Morristown School for Boys - Salmagundi Yearbook (Morristown, NJ)

 - Class of 1951

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Morristown School for Boys - Salmagundi Yearbook (Morristown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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3 k if ff il 3A5g,Q 9 X F is Q Q52 Q ef- ff Y Q' Vx N Yagi, V K gg., ki Quilts 'ii ,E digg'-b5fL:. 5? 2 ix ' xg. K 4. f "if, W i1 'gy ,J 'AQ M. X: 'Q-wg ,Q , Q , ' ,I . - ' X , n V' -ifwfil ' rn gif W 215' pw? f ..: 'W , K ' 4 . W- . , am. - W. , , 1 wi v .f .M , if 9-- fsxqft ,Bo 'f 3' I M., ""s. 5 ,Q 4 'Wi .-3',?"'1 'Ft 5 wk , QQ, .V q dwg. 1. L. M H-'z,p,-'B' g 0 l if 4 W i x an 15 -5 .4 vi lun v, I 22351. ' EERE!!! A, -7431951 SALMAGUNIH 4? P. 4 -' .' Q .T li, I 'SA-W.-I. 5 .., L, , , J .A Y . 1 Nj- ,Jn '. ' , -. , , I , 'fa :L .M- ' " .T "V . . 54 4 ' -"- '-' 4" ' K 'W T'-4 "'f' ' . ' ' ' '-X Q9 I, 7. 1.11 ww f5!'Z,.1-:- , ff. f ' ,fig I .. ", . -nf '- . f...h1:f-frf ,Q . . YF Aw - -,.,-,rf-Q: ' L x ,Y .. ' 1- gm-rv -t , .v LA. I .. .v In i LW, ,Q .. - , - - ff- 1 L4 . .., -r , I L ' K' 'u ".- -51 ,j . . 'Q-ka," 1 - s .Xf ..'4v 'ffl - , K 7 N U- 'Pia-ty, ,: , f I ' .www Q Q ,G Q H 1 ' , . Rn -' 1 F . - ff-"lv . F f' .- , . . mg- W A-Q1 V ' A .. ' in 0,1 r 57-IQ -.1 . 5 . Qfuini' .. , we- -4 -+:,W,,p' JW- 1' A ALA - J 'I 2 JIQIJVJQI fats? 'KM 2.4-, A -I - vi, ' ' pf' Y' Q-Xflf N" vf:.4'C5'-l " , f' " ,qw Y " 5- , ' I :i,,..v ba:--. H ,avi VS'Y.'y. . - fri -N214 A.gyY.i, " ..,'.,.x-gv. 'f..:.r' - '. , Q' '- .,.' -.41 -S. ' V 1 , f . 1- ,4-af' 551 .Wg 'Q - ' E . ..f '. ., " 1 , . ' 1- 1 . -1,-f,g. 2' ' , 2-. in . a + 425 I Ii, .L Af Aka' V . W -1 I . ' I , ,' A .V ".r -'. 1 , .ff'6'e,v 3 -nfvab. A . ' ' "0" T 452' " sf x A , .4"fi:?-,ff- -nvlzu, .P '.1, . Q I , 5:7 'L' '."' ' N K' : 'f -1 .. 13 ff fs fu , '. , wb, - 4. Y 4- . .- M2.i4'igF5 -' ' 'fe--2535 'wr-'f , 4 C5vu..if5bm. 1-QI,-4 ,.,, ga.. , N.. - 1316 if f Q V 1 f ri 2 in x, h f V . if A 1 . J. 5. dl-9 1 Us u' -S- 'fgi-ash sf . I Y .L JQIAI? 4' Liana- '- ',...v,':1p-54, Inj" , .JL-'JY 45' Y L Q A ' ' ,Kfg S ,,-.. ,fl--V-A-..Lf': ' vw, -4-'M-. M , 33 3,3 I M M Vai, JL' rx gi t 'mf r'1 , -5512.7 5 .1-"' H ' A .' Q ., ' Q V - Q? .A ' f , "1 f LW' 9131 K L A 'A S-, ' . "N:-rg:???3 f . gm, A- W, . .M ADM I 'I' H10 Mr and Mrs Wllkle Mr Wrlkre became Headmaster of Mor rrstown School rn 1942 at a perrod when the school was rn an unforunate srtuatron He brought wrth hrm experrence garned from years of teachrng at The Lance School of Summrt The Carteret School of Orange and The H111 School of Pots town Pa Under hrs and Mrs Wrlkres gurdance the School has progressed rn every possrble way One of Mr Wrlkres frrst ofircral acts was the organrzatron of a system of stu dent government He rs a hrm belrever and under hrs system they have been permrtted to do so wrth a mrnrmum of faculty supervrsron Hrs phrlosophy rs srmple for rt rests rn a srncere belret rn the average boy rn hrs mnate honesty loyalty and common sense Thrs phrlosophy rs not only responsrble for all hrs actrons but also accounts rn great measure for the success of hrs years here at Morrrstown Mrs Wrlkre plays an rmportant role at Morrrstown as secretary and busrness manager She can always be found hard at work rn the otfrce but nevertheless fmds ample trme for a cheery smrle and a helprng hand We the Senrors owe an ever rncreas rng debt to the Wrlkres for therr under standrng and krndness They have al ways treated us an rndrvrduals capable of meetrng our responsrbrlrtres and mak mg personal decrsrons It rs for all these thrngs that we would Ixke to take thxs op portunrty to wrsh the Wrlkres the best of luck rn the comrng years and hope that the school wrll contrnue to prosper as rt has rn the past under therr capable gurdance .ai I , ,y I . - , ,, HL in the ability of boys to govern themselves, RAYMOND K BINDER Latm French Spanrsh B Harmlton Upper House Dorm Master Nrclrname-Horatxo Favonte saymg-Caramba' Usually seen-eatmg spaghettr lOHN H BURKE Lower School Math and Enghsh A B Colby Athletrc Drrector Coach of Varsrty Basketball and Baseball Lower North Dorm Master Nrclcname-Baldy Favorite saymg I dont mean to preach but Usually seen watchmg televzsxon RICHARD F GREGORY Enghsh A B Hamrlton Upper House Dorm Master Varsxty Tenms Coach Nickname-Cap Favonte saymq You got any food? Usually seen looking for food KENNETH P KOMOSKI Lower School Latm Englrsh Math B S Acadra Lower South Dorm Master Nickname-Comrade Favonle saymq Listen you guys Usuolly seen with one foot on the Semor platform FAC L'l'l adv' Th? GILMAN ORDWAY pamsh French B A Yale Umversxty Nrckname Frrend Favonte saymq Bah' Usually seen scratching hrs head RAINEY S TAYLOR IR Hxstory A B Pnnceton Nzckname-Ramey Favorite saying Some of you are gomg to be surprrsed Usually seen smrlmq frendrshly A NORTON TUPPER Brology Chemrstry Physrcs B New Hampshxre Upper North Dorm Master Varsrty Football Coach Nrckname-Tup Favonte saying Thais my girl I mean my wrfe Usually seen smokmg RALPH K WALLACE Mus1c Lower School Soc1al Studxes A B Iurlhard School of Musrc A Columbm School Orgcmxst cmd Dxrector of Mus1c Nrckname:+Maesfro Favorrte saymg Let s run through that agam Usually seen at a