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Morrisville Eaton High School - Amariah Yearbook (Morrisville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Q., E. I I 1 X Y f I 'fi ,V .A w ,, ' 441 A H SV' 'lwj NL W J ,wx ! I W M 7 Ji up f?'T.i ' f k Y K , X , w X, IA , IQ JT' f .-igy ,-A, ,L f ia fag.. W0 M T -025915, N , I f :gf I MM """w N855 .,53g.vv.'S- , . ku 3 W MORRISVILLE-EATON CENTRAL SCHOOL MORRISVILLE,N.Y. THE AMARIAH VCLUME I5 foreword No two days are ever alike. They are all different . . . every single one . . . because people make them different. This day is different from the thousands that have passed during the thirteen years of school. There will never be another twenty-four hours like this that is passing before us now. Once this day is gone, it cannot be brought back except by the reaches of our memories. A well-lived today makes for a happy tomorrow, according to the "Sanskrit," - "For Yesterday is but a Dream, and Tomorrow is only a vision, But Today well- lived makes every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, and every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope." Not only are these the happiest days, they are the most unique - unique in that what you do now is often reflected in your future life. In perhaps ten or twenty years, you may recall, by turning the pages of this book, an incident of your school days. This will, in turn, ser your memory working, thinking back to the days of your youth. Yes, they were happy days in spite of homework, ineligible lists, boy-girl troubles, and the multitude of other things thought unbearable then. For the seniors, these are the golden days of their lives - a milestone for each to remember. And who, at some time or other, has not thought to himself, "Backward, tLLt'l'1 back- ward, O Time in your flight, Make me child again just for tonight! Backward, flow backward, O tide of the years! I am so weary of toil and of tears -" table of contents Foreword ,,,,,, ...... 4 Freshmen ...... Dedication ,,.,,,, ,.,.,, 7 Underclassmen Administration ......-.. 11 Grades ---------- Fagjulfy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,.... 1 5 Activities ...... Seniors ...... --------- 1 9 M11SiC ------- Honors ...... ......... 2 7 Athletics ....... Juniors ..... .......... 3 3 School Life .... Sophomores ..... ...-.----- 3 7 Autographs .4... dedication lW"'G?if1:f1I11l wwf: 1' , ,,,wvf'W 1 , wfs5'pgs.Lv' Yvlamwyffwmwlx' wnwrw' ' W Lfw,-m,Qiv vi,,1"J'r 'EEIIIN W ' N lp," A , H W -'-:,f1swMH"" wifwbsw w Er mf mf .W,,ww!,3, 4' xp ye' 'w 1 ' .wus ,ww win' , .,,.,..,,,,- N5 N' ,, gg 3. :W 1 PAUL J. MEURANT We, the class of 1955, are deeply honored to dedicate this year's Amariah to Paul J. Meurant, who has devoted 14 years of faithful service and untiring effort to the students of Morrisville-Eaton Central School. When Mr. Meurant first came to Morrisville, he had charge of both instrumental and vocal music. Morrisville is one of the few schools in New York State that have both an orchestra and a band. Due to Mr. Meurant's patience and interest in music, we now also have a drill team, brass ensemble, string ensemble, junior band, dance band, pep band and majorettes. The string ensemble, under Mr. Meurant's guidance, has succeeded in achieving 10 A ratings in contests during eleven years of participation. This record has not been equaled anywhere in New York State. Therefore, with best wishes for continued success and happiness at Morrisville, we dedicate this fifteenth volume of the AMARIAH to Paul J. Meurant. -7- v-If MOE. l2.lSVlL.LE'E1ATOM CE-lM'Tf3,A.L. SCHOOL , ,mv 9395 il A U l 7 f , f ' - - I wM??Mu4,zaaww4:w,M.y, f K I Peterboro Grade School West Eaton Grade School Eaton Grade School ' i iii ii X i administration ,, i im., 4 i ii iii X X i Nviv Mix xi Xi' , w J ' ef 495 if f ' We V w -A i i J.iiimwmmW.f5Qy Y f R vgiwf, W MWYWXPY ml P 5. 2.4 4 "? M4 ' N X wiiiiw v. Q ' I f ,- my wmv' i iiiiiiii iw imiiiii A i- ,viii X A , W X W .X 3? 5 5 mfg .iv S . .M wk' CONRAD H RUPPERT To the Members of the Senior Class: In the vernacular of the carnival, snatching the brass ring denotes a profitable and satisfactory achievement. This year the brass ring of all time is within your grasp as op- portunities exist today as never before. Opportunity pre- vails because of a great heritage of freedom, the way of life in America. In light of this freedom, every person should understand the responsibility that each individual has. This is particularly true today with so many forces threatening. Our obligation is that we must freely contribute in a worthwhile manner to our society if we are to partake of its freedom. Our ideals should be unselfish. These ideals should inspire willing service to our fellow-man, to our community and to our nation without thought of personal gain. With- out such beliefs, we court national danger. It was Lincoln who said, "Should danger ever reach us, it must spring amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." A whirl of gaiety usually accompanies a ride on the carousel but our freedom should not be thought of in the same manner. Our obligation, also, is to perpetuate our heritage. Sincerely, Conrad H. Ruppert a 5 a i ' f . . . 5 f ba - at If. Seated, left to right: Harold Howard, I. M. Charlton, john VanWyk, David R. C. Smith. Standing: Conrad Ruppert, James Earl, R. Harry Lyndon. board of education Education in America has traditionally remained a State function without Federal influence and with a mini- mum of Federal financial assistance. In New York State education has been compulsory for all children as estab- lished by the State Constitution and subsequent education laws. Local communities are represented in this educa- tional administrative structure by Boards of Education who are elected citizens serving their communities without re- muneration of any kind. Each community is allowed freedom of choice in mak- ing many decisions through their Boards of Education. These decisions determine the nature of that local educa- tion and are arrived at by studying the wishes and needs of the community. Through this means public education has remained one of the most significant gifts of free gov- ernment to civilization and has served as the cornerstone of successful self-government. Our Board of Education has chosen wisely for tomorrow by being concerned vitally with the education of all children today. The problem of overcrowded classrooms, the development of a proper cur- riculum and the provisions of an adequate teaching staff are some of the problems that all Boards of Education face today. In this respect the viewpoint of the Board of Edu- cation of the Morrisville-Eaton Central School has not been static. 112.