Morristown High School - Cobbonian Yearbook (Morristown, NJ)

 - Class of 1920

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Morristown High School - Cobbonian Yearbook (Morristown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Cover

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THE MEMORY BOOK ANNUAL PUBLICATION of THE MORRISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Compxled bv the Class of 1920 VOLUME VIII I U N E 1 92 0 MORRISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL MORRISTOWN N I k QW Wm SNL Kp Sy JXQNX, fffdx SEE HEAR SPEAK EVIL EVIL EVIL . 'Zf' xxl f..!!fX 'W , W ff if f 1' Q I-l g: V! ' Sym AW - X ' 1, ff X I V I N ilff f f QW x fxm wix q'w Wm x . ,. V, 1' 1 fx! ' X : "X IXX ',!f7lf X DA - ' ff W NO NO NO '- L .1 f ,E-,Qlfgii Pk -1 V1 F ORE WORD HE Hxgh School days of the class of 1920 have come to a clellghtful close and as a remembrance of our class and Alma Mater we the best of our abxlxty attempted to portray accurately the hlstory and achievements of our class and brother classes In compxlmg this book xt has been our one deslre to convey correctly the contents to our faxthful frxends m a manner that will forever keep a place m thelr memorxes for the class of 1920 present to our readers this Memory Book. On its pages we have with MR WILBUR F DAY T11 book 78 smcerefy Jed cated t the Mor stown Boar-J ofEc1ucat o fs ' ' 1' o Mr. Wfvffbur F. Day, the presfzfent o MQm0rg B lv X SW ' f-X '-Q 4-i ! 'F an 2: 3-Q I , fi my AE BL ZEN S1Q"'!7 ,,-fsdgjfii " Xf RICHARD W HORSEFIELD EDITOR GEORGE A HOLLAND GEORGE B GRAF ALICE BROWN JOSEPH DONNELLY Q MARY MURRAY VIRGINIA WILLARD RICHARD SILLITOE MARGARET FOSTER ROBERT TROWBRIDGE 21 HELEN RUTAN 23 MANAGER ASSISTANT MANAGER HISTORIAN PROPH E TS POE T ARTISTS . 1- L , - il- il- X' -1, fps' -X . Q E - - - ,.. S ix , v ,.-- W, Q ,. , Q . wh 7 x I-' ' , N - f e 1 1 ' F: . - - ., , .A , 1 . Z! ,, - : I .2-ZE:'C'-it A X31 L I Tfifi- 1" .jl1. y-: X - - ,hx .Y if Y Ltr., -- .. .,., NX I 7 . .... . - - - 9 1 1 5 1 min , -V - ,QI THE ADMINISTRATION WILBUR F DAY Presldent LOUIS C LEPROHON GEORGE C SMITH 'IHOMAS H WISS HENRY F DEMPSEY GEORGE C SMITH Clerk J BURTON WILEY Superxntendent MISS OLIVE GOBLE Secretanes MISS EMMA BONIFACF Physxcxans DR. I R K MOODEY Dentist MISS LOUISE BAIRD Nurse DR. R. R. REED DR. F. H. PINCKNEY DR. ANNA L. ALLABEN f XXXX XZ X W H Z y X 2 0 ? X1 , . .. , ii...-..-.,,,.,. L! ,. Ti ' V,-.l ':T,l Aj , , HAROLD BOCKOVEN nBockyu "Man, fraud man, Drest fn a little brfe authority ' ln, Shakespeare Class President 4 Executive Committee 4 Basket Ball Team 4 President B. A A 4 Undecided MARION VERONICA BYRNE Bobby Hana you clown Shalzesfeare Class Vxce Presxdent 3 4 Executive Board 4 Entertamment Commlttee 3 Class Treasurer 1 2 Gxrls Basket Ball Team 3 4 Manager Gxrls Basket Ball Team Prom Commxttee 4 Newark NOITIIHI ALICE BROWN Hubby Maple Leaf Staff 2 Memory Book Board 2 Class Secretary 3 4 Preslclent Lxterary C1 b 4 Banner Commxttee 4 UndeClded Pofe . ., 3 "A little learnfng fs a Jang'rous thing." ., 4 4 Q . . u 'f' ,, Q Af,-Q77 Q QQ l iriiil nv fl 1 r " -1- -I- SPECIAL FACULTY Mr Edward M Young' Music Mxss Emma Pxerce B Maryland State Coffege Cofumbm Teachers College Domestlc Scxence Mnss Helen M Meserve F ammglzam Norma? and Teachers Conege Sewmg r ames A Maclntyre Sir gffefd Trammg School Phs slcal Traxnmg' Wood Workxng Glenn E Pangborne Cofumlna Pratt Insbtute Mechanlcal Drawing' r Albert X Dorman F7fC7 bu g Norma? School Prmtxng Nlxss Edna L Stone Syracuse pr tt Instnfute Inclustrlal Arts MISS Evelyn Meeker P an st Mnss Eleanor Chew Cofumbm Domeshc Scxence MISS Beatrlce Muchmore Savage Physxcal Traxnxng M . I . , in ' ' Mr. Arthur Mills Mr. . , ' , ' M . . , ' 1 r FACULTY Mr Burton Wxlex A B La ayette uper ntendent rss Clara E Brown Wellesley Columb a prxncxpal Mxss Carlotta B Capslmaw Commerc al Tram g at Sbrmgfeld .Mass Bool-:lceepmg and Shorthand Mxss CSSISG Txffany A B Brown M A Columlna Latin and Mathematxcs Mr Rav Cecxl Carter A B Colby Englxsll Mr MAUFICGC Wxlson Ph B Ia ayette M A Colu 771- Scxence Mxss M Alma Worden pe nsylvan a State Normal L ness Sclwol Nezv Yo le Cvty T pewrxtxng' ancl Boolclieepxng SCICUCC Miss Elsxe Campbell A B Wellesley Hlstorv Mr Davxcl Morton B 5 Vanalerbflt English and Hlstorv MISS Laura Baer A B Mt Holyolze Spanish Mxss MargaretM Harrxs A B flfufdlelvury French Mr Mosesw Ware A B prnnceton M A Harvard French ancl Hxstory M155 Abby Jolm on Columl-na Teaclzers College Mathematxcs MISS Mary Anderson A B Mt Holyolze Enghsh Mr V1ctorBoell B S Dwlzmson Hlstory ancl Mathematlcs bra ong Island Bus1 . ' j., . ., f S i M' . ., , 1' I n , 7' . 1.71 l , , ' I ' . ' , . ., g . ., ' . ' ' . ' . , . ., 1 f , g . ., . ' ' . , n 1' , l . r ' Mr. Roswell Bowll3y.,,B. S., New Yorlz Unfversfty . S 1 . , """" '4' "M" ' ' 1 'i ' I c U fA ee . CHARLES WILLIAM CONQUEST "Connie" "He's a king, A true right king that :fares do aught, save wrong." Class Treasurer 4 Executive Board 4 Chairman Executive Board B. D. C. 4 Basket Ball Team 4 Treasurer Literary Club 4 Dramatics 4 Stevens Tech. FOSTER VAIL BURNETT Pest I have ne1ther w1t nor wards nor worth Shalcesbeare UhdeClded LEWIS CHAMPION stnng Cromwell I charge thee mg away am b1t1on Slzakesbeare UhdeClded 4. 1 n ' ' H . - --" 2:-:ffl-T-Eglig f?lE?i4Ef2? 4 2 1i1f'rr--2?:+- ,PTS-Q , ff:- JOSEPH DONNELLY "Red" "Take away tlzfs vfllafn, shut lzfm uf." Slzalzesfeare Dramatics 4 Treasurer Boys' Debating Club 4 Cheer Leader 4 Columbia WILLIAM G ESCHMANN B1 perseverance 18 a Roman vrrtue Harvarcl Electrxcxan Class Dramatlcs 4 Treasurer Lxterary Club 4 Newark Technical School GEORGE B GRAF Count Orlannlo But trust the secret o thy soul to none Rowe Clxaxrman Entertaxnment Committee 3 Stage Manager Dramatlcs 4 Ass t Busmess Manager Memory Bool: 4 enxor Prom Commxttee 4 UndeC1d6Cl ll 'llll ll f .1 S . . K e -Y .,- A gi - H 'f 5311 , f ,4.., ...--,, -I' ,W W, ...ll-L... ,, , ,, L, ,, GEORGE ALVIN HOLLAND UMGIH UI IUOUIJ 11002 my b07!d.n1'slltlkeSf6tl7'6 Business Manager Memory Book 4 Business Manager Senior Play 4 Motto Committee 4 Ring Committee 4 Pratt Institute RICHARD WILLIAM HORSEFIELD Horse I seem the stunt when most I play the dew! -Shakes eare Class Vxce Presldent 1 2 Motto Committee 4 Advisory Board 3 4 Track Team I 2 3 4 Dramatxcs 4 Edxtor Memory Book 4R1ng Commxttee 4 TreasurerB A A 3 4BasebaII Team 3 4 Captain Basket Ball Team 3 4 Basket Ball Team 3 4 Manager Track Team 3 Manager Baseball Team 3 Presxclent Boys Debatxng C1 b 4 Brown Unxversxty ISADOR EZRA NEWMARK Z I am constant as the northern star Shakespeare Chalrman Constxtutxon Commxttee 3 Dramatxcs 4 Executxve Board 4 Assxstant Stage Manager Dramatlcs Busxness Manager Concert 4 Executxve Board Debating C1 In 4 Chaxrman Executlve Committee Llterary Club 4 Cheer Leader 4 Undecxclecl ni.. u n u - - n 6 - . 1 1 1 1 1 . . - , , Q 1 Q . ., . U uE n u n . 1 , 4 U T" l"'o ii 'A 'l11,,1'j,i' f 4-if' "' ' ' ' " W' ....lL4..4f .,.',,,T ii, ,, ?f,...g..l..'.1i , QIM1 , . . .. ..,, - X'-x fb 'ii' I f f e at I 'TLA , w,, g::5Ff' JAMES PURDY ..J,. .. 771 "When wfclzecl men make fromfses of truth 'Tfs weakness to lveffeve 'em." Howard. Nominating Committee 4 Clerical Work WILLIAM REILLY Insh s1gll no more faclaes S1gh no more Men were cfecewers ever Shalzesbeare UndCClded RICHARD HUMPHREYS SILLITOE Monk Where gnorance as Hwss Tm any to be wfse Gray Dramatxcs 3 4 Rmgf Committee 4 Track Team 5 4 Manager Basket Ball Team 4 Chaxrman Prom Commxttee 4 Base Ball. Team 1 3 4 Class Basket Ball Team 3 Brown Unxversxty ' ' f ' ."- . 1 -, II I I soss I as W- V I if ?Z11'f.s-.fielfsinellf551-,I Niki" 'Ci e 'CL , R VICTOR STOUT Shorty Idleness 15 sweet and sacred Land Editor High School Post 4 Electrxcxan Dramatxcs 4 estern Electrxc Hom LORETTA ELIZABETH BARRIS Retter Teach not thy 71 s such scorn or they were made For lussmg facly not 0 such contem t Shakespeare Dramatxcs 4 Undecided EDNA MAE BELL "Ted" M5116 walks 1n beauty, 71ke the nrglztf' Byron. CICYICSI Work EQTFF ,," A ff, '5':'W , -' 'f' " ' ."- or. . . q . W ' xse ll PY u -5 : f ' ' , , f r 35 .' -r 1 ' " x ALTA EVERETT BRENNAN HD1'tty" UNO cabarfsans mfss if you Neuse, Cafarfsons c1on't become a young woman.. Dramatics 4 Entertainment Committee 2 Sherfdan DFHICCQS Bl1SineSS College GLADYS COBBETT Glad PTESS on' Thefe 18 710 314011. 100711 GS 111, Undf clded enyamm BEATRICE N ATALIE COUCH T7'1x You are never wzthout your tncks Shalzesfeare Rmgf Committee 4 Dramatlcs 4 Chaxrman Banner Committee 4 Class Vlce presxdent 1 3 Aclvnsory Board 3 4 Manager Basketball Team 4 Prom Committee 4 Executxve Comrruttee 4 Undecxded 44 u H - f - n u - n ,, . . n . . ' Q 1:1 -' 'lifil' 93'l?T?i9IffliZ1 fiiilA fx 'o 'lisa -Z' 1- fi elf ?1Z' MARGARET I. FEELEY upeggyvn "For never anything can be amfss When sfmbfeness and duty tender ft." Shakesfeare. Newark Normal MARGARET AGNES FOSTER Peg Her modest foolzs the cottage m1ght adorn Gofdsmnh Presxclent Lxterary Club 4 Memory Book Board 4 Nommatxngf Commlttee 4 Class Basket Ball Team 4 Smxtlm College MAE L FRANKLIN Babe I never saw an eye so br1g7zt And yet so so t as hers Wefby National Park Conservatory f H+ , Riff KATHLEEN V. CULLEN llKayll mls she not more than bafntfng can express?"-Rowe. Nominating Committee 4 Colemaxfs Business College JANE STOTT DAMITZ 21171 They are never afone that are Accom ameri by good thoughts Sufney New ark St ate Norm al HELEN G EMERY Hellfe She 13 retry to walk wfth And w1tty to tan: w1th -Suclzlvng Undecnded IKJ Y! 6 . .,,-. . " ' f . .Q . , ,lip E E -:- X HELEN LORETTA GLANVILLE Buddw A thang o beauty rs a joy orever Keats Rmg' Commxttee 4 Aclvlsory Boarcl 3 Secretarial Work EVA MAE GLOVER E122 I have 711.7813 67161 foverl C012T1dge Uhd6Clded dd 'r E VERA GOLDSTINE -C- "They are only trufy great, Who are truly good."