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5. , Y P ,. Q L -Q .V Q, i THE m tfiwimm . L . , . V L Q A- SH VF' 'Hifi' v X -. of 1 , twig: 3- . get nr-1i,5fsL3g1S-C3355-E--. . fe-+X,.-g1frg,gf',:'gy' f - S , sie A of A He S f at 5 Q -fogklg :wx-5.:iHisi:i 'Tiff . ...--f-:ffrfgwfl . X Sak Q VL 555 it-5.g,.,. , if X, ,Sa ri ,is K, rj T K . K vpn R ' 6. A , Y?,ai?Q-:age I, ggi? Zig'-I S -ifixif. . Q I as ffwfiqt. a .. - - H 1 ,Mt , . , . ,, , , -ts ' ,AX ,,....-J main' arm HW' ,..,....--.4 1 lilllmi .S .X.,, . ..,. Mm. ,. , 4 ,Ms 4, A i in.. ,-. f WS' me W ' T X - .. f S. A -xr We--1 1 , Q .' g ixaggf..-'D" ,ff mi 1244.0 ww-.gem wif I , --- v' f?'9" t:5i ? "f"5?fl'kf5?lf " 4' 'f offer! ft' 1 ' .. I I we X X : ' Y' --.- wif? vt- .mf 5 1 -Q-we 4' - V ,ff:fw:- - - -:sq-g-xflf :t,jQr,5,f-e-.lla - V' . -- -4 iwwwigg ,,,e.,f,.'-'55'f't''1'F'1E,:e Qef!"iQ6.fiTS"'ffsA5's'f.' A i Q. "I, ,,- S fl: A 5, .,w6' 2-1' 1-ki9.vQ'sl?" J' I. ' ...A Y ew 41 i3w"'tg:.fv 1 - t '- is ' Q ,f X wi iw. P, f. 2 'fsffffsv 1 - - W..- SUMMERSEAT AND THE HIGH SCHOOL . T Ng I S ' I P , P 1 viii, E E ii A E Q mt.. 5' 34 'ffl N 5 "-W-"""T""'e.Wi'-.i. -'Q , 4.ff1.r.t,., .. AH.-H yggrfggilnl, -t ips. A. L, S - .. 1 V H, f.-,J, 1 . ,N YJ I Qgfgftesia 5 .am - t I , I ,ASQ-5 'ie v . . I gp new . I 3'?'k?""' if " 5-iii? .Era-I K A gf 'vs -- Qt J FIRST CAPITOL VIEW SCHOOL CASE SCHOOL MANOR PARK SCHOOL The staff of the 1952 "Robert Morris" decid this year against any special theme for the ye h h detract from the real content book. Rat er t an ' d rodt means of artwork we have determine to p d literar material whl a book of photographic an Q y " h' is Morrisville High Schoo in effect says t is . . . H While we recognize the tremendous in uer that our High School has played in our lives h lementar schools in wh are anxious that t e e y we received our early education also be recogniz ' ' ' es of Thus we have included on this page pictur 9 the schools we have attended in Morrisville. WE PROUDLY DEDICATE nl L, v-A - A COACH TEACHER To Alexander McDonald we respectfully and incerely dedicate this product of our Senior year, he 1952 "Robert Morris." It is our earnest desire 1at in so doing we may express our gratitude to man who has been a teacher, counsellor, coach nd friend. The best we can wish to future Morrisville stu- ents is that "Mac" will remain a permanent fixture l our school and will continue to represent our leal of a real gentleman and scholar. ALEXANDER McDONA LD FRIEND LEADERS AMONG MEN MANOAH R. REITER E. LEONARD CAUM ' A ADMINISTRATION 'A -.., Manoah R. Reiter Superintendent of Schools f. :-' E. Leonard Caum Principal - e , Melvin N. Bouboulis Assistant Principal . ' .H V James P. Doheny Director of Guidance and Athletics i I 5 I V rfyf p ,. , p pg I fi These are the men to whom we are indebted for the R Z -I leadership that has helped us through our years of school- f ing. If we needed something they did their very best to see that it was ours. If we wanted help, advice or just informa- MELVIN N. BOUBOULIS E41 JAMES P. Dol-IENY LEONARD F. FERRY wn.uAM B. ANDERSON ALBERT N. MCCLENAGHAN FRANK C- MILLER BOARD OF EDUCATION Frank C. Miller President Albert N. McClenaghan Vice President Coleman P. Morgan Treasurer y Walter R. Taylor Secretary A Theodore A. Hansen Paul Taylor A Leonard F. Ferry William B. Anderson tion, we had but to ask. Theirs is truly a "labor of love" and too few people really appreciate the time, effort and energy they spend in the best interest of Morrisville's school children. COLEMAN P. MORGAN WALTER R. TAYLOR PAUL J. TAYLOR THEODORE A. HANSEN THE MOST HONORABLE PROFESSION K DOROTHY A. GISH ANNE PARSONS B.S. B.S. - M.S. Math Health Physical Education SARA F. TURNER MARGARET GABEL A.B. - M.S. B.S. English - Guidance Librarian F W' i GORDON DAVIES WILBER SAUDER B.S. B.S. - M.A. Physical Education Industrial Arts l:6J Driver Training KATHERINE A. HASTON A.B. Latin - Spanish Social Studies HELEN L. BRUNNER B.S. Shorthand - Typewriting FRANK TOROK B.S. - M.S. Science - Biology Math DOROTHY A. KELLER A.B. - M.S. English ll' A x .AU ' JEAN M. HOWELL B.S. Music - English HORACE M. HUTCHISON ESTHER M. HAWKINS B.S. Mathematics 'Mir D. ANNE TOWNSEND B.S. in Home Economics E.D. Home Economics , S V 'gms ii , v ,Q A il hm 3 1 MARGARET A. WATKINS B.S. Social Studies JOHN GONTAR B.S. Physics - Math Mechanical Drawing PATRICK W. BOYD ALEXANDER MCDONALD MUS.B. - M.A. B.S. in Arr Ed. B.S. - M.S. Music Art Supervisor Science U1 OUR FACULTY AND STAFF JOHN ROLLO, JR. JOHN K. MOCK, JR. JAMES E. WOOD . A.B. ' Basketball Coach B.S. - M.S. HISIOIY - 1511811511 Social Studies RAYMOND BUNTING JOSEPH A. MATINAS THORWALD LAWRENCE Custodian fRetiredJ B.S. Custodian Science - Social Studies N--nl' u X K jig ? vhhhfj al. BERNICE FOWLER ROBERT A. HABEL JULIA ROHNER Secretary Custodian Secretary These Are Our Seniors They comprise one of the smallest graduating classes in recent years with only 52 members. Their lack in size has been more than adequately taken up, however, by their willingness to work together and share all burdens. Some of them have set their sights on a college career and have studied in the school's Academic Course. Others have made plans for entering the business field and have taken a Commercial Course. The rest, unable to make such a decision, have worked in a General Course and will take their chances for jobs after graduation. As a class and as individuals they have worked hard and have played hard. Their activities have ranged from school publications to musical organi- zations to the athletic field. They have danced at proms, acted in plays, enjoyed class trips and scored touchdowns. Commencement will find them ready to accept their responsibility in a demanding society. "Worki11g our way lo Wfasloinglonu "The Show Must G0 On" "Tickels Please" you muld only mole" "Here are your t1ll710llIlf6'7716IllJU l W -...A i I - 'Y l1l"l,.,.- "Ala fir .rf All , . 2 . . ji , X v ,pau ROGER BAMBACH "Roger" Commercial One of the taller members of our class . . . Manages to make a joke out of anything . . . Plays a good game of football . . . Elected All-County tackle on the 1951 team . . . Sports around in a green Plymouth . . . A good worker in the olice . . . A happy-go- lucky shining star in our senior class. Activities: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1: Focus 1, Z, 3, 4, Yearbook Ads Editor 4. Sports: Football 1, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4. DORINE A. BOEHM "Doe" Academic Doe keeps our class money in order . . . Worked hard as associate editor of the "SZ" Robert Morris . . . she loves sports and shines in any of them she plays . . . Will probably take up physical education in college . . . Doe can usually be found driving around in her green Chevy . . . We know she'll succeed, she has more ambition than any of the rest of us. Activities: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3. 4, Orchestra l, 2. 3. 4: Opt-rettzi 3, 43 Yearbook 4: Hatul- lvouk 33 Senior Play 45 Swim Club lg Class Officer 4. Sports: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. na , Les.. FRANK BECKET "Frankie" Commercial Frank is one of the shorter members of the senior class . . . One of our ambitious office workers . . . A safety patrol man for many years . . . What would Mr. Wood do without Frank's opinion? . . . just ask him about an animal or a train . . . Shy when it comes to dances or social affairs . . . Can usually be seen drawing in the art room with Charlie Hellings. Activities: Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4. U01 MARLENE M. BRADFORD "Marsha" Academic Marsha holds up the soprano sec- tion in all the choruses . . . she is always willing to lend a helping hand . . . Played the part of "Aunt Agnes" in the Senior Play . . . Playing the piano and eating are favorites with Marlene . . . Usually seen with Jackie, Sal, and Babs, studying like crazy . . . After school she sits in the Cut Rate over a coke . . . Keeps her heart in- terests to herself. Activities: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Junior Chorus 15 Girls' Chorus 3, 4: Operetta 2, 3, 43 Huutlbook 4, Senior Play 4, Yearbook 4. LEON BRADY, JR. "Burk" General A short, wiry senior . . . Has a re- mark for every teacher . . . Interested in hunting and fishing . . . Would just love to take a trip to California . . . Keeps the English and P.D. classes lively . . . What class do we have next? . . . A friendly "Hi" for everyone . . . Plans to take over his father's oil business when he gradu- ates .... Where there's girls there's usually Buck . . . He keeps 'em all guessing. Activities: Yearbook 4. Sports: Football 3: Basketball 2, Track 1. WILLIAM A. BREWER "Tiger" Academic One of the taller members of the senior class . . . "Father" in the Sen- ior Play . . . Bill is one of our basket- ball players . . . A faithful member of the canteen and a swell dancer . . . Keeps Campbell's gas station running smoothly . . . One of Mrs. Hawkin's little "friends" in trig class . . . Usu- ally seen with johnny and Herb . . . Drives a jeep station wagon. Activities: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2. 3. 4, Senior Play 45 Student Council 4. Sports: Baskethall 2, 3, 4: Track 2, LEROY BROWN "El Toro" General Seldom found in school, but when he is you'll always hear him . . . Sports one of those "chopped off" haircuts . . . ls a good hunter and fisherman . . . Drives around in a blue '41 Ford with kids bulging out at the seams . . . You can usually 6nd LeRoy with Chet seeing what trouble they can get into . . . A swell guy to have around . . . Never a dull moment. Qctligvgies: Band l, 2, Boys' Chorus 2: Year- U0 , Sports: Basketball l. C ,gn K 1 HEIDI VIRGINIA BUHR "Heidi" Commercial One of the more active girls of the Senior Class . . . Served as class presi- dent and Student Council secretary and did a very fine job . . . Ran away with honors on the Popularity Poll . . . Oh those big eyes and that pretty smile! . . . Happy-go-lucky, and a swell gal. Activities: Senior Play 43 Yc:li'lmok 4: Handhoolk 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Focus 2, .l, 4: Operetta 3. 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Class I'resirlt-ut J, 4: Student Council Secretary 4: Student Coun- ' 3. Slports: Hockey l, 2, 3, -lg Ilziskctball 1. 