Morristown School for Boys - Salmagundi Yearbook (Morristown, NJ)

 - Class of 1956

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Morristown School for Boys - Salmagundi Yearbook (Morristown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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I 'NN jfsgngo nc QSSQQQO 1. 0 Inn Uxn Q G 'O Zhu 0 L ?rh Qu 553 ? rx? 'S 2 A 'E-tid-e T 'ii Q --ww ' 1.-4, --,AXB -' "' X xi-1 ,-,.4- vu L X91 f 4 o 2.10 '29 'Q -,J if .fa y . Q, 12. if f fs P 462 556 C nk- 9 W2 CQ 9 Cjgw ....,,N.. ggvv' j gan N. g "NL . S-I ' V.- S f is-L 3-L is : K V 1 kv, -- u: ,. - - f::1 I"1 " 5 X, -A an Q: AJ.-1.1 1 ,T , .. . ' .'1., -, 1 4 f,..,AL5,,.V,. .,,-, ,Y,.,,e,,,,v , sg:-A, 154e.,N3"l- ,.-.W .1 -1 if :1-163.-Q?.f1 wi ', ..., . --fl v.. 1 -, I ,r-. , ,-,f1- f,,1,, ,, "I"' ' 'T ' 11 ' aff' -'L.AL21nt1" TA. 1 'k '1.'efg3w-I-1 .V f A -Xgvx .,1,, 'z 1 WLM N - .l. .12 ,C ', . , ,. -, .1 ,. . ,- , 1f., W, V- ' -5' ' ' 1' , -L',,f7" T4 ,, . ,,,, ,. . 1 T'f,1,..- L., 1.4 9:31 . -,nf 1 ,A :1, fy 3,5 , 1. , ' 1' '1f',r "1'V..,'- .1 -ww.-WS' Tj-1 JY . , ,, 1 1 .,r , .,,J 1 4 :1f'1, 1 . ..,1, . M1 ' 'V ,,a,.?Sf. Q ,Wm We limi. . ,-ur w .1 1,. , . F112 ' " 'vv . 4' 1 1 :T ' ,E :tix K , r , D' I s- 1 ws. In . L , , , 1 The FIFTY- EIGHTH GRADUATING CLASS of IXFXJYFIRLH x g 'el Q be Q Q5 Morristown School Pre f SALM! U N mifagaiiim' DEDICATICDN This year Morrislown School has los? a greal man. To all of us who have been here, he has represenled lhe besl of l'he lvlorrislrown ideal. Whalever we have learned in The way of under- slanding olhers, sell-discipline, The abilily lo sland on our own lwo leer, in a large measure, is ai- lribulable lo Mr. Wilkie. l-le always lei us know whal was expecled ol us and mos? of lhe 'lime we came Through: bul if we fell down on some rules or on our sludies, wilh his warm, palernal smile, he knew how +o make us realize our failings and amend lhem. Mr. Wilkie is leaving our school, buf we who have been lorlunafe enough To know him are gralelul for Jrhal privilege. l'le is a man we have been able +0 admire, respecl and, as besi we can, imilale. A mosi necessary addilion To our mind's piclure of Mr. Wilkie is his wife, Mrs. Wilkie. Always or hand lo lake care of lhe derail work akin 'rc adminislraling a school of our kind, she also lounc lime lo lend a hand and make order oul of dis order when special aclivilies were faking place. We, The gradualing class of l956, could no leave To all Morrislonians any beller wish lhan lha of wishing for anofher "Mr, and Mrs. Wilkie" +o guide lhem lhrough lheir years al Morrislown School. If a visilor should come 'ro Morrislrown School, le+ us suppose on a weekend, he would be mosf likely To 'Find Mrs. Wilkie al lhe lypewrilrer, a very familiar scene lo lhose of us al M.S. Yer, wilh all 'rhe work fha? is required of her, seven days a week usually, Mrs. Wilkie is always willing To cheer- fully help us wilh our problems. We don'+ know whaf we would have done wilhour her. FACULTY FACULTY MEMBERS Lefl' fo righf: Mr. Levesque, Mr. Nagy. Mr. Riclrarcl, Mr. Maclin, Mr. Paradis, Mr. Burlre, Mr. Willie, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Terwilliger, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Crowell, Mr. Moliloris. -Q 'M .s, , .L iiiiffl ',,'- - L if -,-,,X l ll N. ', R ' 1 l JOHN H. BURKE Colby: Columbia Aihleiic Direclorz Lower School: mafics, Social Sfuclies, Baseball. Ma+he- RALPH WALLACE Juilliard Sclwool of Music: BA. M.A., Columbia Direcfor of Glee Club. Opere++a, Or- ganisf: Lower School-Music, English, Reading. ARNER TERWILLIGER B.S.. Colgale: MA. Monlclair S+a+e Teachers College Biology. Chemisfry. Physics. l PATRICK MACKIN BA., MA., Se+on Hall Universiiy Upper School-English, Social Sfudies: Lower School-Social Sfudies. Cross- Counfry. Baskefball Couch. GERARD A. PARADIS B.A.. Assumpfion College Upper School-French. JOSEPH A. MOLITORIS B.A.. Befhany College Upper School Malhemaiics. Foofball Track Coach. GILBERT A. LEVESQUE B.A. Assumplion Colloge: Bache- lor of Theology. Laval Universify Upper School-Lufin. English. Tennis Coach. l EDWARD NAGY Pl'1.D. Universify of Madrid Upper School-Spanish. DAVID A. CROWELL B.A. Yale Upper School-English. ERIC RICKARD E.E.. Cornell: M.A. Columbia Upper School-Physics. Meth. IV. and Plane Geomefry. qw gf, 'St x xfgsffr MORRISTOWN Sc:-noon. WHIPPANY ROAD MoRR1s'rowN. New JERSEY June 9th, l956 To the Faculty: We, the graduating class of l956, would like to express our deepest and most sincere appreciation for the hours of hard work which the faculty and Mr. Wilkie have generously donated toward our graduation. We realize that we have been trying at times with our pranks and jokes, and we feel that we would never have succeeded in our curriculum if the faculty had not taken the bitter with the sweet, and borne us out. Our years here at M. S. have been filled with many happy and some sad memories. Our dreams and hopes for the future would never and could never have come true without your tireless and unselfish help and guidance. We, the fifty-eighth graduating class of Morristown School with our hopes and follies, will leave you, but the fond memories of your ceaseless toil for the betterment of tomorrow's youth will linger with us forever. We depart, thinking of you always with gratitude. The Sixth Form, '56 SIXTH F0 JOHN CHARLES BELL Shongum Boarder Embry Riddle Swimming I, 2. 3: Hoclrey Mgr. Traclr 5, 67 Foofball 63 5. Chairman 6: Kiichen Crew 2, Mgr. 3, 4, 5, 6: 9 Band 5, 6: Cosmo Cafs 5, 6 News- paper 3, 4. Exchange Salmagundi 6: Opereffa I, Editor 67 BERRY The Peoples Friend" l-lis love lor music carry him far perl ol M.S. personalily will Boarder M.S. I Year Cal-Tech 6: Band 61 "The Hack." e his brolher, Frank. Also, like very good sfudenl. lhe Toms River boys, came here in s Jack is very popular wilh his classmales. 67 Tracl: 67 Newspaper 61 Sal- Whippany Day Cornell JOHN ALAN BERTHA Tennis 4, 5, 6: Glee Club 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6: Chapel 6: Columbia Youlh Forum on I1S0h A Evenis Hard Boulfon Prize I, 2, 3: Tesl' I. 2. Bugsy - Alan is His scholasiic apfilucle bring him success in BOGAN Day M.S. 4 Years School ol Mines 5, 6: Assl. Six Man Coach 6. 