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l pi ' 'l"1'f- -1. -- 'V' 1 I 'tu' '-'UN " 1 , x - ..s" V I S 3 r '4 . EVTA 'fl' O kh Q x- ' M' A i Ad- ek. NH 5 'I :1' F, , ta a Q " ' K' I "Q ., '92 152 Morriftown High School i H Volume 51, 1968 I 5. X ' e 0-, Morristown, T nneffee r E 19 ,x fs .Q A-I Perhaps no other age has been more concerned with the importance of communication than our own. Man's happiness is directly influenced hy the effectiveness of his attempts to communicate to others his values, his feelings, and his ideologies. Nations attempt to communicate with other nations,' individuals, with other individualsg and one generation, with another generation. As we endeavor to understand the pre- cepts of an adult world, we may discard or amend our present ethics. The end result will he a future adult generation which will determine the course of human destiny. The 1968 ITAKHA, in its revelations of the many ways youth strive for under- standing, knowledge, values, and purpose through communication, will fulfill its intended purpose as the "voice" of Morristown High School. Relaxing at home, Barbara Lowry spends many enjoyable hours talking to friends on the tele- phone. Preparing assignments, Sue Harmon, Ricky Hart, Judy Stubblefield, Libby Bible, and Steve Ailey find the atmosphere of the public library conducive to study. F 4 Ji' .. r.. J . , . ,,M,i,x, . v,,,A.,.: ,,,,,,,I - --- .,..-....,,.,..,, ,.1,,,.. Lvl M-W--M-5--P-b-E+ ----,- --V V Y Y- . .. . .-,.,m ...,..., Y I . 9' I a....5.J , ' - --www"---was f .. .W -, ,.. 1 ' V - , T iii: Us 2: 2 -022 U gtfsyhtrk eff 521' Xt? :ff 'iw Y gf ? , X-1 ff-7' 'V 7. 'gf-' '11 .512 y "T fn V.. i' '7 'I Ffa Rf! xi F9 15, vi X r 'V f l, L. -n n, 7 ' -- ," Y ?, ', jg- L: ' 'T ?' A -' ' ' ' 1 A f ' f 4 V 5 x' - ' V !4g,Q,5!',rfVf- Q f' 323,10 :A 5 L-lg? .APN qhggsx v if,'m,' ,QR U' L. Wx. gut . 5 ,ie g' . gif, -, 'fr.., .le ,-.Lrg if- 1 li ,, v , 'X l- t Vi'--Jspgj' xl fx? 3? w X, W1 ' Xl xf Xl Nl ' Mm ' X V f X, a fm I", ,ry 'N5 ' W A 1, Q 1 l, f . T ' F V ' 4: K, 7 . . f 'X' , 'Q - , Q W . v V 24 4 , f-3 Q , - E x r .4 x ,Q ' ' Q 1 gg Yb,f4X Q K I I . l.4 It . N M X K W y,4gJgF,,m' ,uvn,,,,j wmrgklkvmq vu--Q., -w "l"lr ' K A . W, ,..., .rf www f " K .- 2 R Y 1 X ' .fig 3' ,fi . ', Y' ,-.-::: 3" ef- " Q ia it W ',f'3-i Q 2. if li 4 . QZQ, if . N4-' F99 ff tzgirsffl .da aff: fm i ' ff ilx 5 ia ,'f,1 , A 1 , ' , ,, ,V 3-.,f.- 'A' -w r f If V .V V V V- - .: A - .. qf,n:f-'H fi:-fisk ifa..'V5i1'2',JbF",li":'fVf?f'K' .V " " - ' ' ' A -vw ' F' ' " .VI V-: V W W 2'1-Sf-V" V'i..fE V V , V. 1211.-rx -'wmfri' mf -NV, -' -f F ' V1--H-A 'la-xr V, 41. - -9. K V - e '-.':-:-A:1es:,'1:111 5.'V'g'ei-aw. '-2:1544 ,, , ' . ,L V Z . ,V i Q 5 Q 2 I V, 3555 . V ,H"i.!', V.,Vr'-ii". 1'5fi'-2:DV1F2 fi - : V . X 13 V my ,,,,, 2 ' fWz52f1'wE5i?g7i:25s"fr ' . " " R fp,-2'1"-E-, :ff 3. , , Vj X ' Q V V V 1 'fa fm 41 W-iff-'Q-22 fifii N g- , . ir" ' ' 4. 1-.K .fi 'fin ' L' Vg' 0 ..V3:,-,,.'-'Cf-1 a 4'.11:V2:Q,'5gl'agT2iEi'q1E'f iif - ' 4 V ' QXCV E ,V 21 ' ." YG - WVR?-' X 51- V..,' ., y' -113-L Vw N ...V 5 f 2 Mm -, W I N' fr' Qc? ff' , Y S . T 'S .Lf gf?" if ' ' " V P " " A' f5AiW1"'7?TE3'f .-, I "Q 'T - ' N, V 1 -fr QV ag. V 5 12 . S-ff n' - W - , s N V -aw 31- V V' .fm fb 5- cw 11 V M. - .XV V , A V ,-.1 V. X fs . A , - , x X 2 X 'X 5 "TEV ' X ' V x ' x '- - V . '. A 1.0 ' , X . -EP. X NN Q f A ' QV ll r . . Q' 4 - - - V V -, 1 ' ' ' V " ' ' " fl ,: . X ,5 "5 fiswfegg ., 1 VN ' 1 " L F ! V l 1, ei --4' .fi w r V .-X' My A , 5 IQA L V , A fi A-wr-'-' X M i 1 Q ik Q . 5 ' - V .V if " 5 -p ' .x i, ' . ,I i i V 5' .I If I V, X Vid' H1 N lf""A"MxS -2-rn L VI s .VI -'Vs ' S ,I U . - - ,T -Q? ' fa is 'I 'X' l i - K - . ' ' . .VN . I V -I -3 . . S I' 5 . 'l 1 .if F' Vaesw? L' ' 1 ' 11 A V . ,, i fs V xl ,V ,Y 1 J. Mi I V N P- I I -4 lam! ' , f 4 4x."'t'-' --' - '31 .-41, ' - . f- 5 If ' ,R ,,,. . .A Z' . -,Ek Q. V A 9 1 '- V " V . -V A V0 BB +f VV-- f + ' v F , 5 , - '24, . MW: N V-n -J U . , . AMT-L A11 'I - , .w?'.. li . V , - . M ' -eagwfgmszeq-f'L:Vf'Vl iw g , -1.16535 fx! - If . Q- V wr-r+ .V' . m:.-1 ax V , T1 " 1 - 4-L 'fV'2""' A:-ff:-ggfjiwfiwf5ifwV? 'Fw "Y: " '5 Siu .. Q. "0fsw,4r-L'-' --WI' g,'A1'1 1 .:lZF2f'-" K 1-V .1 - ,P ' V . ' M V A . , ' V, 1 -g .V -, 'J- ' N' T ' Q ' wM7i-'M - , Q R ff ? Y -MH--.,.1r - Vf1 ,, . .Q , ,Q .,.. V 4. 'Vi-fVVVS.m,, ,ng-f The most significant and treasured reflections of life are preserved through the written word. We know from experience that our memories cannot he trusted to retain all known factual knowledge. Through concentrated research and analysis, we fortify our intellect with the concepts and theories of others who have paved the way for easy accessibility of higher knowledge. However, our capacity to learn requires an openness of mind as well asa genuine desire to discover new facts. We, there- fore, entrust to pen and paper the responsibility of keeping our choicest verhalized mental experiences alive. Lois Shaver finds the public library a quiet place to concentrate as she writes her senior theme Sandra Redden, Beverly Parker, Wayne Clement, Doug Hamilton, and Doris Edmonds realize the hours involved in promoting school spirit. , FV ' ' 'Q I 4, 1 1- I . V ,W .12-XPP? ,Y 'W ' yd' -1-'N 5::Nu 31 I' " J '31 4,ZQ'f-5-u,.- W.: V V , I .3 .L . -, - .vm gg? .Q J, K- 35+ 5 , x ff 5:1 ,yqf,,.5, ,. Y J rift? ' Sfieftl im . . .J H .' ' ,, I 1 wx ' S 421141 w wiv-5 2231 5 , ,- -:19If:f:iT2ii1RjI 'K'-f , 4""f-'-Y? , I 7531: X' av f 'Q-2.eih.5f235q5:gJ:5L Ai, 1r'E-'fiiegef'-Hb .-v- 2-sq, 1- zk-, -ku 2:5 f'-tvs! -au, :ff .:. '- ' -- '-T -' , , . ' J A 1-:-'ww'-71' :f+gf5f:5k1E'eJEg,2w.- -gsgvggfgf,riim21Qf'nfej'f2jf-S .. 1 ' H . , ' if,-5j..w:, ., iz:--qw' 1,',1g..:"f,1g5Q-:Mfrs.--'Q "j:.5f4f:g'i,3.' ,SEQ fa-AN' 'f -211.gif ., gziiaai-A-91,-gsm,-g f34?W!gqQ:4timfffig-Qfazfivrj.'+'.f-i53+pef- 4 A P. 2 V . 'ff' X q ,, NX , ,1 ,Wx-:f,M'f.1 V:-uri-,V ., b f - - :-x J- 5. Liqmw-gwmqxiifvagiii-5.-:f sag:-Na-' ' ' ' "9 P'Sl'R'E1f5is:-- ff' V, fn . Y:-iw:1f-ffYgcEfM--f'- w' ..'f'fi. rv 1 w' f in ' f - ' 1fafEf2:1:c,Miu1Q24.--1 111- , ,. 3 fa 1 wx.. , X I":'-H 3 4. 1 ' v XJ 'W 'F-1 3153? 1 , V B fb, . X, ig. K 5 i X A 4 , 'A . 2 I "L , , 3 5, A :' ,R 1.: , J V 'wil I - l 'f' ,'+ Q -' W , :F . K - 4 :pw - - gi, 4' , 3 1 , ' ' Q .35 f- V -- ' ' . f A 'i195s,.-r. , ' ff 1 f- - f A A M1 2:55 ' iq. - , C' 'wvifc K 1:32 , N V, 1 M . a. ' ' 1 ' . 555 5' . ' , W ..i 1 " ' JM ' 4- f - A -' ' ,mf ' gei - 43 r-'-'- 1- A Q '11 ' " ' UW- ' ' -':-1. I . UPN nf . df , ' Y fu 'b H I E " JN .1 Q, 1 - 4 Mx, . qi .ek X ' "5 -' ' X -f , .- .skim me ' ',' K. ga w w : t pm '. "' " ' " - .gpg-' if QM. ' . "3 . 3 ,N , o ' If f' P . '. ga , '- I I 4 V X . . .:.'.f,. -qi , I 6 K v, 2 1: J' v , 1 'Y ' 4' 2 'g 5 1 f 5 1 ','r,. lc ,fn 2 i "M: 5 l Q 5 f W fp? n Nu . ' Hg - ' 'Q f v I u ' I 1, ," ' 1 ' . 'aw ' :' , ' 1 I - . - 5 FL, ,Ln V X- 6. 1 r w . ' ' I x - -'H 3 ' 1 4 1 - v "-"""""' is ' - ' 5 , 1 r . gi' . L1 1 l 4 fr, ,. ws A., A Paula Capps shows her enthusiasm by jumping high into the air. Sherry Teague will always remember graduation as a sad, yet rewarding experience For our generation, one of the most expressive forms of communication is emotions. Without real- izing it, we convey our feelings to others each a'ay through our own respective forms of emotional expression. Even as we strive to voice our thoughts, they often hecome so intense that they defy verbal communication. It is then that our emotions reveal our happiness or sorrow, our enthusiasm or apathy. Because emotions give us an outlet for our feelings, perhaps they paint a truer portrait of our inner selves than any other form of communication. u s ,Q 'e',n',l .A .s':s':s .s 9 n W'ith other members of the First Methodist Church MY F, Brenda Pilcher and Helen Lewis often help with the Sunday School Class for retarded children. I0 ifsf' '75 Anchor Club members Patricia Riddle, Toni Rucker, and Mary Guertin' exhibit a sense of pride in their community by raking leaves on the Court-m house lawn. As Sally Lacy leaves school, she smiles and waves to one of her classmates. , ,fur , f. ' mx . ,, A . Af-4 Ur? I f v '- 1 ,n gy Q' X x f 4. ,gl -Q7 H 1 airb- ,I 1 7 1 v X , K N 1 X Zfx V SKU? -'fa 2 in V ,nn 34. ' 1 --'- i'f""f"'3 N 6' 2 A J ,4w't ff X' 4- ' ZR' 7 ' S' - -. X if x l , 4 12 ,- -r v 14,1 f ' I A Features EDITORS: Bob Charles Sandra Williams ,LL J unior-Senior Play I x W x t , . 1 . 1. F' I i T A if fic ty" ' T-"-" yf ii" at 'sw -'-Lf if .x- o 0 ' tn" X ' ir' 4 ' 5 A tv 1!ft5::- ,I X 4 'f '-rn fm 'iff Mrs. Hilten, directorg Miss Ann Tolmie, student teacher assistantg, Miss "All l know is that you haven't paid an income tax, and you've got to pay it" Trobaugh, assistant directorg and Miss Mary Gwyn, student teacher assistant, make suggestions to a few of the cast. "Keep still! Everybody in this house is under arrest." , 5 2 - 2 ,. ,. ff f f 2 ff 1 s R at csas tte - if i t 3 ' s acee A i "4 t Y 1 lf x bl! ,. '-eI i ,, , ti, gs 'KF gg: bl vbflb 525 w- , '24 "You Can? Take It With You" FACULTY DIRECT OR: Mrs. Robert I.. Hilten SENIOR DIRECTOR: Kathy Cain JUNIOR DIRECTOR: Barbara Starnes Penelope Sycamore Essie ........... Rheba ......,.. Paul Sycamore . . . Mr. DePinna . . . iEd ............ Donald ......... Martin Vanderhof Alice ........... Henderson .... Tony Kirby .... Boris Kolenkhov . Gay Wellington . Mr. Kirby . . . Mrs. Kirby . . . G-Men ..... , Olga . . . rlie fir as eyye if eaar if rrr -n this 7 l THE CAST g i l' . ,ft ,'k. I . . Carolyn Williams . . . . Gail Benning . . . . Betsy Lane . . . Robert Taylor . . . David Glass .. Bob Charles . . Tommy Folsom . Michael Compton . . Ragena Walker . . .Doug Masengill Christopher Schultz . . . , Rusty Sentelle Carolyn Caldwell .. David Gjedde . . . . Jan Cohen . . . . Charles Lewis Bruce Moore Terry Stubblefield . . . Eileen Mounts 1 "Because nothing can keep us apart. You know that. You must know it." Through the cooperation of an industrious group of juniors and seniors, the 1966-1967 junior-Senior Play was performed for an appreciative audience. Due to the renovation of the high school, the three presentations of the comical three-act production were given on April 27, 28, and 29, 1967, in the Morristown junior High School Auditorium. Martin Vanderhof's living room is the focal point of action throughout the entire comedy. In this one room, plays are written, meals are eaten, snakes are kept, ballet lessons are given, musical compositions are created, and people are arrested. These things seem strange to other people, but to the Sycamore family, these are just everyday occurrences. After the conclusion of the final scene, the chuckling audience put forth a hearty round of applause for the well-deserving cast. I5 Stairway to the Stars: 196 7 Prom ,ww-z-4 - ..... C , Q - keys-we Ragena Walker, President of the junior Class, and Christopher Schultz crown the King and Queen of the Prom, Duggan Bradley and Mary Will Creech. Transformed into a dreamland of suspended clouds and glittering stars, the Isenberg-Siler Gymnasium was the setting of an enjoyable evening that will be long remembered by many juniors and seniors. For the formally-dressed young ladies and their handsome, tuxedo-clad escorts, the 1966-1967 Junior-Senior Prom climaxed an exciting and profitable year. A garden containing silver trees, multi-colored flowers, and a flowing fountain provided a realistic touch to the entrance. Upon ascending into the gym, the moonlight beamed upon a sea of dancers as they swayed to the modern music of the Plebians. In the background a cloud-covered ladder climbed into a star-studded sky, as befitting this year's theme-"Stain way to the Stars." The evening slipped away quickly with the crowning of Duggan Bradley and Mary Will Creech as King and Queen of the Prom. As the last notes faded, each student left with cherished memories of.a most successful prom. I6 1 gpyy g Judy Stubblefield, Gail Noe, and Larry Collins are hard at work on the prom. The Junior Class officers and their escorts are: Ragena Walker, President, and Christopher Schultzg Rita johnson, Vice-President, and Larry I-Iurstg Linda Catron, Secretary, and Michael Compton, and Debbie Rouse, Treasurer, and Donny Guice. H. E ni I Q 5' Q 3 555 A H f 'Q-lf 3 ' Fi Zi M y 1 ...A is K f. -. hm. , 4. ,X I V 5 ! V J A w I x These iuniors and seniors, along with those who attended, pass through the entrance to the prom with eager anticipation of what the evening holds for them. Surrounded by glittering stars, everyone enjoys dancing to popular music by the Plebians. Rain Homecoming D0esn'i Dampen Spirit, Although rain forced cancellation of some home- coming activities, the spirit of the spectators was not dampened. Homecoming was not only the time for graduates of MHS to return to their alma mater, but also the climax of the football season for the MHS student body. After a hard-fought first half, the team left the fieldg and the Hurricane Band prepared for the cere- mony. To strains of "On A Clear Day", the queen candidates met their escorts and were introduced. Tension was at its peak as the moment of crowning drew near. However, it was soon released through screams of happiness when the announcement was made that Rose Holt was Homecoming Queen for 1967. Rose was then crowned and congratulated by the Honorable john D. Henderson, Mayor of Morris- town. Everyone-students and alumni alike-recalled past memories as the band played the Morristown High School Alma Mater. Afterwards, Queen Rose and her attendants were escorted to a special platform where they watched the Hurricanes defeat the Devils of Greeneville High School. l i RESERVEDL at . BAND, The colorful balloons, which were released at kickoff. add to the Homecoming festivities. 1967 HOMECOMING COURT: Margaret Payne and Eddie Price, Barbara Ford and johnny Baxter, Queen Rose Holt and Mike Laughters, Sandi Rader and Bobby Marcum, and Barbara Lowry and Richard Carter. i 5 - K 8 I - W W Vwfmwmi mmf f age - V I ' ' , Q f - -fl Hgziffvq ,- Vsgwf: V V -rf - 1 VQ:':.f?1 Y' ' nf? 'Ei ' Jes' 3 ,Sy ,Jr 4 :H . fa -, .s , 'LR 4 nf ' mfawv, ,wus auf? kwa ,. 4 4 - xx " QA , f Y 'nf f Q5 5 K Q. I rf 4 L4 - . 9 QL K f V 1 V Q- fl .1 -'l H 7' x fj -x, 2 ' A :Ein A W I gi ,E Qi H QL Q Vg 3 'Vi' 3' 5- " q .sv eff A ' 9 vigil: . , ' I ga 'fx '. f" "v,.'gv. f : + V 5 - ,Q ' X f ,V - , . :" 'yu Q Q 1 929' is sf 'si 15 ,Eh 'M W., my, N. 3 ., szi T4 58 u 31- 'NSF by xs,au-idiqvfwuaq 'L Q ' 4 " 1343! -,f if 4 H ' ' . ,Q 1-2 'Q'-'vs ilu 1 Q Q 1,1 - A '5 . E V wk, fl? gf Jw 'MVS V i?ffVsj"eikf s V wh if 'vw , , 'G'- 1 Wi' 1' ','95'K?fwxYL'ffA, J' W .V. 1 ' 11 H s .,i ,K 1 1 ,Vg 5,4 41 X . ., :jk L1 1- ,5 A ' M. ' Q 63-5"V:", wgfv V iw 5.2 2,0 W' Q4 ? . Wk,.V "And this shall be a sign unto youg Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. "And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest bs, ,,tF N gl, sZtts s tt, I 5 t 2 1 X, r Us ,N gi 4 it , "W 'A ' QE' , xiii Seniors Relate Christmas Spirit to Students No other American holiday has so rich a heritage as Christmas. The tradi- tions of trimming trees, exchanging gifts, sending Christmas cards, cooking holiday foods, and visiting old friends have been passed from generation to generation. But the traditional observance that has most influenced the world is the mean- ingful Christmas story. This one event shows how peace and goodwill can be- come a reality instead of merely a hope. Each year the Senior Class attempts to bring the true Christmas spirit to the students of MHS as they portray the story of Christ's birth. The seniors them- selves elect the cast, prepare the setting, . and provide the costumes. This year rain cancelled the night performance of the story and changed the afternoon per- formance from the football field to Isen- burg-Siler Gymnasium. However, this change of plans did not decrease the spirit of the presentation. As Rusty Sen- telle read the Biblical story and the band 'played the familiar Christmas carols, the i true meaning of Christmas passed from person to person . . . binding the student body together with peace and good will. "And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother." 2I Who's Who Climaxes High School Activities On February li, the 1968 Who's Who Program climaxed four years of hard work and constant effort for twenty-four seniors. The theme of the program was appropriate- ly centered upon the attributes "Talent, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service," which are the criteria for selection to Who's Who at MHS. In order to be selected to 'Who's Wfho, each senior was earlier asked to fill in a form on which he listed all activities in which he had participated during his entire four years of high school. Participation in athletics, publications, clubs, dramatics, and music are included in this list. Points are then awarded for these activities-with ad- ditional points being given for honor grades -and the seniors with the highest number of points are selected for Who's Who. After Mr. Murrell Weesner, assistant principal, read the names of the seniors who composed the 1968 Who's XVho, these students came forward to receive corsages or boutonnieres and to sit in front of the senior class. The featured speaker, Dr. XV. E. Darby, President of the Tennessee Bap- tist Association and pastor of the First Bap- tist Church of jefferson City, then spoke to the MHS student body on future success in life. Following this speech, the MHS Con- cert Choir presented "Choose Something Like a Star" from "lirostiana" to conclude the special program. At the conclusion of the program the seniors elected Mr. and Miss MHS. Barbara Lowry and Bob Marcum were elected to this honor. Thursday night a banquet was given by the ITAKHA Staff in honor of the students making Who's Who. This informal occa- sion marked the end of a very happy day for the twenty-four honorees. Mr. ana' Miss MHS Barbara Lowry and Bob M arcum 22 V95- 'NN-M fff The Who's Who members and several teachers discuss the day's events in the lobby of the Holiday Inn before the banquet given in their honor R Brenda Delaney Kate Haggerty Whois' Who Sandra Williams Janice Davis Nancy Little Bill Horton Anne Brittain Lynne Ann Smith Debbie Rouse Bob Charles Whois' Who Paula Southerlana' Richard Carter Who's Who Becky Johns Rita Johnson Brenda Holt Linda Catron David Gjea'a'e Ragena Walker Bill Adams Sandy Walton . -2 gr? K- W Who's Who s -QQ' gawm 5 .XE '11, fl X 1' 4 2 2 21 Ginny Taylor 45' 'Q Don Edwards 5, . , Q X ,449 'I 'rf 5 9 - NATIONAL MERJT SCHOLARSHIP PINALIST1 Brenda Holt BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF T OMORROWI Sandy Walton 'S'--.qv BOYS' STATE AND GIRLS' STATE REPRESENTATIVES: Sandra Williams, Richard Carter, Bill,'Bob Charles, Mike West, and Ragena Walker. 28 ,Vg-if 1968 WHO'S WHO AT MHS: Front row: Nancy Little, Ragena Walker, Rita johnson, Sandy Walton, Kate Haggerty, Brenda Holt, Anne Brittain. Serond row: Paula Southerland, Janice Davis, Debbie Rouse, Sandra Williams, Brenda Delaney, Lynne Ann Smith, Barbara Lowry, Ginny Taylor, Becky Johns, Linda Catron. Bark row: Richard Carter, Bill Horton, David Gjedde, Bill Adams, Don Edwards, Bob Marcum, Bob Charles. Honors Recognize Outstanding Achievements 1 f 'i s V . . . .aw 3 DAR REPRESENTATIVE: Sandra Williams THE HONOR STUDENTS OF THE CLASS OF 1968: Front row: Brenda Holt, Sandra Williams, jane Bellamy, Kate Haggerty, Mar- garet Payne, Pat Cole. Second row: Becky Johns, Ragena Walker, Bob Charles, David Giedde, Don Edwards, Linda Catron, Lynne Ann Smith, Ginny Taylor. Not pirlured: Lynn Ezell, Joan Gentry. 29 Organizations Ni-ag 30 .Q V' F .1 '55 ff? T55 wk... .,X . ,R 5? ' f EDITORS: Lynn Ezell Ragena Walker Student 0uncilCo- ra'inatesSch00IActivities Student Council members have succeeded in car- rying out the Counci1's function, which is to coordi- nate student activities and to encourage all students to participate in school organizations. The members met with their sponsor, Mr. NWeesner,.weekly during school hours to plan projects for the student body. To begin the school year, the Council compiled ori- entation information for the Freshman Class. Home- coming brought back many Morristown High School graduates who were cordially greeted with the friend- ly smiles of the Council members at the Hospitality Center sponsored by the Student Council. As the year progressed, plans were made for the annual Harvest Festival in November and the door decora- tion contest in December. As 1968 rolled in, members of the Council made new plans for the concluding portion of the academic year. The Council provided suggestion boxes placed in convenient areas around the school. This gave the students an opportunity to suggest changes that they felt were needed in the school organization or school facilities. Two other annual projects included compiling the student directory and holding class elections. Lynne Ann Smith, President, and Debbie Rouse help register graduates, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fisher, at the Homecoming Hospitality Center. tl 3 if? .. t 15 "ws it sr Lynne Ann Smith, Bob Charles, Paula Southerland, janet Johnson, Bruce White, Billy Darden, and Jackie Weeks count ballots after class elections. 32 llH5mar Richard Carter, Treasurerg Bill Horton, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Murrell Weesner, Sponsorg and Cathy Davis, Secretary, find one suggestion amusing i ww f 1: . e , kg ' .V v I ,Q K . ' :T3 E ' ,: , 'X"wwl'fi. i 1 D 1 in I 3 e ji-2-fl 'M' aff" 4 MVK Janet Johnson Sam Mitchell Doyle Wallace Jackie Weeks Bruce White Freshman Members: Lynne Ann Smith, Pre: Bill Horton, V.P. Cathy Davis, Sec. Richard Carter, Trearr. Senior Members: Bob Charles Sam Hale Debbie Rouse Paula Southerlancl Junior Members: Richard Gray joe Grigsby Becky Noe Sophomore Members: Byron Foust I TAKHA Accents Communication In an attempt to make MHS students more aware of the importance of communication in the world today, the 1968 ITAKI-IA Staff has portrayed in this volume the daily activities of the student body. We have strived to capture the many ways by which youth communicate. In doing this, each staff member has gained a more realistic understanding of the ways we communicate and also has discovered the diffi- culties of producing a yearbook. To perfect the quality of the 1968 ITAKHA, Bob Charles and Sandra Williams attended a journalism workshop at the University of Ten- nessee School of journalism in Knoxville where they studied the fundamentals of producing a good yearbook. Donny Guice, Sandra Guice, Becky johns, Rita Johnson, Ragena Walker, and Sandra Williams, six members of the staff, at- tended a seminar at Milligan College sponsored by the Taylor Publishing Company. While at- tending the seminar, the members were present- ed a second place trophy for sample layouts and copy. With this preparation, the staff has worked toward an "A" rating as the 1967 ITAKHA received from NSYA. Through our joint effort, we hope we have left worthwhile thoughts with the readers. Co-Editors: Bob Charles Sandra Williams Business Manager: Donny Guice Auf. Business Manager: Shari Farris Clary Ediiorr: Becky Johns Rita johnson Club Edilorr: Lynn Ezell Ragena Walker Senior Index Chairmen: Margaret Payne Rachel Tinsley Sport: Editors: David Noe Paula Southerland Faculty Edilor: Janice Davis Tj'IJiJlJ'.' Angela Cash Brenda Holt junior Staff Memben: Janine Culvern Sandra Guice jimmy Maden Circulation Clmirmam' Michael Compton Circulalion Staff: Dianne Brabston Kate Haggerty Barbara Starnes Staff Pbotogmpber: Carl Storms 34 ii The ITAKHA Staff finds the overcrowded conditions a handicap in producing the yearbook ml! 'sv' ge , 1 1 a . ,i 75 1 rx Sandra Williams and Bob Charles consult Balancing the ITAKHA accounts, Shari Farris and with Mrs. McKinley, ITAKHA adviser, on a Donny Guice check for any unpaid bills. layout. I 423 are rg, K N M134 1.,,.1l,,A . Y . un:-A ,Q -- Q-. A M! Typing a final layout, asks Ragena Walker about i.. , we -J f what ' Q-,A newv ' Meeting deadlines often requires many hours of work after school. , 'E .ir fx 'Y' Ginny Taylor Sandy Walton Brenda Holt a rough copy. Ad Salermen: Laura Bireley Anne Brittain Cynthia Dixon Betty Farmer Margaret Fisher Richard Gray David Gjeclde john Kinser Suzie Moody Gail Noe Debbie Rouse Glenda Strange 35 H URRI CA E C0mmunicatesWeekbfA ctivitiea Nancy Little, Managing Editor, and Linda Catron, Editor, realize that there is a story out there somewhere. Burinn: Manager: Barbara Lowry Aniitanr Banner: Manager: Patricia Renner Circulation Manager: Mark Anderson Aninant Circulation Manager: Sandi Rader Feature Edifarf: Tim Dub Joe Grigsby Cil Humpston Club New: Editor: Patricia Graves Club New: Staff: Laura Bilreley kiyce Miller ary Paddon junior Editor: Sally Lacy Iumor Artirlant Edilorr: Alice Charles Jane Jessee Sportr Editorr: Stan Harrison Gayle Hickey Al Hodges Lynn McClure Artut: Ginny Taylor Contrilzutorf: Becki Bray Mike Buc ner Barbara Ford Patricia Hodge Lauer Ranshous ruce White Praofreadeu: Chris Chandler Debbie Shockley Syrlernt Coordinator! Michael Compton 36 Publishing a weekly school paper is more involved than perhaps most students realize. The HURRI- CANE Staff, nevertheless, met its deadline each week in order that the student body could be "in the know" about school activities. Editor Linda Catron and managing editor Nancy Little attended the annual U. T. School of Journal- ism held in Knoxville, Tennessee, during july. While there the girls attended lecture sessions and work- shops where they learned basic fundamentals of news- paper production, which they then put into practice in the HURRICANE issues. In addition to the weekly paper, the staff also published a monthly paper which consisted of eight to ten delightful pages. Contained within the pages are reports on current events, letters to the editor, editorials, and a few humorous and original extras. The HURRICANE Staff added a new attraction to the monthly issue also. Members of the staff voted on a Boy of the Month and a Girl of the Month. and included a brief resume of their activities in the monthly publication. Jud 4 'Nd A A 3 it gf is t... , Q ' -or QW il 2 'il 12: 9 .,r.,.., L,QL ., , vs af me-.-as. f rwaa Jw. H, .W M can V , ,eq -,,,,k in Ms, .ff ' joe Grigsby, Patricia Renner, Stan Harrison, Patricia Hodge, Chris Chandler, Jane Jessee, Mr. Weesner, Cil Hurnpston, Alice Charles, and Patricia Graves realize that the full cooperation of the entire staff is necessary to put out a school paper. Ad Sale.rmen.' Becky Allen Nancy Ellison Sheila Harbin , janet johnson Linda Lane Margaret Merhoff 4,4 ik-Q ev I Brenda Pilcher Deborah Pilcher Becky Wallace -ml Widener Sally Lacy, Mark Anderson, Sandi Rader, Barbara Lowry, and Tim Duby prepare for the distribution of HURRICANES on a Friday afternoon. 37 Debating Team Develops Research Skills Debating Team is an example of the methodical advancement of an organization at MHS. Increasing membership and spread- ing enthusiasm are only a few apparent signs of the growing significance of the team. Throughout history, the ability to com- municate wisely has been the main advan- tage of an accelerated civilization. Debaters at MHS soon learn that self-opinionated arguing has to be discarded and supple- mented by facts. Neither side in a debate tries to convince the other it is rightg rather each side presents ideas to an audience who decides the merits of the arguments of each team. Working behind a towering mass of mag- azines, books, newspapers, and other refer- ence materials are members of the Debating Team, Numerous hours are spent in search- ing for adequate information about topics covering things instnunental to local, na- tional, and universal situations. However, the hours of hard work offer enormous re- wards. Debaters utilize the skills of reading and research in order to become familiar with various facets of life, to confer with others, to leam to accept different view- points, and to develop exactness which comes from establishing an individual style of written and oral expression. M- lf et """' f 4 in s X Q H A- as -' LI Quill? may ,I gg. rl K. . ii es 311 I David Smith Sandy Walton Paul Warrick Barbara Starnes Pres. Earlene Cox V .P. Mary Guertin Ref. Ser. Angela Loudy Cor-res. Ser. Velina Kilgore Trans. Becky Allen Mike Buckner Chris Chandler Robert Glenn Cil Humpston Rita Jarnigan Eddie Overholt 38 As Velina Kilgore rehearses her speech, Mike Buckner, Barbara Starnes, Researching for debate are Mary Guertin, Recording Secretaryg Velina and Angela Loudy prepare to offer their criticism. Kilgore, Treasurerg Barbara Starnes, Presidentg Earlene Cox, Vice-Pres- identg and Angela Loudy, Corresponding Secretary. Hurricane Band The sounds of favorite Christmas melodies, performed by the Hurricane Band, hush the inspired audience at the Christmas Concert. Band officers Melissa Smith, Freshman Representativeg Paula Southerland, President, john Kinser, Secretaryg Byron Foust, Sophomore Representative, Bob Charles, Vice-President, and Sandra Guice, Treasurer, proudly display the plaque that the band won last year in St. Petersburg, Florida. if gi., Mr. Biddle, Hurricane Band Director, gives a smile of approval as he gives the downbeat. 39 labovel French Horns: G. Green, D. Varnell, P. Reeves, J. Eaton, C. Rowlett, N. Noe, L. Birely, B. Charles. Corners: L. Berry, T. Terry, T. Rucker, K. Jones, D. Robertson, R. Glenn, A. Nichols, K. Heneger, R. Watkins, H. Lewis, S. Guice, R. Johnson, K. Deneau, K. Bradley, P. Southerland. Percussion: D. Martin, J. Kinser, J. Rose, J. Howell, R. Goan. Basses: C. Ruth, D. Noe, F. Shaver, S. Thayer, M. Cox, D. Edwards. fbelowj Alto Clarinets: M. Guertin, K. Marshall, V. Brock, D. Guertin. Oboes: R. Marcum, J. Miller. Alto Saxophones: L. Brooks, J. Weeks. Tenor Saxo hones: . Harrison, C. Chandler, B. McKinley.'Ba.ritone Saxo hone: G. Stran e P J P g, B. Hayter, J. Spurgeon. Bass Clarinets: P. Hughes, B. Sanders, V. Kinser, P. Jones, D. Evans. Contra Bass Clarinet: S. Redden. Bassoon: M. Sharpe. Clarinets: J. Huguenard, B. Bray, J. Rucker, B. Stephenson, C. Humpston, P. Douglas, V. Feeney, P. Peters, A. Smith, D. Cox, D. Douglas, M. Smith, A. Tabor, G. Noe, J. Williams, L. Haney, K. Long, R. Cooper, D. Payne, N. Peeples, G. Miles, M. Sullivan, E. Harrison. 40 As in years past, the Hurricane Band con- tinued proudly to represent Morristown High School at home, in surrounding com- munities, and across the state. In Decem- ber, the band under the direction of Mr. William Biddle presented a Christmas con- cert in conjunction with the Junior High and elementary school bands. Members of the audience were thrilled with both light and serious musical numbers that were per- formed. As the Crowds of people returned home the familiar tune of "Sleigh Ride" continued to ring in their ears. Other Christmas activities included participating in the annual Christmas parade and perform- ing for the Nativity Scene. Seven members of the band were chosen to attend All State Band East in Knoxville after auditioning. After a weekend of re- hearsals, a concert was given on Sunday, February 4, 1968, to the public. On May 9, 10, and 11, the band traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, for the annual Cotton Festival. While there, the unit gave three concerts for the public and marched in two parades. The trip was not all work for the band members since sightseeing added a touch of fun and excitement. rg.: is 5 Mrs. I. Lester Cohen reviews the schedule for the All State Band East Clinic with the MHS Hurricane Band Journeys to Cotton Festival David Giedde, Hurricane Band Drum Major, dis- plays exact marching precision. participants Frank Shaver, Mary Guertin, Don Edwards, Ragena Walker Pat Hughes, and Bob Charles. fabouej Flutes: R. Walker, J. Culvern, P. Pope, A. Haggerty, M. Demko, K. Smith, B Trent A. Mathis, M. Fisher. lbelowj Baritones: B. White, B. Nelson, E. Tuttle, D. Shoun, M. Hurley Trombones: C.'Austin, G. Ramsey, R. Holmes, M. Tabor, B. Foust, R. Gray, J. Maden, D. Gyedde Band Maiorettes, Donna Payne, Peggy Douglas, Margaret Fisher, Gail Noe, and Debbie Douglas practice for their next performance with the band. MHS Choir Communicates through Music Lifting their voices in song, the Morristown High Choir participated in programs of every type this year. They presented a choral program for the stu- dents at Thanksgiving. Before and during the Christ- mas season, the Choir sang at a Rotary luncheon, at a dinner at the Holiday Inn for Morristown Batting and Foam, at Gibson's Discount Center, and at the Whitesburg High School Christmas Party. They also recorded tapes for radio station WMTN AM-FM. All-state auditions were held February 10, and those members selected participated in the All-State Choirs Festival in Chattanooga April 3, 4, and 5. The Choir journeyed to the University of Tennes- see for the High School Vocal Festival, held March 19, 20, and 21. Songs were sung by the Choir for Honors Day and Who's Who, and members sang for Evensong at All Saints Episcopal Church during the Lenten season. The Westminster Choir Festival was held at the First Methodist Church in Morris- town on May 5, and the Morristown High Choir participated, The Choir also operated a fortune-tell- ing booth at the Harvest Festival. Pam Peters, chosen Alto I of the All-State Choir, practices her music as she accompanies herself on the piano. ' The Concert Choir delights the student body at the Who's Who Program with the meaningful and well-prepared selection of "Choose Something Like A Star." 42 ,vm Front row: Mrs. Edwards, D. Smith, B. Delaney, N. Hodge, V. West, A. Fain, 1. Martin, M. Blevins, C. Caldwell. Second raw: B. Spearman, D. Harbin, P. Treece, L. Goforth, C. Lee, S, Wheeler, S. Reynolds, V. Kilgore, A. Bryan. Third row: E. Wheeler, P. Peters, B. Zachary, D. Hurst, A. Nichols, M. Hoover, T. Crews, C. Cowan, M. Atkins, K. Ranshous. Back row: G. Cochran, M. Morris, B. Adams, M. Chamberlain, G. Hurley, S. Davis, C. Turner. Bill Adams, President, Pam Peters, Vice-President, Alvin Nichols, Reporterg and Gary Hurley, Secretary and Treasurer, listen as Mrs. P. A. Edwards, Choir Director, outlines plans for coming choir activities. Mrs. Edwards expects perfection for a fine per- formance at the Who's Who Program. 43 c ' st A e, t . - an., ' ' - ' Q Q ,-I, as 5 . F s .m.,a,.t.s,,,...f.-T, v,,., R,-N, ha , . A .- As jan Cohen passes the title of Miss Anchor to Betty Farmer, the other candidates, Cil Humpston, Becky Johns, and Janice Davis, watch, Anchor Club Ojjfers Service pportunity Summer did not necessarily mean vacation for those industrious Anchor Club members who proved to be a boost to their community as they helped teach swimming lessons to retarded children, worked in Head Start, helped at the Day Care Center, or par- ticipated in the many other summer projects. Anchor welcomed the teachers back to a new school year with a salad luncheon, which was repeated in january during In-Service Training. The teachers also greatly appreciated the cookies, candies, and punch that the Anchor members served on Teacher Appre- ciation Day. As school continued and school work mounted, members of the Anchor Club continued to seek ways to serve both the school and community. Paint-splat- tered blouses did not discourage those members who painted the band bleachers in Burke-Toney Stadium and the picnic shelter in the Jaycee Park. Other mem- bers seized rakes and cleared the Courthouse lawn of leaves. Anchor Club sold cokes and candy at the Harvest Festival. During Christmas they collected food bas- kets and delivered them to the needy. In order to create a more meaningful Christmas spirit, members presented a program to the Pilots. The first snow- flakes of winter heralded the Anchor-Key Club Christmas dance, which was climaxed by the crown- ing of Miss Anchor, Miss Betty Farmer. 44 Anchor Club officers: Betty Farmer, Presidentg Mary Guertin, Vice-President, Becky Johns, Secretaryg janice Davis, Treasurerg Debbie Travis, junior Directorg Susie Reynolds, Parliamentariang Debbie Rouse, Reporter, Dian-ne Brabston, Senior Directorg Mrs. L. M. Williams, Sponsor, Becky Allen, junior Directorg and Miss Virginia Hodges, Sponsor. 