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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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lT'.-3 7 morristown hamblen high school east morristown tennesseewolume fifty-seven honors-16 sports-36 Clubs - 66 faculty .118 class - 140 ads - 176 the world is mine but only if iam the w0rld's I H if .- , M x - ge, -v -Q 4 H7 K ' nr . -wr ar ' , gn A " L' si If JF " an , ,gn I' 4' 1 "' 4 ' f -' gl .K ' 4 , ' .I ,,wf,.. " . if 55 r ' k XF' ' - 41 -1 Q I' V ' -.- , Y' ,Ry ' .nf w Q 0 A , , v 1 J , ,u I ., 'A W' lg ' Q Q 'Q K. , ' 5 4,15 15, 16,9 v , up af' ,. Q 4 L M 4 A 4-Q df " y ff "- -. W if f+ Q B4 S N . I . . ,-:.:f'Uf A t , f ,Q 5 ,V Q. S.. K ,Q f Q . A ,V fy W 'mu ! A VA, QW ' 4' J' if V " ' , ' 1 Z TW is N45 'ff' n, 'gym . J, e 9 fm :M H 1' X , is fx . it yd ,ar as jr F A ,. 3 . , if L., , A it ,Z 5 ' t 'V 4 .A 'F -14 4' Af' A 'JK - 1 it ' D 3, 2f',f p " img w . f . .ff . ' if V f5"f L , 2-if W 'gf gr '- . 4 - Yi. iggfgg, if Q Qi ff- ,Q V we "' gf' if , , ,E ' D ' Q: . if S - 4 Q nr. . Q 1' 1141. V? 'fs it ,fr N 9 ASQ., 'Sr 'li-sy .f my 2-f N, -.U I Q! o,q,,,,-'pu u "wp," ", s, Mlm. A I-.kf.1...h if.-,QU ff" "f .. " ,. 4... g--w w-ig . Q, , ,- M,.,- YA.' M 09" W --... f ,,,5 2 0-A ""' , ,M4 4 -, -w, X Q M .Y .fffg x x L Mi., , JC 1 K H V My ' it fi Fx miggig, I- q , !x:g, ,. K ii , by 11 x,E'j,'f " 'R f ,. ,, -X, , ,. if ' , X ,, A X ' 5 . D - ,. . -w ' 3, , Q. Q , A W '5' Q' 1' 'A -:,'2f-ghd? sq Qi as A I by F. 1 ., ,, A W N 1,115 if .-5- K. , . V M R J. My 1.-.5'A'!:.1,:', ' -- ,Qingf,gg, .W ,ff ' Y T ig ,I ,E g f jff j MF ' ' Vx , F: Pk 'V f " . mm. K N K,-, M , :lx if-ij N M fy 3, E. ,EWEWUL M, gm: Rm , K Ji! M V Jsfkkgglg .irpw M . 4 1 , ,W M 1 W 'S 3. -" f f . TY ' V 1 4 if 1 'Ml T3 55" -M EW 2' 1135! I , 1 A " "3" "' ' 4' 1 Q " I' , Q ' - S. N K 5' ' 3 "' Q M ,J 3 - an - ,. .-.. 1 1-wig , , f",' g : i'f'5g'1 A i 1 V ' g .rfzpqig W A Y ' ' f . V ' ' ' , V" 4 i must try to reach out ' fa W, W gf? , 1 ' J , W xg Q y 79 lu- - 'fri and grasp my su' rroundings I 1 1 I E 1 1 1 N B 'P 5 7591 but there will be obstacles' the world E E l W -ff ...ff ,: fw- ! , 1 I Y ff, ,Q X ln ,. X H" v- ,A , 'A "Qs F. f -' 1g': ,f I J, 7 ix iv y, uf, , ,, In - fa' 4, V. gif fqffv. a4.f,.fji?- 4, -if H, ,fe-c 4. ghwx. v, "-Q I , I-. I 1 . V - K rw 1' aff -. - . In 1' Y - f . - V , I H ' ' --, V it - 555. ' ix , Y an 1 In I he H I ! 3 V ? E society 1 'f' WMM, , X.. ' ,' " 'N .A . Ry 9, -gli J' 11 f ,MN v 615, 'af A, ,wtcmii .,' ,igqg gf? M4 Aw: 3,1 I , vavh mg ' f g, '.-. , .Am J... M J.,-rs. W.g,.,"?5M.- SW" , fa ' .3 Qf, '5- 5-ff if , N, ,, 2 2311- l A ff W. n 4 "funn Q , ,A ' - 5. i -a ' -qw .lf a xx 0 .xx fn M", nz X 'F' I"if?1"n 1 " 15" ,,"'.'f'-all 31 aff!! x'umi1'1,'fxx1'n5 -5i3.'F'-fbazgr x-PF' 2' n,..v1,mf,1u 2 ':5f.5,f-5-'L.,:. ,Mx is ,Lx "uf-If!"u 43+ ,sw iff' f we if 'rf'-HT H iz' - ' ' '. - 2 ' ' ' " . ' :zz H-L - ' -:fir- .nf masses: - ' Jzsw' '- '. P". : . ','.'- ' - '5 1 :'::5EA--:E - sis' '15 il ' L ' 3553. +. ru, 1 1... 'I 'fa' :xg Ji , 1 I mm- 1-f.-,fgg?:5r 54' ,, Q , . ,F lv. in, i 'nv 1 Qfn ' 0. Pa '--. A' ' 'Wg Q u H" 4. wifi' " fs if A 1 1 I 0 ff-., 75 ,nl , ?'f"Y '4- M. Q i! tl. 'Q .0 ,W -Q. f D ,L Si AS" , X M -N.-fs, .M if i am to enjoy life i must accept these obstacles '?'3!D'19"'-0 .,,, ,KM .F Vx fs t' if ei. . ,cw V iff, W1-44 ' I ' iif 1 ms . , x dl and live with understanding Ga, S . I r 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I :C WH Q sl' Lam , '-'-Q 'Qs ff A ibQ2?+., 'sk iw . W V --an ,V Bm w ? , mt ' 1, M he ,al - Ka a Y. A5 2 Av: 5 xi bv. ,, ,.1. x' ,. -. n . , , Q v '.'IfT.T,l W ik. 1 p 1,,,,, ,7 6, W' Qing vw' -v' ,. hm 4 'M 1 ' . ' -ww. 'W U 1 ,qw 14 -f,'V4,.n AG. - I I? -"Mx I ' fgf. f gi QQJ55 nwl x F K' 3 ,7. , f , , , , . cr, V, fy - A , :ff nv yy Z2-Au, '- , ai-5 I A K Q K p S 6543345 1 . ,' if X, V L, , -9 ' 1' ,fgisi 957 5 5 6 , xg , 4 5 K ' ' , aj ' i.Q,,?N Q4 . . ,N 'lx .3 f X i 5 4, I ie? Qe X5 'S ' ' A x H2 , , X a MG fi ?f 2Q2,? S5 fa Jil? QA N! Y? ,V Q an .1 4: 'if' 'fa ,v Mg- , WT f -nf" . W- 1,' 1 rd QQ' fxofff f fp ' 15" ,f ' E X ,Nw 4' 'N W Y lg Y 1 S9 x X f 'A X ,1 VX 1 Q 2 ,Wg X -- F " -- f 7 eff , i "' 1 - Nf- .r-1 f ,y -i X22 2' kk f gf' Y Q mx , ff X XX I . , N R Xf Q X X 5 5 1' Q IEE gi, sf 52? 45 ? X, an-If X 1:3515 ifai? gy wx, yi 1-"""' L-,A .ar- I8 . -Lash w , sn , X .::. - 4 W L .T cost Aunt Em Joe, a farmhand Uncle Henry Dorothy Mayor of Munchkinland A Munchkin Farmer Sorceress ofthe North Wicked Witch of the West The Scarecrow The Tin Woodman The Cowardly Lion A Private An Old Lady Lord Growlie Gloria The Wizard of Oz First Witch Second Vlhtch Tibia First Girl Second Girl Spirits Little Witch Ozmas Munchkins and Citizens of Emerald City Haydee Rodriguez Don Parker Tom Provost Sally Phillips David Kitts David Atchley Cheryl Cardwell Janice Breeding Doug Beets David Deneau Steve Cruey Chris Wardwell Ann Dunn Dewey Lee Shanda Gray Carroll Platt Kathy Johnson Kay Thomason David Atchley Kenny Williams Debbie Pearson Ann Dunn Joi Lester Karen Easterly Kelly Creech Johnny Beeler Sharon Barclay, Johnny Beeler, Brenda Blevins, Marilyn Carmichael, Lisa Fowler, Richard Gris- com, Russell Hayes, Yvonne Hopkins, Alberta Jones, Gary Manning, Billy Millar, Johnny Mize, Jimmy Penland, Sally Reams, Margaret Slabberkorn, Dana Williams. kdnsds, ruby slippers, emerald city The yellow brick road led the way to M-H East auditorium on April 6 and 7, 1973. Under the direction of Mr. Danny Russell, a cast and crew of stu- dents worked to recreate the timeless magic of the "Wizard of Oz." The land over the rainbow came to life with wicked witches, Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, Munchkins, and Sorceress cast among Wicked Woods, Munchkinland, Emerald City, and Oz. The acting and choral ability of the cast was enhanced by the accompaniment of the orches- tra, under the direction of Jim Bradley. Mr. Ed Schnitman lent his knowledge and technical skill to the production with advice and assistance. COpposite page top lefty Dorothy finds the scare- crow companionable during the trip to Oz. COpposite page top rightj Debbie Harkleroad transforms Margaret Slabberkorn, a citizen of Morristown, into a citizen of Munchkinland. COpposite page bottomj Sorceress Cheryl Card- well dispells the curse of the wicked woods and places a charm on Dorothy's "ruby red slippers." fTop leftj Mr. Danny Russell applauds the performers during curtain call. CTop rightj The Sorceress of the North points the way to the yellow brick road and Dorothy is "off to see the Wizard." typewriters, schedules, refreshments "lf You Care - Come See East in Action" was the theme of the second annual open house for par- ents. The event, held on November 8, 1973, was attended by 900 par- ents, who followed their son's or daughter's daily schedule through six ten-minute class periods. ln regular scholastic classes, par- ents were instructed, quizzed, and oriented to the class, its plans and objectives. During the study hall period, parents were invited to the cafeteria, manned by student and teacher volunteers, for refresh- ments and a welcome relief from the grueling "world of study." fTopD "Dad, are you sure you had typing when welcome relief from the noise and confusion of you were in school'?" asks Tracy Fox during par- the halls Clftightj One mother muses ent-student class period on "lf You Care Night." school s like this it can t be all bad fAbove3 Mr. Clayton Hurst finds a coffee break a S .ff O i, N 5'Mcf "fi: 's 414 5.7 J. .,+n'. , aw . e fa-,ff 041' ."' ' fy rsgw Wh., ggxf -4,3-l 'QS "' .Tnr O 'Nh , A o Vsuql' b 5 ' 'N' . .a . Vgw..-w ma,,,' , x Q A M .f s K i 5 , R! ' 1 4 c N , 4 -4' vw- Q QOpposite page topj Ann Hinchey and Mike Davis reign over the 1973 Prom. fOpposite page bottomj A bridge separates the world of M-H East from "A Night in the Orient." CTop rightj Johnny Bible finds dancing to the music of Circus more enjoyable after removing his coat. CTop Ieftj From the deserted refresh- ment table, faculty members watch couples on the dance floor, CRightJ The Prom makes a hit with Andy Dunn, Tammy Carmichael, and Johnny Mize. CAbovej Mrs. Reta Davis and Mrs. Vera Thompson sit out this dance. 22 x F, Jf new 1 - 4 ' -. 1 Lanterns flickered and wind chimes rang lightly. Muted shadows moved against dark walls. Flowers and lovely dresses bathed the eyes in color as light and sound lent an oriental tone to the 1973 Junior-Senior Prom. The annual event at the M-H East cafeteria on May 19, 1973, gave students and their dates a taste of the Far East. Music by Circus completed this exotic night. Participating juniors elected Mike Davis and Ann Hinchey King and Queen of the 1973 prom. grub ddy, decorcitions, suspense Excitement mounted throughout the week, with Grub Day, Tradition Day, Orange Day, and Homecoming skits. Clubs prepared posters and home- rooms decorated doors to promote spirit and add to the atmosphere of suspense and tension. The week cli- maxed on Friday, October 12, with the crowning of Queen Becky Harville, and with a victorious football confron- tation. The annual Homecoming Dance was held in the school cafeteria following the game with J. Gardner Styll providing the music. 24 CTopj Becky Harville, escorted by Richard Gar rett, experiences every girl's dream come true CBottomJ Homecoming Dance concludes pre ceding week's activities. is '73 ks. 14 14 if DW . , '55 in J' Homecoming queen candidates' and escorts' clothes furnished by Dawson's. if if ' 1 2 Y t P X . T. .,, , . 'gmg 3 .,,,,.f yy , 15,1 fTop centerj The crown entices suspenseful candidates. CCenterJ Becky Harville, newly crowned Homecoming queen and her escort bow for a moment of reverence during the invo- cation. CBottom centerj Varsity Cheerleaders present the Homecoming cake to the football team. CLeftJ A touchdown brings a spirited crowd to its feet. HOMECOMING QUEEN CAN- DIDATES AND THEIR ESCORTS ARE: CTop lefty Sherry Combs and Tim Oakes. CTop righfj Dana Williams and George Fugate. CCenfer lefty Jackie Holtsinger and John Watson, CAboveJ Yvonne Treece and Charles QBoboj Simpson. Q 5 X 1 x ,',g.2' M N tag , xxgyi U I at 1 K c W X'.6.-ZS 'Q' A if I O?" I U S-5 ,.bm.4.,,, miraculous, sacred, eternal On December 19, the student body of M-H East filled the auditorium for the 1973 presentation of the annual Nativ- ity pageant. Seniors, under the direc- tion ot Mr. Murrell Weesner, portrayed the beauty and wonder of the Holy Night through scripture verses while choral arrangements sung by the choir added to the solemnity ofthe perform- ance. Costume design was directed by Mrs. Hazel Cupp and Mrs. Mattie Lee DeBusk. Mr. Danny Russell coordi- nated special effects. COpposite pageb Angel of Annunciation, Jackie Holtsinger, envisions the manger scene as Mary fBecky Harvillej and Joseph CJack Rickmanj ponder the miracle of the ages. Cropy Wise men, Richard Garrett, Wayne Woody, and Tim Oakes pay homage to the new-born King. fLeftJ Mrs. Hazel Cupp and Pam Wilson find that being an angel has its ups and downs. fAboveJ Shep- herds Perry Hall, Tommie McDonald, Richie Mills, and Wesley Haun are frightened by the light, yet listen carefully to the angel's instruc- tions. talent show: auditions, variety On January 24, 1974, talented stu- dents of M-H East performed for a full house of enthusiastic fellow students. The Junior class and sponsors plan- ned, auditioned, and directed this annual event. Mistresses of Ceremo- nies were Lisa Wallace and Mindy Nor- ton. Performances ranged from a karate demonstration to duets com- posed and performed by students. The Junior class uses funds from the talent show to finance the Junior-Senior Prom. Mi,- Al CTopJ Karate students, Bill Neblett, Chris Ward- well, and Ron Moore demonstrate feats of men- tal and physical control during the 1974 talent show. QAboveJ "The Shades of Black" bring stu- 28 ' i dents to their feet with their rendition of "Fence Walk." CFtightD Tom Moore, first place singles division winner, entertains students with the Jew's harp. mr. cmd miss m-h ecist Amid decorations of glittering gold letters, the 1974 Who's Who was announced to the student body as "2O Original Who's Who Hits." Students receiving this distinction were pres- ented with corsages or boutonnieres and "gold records." Also honored during the program were honor C3.5 - 3.743 and high honor C3.75 - 4.01 students. Following the program the senior class elected Steve Cruey and Becky Harville as Mr. and Miss M-H East. kay thomason bill fuliington margaret slabbekorn sherry combs terry combs michae! jinks martha ann lee renee hedge SUSHU SWGFIFI 5 I W 1 w -4 1 S :Q H S 5 I fi J K F' 1 A- georgette guertin click griscom debbie weeks myra pate Charlene byard boys' ond girls' stdte One outstanding senior girl and three outstanding senior boys were chosen during their junior year to attend the annual American Legion - sponsored Boys' and Girls' State. Del- egates from M-H East were Becky Har- ville, Jim Millar, Steve Cruey, and Dick Griscom. Alternates were Myra Pate and Jack Bickman. While at MTSU, delegates learned about local, state, and national government. honors ond high honors Steve Cruey, Johnnie Gilliland, Jim Millar, Martha Ann Lee, Greg Gass, Lynne Gibson, Karen Easterly, Jimmy Bradley, Myra Pate, Dick Griscom, Susan Swann, Sharon Barclay, Becky Harville, and Kay Thomason. jf gif ,gl Z . xibgii V . -'a,L..-.H - sw... .4 si , 7 I ' "', 1 , gg: . sf N. -- ,1 dor On the basis of her leadership, dependability, patriotism, and service, Charlene Byard was elected by the faculty to receive the Daughters ofthe American Revolution Award. Charlene was presented with a pin and certifi- cate by the local DAR chapter and became eligible to compete for district awards. betty crocker homemaker owcird Lynne Gibson was awarded the Betty Crocker Home Living Award on the basis of scores achieved on an annual test sponsored by General Mills. Lynne was given a charm and letter of commendation. boush ond Iomb Awarded annually, the Baush and Lomb Science Award recognizes the senior with the highest four-year aca- demic average in the field of science. Karen Easterly was the recipient of a bronze medal by the Baush and Lomb Company f- 'XV C8 f Of" 9 :'e.:5 , ' + 'D s.9'e.'.3t, 9 '78 X iff sa:-5 storting blocks, shot puts, brood lumps As the season came to an end, the 1973-74 track team found first place elusive. The team placed second in meets between Erwin, Elizabethton, Clinton, and Middlesboro, Ky. The team overpowered its other opponents in these meets with an average of twenty-nine points. In addition to scheduled meets, the team competed in the Blue Devil, Lakeway, Abdington, and the New Sentinal Relays. Representing M-H East, five thin clads competed in the Region Two meet. Ervin Davis placed third in the half-mile race. Lewis Rucker ran in the hundred-yard race and again in the 880 relay with Richard Garrett, George Fugate, and Steve Daily completing the roster. Ervin Davis was elected the most valuable track team member. .,.,. .,,,,,,.uvY H AY W ' ' f:'fQ5Tliiu,x f l s '.lt f 40 Xb A hh ,rl ,... . , .1.. .K gggk Q. 5 . s ' 1 ,, -msx H Q iws f I , "itil f- V' it .Q SVK A -V 1 , . ...WL 5.4, fM"'.kx ff' . -r x, - "s X I - iw. we , ,,,., ':" '-A, f f4 V K, 'fm' l , k,,-.. ,L ,,,, L f . ,,,,, at we ,Q ., fr -ww , - V, ""f' if ,AV M' 'ff fs- , f r .l.,,,,Ae. , , 4:,l 5 yy QVIA Ll ,,, mi,"",,, 'lf fOpposite page upper leftj Randall Drake 'ecords the results of the Blue Devil relay meet. QCenterJ Greg Johnson displays his form in pole faulting during competition in the Johnson City :rack meet. COpposite page bottom lefty Daryl lvy aintains his lead in the low hurdle race. COppo- ite page bottom rightj George Fugate lands in erfect form as he comes out of the broad jump. fTopJ Eddie Mills completes his portion of the 'iigh jump competition, CAboveJ TRACK TEAM: -Wim I 1 T , , if , f F 54 1-. Eye? n ,f ' I W f ,aw Ax Y ft 2 .-5. I x X .L cigl ' A ,J :J ,g5t,',,,,,,m 1 ' ' f-,,f.uf' 5' az? .fr-f ,. r t, ,k,. Q 1 W gf, ' L, ,Q -f. fi f , M 'T' "1""5elfast.5Lv:f4avp' , A P Y" V' fa vm? X 1- 'L Y-1: 'rl A , ,J ' A' ' E I ' A " 43 ' -J ,, , 'f ,SR-f.:fxZy',,4,2-5l',' .- ' a'r2,i.:r QFront rowj John Fox, Byron Shankle, Mike Har- ville, Mike Davis, Ronnie Huff, Richard Garrett, Ervin Davis, Mark Williams, Daryl Ivy. tBack rowj Coach Dave Robbins, Gary Manning, Greg Reese, Dwight Starns, Terry Lowery, Greg John- son, Robert Trent, Steve Shell, Steve Daily, James Cato, George Fugate, Ronnie Haney, Wayne Herman, Kenny Douthat, Paul Seals, Louis Rucker, Lee Daniels, Randall Drake, Chris Harville, and Coach William Strunk. + , ff 1 til f '61 Qian.:-..,.. ,xi - f . s 1,4 .nkw A ",., -Mi."-'fI!4e.,.. . CRightJ With help from Ronnie Ailey, Steve Ricker perfects his driving form for future matches. CBelowJ The Golf team takes a moment to relax before continuing to the next green. CBeIow rightj David Hale blasts his way out of a sandtrap. CBottomj GOLF TEAM: Pete Cantwell, David Hale, Coach Jim Hughes, Steve Ricker, and Ronnie Ailey. greens, roin, sondtro ps Overcoming such conditions as rain and cold weather, the 1973-74 Golf team drove to an 8-7 season. The team composed of sophomores, jun- iors, and seniors, found experience a helpful factor in matches against other teams. As a result of hard practice and through the guidance of Coach Jim Hughes, the team's endeavors were rewarded by victories over Jefferson City, Rogersville, and Newport. With losses to top teams from Johnson City and Daniel Boone, the team gained experience that was used in later matches. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: CKneelingj Billy Wil- liams, Terry Manning, Frank Dean. CStandingj Mark Williams, Greg Reese, Mike Harville, Steve Shell, Coach William Strunk. COpposite lefty Mike Harville pulls ahead of Mark Williams as they race for the finish line. COpposite page rightj Terry Manning, Mark Williams, Mike Harville, and Steve Shell display their trophies won for being top runners in the Big Nine Conference. COppo- site page far rightj As a daily routine, the pacers exercise before continuing their strenuous prac- tice session. .35 15.4,-v J -X W. Q., X K 'if xrfgr' 'tx spikes, hills, sweot M-H East Cross Country Team recorded a successful season, placing third in the Big Nine Conference. In their opening contest, the Knoxville All-Comers Meet, the pacers pres- ented promising talent in their pro- spective team. The team, undefeated in singular matches, completed the season with a 3-O record. The M-H East speedsters defeated M-H West 17-42 and 18-40 in a triangular match with Bulls Gap. Bulls Gap fell to the Hurricanes 23-42. Coach William Strunk and his team then journeyed to the Oak Ridge and Kingsport Invita- tional Meets. Hours of hard work and self discipline found their reward in these competitive contests. In the annual awards presentation for the Big Nine Conference four M-H East runners were placed on the list for the Conference's top twenty pacers. Outstanding trophies were presented to John Dean, Mike Harville, Steve Shell, and Mark Williams. ln Regional competition, Mark Williams streaked to a new school record for a three mile ' course. Mark was clocked at 17:28. '.....,..,...-3' 572 A l 1 ,f,,. . W' ,--, -. i 1 W . ,Y S . ---"N"'w4- .1 R-fra'-,431 M -J' i- J 54145-1 . , , . M w ,,,gg as Y.,-.14 5 Nlgfg...--, - ,, . ' I ' 'iii-lffil-55-ff. :gf '-1471. . - ff-74 Q' .A 'Q " - .fault-'4,.e "Q.Q4xf eff ggi- A . .FLA . ' :fP'!'.f.' ' A ' ' . ft' .tu tiff ' -" f 'f 5. 1 ' ,L 5- A , X K ' 442923. A " yu if 'im . .T "' Y H ' 'f t - .- -114wxlP'f'f'f mv ' wif' 1 .rffs-tf'1f? 11433:-as M -4 2 - .. . 2.1, ,T--gg' f ..,,, Qfrifetfig " 1' I- uf, "A, inf- - , H b ,354 -ft A 'y y' . 1 1 1 f-'rif'fx?itT?15i5f 1 1- if- .. . , xfaflzf digg, 'N gsm Z x , if . gg5,ifx uw, .. .1 2.4311 -gg. . Q gf 3 --fp- mai' I-w,,,.w-rj,-1.45, , 'fax ft' -t 4?-ff-ttf --S+- if Q' Jiri. f. f Q.. x,-241:-Kg 14" f f? ' " If tf'f'w1?.75- ITN golf greeneville newport jefterson city greeneville johnson city daniel boone rogersville jetterson city m-h west north greene south greene johnson city daniel boone newport rogersville me lost won won lost lost lost won won lost won won lost lost won won baseball newport johnson city sullivan central greeneville newport Kingsport enfvin bristol bristol sullivan central greeneville rutledge enfvin elizabethton elizabethton sullivan east sullivan east kingsport m-h west m-h west johnson city m-h west maury fTI2l ll'V track me elizabethton 39 56 news sentinel relays blue devil relays middlesboro 17 58 abdingdon relays lakeway relays varsity girls basketball sevierville chucky-doak gatlinburg-pittman newport everette west greene gatlinburg pittman south greene m-h west jefferson city tuscola m-h west chucky-doak rutledge north greene jefferson city west greene north greene everette south greene fl 511 571 382 435 584 644 404 485 495 434 426 574 515 48-'E 367 544 685 387 654 423 b-team girls basketball cross country me bulls gap won 'kingsport lost m-h west won johnson city won elizabethton won m-h west won ewvin won greeneville won sullivan east won sullivan central lost bristol won chuckey-doak gatlingburg-pittman everette south greene m-h west jeiterson city m-h west chuckey-doak rutledge north greene jefferson city west greene north greene 34 3. 35 1 3. 4! 3. 51 31 5l 52 36 41 41 arsity boys basketball me evierville 71 77 ristol 58 51 ulls gap 49 68 ewport 57 68 ingsport 96 54 iristol 61 66 rwin 65 82 lreeneville 60 48 ullivan east 60 66 'n-h west 68 52 efferson city 69 71 ullivan east 70 79 thristmas tournament 1 st :Jhnson city 73 59 uscola 61 74 n-h west 71 72 :ingsport 61 73 rrwin 61 37 elizabethton 62 38 efterson city 77 81 sullivan central 65 63 jreenville 67 54 ohnson city 59 60 elizabethton 66 83 tullivan central 63 70 newport 61 70 newport 61 70 varsity football erwin clinton kingsport sullivan east johnson city greeneville sullivan central bristol elizabethton m-h west wrestling university high mcminn central daniel boone notre dame tyner carter morristown invitational central invitational halls johnson city m-h west mcminn central john battle johnson city mcminn county bristol district tournament me 43 45 47 21 15 51 2nd 4th 42 35 48 1 8 28 32 52 55 1 -'il :J-team boys basketball me aristol 28 30 1ewport 40 51 :ulls gap 27 34 cingsport 54 30 Jristol 38 29 erwin 38 42 greeneville 42 33 sullivan east 40 33 n-h west 31 55 sullivan east 30 33 ohnson city 42 40 uscola 40 46 n-h west 29 49 Kingsport 51 46 erwin 40 48 alizabethton 32 36 :ullivan central 40 41 jreeneville 41 39 ohnson city 42 32 alizabethton 30 40 sullivan central 53 47 Iewpori 55 58 freshman football sevierville n. johnson city greeneville rogersville s. johnson city eagleton erwin m-h west swimming bristol david crockett sullivan central kingsport sullivan east david crockett daniel boone sullivan central jefferson city kingsport sullivan east dalton, ga. daniel boone jefferson city 1 15 37 91 91 67 for. for. 86 76 1 02 for. 82 for. 87 me 63 1 27 75 74 1 07 won won 86 91 52 won 90 won 86 sw' ,'l..l sprints, ldnes, clocks Totalling twenty-seven members from M-H East, M-H West, and Mor- ristown Junior High, the Morristown Swim Team initiated its training at the beginning of the 1973-74 school year. Performance required workouts four times a week at the Morristown Boys Club. These work- outs consisted of drills such as sprints, stroke perfections, dive and turn techniques, and swim-offs. These performance drills enable the swimmers to strengthen their swimming skills. The 1974 fliers, with the help and experience of Coach William Lan- dry, former Chattanooga swimming star, compiled more victories than in their past seasons combined. After dual victories over David Crockett, the fliers were handed their first loss by Sullivan Central. The Fliers came back to defeat other top teams. With the combined effort of the three schools, the Mor- ristown Fliers recorded their most successful season. ..,,.,,, .... M... M,.M,,,,,...,. .... ..,.-.,.,.,,. ..,,,,W,.A4q-' 4.sW,....,......,..,.......,.,,...,., if M I I 'A Swim W3 Q qTop lefty M-H EAST SWIM TEAM MEMBERS: QFront rowj Patricia Whalen, Anna Zyss, and Coach William Landry. CBack rowj Keith Welch, Ricky Self, Doug Brown, and Johnny Bible. CT op rightj Keith Welch perfects his racing dive. CCen- terj Coach William Landry times Johnny Bible on his breaststroke. CBottomJ Keith Welch pull: ahead of his opponent to win the 100 mete freestyle. fdifh, effort, v-i-c-f-o-r-y There will always be skeptics when anything is termed "the most surpris- ing" or "the best ever." But, there are very few who would raise a voice to dispute the statement that this season's Hurricane football team was the surprise element in statewide foot- ball competition. Echoes of sportscasters and news reporters can still be heard, saying that M-H East and Erwin will battle for the bottom seat in the Big Nine Confer- ence. But Coach Dale Ftose didn't quite see it that way. Facing a three year record of twenty-two consecutive losses, Coach Ftose proclaimed what his team would do. Skeptics came out of hiding. After the Hurricanes' first four games, their first four victories, people began to believe. The barren stadium, once neglected by the public, began to fill. Coach Rose was supported by believers. During their fifth game, dis- aster struck the Hurricanes. They saw victory flee as fast as a referee's flag can be drawn from his pocket. Three weeks later, with a 6-1 record, the Hur- ricanes were again plagued with the same fatality, with films proving that the team was rapaciously deprived of tide-turning touchdowns. The M-H East football team was still followed by believers. They finished their season with a 7-3 record. Not the best record, but the best team. They believed in themselves. -- editorial. 'lt t y 3l injuries, ogony, deferminoflon Roaring crowds and cheering fans spurred the 1973 M-H East football team to an impressive football season. Facing a record of 22 consecutive lzg losses, the M-H East team was rated p H the underdog in all of its contests. r Closing the campaign with a 7-3 -W t 1 record, the Hurricanes became one of t t ssltt 35 ,K X the most surprising teams in the state. X r , , ftyl QW Swj ' , W t ti The only teams who managed to fell s .cf l , g C , 'lf ' Ry XF W the Hurricanes were Tennessee High , Q i lalt ,g tti QC of Bristol, Johnson City, and M-H s g, ,t gstt l X West. George Fugate reaped All-State it Q ffggf tirr, it 5 ,,, if 5' ' , M M and All-Big Nine honors while Head ,iss tili iff i L A Q tg Coach Dale Rose earned Coach-ot- it X yi the-Year in the Big Nine Conference. i E , I . J ' .l t , K I ifx at :vt ,Ag mill w lil 48 COpposite page bottom leftj SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE HURRICANE FOOTBALL TEAM: John Watson, Steve Peoples, Stanley Stewart, Dwight Wolfe, Greg Manning, Jack Rickman, Richard Garrett, Larry Lowe, Tim Oakes, George Fugate, Mike Jinks, and Wayne Mason. COpposite page bottom righty David Easterly and Cecila Welch ask All-Stater George Fugate for his autograph. COpposite page topj John Watson does a stretching exercise to Iimber his legs before a game. CBottomJ George Fugate reviews the starting line-up with TSSAA officials. CBelowD The Hurricane offensive line prepares to execute another play. CLeftJ Thoughts of a winning sea- son bring a smile to Coach Rose's face. CUpper lefty Quarterback Chip Hill calls the thirty-six option play. xv, gg 'IL . Q s- .. . , ,L .i Q, V.: 6 we w, W JM . ff 4 wx 'S 4542: ,, wa www swf-fewb, , - z ef! 1 5 , 4 ' 3 H . 5 x 2 Q , , Qin! Football is . . . Football is crisp autumn air and the shrill of a whistle. . . . it is sitting in the whirl- pool with a bruised back . . . it is the remote silence in the dressi ng room at game time . . . it is hearing the roar of the crowd while you're running i onto the field . . . it is the thud of crashing shoulder pads . . . it is the grinding of noses in the dirt . . . it is being trampled and kicked by an opponent . . . it is plowing YOUR man under . . . it is the winning kick that splits the uprights . . . it is drudgery . . . it is GLORY Peter Cantwell l " tif., . Q r M, g,,, fig, 51 ,ssf ' V . ., issst i trsl s .Iii J 1 . f ..,,: V, fy I I I K K ,, rn gy ' . ix j V ' ,655 ,',- .. g 'xi' " if ' A a f 3 !-if fr l sy l 7 ef' Qi ir. f gf l 'aff-K i 4 ,b K x W A Lkg., V D' fn 12 K , 5 3 - A .- i A - ., . l' 5 1 T' V if l Q, Z ' I I ,' 7.5 4 ld 41. l 'tt it ' it i l 0 h h 2- 'Q I + 4 treshmcin: proctice, blitz, glory M-H East Freshman Football team, under the guidance of coaches Jim Hughes and William Landry, produced a 7-1 worksheet for the 1973 season. Grueling practice hours and pre-sea- son scrimmages prepared the baby Canes for their record breaking sea- son. Collecting a four game winning streak from their first four conflicts, the Hurricanes were finally upset by South Johnson City. M-H East quickly rebounded and vanquished the remainder of their opponents, leaving M-H East with their best seasonal record in eight years. QM' . ,-- ,, ,,V,LV CTopJ Halfback Mike Wilder runs twenty-three yards for a Hurricane touchdown. CAbovej FRESHMAN TEAM: CFirst rowy Dale Cobb, Tom Hodge, Eric Clark, Jim Bewely, Tim Horner, Mike Wilder, and Coach Jim Hughes. CSecond rowj Jim Ftedden, Cutis Moore, Jim Brummelt, Mile Daily, Jeff Leach, and Paul Davidson. CThird 52 rowj Don Ftogers, Anthony Holloway, Tom Helms, Mike Harville, Larry Misir, Lynn Travis, David Alderage, Chip Howington, Dan Vess, and Ralph Sheppard. CFtigh0 Coaches Jim Hughes and William Landry await the outcome of a third down play. f"s. Xu.. Az . ... f' "A' f 1 , . f,:- i -fi. f'f -vig - ,.,, :rwaitg i fwf,,- vi: ff,. 'cy ' " L " ' f ff A' fe , , .7 vile ,, E ig -ff I A f U fy' T 2 , - ' JW , if 1" 50- if i' Wjfifi , ',,. V - ,,,V K . 5 , ,,,,, ,,., ' ig' F ,,,,, , .Ml 3 f , . ,, i' f A V 2 W I . ,,,V V , M E . pq 5 ,C I '25 V7 'T if ,I -if it X 3, L ,V ,S " T '-,N ,,,,., .W .. ., ,,,,, ., ... .1 6- fAboveJ Coach Richard Price, Scotty Carmi- Ezell, James Braziel, Wayne Woody, and Max chael, Eddie Collins, Ronnie Haney, Bobo Simp- Cook. son, Eddie Mills, Ricky Lee, Steve Smith, Steve voirsity: fouls shoestrings Eddie Collins, Bobo Simpson, Eddie Mills, Max Cook, James Braziel, and Scotty Carmichael guided M-H East basketballers to a 14-O season. Hurri- canes claimed the Morristown Invita- tional Tournament title with a win over the M-H West Trojans. ln that tourna- ment Eddie Collins was the Most Valu- able Player. Eddie Mills, Eddie Collins, and BoBo Simpson were named to the All-Tournament Team. is' CTopJ Eddie Mills prepares to toil a M-H West scoring attempt. C!-Xboveb Coach Price points out useful defensive moves. K! COpposite page bottom rightb Pre-game warm- ups allow Eddie Mills to exhibit his dunking abil- ity. QOpposite page bottomh Scotty Carmichael leads the Hurricanes to their warm-up drill, tOpposite page top rightj Steve Smith listens to the play corrections made by Coach Price dur- ing halttime. COpposite page topj Outstepping his opponents, Eddie Collins strikes an easy basket, CBottom rightj James Braziel eyes the net from the outside corner. QBelovvj Towering above Tennessee l-ligh's center, Eddie Mills directs the ball toward Eddie Collins. CLettJ Bobo Simpson releases his hook against the M-H West Trojans. y i f' . ff , X 'Wu-uv' sw. ,J ' i --is . - 5, 4 vw M. ., .. V ,.,tvv"""' X - , ft' ' arc: Q' ""'s'-Mft-fn-+3 QMy,.,.,-.mfw ,mg A M,kN,,c, C V - rr' W -, 1 , ,is . we 4 vo rsity boys basketball 9,06 .1 naw X b-tedm: rebounds, buckets M-H East B-teamers, guided by Coach Jim Hughes, bounced to a 12- 10 season. At the Greenevllle-hosted B-Team Tournament, M-H East was placed in final competition by defeat- ing Surgoinsville and Rogersville. Rusty Rouse and Dennis Sturm were named as All-Tournament Players. fTopj B-TEAM SQUAD: CKneelingJ Rusty Rouse, Gregg Wolfenbarger, Tom Pate, Mark Cook, Billy Brlttian, Jim Wampler. CStandingJ Mark Elli- son, Dennis Sturm, Rodney Kyle, Roderick Mills, Larry Hampton, and Stan Harville. CAboveJ Rebounds belong to M-H East. fRightj Rusty Rouse shoots for two points while Dennis Sturm screens a pressing opponent. 56 ...namsulvl .,,,.-F-and-li ...