's friendly personalily and aflilude beneiif him al Monlana or anywhere old Timers." spirif will Llbrary "l'larcllucli His Iolcing wifh llwis ever he may BRUCE ROBERT BOWKER Boarder M.S. 2 years Weslminsfer 6 Newspaper 5 6 Salmaquncln 6, Raduo Club 5. 6, Sfore 6: Sfage Crew 5. 6. seldom seen wnlhoul a smile. a serious sruclenf, and fo be successful where- PETER Shongum Cornell News 5. 6: Salmagundi 6: 5: Track 5, 6: Sfudenf Council 6- Pefe" - Pele never.says much. sure fhaf when he does i+'s worlh can always be counfed on fo do a good 2 Years Bar and a exlerior, DONALD GALLAGHER Jr. Boarder M.S. 5 Years Da rfmoulh rack 5, 6: Newspaper 65 Ednfor Sal- Club 3, 4, 6' Cosmo of The school's "old Timers." cla . ' a humorous lype of person. 5, 6: OpereHa 2, , Ca'rs 5 6' Sfore 6: ss He has a seruous DAVID BA Shongum Varsnfy Foofball 6, Varsniy 6: Varsify Baseball 5: Co-Capfain Daves woman lullmg abuluhes and easy fo hum have made hum very popular down and also af MS Alhlelucs and sfudues Years 41, ,nr 'MW-. ERIC WAYNE JOHNSO Shongum Da Missouri School of Boxing 5: Track 6. "Wick" - Eric, one of lhe mosfly for hunfing and known os, .Ziff M' if I ,fkil Q Cornell ARD KISELIK Day M.S. 4 Years 4, 5, 6: Debafing Club 6: Columbia Salmagundi 6: Newspaper 6: School Anofher one of Morruslowns characfers friends al school will mass his powers of Hisfory and English. Shongum Day WILLIAM BOYCE LUM f - . 2' M: I f i f -,w as W5 J ff. I3 ' 'Sl I 26' Ei AJ . e H ,tk U. ,qw wgg,?y V. W gsgw j1r?1I:g.fjx-Q15 I ,.g.,A1?f,,b. .pf ,gm -M yi: T"-1"i5"?L3N 5I:,2f?:?e.i51"2ff.'Q?'5''xffxfii' -,1-xg-.1g:imw: fifiw-hi-'ii-r5.'5'1r' f eregf-Q xyf.. ..73Z,1.4::55 md M 1 .pf ,.:. 3 , , f-wg .ufffi v I 'iw F62 nfxmigz if MALONEY Day M.S. I Year Lafayeffe Track 6. wiII be remembered mosfly for his his mumbIed remarks. He is also one reiuvenafors, and he should do well in Foofball 5, Varsify 6: Baskefball Capfain 6: Baseball Varsify 3, 4, 5 Sfore 5: Council 6. an ardenf parfy qoer E Council did much Io ig- Iween sfudenfs and I Darfmoufh is one our His an udenf be well help ANTHONY MARINACCIO Day M.S. 3 Lafayeffe 5: Baseball 4. is one of our class clowns. He is smile: his genialify will in The medical profession. Years MORRIS OTTO Whippany Clarkson Tennis 4, 5, 6: Salmagundi 6: Stage Crew Ligh+ing Mgr. 4. 5, 6. "Tad" - He will always be idenfified fronical genius. His dry humor and cooperafe have made him well liked. Years PENNELL OVERMAN. Jr. Day M.S. 4 Years Colgale 4 5 Capfain bg Baslrefball 4, 5: School Tennis Tournameni' HOV.. f hea rd bu classes Penn. of ihe boys who is always His sly wil has lcepi' all his JOSEPH P Whippany Royal Academy of Dramalic Baskefball 3, 43 Tennis 5, by Salmagundi bg Newspaper 5, 6: 4, 5, 6: Mos? Improved Sfudenf "The Profile" - Pa+'s worldly affifude manner make him The mos? popular His singing will be echoing fhrough M.S.'s for many years fo come. 7 Years England MAURICE CHACE Shongum Boarder Rollins Shongum Foofball 4, 5, bg Hockey 4, 57 Track Glee Club 4, 5, 65 Enferlainmenf 6: Council 5, Senior Prefecf 6' "Cheddar" - Chace's serious observed by lhe maiorify really humorous naiure and sense of fairness rhose around him REILLY Day M.S. 5 Years Dame 6: Hockey 3, 4, 5, Capiain 3, 4: Track 4, 5, 6: Lower School Hockey Award 5, 6: Glee Club 2, 6: Ancieni' Hisfory Award 3: Lafin Council 5, 6: En+er+ainmen'l' Com- Jack does well bolh scholashcally and M.S. will miss his clowning and fall fales. usually leadership by RODNEY SMITH Lehigh Day M.S. 2 Years 5 6' Baseball 6- Enferfammenf Rod may look sleepy somelimes, buf on a loolball field and walch him come and his Auslin won'+ be forgolfen. THOMAS JOHN Shongum Day Be+hany Tom is a boy who came +0 purpose of working. A sleady sonalify makes Tom one of ihe per- M.S. bf i weighf RICHARD LYON STINSON Day M.S. 5 Years Monfana School of Mines Capfain 67 Track 4, 5. 6: Debafing one of our seriously inclined always held considerable around school. GEORGE ALFORD Wlmippany GBT! Lehigh Foofball Varsnfy 6: Baseball 6. Gnqe - George will be remembered lefic abilify and his Merc's loud duals. "Unk made of our any oflwer ROBERT STANDISH WlLKlNS 6: Track 4, Varsifv 5, Canfain 6: Boarder M.S. 3 Years Darlmoullw Comm7f+ee 5: Glee Club 5. 6: 5, 6: Sfore 6: Sfudenl Council 6: Associafe Edifor 5, Ediior Evenfs Award 4. clnaracfer and dry lwurnor have well liked prelecls. One succeed a+ Darfmoullw or and ailwlelically. MILAN L. Whippany Beflwany Varsify Foolball 4. 5, kb: Track 4, Varsify 5, 6: Caldwell Service 4. spiril. 1 "Teddy Bear" - Milan liked llwe flwal' he came back for a P.G. Course. l-le valuable assel 'fo llwe class because of his Graduate ears P.G. RICHARD GORDON Shongum Newark College of "Gerr--vass" - Richard came 'r has become one of +he class ' ' d'n our 'Hams' and acco r seems +o be his prime Qlv Tom has been a+ M.S. for only s shown good scholasfic capabilifies in music. Day M.S. I Year P.G. Princefon RICHARD GARY Y C Whippany Da Universi+y of Miami Glas Club 6: OpereH'a 6. "Tl'ie Hood" - Diclc is on he year who has lil' info 'l be remembered for his voice. +l1is He will singing Abdul was here. 'lv Lell 'ro righf: Zeis, Wilkins, Peabody lSenior Prefecfl, Reilly. Adam. Missing: Lum, Briggs. .1 .,.- ki E s 5 . "ii i .4 ,,:L 1, A CHACE PEABODY Senior Prefeci' STUDENT COUNCIL Sfudenl governrnenl has long been a parl' of Morrislown School: if supplies 'lhe necessary supporr and cohesive force 'ro insure a well run school and a harmonious sfudenf body. Since The prelecfs are piclced by lhe sfudenfs fhemselves, wilh 1-he approval of Mr. Wilkie, 'rhe relafionship befween our boy: and lhe facully is a close one and one which gives +he pupil a beiter chance +o obiain a more com- plefe eclucafion. 