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OF Volume V Published by The Senior Class of Morristown High School, Morristown, Indiana 'DWUNI T N X AQ X xg X . fs fmsam We, the class of 1952, do hereby dedicate this o 1 , ur 952 annual, ECHOES OF . . S. , to our beloved ' M H class sponsor and teacher, MRS. LAVAUGHN HARDIN. Mrs. Hardin is completing her twenty-first year as instructor of commercial subjects in our school. Through her insistence that each student achieve near perfection in his work and by quiet, dignified, inspirational guidance, hundreds of alumni have successfully obtained and held important positions in business offices. We feel sure that all of our alumni join in this small tribute to one who has meant so much to each of us. Mrs. Hardin, again we say thanks from the bottomof our hearts. You will always be remembered by each one. Good luck, always! 1,-ff", 1" f' 1' ,f--"" .f-"" '- ' -a.: 'fd ... .. ,,. - K K D Lx," . -f.2f' sg? l2wL FRIENDSHIP The fairest rose in the arden of life Is the Fellowship of griendsg Time but lorifies its beauty With a Qragrance that never ends. No cloud can shade its loveliness, No storm its etals art For the flower 0? frienihip dwells forever In the shrine of the human heart. f .nik , fs 1 ,,,s,. K. sy, 3 . GLEN w. MYER - N Trustee M '- HERMAN L. ROI I Principal Y Depauw A. B. mf' :HN University of Cincinnati M. Ed. nik 1... :J ,lf A iiii A ' ii A I A 5 f ii i ,WS A fr i ii, 5: ' QQ ,,--"' . ELIZABETH GOOD Music Canterbury B. S. KEITH SHELTON Athletics, Science Earlham A. B. ww 449' r rmxx X K ARTHUR POPE History Canterbury A. B. Butler M. A. S' 1' BETTY DeBAUN s.W,,v - English, Phy. Ed. f In iana Central A 'X Q W i it. I E23 I 5 I ,, is N: EDWIN MILAM Nw Sho Math 3 Q1 A Q y P. Ohio University A CYRENA STIRWALT English, Latin B- 5. Ed. X University of Wiscons 'N A. B. 1-5-" ' Southern California M. A. E'-43. f' o ti K , W 'CVR Q Q ' iio . '- MARVA MEYER -if 1 DEAN GARDNER Home Economics - P tw Physics' Math Purdue B. S. ,, 3,5 Q M Indiana University if -'M - B S ,mi.,. DON KELLEY E REX STEVENS Band Voc. A riculture Jordan B. M. X' A v,.. inf Purdue S. FQ" fm "' O LOLA TAGUE RUTH LONG First Grade 'W' p gifg:dBGgade Ball State ' ' FN kj . ,,. 5 . , .. v EE' f 7 , d 7 ' ' ' g k f K ':V" M: 5' ' ., K - . PLA Mooms e S' VERA BREW ond, Third Grade A , 4'-rr I Thud in 6 -terbury r ww Canter ury ' -sn- L j e r iv eg: dd 1 fd' qw., ORMA KRAFT ,rrd A, 5 RALPH COCHRAN Jurth Grade A yi' Q' Fifih Grade. . mel. B. S. . IndBanaAUnHers1ty , ,i K 5 - ,km L. . ' . I 455 , 25 V, K- .. . KX 4:.V ,. li A by 'K , ,ri-5 -q.: d ,ig , AKLI oA' :rg H e 5 Q audi' FDU' s l his-f r , J' n f., X. i ql 5 xx '- it li 'Xa . Q 'N i g T ir. gajf""1 f Z .. W. - 'U-or-s if CILARICE TUCKER MARK RICK VELMA WORTMAN Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Butler B. S. Canterbury Butler B. S. 4uL.7J1.i54detatfze.7 w We've need in the world of some teachers today, Some teachers who can smile as they teach Who will buckle down in the heartiest way And prepare us for that which we reach. So here's to the teachers whom we do fawn Mr. Shelton, Mr. Pope, Mrs. Hardin and Mrs. DeBaun. Keep up the good work and be a shining light And help that the gloomy day may not tum to night. And here's to some others who've helped us to grow Miss Stirwalt, Miss Meyer, Miss Good you all know Are the busiest in trying to make us all leam And make the flame ofknowledge in our heads to bum. Mr. Kelley as he directs the trumpets and horns, Mr. Stevens with his study of the solemn new born. Mr. Gardner with physics book in hand And Mr. Milam, he's simply grand. We musm't forget the teachers of the grades Who prepared us for our high school parades Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Wortman, Mr. Cochran, and Mr. Rick Yes, these are some who over ushave shaken the stick. Then there's Miss Kraft, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Moore Who, I'll guarantee, are never a bore. And the two that completes them, Miss Tague and Mrs.' Long. Are really a blessing, and to our family belong. And to our principal, who has oft-times thought us bad, We have a few words that we'd like to add You've guided and helped, and that is a task And we beg you tell us, what more could we ask? In summary we would like to say, God bless all the faculty that we have today. me want them to know we appreciate all they've done And now all we have left is to finish the run. Leroy Rogers 'mv E Y Ei sg ii ...x 5 n Q , 3, M 3-Q -..,.,A.. .W W-- ENI ZX .X 'Q- U' 05 S7 SJ 23' ryvgx fs-.,.M. PRESIDENT PHILIP NELSON "A bashful boy of the F.F. A. He will be a farmer f President 2-4 4 Student Council 3 fPhi1j someday " 62.-C R47 4 -I 5 Bus. Mgr. Newspaper 3-4 Hi-Y V. PICS. 4 .L Hi-Y 2-3-4 QSO' so F.F. A. 3-4 - 00 Yhqkho 609 Chorus 1-2-3-4 .702 -'Ive :VS W QQ 950 651 choir 1-2-3-4 Sbobffe, , 00,38 ICQ, SP3 K K5 'oe Harmenetts 4 dlooilrj 0 59 9 4 U1 00111 63 eWj1 'lg AV ,br Se O1 I b ga .- fb 5, Cr 0 e oogitaxxl S' xvqloa5r3,h ,A gtaly as . .- 5696 'G Q62 5. 'tX'4L1' Rfb Cjyew. Q P21334 11002 if xx S. ' S' gf r5'u bo spQ IES. 5-Sgefiqzi s C'10,f"' 1158.44 136459 ZSXQGS6 A 3 2-3 YxXf:f2a2'2f,s ,L,s"' . Y clocks? C00 VICE PRESIDENT YEARBOOK EDITOR 'r-si Max cuaon STEFFEY LEON vorus fcmlen 1 Buckshotj Bubbling over with laughter nd fun, with never a worry for ork undone. " Vice President 2-4 Student Council 2 Basketball 2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4 'There are hearts like his,wit virtue wamed. So few head knowledge so informed. " Yearbook Editor 4 Newspaper 3-4 Hi-Y 2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Harmenetts 4 Asia, f is vgf rt Hg. ! FOST ER ADAMS isvarkyl L X .sis E. "With that merry and carefree air, you can al- . M, ways tell he's there. " ' may Hi-Y 2-3-4: Hi-Y Pres. 4: Pres. 3: Vice Pres. M lg Basketball 3-45 Softball 4g Volleyball 3. r, KATHLEEN CALDWELL IKM! "Winsome and gracious always a lady." Chorus 1-2-3: S.S,S, 3-4. 