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 - Class of 1953

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"T1L,1IFI2- --- r , f 1-sfx L ff 4'4 GRM 5- LJ Sf N Y ' f .QW 15 Eifkf KHNK 5 M 5 s A i. M K ' x l V , , M- him. W 'MX x ' K gf, fi aff f M W7 "I In V g ' Vw-4 N fb 111 if 7 1 ,ny , , 'N J X1 uw' ,M il-X it 1F'W f g f M Wi fi ' 2 I iw K l ,X "Y ,L fl' ', 633' ti R 7.15 -In - 'L fag- 4cf5-51.-ff -+ ff' sf f 192. 'fi' W K ,VW A f My X 'XXX '- WW '1 Q' 4. Xkq R I fi Ng M X MS L7 ffm 'xxx xx M40 71 ff ' ff H4 Z? ,J ff' ,f If X-1 X rx f X, Nxxx I wgx I9 5 CUBBUNIAN 3216 .M6IIIOfq 300A MOIlll IS'I'0WN IIIGII SITIIINII, M0l 'rislmul. New .lvrsoy ll IHCATIU It rs w1th a deep felt apprecratron that we the class of 1953 dedrcate our Cobboman the log of our memorres whrle at lVIorr1stown Hrgh School to Mr Iames Maclntyre a man to whom not only our class but the entrre student body 1S deeply rndebted for h1s unt1r1ng work to rmprove our school rn the held of educatron as well as that of athletxcs In h1s role as Drrector of Athletrcs here at Morrrstown Mr Maclntyre through hrs pa trence cooperatron and hard work has proved Mornstown I-hgh School to a level wh1ch IS the pnde of every student In hrs capacrty as coach he has become rmmortal rn the hearts and mrnds not only of those he has trcuned but of all who are assocxated Wllh Morrrstown Hrgh School Hrs career has msprred the deep respect and ad mrratron of all who have rn any way known htm as a leader a symbol of sportsmanshlp and as a man We the Class ot 1953 hope that m some small Way lh1S dedrcatron W1ll convey our srncere gratrtude tor the work Mr Maclntyre has done and IS domg to the betterment of the school - , . . I his Worth many times over, and has brought . . Y II WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN Vice Principal MAURICE C WILSON Principal Mr Wilson whom we will remember as a wise adviser and good Irrend durmq our hrgh school years ret1red on March 31 The tributes paid to him at that trne by students faculty and community were ample evrdence of the hrgh respect and warm alfectxon msprred by hrs long years of service to the schools oi Morristown MITIIII cw- ROBERT C LaVANTURE Principal BERNARD REED Vice Principal in Charge of Guidance MRS MARTHA HOPLER Guidance Couns or -4-wfr' 9 " BUSINESS EDUCATION Sealed: Louis Capuio. Dora Hass, Iames Allen Mrs. Marian Robinscn. Michael LaBove. Stand ing: George Hughes, Ditlow Schroll, Daniel Fen Inn, Absent: Ufilma lunomann. '3.1""1Y'1'f' ' 1 E in 96 gr -.-...... ADMINISTRATION and OFFICE STAFF Seated: Mrs. Esther Wilt, Vice Principal Bernard Heed, Vice Principal William Zimmerman, Su- perintendent Franlc Bogle, Principal Robert La- Vanture. Guidance Counselor Martha Hopler, District Clerk Aida Iorio. Standing: Mrs. Ruth Papps. Mrs. lune Ely, Mrs. lane Scott, Mrs. Nancy Smith. Mrs. Anita Cacchio, Mrs. Donna Berandt. Absent: Mrs. Ann Cowan. ENGLISH Seated: Helen Reilly, Georgia Foltz. Mrs. Mar- garet Neary, Olive Shusfer, Librarian Catherine Quaclcenlrush. Standing: Mrs. Mary Oerther, Gerald Quinlan, Marcus Smith, Lawrence Light- ner. Absent: Daniel Sinclair Ill, P. B. Cowan. IANGUAGE and SOCIAL STUDIES Seated: Rhoda Lippincott. Margaret Gogerty, Mrs, Clara Wagner, Eleanor McClelland, Mar- garet Eclcmirn. Standing: Frederic Kolb, Theo- dore Cowan, Aida Liddle. Annice lolrnson, Ed- ward Malzzzlcen, Victsr Eoell. Standing, back row: Edward Eisenhart, Livingston Sperling. M I. Q we H s 6 0 H 2 FAC LTI INDUSTRIAL and DOMESTIC ARTS, MUSIC, ART. Seated: Mrs. Marjorie Kanslri, Mrs. Marguerite Iaciatano, Clara Bryant, Betty Hill, Mrs. Louise Hickey, Standing: Edward Wicks, Robert Mum- tard, E. Paul Giersch, Henry Hunt, Vincent Fosltre, Charles Meys, Leonard Saunders, Ed- ward Tuttle. Alisent: Henry Dalczynslci. W ttf tt SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS Sealed: Mrs. Helen Lawrence, Mrs. Betty Wag' ner, Ellen Lewis. Standing: Saul Swanger, Nor- man Stettbacher, Earl Symons, Howard Rick- meyer, Albert Caro, Paul Eogel. Absent: Betty Wright, Benedict Kane. PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH Seated: Kathryn Buchanan, Florence Savage, Mrs. Virginia Reddy, Arnie DeGroct, Ruth Titley. Standing: Eugene Smith, james Maclntyre, Wil- liam Flynn, Howard Lillie. ' 9 iv' R 3 -X, 'lg"'lf"' 'lillllll t ' W' rl 4, gun .......""" lfilfi . ,it QENIOR CLAYQ ADVIGERS Seated Gerald Qurnlan Georqra Foltz Eleanor McClelland Clara Bryant Iam s Allen 'itandmq Theodore Fowan Albert Caro Drtlow Schroll Paul Fogel Absent Wrlmtr Iurzemann Mrs Vrrgmra Reddy Thls group of teachers re1gn1ng over the home rooms of the class of 53 have gu1ded and advlsed the class rn 1lS many undertak1ngs as well as provrdmg Wrlhng ears and sound counsel rn our many personal problems Led by Cha1r man Gerald Qumlan they have been a malor factor 1n the consrstent success of 53 s many and varred act1v1t1es .MZMOTLHM The passmg thus year ot Mr Theodore M Cowan ol the Morrrstown Hrgh School Soclal Studte Department addencd a class a school and a communtty T ach he had devoted years ol selfless servrc W knew htm as an excellent teacher an understandxrg counselor and a wonderful oerson To those who were prxvllegod to study etther fb' f Anctent or Modern l-hstory under htm Nl Cowan was a teacher who wtll never be for gotten In hrs cass an often dull subject became ahve and strmulatmg A course that could be one ot dates and terms became one ol trends ot thoughts ol the miluences and rdeals whtch have shaped our crvxhzatton Here we learned that educatron could be serxous and at the same trme enjoyable that the story ot htstory was the story of man and as such could be and was excrtmg and creatxve M Cowan under whose dlrectron cctrve and extremely succe slul FOIGFSIC Club tlourrshed never ltked to be considered a notatron of the term he was not one For the torenslc program he mrtxated and gurded was rntxmtely mo e than mere speakxng An abtltty to thmk quxckly and logrcally to speak and compete n an rntell gent and sportsmanhke manner these are the thmg tor whlch all of us who worked under hrs advtsorshxp are 1m measurably mdcbted o hrm To hrs bereaved relattve ve extend our deepest and most srrcere sympathy Therrs rs a loss whxch we share 1215 , . . . . f 1 . , , . . . . .ml ' ' M W P '- " M N M ' 5' ' . 5 o fr . v K H P I I A 1 I I 1 r--. I E "" - or ' V ' 1 - A it .5 , V 7 ' ' ' , r, . Q - 4, 1 ' ' . ' l os, f 'A' 1 ' it 1 ' x I P , I -A ' -X. We f X 3 ' .. r . ' , 4 K '--,5 ' ' A . Z Wi' My . . - g xx. gf' r, , ' ' an V' ,H ' f ,J A . ' ' fr- . ' W xx ' ' ,gt . ' . D I 'T I M T, 1 , :-' I "speech teacher." Perhaps, in the usual con- .. Us 1 , . V 4 ip ,Vw , . . I V . . .. . - T 1,235 k My up Vi A I U A g ' 5 - t W d 1 , A Q A s V ,, , , V 95' tt l ' K ' J if . W of ' V 3 tl ' 2 1 ' . G 4' ' 3 . - A ' 5 1 LM HIUIMI Clhlg XX4 1 l S LOIS R ALLEN This rrftty blor cle is one of tl"e poppy twirlers whom youve seen leading the band Her lei sure time is an ded between the hart and P1 llllS her wo fa orite spots She hopes to do a lot of traxeling after gradu ation Tratnin Choir 2 A Cappella 3 Tre Twirlers :C 3 3 4 B'rsl'eball2 3 Bowling 2 Spanish 2 3 Broad caster 2 3 4 Student Usher Tr1H ROBERT E AMERMAN Boody Boody as captain of the foot ball team, was the spark which led our team on to many vic- tories. Although his ambition is professional sports or barbering, he expects to enter the service after graduation. A hearty "Whadda' ya' say?" will intro- duce you to this guy who likes sports, eating and one special gir . Basketball Squad 2, Varsity 4: Football Squad 2, Varsity 3, Captain 4: Baseball squad 2. Varsity 4: Student Banker 4. 10 wet' "-9 if CHARLOTTE ACHILLE Char Char came to MHS from Stir ling Junior High as a sopho more and is well known in the business world of MHS Driving sports playing cards and l1s tening to Home Town Frolics rate high with Char he Giants however top her list of favorites Charlottes favorite sa ing is Do you thmk it UHQYIY7 She plans to help out in her father s hotel after grad uatton Bowling 2 Softball 4 MARION ANDERSON Mar Mar can always be counted Cn to pep up the gang with her infectious laugh She enloys playing the piano and dancing Her on dislike is catty people She plans to become a nurse and with her affabtlity she 1 assured success Training Choir 2 A Cappella Choir 3 Sec 4 GAC 4 Basket ball 2 3 4 Chem stry 4 Span s 2 7 Studen Coinci Class Rep 4 IRC 4 SSO 3 4 T HiY 3 4 HAROLD VXNCENT ADAMS Snooky Snooky is that wonderful left handed pitcher and passer from Stirling He likes sports eating girls and music while he dis likes only homework and his tory Snookys field of ambi tion is to wear a uniform lnot militaryj and follow the order Play ball' Thats a field in which he s got what it takes to succeed Football 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 MARIORIE ANDERSON Margie All who know Margie will tell you that a sweeter and more friendly girl would be hard to find Her main interests are swimming driving and clothes VVe all wish Margie the best of luck wnen she leaves MHS to enter the field of interior decoration GAC 3 4 Hockey 3 Modern Dance 2 Swimming 4 Stage Makeup 3 4 Cobbonion 4 IERALDINE ALLEN Ierry After all what do you peCt" introduces Ier y who cant decide whether to work or go on to college after gradua tion She likes to travel because then she can make new friends which is one of her likes Peo ple with one track minds are taboo with Ierry Training Choir 2 3 Class Rep IESSICA ANGELL Ierry Ierry one of our cute and pepoy cheerleaders resides in Mendham Her ambitions are to limb the Swi s Alps and be a nad scientist In September she hopes to be at St Lawrence studying medical technology Training Choir 2 A Cappella Choir 3 4 Band 2 GAC 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Swimming Z Cheerleading 3 4 At 4 D a matics 4 French 2 3 Physics S cretary 4 Cobbonian 4 Tri HtY 2 Treasurer 3 4 -3753 1 f""s f X fm -H "'w.'...,.1f- JOHN F APGAR IR Iohn who comes irom the w1lds of Mendham emoys outdoor sports espec1ally hunt1ng and f1sh1ng He 13 QUITE an art1st and spends much ot h1s trme drawmg or workmg o h1 stamp and co1n collect1ons Iohn plans to go to college and then hopes to see the world Football Squad 2 Art 4 R1fle 4 CAROLYN ANN BACKER lm charmmg young lady Although quret I1m rs a CODSCIEDIIOUS worker She enloys sewmq draw1ng and all sports She w1ll pursue secretartal work at ter qraduat1on and has all the qualttles for success Tramlrxq Cho1r 2 3 Student Banker 4 IRENE APPLEBY Renee Th1S energetrc sen1or ha1ls from that quamt town of Mendham Motorcycle r1d1ng h1'S a h1gh note Wlth Renee She l1kes Inendly people and a certam Marme and her QmblllOH IS to settle down and become housewxfe BUSINESS 4 Tr1H1Y 4 Student Banker 2 3 4 MARLENE SANDRA BAKER Sunee tron for Sunee the vrgorous gal from MOIYIS Platns She has hopes of becommg a lab tech n1c1an but a certa1n sa1lor boy has other ld9CS Hot rods and smoklnq are Marlene s dlS1lk9S wlule she enloys kn1tt1ng and mtenor decoratmg Dramatmcs 2 3 4 Thesp1ans 4 Deutscher Vere-tn 3 4 French 2 3 4 Lrbrary 4 Stage Make up 4 L1brcry Assxstant 4 Broadcaster 2 3 4 IRC 4 Fo rens1cs 2 3 Cor Sec 4 CLARA ASCOLESE Th1S tr1endly easy gomq m1 s comes to us from Convent She IS crazy about the Yankees but Just cant stand the Dodgers She loves to talk wtth people and calls talkmg her hobby Clara plans to become a sec e tary 1n some lucky oit1ce Tra1n1ng Chou 2 Bus1ness 2 3 Dramat1cs 3 4 Student Bankers 2 3 4 Cobboman 4 WXLLIAM PATRICK BARRY B1 to hs classmates rn 53 lS feats on the qr1d1ron and hlS tremendous heaves from thz hot put c1rcle XVtll be remem be-red for a long t1me He l1lf s qu1et glrls and a aood football gam and hopes to become a State Trooper when school days are over Football 2 3 Manager 4 Traclf' 2 3 Manager 4 Wrestllnq 7 Shop Foreman 2 Cla s Rep 2 'Z CATHERINE A AYERS Nancy ng ne or 'H ebb, c gat Iron M 1r1s To K"lSf'tlD ack car ra cs 311721 p 0 Cl 1 e 1an s 110 vt1 Nancy b on the cthfr ha s e dx l1kcs hoo Att r qra uc1on sbc expo ts to b corne a te ephone operator C23 4Suer1 Banlfer2 3 4 tfws RAY AYRES Hon Ray s a brawny spommcn iron ea Knoll He says he s q mg a o v. cttfr r tlon and lt s oulant be hard or 1'n to 1n.l the r1ght mch s spore trne he lures a 111 , 'nfs ar' pre terrc os lcaxe no trouble be w1tc IH h1"1 Ne says hes a Wlll g Vlf'f 'n Sho, Fore-m n Z 3 Drzvi f tl A c' is .10 1' 11 th1s ' ' 1 r- '- 1.'.-K , St 1' ., .14 1 , mi h G 1. Q t l1:'3E1 'fh ', 11t 1 1 ,A , Fd li s -1 sc1 l. 0 d t' 1. C i fp, 1 . GA . , 4: ICA f -1 d t ' I l n l - V . . Q I r . L I 1 1 G . I . . W . .I - A I. g -, . 4: 1 I, : I I A ' ' ' ' ' 1 . 1 A . 3' 1 ! HI. .1 " " If -uf' "Oh, brother!" introduces this .Nmch usually the uftwduc' H319 Bill' 1'199dS U0 introduction - . : - f H . . . 5 r ' y , - . 1 . . s V A 'I - i . 1 I 1 , I: F . ' '.: S, i V ' . iv- V 14 I A . N .' C 'cr ,A . 1 ' C- ' to Q t 'ork f .1 cg adua- t In 1 1 'H A .1 e. In 1 1. 11 ' ll . k' is ot card "a.1 .d 1 tty 5 , 4 C I ' f Br ' . . F 1 11 IAMES BONAR Itmmy o 1 1 '1 s P o s e S qc P V YC W Q n of becom n, rt r o y H s Corrldo 1-A t e Broadc ser c t Il-'S c .lsed Mu r' Gp rate hlq ruth n rr' Dramatlcs Z 3 4 Thesp1an 4 French 3 Broadcaster 2 Pea 'ure Ed1tor " 4 FOYGUSICS 2 3 Rvtle LORRAINE BOTSFORD Botsy Co eqe 1s qolnq to cla rn our pretty Lorra nt ncxt year alter wh1ch he plans to work and then qot marrmd Water skunq and rce skrtlnq rate hlqh w1tl1 her but nolsy people annoy th1 peaceable younq lady ramatlcs 3 French 2 3 Student Councl 3 Tr1H1 Y 3 4 12 CAROL BENBROOK Bencreek Th1s at racuxe q1rl needs no n trodcrctlon she 1s the co cap tal of OIII tw1rlers Bencreek enloys d '1 nq ani football games and some dcy hopes to Q able to Hawau Although she untleclded whether to beconoe a nurse or secretary h r 1. ccrss sured Twrrler 3 Co captmn 4 Tr1 H1 Y 4 Cobbon an 4 DOROTHY BOULTON Do Do seerrs to be a qulet d mure sort ot person on tne sur lace bolt keeps C. GHG' Ummm' I de 1lrr'ent I dden behrnd those tvunlcl ng eyes She hopes to be c nurse dtex grad ratxon and you can bet there v.1ll be a lot of nappy patents GAC 2 3 Hockey 3 Modern D nce 2 Softball 2 3 tenrus 3 4 Chem1stry 4 Dramatlcs 4 French Z 3 4 Staqe Makeup Cl s Rep 4 Bro ster 4 ICA 4 Tr1 HLY 3 3. Q SI-IELDON BIBER 'VIE' t the famed Sheldon whose extenswe vocabulary outdtd ven P B A member of he qarq from 303 durmq h1s stay ot MHS Sheldon has become popular Wllh the ladles r reat them tc11r e says want 1 c xe m a chance 'I'enn1s 2 Chess 2 3 Bro d caster 3 Physncs 3 '23 STANLEY LEE BLIDE Stan Alter qraduahon Stan hopes to g slqhtseemg wtth the Navy A Morns Townsh1p man Stan has cx love tor tmkermg wrth cars Wh1Ch lnsures h1m of a bnght iuture as an auto mechantc Thats cool xntro duces Stan around the cor ndors oi MHS Shop Foreman 4 SHIRLEY BOWDEN PATRICIA BOWKER Sh1r1 You Cnaracters Thls phrase s sure to accompany Shlrl Wherever she may be A IOYCU resldent of God s Country fMor r1s Pla1r1s lor the uneducatedl Sh1rley expects to be a secre tary alter qraduahon An ar dent football and sw1mm1nq fan he rates dIlVITlq her car hlqh on her ltst GAC 3 4 Hockey 3 4 Modern Dance 2 Buslness 4 Staqe Makeup 3 4 Tr1H1Y 4 Pat Pats one of our more ambr t1ous seniors W1th her pleaslnq Dersonahty h has acl ed many lrtends t her l1st She cla1ms ner l1kes are Mr Mel lmqer and 307 but she drsllke deceltful people Next year she expects to go to college and then take the busmess World by storm Bard 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 GAC 2 Basketball 2 Modern Dance 2 Dramattcs Presldent 2 3 4 Thesptan 4 Spamsh 2 3 Pres dent 4 Student C0unc1l3 4 Class Rep 4 SSO 3 Tr1l-I1Y 3 4 Sentor Play Cobbonran 4 ,ex A dz' sy' fu? 'W' DONALD CLYDE BOZZI Ikya Heres a boy undeczded about what he wants to do e future but he would lrke to go on o College The Grants and bas ball rate hrgh wrth lkya but he drslrkes sell centered qrrls Baseball 2 3 4 Spanrsh 2 oadcaster 2 3 4 HrY 2 4 Student Banker 2 3 BERNICE F BROTHERLY Bernre Frrendly easy gornq Bernre seems to glrde along wrthout any effort whatsoever She plans on makrng long drstance operatrnq her career Her lrkes are Dean Martrn and Ierry 'ewrs food and anrmals Thrs pleasant miss has also been very actlve rn sports Trarnrng Chorr 2 3 GAC 2 3 4 Archery 2 3 Basketball 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 4 Modern D nce 2 3 Softball 2 3 4 Tennrs 2 Volleyball 3 4 Stu dent Usher 3 4 ICA 2 TrrHrY 3 Rrtl ,J ze STANLEY BRAUN Snake Snake rs a rather quret boy but towers above many rn herght He lrkes sports and wants to work as an account ant or wrth musrc Stan plans on gorng rrqht to work after graduatron but at present h IS mterested 1n the hobbres of stamp and corn collectrnq and musrc Band 2 3 4 Dance Band 2 Chess 2 Student Frnance Board BARBARA I BROWN Barb Come Dodgers' That s Barb yellrng for her favorrte team Thrs popular senror not only spends most of her day rn the Telephone Company but somehow frnds trme to work on the Cobbonran as Managrnq Edrtor Some day Barb hopes to go to Hawau G C 2 3 4 Archery 2 Basketball 2 3 4 Hockey 2 4 Modern Dance 2 Softball 3 4 Tennrs 2 Volleyball 3 Cobbonran Manaqrng Edrtor 'Student Usher Z 3 4 SSO Sec Treas 4 Trrl-HY 2 Vrce Pres 3 J' rs. ,goal ALBERT BRIGGS Homer Albert came to MHS rn hrs lun ror year from Boonton HS He drslrkes school and brrds but more to hrs lrkrnq rs scrence Nuts to you rs hrs iavorrte sayrnq After graduatron Albert expect to attend college but rs undecrded as to whrch one Entered from Boonton H S 3 Band 3 4 Dance Band 3 4 CAROL HOPE BROWN Hanover Townshrp sends thrs sports mrnded qrrl whose ambrtron rs to vrsrt Hawarr In any conversatron wrth Carol youll hear And thats for sure' She lrkes przza and drrv mg the car but oh' how she hates to get up on Monday mornrrrgs Trarnrng Chorr 2 3 GAC 2 3 Treas 4 Archery Z 3 4 Bas ketball 2 3 4 Modern Dance 2 3 Softball 2 3 4 Swrmmlng 3 Tennrs 2 Volleyball 3 4 Student Usher 2 3 4 SSO 3 4 IAMES LEE BRIGHT Irmmre lrm now hangs hrs ha rn Whrppany and before tha m Charleston S C from whence he entered MHS rn hrs sopho more year He plans to make electrrcal enqrrreerrnq hrs reer and wrll enter college next year to pursue that ambr tron Entered from Charleston S C Band 2 3 4 Chemrstry Physrcs 4 Spanrsh 4 Rrtle A 4 Dance 2 3 4 ROBERT I. BROOKS Burly And thats for sure wrll rn troduce thrs popular Morrrs tonran Burly plans to jorn the Navy or Arr Force after graduatron. and eventually be come a teacher of physrcal edu catron He lrkes sports good food and lots ot frrends ol whrch he has plenty Track 2 Wrestlrng 2 4 Shop Foreman 2 3 4 Student Coun crl 3 Class Rep 3 RICHARD V BUTERA Dxck Drck In one ot those or 4 1 MOIIISlOI1 GHS who VNQYE F619 II the e ghth grade He lxkes s nr mg ana tnat takes up a goo deal ot hrs trme but hrs a'rb n IS b a plnter Hes been one oi Mr Mumiords rrght hand men during lus MHS areer Tralmng Chour 2 A Cappella C orr 3 4 HAY 4 MESS' MARILYN BUTMAN Heres a very talented gxrl whos partlcrpated rn the or chestra srnce commg to MHS She also has made the All State Orchestra whrch stands as a great accomplrshment lor Marxlyn Marrlyn hkes n at ness and you guessed t musrc but sarcastrc people dont rate Orchestra 2 3 4 Bgketball 2 3 Softball 2 French 4 Tr1HlY 4 Class Rep 3 AllState Or chestra 3 4 14 IRENE F BROWN Renee Heres a gal who seems qulet on the surface but get her out among the krds at The Stable and she really comes allve Irene wants to be a beautxcran and eventually to get marned Irene drshkes catty people and of course homework Lxbrary 3 4 Llbrary Assrstant 3 4 SSO 4 ICA4 RICHARD BYRAM Rrchxe A lover oi the sea RlCh19 wrll make a splendxd saxlor af 'M f wg, 1 f7,,l,,4 DAVID BRYDEN Dave Out of the wllds of Mendham comes thrs goodlookmg and energetrc senror An outstan.l Ing student Dave seems as sured o! a brxlhant career u cr lawyer after hrs college and proiessxonal tralnmg Dave won the state award ln oratorrcal declamatton