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Morrisville Eaton High School - Amariah Yearbook (Morrisville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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lM.Lj..E L UA75 NAP-N Ng C: SDE? CHDETS COMMQNDGR CH E-36' E R ANDREWS ?'Fl'E?g'I0N E J FOREWARD Gestures, sounds, nictures and words hex been for 31 s the besic means of passing along 1deas,f elingsani images from one nerson,neople or generation to another Today, devices which a e miracles of speed and conv n lence are t the service of communication The people of the vorld have been drawn into almost inst nt contact, for good or ev11,1n neace or war Once,all thatlayteyund the avarag man's neighborhood was unknown to him Today modern means of communic tion hav made n ighbors ofall mankind Consequently we have chosen television as the theme of our 1953 Amariah Televlsion to many of us simnlv me ns enjoyment, but actually it is a most startling m ans of communica tion In primitive tim s the only sources of oommunica tion w r smoke s1gnals,sign language, tom toms and mmm- ing pigeons Communic- tion h s expanded ranidlysmcn those primitive times Tod y we have swifter means such as the t lvvhone,t legr nh T levision is ar important m ns It helps bring the world events right and more accurate and radio One of of communication into thf living rooms of f milies everywhere It gives us a chance to see what is going on nd wher it is hannening The ve rbook is also a means of communication It helps bring events whlch hdp en ln school into thelrmes of many fwmilie Ittxlpe bring the school intoyourhome The yearbook is also a means of preserving ans r creat ing the past It giv s vou a chance to look back owH'the years and remember v nts and people which oth rwise would have b en forgott n, Wa wish tothank Mr Nickel for his fine photography and advising on this publication Mr Edkln for hi s guidanc of the art staff nd Mr Jenks vnd his typists and mimeogranhists for their work on this yearbook Now, as you hurri dly thumb through the pag s of your Amariah for l9f1 w sincerely hone that inth years to com this will hold for you fond memories of ourdear Alma Mater YD , , ..c je V. - ,. , e Aa 5 , 1 - I . r A . e - 'T . 5 7 C J - .J '. .L - . s - V , . 5 . - A . o ,fe ,. o . k J 'N F' - D . ., W , c - -- 0 F. I - . r 9 ' ca 'l" I 4' L I . 1 .W H ef V2 O D -p L c . e e .-f . , - . o . ,a, a . , , "' 5 ' , V . i z. . r fd ,TT G rx . Q the marvels of man's modern invention is television. S l - , 539. . .V u 3 , l -J a . . L H A a-. e ,,, - . 9 - . -. O , o . a 1 n ' Q - . ,. '. S, 1. Q' , ,- 0 ' Q .- - .-. C . I. v - E1 , , g - ., . -f. z., l-. , Q e A- L A e e 4. te .1 . C 'W H - - -' I I .W e , a . a , 'S f v - '- l L., 42 A , , S - ,. 9 . 9 .0 o - O Q I Q 1 i Principal E l 3 Edward R Andrews works on the plans for an addition to the present building Our B Harry Lyndon stenographer, Leona pr1nc+pal's clerk and Koehler, uses the secretary, sets the mimeograph machine I bell s tem for a new schedule S Board of Education Seated, left to right Harold B Uovard, v e presideqt I M Charltor pro dent, R arry Lvndon, clerk tending Edward R Andrews, prius T3 John, C Vanwyk, Clavton Smith, Nelson T R ilh rdta 1 Q T Q K 4. 9 , r I l I Z p , 2 5 4 ' ! ,. 1 E l S ! 4 Q ! 4 : U 3 lb i m- H H i 0 Fil X J xy ji - .. :X jf: .Ka A- I F ,A I A! L J. , D 2' - YS i f! . N ,f .fl f . , Y 1- 'Z' I 'XX x dxf. A-,,,,. no 7' d l """'n"l""""'i I 8 1 I . . .. F 1 . 5 1 Q 10 - l 3 . . as 1 ' .1 5 , 1 l ' ' . Q 1 3 0 '. l 1 .- -1 v - A , Q Q V , ,L +4 . .L J , 1 Q Q , N . - n, 'e f a ' I Z' - ..1 41 64 qibi. To the Class of 1953 You are rapidly moving into the final scene of your high school life, You will soon go on to other activities. Events will move quickly across the screen of life, A you move forward on the stage of life there are several guideposts for living that I would like to suggest to you, Your viewpoint toward life is basic to your success? Learn to look forward with hope, This will give you physical vigor, mental keenness and spiritual wealth, do th1s you must be optimistic in your thlnking, optimistic in your talk, actions and work If your mind is fillednmth apprehension and fear, then that is what you will create, Of what, Robert louis Stevenson asked, ncan an be proud, if not of his friend ?W How true! I is essential th t as you build your life you make friends, To have friends you must be a friend, ships, In the future you will make new ones, but do not forsake the real friends the friends who stood with you when you needed them The little lumps of friendship We light along the way Go shining on far down the years And brighten every d y 'Tis love th t keeps them burnin In symp thy and trust, God help us that no lamp goes out Becau e we let it rust Sincerely, Gilfv-ww-'L ff Ql4fL,'-aura! Edward R, Andrews - ' s 1 . V I To ' Q r ll C ff a m s t s a a V During the past years you have created many friends . '3 A ,. ' o 9- Q 2, d 83 O- 1 O , L s , .fn ,A 1 ORC!-HDS TO THE BOARD Most every television show has a sponsor, whether it is Toni Shampoo or L1pton's Tea Our school, like a television show,also has a sponsor which keeps it running smoothly Our sponsor, the Board of Education, includes five men working together for the good of the school The members of the board include I, H, Charlton who has been on the board since October,l939 and has been president stme 1939 Nelson Neidhardt has served since July, 1946, Harold Howard since Tuly,l947, Clayton Smith since August,l947 and John Vanwyk since Jxly, 1951 Working with these men are Edward R, Andrews, princi p 1, and Harry Lyndon, clerk These men work on the board with no remuneration andnany times must drop their own work to attend conferences adlmeetings, Our board meets once a month throughout the school year but often have many unscheduled meetings lastlng late into the night The board is faced with many problems through the year such problem of houslng our increasing number of students, The board has the responsibility of selecting employees,aoprovingthe budget and delegating responsibility to the supervising principal, We, the students of Morrisville Eaton would like to express our appreciation for their generous sacrifice ox time and energy in our behalf HALL OF FAME We, of the Amariah staff, are honored to dedicate this vol ume of the Amariah to Harry Lyndon, Mary Tyler Laraway, James Gallagher and Jay Maine. We feel these four people deserve this honor, Harry Lyndon has been with our school for 15 years. first he acted as secretary to the principal and than later he became clerk of the Board of Education as well Mary Laraway has been our cafeteria manager and cock for 16 years Jim and Jay between them have worked 34 years to help keep our school clean and neat, These four people have dedicated 65 years of service helping us to have a school of which all of its students can be proud, They are largely responslble for the justifi ble pride we have when a visitor remarks on how well thc building is kept or how delicious the cafeteria meals are, Thus, we would like to express our appreciation to thesefbur staff members for their long and valued service to the Mmnisville Eaton Central School 4 7 I . . ...I 1 ' Q 2 ' 4 as the recent problem of transportation and the ever-pressing 0 At 4 Q MORRISNILLE EATON CENTRAL SCHOOL fwfr I . A ,4 YO A A ' A A A A - XX A -::' X N-1 F iw W M 0 'W A Ulf I ig A- ' . A j A A V I f MORRISVILLE EATON CENTRAL SCHOOL PERSONNEL Board of Education I M Charlton, President Clayton Smith Harold B Howard, Vice President R Harry Lyndon, Clerk Nelson L Neidhardt Grace Phelps, Treasurer John C Vanwyk Frank Clark, Collector Faculty Edward R, Andrews, MA, Syracuse Univ. Principal Paul J Meurant, MS, Ithaca College Instrumental Music Helen C Yohn, BS, Ithaca College Vocal Music Conrad H. Ruppert, ME, Springfield College Boys' Phys Ed , Health Frances M Becker, MS, Smith College Girls' Phys Ed , Health Vesta A Thayer, RN, Utica Mem Hosp School Nurse and Health John A Vaughan, BS, Cornell Univ Agr , Jr, High Ind Arts Otto W Edkin, BFA, Syracuse Univ Ar Marjorie M Blackmar, AB, Univ Michigan Librarian and Latin Dan A Nickel, MA, Syracuse Univ Senior High English Bennie T DeSalvo, MA Middlebury Spanish and English Janet H Drake, BA, Penn State Junior High English Elmore Jenks, MA, Syracuse Univ Commerce Frederick K Riebesell, MA, Columbia Univ Sr Science, Guidance Frederick L Gale, ME, St Lawrence Univ. Junior High Science Beryl W Record, BA, Syracuse Univ Mary W Dorrance, Geneseo Normal H John Gourley, MA, Albany STC Reginald F Dodge, ME Univ Maine Donald J Goewey, BS, Oswego STC Katherine R Meurant, Oswego Normal Blanche N Jones, BE, Oswego STC Elizabeth E Jones, Cortland Normal Marguerite C Butler, Oneonta Normal Irene B Dodge, BS, Univ Maine Mildred U Palmer, BE, On onta STC Helen L Russock, BA, Keuka Coll ge Dorothy M, Wall, BE, Syracuse Univ Doris D Payne, Oswego Normal Ruth R Ballard, Normal School Prep Harry Burns, Jr , BS, Oneonta STC Esther J Davis, BE, Oneonta STC Nila B Jones, DeRuyter Tng Class Sylva H Ellis, Cortland STC Marguerite B Hurley, BS, Buffalo STC Senior High Mathematics Junior High Mathematics Senior High Social Studies Junior High Social Studies Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Kindergarten, Grades 5 Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville and 6, Eaton Grades 3 and 5, Eaton Grades l and 2, Eaton Kindergarten, Eaton Grades 5 and 6, Grades 3 and M, Grades 2 and 3, Grade l, Kindergarten, Peterboro Peterboro Peterboro Peterboro Peterboro Edith I LaBarge, Cortland Normal Grades l,2,3, West Eaton Bernice C, Johnson, DeRuyt r Tng Class Grades 4,5,6, West Eaton O A Io t 0 ' Q 5 - I O O Martha S. Whipple, Geneseo Normal Grade 6, Morrisville . . C 4, . 3, l . C C ft A c ' c c 1, U I O - - Secondary Faculty First row, left to right Conrad H Ruppert, John A Vaughan Bennie T DeSalvo, Edwwrd R Andrews, H John Gourley, Elmore Jenks, Otto W Edkln Second row Reginald F Dodge, Mrs Robert Drake Miss Frsnces M Becker, Miss Helen C Yohn, M1ss TQPjOPlC M Bl ckmar, Frederlck K Rlebesell Third row Frederlck L Gale, Mrs Carl Wldger, Mrs Leon Th yer, Mrs Roger W Dorranco, Mrs Charles Record, Paul J Meurant, D n A Nlckel Faculty Club OfflCCPS confer on plsns for thc next mCetlHg Left to right re Revln ld F Dodge, vlce president, H John C Butler, tre surer, f Paul J Meur nt, secretary Elementary F culty First row, left to rlght Hdrry Burns, Jr , Mrs. Frank L. Russock, Mrs Lyndon Jones, Edward R Andrews, Miss Ellzabeth E Jones, Mrs Regln ld F Dodge, Don ld J Goewey Second row Miss Bernlcc C Johnsen, hrs Floyd LQBarge, Mrs Paul J Meurant, Mrs Royson Uhlpplc, M1ss M rguerlte C Butler, Miss Doris D P yne, Mlss Dorothy M wall Thlrd row Mrs Mllton U Palmer, Mrs Stanlcy Davis, Mrs William Ballard, Mrs Seymour Ell1s, Mrs William Hurley, Mrs Blanche N Jones ' C ' I a o 1 f. Q - o ' 0 . n I 'X . Q Q o 9 L N I . .H . Q Q L t O 3 . o . Q . 2 ' " . o 0 ' . ' O E1 . w . Y . . .x 0 O " C1 Q D Q 1 I I ' 4 L Q , X . 8 'u : D ' C . V 2 .,, . x I . X Gourley, presidentg Miss Marguerite? i . - a ' hrs. Q W s fl L, I 5 i 5 1 E . , , .. , .... ,, ,W .-. ..-5 . e 8 T ', : C . ' 0 o . 0 0 0 'A . 3 1 3 s ' 0 ' : N C . Q VY 0 L l 0 0 . W . - U ' . X 0 0 8 ' " 0 o . - . x o 0 . 0 o -- o 0 ' ' o I f- J 0 0 ,.. --v nf ii ? -neun: pawn su-an nw-ng I H, " 'v 4- s , r ' ' l - ' Q s. v . MORRISVILLE EATON CENTRAL SCHOOL PERSONNEL Custodians James Gallagher Morrisville Jay Malne Morrisville James W1l+ford Morrisville Hyle Poo e Eaton Mxs u nn Campbell Peterboro Hiram Stebbins West Eaton Bus Drivers Fred Close, Mechanic K nneth And ews Leon Menn g L arl DeGroat vey Roeller Cecil Johnston Pall Charlton John Mennig Hyle Poole Elmer Gregory John Campbell Mrs IYS Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Kitchen Staff Leonard Laraway, cook manager Walter Harvey, cook Freemont Davis, cook Theodore Dunning, cook Frank Suits food service helper William Hagamann,food service helper Donald Bush, food service helper School Servgcgs Bus 20 Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Bus Morrisville Eaton Peterboro West Eaton Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Frank Matthias, M D School Doctor Mrs Carl Widger Dental Hygienist Mrs Charles Davis Attendance Officer R Harry Lyndon Clerk Leona Koehler Stenographer iff e ' r 22 .M 1 14 if 12 Del Bus 19 16 1 23 . 18 - ' 24 11 Mrs. ' Our Head Manager, Bus Drivers Seat d, left to right M A Boeller Mary Laraway, Ch oka to Leon M nnig, Pearl DeGroat, Hyle Poole, John Mennig see if ene oU1' y is Standing Elmer Gregory, Raymond Sher d n O 9' bune, cred Close, Paul Charlton, Cecil Johnston, William Mason Cafeteria Work rs Seated, left to rlvht Mrs Leonard Laraway, head manager, Mrs Theodore Dunning, Mrs Walter Harvey, Miss Shirley Clark Standing Mrs William Hagaman, Mrs shakes down the flre, Fremont Davls, Mrs Frank Suits James Whitfor custodian Dental hygienist, Hrs Custodians Grace B Widger, cleans Seated, left to right Jay Maine, Frank and eheeks Thom s Curtisl Smith, James Gallagher, John Campbell teeth Standing Hyle Poole, Mrs John Campbel Hiram Stebbins 1 i i I , . ' ' Q f - v r sf ' 0 0 3 , .. Q A' F V .' v I , ,S 0 4-1 , .'- 4,5 , . asv li - 2 ' . 4 . . W 1-. . ' 0 'r-'- f ' 'ff' - ---- F r ' Q 1 NJ ' 1 o ' 0 f -.u w . o , . .B .l o - J M dv , , . ' 0 0 - ' x l a A f ' ' ' ,,s:- Y ' V ' Y 1 A .1 V 0 . . 5' - : Lf by V , ru w LL . ti . , I e I X , .. ' ' 9 3-f-X Kg k 'san 2 'fx 9xEw 95162. X X KNTX XLR fx!-Xxx! SE N IOR ees PG BACKSTAGE Attending a graduation exercise issimilar to watching a television show Wh'le looking at the show you see only the finished product,not all the people connected with the show and the hard work these people have done on writing and di ectlng the show This is true,also,when you watch a senior walk up to receive his diploma You think only of what he is going to do ln the near future and probably while looking at a yearbook you sw all the fun he's had ln sports, class projects or other extra curricular actlv ties However, mo e than this goes on before a senior is a 'finished product ' and the pictures shown in a yearbook as a memento of his high school years are only a very small part of it The part you don't see Just as you never think of all the long hours a script writer spends creating something new for a telev1sion.dww, so you r ver think of all the hours a graduate has spentin high school, preparing for h s final appearance Because they are harder to recall thwn enjoyable times you do not thlnk of the many days spent in the classrooms, the drudgery of a tedkms schedule,or the good times passed up, to do some homework or study for one of the many tests he must pass to make his last show in his high school career the best he possibly can Another thing you easily forget is the many people behind the sc nes of a show,l1ke his various teachers, his parents, his principal, or the members of his school board of education Also necessary for his show are the staff members and the taxpayers who make his school a good place to spend all these forgotten hours Vltally 1mportant,too, are the authors of his many textbooks, Yet without these people and all his hard work the show would be a Nturkey, For these are the foundation of the fini hed product, and without them the show would not go on. O ' it . r L' I ' QI 0 is the important part--the essential part. ln JAMES BLISS Business Basketball 1,2,U Football 1 2 Chorus U KARL BLIXT Mathematics and Science Boys' Ath Assoc. 2 All County Band 2 U Brass Ensembl 2-4 All State Band Ba netball 2 4 Bas ball 1 2 Foo+ball U Senior Play Band THOMAS ANDERSON Mathematics and Science Prize Speaking Football Manager U Projeo lon Club Vice p esldent lntraml als Baseb ll 3, U B sketball 4 Pless Club 3 Chorus 3 U Senior Play Bowling 2 Band l-U HARRY CAMPBELL Agriculture football 3 naar Pla rasketball Jice president 3 Q eball U qorus 2 MARY BUSH Business All State Orchestra County O hestra 341 String Ensemble 3 Orchestra 1 3 Senior Play Band 3 DORIS BLOWERS Business County Music Eesti Val State Music Festi Student Council 2 Cheerleading 1-4 One Act Play U Orchestra 2 A Cnorus 1 A S nior Play Band 1 U ROGER CRAMER Mathemat and Scie All County Orches tra fll County Band 2,3 TltP8mUP11S fwsketball 3 Orchestra 1 2 Football U Senior Play Band MAX CRANE Agriculture Basketball F Treasurer Fo +ball Baseball Chorus U MAXINE CRANE Business Girls' Athletic Association 4 Madison County Chorus A J cal En emble Cheerleading 3 4 L aders' Club 1 Orchestra 2 Volleyball Basketball 4 Chorus 1-4 President U Band 2, 3 A ' " - 0 - Blu - , C e- . t A -1-4 - 2 -Ar - 4 A s' ' - - ..r - 2, 3 He " U fx E.. " w -. i M . i , lr Ji I g f V f V .. - T Q: Q Ll, , K. un 5 Se .P 1 y rc . . ' - l-A I X Q.: -L 1 - x - ' F9 F. A. - 2 - b Cheerleading - U Val - 1-A A B-1 S I " Fo Ha Ar. ."' 