-Chafman. Undecided 1 , -EQT--M4755-1' if EQ-i3l!l123??fi?IiTiiQf!2-.d ?f1+rf -1- Aired 7: 'I1!ff1i?5i12ff2' fi-3?i:5E4 L: Q CATHERINE LOUISE GOUGHERTY "Barney" "As I have ever found thee honest true, So let me find thee st177."-Shalzesgfeare. Chairman Motto Committee 4 Colemarfs Business College ROSELLA HENDERSON GUNNELL Sella A rogenyo fearmng Shernfan College MARION LORETTA GRIFFIN Gr I 7'l.GZ170dy CGTE OT 771.6 Uf1deC1d8C1 ll 6 f ' .lg ' . u 7-fn " f f , 17, Cafe for 7lC1ebUdy.n"BuT71,S I -Q.- .JEEiT'l?f57E5I?ffI7fiIf1f'Iii4+'ff?'7'e U12 EDITH LOUISE GRIFFITH - 4 I I M ..D0t.. pu "But there's nothing half so sweet fn Hfe , A8 Iove's y0u11-g dT6Gm.','1M00Te. ' Entertainment Committee 3 Motto Committee 4 :' Basket Ball Team 2 Advisory Board 2 Executive Committee Literary Club 4 Drake's Secretarial Course P:- w.g 1: MARY ADELE HIGGINS Sooz L1k6 sunslune shecfdmg beauty where 1t ell Hale Constxtutxon Commxttee 5 Dramatlcs 4 Secretarial Work EMMA ELIZABETH JONES Those about her From her shun read the er ect ways o honor -Shalzesfeare UndCCld6d nb, i mi - A no MN I gl I- -- M -- - - - - W ,. W f . - . P91 ' Ii "Km" rr -- N fs f f iM . v . QUJ D- A- In W V ,nn ,,,,,,,,,. N V -- IDA FRANCES JORDAN .1-lazz., "From all such clevifs, good Lord Jefiver us."-Shakesfeare. Girls' Basket Ball Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Trenton Normal School DOROTHY KITCHEN Dat I musrc be the ood o love lay on Shakespeare Good Englxsh COUHCII 2 Art School DOROTHY C LYON Dot Aml whats her 1ustory9 -571411268 Gare M M H Nurses Training' School " f ' f f . 15 - Li. ,O at U. U or Lf MARY JOSEPHINE MURRAY ulronyn lrlccomfsffshments were natfve to her mfnxf."-Hale. Prophetess 4 Pratt Institute RUTH J OATES K1 R1ght7y to be great Is not to st1r w1t.7zout great argument Shalzesfeare Debatxng Team 4 Treasurer Girls Debatmg Club 4 Newark Normal A RUTH PATTERSON Pat I have no other but a woman s reason Shakesbeare Bellevue Hospital CIS ,lf 4: 4:-' A A e e-c--ii:-r L+, ,gg KATHLEEN MARY MCDONNELL "fffclzeyn "Katsy" We meet thee fflze a pleasant thought." Waisworth. Secretarial Work KATHRYN MIAL Tabby promfse 15 most g1ven when the least 13 sauf -Clzafman Wellesley F JEANETTE MOODY Ned Age cannot wrther her -Shakes eare St Ellzalaetlm s College ' ' ." 15 . ff.. '11 .3 ADA MAE PEER u - n P66776 "What face 1.3 thfs that thy tongue lzeefsfr' Shakesbeare. Stenographer and Typist EDITH ELIZABETH PI ERSON Is she 710f tZSS17'lg 11779 -'5hClk8S QGTZ Drake S eCI'6f8I'l31 CODIS? HELEN PIERSON Hell e I a t lady you have a merry heart Memory Book Board 1 Maple Leaf Staff 2 Undecided Shalzespea e UE.. " 14 ' f 14 . . S . U nf 1. ll, , .H if E ee-A -we E 4- 1 E -'- 4- -:1 fa 1.1 , lf! ' JOSEPHINE MARGARET PRICE 11.10611 A simple child That ffghtfy draws fts breath." Wordsworth NCWBFIC NOI'l'l131 MARY M PRUDEN Tobsy Thou large bramcl woman Brownmg Undecxcled LEON A B QUIMBY 62 Howe er 1t be lt seems to me T1s only noble to be good Tennyson Undecnded I LL I l ESTHER ROSENBERG HES., An. fnvftfng eye. Anal yet me thfnlzs rfgfzt modest."-Shakespeare. Columbia GLADYS N SAVADGE Glad Her foo s Jul argue her re fete w1t71 modesty -Shakespeare UhC16CldCd IDA LILLIAN SUTTON S unk pr nc1 fe 13 ever my motto D1srae71 Temple Unxversxty 4 k . , 6 . It 6 I! ' 1' 'p ' ."- ' '. e 1241 ff , e 'Cr s . 'I' fl " 1' f ' x ?..-. ..,, ,-e,.,: , , , lil?-.l -.'TlTliIT'k',1'T,T1 ggrw 'Sak- """"-'1 xi'--' -'iw --------We -M ..-A A f-5 e e' 1. 5 I li ssig FC? EDITH MARGUERITE WHITEHEAD j I "Whife" A "Silence does seldom any harm."-Proverb. tl:- Stenographer , I VIRGINIA LE BARON WILLARD When looks were and and words were w Cunnmglzam Erasmus H S 1 2 3 Banner Committee 4 Class Poet 4 Cornell VIRGINIA WILSON GUI. Heres to the maufen of baslzfuf teen Shernfen Undeclded KQV!! " f ,A fe ."- ' . M '1 .. , . H Q ifii lfi' , , M lifi 7:-A 452 ,- --.g-:4QF' - --5. ,-1,,ifg CLASS HISTORY T was nn 1916 that the class of Q0 entered the Hlgh chool atmos phere ln search of greater lcnowledde As they entered 1n thexr great dreen plane Freshman thev observed other planes above them an as thev noticed that they contaxne organxzed bodxes of people they also organlzed wlth Paul lanvllle as pllot Rlchard Horseheld as helper Marlon Byrne as purser and Edna ansom as keeper of th d1a1y After hax xnff done thxs they found to thelr dellght that they could travel more e'1s1lv and thev overcame thexr great adversary M1 years w1thout dxtflgulty l"lO1fly after thexr encounter wxth M1dX ears they were haxled by the people 1n the plane Senxor and were entertaxne v them after which they travelled on much refreshed Durlng the next few months pleasant llttle place called Vacatxon vshere the plane was repaxred and whue the people rested hen September returned the Class of '70 resumed 1ts flight xn a plane called ophomore They prepared for the dlfhc lr es of the year by ag:-un electmg Paul Glanvllle as pxlot Rlchard Horseheld as helper Emma Ammerman as keeper of the dxary and Marlon Bvrne as keeper ot the purse As they travelled they approached the plane unxor and soon united xx xth them to entertaln the crew of the plane called Senxor to vshom thev sxgnalled When sprlng came the call tor farm help necessxtated the electlon of new commanders Carl Volgft vs as lnstalled as pllot George Holland as helper Dorothy Bonxface as lceeper of the dlary and Elsa Mowbray as keeper of the money Durxng the vear many clouds and storms hlndered the flxght of thxs gallant body but with une came vxctory and rest After two months of vacation the gallant band reassembled and I. 1 . . -K S M- . V U I . . , .. -.. , . , . d , ' d . K ' ' G ' ' . ' . , ' ., S e K . - .. .d 1, S 1 . . . .. . -Y ., Y . V ' EL I WW ' d B- q man basket-hall 'ames were won: and at last the 1 landed safel at a. Y Q 5 Y . .. - .. . II. W Q B .H . . I . I Us .N j , I u l 1 ' va . , Q V , . H ' ' 1 ,. vl Paul Glanvllle was again elected pxlot Maman Byrne helper Carl Volgt keeper of money and Alice Brown lceeper of the dxary Thxs year found the plane xn a new atmosphere wlth better sur roundmgs and facxlxtxes wherewlth to work and the plane no longer green but maroon and sxlver slummed merrxly along thru the thxrd year when four months had passed the class rallled and gave a rousmg blow out to the people on board the plane 1919 Near the end of the year the pxlot was called away for other work and he was supplanted by Carlton Griffith Then followed a few weeks more of easy journeymg and vacatxon time had come agam The txme had now come for these searchers of knowledge to malce thexr final effort This year Harold Boclcoven was chosen as their leader wxth Marlon Byrne as hrs assxstant Wxllxam Conquest purser, one could see fluttering from the plane thexr motto See no evll hear no evxl speak no evll Soon after thelr departure they were hauled by the people m the plane 1921 who honored these older members wxth a Jolly enter taxnment Later they cllscovered another plane hovermg around them and sxgnallmg they learned that lt contalned a body of muslcxans and after enjoyxng a concert gxven bv them our searchers of knowledge Journeye Many of these Senior searchers were actlve 1n basketball and aseball and won many battles from their rxvals Thls gallant ody contaxned also many actors and actresses as was shown when the Senxor play The Arrxval of Kxtty was presented But they had not spent all of thexr tlme 1n frollc and fun The 1 cult search was drawing near xts end It had been long and tnresome but now the searchers had reallzed the value of great lcnowle ge III. and Alice Brown, keeper of the diary. As they started on their flight, . v. . ' t . d on. b ' ' . ' b crm . . . . ' d . PROPHECY F mdeedl It was the mornxng after the nxght beforel I awoke from my beauty sleep on the 33rd floor of a 33rd St Hotel ln Whxppany the worlds leadmg metropolxs Yes Whnppany was the worlds metropolxs ln 19- They had accomplxshed It by buxldxng a subway and naming two streets Broadway and Fxfth Avenue An so I awoke thxs mornmg and clxmbed dow nstalrs to the news stand Behold before my eves stood Toe Donnellv at the top pxnnacle of journalxstxc succr-ss running a news stand' Congratulatmg him stro e on to a breakfast of baked calories This electrlcal calorxal machme was mvented by Professors Wlllxam Dav and Wxllxam Esch mann and operated by xm Purdy Passing' by the office I heard a familiar rap rap of chewxng gum above the roar of typewrxters and turned to find myself starmg at Marlon Grxffln Mary Hxggxns Kathleen McDonnell and Helen Clan ulle whxle wxth note book m hand Louxs Champxon Secretary to Harold Bockoven Mayor of Whxppany dlctated to them I left the hotel and dxrected the head chauffeur to drxve me to He was hxttlng a clnp about sxxty when we were passed by a cloud of dust so lt appeared when we overtook the phenomenon xt proved to be Dlck Horseheld nd Dxck Sxllxtoe followed by a few credxtors Horse had the hrm s assets ln his watch pocket and they were after xm After saving the brokers we took a trxp to Grxffrth fs? Franklxns showhouse Trxx Couch Marlon Byrne and Alta Brennan appeared m a sketch entxtled Rocking the Boat The crowd applauded so vigor ously that the three knew not whether they should drop anchor or row along A cry of Produce the Hook from one of the boxes attracted my attentxon and I looked up to see Edlth Pxerson teacher of terpsl chorean art called azz Helen Emery teacher of nursxngf and Loretta Barns leadmg lady rn The Brown Derby a stxrrmg emotxonal drama in whxch B111 Reilly V c Stout and Foster Burnett are also appearlng fThe1r costumes are umque Blll appears lh a barrel Vxc m an arrow JS . ' . . . . q . . . . . - . , . . . . . . Q . . . d . . Q y - ' H . sf . . . . A 1 . -L G I d . . . . . . J' - . Q . 