Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN)

 - Class of 1984

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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 264 of the 1984 volume:

HE! mSw Qwisflfwf W 1 Uk M 60-1 QM , Sigiggi X WZQPQ fwlyfiim E553 f Lf igggi s gig? Wxgggi 3FoO9C6Zg?3??f5igfg95? 6 w EQi, jmi ffggif ' img N3 55 131 QE wwwggww 53 Abgfjf QW' ,V QQQKQQQ Qgikggggib I Qihwiwgiygggv Xmwgiigjww -,X ki nk X - N. 2, .V I , 35 T51 Q S rf - il :X . X ,, .- x. - ,, xx x W ' .13 5 NX X GUI! WQQLKQ 00'au!.QLLuf1c4 55,5 Kem, -5 Q x X y Lp LMLWJMLMWW, Qfgi JN ll glqsfa 00 04, :AJC 0 N kr nl' Ompi, 1 A ' . ' KC .L S, !vWl Koffllg ygyfcfqgg fm fn V11 fqilfg wf 11,141 Cof FD! YOU. X V fi! H N U KJ 1, ,V 401,10 mBwQUWMwwWWm Wi gf M A 'crcffmaj iybul M' Y . gi 3535 66Ww :EN ':-, ' X . x l X X X E fc , A pixma X X 'S XA X XY . lq V Q A Q5 QM, Mdwwhwmwq L4-LQfL vu fl-df!!-2 LLQLf1Lf2f1C2ff1 . '7fK,l,cJL, IOAQLQ ng-w CQ L- WAGON ZIULL 43071. PJ QJCMJ-g K wdbufmjf A J32ff' QMWMTZQQQEQ dfgggg .' x?L GH! J v - it .456 Y "DL J ww N Sv Ss gf if - .5 QQ' KJ. 'gLQ6JZfiai+ :ff if ' SX Ei QTAVKEWQ wff SO i p:QjSf00 +5 Mft W M,f,jlQ7PfQ, Hfjg 3 2 C,ijXSjfQj'!KJ X Q 15 U 0+ 52 .B my fx X X K XF 2? Q QQ ,f+4, Q Q W E1 b5.'jf5CfSQ-1,1 Q Off' ff-gg w Qiujgdafggfq C X -' J,-JMX M-,f4 XJ l A Xffkfw by X mx J A 'JU . Q NNW 'Q .,x NU' X, X I -Xxx' XV xv X X , x YW W L Q X r fy yy f , ,J 31, 5 If XIX ix ,HKS lj Q1 if f N O33 55 J N 'D X f Vs fu J U Q? ' ,.. Q ' X X 9 PEOPLE An up front vlew of over 1400 students and lacullv 77 CARES ILLUSTRATED An ln depth look at the athletic side of EAST 121 GLITTER Featuring honorable Canes from all walks 151 EASTERN LIVING EAST in active organizataons serving others 193 WHITE PAGES A regular ITAKHA leature Openrng 1 VI? LW , L u 5 A I 3: i 5 'S JN-, 1 -. 11' E4 -A wtf' I 5 ' -QZQXQTM 5 M, 5 W3 v i 5 af' M 243-'j , ., M 'bm F' if 1 - 47 F 5 li ' fi b 4 1 f g-A f 5 XE 5 5 ga f 2 A - if 5 'Q if 3 f 'W mu? 5 . . ' .after ' .' L -1 Q I "am 2 fi N Vguxfl, few, is ,F 'ie A W ili, ,f 52 M 1 1: S K Q. K V WM! . , 3 vggfuf-f V is wh, 1 Z g 3' . 3 ,,...L,,..,,..,.,.,,,,,A, A .. , , .,., WM. . W Q.,M.,,,.., M 6 'W ,MT s I .,. pour'-np-...., R H 'L-.XA PM Hmm, is Egg A ia 1 sv' Wig! -'M-.W MW .,. --4-f.-mwfM,..X, ,, N .W.W...,... ., V ., .Y .....-.M ., M- , ,M n Q .-.1-w.Mw.,.,, .. ......, n . Q' ...,.,,,.. -M . lj ,..,.-..A,,.... -.w-fn wx- any 0 H .,... , ,..., W. WW. .W ,. ,.-,- Q M., Mwifsedssu um lun -slum... 1. wg Q I "M, A 1 A 'HQ I v-M , 4'-P' 4, Q? . fx,- .A.-is Y 'Q ' ,r 45 X. Q, . ' K 1 X: -Q K 4- NW J .r,.,,.,':, Mit. 'Sa' Ha ,u 1 .4 l . I! r a ff l l L Mil Opposite Page Top Lett: Missy Brady. Opposite Page Top Right: Kim J. Fox practices her skills on a classmate, Top: Karen Parvin gets a new perm. Center: Randy Sauceman. Middle Right: The unknown parking offender. Bottom Right: Richard Drinnon converses with a friend. my " ' 'wlwllwwt 14 4.-.......... ,............................................, .................... .... .............. 41 r ' 1 'l 2 V 4 1 , 1 1 i in f at r I I ' I 1 1 lift 4 ,f nn If 'ffl paw 'ef' f X R n S-Marti t . rr' we-J-i-i",..... P- 1 !',, ,M e 4 s an'Q4:5k,,,-X, A , b 3' We ga 553' W. Opening 5 6 Opening ometimes, it all seemed too much for us. We struggled and strove to achieve that most desired goal - to graduate. There were many nights in which we stayed up late either to baffle our minds with Algebra or Chemistry, to finish our research papers, or to cram U 1 2 M ii I K 4 s x 1 2 2 X J 1 ? 4 ? ! 3 f 1 5 . 1 I 4 9 A K e . T 1 L Y . I 1 5 f f 1 l I 1 A Q F 2 L 5 I 4 ? 1 . 'KA ll V his . -mi 54' ' 'um X gs I 1. ,Ig ? ' '45 1 - r V' 5 I . I J '- I V ' , f l K r v. K.: 1, 5 u ,gl , V5 V A 1, , A , E i i . b 3 , If Y . Q fr! 4 - , Ll' H N ' Q 3, Y xv ' f - Hi ef- 'L ra- fi li E' ogether here, we all lived and grew - learning responsibility, making commitments, and sharing those special moments with friends both old and new. In our jeans, Mother Fletchers and Panama Jack shirts, carrying our Adidas bags, we may have looked like all other East Tennessee high school students, but in our very ordinariness, we were unique. We were the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors together for the first and only time ever in this particular arrangement. We were EAST in 1984. ' nb Opening ,Wx Top: Paula Wells and Lesa Miser. Bottom Left: Jennifer Green displays a little senior spirit. Bottom Right: Melissa Moore is undoubtedly overwhelmed with new new hat. R , Q , a W-18 I0 Class -wc., P 5' Y it 2 si' im? xr f P, l 12 Class Y-...V Q? ' ' n V: 5 w k X A M viva J.. M. tiff fr, Q M, itil' ff xl- V M , il vcd Hs-Q. AWN ., , L 5. YE . , 2 3 5' S 5 ,gxk 41' if V E2 jj! f f 1 E km ff 3 I 4 23, f Class 13 P K w i i ccupational training gave us a variety of experiences, We reparied automobile engines, did auto body work, and learned to paint. Word processors and electronic wizardry helped to prepare us for jobs in a changing work force. David Templin and Bobby Tharp built walls, Robbie Williams did metal work, Allen Burch tineetuned his car, and Kim Spoone typed. Rongie Bull installed a new radio in his car. Ernest Atkins sprayed old lockers while he practiced his , A 5 skirts. Y i Class 15 X X xy X Q Ki I an . . Y . K K Lk A M . . . L - . 19 2 k . 'Q Q an k ' k 5 S , V . , i , . . s as Q .: .wg - K K I, . wb w v ' f . - gg J f , x Q .. t ' wg i A X ,I , -v - 1 Q . K - v A A if 6 xr. 5 'U 1 R53 t Q fx, l , g..'h-Q Q fi any ' af "Q ,Q Q' 54 .Q I 'O if-, Q 9 S , if N in .tw Q ' fi 3 asf ' 1 if Q K i S . -fm Q! .v 1 x . X A Q Q12 g Q. X e ' , is Y 4 .kg ivy i. j- ' -. , . ,, t xg-k , K Q L , . Q m 4 ' .Q Q K' lk 'iibf' Q 1 X n 5 , , f .9 N v X K - ,M K -+ n . ' " , - 4. + x K 5 - , , B K s X x .vv 'Cf f i Q, Q 1 1' ' ' t J l K 1- ' ' ,f is 'ar Q Q n 1 fix in 4 , , , ! - W- , ui Q Q .. S ' Q ' 1'i'5i it K ' b W ' Q -- Li ' f if D ,, L C an , ,,.3'Nb . K I A ' : Q! XX .ya ff , ' 4 f 'NN' Y as Q s + K gig A ' I I Q -1' 'N-f ' ' . . 5 ,, J i f7ff5 ' ' Q ll if " ' ' 5 Q, . 3 ' N f K ,X A Km Q in x " Q 9 If ' A Sw' X ,X ' S' sf Q . Q g if 0 i , Q 4 Q X 1 . S xl is M K '15 K Q n . 5 Q . I . -' 0 I N i 5 K X xx . f I 5 S A f 4 . Q 1 6 Q 5 .K f 6 Q ' . K5 . .: . . Q S 5 A in N Q' Q ' " 3 . 'J Q . M Q ' Q ' K I l Y' ' is 'ii , JI ' 9, . S QA 61' 5 Q 0 s ' 'Q Q E 3, a Q ' Q lr ' N ,Q .N 4 g U Q' R N ' ' ' -4 J ' ' if ' X .4 D g . Q 5 ' 1 . Q ' . , 'Q x C' 4? X ev Q A nk Q ' . ,Q .K 5 . 4 su '. 4, ., , - x S . 5, -f I ,, 1, :C ' 1 ' ' J ' 5 - Q Q' 1 g . 1 - ' - Cf: Q ' ' -av . . wr . Q S . Q Q 9 5 5 ' P 4 9 Q Q . ig 0 O . 'E -n Q Q . Q Q X 'R X . . ' 1 i i O' . , Q . v is 1 8 It Q ii . I . C X , . it Q In Q - ' 1 I Q ' . . . f . 1 - 4 ra ,. rr ,,- ' Q . , if K I " I rx ts 'Q : 1 . ' 5 .- 3 . , x Q Q 3 .si 4' Q g 'Q 0 Q wi , Q Aa- S' t Q t f ' K p .H x , .Q 1 s " ' ' ' 5 M, 'As ' ' ' l X P 5 Q 'al Q 3 1 nf su, 'A i Q Q . 1 , - , P 5- -. " I 1.91 I' A . .. ,, in Q. ' Q ug, as K .V Q . wk 8 1 ' xg Q :V Q. Q "' Q - ,gi an - ,Qw- .1 , .-s- sw - . Janette Kay Angelia Carol Carl Vance Cheryl Lynn Curtis Donald Adams Allen Anderson Anderson Arnold Elizabeth Ann Paula V. Tammy Denise Kerry Lynn Cynthia Renee Atkins Atkins Banner Barker Barnard Lori G. Melissa Dawn Roger Ray Teresa Anne Teresa Dawn Barr Bentley Bewley Bewley Bible The door is open and the freshman enters . . . He walks into a world of designs , . . a world that he will eventually make coherent and order- ly . . . He leaves a shell called the past . . . and becomes a part of the present . . . The present slides inexorably toward the past and the future rises in the new design of things to come . . . So it was with the Class of 1984. As we walked into a world of reality, history was frozen here. We continued to strive toward maturity and complete independence while retaining the idealistic dreams of young hearts with high hopes. The silent classrooms and empty corridors echoed the chant of days gone by, as we stepped across the threshold for the last time into the realm of the unknown. East will never again have a Class of '84, just as we seniors will never again have East. Seniors 17 B 4 I i p K W 'U fa-iz. A ififi fr ad! 'QU' -uv' fx Y' . ,yd 7 K 3 Kr ,P 5 . , ,Q X 'x '4- 1 V . . 51 ms .urn fu, .5'f:L'qf ,V ., , ,N 5' x L 1 ' 5 .g, if n r i I l w 4 1 1 ,, nm- , A ,EY '-M: . 'W ,R 1 X. M . 60" 'il0', -A E ,MKG , ine, Y, 'ullf' Ek. 1 7 X All im- 1 0 , 'x ' 'x 7'-. A , A i - 'N 'S 5' X ,ff . x,,.W M S ,Y fr , li W ' li 4 , ,F ",, F M. A, 1 F I f V . M z V I a .4 4 -mf. A 1,4 ,.,, . . mwwv ' x. .. -V. W.. an f-, . ,. ..-.,,... ,,, ,M .f , W Q.,-.......,. f -5, -1-mv' M ,3 wx 4 WW. ""4'f' WM My-fl . -Q-A .1 F 'Tim -V 43 -m -H W 1 'M M, , -w Ziiylfv V: MW W , W. ' , H: MMM! ,, ,WW lil, VW I 5, MMZ4 Q -...f 5 A -' , gig' 7 .WFP M Nw , x -'41 WWW .e W-4 , W N W V, ,. QW . 4 4 y H 'nw ua. , , 11 mx .Q iwm 1 3 . X. W1 , w A Jw ., ,nf .44 , W w in WK wage. ,Km 1 I N 1 F I G l I A. David Lisa Diana Arthur Richards Rines Roach Curtis E. Kathy Rachel Lisa Lynn Roach Roberts Roberts Sherman Wayne Joseph Deborah Marie Robinson Rodriguez Roegner Randy Lee Melissa Denise Suzette Sanders Sauceman Scott Billy Micheal Lynn Bobby Sexton Sexton Sharp Richard Runnells Ernest L. Seal Melinda Susan Shelton 7 , 'W Gary Sanders Cindy Seiber Ronald Scott Shelton Seniors 27 P s i w F 4 4 1 1, v l t 5 r l l Johhny Lee Wendell Terry Lynn West Roger Chris Roger Lynn Weston Wheeler White Scotty Lynn White Mike Patrick Wilson Kelly Anne Terry John Kelvin Wilkes Williams Willitord Tommy Karen Deanine Renee L. Ricky Wins a Winstead ' Wise ted Wise 30 Seniors Mary Kathy Renee Stacy Allen woody wright wright Randy J- Ywy i i l l i l Mark A. Western Tammy Gayle White Stephen Lee Wilson Jane Elizabeth Wolford Bobby Young 1 4 1 , W V 32 Senior Puzzle H N D T S C G T A L L E Y B F Y E L T N E B I S M I T H S B B A Y E V 0 R J A S L 0 A T 8 A L L E N M 0 E N A H N A Q S N T M D 0 0 0 T D W D A L U M D S A J S I K Q E E 0 T C I T D C N H C H S I R R 0 M T L B F 0 S T E R S S S I W T B L W A S R I S C A B T R E E C E C C T O M , A B E G E Q N S A N U S N A S G C B T W C R C K F T R E D G L J S M A L L M A N S A R L K Y L K J R O G U L O H I C R 0 C K E T T H Y M H N A O T M S F V S W N R E A W 0 W The names of 20 prominent seniors are hidden in the maze of letters. How many can you find by consulting the brief clues? Super EAST sleuths should be able to identify 20 or more names. 1 Diminutive in size, but not in spirit 2 Holding down the service club 3 Following in big brother's yardage 4 East's version of Johnny Slash 5 Leader of the band 6 Monthly editor . . . 7 .... and his annual sibling nemesis 8 The mad drummer 9 Out-of-this-world athlete 10 Musical debulante 11 "spin around-jump shot!" 12lnteraC1 Quipper 13 Oueen of the Court 14 They don't call her that because she's tired 15 'fBul why . . ." 16 A really sweet cheerleader 17 Air-borne 18 Center of attention 19 Behind every good quarterback . . . 20 . . . there stands a good cheerleader PQ' 42, Rachel Acuft Eric Aldridge Kathy Antrican Dwayne Arnold Beverly Arterburn Ernest Atkins Billy Backer Mike Bacon Frank Bailey David Baird Mary Ann Bales Bobbie Ballard Tim Barbee Mark Barnard Tava Barnard Amy Baskette Gerald Bass Tambra Bass Tammy Baughard Kevin Bell David Bellamy Brian Bise Jeff Bishop Tim Blevins Andre Boston Mike Boyd Robert Brabston Kim Brooks Sandy Brown Juniors 33 is X w ix f ,ww ww 'Wm .np- X 3' 'fy K wy, af .Q .Q Q6 wx as ef? Jonathan Dellinger Shelly Delph Prima Donaldson Thomas Doly Pam Drinnon Suzie Drinnon Ken Edentield David Edmonds Tim Elliott Trisha Ellis Leia Ellison Paula Esles Faye Evans Debbie Everhart Phil Fanney Loretta Fawver Muffy Foshie John Foster Kim Fox Kim Fox Wendy Gantt Sherry Garrett Lisa Gentry Wendell Gibson Lance Graves Chris Gulley Angie Hale Chris Hall Ken Hall Sue Ellen Hall Melissa Hamlet Michelle Hamlet Darleen Harman Maranda Harris Wayne Hash Lisa Haun 36 Juniors Ls, Mike Hawkins Gary Helton Lisa Helton Robert Hepburn Dawn Hickman Lisa Hileman Howard Hixon Mark Hoard Kay Hockersmith Rita Hodge Marva Hogan Cheryl Hollifield Jeanie Holt Lee Horner John Houseright Micheal Hryorchuk Cindy Hudgens Doug Hughes Sharon Hurley Greg Hurst Jodi Hussey Dee Dee lsom Teresa Janeway Karen Jarnigan Traci Jefferson Steve Jenkins Mike Jennings Tammy Johns Keith Johnson Stacey Johnson Eddie Jones Marvin Jones Patrick Keller Kristine Killian Allan King Regina King Juniors 37 Stacey Kinsler Michelle Kirk Lisa Kiser Craig Lakes Roberl Lamb Gina Lasler Angie Laws Gloria Lawson Karen Lawson Ronald Lawson Shirley Lawson Terry Lawson Tracy Lawson Tony Lee Raymond LeRoy Kelly Lewis Glenn Long Melinda Long Tammy Long Tony Long Belly MacDonald Dava Maneval Marty Manus Cindy Marlin David Marlin Pam Marlin Ricky Marlin Shawn Mason Sleve McBride Dale McDonald Mark McDonald Melinda McGhee Renee McGill Eddie McKinney Bill McLain Richie McMasler 38 Juniors l John Mead Demi Meyers Robin Miller Terri Miller Lesa Miser Bruce Monks Maurice Moore Melissa Moore Rhonda Moore Tim Moore Jo Mark Morley Glenn Morgan' Melody Morgan Romona Mollern Marlha Moyers Jimmy Mullins Tracy Mullins Sherry Murray Glenda Musick Lisa NeSmilh Gayla Nichols Shirley Oales Sam O'DeIl Dana Ousley Ricky Owens Tammy Owens Randy Pankiewicz Jo Anne Parker Debbie Parsons Jeanie Payne Mike Poma Fred Porlrum Greg Pressley Rila Price Tina Pridemore Jake Purkey Juniors 39 Stephen Rainbolt Eric Ftauberts Sharon Reed Gary Riggs Angie Roach Brian Roach Clay Robertson Krista Rose Troy Rose Stephanie Ryan Cecil Ryans Steve Samsel Scott Sanders Randy Sauceman Vickie Saylor Mary Scott Lisa Seal Connie Seals Karen Seals Lisa Seals Melissa Seals Tammy Seals Diana Self Patricia Sexton Sonia Shannon Retord Shaver Tim Shell Jimmie Shiilet Cindy Shockley Jett Short Wvian Shupe Theresa Simon Jennifer Simpson 40 Juniors Ron Simpson Jett Singleton Jeff Sizemore David Slayton Fred Sloan Daryl Smith Donna Smith Lisa Smith Sherry Snowden Scott Snyder Tally Spencer Suprina Spradling Rodney Stanley Tami Stanton Sherry Stephens Jeff Stewart Robert Still Stan Strickland Cricket Stripling Tammy Summerson Johnny Surber Kathy Surber Richard Surrette Pam Sutton Robbie Swiney Dennis Talley Enga Taylor Penny Taylor David Templin Bobby Tharp Dale Thompson Ellen Thompson Juniors 41 i E SS.. . A Q 9 3 .. Q . L R K X if . JVX 'wr -I ,. A X Debbie Aarons Rodney Anderson Lacy Anlrican John Bible Teresa Bowen William Boyle Kim Adams Danny Arnold Brian Bailey Danny Bishop Michelle Bowlin Alisa Brandenburg Jimmy Akins Tammy Arnold Mary Ballard James Bishop Kim Boyd Vickie Brewer Ronald Amos John Anlrican Angelina Belflower Dwight Blizzard Tony Boyd Lisa Brooks Sophomores 43 A Tracie Broyles Harlan Buis Chris Bell Tony Bell Ronnie Bull Brian Bunch 44 Sophomores Frankie Burgin John Burgin Chuck Byerley Sunday Byrum Blane Carmicheal Jason Carter Terry Carter John Carver Charles Childress Mark Christian Karen Claxton Charles Clevenger Mike Coffey Leigh Cooper Doug Cunningham Otis Cole Melodie Courtney Upton Dabney Robert Collins Norman Cox Charlene Dalton Shannon Collins Stacy Creech James Dalton Brenda Cook Tracy Crittenden Stacy Dalton Lynette Cook Mike Crowell Jimmy Davis l 1 x I 1 ? 