2, 3, 4. iiikx a kgs, X 5 1 r -r b Q tai gig? 5' sd X ' .:iqg,,t:. t -if A it DONALD C. COULTON "Don" Commercial Don makes sure the Focus comes out on time . . . Keeps the office run- ning smoothly . . . Had the role of the doctor in our Senior Play . . . Pos- sesses a hearty laugh . . . Has a large collection of records . . . A real artist on the dance floor . . . A nice dresser . . . Usually seen with Ronnie . . . We like those dimples . . . A nice person- ality and always a smile for everyone. Activities: Senior Play 45 Focus 3, 45 Class Otlicer 25 Yearbook 45 Student Council 1. JOHN H. DAVIS "jeep" General Shy, goodlooking, full of fun when you get to know him . . . Plays a won- derful game of football . . . All-Coun- ty guard for '51 . . . Co-captain of our '51 team . . . Usually seen with Skeets, Chet or Butch . . . Makes a hit with all the girls . . . Accomplishes any- thing he sets out for . . . Liked by everyone. Sports: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 4. FRANK E. COWELL, JR. "fi4nior" Academic "Best all around" and "friendliest" according to the Popularity Poll . . . Served as a very capable president of Student Council . . . At football and basketball he was always a good sport as well as a good player. Activities: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 45 Safety Pa- trol 1, 2. 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Class Officer 15 Varsity Club 3, 4. Sports: Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. M, y .Q Sa, 2 PAUL C. DAVIS "Paul" Commercial Paul is one of the quieter members of our class . . . Pretty, light blond hair . . . Worked hard in the typing department of our school paper . . . Is a loyal follower of our teams . . . A swell fellow to know. Activities: Focus 4. 555555 QE. JOHN E. DILATUSH "Dilly" Academic Dilly is the electronic technician of our class . . . Built his own tele- vision set in eighth grade . . . During the World Series the senior class would have been lost without him . . . Usually found in the shop or on the stage . . . Likes to ride around in his red convertible . . . Voted most likely to succeed in the Senior Popu- larity Poll. Activities: Shop 31 Stage 4. at 5 c 545 S 5 , ii..l.!3Z.f'..,'f A ir tg' , ,uk ' K .A '55--f 'V 'U CHESTER ALLEN DOAN, JR. "Chet" General The chief hunter and trapper in the class .... Never in school during deer season . . . Chet's a true woman's man . . . Has been going out with girls longer than any other boy in our class . . . Played a swell game of foot- ball, but an injury made it impossible to play during his senior year . . . Can usually be found in his blue '37 Ford with a load of kids. Activities: Student Council 2, 35 Class Offi- cer 34 Yearbook 45 Focus 1, 2, 3. Sports: Football 1, 2, 35 Track l, 2, 3. i fx ' im. X.. ' A nv 1. fs JANICE M. DUKE "Ian" Commercial jan is one of the shorter members of the class . . . Usually found in the art room . . . Jan was voted the most bashful in our popularity poll . . . Her naturally curly hair shines . . . jan has no outward interest toward the opposite sex . . . Everyone likes those blue eyes and fair complexion . . . Her chief interest is collecting horse statues. Activities: Art Cluh 43 Lihrary 25 Mixed Chorus 3. i151 i it . ' MARY LOUISE EDWARDS "Lou" Commercial A big smile and cheery "hello" for everyone . . . Was voted best looking girl in the class . . . Lou keeps Burn's Pharmacy running smoothly . . . A good office worker, she'll have no trouble getting a job . . . Usually found with her tive cronies, Alice, Carol, Bette jane, Norma, and Heidi . . . Anyone's lucky to know a girl like Lou. Activities: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Focus 45 Operctta 2, 3, 4. RICHARD ERB "Dick" General Curly, brown hair that the girls all envy . . . Gave a party that the sen- iors will never forget . . . Has some- thing black that he calls a car . . . Always seems to be having difficulties with Miss Gish . . . Plans include entering the Navy after graduation . . . Will make a fine sailor . . . Dick really enjoys living and will make the best of whatever comes up. Activities: Safety Patrol 1: Boys' Chorus 2. Sports: Football 3. ,Nt GLEN GORDON "Flask" Academic Glen is a member of the Senior Class with two nicknames, "Mousey" and "Flash" . . .Q Hobbies are fishing, gunning, and swimming . . . Flash is said to be shy of the opposite sex, but is usually found in the library with a table of girls . . . One of Sear's help- ers during the Christmas rush . . . Always ready with a joke. Activities: Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Typing Club 2: Basketball 3. i. i 'S gl rlff A :1 ,. 1 M Yaesu ' l 5 f ri H , ggfvn a VIACQUELINE A. GREENLEE ' ROBERT RICHARD HABEL "jackie" Academic AX " Q "Habel" General jackie is the editor of our yearbook . . . Voted the most likely to succeed in the popularity poll . . . Takes an active part in school activities . . . Holds up the violin section of the or- chestra . . . Usually seen with Marsha and Sal . . . Our "A" student . . . Turns out for all football and basket- ball games . . . Did a wonderful job directing the Senior Play. Activities: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Student Council l, 2, 3, 45 Swim Club 1, 2: Hand- lmok Committee 4: Se-uinr Play 41 Oneretta 2, 3. 4: Class Oflicer 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3 4: Ve-arhonk 4: Typing Club 2: Junior Chorus 1. U41 Bob has always been an active member of our baseball team . . . Al- ways out on the mound ready to go . . . Usually found in the shop or driving around in a blue Ford . . . Though he is shy when it comes to girls, he still makes a hit with all of them' .... Likes to tease "Marsha" in class . . . Hobbies including keep- ing the car clean and playing baseball. Activities: Baseball 1, Z, 3, 4. 'I f S5 n D 'Q P BARBARA LEE HAUSMAN "Baby" Academic Tall, quiet, studious, that's Babs . . . She and Marlene are constantly working over some homework assign- ment . . . Enjoys arguing a subject with a teacher . . . Can be heard hold- ing up the 2nd soprano section of all the choruses . . . Would like to be a nurse following graduation . . . Truly has the ambition to succeed in any- thing she attempts. Activities: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Class Olicer 45 Handbook 35 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Swim Cluh 1, 2. CHARLES HELLINGS "Charlie" Commercial Oh that blond! . . . A really good looking member of our Senior Class . . . Voted the boy with the prettiest smile and oh does he flash it! . . . Drives around in that black wreck he calls a car . . . Works faithfully in the office . . . Would be an asset to any business establishment . . . One swell guy . . . Forever helping someone . . . Just call him "Charlie, My Boy." Yearbook 4. 1' MORTON C. HENSOR JR. Skeets Commercial CAROL L. HOGELAND Happy and friendly, that's our boy . . . Quite a star on the basketball court . . . Vice-president of our class this year . . . He and jeep are like twins, never see one without the other . . . Enjoys a good laugh, especially if it's one of his own jokes . . . A good friend to everyone . . . Would do any- thing for a friend. Activities: Student Council Cifhcer 35 Class Officer 4: Focus .35 Mixed Chorus 25 Year- book 45 Ont-retta 1, 2. Sports: Varsity Club 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3. 45 Baseball 2. 3, 45 Football 1, 15 ogie Academic Her name should be "freckles" . . . Served three years as one of our cheer- leaders . . . Enjoys giving a certain senior classmate of ours a rough time . . . Carol can usually be found at Burn's with Mary Lou, Alice, Betty jane, Norma, and Heidi . . . A swell gal who will really go places . . . "Never a dull moment," that's Carol's motto. Activities: Cheerleading 1. 2. 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Uperettn 1. 45 Focus 45 Girls' Chorus 3. 43 Handbook 3. Sports: Basketball l, 3. 45 Hockey 4. i' ROBERT M. HOMKO "Hump" Academic' Bob is the star guard of the M.H.S. basketball team . . . Usually seen in his Ford with Richie and Charlie . . . Very active in school and sure makes a hit with the girls . . . Is always good for a joke, whenever class life gets dull . . . Is also seen at all sports events either playing or selling pro- grams . . . Voted "Best-dressed" in the Popularity Poll. Activities: Varsity Club 3, 4. Sports: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basehall'1, 2, 3, 4. BETTE JANE JOHNSON "Rabbit" Academic Always talking or laughing, never will let you know she's upset or hurt . , . Voted friendliest girl in the popularity poll . . . Had one of the leading roles in the Senior Play . . . One of the members of the "big six" . . . No one seems to know where she got her nickname . . . Plans to enter Miami U. next year to study foreign languages and journalism . Activities: VVrite-up Editor Yearbook 4: Handbook 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Focus 1, 2, 3, 45 Swim Club 1, 2. THOMAS R. KENNER "Tuck" Commercial Tuck is usually seen with Eddie . . . Keeps everyone in stitches with his witty remarks . . . Is usually in de- mand for oiiice work . . . Is eager to join the Navy for a chance to see the world . . . He also did a very good job as basketball manager for two years . . . Quite shy when it comes to girls. Sports: Basketball Manager 3, 4. U61 ii in JANET LOUISE KETROXV "janet" Commercial Our cute little blonde is usually seen going to and from the office . . . Seems to be quite interested in things at Peddie . . . Always looks neat and has a nice smile and a "hi!" for every- one . . . Does a good job at keeping opposing girl's basketball teams from making points. Activities: Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 45 Swim Club 1, Z5 Senior Play 45 Operetta 2, 45 Orchestra 1, Z, 3, 45 Year- book Typing Editor 45 Focus 4. Sports: Basketball 2, 3, 4. ROBERT W. KIMBLE "Red" General The artist of the Senior Class . . . You name it, he'll paint it . . . Full of fun and always ready for a joke . . . Has a temper that matches his nation- ality flrish as they comej . . . Enjoys giving the teachers a rough time . . . Red is a regular fan of our football and basketball team . . . Cheers his lungs out, a cheerleader's dream come true . . . He will be a successful artist some day. JOHN KRYSA "Pepper" Commercial John is the tall, fast forward of our basketball team . . . Interested in all sports . . . He's shy when it comes to girls, but the girls think he's pretty nice . . . Can always be heard saying. "I'm sick of this class" . . . In his spare time he likes to paint . . . Loves to tease Mrs. Keller . . . Always ready to give or take a joke. Activities: Varsity Club 3, 4. Sports: Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 3, 4. xv' ELIZABETH ANN KNEELAND "Betty" Academic Oh that long, blonde hair! . . . Has a voice that could make anyone stop and listen . . . Honor soloist for the "Class of 52" . . . Betty had the lead in our Senior Play, and was really a "Corliss Archer" come true . . . Drives around in a new Chevy or rides in an old Ford convertible . . . May become an "Angel of Mercy" upon graduation Activities: Girls' Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Student Council 4: Haml- book 3g Senior Play -lg Operetta 2, 3, 45 Octet 3. Sports: Hockey 3. XX t ALICE J. LA RUE "Ashie" Commercial Ashie doesn't have much to say . . . Quiet, but well liked . . . Usually seen with Carol or driving a green Chevy . . . Always ready for a good laugh . . . Walks around with a grin from ear to ear . . . Speaks to everyone . . . Smooth dancer and a steady member of the canteen . . . Can usually be found at Burn's with the "Big Six." Activities: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 49 Focus 45 Operetla 3, 4: Handbook 3. 