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A , , 'VT FH I X .4 lm :- 5 ," L. 5 . T. E ' if ln.,- 0 1 L r w 'T 'L 9 I 'll . 1 lv -I . 7 was If-1 LIBRARY 8 9 0 9 0 6 ANUERQ1 M Queue LIBRARY ANDERSON, INDIANA 1' I hr Mnnntvr daq m fsea I 'quur , igvarhnuk nf Thr mlT1'1'i51U11I1l Qiglg Srlguul iiinrristnnlrnl, iluhiuuu Erhiratrh tn Ein' ifarultg Ilsmzrh bg Ihr Svrninr Ollasa nf 1511? fdlbr worristnmn 2Bnn5tcr Q illnremnrh This year. IIQI7, marks the publication of the first .Xnnual at Morristown lligh Selluul. lffvr some time 1-ast. the various classes have considered the matter. but i11 each case decided that they could not spare either the time or effort necessary to make sucl1 a project a success. This year's class. however, decided unanimously that such a publication should be issued. So. in accordance with this decision. the officers were elected and the organization completed. The staff was divided into two llCIJ2lI'tlllClllSflllC llusiness and the lfditorial-witli l.anre11ee Xxvflldlllilll and llenry Collins as the respective heads. lt has not heen the intention of those in charge to make the little journal an exclusive Senior publication. although it is issued under direction uf that class. but rxither to make it a hook in which the whole school shonld have an interest and part. The work l1as heen carried on with this purpose in view Zllltl it is hoped that the other classes will take the same degree of interest and pride i11 the accivmplislinient that we do. The work has heen gone over very carefully, ill order to weed out any errors. Care has also been taken to elin1inate anything' that might be offensive to any- cne in any way. liut in spite of this, we realize that the work cannot he perfect. so we can only offer our apology for those parts that might have been better. The labor that has been expended has been unusually heavy, due to the fact that the work had to be started at the very first, and only a few had any experience in similar undertakings. However, we feel tl1at it has been a labor of love, and that the work has not been i11 vain by Ellly' means, but that we shall be amply rewarded i11 tl1e years tl1at are yet to come. when we may take down the little book, which we labored so hard to make a success. a11d gaze on tl1e faces and read tl1e 'crords of those with whom we were affiliated at Xl. H. S. XVe feel that it will be a delightful remem- brance of tl1e days that have faded into tl1e past. So. with tl1e greatest reluctance. we offer for your approval the first Year llook of Morristown High School-The liooster of 1917. -HENRY Co1,1.1Ns, 'I7. l':11:e Iwo jllimtmi YQIIIIUFBU Srbrntrrn g r ,nn ur mg 16' It S' h I IE 'lil' E112 Qblh Srlinnl Lfimlhrng "How dear In 111-1' lzvart arc flu' xc1'111'.v of my child- We who liave 12111111111 here during the 111'e11z11'z1tio11 hood, days of life realize that we might now stand luefore lI'l1f'11 fond Wfollvcfioiis fwvsvizl fflflll tn ':'iv'Z1'.' the world hetter 111'ep111'ei1, that we might have zicei H1117 1SAXMlJliL t1',V,1,1,Swl,R'1-H' '-T116 4 1111 fwjakcu lgucketf' plished more during our scho- 11 life. had our huililing facilities been eo111111e11surz1te with our needs. .-Xlthough the old School lluilding muy he dear to liearing this sad fact i11 mind, we eztriiestly' recoin- us, as the place where many liappy and 111-ofitable mend that the school officials and pati-o11s uf this hours have been whiled awav. we should certainlv community see to it that Z1 new building' is erected at have no tears to shed, no pang of regret, to see a new once, that those who follow i11 our paths may 111 it he o11e take its place. ln fact, we feel it i1n11e1'z1ti1'e that handicapped as we have 1lk'k'll i11 this struggle for rm 21 new school building. worthy uf the eduez1tio11al education. 1-tanding' of the eominunity, should he erected at once. I' a g c t h r e e -1111-Q Liuxss or 14117. Uhr 919nrri5tom11 1 1 Buustrr 1112 5l1El1'1I1Tg K 1 .ff 11 1' Lf Ii. XIAXXN, 1'I4lN14II',1l, 1,.X1'R.X l1l,1XXL'111i MILLER 111111-111 11112111111 1'1ll1jq1', li. .Y lfifl, l'11, lf. '12, .l, IJ, '11 171111111-ru 1'111'z'1'1's11"1', l1111'1'111111 1'1117z1'1'.1'11',1'. 1'111'r1'1'.1'1f,1 111 l111f1111111 l'111'I1'1'.111tV1', .l. ,1f., 'lf C'l1i1'11'g'11 Mllllmmliw' Axmmlu llmtm, and Ihmkkwllillgl 1i11g11sl1, Kl1'11ic1q11 211111 B1111lc1'11 His1111'1'. 1211121111 . ,, 'KX 12l11Y 111111 El 12111111 5112111 s1z11111 I1111s1- 111111 11111111 1111151 g111'c1'11 1l1ll5Q 11'1111 11111. ' . . Vlllijlllitll 111 1110 great 1l1S1Hl'j' 111 1116 l:11111, 1 ' .X 11111J11- 11'11c 111 g111'111 11c1'11ic 11'11111a1111111111," -L1111.g'1'1'Il11 Y 1 ""' 'V 1'-'f"3W"""5 1.1'1N111f1'1 11'11111.1,1-11' 111111111 X111'11111!111!!1'1Q1', I' Sf, 11111,-!'!1,lf4. 'fg V 111111111111 l'111': 1'1'.1'1l1, .l. H, 'lf fmlmlm I llmwnxliy 1.iI1lll. 1,11-1x11N 1111111111111 1l1NI111'1. 1l1X11'x 111111 'xllhiv' Umwing' IImlSQh"m 'XFN' XQl'11'lI1llll'1'. X 1l1XL'1-1 1:1111 g111'1111'1111-11 111 1igl11 111 111'1' 111111 111111111 H5111 111:11 I 1:111g11l 1111-11 !l1'111"1' l'lll, -5jN,l1lL,'x I' l Hinrtrrn Dunnrrn 'Ql'l'lFlIfl'l'll J the 9'13urrt-zitotull Bnusttr f i ' var I lit IRTIEXSE .XSH ' .. P 'ii Clays I 'lay . A gn Ee.. Q D 4 A ' "She is a xwiiiaii, tlicrctme may be mugccl, K - F-he is a wimizui. tl1c1'cfm'c may be won." ' -Titus 4illdl'01Iit'1!S. 1 l V. f - ' lhn-tt-use came from thc fixx'y'1i11evillc Sclumls in her -lunim' j'L'2ll'. 4 f ' N 525 V Nhc has iiizulc mzmy friends with her jovial ciispositiuii and is ll surn- V cure fur the blucs. A 4 , KI.-XUIQICIL CHERRY C' 1741-V, lftmxfvl' Stuff, Clam Play "XIy thuuQ'hts are whirled like 21 puttt-r's when-l." -ffczzry VI. l,iilCl'l'j' stands against thc wurlfi :ls clialiipitm fur presenting "bum" zirgiiim-nts at the wrong time. In spilt- uf all uf this, hc can cwuiit tht- wliwh- sclimnl fur his friends. It is said that he iutciicls guiiig intl, the fruit-rztisiiig business. ikvlitically speaking, at Dciiiticrat. IIICXRY U DLLINS sj cfm lm, fftfffrll'-ill-Uflfff Tut- lsmvfi-1-, Ima-ffmzz '17, cfm Pltihv o ".X tim- xwwlh-3' -if xx'u1'cli. Q't'l1lik'lNCll, :mil :Quickly shut off." f'l"2t'n Cfvllffvlfzplz nf lvt'l'UlILI. l,ix'i-N in 1ixx'xl111t'x'ilh- :mtl gut his czirh'ciltwzitiuiiii1.Xrlingtuu. llc hm mmm ilzum-N, Init is lit-sl lxiiuwii :is "Sli:tkt-slut-iii-t-", ,X Ik-iiincitlt. hut m-vt-1' pu-li:li'n-ml. K Viigi- 51x l71rl'Hlllj' is llwlcml Cllivflj' fill' hcl' IILUQIIIQSS, IlL'L'Ill1SL' slw IICYCI' sllcnl j2fllfl'ft'll DIIIIUITU Bfbfllfffll f N In +141 v'l'llY lmL'XL1XX Llaxs Vluwv "Nut Slkjlllillg ffm' lllc IHILIIIKIS UI' 1111-mln-My -lfulllun um! lnlirl. unlcss spulv.-11 tw. lIAXR1Jl.D IIXYICXF- Hilxffvf Hall I-2, 10, lf, lfimfxiuz' bluff, Lhlxx IMI-v, l'n'.v1dv1ft nj LIIINA' in '10, C'LIf'fUl'II lfylf lJlIA'!x'L'll Hull 'l'u1ll1, L'1u.v,v l'l41,x', l'1n'.vi4lv11t f.If1'l'iIfIlI'L' Clllfl If "I lc is ll sulmlivl' fit lu 51111111 lay Q-IICSZII' :mil givc 1Ii1'cctiw11." -f7fflL'HU. Qvllllllflfu :ls lu- is flllllililllq-X IQIIHXYII, has spent all his fuluml lifc :nl Nifv1'1'istmv11. Yury l1+wpul:u'. :mfl 21 lzulics' mam, llc is zllsw am uthlcu llul was cllfmcu tw l'C1ll'CSUllI Sllcllmy Cllllllly ut 1.-lllYL'l' Xlililzlry .Xczulcmx 111 11115. GEN liX'.X Ill,'X1iAX'I'li C'f11SA' HGV, l9ffH.vz'v1' .S'lf1f'f, Cluxx l'Iuv, .5-1'L'l'1'l1lI'X' .S'r11lM' l.ifUl'm'v Ulu "l"u1' hcl' own lJL'l'SUll, it lmuggzlwrl :ull flcsc1'ipti4+11." -.'1lIf0IIVX' and Lslmfufnz. icucvzl lives at l'i1llllllZlillllbXYI1, but llllb utlumlwl XI. II. S. sincu lm unim' yczui She has "thc rlcfxrust L'HlUIPlL'XiUl'lH, zmrl Shu can surc tickle thc ixmricsu. Shu has zunl1iti1n1s lu IDQCHIIIA' llllHlIlk'l' .Xllitl StL'XYL1I'f. x5 x 1 K I l'z1PZ X n f Chr S19nrri-stnmn Booster V- -t Wi' y L'I,.'XlRl2 'l.XL'liSt JN Haasivr Staff, Class Day, Class Play, High Svlzaal lfdifrvss 'lf "Smnetin1es from her eyes l did receive fair spee chless messages -.l1L'l'f'llL1lll af l'v111'vv, .Xnullier xylm has visions uf the stage. It has been rumored that sn has an especially wzmn sput in her heart fur the Class of IIJIS. GLICN KENNEDY Haslsct Hall 11110, 'If, Baasfcr Staff, Class Play' 'HX hit, a very palpable hit." -Hamlet. Nutcd fin' his spirit of defiance. "Love inc, love my dog." He is 21 hc x yyimrlcr on the basket hall court and says: "l'ye played swine hrlse ln tum." Counts. "1 lne apple plus l-" ' 4 ' i HRl.lfN.X RliXNSl?llil.D i Q Class Play "I lun' Sll1ll'll the puint nf this 1'cn1cinh1'z1ncc is." -T110 Tvlllfwst. liens-rxdly spl-zikiiig. ll brunette. She says that it duesn't pay lu rc the win' news. il's S41 cunfusing. IIIIYXYIIY. I Vu!" 1-lghl jmxirtreni tpunnrru Brhrutcrn s KIYRI. MCU JRKIICK Class Pla-V, Class PlJt'Ill, lfunytm' Staff "Make the floors nn a winnan's wit and it will nut at the eziseinentf' hqls You l-il'v ll. Klyrl says that she's a farmer and tluesift care whn knows it, for she cloesift always mean tu he une. "My gnucliiess tn Susan!" 'lnin the Recl Crass! LICLIA MILLER Class Day, Hamster Stuff, C'lu.i'.r l'lu,l' " "'lll1ose happy smilets that playecl on her ripe lip .Xs pearls from clianionrls ilroppeilf' -Iflillg' Lear. "Giggles" is known chiefly heeause uf her smile, anil, generally speak- ing. she is generally speaking. She is notetl fur her flowery vmealJnlary. N l ELISH,-X KICJORIQ i Class Play "lf I chance to talk a little wilcl, forgive nie, l had it frmn my father," -f'I't'1II'.l' l'lll. His chief fault is his forgetfulness, ancl his chief virtue is his ahility tn argue with the teachers. llc is a Physics shark, hut in spite of this he is "h0pele5s". I Page nine N- 'ZlIiJr wurristntun 2Bnn5trr f MARIE NIZXYIIK ICS-li Class Play, Booster Stuff, Class IJLIDV. b't'v1'vlt11'-N' 'lf "I am a woman, when I think I must speak." -.els You Like lf. Ywtinqest, but not least, in the class. Noted fur her ability lu till fluently all clay and not run clown. " 'A '. XYIIJIA SVURRIIYR Mi' Class Da-v .14 , F- . 1' , Btmftfi-5fi1ff', t'm.f.f Play, H. Pianist - ' IEW, liy my troth 21 very pleasant liltly. 1- " - 1 +.llI1t'!I .Aldo Jlvnzlz' .Y0f1llIIlQ. ' -.J ' ,Xltliuugli of a quiet nature, she usually nmlies herself lcnmrn wlitn ' 'f d there is anything doing. She is very pruutl of her initltlle nztnie l7I,ORI2NC I2 KW BOD Class Play "ll: tlimlm steep hills requires slim' pztee at first." -IIUIIIZV VIH. Q, She never ezxusetl zi tezteher ll gray huir in her life. i l I I Pang I l She mimics frmn l"wt11itzli1itmx'ii, where she lt1ll'llL'il her AX-ll-tfs. ett j2inrtcrn iaunnrru Brhrntcrn N , 'Qi .xL'i:ie.xxwiiii1x ,X liiixkvf Hall llf, litmyfcr Stuff, C'lu.v.v Play "l wntihl hc fricntls with you :mil have yoiir hive." --,l1CI't'1ILl1If nf ivL'1lIiL'1'. llc wcnt In sclimil hcrc while zi lfrcsliinzm, hut uiiiltlirt stzmml thc urin- pzniy, sn hc went tu uthcr ficlcls, where thcy ci,vuhlii't stzmcl him, sir hu hznl tn wine back. i.iL'IllJl'8lly speaking. the girls are all after him in spite uf the fact that hc is only zi merc licarthrczikur. LA URENCIY Wt JRTKIA N Hirsimxrs illiiiiiilqw' lftmsfw, I?r1.vl.'c! Hall '15, '10, '1f, filly.: lhihv, Liluxx Play, 1,I'L'Xltft'l1f nf Class in 'lf, 1,l'c'.VI-lllfllf uf Class 'lj "His worth is warrant for his welcninef' -Tivo Gviztlciizviz uf l'u1'n11ti. "l1ni1g't1c" has zittenmlcil the Xliirristowii Schools all his life. :mil it is rumnrccl that hc will continue tu have am interest in them after ht- has giiicltizitucl. .Xt any rate, he is the prince uf grind fclluws and cw.-i'i'liiiily is his friend. PAUL YOUNG Ciluss Play "Sir, your wit amhles well, it goes easily." -.llirrlz . Ido .llmut .Yu1'l1i1z.g. liven if his fricnrls do call him "llrigham" he wants you to unclcrstzinil that he is not yet a pnlygainist, but intcnils to hc slum, judging fruin the way :ill the girls are after him. He has made many fricntls with his quiet, gtincl-iiattirt-fl ways. .,,g i- -. Si -ev N Page eleven 211111 Qlporristnmn 2511115121 0111155 Eiatnrg .Xway hack i11 wl1at is n1j1w seeniingly tl1e dark ages. i11 tl1e year 11107, on a certai11 Xllllltlilj' i11 Septeinher. there appeared in the primary 11111111 111 tl1e R111rrist11wn SCl11lU1S a class 111 boys and girls, 1lesti11e1l 11,1 l1ec11n1e the great Class of 1917. L'nder tl1e successful tut1,1rsl1ip 111 Bliss 1-11la '1t1rda11. we passed tl1e kindergarten and "A-11-LH' degrees witl1 lll11Cl1 t11 11nr credit, and each succeeding year 111111111 11s rea11y for a new work, until we reached tl1e eighth year, where we experienced 1111r first real exaniination. '1'hi5 frigl-ltcngd ug ygyy' 111L1Ql1' fgl' lJl'1lll14J1ll'1l1 111,1W 111ea11t a seat i11 tl1e upper 1'C?Q'1t5l'lS-1110 11. H. S. XYe graduated and were al111we1l t11 sit 1111 tl1e stage at tl1e CtJllll11CllCCl'l1Cl11 exercises. 11'e were leaving the knickerh11cker and flower-girl age. XYllCll we returned as lfreshinen, tl1e 11ext year, we 111111111 tl1at 11111st of our hopes were yet i11 anticipa- 1i11n. 11'e realized that we were at tl1e mercy 1,11 tl1e 11lder a111l wiser Seniors, 1j1r tl1e lll-1ll2'11ll1CTL'tl 111011. who were delighted to watch and laugh witl1 glee at lJl1lllflCI'S made s1,1 artlessly. 1Ye organized witl1 1,au- rence 13111111 as preside11t. The 11ext year we were tl1or1'1ugl1ly i11itiate1l into the ways 111 tl1e asseinhly rooin. XYe ca111e hack as 511111111- inores, feeling as old as tl1e 1'1l1lest. 1Ye then hegan to fm-111 habits, which some of us still l'C1ZllI1, 11f Clljtlylllfl 1-urselves and liaying a g1i1111l ti111e i11 sch1111l, and study- ing 1111 llltift' tl1a11 was necessary. lYllCll we returned as 'lUll1l1l'S we 1711111111 8111116 11ew classmates, It was another year's success, as we passed the examinations which were t11 11eci1le 11111' fates. llur officers were 11ar11l1l Havens, president: tlenevieve lferrier. rice-presitlent, a111l llertha linescher. secre- tary and treastirer. Our c11l11rs were 1'urple a111l 1X'hite. XYhen the reports were given 1111t f11r tl1is year we realized that we were full-fledged Seniurs. Nur .11111i11r year had en1le1l happily llllll we were 111 'etnrn i11 a few 11111111115 as dignified Sk'll11ll'S, wl111 were t11 set a gl ll 111 1-xaniple for tl1e l11wer classnien. 