4 1 l 1 I 1 4 Y x L 4 i I x w J 4 i Y t 1' f .f ' 1 -A -'F . luv - .M ...,.--1 . L, - . David Williams Bryan Wilson Wayne Wise Lisa Wolford Jen Wright Christine Younl Michelle Williams Libby Wilson Julie Wisecarver Scott Woodfin Roberl York Johnalhon Younl Steve Williams Kimberly Winn Lynn Wolfe Lisa Woods Michelle Young Ben Zeigler 52 Sophomores UOKDU L uf A Guide to the Up and Coming Y , ,wwf .. ...X . Carla Campbell Tim Campbell Lisa Cannon Peggy Capps Roger Carder Debra Carter Donna Carter Jackie Carter Scott Carter Sherry Carter Vicky Coffey Chris Catron William Coffey Steve Clevenger Ginger Coffman Sharon Cobb Chris Cole James Coffey Shawn Cole Michelle Collier Crystal Collins Dennis Collins Kelly Collins Micheal Collins Step ie Collins J el Combs Leah Combs Britta Cornils Scott Crews Beth Compton Joey Courtney Kenny Crittenden Barbara Cook Sherry Cox Tammy Crittenden Charles Cook Connie Craig Wesley Crockett Lora Copus Tami Creech Scott Crooks Kelly Curl Flandy Dalton Amy Davidson Tina Davidson Franklin Davis Jett Davis Mark Davis 54 Freshmen Crystal Hale Scott Harvey Steven Hall Laurie Hatchie Elizabeth Hammond Pam Haun Sonya Harbin Tammy Hayes Pamela Harless Fonna Hayman Charlie Harr Tammy Heatherly Scott Harris Teresa Helton Glen Herrell Brenda Hickey Anthony Hicks Billy Hill Kristy Hixon Tonya Hoard Kim Hodges Amy Holder Alice Hollitield Betty Hollifield Angela Holt Larry Hopkins Mark Holt Gerri Horner Sherri Holt Joe Horner Kenyon Hopkins Stephanie Horner Kimberly Hopkins Brenda Hubbard Becky Hughes Johnnie Husky Beth Hutson Lori Jarnigan Mark Jarnigan Scott Jarnigan Steve Jarnigan Gary Johns Clay Johnson Eugene Johnson Melissa Johnson Ricky Johnson Michelle Jones Scott Jones Freshman 56 Freshmen Class Officers '?5gS S1 Mag im X ww 18 -.4r :IK sqm, mfs X xx Xgxyx A I , if gf:- , . SQ S 5 , S if , sf ,K wa E i? . Q ,shi iii fm X Q X 5 . fi .. f ' W us Ima? kv X N :sd i i ki .f ' f S Q 5 Y if I S is Ss 2' K :lg zz: f g92,55 .E,: j!! N 'gxagsfii gg: --:H K 8 Q2 mx X if W L, ,,.... V k . , U k an ,,,Q 5 f .3 lx k - X s E . K i?5if nq i5?A i5? h.. ' jg - , wr ...fs.' rx ,, L 5 ' :Sf 0 Q V! WN. ' mb .,, . Saw' VN' Tammy McBride Charles Miller Traci Moore Tina McClanahan Penny Miller Angie Morgan Tracy McClanahan Angie Mink Tommy Morgan Bobby McDaniel Deanna Moore Greg Moyers Scott McDaniel Jerry Moore Alexander Mullins Scott McGlothin Tony Moore Charlene Mullins Ricky Mullins Virgil Mullins Julie Murdock Angie Murray Robin Musick Michelle Nail Lisa Newman Kenneth Nicely Eddie Noe Rachael Noe Sandy Noe Kelli Norris Jimmy Oates Stephanie Oler Nancy Orrick Richard Orrick Robin Orrick Bobbie Owens Matt Owens Michelle Packer Richie Painter Julie Palmer Mark Parsons Julie Parvin Vanessa Patton Danielle Peace Edwin Phillips Ruby Phillips Chris Polley Shawn Poma f. 58 Freshmen f Laura Portrum Debbie Potter Johnathon Prince Johnnie Rick Tonia Purkey Jett Roach Sandra Reed Stacy Roach Darrell Rhaton Teresa Roach James Rhoads James Rogers Rhonda Ruble Randy Russell Stacy Russell Lee Sauceman Jett Sawyer Darrell Saylor Linda Schubert Stacy Scott Ami Seals Mike Seiber Tim Selt Billy Joe Shaw Mark Shelton Tommy Shepard Francena Sherles Yolanda Sherles Arnold Shipley Yvette Silva Tammie Sin Ieton Q Mark Skaggs Randall Sluder Barry Smith Delores Smith James Smith James Smith Pam Smith Regina Smith Robin Smith Wayne Smith Candi Spencer Robert Spirko Jett Spittler Karen Stephenson Brad Stewart William Stokes Kevin Strickland FI'8Sl'llT'l8n 59 I S5-ff-am Iwi qi ......... v f Hobfly XX IiL5,3l!f3 ,ap ' ' . -X 5 'K , IQ A W .5 -1--nvu-1u- X .5 x N x 'N .--.Q ,....-.N 3. I-hI"WI'?NJ as Sg,??xrs. LN m 1 'W ,4i!zf1ff5Z3""' -Q E-avg? I XS Q - vkgfw, Is,s..f .. 1 my - ' - ' s .. ' J ' I think I oan . . . I know I can . . . Well, I thought I asia 559 5 . V 'dx f 'Wh , ,., v could Real cowboys know you don't have to check the transmission after a long hard ride. .Wen ,XFN Decisions, decisions!!! Our fools Our heroes! 114 1 1 df" "" Jaw3gf4g:,Q:s14ir2ffs2iisWW f 1 Q ' . f '- A 5 5 Q.. , ig ,f gfw ff' i F K , , 9 DIRESEORY SCHOOL PERSONNEL or . ' . S on A S '60 JameS H. Gaddis oof S OO E Of O of Jerry T. Wtttiamo r 0" A W. Danny Russull I I '- V X I , 'yn 'FW " f ' F O,,.,O 2S N x t Q rl if 'Q 's ta? E TOWN, 1'eN"e' Mlurrell Weesner Training Today's Youth tor a Better Tomorrow 6 MORRISTOWN-HAMBLEN HIGH SCHOOL EAST 1 - . J ,uwwf-va' " Q .... nf., if 1 ' '. 4 J ftuzfifv' . wanag.,,,, V " x -.num aunnnr """"Z .aun- -dllmw' 1 4a WNW' 1 1:m'JtWWwWlHtmWvWMWAWMmL 1' lm e ,- Q ,V Myles- ,, f. .fr i wif 'HSV wx-I 4 WQNA We X ie an 7 ..,.z. -r wf f fr' a Q A, is ii, .- ei Seated: Green, Joyce Kanipe, Jessie Singleton. Waflda Batbara Shipley, Salty Helton, Beatrice RETA DAVIS 33? g 2 fi ' JOAN CONKIN ELISE F. OAKES K A .,,, M1-f y. YV , ,mgwvzffgfi 'P' W' our local . . . FOREIGN LANGUAGE culty GOVERN ME Our Government Department involves ot H. Carlis Altizer, Ward M. Ashley, Dave Canter, Marion M. Pickle lll, and Larry C. Wallace. H. Carlis Altizer was graduated lrom Emory and Henry College. He has been teaching for sixteen years, the last twelve years at C o a c h A I t i z teaches American X History and is the head coach of our Varsity Football Team. Ward Ashley has attended Carson-Newman College, the University ot Tennessee, New Orleans Baptist Seminary, and Union College. Noteworthy, Mr. Ashley has earned a Masters Degree in both Theology and Educa- tion and Administration. He has been teaching for nineteen years, the last seven at East. Mr. Ashley teaches Government, Contemporary and Am. History. He is the sponsor the Red Cross Club. Dave Canter received his education from King Col- lege. This is his second year of teaching Math and Economics. He coaches the B-Team Basketball Boys and he is the assistant ot the Varsity Boys. Marion M. Pickle at- tended the University of Tennessee. He has taught lor six years, all ot teaches Prol. to American Larry C. graduate o taught all ol at East, tea World History Mr. Wallace the Track C . ii have been at East. Mr. Pickle Math in addition Histor He is the y. sponsor ot the Key Club, Wallace is a f ETSU. He has his seven years ching Am. and and Geography. is the coach ol Team and is a Freshman Football 08Ch. H6 also is a sponsor ot kr ig the FCA. Betsy Hyatt w a s graduated trom the University ol Miami. She has P s y c h o l o g y , Sociology and World Geography here lor fifteen years. and BUSINESS S LARRY C. s 5 Wll.LlAM Faculty 71 mm---.'w "EP www. 1 gwfwwe-fuwwv4 Mm WWkMwi 1' Wi? J' ' w N' 7361 'ff' W Sig, za ig, ugq, , x w,'H,WL11l-S? Mggf. , .,,., W if 'W , f I . eil " , 'Z Elf ' wemuaiiw MFff,M:'i',wm, H P143 ' " W JW it V. nfzfxfi . Miz' A 122- was fl' ' -:,,wwi2L,,,, wif - mn Sw, ,!1' we , wg -F , gm i 1 H Ei?" ,f, mm.-M.--,H mf' wQYmWME ,N Moy, 1 wwlhwa:-gvwfgxi Wil? "W .f,.,,. , 4 1 1 ,f 1 ,W H ,MW-ff .w,g'f,1WuN 5. " 'WCIWNR3 ,K f,1.19i97!',X9FfSl??!4a'VQ3 1 ' fi5'CffBS,-'EC D855 ' me' umvefs:1 ' mmm his M SEQ xvvml ,W y 1 . J' W If l ' f rf! W f ' MLMJZ 1 1' H, 1 ,ww 1 ,N ,mu !'..1 N ' fast. ur. spbansginf W!ea4ghGa wmfriduStrIam : 7 Hts abd sponsqrs f emif,wL7MWml2:1bwMm.mTVHmmmMLMww-Tiim,Z i 1 ANE13rM'f 'YN X11 fi C337 lx' IRENE C. FAIN ' 'KJ'-xwxf ,,.,.,..... MARVIN H AR ' HM 1 Marshelle Gilbert attended Murray Stale University and the University of Tennessee. She has been teaching tor twenty years, the last twelve have been at East. Mrs. Gilbert teaches Basic Art, Adv. Crafts, Lettering and Display Design. She is the sponsor of the Art Club. Jama R. Seahorn attended Carson-Newman College, Ringling School of Art, and the University of Tennessee. She has been teaching lor eleven years, one at East. Randolph Adams attended Hardin-Simmons University, Westminister Choir College, and the University of Ten- nessee where he earned a bachelor and a master's degree. He has taught twelve years at East in General Music, Music Theory, and A.P. Choral. Tom Shupe at- tended Lincoln Memorial University, Morehead Univer- sity, ETSU and UT. Mr. Shupe has directed the band at East for twelve years. . N c...,1 . RRANDCLEH QQ-xx .. .ff I Faculty 73 74 Ct P.E. 2 HEALTH t Novel Science was V ai, S .. 45- 1 W s ms ,. 1 - Q 5.3 - Z 1 'LL,, .. 'si is .. . was ili t t ,V WCAPLDA to . ostunesn LCDH John H. Deaton is a retired United States Navy Officer. He at- tended the University ot Mississippi and WSSC. LCDR Deaton has been teaching Naval Science l at East for eleven yearsa, and he commands the Drill Team and Rifle Team. Facuhy Captain David W. Dellinger attend- ed DePauw University and Georgetown University. Capt. Dell- inger has been at East tor four years teaching Naval Science and is cur- rently working with Scholar Bowl. He has a master's degree in U.S. history. Coach Benny Denton attend- ed ETSU. For the last six of his eight years ot teaching, he has been a Phys. Ed. teacher and assistant football coach at East. Ava Jamie Walker tnot picturedj attended Austin Peay State University and UT. She has been teaching Phys. Ed. and coaching the Girls' Volleyball team for five years. Drivers' Ed. Jimmy Jones attended Lin- coln Memorial University and ETSU. This is his first year at East. He is the Boys' Varsity Basketball Coach in addition to the Supervisor of Study Hall. Larry Lay, the Driver Educa- tion teacher and assistant toot- ball coach, resigned mid-term and was replaced by Jay An- drews, a graduate from Carson-Newman College. Mr. Andrews will become the new supervisor of study hall. 1 'K' I' ' "VI5I3L'5' 'VUL5 Q1 52 . 31, '-L Sally B. Bennett attended the University ot Tennessee where she received her Masters Degree in Library Science. Mrs. Bennett has been at East for seven years. She is the sponsor of the Library Club. Constance H. McGinnis attended ETSU. She has been a Librarian at East for five years. She sponsors the Library Club, Anchor Club, and the Scholar Bowl. Ms. Azalee Malone right has been Library Secretary for fifteen years. Faculty 75 In our continuing quest for facts to tile forever. ITAKHA has ar- rived at some astonishing statistical tidbits. Our rather infor- mal survey has revealed these bits of teacher trivia. Our teachers have a total of over 850 years experience. lf these years had stretched end-to-end, here's what would have been hap- pening in 1134 1850 years ago! : The French were building Chartres Cathedral The lncas were liv- ing in Peru The Chinese had in- vented moveable type. Our teachers' years at East alone total 542, taking us back to 1442. in that year Joan of Arc had recently been burned at the stake Gutenberg was working on his printing press. But it you think they've taught a long time, you'll really be amazed at how long our teachers themselves went to school. Together our teachers were STUDENTS for 1014 years!!! End-to-end, that sum would return us to the year 970, when The Sung Dynasty ruled China Cairo, Egypt was founded The Vikings were colonizing Greenland. Did they really have to go to school so long? No. Actually, 30 of our teachers hold advanced degrees requiring several years of study beyond the requirements. We do not take the opportunity to say thank you otten enough, so this is our chance to say thanks to our faculty who have in- vested so greatly their time and their money for 1 - our benefit. ITAKHA thanks you for your devotion to your self- improvement and thus to ours. 76 Faculty Ai 4 In A Canes Illustrated Q Foo'rBAl.l. '84 X g . . ' N 1 J. W 1 X , yn t . Footbotll 3 Et Hurricanes, or Merely s its , x 3 Q Tropical Depressions? we 'W X , be ' o S I X The Storm just couldn't get the lightning to flash, but the thunder boomed once. When the 1983 football schedule closed with a heart-breaking fall to perennial rival Morristown West, two numbers 3, and 7, were conspicuous in recollections ot the season. When multiplied, they could possibly have represented the number ot injuries inflicted on the players. Or perhaps, they denoted the total number ot touchdowns. As it turned out, regrettably, these numbers signified the Cane's post-season worksheet, 3-7. Dismal though the season appeared to have been, one triumph glowed like a single star in the vast heavens. On September the 9th, the Oak Ridge Wildcats rumbled into town, only to be defeated 26 to 21 by an obstinate orange monstrosity under the direction of Head Coach Carlis Altizer. In this respect, the season was not considered in vain. Senior quarterback Randy Sanders passed his way onto the All-Conf. and All-State teams by completing 92 ot 164 passes. Brian Keller, also a senior, was chosen as an All-Conf. defensive back. Notable accomplishments could be lorseen for all returning Hurricanes, especially ot junior starter and All-Cont. receiver, Charles Cole. Brian Keller and Troy Kelley run resistance for the bull, Eric Rauberts. The calm before the storm. G 5 l No one can escape the Orange squeeze. East D reaches Hurricane strength against Greenville. Sports 79 I Recognition LE E , ,. friiff -A -A bfswsxf-, .. ,vas 3g,s:,-,gimp . .. 