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Morrisville Eaton High School - Amariah Yearbook (Morrisville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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1-1 V-L My 3 il: '5-f.-ai I1-,xf f 1:21 . 1 Qu T151 , -:-1,9 "sz:-gg 'Y-1.2f"u 1 795' -, . . .V . 'IT-tsl! 4 Id '. V ' 'L .,,'f:,3": an ff .r' f Y"- -sf-, ' 'Y-1 f'.'f'?5?:, C721 ,5 W?1. ' Qs.. -I ff ' 141, 3 QM, , . 5 57:43 fi EA ..'i'.."' 'V ,High ,: 12115 . use , .,::,'.i Q3 . H gig f 'gf'4"1 ' H1211 5 X fs. ,- 'ia ? ,T ,,-11 'l'l-ll Ill f N ARIAII fi 9 9 NIORRISVII I I I Al0N LLN FRA! Sl H001 V01 5 NIURIIISVII I I Nl-XV 101114 PUB! ISHI ll In ADIARIAH S lAl'F WSW ,Mgr .- - i J 0 E . .4-7, 1 Ltr Y 2 5 ' -W' JUL 1-A : ' N yfl,!:JJ1 Sulxv' -N x A L A H I s 1 x Q f y y v 'gg 1 x A ji s J 4 4 3 1 T 7 N 1 4 In 4 J 'I' Q , I y A s 4 A A a I : f nr 1 1 A I n .- TO AMERICA ...- It is thrilling to read the words of Abraham Lincoln who stated not so long ago, NAS I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy." There is one end, and one answer. Tb that end and that answer the 1942 Amariah adds its voice. We will do all with in our power to help. Individually our efforts are not much but as a unit in the millions of voices that will ring fear- lessly through the years until our goal is achieved, we are indispensable. So are you. So the aggressor nations of the world will find out---'That the people shall not perish from the earthu ---- That we may defend the land we love--That our posterity may face a future unafraid--that we may build for a better world--we do dedicate this 1942 Amar- iah to AMERICA! 2 Dear Parents and Friends, Morrisville Eaton Central Rural School is young in tra ditions and ideals We have the opportunity to select and promote those which are worthy of our purpose in providing the best educational opportunities for our girls and boys The cooperation of parents, pupils, and faculty obtains an increasingly better educational program to meet the var led interests of pupils This is evidenced in part by the several courses of study and many related activities The AMARIAH catches many incidents and much of the fine spirit of our school life It is helping us to attain the highest ideals and standards of action and to build tradi Cordially yours, ,Li Supervising Principal 5 tions worthy of our school community. , Lf ME. Seated ---- Mr. Irving Whitney, Mr. I. M. Charlton, president Mr. Floyd Griffin, Mr. Carlos Rice, clerk. Standing---Mr. Frank Clark, Mr. Harley Woodcock. BOARD OF EDUCATION The members of the Board of Education are called upon to determine the policies which provide the best school for the community. Transportation, school buildings, playgrounds, equip- ment, and the operation and maintenance of these facilities are problems in providing the physical plant. The selection of a staff of teachers, the approval of courses of study and an effective health program are but a few of the problems in determining the quality and type of instruction. The members of the Board of Education give generously of their time and energy that the Morrisville-Eaton Central School may help every individual to make the most of life. FACULTY Activities of the faculty association included social gatherings as well as professional meetings. At these meet- ings the usual problems that arise in central school admin- istration were discussed. In relations outside the school Mr. Blixt represented the faculty at the House of Delegates Convocation at Buffalo. Among the social activities were the get-acquainted pic nic, the reception for new teachers, and the party given by the State School faculty. Officers chosen were Mr. Darling, presldentg Mrs. Has- kin, vice-presidentg and Miss Arquint, secretary-treasurer. First Row--Nickel, Frink, Doughty, H. Darling, Meurant, Gall oway, Rice, Lyndon, Fox, Mortimer. Second Row--Leach, Deane Schultz, Arquint, Phelps, Payne, Medve, Haskin, Sterling, M. Darling, Eaton, Rothwell. Third Row-English, Engdahl, Couch Blixt, Snell, Rugaber, Dorrance, Jones, Vaughn. Absentee members--Miss Love and Miss French. ?.?jQiits:z I M J X: O ai R f,: 1 'uf'-ie! 