piano IIEIIICATIO wk We the Sen1or class of Morrrstown School do hereby dedtcate thrs ur year book to Mr and Mrs Barney S Taylor When Mr Taylor came to Morrrstown School three years ago to head the Hrstory Department he qurckly manrfested the rare abrhty to teach an mterestmg yet extremely productrve class S1nce then hrstory courses here have taken on new hte and never before have they been more popular Never before has so much work been done or has as much matenal been covered It IS for thrs polrcy of lun and work for all as well as for hrs frrendhness and perenmal good humor that we wrsh to express our gratrtude through thrs dedrcatron Mr Taylor xs rn our op1n1on one of those teachers for whom Mornstown Students w1l1 always have only the fondest memones and to whom they w1l1 be returmng trme and agam IH the years to come tudent Council Lett to right front row Greenxdge Edgar Mernll Stanton Standmg Ayrault Lrchtenstem The Student Councrl of any chool IS that schools pnde and joy At least that 1S true here at Mornstown lts members cons1st of the best Morns town has to offer and they are backed up wholeheartedly by both Mr Wllkle and the faculty A posmon on the Student Counctl IS more than lust an honor rt 15 a solemn trust requrnng much work and energy The members of the councll have many dutxes and none of them are easy Furthermore a Councrlman IS supposed to be a model of good behavror and an example to the younger boys Thts years Student Councrl conslsted of Chxppy Mernll as presldent George Stanton Cal Edgar Caddy Greemdge and 1un1or Councllmen Drck Llchtenstexn and Dan Ayrault As 1n the past 1t has admrrably accomplrshed tts pnmary actxon that of etfectrng a better understandmg between the stu dents and the masters A councrl perforrnrng th1s funcnon w1ll always be the greatest attrac1on a school can have and such a councrl w1ll always be as 1t has been thrs year an mtegral part of Mornstown hte SENIIIHS .Www FIIRMS to Z ALEXANDER CHARLES ALLEN Madxson New Iersey College Haverlord Four Years Alex started gettrng good marks nght from the start and has been class leader smce hrs hrst year He may be quret but few people have made more frrends at Mornstown Newsboard 5 Alumnx Edrtor S Glee Club 3 6 Scxence Club 3 Anson Hard Bolton Pnze 5 French Pnze 5 DONALD EDWARD ASKINS Wharton New Iersey College Tulane One Year fwfr Don IS probably the quretest boy m the school and even though he was cr new boy thrs year he earned h1s football letter and IS noted for h1s cheer fulness 94' Varsrty Football 6 CLINTON I OSEPH BARNETT Mendham New Iersey College Pnnceton Fwe Years Clmt w1ll certarnly be mrssed next year In hrs years here h1s good naturedness and sense of humor have amused many So lots of luck Chnl Varsrty Football 5 6 Basketball 3 4 Swrmmmg 5 6 Photo- graphy Club 3 Scrence Club 3 HAROLD CURTISS BURRELL New Vernon New Iersey College Rutgers One Year Ha1l1ng from New Vernon Curt was a new boy thxs year Nevertheless he has made many inends and wrll certaxnly be rnrssed next year LEYLAND MCEWAN COBB Convent New Iersey College Prmceton Four Years Dunng hrs four years here Laddre has made many fnends w1th h1s good naturedness and sense of hu mor Usually seen eatmq m Upper House Cobb w1Il be rntssed at Mornstown next year Swrmmmg 3 Tennis 3 Varsrty 4 5 Captam 6 Newsboard 4 5 Ed1tormChtei 6 Salmagundr 6 Hrstory Prrze 5 Current Events Pnze 4 5 6 "TWV" RIChMOND BEUTTEL COOPER Dover New Iersey College Montclarr State Teachers College Mort came thrs year and even though he s very quret he can be heard for mrles when smgrng rn the shower He loves good rnusxc and hopes to be a teacher 12 Baseball 6 Glee Club 6 1 . , . I 1 kt' I W , . . . Q . . - , S .' . lp? 'Q . . 1 ' 1 - 1 1 . I . . . . Q ' I V ,Vt : ' LEWIS ANGELO D'AGOSTINO Morristown. New Iersey College: Pennsylvania One Year Lou came this year and quickly distinguished him- self on the gridiron, the basketball court, and the baseball diamond. Varsity Football 6: Varsity Basketball 6: Varsity Baseball 6: Track G. MALCOLM SHEPARD EDGAR IR Summit New Iersey College Princeton Three Years Cal came to Morristown 1n his Sophomore year, and since then has not only done well in athletics but has been the mainstay of the Glee Club and has ANTHONY IOSEPH DESIDERIO West Orange New Iersey College Pennsylvania Four Years Tony has been at Morristown for four years His natural humor has convulsed classes and eamed him many friends He has also proved himself on the football held and received a basketball letter this year Varsity Football 5 Cocaptam 6 Varsity Basketball 6 Var sity Baseball 6 Salmagund15 6 C U Club 5 I l ,garage played important roles on the school stage 'W' Football 4 Varsity 5 6 Basketball 4 Varsity 5 Captain 6 Tennis 4 Varsity 5 6 Track 5 Council 6 Newsboard 6 Enter ta1nmentCommtttee 5 S Glee Club 4 5 6 Q il' '51 . 1 . : ' 2 - : ' . : . . . n I f , . . 4 p -4 I 'fl . 