3. Q ' in ,Z - M U A . L,.L A E g ,. W le ,.fs,'i'w'Saf'?!ii" 51, "xii Qf E X ,1Lg ,Q ,, . E Sanders' desire for perfection, along with God-given talent, made il all possible: AAA Player of the Stale, Upper Easl Tenn. Defensive Player of the Weekg IMAC Team and Offensive Player of the Yearg Johnson City Press and Chronicle Upper East Tenn. Elite Eleveng Lawrenceburg Quarter- back Club's East Tenn. Player of the Yearg AP UPI, and Writers' All-State Team' Orlando Fla Sen- R d S trniel s All South Team, and East High's Ouarterback. I I a n y a n The East High Football Team '- Brian Keller, All-conference Carlis Altizer, Coach Charles Cole, All-Conference ,U Q .... X, I r CY XZ Footboll The Meanest Midgets Ever Commencing their season with a pint-sized team of merely 19 players, it was evident that the 1983 "Baby Canes" had to work superbly together. Work that was undoubtedly the correct word as they found it necessary to play the majority of their players to the extreme limits both of- fensively and defensively. When the Canes traveled to Newport, for example, their fighting spirit was detected by all spectators, the student body of Cocke Co. High. Down by 12 at one time, East blazed a smoldering recovery to a 24-18 victory. Completing their season with a 4-4 overall record, the players said their farewells to Coach John Cranford and Larry Wallace, and an- ticipated the contributions they would make to the varsity squad. I - 4 S f ,' f ,." . 4 i - A., L N ,s L - I 5 -- - . .. i 1 4 X .Min RQ . 1, 4 . f ' I i ,, K . , We 5' ' K L - ' . M 'L Q A "5 Y A 'A Q, Cherokee's chief goal is to get the quarterback. 82 Sports The Hurricanes get a kick out of playing in front of the school. .7 ,Q 77,5 Chris Cote evades the rush and scrambles for yardage. xiii: r K t 1 Stay L. o...t-P' 'l va 'H G ,,L, 4 - ' or ff ' "The coach told me to clean your ears out." hh VT W N .t i . - Ar,, 1 ax, rf 4'rr" 'L f L " I A ir' ? ' 7 ' . t t 1 ff I it H , ' . Z - , , f 5 '1r,h': W an aa to 6 A r" ,r', rr,. K 'rli' T A ,,A"?'f"hf WH 'ff ' aww -n ,L,, ,M ,4w2sag , , "" ff ' 'W' " , ,f tw f ,r,- , - r rrrr to cc,f rrcr W , A I . ,, , " 'P ' t"i1'Gf1 I 1 ,.r, Y mf! SIuder's talent puts him alone. 4-LN ,Awww .roy wc .N la., . Sports 83 1 The Thrill of Victory Without the Agony of Defeat In every competitive sport, victory is the challenge, the purpose, and the desired out- come. During the fall of 1983, however, volleyball fans witnessed a unique team in action. The members of the girls volleyball team placed one thing a step higher than vic- tory on their list of priorities: enjoying the game. These girls thrived on the pleasure they drew out ot the sport and, consequent- ly, found that their performance sparkled because of it. In no way a reflection of their spirit, skill, or dedication, the Hurricanettes finished with a 6-10 slate. Greeneville proved to be their downtall as their season was ar- rested abruptly inthe semifinals ofthe District Tournament. Outstanding members on the team, senior Lisa Patton and junior Glenda Musick, gained recognition as All-Conference and All-District players. Most likely, however Coach Ava Walker should be most pro- minently acknowledged tor the guidance with which she provided the team. Julie admires the skills ot her teammates. 84 Sports Volleyball The team lakes time to get serious. "fff 't Coach Walker makes time to get serious. W Awe' 1, wg. .V W .5 ff, '12 6' 15 I L M 4 2.6! 4 f f i1 A, ,,. Jr, 4 , f9i?f4'f??" - 4, W LL f' K Tx I W my- 1':-V ' fy' H W 'V . ,,,,f,, . ,II i v,,,, . W K ,Y fi, ,, 'S , , ,zwiii Ax ,, .. 'Q -. .- el Q M I :Q 13: ig ,fm K-- . N ,-3. wi X fm sas :E gfbxk ,ses 'tag Memorable Season A change of pace proved to be beneficial to the members of the 1984 boys and girls cross country teams. Breaking in a new coach is, un- doubtedly, a difficult task, yet these athletes handled the situation with ease. Supervised by first-year Coach Lou Hooban, both teams set a leading pace as they grasped the conference ti- tle. Betty McDonald, Angie Murray, and Kelly Mc- Cormick, placing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the con- ference, led the race in the girl's division. Each girl, also was esteemed with an All-Region classification. The boys team was equally as successful, grasping a perfect 13-0 record. David Bellamy finished first for the boys as he made the All-Conference and All-Region teams and set several records. An additional sparkling performance was given by Buddy Everhart with a record-setting time of 16:08. This team finish- ed the season without the loss of a potential '84 participant, heralding a remarkable season for next spring. The Hurricanes stretched out a winning season this year. 86 Cross Country Cross Country N. . David was East s Goliath this year Q--Q-1.-.fg- n-v.--.-.-.-.....-.- -.--ng-1 Kelly seems lo enioy running. Sharp runner, Bobby has been a leam leader. Belty's form won her many victories last year. -1-f---ug..-. gym AJ Cross Counlry 87 l... Coach Mills proudly displays his leam of winners. , Scotty Kanipe demonstrates his winning form. ,quill i'1,,,,m,,W,rW M aa i In .MSMMZ Hr, gg W Y ,V 9 V - W, ,, -if sw Q V ff Robert Hepburn wonders "Will il or won't it?" Barbee's clulch hitting will be counted on for next year. 4 ' 9 Sports 89 W 4 F 1 -- Basketball Drinnion's effon was vilal in lasl year's wins. xy V ' " y ,, ll? XI' 1 ,, l S2 , . -Q5 I x If Z f J f . Xx f , ff E I ff l mm s,,-L 5551 44 C5 ' - i 1 sf' Qs X fp X Jell wonders il the ball will ever come down. Sports 93 94 Boys B-Team Basketball The 1983-84 boys B-team had a great winning year. Led by second-year coach Dave Canter the Hur- ricanes compiled a record of four wins and five losses. Heading into the conference tournament the team speculated that the team to beat was West. Although the Trojans had the best record, East defeated West by a score of 49-36 at lsenberg-Siler Gymnasium. The team consisted of twelve players, eight sophomores and four juniors, Ricky Martin, Andre Boston, Ronnie Bruce, and Derry Young. No doubt, the varsity Hur- ricanes have great prospects in these players for the future and will be a dominant force in the conference. ls Mike really going to fall asleep on the cout. The going is rough Sports The team plans their strategy. FHMNS 13 Brlan's rebounding skills were essential in games this year. 4 1 1 - - - ff M Wm- A -W .v.-.mrmwwwy , .f . , 3 2 3 Q Q 2 4 'bun' Lisa's soft touch was a key in many East victories. Varsity Girls' Basketball Team Consistency - a word that is easily understood yet difficult to achieve. This was certainly the case for the 1983-84 Hurri- canettes. On a given day, they could have played with the skill of professionals or with that of beginners. Not until the final stretch did they begin to display consistently results of ex- cessive practice lime. The Lady Canes were led by senior starters Dawn Bently, Janet Neal, and Lisa Talley, but they received assistance from several juniors and underclassmen. Key vic- tories included those over West High, Greenville, and Davy Crockett. A successful season is once again expected for the following season. 98 Sports Basketball Anqeseemstoneedltbad. The players iockey for position under the basket "'5. S 1 'K 'Wax ""'1n- ,an NN, Q T 5 cn. V .ff ' P-. N QC 31. W, ' mg " filw imc Wav is Basketball B-Team Girls Basketball Team The B-Team Hurricanettes consisting of nine players completed their season with the overall record of 13-3. Coach Larry Lay, replacing last year's coach, Richard Price, advised the ladies until after Christmas. Coach Hux, the Varsity Girls' coach, led them to a successful comple- tion of their season. These young ladies proved to be stiff competition grasping many victories over teams consisting of relatively older B- team players. The Varsity Hurricanettes are undoubtedly inheriting promising talent. Susanhasthelockotdeletrnhation The look ot winners. 102 Sports 2 WRESTLING As in years past, the 1984 Hurricane Wrestling squad turned in remarkable pertor- mances in their regular season and in tourna- ment play. With merely 3 returning starters, the team should be given credit tor their ac- complishments. Although Billy Murphy was the only senior on the team, he admirably carried the load ot more than one person. The East team tinished their schedule 3rd in the con- ference as well as 4th in the district. They con- tinued with regional competition as Murphy, Dennis Talley, Brian Stubbletield, Shawn Mason, and Troy Kelley earned positions there. Ot these tive, Murphy, above, traveled to state competi- tion where he tinished second in his division. In addition, he turned in an overall 40-2 record. The experience given to this year's wrestlers should be beneticial to the entire team for the next season. Wrestling team '84 ' A YY Q . . - -s .wi .44 'D as Murphy's record was unmatched. Domination. TalIey's leadership will be counted on next year. Dennis goes tor the pin. 104 Sports sf Wrestling Eric has got him. Mike's on the attack. Talley plots his move. p p ,A We . ,,-v"'1 W' ' Troy applies the pressure. The Big Orange puts the squeeze on its opponent. Murphy uses Hurricane force to subdue his opponent. These 3 will return next year. ' '-.ff gsm we N, Sports 105 Boiseboill They Bit the Dust The last spring, these young men's fancies turned to thoughts of . . . baseball, each of their per- formances displayed the virtues of dedication. Victory after victory brought them one step closer to post-season tournaments, yet one devastating night eradicated dreams of a state championship. The 1983 East High baseball team, indeed, was one of the top teams in East Tennessee. For head coach Richard Price and the players under his direction, it was undoubtedly a year of achievements. ln perhaps the most impressive of these, the Hurricanes notched their second suc- cessive conference victory with a record identical to the previous year, 13-1. A resolute Jefferson County team, however, halted their conference winning streak by downing the Hurricanes in two vital games during the District Tournament. Although this did not end their season, the pitching of Sullivan North proved to be far too challenging in the Region. Individual accomplishments of the year were led with Tony Hayes' record-setting number of single season homeruns in addition to his leading East Tennessee in home runs and R.B.l.'s. 1 Qs! mt H ,i" Q... .With ' iii All eyes are on Jamie Eliot as he takes the pitch low. 106 Sports v , QW4' Randylookstotheooachforinslructtons 4 ah , ""'f1u. Hank Smith eyes his competition intensely. RX sg-,ct-5,25-1' f ' 3 is fs. "3 Q 5 tu-.iffwfks A-Qvsvwi---Q - ' M K Af. t UM 4 I Russell HarreIl's enjoyment is catching. Sanders' hard hitting is always an asset. I fy l Sports 107 5 o sl lb is "Mal "1 nf I . - '--r- " "v """1Qi-. ""' H -iam 1. 4. ,gg -is.-,nc ka. -. CB' tw - R842 .ff L' A . 1 x, 5, t.-3-sg'-H-Q5 .Ju , Vs, -... -- iw W Q .of 5 3, ..,., 3' '4Q0u-N -4' Nl' AVG 419 362 354 322 321 320 315 295 269 214 200 'V 1 mm :lf 1 'Nadi r -'- ,X V. S 'L 'HQ K f Q 'G 'Q W -4 -H , A., f, . , Q .. K M fan ' 1. K, A+ Q4 9 ,.., VA Amu- 'Hwi-1.. ,, Of' Vx Ag QX3' " . 11 137124, 'J Www . v -nb-an n W 5 4 MW in W fuk . M I 'gh f,aaSBhIr 1031 ,H qw . Q .1 . ' K 0 4 V s W. P N , , . , V W f - -Q H 1' fwf 1 f- Q . fi " fi-'V ' 'E1'r:h.i?e?g5f if? V V1 7A'L 4 x 1 '1' , 2 KK.' , f'!"fgf Y V, ,'A, me 1 : lf: . 1 N 'i ' , f K ,M i I if ' ' 'K 'S w we l ,440 "-.,. , 5 f Q 1 , ,iw L WW W wwf'-W . fy ,f , 1, ' Z -7 ' ,-'Q 49 2 A z. 1 We N " ,K , '. A N" - q ww ,. +35 Ja ' , , 'Vg 1. K 24 J V ff ff, F15 ' fx " ,- QZc:?I'f3:f"3f ' 5261 M "Y ' M, mf' V x 4 i 'N 'Ya' ef R -ff vJ5,bE'. Tennis - W-, - .,.,,. ..-' .:,..,.. , gg 1 1 't f 1 . , , --'- S N- , 3 'i 5713111 1 , ' Ti . ' - 72 "4 U ,ag V ,V "s f 1,1 . :tt.4w'.,:,, , ' , 5 - ' . g ,, , W-iW4?'?L,I L ' ' 'Y , 9 H Q .Q ' ' .. a '-" 1, . .,,, a?',,,ja.,, ..., """' . " " Q , .,,, K I, 5.,:.v,4,'M'v' ,. . as 7 :O 7 A A ,A:,,,7,! .A A U , ,rep , ., -- . . ff: 1-. " - J l J , David Shipley puts power behind his forehand. Donnie Vannoy seems to be confident about his backhand. Lloyd Davis ponders his future tennis career. Eric Wyss displays graceful form as he sets himself to return the shot. 112 Sports Buys Well, what can we say? Sometimes mediocrity is a word that can- not be evaded when speaking of a team or an athlete. For the 1983 boys tennis team, this was certainly the case. Though they were not able to gain any great material awards, the adept, determined Hurricanes were, in all respects, winners. Under the direction of rookie coach Dave Canter, the Hurricanes rounded out the year with a 5-6 over-all slate, just missing the mark of a win- ning season. Senior member of the team David Shipley took the award of excellence as he finished with the most impressive in- dividual record. The entire team showed remarkable improvement and promised to become a strong force to reckon with in the conference during the spring of 1984. . - . Sis ttll. 1 sbs. Q s i .. W-sei' .. . i f 1 , K Q fggfgs .F Q .- - Mike puts in more than his Nickel's worth. Girls lleiters ace a winning season. A victory-highlighted season capped off an exciting year for the members of the 1983 girls tennis team. Mary Ann Bales, merely a sophomore, led the team with a remarkable 11-1 record. Contributing their experience and leadership, seniors Kim Howington and Kim Bunch completed the year with a 12-3 and 10-3 worksheets, respectively. Both of these talented athletes, also, earned themselves a seat in the regional tournament. Without a doubt, numerous achievements are expected from these girls in upcoming years. l Martha Freels uses body language to beat her opponents. Alicia's concentrated hard hitting will help next year. Kim welcomes the ball with open arms. BaIes's all-around play was typical of last year's team. iv -. ,Q-1. 