1 H ' I . . . . . . v Q - V. H . . . . . 1 1 1 ' Horseheld and Slllitoe's, Bankers Ed Brokers, at the present time broke. 1 . 3 . . . . . .. .. . . . Y h' . . . . . , bl ' if 1 n ' 5 S ' it I 19 o ' . .. ., . Q . . Q ,- ILJ' 15 1 5 Q I ' ' ' bb Q! I . . 5 Q ' ' ' ' it ' 11 1 U I Q I ' ' ti ' Vi - 55 n gg . 1 1 collar and Fos in a dream. Another act featured was one in which Ida ordan eanette Moody' and Rosella Gunnell appeared in a sketch Three of a K nd Steppmg outsxde for a smoke we ran into an Anti Tobacco Tea Coffee and Plhg pond para e led by Dorothv Kxtchen Ruth Oates Marv Pruden Ieona uxmbx and ladvs awa de Alxce Brown the axxatrnx flew over the crowd droppmg clrculars askmg the women to conserve powder and help wxn the war Notncmg the crowd leavmg the sidewalk for the center of the street we hastened forward and arrlved at the mxx up to fund Charles Conquest the engxneermg genxus demon stratmg his new bomb proof rowboat for whlch he was chxef salesman on the Sahara Desert Across the street the target of all eyes and a few other thlngs stood George Holland sales agent m Iceland for the ullen traw Hat Agency whlle among hxs audxence were Esther Rosenberg Ed th V hxtehead Emma ones and Vera Goldstme Edna Bell secret servxce agent took notes of the speech Then hearmg from Eva Glover that Isadore Newmark was xn t e Patterson prxvate hospltal suffering from a weak Constrrutmn we started for t ere Issy mcxdentally besxdes bexng a member of the bar also ow ne a group of chaxnless restaurants where hls rubber ham urger had become famous when I arrxved at the hospltal Dot Lvon had me rushed to the operatxng table before I could explain who I was Then led by ean to see Issy He had a stroke of ylaws durmg the day but was xmprovxng though much fatlgued I was driven back to the hotel ln the ambulance by Margaret Foster After dxnxng I ventured mto the hotel beauty parlor conducte y Ida Sutton and Helen Pierson and there met three of the cxty s leadmg socxety women Vxrgmxa Wxlson Ada Peer a d osephxne Prlce That nlght as I sat takmg my hot calorxes and readmg the Gough erty Dally I observed thxs headlme Mlss Kathryn Mxal and Mxss Vxrglnxa Wxllard elected to the enate by a majority of 999 If I had voted lt would have been a thousand Turnlng out the llght and countlng the numbers on the hypostatxc machxne o Prof Graf I tell mto a deep dream m whxch I remam Yours truly - - l I I bb 11 J V I ,J . . .. i in . . , . .- Q 1 n I ' za d . , I 1 Q . , , , Q ' G , S ' d, . ' , Y. . Q Q . . . 1 I 9 . ' C sl . . . . Q i , . Q J . i Q . -1 ' . Q . h . . u . . . h ,. .,., . . . . y d , 1 7 ' b . ' ' Ah Q! Damltz, Mary Mxlrray, and Gladys Cobbett, the three nurses, I went .. vt--. b - . Q . . . d b . N . , . L Q . . . . 4 1 n I . . . ., . 1 . . z ,. . . . . I. . . S Q . . -,., Q . 4 gogo gm 4 s,Ar t .-a A, a, ff--. ara-c.l.g,,,gQ1lZ' 'X Among' the hills of Northern ersey Down among' the shady valleys Where the lnrcls vs ith sweet notes vs arble Where the gentle breezes wander Near all these yet in the whirlpool OE man s xx orlc an man s contention Lies the town of Morristown there heltered in the peaceful vallev MOYYlSfOXVn well known in historv BV the comind of our army When Yvashmgton was our commander In the fight against the British he ret'uns her reputation proud of former eeds of valor Proud of her fast growing' prowess Proud of her freat institutions Linlunq thus past present future In the mutual band of progress Yet of all her institutions There is one best loved and honored One that stands for education One vshose ldeals are the highest one that serw es as guide director Friend and comrade without ceasing To the youth of Morristown who Are as yet not well acquainted Xvith life s never-failing' trouble' ee not happily its trials' But instead which is more fitting ee of lie the bright side only Of each cloud the silver lining Xyhich perchance escapes the notice TO THE MORRIST OWN HIGH SCHOOL . I v. Q Y d 1 Y - , s ' ' ,,- Iri that well-rbememlaered llvinter, S C 1 , . N . d . S Q . . S 1 5 , Of those wxser m llfe s teachings Have hut faxth ln one another Treat each one alxlce wlth lunclness The Golden Rule 15 thelr example Hearxng seemg feelmg nothlng But the hlessmg' of xouth s lunshxp Blesslng known thru all the ages Best beloved an most esteeme T15 these thlngs our Hxgh School And wxth these a host of others Which she max adcl to her creclxt Especxally to those who leave her After close assocxatxon As sad ancl tearfu at the partmg From the school and one another W th one accord fervently murmur Tho thexr Tho then' words are clxsconnectecl sentences are broken Lo we leave thee tho not wxshmg To carrv on thy noble teachmgs Be to those who follow after All that thou hast been to us And to those who came before us Grant that we m the hereafter Wxll to thee he prxde ancl solace xvmg thee no cause for sorrow But msteacl cause for rejoxcxng Now farewell we go reluctant Pleclgmg' thee our hearts forever Breathing' low our benedxctxon Heaven revs ard thee wxth her hlessx God protect thee Alma Mater' teaches ng' . . . , . 1 Q . . Q . ' . is . . I' . , . . l V ,Y : . cl cl. , . . . A ' L 5 9 . -Y . Q Which enclear her to her children: . 1 ' . i . 1 .. . . . . . Y A Q . . y G. . ' ' . w . . . - t . - . 1 -.. , . CLASS ODE Tuna Auld Lang Syne We greet the morn wxth raclxant lxght That hrmgs to us thxs dav We greet our frxencls who wlth delldht Now speed us on our way The thought! of days now gone beyond BFIHQ cheer and sad regret The mem rxes hrxght and fnendshxps fond We cannot soon forget The halls throu h whlch we lov d to roam Through many a care free hour hall always he to us a home o now we turn wxth rev rent heart To Alma Mater true And dunk a health before we part Dear Mother here s to vou CILDVUS We h 11 thee Alma Mater dear Wlth thoughts no words can te And nov we hlcl adleu to vou t shall not be farewe IV S , 5 An ever-heck-ning hower. S . . . Q ! l a' , , ! ' ll! . - ' ' , 1 I 1 . llllllllllll llll ' I ,pi Most popufar G rf Marvon Byrne Most pofular Boy Rwlmard Horse e7rf D cf .Mo t fo the Class Isacfore Newmarl In Best W th Faculty Rrclzaraf Horse elcf Most Intelhgent Alrce Brown C711 s Clown L ze W7 e Marfon Byrn ose 11 Donne77y Knocker Loretta Barns Bvgqest Bluffer MaT10n Gm Most Stucfmus Mary Murray Best Loolzmg 1r7 Helen Gfanvrfle Best Loolzmg Boy Rwharaf Horse efd ervzest Beatrwe Couch N07S7ZSt Ida orcfan Lazzest W17I1am Conquest Best Atl-zfete Rwharcl Horse efci D cf Most for M H S Rwhard Horse elif Mlllll I ll IIKKXX X 1 , A OF : , 6 X :I I , ,' - ' IIU I-I 'I I f III'?I IIN I ' , , ' 'I M ' 'I JI' 'I' I I - - I g II NI II 4HI,1IqI . . I 'I !!,4I4N INIIIQIII a' I I W - - J ' ,II IIN' 'I III I . :I :I M ' I ' ' " I I I 'I 'II If ,IQ ' I,4NI4, - . . ffn Ir I, ,Q Lwg , '- I - - R 4 N MII! I4 III ' D G - ' l I "IW X1 , IIII I I I I . ' . F III III I:fII I A 1,I! N ' ' ' "I ,HIM I 'HM .H . . - - - - J ,V II :L . mu . .. ,II III I III 'II I ' ' ' I I'I,I'I'I" I JIIII w II! I ' ' I F I IIIIIW In K IIIIL, Ya I 7, . . . ' ff ' I Iis 4 I IIIIII 'III' I II H' ir' I .I II'I!I'1 I III ,'I 'MI I LIINXXNNI1 1+ NI! IQI I I If ,gf I ,s X -PJUNIORS fij JUNIOR CLASS ORGANIZATION WILLIAM DUFFY PRESIDENT ROBERT TROWBRIDGE VICE PRESIDENT RAYMOIND ZINDLE TREASURER MR ROSWELL S BOWLBY ADVISOR uf' MARTHA VAN GILDER ---- SECRETARY Geflertll Course Gould Norman Pierson Brooks Smith Ernest Allen Florence Alpaugfh Mae Amerman Carolyn Appleby Edith Barris Mildred Boniface Marian Burnett Virginia Carberv Marie Carr Ruth Cla L Irma Coolc Margaret Dalgllsh Isabell Damitz Rosa Diclcinson Olive Hart Esther Heath Marian Henry Nadine Lesher Frances Rosenblatt Dora Searles Gladys Steele R th towe Eve yn Williamson Dorothy Woodfield Annlo Yound Margaret College pre aratory Duffy William McCarthy Charles Barker Eliza eth Cameron Katherine Cone Alice Lee Charlotte Meyer Charlotte Mial Mildred JUNIOR CLASS P'1ntaenius Doris Reilly Elaine Van Gilder Anna Yan Gilder Martha ilson Mardaret Technical Course Bar anes F ed Belbey ohn Dolan Paul Entwistle Adolph ardner Fran Gunther ohn Hays Edmund Hogd Curtis ohnson Ca l Lane William Loonev Frank McWh1nney Henry Mott Paul Ossre Marcus Pettit Edward Place ohn Potts ulian Reilly Raymond Rodler Frank Rosenberg oseph Trowbridge Robert Vaughan Thomas Vreeland Harry Zindle Raymond Cronshev Hildreth Hogg Elizabeth Pierson Frances Wilson Ruth C077'l77167'C1tl, Course Bontempo Anthony Cahill James Chapman Arth Fairweather illiam Fasolo oseph Hathaway Floyd Kronenberg Elbridge McGrath Mathew McKee Arnold Meininger Edward Mischiara Rosario Rosenberg Lloyd Strine Hugh Terreri ohn Wall Carleton Ambrose Eleanor Babington Augusta Bowen ara Carr Helen Christensen Emily Clark anet Collins Anno Connor Eleanor Couch Alison Devon Elizabeth Ealcley Lillian Emery Mary Follis Elinor Hegarty Adeline Hodges Dorothy Kamp Frances Karn Dorothy Kelly Regina Ve lcer Mary Meliclc Anna Meslar Gladys Mowbray Elsa Nugent Marian Pfeiffer Gladys Rosenbaum Mollie Rosenbohm Alice 'IL 1 1 , ur , 1 , W . , . .J 1 ' ' q W . D , -1 1 ' , 1 ' b , r ' ' . J ' , 1 I v 1 U . 