclr Cor'I'i Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Rosso Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Rudloff Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Hari Mr. and Mrs. A. Gibson Dr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Balsis Be'Hy and ScoH'y Franlr Garman Allaeri S. Paxson John Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Oochie Harold Barirug Charlie Kemble Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Vicforia Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. N. D. Koch Joseph W. Hillman Marvin Allison N. Malmshury Clinion Deifriclr A. Kincel Joseph Savage Herman Michel William Ruih Robert Habel S. N. Connor D. W. Moore A. Koreyva VULCANIZED RUBBER AND PLASTICS CCMPANY THE MORRISVILLE BANK "The Friendly Bank" MORRISVILLE, PA mber Federal Deposii' Insurance Corporafio COMPLIMENTS of Talone's Gulf Service an wesr amuse smear and TaIone's Drive-In I05 WEST BRIDGE STREET SB PROFESSIONAL PATRCNS Dr. Theodore A. Hansen Dr. John R. WiH'ekind Dr. Roberi' C. Brenner Dr. John F. Diesel Dr. H. J. Robinson Dr. Rudolph A. Komarek Dr. MiH'on Canier Dr. L. P. Leahy Dr. Theodore R. Cohen Dr. James M. Klenk Dr. Hans B. Brolinson An'I'hony Burion QE? W. SMITH, INC Dodge-PIymouI'h 24 W. Bridge SI. Morrisville, Penna. TELEPHONE 7 I 68 52 INT. UNION UNITED AUTOMOBILE AIRCRAFT AND AGRICULTURE WORKERS OF AMERICA IU.A.W. C.I.OI LOCAL NO. I 30 CARUSO'S SELF-SERVICE MARKET 830 So. Pennsylvania Avenue MORRISVILLE. PA. A Open Sundays A Free Delivery A Home Made II'aIIan Sausage- A Fresh MeaI's A Frozen Food A PHONE: MORRISVILLE 9878 Complimenfs of THE MAKEFIELD CO REALTORS Congra+uIa'Hons and Bes'l' Wishes +o 'Ihe Class of I955 ART ELWOOD Golf Professional YARDLEY GOLF CLUB Yardley, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF O KING FARMS CO. Morrisville, Pa. RON DAVIS PHONE 2888 BUCKS COUNTY ENGINEERING CO Combinafion Windows - Doors Jalousies Porch Enclosures 27 N. PENNA. AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA. MORRISVILLE . PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION To Promole ihe Welfare of Children and You'l'h in Home, School, Church and Communiiy O Congra'l'ula+ions 'l'o 'l'he "RobeH' Morris l955" Complimenis of THE BAND BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION of MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL A Well-Equipped High School Band Helps 'Io Develop The Ciiizens of Tomorrow MEETINGS: THIRD TUESDAY OF EACH SCHOOL MONTH 24 Hour Towing Service PISCOPO BROS. General Aulo Repairs DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Wrighl' and Hall Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE 3044 Body and Fender Repairs Aufo Refinishing Bear Wheel Alignmeni' Axle and Frame Sfraighiehing Service CONSUMERS OIL CORPORATION RICHFIELD Gasolines-Moior Oils Kerosene QUIET MAY Oil Burners Conversion Burners Warm Air and Boiler- Burner Unifs 24-Hour Burner Service FUEL OIL Domesiic and Indusfrial Phone EX 4-5353 42I John Fifch Way Trenfon, N. J Qualify Carbona+ed Beverages Wholesale - Re'l'ail C. RUSSELL STILWELL 8: SON l25 SO. LAFAYETTE AVE. MORRISVILLE. PENNA. PHONE 3254 ESSO LEWIS SERVICE II5 E. Bridge Sl. Morrisville, Pa. MORRISVILLE MOTORS Body, Fender and Painling Service Au+horized Pennsylvania Sfale lnspeclion S+a+ion James Aversano, Prop. Phone 5367 PHONE: OFFICE 73 I 3 BUCKS COUNTY FARMS DAIRIES Pasieurized Milk and Cream Co'H'age Cheese - BuH'ermillx - Bu'H'er Orange and Lemon Drinlz MORRISVILLE. PA. MORRISVILLE ESSO SERVICE CENTER Road Service Washing Lubricafion, eI'c. I06 TRENTON AVE AI' Calhoun S+. Bridge JOE DAVIS-DON GREENLEE Propriefors Hours-7:00 a.m.