'wi -1. E Paula Southerlancl instructs Barbara Starnes, Darlene Austin, Becky Johns, Judy Huguenard, Hope Kren, and Debbie Beck in the art of painti-ng bleachers. fer' .. A9533 Cie 'Q 54 L A j , 'v 1-eff-eg a . 'V ' ,QV' if Jan Beets Betty Farmer, Pres. Mary Guertin, V.P. Becky Johns, Ser. Janice Davis, Trear. Dianne Brabston Sen. Dir. Becky Allen, ffm. Dir. Debbie Travis, fuzz. Dir. Debbie Rouse, Rep. Susie Reynolds, Pm-1. Darlene Austin Debbie Beck Shari Beeler Patsy Bradley An-ne Brittain Barbara Starnes Glenda Strange Judy Stubblefield Yolanda Walls Sandy Walton Sandra Williams Diane Brock Betty Collins Earlene Cox Nancy Ellison Lynn Ezell Kate Haggerty Sue Harmon Jan Hinkle Judy Huguenard Cil Humpston Diana Hurst Rita Johnson Hope Kren Linda Lane Helen Lewis Angela Loucly Minnie Lovelace Karen Marshall Wynn Overholt Mary Paddon Margaret Payne Pam Peters Janice Pittman Patricia Riddle Toni Rucker Nancy Seal Sue Shepard Katherine Smith Paula Southerland Ahaha Hi-Y Furnishes Christmas Tree Stressing its goal-maintaining and extend- ing high standards of Christian character throughout the home, school, and community- the Morristown Alpha Hi-Y chapter was re- sponsible for several worthwhile projects this year. Alpha Hi-Y members brought the spirit of Christmas to Morristown High School by pro- viding a Christmas tree for the front lawn of the school. The twenty-foot tree remained light- ed at night and during the morning until after the Christmas holidays. Alpha Hi-Y's beautifi- cation project involved cleaning the gym steps and painting them orange and black, the school colors. On November 4, Alpha Hi-Y boys put to test their hours of practice when they played the Key Club in the Hi-Y Key Club Football game. Alpha Hi-Y was victorious, with a score of 13-0. Members ran a brisk business with a "jolly jail" which they operated at the Harvest Festival. Tim Duby, Pres. Al Hodges, V.P. Mark Anderson, Ser. Eddie Price, Trear. Robert Cantwell, Chap. Richard Carter, Parl. Bill Adams Ronnie Beene Bob Braswell David Brooks Ricky Carson Bob Charles Steve Combs Larry Dalton Barry Denham Don Edwards Freddy Fuller David Gjedde Richard Gray jack Hayter Bill Horton James Howell Larry Hurst Allan jones Mark jones John Kinser jimmy Maden Bobby Marcum Terry Murray David Noe Eddie Overholt Mike L. Ricker 46 Mark Anderson, Secretaryg Al Hodges, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Neill, Sponsorg Sandi Rader, Sweetheartg Eddie Price, Treasurerg and Debbie Shockly, Sweetheart, are ready to hear President Tim Duby's ideas for club projects. it F A iea Q Q gg 3 iyi iiii is' V 2 . V 3 'Fil We -Q r 3 1 if rttt if . "' I t e .A il a iree A if ,X 'l g i g . ier ,Q , . - A Q K - F A ev fig, EH EW A E 'iv 1 if , Wg 33 X 'li lW3!4.,7 7 lqt NY! Marti! , if neun: 'KK 'RE YI U g , 5 7- 'N ' timer'-Mir-nad! Y fav-+'1ifaivt'v!P"1?--i'P'. Ve. Pew' f 'Z' V "-heya' '?M"1P'ii ' r ." Beta Hi-Y officers: David Marti-n, Chaplaing Mike Taber, Reporter, Cherie Guyette, Sweet- heartg Doyle Wallace, Social Chairmang Stan Harrison, Treasurerg Becky Graham, Sweetheart, Mr. Neill, Sponsor, Sam Mitchell, Secretary, joe Whiteside, Vice-President, and Byron Foust, ffw,a?,fe. -z 1 1 - :Lx gg My ,V ., ' -"1 1, sf... -. A Cl PDP CQRN K Ja x N 5f,,,. H j ...M - W bam- , .., 35' iff-l ClGARE1"i 555 a,....,,r,,A,., ,M IO Cl 5 H4 My ix ,, Y, ... v ribs- fx 1 .f..,77g L, President. i rlsi he S S to V lfy t lss 77 . S G 77 7 ' 7 I 77 K 1 . P D S? a Qi""i? 1 , i' tif 777 fi, tt? :Qtr L 4. 7 : . 7 ., 7 f- lfi em , sis - nins lliiiii to - . sscs Z . f S 777777777 .3 7 77 i 1 V 7 7 so ,S 7 14, 7 , .,,- 777 7 7777 7 . 7 7 . I . A 7, 777 I l l 48 Byron Foust, Prer. Joe XX'hiteside, V.P Sam Mitchell, Sec, Stan Harrison, Trear. David Martin, Chap. Mike Taber, Rep. Doyle NX'allace, Soc. Cb. Steve Allen Doug Beier Gary Black Mike Buckner Steve Carpenter Bill Charles Benny Denton Mike Freeman Ravndy Goan Warren Gooch Michael Hale David Helton james Hodge Sandy Holt Danny Hull George Keener Frank Little Beta Hi-Y Encourages Service B :r fo' - l :Z Qrocomr los Ot Busily engaged in cleaning the concession stand are Stan Harrison, Becky Graham, joe Whiteside, Sam Mitchell, Mike Taber, and Alvin Nichols. john Lowry Alvin Nichols Ralph Overholt jim Richardson Doug Rouse Fred Smith David Toon Ed Tuttle Bruce White -eff-Q.. ... lui:- -' v - r,, , ,.. After being absent last year from the roster of clubs at MHS, the Beta Hi-Y has reasserted its former importance. The boys have participated enthusiastically in the annual array of service projects. By improving the general appearance of the concession stands and bleachers in Burke-Toney Stadium with the aid of brooms, hammers, and other necessary implements, the club displayed the feeling of pride which has been prevalent throughout the school. As a result of attending many different churches in the Morristown area, the Beta Hi-Y has strengthened the basic Christian-oriented structure of its constitu- tion. Using "An old-fashioned Christmas" as their theme, members combined their efforts with the Beta Tri-Hi-Y to build a float for the annual Morristown Christmas parade. Activity is a major part of any club, and the Beta Hi-Y added a car wash and a basketball throw at the Harvest Festival to its list of money- making projects. I George Keener and Michael Hale examine the sinks in the new chemistry room which was cleaned by club members. Ginny Taylor, Presidentg Rachel Tinsley, Vice-Presidentg Kathy Bible Reporter Patricia Renner Chaplain Shan Farris, Secretary Cathy Davis Sergeant-at-Armsg Sally Lacy, Sergeant-at-Armsg Jane Jessee, Historian and Lynne Ann Smith Treasurer make plans at an executive meeting Ginny Taylor, Prey. Rachel Tinsley, V.P. Shari Farris, Sec. Lynne Ann Smith, Treat. Patricia Renner, Chap. Kathy Bible, Rep. Jane Jessee, Historian Cathy Davis, Sgt. at Arm! Sally Lacy, Sgt. al Arm: Kayoko Ando Laura Bireley Becki Bray Carolyn Caldwell Paula Capps Alice Charles Janine Culvern Cynthia Dixon Maurie Fisher Sandra Guice Gayle Hickey Patricia Hodge Rose Holt Barbara Lowry Suzie Moody Mary Moore Becky Noe Gail Noe Sandi Rader Bonny Riley Debbie Shockley Barbara Stephenson Sherry Teague 50 Margaret Vaughn Ragena Walker Becky Wfallace Susan Widener Becky Wood Ahaha T ri-Hi-Y Sponsors King and ueen Variety was added to the Harvest Festival this year as a King and Queen contest was sponsored by the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Students bought candy from the boxes of their favorite candidatesg and the winners, Steve Watkins and Debbie Rouse, were crowned as royalty of 1967. Attending pre-legislature workshops in january, Tri-Hi-Y delegates prepared for Youth and Gov- ernment, which is the mock congress held each spring in Nashville at the State Capitol. The Congress is made up of "senators" and "repre- sentatives" from Tri-Hi-Y chapters throughout the state. The Powder Puff football game, an annual battle between Tri-Hi-Y members and Anchor Club members, was again played. However, un- like former years, the two teams met in the spring. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y also sponsored a Teacher Ap- preciation Day and participated in the clean-up campaign held in the spring. Through these yearly activities the Alpha chapter has continued to ful- fill its purpose: "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character." Vice-President Rachel Tinsley and President Ginny Taylor began a new tradition when they crowned the first Harvest Festival King and Queen, Steve Watkins and Debbie Rouse. Becky Noe, Becky Wallace, Nancy Little, and Linda Catron honor Mrs. Hilten on Teacher Appreciation Day. Beta T ri-Hi-Y Builds Christmas Float Debbie jones, Vickie Kinser, Jeanie Cloar, Julie Sprinkle, Lea Long, Jan Jarnigan, and Mary Sharpe pause for a rest after caroling for residents of Hamblen Hall. Beginning their service year, the Beta Tri-Hi-Y painted the set for the play "Barefoot in the Park," produced by the Morristown Theater Guild. As Christmas drew near, the members built and entered a float in the annual Christmas parade. Plans were discussed and completed for sending Christmas cards to soldiers in Vietnam and to the patients at Greene Valley Hospital. At the same time members gave a Christmas party for residents at Hamblen Hall. y Delegates of the Beta Tri-Hi-Y attended the Hi-Y- Tri-Hi-Y state convention on December 1, 2, and 3 in Knoxville. There they participated in clinics and took part in group discussions concerning problems of interest to their age group. Other convention activities involved practice of parliamentary procedure and plan- ning of statewide activities for the coming year. Election of state officers was also held at this time. l l 4 Beta Tri-Hi-Y members Nancy Noe, Pam Hinkle, Kathy Beckett, and Beth Roberts address Christmas cards to servicemen in Vietnam. 52 Miss Trobaugh, Sponsor of the Beta Tri-Hi-Y, instructs Debbie Reynolds, Sergeant-at-Armsg Susan Cosson, Sergeant-at-Armsg Libby Bible, Project Chairmang Brenda Dugger, Historiang Sarah Morrison, Treasurer: Jill Widener, Secretaryg Debbie Douglas, Vice-Presidentg Becky jo Roberts, Chap- laing and Patricia Graves, President, in the distribution of "For Pete's Sake" literature. Patricia Graves, Prer. Debbie Douglas, V.P. Jill Vfidener, Sec. Sarah Morrison, Trear. Rhonda Bray, Rep. Becky jo Roberts, Chap.. Brenda Dugger, Hirt. Susan Cosson, Sgt. at Arms Debbie Reynolds, Sgf. at Armr Libby Bible, Proj. Cbmn. Sharon Ailey Cathy Beck Kathy Beckett Gwen Beier Kay Bradley Kay Brittain Donna Buckner Vicki Carson Jeanie Cloar Virginia Feeney Becky Graham Cherie Guyette jean Ann Hardy Betsy Hayter Pam Hinkle Jan Jamigan janet johnson Debbie jones Vickie Kinser Lea Long Na-ncy Noe Beverly Parker Beth Roberts Jeanne Rucker Barbara Sanders Mary Sharpe julie Sprinkle 53 l Key Club offrcers Becky Wallace, Sweetheartg Barbara Ford, Sweetheartg Douglas Glass, Secretary-Treasurerg Tommy Folsom, Vice-Presi- dent john Chance Reporterg Sam Hale, Presidentg Mr. George Keener, Sponsorg and Mr. Anthony Eckel, Sponsor. E rw 1 W Fiqh YZF' ill' 5- 1-. ' A ruff ' 'V -11:52 'S l Sam Hale, Pres. Tommy Folsom, V.P. Douglas Glass, Sec-Tfeaf john Chance, Rep. Bobby Beets james Beets Keith Breeding Lynn Breeding Terry Brooks Mike Buckner Willie Claborn Warren Conway Bobby Cupp Terry Edmonds Nick Francis Robert Glenn Bill Gregory Joe Grigsby Stephen Hale Richard Hart james Hastie Key Club Sponsors Clothes Drive As a subsidiary of Kiwanis International, Key Club International strives to serve the school and community. The club endeavors to develop the initiative and leadership of the young men through service to the home, school, community, and nation. Service projects performed for the Morristown Kiwanis Club were among service activities of the Key Club this year. One of these many projects was providing willing workers for the annual Ladies Night Banquet sponsored by the Kiwanians. One long range project consisted of a clothes drive for the junior High School. Another service activity found the club in- volved in the painting of trash barrels for use in the school parking lots. Members also attended church to- gether several times this year. The hard work put into the decoration of Mr. Keener's door before Christ- mas holidays resulted in third prize for their efforts. Club enthusiasm was brought to a peak during the friendly clashes of the Key Club-Alpha Hi-Y game, but Key Club was forced to accept defeat. John Hastie jerry Helton Chuck Hicks Richard Hilten Mark Hurley Tommy Laughters Darrell Long Douglas Masengill Jim' Nichols Duane Oyer Jimmie Pearson Dana Reynolds Steve Sawyer Mike Shuck David Smith Painting barrels for the school parking lot are jerry Helton, Chuck Hicks, Joe Gngsby Mike West, Nick Francis, Darrell Long, and Sam Hale. Mike Shuck, jim Nichols, John Hastie, and David Smith enjoy the op portunity to visit the various church denominations in the area Gathered at t.he home of their sponsor, Mrs. jones, are Aurellia Treece, Secretaryg Ginny Taylor, Treasurerg Bob Charles, Presidentg Debbie Rouse, Vice-Presidentg and Nancy Little, Reporter. A 'ff 'L Hi , as rrrr B p e ' K R ,, A 'ff Qri 3 p ,A , a j ' A .. j o t L iil "'- ""- if' tuwrfi ree 55 '-ir R - R QQ V R lu f llgl L Pl fn, fw- A wer - . 1 3, , , mv . ta' ,, i ,I , y 1 k U - f- W r w K+ . -, Q' QF' Xpvii by 56 y r ' iiere B i ts I I w---r- I .2 1. .-v. Q' Bob Charles, w Darlene Austin Shari Beeler Laura Bireley Dianne Brabston Lynn Breeding Anne Brittain Diane Brock Paula Capps Richard Carter Angela Cash Chris Chandler Wanda Cross Janine Cu lvern Carolyn Cupp Janice Davis Don Edwards Lynn Ezell Shari Farris Maurie Fisher Kathy Flack Barbara Ford David Gjedde Richard Gray Joe Grigsby Mary Guertin Donny Guice Kate Haggerty Sam Hale Sue Harmon Richard Hart Prer. Debbie Rouse, V.P. Aurellia Treece, Ser. X i w Ginny Taylor, 3 Treaf. w l Becky Allen , l l l Sherry Harville Gayle Hickey Beta Club Recognizes S cholarshzp Any junior or senior student may be proud to be a member of the Beta Club, whose membership is based on academic achieve- ment and scholarship. The club boasts forty-six new members this year. In December, these new members took the Beta Club oath at a special program for parents and new members at the Morris- town Utilities Building. Mr. Ralph Sharpe, who along with Mrs. Jones is a club sponsor, was the main speaker. During the Christmas season Beta Club members were quite active. As in the past few years, club members took a Christmas tree to Hamblen Hall and decorated it with ornaments given by the members. In cooperation with the Christmas door decoration con- test sponsored by the Student Council, members worked diligently decorating Mrs. Jones's door. For the members' fine work the club received Honorable Mention. Another Christmas project concerned a drive sponsored by the Red Cross Council for clothes and money for Greene Valley residents. By a unanimous vote the club members voted that each member would give a quarterg the entire amount then was donated in the name of the Beta Club. Nancy Seal and Rachel Tinsley proudly display the Beta Club Christmas door which received Honorable Mention in the door decoration contest. Richard Hilten Patricia Hodge Brenda Holt Rose Holt Bill Horton Cil Humpston Diana Hurst Becky johns Cathy johnson Rita johnson David Kiser Linda Lane Darrell Long Angela Loudy Minnie Lovelace Barbara Lowry Jimmy Maden Suzie Moody Terry Murray Becky Noe Pat Odom Mary Paddon Margaret Payne Paula Pendleton Carolyn Pratt Donna Ramsey Patsy Reel Nancy Seal Cheryl Smith Lynne Ann Smith Paula Southerland Barbara Starnes Glenda Strange Rachel Tinsley Debbie Travis Ragena Walker Becky Wallace Yolanda Walls Sandy Walton Sandra W'illiams Nancy Witherell 57 FHA I: Communications Strengthen Relations Participation in school activities as a club unit kept members of the Future Homemakers of America Chapter I busy throughout this school year. FHA I helped with the clothes and maga- zine drive for Greene Valley and delivered cookies and small favors to Hamblen Hall, where members sang carols for, and visited with, the elderly people there. The club en- tered a beautiful design in the Christmas door decoration contest and participated in the clean-up campaign. The girls worked on their junior, Chapter, and State Degreesg and those who reached completion were honored at the FHA Banquet in April. These State Degree earners and the official delegates attended the State Convention in the spring. FHA I members participated in the 4-H- FHA Fair Talent Show, and their talent, a singing quartet, won second place. Those same members also entered the VFW Talent Show for the Crippled Children's Hospital. Dianne Breeding, Pres. ' Margaret Vaughn, V.P. Rita Jarnigan, Sec. Betsy Hayter, Trear. Patricia Baxley, Rep. Mary Johns, Hin. Margaret Farrell, S.L. Linda Manning, Parl. ' Barbara Alvis Lisa Berry Linda Birchfield Clyda Bracken Debbie Carter Tina Christian Sylvia Coffey Debra Cohen Rhonda Collins Ann Connor Brenda Covington Donna Cox Rebecca Croley jackie Easley jane Eaton Carolyn Ellison l Francie Folsom Sharon Gill Debbie Greene Earlene Harrison Kathy Harville Pat Hicks Mary Hill Sandra Hopson l 58 President Dianne Breeding reviews minutes of the last meeting with Patricia Baxley, Reporterg Margaret Vaughn, Vice-Presidentg Betsy Hayter, Treasurerg Rita jarnigan, Secretary, Linda Manning, Parliamentariang Mary johns, Historian, and Margaret Farrell, Song Leader. Mrs. N. C. Kelley serves as adviser. FUTURE HOMEMAKER OF THE YEAR: Janice Bewley STATE DEGREE EARNERS: Janice Bewley and Becky Beets Vickie Houston Darlene Hurst Janet johnson Susan Keezel Melba Knight Voneda Laughters Patricia Livesay Lea Long Teena Love Debbie Mart Susan Millar Marion O'Neal Donna Paxton Jackie Payne Paula Pearson janet Pendleton Pam Phillips Carole Purkey Debra Richardson Patricia Riddle Barbara Sanders Dianne Satterfield Margaret Shaver Margaret Sherwood Wilma Skelton julie Sprinkle Barbara Stephenson Teresa Terry Shirlene Thompson Diana West FHA II Communicates Through Activities Under the guidance of their Sponsor, Mrs. Katherine Smith, the Future Homemakers of America Chapter II has had a very productive year. To begin the year, the chapter officers at- tended a training program at the State FHA Camp Clements in Doyle, Tennessee. In October, the chapter members attended a Sub-Regional' Officers Training program held in Rutledge. Other service projects included wrapping! packages which the Red Cross Council collected for Vietnam, sponsoring a shooting gallery ati the Harvest Festival, and selecting a "House ofl the Month" for the Beautification project. Picturesl of the "House of the Month" were published in the Hmvirafze. As a climax to a year of work on FHA Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees, the group attended FHA Day in Jefferson City and the State Con- vention in Nashville. The members and guests were honored at a banquet in April as a special treat for all their hard work. STATE DEGREE EARNERS: Mary Pittman, Rose Holt, and jan Hileman Sally Lacy, Pres. Mary Paddon, V.P. Patsy Bradley, Sec. Cathy Johnson, Trear. jane Litz, Parl. Shari Beeler, Hin. Donna Evans, Rep. jan Hinkle, Chap. Janice Pittman, S.L. Sherry Bellamy Carol Bewley Rhonda Bray Kay Brittain Sheila Buttry Cynthia Cansler Carolyn Caldwell Delores Carpenter Donna Clarkson Kathy Clevenger Pat Clevenger Linda Cochran Delores Crum Gwen Cutshaw Alicia Drinnon Patty Dyer Sharon Elkins Nancy Ellison Rose Green Alice Hall Cheryl Harrison Judy Heck Sandy Helton Susan Hodge Linda Jarnagin Debbie jones Patricia jones Brenda Kyle W'iIma Lampkin Patsy Lewis Pelle Lowe ,fish Janice Pittman, Song Leader, offers refreshments to Cathy Johnson, Treasure-rg Patsy Bradley, Secretaryg Jane Litz, Parliamentariang Sally Lacy, Presi- dentg Mary Paddon, Vice-Presidentg Donna Evans, Reporterg Shari Beeler, Historiang jan Hinkle, Chaplaing and Mrs. Eugene Smith, Adviser. Kay Vaughn Judy Wfelch Kathy Wfright Cathy Martin Vicki Miller Lynn Minton Sandra Moyers Donna Mullendore Becky Noe Vickie Peoples janet Ranshous Teresa Ricker Rebecca Riddlebarger Linda Rines Judy Rogers Kathy Rogers Dorothy Shelton Sue Shepard Amy Smith Debbie Smith Darlene Snyder Sherry Teague Donna Varnell FUTURE HOINIEMAKER OF THE YEAR: Susan Fields. 61 FHA III Enlarges Theme "Communication: Individual, Family, Society" became the theme for FHA III projects and activities throughout the year. "Daddy Date Night," a picnic for members and their fathers, offered a chance for fun and companionship. In October, FHA III held a joint initiation with Chapters I and II. With Debbie Rouse serving as Smoky Mountain Sub-region President for 1967-68, the girls participated in a sub-region program at Rutledge. During November, members took part in the Harvest Festival, and collected a booklet of favorite recipes of faculty members as a gift for the faculty. Delegates to the State Convention in Nash- ville in March supported Janice Davis, who served as State Treasurer for 1967-68. State degrees were conferred and new officers elected during FHA Day at jefferson High, the site of a sub-regional meeting. April brought the Annual FHA Banquet at which the "Future Homemaker of the Year" was presented. Four chapter members modeled in the FHA Fashion Show at the TVA and I Fair, and all members presented a fashion show for their mothers in May. The 1967-68 chapter clean-up project was the maintenance of the second floor teacher's lounge. Miss Sandy Walton was the 1968 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for MHS. Debbie Rouse, Pre.r. l Gayle Hickey, V.P. Betty Collins, Ser. Patsy Reel, Trear. Wanda Cross, Chap. Diane Brock, Rep. Debbie Shockley, Hirt. 1 Valinda Stewart, S.L. Becky Wallace, Parl. Maggie Adams Sharon Ailey Janice Allen Kathy Bauch Cathy Beck Sherry Beene Jan Beets Lynne Bireley Mary Blevins Brenda Bowlin Becki Bray Elaine Brock Kathy Brooks Peggy Brooks Rena Bruce Alicia Bryan Janice Bullion Vicki Carson Twana Claborn Diane Clark Sherry Coffey Sandra Collins Candy Cossron Susan 1 Janice Marilyi Barbara Terry I Ava G Sadie C CC 39 Communication as Mrs. L. M. DeBusk, Adviser, Diane Brock, Reporter, Gayle Hickey, Vice-Presidentg Wanda Cross, Chaplaing Becky Wallace, Parliamentariang Debbie Shockley, Historian, Debbie Rouse, President, Valinda Stewart, Song Leaderg Betty Collins, Secretaryg andl Patsy Reel, Treasurer, use music as a form of communication. 62 1 STATE DEGREE EARNERS: Janice Davis, Sandy Walton, Jan Beets, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF THE YEAR: Janice Davis and Brenda and Brenda Dearing. Dearing- Cherie Guyette Diana Haney Jean Ann Hardy Barbara Harrison Glenda Helton Becki Hill Pam Hinkle Sheila Hipshire Wanda Hopkins Lynn Ison Patsy Jones Vicki Kington Peggy Kirk Pamela Livesay Kathy Long Betty McKinley Karen Marshall Arlene Mayes Patricia Minnich Lana Murray Donna Payne Nancy Peeples Paula Pendleton Rebecca Peoples Cris Perry Barbara Poling Wilma Satterfield Glenda Shropshire Jody Stanifer Deborah Stone Jeanette Treece Jeanne Turley Sandy Walton Jackie Weeks Cheryl Willianus Sharon Yount 63 FFA Exhibits Handcrajis, Crops, and Livestock Developing leadership in the various aspects of agriculture, cooperating with both advisers and stu- dents, and understanding the duties of being a citizen are the main purposes of the Future Farmers of Ameri- ca. Regularly scheduled meetings are held on the third Monday night of each month at the Vocational Agri- culture Department to allow the boys the opportunity of sharing ways of applying the present ideas to the future. Activities of the organization have been extended to meet the demands of the members. The FFA and 4-H Club Fair was held at the beginning of the school year and gave the participants a chance to exhibit self- made handcrafts, crops, and livestock. During Christ- mas, the spirit of helping others was displayed as the club collected Christmas baskets for the underprivi- leged. Since the FFA and 4-H Fat Calf Show and Sale is an annual project, the members of the club will now be able to win prizes and also sell the cattle for profit. After a busy first semester, the FFA planned for a FFA Sweetheart Contest, a public speaking contest, a banquet, and the FFA Convention in Nashville. Thus, through the Future Farmers of America, the boys are obtaining individual benefits and are im- proving the community. rm l "All right now, which one of you three boys was caught speeding? a Mr. Denver Ruth, Adviser, explains the different types of grasses to johnny Chance, Vice-Presidentg Sam Hale, Presidentg Charles Anderson Reporter jimmy Fullington, Treasurer, Billy Manning, Chaplaing jimmy Sauceman, Sentinel, Debbie Shockley, FFA Sweetheartg and Douglas Masengill Secretary 64 as l 4 J, ,qw The annual 4-H Fat Calf Show attracts many spectators as well as FFA members who await the final decision of the judges. 55,91 mn! Q as-:r 1: A, ve 1-L atv f -:- ' J' 'CI' jimmy Trent Herbert Xlifilder oe E. W'illiams Dennis Young s C ieiis C A A f- r A l, Q A A-,Q M -W .1 f ' f Y y t A ,L as A 'vi Q, Q ' U jg i. A lv 1 Q 9 W' A s A e 'vi 'J' A I ' Q Q .L . A K W I K. XE -m xg J is afar E? t or as Q ,. Qt A is Sam Hale, Pres. Johnny Chance, V.P. Douglas Masengill, Ser. jimmy Fullington, Trear Billy Manning, Cbap. John Austin Gary Beam David Breeding Kenneth Claiborne Steve Collins Larry Crosby Eddie Davis Allen Farmer Stephen Hale Sammy Harrell Danny jones Randy McGaha john Manning jerry Noe Claude Ridley james Seals VI CA Pursues During the past few years, the Vocational and In- dustrial Club of America has shown a marked in- crease in membership. Simultaneously, VICA has developed many new opportunities for students to continue their pursuit of learning in the regular school program while at the same time acquiring valuable experience in facing the demands of a profession. Hospitals, newspaper offices, and automobile garages are only a few of the major industrial and professional businesses in the area which utilize the talents and abilities of these young adults. Members of the VICA also enjoy working together on various projects for enjoyment and education. Dur- ing club meetings, Robert? Ruler of Order is closely followed in order that eadm member may learn and practice correct parliamentary procedure. Members also take part in contests in their particular field of study on local, regional, and state levels. A Christmas party for all VICA members gave everyone a chance to become better acquainted and to enjoy mutual fellow- ship. Tommy Walker, Prer. Douglas Christian, V.P. Aurellia Treece, Treat. Janice Seals, Rep. jerry Noe, Parl. Richard Idell, Sgt. at Arm: Gary Beam Mark Beam Sherry Coffey Sonny Denton Clifford Goforth Lee Haynes Richard Henderson Gale I-Iinkle Dea-n Lawson Wayne Livesay Billy McMahan Clifford Marshall Nancy Mason Kenneth Scott Robert Smith 66 Studies and Careers Aurellia Treece, as part of her duties as a co-op student, checks the blood pressure of patient Mr. J. Shannon Carson at Doctors Hospital. Reviewing parliamentary procedure prior to a VICA meeting are jerry Noe, Parliamentariang Tommy Walker, Presidentg Douglas Christian, Vice-Presidentg Richard Idell, Sergeant-at-Al-msg Patsy Sexton, Secretaryg Janice Seals, Reporterg Aurellia Treece, Treasurerg and Mr. Glennon Brown, Adviser. 1, R . 1 ,, ,,.. ' lv ..,, ... fs l am. ,Q , Roger Yount Terry Stubblefield james Talley Kyle Tilley Phyllis Wear Mitchell Westmoreland joe E. Williams Max Williams Kenneth Yount Mr. Von jones, of jones Body Shop, demonstrates to Roger Yount, Co-op student, the proper procedures for grinding a car surface before painting. 68 Senior Y-Teens Aid March 0 Dimes Members of the Senior Y-Teens, an organization ol high school junior and senior girls, have enjoyed ar , eventful year. During the Christmas season, the girl: , gave Christmas baskets to the school's custodians ir , appreciation for their daily efforts to keep the school clean. The club also decorated Mrs. Betsy Smith': classroom door in co-operation with the annual dooi decoration contest. l As a beautification project, the club members chose , to clean the trophy cases in the gym hallway. This j project included cleaning each trophy as well as the shelves. Senior Y-Teen members are always anxious to serve their community. In March girls from the club aided in collecting money for the annual March of Dimes, an annual project for the Y-Teens. School activities have also kept the Senior Y-Teen members very busy, Among these activities have been the Harvest Festival at the Talley-Ward Building and a basketball game against the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Glenda Strange, Social Chairman, Barbara Alvis, Reporter, Mrs. Betsy Smith, Sponsor, Barbara Ford, President, Andrea Kilgore, Vice-President, Becky Buchanan, Treasurer, and Carolyn Cupp, Secretary, admire their work' on their Christmas door. Judy Harrison and Donna Mullendore demonstrate the lat- est dance at the Har- vest Festival as The Elusives provide the music. rf 'W-,Mgg g5eWm,,,,.Mt,,..., .- 1 i im S ,4 5 i 'Xi N 1 ww.- . was 3 -ix Ko 5 'm?, 14 W, emgq 'f-Em 112 Mfkm. P as 5-AMMW L in N,f""""'WX., I "ew-.,f gm ' ' iY ,L Ok - its-0 SY 3 K 1-" fn. X Xygrri xv xx R 'K ft ,K 'Q w f c Aff, Mrs. Wolfe, Sponsor, looks at some of the packages that Pelle Lowe, Treasurer Diana Haney Chaplain Patricia Jones Secretary Sharon Gill, Parliamentariang Donna Evans, Vice-Presidentg and Kenny Pack, President have wrapped for Vietnam Patricia Jones gives Steve Gudis a smile of encouragement as he tries his ludc at the Junior Y-Teen booth at the Harvest Festival. 70 Kenny Pack, Pres. Donna Evans, V.P. Patricia jones, Sec. Pelle Lowe, Treat. Diana Haney, Chap Becki Hill, Rep. Sharon Gill, Pafl. Patricia Baxley Elaine Brock Pat Clemons Linda Cochran Delores Crum Junior Y-Teens Demonstrate Christmas "My cleanser's better than yours!" exclaims Francie Folsom to Debbie Richardson as Junior Y-Teen members prepare to clean the study hall. C I S pzrzt Service projects taken on by Junior Y-Teens this year were many and varied. Before Thanksgiving, members collected food for a Thanksgiving basket, which was delivered to a deserving family. junior Y-Teens aided in the collection of clothes, shoes, and magazines for the children of Greene Valley Hospital and visited Hamblen Hall with Christmas gifts for residents. Members gave their time and effort to address and 'to send Christmas cards to soldiers in Vietnam. Teachers were presented with appreciation- packages by Junior Y-Teens, and extra Christmas ornaments were distributed to less fortunate families. Fund-raising projects included a Ball Toss at the Harvest Festival and operating the "Hat-Check" for the Annual Chamber of Commerce dinner at the VFW building. Before Valentine's Day, members prepared Valentine cards for Hamblen Hall residents and collected money for the World Fellowship Fund. Later in the spring, junior Y-Teens attended church together several timesg and all the members enjoyed a picnic at "WooClstone", the home of their sponsor, Mrs. Wolf. Gwen Cutshaw Debra Darnell Jane Eaton Carolyn Ellison Francie Folsom Sadie Griffin Debbie Grommon Lana Haney Pat Hicks Charlene Lee Kathy Long Karen McClure Debbie Mart Rhonda Parker Nancy Peeples Vickie Peoples Brenda Pilcher Deborah Pilcher Debra Richardson Linda Rines Kathy Rogers Debbie Smith Priscilla Treece Jackie Weeks Janice Winstead Karen Wood 7I at 'f'?"S'2 K Q Q at if I ,tu sig? ,lyk axis Thespians taking part in "The Sublime Comedies" were Barbara Starnes, Eddie Overholt, Ragena Walker, Michael Compton, Jimmy Maden, and Katherine Smith. Michael Compton, Pres. Ragena Walker, V.P. Janine Culvern, Trear. John Kinser, Rep. Carolyn Caldwell Richard Carter Bob Charles Tommy Folsom Douglas Glass Mary Guertin Rita Johnson Jimmy Maden Douglas Masengill Eddie Overholt Pam Peters ' RuSfY Sencelle C A Katherine Smith , me Barbara Starnes Li' F Rachel Tinsley gf, ' Paul Warrick 1, Janet Williams 5 ,,,,5 W rlr, ' X ' sf-5,7 S-l 1' wufev . '7 H. 4- X W Q Y. g . M EC? to ' N3 ,- 5 5, 17,5 C !i-.Ll 41. 3? i. .,., ,c iii? - r . 5' 1, , ,? an-Q, 3. -of iid, is 5 ,L 'D 1 -f as yi 'Sf 5' wa K 'ex S S -Silt' 'F T hespian Society Displays Dramatic Talent Students who are interested in dramatics and stage production and who have some experience in these fields may join the Thespian Society, Troup 54571. New members of the club receive Dramatitx, a maga- zine of suggested plays and reports with pictures of plays produced by Thespian Societies around the country. Members of the The-spians were given an oppor- tunity to use their talents at the annual Harvest Festi- val held at the Talley-Ward Building. "The Sublime Comedies" presented were four short skits acted out by Thespia.n members. These skits illustrated a six foot, five year old boy, an irritating lady cashier, an un- comfortable and extremely dressed apartment seeker, and a lady's first airplane ride. Once again the Thespian Society walked away a winner in the Christmas door decoration contest spon- sored during the Christmas season by the Student Council. With the help of Thespian members, Kather- rine Smith and Michael Compton, the Thespians won second place for the expert job that was done on the door of the club's sponsor, Mrs. Conkin. Freshmen and Sophomores were given the rare privilege of being among the first to use the new auditorium facilities for the Freshman-Sophomore play. This year the Thespians presented the one-act play "Who Dur1r1it" for the student body. Michael Compton and Katherine Smith admire the artwork which won second place in the Christmas door decoration contest. Ragena Walker, Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Conkin, Sponsorg Michael Compton, President, john Kinser, Reporterg Janine Culwern, Treasurerg and Nancy Little, Secretary, examine the lighting systems in the new auditorium. Cathy Beck and Sadie Griffin display their gymnastic talents in "The Trip nhich was presented at the Harvest Festival. Lynn Ezell, Prer. Patty Carter, IJ! V.P. Debbie jones, 2 d V.P. Hope Kren, Ser. Jeanie Cloar, Treax. Donna Paxton, Rep. jim Baker Cathy Beck Carol Bewley Lynn Bireley Chris Chandler Pat Clemons Sandi Coffman Mildred Crider Debra Damell Brenda Dugger Sadie Griffin Diana Haney Sandi Coffman adds finishing touches to Mrs. B1-eeding's door, decorated for the door contest, as Lynn Ezell and Jeanie Cloar watch. '60 N09 K Yi.. S fl-., in Mrs, Breeding, Sponsor, watches Debbie Jones, Second Vice-Presidentg Hope Kren, Secretaryg Lynn Ezell, Presidentg Donna Paxton, Reporterg Patty Carter, First Vice-Presidentg and Jeanie Cloar, Treasurer, decorate the new art room. Art Club Expands Membershzp Pat Hicks Vicki Houston Pat Johnson Tony Long R Margaret Merhoff Steve Nifong Donna Rams 9, ' ey .. ,. e' Judy Rhea ji 1' Marilyn Shuck Larry Skeen Rebecca Spearman Leslie Spears ..,r I if i, 'ea I fc. to j " With membership in the Art Club this year open to any MHS student interested in art, the club has been able to expand its number of mem- bers and activities. A trip to Dulin Gallery for an "Op Art" show, followed by the annual ex- cursion to the Craftsman's Fair in Gatlinburg, began the school year. At the Harvest Festival the Art Club presented students with "The Trip", a psychedelic panorama of sights and sounds which was presented again in the spring. The concen- trated effort and artistic ability of members in the decoration of Mrs. Breeding's door tied the Art Club for first place in the door decoration con- test. After having selected an "Artist of the Month" for each month of the school year, the Art Club selected an "Artist of the Year" at a tea and reception in May. All of the artists were given a chance to exhibit their work at that time. 75 Front row: V. Kinser, P. Dyer, B. Depew, D. Cohen, E. Smith, S. Bellamy, B. Brock, P. Harris, D. Greene, K. Jones, B. Roberts, K. McClure. Second row: J. Fuller, C. McLain, D. Lampkin, A. Fain, L. Rucker, D. Parkey, P. Carter, B. Jett, B. King, C. Purkey, B. Pilcher, M. Smith. Tlmd row: D. Douglas, S. Hipshire, L. Spears, S. Watson, M. Shaver, S. Ball, B. Lowery, K. Bradley, D. Winstead, W. Hicks, J. Austin. Back row: S. Nifong, K. Potter, J. Hodge, D. McKemy, C. Manning, C. Oakes, G. Douthat, D. Long, R. Harrell, B. Wisecarver. ing ! Front row: J. Widener, D. Noe, P. Graves, C. Rhodes, H. Kren, A. Nichols, L. Bible, N. Noe, M. Johns, P. Minnlch, B. Delaney, Miss Grace Catron, Sponsor. Second row: M. Moore, W. Overholt, R. Collins, J. Cloar, D. Jones, C. Lee, S. McClaran, R. Marcum, V. Kington, P. Livesay, M. Edwards, J.' Thompson. Third row: D. Beck, S. Miller, J. Winstead, S. Pendergrass, L. Rines, F. Folsom, L. Smith, S. Sawyer, E. Tuttle, M. Campbell, S. Mitchell. Bork row: T. Denton, J. Huguenard, C. Ellison, V. Watson, S. Yount, D. Smith, A. Mills, L. Johnson, J. Beets, D. Beier, D. Toon, D. Greene. 