-.una-vb s .y-W' as R 4 'tn freshman: lump shots, fundamentals Stressing fundamental basketball, Coach William Strunk led the Fresh- man team to a 5-10 season. A key vic- tory for the M-H East Frosh was the 37-34 defeat of M-H West. For the first time, Freshmen hosted an Invitational Tournament in which they placed fourth, trailing Jefferson High, John- son City, and Rogersville. ,,,,,. ,W Qi at fTopJ Eric Lambeck maneuvers through the M-H West defense. CLeftj M-H West player unsuc- cessfully attempts to block Lynn Travis's jump shot.'CAbovej FRESHMAN SQUAD: Joe Bates, Larry Musick, Randy Ramsey, Lynn Travis, David Aldridge, Eric Clark, Mike Wilder, Roder- ick Burnside, Carroll Thompson, Chuck Brown, and David Brummitt. CFar rightj Leslie Buchanan makes a fast break for the basket. flfiighlj Debbie Johns looks for an open team mate. CBelowJ VARSITY SQUAD: Carolyn Canter, Cheryl Cleek, Katherine Saw- yer, Leslie Buchanan, Jill Overholt, Rene Har- ville, Teresa Bucca, Donna Hopkins, Debbie Johns, Pam Wisecarver, Marty Hale, Tina Hens- ley, and Susie Thomason. 2 f S ml H ..,. ,, , l ,LR x f wh -4-,-r 7'x .g 'Q y JM, l l l ,l X14 Q f??5y"' 3' voirsity: summer prcictice, cidiustment The summer of 1973 proved to be a period of adjustment for the Hurrican- ette basketball team. Hours of practice drills in addition to a summer basket- ball camp better acquainted team members with their new coach, Mr. William l-lux. Seniors Leslie Buchanan and Teresa Bucca guided the inexperi- enced squad to their 6-13 season. Debbie Johns led the 'Canettes in scoring. F tx 2 5 X Q 'r if I ,S -,Q V. -2 1 I V 44 Vkry, W .,,, V ,V ..,,, ,.. ,t,. -f - , s 'lin ug., CTopJ Coach Bill l-lux explains defense tactics to guards Teresa Bucca and Carolyn Canter. qFtightJ Teresa Bucca avoids M-H West guard Suzanne Barbre's defense by passing the ball to the inside. CAboveJ Hurricanettes set up for an inside play. varsity girls bosketboll 3 I Q 2 1 Q 5 i s 5 x i U 2 fTopJ Coach Hux instructs his team on seconm quarter strategy. CAbove leftj Debbie John attempts to drive past an opposing M-H Wes guard. fAboveJ Pam Wisecarver, guardem closely by a M-H West defender, prepares for a lay-up. b-tedm: gudrd court, dribble With several new additions to their schedule, the girls B-team compiled a 9-7 record. Gaining experience throughout the season, the team con- cluded with a 6 game winning streak. With the guidance of Coach William Hux, the girls B-team learned tactics for future endeavors. fTopJ M-H East gets the upper hand in the tip oft of the East-West game. fLettj Debbie Mills over- comes M-H West defender tor a prospective two points. CAbovej B-TEAM SQUAD: Mary Kyle Jackson, Debbie Mills, Linda McMahan, Angela Fisher, Charlene Haney, Donna Thompson, Sammy Broyles, Barbara Breeding, and Tammy Wilson. KennyDubose. BMyVWMams U. BHlSharpe... Terry Manning . . Jerry Grooms. . . Howard Croxdale Steve Cruey A... JamesRogem . Robenirent .... Mike Davis , . . HennanCoMns. Richard Garrett . LanyLowe .... . . . . .98-100 lbs. ....105Ibs. ....112Ibs. ....119Ibs. ....119Ibs. ....126Ibs. ....132Ibs. ....14OIbS. ....145Ibs. ....155Ibs. ....167Ibs. .,.... 185 ibs. Heavy Weight CRighU Heavyweight Larry Lowe scores a near pin against his opponent from Carter High. CBeIowJ Referee gives Kenny Dubose two points foraturn. are whiff? , . Jrwaag- 62 decisions, pins, district Matmen claimed the District l Cham- pionship for the second consecutive year. The 11-3 record was the best in the history of wrestling at M-H East. Robert Trent was undefeated during the regular season. Regional Tourna- ment participation placed Billy Wil- liams and James Rogers in contention for state titles in Nashville. Larry Lowe, Mike Davis, and Billy Williams achieved a three-way tie for the fastest pin, 17 seconds, on record at M-H East. Wrestlers were coached by Greg McCall. MMM. CTopj Gaining points from a reversal, Billy Wil- liams takes the match on a decision. CLeftj Before the final decision in the 112 Ib. weight class, Bill Sharpe shakes hands with his McMinn County opponent. QAbovej B-TEAM: Clineelingj Brad McCall Cmascotj Danny Dickerson, Jimmy Bewley, Steve Walker, Gordon Toney, Terry c.,.,.,..c..-- Reese, William Dickerson, Terry Manning, Tim Horner, Jeff Hench, and Dave Redden, VARSITY TEAM: CStanding5 Billy Williams, Jerry Grooms, Mike Davis, Richard Garrett, Larry Lowe, Robert Trent, Herman Collins, Howard Croxdale, Bill Sharpe, Steve Cruey, James Rogers, and Coach Greg McCall. enthusiosm, routines right-on's The 1973-1974 Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleading squads boosted team and school spirit through pep ral- lies and during athletic events. During the school year the cheer- leaders aroused spirit by making pos- ters, introducing new cheers, and per- forming skits. The Varsity squad gen- erated enthusiasm for the varsity con- tests, while the Junior Varsity squad promoted B-team and freshman activi- ties. The task of being a spirit-spreader was perpetual. ln August the squads attended summer camp at Tennessee Tech, in Cookeville. They received one superior and three excellent ratings for their precision and enthusiasm in cheering. I .. If 1 CTopj Varsity Cheerleaders express their enth siasm during M-H East-McMinn County wre tling match. CAbovej Jr. Varsity Cheerleade anticipate the next move of Bill Sharpe in th 112 pound weight class. 1 QS . Miz- ' T51 Q gn-5-I uxivy lil ,iv Q3 CBottomJ VARSITY CHEERLEADING SQUAD: CRight front to backj Terry Combs, Dana Wil- liams, Mindy Norton, Becky Harville, Captain. CLeft from to backj Sherry Combs, Michelle Cupp, Lisa Wallace, Lynn Fuson. CBeIow rightj JFK. VARSITY CHEERLEADING SQUAD: Cheree Leonard, Mary Ann Trent, Karen Bible. CBeIow lefty Varsity Cheerleaders await the arrival of the M-H East Hurricanes. CLeftJ Karen Bible and Mary Ann Trent discuss routines for coming games. 1 6 L, 13 T . iii 54 . +- vs .k, , -v 3 'Q -f fi , .. , Y 'Mau . ' ' dh' Wg: -x K 4 0 he Q' if , . . ,, V. , I 'S-1 ,, 'Fi Q If +1-49' L X Y 'Y "' D A 1,5 :- s Q7 I. . . . gyzxtillifg 2. ba.: it Q? '14 'fy A' I 65' "Jafar-Q ?4114I2I.S:f: M txgf Q 004' l 'rQf 1 "4ljv' 83" fy ' o QQ? Y' 'Vw AVE c Ve Okpggm by fd V. it Qu concert choir - iubildte deo, tours M-H East Choir members combined individual abilities to become a group worthy of public attention. Under the direction of Mr. Randolph Adams, mental and physical conditions condu- cive to correct singing were estab- lished. ln late November, choir members journeyed to the West Town Mall in Knoxville where they presented a pro- gram of Christmas music. Concert Choir performed in several concerts including the annual Christmas Con- cert and the annual Spring Concert. The Choir taped a television program for WTVK in Knoxville, which was aired in December. The combined Concert Choir of M-H East and M-H West was selected as an alternate choral group to tour Europe and Flomania. Selection was based upon an audition tape which was sent to Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. QV 5 , Qi x Rx ssh 68 we ' 'Ma 'Wd ,-,,' ' fm COpposite page topj The direction ot Mr. Ran- dolph Adams results in many expressions from Choir members. fOpposite page Ieftj M-H East and M-H West Choir members blend their musi- cal talents in an etfort to reach perfection. fAbove Ieftj Karen Easterly and Debbie Golden exercise during classtime to improve singing abilities. CAbovej The Concert Choir entertains the public with a variety of choral music at the annual Christmas Concert. QLeftJ Pam Watson has her future foretold by Mrs. Grady Atkins at the Harvest Festival. bond -tryouts performonces M-H East Hurricane Band became a vital portion of many school activities. During sports events and pep rallies the band encouraged enthusiasm and student participation. Members of the band comprised the orchestra for the Junior-Senior Play. M-H East Band was also presented in the annual Christmas Concert. ln preparation for a year of perform- ances, members were instructed in new field formations at summer camp at Banner Elk, North Carolina. Hurricane Band competed inthe Southeastern Band Festival, Bristol, Tennessee, and in the Western Caro- lina University Marching Band Festival held at Cullowhee, North Carolina. The marching band, flag corps, rifle corps, majorettes, and drum major each received a superior rating at the contest. X Rss' arf 7"-R, -Q., '-5:--z CTopJ Managers Denny Buchanan and Dusty Southerland review pieces ot band music, CAboveJ Officers meet to discuss upcoming band competitions. QRightD Drum Majorette She- lia Mick salutes the flags preceding a band per- formance. E'-' x uses? CBottomJ The Hurricane Band completes the featured Sunburst formation during a hall-time show. CLeffJ Lynn Seahorn, Maura Mickalonis, Gail Broyles, and Terri Morelock, the color guard, lead the Hurricane Band into another halt-time penormance. CBeIowJ Paula CoIdweII's melopnone reflects the formations of a prize- winning band, f...f...f X if :Ll Q 6 31' "'-sr .- I r' fig., if 1"?'-tm KM, - ? 2-'iw ,Q '.r'fP x., f 'PZ .auf flu Q-23,2 .5 PX 4-ff' ,pr . V 'VP Jwigfg A ff ..?5"'mf 8' ' , dvrw K v ,U la ' competition, dnxlety, GXCS 9 fl C9 During the month of May, the M-H East Hurricane Band was awarded the first place trophy at the 1973 Preak- ness Showcase of Music in Baltimore, Maryland. The compet tion involved eight of the nation's finest high school eks after the We nds. Two ba U9 hi FC ima l'OdUC6f Of Varley, p Roberi BSS, C Show the ed ni S9 stival pre Fe FSHKUGSS P he 1 the solid silver and walnut school with trophy which was valued at S4,000.00. ...M-f" a t Q. , lr J-,ft 8- all lg.. 1.9-Nxt L4 5 '51,- f L A-55' g. .R ll: phlml in ' ,AM A- ..'f ' 1 4 , . ..- Q n I 5 K , ' 0 .gl 'nf' ,Q xc A C . P Y 'Q 't f'Q QQ ful.: r rf 5 if 1 r 0 , njrotc - orders, drills, uniforms Cadets in the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Course discovered the importance of leadership and cooperation. Classes were divided into four platoons. Each cadet enrolled received one-half credit for participa- tion in the course one hour each day. Lieutenant Commanders Ben Scott and John Deaton selected cadet offi- cers on the basis of their participation, co-operation, and leadership in class. Cadets were involved in many activi- ties throughout the year. Special Vet- erans Day events included participa- tion of the NJROTC drill team in the annual Morristown parade. The Naval Aviation Choir was present at a special program in the M-H East auditorium. Navy Admiral Graham Tahler also spoke. NJROTC color guard presented the flags at the beginning of each home football game. NJROTC entered a float and the drill team participated in the Morristown Christmas Parade. Plans were made for a swimming team and a field trip in the spring. 74 1- 'i -,,,.q9 P X , fOpposite page topb Morristown's first NJROTC adds uniqueness to the Veteran's Day parade. COpposite page bottomj NJROTC ofticers are issued orders concerning future events by Lieu- tenant Commander Scott. CFar lefty Cadets Ron- nie Floberts, Petie Blevins, Ricky Johns, and Martin Hawkins present the flags prior to a home football game. CLel0 Platoon Commander Charles Cobb calls cadence during classtime drills. CBelowJ Cadets practice military precision in preparation for inspection. t 1 Y ""'+,'x" -..-r N .eff . .r,-- t Q. 4' ,fy Q . -J .rs .aa '5'f?-5512" -Q-?"ftQ,f8, an ' ' -2+ Ra: '. if 4... '43 75 Lx QOpposite page bottom rightb Melanie Hime col- lects the initial ITAKHA deposit from Bridget Flay as Elaine Sluss calls roll. COpposite page bottom leftj Myra Pate explains to Susie Mills the correct way of typing on finals. COpposite page topy Jimmy Bradley and Lynne Gibson check a ship- ping order before it is sent to the publisher. CBot- tom lefty Mrs. Barbara Ftobinson, lTAKHA advi- sor, checks final layout material. CBottom righty Olga Breedlove and Linda Mefford total advertis- ing contracts. QBelowQ Sally Phillips compares student indices with her own files. CBelow rightj Mike Mefford makes a final check on his crop- ping before he turns his layout in. CFtightJ Char- lene Byard and Martha Ann Lee record their photography orders. ,ir-f' I 39019 ,,.-M' ,.,s,,,.,as04" ITAKHA--creofivity highlights, memories ITAKHA staff members utilized new ideas and techniques for covering the exciting highlights of the 1973-74 school year. Members of the staff learned that producing an interesting and creative yearbook demands much time and hard work. Section editors attended a yearbook seminar in April, 1973, and the Taylor Publishing Company Workshop held at Tennessee Wesleyan College in August. The mock yearbook produced while at the Workshop received a first runner-up trophy. hurricane - glue, editorials, artwork Staff members attained their goal of enlightening issues of the HURRI- CANE. The newspaper made M-H East students more aware of current school affairs such as club meetings, sports events, and other activities through many compositions and special fea- tures. In August, Mike Jinks and Joi Lester attended a journalism clinic at the Uni- versity of Tennessee. They attended classes and acquired information and new ideas for improving the HURRI- CANE. COpposite page top lefty Linda Bible brightens the Hurricane room atmosphere by painting the bookshelf. fOpposite page top righty Renee Hodge assembles pages of the HURRICANE prior to its sale. COpposite page bottom lefty Joi Lester and Lynn Fuson prepare the newspaper for publication at the glue box. COpposite page bottom rightj Linda Bible points out a typing error to Terry Combs. CAbove righty Sherry Combs, Mike Jinks, Joi Lester, and Bill Fulling- ton check articles which are ready for publica- tion. fRightJ Mike Jinks and Mr. Murrell Weesner proofread a copy of the HURRICANE. 78 Wim LS' -- ,.. 2 X' cam' UMIST! 5 I 1 , .. J 2? .4-Q, 2 mf ng , f ' 'w I af- , fu., " A pf 2. 5 Q1 5 wk. student council - hcind books, donces, open house Student Council members assumed the task of organizing activities for the student body throughout the school year. Through the publication of the 1973-1974 Student Handbook in Sep- tember, the Council promoted student awareness of school activities. During Homecoming Week in October, the Student Council encouraged school spirit by assigning special activities for each day. Other activities coordinated by the Council were Harvest Festival, Open House, Christmas door decorat- ing, and several dances. llllll ill! 'T QTopj Tammy Blake, Renee Hodge, Flora Cla- born, and Claudia Hay assemble the 1973-i 974 Student Handbook. CAbovej A student pays his admission tee to Margaret Slabberkorn and Mary Ann Trent at the Harvest Festival. QFilghtJ Billy Brittain and Rhonda Hall take time out to rest during "lt You Care" Open House. ,IZ gqvlpi t . UE CRRE GUIDE CTop Ieftj Becky Harville welcomes parents to open house. CTop rightj Otticers Becky Harville, Debbie Weeks, Steve Cruey, Rhonda Halt, and Mary Ann Trent make plans for a catendar of school events. fAbovej Student Council meets to elect members-at-large. Q-f--' fOpposite page top lefty Gale Williams watches as Paula Coldwell takes careful aim at her "favorite" teacher. COpposite page top rightj Jack Rickman adds the ribbon of the secretary to the Beta Club Rainbow. fOpposite page bot- tomj Miss Angela Loudy leads new members in the recitation of the Beta Club pledge. QFlightQ Tina Sanders, Sharon Barclay, Gregg Gass, Sherry Cummings, Charlene Byard, Susan Jones, and Paula Coldwell collect returnable bottles for Beta Club's fund-raising project. CBelowJ Sally Phillips, Terry Huff, Martha Ann Lee, Susan Swann, Karen Easterly, and Johnnie Gilliland address Christmas cards for patients at the Hallmark Center. CBottomJ Leslie Buchanan tutors Cheryl Mayo in Algebra l. 82 tx. ,xx u5f0a,, U beta - achievement, character Beta Club held two ceremonies for the induction of new members in November under the direction ot a new sponsor, Miss Angela Loudy. Offi- cers performed the symbolic candle- light ceremony at the student body assembly. Parents were invited to attend the formal induction during which new members received their Beta Club certificates. Beta Club sponsored a dart throw at the l-larvest Festival at which pictures of teachers were the targets. Other projects included a Homecoming pos- ter and Christmas door decorating. Members acquired information con- cerning the college plans of lvl-H East juniors for the National Junior Survey. Plans were made for a coke bottle col- lection. COpposite page topy Terry Huff, Karen Easterly, Bill Fullington, and Georgette Guertin select the cast for the Freshman-Sophomore play. COppo- site page bottomj Bill Fullington watches as Becky Jo Weesner attempts to toss the football through a swinging tire at the Harvest Festival. fBelowJ Marina Eaton, Maura Mickalonis, and Bridgett Bay audition for parts in the Freshman- Sophomore play. Clfiightj New members become acquainted with old members at the initiation tea. Mgr' 4? thespions - drclmo, orcitory performcinces Thespians strove to create an active interest in drama among the students at M-H East. Club membership was increased with twenty-three new mem- bers. An initiation tea, in honor of new members, was held in October. ln the spring, Thespian Society presented a Freshman-Sophomore play to the stu- dent body. Thespian Society also sponsored a football throw at the Har- vest Festival. i X E230 CTopJ Tom Testerman sneers as another water balloon is 011 target. Clftightj Club officers Jett Franklin, Chuck Bacon, and Kathy Self ponder Charles Cobb's next move. CBelowJ Members spend an afternoon of concentration and com- petition. chess - concentration, knights, checkmote Chess club began a year of varied activities under the direction of their new sponsor, Mr. William Landry. Members practiced chess skills as a means of developing the mind for bet- ter concentration. Each month a meet- ing was held at which members com- peted ainong themselves or with other clubs. Chess club sponsored a water balloon throw at the Hanlest Festival. T 4 yd, i . vt Q 'Q 'ft A6 6.0.0 M f, : ti,4Bff d AAVV : t,,g V 'W . W' fi U, was f-We -,P XNXCX XX ,ff F... NT fast '31 I 1: 1' amiga .V fr Neem -' CTopj Sharon Barclay, Joi Lester, Sharon Maxey, Tina Sanders, Terri Lipton, and Becky Smith attend church as a group. CAbove rightj Debbie Black waits for another customer to have as rre i R' M, his Funny Foto made at the Harvest Festival. CAboveJ Lisa Wallace, Margaret Slabbekorn, Lisa Fowler, and Susan Swann fill up with gas before journeying to a state convention. olpho tri-hi-y - legislation, funny fotos Alpha Tri-Hi-Y members promoted high standards of Christian character. Members attended a state convention sponsored by YMCA in Nashville where they learned governmental pro- cedures. Balloons were provided by the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y for the annual Homecoming festivities. Tri-Hi-Y spon- sored Funny Fotos at the Harvest Fes- tival. Members frequently attended church as a group in order to promote Christian friendship. beto-tri-hi-y - food bciskets, service, chcircicter Beta Tri-Hi-Y extended high stand- ards of Christian character to the home, school, and community through service projects. Members participated in Harvest Festival, Home- coming Poster Contest, and Christmas Door Decorating Contest. Thanksgiv- ing and Christmas baskets were pre- pared for deserving families. Plans were made tor a rummage sale. CTopj Linda Meftord displays her frisbee-throw- ing skill to Jane Laster at the Harvest Festival, fAboveJ Cindy Reed, Janice Livingston, Kim Ftettenmaier, and Kim Rogers decorate Mrs. Geraldine Campbell's door for the Yuletide sea- son. CAbove rightj Tri-Hi-Y members add deco- rative trimmings to boxes which will be filled with gifts tor deserving families. CRightJ Officers Mel- issa Moore, Regina Dalton, Elaine Samples, and Evelyn Waites receive their Tri-Hi-Y pins from president Connie Helms. M. ffm s, V. f ,ff 'Y .MXAEJ .,..--' 'C' 'f"vi'. K X- W E . 4' te? ,sf A ,. x . wa "ge fi? rv-Xa '1 Topj Renee Hodge and Lisa Fowler help Tracy messages. CAbove righty Patsy Ftomines and ox complete her senior information form. Michelle Cupp answer phones and take mes- Abovej Flose Manning and Pam Simmons sagestor students and faculty. heck students' schedules before delivering office oides - telephones, messages, supplies Office Aides were students who vol- unteered to assist the secretaries by answering telephones, collecting absentee reports, and delivering spe- cial messages and announcements. Aides working in the bookstore sold school materials and helped in han- dling magazine sales, ring orders, and assembly program money. 'gs'?g I .. ig . V ,gy 1 as ,, mi Q.-'nh WAX - K ,ff 2 2 I f A 5 1x,.,,, instructioncil medio - dry mounting Instructional Media Club devoted many hours to making M-l-l East library function more efficiently for faculty and students by improving library serv- ice. Members stimulated the use of audio-visual equipment as well as interest in books and magazines. Members assisted in the processing and repairing of books and helped teachers operate audio-visual aids in classrooms. Members dry mounted and laminated pictures for teachers' bulletin boards and maintained and checked in and out audio-visual mate- rials to teachers. Instructional Media Club sponsored Charlie's Place at the Harvest Festival. Decorations created by members at Christmas and on other holidays brightened the atmosphere ofthe library. 'end-I i L'-1-'-ff i i 'C av' ' I... ve, I 90 Clopb Ronnie Huff demonstrates to Steve Gus- Iiams and Cathy Dyer stamp new books before sisberg the use of a dry mount press as Mr. they are shelved. CAboveJ Debbie Carty reminds James Ftatlift observes. CAbove lefty Linda Wil- Diana Williamson of the fine on overdue books. Bottom rightj Mr. Lowell Carty and Debbie Breen demonstrate the technique used in top- :ling a bowling pin at the Harvest Festival. CBot- om Ieftj Alice Chapman and Brenda Cole pre- mare to duplicate book lists for teachers. CBeIowJ Jfficers finalize plans in anticipation of the next neeting. ,,a tljlf,, p M it fa it aj 7 aw L ..,, M, sll 5 f as it .ilvii-flii gifltif. ,, ff 1' french - picnics projects, ploys French Club aspired to promote interest in the French culture and flu- ency in the French language. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Dora Pratt, began the year with a picnic at Cher- okee Dam. Each French student par- ticipated in project competition spon- sored by the club. Second and third year students attended a French play produced at the University of Tennes- see. At Christmas, the club showed its concern for others in the preparation of a food basket. In the spring, mem- bers traveled to Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina. k -2-17' "ie i -1: ' K Q l S affair !x1X4?:X:?':51Y' ' I W A iff. rfpv' ' ,265 x x .re l -'YF' hr. X "Wilma -'5NQiki. ., 'W' f,,,f, Fmxrls JA,-7 'aa TM 92 CTopj Mindy Norton, Cheree Leonard, Anita if everyone is ready to leave for a picnic at Cher Ryan, and Debbie lsom explain French class okee Dam. projects. CAboveJ Mrs. Dora Pratt checks to see .,.,,. .. A ff iii Af . qv? ,J xr.. W2 at 8 me 4' 5 any K, ak.. so icl - cook-outs, julius Caesar, latin awards Latin interests supported member- ship in the Junior Classical League. Members studied Roman culture and civilization. A year of activities began with a cook-out at the home of the president, Tony Thompson. JCL spon- sored a bake sale at the Harvest Festi- val. Service projects included Thanks- giving and Christmas baskets for deserving families. An award was presented on Honors Day to the most progressive student. CLeftJ Gloria Edmonds, Doug Brown, and Billy Titus entice customers to buy their baked goods at the Harvest Festival. CBelowJ Anita Hamm, Georgann Helton, Flhonda Hall, and Tony Thompson look through books concerning Ftoman culture and civilization. .1 ,t " . 1 gf ur M-.afbfb Xxffq A ers- Sami. . fco - devotion, exomple, morole The Fellowship of Christian Athletes carried out a successful year of events. In order to promote Christian spirit and standards of living among athletes, members gathered to read scripture before all football games. Fund-raising projects included a car- wash during the summer and at Har- vest Festival, the raffle of a football containing the signatures of all football players. fBelowJ Greg Manning interprets the scripture for the homecoming game, "lf God is with you, who can be against you." Clftightj George Fugate signs the football which will be raffled at Harvest Festival. '46 Q lr tx Lt :Bal ,,t,, s t it f ? 111.9111 Topy Brenda Shelton, Tina Sanders, Sue Bran- an, Acoya Ellis, and Robert Van Heest clean we desks in their sponsor's classroom. CAboveJ tharon Barclay, Acoya Ellis, Joi Lester, Joyce tills, and Sue Brannan enjoy a variety ot world- enowned delicacies at the International Dinner. 5-3-'Jf spdnish-pincitcis, internotionol dinner Members of the Spanish Club increased their familiarity with the cus- toms of Spanish speaking people. At the Harvest Festival, the Spanish Club sponsored a booth at which students enjoyed breaking pinatas for prizes. In the fall, members cleaned the desks in the classroom ofthe sponsor, Mrs. Louise Kyker. Members also swept the tennis courts as a clean-up service to the school and community. 7- A-AS si 1 rms-.J ha f"AMd ,ff . , I 2 ily, 1 "4, gr' CAboveJ DECA senior officers are Roger Tooley, Jeannie Long, Debbie Hansard, and Debbie White. CTop rightb President Jeannie Long and Vice-President Roger Tooley look on as district officers Debbie White, Charles Wright, Kathy M X 'fl V 1, "Q , ' 'f' 2' get wr I ' 4 Nw f o,-s 'Hur JW, W 41" if-,,,,. . Davis and Mike James make plans for the distric convention. CAboveJ Marie Long, Glenda Majors, Betty Davidson, Patsy Henderson, ans Bobbie Hartman pack a box with food to bt delivered on Thanksgiving Day. deco - conferenc bonquets, conventions Members of the Distributive Educa- tion Clubs of America from both lvl-l-l East and M-l-l West began a year of activities with a bake sale in Septem- ber. October activities included a trip to Westown Mall and an Initiation ban- quet for new members and officers. Also a delegation of new members attended the annual Leadership Con- ference. l-lighlight of the year was entertainment at the annual Employer- Employee Banquet. Plans were made for attending the District Convention in March. es, CAboveJ Cynthia Seals tries her luck at the DECA Hawest Festival rattle booth as Tennia Griftie and Jeannie Long tell her that it is harder than it looks. CLeft topj Members find amusement in the toys which will soon be available for children through the "Toys for Tots" Program, CLeft bot- tomj DECA junior officers Petie Blevins, Eliza- beth Roach, Gary Soloman, Sandy Pratt, David Miller, and Tennia Gritfie await the bus which will take them to class at M-H West. tho I - comp, recipes, style shows Future Homemakers of America Chapter I began an active year in July as members attended Camp Clements in Sparta, Tennessee. Early in Septem- ber, members modeled their own cre- ations at the TVA Sl I Fair Style Show. Four girls and FHA I sponsor, Mrs. Sue Fox, attended the Varsity Visit at the University of Tennessee to learn about careers in home economics. FHA I joined with other FHA chapters in the initiation of sixty new members and in the second annual Fashion Holiday Show. Other activities included sponsoring the jail at Harvest Festival, making a Homecoming poster, decorating the door of the sponsor at Christmas, and participating in the Morristown Beauti- fication Project. Members compiled a book of favorite recipes collected from M-H East faculty. FHA I members spread Christmas cheer by making fudge for area daycare centers. . -uf' i COpposite page topj Before daylight, Ann Cross, Charlene Byard, Angela Hamm, Susie Mills, and Mrs. Sue Fox prepare to leave for Varsity Visit in Knoxville. QOpposite page bottom leftj Janet Hicks and Rhonda Langston ask Mrs. John Gilli- land if she would like to contribute to the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy drive. fOpposite page bottom rightj Kathy Black, Angela Fisher, Melissa Watterson, and Vickie McGinnis prepare decorations for the Fashion Holiday. fTop leftj State degree earners Flobin Nave, Susie Mills, Angela Hamm, Charlene Byard, and Ann Cross admire the beauty of Cherokee Lake. CAboveJ Before leaving for camp, Susie Mills, FHA I spon- sor Mrs. Sue Fox, and Charlene Byard make a final check to see that everything on their pack- ing lists has been remembered. CLeftJ Amy Combs, Angela Fisher, Evelyn Waites, Gerry Brannon, Kathy Shaver, Susan Weesner, and Katherine Everhart make fudge for area day care centers at Christmas. COpposi'te page bottomj Prior to a meeting, Mel- issa Moore instructs club officers about the opening ceremony. COpposite page topj Rose Stubblefield, Nada Fawver, Patty Wilson, Debbie Mills, Brenda Skelton, Susan Lambert, Jennifer Turner, Melissa Moore, and Donna Hopkins pre- pare badges for new members. CBottomj Jenni- fer Turner leads members in the FHA theme song. fBelowJ Debbie Mills and Melissa Moore sells cokes in the FHA booth at the Harvest Fes- tival. CRightJ Bridget Flay models evening wear in Fashion Holiday. ,J 2339? f' L S95-.+- l i 2 1 ,,,t,.t,, p . l ioo ,gs E 'rn 5 I hx- ,. f A 1 im wr Whig in ,J f X4 'strife K I' K si t z 'gffw-it 5 jig S 1 fho II- new horizons, smiles, foshions Activities in which Future Home- makers of America Chapter ll partici- pated projected the theme "Toward New Horizons." Community service projects included "Smile Saturday" for Muscular Dystrophy and participation in the Morristown Beautification Pro- ject. FHA ll joined with other FHA mem- bers from M-H East and M-H West in the second annual Fashion Holiday Show. Activities also included a Home- coming poster, participation in Harvest Festival, and decoration of the door of the sponsor, Mrs. Margaret Spoone, at Christmas. D' Us ...Af ar- U .miriam X4 ff, , b Is ' " S Z x -1 ji il!!! ,,Vj 1 y 1.L,ig ' M 1 ip I - 5 f 1,0 , ,H ' Q, ' fill, EA Ji. ?l 101 tho lll - fellowship, resolution Future Homemakers of America Chapter lll exercised its purpose of helping individuals improve personal, family, and community life. Members participated in fashion shows, held a family night, and cooperated with the city-wide beautification project. In preparation for a year of activities, the officers, accompanied by Mrs. Mattie Lee DeBusk, FHA Ill sponsor, attended Camp Clements for leader- ship training in July. "Growing Through FHA" was the theme for the 1973-74 year. Special projects and conventions aided in conveying the theme for each month. Lisa Wallace was elected to serve as the Smoky Mountain Subregion Parliamentarian. During the 1973 State Convention, Martha Ann Lee was elected as the Tennessee State East Vice-President. She attended the National FHA Con- vention in Dallas, Texas, and aided in planning the summer camp and 1974 State Convention. Martha Ann also spoke at several local FHA meetings. fOpposite page topb 1972-73 State Degree earners Margaret Slabbekorn, Karen Easterly, Martha Ann Lee, and Cathy Riemke proudly inspect their certificates. COpposite page centerj Susan Swann, Janice Livingston, Karen Sande- fur, and Janet Hinchey select clothes from Parks-Belk in anticipation of the Fashion Holi- day. COpposite page bottomy Mr. Murrell Wees- ner, Terri Thompson, Mrs. John Pate, Jill Over- holt, Mrs. Mattie Lee DeBusk, and Julie Belknap discuss FHA activities at Parent's Night. CBelow leftj Patty Long models a casual ensemble at the annaul Fashion Holiday. CBelowJ Terri Thomp- son and Jill Overholt watch as a student discov- ers the basketball goal is further away than she realized. CLef0 Flora Claborn, Martha Ann Lee, Becky Campbell, Jane Pate, and Lisa Wallace leave tor the fashion show at the TVA :St I Fair. l03 Ho - sweethecirts, public speciking, citizenship Future Farmers of America planned many activities which led to the fulfill- ment of their purpose - attaining leadership, practicing citizenship, and developing social abilities. Through active participation in contests and other club activities, members learned to assume civic responsibility. Contests included trials in parlia- mentary procedure and public speak- ing. The club sponsored their annual sweetheart pageant. Members gained additional experience in crop and dairy judging at Varsity Visit in Knox- ville, at the State FFA Convention in Nashville, and at local and district fairs. l04 COpposite page topj Mr. Phillip Wright empha- sizes qualities to look for when judging a group of hogs. COpposite page bottom lefty Members and advisors add finishing touches to benches constructed for John Hay School. COpposite page bottom rightj Joe Bales, speaking contest winner, addresses the FFA. CLeftJ Eddie Gilbert, Ricky Thomason, Wesley Haun, and Sammy Gil- bert gain additional experience in dairy judging under the direction of Mr. Flay Henegar. CBelowJ FFA members compare various grades ot tobacco during a field trip to the Dixie Ware- house. Xi., J V, ,it 105 sate -teacher appreciation, education Student Action for Education Club was the new name selected for the for- mer Future Teachers of America. Vari- ous activities of the club promoted stu- dent interest in educational careers. Members showed their appreciation for teachers at a tea in December. For their fall clean-up project, members raked leaves from the rear parking lot ot M-H East. Christmas projects included the decoration and entry of a car in the Morristown Christmas Parade. qFZightJ Joan Anderson, Miss Jane Horner, Linda Meftord, Susan Weesner, and Debbie Weeks sweep leaves from the rear parking lot for their clean-up project. fBelowD Bridgett Ray, Linda Meltord, Susan Weesner, Debbie Weeks, Susan Swann, and Toni Whittington serve their spon- sor, Miss Jane Horner, punch during a teacher's appreciation tea. Q-.. -A 'L K f.. -r J ' Tf V" .