-I0:00 p.m. TELEPHONE 9804 'U gm O-'Il' ZvO" Imac mx zz-JSI 1,19 2253 'U I- 23" ES? cn"'Z So z -I I X SHOP Wffy X In Chl rn DI I 'P I nv 3 o 4 an 7 cn 'O' " m o 'O' KODAKS CAMERAS X I. I f PHOTO3 I I Trenfon, N. J. STEPPE'S BEAUTY SALON Operafing fhe Na'Iion's Leading Beaufy Salons Wifh Professional Beauficians fo Serve You AT BOTH SHOPPING CENTERS Morrisville-5422 FAIRLESS HILLS Windsor 6-6I90 WILLIAM J. TALONE Bulfiozing Service PHONE 2087 47 Manor Lane Wesi' Yardley, Pa O AMICO SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Morrisville, Pa. Riverside. N. J. Complimenfs of GRIM, CADWALLADER, DARLINGTON AND CLARKE WARREN LEAR Plumbing and Heaiing 22 WOOD ST. MORRISVILLE. PA. Phone 7777 Oil Burner Service MCRRISVILLE GARDENS AL and LEN LEVIN, Proprie+ors 22 E. Bridge S+. Phone 7030 MORRISVILLE, PA. Tren1'on's Only Mufual Savings Bank THE TRENTON SAVING FUND SOCIETY I23-l25 Easi' Sfafe Sireei' Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion Chariered i844 Manufaciurer of Foam Rubber Producis CARTEX CORPORATION Chair Cushions, Pillows, MaH'resses BRISTOL PIKE MORRISVILLE, PA. In nofhing do men more nearly approach rhe gods ihan in giving healfh 'io men" -Cicero JOHN M. BURNS cLAss or 'za PHARMACIST COMPLIMENTS OF Hohwieler Rubber Co. MORRISVILLE, PA. Phone 7806 Greenlee 6' Son CONTRACTORS Excavaling and Grading Trucking 64 HARRISON AVE. MORRISVILE. PA. William l. Murphy FUNERAL HOME 4I Wes? Trenlon Avenue Morrisville Phone 7922 MORRISVILLE CLEANERS PHONE 3845 SIMPSON CHEVROLET 222 Easl' Bridge Slreel' Morrisville, Pa A+ Lower Bridge Approach Phone Morrisville 7I84 Official lnspecfion Sfarion 8499 J. S. FOOSE Self Service Merkel MEATS-PRODUCE-GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS 353 W. Bridge SI. Phone 5597-9887 MORRISVILLE, PA. Coal Oil Burner Service Fuel Oil PENN-JERSEY COAL COMPANY I Chambers Sfreei' ai' Delmorr Avenue MORRISVILLE, PA. Morrisville Phone 7955 Trenfon Phone CY 5-7955 Local Dealer ARMSTRONG Indoor Sunshine Furnaces J. N. YOST II3 W. Bridge S+. REDNOR 81 KLINE. INC. Lumber and Millwork BUILDER'S SUPPLIES-COAL-CONCRETE PHONES: AND CINDER PRODUCTS 7l75--7l76 Morrisville. Pa. 3I64 OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE YARD AND WAREHOUSE 202-2l0 So. Pennsylvania Ave. OFF U. S. I HIGHWAY Dick Maffezzoli, Custom Tailor READY MADE SUITS Dry Cleaning and Alterations PHONE 2467 556 N. PENNA. AVE. Morrisville, Pa. Penn Valley Constructors, Inc. BUILDERS - DESIGNERS - MORTGAGEES 20 North Pennsylvania Avenue Morrisville Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF Tangent Tool Mfg. Co. YARDLEY PHARMACY Prescriptions - Drugs Luncheonette FREE DELIVERY YARDLEY 2703 WAMSLEY PONTIAC E. Bridge S+. and Delmorr Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PH ON E 7245 J. ALLEN HOOPER Funeral Chapel 45 N. Penne. Avenue Morrisville, Penna. Licensed in New Jersey PHONE MORRISVILLE 74-7725 CHARLES GALAMBOS AND SON Top Soil Phone 3464 Morrisville, Pe. COMPLIMENTS OF The Pennsbury Development Co. FALLSINGTON, PA. PHONE 7 I 04 HARRISON OIDSMOBIIE INC. ROUTE 'I IV: Miles We IM ' 'II Finest in OLDSMOBILE Sales 8- Service FREE PICK-UP Q Open 7 day k 8:30 A.M. to 'I0 00 P M TeIepI1 91 I1 COMPLIMENTS OF King Supply Co. MORRISVILLE, PA. Martyn Motors QUALITY ENGINE REBUILDERS III W. Bridge St. MorrisvIIIe PHONE 2500 f fx fav l X I L, x IEIIX. I ' , .1 C' since fr ' :seo KE RNS BEVERAG ES E. L. KERNS CO. Trenton. N.J Complimenfs of JUNIE 8: JODIE In'Fan+'s and Cl1iIcIren's Wear TOTS TO TEENS O'BOYLE'S ICE CREAM Brisfol Pike and Green Lane 57 N. Pennsylvania Ave. BRISTOL. PENNA. Morrisville- Pa PHONE 2324 PHONE 7648 Complimenis of HUNT'S STATIONERY CHARLES AND TOY STORE BEAUTY SHOPPE Sfarionery-Greefing Cards Toys-School Supplies park, "5"' and "2l" 27 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Pens and Pencils MORRISVME' PA' I8 E. BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE STACY'S 54 TO SI.00 STORE Complimenis of Headquaders for UNITED CUT RATE STORE Clover Leaf Nylon 29 E. Bridge Sfreel' S'I'ar Rug Yarn MOFFISVIIIG- PG- Dawn Knirfing Wors'I'ed Levinson Bros., Props. J. P. Coafes. Clarlres, Gem and Daisy Croche+ CoHon A3154 . A ' fia f'.' 3 ' Television Radios Ranges Washers A Refrigeraiors Ligh+ing Fix'I'ures NX.1,l,, -s -- Q SFS -- of ' X x gm X235 'S Rf? ii X . eiae WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL X I "Every+hing Elecfrical for 'Ihe Home" A A TRENTON LIGHTING '5 N' B"'d Sl' 4I6 S. Pennsylvania Avenue Trenilon Morrisville, Penna. MEN'S WEAR BOYS' WEAR Morrisville 747I 1361. 1, " -A - . 