3 " 'CA - , L - i 1 - .. ics HCS - - 1-U - I " 1 FQ 5 AQ " C A V 3 an ' - QC L " 1, 2 X Cu "' Q S -I jc, .A " , LP g V r "' 1 f my - - , A , , l - V -3-3 , 1,3 Q - THIS IS YGUR LIFE Welcome to nTh1s is Your Life N For our guest on nTh1s is Your Lifeu tonight we have the members of the Class of 1955 of the Morrisville Eaton Central School We are going to reminisce on some of your class history from the day you entered high school. This is your life, seniors It doesn't seem so long ago,now does it, to that sunny September day in 1949 when you started your freshman yen? We'Il start out by recalling to your minds your class off icers of that year:Fearon Johnson, president, Alan Whitney, vice president,Esther Spader, secretary,Fred Dutton, treas urer, Fearon Johnson and Max Crane, Student Council repre sentatives. Your advisers who helped make your money-making activity, a Minstrel Show, such a howling success were Mrs. Record, Miss Blackmar and Mr. Behnk' Remember what fun you had putting on that Minstrel Show with Sweet Georgia Brown, Dorothy Stevenson, when she went down through the audience flirting with all the men, sitting on their laps and tick ling them under the chin? Remember 'de funny men ob' de shoon along with Interlocutor Fearon Johnson who kept the show moving and the people laughing That was the year Miss Neville taught you manners and dating in social studiesinot that anyone needed to be taughtj, Maybe some of you still have the posters and scrapbooks you made or the scripts for the acts and quiz shows you put on Also that year your science class ventured into the woods with Mr. Behnk to ex plore for some limestone caves, but mboutallthat was found was stink pots At Christmas time you had a tremendous presents for eweryone. Your sophomore year you started out with new officers' Fearon Johnson, president, Richard Griffin, vice-president, Fred Dutton, treasurer, Alice DeGroat, secretary, Doris Blowers and Sh rlene Sawver,Student Council representathms. Your advisers were Mrs Record, Mr Nickel, Miss Blackmmr, and Mrs. Wasylik These, together with the cooperation of the other members, made the year's events successful again. After the wonderful success ofyour Minstrel ed to try something along the same line Reviewn. Remember, seniors, that hilarious leeque with Alan Whitney, Llewellyn Jones, and Max Crane For the more serious side Crane singing 'Alice'Blue Gownn, Sharlene Show you decid MA Gay Nlneties Flora Dora bur Fearon Johnson remember Maxine Sawyer singing 'A Bird in a Guilded Cage'and the portrait 'Prom Out of the Pastn which returned us to the Colonial period? Of course the show wouldn't have been complete without the ever pop ular nBarber Shop Quartetu which brought the show to a hu morous ending The other activity in your sophomore year which also proved profitable, was selling stationery which many people liked to buy as gifts At Christmas you had a party in the cafeteria after the usual Christmas assembly. ' u Christmas partyiin the library with refreshments galore and ALICE DEGROAT Busin ss amariah Staff 'secretary 2 Tleasurer 4 Senior Play nBand 1 2 DOLORES D1VIS Business Bowling l 3 SHARON CURTIS Business GlTlS' Ensemble 3 Pnariah Staff nio Play Chorus OABOLYN EI OLZLR Mathema 1os and 501 oe Clunty Oro e tra ourc, Choru lorus 2 3 GD1OT Play PQEDERIC DUTlON hathematios .nd Science Projco Lon Club l 4 Al' Cazlty Band 1 1 rlt CoJncil e pr ident 3 esldent e b ll Ore act Play 1 ct urer 1 BT c,OLl nd BEDTY DOYLE Sclenoe or ln chief 4 C un 1 11 Q 'D y 'Chorus JOYCE GEHBIG Mathematlos and Soi noe Intramurals lmariah Staff 4 nior Play lowling 4 1horus 2 I CHARLOTTE FRASER Buslness G1r1s'AUumno association 4 Ama lah Staff Ch1ef,M1moograUnrg Intramurals Lhorus senlor Play Bowling 3 GEORGE EIHOLZER agriculture , F V E S ,lol E ! E E R ' I e I -'C 'V an Llf I f as an ' un C- - 'C - F. H. A. - 3 -nf - 4 1 1 - Ee' r "- 1 N ' 3 4 . , H 2 ' I T . I - ' - U P 1 W ' H - T -f J . ,.. J. w 3 ' t' V 1. ' 'fn. T 0 ' 4 r M '-has - 4 ,"2,t' ' . W kilt- -' - - U C f' 7' s - 3 -- Q1 ', l--41 iLer:,:3.-3':'?3 1 ' - 3 Orchestra - l-4 Brass Ensemble-lM4y Vironngror - 3 LCE - , Si IL e 1. ZF., fl. A. - 2 TS ' ' Vice- es .- Se,g r -la Pr ' ' - 4' 4' - 1 Bask t a. - 2, 3 4 Tvlrs' - - , 2 Orchestra - 2-4 P 'wesalcl - 2,3 5 , AlBa - 144 ' , fy 1 2 E 3 f I A P ' R 1 , T , , 1 , e ' I I - 1, 2 ' T T F . A. - 2-4 If.. .L " x 9 ' ilglg H. Ag 7 3 :lr-. ' -' Ll' , i 5.2 ' - J -. ' 1 u- 1 1 U - 4 f 5 , V1 17 4. - 1 4 14-- Everyone had a marvelous time dancingand feasting on cookies, candy and pop A grab bag provided everyone with a gift and left no one holding the bag That year you put on your first dance which was a nCopper's Ball U The music was fur nished by a Juke box which played everyone's favorite song and singers The Jail had more people in it than there were on the dance floor but everyone had fun including thegnlkxh men npinchingn people and the Jailbirds paying their huge fines of 3d Everyone was a good sport and cooperated with all the dances such as the potato dance Your officers elected for your Junior year werepmesi dent, Orrin Stevens, vice presldent, Virgil Hennig, secre tary, Sharlene Sawyer,treasurer, Betty Doyle, Student Coun cil representatives, Fred Dutton, Hlchard Griffin, and your advisers were Mr Jenks, Mrs, Record, Hr, Meurant, and Mrs, Thayer Now that you were Juniors and could at last order your class rlngs you all were swelled up like small boys when they get the r first pair of long pants lhis year your dance was a Harvest Hoon Dance,Tne theme was a Harvest moon and the gym was decorated with a blg smiling moon,corn stalks pumpkins and a false ceiling made of crepe papen Harold Vahue's orc1estra furnished the music Refreshments were sold in the cafet ria, Remember the field trips to Cooperstown and Alb.ny? At Cooperstown you saw tae Woman's Wolld,Mode1 Circu , farm tools, V6HlC18 ,and nThe Corners', whlch will eventually be a re creation of a small crossnnds settl mont of a hundred years ago Of course everyone will of people The Fenimore House will also be remembered by quite a few for all the remarkable collectlon of paintings, lile masks, antiques and the manuscripts and books Some of your class was dis ppointed in the trip to Albany baxuse everything was closed when you got there,Remember how inxm esting it was to watch the Assembly during their meeting Everyone had a good tlmu even though they didn't get to see much The lucky students riding in the station wagon got to go to How Caverns The other activity for your junior year was selllug mwg zines in which you d1dn't reach your goal, As a result you had to truggl and stammer through an oral report In he scring was the blg event of the year, the Junior Senior Ball The theme was UStar Dustn and the gym was decorated with stars and clouds with angela sitting on them The New Collegians orchestra played heavenly music for the dance Your officers for your senior year were president, Fearon Johnson, vice president, Tommy Anderson, secretary Lols Heinley, treasurer, Alice DeGroat, Student Councl representatives, Sharlene Sawyer and Fred Dutton, class advisers Nr Nickel, Hr Jenks, Miss Yohn and Mrs, Thayer, The senior play, Annie Get Your Gun,W added a great deal to your bank account and was successful in spite of theshmt time in which you had to rehearse it. The senior year was the busiest of all, ordering graduation cards,caB and gwms, 4 O 0 - ff Q 0 ' ' . O v E 3 . , 0 O . 4 m 4. A . I 5 l 1 , ' A . A - e , , a A I . , , vs cw ' rs ' D A AJ 1 9 .3 ., C' . remember the Cardiff Giant which in its time fooled hundnis . 'B , 'D , O . a , f 1 1 1 n . ' 0 . ' ' -3 O e a , . 1 ' 1 1.03. ' . - ' a s 'e 4- 4.1 - 0 V Vg 1 X . h . Q Q ' O o 'I 9 ' 4 0 II RICHARD GRIFFIN Agriculture Student Council 3 Vice president 2 Basketball 1 M WALTER HIGHCOVE Science Basketball Football U Baseball 1 LOIS HEINLEY Science Amariah Staff 4 Senior Play Secretary-U President FEARON JOHNSON Mathematics and Science All County Band l-4 Student Council President 1 2 All State Band 2 Orchestra l Football Baseball Senior Play LLEWELLYN JONES Business Basketball Football M Baseball 2 RONALD JONES Industrial Arts Transferred from Smith Tech Syracuse, N One Act Play 4 Senior Play LEONARD KMIECIK Agriculture Intramurals Senior Play ARLOENE LONG Science Amariah Staff Intramurals 1 Basketball Press Club Bowling 3 C Crus QOI ball 3 Sen or Play Hockey - RAYMOND MORRIS Agriculture Intramurals 2 3 Basketball 2 Baseball l-U Press Club 3 Bowling l 2 S cretary 2 Plesldent 4 Senior Play Cnorus - - 1. u - Fo Fa An ' 54- - Fo Ho Ao '3 W I , 1, , I I V T. , , Y Af, ,, , -1 f "' 2"I4' 1 " 1 L "' , . " ,H , 1+ 1 " . 0 Yo a - -M L President - E Chorus - U - 2- I - 1-4 F I I I 1 Oc e - l-2 - M S - Fo Fo Fo " 2"u " -3 " 'A 1: "' M' N 4 "' .L 3 4. ' 3 U ' 1 Ill ' " 2 "' N' ' Fa FQ An " Er- 131. Ag " 3 N: N " L L u ' - L+ U ,,' -, ,-a - . 1 . , ,al pf--f . .av 3211 12 4, f 2 va ,vpn .X I .ext 6 K in 09 o--" "?'4i 'ft- invitations and working on the year-book. Again you cele- brated the Yuletide with a party in the gym, This party topped all the other ones with dancing, games and refresh- ments enough to feed a small army,There was much discussion and debate about a school present, After much research and correspondence, a design was agreed upon, Your class gave a great deal of support to the March of Dimes and Red Cross with 100 per cent giving, Many of you students will rememe ber your trips to near-by colleges to observe college life, The sixth period English class presented a one-act play, Uwhat Makes it Tick,nfor an assembly,To make it more inter- esting they used examples of people in your town and amool, Speaklng of assemblies, one senior will never forget the assembly on snakes, will you Sharon? The whole school will never forget the expression on your face when Jack Raymon placed that sweet,gentle,l1ttle six foot snake in yourlunmh I'm sure you all will remember the dance in the springjhmg- side Romp, with Charlie Gregg's band and of course you will never forget the Jun1or Senior Ball, the Senior Banquet and all the fun t the picnic whlch was the last time the Class of '53 was together Thls is your life seniors. Your high school days together are full of many memories of all the good times as well as the h rd work. You have now completed your charm bracelet with a charm for each memorable event of each high school year We hope your futures are as successful OAKLW OUR DAIYC5 fo PH vii? K, X 96600 Sl time-1 f f df 6 fa Q, aaru lll f , We as ' ' 5555: 'J -f ":: U2 T' Ti? Z ' 'lzgl ,, ,VZ fyggjl-I ' ' - Z. 4, lf H 1.- 5 .lnuzi 5 f 52.52 f :fi A' 0 . J f ml! .ei Q , .1f.r. -s 2 -... Q 'f H'l 3,+ :auf EJ ,y if ,'-4 . ..1:- 2' ,, .wt,.-f ,gfig SSEQIH ,Zig igsgil Eli Ski 4,.1 mffegflzve lln. M -lY,: xafw gg, 4 ,X ,Q we I LINDA MORTON Science Guis' Athletic Association 4 All County Orches tra 3 ' Intramurals 1 2 Amariah Staff Orchestra 4 Chorus Senior Play Band 4 THOMAS NEVILLE Mathematics and Science Senior Play JANET PAYNE Business Amariah Staff 4 Intramurals Press Club 3 Bowling 1 M Badminton 4 Chorus 1 ESTHER SPADER Mathematics and Science G1rls'Leaders Club Amarlah Staff U Basketball l 4 Volleyball l 4 Bowling l-M Secretary 1 Badminton U MmwPhy Hockey U Chorus l Band l SHARLENE SAWYER Mathematics and Music G1rls'Leaders Club Student Council 2 String Ensemble 1 Girls Ensemble 1 Cheerleading 2 U Orchestra Basketball Volleyball Secretary Chorus Band l N 4 CAROLYN SHAVER Business All County Band 1 U All State Band 2 U Amariah Staff U Chief, typing group Orchestra Vice pres U Senior Play Band 1 M Chorus U A MELVIN TOMLINSON BUS 111658 F Football VICTOR STREETER Agriculture Football 3 U Bowling l 2 ORRIN STEVENS Mathematics and Science Projection Club 1 All County Band 2 Amariah Staff 4 qCl1OT Play U Cha" .L d 1 111 - - I .. 2:14, 3 - - I 163 -' ' - ' - - --' - 1-L+ v "' ' " o - - M I - 4 - - - - 3 - - - 1-M F.H. .-3 1 ' 1,1 .1 ' ' 1 , , Fo 0 Ao " 3 " Ll' Fo Fo Ag " 1 " If " - 4 - - - ,3 EQQL., 11, ' Pwmilem - 3 Bflf --1 - 4 ,O 111 2,1Yy 11211 1 11 2 1 J P f ..' rf' F' 9 MW 5 i'fTrkQ f F ,4""A 'U " 'if if Tl-IE BIG PA YOFF We, the class of 1953 of the Morrisville Eaton Central School, being in full possession of our mental powers and feeling that our days at M E C S are numbered, hereby make and publish this, our last will and testament, revoking and maklng null and void all wills or promises made by us at any time previous to this After all our lawful debts arepahd, we bequeath the remaining parts of our estate as follows To the board of education, faculty, and staff members will our sincere thanks for their great interest shown through our high school years and for the many pleasurable and profitable experiences which their cooperation has made po sible Leaves Thomas Anderson James Bliss Karl Bllxt Doris Blowers Mary Bush Harry Campbell Roger Cramer Max Crane Maxine Crane Sharon Curtis Alice DeGroat Betty Doyle Frederic Dutton Carolyn Eiholzer George Elholzer Charlotte Fraser Joyce Gerbig Richard Griffin Lois Heinley Walter Highcove Fearon Johnson Llewellyn Jones Ronald Jones Leonard Kmiecik Arloene Long Raymond Dorris Linda Morton Thomas Neville Janet Payne Sharlene Sawyer Carolyn Shaver Esther Spader Orrin Stevens Victor Streeter Melvin Tomlinson Alan Whltney Roger Wilcox Curly hair Paul Hoyt Gigantism Kenneth Woodcock Spot on the Honor Roll Analine Hicks Poise Dark hair Basketball Wavy Hair Driving Stubbornness Singing Shyness Watching T V Long news stories Cute clothes Hard worker Bubble gum Hake up slips Blonde hair Latin Serious attitude HMonkey businessu Good looks Stature Small feet Cowboy boots Fatuousness Ability to write Barbara Gardner Darlene Smith Raymond Griffin Robert Flinn Donna Dougherty Frances Wilcox Mary Babcock Virglnla Taylor Wllma Stoker Wayne Bennett Shirley Hilts Donald Hilts Electa Curtis Dorothy Fisher Barton Frank Alice Perry Joyce Newell Kay Smith Donaldson Ellis Ronald Flinn Eugene Pierce Rena Lapp Theodore Isbell Ruby Jones Mary Sterle Long walks to school Martha Galbreath Arguing Jane Neidhardt Long hair Jeanne Smith G1rl's sports Beverly DeGroat Spelling book Edward Taylor Fishing licens Louis Woodcock Candy Clifford Everlith Loquaciousness Shirley Olcott Car Durwood Lodor On this day of June, 1953, we of the senior classckr clare this to be our last will and testament and witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seal, J J Jfe D . To Dolores Davis Art Class Betty Markowski 0 O . ' F, F, A, 1 S ??- , THEY f R ALAN WPT- A OGER W ILCOX Science 5 1+ eu Agzhicultu B911 " f' t Pe comm Club 1:5 vi UPS Fm, - 500 S-X3 Ce, me MqQl 'Obi - 3 S pre Ps D 360-bl .o 1 'L B ec-Pgt Sider! 5 o5K5'm e'55n v Sth, 3 4 1 ef Biietisflfg 2 - 1, SSGD73 of ' ' all , ' el fam xx- S. ' QDTCHGSU-rl '24 C STU' 3 uf Berea . t Junior Senlor ball pose for plcture after the coronatio Seated are Queen Marllyn Cl and Klng James Crane Stand I1 OSS ln The Royal Court of the 1952 an left to rlght, are Attend t Sharlene Sawyer, Leone Koehler, Orrin Stevens, Thomas Le do ns Wayne Tayntor, and Fcaron John SOI1 Senlor Off1C6PS Thomas Anderson, vice presldent, Lois Heinley, secretary Allce DeGroat, treas urer, talk over reference materlal for the senior school gift with Fearon Johnson, pres ldent Waltlng for their lce cream the senlor Chrlstmas party are, standing left to rlght Esther Spader, Betty Doyle, Harry Campbell, Walter Hlgh Slarlene Sawyer, and Thomas Pederson In the bacxgroun are Janet Payne and Dorls Blowers cove S Miss Yohn lS buslly maklng up oger Cramer for the senior play, 'Annle Get Your Gun , whllo sta lng left to rlght, W1tChlDg, are Fearon Johnson, Leonard Kmlocik, Pax Crane, W ltcr Hlghcovo, Llewellyn Jones, and Alan Whit ncy B v 2 f 1 if S 3 YL 4 3 J - . N a - . . . A . 3 on 'c ' S: l 2 ' 1. S ' . - . . I , - 1 X V V , . - ' . at . . . .- - : rn -, I A n - A Cnd 1 X I. 'a 1 ' ll g 1 ' 1 .1 'N " 1- ' I . Q fig ROBERT MUN TGOMERY PRESENTS 'On stage in one minute, Mr Montgomery' nThank you, Nick, and a good evening to all of you o there Tonight our play is a comedy in three acts, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, based on the original musical play by Irving Berlin d lyrics by Dorothy and Herbert Fields 'Our play stars Esther Spader as Annie and Alanlwntney as Frank Butler Co starring in this play are Fred Dutton as Charlie Davenport, Doris Blowers as Dolly Tate, Arloene Long as Winnie Tate, James Bliss as Tommy, Roger Cramer as Foster Wilson, Llewellyn Jones as Little Jake, Charlotte Fraser as Jessie, and Betty Doyle as Minnie, 'Other members of the cast are Fearon Johnson as Bud! Bill,Fred Schneider as Pawnee B1ll,Thomas Anderson as Sitting Bull, Carolyn Eiholzer as Jane, Linda Morton as Mary, Leonard KmlSClK as Mac, Mary Bush as the Little Girl, Joyce Gerbig as Mrs Porter, and Sharlene Sawyer as Mrs, Adams, Uhinor parts are played by Carolyn Shaver,Lo Heinley Maxine Crane, Alice DeGroat, Sharon Curtis, Ronald Jones, Thomas Neville and Karl Blixt We hope you will enjoy every moment of this play and find it entertaining UAct one takes place in the spring on the lawn o a small summer hotel As we begin we see Annie, Little Jake, Minnie and Jessie trying to sell Foster Wilson, proprietor of the hotel, some quail Annie had recently shot, Meanwhile Mr Wilson is all flustered over Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show moving into his hotel Frank Butler, star of the show, challenges any local person in a sharpshooting contest, Annie enters the contest and wlns much to her amazement Uwe will be back in 60 seconds to continue with tonight presentation 'Miss Spader, what do you think of ton1ght's production? Wwell, the cast and I agree that we have had a wonder time rehearsing for this and especially enjoyed the popcorn soft drinks we had betwe n acts at our rehearsals H d now,Mr Whitney, w at are your ideas on this play H nHr Montgomery, I would like to say that if it had not been for Mrs, Drake's coaching ability this play would not have been so succcs ful As for the good times we have had, we all enjoyed going to Miss Yohn's home for refreshments those nights after rehearsal n I 1' .U A ut an .ll I " ': I lo ' ' ' : ,' is i Harry Campbell, Raymond Morris, .Max Crane, Orris Stevens, . f . E I A ful and "G 1 on An . h ? Annie Oaklev CEsther Spaden and Charlie Davenoort CFreddie Frank Butler fA1an Whitney! Dutton! and Foster Wilson compete in 1 shooting match in C Roger Cramerl silently look the senior play nAnn1e Get on as Buffalo Bill and Pawnee your Gun Bill become good friends again Tommy fJames Bliss? and Winnme Tate fArloene Long! are unsasnectingly caught in a love Two young Frank Butler fans fAlice DeGroat and Sharon CHPtlSJ are shown askinf Frank Butler CAlan Whitney, to dinner Ni? blueberry nie as the ma don't look embarrassed Buf alo Bill fFearon Johnsonl and Pawnee BiD. CFroderick Schneider? shake hands after they Two Indians CMaxine Crane and Ronald Joned area part of the Indian tribe who camp on the traha Sitting Bull Little Jake CLlewel iThomas Andersonb hafe flnally buried the J 1 vin gets ready to scalp lyn Ones, S gl F hatchet and combined his little sisters Hin rie lBetty Doylel and Jessie CChorlotte Froseb a good scolding for fail Dolly Tate lDoriS Blowersl while Charlie Davenport CFrederic Duttonl obligingly holds ing to shine Ann1e's her head for him' guns, Xxxxxxtheir ShOWS n X O 0 1' l I XX l l V 'f l l xxxw 1 . . - . w t,n i R - - scene,but they bait. e e, with Annie. i l l "l li , . U V L . 