76 O O JCL Studzes Members of the Junior Classical League have increased their knowledge of Roman life through a study of the ancient Roman customs. While translating selections into Latin or English, the students not only in- crease their speed and ability but also dis- cover many important facts about the ruins, art, and artifacts of Rome. Students of Latin realize that conjugating, declining, and learn- ing vocabulary words are the basic principles to be mastered, nevertheless, interested Latin students seek an understanding of the people who once spoke the language. Often students work together making drawings and sketches of people and important buildings and places of ancient Rome which are shared with the other Latin students. Many other students work on various other projects. With the aid of the Latin teachers and fellow class- mates, everyone is given an opportunity to understand the Latin language. Roman Lje and Customs Miss Grace Catron, Sponsor, tells Hope Kren, Secretaryg Libby Bible, Beautification Queen Candidateg Alvin Nichols, President, Virginia Feeney, Treasurer, Kathy Hurst, Vice-President, and Miss Aileen Catron, Sponsor, that they should begin their day with Latin. Q 'sf a 3' 41 ii AE Front raw: V. Miller, V. Carson, B. Roberts, C. Rowlett, P. Harrell, D. Lucas, E. Brock, S. Harville, Miss Aileen Catton, Sponsor. Second row: O. Inman, L. Haney, A. Haggerty, J. Rhea, W. Gab, W. Claiborne, P. Woody, V. Feeney, J. Hardy. Third row: J. Richardson, J. Cox, R. Glenn, K. Deneau, H. Kilgore, P. Treece, L. Murray, K. Pack. Bark raw: M. Jones, T. Richards, S. Allen, E. Helton, D. Miller, M. Taber, W. Gooch, S. Grigsby, D. Lee. Spanish Club Promotes 'CBuena Voluntaaw er' S David Gjedde and Mary Paddon urge a willing customer to try his luck with the darts. Once again Spanish students were given the op- portunities to live in the atmosphere they had studied about and to speak a language different from their own. In the latter part of June, 1967, six members of the Spanish Club and Mrs. Elisa Brown, the club sponsor, journeyed to Saltillo, Mexico. While there, the members attended classes on Spanish grammar and enjoyed the companionship of a Mexican tutor who familarized them with the Mexican customs and tra- ditions. The two week visit in Mexico proved to be very educational. Spanish Club members were quite active in all school activities. The dart booth sponsored by the Spanish Club at the Harvest Festival proved to be a big success. Members of the Spanish Club excellently decorated Mrs, Brown's door for the Christmas door decoration contest. Because of the success of last year's spaghetti supper, the club sponsored a second dinner this spring. On February 17, Spanish students and German students joined together for a Spanish-German Club dance. s l i David Gjedde, Presidentg Sandra Williams, Secretary, Carolyn Pratt, Beautification Queen Candiclateg Angela Cash, Vice-Presidentg and Shari Farris, Treasurer, seek an understanding of Spanish History with the aid of Mrs. Brown, Sponsor. 78 Y David Gjeclde, Prer. Angela Cash, V .P. Sandra Williams, Sec. Shari Farris, Trear. Becky Allen jan Beers Becki Bray Anne Brittain Becky Buchanan Paula Capps Billie Cardwell Campbell Cloar Betty Collins Carolyn Cupp Billie Goodwin Kate Haggerty James Howell jane jessee Rita johnson Andrea Kilgore Billie Cardwell, Shirley Drake, Mary Paddon Carolyn Caldwell, Jan Beets, and janet Williams reminisce the good times they had in Mexico. Karen McLain Doug Masengill Margaret Merhoff Suzie Moody Sandra Mullins Becky Noe Leslie Ooten Mary Paddon Paula Pendleton Cris Perry Janice Pittman Carolyn Pratt Vickie Rich Bon-ny Riley Sue Shephard Steve Shockley Amy Smith Barbara Stephenson Patricia Swaim Debbie Travis Becky XX'allace OS ll sf 'H W Mike Buckner, Mary Guertin, Chris Chandler, Debbie Guertin, Miss Cynthia Trobaugh, and John Beets investigate a few of the many names and places they will see in Germany while visiting there in the summer. , QE sss I itzl' ' ' .JDQ i .P v ' QF Bill Adams, Pres. Tommy Folsom, V.P. jackie Parker, Sec. Chris Chandler, Tree: Larry Hurst, Rep. Darlene Austin John Beers Mike Buckner Earlene Cox Wanda Cross Tim Duby Rosalyn Fain Ava Greene Debbie Guertin Mary Guertin Jack Hayter Cheryl Helton Sandy Helton Phyllis Hopkins Lynn Ison Linda Lane Christine McGhee Nina McGinnis Robert Moss Eddie Overholt Patsy Reel Wilma Satterfield Frank Shaver Katherine Smith Barbara Starnes Paul Warrick German Although it is a newly-formed organization, the German Club has been very active in school and community activities. The membership is composed of high school students taking German this year. Miss Cynthia Trobaugh, who teaches German, is the club's sponsor. It has been the club members' purpose to create a greater interest in Germany and German culture. In order to carry out this purpose, the members have enjoyed a German speaker and several guests from Germany. Also, in order to create an even greater understanding of German life, members undertook the task of learning a German polka as well as sponsoring their own German dance. An atmosphere of hay and pitchforks in a barn belonging to one of the members of the club made the event even more realistic. In the summer of 1968, several members of the club will make a trip to Germany, where they will spend six weeks doing further study in the German language and culture. German Club members are also interested in their own community. As a community project as well as a school clean-up project, members of the German Club cleaned and repaired the Rose School playground. lub Is Organized fh4mvJ..,,.-lar. K XL, wi 4 W - "1 ' I Larry Hurst, Reporter, has some interesting news about Germany for Miss Trobaugh, Sponsorg Cheryl Helton, Beautification Queen Canclidateg Jackie Parker, Secretaryg Tommy Folsom, Vice-Presidentg Chris Chandler, Treasurer, and Bill Adams, President. Jack Hayter gives strict instruction to Tommy Folsom, Earlene Cox, Debbie Guertin, and Mary Guertin as they clean and repair the Rose School playground. Rea' Cross Council Advocates Service Tim Duby, Prer. Kate Haggerty, V.P. Mary Guertin, er. Laura Bireley S . jimmy Maden, Trear. Carolyn Caldwell Patricia Carter Chris Chandler Bob Charles Debra Cohen Michael Compton Shari Farris Barbara Ford Debbie Guertin Sandra Guice Anne Haggerty Barbara Harrison Larry Hurst Becky Johns Mark Jones Q Wie David Kiser Rita Marcurn Betty McKinley , Members of FHA II, Sally Lacy, Becky Noe, Alicia Drinnon, Judy Welch, Judy Heck, Pat Epps, Alice Hill, Linda Britton, and Mary Paddon aid the Red Cross Council by packing and wrapping Christmas gifts for Vietnam. 82 Mary Moore Gail Noe jim Richardson Undertaking the tremendous task of prepar- ing a "Christmas" for servicemen in Vietnam, able Red Cross Council members completed a successful drive for gifts and money. All stu- dents brought money and items, such as playing cards, paperback books, and candy. The senior class contributed to a special fund for the pur- chase of cigarettes through the cooperation of the R. Reynolds Tobacco Company. A total of 3121.08 was collected in the familiar iron pots placed in the halls to be used for the pur- chase of the cigarettes. The drive was culminated by a televised presentation at the V.F.W. in which the wrapped gifts were turned over to the V.F.W. officers to be flown by the Air National Guard to Vietnam. At the same time, money and clothing were collected to be sent to the children of Greene Valley. Other activities were carried out for the bene- fit of Morristown-Hamblen Hospital, Doctors Hospital, and Hamblen Hall. One of these proj- ects took place at Easter when members delivered special Easter favors to hospital patients. David Smith Katherine Smith Barbara Starnes Barbara Stephenson Debbie Travis Rusty Sentelle Mrs. C. Walker, Pam Trobaugh, Sally Lacy, Mayor john D. Henderson, Mrs. W. Thomas, Henry Black, Tim Duby, Dr. Carl T. Vance, Mrs. J. K. jones, Mr. jack Pemberton, Rusty Sentelle, and Mrs. Henry Black were present when the Red Cross Council donated gifts to the V.F.W. for Vietnam soldiers. Kate Haggerty, Tom Bivens, Pam Trobaugh, Susan Fields, Tim Duby, Mrs. jones, Sponsor, Donna Mullendore, Rusty Sentelle, Patricia Hodge, and Barbara Ford encouraged all students to give money for Greene Valley. ,E- lil Mary Guertin, Secretary, Kate Haggerty, Vice-Presidentg Miss Judith Bible, Sponsorg Mrs. John K. jones, Sponsor, Mr. William Osbome, Sponsor: jimmy Maden, Treasurer, Tim Duby, President, Chris Chandler, Reporterg and Debbie Travis, Beautification Queen Candidate, total the results of the school-wide Red Cross Drive held on February 15 for overseas relief. 83 Becky johns, Pres. Patricia Hodge, V.P. Debbie Travis, Ser. Anne Brittain, Treat. Sandra Williams, Rep. Becky Allen, Parl. Kayoko Ando Delores Bales Kathy Beckett Laura Bireley Kay Bradley Patsy Bradley Becki Bray Kay Brittain Barbara Brock Delores Carpenter Vicki Carson Angela Cash Chris Chandler Nancy Coker Rhonda Collins 7 Michael Compton igfi J Q"i Earlene Cox ' :' t k,, "' J Sharon Elkins f- X Virginia Feeney Kathy Flack Ava Greene Debbie Guertin Anne Haggerty Kate Haggerty Alice Hall Patty Harrell Sherry Harville Gayle Hickey Brenda Holt Jan jarnagin Mary johns Andrea Kilgore Velina Kilgore Linda Lane Patsy Lewis Mary McKinney Debbie Mart Margaret Merhoff Betty Miller Linda Minnich Suzie Moody Becky Noe 84 5. .--4 f ,N ,Lv if 52" s. f i' ei K: 'g' :tai 'Vx Future Teacher member Kate Haggerty takes advantage of her opportunity to teach in Mr. Brown's American History class. e A Future Teachersfl ckn0wledgeEducati0n Week Membership in the FTA both presents students with valuable insight into the complex world of teaching and also gives them an opportunity to become a part of this teaching world through club activities. After a week-long membership drive in the fall, the FTA held a "get acquainted" tea for old and new members. The Future Teachers acknowledged American Educa- tion Week by holding a tea for the teachers and pre- senting them with pencils. During the weeks before Halloween, members raised funds by selling Halloween insurance to all interested buyers and, in November, by operating an ice cream and candy stand at the Harvest Festival. With a thought for their community, members col- lected money for the new Hamblen County Library. Before Christmas, Future Teachers participated in the door decoration contest, sent cards to patients at Hamblen Hospital, and collected food for Christmas baskets. Members also attended the Future Teachers' Con- vention at George Peabody College in Nashville in April. There they participated in clinics and met with other Future Teachers from throughout Ten- nessee. Nancy Seal, jackie Turner, and Richard Carter stop for candy and ice cream at the Future Teachers' refreshment stand at the Harvest Festival. lT' Carolyn Rhodes Mary Sharpe Leslie Spears .Alice Taber Teresa Terry Judy Welch TlHE T0 DECIDE Debbie Travis, Secretary of Future Teachers, presents Mrs. Rutherford, Sponsor, with an apple as Becky Allen, Parliamentariang Pat Hodge, Vice-President, Sandy Williams, Reporterg Anne Brittain, Treasurerg and Becky Johns, President, look on. 85 Library Club Assists in Organizing New Library Maintenance of the Morristown High School Library i is a formidable task for any group, but Library Club members have done an excellent job of carrying out the various library activities. The librarians, Mrs. Cupp and Mrs. Brown, and the club members were greatly handicapped for the first portion of the year due to the renovation of the library. After the Christmas holidays, members began moving the library facilities from the auditorium, where previously materials had been stored, into the remodeled and expanded library. A good many man-hours were spent unpacking the books, dusting them, and placing them on the right shelves. Each. second and fourth Wednesday of every month, the Library Club holds its regular meetings to discuss club projects, Among the first projects was entering a Ringtoss and Lemon-Roll booth in the Harvest Festival in November. Club members added to the Christmas spirit of the school with a tree and lovely Christmas dec- orations in the library. Two other activities included cleaning Harrell Park and enjoying a club picnic. Terry Pierce, Dexter Blakeley, and Kenny Brooks, and Mrs. Brown watch as Mrs. Cupp prepares some of the new audio visual materials for use. Janice Bewley, Pru. Brenda Holt, V.P. Janice Pittman, Sec. Nancy Collins, Tren: Sue Shepard, Rep. Patsy Bradley, Sent. Georgia Fowler, Sent. Shari Beeler Dexter Blakeley Vickie Blakeley Linda Britton Andra Buttry Delores Carpenter Patricia Carter Chris Chandler Twana Clabom Donna Comwell Candy Cosson Theresa Denton Margaret Ferrell Sandy Fields Shelia Harbin Sherry Harville Diana Inman Mary Johns Andrea Kilgore Velina Kilgore Vicki Kington Hope Kren Donna Lampkin Wilma Lampkin Q Charlene Lee v-i Patsy Lewis Angela Loudy Mary McKinney janet McLain Linda Manning Debbie Mart Betty Miller Sandra Mullins Terry Pierce Barbara Pigmen Brenda Pilcher Deborah Pilcher Pat Reeves 86 Brenda Holt, Vice-President, leads a discussion on the library's selection of paperback books as Patsy Bradley, Sentinelg Janice Pittman, Secretary, Sue Shepard, Reporter, and Nancy Collins, Treasurerg look on. Patricia Riddle Linda Swaim Donna Williams ,E .A Jodie Wolfe ,F 5' Q. J, , f Z7 'J' , .lsr I . is , V, Library Club assistants, Linda Manning, Linda Brittain, Linda Swaim, Chris Chandler, Debbie Pilcher Andrea Buttry, and Candy Cosson, find that working in the library means work for all. Pep Club Generates School Spzrzt Working out the many details of Homecoming dec- srations was one of the biggest projects assumed by he spirited Pep Club. Members decorated the stadium with crepe paper and prepared boxes of helitun-filled balloons which were released before the Homecoming fame started. A model football stadium, complete with layers and Hurricane, was displayed in the office uring Homecoming week. Pep Club members created nterest during the football season by making signs for :he Players of the Week. Other members served on the asketball Homecoming Committee and made signs hich generated spirit among students with their :olorful slogans and illustrations while the basketball season was in progress. Participating in the Harvest Festival, the Pep Club operated the Tangerine Lounge, which provided mu- sic and entertainment for the students. During Febru- rry, the Pep Club supervised the choice of elementary school cheerleaders. Carrying out their plans to create nore interest in basketball and track, they made use of appropriate signs and decorations. Participation in :he door decoration contest was one of the Pep Club's Christmas projects. f "' Doris Edmonds, Presidentg Bobby Marcum, Vice-Presidentg and Debbie Rouse Secre tary and Treasurer, make plans for improving school spirit arlene Austin, Tommy Folsom, Francie Folsom, Doris Edmonds, and Rusty Sentelle concentrate on finishing one of the many Pep Club signs Bowling League Encourages Seflmprovement Bowling League members find a different spirit of competition through bowling, a sport enjoyed by many people. Competing with each other as well as challenging one's own ability builds the character and leadership of the League members. In order that all members might par- ticipate each week, the meeting date was changed this year from 4:00 P. M. Monday to 4:00 P. M. Tuesday. The site of the League competition is the West End Lanes. School activities have also challenged Bowling League members. For their annual club clean-up project, members vigorously cleaned the school's main office, the smaller inner office, and Mr. Pemberton's office. On November ll, the Bowl- ing League entered a booth in the annual Harvest Festival held in the Talley-Ward Building. Mrs. L. M. Williams, Sponsor, gives tips on keeping score to Sue Harmon, President, Kathy Hill, Secretary and Treasurerg and Betty Farmer, Vice-President. 90 L,,.J Putting their talents to work in the main office are Earlene Cox, Sue Harmon, Nancy Collins, Terry Ferguson, and Nancy Witherell. Sue Harmon, Prer. Betty Farmer, V.P. Kathy Hill, Sec. and Trear. Barbara Stephenson, Rep. Nancy Collins Earlene Cox Terry Ferguson Susan Hodge Debbie Inman Nina McGinnis Mary McKinney Rebecca Peoples Amy Smith Jody Stanifer Kay Vaughn Margaret Vaughn , Nancy Witherell 1.' Becky Wood O fee Assistants Per arm Indispensable Jobs The offices of Morristown High School are the center of activity each school day. Due to the indispensable work of forty-five capable assistants in the different offices, many office responsibilities are completed with efficiency and courtesy. The main office requires many extra office girls who assist the administration and the administrative secretaries in many ways. jobs performed by the girls include col- lecting absentee slips, delivering messages, and assisting Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Gratz. The school bookstore is constantly buzzing with activity as students continually come to buy needed school supplies. The office girls who assist Mr. Weesner have the important responsibility of handling and selling these supplies. Mrs. Thompsorfs office girls are in charge of distribut- ing the daily absentee report to the teachers. Guidance office workers run errands and assist Mrs. Stambaugh, Mrs. Goddard, and Mr. Pearson in many other ways. ...,,,,ff ii Smith, Efficient office assistants are Jackie Parker, Debbie Shockley, Lynne Ann Debbie Rouse, Gayle Hickey, Becky Patrick, Sue Harmon, Earlene Cox, jane Litz, Jeannine Thompson, Dianne Brabston, Judy Harville, Susie Reynolds, Dianne Breeding, Evelyn Kimbrough, Rita jarnigan, Charlotte Burchett, Barbara Harrison, Wanda Smith, and Patricia Hodge. X ln fabovej Janice Bewley, Betty Hill, Sherlene Banner, and Delores Bales work together to get the absentee report to the teachers each day. Ibelowj jan Hileman, Linda Minnich, Mary Vfarner, Barbara Holt, and Judy Stubblefield, Guidance office assistants, listen as Mrs. Taylor gives instructions. Smiling bookstore assistants are Diana Hurst, Betty Farmer, Sherry Harville, Shari Farris, Betty Collins, Debbie Travis, Barbara Stephenson, Anne Brittain, Peggy Douglas, jane -lessee, and Becky Allen. 9l Athletics ' ' orb' 5 if ,if 1-'KCL ' W I T md . , . , N--...M-wffw MX EDITORS: David Noe Paula Southerland ,sqxf X f ygkkf , ' 5 41-Q, 3: -4 'Q 1' Q ai , 1 fn Ei? I V Afy .5 W q ,lil 1 6' W " F m 1 xv n4r, K V - ,4 P 1 8 Q7 'D V - V .f ,.,, H 4,2 fe, -fx 5 ,Q Q Q A in-fa H., IW . ,A rp- 2.51 ". H Pix f 1 p V.'K,-vglkeufl, 2 5 Qesult in Success F ARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, From row: Carroll Treece, Jimmy Hodge, Larry Dalton, Steve Ailey, jimmy Cowan, Billy Darden, Phillip Reitz, Mike uckner, David Toon, Donnie Sams, Mike Goin. Second row: Eddie Payne, Bobby Bacon, Gary Ryan, Steve Watkins, Randall Irwin, john Hall, Bill dams, Mike Sexton, Doug Beier, Benny Denton, Tommy Laughters. Third row: Chuck Mathews, Kenny Rucker, Gregory Love, Ronnie Cline, Ron ardin, Walter Bragg, Bobby Marcum, Billy Horton, Chuck Hicks, Richard Carter, Mike Purkey, Steve Carpenter. Back row: Billy Shockley, Mike aughters, Terry Ball, james Carper, Allan Jones, Ricky Harrell, john Baxter, Jim Nichols, Bobby Inman, Nick Francis, Leslie Toon, Eddie Price. 196 7 Football Record Opponent IV e They Knox East . . . . . 25 6 Johnson City .. . 7 21 Kingsport . . . . 14 15 Newport . . . . '. 34 12 Knox Young . . . . 21 6 Greeneville . . . . . 19 12 Jefferson City . . .. 53 6 Bristol ...... . . 27 13 Elizabethton . . . . . 15 7 Erwin ....... . . 26 19 Knox Fulton . .. . . . . 6 27 Eddie Price 1255 plunges for the winning touchdown to defeat Kingsport. 95 Hurricanes Compete in 196 ptimist Bowl he-1 Benny Denton f60J, jim Nichols 1882, and john Baxter 1871 surround a Eddie Price plunges over the goal line for the lone MHS touchdowgl Fulton ball carrier. 1 E -'W Y ' I f' if " 4 1 -D ........ B. -M 'xx Ak ' Honored guests attending the annual football banquet were: Mr. E. B. Fisher, Coach Burleigh Davis and Mrs. Davis, U-T Coach Doug Dickey l Mrs. Dickey, Mrs. H. L. Reitz and Mr. H. L. Reitz. 96 Cheerleaders: Paula Cappsg Barbara Lowry, Captaing Debbie Shockleyg Sandi Raderg Barbara Fordg Janet Johnsong Rose Holtg Patricia Ren- nerg Becky Graham. i' Football coaches Anthony Eckel, Raymond Williams, Don McDonald, Burleigh Davis, james Saulsbury, and Dale Chrisman discuss plans and strategy of future games. 1 I SENIOR LETTERMEN Mike Laughters, Allan Jones, Bobby Inman, Billy Adams, Bobby Marcum, Billy Horton, Leslie Toon, Steve Watkins, Eddie Price, Randall Irwin, john Baxter, Richard Carter, Chuck Hicks, john Hall, Mike Purkey, and Billy Shockley are caught before leaving for a game. Seniors Display Leadershzp BILLY HORTON 99552. Because of his fine play all year, Billy was awarded Player of the Week in the Kingsport game, All-Conference, All-East Tennes- see team and was also elected captain of his team. ' i JOHN HALL 99940. john was named Player of the Week for his fine play at the jefferson City game and was elected to the All-Conference team. John was elected Most Valuable Player by his teamates. BILLY ADAMS 95921. Billy has been a true asset to the team playing many posi- tions. 98 MIKE LAUGHTERS 414. Mike dist played good speed and agility althougl he was hampered by injuries part of the year. Mike was an experienced yardage gainer. RICHARD CARTER 95562. Richard, 1 solid defensive player, achieved Player 0. the Week honors at the Greenevillc game. As a fine guard he could oper holes in the opponent's line. BOBBY MARCUM 96416. Filling the signal-caller position, Bobby earner Player of the Week honor in the john son City game. His attitude toward will ning proved inspirational to the tean members. i : JOHN BAXTER 98987. Latching onto the ball often, "Big john" earned Play- er of the Week for the Bristol game. He showed team spirit through the year. BILLY SHOCKLEY 5955. As a hard- hitting 'pIayer, Billy could be called on whenever he was needed to give the Hurricanes a boost. ALLAN JONES -15583. Because of his size, Allan was able to fill several posi- tions. He was honored as Player of the Week for the Knox Young game and TEVE WATKINS 54910. Although teve was hampered with injuries dur- 'ng the season, he was a credit and in- to his team. For his perform- during high school, he was given Athletic Boosters Award. IRWIN 94443. Player of the for the Knox East game went to for his fine effort and work. has shown desire and enthusiasm football. 15925. Eddie "The Bull- was a hard runner who came up yardage when it was needed. Eddie filled the position of fullbadc with desire to win. was elected to the All-Conference, All- East Tennessee and All-State teams. BOBBY INMAN 437. Bobby Ihas proved to be a success at any Eosition he plays. He has played hard-hitting season for the Hur- ricanes. CHUCK HICKS 1961. Chuck, an experienced worker, has shown his capability in playing for the Hurricanes. Chuck has been a fine defensive player throughout the season. MIKE PURKEY 1F70. Player of the Week for the Erwin game went to Mike along with All- Conference honors. Mike- has kept the team's spirit up through- out the season. LESLIE TOON 4471. Desiring to excel, Leslie proved to be one of the most dependable offensive blockers of the team. Leslie was significant in the "Hurricane Wa1l." 99 l00 Freshmen Train or the Future Front row: Danny Starnes, Mike Carpenter, joe Swann, Reese Conway, Mike Minnich, Sandy Holt, james Copeland, Mike Tiller, james Thoma: Serand row: Walter Trent, Eddie Kilgore, Rusty Fisher, Wayne Sanders, john Rice, Mike Wise, Don Kirk, Jeff Greene, jay Pemberton. Third rou Coach Chrisman, David Beckner, Marshall Mills, Carter Davis, Steve Allen, Marvin Wilder, john Treece, Dennis Dietrich. Opponent We They Knox Central . . . . . 38 7 Sevierville ...... . . . 21 7 North jr. High . . . ... 31 0 Ross Robinson . . . . . . 27 12 South jr. High .. .. 7 13 Newport .... . . . 34 0 Greeneville . . . . . 32 6 Sevierville .... . . . 26 7 Managers Terry Edmonds, Mike Caudill, and Mike Shuck, along with trainers Jackie Hayter and Tommy Folsom are always ready to give a helping hand. Front row: Mike Smith, Bruce Fields, Steve Gudis, Jay Pemberton, David Toon, Larry Dalton, Lance Cowan. Second row: Carter Oakes, Mike Goins, Carter Davis, Billy Sams, Ricky Harrell, James Carper, Mike Buckner, james Thomas, Walter Trent. Wrestling Team Is rganized An addition to the sports competition at Morris- town High School is the newly-organized wrestling team. Coaches who worked diligently with the new organization were Mr. james Saulsbury and Mr. Dale Chrisman. Uniforms, with orange shorts, black tights and tops, were ordered. With team enthusiasm growing, this new addition at Morristown High will hopefully expand and will become 11 popular athletic event. f,.t . W . . ,Q-e Wrestling member Bruce Fields is declared the winner of a match. Larry Dalton finds putting his opponent down is easier said than done l0l 1 .,,L , g. S 5 5 T""-v s 1 V W Qi -ss.....f'? s 1 .. Possession of the ball is undetermined as Buddy Ridley 1521 jumps against the Kingsport center. Stanley Wallace 1141 gets the ball on the fast break to score two points against Bulls Gap. Hurricanes Repeat as District Champs The Morristown Hurricanes, with an excellent showing dur- ing the first half of the season, won six of their first nine games. Two of these victories were over Big Seven foes, Greene- ville and Erwin. Two of the losses were to conference teams, Kingsport and Bristol. The only other two losses, both by close margins, came at the hands of Sevierville and Gatlinburg- Pittman. During the Christmas Holidays, MHS traveled to McMinn County to participate in the Holiday Tournament held there. The first night proved successful as the Big Orange rolled past McMinn County. In the next night's action, Morristown battled to a victory over McMinn Central. Competing in the Morristown Invitational, the Hurricanes de- feated Hancock and Sevierville. Losing to Bulls Gap, MHS captured second place. Selected on the All-Tournament team were Hugh Clement and Victor Brown. ' As the remainder of the season started, the Hurricanes fin- ished the regular season play with six wins as opposed to eight losses. This completed Morristown's basketball season with 15 wins and 13 losses. The Big Seven Conference record re- vealed five wins and seven losses. The Hurricanes won four ga.mes to capture the District IV crown for the second consecutive year. They then par- ticipated in the Regional I play at Kingsport where they beat Bulls Gap before losing an overtime battle to Cloudland. l02 Coach Eckel and Coach Vaughn listen as Head Coach Quarles explains new rules and regulations of the TSSAA. s. .....,.ae., . m-.......... , .M ..,,...........-..,.-.. ,........aQ-...,,...... paw... 1967-68 Basketball Record Opponent W' e They Hancock ... .. . 75 46 Hancock ..... . . . 52 50 Rush Strong .... .... 6 7 52 Sevier County .... . . . 45 47 Kingsport ...... .... 5 4 65 Bristol ...... . . . 48 63 Erwin ....... . . . 65 51 Greeneville . . . . . 55 47 hfaury ........... . . . 56 37 Gatlinburg-Pittman . . . . . . 78 79 McMinn County . . . . . . 67 65 McMinn Central . . . . . . 59 53 johnson City .... .... 4 7 65 Rutledge ...... . . . 51 55 Elizabethtori . . . .... 71 54 Bristol .... .... 6 0 70 Kingsport . . . . . . 46 48 Erwin ...... . . . 75 66 Elizahethton . . . . . . 50 56 Maury ...... . . . 54 49 Hancock ...... . . . 79 54 Sevier County . . . . . . 57 44 Bulls Gap ..... .,.. 5 6 64 Greeneville .... . . . 61 51 Sevier County .... . . . 42 44 Johnson City . . . . . . 52 70 Rutledge ......... . . . 66 57 y Gatlinburg-Pittman . . . . . . 64 86 ' Rush Strong ..... .... 5 9 58 Hugh Clement listens intently to Coach Quarles' instructions. Washburn . . . . . . 78 54 Rutledge .... . . . 62 50 Hancock ...... . . . 73 50 Sevier County . . . . . . 55 47 Bulls Gap ..... . . . 55 47 Clouclland ... .. .. .. .. 71 76 i Kneeling: Coach Vaughn and Coach Quarles. Standing: Terry Murray, Managerg Lynn Breeding, Doug Hamilton, Terry Ball, Hugh Clement, Buddy Ridley Victor Brown, Bill Wisecawer, Arnie Bivens, Keith Breeding, Stanley Wallalce, Wzlrreim Gouch, Manager. I03 VICTOR BROWN Cagers Choose Hugh Clement and Victor Brown Co-Captazns The five seniors of the Hurri- canes supplied the experience need- ed on the varsity team. Hugh Cle- ment and Victor Brown, co-cap- tains, provided the scoring in tight spots. Doug Hamilton, Stanley Wal- lace, and Lynn Breeding gave their talent for driving and steal- ing the ball from opponents. Hugh Clement and Victor Brown were chosen to the All-District Team for their fine play. Hugh Clement was also elected to the All-Re- gional Team. 4--"""" 0" ' HUGH CLEMENT Forward Forwarfl I -,,,....-4--- -A ,,,..a.-.--Q-usa I04 umnlli0"'SfE wjp ' A dy id' STANLEY WALLACE LYNN BREEDING DOUG HAMILTON Guard Guard Guard 196 7 68 B Team Record Opp anenf Kingsport . . Bristol . . . Erwin ...... Sreeneville .. lohnson City . lizabethton . . ristol ..... ingsport .. rwin ...... lizabethton . . nreeneville . llohnson City BULLS South Greene Chuckey-Doak Newport .... North Greene B-Team Fznzshes Second ln Bulls Gap Invztatzonal From row: Bobby Williams Coach Vaughn Wayne Clement Serond row Roger Brown Eric Brown Sonny Cam Dennis Ely Tracy Rouse David Helton, Duane Oyer Byron Poust Eddie Mayes Dene Reagan 1967-68 Freshman Record Opponent We They Sevierville .... .. 55 55 Jefferson ........ .. 35 49 North Jr. High . .. .. 24 49 Sevierville ...... .. 49 35 Parrottsville . . . . . 38 45 Greeneville . . . . . 41 44 Newport .... .. 42 44 Erwin . . . . . 39 48 Newport .. .. 37 65 Newport .... .. 32 26 4 Jefferson .... . . 54 40i Mayor John D. Henderson congratulates the 1968 Basketball Queen Barbara Lowry escorted i Barbara Lowry Chosen Basketball ueen l ra Front rouf: Phil Kirlcpatrick, .Ieff Kiser, Mike Smith, Coach Anthony Eckel, Frank Parker, Bobby Ewing, Dovle Wallace. Second row: jackie Free, Doug Rouse, Richard Patrick, Darwin Shockley, Gary Johnson, Marshall Ruffner, Sammy Price, joe Collins, johnny Gregg, Frank Little, David Hansard. I06 Hurricanettes Attend State Tournament Kneeling: Lynn McClure, Becke Patrick, and Paula Southerland. Stfzrniings Patricia Graves, Ruby Lowe, Jeanie McKinney, Susan Cosson, Sandra Odom, Gayle Hickey, Brenda Jett, jackie Parker, Kenny Pack, Shelley Pendergrass, and Glenda Strange. The MHS Hurricanettes climaxed their season with 18 wins and 7 losses. In the middle of the season, our girls had 12 wins and only 1 loss. Due to this fine record, they were rated among the top ten teams in East Tennessee. Midway in the season they fell into a slump as they lost three consecutive district games. Our girls defeated Maury this year, which was the first time in six years Maury had been beaten by a District IV team. Two other important victories were over highly rated Sevier- ville and Gatlinburg-Pittman. In the Morristown Invitational Tournament, the girls defeated Hancock, only to lose a close encounter to Sevierville in overtime. Lynn McClure, Brenda jett, and Glenda Strange were chosen to the All-Tournament Team. They were also elected to the All'District Team. Coach Bill Keezel was chosen unanimously as "Coach of the Year" by his fellow district coaches. After taking third place in the District IV Tournament, the Hurricanettes advanced to the Regional Tournament where they captured second place. Our girls then traveled to Jack- son where they participated in the State Tournament-the first time for an MHS team. Becke Patrick C151 starts action in the Maury game as she controls the jump ball. wh., 5, , . 1 .rem , ,..,,,,,,,1,,, - mt.. 1, ...--v""" LYNN McCLURE CAPTAIN BECKE PATRICK PAULA SQUTHERI-AND Forward Forward Forward Seniors Pace MHS Ojfensivebf Oppouefzl Hancock . . . Hancock ..... Rush Strong .... Sevier County . . . Catholic ...... West Greene .... White Pine Maury ......... Gatlinburg-Pittman Rutledge ....... West Greene . .. Parrotsville . . . South Greene .. Seymour ..... Catholic . . . Maury ....... Rush Strong .... Sevier County .. jefferson .... West Greene Maury ....... Cocke County . . Everett ........ South Greene .... Sevier County .. White Pine . . . Rutledge ....... Gatlinburg-Pittman Seymour ....... Rush Strong .... Hancock ..... Sevier County 08 We 56 62 81 44 62 53 66 63 51 54 65 63 45 52 48 58 69 41 54 48 57 50 42 35 44 51 50 46 44 72 73 47 They 42 48 36 46 49 37 41 51 49 28 54 39 35 65 52 63 39 44 45 39 49 65 69 48 35 46 36 42 60 35 46 49 .NSS-Q l The MHS offense is set as Paula Southerland G31 and a Seviezville player go high for the jump ball. B-Team Girls Have Triumphant Season Kneeling: Sandra Hopson and Gail Davis. Standing: Susan Keezel, Managerg Gail 'Leabow, Karen McClure, Becky King, Kathy Davison, Debbie Mart, Beth Roberts, Gwen Beier, Gail King, Becky Jo Roberts, and Twana Claborn, Manager. 1967-68 Girls' B-Team Opponent Catholic ..,.. West Greene West Greene South Greene Seymour .... Catholic .... South Greene Sevier County Seymour .... Coach Keezel assists girls' managers jan Beets and Deanie McKinney. They 22 32 28 15 37 20 25 43 37 -' -an ' if is FWW The tip-off puts the Hurricanettes in motion against Gatlinburg Pittman. IO9 l Track Team Sets New Conference Record l Bill Adams, Jim Nichols, and Ronnie Beene display perfect form in the high jump, the discus throw, and the cross country run. "' ' '-'- ' . , - ' ' ,- -uf: '1Qgi'jfX'j,,i'W'ifi 1 ' 1 t -a ' 1 - - J.. WG: Y 'PW I N f- ' AQ 'f '- P' -Q .ir-gf '.fwZ:ma-its.fiE5r - as - 'H t , QQ- . 'H ' K , QQ 1 : , ' W Q ,' - f' ,I - , , 'tw J QM ,c A 15. ,,, K ' 'ff 1 .-3 C1 QC- Fronl row: Albert Thomas, Albert Winstead, John Hall, Robert Birchfield, David jones. Second row: Phil McMahan, Steve Shockley, Don-nie Beene, Ronnie Beene, Lanny Minton, Alvin Mallicoat, Stan johnson. Third row: Coach Don McDonald, Richard Hilten, Nick Francis, Jim Nichols, johnny Dean, Gary Wemlinger, Mike Laughters, Gary Black, Wayne Dailey. Bark row: Robert Kyle, Bill Adams, Bobby Marcum, David Brooks, Dorman Higgins Willie Miller, Ronnie Harrold. I0 .Ji- s.,, BAND Our Track team has succeeded in establishing an enviable winning tradi- tion. Whether competing in a relay, Ap high jump, pole vault, or discus throw, J the members always give their best effort. In dual competition meets last spring, the Track team defeated Oak Ridge, Knox Central, Knox South, and Johnson City. Only Webb High School was able to hold the Hurricanes to a tie. Ratings in the Big Seven Conference revealed that the Hurricanes finished in third place. The two-mile relay team broke the school and the Big Seven Conference records with a time of 8:1114 at the Newt-Sentinel Relays in Knoxville. 6 Ronnie Beene, David Brooks, Bobby Marcum, and ,Mn M ,,,, Donnie Beene are the members of the two-mile ' 7- re 1 Q., W relay team. Cross Country Places Fourth in State Meet Distinguishing features between track team and a cross country team eveal that competing in cross coun- ry events requires not only speed, ut also plenty of endurance. The urricane runners demonstrated heir proficiency in track by achiev- ng many honors. y Competing in Kingsport on No- vember 2, they placed second in the lBig Seven Conference. Traveling to johnson City, they took second posi- tion in the Regional Meet, The MHS Cross Country team then com- ted in the State Track meet in ashville, November 18. There the members captured the number four spot in the state. Front row: Ronnie Beene, Steve Shockley, Richard Hilten, Albert Thomas, Phillip DeVault, James Gibson, Donnie Beene. Bark row: Coach McDonald, Stanford Treece, David Brooks, David Smith, Carl Storms, Gary Black, Brent Arnold. .la . .4 - K. . PHILIP REITZ JOE XVHITESIDE Left to rigbl: Joe Whiteside, Larry Collins, Philip Reitz, Bill Horton. GOQF Team Places Second in Region I Billy Horton and'Daisy relax as Larry Collins tallies the score of their golf match. Although getting off to a slow start, the MHS Golf Team won three of their four matches. During the season, the team lost only one match to Rogersville. Our golfers went to the Regional Tournament, where they placed in second posi- tion. Sponsor Anthony Eckel, along with the professional guidance of Fred Brown, gave valu- able assistance to the 1967 MHS Golf Team. Representing the 1967 Hurricane Golf Team in the State Tournament was golfer Bobby Bray. Bobby is now attending the University of Ten- nessee on the first golf scholarship given to a graduate of Morristown High School. The stu- dents of MHS are very proud of the achievement of the entire golf team. mu. HORTON '. J, - 4. ZX- LARRY COLLINS II3 Although the 1967 baseball record didn't show all victories, the worn leather on the gloves and the broken bats proved that the Hurricanes played each game with the desire to win. Beginning the season with three very con- vincing wins, another seemingly great season be- gan for Coach Keezel and his team. However, there was then a prolonged slump as the Hurri- canes lost four consecutive Big Seven Conference games. During the last eight games, Morristown managed to win only two Big Seven encounters. Competing in the District Tournament, the team was defeated by Rutledge in a very close game. Coach Vlilliam B. Keezel and Baseball Sweetheart Lynn Cosson admire the trophies won by previous MHS teams. II4 196 7 Baseball Record Opponent We Gatlinburg-Pittman . . . , , 7 Maury ........... . . 