- , A t, j -- A . -Q4 ' fl X-gl f' ..r- is .. .4 -J 'I' in 106 f'1,'an I ,px 'L-an-3' ..-I' fTopJ Sharon Jones, Melissa Welch, and Marga- ret Slabbekorn enjoy an outing at Panther Creek Park. fAbove lefty Randy Keaton and Herman Collins present a check for twenty-five dollars' worth of gasoline to Truant Oflicer Joe Ftiner. ,,,,,,, ., A CAbove rightj Terry Cupp, J. C. Morris, Howard Groxdale, and Mrs. Francis Stambaugh check on plans and reservations in anticipation of the employer-employee banquet, industrial vicci - iob skills, getting ocquointed Students enrolled in the lndustrial Cooperative Training Program partici- pated in activities ofthe Vocational Industrial Clubs of America throughout the year. For the purpose of club meetings, VlCA was organized as two sections according to work schedules of members. VICA provided members with opportunities for social activities and school-community service. Mem- bers met at Panther Creek Park in the fall for a picnic and to become better acquainted. Harvest Festival project was a raffle of twenty-five dollars' worth of gasoline. l viii Yeiv' I ' l 107 Cosmetology vico - hoirstylists shows, hounteol house Cosmetology students in Vocational Industrial Clubs of America prepared themselves for leadership in the world of work during classtime training and extracurricular activities. Members attended a convention in Knoxville at which many hairstylists demonstrated their skills and new techniques. VICA held an initiation for all new members early in the school year. Members contributed to "Toys for Tots" and sponsored a haunted house at the Harvest Festival. 108 COpposite page topj Melony Haney, Peggy Hayes, Judy Reese, Kathy Kitts, Debbie Kim- brough, and Pam Wampler leave tor a hairstylist showin Knoxville. COpposite page bottomj Karen Davis, Jo Ann Drinnon, Shelia Howington, Natalie Bartee, and Pam Wampler inspect dolls that have been collected for "Toys for Tots." CLel1J Rhonda Rhodes, Lydia Testerman, and Mrs. lrene Fain make plans for new member initi- ation. CBeIow leftj Jo Ann Drinnon attempts to haunt this house at Harvest Festival. CBeIowJ Officers Carolyn Kyle, Rhonda Shipley, Pam Wampler, Debbie Kimbrough, Peggy Hayes, Melony Haney, and Yvonne Treece welcome parents to the new member orientation. l if i gf y-teens - opples initidtion Y-Teens spread Christian attitudes throughout the school. An initiation supper for new members was held in November. In addition to participation in the Harvest Festival, members pre- pared a fruit basket at Thanksgiving and decorated the door of their new sponsor, Mrs. Phyllis Shaver, at Christ- mas. In order to promote Christian fel- lowship, club members attended church as a group during the year. 110 L- COpposite page topj Diana Williamson, Patty Wil- son, Susie Williams, and Joanna Morgan pre- pare to deliver a Thanksgiving basket. fOpposite page bottomh Debbie Green gives a report ol the club's recent expenditures at a business meet- ing. CAbove lefty At the formal initiation, Sherry Cummings welcomes Mrs. Phyllis Shaver, new Y-Teens advisor. CAboveJ Diana Williamson watches anxiously as a customer attempts to bite the apple at the Y-Teens Harvest Festival Booth. CLeftJ Pam Simmons lights a symbolic candle as she pledges her service to the club. IH anchor - dedication leadership, dependability Anchors devoted many hours of service to the Morristown community. During the summer, members taught swimming lessons at the Boys' Club. Anchors cheered patients at the Doc- tors' Hospital as they visited weekly with a cart from the hospital's gift shop. Many children at the Aveyron Day Care Center were delighted with a Christmas party given by Anchor. Anchor began an active year by helping in the school office and serv- ing the annual salad luncheon to Mor- ristown faculty' members. Members attended the Hillcrest Baptist Church, saved Campbell's Soup labels for Hill- crest School, and sponsored a cake walk at the annual Harvest Festival. M- H East Anchor presented the program at the Pilot-Anchor Christmas Dinner. Lynne Gibson and Robin Nave rep- resented the club at the Freedom's Foundation at Valley Forge, Pennsyl- vania. Lynne and Robin visited many historical sites and heard several inter- esting speakers. The seminar was sponsored by Pilot International. 'I12 COpposite page topj Tammy Elkins and Maura Miokalonis prepare to visit patients at the Doc- tors' Hospital. COpposite page bottomj Jane Pate presents a home-baked cake to winner Terry Huff at the Harvest festival cake walk. Clfar lefty Susan Rouse and Susan Jones prepare refreshments for Anchors and guests at a fall program meeting. 1LeftJ Joan Anderson models an ensemble from Dawson's Womans' Shop at the September program meeting. fBelowJ John- nie Gilliland, Myra Pate, Melanie Hime, Tammy Elkins, Susan Rouse, Anita Ryan, Julie Phillips, Julie Belknap, Maura Mickalonis, Flora Claborn, Kay Thomason, and Becky Jo Weesner enact "The Twelve Days of Christmas" at the Pilot- Anchor Christmas Dinner. 491 I 'II3 COpposite page topj Beth Dafterner and Myra Pate persuade Patty Gracey to buy a raffle ticket at Harvest Festival. COpposite page centery Mike Metford, Tommy Glenn, Charles Cobb, and Terry Huff set up equipment in preparation for the Red Cross Bloodmobile visit to Talley Ward. COpposite page bottomj Georgette Guertin dis- cusses tuture plans with club members. CBot- tomj Terry Huff, Karen Maxey, Jane Laster, Susan Collier, and Mike Mefford arrange a Christmas basket for a needy family. fBelowJ Sally Phillips, Mrs. Linda Chesney, Regina Dal- ton, Charles Cobb, and Georgette Guertin use the scrapbook to review the events of summer camps. fRightJ Kathy Shaver, Regina Dalton, and Terri Thompson represent their club in the Christmas Parade. red cross - bloodmobiles, stuffed onimols Red Cross Council members served the community by aiding the UNICEF drive, preparing a food basket at Christmas, and assisting the Red Cross Bloodmobile program. Red Cross entered the Homecoming Pos- ter Contest and rattled two stuffed ani- mals at the Harvest Festival. Members made a float for the annual Morristown Christmas Parade. toec - Hogs, slove clciy, clericol skill M-H East Chapter of Tennessee Office of Education Clubs collected clothes for needy children at Judson S. Hill School. Members participated in "lf You Care" Open House and col- lected food items for a Thanksgiving basket in November. At the end of each semester, TOEC sponsored Slave Day, a day on which members demonstrated clerical skill as they assisted teachers. TOEC donated American Flags for all M-H East class- rooms on Honor's Day in April. fTopb Sandra Daniel, Jackie Holtsinger, Cindy King, Sherry Shierry, and Debbie Presley sort clothes to be given to Judson S. Hill School. CAbovej Donna Ftawlett and Sharon Parker meet the state TOEC President Larry Mathis at the state convention in Nashville, flftightj Becky Haun, Cindy Wice, Debbie Gibson, Darlene Watts, Patsy Romines, and Katherine Harrell prepare a Thanksgiving basket. 'l'l6 ,ll S, RPF? . 3--1 Y . ., -vlrmwfl.-Q:-3? .L 'gf 1 1 , 4 W' 3' W. X , 39252: A ' , gig ,. :-mg2S3'?' ' - V , .A., . .,,. N 'di' f' " ,4 -ffgw, ,-,L - . ML ' ' ,LW, W- ' " ' , , ,,.,,g ,Qllwf iw Kiefer in all l W-'W""" 1 Q .v"' W.. ,:,.-4""' ' .0-3,2 W, W ,Q Aff . f, - , my 1 'I ! 'Ti ss, 8 M,-ff" -v"""" 44" --,:"'f -l9"' I-72' ,4-4 ',,'-""-4 I' X. ,. CQ 1 s :T ,- .Ex X K W R5 ' J-' -1 4:x lg A gs4..ugY,v,,ff f A' xx, mvbw 7... '6 l X in 'n I D Vdmuwl XX -l- :ix s" XY Q wi 1 -,XO if U . is 1 , 1-my I if - K Q" Wow. N ' I YU' X ' C r Y ' sf '. 45 'fe A I lu ' ' X' 'r Q - 1 . . 'X 06 X 5 ' 1 -6" N ' ro" ,9 if I f Q b . xx " ' 653' 'X ' iq ' 'tts' s N x xt -it ' ' X X' x X X N S lv- Y 1 X Q O O 5 4 'Iii v K ' 'l 4 'O F ' .Ona a I l O ' 'I' ' 'H f ' . , , y - . f n 1 .1 4 nf, , I ' If f ' , r 9 mmm blueprints, funding, progress Morristown City Schools fulfilled a dream which had been many years in formulating. Three Kindergartens, new language arts classes, increased speech and hearing services, new reading programs, and improved physical education classes were intro- duced in the elementary schools. NJROTC and a new senior English program were started at M-H East. A state-funded plan for vocational edu- cational training for at least 50'Mi of all high school students was under study. Approval was secured for a seven- million dollar building program to con- struct two new middle schools and renovate other elementary schools. Plans for consolidation ot the elemen- tary schools and redistribution of the students were made to co-ordinate with the new buildings. The employeesiof the central office carried out their regular duties and worked to establish a closer relation- ship between the faculties of the schools and the central office. The central office consulted individual teachers about their opinions and about goals for the schools. In gen- eral, the central office strove to prod- uce an educational program in line with progressive education nationally. 120 James Goddis - Superintendent "iff-Q.. fFar rightj Mr. James Gaddis, Supt.-City, spends ime on the telephone relating business to iepartment heads. CFtightj Mr. Denver Ruth Qvocational Educationy and Mr. James Nichols :Special Educationj check the schedule for Jpcoming meetings. CAboveJ Mr, Herbert Har- fille, Supt.-County, signs an order form for new nooks. COpposite page bottomb SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: Mrs. Forrest Black, Chairman Wil- Iiam Helms, Dr. Steve Doka, Mr, Keith Purkey, and Mr. C. L. Jones, Jr. discuss the agenda for an upcoming meeting. CBelow leftj Mr. Jerry Ensley and Mr. Joe Fiiner ftruant olticersj com- pare reoords of student absences. CBelowj Dr. David Bartholomew flnstructiorij, Mr. Billy Oar- roll CEIementary Educationj, and Mr. William Osborne CBusiness, standingj discuss the blue- print tor a new middle school. CLeftJ Mr. Burleigh Davis CAthletics5, Mrs. Clara Bowlin Clnstruc- tional Medial and Mrs. Betty Reed CFood Ser- vicesj use the media center's library to find information vital to their departments. ,, f xffy- ,ff X . L- phone calls, green slips, headaches The office of M-H East was the heartbeat of the school. From the time the eight-thirty bell rang each morn- ing, until the three-thirty bell rang each afternoon, the office personnel kept M- H East moving. Each person associated with the office had a specific job. Mrs. Carter C35 and Mrs. Sams CU punctuated their day with telephone calls, green slips, typewriting, and fulfilling requests of the faculty. Mrs. Pruitt C45 supervised the bookstore and accounted for the money coming into the school, while Mrs. Malone C23 worked as a secretary in the library. Mr. Williams, the newest addition to the team, interpreted and enforced the school rules. Mr. Wees- ner assisted in everything from reading the morning announcements to order- ing class rings. Mr. Briggs motivated faculty and students to strive to make M-H East a functioning unit. He spent his day listening to problems and mak- ing final decisions. The responsibilities of each day rested with these people. Their efforts and dependability fostered the tradi- tion of superior education at M-H East. 122 Ronald Briggs - Principal Murrell Weesner Jerry Williams Assistant Principal Assistant Principal ML.. xx X fa 3' 5? ,fi ,Q 14?--1? J QLLL L . ,..- . ,b , vb mimi L A-J K ,, E. 5 L 5 if 41? ,gf . jf, 7: .fa l ,, . r s f .w,,,,.., ,,,,,. W ,,,p,,., f .. . . , f-,,,,,,. A W N ,ff 9 M . M , ., , , . ,,-, , .tw m fx 4' ' . Ut.: ,,., it " V - 1 W.: VLVV M ,.1,L. , .W , ., . .WE 8 , E . . , ,,.. ,,,,,,,,... . f,,,, . .. . L,., M 4 l. ttlt lsll lll f l I 3 at , , l .....,.. l t , , af s . 1 f W f -Z tlylt 9 ' 1 ' .fe 9 ri' 1 if A -f tw 5 Q6 5? y t . ? , . 1 ll 'M 1 4 1 U 4 4 N Q ,H -. 1 J uf , Xt 1' 1f,:'1?:'..zff3f'7Wx7 ff"ff'9x fl V9 'ZZ M,Q.,Mf,M.mCf.M,, , aa..." aww V, 'Z fl tl 1 5 -' . ff' . ,ww f'7 COpposite page lopj Miss Ann Graham approves changes which improve Susan Swann's sched- ule. COpposite page far rightj Mr. Richard Price turns his head to divert his thoughts from the frustrations ofa new school year. COpposite page rightj Mr. Danny Russell searches through a mountain of material as he prepares for another school year. CTopJ LCDR John Deaton explains the fundamentals of formation march- ing tothe new ensigns of NJROTC. CAboveJ M-H East teachers discuss new policy changes. fFtightD As another year begins, Mrs. Pat Baird reveals dismay as she is confronted with an overcrowded classroom. 124 was 3 1 !.......c autumn heat, confusion, schedule changes The 73-74 school year started early for the faculty of M-H East. During the week prior to the students' attend- ance, teachers met and discussed var- ious new policles. These involved the drug policy, exam exemptions, and lunch room belfavior. The arrival of the students brought the confusion usually associated with the beginning of school. Teachers faced crowded rooms, forms to fill out, and misplaced students. The guidance staff helped to relieve some pressure by balancing class sizes and changing incorrect schedules. NJROTC, offered for the first time, gave academics at M-H East a new look. Lt. Commander Scott and Lt. Commander Deaton drilled confused cadets, much to the amusement of' students during the first weeks of Sep- tember. house plons, grophs, circuits Amid the confusion and frustrations of each school day, the faculty of M-H East found little time for relaxation. Grading papers, constructing lesson plans, helping individual students, and improving the functions of each class filled free periods. In addition toy five classes and a homeroom, many teach- ers functioned on supervisory teams for pep rallies, Southern Assemblies, and special programs. A teacher's day was frequently longer than eight thirty to three thirty. In addition to arriving at school early, many teachers could still be found working several hours after the stu- dents had gone home. Each day, the teachers tried to chal- lenge students. Through the develop- ment of more-than-superficial teacher- student relationships, the teachers were able to reach each student indi- vidually. Such relationships made it possible for instructors to recognize their pupils' outstanding abilities. M-H East faculty members worked to prepare students for the future -- entering a college, maintaining a job, or attending a vocational training school. 126 ' COpposite page topj Danny Dickerson and Kevin Lee examine the wiring that will be used in the house being constructed by the Building Trades classes. COpposite page bottomj Randy Jenkins, Perry Hall, and Randy Breeding remove the sign from the front of the building trades house so they can finish bricking, fTop leftj Mr. Fred Stub- blefield listens to a student's question before continuing the explanation of an algebra prob- lem. CTop rightj After an ill student leaves the infirmary, Mrs. Emma Alley records medication given. CAboveJ As time for a test approaches, Mrs. Linda Chesney reviews notes with one of her freshman English classes. CLeftJ Mrs. Geral- dine Campbell instructs Greg Clark and Marga- ret Hogan on the correct technique for dissect- ing a pig. trcinslotions, livestock, ormsows an-J " it it ' ' in 4 at g CAbove lettj After completing the assignment for German I, Miss Cynthia Trobaugh turns her attention to her German ll students. CAbove rightj Terry Moore and Richie Mills explain to Jimmy Reece the function ofa machine clamp. 128 wsssmwwmuu CAboveJ Mr, Lowell Gonce tells Ronnie Lawson and Randy McFall that extreme caution is required when operating an armsaw. CRightJ Mr. Phillip Wright delineated the difterent grades ot feeder steers for his agricultural science class. .mf nm, 3. 'vw .,-,. , nh... Mr. Ray Donaldson A5 ' "V ,M tu Ei f 1 .,, . 5 gm 4.9, ' ,Mu-f"""' L . " li l 17' y IU 7 e ., ,, ' q M ,v gg , N ig. W . fb., gf v' , ... M J 8 41' 4 4 Yeary V mMrs. Stella Fllngley V x Mrs. Ruth Jones """'-'---1,-M , Vbf. -. ., rolling pins, brooms, cleanser 5 l l Mrs. Ethel Hopson Blll Smnth MS? COpposite page topj LCDR Ben Scott points out to cadets the location of the United States Naval bases. fOpposite page bottomj Mrs. Barbara Robinson uses transparencies as an aid in teaching Seminar ot Great Books. CBeIowj Mrs. Fay Phipps is proud of the Home Economics Departments tirst gas range. QRightJ Mrs. Linda McCune offers an open studio for students to view her paintings. 130 l "Wh, QKL 1 s E9 sl! S fb:-dl 1- mr, ff-1-Rt. IVYKYQS uw, convos, corburetors, critiques M-H East students noticed a vast metamorphosis in the curriculum. NJROTC added a military air to the school. Seniors were given a variety of English subjects from which to choose. Career Communications was especially designed for students plan- ning to work after graduation. College bound seniors were offered Regular and Advanced College Preparatory Composition. Survey of English Litera- ture, Science Fiction, Folklore, Semi- nar of Great Books, Creative Writing, and Winds of War completed a pro- gram designed to appeal to every stu- dent. Students were introduced to a new authority figure: Mr. Wiley Johnson, a city policeman, was stationed at M-H East for the purpose of minimizing the presence of outsiders on the school campus. In addition to being a law enforcer, Mr. Johnson also became a friend of the students. Mrs. Linda McCune was hired as an artist-in-resi- dence. Beside working with art classes, Mrs. McCune helped students during their study hall period to be art conscious through the use of an open studio. The entire student body bene- fited from Mrs. McCune's work on art presentations and lectures, stage props, bulletin boards and floats. The purchase of new equipment kept M-H East up-to-date. Drivers' Ed students enjoyed learning to drive by practicing in two new cars. Stoves, refrigerators, and other kitchen appli- ances in the home economics depart- ment were traded for the latest mod- els. movies, disploys Teachers planned unique field trips to promote enthusiasm for learning. Art students visited Biltmore House and Gardens and saw painting and ceramic exhibits in Asheville, North Carolina. English classes attended movies and plays, and home econom- ics classes visited furniture stores, banks, morluaries, and fabric shops. Science classes attended the movie American Wilderness and had a wild- flower pilgrimage to Panther Creek Park. Local greenhouses were toured by agriculture students. The Cosme- tology Department traveled to Knox- ville where they saw displays of hair- styles and cosmetics. 132 354, f 3314 gg . R COpposite page topy Mrs. Mattie Lee Debusk explains the characteristics of Victorian furniture to Joanna Morgan and Debbie Swaggerty tbackj. fOpposite page bottoml Denise Owens, Mr. Eric Fishburn, florist, and Kenetta Pratt dis- cuss the coloring of poinsettias as Mary Howard and Mr. Ftay Henegar examine the leaf structure. CAbove leftj An enthusiastic freshman science class assembles in the stadium to observe cloud movement. CAboveJ Mrs. Ruth Breeding offers Rose Moyers several choices of ceramic glaze. CLeftJ Cosmetology students journey to Knox- ville to participate in a hairstyling and cosmetic seminar. 133 ddopting, Ieorning, ossisting As the year progressed, the new faculty members became accustomed to the lifestyle of M-H East. Adapting to a new age group of students was a challenge for a teacher who had worked previously at a university. Changing from an open classroom to a traditional room was a new adjust- ment for another. One faculty member, an M-H East graduate himself, arrived with no previous teaching experience. ln spite of numerous adjustments, the instructors launched into their first year at M-H East with excitement. The office staff and experienced faculty members offered their assistance whenever their own experience and knowledge could help. By the end of the year, the new teachers felt at home and were able to relax. They had earned a place on the teaching staff of M-H East. 134 w"""'--.umm 'w!',,,,, wus' -4""" -i ff v -ng -sw-.....,,.. COpposite page bottomj Mr. Carroll Treece is amused by the classroom conversation. COppo- site page topj Mr. Jimmy Flatlitf reflects on his day in the library. CBot1om leftj Mr, William Hux pauses to answer a question. CBelowJ Mr. Wil- liam Landry uses his planning period to catch up on reading. CLeftJ Miss Charlotte Simpson famil- iarizes Miss Angela Loudy with attendance pro- cedures. 135 5 COpposite page top rightj Mrs. Beta Davis enjoys preparing and eating banana cream pie. COppo- site page top lettj Before the guests arrive, Mrs, Vera Thompson makes last minute preparations for her dinner party. COpposite page bottom rightj Charlie Brown poses patiently for Mr. George Keener. CFar rightj Mrs. Dora Pratt inspects her orchids for new buds. CBightJ Mrs. Frances Greene begins to refinish a nightstand, CTop rightj Miss Judy Bible innoculates a new- born calf. CAbovej Mrs. Marsheile Gilbert puts finishing touches on a self-designed quilt. 136 hobbies, relaxation, entertainment The faculty of M-H East spent most of their time in the classroom, but they all found time to participate in some non-teaching activities. Several teach- ers expressed their ability through sewing, drawing, painting, cooking, and writing, while others preferred to be outside working in a garden or car- ing for animals. Many teachers enjoyed just relaxing to recover from the pressures of each day. Recreation took on educational overtones for a few teachers who attended evening classes at area colleges. MR, RANDOLPH ADAMS Fine Arts MR. CARLIS ALTIZER Social Studies MRS. PATRICIA BAIRD Business Education MR. JAMES BATES Vocations MISS JUDY BIBLE English MRS. RUTH BREEDING Fine Arts MR. CHARLES BROWN Social Studies MR. DAVID CAMPBELL Guidance MRS. GERALDINE CAMPBELL Science MISS AILEEN CATRON Foreign Languages MRS. LINDA CHESNEY English MR. JACK CLEMENTS Vocations MRS. JOAN CONKIN English MRS. HAZEL CUPP Library MRS. RETA DAVIS English LCDR JOHN DEATON NJROTC MRS. MATTIE LEE DeBUSK Home Economics MRS. IRENE FAIN Vocations MRS. SUE FOX Home Economics MRS. MARCHELLE GILBERT Fine Arts MR. L. E. GONCE Vocations . mflfzezuze. faculty - . .. ... i..., I " iw: if 1 'V-: 'K .... . ,- .Q M. Nj! 5. . .C , I Sf "-.. ,- ly - - iv A , f 4' 1 i Q59 A it 1 it nigga! 4+ , 2. I Q .1 Qc wt await ki ' gi... ,............... L... ..-. .. .... .... .geo .fp Tug - hz M - 1 'IF Af' if . .X .ANI .K 'Nun-QM Q MISS ANN GRAHAM Guidance Counselor MRS. FRANCES GREENE Typewriting I, Il MR. RAY HENEGAR Agriculture MISS JANE HORNER English III MR. BOB HOWARD Vocational Survey MR, JIM HUGHES Biology MR. WILLIAM HUX General Business, Math MISS BETSY HYATT Psychology, Sociology MR. GEORGE KEENER Chemistry, General Science MR, WILLIAM KEEZEL Mechanical Drawing MRS. LOUISE KYKER Spanish I, Il MR, WILLIAM A. LANDRY English Ill, IV MISS ANGELA LOUDY Algebra I, Geometry MR. GREGORY B. McCALL Driver Education MRS. JANE McKlNLEY Vocational Ollice Education MRS. MARY NORTHERN General Science. MR. DENNIS PHILLIPS Distributive Education MRS. FAYE PHIPPS Home Economics MRS. DORA PRATT French I, II, Ill MR, RICHARD PRICE World Geography MR, JIMMY RATLIFF Librarian MR. DAVID ROBBINS Physical Education MRS. BARBARA ROBINSON English IV MR, DALE ROSE Psychology, Sociology MR. DANNY W, RUSSELL English IV MR. LEROY SATTERFIELD Engineering Construction LCDR BEN SCOTT NJROTC MR. VIRGIL SHARP Vocations MRS, PHYLLIS SHAVER Social Studies MR. TOM SHUPE Fine Arts MISS CHARLOTTE SIMPSON Math MRS. MARGARET SPOONE Home Economics MRS. FRANCES STAMBAUGH Vocations MR. WILLIAM STRUNK Science MR. FRED STUBBLEFIELD Math MRS. VERA THOMPSON Business Education MISS CYNTHIA TROBAUGH Foreign Languages MR, ALDEN VAUGHN Math MRS. MARILYN SUE WARE English MRS. MARJORIE WILLIAMS Physical Education MR. JOHN WRIGHT Vocations MR. PHILLIP WRIGHT Vocations Not pictured: MR. C. J. TREECE Social Studies R A MESSAGE F0 EAST SENHOR N' H+ 'M N 'O ' L , X -xx tt.. Ja' Q EAST A gg! 5 19 " ' ' A, A 73 i 1974 ix ffl 'A gff, 5, A 3 I ' IZ A od 40 XY E l5U'iS Hug ggi ill. Um 51:2 fm- ,M... w ff 1 x 4"'S-ws--n-wx-1-:uni--, twist off cap A.W.Faber-Casivxli I I llllnlnlll5i IIT-E Ronald David Alley Donald Edward Allen Deborah Kaye Anderson Karen Faye Arrington Sharon Kay Arrington Jean Elizabeth Avery Timothy Stephen Ayers Sharon Ann Barclay Georgia Ann Barnard Marjorie Juanita Barnette William Douglas Barron Susan Jane Benson John Wesley Bible Linda Joyce Bible Kathy Ann Bowlin William Michael Bowlin James Richard Bradley Gary Richard Brady James Edwin Braziel Randy Hamilton Breeding Olga Patrice Breedlove Susan Dolores Brown Danny Eugene Broyles seniors: olphci, omego Billy Williams, class president, discusses maga- zine sales with members of the Senior class. x X Teresa Ann Bucca Denny Lee Buchanan Leslie Ann Buchanan Cindy Davis Bullington Julia Elizabeth Burnette Janice Sue Butler Teresa Charlene Byard Roger Green Byrd Debra Clydeane Carpenter John Curtis Carpenter, Jr. Billy Glen Carroll Teresa Faye Carroll George Edward Chambers William Arnold Clark Patsy Lorine Cobb Herman Edward Collins, Jr. Marsha Ann Collins William Seras Collins Sherry Ann Combs Terry Jan Combs Laura Jane Conway Max Anthony Cook David Allen Countess Howard Burton Croxdale, J Stephen Dale Cruey Sherry Kay Cummings Janice Diane Daniel Sandra Paulette Daniel Betty Jean Davidson Kathy Leann Davis Ronnie Andrew Davis Sonny Allen Davis Sarah Glenn Dickerson Thaddeus Allen Dyer Karen Anita Easterly Acoya Ruth Ellis Damon Larry England Rita Ruth Estes Donna Lynn Evans Victor David Evans Sandra Faye Fletcher Lisa Fite Fowler Tracy Fox George Edward Fugate William Neil Fullington David Bales Gallagher Richard Grayson Garrett Glenda Gayle Gass Greg Gass Bertha Lynne Gibson Debra Diane Gibson Gary Allen Gilbert Johnnie Sue Gilliland Hugh Thomas Glenn Deborah Leigh Golden David Patrick Greene Glenna Kay Greene Gaw Edwin Gregg Richard William Griscom Jerry Walter Grooms -..ff:s-s:1:::s- -- ' mefum-:swf-..ze:.-:.-1-. V F W it M , S.. L . :ij 'f'r ig " ii.. --A K .,, L,VV r t sstrsistii -' I1: 'lsiiis f ' - Q,5ifQiffs2.ffi2751311-?::i.5Lf52- ' 2: -av-F a ' --:fitness-age 1 ., Q Sz- ,s 'ff A-.1 homecoming, mcigozines, notivity Senior class officers are Susan Swann, secre- taryg Sherry Combs, vice-presidenlg and Linda Bible, treasurer. N X iw: . faqs , wg- at Georgette Marie Guertin Steven Frank Guggisberg ' Vernon Kyle Hale, Jr. 1 James Randall Hall Perry Lynn Hall Catherine Patricia Hamilton Debra Ann Hansard Debrah Lynne Harkleroad Kathryn Lucille Harrell Bobbie Lynne Hartman Michael Alan Harvllle Rebecca Ann Harville ""' Guy Wesley Haun Rebecca Ann Haun Peggy Ruth Hayes Russell Anthony Hayes Q, X Patsy Anne Henderson """ Judy Alisa Hensley Peggy Renee Hodge Pamela Nan Hodges Jacqueline Sue Holtsinger Mary Jane Howard Judy Kay Howington Ronald Phillip Huff Terry Leonard Huff Shelia Tyan Hurd James Allen Hurst Joyce Kay Hurst Michael Lee James Randall Brian Jenkins Michael Benjamin Jinks Linda Carson Jolly Clifford Edward Johnson, Jr. Daphne Seals Jones James Johnny Jones Sharon Yvonne Jones Randall Edward Keaton Deborah Darlene Kimbrough Reba Gypsy Kincaid Cynthia Gail King Ruth Livesay Kirk Cathy Wyatt Kitts John William Knight Carolyn Yvonne Kyle Dennis Keith Lamb Joyce Ann Lamb Debra Ann Lawson Ronnie David Lawson Martha Ann Lee Robert Wayne Leonard good times, fun Wayne Woody Bill Fullington, Howard Crox- dale and Robert Trent gracefully impersonate M H East majorettes. Joi Marie Lester Alice Marie Long Jeannie Adams Long Mary Carol Long Larry Dean Lowe Glenda Kay Majors Gregory Lee Manning Bertie Maureen Marshall Cheryl Lynn Martin Calvin Wayne Mason Mary Lou Mayo Charles McCracken Harold Michael McDonald Tommie Lee McDonald Randall Mark McFall Janice Elaine McGinnis Robert Michael Mefford Sheila Ann Mick James Shepard Millar Kathy Louise Miller Glen Richard Mills Melissa Katherine Mills Susie Darlene Mills Stephen Harding Mitchell Louvania Nyoka Moore Rosie Lee Moyers Walter Edward Murphy Hank Musick Jerry David Myers Randy Allen Myers Linda Jane Neal William Dewayne Norton Timothy Frazier Oakes Ann Denise Owens Sharon Sue Parker Ellen Kathleen Parrish Myra Joyce Pate Steven Walter Peoples Sally Dee Phillips Sherri Dylina Pless Kennetta Charlene Pratt Debbie Jane Pressley Stephen Lawrence Prowell Jerry Franklin Pruett Donna Jean Rawlett Eugene Reed Nancy Elizabeth Reed Judy Catherine Reese Sandra Kay Rhea Paul Christian Rhodes Ill leadership, achievement Randy Griffin and James Hurst discuss the weld- ing procedure in General Metals class. 