m hrs senror year Dramatxcs 2 Student Councrl 4 Class Vrce Pres 4 IRC 3 V1ce Pes 4 SSO4 H1Y4 Bos State 3 Forensncs 2 3 Pres 4 Cobbonran 4 State Debate Champron 2 3 LOIS CACCHIO Thrs vrvacxous young lady halls I om well known Mendham Lo s mam ambltlon rs to stng ter graduatton but rxght now hell settle ior hshmg and hunt mg Whxle woodworkmg rs only a hobby future years wrll brmg us an expert cabmet at the Met and wrth her good vorce and cute personallty her ambltron should be realrzed Trarnrng Choir 2 A Cappella Cnorr 3 4 GAC 2 3 4 Basket maker Band 2 W if a 2 3 4 Tennr 2 Dramaurs Pres 2 Vlce Pres 4 Thesprans 4 French 2 3 4 Stage Make up 4 Student Councxl 2 3 Broadcaster Exchange Edltor 3 4 ICA 4 Forensxcs 2 M19 I 4 7 , v A iz RUTH BURKE Ruthre Somewhere theres musrc ana 1ts Drxreland band Ruthre wxll be there When you re feelmg a httle low tal: to Ruth she cant keep that s re oil her lace and rts catchmg Bu shes senous about a few thmgs one f :vh ch IS college plus a yob rn New York later on A Cappella Chorr 2 3 4 GAC n1s 2 4 IR LUCILLE G CALCAGNO Lou Lous irlenduness and pleas mg manner made her a favorrte wth 53ers L u has many rn .rests mcludmg smgmg and playmg the prano Some day d R0 to be a fam slnger ana wxrth such talent rts only a matter oi tlme Tralnlng CI'OlI 2 A Cappella Cholr 3 4 French Cub Z 3 4 Class Rep 3 IRC 3 4 O Student Banker 2 Red Cross Senror Play DORIS IEAN CAMPBELL ,,Dot,. Here's a lively miss who comes to us from the great town of Morris Plains. After graduation from Morristown, "Dot" plans to attend art school and to make art her life's work. She likes cold cmd snowy winters for she enjoys winter sports, but come spring, it's all base- ball. GAC 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2: Art 4: Dramatics 2, 3, 4: Thespians 4: Cobbonian 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, Vice. Pres. 4. AHLENE COHEN This young miss has the typical ambition of getting married. Arlene likes football and travel- irig ,down Southt but getting up for school is something she has never gotten used to. Her pet saying is "Oh, sugar," and she makes a hobby of collecting records-both popular and cow- bov music. ti. DONALD F. CAYO .,Don,. "How ya' doing?" introduces this good-looking senior who, after graduation, hopes to oe- come a rich dentist. A certain geometry class and all sports rate high with "Don," while noisy girls are low on his list. Baseball Squad 3, Varsity 4: Camera 4: Chemistry 4: Student Council 3: Class Representative 2: Hi-Y Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Stu- dent Banker 4: Cobbonian 4. MARY LEE COLMAN Peppy, fun-loving, and indus- trious, Mary Lee is a well- known figure around the halls of MHS. Her cheerful and en- thusiastic personality has en: deared her to everyone, and she was the perfect cheer- leader. She loves spaghetti, hates tattletales, and looks forward to college. Training Choir 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: GAC 2, 3: Basketball 2, 4: Mod- ern Dance 2, 3: Softball 25 Swimming 2: Volleyball 3: Cheerleader 2, 3. 4: French 2, 3: Physics 4: Student Council 2: IRC 3: Cobbonian 4: Rifle. - O Po,- ' 1.-Q AX. inc ALEX I. CAZZETTO uBeqn,. Not "lack and the Beanstalk," but "Bean" Cazzetto, who hails from Morristown! Quite the ladies' man, "Bean" prefers the short gals and non-smokers. Eating rates high with him. Ac- tive participation in sports has prepared him for playing pro- ball with the Dodgersfunless the Marines "land" him first. Basketball Squad 2, Varsity 3, 4: Football Manager 4: Base- ball 2, Co-captain 3: Track 3: Shop Foreman 2: Class Rep. 2: SSS Treas. Z. IOSEPH P. COLLINS Hloe.. "Joe" expects to go into the service after graduation, and since his ambition is to see the world, he ought to be able to do both at once. He like-s pho- tography too, so maybe his trav- els will provide interesting sub- jects. Band 3, 4: SSS 3, Vice Pres. 4. NANCY CHEATI-IAM "Nan" "Nan" is the nickname ol this cheerful lass from the wilds of Morris Township, who counts music, dramctics and stamp collecting at the top of her list of favorites, An amiable sort of girl, "Nan" harbors no dislikes. She hopes some day to enter the radio field. Training Choir 2. IAMES I. CILLO "Jimmy" "Jimmy" sees ahead of him a tew years in the Navy. but af' ter that he hosn't decided what he'll do. With a smile for every- one, he's bound to make lots of good friends. Hunting and camping are hzs favorite pase times. Art 4: SSS 2, 3, 4: Rifle 4. 15 ARLENE C. COHNWELL 'Corny Corny who rntroduces herseli wrth a casual How ya dom" lrkes people convertrbles cash ews and Bermuda Her ambr tron rs to be an arrlrne hostes or secretary Next September wrll frnd her rn a secretctrral school or travelrng Trarnrng Chorr 2 Bowlmg 2 A Cappella Chorr 3 4 Modern Dance 2 Student Frnance Board 4 Broadcaster 3 ICA 2 SSO 2 Class Rep 4 Student Banlf ag We MARTIN BARNETT COWAN Marty Srnce Marty arrrved from Varl he all o 195 he as scored outstandrng successes rn any number of MHS actrvrtres and has made a lot ot trrends rn the class ot 53 Hrs trreless energy and varred talents have helped hrm wrn the state award lor extemporaneous speakrng thrs year Band 2 3 4 Dance Band 2 3 ess Vrc Pres French 2 3 4 Math 4 Physrcs 4 IRC Treasurer 3 Presrdent SS 4 SSO 4 Bo ate 3 Forensrcs 2 3 Vrce Pres 4 Cobbonran 4 State De b te Champron 2 3 iflfggi I-'RED COMPTON Fr-rtz Fred rs one oi those fellows who had to grve up two years to Army lrfe clurrng hrs hrgh school career He has returned to keep up the good work how ever and hopes to become a college student upon gradua tron and eventually a teacher Baseball 2 Camera 2 3 Cob b nrarr 3 SSO 3 H1Y 2 3 RUTH COWAN Ruthre Ruthre the lrttle qrrl wrth the brg brown eyes who halls from Morrrs Townshrp hopes to d drattrng at Bell Labs after she gets her MHS sheepskrn Her lrkes mclude food Iohnnre Ray and a certain 1un1or from Mont clarr State Teachers College Oh how shrewd' rs one of Ruths tavorrte sayrngs Trarnrnq Chorr 2 A Cappella Chorr 3 4 Modern Dance 2 Student Council 2 Broaccaster Staff 4 Trr Hy Y 3 WILLIAM A COMPTON Br Brll who halls from out M11 lrngton way and came to MHS An hrs sophomore year won a great many trrends here Col lege and an engrneezrng career are hrs plans for the future Sports and drattrng rate hrqh Wzth thrs ambrtrous youth Football Squad 2 Baseball Squad 2 Wrestlrng 3 4 Phy srcs 4 SSO 4 Cobbonran 4 RICHARD G COWELL Lube From Morrrstown w have Drck an all around good fellow and an asset to MHS Hrs ambrtron rs to go rnto busr ness for hrmselt and hrs lrst of lrkes rs topped by sports Grrls who thrnk they re every thrnq get thumbs down from Drck Trarnrng Chorr 2 A Cappella 3 4 Football 3 Manager 4 Wrestlrng 2 3 Shop Foreman 2 3 4 Student Councrl 3 'Sf K 1 is A 1 K V V Vg? D ANN 'ORIELL Thrs attractrve rrrss comes from Mrllrngton You dont know dc you' as Ann would say She rs fond of football games anc convertrbles but drslrkes con certed people and homework NIC wrll garn Ann next year where she plans to study musr cal therapy Trarnzng Chorr 2 A Cappellc Chorr 3 4 Twrrler 4 Archery 4 Bowlrng 3 4 Camera Secre ary 4 French 3 4 Sa Makeup 4 lRC 3 4 Tr1H Y Cobbonrarr 4 JAMES CHARLES CRAMMER Musky Mendham lays clarm to thr actrve sportsman who has yearnrng to wear the Blue after hrs graduatron from our hallowed halls Baseball rs hrgh on hrs tavorrte lrst and he also bowls a mean game Hes un decrded about the future but hrs good looks and personalrty wrll take hrm wherever h wants to go Football 3 Baseball 3 Track 2 RONALD THOMAS CRAMMER Choo Choo Anyone who has ever watched u football game knows that No 22 represents Tom our high scoring fullback H enyoys good food and hunting the Mendham hills You know it too The Navy will claim Tom after graduation Football Squad 2 Varsity 3 4 Track 2 3 4 JOHN DAVIS Hook A likable boy who hails from Cedar Knolls Iohn plans to enter service when re gradu ates His ambition 1 to become a mechanic and h be good one His likes and dishkes follow the normal pattern food girls and dancing for the first and homework for the latter PAUL WARD CROTTY Y s this is Paul His artistic hair style has classed him with the truly great xiolinists Any spare time when le s not play 1 in he and at s spent on the track or the base ball diamond ln future years l make fine atheic coach Band 2 3 4 Dance Band 2 3 4 Baseball Squad 2 3 Va sity 4 Track 2 3 4 Shop Foreman 4 HLYZ 3 4 Wresti JOHN ARBUCKLE DAY john can usually be found rid ing about town in his little car rle likes automob les e pecially H1llmanMinxes and plans to become an automobile sales Iran after college He has one suggestion to improve MHS eliminate all mat'1 Dramatics 2 3 4 Sparish 4 HiY 4 Senior Play BARBARA ANN DANNA Bobble o bie that cute and sparkling miss from 210 She likes driving a certain college boy and music while tests homework and getting p early are TABOO with her Col leae is the next stop for this gal after leaving MHS French 2 Class Rep 4 Broad caster 2 Student Usher 2 ICA 3 4 SSO 3 Forensics 3 ANDREW I DeFlLIPP1S Here s another photography bug Taifing pictures has been Andys hobby since grade school He thinks that home work and girls wlco rnoke are the baadest However grls in general and all sports are tops with easy going D Baseball Squad 2 3 Vars ty 4 Class Rep 3 SSO 4 X BARBARA DANZI Lefty Trose who haunt heard of Barbara probably dont hear too well Her rather unusual ambition is to own a motor cycle whlch will probably ve to wait until she spent a few years as a WAVE Fortysecond Street machines Bobby and Weezie are Bar baras likes while her enemies are 6 30 am No on and ccr tain regulations Training Choir 2 A Cappella Chou' 3 4 Dramatics 3 4 Fo rensics Z CAROL DAVIS Carol sometimes says It beats m , but actually nothing does, because she has gone through high school like a house atire. For someone so pint-sized, her aims have been high, and her achievements tops. Iwext on the agenda is William and Mary College. Training Choir 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 45 GAC 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance Zg Swimm'ng 2: Cheer- leader 3, 4: Dramatics 4: French 2, 3: Class Sec. 45 Broadcaster 3, Editor in'Chief 4: Cobbonian 4: Rifle 4, IANET DIETZEMAN an n r no x wha 3 Here Comes larrvt a Harclrng Town s ro pro T r wr an 0 rn mr rc cs JL cra ly and popular tunes and sq are dancrrrq ork loor s p rn the future where hcr frrendlrnoss and ef frcroncy vxrll be xaluable assets Kglktr MARIO N DrFALCO ' Mar' Mars chref ambrtron rs to frnd cr good rob after qradua tron Ratrnq 'rrqh among hrs lrkes rs one qrrl rn 212 and the Yankees He rs also rnter ested rn sports and the Arr Force Wrth hrs frrendly person alrty he wrll surely nake good rn the future Baseball Squc' Z 3 Golf 2 Wrestlrnq 4 Shop Foreman A 3 18 WOODARD A DELAINI-I Herby One of the more ambrtrous members of the class of 53 Herby clarms medrcrne as hrs goal Everyone wrll remember Herby for hrs neat appear ance and hrs ready wrt Physrcs Treasurer 4 Spanrsh Vrce Pres 4 Student Councrl 4 Class Vrce Pres 2 3 Broad caster 3 Copy Edrtor 4 IRC 3 4 Boys State 3 Forensrce 4 Cobbonran 4 MARIE G DrTRANI fluffy A cheerv Hr there and we know Fluffy rs near Real cool clothes are at the top of her lrst but bossy people are way down She plans to make college her next stop there to study teachrnq and fashrons Trarnrnq Chorr 2 A Cappella 3 4 Modern Dance 2 Swrmmrnq 4 Tennrs 4 ICA 4 Trrl-lrY 4 JW? M .v if IOHN DELLICKER Pup the townshrp comes Pup whose ambrtron rs to see all 48 states Swrmmrnq roller skatrnq and rce skatrng rate hrqh wrth hrm but home work rs at the other end of the lrne Rrght now you may frnd hrm huntrng or burldmg model arrplanes Band 2 3 Orchestra 3 Student Frnance Board Audrtor 4 Stu dent Banker 4 From IUDY DORMAN Ioodee A lrvely and actrve mrss Iudy Her lrkes are numerous but she doesnt care too much for concerted people Iudy ex pects to go to college and next year wrll frnd her on some lucky campus Band 3 4 Orchestra 4 GAC 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Modern Dance 2 Dramatrcs 3 4 Span rsh 2 3 4 ICA 2 3 TrrHrY 2. 3, 4 Senror Play BRUCE L DERRICK Sleepy Thrs sports mrnded senror hopes to attend college after qradu atron to study Busrness Man agement Wellknown for hrs athletrc abrlrty Bruce rs out standrnq rn both baseball and football Sports are hrs hobby however he turns thumbs down on homework Football 3 4 Baseball Squad 2 Varsrty 3 4 JANE DOUGHERTY lane came to us rn the mrddle of her senror year from Padu cah Kentucky Prevrously she attended hrqh schools rn Texas and Buenos Arres lane plans to attend college next year to study to become a teacher The class of 53 wrshes her the best of luck Entered from Paducah Ken tucky 4 RICHARD E DRAKE Drck To make lots of money Dicks ambmon but after graduatlon he expects to Joln the Arr Force In the meantrme he rs concentratrng on workrng on cars Women and sports are on hrs 11st of llkes but srlly grrls are taboo Entered from Dover 3 ERIC R ECKHARDT Softy Thrs easy gomg lad from the Plams was one of the ptllars of thts years football team He lrkes sports and sports are hs hobby but carpentry 15 hrs mam ambrtlon After gradua t1on he wrll don the Navy blue and sarl wxth Uncle Sams fmest Football 4 cm- 5 PRISCILLA IANE DRURY Pns If you lrve near Mendham you soon get to recognize that new green Burck that Prrs drrves around At college she hopes to learn enough about mer chandlsxng to start a busrness career Trarnrng Chou 2 A Cappella Chou 3 4 GAC 2 Dramatrcs 2 Physlcs 4 Spanlsh 2 3 4 Stage Makeup 2 Presrdent 3 4 Student Councrl 2 3 Corr Sec 4 Broadcaster Z New Edrtor 3 Exec Edxtor 4 IRC 4 ICA 4 Tr1H1Y 3 4 Foren srcs 2 BRIAN EDEN Ducks on the pond rs a com mon phrase wrth Brran amrable easy golnq fellow from Cedar Knolls who Irkes the Grants horses and soccer Hes made cr host of frrends rn MHS and w1ll be remembered as the blggest lrttle center frelder the school ever produced Baseball Squad 2 3 Varsrty 4 Broadcaster 3 ARNOLD DUNI-IAM Honeybee A qurck smlle rntroduces thrs lad from Mendham Honey bee returned from servrce wrth Uncle Sam 1ust rn trme to be a member of our class of 53 H can always be heard vo1c1nq hrs oprmon When m doubt bug out Arnold olans to at tend Norwrch Unrversrty after graduation Band 2 Math 4 Hllle 4 THOMAS W EDMUNDS Tom What do you say? mtroduc es curly harred Tom who harls from the thrrvrng metro polls of Morrrs Plams Hes crazy about camprng and sports but he drslxkes dancmg and spellrng He hopes to go to college and take up engmeer mg upon leavmg MHS Trarnrng Chorr 2 A Cappella and 2 4 Physrcs l 4 SSO 3 4 K' I 1? AY Q55 es QIIIIO PATRICIA ANN DUNSTER Pa Amlable Pat who rs always trymq to make people happy enjoys WIIIIHQ letters przza pre and country scenery She lxves rn Morrls Townshrp and attended Alfred Varl before entermq MHS m 1950 As Pat would pu lt I cant be bothered wlth rnqursrtxve people and sprders Dramatrcs 2 3 4 '!""5, ANNA VICTORIA EARRUSSO Curly I-I1 ya says thrs popular gurl from Hanover Townshrp Curlys favorrte pastlrne drrvmg her fathers Cadrllac and she hopes to have one of her own some day Sne emoys dancxnq bask tball and musrc but has no use for concerted boys Work and a trxp to Call forma are comrng up after graduatron DEWEY W EITNER IR You axnt rl, t rntroduces tlcts carefree loo w o halls fr rn rt nt he e Morrrstown Dewey lcopes to go to college after qroduaton and eventac. ly be ome a mtlltonatre He cn o,s outdoor sports shootmq huntmq ana tr 'trnq but sprrng hnds htm slmqtnq the dtsc for MHS Tratntng Chotr 2 A Cappella 3 4 Swlmmmq 2 Golf 2 Track 3 4 Dramattcs 2 Physrcs 4 Cobboman 4 IRC 4 Semor Play CHARLES WILLIAM FARRELL Koo Koo 15 a boy we wrll all remember when watchrng bas ketball games He hopes to attend college alter qraduatron where he wrll be a welcome member oi rts basketball team but rrqht now he d rather lust take tt easy Basketball 2 3 Captam 4 Golf 2 Shop Foreman 2 Broadcaster Z0 MARY LOUISE EGERT Mary Lou Leadma tl'e l'e of a twln can be pretty contus no at tlmes asl' Mary Lou' Her Interest rn people accounts lor the tact that sto warts to travel and D9 a mtsslonary But just bemq happy rs OK too Band 2 3 4 Orchestra GAC, 4 Archer 2 3 Bas 2 Ho y rclals 2 3 So all 'l Swtmmvtfr 2 3 Volleyball 3 4 Broadcaster Bus ness Manager 4 Student Usher 3 4 Tr1H1Y rea NANCY IANE EGERT Nan No you re not seelng doubt. Thls 15 Nancy Iane one of the Eqert twrns To be a bustness secretary and do accodnunq work ts Nans ambltlon Col ectxrq Chtna monkeys and lts tenmq to mustc clalm most cl her spare ttme now Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 GAC 4 Archer 2 3 Bas 2 3 Ho y 4 rals 2 3 S ball 2 Swrmmtnj 2 a Volleyball 3 4 Broadcaster Busmess Manager 4 Cobbontan 4 Student Usher 4 TrlH1Y Z Chap atn 'l ELAINE LESLIE EIBLE Meet one ot MHSS popular Color Guards' Thts pretty pack aqe of vttaltty makes Mt Kem ble Lake her home Patama partl s and tce skatrnq top Blame s ltst ot ltkes as well as arawrnq Etther busrness or art school ts her goal after whtch she would ltke t see he USA Color Guard 3 4 GAC 2 3 4 Swlmmmg 2 Baslfetball 2 Art 4 Spamsh 4 Staoe Makeup 2 3 4 Student Counctl 4 Cob bontan Art Edttor 4 Tr1HrY 2 GAYLE FINLAY BARBARA A FITZHERBEHT ANN PLEMING Wmdy Gay Heres a qtrl who entoys lust about everythmq mcludrnq swrmmtnq boatrnq dancmq drlvrnq and mmt telly Her ambrtton rs to become an arr lme stewardess When you see her plane flymg overhead say Hello to Gayle Band 3 4 Archery 3 Bowltnq 2 Modern Dance 2 3 Swm mtng 2 3 trary 2 Lrbrary Ast 2 3 4 Studet B nker 7 3 4 R1 le Barb Here rs a gtrl who loves to srnq and tts no wonder lor she has a lovely votce Barb rs fond of danctng and actmq but dtslrkes lealous people and homework She plans to enter nursmq school next year Trammq Chorr 2 A Cappella 3 Pres 4 Dramatrcs 3 4 Thes plan 4 French 2 3 4 Broad caster 2 3 Tr1H1Y 3 4 Senror Play Trny Thrs pert and irtendly mxss who comes to MHS from Han over spends a lot oi her spare ttme roller skatmq danctnq and keepmq up wrth her favor rte team the Yankees After Iune Ann plans to IOIH the large group ot MHS graduates who supply the vorce wrth the smrle for the Telephone Company HOBERTA FORDHAM Bobble Happy go lucky Bobble comes to MHS from Morns Townshxp A gal of many llkes but few dlsllkes she enyoys art sing mg and classrcal mus1c For the tuture Bobble plans to enter a nursmg school to pre pare for her career Bnd2 34 GAC2 3 Bowl mg 2 3 Chemistry 3 French 4 Physxcs 4 Broadcaster 3 IR 3 4 THOMAS E FRANCE Fran Fran lS very optxmlstxc for though he dlsltkes work he plans to make a lot of money and rettre before he rs twenty ilve The Navy wlll clalm Tom after graduatron but he now pends most of h1s txme trymq to get h1s Ford to run Football Manager 2 3 4 Base hall Manager 2 Basketball Manager 2 3 4 Wrestlmq 3 Shop Foreman 2 Student Coun cr 2 I THOMAS FOHKIN Fork Heres another lad from God s Country Morrxs Plams Fork entered MHS tn 1949 and w1th an eye out for h1s rmbmon of bemq a geologrst he dug rmqht ln Tom llkes good mus1c whxle outdoor l1v1ng IS hrs hobby Some lucky college w1ll get Fork next year A Cappella Cholr 4 Band 2 3 4 Chemlstry 4 Physlcs 4 Rxte 4 ANTHONY P FRANCO Frank S y guy' announces Frank here at MHS Here IS a fellow wlth the worthy ambltlons f yommg the Navy and makmg lots of money Meanwhlle hell settle for sports and xacatlors favorxtes Thls popular semor IS best known fl hls football actxvxty F otball 2 3 4 Bas Lall 3 4 4: DOROTHY HELEN C FOHNARO Do Well known for her happy easy golng manner and pleas ant personallty ot welcome ad xtxon t any gathefmg She emoys readlng eatmg and sports Workmq for the Telephone Company IS tn her zmmedxate future Student Banker 4 SUSAN FRANK Sue Wayne Hlghs loss was a gam for MHS when Sue came here nn her luruor year She rs fond of palama partles plzza and collectmg records and she expects to go to MacMurray next year to mcrease her fleld of knowledge Entered from Wayne Twp 3 A Cappella Choxr 3 4 GAC 3 4 Basketball 3 Bowllng 3 Swlmmlhq 3 Art 3 Chem1stry 4 French 3 4 Broadcaster 3 ICA 4 TYIHIY 3 4 R1 Q si s.. ,f WALTER FORSYTHE Walt Huntmg and hshmq rank hgh wlth Walt but glrlsyustabout top the llst Hts mam ambltxon lS to become a barber and alter graduatlon he wxll Pfob ably attend barber school Al though Walt now comes to us from Morrlstown he attend ed Vatl before entermg Ml'xS E IOHN FOSTER IR Umm Boy' Thats good xntro duces th1s amlable lad from Morrxs Plams Entermg MHS ln hrs sophomore year from Vatl lack made a host of new frlends Iack lS a racmg lan and much of hrs spare txme rs spent makmq model planes French 2 Physxcs 4 21 ALAN GOLDMAN HAI., Hailing from his native Toronto, "Goldie" has been a welcome member of MHS since Sth bered for his showmanship grade. He will long be remem- and, of course, his ability on the basketball court, He likes sharp clothes and dislikes bur- lesque shows. Basketball 2, 3, Varsity 4: Officials 3, 45 Shop Foreman 35 SSO 4: Student Banker 4. MARTHA GRAY Marty Most of Martys time is spent having crazy fun Her humor ous anecdotes are indispensa ble Cause shes lust thc one. to cheer you up if youre feel ing glum l parties and football garres ring the bell with her College awaits Martha upon graduation Training Choir 2 GAC 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Softball 2 Swimming 2 Art 3 Dramatics 4 Stage Makeup Tr H1Y 3 4 " nf, w11if54m1.ii- '. mf 'I FRANCES GALDI uFranu One of our friendliest and most likable seniors is "Fran," whose list of favorites includes 307 and Mr. Mellinger, but omits snobbish people. Next year we'll find "Fran" at col- lege studying to be cz lab technician, and we know, with her vibrant personality, she will succeed. Training Choir 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Modern Dance 2: French 3 4' Class Rep. 4' Cob- onian 4 RC Teasurer 2 3 T HiY 3 4 Forensics 2 Senior Play ROBERT R GRAY Bob Coming to MHS from Mt Kem ble Lake this good looking young man hopes to become an engineer His only pet peeve is getting p for school u sports hunting and tlast but not leastl girls are on his list of likes Tennis 3 Footbail Squad 2 Varsity 3 4 Baseball Squad 3 Student Council 2 4 To ir J, yy. by 0 4, ff fl J ff- ww ff 2 33 4 uf , get Q6 for f 2? ,V nf te , is . IAMES B. GARDNER uhm., "lim" hails frorn Normandy Park, and you've probably noticed him around MHS Wear- ing his sporty clothes. He likes sports, music, and having a good time, He plans to enter college next year where he will study engineering. Band 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 4: Physics 4: Spanish 2. 