'M iwi f e Lg W ' Kim B H :gf- unch does her rendition of "Stop in the name oi love." Sports 113 ' "9 N f W' 114 Sports l , 4-nn ...ll Eric Rauberls shows the force a hurricane can have. Toby exempliiies athletic grace. Brian Keller asks, "How do l get down!" Pam Martin demonstrates one other many talents Track X- Stokes broke her own discus record many times over. Individuals to Make a Team The secret is a balanced attack. Resembling each other in numerous ways, the boys and girls track teams finished the season with 8-2 and 7-3 records respectively. Both of the teams, for instance, were awarded second place in their conference as well as in their district. For the boys, Johnny Sharp was the recipient of a scholarship from Carson Newman College. Not to be outdone, however, Michelle Stokes was also rewarded with a scholarship to Morristown Col- lege. The boys, who were led by senior Toby Pearson, maintained a balanced team attack, as did the girls. Consisting of two freshmen and two sophomores, the girls two mile relay team shattered the previous record during the 1983 season. On this note, one could safely assume that both teams have returning members that should rise to the top of the conference in the following years as their experienced underclassmen develop in body and mind. MW 5 w iii x 5 I , n l'Bl -2. Sports 115 N w N L V . W J ,gi r gwf, 3 The cheerleaders audition lor the Gong show. d Somelimes lhe cheerleaders do need help. We all know who is the besl. Sports 117 x N V 2 S Jw- , .S 1235 K gi, jf av . . is 2 - Q X.. 5 iw - M ,151 Z' f S Us A f W xwfk K pang. ,gau- 'uv' vm' 'LU' : ff' vk,g,.nnnn, as Qing -og 2 X 5 me sw ., N... s 1984 Homecoming Queen o -LISA TALLEV HEMUSIC MAN in Review Q Awarrgls and Honors .uf I . .. , af 34 , E 3 A 1 2" - 5? x. S Q f . I Q ,Q , A ,, ,- Wx 5 57' " f 2 Q 1 1 .Q RU "Open wide!" '41 FN n ,V ,M,,, q, , ,f5 T L 'f Q11 ,J Ky X W Q, NEV Q A13 Homeeoming Queen and Court Before the coronation, a parade proceeded through downtown with floats, cars, and trucks, decorated by clubs. The band led the parade with the Homecoming Oueen Candidates following in individual sports cars. Lisa Talley was crowned the 1983 East Homecoming Oueen by Mr. Jerry T. Williams in the coronation ceremonies held before the opening kick-off. 'WW'- 124 Homecoming In J x , -1 f 1 L Qi teve Muliins 'QQ Gregg Noe , , Cf' .QA Homecoming 125 S 1 126 Homecoming ,,,.4 xx W 2 I! Y X5 X r -:H Q A Qu I E f S xii MAIN CAST Charlie Cowell Brian Dalton Harold Hill David Jenkins Mayor Shinn Rob Hale Ewart Dunlop Scott Knight Oliver Hix Jett Scott Jacey Squires J. D. Kyle Olin Britt Tim Shockley Marcellus Washburn Greg Shockley Steve Jenkins Sherri Kelly Maureen Mooney Weatherly Munroe Jay Gose Robin Wilder Jackie Keatts Regina Hickman Jill Keatts Tommy Djilas Marian Paroo Mrs. Paroo Amaryllis Winthrop Paroo Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Zaneeta Shinn Alma Hix Maud Dunlop gr: tyky Ethel Toftilmier Mrs. Squires Gracie Shinn Elizabeth Wendling Yolanda Treece Tish Crockett The River City townspeople and children were Erika Hogele, Scott Sanders, Traci Jef- ferson, Karen Poster, Sharon Owen, Jett Reed, Amy Day, Monty Palmer, Bill Whetsel, Sharon Smyth, Sam Morris, Geargia Martin, Vickie Saylor, Renee Tyler, Hillary Gerson, Cheryl Anderson, Tim Carpenter, Kristy A Meyers, Laura Hurst, Kim-Baskette, Randy . , Webb, John Foster, Debbie Everhart, Jo Beth Horton, and Jane Corbin. 1. Harold Hill warns the parents of Fiiver City ot the im- moral threat ot a pool hall. 2. Marcellus Washburn ex- hibits his dancing expertise. 3. The quartet ot coun- cilmen charms the audience. 4. Amaryllis leases Win- throp about his lisp. 5. The ladies ol the city are wooed into complacency. 6. The citizens eagerly await the Wells Fargo Wagon. 7. Harold Hill and Charlie Cowell have a violent encounter. -M -,W,,, . 7 . t fi I ' .vlvalvl Lvlhvla Play 129 Mr. and Miss East Randy Sanders and Stacy Stewart Most School Spirited Ronnie Smith and Jennifer Green Best Sense ot Humor Steve Wilson and Darla Brooks 130 Seniors Most Studious Robert Garrett and Kelly Creech Most Talented Anthony Webb and Angee Allen Most Courteous David Richards and Kim Fowler Features 131 Must Athletic Richard Drinnon and Lisa Talley Most Likely to Succeed Donnie Smith and Karen Foster Most Popular Brian Keller and Sonya Pigmon 132 Features Best Personality Sid Haddock and Ann Atkins Most Handsome and Most Attraetive Ritchie Cutshaw and Jane Wolford Best Dressed John Ouillen and Candy Smallman Features ALL-STATE EAST CHOIR Sixteen outstanding music students from the East High Choir qualified for the Q? All-East Chorus which performed in October at the University of Ten- nessee. Some of those who qualified were Cheryl Anderson, Holly Byrum, Andrea Carey taller- natel, Ronnie Smith, Lisa Vaughn, and Rachel Acuff was chosen as an accompanist. Those who participated at All-East and had scores high enough to qualify them for the All-State Chorus were Angee Allen, Jane Cor- bin, John Foster, Karen Foster, Traci Jeffer- son, Sharon Owen tnot picturedl, Scott Sanders, Randy Webb, and Bill Whetsel. gan. if -- 134 Features UiIlHl1lIlil ilivl 1!h n.rl--1t1vl..iln1lullIu.itir l. ALL-STATE EAST BAND Many talented East High band students attended auditions for All-State East Band in January. Ten students were selected to attend the clinic held in Bristol on February 3-5. Sharon Smyth and Karen Lawson performed in the White Bandg Chris Bell, Jane Corbin, and Penny Taylor played in the Green Bandg Scott Sanders and Randy Webb played in the Red Bandg Terry Wall and Bill Whetsel, not pictured, selected for the Red Band, and Rachel Acuff, selected for the Blue Band, chose to perform in the orchestra. Rachel Acuff qualified for the All-State Band, which will be held in Nashville on April 12-14. , H X3 s f X V F' 5 I if 1 , C' ,, , ,A L, , 5 31 . L4 W l K ,zu 32 lr 1 5 . , M . I - 2 ft X, S gg? J s X, f A Just You and I The theme song "Just You and I" provided a romantic interlude forthe 1983 Junior-Senior Prom. Multicolored balloon bouquets enhanced the festive evening, and music by "Air Waves" filled the air. Johnny Tipton and Donna Brock were crowned King and Queen, and they had the honor of dancing to the theme song, "Just You and I," after the crowning. 1. Junior and Senior Prom theme. 2. David Shipley and Sonya Pigmon dance the last dance. 3. Prom King and Oueen, Johnny Tipton and Donna Brock, begin their reign. 4. Greg Harrell and Ann Atkins dance the night away. 5. Benny Reynolds and Robyn Robertson take a breather. 6. Denise Scott is in a world ol her own. I 0 . o Features 137 Ronnie Smith, the candidate for Bo! Veterans' Day The Veterans' Day Program was a tribute to those Americans who served in the armed forces. Representatives trom World War I to Vietnam were present as the student body participated in the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment ot prayer. Coach Larry Wallace delivered a tribute to Vietnam veterans, mentioning three East High students who died in action, Mr. Steve Lamar, a Vietnam veteran, spoke of his experiences as a helicopter pilot. Music was provided by the band, which performed The National Anthem and This ls My Country, and the choir which sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic and America. ln closing, Mr. Williams said, "lt brings tears to my eyes and happiness to my heart- this program and your attitude." 138 Honors Boys' State Ronnie Smith was selected to represent East High School at Ten- nessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN, for the 1983 session of Boys' State. Ronnie was chosen on the basis of character, honor, leadership, and courage. The purpose ofthe con- ference was to promote a sense of pride in the workings of govern- ment at both the state and national level. Ronnie was sponsored by the American Legion Post 125. As East's representative, Ronnie was an outstanding example to Tennessee's youth. Fairy-Tale Wedding Students in first semester Home Living, with the assistance of Mrs. Margaret Spoone, organized a "fairy-tale wedding." The purpose of the wedding was to emphasize the importance of marriage and to give them experience in making wedding plans. 1. The Bride and Groom, Teresa Bowen and Randy Watkins. 2. Gary Riggs presides over the wedding ceremonies. 3. Yolanda Treece sings a selection by Stevie Wonder before the ceremonies. 4. James Gulley ithe bride's fatheri escorts Teresa Bowen. W 2 . ,A 2, T 5 ' 5? i Ma, 14 . 3 5 Features 139 Who's Who Who's Who Tuesday February 14th, several Senior students were honored in the Who's Who reception. The parents ot the honorees were invited to the reception, however, due to the asbestos in the auditorium the reception was held in the school cafeteria. Each year, the prestigious award has been given to worthy seniors based on school involvement, extra- curricular activities and academic ex- cellence. For the first time in several years, those receiving the honor were not formally inducted into the Who's Who of American High School students. fe 0 fe 00 'Q fs Q Q Randy Sanders Ronnie Smilh 2. Lisa Talley Dawn Bentley 3. Angee Allen 4. Yolanda Treece 'Q 141 1. Debbie Roegner Dawn Turner 2. Janel Neal 3. Melissa Livesay 4. Kelly Creech 0.2, Lisa Hines Mark Holberi Sandy Laico Sonya Pigmon Ritchie Culshaw Jennifer Green Etter Hurst xx? wi: S pw High Honors is a commendation reserved for the very small percentage of East students who have maintained exceptional grade point averages for the entire four years of their high school careers. High Honors recipients must have maintained an average of 3.75 to 4.00 overall. The High Honors students were Kelly Creech, Robert Garrett, Denise Horton, Debbie Roegner, Barbara Stump, Lisa Talley and Kevin Wells. Valedictorian Kelly Creech main- tained a remarkable 4.00 average. Kelly tpic- tured at lefty compiled a flawless record as well as completing a rigorous academic schedule. The High Honors recipients are pictured above. W ff W 65no1's To be eligible for Honors, the eight M-H East students maintained a 3.5 to 3.74 grade point average for four years of high school work. Honor students were Dawn Bentley, Michael Earls, Tammy Feuker, Janet Hance, Melissa Livesay, Janet Neal, Lisa Ftines and Donnie Smith, pictured below. Pictured at right is Denise Horton with a High Honors average of 3.888, ranking her second academically in the entire senior class. Features 145 Quill 81 Scroll International Honor Society tor High School Ronnie Smith Co-Editor Hurricane Debbie Roegner Business Mgr. ITAKHA 5 K isa 1- r fr maxi- f.. 9 X93 Journalists Kelly Creech Donnie Smith Jahet Neal Kim Moore Co-Editor Editor Faculty Business Mgr. Hurricane ITAKHA ITAKHA Hurricane t g Q t 3 Q... . 'P get xg. i.. Karen Foster Darla Brooks Lisa Vaughn Sandy Laico Features Editor Features Editor Features Staff Features Staff ITAKHA Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane is X as Pam Sutton Kevin Wells Mary Ann Bates John Ouillen Business Mgr. Sports Editor Sports Editor News Editor Hurricane ITAKHA Hurricane Hurricane For the first time in thirty years, East High School had a chapter ofthe Ouitt and Scroll ln- ternational Society for High School Journalists in order to encourage and reward in- dividual achievements in jour- nalism, creative writing, and school publications. Mrs. Bar- bara Robinson was the sponsor ofthe chapter. Membership was limited to students who had demonstrated outstanding jour- nalistic work on an East publica- tion staff for at least two years. 146 Honors D Kim Fowler Angee Allen Janet Hance ' Entertainment Edit. Class Editor News Staff Hurricane ITAKHA Hurricane Sl' 'Q 1 fm: gi, fJL,asT5La Morristown East Sdwlar Bw! F'lClRRISTOVr N EAST WALTERS 3 MT Scholar Bowl The East High Scholar Bowl team hosted the 1983 Scholar Bowl tourna- ment at the Talley-Ward Building. Several teams were invited to participate including Greeneville, Rutledge West and Cooke County, whose team took top honors. Our team was a young team, all their team members being sophomores except for the two alternates, who were seniors. The 1984 Scholar Bowl team began in January for a successful year. 1. THE 1983 SCHOLAR BOWL TEAM - Sam O'deII, Bill Whetsel, Steve Jenkins, and John Foster. 2. Alternates: Jimmy Inman and Laura Burton. 3. The 1983 Scholar Bowl team awaits a bonus question from the moderator. git 6 147 5 ss' e SN gt Q: any 3 i it . 1 ' e E 5 Q Y i ' Lvnsrrekteievei e A A i i i e i Joeegniinoonieuezeeiffi e e In ten years from now, I plan on being married to Robert Garrett Ten years from now,fi hope to be living in Florida. lid like to and raising a family and plan on having a degree in elementary pg be married with 2 children, own a beachhouse, andodo nothing education and someday hope to teacnf g ibesrdesyorkingl but enrimtand fish. g grgggg 5 , e li r t t YOLANDAQTREECE tiitii i r reiiet r teee , or eteet ' f r ' ' -iri t l10Woil1?3Qil?iiiQiohaV6 QIQQQQD eettl he f'e'de0f1MQ'?1'?Ql?i D glg1enoyearsfEOfDreoiiQnfdl woiild P9rformiP?IQjQI1 Broadwayw Techn r o as an ac ressy can a singer. yt at time in myoiiie, I hope to ban C a h in 1 r h rr I I I n on b .n redtwithgk have iust begun to accomplish my life's ambition. i i i possigyiwo ctmrgn eacprQ?'i asa pa i ' e' g mar' ioii i 148 Features i .reternorrmanii 1 ll - exchange Silieberga Sweden, Peterfs schcol was much different tromrEast .HighQ The p A Swedlstt,lllrechotjitlstfuses a systernlcalledirctationg'lthisrrttieanslithe students have a different schedule each day. According to Nor- man, this method is much better than ours because the students srayflinteteeteuif 'iii they 1cueiume'oii sviederl are Fiske' it ours, except they donot celebrate Thanksgiving. However, the music, clothing and fashionsrare the same, Peter thinks, the Atnerioatts1arelfeirtrernelylllkindggjandhellislrlgladll he'gctl't51visit the United States. 9 if g g gs FFA Sweetheart Dawn Free, a senior at Morristown East High School was chosen as the 1983-1984 Chapter Sweetheart for the Future Farmers of America. A panel of judges for the Smoky Mountain District of FFA chose Dawn as the Smoky Mountain Oueen. Miss Free has participated in many school, com- munity and church activities which were considered in her selection. Dawn represented the Smoky Mountain area in the East Tennessee Regional Contest February 22nd, Mark Fisher Award Bobby Young was awarded the Mark Fisher Memorial Award. The award is given to the golfer with the best attitude and most dedication. Talent played a big part in Bobby's award, he has proven his capability of being a winner all tour years of participation in golf. Congratulations Bobby for another successful year! Features 149 k 21 fr .5 f, migpb-,J , - - ' ' J' ', gun jj' .fgfi-, . f -J nf L 5 -4 Q,-J . . yy ' f . ' 'V -UH gl--4.5..5I,. , f V -14.5,-fr :A ,- ffm . K , , ,fy-, -If-,.1,f-+51 , ,K , , WA, f f, , ,. ,A ,kv , k ., H ofthe Amefifm by of f , 'Qfffgc-5-in ,f - V g , V - gigs: fiiwfx I F X58 Lk Q9 Y ...ZQ ,,,... A QZL .. is fl 2 ' g N ..L.. b K Sm Q if-ii K - .. A K, ..... ' T H .... . - J " k X + X-ig Ilissgwf QQ Xi. :ix F15 Q, " S: ,-:- - ' - :iiN' .