1 xx Q O . 3 4 . . L., c- f o X X 'ma' S' 1 U I ' 'H l'wi X.-X wif Q Vx ., ,-h ,xtf-. Lxlv VW X Nl 1 ' ,Q QW 1 fit . f .1 s ' ll . 'Q n', I 0 a ax. gn , 5, 14 N ,-Q 5 n O U Oo ,Q ,zo f ,' ,n 1 0 ' I a':' "JN: . 0 ' u:. C U ','o":,o ,a',"o: '0'.' I I f' Q !'.'A ." '.,o.'1li,. ' Q -'4 'UP ,. .n,, . I , a .,,p In ,1 -,Inav J: s, 1 In j.. f fuu,:: 'af' 5 3 K 6 , Cp' lu., ! v A- . f , I'-'r'r ' 4 I'U. ... 3:7 .1 I ' a O .. .W 4 . - . , r QM. X. -. I 4: Tw' a' A v .9 5 'Q -fi--Q 1 'M .-Q-'O 5' N.. Q I 9 , Gs' A y 1 ,ff 5' X A -fi .-'1 'L 8 ,L M 1 A L if nAnd now back to our play. In this second act we see Miss Oakley on the train golng to Minneapolis where she and Frank are co-starring in the Wild West Show with F r a11k Meanwhile she has fallen in love with Frank as well as he has found himself falling for Annie Even though Frank loves Annie he is iealous th + ste is to be made + e s1ar of the show and so he quit Fe tfen Joined Pawnee B111 s show and Annie, with Buffalo Bilvs show, sailed to Europe now pause for station identification 'Tn our last act we find Annie and Frank attending a lawn party a+ the nome of Mrs Schuly r Ad ns The party has been arranged to reuni+e Anrle and F ark and to have Pawnee Bill and Buffalo Bill form a partnership Both ideas succeed after Annie and Frank have a shooting contest in which Ann1e's gun has been tampe1ed with so that Annleloses the match and she and Frank are happy again We hope you have enjoyed this dramatlzation and stay tuned in next year for another exciting play nTh1s is Robert Montgomery biddingymga fond farewell until next year's play Goodn1ght" Y L 1 X fig TY-it WGQLD W 0, 5' wwf QD ' ' 11 A ' . We I t a Ac f 6 f:ig.E5T g ,OT IN A --lssi 'VP '- "" A me M - 'x Orrin Stevens, honor Esther Spader, honor student listens to the records of student, draws the conclu sions from a chemistry experiment K Macbeth in English XX XQQETX Karl Blixt, honor student, ponders over SW... a problem in intermediate algebra Fearon Johnson, honor Nxxxxrsl Sharlene Sawyer, student, analyzes a state honor student, studies the tempo ment in solid geometrx with of a musical s lection with the the aid of some of the metronome solid figures XXX sl i 5 , 1 f l X ,fl ,jk 1 if lf' X! f 0 I f ,A Af I L 2 f t I ! Nl' S 4 fd? :Nr IV 3 X TRAVELER5 QW? X A C5355 'G W XX 1' Z ASSE H ECS -G 'il ff CHANNEL ELEVEN If one had tuned in channel ll anytime between Sqxember and June, he could have viewed all the activities of our vivacious Junior class Channel ll was divided into twolntra High Frequency channels, 201 and 205 Hr Gourley was ournms- ter of ceremonies in 201 and Mr DeSalvo was program.wrector at 205 Iiss Blackmar and Mr Ruppert were assistant directama We elected as officers at the station Mary Babcock, president, Kay Smith, vice president, Analine Hicks, sec retary, and Barbara Cardner, treasurer, During the meetings at which the above mentioned officiated, we set up our pro gram schedule The program drawing most viewers was the mag aZ1n6 sale which was broadcast during the beginning of the school year Another popular show was the Junior Variety Sxwn The Variety Shaw was a struggle to finish. Part of the show was devoted to 'You Bet Your Boots, starring Gaucho Sparks, We were all nrootingn for the pig farmer from Creek, Kansas, who was one of the contestants, He was a hill b1lly,d1dn't even own a televi ion et, and was still cruising around Creek in an old fashioned Ford, senting the Balfour Ring Company, As a result of this, we purchased beautiful class rings nice enough to be shown on any jewelry fashion show Last December our Christmas party was a tremendous success The library was thought to be a suitable setting for such a gala affair In the second scene of the Christ mas party, the grab bag was passed Had one tuned in at precisely the moment gifts were being opened, they would have heard these scripts being broadcast 'O oh! A pair of rubber training pants! Just what I always wantedlu ULook at my argyle sox red and yellow ones size nineteen, Just what I've been dreaming of'U As a whole, I think our eleventh anniversary celebrated on television has been very successful, with one exception, this month, June June has brought regents and an end to our ten months of broadcasting, A special award ought to be given our sponsor , direc tors, and masters of ceremonies for their loyaltyzndgmnhmmz Our program will no longer be broadcast from channel ll, but in September we hope you will tune us in at a new channel this will be Channel 12, M E C.S , Horrisv1lle,NIL 4 ' C , O ' D - , O n g . . - 0 1 . 'I , 1 II - s s V A very convincing commercial-was given by a man refpre- . D I 0 4 0 i " ' 0 'X c c, .- ' o Q f ' . S -2 "' : " o 0 ' 0 . .,,,, V ,, , Y Y , V V YA' Juniors 205 First row, left to right: Jane Neidhardt, Martha Galbreath, Kay Smith, Ruby Jones, Ruth Bastian, Shirley Olcott, Virginia Taylor, Second row: Darlene Smith, Frances Wilcox, Wilma Stoker, Sylvia Anderson, Electa Curtis, Shirley Hilts, Beverly DeGroat, Rena Lapp Third row Paul Hoyt, Donaldson Ellis, Mr DeSalvo Rob r Flinn, Barton Frank, Louie Woodcock, Dur Junior Jane class officers, Ne1dhardt,sales Barbara Gardner, treasurer, manager confers with Kay Smith, vice pres1dent,Mary captains, Martha Galbreath and Babcock, president, Analine Ronald Flinn on magazine sales Hicks, secretary oose for the to determlne how to raise the cameraman thermometer chart The juniors held thelr !!,x,,f' Chrlstmas party in the library with refreshments as enjoyed by Don Hllts, Hr,DeSalvo and Mary Babcock. Juniors 201 Fir t row, left to rlght Raymond Griffin Madeline Hatch, Ronald Flinn, Mary Babcock, wayne ennett, Bar bara Gardner, Mr Gourlcy Second row Alice Perry, Mary Sterle, Araline Hicks Donna Dougherty, Jeanne Smith, Dorothy Fisher, Betty Markowskl, Joyce Newell Third row Clifford Everlith, Edward Taylor, Kenneth Woodcock, Donald Hilts, Theodore Isbell , C . , . . c. g , L 1 WE , C. ' ' C. , I L 1 ' an 0 'X' - I L , L L' C ' L U Q. 5 ,I ' c. Q 1' . L R . C ,, I ' C Wf:-i+,a,422gjg.a.:,Ls.ez.:.:-e..a...4.a..-....-. .K f,e.,4,. .- ,-:,-.--- -..-Y. ,wee s " : ' R R L R fy - 1 G 9 ' o . , I L. .LC D R, , ' ' o . . . I K. o I fl J 4' SOPHOMORE WDEO We are all sitting around a television set The adver tlsement for the show is almost finished UYes, more folks recommend Aunt T1ll1e's chlorophyll shoe collsh because it is so fresh, and it stays on 1002 longer H The show is new starting and we see a group of people going into room 202 As the camera moves nearer, we see that the group of people is the sophomore class of 1955 Their class offlce s are in a group discussing the year's events We flnd the officers are Beverly Brooks, president, Jean Ames, v1ce p esident, Leah Smith, secretary, Jo Ho treasurer, and Peggy Pratt and Bob Roberts, Student Counci representatives,The class advisors, Mr Edkin, Miss Becker, and Hr Riebesell, are also talking together As the cameraman slowly moves in for a close up of the class officers we listen in on their conversation, stationery We divided the class into two teams which were headed by Captains Jo Howard and Bob Roberts As I recall, everyone got out and worked and our effolt was rewarded with a good profit W nYes said another, Wand on February 28th.we held a dance called Juke Joint in which the gym was decorated a drug store The boys put on a fashion show, and the dance proved to be enjoyed by all U Another student said, nOur class participated in many activitles, such as orchestra band, chorus, basketball, ootball, baseball and many others ' 'To sum it all up,' said still another student, Uwe really had a successful and enjoyable school year, I know we are all looklng forward to an even better year in the coming months ahead H The cameraman is new showing us a picture of the class advisors, The audience knows from the weary expres sions on their faces that they are looking forward to the summer vacation just as are the outgoing sophomores alld Juniors to be. They are saying, 5Our first class activity was selling - ll ' I , as ' 0 f J ' , ' I 1 Mrs Charles Record helps Margaret Pratt with a plane geometry problem after school. Jean Ames calmly awaits the thrust of the needle as Mar garet Pratt takes a sample of her blood, in biology, to de termine the blood type Class officers caught strol ling down the hall are, left to right Secretary Leah Smith, President Beverly Brooks, Treasurer Jo Howard Vice President Jean Ames Jo Howard opens a gift at the sophomore Chrlstmas partv William Gerbig and Robert berts look on In the back ton Bartels, Harold Neville, Jack Hawley, Sherry Bennett bert Clark, Stualt Allen, Willtm Valerio, Stanley Brooks, Sophomores First row, left to right Barbara Clark, Joan Saun ders, Genevieve M rkowski, Jo Howard, Jean Ames, Bev erly Brooks, Margaret Pratt, Sybil Wightman, Deanna Wilkinson, Olga Doroshenko Second row Sherry Bennett, Robert Clark, Robert Ro berts, Gr ce Brown, Marjorie Hatch, Harriet Sprague, Kathern Berry, Dawn Everlith,Leah Smith, William Valer io, Jack Hawley, Harold Neville Third row James Bishopp, Merton Bartels, John Camp bell, Brian Shutts, Otto C Edkin, Stanley Brooks, William Gerbig, Stuart Allen, Robert Kellum ' v H 1 4 Wi N ' 0 ts or ,og or ,o,,o, W , ,ooggoo o o g H 5. f i ,. L ' 1 , as i ' HO- : . R , , - Y ground,left to right are: Mer , , 1 . ' 7 RO C , W -. ,L 'i ' in 1 . ' , N , V M 1 I N U 1 1 ' 4 A fi r: C ' a wi U . , . , L13 41"-JK FRESHMAN DRAGNET The story you are about to read is true The namesarenft changed to protect the innocent This is the village It nestles in a valley with deeply rising hills to the east and west The school is alxomlnent land mark Its gracefully rising pillars reach to the sky Prisoners are bustllng about busily Some look furtlvely about seeking escape I am a reporter name is Barbara My friend is Friday We are on prlson detail The story beglns when NOPPlSVi1l6 Eaton Central School opened September 8, 1952, with a half day session and fresh man V1CtlmS were assigned to cellblocks 217 and 220 with Mrs Record and Mr Gale as guards First year inmates elected for their mouthpleces secretary, Barbara Jones and treasurer, Norene Smlth They have a parole council cons1st1ng of Ann Fearon andfhlllip Tayntor The prisoners had a paper drive and a mdnstrel show,both of which proved to be successful The general business group was released onparole to take a trip to The Flrst National Bank of Morrisvilleand Syracuse to Onondaga Pottery and the c1t1zensh1p education group also took a trip to Sherrlll to see how sllver ware is made To relieve boredom of pr1sonIHfe first year victims par ticipated 1n many other school actlvlties such assports, mu slc, and clubs Both boys and girls took jpart ln theseactnr ities The lnmates also contributed to the RedCros and the March of Dimes The story you have just read is true and we,th5 incayqgw. ated, would like to thank the wardens MrLGa1e,Mr,Meurant,and and Mrs Record who have helped them complete agnpag5g,x9r, As the year endsve hope all future inmates enjoy doing their time as much o.My o president, Larry Kellyg vice-president, Daisy Jo Morrison 3 ' - Freshmen 226 irst row, left to right Spencer Matte on, Jeanne Isbell, Douglas Smith, Barbara Jones Stuart Burleson, Daisy Jo Morrison, Mr, Gale, Freshman clas Second row Thomas Riggall, Jean Doyle, Patricia officers have Rifenburg, Hazel Baker, Margaret Markowsk1,Ann a chat on the Fearon, Margaret Sprague, Beeda Taylor stairs discussing James Eiholzer, class policy. Left to right Larry Kelly, presi Third row Mcrlyn Tomlinson dent, Norene Smith, treasurer Evan Jones, Henry Weaver Beverly Jones, secretary, Dais Wayne Groves, Roger H gh- Jo Morrison, vice president. cove, Carl Curtis, ...--........s.. lPup1ls of the Freshman citizenship 'educ tion class take the Kuder Occupational preference tests, Bruce Dutton, Connie Evans and Daley Jo Morrison demonstrate Freshmen 217 irst row, left to right how electricity follows a Connie Evans, Philip Tayntor, Donna Jones, Larry Kelly, Norene Smith, Bruce Houghton, Mrs Charles current, Record Second rvw Shirley Sternbur , Beverly Jones IBarba.ra Dalrymple, Bruce Dut on, Richard Fev lle, l eorge Riggall, Yvonne Hatch, Helen Smith, Hazel raser Third row M.rv1n Reed, Neil Coe, Isabella Valllan court Patricia Loder, Sarah Payne, Theodore Bender, ., X 1 so do , f W .H V 3 XXXXX ' . . Y . '31 - - ' I' 4 B P ' Q '. Q: - o - : ' ' H 1 - 'T r 1 an X L y ,.,,. ......,...............-....-,A ,., 'X - ,,ii-all , if Xxxxrsf , El L, L . X I ........, 5 t - ' 1 N .' ? 3 NN , ' 0 . 1 T M .Us .-, ' H '- . 'U ' ' 5 s S. Xl 1 ' A . ,M I , . ' . 9 , . - BL c. Q 's CHANNEL 8-UHF 226 If you had tuned in on channel 226 on September 8, 1952, you would have heard Mr, Vaughan, our announcer, taking roll call for twenty-seven eager students in the eighth grade at the Morrisville Eaton Central School, The main characters for the program'which we put on were Maureen Sawyer, mBident, Hester Hamilton, vice president, Priscilla Smith, secretary, and John Galbreath,treasurer,B1ll Liddle was Student Council representative, and Frank Szewczyk was the only member f our homeroom to be a member of the football and basketball teams, The next scene was our Christmas party, Our visitor, Mr Crump, increased the enjoyment that we all shared at the party The scene which followed showed our valentine box, We all had fun sending and receiving valentines, even though it was only the 13th of February. We had a lot of fun putting on this program, and we hope that the one we begin next Seatember will be just as enjoyable CHANNEL 8 UHF 230 At the beginning of the year, thirty eager eighth grade pupils gathered ln room 230 with Mrs. Dorrance as homeroom teacher, After much debate, declining, and discussion we elected our class officers They were as follows Leon Sterle pre sident, John Dougherty vice president, Johnathan llen, secretary, ard Rlehard Smlth, teasurer We had a gay Christmas party with a tree and presents. committee had to take over its job when a package arrived in the middle of theparty, Mrs Dorrance thought it contained some presents which he had ordered for us When she opened the package, she began to smile It wasn't our presents, but a lip land not make up, eitherll So concluded our Christmas party All in all, we had a grand time We had six new teachers this past year Hrs Drake English Mr Gale, science, Mr, Edkin, girls' crafts, Miss Becker and Hr, Ruppert We also had Hr, Dodge for social studies and Hrs, Dorrance for mathematics we have had grand times in the eighth grade, and are looking forward to many more in our freshman year. . o Q Q , . O 4 . : A 4- . 0' 1 1 p ' O O . We halsome very good refreshments,, and then the clean-up , I 0. . s 1 A , - - . , 1 S J - 1 O ' O , I I V 0 s ' 1 J . 1 . . . ' 0 5 ' . . . ' , ' . ' 0 " ' . V . 0 . L . Eighth Grade 230 First row, left to right Wllliam DeGro t, Robert Lee, Richard DePuy, Howard Lyndon, John trn1Allen Gerald Szewczyk, David Perry, Cl de Curtis, All n Bender, Michael Streeter, Wllllqm Ginney, Second row Leon Sterle, John Doughterj, Elleen Grey, nn Kellum, Jean CUPulS, Edith Dnghtman, Llnda Poole, Jacqailine Chllson, Ina Baker, Floyd Baker, Leland Bookhout, Davld Long Third row Shirley Brooks, Mrs Roger Dorrance, Ruth Ann Wllliams, Annonia Carswcll, Louise Menni Joyce Dunning, Catherlne Fleld Fourth row Rlchard Smith, Wllliam Tucker, Donald 1 3 John Vaughan instructs Frank Szewczyk in the rules of the spelling game at the Christma party S Shaver, Casimlr M rkowskg, Edward Parcer I Eighth grade math class demon stratcs the use of geometric formulas First row, left to rlght Mlcheal Streeter, Edith Wlgktman David Perry Second row Linda Poole, Ruth Ann Wllliams. The presldentlal election is followed by eighth grade soclal studies class by arranglng news items on the bulletin board Leon Sterle and Eighth Grade 226 First row, left to r ght Curtls Warner, Philip Tucker, Robert Carter, Roger G1nney,Joy Dunnlng, Michael Streeter Sally Long, Maureen Sawyer, David Evans, Melvin Pitchford, Wayne Stokgr, are watching the Second row Ronald smith, wllliam Liddle, Sharon entertainment at Whipple, Irene Church, Betty Newell, Jeanette De Puy, Joan Lerch, Prlscilla Smith, Marie Flinn, the Christmas narty as they Hester Hamllton, John Galbreath,Lou1s Mennig Third row John Vaugh n, Thomas Davis, Donald Smith, william Groves, Frank Szewczyk. enjoy their foods 1 , - . Y - -V I , Y' , A ' rg . ' cn w , U T T 77' fl 0 Ln . . c. C o 1 f 1 -L - In ' im X 4 v . . Q' . N . f o F1 , - I ' ' . 1 c A 5 l C Q , : . . n . n . Q ' A , 5 V Y wwf V . Wax . A 9 A W- - X I l Y , 4 0 . , ' Q ' yu ' . . D 'L K 9 . I . . I . , . 'A 4 5. 1 gf l , M - i . , o . . . w 'l X I , . F, . U , - - L Q , 1 ,, M . . . . l 7 ' .L f : fi I .X ..,.A..