35 24 ' , I W, -GR N -- f s - . 1 ftfva . , as PENNSBURY POTTERY Refail Sales af Facfory Tyburn Road TELEPHONE MORRISVILLE 5829 EVE'S SHOPPE SMARTEST STYLES in Misses and Junior Apparel 69 Nor+h Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 2I43 y ACE BEDDING MORRISVILLE FURNITURE CO. 63 N. Penna. Ave. Bedding Direc'I' from Our Facfory Complefe Line of Furniiure PHONE MORRISVILLE 5590 Phone 3469 HUNT PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Prinfers Raised Le'Her Wedding lnvi'I'al'ions 2l Chambers S'I'ree+ Morrisville. Pa. Complimenis of MORRISVILLE OIL CO. HARRY F. CHRIST, Owner Pennsylvania New Jersey "S+a+e Supervised" Chicks Officially Blood Tesfed WHITE'S HATCHERY 5I8 Crown S'Iree'l' Morrisville, Pa. Phone Morrisville 3286 JOHN J. RESO Fine Walch Repairing JEWELRY-WATCHES-DIAMONDS SILVERWARE Il E. Bridge, Opp. The Banl: Morrisville, Pa. PHONE 2-2685 INTERIOR DECORATORS RELIABLE SILK SHOP Sillzs. Woolens, Co'H'ons and Slip Cover Goods Slip Covers and Draperies made 'Io order 3-5 N. Monlgomery Slreei A Mac Huilzin Trenion, N. J. Class of '42 SLIM FEINDEL Carpenier 8: Builder I37 Ardsley Ave. Phone EXporI' 3-5I86 Ewing Township OUINN'S AUTO REPAIRS 544 N. Pennsylvania Ave. MORRISVILLE, PA. Sfafe Inspecfion Phone 244l FORCE AND STANTON BEER DISTRIBUTORS Free Home Delivery I45 W. PHILA. AVE. ARTHUR D. cox y TRUCKING CONTRACTOR Truck Leasing, Dump Truclz and Trailer Hauling M"'ls'I"e open Tm wo STOCKPILING ouR SPECIALTY 3256 Meei' Your Friends There's TNT waun ' 'I on BUD I260 on Your Dial Ceniral Jersey's Mosl' Powerful Radio S'I'aI'ion HUNSY'S PENN TAVERN Our Specialfy Is Fine Food We Ca'I'er To Privafe Par'I'ies and Banqueis PHONE 9880 4II W. Bridge Si. Morrisville, Pa. Local and Long Disfance Moving Siorage-Packing-Craiing J. E. DUDLEY Field Sales Represeniaiive Morrisville 7746 Tren+on 3-2827 Greyvan Lines, Inc. 224 Cenfre Sireef Phone Morrisville 3309 UNITY-FRANK FORD-STORE CENTRAL MARKET Qualify Meafs and Provisions WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ALSO SELF SERVICE GROCERIES We Sell The Besl' 'For Less Trgnfonl Ngw Jersey E. ST. PA. Opposife Morrisville Banl: PRYOR'S PHARMACY The SI'ore 'ihe Docior Recommends Phone 74I 6 Phone Yardley 2964 Complefe Paving Service Black Top-Concrefe-Sfone PENN PAVING CO. Edgewood Road YARDLEY. PA. Road Builders-Driveways-Parking Lois Gas Sfafions-School Yards-eic. DOROTHY LEE FLOWER SHOP MRS. EVA R. BLAKE, Presideni' 60I Edgewood Ave. Trenion 8, N. J. PHONE EX 2-5l I6 REPAIRS SALES EXPORT 6-2I I0 HAROLD H. KRECHMER Musical Ins1'rumenI's I39 E. Froni Sireei' Trenion, N. J. ACCESSORIES RENTALS CONROY MOTORS, INC. Lincoln - Mercury 835 W. BRIDGE ST. Morrisville, Pennsylvania Phone 3-4520 STEEL'S FLORAL Flowers by Sreel Will Always Appeal 727 SOUTH BROAD STREET Trenfon, N. J. f 2212.6 J. H. JAMES O. ANTROBUS Phila. and Coleman Ave. Plumbing and Heafing MORRISVILLE Dependable Used Cars 426 N. Penna. Ave. Phone 347l MORRISVILLE, PA. PD ,V .QQ Vs TU Lebegern and Troui PHOTOGRAPHERS Phone Morrisville 3339 7920 Complimenfs of Factor's Store WOLF'S RADIO 81 TELEVISION CO. Radios, Television and Elecirical Appliances PHONE EX 6-8976 802 STUYVESANT AVE. Radios-Television-Washers Sinlcs-Ranges-Refrigeraiors Room Air Condirioners L 8: G ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Phone 7567 35 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville. Pa. Phones: Day, 74-3l96: Nighf, 557I MIKE'S AUTO SERVICE Tune-up - Ignifion Specialisi' Mofor Overhaul Wrecker and Towing Service Penna. Official lnspeciion SI'a. No. B458 III-I I3 W. Bridge SI.. Morrisville, Pa. PURCELL'S SHOE STORE Good Oualiry Shoes For Ihe Whole Family I2 S. WARREN ST. TRENTON, N. J. MILLER HEATING AND EQUIPMENT CO. Your Ceriified Lennox Dealer Furnace lns+alla+ions and Repairs Gas - Coal - Oil Carrier and Coolair Air Condifioning PHONE 5274 I04 W. BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE, PA. SNYDER'S SPORT CENTER I07-I09 Perry Sfreel' Trenion. N. J. SCHOOL SWEATERS-JACKETS GYM CLOTHES Phone 2-4059 MORRISVILLE DELICATESSEN I8 E. Bridge S+. COLD CUTS - DELICIOUS S.ALADS Free Delivery Phone 5568 Morrisville 7I I6 THOMAS B. STOCKHAM. INC. Real EsI'aIe and Insurance I0 Sourh Penna. Avenue Morrisville. Pa. Phone 7575 MORRISVILLE FLOWER GARDENS D. Conrurso 8: Son Flowers For All Occasions 509 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville. Pa. GASPER'S Complefe Line of Elecirical Appliances 'Television Service and Ins'I'aIIaI'ions Phonograph Records Hunfing and Fishing Equipmeni' I4 S. Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville. Pa. IRear of Pryor's Drug Sforel MORR. 775I Phone 2-6432 COHEN'S TUXEDO PARLOR Dress Sui'I's 'For All Occasions -To Hire- PALACE THEATER BUILDING Represenfed by Bruccoleri Bros. I85 S. Broad SI. Trenfon. N. J. CAMPBELL'S GULF SERVICE III E. TrenI'on Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Complimenis of +he INTERSTATE TEXTILE CO. Complimen+s of Richmond Bus Line SARONY STUDIOS I3I6 Walnuf S+. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Official Phofographers for +I1e I955 "RoberI' Morris" PHILIP S. SLACK AND COMPANY Mechanical Confracfors OIL BURNERS-HEATING SYSTEMS PLUMBING-AIR CONDITIONING 74 Parker Ave. Trenion 9, N. J PHONE EX 2-3I2l Complimenls of GOLDBERG'S Morrisville Shopping Cenfer DWYER BROS. School Supplies-Ar+ Marerials Koclalcs-S'IaI'ionery II7-II9 N. BROAD ST. Tren'I'on, N. J. Complimenls of MESSINA'S CONFECTIONARY STORE 200 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa THE WM. G. HOWELL AND SON CO. Real Esfafe and Insurance Morrisville, Pa. BEST WISHES THE "MAJORETTES" Carol Malmsbury, Drum Major Nancy McCrane Joyce Saxion Shirley Riley Dolores Smifh Claire Malmsbury PHONE 7534 Kaiherine Hludzinslzi Nancy Wooley Sally Smifh Arlene Demech PHONE 9867 Ladies' Haircu'l's CAPITOL VIEW BARBER SHOP 50l N. Pennsylvania Ave. Corner Hendrickson Ave. AIR CONDITIONED WILLIAM G. KELLY Real Es'I'aI'e and Insurance 30 EAST FRANKLIN STREET MORRISVILLE, PA. PHONE 3028 HUTCHINSON-HAWK CO. CoaI-Fuel Oil MORRISVILLE EX 6-94I8 A'H'er 5 P.M. 6-0780 GOULD'S MARKET GRAEBER'S Fwy M-+5 LUMBER co. Produce and Groceries B , d, S I, Pl-lone ssaz U' 'ng upp'es I7 W. Hendrickson Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE WINDSOR 6-7422 CompIimen+s of M MIDWAY INN Rouie I3 Baby Chicks 72-74 N. PENNA. AVE. DELMOR LANES 8 Brunswick Alleys ENTRANCE FROM UNION ST. CompIimenI's of MONTE'S TAVERN 2l5 W. Phila. Ave. Complimenfs of CADWALADER M. BOND Nofary Public I I Complimenfs of CHARLES F. PROVOST 67 Evergreen Lane Leviffown, Penna. WI 5-l426 Represenfafive Mefropolifan Life Insurance Company Office Furnifure Disfribufors of Arf Mefal Sfeel Furnifure Files - Safes - Shelving - Lockers Posf Index Visible Equipmenf Leopold Execufive Office Furnifure Gunloclre Wood and Upholsfered Chairs Harfer Posfure Chairs and Indusfrial Seafing Office Safes and Vaulf Doors Filing Supplies-Commercial Sfafionery PALMER TROUT 81 CO. Trenfon 5-6361 I040 S. Clinfon Ave. Trenfon. N. J. Complimenfs of THE SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Karin Wil-Ielcincl Joy Slcelfon Gail WiH'eIcind Doris Rohner Sue Connor Carole Hughes Janice Moore Barbara Burns Adele Koch Sandy Fosfer JOE'S SHOE SHOP 54 E. Bridge Sf. Morrisville, Pa. Complimenfs of CENTRE FRUIT MARKET 350 Cenfre S+. Trenfon, N. Qualify Fruif and Produce Frozen Foods-Groceries PHONE 2-2009 Owned and Operafed by fhe Marrazzo Brofhers A FRIEND BON TON'S BEAUTY SALON Miss Terry EX 3-l239 43 W. STATE ST. Trenfon, N. J. X-ff1Y: A .sf sw..a..,QRa... as ..-cskghls i .Spf Tismfil. . .1 P '-'P .... .. BUCKS COUNTY STATIONERS 36 Wafson Ave. Langhorne, Pa. PHONE LANGHORNE 4I97 Indusfrial, Professional And Commercial Office Equipmenf and Supplies School Supplies-Adverfising Specialfies-Ari' Qualify Offsef and Lefferpress Prinfing Morrisville Tile and Floor Covering Formica Counferfops Glidden Painfs-Spred Safin Plasfic Wall Tile Venefian Blinds I0-I2 W. Bridge Sf. Morrisville, 572l INVISIBLE MENDING SERVICE Mofh Holes-Tears-Burns Rewoven Invisibly Hosiery Repaired-Shirf Collars Turned We carry a complefe line of Bobby Sox and Men's Sox One day service or while you shop 6 E. Hanover Sf. Trenfon, N. J. Phone EX 