- 'M' faculty 4 ,mWxVg I I I A 1 i E I l L SEATED, left to right: Mrs. Warrcn Smith, Reginald Dodge, Mrs. Charles Record, Elmore Jenks, Mrs. Robert Drake, john Gourley. Second row: Miss Frances Becker, Miss Patricia Schau, Otto Edkin, Mrs. Robert Carter, Clarence Mclntyre, Mrs. Roger Dorrance, Miss Marjorie Blackmar. Third row: John Vaughan, Paul Meurant, William Behnk, Robert Wattles, Leonard Nash. Dan Nickel. elementar econdar SEATED, left to right: Mrs. Arthur Williams, Mrs. Robert Wat- tles, Miss Marguerite Butler, Mrs. Milton Palmer, Miss Dorothy Wall, Mrs. Reginald Dodge. Second row: Mrs. Harold Howard, Miss Bernice johnson, Mrs. Van Richards, Donald Goewey, Mrs. Paul Meurant, Mrs. George Young, Miss Doris Payne. Third row: Mrs. Blanche Jones. Mrs. Stanley Davis, Mrs. Floyd Washbon Mrs. Lynn Jones, Mrs. Seymor Ellis, Mrs. Edward Hamilton. c i r .Half ff, 'EI SEATED, left to right: Mrs. Walter Harvey, Mrs. Leonard Laraway, Mrs. Benjamin Wightman, Mrs. Maud Suits. Standing: Mrs. Fremont Davis, Mrs. Raymond Morris, Mrs. William Hagmann, Mrs. Donald Bush. Leona Christensen types while Harry Lyndon answers a phone call. employee SEATED, left to right: john Campbell, james Gallagher, Mrs. john Campbell. Standing: Hyle Poole, Gerald Kelly. .I- is J '- ,. . , I ll gl bi SEATED, left to right: Elmer Gregory, Kenneth Andrews, Mrs. Edward DeGroat, Ray Sherburne, Dewey Roeller. Second row: Fred Close, Hyle Poole, Gerald Kelly, Paul Charlton, -wh Leon Mennig. , .X , , ygwsm QQX x Q im HQ A? mn ,ml WA WWW 9 A Major-Agriculture Basketball 1,4 Football 1,4 Student Council 2,3 President 4 Boys' State 3 President 4 Yearbook 4 ROBERT ROBERTS President Basketball 2,4 Football 3 Projectionist Club 1,4 Class Secretary 4 MERTON BARTELS Secretary Class Vice-President 3 Boys' Citizenship Award 5 Major-Science and Mathematics Football 1,3 Basketball 1,4 Student Council 3,4 Yearbook 4 Class President 3 Vice-President 4 Major-Science and Mathematics Major-Business Chorus 1,3 Majorettes 1 Bowling 2,4 Yearbook 4 Class Treasurer 3,4 Press Club 1 BRIAN SHUTTS Vice-President enior class officers Major--Business Chorus 2,4 Basketball 1,2 Bowling 1,2 Hockey 4 Volleyball 2 Cheerleading 2,4 G.A.A. Sec'y 3 President 4 Yearbook 4 Class Vice-President 2 Major--Science and Matl Chorus 1 Basketball 3 Projectionist Club 1,4 Science Club 2 Student Council 2 Yearbook 4 Major-Science and Math Orchestra 1,4 Chorus 1,4 String Ensemble 2,4 Volleyball 3 Science Club 2 Yearbook 4 Class President 1,2 -20- JEAN AMES STANLEY BROOKS JAMES BISHOP I BEVERLY BROOKS GRACE BROWN JOHN CAMPBELL Maior-Agriculture Basketball 1 Football 3 Projecrionist Club 1,4 Science Club 1 F.F.A. 2,4 Major-Business Band, Sec.-Treas. 4 Orchestra 1,2 String Ensemble 1 Girls' Ensemble 3 Chorus 1,4 Basketball 3,4 Hockey 3,4 Archery 3 Badminton 3,4 Softball 3,4 J. V. Cheerleader 2,3 G.A.A. 4 Yearbook 4 Major-Science and Math Band 1,4 Orchestra 1,4 Chorus 3 Football 3,4 Projectionist Club 1,4 Yearbook 4 Press Club 1 Major-Business Majorettes l Basketball l,4 Hockey 3,4 Softball 3,4 Volleyball 2,4 Badminton 5,4 G.A.A. 4 Yearbook 4 Major-Science Science Club l Yearbook 2 Major-Science and Math Chorus 1,4 Majorettes l Varsity Cheerleaders 2,4 G.A.A. 1,4 Hockey 2,4 Basketball l,2,4 Volleyball 1,2 Softball 2 Yearbook 4 Science Club President 2 Citizenship Award 4 Class Treasurer 1,2 DAWN EVERLITH GROVER JAEGER JOHN HAWLEY GENEVIEVE MARKOWSKI JO HOWARD BERNARD MILLER Major-Science and Math Transferred from Stockbridge Valley Central School Football 4 Yearbook 4 Major--Business Chorus 3 Majorettes 1 Basketball 1,4 Volleyball 2,4 Softball 2,4 Bowling 2,4 Badminton 3 Archery 2,4 Press Club 1 Yearbook 4 Major-Agriculture Transferred from Central High School, Syracuse F.A.A. 3, Vice-President 4 -21- Major-Business Transferred from Grass Lake High School, Grass Lake, Chorus 4 Mich Yearbook 4 Major--Science and Math Science Club 1 Proiectionist Club 2,4 Major-Science 1. V, Cheerleaders 1 Varsity Cheerleaders Girls' Basketball 3 Girls' Volleyball 3 Girls' Badminton 5 Girls' Bowling 2 Library Club 1,2 Yearbook 4 Student Council 2,4 Class Secretary 2 2,4 PATRICIA MILLER HARRIET SPRAGUE HAROLD NEVIU-E SYBIL WIGHTMAN MARGARET PRATT DEANNA WILKINSON Major-Science Orchestra 1,4 Band 5,4 Chorus 1,4 Girls' Hockey 3,4 Girls' Basketball 3,4 Girls' Badminton 3 Library Club 1,2 Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 4 Maior-Business Chorus 15,4 Maiorettes 1,2 Bowling 2,4 Girls' Basketball 2 Girls' Softball 2 Girls' Archery 4 Class Vice-President 1 Secretary 3 Major-Science and Math Chorus 1,4 Girls' Ensemble 2 Girls' Basketball 3,4 Bowling 2,4 Girls' Archery 2,4 Student Council 1,4 Yearbook 4 Girls' Citizenship Award 5 1 I E ' 3 Q5 , A' yy .. ,:i, , y ,gi ag , f 2 3 PQ 'Y f, L M, M , ,f I ,is ,, 3 , 2 'Q 2 Nw ' :amy 'Vi A 83? 4525 7 Dawn Everlith, Brian Shutts, Grace Brown and Robert Roberts were chosen Junior attendants at the annual Junior-Senior Ball. Junior Marshals Jo Howard, Harriet Sprague, James Bishopp and 0 Beverly Brooks pause before escorting the seniors in to be graduated. Senior class officers are, left to right: Merton Barrels, secretaryg Robert Roberts, presidentl Joan Saunders, treasurerg and Brian Shutts, vice-president. Patricia Miller takes Dawn Everlith's and Robert Roberts' orders for personal cards. june Royalty pose after the coronntion. Rob- I I I err Flinn and Barbara hlcnrris were king and The gf?-nd march 15 the hllhllghf Of the Junior-Senior Ball. queen, with Mary Babcock and Louis Wood- cock as senior attendants, 124, honors i 2:2 ,AM ia XL N49 5. Ar? 1 'H 45? gf ff' M: W ' , SJ w ww 'A1 Wu-, .- M Q . I 3 I0 'll 'U M 55116 C Ixbfy Mosr Likelv to Succeed Margaret Prarr and Grover Jaeger Best Manners Sybil Xlifiglmrman and Merton Barrels nior personalities Best Citizen Grace Brown and Brian Shutts Most Useful ro the School MOSI Studi0us ' Jean Ames and Robert Roberts Beverly Brooks and james Blshopp ,27- 3 honor Beverly Brooks students james Bishopp Grover Jaeger -23- SEATED, left to right: Bruce Dutton, Daisy Jo Morrison, Connie Evans, Ann Fearon, Margaret Sprague, Philip Tayntor. Second row: George Fearon, Linda Poole, Leon Sterle, John Dougherty, Larry Kelly, William Liddle, John Galbreath, Jean Carter, Robert Sherburne. Third row: Claudine Weed, Sharon Joslin, Jean Whitney, Helen Crane, Jane FitzSimmons, Donna Janovsky, Dianne Hagmann, Joan Fredericks, Myrtle Campbell. honor students gi Q2 ' new SEATED, left to right: Kenneth Rifenhurg, Barbara Nickel Dorothy Weir, Claude Weaver, Enid Whipple, Ruth Ann Morton Virginia Evans, Harlow White. Second row: Ellen Lyndon, Ken- neth Franklin, Deborah Smith, Janice Chilson, Judith FitzSim- mons, Kristine Blixt, Janice Janovsky, Janice Dorrance, Beverly Hall, John Koehler, Priscilla Stevenson. Third row: David DePuy, Donalyn Laraway, Harriet Hamilton, Harriet Hoffman, Marilyn Brower, Katherine Wfayand, James Williams, 1 1 D.A.R. Citizenship winner jo Howard hands Mr. Ruppert her essay on "Patriotism - A Quality of Cfitizenshipn to enter in com- petition. M.E.C.S. was honored by the presence of Tatsuo Katayama of japan. Fulbright Scholar, pictured here being interviewed by Patricia Miller. l Neva York State 4-H clress revue winner, Margaret Pratt. I., f 1 A representative group of award winners at the 1954 Awards Banquet are, first tow, left to right: Electa Curtis, Holace Smith, John Campbell, Louie XX'oodcoclc, Helen Smith. Standingi William Licldle, Spencer Matteson, Kenneth XVooclcotk, john Galbreath and Thomas Davis. , 8 NZ i t L ,,Ar . , t F f ma' -'uf -K ff L i li 5 . s M.E.C.S. delegate to Boys' State. gf 1 Robert Roberts. SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY t , , ., , il t W' l K , 5 . , , ASA ,ste c J it .VVV ,Q ' K. H Q it i i gag g 4 'f , f i X .i l,l VZ , , 'E A tc t'ti 3 i t'l,t l uh. juniors ry , 45,1 f i ff n' - I , iiviff WH f wg, Fm, "Wy, ,, M- W " V671 ,, my ,,',,m2wnynl:.g4,:w,,g,'w WM ,ww ,,,, I f l ,V f , f I, 5,- Q . f Wx" CW X 4 First Row, left to right: Wlilliam Valerio, Richard Neville, Neil bata jones, Norene Smith, Helen Smith, Patricia Rifenburg, Hazel Coe, Sherry Bennett, Bruce Dutton, Augustus Foster. Second Row: Fraser, Connie Evans, Margarite Roberts. Fourth Row: Henry Donna Jones, Margaret Mafkowski, Margaret Sprague, jean Doyle, Weaver, Philip Tayntor, Evan Jones, Wayrie Groves, Stuart Burle- Beeda Taylor, Daisy Jo Morrison, Ann Fearon. Third Row: Bat- son, Spencer Matteson, Robert Owens. 