17 181 JOSEPH LEBEGERN "Lex Academic One of the more ambitious boys of the class fwhen he's in school, which isn't very oftenj . . . Keeps the Acme Store in good running condition . . . Usually found riding around in his Ford- convertible C1909 model, we thinkj . . . Ronnie and a pretty blonde seem to be his constant companions . . . Patronizes our canteen frequently and is a very good dancer . . . Gave Mrs. Hawkins a rough time for four years in her math classes . . . Will probably go to Rider College to study Accountancy. LORETTA ANN MARRAZZO Rene" General Voted "biggest flirt" in the populari- ty poll . . . Sports the famous blue "M" . . . Active in all sports . . . Co- captained our hockey team to the first undefeated season in M.H.S. history . . . Never seen without Joan and Pete . . , Vice-president of the girl's Leaders Club . . . Oh! those eyes . . . Her interests lie in P.H.S .... Look out for that Studebaker! Activities: fht-erleacler 1, 2, 35 Leaders Club 2, 3, 42 Girls' Chorus 3, ?ports: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, , 4. RAYMOND MORRELL "Ray" Commercial If anyone in our Senior Class has changed it's Ray . . . Always laughing now . . . He and Charlie are usually found riding around together endan- gering the lives of our innocent pe- destrians . . . He'll make a shrewd businessman . . . Everyone enjoys Ray's company . . . A friend to all and every- one is proud to have him for a friend. Activities: Yearbook 4. Sports: llaiskt-tlizill 2, 3. MARIE ELIZABETH NOLAN "Mer" Commercial Quiet until you get to know her . . . A warm personality, a true friend to everyone . . . You can usually find her with Pat or her sister . . . Enjoys col- lecting records or drawing . . . Leads the class in absences from school . . . Can tell you about all the good movies in town . . . Will be a great help to her employer after graduation. Activities: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Girls fhoruw 4. RONALD WILLIAM OLINGER "Ron" Commercial The artist of the Senior class . . . Always ready for a good laugh . . . Nice personality . . . His favorite pas- time is going to the boxing matches . . . Usually seen with Don or joe . . . His hobby is collecting Eddy Arnold records . . . We hear he likes to go up on Bowman's Hill. Activities: Focus J, 3, 43 Hzmdlxook 4, MARGARET LOUISE PERRY "Marge" Commerrial Marge, is quiet until you get to know her . . . Usually seen with Pat and Marie . . . Always laughing . . . Her hobby is cooking . . . Drives around in a gray Dodge . . . Her main interests are outside of school . . . Gives Miss Gish a lot of trouble dur- ing gym class . . . Hey, Marge, is your transcription done? Activities: Mix:-rl Chorus 2, 3. 4. ELEANOR PIETROWSKI "Pete" Commercial Voted "Best Athlete" in the popu- larity poll . . . Secretary of the Leaders Club . . . Held the title of co-captain on our undefeated hockey team . . . Her hobbies are photography and horseback riding . . . Usually seen with her sidekicks, joan and Rette . . . Wonderful personality . . . Look at that dear run! . . . That's no deer, that's "crazy legs Pete." .-Xctivitirs: l.c:ult-rs Lilulm Z, J, 43 Ilztmlluotvk Sports: llrwckt-y 2, 3, 4: Baskutl-all Z, J. 4. EDWARD THOMAS SHIMKO "Rum" Commen-ial Eddy is the small tirecracker of the Senior Class . . . The girls go for him in a big way . . . Eddy is our class cut- up . . . He takes care of the brass sec- tion of the orchestra and also the man- agement of our football and basket- ball teams . . . His ambition is to be- come a Jockey . . . He's never seen without a smile. Activities: Safety Patrol lg Junior lligh Band 1, 2, lg Orchestra 2, 3, -lg Dzmcc B 14. am Sports: Varsity Football 2, 3. 45 llziskvthrtll 2, 3, 4g Junior High llaselmll 1. U91 lllfb t3 S QQ" i 3 A is so 2'1 I Wea f rf ' A' if AQAV' " ' 7 5 it f ag. S 'ii fl 9, j JOHN V. SHULL, JR. PATRICIA ANN SIGLEY Hfabfmf' Academic "Pat" Commercial Quiet until you get to know him . . . Pretty, brown, wavy hair the envy of all . . . Played varsity football and did a swell job in his fullback position . . . Saturday nights he can usually be found dancing in our Canteen . . . His black Chevy is his pride and joy . . . Took the play cast out after prac- tices to get tomato pies . . . a true friend if there ever was one. Activities: Yearbook 4. Sports: Footlvzill 1, J, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. ie E' MARGARET STEFANOSKI "Maggie" General In her spare time Maggie can be found working at Kane's with Pete and Sal . . . A loyal member of the class, she sells candy at the basket- ball and football games . . . Maggie plays fullback on Miss Parsons' hockey team . . . Always has a kind word for everyone and a cheery personality. Activities: Typing Club .13 Lenders Club 3, 4. Sports: Hockey 3, 4, Basketball 4. i201 Pat came to us in 10th grade from Trenton . . . Loves to laugh and be happy . . . A very capable oflice clerk . . . You can usually find Pat with Marie and Pete . . . A good worker . . . She'd do anything for you. Activities: Focus 3, 4, Yearbook 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3. RUSSELL W. TAYLOR "Rust" Arademir Russ used to be one of the quieter members of our class, but Oh how he has changed! . . . Very capable of turning out good grades in school and usually does . . . Enjoys going out with the boys . . . Served as a faith- ful manager for the football, basket- ball, and baseball teams . . . ls willing to give anyone a helping hand . . . The world and Russ will make out well together. Activities: Yearbook 4. Sports: Football 5, -lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball Z, 3, 4. f""" V ...nn5N,mg. ., 'fl' - tae f ST sv' ,lL 'N ..-...J ELWOOD W. TERRY "Terry" General Terry is one of the quiet members of the Senior class . . . His interests lie outside of school . . . Hobbies are gunning and fishing . . . Usually seen with Bob Habel . . . Can always be found down in the shop . . . Likes to "hot-rod" around in his car . . . In- terested in mechanics . . . Always ready for a joke. Activities: Sports Club. .gr . 1352 Ma .Q 'x . 1 s K s 4 9 x . X easel gl 4 -Q5 3 . it " ' it X 'X ' ! Q I sq "' JOAN BARBARA WINTERS "Ioanie" Commercial joanie keeps 12-2 stepping . . . She tits the part of "Class Cut-up" on the Senior Poll . . . Another one of our Cheerleaders . . . Active on the hockey team as half-back and on the basket- ball squad as a forward. She does a swell job as soloist for the Ramblers . . . She is usually seen with Loretta or Dee . . . Her interests tBSt some- where outside M.H.S. Activities: Cheerleader 4: Leaders Club 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Yearbook 43 Senior Play 41 Ilantlbook 3g Operetta 4. Sports: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3. n . . U .4 DONALD E. WIDMANN "Butch" General The mighty, little, red head . . . Makes many a girls' heart flutter . . . Can play football with the best of them . . . Served as co-captain of our football team . . . Has a physique any boy would be proud to have . . . Usually can be found with jeep, Skeets, or Chet . . . Always has a witty answer to catch the teachers off guard . . . A smile for everyone and a cheery "hello" . . . That's our boy, Butch! iACtivit:eg14Art l-lclitor Yearbook 43 Student UUHCI . Sports: Baseball lg Basketball lg Track 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 4. ff' SALLY ANN WOOLSTON "Sal" Academic Another faithful member of Leaders Club . . . In her spare time Sal can be found at Kane's . . . A willing worker in all our class projects . . . Drives around in Kane's gray jeep . . . Usually seen with Marsha and Jackie . . . Another canteen faithful . . . Goes out for basketball in a big way . . . Adds up the points for our team . . . Keeps her interests to her- self . . . Sally is a neat dresser. Activities: Student Council 2. 3: Class 051- cvr 3: Yearbook -tg Typing Club .25 Leaders Club 3. 4. Sports: Basketball 1. 2. J. 4. f21 E. BRUCE YOUNG "Binse" Academic Blond, good-looking . . . Bruce came to us this year from Trenton . . . Can frequently be seen riding fwith girlsj in his Ford Station Wagon . . . Voted the "Biggest-Flirt" in the Popularity Poll . . . We all know him for his spicy portrayal of "Dexter" in "Meet Corliss Archer" . . . He is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who has car trouble . . . "Oh!" . . . that blond hair! Activities: Senior Play 4. NORMA JEAN YOUNG "Norma" Academic A new arrival in 12th grade . . . Came to us from that smokey town called Pittsburgh . . . Made friends very quickly . . . Norma loves to eat and dance . . . Patronizes our Canteen regularly . . . You can usually find Norma at Burn's with the other "five" . . . She'd like to be an Airline Hostess but we think she'd make a better nlodel. Activities: Senior Play 45 Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus 43 Operetta 4. Sports: Basketball 4. KENNETH WRIGHT "Ken" Academic Ken is our "long time member" of the band and orchestra . . . Also known as the "Harry James" of 12-2 . . . You will never find Kenny in class when hunting season rolls around . . . Usually heard but not seen . . . Loves to tease girls . . . Kenny is our brain in math class . . . Is well liked by all of his classmates. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 43 Boys' Chorus lg Operetta 13 Focus 35 Varsity Clulm 3, 4. Sports: Track l, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA ZERRENNER "Gina" Academic One of the quieter members of the class . . . Always has her homework done . . . Enjoys studying foreign lan- guages . . . Hopes to be an Airline Hostess some day . . . Has a pleasing personality and a pretty smile which will help her in many ways . . . Col- lects the A's in many subjects. Activities: Focus 45 Mixed Chorus 3, Haml- boo 3. THESE ARE OUR LEADERS fr 5 ' 1 DORINE BOEHM BARBARA HAUSMAN Business Manager Treasurer I 3 HEIDLBUHR FRANK COWELL Pff-Udall President - Student Council IV BETTE JANE JOHNSON MORTON HENSQR Seffelafl' Vife-President I'23 uw- 241 4 'Sm ' 13. THE STAFF OF THE 1952 ROBERT MORRIS 5314 5' Flag Lf' gg, F Editor-in-Chief ...,...... v..,... J acqueline Greenlee A V Associate Editor A.......w.. ................ D orine Boehm iyxigqid Faculty Adviser .....................,.............,...............................w......A........,...... James E. Wood 44- ' Greenlee Write-ups .........................,........,...w.,. Marlene Bradford, Bette jane Johnson, lacqufllne Carol Hogeland, joan Winters and Sally Woolston. 1 Art ..................................................,.....,.,....,.....,........,.............................,.,,.. Donald Widmann Typists ............,........ janet Ketrow, Eleanor Pietrowski, Margaret Perry, Donald Coulton and Alice LaRue. x , Subscriptions N ..................,....,........., Edward Shimko and Kenneth Wright. vt: Advertising .....w....,....... Roger Bambach, Morton Hensor, Donald Wid- C' , mann, Alice LaRue, jack Dilatush, Russell Taylor, Betty Knee- land, Chester Doan, Carol Hogeland, Edward Shimko, Leon Brady, Robert Homko, Kenneth Wright, john Davis, Raymond Morrell, Mary Lou Edwards, Norma Young, Bette jane john- son, 'Ioseph Lebegern, Frank Cowell, Barbara Hausman, Heidi Buhr, John Krysa, and Charles Hellings. ff' . b Dofme Boe nl 'ron row: ,. Shimko, D. Wirlmann, I. Greenlee, J. Ketrow, K. Wright. Second row: D, or-am, . ambach, B. johnson, M. Bradford. r t F B I R B T l of if y 246 0 oisdie An licleets left?" Morrisville High School is a junior-Senior High School and classes range from the seventh to the twelfth grades. One hour each week is desig- nated as a homeroom period and all business of the class is transacted at that time. The junior high pupils have a great advantage in that they attend school with the older students and thereby may take an active interest and are able to participate in all school functions which are normally closed to younger boys and girls. Regular dances, field trips, athletic contests and intramural events are arranged each year to sup- plement the academic, commercial and general curriculum. "Wbat's the menu today?" "All is not play" 'sr 0,9 ' 1 Wh b I?" 0 QI '29 y weft' ,WU 4 -YW "Let's slap that running" If MWA , .9?W' n ' 4' 'll 335:51 M J UNDER 5. as ,Q :gui .I I First rrrw: J. Thnrnley, E. Funner, P. Shatto, P. Demech, C. Ames, B. Kane, S, Preston, P. Smith, M, iizxmilton, Srrnnd rrrwf J. Uuke, F. Garter. li. Hartshnrn, K. Mattis, C. Dorsey, C. illsflllill, if VVooil, ll. Lanrlis, T. Trout. lf fizilamhns. Third 1'0'w.' D. Cap- Y lln ll, Sullivan, R. llelveston, I.. VV1lcnx, ll. llncchst, E. Hayrish, D. Richardson, llf' . K. Ilriiilry. The junior Class opened the year by electing Thomas Rohner . .d its president. Other oiiicers include: Ned Greenlee, vice-presi entg Ned Hayash, business managerg and Loretta Hart, sercetary. These officers have the responsibility of conducting the business of the class always with an eye to the goal of all classes-the Washington trip in the Senior year. The big event in the year for the class is the annual junior Prom held each year in May. This is the last important social event of the school year and gives the Juniors an opportunity to entertain the Senior Class before it graduates. . The scheduled trip for the class is to the United Nations, but this year, because the U.N. headquarters are not yet ready for visi- tors, the class will visit the city of New York in the Spring. The Sophomores are allowed two major events each year. In the first place their annual field trip is scheduled as a theatre party 4' "' llniwlxmi l' 'liivlni' ll Kliller. N. Alrlerfcr. l I'ir.v1m.: R. 1 , . . .M . . knnl ll Nliur' 1' Siinwmi .Sbmiiii v'mt': T, Rolim-r, G, Vilunlev. C. Hall, R. Marmi i , . . . 1 I, A , I , . , R. lit-rcs, lf, lliiemzm, l-I. lilcock. Ii, llaivis, R. Clziwges, F. Carman. Third rmv: Il Aruohli, R. Mcislmn, R. Nt-um:in, j. Brunner, F. McLaren, E. Kohler, E. Greenlee. :fx ,. llnrt. J. Drucis, M. VVitte- Jawa 111415141 'C' Do, 0161 Keller CLASSES H Hofdfe M' s Wf"kl"s utcblson First row: D. Lippincott, V, Johnson, L. Young, M. Cox, G. Latham, L, Disler, G. Neu- man, K. DeFazio, R. Hobbs. Second row: P. Keenan, A. Faber, B. Gaskill M Ryan, R. Hayes, S Woodward A. McCrane, J. J ' ' . , anaski, B. Titus, J. Gibson G. ,Dc-lany, A. Kish. Third rmu: C. Johnson, D. Felver, D. Talone, H. LaRue, R. White, R. Kostar, R. Paxson, R. Weeks, J. Ketaner, R. Deitrick, H. Konat. to either New York or Philadelphia. The class attends a matinee in one of the cities and then enjoys a dinner party at some well-known restaurant. The second important event for each tenth grade class is the annual Sophomore Social given by the group on the last day of school. This dance and party brings the social side of the school year to an ofhcial close. Oflicers for the class were chosen in the Fall and include the f . . . ollowlng students. Pat Keenan, president, Richard Dietrick, vice- presidentg Gail Neumann, treasurer and Kay DeFazio, secretary. The three grades which go to make up the junior High School include the ninth, eighth and the seventh grades. These classes S e d . . . . Mavsme p n most of their homeroom periods in meetings and with pro- grams which tend to give the students an opportunity to know on e another more intimately and get them accustomed to life in a high First row: D. Lodge, J. Dreislmach. A. Ames, M. Neuman, D, Nirshl, L. MacNeil, C. Margerum, Il. Brady, D. Nolan. Second rmu: E. Cole, D. Phillips, E. Marini, P. Tay- lor, N. Cowell, B. Snlt, C. Rodenhaugh, J. Pierson, R. Bunting, M. Biglcy, E, Stein, J. Haston. Third row: J. Kise, H. Fredericks, W. Vaneekhoven, S. Matejik, ll. Shull, D. Barnes, R. Rich, C. Lebegern, J. Wilcox, J. Fellnor, W. james, R. Brooks. Prnt row: B. Yount E. Shimko, P. Woodward, T, Cowell, J. Saxton, G. Paxson, K. Hartel, S. Bartrug, North. Second row: E. Allison, L. Hart, G. Hadley, P. Malms- hury, N. Foster, N. McCrane, D. Habel, A. Powell. Third row: G. Leming, W. Rogers, W. Thatcher, F. Terry, G. Greenwood, R. Ficarotta. school which is certainly different from that in an elementary school. The students are not yet allowed to raise money for their Washington trip but may collect dues for their annual field trips. The dues, collected on a weekly basis, teach the values of regular savings and make it possible for the students to go on trips which otherwise might be impossible. The ninth grade is allowed the privilege of visiting the state capital at Harrisburg. Following this visit they then travel to Her- shey for a look at that unique and modern city. This visit also in- cludes a trip through the famous chocolate factory. The eighth grade visits the city of Philadelphia and its many historic shrines. The itinerary always includes: the Betsy Ross Home, Independence Hall, the Franklin Institute and many other numents and buildings. imp ortant I'l'll1SCllf!'lS, U10 Kr sa G Witte- ou' M Ruth, I. Tettemer, A. Foster, D. Terry, R. Kincel, M. y. , . Q nd row' C Hughes, P. Chapman, S. Riley, L. Martin, E. ' an Third raw: T. Lennox, M. First 1 v. . kind, J. Moore, S. Gear. Seca . . Glynn, J. Cowell, S. Connor, H. Factor, C. Garm . Schwalm, J. Pacitto, J. Phillips, W. Rech, G. Heath, J. Savage, R. Ames. H V UNDER Helen Br ""'Ier sw., E281 W! 0 Ii Tkfger W First raw: E. Dueman, K. Wittekind, K. Reiter, S. Hillman, J Schgier S Dize J Frederlcks, D. Gable, M. Rosso Second raw N ll tis I . : . Iarrazzo, F. Pesce, N. Cimm, D. Mat: ,C . Johnson, B. Brown, F. Grundal, A. Ad ' C. 1 ' ams, R. Oakes. Third row: E. Huffman, awges, R. Hensor, W. Wickham, R. Pond, R. Michel. The seventh grade has the opportunity of touring Bucks Coun- ty and seeing the history, the industry and the beauty of the county. The trip ends with a visit to one of the nation's great shrines-Val- ley Forge. Homeroom meetings usually consist of programs which allow the students to participate. Some give plays, conduct quizzes and even put on talent shows. In Morrisville High School the junior and Senior groups en- joy most of the same privileges. They go to the same dances, par- ticipate in the same assemblies and enjoy the same athletic contests. Each group does, however, have its own teams and club programs. The most important advantage of this system is that it gives the younger children the opportunity of attending school with the older boys and girls and enjoying the advanced social, athletic and aca- First row: R. DiSanto, I. Miller, D. Margerum, C. Malmshury, S. Sultzhach, C. Malms- bury, I. Krogulski, N. Slack, E. Redland. Scczmd raw: T. Rose, R. McGuigan, R. Emmons, L. Cutchineal, P. Greenlee, D. Kreiser, W. Zerrenner. A. Miller, D. Brelsfnrd. Third row: M. Cappiello, G. Trofe, I. Cavanaugh, D. Sinclair, F. Doan, J. Solt, W. Bresley. Q Ftrs! row: L. Shaner, I. Leming, B. Lane, D. Smith, D. Felsburg, P. Lippincott, M. Hansen, M. -Solt, D. Becket. Scrond row: C. McTammey, H. Fritz, W. Zuzceak, P. Riley, M. Titus, D, Rohner, P. johnson, 1, Slotterbach, R. Carter. Third row: C. Clawges, H. Stockhnm, D. Maleurcz, I. Brewer, E. Nemeth, W. Hobbs, J. Rihy, D. Bigley. rades. demic program which is usually only common in the upper g There are nine homerooms in the Junior High School and six in the Senior High School. Each class is allowed an equal repre- sentation in the school's Student Council, the group which looks after the welfare of all the students and gives them a chance to take a small part in student government. Each class picks its own repre- sentatives and the entire school takes part in a special election to select the Student' Council ofiicers. Assemblies for the school are given once each week and consist of several type programs. In the first place are the exchange pro- grams with other schools, then come the outside entertainment pro- vided by organizations not connected with the school and finally those put on by classes, clubs and other groups in the school. During the school year the various classes take part in many of l t P Ice J Middleton, l.. Lovett, E. Matejik, E. Foster, S. Foster k C Boehm R. Brewer, N. Lee, ll D. Causey, E. Gean First ro-zu: E. Loran, . - , . S. Coulton, D. Schultz. Srrrmd rmv: R. Mute, . , Woodward, C. Hughes, A. Stout, W. Thurber, R. Blinn. Third row: nette, J. Rose, R. Demech, D. Champagne, K. Roberts, T. Johnson. I CLASSES 115 W" H oweu First row: M. Grove, R. Antrobus, B. Martin, B. Burns, M. Miller, K. Ilastnn, P. Shinkle, M. Baxter, J. Adams. .Vccond row: J, Johnson, J. VVnod, R. Greenlee, if Kmiat, R. Cardinali, E. Tarr, J. Skelton. M. Kane, l.. Rogers. NV, VValmslcy, D. fiatti. Third r0'w.' R, Bunting, C. Marshall, T. llrucis, F. Schwarz, K. Mc-ilu-rs, YV. lin-islwach, J. Taylor. th activities sponsored by Morrisville. These include: the annual Hallowe'en window decorating contest, tag days for the veterans of our wars and fund drives for welfare organizations. The students also frequently provide entertainment for meetings of different adult groups. As a summary it might be said that the pupils of Morrisville High School make up a very normal and average student body. They share the same problems, advantages, and disadvantages as do the children in most schools. The major limitation on the students is in the ability of the school population to grow. Morrisville has little space for expansion and the schools can look fo d rett e community projects and ' " Ann rio e W T311 X . rwar to a p y constant number of students while the surrounding areas are growing rapidly and their schools are showing a corresponding growth. 'r.t!rW1t'.' T, Chapman 9 Rule D A Q , , .. , . renault, ll, White, C. Flark, J. Kc-tane R N1 r Neil, P. Foulke, M. Uelfazio. S' 0 d " A ' Joh ' r, . . at - trn ffm. A. rsennult R Fnnlle R lhrilin' nson. L. Neumann H Bell U F , . . . . . g, li. , , , . rye, B, llanlcy. A. Ge-urge. Third rr '.' VN tiere, W. Hensor, C. Sinclai , T. A l' ' ' 111 '. Trcnw- r llson, C. llratly, R. lu-uper, A. Fell, J. VValsh. . 