'Q LQ 'l f .f-av 1- a-, 4 . " ' .Q ' vcr- 'lwv' ik. R ,- 4? Q ,,,..., bl 1,-aa....,x isp 9 3 'Y' . .35 44 ' SS :- 2 suv' fi f ,','S f f5 49 Nr' Ok 2 ff- Y J, fi ,jf ""' -,,.f-lk f K l. "" ...1 --1, J .f--' .ff i,,"-,. Q , 0451 aff' sl eww pa,. WW ,am f Aff I My! ui 'QQMN' ,j,, U' ,Nfw Is, P, V :SQ-if . ' r X r' ,5 ' . i Az M 9, x . MX X! A J' Q QQWM 6 , 4: .QV . , guy , LPW raw? ,x 'N 4 . .1 gr. , F W - 1 . ,X 5 ww L 421' 4? Q iff Q Y at - Q Q ta" f 5 w I1 ' r 'T 1 4 X I YY Q94 Q MVA - I ' LL jaws L g ,pil , j,-1' vy 1 v it v 6 . ,gpg-ff3 Y' wil ,KAI Xi sw 2 X al 23497 K 4 wwf' J :V 'iii ff, , Swgff wang -ff", f'?,,,nffV I C 'Q Yi r 1 Q .. 4 Wk X ,z f' A fs Q- SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In their freshman year the class of 1942 sponsored no activities. The freshmen were too busy learning the ways of high school. As they settled down into the ways of sopho- mores they began to play a more prominent part in school. As juniors they began working for their class jewelry at the mid-year. The class found the sale of candy very pro fitable. They also held successful roller-skating parties. The class decided to purchase rings, and in early May were proudly displaying the rings of their choice. When the class returned in the fall of 1941 it was but slightly im- pressed by the dignity of being the school's senior class. The following officers were elected: William Taylor, presi- dentg Vera Jean Tayntor, vice-presidentg Jean Houghton, sec- retaryg and Carlos Tayntor, treasurer. Jean Church and Les- ter Bach were chosen as council representatives. A comedy, "Spring Fever", was chosen for the Senior Play, and on November 27th was well presented before a ca- pacity audience. As the end of the year approached, the seniors seemed to attain a new seriousness, and in June came the climax of their high school careers. Eagerly---yet reluctantly, they face commencement and the day when they will be seniors in high school no longer, but beginners in life. 12 NOVICE TYCOOIS The Junior Class displayed a spirit of patriotism bf converting the year's earnings, which in previous years were spent for class rings, into defense stamps and bonds. Candy sales netted the most profits, while a magazine campaign, several skating parties, and a patriotic dance aug mented the class coffers. Thus the class, as students and patriots, strove to make their year a happy and victorious one. The officers are: Russell Judd, honorary president, C. Poole, acting presidentg Robert Potter, vice-presidentglrene Fretz, secretary, Thomas Clark, treasurer, Eustace Cramer, business manager, Louise Bliss and Norris McCann, student council representatives. First Row--Morton, Fraser, Eiholzer, Storrer, M. Clark. Sec ond Row---Bliss, T. Clark, Potter, Fretz, Mr. Nickel, Poole, Cramer, B. Smith. Third Row---Dougherty, Robins, Walker, Suits, McCann, Abbott, Schlimmer, Curtis, Winkler, Doxtater, Haight. Fourth Row--Harter, DeLand, Mosher, Brown, Tucker, Mallory, Burleson, J. Smith, Howlett, Starkweather. First Row---A. Judd, Brown, Bastian, N. Fraser, Clark, Gips, E. Fraser, Parry, Burdick. Second Row ---- Andrews, Fuller, Jackson, Spader, Mr. Blixt, Tucker, Barker, M. Bliss. Third Row---L. Judd, P. Smith, M. Davis, Stratton, Holden, Kelly, Weimer, Campbell, S. Bliss, Northrup, J. Smith, Brannan, Mo- sher. Fourth Row---L. Bach, Johnston, Sawyer, T. Davis, H. Sternburg, Huveldt, Dupont, Eiholzer, Young. ON THEIR WAY The sophomore class enjoyed the prestige of a high soho lastic record during the past year. However their efforts weren't confined to scholastic matters. In order to launch their financial campaign, the class sponsored the Golden Jub ilee basketball game at which they sold pins and programs. They also conducted a blanket club. The officers of the class include Guy Spader, president Harold Tucker, vice-president, Charles Barker, secretary, and Robert Jackson, treasurer. Joan Holden was their repre- sentative in the Student Council. 14 BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE In September thirty-seven eager pupils began their year as freshmen. To insure a strong class in future years, the freshmen set to work making a class constitution. Interested in extra-curricular activities, the freshmen took advantage of their new status to enter the organiza- tions open to high school students. The most popular was the Library Club which many of the girls joined. Several members of the class will be among the first to be graduates of a new course open to pupils the five-year high school course. Officers are Katherine Potter, president, Robert Sayles vice-presidentg Charles Roeller, secretary, Betty Davis, treasurer, and Carl Janovsky,student council representative. First How ---- Kent, Eiholzer, Judd, McPherson, M. Brown, De