- rf: WF af . A NLE 1 X 9 + ,,...:::.... A J. k Q . , -tg ttf C tcggtttt t filo its tt, is C N A, Rt ,, ,it M. T' buf, rf ' I - P' u vt, L Q, LTL, Q 5 ' ' ambush i It Organizations Hurricane The East High Band did it again this year! Under the direction of Mr. Tom Shupe, the Hurricane Band had a superb year, Hard work, dedica- tion, and pride were the driving forces behind their success. They com- peted in several competitions in Tennessee and surrounding states in- cluding the Volunteer Classic, the Dogwood Arts Festival, and the Western Carolina Band Festival. They received excellent ratings in many of the competitions. Aside from the countless half-time shows during football season, they held a Senior Concert and a Christmas Concert. t it L fl he RM? Q iiai iv ' T T ' ,L lla ' -...Z Z4 i ff L LL' T Qi , tcigig e Hn! ,ii W2 W '13, Band They also took part in all of the Morristown parades. The 1983- 1984 band consisted of 110 people whose talents ranged from the Fti- fle and Flag Corps to exceptional instrumentalists to Drum Major, Sharon Owen. The rifles and flags, which together form the East High Colorguard, cooperated to raise the band's overall ratings at their com- petitions. Viewers called their performances a work of art. Officers were Gary Sanders, Presidentg Holly Byrum, Vice-Presidentg Dawn Turner, Secretary: Angee Allen, Historian. 5. K. . 4. . T 1 t..,t,.,j.,.fQ it Wlul 1. Sharon Owen directs the band. 2. The 1983-1984 East High Band. 3. Robbie Spirko mar- ches in the Homecoming Parade. 4. Sandy Laico exhibits her talent. 5. The East High Band shows 'em how it's done. 6. Dennis Talley marks time. 7. John Mead gives it all he's got. 8. These percussion players form a unique part of the band. 9. Bill Whetzel leads the trombone players in a solo. Organizations 153 Hamhlen East Flag Corps A ,, , , aw Mt, mu, 'Va 'Vf' Wk 41 ' 9 4 Q -s: W ' 7 V' fvfM fffffQfHwm,, Q., I . 4 ' ' 1 .I , ,,- A , " , 4 ,fn ,E , i' f 'g ,wrt I int f K 4 ' E v ' fu f' iff-xy gm fm in qw, Wy. A 44, Q W , qt I, 9, F? rx as x Q N Q 1 I 1 L 3 at . f 4 I I ' , , m ,, , A sf. ,W V 1 'J ,AW , ' wr' 3 Nw 4 5 Morristown-Hamblen Easl Rifle Corps 1. Angee Allen leads the Rifle Corps. 2. Pyramid time. 3. The Rifle Corps caught in the act. 4. Thal's the way girls. 5. The 1983-1984 Rifle Corps. 6. Anne Atkins gives the crowd a big smile. 7. The Rifle Corps escorls the band onto the field. x . 2 . , 5,....L . . or .llr . 4' . A .. A 1 " A ,,p,. .T " . elif. 1 x A . ........ fb . ft wwf. ,..s...w--. Maw .W W.,-..,.. f., ,,,,,,,,,mv. M Y , .w-W '2- X 1 ...fql-v..--...W.....a.. M WW' X 3. .,,,.:: , vw. W 4,..,... .f,. Q. .p ...... .. QCA A p A af L V .4 ..o..,.e Wtwmwar tw. .MW .,V.a,W,..,,.. mn. uw, we ,. ., g'.+gi:fe'v-W-1-C+:-'rome-'ff rrrff -Nfew 'Y' 'K ea X P of gi ol Q V if 6 H QW , o H . .W . ' 1 M- .W .T 'L fr az, fe. A 7. V L., ,gr t ,. I3 A JA .. W , ,remoq -CMH .t . Q, ...wi-. '- M ga. 'wf I 4 A fr " M 'Aw ,M we W . ,fav- V. ,MN M . V JW. r. L 1. C 1 fy Q tl rig 53' "5 5" Q ss 'Fi iii -1 S 5 X lb .. 'A Organizations 155 'fig 156 Organizations g, ,L,, , ,L I M., A k ,, I :ve 4 .X K ! vigi 1 fp- X , O X K l I s - X 0 Q , x XX xxx Xsixisg I, . ,J 1. Section leaders. 2. Angee Allen shows off her talent. 3. Melinda Shelton receives a rose from the flag corps. 4. Mr. Tom Shupe enjoys the football game. 5. Sharon Owen, band director, enters onto the field. 6. The 1983-1984 Band officers. 7. The Band cheers on the football team. 8. The East High Band on its way to Main Street. Organizations 157 Anchor Club East High Anchor Club provided many services for the community and for the school. The Anchor Club brought many opportunities for its members to develop public-relations skills. The Anchor Club par- ticipated in Special Olympics both in the fall and in the spring. Two members each month went to help Mrs. Anna Frank Steadman at the Pilor Club dinners. Two annual projects were selling flowers on Valen- tine's Day and preparing Thanksgiving baskets for needy families. Once a month members spent time with the elderly and disabled at the Life Care Center. They took part in Teacher Appreciation by presenting each teacher with a red apple. Their main school project was carpeting the Guidance Offices. One extremely successful project was taking snacks to the Youth Emergency Shelter every Saturday. Many members of the Anchor Club worked in the office before school started in August, during exams, and in May after school was out. As another tradition, they had their annual Mother!Daughter Induction Ceremony. In September they had their Fall Luncheon which was attended by ap- proximately three hundred people. The Anchor Club rewarded its members for all the hard hours the girls put in by having a party at Ice Chalet. The club got a big catch when they received the National Safety Award which included a S350 mini-grant. Under the direction of Mrs. Ferne Strange and Mrs. Connie McGinnis, the fifty-member club had one of its best years yet. Officers were President, Karen Fosterg Vice- President, Connie Wilder, Secretary, Melinda Shelton, Treasurer, Etter Hurts, Senior Directors, Angee Allen, Kim Fowlerg Junior Directors, Krista Rose, Vickie Saylorg Sophomore Director, Emily Litz. 158 Organizations af!-Xxx M .wx A si ANGH OB . f 'Vs ,V l h I de fs a 6 ' 4 7 1. The 1983-1984 ofticers. 2. Mrs. Strange models her outfit in the Fashion Show. 3. Tommy shows the Anchor members how to get a strike. 4. Mrs. McGinnis, Mrs. Strange, and Mrs. Weesner take a break. 5. Anchor!Pilot Banquet. 6. the 1983-1984 Anchor Club. 7. The Homecoming poster. 8. Speical Olympics makes everyone thankful. 9. A little hard work never hurt anyone. 10. Everyone seems to be enjoying the tun. 'mn Organizations 159 w f r lnteraet The 60-member interact Club boasted a full agenda of events this year. Led by President, John Ouilleng Vice-President, Tim Elliot, Secretary, Mary Ann Balesg and Treasurer, Dawn Bentley, the club served the community in many ways. Their service projects included the distribution of Central Services Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, taking calls for the March of Dimes Radio Day, helping a needy family, helping in the "Run for the Rose" and the "Run for Y.E.S.", assisting in the Mountain Making Festival, aiding the children at the Special Olympics, and donating toys for tots. Their annual events included the Interact Convention in Gatlinburg, the Fashion Show, the March of Dimes, Special Olympics, Rotary Ladies Night, the Formal ln- duction Ceremony, Teacher Appreciation Day, and American Education Week. They helped organize a new Interact Club at Jefferson County High School. They also participated in the Interact-Key Club Volleyball game. Randy Carlew, Vic Trobaugh, Jim Grigsby, and Steve Hurd represented the Rotary Club and David Vaughan was the faculty spon- sor. The lnteract Club was clearly a representation of the Rotary Inter- national motto, "Service above Self." ' 6 Nmm 162 Organizations 1. Connie Seals models for the Fashion Show. 2. John Ouillen, Danny Prince, and Mike Kelley take a break from the convention. 3. Rachel Acuff won 3rd place in the Talent Contest. 4. The 1983 Convention crowd. 5. The 1983-1984 Interact Club. 6. Honorary Exchange member, Peter Norrman. 7. The Interact rummage sale. 8. the 1983-1984 officers. Art Club The East High Art Club found fellowship in extracurricular art ac- tivities. Student artists in the 17-member Art Club were sponsored by Mrs. Marshelle Gilbert. These students met twice a month in the art room. They visited several local art exhibits at Rose Center and Walters State Community College. The Art Club Newsletter profiled an "Artist of the Month." The officers were Joe Buttry, Presidentg Connie Craig, Vice-Presidentg Tammy Tiller, Secretaryg and Amy Hoskins, Treasurer. W f , 5:4 it 1 . , ' . i T 1 4 V..... l 3 1. The 1983-1984 officers. 2. The 1983-1984 Art Club. 3. The Art Club displays Hur- ricane spirit in the Homecoming poster contest. Organizations 165 Pep Club The Pep Club led by Mrs, Rosanna Shannon enjoyed yet another fun-filled year. The club met on Thursday afternoon as needed. During football season, the club formed a spirit line to cheer on the football tearn. They had several parties for the football and basketball players. They had a fashion show in the spring to raise money and to present the new fashions to the audience. 166 an-an l1iQ annie :humans IQ1 -iS 'il 'un '95 ' 17.51 im , '4n,,,,u-'ff 1 Pub 1 ished mouth Hurricane Room 304, a common hive of excitement, housed the 32 staff members of the Hurricane Staff. These members, with the help of Mrs. Elise Oakes and Co-editors, Kelly Creech and Ronnie Smith, provided the student body an informative publication of new school policies, up-to-date sports coverage, activity agendas, club news, and mind- boggling trivia. The Hurricane, was published monthly, therefore the staff was able to assure the students of knowing the school news. Almost all the staff members went to the Newspaper Workshop in Nashville this spring. The purpose of this workshop was to improve the previously developed skills. The Hurricane was also judged at this workshop on the basis of merit. The diligence of the staff resulted in a newspaper that the student body was proud to call their own, and that took top honors among those in 400 other high schools. . .-. -.-,,-. ,...-. H5 ,.,, .. . ,. .. ...- The HURRICANE l "" . Tennessee iigggggf 5 r-new scriooi. :mess 1 ,,f3-.33 if if Association , 3354? 'llfgffiif ' ..-- - mi-j ly byastaff oi students and advisor, The Hi5kR1'CANE is A self-sur porting newspaper serving the students and faculty of Ziorriatcnm--Hamblen' High School East. The staff urges contrihurgions irnmsuwezgts and teachersg obsceni- ties and items detrimental to the szhool will not be published. Advisor. . . .... . Co-Editors: Kelly Creech and Ronnie Smith ' Business Managers: Pam Sutton and Kim Moore ........Hrs. Elise: Oakes Sperm Ed1.tcr............Hary Ann Sales News Editor........,.. ..... John Q-Allen Emercainmeat B-:ii:cr.........Kim Fowler Organizations Editor. ..... Sharon Hurley Photograrhar. . . I . . . . . . . Bri an Stephenson Features Edinor............Dar1a Brooks Artist.........Q.........Deborah Aarons News Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Janet Hence, Steven Jenkins and Sonya Lawson Features Staff. Sports Staff. . . .. . ... .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . .Andrea Carey, Sancfy Laico and Lisa Vaughn . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .Brian Fczgusrm, Rover: Garrett and Danny Prince Reporters ...... .... Al isa Brandenbuzg, Stacy Creech, Caroleigh Heaton, Susanne .- Hubba, Emily Linz, Chanars Spanner, Penny Taylor, Winnie iieesner. Kim Winn and Lisa Wolford. Ad-Designer ....... ........... - ...................................... Am y Large Coaneanondanez .... . .... 405 South larch Sxnaet Hoaniatawn, TannaAAee 378!4 TOEC ll TOEC ll continued club participation for the second year students in VOE. Goals were to further develop the qualities of leadershipg to make wiser occupational choices, to develop cooperative 'attitudesg to develop an understanding and appreciation for citrzenshipg to en- courage superior achievement through motivation activities. They held two meetings a month, a business meeting and a program meeting, which provided time for club business and special guest speakers. Services provided by TOEC ll were operating the Xerox Co- pying Service for the faculty and administration and observing Teacher Appreciation Day during American Education Week. They at- tended the Regional TOEC Competition and the State TOEC Leader- ship Conference and Competition in Nashville. Special projects were the Homecoming Parade float, a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family and a donation to the Foster Children's Project at the Human Services Department. ' M , 1 ? W. . . ., ,M 168 Organizations Members held a Slave Day for teachers in January and a party for the children at the Lincoln Learning Center in February. They visited the Life Care Center in April. Field trips were to East Tennessee Travel Agency, Computer center of Berkline' Corporation, Bank of Com- merce, and Morristown School of Business to see how modern technology was being put to use. Mrs. Jane McKinIey's advised the girls through a very successful year. Officers were President, Kathy Robertsg Vice-President, Kim Spoong Secretary, Janet Hanceg Treasurer, Felicia Greeneg Assistant Treasurer, Gwen Brooksg Reporter, Pam Miller, Historian, Rhonda Toby, Parliamentarian, Jackie Shiflet, installed at a joint Installation Dinner with TOEC I at Western Steer on December 5, 1983. Several of the fourteen members com- bine classwork and office jobs attending class one day a week and leaving the other four days at noon. , Sag fi A V J 4. Lori Barr presents Mrs. Jane McKinley roses at the installation dinner 1. The 1983-1984 TOEC officers. 2. Angie Brady and Janet Hance prepare the Thanksgiving basket. 3. The 1983-1984 TOEC ll Students TOEC I r Tennessee Office Education Club, Chapter I, a club for all VCE l students, developed qualities of leadership. It encouraged desirable personal attributes such as dependability, versatility, responsibility, initiative and fostered cooperative attitudes. ltslgoalwas superior achievement through motivation. They met twice at month during class to discuss club business and to have special speakers. For some of their program meetings, they had speakers from the Profes- sional Secretaries, lnternationalg Tennessee Department, of Employ- ment Securityg Morristown School of Business, and the Morristown Police Department to discuss occupational subjects and problems teenagers face today. The 21-members of the club, advised by Mrs. Jane McKinley, participated in Teacher Appreciation Dayiduring American Education Week by bringing snacks for the teachersand administration. 'They competed in the Regional TOEC Competition and attended the State TOEC Leadership Conference and Competition in Nashville. For our community, they gave their time and help to the Foster Children's Christmas Project of the Department of Human Services and had ia party for the handicapped children at Lincoln Learning Center. They collected clothing tor Central Charities to distribute to needy families. To provide a chance for others to view the office education machinery, they held an Open House during Vocational Week in February. Officers were President, Regina King, Vice- President, Lisa' Haung Secretary, Renee McGill, Treasurer, Diana Self, Reporter, Mary Catherine Scottg Historian, Connie Seals, and Parliamentarian, Pam Drinnon. These ofiicerswere installed at the an- nual TOEC installation Dinner in December. . 