0 0 .zz l"'h EK I L 1 h l' 9 - , 1 8' . . .. fi! Junior class officers: Philip Tayntor, presidentg Norene Smith, treasurer Barbara Jones, secretaryg and Neil Coe, vice-president, pause in the hall. , , , The Scholarship Award is presented by Robert Roberts, Student T1df'3t5 fof the Wlnfef Carnival aff. made bl' Jeafl DOYIC, HCUIY Council president, to President Philip Tayntor on behalf of the Weaver, Robert Owens, Norene Smith and Sherry Bennett. Junior Class, y Presenting a trophy as high salesman from the Crowell-Collier Leaving on their trip to the Farmers' Museum, at Cooperstown ig Company to Robert Owens ancl certificates of achievement to the junior class under the supervision of Mr. Gourley. 1 Bruce Dutton, Margaret Sprague antl Neil Coe is Mr. Behnk, junior adviser. Ring styles are selected by Donna jones, Connie Evans, Spencer Magazine s.1les soar as Neil Coe, Donna jones, Bruce Dutton, Margaret Matteson, Philip Tayntor and Henry Weaver. Sprague and Robert Owens chalk up team records. .,- 1 E r . The representative of the rnzxgazine company explains it sales Spencer Matteson, Neil Coe antl Bruce Dutton await their turn technique to the juniors. to have the size of their class rings mezxstitetl, 134. sophom UTBS K' ww? my .. M 3 11 fi 35595, .ff N? 6 1 VU 5 , V 5 ,55 5 avi? W ,mg A Qi? W First Row, left to right: George Riggall, Merlin Tomlinson, Leon Sterle, Marjorie Lent, Sharon Whipple, Ruth Ann Williams, David Perry, Roger Ginney, Mr. Wattles. Second Row: Ina Baker, Linda Poole, Sally Long, Patricia Rouncly, Jeannette DePuy, Mau- reen Sawyer, Eileen Grey, Hester Hamilton, Joy Dunning. Third Row: William DeGroat, John Galhreath, Leland Bookhout, Wil- liam Groves, Howard Lyndon, Bruce Houghton, james Eiholzer Robert Lee, Robert Carter. sophomores 205 Members of the sophomore class wait for refreshments at their Christmas party. Officers of the sophomore class conferring on the north stairs are john Galbreath, vice-presitlentg Thomas Davis, presitlentg Hester Hamilton, secretary, and Ruth Ann Williams, treasurer. --37 Waiting for their turn to bowl are Betty Newell, Priscilla Smith, Jacqueline Chilson and Anne Kellum, members of the sophomore bowling team. First Row, left to right: Michael Srreeter, Donald Smith, Richard Owens, Marie Flinn, Jacqueline Chilson, Jean Carter, Priscilla Depuy, Thomas Davis, jonathan Allen. Curtiss Warner. Second Smith, William Ginney. Fourth Row: Elwood Parker, Casimir Row: Irene Church, Brenda Failing, Betty Newell, ,lean lslwell, Markowski, Frank Szewczyk, John Bushner, john Dougherty, Wil- Shitley Brooks, Sarah Payne, Mrs. Record. Third Row: Thomas liam Liddle, Larry Kelly. Riggall, Catherine Field, Joyce Dunning, Edith Wightman, Lois sophomores Law' Q Team captains Hester Hamilton and Priscilla Smith the-tk stationery orders. George, the rrnaioruioil mod:-I, is t-xanninetl hy l..rrry Kelly, Hes' Chetkinu the store alter .t howling game are Lois Owens, lrene ter Hamilton, Slmron XXl"hipple, XX" l.nldle .ind lohn Gal- Chureh, Surah Payne and Ruth Ann Williams. breath. -V 53- hes hmen if N L f I 2? 4? if Q. .ff W QQ? mn. W LW M 5 A ' ' ,f 1 f M fMfwn'f I M ::fM'm,f-leiigkx ,WUHWWW 'V U' ' K 5: X V- is-Q N , . -5 " 'wi -f fffaff ww "W WW my 'W imiif ' K ,H !7 f ww, hmmN'! W X6 X , f ww-vm ,M 4 gl fe 2 freshmen 207 Christmas party refreshments are enjoyed by Mr. Gourley and the freshman class. Kuder Preference Tests are taken by freshmen to determine what George, the anf'-r0mica1m0dCl,makeS bi0108Y m0YC infer' their interests are. estmg to these freshmen. A fl, 1' "" 4 First Row, left to right: Robert Anderson, Donald Brooks, Philip Tucker, Way'ne Stocker, Leland Cardner, Paul Lee, Jack Houghton, Leo Woodcock. Second Row: Norma Jean Wilkinson, Javene Young, Donna Shutts, Deanna Dodge, Jane FitzSimmons, Helen Crane, Louise Mennig, jean Whitney, Mr. Gourley. Third Row: Sharon Joslin, Barbara Tucker, joan Fredericks, Beverly Ames, f eiffsf-.. 1 Qi N June Roberts, Claudine Weed, Anne Kellum, Sharon Matteson, Myrtle Campbell. Fourth Row: Edward Jones, Wayne Smith, LaVerne Lillie, Richard Everlith, Raymond Hamilton, Gerald Szewczyk. Fifth Row: Irving Seamon, Raymond Davis, Malcolm Stewart, Frank Markowski, Harris Shay. -41- First Row, left to right: Allen Morton, Franklin Hilts, Leonard Mr. Nash. Third Row: David Newell, Terrence Lodor, Janice Tomlinson, Peter Korzeniewski, Russell Littlefield, Robert Gerbig, Helen Berry, Eleanor Bastian, Sharon Denny, Dianne Sherhurne, George Fearon, John Sterle. Second Row: Monica Hagmann, Wayne Brown, -lack Gallup. Fourth Row: David jones, Mary Lou Brooks, Sharon Church, Ruth Ann Choate, Long, Carl Sandberg, Anthony Ogrydziak, Paul Eiholzer, Mel- Joan Smith, Dorothy Field, Donna janovsl-cy, Carol Curtis, vin Pitchford, Holace Smith. freshmen 220 ii The chairmen for the hake sale in various towns recording salts irc Helen Crane, .lean Whitney, Sharon Joslin, , . ,. the ' A r 1 ' f 11' vv xl f' L Il IT C K Freshman class secretary, Dianne llngmttnn, reads a report to Ray Hamilton, president: -lean XXfhitncy, vite-president, and Allan Assistance from Dr. Nash is received by Raymond Davis while Morton, treasurer. others await their turn at the Freshman Christmas party. ,z 0 underclassmen m Q n M, v ,g.,- Wan, ii 2 2 , , 5' K. y ,ine . A i , , A SVJMS 3 f 1 'fQ"WfWEf'55 , ff ,V V' ,Jn ZCiY 1,115 -A f, mi MT? fa wwm QQ' new ? Units of measure are demonstrated by Paul Bush, George Everson, Robert Gallup and David Hatch. Virginia Evans passes out reading guidance books for eighth grade book reports. eighth grade 2I8 Eighth grade class officers Betty Temple, treasurer, Mar- garet Beach, vice-presidentg Carole Isbell, secretary, and Claud Weaver, president, assemble before the library door. 1 4 First Row, left to right: George Everson, David Hatch, Harlow White, Lacy Roberts, Paul Bush, William Gallup, Robert Gal- lup, Roderick Baker. Second row: Barbara Nickel, Eunice Parmeter, Ellen Brown, Viola Arnst, Ruth Ann Morton, Betty Temple. Carole Isbell, Judith Crane, Mr. Dodge. Third Row: ,-46.. William Smith, Virginia Evans, Margaret Beach, Ruth Owens Nancy Vaillancourt, Catherine Sandberg, Harry Wootton. Fourth Row: Lester Sabine, Ronald Everlith, Claude Weaver William jones. First Row, left to right: LaMont Clark, Richard Tanner, Rich- ginia Crossway, Mabel Parmeter, Barbara Newton, Dorothy ard Baker, Philip Johnson, William Smith, Leonard Jones, Weir, Mr. Vaughan. Third Row: Robert Sterle, Betty Mead, Ronald Brooks, Kenneth Rifenburg. Second Row: Catherine Mary Lou Smith, jean Miller, Arlene Church, Linda Suther- Ford, Nancy Stoker, Elizabeth Wilcox, Enid Whipple, Vir- land, jo Ann Horan, Carol North, Mary Parker, Richard Berry. ighth grade 226 Eighth gade class officers are: Carol North, treasurer, Mary Parker, secre tary, Linda Sutherland, vice-president, Philip johnson, president. 