41 3, . Els, I ,L A 2 '- . Z was . . . . , . ,M V, ., . . . . . . t I . . : : ' : : - , I ' 1 f 1 1 - I 1 I 2 9 ' ' ff' apt , ,Jn 1 4 ' - ' ,I 9 Nil", . A A" . , . sf. QPVE, 4 3 x '4-,fit RICHARD FELLENBERG Millington New Iersey College University ol New Hampshire One Year Dick was a new boy thrs year and rt s our loss for h1s constant good naturedness has won him dozens of fnends He also drstrngurshed himself scholastrcal cmd on the gndlron Varsity Football 6 Glee Club 6 DAVID HOLT FARNY Morris Plains. New Iersey College: University oi Montana Four Years Farmer Dave has been at Morristown for four years and during that time has amused everyone with his accordion and folk songs. We're going to miss Dave next year. Baseball 6: Swimming 55 Glee Club 6. GERALD WARREN I-'OGELSON Dover New Iersey Fearless Fogelson and hrs Enghsh papers wrll long be remembered at school Hrs great wrt IS also gorng to be mrssed next year Football 5 Varsity S Basketball 4 Baseball Manager 5 Tennis 4 Track 6 Morristown News Business Manager 6 Glee lub 5 6 Speaking Prrze 5 ly ' ' . College: Northwestern I Three Years CARRINGTON HOWARD GREENIDGE Chatham New lersey College Wxlhams Four Years Caddy came to Mornstown rn h1s freshmen year and rmmedrately stood out both 1n athletxcs and 1n the classroom Heres one who w1ll certamly be mrssed next year Good luck Caddy Football 3 4 Varsrty 5 6 Co Captam 6 Basketball 3 4 5 Varsrty 6 Baseball 3 4 Varsxty 5 8 Varsrty Track 5 6 Councrl 6 Newsboard 6 Salmagundr 6 Entertaxnment Commxttee 6 Stage Crew 5 C U Club 6 FREDERICK HUSSEY Bernardsvxlle New Iersey College Pennsylvania Mxlrtary College Seven Years Freddle arnved at Mornstown rn the s1xth grade and has stayed rxght on through wmnmg many inends and gathenng fame for h1s wrllmgness to help others at any trme Lots of luck Freddxe Football 4 5 6 Varsxty 6 Basketball 3 4 5 Baseball 3 4 5 6 Swrmmmg 6 Track 6 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 5 6 Operetta 3 5 6 Scrence Club 2 3 RICHARD HUGH KELLEY Netcong New Iersey College Notre Dame One Year Dxck was new at Mornstown thrs year but he qurckly ev1nced h1s potentral on the football held only to be removed from act1v1ty because of a broken leg Nevertheless everybody IS so used to seemg hrm around hell certamly be mrssed next year Football Varsrty 6 Q "T fw 'qQ -d""'f" we S va.. BRIAN MURRAY College Unxversxty of Vxrgmla Two Years Bnan has been at Morrtstown for two years and has made ennumerable w1th h1s ready humor and good naturedness Momstown wxll m1ss Bnan next year Varsrty Football 6 Varsxty Basketball 5 6 Varsxty Base ball 8 Glee Club 5 6 CHARLES FRANCIS MERRILL Mendham New Iersey College Amherst Sxx Years Chlppy alxas Str Lucxus Tngger has earned fame for hlmself rn more ways than one He came to Morrxstown tn the seventh grade and has p1led up an awful lot of letters s1nce then He spends most of h1s trme commut1ng between Mendham and Madl son We thrnk that Amherst w1l1 be mrghty lucky to get Chtppy Football 5 Varstty 6 Basketball 2 3 4 Varsxty 5 6 Base ball 4 Varslty 5 Captam 6 Track 6 Counctlman 5 Semor Prelect 6 Salmagundx Edxtor tn Chxet 6 I-Ixghest Battmg Average Cup 5 C U Club Captam 6 ,sr WALTER PHILLIPS PROTZMAN Mendham New Iersey College Oberlm One Year Walt came to Mornstown thns year wtth more cameras than penctls and smce has been seen be h1nd them almost contmually He has proved to be a great asset to both the News and the Salmagundx Track 6 Newsboard 6 Salmagund16 C U Club 6 ROBERT CHARLES REMIG Boonton New Iersey College Lehngh Four Years Bob came to Mornstown 1n h1s freshman year and smce then has kept everybody m st1tches w1th h1s w1t and humor He also d1st1ngu1shed h1mseli m athletlcs part1c1pat1ng m swmmmmg baseball and football Football 5 Varsrty 6 Swxmmmg 3 4 5 6 Baseball 5 6 Camera Club 3 4 U C Club 6 IE MALCOLM ROBERTSON IR Momstown New Iersey College Vxrgmxa Two Years Bud arnved at Mornstown rn h1s yumor year but here agam 1t was Morr1stown s loss that he d1d not come sooner He was 1nterested 1n everyth1ng and played 1mportant roles not only rn track but also 1n many extra curncular act1v1t1es We know Bud w1ll be a success Swxmmmg 5 6 Varslty 5 Basketball Manager 6 Track Varslty 5 6 News sports edltor Salmagundx sports edztor 6 Stage Crew 6 Entertamment Commrttee 6 GEORGE SCULL STANTON Parsxppany Troy Hllls College Yale Four Years George and h1s fantastmc xdeas arnved at Morns town four years ago and ever s1nce he has gamed fame for h1s wxllmgness to help out Rxght now he s workmg on a jet engme Good luck to a future great sctentxst Swlmmmg Varsxty 3 4 5 Captam 6 Track 3, Varsxty 5. S. Councnl 5 6 Newsboard 5 Exchange Edltor S Scxence Club 5. Glee Club 4 Stage Electrxcxan 5 6 Entertamment Commnttee 5. Chauman 6 Anson Hard Boulton Pnze 4 ff' ,fffffl BERNARD IOHN THOLE Summxt New Iersey l College Brown One Year Bebe came to Mornstown only for th1s year but no sooner had he arnved than he was runmng for 40-4 touchdowns Hrs ilexlble vo1ce amuses many and ,, he has made many fnends rn h1s one year here Football Varsrty 6 Baseball 6 Track 6 LAWRENCE WILLIAMS WHITMAN Chatham New Iersey College The Cxtadel Three Years Abe came mn h1s sophomore year and has made many fnends wrth hrs ready gnn and good humord ness Lot s of luck Punkee Football 5 Varsity 6 Swtmmmg 4 5 Track 4 5 S Tenms Manager 6 Tenms 4 5 C U Club 6 I I B, u 1 1' - . . . r Q I . ,. jzdf: f, , -115, : f: - 'T xi ' 'I , -4 h 1 .V n If H . . . - if I ll Il fy - 1 - . ' 1 CT' X xi' W P yd A, L X wt f, rr Q CLASS PULL Most popular Best Athlete Most scholarly Most versatlle