Great, Chaphe. Second Row---Winkler, Sayles, Davis, Potter, Roeller, Hr. Rugaber, Janovsky. Third Row--DeLand, Valerio, Heavener, Brooks, Ginney, Keys, Holden, Schlimmer, Morris, Howlett, Hicks. Fourth Row--Bush, Walters, Mowers, W. Brown Loucks, Clark, Fraser, Howard, A. Brown, Houghton, First Row--Wheatley, Walters, Mennig, Wickens, Deraway. Sec ond Row--Smith, H. Eiholzer, Jones, Field, Howlett, R. Eihol zer, Mrs. Sterling, Hawes, L. Stewart, Dougherty, Marshall. Third Row--Roberts, Jenny, Gips, Bach, Barriger, Valerio, R. Larmer, R. Mowers, Snell, Cuney. Fourth Row--Shaver, Wilk- inson, Wakelee, Pratt, Kolmer, Payne, Gallagher, Johnson,Tuc ker, Blowers, Suits, E. Mowers. Fifth Row---Buyea, Babcock, Shields, Schlimmer, Larmer, Dutcher, Haskin, B. Stewart, Bachman. ENTHUSIASTIC EIGHTH GRADERS On September third a group of lively and enthusiastic eighth graders scurried into their new homeroom, eager to be gin their new work for the year. This group has been very active during the school year, many of the class members taking part in Girl and Boy Scouts Homemaking Club and Bowling Club. The class beamed with pride when two of their fellow classmates, Lucille Tucker and Sue Marshall, were added to the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad. The officers are Rosemary Eiholzer, presldentg Merilee Howlett, vice-presidentg Patricia Hawes,secretary-treasurer. 16 YOUTH OF THE YEAR The seventh grade pupils, latest recruits of the junior high, have taken part in many of the school activities dur- ing the year. They have been active in music, art, scouts, homemaking, and library work. They chose for their class flower the lily of the val- ley. Their class colors are blue and gold, and their motto is nwhat you will be tomorrow, depends on what you are to- day" . The following people were elected class officers: pres- ident, Dorothy Spaderg vice-president, Douglas Crandall, sec retary, Mary Lou Tayntor, and treasurer, Eugene Harter. First Row--Johnson, Barriger, DcGroat, Shaver, E. Smith, Har ter. Second Row--Crandall, Curtis, Close, Miss Love, Clark, Black, Jones. Third Row--M. Smith, Spader, Houck, L. Smith, Keys, Tayntor, Burleson, Wallace, Cunningham. Fourth Row--- Stratton, Kent, Payne, Fretz, Wickens, Kattau, Sawyer, Woot- ton, Campbell. ' , I 5 av -swvr' ' NA 11 'f ' If I xxx. -I "" -z W i sv 1' Q , 1 v 0 ,M Q Q 5. in 3 r-1 P K Nr . Y' 3-bmi f - . X S 11, 4 4 Q '-.R G E gf U U Q Q Q Q .W ' if gfkgj? 4 gi f , V V h h A' 5:5 1 I has vga ' 1 uh v High Q 3 Q? 2 '1,, ,QQ I -W. I E 'mai " , V " ...H ' 4 ' . V' f- ,V if ' . L . x . - 4 g .- a A f Q A-1 ., 1, Y ' . r 1 K W 3 'Q--I xx if If gf 'X 4 xg, ,- -bg x 1. Q , P1 bf? ..,' 4'- S' iam ' Qglhmil . 5 u E I . 5 ' lr, 21 QA I 4.-,Sv 2 ' 9 5 ,Q x.J YI ' W he I ' , ' ., Q .am " , V "' 5 W1 ' ,. 'V ' 'K " W Fil ,Q QA t! AX'-0 , A QXW, H- 1 L 5, 'J' Q K 2 w .1 . W," 8 fs' fx v f V' - , tg K h be I - Q. I, 'f .EQ ff l ,4 fl . l' s '75-., H i 'E g Xx ,I n's'3gi'Lf'-4g E E 1 fa M " v 'uf 65.59 X '39, 5,25 , V! F' '-1 5 nl, Q ,I 1 '59 IDE+lIFICATlOIS RADE 6 First Row Parr,, Doug erty, nakelee Secolo 1ow qips, 4a1 erio, Darlila, oook, Canpbell Iilrd now Ross, ru veldt E Cook, Brooks, Smltb, Spacer, attau oartn now Blowers Ja ovsky, ield, Hoa re, Stratton, Brett sts r Field, dosher, rourhton JRAJ 5 First Row Kent, Jackson, diss Sc ul , Howlett Jon Brown Second Row Iaskin, Krecser Er ckson, Eawes GRADE 4 First Row D Isbell, J Loomis Clark, J Isbell Ross, Jones Second Row Reed, F Valerio, Blowers, 'iss Doug1 y, Ginney, Mcdorrls, D Loomis Thlru Row Davls, D Valerio, Stratton, Gehling, Howlett, Pratt, WcLaren, Snell, Brown Fourth How Roher, Sterling, Jenkins, foward, Reynolds, Field, Baylor, Swayze GRADE 3 First Row houglton, Payntor, Roberts, miss English, Dough erty, Pratt, Eabcock Second Row Clark, Payne, Anderson, Stratton, Evans, lorris llird Row Dav s, Smit , Field, Black, Swayze, eallagler, Reed, Evans GRADE 2 First Row Jones, hrebser, Loonls, orrls Second How qoff Hicks, Mcmorris, Miss Jones, Case, Ames, H ird Wow Anderson, Janovsky, Aopleford, Eoward, Ross Fourth Row Cramer, Swafze, Smith, revs, Gefl ng, rowlett, Galbrea h, Tayntor, .ittl GRADE 1 First Row Gen1ln5 Ross, Jonnson fale io Second Row W Smith Groves, clorr's, Blowers, Curt's, Dutton, 'orr s, Davis 'rd Row D lice, lice, A146FSuH, Payne, Spacer L. Smith, Aopleford, Abbott .il --vm 1- x L . f- x1 L A "' W f. Q T A " ' -, ,.,, .. -1 . ,Y , , - H - ., mI'5n L un . 