2-0 I 49 Complimenfs of RICKERT NURSERIES "America's Oldesf Nursery" EST. I767 Yardley Road Morrisville, Pa. PHONES 7I9I-7I92 DUPONT Benham's Painfs and Wallpaper Inferior and Exferior Painfing DuPonf's, Praff and Lamberf, Solfo Painfs and Enamels Sfore: II8 W. Bridge Sfreef Morrisville, Pa. PHONES 3093-Sfore 7988-Residence General Elecfric Appliances J. P. CUNNINGHAM HARDWARE 522 N. Pennsylvania Avenue Morrisville, Pennsylvania TELEPHONE 74 I 3 AL'S COMMUNITY MARKET R. O. Brisfol Pike af Tyburn Road Morrisville, Pa. PHONE 9803 Prime Meafs Fresh Fish and Produce FALLS BEVERAGE CO. Leading Brands Beer-Ale-Soda Home Trade Our Specialfy 4I0 S. PENNA. AVE. MORRISVILLE. PENNA. Under New Managemenf WILLIAM BIRKHEAD. Mgr. CAPITOL VIEW DELICATESSEN Fresh Meats and Groceries SEALTEST ICE CREAM Open I0 A.M. to I0 P.M. 449 PENNA. AVE. MORRISVILLE PENNA. Q LIGHTNING 'T' PROTECT 0 r ' , ULZ' , ,, , . ., , .A:. - 55 S f,srr I Ee e IAIZ rv 'I Q y-is Absolute safety for you with Underwriter's Label System Lightning Rods by New Jersey's oldest and largest installers. R H E A " ox , renvon, N J C II ll 8988 fi uct-numc Roo comnu ,A Pos 9as 1 " C e EXp '6- " MANFRED McDEVl'I"l' Builder and Contractor 264 Barnsley Ave. MORRISVILLE. PENNA. MORRISVILLE LIONS CLUB ,f ats A L I 6. .f', 'lf ' MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA W A ., ,N Q t I i s g S s s s I 3 QXX N li 1 I Ex s 1 il fi - 5 - Tile x-.. fi, .b .g. A isp. xx N 5 X X NNT OK A Complimenls of GENERAL REFRACTORIES CO Morrisville, Pa. CARL'S TOMATO PIE 4I0 S. Penna. Ave. PHONE 2050 Complimenls of HOLIDAY INN Morrisville, Pa. ROBERTSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Tile and Abrasives MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA BRIDGE GRILL Joseph Rech O I PHILA. AVE. MORRISVILLE, PA. Phone 3977 Complimenis of MORRISVILLE MEMORIAL POST NO. 6I76 Ve1'erans of Foreign Wars GROPP'S PHYSICAL CULTURE STUDIO I60I S. CIin'I'on Avenue Corner of SI'an'l'on S+. TRENTON. N. J. EX 2-78I8 Guaranfeed Resulis in 60 Days Gain I0-I5 Lbs. Lose I0-I5 Lbs. If Underweighi If Overweigh-I' Waich for Opening of Women's Body Confouring De In Pa'Herned affer Mona Lisa of Hollywood CLOVER LEAF DAIRY "TasI'e The Difference" VISIT OUR DAIRY BAR 850 S. Pennsylvania Avenue PEMCO AND WHITEHEAD ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Sales and Service EDWARD R. ROBERTS, JR. Elecirical Conhacior PHONE 7692 224 Osborne Avenue Morrisville, P FOR FINE FOODS Luncheons-Dinners-Sandwiches Bar-B-Q's-Hoagies ANDERSON'S RESTAURANT So. Pennsylvania Ave. PHONE 3934 Open 6 A.M.-I2 Midnighl' Sunday's I2 Noon JIMMY CORTI'S Richfield SI'aI'ion BRIDGE AND FERRY STREETS-TRENTON Drive In for fhe Besi' In Town High Qualify Richfield Produc'I's Experl' All Poinf Lubricafion Tires-BaH'eries-Accessories RICH FIELD Congrafulafions and Besf of Luck To The Class of I955 BOB'S AUTO REPAIR Operafed by ROBERT LEVONDOSKY Roufe No. I3 and S. Pa. Ave. Morrisville. Pe. PHONE 2848 Come +o Us 'For Any and All Your Aufomobile Troubles ALL WORK GUARANTEED MORRISVILLE BUSINESSMEN'S ASSOCIATION Vulcanized Rubber 8: Plasiics Co. Penn Valley Cons1'ruc'l'ors American Sfores Co. Bucks Couniy Confribuiionship Bucks Couniry Farm Dairies Beairice Shoppe An+hony Burien Clover Leaf Dairy John W. Smiih, Inc. Richard Drake. Real Esfaie Harr Filer Family Finance Grim. Cadwallader, Darlingion 8: Wm. G. Howell 8: Son Co. J. Allen Hooper King Supply Co. L 81 G Eleciric Co. Lou's Barber Shop Morrisville Banlc Seaboard Finance Morrisville Floral Gardens Wm. Burgess, Jr., Real Es'la'l'e NSY Oo' ,Qc 0 I gl ku 5 K Clarke 45' Rue's Tavern General Refraciories Ranch Town Realiy Co. Rednor 8z,Kline Simpson Chevrolei' Thomas B. Sioclzham. lnc. Trenfon Lighfing Sfudios Uni+ed Cui Rafe Wamsley Poniiac David Talone Gulf Service Burns Pharmacy Malcefield Co. Lincoln Loan Service Gregory's lOu+le1' Siorel Tangeni' Tool Pryor's Drug Siore Alexander's Bar 8: Grill Morrisville Gardens Charles Beaufy Shop Harry Benham Grandview Esfaies A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS o TEXAS xi f Yi , Y mtv Pr rlc 5, T an, Hadley, wi FYBGUA. ...