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:51 1255? fir? 55:9 ,A Ag Wir? safe ix-Efyi 1 v 5. an.,- -Z4 - ,. 522. 1:31722 nf.. ,.1,,.. F111 .-: F' 1 5.14" fa .u.f4- -.1-f'.f," ru -"fl, - 55 kia., nv, 17 ',,,,.,,f-1-. wlw5-.Hfm'1:w!.,- 4 , A , , Q , , WT., www M, 5-, .. . ,,,,1.fx..,4mh F ' aww apg7uw,g:e-:::.1' ns...fqgw.:vw:'-p.?,1:Iv'f'--'cf ry.:gvtx.-fait'-1'f'f'gv'E5"-g.-,r- aw:-law '13-'Y :wm wvk'3 J+i" wxw kx- - muun.m.mmm f.4.u..M Lmfzvwfmg.-3. 1' fww:.,,e .. wan: ann-fmmn.-ww - 1 F k I Q A i 1 a H W ix .1 IN SN i 3 , i E A .1 3 1 5 . v I We RCBERT MORRIS Publzshed by The Class of 1953 MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA X35 " YaSIiz'f?f12fQffC qi ,,L, also Y wi- Table of Contents DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES SPORTS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS Foreword No real attempt has been made by the staff to develop a theme which could be carried from page to page throughout this yearbook. We realize, however, that we live in a world of headlines, immediate news flashes and on-the-spot coverage of current history. This book is our contribution to that current history and so we have chosen to use the headline as an intro- duction to each section. In order to make this a complete historical account of our year, we are also presenting an innovation in the form of a supplement which will be mailed to each subscriber at the conclusion of the school year. ld, MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL SUMMERSEAT W? 3 H s ' Q-X X 1 'R' . xx ax .X . . .. '- ,Q X K 1 ,.gg3g QE X .Qi xy hx ,fi L32 we . 'iii , M asf? L V l 2 in- M ...,.f' .,-4'-:g?',..gmp-fff"v -. x , i w K SM Sis vw, . T aww, gs. ,.i33A,.a 'lv , uiyf . .. .,,: if 'N A-viSe?'?Tfg?iFf2! h-" 4 ,- 4. " - 'f -'F A Q-if ivwsa' ITM! .. .lin kim. , Q R Q2 'ii E , x fw.""1 See 'BI Q' M , Uizw' N17 fx-Q .,.-J f Q ff' X L- 0 'mw- wa Qu 1-must M' " mm W . . , w lie.w., K Q... .,.wa5.i' w-N1-rw.-ax, , 3.3 can-Mm V A ww- -X A i 1, , Y - X I ,.."'TA Albert N. McClenaghan Coleman P. Morgan Paul I. Taylor BOARD OF EDUCATIO ALBERT N. McCLENAGHAN ,, COLEMAN P. MORGAN PAUL J. TAYLOR ,, ,,,,,, WALTER R. TAYLOR DR. THEODORE A. HANSEN LEONARD F. FERRY WILLIAM B. ANDERSON FRANK C. MILLER ,, President Vice President , ,, Treasurer ,. ,,,, Secretary Frank C. Miller Walter ll. 'l'nylor lm qmglrql F4-fry Nvllllillll Alllll'fStllI Dr. Theodore A. Hansen 1 MELVIN N. BOUBOULIS E. LEONARD CAUM B.S.. MS. B.S., A.M. Assistant Principal Principal Commercial DOROTHY A. GISH KATHARINE A. HASTON BS.. MS. Guidance Languages Civics JOSEPH A. MATINAS RAY K. HACKER B.S. History Librarian Science Chemistry ROSHMARY CAVANAUCH SARA F. TURNER ILS., Mb. Physical Education English fi"fl"Till Sviffnlfff Rf-afling Instruction GUIDING HANDS-OUR TEACHERS ' A D. ANNE TOWNSEND 5 f B.s. Home Economics :,. f .... D A GORDON DAVIES B.S.. M.A. Physical Education Driver Training B.S. Mathematics MARGARET A. WATKINS History Geography English PATRICK W. BOYD B 9 Art Education ESTHER M. HAWKINS DOROTHY KELLER A.B.. M.S. English FRANK TOROK ILS.. MS. Scif-ncc ANNE E. PARSONS Rh.. M.S. Mutlleiuatics .l. Wll,llER SJXIJIJER lib.. M..-X. lIIflll!4II'lZll Kris JAMES E. WOOD B.S.. M.S. Social Studies MARJORIE B. JONES R.N. School Nurse JOHN ROLLO. JR. A, li. History English if ALEXANDER McDONALD B.S., M.S. Science HELEN L. BRUNNER B.S. Shorthand Typewriting JOHN CONTAR B.S. Science Mathematics lVlI'f'llllIlll'ill Drawing JOHN K. MOCK Basketball JEAN M. HOWELL B.S. Music English HORACE M. HUTCHISON A.B.. A.M. Music A '-5 ,naw ,fixax 'M u , ,w rr-A 5 ,N QM? , wiv ,I :I ya if egg ' WE ' .V Q, WK: 7, Q V, , V in ,iw , ' ,R , " -11 W ,pf nf L ' M f YQ ,, 1, . 4,:,,, I Ji' 1' Wa- '14:A?'-hf-ff'f - :v w aw-M ..,w,:'V--., yy, W V A , 325, ,hm- f ,VL aff ffv W 7 fmt. " I v- If ,W . fu .1 x 33 V L 'ws-Wa Wg? 4" M612 5- 2'3 "f' ' V i 11:5 ' WV , A. ,, ,, ,f A' ,, 1 ,,,. MM , IWW?-Ffx'1V?' NH " 5' ' K "'7is?""f"i?S.' .wifi J, ' M J 332 Yun Ewa? ,V ,, , , A wr ,4 ' W ', Ff'f 1 , ,V .V 'Fr-,Q'i.w 5 ff 3,1- , 4Z'w4,, 1 Y,9jEgqa'1',My..,gQ,lQMf9i f . v f E '1 NM ,, Y, .fww gsm A, M, ,'5,,:a,, ' Af' Y wh, 'wa laym- an, , QM, . L NANCY Lou ALDERFER Academic "Nano" is an active member of the cheerleading squad . . . was voted the girl with the "nicest smile" in the popularity poll . . . what a wardrobe! . . . always has a neat appearance . . . her short, wavy hair is the envy of all the girls . . . Nancy plans to attend college and become a music director . . . she makes up the alto part of the Girls' Trio . . . very active in sports . . . has a pleasing personality . . . usually seen driving her green Oldsmobile with J une, Fran, and Gail. CATHERINE FRANCES AMES Academic One of our talented art students . . . worked hard in the Art Depart- ment of the Yearbook . . . what would we have done without her at our proms . . . plays a good game of basketball . . . active member of the Focus Staff and of the high school choruses . . . did a great deal to help make the senior play a success . . . always willing to lend a helping hand . . . has a friendly "hi" for everyone . . . main ambition is to be- come a housewife. HUGH ARNOLD1 General Always willing to have a lot of fun . . . can be seen driving a "51" Packard . . . gets in a heap of trouble in English class . . . hopes some- day to become an electrician . . . usually seen with Harold . . . one of our faithful stagehands . . . enjoys all sports . . . does not have much to say about his love life . . . smooth dancer . . . enjoys giving Mr. Wood a hard time in P. D. class. REBECCA E. BERES Commercial Quiet until you get to know her . . . "peaches and Cream" complexion . . . loves to dance . . . faithful member of the canteen . . . a friendly "hello" for all . . . usually seen with a varsity right end . . . when not with "Howie" usually seen with Ella Mae . . . ambition is to become a doctor's assistant . . . we know she will succeed . . . member of the Leaders' Club and Girls' Chorus. JosEPH G. BRUNER General One of the most popular boys in the senior class . . . member of the fighting eleven . . . is a nice dresser . . . was voted the 'best dressed" and "class cut-up" in the senior poll . . . always laughing and joking . . . really has a good sense of humor . . . would like to become a me- chanic . . . one of the outlielders on our baseball team . . . likes to have a good time . . . helped to brighten up our dull classes . . . likes to dance. DONALD J. CAPPIELLO General "Cap" is one .if the cutest boys in the senior class . . . was voted "most quiet" and also "most hashfu1" in the class . . takes a lot of kidding from both the boys and girls . . . blushes easily . . . seen a lot with Sully . . . did a good job in playing left guard on our fighting eleven . . . oh, that smile! . . . interests lie outside of school . . . has not yet decided on his career . . . quiet until you know him . . . has a lot of admirers in the opposite sex . . . dislikes a wise guy. ELLEN L. CONNER Commercial Came to us in our junior year . . . always ready for a good joke . . . everything is happy-go-lucky with Ellen . . . favorite pastimes are col- lecting poems and sitting over a coke . . . has a lot of friends and a friendly "hi" for everyone . . . seems to have a great deal of interest in the Centre Fruit Market . . . oh, Ellen, what would happen if you got that green Studebaker? . . . usually seen with Phil, Kay, and Carolyn . . . always smiling . . . loyal supporter of the Morrisville football and basket- ball teams. HAROLD Caooxs General A tall, good-looking blond who came to us in our junior year . . . likes to tease the girls and they seem to enjoy it as much as he does . . . was the "unknown man" in the senior play . . . has a pleasing person- ality and is liked by everyone . . . catches up on his sleep in English class . . . hopes someday to travel in the service . . . is a happy-go-lucky guy . . . hopes to be a mechanic. 1. t SX . A 4, .N fc R? i up JOHN W. DAVIS in Academic ' C K warm personality and is a true friend to everyone . . . appears bashful A ly- but really isn't . . . one of the few people who can tell a joke and be ' X : " serious at the same time . . . has a good sense of humor . . . works part time at the Dairy Queen , . . can proudly lioast that his father is "i.' 2 the Chief of Police . . . intends to study radio and television. S' X X if 'H ' f Always willing to give someone a helping hand . . . possesses a 1 ii .fs K N. if i .L R x X 5, PATRICIA ANN DI-IMECII Academic Treasurer of the Class of 53 . . . president of Leader's Club . . . has a friendly smile and "hello" for everyone . . . can out-talk anyone and always ready for a good time , . . usually sn-en with one of the football players . . . likes to r-at and dance . . . hopes to teach high school some day . . . came through with flying honors on the popularity poll . . . a peppy co-eaptain of the cheerleaders . . . a member of student Council. if i 3 gig RQ K .tai . s CAROLYN C. DIsANTo lfornmerriul "Gus" is one of our efficient office workers . . . always pro-4-nh an nim- appearance . . . has a friendly "hi" for everyone . . . usually sw-n with Kay. Phil. and Pat . . . memher of the l.e-a1lvr'- Club for tlirm- 51-urs . . . spends some of her time working at lhn- Hairy Um-on . . . fznorito pastime- is 1-ating tomato pies . . . hope-s lo In-4-omv ai rm-1-plioni-I uftvr graduation . . . is always willing to le-nd a helping hand . . . likes to have- a good tim:-. ,. N . f 'T is ' " ,A ' u" C. Iloxl-:l,soN "" Aradcntir A 'ip . P it W ' In III I . - ji wmv, is . . . fy 'MQ Q llulh wus vol:-fl "most foie!" in thu- si-nior class . . . warm wrsonalil . l H -Q :md Illia- fri'-nd lo 1-yt-ryonv , . . usually -4-on with Nlary or Doris . . . K not-mln-u ol ilu- llivls' Chorus and 'Nlixe-d ffhorus . . . liuth is a loyal , - ' suppoile-I nl ull loollmll und lm-lu-Ilmll anon-s . . . sho is a hard worker ii A fn L no vw-vylhiny shv' do:-s . . . is 4--pf-riaillv lril-ndly to illlylllll' who is nu-w H , sf IH tht' -1 hool , , . lilo-s Io play Ihe- piaino in her spurt- limo . . . works A i i i -,ix K, ull llll' lfmtls. fV-. 