'fi--es' 'wr' 1 Yi 'TWV Stephen Hobert Ricker Jackie Lynn Rickman Gary Lynn Roach James Leftwich Rogers Patsy Kay Romines Susan Eleanore Rouse Jeff Rymer Martha Ann Sauceman David Garland Sawyer Karen Lynette Scott Phillip Greg Scott Gail Carpenter Seals Quentin Harding Seals Peggie Elizabeth Seay Gail Vwlson Self Glen Herman Self Kathie Ann Self Vlhlliam Keith Sharpe Sheree Kim Shierry Barbara Ann Sitzman Margaret Elizabeth Slabbekorn Leslie Carol Smiddy Patricia Neal Smith Rebecca Stewart Smith Richard Larry Smith Stanley Gaines Stewart Thomas Milton Strate Bobby Lynn Stutfel Timothy Charles Sunderland Deborah Leslie Swagerty Susan Rebecca Swaim Susan Emily Swann Sandy Cheryl Sykes Kay Anita Thomason Ricky Lynn Thomason Janet Lee Thompson John Lee Thompson Roger Lee Tooley Daniel Houston Treece Yvonne DeCarol Treece 150 grciducition, cihhhh Sarah Dickerson finds that choosing a college can be disturbing we--J JG ., s .,s. .. . . . W KW MM ,xN.. ,ft 'kkk -.J K ... , . f i f Agigxggixu N- A - ' if .Y :az ,F frrzfwf ,, A xl k ,IA--me-1 l tit:-:T L - ,w t , Wgtgfegsgfggggzg ixxtxx . f fffzwfff-,ff ff! A .pff i X , 4, 4 ' W- fp " - ' XX 5 Q, .5 :Q ii A U it W1 65' lbs 'iii in Q-an 'zur' HV' ,Tyan Robert Kyle Trent Pamela Diane Wampler Chris Danley Wardwell Joe Bill Warner Michael Warner John Holton Watson Judy Darlene Watts Debra Kaye Weeks Melissa Gayle Welch Debra Charlene West Clifford Fticky Weston Debra Jean White Mary Ann Whittington Cynthia Diane Wice Jeltery Allen Wilder Billy Howell Williams Dana Cheryl Williams Edward Earl Williams Georgia Ellen Williams Richard Lynn Williams Thomas Dale Williams Evelyn Darlene Wilson Pamela Sue Wilson Trandia Mae Winstead Vicki Ann Wisecarver Linda Bernice Witt Grant Dwight Wolfe Larry Allan Worthington Charles David Wright Il Donna Lee Zane i think that the energy crisis is a fake, man. it's just one of the presidents schemes to get rich. he's got all the oil companies to raise prices and hold back gas. ronnie huft i believe the energy crisis is a big put on. it's the result of the government trying to get the pipeline through alaska, donald Cdogb allen i think that there really is an energy cri- sis. i don't think that anybody is mak- ing it up because nobody's making up the arab war and that's vvhat's causing it. georgia williams the arabs won't give us enough oil to supply us with the gasoline we need' for the united states. spotty carmichael i think that the energy crisis is need- less in a way because nixon has been giving-our petroleum to other coun- tries and it's just causing us a lot of problems. . .the gasoline stations don't mind the price of gas going up because it's just helping them. but it's gonna be a hardship on families that have fuel heat . . . and it's causing a lot ot schools to have to ciose down and a lot of kids are gonna have to go to school in the summer because they don't have enough heat for the school or enough gas for the buses in Winter. every generation has to go through a crisis and our generation is going through a gas shortage and fuel short- age. ' becky smith 152 iunior-senior comments energy crisis, 1974 i think the energy crisis is a serious matter and we should do all we can to help it. janefrazier ' J 'V' tl, ...., :.a,a,M,MM W i don't believe there's an energy crisis. i think they're just using it to cover up for nixon's mess in Watergate. patricia smith i think that the energy crisis is some- thing that the government is doing to try to keep people at home so they cannot do the things they used to. cissy drake i think the reason that the energy crisis has gone this far along is because people in the past, politicians and industrialists, didn't think ahead before this came along. if they'd thought ahead about five or ten years this wouldn't have happened. dick griscom it's caused by people taking tor granted everything that was plentiful. they just waste a lot . . . and they used it for things that they really didn't have to. margie barnette i think if we hadn't given a lot of the fuel to the other countries vve'd have enough forthe united states. janice daniels the energy crisis is the result of too much emphasis having been placed on ecology and not enough on our oil- based society of today. steve guggisberg i think pretty soon a lot of people are gonna be riding their bicycles to school 'cause they can't afford the gas. and i'm just glad that we got elec- tric heat in our house. richard garrett we feel that the energy crisis is a dreadful catastrophe. it is terrible that we can no more do our traveling around, enjoying scenery, Without worrying it we can make it back home. teresa bucca and susan swaim 153 Allen, William Amos, Barbara Anderson, Joan Anderson, Linda Antrican, Danny Arden, Teresa Bacon, Debbie Bagg, Deborah Bailey, Renea Baker, Anthony Barnard, Savanna Bartee, Natalie Beach, Lynn Bebber, Bobby Beets, Joe Bewley, Steve Bible, David Black, Debbie Blake, Tammy Blevins, Petie Bohanan, Robert Bowlin, Mike Brannon, Sue Braxton, Reida iuniors - clciss rings, prom Junior class officers are Mindy Norton, vice- presidentg Lisa Wallace, president, Joan Ander- son, secretary, and Karen DuBose, treasurer. to, ,-.6-1 I ' - ii WW In J, -M ,.. AQ -P , S 121 'if Sis? 59? 3. S .:,Q: f st F e, s f 1 FF it iw 5112 'AK' . W' XF A M Q 5 it 2 , t x X gs Britt, Terry Brock, Johnny Brooks, Jackie Brotherton, Judy Broyles, Gail Bryant, Linda Burkhart, Buddy Campbell, Becky Cannon, Patricia Cannon, Sue Ellen Canter, Carolyn Cantwell, Peter Carmichael, Katrina Carpenter, Alice Cassell, Sharon Champ, Pete Claborn, Flora Clanton, Ginger Clark, James Clark, Shelia Cleek, Cheryl Cobb, Charles Coftey, Joye Coldwell, Paula Collins, Dwayne Collins, Lloyd Collins, Ronnie Cox, Nancy Crigger, Cynthia Crittenden, Debbie Cross, Ann Cupp, Cindy Cupp, Michelle Cupp, Pam Cupp, Terry Dafferner, Beth Dalton, Charles Daniels, Jewel Davis, Karen Davis, Ricky Devotie, Richard Dickerson, Danny Douthat, Boyd Drake, Cissy Drlnnon, JoAnn DuBose, Karen DuBose, Kenny Early, Karen Edmonds, Phillip Edwards, Jean Edwards, Richard Eldridge, Rick Elkins, Marsha Ellison, Kim Evans, Steve Ezell, Steve Ferguson, Donna Ferguson, Larry Franklin, Jelf Frazier, Jane Freels, David Fry, Steve Fugate, Anita Funk, Tim Fuson, Lynn Goan, Eddie Kenny Schultz, Mike Swatsell, and Gary McKinney students in Auto Mechanics, investi- gate an auto chassis. lli ,El.' 1 ,,, E 'yr' V driver's icense, term popers W' u A aa s '41 ,av Wm Goodson, Shelia Green, Debbie Greene, George Greene, Nancy Grilfie, Tennia Grigsby, Ronald Griscom, Dan Hale, David Hale, Marty Hamm, Angela Haney, Melony Haney, Ronnie Harris, Debbie Hartman, Rick Harville, Rene Harville, Ricky Hatcher, Rickey Haun, Rosa Hedrick, Alice Helton, Kenny Helton, Robin Hensley, Tina Henson, Darlene Herrod, Jerry Hill, Chip Hill, David Hill, Jimmy Hill, Robert Hime, Melanie Holmes, Vickie Holt, Jane Horner, Sharon Howington, Desiree Howington, Mike Howington, Shelia Huff, Greg Hughes, Chip Jackson, Mary Kyle Jackson, Shirley Jarnigan, Mickey Jefferson, Linda Jenkins, Connie Johnson, Greg Jolly, Gail Jones, Buddy Jones, Mavin Jones, Susan Kanipe, Jimmy Keesee, Terry Keirsey, Anthony Killion, Danny Kimbrough, Donna Kincaid, Robin King, Debbie Kyle, Karen Lane, Danny Lawson, Ronald Lawson, Ronnie Leach, Mike Lee, Kevin Lee, Ricky Lipton, Terri Livingston, Robert Long, Allen Long, Daris Long, Scotty Lowe, Gary Lowery, Steven Malone, Billie Manning, Rose Matthews, Steve Maxey, Sharon enthusiastic, spirited McDaniel, Mickey McDaniel, Sherry McFall, Vickie McKinney, Garry Mefford, Linda Miller, David Miller, John Mills, Joyce Mize, Dochie Moore, Donald Moore, Ronald Moore, Thomas Moore, Wayne Morgan, Joanna Morris, David Muller, Steve Mullins, Paul Murphy, Carla Murphy, Rhonda Musick, David Nave, Robin Nicely, Lynwood Nichols, Kathy Norton, Mindy Oxendine, Ray Patrick, Leah Payne, Eldon Peace, Connie Peters, Debbie Pratt, Sandy KODDOSITS pagej Juniors prepare to Give the Devils Hale in Homecoming skit QLeftJ David Hale proves to be the Juniors' secret weapon against the Devils. Sherry Rinehart evokes the world of Tom Saw- , encounters, participation Yer on Grub Day. ' ' Price, Patricia Price, Steve Prowell, Sherrie Purkey, Patsy Putman, Greg Ray, Claudia Reese, Jim Rich, Cindy Rich, Lavonda Ricker, Cindy Rinehart, Sherry Roach, Elizabeth Roberts, Becky Robertson, Jerry Robertson, Shelia Ryan, Anita Samples, Diane Sandefur, Glenda Sanders, Tina Sawyer, Katherine Seals, Cynthia Self, Evelyn Shell, Steve Shiflet, Arnold 2 l A , f , Woodard, Wayne Wright, Joe Yount, Duane Yount, Kathy Shipley, Rhonda Shultz, Kenneth Simmons, Pam Sitzman, Michael Skeen, Jamie Smith, Brenda Smith, Gary Solomon, Gary Southerland, Dusty Spence, Mike Stubblefield, Rosa Lee Stump, Charles Stykes, Renee Taylor, Rachael Testerman, Hobert Testerman, Thomas Thompson, Danny Timmins, Faye Toney, Gordon Turner, Harold Turner, Joel Van Heest, Robert Walker, Debbie Walker, Ricky Wallace, Lisa Watson, Jim Weesner, Becky Jo Wertz, Phyllis West, Sharon Wilder, Michael Vlhlliams, Gale Williams, Linda Williams, Mark Williams, Susie Vlhlson, Greg Witt, Connie Debbi Winstead, treasurer, Karen Bible, presi- dent, and Kim Whitt, secretary, are sophomore class officers. 1 62 Amos, Sandra Arrington, Jeff Baker, Mary Baker, Morgan Bailey, Paul Bales, Denise Ball, Mary Ballard, Kathy Barrett, Charles Barrett, James Barnard, Jack Belknap, Julie Bennett, Brian Bewley, Sharon Bible, Karen Booker, Lesa Bowlin, Mary Brady, Patricia Britt, Jerry Brittain, Bill Brooks, Rodger Bruce, Debbie Bullard, Sherry Carmichael, Tam Carty, Debbie Chapman, Alice Clark, Greg Clark, Mark Cloud, Debbie Coffey, Teresa Cole, Brenda Collier, Mary Collins, Eddie Collins, Jerry Collins, Linda mY sophomores - oclive, emerging l l l 1' 4 , 5, 425 '-nf 4 f W, fa is Q '34 I M i r t r ,,, i - 3. Collins, Ralph Collins, William Combs, Angie Combs, Terry Cook, Marc Cook, Rosa Mary Cook, Teresa Crittenden, Shelia Crouch, Tammie Cummings, James Cunningham, Donna Curl, Sue Dalton, Regina Daniels, Lee Davis, Lynn Dennis, Henry Diamond, Randall Douthat, Kenny Drinnon, Hyla DuBois, David Dyer, Cathy Elkins, Tammy Ellison, Mark Evans, Tracy Everhart, Billy Fain, Anna Favvver, Nada Frazier, Linda Foshie, Evelyn Fox, John Friley, Kathy Gass, Joel Gibson, Joe Gourley, Teresa Gracey, Patricia Greene, Deanna Gulley, Jack Hall, Sharon Hamm, Anita Hampton, Larry Harbin, Brenda Harville, Chris Hayes, Darrell Hayes, Gary Heck, Michael Helbert, Bobby Helms, Connie Helms, Crampton Helton, Georgann Helton, William Herman, Wayne Herron, Teretha Hightower, Freddy Hill, Rena Hinchey, Janet Hogan, Margaret Hollifield, Joan Hopkins, Donna Hubbs, Lisa Hughes, Mark Husley, Thomas lsom, Deborah Ivy, Susan James, Troy Johns, Debbie Johns, Richard Johnson, Danny Justis, Jerry Keesee, Teresa Kesterson, Carroll Kilgore, Teresa Killion, Mark Kirk, Debbie Kopp, David Lake, Penny Lamb, Sheila Lambert, Susan ' Lankford, Glenda Lawrimore, Karen Lawson, Aaron Lawson, Audrey Lawson, Karen Leonard, Cheree Livingston, Janice Long, Becky Long, Patricia Lowe, Ricky Loy, Jeff Mallory, Evelyn Manning, Penny Manning, Terry restless, progressive f il P 1 L, , WW Sli 'wif' fi V- ., ,.,,,, I , ,,,, f , fa V. ,',, A A Wi l f eg? , 'Q-Q iz.: ,,.,,Z " :,, MQP, YW. ,f D 5,1 32,3 ' - 3 , fy l ist. P f '53 gs. www-nassaui ,:- G I 4 W 2 A f ' ' . may Wav' ,, 2 ' J ' is ,M ,Z I 4 it K ' I - f "" ,, i I , ff ' f it ' fy 'a f' f ' gzsl--at W ..., v...-...w..f-H---- f ,..........,a.., 4 i , gp 'f,', .. .W,,,, . ,,.W, ,Q . ,, . F' " qs, .W ,,': ,ggfgzztz-,. J. , ., sst, f J it yyyll T -if 2. 'WV M M fi sniff, , f" -I D ffl Q, A A r Ji yt,,,, , MW k A ,J y ,,, T, fff' x 4' , , ' 'W if" , 'kk"" 52-bl, , t VV E: Masengill, Phillip McDonald, Sonny McGinnis, Cindy McMahan, Linda McPherson, Barbara McPherson, Martha Medlin, Paula Mick, Susan Mickalonis, Maura Miller, Sheila Mills, Debbie Mills, Roderick Moore, Melissa Morelock, Tammy Murr, David Musick, Douglas Musick, Geneva Musick, Judy Neblett, Bill Noe, Gladys O'Conner, Greg Ore, Dennis Overholt, Jill Pate, Jane Patton, Micheal Pearson, Roger Pell, Danny Pierce, Ronnie Phillips, Julie Pless, Terrie Pope, Greg Pratt, Cherie Price, Dennis Purkey, Linda Ray, Bobby Reasoner, Terry Reed, Cindy Reese, Gregory Rettenmaier, Kim Rhoades, Teresa Rice, Everett Ridley, Randy fOpposite pagej Jimmy Wampler uses his five minute break between classes to cram for a lest fLeltJ Terri Thompson rolls over the Devils in sophomore Homecoming skit. Robert, Ronald Robertson, Karen Rogers, Kim Rosson, David Rouse, David Rouse, James Samples, Elaine Sandidge, Gina Sawyer, Terry Schroedel, Wallace Seahorn, Lynn Seals, Danny Seals, Paula Seals, Teresa Sexton, Mary Shaver, Amy Shaver, Kathy Shelnutt, Susan Shelton, Brenda Sheppard, Janey Shockley, Teresa Short, Earnest Short, Robby Shultz, Ernie Sigler, Donna Simpson, Vickie Sitzman, Donna Smith, Pearson Spoone, Robert Southerland, Debra Stephens, William Stines, Gary Strate, Jane Stubblefield, Donna Sturn, Roger Talley, Brenda novels, new insights ,t f. - Q ' I., fr ...., ii: ,-,-1 'Q 15 ,S ,Q .. X , . lla 5 l 3 9' Q Q as 4. V ' s rf - -t , V ..,.., X XX s ., ' W ,. Q XE 1 if X tv l Y, r ? xi , 1, 'W r .' r , t i, f .-., we l i it '39 X .. X , T t.,,, t S I A .1f' Q i ,,-k . 'vfzr' A ' , ,, , 3' if f, S - .1 ! COpposite pagej Sheila Miller and Deanna Greene explain the process of factoring binomi- als to 'Danny Pell, CRightJ David Kopp and Terry Manning discuss experiences encountered in Vocational Survey. tr- X fi' AX 'J H .uv use ' ,f r " ffgifzlw 46 J , 1, W AT 45 L E 4 36 ,M , xfginiggw . T ' k i,,, t' if E '- ,f x ' VVV, A ' if f ii i ' 1 lx f QL , .. Q !rx. X. l K ,x N Y , ,,,, 5 4 A: 1 Winstead, Debbi Wisecarver, Pam Wolfe, Karen Wollenbarger, Greg Yeary, Obie Testerman Thomason Thompson, Thompson, , Lydia Regina Teresa Tony Tiller, Karen Titus, Bill Trent, Mary Ann Trent, Vickie Turner, Jennifer Waddell, Harold Walker, Charlotte Walker, Richard Wampler, James Warren, Billy Warren, Edna Watson, Pam Webb, Teresa Welch, Keith Whetsel, Mike Whitt, Kim Whitt, Mark Whittaker, Mike Whittington, Mildred Williams, Bobby Williams, Sarah Williamson, Diana Wilson, Patty Wilson, Stanley I6 jessica burleson ITIOST WHS jerry justxs 155, U 71 ,, ,,,k ff 1 'JN s nothing really surprised me. jeff holland the seniors weren't as mean as they said they would be. scott tranklin the thing about east that i like is the school is much nicer than people said it would be and the people are nicer. georgeann helton the students' and teachers' attitudes! karen cotfey the thing that surprised me most was the big hails and big steps! angela hite i thought the teachers would be stricter than what they were. karen maxey the only difference that i thought was that i wouldn't be able to find my classes. brenda cole the thing that surprised me the most about east high was that the teachers were a lot less strict than i thought and it was a whole lot bigger and you get lost easy. tim horner the thing that surprised me most was mr. elliot! james barrett the thing that surprised me most was all the lockers! mark cook nothing really surprised me. claudette haney that everybody wasn't as hateful as they had threatened us that they would be. jennie gallaher the thing that surprised me most was the lunch periods! diana Williamson 169 freshmen -- beginnings, new experiences Aldridge, Carolyn Aldridge, David Anderson, Ricky Anderson, Skipper Archer, Donald Archer, Ketron Arnold, Donald Arrington, David Bagg, Donna Bailey, Randy Bales, Joe Ballard, Carolyn Ballard, Gary Barnard, Shirley Barnette, Judy Barnette, Virgie Bartee, Tom Berry, Steve Bewley, Jimmy Bible, Shelia Black, Kathy Bolden, Regina Booker, John Bowlin, Rodger Bradford, Sherry Brannon, Gerry Breeding, Barbara Brooks, Gary Brooks, Kyle Brown, Charleston Brown, Douglas Broyles, Connie Broyles, Samanthia Brummit, David Burleson, Jessica Burnside, Anthony Byrd, Rhonda Campbell, David Campbell, Terry Cannon, Donna Carroll, Dale Carroll, Debra Catron, Craig Clanton, Tammie Clark, Eric Clemens, Bob Cloud, Alben Cloud, Marlene Cobb, Robert Cobb, Floy Cochran, Lester Coffey, Karen Coffey, Mike Collake, Debra Collier, Donna Freshman class officers are Vicki Mills, trea- surer, Elaine Sluss, secretary, Mike Younl, vice- president, and Jeff Leach, president. M A ' . ,, ,, ,r- gb srrr- ,Q1-A , AA A. 1' J 'fs lfj i .. ii , J H 1 f , ,,, f ' i Q-f f Q ' . ,A ss J - .Q iiklxi A 6' PM '. K' '-', - .... ' ,.,..e. w wkws y Sf 'S El' 3 ' , ,F 5' rx, K, ',1-:aff - ... A 'xg' f Q wifff 5 Q' xx A Q 1 3 S ' Q. X X is , B a sr tee - 'fi r i i,. Q: E ' rr r 'AY 1 - - r Q- , M3 , EW ,P if 5 C E L Q s xl N , si if 53' ,ff x 0 ' . W E xr its s. W Ns J M, ii' was ii- ... ' - ,,., S-. QB. WX ss, s s X me A A mf f'.. :iii f--- Y -' . "' A i"r as an rrr. -- , V' 1 r ', 5' ,af A ' . 57TQ'33fg?s,, 4 ' A ff? -B' 4 s as wi 1. . fag . :53., ' as, 1 iii?-ti Q VH 'z .V 1. leg ,':: fx? Q2-il sw- s - 5 1 11, ..., K , , 22 , X if K X HN Q 6 fl Ifjf A P ia if 13 J 1 in JV if , W, :it 1 'WS 'li f ' , U2 5 ne' grail? fmlh lla.: uv.: mgfti , , ,, , ,i 5? t - ff at -QE' ,.,,. W, ff, , 4' at ,.-s ,X 1' 1 v 31 2 ff' 52, V I , Q ' E A--f' Q., t ,W 'Wi' 2 Q 3 , Q gf g V,:VV A A S 41 T J ':'1"AA l T 1 QAIV Ik g L .ca A If . ,.,, ,iw is e 23 F qi 'ZYSWS 4, A - , 5 A . M 'tv ii .A - 12' .ut , 1 VN! l ef b if ,. vm IL , if si 6 4 gg f if y 4-0- 1 I ' vi: , r ' r ' l i yi, A la --fm i' f 1, A . WG I ' A , ' sri 554 ig fag, 1 if .era . 4, fiv 3' Collins, Robert Collins, Sheila Collins, Teresa Combs, Amy Cox, Geneva Crigger, Paul Crittenden, Patricia Davison, Gordon Day. Steve Dean, John Deneau, Denise Dennis, Steve Dickerson, Vihlliam Duty, Mike Duyck, Sheila Early, Patricia Eaton, Elizabeth Edmonds, Gloria Elkins, Jerry Epperson, Timmy Epps, Bobby Estes, Peggy Evans, Ronnie Everhart, Katherine Fannon, Angela Ferguson, Patricia Ferguson, Robert Fisher, Angela Fox, Debbie Franklin, Scott Freeman, Leah Fugate, Clara Fullington, Mark Gallaher, Jennie Gardner, James Gass, Brenda Gauldin, Jett Gibson, Chris Gilbert, Sam Goan, Ricky Goins, Debra Green, Bobby Greene, Tim Greenlee, Deborah Groseclose, Susan Gulley, James Hale, Blaine Hall, Rhonda Hampton, Jacquelin Haney, Claudette Hannah, Jack Harbin, Angela Hartman, Randy Hanrille, Mark Harville, Michael Harville, Stan Hatcher, Kathy Hatmaker, Phillip Haun, Tommy Hawkins, Martin Hayes, Bobby Hayes, Tim Helms, Tom l-lelton, Curtis Helton, Gary Hensley, Beverly Hicks, Billy Hicks, Janet Hightower, David Hill, Barbara Hill, Charles Hill, Shirley Hite, Angela Hodge, Charles Hodge, Thomas Holland, Jett Holloway, Anthony Holt, Judy Holt, Kim Holt, Ovida Horner, Timothy Howington, Jeff Howington, Johnny Hughes, Kathy Hurst, Charles Jackson, Donald Jarnigan, Alice Johnson, Donnie Johnson, Gary Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Terry Jones, Cheryl Jones, Kathy Jones, Leslie Jones, Stanley Keasling, Grant Keirsey, Mark Keith, Kathy Keith, Timmy Kesterson, James Killion, Jesse Kimbrough, Joe King, Timothy Kirk, Pamela Knight, Cathy Knight, Polly Kyle, Karen Kyle, Rodney Lakins, Joe Lane, Cindy Lane, Herbert ,., I wr, 9 1 , ,fr I f ' "i' " " ' I Q ' 5 . .. ' ' 3' - ' - , ti ' xx. , W" ' ' ' I 15, egg if E ' Li' 4. 'l , V -V ,jf i ' 5 z 12 ,, f M y ., f ' i W -I -V 1 i 1' ' i L l wtf' L lv, , - Langston, Rhonda ' '- In Lankford, Tony Laster, Jane Lawson, Allen Laubach, Eric uv-- agf, , Leach, Jefl Lewis, Kathy Lewis, Lee Lewis, Pam Livesay, Ricky Llewellyn, Lisa Long, Allicia Long, Bobby Long, Joe Maneual, John Manning, Joyce Mantooth, Michael Marshall, Betty Marshall, Lester Martin, Janice Mason, Xan Maxey, Karen Mayo, Cheryl McDaniel, Rhonda McDonald, Tracy McGhee, Teresa McGinnis, David McGinnis, Vicki Mclnarney, Cindy McKinney, Darlene Miller, Eddie Mills, Danny Mills, Dennis We ,. J' 5 tv sr f ff' Q , f 5: gf 53 B ' 'fe A W 9 if ZZ.. 43, , 1 f W Jr ,le-W. u. w '-. f , " 1.6 I 7 'Wi J , . U 5.5-. A Q "s ' LJ- t 'G had 5 4 ' if ff-ii .-A I gift? yin" Q!- g-. ' 1 .' Q 43 'K , , ,, "' . 'I COpposite pagej Freshmen portray burning the Devils in Homecoming skit. fRigh'0 Susan Wees- ner shrieks at a classmates costume on Tradi- tion Day. La w' - wt F , -ew W. l freshmon bollle cry, gelling involved -wi ii. YE be k Q '31, :..f'-LQTA Mills, Robin Mills, Wcki Moore, Cunis Morelock, Terrie Muller, James Mullins, James Murphy, Keene Murphy, Sharon Murphy, Terry Murrah, Deborah Musick, Clayton Musick, Henrietta Musick, Larry O'DelI, Kathy Pell, Debbie Parker, Jimmy Parker, Vickie Parson, Danny Pale, Thomas Pearson, Donnie Perkey, Charles Peters, Craig Pistole, Kathy Price, Glenda Prollitt, Rhonda Purkey, Kathy Purkey, Shelia Rainboli, Timmy Ramsey, Randy Ray, Amy Ray, Bridgel Redden, David Reese, Terry Reeves, Duane Reneau, Larry Rich, Nike Roach, Irene Roach, Steve Rogers, Don Rogers, Lawrence Rose, Mark Rouse, Waller Russell, Randy Sams, Sally Sandelur, Karen Satterlield, Dale Sawyer, Mark Sawyer, Micheal Sawyer, Stevie Saylor, Jeannie Seals, Farris Seals, Marcia Seals, Pamela Seals, Patricia Seals, Patsy Seals, Steve Seaton, Mike Seaton, Steve Sell, Kathy Seneker, Patricia Shanks, Micheal Shaver, Kathy Sheppard, Ralph Simonton, Jannell Sizemore, Gary Sluss, Elaine Smlddy, Bob Smith, Cynthia Smith, Thomas Snyder, Robin Standiier, Theresa Stroud, Steve Stuart, Murray Stubblelield, Doug Talley, Jimmy Taylor, Bill Taylor, Donna Tharp, Gina Thomas, Penny Thompson, Donna Thompson, William Tipton, Charles Tipton, Debbie Tooley, Bonnie Tooley, Ricky Travis, Lynn Trent, Cynthia Trent, Flisa Trent, Robert Trolinger, Susan COpposite pagej Jenny Whitworth describes her miniature settings lrom "Romeo and Juliet" at "lf You Care" night. CRightJ Denise Deneau finds working in the book store an enjoyable substitute for study hall. 'Y .i 472 ,a Q ,A 4 ,l MTW, ,, ' M' " " Y l,,s . ' . i, l K, li! 1. v, , 4 -ry, ga l , r 5 , 3 1. is 5 Y, . 5: 1 ,F If ., 'fr lib av' ' 1 x :al w , I , ' , . i ' .5.,,.5,t i ,V-gj -l ,, . A .4iQ -.. -ei' T! ff .ff ,' , 1 Q . .4 4 as ' al x 5431 -V at T .14 A. QL' 5 'W' X' iyf, fay ,... 4-,A i . E . 'Q E 'Vx T Q , gs 2 S, , 1 E E 5 'ookies, confusion , " , ., if , 5721. C' lf 2 ,,, 7 'K ., x WW, .... W "fi - if fan X, .M . U . ,,.,.,M..W,,, QM J wr 1 o 1 1 we J Jil". f . Q..-, aye E 4 1 4 T531 'L fi Tucker, Tammy Turner, David Van Heest, Neil Vess, Vihlliam Wailes, Evelyn Walker, William Walton, Jimmy Ward, Pam Warner, Nancy Warren, Debbie Waterson, Melissa Webb, Cindy Webb, Debbie Webb, Larry Webb, Mark Weesner, Susan Wells, Jeff West, Cynthia West, Steve Western, Kathy Westmorland, Rick White, David Whitworth, Jenny ViAlder, Michael Vwlliams. Bobby Vihlliams, Richard Vihlliams, Ricky Vihliiams, Flita Williams, Robert Wilson, Bobby Vihlson, Jeffery Vihlson, Tammy Vihnstead, Judy Vihsecarver, Brenda Vihsecarver, Donna Whittington, Toni Wood, Tim Woodard, Kay Woods, James Woods, Janice Yeary, Michael Young, Tammy Yount, Donna Yount, Michael Zyss, Anna If 'QQ'- FKEr.'tQoV-Y ffff Chew O lf.......,,,-L f, X , My j r " .6-Aw 41:1 f'5"""'HQ 'YK ,., I-1 AT ,L In "15l:."'x I vp C fl-'mf' ' TEN f-".f '.ANlf'K1f' K 'f'RuCcw"7 ' ywfl' Lb .1 xg' ' JL' J f f 'S , 1 , w ' M Kg? JEFFERSON FEDERA SAVINGS JS Wx MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE Zig' 3 1-dfirg-U r"'f"0" 2l9 Eas+ Firs+ Nor+h S+ree+ CSGUQ ZQAQFQ QTDQQUQ Come Zfkxsf N 6,9 W, r iN z "' S' 5' :."::,L'. ofa Q1 snylrvos MV ' UP TU ? 'S W Maw SAVINGS HOLMES SHOE STORE Your Family Shoe S+ore" Downfown Morris+own, Tennessee HAM BLEN LU MBER COMPANY Qualify Made Us Famous Service Made Us Grow Morris+own, Tennessee 586-706' FARMERS COOPERATIVE Feed - Seed - Ferfilizer Morris+own, Tennessee WAR SURPLUS STORES, INC. ,,,,t,,,,,5,,,,,,,4, Governmenf Surplus Don and Cassel Cowan Radio Cen'l'er Morrisfown, Tennessee BEAN STATION I 9 Jos HUNTSMAN. R. PH. M THE SHERWIN- ...G..w29f'w,.., fm. f ' WILLIAMS Puous sas-oaol l .9i'3.p"I IEA47 Sou+h Ci-Jmberland ..WE CARE.. I 3: 6 omdown' ennessee Your Success is made 'Ihrough your own efforis GOOD LUCK SENIORS TEAC-3UE'S DRUG CENTER 'Tip Top Drug Service' Radio Cenier Morris+own, Tennessee Phone 586-025I NDUSTRIAL ARVING O. HHH es is the Whire Pine, Tennessee Phone 674-241 I Q-It IT HPPI W 'I A d J h H . VAU GH N REALTY CO M PANY ijonfs+L1'fL fe::':see"Y G. Delmer Vaughn Phone 536-I '60 Broker Office 586-04l4 2 I 3 Wes'I' Highway Home 586-8026 Andrew Johnson Morrisfown, Tenness 179 THE FURNITURE PEOPLE Lea lndus+ries, Inc. Subsidiary of Sperry and Hurchinson T57 mam: MMF M QWB'l'lAlll'li' mm Kilim! 134 WEST MAIN STREET MORRISTO TENNEBSCI PHONF 80 Nationally adwrlind apparel and accnxoriu by America 'J lead: I Rex W. Hyder Morrisfown, Tennessee 378 I 4 PORTRUM .xv " CLEANERS A 907 ww Samfgng ram North M, gym-Ll Shu uomusrown, W"""""""'-"""' rguunsn all 8 . , N .Q . i, . A Hugh and Roberf DPS! of pTifii2'33?e SU RBURBAN BEAUTY SALON 2 I I7 Wes+ Andrew Johnson Highway PANTS FOR EVERYBODY Phone 586-4362 Downiown Shopping Mall BRUCE'S WASH HOUSE - mm ki ' an 1 A 1 2324 Eas'l' Andrew Johnson Highway 'SWG' ff S p 0 WX E Morrisfown, Tennessee W 1 ' OF uonklsrown Phone 586-9985 f I-uqnwu n EAST W I. o soxzaa MORRlSTOWN'. TENNESSEE 378l4 SEWING MACHINES WALDENS STETZER'S FUNERAL HOMES Sewing Machine Sales and Service Morrisfown - Bean S'Ia'Iion - Whifesburg mlb Scum Cumbedand "Serving 'Ihese communifies since I900" 586-44 I 3 Phone 586-545 M EDICAL CENTER PHARMACY CLIMATE ENGINEERING, INC. iffy... .1......f,.I........,, Heahng and Air Condrhonlng Sysfem Design and Con+rac+ing , , ' Anyfhing in SheeIme'I'al gfaflpahg 925 Wes? Four'Ih Nor+h S+ree+ Morrisfown, Tennessee I Congra+ula+ions Seniors! REALTORS Congra'l'uIa+ions Kingmyer Bldg. Seniors! MOYFISIOWH, Tennessee 378 I4 Phone bl 5 586- I 0 I 0 PHARMACY MORRISTOWN Bill Eversole and CLU B Employees UNITED CITIES GAS COMPANY P. O BOX 428 MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE 37814 W. D. "BI-L" SMITH, PHOTOGRAPHY 54I3 Rowan Road Knoxville, Tennessee 379 I 2 "Your School PhoI'ographer" "The Jones Boys " 586-I I00 I 748 Wes'I A. J. Hwy. .F Q 1 1' 't , , .lf ' J, ,,.gz,,w' , v . , Cuslom Buill Homes Wray Johnson, General Conlraclor Phone 586-5595 he or ooo.loonoinononnln 5 Randall Johnson explains to Bertie Marshall that even though there is a lot of paper work J O n e belnga realtor is not all bad. R + I - en a s - 700 Wesl Firsl' Norlh S'I'ree+ Randall Johnson - Owner M421 Q A Z I CD TF52? LUCKY I3 WMTN Morris+own's Only Full Time Local News S+a'rion 586-3255 DHHCESS fhelffi DON MCLAIN capri theatre marbro drive-in fnsmm suovvlus cum 581-2221 RUSSfllVlllf HWY. X 5850473 1 206 Soufh Jackson S+ree'I' Morrisiown Tennessee Complimenls of HASSON-BRYAN HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. MorrisI'own, Tennessee U Phone 586-2283 S E I C E Bill Bryan+, Jr. 557 SouI'h Cumberland Home Owner 5'6" 'NM - Life Morris+own, Tennessee AU+O Q - He-illh Phone 6 I 5-586-0 I 56 Fire T H. A. "Tommy" Harris 708 Wes'I Firs'I Nor'I'h Sfreef MORRISTOWN FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 622 Wesl' Firs'I NorI'h SI'reeI' Morris+own, Tennessee 378 I 4 Insured Savings Firsl' InI'eresI' Morfgages MorrisI'own's Oldesi' and Largesf Savings and Loan Associafion SKY CITY COIFFURES Eas'I' Andrew Johnson Highway Morris+own, Tennessee 378 I 4 Phone 58 I -2640 STANA DS WEST END MEAT MARKET Fresh Meals "Le'I' us cu+ and paclrage meal' for your home freezer Wes'I' Andrew Johnson Highway 58 I -943 I f, ....., ...b v , ,J fmwmwmegmo at " f-, ,,,,, Vis? w .fa f 2 YF, V. K 'Rn W' 'Z on 4 , ,lv is iyr NFA ,. , , ,sv K ,N ., '54 F' R , ,g.. .1 .Q ,E S-'J' 9 .q,,.'. Q -W -wcaunqgw-au.,f .. ,Q-1-"nw" ' ' - . e iifigunmswsfv' , """"' .MN Tm VN .,,, ,fum .,. ,1 K x' . 'D Q '- ,,,g.,. k " .-.-pw 9 ff. - X. 1 f-, f . A' 1 f 'li' "4 , rj. Q, , i -35. i i .- . e i is -:z - 5 1. Q Xwwsm 5 , ..- '- - a ' Jiri? , " , ' fm 3 A. -1 ' X - ,R . U A, 'N " 5 pw W , ,L .W M hf.3nk,vH4s,.x. . I ,dh -...X 25 :1 . 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V X if- A .X 4339 QQ 5 N - IA? ,ww Q3 in n Q, '1 fe.. : Q X ,g n N "DQ t A N' QW " TY I ' 5 A Q g if ,ML 1 ' x X X V iv. - - X45 I in lf ' - if 'Q is ' v W .1 ' , rn W f5s4v,.,w4? 1 e . 'A . , 4..:-gn, Q gn, .'-.few ' Ui ? " ' . M-ffm f-A - uf '. 'K' ' MVK. L , A .,,,,LV,,,-,N Rf? '52 , 5 A Q.. W Ear - eg"-'fig'-iii? .24 3,16 V e . 1.. rfifg, ' N e "f" .o - f' -,,,wigg. , , ' -Ti r iii xg-v-,S-j?f'7' N .43 4 Vis' war fl fa . i Ig, "wir, Y Wei X '-JA. . - 4' ff. J. ' 'tw'-ye w . 'M 4 'x.,,1,. f ,Ati wg, .5 A. ,. ,X ,UF.uAl,'.g, ,fA,fg,- N Vq.,,,ki5.,gz-V, . --,itgm A L. .h ff 'wr Hr- L 'P' .L , r fax' Q, :s.,fwifQ'ai V' . J, 'if' 1, 1f."41,4- .if .A ' ' gk J 'ffm 'ff,"f" Nqigfflfgf . fkf-a if7Q5Sqf'f ' ' -V 'P ' 1 " 'fini'-5 i i ' F" ' "iii :'M!Il'Ffffl'ffYiffT5 "f ' rf' r 1 sg. new-na, - ,Gow give r essay ga nf, A-,vw 4 f -Q. ,J-.. invaffe-Q wr- m.'9y.4 fi- ' W ,ff -. ' f NE.. The Berkline Corporafion P. O. Box l00 Morrisfown, Tennessee 378l4 ""e e e gg :A f ,.!'im N 11 O 1 gg "'...f i'ili.,1: .. , 1,,,..M . v1le0QeQQ' 'ffwni , ,-1, '- Y 1 - .lt I 4534. iary Gregg and Carol Smiddy discuss new home designs with realtor Ronnie Jones. 260i Wed' Andrew Ronnie Jones, Realfor Johnson Highway LAKEWAY INSURORS ASSOCIATION Bible lns. Agency Caniwell lns. Agenc Cox lns. Agency Gardner lns. Agenc ,YOUR Igependenf nsurancg GENT George F. Smi+h Agency ""il7""""" Jessee 8: Maclen Agenc lnsu Merhoff - Sirale - Wilson ' DET Moore AQY- of Willie Pif Spoone lns. Agency Cox Agenc COUNTRY CLUB EXXON Road Service and General Repairs Phone 58 l -4547 MORRISTOWN CARPET HOUSE 2427 Easf Andrew Johnson Highway Morrisiown, Tennessee Q ' Qi-N .H U HAMBLEN SCHOOL OF BEAUTY Training 'lhe Fulure Hairdresser Phone 586-4830 220 Wesl' Main Morrislown, Tennessee MUSSIE'S STOP AND SHOP MART Lincoln Avenue Shopping Cenfer Open Seven Days A Weelz 7:30 A.M.-I I:30 P.M. 'Thanks for Shopping Wi+h Us." gf , w . I ff 5 E . I vw Jcf k I X Q 'J' ,g -'kgs Q, 1 If ' S i- ll A XX.: 191 Il N uhh. I I quo- V? 4 I T 5' John Wallace is pictured with East High students Rhonda Langston, Rhonda Hall, and Susan Flon Moore, Dean Rouse, Don Moore, Sherr whose parents are employees of Wallace Hard- Rouse, CStandingJ Joey Bunch, Lisa Wallace, Bradford, John Wallace, and Richard Edwards. ware Company: CSeatedJ Becky Harville, Randy Hall, Debbie Bruce, Tony Thompson, WALLACE HARDWARE COMPANY Q H , , ,, PLAZA si-romne csnren wiu.iAM A worm hug 6' far 55722 MARIE T. THORN oownrowu sxvwmr MORRISTOWN, NESSEE 37814 551-2953 For Personal and Professional Service I CLAUDIA'S HOUSE OF Seeus' FASHIQN Ray D. Hall, Realfor Dowmown Shoppmg Mall I3I Easf Firsf Norlh Sfreef Morrisfown, Tennessee 58 I , I 5 I 5 586-035 Office Hom 192 --.- Yuzfegix ffectzzk' 56502236 Heof Pumps - Air Conditioners 345 MCINTVLIE AVE. MCIRRISTDWN, TENNESSEE 378 4 ELECTRIC HEAT PUMPS - AIR CONDITIONERS GAS AND OIL FURNACES SALES AND SERVICE DICK-5 RUSSELLVILLE-WHITESBURG 'Soufh Cumberland Shopping WCRK 1150 ON YUUR DIAL HALE BROTHERS Horner's I PEARSON S I 1- d Enka Hi hwa ncorpora e 9 Y D IAM O N D Shell WHOLESALE ' 'Lf Rou+e 3 DOWNTOWN Fruiig ' I V9Q9l'abl95 Morrislown, Tennessee SHOPPING iSQf,,,, 378'4 MALL .gag Qs Morris+own, Tenn. INSTITUTIONAL FOODS CANNED - FROZEN 530 E. Main SI. Morrisiown, Tenn. 378l4 at Q 12 Mi+cheIl-Hodge Elec+ric Company MAYTAG - Washers, Dryers, Disposals General Elecfric Appliances G.E. Wea+her+rons - Healing and Cooling CHEROKEE SALES AN D S U P PLI ES Lynn-Sheeley Au+omoIive Supplies Company I23 Easl' Morris Boulevard M .+ OI'I'IS Own CQDZLU0-Q50 Phone 586-0802 Knoxville Cabel Nelson Evere'H Allen Organs Lfffiffiujr WEESNER-REAMS COMPANY IILWG ' QHWM' Downfown Slcymarl 194 Phone 586-6902 FURNITURE SINCE l906 BaII's Trailer Sales CIif'I'on's Inc. SALES AND PARKS JEWELERS SINCE I893 Phone 586-4966 "Remember af CIif+on's we care" Morrisfown, Tennessee Morrisfown, Tennessee Bank of Morrisrown Hi QP'- Easf Branch - 230I Easi' Andrew Johnson Hwy. Main Office I I I2 Wes+ Firsf Norfh SI'reeI' R. M. ROGERS COMPANY EVANS OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY '59 WOSI Mein 5990+ I600 Eesf Andrew Johnson Hwy. Phone 586-370l Morrisfown, Tennessee 378 I 4 Qualify Men's Wear N fl A . , 1 1 ' lb .g ff - Q 92 . ! A ' F f Q, , L, F 5 1 A2 3:4 ,HI i ,f 3 A if lr .gg eff' -'N . J xr, Q 412' 12.4 .. sw K S -M f x mg -'F ... ,, :TI w , R QR , ,X Wi, Wi k fix! 'K 'Q Wim' . - '14's-ply. X ' ,Hs ,A -,, .. Q' IJ 2.-.f-'rivwf ' - E1 YQ A A ' V , 34. I .QL Qiu 1'1 1 H 5,?'52' V wt ' ix , j y , K W . X-if -fl ., ,. -Q Si V-,,w,,N.lT, 7' 1. 1 F- wy ,b-- W, Mess?-sf.,Q4L: ' 5 S- Q Q? 'K ,Q-we fb? f f' x v ' .. ,,- -. . v, -Q Q1 31 ':v"'lX'1 x ' 454' ' 'F 316 v-AFI mf' i x ...v 5-1, A, Q 9' 1, ' fi' ' -.4 -t' ,." Q qi 'fwv -1 -0 1 k 41" 4 ' 5, 4 fy .'- Q- Vt' Sip A Q. , -9 A ' LA Q x ' 'xx' If QI." Y' .L rl wi .. N 1 . "5 Q, 'aux sf' fx - - srrw,-:, 1' ,,' K. auf N af, -. 1 A ,KN 1 . if f, , Niki i 44 'F ' "Lf-Q fi ' 2 ,' .r f-3, . ' . '15 , 5 ' - ,, N. " L " if , -fb-' f Q '-35 fff, , ... L 1r4f.,.g, .Y.?:'-' - indy Norton and Quentin Seals discuss the atures of Mindy's new Firebird that they like est, PRICE MOTCRS, INC. Pon+iac - Cadillac - GM Trucks JO King Avenue Morrisfown, Tennessee 378 I 4 IULO.I?iau-A of Tennessee. Inc. O I9 7 AV merlmff- strata - wilson my J 139 W. MORRES BLVD. - P. O. BOX 1379 0 MORRISTOWN. TENNESSEE 37814 1 PHONE 1615i 586 2002 ,fxm T,Il'13mi up .US ,, Y 1 T r:aSf?4335IfJWYi 7 ,S7?:.g.:r12' QQ21DiB?55i9e' MORRISTCJWN UTILITY COMMISSICDN JEFFREY Jeffery Manufaduring Co 2307 Maden Drive Morrisfown, Tennessee 'SAVE-wAYMAl2IcEr DW Gum MouI5I'owwFonllg Dnlueflw Qwi QhM "Qa,,,g,Q 0w,,Qped0f,hJ" WUGWCBPJ I Plww see-oeeo LEsTER's AMERICAN MORNINGSIDE SH ELL Car Problems Goi' You Roughed Up? is Ja , Come 'I'o Us. We'II Iron Them Ou+I I' S T IZ33 EQSI' Main S'I'ree+ Russellville, Tennessee Phone 586'570l "24 hour wrecking service , Glenn and Hollis Sandifer's PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION "CompIe+e One Sfop Service" W. Andrew Johnson Hwy. Phone 586-6677 BURKE 81 HODGES BUILDING MATERIALS WykIe's Mark:-1+ WHOLESALERS "Open 7:00 am 'Io I :OO am Lumber -- Pain+s - Wallpaper 7 CIGYS 5 Week" bI4 Easi' Main S+reeI' MorrisI'own, Tennessee MORRISTOWN Hamblen Memory Gardens, Inc M "A Place of Elernal Beau+y" MAGNAVOX SALES AND SERVICE Office. 