0 A 'L , ' , . . s . 1. . r -- e ' Y 1:1 f-' - f ww. ,, , .. . -A . , D . , p " ,- . - . . J Q P :E Y . v ,, .v ---- F 9 . . . ez -. , cs, . , v . , 1 I . . --1 , l . . --- . . ' , v . , ,- . x na. . L L Q M. .. 1 1 U '-- 0 .4 ' ' , ....-.. 1 A 1 l . Y , , ,. , - ' --- " Y -..- ' 'M I 1. . . " l .A A , - .. , -.. " ' " 1 --" . lu Q - . . 'TX , 1 .4 A 0 . -- v W 1 4 - , .. v Bn -- ' I Q N 1 v. -- V , l , . , . .. . - 4 , An .. A .. m 4. . P- '- -1 l . ' . Th. -' Q m. la A a Q I, ,. fn ' V 5 ,, , ,L ' r ' "L M 1 , : i5w 1 ' Q 9 ' p ggfzf, 9 Y? 'ff uf ge atv ,fi , V, ff? ' -- ' . if f g ix, ff I -- W' X' A I ' 'E ff 3 .. 3 ,ia , A ' 9'QZ, i1g1T ,C E T' , 3 as fs, Q , 'X 3 N " Q , ,fr x 5, ,, I, wg, .rv 49 9 t',...f , W. , ji, 1' ., ...Q Q . ' J l E 5 J Q :V 5 :X r X L1 U., 5 Q , .-3 4 -- n Q.a-- - A ' ' 1 -N ,A ,W 3 ,ex F" af s ' 5 ra 'Q f' , Y ,il . 4 A ! L I 32 Q ,- tiff, v , I 1 2222 " 1' 56. if ,WL 39 'E Aw nw 7 in fn, J In I 1 3 -8' ,ff gag? Q f .-Q, , 'P -3 Q' 5 31 '17 if rx 1 '., 55 it ff ? :H- fm ev gn N. il 23393 . n Q IDL TI ILATIONS EATON grades 1 2 5 rst wow ln rat Crale itcl EA me rane Det s, raser, C Lllclzer, xl O e ou 1 s Te c , Eerr Falln, o hl1olzer, J Eilolzer nileox 5 nolze elcse 'hird Row Heln 5, Storrer J euni tornet itney nollirs, cuckef Wourt iow .enyon, arnenter A oorne t Smith, Nestco t, lodor .ra es 4 5 5 plFSt Row rane oun , Du c er, van jk frown more 'hird Row Iltt nalxer .alrer arpenter R i olzer Euckey, L Einolzer, Jenn Smitk JRST LATCH Jrades 1 4 3 First Row Westcott, Sternburg, hid5er B Derawaj, C amber lain, Lapp, R Smith Second Pow D Partf, ar 18 Smi 1, Towsley, Miss fngdahl, Culbertson, Iarjorie Smith L Smith Third Row Eartl, Seeley, E Earth, antell, Cfaohe, drown P Deraway, Markowsxi Grades 5 First Row Bastian, wld er, Smith Second Row J Dexaway noodcock, Miss Arqt wt, DeLand J Derawaj Ihira Row Jones Barth, Cuney, La tlett nestcott L 1 er PEWTRELRO urades 1 2 3 irst Row ll uriff1n, .iss Rothwell, oavls, Roberts Second Row A eGroat, M Tallman, Heinley, D Stevenson Geisler, Smith Derry, Coe Third Row Foylan, Camobell e ville, Earriger, E Deoroa , Anderson, h Tallman, Clark Stevenson grades 4 5 6 First Row L. uurkee, U. lallman, Stevenson, reinley, houtk. Second Row Delroat, A. Perry, E. Durxee, miss Dorrance, Bliss Gelsler, F. Tallman. Thlrd Row Tucker, Campbell, P. Coe. Wourth Row Bred. D. Coe, A.Tallman, Taylor, C. Perry, Griffin 25 we n . . .1 F . Fi t T '--Fr' k, I J r , P Hford, I 'lr C , , er F . '. 4 ?'ns. S :ond d '---M : S a h y, -V " 'H 1 f., 'X' H " . . . . , , H. l ., , 1 --K. . r if '. , '. 1 4 5, L. ' ' tt, im ' . f v. . hi --'L Q , H, .F 5, 1 ' t , . 5 d - - -' . ---C , Y 5 t h N W' , ' ' , L. SH . Second Row--Frink J. Shore Miss Foster Maller T.Liholzer 7 I i ! 1 . --V , C. W ' , M. W X , C , . h A . ' 'I 13, A. J , e . N -F- . ---.' . e " ' , 1. ' K h . - . . . . . ---- . J 1 E 'tl U 4 H A , . . --C. 1 . :li Y. , ' ,. . . . 4- -6 . -- H. W' g no . -- . ' ' W. ,, . .,, . - - -L , A . . . - . - r , W . . N dg . -. -- . - , F ----E is, ' ' K " S . . ---- . D '. . , , . ' . --1 ' , , N - . ' t . '. ' , P. . A - I 5 if .M ' 1' l vs. . www 'ZW , ka! A Q' as , 55, " Vx' ' - A . .L l"l'lVI lfq X FX X X f ff! X 1 ' 0 JL I Fx ff xx ff? Fffx xx 1 4 Ng ,K xx i .Q XXX - f ' '. - ff W A 54, ff N :Gd K N X , X X. ,f x ff? T f X ,, JK 1, FX I f , A X x f , y ll". X X XX f ' 1 I far V QELI First Row--Brown, Morris, Valerio, Robins, Eiholzer, Potter, Howlett, Heavener, Parry, A. Judd, Haight, Maxine Clark, D. McPherson, L. Judd. Second Row--Ginney, A. Holden, Brooks, G. Eiholzer, C. Smith, S. Smith, Cashman, Mr. Meurant, E. Mc Pherson, B. Smith, Burleson, P. Smith, Robinson, Bastian, An drews. Third Row--Mildred Clark, Evans, Stratton, Northrup, Fretz, L. Judd, D. Gips, Johnston, Barker, Dougherty, Hu- veldt, Jackson, N. Eiholzer, Harter, Starkweather, Fraser, Brannan, E. Gips, Walker, Fuller, Holden, Davis. Fourth Row Towsley, Kelly, Dexter, Bliss, Houghton, Keys, Bliss, Brown, Suits, Weimar, Curtis, Campbell, Hockridge, J. Smith. ON WINGS OF M LODY Sixty mixed voices blended into harmony and, under Mr. Meurant's baton, formed one of the largest choral groups of MECS history. The chorus's objective was to establish an in- formal musical group for the enjoyment of singing all types of music. The season's musical highlights included the Christmas and spring concerts, the operetta 'Tulip Time', and the Mad- ison County Music Festival. Irene Fretz was elected president, Gregg Dougherty, vice-presidentg Shirley Smith, secretary-treasurer, Esther Gips and Alan Mosher, librarians. 