- Gable, Deborah Garman, Charles Fai-1-Defi Fe Greenwood, George Babel, Donald. ' ' G"N0'HBf16l'3. Hart. , Le s el Ylar lens T ,, , -U, anvu el, A-68 L12 .L nerr , 1 -- .. gagfg, 63332330 gr, 252212212 ,G Q lrllmah, Shlflajy 355.5 , .3es.,.,x., 'ig-QQ-XWHY1, C'5Y12Y"lS' Mghes, Carl greed, Richard 1113999 931'-Q T for-mson, Joan Lo wlic-lzlflau,wlialteri' Q fgqfinfgig-flag' SWE -- Alnoel, Rosemarie V3iW'5H'W3f1s D919-QL 1 'K' 1 956mm Koch Adole G. Q'Q':Lf4'.ff,6lg5.,-R61 Ggfsi. lgoch, hdaig Cf.. Koregva , Catherine W 3W'a'K'bflTp'd' Q Kar in H inivafqqciiifi Krgsa, ma5oI-15 vNO1'x?el1.., -gary Yffmg 1-ff gl Laverlck Beth? -Tea-n Yolfflfff BGXGVY Lwmwkf, Bel' Lemlng, george A. Lemmgf Georg Lenox, Thomas Adams , Armond. B. Lenox., Lvdse, Dolores Mlissrr, l1l'C1Jz'??1'f'Ll en. Lodge, 5 n. lilaalrgiburiallgtr lciaia Ame el. , E1 chart J l'Xalms'ou1 91' U an Q Barbra. , Sue 'W' ' Martin Mattias, Dorothy E, arwerrrrfsarbara marbles, Maurer, Clara C.arx:,se, Maurer, H MBYOT, Raymond Cgumq Edw Mgga-p, in Mlchel, Robert, Chggrifhgkn, Michal 11800309 Jfglifiv- Clara, e Moore, 05 9119 TW U Moale' North, Cynthia D. Norm 3 Oakes, Russell 031455 am F Pacltto, Joseph P5911 P9-718011, Gall 31,3 as R. Pesos, Fran en Peterson, Marian ,ph Phillips, Jack png, ze 1. Pond, Robert F09 Pop P08 Powell, Arvier F-p9,ief1cks,, Pow " lf'-11011. Shirley Gable, Deborah l --Mr-5, William F., Garman, Charles Eu ae ' Gly-nfl, Eileen F. Rc hraerwlood, George 'R' - MM dx H B C an 'Q NX H SK .-.. B A' S N X f s P ..... NE 2 - -' ' , T Armond Edward Adams Allison l C 'MT - Frank Edward Caruso Caum K 524, if .r,,r, rr,. . Henry Susan Codd Connor arvey Factor S Robert Sue Ames Bartrug Paul Dennis Chapman Clark Joan Thelma Cowell Cowell Barbara Brown Charles Clawge Edith Dueman N Jacqueline Deboral H Raymond ancy ' k Gable Ficarotta Foster Frederlc s lg kr si K W y x 5 I g ,..N:Xv Charles Eileen George Donald Gwenylen Carman Glynn Greenwood Habel Hadley rl' K ,x - :k,. ., 2 xx 'W t Xxk h Lb., 1 . Lewis Karlene Hart Hartel NM X ll' X T ni l lv George Ronald Heath Hensor ,ee re , .-I l r r A m 2' iw in e im 1 ' x 1 Shirley Carl Joan Rosemarie Adele Hillman Hughes Johnson Kincel Koch if r W 1 NP K ii 2 ak s Catherine Majorie Betty Jean George Koreyva Krysa Laverick Leming ' 'K 5' C 1 lm X Thomas Lenox kt x Dolores Patricia Lillian Dorothy Clara Lodge Malmsbury Martin Mattis Maurer 2 fl l I tart l Raymond Robert Janice Erwin Cynthia Meyer Michel Moore Mosley North Z Y JS gy , x B Z. gh M ? Ad .e.. H H N . sn b E ,IM y in' D. . in LL khV X V A P at .A a eeoyeete , e r C 5 ii il 7 5 :eo as 1 C E X 211 is if teet E 1 t ft ' ik 2 2 l ' Russell Joseph Gail Frank Marian ' P n Pesce Peterso . Oakes Pacitto HXSO .W 5 X t ee W N X X Xxx X we f Y ... -. -, - Q, ' as X ' '-'PW 1' s R Daniel WlCHCklJSkl Jack Arvie Phillips Powell Shirley Riley R? f ,gifs Q is l sing? at e f ex V limi he ll W "-.:- ' iill I a mes Margaret Joseph Rudloff Ruth Savage v l f X 5 ff i WX X N RQ ef: X N N Xi 1 E 5 5 X' S Y kiwi X Francis Thomas Joanne R h Terry W Thatcher i ink IC ard Walter Way Weed Wickham 'll ai Karln Gary Betty Wittekind Wittekind W ll OUR WASHINGTON TRIP - MARCH 28, 29, 30 MONDAY: 7:32--We departed from Morrisville via the "Morning Congressional." 10:20-Arrived in Washington, had this pic- ture taken and then on to the Roger Smith Hotel. 1 2 :l 5-Luncheon. 1:00-Left by bus for a tour of the Capitol, the Folger Library, the Supreme Court and the Washington Monument. 6:15-Dinner with Congressman King. 7:30-Again by bus to Ford's Theatre, the Library of Congress and then the theatre. TUESDAY: 7 :30-Breakfast. 8:00-Toured the Bureau of Printing and En- graving, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Gallery of Art and the White House. 12 :OO-Luncheon. 1:00-By bus to the National Cathedral, the Zoo and the Franciscan Monastery. 6:15-Dinner. 7:30-Visited the Jefferson and Lincoln Me- morials and then the theatre. my n P 'W QI jtiliz A e ,pvtrbiy Q THREE UNFORGETTABLE DAYS WEDNESDAY: Morning-F ree time to sleep or shop. l 2 :OO-Luncheon. 