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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Qur World within the World Published by the Seniors of Morristown High School Morristown, Tennessee 39111312 Foreword Morristown High School-Our World To- day-Our Past Tomorrow. Our school. a sphere of activity within the world. possesses us as we possess it. Soon. however. we must yield ownership of this world to those who follow. Wlim'1l we find ourselves in new worlds. we may at times desire to return. to seek ref- uge from the dilfieulties of the new world into which we have heen thrust: hut we can never return. As time and place sepa- rate us from our world of today,S2our ties fade. until the only bond which remains is that of memory. It is our hope that the 1965 serve to spark memories world as you go into is' awaiting, you, ng. 9 Q y uf ? gs' ,gn . ' Msg Ft ri 5 ' sf. ti spd' -an Ev ' 114 f mam,-,M 4 lvwry 4m,,,,.,.f-sv" MU.,-K , 2 ' 2451- f Qi ill., :Q m , Q 19 6595, -gf 2Ef2' 'vfk 5 J +""'Q Q, gpm S if 1 A I' xr! lr 1552 S30 ' . I w vu v- ' s .-I-PP. --. w ..f.. 1' ,,, urrxjsf 'V' 19,31 ' ' V 4 V. 1 F4 --I , ' -. .' 4 2-"f'?J, Y, ' 5 .- o 1 ,, -.M - X, .ff X .wil F i ,,M, ,..:,-L . .114 ':' , 7 H x , y .J V... Y-, J . ,. '- 4 I . q f , .4r"'eK7 r ' ' x ur World stands united in a Jim Senter shows Janie Sharp one of the many interest centers displayed hy Mr. Phillips in the Biology class. Linda Cogdill, a Home Economics major, finishes a N garment to he modeled at the F.H.A. Style Show. N Vocational Machine Shop offers the opportunity for those who are interested to learn an employable skill. Odis Grif- fith and Glenn Bryant demonstrate the use of the shaper 1 machine. quest for knowledge Throughout our academic en- deavors, we seek the personal satisfaction of understanding the manifold ways of society. As our days are filled with classes, friends, and activities, we see ourselves in a relationship of individuals living and working together, and we realize the need for a deep sense of respon- sibility. As we are inspired by God and man, we rise to the chal- lenge of learning and thus begin our quest for knowledge. Johnny Thompson gives Carolyn Scott a line-but this time ,it pertains to algebraic graphing Democracy strengthened through "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." N Mr. Brown develops within his students a keener awareness of the freedom which prevails in our America. academic progress . . . Freedom is the greatest of God's gifts to man. Understanding this, we must conscien- tiously strive to eradicate all threats to our freedom-whether these be physical or ideo- logical. To study the past is advisableg to learn from it, essential. For knowledge through enlightened education is the greatest foe of any form of tyranny over the minds of men. Consequently, we learn so that we may con- tinue to preserve the freedoms that are ours. Academic progress-Mary Hale completes a three- minute timed writing without a single error. The Youth of Uur World denotes the "And praises sing to God