4 ' Y ir: PAUL CALDWELL " fPaulj A " - S "Slow explosive: but heap big boy. " Hi-Y 2-3:Basketbal1 2-3-4:Basebal1 1-2pTrack ...E sl' 2-3. ,ge Q DAVE HAUK C F-11110 I came I bluffed I graduated 'Se its H1-Y 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Softball 2-4. ERM ADEN E PERRY QDeniej "No words can express her infinite sweetness." S. S. S. 1-2-3-4. Rec. Sec. S.S.S. 4: Newspa- per 3-4: Yearbook Ass't. Editor 43 Harmonetts 3-4: Harrnenetts 4g Chorus 1-2-3-4g Choir 2-3- 4. DON NIGH Q Donniey 'He seems so independent and he has a great deal of faith. " Student Mgr. 1-2-3-4: Hi-Y 2-3-4: Chorus 1. S 'CFM IAYNE FORDING Uayneb "I'm going to tell that Einstein a few things. ' S. S. S. 1-2-3-4g Vice Pres. S. S. S. 4: Asst. Editor News Paper 3-4g Choir 45 Chorus 1-2-3- 45 Year Book Sales Mgr. 4. GAYLORD COLE KSOHHYJ "A young man with plenty of dash! He chose his gal from the senior class. " I-Ii-Y 2-3-4g Cross Country 2-3-45 Track 2-3g Chorus 2. IRENE HOLT QSunshineJ "They say love makes the world go round. Catch me I'm getting dizzy. " S,S.S. 2-3-45 Chorus 1-2-3-4g Choir 2-3-45 Orchestra l-25 Band 1-2. DOROTHY MCAHREN CD00 "Possessor of personality, ability, and tact. She's popular. How could she help it, being like that. " S. S. S. 2-3-43 Chorus 1-2-3. KENT GORDON fGordonj "He shifted his brain in neutral and let his tongue rattle on. " Hi-Y 2-3-45 Choir 1-2-3-4g Chorus 1-2-3-45 Year Book Bus. Mgr. 4g Baseball 3. BETTY SMITH fBettyj "Hazy is her mind since he lives away. " Chorus 4. ., i ii A WA L, SFU' PAUL GOBLE fGob1eJ "He's as fleet footed as a deer. But bashful when the girls are near. " H1-Y 2-3-4g Cross-Country 2-3-4: Track 1-2-3- 4g Student Manager 3-4g Volleyball 3. SHARON DISMORE fDizzyj "I'm here even ifI don't tell everyone." S.S,S. 1-2-3-45 Chorus 1-2-3. .QW if f Q 4 JAMES WILLARD Uimj "I-le's engaged and happy about it too. " - 'N 1 Q t f r r Hi-Y 2-3-4gBaseba1l 2-35 Softball 3-4gVol1ey- gy' ball 2-3. Nt." . . IAN LONG 3 fTexj ' . "Caesar was short, Napoleon was short and I'm not so tall myself. " 'J - l K if w. Hi-Y 2-3-45 Yearbook Advertising Mgr. 4g 3 gf Baseball 3. - ' SUE ANN MYER QS. A. M. J "A lassie witha gracious and pleasing manner. " S. S. S. 3-45 Newspaper staff 3-43 Yell Leader lg Chorus lg Choir 2-3-4g Harmonetts 4: Har- menetts 4. . F DON HEDGES I anon, LL :N w J Q 5- fp.. "I can live without poetry or weeping but who ..- f K in the world can live without sleeping. " -l"i s 4 Hi-Y 2-35 Basketball 2-3. s X if Q , Q ' -r vm 'tl , . Y , 'QW' ' NORMAN BASSETT fSlimj "There's Normanwith character od and sound, a better, truer friend never coulgobe found. " Hi-Y 2-3-4g Hi-Y Chaplain 2g Yearbook Adv. Managerg Chorus l-2-3. DONEDA HALL fDonj "Pursuit of happiness, that's her arm." S S S 2-3-4- Choir 2-3- Chorus 1-2-3-4 Yak' Q at 3 WALTER LENNING N fwhamj "Never speak sense when nonsense will answer 4 WM' the purpose as well. " Hi-Y 2-3-4g Chorus 1-2g Choir l-2g Student 4 T Manager 2-4g Softball 3g Volleyball 2-3. HAROLD scmcxsr. QSchackJ "He is interested in leaming the ways of a Y- Foreman. " tl H1-Y 2-3-43 Ping Pong sg H1-Y sgr. of Arms 4. 'WN' 14-'st A ,.,. 71 4 4, DELO RIS FISC HER QFischl "Looks pious- -but looks are deceiving." Newspaper 3-4. THOMAS PRUITT fTommieJ Variety is the sprce of lrfe don t try one, try them all. " Hi-Y 2-3-45 Choir 1-2-3g Chorus 1-2-3g Track 3- Cross Country 2-3-4- Yell Leader 3-4 ,pw 'Wire is s it If A if SQ? 335 QQ., LYNN COX CCOXYJ - C 'Quiet but well meaning and understanding." A' s Hi-Y 2-3-45 President it Baseball -2-3: sefzban 3g Student Manager 2. ANNABELLE MYER V VQ E: fAIll'1i8j "In school a quiet lass she seems to be, but who knows if it's tnie when she is free." S.S.S. 2-3-4: Orchestra 3. K if '- ' -5-is "'RF""' PHYLLIS HARDING fPheeJ Graceful and useful in all she does. Chorus 1-2-3. EDDIE BORING fEddieJ "One way to get ahead and stay ahead is to use a head " H1-Y 2-3-4, Newspaper 3-45 Baseball 3. - IO ANN DICKINSON q Uoaniej "Next to my head I like my red hair best." hge E S.S.S. 3-4: Chorus 3-4. X SALLY sM1TH f csauyu Her mind is here but her heart is elsewhere S.S.S. 2-3-45 Newspaper 3-4: Chorus 2-3-4: C K Choir 2-3-45 Harmonetts 3-43 Harmenetts 4. 'U NORMAN MURNAN qealey Honor hes rn honest toil. Hi-Y 2-3-4: Track 3-4: Chorus 1-2: Student Manager 1-2. MAEVERN FALLIS fMaevemJ "A blmh, beautiful but sometimes inconven- ient. " Chorus 1-2-4. LEROY ROG ERS 00" fLeroyJ I-hs voice is the outlet for the music in lus sou1." Hi-Y 2-3-4g Newslgaper Editor 3-4g H1-Y Sec. 4g Chorus 3-45 C ir 3-4. WILLIAM wAGoN an 031115 "Minds are like horsesg one must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order." H1-Y 4 i +ulP"""' EARLENE COYLE fLeenJ Quiet? You should know her better. S. S, S. 2-3-4: Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2- 3-4: Chorus 1-2-3. JACK WILCOXON fCoachJ "after four years of faithful service I'm laid 0 . ll Baseball 35 H1-Y 2-3-4. 'X 77-f QU,- fg 'RSS-. .L -:H ix DONALD WORTMAN fStarJ "Try to argue if you can, I can beat most any man. " Hi-Y2-3-4: Basketball2-3-43 Cross Cotmtry 2-3-43 Track 1-2-3-43 Volleyball 3. Sis L H g ..., Q 'Qin . 'il X A . ss. , , , . , .gi ' GENE PAUL SPRIN GER fPenoj "Lifeis easy smooth and slow do what comes and let the rest go. " Baseball 2-3-45 Softball 4. W 1' rl DONALD KUHN fbonniej "There's Donnie with characterkgood and sound: a better, truer end never could be found. " Hi-Y 2-3-4: F.F.A. 3-4: Chorus 1g Cross Country 45 Track 3-4. 