25 Lefl lo righl, Kneeling: Drake, Henry, Rearick, Taylor, Neslor, Naegle, Eizenberg, Kline. Slanding. Firsl' row: Capslick, Sills, Pilman. Herbison. Fox, Lancey, Mohrenweiser. Sfucke, Zeis. Teslan, Adam. Maas. Slanding, Second row: Wellbrock, Budd, Sherman. Timson. Seabrook, Pike, Green. Desiderio. Hine, Whifman, Campbell, Fainglas. BRUCE K. ADAM Pillslown-Box 60 New Jersey HAROLD B. BUDD Columbia Road Convenl' Slalion, N. J. KENNETH L. CAMPBELL I35 Greal Hills Road Shorl' Hills, N. J. PETER H. CAPSTICK Lake Shore Drive Lake Valhalla Monlville, N. J. RALPH T. DESIDERIO IOI Gregory Avenue Wesl Orange, N. J. RICHARD B. DRAKE 38 Sylvan Drive Morris Plains, N. J. WILLIAM E. FAINGLAS 62 Washinglon Avenue Morrisfown, N. J. BRADLEY K. FOX Normandie Blvd. Morrislown, N. J. PETER P. GREEN 86 Churchill Road Tenafly, N. J. ROBERT C. HENRY I5I Ridgedale Avenue Madison, N. J. FIFTH FORM JOHN H. HERBISON I33 Summil' Avenue Summil, N. J. JAMES 5.1-HNE 236 While Oak Ridge Road Shorl Hills, N. J. ROBIN M. KIRWAN I99 Washinglon Avenue Chafham. N. J. MICHAEL H. KLINE Spring Valley Road Morrislown, N. J. ROBERT E. LETHBRIDGE 75 Lake Road Shorf Hills, N. J. JACOB von L. MAAS 297 Morris Avenue Ml. Lakes, N. J. RICHARD H. MOHRENWEISER Maple Avenue Succasunna, N. J. RALPH W. NESTOR. JR. 560 Fairmounl Avenue Chalham, N. J. ALBERT PIKE, 3rd. 59 Gordonhursf Avenue Upper Monlclair, N. J. DONALD PITMAN I05 Ashland Road Summit N. J. JOHN S. REARICK. JR. 4-I5 Woodland Avenue Wesllield, N. J. WILLIAM C. SEABROOK, 3r 24 Ball Road Ml. Lakes, N. J. JOHN W. SHERMAN 70 Woodland Road Maplewood, N. J. CHARLES H. SILLS 46 Crescenl Place Shorl Hills. N. J. DONALD W. STUCKE I3 Park Terrace Upper Monlclair, N. J. ROBERT R. TAYLOR 230-5 R.D. I Sparla, N. J. PETER R. TESTAN 3I Jackson Avenue Chalham, N. J. FRANK W. C. TIMSON. JR II Pinewood Courl Shorf Hills. N. J. WILLIAM D. WELLBROCK 3 Dunnder Drive Summit N. J. ROBERT W. WHITMAN 383 Hobarf Avenue Shorl Hills, N. J. JOHN G. ZEIS 73 Fairmounf Avenue Morrislown, N. J. BRUCE P. BARNETT IO0 Franklin Slreef I3A-II Morrislown, N. J. WILLIAM K. BIGELOW, JR. I5I Garfield Avenue Madison, N. J. WILLIAM D. BIRCH. JR. 332 Reserve Slreel' Boonlon, N. J. GARY C. BRANDLE 54 Keeler S'rree+ Springfield, N. J. EDWARD G. BUXTON I7 Edgemonl Avenue Summil, N. J. JOSEPH P. CHIMENTO 59 Greenwood Avenue Madison, N. J. STEPHEN H. COCKS Kifchell Road Convenl, N. J. PAUL A. DANCO 39 Springbrook Road Morrisfown, N. J. GEORGE E. DUNN 55 Scenic Drive Rainbow Lakes Denville. N. J. STEWART A. DUNN, JR. ISI Hobarr Avenue Shorr Hills, N. J. JOHN S. DURYEE I89 Summil' Avenue Summit N. J. FOURTH FORM HAR'RY FANOK, ard. Norfh Jefferson Road Whippany, N. J. JAMES B. FURMAN 75 Mine Mounl Road Bernardsville, N. J. JEFFREY H. GILLESPIE Wood Road, R.D. I Morrisrown, N. J. JOHN F. GIORDANO Hilllop Circle Morrislown, N. J. ALFRED J. R. GORDON 90 Oak Ridge Avenue Summit N. J. GUSTAVUS G. HANCOCK 20 Homer Avenue Morris Plains, N. J. LOWELL E. JAEGER Lake Valhalla Monfville. N. J. GUSTAF B. KALIJARVI, JR. 260 Park Slreel' Upper Monlclair, N. J. 'KENNETH E. MALONEY 42 Springbrook Road Morrislown, N. J. WILLIAM E. MORRISON. Bernardsville New Jersey CHARLES R. NAJARIAN I9I Union Sfreel' Monlclair, N. J. GLEN L. NELSON R.D. Box I7I New Vernon, N. J. JR. FRANK H. NORTON Possum Hollow Green Village, N. J. KENNETH H. PHILLIPS Pos? Kennel Road R.F.D.-Far Hills. N. J. WILLIAM T. PUGH, 3rd Wes? Main Sfreef Mendham, N. J. ALVAH ROCK 82 Prospecl Sfreel' Madison, N. J. DAVID C. RUTGERS Park Lane Madison. N. J. WILLIAM E. SCHRAFT 95 Pomeroy Road Madison, N. J. ARTHUR L. SCHWAB 7 Willow Way Florham Park. N. J. PAUL E. SHOEMAKER I5 Wells Lane Shorr Hills, N. J. BYRON D. SICKMAN 2l Winding Way Morris Plains, N. J. WILLIAM T. THORNE 56 Fuller Avenue Chatham, N. J. MACY M. WALSH I2I5-29I'h Sfreef, N.W. Washinglon, D. C. GEORGE K. WELLER Madison Avenue 8: Canfield Road Convenl, N. J. Left Io right Kneeling: Danco, Giordano, Schraff, Jaeger. Gillespie, Gordon, Bigelow, Walsh, Pugh Sickman. Slandinq, Firsl' row: Fanok, Barneff, Kaliiarvi, Rock, Brandle, Schwab, Birch, Rulgers, Eur man, Naiarian, Buxfon. Morrison, Dunn. Slanding, Second row: di Palma, Maloney, Chimenfo, Duryee Hancock, Phillips,-Weller, Nelson, Cocks, Norfon, Dunn, Shoemaker. Lell lo righl, Kneeling: De Palma, Jesraly, Thomas, Wallon, Underwood, Morgan, Kennedy. Slanding, Firsl' row: Wilson, Bol'win, Remsen, Richardson, McBain, Kelcham, Des Reis, Easlman, Eggerl. Koeck. Slanding, Second row: Price, Talusko, Cornell, Crowl Coles, Edgar, Boeck, Gallagher, Zobian. WALTER G. BOECK 8l Lake Drive MI. Lakes, N. J. RICHARD C. BOTWIN 7l2 Speedwell Avenue Morris Plains. N. J. CHRISTOPHER B. CHANDOR Childs Road Baskinq Ridge, N. J. HOWARD N. CHRISTOPHER Sl Pine Terrace Easl Shorf Hills, N. J. JOHN G. COLES, JR. Lake Valhalla Monlville, N. J. HUGH A. CORNELL 2I Prospecf Hill Avenue Summil, N. J. CHRISTOPHER C. CROWL- Hilllop Road Mendham, N. J. ROBERT A. DE PALMA 58 Easl' Ml. Pleasanl Avenue Livingslon, N. J. RICHARD W. DES REIS 50 Fernwood Road Summit N. J. PHILIP C. EASTMAN SIS Birch Avenue Wesllield, N. J. 28 THIRD FORM CHARLES M. EDGAR 5 Maple Avenue Basking Ridge, N. J. DENNIS GALLAGHER Beechwood Drive Morrislown, N. J. JAMES A. HENRY ISI Ridgedale Avenue Madison, N. J. JAMES H. JESRALY 568 Fairlawn Parkway Fairlawn, N. J. ROGER C. JOHNSON 25 Oak Drive Chafham. N. J. JAN B. KENNEDY - I Warwick Circle Springfield, N. J. SCOTT F. KETCHAM 93 Beekman Road Summil, N. J. RICHARD L. KOECK 2 Wyndenursl Drive Madison, N. J. TERRY KREMENTZ Mendham Avenue Morrislown, N. J. JAMES A. McBAlN, JR. 70 Crane Road MI. Lakes, N. J. THEODORE MORGAN 34 Sprinqbrook Road Springfield, N. J. WILLIAM H. PRICE, JR. Easl' Main Slreel' Mendham, N. J. WILLIAM T. REA Mine Brook Road Bernardsville, N. J. DEREK M. REMSEN Millbrook Road New Vernon, N. J. JAMES RICHARDSON Box 95 Mendham, N. J. MICHAEL G. TATUSKO 36 Lyon Place Springfield. N. J. VICTOR D. G. THOMAS I27 Green Village Road Madison, N. J. ANTHONY J. WALTON 34- Edgehill Avenue Morrislown, N. J. HERBERT M. WILSON, 3rd Soulh Beverwyck Road Troy Hills, N. J. MARK A. ZOBIAN 8I Miller Road M orrisfown. N. J. PETER H. BUXTON I7 Edgemonl Avenue Summit N. J. DONALD D. CHIAPPE 625 Speedwell Avenue Morris Plains, N. J. EDWIN L. HARRIS, 3rd 25 Meadowbrook Road Clwalbam, N. J. JAMES L. LATHAM, JR. Overlook Road Morrisiown, N. J. WALLACE G. NAYLOR R. D. I, Millbrook, Rd. Dover, N. J. WALTER ORR Old Gladslone Road Clwesler, N. J. GEORGE A. SCHELLER 65 Old Sliorl Hills Road Sl1orlHiIls, N. J. BRETT