1 ! J 321 First row: S. Thorn, M. Downard, C. McLeish, II. Disler, T. Tanzillo, M. Latham, B Pierson, J. Matejik, T. Capodici. Second row: B. Fernandez, W. Tettemer, J. Pietro- carlo, J. Adams, B, Fritz, J. Kehr, R. DiCicco, W. Cahle, L. Perry, J. Dize, I.. Dicicco Third row: L. Brelsford, K. Hensor, R. Schumann, R. Cox, M. Phillips, J. Vaneek- hoven, T. Bigley, R, Delay. STUDENT COUNCIL First row: B. Brewer, B. Kane, J. Johnson, I.. Hart, ll. Buhr, F. Cowell, J. Kise, B. Johnson, J. Greenlee, IJ. Widmann, B. Kneeland. Svcond row: M. Kane, C. Hughes, T. Tanzillo, C. Malmshury, R. Hensor, V. Clawges, M. Cappiello, E. Marini, B. Gaskill, T. Roh- ner. Third row: H. Factor, R. Harding, R. Greenlee, C. North, M. DeFazio, J, Moore, B. Vaneekhoven, B. Brewer. is l lined 3 at N31 lates "New Record Holders" Teams representing Morrisville have brought considerable honor to the school during the past school year. The girls, not permitted to take part in regular league competition, made an enviable record on both the hockey field and basketball court. The hockey team swept to its first unde- feated season and the basketball team won eight games and lost but one and scored 391 points to 250 by its opponents. The varsity football squad lost the Lower Bucks County Championship to Bristol High School on Thanksgiving Day but the basketball team, playing for the first time under its new coach, john Mock, was crowned champion in the league. All teams, varsity, junior varsity and junior high school, fought hard and clean and were a real credit to the student body. "The Champs" or T49 C 0406 PJ? C dpfqlgz-r akdp . I 6' flbqrhe U wem 11,9 Halve,-H "Beauty and the Basketball" I x Xl , "NOW GO GET THEM" I . 'il Bob ,lx I f fl 6 Rirbie I 5 N Morrisville Opponent 23 .................. ........ M orristown .........,.. 38 ...,...,...,. ........ H atboro ..................... 2 3 ............. ......., L ambertville ......... 28 .,........... ......,. H ightstown ............ 4 1 .,........... ........ B ensalem .................. 45 .......,..... .....,.. S outhampton ......... 3 1 .,...... ...A.... H ightstown ............ 41 .............. ....,,..,.... G eorge School ...... 63 ...........,. ........ N eshaminy ,........... 5 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,.. ........ P ennsbury ..........,.... 39 ............. ........ B ristol ........................ 37 ......,...... ........ A lumni ..............,...... 54 ,.........,.. ........ T renton Catholic 26 ......,...... ........ P ennsbury ..........,.... 34 ,.,...,....,, ........ N eshaminy ............ 5 1 ...,......... ..,,......... L ambertville ......... 54 .............. .,........... S t. johns ..............,... 46 ,,,,,,,.,,,,. ........ B ristol ..,..................... 67 ............. ........ S outhampton ......... 62 ............. ........ B ensalem ..,...........,... 55 ,...........,, ..,.......... S t. johns ..,.................. 48 ,,A,,,,,4,.,. ,....... D eep Run Valley Q v -w l ! 5 , 1 f Frank -554 A K i . . Y kgs 1 H xl x K , 1, lx of 41 hz. C bail i e THE M.H.S. "COURTS TERS" When Coach Donald Henry resigned to accept a similar position as coach at Penns- bury High School, Coach John Mock was offered the job of coaching our boys. Coach Mock, a teacher in the sixth grade at the Case School, stepped in and in his first year as head coach led the team to the Lower Bucks County Championship. Our pre-season hopes were not too high. When the team lost the first three games things really looked dark. The boys soon caught the new coach's spark and went on to win more than half their total games. A highlight of the season was Johnny Krysa who set a new school scoring record with 34 points in one game. 4- C oath M ark gHinl:!fc:imEp,HIZ.mEpyvigl,Tisllgglamlms, J. Krysa, J. Davis, W. Brewer, J. Haston. Sn-and fmv: T. Coach Davies and Coach McDonald were proud of their 1951 football edition and well they might be for the team ended its season with four wins, two ties and two losses. This record was enough to send the team into the final game on Thanksgiv- ing day in a tie for the league championship with the Bristol Warriors. The Bristol team was not to be denied, however, and though playing a tre- mendous game, the Morrisville boys were forced to be satisfied with second place in the final league standings. 3 Z X 2 VARSITY SCHEDULE Morrisville Opponent 0 .,.,,......,...... Hamilton ......... 0 28 ..,............... Southampton 0 13 .................. Hatboro ............... 19 0 .................. Bensalem ............ 0 20 ...............4.. Pennsbury ....,r... 13 27 .................. Council Rock 6 6 .................. Neshaminy .,.... 0 1 3 ..,.,............. Bristol .................. 19 I BULLDOGS THE 1951 First row: R, Taylor, E, Shimko, VV. Va neekhoven. Srrond row: I. Fellnur, D. Cap piellu, J. Shull, J. Krysn, J. Davis, D Widmann, R. Bambach, F. Cowell, D. Sulli van, R. Dietrick, Third rmu: Nr, Davicw J. Haston, H. Fredricks, J. Ketnner, H Arnoldi, E. Kohler, T. Rnhner, C. Galnmlms F. Garman, F. Gamer, T. Trout, R. Neu man, P. Keenan, J. Brunner, H, Hocchst Mr. McDonald. r X ,L . , ll Coarh Dawes OUR UNDEFEATED HOCKEY TEAM Captain Marrazzo Captain Pietrawski Morrisville does not place great emphasis on girls' ,..., C oath Parsons sports. The teams are not permitted to enter league com petition and, therefore, we do not often hear too much about the girls and their teams. This year, however, has been a real exception. The hockey team under Coach Anne Parsons was the first hockey team in the school's history to go through a season undefeated. Only a tie with the girls from Deaf School, marred the record but the team now holds a record that will be hard to beat. Following the season the girls were given a victory banquet in honor of their accomplishments. HOCKEY SCHEDULE Xi, L ,V K N' 2 , Q 1 Morrisville Opponent 1 Council Rock 0 1 Neshaminy 0 6 Council Rock 3 0 Deaf School 0 3 Flemington 0 ' liii' Hr . 12 4 VARSITY HOCKEY First ro-zu: G. Latham, E. Marini I.. Marazzo, E. Pietrowski, G VVhite. Il. Boehm. Srrond row Miss Parsons, R. Marini, B. Sol! G. Neuman, J. Winters, C, Dor sey, H, Ruhr, R. Hohhs, N. Al derfer, N. Cowell, P. Taylor. fmt rmu: B. Snlt, G. Neumann, R H ll ll B ll B h erow, . oge an , , ', S. Vlfonlstnn. VARSITY BASKETBALL mas, . uhr, . oe m, Ames, L. Hart, Srrond rmv: K t C H l Cl C Dor- ANOTHER UNDEFEATED TEAM Unwilling to take a back seat to the hockey team, the basketball squad set out to equal or better their record. Playing 21 tough nine game schedule the girls were unde- feated except for the game with the school's alumni. During the course of the season a school scoring record was also set by a member of the team when Heidi Buhr, a senior, set an all-time mark with 32 points in one game. Thus, the girls finished their two major sports schedules with a record of twelve wins, one tie and one loss for a mark that should stand for years to come. Morrisville Opponents 31 Bristol 28 20 Alumni 34 26 Pennsbury 15 63 Deaf School 27 31 Bensalem 28 60 George School 9 45 Bristol 36 56 Deaf School 47 59 Pennsbury 26 Captain Marrazzo Captain Bubr 6 f l 'A i C oath Parsons M E591 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: G, Latham, D. Taylor, E. Marini, M. Stefanoski, K. De- fazio, R. Marini, L. llisler. Ser- ond raw: E. Pietrowski, G, VVhite. B. Kane, M. Neumann, Miss Parsons. .IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: R. Dietrick, F. Lehr- gern, F. Garman, NV. Gaskill, R, NVeeks, ll. VVilcnx, E. Kohler. ,Sircond row: FI, Shimko, T. Ken- ner, A. Faber, R. Rich, P. Chap- man, R. Taylor, Mr. Rollo. .IUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Front: R. Demech. Second row: R. McGuigan, G. Heath, A. Powell, F. Caruso, F. Pesce, J. Szivageyj. Paccitto, J. Phillips, VV. Thatcher, W. Thurber. Third row: Mr. Rollo, G. Greenwood, M. Cappiello, C, Boehm, N. Caum, I.. llnrt, R. Brewer, N. Marrazzo, A. Stout. A. Peterson, A. Miller, R. Carter, Mr. Torok. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY First row: R. Marini, L. Hart P. Demech, D. Lodge, D. Taylor H. Kane. Serond row: Miss Par- sons, C. Rodcnhaugh, L. Disler N. Cowell, P. Taylor. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL First rmv: J. Slotterhcck, K Roberts. Sfrond r0'w.' VV. Crooks II. Factor, I.. Hart, F. Pesce, ,I VValsh, C. Carman, A. Powell. Third row: WV. Hobbs, G. Green wood, D. Halmel G. He h E Al- . at , . Iison, W. Thatcher, F. Terry, l' McTammcy, Mr. ,Torok. SWIM CLUB Firxf row: C. Sinclair, D. Frye, R. Bunting, R. Greenlee, R. Cox l.. l'erry. Srraud row: Mr. Hou: Imoulis, J. Ketaner, M. Latham, P. lfoullce, P. Greenlee. D. Krei ser. E. Redland, I.. Cntchineal ll. Ilerket, R. Kincel. L. Difficco n. Felshurg. G. VVittekind, jf Chapman. Third rmv: B. Sol! ll. Stockham. T. Lenox, R. Bou- Imoulxs, J. Adams, Rl. Kane, M. Groves, R. Emilie, R. Ames. l.. lbificco, A. Ames, C. Boehm. frilliffll rm1'.' C. Ames, J. Rose I.. llrelsford, R. Greenlee, B Zcrrenner. 1. Christopher, J. Slot: Ir-rlveck, T, Ruse, P. johnson, J. Julmson, ll. llnrncs, NY. Rogers. I THEY ENTERTAINED US CTD "The Card Club" "Miss Trenton" "Meet Corliss Arrberu "Our Lovely Ballerina" 421 I. 1 y! I 1 6 K:,k U-'y F -- .4-an I " " MM "The Cheerlovelief' W f "gl.jQygQ VAL' 1,71 1533- KAL- Q I - H+:-5 V, Zia, . ij - -. , K wg.-we e T 5212? 'T ' --,' T 1.' ' + Khfliffa if . iii. -4 ' A f A ' "' 1 I . U 1 - 'g an ' Q ' ' W fe ' , ' W fi A 32 L ' l . - . ' . E Q e s f ' ' 'U 'l 2 nf 'qu 'Q l".u"l Mimi' "The Malmsburysu S fx wal N . 