111- l'k'1lll'llk'll i11 111111. 11111' desire f11lI'ille1l. 111' were S1-11i111's. eighteen i11 ntnnlner, and we elected 1111' llllll 1111-1t'1'l'S this year: l.Illll'L'l1K'L' xxitlfllllilll. 11l'L'il4lL'lll. Jlllll Klarie Newl11111se, SCCl't'lZll'1' and l1't'1lS1lI'k'l'. Dur- ing the year we 111'ganize1l the SL'lll'Il' l.1lk'l'Ill'y l'lnl1. '1'h1-11111111-1's111'this11rg:111iz:11i1111 were 1l1ll'lIl1l llayens. presi1le11t3 1it'llL'1'Il 11llIl2'lllC, SL't'l'L'l1l1'1 2 l.I1lll'1l lilanclie I':11.g1- Kliller, critic. 1 Fur class colors were Green a111l NYhite. Ulll' fltlX1'CI'. tl1e 1-ily 11f the Valley. a111l 11111' lllljttfl "Semper llaratusu. llur 11fficers flll' tl1e Class Day exercises were 1,2111- Tence 1Y11rt111an, salutat1.1rian: Geneva Hungate, his- ltl1'lEl11I Klyrl K1CC4,lTll1lCli, p131etess:'l1aurice Cherry and .Xubra 1Y1111ten, l11n111'1rists1 Marie N6XYl'll1llSC1 class lJI'tJlJl1CCf'I 1.elia Miller, address t11 lllltltjl'-Qfilllr uates: Xlilllllfl Spurrier, presentati11n speech: 1111111111 11ay'ens, YZllCll1C1t1l'j'I He11ry ft.1ll11lS. class will. is we g11 1111t of the scl11i11,1l life it w1.1uld he well for 11s t11 kn11w s111nething of each 1.1ther. Myrl K1cL'11rn1ick, wl111 is as 111odest as any, Hllil hlithe as she's lJ1'll'lHy. was lJtQlI'l1 vluly 14, 13119, three and 11ne-half 111iles n1'1rthwest of l11i1rrist1i1wn. She graduatecl fl'l 1111 1'11rter Scl11j11i1l. a11d after spending twn years i11 tl1e 1:ULlll1Zt1ll1OXY11 SCl1OlA1lS, is finishing l1er c11urse here. Har11l1l 11. llavens, president of tl1e Senior Literary Club an1l 11411611 for his p11p11larity i11 general. was lltl1'1l in xlUI'1'1S11J1Yl1. Septeinher 3, 181111. 11e has heen a pr111nincnt lnaskethall player f11r tl1e last ftllll' years. and was captain 111 this year's team. llaul R. Young, who has shown a capahility hy his diligent st111ly and has w11n a war111 place i11 tl1e hearts nf l1is classniates. was lJliPl'll s1111tl1 1,11 171'11111tai11t11w11. NllVL?1lllJL'l' 111. 181111. lle has attended SCl1lll1l at h1e1'ich11 and K111rrist11wn. Xlargaret Klarie NC1Yll4l11SC says: "Of 1116 you 111211 write i11 tl1e lilackest 111 lllli, 1 say what 1 11161111 and 1 kn11w what 1 think." She was horn four 111iles 511111111 11f tireenfield, 1n1l., Klarch 11, 11100, and has spent hcr entire High Scl11111l life l1ere. Klary 1,elia Miller, wl111 is pretty t1i1 walk witl1 211111 witty t11 talk X1'11l1, was lJOl'l1 four 111iles s1'1uth 11f 1'll1llll1llll1lHXYll blnly 38, 111110. She attended lligh Sch1111l at -lericl111, a111l spent her Swllltil' year here. 1.aurence Xyllfllllllll. wl111 usually answers t11 the nanie 171 li4lQ1lL', was l7I1l'll Uct11l1er 211, 181111. 211111 is H1143 11f the 11riginal class. 11e is llU1L't1 f11r his sunny 1lisp11siti11n and is :1 haskethall star. 1J11r11tl1y llutican. wl111se n1111lesty is a candle 111 l1cr 1llL'l'l1. was l1111'n i11 tlreenfield .Xngust 39, 191111. an11 has spent her lligh Sflltllll life 111-re. Xlahel claire '11lL'liS4I1l, 11111' l1igl1 9111111111 social 1-1litress. was l11lI'll three :1111l 11110-11311 111iles Il11l'lllWL'Sl 1'11lv11 of Morristown ,luly 31, 18911. She attended school at Lardona and l"ountaintown, but has spent her last two years at Morristown. .Xubra lYooten was horn in Xlorristown, 'luly 31, 11100. .Xfter spending his sophoniore and .lunior gears at lvestland, he returned to Rl. H. S. to finish his course. Ile is noted for his fondness for pretty girls, chewing gum and for his ability as a basketball player. tlrlena Mae Klansfield, a girl with the llllltlL'5l of nianners and the gentlest heart. was horn in the year 181,19 at hlOl'l'lSlt'bXYll. She is one of tl1e original class and is finisl1i11g her course. lflisha Moore. better known as Eli, was born in 13197, about five niiles south of liouiitaintown. lle received the bulk of l1is education at hlericho, Illlll spent his last year here. lViln1a Hortense Ash was born near tlwynneville. Ind., October 7, 1897. She started here as a -lunior, and her cheerful disposition has made her :1 favorite with her many friends. Florence ll'oo1l, our little rosy-elieelced lllllltl from the country. was born near liairview i11 the year 181117. She attended school at Precinct and Fountaintown, and is finishing her work here. Glenn Kennedy, one of t'1wynneville's athletic young inen, has spent his Junior and Senior years at Morris- .Yli!It'f1'1'll se'2'1'11f1'r11 jtzinrtrrn itpunhreh Bzhrntzrn town. lle was horn in tiwynneville -lune 1, 18118, an1l although rather s111all of stature is large of heart and a favorite aniong his friends. llenry Collins, star boolclceeper tfl and noted for his great skill at editing newspapers, etc., was horn near tiwynneville .Xugust lo. 181111. He has won great celebrity and has a very promising future. lle is lrnown to his friends as Shakespeare. li. Maurice Cherry. huniorist of the day, was hom in llogtowll Klay JS, 13118, and l1as spent l1is last two years here. He is renienibered by the lower classes for his ability in tl1e art of dressing statues. Xlvlllllil 'lean Spurrier, a brunette with all the char- acteristics that they generally portray. was born in Morristown 'luly 17, 11100. She is another of the original class, an1l is very popular among the young zfjentleinen of the coniniunity. tieneva A. Hungate, the last of the class of 11117. was born i11 Clerniont, Ind., March 20, IIQOO, and goodness only knows how she ever got over l1ere. She is now bidding her last farewell. tlur last year is now drawing to a close. lVe have been looking forward to our class 1lay and grad- uation. ln a short time we shall leave old Xl. H. S. 'Ne shall pass from the patient guidance of our highly respected teachers out into little spheres of our own. each with his future in his own hands, and each one renieinbering always that nzurks the end Of all our el1iIa'1'sl1 j't'tIl'S, Ill ':1'l1i1'!1 'Zee studied cmd Icizrtelzcu' H'1'r11 -z 111'y'1'11g joys and fears. Nor ffltlllwflf fur 0' v1'111's to t'0lIIt' .N . Ullfjlilft' flzvxe slzvlterilzg really, 1511511 one to go his fwiflz alone -fllerf to other calls T17 ft'11'I'1', f'c'l'fI11fS f0V offlfl' .l't'1lI701S, For college, or nlvro ad. lfurlz 'z1'1'tl1 the firm flIfl'llff0II To Illtlkt' flzvir fuay' fin' Inxvff l'nr1'1'11g tilrutiys to reuzrlllbel' .Ind 1I0lIOI' Alf, H. S. Ifuclz reitlz ri lore Zl1Il'L'UXf7l.Q, Horn of tlzeir Ianglifer mm' teuzxr. Xer'1'1' f01'kQ'f'ffflIKQ' 01' t'lIUll.Q'fll4Q', T!II'0Il.flll7Ilf the fl.Q'L"fI14Q' years -GCIll"I'11 ffvIllI1Q'Uft', '1f. I'z1gv"thirt1'1I-11 Uhr Qlanrristnmn Booster Gllaiaa will llv HENRY CoLt.1Ns, '17. lle, the undersigned, members of the Senior Class. iolf, of Morristown lligh School, being adjudged of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this to be our last Xlill and Testament. in the manner following: lfirxf, Nye will and direct that all our just debts be paid. .S't't'u1zt1', XYe, as a Class, give, devise and bequeath lu the Morristown lligh School. that they may have an enduring memory of us, The llooster of Itjlf, and a Class picture lu be hung in the halls of the new High School liuilding. .S't'fn11't1feIy and llItl'li'I'I'dlltlU.X', XYe make the following bequests: llortense .Xsh wills and bequeaths to Yauie Miller her entire love and good will to the Class of 1916, l.elia Miller leaves to .lessie .Xrnold a speedometer. in order that she may talk within the speed limit. Klyrl McCormick wills to Frances Stone her entire ability as an artist and fortune teller. 1 lrlena Mansfield leaves to llarl Tracy and Elizabeth llinrls a paper uf pins, that they may stick together. In order that they may carry on all their meetings in :t dignified and orderly manner Laurence ti. XVort- man wills his presidential dignity to the president of the class of WH, in trust of Miss Miller. lflisha Kluufc bequeaths his ability as a stump speaker to Teil l.ane. llorothy llunezm wills to lllanche Herthel one re- tiring disposition. tieneva Hungate wills her musical talent to Lucille llass, said talent to be used at any and all times for the benefit and entertainment of the School. Marie Xewhouse wills to Blanche llall one delight- ful pink complexion and one box of Freeman's face powder for its maintenance. .Xubra XYooten leaves to Harry .lustus one set tif "Model Rules of Etiquette." H. Maurice Cherry wills his quiet ways and English yjutline llooks to Floyd Gerald XYicker, '1S. Florence XYood leaves her voice, "so sweet and low." to Nora Bass. Glen L. Kennedy leaves to Yirgil lYayman, believ- ing that he will have use for it in the future. his repu- tation as speed king and dareclevil. ln order that she may not be so tall and willowy. Claire Jackson wills to Mary XVesterfield four inches of her height. Paul Rigdon Young leaves to Noble Huntsinger his religious and political beliefs, and his safety razor. used only this season by himself and Professor Revu- elds in partnership. i Henry Collins wills to Garland Vvooten one pound Long Green. VVilma Spurrier wills to Margaret Pitts one box of pure food dates. Harold llodine Havens wills to Hobart Engle his medal for being the best looking boy in his class. in care of Professor Reynolds. l'.a.vf1,v. lVe revoke all former wills made by us at any time. I'ng1- fourteen 1111 jlfllffffll 111111111-111 Qfllfllftfll Ill 11 11'111'.1'.1 11 l11'1'1'11f, XX 1- 11K'1.Ql11l111 51-1 11111' 11Ill1l1N 11115 111'1-111-1-s1'1'1-11111 11111 111. .X111'i1, 111 1111- 1L'1lI' 111- 47111. 1171-11 11111- 1111111511111l 1l111k' 11ll11111.K'11 111111 51-1'1-1111-1-11. .S'1Iq111'11'. Q. Wfvillwm. UQ OQJ .VJ- J3 , fl Wlwf If-1. O fkallgmwdi 712 9. 1 CL . 1 W CE? ,QZQW W' I 1111 11115 111'1-1111+su1'c11111 11:11 4114 ,X111'i1, 111 1111- 11-111' 111 11111 1.11111 1 1111- 11111115z11111 111111- 1111111111-11 111111 N1-1'1-1111-1-11. 1- l11L'l111PL'l'S 171. 1111- S1-111111 1f1:1ss 111 11117 ll1ll1CllI'L'l1 1lL'fIll'L'1lS 211111 S1QIlL'11 1111- 1'111'1-j411111jg i11f11'111111'111 111 11111' 1 1-S1-111'1-, 211111 111-11111111 ll 111111- 1111-11' 1:1s1 11111 111111 11,-11111111-111, 111111 111 1111111-ss 11'111-1'1-1-f, 111 111111 l'L'1l11L'B1 211111 111 111-11' 1111-S1-111-1-. 11'1- 11f11'1- 111-111111111 S1-1 13111- 11111111-s 1111s 111'1-1111'fs1-1'1-11111 11211 llf .X1lI'11. 111 111l' 11-:11' 111 41111, 1.11111 1- 1111-11sz11111 l1111l' 1111111111-11 111111 s1-1'1-1111-1-11. ,S'1'Ag111'1i' Y . . L1.. K1.1xx, 11'111c111:11, 1.151111 1 XX ll1ll.1gX, 511111-1111111' ,X1'1. I':1g11fif11-1-11 1'1'is11 111'11 1115411 S1-111 1111. Uhr Smanrristotun Booster 011111111 FHPI11 1'1101'0 UV1' 0111.v51'5 111111 1110 ':1'1111111'11'r1'11 1I'1' 111'0 111 1110 lwllhvlj 111 11111' S0111111' .X'1'UI', 111 1111' 1101100 111- 111011 5011 0111110111. ,-11111 115 200 11111150 111 1110 1111'051111111' of 1110 111010 1111' 1'111.v51'5 11110 .Yftlllf 111111 11":1'1'11 llflfrt 111' 500 f111'05 111' 11Ill11A' 100 1111111 1111151 110111, 111 LI j'1'1111'z011'55 f1r111111111'111. 11111, 110111' f1'1011115, -101' 5111111 k00j1 1111 101111 1110 5111 111010 11r0 ivflffffs 111111 jllffvlx 11111.:'0a' 111011' 11111115 CI1'r'0 115 j'OIH' 511I11L'5, 11110, 11111 QV11111' ft'GI'Sl 11'1I1'1'L' 1f11'11011111111 1011115 1110 111111 ,' IVO tl1'1.' 11111 1110 111111 of 1111 111f111110 151011. 11111 101 115 11-1 1' Illl 1110 1111111.01115 111 .1l. 11. S. L01 115 11-20 111 1110 11011115 of JI. H. S.- . 11111, 110 tl 11101111 111 1111111. ,-11111 110 tl f1'l'C1It1 of 1111111. 1.01 115 11'r'1' 111 1110 fl1l7H4Q,!1f.Y 111 11. H. 5.5 01115 is 11 11l,l11'fZ11'0kL111 011155. ll '111'1'0 100 11111 1' ':1'11r1.'011 111111, f1111Vv1'11, t1ll'X'S 1111711 11111115 ,' .11 1110 111011-Q111 nf Xl'l3'l.II-Q' GQ1111-I1.1'1'. 1'l'1101'0 01115505 Tk'L'1,L1 AQ111111, 111111' 01115505 'IU1'l'1' 111111',w T111'1111g11 1111 111050 y1'111's 100 111110 'r1'01'1'011 fm' 11115. .15 0111111 111111 115 111111 115 111115, Y01 1110 01050 11111' 11001'5 101111 ll S1tQ1l. !1'1' 11111 11111 1A1'1I'Ix'1I 'Ik'1IL'lI 11 .111111111't1'115 1101111 11'0 L"I'L'1' 1'L'j.01L'L'lI1 7011011 1'1'01111s 711010 701111, 11111 1110 11111 1,1111 1110 1"1'1'511111011 g'1'1'1'11. .'1IlI1I 100 511011161 1111-20 1110111111111 f11L'VV f'l1SS1'l1I IIS I1-1 .8111 101 IIS 11210 111 1110 111'111'1.v 111 111, H. S.- 11'0 -Q0 f0l'l'1l 101111 11 1031111110 10111 111 'IUI'lI.- T110 0111111 1'1115'.1 '17. .-11111 111' ll f1'l.L'lId 111 1111111. 1-01 IIS 01'01' 110 1'1'1111'111110r011' 1.11 j'0I1l' 110111'15, dL'lI1' f.1'16'll11I5, 111 1110 VVL'Ul'S 111111 1110 111 COIIIC. 11'0't'0 110011 011011, TVCTITVL' 110011 111111. t1'0'-r'0 17L'L'I1 ':1'0111:. ':1'1"':'1' 110011 511'1111g', IV150, 1111111511-511 1111110 31011. 1111011 -11'11y 5111111111 VV1111 511 111 1110 .vLx111'11l'1".f 50111.' 01' 11111'l 1110 t'-Vll14"5 11111157 111151 fN7X.T 11111' 1111f11'1'f001111115 1111, .I1111 701511 115 1111015110011 11 111111 01111. . . . , 1-01 I1.V1I'?'1' III 1110 11011175 of 111. 11, 5.- .-11111 110 11 1'1'101111 111 1111111. -.Uvrl .111'Ci01'1111'01.', '17, I':11.