28 FOLLOWING THE BATON The senior band this year has won for itself an increa- sed reputation by its high standard of work. It has made great strides in number of personnel, musicianship, and in- strumentation. Important events of the year included the Christmas and spring concerts and the Madison County Music Festival, in which several members participated. At the Golden Jubilee basketball game the entire uniformed band played marches in formation on the gym floor. Selections played during the year included nlhe Scarlet Maskn, by Zamecnikg nBandsmen's Delightn, by Skaggs, 'Victor Herbert's Favoritesng and nThe Oraclen, by Otis Taylor. First Row--Starkweather, Howlett, Holden, B. Dougherty, Chap he, Robinson, Hockridge, Mr. Meurant, Fields, Blowers, Bar- ker, McPherson, Brown, Kolmer. Second Row---G. Dougherty, Brooks, Babcock, DeGroat, Gips, Potter, S. Smith, Clark, Hea vener. Third Row--Hicks, Roeller, Poole, Cramer, Tucker, C. Smith, Suits, Fretz, Towsley. First Row---Fuller, S. Smith, P. Gips, Tayntor, Clark, B. De Groat, Bastian, Heavener, Kolmer, Mr. Meurant. Second Row-- H. Jones, D. Gehling, M. Smith, Brooks, Dougherty, L. Jones, P. Smith, Close, Wootton, Walters, Field, J. Gehling, Brown, McPherson. Third Row---Cook, Sterling, Harter, R. Jones, Fraser, Fretz, C. DeGroat, E. Gips, Tucker, Suits, Payne. ON THE DOWNBEAT The Junior Ensemble consists of forty-five young musi- cians, many of whom received their first instrumental in- struction last September. The purpose of the class was to emphasize a sense of harmony and co-ordination with fellow musicians, rather than individuel performances. This co-ordination requires great- er individual endeavor and a more zealous desire for accom- plishment. Those who showed the greatest improvement were chosen from this class to enter the senior band and orchestra. Se- lections played include chorales and marches. WITH THE COUNCIL Representing the student body in relations with the school administration, the Student Council undertook many new and customary activities during this past year. Among the first of these was the formulating of a plan for choosing the junior cheer-leaders. B1is plan met with the approval of the student body and resulted in the selec- tion of six new cheer-leaders. As customary the submitted charters of worthy clubs were granted and future assembly programs chosen. Work pro- gressed on an informative handbook which will be published early next fall. One of the most important undertakings was the sale of United States Defense Stamps. First Row--McCann, Bliss, secretaryg Church, vice-presidentg Bach, presidentg Blowers, Miss Love. Second Row--Mr. Rugs- ber, Janovsky, Holden, Mr. Galloway. -4 .A-'U First Row---Judd, Fretz, Haight, D. McPherson. Second Row-- Howlett, Walker, Stratton, B. Smith, Mrs. Sterling, Houghton Curtis, E. McPherson, Maxine Clark. Third Row---Dougherty, Tayntor, S. Smith, Mildred Clark, Eiholzer, Davis, Fuller, J Smith, Robinson, Burdick, Bastian, Gips, Barker. Fourth Row Jackson, Gallagher, Campbell, Hockridge, Weimer, Brooks, Holden, Kelly. BEHIND THE FOOTLIGHTS The Dramatic Club, directed by Mrs. Sterling, has sup- plied many entertaining assemblies including the comedy- drama 'Joint Owners in Spain', the melodrama nHearts and Flowersn, and the comedy 'Of All Beings' which was produced for the Drama Festival held at MECS this year. Its primary purpose has been to improve the enunciation pronunciation, and resonance of the voices of its members and to give them general directions concerning lighting, the ater vocabulary, make-up, and costuming. This year's elected officers were Jean Houghton, pres- identg George Howlett, vice-president, Bette Jane Smith, sec retary, and Gregg Dougherty, treasurer. RESPONSIBILITY AND LEADERSHIP This year students of the junior and senior classes have considerably increased the membership of the Recreational Lea dership Club, which is sponsored by Miss Eaton. The chief duty of the members of this club is to assume responsibility by overseeing the children in the lower grades during the noon recess. The Club also sponsors grade play- days and intramurals and arranges tournaments. Leadership is essential to our youth today more than ev- er before, and to obtain it and execute it is the purpose of this club. The members elected to office are