Handsomest Smoothest Playboy Marrled hrst Best natured Most lrkely to succeed Best dressed Most dommeerrng Iolhest Quretest Class w1t Most tactful Least apprecrated Heartbreaker Best busmess man No1s1est Class baby Socral l1on Most modest Happy go-lucky Dreamer Portlrest Woman hater Cassanova Brgqest sponger Done most for Morrrstown Rummor spreader Most serrous Brggest blufier Brggest grrper Brggest roughneck Apple Polrsher Pessrrmst Opt1m1st Brggest slrnger Class cut up Stanton Merrlll Merrrll DAQOSLIHO Allen Merrrll Stanton Merrxll Edgar Murray Edgar Fogelson Edgar Greerudge Hussey Remrg Askrns Cooper Allen Stanton Desrdeno Rernrg Merrrll DAgost1no Remrg Thole Burrell Allen Rernrg Fogelson Cobb Robertson Cooper Greemdge Merrrll Edgar Desxderxo Cobb Whrtman Kelley Cooper Whltman Edgar Mernll Edgar Hussey Thole Farny Hussey Barnett Cobb DAgostmo Cobb Farny Edgar Whrtrnan Murray Cobb Stanton Mernll Robertson Kelley Allen Robertson Murray Robertson Murray Cobb D Agostrno Whltman Murray Greemdge Farny Kelley Greerudge Cooper Murray Fellenburg Barnett Thole CLAS WILL if to those we feel need them the most. To our favorite History teacher, Mr. Taylor, we leave one L A X l LQ. 13 We, the Senior class of 1951, bequeath all our worldly goods f L sf 3 , 1 W' lap flag which he can wave during his quizzes. I X X X1 To Dan Ayrault, Brian Murray bequeaths his ability to play , golf, so that Danny may be able to acquire more varsity letters. X Q To Mr. Binder, we bequeath a contract to sing on a Latin- American radio station in New York. lf 5' 7 -L., f To Pete Eilbeck we leave our sincerest wishes that H.Q. re- "gig, - - turns next year to pass him in English. For Friend Ordway we take Whitman 'lo Ioseph Ptumsey we leave a new loke book thank God' To the best dormitory Master in M S Mr Gregory we leave a Silex a hotplate and a can of beans HN- -G'N To Schuyler Martin we leave an alurnnium shovel and an Q1 ff' 'V' anemic bull so he wont be too tired to study To Pat Paterno we bequeath two free singing lessons at Monsieur Whitman s Vocal Education Studio To anybody we leave Egbert ix To Mr Komoskr Gerald Fogelson bequeaths a notebook so Nfl that he can keep track of the subversive activities in Morristown X -Ig,-,- io the kitchen crew we leave a special meat Cleaver to pre -CI! vent Iohn Allen from getting too many extra desserts To the Junior class we leave a half completed tunnel start ing at Upper House and headed for Archie s Witnesses Fearless Fogetson Father Abraham Moral Merrill Swivel Hips Greenidge xv , GEM? V? Qlvtoni J sf X Q N i M - - I . ., . , Q N ' . . U, . -, -eff? . 1 v- .. . , . 1 4 - J -1 N I 0 . X j a ' l' . . t 4.' fi- ' l I xx s N ,,.. ' ' ' . l ,- 5 , " ffr X ' Q ' Q 1 . . I G ,- . 1 .. . w x l D A ' ,..... , '- if H ' .. f , i N H H . X E 5 1- - - . ., . I XXX , l Y ft?-f . 'N x , Yi .X--. 7: :' I , r ffl: '5J! X .4 f I N' -, F,-I 7 ! ' f VN xfigql . w Y X X ,. , ' 41mi.2e,f L it-X in . ff, .ffitf f' .t X f 1 4- .l2'."LL1 K l ft K f s 'K , ' A-A Se' ' ' 13- 1 N l 'A ' 1 ' W it , ki ' J s PY Y Y .f' V '-- 7,7 vi-X? all V' J5 x in , .L i' or S it "hz if f - 3 X f '. - ' ' -S -X "s.- R A, M- "1"L..' Y ' - X ' L R K 'Er' , Y it L h U , l Name Allen Askms Barnett Burrell Cobb Cooper D Agostmo Desrdeno Edgar Farny Fellenburg Fogelson Greemdge Hu sey Kelly Merrlll Murray Protzman Remrg Robertson Stanton Thole Whltman .ZIQAQGQ Nzclmame Alec Don Chnt Curt Ladd1e Mort Lou Tony Ca Dave Dxck Gerry Caddy Fred Drck Chrp Bnan Walt Bob Budd George Bebe Abe A R Pe! Saymq How about 9 O0 oclock Shut up Kelly Really Who s got a Nab Get out Abel Floor 1t cuz For crymg out loud AH Haa Ill tutor ya sometrme Had a rough nrght Got a banana Hello Ann? 'P 'P Wanna go to Thodes'? Do your l1'1g yet Ill throw a tantrum Is That n1ce'? Hold lt Yea LETS' No 1lS not that way Say sweets Yea Punkxe G fx" .N 7 ft' -f'2"f N nn Xp' -2 ZxN Lxkes studres quletness sleep leavmg school Taylor Musrc sports neatness Bach tarmmg New York pxlls hamburgers The wrte Notre Dame read1ng hours coach cameras Tony talkmg puttenng Staten Island females fd' XJ' ll Drslxkes grrls school work drshes hours lunlors Punk1e softres chermstry Kenton Monday classes Russrans Cream soda School crutches crackups bemg stood up army Betty W French College Boards Gorng Steady ,573 5 Has brarns brxefcase srlex busrness tenms racket crew cut brawn convertrble good looks outhnes trurt cold Siidiilock teeth temper Br1llopad 1 m yacht typewnter desrre bulld 1 s - V gl Wx a' fx K s' ' S A fl? I I I 'Wx N 4' 1 . , ox, Il e I' ' M ll d ' YY,,,l,l,l,,w.,.r ,,,,,lrrv,,, , ,l"Hi" ,r,,,,,Yll,.,,l,,ooooooo,,,,t,,cl.oo,...,ol... ' .....,,,,,....o o - .... ,co, S or ' ' ' ra...M.loo Commiesw,, ...Mickey,...,..,, ' lvv,,,, o,.o,.,r. - S. ' "o..oooooooooor. or,.o,,,,.,,. o , . ' ' o tts o xt' 6 I i S 4 s C f I X e 9 ' ' O A I cf? Lacks srze books coffee Kiln' 4 gI'k.xxxN, If ,fl bl Model A Ford coordmatxon mentahty sense o 1n Nabs garbage ar dorm razor room control soap p1ctures gas rlbbon conveyence Sp book patlence Co e Moonl Wants To Be doctor executrve sc1ent1st contractor Prrncetoman teacher F B I agent Bus1ness man Farmer loafer shoe salesman IH R O T C farmer ro all state pro golfer phyS1C1Sl cornedran bachelor sclentrst Restaurant owner heutenant f l 110 nl -2 V" V r f ii f xg f IU! l,lk Wrll Be tree surgeon paper chp strarghtener d1shwasher drtch drgger student ganster Ofhce boy m1ll1ona1re matador shoe sh1ne boy 1n Levenworth 1n Army con dr1v1ng mstructor caddy photographer a Joke marr1ed at 20 lab technrclan bar tender on K P 'llll P A A Worst Habit snoopmg be1ng modest gettmg up late not workmg hours moochrng flghtmg Thodes sh1n1ng shoes uncombed harr Sklpplflq Monday bananas phone sleepmg pxnochle calhng lVlad1son bull throwmg cameras Des1der1o spreadmg rumors fantast1c 1deas mop1ng pounding wall ff 9 NK l Q Ill: ,ff In X 'LlJy4-, QILIIM '4 z- 'ffl dcfx 3 -2 A s . 