- Lrjfl v 1 Q19 4? IM rr LA 1 i Va Q-C' ha' 'Bl' ,,.. H N A 'j l an ' U Z fa - 'Q f.s,pA 59 iQQr CHANNEL 7 UHF 229 In the beginning of the year we vere assigned to Boom 229, with Mrs Drake as our homeroom teacher We were given a card on which wa written our soredule For the first and second qu r1ers we wele to have music, and during the third and fourth we were to have art, At our first class meeting we had a joint se sion with the other seventh grade section in room 218 At that time we elected George Fearon as our Student Council representative, At our second class meetlng we elected officer , Wayne Smith was elected president, Jack Houghton, vice stdent, Donna Janovsky, secretary, and Beverly lmes, trea dec1ded to pay dues of ten cents a month, which m nt that we all gave a dollar during the year, Our next event was our Christmas party We s nt all our money for food' We had potato chios, popcorn ailczcream sanavl les Hrs Drake made some punch for us Ca-c Curtis, Bexrrly Ames Donna Shutts, Wayne Smith, Jack Hoaghton, and George Fearon planned and prepared the refreshments Peter KO1ZCHlCWSk1 and Donna Janovsky were on the game committee We had fun playing Uconcentration' and charades Janice Gerbig, Sharon Joslin, Claudine Weed and Moncia Jones made the room look in season with their Christmas deco atloas Benny Gerbig brought us our tree, The boys exchanged glfts wlth other boys,and the girls with other girls CHANNEL 7 UHF 278 School started on September 8,1952 Thirty six seventh grade students finally found their way to Boom 213 and began an CXO1tlHg and prosperous year Our class officers were president, Ray Hamilton, vice president, Ray Dav1s,secretary, Leland Cardner,and'Ueasurer, was George Fearon, from Room 229 At Christmas time we had a party We had ice cream, popcorn balls, cookies and candy, After the refreshments we played games Right new we are all looking forward to becoming eighth graders, 1 , . 7 K , 'X e I , c. 4. ' S . L 5 ' 2 5. J , K " . D S V ' ' o . . '1 r I A L . v U , 4 , . W , . Q, 4 ' ,-Q , . L. ' mgfrf .- , . A ' L I 4 -surer, We a ' " . -. ' Q " .CEM cz. c. a ' D Yan . . ' 0 " FM' fr' I ' I .L . - 5 ' A U pu - . , , , . " r' fx 4 y -1- .1 K A KJ - Q ., . I J.. Y' Y ' ' 5 . . . Q ' 9 . ' V . ' 0 I 4 I ' 9 . 1 -- . Tp. -In-' v i U .. J.. 4, ,. ' I : O - . . 0 "' . . I . . , . , 0 L ' 3 ' x . . . L . L . , . . 4 I , . V ' - c , ' 4, ' c . . Seventh Grade 218 First row,l to r Allen Morton,John P1erce,Leonard Tom11nson,Russell L1ttlef1eld,Robert Anderson,Leland Cardner,Leonard Jones,John Sterle,Paul Lee, Carl San burg, Franklin Hllts, Roderick Baker Second row Donald Brooks,Norma W1lk1nson,Sharon Den ny,Joan Freder1ck,Javene Young,Jean Wh1tney,Joan.Sm Dianne Hagmann,Mary Brooks,Max1ne Holbert,Ray Hamil Third row David Aley,Holace Smith, Anthony Ogrydzl Sandra B nder,Sharon Church,Raymond Dav1s,W1ll1am Fourth row Helen Berry,Dorothy F1eld,Malcolm Stewarh Reginald Dodge, Frank Markowski, Helen Crane, Jane F1tzSimmons. Donna Shutts and Carol Cur- tis arrange a bulletin boar on geometric designs Seventh grade math class arranges a bulletin board on how percen tages are used ln advertising Raymond Hamilton, Allen Morton Dalun.Dodge, Beverly Ames, Clau dine Weed, and Sandra Bender re present India in a make believe program last year Leonard Tomlinson, Leonard Jones Anthony Ogrydzlak, and Allen Mor Wayne Smith serves punch to ton erect a pioneer stockade as a combined art and social studies project Claudine weed at the Christmas party in 229 Robert Ander son and Mary Lou Brooks for the camer s they enjoy efreshments at the Christ las party Seventh Grade 229 First Townl to P Paul Eiholzer Harry Wootton,R1chard Berry,George Emmons,Jack Houghton Mayne Smith,B Hr Kms zen1ewsk1,Dav1d Baker,LaVerne Lillie,Leo Woodcock,Wl' liam Smith, Second row Richard Ever11th,Dav1d Newel John Valer1o,Sharon Josl1n,Barbara Tucker,Sharon Mat teson,Ruth Ann Choate,Donna Janovsky,Myrtle Campbell, Janice Gerbig,Beverly Ames,Harr1s Shay,Edward Jones, wayne Br wn Third row Charles Meyers,E1eanor Bastnny Deanna Dodge, Mrs Robert Drake,Carol Curtis, Donna Shutts, Terrance Lodor, Carl Valllancourt , . I 6, I i I d Left to right, are: Jean Whitney, A television play for the June L , , ' A , ' W, . HY ' ' .H 3 O ' A . .z l v 1 C' ' , J . .j-!Q1Q L E? l an I. Nxdib- f, 7? 9 'RS' Q ' big! 'G 1 Vx X-..4 'Q ,,,z X. .J r'f... 0" xv' ' - . Q, f 1 Pay. i' 5. 3 ' W' ' Awwzlflb-,Ln -mm' f I -- ' J " if "" K. x g Ugg ,fir 1!f -M 'iiif 1 if 5 Ms E - 'fr'-. "N vw. - Hmjffv 'S . A 45,17 VQXWX Q fa-M bd UE. . 'S LQ Q X il N3 X E G 5 5 PA KHNIDERGA RTEN There is a new room for the kindergarten, It's a big one and everyday an average of forty four youngsters have fun learning the fundamentals of school routines and social development Holidays play an important part in a youngster's life, and the kindergarten program makes these special days even more glamorous Blrthdays were celebrated throughout the year with the traditional candles on cupcakes and the Happy Birthday song so popular on the Big John and Sparkiepmqgam Masks and costumes dressed up the children at Halloween so that attendance taking that day was dlfficult Christmas activities began immediately after Thanksgiving Cardboard boxes taped together mad, a fireplace whl h was painted by the children with nrealn red paint, Ve put our Chrlstmas tree on the reading table so we moved our story books bythe fireplace This made a cozy place to s1t quietly and enjoy 'The Night Before Christmasn whlle eatin popcorn A big box full of hearts and a V1S1t from the Easter Bunnyyieased us all During the year we worked on various projects. The highlight of our color unit was the color bookletwemamaand took home to our parents We did the same with numbers and llkenesses and differences only the wo k was more difficult and a family group for our home and famlly unit, COf course we have our housekeeping corner in the room with furnish ings made to fit five year olds,J We made a grocery store, Empty boxes were brought from home and we took turns being the storekeeper We kept the money in a playczsh register. One nice day we all walked up town and each spent a penny after we had looked at the real grocery store, We had a transportatlon unit and an animal unit, During theseveuade trips to the firehouse, the bus garage, the airport and the farm Pets were kept in the classroom for our enjoyment, Dramatic play is great fun During activity time we had clothes to dress up 1n,once in awhile we acted out stories such as The Three Bears, The Three Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and others. We took part in the grade exercises with a story told by music This was our first stage appearancewlth a real audience, Kindergarten is to adjust ourselves so that whenvxzmove on we will be famillar w1th routine and have learned hmwto play and work well together Therefore, during the last part of the year the children were introduced to the cafeteria and an all day stay in school, weive had fun together in kindergarten, We're looking forward to a nice vacation but are anxiously awaiting the experiences that lie ahead in first grade , Q . 4 '- , IJ, D ' . . D ' g 1 to do, We had a miniature doll house wlth plastic furniture Kindergarten Rural Group First row, left to right Charles Curtis, Diane Mosher, Kay Crossway, Nancy Evans, Fdward, Hatten, Naomi Rodda, Charles Hudson, Linda Weismore, George Kent and yrs Milton Palmer. Second row, left to right William Carter, Nancy Pidger, Dennis Olmstead, Louise Field, James Mennig, Donna Smith, Joseph Bono,C0rda11al ilson and George warner. Playing at the sand table are From left to right Donna Smith and Naomi Rodda o Neil Owens and Thomas Doane play horse and buvgy while Robert Holbert pushes a cart full of blocks more. Enjoying ntea time are from left to right Nancy Hidger, Edward Hatten, Donna Smith, Ray Crossway and Linda Weis Front row, left to right Charles Curtis, Linda leismore 8 Nancy Hockridge and Carol Smith play ndressup with second row Rita Hedger and Nancy Jones and back row, Linda Schurer and John Holmes left to right George Kent, Roy Crossway and Nancy Evans play some rhythm instru ent Kindergarten Town Painting a fireplace at Christ mas time is Jeffrey Crandallhhile Joyce Rrume and Thomas Gourley watch him. First row, left to right Raloh Brower, Jill Hamilton, Albert Geuvin, Nancy Hockridge, Robert Holbert, Carol Smith, Stephen Griffiths, Susan Korzeniewski, Thomas Gourley, Bonna Bulter, Thomas Doane, Nancy Jones and Mrs Milton Palmer Second row, left to right Nancy Widger, Gary Valerio, Jeffrey Crandall, Tinda Schurer, David Bush, Kathryn Bush, John Holmes, Rita Hedger, Paul Sawyer, Joyce Brume and Ruth Ann Duffy I . u q A Y ,' . , jf W E 1 ll 1 0 ! , 'M U Front row, left to ri ht: and Nancy Widger and, back row n ' 5 -.1 I N S Q l G .A I ' A - O FE' an L4 I4 1' 1 if s'K 3 C .ff ,si 'vs EV Nr 1 A? . , rf -Q Y! x , pw 22' ,, Q., .IW .....1 ' ,. Y 5,77 .gy ,if K S24 m iff If 'Sw xf D pfwlf' 'ff lgpunn. xx'-Q 1 Q :"""'i 'gf' J ff- fw:'f 'I 1 xi , ', A, 'ff' 9 Q 6.- 'V.2s af 251: 9 FIRST GRADES In the first grade,read1ng is probably the most important skill subject taught Mothers have always known thatchild ren are not able to walk and talk at the same age And now that we believe all chlldren do not learn to read attme same rate,our first task is to determine how ready each child is. We do this by testing each first grade child as soon as h enters school We use the Reading Readiness tests which mea sure their ability to see details in pictures, to follow dis rections and to match letters and words Using the results of these tests we place the chlldren in groups where we believe they will learn the best Those that are not quite nxdy'for formal reading are glV6D work in reading readires , Thednld- ren do not always stay in the same group throughout thejear They may be promoted or demoted according to their own pro gress There are three levels of reading in the first grade, the prepr1mer,pr1mer and first reader A vocabulary of sight words is learned in the preorimer stage, During the primer and first reader level, tec.n1ques for word recognition are taught and more stress is placed on comprehension The important phase in the teachilg of arithmetic is t we must try to develop a good numoer sense before teaching any formal work, as in addition or subtraction So at the beginning of the year the children are encouragedim we d cks blocks, buttons or other materials in counting and grouping objects Any device showing numbers as the calendar, ruler or clock is brought into use, Health work, safety, SC1GnCG and language are taughtaeqy day in school as lt is in the homes of young children This year we planned and prepared for the halloween party Christ mas activities provide good opportunlties for language work, writing, and the practlce of sharing with others, Miss Yohn taught songs or rhythmatic activities twice a week. The children enjoyed a rhythm band and each day they played singing games On Mondays the children had a gym period with Miss Becker.Dur1ng good weather they allwent outside to play organized games In the fall and spring the playground equipment was used for free play Mr, Edkin came once a week for art The children enjoyed painting with watercolors, drawing creative pictures, cutting and building original designs The seasonal holidays were celebrated with a class party which the children planned themselves Walks and field trips were enjoyed wheneverlintere ting things presentedthmwehms, . Q - D - C . 4 V n e . 1 , 4 Q f . ' K- s j ! O ' A Q 1 . A I 1 o make every process meaningful, Therefore in the first grade A 1 Q 1 . i I l - 0 ' Q . 4 1 4 .- 4 j . 1 , . ' 1 0 I tx 0 I First Gr dc X Phlllib First row, left to right Patricia Roher, John Nickel, Mildred Eiholzer, Phlllip Groves, Clark Peter Do oshenko, Marie Wilkinson, Dalryncle, Ralph Brume, Patricia Roberts, Church, Mrs Reginald Dodge D1 nna Groves and Frederick Glenn 'Marie Wllkin S cond row Rose Feisler, Ctrtis Wilson, Streeter, Dale Jones, Pamela Huntley, Lyman Camp l bell, David Holbert, Thomas Hatch their number Third row Margaret Crumb, John Smith, Janice Wayand, Eugene Morris, Rees Davis stories Dale Jones Rebecca Streeter Fred Dalrymrle, Reese Davis are using the bean bag gam The children use this game to learn their numbers I Rebeccalson are using Glenn Church, Pamela Huntle David Holbert, Patricia Roberts Peter Doroshenko, and Janice Wayand make gifts for Christmas Feeding the fish and putting water on turtles is fun for Ronald Hedger, Lynn Butler and Philip Jenks Working with numbers at th number t ble are Joyce Way, William Curtis and Karen Riebesell Fir st Grade First row, left to right Charles Wilson, Joyce way Gary Korzeniewski, Kitty Roeller, Ronald Hedger Susan Murray,Will1am Curtis, Virginia Warner, Donald Ames, Sharon Suits, Philip Jenks and Miss Marguerite Louise Field and Dennis Olmstead are Butler reading books, Smith Second row Joan Drake LeRoy Church, Lynn Butler Jay Warner, Karen Rlebesell, Robert Howlett, Corne 11gIDodge, Bernard Warn r, Linda St vens, and Barry Third row Jack Cramer, Ruth Heisler and John Bradick. Absent: Dann Chandler Robert Warham zand Raymond Griffiths are newly enrolled. , - ' , ' , Y ' ' 'fl' ' g 7.7 1 Q , 1 1 , . Q . . a 'rv V ' , 4. . - L. f , u " - , - - . . Q 5 a 1 v . 4. , V . . 1 W " u u ' ' I f - Q X' U . . L I 9 a , o , -4- Y , - f c ' ' ' ' ' ' ' .f - ' yr 'L 5' eg , .1 'N Q n , V Y EL 0 ' 0 - I . . I 4 , , 0 S . 2 , 3 , .. Q I C S , 9, . , o . 1 ,. 5 THIRD GRA We started in September with a class of thirty--two, Eighteen of us have been together since our kindergarten days During the mornings of tour usual days we concentrate on becoming better readers and do our best to master our arithmetic and spelling, We are also having fun learning to write as our big sisters and brothers do, As we were interested in our community past and preamb- we made a big map of our town, On it we located all of the lmportant places stores,doctor, dentist, lawyers, churches, our school and many others We even put most of our homes on it Then we vislted the places of interest We wrote a play about the early Plains Indians and invited our parents to see lt All of us participated in it although Patricia Drake, Sandra Wllson, John Deveny, Robert Wilkinson and William Herrlng dld most of the talking Ronald Bush and David Dodge brought us the poles for our tepee Even though they were quite heavy we used them maklng one big tepee We all painted Indian designs on the paper we used around the poles, and then made our own costumes from paper bags SECOND GRADE When school opened ln September, there were twenty three girls and eleven boys in the second grade During wished, dressed up ln funny costumes and the rest of the grade guessed who they were Aft r hc rlng a story and playing some games we had a lunch Our class contributed to the Junior Red Cross and the Maron of Dimes We also filled some llttle boxes to be sent to a forelgn country February was an lnterestlng month We learned about Llncoln, Washlngton and St, Valentine, We decorated boxes to hold our Valentines Each one received many pretty valen tines Durlng the year we studied about Pilgrim, Indian, Dutch and Eskimo people, We read and wrote storles, modeled animals and made pictures We also saw movies to help us learn more about these people We had an exhibit of Navaho Indian rings, rugs, bracelets, vases and dolls, October the grade enjoyed the Halloween party, . Those who J Second Grade First row,left to right: Mary Oakley,Rebeoca Way,Ja- net Hatch,Mary Barcak,John Herr1ng,Mar1lyn Jones, U Sandra Clark,Ella Mae Hiles,Rosal1e Streeter,Qnxane Marilyn Stevenson,Sondra Dutton, Donald Pugh, Miss E,Jones,l Jones, Ethel Second row: Paul Lyndon, Connie Anderson, David Anil drews, Sharon Smith, Linda Curtis, Dlrlnda Howlett, Thomas Rodda, Fenton Groves, Sally Shutts, Third rowzveronica Thayer,Helen Jones,Leonard Carr, Gerald Branch, Donald Roher,Margaret Davis, Stephen Hoffman Fourth row Ethel Ausmann,Janet Roberts, Janice Ro z Ausmann and Terry Gips practice reading skills in the second grade berts, John Mennig, Absent Terry Gips, Newly en rolled Maureen Horan, John Baker, The rainbow boys, girls and a f ower appear in the play, Over Rainbow Bridge N The boys are Paul Lyndon and Iichael Brown The rainbow girls are Dlrinda Howlett and Connie Stevenson, The flower is portrayed by Sally Shutts. These second graders play with an Erector set They are Leonard Carr, John Herring, David Andrews, John Hennig, an Thomas Rodda. Making baskets for their mothers Christmas presents is fun for these third graders They are left to right Elizabeth Miles, John Deveny, Terry Curtis and Sylvia Hatch, Robert Matteson and Sharon Baylor braid rugs for a rag rug in the third grade room, Susan Olmstead Richard McKee and Roger Hatch decorate the Christ mas tree for the third grade. Third Grade First row,left to right Carol Crossway,Mary Galbreadg Kathryn Evans,Jaoqueline McLaren,Joan Frink, Sylvia Hatch,Patric1a Drake, Carol Hockridge,Elizabeth Miles J Maeve Huntley,Sandra Wilson and Mrs,B1anche Jones, Second row George Baroak,Gary Wilson Terry Curtis Richard Hawley,Susan O1mstead,Sharon aylor, Virginia Church,Wil1iam Herring,Eugene Ford,Roger Hatch and Robert Wilklnson Third row Robert Matteson Robert Alexander, John ,Doane , J ohn Deveny, Ckry Img, David Ih3ge,IQnt Martiznilusmt Ronald B4 h Newly enrolled Richard McKee, . , : , S " 0 2 1 " L 0 4 , A ' , V 1 1 ll 'L , O V1 1 0 ,N l x 4 M d U I I' ' e U 1 O I , 1, , N u R , . . 1 . 1 . I . YW un : ' if I l C :N . I - Y Q , 5 1 0 X , 'Q Q C 0 .... ,..L.v L.-..,L L..L 1 16:5 ig. '11 aan!! E! fi 1 wg.. 'ir ,W ., P .,.. 7 1 M 2 1. .