5355157 mfg The Christmas party refreshments are enjoyed by Mabel Par- The junior high basketball team includes, kneeling: Richard Berry, meter, Linda Sutherland, Virginia Crossway, Jo Ann Horan and David Newell and Claude Weaver. Standing are: Philip johnson, Arlene Church, Bernard Gerbig and Lacy Roberts. seventh grade 230 First Row, left to right: Benjamin Wightman, Harry Riggall, Morgan Davis, Carl Houghton, Richard Griffiths, Ronald Griffin, Frederick Brooks,.James Williams. Second Row: Deena Bush, Julia FitzSimmons, Agnes Mason, Lynda White, Katherine Way- and, Harriett Hoffman, Carolyn Smith, Mrs. Dorrance. Third Row: Kristine Blixt, Onalee Olcott, Janice Janovsky, Sharon Jones, Priscilla Stevenson, Josephine Herboldt, Elaine Owens, Janice Dorrance, Marilyn Bidwell, Patricia Beagle, Penelope Roeller, Nancy Hatch. Fourth Row: John Koehler, Kenneth Franklin, Merton Suits, Martin McCumber, Robert Meyers, Elmer DeGroat, Donald Brown, Dale Russ, Richard Baker, Lester Strong. Student Council president, Robert Roberts, awards the Jun- ior High Scholarship plaque to Penelope Roeller, president of seventh grade, 230. Seventh grade 218, class officers conferring in the locker Trimming the Chflsfmas UCC fOr their WNY are Cafl Houghton, John room are: Penelope Roeller, president, Agnes Mason, Koehler and Pmmlla Stevenson' secretaryg and Lynda White, vice-president. 1.48- Wallpaper designs are made by seventh graders Gerald Pen- A film strip on the "Constitution" is shown to the seventh grade ner, Earl Bennett, Sharon Jones and Marilyn Bidwell. social studies class. First Row, left to right: Wayne Matteson, Lewis jones, Wil- liam Smith, Robert Diable, Michael Doroshenko, Robert Mar- kowski, Herbert Winkler, jerry Saunders, David DePuy. Sec- ond Row: Karen Hauck, Doris Brown, Gloria Arnst, Dorothy Penner, Sylvia Wootton, Carolyn Matteson, Janice Chilson, Gail March, Ellen Lyndon, Deborah Smith, Mrs. Drake. Third Row: Helen Vaillancourt, Linda Campbell, Beverly Failing, seventh grade .49- Marilyn Brower, Beverly Hall, Mary Lee, Harriet Hamilton Susan Reese, Donalyn Laraway, Kathleen Cobb. Fourth Row Daniel Lawyer, Leighton Bookhout, Eugene Russ, Earl Ben nerr, David Shutts, Donald Bidwell. Fifth Row: Benson Mur ray, Willford Webb, Lewis Miller. Class officers Janice Chilson, secretary, jerry Saunders, pre5i. dent, and Lewis jones, vice-president, confer in the library. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gerald Robbins, Robert Chesnutt, David Chandler, Ralph Chapman. Walter Markowski, Douglas Davis, Donald Weaver, Howard Wilkinstun, Richard Ames, David Brooks. Second row: Shirley Roberts, Rosemary Doroshenlco, Audrey Anderson, Sandra jones, Golria Littlefield, Shirley Baker, Marca Roeller, Donna Smith, Mrs. Willianls. Third row: Eugene Rifenburg, David Brower, Shirley Temple, Janice Brown, james Dorgan, Wilma Jones, Carolyn Heisler, -lean Wilscnn Charles Campbell, Joseph Russ. Fourth row: Robert Davis, David Ginney, Anita Choate, Crystal Gips, Wfayne Ogrydziak, Douglas Cronk. A fraction wheel helps Gloria Littlefield and Wilma Jones to learn fracti sixth grade ODS. Pictures of Italy are shown to Anita Choate, Shirley Roberts, Earl Nourse and Marca Roeller by Robert Davis. The library shelf proves interesting to Douglas Cronk, Rosalie Korzeniewski and Audrey Anderson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Edward Jones, Richard McKee, Paul Winkler, William Bastian, Richard Hawley, George Batcak, Fred- erick Riggall, William Herring. Eugene Ford, John Doane. Second row: Sandra Hoose, Carol Hockridge. Marjorie Bushnell, Carolyn Suits, Susan Olmstead, Patricia Drake, Catherine Earl, Marjorie -Iakway, Mr. Goewey. Third row: Lawrence Markowski, James fifth grade Church, Carol Crossway, Kathleen Evans, Maeve Huntley, Mary Galbreath, Jacqueline McLaren, Roxanne Streeter, Linda Crumb, Samuel jones, Raymond Wart. Fourth row: john Deveny, Elwyn Jones, Thomas Timmons, David Dodge, Douglas McLaren, Wil- liam Oakley, Robert Matteson, ,Ierald Newell, Theodore Cossitt, Kent Martin. Fifth grade pupils participate in a class discussion. 2 ,, . Hanging up Halloween masks made as one of their art projects are: Current events become more significant to David Dodge, Lawrence Mary Galbreath, Samuel Jones, Patricia Drake and Sandra Hoose. Markowski, john Doane and Maeve Huntley by using the World -51- Book for background material. Sandra Clark reads a story to Mary Oakley, Sharon Taylor and Rosalee Streeter in literature class. Mr. Edkin instructs fourth graders in painting from art stations. Paul Lyndon and Ronald Bush locate South America on the new globe in social studies class. fourth grade FIRST ROW, left to right: Amy Gail Suits, janet Hatch, Mrs. Young, Sally Shutts, Elizabeth Miles. Second row: Bettye johnson, Karen Chesnutt, Rosalee Streeter, Dirinda Howlett, Maior Conklin. Donald Pugh, Rebecca Way. Third row: Paul Lyndon, Sondra Dutton, Mary Oakley, Ronald Bush, Roger Hatch, Charles Gay- lord. Fourth row: janet Roberts, Sharon Taylor, Sandra Clark. Fractions are learned with the aid of colored paper squares hy "Tuhhy the Tuba" provides listening enjoyment for Miss Kenneth Mullenax, Keith jones and Maureen Horan. Schau's fourth grade music. fourth grade FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Wilkinscun, Fenton Groves, Thomas Rodda, Kenneth Mullenax, Steven Hoffman, Gerald Jones, john Baker, Keith Jones, Francis Riorden. Second row: Mrs. Meurant, Tonya Curtis, Sharon Smith, Sandra Clark, Con- stance Stevenson, Johnene Carswell, Mary Burcalr, Sylvia Hatch, Miss Lane. Thirl row: Marilvn ones. Maureen Horan, Vireina . . , . . . L ' 'l ' 1 A New England fishing village is lwuilr by Tonya Curtis, Tc-rr3 Church, Margaret Davis, Janice Roberts. Helen jones. Carol Gips ' ' i Veronica Thayer Ethel Amman K' Gips, Connie Stevenson and Virginia Church. , . M1 . A A. yt Hema Pioneer life becomes real as Frederick Cossitr, Isaiah Worden, Katherine Howell and William Earl learn how to dip candles. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ralph Brume, Dale Jones, Robert Warham, Frederick Cossitt, David Holbert, John Herring, Isaiah Worden, Dann Chandler, Robert Howlett. Second row: Mildred Eiholzer, Rebecca Streeter, Kitty Roeller, Pamela Huntley Sandra Lee, Virginia Warner, Janice Wayand, Cornelia Dodge, Joan Drake, Mrs. jones. Third row: Reese Davis, William Earl, John Bradlick, Jack Cramer, Donald Roher, LeRoy Church. third grade Reese Davis, LeRoy Church and Jack Cramer build a pioneer The Halloween party is a big day in the life of a third grader. log cabin while joan Drake assembles furniture for the interior ...j4.. FIRST ROW, left to rightzhlohn Nickel. Charles Rivenburgh Peter Doroshenko, Donald Ames, Ronald Hedger, Philip Grovesl Eugene Morris, Philip Jenks. Second row: Mrs. Davis, Diana Clark, Jo Ann Suits, Joyce Way, Ella Mae Miles, Cheryl Woodcock Mary Linda Stevens, Patricia Roher, Catherine Hoose, Miss Eugene Third row: Patricia Roberts, Karen Riebesell, Jackie White james jones, John Smith, Margaret Crumb. Lynn Butler. a 1 5 third grade Singing about the Ten Little Kittens is more fun with motions as proved by the third graders. Prizes for the funniest and prettiest costumes at the Halloween party were given to Eugene Morris and Diana Clark. i Indian drums bring the era of the Indians close to third graders in Mrs. Davis room. A turkey begins to take shape as David jones, Rose Heisler, Raymond Curtis and Raymond Crossway draw at the easel. econd grade -ii .J f X X W . IL' 'C swf. :ff iktfx 7 N 3 ."-asv, s, f s ' M X 'd" ., FIRST ROW, left to right? David jones, Raymond Cross- way, Thomas Hatch, Robert Holbert, Daniel Beach, Joseph Bono, Stanley McKee, Ralph Newell. Second row: jill Hamilton, Linda Schurer, Georgena Dalrymple, Sharon Sussman, Nancy Robinson, Margaret Timmons, Susan Johnson, Bonna Butler, Rose Heisler, Mrs. Washbon. Third row: Paul Sawyer, Raymond Curtis, Dennis Olm- stead, John Carswell, Nancy Clark, Naomi Rodda, Sue Brown, Donna Smith, Lynn Bennett, Patricia Dorgan. The Halloween PHYIY Pf0VidC5 3 life?