'gS 4'-' "Keep your eye on the targe " "May I have this dame? Active student participation is the keynote in our activity program which is varied enough to give every student an opportunity to take part. The musician, the singer, the boy or girl with a hobby, each is able to find some sort of activity in which he can interest himself. The Student Council makes every effort to help the administration improve the activity program each year and also helps encourage student par- ticipation by making annual awards each year to those who take an outstanding part in the program. Every student devotes an hour each week to one club and many devote extra hours in practice, and performances. "Let's try that again Z o 1-gb? do ,LI p 1 1 r r 1 J I6 'Don't hit it too bard Look-it works BAND First raw: P. Woodward, li. Shimko, N. Mcfrane, lf. Malms- bury. C. Malmsliury, l,. Lovett, A. McCrane, IJ. Tavlor. Srcoml row: I., Young, Adams, ,l. Cowell, G. VVittekind, P. Foulke, J. Taylor, E. Marini, K. Roberts. W. Drieslwach, J. Skelton, T. Lenox, R. Bunting, R. Ames. Third rmv: K. Hartel, D. Boehm. A. Ames, K. Reiter, S. Hillman, U. Gable, C. Hughes, M. Titus, D. Krieser. P. lllalmslwury, P. Greenlee. Fourth rmv: R, Bun ting, B. Titus, D. Felshurg, D. Schultz, J. Gibson, J. Slotterhach, R. VVhite. R. Rich, E. Glynn, VV. Rogers. Fifth row: Mr, Hutchi- son, K. Wright, R. Helveston, A. Stout, R. Paxson, D, Barnes, J. Kise, H. Konat, I., Difieco, C. ,Boehm. The musical organizations of the school are always called upon for extra duties in and out of school. Today one might play for a football game, tomorrow another will sing for a community meeting. And so it goes, parades, exchange assemblies, plays, variety shows and even radio programs all find a willing response from one or more musical groups. The school's marching band entertains at all home football games and its many intricate manuevers stamp it as one of this section's leading high school bands. Many of Morrisville's musicians are called upon each year to take part in All- First v0'u': B. Titus, E, Connor. N. Young. G. Maurer, D. Roe-hm, I. Greene lee, B. Kneeland, J. Ketrow, J. Gibson. G. Margerurn. P. Taylor, Mr. Hutchi son. Second row: R, Johnson, A. l.aRue, L. Young, J. Janaski. M. Bigley, J Pierson. M. Perry. lf. Denman, J. Thornley, J. Drucis, D. Nolan. M. VVitte kind. H, Konat. Third row: M. llayash. A. Stein, M. Bradford, l". Hngeland V. Johnson, R. Bunting, M. Neuman. A. Ames, R. Hayes, C. llall, N. Green lee, J. Brunner. Fourth m1v.' J. Kise, D. Rich. R, VVhite, R. Brooks, F. Cowell, M. Edwards, B. Hausman, C. Dorsey, C. Ames, B. Brewer, J. Krysa, JRCHESTRA First rmv: 1. Ketrow, J. Green- lee. C. Dorsey. R. Bunting, Scr- mzd rmzf: E. Shimkn, K. Vlfright, R. Bamlvach, IJ. Boehm, B. Titus, ll. Knnat, J, Kise. P. Malms- hurv, P. Greenlee, R. Rich, B. White, L. Shaner, I.. Young, ll. Nirshl, A. Ames. Third rmu: R. llelvestmx, R. Bunting, J. John- son. I. Freclericks, E, Glynn. R. Paxsnn, J. Ke-t:mer, ll, Halmel, T. Lenox. D. Barnes. R, Ames, Mr. Hutchison, K. llnrtel County bands and orchestras. To this list of musicians must also be added the many vocalists who are also selected for high honors. One of the real highlights of each school year is the annual Christmas Carol Sing sponsored by the Music Department. Tickets are always in demand and the carols, the tableau, and the stain glass windows are produced with a touch of profes- sionalism and are a source of pride and satisfaction to the school and community. The most important part of the school's music program is the wide variety of osr- ganizations which make it possible for all who are interested to take an active part in some group. First rmv: M. Cox. N. Rowell, R. Holuhs. R, Nlarini. R. Kane, P. llemech, lf, f'ounnr, M. lliglcy. F. lineman. J. Thnrnley. J. Pierson, ll, Boehm, G, Maurer, J. llrucis. ,Yrrmiri rn11'.' M. Brrulforml, F. llngf-lrmrl. A. l.aRue, N Young, R, Ku:-elanrl. li. Xlarini, D, Tnvlnr. J, VVin1ers. I. Ketrnw, P, Taylor, I R. llounlclsmi. ll. Nirshl, J, Cilmsnn, G. Mnrgerum. Third rmv: R. Salt. J. ,l:inn:ki. S. VVonmlw:ml, ll, Ruhr, A. Ames. ll, Titus, V. Johnson, R. Bunting, L. Xnung. Rl, lNt-umzinn. R. llnyes, D. Nolan. Fourth rorv: Mrs. Howell. G. Neuman. ll. Johnson. Nl. liclwnnls, ll. Hausmnn, l.. llart, C, Ames, C. Simp- son, C. Dorsey, M. YVittekinil. v up 'iv -:F 4 Pali CDCUS First rofw: Mrs. Brunner, C. Ames, S. Preston, M. Neuman, G. White, P. Demech, F. Mac- Laren, E. Elcock, J. Thornleyv J. Ketrow, B. Kane, L. Young, Mrs. Hawkins, Second row: N. Cowell, G. Maurer, D. Taylor, R. Hoblws, V. Zerrenner, C. Hopzeland, B. Titus, D. Nirshl, P. Taylor, E. Marini, B. VVhite, M. Edwards. Third row: J. Kise, C. Boehm, R. Bunting. G. Neuman, C. Rn- denhaugh, L. Hart, C, Dorsey, H. Buhr, C. Simpson, D. Coultnn. JUNICR CHORUS First row: L. Neumann, N. Slack, D. White, J, Chapman, E. Matejik, S. Sultzhach, M. Miller, J. Harn, N, Foster, M. Kane, K. Clark, J. Skelton, D. Johnson. Srrond rmv: S. Hillman, B. Ynunt, P. Greenlee, G. Paxton, P. Malmshury, J. Saxton, L. Lnv- ett, S. Riley. R. DiSanto, D. Arsenal, M. Novak, E. Dueman. C. Malmshury, C. Malmshury. Third Vow: I. Tettemer, S. Coul- ton, D. Smith, E. Lodato, J. Kro- gueaski, L, Cutchineal, J. Middle- ton, L. Shane-r, J. Miller, ll. VVoodward, S. Rule, D. Mattis. J. Matejik. Fourth NTIUS J. How- ell, D. Felsburg, J. Johnson, S. llartrug. E. Glenn, P. Woodward, D. Gahle, K. Reiter, D. Rohner, E. Redland, M. Krysa, K. llartel. SHOP CLUB First row: Mr. Sauder, L. VVil- cnx, J. Dilatnsh, D. Phillips, J. Wilcox, C. Johnson. Srrrmd row: P. Keenan, J. Lehegern, F, Cater, J. Shull, D. Cappiello, B. Young. i461 aAri:i Y PATRCJL lfi'r.vt rmv: D. 'Bigley. K. Hensor, R. DeLay, T. llipzley. M. Phillips, R. Schumann. XY. Tettemer, P. Mal:-wicz. Srrnnrl row: Miss NVaikins, R. Ilarrling. R. Greens lee, ll, Sinclair, K. Rolwerts, D. Kreiser, I.. MacNeil, J. Chap- man, C. Hughes, S. Foster, T.. Neuman. D. Nirshl, I.. Perry, VV. Vaneekhoven, R, Demech, l.. Bresfnrfl. Third nvfv: I.. Young, lf. Stein. D. Frye, R. Emilie. D. Sinclair. J. Taylor, C. Malms- lnury, K. Clark, E. Foster, D. Johnson, A. Downaril. J. Clawgcs, J. Rigby, VV. llensor, T, Johnson, B. VVuodwarrl. Fourth rmv: F. Carman, I. Chvanaugh, J. Pacitta. VV. James. T. Rose, D. Brelsford, R, Uarter, J. Pietrncarln, l.. Di Piero, A, George, Il, Knnat. R. Ilrewer, Il, Factor. F, Becker. LEADERS CLUB Fin! rmv: R. Hohlvs. R, Bon- lwnulis, R. Marini, G. WVl1ite, E. Pietrnwski, J, XYinters, B, Kane, G, Latham. N. fowell, M. Cnx, S. XYnnlstnn. ,S'r'i'mid rmv: F, Di- Sanln, P. Smith, K. Nattis, P. lbemech. E. Marini. D. Taylor, E. Elcock, R. Heres, J. Driesliach. S. Preston. Third wmv: Miss Gisli, l.. Disler, M. Stefannski, P, Shatto, M. Hamilton, H. Soil, G. Neumann, L, Hart. VARSITY CLUB Firxt m'::': J. Krysa, J. Shull, K. XVrip1ht. R. Taylor. R, Homko, Nl, llc-nsnr. R, llalmel. D. VVir'l- mann, Nlr. Davies. .X'rrmid rrmf: l", Orwell, E. Knhler, T. Trout, R. Dietrick, J. Brunner, D. Sul- livan. R. Hamlvach. J, Davis. Tliird rmu: R. Landis, R. Neu- man, lf. liater, F, Harman. lf Galamluos, T. Rulmer. wi r- jr' " 'i"""""'i f 2 e Q---v mfg ff .5 f"9"? fy -"""" ,QSQW ' , Q , A 5 nu isa X x N 5""n. fl'- elif " 4 1 FASHION CLUB NHIN, Townsr-nd, G. YVittc-kind, S. lmmur. ,I. Moore. K. VI'It!ekimI. JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB Fx'rx! rmv: KI, Groves. R. Antrn- Iuus, J. Adams, Miss Gahel. Svc- mrrl rmv: R. IleI.:1y. VV. Tettenwr, VV. Cnlmlc. VV, Ilrn-isImcI1, R. fnx, I I'u1x TYPING CLUB l"1'r'.v! rmv: II. Koster. D. SI1uII, I.. Ilrnviy, BIN. Brunner, If XYIWI, S. NIM:-jiIc, II. IAR116, II. Crooks. Srronrfi rm:': T. RoIm1'r, T. Trout, R. Nvunmn. R. NYU-ks. E491 Yi ,yn PHO OGRAPHY CLUB QS? ESB-3.4 Q Qi if First rmv: D. Barnes, F. Lelwe- gern, B. Hnrtshorn, B, James, B, Vaneel-chnven. Srcond row: A. Faber, G. Wooley, R. Helvestun, ll. Landis, Mr. l':u1m. DANCE BAND J. VVinters, J. Ketaner, R. Pax- son, E. Shimkn, R. Helvcstrm, R. Rich, Mr, Hutchison, R. VVhite. HANDBOOK Fin! vow: D. Boehm. A. LaRue, J. Greenlee, B. Kneeland. V. Zer- renner. Scroud row: C. Hog:-lnml, H. Buhr, B. Hausman, B. John- son, M. Tlrarlfurfl. 1501 ff fx 'Uv X-f .X ,JJJ dp Z! A 5. I VV E 21 S. , cb- Rfjl K W2 THE We would take this opportu- nity to thank our cheerleaders for the inspiration they provide at every one of our athletic contests. It is unfortunate that we some- times overlook these girls because of the special fetes of our teams but there is no question that the cheering they lead is a big factor in much of the success of our ath- letes. f eval ai HEERLEADERS ,Q -f'9Z,t Cnfol uw We Ka? Bunny tj Ye? 'Q 104' Heidi JVNIOR CHEERLEADERS First rrrw: C. Hughes, D. Rnhner, L. Lovett, S. Foster. K. Witte- kind. Srcnnd fmv: N. Slack, E. Tarr, S, Cmmor, 1. Skelton, D, Margnrum. Best Physique Most Likely to Succeed John Davis Heidi Buhr Jack Dilatush Jacqueline Greenlee E Nicest Smile Class Cut-ups Charles Hellings Betty Kneeland Edward Shimko Joan Winters Best Looking Mary Lou Edwards john Davis Most Pull with the Faculty Best Dressed 1 leidi Buhr 'lack Dilatush Robert Homko Heidi Buhr 541 Best All-Around I Biggest Flirt.: Frank Cowell Heidi Buhr Bruce Young Loretta Marrazzo PUR OUTSTANDING SENIORS v, .J 1 ff Q 7 Each year the Senior Class takes a long look at itself S and then, by secret ballot, selects those of its members who X y e ' have proven themselves outstanding in one field or another. This year is no exception and so on these pages we proudly present the results of our Senior Poll. Most Basbful Janice Duke Paul Davis Friendliest Frank Cowell Bette Jane Johnson 93' Best Athletes Most Popular ohn Krysa Eleanor Pietrowski Heidi Buhr Donald Widmann T551 nga , Whom Shall we Inv1te9' "Making the Decorations" VN' J- 'XL 'N' ' 2 'T -9 K I Q . kg ' 'J .f e nl N X A ' 1 I .5 ' V 'N is ' 'lnliff 0 w 1- 34 f 1' A .Ar ix , 3 lg 'D a n a f 0, 4 , .l R , 2 Q5 ' o , . 2,0 ' A n 5 ALiL LZ L Q: Nw! "Tickets Please" "Our Center Pine" X X xx K . . , M Asp., Inlefmim 71 "The Old Punrb Bowl" THIS WA S OUR SENIOR PROM "Bill Holrombeu 'Q I 1 , A Orb "Sill: IQ This One Out" V "The Morning After" I 57 ax , 581 THE CLASS PRGPHECY You know us as we are, now come with us as we take a look at our class twenty years from today-at least this is how we may look. We're having a big reunion and everyone is on his way back to good old "Steel Town." Years have sure changed many of us. The class is certainly well represented in the steel mill. janet Ketrow and Heidi Buhr are private secretaries to the big boss, Benjamin Fairless. In the main office Mary Lou Edwards and Alice LaRue have charge of all the ofiice machines. In the mill itself, Elwood Terry and Bob Habel are foremen and are still working together. A large housing development is going up near the mill with Donald Widmann listed as the contractor. We also understand that Frank Becker is Red's chief car- penter. The architect for the development is Bill Brewer, a well-known local figure. John Shull and Russell Taylor are druggists and own a large drug store in Levittown. Roger Bambach has his own meat store, Sally Woolston a modern 5 and 10 and Leroy Brown is the manager of a new Acme. Donald Coulton is the head teller in the new Morrisville Bank and Morton Hensor is one of the bank directors and also has his own newspaper business. joe Lebegern has an oilice over the bank as a certified public accountant and is doing a rising business. Janice Duke is the owner of a prosperous clothing store and specializes in riding attire for women. Several of our class have gone into the auto business. Chet Doan has a busy gas station and has Bob Homko and Glen Gordon working for him as mechanics. Bruce Young owns his own fleet of taxis, and a used car business on the side. The newest building in town is the modern hospital on West Bridge Street. Paul Davis, our millionaire classmate, kindly donated the money. Several familiar faces can be found there. jackie Greenlee is in charge of the lab and Barbara Hausman, specializing in physical therapy, is head nurse. Carol Hogeland is keeping all records straight as a medical secretary. Norma Young is a well-known occupa- tional therapist and at any time of the day or night you can hear "Dr. Boehm wanted in surgery" being called over the