1... T .M 1. TOEC I lixes goodies tor the teachers. 2. The 1983-1984 TOEC I ot- ticers. 3. Trlshia Ellis and Regina King are getting ready to hand out the fundraising candles. 4. The 1983-1984 TOEC l students. -luv- Organizations 169 Choir The Concert Choir's concentrated rehearsals demanded the best of its members. Their director, Randolph Adams, combined respect, and mental discipline, and honesty to the composer. The 53-member organization mel every school day aside from called sectional meetings and rehearsals. The quality ofthe organization was controlled by the quality of its leaders. The officers ot the Choir were: Angee Allen, President, Yolanda Treece, Vice-President, Karen Foster, Secretary, Sharon Owen, Treasurer. Public relations were handled by John Foster and Ronnie Smith. The Chamber singers, an elite ensem- ble, was a mixture of both East and West Choral students. Fifteen members were from the East Choir. Students were also given the privilege of auditioning for the All-East Tennessee Chorus. Those scor- ing very high were chosen forthe All-State Chorus. The Choir perform- ed for many local clubs, organizations, and churches. l l 170 Organizations 'ti 1 1. The 19834984 officers. 2. Mr. Adams instructs his class.. 3. Rachel Acuft accom- panies the Chamber Singers. 4. The Morristown-Hamblen East High School Choir. 5. The Choir class takes a little break. 6. All-State Choir members. 7. All-East Choir members. 's 2 .5 " .51 - in 5 ,K , 'V S' -fs .' ,S , , 5 Qs- a - Q Q, xi, n 'V 5 RQ F in he .A .1 tw . 5 ggls E Mr 1 lg ji 3 Q ltakha The ltakha Staff took pride in presenting to the student body an ac- curate and unique look at the 1983 and 1984 events at East High School. ltakha's main purpose was to plan and publish a yearbook for the student body and faculty of Morristown-Hamblen East. This year's staff consisted ot 19 members. The staff was led by Mrs. Barbara S. Robinson. Editor was Donnie Smith. Special editors were Sports Editor, Kevin Wells, Club Editor, Etter Hurst, Features and Honors Editor, Karen Foster, and Business Manager, Debbie Roegner. Working on the 1984 ltakha was an experience none of us would have missed. Staff members at large were Janet Neal, Clay Robertson, Mark Holbert, Angie Laws, Ellen Thompson, John Mead, Lori Watson, Traci Jefferson, Rachel Aculf, Connie Wilder, and Joseph Rodriguez. Organizations 173 AIASA The American Industrial Arts Student Association was organized last year to promote appreciation of the methods ot manufacturing and to learn the technology used by industires. Under the leader- ship ot Mr. Leo S. Robinson, the club grew to ap- proximately one hundred and twenty-five members, who composed five chapters, one for each class period. AIASA participated in a workshop at the University of Tennessee on ETEA Day. They took tours ot Rockwell International as well as other local industries. They also visited the U. T. School of Ar- chitecture. During their meetings they had guest speakers on careers, and they held an annual Hpig out" at Mr. Gaddi's. AIASA gave a scholarship to an East High Senior, who will be entering a college of engineering, architecture, or technology to study in an engineering or industry-related field. IQ V as U3 tw 174 Organizations 1 VICA The purpose of the Vocational lndustrial Clubs of America was to prepare for leader- ship in the world of work and career growth. The club of 41 members was sponsored by Mrs. Irene C. Fain and met monthly in the Cosmetology department for business and social meetings. The club's officers were President, Dawn Free, Vice-President, Yvette Keller, Secretary, Elisa Fields, Treasurer, Beverly Arterburn, Reporter, Jamie Noe, Stu- dent Club Advisor, Cathie Rader, Parliamentarian, Lisha McCoy, installation Chairman, Wendy Pratt, and Historian, Sherry Garrett. They participated in the ETVOC meeting in Johnson City, Leadership Conference in Bristol, Regional Competition for officers for opening and closing ceremonies also in Johnson City, and State Convention in Nashville. Supporting the Special Olympics, providing fruit for the residents of the Life Care Center and collecting toys for tots were the service projects ofthe club. .............-I 176 Organizations 1. Beverly Arterburn is inducted as Treasurer. 2. The VICA ll officers. 3. VICA Club donates toys for tots. 4. Dawn Free, president, gives a check to Central Services for Tots for Toys. 5. The 1983-1984 VICA ll Club. 6. VICA displays Homecoming spirit. 7. The 1983-1984 ln- stallation Dinner. 8. VICA gives truit to the Life Care Center. 9. The 1983-1984 VICA l Club. 10. The 1983- 1984 VICA l officers. sAvs V INRRIC 1 . A I UN TH REE , ,A f-Q , ,zz H YQ v 3' f R MWQM L A qv,-gf' H M' 'T' H Q gif, X-f if 5 2 fi g, 11 iw x Q ? -1? Q r .. G 0 I 1 I 4 5 ,x "zzz M N I SEQ 5155 1 I if I M .3 l . . S ' .ggiw ig E Y V I K 35535 gfffiff ' Szafhffef H515 E jj 9 fs! fl ' N m ga : 8 A L. 2 1 O I, Organizations 177 ! Library Library Club provided service to the Library Staff and performed varied services inside the library. Their major project was to stay one afternoon a month to clean up the library. The twenty-five-member club participated in American Education Week, Teacher Appreciation Day and Homecoming activities. They won first place in the poster contest during Homecoming week. They gave food to the Humane Society for the animals. In December, they had a combined Pizza!Christmas party and gave their advisor, Mrs. Sally Bennett, a baby shower in December. They planned a trip for spring. Under the guidance of Mrs. Connie McGinnis, Mrs. Sally Bennett, and Mrs. Azalee Malone, the Library Club had a very active year. Officers were President, Mark Holbertg Vice-President, Karen Foster, Secretary, Etter Hurst, Treasurer, John Foster. 178 Organizations x . .. ..,.ssW,..w3 QYZQ QQSS S it . . C if t if le2 , S.. , 5155- mem . , . . . ,,-RYQ Science Cluh David Vaughan sponsored the 43-member Science Club. The club involved more students in the fun and excitement of science through their personal projects. The Science Club, led by Sherry Stephens, President, John Foster, Vice-President, and Sandy Laico, Secretary, Treasurer, held business meetings monthly in Room 308. Several students were interested in this club, a fact which increased its membership by 5O'Kl. The club planned a spring hiking trip to the Smokey Mountains. They also took a trip to Bays Mountain Nature Preserve and Planetarium. .,..,..... kr -1 ,,,.. "' 3 180 Organizations 1. The Science Club. 2. Homecoming poster. 3. Load 'em up for the trip home. 4. The hike down the mountain. 5. CLUB OFFICERS - Secretary, Sandy Laicog Vice-President, John Foster, President, Sherry Stephens. Latin Junior Classical League, better known as the Latin Club, increased its membership to 50. They met in Coach Cranford's room once a month. Their purpose was to study Roman culture and the Latin language. Officers this year were President, Angie Haleg Vice-President, Terry Wells, Secretary, Rachel Noe, and Treasurer, Vickie Saylor. Their activities for the 1983-1984 school year in- cluded the International Dinner and the Homecoming Parade. Some of their service projects were helping organize the Red Cross Bloodmobile, taking Halloween candy to YES, taking an ad, along with the Beta Club, to show appreciation lor the teachers. ss Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA says "To present to athletes, coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowships of the church," was the purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Mr. Mike Mills, Mr. Larry Wallace, and Mr. John Cranford were the faculty advisors of the fifty-member club, active for the first year in recent memory. The club officers were Anthony Webb, President, Betty McDonald, Vice-President, Jennifer Green, Secretary, Anarea Carey, Senior Representative, Tracy Mullins, Junior Representative, Cindy Hartman, Sophomore Representative, John Walker, Freshman Representative. The club held program, devotional, and business meetings every Thursday morning and once a month at night at the First United Methodist Church. They participated in Homecoming, American Education Week, and Teacher Appreciation Day. They distributed Christmas Baskets and Toys for Tots. The club planned a picnic and a hayride. They also went Christmas Caroling. Membership was not limited to athletes, any Christian student was invited to join in the activities. 182 Organizations 1. FCA members show oft their Homecoming poster. 2. The 1983-1984 Fellowship of Chris tian Athletes. 3. The 1983-1984 officers. X French Biltmore House and Gardens awaited the 16 members of the French Club. They went to Biltmore House for their spring trip. The French Club officers were President, Jodie Husseyg Vice-President, Wendy Ganttg Secretary, Angie Carsong Treasurer, Amy Large. Their faculty advisor was Mrs. Ferne Strange, the French teacher. They held bi- monthly business and program meetings in Room 303. They participated in the interna- tional Dinner. 1. The 1983-1984 French Club officers. 2. The 1983-1984 French Club. 3. Mrs. Ferne Strange teaches the students to speak French. 4. The class learns their French lesson for today. Organizations 183 The German Club's main purpose was to pro- mote interest in the German language and culture. Miss Cynthia Trobaugh and Mrs. Joan Conkin led the seventy-member club in a very successful year. In October, they went on a pic- nic so everyone could get to know one another. They went to Ober Gatlinburg in December. The group traveled in the spring to Helen, Georgia. President, Vanessa Vanover, and other officers Freda Cupp, Vice-President, Sandy Brown, Secretary, Pam Martin, Treasurer helped the re- maining members ol the German Club to make this one of their best years yet. Slfflgraify 1. The Gemtan Club sponsor, Miss Cynthia Trobaugh. 2. The German Club displays their "das Beste" shins. 3. The 1983-1984 officers. 4. The 1983-1984 German Club. 184 Organizations 'YHSIWLWY Am Y- IIP Nl l ., is 5 . , , 5, i X53 Ns Q ik 5 gg 'ff wg, 5 X Q x P L Student Council The East High Student Council planned the different contests and activities during Homecoming Week. They traveled to Knoxville for a student govern- ment workshop which enabled these students to learn new skills for leader- ship. Chosen by their peers, the council provided a fun-filled and entertaining school year. Mr. Murrell Weesner led the student council in planning a very busy schedule of events for the student body. 1. Mr. Murrell Weesner. 2. The 1983-1984 Student Council. 3. Stu- dent Council officers. 4. The Freshman Student Council members. Organizations 187 NJHUTC Approximately 100 students were members of the Naval Junior ROTC, studying under the guidance of Captain David W. Dellinger and Lieutenant Commander John H. Deaton. Their of- ficers were Cadet Company Commander, Lynn Stanley and Cadet Executive Officer, Dennis Stanifer. A highlight of the year was the annual inspection by the NJROTC area manager. ln Oc- tober, they attended the ROTC field day at Carson-Newman College. The Color Guard received a first place award inthe Veteran's Day Parade. ln November, the cadets took a trip to Washington D.C. They had the privilege of meeting Congressman Jim Cooper and Senator Howard Baker. his . ii xxx S n 'Y ' .bf 1. The third platoon. 2. The fourth platoon. 3. Cadets waiting for Senator Howard Baker on the steps of the Capitol. 4. The NJROTC officers. 5. The NJROTC drill team competing at Carson-Newman Field Day. 6. Congressman .lim Cooper and Angie Dalton. 7. The lug of war at the Carson-Newman Field Day. 8. Congressman Jim Cooper and the cadets on the steps of the Capitol. 188 Organizations "U ai in 4 1 1 1 s M ERS Q 3 '1?"- m : nqg NATIONAL STUDYING VOCATIONAL oncANizArioN ron aovs AGWCUUURE The Future Farmers of America helped develop leadership, citizen- ship, and cooperation between the students. Some of the events in which the club took part included Public Speaking, State Convention, and Forestry Camps. FFA contributed its services to the community by providing a safety program. These future farmers attended several iudged competitions such as Livestock, Dairy, and Soil Judging. Mr. Marvin Henegar and Mr. Ray Henegar helped the group live up to their motto, "Learning to do, and doing to learn." 190 Organizations 1 HOSA U t Hmrii Uccumrimis Sruufms nf Aireiziizzi 1. The afternoon HOSA class officers. 2. The afternoon HOSA class. 3. The morning HOSA class. 4. Lisa Long and Leanne Davis practice taking blood pressure. 5. The morn- ing HOSA class officers. 192 Organizations The Health Occupations Students of America fostered programs and activities which developed physical, mental, and social well-being of the individual. The club met bi-monthly to hold business and program meetings. They met in a classroom at the State Area Vocational Technical School under the direction of Mrs. Linda Eisenhour, R.N. The HOSA Club, which consisted of both East and West High Students, contained 41 members. The HOSA I club was led by President, Nicky Thorne, Vice- President, Loretta Smith, Secretary, Sue Ellen Hall, Treasurer, Cindy Martin, Reporter, Tracie Helton, Historian, Brenda Cook, Sentinel, Melissa Bootie, and Parliamentarian, Lisa Horner. The HOSA ll club was led by President, Deanne Allred, Vice-President, Roberta McDaniel, Secretary, Leanne Davis, Treasurer, Darlene Harmon, Reporter, Kathy Antrican, Sentinel, Lisa Long, and Parliamentarian, Shelly Delph. Their annual events included the ln- stallation Ceremony, Thanksgiving basket, presenting children at YES with presents, and taking Valentines to the Life Care Center. The clubs planned to take a tour of the hospitals, to attend the Health Fair at Walters State, to attend the Regional Competition for HOSA, and to take a trip to Silver Dollar City. . X HEAUH Urzcurarmns Srumus ,, Airfreicw ITAKHA SYSTEM WHITE PAGES ' REAL ESTATE Ano Auction co. "Our Service Doesn't Cost . . . It Pays" John T. Bible and Bill "Skeet" Jones 133 North Henry Street 587-3380 HALE BROTHERS WESTERN SIZZLIN C0mP'imen'S0f PORTRUM CLEANERS A 2 Locations 2428 East A.J. Hwy. . 