- is ' 1 oz -v 4 it ,gy -Q, .V .. n. is W-, A-?..,.x 734 24? :wwe 1 Km 2. I , 'IIC ,..L. i FOURTH GRADE On September 8 thirty four pupils registered for fourth grade We had seventeen girls and seventeen boys, As began a more formal study of social studies this year, the work seemed very difficult at first but as the years program progress d it became much more 1nterest1ng,We have used sand table projects, dramatizations and moving pictures to help us understand this work better The art department has helped us with some of our projects. In our English work we made a study of transportation methods used in different parts of the world We learned to write business letters and have received many interesting folders and pictures of boats,sh1ps and airplanes 1U.PGSm1SS to letters which we wrote to various transportat1on.ampank5 During the year our class committees have plannedparties for Hallowzm,Chri tmas and.Valent1ne's Day which we enjoyed very much At Christmas we were invited to the pageantvduch the music department had prepared for Christmas. After this we returned to our rooms and exchanged gifts from our Qudst mas tree, We also have become members of the Junior Red Cross and have given to the March of Dimes, We mailed two glft boxes to people acros the ea FIFTH GRADE The fifth grade in the Morrisville chool began this additlonal pupils joln us bringing our tot l to thirty-sawn We have worked on several projects in connection with our social studies program this year, An Indian village, product maps, and a large relief map of the United States werea few of our projects We worked long and hard on wrpapcr mache relief map and finally were able to display it oncmr elementary grade bulletin board Projects of this sort taught us that careful planning and work are necessary to have good results Our readings and discussions still go on while our pro jects are being constructed This year we have studied our nations, its industries, geography, and history Our major goals in arithmetic were developing skllls in long division and fractions We hope we have achieved these goals, and have a working knowledge of the various processes involved We also reviewed continually and systematically all previous skills, such as addition, subtraction and mul tiplication, Our most difficult hurdles were in problem solving, , , ' ' we - Q year with an enrollment of thirty-five pupils, We hed two U olyn Hcisler and William Fourth Gr de First row, l to r Howard W1lk1nson,Robert Dmds An Indian dance Douglas Dav1s,David Brooks,Richard Ames,JosephBmEy Douglas McLaren,Samuel Jones, Donald Weaver. is demonstrated Second row Kay H tten,Ruby Weismore,Rosal1e Kor zen1ewsk1,Shirley Roberts,Caro1yn Su1ts,Karen by Crystal Gips Church Roxy Streeter,L1nda Crumb,Carolyn Heisler Donna Bmith Wendy Evans Third row David Chandler,Dav1d Brower,nudrey An derson,Sandra Jones, Hrs. Paul Ueurant,Crysta1 Kay Hatten and Douglas McLaren G1ps,Glor1a L1ttlef1eld,W11ma Jones,James Church Thomas Curtis, Fourth row Eugene Rifenburg, Douglas Cronk, wil liam Oakley, Earl Nourse, Newly enrolled are Leslie Griffin and Shirley ,Bqkgr, nbsent, Marca Roelleg Three pupils of the fourth grade demonstrate the move ments of the heavenly'UxMes They are Thomas Curtis, Car Making a market scene in Gen tral America proves to be fun for Wilma Jones,Bo8al1e Korv Een1ewsk1,Eugene Rifenburg, Douglas McLaren, Robert Davis Oakley and Marea Roeller William Holbert, Kenneth Frank Fifth graders, Harriet Ham lin, Wayne Matteson, John Koeh ilton and Benson hurray pin ler, and Diane Brown demonstrate cotton on South C rolina for the fire hazards in a program the product map Patricia Bed gle and Ehmne Owens wait to be called on while Eugene Russ and Da vid Ginney listen in an oral reading class, 4 on fire prevention put on by the class, Fifth Grade First row, l to r, Kenneth Fr1nkl1n,W11l1am Holbedg David Shutts,Carl Houghton,John Koehler,R1chard Grif fiths,Morgan Davis, Merton Suits. Second row Janice J1novsky,Gloria Arnst Rosemary Doroshenko,E1len Lyndon,Sharon Jones,Har lyn Brower, Judy FitzS1mmons,An1ta Choate,Kr1st1ne Bl1xt,Penny Boeller, Donald Goewey. Third row Eugene Russ,Benson Murray,Harr1ett Hoffmny Priscilla Stevenson,Katherine Wayand,Carol Frink, Dorothy Penner,Carol1ne hatteson,Ga1l Harch,WayneMab- teson David Ginney, Fourth row Gene Lee,Carolyn Smith,Jean W1lson,Nancy Haucn,Harr1ec Ham111:on,DQna1yn Laraway, Noe SI1I'O11Sd.A at the time were Elaine Owens and Patricia Beagle. ,. V 4 , , Y Y i i Y VY WV Y r W V 1 . A 5 Ci . . l , 1 I 0 ' e 3 1 1 A.. . f . o O- - , . . 3 l . 5 , 9 . : ' Q I 4 - A u V 2 I . I : - T , qv . L - -, ' 1 , - - , W la V K . J.,-,,, V - 3 - - , , . I M 1 , 1- I , ' 1 . . l a T C O 0 , . - , , H ........ Y- -ye, , 1 1 - N . Y no Ir f, 4, c. c. I5 cs 3 b ' Kr L O f Y Y V V Y 1 , , ' -..-.-............i-......1y . ' . I L . , cv 2 c " V A I . u 1. e i , , . lc. 'C- ' I v . , 4' v , , , . , , , -C - - -'W - .. - ll- , .-- ' , - ' - 4 ,ie f,.J ng. L 4 fab ,-l S X 'X L- x 2 ,Q A ,-, gufpn rg I D0 0: .v- " x -I 'R , . vl U ui' ,K gf S' + ff, , fa M- 3'- 5 85 3 5 fM ,,v-M A Hs. Y Ll'x'K-lfpyj, 'Q' M f-f -,fdpa rf m Eve' 1 Y' 5 4' 9' I AQ' IA,A SCHOOL OF SCHOOLS CHANNEL 1 STARRING GRADE SIX Sponsors Taxpayers of the school district Network Board of Education, Producer Director Mr Andrews Mistress of Ceremonies Mrs, Whipple, Temporary assistant Cadet Alice Johnson, Cast 30 pupils Costumes Courtesy of parents of the cast, Staff of Directors Art Mr, Edkin Culinary Mrs, Laraway Research Mr, Lyndon Musical Miss Yohn, Mr Meurant welfare Mrs Thayer, Mrs widger Choreography Miss Becker, Mr Ruppert Chief Stagehand Jay Maine, Engineers we Bus Drivers, Custodians, Cafeteria. Workers, Office Workers, Attendance Officer t1veness,Self d1sc1pline,Good study hablts, espect alty, Thrift, Gene osity, Social ease, Sharing, 3 R's Literature, Citizenship education, Enjoyment Writers Barbara Nickel, Mary Parker, and Enid Whipple, assisted by the entire cast. Tune in next year to Grade Seven, PETERBORQ, GRADES 556 We have thirty two pupils in our room, Prudence Cars well left the fifth grade to move to Munnsville, New York, Soon after Prudence left Robert and William Gallup moved to Peterboro from Syracuse, New York, This year we have been studying many things about the United States We started with the early colonies and learned what businesses and industries tho e parts of the country are now lmportant for We have m de salt, flour, and sawdust maps of some of these sections of our country so that we can have a first hand experience in placing the products on the map, Some of the pupils have brought their stamps to school and have shown them to the class This stimulated some of the non stamp collectors to take up this interesting and worth' while hobby At Halloween we acted out a play for an assembly prograL nveryone was surprised when the gho t,R1chard Baker, passed out candy to the audience at the end of the play, Mr, Burns found out that several of the girls in his roomzuevery good cake bakers, They urpri ed him wlth some cakes andjdlo on his birthday, -as I 1 . - -- Q 1 , 1 -- Q f ' tb . v A L. . ii . 1 ' , . 4 Q 0 ' 0 , O Products -- Good cit1zenship,'Good sportsmanshipi 'Coopera7 - ' I ' ,Loy- I' ' ' 1 -L . 1 I A . , A s ' , V , a - ' 1 A 4 V1 . . a 1, A s I 1 V S S ' f 1 1 ' I ' ' 'I ff I I Sixth Grade-Morrisville First row, left to right: Enid Whipple, Dorothy Weir, Virginia Crossway, Viola Arnst, Sandra Hat ten, Barbara Newton, Arlene Church, Barbara Nick Virginia Evans, Catherine Sandberg. Second row: Michael Doroshenko, Gerald Penner. Lacy Roberts, Lewis Jones, Philip Johnson, Ke nnet Hlfenburg, William Smith, Ronald Brooks, Robert 1 Myers, Dale Russ. 913 li Richard l Grifflthsa xe1gns.out a library book for Donna y Smith, Third row Mary Parker, Deena Bush, Catherine Ford, Miss Alice Johnson, Mrs. Royson Whipple, Claude Weaver, David Hatch, William Jones. Fifth and sixth grade pupils, William Gallup, Ronald Griffvv in, Robert Gallup study the products map Sixth grade students, Claude Weaver, Ronald Brooks, Deena Bush, and Sandra Hatten, look at the picture of the Mona Lisa in the World Book in connection with a unit on Italy court passes out English books to the fifth grade pupils at Peterboro. Peterboro-Grades 5 and 5 First row, left to right Frederlck Brooks, LaMont Clark, Paul Bush, Howard Tucker, Ronald Griffin Carl Mennig, Robert Diable, Carswell, Elizabeth Wilcox, Ellen Brown, Nancy Stoker, Eunice Parmeter, Harry Purns Jr. Third row Karen Houck, Donna Diable Beverly Hall Janice Dorrance, Jean Miller, Susan Reese, Nancy Vaillancourt, Helen Vaillancourt Fourth row: Martin McCumber, Lester Strong,1 mer son Curtis, James Williams, Richard Baker, Ronald Everlith, Lewis Miller, Elmer DeGroat Q 0. L Q W B p , L B 1 . D Helen Vaillan- Second row: Doris Brown, Onalee Olcott, Prudence 2 y 9 . 0 W , VAL Y I '15 L ' H -' f- ' if - Y ' 5? 1 ss! 5:5 ii? v , g. g. 6 X 3 X Y ug gg 5 A D., 5? 'Q'-1 J fic. ff"' 31 T95 1- I ml QC rl-'xl A gg 1 ,lg - fig .g lv A qw 'wth I S-. .ff Y 5: 3 N- 46 : '-Q13 f -' QQ-"fi gg. .J ,GOYOQY s ,..n, f.. 04 arf, PETERBQRQ, GRA DE 2 We started the year with twenty boys and girls, Some have moved away, Others have come in their places, So our number has remained about twenty for the year, 1 It has been a busy year learning about people, their work and play in their homes and in their communities. We studied about people who live in the mountains and on the Seashore, Several projects were worked out all correlated with our reading and social studies, Among these were a seadmre sandtable, a village and a southern scene,The seashore pro ject led to an aquarium from which we learned many things, We participated in assembly programs and enjoyed put ting on a Christmas olay with the older children from our school Halloween, Chrlstmas and Valent1ne's Day provided for room parties, We made two trips, one to map out our community and one to acquaint us wlth the new life awakening in the s pri n.g time PETERBORO GRADES 3 84 We started the year with thirteen fourth graders and nine third graders In October Michael Gerbig came back from Texas and ln December James Gallup moved to Peterboro from Syracu e, therefore, we new number twenty four Miss Shirley King was our cadet teacher from Cortland during the first ten weeks She was with us for our allo ween Party when we dressed in costumes, played games, and had refreshments, Ernest Vaillancourt won the prize for the orettiest costume and Mary White, for the funniest At Christmas time we were very busy making table mats working on decorations, and practicing for the pageant we presented, Throughout the year we took part in several assembly programs, In February and March our mothers visited school. Of course,we had a Valentine Party with lots of pretty val entines and with especially good refreshments As a part of social studies we visited the M A T I, Dairy and enjoyed a bottle of milk while there,we also made a model farm The fourth grade made an interesting map of Hastings Hills, tre f l d erfaed in their reader Q t 1 O - 4 . A - , C' L A e S4 and holders for our mothers and ash trays for our fathers, 0 . ' Ol!- O' -- f l . 'il-ege -es-'-t - , Peterboro Grades 2 and 3 Flrst row, left to right Eugene Menn1g,Thomas Strong, Paul Stoker, Roger Hauck Paul Partin, Phyllis Brooks Second row Marilyn Warner, Elizabeth Pow rs, Phyllis Broo's, Mary Neville, Thelma Tucker and Paul Martin Sharon Valllancourt, Mrs Lyndon Jones arrange sea life Dhlrd row Paul Palmer, John Baker, Paul Bar tees, Earlene Car well,Genev19ve Bounds, ar items in connec wln Diable, Emile Vaillancourt, Leon Berry, tion with their reading in the second grade Dorlce Bennett, James Gallup, Michael Gerbig, fourth grad pioneer village n connection Carole Tucker uses flash cards Shay wlth their numbers. with their reading book US1ng ing Wheels U Fourth grade pupils do their workbooks Fore ground, Harold Baker, back ground, James Stoker, Darwin lDeGroat,Richard Lctlarnara Peterboro Grades 3 and 4 First row, left to right Stephen Powers, Raymond Brown,.Edwin Baker Second row Miss Shirley King, Mary White Cor rine Joslin, Joan Dennison, Carol Strong, Lrs Stanley Davis Third row Merleen King, G il Shay, Carole Tucker, Donna Wright, Joan Shaver, Mary Resnick, Rose Lillie, Dorice Bennett, Fourth row Harold Baker, Ernest Valllancourt Rlchard McNamara, Darwin DeGroat, James Stoker, Wllliam Brooks , , I Q 1 W : ' l e' 5 v ' , Y -'L' O 1 0 ,,1 ' ' s ' D - - V c , punils, work on a mural of a 4 to help Edwin Baker and Gall -x - ' A .L I g j I g .J ' W1 I . . 4 . 1 5' 4 . Q y : a 4 i' I ' I .' 3 y 1 T . sy ' 1 , . ALM i QQ- 'N 1,-he Y 'W PETEPBORO KINDERGARTEN We have had a grand time in kindergarten this year, took part in many of the school assemblies During our Thanks giving assembly,we were Pilgrims and at Christmas we welcomed our guests and sang Christmas songs, too, We have learned mrh about painting, cutting, coloring, and many other activities thls year, We painted our hall window at Christmas time We especially enjoyed building with blocks After Christmas vacation we built a toy shop with them Then, we brought toys from home to fill the Toy Shop we enjoyed the stories that we heard in school we also liked to act them out did this with nursery rhymes too During the year each of us ad turn to be UJackn in our own big UJack in the Boxu joyed making gifts for our parents Some of them were ash trays, hand prints, hand blotters, cal ndars, valentlnes an silhouettes Besides having fun and learnlng to help each other also learned about listening, knowing colors, looking at an telling about p1ctures,writ1ng our own names,tying our shoes, helping ourselves, and many other things to help us in grade one we entered school last fall with twenty one in our grade It is the first time in many years that the first grade has had a room and teacher of its own,We have enjoyed it venynuh, Early in the fall we took a walk to observe the changes in the season Later on, in winter and again in spring, took another walk over the same route to notice the changes. It was fun to come back each time and make G booklet, writing stories and illustrating the things we had een It did not seem long before Thanksgiflng came Each grade in our school took part in an assembly program, We all gave thanks for the many things for wnic1 we are thankful Soon lt was tlme to make preparations for Christmas, We all took part in a playlet entitled nBudolph's Nose Trouble It was so much fun to see each one in a costume Rudolph looked so funny with a white nose We hope no one found out the se cret of how it turned red On the fifth of January we came back and started work again Now we could do many mme things because we had grown up a great deal slnce the day we entered t1e first grade W could read well nough to start reading books by ourselvesjrm for fun Our teacher made a chart for us on which we kept a record of all the book we read for fun All oflusrewda few and some read many, X . I D ' we Q f Q . ., We . 4 y 11 a 1 1 I 1 ,O We en- ' he 'O d ' ' we I fd 'JI a' PETERBORO GRADE I . I , 1 we 5 . nl -ll . 3 , A ' Y I i . ' e Peterboro Kindergarten First row, left to right Henry Grabow, Donald Wright, Roger Bielasz, Mark Resnick, Arthur Tayntor, Larry Bell Second row Joan Brownell, Linda Diable, Carol Perry, Mary Downs, Doris Vaillancourt, Barbara Jean Brooks, Mrs William Hurley Third row Richard Richardson, Ronald Olcott, Clara Bush, Sandra Bultusnik Henry Grabow and Clara Bush look at pictures of the family which were made by the kindergarte Donald Joslin studies the wea ther chart while Thomas Gallup sits at the science table ne r Klndergarten children, Doris Vaillancourt, Linda Diable and Richard Richardson play built and supplled toys for First grade pupils salute the flag whlch they made First row left to right Don ld Gardner Edith Vaillan court Second row Mary Gerbig, Milton Denison Walter Wilcox. I Petcrboro Grade 1 First row, left to right Donald Joslin, Blaine Bielasz, Woodrow Miller, Donald Gardner, Michael Powers, Milton Denison, Walter Wilcox Second row Margaret Brown, Sharon Dorrancc, Lois Joan Perry, Betty Lou Corswell, Marie Ellis, Mrs Seymour Ellis Thlrd row Lois King, Nancy Neville, Edith Vaillancourt, ChPlStlHC McNamara, Nancy Brownell, Pamela B rtols, Delores Wright JL, p p s p p s s ft nt their terrarium. l in their toy shop which they , 1 n vb' S V i F -EATON GRADES 3 8 4 As in watching a television program the pictures of this past year appear before us, The picture of our first day at school comes clearly When school opened last fall there were twenty one pupils in our room,but early in the year Phillip Webb and Roger McKeraghan moved leaving but nineteen of us, We can see our Halloween Party with a number of boys and girls wearing comical costumes,Others are playing games while some are enjoying the refreshments, The next picture that we can see is of the Christmas tree with boys and girls exchang ing gifts We can also visualize our class members performigng in the Christmas play for our parents, which was presented in the auditorium at that time,Boys and g1rls moving aboutwmrkhg on calendars for Christmas g1fts,also decorating our room for the holidays are very vivid During the winter months we have boy and girls working on a social studies unit They are maklng a variety of book lets and posters while studying about cotton and wool. He feel orry that our series of pictures must end as we often feel when many of our favorite television programs end EATON GRADES 5 8 6 Our television set is continuously chunelsi and 6 simultaneously, The picture is always sharp and clear, althou h at tlmes the audio has to be toned down Channels 5 and featured a hobby show and an election tn September. Officers of the channels 5 and 6 comp.ny, of which there are Sterle, and secretary, Janice Chilson A gala Halloween party was telecast October 31 Special of the mo1th of December was a spruce tree decor ted with only handmade ornaments and climaxed with a Christmas program and a Christ as party Gifts were brightly wrapocd and colorcast was employed to convey to the T V, audience the artistic effects achieved, Carol singing completed the pecial seasonal program. January is being oartlally consumed by planning for a Valentine Box and party to occur February 13 After that there will be other interesting projects and good times to be planned for and enjoyed, June shall see the graduathnmofthe sixth graders and their registration is the M B.C,S. network building in Morrisville It is hoped that in retrospect the year 1952 53 can be considered successful one by alllmmbers of the channels 5 and 6 company Q . E , . , A C A , . C O D s 0 . ' " I S . - I . , . . 