public address system. Pat Sigley and Marie Nolan work together on the hospital switchboard and Betty Kneeland is the receptionist at the front desk. Margaret Stefanoski is head dietitian and Margaret Perry does all the cooking for the hospital patients. Several of our classmates have made the big time in the field of sports. John Krysa graduated from Kentucky as an All-American basketball player and is now a coach, and Loretta Marrazzo is playing professional hockey. Eleanor Pietrowski is coach of girls' sports at M.H.S. Leon Brady has his own Bar and Grill and has Rey Morrell and Ronnie Olin- ger working for him. Ronnie is the head bouncer. b Dr. john Dilatush, one of Princeton's great scientists, will be here tonight as will Bette Jane johnson, chief linguist for the Port of New York Authority. Charles Hellings, Dick Erb and Tom Kenner found a home in the Navy and may not be able to get back tonight. Frank Cowell is a lineman with Bell Telephone and john Davis is working for him. Bob Kimble is in Paris showing his latest works of art and sent his regrets tonight. Marlene Bradford is still in South America on one of her many ex- cursions. Virginia Zerrenner, an airline hostess, is also out of town on a flight to Los Angeles. Eddie Shimko just won his third Kentucky Derby and is too busy celebrating. Joan Winters will be here if she can get a few hours 06 from her job singing with Kenneth Wright's band. Perhaps they'll both make it. We're aiming a bit high but "We can dream, can't we?" We trust that you have enjoyed our report to you and all we can say is - you have now come to The End Please patronize our advertisers. Without their help this book would have been impossible. The Staff 1:59 o oo Qgoooooooo oooooooeoooooooooooooqooo VULCANIZED RUBBER AND PLASTICS CCJMPANY 0 0 Q 09000000-90 0 6 COMPLIMENTS OF LEONARD LEVIN ooooooooooooooo oo oooooo W 61 ., A' --A- A---1:--:::::,,-,-- "" " A --tht--:DOA-oooooooo--,-,,,,-, ,v oooooooo0oooo4:----c--:b4:-:vooo4:-- Phone 9867 CAPITOL VIEW BARBER SHOP 5OI North Pennsylvania Ave. Corner Hendrickson Ave. GRADUATES OF BARBER SCIENCE GOULD'S MARKET Fancy Meats, Produce and Groceries Phone 5582 I7 W, Hendrickson Ave. Morrisville, Pa. LEWIS' ESSO SERVICE II5 E. Bridge Street Morrisville, Pa. BEST WISHES from the New Management of the TRANSIT DINER We Serve Wholesome Food OPEN THE YEAR ROUND CAPITOL VIEW DELICATESSEN Supplee Sealtest Ice Cream Open IOZOO A.M. to IOZOO P.M. Daily and Sunday 449 N. PENNSYLVANIA AVE. GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES J. P. CUNNINGHAM HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS "Reo" and "Toro" Power Lawn Mowers "Pittsburgh" Paint and Glass 522 NORTH PENNSYLVANIA AVE. 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Bridge Street Morrisville, Pa, Levinson Bros., Props. JOE'S SHOE SHOP 54 E. Bridge St. Morrisville, Pa. 000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000990- QQooooooooooooooooooooooooooeoooqoeoeog ---A -A-- -AA---A :::::::o:::::-----::::::::o:::o::ooo Compliments of CLOVER LEAF DAIRY Coal Oil Burner Service Fuel Oil PENN-JERSEY COAL COMPANY Chambers Street at Delmorr Avenue Morrisville, Pa. Morrisville Phone 7955 Trenton Phone 74-7955 Phone 2-7431 Compliments of WILLIAM BURGESS, JR. Developer of Burgess Manor Real Estate and Insurance Rents Collected SOO N. Lafayette St. Morrisville, Pa GREENWOOD DAIRIES Lincoln Highway, Langhorne, Pa. DAIRY PRODUCTS "Visit Our Dairy and Frozen Food Store" Serving All Lower Bucks County "Everything that counts in Dairy Products" Phone Langhorne 3764 I . I 64 .. ooooeooooooooo cooooooooooaooooo ooooooooooooeooooeoooooooo Compliments of WM. H. FULPER, Inc. Appraisers - Realtors Insurance Industrial and Commercial Locations Mortgage Banking Distinctive town and country homes in historic Mercer and Bucks Counties 300 West State Street Trenton, N. J. Phone 4-534i COMPLIMENTS OF KING SUPPLY CO. MORRISWLLE, PA. oooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooacoooooeoooooaoooaoe TYPEWRITERS All Makes PRIOR TYPEWRITER Trenton, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF WHITE TAVERN RESTAURANT 51 l N. OLDEN AVE. TRENTON oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooegoq ooooeeoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0oooooooooooooooooooooooo DISTINCTIVE HOMES, Inc. 80 EAST BRIDGE ST. - PHONE MORRISVILLE 5137 UMORRISVILLE, BUCKS COUNTY, PA. Phone 5787 ' Jack Nathan JACK'S MEN'S SHOP 32. East Bridge St., Morrisville, Pa. Nationally Advertised Brands lVlEN'S FURNISHINGS SPORTSWEAR - JACKETS - WORK CLOTHES - SHOES RELIABLE CLEANERS AND DYERS 82 EAST BRIDGE STREET IVIORRISVILLE, PA. A Complete Valet Service . . . Satisfaction Guaranteed Phone 3lOO Emanuel V. Corti, Prop COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooQoqooooooooooooooooooooocoooooo 66 oo I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PHO U, SHOP I Q S G UJ HI 5 cc -I I P Z 0 4 HI W I0 -I 5 HI HI -I -4 W l'l'l z -I o ? . Z :- I X A X I X ffl 7f f If I WBUD Serving Trenton and Morrisville Presents its Compliments to THE l952 CRADUATINC CLASS of MORRISVILLE HIC-H VOGUE CLEANERS AND DYERS No Service Too Little or Too Big I5 E. BRIDGE ST., IVIORRISVILLE, PA. Phone 7856 807 EAST STATE ST., TRENTON, N. J, Phone 4-0979 Leaders in Cleaning and Dyeing Specializing in Uniforms FIRST IN QUICK SERVICE Efficient Delivery Service SHIRTS LAUNDERED oooooooooo oooeooooooooqoeooeeooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Plan for a Career in Pharmacy, Biology, Bacteriology, Chemistry gained through courses of study leading to B.Sc. degrees in one of these fields. M.Sc. and D.Sc. de- gree courses also offered. Coeducational. Founded in 1821 Write for catalog to Registrar, 43rd St., Woodland and Kingsessing Aves., Phila. 4, Po. 'i s.E'izl af!-iii :zz --' 'r"sIr"4 1- -"- - 2?-J -jfs'-ill Y,., ,UQ-ce.: - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science eooooooooooooo oooooooooo oooooooogooooqo -oooooo ooooQ-oooooooooooooooooeooo J. ALLEN HOOPER Funeral Director Private Ambulance Service 45 N. Pennsylvania Avenue Morrisville, Pa. ci ln nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giv- ing health to men." -Cicero JOHN M. BURNS Class of '28 Pharmacist RICHARD L. SULTZBACH PAINTS, GLASS and WALLPAPER Floor Sanders for Rent 720 So, Pennsylvania Ave. We Deliver Phone 7074 SOUTH END AUTO PARTS New - Used - Rebuilt AUTO PARTS Auto Class Installed Morrisville 3246 ooo ooo oooooooooo Compliments of SAWYER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of MORRISVILLE DELICATESSEN i' Compliments of MORRISVILLE OIL CO. Harry F. Christ Fuel Oil and Kerosene Deliveries Phone 7083 WAMSLEY PONTIAC E. Bridge St. and Delmorr Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone 7245 oo- ocooeoeoo 0Q-ooooooooooooooooeegoooocooooeooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo KARL C. KING General Management and Sales n x , I i x - f mqnvgfftx . 'J A ,N ' A .. Labor Superintendent Marvin Davis and Packing Superintendent Russell lvins Inspecting New Crop of Broccoli TRUCKS READY FOR MARKET 69 A. C. THOMPSON Production Management and Research oooo0ooooooooooooooooooooooooQ0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Compliments of Compliments of MAURICE A. SHUI-L THE SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Heidi Buhr Ella Mae Elcock Builder and Contractor Carol Hogeland Nancy Alderfer Morrisville, pa. Joan Winters Bunny Solt Phone 3553 Pat Demech Kay De Fazio Loretta Hart Carol Rodenbaugh Joi-IN B. TETTEMER Phone 3-4520 STEEL'S FLORAL FUEL OIL Flowers by Steel Will Always Appeal Hulmevllle' Pa' 727 soufh Broad sfreef Phone 6492 Trenton, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Compliments of lvlen's Wear Boys' Wear BYER'S P051 6176 Work Clothes - Camping Supplies VETERANS or rokeicn WARS Amy and Navy Supplies l27 N. BROAD ST. Morrisville, Pennsylvania Phone 2-7049 TRENTON, N. J. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocoooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo 70 ocoooooooooosooooooooooooooooooo osoooooooooo -oooooogooeooeogooeoo-ooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo "For Steaks You Like, See Mike . . . No Bum Steers" MIKE'S STEAK HOUSE 706 Brunswick Ave. We Deliver to Factories Phone 5-9897 "For Oven Freshness Buy Where Baked" OVEN BAKE SHOP IZI North Broad Street Trenton, N. J. PURCELL'S SHOE STORE I2 South Warren St. Trenton, N. J. Specializing in Good Quality Shoes Mackensen Kennels Great Dane and Boxer Puppies Dogs Boarded - Heated Kennels Individual Outside Runs Full Line of Dog Food and Meat Reading Avenue Yardley, Pa. AMICO SAND and CRAVEL CO Tyburn Road Morrisville, Pa. Phone 9997 HARVEY'S SERVICE STATION Harvey Furness, Prop. ISO South Main St. Yardley, Pa. KITTY KAT LUNCH Route I3 - Bristol Pike Phone 53l7 Morrisville, PENN DECORATING COMPANY Decorators of Fine China HAND PAINTED GIFTS IO2 South Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Phone 2751 Clarence Alderfer, Cwner Phone 5644 ooooooooo0ooooeooeoooooooooaooooooo ooo 00000-09 00000- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0000009-00400ooooogoooooooooooooo Compliments ot TALONE'S GULF SERVICE STATION 111 WEST BRIDGE STREET MORRISVILLE, PA. Phones: Office 7313 - Residence 3331 BUCKS COUNTY FARMS DAIRIES Samuel Boone, Prop. Pasteurized Milk and Cream Cottage Cheese - Buttermilk - Butter Morrisville, Pa. Style - Quality - Service ETON BOYS' SHOP 15 North Broad Street Trenton, N. J Trenton's Only Mutual Savings Bank THE TRENTON SAVING FUND SOCIETY 123-125 East State Street Member Federal Deposit lnsurance Corporation Chartered 1844 ooooooo ooooooooooooooooooo0oooooooooqooooooqooqoqooooooooooo 72 o QQ000Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQocoooogeqQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ D O D G E See CON EY 24 WEST BRIDGE STREET MORRISVILLE, PA MORRISVILLE CLEANERS and DYERS Phone 3845 Bridge and Pennsylvania Avenue Plant and Store-408 S. Pennsylvania Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF SELLINGER'S GARAGE Phone 3195 KINCEL MOTORS 510 WEST BRIDGE ST. MORRISVILLE, PA. Sales - KAISER - Service oooooo oooooooooooooooooosoa Qoooooooooooooooooooooooooeoosooo 73 QQ0Qoo000090oooo0Qoaoooooooooooooeeooooooo Phone 3072 We Deliver WALTZ'S FRUIT and PRODUCE Frozen Foods - Fresh Produce 58 East Bridge Street Telephone 9875 ROBERT MORRIS HOTEL Cocktail Lounge and Dining Room Rooms by Day or Week Italian-American Food Prompt and Courteous Service Catering to Banquets - Wedding - Parties, Etc. 50-52 E. Bridge St. Morrisville, Pa. Phone 9847 BRIDGE AUTO BODY 8 REPAIRS Steve Barkasy, Prop. AUTO PAINTING 519 Bridge St. Trenton, N. J. MORRISVILLE BAKERY 343 West Bridge St. Open Sunday - Closed Monday Phone 3851 Phone 7575 MORRISVILLE FLOWER GARDENS D. Conturso 6' Son Flowers For All Occasions 509 W. Bridge St. Morrisville, Pa Compliments of TOMLINSON'S VARIETY SHOP 57 North Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 2846 EVE'S