3: Broade Caster 2, 3, 4, IRC 41 Hi-Y 4, President 3. WILLIAM THEODORE GREENBERG Willie You see that plane circling around way up in the blue? Most likely its Willie sides flying h is an avid Giant fan and he enioys ice :key He hopes to go to col lege and study Aeronautical Engineering Chemistry 4 Chess 2 Deuts Cher Verein Secretary 4 Phy srcs 4 Cobbonian 4 IAMES R. GERBER "Gerb" This quiet, friendly boy likes school, but he wishes that the only marks given out were A's. His hobbies are fishing and photography. He plans to go to college next year, then enter the advertising world. Track 4: Chemistry 4: Physics 4. CHARLES GREGORY Greg Heres a guy who has plenty of good looks and brawn which make the girls take cr second look Theres always lots of kidding when Charles is around so its hard to know when to be serious He expects to get a 1ob after graduation which shouldnt be hard for a boy with his assets SSO 4 Physics 4 eivf MARGARET A CRIMES Peqqv Not many people are as widely traveled Peggy Before enrollmg at MHS she went to school n Iapan and in San Antonio Texas After qradua tion Peggy expects to take up bookkeeping perraps in the stae she l es best qood old Texas Entered from San Antonio Tex 3 Spanish 3 ELIZABETH GROENEWEGEN xz Liz a resident of Ralston has cr great liking for Saturdays She expects to reloice after graduation although she in tends to go to college She likes almost everything but anirrals 1ust about top the list Holy cow is your introduction to this quiet miss Training Choir 2 3 Broadcaster BARBARA IEAN HACKNEY HOWARD HAIMANN Babe This pretty miss is a welcome member of the senior class Babe always has a ready smile and friendly H to f fer She likes dancing while r dislikes are felv After graduation she hopes to get right to worlf and eventually get married GAC 2 Basketball 2 Softball SSS 2 Student Banker 2 3 As shown by the list of How ar s a tivtties there 15 little going on at MHS that he has not had a hand in With all those varied talents Howard should make an outstanding record in college and rn his chosen career in business A Cappella Choir 4 Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 Dance Band 3 4 Basketball Squad 3 Varsity 4 Track 2 Broadcaster 3 4 Cobbonian 4 SSO 3 Vice Pres Boys Sta e Student Banker 4 1' TIP 'sf GERALD L GRUENER Gerry To start a landscaping b isiness Gerrys ambition He was a member oi that newest of MHS clubs the Deutscher Ver ein reserved for German stu dents only Musically inclined he likes playing the piano and tooting on the baritone horn Band 2 3 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Dance Band 3 4 Deutscher Verem 4 CAROL HAMILTON Skxpp Fhis oert miss is called Skipp by her friends Her likes are Curt eating and Collecting records but her pet peeve 1S p the morning getting Carols future plans include the Morristown worl ing Trust Company and getting married Training Choir 2 A Cappella ww ,r CARL RICHARD GUITON "Dick" Handsome "Dick," our class president, resides in Morris Township where ne avended Alfred Vail College s in Dick s near future where he plans to study medicine However studies will not crowd out time ror enloying 'ood women golf sleep and sports in general and 3 Baseball Z 3 f 2 4 Chemistry ystcs 4 Spanish 2 3 Class Pres SS Boys State 3 Studtnt Council MARGRET GULKER Marge Whippany sends us this pretty miss Marge is one of e ., it talented seniors of the class ot 3 Roller skating is tops with Margret and she can be found spending most of her free time at the skating rink 23 SHIRLEY HANSEN Shxrl XOI L n ss xo, es z C C7 Bs fIl"f9 fn Co S 2 3 4 RelC1 MARY ANNE HARDING Anne nne mf, s ln whxle ln the Q qhth grade Her likes trend towards school tam. doesnt lxke home orl thouqh sl-'atmq dancmg 4 n I bowllnq After graduatlon you ll frnd hu workmq rammcr Chon 2 3 I' an a Cholr 4 Llbrxry 3 4 brary Asslstart 2 3 4 Student Fmance Board -1 TrtHrY 3 4 PAUL HAMMER Out of the ancmnt hllls of MII ltnqton the westbound staqe coach brmis to these hallowed a s Paul Hammer L w os better lnown for h S ht :S Soul Servlcn Cub ac 1v1t1es H alms o b a prlnter when he aradtates rn ne H l s o all r Cowans Engltsh classes fG"k MGI' 2 Cam ra Chemistry 3 4 Physrcs 4 SSS OLIVE IEAN HARDY Ollxe Frlendly and vlvaclous Ollre whose wonderful per sonaltty kos made her a vttal asset to the semor class She w1lI long be remembered for the marvelous job she dld L, GAC presfdent After qracua tron she plans to don a nurs unfform Trarnlnq Chor 2 A Cappel'a our 3 4 AC 2 Pr Basketball 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 4 Softbcll 3 4 Volleyball 3 Spamsh 4 Student Councxl IRC' 3 Forens cs Z Cobboman-1 SANDRA I-IANCE Sandy A tractxle Sandy who comes from MOYYIS Plams has been very actlve In the Chotr wruln at MHS College 19 Sandy xt top but she h snt made up her mlrd a to xx fleld shed lrke to enter Trammq Cholr 2 A Capoella Cholr 3 4 French 2 3 4 Staae Makeup 2 3 Broadcaster 3 eature E for T 1 Cnaplam 4 DAVID HARGREAVES Ltmey Lxmey wrth hrs Br1t1sh bac: ground has been one of the lnterestmq personalltles ln tht class of 3 He hopes to attend college and has o keen mterest 1n travcl He onroys soccer bas ketball and pmg porq wrtlm model rallroads as hrs hobby Fntered from Somervllle H S 2 Tennts 3 4 Chess 3 French 2 4 Spantsh 3 4 IRC 3 Dc scher Verem 4 'rv IUDIE HANSBURY This cute mlss has been roam Inq the halls of MHS since our freshman ytar havrny en ered from Morrls Plalns Although she claims sleepmq 1s one of her hobblcs a more conscren Ilous worker would be hard to flnd Her Goal 1 lnterlor decor atlon Trammq Cholr 2 3 GAC 2 3 4 Modern Dance Z 3 SW mmq 4 French 4 Staqe Mak 3 Trl H SHEENA HAY Sheena 1S that pretty tw1r'er who was admlzed she marched down the freld be tween the halves After she fm lshes colleqe some lucky puplls wnll have hor as a teacher Danclnq sport drxvlny twlrl mg and gum rate hrqh on her 15 ralmnq Chotr 4 B nd 3 vnrler 3 Basket rx Boxltnq 3 4 Stage Maleup 4 xH Y 3 4 Archery ww 'Y' 'ii 24 S. X .11 " X t IAMES I HENNESSEY Hambone Ham IS an avtd Dodger fan hatlmq from Morristown H ltkes drawmg and all sports espectally football a game t Whtch h outstandtng Hams future rs undecided but he thmlfs he would ltke to be a cartoontst Football Squad 2 Varstty 3 4 Rtfe 4 NED HOOPER Hoop de dee Here s Hoop de dee lf ou can tell htm from hts brother you deserve a re xard He ltkes huntlnq and butldtng model atrplanes A good baseball player he entoys watchmg the game espectally rf the Cardm als are on the feld After col lege he hopes to travel and see the world Football Squad I3 Varstty 4 Baseball 3 4 Rtle Jkt rc, ,ol ,1- IOAN HILDEBRAND Ioame Morrts Township better known as Gods Country gave us Ioante Although her after graduatton plans are sttll un settled Ioan looks forward to getttng marrted and bemg a good housewtfe Rtght now she entoys danctng roller skatmq and eatmg ptzza Tratntng Chotr 2 A Cappella otr 3 4 ness 2 Dramattcs Z 3 4 Thesptan 4 T IHIY 3 4 THEODOR HORSTMANN Zeus Btg Zeus tntroduces ths 6 4 sentor Noted for hrs gay and fun lovtng manner Ted IS known by everyone He likes people tn general and next year he plans to attend college where hts hetqht ought to wln hrm a place on the basketball team A Cappella Chotr 3 4 Tm tnr Chotr 2 artc Football Squad 2 4 Basketball 4 Physics 4 Htfle Prestdent 4 vm 'www in Ev .gif ,A DAWN HILLIARD Dawme Dawnte halls from Morrts Plams She expects to get rtght to work after graduatton She entoys swtmmmg and popular musxc but dtsltkes alarm clocks and gettmq ready for school Her easyqomg manner wtll take thts ltl-cable gtrl a long way tn ltfe GAC 2 Ltbrary Asszstant 2 3 Broadcaster 2 Student Banker PRISCILLA HUGHEY Pt-ts sctlla ts o e of the w people who are seen and not heard except when she has somethtng parttcularly import ant to say Thts should please the telephone company which 1s where Prts expects to work after graduatron Parttes hlt a htgh note wtth Prtscllla u notsy people dont Tratntng Chotr 2 3 Wi RUSSELL G HINK Russ Thts handsome guy who wants to lom the Navy after gradua ton ltkes the Grants football and above all atrls Some day Russ would luke to become a radto techntctan Hts good natured grtn and soctable dts posttton are QO0d Uqulpmem for whatever hts luture has tn store Football Squad 2 Varstty 3 Wrestltnq 2 3 4 Art 2 Shop Foreman 4 HIY 2 3 NEIL HOOP!-IR Hoop do doo Dont be confused thxs s Hoop de doo who has kept all hts classes ltvely wtth his wttty remarks He s set a hugh goal for his future he aspxres to become Prestdent Hts MHS classmates all expect special lnvttattons to the tnauguratxon Football 3 4 Baseball 4 Hlfle ,, zs FRANKLIN W HYNES Frank lS one of those actlve boys who hall from Hanover Townshlp He takes good ad vantage of hls surroundlngs by partlcly ltlng l hls favorlte pastlmc vnhlch 15 huntlng After graduatlon from MHS Frank expects to help out Uncle Sam ln the Army G 3 4 3 BETTY LOU IRVINE e Bet halls from the qualnt place called Morrls Plalns There lsnt anything that pleases Be more than seelng people who are neatly dressed Be l ways manages to say Hello to everyone Her pleaslng per sonallty wlll certalnly help l'er 1n tl' future Tralnlng Cholr 2 A Cappella Cholr 3 4 GAC 2 Bowlmq 2 Modern Dance 2 Tennls 2 SYLVESTER HUGHEY Hornet Hornet halls from down around Whlppany way and plans to enter the servlce alter he has that dlploma Hrs am blllfm 15 to Play professlonal baseball and hls smooth per formance on MHS teams has Qlven hlm a good start Hrs favorlte pastlme wrltlng poetry Thls happy go lucky guy always greeted hls frlends Wllh a cheerful Say Kld' Football 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Track 2 3 HARRIET IRVING Thls qulet llttle mlss plans to enter nurslng school next year Because of her frlendllness towards people her success ln ,. a ,fr H fm. - ,Lf 4'2'3 TQ we 5 M2935 IUDITH HULBERT Judy Pep and personallty plus that phrase best d9SCYlb9S Iudy She halls from Brook Slde and enjoys lust about everythlng lncludlng partles Plstlllls and of course Brook slde Dandee Q her favorlte SUYIDQ lust about sums her up Tralnlng Cholr 2 A Cappella Cho1r3 4 GAC 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Softball 2 Swlmmlng 2 3 French 2 3 Stage Makeup T lHl Y 3 MARY M IRWIN Margee Mary llkes horseback Ildlnq the outdoors and frlendly peo ple whlle show offs and the Dodgers do not rate at all Fol Y J e, 1 mg:- xf: -I thls fleld IS assured She llkes sl-catlng drawlng and partle hut doesnt care for concelted people or hlstory lowmg graduatlon Margee plans to go to college to be come a medlcal secretary Tramlng Cholr 4 GAC 2 3 4 Bovulmg 2 3 4 Dramatlcs 4 Llbrary Asst Sec 4 TrlHlY M PATRIC HYLAND Pa Pat 15 that well known lad from Morrls Plalns whose fav 'zrlte pastlme IS glrls To be ome an undertalfer IS hls am hltlon but the U S Marlnes wlll probably clalm hlm after ne leaves MHS Hrs favorlte s ylng' How are ya' ALONZO JACKSON Lumbo Alonzo Iackson arld hrs trumpet are practlcally synonymous here at MHS HIS maln ambl tlon IS to become a professlonal trumpet player To thls slncere young man Cheaters are taboo Lets get ta glttln he says to lnduce hls frlends lnto a game of plng pong or tennls Entered from Daytona Beach Florlda 3 Band 3 4 Dance Band 3 4 Tennls 3 SSO 3 4 hw ff CHARLOTTE JENKINS Charl Meet attractrve Charl whose marn ambrtron rs to become a dress desrgner and model She rs a well dressed grrl who has helped to brrghten up the halls ot MHS wrth her snappy clothes All tnese assets wrll assure her ot success Trarnrng Chorr 2 3 ICA 3 IACK KILFOII. Jack has no favorzte sayrnq but he doesnt need one that eager smrle and hearty Hello are all he needs He has been actrve rn MHS sports and loves to trnker around under auto mohrle hoods rn tact thats hrs nobby It the Navy tor lack after graduatrorr Band 3 Football 3 Track 2 3 4 Student Councrl 2 Class 2 H Y P es IOI-IN C IOHNSON Johnny Thrs frrendly lad harls from Whrppany Showrng great tal ent as a srnger he would lrke to attend musrc school after graduatron Iohnny rs very ambrtrous and rs assured ot brrllrant success rn the future Hrs iavorrte sayrng rs Hey Boy Trarnrnq Chorr 2 A Cappela Chou' 3 4 '93 KARL D IONES Mrckey Well now' rntroduces Karl alras Mrckey one ot the more lrvely members ot the class Wtth the zeal and good humor he has shown at MHS h should have all possrble suc cess rn hrs chosen wocatron as a socral worker or a mrssron ary A Cappella 3 4 Track 2 Stu nt Councrl 2 HrY 2 3 Forensrcs 2 CAROL DAVID W KIRK fed 101 .PIU Q, who came to us from Varl I r her att Dave 1S that studrous cl-ap com src e uc t 4 ig' Y teach ai er mro rs sure to b Luck c a C rmng Cho G C 2 all 2 ern : tr rstant 2 Ore a ench 2 fA future a tossup between archrtecture and geology bu hrs more rmmedrate future cludes college Dave lrkes horseback rrdrng and of all thrngs hrstory HrY Vrce Pres 2 Tramrnq Chorr 2 MILTON S KELSHAW Me West Orange ent us thrs hand some lad rn the tall ot 1952 When rot Complarnrng about 'ny achrnq back he rs thrnk rnq about hrs hobby whrch s grrls Mel emoys dates but drsapproves of grrls that cant go on them He expects to 1orn the Arr Force ater graduatron and hopes some day to own a busrness Entered from Vest Orange 4 QM' wwf' ELIZABETH ROSE KETCH Bette The iavorrte pastrme of thrs pretty young mrss from Morrrs Townshrp rs drrvrnq a maroon and whrte Ford Her lrkes rn clude everythrng from skatrng and popular musrc to the Dod qers and eatrnq przza but she drslrkes concerted people Alter graduatron Bette rntends t be a telephone operator but her ambrtron rs to make home CHARLES A KUHLMAN Churlxe One f MHS s c1ndermen Cl'arl1e expects to go to col leqf? after qraduat1on where he ull study enqmeermq H l1l-ce drtvmq but sports also rc te h1qh on h1s l1st of mterests Charl1e 15 sure to go places and rrfrke a success of any tlomq he undertakes Band 2 3 4 Dance Band 2 ack 2 4 Phys1c Student COUHCII 2 H Y 2 3 Cobbon1an 4 Rfle V1ce Pres wi MARY LOU LANDWEHR Lou Here s a dynamo of energy and radtance everyone 1n the class recogmzes that Landwehr Smlle Lou has stepped off many mlles on the football held as a tw1rler and now that gradua t1on IS near she looks forward to becommq a secretary TWIIIGI 4 GAC 4 Basketball 4 Student Councrl 2 Class Re 3 Tr1H1Y 4 28 Q' Nw EDGAR KLING O1ly Edgar 1s that enerqetlc fellow from Mornstown who hc clp a y f1lled the yob of drum malor for the last two s as '1 Ed plan to study er1q1r'cer1n:1 at college mf1anwh1le he ftlls h1s spare t1me Wlfh h1s Ba1l mob1le Band Sec 4 Drum Malo 3 Swtmmmq rack Chem1stry Pres 4 Phystcs Shop Foreman 2 Broad aster C H udent Banker 3 4 o bonlctn 4 RALPH VAUGHAN LATE Ralph came to us from L1ttle Rock Arkansas 1n hts sopho more year and tmmedtately became act1vc- 1n our dramatlc clubs He expocs to qc to col lege next year when he Wlll cont1nue h1s l"flLlSlC and dra mattcs Of course l11s l1ltes arc none other than muslc and dramaucs Entered from Ltttle Rock Ark A C ppella Chou 2 Dramatlcs 3 4 Thesp1ans 3 4 Braadca ter 4 Stntor Play Cobboman 4 ALICE ANN KROC Altce IS the versattle mrss who IS our Student Counctl prest dent MUSlC readmg and play mg the p1ano are tops w1th her AllC9 w1ll always be re membered for her qu1ck gay m1le and a cheery H1 Her excel uxt record at MHS 1S sure to cont1nue when she stops next at Oberlm College T1a1n1r1q Cl1o1r 2 A Cappella 3 4 C"1ern1stry 4 Dramatlcs 3 VICG Pr s 4 Deutscher Verem ench 2 reas 3 4 dent COUHCII 2 3 Pres 4 T11 H1 Y 3 4 Red Cross VICE Pres 2 Sen1or Play Lobboman 4 MILDRED I LAW M1 Here lS a q1rl who mtends to leave her homo town of Wh1p pcny aftrr qraduatxon t l1 and work tn Nrvv York C1ty Bawlma a fuvo tc f M1 rlreds alonq W1t11 p1zza p1e and ram whtle two faced peo ple are q1ven thumbs down by th1s QUICI serlor l'ra1n1ng Cho1r 2 MORTON KRONGOLD Morty To see the year 2000 w1ll ful fl Morts stranqe ambltton He has hqhtened the halls of MHS w1th h1s w1tty remark Dtq the crazy freshmen Next year w1ll fmd Marty humor IH h1s fellow students at Lehrqh f 3 Sw1mm1nq Track 3 Chem1stry VICE P1951 dent 4 French 2 3 Physlcs 4 Shop Foreman 2 Student Coun 3 4 Llas Re Broad ster 2 3 H 4 Student Bam 1 2 3 Sen or Play RALPH LEASUHE Th1s qood naturc-cl boy comes rom the h1lls f Hanover Townsh1p HIS plans for the future are st1ll vague but he h es to vtork ln plenty of huntmq and f1sh1nq Whatever he doctdes to do hlS pleasant personahty and cor1sc1ent1o11s effort Wlll carry h1m a onq way HI R 'wif bu- MARGARET LEIDENHEIMER Marge No k1dd1ng IS the favor1te saytng of thns younq lady who comes to us from G11 lette I-Ier l1kes ar well chosen dancmq sports and popular muszc but she dlSllLl9S snobs and squash Marges am b1t1on IS to model and ixnally settle down as a housew1te Archery 3 4 Bowlmq 3 Modern Dance 2 Stage Makeup 4 Broadcaster 4 SSO 3 Trl H1 Y WILLIAM MCBHIDE B1 Btlls outward qu1etness IS 1n real1ty lust a cloak htdtng a really 11vely character A promtstng maq1c1an he con sxders magtc hts ChlEI hobby along wtth huntmg and hshtng After qraduatmn he hopes to enter a m1l1tary college Tratnmg Chou 2 SALLY ANN LOIA Sallxe Slender qood looklnq wtth sparklmq sm1le descr1bes Sal I1e PIIOI to her entrance to MHS 1n her sophomore year Sallle attended Va1l Vacattons 1n Florlda and sw1mm1nq ap pear tn Sallys day dreams constantly but Blue Mondays and homework are her worst plaques TENNIS 2 Art 3 Spamsh 2 3 4 Broadcaster 3 Tr1H1Y 3 4 BEVERLY MCCARTY Bev From Mendham comes the old adage Holy Cow Thts troduces Bev a very llvely m1ss Engltsh class Wllh P B and dr1v1ng are tops on her l1st of favor1tes A nursmg career ahead for IS capable gxrl Trarmng Chou' 2 A Cappella Cho1r 3 4 GAC 2 3 Basket 2 3 4 Bowlmq 3 ball 2 Dramat1cs 4 Thesp1ans 4 French 3 Pres1dent 4 Class 3 T Y Pr 4 C1t1zensh1p 3 FOISHSICS Z Cobbonlan 4 R1i1e 4 DONALD LOVENBERG Shaky fr1endly H Cuz' 1ntro duces t happy qo lucky Shaky He plans to become an auto mechamc after gradu atxon and eventually be the proud owner of h1s own gar age Don l1kes huntmq and women he condemns show o s Shop Foreman 2 3 4 SSS 2 JOHN F McCLUSKEY Jack lack al1as Dev1l came to MHS from MOIYIS Plaxns tn 49 and s1nce then has been w1n mng tr1ends and prest1qe 1n these hallowed halls Popular mustc the Dodgers and shoot mg rate h1gh w1th h1m After graduat1on he plans to qo t Drew and afterwards study for an MD Band 2 3 4 Orchestra Dance B nd 3 Tack 2 3 4 Chemxstry 4 Physxcs 4 Cob bon1an Ed1tor1n Ch1ef 4 Boys State 3 K' WILLIAM LUHMAN 1 Bestdes oemq able to handle a basketball on the tps of hts ftnqers th1s qtant from Wlup pany IS also at home on the qo l1nl-is A colle je prep stu ent w o tle hlstory 1 plans t enter some lucky collcqe next year and he w1ll be a welcome CC,lLllIlOl1 to 1ts athlct1c program skctball Z 3 4 C0112 KENNETH C MacKENZIE Itsy Itsy has been qomq back and forth between Morrxstown and Washlnqton D C tor the past three year but lucktly for MHS and IIS basketball team he has fmally settled here All Itsy wants IS to be a success 1n llfe and knowmq htm IIS a sure bet Basketball 4 French 4 Phystcs Pres1dent 4 Class Rep 4 Cob bon1an 4 DENIS B MCWHAN Calltng KZAEL Thats con tactlng Dems on lns amateur radto rtg Our talented Dems wxll attend college after gradua txon where he plans to mayor m chemtcal englneermg When wtth hrs test tubes or radros hes probably o campmq or satlmg launt and 2 4 Orchestra Swlmmmq 3 4 Chemtstry 3 4 Matn 4 Phys1cs 4 Cobbontan C SS 4 Bo s State 3 FLORENCE MAAS .Tian You dont know, do you? wlll ldentxiy Flo one oi the ltve lrer semors at MHS Wlth that excellent combmauon ot a fun lovmg personallty and a irlend ly nature she IS guaranteed a hne future ln the nurslng pro iesston Her hobbxes mclude sewmg and roller sxatmg Trammg Chorr 2 3 A Cappella Chorr 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Bowlmg 2, Tr1H1Y 4, Red Cross 4 30 me ff 3-ffl CHARLES McCOY Chas Heres to Chas a great food lover to whom seven dtshes of rce cream s rve as 1ust a Chaser Chas greatest bless mg 15 an mexhaustlble fund oi good humor To be a butch er IS hrs secret ambmtton and he cant help bemg a success Wrestlmq Manager 2 Shop Foreman 2 3 4 EMIL MAF!