- slxI1-1-11 ,ki-4' 'F 0 'K X k S X xl' Ghz Qlaurristomu ZBUUSIEI' I N 3luninrn Ullman nf 1913 IIIZIIICIIC llull Xvzmic Miller II11l1z11'l Ifllglu l'il'1ll1CCS Sums: 'll:11'1'y ,lustus l':Zll'l 'lx1'z1c1' 'll-ml l,:111c lflwyml XYiclqQr IQ111l1 XX'l1i11- Ruth XYl1iu X l l:1ss l411l111's, I,l1l'lllL' 111141 llulnl. Class Klutlu, llc S4l1lCll'L'. Kluss l'lu11c1', liwsv, I I gl! jllfllffffll itpunurrh Brhrntrrn Etminr 0112155 lqintnrg One clay. three years aww, in IIH4, hafl ywu been a That year was rather uneventful. with the excep- risitor at the BTUl'l'lSll,JNYll Selmnls, you wwultl have tion that we lust ftrur uf nur classmates. whit mttyetl utgrtieefl a number of Eighth gl-gulu pupils. in Klr. llar- frmn this town: hut the remaining nine have stayetl per's room laughing antl talking ainung themselves. with the class antl will gratluate with the class ttf IIJIS. They hatl just reeeiverl their grafles frttm the e-vunty The next year. mth, we came hack lu seli-ml as the superintenflent. stating' the faet that the entire elass "wise nhl Supl1tni1m'es". had Sllfvessfullx' 15355091 me Uxilllllllflllf '11- That year we reurganizecl nur class, with Teil l.zme The next F9313 ill 1915- WY' flltvwtl lllill 5Cl1UUl. H as president, liarl Tracy, rice-presitlent. antl l'll'IlllCL'S class of "little green l"reshmen." That year we were Sttmcq SCU-Cml-X. and U-msul-Cl-V nmew at 1ll at case antl stnntl lll me ul tht them tul HHS War' UH7' ruuml Us buck at dem, Um M. H' 5. Seniors. Hur teachers were Mr. Mann. .Xliss Miller, , -. .. as Iunitns. Mr. Reynolds and Miss llaner. These same teachers , . . . ,. D . D This year we reurganizetl nur class with lzarl lraey. have remametl tlL11'111Q' the three years, with the exeep- . . , ,, l l , ' ' A A president, Harry Justus. vice-presulent, anal letl l.ane. turn ot Mlss Hauer, whose place as SllllL'l'VlStW1' ut mu- , , t , secretary and treasurer. ste, drawing and clennestle seienee has heen taken by . Y . lYe are worl'inf" hartl this year, sw that in the next Miss XX ttoley in the present term. X N . ' Q . . . term we may as Seninrs set a gtuttl example ttvr the During' the seeoncl week ut seliuul we ttrganizetl our ' . . 1. ,. lower classes. Unlx' une year remains lmefttre us, anfl class, electmg' Hobart Engle, Il1'CSlilCl'll, lzarl lraey, K . -' A . V . - . then we must lntl farewell tu selinol tlays at Xl. ll, 5. viee-preseicleilt. and lfranees Stone, secretary and ' treasurer. -lil..XNt'lllC l1.xl.1., 18. Page nina-teen Chr Qtimrristnmn Bnnstrr Smlntaiinn XYQ, the glass uf nnj, extend lu one and all a most cordial welcome. Wie appear before you this evening with the greatest of pleasure. Hur school life in the past has been not only a joy, but a benefit, We have. at times, become discouraged, but with our own earnest, persistent efforts. and the kind assistance of our teachers. we have accomplished much. XYe do not wish to stop with this. Uur aim is to go forward. For four years we have labored together. Yet. as we look back over our school days. the time seems short, and the thought of parting comes lu us with a shock. XYe are now nearing the end of our High Scltoul life. Soon we shall leave these familiar scenes and faces and go into the world and see in what meas- ure the things that we have learned here have fitted us forthe duties of life. XYe must now east aside these pleasures and enter a much greater and larger field. Nevertheless, we can not forget our school life. lt is not the building, nor the books. nor the course of study, that makes the school, but the ideals. the eympathy, the fellowship of common aimsfthese are the real school life. livery member of the class has in some way aided another when problems have come before us, thus drawing us more closely together. Tonight our hearts are filled with high and far-reach- ing ambitions, and we must try to avoid any hindrances blocking 4-nr paths. The time is near when. as a class. it becomes necessary for us to separate. but the friend- ships and the I':tmiliar faces of our youth will ever remain in our minds. Out of these things grows that influence that is so clean. so strong. SH uplifting. so inspiring. and yet so hard to define, which we call the M. H. S. Spirit of In the future. when we are so widely scattered. we will recall, I am sure, the teachers, the classmates and the school days at H. H. S. As we think of our stud- ies in the years to come we shall remember how we toiled over them for our own good. which we not only realize now, but will more thoroughly and perfectly understand when they are needed. lYe have gathered together these simple tokens of our friendship. and have tried to reflect in The l-Booster. our annual. some of the influences that have niade this place dear to us: that in the after years we may look on the pages of this book, and hear the voices of our friends, and live again the happiest days of our lives. XYC wish to thank you. our parents, for the encour- agement given us, that we might finish our lligh School course. for we deeply realize that you have extended to us every advantage possible that we might receive better training in our early youth than possibly you were permitted to enjoy. We also wish to thank you, Mr. Robinson, our trustee, for the interest that you have taken in our school. and for the helps and conveniences with which you have supplied us. To ihe faculty we wish to make known our inexprcssihle gratitude for the timely helps and the forbearance that they have shown us. llut do not let the nearness of the end of our school days dishearten anyone in the least. but let us make this evening one of real enjoyment for those assembled Pere. -l,.xL'RENcE G. XYoRTxi.xN, 'I7. V Le twenty 52iurtrrn imnnrrn E?l'l'll'l.fI'l'll OWLE JN km wlwm 'Chr Slnrristnmn Bunstrn' f Svnplynmnrrz I'.:u'l Liliana nf 1919 Klycr -Iwsic .X1'111-111 xl'll'Q1lI'L'l l'itIs Num Iluss ,Xlzw Smith Iilzmclmc Ilul Virgil xYllf'l111lll XYz1llc1' llnnl Xlrxrllc XYiukc1' lfstcl lxull ll l-IHS5 lkwlcvlw. l'il1k :mel Hrccn. Vlnw l"l1wxxv1', 44z11'11z1liH11. Vlmx Mwllw, "Strive fm' llighcr lIw11w1's." N J jQfIlt'fl'fll IDIIIIUITU Sfhfllfffll Svnplinmnrr Gilman Miatnrg 1111 tht' first tl:11' tif tht' st'l11.til tt'1'111 lit-1i1111i11g 111 'liht' t'l:1ss wits slum l'L'lll1Ck'll til t-lu1't'11, si11t't- tilzulys SCIJttjll1llCl', 11115, tl1i1'tct111 l"1't-sl1111t'11 ft llllll tl1t'i1' XYZI1 .lllL'li?1llll wus ftv1't't-tl tu tlist'ti11ti1111t' llk'lA 5L'l14111l wwrlt 1111 illlll the :1sst1111lmly l1:1ll tif tht' Xlt11'1'ist1:w11 lligh Srlitifil :1t't'-111111 tif ill ht-iiltli. listu llztss wats 1111:1l1lt1 tt' rt-11111111 huiltliiig. Yus, tht-1 wt'1't', iiitlt-t-tl, prtitiil, fm' tht-1' 1111 friciitlly' tt-1'111s with .Xlgt-li1'z1, :mil sri ttwlt liis were st 11111 tti htciiiiit- 111t-:11l:t-rs 1:1 that sclititil. 'lCl7ill'llll'k'. f1111'1' 3 1G11 11111 5- WC 11111111 111111 111411 501111111 1110 iXllt'l' 1'11t':1titii1 wt- XYL'l't' :igziiii j1i1'l'11ll,1' rt-1111itt-tl, i11 1-.'z1s11't just what wc haul zniititiipzittwl. 111- listt-11t-tl my ,lung MSM-mlilt 1-1:11111 tif tht' tlczii' tiltl Xl. ll. S. z1ttc11ti1'uly Wl1t'I1 wt- l1k'lll'll limit-1' t'l:1ss111t-11 1't'111:11'lt that 11ul,l,V, in HM. thuught that Wk. WML, W, lungu. lcrwil- C1111 111 111311 5011111 1'11U 1111151 11"'1'1f- 111t-11 hut thu 111ti1't- tligiiiliutl Stiiwlitiiiimt-fa. wt- L'l1f1k'l'l1 51111110 of us wcrt- sl1t't'lct-tl at this i11I'1w1'111L1tif111, lllltl ,K siguifitwl twui' i11tt-11tit:11 til' gtiiiilg 1111'1': hut lflll' 1111'c11ts very 1111111 itly i11fti1'111ctl us that wt' wfiultl Ctbllf lltl k'lll'llk'Sll1' 1i111's11t-tl tim' wtirlt. l11stt'11tl -il t'lt'1't-11, theft' lll'L1 wnly tt'11 111 tht- t'l:1ss this l l l . . . . . 1'Clll', smut' tint' tit tiui' 11u111l1t'1', tltis l.lllg'L'IllCllk'I'. tiuue. NYC. tl1t'1't1ft11't-. cliziiilgctl lllll' 111i11tls. Zllltl :it ti11t't- f gi1'tfcct'tlctl t-1 clcct U111' class t:ffit'c1's. 1111 wt-tl f1't1111 tht' t'1i1111111111it1'. Zllltl llilb j11i11t1tl tht- t':11':tl1'.1' l"1'tit'csst,11' Xlllllll z1t'tt-tl :is t'l1z1i1'1111111 til' taui' first clziss 1117111511 111 1110 111111011 5111105 11111151 111eC1111!- 119111 11V1"111'1' 13' 11l15- 11114 11'-' 1A1'1111f1'11 111511 l1l1l' t1ffit't'1's fm' this xtm' wurc: l'1't-sitlt'11t. Xlzit' we were vt'1'y 1IlCX1DCl'1L'1lCCtl. 4Xt tl11s lll6L'llI1Q wt- Smith: vim,-l,1.eSil1cllt, IQ5tQl Kcmnnz :mtl Clcctctl for lJ1'CSlilL'l11, Virgil 112111113113 vict--11i't-sitlcii . Hat' Smith: st-c1't't:11'y z1111l t1't1z1s111'c1'. lizirl QXl1c1's, XYQ A chose for thc class Qtiltirs Rtwsc :111fl Hltl tioltl. The 1 ,. . , . t1't1z1s111'c1'. X irgil NX Zlylllllll. 1 1Lll' ncw t'-llfwrs zirt- lilllli .intl lirccn, :mtl thc iiitjittw. "St1'i1't- fm' llight-1' ll1lIllll'.1i motto sclectctl was "l 1Yill." +E.Xl4l, BlYlilQS, '1t1. P :1 gg 12 tw -.' nty-three Uhr Qliinrristnmn 2Buu5tzr Hzrlrhirtnrg lt is with a sense uf hotli pleasure and sadness that I speak to you at this time. I assure you that it is. indeed. a great pleasure ti- stand hefnre ywu as une nf such a class. It is a still greater pleasure tu knnw that we, as members .if this class, have accumplished the greater part, if not all, uf what this institutiun has prescribed. As our minds wander hack river the happy times, the many joyful prwccedings in which we have partici- pated, in the few shnrt years in which we have heen twgether as a class. a sudden sadness possesses us at the thought uf leaving those care-free days hehind. Nw duuht, on entering' High Schmtl as Freshmen. part. if nut all. nf us thuught that when we reached nur Qraduatimi day we wwuld he at the end and at the Qual at which we had aimed. XYe have reached that glial, and nur aspiratiwns have heen realized. llut as we stand and lfntk intl' the future we see that the steps uf knmvledge lead ever upward. liach year nf schfml life we have set new ideals, each higher and greater than the last. .Xnd Hut uf it all. l :tm sure that we have gained stnnetliing that will henc- fit us in the future. Hur work is no longer in the same trodden path, made hy others years agp, We must separate, take our uwn chosen direction and make the path fur nurselves. liut nu matter how far the distance, or huw pressing the time, our tlmugtlits will ever wander hack to that place which is so sacred to our minds-old ll. H, 9. Hundreds of voices have sounded through the halls of this building and many hundreds are yet to come. lt is an ever-fluwing stream. This is wnly a commence- xnent of greater things. The time fur us tu part is at hand, but we clit not go empty-handed. XYe take with us the knowledge that we have attained during nur sclinul life, and it remains with us whether we prdfit hy the lessons and make a success uf life. -Xs we part fruin the portals uf this institution we shall always think of the debt we owe our teachers. parents and friends. Dear classmates, the time is at hand when we must say farewell. The wurld needs us, we must heed the call and fall in line. And with nur eyes upon that goal which is high aluive this life of tears and surrtmws. let us hid nur last fund farewell. -lT.XRlll.lP lk. Hwyizxs, '17, Page tw-truly-fi-ur j2inrtrrn Dunurrh '-arurntm ,fu -ff Q XY ff-635 QX J fl- Q ki Q, , ix I, X X X , Nw X X N XX Xxx fff XX f W X xl XX W Xx - YN d 1 -3' 9 , o f ,f f LQL , Z , i RESHM N Uhr Qlaurristumn 2Bunstrr I N 3'Hrvnhmen I W Y N W ""' "7 v ' :Mu-1, X f N 74' V., -1- ' Y wk , . - ..' Y 'T V F- r .. I k , :M -3 ,.- - ,L i, h U lk f -4 ' ' - ' fiifllua 1. .' 1: 35'-au' ,M N - fy, i .A -- ., g'7'4w.L. : f , vw .1 -, , . ,, ,, . g'5 . 1 1. 3-, 7 7.x-'WW V W H . Q W V.. 1 ra . M Y - . ,R ,L iff.-pn, ' .n.-1-:k - - 155' fx" brag' Qllzwa nf 19211 lllcun ,Xl'll4Ilfl fllrulys hlzlckwll Lucillc liziss XVCIXSCIIIL l.vxx'is lfilcuu QNIIZIIIIIICSS llulu ,l4llHlL'1'l I,c11u1'c lluvis 'l'lnn11:na 'lxlllllflxl i'1liZIlIDL'1Il lliusls .Xlur-x' Xx'QSlL'I'IwiL'l4l 4'lzl1'cm'v HlllllSillNQL'l' li:u'lzm1l Wluflvmx Xwlnlv lllllllrillgtl' Klzuulv V113-,-1' Vlnw thlww, I.ZlYL'll4lL'1' :lull Silver, K luv I'lf1xx'c1', Xlfflcl. Vlzmw Xlwllw, "'lxlu- l in-2111 uf I ,1ll5H1'll1Ili1X l.iL-N llullvmw Vs." N J I'.un4 l lIN lx Z jl2fllffl'fll bmw rsh Qchctmttrn 3 0 illrvnhntmi Ollzum Mwtnrg On SCl7lICllllJCI' II, 111111. scvciitut-it lfimsliiiitfii lhnntl izc antl clt-ct nur class wt'ficc1's until ztftcr thu li-wlitlzty their wax' into the ztsscinlmlx' hull uf tht- Klf.1'i'iwt.m'ii 'vxiczlti-iii, wlicn :ill thc lmusinvss haul been t1'z11is:tt'tt-il. lliqh Sclitiiol building. lit-fwrc tht' scli-1-il tvran hull lint at lust, -inc girl Q'ZllllCl'L'Kl ciintijgli Ctillfilgt lu cztll clusecl two inure had entcrwl. 1-nu iniwwl ztwzty, :intl tht- class ltI:L'lllL'l' :intl wc clcrtul thc tnllmviiig' tilti- mring to the difficult Lgttin nm'l4 lnnr haul tluritlt-il lim tiers: Mary XYcstt-rficlil, prcsiclcnt: 'lilininzts 'llzillmt-rt, quit- vicc-p1'csi4lu1it: l.ncillc llztss, sccrctztry anal tim-atstilm-i'. On accuullt tif cliplitlicrizt bcing ilisum't'i'c1l in thc XXX' hnilt niznn' llll'CZlHllL'S1'L'Qfl1'fllllfjllIlNY wt- shfunlfl sclitml, wc were pcrtnittcrl tn runiztin ut linint- thi- :.t't:- tyrannizu fwcr tlitwvtllcr classes wlicn wc slinnltl lmccnim- uncl wcck of scliotml, llur ncxt vziczttiwn nas rlnring SL'l1iUl'S, lint. illLlSl thirst' ztirt-:tstlt-s wcrc all sliztttcrctl thc llljlllllly week. wlicn we cznnc In nur scnsus tnnm hcnring' Miss Klillcr XYC WCW I-idiculcd by being mth-it ",1.,W 1:11-5l1l11Ql'l.l 14:11 ns that icllcnt-ss wunhl nut acquire credits, :incl wt- IIY the ulllter classes, C5PccirtllY the St-iiiwrs, xrliwin iw Veflllzcd tllfll- alter Hll- We Wf'l'V 'lull' ullltlc QWCU noticccl to be very inclnstriuus. Une sign nf wnr flww- fffslllfs-H ness was sairl to bc cxhihitccl when irc fzliluil to Urgmt- Pngfe twenty-scvon fliI..XIlYS 'l.Xl'KStlN, 'git Uhr Qlpnrrigtutun 1Bnu5ter 0112155 Igrnphvrg Mxiniz Nizwuousif, '17. I11 the year IQ25, when llly chum. tieneva Ilungate. and I, made our famous trip across the I'nited 5t21tCS 111 llly specially-lwuilt touring car, good fortune seemed to he with us, for we were continually meeting our classmates from dear old M. II. 5. ,Xs we left home, with 'lied I.ane as our chauffeur, l.a11rence XYortman and his wife, who was formerly a popular teacher in the Morristown Schools, bade us g.,t,tl-l1yt- fl-om the doorway of the First National liank, of wl1icl1 Laureiice had become president on its lacing founded i11 IQZS. XYe visited the Legislature at Indianapolis and a peculiar feeling came over us. for we were held spellhound for some time under the sway uf the otittory of Senator Iflisha Moore. who was making an impassioned plea to the assembly to raise the price of marriage licenses. Elisha had en- tered politics and had secured the noinination and election on the Republican ticket. XYhiIe we were passing' through a small town o11 our way to Chicago. we noticed the training grounds of the Lf S. army aerial corps. XX'e also noticed that one