the King, And peace to men on earth." The kiss, snatch'd hasty from the shy maid. , season made for joys Many moods are expressed in our world of recreation while our world of study is pushed aside for a moment. We enjoy movies at the local drive-in, joining friends at a hootenanny, or par- ticipating in a favorite sport-but best of all is a sweet "thank youi' at the end of the evening-and a hoped-for promise of a call tomorrow. These are only a few of the joys which we ex- perience during the season of youth. Pam Trobaugh demonstrates that a pleasant hobby can also be a graceful art as she Jumps her prize wlnnlng horse Cottonstockms Enthusiasm is enhanced h friendl Trainer Walter Thorn sees that fullback Eddie Rhines keeps a cool head in the heat of battle. Through competition we experience the joy of winning victories from hard-fought foes, whether it be on the political plat- form, on the gridiron, or in the field of honors bestowed by fellow classmates. Yet we must also face defeat with cour- age and with the hope that next time we will he the victors. f.-A .ww 1 .-.fa SA, fm. .,, resize' if miifsi' 1' fffqkeyl' 'Gs 1:3 .E-.33 5. at M14 X - JL Glenna Graham and Gary Blackburn, well known among the students for their political antagonisms, would rather fight than switch. A -F I2 R YQQQQL-i -N ' 3,5-if ' if? ,I , Qs. 9, U x .. W W if xc , ,,,, .. , , ' " Wim ' ,V 1 7.151 1 ,. ' 1 ' - ' " ' fg 'L":Tf,ff: 'f6.' 'Elf' 4, ' ii.,yf'Q!"' -N r ' 'Lf if , - - w'Is2',, ' V173-: t" 'H "ig,-2 f'lf':'f:1f X FA--rfjirg- izea w f, - 5 . , . V ' ' fE?X.T1,f ' ,iw 'f . ' 5:51 . . K f -.-'X Qin, ' ' , .f- If 1 L -T 1 .-L. ,W ,issf " - U .- , M7,:.g,g?h 1:-1' . ? ,. 1 S 9 . -e ' f' 3. "QlI'5,' " .4 ,,v,-2:54 , -.-f.'.:.ulaff , , . gg, H442 7:2-JNLEQ-'-15, , Q 1 gyf..-'-ifikP.g',:f,'TI-'fb' x ' ,, ., . y 'W , J " - 5. - tg ,:1.Zj"P.Q'7"11415 1fEL "5ittdV ' Q5 ' .' ,QQ U -,.' , , Qu - " -3,1414:Ql+1:'f.:iaiwF1,. . xv ff 2 . , ' ' , .-Y .H '41-114553: 'NA ' ' ' V- .-wr'-,2 .,,,,v k- 2. MQM- . -- '-af?-" - N-, "" . , 1 "G -' 12 -,,C.4,,Y"-f- ' ' A . ,wif . .i 52.1 'ix W 'Q1Y'.5sE115.5 QP' - , ,. ' ", ', ,. ' ,f!'FK.f- , M -"- 5- "f ' , ' - L .- ,da ., 'af' ' '-fwif-2.2998- , :K ' . g1f. ' 1" H2 9 . ' ' . , ' I .f - ,513-5-' g k - ' 'af 1 Ti-.jx .iam A A H A Agisrtv : , gr K X f . A A A . f qq. A,.,. J- '. - ' 1 - - X HOME VET!! M K mm UTI ' .. .. . . U .. unfou-uincuiv, - ,i I 5 ' A ,, 3 L f Q ' '- , , I., sd' 'W -X K. ,-4' ffl 'T' E ,- V - I A ,, 1,5 - A. , A " vw H , ., W K ,- ,Q f .- v l I j . - V V , i , . .QS V b , X is 1' . W ' " Y ' I . ' ' g ., . ' ' v IB - L , , fm' C, Q-1,-.5-., . . . , f- A. .. -sn.-f. . z- - it . ,IL 1 ' . K 3 X, .1 '-'.-x ,TH 1, 1 ---495. ,X .M ti i gn.-.1 I ,El N 5 t. Qvgfg . ,S ' ' K ft.,?-- 1-,,5,,4b fe ' -. - - w - , yn . N J 1 1' fl,-J 0' ,. - , xi bf 'f 9 KX ' L., x .E ' 5' v r 2' - f X " I 1 S 3 I S K l' s ",. - . f-K x ' , , V A: ... 1 , Q 1 k,, lr XA J N., kk J . R -awe W Q N P' .. 'fit-Xe "' ' lf 1, Q... + . 4, 5 '. ' J X. V ' . -.' 