2:g-4j""'5--v- -Q- AS , : . d 1 "Fri ' iff 4 - +o We again as seniors of Morristown High School wish to leave a memory of our past with the under- classmen. Many of us have spent twelve short years in Morristown. lnto these years we have crowded many helpful and happy experiences. We are now leaving our dear high school days to go into the world to continue our education or to work, hoping to be successful citizens of America. ln the year 1948, we entered Morristown as Freshmen. We' came from Union, Marion, Fountain- town, and Westland. Our teachers were Miss Griffin, Mr. Furr, Mr. Shelton, Mr. Ellis, and Mrs. Ellis. Our class officers were Lynn Cox, president: Philip Nelson, vice-president: Sue Ann Myer, secretary. and Jayne McMurray, treasurer. Miss Griffin as sponsor, gave us a good start. Our activities that year were limited. The next year we entered school as Sophomores. That year our sponsor was Mr. GetlFurr. The class officers were Philip Nelson, presidentg Foster Adams, vice-presidentg Jerry Fun, secretaryg and Jayne McMurray, treasurer. Jo Ann Dickinson, Don l-ledges, Deloris Fischer, and LeRoy Rogers all came in new that year. Our Junior year was full of activity. Our sponsors that year were Mrs. Lavaughn Hardin and Mrs. Betty DeBaun. Our officers were Foster Adams, presidentg Philip Nelson, vice-presidentg Doris Wicker, secretary: and Jayne McMurray, treasurer. We busied ourselves selling magazines--breaking all previous records--and taking charge of the ball game concessions. We took the seniors to a reception that none of us shall ever forget. lt was held in the Hotel Severin at Indianapolis, Indiana. Now as we are seniors, we think back over the last three years of our life and high school career. We have no doubt had hard knocks and bumps, but we have enjoyed each year as we will never enjoy uture years. ' This being our senior and last year, we have had the most enjoyable year of all. Wewanted an annual and we have one. We worked and slaved, but we are happy, for we did it willingly. We were glad to welcome to our senior class, Bill Wagoner and Betty Smith this year. Our sponsors are Mrs. Lavaughn Hardin and Mr. Herman L. Royer. Our class officers are Philip Nelson, presidentg Leon Voris, vice-president, Doris Wicker, secretaryg and Jayne McMurray, treasurer. We must and want to say that we would not and could not have attained this great height if it had not been for the wonderful parents, teachers, and principal along our way who have encouraged us and helped us with untiring strength. Phyllis Harding, Historian ,aka of M. .76 Ain't nobody gonna forgit ya, Dear old M. H. S. Ain't nobody gonna forgit ya, Or else I'1l miss my guess. All the love you showed us As we filled up with knowledge, Just kept us on the bus, That registered all the mileage. But as we raced through the freshman year And on through the Sophomore, too. We wished that time would hurry, To take us right on through. It wasn't that we were tired of leamin' No, that wasn't it, I know, But we sure were a yeamin To be in its senior class, "by Joe". Now that we have arrived here With all things almost o'er, We have a w1sh to offer And that's we had four more. Now listen, underclassmen, Be cgood and may God Bless, An don't forget, underclassmen Take Care of dear old M. H. S. Leroy Rogers XTIS WILL I LAS We, the undersigned, being members of the Senior Class of 1952 of Morristown High School, and being adjudged of sound mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, in the manner following: ITEM I ---- ARTICLE I, TO Tl-IE FACULTY -To our principal, Mr. Royer, for his helpful understanding, we leave our gratitude. ITEM II ---- To Mrs. Hardin we leave our best wishes for a bigger and better commercial department. ITEM III--- ITEM IV--- To Mr. Pope we leave a new modem helicopter as a means of transportation. To Mr. Shelton we leave another successful group of basketball boys. ITEM V ---- To Mr. Gardner we leave another class of chemistry-minded students. ITEM VI--- ITD!! VII-- To Mr. Stevens we leave another class of quiet and better boys. To Mrs. DeBaun we leave the memories of the year she was our home room teacher. ITEM VIII--To Miss Stirwalt we leave a class that does not think that Shakespeare is funny. ITEM IX--4 To Miss Good we leave a long life of fun. ITEM X ---- To Miss Myer we leave an eligible bachelor. ITEM XI--- ITEM XII-- ITEM 1 ---- To Mr. Milan we leave another successful group of shop boys. To Mr. Kelly we leave a good band like the present one. ARTICLE II, TO THE CLASSES -To the Juniors we leave our home room with our best wishes. ITEM II ---- To the Sophomores we leave our seats, pencils, and books. ITEM IH--- ITEM IV--- ITEM 1 ---- To the Freshmen we leave best wishes for a good high school career. To the classes, in general, we leave a new and better school. ARTICLE III, T0 INDIVIDUALS -Sharon Dismore wills her ability to tip the scales to Carol Roberts. ITEM II ---- lack Wilcoxrn wills his knowledge of basketball to Rex Stevens. ITEM III--- ITEM IV--- Betty Smith wills her ability to get shorthand to anyone who thinks they can get it. Maevern Fallis wills her high typing speed to Audry Dunham. ITEM V----Donnie Kulm wills his shaving kit to Don Foreman--he needs it. ITEM VI--- ITEM VII-- Jimmy Willard wills his skill to roll a car to anyone who wants to leam except Mr. Stevens. Lynn Cox wills his ability to farm no Rex Stevens. ITEM VIII--Paul Goble wills his coaching ability to Keith Shelton. ITEM IX--- ITEM X--- ITEM XI--- Tom Pruitt wills his ability to run and not give up to Arthur Cole. -Max Steffy wills his curly hair to Paul Daniels. Jayne Fording wills her ability