of tI1e i11- ftructors looked very familiar to 11s. XYe came nearer and found it to he tllenn Iiennedy. one of the '17 class. who had gained quite a little recognition for valiant service i11 this hranch of service in the Herman- .Xineriezui war soon after his gratluatioii. Ile seemed to enjoy his work i11 the service of his Ctllllllfj' and was inueli more 1-1 ilmust lllilll he had lmeen while playing has- ket hall at M. II. S. We reached Chicago o11 Saturday afternoon, and x-'ent to our rooms in the Ilotel llearhorn. XYhile we were going' to txtll' rooms, Miss llungate had the :nisfo1'l1111e to trip on a rug and was injured. XYe ltnrrietl her to the nearest hospital llllll there to our stirprise foltlltl Ilarold Ilavens. llarold had recently graidtiate-I from the School of Medicine at I. If, and was non in this hospital, where he was Yttlllltllllg' out I' :1 1: 1- t xv 0 his medical course. Dr. Ilavens assured us that the injury was tlllly a slight fracture, and that she would I'-e ahle to go ahout as usual. The next evening we attended tl1e evening service at the largest I'resl1yterian church i11 the city and heard the once famous gigg'ler. Lelia Miller, deliver a very forceful sermon on "The Influences of llad Ii11VlI'Oll1llt'11'f.lI Me turned southward from here, and wl1e11 we came to Louisville, we chanced to visit our old friend. llenry Collins, who was reporter on the Couriers Journal. Ile had hecome a staunch friend of the lien- tuckians, Zllltl had almost decided to make it his l1o111e. Un our way through Georgia we passed some very zzohby farms. Un top of a hill on one of these was the home of our foriner classmate, Miss Hortense Ash, who had changed her name. Un our way to I'ittsh11rgh we bought a paper Zlllfl noticed a very good picture of Miss Xvlllllll Spurrier, wl1o was billed to give a concert at one of the leading theaters that evening. XYe were very much interested. as Miss Spurrier had been one of the most talented Seniors at M. H. S.. in the Class of II7. Xte also learned that Miss lflorence XYood was at the head of the I'ittshurgI1 schools, Zllltl wc had a delightful re- union. XYhen we reached New York, we heard I1 suffrage speech at Madison Square Garden hy Miss Myrl Mc- Corinick, another of the '17 class, Miss McCormick made a very convincing' arg'ument for woman's rights, which can prohahly he accounted for by the fact that Miss McCormick is a very ardent suffragist, Zllltl put her whole heart into l1er words. t lll the following day we 111et I'aul Young. another of our class. who had gained quite a little recognition as a criminal lawyer. Ile was standing' in lille for the appointment to the office of Ilistrict fvttorney. according to the New York papers. lYhen we visited the residence district. ty-eit-tht we saw a prominent educator and his wife, who was formerly Miss Claire hlackson, walking down the steps of a rose-covered bungalow. Xllc stopped to offer congratulations and Claire insisted that we stay for lunch. and there, to our surprise, we found another quest. Miss Hrlena Mansfield. who is a stenographcr employed in the city. Xl'hen we were near our homes. we stopped over in Greenfield to visit Dr. Maurice Cherry. who had found his affinity and settled down to domestic tranquility. XYe asked about the where- abouts of .Xubra XYooten. and learned that he was still jainrtrrn taunn rrn Brhrntrrn in college, and was gaining a name for himself as an athlete. Ur. tlicrry also told ns that llorolliy llunr can was teaching school m Iowa. Miss llungate is still raving over a little brown- haired gentleman that she met in New York, and l will leave my own future to your imagination. So in looking back over the class as a whole, we liayen't a member whose life has not been attended with a marked degree of success. XYe are yt-ry proud of this fact and feel sure that it is largely dne lu the influences that surrounded our school life in the Mor- ristown lligh School. 1H1'v5v11ta1tin11 Smverly illcllibcuv of flu' Ifarizlfy' and .S'f1rdt'11f.r of .lIo1'1'f.rtn-:vii Hi-Q11 Sclzool: It is the ambition of everyone to he remembered when he is gone. The wealthy endow universities. build libraries and hospitals. and form foundations, in order that their names and memories may Ire perpetu- ated. lYhat is true of individuals is also true of classes. Earlier classes, graduating from this school. have left various reminders of the days that they spent within the walls of this building. The class of IUI7 also wishes to be remembered, and not uukindly so. We too. are leaving our memento. XXX- have an innova- Svpvrrli nf SE'llf0l'S.' In behalf of the Faculty and Students of the Mor- ristown High School, I wish to thank you for the gifts which you have presented us. I am sure that in years to come the Class of 11717 will he remembered by us as one of the best classes that M. H. S. has eyer pro- duced. tion. for we are leaving the first school publication of Morristown lligh SCliool. In doing this we are trying to show our respect for the memory and rememhrances of those classes that have preceded us. and our high regard for the faculty members, who have always so kindly and faithfully directed our work. lYe trust that this .Xnnual-'l'he liooster, uf lllI7-- will b the first of a lon--' series of such pulilicatioiis. . L, 5 V 'N and that any shortcomings that it may present will lie kindly overlooked. and that our good intentions will lie accepted for work that might haye been lietter done. -XYli.xi.y ,lli.XN Sl't'lu:Ii-lit. 'lj Arrrptunrv XYe also wisli to thank you for introducing in1o our School something new. in the form of the M. ll. S. Xnnual, which, I am sure. the succeeding graduating classes of the Morristown lligh School will endeayoi to carry on in the same successful manner in which you have acquitted yourselves. - r - . , ILARI. liut i, 15. Page twentyfnine QED! 9I9ntri5tutun Booster Ahhrvaa tn Hnhvrgrahuatra Larry MILLER, '17 Shakespeare has truly said: "All the world's a stage. and all the men and women merely players." lt is to this stage. my dear undergraduates, with its play and players, that I wish to call your attention. tin this great stage, earth, we find man, the noblest work of liod, created but little lower than the angels, so that at all times above him are those celestial beings to watch over him and protect him, while just below are those evil spirits which appeal tu his animal pas- sions and desires. in an attempt to drag him from the lofty position which he occupies, by the grace of God. tm this stage is being enacted the grandest, most sub- lime and most solemn spectacle ever witnessed by mortals-The Drama of lluman Life. The pleasures, sorrows, pains and joys that one must encounter, while enacting this scene. can be imagined and perfectly described by only those who have ex- perienced them. That over which philosophers have wrangled and wise men have held learned discussions. is the problem of human life. and how to make life a success. And yet with all this, added to the training and study' which you must give yourselves. you will find that when the time comes for you lu leave this life, that you have done little that is worthy of re- inembrance. You have not yet been ushered onto the great stage of activity where each is striving lo be foremost in the acts. Pleasantly situated with all things that are necessary to your physical well-being, with nothing to trouble your minds, you conclude that yotl have noth- ing to do but enjoy yourselves as best you can. This is an erroneous idea. You, as unilergrznluates, are standing in the waiting room. S1 it in you will have to pass out upon the stage to play your part. XYill you be prepared? The answer depends on how you spend your time here. l'a gi- If you will search for the causes of the numerous failures in life today. you will find that the greater number are the lack of preparation in youth. You must have some noble purpose in view if you would accomplish any good results. Set before your- selves an ideal which is the highest standard of ex- cellence that is possible to be reached. The grand ideals of the great men of earth should inspire you to form in yi iur minds a noble purpose to be accomplished in life. llut youth is passing, the time for preparation is drawing lu a close. You are ushered out onto the stage of activity, the bell taps, up goes the curtain and you stand before the criticising world as a player in the grand drama. Now comes the test of your zcrjuisitions and abilities. You will now more fully 'mderstand what the poet meant when he said. "Life is real. life is earnest." lie careful, don't forget your part. In the hurry and excitement of this age you are apt to forget the good resolutions formed in youth. .VX person is judged by his individual merits. So l say you must be careful, lest you be deceived by the outward appearance and acts of men, and thus be drawn into the association of persons or engage in schemes that will bring only misery and woe. lilut time passes rapidly on, with its joys and sor- rows, until after a while your part is finished, and you retire from the activity and excitement of the play, to contemplate, either with joy or sorrow, the worl-: you have done, and the manner in which you have performed your part. You should remember then that each of you must sooner or later perform your part in this grand drama, and that the success of your performance depends largely upon your preparation in youth. You should ojnip yourselves nobly so that when the responsibilities thirfv and cares of life devolve upon you you may have the courage and ability to meet them, and make life what each desires it to be. a grand success. I'u1'sue some noble purposeg call it an ideal or what you may: have something noble in your sight while you are striving. Set no mere human ideal before you, but fix your eyes upon Ilim who nineteen hundred years ago acted upon the stage and represented to you the purest and most lovely character the world has ever known. llis- couragements may come. and oppositions will confront you, but these conquered make you only stronger, and prepare you for the next combat. "The Alpine climber standing down in the valley. Jainrtrrn launhrrh Brhrntcni still wrapped in cold and darkness, sees the first sunbeam smite with its fierce splendor upon the highest mountain top, and thinks it must be impossible by any toil to reach that encrimsoncd height. .Xnd yet. as the sunrise leaps from peak to peak, he has climbed on and on with long toil up the mountainside. Long before sunset he stands upon the topmost crest of eternal snow. heaved up into the clondless, fathom- less blue." So, undergraduates, you Who in life pursue the liighest ideal will be given Divine assistance, for "There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will." .X Ifoomsn lmck IIarry was called one winter morning and told to harness the mule. Having no lantern. and not noticing in the darkness that a cow had appropriated the mule's stable. he heard the farmer say: "Harry, Harry. what on earth are you doing "Aw, I can't get the collar over the mule's head. His ears must be frozen." Sxxs Amnrrtox Ted Lanes friends are worried about his lack of ambition. XI'hen urged to follow the example of some great man he says: "Oh, what's the use. the Poer farm has no terrors for me DocToR's :XIJYICE Vanie: Floyd, I'm afraid that I will have to ask you not to call again." Floyd V.: "But why, my dear 7' Yanie: "IYell, the doctor says that I must have at least four hours' sleep every night." 3 X 4 : 12 Miss XVooley: "Ruth, how long did you boil these eggs ?" Ruth Wfhitez "Twelve minutes. Miss XVooley: minutes." Ruth: "Yes, but, you see. I boiled four of them." "I told you to boil them just three Mr. Reynolds tin l'hysics classy: ".fXubra. what happens when you stand up in a boat IYooten: "XYell, it disturbs the center of gravity. destroys the equilibrium, making it more unstable, and as a result the boat assumes an inverted position and the occupants are thrown bodily into the H1 J." Yes, Klyrl thinks she could vote. or do anything that anybody else can. Anxious Reader, Arlington.-Yes, it was a Catt that scratched Margaret Pitts on the cheek. Coach Reynolds tweekly speechl: "Now, I want all you players to stay close to your own fires tonight, that means don't he chasing around over town with any skirts. Get that? Hobart, you soak your feet good in hot water and rub them with arnica, and I think they will be all right. If you didn't jump around so much you wouldnt sprain your ankles. I think the rest of you boys will be in good enough shape. Now. don't eat any strawberry shortcakes, and. while I think of it, we better see about that stuff in the city. Now were going in to beat these guys, and I don't want any of you -thinking otherwise. Now, I believe that's all I have to say, but I don't want any of you forgetting it. Get that!" Laurence: "Eli, where is your collar this morning? Iilisha: "ily gum, I forgot that!" Page thirty-one Tllbr Qworristomii 2Bnn5trr lliuing Hp tn the 0112155 itll-Inttn LX Fable in Slang! The bell rang. the pupils marched upstairs to the .nusic of a eroak-voiced Yictrola. and Mr. Mann called classes as usual. but nary a lfreslnnan appeared on the scene. Miss Kliller was very much frightened about the welfare of the lireshies. and finally confided to Mr. Q-leynolds that somebody should be sent to find them. "Send the Sophoforcsf' he announced. "and they will eonie back like frightened cliickadeesf' liut. as the unusual. Mr. Reynolds was mistaken. "lf they were Sophomores. you might send their Caesar ponies." sug'g'ested Henry Collins. "4 lh. that canned stuff doesn't go now. Shakespeare!" stormed fllr. Reynolds, so llenry besought himself to the shelter of the typewriter. lt was at last agreed upon that a committee of two Sophomores. three hluniors and four Seniors should be appointed to search out the hiding place of the miscrtants. lfach class started in a different direction. "l'll bet that they are going' to have a test tomorrow." said the leader nf one gang, grinning profusely. "l know that they will. if they don't get back before tomorrow." -.vas the response. So on they trod. these fitting' repre- sentatives of the law of hookey. 