7 Maury ..... , , , 26 Erwin ....... , , 3 Johnson City . . . , , , 1 Kingsport .... , , 2 Greeneville . .. , , 1 Elizabethton . . , , 4 Bristol .... , , 1 Bristol . . . , , 3 Erwin ...... , , , 3 Kingsport .... ,, 0 Elizabethton .,.. . . 2 Johnson City ........................ 2 Greeneville ........................... 3 DISTRICT II TOURNAMENT Rutledge ............................. 1 They 1 1 2 13 13 3 7 O 5 6 2 6 6 15 5 2 Team Co-Captains Doug Hamilton and Roger jarnigan discuss former Hurricane teams and their accomplishments. 1 1 -H ,,....i if 1' i Seniors David Edmonds, Bobby Bruce, and Mike Helton display the type of techniques used in the game of baseball. Hurricanes Develop Sportsmanshzp Front row: Lynn Breeding, David Edmonds, Barry Denham, Roger jarnigan, Randall Irwin, Steve Watkins, Bob Vlilliams, John Buchanan, Eric Brown. Bark row: Darrell Long, Managerg Doug Beier, Bobby Bruce, Mike Helton, Allan Jones, Terry Sloan, Terry Ball, Doug Hamilton, Bill Adams, Bobby Claborn, Manager. Il5 dministration , and Faculty ,.n.,,.,. . ..,. 1. ' :E if W , I 425-v 4: R 4 Q L 5 gag i QQ A 1-,MPN 2 ws ws SM " " 1. '-,T ,x . AP .lslffikl b m Q '-- 5 . in 5- 'Y f ,. sf y - f:41-,355 1 ff: V my i we ,,xiw,f:W, 2 fwrfsif 44515 'i ai K1 . ,, GW as-V? .ai 'aw - KN: EDITOR: Janice Davis Administration Increases in umber lf l E e w ?' Mr. Charles H. Strange, Principal, discusses MHS regulations with a student. Morristown High School is evaluated each decade by a com- mittee from the Southern Association of Secondary Schools. How- ever, due to the unfinished renovations of our school, the ten- year evaluation has been postponed until next year. Nevertheless, the faculty, which has already been divided into committees and subcommittees, is continuing an intensive self-evaluation program. Comprising eleven committees, the faculty express sincere opinions on the educational program of the high school and suggest possible changes which may improve the program. These faculty members dedicate unselfish service and excessive time and attention in order to find a means of challenging the excellent students and interesting the average ones. A favorable result from the evaluation is necessary for MHS to remain an accredited sd1ool. Since the establishment of standards for secondary schools has been a gradual process, the search con- tinues for discovering favorable characteristics in an expanding educational system and for securing a sound appraisal of Morris- town High School. Il8 , l g 4 1 'Y 5 I , K . . .ff-H 45615 gift W H., at 1 1 l l Mr. S. A. Cain, Assistant Principal, reaches for his daily mail Mr. jack Pemberton, Assistant Principal, looks for a student's fmiddlejg and Mr. Murrell Weesner. Assistant Principal, sells a to a pupil. The Morristown School Commission members, rilting: Hiram H. Jonesg Russell Fisher, Secretaryg Roy S. Oakesg Carl T. Vance, Superinten' dent of Morristown City Schoolsg and Richard N. Hart. Standing: Lawrence W. Whaleng Tracy W. Prater, Jr., Chairmang Joe Q. Dougherty, Vice-Chairmang William C. jonesg and Williain O. Helms. ...-ppl!! Mr. Joseph Riner Teacher's aides Mrs. Ed Taylor, Mrs. Howard Malone, Mrs. I. Lester Cohen, and Mrs. james Gratz carry out their many duties. Mrs. Howard Litz With the addition of four new members, the Morristown School Commission now numbers nine members. In help- ing to share the burden of the growing complexities of administering the Morristown City School System, the Commission works with the individual schools and the Superintendent to provide regulations governing the opera- tions and standards of the schools. In each of the various MHS departments teachers aides - - - ' ' Mr. james H. Gaddis Mrs. Kemp Newman contribute to better. teaching efficiency by performing some Mrs. James W- Crockett Mrs. Tom Frye of the non-instructive chores of many teachers. Mrs. Frank Condef Mrs, wiuard Cane, II9 s Fine Arts Stress Creativity Additional storage space and display areas have made it worth- while for the Art Department to change classrooms. Through many activities stressing the use of various expressive media, art chal- lenges the creative power of the students. Under capable direction, the MHS chorus program offers active participation to those genuinely interested in improving their voices and learning more about choral singing. Chorus students in the MHS Concert Choir display their vocal abilities at various programs during the school year. Band I and. II are offered to those students desiring to improve and train their instrumental music abilities. During football sea- son'Band I students perform as a marching unit at half time. Mrs. Edwards directs as the choir sings at the 1967 ITAKHA Presentation. Mr. Biddle prepares to play his favorite piece as Paula Southerland listens. IZO .,,....-4" af r it .Xxx ttsi gi Mr. Francis is always quite willing to help his students on an art project Mr. William Biddle Mrs. Yater Breeding Mrs. Paul A. Edward Mr. Wendell Francis Business Education Provides Varied Skills Business Education provides Typing, Shorthand, Cleri- cal Practice, Bookkeeping, and General Business classes for students desiring to learn proper business and secretarial skills for future office employment or personal use. These courses are designed in order that students may develop the knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes, and ideals necessary for successful advancement in business. Capable and interested students are also assisted in planning and preparing for further education leading toward manage- ment and professional business positions. Charts, records, and filmstrips are also employed as aids in teaching students to think quickly and clearly. The addition of new electric ten-key adding machines help to make teaching methods more effective. Miss Virginia Hodges, in going through the contents of her cabinet, finds a manual which will come i-n handy in General Business. 36 "On your mark, get set, ready Mrs. Thompson seems to be saying as she sets her stopwatch for a five-minute timed writing in one of her several Typing I classes. Miss Virginia Hodges Mrs. H. Evan McKinley Mr. William P. Osborne Mrs. Kyle Thompson I2l English Promotes Clear ommunications -"1 New 1-I , Mrs. Conkin tries to convince David Mason that her English book has just as many pages as his. f 5 As her class busily labors through a test, Miss Kilgore grades a stack of daily homework papers. Mrs. Goldfinch gives her Freshman English class a test over commonly misspelled words. I22 MHS provides a diversified English program, consisting of courses and activities planned to develop the skills of reading, writing, listening. and speaking-all of which are essential to the students in their personal, social, and occupationm life. Linguistic emphasis in the classroom i: placed on accuracy and comprehension in read ing, clarity and fluency in speaking, and logical arrangement and effectiveness of ideas in writing Once again, an advanced English IV course is being offered for the benefit of those seniors wht plan to attend college. In the regular classes, every effort is made to relate English to a wide range of experiences-curricular, vocational, and social The study of English is also enriching the live of MHS students by providing them with ex periences in creative expression, reading, an: dramatization. L T77 Miss Judy Bible Mrs. John R. Conkin Mrs. Burleigh Davis MIS- L9-NC Goldffndl Miss Leah Anne Gray Mrs. Robert L. Hilten Miss Anna Belle Kilgore Sharpe IMiss Horner knows that records are very effective teaching aids. Mrs. john K. jones Miss Jane Horner I Mr, Ralph Wesley Mrs. Jasper Watkins Driveris Education Teaches Safety Taylor listens as Coach Chrisman explains the importance of seat belts to the class. Changing tires, learning proper braking techniques, turning corners, and mastering control of a moving vehicle are a few of the learning experiences in- volved in Driver's Education. Actual practice driving is supplemented with classroom instruction dealing with driver attitudes, rules of the road, maintenance of the automobile, good pedestrian practices, and the de- velopment of driving skill. An important function of the program is impressing upon the student the importance of showing courteous consideration for other drivers and for pedestrians. The aforementioned skills are taught with the explicit purpose of helping pupils to learn to use automobiles safely and effi- ciently. l l Mr. Dale Chrisman l23 Foreign Languages Inspire World Interest Kathy Callicut! listens closely as Mrs. White explains the conjugation of a difficult French verb. Carl Storms and Carolyn Pratt admire the lovely sarape Mrs. Brown shows to her Spanish class. l24 To meet the present demand among the stu- dents for a- diversified foreign language pro- gram, the Foreign Language Department is con- tinually expanding to include a variety of linguis- tic opportunities. French, a new addition to the department this year, has been added to Latin, Spanish, and German. Through these courses, students are offered a chance to read, write, speak, and understand a language other than their own. Also, with the utilization of tape recorders, films, and records, the languages are related to pupils in order that they may achieve a gradually expanding and deepening knowledge of all cultural aspects of a foreign language. -1 M1-5. Rcby C, Brown Miss Aileen Catron Miss Cynthia Trobaugh Mrs. Roger While Miss Aileen Catron challenges an industrious Latin l student to translate the next sentence correctly for her f... - -359 1 ,, Mrs. Brummitt advises Barbara Edwards to follow the example in her math book. Modern Math UJYEFS New Challenges Teaching Modern Mathematics this year is a curricular in- novation of the Mathematics Department. This curricular addi- tion, along with the other courses, provides an extension of general and special mathematics, both of which contribute to the present and probable future educational, vocational, and cultural needs of the student. The Department stresses under- standing in the fundamental process of computation, ability in the problem-solving method of many computational situa- tions, and insight into the basic structure of mathematics. The curriculum includes concepts upon which scientific and techni- cal progress may be advanced. Coach Eckel attempts to explain that arithmetic is really very simple Mrs. jake Brurnmitt Mr. J. Anthony Eckel Miss Charles Grace Hale Mrs. james M. Phillips Mrs. Glenn Rutherford Mr. Alden K. Vaughn Mrs. William H. Wilson l25 Library Expands Extensive renovations of the library have al- T most tripled the previous amount of space avail- able. The remodeled area also includes an audio- visual department with materials and equipment, three conference rooms, and a library classroom with a movable partition. Another welcome im- provement is the installation of air conditioning. In addition to the renovations, many new materials have also been added. 'I'he new equip- ment includes record players, projectors, an elec- tric typewriter, four projector carts, and a hand vacuum cleaner. Mrs. Charles E. Brown MIS- Harry CUPP Mrs. Brown and Brenda Holt find that refilling the bookshelves in the newly renovated library is a tedious, time-consuming job and welcome Mrs. Cupp's assistance in completing the task Guidance Assists College-Bound Students l 1 r , 5-gil' x , . i i - . , f , Mrs. Paul Goddard Mr, Kenneth Pearson MIS- .lim W- Sfambal-1811 Services provided by the Guidance Department are organized to give the student continuous assistance in knowing himself as an individual, in making the most of his abilities, in correcting limitations, and in relating this information realistically to his needs and potentialities. Many pupils are utilizing the services provided by the guidance counselors and equipment. For example, a student may enlist aid in college selection from the College Entrance View- deck, which was purchased this year, as were the new filmstrips. Hurst and Jane Litz. Mrs. Goddard explains the use of the College Entrance which is a new feature of the Guidance Department, to I26 Physical Education ana' Health . hile discussing mental health, Mr. Saulsbury asks the class a ques- 011. Health Education at Morristown High is required of all eniors for graduation. The course promotes the development f knowledge, attitudes, and practices necessary to meet resent and future health needs. In Physical Education, students are encouraged to develop oordination, strength, skill, and endurance through partici- ation in various activities, including calisthenics, tumbling, olleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and table tennis. Each lass session lasts one hour and meets from two to three times week. Students are required' to take at least three years of hysical Education. Emphasize Fitness Mr. Burleigh Davis Mr. Bob Rader Mr. james W. Saulsbury Mrs. Maurice Williams na'ustrial A rts ana' C 0-op Provide Experience Mechanical drawing and machine shop constitute Industrial Arts. Some of the ills taught in machine shop include shop math, blueprint reading, and recognizing e characteristics of metals. During the two-year course, the boys spend three hours ch school day learning to operate milling machines, lathes, and drill pressesg ning to use the shaperg and learning to do welding. A co-operative work-study program is available to students desiring both voca- onal training and a high school diploma. Several students work at the local news- lper offices and hospitals. rfr. Glennon Brown confers with Co-op student Aurellia Treece about her progress in the ast month. ., g 1 Mr. Glennon Brown Mr- Don McDonald Mr. 0'Neill Quarles I27 To guide students in understanding the institutions and organizations of society and man's behavior as a result of influential economic, governmental, politi- cal, and social systems is the objective of our Social Studies Department. From principles of history, economics, geography, sociology, and psychology, knowledge and ability for effective citizenship are acquired. The program instills within the student individual appreciation for the American heritage and the attitudes and conceptions that perpetuate a sound democracy. In order to apply them to the present and future, emphasis is placed on the rights and responsibilities learned from the past. 3:2 X . l Glfography students find that Mrs. Roark is right-Bogota really is in the Western Hemis p ere. Social Studies Advances Civic Awareness U-J Mr. Charles E. Brown Miss G1-are Catmn Miss Martha Lou Coile Mr. William B. Keezel Mr. William J. Neill Mr, Gene Phillips Mrs. Vernon E. Roark Mrs. Ben H. Shiner Mrs. Clarence A. I28 Science Department Acquires New Another of the many renovations made this year at MHS is the expanding of facilities in the Science De- partment. Greatly needed chemistry and physics labs have been fully equipped. The Department continues to offer a four-year science curriculum, including general cience, biology, chemistry, and physics. Morristown High, this year, has been the location of the ew Regional Science Experience Center from Oak Ridge. his center is centrally located here as a distribution point our use as well as other schools in the area. Morris- High holds a charter membership in the center. Mr. Easterly teaches basic principles of General Science to his class. leaf? C H4 4 32.2 H No HHS 213 K M134 nb sau E3 231 ge i v 625252 ii 31511152 Labs Art M91 I Zn Go f aa as use un SMS sn! HM SHS 4513 GU? ,ga ya .te as 4: as M Sf Y Zr NbHo Tc Ru 'J Cd 45,3 pi: 1322 new '55 U Bi! 'HTH me. if YE 'E , 'L 36 i . arf BoLaHfTuNRe0S 'fr' XS'1!?!iY? 'Hd 'MHS 1134 'ZSATZ N5 'U Ro Ac S l 5 Ho ff' 1 N' W ' :sua fs 0' f B, Th P: U Np Utilizing laboratory equipment for a demonstration, Mr. Keener makes chemistry more interesting. Mr. George A. Easterly Mr. George Keener Mrs. James A. Nichols Mrs. John A. Northern Mr. James M. Phillips Mr. Gene Quarles Mr. Raymond Williams Mrs. Hiram W. Wolfe l29 Vocational ome Economics Instzlls Basic Domestic Skills Typical sensory impressions emitted by the Home Economics Department at MHS are the aroma of an apple pie baking and the buzz of sewing machines. However, nutrition and sewing are only a few of the many different units taught in the three-year course. In correlating class experiences with their home life, the girls are encouraged to utilize principles learned in a personal health unit taught by the County Health Nurse and in the new Red Cross Care Unit. gi. Q9- a Mrs. L. M. DeBusk MIS- N- C- Kelley Mrs. Eugene G. Smith Mrs Smith helps Janice Pittman put the finishing touches on her Vocational Agriculture ODFGFS Man Experiences Vocational Agriculture emphasizes the knowledge, skill, attitudes, and ideals de- manded for the advancement of agricultural occupations. After careful analysis of the specific needs of students, a program has been devised that uses the facilities of the school and the resources of the community. Mr. Denver j. Ruth Doug Masengill watches while Mr Ruth conducts an electrical experiment creating a magnetic I30 , 'E f -. . ,l Included in the renovations at Morristown High School is the expansion of the School In- firmary. Three attractive, well-equipped rooms are now available to provide emergency care for sick or injured students. A full-time nurse whose duty is to give qualified first aid is also in attendance during school hours. A new counter with cabinets and a stainless steel sink, a cot, additional first-aid supplies, and a rest- room are only a few of the new additions to the interior of the infirmary. Another part of the expansion program is the enlarging and remodeling of the School Cafe- teria. Changes include new windows, painting, acoustical ceiling, fluorescent lighting, and new furniture. Many of the changes are necessary in order for the cafeteria personnel to have ade- quate facilities for serving students. One of the most important school services is the proper maintenance of the building by the custodial staff. Their job has been made especially difficult by the problems resulting from the in- tensive renovations of the building. Certainly we are, therefore, very grateful to these hard- working gentlemen. Mr Willie Branton Mrs Ethel Hopson Mrs Stella Ringley and Mrs Ruth Jones MHS s. , . , . , . , afeteria personnel, prepare to serve for the third lunch period in the renovated cafeteria. chool Services Prove to Be Valuable Irs. Beets, the school's full time registered nurse, administers first aid o Andrea Kilgore in the main office of the new infirmary. . at , eggm 0- I W . :,121Y,'Qz1"t'i" I .. 't . M -,M I ,wr 'i A if . . 5:'tH'y" ii in . t S Custodians Mr. W. H. jarnigan, Mr. joe Lawson, Mr. Robert Rines, Mr. Homer Long, and Mr. Lee Deal, under the supervision of Mr. Arthur Holder, assist in moving books into the newly renovated library. l3I Classes N if N1 EDITORS: Becky johns Rita johnson .ly f 'I Senior Leadershzp Demands Maturigf Ragena Walker, President, discusses the ac- tivities planned for the senior class. Jackie Ray Baker Delores Ann Bales Rita Sherlene Banner John Edwards Baxter Mark Douglas Beam Donald Eugene Beene Ronald Eugene Beene Janet Eileen Beets Elizabeth Jane Bellamy Andrea Jean Bewley Bill jack Adams David Alexander Adams, jr. David Paul Adams Barbara jean Allen Janice Carol Allen Mark Taylor Anderson Gary Flem Antrican Dixie Doreen Arnold Mary Gail Atkins and Ability Janice Gentry Bewley Kathy Irene Bible james Thomas Bivens julia Dianne Brabston Robert Fort Braswell Dow Tyrone Braziel Lynn Ellis Breeding Virginia Dianne Breeding Anne Russell Brittain Vlilliam Robert Brock Allen Dale Brooks Delores Anne Brooks Rudolph Victor Brown Dana Drew Buchanan john Paul Buchanan Seniors Charlotte jean Burchett Robert Taylor Burchett Clyde Edwin Byard Carolyn Louise Caldwell Patricia Sue Cameron Billie Lucilia Cardwell jerry Douglas Carroll Richard Murrell Carter Angela Cash Linda Helen Catron sei W Excitement Isfthe Theme or Senior T rqn Merle Thomas Chamberlain John Howard Chance, II Brenda Kay Chapman Robert Edward Charles, jr. Douglas Steve Christian Donna Loraine Clarkson Hugh Tillman Clement, jr. , S jack Campbell Cloar, jr. Beatrice Talley Cobble Johnny Ruben Cobble Sherry Lea Coffey Patricia Ann Cole Robert Lawrence Collins Steve Ross Combs Jack Michael Compton Warren Elliot Conway Ronald Glenn Courtney Earlene Patricia Cox Lois Marie Cox Charles William Craine UQ! Terry Lee Crews Patsy Lee Crigger Carolyn Anne Cupp Janice Kay Davis Larry Stephen Davis x ra A sign 4 0 Washington and New York Io Ann Dean Sandra Eileen Dean Brenda Kaye Delaney Rebecca Sue Demko Donna Marie Dennis Sonny Wayne Denton Cynthia Susan Dixon Perry Lazarus Doka, Ir. Shirley Elaine Drake Sain i iff, Es Y A N S ' Rita johnson, Vice-President, waves good bye as she leaves on the senior trip Timothy Rayburn Duby Cindy Lee Dudley Doris Ann Edmonds Donald Joe Edwards Lois Faye Elkins Lynn Marie Ezell Althia Norene Fain Betty Ann Farmer Sharon Mac Farris Terry Susan Ferguson The Senior Term Paper Activates the Kathleen Haggerty Samuel Powel Hale john David Hall Glenn Douglas Hamilton 3 W f"'t'g r Margaret Ella Fisher Thomas Charles Folsom Barbara Jean Ford George Waddel Franklin james Edward Fuller james Dee Fullington David Claude Gjedde Mary Elizabeth Goan William Cain Goodman Phyllis Davis Green Carole Anne Greene Philip Calvin Greene Sharon Lee Greene jerry Ernest Griffen Donald Wayne Guice 'W " we-'ffifhaf' Ai., 'ai' f we epfgyggsss ' gr Q-,a aa me .,,i, Ha, -W, Sandra Williams, Secretary, finds the library is an ideal for the research required to write a term paper. Mznd of an Ingenuous Student Sue Ellen Harmon Judy Kay Harrison Judy Pearl Harville Roy Gregory Harville john Thomas Hastie Belinda Izetta Hattaway jerry Allen Helton Johnny Clark Helton Keith Monroe Henegar Mike Charles Hicks Janet Elaine Hileman Betty Mearlene Hill Kathryn Dawn Hill Linda Lou Hill Lloyd Gale Hinkle Seniors Patricia Lynn Hodge Brenda Elizabeth Holt Rose Marie Holt Elizabeth Anne Horner Willimn Eugene Horton Robert Neal Howard Humphrey Eugene Howell james Frank Howell, Ir. james Charles Howerton Phyllis Ann Howington I I39 Preparation or College Requires Added ,, 4 5 in-f '- Y ,Q .,., ,.,,. Bernadine Burchfield Kimbrough Evelyn Kay Kimbrough Kathy Sue Kimbrough Samuel Blade King Judy Carol Kirk David Thomas Kiser Maxie Gail Lakins Herman Wright Lampkin Michael Albert Laughters Linda Earlene Lee Guy Lamar Huff Elizabeth Lucille Humpston Gary Lynn Hurley Danny Ray Hurst Diana Lynn Hurst Larry Wade Hurst Thomas Stratton Hurt Richard Eugene Idell Bobby Dean Inman Randall Wayne Irwin Rebecca Loretta johns Catherine Anne johnson Rita Jane johnson Allan Randal Iones Andrea Carol Kilgore Responsibilities Sandra Darlene Lewis Vickie Marcella Linkous Nancy Elizabeth Little jane Kathleen Litz Darrell Lee Long David McCoy Long, Jr. Dorothy Carol Long Lynn Anne Long Goth Abra Lowe Linda Ann Lowe Barbara Ann Lowry Linda Joyce McClaran Lynn Darlene McClure Kenneth Gale McCoig Bill joe McDonald Gail Noe, Treasurer, concludes that choosing a college from the many catalogues would confuse any student. Seniors David Lynn McFadden Barbara Sue McKee Eleanor Dean McKinney Mary Lynn McKinney Magazine Sales Provide a Valuable and Phillip Anthony McMahan Iona Re McNabb William Richard Manning Robert Lynn Marcum Stella Lorraine Martin Douglas Henderson Masengill, jr. Mr. Weesner congratulates Lynn McClure, Steve Thayer, and Carolyn Cupp on their excellent salesmanship during the senior magazine sales. Van Hix Masengill t Kenneth Daryl Mays i Cheryl Cooper Mefford Margaret Eleanor Merhoff Geri Ellen Miles i nl Betty jean Miller Linda Kaye Minnich Robert Mitchell Morris Shirley june Moss . Sandra Faye Moyers I Projitable Experience for Seniors Donna Marie Mullendore William Michael NeSmith David Lynn Noe jerry Lee Noe Linda Gail Noe Pamela Arwaita Oaks Mary Lois Oler Dorothy jean Parkey Patricia Faye Parrish Rebecca Sue Patrick Steven Edward Patrick Margaret Ann Payne Brenda Faye Pigmon Charlotte Laverne Potter Carolyn Lee Pratt Seniors U -351 George Edward Price, Jr Michael Eugene Price Dan Frank Purkey Linda Joyce Purkey Michael Powell Purkey Sandra Kay Rader Patricia Ann Renner Charles Leroy Roberts Deborah Eugenia Rogers Deborah Lynn Rouse Enthusiastic Seniors Exhibit School Patsy Sue Russell James Edward Sauceman Kenneth Eugene Scott Nancy Lou Seal Janice Smith Seals Linda Sue Seals Horace Nelson Sentelle Patsy Cotter Sexton Lois Ann Shaver Betty Lou Shipley nf, L. William Howard Shockley 3 it James Doyal Shoun Michael Eugene Shuck john Calvin Sipe, jr. Lar Lee Skeen fl' "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! That's the Senior Battlecry," is heard from seniors as they cheer the Hurricanes to victory. l Spirit through Cheering Benjamin Fort Slabbekorn Alice Sue Smith Anita Cheryl Smith Elizabeth Jennings Smith J. Glenn Smith Lynne Ann Smith Wanda Gail Smith Paula Jean Southerland Sandra Gail Southerland Barbara Sue Starnes Larry Dale Stepp Judith Ann Stubblefield Patricia Ann Swaim Vonda Darlene Tate Judy Jennette Taylor Seniors Virginia French Taylor Sherry Valin Teague Steve Alan Thayer James Aaron Thompson Jeannine Euna Thompson Kyle Franklin Tilley Dinah Lynn Timmins Rachel Alice Tinsley James Leslie Toon Dana Jerald Travis Feeling of Great Accomplishment Steven Dudley Watkins jack Steven Watson Roger Carroll Way Michael Lee West Vicki Ann West Jenece Arlene Weston Gary Dale Whitehead Edwin Wray Wilkinson Edwin Max Williams janet Louise Williams Aurellia Louise Treece Gary Allen Trent Pamela Lea Trobaugh Curtis james Turner, jr. jacquelin Faye Turner Gary Dean Turnmire Cynthia B. Vance Ragena Ann Walker Thomas Clay Walker Nick Remond Wallace Stanley Rudolph Wallace Sandra Elaine Walton Mary Ethel Warner Judy Kay Warren Carroll Edward Wassum Is Reachea' with Graduation Judy Yvonne Williams Nancy Diane Williams Ronald Williams Sandra Ann Williams Kathryn Lynn Wisecarver Nancy jane Witherell Rebecca Ann Wood Thomas Russell Wood Robert Larry Wright William Stephen Wright Melissa Karen Yount ,si Q - 'V sis-V L 5' ,., 'S K if Seniors Mr. and Mrs, Don Clarkson watch as their daughter, Venus, assists her sister, Donna, gg. if 5 f -ia QV' J si T an' Q 5 c.. -e- in the preparation for MHS graduation exercises Prom Preparation Confronts Juniors Black, Kathy Bledsoe, Mary jean Blevins, Mary Bolden, Barbara Bowlin, Ronald Bray, Bill Bray, Becky Breeding, Keith Brock, Diana Brooks, Lynn Broyles, Sharon Bryan, Aaron Bryan, Alicia Buchanan, Becky Buckner, Michael Buell, Teresa Bullion, Janice Bunch, Mike Ailey, Steve Allen, Rebecca Alvis, Barbara Amos, Pat Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Buddy Ando, Kayolco Austin, Darlene Austin, Lee Baker, Regina Banner, Ralph Bauch, Kathy Beeler, Shari Beets, Robert Bible, Betty Birchfield, Robe: Bireley, Laura Bishop, Judy I Buttry, Shelia Cameron, Ronnie Cantrell, johnny The Junior Class Officers: Becky Wallace, Treasurer, Larry Dalton, Vice-President, Sally Lacy, President, Debbie Shockley, Secretary, anxiously start to decorate the gym for the 1968 prom. Juniors Cantwell, Robert Capps, Paula Carper, James Carroll, Rita Carson, Ricky Caudill, Mike Chandler, Chris Charles, ,Alice Clark, Gary Clevenger, Kathy Cochran, George Coker, Nancy Collins, Betty Collins, Danny Ray Collins, Larry Collins, Nancy Cook, Katherine Cornwell, Donna I49 Ely, Dennis Emming, Barbara Faddis, Brenda Fai-n, Rosalyn Ferrell, Margaret Flack, Kathy Ford, Bruce Francis, Nick Fuller, Freddy Gibson, Shirley Glass, Doug Goins, Mike Goodwin, Billie Gratz, joey Gray, Richard Gregg, Donald Gregory, Billy Grigsby, joe Juniors Gudis, Steve Guertin, Mary Guice, Sandra Gulley, Bobby Guyette, Susie Hall, Alice Hall, Earl Hammond, Sharon Hammontree, Alice Haney, Dwayne Hardin, Ronald Harrell, David Harrell, Richard Harrison, Barbara Hart, Richard Hartman, Sandra Harville, Sherry Hastie, james Juniors Excitedbf Anticzpote Completion Kathy Flack, Richard Hilten, and Doug Glass carefully examine the future chemistry classrooms. Helton, Billy Helton Cheryl Helton, David Helton, Sandy Hickey, Gayle Hilten, Richard Hayter, Jack Heck, Judy Helms, Ruth Hinkle, jan Hite, Brenda Hodge, Brenda Hodges, Al Holt, Barbara Horner, jack Huxley, Keith Inman, Debbie Jarnain, Diane Johnson, Joyce johnson, Lamar jones, Danny I52 Vew Classrooms Jones, Mark Kilgore, Velina King, Jimmy Kinser, John Knight, Victor Kyle, Brenda Kyle, Linda Lacy, Sally Lakins, Katherine Lane, Linda Lane, Wilma Leonard, Clarence Linkous, Sandra Litton, Mary Long, David Loudy, Angela Lovelace, Minnie Lovins, Sterling McClaran, Susan McGhee, Christine McKinney, Jeanie Maden, Jimmy Manning, Linda Marshall, Loretta Martin, Judy Martin, Linda Mason, Nancy Mathews, Chuck Mathis, Ann Mayes, Eddie Mayes, Paula Sue Miller, Joyce Mills, Anthony Moody, Suzie Moore, Mary Morgan, James College-Career Night Brings Expectations Parker, jackie Parker, Kenneth Payne, Eddie Pearson, Jimmie Pendleton, Paula Perry, Chris Peters, Pam Pettigrew, Pat Phillips, Brenda Phillips, Pam Pierce, David Pittman, Janice Pigmon, Barbara Poling, Barbara Pratt, Peggy Ann Proffitt, Jimmie Purkey, Darlene Ramsey, Donna Mullins, Linda Mullins, Lonnie Mullins, Sandra Murray, Ken Murray, Terry Musser, Dianne Nelson, Bruce Nichols, James Noe, Becky Noe, Donna Oakes, Carter Odom, Pat Odom, Sandra Ooten, Leslie Overholt, Eddie Owens, jimmy Paddon, Mary Painter, Ina Redden, Sandy Reed, David Reese, joan At College-Career Night Jimmy Maden discusses with a representative the possibilities of attending Georgia Tech. Juniors Reese, Joann Reitz, Phillip Reynolds, Dana Reynolds, Helen Reynolds, Suzie Rich, Vickie Ricker, Michael Ricker, Teresa Ricker, Tom Ridley, Buddy Ridley Georgia Riner, Steve Robertson, Debbie Rogers, Judy Rosenbalm, Patsy Rouse, Diana Sams, Billy Sanders, Barbara Class Rings Symbolize Academic Achievemen Smith, Sue Smith, Robert Spoon, Dorothy Stephenson, Barbara Stevenson, Gary Stewart, Valinda Stone, Wanda Storms, Carl Strange, Glenda Sullivan, Martha Tate, Charles Thomas, Albert Tinker, Robert Travis, Debbie Treece, Carroll Treece, Jeanette Tullock, James Turner, Mike Satterfield, Wilma Scott, Bill Scott, Judy Seals, Barbara Self, Bobbie Self, Jimmy Sharpe, joan Shaver, Frank Shepard, Pamela Shepard, Sue Shockley, Debbie Shockley, Steve Simpson, Charlene Skelton, Wilma Smith, Amy Smith, Charlene Smith, David Smith, Don Underwood, Janice Vance, Gene Vaughn, Margaret W'allace, Becky Walls, Yolanda Walton, Larry Warrick, Paul Wear, Phyllis Wheeler, Eugenia Widener, Susan Williarns, Joe Wilson, Linda Wisecarver, Bill Witt, Johnny Woods, Melvin Da le Juniors Anxious juniors go through the greatly anticipated process of ordering their class rings Adams, Maggie Ailey, Sharon Allen, Mike Amyx, Brenda Armstrong, Delores Arnold, Brent Asbury, Terry Atchley, William Bales, Stephen Ball, Sandy Ball, Terry Banner, Rena Barnard, jack Baxley, Patricia Beck, Debbie Beck, Kathy Beckner, Buddy Beets, Earl Beets, james Beers, jeff Bell, Phyllis Bellamy, Sherry Bewley, Rita Bibbins, Kenneth Bible, Libby Birchfield, Linda Bivens, Arnie Black, Gary Boatright, Ray Bradley, Kay Bradley, Patsy Brady, Doyle Bray, Rhonda Breeding, David Britton, Linda Brooks, Carl Brooks, David Brooks, Peggy Brotherton, Cloe Brown, Patricia Bryant, Carolyn Buckner, Mike Buttry, Andrea Byrd, Gary Byrd, Mike Cai-n, Sam Callicutt, Kathy Campbell, Michael Sophomores Are Constant! on the G0 E QQ, t K ff 1, .23 'N 4 f' ,, -. as as gp Hz fikir regal Carmichael, Sandi Carmon, Gary Carpenter, Delores X Q x M , gif Jill Widener, President, Pat Graves, Secretary, Doug Beier, Vice-President, and Kenny Pack, Treasurer, find that their offices lead them to many extracurricular activities. r a Q 'bn fi, s if t , ,,,, V:,'l D if ian' .r ,. V r tb 4 r rrr.,, .quo Carson, Richard Carson, Sherry Carter, Debbie Carter, Patricia Chapman, Steve Claborne, Willie Claiborne, Kenneth Clemons, Patricia Clevenger, Pat Climer, Charles Cline, Donnie Cloar, Jeanie Coffey, Rebecca Coffey, William Cole, Donna Colli-ns, Donald Collins, Kathy Collins, Rhonda Combs, james Cook, Linda Cook, Wilma Cooper, Robert Cope, jerry Corum, Linda .V . , . ng - s x I Sophomores Add to Parking Lot Congestion af , " ,5j,'2i't E9 e 1 Davis, Mickie Delaney, Bonnie Dennis, Sandra Denton, Benny Denton, Theresa Donaldson, jackie Douglas, Debbie Drinnon, Bobby Cosson, Freddie Cosson, Susan Cox Allen Cox, Donna Cox, Margaret Cox, Mike Cox, Rebecca Cricler, Mike f R 5 5' I lf ,,.... ef 1 7 6 Crider, Mildred Croley, Rebecca Crum, Delores Culley, Laura Cutshaw, Gwen Darnell, Danny Darnell, Deb Davenport, Nick Davis, Eddie Davis, Gail ' .FZ +4 we-A 1 rf' Stan Harrison finds that there are great difficulties in finding a place tc Drinnon, johnny Dubois, Charolett Dugger, Brenda Edmonds, Terry Edwards, Barbara Edwards, Michael Elkins, Jimmie Elkins, Sharon Elkins, Thomas Ellison, Carolyn Elmore, Shirley Epps, Earcil Epps, Patricia Evans, Dorma Fahey, George Finley, Steven Folsom, Francie Foust, Byron Fox, Brenda Fox, Glenda Gaby, Judy Gill, Sharon Glenn, Robert Goans, Randy Graham, Becky Green, Sherry Greene, Ava Greene, Charles Greene, Dennis Greene, Rose Grommon, Debbie Hale, jim Hale, Michael Hale, Steve Haney, Diana Hardy, Jean Harrison, Stan Hatcher, Joyce Hawk, Mike Haynes, Mary Hayter, Betsy Heck, Connie Helm, Sandra Helton, Curtis Helton, Glenda Helton, Kathy Helton, Steve Higgins, Mark 1 ,.. V , ti,,., 7 S ft QF 1 we -,,,. A wax it if is ' 4 I 'S inf 'Q' 'WU r 511, H sfffziilf '12 Q, X ' Q sr ga.. A W x we y Y ig X : figu r e . .,,, 5+ is if ce INK if .ss .i r ,ia ir. S ophomores Enjoy a Joe Whiteside, Sharon Ailey, Susan Cosson, and Mike Ketner find that Jack's is a great retreat from school life. Holdway, Robert Hollifield, Carlos Holt, Eddie Hopkins, Phyllis Horner, Jimmie Horner, Rhonda Houston, Edith Houston, Vickie Hughes, Pat Huguenard, Judy Hull, Danny Hurley, Mark Ison, Lynn Ivy, Sharon Jackson, Larry Jarnagin, Charles Jarnagin, Rita Jarnigan, Blanche Jenkins, Willis Jessup, Jenny Jett, Brenda Jinks, Larry Johns, Danny Johns, Mary Ib2 Growing Social Li e 'ii Hill, Becki Hill, Vemon Hipshire, Sheila Hodge, James Hodge, Nancy Hodge, Susan X Johnson, janet johnson, Larry johnson, Pat Jones, Debbie jones, Patsy Keener, George Ketner, Mike Kiker, Jay Kington, Vicki Kinsler, Carl K-night, Barbara Kogelman, John Kren, Hope Kyle, Alberta Lakins, Anne Lampkin, Donna Lampkin, Wilma Lane, Janice Laughters, Tommy Lawson, Patricia Leatherman, Chris Lee, Charlene Lee, Tommy Lefevers, Pauletta Lewis, Helen Lewis, Patsy Livesay, Patty Long, David Long, David M. Long, Donald Long, john Long, Michael Long, Ronald Long, Wlilliam Lowe, Pelle Lowe, Ruby Lowery, Brenda Lowry, John McCarter, Randy McCravy, Kathy McCurry, Ronald McGaha, Randy McGinnis, Linda McGinnis, Nina McGIamery, Brenda McKemy, Dennis McKinney, Brenda McLain, Karen iv if' M Q , K ijt Q I rf wir - -t 4. .Jays lg r w i? 1 'P' 1 K slr: Q we -Q X sa, 1 Eaziigag C 5 ' ' 'sf C, , W i 'SAS ' 1 V if Manning, Johnny Marcum, Rita Marshall, Edna Marshall, Karen Mart, Debra Martin, Cathy Martin, David Mayes, Arlene Mefford, Ron Millar, Susan Miller, Bobby Miller, Max Miller, Sheila Miller, Vicki Minnich, Patricia Minton, Lynn Mitchell, Sam Moore, Edna Moore, Evelyn Moore, Michele Moore, Theresa Morrison, Sarah Moss, Carolyn Moyers, Brenda Mullins, David Mullins, John Myers, Farell Nash, Sandra Nelson, George Nichols, Alvin Noe, Danny Noe, Helen Noe, Nancy Noe, Willis Overholt, Wynn Owen, Donnie Pack, Kenny Parker, Beverly Parker, Rhonda Parker, Sandra Parkey, Flora Pate, La Vema Patty, Art Paxton, Donna Pendergrass, Shelley Peoples, Rebecca Peoples, Vickie Pilcher, Brenda Sophomores Strive or Ingenuity Pollard, David Pratt, Doug Pratt, Marie Proffitt, Charles Purkey, Carole Purkey, Robert Ranshous, Kathy Reagan, Dean Reams, Diana Reddens, Douglas Reed, Richard Reynolds, Debbie ,fa el Reynolds, Terri 'E Rhodes, Carolyn ,L W , Richardson, Debbie ' J Ricker, Joyce Hr Ricker, Rodger .772 Riddle, Patricia Keg X Danny Noe discovers that everything will not fit i-nto a half locker. 