1 G v k ' J ' . I A ' r ', 1 Q . 1 ' ' I - J 5' . 1 'S ' . . .1 1 . . . 1 1 1 . f , .1 1 1 q 1 V . Q 1 Q , . Y 1 ' ' . 1 ' 1 J ' ' ' - ' .J ' 1 ' 9 u I 1 Q 1 , 1 S . 1 , - , . . 1 ' . 1 I ' ' W Q 1 Woodfield, Emily ' Jones- Frederwa 5 B' Q ' . V 1 6 1 . , 1 - - -f 1 x c ., -', Q . . ' 5 , I ' 1 Y . 11 . , 1 1 ' ' 1 1 . ' I 1 ' 1 , 1 Q 1 1 5 . i gg WVIP L 1 or ji 1 - 5 gag 1:- SOPHOMORE CLASS ORGANIZATION RICHARD DAVIS PRESIDENT LILLIAN BALDWIN VICE PRESIDENT AGNES BUTERA SECRETARY VINCENT BUTERA TREASURER MR. JAMES A. Mag-INTYRE - - - ADVISOR n w n 1 - . - . Wk gvpnvmvriiifjg ff x A N px x N K N55 Lw,j'Qx F-7 X . X if f -X Lf' X ff N ff .-'37 ' "" R, f--1'-'IJ '-'W' - 'T' 1 Gene 1170011732 Bailey Robert Davis Richard Stoll paul Appleby Beatrice Bagnall Helen Barlcman Helen Barry Regina Beddow Myrtle Boniface Doris Brook Hilda Butera Agnes Byrne Ethel Earlej, Margaret Entwistle Mildred Kistler Alberta SOPHOMORE CLASS College pre aratory Artt W'lliam Bercovic' Hyperion Cunningham Robe t Horseneld Robert aillet Charles Jordan La rence Mahoney Warren Smythe Robert Williams Edward Foster Eleanor Gallagher Theresa Gearhart Catharine Gogerty Margaret Griffith Doris Hollv Jane lxelley Dorothy Laederach Madeleinekeuy Mafgafe LaTourette Wilma Little Marjorie McGrath Cecilia Mislcela Alice Nappin Emilie Naughton Theresa Nicholson Mae Ocho Alena Olson Florence smun Adelaide Peterson Madaline Roberts Natalie Scott Mary Tiger Marion Vansyclcle Ruth Wansten Edeline Weeks Gertrude Weidman Kathryne Wheeler Dorothy Wilson Vera Rich Frances Sayre Margaret VanCleve Dorothy Wilcox Marcia Zeelc Alice TZCILHICG7 Course Boniface Berkley Bro n Lawrence Butera Vincent Champion Charles Crane Harold DcGroot ohn Doonan Thomas Earl Frederick Eaton unior Griffith Donald Gurevitz Abram Lindsley Angus Lyon Kenneth Younie Helen MacTurli Harvey MCB 'de W'lliam Meelcer amuel Mintz Louis Rr bidge David Sheerin Albert Thompson Wesley Toms Stuart Wyckoff Albert Yawger Carleton Cool: Elinor Commerc IZ, Course Boclcoven Al ert Carton ames Faulkner Elwood Follis Edward Hegeman Russell Hulbert Durwar ordan Alfred Kasdin acob Kroll Ed ard eRue Lewis Mainiero Lawrence McLeod Leon Murphy James Murphy Thomas Nodoro Andrew Perrault Fran Savadge Elmer Scoble Sheldon Searles Leland helcerjlan Newton pxngler ames Thompson Albert Tiger Robe t Udall Jack Whitehead Cyril A ara Phyllis Baldw n Lillian Beston Veronica Bo n Muriel Cavanaugh Helen Chadwick Elsie Collins Helen Dooling Marguerite Ealcley Edna Ga ity May Glanville R'ta Goldstein Tillie Gribble Marguerite Havcoolc Lucy Hipple Martha Howard Mary ordan eannette Loree Eliza M cl: Helen Mahoney Ethel Marinaro Olga McCormack Marg etta McDermott Helen M Sherry Alice Meslar Agnes Meslar Mary Moran Irene Morrison Alice lN1per Beatrice Prolrel Pearl prendergast Marguerite prophet Isabella Shelceryian Esther Smith Margaret Vanderhoof Louise Vanwinkle Irene Whereat Beatrice W ckl He Edna W lkie Ellen r p ri , 1 , 1 1 1 1 S W ' . 1 1 I ' . I 1 5 , I' 1 1 5 1 Q J Y Q ' ' W l I 1 , r 1 1 1 . 1 1 Q Y ' 1 1 Q Q . Q . '. ' 1' . . 1 , Q , . . ln ' Y , ' a I 1 J J Q J ' Y, Q I 1 y ' I , I' , 1 1 a v 1 Y 7 1 ' ' , t , d - ' H D I H , . J . v l I ' 1 , . . J r . W I . . l . ' W . , . 1 . U ' . L . . ' C , - V 5 5 ' 1 ' ' 'I 1 1 5 Q ' Q Q . Q . , xV , 1 T' 5 ' O 1 1 ' k l ' . Q - 1 1 ' . Rilcer, Gladys Collins, Earl Savadge- LOUIS l ' . .-Q H V J ' , ' v ,I .. . Q . I S ' . 1 , 1 Q Q Q . S 1 J 1 ' ' , Q J, . ' . Q H V ' r , I - , ' . ' . i i . . 1 " , i ' , ' , r , zz , ' . Q Q 1 1 -Il f , V1 .- ,,, e,...1,,-i-.S'-,L Eiiifiiwi.-1e.,Qfff1aQ , X FR EI S HIVIEIN Gig my fb x., xj ! ilillullllllx f fbi' -. I il :lvl mmm ' QW- "'!' lsmlu lf: 'mn--. as P'7H unwind 'I' ' "sighs 3 DW ""'! Illl Il: ' i 'llllllll alll 3 ll-'5L:lig.." ij 2? -.,, Q. Y ff 14, rf- , f IHEEEE X ,.51igiga5::N 1 .gn H ..-3x!LgA:El.'uEEii:E.:5 x 'NEW "':":H'i'E5Ef"'1EE5iYEEEEE:-5:fI':i:i:... .lfnuninlfhlnlm aiii'Ifi!'f -1 F:::::'H'u::! " n 1 Gp! 5 I Ig-g---..!.'ir " N sggfiiffi v::::e::z!::!F N. , .-:ra-----2" -:-' -2--5 5555- sa:-:::::::.n-lEi55::g:::i!:! :mei i55iiI""E555 'aeawiiiifi 33" . . -2iiiifHi""w -.:g:::::::E "1"' L- K "ua:- I f 0 W I L - - , 'Mi iJ,,fg ' T . q 4 1 : X I FRESHMAN CLASS ORGANIZATION THOMAS CARTON PRESIDENT EDWARD BRODERICK VICE PRESIDENT FLORENCE REEVES SECRETARY STANLEY SAILOR TREASURER MISS CLARA E BROWN ADVISOR X H 'HT Ll Q if 'W gg fl LLX'Nb N 'N H FRES E TH r, PDE T sbt H M ik? IH LP' 421 W F29 'M H 'J iw! :ff fl 'Ui -mf 1,.:' 'T Gene af Course Carr Bert Floyd Charles Halpm Paul Howe Fay Olson Raymond Vansyclcle Stanley Gray Robert Applegt Ruth Boughan osephme Bull Wml red Connors Evelyn Cummings Anna DeNobr1ga Ame Duffy Catherme Frambes Helen Glanvxlle Agnes Goodmg Frances Hannah Ellen Henmon Hazel Hller Allce Howe Marjorle ensen Elxzabeth Lancaster E na Lxn abury Ruth Lvon Frances Mahony Helen Moody Lllhan Murphy Eleanor Nelly Anna Pxerson Ethel Rogers Elxzabeth Rutan Edythe Rutan Helen Sarles Dorothy Shaw Vxola Stewart M ud Stowe Gertrude Thompson Elsxe Thompson Gladys Thompson Maebelle Whelan Mary Whltenack Dorothy Woehr Mary FRESHMAN CLASS olfe Ianxce 1464141671116 Course Bercovxcx Gordon Cook A nol Crane Charles Emerson Edward annon Cyrxl Gaty Clmton Goldey John Gustavson W llxam ensen Maurltxus Kayhart Fred Mactarlan Ste man McCormack Roxbury Melxck Clyde Ne mark Ne son Parker Elllot VanBrunt Norman Wmer Louxs Baldwm Em: y Behrbohm Mar1e Gannon Kathleen Keeler Edxth Leprohon Loxs Mulhall Elizabeth Potts ane Reed Emxlxe Reeve Florence Ryan Helen Shelley Mary Smlth Evelyn Swanger Mary Vancleve Elxzabeth Wxlson Margaret Teclm cal Course Anderson Swen Appleby Arthur Ayres Donald Babnngton Fred Bartman Edward Bave Edwm Boal Henry Broderxclc Edward Chadvuclc Howard Chesney Walter Clark Wllham Collms Harry Cowell Gordon Cul en Charles Cum mgs Wlllxam Dorman Mxllard Dugan Wxllxam Gerard Kenneth Glanvxlle Paul Harter Harold Henry Vernon Hogg James Hogg John Hough Robert Ray John Larlun Arthur Monahan Everxtt Reld John Rellly John Saxler Stanley Salny Harold chanean Leon Smxth Paul Thompson Howard Thompson Robert Tucker Walter Van Gelder Norman Weaver Douglas Webb Fred Yawger LeMont Hoffman ean C077l77l87'C7t1, Course Blrd Franklyn Bra ley James Buchner Robert Cahlll Thomas Carton Thomas Covert Isaac I r W , ' , . ' , 1 Y' 1' -' . . , , ' . . . , r d . ' . , I ' ' . 1 , , 1 G sl m. Q . . 1 , ' . ' , ' . . . ' 'f , i - - . . J ' . . l, ' ' 1 ' 1 lla. d, d Q 1 . , Q ' . Q 1 .. . W ' I 1 1 , I ' Q s . - R00-1'AfHO1f1 Kifohell,Ralph . Q. ' . s . Q - 1 . v . . , ' . , J- 1 . 1 - . 1 . d . - ' . d ' r 1 . , ' . . ' . .J ' Q v . . , . 1 Q 1 1 I 1 Q Q Q 1 1 . ' - 1 1 1 D Q 1 1 5 J' 1 . I 1 ' 1 3 ' . f . 1 . 1 " 1 1 d ' 1 1 . ' 1 . 1 ' I 1 1 . " 1 1 ' Foley Robert Heuser Milton Myers Raymond Oates Charles Pierson Elias Ramsey Lewis Redstone Paul Thompson Burroughs Tuers Edward Vanderhoof Reginald Watson Nathaniel Wicklitfe Charles A rams Lillian Barhanes Adelai Bauer Emily Beston Frances Clauson Edith Cleary Mary Coe Gladys Ceel Leola Corbett Mary Cutler Frances Dalton Rose Desmond Alice Ely Rosalie Evans Christine Evans Edith Foran Madeleine Glanville Katharine Graham adie Hays Mildred Herndelc Pauline Hill Anna Hoover Mabel Hoxvells Bertha Kiely Madeleine Laragh M'ldred Lawler Charolotte Leighton Gladys Linclstrom Hulda Loretz Leona Loretz Louise Mack Janet Marinaro Lucy MacNaughton Margaret Oliver Gladys Peer Myra Pierson Gladys Prior Lillian Prophet Annie Robson Gertrude Roff Gertrude Schillind Dorothy Schlesinger Gertrude Shipman Frances Stewart Laaretta tone Ruth Thompson Dorothea Vansyclcle Hulda Yanwinlcle Olive Volz Hilda Wise Thelma I 1 Q , . . . . . . . , Q . . - . , . . . . . 1 , , S . Q 1 Q . . D. -. . -, b , , . , de , . - Q 1 S QQ Bauman, Carolyn Kinnaird, Kathryn Sutherland., Catherine 1 I 1 1 Q Q . ' , . ' . . 9 1 I 5 1 H Q ! Q Q ' 9 'I I . 6 ....---...-,., .5 , 'IP V'-3 . , ,Hweb 'il I f X1 XQXA XYFIUUL YDLENVER Se t Sept Sept ept Oct t Oct Oct Oct Nov o Nov o Nov Dec 8 School opened wxth the largest enrollment ex er recorded Many pupils from outlymg cl1str1cts attend Resumptxon of real worlc Marlon Byrne startled school by havxng her haxr bobbed A new system of marchmg between classes adopted Fxrst call for basketball candxdates sent out Many put ln thexr appearance and a successful season xs predxcted Senior Class organizes and a programme IS mapped out Actxvxtxes for the year planned The Junior Class organizes xm Maclntvre has a puncture on Atno Avenue causing hxm to change a tlre Flrst meetmg of the Llterarv C1 b Ofhcers elected for sophomores orgamze and plan for a busy year Mr Young s famous orchestra puts ln 1ts fxrst appearance Plano recxtal by Professor Angelo Patrxcolo a noted pxanxst Mxss Brown falls to QIVC a notlce for the first txme smce school opened School closes wxth special exercxses for the Thanlcsglvmg vacatxon Boys basketball team xnaugurates season by defeatxng Newark Technxcal School 38 19 Gxrls defeat alumnae xn an mterestmg game Iliff U ,J 5 ll l ' V P . : 1 l - Q . V . . 15: ' . . . 18: ' ' ' , S . 29: ' . . 6: ' ' . ' Oc . 10: ' ' ' . . . 14: ' ' . ' . MJ' W9 V ' . 25: ' ' ' ' , 11 . the first team and a programme worked out. . 6: ' . N v. 11: . ' ' ' . . 19: . . . q . . . N vu 25: . . . . . . v . 26: D Q. . . . . . . 