'Iihey entered many dense forests. inhabited by ferocious wild beasts. such as are studied about in the lfresliman Latin texts. but these Wel'e 111 rt enticing' ltllllitittiolls for the fl'eedom loy- ing lfreshman. The hookey hunte1's turned down a long' lane that led to a river. "Oh, maybe they've gone fishing." sfguealed a certain Sophomore. "Hack to the farm. hvull ought to be old enough to know that a mere lireshman wouldn't know whether to lrait the tackle or tackle the bait," came from a dignified Senior, who had optical delusions of his own name in the xelltnrl paper, connected with :t daring exploit ot the l'reslnnen. 'lhe lfreslnnen were found. seated in a straight row Htl Il t'l'HHlie4l Villl fellfe, .ks itltill :ls llig L-ngtily' yyglg seen approacliing' at a distance ral' Zllnvlll forty paces. t':u'sar's men sang' ont. "f711t'. Iwo, lllrrr. four. ffvllll UH' 'IU1' forl' Frcedmlz, Frevd0m, One, fteo, flzrect four." They were cross-examined by the plaintiffs counsel as to their misdemeanor, and became furiously angry. "lYe simply came to the end of our string." said darling' little tiladys jackson. "You had better tie on a few more feet." said the aforementioned Senior. "Uh, feet!" exploded liussie lYooten. "wateha want with more feet? My tens will supply the whole bunch. lYhat we wanted was a vacation. and that's what we were trying to get today. until you came upon the scene and spoiled it all." ,lust then Mr. Reynolds came upon the seeene. "Ah. my dear little fellows. and you are so tired al- ready and not a one in my class had those six pages :nf translation. and no one knew the rule for the sub- junetive of purpose. I thought that you had room for another subjunctive rule. Yes. I expected you to go on a strike soon. And now you fellows." addressing the search party. "escort these soft-shelled eggs back to Mr. Mann." "Have a heart." pleaded Poppy Arnold, who had hopes of being' passed with impunity. "lf you make me cry, l will lose my chewing gum." So back they marched. as Hr. Reynolds had ordered. Klary XYesterfield called a class meeting at once, and Mr. XYot-ten et al. let go the chains that restrained their fury, "lt does seem a pity that you can't please everyone. for when you think that you're pleasing' some one the reality is that you're pleasing no one. YX'e accepted the motto, "The Ocean of Opportunity Lies llefore bs." and what's the use of a motto if you don't live up to it? XYe were grasping an enticing' oppor- tunity to escape from the claws of those tests and now they go and kick about it. llereafter we live up to our motto. and the rest can do as they please. Our rights we love. and we shall fight for the things that .ire nearest our hearts." That was a feather in tIussie's hat. AX bunch of beaming' lTl'CSlllllCll entered the hall. and thereafter they lived up to their motto with more nerve than Klr. Reynolds had when he asked them a tlueslion concerning' a certain l7reshnian's commem- orating powers. -Eiriaex CIIAMNESS, '2o. l'.nz41' thirty-tw: II ll 13 14 'S 1 17 -D 21,1 27 18 211 2 -1 J -l 5 6 9 IO II I2 13 16 T7 18 I9 20 23 2-l jl?.iIIEfEDll fi7llllUl'fU BEUEIIYUSII Anghnhgz Almannr ltr M.x1111a Xiiwiiocsii. '17, s1i1"1'1iA11:1-211 35. ll11slieth11ll lL'2llll goes to New l':1l1-sti111'. where School coiiyeiies with Slllllc lL'llCllk'l'S 11s last year. witl1 the exception of Miss XYoolley, tl1e 11ew llof niestic Science instructor. Harcl study coinniences. Fresliinen use rakes on the basketball court. Domestic Science Class cans peaches. Seniors elect Class officers: l.11urence XX'Hl'll'llllll. presiclent3 Marie Newhonse. SCCl'ClIll'f' 111111 treasurer. School closes on account of 4ll1ll'llllL'l'ill. XYe start again. llaskethall wo1'ko11ts. tilen Kennecly wears "specs". Miss lYoolley is nervous i11 cliorus perio1l. Senior Literary Cluh is organizerl witl1 officers as follows: llarohl Havens, presi1lent1 liCllL'VZl Hungate, secretary. of. 111111111 .-X l1ar1l test. Miss Miller enlightens tl1e llk'NYCHlllL'l'S Hll El few points. llhysics Class enjoyst F1 lunclieon i11 iJt'JlllCSllC Science roo111. .X new chorus. "Sailing with lfeathery l'row." llaskethall team goes to Rusliyille. Seniors 1leci1le to issue a11 ixlllllllll, to he calle1l The llooster. Election of the Staff. Flunk test in Connnercial an1l Music. Horse Show Day. No school. Protein foods in Domestic Science Class. Some of the Fl'f3Sl'llll6ll forgw 1t to go to their Rot- any Class. Yell practice Cvery weakl. Miss Miller explains the Honor Roll scheme. Some of the Juniors are given front seats. Mr. Reynolds has several Seniors to outline their History lesson after school hours. Morristown hasliethall tea111 defeats Fountain- town. Miss Miller delivers a lecture on llehavior. they win ll 1lecisi1'e Zlfglllllclll. Jo. "XYe're llut To XYi11." 37. lieneya tells why lit vys are l11111g1'y. 3111. 'HX l'erfect Day." 51. Tl1e lJ1 wniestic Science girls serve hre11l1 fast. No1'1a111:1111c 1. Cl11ire 1:1-ppe1's the cocoa. 3. litlllfl. Morris says tl111t Ull ziccotnn ol the 11 Zll' she has to take lllC l.ati11 test. 3. Throats of the entire llieh School exa111i11e1l. o. tlirls play haslcethall. 7. Rats i11 the llonicstic Science I'UHlll. R. llurrah for llughes. 9. Sophoiiiores 11re lllt'lVL'll to the front. IO. lillI'l'Zlll for ll'ilson. Collins. Cherry X Co. wear l7e111oc1'atic smiles. 23. The 1l11y after tl1e TJtlll'lCSllC Science l1iL'lllk'. lir- eryho1ly fatiguecl. 14. The first Honor Roll is p11hlishe1l. 15. Doinestic Science 1'o1 Plll is turne1l into ll l11:s11it11l. lfil. "Te1l. suppose you luring' yt fur l11111liS up here."-- l"rofessor Mann. 17. llaslqethall team at St. Paul. Yictory. Jo. Miss Xlfoolley late for a class. 31. l,elia 1leci1les to join the circus. 23. .X quiet clay. 33. Some clelicious pies are 111111le i11 tl1e CooI1i11.g' Class. Auhra rleci1les to sencl flowers. 34. Mr. Mann has la grippe. -7. Miss Miller: ulXTIllll'lCC. where w11s Tit'll blohn- son Ctll1C2llCtl?H Cherry: He was sent to XXvCSlllllllSlCl' gXhl1ey." JS. Marie Morris hurns l1er lll1flt'l'SClllCll pie. 211. Tests i11 History 11n1l Co111111ercial. Too terrihle for C0llTl'llL'lll. 30. Tlianlcsgiving Day. Too full for llllCl'llllL'k'. D121'121111ER 4. Miss l.enore Davis enters M. ll. S. She is llll'CL'-TUl1I'lllS TT1'CSlllllFlll 111111 one-fourtl1 S1 -pho- more. IFGE 1":1,:e thirty-tl Qlliijz 7. I2. 20. T2 I. 2 3- S. o 11. 1:,. is 24. 26. I. 1 3- fix, 7. 14. ln. 20, JI. Zfiv. Qtanrristutun Booster .Xubra XYooten and Maurice Cherry "spill the beans" in l"hysics laboratory. Maurice Cherry falls off his chair. The girls decorate the Domestic Science room with miniature Santas. Senior Literary Club holds a debate on "Arbi- tration of Industrial Disputes." .X Christmas program is given in the afternoon. Off for Holiday vacation. J.xx1i.x11v, IQI7 New Years Day. Miss XYoolley falls into the flour bin. Mr. Reynolds puts the ban on polical discussions in his Physics Class. except when he has the floor. Marie Morris and Hortense Ash discontinue their Domestic Science work. The Seniors take up llookkeeping. State High School Inspector, County Superin- tendent and Township Trustee are visitors. .Xll cars are late today. Professor Reynolds gives a Domestic Science lecture in Civics Class, subject. "Cleanliness is Gorllinessf' Even Harry -lustus is wearing "specs". All the girls have traded dresses. FEBRUARY Miss llailey's pupils make Hr. Reynolds a pres- ent of forty-five apples. Laurence and Aubra have a dispute over the coach and are late for the game. Senior girls choose for Class Colors Green and Xthite. l.ily of the Yalley is to be the Class Flower. live the iireen and XYhite. Farmers' lnstitute. The Girls' Chorus sings. Seniors select the Class lllay. Hrs. llal I. l.arrabee, dramatic coach. arrives and assigns parts. A visitor from Europe favors the lligh School with a short talk. Domestic Science Class comes out in flaming colorsfred blouses. .Xfter-session in Civics. llad l.uck Day, I.ecture by a genuine Indian princess. JS. ,- 3 7 8. 13, IO. 1 ill. 17 Ja -O. 211. 3,- ..f. W 39- 'J fl. .O. '3- HJ, 1 -CL 22. x ..1. V.. ..I. Senior Motto, ".5'c1l1fcr Ptll'L1f1!S,'. Shakespeare displays oratorical powers. M1x1tc11 Test in Civics Class. Post Facto Law". Does anybody know what it means? The Seniors go to Shelbyville to have their pic- tures made. Professor Reynolds has a bad cold and is able to come only a part of the day. llasketball team goes to the District Tournament. The team loses the honors to Trafalgar. Gloom in the Morristown camp. Rev. Reid gives an interesting talk to the High School on Newfoundland. Mrs. l.arrabee arrives. Everybody happy. lloor llrigham Young has the mumps. The Seniors make their bow in "Kicked Out of College." Success. if we do say it ourselves. The second performance. The Senior Class slightly disfigured. but to use the words of Mr. Reynolds, "all are in the ring but Sandy and Mehitablef' The Seniors sell lloosters. Two visitors-County Agricultural Agent, East and a gentleman from llurdue Cniversity talk to the lligh School. APRIL Extra session of Congress. Rain-snow-blizzard. Miss Sherrill. of the Y. XY. C. A., talks to the High School girls. The contracts for the publishing- of The llooster are signed. "Fat" Talbert. '20, says that yesterday was "some Easter". lfriday. the ljllll. Horrors! The Semester Exams. .Iunior Reception. llaccalaureate Sermon at Xl. E. church. Senior Dinner. Professor Klamrs residence. Class Dav. MAY t'ommencement. Einis. l'1I1:-- thirty-foul Qinrtrrn Dunn rsh Brurntrrn j7,7,,W,! 1 Z!!! X I' I fry, 'YN' ffflif X llvclf iff V, I, If 1. :A , "y'rf1'i,, ,117 - X, VH, , dyf'fwf 39 ,fd 4 m ff? ' yi' 4- , Wf W f f 5 if f 4' ff' 1, ' f :Wf 'WY f Aff! + fx 7 X ,X 'I N I I , ' " 7, ff 'f ' ,ff 1, fne ! 1: 4 ff i f B ' +4 IA - f' .. ' f 5--0' 1 K 1 w 2 f A ' . , . U---Nm 1 ,' :fx f I liflfllxfjgxllx V If I' , ww f 1 f -fwmx ulfue, fZfQ,LQ 4? W, I A-ff ff X Heyy! W af WWW I' fffcylfl '!" 5 1 A Wy ' 1712 6i!, c fffn,,,,H :IVV Y lf! l 9+'Mf1',:u 1 - , f "M" 4 A 5 .' ' .Gr Q N' ,, I W - 'V Q V Q. ,VAA l ,A fgf Q ,fLf Z,Z '7'if ff N7 ,f f ff. ,fV ,f j ff ! "f ' ' V " ' 'fl , ' f I f ,7' f f rf f ,fn f 1 f ff 1, f , , fK A H , fjf, f ' 577 f f V I Vf y pq, 44 'fm f gMg g, fgf g',, ,5 f, ,., My ,gkzfffaf . Uhr Qlpurristntun 2Bnu5trr f IIXRI Jl.lJ Il.XX RNS R. M. REYNOLDS COACH '-f4ll2llIL'lAH has lvlzmxul on thc tram fur thrce wars and was captain uf thu scluzul this fk'lll'. llc haul Z1 gnml cyu fm' thc baskct :null was zulclvl ul Iiftllliillg' up thc 1113114 mums' H14fLIllSiYC. H15 phxcu wlll bc llzml lu tlll. N J Pug-4 lhirlpwsix Hinrtrrn 1311 nn rfb Efllfllfffll 1.1X1'R1iX111f 111111111111 X 1x111111'11 111 1111- 11-111-111 11s "1Z11g111-", 1111s 1111111-11 1111 1111- 1111111 11ll'1'C 1'1-111's. I L' 11 15 521111 11111 11 l'lQ"CI1 1111 :1 1111s111-1 111111 1'11111'1 111 1115 111111111-1"s 1f11C11k'1l 11111111 111- 111111 XX'1'lll'1l14Q 11l'k'SNk'4. 1 111111 mis S 11111 11215 1ICk'I1 ll1llj'11lfQ' c1'1-1' S11lL'C. .Xt 1111- 1-1111-, 11L' 1-1111 Q41 1111.1111g11 111111'1- C1,11.111'1-111111S, 11111111 111lP1'C 1111S1fK'tS. 111111 1111- 1111'1111's 1111111 21111 1111111' 11111111 111 1111 1'1 111111111 'N G X1'11R1iY XY1 11f1T1fY 1 un 1 1, :11111- 11.13111 X11-511111111 11. S., 11'111-re 111: 131111141 12151 1'k'flI'. u.X11L' 11'11s 11111 111 1111- 11-11111 s 1Z1l'QCSI i1111i1'i1111a1 SCl'1I'1'l'S. 11111 111 51111C 1'1f 1111s 111 11115 11ll1 1111 111111111111111 1111111 11111 Z1 1111111 1lQ11tLl. 11.1111 I11ll1'1't,1 1111' 1111- g-111111 111 1116 1611111 1111111-1' 1111111 111-151111111 g'1111'1'. This is 1115 111st 11-111' 111 111g11 SC11lNVl1 113511161 1,13 51" QL 111 11111111 11N1i1.1-I 1,111c" 11':1s 11111 111 1111- big' 11111111 11121kc1's 1111- 1111- 1621111 11115 BUILT. 1-10 11215 11111 X1'l1l'S- QXI11-1'i1-11111 111111 s111111111 111- Z1 1111111151111 111-x1 1'k'fl1'. I':1g1- thi rty 511 11 I TILIJ1' 91I9nrri5to1nn Bnostrr f M ff" "S11111c1"', 11s ll Q1-11c1':11 2111-171111111 l112lj'L'I', was 11211411 141 11111, 111- C1111111 ,11111 11111 11111111 111151111111 111111 1111511110111 1111- 111l1'11l'f11 11,11111-rs 111111 1-V1-1 111,1iXIi1iXN1il1Y 11114141 ,1L'S'1'L'S .X1111s "'1'111111111"'1 11115 542111111 111:111. 11-1117 Zl1XX'Z'1f'S c111'1'11-s 11 911116. is 1'6- Q1l1'I1L'I1 11s 1111- 1:1-S1 211111.11 111:11 X1111'1'1x1111x'11 11215 1-YQ1' 1111.11K11 11111. X1111'C 1111111 1111':1- 1115 11111-11 W111-11 111111 11'gjg1'1-SN111111-ss 111111 5:11111 1111- 3111116 1111. 111. 11. S. 111- I'1l1X'1'11 1111 g.:11111- 111 111s 1111- 211 the 111s11-11-1 111111-11:l1I1l'l11 11118 fCIll'. 11s 111-11 115 12181, 111141, 11111111111 um- -'iff 11- "11111s", 5111111111 11c 1111 :111-111s11'11'1 Ql1Z1l'11 111-X1 11-1111 111-111 11111111 ll K1111'1'1s1111x'11 11111111 111- Ql'1l11l11l1k'S 111111 11115 1c111"s 1 ff' ' h I E? 5 1 I , 5 an ' ---511 , XX'1X1,'1'1i1Q IIIXIBS 1X11111111g11 111- 11111 11111 111211 111 11111111 gY1l111L1S, 111111 he l111g'111 5111111 111s 11111- w111'111, 111- 111113 Q11 g111111 111111 1111 1111- S1-1111111 lK'l1111, w11c1'c 110 5111111011 Ll 1.1Q'111111g 5111111 111111 11gg1'1-ssiv1-111-sw 111111 s111111111 l11Il1iC 111111 sure 111 ll .1 A 11111111 11CX1 1'L'Zll'. g 1 11 I I',1- 11111'11.1-1:h1 jQiI'lBfl'fll EIIIIUFBU QUUYIIIIYII f N Swrnnh Glvam U 1 left tw right: Lbllills fcaptuiul, ccmcrg XYickc1', fm'wz11'cl: XYHKIICII, guzmli Hindi Sccfmfls Il Sccumls IS. Sccoluls 25, XYHH 72 LHST O' guzuxli 'Iil'llL'j.gLlJll'K11 Nlycrs. furwzlrd. SCHEIJVIJC Imlcpumlums IO Scumrls IN, f1XYf'l1llCX'iHC lfw fYiXVf'l1llSViHk' IO 510111115 38, 1:L1iI'YiL'XY 11. FUllllfZ'lil1fHNVI1 4 Sncwmls -gm, XXustlz11u1 1 Iwrst Iczlmb lv Sccmuls 40, f:XX'j'l1llCYiHC 41 Pct. 1000. Twtal Vwints lay' RIUI'l'ISlHX'.'I1 ljw, I lIJlJlPl1ClllS6.l.. g I 1':1g1-thirty-nun Uhr Qlanrristnmu Elnnstrr Igmikvi 5572111 19115-'1 t,l.l.x Isles xlzllv, 17. 