'x K , nib? , ll I. Aff .V .5 455 . " 4" . .SV Q ' - " ' W 1, Z. M Ev N '12 if-1 fx aa: V I -Y l , ' .442 n-izmx I Sv. , , ,, y Y A' as gs' 5, V P ,J - 8. , Q ',-,iff 1 ' ' . 3"" - f ,fT:."'E.:r1- rg. ' Y " , . T:',,. -X ' sf! -V .3-Bri -, L-I ' .wbbv MN, z . nf - Q I . QQ Cf-Id A.. , J . ' A x K . .,' -. X :uf f . ' , , ,f . W- '- '-Muzi f. - ,f " ,T K - L-r , 3 . I W 4, 1, V 'Ava I if - :,'-.",3v-4--:L.- lm, .K 3, ' H- ,wwf A X I H ,N I ' Xin, , N -:MG r. .VI x,K..A"-N , Y l - , 1 1 X - V Aw-fi .A if 1 --1,7 .,..-.',-Y imxk K'-f.-. , ,xr - - H N- Q -- f . xt W xg.. . i- .. Q.. . i,p.'...,'j 4 gi. 13, 'jg N 'J Y. -. . .- '-- - V' , - X' -' .- L ".. w. . " . A ' is I V .., - PNN . y yu., 1. .W , . , 3. ..' ' '.- ,' . .. ' f. a e-,',- .x-yg gl- N , ,. . ' . ' .,.,, 5, ,i 412- xl., ,Af , V , .A I f , - 5,4-NA gin Lx Y Y Aftrx Q K KX, W I ." , X . K . F. gui rt be U A X K K X . . , , .H 4. ,f ,Aff-4, --.. - ,. ,ag -K "Wk Six . ff .!, 6 ix " 'K 3 ' LT Ei as in . .Mx if g x If Q l ,- . if 1. , .X -ff, WAY' A A AA 2225 A -, 3 ' Qw-"ml "" '---Hm.:w-mf-1-' N 1 if .af-:L ' Q W 4 ' .. b Q ' fl.-If Ezrlfiii' A' f 75 , -isa , m:g3gfLg.5. .x Ex ug 4, ,+ Ei A .... ' " xg ' Q12-ww A K. L 'E ,Z , m y ,k., ..kkk , i , , ,. f,.,,., ,.k, g . ,Zigi , . ,, . ,iv ,M M , X aim 15231, 1 , 11 A kkk' g..:bww5fsig,s.,, m f gk-ggi 4 3,2 X F E ii' 15- - -Ay? 1 1 ,Q X . V af iw A E 2 X vw of togetherness We are increasingly aware of a very real need to live in friend- ly harmony with others during our high school years. Whether this means bringing a problem to a teacher in whom we have confidence, making friends with the exchange students, or just having a good time over a tasty Pizza, friendship is an essential part in the development of our personality. Aydin Eroglu and Mike Benning are amu ed at Janice Pan les attempts to fit together the four parts of Aydin's Turkish ring. i ln the arts, we are inspired b the Patterns of seen, felt, It is said that within the heart of every man lies dormant a hid- den creation: a hope, a wish, an undeveloped fervor, an unwritten poem, a melody. To the inspired individual there is no unattainable goal-no wish too dear, no problem insurmounta- ble. When the storehouse of mental treasure is unlocked, one experi- ences one of the most illuminating and thrilling occurrences of his en- tire life-inspiration. soul of nature beauty . . . heard -I- I9 7- Administration . DR. CARL T. VANCE Superintendent of Morristown City Schools A A ' 'P MR. CHARLES H. STRANGE Principal of Morristown High School MR. MURRELL WEESNER MR. JACK PEMBERTON Assistant Principal of Morristown High School Assistant Principal of Morristown High School 20 Morristown chool Commission . . . TRACY W. PRATER, RUSSELL N. FISHER, JOE Q. DOUGHERTY. WILLIAM 0. HELMS. ROY S. OAKES. Chairman. Secretary. Administrative Assistants . . . MR. JAMES GADDIS, B.A., MA.: Supervisor of Morristown City Schools 3 Elnnry' nlul Henry College, lffmal Tennessee Slnle University. Guidance MRS. TOM FRYE. Secretary and Bookkeeper lu Superintemlent of City Schools. Uffice . . . MRS. l'AUl. D. GODDAIKD. B.A.g Wnshinglon Stnle