5: ' ' . ' . .' ,1 -Qi ' 'Z' e 'Za' fl' , 5' riffs 45' X if 9 14' 4' Dec. 13 Dec. 19 - Dec. 23 Jan. 5. Jan. 22' e Fe Fe Mar Mar Mar Mar Mal' pr Apr Apr pr pr May 4 May 71 19- -:- 4- 1:- .:' 4. .., gpll .i,',i11i , Columbia Glee Club gives concert under the auspices of the Senior Class. Junior Class entertains the Seniors with an enjoyable dance. Seniors certainly appreciated the occasion. Christmas exercises held and featured by speeches from members of the alumni who are attending college. School reopens and all start out on second lap of the school year. Mr. Jack Miner gives a very interesting illustrated lecture on birds Spanish play directed by Miss Baer given before the school Although probably no one lcnew what it was about, all enjoyed the performance Biggest snow storm in years causes school to close Mr McKenzie gives an interesting lecture on wild game of North America M Brook throws baseball through one of the gymnasium windows breaking the window First signs of spring appear Robin seen on the school lawn Many seniors have spring fever Dr Milton Littlefield a graduate of Morristown High School at chapel malces an appeal to students for funds to aid the Armenian Relief Daylight saving plan caused much con fusion and many pupils talce advantage of the plan bv coming late Mr Ware takes his car out of pawn no longer requiring the services of the taxi The biggest event of the year Senior Class presented their play The Arrival of Kitty The play was a huge success and a large sum of money was realized Seniors reproduce The Arrival of Kitty for the benefit of the Armenian War Relief Morristown loses final game of Whitney Cup Series to Boonton by a score of 19 13 Boys basketball team holds annual banquet at the Y M C A Edward Pettit was elected Captain and Raymond Zindle manager of next year s team William Baynes gives stereoptlcon lecture on the preserva tion of birds Boys Overall Club parades to school led by Mr Carter The H C L will surelv come down Girls organize Overall Club and march to school First Baseball game M H S defeats Chatham in a weird game 15 14 Baseball Team defeats Madison 9 2 F b. 5 ' . b. 13- ' . b. 26' . . 9: ir. I . ' . 18: ' ' U ' ' . ' ' . Y . 0 1 Q . t I I . 27: .I u '. , ' ' , .301 ' ' ' I . ' ' A . 1: ' ' M D ' I ' . M . eg ' u D ' ' . . . . Q u I 1 s . - A .2o: V' ' u , . . A . 27: ' . I I I . . Apr. 29: Commencement music started by Prof. Edward Young. 7: Q - D l - . isfe-:F "5 N-V-,....,, S. nwfoduf rs up atv-eef Lhl' h art, f aw rw 41 tamsth- ' . 2' , . A . t 4 fu: a-"5 of 'S f I A 1 I I I I I V .11 I-I III Im: va.: lil - 90 oo Organimil tw flqv I I I ,v,,o,.l, ll' 1 1,4 , ar rvr-+- "1- .II AI II as ll , X I I 1 . I I I I I . I I . I I I I I I -4-.. I I , . . ..- .1, r ,I . .ll 'argl' 'gf Q453, I I Kg' I C . " ' . 5 -- - I ,I J 4 .. f'If' :JJ D - l - ' I I I I - I I I I ' ' ', -T, : I I I I 'I' ." 7 iiutergrwlub 3f'I'!l 5' FTER a 1111 of several years those wxth literary mclmatxons were gxven an opportunlty to further thexr lcnovs ledge along these lxnes thls year Several amlaxtxous students mostly senxors who are ever desxrous of accomplxshmg good dxscovered that l1terature holds a lofty posxtlon xn our xves So ln order to better our lxves hy mcreasmg our educatxon, a llterary club was formed Early last fall at a well attended mass meetxng a constxtutnon was drawn up and the followxng ofhcers were elected to serve for the fxrst semester President Alxce Brown Vxce Presxdent Robert Trowbrldge Secretary Richard Davls Treasurer Charles Conquest meeting on one school night each month when members and frxends vsho were mterested Ullgllf gather for an evenmgs entertamment The gathermgs were well attended and in all cases those present erjoyed the speeches and readmgs very much Many expressed the thought that wxth proper support the Lxterary Club would m txme mold ltself lnto one of the school s strongest organxzatxons The Thanlcsgxvmg exercxses were placed entxrely ln the hands of the club and the smooth an entertalnmg manner nn whxch they were conducted clearly demonstrated that thxs branch of the Endlxsh Depart ment was malung rapxd strxdes The hrxstmas CXCTCISCS as a result were glven over to the Literary Club and the feature of this entertaxn ment was the speeches by members of the alumnx who are attendmg college The lI'l5tltl1tlOl"l5 represented were Prxnceton Colum na ornell Wxlllams and Bucknell The plan an experxment proved hlghly successful and further steps m thls dxrectlon are lbemg planned Ar the start of the second semester another electxon was held and the followlnd went mto ofhce Presxdent Margaret Foster VICC Presx dent Wxlllam Duffy Secretary Ruth Wxlson Treasurer Wxllxam Fschmann Lxterature ln the Hxgh School up to the present year has not been gxven the attentxon that xt deman s hut now that the xce has been lwrolcen all loval students should contxnue their efforts to further the worlc mtroduced so successfully by the orgamzers of the Lxterary Club Q I my o Q I id! -11, l L . . . . . - 1 l l . 1 . , . I l Q A 1 . . . . 1 I Q l : . Q . : . - 1 1 Q 1 x The purpose in view when the club organized was to conduct a . . . , . ' d . . . . . . . l C . . ' ' . v - , D . . . . - . b. 1 C 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . 1 . x U : Q . Q -. . - - , 'Q ., 2 1 . . . Cl 1 . 1 , ' ' V V' Y P- V A? X' AST THE C. DRAMATICS RAMATICS reached then' zemth ln the lugh school on the evenxng of March 30 when the senlor class presented thexr play The Arrxval of Kxtty a farce m three acts Never before m the hxstory of the school has anythmg xn dramatxcs been attempted that could compare wlth the efforts of the class of 1920 In the years gone by plays and other forms of dramatxcs have been produced wxth varxed results but all must bow down before those who presented thls year s success Late last fall at a special meetxng of the executxve board The Arrn al of Kitty was selected as the play to be glven before the publlc at some later date Immedxately after the Christmas holldays preparahons started ln earnest the cast with understudxes was chosen managers and dxrectors were elected and all loolced forward to the tlnal day Now came a long perlocl of worlc, rehearsals were held several txmes each weelc the busmess and stage managers hurrxed about loolung after thexr respective utles ln fact everyone worlce Times came when the cast would practxcally gxve up in despaxr but under the systematxc coachlng of Mr Carter thmgs managed to rxght themselves untxl but one weelc remamecl At thls poxnt every one labored to the best of hls ablllty puttxng the final and important touches to the play noble efforts had sold every seat m the house so a large crowd was antxcxpatecl At last the tlnal nxght arrlved At 8 15 the curtaxn went up and the show started before an audxence that filled every seat and all avallable standmg room ln the audxtorlum The presentation was a splendxd achxewement and all Joxned heart xly ln congratulatmg the superb worlc accomplished by the cast and ex eryone xn anyway connected wxth the productxon The play was such a huge success that two days later when t became known that money was to be raxsed for the Armenxan Relief xt was reproduced for thxs purpose The second performance was equally successful an over one undred dollars was reallzed for the starvmg people across the sea Mr Ray C Carter who so ably coached the play deserves endless pralse tor hxs llhflflhg' efforts Wlthout hxm nothmg could have been accomplxshed Mxss Pnerce who lundly rendered her mvaluable ser vxces also recexves much credxt fhe business manager George Holland and stage manager, George rat' worlced unceasmgly to crown the plav a success The senxor class heartxly thanks all who xn any manner contrxbuted to the success of the play especxally the Morrxstown School for the use of thexr scenery .x n ' 'n , . . . 2, d ' 4 ' d. ' In the meantime George Holland, the business manager, through , i d I1 ' E ' G , ' , . I' 41 s . P ' D- x in :Ai WW, , a:nf 1:1 u:u u:s 1:1 i 1:1 come to my arms Sll1llO6 NIISS Barns New maxk He loxe-Q me he loum me not Kllhtoe Iloqefield A nl ll .lg ,--1 uL' - I- i ii- I-1 I .I I:- I Qi xl I - Il' l.l u"n 0 I Qw 1 1: i I tl 4 p.u -:- , .. , V -, 'Z' i, -, V- , ' Y , : 1,,:f.'iV ,, : 'Q , . l-Z .J nr 'fi W X X N X QDEBATINGW I I ll i i I X Q L .. 5 1 W 4. i--Q ga, 9' nz: :Zi 1:11 DEBATING ORE than twelve hundred and flfty persons gathered 1n our heautxtul audxtorxum on March 19 when the representatlve e lvatxng teams of our school and the Dover Hxgh School met xn a battle of brams on the rostrum before the enthusxastxc and loyal student assembly of our Alma Mater It was the fourth txme that we had contested xn the Rutgers Inter scholastlc Dehatxng League and for the fourth tlme were destlned to lose the declsxon of the Judges Certamly 1t was a case of fate we were not to wm But we are not xscourage and we have hrxdht hopes for the future for the first tlme smce our entrance mto the Rutgers League, our team was composed of members of the unxor Class, while our alternate was a member of the gra uatxng class In more than one way t e selectxon of such a team 15 advantageous to our school It means that a weteran trxo wxll represent MOrf1StOWn Hxgh School next year and under careful coachmg of Professor Carter we have entxre conndence that next gear s team wxll break the xce an wxn for Morrxstown After several weeks of hard fought prel1m1nary arguments., the varsxty team was Fmally chosen and was made up by Raymond G Zlndle Wxllxam J Duffy Marcus Ossre and Mxss Ruth Oates alter nate At a meetmg of the team Raymond Zlndle was elected captam whxle Alexander Brook was chosen to help Mr Carter ln coachmg the team When the long antxcxpated evenmg arrxved xt was Mr C Franklxn Wxlson who sat xn the chaxrman s seat of honor and called upon the wxt of Morrxstown and Dover xn respectxve order At last the affxrmatxve rebuttal speech had been given nd the decxsxons of the Judges were called for One could hear the cock txckmg as Mr Wilson opened the large envelopes wxth the leaders of each team standmg hesxde hxm One was opened and then another but no Sign from elther d hater The fatal thlrd was read and a cheer went up on the Dover slde of the house M0flSfOWh had lost by a two to one decxsxon Mr W C Sterne of New York Mr C H Lane of Summlt and Dr H W Kxce of Wharton were the Judges thxs year . .. 