-I deal Of fxfiwmwf for Small reading classes give these second graders a better chance to Second Sfadffs- understand what they read. eeond grade is K. -'ve e- ' x 4? X The thermometer proves to be an interest- ing and instructive tool as Diane Mosher learns how to tell the temperature of water. -.1 FIRST ROW, left to right: George Kent, Stephen Grif- fiths, William Carter, Thomas Doane, Ralph Brower, Thomas Gourley, David Bush, Thomas Sawyer, Gary Valerio. Second row: Nancy Evans, Diane Mosher, Joyce Brume, Linda Winkler, Gwendlyon Hughes, Rita Hedger, "Mi: Bones" gives Gary Valerio a ride as George Kent, jeffrey Crandall, Susan Korzeniewski look on and Joyce Brume gives him an apple. Albert Beck, James Mennig, Susan Korzeniewski, Mrs. Dodge. Third row: Sharon Suits, Louise Field, jeffry Crandall, Ruth Heisler, Carol Smith, Nancy jones, Ruth Ann Duffy, Eileen Mullenax, Neil Owens. Spelling words are given a new twist by Jeffrey Crandall as he bounces them out with a ball. Feeding the goldfish and turtle are: Mary Marshall, John Riebesell and Stephen Oswald. Arithmetic becomes more meaningful as Christine Jones, Robert Davis and Larry Jenks count pumpkin seeds by tens. FIRST ROW, left to right: James Hatch, John Clark, Richard Warham, Douglas Hoose, Carl lsbell, Paul Pike, Stephen Groves. Second row: Lincla Phillips, Dawn Roberts, Mariland Curtis, Sandra Beagle, Carl. Woodcock, Jerrold Pashley, Robert Davis, Timothy Laraway, Sandra Harrington, Mary Marshall, Miss Butler. Third row: Way'ne Edkin,'Nancy Hawley, Christine Jones, Larry Jenks, John Riebesell, Margaret Hildreth, Betsy Matthias. Fourth row: Michael Allen, Gary Gardner, Linda Watt, Edward Golas, Michael Schlehr, Frederick Allen, Margaret Owens. first grade The beanbag game comes to school to help Betsy Matthias, Edward Golas, Carl Wcnoclcock and Nancy Hawley learn their numbers. 1581 Indian braves Walter Cobb, Robert Cramphin, Kim Sutherland and Ronald Crandall enjoy the Indian teepee made by Eaton grades three and four. The Peterboro food projects bulletin board is added to by Donald Cardner and Nancy Neville while Margaret Brown looks on. Christmas presents are made for their mothers by Patricia Perry, james Cur- V tis and Richard Evans at Eaton. An erector set and building blocks keep Beth Dorrance, Sandra Baltusnik, William Martin and James Loveless busy during noon hour in Peterboro if H fl , C 'f wilt rf whiz' waaiartew: 'N 'war , Snowflakes are made by Eaton third and fourth graders, Richard Stoddard, Phyllis Honsinger, Linda Vfootton and Mark Brown. .J ' Iames Whirford, William Whitford and Bruce Stratton buy food from Paul Schroer in the Eaton "Super Market." 159- Joan Shaver points out New York City to members of her fifth grade social studies class at Peterboro. town kindergarten A group of kindergarteners make clay colleges. Norma Schurer, William Judd, Deborah Goewey and Linda Paul Crandall, Dorrie Golas, Barbara Plumer and Robert Suits Tainter enjoy books at the reading corner. observe goldfish and a parakeet at the pct corner. 41 .L A M, 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Raymond Hedger, Richard Lent, Galen bara Plumer, Lynne Marshall, Gloria Eiholzer, Mrs. Palmer. Third Hamilton, john Holborn, john Goutley, Paul Crandall, William row: Frederick Crane, Linda Tainter, Robert Stevens, Shonna Butler, Daniel Coe. Second row: Miss Auerbach, Diane Jones, Weaver, Clarissa Field, Roy Gardner, Norma Schurer, Mary Field, john Rodda, Robert Suits, Dorric Golas, Deborah Goewey, Bar- Linda Thayer, William Judd. Eric Howard and Daniel Gips build a log cabin. Kathy Kent and Gloria Mosher play with the miniature doll houses. rural kindergarten l Left to right: Wayne jones, Dale Smith, Santlra Wright, Kathryn Jones and Charles Zimmerman prepare jello for their classmates. FIRST ROW, left to right: Emmitt Bidwell, Wayne Jones, Eric Howard, Donald Warham, Daniel Gips, James Lee, Charles Zimmerman, Russell Smith. Second row: Miss Auerbach, Janet Brown, Theresa Lee, George Anderson, john Anderson. Gloria Mosher, Sandra Wright, Mrs. Palmer. Third row: Dawn Pugh, Nancy Waite, Kathryn Jones, john MacPherson, Dale Smith, Irene Kent, Kathy Kent, ...61... 0' . 5 First Row, left to right: Edwin Baker, james Smith, James Gallup, nison, joan Shaver, Miss johnson. Third Row: Harold Baker, George Hewitt, James Stoker, Darwin DeGroat, Howard Tucker, Raymond Brown, William Brooks, Louise Baltusnik, Carole Tucker, Ernest Vaillancourt. Second Row: Corinne Joslin, Gail Shay, janet Mary White, Richard McNamara, Leslie Griffin, Gary Long, Mi- Failing, Donna Wright, Dorice Bennett, Donna Diable, Joan Den- chael Gerbig. Absent: Rose Lillie, Carol Strong. Sfluafe dancin? during, the noon hour .15 an enlowble Daily work envelopes, in which are kept an accumulation of the year's work, winter noon hour activity for the third and fourth are displayed by the peterbom Sixth grade. graders. bw4wm.swwM,m,anwsWmw ' " ' was ,K ,,,, , Qian? 7, pus Aki First Row, left to right: Tony Johnson, Milton Dennison, Paul Sharon Dorrance, Marie Ellis, Myrtle Gallup, Barbara Spaulding Stoker, George Smith, Donald Joslin, Paul Martin, Paul Palmer, Third row: Paul Barrels, Darwin Diable, Donna Dorrance, Pam- Emile Vaillancourt, Roger Hauck. Second Row: Mrs. Richards, ela Barrels, Mary Gerbig, Marilyn Warner, Phyllis Brooks, Sharon Mary Neville, Genevieve Bounds, Thelma Tucker, Delores Wright, Vaillancourt, Eugene Mennig, Leon Berry. First row left to right: Thomas Strong, Arthur Tayntor, Henry Brown, Debra Brewer, jean Brownell, Linda Diable, Doris Vail- Grabow,,Donald Wright, Thomas Gallup, Raymond Griffin, lancourt, Brenda Allen. Third row: Woodrow Miller, Richard james Failing, Ronald Olcott. Second row: Mrs. jones, Margaret Richardson, Edith Vaill-ancourt, Barbara Brooks, Nancy Brownell, Clara Bush, Nancy Neville, Donald Cardner, Leonard Allen. I . Sa li" a't A woods mural is painted for their room by third graders Una Smith and June Frank give the characters from their "Alice and Thomas Strong, Woodrow Miller, Harriet Diable, Debra jerry" book a home in the doll house while Margaret Hurley and David Bewer and Raymond Griffin. Brown examine a nature study exhibit. .imf-w-wc. ,. First Row, left to right: William Colvin, Robert Chairs, Harold Allen, Harry Roberts, james Loveless, William Martin. Second Row: Mrs. Ellis, Eva Wheeler, Dianne Stewart, Mary Spaulding, Sandra Baltusnik, Una Smith, Margaret Bounds, Beth Dorrance. Third Row: Alfred Hewitt, George Bounds, Jack Allen, Jane Frank, Michael Riley, Sandra Parmeter, Richard Tucker, David Brown, Samson Shay. .55- ees First Row, left. to right: Glen Frank, Arlin Bartlett, Dennis Kathy Shaver, Mrs. Smith. Third Row: Roger Wright, Steven Brown, Fred Richardson, Robert Ward, Robert Hewitt. Second Griffin, Harriet Diable, Diane DeGroat, Fern Shay, Roger Row: Imogene Logan, Hope Griffin, Merry Frank, Arluine Gerbig, Frederick Vaillancourt. Ellis, Arlene Gtabow, Constance Wheeler, Sharman Everlirh, Kindergarten pupils learn to keep time in their rhythm band. The West Eaton pupils listen intently as Mrs. Wattles reads "The Night Before Christmas." . . .. : Nw---s ' V, 'E M First Row, left to right: Mrs. Wattles, Margaret DeLand, Wil- Second Row: Fay Johnston, Albert Smith, Marie Dunning, Jera- liam Creeg. Susan DeLand, Robert Herboldt, Paul DeLand. lyn Brown, Margaret Herboldt, Leon Tayntor, August Herboldt. -64- First Row, left to right: Kathleen Niles, Beverly Hilts, Linda Stoddard, Sandra Smith, Carole Schroer, Margaret Cramphin, Wootton, Marilyn Lodor, Mildred Perry, Phyllis Honsinger, Eugene Sutherland, James Sterle. Third Row: Carl Hagmann, Mark Brown, Eugene Tomlinson, Harold King, Mrs. Howard. Frank Smith. Second Row: William Witchley, LaVerne Elmer, Richard fr' Jean Sterle, Robert- Lowe, Linda Curtis and Shirley Sher- Looking over the relics from the pioneer age are James Sterle, Carole burne paint an Indian scene in connection with their study Schroer, Margaret Cramphin, Carl Hagmann, Eugene Tomlinson and of Indians. Beverly Hilts. First Row, left to right: Shirley Sherburne, jane Chamberlain, Sandra Perry, Carlene Hill, Linda Curtis, Gwen Hill, Robert ,lean Sterle, Elaine Niles, Lyman Campbell, Kim Sutherland, Lowe, Walter Cobb. Miss Wall. Second Row: Ronald Crandall, Robert Cramphin, -65- First Row, left to right: William Whitford, Joan Peckham, mick, james Whitford, Mary Clinger, Melvin Spurling, Wil Lonnie Hill, Bruce Sauer, Linda Spurling, Sharon Holmes, liam Denny. Third Row: Roger Sawyer, Ray Simmons, Mar Catherine Lodor, Patricia Simmons, Miss Payne. Second Row: vin- Holmes. Bruce Stratton, Paul Schroer, James Harris. Garel Stcrnberg, Michael Brown, Judy Sawyer, Jesse McCor- Joan Peckham and Patricia Simmons use the sound chart to Siesta time comes for kindergarten children and all is well. enlarge their vocabularies. 39 Qwest MQ' Haw' eggs. fat FIRST RUW, left to right: Brian Hill, lnmes Curtis. Peter Baker. Hamilton. THIRD RUXV: Leona DeLand, Teresa Sterle, Mary Rig-lmartl Evans, SECOND IKOW: lairtyl l--larringgton, Sally Roller, Curtis, Wayne Brown, Jarncs Kogut, jackson Sretle, Karen Up- Malaine Sternlwerg, Thomas Szewczyk, Charles Clinger, Douglas foltl, Sandra Brown. Chilson, Shelia Bichclcr, Slrelia Peckham, Patricia Perry, Mrs. 56 i, ii im- i r L 5 f f i f Y f iv Wi 4' , I M5 0 i i activities iii, M 5 iii 51 M" SEATED, left to right: Monica Jones, Helen Smith, Beeda Taylor, ' Claudine Weed. Standing: Patricia Roundy, Hester Hamilton, joy Dunning, Miss Blaclcmar, Ina Baker, Ruth Ann Morton. The operation of a slide projector is shown to Lee Winkler, Ken. Favors for rhglibl-31-iang' banquet are made by members neth Franklin and Harry Riggall by Augustus Foster. of the Library Club. 'fx wg, tw., ew 2 5 W ,. t 4 ' , ..,w SEATED, left to right: Augustus Foster, Robert Owens, john ' ' Dougherty, Howard Lyndon, Robert Carter, Richard DePuy. r C Ll Standing: LaMont Clark, Richard Tanner, Harold Neville, Mr. Behnk, Bruce Dutton, Kenneth Rifenburg, William Gallup. -69, SEATED, left to right: Brian Shutts, Ann Fearon, Robert Roberts, Norene Smith, Mr. Behnk. Second row: Judith Crane, Hester Hamilton, Deanna Wilkinson, Daisy jo Morrison, Evan Jones, Neil Coe, Margaret Pratt, Connie Evans, Priscilla Stevenson. Third row: Wayne Matteson, Robert Sterle, john Galbreath, Gerald Szewczyk, Thomas Davis. student coun il jonathan Allen seconds the nomination of a Citizens of Democracy candidate. The Student Council opened the school year with two polit- ical parties, the Citizens of Democracy and the Mecsicans. These parties drew up a slate of officers, a party platform and cam. paigned until election. The officers elected within the Council included Robert Roberts, presidentg Ann Fearon, vice-president, Norene Smith, secretary-treasurer. The fundamental duties of the Council are to review activ ities and examine them before accepting any, to set up anc sponsor assembly programs. and to carry on student government Through the sale of individual pictures and ball point pens the Council was able to sponsor five paid assemblies throughou the year. The council attempts to encourage scholarship and participa tion by awarding a scholarship plaque to the class with the highes scholastic average at the end of each quarter. They also awarc scholarship pins to students whose names regularly appear on thi honor roll, and sponsor the annual awards luncheon in June tt recognize student participation in all phases of school life. Other responsibilities accepted by the Student Council arc the supervision of the noon-hour study halls, supervision of thc juke box for dancing, and the construction of a student handbook One of the highlights of the year was a Christmas party for the members at the home of Mr. Behnk, the Council adviser. Stuart Burleson and Frank Szewczyk campaign 170.4 during assembly. Seated, left to right: John Campbell, james Bish0PP, Harriet Sprague, Beverly Brooks, Patricia Miller, Dawn Everlith. Standing: Margaret Pratt, joan Saunders, Genevieve Mar- kowski, Grover Jaeger, Grace Brown, Jean Ames, jo Howard, Deanna Wilkinson, Brian Shutts, Robert Roberts. amariah staff A yearbook is a one-edition memory book. To have a superior yearbook depends primarly upon the planning. As the finished book reflects the care given it by the staff, careful and early planning were necessary. The major purpose of the yearbook is recording the school year. It serves to record the history of events and the important facts concerning them. Other purposes that a yearbook must serve are to give an opportunity for the expression ,of student talent and ability, and to help promote good public relations for the school. By providing the opportunity for student expression, the yearbook can serve as one of the most modern teach- ing tools. This year's yearbook was an entirely new endeavor, and it is hoped that the colored division pages and the hard cover will add to the attractiveness and durability of the book. Yearbook covers are selected by Sybil Wightman, Jean Jo Howard, James Bishopp, Harriet Sprague, John Camp- AIHCS, John Campbell and Jafk Hawley HS FhCY 2-9S6f1'1blC bell, Grover Jaeger and Beverly Brooks assemble page around editor-in-chief, Harriet Sprague. 7 copy for the l955 Amariah. ,.. 1- fi E a. KNEELING, left to right: Margaret Markowski, Jean Isbell, Paul I-CC, Neil COC, Mallfeffl SQWYC13 1-C011 Sfefle- Third 1'0W1 Shirley Sternburg. First row: Philip Tayntor, jean Wliitney, Ma1'JlafC1SP1'agUf?- Rflheff Shefhuffler John DCVCUY, David Bf00k5r Beverly jones, Myrtle Campbell, Ruth Ann Williams, Sharon Bevefll' Hall, DClD0ff1h Smith, CHSil'Hif M21fk0WSki, .leahheffe D0- Whipple, Donna Shurrs, Barbara Tucker, Diane Hagmann, Eleanor PHY, Pefef K0fZCUieW5kl- Ffaflk Mf'fk0W5lfli RlCh2fd Gfiffifhi Baaiiani Second i-ow: EvanJ0neS1RiCh3rd Nevj1lc,MlChae1 Siieeteiy David Brower, Russell Lirrlefield, Roberz Anderson. Four-rh row: Hal-i-ici Sprague, Daisy jo Morrison, Ann Fear-On, Sarah Payne, Edvivjard jones, Holace Smith, Mr. Meurant, Grace Brown, Richard e uy. , The hand marches in Eaton at the Memorial Day parade. Majorettes lead the band at Eaton in the Memorial Day parade. I l . Mr. Meurant directs the pep band during a football game. giiiozend also marched at the Madison Fourth of July cele- 0-72- Sarah Payne pauses for breath in her music lesson. i ng L ?it1ZE522gE3f i'Q?g" 4-Mig Ykazfla' iz' If ma.- , 'ff ggi' 9 ggfrgff Y' , -T ay. ,J 4 A .4 W 5 Q reiialr X ,, r ,, , ,, t Y i g,..,,,Nf X, "ie ysfg ew favrv: f - ' - it ' -W -,ri W 'W , ,Q t - M i i Wmwtfiiirkii N39,"::?r X"+3??WM1fif?'ZAf,??"f, W ff' ,isa -www f 4 areas ' 1 We 'Q 41 Q , , w?'52i??7f fer'2'M Tfmlfffiifgff fr Wg 'W if V eh 5 if f wif 33' ' "V", F ' QW' ' J I A N:"' . K fs , YW, F., 13, f lv ' -gg. at-ff' Y 1 at . '22 ire .,,. fr-:J 1s:,-:,""'4:v',, af :ir iz 952, hc, as lqll - V Q- . ,fr J Q I ' H -512 - Q' gn .gb wx t ifwlimm H r H The drill team forms the letter f QXSQXQQ f LQL:lh f' l 5' 'al b 14- If f 5 ' ' T 5 4 ,--- sf '61 VJ2. K, , fe N 1 1 X - .' It ' 93,1 -73.. ,',,q47 1. my v,9: aT1',,2r,,fe:.4,f5g,t'Q'ij "M" at one of their practices. Majorettes are, left to right: Slhirley Sternberg, Beeda Taylor, Margaret Markowski and Jeanne Isbell. 