-'UCCI Moe ere IS a fellow from Passalc Townshtp who l1kes sports and whose ambmon IS to be an ac countant Alter qraduatton Moe expects to enter the bankmg world but nqht now he rs more rnterested ln the obbles ot hunttnq and ttshmg Student Fmance Board 4 Cob boman 4 VIRGINIA ANN MCCOY Gmqer Ginger 15 one ot he ost popular qtrls ot the class 53 Toos on her lxst ot ltkes are male teachers and dancing At ter graduatlon Gmger plans to go to college where she w1ll major tn forestry Tralmng Chou 2 A Cappella oxr 3 4 Band 4 GAC 2 Ba ket all 3 Modern Dance 2 3 lenrls 2 Spanxsh 2 3 Pres 4 Student Council Broadcaster 2 4 Tr1H Y 2 Chap n Fl re 4 JAMES A MAGGIO Ioe Dt Mag gxo Inm came to MHS at the begm nmg of th1s year from Mont clalr Hlgh He expects to attend art school and later hopes to become a comtc strrp arttst Wxth h1s abnltty he 15 certam to be tops Entered from Montclalr H S 4 ADELINE MCLAUGHLIN Addxe Here s a popular gal from way out tn the Plams Addle has been a leader tn many actrvt tles since she came to MHS as a freshman Food senxor boys and dr1v1ng the lamlly car all please her and to become a socral worker rs her ambmon Tra1nmg Cholr 2 Modern Dance 2 Dramatlcs 4 French 3 4 Cobboman 4 Tnl-l1Y 2 3 4 SAMUEL MAGLIONE Mag Here s another fellow who halls from Sttrlmg After graduatron he expects to take up the study ot law Sam lxkes sports and women but money mad grrls are taboo Wrestlrng also rates hrgh wrth Sam Hts iavorrte saymg' People who l1ve tn glass houses shouldnt throw stones Wrestlmg 4 2 X., K . new RALPH MAHAN Ralph halls from the well known town of Mendham Llke Ralph rs t1ll undecrded as to what he w1ll do alter gradua tron but wrth hrs wmnmg ways we are all sure he wrll succeed 1n whatever he choos Entered from Lodr 2 FRANCIS MARION Frank Franl- IS one ol the quleter semors commg to us from the wrlds of Cedar Knolls He lxkes sports and collects records as a hobby Tapped by Uncle Sam In the mlddle ot hls senxor year he took tne best wrshes of hrs many irlends when he left for servrce MARY MAHONEY Money After graduatton thrs t1ny mzss ler skatmg and people are tops Wllh Mary and she has an unusual hobby of learnrng how to spell She came to us whlle only rn e1ghth grade and we have always been mighty glad she drd Trcunrng Chou 3 Basketball 2 Bowlrng 2 3 Swlmmlnq Z Tennrs 4 ALICE MARROW Thls pleasant mannered grrl lxked by everyone wants to become a stenographer Her mam ambltlon IS to travel The Dodgers and food come tlrst on Alrces lxst of lxkes Wlth her pleasmg personalrty she wlll always get along rn the future GAC 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Busrness 4 GERTRUDE MAI-IY Gert Gert IS one of the Commer plans on a sec etanal career att r graduatron Gerts llkes mclude dancmg eatrng the Yankees and a boy named lack Wl"ll9 Per only dzslrke IS homework Traxntng Chou 2 Baske ball 2 Bus1ness 4 Dramatlcs 3 Trl H Y 3 4 WILLIAM MAUSKOPF B1 Good food and fun' What more could you want' asks thrs Morrlstonran Irom way back x good natured and Intelligent puts hshlnq and qoli at the top of the Irst Hut gers IS hrs goal but rn he more dlstant future hes to be a busmess man Golf 3 4 Track 3 Physrcs 4 H Y 3 4 MARION ULA MALONEY ats lust got to go says this llvely bunde ol enerdY from Morrrs Townshlp Among this glrls favorxtes are pay checks bowlmg and some teachers Although shes unde crded about her future that boundless pep vvxll carry her far ln any held TICXIIIIHQ Cholr 2 A Cappella o1r 3 4 GAC 2 3 4 Bo mg 2 3 4 Deutscher Vereln 3 4 Spamsh 2 3 Broadcaster 3 Cobbon1an4 IRC 4 Student Banker 2 3 Semor Play MICHAEL A MARINO IR Mrke Mxke entered M'-IS rn the fall S an lost no t1me rn b9COm1hg an actrve member oi the class He possesses a noble ambltlon to become a good hghtmq lawyer Conservatlve glrls and good clothes are hrs favorxtes but gettlng up tn the mornmg IS for the buds Entered from East Orange 4 Spamsh 4 Student Councll 4 IRC 4 l r flrrh I ' "' . . . I r , Ch' , 5 I. , 5 vvl- Vy t I , , ' : I ,il I I ' f ' ' -1 , rm-QEWQQV w y. I -ft 5 I u u " " many of our active students, hopes to.become a nurse. Rol- C1011 DE'PC1flm9Ylf'S finest. Gnd S - - A I 9 ' 4A H I ll - . v . .. . I I I.. A . I . es. h . ' . - ' ' ' : t : ., ,, . U . " '11" ' . ' 4' V' HB-ull, V , , of ' 2, d A ' ' I . . 7 I JACK MILLER JR Johnny ck left u s Jun or year and vfcnt to New 'x HS but he returner. to spena tus senror yecr rn MHS He keeps busy bu ldrng mo el c rptcnes and coltcctxnq stamps and mmerals Hts ambttron rs to become an electrrcctl eng rt er Band 2 Dance ourntl '7 Camera Ph stcs 4 Spamsh Boadcaster 2 IRC 2 ICA 2 H1Y 2 Forenstcs 4 JOAN MILLER A cheerful Wny sure 1 O duces one of MHSS star 1W1Y1 ers ror a Whtle after qradua tton Joanre wants to work tn an olhce Besrdes her wonder iul twlrlmq she Irkes to dance and draw when she tmds the t1me Twlrlers 3 CoCapt 4 Broad caster 2 3 Student Usher 2 3 4 Cobbonran 4 JUNE A MEEKER Squeek Come on lets go and lune and her frrends are on therr way to the skatrnq rtnk She hopes to enter nursmq school and eventually get marred but wrll stlll spend her spare trme square dancrnq and svntm mtnq Tramtnq Cholr 2 Archery 2 Hockey 2 Softball 2 Swrm mmq 2 ROBERT MISH Bch Thrs outdoor enthusrast who halls from Morrrs Townsh1p spends most ot hrs trme hunt rnq hshmq or trapprng I school Bob lrkes qym and the drsmrssal bell but dtslrkes hrs tory He st11l undect ed about what to do alter gradua trcn Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 4 FRANCES MEOLA Frances rs one qrrl everyone lfnows and lrkes When Fran b a go d s trymq Hello qrrl youll frnd her out takrnq prctures or maybe lfnrtttnq socks but never wrl lrnqly doing her homework hcr mam alsllke Basketball 3 Buslness 4 Dra matrc 2 3 4 ltbrary 3 Sta e Makeup 2 Library Asst 2 5 op foreman 2 8 Broad caster 2 3 Student Ban er LEE RONALD MUNSICK Ron If you hear a volce on your radlo that sounds rather lamr llar rt wlll probably be Lee because thats what he expects to do after graduatron Even though he says I dtsaqree more often than not dont pay any attentron hes lust saymq 1t out of habzt Svvtmmmq Manager 2 3 4 Tennrs Manager 2 3 Chem rstry Vrce President 3 Dramat rcs 3 Thespran 4 Class Rep 3 Broadcaster 2 3 Student B nker 2 3 4 HOPE M MILARTA Th s cute and peopy miss who halls from Whtppany entered MHS n her sophomore year from Long ls ond and qulclcly made many frtends Musrc and lCb skattnq rate hrqh wlth Hope and alter graauatron she would lrke to become cr IHLISIC teacher Entered from Ardrew Ia :son 2 ra nrnq Chonr 2 A Cappella Cho r 4 Sv. m mug Deutscher VL ern 4 DIANE L MURPHY Dtanc C1 cutc qal from Morrrs town who rs 'very talented wrth the baton has a floral cleslqn mg school as her next stop S e lxkes food xc cat or and a c rtarn boy named Johnny vvhtle home york and bossy people rate v ry low lratnrnq Cholr 3 4 Twrrlers 3 4 Spamsh 4 lu- IOSEPH MURPHY oe loe came back to us hrs year from Korea A swell quy who enloys all sports and par trcrpates rn them too he has a honey of a car Ever seen rt' Hrs classmates wrsh the best of luck to 53s sergeant Shop Foreman 2 Class Rep 4 BARBARA MURRAY Bobby Thrs cute and vrvacrous lrttle trrck clarms Morrrs Townshrp as her home grounds When school da s are over shed lrke to travel and see the world She lrkes sports and rs always out there rootrnq for the home team Trarnrng Chorr 2 GAC 2 3 4 Basketball 3 Hockey 4 Modern nce 3 Tennrs 2 3 4 dent Councrl 3 4 Class Rep 3 Cohbonran 4 IOHN MURRAY ohn rs one of the more quret boys who come from Morrrs town Marchrnq wrth the band was one ol hrs many lrkes Iohn who came to MHS from Varl also lrkes drawrnq and has been an avrd art lan tor m st 1 hrs years rn hx h chool nd23 IOAN NALISNIK om To be a Doctor of Mearcrne rs Ionr s ambrtron At present her hobbres rnclude musrc art and cerarnrcs but conce ted people and matrcmatrcs are among her drslrkes Wrth her wtrnrnq ways success rs a sure thrnq for loan Fench234IF.C234 O 4 ICA 4 MARIE NASOS Thrs attractrve senror qrrl known tor her sunny drsposr uon and wrllrnqness to lend a helprng hand rn trme of need Sne lrkes frrendly people and has a passron for Hawarran musrc Becaus of her capabrlr tres success rn the busrness world rs assured Modern Dance 2 Busrness 4 Broadcaster Crrculatron Mgr 3 Tr1HrY 4 MARY ELIZABETH NEAL rs Thats real sharp rntroduces Srs who harls from Grey stone Park Her lrrendly man ner wrll prove a creat asset when she travels around the world But some college wrll clarm her frrst rrqht now przza the Grants and horses are tops wrth her G C 3 4 Basletball 3 oft ball3 4 Tennrs 3 4 Drarnatrcs 2 3 DeutscherVere1n 4 French 3 ICA3SSO4 TrrHrY3 o r nsrcs 2 3 4 MARGERY A MUSSON Margre Oh well what are you qorn ta o mrqht rntroduce thrs cute mrss from Mrllrnqton B mg a quret qrrl she drslrkes loud rrorses and loud mouths but travel and qood musrc rate hrgh wrth her Trarnrnq Chorr 4 GAC 3 4 owlrnq 2 3 Physrcs Broadcaster 3 IRC 3 4 SSO 4 HENRY MYERS Harry Bad Harry wrll lonq be membered around MHS for hrs wonderful smrle performance on the football held and wrn nrng of the most valuable play award e Turkey DOY QCIme He arrrved lrom Var rn the 10th grade and P10115 to Q0 rnto the serxrce alter qraduatron Football Squad 2 Varsrty 3 4 X t 5 A W K . d ',, ' . . . ' ' ' . e- B ' , ,tri A -ri Y , , , . ,Lf-ff, - R 4 A ifier . . of In 11 'X 1 ,, ,, I . . 1 1 I Y 1 - O O . . M . V. . I I Ba , , 4. Du :A",f:S1uv tel 2565? ,-I'7"1 Y 3 S. O 5, HI - ' ' ' iS Hs- H . r . . 1 , . :SS ' ., - I ' -' 7 - I I ' ' . 5 A , : V : I S- - ' ' ' . ' I ' -I , f : :. : '- '- : F - e ' , , . ' I , r ,, . N ., ., 1 ., ,. , re- x ' E! H in th " 1 A 'r ' ' I fo s . " 5 AUDREY O DONNELL Aud Wed ltke to present Aud commerctal student from Whtppany You could take her roller skattng any ttme and s ed love t e world desttned to recetve an excel lent secretary from the ranks of MHS Band 3 4 GAC 2 3 4 Archery 2 Bowl1ng 2 Modern Dance 2 Softball 2 3 Volleyball 2 Bustness 4 Broadcaster I3 Trt H1Y 4 Student Banker 2 3 4 'nv JA BETTE LOU OKEEI-'E Insh The halls of MHS wtll be dull d constderably when Bette leaves Her ready wtt and wtlltngness for a gay time wtll never be forgotten She loves to talk and laugh bu Ca y people are among her tltsltke Be te plans to work tn real estate after graduatton Tratnlng Chotr 2 Band 3 Bas ketball 3 Bustness 4 TrtHtY4 DORIS NIELSEN Dory Thts charmtng young mtss halls from Morrts Townshtp Athlet ally mcltned Dory ts a whtz 1ust about every sport around MHS and also tndulges acttvely ln horseback rtdtng Wtth such tnterests Dory sure to be a success tn her plans to become a phystcal ed ucatton teacher Tratntng Chotr 2 3 A Cap a4 GAC2 3 4 Arch Bowltng 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 4 Modern Dance 2 3 4 oft 2 3 4 Volle ball 2 Tennts 2 3 4 IANE OLIVER Ian came to MHS from Vatl Her tntercsts vary tncludmg basketball games boys and tce cream but roller skattng clatms most ot her attentton One of Iane s greatest assets 1 her lovely blonde hatr and to thts she wtll soon add he votce wth a smtle whxle worktng wtth the Telephone Company upon graduatton Tralntng Chotr 2 3 A Cappella Chotr 4 Basketball 2 Snop Foreman T HLY CAROLE I NEWCOMB Mxdqet Carole another popular Morrts Platns gtrl intends to become a nurse after leavmg college Cooktng eatmg and danctng popcorn people and MHS are Caroles iavorttes whtle math takes a back seat Dramattcs 2 3 Ltbrary Asst IR 3 Trt H Cob bontan 4 SAM OLSHER Sammy Thts ltve wtre Morrtstontan ltkes gtrls sports gtrls cars and more gtrls Sant wtll long be remembered around MHS for hrs smtle and wtnsome way He plans to enter the medtcal held alter college and he ll surely be a success and 2 Pres 4 Dance nd 2 3 4 French 3 T Cobbontan 4 MARY ELLEN NIENSTEDT 'lhts peppy m1ss 1o1ned us her 1un1or year from Bayley Ellard Mary Ellen plans to to college then would ltke to work tn a branch ot law en lorcement Well all rememb 1 her lor that famtltar pl ct Gadzooks and httle ltshes' Entered from Bayley Ellard A Cappella Chotr 3 4 Swtm mtnq 4 Tennts 4 French 3 Ltbrary 4 Stage Makeup 4 Llhrary Asststant 4 ICA 4 Play Rttle Treas 4 MARY CLARA OSTIGUY Mary swept down on us from the ctty oi Basktng Rtdge She s the ambtttous type who wants to set the world on itre she c n put tt ou sumthml But lust she d ltke to get marrted Archery 4 Bowhng 4 Stage Makeup 4 Ltbrary Asststant 4 Broadcaster 4 TrtH1Y 4 A .. H A . I .. ,. Y Q G - , ' 3 .1 h '- i, Th is , , - ' 'IL , - H ,. ,. . .. , .4 . . . in . A. U 5.5 . ' . I . h Q go ut A ' ' , ' . ' Z ' , f , ' 2, 3, 4: C : '- i-Y 4: - , , 1 7 ' 's . ' , u : : : 'S P911 : , I. I: ery I I 7 . 5 I kk 21 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3' 4: Student- Banker 3, 4: Sentor ' ball , , 5 y A 31 45 I if Q I 1 ' Ht - I 1 7' - : . .t . I I . I : ' ' B . 3. - I 5 '- . , ' . Ba . . 1 : SSO - , 3, 4: 3, 4: ennis 2, 3. 4: X ' : I ' ' Q 3: ft 1 3, 4. Q n . ' - wt t' I -ll H . .' s, S Q' t . Y A 3. ' , i JOAN ESTELLE PAGE Ioan is one of our rrio A re at- tractive brunettes. Her many in- terests include square dancing, roller skating, eating and sleep- ing, Alter graduation, Ioan will take up pad and pencil to use in her chosen secretarial voca- tion. Business 2, 3. LAURA IANE PI-'ROMMER "Laurie" This ambitious girl is headed for a Junior College with her own car. Shrimp, reading, and bowling hold top honors with "Laurie." Her sparkling per- sonality is a sure indication of her future success, Training Choir 4: GAC 2, 3, 4 owing 2, 3, 4: Physics 4: CICS RGD- 3. 4: Broadcaster 3, 4: SSO 4: Tri-Hi-Y ANN M. PANELLI "Spinette" Ann hopes to see Bermuda and Cuba, if she can talk the tele- phone company into giving her an extra long vacation. She can usually be heard around the halls telling the gang, "One of us has got to go!" Training Choir 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Hockey 4: Volleyball 3, 4. ERNEST L. PIANO "!ggie" A quiet lad, "Iggie" hails from Passaic Township, and enter- ed MHS as a sophomore. He likes football games, frowns on homework, and has a hobby of collecting pictures of sports figures. "lqgie" expects to go right to work and be an ac- countant alter graduation. SSO 4. CHARLOTTE IANE PARELLA "Scarlet" Charlotte, another new mem- ber of the senior class, came to us lrom Toms River, "Scar- let" is fond of swimming, ice skating, and the Yankees. She would like to become a beau- tician and eventually own her own establishment. Entered from Toms River H. S. 4: GAC 4: Softball 4: Basketball 4: Dramatics 4. ALFRED F. PIERCE HAI.. "Al," a humorous and poular Morristonian, plans to qo to art school next year to develop his drawing ability, which has always been his favorite talent. To see the USA is his fore- most ambition. Band 2, 3, 4: Football Squad 3: Track 3, 4: Wrestling 3, Cap- tain 4: Art 4: Dramatics 2: French 2: Cobbonian 4: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Student Banker 2, 3, 4: Senior Play. VINCENT A. PEPE Hpep.. "Pep" is another good-looking senior hailing from Passaic Township. He is rather quiet, but he has a great liking for sports, and he doesnt seem to particularly dislike anything. After graduation. "Pep" expects to go right to work and aim at a really high position in busi- ness. IOAN PERRY "Head" Ioan is one of Morristown's own contributions to MHS. Car races, dogs, and square dan' cing rate with Joan, while school work and gosslpinq pc-or ple have no place at all. Ioan plans on a cart-or ol marriage after graduation. Training Choir 2: A Cappella Choir 3. PALMER PRETTYMAN Pep Palmer w h a real load of natrve rntellrqence rs plannrna to be an engrneer Good old Morrrs Townshrp rs where he comes trom and hes proud of t Thrs all round mans hob bres rnclude srnqrnq and near ly all outdoor sports Trarnrng Chorr 2 A Cappella orr 3 4 rack 2 3 4 ent Banker 2 3 4. THOMAS PRINCIPAL IR Prrnce A welcome smrle and frrm clasp of the arrn wrll serve t rntroduce Tom An actrve mem ber ot the class Prrnce was a irxture at hrs SSO post H classmates wrll always remem br h contrrbutron to MHS sports Tom hopes to become a partner rn hrs fathers busr ness ootball 2 3 rack Wrestlrnq Captarn 3 SSO 4 Class Hep 2 Class Pres1dent2 36 HAROLD I PIERSON Moe Moe rs wellknown arounj MHS for he rs an ace swrm mer and tennrs player He en loys huntrnq and also drrvrnq around rn that No 1 car and plans to take up electrrcal er qrneerrnq rn college Hraht now mucn of hrs free trme rs spent a the Y Swrmmrnq T 4 French 2 Physrcs 4 Span :thop Foreman 3 Y 3 R11 MAUREEN PRUNIER Thrs cue rnrss rs well known around MHS for she rs captarn of our color guard Prstrllrs an P I partres rate hr vsrth Maureen but Mondays strrke a sour note wrth her Next year wrll trnd Maureen rn college Trarmnq Chorr 2 A Cappella C orr 3 4 Color Guard 2 3 Captarn 4 GAC 2 3 Basket 2 3 Oltrcrals 4 Swrm nrna 2 enc ary Asst 2 3 SSO 4 Hr Y 3 4 Cobbonran 4 S R MARY ANN POMFRET Mary Ann comes to us irom Hanover Townshrp and alter school expects to work as an accountant Her ambrtron rs to travel and her marn drslrke rs homework Square dancrng rce skatrnq and sewrng rank hrqh on Mary Ann s lrst of tavorrtes Broadcaster 4 Student Banker PAULINE PUSKAR Paul Geez or You know rt comes from Paul who can be found most ot