533 Wag Main IO40 SouI'h Cumberland S'I'ree'I' Phone 586-I204 P-0- BOX I396 Morrislown, Tennessee Morris+own, Tennessee Kentucky Fried Bkiaken G Have a party! We're Morris+own's K ldchi k A f S ne IC en ns oyegnonesasgoiite. 21?N?glYggeC!g:1LiPI?'lODgFgL6-87I7 U The"Fmger Lickin' o A"'e"'cal0VeS T what the Colonel cooks G cl P 'I' PI " O0 CII' BCSBI' "its Engerlickidgoodfi Congra'I'ula+ions Graduafesl ?QEZL2 2262 2?QQE WHERE CGUNTS BU RN ETT PRGDUCE I948- I 973 "25 Years of Service 'I'o fhe Communify J: V4 M Ag V1,,5 ,Xj -7-, M4 in 5 nite Sh Hsnoluss AND AUCTION CO. ll P A. QUILLEN EISEMAN Propriefor 534 Wesf Main Sfreef I75 Wesf Main Sfreef Morrisfown, Tennessee Morrisfown, Tennessee John T. Bible "Slceef" Jones MQRIRHSTOWN 0 . t ' . , , Qi ,M Bleu Buble Book Store Desrgnedlf bg Robbw 6 2111 W. Andrew johnson Highway CUKDMDI H -D H H 5 Morristown, Tennessee 37814 :Sm Telephone 581 ' 4871 P"""f'86'5"0' GM SAWS Manufacfurers of Carbide Tip Saws ,O. Box l332 Morrisfown, Tennessee Phone 586-6300 Winsfead Real Esfafe Co. Ka+hryn.S Dress Shop Manley Village Andrew Johnson Highway Half fhe fun of being a girlis shopping af Kafhryn's. Morrisfown, Tennessee Buffalo Trail Drug Sfore "Morris+own's Mosf Exclusive Cosmefic Deparfmenf" 8 I 4 Norfh Cumberland 586-082I ROGERS BROS. CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. "We Move The Earfh" 201 P.O. Box 368 Morrisfown, Tennessee 378 I 4 CORPORATION UNION CAMP CORPORATION Morrisfown, Tennessee Home Lumber Company "Remember +o Call Home" I I2 Wesi' Main SI'reeI' Morris'I'own, Tennessee 378l4 Phone 586-7862 Coving+on Furni'rure Com pa ny General Eleciric and Norge Appliances BasseH, Dixie, Link-Taylor and Davis Ca binei' Furni+ure I I27 Morris Boulevard Phone 586-675I Kirby of Morris'I'own Carpe+ Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners Rug Shampooers Sales and Service l028 Soufh Cumberland 202 Phone 586-436I Main S+ree+ Floral Flowers and GiH's 200 Wes+ Main S+ree+ Morris+own, Tennessee Phone 586-4668 Donna and G. H. Dellinger MORRISTOWN SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED TELEPHONE sas 6211 OFFICES af WAREHOUSE P 0 BOX "W WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BUILDING MATERIAL ""'D""" Jo""'o" """'w"' MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE 37814 U S. NUMBER il E THREE MILES ST t ,,::,.ILIE ,. I I fi in RISACHER MOTOR, INC. I I I I Wes+ Morris Boulevard Phone 586-8450 Morrisfown, Tennessee 378 I 4 Wesl' End Texaco 227I Knoxville Highway John Fox and Bob Moyers Phone 58 I -28 I O 2 O3 ,a .aff if 5:41 ps ---...L--A 4 1. 'af in 5q5aAlegi3s Hamilion Na+ional Bank "Three Loca+ions To Serve You" iserving Morrisfown and Hamblen Coun+y Since I906i Main Office I88 Wesf Main S+ree'I' Radio Cenfer Branch Plaza Branch IO45 Sou+h Cumberland S+ree+ Phone 586-2242 l908 Wesf Andrew Johnson Highway Phone 586-2245 Phone 586-2246 204 gl all ERCU RY ligllsltll A Distributors of Texaco Products 700 East Main Street Morristown, Tennessee The Blossom Shop Horner Rental Agency Apa rtments Corner of Main and Jackson C0mmel'Clal - Residenllal "We Sell Beauty" LGVWY Home' 586-0733 Phones 586-0734 708 West First North Street 58 I -939 I Q S Y QQQQQQQQQS mosasmcazy J kmuiwn, WIIIAIAVI swcz was 0 O vnziouvn 5 uulsfsv ouuuvv moms runmsnfns 'f'Wm'iQ'1 22 I Sou+h Cumberland MORRISTOWN ATHLETIC LEONARDS GFFICE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT Award JacIce'Is, Trophies, Uniforms, Engraving uEverY+hing for me Officeu 2 I 2 Wesf Lincoln Ave. Phone 58 I -2400 Morristown Tennessee "Service and OuaIi+y is Our Business" I T0 Com pIimen+s Q of lf, A 4 ,dn sf nop A Lowes .- - QEN TA L - , -n WM I- Qn ff 15 4 SPE Y 9 R H URRICANE DRIVE-IN 420 S. Cumberland S+. Wimp end Tuff Mopeniel Morris+own, Tenn. Phone 58 I - I4I7 2304 Wes+ Andrew Johnson Highway RENT BY THE DAY, WEEK OR MONTH phone 586-5592 6 "TENNESSEE'S BEST COUNTRY HAMS" H D L OIL CO. GOODSON AND MAYES Jobbers of Mobil Producfs 70I Wes+ Third Nor+h S+ree'f plos Box I375 586-2320 Morris+own, Tennessee Mo,-,5s+own' Tennessee Compare with any other ICE CREAM For your complete dairy needs NCR .,..W,,m....m..REfT ,, try. E S iq, r it " - C - - ..'-. . - : -L my -L. ,..,.,,r. "- f .. zzz efmiipeff W' -s -f b .. V- ,ws sggw-f.w.,L1 - - - -- 14 -- Km-e ei ff N ' 1 " 1135 M! ' g1 - ,'i1'l,i, gif -k,' 6 .. , , , 1 -1-W New zg 5 9 ,,, si f S ' Q ' gt Q' . . ,-f kll N Ni ,. LW. , ,Q N i . 1 v ' I - at P. O. Box 513 .....-- """" Morristown, Tennessee 37814 C' n v T elephon Z. 862 'lu ----ggi, 4 3-us. . 15 . x Q t... m . 'X 8 x J. E. HODGE ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contracting Engineering and Contracting I 7Ol Trade Street 586-276i irestone DEALER STORE "Customer Satistaction Guaranteed" South Cumberland at Morris Boulevard 207 gn... Lear Slegler Inc as a mayor supplier of fabricded metal proclucfs fo +he domeshc au'I'omo'hve mduslry. In addifion +o i'l's posifion as world's largesl independenl' manufaduror of aufomoiive sealing, fhe corporafion serves a broad spec'l'rum of infernalional com- mercial ancl induslrial markefs. RELIABL AND E T.V. SALES TAYLQR SERVICE JCJBBING COMPANY Buffalo Trail Shopping Cenfer Wholesale Grocers Phon e 586-3372 Morrislown, Tennessee L TlFFANY'S FLORIST PLAZA BEAUTY SALON plaza Shopping Cemer "When Only 'l'he Finesf Will Do" Wes'I' Andrew Johnson Highway phone 586,937I 24 Hour Phone Service Owners: Greg and Pai Townsend PURKEY REAL ESTATE COMPANY PURKEY REAL lCS'lfX'I'lC CO. 700 Wesi' Firsf Nor+h Sfreef "Down to Eaffh Real E-Staten Morris+own, Tennessee Phone 586-7350 ' jx Af Q a. .--'sw' ,ijt .Q5 I x Atl 1 J .Kd. B 2: , W A """ . , -cr" GRAHAM'S STUDIOS 209 EACO 384177 P. H CDWAN R Pr FREE SERVICE TIRE COMPANY W. ' ' ' Goodyear Trres - Household Furmfure - G.E. Applaances '-- E , if' . . fri' I I I05 So. Cumberhlnd SI. pa' p R Ef ' C ' p T A' N S H T ' I Y NN. Morrisfown, Tenn. 378l4 BOB MCEACHERN PHOTOGRAPHERS, INC. ....- 7Lf7-1.1 all lx . 1. , .,..- "spa-uya,u4J-dflrbrvff P.O. Box 343 LQUUON, TENNESSEE 37774 Phono 458-4651 Lawerence Brannon, service department manager at Bob Bales Ford, explains to Sally B F Phillips that proper maintenance insures a O a SS O I' car's good performance. I I I I I2 Wed Morris Blvd. 210 Morristown, Tennessee 378 I4 Una Sanders watches as Robert Wolfe reviews the plans lor his next commercial building. ROBERT WOLFE, CONTRACTOR "For Beflor Rosideniial and Commercial Buildings" Phone 586-0556 i Q, is 1, I Q iw VV I VV 'Hp V . V . VV V V A 1 Z ' 1 ' 'lf 5 f 1 W5 V V Q. ' . I fA, .9 f VVVVVV V it fag, K . sk' :YV gf X 4 1 , + A , sm! ,Q . 1 ' ,u g . ' 1 f , I ' f is all-1. , . s ' "1 4 - 4 ,. '-V V 'W , wg , I - I 5.7 .V ,-. V Q " fg' . if a 9 if, wr Q 'F' 'zz k ji X A I kj? I V ,V Tl' in 1 , .f.,., , L . 3 iw, Q 5? . ,, 'X X 2 is? 6 S . Qi vi, , 'r ' A - i. V f V5:VV Q iv A 4' 1 ia"f' -f s 7-2 'U 1' 'f -5 is 5is"'5 1 t.VVVy 1V.3mg 4 .J ' Q' '1 . 17"f ' is - n Vg VV V gVVVVxhVl me S VV V V ' 3 V VVVV ,V V. V. JV md .VNV -H. LV K: . yor VV, ..W,V VV VV VVVVW . ,f if V Q f, f, V as-' . VV -V V L V V V Vw' .LmV - V I Zi, it VVVV -5 o VVVVJQ VV , X-fg , .5 gif . VV 4, ,ff-2, Q 'Q v. 4 X . ' + V ,, f V V .VSV X K? Q , M: ,V V AV, V Q V' V , ,Haan VV L, Y' .f 'Wg 'iff I QV N V Q Q , ' Q X4 534, 3, Q V V , X, f Q V . V ' RX Q VVVV E if ,V 1 , f Q 7 , f X' V V V V V VV VV Ei V VV 1 VV VVVV V V V VV VV , VVVVV V VV N VV , T, V VVVVV V V VV VV V V .V VVVVVV VVVV W If .J ' ? V W VV Y m. VV V V V VVVV VV If V VVV1 , VVVVV V 1 i Q A Q S g . H L -"' L ':'gx .:" , A 1 VEAV L J M gg h. Agg: In W ' ff 1 i2 N 41 5 A 1 i Z 1 A, V. ,..V IV VV V VV V VV 'V V VVVV VVVV V V K' S3 A N ,MX b ' 'F' f J 1 vi f . Z 1 I 'fl i ' X Q f I V , l,E:, VVV V VVVVV VV VV . Vi: VVVVV V VVV V V V ,Vi VVV .,E V VVL V V VVV VVVV K ii V V V VV VN V V 2 VV , V V . V Vg V VV V f VV . . A . , A.. ,..-r "' 1 American Enka BaII's Trailer Sales Bank of Commerce Bank of Morrisfown Bean Sfafion Drugs Berkline Bible-Godwin Realfors Bill Jones, Realfor Blossom Shop Bob Bales Ford Bob McEachern, Phofographer Bradley's Pro Hardware Brooks Morfuary Bruce's Wash House Buffalo Trail Drugs Bruke and Hodges Lumber Company Burneff Produce C. C. Irwin Cherokee Real Esfafe Cherokee Sales and Supply CIaudia's House of Fashion Climafe Engineering Counfry Club Exxon Covingfon Furnifure Company CIif'Ion's Crosby-Henderson Dairy Queen Darling' Bridal Salon Dawson's Designed by "Robbie" Dick's Don McLain, Realfor Evans Office Supply Firesfone Dealer Sfore Fisher Oil Company Free Service Tire Company Freels Drug Sfore Glenn and Hollis Sandifer's Goodson and Mayes Graham Sfudio Hale Brofhers H. A. "Tommy" Harris Hamblen Farmers Cooperafive Hamblen Lumber Company Hamblen Memory Gardens Hamblen School of Bea ufy Hamilfon Nafional Bank Hasson-Bryan Hardware Holiday Inn Holmes Shoe Sfore Home Lumber Company Horner's Enka Highway Shell Horner Renfal Agency Howard Brofhers Pharmacy Hurricane Drive-In Indusfrial Carving Company, Inc. Jack's Drive-In and Resfauranf Jefferson Federal Savings and Loan Associafion Jeffery Manufacfuring J. E. Hodge Elecfric Company Johnson Agency Kafhryn's Dress Shop Kenfucky Fried Chicken Kirby of Morrisfown Lakeway Insurors Lea Indusfries Lea Wayne Kniffing Mill Lear Siegler Leonard's Office Equipmenf Lesfer's American Service Sfafion Lowe's ADVERTISERS' INDEX I88 I95 I96 I95 I79 l89 I82 I82 205 2 I 0 2 I 0 I9I 206 I8I 20I I99 200 l9I 20I I94 I92 I82 I90 202 I95 206 I99 I87 I80 20I 206 I85 I95 206 205 , 2l0 200 I99 206 209 I94 I86 I79 I79 I99 I90 204 I86 IBI I79 202 I94 205 I82 206 I79 I94 I98 I98 207 I84 20fI 200 202 I90 I80 I83 208 206 I99 206 Lynn Sheeley Main Sfreef Floral and Giffs M and M Saws Marfin Theafers Medical Cenfer Pharmacy Merhoff-Sfrafe-Wilson Mifchell-Hodge Elecfric Company Morningside Shell Morrisfown Ahflefic Supply Morrisfown Bible Book Sfore Morrisfown Carpef House Morris-Iown Federal Savings and Loan Morrisfown Lincoln Mercury Morrisfown Music Marf Morrisfown Supply Morrisfown Real Esfafe Morrisfown Ufilify Commission Mussie's Sfop and Shop Marf NCR Oops! Pearson's Diamond Cenfer Pef Dairy Plaza Beaufy Salon Porfrum Cleaners Price Mofors Purkey Real Esfafe Company Ray D. Hall, Realfor Reliable Radio and TV Sales Risacher Mofors R. M. Rogers Company Roberf H. Wolfe, Confracfor Rogers Brofhers Consfrucfion Company Ronnie Jones Real Esfafe Russellville-Whifesburg Ufilify Disfricf Sanifary Drug Company Save-Way Markef SharIee's Shelby Williams Sky Cify Coiffures Squire Shop Sferchis' Sfe'I1er's Funeral Homes Surburban Beaufy Salon Taylor Jobbing TayIor's Renfal Teague's Drug Cenfer The Sherwin Williams Company Tiffany's Florisf Turley's Elecfric Service Union Camp Unifed Cifies Gas Company Upgrad Personnel Service Vaughn Realfy Company Volunfeer Supply Walden's Sewing Machine Cenfer Wallace Hardware Company War Surplus Sfores, Inc. WAZI WCRK WMTN W. D. "BiII" Smifh, Phofographer Weesner-Reams Wesf End Meal' Markef Wesf End Texaco Wesfern Aufo Wesf Morrisfown Lions Club Wesf Side Chapel Whife Sfores Winsfead Real Esfafe Company Wykle's Merkel' 4 fciculty index ADAMS, RANDOLPH, B.S., Hardin-Sim- mons University, Westminster Choir Col- lege, University of Tennessee, Music The- ory, Chorus I, ll. Senior Class Sponsor. ALTIZER, CARLIS, B.A., Emory and Henry College, American History. Coach: Foot- ball and Baseball, Freshman Class Spon- sor. BAIRD, MRS. PATRICIA, B.S., East Ten- nessee State University, University of Ten- nessee, Bookkeeping, Typewriting. Junior Class Sponsor. BATES, JAMES, Trade Certificate, Univer- sity of Tennessee, Chattanooga School of Welding, General Metals. Advisor: VICA. BIBLE, MISS JUDY, B.S., East Tennessee State University, English I. Advisor: Alpha- Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Class Sponsor. BREEDING, MRS. RUTH, B.S., M.S., Cen- tre College, Carson-Newman College, Uni- versity of Tennessee, Art I, Graphics I, ll. Junior Class Sponsor. BRIGGS, RONALD L., B.S., M.S., Univer- sity of Tennessee, Principal. BROWN, CHARLES, B.S., M.A., M.R.E., East Tennessee State University, South- western Baptist Theological Seminary, American History, American Government, Economics. Senior Class Sponsor. CAMPBELL, DAVID F., B.S., M.A., East Tennessee State University, Guidance Counselor. Junior Class Sponsor. CAMPBELL, MRS. GERALDINE, East Ten- nessee State University, University of Ten- nessee, Biology. Sophomore Class Spon- sor. CATRON, MISS AILEEN, B.A., Hiwassee College, Carson-Newman College, Ameri- can History, Latin I, Il. Advisor: Junior Clas- sical League, Senior Class Sponsor. CHESNEY, MRS. LINDA, B.A., Junior Col- lege of Groward County, Carson-Newman College, English. Advisor: Red Cross Club, Student Council, Sophomore Class Spon- sor. CLEMENTS, JACK, Trade Certificate, Car- son-Newman College, University of Ten- nessee, Machine Shop. CONKIN, MRS. JOAN, B.A., Carson-New- man College, English ll. Freshman Class Sponsor. CUPP, MRS. HAZEL, A.B., M.S., Lincoln Memorial University, University of Tennes- see, Librarian. Advisor: Library Club, Jun- ior Class Sponsor. DAVIS, MRS. RETA, B.S., East Tennessee State University, English. Advisor: Cheer- leaders, Junior Class Sponsor. DEATON, LCDR JOHN, Naval Science. Color Guard, Drill Team. DEBUSK, MRS. MATTIE LEE, B.S., Univer- sity of Tennessee, Textiles, Foods and Nutrition, Interior Design, Family Relations, Home Economics I, Il. Advisor: Future Homemakers of America, Senior Class Sponsor. FAIN, MRS. IRENE, State Certificate, Lady Alyce Beauty College, Cosmetology I, II, III. Advisor: VICA. FOX, MRS. SUE M., B.S., Greensboro Col- lege, University of Tennessee, Home Eco- nomics I, Textiles and Clothing, Foods and Nutrition, Homemaking for Boys. Advisor: Future Homemakers of America I, Sopho- more Class Sponsor. GILBERT, MRS. MARCHELLE: B.S., Mur- ray State College, Art I, Crafts. GONCE, L. E., B.S., East Tennessee State University, American University, University of Tennessee, George Peobody College, Wood Machines I, ll. GRAHAM, ANN, B.A., Carson-Newman College, Guidance Counselor, English I. GREENE, MRS. FRANCES, B.S., M.S., East Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee, Virginia Intermont College Tusculum College, Typewriting I, II. Sopho- more Class Sponsor. HENEGAR, RAY, B.S., M.S., Lincoln Mem- orial University, University ot Tennessee, Purdue University, Ornamental Horticul- ture, Forestry, Basic Agriculture, Agricul- ture Production, Agriculture Supplies. Advisor: Future Farmers ot America, Freshman Class Sponsor. HORNER, MISS JANE, B.S., M.A., East' Tennessee State University, George Peo- body College, English Ill. Advisor: Student Action for Education, Freshman Class Sponsor. HOWARD, BOB, B.S., M.A., University of Tennessee, Union College, Vocational Sur- vey. HUGHES, JIM, B.S., M.A., East Tennessee State University, Biology. Coach: Golf and Basketball, Junior Class Sponsor. HUX, WILLIAM B., B.S., Carson-Newman College, General Business, Basic Mathe- matics. Coach: Girls' Basketball, Freshman Class Sponsor. HYATT, MISS BETSY, B.S., University of Miami, Psychology, Sociology. Junior Class Sponsor. KEENER, GEORGE, A.B., M.S., Tusculum College, University of Tennessee, General Science, Chemistry. Freshman Class Sponsor. LOUDY, MISS ANGELA, B.S., University of Tennessee, Algebra I, Geometry. Advisor: Beta Club, Senior Class Sponsor. MCCALL, GREGORY B., B.S., Carson- Newman College, Driver Education. Coach: Wrestling, Football, Junior Class Sponsor. McKINLEY, MRS. JANE, B.B., Temple Uni- versity, University of Tennessee, Voca- tional Office Education, Shorthand, Office Machines. Advisor: Tennessee Office Edu- cation Club. NORTHERN, MRS. MARY, B.S., Maryville College, Carson-Newman College, Univer- sity of Tennessee, General Science. Fresh- man Class Sponsor. PHILLIPS, DENNIS, B.S., M.S., Carson- Newman College, University of Tennessee, Distributive Education. Advisor: Distributive Education Clubs ot America. PHIPPS, MRS. FAYE, B.S., Tennessee Tech University, Home Economics I, Fam- ily Relations. Advisor: Future Homemakers of America. PRATT, MRS. DORA, A.S., University of North Carolina, Appalachian State Univer- sity, French I, ll, III. Advisor: French Club. PRICE, RICHARD, B.S., M.A., University of Tennessee, Union College, World Geogra- phy, Health. Coach: Basketball. Freshman Class Sponsor. RATLIFF, JIMMY D., B.S., M.A., East Ten- nessee State University, Librarian, Media Specialist. ROBBINS, DAVID, B.A., M.S., Emory and Henry College, University of Tennessee, Physical Education. Coach: Football and Track, Sophomore Class Sponsor. English instructors Marilyn Ware and Danny Russell discuss M-H East's reading program. ROBINSON, MRS. BARBARA, B.S., M.A., University of Tennessee, East Tennessee State University, English IV. Advisor: Ita- kha, Sophomore Class Sponsor. ROSE, DALE, B.S., M.A., Carson-Newman College, Union College, Driver's Educa- tion, Psychology, Sociology. Advisor: FCA, Freshman Class Sponsor. RUSSELL, W. DANNY, B.S., University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee, East Tennessee State University, English IV. Sophomore Class Sponsor. SATTERFIELD, LEROY, Trade Certificate, Fulton Trade School, Engineering Con- struction Schoolg Building Trades. SCOTT, LCDR BEN, B.S., University of Maryland, University of Tennessee, Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, Math. SHARP, VIRGIL, Trade Certificate, Ford Motor Company, Fulton Trade School, Uni- versity of Tennessee, Auto Mechanics. Advisor: VICA. SHAVER, MRS. PHYLLIS, B.A., Maryville College, Ancient History, Modern World History. Advisor: Student Action lor Educa- tion, Senior Class Sponsor. SHUPE, TOM, B.S., East Tennessee State University, Morehead State University, Uni- versity of Tennessee, Band Director. SIMPSON, MISS CHARLOTTE, A.A., B.S., Morristown College, Knoxville College, General Mathematics. Senior Class Spon- sor. SNIEDER, MRS. ELAINE, B.A., M.Ed., Anna Maria College, Westfield State Col- lege, Guidance Counselor. Freshman Class Sponsor. SPOONE, MRS. MARGARET, B.S., M.S., Woman's College, University of North Car- olina, University of Tennessee, Home Eco- nomics I, ll, Foods and Nutrition, Foods for Senior Boys. Advisor: Future Homemakers of America II, Senior Class Sponsor. STAMBAUGH, MRS. FRANCES, B.S., M.S., Carson-Newman College, University of Tennessee, Industrial Cooperative Training. Advisor: VICA. STRUNK, WILLIAM, B.S., University of Tennessee, Physics, General Science. Coach: Basketball, Cross-country, and Track, Senior Class Sponsor. STUBBLEFIELD, FRED R., B.S., Carson- Newman College, University of Tennessee Mathematics I, Algebra I, American His- tory. Advisor: Alpha-Hi-Y, Sophomore Class Sponsor. THOMPSON, MRS. VERA, B.S., Carson- Newman College, East Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee, Typewritlng I, Career Communications. Advisor: Anchor Club. TREECE, C. J., A.A., B.S., Morristown Col- lege, University of Tennessee, World Geography. Sophomore Class Sponsor. TROBAUGH, MISS CYNTHIA, B.A., Queens College, Carson-Newman Col- lege, University of Tennessee, State Uni- versity of New York, English I, German I, Il. VAUGHN, ALDEN, B.S., M.M., University of Tennessee, Algebra II, Geometry, Advanced Mathematics. Senior Class Sponsor. WARE, MRS. MARILYN SUE, B.S., M.S., Marshall University of Southern Missis- sippi, English III. Advisor: Thespian Club, Senior Class Sponsor. WEESNER, MURRELL, A.B., M.A., Tuscu- Ium College, Duke University, University of Tennessee, Assistant Principal. WILLIAMS, JERRY, B.S., M.A., East Ten- nessee State University, Assistant Princi- pal. WILLIAMS, MRS. MARJORIE, B.S., East Tennessee State University, Physical Edu- cation. Advisor: Anchor Club, Junior Class Sponsor. WRIGHT, JOHN, Trade Certificate, Univer- sity of Tennessee, Electricity. Advisor: VICA. WRIGHT, PHILLIP L., B.S., University of Tennessee, Vocational Agriculture. Advi- sor: FFA. AILEY, RONALD DAVID Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Ailey, Jr., 511 Oak Street. Base- ball, Football, Golf, Wrestling, Prom Committee, Homecoming Committee. ALLEN, DONALD EDWARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harlon B. Allen, Route 7. Key Club. ANDERSON, DEBORAH KAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Anderson, Route 2, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Transfer from Goose- creek High School, Charleston, South Carolina. Riding Club, GAA. ARRINGTON, KAREN FAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Arrington, Route 1 , Whitesburg, Tennessee. ARRINGTON, SHARON KAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Arrington, Route, Whitesburg, Tennessee. AVERY, JEAN ELIZABETH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Avery, Hilltop Road. Transfer from Abington Heights High School, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Make-up Club, Medical Service Club, Ski Club, Teen Action Pro- gram of the March of Dimes, School Representative. AYERS, TIMOTHY STEPHEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Ayers, 608 Choctaw Street. BAILEY, RICKY WAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Bailey, 810 Brown Avenue. HURRICANE, Baseball, Football, Manager 1, 2, Track, Wrestling, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. BALL, TIMOTHY PAUL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Black, Route 2, Northbrook. BARCLAY, SHARON ANN Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Barclay, 538 Oak Street. HURRI- CANE, Typist, ITAKHA, Ad Sales- man, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Vice-President, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America, Health Careers Club, Red Cross Council, Spanish Club, President 4, Band, Invitational Clinic 2, 3, Junior-Senior Play, National Merit, Honorable Mention, Nativity Pag- eant, Prom Committee, Talent Show Committee, Office Assistant. BARNARD, GEORGIA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Barnard, Route 3, Coal Pit Road. Future Homemakers of America, Band, Flag Corps. BARNE'I'l'E, MARJORIE JUANITA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James 6 D. Barnette, Route 1 , Whitesburg, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of America, Chaplain 3, 4, Y- Teens, Parliamentarian 2, 3, Reporter 4, Junior, Chapter and State Homemaker Degrees, Library assistant. BARRON, WILLIAM DOUGLAS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Bar- ron, Route 5, Lowland Road. BENSON, SUSAN JANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton France, Route 7. Guidance assist- ant. Transfer from Maury High School, Dandridge, Tennessee, Future Homemakers of America, Pep Club. BIBLE, JOHN WESLEY Son of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bible, Brights Pike. Swim team. BIBLE, LINDA JOYCE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Bible, 712 Williams Street. Sopho- more Class Treasurer, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, HURRICANE, Contrib- utor, Feature staff, Typist, Alpha- Tri-Hi-Y, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America, Fresh- man-Sophomore Play, Homecom- ing Committee, Play Committee, Prom Committee, Coaches' Office assistant, Office assistant. BOWLIN, KATHY ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bowlin, Route 2, Whitesburg, Ten- nessee. Junior-Y-Teens, Trea- surer 2, Guidance assistant. BRADFORD, RICHARD CARTER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Don F. Brad- ford, Jr., Route 5. Transfer from Science Hill High School, Johnson City, Tennesee. French Club, Opto Club, PTSA. BRADLEY, JAMES RICHARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bradley, 1712 Oak Street. ITAKHA, Circu- lation Manager, Features and Honors, Co-Editor, Beta Club, Key Club, Treasurer 2, Secretary-Trea- surer 3, Red Cross Council, Thes- pian Society, Reporter 3, All-East Tennessee Chorus Accompanist 4, Band, All-State East Tennessee Band Clinic 4, Invitational Clinic 2, 3, Section Leader 4, Choir Accompanist, Egyptian Music Camp, State Representative 4, Freshman-Sophomore Play, Freshman-Sophomore Play Com- mittee, Homecoming Committee, ITAKHA Yearbook Workshop, Junior-Senior Play Committee, Junior-Senior Play Accompanist- Conductor 2, 3, 4, King College Scholarship Fellow Award 3, McDonald's All-American March- ing Band Nominee 4, Stage Band, Talent Show Winner 3, Honor Stu- dent, Who's Who. BRADY, GARY RICHARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brady, Route 5, Stansberry Road. French Club. Transfer from Morristown Hamblen High School West, Mor- ristown, Tennessee. BRAZIEL, JAMES EDWIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bra- ziel, 1220 Sherwood Drive. Bas- ketpall. BREEDING, RANDY HAMILTON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Breeding, Route 5, Springvale Road. BREEDLOVE, OLGA PATRICE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Breedlove, 1404 Spencer Drive. ITAKHA, Assistant Business Man- ager, Business Manager, Anchor Club, Chess Club, German Club, Red Cross Council, Thespian Society, Band, Secretary 3, 4, Junior-Senior Play Orchestra, Library assistant, Commended Student of the National Merit Scholarship Program. BROWN, SUSAN DOLORES Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glennon C. Brown, 351 Belle Meade Circle. HURRICANE, Artist, Future Home- makers of America, Historian 3, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club, Beta Club, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Leadership Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Student Council 4, Prom Commit- tee, Coaches' Office assistant. BROYLES, DANNY EUGENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Broyles, Route 7, Lampkin Acres. Football, VICA. BUCCA, TERESA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bucca, Route 1, Russellville, Tennessee. Basketball, Co-Cap- tain 4, DECA, Future Homemakers of America. BUCHANAN, DENNY LEO Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Buchanan, 1335 North Cumber- land Street. Band, Prom Commit- tee. BUCHANAN, LESLIE ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Buchanan, Jr., 411 Highland Drive. HURRICANE, Reporter, Basketball, Co-Captain 4, Anchor Club, Beta Club, Secretary 4, Jun- ior Classical League, Nativity Pag- eant, Bookstore assistant, Coaches' Office assistant, Who's Who in American High Schools. BUNCH, JOANNE ELIZABETH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bunch, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. Freshman Class Vice- President, Freshman Homeroom Representative, Sophomore Homeroom Representative, HUR- RICANE, Swim team, Alpha-Tri-Hi- Y: Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-arms 2, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Photographer 2, French Club, Secretary 2, Prom Committee, Beautification Queen, 2nd Run- ner-up 3, Bookstore assistant. BURNETTE, JULIA ELIZABETH Daughter of Mr. Harry J. Burnette, Route 5, Hurley Acres. HURRI- CANE, Rymes and Reasons, Pep Club, Band, Band Office assistant. BUTLER, JANICE SUE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Butler, Route 5, Brockland Drive. DECA, Future Homemakers of America, Library Club, VICA, Prom Committee, Library assist- ant. BYARD, TERESA CHARLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Byard, Route 6. ITAKHA, Indices, Feature Editor, Beta Club, Trea- surer 4, Future Homemakers of America, President 2, 4, Historian 3, Library Club, Music Club, Reporter 1, Red Cross Council, Spanish Club, Treasurer 2, Career Guidance Institute 3, Carson- Newman Science Night 3, DAR Award 4, Fashion Holiday Model 4, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, State Convention 2, 4, Gradu- ation Usher 3, Junior, Chapter, and State Homemaker Degrees, Prom Committee, TVA8tl Fashion Show Model 3, 4, Varsity Visit 2, 4, Who's Who Usher 3, Library assistant, Office assistant, Who's Who. BYRD, ROGER GRANT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd G. Byrd, Route 7, Jaybird Road. Basketball. CARPENTER, DEBRA CLYDEANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Carpenter, Route 1,Whitesburg, Tennessee. Junior Y-Teens, Vice- President 2, Y-Teens, Secretary 3, VICA, Guidance assistant, Office assistant. CARPENTER, IVY GAIL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Idol Car- penter, Route 5, Bethel Road. VICA. CARPENTER, JOHN CURTIS Son of Mr, and Mrs. J. C. Carpen- ter, 1740 East Main Street. French Club, VICA, Nativity Pageant. CARROLL, BILL GLEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Carroll, Jr., Route 5, Brockland Drive. CARROLL, TERESA FAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill F. Carroll, 517 Inman Street. Future Homemakers of America, Red Cross Council, VICA, Y-Teens, Historian 3, Band. ATO, JAMES AARON :Jn of Mr. and Mrs. T, R. Cabi- ess, 834 North Cumberland lreet. Football, Track, Library ssistant, Who's Who in American igh Schools. Transfer from Paul Jnior High School. HAMBERS, GEORGE EDWARD on of Mr. and Mrs. George R. hambers, 340 Locust Street. ootball, Wrestling, Library Club, ibrary assistant. LARK, WILLIAM ARNOLD on of Mr. and Mrs. William D. lark, Route 2, Whitesburg, Ten- essee. Basketball. OBB, PATSY LORINE aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andy obb, Route 1 , Whitesburg, Ten- essee. OBBLE, CHRISTOPHER YRONE on of Mr, and Mrs. Estle Cobble, oute 1, White Pine, Tennessee. uture Farmers of America, ibrary assistant. OLLINS, BILLY RAY on of Mr. and Mrs. Brownie Col- 'is, 1016 Morris Boulevard. Bas- Biball. COLLINS, HERMAN EDWARD on of Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Lollins, 300 Hale Avenue. VICA, reasurer 4. :OLLlNS, MARSHA ANN laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew .. Collins, Jr., 921 Merwin Street. IURRICANE, Ad Salesman, uture Homemakers of America, 'ep Club, Band, Band Office ssistant. EOLLINS, WILLIAM SEARS .on of Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Zollins, 300 Hale Avenue. IOMBS, SHERRY ANN laughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Bombs, Jr., 710 Cleveland Ave- iue. Sophomore Class Vice-Presi- Ient, Junior Class Vice-President, ienior Class Vice-President, HUR- IICANE, Ad Salesman, Contrib- ltor, Feature Staff, Business Man- .ger, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Beta-Tri-Hi- ', Fellowship of Christian xthletes, Future Homemakers of lmerica, Treasurer 3, Pep Club, ted Cross Council, Homecoming Iommittee, Junior Varsity Cheer- eader 2, Play Committee, Presi- lent's Physical Fitness Award, 'alent Show Committee, Varsity Iheerleader 3, 4, Coaches' Office assistant, Office assistant, Who's Vho. DOMBS, TERRY JAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Combs, Jr., 710 Cleveland Ave- nue. Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President, Jun- ior Class President, HURRICANE, Ad Salesman, Feature Staff, Typ- lst, President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2, 3, 4, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Varsity Cheer- leader, Captain 2, Varsity Cheer- leader, Co-Captain 4, Red Cross Council, Freshman Homeroom Representative, Homecoming Committee, Nativity Pageant, Play Committee, Prom Committee, Tal- ent Show Committee, Coaches' Office assistant, Library assistant, Office assistant, Who's Who. CONWAY, LAURA JANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Conway, Route 3. Library assistant. COOK, MAX ANTHONY Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kermit Cook, Route 2, Bean Station, Ten- nessee. Basketball, Captain 4, Tennis, Beta Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Carson-New- man Math Contest Winner 3. COUNTESS, DAVID ALLEN Son of SSG. Vaughn A Countess, Route 5, Fuller Estates. CROXDALE, HOWARD BURTON Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Crox- dale, 315 Beech Street. Football, Wrestling, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, VICA, Vice- President 4. CRUEY, STEPHEN DALE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd E. Cruey, 316 Laurel Street. Wres- tling, Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Key Club, Band, Class Representative 1 , 3, 4, Boys' State, Junior-Senior Play, Student Council 3, Treasurer 4, High Honor Student, Who's Who. CUMMINGS, SHERRY KAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cummings, 1020 McDaniel Street. Beta Club, Future Homemakers of America, Y-Teens, Secretary 2, President 3, 4, Library Club, Beta Sigma Phi Award, Office assistant. DANIEL, JANICE DIANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hopkins, 1178 Joe Hall Road, Future Homemakers of America. DANIEL, SANDRA PAULETTE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Daniel, Fulton Road. Future Homemakers of America, TOEC, Reporter 4, Prom Committee. DAVEY, KURT GEORGE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Davey, Route 7, Lake Drive. Transfer from Leesburg High School, Leesburg, Florida. DAVIDSON, BETTY JEAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Davidson, Route 7, Jefferson Addition. DECA, Future Home- makers of America, HURRICANE, Ad Salesman, Guidance assistant. DAVIS, KATHY LEANN Daughter of Mrs. Margaret Davis, 1517 Hugh Drive. DECA, District Vice-President 4, Band, Nativity Pageant, Library assistant. DAVIS, SONNY ALLEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie R. Davis, 840 King Avenue. DICKERSON, SARAH GLENN Daughter of Mrs. Hazel Dickerson, Route 3. Basketball, Red Cross Council, Spanish Club, Nativity Pageant. DUNN, ANN GRIFFEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dunn, 3038 Shadywood Road, Columbus, Ohio. HURRICANE, Anchor Club, French Club, Reporter 1, Pep Club, Band, Majorette 2, 3, Junior-Senior Play, Student Council 1 , 2, 3, 4, Who's Who in American High Schools, Bookstore assistant, Office assist- ant. Transfer from Whetstone High School, Columbus, Ohio. DYER, THADDEUS A. Son of Mr, and Mrs. Thomas H. Dyer, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. Baseball, Manager, Future Farmers of America, Chap- lain, Library Club, Library assist- ant. ELLIS, ACOYA RUTH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ellis, 204 Apple Blossom Lane. Future Homemakers of America, Parliamentarian 1, Spanish Club, Vice-President 4, Sophomore Homeroom Representative, Book- store assistant, Office assistant. ENGLAND, DAMON LARRY Ward of Clayton England, Route 7. ESTES, RITA RUTH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Estes, Route 6. EVANS, DONNA LYNN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans, 1 12 East Fifth North Street. DECA. Transfer from Jefferson City High School, Jefferson City, Tennessee. EVANS, VICTOR DAVID Son of Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Crigger, 1520 Hugh Drive. HURRICANE. FLETCHER, SANDRA FAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fletcher. Route 7, Lanter Drive. Library assistant, FOWLER, LISA FIFE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Fowler, 525 Hale Avenue. HURRI- CANE, Feature staff, Alpha-Tri-Hi- Y, Secretary 4, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Ecology Club, Junior Classical League, Treasurer 1, Pep Club, Junior-Senior Play, Essay Contest, Honorable Mention, 3, Prom Com- mittee, Bookstore assistant. FOX, LEDA TRACY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Fox, 310 Highland Drive. HURRI- CANE, Contributor, Typist, Alpha- Tri-Hi-Y, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America, Trea- surer 3, Prom Committee, Student Council 1, T.V.A.8.l Fashion Show Model. FUGATE, GEORGE EDWARD Ward of Mr. and Mrs. Levi C. Blev- ins, Route 1, Russellville, Tennes- see. Football, Back of the Year in Big Nine, All Journal, All East Ten- nessee Football Team, All Sports- Writers, All-State Football Team, All UPI. EASTERLY, KAREN ANITA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Easterly, 1516 Sherwood Drive, HURRICANE, Club News, Anchor Club, Treasurer 4, Beta Club, Concert Choir, Secretary-Trea- surer 4, Ecology Club, French Club, Future Homemakers of America, Songleader 2, Vice-Pres- ident 3, Secretary 4, Health Careers Club, Secretary-Trea- surer 2, Library Club, Pep Club, Red Cross Council, ' Student Action for Education, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4, Thespian Society, Secretary 4, Anchor Club Regional Convention 3, Freshman-Sophomore Play, Future Homemakers of America State Convention 2, National Con- vention 3, Graduation Usher 3, Homecoming Committee, Junior- Senior Play, Nativity Pagenat, Out- standing Jr. Typist Award, Prom Committee, Who's Who in Ameri- can High Schools, High Honor Student, Who's Who. FULLINGTON, WILLIAM NEIL Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Fulling- ton, Jr., Route 6, Fish Hatchery Road. HURRICANE, Feature Edi- tor, Feature Staff, Beta Club, Poly- musica Society, Vice-President 1, Red Cross Council, Spanish Club, Thespian Society, Vice-President 3, President 4, Essay Contest, H. Honorable Mention 3, Freshman- Sophomore Play, Director 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Nativity Pag- eant, Sophomore Homeroom Rep- resentative, WCTU Speech Con- test, Who's Who. GALLAGHER, DAVID BALES Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom C. 'Gal- lagher, Route 5, Chucky Bend Farm. Transfer from Shawnee Mis- sion North High School, Shawnee Mission, Kansas. GARRETT, RICHARD GRAYSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Garrett, Warren Drive. HURRICANE, Reporter, Football, Track, Wres- tling, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes. Transfer From W. E. Steb- bins High School, Dayton, Ohio. Football, Junior Classical League, Letter Club, S Club. GASS, GLENDA GAYLE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Gass, Route 1, Bent Creek Road, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Library assistant, Office assistant. GASS, GREGORY LLOYD Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Gass, 145 Eastern Avenue. Beta Club, Reporter 4, Concert Choir, Prom Committee. Transfer From Beaver Creek High School, Dayton, Ohio. Choir, Musical, Honor Student. GIBSON, BERTHA LYNNE Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joe E. Gibson, 1901 Rogers Road. ITA- KHA, Senior Index, Co-Editor, Anchor Club, Vice-President 3, President 4, Beta Club, Ecology Club, French Club, Health Careers Club, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Vice-President 3, Red Cross Council, Thespian Society, Essay Contest Winner 2, Anchor Club Regional Meeting, Delegate to National Anchor Club Conven- tion 3, Carson-Newman Math Contest 1, Concert Choir, Gradua- tion Usher 3, ITAKHA Yearbook Workshop, Junior-Senior Play, Outstanding Jr. Typist Award, Senior Homeroom Representative, Who' Who in American High Schools, High Honor Student, Who's Who. GIBSON, CELESTE ELIZABETH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gibson, 343 Laurel Street. Library assistant. GIBSON, DEBBIE DIANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Gibson, Route 7, Jaybird Road. TOEC. GILBERT, GARY ALLEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gil- bert, Route 5. Beta Club, Future Farmers of America, Treasurer 3, Boys' State Alternate 3, Future Farmers of America, Dairy Judg- ing Team 3, DeKalb Award 3, Live- stock Award 2, Livestock Judging Team 2, Scholastic Award 3, Who's Who in American High Schools. GILLILAND, JOHNNIE SUE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John T. 218 Gilliland, 535 Montvue Avenue. ITAKHA, Assistant Club Editor, Club Editor, Anchor Club, Secre- tary 4, Beta Club, Ecology Club, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Red Cross Council, Reporter 3, Secretary 4, Thespian Society, Graduation Usher 3, ITA- KHA Yearbook Workshop, Book- store assistant. GLENN, HUGH THOMAS Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Glenn, 726 Mohawk Street. Tennis, Key Club, Treasurer 4, Red Cross Council, Project Chairman 2, Spanish Club, Band, Invitational Clinic 3, Freshman-Sophomore Play, R.O.T.C. Platoon Leader 4. GOLDEN, DEBORAH LEIGH Daughter of Reverend and Mrs. B. W. Golden, Scenic Drive. Thes- pian Society, Concert Choir. Transfer from Evanston, Wyo- ming. Future Homemakers of America. GREGG, GARY EDWIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gregg, 823 North Highland Drive. Track, Key Club, Sergeant-at-arms 3, President 4, Spanish Club, Band, Captain 4, Invitational Clinic 3, Junior-Senior Play, R.O.T.C. Executive Officer 4, Stage Band. GREENE, DAVID PATRICK Son of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Greene, Route 5, McClister Road. Base- ball. GRIFFEN, FLOYD RANDALL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd C. Griffen, Route 7, Copper Ridge Road. Transfer From Tellico Plains Grammar School, Tellico Plains, Tennessee. GRISCOM, RICHARD WILLIAM Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Gris- com, 1883 Hugh Drive. Key Club, Band, All-State East Tennessee Band Clinic 2, 3, 4, Boys' State, Carson-Newman Math Contest 1, 2, 3, Concert Choir, East Tennes- see Choir 4, Junior-Senior Play, Junior-Senior Play Orchestra, Tal- ent Show Winner 3, Who's Who in American High Schools, Honor Student, Who's Who. GROOMS, JERRY WALTER Son of Mr. and Mrs, J. R. Grooms, Route 5, Thompson Creek Road. Football, Wrestling. GUERTIN, GEORGETTE MARIE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Guertin, Route 2, Lakemoore Drive. ITAKHA, Sports Editor, Bas- ketball, Anchor Club, Junior Rep- resentative 3, Parliamentarian 4, Beta Club, Ecology Club, German Club, Jr. Conservation Board, Vice-President 4, Music Club, Red Cross Council, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4, Thespian Society, Secre- tary 3, Treasurer 4, Band, All-State East Band Clinic 3, Sophomore Representative 2, Vice-President 3, President.4, Section Leader 3, 4, Woodwind Choir 1, Brass Ensemble 1 , Solo-Ensemble 3, Invitational Clinic 2, Director of Freshman-Sophomore Play, Freshman-Sophomore Play, Jun- ior-Senior Play Orchestra, Prom Committee, Stage Band, Who's Who in American High Schools, Who's Who. GUGGISBERG, STEVEN FRANK Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Guggisberg, Route 7, Fairfield Acres. Football, Instructional- Media Club, Reporter 4, Varsity Visit, Who's Who in American High Schools. HALE, VERNON KYLE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon K. Hale, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. Wrestling, Future Farmers ot America, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Future Farmers of America: Dairy Award 3, Dairy Judging Team 3, Who's Who in American High Schools, Coaches' Office assistant. HALL, JAMES RANDAL Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Hall, Route 5, Dover Road. Football, Wrestling, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Homecoming Committee, R.O.T.C. Command- ing Officer 4, Who's Who in Ameri- can High Schools, Coaches' Office assistant. HALL, PERRY LYNN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray D. Hall, Route 7. HAMILTON, CATHERINE PATRICIA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hamilton, Jr., 1841 Eastern Ave- nue. Anchor Club, Art Club, Future Homemakers of America, Historian 3, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Band, Flag Corps, Fashion Holiday Model 3, Senior Home- room Representative. HARKLEROAD, DEBBIE LYNNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Harkleroad, 1708 Reed Street. HURRICANE, Ad Salesman, Anchor Club, Chess Club, Secre- tary 3, Future Farmers of America Sweetheart 4, Future Homemak- ers of America, Library Club, Pep Club, Red Cross Council, Band, Flag Corps, Captain 4, Prom Com- mittee, Bookstore assistant, Coaches' Office assistant, Library assistant, Office assistant. HARRELL, KATHRYN LUCILLE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Harrell, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. Library Club, Vice-Presi- dent 3, TOEC, Library assistant. HARTMAN, BOBBIE LYNNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hartman, 525 West Hillcrest Drive. DECA, Future Homemakers of America, Leadership Club, Bowling Awards. HARVILLE, MICHAEL ALAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Esco Harville, 2021 Eastern Avenue. HURRI- CANE, Reporter, Cross Country, Track, Future Farmers of America, Key Club. HARVILLE, REBECCA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harville, 1421 Russell Street. Pres- ident's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2, 3, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain 1 , Trea- surer 2, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Future Homemakers of America, Songleader 1 , Future Teachers of America, Leadership Club, Pep Club, Band, Flag Corps, Exchange Club "Girl of the Month" 4, Girls' State 3, Home- coming Oueen 4, Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2, M-H East Repre- sentative on the Board of Director of United Way 4, Nativity Pageant, Prom Committee, Student Coun- cil, Secretary 3, President 4, Var- sity Cheerleader, Captain 4, Book- store assistant, Office assistant, Who's Who. HAUN, GUY WESLEY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Haun, Route 1, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Basketball, Future Farmers of America, Reporter 2, President 3, 4, Future Farmers of America, Greenhand 1, Chapter Farmer 2, State Farmer 3, Fish and Wildlife Management Award, Dairy Judg- ing 1, 2, 3, 4, Land Judging 1, 2, Crop Judging 2, 3, 4, Nativity Pag- Sant. HAUN, REBECCA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Haun, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. Library Club, TOEC, Nativity Pageant, Student Council 4, Library assistant. HAYES, PEGGY RUTH Daughter of Mrs. Grover Hayes, Route 1, Russellville, Tennessee. VICA, Secretary 4. HAYES, RUSSELL ANTHONY Son of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hayes, 2122 Fir Street. German Club, Key Club, Vice-President 4, Band, Section Leader 3, 4, All- State East Tennessee Band Clinic 3, 4, Concert Choir, Junior-Senior Play, Talent Show Winner 3. HENDERSON, PATSY ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. Henderson, 220 Montrose Ave- ue. Basketball5 DECA5 Future Iomemakers of America5 Office ssistant. IENSLEY, JUDY ALISA laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Iensley, Fulton Road. Concert Choir. IODGE, PEGGY RENEE laughter of Mr. and Mrs. James I. Hodge, 2016 Cherry Avenue. IURRICANE, Reporter5 Alpha-Tri- Ii-Y5 Beta-Tri-Hi-Y5 Future Home- makers of America, Secretary 2, resident 35 Leadership Club5 Pep :Iub5 Concert Choir, President 45 ast Tennessee Choir 35 Gradua- on Usher 35 Homecoming Com- titteeg Nativity Pageant5 Prom Zommittee5 Student Council 1, 2, , 45 Varsity Visit5 Who's Who in .merican High SchooIs5 Book- tore assistant5 Coaches' Office ssistantg Who's Who. IODGES, PAMELA NAN laughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Zlark, 1316 Oak Street. Transfer 'om Lake High School, Forest, tlississippi. Band. IOLTSINGER, JACQUELINE SUE laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert loltsinger, Route 5, Brockland icres. Beta Club5 Beta-Tri-Hi-Y5 uture Homemakers of America5 'OEC, Vice-President 45 Band, llajorette 2, 45 Homecoming Jueen Candidate 45 Nativity Pag- 'ant5 Coaches' Office assistant. 'ransfer from Morristown West ligh School, Morristown, Tennes- ee. Tri-Hi-Y. IOWARD, MARY JANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Yewel ioward, Route 2, Bean Station, 'ennessee. French Club5 Future lomemakers of America5 Y- 'eens, Chaplain 25 Junior-Senior 'lay Usher5 Prom Committee5 lgriculture Office assistant. iOWINGTON, JUDY KAY Daughter of Mr. Henry Howington, toute 1, Russellville, Tennessee. IUFF, RONALD PHILLIP Son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. luff, 1829 Eastern Avenue. Foot- maIl5 Track5 Instructional Media Jlub, Historian 45 Karate Club, lice-President 45 Key Club5 Ehre- iekunde Award5 R.O.T.C. Platoon Jommander 45 Senior Homeroom Representativeg Varsity Visit5 'Vho's Who in American High 3chooIs5 Library assistant. IUFF, TERRY LEONARD 'Vard of Mrs. Wanda Peoples, 849 Chestnut Avenue. ITAKHA, kd Salesmanp HURRICANE, Con- ributor5 Beta Club5 Ecology Club5 Key Club5 Pep Club5 Red Cross 3ounciI5 Spanish Club, Vice-Presi- dent 25 Thespian Society, Trea- surer 3, Vice-President 45 Band, Section Leader 45 Concert Choir5 Freshman-Sophomore Play Direc- tor5 Junior Soil Conservation Board 3, 45 Prom Committee5 Who's Who in American High Schools. HURD, SHELIA TYAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hurd, 436 South Daisy Street. Library assistant. HURST, JAMES A. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James N. Hurst, Route 7, Brights Pike. HURST, JOYCE KAYE Daughther of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hurst, Route 1 , Russellville, Ten- nessee. DECA. ISOM, GORDON DAVID Son of Mrs. Mary Ruth lsom, Route 1, Russellville, Tennessee. IVY, DARYL DENNIS Son of Mrs. Connie L. Ivy, BOO Terrace View Drive. JAMES, MIKE LEE Son of Mrs. Ethel H. James, 815 Terrace View Drive. DECA. JENKINS, RANDY BRIAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Jen- kins, Route 5, Brockland Drive. JINKS, MICHAEL BENJAMIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Claude Jinks, 233 Laurel Street. HURRI- CANE, Artist, Editor-in-Chief5 FootbaIl5 Track5 Wrestting5 Art Club5 Ecology Club5 Fellowship of Christian AthIetes5 Junior Classi- cal Leagueg Key Club5 Freshman- Sophomore Play5 Homecoming Committee5 Junior-Senior Play5 Nativity Pageant5 Poetry Contest, Honorable Mention 35 Prom Com- mittee5 Student Council 4. JOHNSON, CLIFFORD EDWARD Ward of Miss Cleo Johnson, 517 Center Street. Key Club, Vice- President 3, 45 Concert Choir. JONES, JIMMY J. Son of Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jones, 927 Merwin Street. Key Club5 Band. JONES, SHARON YVONNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jones, Route 3, St. Paul Road. Future Homemakers of America5 VICA. KEATON, RANDY EDWARD Son of Mrs. Jean Keaton, Route 1, Russellville, Tennessee. VICA, President 4. KIMBROUGH, DEBORAH DAR- LENE Daughter of Mrs. Betty Kim- brough, 1235 Debi Circle. Future Homemakers of America5 VICA, Vice-President 3, President 4. Transfer from Morristown West High School, Morristown, Tennes- see. Future Homemakers of Amer- ica5 Junior Y-Teens5 Red Cross Council. KIMBROUGH, TIMOTHY EDWIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Major Kim- brough, 120 Evans Avenue. VICA. KINCAID, REBA GYPSY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kincaid, Route 1 , Bent Creek Road, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Beta Club5 Y-Teens, Chaplain 35 Library assistant. KING, CYNTHIA GALE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie B. Shanks, Route 7, Fairview Hills. TOEC. KING, HELEN LORRIANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. King, Route 3, Springvale Road KITTS, CATHY WYATT Ward of Robert Lester Kitts. Route 5, Stansberry Road. Basketballg VICA. KNIGHT, JOHN WILLIAM Son of Mr, and Mrs. John Knight, Route 7. KYLE, CAROLYN YVONNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James F Kyle, 1111 East 5th North Street. Leadership Club5 VICA5 Guidance assistant. LAMB, DENNIE KEITH Son of Willis B. Lamb, 1916 North Liberty Hill Road. LAMB, JOYCE ANN Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Lamb, Route 7, Old Kentucky Road. Transfer from Hancock High School, Sneedville, Tennes- see. BasketbalI5 Future Homemak- ers of America5 Glee Club. LANE, KARLA JUNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Russell, 203 East 3rd North Street. Future Homemakers of America5 VICA5 Nativity Pageant. LAWSON, DEBRA ANN Daughter of Betty Jo Lawson, 1500 Oak Street. Chess Club5 French Club5 Red Cross Council5 Band5 Band Office assistant. LAWSON, RONNIE DAVID Son of Mr, and Mrs. H. H. Lawson, Route 1, Russellville, Tennessee. Band. LEE, MARTHA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Dean Lee, Route 6, Rhea Addition. ITAKHA, Assistant Class Editor, Class Editorg HURRICANE, Con- tributor5 Beta Club, President 45 Future Homemakers of America, President 3, Historian 45 State Vice-President 45 Future Teachers of America5 Music Club, Secretary 15 Pep Club5 Spanish Club5 Thes- plans Society5 Carson-Newman Math Contest 35 Freshman-Soph- omore PIay5 Future Homemakers of America State Convention 2, 3, 4, National Convention 45 Gradua- tion Torch Bearer 35 ITAKHA Year- book Workshop 45 Junior, Chap- ter, and State Homemaker Degrees5 King College Scholar- ship Award 35 Outstanding Sopho- more Typist Award 25 Prom Com- mittee5 Varsity Visit5 High Honor Student5 Who's Who. LEONARD, ROBBIE W. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leo- nard, Route 5, Brockland Acres. LESTER, JOI MARIE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lester, 1812 Magnolia Avenue, HURRICANE, Artist, Assistant Edi- tor5 Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y5 Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Reporter 25 Future Homemakers of America5 Red Cross Council5 Spanish Club, Treasurer 45 Band, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Head Majorette 3, 45 Junior-Senior Play5 Poetry Contest, Second Place Area, First Place District 35 Prom Committee. KIRK, RUTH LIVESAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Livesay, Route 6. VICA. LONG, ALICE MARIE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Long, Route 7, Lampkin Acres. DECA, Reporter 35 Future Home- makers of America5 DECA Award5 Prom Committee5 Office assistant. LONG, JEANNIE CAROL ADAMS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ned Adams, Route 7. BasketbalI5 DECA, President 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America5 Office assistant. LONG, MARY CAROL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Casey Long, 335 Redwood Street. HUR- RICANE, Feature Staff5 French Club5 Future Homemakers of America5 Y-Teens, President 25 Pep Club5 Beta Sigma Phi Award5 Who's Who in American High Schools. LOWE, LARRY DEAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hal Dean Lowe, 1821 Eastern Avenue. FootbaIl5 Wrestling, Third Place Morristown invitational Tourna- ment, Fourth Place Johnson City Tournamentg Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes, 2 MAJORS, GLENDA KAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harice Majors, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. Basketball, DECA Secre- tary 3, Future Homemakers of America, DECA Award, Library assistant. MANNING, GREG LEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Man- ning, Route 1, White Pine, Ten- nessee. Football, Basketball, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes, President 4. MARSHALL, BERTIE MAUREEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Marshall, Union Grove Road, Rus- sellville, Tennessee. ITAKHA, Ad Salesman, HURRICANE, Sports Staff, Basketball, Future Home- makers of America, Photographer 1 , Historian and Reporter 2, Histo- rian 3, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes, Pep Club, Future Homemak- ers of America, State Convention, Junior, Chapter, and State Home- maker Degrees, Junior Homeroom Representative, Prom Committee, Varsity Visit. MARTIN, CHERYL LYNN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Preston V. Martin, Route 7, Fairfield Acres. MASON, CALVIN WAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin W. Mason, Route 3. Basketball, Foot- ball, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes. MAYO, MARY LOUISE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Mayo, Route 7, Fairfield Acres. Nativity Pageant. Transfer from Dauphin County VocationaI-Tech- nical School, Harrisburg, Pennsyl- vania. Distributive Education. MCCAULEY, LINDA NEAL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Neal, Route 7, Fairfield Acres. Future Homemakers of America, Chaplain 2. MCCRACKEN, CHARLES D. Son of Charles H. I McCracken, Drinnon Heights. Football, Track, Wrestling, VICA, Parliamentarian. McDANlEL, JUDY BUNCH Daughter of Mrs. Velma Bunch, 924 Merwin Street. Future Home- makers of America, Library Club, VICA, Library assistant. MCDONALD, HAROLD MICHAEL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dean McDonald, Route 7, Holston Hills. MCDONALD, TOMMIE LEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny McDonald, Route 2, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Future Farmers of America, Chaplain, Nativity Pag- eant. 220 McFALL, RANDALL MARK Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. G. McFaII, Route 7, Brights Pike. MCGINNIS, JANICE ELAINE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clar- ence P. McGinnis, 1507 North Glenn Street. Beta Club, Future Homemakers of America, Pep Club, Carson-Newman Math Con- test 2, Junior-Senior Play Usher, Library assistant. MEFFORD, ROBERT MICHAEL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mefford, Route 5, Brockland Acres. ITA- KHA, Ad Salesman, Sports Co- Editor, Key Club, Red Cross Council, Spanish Club, President 3, Band, Concert Choir, Junior- Senior Play Orchestra, Prom Committee, Stage Band. Transfer from Mount Tabor High School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Band. MICK, SHEILA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mick, Old Russellville Road. HUR- RICANE, Contributor, Anchor Club, Future Homemakers of America, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Secretary 2, Band, All-State East Band Clinic 4, Assistant Drum Major 3, Drum Majorette 4, Home- coming Committee, Nativity Pag- eant, Stage Band, Bookstore assistant. MILLAR, JAMES SHEPARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Mil- lar, 708 North Highland Drive. Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Key Club, Band, Boys' State MILLER, KATHY LOUISE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, 313 Scenic Drive. Future Homemakers of America, Guid- ance assistant. MILLS, GLEN RICHARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mills, Jr., 946 West Skyline Drive. MILLS, MELISSA KATHERINE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mills, 1441 Russell Street. Beta- Tri-Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America, Thespian Society, Fresh- man-Sophomore Play, Prom Com- mittee, Library assistant, Office assistant. MILLS, SUSIE DARLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mills, Route 3, Thompson Road. ITAKHA, Typist: HURRICANE, Feature Staff, Beta Club, Beta-Tri- Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America, Secretary 2, President 3, Historian 4, Junior Classical League, Library Club, Reporter 2, Fashion Holiday Model 4, Future Homemakers of America State Convention 2, 4, Junior, Chapter, and State Homemaker Degrees, Prom Committee, TVASII Fashion Show Model 3, 4, Varsity Visit, Bookstore assistant, Library assistant. MITCHELL, STEPHEN H. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harding Mitchell, 1833 Hugh Drive. MOORE, NYOKA LOUVANIA Daughter of Mrs. Althea Moore, 428 Locust Street. MORGAN, JUDY REESE Ward of Kyle David Morgan, Route 2, White Pine, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of America, Library Club, VICA, Parliamentarian 4. MOYERS, ROSIE LEE Daughter of James Moyers, Jr., 733 Williams Street. Transfer from Morristown West High School, Morristown, Tennessee. Library assistant. MURPHY, WALTER EDWARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Murphy, Route 1, Russellville, Tenneessee. Future Farmers of America. MYERS, JERRY DAVID Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Myers, Route 1, Cedar Creek Road, Rus- sellville, Tennessee. MYERS, RANDY ALLEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Myers, Route 5, Robin Hills. Beta Club. NORTON, WILLIAM DEWAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Estel W. Norton, Parkway Heights. OAKES, TIMOTHY FRAZIER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Oakes, 2007 Magnolia Avenue. Football, Track. OWENS, ANN DENISE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Owens, Holston Drive. PARRISH, ELLEN KATHLEEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James' W. Parrish, Campbell Acres. Future Homemakers of America, VICA, Library assistant. PARKER, SHARON SUE Daughter of Mr. Paul Parker, Route 7. TOEC, President 4, Prom Committee. PATE, MYRA JOYCE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Pate, Jr., 1824 Hugh Drive. Fresh- man Class Treasurer, ITAKHA, Faculty Editor, Anchor Club, Sophomore Representative 2, Secretary 3, Future Homemakers of America, Health Careers Club, Junior Classical League, Vice- President 2, Leadership Club, Red Cross Council, Treasurer 3, Thes- pian Society, American Legion Essay Contest, Second Place, Band, All-State East Tennessee Band Clinic 3, 4, Assistant Drum Majorette 4, Invitational Clinic 2, Section Leader 3, 4, Carson-New- man Math Contest 1, Girls' State Alternate 3, "Hire the Handicap- ped" Essay Contest First Place East Tennessee, Fifth Place Ten- nessee 3, Junior Homemaker Degree, Junior-Senior Play Orchestra, King College Scholar- ship Fellow Award 3, Nativity Pag- eant, President's Physical Fitness Award 2, Prom Committee, Soph- omore Homeroom Representative, VFW Essay Contest, Fourth Place, Who's Who in American High Schools, Youth Leadership Con- ference 4, High Honor Student, Who's Who. PEOPLES, STEVEN WALTER Son of Mr. and Mrs. William B. Peoples, Jr., 437 Apple Blossom Lane. Football, Track. PHILLIPS, SALLY DEE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brunelle F. Phillips, 400 Hale Avenue. ITA- KHA, Ad Salesman, General Index, Anchor Club, Junior Direc- tor 3, Senior Director 4, Beta Club, French Club, Future Homemakers of America, Chaplain 2, Parlia- mentarian 3, Health Careers Club, Junior-Y-Teens, Photographer 1, Red Cross Council, Vice-President 3, 4, Concert Choir, Vice-Presi- dent 4, Future Homemakers of America, Sub-Region Song Leader 4, Graduation Usher 3, Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees, Junior-Senior Play, Prom Committee, Who's Who in American High Schools, Who's Who. PLESS, SHERRI DYLINA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Coy D. Pless, Route 1 , Whitesburg, Ten- nessee. POWELL, DIANE SUE Daughter of Vilene G. Powell, 942 Astro Circle. PRATT, KENNETTA CHARLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Pratt, Route 3, Sequoyah Estates. Future Farmers of Amer- ica, Nativity Pageant, Junior-Sen- ior Play Usher, Prom Committee, Who's Who in American High Schools, Coaches' Office assist- ant. Transfer from Parrottsville High School, Parrottsville, Tennes- see. Basketball manager 1 , Drama Club, Reporter 1, 2, Ecology Club, Reporter 1 , Future Homemakers of America, Reporter 2, F.N.A., Future Homemakers of America, Pep Club, Library assistant. PRESSLEY, DEBBIE JANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Pressley, P. O. Box 1042. TOEC. PROWELL, STEPHEN LAWRENCE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pro- well, 1647 Oak Street. Art Club. RAWLETT, DONNA JEAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jessee Rawlett, Route 7, Kentucky Heights. TOEC, Secretary 4, Library assistant. Transfer from Morristown West High School, Morristown, Tennessee. REED, EUGENE Son of Delphia Reed, Route 6, Fish Hatchery Road. REED, JOHN ROGER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reed, 1825 Pinecrest Lane. REED, NANCY ELIZABETH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Reed, 1518 North Glen Street. Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Future Homemak- ers of America, Pep Club. RHEA, SANDRA KAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Rhea, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. TOEC. RHODES, PAUL CHRISTIAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rhodes, Jr., 1525 McFarland Drive. Beta Club, Spanish Club, Band, Con- cert Choir. RICKER, STEPHEN HOBERT Son of Mrs. Lee Hickey, Jr., 823 Gaston Street. Baseball, Cross Country, Football, Beta Club, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes, Reporter 4. ROACH, GARY LYNN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Quinton Roach, Route 7. Future Farmers of America, Varsity Visit. ROGERS, JAMES LEFTWICH Son of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rog- ers, Jr., 804 South Highland Drive. Tennis, Wrestling, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. ROMINES, PATSY KAY Daughter of Mrs. Alma Faye Romines, Route 7, Quillen Drive. Pep Club, TOEC, Library assist- ant, Office assistant. Transfer from Morristown West High School, Morristown, Tennessee. Anchor Club, Future Homemakers of America, Pep Club, Red Cross Council. ROUSE, SUSAN ELEANORE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Rouse, Hale Road. HURRICANE, Writer, Artist, Ad Salesman, Anchor Club, Art Club, Beta Club, Ecology Club, Junior Classical League, Library Club, Pep Club, Thespian Society, Prom Commit- tee, Set Director for the Junior- Senior Play, Who's Who in Ameri- can High Schools, Library assist- ant. RYMER, FRED JEFFERSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Rymer, 905 Merwin Street. SAUCEMAN, DAVID ROSS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sauceman, Route 3, St. Paul Road. Future Farmers of America. SAUCEMAN, MARTHA ANN Daughter of Mrs. Doyle Sauce- man, Route 3. Sophomore Home- room Representative. SAWYER, DAVID GARLAND Son of Claude Thomas Sawyer, Route 3, St. Paul Road. Wrestling. SCOTT, KAREN LYNNETTE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scott, Holston Drive. Who's Who in American High Schools. SCOTT, PHILLIP GREGORY Son of Mr. and Mrs. David F. Scott, Alpine Street. Key Club, Band, Freshman-Sophomore Play. SEALS, DAPHNE ANN Daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Seals, 1235 Debi Circle. Future Home- makers of America, Junior Classi- cal League, Red Cross Council, VICA, Vice-President 2, Y-Teens, Prom Committee. Transfer from Morristown West High School, Morristown, Tennessee. Fresh- man Homeroom Representative, Library Club, Red Cross Council Vice-President 1, Student Council 1, Library assistant. SEALS, QUENTIN HARDING Son of Mr. and Mrs. Quentin H. Seals, Sr., Route 7. Baseball, Bas- ketball. SEAY, PEGGIE ELIZABETH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bizzy Joe Seay, 2022 Reese Street. Art Club, Future Homemakers of America, Pep Club, TOEC, Artist 4, Prom Committee, Guidance assistant, Office assistant. SELF, GLEN HERMAN Son of Glen Self, 255 Laurel Street. Football Manager 2, 3, Track. SELF, KATHIE ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Jack Dorton, 837 Overlook Drive. HUR- RICANE, Contributor, Chess Club, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Pep Club, Band, Solo-Ensemble 3, Library assistant, Office assistant. SELF, GAIL WILSON Ward of Richard Wayne Self, Route 1, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of America, VICA, Sophomore Homeroom Representative, Library assistant. SHARPE, WILLIAM KEITH Son of Mr, and Mrs. William S. Sharpe, Mountain View Drive. Tennis, Wrestling, Art Club. SHIERRY, SHEREE KIM Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. James F. Fletcher, Route 1 , Silver City Road, Russellville, Tennessee. Art Club, TOEC, Parliamentarian 4, Library assistant. SHOCKLEY, KEITH AUSTIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Shock- ley, 716 Bradley Street. SIMPSON, CHARLES'HERBERT Son of Hazel Simpson, 338 Blair Street. Basketball, Captain 3, 4, Most Valuable Player, Best Rebounder, All-District, All M.I.T. 4, Football, All-Big Nine Confer- ence Team 4. SITZMAN, BARBARA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Law- rence Stizman, Brockland Acres. French Club, Future Homemakers of America, Band, Guidance assistant, Library assistant. SIZEMORE, DEANNA MARIE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Denver Sizemore, 2014 Magnolia Avenue. Library assistant. SLABBEKORN, MARGARET ELIZABETH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benja- min Slabbekorn, 542 Spruce Street. HURRICANE, Contributor, Reporter, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Vice- President 4, Beta Club, Beta-Tri- Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America, Vice-President 1 , 2, 3, Historian 4, Red Cross Council, VICA, Vice-President, President 4, Band, Future Homemakers of America Sub-Region Treasurer 3, Junior, Chapter, and State Home- maker Degrees, Junior Homeroom Representative, Junior-Senior Play, Prom Committee, Stage Band, Student Council 4, Varsity Visit, Bookstore assistant, Who's Who. SMIDDY, LESLIE CAROL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smiddy, 801 Scenic Drive. Future Homemakers of America, Band, Nativity Pageant. Transfer from Central High School, Knox- ville, Tennessee. Band. SMITH, PATRICIA NEAL Ward of Mr. Henry J. Chestnut, Sr., P. O. Box 1342. Future Home- makers of America, Leadership Club, Red Cross Council, Band, Color Guard, Concert Choir, Prom Committee. SMITH, REBECCA STEWART Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Smith, 505 Scenic Drive. HUR- RICANE, Feature Staff, Typist, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Jun- ior Classical League, Band, Major- ette 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee, Tal- ent Show Committee, Library assistant. SMITH, RICHARD LARRY Son of Joe Smith, Jr., Route 4, Witt Road. Future Farmers of America, VICA, Library assistant. STANDIFER, DONNIE RAY Son of Dewey Standifer, 1524 Meadow View Lane. Future Farm- ers of America, VICA. STEWART, STANLEY GAINES Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gaines Stew- art, Route 1, Russellville, Tennes- see. Football, Track, Wrestling, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, French Club. STRATE, THOMAS MILTON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Strate, 621 East Second North Street. Band, Concert Choir, Jun- ior-Senior Play, Prom Committee. STUFFLE, BOBBY LYNN Son of Woodrow W. Stuftel, Route 7. Future Farmers of America. SUNDERLAND, TIMOTHY CHARLES Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sun- derland, Route 6. Future Farmers of America. SWAGERTY, DEBORAH LENISE Daughter of Mrs. Aileen Treece, 1401 Blackburn Drive. Transfer from Cooke County High School, Newport, Tennessee. Tri-Hi-Y, Soul Club. SWAIM, SUSAN REBECCA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Swalm, 1830 Hugh Drive. HUR- RICANE Staff, Future Homemak- ers of America, Parliamentarian 1, Junior Y-Teens, Prom Committee, Senior Homeroom Representative Office assistant. SWANN, SUSAN EMILY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Swann, 635 Haun Drive. Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Sec retary, ITAKHA, Senior Index Chairman, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Presi- dent 4, Beta Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary 2, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Red Cross Council, Student Action for Edu- cation Club, Reporter 4, Thespian Society, Band, All-State East Ten- nessee Band Clinic 3, 4, Compos- ers' Clinic 2, Section Leader 3, 4, 221 2 Fashion Holiday Model 4, Future Homemakers of America, Coed Correspondent 2, Freshman Homeroom Representative, Jun- ior-Senior Play, Nativity Pageant, Play Committee, Prom Committee, Stage Band, Guidance assistant, Library assistant, Band Oftice assistant, Honor Student, Who's Who. THOMASON, KAY ANITA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Thomason, P. O. Box 5, Russell- ville, Tennessee. ITAKHA, Ad Salesman, HURRICANE, Feature Staff, Anchor Club, Photographer 2, 3, 4, Beta Club, French Club, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Vice-President 1, Bookkeep- ing Award, Carson-Newman Math Contest, French I Award, Gradua- tion Usher 3, Junior-Senior Play, Nativity Pageant, Who's Who in American High Schools, Guidance assistant, Library assistant, Office assistant, Honor Student, Who's Who. THOMASON, RICKY LYNN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Thomason, P. O. Box 242, Rus- sellville, Tennessee. Future Farm- ers of America, Sentinel 2, Vice- President 3, Secretary 4, District President 4, Agriculture assistant. THOMPSON, JANET LEE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thompson, Route 6, Fish Hatch- ery Road. Prom Committee, Library assistant. THOMPSON,-JOHN LEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Thompson, Route 5, Thompson Creek Road. Future Farmers of America. TOOLEY, ROGER LEE Son of Charles Tooley, Route 7, Lampkin Acres. DECA, Senior Vice-President 4. Transfer from West Greene High School, Moshelm, Tennessee. TREECE, DANNY H. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Treece, 218 East Louise Avenue. TREECE, YVONNE DECAROL Daughter of Mrs. Marion Treece, 402 King Avenue. Leadership Club, Red Cross Council, VICA, Homecoming Queen candidate, Nativity Pageant, President's Physical Fitness Award 2, Prom Committee, Student Council 4, Library assistant. TRENT, ROBERT KYLE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Derward Kyle Trent, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. Cross Country, Football, Track, Wrestling, District Cham- pion, Regional Champion, Third Place State, Nativity Pageant, Coaches' Office assistant. 22 WAMPLER, PAMELA DIANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E Wampler, Route 7, Fairfield Acres. VICA, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Nativity Pageant, Senior Home- room Representative. WARDWELL, CHRIS DANLEY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. War- dell, 402 Montvue Avenue. Chess Club, Karate Club, Reporter 4, Key Club, Library Club, Treasurer 3, Thespian Society, Band, Man- ager 1 , Vice-President 4, Concert Choir, Freshman-Sophomore Play, Junior-Senior Play, Library assistant. WARNER, JOE BILL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bill War- ner, Sr., 215 South Park Avenue. Track, Wrestling, VICA, WARNER, MICHAEL S. Son of Mr, and Mrs. Joe Bill War- ner, Sr., 215 South Park Avenue. WATSON, JOHN HOLTON Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Watson, 552 Sycamore Street. Basketball, Football, Wrestling. WATTS, JUDY DARLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Vincil, 715 Baker Street. Library Club, TOEC, Y-Teens. WEBB, PEGGY JOAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Webb, 1004 Brown Avenue. Library assistant. WEEKS, DEBRA KAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Weeks, Route 6. HURRICANE, Club News, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Chaplain 4, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, President 2, French Club, Vice- President 3, 4, Future Homemak- ers of America, Student Action for Education, Historian 2, Secretary 3, President 4, Leadership Club, Red Cross Council, Band, Com- posers' Clinic 2, Freshman-Soph- omore Play, Junior-Senior Play Orchestra, Prom Committee, Stage Band, Student Council 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Who's Who in American High Schools, Oltice assistant, Who's Who. WELCH, MELISSA GAYLE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Welch, 521 Oak Street. VICA, Reporter 4, Band, Prom Commit- tee, Varsity Visit. WEST, DEBRA CHARLENE Daughter ot Mrs. Pat R. West, 1514 Morningside Drive. HURRI- CANE, Ad Salesman, Beta Club, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Treasurer 1. WESTON, CLIFFORD RICKY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Weston, Route 3, Long Creek Road. Future Farmers of America. WHALEN, PATRICIA JEAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Law- rence Whalen, Jr., 1447 Knoll- wood Drive. Freshman Class Sec- retary, Sophomore Class Secre- tary, Swim Team, Beta Club, Beta- Tri-Hi-Y, Ecology Club, Treasurer 3, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica. WHEELER, ROBERT MERRILL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wheeler, Route 5, Brockland Acres. Pep Club. WHITE, DEBRA JEAN Daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Charles Bud White, Route 1, Rus- sellville, Tennessee. DECA, Secre- tary-Treasurer 3, 4, District Secre- tary-Treasurer 4, Outstanding Dis- tributive Education 3. WHITTINGTON, MARIANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whittington, 117 North James Street. Future Homemakers of America. WICE, CYNTHIA DIANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wice, 710 Ridgelawn Avenue. Future Homemakers of America, TOEC, Treasurer 4, Guidance assistant. WILDER, JEFF ALLEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Wilder, Jr., Route 7, Corbin Estates. WILLIAMS, BILLY HAL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Howell Wil- Iiams, 815 Williams Street. Senior Class President, HURRICANE, Wrestling Reporter, Cross Coun- try, Wrestling, French Club, Trea- surer 3, Homecoming Committee, Nativity Pageant, Play Committee. WILLIAMS, DANA CHERYL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Richard Williams, Jr., 1440 Nancy Circle. Leadership Club, Pep Club, Sec- retary 2, Thespian Society, Con- cert Choir, Junior-Senior Play, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Var- sity Cheerleader, Bookstore assistant. WILLIAMS, EDWARD EARL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wil- liams, Route 5. Future Farmers of America, VICA. WILLIAMS, GEORGIA ELLEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Reece Williams, 1003 North Lib- erty Hill Road. Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Classical League, VFW Essay Contest Winner 3, Book- store assistant. WILLIAMS, RICKY LYNN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Wil- Iiams, 1141 East First North Stree Basketball, Manager. ' WILLIAMS, THOMAS DALE Son ot Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wil- liams, Jr., Route 6. Baseball, All- District 3, Beta Club, Boys' State Alternate. WILSON, PAMELA SUE Daughter of Mrs. Juanita Wilson, 2107 Eastern Avenue. Freshman Homeroom Representative, Nativ- ity Pageant. WINSTEAD, TRANDIA MAE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Winstead, Route 5, Carroll Road. VICA. WISECARVER, FRANCIS DALE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Wise- carver, Route 1, Russellville, Ten- nessee. WISECARVER, VICKI ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Coy Wisecarver, Route 1, Whites- burg, Tennessee. Future Home- makers of America, Nativity Pag- eant. WITT, LINDA BERNEICE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brad Witt, 451 Locust Street. WOLFE, DWIGHT GRANT Son of Mr. Ed Wolfe, 2020 North Cumberland Street. Basketball, Football, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. WOODS, CONNIE LEE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benny Ray Woods, 511 West Hillcrest Drive. HURRICANE, Feature Statt, Club Reporter, Beta Club, Beta- Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League, Library Club, Red Cross Council, Library assistant. WOODY, BILLY WAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Woody, Route 3, Croxdale Road. Basket- ball, Captain 3, Most Improved Award. WORTHINGTON, LARRY ALLAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Worthington, 3506 Birch Avenue. WRIGHT, CHARLES DAVID Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Wright, Route 1 , Russellville, Ten- nessee. Football, Most Popular Player 4, DECA, Vice-President 3, District Reporter 4, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Future Farmers of America, Reporter 4, Nativity Pageant, Senior Homeroom Rep- resentative, Student Council 4, Varsity Visit, Agriculture assistant. YEARY, ELISHA Son of Mr. and Mrs. Obie W. Yeary, 422 Blair Street, Concert Choir. NLPHA-TRI-Hl-Y lible, Miss Judy, spons. lwann, Susan, Pres. llabbekorn, Margaret, VP owler, Lisa, Sec, llake, Tammy, Treas. llack, Debbie, Rep. llallace, Lisa, Chap. larclay, Sharon lible, Linda lrown, Susan Zanter, Carolyn tombs, Sherry Combs, Terry ox, Tracy uson, Lynn larville, Rene lodge, Renee ester, Joi ipton, Terri flaxey, Sharon tills, Melissa randers, Tina ,mith, Becky lleeks, Debbie tNCHOFl CLUB hompson, Mrs. Kyle, spons. ililliams, Mrs. Maurice, spons. iibson, Lynne, Pres. lyan, Anita, Pres.-Elect iilliland, Johnnie, Sec.-Rep. asterly, Karen, Treas. Zlaborn, Flora, Jr. Dir. .nderson, Joan, Jr. Dir. 'hillips, Sally, Sr, Dir, lelknap, Julie, Soph. Dir. iuertin, Georgette, Parl. lacon, Debbie lreedlove, Olga Buchanan, Leslie iampbell, Becky zannon, Pat Cannon, Sue Ellen Cox, Nancy rross, Ann lkins, Tammy ireene, Nancy larkleroad, Debbie Iensley, Tina lenson, Darlene lime, Melanie linchey, Janet lolt, Jane ones, Susan awrimore, Karen ong, Patty ledlin, Paula lick, Sheila lick, Susan lickalonis, Maura lave, Robin ate, Jane ate, Myra hillips, Julie ay, Claudia ouse, Susan amples, Diane mith, Brenda homason, Kay homason, Regina leesner, Becky lilliams, Gale lilliams, Sarah AND ORGANIZATIONS DIRECTORY Alto Clarinet Burnette, Julie Collins, Marsha Hinchey, Janet Alto Saxophone Aldridge, Becky Funk, Tim Guertin, Georgette Trent, Karen Baritones Huff, Terry Lawson, Karen Lawson, Ronald Wardwell, Chris Baritone, Saxophone Franklin, Jeff Basses Edwards, Richard Gregg, Gary Moore, Ron Testerman, Tom Bass Clarinets Bacon, Debbie Jones, Susan Reed, Cindy Weesner, Susan Bassoon Muller, Steve Clarinets Brannan, Gerry Braxton, Reida Broyles, Connie Cox, Nancy Groseclose, Susan Hime, Melanie Holt, Kim Jones, Cheryl Laster, Jane Lawson, Debra Martin, Janice Medlin, Paula Mick, Sheila Moore, Melissa Murphy, Terry Smith, Cynthia Swann, Susan Weeks, Debbie Western, Cathy Whitworth, Jenny Wolfe, Karen Young, Tammy Contra Bass Clarinet Smith, Becky Flutes Barclay, Sharon Brannan, Sue Clark, Anita Collier, Susan Combs, Amy Dafferner, Beth Holtsinger, Jackie Lester, Joi Mick, Susan Pratt, Cherie Sandetur, Karen Sanders, Tina Seals, Marcia Smiddy, Carol Tipton, Debbie Weesner, Becky Wertz, Ann Whitt, Kim French Horns Coldwell, Paula Deneau, Denise Greene, Nancy Pate, Myra Percussion Griscom, Dan Griscom, Dick Hartman, Ricky Hayes, Russell Moore, Don Neblett, Bill Welch, Keith Tenor Saxophone Pate, Jane Rhodes, Chris Trombones Bradley, Jimmy Catron, Craig Crigger, Kevin Cruey, Steve Cupp, Terry Lawson, Ronnie Loy, Jeft Payne, Eldon Scott, Greg Wright, Joe Trumpets Bacon, Chuck Biddle, Paul Breedlove, Olga Cobb, Charles Fannon, Angela Franklin, Scott Holland, Jett Jones, Jimmy Kilgore, Teresa Kirk, Pam Livesay, Ricky Mefford, Mike Millar, Jimmy Morelock, Tammy Muller, James Self, Kathy Smith, Tommy Whittington, Toni Yount, Mike BETA CLUB Loudy, Miss Angela, Spons. Lee, Martha Ann, Pres. Barclay, Sharon, VP Buchanan, Leslie, Sec. Byard, Charlene, Treas, Gass, Greg, Rep. Weeks, Debbie, Chap. Anderson, Joan Bradley, Jimmy Breedlove, Olga Brown, Susan Cannon, Pat Cannon, Sue Ellen Carpenter, Alice Claborn, Flora Coldwell, Paula Cook, Max Cross, Ann Cruey, Steve Cummings, Sherry Easterly, Karen Fullington, Bill Gibson, Lynne Gilbert, Gary Gilliland, Johnnie Guertin, Georgette Hale, Marty Hamm, Angela Harville, Becky Hensley, Tina Holt, Jane Holtsinger, Jackie Hutt, Terry Jones, Susan Kincaid, Gypsy Manning, Greg McGinnis, Janice Metford, Linda Millar, Jim Mills, Susie Myers, Randy Nave, Robin Norton, Mindy Pate, Myra Phillips, Sally Rhodes, Chris Rickman, Jack Rouse, Susan Ryan, Anita Samples, Diane Sanders, Tina Slabbekorn, Margaret Swann, Susan Thomason, Kay Wallace, Lisa West, Debbie Williams, Tommy BETA TRI-HI-Y CLUB Campbell, Mrs. Geraldine, spons Helms, Connie, Pres. Trent, Mary Ann, VP Samples, Elaine, Sec. Moore, Melissa, Treas, Dalton, Regina, Sgt,-at-Arms Collier, Mary Susan, Rep. Waites, Evelyn, Chap. Broyles, Connie Combs, Amy Combs, Angie Deneau, Denise Holt, Kim Koogler, Debi Laster, Jane Livingston, Janice Pistole, Kathy Reed, Cindy Rettenmaier, Kim Rogers, Kim Sandefur, Karen Smith, Cynthia Winstead, Debbi CHESS CLUB Landry, Mr. William, spons. Cobb, Charles, Pres. Franklin, Jett, VP Self, Kathy, Sec.-Treas. Bacon, Chuck, Instructor Dickerson, Willie Elderidge, Ricky Franklin, Scott Lakins, Joe Lawson, Debbie Lawson, Karen Lawson, Ronald Shepard, Ralph Southerland, James Testerman, Dale Testerman, Tom Wardwell, Chris Wright, Joe CHOIR Adams, Mr. Randolt, Dir. Hodge, Renee, Pres. Phillips, Sally, VP Easterly, Karen, Sec.-Treas. Armstrong, Ronnie Bradley, Jimmy Burnside, Henry Campbell, Rebecca Cantwell, Peter Carmichael, Katrina Clark, Shelia Cleek, Cheryl Crouch, Tammie Gibson, Lynne Golden, Deborah Goodson, Shelia Gourley, Teresa Griscom, Dick Hale, David Hatcher, Ricky Hayes, Gary Hayes, Russell Hedrick, Alice Hensley, Judy Huff, Terry Kyle, Karen Mefford, Mike Moore, Robert Muller, Stephen Neblett, William Peters, Janice Phillips, Julie Rhodes, Paul Ricker, Cynthia Simpson, Charles Smith, Patricia Smith, Steve Strate, Jane Strate, Thomas Testerman, Tom Thomas, Penny Weesner, Becky Jo Williams, Dana Williams, Gale Yeary, Elisha DECA Phillips, Mr. Dennis, Spons. Senior Officers Long, Jeannie, Pres. Tooley, Roger, VP White, Debra, Sec.-Treas. Hansard, Debbie, Rep. Moore, Pam, Hist. Wolfe, Carlos, Parl. Junior Officers Griffie, Tennia, Pres. Blevins, Alvanis, VP Pratt, Sandi, Sec.-Treas. Miller, David, Rep. Roach, Elizabeth, Hist. Solomon, Gary, Parl. Baker, Anthony Bowlin, Mike Brown, Stephanie Butler, Janice Davidson, Betty Davis, Kathy Devotie, Richard Greene, George Harris, Debbie Hartman, Bobbie Henderson, Patsy Hill, David Horner, Vickie Hurst, Kaye James, Mike Long, Marie Majors, Glenda Musick, David Prowell, Sherry Seals, Cynthia Wright, Charlie FOOTBALL TEAM 224 Brian Bennett C. "Bobo" Simpson Pete Cantwell P. "Chip" Hill Mike Davis Ronald Haney Micky McDaniels John Watson Kenny Douthat Charles Wright 35 Richard Garrett 41 George Fugate 42 Jack Rickman 44 Scotty Carmichael Larry Lowe Dwight Wolfe 10 1 1 15 16 20 23 24 30 32 33 50 51 53 Wayne Mason 54 Jim Clark Greg Johnson Kenneth Knight 61 Greg Manning 62 Joe Gibson 63 Lynn Beach 64 Greg O'Conner 65 Stanley Stewart 66 Tim Oakes 70 Gordon Toney Gary Lowe Bobby Spoone 73 Larry McDaniels 74 Steve Peoples 75 Ricky Harville 77 Johnny Mayes Phillip Edmonds John Fox Mike Leach Mike Jinks Buddy Jones Lynnwood Nicely 55 60 71 72 80 82 85 86 88 89 FRENCH CLUB Pratt Mrs. Dora S ons. . 1 D Ryan, Anita, Pres. Henson, Darlene, VP Coldwell, Paula, Sec. Norton, Mindy, Treas. Thomason, Kaye, Rep. Anderson, Joan Bagg, Debbie Brady, Gary Brooks, Jackie Campbell, Becky Cantwell, Peter Combs, Angie Fawver, Nada Freels, David Hale, David Helms, Connie Hensley, Jenny Holt, Jane lsom, Debbie Kincaid, Robin Leonard, Cheree Long, Carol Phillips, Sally Pless, Terri Pratt, Sandi Sandidge, Gina Seals, Teresa Sitzman, Barbara Trent, Mary Ann Weeks, Debbie Weesner, Susan Wertz, Ann Whittington, Toni Williams, Billy Williams, Bobby Williams, Galey Williams, Ricky Wilson, Patty FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Henegar, Mr. Ray, spons. Haun, Wesley, Pres. Miller, Johnny, VP Thomason, Ricky, Sec. Wilder, Mike, Treas. Wright, Charles, Rep. Barrett, Eddie, Sentinel McDonald, Tommie, Chap, Allen, Sonny Applegate, Kenneth Arnold, Donald Bales, Joe Ballard, Gary Barrett, James Britt, Jerry Britt, Terry Coffee, Don Collins, Kenneth Dalton, Charles Davis, Mike Dubois, David Epps, Bobby Fletcher, Billy Fugate, George Gass, Eddie Gass, Joel Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Sam Greene, Tim Haun, Tommy Hawkins, Martin Heck, Mike Helbert, Bobby Helton, Dewel Herron, Jerry Hightower, David Hightower, Freddy Howard, Mary Howington, Mike Jarnigan, Mickey Johnson, Danny Johnson, Donnie Kinsler, Tony Lawson, Lonnie Lawson, Ronnie Lee, Kevin Murphy, Keene Pratt, Kennetta Price, Dennis Price, Steve Reneau, Larry Roberts, Ronnie Rouse, Dean Rouse, Ricky Sauceman, Ross Sawyer, Charles Sawyer, Michael Schroedel, Wallace Seals, Farris Shultz, Ernie Shultz, Kenneth Sizemore, Gary Smith, Kenny Swatsell, Michael Tooley, Ricky Westmoreland, Ricky Whetsell, Mike Whittaker, Mike Williams, Richard Wood, James Woods, Joy FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CHAPTER I Fox, Mrs. Tommy, spons. Byard, Charlene, Pres. Hale, Marty, 1st VP Hicks, Janet, 2nd VP Brannon, Gerry, 3rd VP Combs, Amy, 4th VP Everhart, Katherine, Sec. Fisher, Angela, Treas. Langston, Rhonda, Parl. Weesner, Susan, Chap. Martin, Janice, Rep. Shaver, Kathy, Song leader Mills, Susie, Hist. Black, Kathy Braxton, Reida Broyles, Samantha Cannon, Sue Ellen Cross, Ann Hamm, Angela Holt, Judy Jones, Leslie Kyle, Karen McGhee, Teresa McGinnis, Vickie Mills, Joyce Murphy, Terry Nave, Robin Tharp, Gina Thomas, Penny Tucker, Tammie Waites, Evelyn Watterson, Melissa Zyss, Anna FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CHAPTER ll Spoone, Mrs. Margaret, spon Moore, Melissa, Pres. Black, Debbie, VP Harville, Rene, Sec. Bible, Karen, Treas. Shaver, Kathy, Parl. Shelton, Brenda, Rep. Ferguson, Donna, Hist. Barnette, Margie, Chap. Turner, Jennifer, Song lead. Ray, Bridget, Photog. Anderson, Joan Bagg, Debbie Bagg, Donna Byrd, Rhonda Cloud, Marlene Coffey, Karen Deneau, Denise Elkins, Tammy Fawver, Nada Friley, Kathy Holt, Kim Hopkins, Donna Lewis, Pam Mefford, Linda Mills, Debbie Pistole, Kathy Samples, Elaine Sams, Sally Seals, Patricia Smith, Cynthia Stubblefield, Rosa Trolinger, Susan Walker, Debbie Webb, Cindy Western, Kathy Williamson, Diana Wilson, Patty Woodard, Kaye FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CHAPTER Ill DeBusk, Mrs. Mattie Lee, spc Wallace, Lisa, Pres. Claborn, Flora, 1st VP Overholt, Jill, 2nd VP Pate, Jane, 3rd VP Sandefur, Karen, 4th VP Easterly, Karen, Sec. Campbell, Becky, Treas. Lipton, Terri, Parl. Lee, Martha Ann, Hist. Slabbekorn, Margaret, Hist. Thompson, Terri, Rep. Hinchey, Janet, Chap. Jones, Cheryl, Song leader Belknap, Julie Carty, Debbie Dyer, Cathy Eaton, Marina Fox, Tracy Groseclose, Susan Harbin, Angela Havely, Bess Ann Livingston, Janice Llewellyn, Lisa Long, Patty McKinney, Darlene McMahan, Linda Robertson, Karen Rogers, Kim Self, Gail Shaver, Amy Skeen, Jamie Stamps, Sherry Swann, Susan Williams, Linda Winstead, Debbie HURRICANE Weesner, Mr. Murrell, spons. Editor: Jinks, Mike Asst. Editor: Lester, Joi Feature Editor: Fullington, Bill Business Editor: Combs, Sherry illustrators: Evans, Victor Fuson, Lynn Green, Glenna Helms, Crampton Pistole, Kathy Rouse, Susan Shellnutt, Susan Whittington, Mildred Reporters: Bailey, Ricky Black, Debbie Blake, Tammy Collier, Susan Dafferner, Beth Deneau, Denise Douthat, Ken Ellis, Acoya Fowler, Lisa Fox, Tracy Harville, Mike Hodge, Renee Jackson, Mary Kyle Long, Carol Moore, Melissa Neblett, Bill Price, Pat Ray, Bridget Flay, Claudia Reed, Cindy Sandefur, Karen Weesner, Becky Jo Weesner, Susan Williams, Dana Typists: Barclay, Sharon Bible, Linda Combs, Terry Cupp, Michelle Smith, Becky Ad Salesmen: Hughes, Kathy Western, Kathy Whittington, Toni INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA CLUB Cupp, Mrs, Hazel, Spons. Green, Debbie, Pres. Walker, Elaine, VP Arden, Teresa, Sec. Wardwell, Chris, Treas. Huff, Ronnie, Hist. Guggisberg, Steve, Rep. Wilson, Patty, Parl. Barnette, Margie Bewley, Sharon Carty, Debbie Chapman, Alice Cloud, Debbie Cole, Brenda Collins, Shelia Dyer, Cathy Fawver, Nada Freeman, Leah Gass, Brenda Gass, Glenda Green, George Harbin, Angela McGhee, Teresa Morgan, Joanna Peters, Craig Sluss, Elaine Stamps, Sherry Stubblefield, Rosa Tipton, Debbie Williams, Linda Williamson, Diana ITAKHA Faculty Advisor: Robinson, Mrs. Barbara Co-Editors: Bradley, Jimmy Gibson, Lynne Administrative Body Editors: Pate, Myra Nave, Robin, asst. Advertising Director: Breedlove, Olga Mefford, Linda, asst. Athletic Editors: Guertin, Georgette Mefford, Mike Testerman, Tom, asst. Circulation Managers: Greene, Nancy Hime, Melanie Features and Honors Editors: Byard, Charlene Hamm, Angela, asst. Indices: General- Phillips, Sally Senior - Swann, Susan Jones, Susan, asst. Layout Design: Norton, Mindy Organizations Editors: Gilliland, Johnnie Samples, Diane, asst. Student Body Editors: Lee, Martha Ann Wallace, Lisa, asst. Typist: Mills, Susie Ad Salesmen: Barclay, Sharon Fowler, Lisa Huff, Terry Marshall Bertie Ray, Claudia JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Catron, Miss Aileen, spons. Thompson, Tony, Pres. Helton, Georgann, VP Hamm, Anita, Sec. Hall, Rhonda, Treas. Belknap, Julie Black, Debbie Brittain, Bill Brown, Doug Carty, Debbie Catron, Craig Cloud, Debbie Coffey, Joye Collier, Donna Dalton, Regina Edmonds, Gloria Gibson, Joe Gracey, Patty Holland, Jeff Kilgore, Teresa Livingston, Janice Ray, Robby Samples, Elaine Sandefur, Glenda Shockley, Teresa Simmons, Pam Spoone, Bob Strate, Jane Strickland, Tony Titus, Bill Waites, Evelyn KEY CLUB Keener, Mr. George, spons. Gregg, Gary, Pres. Hayes, Russell, VP Funk, Tim, Sec. Glenn, Tommy, Treas. Testerman, Thomas, Sgt. at Arms Bacon, Chuck Biddle, Paul Edwards, Richard Hartman, Ricky Harville, Ricky Harville, Mike Hutt, Ronnie Huxley, Mike Neblett, Bill Scott, Greg Wardwell, Chris Wright, Joe Yount, Mike NJROTC Deaton, John, LCDR Scott, Ben, LCDR Hall, Randy, Cadet LCDR, Commanding Officer Gregg, Gary, Cadet Lt., Executive Officer Blevins, Petie, Color Guard CPO Cobb Charles Cadet Ensi n, , , Q 1st Platoon Commander Wilson, Gregg, lst Platoon MPO Glenn, Tommy, Cadet Ensign 2nd Platoon, Commander Edwards, Richard, 2nd Platoon, MPO Testerman, Hobart, Cadet Ensign, 3rd Platoon Commander McDonald, Tommie, 3rd Platoon MPO Hutt, Ronnie, Cadet Ensign, 4th Platoon Commander Scott, Phillip, 4th Platoon MPO Solomon, Gary, MCPO Cadets: Anderson, Skip Archer, Ketron Barnard, Jack Barrett, James Beeber, Robert Booker, John Brady, Gary Burnside, Roderick Cochran, Lester Collins, Dwayne Collins, Ralph Dalton, Charles Daniels, Lee Day, Gary Dickerson, Danny Eldridge, Ricky Everhart, Billy Franklin, Scott Gass, Eddie Gauldin, Jeff Hartman, Randy Haun, Tommy Hayes, Bobby Hayes, Darrell Hayes, Mike Hayes, Tim Hawkins, Martin Helton, Bobby Helton, Gary Herron, Jerry Hill, Jimmy Hill, Robert Horner, Tim Huxley, Mike Johns, Richard Johnson, Terry Knight, Kenneth Kupp, David Kyle, Rodney Lawson, Ronald Lewis, Lee Long, Joe Lowe, Ricky Love, Tony Loy, Jeff Maneval, Gary Marshall, Lester Matthews, Eddie Moore, Don Moore, Ron Muller, James Musick, Wayne Neblett, William Oxendine, Ray Pearson, Roger Pell, Danny Perkey, Ray Reece, Jim Satterlield, Dale Schroedel, Wallace Self, James Shiftlett, Arnold Smith, Tom Southerland, James Spence. Steve Stubblefield, Harold Talley, Jimmy Thompson, Danny Whetsel, Mike Whitaker, Mike Williams, Robert Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Stanley Wood, James Wood, Tim Wright, Joe NATIONAL FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES Rose, Mr. Dale, spons. Bennett, Brian Cantwell, Peter Clark, Jim Cruey, Steve Douthat, Kenny Edmonds, Phillip Fox, John Fuson, Lynn Garrett, Richard Gibson, Joe Harville, Becky Hill, Chip Jinks, Mike Johnson, Greg Jones, Buddy Manning, Greg Mason, Wayne Norton, Mindy Oakes, Tim Peoples, Steve Rickman, Jack Spoone, Bobby Stewart, Stanley Thompson, Tony Toney, Gordon Trent, Mary Ann Trent, Robert Williams, Billy Wolf, Dwight OFFICE AIDES Anderson, Linda Bacon, Debbie Black, Debbie Black, Kathy Brooks, Jackie Buchanan, Leslie Cannon, Pat Cupp, Michelle Deneau, Denise Fowler, Lisa Gass, Glenda Gilliland, Johnnie Hall, Rhonda Harkleroad, Debbie Harville, Becky Henderson, Pat Hite, Angela Hodge, Renee Holt, Jane Hubbs, Lisa Manning, Rose Mick, Sheila Mills, Melissa Romines, Patsy Sams, Sally Seals, Cynthia Shaver, Kathy Simmons, Pam Walker, Debbie Weesner, Susan Whitt, Kim Whittington, Toni Williams, Dana Williams, Georgia Ellen RED CROSS COUNCIL Chesney, Mrs. Linda, spons. Guertin, Georgette, Pres. Phillips, Sally, VP Gilliland, Johnnie, Sec. Phillips, Julie, Treas. Bradley, Jimmy Collier, Mary Susan Cox, Nancy Datterner, Beth Dalton, Regina Dyer, Cathy Easterly, Karen Fisher, Angela Fullington, Bill Gracey, Patty Greene, Nancy Hime, Melanie Huff, Terry Jinks, Mike Jones, Cheryl Jones, Susan Laster, Jane Maxey, Karen Mefford, Mike 226 Neblett, Bill Pate, Jane Pate, Myra Pratt, Cherie Rouse, Susan Skelton, Brenda Smith, Patricia Swann, Susan Thompson, Terri Treece, Yvonne Weeks, Debbie Weesner, Susan Williams, Dana SPANISH CLUB Kyker, Mrs. Louise, spons. Barclay, Sharon, Pres. Ellis, Acoya, VP Brannan, Sue, Sec. Lester, Joi, Treas. Mills, Joyce, Rep. Laster, Jane McDaniel, Sherry Mickalonis, Maura Mullins, Paul Sanders, Tina Shelton, Brenda Simonton, Jannell STUDENT ACTION FOR EDUCATION CLUB Horner, Miss Jane, spons. Weeks, Debbie, Pres. Anderson, Joan, VP Easterly, Karen, Sec. Ray, Claudia, Treas. Weesner, Becky Jo, Hist. Swann, Susan, Rep. Belknap, Julie Bible, Karen Brooks, Jackie Cannon, Sue Ellen Claborn, Flora Gracey, Patty Henson, Darlene Holt, Jane Jones, Cheryl Lipton, Terri Long, Becky McMahan, Linda Pate, Jane Phillips, Sally Ray, Bridget Roberts, Becky Sitzman, Donna Ward, Pam