3 - s aw New ' CAROL ANN DoRsEY Commercial Carol is one of our active members . . . excels in sports of- all types . . . was voted "best athlete" in the senior class . . . captain of the hockey team . . . second soprano in the trio . . . a peppy cheerleader . . . active member of the Student Council . . . our "A" student in the com- mercial course . . . her naturally curly hair is the envy of all . . . has a swell personality and is friendly to everyone . . . a nice dresser . . . capable student director of the senior play. JACQUELINE A. Dnucls Academic Jackie is one of the soloists of the senior class . . . she holds up the soprano section of the Girls' Chorus and Mixed Chorus . . . always has a cheery "hi" for everyone . . . plans to enter nurse's training after graduation . . . we know she will succeed in anything she does . . . Jackie is a loyal supporter of the football and basketball teams . . . usually seen at Burn's with Betty, having a coke . . . favorite pastimes are reading and playing the piano. FRAULISKA R. DUEMAN Commercial Has won many honors . . . was chosen "Canteen Queen" and "Miss Morrisville" . . . is active in all the choruses . . was voted the "best looking" in the popularity poll . . . a nice dresser . . . one of the few girls to stick with the shorthand class . . . likes to dance . . . usually seen with June, Nancy, and Gail . . . often seen driving around in her black Chevy . . . has a nice personality . . . ambition is to be a head hookkeeper . . . is well liked by all . . . her brown, curly hair is the envy of everyone. JAMES F. DUKE General One of the quietest and shyest fellows in the senior class . . . usually seen with Joe Mike . . . ambition is to become a machinist . . . spends his spare time building model railroads . . . most of his interests lie outside of M. H. S ..., doesn't bother with the opposite sex. , N Rs, N O HX' ELLA MAE ELCOCK Commercial Ella is one of our peppy senior cheerleaders . . . has cheered the team to victory since 7th grade . . . voted our class "cut-up" and senior with the "best sense of humorl' . . . one of the Focus workers . . . al- ways laughing and ready for a good time . . . a faithful supporter of the canteen . . . stole the show in the senior play as Lizzie, a silly maid . . . loves to eat, especially with our varsity fullback . . . noted for her cute personality. ELIZABETH MARIAN ERWIN Commercial Came to us in our senior year . . . has a friendly smile for everyone . . . hopes to be a Home Economics and English teacher . . . likes to go on hikes and enjoys cooking . . . is on the quiet side until you get to know her . . . member of Mixed and Girls' Chorus . . . very capable office worker . . . we know that she will succeed in whatever she at- tempts to do. ALICE FORUHAM Commercial One of the quieter members of the senior class . . . came to us in her senior year from Pennsbury . . . always sleeping in class . . . inter- ests lie in the Navy . . . always eating . . pet peeve is homework . . . loves to laugh . . . noted for her dry sense of humor . . . can take a joke and always ready for a laugh . . . pretty, curly hair is the envy of all. CHARLES S. GALAMBOS Commercial "Charlie" is one of the taller members of the senior class . . . a whiz at basketball . . . plays quarterback on the football team . . . oh, that dark, wavy hairll . . . "Charlie" always has a nice smile for everyone . . . was an active and capable president of Student Council . . . just loves to tease the girls . . . usually seen driving around in his red Chevy convertible with Bobby and Richie . . . portrayed the part of a rich playboy in the senior play. FRANK GARMAN General One of the tallest members of the senior class . . . was voted the "friendliest" and "most talkative" in the popularity poll . . . never seen without a smile and has a good word for everyone . . . played basket- ball and football . . . usually seen with Larry . . . spends most of his time in the Art room . . . likes to tease the girls . . . what about the girls at Pennsbury, Frank? . . . is well liked by everyone . . . helped to brighten up our dull classes . . . likes to sing. FRANK GATER Commercial Voted "best looking" in the senior class . . . had male lead in the senior play . . . a big football tackle and co-captain of the squad . . . has a nice smile for everyone and oh, those dimples! . . . hunting and playing sports are his favorite pastimes . . . one nifty guy and a swell sport . . . to be a success in life is his ambition . . . a friend to all . . . also received "best all around" and nicest smile" in the popularity poll . . . usually seen with a senior cheerleader . . . a member of the Student Council. EDWIN F. GREENLEE Academic One of our top "A" students in the academic course . . . was voted "most likely to succeed" in our popularity poll . . . is ambitious, hard- working, and very dependable . . . always has a neat appearance . . . was Vice President in our Senior and Junior years . . . often found participating in the track events . . . is quiet, but full of fun . . . likes to eat . . . oh, that wavy hair! . . . has a pleasing personality . . . everyone's friend . . . plans to go to college and we know he will come out on top. CHARLES HALL Commercial One of Bond Motor's faithful workers . . . drives around in a green Olds . . . quiet but once he gets started, watch out . . . usually seen with Russ . . . after graduation he will probably become one of Uncle Sam's boys . . . pastime is racing pigeons . . . always ready for a lot of fun . . . keeps the girls guessing . . . always in the library reading sports magazines . . . a hard worker . . . loyal Morrisville fan. 6 "-A' MARILYN BARBARA HAINIILTON Commercial One of our efficient office workers . . . faithfully attended the foot- ball and basketball games . . . usually seen with Shirley, Pat, and Mary . . . spends her summers at the seashore . . . would like to become a beautician . . . member of the Leader's Club for two years . . . enjoys reading and a good movie . . . always ready for a laugh . . . is a neat dresser . . . has a nice smile. LORETTA Jo HART Academic Loretta is captain of the senior cheerleaders and a very active one . . . she was voted "most likely to succeed" in the popularity poll . . . plays all sports . . . always ready to- greet you with a smile . . . lots of fun to be with . . . Loretta plans to go into nurse's training when she grad- uates . . . she had the female lead in the senior play . . . a very capable Treasurer of Student Council and Secretary of the Senior Class . . . a pleasing personality. ROBERT W. HARTSHORN A cademic Joined the fighting eleven in his senior year . . . did a fine job as full- back . . . always seen driving around in his black Plymouth . . . can usually be found in the dark room . . . pet peeve is people who crack their gum . . . is always heard saying "Do you have an extra pencil?" . . . ambition is to become a Physical Education teacher . . . likes to have a good time. EDWARD F. HAYASH Academic Rates high in the brain department . . . can tell you everything about anything . . . did a good job in the senior play as Mr. Beresford . . . goes thru Chemistry with a breeze . . . ambition is to become a chemical or electrical engineer . . . favorite pastimes are reading and talking . . . likes the nurses from McKinley Hospital . . . can usually be seen driv- ing his Dad's Studebaker . . . in his spare time he works at the Jambo- ree . . . hates girls who crack gum or use baby talk. 1, "' 1 Russu. H. H1-:Lvl-:s'roN General Our Gene Krupa . . . one of the long time members of the band and orchestra . . . is on the quiet side until you get to know him . . . likes to tease the girls . . . always ready to hear a good joke . . . often seen working in the shop . . . has a friendly "hi" for everyone . . . am- bition is to be an electrician . . . we know he will succeed in whatever he attempts to do. Howmn F. Holscusr Academic End on our varsity eleven . . . does a line job as baseball catcher . . . if you want to find Howard, look for Becky . . . always ready for a good laugh . . . blushes easily . . . did a good job as property chair- man of the senior play . . . smooth on the dance floor . . . loves to talk, especially in Chemistry class . . . always willing to use his car to run errands . . . after graduation he wants to be a carpenter and build his own home. ELIzABE'rH KANE Academic Our class politician . . . has a friendly "hi" for all . . . her natural, curly hair is the envy of all . . . is a nice dresser . . . usually seen with Jackie . . . loyal supporter of the football and basketball teams . . . a good student . . . head cashier at one of Trenton's stores . . . worked hard on the Yearbook . . Treasurer of the Leader's Club . . . member of the hockey team . . . plans to go to college and become a teacher. ARL!