the trme behrnd the c unter rn 315 for she rs e rranaqer of the Student Frnance Board She lrkes the Grants dancrnq ports and rs very talented wrth the accordron but the Yankees and homework dont rate nd 2 3 4 GAC 2 3 4 ketball 2 3 S itball 2 Lrbrary Assrstant 3 Student Frnance Board Mar 4 Broadcaster 2 3 Student Usher 2 3 4 Student Banker 2 3 Cobbonran 4 BEVERLY PRAHST l. Brit gets the brqgest charge ou ot that song TIYIHQ and Prstrllrs Restaurant Every trme she sees a prcture of Hawarr rn the moonlrght or rts sunny beaches she thrnks that shed lrke to go out there for the krnd of job she ll be lookrnq for after graduation Trarnrnq Chorr 2 3 A Cappella Chorr 4 Band 2 Broadcaster 3 rr HrY 2 CHRIS RALLIS Crrcket H ya lrrd rntroduces Chrrs who rs rnterested rn becomrnq a Certtrcd Publrc Accountant alter qraduatrnq from MHS H lrkes popular musrc and sports but people who thrnk they are above all get thumbs down irom Chrrs Wrth cr wrnnrnq per sonalrty such as hrs Chrrs rs a sur bet to succeed rn any held B nd 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 H Y 3 4 M MARTHA REED Marh Thts pert younq lassxe called Marti halls from Morrls Townshlp Martt whose Ike lnclude Phl the seashore axltnq and svwrm-'rung meets hopes to own a car some day tn the near future Next year she plans to further her edu catton at a lunmr college 2 ILENE MARGRIT RICHTER Megs No hut 'nach IS a favorlte phrase wlth Megs who halls lrlm New Vernon She dlsllkes Mondays especrally ramy Mondays and has a thrrity hablt of collectrnq new penmes Next fall wlll hnd her at col leqe studymg for a career as a commercral artrst Wlmmlnq 2 Tennls 2 Deutscher Vereun 3 4 Broad caster 3 Cobbon an 4 ICA 4 HIY 3 f ELFRIEDE REVESZ Elfnede came over from Ger many when she was a younq gtrl cmd alter qettmq here she had no chance to go to hmgh school But so xmportant was educatron to her that she came back to school and we have been proud to have her as a member of our class of 53 ' 3 WILLIAM R RICKLEY IH Von A likable allround lellow that the descrlptton of Von Hts llkes are catmq and thc Dodgers He expects to loln the 'tlawy after qraduatlon Vons mam ambltlon rs to become a coach and sports are his fav orlte hobby Basketball Squad 2 3 Footbal Squad 2 Varslty 3 Track 3 Shop Foreman 2 ANNE MARIE REWICK Anme Ths lutle redhead 15 another member of the malorxty resrd mq rn Morrrstown and sne ex pects to do secretartal work after school Travemq danc rnq and frrendly people clalm tlrst place on her llst of ltkes but homework and lrver are at the bottom of the barrel Student Banker 2 3 4 Tram Choxr 2 T HIY 2 A Cappella Chorr 3 4 Banker AC 2 4 Arch y 2 Bowlrnq 4 Modern Dance 2 Swrmmrnq 3 4 Tennrs 2 Class R p 3 ICA 2 IOHN RIORDAN lack Heres that demon ot the court who was such an asset t Macs basketball team Not only lS he pos es ed of a sharp eye for the basket but hes also an arttst and rntends to en er t s held as a career Entered from Weymouth Mass cseb ll S, 3 Varslt sretb 13 4 Art 3 4 Fren 4 Broa caster 4 Cobboman 4 SSO 4 'Z' A-L RICHARD R REYNOLDS Owl N s tlme plus mot money IS betnq spent on hx After qraduatlon Owl ,es to rr Fo e and to eventually becoms a radro technlcxan He lrkes baseball and rxfles whlle hrs drsl kes are few Baseball Manager 2 3 CHARLES T RICHARDS Chas Chas a quxet nad from Mor rr own nLnc.s to lurtl'er hls ca lon n some Inst tutxon oi learn ng Iflcre lee hopes to 'xysc I1 es ce SVI rr 7 ani l'1nt1 C1 er tv '15 vt. aw. e hobby ws cw s r I Broadcaster 4 Rlle 4 ROGERS Buck B cl extremely l1l-cable x mee smrle came oxer from Hayle! Ellard 1n hrs wore year H has q b Q c stommnq cars an r cmtxtton ol ovnznq rr body shop att r qraduatron In ad rlon o cars h llkeg me katmq but homework rates 'very low Q45 Z' Xyx' ANGELO I HUGGEHIO Angra Anqelo rs one of those typrcal Stullnqrte who can have fun anytxmc anywhere Hts ambx t n s t play protessxonal baseball but untll that day com s he ll put tn tlme work ln a store ln Stlrltnq rourse ls there a better place' Bas ball 3 4 Shop Foreman 2 8 JAMES ROBINSON Robbxe lust plam crazy Introduces thxs llve wire Morrrstonran who can usually be seen enterlnq these hallowed halls about fl 29 the Yan ees and good cookmq but he doesnt go lor stavmq rn after school A Cappella Chou 2 3 Footbul 2 3 Shop Foreman 2 MARLENE RUNDELL Marlene came all the way from Call wn .1 to tl'e halls of MHS where shes made qurte a hrt wrth er wonderful personalxty N xt year should hnd Marlene ole-ae where shell prob ably mayor rn chemrstry and eventually enter that held Pnt el from Woodlake Cal 4 Physrcs 4 ICA Presldent 4 L FRED A ROFF I Fred was a welcome addrtton the class of Q3 when e entered from East Orange Girls ftshmq cnd sports are h on hrs ltt ol favort model planes After college he plans to enter the held of ad wertlsmfj Entered from Fast Oranae Hxqh 3 Basketball S iuad 3 Traclf 3 Y BARBARA RUTAN Barb Quret but always Smlllhq Barb was a member of 53 slnce those days m the erghth qrade She lrkes a certam scnlor swrmmrnq and her work whxch rs as an operator for the phone company She expects to keep on workmq Io a whrle and then mar nage sri 4 ll! Q4 Q LTU! nfl I ... . ,f , . I . 5 5, I .I , .VII I.: II 6.21.1 -' ' ,ff 2 h I Q"-ll 15' . 'L -, ff' ' 'fi , on 1 " :Tr I : I I J!! , u , 'I :rg m , Q L' 2 f I N Qj QU'-,a I ' X ml . ' . 4- Q-, - J' A v f' r- " l I . . : m ,ef":,f 'U ' - ' , I I I I f I III A I o . N I I ' Q' l -- - o : . 3 I , I , , 2 . ' 'J '- -,Q -, 'J' ' 3. 'f 5 ' , Q: 9. ' 5 . I . 'fl ' ' ' V III - - 27' I I I J , ge III I I' I I . r -A 2 4 ' ,Rh . - 2 - as , mx , , -., ' : ?'?-- ' , Q E E ri I I . I in - X, . 37 A ,, S A . l ' ' : ' ' ' 3. ' ' 77 . .I I' - e ' if ' , . , 2 - Jr ,...., , - ' O ' . Q , , . ' , W 1 ' fb JI n- 6 r I , : 3 . o' ' ' , . . .4 2 ., an - N . H 2 . l . , Q 5 , - - sc' - ' 'ltr I, I , , , ma , I - - t , Z sh . F -4, .. 5-1 ' F " 'Q - , I f. I :x ' 5 X . . ' - ' ' - :T T 4 ' - . . - . N I 9. ' . I ,. I I I Ig . - ,V - 4 : P' . . . II I' ' . 1 ' -I ' - . . ' I In , -' ., " N . ' 5 is ' U V m ... I tn . I . . - ' N 5' . . ff , I 0 , . I I I - I: E I I IIAIIIII ' ' ' .rs -A Sf V ' G' Q I , .. . -. ., .. .0 . In ' ' ' 'Vice IOI-IN PAUL ROFF ack I'o lust lrve a normal hte thrs sports mrnded senrors am brtron lack comes to MHS rn November ISQO from Newarl-r yust about everythmq espe crally baseball Alter qradua tron lack plans to enter the armed servrces Entered from Newark Central S N CLAIRE SAUNDERS Clarrss Vlvacrous a arrl who wears ou the word ambltron Claxre A genral drsposmon and Irrendly smrle are typrcal of Clarre After college she wants to work rn a chemrstry labora tory Perry Como and food ar her strong lrkes whxle a weak ness IS snakes Irammg Chorr 2 3 A Cappella Chorr 4 GAC 2 3 Archery 2 Modern Dance 2 3 Tennrs 2 Dramatrc Club Treas 2 3 4 Spanrsh 2 3 4 Class Treas 2 4 Cobboman 4 RC 3 Student Usher 3 Sec 4 Trl H1 Y Pres 2 3 4 Student Banker 2 DAR 4 THOMAS A SCALLEY Scal Here 1s one of Morrlstowns mood naturml fellows He dis l1krHs homework prelerrlnq sports '1 1 eel: end adven t1res ' hky IS huntmq Toms fr1er1dly dtsposltton and aoy' wtt sure to lead 1 to success rn whatener he u dertakes I-'ootl'-all " AICIG 3 shop Fore man 2 Broadcaster 4 BEVERLY l SCHOOP Bev ev came to MHS ln GY freshman year and asplros to a d1et1r'1an Thlnqs doesnt l1ke are tests and qet tmq up ln the mormnq WllllP sewlnq rates h1qh Dr1v1nq Bevs favor1te pastnnc v hen he qets the car C 2 U '-locl'ey 3 Modern Dance 3 tball 7 Ten 10 DONALD I SCANLON Don Hey C117 lntrocluces th1s tal ented lad who came to MHS from Bayley Ellard n 52 Sports and part es rate h1qh vuth Don and he IS sorry that they have to end After craf'L1at1on he expects to Jam the Navy and hopes some day to bccomo en IOHN SEHAR Iohnny le o doll says lLllS hand Orne lad from MOIIIS Town hlp G1rls and SIHCJIUQ rate h1qh w1th Iohnny bu he d s llkes women who are always 1alk1nq Alter qraduat1on he ho es to qo to m11s1c L ool and male smqmq h1s career Tra1n1nq Chou A Cappella Cho1r 3 4 Band 2 Dance Band 2 Football Squad 2 Basketball WALTER MAX SCHALLER Walt 'ion hh wut, H2hAYgpnq h1s te yq-'QE' dan unt wh1.le W on t ratqj at tellxaence G th1s 1red from a on w ake C1 s Qht tn the Nav p BQIVICE career Tack2 3 4 FREDERICK N SHAFFER Fred Fei x rs r1res1dent of Gen ral Motors but only alter he has attended Vf1lllCIl"1 G Mary for a vth1le Fred s been a very actne rr'err1 r of o1r c'a s and 1t ser 1re bet he ll make and 2 1 e es chestra 3 Surnrrrna 4 Tennxs a bcll 3 C'oll4 Tra C em1s rv 4 Dramat1s Frfnch 3 Wwe Pres 4 St1"e t 1nc1l 3 p roadcaster 2 3 4 SS Semor Play Cobboman 4 Atv quo- I DAVID SCHERR Dave M rr1s Tovxnshm c '1 be proud its a r 11 'l p r ona ,C sc ool aradna 1o'1 ro n the Nav H lox es ts the Charts and bm a food Cant lan he d1sl1kes e Yarwc Dates Good at 1re and easy qc nq nfan ner assare l'1m of success RICHARD SCHMIDT Smxtty ,rrsx lle s M S lS S Altar P s shce, n vc , bcb y c P 11 1 rfscnt lc '1cl11 n W '1 n ,.o l usc , xcr fw 'mg s l- A STANLEY SIMMS Stan Oh Heck No ts the iavorrte saymg of Ml-ISs most ardent txsherman Thts muscleman s lmes mclude track wrestlmg and boxmg but he dlsllkes wrse guys ard school Next year Stan expects to 1o1n the Navy Track 4 rl mn- NM. at IAMES F SLATE rm 1m rs a rather qutet a who hcpes some day to be ome u mechanxc To travel IS '11s ambntxon and old Fords and hx no cars also rate htgh w1th l'1I11 but he clatms h1s mam dtslrkes are wtse guys and the 1'r'ny Shzp For man 4 H1Y 3 4 40 'Boil' DORIS MARION SI-IEPARD Blondxe Blondle came to us m Sep tember oi th1s year lrom New Hampshlre She IS extremely fond of sports movles dancxn, and photography Although decrded whether to be a typrst or a hookkeeper she w111 enter busmess school next tall for iurther trammg Entered from Franklm LN HJ H S 4 Band 4 RAYMOND SMERALDO IR Ray Rory as a stall artlst oi the Broadcaster brrghtened our MART'-IA SIEVERS Martha 1 that grrl w1th the irrendly smxle and emoyable personallty who hkes the pt ano and punctuallty Sarcas t1c teachers are among her few drshkes College wtll enter tam Martha next and some day she would lzke to become connected w1th televlsxon Trammg Chou 2 A Cappella 4 Stage Makeup 3 4 ICA 4 Cobbontan 4 HELEN SMITH Ham A commerclal student Ham s mterests he chreily 1n AUDREY IANE SILVERS Audxe Tall and attractrve Audre ha1ls from Morrrs Plarns She emoys kmttmg and has cr pas sxon for yellow Cadxllac con vertrbles After she has that dtploma Audte plans to en ter nurses trammg at Moun tamslde Hosp tal and then work for a B S IH nursmq French 2 Student Banker 2 3 IOAN B SMITH Bunny Charm1ng Ioan IS wellknown for that neat appearance newspaper thrs year wrth hrs many trmely cartoons Alter lealmg MHS he plans to at tend art school and become a commercral artlst Swlmmrng 2 Football Squad Z resthng 2 At 2 Broadcaster 4 Cobboman 4 that held Upon graduatron she wants to work as a secretary and then settle down to a mar ned lrle Wrth her pleasant per sonahty she wxll surely suc ceed Bu mess 4 Student Bankers 3 Red Cross 2 1ts no vw der her ambmon lS to becon a model Boys who Weill' IQUHS to school rate low on her lxst oi 11kes Wtth her pleasant and congemql personallty Ioan IS sure to be a success rw-fa, SUSAN S SMITH Sue The class of 53 got a big lift when Sue returned to MHS for her senlor year Although s e was t th us as lunlor her list of actlvlles show that she has been a busy alrl around school After grad llatlon she will loin the ranks of the scholars at Drew Unl verslty Training Choi 2 A Cappella Choir 4 Basl etba l 2 4 I-lock e 2 o call A Physics 4 Dio lCllCS Treas 2 Thesplan 4 French 2 Broad caster 4 Cobbonlan 4 ICA 4 Senior Play Rifle 4 NANCY I STEWART Ncm ee Nan ee has been very active in sports and various clubs while at MHS Her ambition IS to Join the Waves Nancys likes are a sailor Bernardswllle and The Stable but she doesnt like walling or doing homework Crocheting and drlv ing ta-ce up most of her free time GAC 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 4 Soltball 2 Busl ss 2 4 Stage Makeup 4 roadcaster 2 3 4 ICA 4 TIIHIY 2 3 Student Banker Assistant Mgr 4 , I .v Ig f GERALD SANFORD SNYDER Ierry New Vernon sends this hunting enthusiast All sports rate high with Ierry but the one thing that dlspleases hlm IS cars that constantly are ln need of repair As yet his future IS undecided but is classmates wlsh hlm the best of luck ln wharfver he de rides to do Band 3 DAVID G STRADTMAN Dave easy going steady guy You usually see him looking as it he were contented with lite in general Even though he hasnt declded what hell do alter gradua tlon he does admit that he likes planes and convertibles and that perhaps some day hell be a pilot That uniform would look good on him' Entered Irom Florence S C 3 Z JOAN SONTAG Ioan is one of the many well dressed attractlxe seniors She likes sports and 'wing her long black conlertible but on the other harlsl 'oe nt care 'lor homewo litter glad uating Ioan plans to get mar rled Training Choir 2 3 4 GAC 4 Bask all 3 dent Council 2 SSO 4 tu dent Banker 3 4 GEORGE STROWBRIDGE Strow Heres a peppy senior with a big smile and a pleasant dlSpO slllon rl IS probably best known for his exploits on the gridiron where he s been a big help to Coach Flynn s Colonlals Strow dl likes homework but high on his list oi likes ae ports and cars After gradua tion lee will either loin e Navy or become a rnochanlc Varsity Football 3 4 Shop Foreman 2 3 I WILLIAM STADLER Bi Here IS a quiet but likable guy who halls from Stlrllng Bills ambition is to own a new car He has a fondness lor Fords and considers sk mg as hobby Student Banker 2 3 4 Class Rep 4 EUGENE STEWART Gene Gene expects to go to col lege, where he will study to attain his ambition ot becom- ing an engineer. "Gene" likes sports and girls and his hobe bies include hunting and lish- ing. His easy-going manner is sure to take him a long way. Football Squad 3: Baseball Squad 3: Track 4: Physics 4. I Q 41 1 ll1'.l51L"'H SWANSON Babe Elzc beth IS one of the more auret members of the class but trot shy sm1le has a way of rrcw ng frrends for her any vtwere Snes mode a qreat many and they ll always e 1"1e"1ber hr as O e of he fue t of the 33ers After qrad uat1on shell be lookmq for cr o ix TNQ ANITA L TARTAGLIA Nete Nete IS one of the many who came to us ID her elqhth year of school She 15 the preslden of all those q1rls who usher you 1nto asembly each week After qraduauon sne mtend to work 1n a busmess off1ce Band 2 3 4 Student Fmance Board 4 btudent Usher 2 3 Pres 4 Cobboman 4 CHARLES SUITT Chas Chrs came to us from Mach s n 1n h s sophomore year a 1roJed cr qreat gum o MHS Sports and collectmq records ore faxor1tes but Wl e u s a sour note Wl h1m Chas expects to lo n tne :Alf Fo ce and frorn there hopes to become a let p1lot Tra n1nq Cho1r 2 A Cappella Footbr l Squa 2 ar rac.-c 4 Studen Councl Vtce P1'es1dent 3 Class p 3 H1Y BARBARA ANN THOMPSON Barb Barb an av1d football lan hopes to go 1nto the teachrnq held after graducrtmg from Buc cnell Wh1le at MHS Barb has been an actrve member of the Broadcaster staff Gettmg u early 1 one f Barbs d1sl1kes but cats and Prmceton rate hlqll Wrth her Tra1n1nq Cho1r 2 A Cappella Cho1r 3 4 Modern Dance 2 French Z 3 4 Stage Makeup 4 Studen Co nc1l Broadcaster 3 Feature Ed1tor 4 Tr1H1 Y 3 4 Forens1cs 2 ANNE SUTTON V1vac1ous and er1erqet1c Anne 15 the spark plug of many qathermqs She 15 espec1a1ly fond of sxx1mm1nq horseback udrnq and P I parhes A tr c al11t un Anne p ans to enter Cl bu mess school and even ua ly the world fra n 5 C o 2 A Cappe a Cno B n G B 3 Softbrll 2 Sw 1n3 rarrc ICS cqe IN keuo 4 Broa caster VIRGINIA ANNE THOMPSON Imny Frrgndly Imny' 1s well known around MHS for her ab1l1ty on the DIGUO Enqllsh 1n 103 and collectmq records rate h1qh with jmny hut she d1sl1ke people who talk too much After college she hoP95 to bf' come a profess1onal rr111s1C1Cm TIGIHIHQ Cho1r 3 Orchestra 4 enn1s 2 French 3 Stafif Mgkpup 3 4 Broadcaster 2 ICA Vxce Pre-s1der1t 3 Tr1H1Y 3 Secretary 4 C1t1zensh1p 3 Semor Play Cobboman 4 JOHN E SU1TON IR Qu1et Iohn would lxe 1t known at he d1 es n trt mul 1n any form After qrc1clur1t1on n would ll t as 1 reomr rr m A 1:le from auto rac nq moclcl rc 1l1or1r11nc1 m s f1rst on 1s of 1 s lonq th t t l n torltc TV s Student Crunc1 3 ANNE SHIRLEY THOMS 15 q l e o tht ma who come f om tl1e rnctropohs of St1rl1nq H r arnb1t1on 1 to su the x orld but after l.IICILlk1Cll1OIl she plans to work 1n some bus1 ness Among her hkcs are the Clants slcatmtg and tulkmq bu youll probably ind I babys1tt1nq Student Fmance Board 4 Stu dent Counc1l 4 IANET ELIZABETH THURSTON e Ianet rs a Mendhamrte who came to us rn her sophomore year from Teaneck She expects to nter college rrght after grad uatron To vrsrt all 48 states IS Ianets chref Cunbrtron and her rrkes rnclude pararra partres comrcal people and eatrng Her hobb es are knrttrng and drrv rng Dramatrcs 2 Physrcs 4 Broad Caster 4 ICA 4 TrrHrY 4 NANCY TCRRANCE Nan Nancy rs a resldent of old Morrrstown rtself After she gets her drploma she rntends to go to busrness school Her ambrtron rs to see the world startrng wrth the U S Nans only drslrke ts concerted peo pe Trarnrng Chorr 2 Archery 2 Student Councrl 2 Class Rep C 4 ICA 4 Trr x ANN E TIGER Annre To go to Hawart rs the ambrtron thrs Mendham grrl who en roys sq rare dancrng and swrm mrng but not snakes or hrghla lutrng krds Kook watch that stun rs one of "re sayrngs Wrth whrch Annre mrght confront u as she goes along her happy go lucky way GAC 2 3 4 Modern Dance A Bas etball 2 3 4 Swrmmrng 3 Stage Makeup 2 3 4 Lrbrary Assrstant 2 3 Student Frnance Board 4 Cobbonran Busrness Manager 4 TrrHrY 3 4 ROBERT K TOTTEN IR Skrp Waddayasay rntroduces thrs 63 senror who calls Gods Country KMOYIIS Plarnsl hrs home Skrp hopes nec! year t go to some college to b come a frrst class engmeer Przza cars and swrmmrrq cve among hrs favorrtes bt cts and trrg dont rate Trarnrno Chorr 2 A Capp .la Chorr 3 Swrmmmg 3 4 Fr rr h Physrcs 4 Student Courtcrl 3 SSO 4 NORMAN TODERO Freddre Freddre a Morrrstown boy mtends to enter Uncle Sams servrce after graduatron wrth a career rn accountrng to fol low He lrkes sports and eat mg lrke most of the other boy 1n 53 Hrs frrendly Hey Kuz has been a famrlrar greetrng rn the halls of MHS RICHARD VALLEAU Drck Drck says hrs marn rnterests rn lrfe are grrls grrls grrls but he also admrts a lrkrnq for cars After graduatron he hopes to attend some lucky college rf the Army doesnt beckon frrst Drck s plans after that are undecrded Track 2 4 FREDERICK TOKASH Fred Good natured and funlovmg Fred rs the prrde of Grllette Sports frll most of hrs spare trme now but post graduatron days wrll frnd htm at some lucky college earnrng a degree Baseball Squad 3 Broad caster 4 as IOSEPH TOKASH oo Ioe who came to us from Plarrtfreld Hrgh rn hrs sopho more year plans to go to col lege and become a aero nautrcal engrneer He lrkes good food and grrls but h doesnt care too much for home work or crabby people Physrcs 4 43 ROBERT W. WALKER .,Bob.. Mendham sent "Bob" to the ranks of the class of '53, and his presence has proved valu- able. "Bob" likes blonds, TV, and music, but his dislikes range from ireshmen on the Senior Stairs to homework. The Navy or more schooling awaits Bob after graduation. Training Choir 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Football 2, 3: Cam- era 3: Dramatlcs 2, 3, 4: Thes- pians 4: French 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 3: Broadcaster 2, 3. 4: SSO 4: Senior Play. CHARLES R WALL Chuck M llington is proud oi Chuck one of the prize inhabitants Quiet but genial he prefers women and lood to homework and noisy people Sports are his hobby and he hopes to contmue this interest in ol lege acl' 2 3 4 SSO 3 Pres Cobbonxan 4 M .