1 . d- . . ' 1 '. d' d, 'U . d' . ,h . Y . . . . Q . 1 . Y , . . d. . . D 1 I . g .. . Q g . 1 - . . Q . .' . . . 1 n Q .. l . , ga .. . . 1 .. 0. Q. . . .. . . . S n . ". . .Q , ., , 'Q 0- . I I ' 1:1 ' X The question of debate, NResolved: That immigration should be prohibited for at least tive years," was indeed an interesting one. our team did well in upholding the affirmative side of the argument and proved their issues in a logical manner. Marcus Ossre in introducing the subject showed that a change in our immigration for a temporary period was the only legitimate procedure. The expediency of this prohibition of immigration for the proper adjustment of present econ- omic conditions was clearly expounded by William Duffy. Captain Zindle showed that it was also expedient in an Americanization program which will have as its purpose the assimilating and making thoroughly loyal Americans of all aliens coming to this country. On these funda- mental principals were based many logical arguments interesting and persuasive. The essential issues of the negative were refuted in a precise manner by Capt. Zindle. In fact., all of their most corroborative statements came to an untimely end in the rebuttal We congratulate the team upon their splendid worlc In closing we wish to reiterate that we are not discouraged by the mark that we have set in debating And we wish further to say that we have great expectations and confidence that the 1920 1921 debating team will be a winner I 0 . . ,,,, - - M ,-- - ATHLETIC 1 is E im Z:J'0ll A b X X ,Q N as If Q: QQ BOYS ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION HAROLD BOCKOVEN 20 PRESIDENT ROBILRT TROWBRIDGE 21 VICE PRESIDENT RICHARD DAVIS 22 SECRETARY RICHARD HORSEFIELD, '20 - - - TREASURER it Y S 1n the years gone by Morrxstown High chool was represented bv a fast basketball team Although much lxghter than the teams ot the past this years squad proved xtself equal 1n all respects The season was a great success both xn v1ctor1es and finances The team plaved the hardest schedule ever attempted by any M0rf1StOWh Hxgh School hve and came through with a large share of vxctorxes Ot the twenty two games playe our tossers won fifteen and lost seven a record to be proud of Thls season some of the state s fastest qulntets were met such as Hoboken Bloomfield West Orange and East Sxde fNewarlc Mo rxstown defeated each of the above teams on our own court a record ot whxch probablv no other state team can boast Besxdes these strong teams many other teams of hxgh callbre were met and xn most cases defeated The one thlng that marred the season was the loss of the Whntney Cup which went to Boonton High School The local team started the serles bv defeatxnd Chatham who led at the end of the fxrst half by a s ore of 20 16 but when our machxne started the v1s1tors were smothered and the game ended wlth a score of 37 21 1n our favor ext we met Roxbury and defeated them 1n a slow and unlnter estmg game by a score of 40 23 Boonton had defeated Madison so MOrr1StOWn ha to meet the former xn the game to d6Clde the cup wxnner Thxs game was played before one of the largest crowds that exer packed the Y M C A gymnasxum The conHxct started and M0rf1StOWh led at the end of the first half 12 8 but fell down xn t e second half and Boonton won the cup Morrxstown has won the cup tw1ce whxle Boonton gaxned xt for the Grst txme so our team next year has a good chance to restore lt to Morristown for good The season opened December 5 agamst Newark Tech and resulted 1n an easy vxctory for our team 38 19 The next game resulted another victory over East S de H gh School Thls game was one of the hardest played durxng the season the final score readmg 25 24 'If' Nm Q f . . q . . . , . n o . l - d v Q Q . ' , , , ' o . r- 1 . - I 17 5 1 a v C ' 1 N . . - . ' Q . h Q , l n I .. - . xn i i . ' 1 ' . X r . J l lu n r 1 , 'Z' ,,-f4. ,, 'Z' ' -I-ff -1- .g. Ziggy:- Il lx ll ll ll ll G3 L. 63 .C Q m Q-4 - . lf Lf? N E -Z. 2 '44-1 2:13 as C QE ' . ag- u'- Eg. ds. CO LE .fa DD. :dd no aid' l:l Eg: Co 'Tx 53 . gm 2:6 ,L- E73 Q37-1. . 531. ln U ' r: O U D.: ' I X I I I. ll n -1' u ' v 1 n t i pf' u 'fiiifi I Q ' Vg 1. ,, u u 1 n , I , -, nl ,. , ,Mx '1he fol owing weelc we agaln met thls team on thelr own battle grounds an met our hrst defeat Kearney came next and scored only three poxnts whxle our color bearers collected sxxteen The followmg two encounters resulted defeats at the hands of West Orange and Hoboken ow came a strmg of seven consecutxve vxctorles In thxs run South Orange was beaten twlce and Madison Sprxngfleld Chatham West Orange and Hoboken one each Of these seven games the Hoboken game was the fastest After a flerce struggle and a brand of basketball that grasps the spectator our team finally won 21 20 The chaxn of vxctorxes came to a ha t w1t a Jolt when a most un expected defeat was dealt out by Dover In a game featured by Morris town s poor playxng Dover defeated us 26 25 Bloomheld was en ountered and vanqulshed after a mlghty struggle Wxth less than a mmute to play and Bloomfield leadxng 28 27 a long shot bt one of the local team gave us the game by the close score of 25 24 then for revenge Dover was taclcled and easily defeated We lost our only game to Morristown School our close rxvals after wmnmg eleven straxght games on the Hxgh School court Chatham was now mvaded and defeated 26 20 and then the ltney Cup serxes started wlth the result prevxously mentxone Thxs year s team IS composed almost entxrely of underclassmen so a good team wxll probably be avallable next year Of the elght men on the squad only Capt Horsefleld Boclcoven nd Conquest leave so wxth the Eve remamlng men a team that wxll ably defend Morrlstown Hxdh School should easxly be obtalned The Team Rlchard Horsefield 1920 Horse the captaln and star forward leaves thxs vear Durxng the season he scored the largest number of Feld and foul goals Thls season he dld not mlss one game and es Rlchard Davis 1922 Dlclc the other forward ranlcs second the number of poxnts scored The feature of hrs work IS hrs passmg abxlxty He wxll be one of the shmxng lxghts next season E ward Pettxt 1921 Cyclone as he IS sometxmes calle is a xery tlttmg name for hxm As a runnmg guard he plays a time game and added greatly xn the scormg Next year he 15 to captaxn the team Vmcent Butera 1921 Vmce IS a tlne guard He stxclcs to hls post and always holds hxs man down to a few baskets He also wxll be baclc m school next year Nelson Mxntz 1921 Nels while he played was a great centre an ma e the second largest number of Held goals After playlng fifteen games he left school Hrs loss was keenly felt Rosarxo Mxschxera 1921 dxd not have much chance to display hns abxlxty but when gxven a chance he showed up ln great style , 1 . . . . d . ' . ' in N . . . . . . . . . 1 . h . - Wh' ' ' ' ' cl. ' 1 Q a l I tablished a record that will make his place hard to 511 next season. ' ' ' J ' .li 1 C1 - ' Tu 'vs - - di - d d , I . ' ' ' ' ' Qlsarii ' " 'fl' , -A Q. 71.1 V Harold Bocl-coven 1920 Bock although he played m only nme games always showed up to the best of hxs abxlxty He leaves tlus year Charles Conquest 1920 Connxe lllce Boclcoven d d not often get xnto the game but always when put 1n the fray played a good guard game Rxchard Sxllxtoe 1920 Monk managed the team and deserves great credit for the manner ln whlch he carrxed out hxs work throug the season ames A Maclntyre 1914 Mac coached the team thls season and a loolc at the long lxst of vxctorles IS all that 15 necessary to tell of his work STATISTICS INDIVIDUAL F G Tata Horsefield ccaptj F Davxs Mmtz N C Pemr Butera G Nlxschxera Boclcoven F Conquest G Opponents MHS Opp Newark Tech East Sxde H S East Sxde H S Kearney H S West Orange H Hoboxen H S South Orange H Madxson H S Sprlngheld H S South Orange H West Orange H SUMMARY OF SEASON M H S Hoboken H S Chatham H Dover H S Bloomfield H S ummxt H S Dover H M0fr1SfOWn Prep Chatham H Chatham H Roxbury H S Boonton H S OPP , 1' , , 1 . . . . . h J - . - .-". Y' . ' G. F.G. I. . 1 . , . ......... 22 121 56 298 ' , F ..................... 21 30 45 105 ' , .. . ................. 15 34 0 68 ' , G. .................... 22 30 4 64 , .................... 20 2 0 4 .' ' , F. ................. 16 21 5 47 , .................. 9 4 3 11 , . ................. 9 0 1 1 M. H. S. ............... 22 242 114 598 22 182 115 478 . .......... 19 21 . ......... 20 ' . . ......... 24 42 . S ......... 16 ' . . ......... 44 25 . . ......... . . 26 f . .......... 3 29 . . ...... . 28 . S ...... 25 24 S ' . .......... 25 ' . .......... 42 39 . S. ........... 11 . S. ..... 14 28 ' . ...... 32 ' . .......... 18 26 . S ......... 20 ' . ........ 13 37 . S ......... 21 . S. ..... 22 40 . . ........ . 23 . S. ..... 14 13 . .......... 