4 X 4 5 f ll, 0 Xrvc- Z C fa A I 3 fa f 4 8 I 1 1 Q C: :J 'D 4 I I 7 C F3 ' J cfs Q 1 t' 5 ' W 1 1 , e S ' ' 4 M ti 17 E I n 0 u r y ce ' ' , ,ccw. ,, ' ' .A ,c,.,,uc...c .P.G .,,...,, . , .. 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PARTRIDGE Mountain Lakes, New Iersey IOSEPH B. PARTRIDGE Westwood, New Iersey THOMAS SCERBO Mt. Tabor, New Iersey FRED K. VAN ARSDALE Boonton, New Iersey ANTHONY D. WAHL Morris Plains, New Iersey A ,-..-.1-. F' 24561-V JM s.-iifi,.w5f -Q ,. f ,A k v . ...A - .A . - --,N " .nf .- ww.-vi-'f..,.,br,:A:x"' f .- - 1:1 --fe-as-4 -fn Loft to right. front row: Hiak, Gravel, Martin, Washington. Throckmorton, Iackson, Feinsilver, Brewer. Kent, W.. Allen. Second row: Moqlia, Smith. Seward, Ingram. FOUlt'I'H FIIIIM IOHN ALLEN Madison, New Iersey IOHN BREWER Mt. Lakes, New Iersey HENRY FEINSILVER Union, New Iersey WESCOTT GRAVES West Caldwell, New Iersey HAROLD I. INGRAM Denville, New Iersey PHILIP IACKSON Morristown, New Iersey WILLIAM H. KENT Morristown, New Iersey LUTHER SCHYLER MARTIN Morristown, New Iersey IOHN W. THROCKMORTON Newark, Ohio IOHN W. WASHINGTON Morristown, New Iersey IOSEPH MOGLIA Morristown, New Iersey IORDAN RIAK Denville, New Iersey SAXON ASHLEY SEWARD Summit, New Iersey ROBERT S. SMITH Morristown, New Iersey '- H:- n---.M...,....., ..., ft ? pa THIRD FIIIIM IOSEPH F. ALCARO Morristown, New Iersey MARTIN BALLANTINE Mendhcxm, New Iersey ROBERT W. GUNDLACH Summit, New Jersey PETER HERMS Morristown, New Iersey PHILIP A. HOUCK Westfield, New Iersey LAWRENCE B. HOWELL Morristown, New Iersey ALAN C. LEE Morristown, New Iersey IOSEPH S. NYE New Vernon, New Iersey WILLIAM H. PHILLIPS Bernordsville, New Iersey RICHARD W. SEABURY Towaco, New Iersey Left to right: Houck. Herms, Nye, Phillips, Gundlach. Howell, Seabury, Alcuro, Lee - ,MQ ,.,,: ,.4::.ii....,. ..,.,.,..., ,.,,,,L, ,Q V .i , . , v'. ..,,....... , c 2- H v me 3 , A ' , - LIIWER UHIHIL IAMES ALLEN Madison, New Iersey IOHN BELL New York, New York IOHN BERTHA Wharton, New Iersey S. DOUGLAS FAULKNER Summit, New Iersey RALPH HILL Mountainside, New Iersey RICHARD HORNS Colonia, New Iersey DAVID KENT Morristown, New Iersey DAVID LAING Bernardsville, New Iersey ERIC LORENTZEN Montclair, New Iersey ALAN MATHIASON, IR. New Providence, New Iersey IAMES MCLEAN, III New Vernon, New Iersey RODGER PARKHURST Mountainside, New Iersey IOSEPH PATERNO New York, New York EDWARD PETTIT Dover, New Iersey DONALD PITMAN Morristown, New Iersey ALLEN RICHARDS Morristown, New Iersey HANS SOLMSSON Summit, New Iersey DONALD STUCKE Montclair, New Iersey COREY WARD Green Village, New Iersey ROGER WILSON Denville, New Iersey right, front row: Pettit, McLean, Allen, I., Wilson. Bertha, Bell. Faulkner, Laing, Pitman Second row: Lorentzen, Solmssen. Kent. D., Mathiasen. Horns. Parkhurst. Richards. Paterno ll 25 Stucko Hi . 5 - ' t f Q 6 ".f:-Zi? It X I --a e 5? 3 I r' l 3 pap-wg - W ' . Q as I' Q51 VE ,I Y , W, 'IP U' Aga , X M. x ' sy 74 ' -X S 4 1 5 so 'f' . 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'W 5, , 3.-,hiv Bi . ,- f ' gc.. - vsikx sv Af Q , f ,wa ,iw ff 'ff i-fp ,.r - f1f 'mf -'r EWS STAFF LEYLAND COBB Editor tn Chief Back row lelt to right Lichtenstein Stanton Edgar Allen Gree xdge Front row left to right Ayrault Cobb Robertson Fogelson Iackson Editor-in-Chief LEYLAND COBB 51 Associate Editor RICHARD LICHTENSTEIN 52 Sports Editor MALCOLM ROBERTSON Feature Writers MALCOLM EDGAR 51 CADDY GREENIDGE 51 ARTHUR AYRAULT 52 PHILIP IACKSON 53 28 Alumni Advisor ALEC C. ALLEN 51 Business Manager GERALD FOGELSON 51 Exchange Editor GEORGE STANTON 51 Photography WALTER PROTZMAN 51 Faculty Adviser RICHARD GREGORY Left to xght front row Desxdeno Mernll Robe tson Stcmdmg Greemdge Cobb Mxssxng Protzman ALMAGUNIII Ed1tor 1n Ch1ef CHARLES MERRILL Sports Ed1tor MALCOLM ROBERTSON I 6' Buslness Manager ANTHONY DESIDERIO Phoiogrcphy WALTER PROTZMAN -'lim' WIILSIS LEYLAND COBB CADDY GREENIDGE 'S gr 'pn S P! J D CHARLES MERRILL Editor m Chief 'I A ' ' :L . v fd 3 4 - X " 1 'f . 'f . 9 , ix A I Q, " V' , ' r - xuw , A LN ' - Lx I 1 t 3 E i I- , I . l , . . I . . 1 A' , . ' I Y I A ' r' f'.'.'ff"'x ' 1' :V Ei A A 1 s swf: h,-' 4 -U A .-M. 5,5 .0 - .,.,,.Qbg'As.,v 9 ' 'N ,w.,,x,-A 4. I' -k.- -Sf gg M.