2 ' ' ' - A C- . 2 , 21 members, were president, Judy Craneg vice-president, Bob o Q I . 4 I Q ' 1 , .L 3 o.. - . Q - 3,5 . 0 E . 'L ' C E , 0 s C' J- - V. J.- . . 1 V . C , 4 ' 2 9 Q Eaton Grades 3 I+ First row left to right Beverly Hilts, Linda Woottbn, Phyllis Honsinger, Marilvn Lodor, Kathleen Niles, Lorraine Szewczyk, Miss Dorothy Wall Second row Ph1ll1p Webb, William Bastian, Eugene Tomlinson, Nelda Hill, Margaret Cramphin, Sandra Smith, Mildred Perry, Roger McKeraghan, Eugene Suth erland, Thi d row Harold King, Walter Cobb, Carl Hagmann Richard Stoddard, Jerald Newell Third Grad students Phvllis Hon singer and Lorraine Szew czyk learn to paint with water colors Fourth grade students Carl Hag mann, Eugene Sutherland, Margaret Cramphin, Carole Schroer do re search on a unit about winter birds Stodd rd Third graders selecting 11 brary books to read are left to right Mildred Perry, B verly Hilts, Linda Wootton, William Bastian, and Richard Fifth gr de students during Locating places on a map for social studies are Ieft to right Linda Sutherland, Mary Smith and Robert Sterle a reddlng lesson, left to right Sylvia Wootton, Debo Smith, Richard Schlick Ben jamin Wightman, Jerry Saunders David DePuy Eaton Grades 5 6 First row left to right Jerry Saunders, Ruth Ann Morton James Sterle, David DePuy, Charles Reynolds, Robert Webb, Benjamin Wightman, Second row Deborah Smith, Janice Chilson is collecting mon ey for the March of Dimes in the Sylvia Wootton, Ruth Ann Morton, Judith CraneJ Catherine Hilts, Mrs Frank Russock Third row Kathleen Cobb, Linda Sutherland, Mabel Parmeter, Mary Smith, Robert Sterle sixth grade, Richard Schlick, Roger Emmons, Frank Smith Fourth row Willford Webb, Robert Webb J. G Q I - . . C L " 1 I U W ' 1, ' ' . ' L O , F Q l - Q- 1 7 . . T .I h : 3 L f -. F - - g : e- C. C' O n X W L 1 ga 9 B B . j L R S f s B R . , 5 , f 2 E W . I . O : , rah . - I I , , D C , t oi L. ' e ' fs s R s s ' I U , I - , . V X 4 " L . 5 I us X ' I 9 O T z l , . R - 4 . . EATON K I N DE RGARTE N Greetings, everyone, from the Eaton studio,k1nderga1ten division Our group of three girls and eleven boys wishes to recall some of our outstanding programs of the past year we were new on the Morrisville Eaton network this fall There were elghteen of us then Since, four have moved away Our whole year has been spent in getting acquainted with our new studio and the people in it Many of our people sa us telecast'11ve'at Christmas time when we sang and played our rhythm band. Our animal show,in cluding a large collection of fine wild animals, was enjoyed by all the stars in the Eaton studio Special programs to be presented before June will include a store, a librarv and a f1reman's program, after trips to a big store and to the Eaton library and flrehouse, All our stars have grown in many ways this year,so next fall we shall be televising from the first grade room EATON GRADES I E12 Upon the opening day of school in September there were seven boys and seven girls ln the first and second graderamn Each week we have looked forward to our music classes with Miss Yohn, and our art classes with Mr Edkin We have During our free time before Chrlstmas we made gifts for our parents, invitations to our program, and d coratlons for our room Everyone had a part in our Chrlstmas program given in tho auditorldm for our parents and frl nds We had a very GXCltlDg tlr at our party and tree as it was our first time excranglng glfts with each other, We also enjoyed lce cream, cookles, and candy We have enjoyed many books from the Eaton Public Library this year and al o from the Central School Library at Morrkr ville We have used many of the Iew York State Traveling Library books Many of us have brought story books fromlrme to share wlth others We enjoy reading and are trying hard to read enough book to earn a Readlng Certi icate with a gold seal in June We have some fine workers in our room this year and we hope they will do as well another year, o ' . . ' . Q V "' Q . 73 0 0 Q O ' u ' ' , .x , .I ' Q 4 f had happy times with Miss Becker during our play periods, 'E L c 3 Q r - ' .1 J. .3 Q . . .ue X V . L, . . . O s - , . X . I Nl 0 'C , 0 . 1 rs A s Ig D J. ' I First row, left to right Bruce Stratton, Ray mond Simmons, Mary Clinger, Patrlcia Dorgan, Susan Johnson, Laura Drake, Cecelia Webb, Mrs. Ballifd Second row James Harr1s,James Whitfowi Eaton Kindergarten Ray Sim ons and James Whitford gd: animals ready for Lonnie Hill, William Denny,Paul Schroer, Daniel the ZOO. Rowland,Garel Sternberg, Carl Isbell,Pa Kindergarten Students, Susan Johnson, Mary Clinger, Albert Beck, arrange animals in the ZOO. Lonnie Hill, William Denny, Bruce Stratton paint cages for the zoo First grade students, Jane Chamberlain, Jean Sterle, Ro bert Lowe, work in reading workbooks Robert Cramphin reviewssight words in uSkip Along,n for other members of the class Carleen Hill paints a pic ure of fishy erman Joe's Home in the second grade Eaton -Grades land 2 First row, left to right Carleen Hill, Gwen Hill, Sandra Perry, Shirley Sherburne, Elaine Niles, Jane Chamberlain, Miss Payne a' Second row Perry Suits, Ralph Newell, Thomas Sawy I' Robert Lowe, Robert Cramphin, Wayne Cllnger, Kim .iutharlands .,. -- - - ----4, - .-71,7 ' Y Q ---------..,...-.. , I 7 1- : 1 1 4 t N L g : 't A ,Q Y' - ' ' V Y 'Y V w u f ' n J , a L L f inf, L - ' V ' rf- -- ' V " ' "" 1 . , V ' JJ Y' ' V 1 1 Q o W ' . Q o 0 s ' I fk -K -it s V' -L 12.1 'I '95, :..: fb- 1' ', 1 1 -'21 2 Q D . 1" 'v'c1" x X- f 4 fxoi? QQ' ' xr! L54 gf fu 'QW X " - , 4 47 SS fx, :Aki 4 M '25, . ,Nm ps- 4 x Mm. 5, -Q, 9 Q XY,-ap ww- 'ff 1342 QA JW, v X ffi f" eff? 33A - . SQ N '23 IQ sid "!- 4 Qi ng .9 'DJ xl 5'-'N ' k A WEST EATON, PRIMARY GRADES Three new pupils entered the primary room at the begin- ning of the year in September,l952,We had seven in the:Hrst grade,seven in the second grade and four in the th1rd.gmde, On Halloween day we dressed up and paraded through town, coming back to the gym for a party. Costumes were Judgedand a prize given to the funniest one and to the most original one in our room After Thanksgiving there were only three weeks of school before Christmas vacation We were busy making Christmas decorations for our room and tree,The second and thirdgnxbs made poinsettia plants and boots of heavy paper,to holdgens or pencils on a desk,for their parents The first grade made the boots and blotters Everyone took part in the Christmas program on Wednesday Evening by giving a play USha1l Santa Go Modern?H and an exercise and song During January we studied very hard to prepare for mid year tests The first grade started the primer UDay In and Day Out W The second grade had their new book, nFriendly Village U The third grade finished the new unit on England n their reading book, If I Were Going ' Easter vacation soon came We had Easter baskets and went home for a short rest The third ouarter tests would soon be over with only a few weeks left to prepare for our closing program and completezil our work so that most ofthe pupils would be ready to go on to the next grade in thefaUL WEST EATON GRADES 4 5 6 After having had a very pleasant summer vacation, we returned to school in September to begin our year's work During October, we enjoyed studying about the Indians and early explorers and although the nbig names' caused us some d1ff1culty,we were able to master most of them During all month when we should be able to celebr te Halloween again, December found us busy preparing for Christmas We made place mats out of waxed paper,also blotter set as Qristmas gifts for our mothers It was fun making decorations for our room and trees We presented a pageant,nThe Christmas Roses, in our auditorium and were happy to have so many of ourper ents and friends attend our program After the Christmas va cation we started our review work in preparation for the midyear tests We all contributed to the March of Dimes, We spent much time during the month of February reading books and poems on the lives of famous people whosc buth days occur this month But the most exciting event was our Valentine party on February l4,Later in the winterpmzpacked two gift boxes for the Junior Red Cross, We also sold seeds and with the proceeds purchased pictures for our room, 1 . n ll .I A! . 1 A C I ' this time, we were looking forward to the last day of the 'g Z E V n 5 f West Eaton-Grades l, 2, 3 First row, left to right: Leon Tayntor,Raymond Thomas Rowland, Frederick Riggall, Amy Gail Suits and Cathy Earl are painting a mural of the rallroad in Friendly V11 lage in connection with their reader Curtis, Joanne Suits, Linda Winkler, Cherryl Woodcook, Betty Aley, Jeralyn Brown, Mrs Floyd LaBarge. Second row Cathy Earl, Amy Gail Suits, Thomas Rowland, Frederick Riggall, Donald Conklin Fay Johnston, Billy Jim Farl, Albert Smith, Marie Dunning, Tonia Curtis 'Day In and Day Out,U the first grade reader, absorbs the atten tion of Raymond Curtis, Joanne Suits, Linda Wlnkler, Cherryl Woodcock, Jeralyn Brown and Leon Tayntor Walter Markowski, Faith Pierce and James Dorgan play dominoes during th noon hour while Paul Winkler and Janice Brown watch Carole Isbell points out the nation's oaoital to Josephine Herboldt and Claire Smith during the presidential inauguratlon Second grade youngsters of Mrs LaBarge make a transportation chart in connection with their studies West Eaton Grades 4 5, 6 Firs row l It to right William Su1ts,Harry Rlggall Claire Smlth, Lester Sablne, Carol North, Carole Isbell, M1 s Bernice John on Second row Janice Brown, Lawrence Harkowski, James Dorgan Faith Pierce, Walter Markowskl, June Smlth, Paul Winkler Third row Robert Iarkowski,Leighton Bookhout Donald Brown Lee Wlnklel Wayne Ogrydziak Seated Carol North, Lester blne Standing William 5ultS Richard Fanner watch fllm strips on California for their sixth grade study of the Jnited States f ' - . L V-f' Y ' V - ' ' , , ,, 3 ,- , '-5 U I . M I , 7 .J-I I I i , J , , Y - - Y Y 4 e Y I . 1 , O L r . I O for social studies, - . 6- ' , r ii ' , . X t ' , ep : - - Sa- ' -I , 1 ' , I a ' ' , : ' s s , , , A , 1 v v I ' ' ' .. , f' . , . i I , n ' ' T, ' 1 f 4 7 7 I , 1 K 12 ' V 1 , , f g j V IZ , , , an '41 , 3 yt Q1 1 f' ff, " 3, r i-.4 ',1y1'Jv, f A 43 , ""'-'-Wi. K E QE -an qvu if Q w ,. '5 XC' fax gk 1 va ff-by J , 1,- ,J 4.12" if 5 t Gr, .JM -f 2 ' LJ-v--I I I 0 rx E X D -A "fb Jia' Y? 'E 11.315 O 1 fl R 5.x fig fi A r 313 3125 6 gi PUQTK Wi? E MusucAL C MUSIC DE BAND u 1 The band met in Room 225,1n September,f1rst to nwrganize and second to vote on the officers for the year. Sharlene Sawyer was elected president, Mary Babcock, vice-presldentg Jane Neidhardt, seoretaryg and Frederic Dutton, treasurer We began work immediately to prepare for the Madison County Music Festival which was held in our school, although the band did parade Halloween night in costume. From the band, Karl Blixt, who played first chair trom bone in the county band, Neil Coe, Jane Neidhardt, Fearon Johnson, Philip Tayntor, Orrin Stevens, Mlchael Streeter, Frederic Dutton, Raymond Griffin, Carolyn Shaver, Alanimntney and Doris Blowers took part, After the Madison County Festival was over, preparations were made for All State which was held at Mohawk, Jane Neid hardt, Daisy Jo Morrison, Philip layntor, Evan Jones and Car- olyn Shaver were partlcipants The band performed at the Christmas program with the chorus Some of our members were taken out to portray Blbli cal characters Soon after that Electa Curtis was selected to play first chair French horn at the Buffalo Conference Band which she nad to try out for against music students from all over New York State. In March on St, Patr1ck's Day, the band with the chorus, gave an assembly for the student oody ooo QDQQQQ-Q-w-fU'L.. 454100 Q0 QF' CD xlpl -4A 05 we if W is if U 1 J . ,, - r 1 - . . 4 - y - - ' ' -' 1 . ' ..vt-2-iitfzifiiffiif-j':T:3:7:':T:3tl.1.5i'T5f7:f7Ei:l'5 '4'- Qrf-235--2 .,j.5:'.5-' ' . - I Q I ' Vi fa 5 Q X ??,,,,.,Qf: .- i YY W ' gb ,I N , ig gi ff 6- Q A- -1- ,.-,-1-i 1 2' 35 HJ-.-.-,f-:4 ' 17.-1-'5'-'-'-'.!Q':-.-24.-' ' 5 1:5-.gil-RE,-, ..-. - -. W a LA-.:,.?,.,.:: Q E -: ' 0-7 v , b tn -.389 I .-ff' E?" N it ' Q Q' Q I' 'L , 1 3 ggi- 5: V WIHQJ N1 gwfV"f Sff' f 1 9 .' XJ V- ' I A .... .. ' ' ' , ""' 4, f -f-flfif-355 l f S rtr r 14,4 ' 4: ffifffffl '--' fvififn " ' I U' 4' ' H 'A"" 7 'rl V,-f J... ffffii1?i'4Pe,.,f- 9'4 xii! ,Q5Qgf -,,' .,, W ',,,,v . 'f,iIiiLgliiff55x.U 4,11 Band First row, left to right Orrin Stevens, Myrtle Campbell, Ruth Ann Williams, Maureen Sawyer, Sharon Whipple, Ray Hamilton, Howard Lyn don, Donna Shutts, Beverly Jones, Philip Tavntor, and Fearon Johnsan Second row Sarah Payne, Evan Jones, Mary Lou Brooks, Michael Stree ter, Neil Coe, Barbara Tucker, Mary Babcock, Daisy Jo Morrison, Rub Jones, Jane Neidhardt, Mr Meurant. Th rd row Sharlene Sawyer, Karl Bllxt, Carolyn Shaver, Clifford Ev rlith, Electa Curtis, Margaret Sprague, Frederic Dutton,Jeanette Raymond Griffin, Casmir Markowski, Fourth row Doris Blowers, Thomas Anderson, Richard DePuy, Richard Smith, John Campbell, Alan Whitney, Roger Cramer Drum Majorettes Gail Howard leads the band in Left to right Barbara Clar Beeda Taylor, Jean Isbell the Memorial Day parade at West Margaret Markowski, Sarah Eaton. Payne, Junior Band First row, left to right Mr Meurant, Jean Whitney, Eleanor Bastian, Sharon Whipple, Donna Shutts, Ruth Ann Williams, Helen Berry, Javene Young, Barbara Tucker, Janice Gerbig Second row: Dianne Hagmann, Myrtle Campbell, Paul Lee Wayne Brown, Richard Neville, Jack Houghton, Ray Hami - ton, Holace Smith, Leon Sterle, Third row: Frank Markowski, John Galbreath, Casmir Mar- kowski, Peter Korzenlewski, Gerald Szewczyk, Jeanette Def Puy, Edward Jones, Russell Littlefield, Fourth row: Richard DePuy, Robert Anderson, Allen Benden David Shutts, William DeGroat. " I DePuy, Ruth Bastian, Holace Smith, John Galbreath, Gerald Szewczyk. : b M D -Q-1 ii. , A , W ff 3 ef -4- 51 H1-W x. -'21 WN S ,!R'.4.J-s'L ly Vs I ,Q A-. ,bu Le: :wrt XV E- '-B 'Nigq' ' a?v.'v, GL' I ":s,gf:vi' 'If' is XV,-,X P1 V- G ,wx Y XXA. A gp ' :QA f.Jf'x .1fg,JfA- 55771 56 Ky, 'I 5 'Lk l 536' IXKG A pk 'H' 1 "fY " 1Q2MvzW5. EH iv: -vv - 'VFX N "T YM 3' WX X 'Q 1 gig gli g AMX -KIM -- xl L., I l gun li ORCHESTRA The M-E.C.S. orchestra under Paul I-'Ieurant has ccmleted another outstanding year of performance and entertainment. The year began with a hasty check over the remnents of the preceding year We elected Mary Babcock president,Car olgn Shaver vice president, Jane Ne1dhardt,secretary, and Frederic Du ton,treasurer, Work began immediately in p eparation for the Madison County Music Festival which was held in Ilorl 1svi1le,SfJarlene Sawyer was concert mistress of the orchestra's string sec tion, with Mary Babcock, Beverly Brooks, Mg, rtle Campb ell , Marguerite Sprague, Grace Brown, Maur en Sawyer, Leon Stsrle, Harriet Sprague, Iary Bush, Carolyn E1holzer,and Ann Fearon also holding lI1lpO1t3Ilt positions in the strlng section Also partlclpating were Lindv hortor, Daisy Jo Morrison and Bogar Cramer, John Campbell, Sarah Payne and Electa Curtis were selected to pl y various solos during the performance. A we k later the All State Sectional was held at Mohawk, Beverly Brooks, Mary Bush, John Campbell, Leon Sterle, Neil Coe, and Eleota Cu tis were chosen to perform with the orch estra, members of which are taken from all over New York State The orchestra d1dn't play at the Chrl tfnas program this year but did participate in the Spring Fe tival We entered the contests which were held at Clinton ching grade three pieces f ffuftrq W I Gm u L V Ywib lu 2 3 Q2 r A Fx 'E "".. . ' ' , ' . - 'tt' 1 3' t'tl S 1 ll S . lj I?-:Sli ':'72'.l v 4 '31 Q Q X . six to 2555532 r. siffi . . - --7 ' M " If lfglff ' ev f gp g gy Q S S S 0 ORCHESTRA First row, left to right Beverly DeGroat, Margaret Sprague, Bev erly Brooks, Leah Smith, Carolyn Eiholzer, Evan Jones, Sharlene Sawyer, Harriet Sprague, Mary Babcock, Connie Evans, Myrtle Campbell Maxine Holbert, Donna Janovsky, Carol Curtis, Second row Ann Fearon, Sarah Payne, Maureen Sawyer, Grace Brown, Electa Curtis, Carolyn Shaver, Mr. Meurant, Mary Lou Brooks, Neil Coe, Daisy Jo Morrison, Jane Neidhardt, Philip Tayntor, Jean Doyle, Fearon Johnson Third row Frederic Dutton, John Galbreath, Casmir Markowski, Doris Blowers, John Campbell, Linda Morton, Mary Sterle, Richard DePuy Edward Jones, Leon Sterle, Frank Pupils depict the nativity scene Markowski, act as shepherds and from the Christmas story, De t Richard Smith as Joseph in the to right, are Shirley Hilts Christmas program, Richard Smith, Margaret Markow ski, Ruth Bastian, STRING ENSEMBLE Announcing Seated, left to right: Sarah Payne, Ann Fearon, Grac the Brown, Mary Bush, Christmas Standing Beverly Brooks, Sharlene Sawyer, Mr Program is Meurant, Mary Babcock, Beverly DeGroat Alan Whitneyg ,T , ' , , ' ' , f , , ' ' Y, " ,, A' it s ' G I ' a . . . 