19 598 479 ,I X ,Qs Baseb II ZX! if W 'Q by E' y Q X v " ASEBALL started vs xth a rush our team wxnnlng both games played to date As thls book goes to press Chatham and Madxson Hxgh Schools have been defeated and to keep up the good work seven more games appear on the schedule The season opened May 4th when the team journeyed to Chatham and defeated the hxgh school team of that place 1n a wexrd game that contamcd all sorts of baseball ust before the game started a heavy shower made the 'Held very slxpperv and to Held the ball was a dxfflcult Job Thxs partly accounts for the brand of ball dlsplayed by both teams The nnal score read Morrlstown 15 and Chatham 14 Not so bad for a start Tom Murphy twxrled for the locals and although h t ha d he pxtched a taxr game consxderxng the fact that xt was hxs tlrst game The next game wlth MadlSOn was one that everyone expected to go to t e vxsltors for they had a won erful team and a Hue record But remember the old adage Dont count your cluclcens before they are h h d atc e The game started well for us when nn the tlrst xnnlng a run crossed the plate Madxson scored nn their halt of the second nd txed the score but then the thxrd xnmng came and what happened then was a crxme When the third man had been put out seven runs had crossed the plate and we led 8 to 1 The opposmg twlrler was knocked out of the box and the new pxtcher was hxt hard for our players were wallopxng the ball to all corners of the Held After thxs sessxon both teams settled down and lxttle scorxng was done only one run bemg scored by each nxne The game ended with a score of 9 to 2 an overwhelmxng vxctory for Morrxstown H1gh School 1m Murphy pltched a great game and recexved wonderful support Seven more games remam on the schedule and all are loolung forward wxth mterest to the results of these encounters Keep up the good work .-:""r K N SL 5 -' ' A J , f fxx wx , -N NJ x 1 W X Rl K '-If Q y o Q 4 , f, V f Q x'X':,fA tit X sl - 1 ll El, -24 A .X +I- Y - H --ww Q... ' .- 5 . ' Q. . Q . '. i r ' I1 ' ' , d ' . no an ...- .- ,-4 -. ... .-. - .-1 .4 .- .1 .1 X Xi ' ' I a W ' --H qw- -- - H-AA 1 - . 'I K ' ' - - ,. . j 1. , ,LN -W S 1 1 1 ', . Y - - . 2 , I 12 I Av 5 :Q GJ :cu 3... f'--. me ""' I I-Q I :LD 0 . :- ZS...- ri Lu aw . ga, - :B - La WJ A ,- K5 Ego o . QU .GJ P5122 :aa . ,.,, - . 1 -D1 A ai? :nga EL' I-GJ fk' , Q54 . .'. L55 "' , -.E 2-U brm ,,,.- '42 si GJ Q 1 c ,LC U . . o ... in . 1 :rl 1. .QM .:. .:. 3 , 1v-nag. ps-Jus-vJ, L-4 1.. L 47 FTER a perxod of several xears o xnactxvxty track was revxved last year and the season proved verv successful If thxs year s trac sports are gnven the proper attentxon Morrxstown should be well represented The 1919 Memory Boolc went to press at such an early date that verv lxttle was mentxoned concernmg track so xt xs only proper that we Last season two meets were entered by our athletes one a dual meet wxth Summxt and the MOYYIS County Schools Meet Both of these ewents fell to the wearers of the Maroon and Whxte The Summxt contest was halted by raxn but not untxl three events had been run oft All three hrst were awarded to Morrxstown and the final score read Q3 3 xn our favor Next came the Morris County Meet and our color bearers wa ke away wxth xt Practically every hrst p ace was won by Morrxstown and all four cups presented now rest 1n the school cabmet Thxs years team 15 expecte to accomplxsh bxg thmgs and May 28 the day of the County Meet Morrxstown wxll probably have won another champxonshnp Wxth one exceptxon the team remams xntact from last year The relav team which won the cup m 1919 composed of Peanut Howe Charley Toms Monk Slllxtoe an Dxck Horsetleld 15 as good as ever an probably better The sprxnts wxll be ably taken care of by Horseheld Slllxtoe and Howe while a host of athletes are out for the other events All of these things put together seem to pomt to another vxctory for the Morrxstoxvn High School when the fxeld xn the rear of the school IS completed track work wrll probably progress much more rapxdly an all are loolung forward to the dav when such contests wxll be held on these spacious grounds x A l ' L. f A- ' V Y'-"-'- 'v'5-'.',-f.' v' Y - V 4, , 1 1 ... . iv f . . . Q . - , . . ' ' k do so on this page. ' 1 d . . . d . . . on n an 1 ns ' QQ Q as M - - d .. M . d . . . i . . , ' d 1 'n ':' 7 X 'T' K1 rl Fr' i i 1 I F is W IV ' 1 4 5 I H r w LAM THE TRACK 7,-'Z as 4- -:- 4- -:- -:- f A -A A - ' A '4?fFTU 1f':'T?1+?f4T':",fi--iiijiliy M44 4412- A4" .:.4f-'ji U, M , X .H 1 FF!! Wi f I U-L I, fi M I pd 44 'PL T- ' 72? pg f qw rfuknff A GyrnClu N55 6 M 9 nap: sf or-f gf-sun ,A 'Q hat einer- , N squat "' c nan NHG n cnovvbb Q1 Qlfg' KOINXXLI' Knttfj n Ho f-nie d Cdpta Q Captaln MGX Q Capta n Howe A 1 - 1 1 1 .:, .:. .j. .:. .:. Q. f' K """'!r'il 'H- Cli"6f"P K ? K To 'LEE BASKETBALL RICIIHFCI Horseheld Nelson Mlntz Rosarxo Mxschlara Edward pettlt Vlncent Butera Wxllxam Conquest Harold Boclcoven Rlcl-.ard Davls TRACK Fay Ho e Charles Toms Rlcharcl S llxtoe Rxcharcl Davxs Carl ohnson Anthony Bontempo BASEBALL Raymond Meve s ames Murphy Sheldon Scobl Rxchard Sxllltoe ames Cahxll Rlchard Horsefreld Rosarxo Mxschlara Paul Glanv lle ohn Terrern Wa en Mahoney GIRLS BASKETBALL DEBATING Ruth Carr Marlon Byrne Elsa Mowbray Ida ordan Marcxa Wnlcox Kay Cameron Helen Carr Anna Collxns Beatrxce Couch R 3.yl"nOl'ld Zlfldle Marcus Ossre Wl1l18.lT'l Du Ruth Oates il Ki H l n l Richard Sillifoe Richard Horseheld Robert Trowbridge ' J . . . - i - e J . . . gy J 1' r- .f " 'fi 0Qlvr Al, 45A,4g,4la'l-'l,'L 4h..4!, -uft. rn, T GIRL rzgvriigome 7. axe Iooqos amp to 51.113 amp 12111 pods Aluo sup sr 'TIVQALHXSV really gxven a chance to mdulge ln and thxs IS probably the reason for thexr wonderful showmg at the game Ever sxnce the gxrls started every case establlshed a thls year s sextette lay a better claxm to the eblv defended our hrgh school thls season Durmg the year some of the states best teams were encountered and everyone of them recexved a defeat from our the court game they have had teams that xn tlne record but the team that tops the llst 15 Pro ably no other team ln the state can state champxonshxp than the squad that so Ama ons Eleven games were played and nme of these showed Morrxstown on the long en of the score The tlrst nxne contllcts were won but after a long lay off two games were lost m rapxd successxon but oth of the teams had pI'CV1OllSly been defeated and by much larger scores The team was practxcally composed of gnrls from the underclasses only one senxor holdxng down a posxtzon so next season lf they all return Morrxstown will be the home of probably the state s fastest female basketball team Most of the games played were captured by one Sl ed scores and the reason for thls lles ln the shootxng ablllty of the star forwards Ruth Carr and Elsa Mowbrax Thus paxr of forwar s work perfectly together their all aroun ablllty causlng many a team to return home with bowed head The plvot posxtxon was held by Kay Cameron a real player ln every sense of the word She was ably assxsted by Anna Collms who played slde center Both return next fall In one game the opponents were hel scoreless and m another they recenved but one pomt The reason for these low scores xs Captam flelen Carr and Marlon Byrne the stellar guards alw ays play a fme game Marcxa Wxlcox and Tda ordan though substltutes always showed up ln hne style when they were chosen to play Beatrice Couch the manager of the team should be congratulated upon the manner ln whrch she dxd her work Miss Muchmore, 1916, coached the gxrls thxs season, and deserves great praxse for her ab1l1ty m turmng out such a successful team. --u el- -I 1 . Y . 2T?ltx ffwj fili-ENV ' .ix-PM M Kem, ff :nt r l lt N A Z 1 a 3 "A Y-f qdfx A- -Av- f -A-W.w- A A A A A A -1 YA A . Q . . . . , , . a 1 v Q Y . z . d - . - Q b Q Q Q . . ., f . ' ' v ' Q cl ' . d ' . , 1 ' , 9 ci . . l , l A 5 Q ' A J . . V 1 5 . STATISTICS INDIVIDUAL Ruth Carr Flsa Mowbray Ida ordan M H S Opponents SUMMARY OF SEASON A1L'l!'l'lfll Roxbury H Orange H Bloomfield H Chatham H ummlt H Dover H S Dover H Bloomfleld H S mmlt H S 340 , - ................ 69 I ................... 9 . . . ............... .154 M.H.S. 36 ' .......... M. H. 37 Orange H. . . . M.H.S. 52 M.H.S. 11 . M.H.S. 32 .S.. M.H.S. 68 .S.... M.H.S. 33 S ' M.H.S. 16 . M.H.S. 18 .S. ..... . M.H.S. 18 . M.H.S. 19 Su ' . ?l"fQ-:7-- Y- ---- Vf-- 4- --- A . W H ,,--, ,, , ,Mv,,,,- - --W A-S-H I Il l .. ,- ,. ..,,, -..N +,. -f 3:3 - l:l-l '5':,L:?: -1:rv i V -H :T -:- , ,, ,,. ,.,, -- 1 I ff' -'lu ......5 Bar Rtrdeflq R-IQX A.. E Cwvr Lkkkat mm-1 ofa navf .33 hz: GR SS gy-1' Coovvcfw' a'f L . -. 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Qs xg Vge- -s 4 S.: -4 1:55 X' P4 FET KT, x A . :J 5 x. 7 V- 'h , Og gl 4 'R ii, - ff ', :-, -, - - -:. ,: 9' 5.-Av a' - ' s , - '.:.,,,. 'Lf "Li f v ' ' '-X Jw, DON'T LET YOUR MEMORY FO RGET THAT WE ARE THE OFFICIAL OUTFITTERS FOR MORRISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Gymnasi m Equipment an Outfits Baseball Tennis Track Football Basketball F A TROWBRIDGE CO 17 SOUTH STREET MORRISTOWN N I H P Wxtte R Rxcharcls Pres Treas H P WITTE COAL CO COAL AND WOOD Telephone 131 MORRISTOWN N I Offace Jerseyman Bulldxng' THE WASHINGTON NEWS STATIONERY Wholesale and Retall M es Cxgars n Tobacco u d . . . , . . Newspapers, agfazin , ' a d , . . 