-:NE HELEN KLEPADLO Academic "E" came to us from Proctor High School in Utica, New York . . . usually seen with Cathy helping the class . . . is an active member of the Focus Staff . . . a lot of fun to be with and always ready to laugh at a good joke . . . has a friendly "hi" for everyone . . . wants to be either a kindergarten teacher or join the Waves. EDWARD W. KOHLER General Our star athlete . . . enjoys playing all sports . . . made all-county football team for three years . . . co-captain of the fighting eleven . . . was voted the "best athlete" and "best physique" in the senior poll . . . always ready with a joke . . . likes to have a good time . . . usually seen with Richie, Charlie, and Jerry . . . catches up on his sleep in English class . . . is well liked by all . . . has a nice personality . . . never a dull moment with Eddie. RICHARD S. LANDIS JR. Academic A good looking blond . . . really deserved "best sense of humor" in the popularity poll . . . always has a witty remark to brighten up classes . . . Dick has a pleasing personality . . . he seldom talks much about his love-life . . . does weightlifting and has the build to prove it . . . loves to coach football . . . has a junior team of his own . . . he hopes to be a Physical Education teacher after graduation . . . Dick can al- ways be heard saying, "Can I borrow a pencil?" FRANK HAzl-:N MACLAREN Academic One of our "A" students . . . is an active member of the senior class . . . Editor of the Yearbook and Focus . . . ambition is to become a lawyer.. . . had one of the leads in the senior play . . . likes to have a good time . . . was voted "most pull with the faculty" in the popularity poll . . . always ready to hear a good joke . . . one of our talented art students. ROSINA MARINI Commercial One of our quiet classmates . . . plays a good game of hockey . . . wants to be a general office worker . . . a member of Leader's Club and Girls' Chorus . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . . . enjoys working in the office . . . a very neat dresser . . . her most interesting class is typing . . . voted umost bashful' in the popularity poll. KATHRYN H. MAT'rrs Commercial One of the shortest members of the senior class . . . never a dull mo- ment with Kate around . . . likes to laugh and have fun . . . very cap- able office worker . . . would like to become a secretary . . . was voted "best dressed," and really deserved it . . . usually seen sitting over a coke in Pryors with Pat, Carolyn, and Phyllis . . . a different outfit every day . . . usually seen sporting around in a blue convertible with Matt. GAIL D. MAURER Academic One of our cute seniors . . . hails from Yardley . . . loves to drive her father's Chevy . . . has a friendly "hello" and smile for everyone . . . takes a lot of teasing about her appetite . . . enjoys singing . . . likes giving a certain varsity football player a rough time . . . usually seen with Nancy, Fran, and June . . . portrayed the romantic part in the senior play . . . a very neat dresser . . . can't wait to go to college . . . hopes to be a medical secretary. RICHARD HAROLD MERSHON Commercial Joe is quiet until you get to know him . . . drives a green Chevy . . . a real friendly guy to everyone . . . hopes to be a milkman . . . likes the wrestling matches at the Trenton Arena . . . English class is his pet peeve . . . usually seen with Charlie Hall . . . enjoys all sports . . . loyal Bulldog fan . . . a faithful member of the Safety Patrol . . . be- longs to the Library Club. DOROTHY MILLER Commercial Dot is one of the taller members of our class . . . always seen riding to school with Jean . . . plays a mean trumpet in our school band . . . forever studying her shorthand . . . can she play baseball! . . . quiet until you get to know her . . . loves to laugh . . . has a cute giggle . . . an ardent sports fan . . . member of the Mixed Chorus . . . enjoys working in the office. t I a a S 1 Ru-nano C. NEUMAN , ' General i S Another one of our football players . . . did a good job at end . . . i of humor keeps the class laughing . . . sports one of those classy crew- cuts . . . never seems to have a worry in the world . . . is a happy-go- - lucky guy . . . usually seen driving around in his Ford with Charlie, Il- Eddie, and Jerry . . . helps keep the diner in business . . . plays a Q C is well liked hy everyone . . . has a cheery personality . . . his sense and ,X Q 3 Q . good game of basketball . . . main ambition is to graduate. A. SHIRLEY PRESTON Commercial Shirley is one of our efficient office workers . . . works at Radio Sta- tion WBUD . . . after graduation she hopes to become a secretary . . . usually seen with Marilyn or Pat . . . has a smile and "hi" for every- one . . . Typing Editor of the Yearbook . . . loves to eat and dance, and comes to all sports events . . . faithful worker on the Focus and member of Leader's Club . . . is always ready to give anyone a helping hand . . . loves to talk, especially in English class. WM. DAVID R1cHAnDsoN Academic Usually seen with a junior girl . . . always cruising around in his Mercury . . . interested in aviation . . . after graduation he hopes to become a mortician . . . has a cherry "hello" for all . . . loves to sleep and is always eating . . . loyal Bulldog supporter . . . always willing to lend anyone a helping hand . . . in his spare time he works for Wilber Stout, Contractor. Tnoivms J. ROHNER Academic Capable President of the Class in our Senior and Junior years . . . center on the fighting eleven . . . usually seen with Tom Trout . . . f eating is his favorite pastime . . . one of our better students . . . plans to go to college . . . always ready to hear a joke . . . member of the Focus Staff . . . has a nice smile . . . likes to have a good time . . . often seen driving around in a black Dodge . . . spends much of his time with a certain senior girl. J EANETTE RUSSELL Academic Came to us from Lorain, Ohio, in our senior year . . . one of the shortest members of the class . . . always ready for a good joke . . . has a cheerful personality . . . enjoys singing and football games . . . always can be found at Burn's with Ellen . . . plans to go to Miami U. for further education . . . wants to become an airline hostess . . forever studying chemistry . . . works part-time at Lobels. PATRICIA A. SHATTO Commercial Pat is a real friend to all . . . always willing to lend a helping hand member of Leader's Club and Girls' Chorus . . . hopes to be a beautician someday . . . keeps Lobels running smoothly . . . a swell classmate . . . smooth complexion . . . usually seen in Pryors with Gus, Phil, and Kat . . . one of our efficient office workers . . . neat dresser favorite pastime is trying to fix her hair a different way . . . her in- terests lie outside of M. H. S. PHYLLIS E. SMITH Commercial One of the tallest members of the senior class . . . was voted the ubest physique" in the popularity poll . . . likes to drive around in that seen certain convertible . . . always ready for a good joke . . . usually with Carolyn, Kathryn, and Ellen . . . never walks to school . . . most of her interests lie outside of M. H. S. with a certain mechanic . . . likes to have a good time . . . has many clothes and is a nice dresser. DENNIS J. SULLIVAN General Sully is active in all sports . . . small, but mighty . . . dynamite on the football field . . . his ambition is to become a Physical Education teach- PT. . . swell personality . . . no one seems to know his other interests his favorite pastime is sports . . . a friend to all . . . takes a lot of kidding about being so small . . his pet peeve is conceited people . . . really a fast talker . . . plays a fast game of basketball . . . enjoys history class. 4 JUNE PHYLLIS THORNLEY Commercial Always willing to have fun . . . beautiful, blond hair and blue eyes are the envy of all . . . soprano in the trio and helps hold up that section in all choruses . . . can be seen driving a blue Pontiac . . . working partner with Fran at Tangent Tool . . . ambition is to be a secretary . . . keeps the boys guessing . . . pretty smile and neat appearance are trademarks of June . . . the Honor Soloist of the Class of 53. THOMAS R. TROUT ' Academic One of the most popular boys in the senior class . . . star fullback on the fighting eleven . . . likes to tease the girls and they sure do love it . . . is a neat dresser . . . usually seen driving around in his Pontiac . . . has a swell personality and a good word for everyone . . . likes to, have a good time . . . is smooth on the dance floor . . . another one of our outfielders . . . plans to go to college . . . we know he will succeed. LORETTA GRACE WHITE Commercial One of our athletic classmates . . . plays basketball, baseball, hockey, and volleyball' and is outstanding in each . . . a member of Leader's Club and Girls' Chorus . . . has a pleasing personality and is a friend to alll . . . if you hear a hearty laugh, don't look, take our word, it's Q X Grace . . . is always ready for a good joke . . . favorite pastime is horse- QQ' back riding . . . loyal supporter of the football and basketball teams. LAWRENCE WiLcox Commercial "Larry is one- of our sport fans . . . knows about every major league ba-vball playa-r alive- . . . fast guard on our basketball team . . . he-'s shy wha-u il 4-ouu-s to girls but the- girls think he is rather cute . . . 