--ts. W- Q, ROBIN VANNOTE Robin Dont be surprised if in 956 Vannote the headlines read Swrms Channel That will Just b Robin carrying out his secret ambition College will claim him next year but right now swimming and hiking are his mam interests outside ol school hours Swimming 2 3 4 Physics 4 Spanish 2 Student Council 2 Class Rep 3 Broadcaster 3 WILLIAM WALTON Willy When hes not in school th1s happy go lucky lad from Morris Plains can usually be found tinkering with cars He likes basketball baseball and girls but school in general rates low Hes expecting a spell 1n the Army after MHS days are over Training Choir 3 A Cappella Choir 4 BRUCE C VAUGHAN Bruce is one of those ambx tious boys who spend most of their time operating the prolectors Photography is his chief hobby but he also loves to irsh Next iall will find him in college studying medicine Band 2 3 4 Dance Band 3 4 Physics 4 Broadcaster 3 SSS 2 Vice Pres 3 Pres 4 b boman 4 CHARLES E WATKINS Hamburger With a hobby like sleeping ll rs only natural for Charlie to dislike work and the Army He hails from that fabulous place Mendham and his am bitron is to see The States After Charlle gets hi di ploma he hopes to become an electrician DOROTHY ANN VERKEY Dotty Dotty has a special like lor Miami Florida and some daY hopes to settle there and when she does Morrrs Plains is go mg to lose a gal with a won deriul smile DottY EXPBCYS to continue as a telephone op erator for a while after leav ing MHS Training Choir 2 A cappella Cho1r3 4 GAC2 3 4 Bo l ing 2 3 Hockey 2 Tenms 2 Tril-I1Y 4 Red CIOSS 2 3 HER WAT N Herbie s lads m gkHs le n sports a I e building quently W en t im o ork he c fter grad uation pects, o ce an e av at ries work ,QQ 6 Training Ch r 3 A Cappella 4 Football Squad 2 3 Track SS 2 3 H1 -f IOHN M WATSON IR Mope Iohn doesnt seem to have tlme for worrres he just smgs hrs way through Irie is chrei hobby IS drrvmq 'qrls and teachers rnsane but he also enyoys wrld partres Next year wtll frnd h1m rn college where hell put that famous toe to good use Football 3 4 Track 3 4 Shop Foreman 2 MARGARET E WILSON Peg has made a good name ior herself here at MHS rn grrls athlettcs Src L, a whlz at bas ketball ana lfecps the other sports rlght up there too She thmks that hell be workrng as a telephone operator after graduatron C 2 3 4 Basketball 2 4 Bowlmg 2 Hockey 2 3 4 Mo ern Dance 2 3 4 oft ball 2 3 4 Swrmmrnq 2 Vol ley all 3 4 MARY ANNE WENDLOCKER Toots Thrs senror from Cedar Knolls wants to be a ilorr t after she graduates from MHS Quret but irrendly Mary Anne loves a good mme but thoroughly dis lrkes havmg nothmq to do shes the energetrc type Trammg Chorr 2 W S C H946 wrm 9 Inq hrs Ap m lt r eos Q weco y Cai edu C1110 dtrecto H 5 ska v -5 Swrm fb C .R Stude t rea C cre SSO W LEON H WHITNEY IR Whrt Heres an actlve and capable senxor whose varted mtere ts have rncluded sports lournal 1sm grrls and the amomon to be a good doc or alter college and medrcal school Dehnrte drslrkes are homework and talkauve people Baseball 3 Basketball Squad Z 3 Tennrs 2 3 4 Drama cs 3 Thesplan 4 Pl Delta Epsrlon 2 3 Pnysrcs 4 Spanlsn 2 3 Student Councrl 2 Class Rep 2 Broadcaster 2 3 Sports Edltor 4 Boys State 3 Cobbontan 4 NATALIE STAFF WITTICH Blackre After college Natalre would llke to work lor erther e government or the UN as an xnterpreter She frowns cn de lmquent letter vurlters and spends her free ttme l-reeprng pen pals rn tour forergn coun trres happy Bowlmg 4 Dramatlcs L 3 4 French 2 3 4 IRC 3 4 SSO 4 T H1Y 3 4 IANE WILHELM lame ante halls from Morrrs Plalns She rs undectded about her future as yet but her am b ron to own and tra horses As you can guess her lrkes rnclude rrdrng but snobs beware' Her easy gomg man ner w1ll take thts gtrl a long way ln llfe Tralntnq Chotr 2 3 Basket ba 2 wr ,exif 'iles IOAN WILKINSON To be happy 15 the ambltlon of thrs young lacy who halls. from Morrrs Plams Ioan dts llkes homework b t on her llst of ltkes dr xlng and flow ers can be loun.1 THE ele phone Company wlll clarm her after she gets l'er drploma IANET WITZLER Ian t c.. Morr ton ar' has lc.-:en cr 11 '1 l1te rat'1f.r qu1+.tly S e has part1c1pat :l 1n s ort lc r ionaness or Span1s1 -. tc qraduauon Ifmet rl er school 1 really her rr n cxrb t1on 1 er pet saymj nm G C 2 3 4 Tc 5-pan1sn1 3 4 Tr 4 Student Banker EDGAR T YOUNG 15 one of tnose qmet cons1'erate fellow wxth a good sense of lc mor X mch he d1s plays b -ctaalng Wrth a per ctly sra l' t He wants See ld Gnd 1 911 11nd some cor-gerual occupa hon Trammq Clcotr 3 A Cappella C o1r 4 Swlmnlnq 2 3 1 IUDY WOLF Yoodxe Fmal exams and alarm clocks are Iudys chlef dlSllk9S but eatlnq and South Carol1na are a the top of her 11st oi 11 s Alt r qraduatlon Iudy hopes to enter nurses tralnlnq but her secret amb1t1on 15 to travel to Alaska Tratnmq Chou 2 GAC 2 3 4 Archery 2 3 Modern Dance 3 Softb Tnms Z 3 4 Volleyball 3 Chem1stry 3 r matlcs Z 1-l'9lCll YblCS Stage Make u 2 dcnt Counc1l 2 Broadcaster 2 ICA 2 SO Tr H1 S KATHRYN YOUNGS Kathy Sparklxnq eyes attractwe clothes and a swell person al1ty sounds lnce good equxp ment for a future secretary Amonq her favor1tes are bas ke ball PI partmes and he Yankees The future can hold nothmq but success and hap pmess for ambrttous Kathy C 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Student Councu 4 Class Rep 4 Cobbonlan 4 Dramat1cs 3 Treasurer 4 The p1an 4 Stage Makeup 2 3 Tr1H1Y 3 Pr dent 4 Senlor Play DOLLY ALICE YOUNG H1 Honey lS the qreetmg of o y 1n the hals ol MHS A spark mc, qal from the heart of Mornsto vn D lly expects to be a stenographer rlter qraclua t1on Sho. l1kQ h frburqer but hot dogs cl nt 1 e xuth Dolly l1brary 4 Lbray A Q tant 4 Student Usher 4 TIlHl Y 4 I ffjgfjff LEE ZELIFF Duchess Need or palr of socks? Heres the qrrl who wx ll kn1t t em for you for thats her hobby After college the handmapped w1ll qa1n thls cheerful mlSS for sloe plans to make oc at work her career Tra1n1rg Cholr 2 A Cappella 3 4 Modern Dance 2 Swxm mmq 4 Tenms 4 Makeup 3 Treas1rer 4 ICA 4 Tr1 H1 Y 4 ROSEMARY I ZOOK H0519 H her iavor1te expresslon mrqht well mtroduce tht popu lar mss from Madrson She 11kes people ll'l general as well as sports and paxtles An all und q11'l n te hat 11st act1v1t1esl Rosle IS lookmq forward to college after her MHS gracluatron Tra nmq Cholr 2 A Cappella o1r 3 4 AC 2 4 e all 2 4 Bowl1n ckey 2 3 4 Ott1c1als 3 Volleyball '3 4 Chemlstry Sec retary 4 D Jw' t1cs 4 trench Cla o 2 3 Bro caster Fxecuhve Ed 3 4 IRC 4 Glrls State 3 Cobbon1an 4 R1fle 4 GLEN ALAN HARDY XP Zxp rs another frontxersman from Wh1DDanv H lxkes to lccp bllf ht wakes up every L kenrl lust out of habtt lnkts rollcr skatma but most of all he horns tn seo the wor d llc. Lnttrgd the Unlted States uv on une 19.12 an w1ll rece-we hls d1ploma wrth 1 class of Football Squad 2 Vars1ty 3 Track 3 46 d',,,, " Fury L. ,- , "' ' --"lu S55 -- Q-,lla-' W . 'P K J is A t-XS, Sf' 9 , that qcvd NIOH C L f "" ugiclans - 5 an righ. LASS R I that group ogicmin gssembhe Mccgn D01 BOuhO:'PILESENT,q7-,VBS . NDXTMS is 1 with mu Bafbczrgl Mahon A'nd Quline Pusk 7' Stondin A NCB BA enioymen Gold- Danna L ergon. or, Bill S 9, 191, ,O DP-HS so muCh' I funCti0nS. 1. Absenl. 'K QUIQ Pham S6016-af. Ari Icidlef Be M - s Soma' ' SH MOCK mef' Pot ene Cor' V at vauou Suzie, Lanai Bowker Powell, Ile B ' fC!11 490- DICK GUITON President H 'Qu G-9 440-QM' qvgwo- on DAVE BRYDEN CAROL DAVIS Vice President SGCIGIGIY Red Ed conducting fwell trying t least? one oi his bull sessions. What a surprise THAT teochefs qonncz ge. They never had it so good - but whct's the mutter with Ann? Young arsonisfs throw up Q smoke screen. Olgfofd C93 CLAIRE SAUNDERS Treasurer CIHIBUNIA Editor-in-Chief ...., ..,,.,, l ACK MCCLUSKEY Managing Editor , ,, , ,, , BARBARA BROWN Business Manager .. ,,..,,...wa ,,..a..... A NN TIGER Ass't Business Managers ,,,rr.., EMIL MAFFUCCL PAULINE PUSKAR Art Editor I ,, , . ,,,i.s,.,... ELAINE BIBLE Sports Editor , , HOWARD HAIMANN Advisers ,,,., . Y,,.,,,,,,, MR. MARCUS SMITH, MISS CLARA BRYANT, MR. JAMES ALLEN EDITORIAL STAFF Mary Lee Colman, Sue Smith, Ierry Angell, Claire Saunders, Barbara Murray, Ilene Rich- ter, Adeline McLaughlin, Dewey Eitner, Kath- ryn Youngs, Bette O'Keete, Martha Gray, Fran- ces Galdi, Frank Wisnewski, Nancy Egert, Marion Maloney, Denis McWhan, Edgar Kling. ART STAFF Ray Smeraldo, lack Riordan, Doris Campbell, Alfred Pierce. , This year's Cobbonicm staff has really worked hard to bring you a book we can all be proud of. The fine articles, pictures, and art work represent a memory book that, in future years, will remind you of all the best experiences of your school days. We would like to salute Editor-in-Chief lack McCluskey, Business Manager Ann Tiger, and Art Editor Elaine Eible for a job well done. Our warmest thanks also go to our advisers, Mr. Marcus Smith, Miss Clara Bryant, and Mr. lames Allen. 1-mf rf : Q .9 ' , 7, iy' V' ' :Er . ,fm f rxffff , ' L + . Y. A f' ax 1- . ., fri' ,Q iiggf1al1A"3.m 'A' A ,A i . - vs 5 A 6L When the members of the Class of 1953 look back on memorres of days at Morrrstown I-Irgh there wrll be many fond remembrances The Class of 53 was certamly socrable Durrng our four years we put on four very prohtable and enloyable dances In our fresh man year the Freshman Hop was held under the ausprces of the class oltrcers Presrdent Karl Iones Vrce Presrdent Lots Cacchro Secre tary Clarre Saunders Treasurer Fred Shatter and Advrser Iames Allen In our irrst year we also had the Freshman Candy Stand whrch IS passed on to the freshman class each year to help start the treasury In our sophomore year Morrrs and Passarc Townshrps jotned our ranks to form the ofhcral Class of 1953 We started the year by electrng Tom Prlncrpal presrdent Herby DeLa1ne vrce presrdent Carol Epstern secretary and Clarre bert as our advrser The brg socral event of that year was our Sophomore Dance both modern and square wrth rnusrc by the Lazy K Ramblers Thrs year we were also tor tunate rn havrng two members of the State Debatrng Champronshrp team Dave Bryden and Martm Cowan When we entered school the next Septem ber we realrzed that trnally we were upper classmen We got off wrth a bang by electmg Drck Gu1ton presrclent Herby DeLa1ne vrce prestdent Frank Wrsnewskr secretary and Clarre Saunders treasurer Our advrser now was Mr Gerald Qurnlan who was to be Wllh us for our two brg years To hrm we owe many thanks Thrs was the year we d1st1n gurshed ourselves by wearrng the school em blern on our class nngs' Thrs was also the year for the Class of 53 members to earn real recogmtron The Broadcaster was turned over to our class rn the mrddle of the year rn the capable hands of Carol Davrs and La Donne Heaton Fred Shaffer started to wrrte Mornstown Hrgh news for the Morrrstown Darly Record Martm Cowan won the New lersey Internatronal Relatrons Forum Speakrng Con test and was elected v1ce presrdent ot the Forum for the comrng year In February we sponsored the IayVee Faculty basketball game whrch proved to be great fun In May we put on the best Iuntor Prom w1th a theme of a South Pacrhc Isle How can we ever forget the musrc by the Skrp pers Ierry Angell and Robert Vannote bemg crowned Krng and Queen and the fun we had decoratrng One of our up and comrng actresses Bar bara Frtzherbert had a lead rn the Dramattc Club play Cheaper by the Dozen All of thrs added up to a memorable lunror year wrth the best commg rn Iune when we recerved ownershrp of the SENIOR STAIRS Our Grrls State representatrve was Rosle Zook Boys State representattves were Iack McCluskey Drck Gu1ton Herbre DeLa1ne Howard Har mann Lee Whrtney Marty Cowan Dave Bry den and Dems McWhan Grnny Thompson and Bev McCarty represented us 1n Crtrzen shtp Then September 1952 rolled around and all the Class of 1953 rolled rnto the iront doors and onto the Semor Starrs wrth brrght smrles because Irnally WE WERE SENIORSH' Our offrcers for our brg vear were Presrdent Drck Gurton Vrce Presrdent Dave Bryden Sec retary Carol Davrs and Treasurer Clarre Saun ders Agam we welcomed Mr Gerald Qurnlan as our advrser 55 o o o o o o o o o I . - I A - I - - - ' I I I I - I . . ' ll ' ' ll I . . - - . - I I . - ' - l . - - ' . I . - . I - I . Il I II Saunders treasurer. We chose Miss Ruth Hul- - ' I y ' I U - ll' 1 . I 0 I . I n I . - I I I . I ' I I - , . . I I I . I I . - ' - I . . . , , ' . - I - , . Ahce Kroc made a wonderful Student Coun c1l prexy wrth many other hrgh 0ff1C9S rn the school bemg held by semors Our football team had qu1te a successful year A thnlhng game was played on Turkey Day wrth Dover Under the capable leader shlp of Captarn Bob Amerman Mornstown won the tradrtronal battle Boody Amerman was chosen to be on the All Northern New Iersey eleven by the New York Dculy News Next came the Dramatrc Club play Our M1ss Brooks starrmg Kathryn Youngs Ralph Late and Pat Bowker As always an rmpresslve Candlelrght Serv 1ce was put on by the A Cappella Cho1r wrth beautrful solos rendered by Marron Anderson Lucrlle Calcagno and Barbara Fltzherbert After Chnstmas all sen1ors were sportrng therr offrcral tops the semor hats' Our hats consrsted of a maroon brrm beret wrth a whrte peak and lettenng Then came the Sen1or Play wh1ch was the wonderful comedy Our Hearts Were Young and Gay starnng Barbara Frtzherbert as Cor nel1a Skrnner and Iudy Dorman as Emrly Krmbrough wrth Alrce Kroc Fred Shaffer Dave Bryden and Ralph Late A brg round of applause to all concerned for a Broadway lrke productron Also to M1ss Eckman who certamly can be proud of her Thesprans Debatmg made qu1te a show wrth Martxn Cowan wmmng the State Champronshrp rn Extemporaneous Speaklng and Dave Bryden the State Champron 1n Oratorrcal Declamatron Dems McWhan was awarded the Bausch and Lomb Sclence Award and Claue Saun WMW XAUQZ Le- L5 Ofy ders was chosen to represent Morrrstowv at the DAR conference Sports brought laurels to many sen1ors be sxdes Bob Amerman Swrmrner Frank WISDGW sk1 broke the 120 yard 1nd1v1dual medley school record fl 29 37 Our basketball team got 1nto the state tournament bowlng out ln the frrst game to L1nden Ken lVIacKenz1e was chosen all county by the Morrrstown Darly Record In football Russ Hmk Snooky Adams and Bob Amerman were chosen frrst strlng all county 1n Chlef lack McCluskey Assocrate Edrtor Bar bara Brown Buslness Ed1tor Ann Trger fto whom along w1th Paulrne Puskar we owe thanks for dorng a swell Job on arrangmg the prcture schedulel and Art Edrtor Elarne Erble Then a wonderful operetta A Waltz Dream was cast wrth many sen1ors holdrng the leadrng parts Marlon Anderson Barbara Frtzherbert Howard Harmann Tom Fork1n and Dewey Ertner The chool personnel changed rn March of our semor year as Mr W1lson retrred and Mr LaVanture took over the pnncrpalshlp To both we wrsh the best Then came our Senror Prom No one w1ll ever forget the theme Apnl rn Parrs Wllh French s1dewalk cafes a top name college prom band and nrght club specralty acts Our four years are over After graduatron we shall enter the world for ourselves But as long as we hve we w1ll look back fondly on the wonderful memones of the Class of 1953 of Mornstown Hrgh School remember1ng they were the best years of our lrves' 9 ' ' ' ..f- f X' ' f ' 'mi " 4 f .. I X i y ? M QA , , f o o o o o o o 0 0 , . ' D I ' . I ' . , . A . II . I I I . . I I I ' . . . . Then we elected Cobbonian officers: Editor- - - - ' I ' ' ' . , , ,. , I - . I . I . I II ' l I , - s l I I I I I . I . I - I . - II - . ll - g. 1 ll 1 - . .- , n I '- , . I I - . a IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presxdent EIVIILIO BONTEIVIPO VICE Presldent SUE OLSEN Secretary VICKI SPENCER Trecrsurer ELINOR DUFFY 35 SOPHOIVIORE CLASS OFFICERS Presxdent ART TOOMER V1ce Pres1dent GEORGE SPENCER Secretary VIVIAN CHEN Treasurer ELIZABETH BARTELL FRESHIVIAN CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent ROBERT COREA V1ce Pres1dent CALVIN FOX Secretary BARBARA CHEN Treasurer AUGUSTINE RAINEY in. '44 Cf .415 .P lx J l A A QM ,. x rj-W fi' .5 - 1 I- , ' . -AAQ------AAAAAA QAAAW A I ' I YS LL. Lv-L 3 ,Mfg A A I F r 5, K 2. l I5 . I' I . , ,Y f, T I-If ,L K I " F I J I N. . I ' K M I ' M 'fs cfivifies TIIET The Student Council, which represents the students' voice in the management of school affairs, has proved increasingly successful for the past several years. This success has been brought about with the help of the student body which is growing in willingness and spirit. Service work such as the maintenance of gf student bulletin board, reception cyommittee, the editing ot the handbook, and tjhe sched- uling of assemblies, including the,l gxawaited .1 Talent Shows and exchangex l ljligsf ha been carried on under Councilwuspicgs. M book covers, buttons and stationery were spldv. and the annual tribute to our gridiron s-Jeasorq President ... ,.,.... ...., . .. ,....ALlCE KROC Vice President .. ..,...PETE HARTDEGEN Recording Secretary . . ,. ,,., ANNE THOMS Corresponding Secretary . NPHISCILLA DHURY Treasurer ., ,,r, FRANK WISNEWSKI Cllll UIL the Football Prom, was given. In addition, the Student Council has tried at all times to remedy or improve school situations. This year several new ideas were put into ettect. Student tickets were sold for the first time, and it is hoped that they will become a popular invets, ent in years to come. A cheer- ing seqbilon wich was a real boon to spirit, 'dxl y ough is iniarft stages, was instituted at 'sornel of ,our gpotball games. A successful series oflfour ,social dances, including a dance gtler or b sketball game, was sponsored tihroughoutqhe ear. t Thve Sttident Ciuncil has certainly set a fine examp yfor lulurle student governments. CN X -f'N ltr, 7 lt ic 'i ttttiuwf' L ' dllllllr ' A gg BRUADCASTER The bi-weekly editions of the Broadcaster. the popular school newspaper in which MHS has a great deal of pride, have done an ex- cellent job of keeping the student body well informed and entertained. With Carol Davis acting as editor-in-chief, the industrious staff has put forth a versatile paper comprised of vivid descriptions of sports events, reports of club and social activities, timely editorials, and Iimmy Bonar's rib-tickling "Corridor Com- ments." Harvey and Iohn Prichett, stepped in at mid years, relieving the busy seniors, and have successfully upheld the standards of their predecessors. A Wealth of praise is due the advisers, Miss Vlilma Iunemann tbusinessl, Miss Helen Reilly Ccirculationl, Miss Georgia Foltz and Mr. Mar- cus Smith teditorialb for their untiring efforts which have contributed so heavily to the suc cessrof this student publication . 1 t As is the custom, the junior editors, Greg .. ii vii E+ as 5 ag: va 06 JUll0lt AND E l0ll DMMATIU CL It President PAT BOWKER Vice President LOIS CACCH10 Semetkgy b CLAIRE SAUNDERS Tmasmg, KATHRYN YOUNCS Adviser . MISS MARGARET ECKMAN The Dramatic Club started the year with the slam-bang production, "Our Miss Brooks," with direction in the capable hands of Barbara Fitz- herbert and the adviser, Miss Eckrnan. The title role was very capably acted by Kathryn Youngs. The members of the cast were: Kathryn Youngs, Beverly lVlcCarty, Ralph Late, lames Bonar, Lois Cacchio, Marlene Baker, Pat Bovvker, Richard Evans, Carolyn Guerard, Doris Campbell, Frances Soranno, Claire Saunders, ludy Dorman, Shirley Hansen, Grace Berner, Martin Winkler, Fred Shaffer, Beth Sine, lean Bassford. JG 194-X, ' 4 jx 1 J 1 ' f , -4 y 4 Zff, MVMAQHAXMM eff' M- sg L K r I-+7 13 6:53 F. '20 'S Q? S ly f I A ,T 'vi ff? A?..l M.! , fQl.. 3' I , A 4 15 A ,?. .I on - 'ac 7A I Y 7 2. Sopllolnorv Ilramalic Fluh 36 OG -if I4 Y ,. . min lXY?Y"q ab A . Q iw I' - 'G' President MARY ANN TAYLOR I Ii' 'fl 5IV, ',, Vxce President IEAN EPSTEIN I I 4,1 Secretary GAY HERSHEY , n' rf, N Treasurer .HOBBY SMITH 1 I I " H Adviser , Miss MARGARET RGKMAN 51: M 'R A X2 JLWNXQ my MIR I Q f-lj ' 9-'J J, A 4 , Q .kk-,jKTx4,,X it 'Tl I J ' A V 5 - l x. X X x' NY '-"4,,b -A -,vx X' K '-I ' 4 ei Rf' Rf- man' 11- t"Clh 4 -' - " N -Nh . P08 Illdll lillllil ll f ll . .J G M , ,. r . G 1 . pb . , .. A x - . j xr X X A ' I 17, X I X ' '- FJ R- -I A Pre idem , .Q PRANEY SAGERT ' ' 'X 1 ' 'A "K .V "'5 g Vice Preslfienf POLLY POLLOCK A- T5 , ' . A , , SPCISICIIY MAGGIE VAL 0 , , ' ' ' J X k J" :Nc ,f-.TNI Trecsuzer IEAN BAS . Adviser MRS. MARY X' A, . . n,x,.x,f , z X if , ,Y fi 5? F jp. W ffl G -W0 ij-4 4 ,ff 59 Z f as A- xi Axis. Thespians The members of the year's Thespian Troupe 3166 are to be commended for adding an illustrious chapter to a log chock full of honors. This year's Troupe boasts an excellent mem- bership, with executive duties taken over by Kathryn Youngs and Pat Bowker as president and secretary-treasurer respectively. .C v I 'S' on STA' Pfesfdffll ----'--- --,---,.