Louella Towsley, pres- ident, Shirley Smith, vice-president, and Hazel Suits, secre- tary. - First Row--Cashman, Smith, Towsley, Miss Eaton, Suits, V. Ei- holzer, Curtis. Second Row--Clark, Robinson, Evans, Tayntor, Burleson, Brown, McPherson, Hockridge, Houghton, Winkler, Gips. Third Row---Abel, Gallagher, Church, Webb, Walker, G. Eiholzer, Fretz. First Row ---- Winkler, Mrs. Deane, Eiholzer, Judd, Bliss, De Great. Second Row---Howlett, Brannan, Davis, Keys, Ginney, Potter, Valerie, Shaver. Third Row---Abel, Houck, Heavener, Morris, Church, Gips, Tayntor. BETWEEN THE LINES The Library Club this year succeeded in combining plea- sure with service. By means of their pleasure they have dis covered many of the intrinsic values of a library. The purposes of the club are to teach its members how to prepare books for circulation, how to arrange them accord ing to the Dewey Decimal System, and how to find information in a library for present and future use. Tb decorate and arrange interesting displays for the library is also the du- ty of the club members. Parties held during the year included a Christmas lun- cheon and s St. Patr1ck's Day luncheon. The officers are Veronica Eiholzer, presidentg Marie Bliss, vice-presidentg Arlene Judd, secretary-treasurer. SONS OF THE SOIL 'Learning to do, doing to learng earning to live, learn ing to serve.N In this motto is embodied the spirit and pur pose of the Future Farmers of America. Through the use of school facilities and under the gui- dance of a competent instructor the boys study and put into practise many phases of local farming. Activities this year included two very successful informal dances and the annual Father and Son banquet held in the spring. Officers are Louis Benishek, president, Junior Brown, vice-president, Donald Roher, secretaryg Vernon Loucks, treav surerg and Albert Valerio, reporter. First Row--Gips, Jackson, Stewart. Second Row--Roher, Brown Benishek, Mr. Couch, Loucks, Valerie, Smith. Baird Row-Bach Clark, Mowers, Woodcock, Tucker, Burleson, Johnston, Storrer Bush. Fourth Row--Huveldt, Fraser, Marris, Mennig, Larmer. Q 1 J First Row--Payne, Black, Mrs. Haskin, Curtis, Houck, Haight. Second Row--Clark, Smith, Tayntor, Burleson, Bliss, DeGroat. FOR ART'S SAKE The Handicrafters, besides having fun, gained valuable experience in varied art forms. They also acted as a ser- vice club. Some of their services included make-up and prop erties for the grade Christmas entertainment, posters and programs for the Drama Festival, and enlarging illustrations from 'Winnie-the-Pooh' for first grade use. At the art exhibit they had a show-case of puppets made for the Punch and Judy show given for the grades. Art Club members also taught visitors at the exhibit finger painting, spatter printing, and potato printing. The club officers are: Betty Haight, president, Louise Bliss, vice-president, and Mary Lou Tayntor, secretary-trea- surer. 56 WITH TEST TUBE AND MICROSCOPE The Science Club has aided its members in discovering the wonders and mysteries of science. Combining education with enjoyment, the future alchemists and technicians have conducted several successful experiments concerning photog- raphy, water culture, water softening, and the construction of a telegraphic apparatus. J e members attended the annual Science Congress at Sy- racuse in April. They also made a field trip to Eaton for the purpose of observing rock formations. The c1ub's officers include Edwin Harter, presidentg Jack Abbott, vice-presidentg Robert Potter, secretary, and Eustace Cramer, treasurer. Seated--Harter, Abbott, Potter, Fraser. Standing--Poole, Mr Mortimer. First Row---Burleson, McPherson, Houghton, Tayntor, Fuller, Burdick, Smith. Second Row--Fretz, Bach, Curtis, Mr. Nickel OFF THE RECORD The Press Club's eleven reporters remained busy all year writing news of school activities for five newspapers, The Madison County Leader, The Syracuse Herald-Journal, The Utica Daily Press, The Hamilton Republican, and the eneida Dispatch. The members strove to improve public relations, develop habits of clear, concise thinking and writing, and acquire skill in collecting, condensing, and organizing material. Experience was gained in writing headlines and leads, using the inverted pyramid, and eliminating editorializing. Achievement pins were awarded to regular contributors. Vera Jean Tayntor and Jean Houghton were elected editor and assistant editor, respectively. Y 58 S- IN