-fwfr 'ff rf.. f ,,,,,! Loud shouts and cheers are in order for the Glee Club performances this year. Besides giving enjoyable exhibitions of their vocal ability on Prize Day and at the Christmas Service the Glee Club also presented "The Gondo- liers." For the fourth straight year, the boys of the Glee Club presented an op- eretta, and, as in the past, it was the work of Gilbert and Sullivan. The notes were first heard waiting through the halls of M. S. after the Christmas vacation. Following the Lower School Lunch and during activities period the choruses could be heard singing away in the music room. In the middle of Ianuary, the principals were chosen. The older members of the Glee Club were given the male leads and lower-formers were given the female leads. Pat Paterno and Phil Houck portrayed Gianetta and Tessa, the brides of the Gondo- liers, who were Dan Ayrault and Cal Edgar. The Duke of Plaza-Toro was played by Gerry Fogelson, and his retinue consisted of: Hank Fiensilver, his wife: Dick Lichtenstein, his daughter: and Ashley Seward, "their own drum- mer boy." Mike Farney played the role of Don Alhambre Del Bolero and Duane Wahl played Inez. 1 1 o 6 .. 5' .. V . 1 . 19 4 f. " V' v. -'1gfz:2,!,,f,xL' :Q 7 "f'5"' 1' Q ..-.f-. g"5'Wf"i!,U'.,vf- af? 4 wr- . ' 1 "Nl " fl ',"."i7'?. A ,aff-2521:-'if L.. , , sr, .g4?1,.-A-.,Qifcg,.-31 Front row: Patemo. Edgar, Houck, Nye Feinsilver, Graves, Foqelson, Mr. Wallace Allen, I., Moglia, Murray, Ayrault. Copper Farny, D. Back row: Famy, M., Seward Lichtenstein, Rumsey. Around February 15, the principals, lead by Mr. Wallace, director of this year's production went to New York to see the operetta as it was produced by the world famous D'Oly Carte troupe, so they could see more vividly how each part should be acted. On March 16, the efforts of the Glee Club were rewarded by the applause of the crowded auditorium at the Women's Club in Morristown. The stage. designed by Mr. Komoski and built by several helpers was a compliment to the production Everybody worked hard to make this a good show especial ly Mr Wallace who guided the boys with unflagging spirit toward their mo- ment of glory on the stage 965 :gg-i,.!,i C 'f'P Lett to right, front row: Thole, Remig, D'Agostino, Edgar, Merrill, Desiderio, Greenidge, Fogel- son, Barnett. Fellenburg, Whitman, Hussey. Second row: Coach Tupper, Askins, Eilbeck, Wahl, Appel, Rice, Throckmorton, Ingram Herms. Iackson. Third row: Martin, Feinsilver, Moglia, Tonk- ing, Ayrault, Phillips. Gundlach, Kent. Missing: Kelly, Murrey. With Norton Tupper as the new coach at Morristown, the tootball team triumphed in tive out of eight games, losing only to Pingry. Delbarton, and Barnard. They scored a total oi 165 points, against 124 for their opponents. The team was led in scoring by Co-Captain Greenidge with 36 points. He was followed by D'Agostino with 23 points: Barnett, 195 Edgar, Thole and Herms each 181 Desiderio, 75 Askins, Murray, Wahl, and Moglia each 6 points: and Merrill and Fellenberg 1. The backtield consisting of Greenidge, D'Agostino, Thole, Wahl, and Herms, was backed up by Remig, Askins. Marinaro, and Murray, who headed the P.A.T. department. The strong line was composed of Barnett, Edgar, and Throckmorton at ends, Co-Captain Desiderio and Captain elect Eilbeck at tackle, backed up by Hussey and Appel: Ayrault and Merrill at center: Ingram and Fellenberg at guard positions. The team, oft to a good start, beat Englewood 19-6 with Barnett, Greenidge, and Thole scoring. The Moroon and White were then beaten the next two times out, by Delbarton and Pingry. ln the fourth game of the season, the Prep poured it on against Solebury. The final score was 47-33, which established a new total point record in Morris County. Scoring for Morristown were: Edgar, Herms, D'I-Xgostino, Wahl, and Greenidge twice, while Murray was successtul with four P.A.T.'s and D'1-lgostino one. The Barnard game was a thriller, but Morristown came out on the losing end of a 13-7 count. Morristown threatened many times in the second halt. but luck was against them. The Hun game, which was plaved in pouring rain, was the team's most brilliant performance of the year. The on-lookers witnessed the greatest dis- play of team-work the team had shown, with Herms, Greenidge, and Edgar each scoring. Morristown next downed St. Bernards. In this game Greenidge scored twice, D'Agostino and Thole each scored once, and D'Agostino plunged for two extra points. The Morristown-Columbia spree saw D'Agostino, Askins, Barnett, Moglia, Desiderio, and Edgar each cross the goal line. The extra points were scored by D'Agostino 123, Barnett, Merrill, Desiderio, and Fellenburg-a great end to a brilliant season. P 0a1oN 'YU Mn. A. N Coach Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown PER F00'l'BALL Fnulewood ,sow.,,w Delbcxrton .. Pmgry ,,,..,,ww Solebury o,,w, Barnard r,...o. Hun oo,,,,r,,,,,,A,,, St. Berncrrds Columbia .,..o,w 1? P4 LAM - 43. ,. fiwfi m . 1 if iv. . ,a sf , -.. - .S . . s ...V X I It lit 1, 1, 'h,:- .. -m 1. X 3 N of CADDY GHEENIDGE cmd TONY DESIDERIO Co-Captains 6 33 20 33 13 6 6 124 33 -3. "oc Al- '- :swf 1. ' if i BASKETIIALL ..- 1 CAL Captain ll- Ph ff' 7. X I I Y' lf ,Q +92 sl si- 7 f 6 Qcgaliroh A - V . L Q2 V 9 1 ,: -I ig . 1, i . . 