SHOPPE SMARTEST STYLES in Misses and Junior Apparel 69 North Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 2143 JOHN J. RESO - JEWELERS All Makes Watches - Diamonds - Silverware Buxton Wallets 11 E, Bridge St. Morrisville, Pa Qooo0oooooooooooooooooo0ooeQsoQQoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo ooooooaooooooooooooooooooooo 00090000009Qooooooooooooeoooo 0 00000000-09 0-neoQooooooeooooooooooooo GABBY'S STEAK HOUSE Michael Santos, Prop. 826 South Clinton Ave. Phone 5-9906 Trenton, N. When in Trenton Visit "The Businessman's Department Store" DWYER BROS. Students' Supplies - Kodaks Art Supplies 117-119 North Broad St. Phones: 5-6186 -- 5-6187 CENTRAL QUALITY MARKET Quality Meats and Provisions Wholesale and Retail Qeooooooooegaeooooooooaqq DOROTHY LEE FLOWER SHOP Mrs. Eva R. Blake, President 602 West State St., Trenton, N. J Phone 2-51 16 osooooooo STACY'S 5c TO 51.00 STORE 3 East Bridge St. Headquarters for Clark's J. 6' P. Coates, C-em, Daisy CROCHET COTTON YARDLEY PHARMACY Prescriptions - Drugs Also . . . Self-Service Groceries Luncheonette 17 East Bridge St., Morrisville, Pa. Free Delivery Yardley 2703 Opposite Bank Phone 3309 Phones: Day, 74-31963 Night, 5571 The Friendly Place to Shop MIKE'S AUTO SERVICE BEATRICE SHOPPE Tune-up - Ignition Specialist COATS - SUITS - DRESSES Motor Qvel-haul Millinery - Handbags - Handkerchiefs Wrecker and Towing Sefvlce East Bridge St., Morrisville, Pa. Penna. Official Inspection Sta. No. 8458 Phone 3451 111-113 W. Bridge St., Morrisville, Pa. Open Friday Evening ooooooocooooooooooocooeooo ooooooooooooooeoo oooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo ooeoooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooao Phone Morrisville 3254 QUALITY CARBONATED BEVERACES C. RUSSELL STILWELL Cr SON Wholesale - Retail l25 South Lafayette Avenue Morrisville, Pa. PENN VALLEY CONSTRUCTORS, Inc. DESIGNERS - ElNANcEks - BUILDERS zo North Pennsylvania Avenue lvlerrieville, Pe. WILLIAM I. MURPHY FUNERAL HOME 4l West Trenton Avenue Morrisville Phone 7922 Compliments of CENTRE FRUIT MARKET 350 Centre Street Trenton, N. J. QUALITY FRUIT and PRODUCE Frozen Foods Groceries Phone 2-2009 Owned and Operated by the Marrazzo Bros. ooooooooooooo oooooooooooQoooooooooooeoooooooooooooooaeooooooo 76 Compliments of . FOOSE'S SELF SERVICE MARKET BARRETTS RESTAURANT Under New Management River Road, Trenton, N. J. Air Conditioned Dining Room STEAKS CHOPS 4' SEA FOOD Our Specialty - "Chicken in the Basket" Catering to Parties, Banquets and Butfets Hi' Compliments of GRIM, CADWALLADER and DARLINGTON 'lr ir Compliments of ROBERTSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY 'lr 9- ooooooo oqoogoqo aeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Compliments of HOTEL HILDEBRECHT Trenton, N. J. Robert K, McPherson, Manager Trenton 2-21 l l THE GIFT BOX 65 North Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Choice Gifts at Reasonable Prices Norcross Cards and Gift Wrappings Phone 3604 Compliments of CAMPBELL'S ESSO SERVICE IO6 East Trenton Ave. Morrisville, Pa. PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION Courses in Accountancy, Journalism Secretarial Science, Social Secretarial Commercial Teaching, Finance Business Administration Medical Secretarial B.S. and A.A. Degrees Catalogue Free on Request R I D E R C O L L E C E Founded l865 Trenton, N. -ooooooooooocooooooooooooooooooo SCARBOROUGH DISTRIBUTORS, Inc. Distributors of Beer, Ale and Soft Drinks 506 Perry St. Phone Trenton 3-4376 ri A 958 xx , wr- if SINCE IMI 1889 ul KERNS BEVERAGES E. L. KERNS CO. Trenton, N. J. BEN HAMS PAINT CENTER Pratt Er Lamberts - Solfo - DuPont's Paints - Enamels -- Varnishes WALLPAPER Exterior and Interior Painting 53 North Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 3093 We Deliver NORTH PENNSYLVANIA MEATS and GROCERIES Free Delivery Prop., J. Meszaros 66 North Pennsylvania Ave. ooooooaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo oooooo-.--ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Television - Radios - Ranges - Washers Refrigerators - Lighting Fixtures "Everything Electrical for the Home" TRENTON LIGHTING 4l6 South Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville, Pa. Samuel Lavine, Mgr. Morrisville 7471 Phone 2-6432 COHEN'S TUXEDO PARLOR Dress Suits for All Occasions -- To Hire - Palace Theater Building Represented by Bruccoleri Bros. l85 S. Broad St, Trenton, N. J. GROOM'S MUSIC STORE Exclusive Dealer for C. C. Conn Band Instruments Leedy Drums Repairing 209 East Front Street lNear Montgomery! "Hammonton Park Clothes" Arrow and Van Heusen Shirts - Ties - Sportswear I Cl-O'l'l'I!S S. Broad and Factory Sts., Trenton George Lavinson oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooe Compliments of NOVELTY CONFECTIONERY All Kinds of Candies 956 South Broad St. Trenton, N. J. MORRISVILLE MOTORS Body, Fender and Painting Service Authorized Pennsylvania State Inspection Station James Aversano, Prop. Phone 5367 KALEN'S PICTURE and FRAME SHOP Est. i886 Fine Picture Framing Framed and Unframed Prints Oil Paintings and Frames Restored Mirrors of All Descriptions PRYOR'S PHARMACY The Store the Doctor Recommends Phone 74l6 000-090 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ---ooo -QQQooooQ0090-000000-ooooQone--oooooeooooooooooooooooo 'A' PHILIP S. SLACK and COMPANY MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Charles M. Fox, Jr. 74 Parker Avenue Trenton 9, N. J ir Compliments of THE MORRISVILLE BANK ir ooooooooooooooooooooQQoQoooooqooooooqoqooooo0-0-0.-Qooooeooo-- 80 oooocoooooooosoooQooooooooqoooooooooooooooooe COMPLIMENTS OF PENNSBURY INN MORRISVILLE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Bringing into closer relation the home and the school that parents and teachers may cooperatively secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education. Vfamsrrzgezsfiip is u U-lzivilege U oQQo0oooooooQ0cocoooooooooooooooooooooooooqog Sl -oooeo0oooooqoeoqooooo-oooooooooo Trenton Junior College .Nzrplunlul in fur! ln' llzi' Lili' ol llwiliui ilml llir Mari' of New Ii'm't Offerx Accredited College Transfer and 'Terminal Courses during the Day and Evening in ART FOUNDATION LIFE SCIENCES PH Y SICAL SCIENCES PRE - EN GINEERIN C j UN IOR EN CIN EERIN C "Attend College and live ul home." Culalogs uuuiluble upon request For additional information call 5-5414 or write IU Trenton Junior College West State and Willow Sts., Trenton 8, N. j. oooeqqgqogoooo OFFICE FURNITURE Distributors of ART METAL STEEL FURNITURE Files - Safes - Shelving - Lockers Post lndex Visible Equipment Leopold Executive Office Furniture Cunlocke Wood and Upholstered Chairs Harter Posture Chairs and Industrial Seating Office Safes and Vault Doors Filing Supplies-Commercial Stationery PALMER, TROUT fr CO. Trenton 5-6361 IO4O South Clinton Ave., Trenton, N. J. FRESH OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL AND N0 JOB? Swell office jobs with good pay awaiting Comptometer School graduates Short Course - Day or Evening Classes Free Lifetime Employment Service THE COM PTOM ETER SCHOOL 420 BROAD STREET Phone 3-6772 NATIONAL BANK BUILDING TRENTON 8, N, J. 07744 50 Doinnsuv c Ion Outfitters: Men-Boys THIRTY-FIVE EAST STATE ST. lirwlvb-' 956 PARKWAY AVE. mentor: a, N. 1. ooooooooo90000000-00QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -oooooowosooo--o--------------------o Qoeoooooooaooooooooooooooo oeooooooooo ooooooooooooo 0Q------------------Qo---o PROFESSIONAL PAGE P JAMES M KLENK, M.D. HAROLD J. ROBINSON, D.D.S. SAMUEL L. SEC-AL. D,D.S. FRANK C. FOWLER, D.D.S. THADDEUS B. FOWLER, D.D.S. THEODORE R, COHEN, M.D. THEODORE A HANSEN. D S C, 83 Q94 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ--0-900000-cocoaooeoooooooqoqoooeooo0000--- SIM PSON CH EVROLET 222 East Bridge Street Morrisville, Pa. At Lower Bridge Approach Phone Morrisville 7184 Official Inspection Station 8499 CHARLES F. ANDREWS and ASSOCIATES INSURANCE - ALL KINDS Nez East sfafe sneer Trenton. N. J. Phone - 5-6334 Compliments of THE MAKEFIELD CO. REALTORS 82 North Pennsylvania Avenue Morrisville, Pa. Telephone 74-3818 Estimates Given FRED W. GREEN LEE LANDSCAPE SERVICE and PLANT MART 508 Stockham Avenue Morrisville, Pa. 84 oeeoogaQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQOQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Compliments of THE PENNSBURY DEVELOPMENT CO. Fallsington, Pa. Phone 7l04 Morrisville 7l04 Notary Public JOHN I. BOYCE REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE ll0 West Bridge Street Morrisville, Pa. AMERICAN BILTRITE RUBBER CO. TRENTON, New JERSEY Phones: 2-2586, 4-3487 We Deliver Free SANITARY POULTRY MARKET John Lukacs, Prop. Live and Dressed Poultry - Eggs - Wholesale and Retail 902 North Olden Avenue Trenton 9, N. J. oooooo ooococoaQooooooooecoooooooeooQoooooooooooooooooooooooo0 85 Qoqqqaeqaeao Pennsylvania New Jersey "State Supervised" Chicks Officially Blood Tested WHITE'S HATCHERY 518 Crown Street Morrisville, Pa, QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ooo--- PONTIAC WALTER H. SCHULTZ I6-20 Passaic Street Trenton 8, N, J. Walter H. Schultz Telephone 6 -l54l Compliments BURNS APPLIANCE STORE 7 North Montgomery St. Trenton. N, J. Q "Robert Morris" Photographers SARONY STUDIOS l3l6 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa, 0-00-00QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oooooogqq QQQQQQQ-QQQ--QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Compliments of GORDON L. MAY i, , .lOE'S BARBER SHOP North Pennsylvania Ave, Morrisville, Pa, Save 2004, on Athletic Equipment CAPITAL SPORTING GOODS Phone 2-781 I SI7 North Olclen Ave, Trenton 9, N ALEXANDER RUBBER CO.. Inc. 20 East Front Street Trenton, N J ooeo-QQ0Qooooeqooooqooooooooooooo oooocoooooooo oooooooooooo ooooooooooooocooooaoo I eF?1 "0 if EGO LIL N Qmullg fe e vfliwfyga Z if 'QNX ig :J tw- -Wi if -ix lfirbix xxftdi E -fbxif S gtg 9 ,- o":. ,tnixc SANFORD-DILETTO POST No. 433 Morrisville, Pa. Phone 9700 CARL J. GOELLER FLORIST Flowers Telegraphed 530 Hamilton Ave. Trenton, N. J. Visit the PENN TAVERN Dinner -- Luncheon Beer - Wine A Liquors Parking in Rear Compliments of S U L L Y ' S Qoooooooooooooooooooooseo ooo ooooooooooooooooooosoooooooooooooooooo Phone Morrisville 7082 BRADY AND SON KEROSENE and FUEL OIL lZ0 Green St. Morrisville, P Compliments ot FACTOR'S STORE ALLEN 8' HURLEY 2:3 South Warren St. Phone 3--0386 Industrial Electronic Supplies Radio Replacement Parts Communication Equipment Sound Equipment - Television NORTON, FARR Cr CUMMINGS Engravers - Printers - Stationers l23 East Hanover Street Trenton, N. J. Invitations and Rnnouncements Diplomas - Resolutions Personal Stationery - Programs Greeting Cards for All Occasions Q90Qooooooooooooooooooooooooooo QUIET MAY Oil Burners Conversion Burners Warm Air and Boiler- Burner Units 24-Hour Burner Service 851 SOUTH WARREN STREET TRENTON, N. J. PROGRESS ASSOCIATES, l c CALDWELL, N. J. Q..

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