1:00-A fond farewell to the hotel and then to Arlington Cemetery, Alexandria, Mount Vernon and the National Airport. 6:00-Departed from Washington. 6:15-Dinner in the Pennsylvania Railroad Dining Car. 8:48-Arrived in Morrisville--the end of the three grandest days of our lives. CHAPERONS: MISS DOROTHY GISH MRS. HELEN BRUNNER MRS. MARJORIE JONES ALEX McDONALD FRANK TOROK E. L. CAUM A very special "thank youi' to everyone who had any part in the success of our trip. THE CLASS OF 1955 ' .. x was -as 'S X . l A , ,lt K , 9? 1 EE as 1 4 ' ' I lixgv. . 1-.lj s ' L 8.4 f V 5 is X x fx Nw g .Q... x as fi 3 'VS J ff:-?'f' all 1 'ya if 22, I - 2 . ' 1 naw! 6.4 "SK A P!! wi? THE CLASS OF 1955- Assvntlmle-tl for the last time as a studc-nt group. COMMENCEMENT JUNE 6, 1955 SPEAKERS: lH0l71If'li0ll REV. JOSEPH ll. ll0llGlllCR'l" Holy Trinity lfhurt' Welrome CllARl,l'fS GARMAI l'rf-side-nt. Class of 195 COI7ll716l1f'f'IIlPHI Adrlrzfss REV. W. HAN1Il,TON AllLENl5ACl Christ llhurvh and St. Nlichavl Farewell Dvlmralt Galul Class of 19? Presentation of Awards NIANUAH R. Rl'Il'l'lf Supcrinte-ntl:-nt of Schoo Preserzlrztinn uf UUIIIIIIIIIX PAUL ,l. 'l'AYl.0 Pre-sitlc-nt. lluartl of Erluvatic Benedirtion REV. lVlARVlN lf, DEWAI St. ,lolmk Evangvlival Lutlwran Chun Rc-v. Aule-nlmavh-Stand for something or fall for anything. ,VI ! , 5 TWU happy Hwaftl Wil'1I1PfS- After twelve long years the processiun is about tu start. ANNUAL AWARD Parent-Tear'her's Association Parerzt-7'ear'her's Asxoriation PIITPIIY-Tt'llf'hl'f,S Assoeiation .4rnerir'an Legion Auxiliarx' Ameriran Legion Hanrl Boosters Morristfille l,,07V1llll,S Club I. Leslie White J. Leslie White I. Leslie White Veterans of Foreign Wars .Worriwille Teaelzefs Assoeiation Patriotie Urder of Americans Patriotie Orrler of Arnerieanv lark Hrotlerivlr .Illl'A' Brorlerirlf Union Fire Company Auxiliary Union Fire COHIDIIVI-V ltalian-.4rnerit'an Club llflorrisville ,lunior Wornarfs Club Junior Chamber of Commeree Stuzlent lfounril Student Counril Student Council Student Council Student ffouneil Student Council Stutlent ffounfil Student Couneil Home Eeononiivs Home Economies Shop Americanism Americanism Hand Mathematics Athletics Athletics Athletics Problems of Den Scholarship Photography English Bookkeeping Typewriting Service Service Vocal Music' Scholarship Current Affairs Activities Activities Activities Avtivities Activities Aetivities Aetivities Avt ivities lOK'I'8t'y WINNERS KARIN WVITEKIND JANICE MOORE JOSEPH SAVAGE MARJORIE KRYSA CHARLES GARMAN ROBERT AMES RICHARD WEED MARJORIE KRYSA ARVIE POWELL FRANK PESCE MARJORIE KRYSA KARLENE HARTEL EDWARD CAUM DEBORAH CABLE JOSEPH PACITTO BETTY YOUNT GAIL WITTEKIND CHARLES GARMAN KARLENE HARTEL MARJORIE KRYSA DEBORAH CABLE DONALD HABEL GAIL WITTEKIND ARVIE POWELL FRANK PESCE EDWARD ALLISON KARLENE HARTEI. SUE BARTRUC MARJORIE KRYSA Mr. Taylor and Mr. Caum present the diplomas to the class. 5851? -is-1 ,I awww Memorial Day Parade Se-nior Prom "Tim Crystal Ball" I-l The Malmsbury Sisters Harrisburg Field Trip X :EW fi I Hi, Rastusl SENIOR PLAY - AUNTH Coach Lee gives final instructions .qw K f fs. E sr,. YW 3' 2 yvfqx il ,jr 1...--" F 9 "Special" Field Trip-Bowman's Hill F" X .lunior Prom Holland Hollclayu I'-big M Q! Q My shin l'uotl1all 'llin tr l B1 dllllt in 5' 'R ..:- ff' l Hup-2-Ji-4 Re-laxing OPERETTA - Coach Mi numllm and his Star Pupil ROAD!! Qi? l MR. MIMM Travlc 1 lf' T' VARSITY TRACK First row, left to right: H. Stockham, A. Savage. R. Dc-mach, J. Solt, J. Brewf-r, J. Vance-khoven. Second row: J. Slotterbeck, J. Pietrocarlo, L. Rogers. R. Bunting, D. Powell, L. Hart, J. Brelsford. D. Frye. VARSITY BASEBALL F' I row. left to right: T. Allison, E. Allison, R. Hensor, D. xrs P 'tt F Caruso N'-cond row Hahel, F. Terry, C. Carman, J. acl 0, . . L . ' R. F. Pesce, R. Brewer, A. Powell, M, Capplello, R. Dems-ch, Ficarotta. J. Patterson. , Wynn WW A 5 L W, gf 2 si' qi.. MR. LEE Base-ball Ani . .li 4' I I . .um - Q JUNIOR HIGH TRACK First row. left to right: E. Stoekham. R. Henley. R. Ruclloff. J. Allison. E. Foster, J. Christ, C. Zucker, R. Stockham. Seeoncl row: R. Reitzle, W. Roberts. ,l. Gafgen, J. Foster, I.. Kis