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Holt, Owner Ads 217 WAZI FM 96 Stereo With the Music You Want and the Information You Need Hamblen County's Only FM Stereo Lakeway Area's Top Sports Voice WHITE STORES wl-ll1'lwAY L Open Weekdays From 9 a.m. Until 9 p.m. - Op S dy- 12 7p QEEHESLE SPEED 81 CUSTOM PARTS ChUI'Ch Road Morristown Phone M URPHY'S ELECTROL YSIS CLINIC PERMANENT REMOVAL OF UNWANTED HAIR MEDICALLY APPROVED METHOD SARAH MURPHY CURIO CABINET Collectors Items, Exquisite Gifts, and Gourmet Kitchenware Plaza Shopping Center Phone C6155 587-1678 ELECTROLOGIST saH5e:.Hs: QZQEIIHZQIECOI PHONE 581-7536 MoRR1sTowN, TN 378111 ' ' 1105 S Cumberland St Bus, Phone 16151 561 1010 IVI Tenn. 37614 Home Phone 16151 566 64-414 VL? ,i V:-1 O P A LEONARD'S oFFlcE ' V0 fa - W-, To -, EQUIPMENT 1 mis P lg- -L-J "Everything for the Office." . :L '29 Qecvzge fnfiwzance rqgencq E "COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE" " IF I W f' 1 A -aff-fees f ermessca Ps R P :fs q R . ,.. 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I E qL5,sLrwvxsLJ:i TLSB GL"'SLg 'li I 'U Ps,-Ls-Jae!! ..9wo,N..1 6-. nvlgsx. 0-v-S-fYYNffVX9-"U Qyfnqlsg -LWALLJJ -A xig ,Q....,Lu-v-Nu.a- 1 ,M 'drug I-kg.:-Q-N.x.1 Q-5F 5,Q3f " QQS" POM , iffy The 1 eplace sae-:sea lace MORRISTOWN, TN. 37814 west A.J, Hwy. Alpha CAcroSS from Inglesl 220 Ad WESTSIDE CHAPEL FUNERAL HOME Serving the Area With Dignity and Pride W. Andrew Johnson Hwy. 586-1160 J. B. Gulley James Gulley Paul Quarles Steve Bales Harry Haun Ronald Seals Compliments of SHAMROCK SCALE CC. Imag cj 1 BOUTIQUE v 4 .J l "For the Total Fashion Look" ragyilll R DESIGN FOR MEN li WOMEN ,4ulbALduJunC'4u- oral vuuuv-urunuv My W' 'f ' ...Z'3'l'I.?,"'........,. 581-2820 vownrssn Twin CAPRI 'foun . I EAST TENNESSEE DIAMOND co. 400 West Main Street - 587-2426 188 West Main Street - 587-6893 Virgil L. Harville, Proprietor Morristown, Tennessee 37814 LAKEWAY CHIRCPRACTIC CLINIC N? -P -- T"- 1 H ' E t5e"J E? 1? .A is I 1 I4 V I 4 . I I 1 I Dr. K. D. Brooks 1751 W. Morris Blvd. Morristown, TN 587-3300 - Hours - 9:00 AM-6:00 PM Mon.-Fri. 9:00 AM-12:00 AM - Thurs. Ad 221 Complimenrsof Compliments of PIZZA INN ,A , 3 BRQS. PHARMACY S greaf American u :ii c Sfore Always First With Latest Releases, LP's, Cassettes, and 45's - YCI SHOULD IIIAI WIIAT YCYII liSSiIG I Blank Tapes, Records, Tape-Care Accessories. Needles, T-Shirts, and Much, Much More lf Yo e Music, Y0u'II Love "THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC STORE" Morristown's Number One Store for Records and Tapes Phone: 581-0189 1 ATHLETIC POSTEFHCALENDARS C MPA Y INC G9 222 Ads i R S Compliments of 1 I X x r , THOMHS ROBINSON architect 917 Q lg' East First North Q615Q 586-8544 rg- MURREL'S AUTO SALES P 625 South Cumberland ' ' Morristown, TN 37814 615-581-4911 MORRISTOWN Best Deal in Town PHARMACY Owners: - Low Competitive Prescription Prices - Free Delivery - Family Health Record System - Free Blood Pressure Screening "We will special-order or fine anything for youu We Lower,Your Cost of Living Radio Center Murrel lsom and Charles Watson " THE PROFESSIONALS" Featuring Fresh Salad Bar - 57 Items Hot Breakfast Bar - 36 Items 1336 West AJ Highway Stublnlefielcl Funeral Home Licensed Embalmers 5' Directors Fred and Frances Stubblefield 1003 East Main Morristown, Tenn. 37814 16151 586-261 1 224 Ad RON HITE "WHER HAND" 2106 WEST ANDREW JOHNSON HIGHWAY C6155 586-6021 E GOOD DEALS AND GOOD SERVICE GO HAND IN MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE 37814 I7 SLI Camaro Sport Coupe 1-X M, e,M- Efgicw' EQ 1 GM Keep 'rncnsrecn GM Feeling sz. "lg 'I . ,Q L.- I avuf i :Q with Genuine GM Pans. 1.-L agogif'-Ig, ananuualoasmmsuvmaa I 27'-'rNI Ads 225 Creative F-Yomln , Q- , 5 Custom Picture Framing , Limited Editions---Decorator Prints Sv p-Q- Box 385 Dandridge, TN 37725 4 PhOI'l9 1615, 397-7856 DBA Farmer HTG. 81 AIC T , X N '14fAff,if,0sQ2022fQgge20'5SLfive' 128 East Morris Blvd. - P.o. Box 1355 451515856787 4 Morristown - 586-8430 I E open' MnnFn10',6'iH0e,2 E Electrical Contractors, Relrigerations Efsgngyyaefg fggelejetgzlwijvgeueeement preserves 't fe' a "femme - Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors LAWSON'S OPTICAL We Are Looking Out for Your Vision Prescriptions Filled - Tinted Lens Repairs - Fashion Eyewear Crescent Shopping Center 58 1 -7 170 226 Ads A Post Office Box 428 - Morristown, Tennessee 37814-0428 - Phone 16151 586-0441 lah Aw 7 Gnrvnzh, M lynn. .ylfnl ,yau .nlnaff ln Mundy, 01 nv. lltupia Nest Stylists: Teresa Ball Mike Jones Glenda Harding, Manager Jim Davis, Proprietor WINTER-SEAL PRODUCTS 586-5853 P.0. 232 Russellville Manufacturers of Storm Windows And Doors Colors: Aluminum, White, and Bronze TVA Approved Also: Aluminum Awnings, Patio Covers, And Carports S! 3' E his-vi Ads 227 he Slqnerg West-Morr Shopping Center W. Andrew Johnson Hwy. Talbott, Tennessee 37877 Terri Newcomb Phone Pete Newcomb 587-2420 FREE SERVICE TIRE CO. 1901 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy. Morristown, Tenn. 37814 GO0Dj?YEAR Independent Dealer Compliments of TIDI WASTE SYSTEMS 1hnScHngFhxs- 228 Ad N..,,,,,..-s--- VINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF HAMBLEN couNTY, INC. 435 West First North St. 581-6210 0 5060 dx 0 ' o 5 A Q br., L D vs Qvxq Vit RACQUET SPDRTS COMPLEX NATIONWIDE AUTO SALES 3407 West Andrew Johnson Hwy. Morristown, Tennessee Phon 587 2750 WhateverY N d ComeS U F t ZALES T116 Di21IHOI1d St0I'B NE 615f586-B550 TOWN PLAZA TOWN, TN 37814 . dlmg Mambaws Boulbqme, West Andrew Johnson Highway Route 3, Box 155 Talbott, Te 37877 P-it 93 C3CS6y'S Ilbf' C 11, dinner? I ll ' "Id fave to ANDREW JOHNSQN HWY "1--S CLDTHES CLOSET For current, quality fashions from the leading designers of junior and young missy apparel look behind our "closet" door. cLoTHEs cLosET West-Morr Center Talbott 587-6390 Convenient Layaway - Gift Wrapping - Master ChargelVisa 232 Ad PERFECT VISION INC. 16151587-5591 1615, 587-5590 g ZfZ..'2.!E'.?JF WAGON ' . , 59'W'3' Center E. L. Penick P.O. Box 3190 139 W. Morris Blvd Morristown TN 37814 Insurance? Think Strate N 'gn 'C3 vig? 52 t. .. 45.4 A in 4- . Inf. EL, 5? xq.L V . ih.f -. ::' 1.wH! JACK STRATE AGENCY I NSRAQ Olilllhilf. 'I'ZN.TR 37Ul ?REELS DRUG Evans, Inc. WHERE CouNTs use wEsT MAIN STREET MDRRISTOWN, TENN' Ad 233 Telephone 581-8700, A.C. 615 o OF MORRISTOWN 3230 West Andrew Johnson Hwy. Morristown, Tennessee 37814 llaysurgery Humana Hospital Morristown is doing something about rising health care costs: f In addition to saving the room and board charge associated with an overnight-hospital stay, DaySurgery patients also benefit from a significant discount of their total hospital bill. Emergency Department Acuity Pricing Over one-half of all emergency department cases are what might be called "lesser emergencies." A fever, bump or bruise may be pain- ful and uncomfortable, but is not life threatening and does not usually require complex treatment. Humana Hospital Morristown has ad- justed emergency department charges and scaled them to the level of treatment provided. 'Humana 726 McFarland Street 586-2302 Morristown, TN 37814 DENTON'S HALLMARK SHOP uv i 'il CMM. "When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best" Complete Line ot Hallmark Products and Wedding Supplies 234 Ads UB-DEBS socmi. ci.uB First Row, Left to Right: Dawn Turner, Jamie Tunnell, Angee Allen, Ellen Thompson, Mary Ann Bales. Second Row, Left to Right: Kim Moore, Andrea Cobb, Jana Surber, Martha Moyers, Angie Laws, Becky Walker. Ad 235 Compliments of Your School Photographer HAP MINHINNETT PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. 1313 Broadway, NE Knoxville, TN 37917 Phone: 525-5154 Axson C. Minhinnett - Sales Representative 2 1 I i E 3 3 e Q Z Z. E I WALLACE HARDWARE UA. casa, 00,5 am. Gifts, Decorative Accessories, Floral Arrangements 177 W. Main Street Tel. it 16151586-8425 Morristown, Tennessee 37814 ,Z ff! ,.-o I"' X . W1 I lfX Seniors! Congratulations ,J ,7,, Q, e Qu :EJ 77 U f , W ,if WC ri' ' if f I ' ZS f DR. W. D. JAYNES DR. MARK A. JAYNES OPTOMETRISTS 1025 West First North Street Morristown, TN Phone: 586-4311 SPECIALIZING IN CONTACT LENS AND CHILDREN'S VISION Ads 237 E we. Qi Cf , i ' 'fiffi 'Q ,,.,., qi xy Tff Tim Clonce Owner - Designer .f-'-N1--,fix ii ruth --- I er90 to Q RISTAURANT -r. The one place where you can get fix all the good food you want. 3 Buncens ' CHICKEN .75 ,fa Q -1 msn fkczoxhes ynlernallbnaf BREAKFAST DINE IN ' DFIIVE THRU ' CARRY OUT CATERING 423 South Cumberland St. Flfsllltlllljllgllll T Morristown, TN 37814 Home Business 5874244 5874820 Mon.-Thurs. 6 A.M.-11 P.M. 3211 E. Fri.-Sat. 6 A.M.-12 A.M. Andrew Sun. 8 A.M.-11 P.M. Johnson Hwy. ALPHA OUTDOOR POWER EQUIP. INC. West A-J Highway at Alpha School Telephone: 1-615-581-4321 202 Morris Blvd. Commercial and Industrial Mowers Morristown Ads 239 ADRIAN HALE PEST CONTROL Residential - Commercial - s Industrial Complete Termite and Pest Control I - Prompt FHA, VA and - FMHA Reports - Moisture Control -, ' - Bird Control I ' - Odor Control Y " 4 lj - Fumigating Licensed - Bonded - Insured Phone 581-3828, or 586-8929 Box 350-A, St. Paul Road Morristown, TN 37814 I L 5 ll .Nw M QQ ADRIAN HALE AND A SSDCIATES p SATELLITE RECEPTION EQUQPAUENT 581-3829 I ' ' 581-4874 586-8849 Jeff. co. 674-0596 A , - sneedvine 733-4281 QQ 10 FM W Fiberglass Dish ' x X X ., Kit Form Installation Not Included Z7 But Available 'W Q A, E Mg Call for a Demonstration Tig ' I T 9 This is a Top of the Line Unit j X iff f Motorized Tracking Included ' I 4? " tu 240 Ads GURSAGES GREEN PLANTS Y f 3 EXOTIC CUT FLOWERS E N FLURIST 8L GREENHOUSES INC 40 We Treat You Right at DAIRY QUEEN 1983 Top Ad Salesman Mark Holbert DR. PAUL V. MUSCARI 910 West First North Street Morristown, Tennessee 587-2660 242 AdS 1 f ,W L fgw J,,,f4,:- flu 'fi ,. 1 1, f , f- , 'H -' 514- s' f 1 f V: 0 .:Y-' V Nw g ' 'A,L HJ- ,LYWV I V i'L,, ,,,, -ww f 5 M V, f 'gf ,MV :' . X3 5 ' ' 1 , H H 1 , " 2 ff ZZ' e ,1 as , nz 1 4 -J 1 2 5 1 -,Q i W W , M. , ,W yafffji I v..,,.,f-'J 5 f . ,: . ' ' gf 5 Z 5 -3. ij f 'G 5 Y ,, g L f ,E 7 , 4 Q ,e E Af Z v bf W..-ww ' f 4 ,,, ,,, A . ' , 1 ,.f, gf! if I 1 A ,,,, ,,,, M .Mp W VIVV Ja fy n if ' , ,, , A-1 Equipment Rental Inc ...... Able Exterminators ........... Adrian Hale Pest Control ...... Allen Funeral Home ........... AIma's ................. Alpha Outdoor Power and Equipment ................. Area Amusement Co. . . . . . . . BalI's Trailer Sales .... .... Berkline ............ .... Bill Burns Realty ..... .... Blossom Shop ...... .... Bob Bales Ford ....... .... BradIey's .............., .... Brokers Four Realtors . . . . . . . Burger Chef .......... .... Burger King ......... .... Camera Castle .... .... Carlisle's Music ....... .... Casey's ................ .... Catron's Construction ........ CBS-TV Gray Seal Paint ....... Century 21 ................... Cherokee Real Estate ......... Chuck's American Service .... The Classy Owl ............... Clothes Closet ............... The Clothes Rack ....... .... Coca Cola ................... Colboch Harley Davidson ..... Commerce Federal ........... Computer Forms and Systems . 195 Concrete Materials ...... .... Covington Furniture .... . Creative Framing .......... Crescent Center Drugs .... Curio Cabinet ............. Curlee Candy Company .... Dairy Queen ............ . Dawson's ................. Denton's Hallmark Shop . . . Diplomat Motel ............ Downtown Auto Body Repair Dr. Muscari ............... Drs. Jaynes and Jaynes, Optometrists ............ Druthers .................. East Tennessee Diamond Co East Tennessee Supply Co. . Ectasy 2000 .........,..... Edwin W. Neilson .......... Enka ................. . Evans Office Supply .... . Fawbush's Market ...... . The Fireplace Place . . . . Firestone ............. . First Baptist Church .... . First Tennessee Bank . . . . Food City ............. . Free Service Tire ...... . FreeI's Drug Store ...... . Gardener Insurance ..... . General Electric ........... George F. Smith Agency . . . 200 198 240 198 221 239 210 199 200 213 196 213 212 194 200 239 198 214 231 213 203 208 194 214 237 232 215 208 195 229 195 205 226 201 219 1 98 241 226 234 1 98 214 242 237 239 221 206 221 221 1 97 207 206 220 212 203 21 1 217 228 233 209 199 21 9 Giant Food Markets .......,... 230 Glamouristic Hair Styles ...... 212 Goodson and Mayes .......... 219 Great American Music Store . . 222 Hale Brothers ................ 194 Hamblen Farmer's Co-op ..... 211 Hamblen Lumber Company 203 Hamilton Bank ...........,... 202 Hap Minhinnett Photography Inc. . . 236 Hasson Bryan Hardware ....... 209 Headlines International ....... 239 ' 234 201 Holiday Inn ............. .... Holmes ............... .... Home Federal ................ 204 Howard Brothers ............. 215 Howard Brothers Pharmacy . . . 222 Huffman Optical Dispensary . . . 214 Humana Hospital ............. 234 Hurley LP Gas ................ Ingles .................. .... 201 215 Jack Strate Agency, Inc. ...... 233 Jerry's Automotive ........... 218 The Jewel Palace ............. 201 Jinks Home Improvements, Inc. . . . 233 Johnson Oil Company ........ 211 K-Mart ....................... 228 Kentucky Fried Chicken ...... 217 Knox Williams Co. ............ 224 Kodack 90 Minute 81 Octagon Eyewear ................... 233 Lakemart Grocery ............ 199 Lakeway Chiropractic Clinic . . . 221 Lakeway Sporting Goods ...... 210 Lawson's Optical ............. 226 Lea Industries ................ 212 Leonardo Building Specialists . 207 Lowe's ....................... 231 M 81 M Saws ......... .... 2 02 Mahle ....................... 216 Marian's Boutique ............ 231 196 Mayes Mortuary .............. MiIdred's Panther Village Florist . . . 196 Mitchell-Hodge Electric ....... 206 Modern Supply Company ..... 215 Morristown Athletic .......... 209 Morristown Datsun ........... 198 Morristown Flying Service ..... 196 Morristown Lock 81 Safe ....... 215 Morristown Motor Sales ....... 214 Morristown Pharmacy ........ 224 Morristown Utility Commission .... 195 Morristown Window and Door . 199 Munford's .................... 219 Murphy's Electrolysis Clinic . . . 