9 wr Ura r i' V 'J zarmi . , The drill team performs at half-time during a football game. SEATED, left to right: Donald Brown, jack Houghton, Priscilla Stevenson, Dorothy Penner, JoAnn Horan, Janice janovsky, Robert Markowski. Second tow: Samuel jones, Richard Griffiths, David Brooks, Beverly Hall. Deborah Smith, Lawrence Markowski, Douglas Cronl-t, john Doane, David DePuy. Third row: Gerald Fenner, John Deveny, Douglas McLaren, Elaine Owens, David Dodge, David Shutts, Carlton Harvey. Fourth row: Mr. Meurant, David Brower, William Oakley. E orchestra First Row, left to right: Connie Evans, Beverly Brooks, Ellen sl-ry, Gloria Littlefield, Sarah Payne, Evan jones, Paul Lee, Neil Brown, Janice Dorrance, Leon Sterle, Maureen Sawyer, Harriet Coe, Russell Littlefield, john Deveny, Robert Sherburne, Mar- SPl'2lg1lC,,lC3fl Whitney. Second ROWS MYIUC C0-IT1Pl39l1, Rich- garet Sprague, Peter Korzeniewski, Casimir Markowski, jean- ard Tanner, Kristine Blixt, Marilyn Brower, Dianne Hagmann, nette DePuy. Standing: Richard DePuy, Linda Poole, Mr. Philip Tayntor, Daisy Jo Mrrison, Ann Fearon, Harriet Hoff- Meuranr, Edward Jones, Holace Smith. man, David Brower. Third Row: Carol Curtis, Donna Janov- sectional all-state participants First Row, left to right: Paul Lee, Philip Tayntor, Dianne Hag- DePuy, Evan Jones, Donna jones, Margaret Sprague, Ann Fcaron mann, Connie Evans, Myrtle Campbell, Maureen Sawyer, Leon Daisy jo Morrison. Sterle. Second Row: Edward Jones, Jean Whitney, Jeannette Kneeling, left to right: jean Isbell, Beeda Taylor, Sarah Payne, Margaret Markowski, Shirley Sternberg. First Row: Janice Dor- rance, Deena Bush, Mary Lou Smith, Mary Lee, Peggy Beech Arlene Church, Linda Sutherland, Mabel Parmeter, JoAnn Horan Gail March, Judy Crane. Second Row: jean Miller, Viola Arnst, drill team XQ J 5 N n a Betty Temple, Mary Parker, Monica Jones, Carole Isbell, Mary Lou Brooks, Sharon Church, Anne Kellum, Louise Mennig, Agnes Mason. Third Row: Elaine Owens, Betty Mead, Helen Smith, Linda Campbell, Patricia Roundy, Ellen Brown, Karen Hauck, Ellen Lyndon, Ruth Owens, Catherine Sandberg, Ina Baker. Shown before the curtain opened for their Christmas con- cert is rhe senior chorus. rc' J N string ensemble Seated, left to riht: Connie Evans, Ann Fearon, Beverly Brooks, Richard Tanner, Leon Sterle, Jean Whitney. Stand- ing: Mr. Meurant, Sarah Payne. SEATED, left to right: Ruth Ann Williams, Jean Doyle, Barbara Jones, Norene Smith, Donna Jones, Margaret Markowski, Helen Crane. Second row: Donna Janovsky, Beverly Ames, Sharon Denny, Sharon Vfhipple, Javene Young, Sharon Church, Jo Howard, Joy Dunning, Miss Schau. Third row: Claudine Weed, Helen Smith, Janice Gerbig, Eleanor Bastian, Hester Hamilton, Ruth Ann Choate, Sharon Matteson. enior chorus SEATED, left to right: Joan Smith, Joyce Dunning, Grace Brown, Sharon Joslin, Sharon Carswell, Dorothy Field, Jacqueline Chilson, Deanna Dodge, Carol Curtis, Norma Jean Wilkinson. Second row: Deanna Wilkinson, Connie Evans, Helen Berry, Joan Fredericks, Jane FitzSimmons, Eileen Grey, Jean Carter, Patricia Miller, Maureen Sawyer, Linda Poole, Harriet Sprague, Barbara Tucker. Third row: Daisy Jo Morrison, Catherine Field, Beverly Brooks, Patricia Rifcnburg, Ann Fearon, Beeda Taylor, Jean Ames, Sarah Payne, Margaret Pratt, Priscilla Smith. 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Earl Bennett, David DePuy, Martin McCumber, Merton Suits, Carl Houghton, Harry Riggall, Gerald Penner, Benjamin Wightman, Benson Murray, Lewis Jones, John Koehler, Daniel Lavsyer, Kenneth Franklin. Second row: Miss Schau, Deena Bush, Carole Isbell, Enid Whipple, Jo Ann Horan, Virginia Crossway, Peggy Beach, Barbara Nickel, Ruth Owens, Elaine Owens, Nancy Vaillancourt. Third row: Eunice Parmeter, Caroline Matteson, Donalyn Laraway, Harriet Hamilton, Betty Temple, Viola Arnst, Beverly Hall, Agnes Mason, Julia Fitz- Simmons, Ellen Lyndon, Onalee Olcott, Virginia Evans, Sharon Jones, Gail March. Fourth row: Penelope Roeller, Deborah Smith, Janice Janovsky, Ruth Ann Morton, Katherine Wayand, Lynda White, Gloria Arnst, Dorothy Penner, Catherine Sandburg, Marilyn Bidwell, Judith Crane, Mary Lee, Janice Chilson, Caroline Smith, Patricia Beagle. I jf 4? t ". Q c 4 51 X: 1 wg Left to right: Leon Sterle, Leland Book- hout. Thomas Davis, Wayne Brown, William Ginney and Roger Ginney Q77- with Holace Smith at the piano. junior chorus Left to right: Connie Evans, Ann Fearon, and Daisy Jo Morrison with Beverly Brooks at the piano. N I D' ,miviwg , 5 . , , . , , W SEATED, left to right: Sherry Bennett, William Valerio, Wayne Groves, Mr. Vaughan. Second row: George Riggall, Thomas Rig- gall, James Eiholzcr, Robert Roberts, 1- QB f J-.3 'Mg Ss QQ EFQFKA Z Z lf' 151 S is N fllimiru Vlll i l Bernard Miller uses the circular saw Thomas Riggall and James Eiholzer tCSt milk in their Robert Roberts and William Valerio to cut a board for a shop project. agriculture class. put back-up lights on Robe-rt's car. athletics mc' ' ,igwxwg ?,,,,,, 4 ' V 5 ,S S gh V gl, A3 Wk' 'L 3'- ,,g 5 ,MW naw J wha, -' QW 4. nqifg, , i KNEELING, left to right: William Ginney, William Groves, William Liddle, Bruce Dutton, jonathan Allen, Theodore Isbell. Standing: Howard Lyndon, Thomas Davis, Coach Ruppert, John Galbreath, Spencer Matteson, Kenneth Woodcock, Philip Tayntor, Michael Streeter. , ,-..F5,'-':::g ::i-sa : :- ME.,-Q-f- -: ' M' tw-I ,.,5m'j-2,59--I-,zwg-3Q ,.,, .,...v... -.--ig ., Qi -of -I in .4 W W - f .3 ' 7 41' , S e v fl ,K f l at H --a- L , Jisj I L john Galbreath lets a bad pitch go by to Theodore Isbell in batting practice. William Ginney hits a few to Michael Streeter, Jonathan Allen, Howard Lyndon, John Galbreath, William Liddle and Spencer Matteson at pepper practice. BASEBALL SCORES " 1 . ,, W . i ze lk V M-E 7 H ,,,, is x I Brookfield 8 , , South Otselic 14 Q , ' -2 2 Degglyger li i H , P 1 W X . y , 9 Stoc fi as -,,- i Ifa ,X H' t IT 7 Madison 2 ti ' ' t F 5 Eafiviiie 1 f . I ' 'W W- 1 .mr , ,, t c Spencer Matteson, Bruce Dutton, Philip Awaiting their turn at bat are, left to right Tayntor and Wayne Groves. ' ' Wi- lla -.lea Q ERN- t I Kenneth Woodcock, Wayne Groves and Theodore Isbell confer with Coach Ruppert on a pitching technique. -31- E. Q. . ,. Q' V' ll? f X70 X fig. Y' I nf X J. as LQ M W' XX AQ- .LN Playing eight man football for the first time this year, the Crimson Warriors, under their new coach, Clarence McIntyre, again took second place in the Chemadon League. There was a total of 171 points rnade this season. Of these 27 touchdowns, Larry Kelly made 18, Wayne Groves 5, Spencer Matteson 2 and John Galbreath, 5. The team will lose only three players from graduation, these being Robert Roberts, John Campbell and Grover Jaeger. .821 6 Jyn 4U 2926 A 'v iii r 1 , , The Crimson Warriors huddle with Coach A Mclntyre for a good luck handshake before raking the field. football Neil Coe receives a center snap from Evan Jones. Co-captains Robert Roberts and Larry Kelly look over a new play with Coach Mclntyrre. SCORES M-E Westmoreland 35 Madison 12 West Winfield 12 Stockbrid ge 4-0 Waterville 2 7 Brookfield 3 3 Oriskany 14 FIRST ROW, left to right: john Galbreath, Spencer Matteson, Wayne Groves, Larry Kelly, John Campbell, Evans Jones, Robert Roberts, Neil Coe. Second row: Coach Mclntyre, Richard DePuy, Malcolm Stewart, Stuart Burleson, Frank Szewczyk, Grover Jacer, Howard Lyndon, Thomas Davis, Augustus Foster, Third row: Paul Lee, Holace Smith, Philip Taynton, Gerald Szewczyk, William Liddle, Leland Bookhout, Edward jones, john Dougherty. -85-.. W-lax' LL, -'ef FIRST RO'W, left to right: Bruce Dutton, john Galbreath, ert Roberts, Willirtm Litltllc, Stuart Burleson, Richard De- Brian Shutts, Larry Kelly, Spencer M21EECSlJH,.lilllD Dougher- Puy, Coach McIntyre. ty. SECOND ROW: Merton Barrels, D2vi.l Perry, Rob- varsity basketball Gerald Szewczylc is all alone as. he An attempt at blocking Larry Larry Kelly taps the rebound of a lays one up for two more points Kclly's Shot is triccl by a South foul shot from a Valley opponent. against South Otsclic. -84- Otstrlit' player. Larry Kelly v uu..n-.J Georgetown DeRuyter Madison Stockbridge Brookfield Earlville South Otselic Georgetown DeRuyter Madison Stockbridge Earlville South Otselic Brookfield V. 34 16 27 22 38 40 36 Junior Varsity Georgetown DeRuyter Madison Stockbridge Brookfield Earlville South Orselic Bruce Dutton Spencer Matteson 30 45 33 39 42 Georgetown DeRuyter Madison Stockbridge South Otselic Brookfield Brian Shutts Gerald Szewczky M.