1 S- r 3? 1 f I 'E- at gg ,r ak. U at Q L, T, + it Rines, Joe Rines, Linda Rogers, Kathy Rucker, Joyce Rucker, Kenny Rucker, Toni Ryan, Gary Sams, Don Appearance Is Important to a Sophomore Kabir Terry Ball takes a minute to prepare for his next class. Self, Ronnie Sexton, Deborah Sexton, Michael Shaver, Margaret Shelton, Dorothy Short, Rita Short, Wanda Shorter, Gary Simpson, jackie Skeen, Kay Smith, David Smith, Deborah Smith, Don Smith, Fred Smith, Katherine Smith, James Smith, Margretta Smith, Sandi Smith, Terry Snapp Barbara Snyder, Darlene Southerland, joe Spearman, Rebecca Spears, Leslie I66 -2.1 was ina if. :Ji :::e" 'bil ,Q MQ , 4 ?::15s"N A. frog 8 ar f 2 K are -.Q of Sams, joe Sawyer, Shirley Sawyer, Steve Scott, Robert Seals, jimmy Seals, Larry ' , tx' f K in P i Sn Qs: 'Baz I -1 yy S-1.1 W aa Q KLTQ? gi x. H' Nu.- Q 1 ' W X I i if .,., .Mt I f x Stepp, Dallas Stines, Janice Stines, Pauletta Stout, James Swatsell, Jimmy Taber, Alice Taber, Mike Talley, Brenda Talley, Marlene Taylor, George Thompson, Deborah Thompson, Donnie Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Shirlene Timmins, Anita Toon, David Treece, Priscilla Turner, Deborah Tuttle, Ed Wallace, Adrian Warren, Bill Watson, Shirley Watson, Vicki Way, Sharon Welch, Judy Weston, Danny Weston, Norma Wheeler, Sandra Whiteside, Joe Widener, Jill Wilburn, Mary Williarns, Catherine Williams, Cheryl Williains, Donna Williams, George Williams, Robert Winstead, Janice Winstead, Patsy Winstead, Sandra Withers, Brenda Witt, Lillie Witt, Patricia Wolfe, David Wright, Charles Wright, Patricia Yeary, Sharon Young, Carolyn Yount, Sharon if V' 5 13 l R x r ' 5 , 5 K :- vi f, sa , , .ima ,L . .W 1 'L -Q Q53 H " N fe. J, 1 me ., -Q Q' .L M ,fs L Q91 .,,,. , Niki ,221 ' ' ' kb , ., KVVV! N, X if Q 1 J uno s 5 51 , ei ' 3 4h 'WW f. 'S Freshman Year Creates a Whirl of Activities K, fig? 3 ., 1-- 't.fe"'' Na -'H-L .f re f-Je "wwf, fai,gf6l,w "K -. elle' -ii' . 1, 4' ,S . Gwen Beier, President, Pam Hinkle, Vice-President, Patty Harrell, Secretary, and jim Richardson, Treasurer take the lead in Freshman activities. Anderson, Xvayne Antrican, Jackie Arnold, David Ashley, Vicky Atkins, Carol Austin, Clay Austin, John Ballard, Ann Beckett, Kathy Beckner, David Heier, Gwen Bell, jim Bell, Linda Berry, Lisa Bible, jeffrey Blakeley, Dexter Boatright, Marie Bowlin, Brenda Branson, James Breeden, William Breeding, Peggy Brisentine. Anita Brittain, Kay Britton, Gary Brock, Barbara Brock, Elaine Brock, Vicki Brooks, Chris Brooks, Kathy D. Brooks, Kathy J. Brooks Kenny Brooks Marcus Brown, Roger Broyles. Samuel Bruce, Rena Buckner, Donna Buell. Freida Bunch, Patsy Bunch . Sandra Bunch, Vickey I68 l il 0- fr ,K - Y Y Adams, Nancy Alexander, Ruth Allen, Charles Allen, Steve Alston, joseph Amos, Brenda Amos, Mike Anderson, Judy in Q? , Burgin, jack Cain, Martha Cansler, Cynthia Capps, Kathy Carmichael, Frances Carpenter, Kathy Carpenter, Mike Carpenter, Paulette Carr, Billy Carson, Vicki Carter, Bobby Catron, Evelyn Chambers, Sharon Charles, Bill Christian, Donna Christian, Tina Claborn, Shelia Claborn, Twana Claiborne, Wayne Clark, Diane Clark, Glenda Clevenger, Linda Climer, Robert Cline, Ronald Coffey, Glenda Coffey, Sandra Coffey, Sylvia Cohen, Debra Cole, Charles Collake, Judy Collier, Claude Collins, Bill if Freshmen lea ff i ea i 5? You .. V, Collins, Darlene Collins, Faye Collins, Joe Collins Ronnie Collins, Tommy Combs, Mary Conner, Ann Conway, Reese Cook, Donald Cooper, Rhoda Copeland, james Corum, Elizabeth Cosson, Candy Cotter. Brenda Cowan, Lance Cowan, Robert Cox, Mike Crider, Doris Crosby, Larry Cross, Donna CUPP, Glenn Dailey, Lannis Daniel, Julia Daniels, jamie Davidson, Kathy Davis, Bert Davis, Carter Davis, Lillian Deetjen, Jean Delph, Faye Demko, Marilyn Demko, Robert Deneau Kim Deniston, Nita Dennis, Patricia Depew, Betty Dickerson, Terry Dietrich, Dennis Dingus, Rita Dockery, Shelia Q., Gibson, Brenda Gibson, Darlene Gilbert, Annetha Gilbert, jack Gilliam, Phyllis Gilliam, wniiam y i Goodman, Sue Graham, Debbie Greene, Debra Greene, Delores Greene, jeffrey Gregg, Johnny Gregg, Judy Grigsby, Sam Guertin. Debbie Guyette, Cherie Haggerty, Anne Hall, Edith Haney, Lana Hansard, David Harbin, Delores Harbin, Shelia Harmon, john Harrell, Patty Harrell, Russell Harrell, Sammy Harris, Patricia Harrison, Cheryl Harrison, Earlene Hartman, Ginger Harville, Dennis Hayes, Linda Hayes, Michael He ton, David Helton, Eddie Helton, Terry Hicks, Pat Hicks, William Hill, Mary Hinkle, Pamela Donaldson, Yvonne Dotson, Debra Douthat, Gary Drinnon. Dagana Drinnon, Darlene Ealy, Charlotte Earls, Geraldine Elam, Dallas Ellis, Diane Emming, Loretta Estep, johnny Estes, Ben Everhart, Doyle Everidge, Michael Ewing, Bobby Fahey, Michael Fain, Angelia Farmer, Wade Farmer, Wade Feeney, Virginia Fields, Sandra Fisher, Rusty Fowler, Georgia Fowler, Virginia Francis, Tony Francisco, James Free, Jacky Freeman, Mike Fugate, William Fuller, Judy Gaby, Willard Gardner, -Glenda freshman Elections Involve Man Candidates Treece, John Trent, Barbara Trent, Walter Turner, james Varnell, Donna. Vaughn, Kay Walker, Mitch Wallace, Doyal XVampler, Dale Watkins, David Way, Kerry Webb, Diana Webb, Dianna Weeks, jackie Wells, Randall Wells, Patricia West, Carolyn West, Diana White, Bmce White, Glenda White, Kimberly Wlhitehead, Franklin Whiteside, Brenda Wice, Michael Wilder, Herbert Wilkinson, John Williams, Carol Williams, Kathy Wilson, Larry Wilson, Ricky Witt, Sandra Wolfe, Jodie Beret and David Helton campaign to Debbie Guertin during Freshman Wolfe, Kay Wolfe, Mike Wood, Karen Woods, Janice Woods ,Mike Woody, Patricia Wright, Katherine Wyatt, Linda Young, Dennis Yount, john Faculty Directory 311233, JUDY, B.A., East Tennessee State University, English BIDDLE, WILLIAM B., B.S., M.M., Carson-Newman College, Vandercook College, Band. BREEDING, MRS. YATER, B.S., University of Tennessee, Art 1, II, 111. BROWN, CHARLES E., B.S., East Tennessee State University, American History, Advanced American History. BROWN, MRS. CHARLES E., B.S., University of Tennessee, Assistant Librarian. BROWN, GLENNON C., B.A., M.S., Bridgewater College, Uni- versity of Tennessee, Trade and Industrial Education. BROWN, MRS. ROBY C., B.A., University of Puerto Rico, Spanish I, II. BRUMMITT, MRS. JAKE, B.S., Radford College, General Mathe- matics, Algebra I. CAIN, S. A., A.B., M.A., Knoxville College, University of Con- necticut, English III, IV, Assistant Principal. CATRON, AILEEN, B.A., Carson-Newman College, Latin I. CATRON, GRACE, A.B., M.A., Carson-Newman College, Uni- versity of Tennessee, American History, Latin II. CHRISMAN, DALE, B.S., Carson-Newman College, Driver's Training. COILE, MARTHA LOU, B.A., Maryville College, Economics, American History, American Government. CONKIN, MRS. JOHN R., B.A., Carson-Newman College, Eng- lish II. CUPP, MRS. HARRY, A.B., M.S., Lincoln Memorial University, University of Tennessee, Librarian. DAVIS, BURLEIGH, B.S., East Tennessee State University, Physi- cal Education. DAVIS, MRS. BURLEIGH, B.S., East Tennessee State University, English II. DEBUSK, MRS. LUTHER M., B.S., University of Tennessee, Vo- cational Home Economics l, II, III. EASTERLY, GEORGE A., B.S., Allen University, General Science. ECKEL, ANTHONY, B.A., M.S., Knoxville College, Tennessee A 8: I State University, General Business, General Mathematics. EDWARDS, MRS. PAUL A., A.B., B.M., Knoxville College, Westminster Choir College, English I, Chorus I, II, Glee Club. FRANCIS, WENDELL, B.A., Carson-Newman College, Art I. I76 GODDARD, MRS. PAUL D., B.A., Washington State University Guidance Counselor. GOLDFINCH, MRS. LARUE, B.A., Carson-Newman College English I. GRAY, LEAH ANNE, A.B., Carson-Newman College, English Il HALE, CHARLES GRACE, A.B., Carson-Newman College, Al gebra II. HILTEN, MRS. ROBERT L., B.A., M.A., Emory and Henry Col lege, Emory University, English III, Speech. HODGES, VIRGINIA, B.S., East Tennessee State University Typing I, General Business. HORNER, JANE, B.S., M.A., East Tennessee State University George Peabody College for Teachers, English I. JONES, MRS. JOHN K., B.S., M.S., East Tennessee State Uni versity, University of Tennessee, English IV. KEENER, GEORGE, A.B., M.S., Tusculum College, University o Tennessee, General Science, Chemistry. KEEZEL, W. B., B.S., East Tennessee State University, Civic: Mechanical Drawing I. KELLEY, MRS. N. C., B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee, Vc cational Home Economics I, II, III. KILGORE, ANNA BELLE, B.S., M.A., Madison College, Uni versity of Tennessee, English I. MCDONALD, DONALD, B.S., East Tennessee State University Mechanical Drawing I, II. MCKINLEY, MRS. H. EVAN, B.S., Temple University, Short hand, Clerical Practice. NEILL, WILLIAM J., B.S., University of Tennessee, Sociology Psychology. NICHOLS, MRS. JAMES A., B.S., Bluefield State College General Science, Biology. NORTHERN, MRS. JOHN A., B.S., Carson-Newman College General Science. OSBORNE, WILLIAM P., B.S., M.S., Tennessee A 8: I State Uni versity, University of Tennessee, Bookkeeping-Accounting, Type writing. PEARSON, KENNETH V., B.A., M. Ed., Carson-Newman Col lege, University of Georgia, Guidance Counselor. PEMBERTON, JACK O., A.A., B.S., M.A., Tennessee Wesleya: College, George Peabody College, East Tennessee State University Assistant Principal. PHILLIPS, GENE, B.S., Tennessee Technological University World History. I PHILLIPS, JAMES M., B.S., Tennessee Technological University, Biology. PHILLIPS, MRS. JAMES M., B.S., East Tennessee State University' Algebra I g Unified Geometry. QUARLES, GENE, B.S., M.A.g East Tennessee State University, Physics, Advanced Math. QUARLES, O'NEILL, B.S., East Tennessee State University, Vo- cational Machine Shop. RADER, ROBERT, B.S., Lincoln Memorial Universityg Biology. ROARK, MRS. VERNON E., B.S., Lincoln Memorial University, World Geography, World History. RUTH, DENVER J., B.S., M.S.g University of Tennessee, Voca- tional Agriculture. RUTHERFORD, MRS. GLENN M., A.B., University of Ten- nessee, General Mathematics, Algebra I. SAULSBURY, JAMES W., B.S., East Tennessee State University, Physical Education, Health. SHARPE, RALPH WESLEY, B.A., M.A., University of Tennes- see, English IV, Advanced English IV. SHAVER, MRS. BEN H., B.A.5 Maryville College, American His- tory, World History. SMITH, MRS. CLARENCE A., B.S.g University of Miami, So- ciology, Psychology. SMITH, MRS. EUGENE G., B.S., University of Tennessee, Vo- cational Home Economics I, II, III. Mrs. DeBusk and Mr. Vaughn use the library's new professional corner. 7 STAMBAUGH, MRS. JIM W., B.S., Carson-Newman College, Guidance Counselor. STRANGE, CHARLES H., A.B., M.A.g Carson-Newman College, University of Tennessee-3 Principal. THOMPSON, MRS. KYLE, B.S., East Tennessee State University, Type-Writing. TROBAUGH, CYNTHIA, B.A.g Queens College, English I, German I, II. VAUGI-IN, ALDEN K., B.S., M.M.g University of Tennessee, Algebra I, Unified Geometry. WATKINS, MRS. JASPER, B.A.g Carson-Newman Collegeg Eng- lish III, IV. WEESNER, MURRELL, A.B., M.A.g Tusculum College, Duke University, Assistant Principal. WHITE, MRS. ROGER, B.S.g University of Tennessee, French I, World History. WILLIAMS, MRS. MAURICE, B.S., East Tennessee State Uni- versity, Physical Education. WILLIAMS, RAYMOND, B.S., Carson-Newman College, General Science, Physical Education. WILSON, MRS. WILLIAM H., B.S.g Davis-Elkins College, Gen- eral Mathematics, Algebra I. WOLFE, MRS. H. W., B.S., M.S.g Carson-Newman College, University of Tennessee, General Science, General Mathematics. Mr. Phillips operates the tape recorder as Mrs. Nichols prepares to speak. ' Me-1 ,K W gl. ,, i 1 M. '1 Q ' th 0 . . 'W v -I-I ,ST . - - ...,..,..... Senior Directory Upperclassmen have found they still have time to ADAMS, BILL JACK Son of Mr. and Mrs. Randol h H. Adams, 1461 Knollwood Drive: Baseball: Basketball: Football: Tflfki Alpha Hr-Y: German Club, President 4: Concert Choir, President 4: Boy's State: Who's Who. ADAMS, DAVID ALEXANDER, JR. Son of Mr. and Mrs. David A. Adams, Sr., Route 4. Freshman Football: V. I. C. A. ADAMS, DAVID PAUL Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Paul Adams, Route 1. Future Farmers of America. ALLEN, BARBARA JEAN Dauriliter of Mrs. M. O. Allen, Jr., 1167 East First Nort Street. ALLEN, JANICE CAROL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Allen, White Pine, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of America: Peg Club: Chorus. Transfer from White Pine High Sc ool, .White Pine, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of America: Glee Club. ANDERSON, MARK TAYLOR Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jack Anderson, 1446 Darbee Drive. HURRICANE Staff, Circulation Man- ager: Beta Hr-Y, Chaplain 2: Alpha Hi-Y, Secretary 4: Youth and Government 3: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Band: Prom Committee. ANTRICAN, GARY F LEM Son of Mr. and Mrs. Milum G. Antrican, 1005 Lennie Avenue. ARNOLD, DIXIE DOREEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Worley C. Arnold, 425 Inman Street. Future Homemakers of America I: Chorus: Concert Choir. ARWOOD, WILLIAM RICHARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Atwood, 2128 Wilson Avenue. ATKINS, MARY GAIL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil E. Atkins, Route l. elody Acres.AArt Club: Future Homemakers of america II: Junior and Chapter Degrees: Concert OIL BAKER, JACKIE RAY Son of Mossie Carroll, 910 East Avenue, BALES. DELORES ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bales, Route 2. I78 meet their friends and chat between classes. Future Teachers of America: Junior Classical League: Concert Choir, Reporter 3: Tennessee All- tate Chorus 3: Office Assistant. BANNER, RITA SHERLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Banner, Jr., Route 4. Mrs. Thompson's Assistant. BAXTER, JOHN EDWARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Baxter, 209 Tennessee Avenue. Basketball, All Regional 3: Football: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y. BEAM, MARK DOUGLAS Son of Mrs. Ruth Beam, 823 East Fourth North Street. V. I. C. A. BEENE, DONALD EUGENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Beene, Jr., 2008 Murray Street. Track: Key Club. BEENE, RONALD EUGENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Beene, Jr., 2008 Ilgugay Street. Freshman Football: Track: Alpha l- . BEETS, JANET EILEEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Beets, Mountain View Drive. Basketball, Manager 3, 4: Anchor Club, Junior Director 5, Anchor Convention 3: Future omemakers of America, Parliamentarian 2. Treasurer 3, Convention 2, 3: Junior, Chapter, State Degrees: Library Club, Assistant 2: Pep Club. BELLAINIY, ELIZABETH JANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bellamy, 524 Redwood Street. Band. BEWLEY, ANDREA JEAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Andrew Bewley, Route 1. Future Homemakers of America. BEWLEY, JANICE GENTRY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gentry, Route 1. Future Homemakers of America I, Vice-President 3: Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees: Future Home- maker of the Year: alunior Y-Teens: Office Assistant: Library Club. Presi ent 4, Assistant: Beautification Queen Candidate. BEWLEY, MARY SUE Daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bewley, Route 1, Alpha Heights. Future Homemalcers of America. BIBLE, KATHY IRENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bible, Bright's Pike. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Beta Tri I-Ii-Y, Historian 1: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Reporter 4 J-unior Classical League: Pip Culb: Spanish Club hespians- Band: Solo and nsemble Festival: Fresh man- Sophomore Play: Prom Committee. BIVENS, JAMES THOINIAS Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Bivens, 218 East Thin South Street. Freshman Football: Hi-Y: Key Club Pep Club: Red Cross Council: Spanish Club. BOWLIN, JIINIMY DWAYNE gon of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bowlin, Newline Road -IO. BRABSTON, JULIA DIANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brabston, .41 East First North Street. ITAKHA Staff, Circulation Anchor Club, Senior Director 4: Beta Club: Futur Teachers of America: Junior Classical League: Rel Club: Prom Committee: Play Committee: Oftrc Assistant. BRASWELL, ROBERT FORT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Braswell, B31 North Highland Drive. HURRICANE Staff, Con tributor and Photographer: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y Debating Team: Junior Classical League. BRAZIEL, DOW TYRONE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Braziel, 1220 Sher wood Drive. Pep Club. Transfer from West Higl School, Morristown, Tennessee. Varsity Basketbal Science Club: Band. BREEDING. LYNN ELLIS Son of Mrs. Xviley Breeding, Route 2, Whitesburg Tennessee. Basebal: Basketball: Beta Club: Futur Farmers of America: Key Club: Pep Club: Seniu Y-Teens Sweetheart. BREEDING, VIRGINIA DIANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cawood Breeding Rout 2, Vhitesburg, Tennessee. Future Homemaltersbo America, Par iamentarian 3, President 4- Junior Chapter, and State Degrees: Junior Classical League Office Assistant. BRITTAIN, ANNE RUSSELL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. XX'illiam H. Brittain 1837 Cherry Avenue. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Anchor Club: Bet Club: Future Teachers of Americ1, Treasurer 4 gunior Classical League, Secretary 2: Library Club entinel 2, Secretary 3. Assistant: Pep Club: Spanisl Club, Treasurer 3: Prom Committee: Office Assistant Who's Who. BROCK, WILLIAM ROBERT Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Mantooth, 730 Acaci. Circle. Future Farmers of America: Pep Club. BROOKS, ALLEN DALE Son of Rev. Paul S. Brooks, 601 Vlest Fifth Nortl Street. V. I. C. A. BROOKS, DELORES ANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. james C. Brooks, 115- Carmichael Drive. Future Homemakers of America Junior and Chapter Degrees: Junior Classical League BROWN, RUDOLPH VICTOR Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph V. Brown, 1021 Sherwood Drive. Basketball, Co-Captain 4. Transfe from West High School, Morristown, Tennessee Basketball, Co-Captain 1. BUCHANAN, DANA DREW Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewe D. Buchanan, 551 Parker Road. Pep Club: V. C. A. BUCHANAN, JOHN PAUL Son of Mr. and Mrs. I-Iershel Buchanan, Route I Central Church Road. Baseball: Football. BURCHETT, Cr 'RLOTTE JOAN Daughter of Mr. ar ' Mrs. Robert XV. Burchett 1511 DeVault Street. BURCHETT, ROBERT TAYLOR an cg' lair. and Mrs. Albert D. Burchett, Route 5. a u . BYARD, CLYDE EDWIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Byard, Route 3. Freshman Football: Football Manager: Pep Club. LDWELL, CAROLYN LOUISE aughter of Dr. and Mrs. John D. Caldwell, 714 orest Drive. Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Youth nd Government: Bowling League, Secretary: Future omemakers of America II: Glee Club: Junior Classr- al Lea ue: Pep Club: Red Cross Council: Spanish lub unior-Senior Play Cast 3. 4: Prom Com- MERON, PATRICIA SUE aughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cameron, Route Cameron Road. RDWELL, BILLIE LUCILLA aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Caldwell. 308 ranner Street. Pep Club: Spanish Club. Transfer rom West Hi h School, Morristown, Tennessee. uture Homema ers of America: New Homemakers f America: Band: Concert Choir: Class Homecom- ng Committee. ARROLL JERRY DOUGLAS on of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Carroll, Route Z. Jun- or Classical League: Accelerated program at ETSU. RTER RICHARD MURRELL ootball' Beta Club: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y: unior Classical League: Pep Club: Spanish Club: hesprans: Student Council, Treasurer 4: Youth I adership Council, President 4:.Boy's State: Regional I ath Contest, Third Place Winner 2: Prom Corn- ttee Who's Who. ASH ANGELA aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray F. Cash, 443 Oak treet ITAKHA Staff. Ty ist: Beta Club: Future omemakers of America: Jlirnronand Chapter De- rees Future Teachers of America: Library Club. ssistant' Senior Y-Teens: Sganrsh Club,.Vrce-Presr- ent 4: Pla Committee: rom Committee: Mrs. hompson's ssistant. ATRON, LINDA HELEN aughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Catron, entral Church Road. Junior Class Secretary: HUR- ICANE Staff. Proofreader, ,Junior Editor, Editor: eta Tri Hi-Y, Reporter 2: lgha Tri Hi-Y: Beta lub Junior Classical League: panish Club: Prom ommrttee: Regional Math Contests: Who's Who. HAMBERLAIN, MERLE THOMAS on of Mrs. Irene Purkey, Route 2. Chorus. HANCE, JOHN HOWARD, on of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chance, Route 1. " an Station. Freshman Football:. Football Man- er 3: Future Farmers of America, Reporter 5, ice-President 4: Junior Classical League: ey Club, eporter 4: Prom Committee. HAPMAN BRENDA KAY aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Human, Routehl. rgnsfer from Mississinewa High School, Gas City, I1 l3l'll. HARLES, ROBERT EDWARD, on of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Charles. Route 2. URRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: ITAKHA Staff, o-Editor: Beta Hi-Y, Secretary 2: Alpha Hi-Y, ecretary 3' Band Council, Vice-President 4: Beta lub, President 4: Pep Club: Junior Classical League: ed Cross Council: Student Council: Thespians: and: All State-East Band: Solo and Ensemble ' estival: Boy's State: Freshman-Sophomore Play Com- . ittee: junior-Senior Play Cast 3, 4: Prom Commit- ee: Nativity Scene: Regional Math Contests, Second lace Winner 1, 3: Who's Who. HRISTIAN, DOUGLAS STEVE on of Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Christian, 2035 ittek. I I 2 on of Mr. and Mrs. Willard S. Carter, Route 1. 2 3 Reese Street. V. I. C. A., Vice-President. CLARKSON, DONNA LORAINE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Clarkson, Route 2, Cherokee Drive. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Sales- man: Future Homemakers of America Il, III: lJunior, Chapter, and State Degrees: Junior Classical eague: Lunior Y-Teens, Vice-President 2: Senior Y-Teens: ep Club: Prom Committee: Office Assistant: Beauti- fication Queen Candidate. CLEMENT, HUGH TILLINIAN, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T. Clement, -Sr., Lawr- ence Street. Basketball, Captain 4: Senior Repre- sentative to Pep Club: Prom Committee. CLOAR, JACK CAMPBELL, JR. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Cloar, 506 East Second North Street. Beta Hi-Y: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Spanish Club. COBBLE, BEATRICE TALLEY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Talley, Route 2 Xifhitesburg, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of merrca. COBBLE, JOHNNY RUBEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cobble, Route 5. COEFEY, SHERRY LEA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Coffeyt, 505 Montrose Avenue. Art Club: Future Homema ers of America I: Junior Degree: Junior Y-Teens: Library Club, Assistant: V. I. C. A. COFFEY, WAYNE STEVEN Sorfboof Mr. and Mrs. L. Paul Coffey, Route 1, a tt. COLE, MICHAEL LYNN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Cole. Route 5, North Liberty Hill Road. V. I. C. A. COLE, PATRICIA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cole, Route 5 North Liberty Hill Road. Future Homemakers of America I. COLLINS, ROBERT LAWRENCE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence Collins, 1306 Bales Drive. Golf Team: Beta Hi-Y, Treasurer 2: Alpha Hi-Y, Treasurer 4. COMBS, STEVEN ROSS Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Combs, 522 Charles Street. Freshman Football: Beta Hi-Y. COMPTON, JACK MICHAEL Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Compton, 422 Red- wood Street. HURRICANE Staff, Systems Coordina- tor: ITAKHA Staff, Circulation Manager: Future Teachers of America: Hi-Y: Junior Classical League: Key Club: Pep Club: Red Cross Council: Thespians, President 4: Band: Solo and Ensemble Festival: Boy's State Alternate: Freshman-Sophomore Play Cast: Junior-Senior Play Cast 5, 4: Prom Committee. CONWAY, WARREN ELLIOT Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Conway, 517 East Third North Street. Key Club. CORNELL, ELEANOR DICKEY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 'John H. Cornell, 1400 McFarland Avenue. Library ssistant. Transfer from gixtesgfli High School, Statesville, North Carolina. ee u. COURTNEY, RONALD GLENN Son of Mr. and Mrs. K. N. Courtney, 701 South Liberty Hill Road. COWAN, CALVIN WAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Cowan, Route 1. Future Farmers of America: Glee Club. Senior Directory COX, EARLENE PATRICIA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl N. Cox, 1530 Briar Cliff Circle. Anchor Club: Bowling League, Reporter 3: Debating Team, Vice-President 4: Fu- ture Homemakers of America: Junior Degree: Future Teachers of America: German Club: junior Classical League: Pep Club: Band: Prom Committee: Junior- Senior Play Cast 4: Office Assistant. COX, LOIS MARIE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Cox, 419 South Henry Street. Future Homemakers of America. CRAINE, CHARLES WILLIAM ianciuf Mr. and Mrs. I-Iutson Craine, Route 1, Elwood oa . CREWS, TERRY LEE Son of Mr. and Mm. Clarence E. Crews, 540 Callaway Drive. Freshman Basketball: Future Farm- ers of America: Glee Club: Concert Chorus. CRIGGER, PATSY LEE Dauggnter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Crigger, Route 4. Li rary Club, Assistant. CUPP, CAROLYN ANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. CUPP. 338 Hill- crest Drive. Beta Club: Future Homemakers of America: Junior and Cha ter Degrees: Future Teachers o America: Pep Club: Senior Y-Teens, Secretary 4: Spanish Club: Concert Choir: East Tennessee Music Contest: Junior-Senior Play Com- mittee: Jsiinior-Senior Prom Committee: Library As- sistant: rs. Thompson's Assistant. DAVIS, JANICE KAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Frank Davis 730 Memorial Avenue. HURRICANE Staff, Contributor: ITAKHA Staff, Faculty Editor: Anchor Club, Vice- President 3, Treasurer 4: Beta Club: Future Home- makers of America 111, Vice-President 2, 3: Jcunior Chapter, and State Degrees: Future Homema er of the Year: Varsity Visit: T. V. A. Bt I. Fair Style Show: FHA State Convention: FHA National Con- vention: Smoky Mountain Subregion Secretary 3: Fl-IA State Treasurer 4: Junior Classical Lea ue: Library Club, Chaplain 1, Assistant: Pep Ciub: Play Committee: Prom Committee: Who's Who. DAVIS, LARRY STEPHEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Davis, 1473 Easley Court. Freshman Basketball: Key Club: Pep Club: Concert Choir. DEAN, JO ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Franklin Dean. 132 East Thirteenth North Street. Future Home- malcers of America I. DEAN, SANDRA EILEEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Linton Dean, Route 1 Whrtesburg, Tennessee. Beta Club: Junior Classical Eague: Library Club, Assistant: Pep Club: Spanish U . DELANEY, BRENDA KAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Delane , Sr. 935 North Henry Street. Beta Club: Junior Cnssical League: Choir: Who's Who. Trans er from West High School, Morristown, Tennessee. Freshman Class Assistant Secretary: Sophomore Class Secretary: Basketball: Future Homemakers of America: West High Choir: Cheerleader Captain: Student Council, Treasurer 2: Freshman-Sophomore Pla : W. C. T. U. Speech Contest Winner: Best All Around 1, 2. DEMKO, REBECCA SUE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Demko, 1837 Oak Street. Band: Junior Classical League. DENNIS, DONNA MARIE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Dennis, 411 Mohawk Street. DENTON, SONNY WAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Denton, Route 4, Vicki Street. V. I. C. A. I79 GREENE, CAROLE ANNE GREENE, SHARON LEE Senior Directory DIXON, OINTHIA SUSAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer P. Dixon, 1014 East Second North Street. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Sales- man, Beta Tri Hi-Y, Alpha Tri Hi-Y, Art Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Future I-Iomemakers of America, Junior and Chapter Degrees, Band, Solo and Ensemble Festival, Play Committee, Prom Com- mittee, Varsity Visit. DOKA, PERRY LAZARUS, JR. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Per L. Doka, 828 Scenic Drive. Future Farmers of lxmerica. DRAKE, SHIRLEY ELAINE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Drake. 1205 Hill- vale Drive. Future Homemakers of America III, Pep Club, Spanish Club. DUBY, TIMOTHY RAYBURN Son of Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Duby, 1526 West Andrew Johnson Hi hway. HURRICANE Staff, Fea- ture Editor, Beta Iii-Y, President 2, Alpha Hi-Y, President 3, 4, Second Vice-President East Tennessee Hi-Y Convention, German Club, Treasurer 3: Red Cross Council, Vice-President 3, President 4, Prom Committee. DUDLEY, CINDY LEE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Dudkl, Route 4, Echo Hills. Guidance Office Assistant, rs. Thomp- son's Assistant. Transfer from Meadowbrook High School, Cumberland, Ohio. Future I-Iomemakers of America, Band, Pep Club. DUNLAP, MICKEY RAY Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Dunlap, 1017 West Fourth North Street. EDMONDS, DORIS ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Edmonds, 2129 Orchard Street. Pep Club, President 3: Chorus, Prom Committee. Transfer from Enka High School, Enka, Ieltorth Carolina. Future Homemakers of America, oir. EDWARDS, DONALD JOE Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Edwards, 516 Inman Street. Beta Hi-Y, Alpha Hi-Y, Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Spanish Club, German Club, Band, Swing Band, All East Tennessee Blue Band, All State Band, All East Tennessee Orchestra, Prom Committee: Regional Math Contest, Who's Who. ELKINS, LOIS FAY Ward of Nora Jean Elkins, Route 1, Jackson Heights. Chorus. ELMORE, WILLIAM ARTHUR Son of Cordell S. Elmore, Route 2, Talbott. Trans- fer from Huntsville High School, Huntsville, Ten- nessee. EZELL, LYNN MARIE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ezell, 513 Syca- more Street. ITAKHA Staff, Club Editor, Anchor Club, Art Club, Secretary 3, President 4, Beta Club. Transfer from Enka High School, Enka, North Carolina. Junior Classical League, Reporter 2, Stu- dent Council, ENKANOCA Staff, Write-Up Editor. FAIN, ALTHIA NORENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Fain, Jr., 333 Branner Street. Transfer from West High School, Morristown, Tennessee. Class Secretax 1, 2, Choir, Secretary 2, Future Homemakers of merica, Green Dragon Square Dance Club, Homecoming Committee, Junior Classical League, Student Council. FARMER, BETTY ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Edward Farmer, 2101 East Outer Drive. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Sales- man, Anchor Club, Reporter 3, President 4, Future Teachers of America, Junior Classical League, Li- brary Club, Treasurer 1, Assistant, Bowling League, Vice-President 4, Pep Club, Prom Committee, Mrs. Thompson's Assistant, Office Assistant. FARRIS, SHARON IvIAC Dauggiter of Dr. and Mrs. M. L. Farris. Buffalo Trail. ITA HA Staff, Assistant Business Manager, Beta l80 Tri Hi-Y, Chaplain 2, Alpha Tri Hi-Y, Secretary 4, Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Red Cross Council, Spanish Club, Treasurer 4, Band, Freshman Representative, Prom Committee, Office Assistant. FERGUSON, TERRY SUSAN Daughter of Mrs. Billy Lee Ferguson, Manley Heights. Bowling League, uture I-Iomemakers of America III, Beautification Queen Candidate. FIELDS, SUSAN JANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude D. Fields, .228 Hale Avenue. Beta Tri Hi-Y, Alpha Tri Hi-Y, Future Homemakers of America I, President 3, kmior and Chapter Degrees, Varsity Visit, Future omemaker of the Year, Junior Classical League, Student Council, Prom Committee. FISHER, MARGARET ELLA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fisher, 1720 Christmas Drive. Sophomore Class Secretary, HUR- HICANE Staff, Contributor, ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman, Beta Tri Hi-Y, Reporter 1, Secretary 2, Alpha Tri Hi-Y, Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Band, Majorette, Prom Committee. EOLSOM, THOMAS CHARLES Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Folsom, Jr., 1808 Russell Street. Football Trainer, German Club, Vice- President 4, Key Club, Vice-President 4, Junior Classical League, Pep Club, Reporter 4, Red Cross Council, Thespians, Junior-Senior Play Cast 3. 4, Prom Committee, Boy's Stale Alternate. FORD, BARBARA JEAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Ford, C-10 Boone Street. HURRICANE Staff, Contributor, Beta Club, Key Club Sweetheart, Pep Club, Red Cross Council, Senior Y-Teens, President 4, Prom'Com- mittee, Cheerleader, Nativity Scene, Beautification Queen, Homecoming Queen. Candidate, Basketball Queen Candidate, Junior-Senior Play Cast 4. Trans- fer from Riveria Beach High Schoo , Riveria Beach, Florida, Band, G, A. A., Spanish Club. FRANKLIN, GEORGE WADDEL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Winston Franklin, 220 North Jackson Street. FULLER, JAMES EDWARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fuller, Route 4. Art Club, German Club, Pep Club. FULLINGTON, JAMES DEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Fullington, Route 4. suture Farmers of America, Treasurer 4, Varsity xslt. GJEDDE, DAVID CLAUDE Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Giedde, 1027 Skyline Drive. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman, Beta Hi-Y, Alpha Hi-Y, Junior Classical League, Beta Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, President 4, Band, Dnrm Maior, Solo and Ensemble Festival, Boy's State Alternate, Regional Math Contest, Freshman-Sophm more Play Committee, Prom Committee, Who's Who. GOAN, MARY ELIZABETH Daughter of Maude Goan, Route 3. Future Home- makers of America, ljunior and Chapter Degrees, T. V. A. Bc I. Stye Show, Fumre-Teachers of America, Junior Classical League, Senior Y-Teens, Play Committee, Y. T. C. Speech Contest. GOFORTH, LINDA GRIFFEN Daughter of Mrs. Mabel Smith, 2318 Washingtor Street. Choir. GOODINIAN, WILLIAINI CAIN Son of Mrs. Mary C. Goodman, 1516 Jones Avenue, GREEN, PHYLLIS DAVIS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Davis, 1121 East Second North Street. Junior Y-Teens, Reporter Senior Y-Teens, Secretary. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Worley Greene.. 1421 Adams Street. Future Homemakers of America I Library Club, Assistant. GREENE, PHILIP CALVIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Greene, 222g Turkey Street. Basketball, Future Farmers of Amen ca, Pep Club, Chorus. Daulghter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Greene, 1445 Wilow Street. Future Homemakers of America III Historian, Senior Y-Teens. GRIFFEN, JERRY ERNEST Son of Mrs. Frank McDonald, 2318 Washingtor Street. GUICE, DONALD WAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Estes, 1032 West Second North Street. ITAKHA Staff, Business Manager Track, Cross Country, Beta Hi-Y, Al ha H1-Y. Beta Club, junior Classical League, Pep Club, Prorr Committee. HAGGERTY, KATHLEEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Haggerty. 