1 A ah . Eugene S. Burke, President M. T. Burke, Secretary J. I'I. Guerin, Vice President A. M. Guerin, Treasurer F11 SIIG 111' C 03. and WOOCI Telephone 886 887 OFFICE 11 park Place YARD 175 Morrxs Street MORRISTOWN Confectxonery 15 South Street For the best and most clelxcxous French and Amerxcan Ice Cream lates and Bon Bons Try PARK CONFECTIONERY Where Qualxty Rexgns Home Made Caramels a Speclalty BARKALOW S SOCIETY ORCHESTRA An organ atxon composed almost entxrely of ex servxce men who know how to lay an lrresxstxble barrage of dance luts Endorsed y t e most exclusxve clubs 1n ew ersey LAIRD BARKALOW 13 Dxrector Becker Bu lcl ng Phone 1375 W C 1 Park ' ' and Home Made Candies, Choco- I - ' , , , b' lm ' . ' N I . 1 S fl' S' , 'P f' Telephone 750 W. F. Day CATERER AND CONFECTIONER RESTAURANT BAKERY Park Place Morristown N Statxoners M393 mee WM J NOLTE TOBACCONIST 42 Speedwell Avenue Next to Palace Theatre Com plxm ents of M CLELLA N DRY GOODS CARPETS LINOLEUM UC Carpet Cleaning and Repairing Carryxng a lxne of imported and domestic cigars of unexcelled quallfy Telephone 183 Morrlstown N ' , .J. D.P. ' ,I C 7 ESTABLISHED IBUB CS Sfg C63i,ie?e5oe 5553 tlzfumiisa gurnizshflg nhs MADISON AVENUE COR FORTY FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone Murray Hzll 8800 FOR YOUNG MEN AND BOYS Complete School and College Clothmg Outfits Clothmg Furmshmgs Hats SZ Shoes Trunks Klt Bags and Dressmg Cases BROOKS BROTHERS 1 Yendjar Illustrated Catalogue Bosrou Nswrolrr Clbs H CORRECT FOOTWEAR Ol' Men Women and Children Complxments of LOUIS HAIMANN YOUR JEWELER I Auf ' SHOE STOI2 E 12. SO UTI-I STREE MORRISTOWN NEWJERSEY Medxcal treatment for foot axlments given on premises gm , i 1 ' I 1 1 , 1 1 1 New Buxdlng, convenxent to the ' Grand Central, Subway, and to many of the leading otels and l'rnzuorn'eon.lovl.ncn 220 lnuwul Avxuux U l ll 51 ,U Q ' , s ,y I O"5'lv-17 f ,,ffQ'fr'-1 175, :wt 5 J A, l7'f34g3..'t .f L.'-V-Lff:'fu,'v 7' , . , , . , , , . ,-,,,,..M,, -- ,.,, U ,, I I , I Y ,mil Y , , ,,. ,v4A, , x,A X Morristown Motor Car and Repair DISTRIBUTORS CHANDLER CHEVROLET PINE AND MORRIS STREETS PHONOGRAPHS COLUMBIA SONORA 8 RECORDS ALFRED A COLE FURNITURE BEDDING RUGS Billiard and Pool Tables Tel 433 J 7 So th Street E tabl shed 1830 FRANK S BURNETT The Gift Shop IJ S01 th Street Morrlstown N C 0. nd 1 u r 1 , Q I Eden Electric Washing Machines . - u 5 i W1 118111 HOTSCTICIA OHS HIGH GRADE PAINTERS J INTERIOR DECORATORS Dxstrxbutors of olmn W Masury 8 S0115 Colors P31I1f5 and V3l'n151'l6S Telephone 1465 I4 Pme Street Morrlstown N AVN, if W LADIES DISTINCTIVE READY TO WEAR Alwavs Someth ng' New THE ELGART SHOP 40 Speedwell Ave Morrxstown C W ENNIS Ee? CO Incorporated LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS Telephone 104 MOrYlSt0Wn N J l Q . . ' ' , .J. Uiiije iwcrkerbtuinn 31-33 South Street Morristown N We made the photographs for this book Telephone 1 1 4 Zllihz 5111 Bnllanh I D LYON QW!!! WATCHMAKER and OPTICIAN FOR Watches Dxamoncls ewelry WELL TAILORED SUITS AND uahfy Bw FURNISHINGS Me chants Block 27 Washxngton St Tel 21 W , .J. .' .I Q '- I ' 4 ' Telephone No. 143 E A CARRELL PHARMACIST Physxclans pf8SCflptlOnS Speclalty 31 outlm Street MOrf1SfOWh N THE FAIR ART EMBROIDERIES Laclles ancl Clulclrens Wearing Apparel 32 33 Park Pl Morrxstown N elephone 348 A G PHILLIPS Ed SON GENERAL HARDWARE Penlcmves Fxslung Taclcle Manual Trammg Tools Paxnts Stams and Varnxlxes 15 Park Place Morrxstown N I Estalallslmecl 1830 GEORGE E VOORHEES Morr sto n N HARDWARE and IRON MERCHANT Agricultural Implements Seeds Fertxlxzers Contractors Tools Faxr banks fs? Morse Gasolxne EHQIDCS llver Clullecl Plows Walter A Wood ancl Aclrxance Harvestlng Machxnery ohn Deere Low Down Manure preaclers ancl other machxnery of then' malce Also agent for the Celebrated Cleveland Caterplllar Tractor .. . .. 3 S ' . -1- - - ' . -J- T . i w, .I. , Q . . O. . . Q uf ' .J 1 S 1 Dunrsr:-Bnuruens MIJTUR CAR VICTOR A WISS fs? BRO 54 South Street MOfrlStOWH N ANTONIO BUTERA on ectlonery BOYS CLOTHING BOYS KNOW A GOOD THING Bovs lxlce the new lxttle touc we re show1ng ln these new clothes the plalts and yolces ancl belts the W have an assortment of suxts especxally for gracluatlon exercises and thev 11 stancl any form of exer cxse a boy xndulges xn Waxsts Shxrts Neckwear and Everythlng for Gracluatxon SALNY BROS 34 38 Speedwell Ave Morristown We are known for Better Values THE STATION PHARMACY M WSISS G We carry a tlne qualxty of D ugs Chemicals Toxlet Artxcles Candy Clgfa s and Soda Agent for Apollo Belle Mead and Samoset Chocolates C f ' , ' ' , . J. . I. ' , , , d . . h boy knows whafs what ' I Prescriptions Filled Day and Night e Telephone 288-W ilnrm Lfirnz High Grade T AILORS CLEANERS AND DYERS 13 South Street Morrxstow , l A , Telephone 191-W Try Us For any particular shoe. We not only shoe you But satlsfy you oo 65111121 iiurk Shar Lfiazaar Harry Beuchler Prop 28 peedwell Ave Morristown We Sell All Go d Standard Make Txres No Seconds KELLY SPRINGFIELD FIRESTONE GOODYEAR H UNITED STATES H SILVERTOWN CORDS Txres Guaranteed 15 000 Mxles Ameman Auto bupphes Gllnmpanp Zinc 11 South Street Morrxstown Bwgwa 8: 0111151 15 JOHN STREET NEW YORK CITY N Y Manufactu mg ewelers for the Lead ng' Colleges Schools and Assocxatxons Class Fraternlty Club and Society Pms Medals and Badges Lovmg Cups Plaqm es and Trophxes of All Descrlptxons D amonds Watches ewelry S lverware 0 ' , r ' n, N. S . . ' 0 . H H B B B B r' I Kelly-Springfield Caterpillar Truck i I - ' , N. J , i . : : : Maxwell and CIIHIITISFS pleasure HFS Maxwell TTL cks Jlnhn G1 IM Ik E dl lgarznna I IP SANITARY ENGINEER TINSMITH GARAGE HEATING AND PLUMBING Phone 1346 Represented In MOFF1SfOWH N ohn L Baldwin Telephone 576 Glnnzunwra Qlnal Gln G H Jones Manager PITTSTON AND SCRANTON COAL Wood of All Kmds Hoffman Buxldxng' Morristown 13 Gnlhztrtn RELIABLE FURRIER Now xs the txme to have your old furs remodeled at a low price 35 South Street Morxstown N J C , 1 Y Telephone 1294 7 , ' IM. IH. Euttnn Gln. 28 Waslxing'ton Street Garage ACCESSORIES SOLID TIRE PRESS Telephone 261-J OAKLAND MOTOR CARS C. H. Armstrong, Distributor 66 South St eet Morristown N Q 15 Graf SIGNS H1ghSrreer owbray LADIES AND GENTS TAILORING 'f 'il 'Z r ' , Jerseyman Building' , ,. "' Ai' ,, if ' Delivery Courtesy ECOHOITIY The Market lmere thrifty Ho sewives meet for meat Both 8: Gln Telephone 1470 Speedwell Largest Retail Butchers in America ilaatwnal IBM Glo MEATS POULTRY AND PROVISIONS BUTTER EGGS AND FISH 46 Pa lc Place e 1025 A You Shox ld Eat tlue Best GROCERIES Buy tlmem of T lepl1one 1044 South Street Mor stown Zgnnnface 5 Market CHOICE MEATS POULTRY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES All luncls of ea Foocl the best that the seasons affo cl at 14 15 park place Mo :sto n Telephones 721 722 723 I ve. r T I. I . jf. 19. Jfairrbilh 0110. e ' S , Harrison 84 Qin. FISH, OYSTERS AND CLAMS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IN SEASON 3LWash1ngton treet Free Dell ery Tel 1636 QQXWX M , gifs-2 n FE gr - ' ' Qff' vraawify Mx N, N '5 9 ' 1 x R 1 Z M Qvm, " '- jfrank QE lnppman GROCER 4 park place phone 304 33 EI jllilarra MORRIS PLAINS MARKET Choxce Meats a Specxaltx F sh Oyste s a cl Clams Butan Brothers MARKET 9 South Street L A " ' ' S 'v v' . i , f n ' Tel. 538-J Free Delivery Tel. 1290-1291 , , ' :E .-,,-E.,, X COMPLIMENTS OF I. Newmark COMPLIMENTS OF Sm1t1'1 E99 Foster 1pson Dalry , I c Fre lu M lk and eet Cream trnctlx Fresh Edgs Sweet and Salt Butter EVERYTHING IIN THE DAIRY LINE 2:4 outh Street Telephone 197 ielephone 336 Frank C Plper Prop ater1ng CHOICE DELICATESSEN 15 peedwell Avenue Morristown N H' ' Co. n . S i Sw ,S ' 3 ,, , S Piperqs Restaurant C . A S ' ' V , .J. COMPLIMENTS OF Aclcer. Merrall ff? Condlt Henry M Snuth Bruggmt Qorne of South and Morr s Streets Telephone 32 Normans Walker I Sheldon TIIDCX A Hey ard MeAlpm W a lc r Brothers MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Telephone 80 Rector No 1 l Broad ax Branch Ofhce Tel 35 Calule Address Walbro lNe Yorlt Morrxstown W Harrv Motlev MRHSQEF BEGIN NOW Monex saved ll be o e of vou loestf lends a protectxon aclversltv and a p epa at on for oppo txn tv 1 00 x 111 start an account Four per cent 1n Speclal lnterest Department Three per cent on checlc nd accom nts AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY BANKING BY MAIL The Bank v rh the Cloclc MOYYISYO n N I . . . r 1 , , . . . . j . w 'Y . W j . T v . A , W f , N. J. . Y V ., v' wi n - r r' -- ' in ' r r l r 1 1 , . S . v . . 1 D 1 .- vl W , . . l I-I ' i'l U'l . A. Barris Glarpentvr zmh Ifiuilhvr MT. KEMBLE AVENUE Telephone 339-IVI I bb L15 QI iHHePkvr IOCRSMITH CIELECTRICIAN 0 'nd a Specialty Bxcycles Repa red and old A tomo lle Txre Vulcan d '7 Market Street o mstown N GI G1 Zrrk PIANOS AND MUSICAL MFRCHANDISE RFNTING PIANOS A SPECIALTY A5 76 pa L P1 ce sto n Nnttnnal ilrnn Bunk OF MORRISTOWN Estabhshed 1835 THREE PER CENT INTEREST ON CHECKING ACCOUNTS FOUR PER CENT SPECIAL THRIFT DEPOSITS ACTS AS EXECUTOR ADMINISTRATOR TRUSTEE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES 1 u - O O 1 , I , an . ' f i S ' u ' s ize 3-. M rr' , . J. . . V V . . , . . . T - r' a Morri w , N. . if 2 - . , . . I A - . I 4 4 1 A v - v J E -1- -2- I ee"5i-f,'I- f'fff1f'PI' COMPLIMENTS OF il? W mnnlwurih Gln COMPLIMFNTS OF av1s ramte Uhr fllllnreg Marne ilaunhrg Gln AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY GgBHksMa on COMPLIMENT S OF J B Gougherty Q O O 6 D G Co. D Q -' O Proprietors of the . aw e , nager Morrist w COMPLIMENTS OF Arthur mhztnrg COMPLIMENTS OF DR ROBT C VREELAND COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLTON A REED COMPLIMENTS OF Baath 1F Markman bitt Building Morristo N I

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