Weesner, Susan Whittington, Toni Winstead, Debbi STUDENT COUNCIL Weesner, Mr. Murrell, spons. Harville, Becky, Pres. Weeks, Debbie, VP Trent, Mary Ann, Sec. Cruey, Steve, Treas. Blake, Tammy Brannan, Gerry Brittain, Bill Brown, Susan Byrd, Rhonda Claborn, Flora Dunn, Ann Ferguson, Larry Fox, John Fuson, Lynn Hall, Rhonda Haun, Becky Hodge, Renee Jinks, Mike Leonard, Cheree Lipton, Terri Ray, Claudia Slabbekorn, Margaret Treece, Yvonne Ward, Pam Williams, Scotty Wright, Charlie THESPIAN SOCIETY Ware, Mrs. Marilyn, spons. Fullington, Bill, Pres. Huff, Terry, VP Easterly, Karen, Sec. Guertin, Georgette, Treas. Pate, Jane, Rep. Belknap, Julie Bradley, Jimmy Breedlove, Olga Brown, Doug Coldwell, Paula Dafterner, Beth Dalton, Regina Eaton, Marina Gilliland, Johnnie Golden, Debbie Greene, Nancy Jones, Susan Lawson, Karen Mefford, Linda Mefford, Mike Mickalonis, Maura Pate, Myra Pistole, Kathy Ray, Bridget Ray, Claudia Rouse, Susan Seneker, Patty Swann, Susan Thomason, Kay Thompson, Terri Van Heest, Robert Weesner, Becky Jo Weesner, Susan Wardwell, Chris TOEC McKinley, Mrs. Jane, spons. Parker, Sharon, Pres. Holtsinger, Jackie, VP Rawlett, Donna, Sec. Wice, Cindy, Treas. Daniel, Sandy, Rep. Shierry, Sheree, Parl. Gibson, Debbie Harrell, Katherine Haun, Becky King, Cindy Presley, Debbie Rhea, Sandra Romines, Patsy Seay, Peggie Watts, Darlene VICA-COSMETOLOGY Fain, Mrs. Irene, spons. Kimbrough, Debbie, Pres. Haney, Melony, VP Hayes, Peggy, Sec. Wampler, Pam, Treas. Shipley, Rhonda, Rep. Reese, Judy, Parl. Amos, Barbara Ballard, Kathy Bartee, Natalie Carmichael, Tammy Davis, Karen Drinnon, Jo Ann Harbin, Brenda Howington, Sheila Kitts, Cathy Kyle, Carolyn Lamb, Shelia Lanktord, Glenda Mallory, Evelyn Parrish, Kathy Rich, Susie Seahorn, Linda Testerman, Karen Treece, Yvonne Wolfe, Michelle VICA-INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING Stambaugh, Mrs. Frances, spons SECTION I Keaton, Randy, Pres. Slabbekorn, Margaret, VP Standifer, Donnie, Sec. Collins, Herman, Treas. Welch, Melissa, Rep. McCracken, Charles, Parl. SECTION ll Cupp, Terry, Pres. Croxdale, Howard, VP Ward, Shirley, Sec. Gardner, Kathy, Treas. Newman, Buddy, Rep. Barnard, James, Parl. Antrican, Danny Bowlin, Kathy Carpenter, Debbie Carpenter, Johnny Jones, Sharon Lane, Karla McDaniel, Judy Bunch Morrison, J. C. Self, Gail Wilson Van Heest, Sharon Y-TEENS CLUB Shaver, Mrs. Phyllis, spons Cummings, Sherry, Pres. Simmons, Pam, VP Simonton, Jannell, Sec. Green, Debbie, Treas. Barnette, Margie, Rep. Morgan, Joanna, Chap. Mills, Robin, Hist. Watterson, Lisa, Photog. Williamson, Diana, Parl. Barnette, Judy Barnette, Virgie Carroll, Debbie Hampton, Jacqueline Howard, Mary Williams, Susie Wilson, Patty Woodard, Kaye Adams, Randolph CMr.J 68, 69, 138 Ailey, Ronald 42, 142 Aldridge, Carolyn 170 Aldridge, David 52, 57, 170 Allen, Donald 142, 152 Allen, William 154 Alley, Emma CMrs.J 127 Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y 87 Altizer, Carlis fMr.j 38 Amos, Barbara 154 Amos, Sandra 162 Anchor Club 112, 113 Anderson, Arthur CSkipperj 170 Anderson, Brenda 106, 113, 154 Anderson, Deborah Kay 142 Anderson, James CRickyJ 170 Anderson, Linda 154 Antrican, Danny 154 Archer, Donald 170 Archer, Ketron 170 Arden, Teresa 154 Arrington, David 170 Arrington, Jeff 162 Arrington, Karen 142 Arrington, Sharon 142 Atchey, David 19 Barnard, Savanna 154 Barnard, Shirley 170 Barnette, Judy 170 Barnette, Marforie 142, 153 Barnette, Virgie 170 Barrett, Charles 162 Barrett, James 162, 169, 232 Barrow, Douglas 142 Bartee, Natalie 109, 154 Bartee, Thomas 170 Bartholomew, David CDO 121 Baseball 38, 39 Basketball, Boys B-Team 56 Basketball, Boys Freshman 57 Basketball, Boys Varisty 53, 54, 55 Basketball, Girls B-Team 61 Basketball, Girls Varsity 58, 59, 60 Bates, James CMr.J 138 Beach, Ronald 154 Bebber, Robert 154 Beeler, Johnny 19 Beets, Doug 19 Beets, Joseph 154 Belknap, Julie 103, 113, 162 Bennett, Brian 162 Benson, Susan 142 Bible: Carroll, Debra 170 Atkins, Grady CMrs.J 69 Avery, Jean 142 Ayers, Timothy 142 Bacon, Calvin CChuckj 86 Bacon, Deborah 154 Bagg, Deborah 154 Bagg, Donna 170 Bailey, Debra 154 Bailey, Paul 162 Bailey, Randy 170 Baird, Pat QMrs.j 124 Baker, Anthony 154 Berry, Steve 170 Beta Club 83 Beta Tri-Hi-Y 88 Bewley, Jacob 154 Bewley, Jimmy 52, 63, 170 Bewley, Sharon 162 Bible, Bible Bible, Bible, Bible, David 154 John 22, 46, 142 Judy CMissj 136, 138 Karen 65, 162 Linda 78, 142,145 Shelia 170 Brummit, David 52, 57, 170 Bryant, Linda 155 Broyles, Gail 71, 155 Bucca, Teresa 58, 59, 142, 153 Buchanan, Denny 70, 142 Buchanan, Leslie 58, 59, 82, 142 Bullard, Sherry 162 Bullington, Cindy 142 Bunch, Jo Anne CJoeyJ 192 Burkhardt, William 155 Burleson, Jessica 168, 170 Burnette, Julia 142 Burnside, Anthony 57, 170 Butler, Janice 142 Byard, Teresa fCharleneJ 33, 35, 76, 142 Byrd, Rhonda 170 Byrd, Roger 142 Campbell, David 170 Campbell, Geraldine CMrs.J 88, 127, 1 Campbell, Rebecca 55, 103 Campbell, Terry 170 Cannon, Donna 170 Cannon, Patricia 155 Cannon, Sue 155 Canter, Carolyn 58, 59, 155 Cantwell, Peter 42, 51, 155 Cardwell, Cheryl 19 Carmichael, Katrina 155 Carmichael, Marilyn 19 Carmichael, Tammy 22, 162 Carmichael, Scotty 53, 54, 152 Carpenter, Debra 143 Carpenter, Jimmie 155 Carpenter, Johnny CJohnJ 143 Baker, Mary 162 Baker, Morgan 162 Bales, Denise 162 Bales, Joe 57, 105, 170 Ball, Mary 162 Ballard, Carolyn 170 Ballard, Gary 170, 230 Black, Deborah CDebbieJ 87, 154 Black, Forrest CMrs.J 120 Black, Kathy 99, 170 Blake, Tammy 80, 154 Blevins, Alvanis 75, 97, 154 Blevins, Brenda 19 Bohanan, Robert 154 Carroll Carroll , BiIlQMr.D121 ,Billy 143 Carroll, Robin 170 Carroll, Teresa 143 Ballard, Kathy 162 Band 70, 71 , 73 Barclay, Sharon 19, 34, 82, 87, 95, 142 Barnard, Georgia 142 Barnard, Jack 162 For a change of pace, Ann Dunn uses her hand instead of her foot. Bolden, Regina 170 Booker, John 170 Booker, Lesa 162 Bowlin, Clara CMrs.J 121 Bowlin, Kathy 142 Bowlin, Mary 162 Bowlin, Roger 170 Bowlin, William 142, 154 Bradford, Sherry 170, 192 Bradley, James CJimmyj 19, 32, 34, 76, 142 Brady, Gary 142 Brady, Patricia 162 Carter, Edna CMrs.J 122 Carty, Deborah CDebbieJ 90, 162 Carty, Lowell CMr.j 91 Cassell, Sharon 155 Cato, James 41 Catron, Aileen CMissJ 138 Catron, Craig 170 Chambers, George 143 Champ, Pete 155 Chapman, Alice 91, 162, 168 Cheerleaders 25, 64, 65 Chesney, Linda CMrs.J 1 14, 127, 138 Chess Club 86 Choir 68, 69 Claborn, Flora 80,103, 113,155 Clanton, Ginger 155 Clanton, Tammie 170 Brannan, Gerry 170 Brannan, Lawrence CMr,5 21 0 Brannan, Sue 95, 99, 154 Braxton, Reida 154 Braziel, James 53, 54, 142 Breeding, Barbara 61, 170 Breeding, Janice 19 Breeding, Randy 126, 142 Breeding, Ruth CMrs.J 133, 138 Breedlove, Olga 76, 142 Briggs, Ronald QMr.J 122 Britt, Jerry 162 Britt, Terry 155 Brittain, Bill 56, 80, 162 Brock, Johnny 155 Brooks, Gary 170 Brooks, Jackie 155 Brooks, Lynn 170 Brooks, Rodger 162 Brotherton, Judy 155 Brown, Charles CMr.J 136, 138 Brown, Charleston 57, 170 Brown, Douglas CDougJ 46, 93, 170 Broyles, Connie 170 Broyles, Danny 142 Broyles, Samanthia 61 , 170 Bruce, Deborah CDebbiej 162, 192 Clark, Eric 52, 57, 170 Clark, Greg 127, 162 Clark, James 155 Clark, Mark 162 Clark, Shelia 155 Clark, William 143 Cleek, Cheryl 58, 155 Clements, Jack CMr.J 138 Clemo Cloar, Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, Cobb, Cobb, Cobb, Cobb, ns, Bobo 170 Debbie 21 Albert 170 Debbie 162 Marlene 170 Charles 75, 114, 155 Patsy 143 Robert 52, 170 Roy 86, 114, 155 Cochran, Lester 170 Coffey, Joye 155 Coffey, Karen 169, 170 Coffey, Teresa 162 Coffey, William 170 Coldwell, Paula 71, 82, 83, 155 Cole, Brenda 91, 162, 169 Collake, Debra 170 Collier, Donna 170 Collier, Mary 114, 162 82, 99, 38 7 Gilbert, 2 Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Combs, Combs, Combs, Combs Conkin Dwayne 155 Eddie 53, 54, 162 Herman 62, 63, 10 Jerry 162 Linda 162 Lloyd 155 Marsha 143 Ralph 163 Robert 171 Ronnie 155 Sheila 171 Teresa 171 William 162 William S. 143 Amy 99, 171 Karen 162 Sherry 25, 30, 65, Terry 30, 65, 78, 1 Joan CMrs.J 138 7,143 78, 143,145 43, 163 Conway, Laura 143 Cook, Mark 56, 163, 169 Cook, Max 5, 53, 143 Cook, Rose Mary 163 Cook, Teresa 163 Countess, David 143 Cox, Geneva 171 Cox, Nancy 155 Creech, Kelly 19 Crigger, Cynthia 155 Crigger, Paul 171 Crittenden, Debbie 155 Crittenden, Patricia 171 Crittenden, Shelia 163 Cross, Edith QAnnJ 99, 155 Crouch, Tammie 163 Croxdale, Howard 62, 63, 107, 143, 147 Cruey, Stephen 19, 29, 34, 62, 63, 81 Cruey, Stephen 19, 29, 34, 62, 63, 81, 143 Cummings, Sherry 82, 111, 143 Cunningham, Donna 163 Cupp, Cynthia 155 Cupp, Hazel CMrs.J 27, 138 Cupp, Michelle 65, 89, 155 Cupp, Pamela 155 Cupp, Terry 107, 155 Curl, Sue 163 Dafterner, Beth 114, 155 Dailey, Mike 52 Dailey, Steve 40, 41 Dalton, Charles 155 Dalton, Regina 88,114,163 Daniel, Janice 143, 153 Daniel, Sandra 116, 143 Daniels, Jewel 155 Daniels, Lee 41, 163 Davidson, Betty 96, 143 Davis, Burleigh CMr.J 39, 121 Davis, Ervin 40, 41 Davis, Karen 109, 155 Davis, Kathy 96, 143 Davis, Lynn 163, 168 Davis, Mike A. 41 , 62, 63 Davis, Mike 22, 23 Davis, Reta CMrs.j 22, 136, Davis, Ricky 155 Davis, Ronnie 144 Davis, Sonny 144 Davison, Gordon 171 Dawson's Womans' Shop 113 Day, Steve 171 Dean, Frank 42 Dean, John 43, 171 Deaton, LCDR John 74, 75, 124, 125, 138 DeBusk, Mattie Lee CMrs.D 27, 102, 103, 133, 138 DECA 96, 97 138 Deneau, David 19 Deneau, Denise 171, 174 Dennis, Henry 163 Dennis, Steve 171 Devotie, Richard 155 Diamond, Randall 163 Dickerson, Danny 63, 126, 155 Dickerson, Sarah 144, 150 28 Dickerson, William 63, 171 Doka, Steve CDr.J 120 Douthat, Boyd 156 Douthat, Kenneth 41 , 163 Drake, Bobbie 156 Drake, Cissy 153 Drake, Randal 41 Drinnon, Hyla 163 Drinnon, Jo Ann 109, 155 DuBois, David 163 DuBose, Karen 154, 156 DuBose, Kenneth 62, 156 Dunn, Andy 22 Dunn, Ann 19, 227 Duty, Michael 171 Duyck, Sheila 171 Dyer, Cathy 90, 163 Dyer, Thaddeus 144 Early, Karen 156 Early, Patricia 171 Easterly David 49 Fugate, Clara 171 Fugate, George 25, 40, 41 , 48, 49, 94, 144 Fullington,Mark171 Fullington, William qBilIj 21 , 30, 78, 85, 144,147 Funk, Timothy 156 Fuson, Jennifer 65, 78, 156 Gaddis, James CMr.J 120, 121 Gallagher, David 144 Gallagher, Jennie 169, 171 Gardner, James 171 Garrett, Richard 24, 25, 27, 40, 41 , 49, 62, 63, 144, 153 Gass, Brenda 171 Gass, Glenda 144 Gass, Gregory CGregj 34, 82, 144 Gass, Joel 163 Gauldin,Je1f171 Gibson, Chris 171 Gibson, Debbie 116, 144 Easterly, Karen 19, 32, 34, 35, 69, 82, 85, 103, 144 Eaton, Marina 84, 171 Edmonds, Gloria 93, 171 Edmonds, Phillip 156 Edwards, Mary 156 Edwards, Richard 156, 192 Eldridge, Ricky 156 Elkins, Jerri 171 Elkins, Marsha 156 Elkins, Tammy 1 13, 163 Ellis, Acoya 95, 144 Ellison, Kimberly 156 Ellison, Mark 56, 163,168 England, Damon 144 Ensley, Jerry CMr.J 121 Epperson, Timmy 171 Epps, Bobby 171 Erwin, Ronnie Estes, Peggy 171 Estes, Rita 144 Evans, Donna 144 Evans, Ronnie 171 Evans, Steve 156 Evans, Tracy 163 Evans, Victor 144 Everhart, Billy 163 Everhart, Katherine 99, 171 Ezell, Stephen 53, 156 Fain, Anna 163 Fain, lrenefMrs.7138 Fannon, Angela 171 Fawver, Noda 100, 163 FCA 94 Ferguson, Donna 156 Ferguson, Larry 156 Ferguson, Patricia 171 Ferguson, Robert 171 FFA 104 FHA I 98, 99 FHA Il 100, 101 FHA Ill 102, 103 Fishburn, Eric QMr.y 133 Fisher, Angela 61 , 99, 171 Fletcher, Sandra 144 Football, Freshman 52 Football, Varsity 47, 48, 49, 51 Foshie, Evelyn 163 Fowler, Lisa 19, 87, 89, 144 Fox, Debbie 171 Fox, John 41,163 Fox, Sue CMrs.J 98, 99, 138 Fox, Tracy 20, 89, 144 Franklin, Jeff 86, 156 Franklin, Scott 169, 171 Frazier, Cheryl 152, 156 Frazier, Linda 163 Freels, David 156 Freeman, Leah 171 French Club 92 Friely, Kathy 163 Fry, Steve 156 Fugate, Anita 156 Gibson Joe 163 Gibson, Lynne 32, 34, 35, 76, 112, 144 Gilbert, Eddie 105 Gilbert, Gary 144 Gilbert, Marshelle CMrs.J 136, 138 Sammy 105, 171 Gilliland, John CMrs.J 99 Gilliland, Johnnie 34, 82, 113,144 Glenn, Hugh, 114, 144 Goan, Charles 156 Goan, Ricky 171 Goins, Debra 171 Golden, Deborah CDebbieJ 69, 144 Golf Team 42 Gonce, Lowell QMr.J 128, 138 Goodson, Sheila 157 Gourley, Teresa 163 Gracey, Patricia 114, 163 Graham Ann fMissJ 125, 139 Gray, Shanda 19 Green, Debbie 91,111,157 Greene, Bobby 171 Greene, David 144 Greene, Deanna 163, 167 Greene, Frances CMrs.D 136, 139 Greene, George 157 Greene, Glenda 144 Greene, Nancy 157 Greene, Tim 171 Greenlee, Deborah 144, 171 Gregg, Gary 144, 189 Gregg, Lynn 85, 144,147 Griffie, Teenia 97, 157 Griffin, Randy 149 Grigsby, Ronald 157 Griscom, Dan 21, 157 Griscom, Richard CDickj 19, 33, 144, 153 Grooms, Jerry 62, 63, 144 Groseclose, Susan 171 Guertin, Georgette 21, 33, 34, 85, 114, 144 Guggisberg, Steven 90, 144, 153 Gulley, Jack 163 Gulley, James 171 Hale, David 42, 157, 159 Hale, Margaret CMartyJ 58, 157 Hale, Owen 171 Hale, Vernon fKyleJ 145 Hall, James fRandyJ 145, 192 Hall, Perry 27, 126, 145 Hall, Rhonda 8O,81,93, 171,192 Hall, Sharon 163 Hamilton, Catherine 145 Hamm, Angela 99, 157 Hamm, Anita 93, 163 Hampton, Jacquelin 171 Hampton, Larry 56, 163 Haney, Claudette 61, 169, 171 Haney, MeIony109, 157 Haney, Ronald 41 , 53, 157 Hannah, Jack 171 Hansard, Debra fDebbieb 96, 145 Harbin, Angela 171 Harbin, Brenda 163 Harkleroad, Debbie 19, 145 Harrell, Kathryn 116, 145 , Y, Working on an art project puts Do'nna Hopkins and Curtis Moore in stitches. Harris, Debbie 157 Hartman, Bobbie 96, 145 Hartman, Randall CRandyJ 171 Hartman, Richard 157 Harville, Chris 41, 163 Harville, Herbert CMU 1 21 Harville, Joan rneney 58, 157 Harville, Michael 52, 171 Harville, Michael QMikey 41 , 42, 43, 145 Harville, Rebecca CBeckyJ 24, 25, 27, 2 65,81,145, 192 Harville, Richard 157 Harville, Stanley QStanJ 56, 171 Hatcher, Kathy 171 Hatcher, Ricky 157 Hatmaker, Phillip 171 Haun, Guy CWesleyj 27, 105, 145 Haun, Rebecca 1 16 Haun, Rosa 157 Haun, Tommy 171 Havlins, Martain 75 Hawkins, Martin 171 Hayes, Bobby 171 Hayes, Darrell 163 Hayes, Gary 163 Hayes, Peggy 109, 145 Hayes, Russell 19, 145 Hayes, Timothy 171 Heck, Michael 163, 230 Hedrick, Alice 157 Helbert, Bobby 163 Helms, Constance CConnieJ 88 Helms, Crampton 163 Helms, Thomas QTomJ 52, 171 Helms, William CDO 120 Helton, DewelQCurtisJ171 Helton, Gary 171 Helton, Georgann 93, 163, 169 Helton, Robin 157 Helton, William 163 Hench, Jeff 63 Henderson, Patsy 96, 145 Henegar,RayCMr,J105, 133, 139 Hensley, Beverly 171 Hensley, Judy 145 Hensley, Tina 58, 157 Henson, Mary 157 9, Herman, Wayne 41, 163 Herron, Jerry 157 Herron, Teretha 163 Hicks, Billy 171 Hicks, Janet 99, 171 Hightower, David 171 Hightower, Freddy 163 Hill, Barbara 171 Hill, Charles 171 Hill, David 157 Hill, Paul CChip3 49, 157 Hill, Rena 163 Hill, Robert 157 Hill, Shirley 171 Hime, Melanie 76,113, 157 Hinchey, Ann 22, 23 Hinchey, Janet 103, 163 Hite, Angela 169, 171 Hodge, Charles 171 Huff, Gregory 157 Hutt, Ronald CRonniej 41 , 90, 146,152 Hutt, Terry 82,85,113,114,146 Hughes, Jim QMr.J 42, 52, 56 Hughes, Kathy 172 Hughes, Leonard 157 Hughes, Mark 164 Hurd, Shelia 146 Hurricane 78, 79 Hurst, Charles 172 Hurst, Clayton CMr.j 20 Hurst, James 146, 149 Hurst, Joyace 146 Hux, William QMr,j 59, 60, 61 , 135, 139 Huxley, Thomas 164 Hyatt, Betsy CMissj 139 instructional Media Club 90 lsom, Deborah 92, 164 ltakha 76, 77 Ivy, Daryl 41 Ivy, Susan 165 Jackson, Donald 171 Jackson, Mary 61 , 157 Jackson, Shirley 157 James, Mike 96, 146 James, Troy 164 Jarnagin, Alice 172 Jarnagin, Mickey 157 Jefferson, Linda 157 Jenkins, Connie 157 Jenkins, Randy 126, 146 Jinks, Michael 21 , 30, 49, 78, 146 Jones, Debbie 58, 59, 60, 164 Johns, Richard 75, 164 Hodge, Renee 31, 78, 80, 89, 145 Hodge, Thomas CTomJ 52, 171 Hodge, Pamela 145 Hogan, Margaret 127, 163 Holland, Jett 169, 171 Hollifield, Joan 164 Holloway, Anthony 52, 171 Holmes, Vicki 157 Holt, Judy 171 Johnson, Clifford 146 Johnson, Danny 164 Johnson, Donnie 172 Johnson, Gary 172 Johnson, Gregory tGregJ 41, 158 Johnson, Jerry 142 Johnson, Kathy 19 Johnson, Randall CMU 184 Johnson, Sharon 172 Johnson, Terry 172 Johnson, Wiley CMU 131 Jolly, Sandra 146, 157 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Junior Justis, Alberta 19 Cable CBuddyJ 158 Cheryl 172 Daphne Seals 146 C. L. QMr.j 120 Jimmy 146 Kathy 168, 172 Leslie 172 Mavin 158 Ronnie CMr.D 189 Sharon 107, 146 Stanley 172 Susan 82,113,158 Classical League 93 Jerry 164, 168 Kanipe, James 158 Keasling, Grant 172 Keaton, Randell CRandyj 107, 146 Keener, George CMU 1 36, 139 Keesee, Teresa 164 Holt, Kimberly 171 Holt, Lisa CJaneJ 157 Holt, Ovida 171 Holtsinger, Jackie 25, 27, 116, 146 Hopkins, Donna 58, 100, 164, 229 Hopkins, Yvonne 19 Horner, Jane CMissj 106, 139 Horner, Sharon 157 Horner, Timothy CTimj 52, 63, Howard, BobCMr.J139 Howard, Mary 133, 146 Howington Howington Howington, Howington, Howington, Howington, , Sheila 109, 157 Howington David CMikej 157 Donald CChipb 52 Desiree 157 Jett 172 Johnny 172 Judy 146 Hubbs, Lisa 164 169,171 Keesee, Terry 158 Keezel, William CMr.J 139 Keirsey, Anthony 158 Keirsey, Mark 172 Keith, Kathy 172 Keith, Timothy 172 Kesterson, Carroll 164 Kesterson, James 172 Kilgore, Teresa 164 Killion, Danny 158, 164 Killion, Jesse 172 Killion, Mark 164 Kimbrough, Debbie 109 Kimbrough, Donna 158 Kimbrough, Joseph 172 Kincaid, Reba 146 Kincaid, Robin 158 King, Cynthia 116, 146 King, Debbie 158 King, Timothy 172 Kirk, Debbie 164 Kirk, Pamela 172 Kirk, Ruth 146 Kitts, Cathy 109, 146 Kitts, David 19 Knight, Catherine 172 Knight, John 146 Knight, Polly 172 Kopp, David 164, 166 Kyker, Louise CMrs,j'95, 139 Kyle, Carolyn 109, 146 Kyle, Karen E. 158, 172 Kyle, Rodney 56, 172 Lake, Penny 164 Lakins, Joe 172 Lamb, Dennis 146 Lamb, Joyce 146 Lamb, Sheila 164, 230 Lambeck, Eric 57 Lambert, Susan 100, 164 Landry, William CMr.j 46, 52, 86, 13 Lane, Cindy 172 Lane, Danny 158 Lane, Herbert 172 Langston, Rhonda 99, 172, 192 Lanford, Glenda 164 Lankford, Tony 172 Laster, Jane 88, 114, 172 Lauback, Eric 172 Lawrimore, Karen 164 Lawson, Aaron 164 Lawson, Allen 172 Lawson, Audrey 164 Lawson, Debra 146 Lawson, Karen 164 Lawson, Ronald 158 Lawson, Ronnie D. 128, 146 Lawson, Ronnie W. 158 Leech, Jeffery CJeflJ 52, 172 Leech, Ronald, CMikeD 39, 158 Lee, Dewey 19 Lee, Kevin 126, 158 Lee, Martha Ann 31,34,76,82, 102,103,146 Lee, William QRicky5 53, 158 Leonard, Cheree 65, 92, 164 Leonard, Robert CRobbieJ 146 Lester, Joi 19, 78, 87, 95, 147 Lewis, Don 172 Lewis, Kathy 172 Lewis, Lee 172 Lipton, Terri 87, 158 Livesay, Ricky 172 Livingston, Janie 88, 103, 164 Livingston, Robert 158 Llewellyn, Lisa 172 Long, Alice 147 Long, Allicia 172 Long, Becky 164 Long, Bobby 172 Long, Carol 147 Long, Daris 158 Long, Frankie 158 Long, Jeannie 96, 97, 147 Long, Joe 172 Long, Marie 96 Long, Patricia CPattyj 103, 164 Long, Scotty 158 Loudy, Angela CMissj 83, 135, 139 Lowe, Gary 158 Lowe, Larry 49, 62, 63, 147 Lowe, Rickey 164 Lowery, Steven 158 Lowery, Terry 41 Loy, Jett 164 Majors, Glenda 96, 147 Mallory, Evelyn 164 Malone, Azalee CMrs.J 122 Malone, Billie 158 Maneual, John 172 Manning, Gary 19, 41 Mannings, Gregory CGregJ 49, 94, 147 Manning, Joyce 172 O Manning, Penny 164 Manning, Rose 89, 158 Manning, Terry 42, 62, 63, 164, 166 Mantooth, Michael 172 Marshall, Bertie 147, 184 Marshall, Betty 172 Marshall, Lester 172 Martin, Cheryl 147 Martin, Janice 172 Masengill, Phillip 165 Mason, Calvin 49, 147 Mason, Xan 172 Mathis, Larry 116 Matthews, Steve 158 Maxey, Karen 114, 169, 172 Maxey, Sharon 87, 158 Mayo, Cheryl Ann 68, 172 Mayo, Mary Lou 147 McCall, Brad 63 McCracken, Charles 147 McCune,FayQMrs.J130, 131 McDaniel, Mickey 159 McDaniel, Rhonda 172 McDaniel, Sherry 159 McDonald, Harold 147 McDonald, Sonny 165 McDonald, Tommie 27, 147 McDonald, Tracey 172 McFall, Randall 128, 147 McFalI, Vickie 159 McGhee, Teresa 172 McGinnis, Cindy 165 McGinnis, David 172 McGinnis, Janice 147 McGinnis, Vicki 99, 172 Mclnarney, Cynthi CCindyJ 172 McKinney, Darlene 172 McKinney, Gary 156, 159 McMahan, Linda 61, 165 McPherson, Barbara 165 McPherson, Martha 165 Medlin, Paula 165 Meftord, Linda 76, 88, 106, 159, 191 Melford, Robert CMikeJ 76, 114, 144 Mick, Sheila 70, 147 Mick, Susan 165 Mickoalonis, Maura 71, 84, 113, 165 Millar, Billy 19 Millar, James qJimJ 34, 147 Miller, David 97, 159 Miller, Eddie 172 Miller, John 159 Miller, Kathy 147 Miller, Sheila 165, 167 Mills, Danny 172 Mills, Debbie 61, 100, 165 Mills, Dennis 172 Mills, Glen 27,128,148 Mills, George CEddieJ 41, 53, 54 Mills, Joyce 95, 159 Mills, Melissa 148 Mills, Robin 173 Mills, Roderick 56, 165 Mills, Susie 76, 99, 148 Mills, Vicki 173 Misir, Larry 52 Mitchell, Steve 148 Mize, Dochie159 Mize, Johnny 19, 22 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore Curtis 52, 173, 229 Donald CDonJ 159, 192 Melissa 88, 100, 165, 168 Nyoka 148 Roger 159 Ronald qRonj 28, 159, 192 Moore, Terry 128 Moore, Morelo Thomas 28, 159 ck, Tammy 165 Morelock, Terri 71, 173 Morgan, Joanna 111, 133, 159 Morris, Clarence 159 Morrison, James 107 Moyers, Rosie 133, 148 Muller, James 173 Muller, Stephen 159 Mullins, James 173 Mullins, Homer 159 Murphy, Carla 159 Murphy, Keene 173 Murphy, Rhonda 159 Murphy, Sharon 173 Murphy, Terry 173 Murphy, Walter 148 Murr, David 165, 168 Musick Musick Musick Musick Musick Deborah 173 Murrah, , Clayton 1 73 David 159 Douglas 165 Geneva 165 Hank 148 Gary Ballard and Mike Heck borrow part ot an art display to frighten a modern-day Miss Muttet Sheila Lamb. ,,., ....,., L ,.,, mth 9 Herman 149 Musick, Henrietta 173 Musick, Judy 165 Musick, Larry 57, 173 Myers, Jerry 148 Myers, Randy 148 Nave, Robin 99, 112, 159 Neal, Linda 148 Neblett, William CBillJ 28, 165 Nicely, Lynnwood 39, 159 Nichols, Kathy 159 NJROTC 74, 75, 120 Noe, Gladys 165 Norton, Melinda CMindyJ 65, 92, 154, Norton, William 148 Oakes, Timothy CTimJ 25, 27, 49, 148 O'Conner, Gregory CGregJ 165, 168 O'dell, Kathy 173 Office Aides 89 Orr, Dennis 165 Osborne, William CMU 121 Overholt, Teresa CJilD 58, 103, 165 Ownes, Denise 133, 148 Oxendine, Ray 159 Parker, Don 19 Parker, Jimmy 173 Parker, Sharon 116, 148 Parker, Vicky 173 Parrish, Ellen 148 Parson, Danny 173 Pate, Jane 103, 113, 165 Pate, John CMrs.3 103 Pate, Myra 33, 34, 76, 113, 114, 148 Pate, Thomas 56, 173 Patrick, Leah 159 Patton, Michael 165 Payne, Eldon 159 Pearson, Debbie 19 Pearson, Donnie 173 Pearson, Roger 165 Pease, Connie 159 Pell, Danny 165, 167 Pell, Debbie 173 Penland, Jimmy 19 Peoples, Steven 49, 148 Perkey, Charles 173 Peters, Debbie 159 Peters, Criag 173 Phillips, Julie 1 13, 165 159,197 ,14B,21O Phillips, Sally 19, 32, 76, 82, 113, 114 Phipps, Faye CMrs.j 130 Pierce, Ronald 165 Pistole, Kathy 173 Platt, Carroll 19 Pless, Sherrie 148 Pless, Terri 165 Pope, Greg 165 Pratt, Cherie 165 Pratt, Dora CMrs.J 92, 136 Pratt, Kennetta133, 148 Pratt, Sandra CSandyj 97, 159 Pressley, Debbie 116, 148 Price, Dennis 165 Price, Glenda 173 Price, Patricia 160 Price, Richard CMU 53, 54, 125 Price, Steve 160 Proffitt, Rhonda 173 Provost, Tom 19 Prowell, Sherry 160 Prowell, Steve 148 Pruett, Jerry 148 Pruitt, Linda CMrs.J 122 Purkey, Purkey, Purkey, Purkey, Purke Kathy 1 73 Keith CMU 120 Linda 165 Patsy 160 Shelia 1 73 Y, Putman, Greg 160 Rainbolt, Timmy 173 Ramsey, Randall CRandyD57, 173 Ratliff, James, CMU 90, 135 Rawlett, Donna 116, 148 Ray, Amy 173 Ray, Bridget D. 84, 106 Ray, Bridget 76, 100, 173 Ray, Claudia 80, 160 Ray, Robby 165 Reams, Sally 19 Reasoner, Terry 165 Red Cross Council 114, 115 Redden, David CJimJ 52, 63, 113, 173 Reed, Betty CMrs.J 121 Reed, Cindy 88, 165 Reed, Eugene 148 Reed, Nancy 148 Reed, Gregory 41 , 42, 165 Reese, Jimmy 128, 160 Reese, Judy 109, 148 Reese, Mike 39 Reese, Terry 63, 173 Reeves, Duane 173 Reneay, Larry 173 Rettemaier, Kim 21, 88, 165 Rhea, Sandra 148 Rhoads, Teresa 165 Rhodes, Paul CChrisJ 148 Rice, Everett 165 Rich, Cynthia CCindyJ 160 Rich, Lavonda 160 Rich, Mike 173 Ricker, Cynthia 160 Ricker, Steve 42, 149 Rickman, Jackie 27, 34, 49, 82, 149 Ridley, Randy 165 Riemke, Cathy 103 Rinehart, Sherry 160 Riner, Joe CMU 107, 121 Roach, Gary 149 Roach, Irene 173 Roach, Lena CElizabeth5 97, 160 Roach, Steve 173 Robbins, Dave CMU 41 Robert, Ronald 166 Roberts, Rebecca 160 Robertson, Jerry 160 Robertson, Karen 166 Robertson, Shelia 160 Robinson, Barbara CMrs.j 76, 131 Rodriguez, Haydee 19 Rogers, Don 52, 173 Rogers, James 62, 63, 149 Rogers, Lawrence 173 Rogers, Pamela CKimj 88, 166 Romines, Patsy 89, 116, 149 Rose, Dale CMU 47, 48 Rose, Mark 173 Rosson, David 166 Rouse, Davie 166 Rouse, James 56, 166 Rouse, Susan 1 13, 149,192 Rouse, Walter CDeanj 173, 192 Rucker, Lewis 40, 41 Russell, Danny CMU 19, 27, 125, 213 Russell, Randy 173 Ruth, Denver CMU 121 Ryan, Anita 92, 113, 160 Rymer, Jeffery 149 SAFE 106 Samples, Diane 160 Samples, Elaine 88, 166, 168 Sams, Barbara CMrs.j 122 Sams, Sally 173 Sandefur, Glenda 160 Sandefur, Karen 103, 173 Sanders, Tina 82, 87, 95, 160, 211 Sandidge, Gina 166 Satterfield, Dale 174 Sauceman, Martha 149 Sawyer, David 149 Sawyer, Katherine 58, 160 Sawyer, Mark 174 Sawyer, Micheal 174 Sawyer, Stevie 174 Sawyer, Terry 166 Saylor, Jeannie 174 Schnitman, Ed CMU 19 Schroedel, Wallace 166 Scott, Ben CLCDRD 74, 75, 125, 131 Scott, Karen 149 Scott, Phillip 149 Seahorn Lynn 71, 166 Seals, Cynthia 97, 160 Seals, Danny 166 Seals, Farris 174 Seals, Gail 149 Seals, Marcia 174 Seals, Pamela 174 Seals, Patricia 174 Seals, Patsy 174 Seals, Paul 41 Seals, Paula 166 Seals, Quentin 149, 197 Seals, Steve 174 Seals, Teresa 166 Seaton, Mike 174 Seaton, Steve 174 Seay, Peggie 149 Self Self Self Self Selt Evelyn 160 I can 149 Kathie 86,149,174 Ricky 46 Seneker, Patricia 174 Sexton, Mary 166 Shankle, Byron 41 Shanks, Michael 174 Sharpe Shaver, Amy 166 Shaver, Kathey E. 166 Shaver, Kathy M. 99, 114, 174 Shaver, Phyllis CMrs.j 1 10, 111 Shell, Steve 41, 160 Shell, Steve E. 42 Shellnutt, Susan 166 ,William CBillj 62, 63, 64, 1 49 Shelton, Brenda 95, 166 Sheppard, Janey 166 Sheppard, Ralph 52, 174 Shierry,Sherre116, 149 Shitlet, Arnold 160 Shipley, Rhonda 109, 161 Shockley, Teresa 166 Short, Ernest 166 Short, Robby 166 Shultz, Ennis 166 Shultz, Kenneth 156, 161 Sigler, Donna 166 Simmons, Pamela CPam3 89, 111, 161 Simonton, Jannel 174 Simpson, Charles CBoboj 25, 53, 54 Simpson, Charlotte CMissJ 135 Simpson, Vickie 166 Sitzman, Barbara 149 Sitzman, Donna 166 Sitzman, Michael 161 Sizemore, Gary 174 Skeen, Jamie 161 Skelton, Brenda 100 Slabberkorn, Margaret 19, 30, 80, 87, 103, 107 150 Sluss, Jennifer CElaine1 76, 174 Smiddy, Bob 174 Smiddy, Carol 150, 189 Smith, Becky 87, 152 Smith, Brenda 161 Smith, Cynthia 174 Smith, Gary 161 Smith, James 166 Smith, Patricia 150, 153 Smith, Rebecca 150 Smith, Richard 150 Smith, Steve 53, 54 Smith, Thomas 174 Snyder, Robin 174 Solomon, Gary 97, 161 Southerland, Debra 166 Southerland, James CDustyJ 70, 161 Spanish Club 95 Spence, Micheal 161 Spoone, Margaret CMrs.j 101, 139 Spoone, Robert 166 Stambaugh, Frances CMrs.D 107, 139 Staniier, Teresa 174 Walker. Wi nstead Not all talents are discovered in the classroom. The roving camera catches James Barrett in the act of doing his thing. Starns, Dwight 41 Stephens, William 166 Stewart, Stanley 49, 150 Stines, Gary 166 Strate, Jane 166 Strate, Thomas 150 Stroud, Steve 174 Strunk, William CMr.3 41 , 42, 43, 57, 139 Stuart, Marray 174 Stubblefield, Donna 166 Stubblefield, Doug 174 Stubblefield, Fred CMr.j 127, 139 Stubblefield, Rosa 100, 161 Student Council 80, 81 Stuffel, Bobby 150 Stump, Charles 161 Sturm, Roger 56, 166 Stykes, Renee 161 Sunderland, Timothy 150 Swagerty, Deborah 133, 150 Swaim, Susan 150, 153 Swann, Susan 31, 34, 82, 87, 103, 106, 125, 145, 150 Swatsell, Michael 156 Swim Team 46 Sykes, Sandy 150 Tally, Brenda 166 Talley, Jimmy 174 Taylor, Donna 174 Taylor, Richard 161 Taylor, William 174 Testerman, Hobert 161 Testerman, Ludia 167 Testerman, Thomas 86, 161 Tharp, Gina 174 Thespian Society 85 Thomas, Penny 174 Thomason, Kay 19, 30, 34, 113, 150 Thomason, Regina 58, 167 Thomason, Ricky 105, 150 Thompson, Carroll 57 Thompson, Danny 161 Thompson, Donna 61, 174 Thompson, Janet 150 Thompson, John 150 Thompson, Teresa 103, 114,164,167 Thompson, Tony 93, 167, 192 Thompson, Vera CMrs.b 22, 136, 139 232 Thompson, William 174 Tiller, Karen 167 Timmins, Flora Clfayey 161 Tipton, Charles 174 Tipton, Debbie 174 Titus, William CBiIlyj 93, 167 TOEC 116 Toney, Gordon 63, 161 Tooley, Bonnie 174 Tooley, Ricky 174 White, Debbie 96, 151 Whitt, Kimberly 162, 167 Whitt, Walter 167 Whittaker, Mike 167 Whittington, Mary Ann 151 Whittington, Mildred 167 Whittington, Toni 106, 175 Whitworth, Jenny 175 Wice, Cynthia 116, 151 Tooley, Roger 96, 150 Track 40, 41 , 42, 43 Travis, Lynn 52, 57, 174 Treece, Carroll CMU 135, 139 Treece, Danny 150 Treece, Yvonne 25, 108, 150 Trent, Cynthia 174 Trent Trent Trent Trent ,Mary 65, 167 ,Risa174 ,Robert41,62,63, 147,151 Robert 174 Trent, , Vickie 167 Trobaugh, Cynthia CMissJ 128, 139 Trolinger, Susan 174 Tucker, Tammy 175 Turner, David 175 Turner, Harold 161 Turner, Jennifer 100, 167 Turner, Joel 161 Van Heest, Neil 175 Van Heest, Robert 95, 161 Varley, Robert 73 Vaughn, Alden CMr.j 139 Vess, William 52, 175 VICA 107, 108 Waddell, Harold 167 Waites, Evelyn 88, 99, 175 Walker, Walker, Walker, Charlotte 161, 167 Deborah 161 Richard 63, 167 Walker, Ricky 161 William 175 Wilder, Jeff 151 Wilder Michael 52, 57, 175 Wilder, M Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, ichael J. 161 Billy 42, 62, 63, 142, 151 Bobby 167, 175 Dana 19, 25, 65, 151 Edward 151 Williams, Gale 83, 161 Williams, Georgia 151, 152 Williams, Jerry CMr.j 122 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Kenny 19 Linda 90, 161 Majorie CMrs.j 139 Mark 41 , 42, 43, 161 Richard 175 Ricky L. 151 Rita 175 RobertT, 175 Williams, Sarah 167 Williams, Susan 1 11, 161 Williams, Thomas 38, 39, 151 Wiliamson, Diana 90, 111, 167, 16 Wilson, B obby175 Wilson, Evelyn 151 Wilson, Gregory 161 Wilson, Jeffery 175 Wilson, Pamela 27, 151 Wilson, Patty 100, 111, 167 Wilson, Stanley 167 Wilson, Tammy 61, 175 Winstead, Debbi 162, 167 ,Judy 175 Wallace, John CMr.J 192 Wallace, Lisa 65,87,102,103,154,161,192 Walton, Jimmy 161, 175 Wampler, James 56, 164, 167 Wampler, Pamela QPamJ 109, 151 Ward, Pamela CPamJ 175 Wardwell, Chris 19, 28, 151 Ware, Marilyn QMrs.j 21 , 139, 213 Warner, Joe 151 Warner Warner Warren Warren Warren Mike 151 , Nancy 175 , Billy 167 , Debbie 175 , Edna 167 Watson, John 25, 49, 151 Watson, Pam 69, 167 Watterson, Melissa 99, 175 Watts, Judy 116, 151 Webb, Cindy 175 Webb, Debbie 175 Webb, Larry 175 Webb, Mark 175 Webb, Teresa 167 Weeks, Debbie 33,81,106,151 Weesner, Becky 84, 113, 161 Weesner, Murrell QMr.j 27, 78, 103, 122 Weesner, Susan 99, 106, 172, 173,175 Welch, Cecila 49 Welch, Melissa 107, 151 Welch, William fKeith3 46, 167 Wells, Oscar QJeffj 175 Werte, Phyllis 161 West, Cynthia 175 West, Debra 151 West, Sharon 161 West, Steve Lee 175 Western, Kathy 175 Westmoreland, Rick 175 Weston, Clifford 151 Whalen, Patricia 46 Whetsel, Mike 167 White, David 175 Winstead, Trandia 151 Wiscarver, Brenda 175 Wiscarver, Donna 175 Wiscarver, Pamela 58, 60, 167 Wiscarver, Vickie 151 Witt, Connie 161 Witt, Linda 151 Wolfe, Dwight 49, 151 Wolfe, Karen 167 Wolfe, Robert CMr.j 211 Wolfenbarger, Greg 38, 56, 167 Wood, Timothy QTimj 175 Woodard, Julia 175 Woodard, Wayne 161 Woods, James 175 Woods, Janice 175 Woody, QBillyJ Wayne 27, 53, 147 Worthington, Larry 151 Wright, Charles 96, 151 Wright, Joe 161 Wright, John CMrs.j 139 Wright, Phillip tMr.J 105, 128, 139 Yeary, Michael 175 Yeary, Obie 167 Young, Tammy 175 Yount, Donna 175 Yount, Duane 161 Yount, Kathy 161 Yount, Michael 175 Y-Teens110,111 Zane, Donna 151 Zyss, Anna 46, 175 1 N K I the 1974 itakha is not just a book of sterile buildings, differential equasions, test tubes, and drug policies, more than this, it is a book of people. its quest has been to present an in-depth view ofthe students and their relationship with todays challenging world. it has been our intent to depict the individual in a new perspective, as a unique person in his own environment. 234 235 we, the editors ofthe 1974 itakha, present this book to the students of M-H east and our Tree to you. ""'1 236 1 Q f ,mb 'YF JQR7 4' 1323K 'HS Hy Y I A 4. wfffzf u ':..-rl? S if aims, x Au-mvfvif' FI 'V' r I ' -9 1: Iu' 5 ':,X' J F 'im km! 1 , ,R i kg' FY , QQ! 4 .El iq If 1 ,gl I 238 'i si? XM- 7 C 11 f qv J , V! ww ,lib H s 1,1 - -5 I Ni WP 4 4,0 xkmglf rl . "fig ,X I, Q fav' f Q X-1' f .-gf J I 240 .J f J .A .fw- 'x '1 r

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