to be the most confused person in high school to whoever would like the distinction. ITEM xu ----- ITEM xm ---- ITEM xIv ---- ITEM xv ----- ITEM xvr ---- ITEM xvu--- Irm xvIII--- ITEM xrx ---- ITEM xx ----- ITEM XXI ---- ITEM XXII ---- ITEM XXIII-H ITEM XJHV--- ITEM XXV ---- ITEM XXVI--- ITEM XXVII-- ITEM XXVIII-- ITEM XXIX--- ITEM XXX ---- I'I'EM XXXI--- ITEM XXXII-- ITEM XXXIII-- ITEM XXXIV-- Eddie Boring wills his ability to run into parked cars to Stanley Hedges. Norman Muman wills his great ability to jitterbug to Jessie James and Harold Byers. Doneda Hall wills, willingly, her quiet disposition to Marjorie Short. Walter Lenning wills his ability to be a basketball star to Floyd Schackel and Art Pope. Sally Smith wills her ability to yell at ballgames at all times to Peggy Tracy. Gaylord Cole wills his ability to resist girls to Kenny Harper. Norman Bassett wills his ability in Industrial Arts to Lester Fox. Annabelle Myer wills her engagement ring to Donna Justus on the day that she is married. Kent Gordon wills his drawing ability and equipment to Harold Myer and Ronnie Maynard, if they will take good care of it in future years. Ermadene Perry wills, willingly, her temper to Carol Ann I-lite and Annet Short. Donnie Wortman wills his slim figure to Judy Ross because she doesn't have one. Leon Voris wills his speed to Rose Robbins so that she can catch a boy. Foster Adams wills a pair of gymshoes to James Smith so that he and Mr. Pope might get along better with less noise. Jayne McMurray wills her ability to play the field to Rose Robbins and Shirley Nugent. Earlene Coyle wills her big seat in the band to anyone that can find room for it. Gene Paul Springer wills his weight to Bill Jones and his ability to fight to Ed Handly. Jo Ann Dickinson wills her ability to talk about something besides boys to Lois Smith. Deloris Fischer wills all of her boy friends except the one in the Air Force to Peggy Tracy. Philip Nelson wills his ability to stay away from good-looking tomatoes that you don't can to Bill Jones and Jim Knopp. Dave Hauk wills his car to Jim Smithso that he can take Rose Robbins home for dinner and back in 15 minutes. Irene Holt wills her place at the typing room window to anyone who likes the view. Paul Caldwell wills his ability to bring his father to school to get educated to Don Foreman. Dorothy McAhren wills her ability to blush and be embarrassed to Rose Robbins and Peggy Tracy--they need it. ITEM XXXV---Doris Wicker wills her ability to understand boys, especially one, to any irls who think it possible, and also her blushing abilityto Rose Robbins, maybe someday she be embarrassed. ITEM XXXVI- - - ITEM XXXVII-- ITEM XXXVIII-- ITHA XXXIX--- ITEM xi. ------- ITEM xu ------ ITEM XLH ----- ITEVI XLHI ----- ITEM XLIV ----- Don Nigh wills his ability to let Joyce Miller drive his car 80 to 90 miles an hour on country roads to Don Foreman and Larry Wilson. Kathleen Caldwell wills her ability to know whose car she is getting into to Alice Fischer. Phyllis Harding wills her ability to tease Mr. Pope to Mrs. Hardin. Don Hedges wills his ability to stay awake in Mr. Pope's classes to Don Foreman. Leroy Rogers wills his ability to always have an opposing idea during a class meeting to any underclassmen. Sue Ann Myer wills her short, slim frame to Lou Annette Tracy. Harold Schaekel wills his shyness around girls to Carl Justus. Bill Wagoner wills his long, lean figure to Harlan Huffman. Jan Long wills his quiet manners and his ability to stay away from girls to Kenny Harper. We, the Senior Class of Morristown High School, the testator, have set our hand and seal hereto this fourteenth day of May in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two 119525. SIGNED: Wi ZFQQUIVLG.. ITJ ' frlafri 71411 , . K J V - I' ' , 4 , 147. ,F J- f ' - ,gow ,, A - - WM .0vvry,o?! .I Ll ,wuadf a,c,y?Jl.v,a07dry V D 'MVK' fJ,,!a4..faz! I S U " '1 ff 7 ,.. X of-yn, 5,ffalfL"' Z0 tifrrffzj ! J T' r ,.v' L , A r plz., 'L-'fr9n'.2f5J252Qrldl"d CA I ,. u,,LQ,,-A, ,agspe .1,1,...,..,., XJ. 7-L-.JJ LA.-.4--0 4,,,C4Q,,,, . ,.-klfs . Mx. ' , , HULL Vail' ti" I if ' - E ,, L ,' A34 LLCJO-vvx, 6116451 .-'- y Qflglgllfl . , I , hui.: ic',.Q zgfmxsayfa tif. - vias' Qufzml ii-4,77 -jyboo ' , .. ,. 57 In -"V" TXAA XA' KX . .A I , r-.wwi-sf-E' ., Q, Q K- ! M 9 ,,.,, ,,,,,, , , 1 ' 144. .gn :fluffy -0 HUC' ' 1J"""'51J On this fourteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord Qne thousand nine hundred and fifty-two, the members of the senior class of 1952 appeared before us and. signed the foregoing instrument in our tpresel1CQ. and declared it to be their last Will and Testament, and in witness whereof, at their request an in their presence, we hereunto set our names this fourteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord One thousand nine hundred and fifty-two. SIGNED: U gf ,, ' Frmd Principal sponsor al ggj5'12oPHP-.fvv Q I lla ' g, As I stepped out of the press box at Yankee Stadium in New York after broadcasting the opening game of the 1967 World Series, I tumed to find my faithful friend and companion, Eddie Boring, waiting for me. Eddie, who had always loved baseball and was determined to find his fortune from the game, was now the star peanut seller for the Yankees. Failure to make the grade as a ballplayer had driven him to this. Together we left the stadium and walked to the street to hail a taxi. When we stopped one and got in, we were surprised to find Dave Hauk as the driver. Dave said that he had started driving a taxi so that he could keep in training for his hobby of driving a race car. He said that he had finally settled down and was happily married to the former Doris