'l'he basket hall season just passed has been one of llu- most successful for Morristown ill llllllly years. At the beginning of the season the prospects were rather dark, but as victory after victory was won by Morris- town optimisnl increased. .Xlthough rather light. the team has played good ball llllalllgllllllt the entire season and won games wllere the odds were greatly against them. They fought their way into tlu- fillals at lfranklin, hilt lost to 'l'rafalear. 'lihey were accounted by llllllly who witnessed the games as being about the best tealn on the floor. Hut of the eighteen scheduled games eleven were won and seven lost, giving a percentage of 13315. lly his efficient lnetllods of coaching, l'rofessor Reynolds has developed a fC2llH that has played to- gether, passing the ball to one another and showing excellent team work at all til11CS. It has been a team that was not afraid to go up against opponents that were almost out of their class. but as a result of this fighting' spirit they have, in nearly every case, come out victorious. With but few exceptions the teams on the schedule have been strong ones, alul a number of them were quite successful in their respective tour- l1ZllllCllfS. XYhile this year's team has made an enviable record for itself and the school, it is sincerely hoped that in years to come Qllorristown may develop a better, which will be able to bring home the shield, upon which can be plainly read: "State lligh School Champions." Nvxi tgvafn Elgrnnprrta .Xt present the prospects for a XYlllllCl' llCXf year are yery glllul, eoach Reynolds has for a nucleus lfnele and lustus. regulars on this yearis team, around which lu- should be able to build a fairly strong team. .Xll ol 1lllN years second team, with the exception ol tol- lins, will be ill school next year, and there is the possi- lllllty tllat some new material will enter at the begins nine' of the terln. 'lihose wllo blillltl ill line for the positions llt'Xl year are 'l'racy, lliluls' tl. Xyooten, .Xlyers Zlllfl XX u vel, tollllls Ql.ltlll1llL'S with tllls X'L'lll' s class, lllll would have very probably lllliL'll a regular place hall lu' l't'lllIllllL'll m school. lllllllx silblu-ll rt-ous iarly on this year's team and should be a regular next year. Tracy, Xyicker alul Collins were with the team at the district tournanu-nt. but did not break into any of the games, and the former two are expected to do :ood work on the H718 team. Myers did good work on the secolul team at the forward position, having a goorl eye for the loop, alul should capture one of the next year's forward lJtlSlfltlll5. tl. lkiooten showed such form at guard ill the games in which he played that llllllly were led to tllink that he will be one of the regulars for the Ulllllllg' season: but in case he should not. he has two more years in school, alul should show up well in these. l':lL1v forty XYinner Rushyille Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Hroacl Ripple XYest Newton Morristown Zionsyille XYhitelanrl Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Greensburg Morristown Morristown Trafalgar Hinttren launhrru flhia lgvafa Svrhvhulv -oser Klot'I'l5lim'll Xkestlantl New Palestine St. l'aul XYaltlron Morristown Morristown St. l'aul Morristown Morristown Fairland XYhitelanrl New ljalestine Zionsrille Morristown KYalclron Fairland Morristown 513 r1'C 2o- I 7 17- 1 6 Ill- IQ 48-26 56-20 21416 .28-.26 9313 3o'2o 3'2--33 21,0-I4 U5-21 49 13 30-D .ZI-I5 46-25 56-30 4749 l lace Rushville XYestlantl Morristown St. l'aul XYalrlron liroatl Ripple Morristown Morristown Zionsville XYhitelanrl Morristown Morristown Morristown Morristown Rushville Franklin Franklin Franklin Men II. Lost 7, Per Cent. 656. Total number of points scored by Total number of points scored by opponents. 300. Average each game: Morristown. 4312: opponent. 22 I-6. Toastmaster: "Me will now hear from Mr. Snocl- grass, of Morristown." Reynolds: "Professor Mann represents Morris- town." Mann: "Professor Reynolrls really represents the team." Toastmaster: "Mr. Snodgrass." I' fn gf- fo Reynolds 1 blushing r : that's all I haye to say." Date Uetober In i letober I3 1 letober 20 1 Jctober .25 November 24 December 6 january 5 january I2 january 26 February 2 February 9 February IO February 16 February I7 February 24 March 9 March IO March IO Schsutrrn ' Morristown, 793. "Well, we aimecl to take this tournament. but I guess we won't now, I bel in-ye Coach Reynolds: "Henry, if you woulfl stay on your feet you eoultl play better basket ball." Mr. Reynolds: "lloys. I do wish you woultln't swear so much." rty-one Uhr 9I9nrri5tu1:un Bunstrr H1135 nf 1112 571111111 Svrrrvtarg Zluninr Q11-r1-11111111 '1'110 ,11111i111' 1-1-0011111111 was 111-111 111 1111- 111111 1701111111 111111 1:l'1112lj' night, .-Xp1'i1 30111. 'l'1101'1111111 11':1s1as11-111111' 111-0111211011 1111.116 50111111 0111111's-l 110011 111111 1Y11110. '11110 121101111-iss 111'0110s11'11 1111'111s111-11 1111- 11111si0 1111' 1110 010- 11i11g 211111 SCl1101' 01f1ss fl11-1l1S11L'11 11111C1- 01111-1'111111111011t 111l'171.1g111111t 1110 01'011i11g. T110 11121245 111 '17 11'1sh0s 111 0x111'0ss its 111z1111cs 111 1110 .111111111.S 1111- 1111-11' 1111s1111111111'. l5z1rrla11rz1tr T110 11110011111111'0z1t0 s01'1111111 11'11s 111-111'01'011 111 111C M. 12. 1'11l1l'C11 111' 1116 11ast11r, 1110 R1-v. Mr. 140111, 5111111211 night, .X111'i1 2211. Rev. H0111 s1111111- 111 1C11g111 1111 1110 1111121111- lllgk' 111111 11111111-11 111011 11191111 11v1-1' 1110 L1ll1l'2l1I1L'11, 111111 111s l'Cl112ll'1iS, 11 111-011011, 8111311111 110 111 11111011 V1l11l1' 111 1110 1110111111-rs 111 1110 01ass. T110 M. Ii. C111.lI'C11 0111111 1111'- 11is11011 1110 11111s10z11 11r11g1'11111. '1111C 11011011101i1111 was 1:s1c1-11 111' 111011012 Mr. S1CX'L'I1S, 1.11 1110 L'h1'is1i1111 C1lL11'C1l. 5:1-ninr Eiunrr 1'1'111. 111111 Mrs. C. 1-1. 31111111 1-1111-11111111-11 111 111011' 111111113 11-11111 11 111 8 XY011110s1111y CYCll11lQ', 1111111 25111, 111 111111111- 1-1 1111- S011i111's. '111111SC 111111011 11'01'1- 1110 1'illL'1l11.1' 111k'1Il1lL'l'S 111111 1111- I11L'l111DL'l'h 111 111L' gl'l1111ll111l1Q 1'111ss. f11l1lll1llPlll'l'llIl'Il1 '1111-1'111111111-1101-1111-1111-x1-1'1'is1-s111-1'1-111-1111111110 X1. 1-1. 1111111-11 11111111111 1-1-1-111110, 11:11 Isl. 11111' s111-11141-1' 11':1s 1110 11612 X111 11111-111-110, 111 111'C61l:11JLl1'Q'. 11161. His 2111- 111'0ss 110111 11 V1-11' 110011 l11C21l111lg 111111 01.111111 111.1 111.1 11-ss 1112111 111-110111 1116 1110111111-rs 111 1110 gr111111111111g 0111ss. Q1l1ri5t111ax5 iE1111:rtai1111u-111 '1111- High SC1141411 QLIVL' ll s1111r1 Cl11ICI'1Zl1l1L'll1l11 1111 Fris 11111' 111-11110 1110 L'111'1s111111s 111011111111 111 a 11-11' 1.11 111C 11z111'1111s 111111 1'isi1111's 111 1110 2158131111111 1'11c1111, 1111111-1' 1111- 111100111 111 111 1110 1'12lL'l111j' 1110111111-rs. '1i11L' 111'1j1g1'11111 was 11111110 1111111 l'Cll111llQ'S 111111 11111si0111 1ll1l111JL'l'5. 6111.155 Bug 7111113 Class 11211 0x01'0is0s 11'01'0 111-111 111 1110 11ss01111J1y 111111 171111111 L'YL'1l11lQ', .XIBY11 17111. 711116 0v011i11g's 011101-- 131111116111 11'11s 11111101' 1110 11i1'1-0111111 111 Miss 11111012 T110 11111si0z11 1111-L1gY1'H111 11'11s 1111'11is11011 111' the E111-111'0iss 111'- 0110s11'a. 11116 z111111'0ss0s 111' 111C 1111-1111101's 11'111 1210 111111111 111 1111111111-1' 111111 111 1111- 11111111. There 1111s 110011 1111110 ll 11111111101' 111 s1101z11s. 011101111111- 1111-111s :11111 11111111-s Q'1YL'll 111' 1110 11101111J01's 1.11 1110 High s0111'1111 t111'1711!i1111111 1111- C1 1111's1- 111 1110 s0111'1111 f'QIll'. 11111 111111111111111 0111111g11. 1111111-1'1-1'. 111 110 g11'011 s1-111111110 111L'I1' 111111. X1'11i11- 111-v1-11111i11g' 1110 1110111111 s1110 W0 1111v1- 11'i1-11 111 211113111 1111' s11111- 11'111-1'1- 11111' 1100111111-s ll 111g 111111 g1'i1111. 111111 h111'1- 011111-:11'111'011 111 1111K Z1 111110 111211 111 111-1111-1-11 1111- 11'111'11. 111111 111- 11111'1- 1101111'1'1-11 :1 112111111 s11001-ss, s11 111111 111- 111:11 1001 111111 1111- 51-11i111' 11-111' 111 13111. 111011 5111111111 1'111'1-1-1' 11Z1S 111-1-11 :1 1'1-11111' 1-111111111111-11111-, P11140 l'111'1y-lwu Gilman Flag Dinrrrrn DIIIIDITU Srhrlltrrll IPILXNIX I lx I'lfIQ, . Illll-tlw IIL'I'lIl1lXX, :l ll-llllllzll' Scllilll: . , I I Xlifllll Ilxll xx 'Illfl Lllcsulllilll-, tlll' Q-llll-gc mill-llll .,.. I ll l x lil' x xllllx' l,cl'iticllf. lllc :lull lll sllzllluf ..,. I.ll Ill Xl li Xxvlllil Xl xv SKIIIICII Xlc.XIIi-lcv, ll Illll'1I Sllllltlll ..,. Ii XIQI 'lllc X1 Y, 'lj Slll-rty Illlllg, -lll lllc lilcu I.xIllIl.. .,.'l'l--ll l.xxlc, 'lj Slivclx XIZIQKIC, ll Ililllllf -Illllllllt ,. ...I'iI,INIIX Xllllllcl, XIV. II, IICIIIIHXY, Illrllllcf llillllcl' .... ,Xl IZIQX XX'1l1Il'I'N XIV. Sllllllx' Xlcl llllll,C1lSlk'Il lll llll' IJl'lllllllllCIIl1IJ ................. IIlzXliN lllI.l lxw lllllccl' Rllcv, ll'Hlll llll- I'.lllL'l'llIlI lwlc, NI Xl lill l-1 I lll IQIQN XIV. Ilc:ll'S. Ill lllc Fllcull Nlllllll l -ll lll.. I XI I XIII xl. -Iljllflllll l1l'1ly,lIlc Illlll- Clllllll-I-Cl1l'...IIIXI-YX I Il xnxllf. Ilcttic Iiclllll-xv, Illlllllcf' fibllll' ..... Nl Xlill. Xllll lllll xl-' NVQ. Ii. I. IICIIIIIIXY, Ilkll' llllllllcl' ..... I'kl.HliliX1lz Xlllllll KI1l lS:lggsIly'. ll lllvlvlllill' lzllllllzlllvl, XIXIQI, Nlll llllxlll Ii l . QNX! Xllx KILIIII lIlIk' KICK llllll, ll lczllllllx xlllll, I.l-.I.lX NIIIII Ii Bl-Illlll KIM lllll. :lgl I-1.IlL'l'lIlll1QIlll'l'. Xllv Illl ICI Illll l-,X x KI XXNI-'ll l ll gllllllx IIN' c-lllll-ll' NlL'lIlvgl"l1lIlL'l' N W l . I Illlc ll-jxxl-Q ,Xxll .lllll Xllllll I IL'lll'L'Ilt',1l I'l'Clll'Il KIIINIIIIIIKII., III Xllil, Ill lgwx 5llILlIll lllltl 5IllYlll4,1lIIIllL'Ii Xlllrll Ixlllx. XYll,llx SI'l'lQICIl IQ . , , .Xml I X lllllwl' Ill-'llwllllff Ilflllxl- ,N ' N - XLT II. SIIIIL' lll Illllll-ylllllllll Iflzlls IlllllIIL'N' ww- ll4I Illllx lvlll' Xll III. glllllk' LIS lll Xml II. Illlllllw' lllllwl Illllc will: I'flLl f-lll!-lllrv Uhr Qlpnrristnrnn Booster Ellinv 0112155 lglag Miurn The Senior Class l'lay, Mliiclcetl Hut uf Ufllegef' given at lYreniclc's llall, lfriday night. was a success in every way. ln the first place, the play in itself was very interesting, and the wurlc of the players was excep- tionally giutd fur an amateur cast. Remarks by sev- eral to the effect that it was the best class play that had been given here fur inany years. The parts were well taken and each character could nut be iinprttved upon. llftrllllllly the greatest hit nf the play was Laurence XVOrtinan as Leviticus, the ,Xce uf Spades, who gave blaclqface cutnedy that would inalce llert XX'illiains green with envy. Xtilina Spurrier, as l,eviticus's bride-to-be, was equally grind. The acting ttf every other player was above criticism, but with the exception of une ur two there were nu parts that stiiofl wut prtvtninently. "l'ut t Jn XYOIII' Slippers and Fill Up Your Pipe." by the Col- lege lletys' Glee Club: "ln the llills of Old Kentucky," by Leviticus and Salamanca. with chttrus, "Sweetheart uf My Dreams," by lletotles, hlunquil, Tad and lietty t llaruld Havens, Geneva Hungate, Glen Kennedy and Marie Newhouset 1 "So llliat lin You XYant to Make thuse lfyes at Me l"u1'?" by Fleurette tflaire ,Iaclcsoiil 2 "Suffragettes' Q'llHI'llS,H by the convention, and the Yale "l3eola". were introduced during the actipn of the play and each was well received. The play was under the direction of Mrs. llal bl. l.arrabee, of Indianapolis, wlio deserves niuch credit fur the way in which she coached the budding David lYarfields and for the success of the play in general. l'aul C. Xlilliains, of this place, was the musical di- rectur and the Edelweiss orchestra furnished the inusic. Fw xi niyi: cess W1 nuns Klyrl: "1 hh, sliout the luck Y" Marie: "Uh, the diclcens 5" Geneva: "Fur the liive uf Vltthn l" lili: "Hy gum l" Shakespeare: "lJttd gastln llurtense: "1 Jh. dear l" Xxvillllllf "fiiem1l I1lQl1ll Giggles: "Te hee l" llear reader, if we were tu git further the trfficer would be after us. "I5re:tthes there a inan with soul su dead, XYhtt never tit himself hath said, XYhcn un his hed strezuned niitrning light. 