A. SEABURY Old Lane Towaco, N. J. ALBERT J. KEENAN, 3rd. I8 Madison Avenue Madison, N. J. KENNETH E. KOSTENBADE 450 Sussex Avenue Morrislown, N. J. RICHARD D. LETHBRIDGE 75 Lake Road Sliorl Hills, N. J. THOMAS S. MAROTTA ZI 3 Tall Slreef Boonlon, N. J. DAWSON MCKEOWN I48 Wafclnung Avenue Clnalllam, N. J. CHARLES I. PRESCOTT 26 Clinlon Avenue Maplewood, N. J. CHARLES M. RICHARDS 53 Hemlock Road Sliorl Hills, N. J. WALTER G. SIMONDS I9 Blackburn Place Summil, N. J. PETER SPILLER Van Buren Road Morrisfown, N. J. R. JAMES SIMONSON 23 Rowan Road Clmalham, N. J. WILLIAM J. STEWART, JR 26 Creslview Road Ml. Lakes, N. J. ROBERT E. WHEATON. JR I2 Easl Lane Sliorl Hills, N. J. JAMES W. WHITLEY 37 Crescenl' Road Madison, N. J. RALPH E. YOUNGERMAN 47 Meadowbrook Road Clwallwam, N. J. FRED R. BOECK 8I Lake Drive Ml. Lakes, N. J. CARL W. BRIANT Granniss Drive Morris Plains, N. J. JEFFREY S. BURROUGHS 82 Blackburn Road Summil, N. J. STEWART A. CARLOUGH 37l Diamond Hill Road Berkeley Heigluls, N. J. LOWER SCHOOL Leff fo riglwl, Firsl row: Mckeown, Carlouglw, Burroughs, Slewarl, Buxlon, Seabury, Riclmards, Simonds, Marolfa. Second row: Lellmbridge, Lalliam, Clwiappe, Wlwilley, Wlwealon, Simonson, Spiller, Prescolf, Keenan, Brianf, Boeck, Harris. NAME BARAN ......... BELL ..... BERRY ...... BERTHA ....... BOGAN ....... BOWKER ..... BRIGGS ........... .......... GALLAGH ER ......... .......... GERVASE ........ .......... HILEY ...... JOHNSON ...... .......... KISELIK ........ LUM ......... KNOWN AS PET SAYING LIKES DISLIKES Speeding .....,.,, ........ T lClKel'S ..... .Dixieland ....... La le Hours ..........TeCldy Beer ..........-You Think Sol ..........The People's Friend ..............Ho! ls Zal You? ..........The Hack . .. ...........Who me? .Bugsy ........ .Did you Pass? ....... . .Slrelch ...... Hard Luck ...... .Pele .......... .Doodler .... .Grr-vass .Wick .... .Sol ......... .. .William B. ..... . MALON EY .......... ........... D on .. MARINACCIO NOBBE ........ OFFUTT ....... ..........Smiley ..........Tacl .Off ....,... OVERMAN ..... ........... O v .......,.... PATERNO ........ .......... PEABODY ........ .......... REILLY ......... .The Prolile . .Cheddar .. .The Slinger ..... RUTHVEN ....... ........... T om ..... SMITH ..... ........... . Smilly ..... STlNSON ........ ........... L oad ....... WH ITE , ........ WILKINS ........ ........ YOUNG ...... ............Gige ............Hood Uncle Bob ..... Hey Cuz! ............... Slay Loose Sherm. ...........You'll See! .Wise Up Baranl ....... ......,.... ...........Hey Bill! ...........WeII! ...........Don'l Sweal lll How aboul il babe? Ahhhhl ...............,...... ..........Man l'm lelling you ...........Did you see? ..........Whalcha say! ...........Who says so? ...........Ma-Poom . ...........Are you kidding? ...........Where's While? Duhl ..................... .ls lhal righl? ....... .Lel's go! ......... .Thal's a 'lacl ......... .Hi ya! ...... .Vclks Wagons Sl. E s ......... Belly ....... Horses . .,...., Sl. John's .. ....,,,Gelling Up .. , Boarding .... Delba rlon , ,,,,,, Buucks ...... . .......Subscriplions Dragging ......... ....... C ops Social Science Connie . Trappinq ..... Money ..... Parlies ..... Everylhing ....... ........... Teacher ...........Compelilion .. ..........,Gelling ca ugh Spending il Corner lables Nolhing ....... Everybody ..,.... ........... G lrl6S Hu Fl ..,........,... ............ L O FI ........... To be friendly Skipping oul Vicki ...... Lynn ,. Ealing ..... Chalham ......... .......... Day Dreaming Being heard Duals .... Barbara Cusloms ...... . Salurday classe Gelling caugh Sunday nighls Kenl Place ..... M. S. Lunch Ivy League .Work ............... Being lell oul Speed lraps Perla' poopers Mufflers ........... WANTS TO BE Millionneire ........ Airline Pilof ...... Engineer .... Docfor ........ Business Man ..... Banker ........ Trainer ............ Aufo-Sa lesman ..... WILL BE Janifor ...... ............... .......... Yo Yo Demonslralor Wafusi Tribesman ................ . Sick ........................... Tree Surgeon ...... Safe cracker ...... Bookie .......... Run over ......, Afomic Scienfisf ....... .......... D isinfegrafed ...... Counfry Squire ....... ........ . Hobo ................ Big game hunfer ......... ......... l ce cream man ..... Chemical engineer ................. Tesf +ube .....,. Hofel manager ....... ......... B ell hop ...... Ehl ............................................. ??????? ............. Gas sfafion affendanf ......... Elecfrical engineer lnvenfor ................. Mounfain climber Singer ............... .. Wall Sfreel' Broker Denfisi' ....... Sculpfor ...... Veferinarian ..... Marine Skin diver ......... Diplomal' ....... Polifician ....... Pumping gasoline ....... .......... Elecfrocufed ....... HAS LACKS Kiddie car ........ ........ . Fox fail ..... Merc ........... Hof car?77 .... ....... Soap ............ Weighfs . ..... . . ...... .Transmission .Bicycle chain Wafer ....... . ...... .M uscles ....... .. Sready girl ...... ....... . Marriage license Horse frailer .... Lincoln ......... Weighl' .,..... Flask ......... Bones ....... .......Fush Car ....... Jeep ......... Dyna Flow ..... Oufboard molor Erecfor sef ...... ........ .........lnven+ed .........Flagpole siHer .......Hub caps ..........Spaghel'+i farmer .......Excuses .................Broke .......Moods Sfea m shovel opera for ......... Chisler .......... .........Dog cafcher .........Space cader .........Sharkie Corrupl ........ Gangsfer ...,.. Sixleen Tons .... ...... Age ............... .. One half car ...... Ego ....... "Mole" ....... Bosfon Baby ...... ......... , Hair ............. ........Horse ........License D X ........Gin ........Flesh ........Push carl .Girl .... -.......Gas Buick ..... .... WORST HABIT .........-Job assembly Pepsi-Cola .......Hi++ing frees Loud +ies .......Reeding Po Go .Drinking Bell's Pepsi ...........Apple polishing .......Breaking sound barrier o'clock shadow ...........Sponging nabs Bogen ...........Arguing . .......... Hiding af parries .....,,.Q.Wise cracks ...........Hiding from girls Rubber band .............. c.Being in debf Screw driver .. ......... ......Bummin-. buffs .Bill of sale ................ ..2:30 departures . Proof ............. Being lafe .I. D. bracelet ............ -Kafhie ,Shovel ....... ......-Experience ......-O+her half ......,The gear Airplane ...... Barber .,.. Swiping food Whife Being fruslrafed lnferrupring Sneaking our New York Dirry while shoes 31 V"-113 FQ. if ,T .Wi r ,M I, ff, my pf, ' AW' 1' v ' "' F2 L' 'WWWFQ 11: I m, QE? wiv' 5 if fr inf if ifum M ' 5 L34 v "F iffy L, ks!-3 .1 ,Ch O he A ACTIVITIES 'hr Leiff lo righl: Palermo, Berry, Nobbe, BFIQQS. Gallagher llidiforl, Bell, Bow- ker. Kiselilc, Wilkins. 34 Edifor-in-Chief SALMAGUNDI STAFF This year's Salmagundi has endeavored lo give a good picrure of whar lvlorrisrown is really lilce. Many consider lhis bool: merely a group ol piciures and arricles of lv1.S. srudenis and aciivilies. Bur if ir is read carefully, one can see 'rhar if is a symbol of Morrisiown spirir, and rhis boolc will show him why lv1.S. means so much +o Hs sludenrs. ll is very difficulr lo appreciale The worlc and rhe +ime +ha+ wenl inlro producing rhis Yearboolc. There are an inlinile number ol phases lo lrhis iob and The whole laslc was in 'rhe hands of rhe Salamagundi Slalf and iheir able Edilor, Don Gallagher. DON GALLAGHER This year's newspaper sralil has followed lhe pallern sel lhroughoul' The years. A+ lhe same lime il' has added i+'s own Jrouch of originalify which makes every paper a good one. Under lhe wafchful eye of Bob Wilkins, lhe slall has issued four well-organized, inleresling, and well-ediled papers. Bob, who had lo lake lhe brunl of rhe work many limes, has done an excellenr iob in ediling lhe numerous arricles and olher miscellaneous. Bruce Adam, The assislanl' edilor This year, has conlribuled greally lo lhis year's newspapers and will have lhe iob of pulling our nexr years papers. Jack Reilly has supplied our financial aid wilhoul' which lhe "News" would be praclically impossible. Many olhers who are 'loo numerous lo menlion musr also be conqralulaled for lheir conlribulions. NEWSPAPER STAFF BOB WILKINS Edifor-in-Chief Firsf row, lell ro righf Berry Gallagher Wilkins lEdi+o l Relly B ggs Secon row: Kiselik, Phillips Adam Zers a er no. Sherman, Bowker Bell LeH fo dght Fhsfrow, Kneehng: Bdant Spmen Renuem Boeck Harug VVaHom Skkman, Jaegen Boeck Second row, Kneehngz laghen, Dennk. Richardsonh Buch, SHR, VVhealon, Rutgers Y GLEE CLUB One of The mosl frequenlly complimenled ex- fra--curricular aclivllies al Morrlslown has been Hs fine Glee Club. Under +he superior diredion of Mr. Wallace, Menlor of 'lhe vocal harmonies, If helps +0 malnlaln 'rhe cullural aspecls of school life. Each year, Jrhe Glee Club presenls lhree 'fra- clillonal fealuresq +he Chrislmas service, a Gilberl and Sullivan operella, and lhe graclualion pro- gram. The opere'r+a has always been and will con- Hnue +0 be Morrlsl'own's mosl imporlanl single event "er-m.. andle. Ber+l1a, Walslw. Third row. Sfanding: Eggert Peabody. Wilkins lerno, Sherman, Kalijarvi, Gallagher, Don. Desiderio. Tafuslco, Wel- '. Maas. Seabrook. Des Reis, Bell. Pal Paferno. Dick Young. Don Gallagher, and .lack Berry were Hue oulslanding performers in this years proclucfion-"Pira+es of Penzance." Mr. Wallace did an excellenl iob as usual and Hwe show has been called +l1e "bes+ year." fy r Mr. Wallace FirsT row. leTT To riqhT: Walsh, Bowlcer. Bell lChairmanl, Danco. Second row: Zeis, Budd, Peabody, Adam. Missing: Reilly. SmiTh, Thomas. JOHN BELL Chairman ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE This commiTTee is responsible Tor The social liTe aT MorrisTown. Their duTy is To organize and conducT The dances, which are very imporTanT To The school. This year's commiTTee was under The able leadership oT John Bell. Under his managemenT The school had several dances, We, of course, sTarTed The year wiTh The Halloween parTy, soon Tollowed by The FooTball Dance, WinTer Dance, and Senior Prom. These dances were all successful because of The greaT abiliTy oT The com- miTTee in decoraTing as well as in creaTing a cerTain spiriT. 38 This is 'rhe 'rhird year 'lhal Morrisfown School has had a debaling Team. The 'team was under lhe fine supervision and direclion of Mr. Mackin. The caplain and mos+ experienced member of +he Team was Diclc Slinson. Dick, Ken Phillips, Paul Danco and Bruce Adam are lhe only members of lasf years leam. They have all done well considering lhe size of our school and 'lhe newness of fhis club. DEBATING CLUB DICK STINSON Caplain M R. P. MACKIN Adviser Leif fo right Adam. Slinson. Danco Budd. Phillips, Morrison, Campbell, Zeis Leif lo righfz Beriha, Walsh. Adam. CHAPEL COMMITTEE This commiH'ee has been a parf of Morrisiown for many years. The Chapel commiilree is responsible for keeping lhe Chapel in if's always neal' appearance. I+ is a iob 'rhai requires much lending. This year's commiiciee was under Jrhe leadership of Alan Beriha. Under him were Bruce Adam, and Macy Walsh. All of lhese boys have done ,an excelleni iob in seeing Thai' The s'ruden'r's place of worship was well cared for. ATHLETICS 'Y - . Ab-,YH , 9 f h z, 535 A-" I ", ffl' 'L-:V ' -' Wi? ' K, ' " va, ,4-W-f'f'4fQf?!if" 1 - . . , .,Q,1' " f n , Mez? '7f.f!.'25':y5f.'1iff14' ' " 1 ' V , 'J J!-355: . ,,f ..,311mf' w 1-.M 1- , ' . -V-'-M31 We t- y , - . , w. ,,f . , , . v fff- iifxfff'-4 : 'de .. I . S+- 1-f fn, ww: Tp ,, . get . ' N u ' -F' 5 I ' P F -' N J" 5' -w .579 ,133 .5-1? f . va' 45 lg-ffl 1 in , : ,f,7f: 3? E 663 5 4 if K. .X .egg gQ,l5g.Q3.g, L . pw-fa. , ', 1:1 f5'5g.,:. .jcgiggfgw vig, 4 A V rv V , , ,,.,..35,,, .lyg-44.5151 z-eh -,xv-:vm-. V ' 1 --aussi? ,wp-1j,'Ny".,.ffj ' :3"" 'flfj,'?- Mg- . gf? fifxfif L ' SCORES ' '- ':gC5'fTl'94 M- ' my-f c mg v ' ' 3ff1:.Q,1:.w. 'ma sm, sci' uf' .j'w"f',au' H' . 1' .f QQ -,E mich 3- 1? X , 1 MOFFISTOWH Oppgngnfg ,ww - -u-":xU:f"- f , fu ...--c.-7 . If -. 53 .5 .,I'Q1,'f,9,L su A.. ,,, -, if W ,ii-g'-VL-.., Q, N--,,L-ii, -13 -,FJf4Q'fe,Le, ,gi .:'u,f':s3 0 N EWARK 2 I 5 H i , ., Le. --ge gnmwfiwrigk.. , 7 ST BERNARDS 6 x,1iCjm,4f55L,:7g zu ,. A -V I ' N . .nn V- M '- 'f,.g3 f,jg, 4' ' A ' 0 MONTCLAI R 6 ff' . k .Wh 1"-, ' ' ww, '?'Q"1'3:59WQQ57. '::g5.vs,,, 51,w.7:- ' . 