935 Walters Drive. ITAKHA Staff Circulation Com' mittee, Anchor Club, Beta Club, Future Teacher: of America, Junior Classical League, Pep Club Red .Cross Council, Secretary 3, ice-President 4 Spanish Club, Band, Prom Committee, Nativiq Scene, Who's Who. HALE, SAMUEL POWEL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hale, Route 1, Russellville. Future Farmers of America, Secretary 2 President 3, 4, Key Club, Vice-President 3, Pres- iiient 4, Pep Club, Prom Committee, Student Coun- cr . HALL, JOHN DAVID Son of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hall, Shelia Circle, White Pine, Tennessee. Football, Most Valuable Player, All Big Seven Football, Track. HAIVIILTON, DOUGLAS GLENN Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hamilton, Jr., 1841 Eastern Avenue. Baseball, Captain, Basketball, Prom Committee. HARMON, SUE ELLEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Harmon, 302 The introduction of the Homecoming Queen Candidates is the highlight of the Pep Rally. . t ll 11:11 , 1 7 fn. in ls r-as 1 i1 11' ap- Highland Drive. Anchor Club: Beta Club: Bowling League, Secretary 5: President 4: Junior Classica League: Library Club, Assistant: ffice Assistant: Prom Committee. HARRISON, JUDY KAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Harrison, Jr., 617 West Second North Street. Band, :Treasurer 3: Lunior Classical League: Pep Club: Senior Y-Teens: Alay Committee: Prom Committee: Guidance Office ssistant. RVILLE, JUDY PEARL aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Haryille, 12.14 rice Drive. Future Homemakers of America: Junior egree: Junior Classical League: Office Assistant. ARVILLE, ROY GREGORY An of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harville, 605 Rosedale venue. HASTIE, JOHN THOMAS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood P. Hastie, 340 Eouth Liberty Hill Road. Beta Hi-Y: Junior Classical eague: Key Club: Pep Club: Spanish Club. ATTAWAY, BELINDA IZETTA aughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. I-lattaway, 1522 arrell Street. Future Homemakers of America. HAYNES, LEE HOBART Son of Dot S. Haynes, 825 Terrace View Drive. II-IAZELWOOD, SHIRLEY AILENE Dau hter of Mr. and Mrs. Orvis Hazelwood, Route li. I-suture Homemakers of America: Junior Classical eague. HELTON, JERRY ALLEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Reubin Helton. Route 5. Freshman Football: Key Club. HELTON, JOHNNY CLARK Son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Helton, 1866 Pine- crest Lane. V. I. C. A. ENEGAR, KEITH MONROE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Henegar, Beacon Road, hitesbur , Tennessee. Band. Transfer from Whites- bur Higg School, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Basket- balf 1, 2: Beta Club: Future Farmers of America, Treasurer 2: Varsity Visit. HICKS, MIKE CHARLES Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hicks 605 Haun Drive. Football: Key Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Pep Club. ,HIGHTOWER, MARILYN RUTH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Hightower, 409 West Fifth North Street. HILEMAN, JANET ELAINE Daughter of Mr. Powell Hileman, East First North Street and Mrs. Dave Evans, 2138 East Outer Drive. iAnchor Club: Future Homemakers of America I, II: kinior, Chapter, and State Degrees: Guidance Office ssistant. HILL, BETTY MEARLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Hill, Route. 2, Talbott. Anchor Club: Future Teachers of America: Office Assistant. Transfer from Christenberry Junior High, Knoxville, Tennessee. HILL, KATHRYN DAWN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Long, Priscilla Street. Bowling League, Secretary-Treasurer 4. HILL, LINDA LOU Daughter of Mrs. Juanita Hill, 1808 Fairview Road. HINKLE, LLOYD GALE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Hinkle, Route 3. HODGE, PATRICIA LYNN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hodgf, 521 Hillcrest Drive. Freshman Class Secretary: URRI- CANE Staff, Ad Salesman 3, Contributor 4: Allpha Tri Hi-Y, Senior Representative 4: Anchor Cub: Beta Club: Future Teachers of America, Vice-Pres- ident 4: Junior Classical League- Pep Club- Red Cross ouncil B ' C ': and: Solo and Ensemble Festival, Play Committee: Prom Committee: Office Assistant. HOLT, BRENDA ELIZABETH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Holt, 304 Mont- vue Avenue. ITAKHA Staff, Typist: Beta Club: Future Homemakers of America l: Future Teachers of America: Jgmior Classical League: Library Club, Treasurer 3, ice-President 4, Assistant: Prom Com- mittee: Regional Math Contests, First Place Winner 2: National Merit Scholarship Finalist: Who's Who HOLT, ROSE MARIE Daughter of Mrs. Betty Jane Holt, 234 West Hill- crest Drive. Sophomore Class President: HURRI- CANE Staff, Ad Salesman, Typist: Allfuha Tri H1-Y' Beta Tri Hi-Y: Beta Club: Future omemakers of America II, Song Leader 3: Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees: FHA Convention: Pep Clu: Band: Maiorette: Cheerleader: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene: Homecoming: Queen: Beautification Queen Candidate: Future armers of America Sweetheart. HORNER, ELIZABETH ANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Horner, 124 Morton Street. Future Homemakers of America: Jun- ior Classical League: Library Club. HORTON, WILLIAM EUGENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Horton, 1009 Walters Drive. Football, Captain 4: All East Tennessee: All Conference: Honorable Mention All State: Player of the Week: Golf Team, Captain: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y: Beta Club: Pep Club: Student Council Vice- Presrdent 4: Prom Committee Chainnan: Student of the Month: Who's Who. HOWARD, ROBERT NEAL gon of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Howard, 1503 Reed rect. HOWELL, HUMPHREY EUGENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Howell, 1912 Rogers Road. HOWELL, JAMES FRANK, Ja. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Howell, 745 Pauline Avenue. Track: Alpha i-Y: Junior Classical League: Red Cross Counci: Spanish Club: Band. HOWERTON, JAMES CHARLES Son of Mr. and Mrs. Herry Howerton, Route 2. HOWINGTON, PHYLLIS ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Eugene Howington, Route 1, Russellville, Tennessee. HUFF, GUY LAMAR Son. of Mr. and Mrs. Guy V. Huff, Route 3. Junior Classical League. HUMPSTON, ELIZABETH LUCILLE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cggle T. Hurnpston, 1402 Hickory Lane. HURRIC E Staff, Feature Editor: Anchor Club: Beta Club: Debating Team, Treasurer 5: Junior Classical League: Band: Play Committee: Junior-Senior Play Cast 4: Prom Com- mittee: Model U. N. Representative. HURLEY, GARY LYNN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Hurl , West Donaldson Drive, Route 5. Freshman Tootball: Choir, Secretary: Chorus, Secretary. HURST, DANNY RAY Son of Mr. and Mrs. James N. Hurst. Route 2, Brights Pike. Concert Choir: Glee Club: Pep Club. HURST, DIANA LYNN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Denver Hurst, 428 Spruce Street. Anchor Club: Beta Club: Future Senior Directory Homemakers of America Ill: Junior Degree: Junior Classical League: Library Club, Reporter 2, As- sistant: Pep lub: Office Assistant. HURST, LARRY WADE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Hurst, Echo Hills. Beta Hi-Y, Parliamentarian 2: Alpha Hi-Y: German Club: Key Club: Pep Club: Red Cross Council: Prom Committee. HURT, THOMAS STRATTON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Hurt, Route 1. IDELL, RICHARD EUGENE Son of Mr. and.Mrs. William H. Idell, Route 5. INMAN, BOBBY DEAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Inman, 1016 West Fifth Street. Football. IRWIN, RANDALL WAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Cl de C. Irwin, Box 57, White Pine, Tennessee. Football: Baseball. JACOBS, BARNEY LEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jacobs, Route 3. JARNAGIN, MICHAEL WAYNE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Nessie Jamagin, 313 East Main Street. V. I. C. A. JARNIGAN, ROGER DALE Son of Mr. and Mrs. K le Jarnigan, 1320 Lennie Avenue. Baseball: Basketball. JOHNS, REBECCA LORETTA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Johns, Cameron Drive, Lakernoore. ITAKHA Staff, Class Editor: Anchor Club, Secretary 4: Beta Club: Future Home- makers of America I: Junior and Cha ter Deglrees: Future Teachers of America, Vice-Presigent 5 res- ident 4: Future Teacher of the Year: Junior Classical League: Libra? Club, Secretary 2. President 3. As- sistant: Pep lub: Red Cross Council: Play Com- mittee: Prom Committee: Office Assistant: Acceler- ated Honors Program at Carson-Newman College: Who's Who. JOHNSON, CATHERINE ANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Johnson, 1822 Russell Street. HURRICANE staff, d Salesman: Anchor Club: Beta Club: Future Homemakers of America Il: Treasurer 4: Junior, Cha ter, and State Degrees: Future Teachers of America: Junior Classical League: Peip Club: Senior Y-Teens: Beautification Queen Can idate: Prom Committee: Office Assistant. JOHNSON, RITA JANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Johnson, Route 2, Mooresbursz, Tennessee. Class Vice-President 1, 2, 5, 4: ITAKHA Staff, Class Editor: Anchor Club: Beta Club: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Span- ish Clubg Thespians: Band: Girl's State Alternate: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene: Freshman-Sophomore Play Cast: Who's Who. JONES, ALLAN RANDAL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jones, 1005 East Fourth North Street. Football: All Big Seven Conference: All East Tennessee: All State: Player of the Week: Base- ball: 'District Champs: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y: Junior Classical League: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene. JONES, DAVID ALAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Jones, 919 Summit Lane. HURRICANE Staff, Artist: Alpha Hi-Y: Band. KILGORE, ANDREA CAROL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kilgore. 535 Hillcrest Drive. Future Teachers of America: Junior Classical League: Library Club, Assistant: Senior Y-Teens, Vice- President: Spanish Club: Band: Play Committee: Prom Committee. KILGORE, GARY CURTIS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Kilgore, Gaby Addition. Chorus. Senior Directory KIMBROUGH, BERNADINE BURCHFIELD Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Burchfield, 1807 Cherokee Drive. Future Homemakers of America: Pep Club. KIMBROUGH, EVELYN KAY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. john L. Kimbrough, Route 5. Pep Club: Office Assistant: Library Assistant. KIMBROUGH, KATHY SUE lgaughger of Mr. and Mrs. james A. Mcfampbell, oute . KING, SAMUEL BLADE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam King, Route 3. Basketball: Future Farmers of America: Pep Club. KIRK, JUDY CAROL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Homer Kirk, 640 Apple Blossom Lane. Future Homemakers of America I: Play Committee: Prom Committee. KISER, DAVID THOMAS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kiser, 434 West Sixth North Street. Track: Beta Club: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Red Cross Council. Transfer from Bennettsville High School, Bennettsville, South Carol- ina. Science Club, Secretary 1. KITTS, NANCY LUANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Kitts, 232 Ten- nessee Avenue. Future Homemakers of America I: junior Degree. LAKINS, MAXIE GAIL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd G. Lzxkins, Route gil Lakemore. Future Homemakers of America I, II, LAMPKIN, HERMAN WRIGHT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lampkin, 523 Inman Street. V. I. C. A. LASTER, RALPH MITCHELL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Laster, Route 5. LAUGHTERS. MICHAEL ALBERT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Laughters, 1841 East Main Street. Baseball: Basketball: Football: Track: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms: Prom Committee. Transfer from Pompano Beach High School, Pompano Beach, Florida. LAWSON, CARROLL DEAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Grant Lawson, Route 2, Whitesburg, Tennessee, V. l. C. A. Transfer from Whitesburg High School, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Beta Club: Future Farmers of America. LAWSON, SHARON JANET Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Lawson, 929 Lennie Avenue. Future Homemalcers of America I: junior Y-Teens. LEE, LINDA EARLENE Daughter of Mrs. Ethel Horner, 1014 Ridge Street. LEE, RICHARD WAYNE Son of N. C. Lee, Route 5. Future Fanners of America. LEONARD, BRENDA SUE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Leonard, 1206 Har- rell Street. Library Club, Assistant: Concert Choir. LEWIS, SANDRA DARLENE Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lewis, Jr., 1350 North Cumberland Street. Junior Classical League: Library Club, Assistant. LINKOUS, VICKIE MARCELLA Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Harold Linkous, 214 East Sixth North Street. Library Assistant. I82 LITTLE, NANCY ELIZABETH Daughter of Mrs. F. J. Little, jr., Route 5. HUR- RICANE Staff, Feature Editor 3, Managing Editor 4: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms 3: Beta Club. Corresponding Secretary 4: Future Teachers of America, Secretary 3: Pep Club: Red Cross Council: Spanish Club: Thespians, Secretary 4: Play Committee: Prom Committee: Regional Math Contest: junior-Senior Play Cast, 4: Who's Who. LITZ, JANE KATHLEEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Litz, Maple Valley Road. Future Homemakers of America, Parliamentarian 4: junior and Chapter Degrees: T.V.A. 8: I. Style Show: State Convention: McCall's Teen Fashion Correspondent 4: Junior Classical League: Library Club: Senior Y-Teens: Office Assistant. LONG, DARRELL LEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Long, Route 2, Whites- burg, Tennessee. Baseball Manager: Basketball Man- ager: Beta Club: Junior Classical League: Key Club. LONG, DAVID Mfcoy, JR. Son of Mr. and Mrs. David M. Long, Sr., 1638 Morningside. LONG, DOROTHY CAROL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Long, 811 East Third North Street. LONG, LYNN ANNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Casey Long, 335 Red- wood Street. Library Assistant. LONG, INIACKEY STEWART Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Long, Jr., 1616 Chero- kee Drive. LOWE. GOTH ABRA gun of Mr. and Mrs. Ausmus XV. Lowe, B05 Overlook FIVE. LOXWE, LINDA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orbin W. Lowe, Route 3. LOWRY, BARBARA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Raymond Lowry, 1432 Darbee Drive. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman 2, Tvpist 3, Business Manager 4: Beta Tri Hi-Y: Alpha Tri Hi-Y: Beta Club: Junior Classical League: Pep Club, Executive Board 4: Spanish Club: Thespians: Band: Cheerleader, Captain 4: Play Committee: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene: Beautification Queen Can- didate: Homecoming Qgieen Candidate: Basketball Queen: Solo and Ensem le: Office Assistant: Who's Who: Miss MHS. INICCLARAN, LINDA JOYCE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Francis McClaran, Route 4, Sunset Hills. Transfer from Central High School, Murfeesboro, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of America. IYICCLURE. LYNN DARLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. McClure, 504 Lincoln Avenue. HURRICANE Staff, Girl's Sports Editor: Basketball: Future Homemakers of America I, II: junior and Chapter Degrees: Pep Club: Senior Y-Teens: Prom Committee. INICCOIG, KENNETH GALE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude McCoig, Route 1, White Pine, Tennessee. Future Farmers of America: District Convention. MCDONALD, BILL JOE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer McDonald, Route 3. Lowland Road. Future Farmers of America: junior Classical League: Pep Club. MCFADDEN, DAVID LYNN Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. T. McFadden, Route 3. McKEE, BARBARA SUE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vestal McKee, Route 5, Liberty Hill Road. MCKINNEY, ELEANOR DEAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. McKinney, 533 Pauline Avenue. Freshman Basketball: Basketball Man- ager: Future Homemakers of America I. MCKINNEY. MARY LYNN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lee Mclfinneg, Route 1. Future Teachers of America: Library Clu , ssistant. MCMAHAN, PI-IILLIP ANTHONY Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McMahan, 1324 Spencer Drive. Track. INICNABB, -IONA RE gaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy McNabb, 917 Truman treet. MANNING, WILLIAM RICHARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Manning, Route 5. Future Farmers of America, Chaplain. MARCUM, ROBERT LYNN Son of Mrs. Mary E. Marcum, 1528 Knollwood Heights. Freshman Class President: Football, Co- Captain 4: Track: Honorable Mention All East Ten- nessee: Beta Hi-Y, Vice-President 1: Alpha Hi-Y: Pep Club, Vice-President 4: Who's Who: Mr. MHS. MARTIN, STELLA LORRAINE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Martin, 1019 East First North Street. MASENGILI., DOUGLAS HENDERSON, -IR. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Masengill, Route 4. Future Farmers of America, Secretary: Key Club: Span- ish Club: Thespians: Speech Contest Winner: Junior- Senior Play Cast 3, 4. INIASENGILL, VAN HIX Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Masengill, 925 East North Street. INIAYS. KENNETH DARYL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dean Mays, Route 1, Priscilla Street. Beta Hi-Y: Alpha I-Ii-Y, Chaplain 4: Pep Club: Prom Committee. MERHOFF, IXIARGARET ELEANOR Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Merhoff, 940 Heykoon Drive HURRICANE Staff. Ad Salesman- Art Club: Bowling League: Future Teachers of America: German Cub: Spanish Club: Essay Contest: Play Committee: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene: Junior-Senior Play Cast 4. MILES. GARY ERNEST Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miles, 2125 Collins Street. MILES, GERI ELLEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miles, 2125 Collins Street. Band: junior-Senior Play Cast 4. Transfer from Cromwell High School, Cromwell, Connecticut. MILLER, BETTY JEAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Miller, Route 2, Conrad Drive. Future Homemakers of America: Library Club, Assistant: Pep Club: Future Teachers of America. MILLS, DARRYELL EUGENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mills, Route 2, Talbott. MINNICH, LINDA KAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd R. Minnich, Route 3, Witt. Future Teachers of America: junior Classical League: Guidance Office Assistant. MORRIS, ROBERT IVIITCHELL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Morris, 1832 Fairview Road. Art Club: Concert Choir: Red Cross Council. MORRISON, RICHARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Morrison, 344 West Hill- crest Drive. Pep Club. ,The vacant auditorium is transformed into a dressing room for the angels of the Nativity Scene. INIOSS, SHIRLEY JUNE Daughter of Gladys Moss. Route 5. Library Club, Assistant. MOYERS, SANDRA FAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Moyers, Route.4. Future Homemakers of America II: Junior Classical League: Play Committee: Prom Committee. MULLENDORE, DONNA MARIE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Mullendore, 1137 East Third North Street. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Future Homemakers of America II, Hrs- torian: Future Teachers of America: Pep- Club: Senior Y-Teens: Play Committee: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene: Office Assistant. MUNSEY, JAMES ALAN A Son of Howard Munsey, Route 2. V. I. C. A., Presi- dent. Transfer from Elizabethton High School, Eliza- bethton, Tennessee. Student Council: Tradesman of th Year Award. NESMITH, WILLIAM INIICHAEL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Nesmith, Route 5. Future Farmers of America, President 2: Key Club: V. I. C. A. NOE, DAVID LYNN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Noe, Route 2, Sprout Springs Road. ITAKHA Staff, Sports Editor: Fresh- man Football: Alpha Hi-Y: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene. NOE, JERRY LEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. james J. Noe, 1227 North Henry Street. NOE, LINDA GAIL lDaughter of Mr. and Mrs. David S. Noe, 1116 East Third North Street. Senior Class Treasurer: HUR- RICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman: Alpha Tri Hi-Y: Junior Classical League: Junior Y-Teens, Secretary: Pep Club: Red Cross Council: Band: Maiorette 2, 5, 45 Play Committee: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene: Basketball Queen Candidate: Beautification Queen Candidate. OAKS, PAMELA ARWAITA Igaughter of Mrs. Erma Dorton, 1219 Carmichael treet. OLER, MARY LOIS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Bible, Route 5, Copper Ridge Road. Future Homemakers of America: Junior Degree: Library Club, Assistant: Nativity Scene. OWEN, INIARGIE ELOISE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buell, 1021 North Liberty Hill Road. Transfer from Northside High School, Roanoke, Virginia. Chorus: Student Co-Operative Association, Representative. PARDUE, MICHAEL BURDELL Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Pardue, 1024 Walnut Drive. Future Farmers of America. PARKEY, DOROTHY JEAN 'Tv gaughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Parkey, 927 Donna treet. PARRISH, PATRICIA FAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James William Parrish, 152 Evans Avenue. Library Club, Assistant: Red Cross Council. Transfer from Whitesburg High School, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca. PATRICK, REBECCA SUE . Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Patrick, Mont- castle Drive, Lalremoore. Basketball, .Captain 4: Anchor Club: Future Homemakers of America I, Treasurer 3: Junior and Chapter Degrees: junior Classical League: Pep Club: Office Assistant: Basketball Queen Can- didate. PATRICK, STEVEN EDWARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Patrick, Montcastle Drive, Lakemoore. Football Manager 3. PAYNE, MARGARET ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Payne, 926 East Second North Street. ITAKHA Staff, Senior Index' Anchor Club: Beta Club: Future Teachers of America: junior Classical League: Pep Club: Prom Committee: Homecoming Queen Candidate: Nativity Scene: Office Assistant. PIGMON, BRENDA FAYE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pigmon, Route 5. POLLACK, KIRK FERGUESON Son of Alvin R. Pollack, Route 2, Boatman's Moun- tam. POTTER, CHARLOTTE LAVERNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Potter, Route 4. Chorus. PRATT, CAROLYN LEE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Pratt, 1804 Eastern Avenue. Beta Club: Future Homemakers of America: Library Club, Reporter, Assistant: Pep Club: Senior Y-Teens: Spanish Club: Chorus: Choir: Play Committee: Concert Choir Play Committee: Beautification Queen Candidate. PRICE, GEORGE EDWARD, Son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Price, Route 5. Freshman Class Treasurer: Football, Co-Captain 4: Beta Hi-Y, Treasurer 2: Alpha Hi-Y, Treasurer 4: junior Classical League, President 2: Prom Com- mittee. Senior Directory PRICE, MICHAEL EUGENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Price, 925 West Sky- line Drive. Future Farmers of America. PURKEY, DAN FRANK Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Purkey, 545 Spoone Avenue. Pep Club. PURKEY, LINDA JOYCE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan F. Purkey, 1231 Overlook Drive. Bowling League: Junior Classical League: Junior Y-Teens: Spanish Club. PURKEY, MICHAEL POWELL Son of Powell A. Purkey, 2745 East Main Street. Football: All East Tennessee. RADER, SANDRA KAY Daughter of Mrs. Jean Rader, 354 Belle Meade Circle. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman, Circula- tion Manager 4: Alpha Tri Hi-Y: Junior Classical League: Junior Y-Teens, Chaplain 23 Pep Club, Executive Board 3: Band: Cheerleader: Solo and En- semble Festival: Prom Committee: Homecoming Queen Candidate: Beautification Queen Candidate: Optimist Bowl Queen Candidate: Basketball Queen Candidate: glci-Y Sweetheart: Mrs. Thompson's Assistant: Nativity cne. RENNER, PATRICIA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton E. Renner, 463 Valley View Drive. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Sales- man, Business Manager: Beta Tri Hi-Y: Alpha Tri Hi-Y, Chaplain 4: Future Homemakers of America, Reporter 2, Secretary 3: Junior and Chapter Degrees: Pep Club: Spanish Club: Prom Committee: Band: Cheerleader: Nativity Scene. RI'-IEA, ROBERT DALE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Rhea, Route 2. Future Farmers of America. ROBERTS, CHARLES LEROY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Roberts, Route 3. Basketball: Future Farmers of America. ROGERS, DEBORAH EUGENIA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. R0 -rrs, 1427 Rus- sell Street. Future Homemakers of Emerica: Junior Degree: Future Teachers of America: Junior Y-Teens, Parliamentarian: Band: Library Assistant. ROUSE, DEBORAH LYNN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn C. Rouse, Route 3. Junior Class Treasurer: ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman: Basketball: Anchor Club, Reporter 4: Beta Club, Vice- President 4: Future Homemakers of America III, Chaplain 3, President 4: Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees: Smoky Mountain Subregion FHA President 4: FHA State Convention: Junior Classical League: Library Club: Pep Club, Assistant Secretary 3, Secre- tary-Trensurer 4: Student Council: Play Committee: Prom Committee Chairman: Beautification Queen Can- didate: Harvest Festival Queen: Office Assistant- Who's Who. RUCKER, LARRY WENDEL Son of Mr. and Mis. Paul Rucker, 1240 Marguerite grive. Freshman Football: Glee Club: Pep Club: 01115. RUMFELT, BOBBY GENE Sion of Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Rumfelt, 223 Tennessee venue. RUSSELL, PATSY SUE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Russell, Route 2, Talbott. Sophomore Class Treasurer: Future Home- makers of America, Reporter 2: junior and Chapter Degrees. SANDERS, RAYMOND OLIVER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Sanders, Route 1, Manley Circle. Beta I-Ii-Y, Chaplain: Band: Nativity Scene. 'Transfer from Sevier junior High School, Kingsport, Tennessee. l83 Senior Directory SAUCEMAN, AJAMES EDWARD Son of Mr. an Mrs. Doyle Sauceman, Route 1, glussellgille. Future Farmers of America, Sentinel , 3, . SCHUBERT, CHARLES LEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schubert, 2615 West Andrew Johnson Highway. SCOTT, KENNETH EUGENE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Scott, 324 Apple Blossom Lane. Freshman Football: W. C. T. U. Speech Con- ttst. SEAL, NANCY LOU Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Seal, Route 2, Brights Pike. Anchor Club: Beta Club: Bowling League: Future Homemakers of America III: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Student Council: Beauti- fication Queen Candidate. SEALS, JANICE SMITH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith, 723 Sherwood Drive. V. I. C. A., Reporter 4. SEALS, LINDA SUE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Seals, 801 South Liberty Hill Road. Future Homemakers of America III: Library Club, Assistant. SEALS, RALPH EDWARD Son of Mrs. Paul Reed, 1926 Eastern Avenue. SENTELLE, HORACE NELSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Sentelle, Enka Village, Lowland. Alpha Hi-Y: Art Club: German Club, 'President 3: Pep Club: Red Cross Council: Thespians: Concert Choir: Junior-Senior Play Cast 3, 4: Concert Choir Musical. SEXTON, PATSY COTTER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser Cotter, 904 East Fourth North Street. V. l. C. A., Secretary 4. SHAVER, LOIS ANN Daughter of Mrs. Ben H. Shaver. 709 East Second North Street. Beta Club: Bowling League: Future Homemakers of America, Reporter 1, Treasurer 3: Junior and Chapter Degrees: T.V.A. dc I. Style Show: German. Club: Junior Classical League: Junior Y-Teens, President 2' Outstanding Junior Y-Teen Award.: Pep Club: Student Council: Cheerleader: Play Committee: Prom Committee Chairman: Varsity Visit: Nativity Scene: Beautification Queen Candidate, Sec- ond Runner-Up. SHIPLEY, BETTY LOU Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Bert Shipley, 823 Donna Street. SHOCKLEY, WILLIAM HOWARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Shockley, Route 1, Central Church Road. Football: Alpha Hi-Y. SHOUN, JAMES DOYAL Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Shoun, Jr., Route 4, Sugar Hollow Road. Band. SHUCK, MICHAEL EUGENE Son of Dr. and Mrs. Merlin Shuck, 2137 Collins Street. Freshman Football: Football Manager 2. 3. 4: Key Club, Senior Representative: Prom Committee, SIPE, JOHN CALVIN, JR. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Sipe, Route 1. SKEEN. LARRY LEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Skeen, 428 Mont- rose Avenue. Alpha Hi-Y: Art Club: Key Club: Junior-Senior Play Cast 4. I84 SLABBEKORN, BENJAMIN FORT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Slabblrorn, 542 Spruce Street. Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y: Junior Classical League: Band: Prom Committee. SMITH, ALICE SUE Daughter of Mrs. Emerson Smith, 411 Hillcrest Drive. Junior Classical League: Junior Y-Teens, Treasurer 2: Library Club, Assistant: Red Cross Council: Nativity Scene: V. I. C. A. SMITH, ANITA CHERYL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith, Jr., Route 3. Beta Club: Future Homemakers of America: Office Assistant. SMITH, ELIZABETH JENNINGS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Smith, 611 West Second North Street. Future Homemakers of America: Junior Y-Teens: Pep Club. SINIITH, LYNNE ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Smith, Warren Drive, Lakemoore. Beta Club: Beta Tri Hi-Y, Treas- urer 2: Alpha Tri Hi-Y, Treasurer 4: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Thespians: Band: Band Council, Treasurer 2: Solo and Ensemble Festival: Cheerleader: DAR Nominee: Student Council, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4: Torchbearer at Graduation: Hi-Y Sweetheart: Freshman-Sophomore Play Prompter: Prom Committee Chairman: Nativity Scene: Mrs. Thompson's Assistant: Office Assistant: Beautification Queen Candidate: Basketball Queen Candidate: Who's Who. SMITH, WANDA GAIL Daughter of Mrs. Hazel Smith, 503 Sunrise Avenue. Ruture Homemakers of America I, II, III: Office sslstant. SOUTHERLAND, PAULA JEAN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Southerland. 337 West Sixth North Street. HURRICANE Staff, Sports Editor 3: ITAKHA Staff, Sports Editor: Varsity Basketball: Anchor Club: Beta Club: Future Home- makers of America I, Treasurer 2: Junior and Chapter Degrees: Pep Club: Band: Band Council, Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 4: Swing Band: Student Council: Play Committee: Prom Committee: Varsity Visit: Who's Who. SOUTHERLAND, SANDRA GAIL Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Southerland, Route 2, Buel Acres. Future Homemakers of America. STARNES, BARBARA SUE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Stames, 252 Laurel Street. ITAKHA Staff, Circulation Staff: Freshman Basketball: Anchor Club: Beta Club: De- bating Team, President 3, 4: German Club: Pep Club: Red Cross Council: Thespians: Play Director: Prom Committee: W. C. T. U. Speech Contest. STEPP, LARRY DALE Grandson of Mrs. Bettie Stepp, 1505 Price Drive. Track: V. I. C. A. STINES, ALLEN LARRY Son of James H. Stines, Route 2, Cherokee Drive. STUBBLEFIELD. JUDITI-I ANN Daughter of Mrs. Ida Stubblefield, 512 Scenic Drive. Anchor Club: Future Homemakers of America, Secre- tary 3: Junior and Chapter Degrees: FHA State Con- vention: Pep Club: Cheerleader: Graduation Torch- bearer: Prom Committee: Guidance Office Assistant. SWAIM, PATRICIA ANN Daughter.of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Swaim, 1830 Hugh Drive. Spanish Club: Library Assistant. TALLEY, JAMES ERVIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Talley, 1232 Margurite Drive. V. I. C. A. TATE, VONDA DARLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Tate, 1460 Willow Street. TAYLOR, JUDY JENNETTE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. 'I'aylor, Route 3. Chateton Wfoods. Beta Club: Junior Classical League: Pep Club. TAYLOR, ROGER DALE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Taylor, Route 1, Russellville. TAYLOR, VIRGINIA FRENCH Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Taylor, 1449 Morningside. HURRICANE Staff, Artist: ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman: Art Club, Reporter 2, 3: Beta Club, Junior Representative, Treasurer 4: Beta Tri Hi-Y, Parliamentarian 1, Vice-President 2: Alpha Tri Hi-Y, Reporter 3, President 4: Tri Hi-Y Conventions: Tri Hi-Y Pre-Legislature: Library Club: Pep Club: Spanish Club- Regional Math Contest: Prom Com- mittee: Hamblen County Youth Leadership Council: Who's Who. TEAGUE, SHERRY VALIN Daughter of Mr. nad Mrs. Lem Teague, 215 Scenic Drive. Alpha Tri Hi-Y: Future Homemakers of America II: Varsity Visit: Nativity Scene. THAYER, STEVE ALAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Thayer, 527 Pauline Avenue. Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y: Junior Classical geague: Pep Club: Band: Prom Committee: Nativity cene. THOMPSON, JAMES AARON Son of Mrs. Ernestine Wilson, 412 Blair Street. Transfer from West High School, Morristown, Ten- nessee. Sophomore Class President: Varsity Football. THOMPSON, JEANNINE EUNA Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Thompson, 1444 Nancy Circle. Nativity Scene: Junior-Senior Play Cast 4. Transfer from West High School, Morristown, Tennessee. Freshman Class President: Basketball: Beta Club: Junior Classical League: National Homemakers of America: Assistant Secretary of Future Homemakers of America: Student Council: Chorus: Class Play Speech Contest Winner: Office Assistant: Youth Leadership Council. TILLEY, KYLE FRANKLIN Son of Mrs. Jean Drinnion, Route 3. Future Farmers of America: V. I. C. A. TIMMINS, DINAH LYNN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Timmins, 151 Highland Drive. TINSLEY, RACHEL ALICE Daughter of Mrs. Hugh S. Tinsley, 1118 Watercrest Street. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: ITAKHA Staff, Senior Index Chairman: Beta Club: Beta Tri Hi-Y: Alpha Tri Hi-Y, Chaplain 3, Vice-President 4: Tri Hi-Y Conventions: Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca I: Junior and Chapter Degrees: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Prom Committee: Play Committee: Varsity Visit. TOON, JAMES LESLIE Son of Mr. and Mrs. iames G. Toon, Priscilla Street. Football: Beta Hi-Y: lpha Hi-Y. TRAVIS, DANA GERALD Spn of Alma Travis, 725 Charles Street. Junior Clas- sical League: Pep Club. TREECE, AURELLIA LOUISE Granddaughter of Mrs. Aurellia E. Treece, 316 West Thirteenth North Street. Beta Club, Secretary 4: V. I. .C. A., Treasurer 4: Hamblen Youth Leadershi Council: East Tennessee Spelling Champion, 19663 Tennessee Spelling Champion 1966-67: Transfer from West High School, Morristown, Tennessee. Science Club, Secretary 1: Choir, Secretary 1, Reporter 1. TRENT, GARY ALLEN Son of Mrs. Dora Trent, Stetzer Circle. lTROBAUGH, PAMELA LEA Eaughte of Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Trobaugh. Route 2, can Station, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of America Il: Junior Classical League: Red Cross Council. RNER, CURTIS JAMES, JR. on of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Turner, Sr., 235 Van 'Voorhis Avenue. Glee Club. EURNER, JACQUELIN FAYE V aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Turner, Mountain View Drive. HURRICANE Staff: Freshman Basket- sall: Art Club: Bowling League: Junior Classical League: Pep Club: Senior Y-Teens: Prom Com- 'nitteeg Office Assistant. TURNMIRE, GARY DEAN 'on of Mr. and Mrs. Milburn Turnmire, 427 South ,Fairmont Avenue. Basketball. VANCE, CYNTHIA BERNICE aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ivan Vance, 1121 ast Secolnd North Street. Future Homemakers of IDCHCB . AN GILDER, LACK KRANZ on of Mrs. jack . Van Gilder, Sunset Hills. Bas- 'etballg Beta Hi-Y: Alpha I-Ii-Y. WALKER, RAGENA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Walker, 1617 Oak Street. Junior Class President: Senior Class President: ITAKI-IA Staff, Junior Staff Member, Club Editor: Beta Tri Hi-Y, President 2: Alpha Tri Hi-Y, His- 'orian 3: Beta Club: Future Homemakers of America ll: Pep Club, Treasurer 3: Spanish Club: Thespians, reasurer 3, Vice-President 4: Band: East Tennessee and Clinic: Solo and Ensemble Festival: Girl's State: AR Nominee: junior-Senior Play Cast 5, 4: Prom ommittee: Nativity Scene: Voice of Democracy Con- st, Second Place Winner: Beautification Queen Candi- ate: Who's Who. WALKER, THOMAS CLAY on of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Walker, 724 Wil- iams Street. Basketball: Freshman Football: Key Llub: V. I. C. A., Parliamentarian 5, President 4. WALLACE, NICK REMOND ion of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Wallace, 1509 Good- on Avenue. German Club: Pep Club. Transfer from 'ennington High School, Penning'on Gap, Virginia. Frack. Transfer from West High School, Morristown, ennessee. Football. WALLACE, STANLEY RUDOLPH ion of Margaret Wallace, 806 North Henry Street. flasketball. Transfer from West High School, Mor- istown, Tennessee. Band: Sports Club. WALTON. SANDRA ELAINE aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walton, 2141 Orchard treet. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman: Basketball: nchor Club, Junior Director 3: Beta Club: De- iating Team, Secretary 3: Future Homemakers of merica III, Secretary 3: Junior, Chapter, and State grees: FHA State Convention: T.V.A. 8: I. Style how: Pep Club: Play Committee: Prom Committee: ho's Who. BVARNER, MARY ETHEL aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Warner. Route . Future Homemakers of America II: Junior Classical .eague: Guidance Office Assistant. QVARREN, JUDY KAY aughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Ed Warren, 717 Montvue Avenue. Future Homemakers of America III: Senior Y-Teens. WASSUM, CARROLL EDWARD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wassum, Route 4. 5resihnEmAFootball: Future Farmers of America: WATKINS, STEPHEN DUDLEY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Watkins, Route 2, Corpening Hills. Baseball: Football: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y. ' WATSON, JACK STEVEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Edward Watson, Route 2, Cherokee Drive. Football. WAY, ROGER CARROLL Son of Rev. Burton S. Way, Route 3, Witt. WEST, MICHAEL LEE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O. West, Route 2, Bean Station. Football: Key Club: Pep Club: Boy's State: Prom Committee. WEST, VICKI ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. West, Route 4. Junior Classical League: Choir. WESTMORELAND, MITCHELL Son of R. P. Westmoreland, Apple Blossom Lane. Transfer from Greeneville High School, Greeneville Tennessee. Lettered: Varsity Football, Basketball and Track: Physical Fitness Club. WESTON, JENECE ARLENE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Weston, Route 1, Airport Road. WHITEHEAD, GARY DALE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Whitehead, Route 2, Talbott. Future Farmers of America. WILKINSON, EDWIN WRAY Son of Dr. and Mrs. Fred Wilkinson, 1011 East First North Street. WILLIAMS, ERWIN MAX Son of Mr. and Mrs. james E. Williams, 1905 I-lolston Valle Road. V. I. C. A. Transfer from Powell High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. Baseball. WILLIAMS, JANET LOUISE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Williams, Sr., Route 4, McCrary Street. Spanish Club: Thespiansg Band: Play Committee. Transfer from Ketron High School, Kingsport, Tennessee. Current Events Club: Spanish Club. Senior Directory WILLIAMS, JUDY YVONNE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Williams, Route 4, Manley Circle. WILLIAMS, NANCY DIANE Daughter of Mrs. Inez Williams, 418 Charles Street. Concert Choir. WILLIAMS, RONALD Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Williams, Route 5. WILLIAMS, SANDRA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Williams, 1632 East Main Street. Senior Class Secretary: ITAKHA Stafl, junior Staff Member, Co-Editor: Basketball: Anchor Club: Beta Club: Future Homemakers of America Ill: Future Teachers of America, Reporter 4: Junior Classcal League: Pep Club: Spanish Club, Secretary 4: Band: Girl's State: DAR Representative: Play Prompter: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene: Varsity Visit: Who's Who. WISECARVER, KATHY LYNN Daughter of Mrs. Virginia Wisecarver, 1157 Mar- guerite Drive. WITHERELL, NANCY JANE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Witherell, 444 Laurel Street. Beta Club: Bowling League: Future Homemakers of America I: Junior Classical League: Library Club, Assistant: Pep Club: Senior Y-Teens: Play Committee. WOOD, REBECCA ANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Wood. 615 Shock- ley Avenue. Alpha Tri Hi-Y: Bowling League: Junior Classical League: Library Club: Spanish Club. WOOD, THOMAS RUSSELL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Merrill M. Wood, Route 1. Alpha Hi-Y: Pep Club. WRIGHT, ROBERT LARRY Sion of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wright, 440 Sunrise VCHUC. WRIGHT, WILLIAM STEPHEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. james S. Wright, 1105 Catalonia Avenue. Freshman Football: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y: Pep Club. YEARY, TERRY ANTHONY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Obie Yeary, 422 Blair Street. YOUNT, MELISSA KAREN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Yount, Route 5. Debating Team, Vice-President 3: Future Teachers of America: Junior Classical League. Members of the Senior Class listens intently to the guest speaker during the Who's Who Program. ff ui- Q Bible, Miss Judith, 83. 122 Biddle, William. 39. 120 Breeding, Mrs. Yater, 120 Brown, Charles E., 128 Brown, Mrs. Charles E., 86, 126 Brown Glennon, 67, 127 Brown: Mrs. Roby C., 124 Beeler, Shari, 45, 56, 60, 61, 86, 148 B ene Bnrmmitt, Mrs. Jake, 125 Cain, S. A.. 118 Catron, Miss Aileen, 77, 124 Catron. Miss Grace, 76. 77. 123 Chrisman. Dale, 97, 100, 123 Colle, Martha Lou, 128 Conkin, Mrs. John R., 122 CuPP- Mrs. Harry, 86, 126 Davis, Burleigh, 5, 8, 96, 97, 127 Davis, Mrs. Burleigh, 96, 122 A Adams. Bill, 11, 27, 29, 43, 46, 80, 81, 89, 95, 98, 110, 115, 134 Adams, David A., 134 Adams, David P., 134 Adams, Maggie, 62, 158 Adams, Nancy, 168 Ailey, Ailey, Alexan Sharon. 53. 62, 158, 162 Steve, 2, 95, 148 der. Ruth, 168 Allen, Barbara, 134, 148 Allen, Becky, 11, 37, 38, 44, 45, 56, 79, 84, 85, 91, 148, 150 Allen, Charles, 168 Allen, Janice, 62, 134 Allen, William Mike, 158 Allen. William Steven, 48, 77, 110, 168 Alston, Joseph. 168 Alvis, Barbara, 58, 68, 69 Amos, Brenda. 168 Amos, Mike, 168 Amos, Pat, 148 Am , Brenda, 158 Andgrson, Bobby, 148 Anderson, Charles, 64, 148 Anderson, Dale, 164 Anderson, Judy, 168 Anderson. Mark, 4. 36, 37, 46, 134 Anderson, Wayne, 168 Ando, Kayoko, 50, 84, 148 Antrican, Gary, 134 Antrican, Jackie, 168 Armstrong. Deloris, 158 Amold, rent, 111, 158 Amold, David, 168 Amold, Dixie, 134 Atwood, Bobby. 164 Asbury, Terry, 158 Ashley, Vicky, 168 Atchley, Billy, 158 Atkins, Carol, 168 Atkins l14 , Ga e, 5 Atkins, Mary, 43, 134 Austin Clay, 41, ies Austin: Darlene, 45, 56. 80, 89, 148 Austin, John, 65, 76, 168 Austin, Lee Larkin, 148 B Bacon, Bobby. 95 Baker, Jackie. 134 Baker, Jim. 74 Baker, Re ina, 148 Bales, Bales Deliores, 84. 91, 134, 226 Ste hen 158 Ball, Sanclzra, 76, 158 Ball, Tel'l'Y- 95, 103, 115, 158, 166 Ballard, Ann, 168 Ballard, Dorothy, 164 Banner, Lena, 158 Banner, Ralph, 148 Banner, Rita, 91, 134 Barbee, Donnie, 164 Barnard, Jack, 158 Bauch, Kathy, 62, 148 Baxley, Patricia, 58, 70, 158 Baxteir, John, 18, 95, 96, 98, 99 13 Beam, Gary, 65, 66, 154 Beam, Mark, 66, 134 Beard, Mary, 164 Beck, Cathy, 53, 62, 74 Beck, Debbie, 6, 45, 76, 158 Beckett, Kathryn, 52, 53, 84, 158, 168 Beckner, Buddy, 158 Beckner, David, 100, 168 l86 Faculty DeBusk, Mrs. Luther M., 62, 130, 177 Easterly, George A., 129 Eckel. J. Anthony. 54, 97, 102, 106, 125 Edwards. Mrs. Paul, 43, 120 Francis, Wendell, 120 Goddard, Mrs. Paul, 126 Goldfinch, Mrs. Lame, 122 Gray, Miss Leah Anne, 122 Hale. Miss Charles Grace, 125 Hilten, Mrs. Robert L., 55, 122 Hodges, Virginia, 44, 121 Horner, Miss Jane, 123 llgnes, Mrs. John K., 56, 83, 123 eener, George, 54, 129, 245 Keezel, W. B., 109, 114, 128 Kelley, Mrs. N. C., 58, 130 Kilgore, Miss Anna Belle, 122, 123 I ndex McDonald, Donald, 97, 110, 111, 127 McKinley. Mrs. H. Evan, 35, 121 Neill, William J., 46, 48, 128 Nichols, Mrs. James A., 129, 177 Northem, Mrs. John A., 129 Osborne. Wfilliam P., 83, 121 Pearson, Kenneth, 126 Pemberton, Jack, 83, 118, 246 Phillips, Gene, 128 Phillips, James M., 129 Phillips, Mrs. James M., 125 Quarles, Gene J., 102, 103, 129, 248 Quarles. O'Neal, 127 Radar, Bob, 127 Roark. Mrs. Vernon, 128, 246 Ruth, Denver J., 64, 130 Rutherford, Mrs. Glenn, 85, 125 Saulsbury, James W.. 97, 127' Student Index Donnie, 110, 111, 134 9 s Beene, Ronnie, 46, 110, 111, 134 Beene, Sherry, 62, 69 Beets, Bobby, 54, 148 Beets, Earl, 158 Beets, James, 54, 76, 158 Bfsts, Jan. 45. 62, 63, 79, 109. 134 Beets, eff, 158 Beets, ohn, 80 Beier, oug, 48. 76, 95. 115, 159 Beier, Gwen, 53, 109, 168, 175 Bell, Jim. 168 Bell, Linda, 168 Bell, Phyllis. 158 Bellamy, Jane, 29, 134 Bellamy, Sherry, 60. 76, 158 Berry, Vickie Lisa, 40, 58, 168 Bew ey, Andrea, 134 Bewley, Carol, 74 Bewley, Janice, 59. 86, 91, 135 Bewley, Rita, 60, 158 Bibbins, James, 158 Bible, Betty, 148 Bible, Jeffrey. 168 Bible, Kathy, 4, so, 135, zos Bible. Libby. 2. 47. 53. 76. 158. 202 Birchfield, Linda, 58, 77, 158 Birchfield, Robert, 110, 148 Bireley. I-aura. ss. 36. 40. so, 56, sz. 84, 143, 199 Bireley, Virginia Lynne, 62, 74 Bishop, Judy. 148 Bivens, Arnie, 103, -158 Bivens, Tom, 83, 135 Black. Gary, 48, 110, 111, 158 Black. Kathy, 148 Blakcley, Dexter, 86, 168 Blakeley, Vickie, 86 Bledsoe, Mary, 148 Blevins, Mary, 43, 62, 148 Boatright, Marie, 168 Boatright, Sydney. 158 Bolden, Barbara, 148 Bowen, Gregory, 155 Bowlin, Brenda, 62, 168 Bowlin, Ronald, 148 Brabston, Dianne, 34, 44, 45, 56, 91, 135 Bracken, Clycla, 58 Bradley, Doyle, 158 Bradley, Kay, 40, 53. 76, 84, 158 Bradley, Patsy, 45, 60. 61, 84, 86, 87. 158 Bragg. Walter, 95 Branson, James, 168 Braswell, Robert, 46, 135 Bray, Becki, 36, 40, 50, 62, 79, 84, 148 Bray, Bill, 148 Bray, Rhonda, 55, 60, 158 Braziel, Dow, 135 Breeden, William, 168 Breeding, David, 65. 158 Breeding, Dianne, 58, 91, 135 Breeding, Keith, 54, 103, 148 Breeding, Lynn, 54, 56, 103, 104, 106, 115, 135 Breeding, Peggy, 168 Brisentine. Anita, 168 Brittain, Anne, 24, 29, 35, 45, 56, 79, Rl, 91. 135, 100 Brittain, Kay, 53, 60, 84, 168 Britton, Gary, 168 Britton, Linda, 82, 86, 87, 158 Brock, Barbara, 76, 84, 168 Brock, Bobby, 135 Brock, Diana, 45, 56, 62, 148 Brock, Elaine, 62, 70, 77, 168 Brock, Vickie, 40, 168 Brooks, Allen, 135 Brooks, Bobby, 164 Brooks, Chris, 168 Brooks, David, 158 Brooks, David Carl, 46, 110, 111, 155 Brooks, Delores, 135 Brooks, Donald, 75, 155 Brooks, Kathy, 62, 168 Brooks, Kathy, J., 168 Brooks, Kenny, 86, 168 Brooks, Lynn, 40, 148, 158 Brooks, Marcus, 168 Brooks, Peggy, 62, 158 Brooks, Terry, 54 Brotherton, Cloe, 158 Brown, Eric, 105, 115, 131, 155 Brown, Patricia, 158 Brown, Roger, 105, 168 Brown, Victor, 103, 104 Broyles, Samuel, 168 Broyles, Sharon, 148 Bmce, Rena, 62, 168 Bryan, Aaron, 148 Bryan, Alicia, 43, 62, 148 Bryant, Carolyn, 158 Buchanan, Becky, 68, 69, 79, 148 Buchanan, Dana, 135 Buchanan, John, 115, 135 Buckner, Donna, 55. 168 Buckner, Michael, 48, l0l, ll8, 158 Buckner, Michael O., 6, 36, 38, 54, 8 Buell, Freida, 168 Buell, Teresa, 148 Bullion, Janice, 62, 148 Bunch, Michael, 148 Bunch, Pats , 168 Bunch, Sandlra, 168 Bunch, Vickey, 168 Burchett, Bob, 135 Burchett, Charlotte, 91, 135 Burgin, Jack, 169 Buttry, Andrea, 86, 87, 158 Buttrg, Shelia, 60, 149 Byar , Clyde, 135 Byrd, Gary, 158 Byrd, Michael, 158 C Cain, Martha, 169 Cain, Samuel, 105, 158 0 Caldwell, Carolyn, 43, 50, 60, 72, 79, 82, 135 Callicutt, Kathy, 124, 158 Cameron, Patricia, 135 Cameron, Ronnie, 149 Campbell, Michael, 76, 15B Cansler, Cynthia, 60, 169 Cantrell, Johnny, 149 Cantwell, Robert, 46, 149 Capps, Kathy, 169 Capps, Paula, 50. 56. 79, 97, 1-19 Cardwell, Billie, 5, 79, 135 Carmichael, Frances, 169 Carmichael, Sandra, 159 Carmon, Gary, 159 Carpenter, Delores Ann, 60, 84, 86, 159 Carpenter, Eddie, 88 Carpenter, Katherine, 169 Carpenter, Mike, 169 Carpenter, Nancy, 169 Carpenter, Steve, 48, 95, 100 Carpet. James, 95. 101, II9 Carr, Billy, 169 Carroll, Jerry, 135 Carroll, Rita, 149 Carson, Richard G., 46, 159 Carson, Carson Richard L., 149 Sherry 159 caissnf vifkifss, sz, 11, sa, 169 Carter, Bobby, 169 Carter, Debbie, 58, 159 Sharpe, Ralph Wesley, 123 Shaver, Mrs. Ben H., 128 Smith. Mrs. Clarence A., 68, 128 , Smith, Mrs. Eugene G., 61, 130 Stambaugh. Mrs. Jim W., 5, 126 Strange, Charles H., 118 Thompson, Mrs. Kyle, 121 Trobaugh, Miss Cynthia, 14, 53, 81, 88, 124 Vaughn, Alden K., 102, 103, 105, 125, 177 Watkins, Mrs. Jasper, 125 Weesner. Morrell. 33. 37, 118, 142 White. Mrs. Roger, 124 Williams, Mrs. Maurice, 44, 90. 127 W'illi:ims, Raymond, 97, 129 Wilstin, Mrs. XVilliam H., 125 Wolfe, Mrs. Hiram W., 70, 129 Carter, Patricia, 74, 76, 82, 86, 159 Carter, Richard, 18, 25, 29, 33, 46, 56, 72, 35, 89, 95. 98 135 Cash. Angela, 34, 56, 69, 78, 79, 84, 135 Catton, Linda, 16, 26, 29, 36, 51, 135 Catron, Mary, 169 Caudill, James, 100, 149 Chamberlain, Merle, 43, 136 Chambers, Sharon, 169 Chance, John, 54, 64, 65, 136 Chandler, Christine, 36, 37, 38, 40, 56, 74, so, ai, ez. sa, 84, 86, 149 Chapman, Brenda Kay, 87, 136 Chapman, Robert, 159 l Charles, Alice, 36, 37, 50, 149, 150 , Charles, Bob, 25, 29, 32, 33, 34, 35, 39, 1 40, 41, 46, 56, 72, 82, 89, 1.56 Charles, William, 48, 169 Christian, Donna, 169 Christian. Douglas. 66, 67, 136 Christian, Tina, 58, 169 Claborn, Bobby, 115 Claborn, Shelia, 169 Claborn, Twana, 62, 86, 109, 169 Claborn, Willie, 54, 159 Claiborne, Kenneth, 65, 159 Claiborne, Wayne, 77, 169 Clark, Diane, 62, 169 Clark, Ga , 149 Clark, Gilda, 169 Clarkson, Donna, 60, 69, 136 Clement, Hugh, 103, 104, 105, 136 Clement, Wayne, 7 Clemons. Patricia, 70, 74, 159 Clevenger, Kathy, 60, 149 Clevenger, Linda, 169 Clevenger, Patricia, 60, 159 Climer, Charles, 159 Climer, Robert, 169 Cline, Donald, 159 Cline, Ronald, 95, 169 Cloar, Campbell, 79, 136 Cloar, Jean Anne, 52, 53, 74, 76, 159 Cobble, Beatrice, 136 Cobble, Johnny, 136 Cochran, George, 43, 149 Cochran, Linda, 60, 70 Coffey, Glenda, 169 Coffey, Rebecca, 159 Coffey, Sandra, 169 Coffey, Sherry, 62, 66, 136 Coffey, Sylvia, 58, 169 Coffey, William, 159 Coffman, Sandi, 74 Cohen, Debra, 58, 76, 82, 169 Coker, Nancy, 84, 149 Cole, Charles, 169 Cole, Donna, 159 Cole, Patricia, 29, 136 Collake, Judy, 169 Collier, Claude, 169 Collins, Betty, 45, 62, 69. 79, 91, 149 Collins, Danny, 149 Collins, Darlene, 169 Collins, Donald, 159 Collins, Faye, 169 Collins, Joe, 106, 169 Collins, Kathy, 159 Collins, Larry, 112, ll9 Collins, Nancy. 86, 87, 90, 119 Collins, Rhonda, 58, 76, 84, 159 Collins, Robert L., 16, 136 Collins, Ronnie, 169 Collins, Sandra, 62 Collins, Steve, 65 Collins, Tommy, 169 Collins, Xlvilliam, 169 Combs, James, 159 Combs, Mary. 169 Combs, Steve. 46, 136, 193 151 Deetien Compton, Michael, 16, 34, 36, 72, 73, 82, 84, 136 Connor, Ann, 58, 169 Conway, Gordon, 100, 169 Conway, Warren, 54, 136 Cook, Donald, 169 Cook, Katherine, 149 Cook, Linda, 159 Cook, Wilma, 159 Cooper, Rhoda, 40, 169 Cooper, Robert, 159 Cope Jerry, 159 Copeland, James, 100, 169 Cornwell, Donna, 86, 149 Drake, Shirley, 79, 137 Drinnon. Alicia, 60, 82 Drinnon, Bobby, 160 Drinnon, Dagana, 170 Drinnon, Darlene, 170 Drinnon, Johnny, 161 Dubois, Charlotte, 161 Duby, Tim, 36, 37, 46, 137 Dudley, Cindy, 137 47, 80, 82, 83, Dugger, Brenda, 53, 74, 161 Dyer, Patricia, 60, 76 Comm, Flora, 169 Comm, Linda, 159 Cosson, Cindy, 62, 86, 87, 169 Cosson, Freddie, 160 Cosson, Susan, 53, 62, 107, 160, 162 Cotter, Brenda, 169 E Enly, Charlotte, 170 Earls, Geraldine, 170 Easley, Jacqueline, 58 Giedde, David, 26, 29, 35, 41, 46, 56, 78. 79. 138. 209 Glass, Doug, 54. 72, 151, 152 Glenn. Robert. 38. 40, 54, 77, 161 Goan, Mary. 138 Goan, Randy, 40, 48, 161 Goforth, George, 66 Goforth, Linda, 43 Goins, Mike, 101 Goins, William, 95, 151 Gooch, Warren, 77, 103 Goodman, Sue, 170 Goodwin, Billie, 79. 138, 151 Graham, Debbie, 170 Graham, Rebecca, 48, 49. 53. 97, 161 Gratz, Joey, 151 Graves, Patricia, 36, 37. 53. 76, 107, 159 Gray, Richard, 33. 35, 41, -16, 56, 151, 219 Helms, Helton .Ruth. 152 Billy, 152 Helton: cheryl, so, si, 152 Helton Curtis, 161 Helton, David, 105, 170, 175 Helton, David M., 48, 152 Helton, Edward, 77, 170 Helton, Glenda, 63, 161 Helton. Jerry. 55. 139 Helton, Jghnny, 139 Helton, athy, 161 Helton, Sandra, 60, 152 Helton, Steve, 161 Helton Terry. 170 Henderson. Richard, 66 Henegar, Keith, 40, 139 Hickey. Gayle. 36. 50. 56. 62. 84. 91. 107, 152 HiCkS. Childs. 55. 95. 98. 99. 139 Hicks, Pat, 58, 71. 170 Courtney, Ronnie, 136 Covington, Brenda, 58, 150 Cowan, Calvin, 43, 145 Cowan, James, 150 Cowan, Lance, 101, 169 Cowan, Robert, 169 Cox, Allen, 160 Cox. Donna, 40, 58, 160 Cox, Earlene, 38, 45, 80, 81, 84, 90, 91 136 Cox, James, 77 Cox, Lois, 136 Cox, Margaret, 160 Cox, Michael, 40, 160, 1 Cox, Rebecca, 160 Craine, Charles, 136 Crews, Terry, 43, 136 Crider, Dianna, 150 Crider, Doris, 169 Crider, Mike, 160 Crider, Mildred, 74, 160 Crigger, Patsy, 136 Croley, Rebecca, 58, 160 Crosby, Larry, 65, 169 Cross. Donna, 169 69 Cross. Wanda, 56, 62, 80, 150 Crum, Delores, 60, 70, 160 lle Laura 160 Cu Y. . Culvern, Janine, 34, 41, 50, 56, 72, 73, 150 Cupp, Bobb , 54, 150 Cupp, Carolyn, 56, 68, 69, 79, 136, 142 Cupp. Glenn, 169 Cutshaw, Gwen, 60, 71, D Dailey, Dailey, Wayne, 110 Dalton, Larry, 46. 95, 10 Daniel, Billy. 150 Julia, 169 Kathy, 150 Lannis, 169 Daniel Daniel, Daniels, Jamie, 169 160 1, 1-19, 150 Darden, William, 32, 95, 150, 219 Darnell, Danny, 160 Darnell, Debra, 71, 74, 160 Davenport, Nick, 160 Davidson, Kathy, 109 Davidson. Mary, 169 Davis, Bert, 169 Davis, Carter, 100, 101, 169 Eaton,alane, 40, 58, 71 Edmon s, Doris Ann, 89, 137 Edmonds, Terry, 54, 100, 161 Edwards, Barbara, 62, 125, 161 Edwards, Donald, 27, 29, 40, 46, 56, 137 Edwards. Michael, 76, 161 Elam, Dallas, 170 Elkins, Jimmie, 161 Elkins, Lois, 137 Elkins, Sharon, 60, 84, 161 Elkins, Thomas, 161 Ellis, Diane, 170 Ellison, Carolyn, 58, 76, 161 Ellison, Nancy, 37, 45, 60, 150 Elmore, Gladys, 150 Elmore, Shirley, 161 Ely, Dennis, 105, 151 Emming, Barbara, 151 Emming, Lorreta, 170 Epps, Earcil, 161 Epps, Patricia, 82, 161 Estep, John, 170 Estes, Ben, 170 Evans, Donna, 40, 60, 61, 70, 161 Everhart, Doyle, 170 Everidge, Michael, 170 Ewing, Bobby, 106, 170 Ezell. Lynn. 29. 34, 45. 56. 74. 137 F Faddis, Brenda, 151 Fahey, George, 161 Fahey, Michael, 170 Fain, Althia, 43. 137 Fain, Angelia, 76, 170 Fain, Rosalyn, 80, 151 Farmer, Allen, 65 Farmer, Betty. 55, 44, 45, 90, 91, 137, 219 Farmer, Wade. 170 Farris, Shari, 34, 35, 50, 56, 78, 79, 82, 91, 137, 200 Feeney, Virginia, 40, 53. 77, 84 Ferguson, Terry, 62, 90, 137 Ferrell, Joann, 170 Ferrell, Margaret, 58, 86, 151 Fields, Bruce. 101 Fields, Sandra, 86, 170 Fields, Susan, 61, 83 Finley, Steven, 161 Hicks, William, 76, 170 Higgins, Mark, 161 Hi eman, Jan, 60, 91, 139 Hill, Alice, 82 Hill, Becky, 63, 70, 162 Hill. Betty. 91. 139. 226 Hill, Kathy. 90, 139 Hill, Linda, 139 Hill, Mary. 58. 170 Hill Vernon, 162 Green, Phyllis, 138 Greene Ava, 62, 80, 84, 161 Greene, Carole, 138 Greene, Charles, 6, 161 Greene, Darius, 76 Greene Debbie, 58, 170 Greene. Delores, 76, 170 Greene, Dennis, 161 Greene, Gail, 40 Greene Jeff, 100, 170 Greene Philip, 138 Greene: Rose, 60, 161 Greene, Sharon, 69, 138 Sherry, 161 Greene, Gregg, Donald, 151 Gregg, Johnny, 106, 170 Grego , Billy, 54, 151 Gre?'.rJ'udy, 170 Gri fen, Jerry, 138 Griffin, Sadie, 62, 71, 74 GflgSbY. Joe. 53. 36, 37, 54, 55, 56, 151 Grigsby, Sam, 77, 170 rommon Debbie 71 161 G . . . Gudis, Steve, 70, 101, 150, 151 Guertin, Deborah, 40, 80, 81, 82, 84, 170, 175 Guertin, Mary, 10, 38, 40, 44, 45, 56, 72, 80. Bl, BZ. 83, 151 Guice. Donny. 16. 3-l. 35, 56, 138 Guice, Sandra. 34. 39, 40, 50, 82, 151, 217 Gulley, Bobby, 151 Guyette, Cherie, 48. 55. 63, 170 Guyette, Susan, 151 H Haggerty, Ann, 41, 77, 82, 84, 170 Haggerty, Kate, 23, 29, 34, 45, 56, 79, 82. 83. 84. 138 Hale, James, 161 Hale, Michael, 48, 49, 161 Hale, Sam, 33, 54, 55, 56, 64, 65, 138 Hale, Stephen, 54, Hall, Alice, 60, 84. 151 Hall, Earl, 151 Hall, Edith, 170 Hall, John, 95, 98, 110, 103. 104, 114, 115, Hamilton. Doug. 7, 138 Hammond. Sharon, 151 Hammontree, Alice 65. 161 138 Davis, Cathy. 33. 50, 150 Davis, Eddie, 65, 160 Davis, Janice, 24, 29, 34, 44, 45, 56. 62, 63. 136 Davis, Jeanette, 150 Davis, Gail, 109, 160 Davis, Margaret, 169 Davis, Mikie, 160 Davis Steve, 43, 136 Dean: ,lu Ann, 137 Dean, Sandra, 137 , Jean, 169 Fisher, Margaret, 4, 35, 41, 50, 56, 138, ' 211 Fisher, Russell, 100, 170 Flack, Kathy. 56, 69, 84, 151, 152 Folsom, Frances, 58, 71, 76, 89, 161 Folsom, Tommy. 54, 69, 72, 80, 81, 89, 100 18 . 3 Ford, Barbara. 36, 5-1, 56, 68, 69, 82, 35. 97. 159 Ford, Bruce, 150, Foust, Byron, 33, Fowler, Georgia, 86, 170 151 39, 41, 48, 105. 161 Haney. Diana, 63. 70, 74, 161 Haney, Dwane. 151 Haney, Lana, 40, 71, 77, 170 Hansard, David, 106, 170 Harbin. Delores, 43, 170 Harbin, Shelia. 37. 86 Hardin, Ronald, 95. 151 Hardy. lean Ann, 53, 63, 77, 161 Harmon, John, 170 Harmon, Sue, 45. 56. 90, 91. 139 Harrell. David, 151 Delaney, Brenda, 23, 29, 43, 76, 137, 160 Delph, Elsie, 169 Demko, Marilyn, 41, 62, 169 Demko, Rebecca, 137 Demko, Robert, 169 Herbert, 77, 169 Deneau, Deneau, Kim, 40 Denham, Barry, 46, 47, 115, 150 Deniston. Nita, 169 Dennis, Donna, 137 Dennis, Patricia, 169 Dennis, Sandra, 160 Denton, Benny, 48, 96, 160 Denton, Sonny, 66, 137 Denton, Theresa, 76. 86, 160 Depew, Betty, 76, 169 DeVault, Phillip, 111 Dickerson, Terry, 169 Dietrich, Dennis, 100, 169 Dingus, Rita, 169 Dixon, Cynthia, 35, 50, 137, 211 Fowler, Virginia, Fox, Brenda, 161 170 Fox, Glenda, 161 Francis, Nick, 54, 55, 95, 110, 151 Francis, Tony, 170 Francisco, James, 170 Franklin, George, 138 Free, Jacky, 106, 170 Freeman, Dennis, 48, 170 Fugate, William, 170 Fuller, Alfred, 151 Fuller, Freddy, 46, 47 Fuller, James, 138 Fuller, Judy, 76, 170 Fullington, Jimmy, 64, G Gaby, Judy, 161 Gaby, Willard, 77, 170 Gardner, Glena, 170 65, 138 Harrell, Patricia, 77, 81, 168, 170 Harrell, Richard, 76, 95, 101, 151 Harrell, Russell, 170 Hilten, RiCl1al'd, 55. '57, 110, 111, 152 Hinkle, Gale, 66, 139 Hinkle, Jan, 6, 45, 60, 61, 152, 169 Hinkle, Pamela, 52, 53 63, 170 Hip.i.i.e, shui., ea, 16, 162 Hite, Brenda, 152 Hodge, Brenda, 152 Hodge, ames, 48, 76, 162 Hodge, udy, 171 Hod e, ancy, 43, 162 8 Hodge, Patricia, 36, 37, 50, 57, 83, 84, 85, 91, 139. 211 Hodge, Susan, 60, 90, 162 Hodges, Robert, 36, 46, 152, 245 Holbert, James, 171 Holdwa , Robert, 162 Hollifiefd, Carlos, 102 Holmes, Robert, 41, 171 Holt, Barbara, 91, 152 Holt, Brenda, 26, 29, 34. 35. 57. 84, 86 87, 89. 126, 139 Holt, Charles, 162 Holt, Rose, 18, 19, 50, 57, 60, 97, 139. 221 Holt, Sanford, 48, 100, 171 Holt, Steven, 171 Holt. William, 171 Honeycutt, William, 171 Hoover, Mike, 43 Hopkins, Bobby, 171 Hopkins, Phyllis, 80, 162 Hopkins. Wanda, 63 Hopson, Dallas, 171 Hopson, Sandra, 58, 109. 171 Homer, Elizabeth, 139 Homer, lack, 152 Horner, Jimmie, 162 Horner, Rhonda, 162 HOIIOH. Bill. 2-l. 29. 33. 46. 57. 95. 98. 112. 139. Houston, Edith, 162 Houston, Stephen, 171 Houston, Vickie, 59, 162 Howard, Robert, 139 Howell, Humphrey, 139 Howell, James, 40, 46, 79, 139 Howerton, James, 139 Howington, Phyllis, 139 Hubbs, Ray, 171 Hudtgens, Gary, 171 Huf , Lamar. 140 Hughes, Patricia, 40, 41, 162 Huguenard, Judy. 40, 45, 76, 162 Hull, Frank, 48, 162 Humpston, Cil, 36, 37, 38, 40, 44, 45, 57, 140, 226 Dockery, Shelia, 169 Doka, Pat, 137 Donald son, Jackie, 160 Donaldson, Ralph, 150 Donaldson, Yvonne, 170 Dotson , Debra, 170 Dougherty, Beth, 150 Douglas, Debbie, 40, 41, 53, 76. 160 Douglas, Peggy, 40, 41, 91, 150, 215 Douthat, Gary, 76, 170 Gentry, Joan, 29 Gibson, Brenda, 170 Gibson, Darlene, 170 Gibson, James, 111 Gibson, Shirley, 151 Gilbert Annctha, 170 Gilbert: Daniel, im Gill, S haron, 58, 70, 161 Gilliam, Phyllis, 170 Gilliam, William, 170 Harrell, Sammy, 65. 170 Harris, Patricia, 76. 170. 172 Barbara, 63. 82, 91, 151 Harrison, Harrison, Cheryl, 60. 170 Harrison, Earlene, 40, 58, 170 Harrison, Judy, 40, 68, 69. 139 Harrison, Stan, 36, 37, 48, 49. 160, 161 Hart, Richard, 2, 54. 56. 151 Hartman, Ginger, 170 Hartman. Sandra, 151 Harville, Dennis, 170 Harville, Judy. 91. 139 Harville, Kathy, 58 Harville, Roy, 139 Harville, Sherry, 56, 77, 84, 86, 91. 151 Hastie, James, 54, 151 Hastie, John, 55. 138 Hatcher, Joyce, 161 Hattaway. Belinda, 139 Hawk, Mike, 161 Hayes, Linda, 170 Hayes, Michael, 170 Haynes, Lee, 66 Haynes, Mary, 161 Hayter, Betsy, 40, 53. 58, 161 Hayter, lackie, 46, 80. 81, 100, 152 Heck, Connie, 161, 226 Heck, Judy, 60, 152 Helm, Sandra, 161 Hurley, Gary, 43, 140 Y. Hurle Mark, 41. 55. 162 Hurst, Danny, 43, 140 Hurst, Darlene, 59. 171 Hurst, Diana, 45, 57, 91, 140 Hurst, Judy, 171 Hurst. Kathy, 77, 171 Hurst, Larry, 16. 46, 81, 82, 126, 140 Hurt, Thomas. 140 Huxley, Keith, 152 I Idell, Richard, 66, 67, 140 Inman, Bobby, 95, 98. 99. 140 Inman, Deborah. 90, 152 Inman, Diana, 86, 171 Inman, Olivia, 77, 171 Inman Stanle 171 Irwin,'Randal1,' 94, 95, Qs, 99. us, 140 Ison, Sharlynn, 63, 80, 162 Ivy, Sharon, 162 Ivy, William. 171 J Jackson, Larry, 162 Jarnagin, Jannell, 52, 53, 84, 171 140 Laughters, Tommy, 55. 95, 163 O Jamagin, Linda, 60, 152 ,larnigan, Blanche, 162 qlarnigan, Charles, 162 Jarnigan, Rita, 38, 58, 91, 162 ,larnigan, Roger, 114, 115 Jefferson Bert, 171 Jefferson, Jane, 171 ,lenkins, Willis, 162 ,lessee, Jane, 36, 37, 50, 79, 91 jessup, Jenny, 162 Jett, Brenda, 76, 107, 162 Jinks, Larry, 162 lohris, Danny, 162 lohns, Mary. 58, 76, 84, 86, 162 lohns, Rebecca, 26, 29, 34, 44, 45, 57 82, 84, 85, 140 lohnson, Allen, 171 1 1 Lane, Sherril, 172 Lane, Wilma, 153 Laughters, Michael, 18, 19, 95. 98, 110 Laughters, Voneda, 59. 172 Lawson, Dean, 66 Lawson, Patricia, 163 Leabow, Billie, 172 Leabow, Gail, 109 Leatherman, Chris, 163 Manning, Carroll, 76 Manning, John, 65, 173 Manning, Johnny, 164 Manning, Linda, 58, 86, 87, 153 Manning, William, 64, 65, 142 Lee, Charlene, 71, 76, 86, 163 Lee, David, 77 Lee, Earlene, 140 Lee, Johnny, 172 Lee, Tommy, 163 Lefevers, Pauletta, 163 Mantooth, Terry, 173 Marcum. Bobby, 18, 22, 29, 46, 89, 95, 98, 110. 111, 142 Marcum. Rita. 40. 76, 82, 164 Marshall, Clifford, 66 Marshall, Edna, 164 Marshall, Karen, 40, 45, 63, 164 Marshall, Loretta, 153 - Mart. Debra. 59, 71, 84, 86, 109, 164 Martin Cathy 61 164 Jones, Dann , 65, 152 ilohnson, Brenda, 171 Jlohnsim, Cathy, 57, 60, 61, 69, 140 Johnson, Gary, 106, 171 Johnson, Janet, 32, 33, 37, 53, 59, 97, 163 Johnson, Joyce, 152 Johnson, Lamar, 152 johnson, Larry, 76, 163 Johnson, Mike. 171 Johnson, Patricia, 163 Johnson, Rita, 16, 26, 29, 34, 40, 45. 57. 79. 137, 140 Johnson, Terry, 171 Johnston, David. 171 ones, Allan, 46, 95, 98, 99, 115, 140 195 Lefevers, Walter, 172 Leonard, Clarence, 153 Leonard, Diane, 172 Leonard, Rhonda, 172 Mminf David: 401 4s, 164 Mania, Judy. -ia, isa, in Martin, Linda, 153 Martin Stella, 142 Noe, Nancy, 40, 52, 53. 76, 164 Noe, Robert, 173 Noe, Willis, 164 Oakes, Carter, 76, 101, 154 Oaks, Pam, 143 Odom, Patricia, 57, 69, 154 Odom. Sandra, 107, 154 Oler, Mary Lois, 143 O'Neal, Marian, 59, 173 Ooten, Leslie, 5, 69, 79, 154 Ooten, Russell, 173 Orrick, James, 173 Miiingiii, Doug, ss, 64, 65, 19, 130, 1 2 Overholt. Eddie, 38, 46, 72, 80, 154 Overholt, Ralph, 49, Overholt, Wynn, 45, 173 76, 164 Owen, Donnie W., 164 Lepew, Martain, 172 Lewis, Beverly, 172 Lewis, Helen, 10, 40, 45, 163 Lewis, Janice, 172 Lewis, Pats , 60, 84, 86, 163 Lewis, Sandra, 141 Linkous, Sandra, 153 Masengill, Hix, 142 Mason, David, 122 Mason, Nancy, 66, 153 Mathews. Chuck, 95, 153 Mathis, Elizabeth, 41, 153 Matthews, Gary, 173 Matthews, Mary, 173 Jones, Davil 110 Jones, Deborah, 52, 53, 60, 76, 163 ones, Frankie. 171 ones, Kathy, 40, 76, 171 ones, Leslie, 171 ones, Mark, 46, 82, 153 Jones, Mike, 77. 171 ones, Patricia, 60 ones, Patsy A., 70, 171 ones, Patsy K., 40, 63, 70, 163 oyce, Johnny, 171 K Linkous, Vickie, 141 Little, Prank, 48, 106, 172 Little, Nancy, 24, 29, 36, 51, 56, 73, 141 Litton, Mary, 153 Litl, Jane, 60, 61, 91, 126, 141 Livesay, Linda, 172 Livesay, Pamela, 63, 172 Livesay, Patricia, 59, 76, 163 Livesay, Wa ne, 66 Mayes, Arlene, 63 Mayes Mayes Mayes Mays, Meek, , Eddie, 47. 105, 153 , Jimmie, 164 , Paula, 153 Kenny, 142 Linda, 173 Owens, David, 160 Owens, James. 154 Owens, Michael, 173 Owens, Russell, 173 Oyer, Duane, 55. 105 P Pack, Debra, 173 Mefford, Cheryl, 142 Mefford, Ronald, 164 Merhoff, Margaret, 37, 79, 84, 142 Miles. Geri, 40, 142 Keck, Benny, 171 Keener, George, 48, 49, 163 Keael, Susan, 59, 109. 171 Ketner, Janet, 171 Ketner, Mike, 162, 163 Kiker, Harold, 163 Kilgore, Andrea, 68, 69, 79, 84, 86, 131, 140 Long, Long, DRINK, 55, 57, 115, 141 David A., 141, 163 Lone, David D.. 153. 163 Long, Dennis, 76 Long, Donnie, 163 Long, Dorothy, 141 Long, Jack, 172 Long, Jghn, 163 Long, athy, 40, 63, 71, 172 Long, Lea, 52, 53, 59, 172 Long, Lynn, 141 Long, Michael, 163 Long, Ronald, 163 Millar, Susan, 59. 164 Miller, Betty, 84, 86, 142 Miller, Charles, 173 Miller, Dennis, 77, 173 Miller, Donna, 173 Miller, ay, 40, 173 Miller, oyce, 36, 153 Miller, ay, 173 Miller, Max, 164 Miller, Robert, 164 Miller, Sheila, 76, 164 Miller, Vicki, 61, 77, 164 Miller, William, 173 Pack, Kenny, 70. 77. 107, 159, 164 Paddon, May, 36, 45, 57, 60, 61, 78, 79, 82, 15 Painter, Ina, 154 Parker, Beverly, 7, 53, 164, 215 Parker, Frank, 106 Parker, Jgckie, 69, 81, 91, 107, 154 Parker, enneth, 154 Parker, Nick, 173 Parker, Rhonda, 71, 164, 169, 173 Parker, Sandra, 74, 164, 169 Parker, Stanley, 173 Parker, Tony, 173 Parkey, Dorothy, 76, 143 Parkey, Flora, 164, 169 Parrish, Larry, 173 Parrish Patricia 143 Long, Tong, 75 Long, Vel a, 172 Long, William, 163 Lou y, Angela, 38, 45, 57, 86, 153 Love, Teena, 59, 172 Lovelace, Minnie, 45, 57, 153 Lovin, Michael, 172 Mills, Anthony, 76, 153 Mills, Marshal, 100 Mills, Yvette, 173 Minnich, Boyd, 100, 173 Minnich, Linda, 84, 91, 142 Minnich, Patricia, 63, 76, 164 Minton, Lanny, 110 Pate, La Verna, 169 Patrick, Becke, 91, 107, 108, 143 Patrick, Richard, 106, 173 Patrick, Steve, 143 Patty, Arthur, 164, 169 Paxton, Donna, 50, 59, 164, 169 Payne, Donna, 40, 41, 63, 173 Payne, Eddie, 95, 154 Payne, Jackie, 59 Kilgore, Howard, 77, 100 Kilgo re, Velina, 43, 83, 84, 86, 153 Kimbrough, Bernadiue, 140 Kimbrough, Evelyn, 91, 140 Kimbrough, Kathy, 140 Kimbrough, Vickey, 171 King, Becky, 76, 109 King, Caro yn, 109, 171 King, Deborah, 171 King, Jimmy, 153 King, Sammy, 140 King Vera. 172 Kiiigion, Vicki, io, sa, 16, ss, isa Kinney, Jerry, 172 Lovin , Williarn. 153 Lowe, Goth, 141 Lowe, Linda, 84, 141 Lowe, Pelle, 60, 70, 163 Lowe, Piiiuip, 172 Lowe, Ruby, 107, 163 Lowe Brenda 76 163 Kinser, John, 35, 39, 40, 46, 153, 217 Kinser, Vickie, 52, 53, 76, 172, 202 Kinsler, Betty, 172 Kinsler, Carl, 163 Kinsler, Pe y, 172 Pratt, Clifford, 173 Kirk, Donald, 172 Kirk, Georgia, 172 Kirk, Judy, 140 Kirk, Peggy, 63, 172 Kirkham, Donald, 100 Kirkpatrick, Paulette, 172 Kirkpatrick, Phillip, 106, 172 Kiser, David, 57, 82. 140 Kiser, Jeffrey, 106, 172 Kitts, Larry, 172 Kitts, Robert. 172 Knight, Barbara, 163 Knight, Melba, 59, 172 Knight, Teresa. 172 Knight, Victor, 153 Kogelman, John, 163 YY. , 1 Lowry, Barbara, 2, 18, 22, 29, 36, 37, 50, 57, 76, 97, 106, 141 Lowry, John, 49, 163 Mc McLucas, Debra, 77, 172 McCarter, Randall, 163 McCl:iran, Linda, 141 McClaren, Susan, 76, 153 McClure, Karen, 71, 76, 109, 172 McClure, Lynn, 36, 69, 107, 108, 141, 142 McCoig, Kenneth, 141 McCravy, Ina, 172 McCravy, Kath . 163 Minton, Patricia, 61, 164 Mitchell, Sam, 6, 33, 48, 49, 76, 164 Moody, Susie, 35, 50, 57, 79, 84. 153, 207 Moore, Billy, 173 Moore, Edna, 164 Moore, Evelyn, 164 Moore, Jay, 173 Moore, Linda, 173 Moore, Mary, 50, 76, 82, 153 Moore, Mic ele, 164 Moore, Theresa, 164 Morgan, James, 153 Payne, Margaret, 18, 29, 34, 45, 57, 143. 195 , Pearson, Jimmie, 55, 154 Pearson, aula, 59, 173 Peavler, Peep l es , Pembert Doris. 173 Nancy, 40, 63. 71 on, Jay, 100, 101, 172, 173 Morris, Mitchell, 43 Morris, Robert 142 Morrison, Sarah, 53, 164 Moss, Betty, 173 Moss, Carolyn, 164 Moss, Robert, 80, 173 Moss, Shirley, 142 Moyers, Brenda, 164 Moyers, Cloretta, 173 Moyers, Sandra, 61, 69, 142 Mu lendore, Donna, 61, 68, 69, 83, 143 Mullins, David, 164 Pendergrass, Shelley, 74, 76, 107, 164, 169 Pendleton, Janet, 59, 173 Pendleton, Paula, 57. 63, 69, 79, 154 Peoples, Rebecca, 63, 81, 90, 164, 169 Peoples, Vickie, 61, 71, 164 Perkey, Gwen, 173 Perry, Chris, 63, 69, 154 Peters, Cecilia, 173 Peters, Pam, 40, 42, 43, 45, 154 Pettigrew, Patricia, 154 Phillips, Brenda, 154 Phillips, Pam, 59, 154 Pierce, David. 154 McCurry, Ronald, 163 McDaniel, James, 172 McDaniel erry, 172 gclgoiigild, gill,d1414 c a en, avi , 1 1 McGhee, Christine, 80, 153 h n 16 McGa a, Ra d , 3 McGinnis, Lindla, 163 McGinnis, Nina, 90, 163 Pierce, Terry. 86, 173 Pigmon , Barbara, 86, 143, 160 Pi mon, Ruby, 173 Piiher, Pilcher, Brenda, 10, 37, 71, 76, 86, 164 Deborah. 37, 71, 86, 87, 173 Mullins J-obn, 100, 164 Mullins: inda, 154 ' Mullins, Lonnie, 154 Mullins, Sandra, 79, 86, 154 Murray, Kenneth, 154 Murray, Lana, 63. 77, 173 Murray, Terry, 46, 57, 103, 154 Musser, Patricia, 154 Pittrrkan, Janice, 45, 60, 61, 79, 86, 87, 15 Poling, Barbara, 63, 154 Pollard, David, 165 Pdpe, Pam, 41, 173 Potter, Charlotte 143 Potter, Kirby, 76, 173 Pratt, Carolyn, 57, 69, 78, 79, 126, 143 McGlamery, Brenda, 163 McKee, Barbara, 141 McKemy, Dennis, 76, 163 McKinley, Betty, 40, 63, 82, 172 McKinney, Brenda, 163 McKinney. Charles, 172 McKinney, Eleanor, 109, 141 McKinney, Joyce, 172 Kren, Hope, 6, 45, 76, 77, 85, 163 Kyle, Alberta, 163 Kyle, Brenda, 60, 153 Kyle, Linda, 153 L Lacy, Sally, 36, 37. 50, 60, 61, 82, 85 149, 153 Ladin, Phyllis, 172 Lakins, Anna, 163 Lakins, Kathy, 153 Lakins, Maxie, 140 Lambert, Eddie, 172 Lampkin, Charles, 172 Lampkin, Donna, 76, 86, 163 Lampkin, Herman, 140 Lampkin, Wilma, 60, 86, 163 Lane, Frank, 172 Lane, Janice, 163 Lane, Linda. 37, 45, 57, 80, 34, 153 Lane, Phyllis, 172 McKinney. Jeanie, 107, 153 McKinney, Mary, 84, 86, 90, 141 McLain, Carolyn, 76 McLain, Jgnet, 86, 173 McLain. aren, 79, 163 McMahan, Billy, 66 Mcmalgan, llghi , 110, 142 c a an, ex, 173 McNabb, Johnny, 173 McNabb. ona, 142 McPherson, Delmar, 173 M Maden, Jimmy. 34, 41, 46, 57, 72, 82 83. 153. 155, 199 Myers, Farell, 164 N Nash, Coy, 150 Nash, Sandra, 164 Neal, Sharon, 160 Nelson, Bruce, 41, 154 Nelson, George, 164 NeSrnith, Mike, 143 Nichols, Alvin, 40, 43, 49, 76, 77, 164 Nichols, James, 55, 95. 96, 110, 154 Nifong, Steven, 76 Pratt, Douglas, 165, 169 Pratt, Herbert, 173 Pratt, Marie, 165, 169 Pratt, Peggy, 154 Pratt, Robert, 173 Pratt, Wayne, 150 Price, Eddie, 11, 18, 46, 95, 96, 98, 99. Noe, 84 Becky, 33, 50, 51, 57, 61, 79, 82, , 154 Noe, Danny, 40, 76, 164, 165 Noe, David, 39, 46,'143, 207 Noe, Donna. 154 Noe, Gail, 16, 35, 40, 41, 50, 82, 141, 143, 205 Noe, Jerry, 65, 66, 67, 143 Noe, Mary, 164 143, 195 Price, Judy, 173 Price, Larry, 150 Price, Larry, 173 Price, Mike, 143 Price, Sammy, 106, 173 Proffitt, Charles, 165, 169 Proffitt, Jimmie, 154 Proffitt, Sandra, 150 Prowell, Mike, 173 Prowell Purkey, Purkey, Purkey, Pu.rkey, Purkey, Purkey, , Pamela, 173 Carole, 59, 75. 76, 165, 169 Dan, 143 Darlene, 154 Larry, 169 Joyce, 150 Mike, 95, 93, 99. 143 Shockleyi Jerry, 174 Purkey, Robert, 165, 169 Quinton, Mike, 173 R Rader, Sandra, 18. 36, 37, 46, 50, 97, 143, 224 Ramsey, Donna, 57, 154 Ramsey. Gary, 41, 173 anshous, Janet, 36, 43, 61, 173 anshous, Kathy, 165 eagan, Dean. 105 eagan, Deanie, 165, 170 eams, Diana, 165, 170 edden, Doudglas, 165, 170 edden. San y, 7, 40, 155 eed, David, 155 eed, Richard, 165, 170 eel, Patricia, 57, 62, 80 Reese, Margaret, 155 eese, Mary, 155 eeves, Pat, 86, 173 eitz, Phillip. 95, 112, 155 enner, Patricia, 6, 36, 37, 40, 50, 97. 143. 224 eyiaolds, Dana, 55, 155 eynolds, Debbie. 