'l hftpe the schtutl burned drawn last night?" -Centralian. lf: ll ' xp may tflcxsi tic, "lJitn't get su stuart, new, dw yitu lcnfuv what yitu Senittrs did? lf yitu did l expect ywu wltuld treat the Sitpliuiiutres a lilllt' better, fur a few in that class lint-clqed the whwle thing tit pieces." -X. Y. Z. Xl. H. S. Cililzlzll I believe in education, inalcer uf brains and sense, in the laws of the universe, in teachers who are de- ceived by the sins uf their pupils burn of the tribe of Cicerw, suffered under the strict professor. The third day, after exams, we arise with a stiff neck, desceno te breakfast, and sitteth un the right hand uf the father, mother, sis and brother. Front thence we pursue nur course tu scliuul. XYe believe in teachers, ghusts, the genuine algebra baptism, the cinuinunit,ii1 ttf teachers, the furgiveness of writing notes. and a guild rest for the bftdy in liberty frtsin lessens ever- lasting,fAh Seniurl Ah Freslnnan! -lf, L'.,'.2ct. l.ives of great inen all reniind us, XYe shall always do nur best, .Xnd departing, leave behind us, Ntttelutulcs that will help the rest. flfx. I':nei' flirty-ftiul 3Qinrtrru ljunnrrh Qrurntrrn Elm Sftzlif Tltbr Sll9nrri5tutnn 2Bun5trr I S rl H lj l 1 voiumet, Noes. ivioRRisTowN HTCITTSCHOOL, APRIL 16 it TTT TT T 41773 Tigers Shut Out White Sox. The Tigers shut out the White Sm in the first game of the series yest-r- day. Errors by the Sox in the fourth. combined with a three-bagraer when the bases were full in the fifth by Wortman, contributed to the down- fall, and when the last out was madl- the scoreboard registered Il-ll, Ken- nedy pitched airtight ball until thr- seventh, when he was pulled in order that Wicker might unlimber his throwing arm for tomorrow's contest. The pair allowed only tour hits throughout the contest, and these were scattered and did no damage. Havens. Wooten and Collins got on in the fifth, and Wortman promptly landed on one of Woo:l's wide ones near the flag pole. lC'ontinued on Page Six.i To Spend Summer at Lakes. The Misses Hortense Ash, Florence Wood, Orlena Mansfield and Dorothy Iluncan aunt-unce that they have rented The Oaks cottage at Cedar Lake. near Crown Point, where they will spend the summer vacation, Accepts Position in Cleveland. Paul R, Young, a member of the araduatina class, has accepted a posi- tion in the enzineerina department ot' the Speed Motor Car Co., of C'lt-yeland, Ohio. This is a highly desirable place and it speaks well for M, ll. S that onc ol' he-r students should be chosen. Mr. Youua has made many friends whilo at M. ll. S. who wish to con- gratulate him, lle will take up his new duties soon after coinnit-iu'e-int-nI. Baseball to be Suspended. .tr-1-oi'diii'.g to a rm-port ol' tht- l":u-ulty .Xtlilt-tic t'ouuuittef-, lnast-batll at Mor- ristown will bt- suspt-ndt-d on :if-count ot' tht- walr situation. Tlu- tt-aiu has In-1-ii losing mont-y for sonic- tinit-, and tht- step tziltt-ii hy tht- t'lllIllIlllli't' is no doubt ti wise tillt' X Injured in Runaway Accident. Miss Lelia Miller was slightly in- jured in a runaway accident yester- day. She. with Miss Orlena Mans- field and Claire Jackson, had gout- for a ride when her thoroughln'ed. Catalin, became frightened near tht- High School building. Miss Miller was thrown from her buggy and re ceiyed several bruises. but was able to attend classes today. April Honor Roll Announced. The April honor roll has been pub- lished by Miss Miller. There are not many fortunate enough to be included in the list this month. due to the fact that the mumps have invaded the school, causing many to be absent. The class play, combined with other thiuas. wrought havoc with the Senior grades. and the result is that the class does not have a single member iu- cluded in the list. The complete list will be found on Page ti, of this issue Minus Decorum Club. The Minus Decorum Club will meet in the C'llllDl'GOlllS lOIllOl'l'OW GYGl1lll2 at siilll. Marie Newhouse, President. Notice. All basketball players will please re- turn their suits and other equipment to me at their earliest pessible con- vf-nit-ut time. R. M. Reynolds, Coach, Y. W. Secretary Here Today. Miss liste-lla Sherrill, County Y. W. S0t'l'f'lCll'Y. was here today, visiting the local organization, She says- a short tallt to the lliah School airls alter the rt-gular school hours. Junior Reception April 20th. The date ol' thc .lunior reception has lu-l-n :announce-tl by President Tracy, wt' tht- ,lunior class. The date au- uount-cd is April twentieth. bill thc plgnt- has not bt-en decided upon. Fire in Physics Laboratory. A small fire broke out in the Physic Laboratory yesterday after- noon when an alcohol lamp was over- turned. Quick at-tion on the part of Elisha Moore, Maurice Cher1'y and Virgil Wayman prevented much darn- age. Concert To-night. The third H. S. Lyceum Course en- tertainment will be given tonight in the new Auditorium. A varied pro- gram will be offered, and such ar- tists as l-lungate, Jackson. Spurrier, Engle. Lewis, Bass and Kennedy will have parts. Miss Leno1'e Vlfooley is announced for a solo, Miss Myrl Mc- Cormick will give a chalk talk an-l Lawrence Wortman, alias Al Jolson, will be present. tContinued cn Page Eiahtl Faculty Entertained. The High School Faculty were the quests of Principal and Mrs, C. E. Mann at a delightful luncheon at their home yesterday afternoon. Those present were Miss Laura Blanche Mil- le1'. Miss Lorene XYooley and Ray M. Reynolds. Miss Bailey Married. Miss Elsie llaily. primary teacher in thc Morristown Schools, was married to .lamcs Pcston, of Gwynneville, at her home in Selma, Ind., Saturday afternoon. The couple will make their hz-me in Selma. Booster Out Next Week. The 1917 liooster will be ready for distribution by the last of next week, it is announced. The management has been meeting with much success in the sale of the books. and it is thought that the Senior venture will be a stir-cess. l':te-- I'-trty-six Alumni j2inrtrr11 lyuuhrrh Brhrntrrn Ttlibe Qlmlrristnmn 25no5tcr Alumni Tl1e gxlllllllll fXss11ciati1111 of the RTltl'l'lSTttXYll High School was organized at a meeting of which Miss Laura lllanche Miller acted as chairinan, in 11111. Tl1e following officers were elected to serve the first year: l'I'CSltlCIll. tjoldie Rigdon, V091 ViCC-1t1'0Sif.lL'11l- Rfil-1011 vlaclason, 'OS3 secretary, liern llussell, 'ogg treasurer, Nelle Keaton, 'oS. AX e111111nittee was appointed, wl1icl1 drafted the following' l.'1111stit11tio11 and for association 2 the gOVL'I'1ll11ClllI of tl1e Ct tNSTlTL'Tlt JN ixR'r1cLE 1 The ll2ll'IlC of the associatimi shall he Tl1e Morris' town High School .Xlumni .'Xssoeiatio11. .1n'1'1cL15 II The purpose of the association sl1all he tl1e perpetua- iitlll of tl1e spirit uf education Illltl Xl. ll. and the reunion of the various classes ft 11' social Ulljtlyllltlll. .XR'1'lL'l,l2 Ill The n1eml1e1'sl1ip uf the ass1'1ciati1g111 shall lllCTllt.lC all those wl1o have or shall have grarluated fl't'llll the Mor- ristown lligh School after the granting uf the com- mission on january I, IUOS. .Xll faculty lllCllllK'l'S :hall he conside1'ed lllL'llllJCl'S, exsofficio. .XRTIt'l.lE IV Section I. The officers of the associati11n shall he a president. x'iee-president, secretary and treasurer. Sec. 2. They shall he noininated and elected by se- cret lmallot at tl1e regular annual l1lCCllllQ"S, Sec. 3. N11 memlmer shall fill the same office inore tl1a11 two cfmsecutive years. ART I PLE V The executive c11mmittee shall consist uf the presif dent, vice-presi1le11t, secretary and treasurer. itlininrg ARTIC LE YI The Constitution or lly-Laws of the association may be amended by a two-thirds rote of the active members present at any regular meeting. BY-LAXYS .xR'1'1cL12 1 The regular meeting shall he held annually during tl l1l'llllCllCCll1k'l1lI week, and sl1all include a banquet. .xR'r1eLE II Tl1e executive cr1n1n1ittee shall decide the nature and arrange the p1-11gra1n. .xR'r1c1-1z 111 The annual dues in tl1e association shall be fifty cents. The members lllilj' he assessed as much more as the executive c111111nittee may see fit. ,XRTIL'l,E IV lixtra sessions may be called hy the president when- ever l1e shall flL'Glll the111 necessary. The order of pro- cedure at the regular meetings shall be as follows: l-iterary T'r11gra1n. llallqtlet. Regular llusiness Meeting. Roll Call. Reports nf C1,1111mittees. Report of Treasurer. lTlecti1'111 of Officers. New llusiness. Tl held Max' we first lllL'k'lll1g' was 1g, 11311, Since then there have heen five meetings. P1121-t'111'lyA1-1g'l1t .iilillffffll IQIIIIUUIU 5I'lJl'llflTfll Ellie 1513. E. Sf. Alumni CLASS UF IQOS Mrs. Kelle Robbins King, Middletown, Ohio. Mrs Grace lluckinghani Carney. Morristown. Mr. Stewart Harlow, lndianapolis, Intl. Mrs. Mabel Zike Keaton, Morristown. ind. Mrs. Nelle 'Keaton James, Knightstown, lnd. Mrs. Mr. Elizabeth Cole Cinfreys, Kokomo. Ind. Robert -laclcson, Shelbyville, Ind. CLASS OF IOOQ Miss Della Anderson, Detroit, Mich. Miss Ethel Rall, Morristown. Ind. Mr. lValter lluckingham, Delphi. Ind. Mr. Donald Jackson, Morristown, lnd. Mr. Ornan Six, Gwynneville. Ind. Miss Hallie jackson tcleceasedt. Mr. Guy Miller, Indianapolis, Ind. Mrs. Bessie Nelson Earnest, Arlington, Ind. Miss Etoile Nichols, Indianapolis, Ind. Mr. Hughes Patten, Indianapolis. Ind. Mr. M'ill Pierson, Morristown, lnd. Miss Goldie Rigdon, Morristown, Ind. Mrs. Yonnie Shelton Hayes, Gwyuneville, Ind. Miss Cleo YanSkoik. lndianapolis, Incl. Miss Jessie Youngs, Morristown, lnd. Miss Fern Bussell tdeceasedt. CLASS OF mio Mr. Mfarren Allendar, Morristown, ind. Mr. Charles Hass, Sturgis, Mich. Mr. .lames Bassett, Morristown, lnd. Mrs. Mary Griffin Leyden, Edenton, K. C. Miss Lena Hilt. lndianapolis. Ind. Miss Maylne Keaton, Morristown. Intl. Mr. Karl Means, Kokomo. Ind. Mr. .lohn Scholl, Connersville, lnd. Mrs. Bessie Shaw lYalker, Fountaintown. Ind. Mr. 'lohn Spurrier, Rushville, Ind. Mr. Robert Stirling, Indianapolis, Incl. lntl M lie 'liliayer Chappell, Cartliagc. lntl Mrs. XX ini Mr. 'lesse Tyner, lnclianapolis. Ind. , Y . V Mr. laul Moll, littsburgh. l'a. Mr. Russell llright, XX estland, lnnl. Miss Royanna Xtinton, tlreencastle. Intl. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs illlss Mis Mrs Airs. Airs Mrs .Xllss Mr. Mr. Filf. Mr. Mr. llarvey Minton, lfountaintown. Intl. .Xrthur Pope, Indianapolis, lntl. . Yessie Carrigan Siiycler, Connersville. Intl. Leslie li. Lewis, Gwyiiiieville, lncl. . lfclythe l'atten lessup, tireenfielrl. lnfl. CLASS OF IUII Faith Lane. Dayton. Ohio. Ainy Stirling' Smith, lluntington, Ind. lillanche Robbins Clark, Pittsburgh, l"a. Ruth Rigdon Harper, Morristown, Intl. Maude Pitts Forsythe, Pe Fll. XYash. Elizabeth llarnes Chapman, Charlottesville l Frances Moss. lndianapolis. Incl. Utis Miller, Freeport, lnd. Virgil Duncan. lndianapolis. Ind. Lester Spurrier, Morristown. Ind. llrainard Nelson, Morristown. lnrl. Orville Shaw. Morristown, Intl. CLASS OF IOI2 Mrs Nelle Hayes McCray tcleceaserlt. Mr. lYallace Taylor. San Francisco, Cal. Miss Agnes Pitts. Morristown, lnd. Mr. Mr. ,lohn blohnson, Morristown, lnrl. Owen MeCray. New Castle, lnd. Mrs lfthel DCX'L'l1llillQ' Allenrlar, Morristown. lntl 1 . . .ills lul D ia Dunn lyllfllllllll, Indianapolis. Intl. Mrs. lilizabeth Gunning' l'iercefielfl, llartsville lntl Mrs. .Xudrey Nigh lloles, tiiwynnerille. lnfl. Miss Mabel llall. Morristown, lnrl, Mr. Raymond tiloltlsberry. Canada. Miss Maude XYynant. Freeport, lncl. Mrs. .Xlta Cole lluclc. Morristown. lnrl. Mr. -lohn Trimble, Morristown. lnrl. Page forty e llt QIIU1' Empurristnton 2Bnn5tsr Mr. xYZll1.Cl' 1'12lI'I'1S, 11111ia11z1p111is. 11111. Mlss Muriel Yz111SCy11c, 11X1'1'I1l1CY111L'. 11111. Mr. lirnest Vl11'21Cj', 11111ia11ap111is. 11111. Mr. Miss Miss Miss 111155 Mrs. .X1pl11111s11 Shaclcle. 1211-1-1111e111. 11111. l.e1a 111111-s, 1f1.11111tai11t11w11, 11111. Rachel Heck, M11rrist11x1'11, 11111. l11a11cl1e Rig'111,111. 1f111111tai11111w11, 11111 1.11111 Roam, 1'11'CCl511l'1. 11111. lmttie llass Cole, M11r1'ist11xv11. 11111. Miss Mae Rziwlins, .Xr1i11gto11, 11111. Mr. 1.L11ll'L'l1CC Rogers, l111.111111i11gt1J11. 11111. Mr. 1Xl'1Q11l1l' S11Q1t1.111, 1i11'y1111CVi1le, 11111. . , . . Miss l1ert11:1 Shaw, l'1'ce111.11't. 11111. Mr. 1:01'I'CS1 S1111rri1-r. 11lI,1I'l'1S1OXVl1. 11111. CLASS QF IQI5 Mr. 1121111111 Huiigate, l1111i:111z1p111is, 11111. CLASS OF 144113 Mr. L'11z1r1cs 1.11we, 17ou11tai11t11w11, 11111. Mr. 112111311 M'esterfie111, M11r1'ist111v11, 11111. K11s. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Miss .Xvcry 1?ll111Cj' Unger. 111XYj'1'll1CV111C, 11141 121'1yt11C fflfflll Esquc, Rus111'i11e. 11111. Ray Miller, 17rCeport, 111d. Harvey l7erris. 171g11111tz1i11tow11, 11111. C1Z11'Cl1CC Miller, F1.+1111tai11tow11, 11111. 1'ie1J1'gsie Moore, 170u11tai11tow11, 11111. .1111 Mr. Mr. Mr. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Miss Herbert 1ie111per, 1'1l'b111Gl', 11111. UWC11 Parker, Gwy1111evi11e, 11111. lf1lgar Lewis, 17reep1'1rt, 11111. 11121110 Talbert, 11111ia11apolis. 11111. 1121261 1"1i1pe, F111111tai11t11w11, 11111, 1'1C16Il Cole. x1I'J1'I'1S1OXV1'1, 11111. 1-Xlta Pitts, 111OI'I'1S1I01Vl1. 11111. Marie Talbert. 1X1OI'1'1S1f0XY11, 11111. lfva Tz1111ert, M111'1'ist11w11. 11111. 1.1-1111i1lus G11r11o11, M11rris11m'11, 11111. 111211101111 Nigh Cole, 1x11J1'l'1S1fOXYI1, 1111 1fl1Q'Cl1C Cole. Morrist11xx'11, I11f1. XYi11z1r11 Hensley. Morrist1m'11, 11111. CLASS V117 1111.1 111:111c11c 171-rris. 17111111t:1i11t1'm'11, 11111. Mr. 1111111 C11ffi11, M11rrist1Jw11, 11111. Mr. D111121111 S11t11erla1111, Morrist011'11, 11111. Miss ixllllfl C2l1'I'1g'Z1l1, 171J1111tai11tC111'11, 11111. Mr. Roy 1A1O1f1S11Cl'I'1'. 01110. Miss Henrietta Talbert, Terre Haute. 11111. Mr. 111211110 1Vil1'1.1xo11, C1J1111ersvi11e, 11111. Mrs. D1'11'11t11y 1'itts Nigh, MOrrist0w11, 11111. Mrs. 1fstl1er New1111us1- Shelton. 1-jXVY11l1CV111C, 11111 Cl..-XSS 111f 19113 Mr. R11111-rt lQ11g1-rs. 13l111i1111i11gt011, 11111. Mr. x1Y2l1'l'CI1 Nels1111. M1111'1'ist13w11. 11111. Mr. 111211116 1Yi1'l11-11 1711u11tai11tow11, 11111. Mr. Francis 1.1-wis, Freeport, 11111. Mr. Clareiice 1vl1QC1', 17reep1i1rt. 11111. Mr. 1.U1'L'l1 G111'1111l1, Mor1'ist1i1w11. 11111. Mr. 1ir1-11erick G11tt1ie11, M11r1'is111w11, 11111. Mrs. Zulu 1qC11111C1' Miller, 1'1l1111C1', 11111. Mr. Miill 1.a111-, 1Yi11st1111-Sa1e111, N. C. Miss 131110 '1211'1cs1111, M1'11'rist11w11. 11111. Mr. 111121 M11111er. 11111i:111z1p111is, 11111. Miss Marie M1111111, 171111111z1i11t11w11. 11111. Mr. 11111 Nigli, M111'1'ist11w11, 11111. Mr. 111111111 1'i11s. M111'1'ist11x1'11. 11111. Miss Miss Miss Miss 1111185 Mrs. Miss Miss 1.1111ise 1i11tt1ie11. X1l'11'l'1S1VYXV11. 11111. 1"z111sie 13:11111e1't, 11111ia11ap111is, 11111. 11121116116 14Z'L11C, B101'1'1S1ONY1l, 11111. Mary S11-et11, 11'10l'I'1S1UXV11, 1l1f1. Dura 1l1Q'I1H11, M111'1'ist11w11, 11111. Sum Miller 1116!-11CI'11C1f1. M11rristow11, 11161 1111111 111l1'L'S, 1ix1'1'1111e1'i11e, 11111. Mae 111110. New Castle. 111f1. V426 asv P:1.g11 fifty jQil'lPffEIl 1l9III'lU1'EU Efhfllfffll Eiuvrzinn .X XYtlM.XN'S .x XX'uAt,xx lfli: "Hy gum, my hands and feet get in the way pranccs Smut.: --5116 was Z1 Wi,1,,w H-,Hmm-" in that pnhlic speaking stuff that we have nn Ifriday. English Teacher: "XYhat's that Frances: "XYell. then. she was a widnw lady." Xin' TII.X'l' that llistury Teacher: "l,3lanche. what were the refnrms of L'll2l1'l61ll2lQ'1lC?u lllanche: "I dont rememherf' His Sniuxia "Young man, dw you attend a place nf XX'tll'Slllll?