Wicker. Arriving at our hotel, we paid Dave and went in. We went into the hotel dining room and were directed to a table by the head waiter, Norman Bassett. Norman had accepted the position seven years before and was now married to the former Doneda Hall, who was the head of the kitchen. When our dinner was served to us, we found that our waitress was none other than Deloris Fischer, who had come a long way from her days at the Blue Bird. Deloris said that she had married Wayne Cash, who was now at the head of the largest Chevrolet sales company in New York. When we had eaten and paid our bill, we walked to the elevator and found Bill Wagoner as its operator. Bill had overcome his natural shyness long enough to marry Irene Holt and now had three children. Bill said that Max Steffey, world famous hair stylist, also had his office in the hotel. Max is assisted in his business by the former Kathleen Caldwell whom he married several years ago. Arriving-at our apartment we found Kent Gordon, the Texas Cattle King, and his lovely wife, Earlene Coyle, waiting to see us. Kent and Earlene had come to New York for a much needed vacation. When they left, we turned on our television set to our favorite program, starring comedian Walter Lenning and singer Ermadene Perry. Walter's jokes and cracks had finally paid off. and Ermadene was one of the most famous singers in the country. Ermadene had married Philip Nelson, who was the sponsor of their television program. After their program came the prize fights. The main fight was between heavy weight champion Leroy Rogers and his challenger, Harold Schaekel. Both Leroy and Harold said that they chose prize fighting to keep ahead of their wives, the former Sally Smith and Sharon Dismore. Leroy's manager and trainer was Don Nigh, who had decided that the job couldn't be beat. The announcer of the boxing match was none other than Foster Adams, who had finally put his gift of gab to work. Foster was now married to the former Sue Ann Myer and was employed in his spare time as an auctioneer. Foster gave us the decision of the match which ended in a draw and then signed off for the night. The next program on T -V was a dancing show with Tom Pruitt and Betty Smith among the many stars of the show. Both Tom and Betty were very well-known dancers. Later in the evening we went to an athletic program and among manv of the great athletes of the country were Lynn Cox, Gene Springer, Paul Goble, and Paul Caldwell. Lynn was now the highest paid player in the major league baseball circles and Gene was the star of The National Football League. Paul Goble was the new crowned Olympic Mile Champion and Paul Caldwell was playing for the Indianapolis Olympians basket- ball team. Leon Voris, the famous Indiana University basketball coach was also there with his wife, the for- mer Jayne McMurray. On our way back to the hotel, we met Lieutenant Commander James Willard of the U. S. Navy and his very beautiful wife, the well-known model Dorothy McAhren. As we walked along the street, we were en- countered by a very pitiful looking bum that we soon recognized as Donnie Wortman. Donnie said that he had grown too tired to work and by begging he had kept from starving: Fortunately, however, a big cop by the name of Norman Muman came along and took Donnie to spend the night at home with him. Norman said that about once a week he saw Don Hedges, the wealthy owner of an automobile insurance business. Don had never married and reports were that he was very happy single. In the lobby of the hotel we were happy to find two more old classmates and their wives. I an Long, the well-known airplane designer, and his wife the former Phyllis Harding, and Gaylord Cole and his wife Jayne Fording, were all planning to stay a week at our hotel. Gaylord said that Jayne taught at one of Indiana's larger colleges and he took care of the children. Later on that night, we took Jayne and Phyllis to the well known New York dress shop on Fifth Avenue owned by Io Ann Dickinson and Maevern Fallis. Both of the girls were very well-known as the foremost dress designers in the country. The last of the classmates that we saw were Donnie Kuhn and Annabelle Myer. Donnie and Annabelle had been married soon after they left school and now run a store in Ohio. When Eddie and I finally left them to go back to the hotel, we decided that the best part of the class had been very successful in life. JACK WILCOXON: Class Prophet fr . 'V' ffl, 'it' X! FY J-.ja x f 5 "3-CP. fm -1 1- are +2 If 4. t a 1821 j J if i KC lx XX, in S Q .1 1:35 r .:,,, R I I F ' ni' 3 . Q. . , n W f MQIQM nf kk l . fx Q T ,." , , K,--r , ,, . . M ,, A Q 'Q , V' X1 5 4 L K' Q A Q av B L1 qi .mizfffv Q , v4.7 TA Q K V ,N K . QL' T? ' 1 rf 3 N R ."w an D A 5 N X .v ...- 16 ga g N of wx OP A yn li 160 X 1 I Y 5-:, : . X . if-3 SW i n 7, Mkt? 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Staff Ian Long, Advertising Manager, Ermadene Perry, Assistant Editor, Max Steffey Gordon, Business Manager, Jayne Fording, Sales Manager, Norman Bassett, Adverti one , Editor-in-Chief, Kent sing Manager ,ewofpapew Staff FRONT ROW--Ermadene Perry, Philip Ne1son,WJayne Eording, Leroy Rogers, Jac S- k Wilcoxon, Max Steffey - h--..-- 1..- 00.1 D.-iAnn.- Sunohine Sncietq arinzwarxxsmrxznu m111zmrmu F3 F9 Q Game asm . 5 6 ' g g i Q R ""6f'f'W3fUfWh vp., sa-fy em fiutwce ffafcmew, of Clmefaica Q fa rw Mm Chaim 6 K 1 B V 1, I . ' q' ...q gba , vs FRONT ROW--Philip Nelson, Max Steffey Larry Wood, Harold Myer, Kenneth Ha , rper, James Patterson, James Knopp, Leroy Rogers, Hubert Blackford. BACK ROW--Judy Ross, Sally Smith, Irene Holt, Sarah Kent, Jayne McMurray, Peggy Knopp, Sharon Dunn, Ermadene Perry, Miriam Boomershine, Sue Ann Myer, Jane Cory, Lou Annette Tracy. gfwmwnetteo, 06 'I in FIRST ROW--Sue Ann Myer, Ermadene Perry, Elisabeth Good, Sarah Kent, MiriamBoornershine. SECGND ROW- -Irene Holt, Peggy Knopp, jane Cory, Sharon Dunn. THIRD ROW--Judy Ross, Lou Annette Tracy Sally Smith, Jayne McMurray. ' ' Qido, Chwuw, AM, fimeohnzenefnafuw 0 Q Q cm G QP G?