THE MAKING The Yearbook Staff of 1942 offers this year's compact edition of the HAmariahu for your pleasure and perusal. We have attempted to make a distinctive book by using more copy incorporating a durable cover and cercla binding, and crea- ting a special feature section on School Life. We hope that these variations meet with your approval. The Staff wishes to express its appreciation to the Board of Education who have so generously financed the 1942 uAmariahn. It is their belief that yearbook advertisements, due to their media, work a hardship on local merchants. They are, therefore, taking this means of sponsoring the publica- tion. First Row--Fretz, Mr. Nickel CYearbook Adviserj, Mrs. Haskin CArt Adviserl, McPherson KEditorJ, Burleson, Smith, Tayntor. Second Row---Barker, Towsley, Church, Kelly, Abbott, Suits, Curtis, Bach, Robinson, Haight, Bliss. First Row---Jenny, Barker, Mr. Darling, Cunningham, Fraser, Second Row--Crandall, Harter, Cramer, Spader, Wootton,Chaphe Snell. Third Row--Stratton, Dutcher, Howlett, Davis, Sayles Smith, Mosher. DOING THEIR DUTY The local Boy Scout Troop 17 has been active in the na- tional waste paper campaign, having collected more than five tons. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this paper has been given to the Red Cross Emergency Fund. The scouts' activities also included constructing a trek cart and taking an over-night hike to Eaton. The troop was strengthened this year by twelve new mem- bers Iho are working for their tenderfoot badges. The troop was ranked twelfth at the Boy Scout Council. The officers are Charles Barker, senior patrol leader, and Bradley Snell, scribe. 40 ON M HONOR To help meet the emergency conditions of our country, the Senior Girl Scouts, Troop 29, abandoned the practice of working for badges and turned their attentions to community service. Some of the scouts interested in knitting made articles for the Red Cross and Bundles for Britain, such as R.A.F. helmets. Several meetings were devoted to learning bandaging and artificial respiration. Not overlooking recreation, the scouts organized basket ball teams with Jean Church and Jean Houghton as captains and played an intra-troop schedule. The officers of the troop, as elected in January are: patrol leader, Janet Smithg assistant patrol leader, Joan Holdeng and scribe, Maxine Clark. First Row---Fuller, Smith, Holden, Clark, Houghton, Second Row ---- Robinson, Miss Eaton, McPherson, Dexter, Hockridge, Church, Kelly. First Row---Kattau, J. Blowers, T. Wakelee, D. Spader, Dera- UBI, Houghton, N. Spader, Cook. Second Row---Black, Close, Judd, Eiholzer, Miss Tyler, Brooks, Holden, Marshall, McPher son. Third Row--DeGroat, Howlett, Fields, Burleson, Suits, Keys, Houck, Shaver, I. Wakelee, Wallace, Walters. Fourth Row---N. Blowers, Stewart, Dougherty, Gallagher, Payne, Kol- mer, Hawes, Waterson, Fraser, Tucker. I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE The Junior Girl Scouts have attained a membership of 41 under the leadership of Miss Mary Tyler. Activities this year include First Aid study, the sale of Christmas cards, and advanced work on badges leading to either a second or first class badge. The membership of the troop is augmented by Eaton and West Eaton girls who travel to the schoolhouse for meetings by bus. Miss Tyler is aided in leadership by Mrs. Howard Darling and Jean Church. The troop is divided into five patrols, each with its own leader. They have a rotating system of elections. TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC H,e Dancing Club was organized in September. The meet- ings were held Friday noons in the gymnasium. The purpose of the group is to improve social ease and self-confidence in both round and square dancing. During the year the club has purchased new records, in- cluding a volume of the Woodhull Boys' square dances and many modern recordings. They chose the following officers: Gregg Dougherty, pres identg Mildred Clark, vice-president, Hazel Suits, secretary. First Row---Stewart, Walters, Jackson, D. Gips, Starkweather, Fraser, P. Gips, Barker, H. Tucker, E. Smith, Deraway. Second Row---L. Judd, A. Judd, Bastian, Fretz, Miss Eaton, Mildred Clark, Dougherty, Suits, Mr. Snell, McPherson, Brannan, Tayn- tor, Webb, Curtis, L. Tucker. Third Row--S. Smith, Hockridge Abel, C. Gallagher, Eiholzer, Payne, Cashman, Towsley, E.Glps Andrews, Holden, Morris, Valerie, Fuller, Maxine Clark, Haight. Fourth