'A ., n I ,,. . .f A-f A f- Q - MJ, X ' ' ' ' xi 'Tm X S Q xsr USP x1ISr l USP P6 ae vgxsra, , Y 'vmrah 43 ' ' t Q9-gmsrozb l BB 4 4 Lett to right. lront row: Ayrault, Greenidqe. Merrill, Edgar, Murray, Desiderio. D'Agostino. Sec- ond row: Moglia, Lichtenstein. Robertson. Wahl, Smith. Morristown School cannot boast a good basketball season this year, finish- ing with a record of 4 wins and 14 loses. The lack of a gym afforded many handicaps under which the team operated. Practice sessions every afternoon lasting for only an hour were held in the Alfred Vail Iunior High School Gym. Mr. Burke had a squad of l5 men, which was all he was able to dress due to the transportation problem in getting to Alfred Vail. The team, led by Captain Cal Edgar and coached by Mr. Iohn Burke, played several night games, which proved to be very popular as a good crowd was always on hand. Chip Merrill was the high scorer of the year with a total of 256 points, average 14.2 points a game. Merrill also had the highest foul shooting average of 69.12. Although Morristown won only 4 games this year, they were only 43 points behind, in total score, the agregate score of their opponents. Morristown ........ ...,.. 6 5 Stevens ..,..,,..,.,,,..,.,,,, ..,,,,, 4 6 'Morristown ........ ...... 5 O College High S. ....,,.,,.,.,,, ..,..,, 7 I Morristown ........ ...... 3 4 Montclair Academy ..,.,,, .,,..,, 3 5 ' Morristown ........ ..,... 3 9 Eastern ...,.,, . ,,,.,,, ,.,..,, . .,,, 8 3 'Morristown ..,. ....,. 54 Wardlaw ..., .. H .. 32 'Morristown ......... ...... 6 3 Oratory .. ,............, ,. ,..,, ,, 77 'Morristown .,,,, ...... 4 5 College High S. , .. ., 48 'Morristown ..... .... 3 3 Oratory H H 49 'Morristown ..... ..... 3 7 Delbarton ....,....., ,,...., 5 0 Morristown ...., ..... 4 l Pingry 61 Morristown . 35 Hun ,. . ,. 45 'Morristown ..... .. , 44 Eastern .,,,, H H 64 'Morristown . . 48 St. Bernards . , .. 49 'Morristown ,. 33 Delbarton 70 'Morristown ..47 Wardlaw , .. 28 Morristown H . . 45 Pinqry ......,. . 59 'Morristown . 72 St. Bernards . . . 51 Morristown . ., 40 Brown and Nichols . 48 TOTAL 827 871 '-Ivy League Game NWIMMI G This year's swimming team was great- ly hindered by lack of material and inter- est. Although the team started out in good style, two of last year's veterans dropped out. This along with illness and lack of experience did not help the season to be- come successful. The team led by its outstanding swim- mer and captain, George Stanton, lost its three meets. The squad was coached by Mr. Gregory who did his best in spite oi the unfortunate conditions. In the first meet of the season against Morristown High Stanton won his event, MR. RICHARD GREGORY Coach the 200 yard ireestyle. Skip Gundlach placed first in the 100 yard backstroke. In the second meet of the season, with Delbarton, Stanton came through with two iirsts, in the 100 and 200 freestyle. Morristown finished the season with the Morris County Meet, a triangular meet between Morristown High, Morristown, and Delbarton. In this meet George Stan- ton not only won the 200 yard freestyle, but also set a new county record, break- ing his former record by six seconds. Stanton is the only swimmer who earn- ed his swimming letter. GEORGE S. STANTON Fron row: McLean, Pettit, Hill. Ward. Bell. Houck. Second row Cqpfqin Stanton, Rumsey, lackson. Feinsilver. Thole. Graves, Mr Gre gory coach. if .ff ' 1 i L4 5 , fail QV? , 1 Y , I e a 'Z . 'lt 3' I 4 , , Vi!-JA 'J f X , Q- , 4.7 r ' 'V' p. 1 . M .li :sul 4 f . Lett to right, front row: Eilbeck, Hardy, Edgar, Lichtenstein. Iacobs. Second row: Quimby, Nordstrom, Cobb, Dieiendorl. Ayrault. TENNIS Under the coaching of Howard Quimby and led by Captain Duke Iacobs, the Morristown School'sL tennis team fared well in their 1950 season, loosing only to Montclair Academy. Although there was some jockeying of posts during the season, Laddie Cobb and Duke lacobs played first and second singles, respectively, throughout the sea- son. Third singles was jockeyed between Lichtenstein, Dietendort, and Eilbeck. The first doubles spot was held by Cal Edgar and Dan Ayrault, while second doubles post was held by Bob Hardy, Cobb, and Lichtenstein. OP' 5' .ig MR. HOWARD Coach lr:- +-+- rnrtvf 'T ix-.410 I . l...n..f at Q a ,W 1 jf Aj' ' .rf DUKE IACOBS Captain All members of the squad, pictured above, received varsity letters, as did manager Nordstrom. Morristown ,,,.. . 4 Pingry .,,,, ,,,.,..,...... 0 Morristown ...,. , 2 Montclair Acad. ,... 3 Morristown ....,... 3 Delbarton ,,...,,...,... 2 Morristown .. 3 Pingry .,.,,,......... 2 IVY LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Delbarton , .,,.,,, ,..,,.,,, , , .. ,. ., , Singles Montclair Academy . , , Doubles Morristown H ,, ,,,....,, ,. .. ..... 