0 9 I 0 - . ' . , , 1 , WM -f V h L ' Q . , ' 2 1 2 V V I I V V W 1 ' O y . ' 0 SENIOR CHORUS Our chorus started out as a girls' chorus, We elected Maxine Crane,'president3 Sharlene Sawyer, vice-president, Analine Hicks,' secretary-treasurer, and Ann Fearon and Dorothy Fisher, our librarians, l - J At the beginning of the year Maxine Crane, Jo Howard, Connie Evans, Mary Sterle, Beverly DeGroat, Barbara Cardner and Analine Hicks were selected to participate in the Madi- son County Muslc Festival. About a week later Maxine Crane, Sharlene Sawyer singhg soprano, and Beverly DeGroat, haxy Babcock and Connie Evans singing alto, were chosen for the All State Music Festival which was held at Mohawk wlth music students from allznound the state taking part The chorus and the band put on a Christmas progrwmwh l we came back for the new year the boys joined the group March 17 they gave an assembly with the theme St Patrick's Day In April we all went to Waterville for a music festival At the same time we were preparlng for tle Spring Concert and the Fe tival Contest which was held at Cllnton We finished up the year by singing at the baccalaunate O iD iii? aj! My W X SGI'ViCSS, fl F ff A in .WZ 49 5 2- 4 VI V A 'Mez ' VIP '4 6 J s ' J' 1 U 2 . I O G . 0 . v O , O I 1 A A I ' 1 . S ' . K V V , 1 ' ' - Y W Y ' 'T 1' , ,, ' , ' 7 r 13 , ,, YQ? l . D 4 A ' SD 4 A ' 1 A?..H' - 1 I Q fi. -Siifim ?2?if5I5af.55551,, S ?mMM57yifQ5Q3EMH2 Gy l f-ff'-'::ff::y? ' '1i5!:""f' '-: EQE?52fs5QaimEaMiiaEa5 2 qHW3Tf?Q??E5E4?H5F5E ggg W- ,wl,lg,,,,1,,Qaw ,.., ,.,.. in? ,ff:::-,gf-1.'iffyEm.raeg.-1g:f2g,fe-.v , , 'af-5'-If:-:::.5-I-Lg.Q-3-iv?-Q-5.-.-'I-'xiiQ:12-i-55-5-if-7'-tiff-F.-f--1 Q' A' Eh . 1. ifltg, Q 4 C 1251- r y Girls Chorus First row, left to right: Grace Brown, Barbara Clark, Beverly Brooks, Deanna Wilkinson, Carolyn Shaver, Sharlene Sawyer, Maxine M Crane, Donna Jones, Shirley Olcott, Electa Curtis Second row Norene Smith, Partlcla Lodor, Jean Doyle, B rbara Jones Miss Yohn, Yvonne Hatch, Sylvia Anderson, Dorothy Fisher Doris Blower Third row Jean Isbell, Helen Smith, Hazel Fraser, Arloene Lon Harriet Sprague, Jo Howard, Madeline Hatch, Ann Fearon, Jean Ames, Daisy Jo Morrison, Connie Evans Fourth row Beverly DeGroet, Shirley Hllts, Martha Galbreath Margaret Markowski, Ruth Bastian, Betty Markowski, Sarah Payne, L eda Taylor, P t icia Rifenburg, Analine Hicks, Mary Babcock. Girls Ensemble Seated at piano Electa Curtis, H l F r D nna Standing, left to right Connie aze raze ' O Jones and Jean Doyle Fvans, Mary Sterle, Miss Yohn, Mary Babcocg march in at the Madeline Hatch, Maxine Crane, Sharlene Christmas program. Sawyer, M rtha Galbreath, Deanna Wilkinson, Daisy Jo Morrison Junior Chorus First row, left to right Catherine Field, Joy Dun Sharlene Saw ing, Sharon Denny, hester Hamilton, Carol Curtis Maxine Holbert, Jackie Chllson, Jean Carter, Eileen yer pauses Grey, Betty Newell S cond row Helen Crane, Norma Jean Wllkinson, Donna Janovsky Sharon Matteson Miss Yohn Joan Smlth Us N Sally Long, Irene Church,,Joan Lerchl nent ightw Third row Monica Jones, Beverly Ames, Sharon Church, Holy Night" ini Joan Frederl ks, Dianne Hagmann, Helen Berry, Linda Poole, Javene Young, Edith Wightman the Christmas Fourth row Ruth ann Choate, Deanna Dodge, Jane program F1tzSimmons, Barbara Tucker, Sandra Bender, Lois Owens, Jean Whitney, Maureen Sawyer, Connie evans. after singing , ,e O o 9- 3 F - - 5 D Q , . ' - gs , . U . , C , L ' .. -VNC . . 'J I' V L - 1 .L .Af ' -. .. I rv ,z 4.1 C A ' 1 ,, 4- 1 X . 'EZ 1. 9 , L . L 1 : 1 9 vw ' ' -. i , Q X ' ' . I w , . W ' J -X I U ' w - Q ' 1 NJ O "'. , v' ' v f ' , U ' ' . . . - ' , - ' v ' - G . . . . V. . . , 1 .4 . . I 71 V E 1 ,Gy I sv 'Q 3,- E 4 Q 6 :Q Q' if 9 5. ,DT 5-Q J :X ali? -Q Q B f om f 34.1 3 Wage 515, ENSEMBLES Our string ensemble was again organized this year W are eight string players selected from the senior orchestra and play grade three and four music under Paul J Meurant our director We played for Eastern Star and the Tourists Club. Some of our girls sang also We also took part in the Spring Concert in May We entered contests again this year In previous years we have received A rating for nine consecutive years and hoped to set a new record by having 10 successive years of superior ratings The girls' ensemble again entered cont sts this year We sang at the Christmas program and did two Irish numbers at the Music Assembly held in March The brass ensemble is a group of brass players from the senior band We have been playing grade three musnz We have six memb rs,Karl Bli?t,trombone John Campbell,tuba3 Holace Smith, baritone, Electa Curtis, French horn, an Frederic Dutton and Casimir Markowski, trumpets We played for the outside schoolS' Christmas pro+rams and also enter tained for the Wedn sdav Club We entered the contests held in Clinton, too Again a danceband has been o ganized in M E C S In our group there were Fearon Johnson and Philip Tayntor on alto sax, Nell Coe, tenor sax, Clifford Everlith, trombone, Alan Markowski, trumpets, John Campbell, tuba, nlecta Curtis, French horn Beverly Brooks,Connie Evans, and Mary Babcock, violins and Sharlene Sawyer on piano Already this group h s plaved at the Junior Variety Show and some membersphyad at the Freshmen Minstrel Show The French horn trio consisting of E1 cta Curt1p,Caro+ lyn Shaver,and Sharlene Sawyer agaln vent into thc conhstdt Clinton nlaf1ng grad three music Two m mb rs also played a duet at the Eastern Stars' meeting Due to th rapid growth Of the junior band and chorus they put on their own Spring Concert May 8 The members of both groups eventually progress to the enior band, orchestra and chorus There are 32 memb rs in the junior band a d a large group of both boys and girls in the chonu . e Q . A Q 0 " , . , 3 O e . I Q ' . A v ' U ' I o 1 di ' 0 . 9 , Q,-, 5 O 1 C- T3 " o 9 1 x7 I ' Whitney, drumsgFrederic Dutton, Gerald Szewczyk and Casimir 2 3 ' C ' 0 - a a a f. R C r C , e '. or . t ' W a' 1, A Q 1' .,e . e e I - O e l 1 2 . nn ' S . -e 1 M jorettes lead the band in Mr, Meurant directs the pep the Memorial Day pwrode in West L ton band wt a footbmll gwme Br ss En emble Semted left to right C smir M rkouski, Fleet Curtis, Frederic Dutton Karl Blixt String Ensemble Pl ys t Sorlng Concert First row, left to right Beverly DeGroot, Beverly Brooks, Mary B beook, Sher leno Sowyor, Second row, M.ry Bush, Grace Brown,A1m Fenton, Maxmelbpqg Junior Chorus First row, left to right Woyne Brown, Peter Korzen iewski, Ray H.m1lton, Jock Houghton, Wnyne Smith, D vid BHRGP, Roger Ginney, Robert Cwrter, Willinm Smith, Bod eriok Baker. Second row John Pierce, Riehnrd DePuy, Edw rd Jones, Miss Helen Yohn, Dnvid Newell, Jon th.n Allen, Robert Sherburne, Frwnklin Hilts Third row Ronald Smith, Willlwm Liddle, Osborne P rmetor, C.rl V 111 ncourt, Donold Snwver, Anthony Ogrydziok, Robert Myers 1 , S v gg S rw . u W 1 L,- , H M . K.. L A Q im ' O S use s a s ' a Q L L. ' ' : . W . . , ,. , - J t. ' -a-I .. W 'x LU O -V , Q hi an 1 Standing: John Campbell and X x.: I o 0 ' : Q.. A ' ' 'I L F .M ' Q J . . - A : , Q' ' ' L 2. D ' w x 9 ' 1 ' x I . ' N I ' L n 1 N e 3' 0 u . f s. ' . DV!! -sir- M Egg Zia mis THE MEL ALLEN SHOW Good afternoon baseball fans, This is your old pal Mel Allen, once again ready to give you a summary of a high school diamond season Today its the 1952 chart of the Morrisville Eaton Central School at Morrisville, N Y The M E,C S baseball squad lowered the curtain with three victorles and three defeats in the spring campaign All games played were league contests In the initial game of the season the Red and White journeyed to Madl on where the Blue Devils emerged victor lous 9 to 6 Th following we k found the Maroon and Grey from.Earlv1lle trouncing the locals 9 to 1, M E C S. fi ally hit the victory column when theywhite washed Stockbridge Valley 8 to O. Ted Bender made himself extremely popular as he hurled a no hit, no run game and whiffed 13 Valley batsmen Next Morrisville edged the South Ot elic nine in a hard by DeRuyter 8 to l In the finale Brookfield fell victim of a 12 hit barrage and were beaten 8 to 6 led Bender was credited with all three triumphs but was forced to t ke the three losses Doug Smith paced the hitting attack with a highly re spect ble ,364 average He was followed by Fearon Johnson and Ted Bender who had batting aver ges of 308 and ,300 respectively The lineup for the majority of the games found Ted Bender on the mound,Stu rt Allen behind the plate,Wayne Groves at f1rst,Fred Dutton at second,Roger Wilcox at Hurd, Orrin Stevens at short top, and an outfield consisting of Fearon Johnson, Ray Morris, und Doug Smith, Alan Whitney also saw considerable action on the Red .nd White team Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Madison E.rlv1lle Stockbridge South Otselic DeRuyter Brookfield OXCIJUKOXONO H5 ' O SZ m , - IS' FJ ct' I 0 f ON , . , L LB' . , Q - ' bn s I A , .I rf Q r Q g A - 0 . U J Q F- O , ' O xl . C - 0 f' Q5 CD OJ E 0 .d" I- V CD it 'S f u . .Ox U. -1 0 ' I-'ONCDI-'OX to - 53 o, - . Cl' . . Cf . . " D D' J f CD FS J H, . O 0 O F 1,4 I , 1 Q O ' O ' P 2 I P' 0 SJ rj o. A F Uqm 1 . 'J Sl- ' 1 CD . 2 ' ' I- J I u - - 2 . Q . Q r- rg - r CD I ' 0. 5- P f SJ - n. Q I . . f L E S r Q . ' l gf! l I 'L Varsity Baseball First row, left to right- Fearon Johnson, Raymond Morris, Stuart Allen, wayne Groves, Orrin Stevens and Hoge: Wilcox. Second row, Theodore Isbell, Kenneth Woodcock, Thomas Anderson, Harold Brown, coach, Barton Frank, lheodore Bender, Douglas Smith and Wayne Bennett, manager. An opposing batter gets ready to swing at the pitch served up by Theodore Bender Catcher Stuart Allen talks wit his pitcher Theodore Bender as Fearon John son returns to his position h Confering on the mound from left to right are: Orrin Stevens, Fearon Johnson, wayne Groves and heodore Bender. Capt ln Fearen John sen watches his mates in action as he W81tS hls turn at bat Wayne Groves gets back to the base as the opposition attempts a put out at third. I I ' . IC X O D PW I T J V m B l , A. Q - 3 . . ' an I I U B 3 FA P f 2 ' I5 ' ,. 11- .4 n. J E 5:3 41 v new FGOTBALL REV! EW Good afternoon football fans! This is Bill Henry from the Morrisville Eaton Central School bringing to you the Crimson Warr1or's 1952 football round up Morrisville is located only about 60 miles from the famous Adirondack mountains and due to bad forest fires and strong winds the gridiron is completely covered with a blanket of smoke Now let us swltch to the field where we see the Morrisville cheerleaders and the fine Morrisville Red and White band striking it up Back at the booth once again' I shall now turn it over to that all round sports announcer Bill Shawn, who is going to give you the review of each game Thank you, Bill and good afternoon folks, Down on the field of play we now see the newly appointed head coach for the Crimson Warrlors, Conrad Ruppert, talking over today's game with his captain Directly in back of him is his fine stand in, Bennie DeSalvo, talking to the defense on how to top these hard charging teams There goes the offensive team out on the playing field now, Th1s is the way they are lining up at the ends are Harry Campbell and Raymond Mor ris, at center is Brian Shutts, the quarterback is Larry Kelly and at the two halfback positions are Max Crane and Fearon Johnson On defense it is slightly changed as Ted Bender replaces Shutts at center The first game of the season saw the Crimson Warriors end a two year football drought by downing Brookfield 33 to 13 on tne local gridiron Then the Crimson Warriors second win by the score of 30 to O Next week we saw a hard running Morrisville Eaton sextet remain victorious after defeating Madison l2 to 6 on the local field It is half time here at M E C S ,and back to Bill Henry Thank you, Bill ' We have had some bad news The big win that the Crlm on Warriors chalked up against Madison last week has been crossed off the books due to cancelling Mad 1son's games because of polio, The services of Brianliutts were lost due to a sprained ankle in scrimmage Injuries to Max Crane, Harry Campbell and Larry Kelly were suffered in later games Here is B111 Stearn with the year's summ ry Morrlsville Morrisville Mo risville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Morrisville Brookfield Stockbridge Valley Madison Earlville Oriskany Westmoreland Waterville 9 . journeyed to Stockbridge.Valley where they chalked up their ' 33 30 r 12 ' 14 1 25 - Football Team First row, left to right Raymond Herrls Bog r wllcox Llewellyn Jones, Larry Kelly, Uax crane, Fearon John son and Walter Hlgheove Seeord row Benrle DeSalvo, assistant coach Harr Camloell, Karl Bllxt, Brlan Shutts, Frank Szewezyk :Theodore Tsbell, B.rton frank, William Gerblg, Robert RODPIUS, and Conrad Rupoert, coach, T11rd row Wayne Bennett, manager, Evan Jones, James rBl1ss, Roger Clamer K nneth Noodcoek, Theodore Bender Melvln Tomlinson, and Thom s Anderson, manwger The Crimson WGPPIOPS take to Fbqron Johnson is slowed the air as the ODpOSltlOn tF1eS down as an opponent comes to lntereept the ball frcm behind M P C S has the b ll as would Fewron Johnson appears to be Madison taeklers move ln on trapped ws defenders come the ball c.rr1er, from every direction, Larry Kelly throws the key block that caves the way for Ft ron Johnson with the pig In front of the bench eo eh Skin oonrad Ruppert and Fearon Johnson watch the U rrlors ln FC ron Johnson looks for Q hectic struggle ag.1nst Did from hlS b1OCkOrS GS NI , os he prepares to advance Ladison' 5 f up the field, 1 . ,L- , , ,V . . L ' - ' : Q ' , G , 1 . A .f '1 1, K' 1 1 . L4 1 . . I 1. : - - S y ! 0-I . . .f ' 3 J ,, 11 A - , .L C' ' I 1 7 ' .1 1 ' : J - - ' - T ' ' -n , A . 7 0 , xl , ' L, . I L..- ,,, ,.,.,,,..,...,..,.,......,....l,.-.,-...---L - - -Y 1 :L J- Y- --- ' ' V Y , -,Z V gg, Y,,,,i i..- .,... , -L,-.---1 ---W --Q f- ' ' ' - -'-- . 5 Pu I I 2 u Q . . , G 4 A 'X L14 l- A . g , X Q I I 5 i I . 3 n Y Y . Y Yiwqfr , V .-,N -..-I L- - H ' ' 7 15 0-JO 0 0 L. u. 1. L e x . . C' . L L . . D y If ' I .. ,, 4. ' 3 x sv I Q y T2 - fx l Q Q I 0 - i I-Q ,., I L ,L ' , :W , a s I , I f. I e. ,w S, , . fs -f-. gi PW fa '-3. la' pd vjhi, . .x I A 'MK "?',"lj' 41 ,, I A ,Lff',2iXw'- z 'V 3, 'fs . w:4:1'i's..'f- H' V war? Zfxl HERMAN HIC KMA V I-'OUR 'Hello sports enthusiasts' Once again we welco you to the Herman Hlckman Show Tonlght, you at home are going to witness high school basketball in nlour Town, U S A H Herman is going to bring to you a season's play of a typlcal high school club,Here's Herman to tell you the awry! 'Our sponsors have chosen as the team to highligh a school nestled among the hills of central New York State, Here is the story of the 1952 1953 basketball season at the central school in Morrisville, New Xork, home of the Morris ville Eaton Central School Crimson Warriors NThe Crlmson Warriors of H E,C,S , piloted by the new coa h, Conrad Ruppert, overcame a slow start on thehard wood to flnish the 1952 33 campaign ln a blaze of fury, winning the last eight league starts The final Chemadon League records found MOPPlSV1116 Eaton in a second place deadlock with DeRuyter 'After the opening slx conte ts had been staged, prospects of 1 succe ful sea on appeared doubtful However, at this UO1Ht the P d and W11te forces began showing igns array of Grlf ln crane, Cramer, Bl1xt,1nd Campbell,M E C S, started to roll When the year had elapsed, every league opoonent had fall n victim to the Warrior tldal wave Never throughout the entlre season did the Crinson Narrlors gadown to defeat on the mome court They closed with ten wins and six losses One Ol these was to Watervllle in the opening round of the oGCtlOD 3 Tournament held at Hamilton College in Clinton at the helm, al o lmproved their pl y a the sea on pro gressed In the 1 nal five conte ts they were overcome but once Their overa l record posted seven ins agailst eight losses 'The JuUlOP Varslty, wlth 1 n w coach, Otto Edkin, w nFor he coming season the bask tball personnel at Morrlsville Eaton w1ll have a difficult task approaching them, a every var ity player has performed for tho lasttdme for his Alma Mater H ' I . V I 1 ' ' , ' - me I O O . , ' t .l , I 'A .. - 'O f -1- :-, R . I C -p o if b u O " 1 ' ,t S the G c ss Ls . A ' " le 1' s of possessing some highly improved cagers. With an all-star ' , 1 V c A X' Q Q 0 A , , 1 'I ' L 3 ' 0 . l , . . 1 , a D -- V' ' r . , . 1 I .L . D . C e 4 s ' A a as ' S - . Ai s ' I , ' V 1 I t e ,S S C 5 O C, V .. , ll-, ----,-..- !..-....l..1............-.- ffg' ' ' m xx Forward Guard Guard M x Cr .ne ims for HHPPY Campbell Karl Blixt attempts sets up a play ,the hoop, a foul shot 'S Varsity BasketballxxN::::::::::::::iNNNx "Kneel1ng, loft to rlght Max Crane, Karl Blixt, Roger Cramer, W lter Highcove, Harry Campbell, and Richard Grlffln Standlng Llewellyn Jones, Thomas Anderson, Raymond Griffln, Coach Conrad Ruppert, Theodore Bender, Raymond MOPP1S, Roger Wilcox, and Bruce Dutton, manager 'Vg Guard Roger WllCOX Center throws a pass Forward Roger Cramer passes Rlchard Grlffin to a teammate. eyes the basket Guard Llewellyn Jones attempts long Ry- p ss I 0 5' 0. ' ' l ' R , X I ' W Q 0 4 . j ' XX Z' Y ' Y f If I I f I O , I O E1 . . . . : i b p . ' I A Y---,V - ., 1 .55 I R 1 Q W A . I f ll as . I ' 0 L. I 1 I I i ' s X L A P S 1 , 3 3 o f Q M , I , NAI IE Crane, M Griffin, R t r Jon s L Calabell H WLLCOX, Hlghoove Morris, R Arderson, T Rel, Players VARSILY GAMES FIEID FOULS DeBuyter South 0+ 911C StookbrLdge V Ear1v111e Brookfield Madison Georgetown DeRuyter GOALS VARSITY POINTS 200 1 8 1 1 A P G 136 3 0,9 9 6 5 21 3 31 1 50 1 28 F L C OPPONENT Sherburne Madison South Otselio Earlville Totals U E C S 900 points 56 25 A P G , won 10, lost 6 Opponents 774 polnts, 48 37 A P G M E C OPPONPNT DeRuyter South Ots 11o' Stockbridge V E rlville B100kfl61d Nadi on Georgetown JUNIOR VARSITY , E . To als 'C S poin s 39 33 A PQGT, won 7 lost 8 Opponents 574 points, 38 26 A,P,G Stookbrldge V Brookfleld Georgetown Laterville OPPONENT Sherburne radison 'oath Otselio Earlville ltoofbridge V Brookfield Georgetown P F, INDIVIDUAL SCORING , W 14 76 48 14,28 32 , 15 87 24 9 2 43 8111: , 'K,, A 16 69 37 75 1 3 46 Creme , R, U 15 47 45 39 ,2 56 e,, Q V 14 32 9 73 Q 17 wif , 9 4 fr Ii, U 11 12 1+ 28 2,54 21 ' , pw, 8 2 8 12 , 2 1 , 10 2 7 11 1,10 17 U , 9 o 2 2 ,22 1+ 7 3 3 9 Q 5 M-E.C,S. OPPONENT 1-P5 ,S. ,42 I 50 53 86 47 ' 33 52 'f 28 54 ? - ', 41 66 53 44 f ' 46 66 39 39 53 53 ' . 