-1 CC .7 jo!!! Peggy Knopp, Miriam Bommershine, Judy Ross. wL.Q:rr'm ,ug Szniwc t Max Steffey, Philip Nelson, Kent Gordon, Lcroy Rogers. niwc Ciuwdet Larry Wood, Jimmie Patterson, Harold Myer, Hubert Blackford. X I I x " 1 ,- 0 ' W . 101 vw., - 4' ' nm, K x Q' W. ,, I , W A am, Int 1-' 'uf fr- . - if A . ng, I ' . , K -- Qc,-2m. , Q .L K . MV, , um ' fo- ' df" 'sd gy ' vff Q' 5.4 "snip ' 2' . fx 4 'fm' ...Q 4- f M5 W uewumvwmxf -A-P .ww , . . --V.-up-5 my E Tm ,T PL JR, Q figs H?-L K, 1151 f N m X X. Jx ,X Y 5 L iw X . R P 'Y - 'an 1-1 - . K , k .. iii Q '1 " sifziiy 'xi 5 2 . 'F A R I N 5 fi gf A , L i , R2 f .xi QQ ' 2 ,ff 2 ' sf , Qi D, WaR'lMAN N Y' 4 .-.. JZ KNOPP , pf- .v N' K, wood u D. ,Xxx 1 S .P Q' ., A AN k is , . 1- ,. if . P.CAL.owgLL HAUK L- vonis 3 I X .1 gf EADAMS :L 1 BRUNC as P9 . 1 X , ' x X w A f f f 1 D. FOREMM' H' Bveas B. sue rn saosarv ll learn LEFT TO RIGHT --Don Myer, Gerald Branson, Harold Byers, Harold Branson, Paul Daniels, James Brunning, Jim Smith, Jimmy KHOPP. I0hn Smith 9' leam 'V71 FIRST ROW--Alice Jonas, Marilyn Byers, Bill Farmer, Madonna Andis, Betsy Ross, Reba Kimery. SECOND ROW--Dennis Talben. Stanlev Hedszes. lim Bennett. THIRD ROW--Geonze Damell. Tom Branson. Jerrv Ch wo, I mf, 0 5-K M gn 11 r nf. xl,-KA. -nv lin an M,-M-wmv, 'rm-n Pmiu. Iudv Ross. Peszszv KHODD .93 6 Q i of is 7, A S' ,ididdg ii i 1 Q ,sg . . - fp r I 1 'io' I 'os' 'sgm 9 'S . - R .1 . .K z Q ' ! ' S i 'U :fi it fx x , X3 i , 1 3 A if XA ,Ab k V , A V Y LEFT TO RIGHT--John Smith, Edward Handly, IackWi1coxon, Kent Gordon, Eddie Boring, James Willard Lynn Cox, Jan Long, Gene Paul Springer. .umm --we 'wmv Q" ' Xl iS ra' 0 9 'sfg P3 , D omni WMwW" Gwen, Cwntwq " Q Q A'3'n ,V - L2 ,fm L? Q '-'5 ei i W Q AW 5 FRONT ROW Sitting--Donnie Lee Kuhn, Hubert Blackford. BACK ROW--Gaylord Cole, Jimmy Knopp Tom Pruitt, Keith S elton, Donnie Wortman, Paul Otis Goble. .Zuzcfc Q Www I Student 'wf FROM LEFT TO RIGHT--Don Nigh, Paul Goble, Volney Knopp, Bill Jones, Walter Lenning. PAUL GOBLE Conference C. C., Winner 3 years Sectional C. C., Winner in 1951 State C. C. , 11th in 1950, 8th in 1951 Mile County Champ, 1950 and 1951 One -half Mile County Champ, 1951 Mile Conference Champ, 1950 and 1951 One-half Mile Conference Champ, 1951 Best time Mile: 4m. 36.95. th. th. .73 FIRST ROW SITTING--Deanna Andis, Elsie Kimery, Sharon Sipe, Donna Boles. SECOND ROW SITTING--Eugene Brown, Worth Hardin, David Tracy, David Ross. THIRD ROW SITTING--Roger Myer, Mark Rick, Terry Boring. STANDING--Larry Link, Bi11yWortman, Don Hardin, Junior Napier, Philip Ross, Jerry Emstes, Max Purcell, Charles Howland, David Wagoner, Duane Johrson, Dick Kimery. 7tIi.and Xtli. FIRST ROW--Larry Link, Eugene Brown, Terry Boring, David Ross, Duai1eJohnson. SECOND. ROW-- mud. U- .,14.. :mam manaaf Dhnin mme Rnoer Mver. David Tracy, Mark Rick. THIRD ROW--Jim Boles -f.7'.f7".f.7'.f.7'.f.7' .47'.A7'.f.7'.Af6" .6f'.f7'.f?'.A7'.6fJ.?'.A'f'.l7'.A'fA'f'.J.7fJ7J7'.A'fJ.7f, f.!7'.A7'.A'fJ.7'J7'.A'!77J.7'.A'f'.A"l'.A'4f.7ZfA'ff .!.7'.!.7'.!.7'.f.7'.A7'.f.7'.A'f'.!.7'.f7'J.7'.f.7' Harold Ash Nash Sales 112 E. Washington St. Shelbyville :-: Indiana Compliments ot Sears Roebuck 85 Co. Shelbyville :-: Indiana f' .A'!'.A7J.7'.f.7'.!' .., .!.7'.!.7'.!.7'.!7!.7".A'l'.A7'.!7'.A7'.!.7'..A7' .!.7J.7'..A7'.f.V'..A'f'.f' J.7'.A'!'.A'!J.7'J' Newhouse --5--E EE Hardware Company HARDWARE - STCVE S ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Paints and Sporting Goods Morristown :-: Indiana Dick Newhouse, Prop. .!.7'.l.VJ' .!.7'J.7J.7'.A'l'.!.7J.7J.7'.f" J' .A'!JAf!.7J.7'.!:l' .f.7'J.VJ.7'..A'f'.A'f' .!.7'.A7'.l.7'.f.7".Af ' Compliments of Morristown Elevator Co. GRAIN - COAL - FEED - SEED FENCE and FERTILIZER Z3 - Phone - 23 ?. - .A7'.A7'.f.7'.A'7'.!' .f.7'.A7'.f.7'.A7'..f.7' ..f.7'-A7'.4!'.4!'.A7'.f:!' .A'!J.7'f.7'..f.7:f.V' .!.7'.A'!'.!.7'.f.7J' , J' .l.7FA'.f' J.7'.!.7' .!.7'.A!'.f.7'.f.7'.f.V'.I.7'.f77.7'.A'f'.f.7'.A7' .!7'.A7'.A7'.!.7".A7'-f' .!2f'J:f'.A'!'.A'fA'!' . ' Q . . O - 3. .... --- -A - --- Compliments of Griffey's Sporting Goods Electrical Supplies Hot Point Appliances Compliments of The Borden Co and Nu-Da Paints ' 217 S. Harrison Phone 312 Shelbyville :-: Indiana Compliments of W M Brown 85 Son Buyers of Produce Dressed Poultry a Specialty Phone 49 U S 52 Compliments of Ripley Farmers Telephone Company .!.7'.A7'.A7'.!:f'.!Zf'.A7'.!' J77.7.f7'J.Z!.7'.!.7'.A'f.A'f.A'f'..A'!f.A'f!.7!.7'J.7A'!' .f.7:A'f'..A'f'.f.7'.A!'.f.7'.f7J:!J' J' Compliments of Blue River Packing Co. Tomatoes Tomato Iuice Tomato Puree B R Nelson Morristown. Indiana :wir:r:,Q:r:Q:r:y2r:Q:r:,Q 'r:rDQQQr2r2rDQQ2r2r2r2r 2v273fDiY .A'f'.l.7'J' .A7'.A'f!7'..f.7'.f'.7'.A'f'.!.7'.A7'.!'.7' .A'f'.A7".!.7'.A7'..A'f' .A7'.A7J.V".f77.7' .A7'.!.7'.A7'.A!'.f' JJ! .!.V'.Af'.f.7' .A7'.Af.A'fA7'.A7' .d'f'.f.77:f'.f.7'.f' QI' -f.Z'f'.A'I:f:f'.f.7!.7" .f.7'.f7'.f7'.4'f'.A7' ' 2Ti89' " " AA '-A" '- Compliments of Harry Clark 85 Son Fountaintown, Indiana Phone Fountaintown Mqrristown Canning Co., Inc. P CORN eweaee' If PEAS Fischer Chevrolet TOMATOES Sales and Service PUMPKIN New and Used CARS and TRUCKS General Repair - Welding Parts X, Morristown. Ind. Phone 2-130 - f5XQ J Compliments of Compliments of Fountaintovvn Home Appliance Co. Grain 85 Lumber CO' Morristown :-: Indiana Fountaintown :-: Indiana phone 75 X Fleming F. 85 M. Oil Co. Jewelry Store Carrolton. Indiana GORHAM SILVER Gas - Fuel Oil - Greases 3 Public Square Batteries - Tires - Oil Shelbyville :-: Indiana Phone Fountdintown .A'f'.!.7'J.7'.f.7'.l3f' .!.7".A7'.A"!'