4-vt-ryone is 1-nvious of his blun- e-yr-s and flashing smile . . . always seen in tha- library rr-aiding a sports magazine- or arguing with Frank . . . if you valor- your lift- don't say anything against the Philadelphia Phillies . . . also 1-njoys playing buss-bull . . . om- of our star pitchers . . . rouvlif-s zi midgv-t football te-am. MARY ELIZABETH WITTEKIND Academic "Mary" is a cute member of the class . . . always has a nice smile for all her friends . . . her dimples are the envy of all the girls . . . is a singer in the soprano section of the Girls' Chorus and Mixed Chorus . . . her favorite pastimes are reading and playing the piano . . . after graduation she plans to enter college and study to be an elementary teacher . . . Mary loves children and we know she will succeed in this work. Cizonca WOOLLEY it Academic Likes to tease .he girls . . . member of the tighting eleven . . . is very clever with a paint brush . . . held up the violin section of the orchestra . . . always laughing and ready with a joke . . . the butler in the senior play . . . would like to become a chemist or laboratory technician . . . likes to have a good time . . . is a friend to all . . . has a variety of nicknames . . spends his spare time playing sports. CLASS OFFICER x 0 Ma Seated: Loretta Hart, Secretary: Thomas Hohner, President: Pat Demech, Treasurer Standing: Ned Hayash, Business Manager: Ned Greenlee. Vice President. First row, left to right: C. Ames. F. MavLaren, B. Kane. R. Landis. Second row: N Greenlee S Preston. J. Drucis, C. Maurer. C. llorsey. 'l'. Trout. YEARBOOK STAFF Erlilor Associate Erlifor ,,,, lfusiness Manager Assislant Manager ,,.,,,,. ,41l1verl1fsir1g Manager ,S Hear! Typist llllllfllgfflllllilf Frfitor flrl Erlilor , H ,, Class Write-lzps 12-1 Wrile-ups ,, I2-2 Write-ups Far-ulfy flrlviser , lVfllf!"llIIS llarolcl Crooks Phyllis Smith Fran llueman Kathryn Nluttis Ella Mm! lilf-in-k Nancy Alflf-rfer l,urf-lla llzlrl l':1I l,f'HIl'l'll l'l1nlugrr1phy flillllvfll flluli Frank lVIacLaren ,S , , , Betty Kane Jacqueline Drucis Rebecca Beres Richard Landis ,S ,, Shirley Preston Thomas Trout Catherine Ames . ,,,, Carol Dorsey Gail Maurer .. Ned Greenlee James E. Wood UNUERBLASSMEN HAVE PXCWHES I KA 'x ll Kmiul. X. l'ux-un. lf. m....w. .-m...m i 'flixf ll-1- First row: ff. Jlllll'lS0l'l. J. Wilrox. Swonll row: D, Barnes. ll. Koster, I.. flung. M. Ne-uman. ll. R0fl1'l'1llHlIQlll. V jolinson. ll. Llpplnvutl. I.. lhslvr. A. Ani:-s. ll. Titus. ll. Sllllll. 5. Nlutr-jik. 'l'l1ir4l row: ll, Tulum-, K. Rivll. D. llie-trivk, ,l. lla-tml. li. llmllnmlli-. ll. llnlulax. lf. Nlurini. ll, Taylor. N. Howl-ll, 1-pafllu. NlfXRU."XHl'i'l' N. WX'I'KINS llflli-Ulli Nl. lll 'IYIHISON ll-2 First ruw: ll. ,lznm-Q. .l. Ff-llnor, ll. Van:-f-khuvvn, D. Phillips. Svvonrl row: I l,l'll4',2Q'flI. li. ll2lYl'N li. ll unting, ,l. Pix-rmn. U. Nvuman, U. Lodgv, H. 50 ' 1. ' 'nl row: H. llruoks. l'. Krvnan. J. Kisf-, 5. Xl. llxzm. lx. lll'l'1lllll. ll. Wlulr flu mulwurfl, ll. Lullxum. Al. Jillliiklil, ll. Nirxlll, Nl. lliglvy. J. llrie-slrack, C. Erwin Sl:-in. n I0-I I'1rst row: H. I'l1dIUIId. II. Mn:-. 'I'. I.1-mm. Sm-vumI row: .I. I'I1iIIips. R. NIivIn'I. K. Rr-in-r. 5. Iiurlrug. I.. Nlurtin. I'. Wumiward. 'I'. lfnwm-II. If. Glynn. II. I'Iurn. I'. LIIZIIIIIIIIII. II. II1ut4'In'r. II1mI row: II. I'IllgLII4'N. Il. II4-alll. If. IILIIIIH, II. l.mImI. NI. Iiossn, II. Ixln4'4'I. N. NI1'I.I'2lIl4', I.. North. II. Icrry. 5. l.0nn1'r. ,I. I Saxton. I.. NIam'NviI. II. Carman. J. Iavitlo. Il. Haln-I. I. Savage. IIICIICN I.. llRl?NNIfR -0 x 36,5 fII.ICX INDI-III NIm'IlUN,'II.II -2 First row: lf. lflawge-Q. I". Caruso, W. wrII1'IiIlillll. II. II:-nsur, Il. I.l'lllIIIfl. II. I . V. ogg-iw. S1-1'm11I rms: Il. III'l'!'IINlHllI. N. XIAIYIJIIIU. II, Ilallvlv. IQ. wvvxa. I'. Maxllllslrllrx, J. IUIIIIHIIII. .I. Sl'IlQ1It'l'. ll. Xlmm-. I. I1-tl:-nu-r. XI. IIIIIII. - ig n. R. Oakes. IIIIIITII row: I". I'1-sw. ll. Wuunl. NI. Nlalwn. F. Ivrry. J. cf-ll. II. Iirnwn. ,I. IIuppuIu. II. I"zn'lm'. Il. Xlulllx. NI. Krx-xl. K. Witl:-kiml. Ulni. A if. . .. l4.n.' Y". 41. I' I .-. 1... '- ull:-y. -X. :I1Iax11s,,I. Wintz-rw. II. I"re-dcrirlx-, L.. Dux vzsw x XNWV ggumgmf .X l Rohm-r, IC. 'Viale-lik. 5. Fmtvr, J. Cilristopilz-r, ff. Hoc-hun. R. Brewer. New vm -una 'f4.a1 1nmq.fmnwun-1:1-r hm ing. NI. ffappif-Ilo. Third row: J. Troff. A. Miller. H. Iilinn, I. Crooks, Nlalmsiwury, C. Maimsbury, D. Erwin. E. Ludato, IJ. Smith, P. Johnson Rosen E. Pitman, E. Cvam-ttf-. FRANK TORUK 2 .JOHN ROLLO. JR. 0-2 First row: T. Johnson, T. Phillips. J. High-y, B. Hobbs, D. Sinclair, H. Sim-kman. Sw-mui row: li. Mun-k, B. Lama C. Hughes, L. Cutcliinf-al. I.. Luv:-tl. l'. l.ippinvott, ll. Woodward. J. Mille-r, H. UiSanto. B. McQuigan. Third row: K. Piinnions, J. Cavanaugh, F. Ilamc-run, li. Z1-rrvnm-r, S. Sultzbach, ll. Q-J First row: F. Doan, J. Holt, P. Malvwivz. S1'i'liIlli row: Ii. lin-slr-y, I Shamfr. R. Riley. J. WPavc'r. S. Dize, E. Foste-r, J. Horn. J. Krogulski, J. lem D ,v ff ' 1 A X L. f sw. x + . W, - .- , v. K. +- Am ' N h +1 ' 1'h . wif. Q' 9-3 f Fin! row: W. Loss, D. Biglvv, J. Clawgf-s. R. Demech, K. Robvrts. Svrond row: R, Carte-r. D. Kre-isvr. J. ll:-nnis, K. Phillips. M. Novak. J. Carr. M. Titus, D. Svhultz. D. Ff'lSlJllI'gl, J. Sloth-rlnavk. Third row: J. Brvwer, E. Nvmfth. A. Stout. P. L01-. J. Middlvtnn. N. Lev. N. Slack. P. Gr:-4-nlvv. F. Mc'TamnQ'y. E. Hoffman. H. Fritz. .I FA N Nl. HOWELL AN NE E. l'.-XRSUNS 8-1-First row: J. Vane:-khnvs-n, li. llre-Qilmavll. K. H:-nwr, C. Marsha J. Mas:-jik. R. Shinklv, J. K1-hr. J. Mlzllrls. li. Pivrmn. I.. Huge-rs. Third row . use-. T. Alllson. K.. Sinclair. f.. Llark. W. Klvpzlriln. R. l'0llHil'. lu. Iarr. l' Capudiv. D. Codd, A. F1-Il. YV. Zuvzak. ll. T. Connvlla. L. Perry. Second row: R. Hunting. K. llaslon. Il. Dish-r, M. Latham, 3' 3, ,L 'W 'K .wk -lj" :wi P 5 ww' ,j 1 .U . R ' 4 5 4 F .-X 4+ X7 Q v 139- Q ' Q -X :I , M 'Mk :VN ate TE. ,W A y.. u . 1- , me .MvA, , ,M . , . Q s 'NI' l R K, .vjvt Q- fit. ll,'x4pt 1' y4""' f". , J. .. . . , .sp wi 1 Qc, HN at Hgf 'Iii ,O x1 I SN T.. 1 "gf-""'v"1'9"'5' f xjijixk A . ' qi M: V 1' 19' NM 1 .o-r 1 Y -I ik 1 M4 7-3--First row: A. Connello, J. Skelton, R. Sullivan, D. Brewer, R. Zuezek. J Sabolovicli, P. Solt, C. Hadley, B. Rosali, J. Marrazzo. Third row: E. Foster Kirclihoffer, P. Peterson, J. Bailey, R. Woodward. C. Ossman. 9 I 5 . 4 ff. JUSlCl'll A. NI ATINAS STUDENT COUNCIL lfiret row: ll. Catti, L. Connella, J. Pit-trocarlo, P. Allison, E. Foster, B. Rolwrls. Sevond row: C. Carman, F. l'n-see. T. Trout, C. Dorsey, T. Roliner, C. Calanilios, E. Marini, K. llc-Fazio. F. Cater, M. lfappiello, A. Stout. Third row: D. Rirli, H. Konat. A. Klepadlo, M. Colin-n, M. Burke, M. Carfelo, C. Rodenbaugh, G. Neuman, S. Turner, S. Connor, M. Krysa, S. llise, C. Hughes, J. llennie. ll. llurns, J. Skelton. li. Brewer. A. Faber. Culick. Second row: M. Burke, M. Hornyak, J. McCarity, S. Smith, S. Cote. L. M. Roberts, R. Sinclair, N. Wooley, J. Preston, M. Toth. A. Taylor. J. Q S. Q 2 , sw. X i A " x Aiwa gl X Y fi . -f f,Na.g. A if AES, . , 6 L X . S img! lg L! x iq Q6 b . 1 .-L S i X Q - ... P M 'Sk W Q ik 'Q u Q! , gs a. W sz 2 2 f is T , 9 'K 5 1 X ii Q 5 ii ,Q L .h E t f L 'gg 5 xf ' Y A . Y. 5 . 3 ii Q S A vw 5 ? 5 1 1 QM 5 fl , i s - 5 W YT X ww,,,,, Q -x9.' 3 iii. 4 Asif :EE . 1 1 ,W 21 ' If Q, .5 V ' 93.5 gas 1 ' V ' f '-, Qi"-5: V' ' 41' Mr 'f'3.5g:, TOM Ifuarhes-N11-DONALD, DAVIES and LEE FOOTBALL .X RICHIE JACK TOM DENNIS DON vi :IJ I , CHARLIE X 3 . 4 PAT FR A N K in JERRY First row: D. Sullivan, D. Cappiello. E. Kohler, P. Keenan. C. Calamlnos. H. Hof-vlist. R Neu- man, F. Cater, T. Rohner. J. llrun. r, T. Trout, C. Woolley'. R. Hartsliorn. Second row: l". Caruso. J. Fellnor, H. Arnoldi, P. Chapman. H. l"reclerir'ks, E. Allison. F. Pesva-. H. Iiorlll, D. Talone, N. Caum. L. Hart, J. Savage, J. Ketaner, C. Lebegern. W. Thatcher. J. Phillips, C. Greenwood. A. Powell, R. Ui:-triek, W. Vaneeklloven. SCHEDULE Upper More-land MHS Jenkintown MHS Southampton . MHS Neshaminy , MHS Bensalem MHS East Stroudsburg HHS Pennslmury MHS Hatlxoro MHS Council Rovk MHS Hamilton MHS Bristol MH5 .L , i yy Vkyk K 4 x A I First row: K. Roberts, C. Carman, H. Powell, C. Galamhos D. Habel. F. Pe-sve, B. Vanf-ekhoven. Second row: L, Wil cox, W. Thatcher, D. Rich, J. Vaneekhoven. BOYS' BASKETBALL Ijoafhes JOHN MOCK and RICHARD LEE Tvam lfaplain' -CHARLES GALAMBOS Ne-w rc-Cord holder--40 points Coach-ANNE PARSONS Co-Captains CAROL DORSEY LORETTA HART GIRLS' BASKETBALL First row: R. Hobbs, G. Neumann, C. Dorsey, L. Hart, B. Solt and E. Marini. Second row: N. Alderfer, M. Krysa, L. Disler. and R. Marini. 1 i Co-Captain-'CAROL DORSEY Coach-ANNE PARSON VARSITY HOCKEY Co-Captain-MARJORIE KRYSA First row: G. Latham, R. Marini, C. Neumann. C. Dorsey, R. Hobbs. L. Hart, B. Solt. Second row: G. White. E. Marini. L. Disler. D. Lodge. P. Demech, N. Alderfer. 11141 WW Q .Qs 'yay 'iw V 4 A ' f " " -.,,, 5 Lf' M zlifh MMM .AP ww f M , , 4 X ff I z., w ww WL ,www 2 mirfffhwff X X 1 2 E - 1: 2 .E g - f X if ! 2 ' Q 2: .S . A F YA Q' , . A E SS' X -N. 1 Ti ,. S l .P S i X .... ' Nw X Q Q Q r ' :I f-lwfmmwnmvf-,f l 'Q - " X , A fi, A, ,, N , :X , ,A -fs'-af, , 3 5 . k ,,wMvw. in LQ1 - A L f fa' J- x ?:x ' 4. gm. 1 . I -M mmm, Q ff f-M gh ll .Q u. '.. .- . 5 Q Q Q K, V it H ,X X, . H H W JU I 1 1 uw, 2 - Q2 S . R . -. H-ef ""'- f :IQ s . Q ' X - A - W A, - .. s . W ini Y 5 N , ki N 3 I K. E 'Ji A M Ss ,Q 'v V 'J W J V . Q X X. i k . ' W is , I W uk h 3 i f h 1 U M' 39 mf: 5 V .. Ng . M a Z. Y A Y W v ff il ,i I .1 VAVV , - f if ,..xx 1 f M 4 an ! . x , 1 w QS Vwf 1 1 f 2 , .8 1 J Q! x", Q 3 f 7' x K ' K Q X1 , , .K M A 516- 5- M ,L fw- - f JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: E. Glynn, Bartrug, P. Greenlee, G. White, P. Demech, C. Latham, Cv. Wittekind, C. Hughes. Second row: M. Neuman, K. Reiter, S. Hillman, D. Rohner, J. Saxton, L. Lovett. Third row: K. Koreyva, D. Felsburg. LOWER BUCKS COUNTY Junior High School Football Champions wx, M . First row: H. Stockham, R. Demech, J. Pietrocarlo, J. Vaneekhoven, E. Foster, B. Brewer, A. Stout W. Hobbs, J. Solt, M. Cappiello, C. Christopher, N. Sellinger, C. Ossmen. Second row: Mr. Torok P. Crooks, A. Miller, D. Marrazzo, C. Boehm. J. Walsh, B. Fernandes, W. Zuszak, J. Christopher E. Nemeth, L DiCicco, Mr. Matinas, B. Davis, M. Slack. V ag. gk n 9 'J sd, in X+'L ,ff 'S 3 QM fn, TRIO Mrs. Howe-ll. N. Aldffrfer, C. Dorsey, ,I. Thornley. SENIOR SEXTETTE Hrs! row: K. Bunting. C. Paxsun, K. Brite-r, Mrs. Huwvll. ronal rnw: M. NPUIIIBIUI. K. Hartvl, H. Glynn. VESPER CHOIR First row: K. Harte-I, ,I. Kise, R. White, C. Klepadlo P. Malmsbury. Second row: K. DeFazio, J. Drucis, R. Rich, E. Glynn, G. Paxson. 