0 OUIMBY 37 BA EBALL F 45+ MR IOHN BURKE Coach "?T": fir 3- Leit to nght iront row Wahl Merrill CCapt Electj Lxtchiield Murray Morton King R King W Maas Moglia L Second row Fogelson Doyle Herms Lichtenstein Gundlach Throckmorton Greemdge Femsilver Eades Bemig The nmteen hity baseball season was better than average as the Maroon and Whrte won seven out of twelve of the1r games In the Ivy League Morristown ended up rn third place behind Delbarton and St Bernards The prtchrng chores were done by B111 Morton and Duane Wahl wrth the latter winning tive games against three losses The infield was composed of Bob Litchheld Pete Herms Bob King and Brian Murray w1th B111 Kmg doing the catchrng In the outheld the season started w1th Drck Lrctenstein in left Morton m center and Chrp Mernll rn right But as the season progressed the outfield was altered Lichtenstein re marned in left Merrrll moved to center and Caddy Greemdge went rnto nght The outfreld reserves were Albert Maas and Lou Mogha The hrghhghts of the season were Duane Wahl s one hitters over Wardlaw and Montclair College High and his shutout of Oratory In hrs only prtchrng periormance of the year Merrill hurled a two hitter over Solebury Those receiving varsity letters were W King B King Wahl Lrtchheld Lichtenstein Mernll Greenidge Herm M and Manager Blades Wardlaw Eastern Academy St Bernards Delbarton Pingry Solebury St Bernards Montclair College H Delbarton Oratory . A Montclair Academy ,,,., r... Wardlaw ,... . ..,,, I ,..., ,,,.,.,e. , , Morr1stown Morristown Morr1stown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown s urray Ivy League Games Lett to nght front row Allen Iohn Robertson Duryee Walker Domemco Rtak Second row Hall Whttman Ayrault Etlbeck Mzssxng Greemdge is Morr1stown Schools 1950 track season was not parttcularly successful The green team captatned by Peter Hall cmd coach ed by Mr W1lk1e was able to wm only one out of 1ts three meets The team dxd however place second tn the Ivy League Meet The team s strongest pomt was 1n run ners but 1t tell down ser1ously 1n the held events In the 100 and 200 yard dashes Iohn to w1n many hrsts whtle Budd Robertson and George Stanton managed to do the same ln the 440 yard event The team s star Bob Walker came 1n hrst aga1n and agaln 1n the half mxle and mtle races Walker bestdes bemg the teams best e Qt! 0 Tlttlllll F""""'!"'wm MR VALLEAU WILKIE runner was also the only man on the team w1th any real exper1ence In the held events B111 Kmg headed the lrst of shot putters and shared honors wlth Hall E1lbeck and Throckmorton 1n the jumpmg events The followmg boys earned the1r letters K1ng I K1ng W Walker Greentdge Ro bertson Stanton Ayrault Exlbeck and Manager Iohn Allen Morr1stown 38 Montc1a1r MOIIISIOWD 452 3 Eastern 311 3 Morr1stown 23 Delbarton IVY LEAGUE MEET Delbarton St Bernards Mornstown Eastern PETER HALL Cap,C,,,, Oratory Wardlaw Montclarr 1 ,ei . , ly ' . I Kingand Caddy Greenldge both managed - Coach a, ' l ' I I ' ' ' . ' 3' ' . ' 43 f . ' 47 I 1 47 . 10 ' 22 , 6 X - 18 O I ' 13 3 N. 4 COMPANY PHHIP EYSMAN BROTHERS McEWAN COMPANY 118 CONOVER STREET BROOKLYN 31 NEW YORK PREMIER CONTAINER Manufacturers PHIlADElPHlA PA STERLING PAPER COMPANY CORPORATION 105 AVENUE l NEWARK NEW JERSEY EXPRESS CONTAINER COMPANY I ACKERMAN AVENUE CllFTON NEW JERSEY CLIFTON PAPER BOARD SALES CORPORATION 1561 HUDSON BOULEVARD JERSEY CITY N J REPUBLIC CONTAINER CORPORATION I MAPLE STREET EAST RUTHERFORD N J BEll CONTAINER CORPORATION VICTORY CONTAINER ANTHDNYJ DESIDERIO JR A FRIEND OF ASSOCIATED FOLDING BOX COMPANY COMPANY, INC ROYAl- PIONEER BOX MANUFACTURERS RADIO FREQUENCY LABORATORIES BOON TON NEW IERSEY MANUFACTURERS OF ELECTRONIC TEST E S SEABURY 35 I C SALMON 31 R W SEABURY IR 30 C V PALLISTER IR 31 HAIMANN S JEWELERS DIAMOND MERCHANTS OVER 50 YEARS 5 WASHINGTON STREET MORRISTOWN N I TEL MO 42600 1 1 1 1 n a . n 1 1 1 o I n Q - , . . . . ' NUTLEY NEW IERSEY CENTRAL PAPER BOX PHILADELPHIA PA Cpltf THERMIONICS PRODUCTS COMPANY MODERN PAPER BOX MANUFACTURERS COMPANY INC PHILADELPHIA PA Compliments of Comp1'ments of VlOlA BROTHERS, INC. om imen s 0 C mpliment f I I 0 COMPANY COMPANY INC Cpltf CAllAGHAN PAPER BOX COMPANY PYRAMID PRODUCTS CORPORATION C mpliments of C mpliments of W. H. AIBRECHT REGENT PAPER BOX I 0 m imen s o C mpliments of BOX COMPANY Cpl f BOX BOARD PRODUCTS COMPANY INC MEIR OSE PAPER BOX COMPANY C mpliments of Compliments of UNITED STATES PAPER H. J. MIllS INC. In imenfs C mpliments of I 0 Compliments of KALIKMAN PAPER BOX COMPANY Compliments of A FRIEND OF ANTHONY J. DESIDERIO, JR. CADILLAC and OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE A R JACOBUS INC 2 Lackawanna Place Mornstown N I MOrr1stown 4 5650 Comphments of IANCE PAPER BOX COMPANY INC CAROLINE LAUNDRY Morr1stown LAUNDERS DRY CLEANERS GOOD LUCK TO MORRISTOWN SCHOOL DAVE YOUNG LACKAWANNA DINER 73 Morns Street Mornstown N I Comphments ot Paterson New Iersey Comphments of 69 Wllhams Street Bellevmlle N I d Pr t d RA: PUBLISHING COMPANY 127 Valley Rd M tcl xr N I , . . . O QUAUW Tugf 3, Bgx COMPANY N. J. LINING 8. BOARD CO., INC. Designed an ine by X lxsb, Qi 5 A". 71-5 Q 3 'H , +31 9'-Q,,I.- , .18 2.5. X-Q.: ' . 4 Z., . Q. Ca. , , f- - s- '---xseg,- 1 S ,sm A' x Q ' x i 5h!'l2' Ns -':aiQ:5 ir" A v-K . , v 'nfs I. , at iw, vifffg ti' ' . ,wg 1 lf' if 1, . ij d:f',L"sL-55 Ax' a X 1' dk' ' 5 iv 5-:""':,w I ..' V E 5 13 x WV ' 4 :T, li . ' , . '14, 1 A. V . ' ' 55, ', Ai 22 Q . .Q A-55' Vf ' , f " 3 Qi ff ' 'N A 0 'L as X sf 3 '45, ull, feel.:-.V li U. u . ' 4, L . - 'lg y f-. , ' Vg ' s N L Saiifg - , 'Q H- A .. VM "gf ' ' ' Q .an ,Qg-IF- Y .5 V if-343 I le. W Q ' Ji J'7' 't 1 'iv' 'Y 'T' I ' f li -" r V ' I g r 5 mf : 1 1 KW L I I 1 v: W Vw .. 4 . ....,,,, ,W .t ' L '3':f""fV'7"?""'1eb,. ' I 'F' QR ,M Q M . ,., f, ,M ffg, v . - V V, . , -pq Y , . , i 4 Q I , , , :Z 'li 13+ 1,0 mf' ,,1w4a-ASZL4 .I - ,Y Y. as Ill ,L A :ez EES EH

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