-V Sleepy Tracy tahsent mindedlyl: "Yes, sir. l'm going to see her now." Twn run Iftxi-1 Yanie Miller tin storel: "Say, hiiw dw ynn sell ynnr two-for-a-nickel pencils Mr. Reynolds: "XYhere dues wwtl c-,me frtnn? l7Orrrtlty': "I would say that it came tiff the sheep." Teacher: "XYhat does this mean: 'Man pi-npnses lint Gnd disposes'?" Bright Pupil: "It means that a man can ask a wuman to marry him but the laird only knnws whether she will or not." Echo. Mr. Reynolds: "XYake up! Take yunr nap after elass, Henry." Miss XYoolley: Too many buys tugether are a nuisance." Tins RIZMINDS Us or nl. l7.'s IQINIJ Miss Miller: "Think of a tough steak and yun can pnniinttiice Chaucer all right." Giggles treading' Cieerul: "Earl Myers, lung have l had my eyes upon ytni, not one mfwe has escaped my surveillance." Di,irutliy': "The Rey'r1ltitiw1iz1i'y' war was helween lfrance and .Xmeriea." Mr. Reynnlds: "Ilpw ahdnt that. Urlcna. iw that right?" tlrlena: "Yes, I reckon." I'.l::fL' fif I ain't nw in'atwr. nw ways." Yes. llurtense has a had case uf heart trunhle when called npwn tw help in cooking class. The lireshman strand in the hurning deck. lint, as far as we can learn, He stnnd in perfect safety, liecanse he was too green-ton green In hnrn. -CL'!lil'tlfflIll. Miss Miller: "Have yun your lesson prepared, Mr. Collins Shakespeare: ".Xsk tieneva, she prepares my wurk muy." lireshmanz ".Xin't we ever going' tn get a vacation llig'-headed Stmplitwiiime: "1 lf course we ain't. XYatch ynnr lfnglish, Stupid." Mr. Reynolds: "1 Prlena, you du nut exptmse yntirf self In this histriry enungli tu take it Very much." Tuna Ql'liliN'S ENGL1s11 Myrl Mcfnrmick twhci prides herself upon her high- hrow lfnglish. npun seeing a Spitz dug run panting driw'n the streetl: "1 lh. see how the Saliva dive trousers Y" Miss Miller: "Henry, what do yon think ul' Lady Machetlrs character?" Shakespeare tnwnclialantlyl: "Oh, l never did think Very much tif her." Miss XYfwlley's technical name ffir snoring' is "sheet music." Mr. Mann: "'l'hw1nas. tell ahnnt the Dead Sea." 'llnnniyg "ilu, lln! l7idn't knew it had ever ht-en sick." tYes, dear reader, he's a Freshman. l Iyann Uhr Q'19orri5tumn 2Bno5tcr Hllnrr Einvrainn Mr Reynolds: "lJorothy, did you know that we Miss Miller: "XYhere was lien Jonson educated?" were about to get into the war with tiermany?" llotolllyi "l didn't see it in our paper." Mr. Reynolds: "Well, l'd be ashamed. l'm not jok- ing, I mean that." Mr. Reynolds: "llortense, if you didn't try to make your recitations so funny they would be much better. l think." Klr. Mann: "lint why does that problem say 'dry measure'?" Ilenry Collins: "XXI-ll, there's a difference be- tween 'dry' and 'wet'." Xlr. Reynolds larguing with lfli in l'hysics elassl: "1 Jh. you're hopeless!" Miss Miller tafter Klyrl had answered a question ihat had been given early in the recitationl : "XYhere have you been, asleep ?" Professor: "l7reshman. why don't you take notes in your recitations?" lfreshmauz "XYell, you see, my father took the same course. and l have his notes." -ClIlIflfllll'I't1I. Marie: "Hows the weather this morning ?" tit-neva: "Rather windy." Xlarie: "XYell. l'd better put on my rosy Cheeks this morning, then." 'Vi I is A w KXV.-XRD Ami "'l'ommy, you're loo old to ery." "Yes, :md l'm too young to have what l'm crying liul' H Mr. Reynolds lin lireslnnzui l.atin H : "'l'ommie. what does 'do' mean?" Tommie: "Kloney." l':ig.- f Maurice Cherry: uxYCSlllllllSlI61' Abbey." Mr. Reynolds: "lYake up, Glen! take your nap after class." lfreshman Tardy Report: "I was late for school one hour for this reason: I started to school and fell down: therefore. l had to go back home." They say that l'rofessor Reynolds likes to chew pencils. llad habit. you will say. Yes, but the Seniors have tried everything, even to iodine. to cure him, but he refuses to be cured. llrof. Mann: "Mary, spell first." Marv XV.: "li-r-i-s-t." Qt'12s'r1oNs AND ANSWERS Reader, City: "Can you tell me where the long blond hair found on Klr. Kennedys coat came from?" Not positively, but it is thought that it is from ln- dianapolis or New Palestine. Enquirer: Elisha Moores age is in doubt, but he says that he will vote in the next primary election. You might find more information at the eity library. Maurice Cherry rises to remark that if those new book eases had wheels they would make good lfords. l'rof. Klann: uvlessie, you are the most pernicious pupil in this class." Jessie: Uh. I'm so glad." Notice.-I will escort any girl, not otherwise pro- vided for, home at any time she may claim my services. This is a standing offer. -Heinie Collins. ifty-two llz iHz1rr1urll Snug i- A. f v 1 1 . 'Ulf ltx suaz't0jn11f .lun Inuit tn lu H N 'z 1' 1118411 and Ifwva' and 11'z'vu11 Ill lzmrrts wzzfvm, dmzr ll. H. X.. Thar you 'rvun' all 'vnu srvzlml. lfzmrtglz 10115 tw 1i'r'U. TVR Ulllvf ful'-'nf HY!! lim' 'rvzkflziu flu' fmsf, Hvr"H10'Z'L' 'YHII HH f1IL'ILIXf. .N all 'iw lzaiu mat, 'u'r'fl IIl7f 1'u4g'n'f. mn!-Iv-vu. Aqvmcz' lurk, dvar N. ll. S., ls all that -:ve van 541-v,' Hut -zulzru iw lm-z'c, nur lzvurhv fm!! 5114.1 l:Ul't"IL'1' and a day. Ilmzzglz nffzvr sflmuls HIL!-V Ffilflll Im, UI' 'mixlz ffm! fur rfvlrld xfuhv. C null'-Ivyv, gum! IIlc'k, Gnd lvlvxx Vvuzz, lx all llzaf 'rue urn .va-V, Pnlgv fifty-thxw: jQiIlffI.'l'll 1QlII'lUI'fU Qfllfllfffll Tilbr wnrristumn Zona tm 9' THE MULL GRAIN COMPANY ELEVATORS AT Morristown, C-wynneville, Manilla and Rays Crossing The Gwynneville Bank Does a General Banking Business 3fk Interesi on Time Deposits MRS IR XNTK N. MULL, Pre" I -nt EDGAR STI! RS C' h jsinrtrrx 1 unhrrb Bfllfllfffl Morristown Milling Co. Morristown, Indiana . DEALERS IN FLQUR and FEED Frazier's House Furnishing Store EVERYTHING FOR THE HOUSE INSIDE AND O UT HARDWARE and PAINTS Call and look over our stock and get estimates on outfits for the home F razier's House Furnishing Store MORRISTOWN, INDIANA 'Chr 5laUl'I'l'3fDY1Ul'l Bnustrr r """""""""" s """"s""""" rr'"'T''"""'T""""""A"''T'A''""'AT"'""""""''T'""""'A""'A":TA'A'A"'A""'i'A'i"'C'C'A'Ti'A"'A"'E'E'E:'E":'L' A Good Place to Trade The Needham Clothing Company Sl-IELBYVILLE WE ARE AGENTS EGR the following llltjll-tlfildt' llIl6S of Clothing and l:lll'lllSl'1lll5gfS for MEN, YOUNG MEN AND BOYS HART, SCHAFFNER 85 MARX L. GRIEF 85 BRO.-NU-STYLE CLOTHES - ELK JR. CLOTHCRAFT CLOTHES Stetson Hats - Imperial Under- wear-Manhattan Shirts-E8aW Shirts - Ide Collars - Cheney Neckwear. It it's good, you will flnd it in this good store for men l UNE PRICE l The Needham Clothing Co. ION THE sovlmsl AAAAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAA A g,,,l,--,-------.-----Y-,-------- Rczlll Zlllll L'olls.ic lel' the lfzlcts about Health, Wealth and Wisdom Sutherland C? Sonis DEPARTMENT STORE MORRISTOVVN, - INDIANA J Merchalidise First Quality Stoclf of Goods Cl98I1 Slld FI'6Sl'l Prices Reasonalole Serilice courteous and pleasant Ellfll Year s lJllSlI'lt?'5S has sllown IC e oxler the prexholls tue Wlly Not Trade With Us? are three desirable things XYe cannot give you health or wistloin, hut we can give you E1 start on the road to Wealth. A bank account ill ll good sate lmzlnk is the titst step. ,V The Shelby National Bank " Shelbyville, Indiana We want your BUTTER and EGGS REM ll'lQL'liS lwlflq Sflllhtlllll jiinrtrrn bunnrrn Srurnrrru """""'""""""""''J"'''"""'"""J""""""-"""'- N'-'-'-2'-'-'ff'-'-'Y '-' 'ff-A-' ----A-A--Y--A-A we-A --A - -v-Y V-Y---Y----2------.-Y---: ----2 -----------A-----A .X 1 I 4 r DR. H. V. TALBERT FLOYD SIMRRIER If Any Icincl of Dental Work ' Funeral Director thet you ma57 neecl WVITH PASCO BROS. l I I I PHONE Q7 MORRISTOWN, INDIANA MORRISTOWN. INDIANA "BOOM ifze Booslerv FOR SERVICE TRY The Pickett Hardware Co. MORRISTOWN, INDIANA C-Everything in Hardware, from Soup to Nuis Uhr 9I9urri5tn1nn 2Bun5trr H ------------'-"" Y-Y ""' "" V Call?-Q'-.1 The ig , gi Downeys Garage at GWYNNEVILLE for Hungate Wholesale Company of Fountaintown, Indiana H O N E S T EFFICIENT invites you to its iirst opening 4D:1te Announced lziterl GOODYEAR TIRES A636 WILLARD sToRAGE BATTERIES In its new building alaout 1 lst Overhauling and Rebuilding a Specialty " The Hungate Way, It Pays" O. F. DOWNEY, Prop. ff'-Thx F k ' 1 fy X ran W 1 son ,N 1' I I , 1 f .1 f or gffm f l if fggff 55,332 CLGTHIER f X ,ffl RUSHVILLE, :-: INDIANA ,ffl ie A f 'llll X . . . ffl - 1 If t In st-luutiiig in -n xx ir, lt is no longer :1 tliius- I .1 !jr?1'I'lTX 1, ' LX, tion f1fp1'it'c-it i 'L ninttur of tliinlity :incl style. ' I if I llt-rv is out ii ti intt-Q of both of the abou- us- H ,A HATS st-nlixilst I I f I-lirsh, Wickxvire, and Adler-Rochester Clothes, Stetson Hats, Dents Gloves, Arrow Shirts and Collars. We Find Pleasure in Showing You Binrtrcn ljmnhrrh Svrurutrrn l2llSllVillP.S Busivsi Sion- A Shari' Yvorllly of Your l,iltl'0llllfll' The Dlauzy Clllllllillly n1cPA1:'rM1cN'1' s'r01:1c Dry Hoods of lfvory lk-svriplion. Slums for Xlon. RVUIIIPII and Children Lmlws . Xllssos and lxluldrr-n ra liozuly-to-N mir The Larsivst Display of HuQs and Carpets in lEilSt0l'll Indiana FOR CORRECT STYLE-BEST QUALITY-RIGHT PRICES E-vlswf The Rigdon Hat Shop MORRISTOWN, IND. atten 81 Zike GRAIN DEALERS Elevators at MORRISTOWN and REEDVILLE L A H ACCC Ak AAAAAAAA AAYAA """' ' """"" " """" ' I 4 'abr Swurrisromn Bonsrrr .J """"""" "" """""""' 'X IIN EVERY CITY There is a Clothing Store which always gives its patrons the Utmost in Sflylle aimcil Value at prices which common SGHSG HDDYOVGS. ln Shelbyville that store is T Q D D 5 S 1 2 jlinrtrtn Dunhrrh Qrbrurrrn rl Yvwrvwwrvvwwrvwwrrr 'X I 'I HARRY L. GOODWIN CHARLES E4 JONES jr GOODWIN 84 JONES HIGH GRADE NIONUMENTS AND MARKERS ALL WORK GUARANTEED 216 SOUTH HARRISON ST. PHONE 762 SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA I uulzrrx and l'11f1'!.v uf ffm' .Ilwr1'z.vf1m1z E .8ulnmI.f.' The store that XXI- cf 1IIQl'lIIllIllIL' you on thc Aplcmli-I flu- has Sold reliable I4 l'IIIIk'llI :mdplwgxm-NAy11L1I1qu'u111:uIu in zm 111 9 1'C11 El. 11 G 1C:lli1vI1:1I XYLIY. I.ix'i11g' :lx I 1I+f. QIIITIMNI 3111109 01111 xxllh 5'-fu. I Iww Isuzu Zlll IPIIN1,'I'YL'I'. In thc 31111 15 flil Iwo givcn xvllcrc it I+ 'I'III4'QN. Your Nm' ' ' I I Satlsfactlon or Money Lk s 4Ie1vcumIs Iurguly UIHIII f1".II' mxu ul- II Its. That you mzmy xllcm-QII in yf111'cI1-N11 M cation in Iifc is our L'11I'IIL'sI III-Airy. Ywy' 11-flm-cll'11Il5 I1 fun. -I. I". Ilxiuplwxl. XIu1'I'islmx'1l, Incl. SIIICI.I1YX'II.I,IC, IXIP. OREBAUGH BROS. hotographe rs GROUND FLOOR STUDIO Photographers to Morristown High School 67 SOUTH HARRISON STREET. SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA ,V r 4 r I I A------ AA-----.---------- - I I Chr SI9orrt5tnmn Bnnstrr fx'-'ff-Af-'ff-A-S-A-Sv'ff-2'-'f-'ff-2'-'v'-'-'ff -f-f-' ' -""""A""' A"'A' We dress the graduate WHY NOT YOU? Q3 e - 3 H Look them over, then decide K' 3 KNECHTIS 0. P. C. H. Q I RUSHVILLE, INDIANA d Will- HARVEY J. SNIDER, Buy of YOU' Live Q.-Ik of aTKinds Sell to You ' HIGHEST PRICES ALWAYS PAID Trade with You. l FOUNTAINTOWN, INDIANA WV. D. SPR INGER Grain Elevator FlIUN'l'AlN'l'0WVN. IND. 'F f s X px XIX I, I O j!inrtrrn ipunnrrn Erbrntrrn H C A R L S. R Q C K gi Funeral Director 9 LADY ASSISTANT Home of Edison's Diamond Disc Phonograph A. I-EVVIS All Machines and Records pHONE 43 on Sale at all times Tx ,J GREENFIELD, INDIANA MQRRISTQWN. lNDyANA Buy your Commencement Carb of us and always be satisfied with your clothes THE HUMES-BUELL SHOP Haberdashers RUSHVILLE, - - INDIANA 7 X, 1' I Chr Swurristnmll ZBnustrr H """"""""""""""' " We Fit the Whole Family, in Ready- to- Wear and Foot Wear JL T NOT at War Prices, but at Prices Consistent with the Quality .TL 'lla C. WILLIAMS CO., Greenfield, Indiana The HALLMARK Siorc A Complete Stock of Up-to-Date jewelry Special Attention given Repair Work EYES TESTED GLASSES FITTED Beggs 8: Kyle Phone No. 25 108 West Main Street Greenfield, Ind I'v---- slxlx Ilyul' Dnnrtrrn lpunnrrh Brnrntrrn Swinzmttnimetf Clothes All Wool fabrics. made to your measure, style and fit 1 5 guaranteed, Worth 325.00 1 U North Best hats in town. Best All'round 82.00 Caps .500 and 851.00 SHIRTS-Madras, Fibre Silk and Silk 31.00 to 55.00 Lee C. Thayer Co. "THE STORE FOR VALUES" East Street Greenfield, Indiana The Finest and Cheapest line of FUR ITURE in GREENFIELD at A. H. ROTTMAN The Furniture Man. 112-114 West Main f' ff-'-'-'-2'-''Af''-'-"""A"""""'"A""""'""""""""""' ""' ""' Uhr Qllaurristomn 2Bnu5trr 4 1' I 3: :1 V 1' 41 1, 1' 11 4 00 or you. 4 . J 1 41 , 4 1 1' F I D' 4 1 l 1 4 unera :rector 11 Lwmc lt cam, but K.'UlllL' aluylww. 1 V v 1 Y - 1 lN44 such XY4lfCl :Ls cam t. Awlx 1 . - 4 1 x'44u1' 114-1g'l1l4444's. 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This store is Zinn,s Grocery Stor PHONE 52 Morristown, Indiana 'Che morristown Bigb School offers at most excellent, praetieal and cliversitietl eourse of study. Common Seliool tlrarliiaties from neighboring townships shoulcl take advantage Ul'O1llJOl'l,llllll,lCS oH'erec,l here and make arrange- ments to eomplete our High School course. e For inforination, write to C. li. MANN, Principal, Morristown, lnd. ffslablislied 1859 Wm. hlitchell lDlllllllllQ tio. ' HOCJIQ hlANllFAL. I lllQl1IQ5 Qil'l3liNI'll'lliJ INlJl,XN.'X X . . THE NITGHELLS HAVE BEEN! pl2lNTlNG Special Department for School PIFTSVEIEADS and College Books and r Tublicalions 1, .,,w.v.,,,,v., ,,,,.,., - e ,.,.v. ,.,.,.,....,. I -,-----.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.- - A Yllbr Qwnrristnmn 1Buu5trr Boom-a-lacu, IHM111-21-laca Iioxv-XYOW-XYmx'. Cl1ic-11-Inca, Chic-:L-lata: L'110xv-Cluow-Chow. Ihwln-a-laca, Chic-21-laca. Rickcty Rus. Mfrwistoxvn High School. X'CIl.-'1il'l21t'S US. I v wich! A , , 'VT FH I X .4 lm :- 5 ," L. 5 . T. 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Suggestions in the Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) collection:

Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 37

1917, pg 37

Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 66

1917, pg 66

Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 57

1917, pg 57

Morristown High School - Booster Yearbook (Morristown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Page 53

1917, pg 53

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