5 5+ X 3 aww? 9 Q rw Q J V5 Q YQ-K!! Sys 31 I Q' .4 ff sg -ff 3' fr M 'KEYS ?sV xj!5J9gLa'i5 61 5' W, , ?,,xYX nf ' 'P K ' 1 af U'L fn,ffKf 9 -Q, 5'o. ' l .l K I'--VX . , , v . if T A ' F ,af 4 'iffy in 3 , X s V f nf 5 it w- F A W A rl 1 af' hs P' I ft... -if JUNKHiCHORUS First row: NI. lhnrnyak, li. Solon, D. Hunt. L. N4-uman, l.. tf. B. S. D. Sultzlnzu-h. A. 'l'uyIor. N. Wmvllvy. 5. Thorn. J. Prvston, llnht-u. .L Flu-limi, S. ifustvr. N, Slavic. K. Straszynski, Durne. St-vond row: M. Durkv, Y. Titus. L. CllU'iliIlPHi, Smith. tf. YillilllNllllYV. if. 'iiuote-I. J. liailcfv, R. Svheffvr, While-, :L Kit-putiln, M. tlrnvvs, .L Mille-r, B. Sherman, J. Carr. Third row: H. Dish-r. C. Niahnshury, J. Krogulski S. Sultzhavh. M. Miller, D. Foulkv, H. Bt-ll. P. Lev M. Kane, J. Middleton. D. Rohn:-r, L. Lovett, N. Lee Mrs. Howell. Fourth row: B. Pierson, ,L Horn, R. DiSanto M. Novac. J. Dennis, J. Adams. F. Tarr, A. Antrnlnus D. Smith, P. Lippincott. 5. liouitun, j. Hate-jik, K. Huston ORCHESTRA 3 First row: K. Harte-l. R. Bunting. H. F. liunting. A. Ames, T- LPHOX. J- KiSP. H- Rivh. B. R0gLf'rS. C. Christoplwr, D. Nirshl. R. Hohhs, P. Nialmshury. P. fiI't't'l'lif'f'. J. Gibson, D. Hahvi. Mr. Hutvhisun. D. Mille-r. Sf-cond row: R. il:-Ive-Simi, D. Harm-s. R. Arrws, . 3 mi .4 fy .kg wif gsm: MNlW FOCUS First row: Nlrs. Hawkins. S. Hillman. R. llouhoulis, QL. White-. R. lluhhs. R. Marini, C. Latham. R. Kina-l, U. Nirshl. lf. l'll1'm'k. Mrs. llrunnvr. Se-cond row: N. Green- lrv, K, IM-fiizin, N. Cowvll, ll. Taylor. K. Wlittvkind ll. Kane-. l'. Dciiirch, R. Done-lson, C. North, C. Hadley F. Nlurini. R. Anies. Third row: J- Ki?-6, D- TPYFY. SAFETY Fir:-t row: ll. .-'liiilr-rsoii, M. Rolwrti. R. Svhuniann. R. Dreis- lmavli. R. llvluy. M. Phillips, C. Marshall. R. Stn-hi-l, ll. llntti-rwortli. T. Bigloy. K. HQ-nsor, L. Shaner. Miss Watkins. Svvnnd row: K. Hludzinski, J. Hunt, E. Tootcl N. ln-, H. Hrahchak. C. Taylor. J. Kirchhoffer, S. Foster, l.. Nvuman. J. Sk:-lton. P. lm-. ll. l.ane'. R. Ramano. Third C. Maurer. N. Aldf-rfi-r, M. Ne-nmann. R. llunting, A. Kla- padlo, S. Rartrug. G. Wittvkind, R. VU:-ml, C. lloffhni D. Cahlv. Fourth ww: B. Sult, F., l.. Hart C. Ames, M. Witlvkind, J. Svligivr, M. Krysa, C. Roden haugh, li. Stein. PATROL row: C. Hughes. D. Nirshl. ll. Kraisf-r, ll. lllyh-r, C. Cowell J. Rogers, W. T1-ttf-ine-r, A. Mattis, R. Harding. J. Nliddlv- ton, D. Slack, D. Schultz. Fourth row: R. Ure-1-nla-4-, ll. Rosati. D. Causvy, R. Emiliv, Pif'trm'arlu. L. lliffivvo N. Sellingf-r, J. Patterson, W. Wainslm-y, J. Vane-z-khovvn A. George, D. Frye. K Ct ,Q ir u ll 21,6 us! K 9' fi 5 555 53 b1 5'sS1' Q'Q' Q1 345 35 M - gf 94,-A 5f1 ' w 5"3wf Q www ' 3 ' k F 15, J? :gy A is Wa f- . A F Q Q 3 .gg ' .Q N 3. - ia.. mug x S" N. . F5 X 'QE ,, is . .4 .i-x ww .., In if , V .Z , Vw ' LWN V A . I 45,,,. 4 ,lr K Z ' 2' 1 . . f- f A . , . gjj 1 ' ? z 2 if M S . :mai ' "3'i:1q.,5:L f -H., nc..-A-.xx . 4-wk. 1 1. 1 sx W W 5-1: 23. X4 R. A ' J Q 4? -J' 6. .4 -up V . it ', 4' . 5 N .3 iv J 'CC -Q - X. . X N A N... Q. - N ...- SKS. . Y w, 1 :ff-, - fx gi, w.-5.5 5? as .F S. X . tg. V X A "Y. LTA Y wif-W ' W Q4 W F 3. .-.ef 5 vi T Y? . a EJ ,- He-lvl-sion, C. Johnson, CAMERA CLUB First row: W. Janws, R. Van:-1-khoven, W. Thatch- f-r. J. Fvllnor. R. Brooks, Mr. Caum. Sc-cond rowlz IJ. Barnvs. ll. He-ath, D. llabel, R. Hartshom, J. Kvlaner, C. Le-lxegern. Third row: F. Carman, J. Paccilto, ll. Arnoldi, A. Faber, R. Landis, T. Trout. W. JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB First row: R. Emmons. H. Davis, M. Slack, J. Allison. Mr. Havkr-r. Svvond row: R. llart, R. Butterworth, E. Apple-gate. ARCHERY CLUB First row: C. lflawgxvs, W. Wickham, R. Ficarotta, F. Caruso. C. L1-ming. Miss Watkins Sn-cond row: T. Lenox, P. Chapman, N. Nlarrazzo, W. Rogers, R. Pond. SHOP CLUB First row: D. Sullivan. G. Wonlln-y. Nlr. SLlllllt'I'. Sm-vmlnl ww: ll. liappicllo. ff. Huglw, ll. Sllllll. lf. Xllisuxx. Third row: L. Ha Gull-r. P. K:-L-nan. ARCHERY CLUB l'll'Sl row: K.. ON-nmn. J. Xlarruzm. R. Stun-ln-l. ll Lv:-. R. lfmllixliy. ll. Pm!!- nmnn. Se-roml ww: ,l urn 4 1 Xuvn-k. 'l'l1ir1l rem ' 'N I . . A I. . 4 l ' A gl. '-- Xylll 'in-. f 3 3 Q ' V , , , 2 v 5 ,A , 5 JUNIOR ART CLUB l'll"l ww: lx. ll4-mor. l' llmln. ll, l,aln1'. Nl. 'l'itu .l. Nlurlwy. Nlr, lloyd. N-1 unll rms! l". l'aln'1'iulli. l' l.ayp0. ll. S1-ln-iffvr. ,l I,f-nm. lf. Sltlflxlllllll, Thilwl rms: l,. llrn'lNfm'ml. ,I. Pin ll'0t'.lIltl. X. in-1vl'g1c'. ll llillll1'X. 4 . 5 1 it S E I U1 A I QW BICYCLE CLUB Firxt row: ,L Iiuzis, W Loss. II. lfox. II. Klingle-r main. K. Sl'illlllliiIlIl, II iIre'w1'I'. .L Skvilon. T Mail'-Iiiivr. S1-4-onmi row: If Sl'ilWlll'IL. ll. Hain-l. .I RUQLCIN. K. Rohvrts. R Re-ilzlv, R. Sullivan. K M:-im-rg. W. Long. B. Ros sati. Third row. D. El drvmlge-. Il. Te-ttviiivr. R Kvupm-r. C. Iiruciy. A. Mat tis. H. Paxson. II. Fryv MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB First row: ff. Marshall. R. Bloor, E. Ge-anvttf-, R. Bunting. Mr. Contar. Sev- Omi row: J. Slotterhevk. J. Brf-wer, II. Wanislvy. II. Br:-sic-y. S JUNIOR SPORTS CLUB First row: D. Marrazzo, T. Johnson, R. Demech, J. Rigby, P. Male-wciz, T. Phillips. R. Houser. Mr. Matinas. Second row: B. Mclluigan. Nl. Cappie-llo. A. Milli-r, J. Walsh. R. flartvr, R. xlllI1'k- Il. Bri-lsford. Third row: A. Stout. E. NPHIPIII. C. Niv- Taiinnlie-y. E. Hoffmann. J. liavanaugli. W. Zvrrvn- HPV. SENHM IJBRARY CIJJB Fire! row: R. xlvfgllllll. YV. Uavis. N. I"mI4'l'. Nl. Rosso, .l. llllkv. St'l'l3llli row: J. Lnwvll. Nl. Ruth. Hr. Havkvr. REV LEADERS,CLUB l'll45I row: Nl. Mason. R. Hwlvlw. ll. Whitv. K. Mat- Iis. K. Nlarini. ll. Latluxm. If. Nl. I-Ilcuvk. R. Heros. 'Nliss lfavunullgih. Se-1111141 rnw: ,l. l7l'i1'sllu4'll. C. Ro- llvlllbilllglll. U. Kaur. Ii. Ylllllll. P. U4'1m'rll. fi. Di- Sunlw. Nl. Hamilton, Thirml row: N. linwvll. U. Taylor, lf. Nlurini. K. Witlvkind. KL. With-kind. l'. Shaltu, S. l,I'l'W!1lll. Fllllfth rmmi I.. Dish-r. B. Full, S. llarlrllgz. Nl. Krysa. K. Kon-yva. L. Hart. ll. Nvu- llliill. JUNKHlSPORTS CLUB Fir4t row: T. Tanzilln, H. I'0-tvr. D. Hf'1'k1't, f.. Hugh:-s, P. f2N'1'Illl'1', I. Sharpham. li. Fritz. B P4-trick. Sevonrl row: M llownarml. R. Ililliw-0. l.. Arlaxns. T. Tanzillo, R. XIa1'N1'il. V. Sloslularil. 5 llizv. Third row: S. flulv. Full. D. Slavk. M. Ur-- l'az1o. IJ. l'e-lslmrgx. Mus Parsmmf. i fi!! A CARD CLUB First row: R. Hensor. F. Terry, G. Greenwood, F. Pesce and Mrs. Brunner. Second row: D. Phillips, J. Savage, H. Codd, C. Carman and A. Powell. Third row: S. Matejik, N. Caum, R. Oakes, H. Factor and R. Dietrick. CLASS PROPHECY By the ENGLISH CLASS This is the year 1963 . . . The famed New York reporter, Pat Demech, is touring the United States to seek the whereabouts of her classmates of 1953. While in New York she visited the Stork Club, now owned by Richard Neuman. The name band was none other than Russ Helvestonis "Stardusters,,, starring June Thornley as vocalist. Taking pictures at the night club was ace photographer, Tom Trout, also from the New York paper. This accounted for four of her classmates. The job was to find the others. Next stop was the TV show starring the famous comedian, Jerry Bruner, alias Red Buttons. Also on the program was Hal Crooks and his "Singing Guitarf, How- ever, on the way to the show she witnessed an automobile accident. Her reporter's instinct led her to the hospital. lnquiring at the desk she found, to her surprise, that Gail Maurer was the medical secretary. While the loudspeaker announced . . . "Calling Dr. Rohner ..., Calling Dr. Rohnerf' Loretta Hart, head nurse, told the details of the accident case. Returning by train to her home town, Morrisville, Pennsylvania. she picked up a fashion magazine and saw that Phyllis Smith, well known Conover model. was modeling the clothes designed by Catherine Ames, famous fashion designer. James Duke was one of the conductors on the train. Arriving in Morrisville, Pat went directly to the steel mill where she found Fran Dueman working as private secretary to Benjamin Fairless. Working with Fran is Betty Erwin, Carolyn DiSanto, Marilyn Hamilton. Rose Marini and Dot Miller. Ed Hayash is a chemical engineer at the steel plant. On Bridge Street was a new red building with a green sign reading "Cappiello and Sullivan, Constructionf' They have built many new homes in Morrisville. Working with them is Larry Wilcox. Several of her classmates are working in Trenton. Howard Hoechst is one of the top men at Roeblings. His private secretary is Becky Beres. Richard Mershon owns and operates a prosperous dairy business, 6'Mershon's Magnificent Milk Company." Direct- ing traffic at the corner was Bill Davis, now Chief of Police. The next stop was Morrisville High School. Pat Shatto was working in the office. Mary Wittekind and Arlene Klepadlo are teachers in the elementary department. Dick Landis is athletic coach at M.H.S. Bob Hartshorn has his own frozen food store in Yardley. Bond Motors has