- K ATHRYN YOUNGS Secretarylreasurer .,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,4,,,, P AT BQWKER The senior members include Ralph Late, Bob Walker, Barbara Fitzherbert, Lee Munsick, lohn Day, lames Bonar, Lois Cacchio, Marlene Baker, ludy Dorman, Fred Shaffer, Priscilla Drury, Susan Smith, Dewey Eitner, Bruce Vaughn, and Richard Evans. President .......,.. ........, M ARTHA SIEVERS M k U h Secretary-Treasurer . ....,........--.--------- LEE ZELIFF a B' P u Advise, ,,,,,,,, ,,...,... M Iss oL1vE SHUSTER .,- 133 Here is a group of girls who have effectively learned the art of stage make-up. They work on everything from mustaches and beards to creating an impression of Oriental menace. Their ability has been proved by the sev- eral productions they worked on during the year. The dramatic club play, "Our Miss Brooks," the senior play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," and the annual operetta, "A Waltz Dream," brought forth many diffi- cult make-up jobs to be done. Several one-act plays and other small productions required also the help of the club. Besides meeting for regular practice, the club also enjoyed seeing professional make-up work in the Broadway musical "Wish You Were Here." This year it was the job of the Iunior Civic Association to send Broad- ' ' ' casters, Christmas cards, and birthday cards to Morristown High's men and women in the armed services. On Wednesday afternoon or during study periods, the club members could be found folding Broadcasters, addressing envelopes, getting files in i order, sealing, stamping, and sending on their way these small bits of home. The Morristown Woman's Club, which finances the work of the ICA, sent two girls to the Citizenship Institute at New Iersey College for Women. These two girls are Ginny Thompson and Bev McCarty. President ,,...... .. . MARLENE RUNDELL Vice President ,. . ,,,, DOROTHY GABEL Secretary . , ,,,, ..... D EIDRE DUNNE T , , .. U. ,, ,,,, E ' - A'53.iZie' MRS. Mmltllzlrbifgi Intgrnatlgnal Hglatwns Club President .... , .. ,. First Vice President . Second Vice President Treasurer . .....,........ PAUL ROTHSCI-IILD Secretary . , . , Adviser ...... .,..,,, . .MR -'I , .,,,,,,,... VICKI SPENCER The International Relations Club continued to meet bi- weekly this year under the guidance of Mr. L. B. Sperling, who took charge following the departure of Miss Elsie Campbell. Its purpose was to examine and discuss international affairs of the day. Some activities have been the semi-annual New Iersey International Relations Forum theld at Montclair State Teach- ers' College and East Orange H. S. this yearl, and the trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Ti J' , Ill I c Q "'.- : ' . 6 ,m Y wav -5. 'E' 2:0 f -M - ,Lx . gd ' , I SP Z 'G 0 E5 tj 7 Q A UAPPELLA Cllllllt president -,w,,,, ,,,, ,,.,,,,,, B A RBARA FITZHERBERT Vice President .,,A.. -Y,,------ ---,,----- D E WEY EITNER Seclefgfy A,YA,.,,,,,A ,,,........ M Treasurer ,,...... f-----'-,-,-A-----'--'-- L O15 ALLEN -xfs L., f if N t- QP 'nazi :arf ' ' '0' sy . s . :Q j Upholding a fine reputation made in the past years, the A Cappella Choir once again earned laurels for its musical presentations. Guided by the talented direction oi Charles F. Meys, they were able to attain this. At Christmas, the choir gave its traditional Candlelight Service. The soloists were Iames Mallay, Barbara Fitzherbert, Marion Anderson and Lucille Calcagno. The highlights were those ever-loved, traditional Christmas carols plus the selec- tions rendered by the soloists. As spring approached, thoughts were turned to the annual operetta. This year's production was "A Waltz Dream," by Oscar Straus. The audience was thrilled by the splendid per- formances of Dewey Eitner, Barbara Pitzherbert, Marion An- derson, Howard Haimann, Thomas Forkin. Karl Iones, Robert Walker, Virginia Lee King, Iohn Iohnson, Lois Cacchio, Ann Laurie, Nancy Osgood, Dot Mullen and Erika Wiederschein, who took the principal parts. The choirs' last performance of the year was at gradua- tion. At that time they were minus the support of the seniors. Tuirlers ,MM E S it A lt A Urchestra The MHS Twirlers have completed another year of tacular performances. These high-stepping misses their great ability both in marching and twirling. The are Co-Captains Ioan Miller and Carol Benbrook, Beverly Meyer, Sheena Hay, Ann Coriell, Lois Allen, Dolores De Palma, Elinor Duffy, Dianne Murphy, and Irma Honkanen substitute. After the football season the girls were kept busy training candidates for next year's squad, ushering for the band con certs, and marching again on Memorial Day. I The MHS orchestra has completed another year of fine music making under the capable leadership of Mr. Dabczynski. The group took part in many school functions, of which the most im- portant was this year's operetta, "A Waltz Dream," for which the orchestra provided the musical accompaniment. They also supplied the music for the Dramatic Club production of "Our Miss Brooks," and for the senior play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." The joint concert with the band in March was a great success, and the orchestra also appeared in numerous assembly programs. Their contribution to MHS activities has been outstanding, and their progress musically has been especially gratifying. 5 tknor Guard Completing another wonderful season is the snappy, high-stepping color guard. Members of the maroon and white drill team included Lucretia Bolt, Natalie Reidinger, Patricia Ben- nett, Elaine Eible and Captain Maureen Prunier. Ioan Stanzlaus served as alternate. Following the close of football season the girls met to prepare candidates for next year's squad. Hats off to these chic misses, who make the MHS Color Guard tops in appearance and performance in honor of their school. I Band President , ...,.. , ,SAM OLSHER Vice President .......... .. .,,. ...FRED SHAFFER Secretary .,,.. . .,,. .MAUREEN PRUNIER Treasurer .....,...,............,..... ED KLING Director . E. PAUL GIERSCI-I l, ja" The MHS Band, under the able direction of Mr. E. Paul Giersch, had a very active and successful year. They per- formed at all the football games, rain or shine-and it didn't always shine. The between-the-halves shows were elaborate and carried out with admirable precision and spirit. This season, for the first time in four years, the band elected a slate ol officers. The Band combined with the Or- chestra to put on the annual Spring Concert on March 27, and delighted an appreciative audience with a varied program of serni-classical and popular selections. The Senior, lunior, and Swing Bands gave their "Pop Concert" on May 22. The Dance Band also enjoyed a busy year, playing for several school assemblies and many outside events. President ,, .IUDIE HANCOCK Secretary , . BILL GREENBERG Treasurer . . PETE MANY Advisers MISS HHODA LIPPINCOTT, MISS ELEANOR MCCLELLAND The German Club is a new club in Morristown High School We new, because German itself has only recently been added to the curriculum. However, if the German Club's programs sponsored by its first president are Q I T 1' ,. V typical of those of future years, students will find in this club, as in the other language organizations, an opportunity for friendship and leadership. In addition to these social aims the charter members hope that there will also be acquired a better understanding of German culture and civilization. So far the highlights of the programs have been a picnic, talks by teachers and students who have visited Germany, slides, skits, folk dances, and musical numbers. After each meeting typical German refreshments are served. tg-tfl.lltt. 'llt,,t. 1 , 5 qt ! The Business Club was organized again this year by Mr. George Hughes, for the purpose of furthering the interests of business students educationally and socially. Busiuoss Club President. CLARA ASCOLESE The club got off to a good start this year by having their glee Pwslden' -MARIE NASOS annual square dance, which was a social and financial Teffefwy FRIEDA KIPPING Success reasurer ,. IEAN KONECI I . . . . Advise, MR' GEORGE HUGHES The club closed the year by taking a field trip in May. " tkQ"i:r"i - S Q94 Q 1 S 'TG' W H qv? , , ,.-4-1,-... V., f... ,W T'T9fs,f- Wil. ft dl-,tif 95 Ya ' Assistants -die, 3, 1-T! A M Edgy Q W it-f"'::v' Q vm' I sovnoiviortrz GROUP SENIOR GROUP J ' Sresidfnt rd .V., .. . . DOROTI-IE ANDERSON President W lnu' A Vnnr ,AIVI .'V-vVA C AROLE NEWCOMB me 'fest Cm s sl AN GILLSON vice President ss,s.,..s ss,. ,.,. I o ANN WISEMAN F 'I Secretary , ., , HILDA GINYARD Secretary VVVV mm-WAMMARY IRWIN T"5'USU'e' r - ss---' GMI- DAYEART Treasurer ..sssss....s,s s.sss .,,ss ,s., 1 R E NE BROWN Adviser . MISS CATHERINE QUACKENBUSH This year the Library Council divided into two groupsfe Sophomore and Senior-fresh- men and sophomores making up the first group while the latter is comprised of juniors and seniors. Being a member of the New Iersey Library Council Association, the Library Council at- tends two big meetings a year which are en- tertaining as well as educational. The two groups attend these meetings together. Play- ing host to outside speakers and visiting other libraries help the members to study profes- sional techniques in the field of library service. To become a member of the Council, a can- didate must have had some experience as a library assistant. Credit for the smooth operation of the school library goes to these able assistants, who donate their study periods to engage in this service. Library Checking books in and out, making up the overdue list, signing library passes, carding books, reading shelves, and helping the students to know their library, along with numerous other jobs, are their duties. To become an assistant no experience is needed. After working as an assistant, girls are eligible for membership in the library council. Adviser ...............,. .... M ISS CATHERINE QUACKENBUSH st e,'m0 4 .JV f -- - .....L.. .tudent Ushers' Urganization President Secretary Wh l lb President Vice President Secretory Adviser ca P-L J' . 'MTX Members of the Ushers' Club can always be seen at the doors in assembly, and they have also helped out at Adult School and other outside affairs. The club is made up of lreshrnan, sophomore, junior, and senior girls who have done cr wonderful job of keeping our assemblies running smoothly. The Sight and Sound Service is unique in its structure and the service it provides for the school. The members of this audio-visual service group give up many hours of their time to run the equipment in various classes. They also are responsible for the movies shown in the assemblies and care of the public address systems in the building. All in all, these boys do cr very commendable job. Q , . 1 ., 6 I. -. , ,, . W. ""' no - - V, ,.:- f. ,HQ U4 L c.. N I ll gl A Ca tudent Finance Board ,, A X va A - - " eg i x .e ,C f tj 4 Manager do ...PAULINE PUSKAR ' Qf "' 1 X ' . Paying Teller A .. .,.. ., .,,, ,... A NN TIGER . 4- ' Q. 'X Receiving Teller ..,.,, PAULINE PUSKAR Na A -' . - , .5 Machine A ff Bookkeeper ANITA TARTAGLIA l . . W, Y' A- . Auditor ,eee e... , . IOHN DELLICKER rag L? C .Q File Clerks ., ..,... .STANLEY BRAUN. 1 I y x V' EMIL MAFFUCCI 4. .S one Secretaries ,,,,., ,,,,,, . . , ,UANNE THOMS, A QXS, 1 MARY ANN HARDING. - A - BOOTH Undef ARLENE CORNWELL d W . MHS- 5 . C ioctl? . - tn nt 0 Adviser ., ., Nm. IAMES A. ALLEN A A dent Yinflftce Eigbcltant iflgldixii Yflonugilnilmosl tu ,t 1 e f ce cm Thzieiest Gnd lffjxfq Karnes PK-fated me llndgorfwosed oler. ot theu eriiision Ole beard hasghcfthe boordagtine bookkeep the Sf P Pueker, th . 540.00 ' tellers. YU mg pgulme . - 5 towlmq Gyinq ACCOUY1 ectivme and P Hanoi- hem the toIlY er IeceWmq.eSI and G re chosen memflcl ' Secfetom bogrdfl me Cl5ilkrlx'emberS Ol me lil claS5e5' ' Art Club The Art Club is composed this year oi 4, juniors and seniors. The club meets every that they Wish. At the end ot the year the 5 1 awarded. V2 'M-, other Wednesday, and during this meeting the members are tree to do anv kind of art work club usually has an exhibition and prizes are Adviser ...... .,.... ..,....... M I SS CLARA BRYANT President ....., ...... ...... ,.....,... R A Y SMERALDO Vice President ........ ....,........,,, I ACK RIORDAN Secretary-Treasurer DORIS CAMPBELL The Camera Club made up of fourteen members has had a very busy and actrve year Membershrp IS open to any student 1D MHS who is lnterested in photography and who 1S equipped with a reasonably good camera The purposes of th club are to stimulate rnterest in photography help the amateur with some ot h1S auestions discuss common problems and ,Qg -'r. . -..-f' to provide the school publicahons with some of the photographs which they la w' ' need ws- ' The highlights of the year were the slides shown by Mr Fogel and interesting and mformative talks bv Mr Herbert Parker a local photographer E Camera Club Ii 2' President .....,. ,, , , ..,.,, DAVE IORGENSEN 4- 'X L Vice President , ,. ....,, LAYNE WEGGELAND " Secretory .,,,, .... ..,,.,,.,, .... A N N CORIELL -gfgefwhg 1,4 Treasurer .. ,.,. ,..,, MARY OSTIGUY Adviser .. ,,,,,...,, MR. PAUL FOGEL l" h s , I ,lil . 6 c. - 2. V ' 2 1l'!.l 'U 3 , 'fl - W ,l ,-t A ,C K . W, . ,, we ff ,CQ J ,V .A X t u -,y 4: 'KVA V , J X A , i 'T' 4 ,V- r7""' cs: g,..-v- 1 P' gl fv- 35 .A 'C' he A-'C T he Chemrstry Club meetmg once a month rs an rnformal orgamzatron whrch grves rls members the opportunrty to supplement the l rr regu ar clas worlf vrth experrments whrch are drffrcult to tale up durrng school hours and grves those who are not tal mg chernrstry as a subject a chance to Worx wrth rt The programs thrs year were sometrmes prepared b M -'BU' 112,15 ,A l'll0IlllYll'l' Fluh Presrdent Vrce Prcszdont Treasurer Secretary ED KLINIC IVIORION KPONCOLD WALLY PEYFRA ROSE MARY ZOOh Advrse MHQ H ELENI LAWRFNCE y rs Lawrence the advrscr or more frequently bv the members of the club The hrghlrghts of ths year club mcluded movres on moder n phases of ch rmstry drscus rons of varymg subjects exoerrments and demonstratrons of exploslves glas blowrng fermentatron and a number of trrck reactxons T Phwlcs Club Presrdent Vrce Pr :dent Secretary Treasurer Adviser KENI MULKE v7IE WILLIAM CONIPTONI IERRY ANFELL WOODARD DCLAXNE HOWARD RICKMEYER ififfff vffwn ff 'U K 'rf The Phvsrcs Club under the drrectlon of Mr Rrckmeyer has been an actlve agent throughout Morrrstcxm Hlgh School thr year It can be ll especra y proud ol rts voluntary m mbe s on the lrghtrng commrttee who took charge ot the lrghtmg and wrrmg affarrs for the Dramatrc Club play The club has had a urprrsrngly large member hrp and all have taken an act1ve mterest rn th e varretv of clrscussrors and lectures at br weekly meetmgs Mr Rrckmeyer work ng wrth Presrdent Ken lVIacKenz1e set up a weather bureau whlch was ver 1 accurate 11 manv of rts predrctrons 71 , y T ry .P .-fy ...2 4 ' ' , -,--' -. I ,o auf. qi ' 7' C' :L 2 -vw - -f . x, ff T' T Q ,, nj I x y I P ft t . M A sf A - F4 b -:ii . , ' I ' , X1 f ur T' I S r. E I T - I D .V Q, I C H K W A . I ' qi A L I . ' l I - - Y r. . . . 9 '. , . S., , . b. , . - .T 'Sr il , ,A r , u f . Y ' A- -. m i .K 'A 'A , X' : tw H ff! ffl QQ, fx ' ' -J, L ' A X63 it L- t me Wee! t . ll 1 T ll l . D ' AS . ' ' ' . e rr ' ' ' SS' . . s s ' ' MRC Y D' ' U ' I I - D . . 1 . ' A ' -I ' ' . . P vit Student .service Urganization President ,, ,.... CHARLES WALL Vice President HOWARD HAHVIANN Secretary- Treasurer ,, , BARBARA BROWN Adviser. MR. HOWARD RICKIVIEYER ,dig 1' Composed of juniors and seniors who have been recom- mended by their teachers, the main purpose of the SSO is to maintain order in the halls during the changing of classes. The club is now under the supervision of the Student Council and guidance of Mr. Howard Rickmeyer. It was for- merly directed by Messrs. Ditlow Schroll and Henry Mellinger. Another activity of the SSO is selling programs at the football games. lil -+-'J-f"'!"ZP' 'J' A Q gi,w A Af' inf-- ltifle Club President , ...,.... TED HORSTMANN Vice President CHARLIE KUHLMAN Secretary ROSEMARY ZOOK Treasurer MARY ELLEN NIENSTEDT Advisers .. .... MR. ED MAHNKEN, MR. RAY GEORGE One of the new club activities in MHS this year is the Rifle Club. Since a keen interest in the field of marksman- ship was shown by a large number of students, permission was obtained to organize a club so that all those interested would have a chance to learn the basic points of shooting. The group is fortunate to have an experienced and well-known instructor, Mi. Ray George. Mr. George has done much work in this field, being a qualified instructor of the National Rifle Association, of which the club is a member. Range activities take place at the Morristown Armory. Emphasis is placed on the proper handling and safety of firearms, and increasing ability as a marksman. The Math Club IS a source of enloyment for the students who are mterested 1n mathematrcs The group was organrzed at the begrnmng of the second semester One of the frrst prolects was learnmg how to use the shde rule and others have been the solvmg of mathemaucal puzzle and problems Presrdent WILLIAM COMPTON Secretary Treasurer PAUL ROTHSCHILD Adviser MR NORMAN STETTBACHEPR 4 l li.--ln '78 Qi Iath Club -lvl- 3: 4- J Mif5t,l3ffQfd M N L ""'9" ' rug Head Bankers CLARA ASCOLESE Student Bankers Advzser MRC MARIANI ROBINSON Our student bankmg xs carr1ed on rn cooperatxon wzth the Moms County Savmgs Bank Bankmq IS conducted every Tuesday mornmg the purpose is to save money 1n any amounts Two senrors Clara Ascolese and Nancy Stewart have been appomted as head bankers by Mrs Marian Bobmson the advrser The students have deposnted approxrmately S6500 this year r-sp 'Hllltll' Tri-Hi-Y Pre rdent KATHRYN YOUNG-S Vice President DORIS CAMPBELL Treasurer ...,, ,IUDY DORMAN Adviser MISS BETTY BITONDO Junior Tri-Hi-Y Pre ident NATALIE REIDINGER Vice President BARBARA WISNEWSKI Kr l Lf 'ur 'W ',. gif . .5 ..A 2 4' . a Z!! 4 'l Fx. . 1 V ,it , . " I . b- " ox l 1 , l fad 1 1 ' r . App W L 1 -.f wr Qi The Senior Tri-Hi-Y has had a very successful year. Activities included various speakers, cake sales, making cancer dressings, and sponsoring a dance. The big event of the year was the Bunny Hop in April, substituting for the annual Cupid's Cotillion. The Iunior Tri-Hi-Y has been a very busy and active group. They started the year with a cake sale to raise money. For service projects, place mats were embroidered for a chil- dren's hospital, and more place mats were raveled for Grey- stone. Mr. Percy Steele was invited to a meeting to conduct a discussion on human relations. For sheer entertainment, -AAVICKIUEPENCER Mr. Frederick Kolb gave a show of magic, and on December LS N - - - - MISS RUTH TITLEY gixlihilsqprgrgbitious group sponsored a highly successful Snow L5 ..,..,. .. ...J 4 fr V f Nfl' it H . ts T " 4 tw i as an 'H an p V, Y Y' -T' l l ru V " ' xg .n" 19 .G 1 ' I -. 