'HSP-s'1Sg 44' Lagfgiyzht It 44 CARTERET 44 .,,v.,q,x Ziff, wil" r r "-f-0-Env . 6 ORATORY 20 6 DELBARTON 48 4 W359, 5 ' . . . ,-QJEEUTL3' 5 12541-":f'? 'gibyjgix X Tofal for Morrxsfown 63 - Opposlhon I4-5 4,.fg3'f-'z:L2g"f NLM, .. ' iff". Q.. 3'f,3v13Q3as535g?,- ' . . -1-v H ,Q - . : "Ev-.,L'-"., -, '1 . - 5,419 .-,Aff -4-'?:::.,..., ,, . K,-. J ,lgx-yflgikyey, ja-.ggeff ":':,.:-ze, ., v. g -3. , , 11 -,-,P -4 g,Fx77a:5p.--."' s -' '.'iFd?-Sea, " K ' V W ,, - - .z""y-ygfia,-1" ,,.-i3Efw:s.+ " '4-'wwf . ,'ff'if"fi-'-' ff"5f?"'35f5q "fi9n ' -'E"ig2?iff53 m':',2fe1?R'3?,qi5j2y ' '- .-Iwi' f 1 4 4 37 'A-'4Q2i1z?gA?21',1':a:2me51:21 -rggigigyqq-zwgfgisvgg. 41, .V , ,,. f " . .. ". my ' ,g,., f,: Y Q--,523rg.5,g:13q-g.?g:il42:f"' .43 xt, Q l5.c:.:..4.fgEgSg,z5 Egsqvgwi-35.5,,i555mFQ 55,2-g17q5.r4i'sg3. ::e3.s:Qi',g:,? ,q,1-r ,, -' .'-iw-',':"'-if Y.-' ,' va.-'1v:-'fzwix J: ,.., . xyff .EW 517' , , jr ,"" ' W - - ' -- +2122':2i?f.59ix3Z:.Esa1E2'ev FL X , , Mr. Moliforis and Mr. Couffs. coaches JACK REILLY Cap-fain . I. .2354 ,F , v ' Sealed, lefi fo riqhf, Firsf row: Zeis Campbell, Willrins, Lum, Neslor, Reilly Capfain, Hiley, While, Adams, Smirh Budd. Second row: Morrison, Phillips Handcoclr, Walsh, Easfman, Des Reis, Wellbrock, Lancy, Maas, Giordanno Schwalb. Third row: Overman, Bowlzeri Naiarian, Whifman, Capsficlc, Pi+man Bell. Maranachio, Berry, Naegle, mana- ger. FOCDTBALL T i S A v I1I'f'fQQ,fi1, A A1-C Due fo lack of weighf on 'rhe line and in The backfield, 'lhe Crimson and While produced, af best a mediocre record. Mr. Moliloris, 'fhe coach, and Mr. Glen CouHs, fhe line coach, worked firelessly wifh new recruifs, who formed over half of fhe siarling feam. Considering fhe facf fhaf only four leHer-men were leff from lasi' year's feam, +he record, fwo wins and four losses, was noi lofally uniuslified. The leHer-men relurning for nexl year consiifufe quile a few experienced players who have The necessary weighl 'ro back up fheir ex- perience. These facfors should help 'ro produce a more rounded ball club nexf year. ' IS ooo J eo o SCORES Opponenis LAWRENCEVILLE I2 PRINCETON H. C. 0 HILL 3 HUN 2 HILL 4 LAWRENCEVILLE 5 ToIaI Morrisfown I6 - Opponenfs 26 Hoclney aT MorrisTown has rapidly become one of The school's major sporTs. The squad played all The games away This season Traveling over seven hundred miles To and from games. Due To The usual laclc oT ice, The Team losT Tour and won Two games. Among The "Big Red's" conTesTs on ice were Lawrenceville, Hill, Hiun and PrinceTon H. C. all of whom have The use of arTiTicial ice rinlcs. ATTer losing mosT of lasT years Team, CapTain Jaclc Zeis and Coach Foley managed To puT TogeTher a TirsT line con- sisTing of Jack Reilly, Bill Morrison, Harry Fanolc, forwards, Jaclc Zeis, Boyce Budd, defense, and Bill Wellbrock Tending The neTs. HOCKEY l.eTT To righT: AlTernaTe CapT. Reilly, CapT. Zeis. AlTernaTe Capfain Budd. COACH FOLEY SiTTing, leTT To righT, TirsT row: Wellbroclc. Morrison, Budd, Zeis, Reilly Fanok, Giordanno. Second row, STanding: Bell, Edgar, PiTTman, Gallagher Mr. Folley, coach: SmiTh, Des Reis, STulce, RuTgers. Third row: Green Briggs, Bigelow,.Henry, Jaeger, Raye, Rearick. A A -ii Opponent 64 57 61 I I3 63 69 3 63 69 75 4 I 58 COACH MACKIN BILL LUM and DAVE HILEY Co-capfains Kneeling. Ieff To righfz Birch. Campbell, Lum, co-capfaini Hiley. co-capfain: Reilly, Kline. Denco. Second row, Sfandingz Adam, Phillips, Barnelt Kaliiarvi, Norfon, Fainglas, Whifman. Nelson. Tafusko, Brandle, Maloney, Desiderio. BASKETBALL This year's baslcelball 'ream cannof boasf a good record. buf 'rhe experience gained 'rhrough Mr. MacIcin's efforfs. will be invaluable ro fulure M.S. reams. The firsl' game was againsl' S+. Bernard's, 'ro whom we Iosl' by a close 64 'ro 60. Affer being bea'ren by Easfern, Morris- rown our scored Monrclair Academy for ifs firsf win 76 'ro 6I. Affer losing five srraighf games, Morrisfown beal' Hun by a score of 45 To 40. The second win of rhe season, al- Ihough noi an Ivy League game. Four games Iafer, Coach MacIcin's players were s'riII look- ing for Iheir rhird win. This came af Wardlaw, a surprisingly close game af 48 'ro 4I: rhis was noi' an Ivy League game eifher. The dismayed M.S. players were fo lose anofher Ihree games 'ro round up wi+h a record of I'hree wins and fifleen losses. a quiI'e uneven+fuI season. 47 , fi 15 'I' is X -:Q ,K-.K -. fs? CV i if - D l C K S Tl N S O N C a p fa i n my ii s Kneeling. lefi 'fo righf: Danco, Briggs. Edgar. Sfanding, Second row: Under- wood, Brandle, Sills, Siinson. capfaim Fainglas. Pike. Sherman. CRCDSS COUNTRY This year Cross Counlry really esfablished ilself as a fall sporl al Mor- rislown. The learn. under 'rhe leadership of Coach lvlaclcin and Caplain Diclc Sfinson, had a +o+al of eighl meers. Alfhough Monfclair was 'rhe only 'ream we could soundly rrounce, we were always close behind The olhers. Pele Briggs was our loesl man, and Charlie Sills consisienlly righl behind. Don Maloney and Milce Edgar also did very well, while Al Pilce and Bill Fain- glass cur down opponenfs in Jrhe rear. COACH MACKIN I Firsf row, Kneeling: Edds. Giordanno. B. Lum, Wellbroclc, Fanolc, Greenberg. D. Lum, capfain. Sfanding, Second row: Duryea, Brandle, Hiley, Campbell, Zeis, Ward, Nelson, Barnett Hedley, Thomp- son, Di Palma. BASEBALL Morris+own's '55 baseball squad had quire a successful season wirh a record of 9 wins and only 4 losses. The 'ream finished al rhird place in The Ivy League sfandings. Coach Maclcin's boys played very good ball all season, being bealen only by Monlclair Academy, Delbarlon. Easfern and S+. Bernard's. The squad los'r very few varsH'y players lasl year, and 'rhe ex- perience gained by lhe resr of The leam will sfand M.S. in good slead dur- ing 'rhe '56 season. COACH MACKIN DON LU M Capfain COACH MOLITORIS DAVE LAING CapTain I I I 5 I E A Kneeling, TirsT row: Wilkins, Remsen. KeTTle, Laing, capTain, Baran, Peer, A. Maas. STanding, Second row: Mr. Moli- Toris, coach1 Morrison, STinson, Sills, J. Maas, Reilly, Adam, Sherman, Naiarian, Pike, Peabody, Bogan, Gallagher, Fain- glas. Third row: Rearick, Birch, Han- cock, Magoo, Danco, Bell, Schwab, Dil- lard, PiTman. TRACK The I955 Track Team can TruThTulIy boasT a good season. AlThough The record oT wins and losses didn'T do The Team crediT, The ToTaI number oi poinTs. which was greaTer Than our opponenTs, shows The True calibre oT The Team. Our TirsT meeT, wiTh Newark Academy, proved ThaT The Team had gre-aT poTenTiaI. Luck did noT seem To be wiTh us Though, as we IosT by The score OT 35 To 37. Iv1orrisTown wenT To The Ivy League Relays, where we came ir second To DeIbarTon. We placed TirsT in The medley relay, buT This was no' enough, as DelbarTon neTTed 2I poinTs To our II. The Team Then wenT To DelbarTon, Tor anoTher discouraging meeT. We losT by a mere IV2 poinTs. The Tinal score being DeIbarTon 36V0 Iv1orrisTowf 35. The meeT wiTh MonTclair was The highIighT oT The year. We allowec MonTcIair only one TirsT place, as we whipped Them bl To I I. The Track Team compleTed The season by placing second in The Iv MeeT. DeIbarTon again beaT us, 37 To 34. Milon Baran, IvIorrisTown's weigh man, broke The Ivy League shoT-puT record wiTh his Throw oT 43' I Ish". ThroughouT The season, our Top Tield evenTs men, KeTTle and Barar scored many of our poinTs. Peabody and Reilly also helped by always plac ing in The high jumps. In The running evenTs, Wilkins, Peabody, and Mae were The mainsTays. InspiTe oT The I-4 record Iv1orrisTown's Track showin was obviously very saTisTacTory. FirsT row: RuTgers, Jaeger, Walsh, Phillips. Second row: BerTha, Bow- lcer. Third row: Kiselilc, LorenTzen, Vandergriff, capTaing Mr. Levesque. coach: Paferno. Budd, CapsTiclc. A .. ik, x JOHN VANDERGRIFT - ERIC LORENTZEN A e il lx' Co-capfains H .ij The l955 Tennis Team had a Tairly successful season. The Team was coached by Mr. Levesque buT was handicapped by inclemenT weaTher. On a fair day in May, The Team enTered The NorTh Jersey Ivy League Tennis TournamenT and reTained Tor The second year a second place. The TirsT Team was composed of Paul Kiselilc, Penn Overman, Eric LorenTzen and John Vandergriff. We had maTches wiTh Newarlc Academy, MonTclair Academy. Hun School, and ST. Bernard's. All in all The MorrisTown Tennis Team had a successful season. and The graduaTing seniors leTT Mon-risTown wiTh The fondness of a delighfful spring. Swv COACH LEVESOU E TENNIS .gj Ez' Ilgsglil -afsg' fu' 11,1 ,2'11J.:'? ' ,' 1-D.. s K -'I Jia? V 1 . 14.5. " s. E?-'Q -H?-'f. . , 5 if 'm 4 aff! 'Wait' 5 Ti. " -'E 1'-"'.' 7 : .lf :A ,'-1 ri' :EQ . .. 2 921- 'UQ .1 - ' 252' . ,a .1 . I-::f'.1,. 'l"' In ,vi Z :L-4. il! 4. 5.3 ai-: ,Aix -:.:.:-: .1 ..2': :lm 'Q ,th ic. 121' ,..-.,- , . ' 'El' 4. . 3'1"- A.. - Jr. .. ..,, 1,1-hw -ix .9 'Q v gl I - :' .Uv s, 4. sf., R 5 s ." ' vs. 3 .13 '. -4- -1!',. ,:, .1 ziifff' guy... 52 ' 1,1222 I 1 .,R 3.13 W 4, mv X, .W .A . . .. .. . 'qv 'iii ,QS .Qu We +he gracluahng Class of nineleen hundred iff" x,-r and lilly-six. do hereby slipulale in +his Iasl will and -"1 V' Rte leslamenl, lhe exlenl ol our wishes lo be fulfilled lo kia". 'rhe besl abilily ol our execulors. gnu... .-a...,,7: News P0551 Afizcle 1. Ankle vu. 'h'J:J'3' To Mr. lvloliloris, lrhe U.S. I-Iislory class leaves To Jesraly, Palerno leaves his world renown a slearn shovel and a group ol ReiIIy's non-union one-eyed monsler Cadillac, Complele wilh speed- laborers from Spring-Brook. Arlicle II. To nexl years' seniors, we leave lhe privilege of emplying lhe dorm lrash can-which never was emplied. Arlicle III. To Jack Sherman we leave Mr. lvlacliin and friend Cager. Arlicle IV. To Mr. Rickard, Gervase leaves a hall com- pleled isolopic pluloscope, alomic ray disenli- graler gun. Arlicle V. To Mr. I-Ianlorcl, Bruce Bowlcer leaves AbduI's super flying Carpel. omeler. Arlicle VIII. To Mrs. Vogel, we leave lunch. Arficle IX. To lhe Juniors we leave Job Assembly. Article X. To Mr. Burlce we leave a pulpil lo help along The sermon in Job Assembly. Arlicle XI. To nexl years' seniors, we leave our secrel funnel lo C-3us's. Arlicle XII. To Sickman, Slinson leaves one Slenderella Course. Arlicle VI. Arl'l XIII. To Neslor. While leaves his supply ol blank Ice denifisf Cards. For lhe good of MS.. lhe Class of '56 leaves. "BUTCI'IER" BOB "BLOODY" BRUCE "'7fv.Q.1 "CADAVEROUS" CHACE ggj, "DEACON" Don "BROTHER" JOHN fir "BLACK" JACK Q33 "SAINT" PATRICK -25:12 ' e IIS 4' IT . :-.'f:f'f.5'2.' -f' f I' ".L.', 2111 j -31: : 1:1 , -6... ":1'f1'- .l-FF:-',:,.p.'l:?ii':.1 gi' "' 'wg areP'Q,ff'-.-zIE2'zL1gf2iissT' ..P: :?',..,:f,5::-.':,. qu, ,: r A ,- ...,.l,,,E,,.-,.':, w!l:.,.'::i g:::.l':-Jigifiwyvl. -df, V . ,,-, .1 .. -2- :.,,-- .1 vw A , M in-' x , ffiv 1--1. QQVM mlb .. , ff' X - Wwmf " - , kv ..X, . . X . N ,, 0 fa A - H' ' A . W, gm I - A ? .7 S M. Yi' 5 5. . 3 ' ' 'fi W- Q, QW' ,,,-n QM-x K I E V all xfv. W , 5,1 1 ggi 'wp . .,,-M. Q s N , .- 'Q slf-mx Yu 1 F N. h 'g , 1 . ' 9 f' I R . ..Mz.,,, V " i , , -'fr "'. I ,ff 256' y A - ' f , , ,L L, f ' ' fi? ff . , . ' hw ' -P - ' I 11 A +A v mfwf ' 4 .. 1 M . sf A gr , ,. 'awww-Q K 'QL J 5. ,, Ez Qwfff fx W-.Eg I Mr. and Mrs. John L. Adam Dr. and Mrs. Irving l-l. Barneir Mr. and Mrs. E. Wor+hing+on Bell Colonel and Mrs. Franklin l-l. Berry Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Berlha Mr. and Mrs. William D. Birch an Mr. and Mrs. G. Boeck Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Bogan Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bowker Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur C. Brandle Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boyce Budd Dr. and Mrs. C. Elson Burroughs Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Buxron Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Capslick Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Chiappe Mrs. Joseph Chimenlo Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cocks Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon Coles Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Danco Dr. and Mrs. G. De Palma Mr. and Mrs. John F. Des Reis Mr. and Mrs. P. Bradford Drake Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Srewarr A. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. John Duryee Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Edgar Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fainglas Mr. and Mrs. l-larry Fanok d a Friend and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Dallas K. Fox J. J. Gervase Harry C. Gillespie John F. Giordano Benjamin Green Alfred G. Hancock Edwin Lee Harris, Jr. Richard A. Henry Thomas Herbison Reginald B. Hiley Louis P. Hine W. F. Hurlburf, Jr. Adolph Jaeger Pefer M. Jesraly Howard W. Johnson Jerome Kiselilc M. Lefhloridge Richard Lum William B. Maloney G. W. Manhold A. J. Marinaccio P. T. Maroffa James A. McBain Roberf McKeown Louis D. Milfimore R. C. Naiarian George E. Nelson Ralph W. Nesfor M. O. Nobbe, Jr. Donald C. Norlon Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Orr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Osmun Mr. and Mrs. Neill P. Overman M rs. Joseph Paferno Mr. and Mrs. William L. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Pifman, Jr. W. H. Price Wilfon T. Rea J. W. Reilly Homer Richards Ingram Richardson Harry S. Roclc Ernesf E. Rufgers Carl J. Schlaiclc T. F. Schrafl' . Richard W. Seabury. Jr Arfhur E. Sherman Roberf W. Shoemaker Edison C. Sickman S. R. Sills James E. Simonds Paul J. Simonson Clifford Spiller William J. Sfewarf Eranlc Timson J. S. V. Walfon Roberf E. Wheafon J. B. Whifley Lawrence B. Whifman R. S. Wilkins Ernesf P. Zobian C0lYlf7Elnel1fd of A FRIEND CLASS OF 1958 lg ,..f The Dutch for centuries have known the meaning of hospitality THE GRAND DINING SALON ON YNE NNIEUW AMSTERDAH' Calling at-in fact, opening-many of the principal ports around the world, the Dutch early learned the travelled art of hospitality. That is the chief reason why you find so many people, famed interna- tionally, aboard the magnificent Nieuw Amsterdam. Not only are the Dutch familiar with far-flung customs but appreciate the flavor nuances of dishes famous in many places. Coupled with the immaculate cleanliness of Dutch ship-keeping and the traditional reliability of Dutch seamanship, it makes a Holland-America crossing or cruise something to be remembered and treasured. SEE YOUR TRAVEL AGENT OFFICES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES IT S GOOD T0 ll THE 36,667 GROSS TON FLAGSHIP NIEUW AISTEIIDAI WILL RUN f on A Y ' me :mr-' WHIPPANY PAPER BOARD CU msn nomo MANUFACTURERS fl ANY NEWJERS PAPER BOARD MANUFACTURERS WHIPPANY PAPER BOARD C0 Where Your Account . . . . . . Is Appreciared! FIRST BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 2 WAVERLY PLACE THE NEW LACKAWANNA DINER 0 73 Moms STREET Morrisfown New Jersey Madison New Jersey Compnmenfs OI I , I86 RIDGEDALE AVE. WHITES PHARMACY Elorham Park New Jersey . M E M B E R : Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. SOUTH STREET Morris+own New Jersey 0lSON PAINT 8. PRESERVATIVE CO. P.o. sox nos Whippany New Jersey Telephone: JE 8-2600 HAIMANN'S .IEWELERS "Diamond Merchants Over 50 Years" 0 5 WASHINGTON STREET Morrisfown, New Jersey Complimenfs of HAROLD B. BUDD R 0 0 T S Men's 8. Boys' Wear SUMMIT DO 6-4600 BIRCH TI-RE CORPORATION GOODYEAR 84 GILLETTE TIRES Sales - Recapping - Service Dover New Jersey Compliments of A F R I E N D MADISON COAT SHOP JOSEPH CHIMENTO Proprietor 0 7I Kings Road Madison. New Jersey CENTER CARPET "Floor Coverings of Every Description" Proprietor Joseph Chimento 57-59 SPEEDWELL AVE. Morristown, N. J. JE 8-2968 . 3l SUMMIT AVE. Summit, N. J. CR 7-2700 FARMERS 8. CONSUMERS D A I R Y Quality Milk Dairy Producls - Ice Cream For Home Deliveries Phone JEllerson 8-7210 or Save Toll Call WX 9475 Visil Our Beauliful Modern M I L K B A R Air Condilioned Park Ave. Morrislrown, N. J. Complimen+s of DI.ID'lEY'S ESSO SERVICE JElferson 8-3407 Phone JElferson 9-l5OO ElllOTT'S FIOWER SHOPPE 0 22 PINE STREET Morrislown New Jersey Phone Jlfiferson 8-344l FITZGERALD SPORT CENTER Alhlelic Equipmenl - Fishing Taclrle Guns - Ammunition 46 PARK PLACE Morrislown New Jersey Phone JEfferson 8-5773 NANCY BARNES PASTRY SHOPPE Pastries that Climax any Menu I76 SOUTH STREET Morrislown New Jersey Tel. JEfferson 8-2866 H Y - G R A D E TYPEWRITER 8. STATIONERY CO. 78 SOUTH STREET Morrisfown New Jersey L. F. Wescoif W. J. Zillca FRANK IORIO 8. SON Gentlemen's Apparel 0 43 PARK PLACE Morrislown New Jersey Compliments trom the VI FORM O CAROLINE LAUNDRY Launderers - Dry Cleaners . JEtterson 8-3280 CE-US'S BER. 8-2393 Res.: BER. 8-I753 PISTI'LLI'S RESTAURANT Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagne, Ravioli Sandwiches - Cocktail Bar Morristown Rd. BernarcIsvIIIe, N. J. T H 0 D E ' S Home Made Ice Cream Confectionery - Luncheons 2I PARK PLACE Morristown, N. J. JE 8-4020 JACK DECKER SHOES MORRISTOWN SUMMIT A. R. JACOIBUS, INC. CADILLAC - OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service 2 LACKAWANNA PLACE MILLS GRAYER Fine Footwear Morristown, N. J. JE 8-5650 MORRISTOWN SUMMIT Lthographed by RAE PUBLISHING CO 22 Fr nk Street Montclair N J -1 w 5 YI? f f"' ' Q 0 L n u ,yr 1: ..- I 4 wifi' vm ffm +3 1 ,1- rw 6 4.1, I f N .QJ'.f' ' fp, 'fig-1-,IJ 'gg 2 ,,,. I X V, L: gAq1,..f. .A 1 9: . -gl . , - K. Z ' ' "' :E rn 4 ' , Y 'fi XE-I . -Y 4 ' , . n 'S "-f"5'.,f5Zw1fue-ash. :. ..-' , 5 'N ., gfigwii-" VI? 2 ,.'..' ' , if 1' 4 1- K K. , '13, LJ '. iff. 7, ' ,+,v43:z1.'.,, 2: . ' K We Thrale. f wfl' f 'V 4 i.'.f'.'Ii ,QU f ws' -' 1.1. . f may :cfffz,:-L z M - ,J 1-A ' . w-- f- -,l'.. 1. . , 'IA' nf' .V .vu :kj f.-A4 : --, .I -vm JY gg 6,4 .Q wiv af :3f,5Y!1-Sxfggggf ' 1. 551'-.Q P , , 331' av I-Nazis' "1 1, .. I,.v Y ,,, ,415 .WHL , A AA! 1 ,,,..3,? b V .A A,.R.,,,fT, ,di .N . f X ' . V!! 1'-"kin: I ' .H.'.. ff ,- if ' fi-. f- - 1 , , ,lim r ,Aki-.,N . -.a,y - 1' ',-1 A' - FHM fri!! -, N 1, . - 1 , .". 'nw' '- - .X c 1 , ' -A ' ': -11' - , Lf..5,.- 1 - "- Z1 2--Q I 11.531522 'Q ' ff- 'Q . 4 I I . . ' , 1 f, ' . 1 ' 1 L I . if C: 030 Z 7 tx? 'il A :X . , ta' cqj,QQ"n N PS A0 QQSQQQQUQ ,D Xnwtl :nm Q0 Q Q mx U QW' 2' . E00 'vii 913, 'Wi 4 o 2.10 .5 Z -6,--C - , .- 5. --qv ' N K .9650 0 gb W J 'Y' , VU 3 ag gat xx 1 ' O ste A 5' U Q 6 'T x 'SEQ' qw- 0 1' A 'ga' -o sg g' sl. ' N I ' ' 5275 '5vQvAp.. Wk- xliuxx X 7 3 ff",-ff" Kass -:fir , ff' -Adi,

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