a new owner, Charles Hall. Kathryn Mattis is his private secretary. Next on the agenda was a plane trip to California where many of her classmates have settled. The pilot of the plane was Frank Cater. Jeanette Russell, who helped make our trip a success, was the stewardess. She gave the reporter a book of poems written by the famed authoress, Ellen Conner. ln California she visited one of her old friends. Carol Dorsey, who works in the office of M.C.M. studios. Her TV set was being repaired by Hugh Arnoldi, who has his own repair business. Working with Carol is Ella Mae Elcock, known for her ability as a hairdresser. She had just returned from a trip abroad. The athletic news of the day was that Eddie Kohler is still playing professional football while Charles Galambos has set a new basketball record in the U. S.. and was selected on the last four All-American teams. In California Pat also found Jackie Drucis, one of the studio's singing instructors. and Nancy Alderfer, who conducts a well-known Hollywood school for music students. One of the most prominent business women in Los Angeles is Betty Kane. Her secretary and traveling companion is Ruth Donelson. Ned Greenlee is a professor of math at U.C.L.A. The librarian of the college is Grace White. Working as a com- mercial artist in San Francisco is George Woolley and Alice Fordham assists hiln in his work. A new singing discovery is Frank Carmon. who was a white collar worker befofe he entered the music profession. On the way home Pat stopped in Chicago. She found Shirley Preston employed hy one of our leading lawyers. Frank Macl.aren. And the last person Pat saw was David Richardson, now a mortieian. The roving reporter has finally found all of her classmates. They have done xery well for themselves. We hope that you have enjoyed our tour through the United States locating our former classmates. fs. .J 4 ..t 1 c First row: lf. Elm-ook. N. Alflcrfer. L. Hart, C. Dorsey. P. IJCINBCII. SCCUKIII row: K. Wiltvkixmcl. J. Moore. C. Hodenlmaugh. B. Solt. K. DPFazio. Tlluruksgix ing 1 Rally "Ural Ihr' H"f1r1'1'o SENIUR CHEERLEADERS N NX M as 1, 4 On to Hitborol ,P . . . - qw . ff Q Q JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS First row: S. Foster. A. Klepadlo. C. Hughes. J. Skelton. N. Sluvk. Se-vmul nm Middleton. D. Hohner. E. Tarr, M. Ilelrazio. llas of wi fr'1'1'11fll1'wst Class Cut-ups Qyigggsf Ill NIICKIII il-XRNI.-KN ISRUNER ELCOCK CAPPIELLO DONELSON CLASS OF 1953 NNIITII KUIILKR lim! l,nnLing lim! Afllll'fI'.9 Hrs! SPIISI' of llunmr 4 XII-,H lDl,l'.X1NN IIHKFICY Kfillllfli l'1l.4fU4IK IANIIIS lim! :H1-fl rouml .Nvnlvsl IJFPSSPVS .'NrlI.CPSf Smile Ill-1NHClIll ll.X'I'ICR Xl.'X'l'TIS IRRVNER AIDICRFICR il X I I Ii E IOR POLL fllosl Tallfatire' DENIECH XG.-XRNlpKN Um! Pull ll'I'lll lfn' f'ua'11ll'x Mus! lflIXlIfIll Um! l,1f.wlx 'llv Nu 14, Xlm-I,XliI-IN UI-fXIIQ1QlI lIXl'I'lICI lil XIXKINI 1.lH'l"Xl I-If IlXhI i FII 'Dfw N 1. N, .W . -fi' x if-x rf -al, Km. wk E BK E 'Q- Qi" ,mix is-A LSD .i ,f. ,gmt ,91..Ah'l0 V ., Mx , 4 frxgn Q-..... ,,F . Ill "' f'flif?' Aa 5 EQ: f ' .gy LL .QI X f,,Mwa1i" ' . X 5 E 3 , 5. ,gi ...-fr' K" J X.. M 1015. 3 Q 1' -.-...Q I L. QI Now Gel This Straight Trout Arnuml End" Riclilf High" 'M. H. 5. lfxprvss spilfdllll My Fsmlu w? L 4 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We offer our sincere thanks to the following for their invaluable aid in the production of our yearbook! THE SARONY STUDIO THE TAYLOR YEARBOOK COMPANY THE HIGH SCHOOL CAMERA CLUB OUR ADVERTISERS Special appreciation is due Charles Lebergern and William Vaneekhoven of the class of 1954 and Jason Taylor of the class of 1957 for the hours they spent in the school's dark room. Please Note An eight page supplement will be mailed to each subscriber late this summer. It will include pictures of all activities held too late to make the spring deadline for the original printing. Please remove the paper from the glued strip on the supplement and add it to your yearbook as a lasting memento of our Senior Year. THE CLASS of 1953 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Har? Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Thornley Mr. and Mrs. A. Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Eric Donelson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Pafrick Demech Mr. and Mrs. Henry Drucis Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Landis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hall Mr. and Mrs. Ralph ShaHo Mr. and Mrs. David Arnoldi Mr. and Mrs. Edward Safer Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Elcoclr Mrs. Mary R. Fordham Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Alderfer Mr. and Mrs. S. Beres Mr. and Mrs. L. Misero Mr. and Mrs. Walfer S. Hoechsi' Mr. and Mrs Thomas Hamil+on Mr. and Mrs. J. DiSan+o Mr. and Mrs. Harold Russell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smirh Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kane Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Ames Mr. and Mrs James A. Dorsey Mr. and Mrs Harold W. Crooks Mr. and Mrs Henry Troui' Mr. and Mrs Thomas J. Rohner Mr. and Mrs. Samuel N. Connor Mr. and Mrs Alfred P. Neuman Helen Klepadlo Phyllis and Jimmy Emanuel Corii Norm and Ellen Isadore Richmond A Friend S+eel's Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Presfon Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hayash Chief of Police John S. Davis VULCANIZED RUBBER AND PLASTICS CCMPANY Your new neighbors, +he members of +he managemenf or ganizafion of Fairless Works, Uniied SI'aI'es SI'eeI Company I d ex en fheir hear'ies+ congraiulafions and besi' wishes I'o fhe l953 SENIOR CLASS of MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL. Persons inferesied in empioymeni' ai' Fairless Works should a I eiI'h ' ' ' ' ppy er in person or in wrlhng 'ro Mr. R. M. Lewis, Gen- eral Supervisor Personnel af PersonneI Bureau. Interior REMODELING C JOHN J. VEN DER 308 Hillcresf Avenue Morrisville, Pa. PHONE 5807 .xxx NK, RICHFIELD Gasolines--Mofor Oils Kerosene QUIET MAY Oil Burners Conversion Burners Warm Air and Boiler- Burner UniI's 24-Hour Burner Service FUEL OIL Domesfic and Indusfrial CONSUMERS OIL CORPORATION Phone 4-5353 85I SOUTH WARREN STREET TRENTON. N. J BOND MOTORS, INC. Morrisville, Penna. O NEW and USED CAR SALES COMPLETE SERVICE and PARTS DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL STATE INSPECTION GULF GASOLINE PRODUCTS 607 SouI'I'1 Pennsylvania Avenue OFFICE FURNITURE Disfribufors of ART METAL STEEL FURNITURE Files-Safes-SI1elving-Lockers Pos'I' Index Visible Equipmenf Leopold Execufive Office Furnifure Gunloclce Wood and Upholsfered Chairs Harfer Posfure Chairs and Indusfrial Seafing Office Safes and Vaulf Doors Filing Supplies-Commercial Sfafionery PALMER TROUT 81 CO. TRENTON 5-636l I040 SOUTH CLINTON AVE., TRENTON. N. J I LEGNARD LEVIN PROFESSIONAL PAGE Dr. John R. WiH'elcind Dr. Theodore A. Hansen Dr. James M. Klenk Dr. Roberl' A. Gould Dr. Theodore R. Cohen Dr. Thaddeus B. Fowler Dr. Samuel L. Segal Dr. Milfon Can+er Dr. Gilberl' lsserman Compliments of TANGENT TOOL MANUFACTURING CO O Morrisville, Pa. Congratulations to the "Robert Morris l953 COMPLIMENTS OF THE BAND BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION ot MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL A Well-Equipped High School Band Helps to Develop The Citizens ot Tomorrow Meetings: Third Tuesday ot Each School Month MORRISVILLE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Bringing into closer relation the home and the school that parents and teach- ers may cooperatively secure tor every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education. "Membership is a Privilege" Complimenfs of I THE MORRISVILLE BANK k PHILIP S. SLACK and COMPANY MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Charles M. Fox, Jr. er Avenue Trenfon 9 N J CHARLES GALAMBOS and SON Top Soil Ph 3 64 Morrisville, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF C KING FARMS CO. Morrisville, Pa. Hendricks Brothers ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS Residenfial 8: Indusfrial Sheef Mefal Work Mefal 81 Composifion Roofing Office and Shop 82I CEDAR STREET Brisfol, Penna. Phone: Brisfol 2422 I COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ALLEN 81 HURLEY Olq pic dawned TILIV IIION Wholesale Disiribufors RADIO .... TELEVISION .... PARTS 23 Sou+h Warren S+ree+ Trenfon I0, N. J. PHONE 3-0386 GREENWOOD DAIRIES vlsir OUR DAIRY and FROZEN Foon STORE "Every+hing Thai' Coun+s in Dairy Produc+s" REGULAR HOME MILK DELIVERIES BETWEEN PHILA. AND TRENTON Lincoln Highway Langhorne, Pa. PHONE 3764 Complimenls of ROBERTSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY O Phone: Office 73 I 3 BUCKS COUNTY FARMS DAIRIES Samuel Boone, Prop. Pasfeurized Mill: and Cream CoH'age Cheese-Buffermilk-BuH'er Morrisville. Pa. Complimenfs of TALONE'S GULF SERVICE STATION nu wesr BRIDGE STREET MoRRlsvn.LE, PA. William I. Murphy FUNERAL HOME 4I Wesi' Tren+on Avenue Morrisville Phone 7922 Phone 7806 Greenlee fr Son CONTRACTORS Excava+ing and Grading Trucking 64 HARRISON AVE. MORRISVILE. PA CompIimen+s of CENTRE FRUIT MARKET 350 Cenire Sireei' Trenfon, N. J QUALITY FRUIT and PRODUCE Frozen Foods Groceries Phone 2-2009 Owned and Opera+ed by +I1e Marrazzo Bros. FRUIT BASKETS OUR SPECIALTY AMICO SAND and GRAVEL CO. Tyburn Road Morrisville, Pa. KANE'S Sc TO 51.00 STORE MorrisviIIe's Junior Depf. Sfore FOR THE BEST SHOP AT SUE'S BABYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF GRIM, CADWALLADER and DARLINGTON O O COMPLIMENTS OF SELLINGER'S GARAGE Compliments of Clover Leaf Dairy Phone 5787 Jack Nafhan JACK'S MEN'S SHOPG 32 Easi Bridge S+., Morrisville, Pa. Nafionally Aclveriisecl Brands MEN'S FURNISHINGS SPORTSWEAR-JACKETS-WORK CLOTHES WORK and DRESS SHOES 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE Piscopo Bros. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS DAY and NIGHT SERVICE Wrighl' and Hall Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone 3304 Complimenis of WM. H. FULPER, Inc. Appraisers-Realiors Insurance Indusfrial and Commercial Locafions Morfage Banking Dis+inc1'ive fown ancl coun+ry homes in hisioric Mercer ancl Bucks Coun+ies 300 WEST STATE STREET TRENTON. N. J. PHONE 4-534I TRENTON JUNIOR COLLEGE Supporfed in Pari by 'Ihe Ciiy of Trenlon and Ihe Sfafe of New Jersey. Offers Accredi+ed College Transfer and Terminal Courses during Ihe Day and Evening in ART FOUNDATION LIFE SCIENCES PHYSICAL SCIENCES PRE-ENGINEERING JUNIOR ENGINEERING "AH'end College and live ai' home." Cafalogs Available Upon Requesi' For Acldilional Informafion Call 5-34I4 Or WriI'e To TRENTON JUNIOR COLLEGE Wesl' Sfafe and Willow Sis.. Trenion 8. N.J. Matthew DiSanto DUMP TRUCK SERVICE 6I8 SouI'h Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE 3302 ESSO LEWIS SERVICE ll5 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. Coal Oil Burner Service Fuel Oil PENN-JERSEY COAL COMPANY Chambers Sl'ree'r al Delmorr Avenue Morrisville, Pa. Morrisville Phone 7955 Trenlon Phone 74-7955 Penn Valley Constructors, lnc. DESIGNERS-FINANCERS-BulLDERs 20 Norlh Pennsylvania Avenue Morrisville, Pa. DODGE See CONEY 24 WEST BRIDGE STREET MORRISVILLE. PA. THE GREAT AMERICAN TEA CO. Qualify Merchandise Since l856 I04 So. Penna. Ave. Morrisville, Pa. WoIsh-Perini-Groves-Slattery COMPANIES Morrisville, Pa. Foirless Motors Company AUTOMOBILES IO6 W. Bridge S+. Phone 2837 Morrisville, Pa. J. S. FOOSE Self Service Markei' MEATS-PRODUCE-GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS 353 W. Bridge S+. Phone 5597-9887 Morrisville, Pa. sl T coMPuMeNTs or 0 l lik l WHITE TAVERN l Y RESTAURANT E Sl-'Up l su N. OLDEN Ave. R 4 We W ff TRENTON 4 " s Tas EAST Hmovsn STREET TRENTON, N. J. f COMPLIMENTS OF King Supply Co. MORRISVILLE. PA. W B U D Serving Trenfon anal Morrisville Presenls i+s Complimenls fo THE l953 GRADUATING CLASS of MORRISVILLE HIGH MORRISVILLE CLEANERS AND DYERS Down'rown S+ore-Bridge and Penna. Ave. CasI1 and Carry Sfore-4IO So. Penna. Ave. Plan?-408 So. Penna. Ave. PHONE 3845 Steve Lanzak HEATING, VENTILATING, AIR CONDITIONING GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK GUTTERS, LEADERS and ROOFING Complimenfs of MORRISVILLE ESSO STATION JOE DAVIS DON GREENLEE I06 Eas'r Tren+on Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone 2666 Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission PENNSYLVANIA-NEW JERSEY OPERATING me NEW MoRRlsvu.LE-TRENTON BRIDGE Phone 3-4520 STEEl.'S FLORAL Complimenfs of Flowers by S+eel Will Always POST 6l76 Appea' VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS 727 Soufh Broad Sl'ree+ Morrisville, Pennsylvania Trenlon, N. J. VOGUE CLEANERS and DYERS C H NO SERVICE TOO LITTLE a OR TOO me OSCAR'S FROZEN FOOD I5E.B'd S+. M "ll,P. l'l 78560l'l'lSVl e a Leaders in Cleaning and Dyeing For Home Delivery Specializing in Uniforms A COMPLETE LINE of . . . . FROZEN FOODS and Flrsf in Quick Service PET FOODS Efficienl' Delivery Service Phone: Bris+ol 4775 Sl1ir1's Laundered Morrisville's Oldesl' and Largesl' Cleaners MORRISVILLE MOTORS Body, Fender and Painfing Service Aurhorized Pennsylvania Slale lnspeclion S+a+ion James Aversano, Prop. Phone 5367 winggliy, 2 is 5531 4 vxfrz' .-.':b.xfL 9 E' "4" XY I2 Ex lifqlvk 4 55 64 W 'W A f I 'Q COMPLIMENTS OF .215 Friend SANFORD-DILET'I'O Posr No. 433 Morrisville, Pa. SIMPSON CHEVROLET 222 Easl' Bridge S+ree+ Morrisville' Pa, AI' Lower Bridge Approach Phone Morrisville 7I84 Official lnspecfion S'l'a+ion 8499 Complimenls of THE PENNSBURY DEVELOPMENT CO. Fallsinglon, Pa. PHONE 7l04 TrenI'on's Only Mulual Savings Bank THE TRENTON SAVING FUND SOCIETY l23-l25 Easl' Slale Sfreel' Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporaiion Charlerecl I844 Bell Phone 7534 THE WM. G. HOWELL 81 SON CO. Real Esfale and Insurance P. O. Box 209 Morrisville, Pa. PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION Courses in Accounlancy, Journalism Secre+arial Science, Social Secrefarial Commercial Teaching, Finance Business Adminisiralion Medical Secrelarial B. S. and A. A. Degrees Calalogue Free on Requesf RIDER COLLEGE Founded I865 Trenlon, N. J Phones: Day, 74-3l96: Nighl, 557I MIKE'S AUTO SERVICE Tune-up - lgnilion Specialisl Molor Overhaul Wrecker and Towing Service Penna. Official Inspeclion Sla. No. 8458 III-I I3 W. Bridge S+., Morrisville, Pa. Complimenls of SAWYER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Men's Wear Boys' Wear BYER'S JOHN B. TETTEMER Work Clolhes--Camping Supplies FUEL OIL Army and Navy Supplies Hulmevmel Pa. I27 N. Broad S+. Phone 2-7049 Trenfon, N. J. PIWOTIS 6492 Phone 7575 MORRISVILLE FLOWER GARDENS D. Conlurso 8: Son Flowers For All Occasions 509 W. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. DOROTHY LEE FLOWER SHOP Mrs. Eva R. Blake, Presidenl 602 W. Slale Sl., Trenlon, N. J. Phone 2-5I I6 Phone 7648 HUNT'S STATIONERY and TOY STORE S+aI'ionery-Greefing Cards-Toys School Supplies I8 Easf Bridge Slreel Morrisville, Pa. PURCELL'S SHOE STORE I2 Sou+h Warren S+. TI'enI'on, N. J. Specializing in Good Qualify Shoes I GOULD'S MARKET Fancy Meals, Produce and Groceries Phone 5582 I7 W. Hendrickson Ave. Morrisville, Pa. CompIimen+s of Factor's Store MACKENSEN KENNELS Greaf Dane and Boxer Puppies Dogs Boarded-Hea+ed Kennels Individual Oufsicle Runs Full Line of Dog Food and Meal' Reading Avenue Yardley, Pa. Phone 275 I CAMPBELL'S GULF SERVICE III E. Trenfon Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Pryor's Pharmacy The S+ore +he Docfor Recommends PHONE 74I6 Phone 9867 CAPITOL VIEW BARBER SHOP 50I Norlh Pennsylvania Ave. Corner Hendrickson Ave. GRADUATES OF BARBER SCIENCE Joe's Shoe Shop 54 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. Complimenfs of UNITED CUT RATE STORE 29 E. Bridge Slreel' Morrisville. Pa. Levinson Bros., Props. Complimenfs of CHARLES F. PROVOST 432 Sfockham Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone 5600 REPRESENTATIVE Mefropoliian Life Insurance Company YARDLEY PHARMACY Prescripfions-Drugs LuncheoneH'e Free Delivery Yardley 2703 Phone 9847 BRIDGE AUTO BODY 81 REPAIRS Sieve Barkasy, Prop. AUTO PAINTING 5I9 Bridge S+. TrenI'on. N. J. "In nofhing do men more nearly approach fhe gods Ihan in giv- ing healih +o men." -Cicero JOHN M. BURNS Class of '28 Pharmacisf PENN DECORATING COMPANY Decorafors of Fine China HAND PAINTED GIFTS I02 Soufh Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Clarence Alderfer, Owner Phone 5644 EVE'S SHOPPE SMARTEST STYLES in Misses and Junior Apparel 69 Nor'Ih Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 2I43 Pennsylvania New Jersey "SI'a'I'e Supervised" Chicks Officially Blood Tesied WHITE'S HATCHERY 5I8 Crown S+ree+ Morrisville, Pa. WAMSLEY PONTIAC E. Bridge S+. and Delmorr Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PHONE 7245 Phone J. ALLEN HOOPER Morrisville 3286 FUNERAL CHAPEL JOHN J. RESO FINE WATCH REPAIRING JEWELRY-WATCHES-DIAMONDS SI LVERWARE II E. Bridge, Opp. The Bank Morrisville, Pa. 45 N. Penna Ave. Morrisville, Penne Licensed in New Jersey PHONE MORRISVILE 74-7725 Save 20'Z, on A+hIeIic Equipmenf CAPITAL SPORTING GOODS Phone 2-78II 5I7 Norfh Olden Ave. Tren+on 9. N. J. E. P. BISHOP COMPANY INSURANCE SERVICE Represenfing Par+icipa'Iing Companies Fire. Auio, Workmen's Compensaiion, LiabiIi'I'y, Bonds and Healfh 8: Accident Phone Trenfon 3-4339 Yardley 3445 "Ham,-non+on Park Clofhey' Television Radios Ranges Washers Arrow and Van Heusen Refrigerarors Lighfing Fixfures Shir+s-Ties-Sporiswear Geo rge's CIo'Ihes Shop S. Broad and Faciory Sis., Trenion George Lavinson "EveryI'hing Elecirical for Ihe Home" WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL TRENTON LIGHTING 4I6 S. Pennsylvania Avenue Morrisville, Penna. Morrisville 747 I TOMLINSON'S VARIETY SHOP COMPLIMENTS of 57 No. Pennsylvania Ave. MORRISVILLE DELICATESSEN HOUSEWARES-TOYS I8 E B'-,d S+ SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' ' ge ' Phone 2306 COMPLIMENTS OF Oven Bake Shop I2I N. BroacI Sf. Trenfon, N. J. Phone 4-8435 Meszaro's Meats ARE I ALWAYS GOOD TO EAT 66 N. Penna. Ave. Complimenfs of BURNS APPLIANCE STORE GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 7-9-II N. Monfgomery SI. Tren'I'on, N. J. CARUSO-GREEN STORE Meafs-Produce-Groceries FREE DELIVERY 830 Soufh Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 9878 MORRISVILLE BAKERY 343 Wes+ Bridge SI. OPEN SUNDAY-CLOSED MONDAY Phone 385l BEST WISHES From The Managemeni' Of The TRANSIT DINER We Serve Wholesome Food OPEN THE YEAR ROUND B"Id9e S+- Morrisville. Pa. Complimenls of MORRISVILLE BOWLING ALLEYS Complimenls of THE SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Lorelia Jo Hari Carol Ann Rodenbaugh Ella Mae Elcoclc Bunny Sol'l' FRANK HOFFMAN- PVOP- Nancy Lou Alderfer Kay Defazio Carol Ann Dorsey Karen WiH'elcind Phone 98I7 Pai Demech Janice Moore Complimenls of Dairy Queen So. Delmorr and Chambers S+. Morrisville, Pa. Complimenfs of MARY H. MAC LAREN JURY coMMlssloNeR Class of I929 WALTER H. SCHULTZ PONTIAC I6-20 Passaic S+ree+ Trenion. 