53, 165, 170 eynolds, Helen, 155 eynolds, Susie, 43, 44, 45, 91, 155 Reynolds, Terri, 165 hea, Julia, 77, 173 hea, Nancy, 173 hodes, Carolyn 76. 85, 165 ice, John, 100, 173 Ich, Vickie, 79, 155 ichards, David, 173 ichards, John, 173 rchards, Ted, 77 rchardson, Debra, 59. 71, 165 Ichardson, James, 49, 77, 82, 168, 173 Seals, Janice, 66, 67, 144 Seals, Jimmy, 166 Seals, Larry, 166 Seals, Linda, 144 Self, Bobbie, 156 Self, Jimmy, 156 Self, Ronald, 166 Sentelle, Rusty, 4. 47, 82, 83. 89. 144. 220 Senter, Joseph, 174 Sexton, Debra, 166 Sexton, Michael, 95, 166 Sexton, Patsy, 67. 144 Sharpe, Joan, 156 Sharpe, Mart 40, 52, 53, 85, 174 Shaver, Fran , 40, 47, 80, 156 Shaver, Lois, 7, 144 Shaver , Margaret, 59. 76, 166 Shaw, Constance, 174 Shelton, Dorothy, 61, 166 Shepard, Pamela, 156 Shepard, Sue, 45. 61, 79, 86. 87, 156 Sherwood. Margaret, 59, 174 Shipley, Betty Lou, 144 Shirk, Stephen, 174 Shockley, Billy, 47, 95, 98, 99 Shockley, Darwin, 106, 174 Shockley, Debbie, 36, 46, 50, 62, 64, 91. 97 149, 156 Shoclgley, Steve, 47, 79, 110, 111, 150, 15 Shockley, William, 144 Short, Larg, 174 Short, Lin a, 174 Short, Ricky, 174 Short, Rita, 166 Short, Wanda, 166 Shorter, Gary, 166 Stines, Janice, 167 Stines, Pauletta, 167 Stone, Deborah, 63, 174 Stone, Wanda, 156 Storms, Carl, 34, 111, 124, 156, 247 Stout, James, 167 Strange, Glenda, 35, 40, 45. 57, 68, 69. 107, 156, 219 Stubblefield, Judy, 2, 16, 45. 91, 145, 200 Stubblefield, Terry, 67 Sullivan, Martha, 40, 156 Swaim, Linda, 87, 174 Swaim, Patricia, 79 Swann, Joseph, 100. 174 Swatsell, Jimmy, 167 T Taber, Alice, 40, 85, 167 Taber, Mike, 41, 48, 49, 77, 167 Talley, Barry. 174 Talley, Brenda, 167 Talley, James, 67 Talley, Marlene, 167 Talley, Nancy Ann, 174 Tate, Charles, 156 Tate, V Taylor, onda, 145 George, 167 Walton, Larry, 157 Walton, Sandra, 27,29, 35, 38, 45, 57, 63. 89. 146, 209 Wampler, Dale, 175 Wamer, Mary. 91, 146 Warren, wdy, 69, 146 Warren, illiam, 167 Warrick, Paul. 38, 80, 157 Wassum, Carroll, 146 Watkins, David, 175 Watkins. Richard 40 Wiggins, Steve, 47. 51, 95, 98, 99, 115 Watson, Jack, 146 Watson, Shirley, 76, 167 Watson, Vicki, 76, 167 Way, Kerry, 175 Way, Roger, 146 Way, Sharon, 167 Wear, Phyllis, 67, 157 Webb, Diana, 175 Webb, Diana F. 175 Weeks. Jafkli. 32. 33. 40. 55. 71. 175 Welch, J udy, 61, 82, 85, 167 Wells, Bobby, 175 Wells, Patricia, 175 West, Carolyn, 175 West, Diana, 59, 175 West, Michael, 55. 89, 146 West, Vicki, 43, 146 Westmoreland, Robert Mitchell, 67 Taylor, Judy, 123, 145 Taylor, Ginny, 11, 27, 29, 35, 36, 50, 51, 56, 145, 211 Taylor, Richard, 174 Teague, Sherry- 9. 50, 61, 145, 195 Terry, Teresa, 40, 59, 85, 174 Thayer, Steve, 4, 40, 47, 142, 145 Thomas, Albert, 110, 111, 156 Thomas, James, 100, 101 Weston, Danny, 167 Weston, Jsenece, 146 Weston, orma, 167 Wheeler, Jeanie, 43, 157 Wheeler, Sandra, 43, 167 White. Bnice. sz. ss. 36. 41, 49, 11: White, White Glenda, 175 Kimberly 175 Shorter, Jerry, 174 Shortt, James, 174 Shoun, Doyal, 41, 144 Shropshire, Ana, 174 Shro shire, Glenda, 63, 174 Shuc , Marilyn, 75, 174 Whitehead, Frank. 175 Whitehead, Gary, 146 Whiteside, Brenda, 175 Whiteside, Joe, 48, 49, 112, 162, 167, Wice, Michael, 175 icker, Joyce, 165 icker, Michael. 46, 155 icker, Roger, 165 icker, Teresa, 61, 155 Icker, William, 155 Iddle, Patricia, 10, 45, 59, 87, 165 Winstead, l'ats , 167 iddlebarger, Rebecca, 61, 173 ldley, Buddy, 102, 103, 105. 155 idley, Claude, 65, 173 idley, Georgia, 155 iley, Bonni, 50, 79 mer, Steve, 155 nes, Joe, 165 mes, Linda, 61, 71. 76, 165 oberts, Beth, 53. 76, 77, 109, 173 oberts, Becky Jo, 52, 53, 109. 173 oberts, Charles, 143 obertson, Debbie, 40, 155 ogers. Deborah, 143 ogers, Ivan, 174 ogers, Judy, 61, 155 Rogers, Kathy, 61, 71, 165 ose, John, 40, 174 ose, Randall, 174 osenbalm, Darrell, 174 osenbalm, Patsy, 155 ouse, Debbie, 16, 19. 25, 29, 32, 33, 35, 44, 45, 51, 56, 62, 89. 91, 143. 215 239 ouse, Diana, 155 I ouse, Doug, 49, 106 Rouse, Tracy, 105 Rowe, Linda, 174 owlett, Connie, 40, 77, 174 I ucker, Jeanne, 40, 53, 174 Rucker, Joyce, 165 Rucker, Kenneth, 95, 165 Rucker, Linda, 76 ucker, Toni, 10, 40, 45, 165 ll Shock, Mike, 55, 100, 144 Simpson, Charlene, 156 Simpson, Jackie, 166 Sipe, John, 144 Skeen, Kay, 166 Skeen, Larry, 47, 75, 144 Skelton, Wilma, 59, 69, 156 Slabbekorn, Benny, 47, 145 Sloan, Terry. 115 Smith, Alice, 145 Smith, Amy, 40, 61, 79. 90. 156 Smith, Charlene, 156 Smith, Cheryl, 57, 145 Smith, David, 38, 55, 76, 82, 111, 156 Smith, David Lynn, 166 Smith, Debra, 43, 71 166 smith, Don, 156, 166 Smith, Elizabeth, 145 Smith, Fred, 49, 166 Smith, Gary, 174 Smith, James, 166 Smith, Janis, 174 Smith, Jimmy, 145 Smith, atherine, 41, 45, 72, 73. 80, 82, 166 Smith, Larry, 76 Smith, Lee Roy, 174 Thomason, Patrick, 174 Thompson, Carolyn, 174 Thompson, Debra, 167 Thompson, Donald, 167 Thompson, James Aaron, 145 Thompson, Jeannine. 76, 91, 145 Thompson Kenneth, 174 Thompson, Margaret, 167 Thompson, Sherlene, 59. 167 Thomson, William, 174 Tiller, Mike, 100, 174 Tilley. Kyle. 66, 145 Timmins Anita Gail 16 . . 7 s, Dinah, 145 Timmin Tinker, Robert, 156 Tinsley, Rachel, 34, 50, 51, 57, 145 Tooir, James Leslie, 47, 49, 95, 98, 99, 1 5 Toon, John David, 76, 95, 101, 167 Trammel, Mark Robert, 174 Travis, Dana, 145 Travis, Debbie, 44, 45, 57, 82, 83, 84, 85, 91. 156 Treece, Anne, 174 Treece, Aurellia, 56, 66, 67, 127, 146 Treece, Carroll, 95, 156 Treece, Deloris, 174 Treece, Glenda, 174 Treece, eanette, 63, 156 Treece, ohn, 100, 175 Treece riscilla 43, 71, 77, 169 Trent.'Barbara, 41, 175 Trent Ga 146 Smith, Lynne Anne, 19, 25, 29, 32. 35. 50. 57. 91. 145 Smith, Margretta, 166 Smith, Mary Edana, 76, 174 Smith, Melissa, 39, 40, 76, 174 Smith, Michael, 101, 106, 174 Smith, Robert, 67, 156 Smith, Roger, 174 Smith, Sandi, 166 Smith, Sue, 156 Smith, Terry, 166 Smith, Tony, 174 Smith, Vickie, 174 U uffner, Marshall, 106, 174 ussell, Cheryl, 174 ussell, Patsy, 144, 226 Smith, Snavp. Wanda, 91, 145 Barbara, 166 ussell, Steve, 174 uth, Carroll, 40, 174 yan. Gary, 95. 165 ymer, Diana, 174 ams, Billy, 101, 155 ams, Don, 95, 165 ams, Joe, 166 anders, Anthony, 100, 174 anders, Barbara, 40. 53, 59. 155 anders, Barbara Kay, 174 atterfield, Bobbie, 174 Satterfield, Marilyn, 59, 174 Satterfield, Wilma, 63, 80, 156 Sauceman, Dennis, 174 Sauceman, James, 64, 144 Sawyer, Shirley, 166 Sawyer, Stephen, 55, 76, 166 Qidy, 156 Scott, enneth, 66, 144 cott, Robert, 166 Scott, William, 156 l, Nancy, 45, 57, 85, 144 eals, Barbara, 156 Seals, James, 65, 174 I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I, I. I. I, I' ' I. I. I. I. I" I" I' ' I' ' I' I' ' I' I" I" I" I' ' I" I" I" I' I" I' I" I" I' ' I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. S Scott, Sea gnydIer,IDaIrlene, 6366161674 li . 09. . sgilhiiiiiia, lvauia, zs, 29. az. as. 54. 59, 40, 45, 57. 107, 108, 145 Soutkeqang, Sandra Gigli 145 S . mmY. Si:-Eirriii-air? Rebgcca, 43. 75. 155 Spears, Leslie, 75, 76, 166 Speck, Linda, 174 . W. Trent, Jimmy, 65 Trent, Walter, 100, 101, 175. 197 Trobaugh, Pam, ll, 83, 146 Tullock, James, 156 Turley, Jeanne, 63 Turner, Curtis, 43, 146 Tumer, Deborah. 167 Turner, Jackie, 85, 146, 163 Turner, lames, 175 Turner, Mike, 156 Turnmire. Gary, 146 Tuttle, Edwin, 41, 49, 76, 167 Underwood, Janice, 157 V Vance, Cynthia, 146 Spencer, Marilyn, 174 Spoon, Dorothy, 156 Spoon, Janice, 174 Spoon, John, 174 Sprinkle, Alan, 174 sprinkle, Julia, 52. 55. 59. 174 Spurgeon, Jane, 40. 174 Stanifer, Jody, 63. 90 Starnes, Barbara, 34, 38, 45. 57. 72. 80 82, 145 Starnes, Dan, 100, 174 Stephenson, Barbara, 40, 50, 59. 79. 32. 90, 91, 156 Stepp, Alvin, 167 Stepp, Brenda, 174 Stepp, Larry, 145 Stevenson, Gary, 156 Stewart, Linda, 174 Stewart, Valinda, 62, 156 Stewart, Victor, 174. Vance. Dale, 157 Varnell, Donna, 40, 61, 175 Vaughn, Kay, 90 Vaughn, Margaret, 50, 58, 90, 157 Vaughn, Sandra, 61, 175 W Walker, Charles, 175 Walker, 50, 57, 72, 73 Walker, Ragena. 16, 27. 29. 34. 35, 41 , 89, 134, 146, 244 Tommy, 66, 67, 146 Wallace, Adrian, 167 Wallace, Doyle, 33, 48, 106, 175 Wallace, Nick, 146 Wallace, Rebecca. 11, 37, 50, 51, 54, 57, 62, 79, 149, 157, 215 Wallace, Stanley, 102, 103, 104, 140 Walls, Yolanda, 45, 57, 157 Widener, Jill, 37, 53, 76, 150, 167 Widener, Susan, 50, 157 Wilbum, Ann Mary, 167 Wilder, Carl, 100 Wilder, Herbert, 65, 175 Wilkinson, Edwin, 146 Wilkinson, John, 175 Williams Carol, 175 wiiiaamsj Catherine, 167, 115 Williams, Cheryl, 63, 167 Williams, Donna, 87, 167 Williams, Erwin Max, 67, 146 Williams, George, 167 Williams, Janet, 40, 79, 146 Williams, Joe, 65, 67, 157 Williams, Judy, 147 Williams, Nancy, 147 Williams, Robert, 105, 115, 167 Williams, Ronald, 147 Williams Sandra 24 29 34 45, 57, va, 19. s4, ss, as, ras, 14l1 Wilson, Larry, 175 Wilson, Lin a, 157 Wilson, Ricky, 175 Winstead, Diane, 76 Winstead, anice, 76, 167 Winstead, Sandlra, 167 Wise, Mike, 100 Wisecarver, Bill, 47, 76, 103, 157 Wisecarver, Kathy, 147 Witherell, Nancy, 57, 69. 90. 147 Withers, Brenda, 167 Witt, Johnny, 157 Witt, Lillie, 167 Witt Sandra 175 Wolfe, Diwali, 167 Wolfe Edie, 87, 175 Wolfe: ay, 175 Wolfe, Michael, 175 Wood, Becky, 50, 90, 147 Wood, Karen, 175 Wood, Tommy, 47, 147 Woods, Janice, 175 Woods, elvin, 157 Woods, Mike, 175 Woody, Patricia, 77, 175 Wright, Charles, 167 Wright, Katherine, 61, 175 Wright, Patricia, 167 Wright, Robert, 147 Wright, Steve, 47, 147 Wyatt, Linda, 175 Y Yeary, Sharon, 63. 167 Young, Carolyn, 167 Young, Dennis, 65, 175 Yount, John, 175 Yount, Karen, 147 Yount, Kenneth, 67 Yount, Sharon, 76, 167 Yount, Roger, 67 Z Zachary, Brent, 43 I89 Advertisements 0 L , I . 2 ' i Q 2 I 1 f f 'z' , BUSINESS MANAGER: Donny Guice ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER: Shari Farris I 5 i 7 JEFFERSQN FEDERA , SAVINGS N MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE ' 'un- u H .--. .' 1 ", ....-u., , .' 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ZOI Easi' Save MQFQ ll IL Q WIC: l Q Firsf Norih S+ree+ QUQQIUQ Come Zfkzsf 'mv avg 4' SV 9' wnv os '3 vous snvnucs v' UP T0 Q! , ua msunfu SAV' N G 5 Q 118.000 QQQ, Cong!-E' MASENGILL AGENCY Insurance and Real Esfale Phone 586-6653 R. P. Masengill W. C. "Bill" Jones Johnny McCrary HAYTER OIL CO.. INC. BOX 399, l6l9 Soufh Cumberland Sfreef PHONE 586-2962 Morrisfown, Tennessee 378l4 COME TO ROGERS For Qualify Men's Wear Harf, Schaffner 81 Marx And Kingridge Clolhes Arrow anal MacGregor Sl1ir+s Nunn-Bush Shoes R. M. ROGERS CO. "lf il comes from Rogers, i+'s flue best" HENRllffombgllomgagfsenrlc25'ifl3oRATloN Morrisrown, Tennessee X Q, ,, ,. ...,, . . . . K , . 5 .H .... . I U- - -V -- ff - , 5.- 1 'QF' T T' Q. 9 1 aa ii N 'R l ' iii aaaa Q R Ll L" i.........,i 1 if-V+ , 4 R aaR I SMITH'S IGA FOODLINER iii MlLLER'S VARIETY STORE BONANZA STAMP CENTER Buffalo Trail a+ Fairview Road SAVE BONANZA STAMPS THE JEFFREY DICK'S BEE LINE Alignmenl' Service Frame Srraighfening Brake Service Wheel Alignmenl and Bralze Service Balancing MAN U FACTU RING COMPANY SANITARY DRUG COMPANY Prescripfions A SpeciaI'ry Phone 674-2526 While Pine, Tennessee Eddie Price, Murgarel' Payne. Sherry Teague. and Allan Jones circle Ihe goose in a I968 Caprice. SAM RILEY CHEVROLET Mohawk, Tennessee "OUR BUSINESS. NOT A SloE-LlNE" THE BLOSSOM SHOP ALERT Automatic Transmission Service "We Sell Beau+y" Corner of Main and Jackson 586-0733 PHONES 586-0734 Nighi and Sundays 586-0288 l500 Souih Cumberland Morrisiown, Tennessee Phone 58I-885I EASY TERMS NO DOWN PAYMENT ROWE MOVING 81 STORAGE '96 III4 Rear, Soufh Cumberland Morrisiown, Tennessee MORRISTOWN UTILITY COMMISSION COURTESY SHELL SERVICE CENTER A ToN OR A CARLOAD l2Il Norih Cumberland Sireel' "Your Aufo Problems Are Our Problems" GILLIAM COAL COMPANY PHONE 586-4735 We Give Phone S 8: H Green S+amps MORNINGSIDE BEAUTY SALON C0mPlim9f"fS of DAWSON WOMAN'S SHOP IO4 Ridgelawn Morrlslown I34 Wesi' Main Sireel' Phone 586-5732 "STYLES of DISTINCTIONH MARGARET MeCONNELL oww Nafionally Adverfised Lines Phone 586-3801 Downfown Slnymari' BROOKS MORTUARY 444 Wesi' Main Sireei Phone 586-32I I Morrisfown, Tennessee I E. C. DEARING Complimenis of EI 1' ' I C I 1' ec "ca on 'a' 0' sNYnER's Auro SUPPLY PHONE 586-2277 Radio Cenfer Airpol-+ Road SNYDER'S GRILL Morrisiown, Tennessee 3226 Eas+ Main Sireef TAYLOR JOBBING COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Morrisiown, Tennessee l98 I 'f mm -1,1513 Laura Bireley and Jimmy Maden look over c new Mercury wifh "fha fine Car Iouchf' MORRISTOWN LINCOLN MERCURY, INC "The Best Place to Trade" MERCURY LINCOLN CONTINENTAL COMET Phone 586-6050 Knoxville Phone 525-5792 Andrew Johnson Highway Complefe Sales and Service 'hn...,5.,.,,,w we Hn iv nf! wr, 7. W 4. . .sm .. I , N Q 1 T M .. X JS.: -vw n- ffm I 4 in H 1 17 ? 5 A, ?.m V - 1 . , I .www ra - W inn:-nal A 1 1 , ..., . ,LN-vwvwf' "i'+! 'V' ,y wrhfwmw K .. .W -.xrvr "U-'Qx L ESFATE JE! af' "i Y ..r Q , s 3 3 . - mov i HDME OF Evsnxmw LOW PRICES . . ,J-I 39 39 E '35 . , 1 .Lu ,A A Ilii- gmg , vl' ,amwfwf f 1-sfv . k,129y73ew'1:f V , .Q M J.,f,.aW. . f ' ar, ' -N-VY- KW,-wr 3 FOR SMOOTH SURFACES TENN - FLAKI. A NON-TELEGRAPHING, WARP FREE, MULTI-LAYER CORE BOARD TENN-FLAKE CORP PHONE 586-7522 Morrisfown. Tennessee UNION CAMP CORPORATION Morrisfown, Tennessee JOE A. WAYMAN CO. Asphalf Paving II36 Easf Main SIree'I' Morrisiown, Tennessee PHONE 586-7292 CHEROKEE SALES AND SUPPLY, INC. Na'IionaIIy Adverfised Brands of Aufomofive Supplies I23 Easi' Second Sou+h Sireei Phone 586-0802 ALE 5 ROTHERS . FRUITS -FRESH- VEGETABLES CANNED-INSTITUTIONAL FOOD 503 Easi' Main Morrisfown, Tennessee TRENT LAND AND AUCTION CO. and STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. Radio Cenier Phone 586-9280 Morrisfown, Tennessee Libby Bible and Vickie Kinser spend fheir fime wisely of Sherlee's. l'L07!!QQy5E "FINE CLOTHES FOR MILADYU Chris Bible and Sherri Noe plan ahead for fheir sixieenih birfhday. BOB BALES FCRD STETZER'S FUNERAL HOME "It's bet !" Phone .586-545l I46 Easi' Main Sires? MADE WITH FRESH CREAM S' ALWAYS FRESH EAM cf CR Morrisiown, Tennessee "Service Since I902" McGUFFlN LUMBER CO. Radio Cenfer "FREE DELlVERY" Phone 586-3 l8I M 81 S SALES PHONE 5864600 PRATERS 425 Norih Cumberland Sfreef FURNITURE TOOLS GIFTS FARM EQUIPMENT APPLIANCES TRUCKS S-I-UBBLEFIELD FUNERAL HOME Phone 586-26II Besi' Wishes C E N OI L CO. DAIRY QUEEN K Whaf 'ro Wear? LADY BUG of COURSE Jobbers of CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS KATHRYN'S RADIO CENTER P. 0. Box 1375 Morrisfown, Tennessee 204 B5 ds BIT tifx Eli BIIIZBIII lillll , Gm 2 Lg Q S535 2 QE i 2 5 2552 ii 555 Z 5 E53 Z2 ? 22:22 zz 55 EEE ' Q' 2 2 IS E55 3. 5? 4 5551 ii goei -5 SE E255 E 5255 R CLASS- 968 ,- L SENIO SCHOO 1968 - MORRISTOWN HIGH igiq fs I 1 V i,fig H. 2 ,.. w f fw,n f C: HEXEI iw , -E: IVA 4: A 'IVR . l KH. K 2 MFTEEIE 5m5! 5 5 fig lfiz wwmWf aff iQ M3QI?F?MwfH4xQ f !ff -355 ,. fi digg EH gli: , ,jg-3 kfisl ff,mg,, 4 ' j L ! Q f 2:2 lgw-fEEk5N,'f1 33 , ,x f C, fi 1V::M'v,ff' I?fF 4-9 .N ' ' -.1:-,j 4 f 5 I ui QEQQEQQ iv f Hi iff! w , ?Jwy YQ 23 Q? 'QEHW f 'Q mFf?5 9? , Q Biz! fig! 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JESSEE AND MADEN, INC. 837 Wesi' Firs+ Norfh S+ree+ REAL ESTATE cl INSURANCE BEST WISHES 'l'o 1'he GRADUATING CLASS OF '68 BALLA-fflEgwaoifffcifiigfiifbaEBMPANY Andrew Johnson Highway Morrisiown, Tennessee GLEN-MORE CLOTHES Fine Tailored Sui'l's and Overcoais Morrisfown, Tennessee Complimenfs of HOME LUMBER CO. "Remember 'ro Call Home" Phone 586-7862 NOE AUTO SUPPLY PHONE 586-3093 440 Soufh Cumberland S+ree1' Morrisfown, Tennessee EATON'S VENDOR'S PRATER OIL COMPANY T. W. PRATER JR Drinks Served wi'I'h Ice CandY and Ci9a"eH95 Morrisfown, Tennesse Vending Machines 22I S +h C b I d D. V. EATON-Owne BANK OF MORRISTOWN ls David Giedde inirigued by Sandy Wal+on's smile or +he I968 Firebird? PRICE MCTO RS PONTIAC-CADILLAC-GMC mucics l 4 swf . I-'- Ms ,...- - li: H. J: .vim ww- ,' 4 -nf-.Z'xQ.1N W' ' XA. .-.v--- , jjff rf' .-Il' "'l,,..--"'. -"'f,'f"i2u..f N 1' . ...,, ... ..,. A .. '- ,1- -, . ' Q, X: 'I HAIR FASHIONS by FRANCES Complefe Beaufy Care 24l0 W. Andrew Johnson Highway 586-754I Kentucky Pie We Prepare Sunday Dinner 7 Days a Weelz SMlTI'Y'S Col. Harland Sander's Original Recipe FEATURING COL. HARIAND SANDERS , lnierseciion Il and 25 Downiown Morrisfown. Tennessee Phone 586-87 I 7 CONTINENTAL Trailways Bus SI'a'rion Telephone 586-384I Morrisfown, Tennessee hzefflfzxxgbti nov' A 5 'Q 9325 P at-A , , s,V 1 wi X 1 1 'I C xlso. P' fx .W of 'f S X. X39- Pwsrown TEN NITURE IN DU5I'p4,.f nsssit 'doa Cynf FISHER OIL COMPANY, INC. DISTRIBUTOR OF TEXACO PRODUCTS P. O. Box 336-Phone 586-3I42 Morrisiown, Tennessee hia Dixon. Ginny Taylor. and Maurie Fisher find Ihe facilifies af Fisher Oil Compan CITY SHOE SHOP M re NNT' HAL wn.uAMs 2300 Wesi' Andrew Johnson Highway 'Z' Wes' FMT Nom' Sheef Merridewn' Tennessee Morrisiown, Tennessee SUNSET BARBER SHCP ZIZ9 Wesf Andrew Johnson Highway Morrisiown, Tennessee coMMERclAL-lNDusTRuAL-INSTITUTIQNAL CONSTRUCTIQN G. MARCUS JONES-GEN. CONTRACTOR INC 2I2 Hungry siudenls invade ihe Liffle Hurricane wagons during lunch periods. FIRESTONE Dealer Sfore 23I Soufh Cumberland S+ree+ Morrisfown, Tennessee "Cus'romer Safisfacfion Guaran'reecl" SUNSET DRIVE-I N THEATRE 2348 Wesi' Andrew Johnson Highway Morrisiown, Tennessee is l HENSLEY DODGE, Sales and Service INC. I203 SouI'h Cumberland Morrisiown. Tennessee 378I4 PHONE 586-4493 HAMBLEN SCHOOL of BEAUTY CULTURE TRAINING THE FUTURE HAIRDRESSER BLANCHE TURPIN MARGARET McCONNELL VIRGINIA SPRINKLE 220 Wes? Main Sfreef Morrisfown, Tennessee Phone 586-4830 OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Phone 586-027l Morrisiown, Tennessee "EveryIhing For The Office" REX and MARJORIE LEONARD MUNFORD "Do-If-Yourself S'rore" 430 Souih Cumberland Phone 586-2904 Morrisfown, Tenness JACK'S IGA SUPER MARKET Open 9 A.M. +o I0 P.M. Mon.-Sai. II A.M. 'Io 9:30 P.M. Sundays Andrew Johnson Highway Dry Cleaning ShirI' Service MORRISTOWN LAUNDRY- DRY CLEANERS CASH and CARRY Cify Wide Delivery Peggy Douglas, Beverly Parker, Debbie Rouse. and Becky Wallace admire rhe new locafion of Wallace Hardware Company. WALLACE HARDWARE COMPANY WEESNER-REAMS COMPANY BUFFALO TRAIL DRUG STORE "Your Healrh ls Our Concern" l35 Wesf Main Sires? phone 586-6902 TOM LOWE, R.Ph., Owner Buffalo Trail af Fairview Road Furnllure Since l906 Phone 586-OBZI -' ullsmllllnr AE IEINIEYUMUBD BOB BIBLE. RAY BIBLE. HOWELL BIBLE MERHOFF-STRATE-WILSON INC. "'Jus+ Insurance I35 Wesi Firsi' Norfh Sfree'I' Morrisfown, Tennessee CLIFI'ON'S. INC. Jewelers Since I893 Rogersville, Tennesse Morrisfown, Tenness Besf Wishes ANDERSON ELECTRIC CO. EIec+ricaI Wiring omf-JAMES 'L JENKINS DIXIE CABINET COMPANY Morrisiown, T enne ssee il BANK OF COMMERCE "Progressive Friendly Service' Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporaiion .7 iv Sandra Guice and John Kinser agree 'rha+ a I968 Toronado is fhe only way lo gel' +o school. OAKES MOTOR COMPANY BUICK-OLDSMOBILE-RAMBLER MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE PARKS-BELK CO. DowNTowN SKYMART and PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER VIC-TONE One Hour Cleaners Wiih Two Locaiions To Serve You Morrisfown, Tennessee l4I9 Wesi Andrew Johnson Highway I05b Sou'I'h Cumberland ZI7 Complimenfs of MORRISTOWN FOAM CORPORATION GlBSON'S MARKET Box l340 24I4 Andrew Johnson Highway Morrisfown, Tennessee TOWER GULF SERVICE JACK BALES, Owner Andrew Johnson Highway Morrisiown, Tennessee , N, -,.e- -f sf- u n17no:e'Annm.f :Jr sf. -:f- M.. A V .- ff - An f-.--,fu-zz..,.umamm1,,,.,4..n1.AMam1L Belly Farmer, Glenda Slrange, Billy Darden, and Richie Gray eagerly waif Io make a deposif at Morrrslown Federal Savings And Loan Association. Insured Firsi' Morfgage Savings and Loans LOAN ASSOCIATION azz wesr Firsf Noah sae-3+ 4V2'X, Morrisiown, Tennessee Paid Qlldfferly ROSELAND FLORIST Radio Cenier Morrisfown, Tennessee REALTY VAUGHN AND AUCTION COMPANY G. DELMER VAUGHN, Broler HERBERT VAUGHN, Auciioneer Phone 586-04 I 4 Morrisfown. Tennessee For Land's Sake, Drop In" ZI9 BURKE AND HODGES STUBBLEFI ELD'S LUMBER CO. DuPonI' Painis Jewelry-Luggage and Musical InsI'rumenI's Lloyd Fry Roofing "Everyday Low Prices" Dealers for Fender, Gibson, Grefsch, Kay, FreHed Insirumenis NORTH CUMBERLAND MOTORS Lady Balfimore l865 Norih Cumberland Luggage A Large Seleclion of Fine Cars" PHONE 586-9772 Morrisfown, Tenness 204 Wesi' Main Sfreei' eefw Rusfy Senfelle fakes dedicafions for ihe currenf I1if songs. I WCRK THE VOICE OF COMMUNITY SERVICE H 81 H SERVICE AND SUPPLY "We Never Close" TEXACO PRODUCTS Easi' Main S+ree+ MILLS DRY CLEANERS Ill Easi' Fifih Norih Phone 586-7890 586-284l Phones 586-2842 Morridown. Tennessee COVINGTON Aufhorized Underwood Aqen+ CARPET HOUSE MORRISTOWN Dee'efS for OFFICE MACHINES, INC Bigelow, Callaway and Cornei' Carpefs 2335 Wesf Andrew Johnson Highway 2: t Q.:-:Ei A :1 I!" . ln' I Automatic I' gt-A Vgg, 'fl .i-4M'w'?- Merchandisers of America, Inc. Greeneville, Tenn. Phone 638-4l78 Knoxville, Tenn. Phone 525-5663 Bris+ol, Tenn. I23 Wes+ Firsi' Norih Sfreei' Phone 586-504l Morrisfown, Tennessee EnMoNns 8. soNs Beigawgfajujjejhe HOME IMPROVEMENTS PURKEY REAL ESTATE CO Buiiciing-Roofing-Pain'l'ing "Down To Earfh Real Es1'a+e" Phone 58 I-9598 PORTRUMIS J. W. EDMONDS Owner "Your Sanifone Cleaners P. O. Box 402 o Save ISA, Morrisfown, Tenn. Cash and Carry Markets Morningside Radio Cenfer SAVING YOU BETTER, SAVING YOU MORE 7mKafeef, Sum P We, your Halzha por+rai+ pho+ographers of upperclassmen and facul+y, proudly sa- Iu+e your Homecoming Queen. Rose Holi. 824 Wesi' Firsf Norfh Sfreei' Phone 586-256I Morrisfown, Tennessee FOUST METAL WORKS Economy Road Besi' Wishes 'l'o +he Graduaiing Class of l968 MORRISTCWN CHEST CDMPANY SIDNEY RENERT .1 Tricia Renner, Rose Holf, and Sandi Rader enioy 'rhe modern conveniences of Coiffures By Beffi-Rose 60Wures by l5,6'fff'kf756 Phone 58 I-843 I THE WMTN STATIONS AM 5000 WATTS AT I300kc. FM STEREO AT 95.9mc. Morrisfown, Tennessee CONGRATULATIONS SHELBY WILLIAMS of Tennessee, Inc. Manufacfurers of America's Fines? Seaiing Morrisiown, Tennessee 225 226 Connie Heck, Palsy Russell. BeHy Hill, Cil Humpsfon, and Delores Bales look over fhe "long green line of John Deere equipment" HILL BROTHERS TRACTOR COMPANY MITCHELL-HODGE ELECTRIC COMPANY GENERALQELECTRIC mmm 111411247 "We Serve Elec+rically" PHONE 536-2950 406 Easi' Main Sfreel' Morrisfown, Te TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Direc'l' or Connecling Mofor Freighl' Service +o all fhe Nalion - A f COUNTRY HAM MORNINGSIDE SHELL From JOHN BROCK, Owner GOODSON 8: MAYES ' I233 Easi' Main Sfreei' 70I Wes? Third NorI'h SIree'I Phone 586-570' Morrisfown, Tennessee MOYTISIOVH. TGMIGSSGG GEORGE H. HATFIELD ENTERPRISES 30I7 Wesi' Andrew Johnson Highway MANUFACTURERS and WHOLESALERS All Kinds of Appalachian Hardwoods. Walnuf, Oak, and Ash Veneer Logs SPECIALIZING IN STEAMED WALNUT-LUMBER-ALL GRADES 414- l2f4 Morrisiown. Tennessee 1 1 C. C. IRWIN WHITE PINE C. C. Irwin Pipeline Co. Irwin Block Co Rocking C Charolais Ranch LEA WAYNE KNITTI G MILLS MANUFACTURERS of lnfan+'s, Cl1iIdren's, and Misses' Hosiery WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 2II Wosi' Main Sires? TEAGUE DRUG STORE Radio Cenier Phone 586-025I Morrisfown. Tennesse THE MAG NAVOX COMPANY Morrisiown, Tennessee up V' ,Q . ....-ww 'QE'2...., . -........J -.., H ng 9 I fr! -V- 65 - v . p,,in',, ,Qin F .vu b -Qti, - ,, ,f- N 3 a ii I .w.. -r',' dh. Jr- 1- M,-4WQ xgaff ,an I-ll!-gf wp' ' - .,'. w -' .. ,n .. . 1' I' .Q Q -V.. 4' 1 J 1fw1 fwfH X im ' 3:4 4? M m Ef, ---Q "cg 3 vi K 4 23' 1 ,TT ..f'1j V .-- , '?.'! 'inth- V Q An archifecI"s rendering of 'rhe new John Hay Elemen+ary School. l CATRON CONSTRUCTION CO. 1 ARTISTE BEAUTY SALON WIGS TOUPEES HAIR GOODS Permaneni Waves of Disiinciion Experi' Hair Shaping and Coloring Cosmeiics by Vivienne Woodard Privaie Facial and Coloring Room Sauna Facial Machine phone 5864245 AIR CONDITIONED I33 WesI' Firsi' Norih Sfreef Morrisfown, Tennessee 1 COX INSURANCE AGENCY COVINGTON FURNITURE CO. Siandard Aufo Rafes for Teenagers Norge-G.E.-Mayfag Appliances ALL LINES OF INSURANCE Phan, 531-3730 II27 Wes? Second Soufh Sfreel' l3II Nor-Ih Cumberland S+ree+ Morrisfown, Tennessee Morrislown, Tennessee 230 HAMBLEN HOLIDAY GULF FARMERS coopemmve J. E. QUINTON Feed-Seed-Ferhllzer Andrew Johnson Highway Morrisfown. Tennessee PHONE 58l.9984 Phone 586-9I4l Morrisiown, Tennessee SOUTHERN SHOE STORE Shoes for 1'l1e Eniire Family Downfown Slzymari, Morrisfown FREELS DRUG STORE Where Qualify Coun+s WYKLES' IIYII LYNN SHEELEY CO. MOTEL Owner-MR. and MRS. DAVID WYKLE Morrisiown, Knoxville, and Johnson Cify Managers-MR. and MRS. JIM DANIELS STHNWAY NORRIS mnusmles INCURPUIQATED SOHMER, EVERETT BEAN STATION, TENNESSEE 3 vos CABLE,NELSON PHONE sae-2411 AREA CODE sis PIANOS ancl . Bean Sfahon, Tennessee 37708 Phone 586-24ll "Builders of Qualify Mobile Homes" qwr JACK'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Brealxfasl Served Dining Room Facililies we . Qigy. . 1 :V ?S if 4- Q i 3 '1 E D415-uni ,-,-.1 r , . ' V , 5 J A g - K -s-we :I 'Sl if 3 X ' ,L A K Ti E1 1 2 .5 ft ? --if'Hssw-we s ff-sm-M.-5.,.. E' V 1, I d' "S n ou. foo. will be giving 'fhoughi Io your fine June Carpenler. fhe I96B Nafional Healih Were Queen, says in a message for oiher young a nes. oo y cooking ware and lableware. Consider fhe besl NATIONAL HEALTH WARE P. O. Box 1063 Morristown, Tennessee Made of Surgical, Tri-clad, Sfainless S+eeI. The WorId's Finesi' Cooking Ulensils. Sold Only Through Regisiered Represeniafives. 58 I -0630 PHONES 586-0746 233 ORBA The Corbafas rock ouf in a new Volkswagen bus from Risacher Mofors. RISACHER MOTCRS, INC. III Wesi' Second Soufh S+ree'I' Morrisfown, Tennessee Complefe Volkswagen Aufhorized Sales and Comple+e Service THE STEVE GUDIS-Manager 586-0488 4 BROOKS FURNITURE COMPANY K A Morrisiow T M G ll A 'FRIEND TH! NATION INNKEEPER Andrew Johnson Highway Morrisiown, Tennessee MEDLIN HOSIERY MILLS INCORPORATED 2I4 Wes? Third Sou+h Sfreei' Morrisfown. Tenness e 'Good Bowling 'ro all Sfudenfs WEST END LANES Morrisfown. Tennesse CONCRETE MATERIALS, INC. Ready-Mixed ConcreI'e PHONE 586-50I I l527 Wesi' Firsi' Norih Sfreei' Morrisiown, Tennessee , W 1 x s,"f1!Q fv a' f .f F r 'wil' q..:.,,.7.. -- . +-- . - ,:"r'f:g Q55 :iam Em 1 R abr, -g,,,,f. an R, "" 4 P N ' Q 5 Af A., , I R s WF : . .ff-11A Qu V A 'ks!?' ,K in X "' ll ' K'ff3,f'Fg S ' jf? N2 . fix MX Vi lp!! -1 ,. BRADLEY'S PRO HARDWARE IWAYS 9 933 TENNESSEE TRAILWAYS, INC. GO TRAILWAYS! . . . CHARTER BUS SERVICE EDUCATIONAL . . . EXCITING . . . ECONOMICAL FAST FREQUENT DAILY SCHEDULES Tennessee Trailways, Inc. 7I0 Sevier Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee , Phone: 525-029I or 523-I923 PATRONS Dale Allen, M.D. Bacon and Dugger, Afforneys Wilburn Beck James Beclzner, A'H'orney William H. Briifain Howard T. Brock, M.D. Chef B. Brogan John D. Caldwell, M.D. Capps and Oakley, AH'orneys Sam M. Chambers, O.D. Cassel Cowan Don Cowan James M. Davis, AH'orney Sieve L. Doha, D.D.S. Mrs. C. J. Duby Joe L. Hadden, D.D.S. George S. Hale Jr. R. L. Holmes IsbeII and Farris, D.V.M. W. D. Jaynes, O.D. E. Gene Lynch, M.D. B. G. McFaII, D.C. Bob Mayes James K. Miller, AH'orney J. C. OuI'Iaw Reed and Terry, Afiorneys O. C. Renner, M.D. J. R. Rooney, D.C. George W. Spearman Jim W. Siambaugh, AHorney Ernesf R. Taylor, AH'orney Milburn M. Treni' P. M. TrusIer, M.D. Clay WaII:er, AI'Iorney I I Alerf Aulomafic Transmission Service Anderson Elecfric .................... Arfisfe Beaufy Salon ............ Bales, Bob, Ford ............. Ballance Chevrolef Company Bank of Commerce ........... Bank of Morrislown ........ Berkline Corporafion ......... Bible Insurance Agency, Inc. .. Bible, John T., Co. ....... . . Blossom Shop, The ........ Bradley's Pro Hardware ..... Brooks Furnifure Co., lnc. Brooks Morfuary ............. Buffalo Trail Drug Slore ........ Burke and Hodges Lumber Co. .. Cafron Consfrucfion Company .... Cherokee Sales and Supply, lnc. .. Chicken House, Inc., The ..... . Cify Shoe Shop ......... Cliffon's, Inc. ........ . Coiffures by Beffi-Rose Concrefe Maferials, lnc. .... . Courfesy Shell Service Co. Covingfon Carpe? House ....... Covingfon Furnifure Company .... Cox Insurance Agency ........... Crosby-Henderson Oil Company ........ Dairy Queen ........................ Dawson Woman's Shop ................ Dearing, E. C., Elecfrical Confracfor Dick's Bee Line ...................... Dixie Cabinei Company Eafon's Vendors ................ . Edmond and Sons .................... E.T. and W.N.C. Transporfafion Co. Firesfone ......................... Fisher Oil Company, Inc. ......... . Forenfa ............... Fousf Mefal Works .... Freels Drug Sfore .. George's Merkel' Gibson's Markef Gilliam Coal Co. Glen-More Clofhes Gluck Brofhers, Inc. Goodrich, B.F., Sfore .... . Goodson lr Mayes ......... H lr H Service and Supply Hair Fashions by Frances Hale Brofhers, Inc. ........ . Hamblen Beaufy School ......... Hamblen Farmer's Cooperafive Hamilfon Nalional Bank ......... Hasson-Bryan Company ........... Haffield, George H., Enferprises ........ Hayler Oil Co., Inc. ......... .. Henrife Producfs Corporafion Hensley Dodge, Inc. ........ . Hill Brofhers Tracfor Co. Holiday Gulf ............ Holiday Inn ............. Home Lumber Company .......... Hurricane Drive-ln, The ..... . .......... lnferslafe Aufomafic Merchandisers of America ...... Irwin Consfrucfion Co. ...... Jack's Drive-ln Reslauranf Jack's IGA ................. Jefferson Federal Savings and Loan Associafion ........... Index 0 Advertisers Page I96 2I6 230 203 207 2l6 208 2I8 2I5 205 I96 237 235 I98 2 I 5 220 230 20I 2I6 2I2 2 I6 224 236 I97 22l 230 230 204 204 I97 l98 l95 216 208 222 226 2 I 3 2I I 2I2 223 23I 222 2l8 I97 207 206 205 227 22l 209 202 2I4 23I 229 205 227 I93 I93 2 I4 226 23I 236 207 2 I 3 22l 227 232 2 I4 I92 Jeffrey Manufacfuring Co.. The Jesse lx Maden. Inc. ......... . Johnson Oil Co. Johnson's Texaco Jones, G. Marcus. General Confraclor, Inc. Kafhryn's Dress Shop ........ Lea-Wayne Knifiing Mills, Inc. M lx S Sales ................ McGuffin Lumber Company .. McKinley Sfudio, Phofographers Magnavox Company. The .... .... .... Masengill Agency ............ Medlin Hosiery Mills, Inc. Marhoff-Sfrafe-Wilson, lnc. . .. Mills Dry Cleaners ........ Minnis Drug Sfore .......... Milchell-Hodge Elecfric Co. .... . . . . Morningside Beaufy Salon Morningside Shell ........... Morrisfown Chesf Company .... .... Morrisfown Federal Savings and Loan Associafion ..... . . . . . . . . . . . Morrisfown Foam Corporafion . Morrisfown Laundry-Dry Cleaners Morrisfown Lincoln Mercury, Inc. Morrisfown Office Machines, Inc. . . . . .. Morrisrown Ufilify Commission . Munford ..................... Nafional Healfhware .......... Noe Aufo Supply ...... Norris lndusfries ............ Norfh Cumberland Mofors .... Oakes Mofor Company ...... Office Equipmenl' Company Panfher Sfeel Co. ......... . Parks-Bell: Co. ..... .... . Pafrons: .................... Allen, Dale, M.D. Bacon and Dugger, Afforneys Beck, Wilburn Beckner, James, Afforney Briffain, William H. Brock, Howard T., M.D. Brogan, Chef B. Caldwell, John D., M.D. Capps and Oakley, Afforneys Chambers. Sam M., O.D. Cowan, Cassel Cowan, Don Davis, James M., AHorney Doka, Sieve L., D.D.S. Duby, Mrs. C.J. Hadden, Joe L.. D.D.S. Hale, George S., Jr. Holmes, R. L. Isbell and Farris, D.V.M. Jaynes, W. D., O.D. Lynch, E. Gene, M.D. McFall, B. G., D.C. Mayes, Bob Miller, James K., Afforney Ouflaw, J. C. Reed and Terry, Aflorneys Renner, O. C., M.D. Rooney. J. R., D.C. Spearman, George W. Sfambaugh, Jim W., Aflorney Taylor, Ernesf R., Afforney Trenf, Milbum M. Trusler. P. M., M.D. Walker, Clay, Afforney Debbie Rouse and Mr. Ray Bradley discuss The color adverfisemenf for Pol lncorporafed . . . ...... . . . . Por'lrum's ....... Prafer's ........ Praler Oil Co. Price Mofors ........ Purkey Real Esfafe ........ Riley, Sam, Chevrolel .... Risacher Mofors Inc. .. Roberfs and Turner ............. Rogers, R. M., Co. ............ . Rogers Brofhers Consfrucfion Co., nc Roseland Florisl' ................ Rowe Moving and Slorage ..... Sanifary Drug Sfore ......... Sharlee's ...................... Sheeley, Lynn, Co. ............ . Shelby Williams of Tennessee, Inc. Smi'Ih's IGA ................... SmiHy's Kenfucky Fried Chicken . Snyder's Aufo Supplies ......... Soufhern Shoe Sfore ......... SfeIzer's Funeral Home Slubblefield Funeral Home Sfubblefield Jewelry ....... Sunsei' Barber Shop .... Sunsef Drive-ln ........... Taylor Jobbing Company Teague Drug Sfore ...... Tennessee Furnifure, Inc. .. Tenn-Flake Corporafion .... Tower Gulf Service ...... Trailways Bus Sfafion ........ Trenf Land and Auclion Co. Union Camp ................ Vaughn Realfy .............. Vic-Tone One Hour Cleaners WCRK ..................... WMTN ....................... Walker, Cas Super Merkel -IH . .. Wallace Hardware Co. ...... . Wayman, Joe A., Co. .... . Weesner-Reams Co. ...... . Wesf End Lanes ............. Wesfern Auio Associafe Sfore Wolfe Real Esiafe and Insurance Wykle's "Y" Mofel ......... .. Brad Iey's Pro Hardware 1 Q' . ' - .- f ' 1 -F, 'L' ' .Mg l g.1,.f3'-5 3,1 - W f,1.'. ,-1.. , . .. .. . - , ,I . .. X wp, M , :J W 5, 1 4' J ' H 5 ' --. L-'2 f-' -. ' ' f ,-,rf Wg f l x ,Qv . . ,., ggg . - 2125436 ' LSNJQ 42. 13" !'1"f- A 52151 "E-Yl!"71:S,'fsM.'Q!i'-, , 'Lf .-.sql , .: '- , , -,-K . V-.-7 Li, x ,gg - an ,1- lj. :-1 A Qlwwa' ggi", " ' A - r1.Tf'fQ,'g-43 :fgqf-fx H-B5 1 . 1 ri. K ' " ""'3:l5' .' J- 'Eb va ... 1 .g .v g -.1 , ' M-n,,'.- 1-1' . N ,' . ,-'FP-.2-531'-ff,-.aizgi ,n:,,. .- 5-3.- '.' v - Y qi? . y, --L 1' 4 '.' 1 i w 1 Q i vu. .. , . Maxgfq.-W x A ckn owledgemen ts Mr. C het Brogan Mr. Brogan has spent many hours in producing photographs for the advertising section of the 1968 ITAKHA. we are most grateful to him for his constant effort. Mr. Dave Kinton Mr, Kinton, our local representative from Taylor Publishing Company, has served as an invaluable counselor in the develop- ment of the 1968 ITAKHA. His professional advice and his beneficial suggestions have greatly improved the quality of the yearbook. The staff is, therefore, deeply indebted to Mr. Kinton for his assistance. Mr. Frank Litz For many years, Mr. Litz has furnished the animals for the annual MHS Nativity Scene. On behalf of the senior class, we extend our sincere thanks to him for adding a realistic touch to our Christmas each year. Mr. H. Evan McKinley Mr. McKinley has devoted a tremendous amount of his time this year in order to produce many top-quality photo- graphs for the 1968 ITAKHA. His expert work and tireless patience are sincerely appreciated by the entire staff. Mrs. H. Evan McKinley Working under crowded conditions, the 1968 ITAKHA staff has found Mrs. McKinley, the adviser, invaluable in its work. Her constant guidance, experienced advice, and hard work have been of great benefit to each member of the staff and of maxi- mum importance in the publication of this volume. We are most thankful for her devotion to the ITAKHA and her friendship to us. Mr. Ramh W Sharpe As editorial adviser to the ITAKHA staff, Mr. Sharpe has suggested textual emendations. For his skillful advice and daily cheerfulness, we are indeed grateful. p Mrs. Kyle Thompson The 1968 staff is deeply grateful to Mrs. Kyle Thompson for her assistance. Her capable advice has been both beneficial to the staff and has also improved the quality of the 1968 ITAKHA. The 1968 ITAKHA staff is also deeply indebted to the faculty members and students of MHS who have cooperated in the publication of this yearbook. We express our appreciation to all of you. Mr. Frank Litz prepares to load his sheep along with other animals for After the 1968 Wh0'S Who program, Mr. McKinley takes pictures for the annual Morristown High School Nativity Scene. the ITAKHA as guests and students talk in the background. A utogmp hs While taking club pictures for the annual, Ragena Walker tells joe Whiteside, "I'm not always this miserable sometimes I'm even worse!" 4 4 fs- L f . 5 - . "Maybe you can leam to use a slide rule now!" Mr. Keener says to Al Hodges. 245 "0h! Mr. Pemberton, you get better looking every year," states Mrs. Roark as she glances through the new 1967 ITAKHA. 246 "How will I ever fix this ?" wonders Carl Storms, the ITAKHA Staff photographer. Coach Quarles stresses the use of the trajectory principle in shooting. 248 TAYLOR PUILISHING COMPANY 'VN infill luv Ynfltoil In hvllr4lnl"

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