-E. 42 39 34 41 35 29 44 32 60 43 33 44 QZX n if ,gg kk SEATED, left to right: Jo Howard, Ann Fearon, lean Ames, Slorene Smith, Miss Becker. Standing: Dawn Everlith, Jacqueline Ihilson, Hester Hamilton, Sarah Payne, Donna janovsky, Grace Brown. g.a.a. The officers elected for the Girls Athletic Association for the year were Jean Ames, presidentg Ann Fearon, vice- president-treasurerg Norene Smith, secretary, and Jo How- ard, senior board member. The first project of the G.A.A. was selling refreshments at the home football games. Closing the fall season the G.A.A. sponsored a Festival of Sports dance with football and hockey teams as guests of honor. Food for Thanksgiving baskets was collected and dis- tributed to needy families, after the Thanksgiving assembly. Refreshments were also sold at the -home basketball games. One of the biggest projects of the year was the Christmas party for the little children. King and Queen of the Fall Festival of Sports dance, Norenel Smith and Ronald Flinn, are shown after their corination as candidates Priscilla Smith and joy Dunning loo on. ' Food for Thanksgiving baskets is brought by grade children during the Thanksgiving assembly. G.A.A. members preparing food at a football game are: jean Ames, jo Howard, Jacqueline Chilson, Donna Janovsky and Ann Fearon. C M X' , 515: W f fm- . 5' x ,b 5 -2' A- girIs'hockey Left to right: Harriet Sprague, Sharon. Qhurch, Diane Hag- Ann Fearon, Jeanne Isbell, jo Howard, Donna janovsky, Jean mann, Priscilla Smith, Norma Jean Vfilkinson, Carol Curtis, Carter, Grace Brown, joan Fredericks, Beverly Ames. girls' basketball Kneeling, left to right: Diane Hagmann, Grace Brown, Jean Everlith, Margaret Markowski, Donna jones, Ann Fearon. Carter, Donna Janovsky, Marie Flinn, Patricia Roundy. Seated: Standing: Javene Young, jo Howard, Marjorie Lent, Miss Sharon Church, Harrier Svrague, Genevieve Markowski, Dawn Becker, Jeanne Isbell, Lois Owens, Margaret Sprague. -891 Members of the C.D. Party vote on a motion at the convention in the library prior to the Student Council election. l Voting for their choices of Student Council members are John Galbreath, Robert Carter and David Perry while Joy Dunning and Jeannette DePuy check voting lists. .9U.. Eleanor Bastian and jean Ames do a bully in hockey practice. Jr. Red Cross representatives, seated, Catherine Sandberg, Neil Coe, Irene Church, Grace Brown, joan Fredericks, Catherine Wayandg standing, Sharon Whipple, Arlene Church, Mrs. Dorrance and Beverly Hall work on the I class lists for the collection of donations. American Legion orators Margaret Sprague, Ruth Ann Williams, Neil Coe, Bruce Dutton and Augustus Foster confer with Mr. jenl-is on their speech entries for the Oratorical Contest. Drying hydrogen 'gasto obtain chemically pure water is done in chemistry class by Richard Neville, Jack Hawley and Robert Owens. Archery is a pleasant fall after-school activity for Ruth Owens, Irene Church and Arlene Church. - Members of the seventh grade basketball team are, kneeling, left to right: William Smith, Merton Suits, John Koehler, Martin McCum- ber. Standing: Ronald Griffin, Robert Markowski, jerry Saunders, Wayne Matteson. Washing the new cooking utensils are the girls from Homemaking II. Operation of a movie projector is explained to Carl Houghton, Kenneth Rifenburg and Willford Webb by Harold Neville. JOY Dunning 3nd.Hf?5fef Hamilton arrange magazines On Santa Claus, Grace Brown, delivers gifts at the annual G.A.A. Christmas The fafk in the 11bf3fY- party as helpers Jean Ames, Dawn Everlith and jo Howard wait to distribute -91, gifts. wwf, fa W! ww- .,.1,f.,.,mbN .ff 3 aa fx F E' 5' s"-'vm V kygskwgfw 1 'Nw E 2 wmammwaf' WSNQMZ? 5 .2 A F if , wwwfmmxf nmwsgq 3 3 Q da -A faculty autographs r H 2 1 4.-., veg Q! 1- ,, -.-9 ' -1-13 U a 4 if lu, A ,.. 1 ' 1 .I 1 1 'I' I 'fl 1 - ' "4 1 i -1. .A ,A , -I1 f 3 -1 'v 11- -1 V 4, .-R .. 1' 1 1 I 1 1 1 11, 1 I . - fi: .J f ' 'Y 1f':-'Q 1 I .3 . 531.11-:fp ,Y .n . 1- 1. .' f X1 ai 1 ' 'Y 1 f 4' ' , Q-' 1-gH'j4ff:,,3 'ff-Q, gif,-,ffjg 1 45 11. 1:4 .'..,:'-,- A limi -1 1- Yr f . 1, X JI - K' ' I-se" .-".' 1. lf. , 1 - -f if-' -'ijt gaQ-q.f' . IH., , ,, , : . 11. g!'a-f?-f+f1- M I1 f f lg?-.', 5.42 qfaxg 2 , , - 5' , . --' I ..-'fd' -1' -'5Prf21',L. .AAL ' 32 " ',4Q. 3.1 -'vw .fa K: Fflqsv- 1 1 1 -' 1 1115 K 1 :- x . uf. -,,g':-v-5-VJ, '-1, V, - ,K M R '1 A :fv1.'."g 1 - 1 ' fjjij-g51ji:1as5?T,i',iE:'x-H' if-'V ' ' - -as 'fe 11 Tw: - - :V,. ff 333372 K 3 1 1 :,fEafQ,.g-. im A tsl - 1 ' ' ,- f, eg 35gr-521 XF," A 5, -A-91f'- 2-,apxzr 43 , 4 , ,.ux3gQl?f1gi1f'.f.3-:1j:'I'g',- f' ' , 4 Qfzglglgq-f1s,' , p.1,.f,- 1: -541 -1, , -,uri Qffflfffgf' ,"'ea'if":i'-'T-V-' 1 1 1 ' , .gwgpaifg s'11'ffjf1- gi-g Aff' ' YQ. . 'ff17f511i'T1"'f - -1' - "1 irq: ' . ,'f17n1-if-1pQf.f121'-I: 1 .L :QF 4 'I5,g,Q'1 1,iE,EEQ,a,r1'.1'1 .,,W:g-w?,,,.11.ffglzv,-,3yQ'5Yiw, 1, , 1:31 1--1.1 . ' 1 .ff-'711,,.1 151111. 1- 11 " .1?w.f-1?fF21i. J ' Af1,,gff3ikyim S1,':1m:9A' 1 "1f'4 "f 7"'-iff'-rl' -m"1:!':'f4 , ' ,V 1 1.4 1 -111111111 ' -11-urn, . 41 13-M111--11'-1:1 1 1 '1f9g11e1f1'u1,13LaQ1,111g1'9v1gfm,.ggfg11 11i1fQgg,111u1,11,,,,:5eig1:f1,.,,,,,11 11, 'Lili' 3,1 Ig,'11-WM?-1,WJf19-I?f ' ' , ..fi4gf51"1Q' AFV J- 1. -' "H1'U.1-zri1"'3 1szf1'57fM?'5iw1:11l1"'-'WMV 15.1 'af f 111 11' '.,z'g1Lz1 1911111116-'a,.'1,1: 1- ' .1' 1 ,,1 ,5f4M"'E11',',4i7f?f'51:1.11eZ1 1fw514:1': ' ' ',L1151,.:1r112k1'1f12' 1JWQg:1, ,1 , ii g!1'13'-QEQEQV 3 P' LJ N' ?f5"E??5'1 1' -P 11' ,. 1 YP''J1'-"1111.--m11111P5WL" 1141? 55 '11-is im.:1MJ,1W1,11. 111n"M,w'I1"1 1f ' f 1MF',,1'n1'W '1-N1 ,M1 1-.1 ""'2,.1,,L'1A511,11151-1.111-'1.11'Ef,,1iA . M1111 ,111 .Q s . 11, ,1 .1 1,1'1 11 11,'.1.!1W:,H1:,,- 1,1--'W-,1, cgg11,,,,, 1,1 Q 1'f'y1M,',-L 1R11-Y--111 1 11" - 'P' w 2 1,111'f1g -'W-31.1-'1::'1, f'1:-f1:1,111i1'1:,.1f1 1: ,W ,1,,.,,,-i, HA 1, , F, , A ,TY , -. '-.,'5,.., I-e p 4. K 1 , giggl, 1 ,. x1 1' P 1' .1, ? 1 ,. V.. Q ' Qi -, , 1 -'L 35,11 1- ' ilu. ' 'i' I: 31, . n fi M. ,jp ifji ' ' 1 " W F - ..'- A f"' A' 53' ' ' . -- - 137. V 'IM -5 ' , lf 1 -lf '- - 1' .,I Q, A- , : 1 ' .1 , ' R' ' H. . ?'? . . 1x 1 g. 1 ' n A A ' Q: lawn 1 . 1- mir 1 :Q ' ' L5 ,i1m'13h 1f..aEi.11!:,.H Ti 1 1 1 1 6X3.sEm5 Q,-X ,-x 338 99 -. 'y - xg xxx., ,. s X fl W l .1 11- rw? NN ..1.g.f.':-W1 f' "Nfl ,J 'Yz'e:'Eif'f gilt Wi J.-.-,jg Amggtf? up M" M, W A . :A ffl, ' Y Q! , 1 " - -wiv! if lf.-f Z . . . .1 -,Inj .- .- 45 5 Q 4? 1 l 1 ' I ly is is :Mu l. 4 Q ,-..A.L X . .! qi ' , U A I - A 4 1 1 f . Q . Q , , ' b i A I 1 1

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