8 N. J. Where Service Has Sold Thousands Waller H. Schullz Phone 6I54l Complimenfs of ROSS REALTY CORPORATION Owners and Developers of HIGHLAND PARK 525 Hamil+on Blvd. Morrisville, Pa. SNYDER'S SPORT CENTER l07-IO9 Perry Slreel Trenlon, N. J. SCHOOL SWEATERS-JACKETS GYM CLOTHES Phone 2-4059 STACY'S 5c +o SI.00 STORE Headquarlers For STAR RUG YARN Clover Leaf Nylon Dawn KniHing Worsfed J. P. Coafes, Clarke's, Gem, and Daisy CROCHET COTTON CENTRAL QUALITY MARKET Qualify Mea+s and Provisions Wholesale and Refail Also . . . Self-Service Groceries I7 Easl' Bridge S+., Morrisville, Pa. Opposife Bank Phone 3309 Radios-Television-Washers Sinks-Ranges-Refrigerafors Room Air Condirioners L 81 G ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Phone 7567 35 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. CAPITOL VIEW DELICATESSEN Supplee Sealfesf Ice Cream Open l0:00 A.M. 'l'0 I0:00 P.M. Daily and Sunday 449 N. PENNSYLVANIA AVE. O'BOYLE'S ICE CREAM Bris+ol Pike 8: Green Lane BRISTOL. PENNA. Telephone 9875 ROBERT MORRIS HOTEL Cockiail Lounge and Dining Room Rooms by Day or Week Ifalian-American Food Prompi' and Courreous Service Cafering Io Banquefs--Wedding-Par'Iies, E'I'c. 50-52 E. Bridge S+. Morrisville, Pa. Phone 3469 HUNT PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Prinfers Raised LeHer Wedding Invifafions 2I Chambers Sfreef Morrisville. Pa. "RoberI' Morris" Phofographers SARONY STUDIOS I3I6 Walnui Sfreel' Phone 2-4926 Esfablished I929 HARRY'S SUPPLY CO.. INC. Everyfhing for Ihe Tavern and Resfaurani' "USE OUR COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE Philadelphia, Pa. 326 S. Broad Sfreei' Trenion 9, N. J The Friendly Place To Shop BEATRICE SHOPPE Woman's Apparel BENHAM'S PAINTS Easl' Bridge S+. Morrisville. Pa. Dupom-PNN and Lambed,-SOHO Opposiie The Bank Wallpapers Phone 3450. i SchuI'I'z and Imperial Open Monday and Friday Evenings 53 N. Penne. Ave. Phone 3093 Complimenfs of NOVELTY CONFECTIONERY All Kinds of Candy 956 S. Broad S+. Trenton, N. CLUB DELMORR BAR and GRILL 2 Soufh Delmorr Ave. FRED W. GREENLEE Landscape Service and Planf Mari' Esfimafes Given 508 Sfoclxham Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Telephone 74-38 I 8 JAKES DOGGIE HOUSE Burks Charcoal Dogs 2 S. Delmorr Ave. Morrisville, Pa. H eIm's RESTAURANT S. Penna. Ave. Phone 2409 Complimenfs of RICKERT NURSERIES Morrisville-Yardley Road Morrisville, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF The Makefield Co. Realtors 82 NORTH PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ' Morrisville, Pa. DlCK'S HOBBY SHOP 243 Sfoclzham Ave. Morrisville, A Complele Line Of Trains, Planes, Boals anal Accessories COMPLIMENTS OF Bill Doran Edward Nalley ALEXANDER RUBBER CO.. INC. 20 Easl' Fronl Slreel' Trenlon 8, N. J. Rubber Flooring-A Specially TAXI When ln Trenlon Phone 6-8580 TRENTON CAB 24 Hours Service Anywhere-Anylime E. Hanover 8: Warren Sf. lOpposile Lincoln Thealrel Trenion, N. J. Phone 2-6432 COl'lEN'S TUXEDO PARLOR Dress Sui+s for All Occasions - To Hire - Palace Thealer Bulicling Represenlecl by Bruccoleri Bros. I85 S. Broad S+. Trenlon, N. J. LOU'S HOME Movies I350 Chambers S+. Trenlon, N. J. ' Q N: N wx m -Tsw f J' 'S 'Yuff 5 .mx.X Kms v S i M ' "L R , X S 1 ' im.. i?LLi 'ff fffm- fi W 6 ,gag ,M ,V H '56 X U - thx" X S A 5X x Lk L w f ff' I S -. -ff V f f - . gx. M Qx K k 1 1 1 Xi' Q Q. x .5 X T , Lx xg Li: f . Nw :L . xx . 1 af. Q x, 4 WE QQ? hm E m Q. ,im 45 ,. Xf !. I' LLL x K Q X L 'RFQ ,Q I . . x ,K fx Q, 7, A' . X ' , ki K kikv Wd! se .K f iikgk K K 4 N K K N If Q , A Q - m X, .5 L- fs 2, L ' P I f L LL ' Q if - L V51 L. . A ff fL"LLfha XL I 4 'I 7'-.A L x Ljf1LX. H f"" iS LR m W fi' ,L+ f K ' 1 , . f Yi Lfffip -5 L f f -5 x X L .-f J 'L ,ggi 3 if ' ji n M J J. is 1 X21 f 4 gg s 'RLS 'U' gs m SL V ,. Qt' M x , ,fn rf .5 'LLL NL" ,R 'V w Af. , TU? A gf' - A ' 8 X nf X . x - .v Y SX .al . k l ,,.,,X- Q 3 L 'eff in 5: . fix- S-5,4 'V N "'3f7.s-L rx! Q . ff' ff L YS. .Lf f 2 - , 1 A jf Sk f .X zgyz Q S fgfifl . 2. Q' . . i X , .X Q QQ WX XE A ff xx -' iiixyg iff' A fi l , 1, ' in gf , 4 , pi- Q . K f iii? Q3 ikffgf Swag, ifs s,i-f 5- if LW ar, A f Q X . f-+fIXfw L K'+F'5'1f' '1vivV+ L 1 8 . Q Q L f My .fs wifi fffm L M J-' , , f , 5 , R K. XPQX5 f :lsr cm. I f ,.f,L,,p , . - A fx S mv S M , fm q Y K- KW, , f 5 .S .XX Xml fm SLA x ,ggtsgggq ? 'I A-Sygffiwm K 51 vw Ls ' Y ' L ifipsiflf f' ' fi fm :S Y ' a an ' f ' f S' 'M : fs'Wi ff V1 w W:-4" , A 1 1. . W. 5, H 'Q f NANCY I,OU CATHERINE FRANCES HUGH REBECCA E. JOSEPH C. ALDERFER AMES ' ARNOLDI BERES BRUNER X g At g is Wg W if s-'Q E E Q, 'S Q., sm A me A J DONALD J. ELLEN J. HAROLD JOHN W. PATRICIA ANN CAPPIELLO CONNER CRQOKS DAVIS DEMECH -.Nha CAROLYN C. RUTH E. CAROL ANN JACQUELINE A. FRANZISKA R DISANTO DONELSON DORSEY DRUCIS DUEMAN THE CLASS of 1953 MORRISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Morrisville, Perma. 1 fggpfi JAMES F. ELLA MAE ELIZABETH MARIAN ALICE CHARLES S, DUKE ELCOCK ERWIN EORDHAM CALAMBOS ml ,QH fe X X , , x kk. LE X... K X j i umiglyi A A Q 5 I Q f" f f .R 1 A EE ' I FRANK GARMAN FRANK CATER EDWIN F. CHARLES HALL MARILYN BARBARA GREENLEE HAYVIILTON S LORETTA JO ROBERT W. EDWARD F. RUSSELL H. HOWARD F. HART HARTSHORN HAYASH HELVESTON HOECHST 2 9 3 ELIZABETH KANE ARLENE HELEN EDWARD W. RICHARD S. FRANK HAZEN KLEPADLO KOHLER LANDIS, JR. MACLAREN 1 ROSINA MARINI KATHRYN H. GAIL D. RICHARD HAROLD DOROTHY MILLE MATTIS MANRER MERSHON RICHARD C. A. SHIRLEY WM. DAVID THOMAS J. .IEANETTE NEUMAN PRESTON RICHARDSON ROIINER RUSSELL PATRICIA A. PHYLLIS E. DENNIS J. JUNE PHYLLIS SHATTO SMITH SULLIVAN THORNLEY N, THOMAS R. LORETTA GRACE LAWRENCE MARY ELIZABETH GEORGE WOOLLEY TROUT WHITE WILCOX WITTEKIND 1 15 4 I- RIN xi! f WASHINGTGN, D.C April 20, 21, 22 IEADQUARTERS-Roger Smith Hotel IHAPERONES-E. Leonard Caum Mrs. Dorothy Keller Miss Dorothy Gish J. Wilber Sauder James E. Wood .AILROAD REPRESENTATIVE-Jack Bateman K+, m V X 1, mm "'-Q, ,Q 'Jw ik AMW, + Q 5 M: 1. A -+e...Aw- A Www.. "'-Q15 -3 4 if- X 1. ,f ww MM A N-N-New AX k ,...,,,N A,,h N' I L 1 , : -YW. ht., wmv., www 5 Q 4 ?'5' J ww .A f . - 3, 1 ' QQ S we ,WV 'mmm my yas lmww A X X.. Y A NE gi. , ,ms AQ if! iisi w X x Q k -' . X 'A X SMX ' ,XV ,, A : X N. """'Whv.1qg,, W, W L-.IL-5 x x 2 A q ,' ,vi - 'V .5 . QQ- ' S ,.. Mm 5 s. PW ll' ' 4 5' Wim - Q V Aix., ,M -N X if ww -,L ,WL Q w e , U s E? Nvif' S J' Q I E , U 1 E-L' 4. fff"'Q.H"l Q M O 0 E Uf lf ' , X . in ei A 'ic J" u av ev w uf t xx Q' fo.. hs' ,K Q. vu., 9 : x L Y . U ., Q ,Q gui Nu. and ilu' A W... an 'ff s.f- I pi! if-2 'R' ' gf:-A"'f 4 .- W-iff' , x ,. "n - N 5 , V W, , ' , :.. f ' Y"""" ,,- K ' ,,.aw, K 'i ' y , . fig A n.'::g,f ' 1 'S gum- N , T ' ,is "' i f 'Rf , . Q , xgX X .." 4 L U sg " f Vg 5 -,, - K, . - , 1 - , , " E, l Q' HN ' r f fr :QN K V X ff' I I k I V . F , W :K xX ,f N Lx ". f fs L . , . Lf- "' g 1 m y A , QK ' " 1 2' S 'L Q F K . . ,,.: I fy.. xy Q Q , j N , in I , I 27' C ZA,-I p I A -I , , ' 1 3 1 5 f 5 .. ,, K f Gu v .1 SPRING ACTIVITIES "The Fortune Teller" Annual Operetta li 1 rg. ..-i Band Stand I The Senior Prom if The "Cheerlovelies" Shoot It Up "We Raise Our Voicesl' Football Minstrel Faculty Quartet hm A Truck Full Of Prizes Annual Patrol Outing To Willoxv Grove Miss Morrisville Kay Delfazio A Real Live Mermaid The Junior Prom in l DaVeY Jones Locker "The Human Side of The Junior Prom Old D0bbiH,, -7 'ffm xp: A .6 F 32 5 5 X . I b NW' 1+ 4 .2 5 Ky :Jig f S 1 gk X' Q. in ,i X Sxlm The Processional At Last-lt's Ov: r' ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT AWARDS Parent-Teachers, Association Parent-Teachers' Association American Legion Auxiliary Band Boosters' Association American Legion Morrisville Womans, Club J. Leslie White J. Leslie White Morrisville Rotary Club Veterans of Foreign Wars Patriotic Order of Americans Patriotic Order of Americans Morrisville Teachers, Association Jack Broderick Jack Broderick Union Fire Company Auxiliary Union Fire Company ltalian-American Club Morisville Junior Womens, Club Student Council Home Economics Industrial Arts Americanism Band Americanism Mathematics Athletics Athletics Nursing Scholarship Problems of Democracy Interest in Current Affairs English Scholarship Bookkeeping Typewriting Service Service Vocal Music Teacher Scholarship Activities Ella Mae Elcock Donald Cappiello Patricia Demech Russell Helveston Thomas Rohner Edwin Greenlee Carol Dorsey Charles Calambos Loretta Hart Jacqueline Drucis Loretta Hart Carol Dorsey Patricia Demech Franziska Dueman Carol Dorsey Patricia Demech Thomas Trout Jacqueline Drucis Elizabeth Kane Loretta Hart Charles Calamhos Patricia Demech Carol Dorsey Nancy Alderfer Thomas Trout Thomas Rohner Frank Cater ALMA MAT ER To thee, Morrisville High School, we raise our voices, and to 'thine altars our praises we bring. Thine be the glory, ours be the valor- with honor, truth and loyalty may thy halls ever ring. Thine be the honor, ours be the service, true, Alma Mater, builder, may we be to thee. This summer supplement is unique in that it is our first try at bringing to the underclassmen a complete story of our senior year- from beginning to end-from September to June. Our original plans called for an eight page addition to our year- book. The plans were changed, however, and we are proud to present this sixteen page supplement. We hope that it will become an important part of your book and we know that it will always be cherished by our classmates as a constant reminder of the 'cbest days of our lives." With Best Wishes, The Staff .ummm-amg4.4, n, -,..z .,'.-, , mn --. .-uf, .L ' 1 Lum, ' ummm. 1. me nau..mnumm1wpazmQm11.L:Vf1,m 1 .--1.11mq vmQf,-umm 'mvkmuwnnguuumuemnnmnn wmnmmfmaumpmsz yawn-mu.sf'nmuw -.mum.:wmp.-Mfg, :A u,'x,a.s1:N.1 .wa muwfmln'-l.4-Am if mm, mmm Qzmn-umm-mmmmv ummmumm. -.:-

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