Row--Burleson, L. Bliss, Kolmer, Pratt, Heav- ener, B. Smith, Evans, Walker, M. Bliss, Brown, Weimar, Kelly Campbell, Winkler, Robins, Northrup, Davis, S. Bliss, B. Gallagher. First Row---Miss Phelps, Wakelee, E. Shaver, Suits, Walters, Spader. Second Row--Smith, D. Shaver, Gallagher, Burleson, Johnson, Keys, Curtis, Wilkinson. WITH NEEDLE AND THREAD The Homemaking Club was organized early in September with Miss Phelps as its adviser and instructor. The sixteen members from the seventh and eighth grades have enjoyed the work throughout the year. The first part of the year they were taught how to run the sewing machines and also how to read patterns. Later they enjoyed making bedside bags and small ch11dren's dress- es for the Red Cross. These active members enjoyed a Thanksgiving party which they planned and prepared themselves. They chose the following officers: Marjorie Suits, pres identg Evelyn Shaver, vice-president, and Irene Wakelee, secretary. OH THE GRIDIRON This year the six-man football team had its first com- pleted season winning two out of five games. The squad, which consisted of twelve boys, gave its ut- most at all times. Although pitted against more experienced teams, they ably represented the school. The starting line- up included Lester Each, endg Carlos Tayntor, centerg Robert Jackson, endg Harold Tucker, quarterbackg Arnold Walters and Norris McCann, halfbacks. A feature of the team's running and passing offense was the 'Y' formation adapted into the six-man game in this seo- tion by Coach Snell. M-E V 6 Hamilton 36 41 Brookfield O 12 Madison 24 19 Leonardsville 12 12 Van Hornesville 13 First Row--Clark, Walters, Gips. Second Row--Mgr. Storrer, Sawyer, Spader, Tucker, Cramer, Coach Snell. ON THE HARDWOOD COURT This year the basketball team completed its first sea- son in the Upper Mohawk Valley League. The competition was the keenest ever encountered by a UMaroon and Whiten quint. 0f their fifteen games Coach Sne1l'a charges won four. High scorer for the season's play was Harold Tucker, forward with 116 points. Those receiving varsity letters were Capt. Arnold Walters, Harold Tucker, Austin Sawyer, Thomas Clark, Guy Spader, and Daniel Gips. Under the tutelage of Mr. Rugaber the junior varsity won eight of their fifteen games. M V M V Sherburne 21 28 Cazenovia 12 22 Earlville 21 23 Sherrill 21 42 Oneida 21 28 Cazenovia 14 23 Waterville 31 23 Canastota 25 24 Earlville 18 12 Hamilton 17 33 Clinton 25 43 New Hartford 17 43 Canastota 31 16 Waterville 19 28 Hamilton 26 28 Totals 321 416 SCIIINII. LII' I f xsg fl gg , 1,2 4-L , X .X Y , 5-'Q 5 1 fff 71 f 'zzz'-fi, I ,MV 2297 1539 'HM X' I 5 I I i K -Ni f ' X ' b H Y -- i-1 X rw X ' , -. rw X , A 559- . ,.-.K " ' -,-... fiig-1 N f' X .X 2.-2'-1? 1 Sv -f ' in nw xg wg' '. lg: 1, f ' ft V 1. I ' 1 Q-Q30 J Low S 1 4 UW Tfiicfffg I - i 1304 . rf I -ing IN Y W N ff 1 ..! 1,1 . .An . xi '.4 I , I vw 'Nil I 2 'QF MW 'E ! -A' "1 EZ! I2 -- Q sg fy K., K 21 1' msn: Nl ff 1., 4 , I . X .EL 4 I on 1-.A .VL X. , 5 . K ' 5 I-, .Sf I f .., nw Q, f ,Lbs g 2. 1 1 A, 6 ,.., i V . , L'f'?':r f. X -fl Q A Bvw It Y 'E A 5 lx up-K! ..- .1 AWWE ,f ln, n n Nl,, 2 -7 -+-- ' Wy I I if-B -, 2' .. .L B' 'T' 1' . V if 1 ltr-Oh. ! I L :Vw Jim ' V-4.435 wM f5qwg 1sW'fg 1 V g,gQLl9 Q' .. - '11,-l 5 if A , - ' , .--M ' A .X ' 1-X4 ' N 1 we 'V 4' ij. I hge?-.,,0wrm ,-if 4 I Yi: X .1 .V itz lm X x-.. ,f --vw X ,K 6 1 W if W1 i fm Q fx ! "BW if E w ff 71 rf' an .Va tx u, F ff 11" 1. 3 6 1 QQ'n'f f ll l . . I g Q., 'T' - , Q . ffm. in j,f'?',- 4 I lp. , ' V g i ,, f f Wi 'x 'Y 1. 'N Ya ,f 1 , , g . Je ,. i. V . aglffl' 5 U-W: i 'I' 4 LTL iff 0 0 X-is B' is ', I 1 :": ' . N A. UA ,S -I 34,21 ' .Y . iffwf -. Nx?33'5r""' Ig 'Y :A V1 I., If I ' z- x . diy, V. ,Q 1 Y I qxff' gif ,n . A ., M - -4 I fp, . , I 4' '-,, ' " A r .t ,N gg ,W 5, - "-5, . Q9 X 5 H 'ff2'i'F' " 74 ' Q iz had :vw 11" -1:3 4 W' E ,,.. ,, .-:.w""" LM' ' 2 1 if 5 Q' rlwfv' 1-,- ' 5- K! f -0 I I W. ,V , 9 .- 'U -an ,, ,,. N. '- ,- Xfjw ,-Sq 1242 Vi'-74':."'f 3'Q,Hf1'f' IN Q. V F -1 , 5 7g?,v:'1if,fmgih4 JF: ",L'vHt'.1l"f.-U Y- 131,124- 1 mm'g.a-ky -2 x , . .uf-.1 1' uw. 'fra :.. Vial, .. .- -,- 's-"'Q4A ll 1 6' ,ffl 1 , 5 -. ff- - v . ,swif .fm I x Y ii 4 5 V' Q-uv "1 llfvvff 1 1 J H 1 71, 6 J . , A3 If 1 .git a 1 4 1 t 5' v. 'L 5' NA , : L L ,sy UN D " he 5 QQXXXDEQQ ffliiwf 'Y'llllH sw W! s It A ,K is 1 lynn, 1 sl 1 alum ' Jl ff' w Xe! , , 5 'l ff -. . Mu '

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