219 Murrel's Auto Sales ........... 224 McGuffin Lumber Co. ......... 214 Nationwide Auto Sales ........ 230 NCR ................... .... 1 96 Parks Belk .... .... 2 01 Pet Milk .... .. .... 205 . . . . 222 Pizza Inn .... Plaza Beauty Salon .... . Polly Kay ............. . Portrum Cleaners ...... . The Prescription Shop ..... Ray D. Hall ................ Reedy Tony Tennis Co ...... Ricker Electric Inc. ....... . Rockwell International ..... Roger's Men Store ...... . Ron Hlte .................. Roses .................... Sammon's Communications School Calendar Co., Inc. . . Shamrock Scale Company . Shelby Williams ........... The Shoery ............... Southern Shoes ..... . Sport Shop ........... . Squire Shop ............ . St. Patrick Church ......... Stetzers Funeral Home ..... Steve's Pharmacy ...... . StubbIefieId's ........ . Sub Debs .............. . Superior Food Market ...... ' I ' Taco John's ............... Taylor Jobbing Company ...... Thomas Robinson ......... Tidi Waste Systems ..... .l ' I Tlffany's ............ . Tires Unlimited ..... . Top Ad Salesman . . . . . . . Transgraphics .... . Triangle Pacific ....... . Troughbaugh's ......... . Turk Burress Insurance .... Turley Electric ............ United Cities Gas Company United Southern Bank ..... Utopia Hair Design ............ Utopia West .................. Victone Cleaners .......... Victor Tyler ............... Volunteer Supply Company Volunteer TwinlCapri 4 .... Wallace Hardware ............ War Surplus Stores, Inc. . . . WAZI ........................ WCRK .................... Weesner-Reams Furniture . Wendy's .................. West End Lanes ........... Western Pancake House . . . Western Sizzlin ........... Western Steer ................ Westside Chapel Funeral Home 221 Whlte Stores ..........,...... Whitesburg Market . . . . . . . Winter Seal Products WMTN ............... .... Woodcraft, Inc. .............. . Young's Furniture ............ Z Buda's Minnis Drug Store Zales ........................ 202 205 195 205 21 7 230 226 227 223 225 21 1 209 222 221 209 228 217 202 21 0 199 207 1 94 224 235 206 230 203 223 228 238 21 9 241 210 207 241 222 205 227 206 210 227 210 208 1 99 221 237 199 218 21 3 196 217 21 7 21 1 1 95 224 21 8 1 98 227 208 207 21 3 21 7 230 244 Ads Acknowledgements We, the members of the 1984 ITAKHA staff, would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to those people who provided much guidance and assistance toward this year's ITAKHA publication. For photographic contributions and advice on graphic details, we would like to recognize the entire HURRICANE staff, Chuck Hale of the CITIZEN TRIBUNE, Randy Sanders and the Quarterback Club, along with Mrs. Sally Bennett. Without these persons' contributions, the 1984 ITAKHA would have been left without several outstanding and necessary photos. This year, the faculty and staff of Morristown East have proved to be very cooperative with our unusual schedules and requests, and because of this - we thank them. For allowing us the use of their rooms and typewriters, we would like to thank Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Vera Thompson. But most of all, our deepest appreciation goes to our caring and terrific advisor, Mrs. Barbara Robinson. It was she who guided us successfully through the panic of deadlines along with other numerous problems. It was through her deep care and understanding that the 1984 ITAKHA proved successful. I I I I Answerslo from page 32 In the puzzle on page 32, the answers are listed only by last names. Below are given the full names of the 20 seniors. 1. Gwen Brooks 2. Karen Foster 3. Ritchie Cutshaw 4. Sam Morris 5. Sharon Owen g, e. Ronnie Smith gf . JQ 7. Donnie Smith 8. Gary Sanders 'X , , Ng? 9. Janet Neal 'Q I I ' K I 10. Angee Allen W IX W, W 11. Dawn Bentley Q ll' X ' 12. John Ouillen 13. Lisa Talley tg rj, f 14. Yolanda lYawnieJ Treece I I eff? ' 15. Kevin Wells n 1 y tl 16. Candy Smallman , j I 17. Tish Crockett f ' 18. Terry Costner 2 19. Randy Sanders . 20. Stacy Stewart r Acknowledgements 245 4, w a , .Q . Q1 JN x E gf i A ' s I W1 4:5 , 3' VV N35 .Li by V jbafhw gwwi . PZQ 1' f 1 ., , - ,L , , , y 5 ww- H I 0 .si ,J b gf' 5 ' 0 i"fA pizr 5 1 ff-2 Y M , 'f "a 3 . v. xi' QQ E EM THf C ANE -fr E M . A , W, ,va w-18 'Q i P P' -R 3 -M v , f 1, ,I ' Ai . . vxv ly V - . JV, , Us k K ' "vfQL11-W J'-e Kay 4, , A 4 Q- rL." g"'E 3 c-l,, V ia" 'S-4 A, Q" WL z QT A is X 4:xXus N. we Liga 'QQ A Jw, Zh Q H 1 V Q Q H- ,jg 31, ish- x will v. 'S wf M51 aw if A ,k"nQT 4. 'ww-4-a-, -,K C 1 QW' f 1, A 2 M K in , 1, A , www, dr - M Y in , A3 1 L W N 4 5, QVILI 5,,L 7' I A - n is i y my ' .,Lk Q-big N "" V 'Qff N M , 3' , A 1w I Q Q- K5 , I ,gm 'wg f-or V W ., ,H X If 1 Q 5.1 A Q K fs " ' 'S-. YK . L K ' B . ' Ml aQ."4? 1l...:..'f"' 'hwmqw 'F ww J M -A 1 wif, Q S xt'I' -uf' i C. , - aptaip 1Crown Clrcle M 9 Box 159 Morristo Y f , if 2 Y? t..ts 1 , . wtf, v, " 11 fair ' 0 Patsy Creech. Morristown, TN. 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Anchor 3, 4 2 3 43 Office Aid 4 SON Le 2, Box Box Mrs. Hugene Dalton, Rt Dawson, Rt. 1, Box 27, L. Davis. 403 DHVIS. Rl. 3, Box 125 Austin, 315 Rt. 8, BOX 401 TN. and Fay Michael Scott, son of Jeffery Maurice, son of Mr. Drtnnon, Richard Anthony, son of Mr Box 206, Morristown, TN. and 7, Morristown, TN. Football 1. Box 2, 3, 43 Captain 43 Footbag 1: Superlative 4. Drinnon, Roger Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hr M xv , Earls, Michael Edward, son of G. E. and Laura Edwards, Gregory Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs Year 3. Honors 4. Ellison, Jr. Henry Earl, son of Henry Ellison. Estes, Charles Richard, son of Everhart, David William, son of Tammy daughter of Dennis C. ward ol Bertha Brian Kyle, son of M Mr. 43 Office Aid 3, 4. 1, 2, Beta ,B ,,,...s.,s... . . f 2 45 ITAKHA 3, 43 Features and Honors Editor 4, Anchor 3, 4, Senior Superlative 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Man" 35 Who's Who 4. 45 Hurricane 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, 4, Interact Club 4, Junior Representative Anchor Club 3, Beta Club 3, 45 VICA Club President 33 President 45 Club 3, Ger- Hagdhgogoig, Howard Sidney, son of ooyieffiandbeiinda Haddock. nt. 5, Box sas Wresmngtwit, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball,gKey German Club 1, 2, 35 Block L Music5 America's Youth5 Senior Superlativef4g r.'l44f Halcomb, James Ellis, son of Berlin Halcomb, Rt. 3, Box 163, Morristown, TN. Hammer, Kimberly Denise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hammer, Rt. 7, Box 9, Morristown, TN. Basketball 2s35 Cross Country Hance, Janet Lynn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.5,l,amarr Rance. Rt, 1, Box 231 TN Hurricane 3 Secretary 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Carson-Newmanhfath Contest 15 Spanish Award 15 1s Hannah, Kimberly of ScottV ,and, Barbara Hannah, Rt. 7, Box 711 Red Harless, Dava LeeAnr5egg,1aughter Mrs. Howard Harless. Rt. 1, Box 175, Harville, Leslie of Rt. 2, Box 633, Morristown, TN. VICA 2, 3, 4. . is S Harville, Sandra Fay,,,53ag,ighter Morristown, TN. Helton, Melissa, 8, Box 477, Morristown, TN, Office Aid 3, Henesarr David BOX 134' M0'flS10Wn- TN- Hicks, Michael Old st. Clair nd. it 5 Hawk, Sharon'Lynne,..iiaughter of MrgfandlMrs. 8, Lampkin Acres, Morristown, TN. FHA 15 VICA 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Chariman swf 2. ,Q Hayes, Scott A., and Mrs. Charles Hayes, Highlowef- - C5 Bend BOX 555' Moffislown- TN- Hightower, BoX4 5555, Morristown, TN. VICA 2, 3, 4. 3 ini, nt. 5 in 53, Hinkle, Jeffrey Mr, and Mrs. ciirtord TN. Football tg rifii 4. Hodge, Margaret 8aughter.Jf5f.i7feresa.H03QQQi.Etfjffn,Rgad,Morristown, TN. Holbert, David Morristown, TN. Library Club5 Library Aid. 5 Holbert, Mark Morristown, TN. Cross Country 3, 45 M st Improved Cross Country Runner AvZ '5 Track 45 ITAKHA 45 Torre? Library Club 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 35 Pre, ent 4, Camera oioo 3, FCA 4, EHA4, 4, Prom Commit- . Holliffeld. Dewrahiiitgiygiogognteoroff Morristown, TN. vicA 2. 5 . 527 TN. and Ronald Holt, 724 W. T reet, Morristown, TN. Basketball Ma 25 Pep Clu , 3, PreSi D1 2 .4 ' fir , C TN- denise, Rt. 7, Box 239, Morristown, TN. cr iiitatin oioo 1, 25 Secretary 1, President ciao ig Beta ciuo 3, ...r .e.o., 1 - gyg. ' Horetfrstta oetoris, daughter or HBfm8flQHUlfgfii5R1,A,8, Box 354, Morristown, TN. ineatiesentative 1, tTAKHA 45 ciuo Editor 45 Anchor Club ..,i ff Treasurer 45 Beta Club 3, 45f'Red 25 Senior Otficer 25 Libra Club 3, 45 Treasurer 4. Prom Comm ee igisgior Representative 35 Office Exchange Club Youth o's Who 4. fi it i"'ii .,. ....... 4 .... ..,. 1 5 .... ...5.5,iii i,.. i'lf 1 " ' x"' 12a4rraok2a ss Country 3 Track 2 AIASA 3 4. 1 3 4 AlASA2 yrs Woe President. TN FHA2 3. J Wichita,iK nsas. Track 15 2 3 4 Most Improved 2 Kegley Transferred from High Florida. Swimming 35 German Club 3, AIASA 3, 4, 1' Prom Keirsey 717 Scenic Drive Franklin St Morristown, TN 210 Miller Avenue Rt 7, Box 26, Morristown, TN Kirkham, Rt 5, Box 36, Morristown, TN German Club 2 Morristown, TN and Pine Cone Dr Football 1 FFA 3 4' German Club 2, 3, 45 . 3 4' Jr. 15 Solo and Orchestra Band Velma Lane. 203 East 3rd Rt. 7 X LHWSOI1, 13 Oftice Aid Lewis, 0 Mt' H0f8C6 Lo son of Wayne and Sue Long Rt 2 Lee son of Robert and Patricia Long Rt 2 of Mr and Mrs Geratdjyt, Rt 7 nd Mrs a Rev and Mrs rom of Mr and Mrs of Mr and Mrs son ot Judy ot Ben Bonnie Treasury 1 2 Bill H O'D noghue, Patrick Sean, son ot Mr. and Mrsjfionor Joe Douglas, son ot Mrs. Louise Orrick Singers 3, :tg All-East 3, 4: ItttvState 'S in 1 2, Lakeway Invitational 13 Pep Band Robert Tim, sonrof Novelta Jarnigan. Sharon Elaine daughter of Mr and Mrs RusseHvMe,TN.ExchaQge William Joseph, son of Mr. and ot Mr. Mr and Mrs Denise, daughter ot Mr. Evette, daughter of Mr. 3 K imbert o daughter ot r 3' JA Vi -President3 M Carol, tg, hterofMr Manager 2, Cross 4' Who's W CIub2 3 4 West Morristown TN Anchor Ctu if . flwf' t l E nussgdws gl S Q R E 162, 158, 159,-134 A Byrum. sunday 10314, 153. 61,5 184, 185 1 C Cagle, Anthony Leon 18 Cahill, Carolyn 68 Cain, Kristine 53 Cameron, Andy Silas 53 Campbell, Angela Gayle 34 Campbell, Carla 54 Camggell, Doyal Lynn 34, 61, 184, 1 Campbell, Geraldine 70, 61 Campbell, Timothy 54 Cannon, Lisa Carol 54, 187, 181 Cannon, Terry Emerson 18 Canter, Dave 71, 91 Capps, Patricia Leigh 18 Capps, Peggy Melinda 54 Carder, Roger 54 Catey.Artdrea E. 18, 87, 167, 182, 171, 134 Carmichael, Blare 44 Carmichael, Daniel 18 Carmichael, Fred o e Cole, Otis 44, 80 Cole, Shawn 54 Collier, Michelle 54 Collins, Charles Russ Collins, Crystal 54 Collins, Dennis 54 Collins, .leii 35 Collins, Kel1y 54, 165 Colins, Kenneth Collins, Linda Fm Collins, Lonnie 1 Collins,,Lorie Daleen Collins, Nlilihael 35, 180 Collins, Michael A. 54 Collins. MikeL. 35. 115 Collins, Stephanie 35, 176, 177 Collins, rirriern-yas, 184, Collins, William J. 35 Combs, Joel 54 Combs, Leah 54 Combs, Lorie Ann 19, 164, 184, Beth Ann 54 Comils, Britla 54 Costner, Mary Elizabeth 35. 156, 159 Costner, -Terry Ray 19, 124 Courtney, Joey 54 Courtney, Freeman, Frenziel, Robert 45 Friddle, Robert E. 21 Fryar, Darlette 55 10 ' Fuller, Tammy Lynn Fugate, Dockery 55 Fuller, Daryl 55, 181 Fullinglon, Tommy 4 124, 154. Scottie 167. DiiVlS. Davis. Leanne 35. 1501 151' Fawver, Loretta 36, 189 Davis, Lewis S. 20 7 Davis, Lisa Renea 20 Davis, Mark 54 Davis, Mary Samantha 20, 115, 154 Davis, Nikki S. 20 Davis, Paul 45, 80 Davis, Regina 13, 35 Davis, Rega 68 Davis, Roben 45, Davis, Scott 55 Davis, Scott A, 35 Davis, Thomas Henry Greene 19. 158 Greene, Frames 71 Greene, Guy 55 Greene, Mark 55 Greene, Michael 46 Greene, Norma Greene Richie 46, 6 A 1 4 f Sauceman EUCP Sauceman Saylo Saylor 160 Saylor, Schneide Schubert Schubert Scott colt Scott, Mary 40 Seahorn Jama Seal Ernie 27 Seal Lisa 40 Seals Amr 59 Seals Seals Karen 40 Seals Lisa 40 Seals, Ray 50 Seals, Tammy Seibel, Cindy 27 Seiber Mike 59 Selt Diana 40 Timothy 59 Anthony Shannon Billy 59 Tim 40 Shelton Mark 59 Shelton Melinda 50 87 18, 161 138 1 Shelton Shepard Lee 50 SES Shipley Barbara 176 177 3h'P'eY Shipman, Troy 12 40 61 Short, Jett 40 Short, Roy 173 245 Shupe, T0rn 155 Shupe Vivian 40 Silva Yvette 59 Simon Robert 153 172 Simon, Theresa 40 Simpson, .lenniter 40, 127 Simpson, Marie 50 Simpson, Ron 41, 87, 112 Simpson, Shane 50. 104 Simpson, Tomika 26 181 153 159 Sims, Tammy 28 Singleton, .lellrey 41 Singleton, Jessie 67 Singleton, Tammie 59 Sizemore, Jett 41 Skaggs, Mark 59 Slayton, David 41 Sloan, Freddy 41 Shitlel Jackie 28 Shillel Jimmie 40 Smelcer Anthony Smith, Barry 59 Smith, Christopher 28 Smith, James 59 Smith, James Roy Smith, Janet 50 108, 162. 163 Talley Lisa Michelle 29 30 110 111, Taylor Enga M1cheIle41 162 163 Taylor Leah Janine 29 155 Taylor Jr Orville 29 Taylor, Penny Michele 41, 138, 167, smim,Jona1nan 10, 50, 79, 107, 158' 159 wart Brian so wwe Tommy Wifi TEWY 42 Wisecarver Jule Warner, Perry 174, 175 Wolfe gms Kai Watson, L0riK. 11, 42, 172, 173 163, 160, 161 Watts, David tDarin160 Weaver, Jeannette S0 Weaver, Jo Edith Surber Johnny 41 115 104 105 Surber Kathy 41 Surrette Richard 41 Sulphln Vickie 60 Sutton Pamela 10 41 146, 164 1627 1R7 1Rh 1611 119 Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Wendell, Stephen West, Terry Lynn 30 Elizabeth 46 52 11 11 Wilson Ernest Bryan 52 Wilson ar Wilson Laura 42 Wilson ex Wilson Marntla 60 Wilson Mike Patrick 30 Mark Anthony 30, 80, 12 , , x Q XC? DAQ fGCUQ Q abvfigp E? 0153 V XE X039 99354 XQPCQXSW SWF QC Q5 Sf QMCQJ5 55'Q bJvQf C93 X Q59 V6 xygfdx Q05 AQ gy X690 0 wi JKJJNPOqi?fOa OV A fy gave SQ? X22 fm 05 C3416 ffif CCN N , A u lf 42 Gb 5404 ggi? X, QD QQUQJJ X life! x Q, Xp' Cy U QL W x Q2 Qfgba ,Xp XFOXXQ OJ M6650 Q19 59 . .3 SX NCQ? 1- V423 . 5fFQJfgJjbLC-XQJ MNSQ QGOKVQ6 WWF r'3jM6Q F6'M9 w1QY99 W ww iwf Fiji? QQQETQW fm M NRS 13 gm Qkms JSLSQSTE NXQXMWQQS 2 NQQX ,gi Qxmmfmmw ,Q 331, '55 Q K icglli 9 sim , 0 jg Si ESGESWWHWQB-. QQ Q? gf 3? 3 2 H522 5153105032 fgggifffffwbfpf X w w55E?5W5f5jU7?S'Q W M Q Q - CV . Ygof Kwywzzw QW? WW QM G! ,Wyxlf E EQZX gf? 45y f 5iffMf?fMfk Xxx 15, 0 limb cypfod' PGXUJA O? A5 fyovnlxob ,Q W 1-C9 0 ,CP - O' SXOJJQJQ QP QOAQ QQBJQJXOQ A A . Q C X- x 'XC-Sxopp 'X O, Qu? ,,, , ,, W,

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