Rogers. JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL irst row, left to right: R. Landis, H. Caskill, D. Poland, . Foster, M. Roberts, M. Slack. T. James, R. Henley. Second . row: L. Groves. D. Napoleon, B. Bennett, J. Allison. J. Rode-n' . MR' ZAVARILH baugh. R. Sullivan. Third row: J. Christ. C. Janaski. H. Davis. MR' MATINAS Baseball Baseball D. Eldredge. , . MAA, 4. - . -w.4.xmn-1 - W - - FFUKIS V1 l.l.l. We'll always remember and never forget The old canteen where we always met. The football games and basketball too, The cheerleaders cheering for the Gold and the Blue. Becoming Freshmen we were proud and yet shy, We envied the Seniors as they strutted by. Harrisburg, our capitol, we visited in May Hershey Park, too, we saw on that day. On the way home the bus had to break down It was just about midnight when we finally reached town In our Sophomore year the fun really began It was during that year that we all saw "Can Can." Those were the days of our parties galore We ate and we ate 'til we couldn't eat more. The Sophomore Social was a part of that year A wonderful time that we'll always hold dear. September '53 saw us Juniors at last The years seemed to he slipping by ever so fast. Then on to New York, the city so bright, Chinatown too we passed in the night. We got a good look at our foreign relations When we spent the day at the United Nations. L'Far Away Places" was our big prom's theme And as we had hoped, it turned out like a dream. And now we are Seniors, seems too good to be true, Our aim is success in all that we do. The year started out with a regular bang, "It won't be long now" all our hearts sang. Before we could worry what the future would call Along came our prom-its theme, "Crystal Ball." Oh, yes, after twelve years it finally came, Our Washington trip, so we boarded the train. Everything was grand we can hardly say more Than these simple words, "It was worth waiting for." And then we came home but our minds they did not We took a day off and into trouble we got. We went for a ride and climbed up Bowman's Hill Those two little words now make Mr. Wood ill. And next we took time to see our County seat And the warden ate goldfish like they were a treat. The Juniors had a prom and its theme it was Dutch, We were the guests and enjoyed it so much. And then at long last our yearbooks came We got writer's cramp just signing our name. Remember our party, oh what a day! The janitor threw all of our gifts away. And now it's all over, the big day has come Graduation is through and our school work is done. Farewell to the past and now we must turn To our niche in the future which is ours but to earn. We only can hope that we keep thoughts alive Of our memorable year-Nineteen Fifty Five. THE CLASS OF 1955 pn va tm Q Q, M. x.x,,5.u-L F' SA 7 1 " W" , . f ff . v 4 ,. e L , lg , r, 1,i.-2, . 0 K '93 1 x ww 1 . .3 , ig., .112 J.. Qs: 7, -xv5,,'15"!Qg ,I -Q ,ya " C A 1 A+ 4 'Q' x 1 ,E Wil H new 'fwe J., W3 2 M-1 33 Q f 1 I WAHM M- ,aw 1. , I v 1' Ai Y . f. w J Q . 1 , ., ,,.L . ,, If 123 . I' Y'-'12 ,, '+ - "F ,im we ' 2 wpkgf.. y ,rising M af fs-X1 . Q . . Lg ffm, H, Q Wil 'Main w " , ,:.,sg?'i ' A as 5 ,P + kk 1 Qu K - ,L . , 1, -me, zfux 'Yu ai L-1.1" , I ' fd V uf 4.25: 1 . W ,mx ' , X X, . .J ,. ? 1 A fl , , -A .-rg, N., Q- W '1 ., 1. by 'g,gg,. 4 " 'nn ,E 4 . f 54'-if ' J.1SI"'x 'ig' ' Sififf ' ff 2 . gk, ',Q'n-w.- X K N 'gr '- 55,5 , , 1, LA . ,ff Q ,Lf ,TA 9' V . swf iglfy. . 4 , f , :- 5 1 1,-, E 1 , '1 A ge, ., ., sl, - V x , x . X .ykflf 'J . ., ,. 4 1: fl-X1 fu . my -K Elf K: ., ' ww-g, .,, ., L' ' ' 'Q v , .A 1 gli: , ' S -, 5' .wwf Y' - fi. V-3 , x,,,f ' . L' , , , W HA . .V .5 X FE. I . . M 1 W Kr , -I -.K ,-,Q 1 M war. ' N 1 . M. H ,qx b 'yin Q . ' A Q 3' C' , A W ' , A Nfl : , -- x .1 wa' Yi 52 sh, A 'I inch ,-Ziyl fx , K .- ' HJ". "'zf',- if 5 ff - "2 .r -'Qr..f'3 V. - I' ur 'L 'YL ami msg , .-1. Sim F wg, . -,Q . W1 1 ,ff Lf Q 1 9 O 3 e sb r f? l J 1 ,f. I 2 2 "I P 4- L.. -5 .fia- ,kj ,yi gs- Yix X. :A T 1-sm 4-fp 1 ' 51, H4 ,pf . 35 392 La,

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