33 an 52 71 ' 52 75 60 77 3 52 69 49 38. . J. 42 ' o gs. .4 M' .C,S 28 45 55 81 38 6 19 31 '1 50 54 . 33 49 D 34 20 29 34 6 38 31 ' ' 39 44 St 1 , 30 31 ' S 35 39 31 49 47 69 24 t : M'Eo 0 o"'59Ll' t S 0 Q 1' 3 Junior Varsity Basketball Kneeling, left to rigbtt Barton Frank, Brian Shutts, Frank Szewov,k, Theodore Isbell, Done ald Hilts, Kenneth Woodcook, and Stanley Brooks. Standing: James Bishopp, managerg Louis Woodcook, Ronald Fllnn, Clifford Everlirh, Otto Edkin, ooacbg Spencer Matteson, Stuart Allen, Merton A Bartels, Robert Roberts, and Harold Neville. I ff Ma ax Griffin pane axobaf O S u n note a DOO S hanfier affffe ol e t in the SW expense emo USS1 ockb age vane? '0 ridge Vall tri ey Llewellyn Jones makes a Big Roger Cramer prepares shot under the basket to get the tap against during the Stockbridge Stockbridge Valley Valley game 4 .N X c tr a le - th at G 0 of I 4 - A U it ' ' l rf QM" 1 4 , 5 fi 1 'WP T f'f"'f,v ash' L, WHAT S OUR LINE The Girls' Athletic Association is happy to pre ent nWhat's Our Linen vith its Mist ess of Ceremon1es,V1ss nnaline Hicks,and its panel of eight experts who will attempt to point out to you, our audience, what's Our Line. Before we introduce our panel, a word from our sponsor, the Girls' Education Dep rtment, UOur aim is to b lng to the girls of this community, the op portunity to engage lr numerous and varied sports Through this we hope to offer achance for exercise, companionship, team play, and fun to any girl,regardless of her skill level, who wishes to try our product In al of this we are striving for bettersports manship which will carry over to other areas A an outgrowth of th1s,we have set up an award system giving tangible 6V1dSHCGliBt a girl has successfully completed our trial period of participa tion in three sports. 'With the invitation to everyone to become acquainted w our offer of wholesome exercise and fun, allow us to introdlucze the members of our panel Miss Charlotte Fraser,well lettered in the flne art of secretar ial dutie 'Thank you, and on my left, another senlor, is Maxine Qane, in charge of equloment for this board,who can tape a hockeysnick and oil a softball glove as well as o profosslonal N NThank you! The next of our experts, also a enior member, is our head of softball,Linda Morton,skil1ful at seeing that the n ramural team e on the scene for the games H uThank you,and I would like to introduce Jane Neidhardt,our vice president and the one to see if you are ever in need of money W nThank you, Linda The next three members in order, Bever y DeGroat, Darlene Smlth, and Jo Howard, have really learned,among other things,to out oranges for the other teams 1n hockey,basm3h a l, and volleyball respect1vely,n WThe final member of ourpanel, Norene Sm1th,got much numer- ical experience mn figurlng out the rather complicated bowllng averages this year U 'Thank you very much,and it is my privilege to introduoethe girl who must see to the overall coordination of the e activitma Analine Hicks,U I I r H u l ll ' 'll a V I 4. A F . l .L 5 1 Q -4- , U S . ' ith ' . UOn the far left is one of the senior members of our panel S411 -D 4 C. 'A . V I 1 ' S 1 t s are , . 1 Q V ' , ' l b l . . ' 1 .NS VOLLEY BALL TEAM irst row, left to right Dorothy Flsher, Shlrle llts, Jo Howard, Maxine Crane, Frances Wllcox, llco Perry, econd row Yvonne Hatch, Je n Isbell, Charlotte raser, Donna Dougherty, Dawn Everlith, Barb ra ardner, nd Donna Jones hlrd row Sharlcne Sawyer, Jean Smlth, Ruth astlan, Jean Ames, Anallne Hlcks, Esther Spader nrthn G lbreath, Marg ret M rkowski, and Beverly eGroat Glrls Athletlc Associatlon Bo rd Memb rs First row, left to rlght Maxlne Cr ne, Dorothy Flsher ' alms for the head pln. Uane Neldhardt, An line Hicks, and Charlottq Mlss Becker totals Fraser a game wntnessed by Second row Norcne Smith, Beverly DeGroat Jean Isbell and Llnda Morton, Darlene Smith, and Jo How rd. Barbara Cardner Hockey Team Left to right Mlss Becker, Jean Smith, Ruth Bastian, Anallne Hlcks, Esther Spader, Charlotte Fraser, Martha G lbreath, Jo Howard, Sylvla Anderson, Dawn Everlith, Shlrloy Hilts, Jane Nold hardt, Darlene Smith, Wllma Stoker, Marjorie Hatch, Arloene Long, and Alict Perry A center bully 1S performed by Esther Spader and Eleanor Bastian gi 1 vi-Q . . A , I . yJ . - . . u . . ' . ' Z1 c fi .. LA n . u i g . . Y : LA " la . . . .I X V , I E. , a a a 1 ' 0 g X I O I Q x C , 77 . . tx : rl . . H - a A - - . , f o 3 , u I , C ' V1 c.. Q L ' ' u . I I . . . L L . - fl L C ' ' . . 4 X . . 1 1. ' . . 3 . X -5? Q 9 ,J v 'V' YY33' 2 3 f X Ei M ,A . 41 f V : ' a- U gifs G ' ut' M I2 'i ' 1 Q9 X' 0 , X , Q ' , 'KZ L K3 K 9 1,10 X , If .XP 1 . G A A, continued 'As you have seen in the past shows,the members ot this pane have out their heads together to turn out a number f pro1ects which have lncluded selling tickets and refreshments at basketball games, and organizing olaydavs in various sports 'Of cou se we didn't work all the time We combined our wor with fun, esoeclally the supper meetlng at Analine's, the Christ mas party for ch1ldren,and the plcnic held at the end of the year for all the UlP1S who have experimented vith the product Wh1ChOUP sponsor has to offer "The general idea of tond ght's and succeeding shovs will o low closely those which haw gone before You, our audience, are familiar with the way 1U xc ch we pl y our game so we will turn our show over to the panel a our f'rst conte tant approaches l you sign 1n pleasel SUPER CIRCUS As we look through the lens Ofthe tel vis1on c mera, we see eight girls on stage pe forming their usual tricks As they con tinue a mistake is made Oh well no one is perfect, not even the M E C S cheerleaders Morrlsvllle Eaton Central School Crane, Doris Blowers, Donna Dough Peggy Pratt and Connie Exans As we look at the stag once girls enterlng the picture Thev sity cheerleaders The glrl re Neidhardt, Jean Ames, Grace drown They are Sharl ne Sawycr,Maxine rty, Analinc Picks, Jo Howard, more, we see QUOTUGF group of call themselves tre junwor var Mary bush, Arloene Long, Jane and Je n Isbell Morrisville Waton will c rtalnly miss the senlors that have so faithfully partlcipated in cheerlead ng this ye r and in past years also Today, as we view these girls on the miracle of tele vision, we are remlnded of the warm spirwt, gaiety and enthusiasm brought to all our athletes throughout the past years Ve hope the following teams have as nuch luck lh the future as we havehai this year Our thank go out to Miss Becker and Coach Ruppert for their sincere help and enthusiasm. O O O ' T 1 .' , ,. 1 , L 0 . . A l O ' r . k . . L , ri. P A Il' I I . I L X, g Tv f 1' XN3 0 - 1 . '. will ', a ' C , , ... S C. ...L S 1 o Wil ' A ,f H , e ' a , - ' T. . n .1 A " .. 1 Q "-, - - "' s s 0 , Q There they go off stage, the 1952-55 varsity cheerleaders of ' . "' 9 'R G 1 n " 51' 1 1 A ' 7 g , ,e . .. ,l, 1 4 -, s V ' ' ' if L ' L , . ,' S 3 : f W K ' 8 1 0 - '44 9 . s. . ' - , , - 5.x . , a o . c "' , ' , 1 .. 1 C, 1 , . 1 U --' J - A ff 0 ' . . .s 1 , Varsity Cheerleaders First row, left to right: Jo Howard, Peggy Pratt, Sharlene Sawyer, Connie Evans, and Maxine Crane. Second row: Donna Dougherty, Doris Blowers, and l Anal ine Hicks Junlor Varslty Cheerleaders E C S Varsl First row, left to rlght Jane cheerleaders leap hlgh Neidhardt, Arloene Long, and Grace lnto the alr at the Brown end of a cheer Second row Jean Isbell and Jean Ames Third row Mary Bush The Varslty cheerleaders The Crlmson Warrlor War Dance give out wlth a fight yell at is performed by the Varsity a football game in Morrisville cheerleaders during a time out at a basketball game f n o , A h s ' 0 X J-2 PAQA D M G9 N W 1a1,G, ACHV IT Macs f IES fffy- 4 T1-115 FARMEIVS HOUR Ladies and gentlemen' As you can see on your T V set the crowd, which is one of the largest in the history of the Cornell Farm and Home Week, at this demonstration of farm machinery is made up mostly of Future Farmers Wait' I see a young Future Farmer moving toward our T V camera By his Jacket I see he is a member of the Morrisville Eaton F F, A chapter ' xcuse me, sl What is your name U Raymond Morris UGlad to meet you, Ray, Hy name is Jack Seymour, I interviewing F,F A members for NBC television, what grade are you in, Ray?n UI'm a senlor, this year ' 'I'll bet you're glad about that, Do you hold and fice in your chapter?U U es, I am presiden U U see, and who are the otaer off1cers?n Hwell, Roger Wilcox is vice-president, Max Crane treasurer, Robert rlinn is secretary and George Eiholzer is watch dog, and John Vaughan is our advisor 'Tell us some hing about your chapt Nwell, let's s We had 22 members itiated five Green Hands, so we have about Uwe started a new project to be ut y and then we in 27 members the school this spring We planted tulip bulbs along tle front walk and a round the flag pole The chapter also heloed in the con struction of the county livestock building UAS for money making activities, we raised plants that was hotbeds to sell Oh, we also had a father and son banquet Farm and Home Week One was to Coe's farm to study farming methods and the other was to the Morrisville Agriculturalznd Technical Institute for a cattle judging contest U Nwell, it sounds like your F F A, Chapter is quitevv organized was very nice talking to you, Ray Good by ' H ood by, h Seymour. 'As you probably gathered from the interview, Raymond Norris, presldent of the Morrisville Faton School F F A Now, before I interview anyone else Central I'll tell you a llttle of the F F A 's background The F F 1 national association with members in all 48 states, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico There are five classes of farmers Green Hand, Local Farmer, County Farmer, State Farmer and thelruyr est, National Farmer The emblem contalns five symbols The owl stands for wisdom and knowledge The plow representslaf bor and tillage of the soil The rising un is the symbol of progress and the ne day that will dawn when all farmers are trained and coop rate The cross section of the ear of corn represents the common interests of all farmers, The eagle is indicative of the national scope of the organization nThlS has been Jack Seymour bringing you personal terviews with Future Farmers of America, the backbone f America, and a short history of the OPgTHlZ8tlOH ' 'EQ r, 'a U y 'U' . . . J f l ' , of- Y t. I . 1 . 1 - I ' is A "- .ll I ' -no er.ll ee. , "' g a if' . I ' . in and took uwobfioldtrips other than this one' to the Cornell . . I ' ' G11 0 , V' 0 ' 0 ' G - fr, 1 W I F -W " ' ' A . I . . QA. S a .i je V . in- . " O C . . ' I Future Farmers of America ' First row, left to right Paul Hoyt, Ed William Gerb1g,green ward Taylor, Eugene Pierce, Clifford Ever hand, polishes Roger lith, W1lcox's shoes Second during initiation Morris, week Robert Clark row Mr Vaughan, Robert Flinn,Raymond Max Crane, Roger W1lcox,George Ennhmny Third row Theodore Isbell, Donald Hllts, Ken eth Woodcock, Richard Griffin, Harry Campbell Melvin Tomlinson, Fourth row RobertIKellum, Donaldson Ellis, Ray 9 mond Griffin Wayne Bennett, Louie Woodcock, Maintenance of an electric of Raymond Morris, Melvin Tom linson and Leonard Kmiecik in farm shop Raymond Frank is practicing an while Edward Taylor and Paul Hoyt watch, Harry Campbell runs the wclder while Rlchard Griffin and Loul Woodcock observe his welding technique, 6 J Roger Wilcox, George Eiholzer and Max Crane run a butterfat test on several samples of milk, I ! - ,, - 4 -. A , ,J , r motor occupies the attention yintricate cut on the jig saw ' , I MEET THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council met on Uond y, Seotember 15, with ten memoers present Our officers were brederic Dutton, president, B verly DGG1Oqt, vice pre ident, and Sharlene Sawyer, secret ry trea urer We met every two weeks on Hon day holdlng our meetlng on a different period each weel, The fir e aetlon to be tak n by the Council was the Qpnointment of .n assembly committee who scheduled the years assemblies of Wnlcn there were many Our flrst activlty wa e 'name the Teamn contest which was o very succes 1Ll adnmot to neme the school ee.m From the four best 1LmOS the Council chose the name, Crimson Wwrriors, for which its ubmitter received a y5 prize, One of tl problems that confront d the student Council during the year va th problem of st1d nt b n vler at stool dances Many lon dl cu sions ver 1 ld uoon t is SuDjGCt until fin lly ue decil d to suonsor eci J niglt to nplace dances oven to the publlc A committee made plan for a S0111 night but n bpronli t dat could not be found at th'1t time, L ter we proposed uh L the four cl s e sponsor a so cial H1 It together e ch cl s h v1ng 3CClflC dutyinpcr form, 111 the problem rem lned ul wsr rea until fter few month of de 9 thought and he ll cw s1o1 it was C1dCd thwt to olve the Jroolem Q far c Ftqll a n e bands would have to be CllFll ted bee u e of t1e tybe Ol crowd Hwy by the cles e , In the early Dart of November we co1 idered enlarging the Student COuHCl1 for the purpose of brlnglng innbreideas. We invit a tn or id nts and vicf plesldent of tue clds es to att nd ou m tl1LS exofficio m nbers Our group PCmqlT d enl ged or t1e r t of t1e year .nd oroved to b more eff ct1v m tter of f ct, so m.ny new ideas and plans w r uoulteed to the Council th t we found ltrrcesnry to revl e our co1 tltution since P.ny of thelnrproposals would viol L the con titution if c.1ri d out fter having been r ferr d to 1 committee who di 1 ntlm ought lmDUOVG ments, the con tltution was revl d lo mer lon Ju t one re ViS1OD the meubers11p of the StuQeUt Council was G1luFgCd To Sulmul te intere t and encourage hi her scholastic average , we submitted a cholastic program to tae cla ses, There U s to be a olaque for the cl s with the highest average for one quarter in gr de nln CHTOUTH twelve and 1 plaque for tde homeroom ith the high st vel ge for a,qnnBr in grades even .nd eight, the :ard being given t the end of e CH cuor er This met w1t1 dooroval of the ell se an wa imm didtely aut into effect Looking back through the ye rs we can eo many things accomoli hed, although we wish ue could h IC done more are proud to h ve repre ent d our clas m te and proud to have h d the opportunity, ' ' ' ' fl A T . ' 4 , Al 0 ' u f 0 3' C 1 e.. " S .' C i -1 S . - V' 1 . . , - 3 ' c.. x In ' S Q. ' C ' - 1 1 ,A Q. T I 3 ' 9- 1- - 1 1 0 , ,, 6 c . ' A f - . ' ' u in L Q, - C C T' 1... A S L ,L qw , 4- q ' -1 -w . , u . Ax- 1 , 1 ,-, ' ' c... A D 1 . . 1 , - 1' fi .L C " c. .-. C ' ' ' 1 . J , .1 rv. 1 fx' ' ,-1' A ' ' " ' 1 .-.o Q, A 1 A U e, c . - 1 f ' 1 7 , if T 4 ' ' S S 71 C .L C A al . 1, U. ' 'T f. C 1 ree S LT. - ' ' l ' - - r . - ' 1 T . . X I.- " A e S c. L . J- . ' ' 9. IJ.. T' fl C 1. C . A ' e.. - e. . - J- - 1 . ' E., ' ' U. ' fl S T S "' e - ' n Q . . ' Q J. 'T ' , fl L -Il S C. .. 5 Q. SL ' " . CTA- - ' , ,-, - - I '- - L' U -,. A . L nfl . T' Q Q. ' an J- . , . I .g- , , T .- ' , -' S ei G e ated u szus 1 de- - ,. - ,, - 1, . - x . - . -1 ,, 1 .. ' .L Q . Q L . re Ll' L3 1., .L O. u 1. . . , -. , , 7 0 ' ' ' In 1 L1 7' fl S T 4 A' F T 'I ,, - Y . n ,---f. , attracted, This having been done dances were again resumed ' . S e S A 1 e ' ' ' ' 1 S ' . . , - .L -1 - .. M- - . - 1 4- C G 1 LIS 4,5 ei" " ' ' S L ' e ez es. C- - Tl" . 'iff 8.3 ' Cl' " g 0 ,, ., ,, , Q ,gs , w A 1 - - ' e. .LC ' ' SMT' ' ' .L ' L ' CS L T e 3 L 9 . -. , 5 C C , 4x3 Q. A F. Z1 Q ' fx H1 " r ' ' 3- '- ' 'N ' '. C 1, Q ' 4. ' X - L.. ' ' . . S 7 T 'IS I , .JP - ,- . - f l A C. X2 " S 9 Q' -J 1 4 ri- x . .1 fb ' . .. , 1 ' rem " 2' P' ' - V ef L.. 1. .. Civ V AJ A - - r'1 . b... - - C, A X - S T C, S O . 4 ' -L Ll L3 1 . -,q Q A , . - 1 Q A ,I r . s . . L 1- -N L - L . J.. - ,, ,., 0. - es o 4. - e O J . 5 - c.. as ' S 0' 4, 1 S ' 1 fi ' ,-. . S-P ' ,L ' CL Q ' T '7 , . fn , ' ' v , 4- Q. ' S X3 L3 " .- gl Q "' ' V N f e e a l'Sf "x O ': "1' P' . , 'J L 531 e. 3 Q CL P v 'I' - 1 'v ' 1 cv 4- d " .. L' U 0 - I- Cf L - s. DJ D . F' f 1. LJ . J I.. : 'W ' ' f1 Q -xi I u. . S . I ' . C1 ' , , .. . - T U N O A - - A -X , We v-1 F k L- S - C .g.. S Cf. 'S ' . E1 ' ' Y Student Council Patricia Ulf Seated, left to right George Fearon, Beverly enburg buxs a 503001 gen DeGroat,v1ce p eside t,Freder1o Dutton, presiden C11 TOH113'-fflg-' Sharlene Sawyer, secretary treasurer, Philip Tayn 73S Smith t the schai. tor Store Standing Ann Fearon, Margaret Pratt, William Liddle, Robert Roberts, Ronald Flinn, Frederick K Ricbescll, adviser H Joh Gourley instructs Doris , Frederick K Riebesell, guid Blowers in how to start the ence counselor, helps Frc driver training car 10 Dutton plan his coll gc career, A typical second period studylnil, The transcription class type scene shows everyone hard at work letters from their shorthand notes Library Staff Seated, left to right Harriet Sprague, Margaret Pratt, Madeline Hatch, Miss Marjorie Blackmar, Ruby Jones, Virginia Taylor, Beeda Taylor Standing Monica Jones, Barbara Jones, Claudine Weed, Hazel Fraser, Helen Smith, Priscilla Smith, Sharon Whipple, Jane F1tzS1mmcns, Yvonne Hatch, Barbara Clark. -+ - : - i.., w v 1 . 'I -1 Q I1 , . x ' fi I .' " I ' Q - W a U . ' ' W vJ : 1, , Y f ' Q i MH , 7,1 L- -1 Y: -, f f, o X 9 r I V A A Wt .- 0 o ' l ' , . 1, ' 2 : I Y M ' 1 1 , f. .xl O . 6 . 1 I I f.. : . , 0 . . . F 1' H I , .W , .,, 1 1 Q . if K I ' ggggxv if Q f 1- 1' ' ix , 'N i if? N Y 3?-Qx ,xr A1 I ,...- T' v v, 1 4 X I ff? ,Q ,QA gg Q 4 LVM f - .. 9 2 ' 9 I ri ly I. ' Q K as ' 5 kia! lnghaif' wwe ' i,,YfE'yY:+ ' 400- " Qi ' - 'g N UP' N5 ' 3-2 V-ff' iw I f N sr . "Y, W ' ,.-f"' x 4' . '5'-4 7? .kf'5'f' iw z 9 iivui' 343, f W in R 'E M A' 'Mk . -.,- F, 9 -31"-: lf! I ' 1' rr,-' xhj' kv ff' xQ04'Srfi-, A Jfixx' '

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