.A"!'.A7'.f' .l.77.7'.AfJ.7".!.7' .f7'J.7'.f.7'.f.7'.A'!J.7'.f' .A'!J7'.A'!J.7'.A'ff.7".A'!J.7'.A'!J.7'-.A'f!'2" I -A A AAA-- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .f.7'.A7".A7'.A'ff.7".f..7'.A7'.!.7'.A'l'.A7'..f' .f.7'.f7'.!.7'.A77.7'.f.7'.!.7'.A7'.A'!'.A'f7.7'..f.7' .!.7'.A7'..A'.fA7'.f.7" .A'!J.77'.7'.A7".!.7' 0 ' I ole . I e a ' o n . I v l II l o ' 1 ' fl, , l 0 .lo 0 u . I Q n 'if J.7.7".!.7'.f.7' .f.7'.f' .A'!'.f.7".A7'.A7'.!.7' .f.7'.!.7'.f.7".f.7:!.7' "" M' J:-2.sfaa3??zgv --A A--A-- ,,.Zeg0ww.' A- - ---- 3.2 g,,z..Z,.Z30,, -A4---- --3594--M Always on the Square Collins jewelry Store Youfu Like Trading at Shelbyville :-: Indiana Diamonds - Watches - Iewelry Goodman s Mm T Jester o K Rubber Waders Complete Tire Service Recapping and Repairing Wheel Balancing - Batteries Battery Charge Shelbyville Indiana New and Used Tires Gary Maynard Owner Phone 225 Morristown Ind. . ,meweew Greetings From Moon L1te G Dr1ve 1n Theatre Gorge S On U S 52 Glunction 9 Bowllng Alleys Where the Best of P1ctures Are Recreation for All Shown With RCA Speakers 1n nv ery 131V2 W Fust Car Rushville Indiana Children Under 12 Admltted Free Bradley Hall Compllments Of Greenf1eld Store, Inc Slmmons Bedding The Unlon State Westinghouse Electric Bank Appliances M I d Linoleum and Rugs ornstown n land Complete Home Furnishings Greenfield Indiana J.V'.A'!'.l3f'.A'!'..!.'.7'J' .!.7'.f.7'..A'lZ!'..A'l'.!' .!.7'..A'!'.Af'.A'.7'.f.V' .A7'.A"!".A'!' .A"f'.f7'.!.7' .f7".f.7'.A'f'.A'!'.A7'.!.7"..A'f'.!.7'.A'f'.f.7'.f.7" ,, .!.7'-!.7".A'!J.7'.A'.l' .!.7'.!.7J7!.7'.!.7'.f' .!2fA7'.A'fJ' .Af' .!.7'.A'ff.7'.4'f'-A'!' 17'-A'f.A'f'.f.7' J' J' 1 Compliments of John E. Scherer General Merchandise W Morristown :-: Indiana X Phone 17 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Mom and Pop's Place HOME COOKING , Morristown :-: Indiana I Phone 163 24 Hour Service 1 1 AAAA A,.. AAAA. 9" Mfo' - M Je :X Our Hearty Congratulations and Best of Luck to the Class of '52 Blue Bird Restaurant Morristown :-: Indiana Compliments of Jackie's Beauty Shop Phone 219 ' Morristown :-: Indiana Compliments of Kopper Kettle Phone 40 Morristown, Ind. Compliments of Todd-Bennett Shelbyville :-: Indiana Kenneth Graham AND Kermit Graham Your Friendly Ford Dealers Shelbyville :-: Indiana .A7".!.V'.A7'.A7'.r7' .!.7'.!.7'.f.7'.f.7".A77' .l'.7'..A7'.f.7Z!'.!.7'.!.7'.f.7".f.7'.!.7:f-7'.A'f'-A'!' J.7'JZf'..A"f'.A'f' J' J7'.A7' J.7'J.7' .Af'.!.7'.f.7'.f.7'.A77.7'.A'fA'!'.!.7'.!.7'.f.7' .A'!'.f.7'.f.7".A'!'.A'!'.f' .A7'.A'!'.!.7'.A'f!.7' ..A7'.A7'.A7'.A'7'.A'f'.A'7'.f' .A'f'.!.7'.f.7'.!.7'.f' .!.7'.A7'..A'f'.l".A'7' , A' 'AA 'A' A AA' 'AA 'AAAAAAAAA A gif" .!.7'J.7.A'I'.f.V'..A'!' J.7'.!7'J7' .A7'.A77' .A'f'.A'!'.A7'.f.7'J-7' J-V'..f.7'J.7'f J7' J' .A'f'.A7'.l.7'.A'f'.f7' .f.7'.A'!7.7'.A7'..A7' .A7'.A7'.f.7'..f2f' J7' I I I I n , . I I I l Ll 5 U 5 0 0 a I ' Q 0.0 ' N: I If ' . Qu 3 Compliments of Gwynneville Elevator 85 Hatchery Whiteside Service Grain - Coal - Feed - Seed Poultry Equipment Baby Chicks - Fencing Compliments oi The 1. G. De Prez Co. "Shelbyvi1le's Greatest Store" Gwynneville. Indiana ELMER CARLTON, Mgr. Hardware - Appliances - Gifts Phone: Morristown 324 Phone 58 or 59 Shelbyville :-: Indiana Compl1ments of Comphmenls of L E Tucker Callahan Barber Shop Distributor of BANQUET ICE CREAM and MILK Compliments of Phone 30 W W Zike Hatchery Morristown Indiana phone 2 R 11 Morristown Indiana I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .A'7'.A'f.A'f!.7:A'l" .A".fJ.7' .f.V'J.V'J.7' .f.7'-f.7'.A'f'.A'7'..A'!' I X, O O 5 Tl 5 0 3 rn 9.. 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""""'C3e' Complirnents of Nay's jewelry Store Phone 214 S ..f'..f'.!'.fJ'.fJ'.f'.f' ffffffffff fffffffff Q Compliments of Compliments of Warehouse Market Sears Roebuck 85 Co. , , Greenfield :-: Indiana ' ' 1 :-: ' G'eenf'e d Ind'C'n" Wm. Mccain, Mgr. Phone 291 ff! ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff McWilliams Implement Co. AS we Wish f0T each Parts and Service International Harvester Of You U full measufe Of Sherwin-Williams Paint - Maytag Washers 1'1CfPP1T1eSS Und SUCCGSS Universal Elevators our entire community Phone 177 Morristown :-: Indiana may well be proud ot The Senior Class of 1952 Patterson Compliments of Drug Store . Morristown :-: Indiana , Green held Laundry .!.7'.!.7'.A'!'.!.7'.A'f'.!.7J.V'.!.7'.f.7'.!.7'.!' .f.7' .f.7".I.7'.f.7'.A'f'.f7' A. ..A'f!:!'.A'!J.7'.l.7J.7'.A'fJ.7'.A'!J.7'.l" -l.7Z7'.f' .47'.!.7'J.7J.7".f.7'.A'!'.A'!'.f.7'.A"lJ.7'.!.7J.7?' 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Gwynneville - Indiana '?9'A " 'A 'A A"" 'A A Compliments of Needlers John Deere Service Shelbyville Indiana Phone 1740 - 1741 Riley Keaton Auctioneer X A 7 7 I .!'..f'.!'.!'.f'.f'..!" ff!!! '..A'f'..A!'.f'.!'.!'.l'J".!' ff! ff!! Phone 140 Morristown :-: Indiana .f'.f'.f'.f'J'.!'..f'.!'.!'.f' .!'J'J'.f'.!'..f'.f'.f'..f'..f'.!' ffffffffff fffflfff , v , J ' , .!'..f'.!' v , , , , .f'.f'.f ' , , , , -f' .4 -Cf' -1' J'J.7'.A7' J.7".A7' .A7'.A7:f.7'.!.V7.7'.!.7'.!.7'.f7J.7J.7J.7' .A7'.f.7'.A7'.!.7'.!.7'.!' 