'eg 'S fi'- '17 S. Freshman Sophomore President , , Vice President Secretary . Treasurer Chaplain Adviser President , Vice President Secretary . Treasurer Adviser -3, Tri-Hi-Y MARGARET CRAY EILEEN EDWARDS SUSAN HOISTEN AUDREY PARSONS . PECCY CRASSLE , MRS. DOLORES BROOKS , DON CAYO . FRED SHAFFER MOE PIERSON .. DON BOZZI . MR. HENRY BEHRE -Q V, v . Ak .fix The Freshman-Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y enjoyed a very delight- ful year. Their outstanding service project was the collection of discarded nylon stockings to be used by the patients at Greystone Park. The highlight of their year was a very inspiring talk by Mr. Robert LaVanture on the choice ot vocations. The Hi-Y is a YMCA organization for boys in senior high school. Its meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month at the This year the Hi-Y was very active, as they put on a Christmas dance with the help oi the Tri- Hi-Y, had many guest speakers, movies, and parties, and concluded the year with an assembly program in the high school auditorium. The main project of the year was to earn money for the YMCA World Service Fund. The club did this by delivering telephone books. lim Slate, Don Eozzi, Dick Butera, Ed Young, Don Cayo, and Moose Stauber worked exceptionally hard on this project. , ,em T fy -. """gfi .xfs C11 wifi 35' 99 ,Qs 1 i .Q 1 , t N Q rave .... 4, xy .iw-er P l ' 6 1. f .-.,. - i",'lJ ," l tv sub' 6 Boys' and Girls' State -- Citizenship -- llillt After the close of school last lune, eight boys sponsored by the American Legion were selected to attend the annual Boys' State Conference at New Brunswick. They were chosen for their high character, leadership, scholarship, and service by a committee of faculty members and delegates from the previous year. Representing MHS for 1952 were Martin Cowan, Dave Bryden, Lee Whitney, lack McCluskey, Howard Haimann, Denis McWhan, Herbert DeLaine, and Dick Guiton. The Girls' State Conference was held on the NlC campus. and saw Rosie Zook as MHS representative. Virginia Thomp- son and Beverly McCarty attended the annual Citizenship Conference, and Claire Saunders was elected DAR Pilgrim, sponsored by the local chapter of the organization. Forensics Club President ...... ,, ,. , ,.,,,,,,, . HHDAVE BRYDEN Vice President ..,,.. .,,.., . .. .,,,, H MARTIN COWAN Secretary ., .. H , , ,,,. ELIZABETH HOEFFNER Treasurer , ....,,. .... ,..., , , ,,,.,,.,, I UDY HANCOCK Advisers ............,,..,,,,...... T. M. and P. B. CO'WAN The Forensics Club is a small, active group of students interested in various speech activities. At different times throughout the year members compete in debate, oratorical declamation, ex- temporaneous speaking and original oratory tournaments and contests held throughout New Iersey. Each year many members participate in the an- nual Morristown High School Forensics Club Debate Tournarnent. As in pre- vious years, this event was held on a school day, February 20, at Morristown High, attracting nearly 200 debaters from schools in all parts of the state. Individuals and teams representing the club have won many honors, in- cluding State Championships in De- bate and Oratory. Speakers from the Forensics Club have represented MHS on such radio and television discus- sions as "The New York Times Forum" and "lunior Town Meeting." 76 , fN " Q57 11 fw 7 JJ, f ffw S fi! diff! I mf ZZ .WN Q' S' .1 ff X, xr L x A23 ,- 1 W ff id., .fix Q -15 or JIX f , x 5 X .477 We E x, I- fi ly' 1 75 f if ,--,I f Q' gal 4 Lgfx- X33 gfxfing A ,-4. s XNXN at ' L X 1NX 'HH 1 1 3:1595 K fir? I , Q24 sf '4 914' 4 7 66? f' ,ip 9 YW! J '4 In y f 91 'If iw, MM w M. I 5 J' 1, x.. ' .S 1,14 f wig' J R 7' 1 IN S X N I xXx v-- 93.43 4- e - A .. w 4 f ftp Iii In f f 6fLC5 U7 V K I l , ' ' , ff 552-1 ff " ' N Je: f X X if lf: 7,13 ' '- -If ' X J ' , , -' KV. ' ffm X, ix 1 fr, ,- fi S . I ,X ' XVI- f' 'f' If Jn.. -at "lf, Y K 'w I ,, Iv, X 4 3,7 it Q N FE", V 1, . ,ff Sf' u v A. . f, " '-T A V, fl 45,11 52' -. if X K ' -9 X I 1 ' 'rx' 3- ,, 'Qi ' 1 . Ac. H, ,en ' f " ., , -' , f F , ff ,, ' ff' '5 'fi.173'lQ 'f ' f A ' f 4 ' 'lil- uf If: 4- ---V " -.-. 1 4, -f y ' , f 5 'C if" I A-' 'f ff X, ,l -' 1, .' " ' ' .. ' X 1 - was 4.01 - ' Q 4 -.px ' ,"-1 .-5, ' iii' f'Q' ' ', 'ff V' ' iff: -pn 0 F, Jw V' 'ff 1 ' L' ,f 'gi ' " .-:T 1, x.:t"1' ,ZX ll . 1 1 -' , L, ,.., A f - , Q. ns' Q, ,,k ff. A M51 ' Lf In ' I HQEJQ , ,QQ-Al W' K 1? 33 X .4 1 N 'iv , ' . -7- 121155 f ---4' .4 ' il", 5.zlj:-ffiif "' :- I, UQ If f 'E Nr1,f.f'Sfs3. Jrw : .- . :- Ci N V . - f '3. f:' f:f,U Y , , X - .- ,. zulu,-gv, , P i .fm . F7 lm '1 f' ff", X Lx! V -' I F 5 ,QI ll I iliieqr ivgylf i , -5 5 -3 -. ,X , , .Aw - , ' '- -V s 4 'Q ",,. ff, -A ",g::a.--wh X' N A xv jk I ' 1.5--.I kr- 1 P ,xgs iv' I , ' '--Lf : , - ' ' I fr- fu E f wif' -V 'gg' V Y 41?-. "2 '. ff ' 1 x'::f.'-a- AYX , -. L' ' iff., g f A "-h piww ,rw I , he- Q- z'1., .. -. fx ' 4 fl -an , sei ,g ,T sg:-"1" cf' " Ga- f - Nw K f --, X . . ff 1 4 ,, P+. 1 ' " 1- L' 4' -if , 9:44 ff l' ' ' I ',- ffl W, 1 C". Z1 A ' - x' X ff ff. A -2' N ' 'N-57? ' 4 - ' in , - Q .g'.' Q " f" 1 Y tn I I ,: , 4' Tami, tg , 'f ' V N ' -": f',, -ff'-I, gr: . N vw Y: ,f J' -' 1, A 1 I ' QEL ' "fe 'KLAZ7 .ffa-:.f3f41s,r: ' . 46 -' ' . ' x --jg ffl' , M 'ur Q gh .47 ff -' 74 X, SV, 1: ,ly , . 'I fl!" f ' R-4 "Q rv. j, ' f' H 1 ..., fl .- ', I X 1 Nz., lj 1 y . A547 ff ,jf ,N ' x ,. I I .I I ' f My 3 . L Q y : , '- -0 7 nu. - -.. MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHSAAAA Fleetfooted Tom down after a Ionglqain. 1 9 Cmmmer is brought kwa! L. SEASONS RECORD 6 . ....,,.... ,,,.,,. E AST SIDE- 3 7 H .,,Y,,,. COLUMBIA-20 13 , ,, ., .,,, ,,... H ILLSIDE- 7 20 , PHILLIPSBURG-27 B ,, .,,,.. LYNDHURST- 6 19 ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,A U NION- 0 O ...., ORANGEN- G 26 .,,, ,, .,.,. DOVER- 0 Captain ,A W , ,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,A...,, B OB AMERMAN Managers -',-' . BILL BARRY, DICK COWELL. TOM FRANCE Head Coach AA,A ,, ,,,,, A ,,,,,A,.,,,A ,.,,,,,,,,.., W ILLIAM K. FLYNN Assistants .7.,..,YA.,,,.,. ,. .. .MICHAEL LCIBOVE, EUGENE SMITH Iuyvee Coaches ,A,, ,,,AA,,,,A,, E D MAHNKEN, EARL SYMONS, HENRY MELLINGER . wk! Y gym 65 XV 'ff M lj '3n,5 h W , Q ' C5' In 4 A --'- ,, N 1: L R , 37 .., .R f?x'ff:H3'2'7 f 'gfiwbfa-Q. .Q ' 'Se ' ' r ,i' ,fpj "4 'HA s L44g32-'-1 gs we 2 '73 -.. . if :g:?41?5F1i 13i Ii 2055 43 agggaas .5 .41-"22fJ-sd 5 I W ll0tl'l'll "A lot of fight and spirit" are the words which can best be used to sum up the 1952 Co- lonial eleven. Playing against the best com- petition the state had to offer, the Flynnmen did right well for themselves and climaxed the year with a crushing 26-0 win over pre- viously undefeated Dover on Turkey Day. Other noteworthy efforts on our schedule included a B-6 tie with a highly favored Lynd- hurst team and two heartbreaking losses, one to Phillipsburg, 27-20, and the other to Orange, 6-0. Both these teams were ranked high among the state powers. Even in defeat our boys gave Morristown a respected and feared name throughout the state. Captain Bob Amerman gained the highest individual award by being placed on the New is southpaw heaves. Old College ny, Adams uncorks one of Bruce Derrick gives it the ALL York News "All North Iersey" first team, and he also made the all county first team along with his teammates "Snooky" Adams and Russ Hink. Aside from this trio, the other seniors who have seen their last gridiron duty at MHS are Anthony Franco, "Hornet" Hughey, Harry Myers, Tommy Crammer, Bruce Derrick, Ned and Neil Hooper, Bob Gray. l7ric Eckhardt, lim Hennessy, George Strow- lzridge, and lohn Watson. A hearty "Thanks" is extended to this year's coaching staff, Head Coach William Flynn and Assistant Coaches Michael LaBove and Eu- gene Smith. The lay Vees spent a successful season un- der the leadership of Coaches Ed Mahnken, Earl Symons, and "Hank" Mellinger, in prepa- ration for varsity work in the future. "Cap" Smith tells 'cm what he thinks, 7 X -PQI QJHM' 'W 1-I, SY 'r' , ' ,JPY 'H hrbv' BA EBALL W11l1am Flynn begmmng h1s fourth season a varsrty baseball coach had a tough job cut out for h1m thrs year The problem stemmed from h1s loss of pract1ca1ly the whole 1953 team whrch fought rts way to the semr l1na1s rn the Greater Newark Invrtatron Tourna ment before berng downed by a hard h1tt1ng Nutley club Gone from last years outht was the shck 1nf1e1d of Bean Cazzetto l1m Clark THE SCHEDULE April 21-SUMMIT ,, ,.........., , ., Home 23-ROXBURY , ,,.,... A Away 27-BUTLER ,, , ,, H ., Home 30-BLOOMFIELD ..,., .,,..,.,,......... . , Home Ma Y 4---CI-IATI-IAM ....,,,...........,.,............ ,,.,.., H ome 6--HENRY SNYDER ..,...,,,,,.., A , ,, , ,. Home 7- -WAYNE TOWNSHIP ....., ., Away J 3 , .--or ww--ar ,J Head Coach WILLIAM K FLYNN Assrstant Coach DANIEL SINCLAIR III Captain BRUCE DERRICK Freddre Stansbury and George Trger along wrth Bud PISCIOIIO and Harry Hansen In reburldmg Ih1S year the nucleus of the team was Bruce Derrrck returmng letterman and the two man p1tch1ng staff of Snooky Adams and Hornet Hughey To supplement these three manv from last vear s Iayvee team coached by Dan S1ncla1r were called upon to f11l the gaps , , Away -DOVER , ,,,..,.................. , . I4-WAYNE TOWNSHIP . , ---- Home 18-CI-IATI-IAM ....,....,, ...,.,., , AWGY ., , , Away 19-HENRY SNYDER , 21--WEST ORANGE . Home 25--ROXBURY ............,, ,,.. H ome 27-eDELBARTON ..v... . 1 Home 29-DOVER .........r.. ., O .. Home lune 1!BUTLER ....,.. ...,,,,. . , .. ,,,. Away The 1952-53 edition of the something to really cheer about successful season in a decade "Colonial 5" gave the fans as they turned in their most , compiling a 13-5 seasons record, which carried them into state tournament play. Al- though they were eliminated in the first round by a strong Linden team, Coach lim Maclntyre has something really favorable to look back on as he reviews his 34th season as MHS head coach. Three of his boys, "Willy" Luhman, "Koo" Farrell, and "Itsey" MacKenzie were placed on All-County tives and as a unit the team surpassed two previous MHS records: the single season total with 1026 points and the single game total BASKETBALL ff. hung up against Butler, 82. 1' "Mac" will be losing the bulk of his high scoring squad this year, those being Captain Charlie Farrell, Bill Luhman, 2 Ken MacKenzie, lack Riordan, "Boody" Amerman, "Flash" .H ij Goldman, Howard Haimann and "Red" Morra. That leaves i' only Shurney Winston and Herb Lindsley to build the team M 'X .QQ around. w,VVV .i rf, l RECORD Q' MHS HENRY SNYDER I MHS SUMMIT Tj, , r MHS RAIVISEY ' 5 V ff MHS CHATHAM 2 V f L3 'S MHS WEST ORANGE ff 1 MHS BLOCTJFIELD 1 MHS ROXBURY MHS CHATHAM MHS BUTLER l NIHQ ALUMNI NIHS DOVER MHS ROXBUHE' MHS HENRY SFJYDEH MHS DOVER , .. . Miis wmrsiz rowi:sHiP Zig13mii?"' W MH5 BrooMrir:tu TECH C W V Ng 2, gv MHS BUTLER OVW' View Managers r: TC r MHS LINDENW SCHEDULE April 22 BUTLER and DELBAHTON .,.., 29--BAYLEY ELLARD .................. May 2 'NEWARK INVITATION ....... 5.. 9-'LONG BRANCH RELAYS ,..... COUNTY RELAYS .,,.,...,....... I3-ROXBURY, BOONTON. and HACKETTSTOWN ....,,. IBACOUNTY NOVICE MEET ....,,. 20-DOVER .,,I,,,,,,.,,,..,,,.,..,,.,,,,.,..w. 23-COUNTY MEET ,,,.,..,,,, 27-SOMERVILLE ................,., Iune 6-STATE MEET ....,............. TRACK ,,....,,..Home Home Away Dover Away Home Home Home Home Home Away Co-Captains ,, IACK MCCLUSKEY, FRED ROFF Coaches ,,,,. I,,, E UGENE SMITH, BENEDICT KANE Manager ..................,,....,,....,,.......'.. PAUL HAMMER 1 4, .+ 3 I, Hz 'J ,Intl 'V' if ft " One of our most unpublicized and yet perhaps our "win- ningest" team of the past couple of years is the track team, under the superb coaching ot "Cap" Smith and Benedict Kane. Among the accomplishments gained by the boys are County Champs for the past tour years: County Relay Champs lor the past three years: and Winner ot 17 consecutive dual meets with Z3 out of their last 24. Veterans returning from last year's squad to try to keep these records mounting were Co-Captain lack McCluskey, defending county 440 champion: "Hornet" Hughey, a sprinter: and Tom Crammer in the hurdles. Others returning are Alfred Pierce, Charlie Kuhlman, Dick Valleau and Palmer Prettyman in the 880 and Anthony Bontempo and Pete Many in the mile. On the field side of the picture are Co-Captain Fred Rott and Russ Hink in the high jump: lack lVlcC1uskey, "Hornet" Hughey, and Charlie Kuhlman in the broad jump: and Paul Morra, Johnny Watson, Ted Horstmann, Ed Kling, Dewey Eitner, Russ Hink and Emilio Bontempo in the shot, discus, and javelin. . y fy I, L, my ,Y ,l an , """fj'1-Qu - ,1 1 G tl J 9' ffl 17' If ,J - 'Ili' fmxhfm' The swimming team, led by sophomore Art lenlcins WIMMING S L M ' , ' Q ,' I if fiwrju 'E '52, , cwch . EUGENE SMITH ,ff ig ,ji ' if captain EEANK WISNEWSKI fffyiwg l ' it-uf! Manager LEE IVIUNSICK ,..., RECORD MHS-'27 WESTFIELD'--39 MHS 57 , NORTH PLAINFIELD ia MHS -42 IRVINGTON 24 MHS --56 MORRISTOWN PREP to MHS-30 ,. H . RAMSEY-f-36 MHS 45 HENRY SNYDER 21 1' MHS--21 PLAINEIELD 45 MHS-3612 IRVINCTON 291 A County MHS-60 . . DELBARTON es completed its finest season in the school's history. The year found our mermen as county champs for the fifth straight year and finishing fifth in the state meet with a record of 6-3. Highlight of the campaign was the sensational Ienkins, who was consistently in the winners' circle throughout the year, snagging first place in the 50 and 100-yard free-style events at the state meet at Princeton, as well as a second in the Eastern National Meet. In doing so, he snapped Dave Carr's record of 0:55.53 in the hundred, lowering it by .4 seconds. Other MHS record smashers were Pete Hartdegen, breaking the school and county mark in the 100-yard backstrokey Captain Frank Wisnewski in the 120-yard medley and 200-yard free style: Hartdegen, Bob Schmidt, and Wisnewski in the 180 medley relay. Departing seniors are Moe Pierson, Robin Vannote, Robert Totten, and Denis McWhan, in addition to Wisnewski and Schmidt. Coach ,,.... ,,....., . ,ED EISENHART Captain ,.,,,..... HAL PIERCE WIIEUTLING The wrestlers, ably coached by Ed Eisen- hart, and only in their second year of com- petition, captured two matches and tied one, while dropping four decisions. Predominantly manned by underclassmen, the grapplers turned back Dover High and Pingry School and held powerful Ramsey High to a draw. 1 Doug Miller, at 130 pounds, registered six wins in seven bouts: lack Frischknecht, or 106- pounder, had a five up and one down slate: while Charlie Iohnson, in the 140-pound class, finished with a 4-1 record. Captain A1 Pierce, Bill Compton, and Sam Maglione were the seniors on the squad. Coach Ed Wicks, now in his twenty-first year as tennis coach, reported a iine group of veterans returning for the 1953 net season. He lost only Captain Pierce Walsh from his '52 squad which hung up a 6-2 record, losing only two matches to Westfield, which eventually wound up runner-up in state competition. Thx yeais squad was buntcnound Lee VVhHney,Pew Hartdeqen, Art Jenkins, Sam Olsher, "Moe" Pierson, Frank Di Rienzo and Alonzo Iackson. Coach Wlcks announces a season ot about 12 matches, with a possibility of more to be added. Q 0 .X 1' K 4 . . 5 , Q- ' ' . -- i'?"Q4 A 'A M le ' Ak A poly" : '.: E gl 'J K ,E Q 1 5 Z' -, f V- - :js 4 5 1 Xi' 13" 1' A 'i" A A 6, 4 v," Ju' 1 :QS U 5: , :ui-if , ' 7 ,IQ 'f I Coach ,.,,..... ED WICKS Captain ., .HAROLD PIERSON TEN WESTFIELD BLOOMFIELD , HENRY SNYDER HACKETTSTOWN HENRY SNYDER PINGRY .. . 'WESTFIELD Away Home Home Home Away Away Home 's Q- 'li' Coach HOWARD LILLIE Captazr BILL LUHMAN One of the newer add1t1ons to the MHS ath let1c program the golf team came through 1n 1ts 1n1t1a1 season last year w1th a very cred1table record of f1V6 wrns one loss and one t1e and f1n1shed frfth 1n state compet1t1on The team IS coached very capably by Howard L1111e our gym 1nstructor who h1mse1f shoots 1n the low sevent1es The 1953 squad 1S led by Captam B111 Luh man backed up by returmng veterans Frank Hynes B111 Mauskopf D1ck GUITOH Bob B1 tondo and Doug Savadge Coach L1111e announced early 1n the season that a ten to twelve match schedule had been put together and that Sormg Brook Country Club had been secured as our home course rep1ac1ng Mt Tabor THE SCHEDULE Apnl NORTH PLAINFIELD Away May DELBARTON DELBARTON HACKETTSTO WN WESTFIELD NORTH PLAINFIELD WESTFIELD Away Home Away Away Home Home I -..-..-,.v...........,.............,.....,.... 30- .......................................,.,..,. 4- ........,,...,..,.......,.....,,........,...,............,.... 7-UNION ,...,,.,..A.,r,,...,.r.,...,..,.,,....,.,.........................,.,.,. Home 11- ,,,,....,,,,,,.,,,,..,.1,,1.,.,.,,.....,.,....,,,.,,....,.,, 19- ' ........,..,.......,.,,,....,.,.................. . 1 21- .....................1........,,....,..,,,.................... X 26- ,..1........,,.,,,...,......,.,............,, . t 28- .,.........,,.,.,,......,.,.........,...................,......1 Morristowrfs own "Oily" Kling poised to hurl the javeliri. on the X.. mf 5 milf sLw9'w 'Q' w , il! Four MHS speedsters get oil to a fast start Memorial Field cinder path. mi The Proper way to score ,E V N "3 5 'W f V' . . : .1 ' 4 0. f on a three-point stunt in 5,912 1-14. l ' i 5 t gym, demonstrated by an -5,."f' V able underclassman. - ' 1 A . t teguw T I 40 I A ll I j,HPEe n ' "Arid he sails through the air ,,,' , h .- gy- . .. .t , with the greatest of ease!" - I I I Steve Elfenbejn in fhe blood Captain Frank Wisnewski takes ot! jump. ,ie 3519 Performers Maglione and lackson work out "Big Zeus" goes high into in a TV dress rehearsal. the blue for a tap-in. in quest ot another tank victory. 1 f .r V V! .. gf. 5 v Q ' 'jr' 'L -3 V'fe " -7,1 1: 5 MHS back about to meet the fuyf in a practice session. inf Q ll. y sszvrozas A tlglif Rip... sta kits' IUNIORS W lima:-uv i Seri I is FRESHMEN soPHoMom-is J L JM' ef J -pk ,J f xff lt , .P ,PWA f. ulnmg,f31iit,Rgj1w'Ltt -4 The Girls' Athletic Club, a charter membelrfcsff of the New Iersey Athletic Association lor Girls, gives the girls of IVIHS a chance to take their minds oil their school Work and at the same time participate in healthiul and wholesome activities. The girls compete in intramural and inter- scholastic games. The GAC activities cover many seasonal sports, including volleyball and modern dancing, which are enjoyed by a large number of girls during the winter months. The Bowling Club, which includes a league sanctioned by AIBC and participating by mail in the nationa' competition, has produced sev- eral experts, and in the fall, field hockey at- tracts a large enthusiastic group. A Hockey Playday is sponsored by the North Iersey Field Hockey Association. Basketball is probably the most popular sport among the girls. During the season there is a busy schedule of practice for the various class teams and games played both within our walls and against outside opposition. President OLIVE HARDY Vice President SUE QLSEN Secretory IUDIE HANCOCK Treasurer . CAROL BROWN Advisers . . . MHS. VIRGINIA REDDY, MISS ARNIE DeGHOOT, MISS RUTH TITLEY Q ff' 1 ,, , Lf- W' L 1 E L is f SQ Y, 3, . 15 sfg'feW5S1s:5M Q' 4,92 G G Q 'Sf' .f V '99 , iz1L.J4J.ff.?Z-YJMLJ ...,.1, Ar ,1 XQXQ 9 A 'll T, ,Al . 'I "i. li 9 WACA O K 5f'9+1Q93 w 3+ Q Q Q"f1f,1ZI'Q Q .5, ' IVV'-Qu. Q v wgwlxif! 3 'Q ma ! ,ftif .- Lv , .- 'X ' . T7 Q f Q Q Q!-'if f-If 1 lixygkkw- h Q' "- 'W "UF Q is X Q, N W' I.-Q 5 Q 9 'Q Q 9 5 M5 5 gf' 51 '591'F E'!?"9' gl 5,4-, rf '13 V! 'f .1 4 1' M2 21 f Q4 5' ff ,Wm 1- ,lg ' -1 W . ,,,4 L. A n '-. 5 Ii ' F.-:api 1 4 v ' IK' 1, any b ew 'f abs: IES' 1 A 2524? an-Q, LW Wit IOOHI H1916 . 7 . ,A fs -:.. 0 "Q Altrczctive girls make an attractive so ff, A 'N ! I 1 , - k iff? - 3' z 'if .ff ,' I - JV 4 -Zefgsjj' f iff f f N ' ' 11: fn ,Jig ' f",:-ff V-' " - 'V Ealing on the run, but isn't Ruth hungry? .4 5,-4 . - If 2' 1-'-li ,-I t X, 7... is '73 s . C51 1 , 7 1 lf: 'Q 5 W Ioe the mark. -'15, 7 Y. Qgpzw .. Miss Qucxckenbush makes senior girls Q D X X H-V-V I ,, K L 5 X 34?- I .f f 4 V I pl If 1 ' J at I mi ' f 5 A if f I' f N? !' f7 , 7, X1 Z? f qw Z. 1,1 Llr 'lv C5 f exif' 'M I bf 4, jfj. -1 -5' z, f J,6,j fvv, nu --1 Lxthcgrcphed by RAE PUBLISHING CO 22 Frink Street Montclair, N. I.

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