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Indiana Phone: Arlington 2-39 Compliments of Broadway Dining Room The Best In Home Cooked Foods 14 E Broadway ' Shelbyville Indiana 400' a0'u000OOOf 40000O00OO'v0OOCCGf.f, Miller s Insurance Agency Fire - Auto - Farm - Hail Insurance Farm Liability Arlington Indiana Phone 19 or 131 Compliments of Dellekarnp Cleaners he Finest in Dry Cleaning Service 20 W Broadway Phone 81 Shelbyville Indiana Lands Nursing Home Morristown :-: Indiana Licensed Home 24 Hour Nurse Care 6 Mrs Elbert Land, Owners Phone 2-47 or 229 1t1zens State Bank, Man111a, Ind Manllla Indiana Your Business Solicited - Appreciated Protected Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation National School Studios, Inc 2255 N Meridian Street Indianapolis Indiana FredA Schaefer Reg Mgr Your Under Grad Photographer ---- -------l---F-----EE--E5?---EE, I I t P P Mr. . JP ,y Q . . S n , C . z-: . Q S S - - Q on Q S L, A Q t t h - S . . ' t T . g . . H . Q ' :-: ' l I l . 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Q 55 5 3' 5' 'U ,D I 2 E 0 Q - Q fb :: 2 CD UQ ,U 23 Q 2 ,U Q Q 5 Q2 U 2:1 B 5 'S ' rr Ed 5' . Q ' -U S 5 -532 rv 94 3 w 5? W I 3 5 :lr I 0 S D CD 'I' C Q O fb visif-fe E :HE-5:8 Q mg. N I: 3 Ei O E Q57 'Q 5 8 Q In gh '5' S Q 9 O S? 5' Q I3 Q R 2 2 I-I W at Q Q H- I Q s 2 5 t' 2 S X I S I X vv- v - , , vw, vw -,ffl ,,v,, A: J'.!'.!'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'.f'..f:f'..f'.f'.f' .X .!.7'.A'!'.l.7'.f.V'.!' .!'.A7'.f.7" S I S I I I I S I I I I S 3 Q fffffffffffffffffffff fffff fxff I I I I E S I I I I J .agree-zeeaeelfaregzeeseee ,deem-,vase S S Paul Neeb 3 City Property - Farms S . . S Real Estate - Loans S SCTVICC Stat1on Q Cram ton X 24 Hour Wrecker Service Q P S 5 Realty Co. Q Cabins - groceries - Garage S Shelbyville, Indiana S estaumnt 3 For Satisfactory Results S - X 118V S. H ' St. Iuncuon 9 and 52 S Phone 637-IN' amslvllwne 2683 3 S 2 I 3 Standard Oil p O Q Products S Russel T. Sklllrnan Q R. E. Dugan, Agent - Q 85 Son 3 - Phone 136 S Lime - Phosphate g David Wilson, Dealer S Q P11039 198 Q Rays Crossing :-: Indiana 'S GAS - o1L -GREASE S Q x 3 I S 2 y Sorghum and Maple Flavored S Syrulp S Dr' Curry 3 Cane Clilllck Litter Q VETEHINAHIAN Q Holbrook Brothers Q Phone 194 Morristown. Ind. Q Rays CTOSSIHQ 2-2 Indidnd S Q Phone Manilla 9-Il 3 I 3 S e ' S S Only Life Insurance can replace Q the loss of Earned Income A h th Q The Penn Mutual S .wot 3 . HOOSICT Cafe S L1fe Insurance Co. Carrolton. Indiana g Represented by Henry H. Handly Shelbyville Ind. R. R. I Phone Morristown I0-8 Open 24 Hours 9 J.7'.!.7'.A'!'J.7' .4'f'-47'-A7J.7'-l.7J.7' .A7J.7'.A'f'.A'!'.A'f' .A'!'J.7J.VJ.7' I ,Q J' -f.7'J.7' J.7J7' .A'!'..!C'lA7J7J-7'-A7"-A'!J.V'-A"f'.!.7'.!' ..A'f'.A'.!'..A'!'.A'f'.A'!'J' ..l.7"..4'!'.A'f'.f.7'..A7' -!.7'.A7'-!.7J.V' Herff-jones Designers and Manufacturers School and College Jewelry Graduation Announcements Medals - Cups - Trophies Iewelers to Morristown High School Indianapolis, Indiana Iohn Marshall, Representative Good Luck Seniors Shelby Oil Company Wholesale and Retail Distributors Gasoline - Kerosene - Oils Greases - Distillate - Fuel Oils Phone 195 253 E. Washington Paul Ross X Q Q Q Q Q S Q Q S Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 5 Q S .f..7'.f7'.A"!J.7J.7'J.7'.A'!J.7J.7'.A'!J' , -f.7'J.7J.7'.f.7'.A'f'-A'!' -A'!'.A'!'.A7J.7J.7'.!' -IJJJ'-CI' J' ,A J.7f.7'.A'7'J.7J' S. .A'fJ.7'.A'l'.A'!'.A.'fJ' J.7".f.7"J.7".A'f'.A'!'J.7" J" J.7".A'fJ' Kelso Shop Q Cabinets Special Millwork General Contractors F ountaintown. Indiana 96 Mile North on Road 9 . I E, .-. Admiral Television The Peoples Choice E. O. Zimmerman Compliments ot Foreman Nursing Home Phone Fountaintown X L' Thirst, Too, Seeks Quality Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. 1 ?'.f.7'.!.7J.7'.!3f'.A'f'.A'f'.A'fJ.VJ.7'.!.7'-f.V'J' J.7'J.7'.f.7'J.7'.A"!'.A'!' ..A'!'.47J7'.A'f!.7' .!.7"-.4'!'-47'-477' .fff'.f.7J.7'.A7'.!.7'.A'f' .A'f'.!:!'.f.7"-A"f'J' .A7'.AJ'.A'f!.V'.!:f'.!2!' .C , .A"!'.A'f' .f.7'.f'.f.7'.!.7'.f'.A7'.f.7'.A'f'.f.7'.A7'.f.7'.A'!'.f.7' .!.V'.A'f'.!.7J.7".A'!".f.7'.!.7'J.7'.f.7".A'f'.f .Af'.A'f'.!:!'.f.7'.A7'.A7'.!.7'.f.7".f.7'.A'!'.A'f".f3f' .!.7'.f.7'.47'.f.7'.A'f' ' 'A A '.,3 'A JJ?" "A" ' Compliments of McGraw Nursing Home J.V'.A'f'.f' J.7'..A'f'J.7'.!.7'J' .A'!'.!.V'.!.7".A'f'.A'.f' .!.7".f.7'.A"f'.A'!'.f' Compliments of Carl Borton Upholstering and Ref1n1sn1ng Phone 2 134 Morristown Indiana Compliments of Zikc jersey Farm Morristown Indiana c --------EE-------- - --- ----- -I-E-R-S-O-N '- Home Appliance Phone Morristown 8-152 Admiral and Philco Appliances Roper Gas Ranges With Dri-Gas Complete Line of Electric and Gas Appliances 3 Miles South of 52 on Road 9 t Compliments of Mary Lou Shop Dr. R. M. Fleming Iohn E. Sigler Grinny's Soda Shoppe Village Belle Shoppe Harvey Snider Hugh L. Collier Again, as in all former years To bring you all the schoolhouse scoops From feature fun to flash These merchants form the framework From which our sheet has grown So now in turn this senior class Give thanks ere it has flown AN APPRECIATION We wish to express our thanks to each person who has had a part in the publishing of our 1952 Echoes of M. H. S We are indebted to Mr Gergahty, of Blocks' Photo Shop for his fine pictures and suggestions in arranging them. It IS our hope that the Echoes of M. H. S. for 1952 will be a source of pleasure to you now and in years to come The 1952 Staff X A-' i'i" A'A "A" A-" 2 E X . 1 ' .A'!'.f.V'.A7'..A'f'.A'!'.f' .A'!'.A'f'.!.V'.l.7'..A'f'.f.7'.f.7'.A'f'.!:f'.f.7:!' J .f.7".!.7'..f' ..A7'.Af' .f7f7'.!.V'.!.7'.f' .A'fJ.V'.!.7'.A'f .!.V'.f.7'.A7'.f:ff.7' .!7'J.7'.A'f' .f.7'.A7'.A7'.f.7'.A'f' .A'!' .!.7'.A"!'.f.VJ.V'J' '33 J' COE They've kindly dished the cash If A Q

Suggestions in the Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) collection:

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Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 44

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Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 44

1952, pg 44

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