Uni- versity, University of Tennes- seeg Guidance Counselor. MR. KENNETH V. PEARSON, B.A., M.Ed.g Carson-Newman College, University of Georgia, Ess! Tennessee Slate Univer- sity, University of Tennessee: Guidance Counselor. MRS. WILLARD CARTER, MRS. HENRY JONES, A.B.g Sweet Briar College, Cafeteria Mmnger. University nf Tennessee. MR. JOSEPH RINER, B.A., M.A.: Carson-Newman College, University oi Tennes- see: Ancndsmm Tucher. Informed guidance counselors offer help and understanding to the students of Morristown High School. 2i Arr... MRS. YATER BREEDING, B.5.3 Centro Colle o, Univer- sity of Tennessee, Clarson-New msn College: Art I, II: Ad- visor to Art Club. MK. WENDELL E. FRANCIS. B.A.: Csrson-Newman College: Art I, English I: Advisor to Bets HI-Y, Art Club. Business Education . . . MRS. H. EVAN MCKINLEY, MRS. JOHN SPIGCLE, B.S.g Temple University, Uni- B-A-: CIIIOD-Nvvmlll Cvllvlei versity of Tennessee: Slmrt- PIWIICII EdUClli0l'l. BOUHWUP' lisnd, Clerical Practice. ini- TYDUIB I- 22 All Work and no play makes a very dull day. MRS. KYLE THOMPSON, B.S.g Carson-Newmln College, En! Tennessee Stste Univsr sity, University of Tennessee Advisor to ITAKHA. MR. MURRELL WEESNER. M.A., A.B.g Tusculum College, Duke University, University ol Teuncsseeg Bookkeeping: As- sistsntsnt Principal, Athletics Business Manager, Advisor to HURRICANE. Student Council. MRS. AMY WHITE, B.A.g Csrson-Ncwmsn College Typing I. General Business Advisor to Senior Y-Teens, English . . . MRS. JOHN R. CONKIN, B.A.g Csrsnn-Newman College: English Il, Speech, Advisor to National Thespisn Society. MRS. BURLEIGH DAVIS. ILS., East Tennessee State Universityg English II. MR. RANDALL D. JOINES, ILA.: Bob Jones University, Tuseulum College, CIIBOIPNCW' msn College: English Ill, IV. MR. JOHN H. STOKELY. JR.. A.B, M.A.g Csnun-Newman College, George Peabody Col- lege, University of Tennessee: English III, Genersl Mathe- matics, Advisor to Alplu Hl'Y. MRS. JOHN K. JONES, B.S., M.S.: Milligan College, East Tennessee State Univer- sity, University of Tennessee: English IV: Advisor to Beta Club, High School Red Cross. MRS. JASPER WATKINS, B.A.: Csrson-Newman Collegeg English III: Advisor to Beta Club. MISS LEAI-I ANNE GRAY, A.B.: East Tennessee State University, George Pesbody College, Carson-Newman Col- lege, English ll. MISS ANNA BELLE KIL- GORE, B.S., M.A.g Msdison College, George Peabody College, Uni- versity of Tennessee: English Ig Advisor to Junior Y-Teens. MRS. SARAH L. HILTEN. B.A., M.A.g Eniory and Henry College, Emory University, University of Tennesseeg Eng- lish Ill. MISS JO ELLEN OTTINGER, A.B.3 Tusculum College, George Peabody College: Eng- lish I, II: Advisor to Alphs 'hi-Hi-Y. MISS JANE HOHNER. B.S., M.A.g Esst Tennessee State University. George Pea- body Collegeg English I. MR. RALPH WESLEY SHARPE, A.B., M.A.3 University of Ten- nessee: English IV. w "Please, family-hands off," declares Mrs. Hilten. "This cake is for our church bazaar." 23 Foreign Langua e . . . MRS. EUSA A. BROWN, B.A.: University nf Puerto Rico, University of Tennessee: Spanish I, ll: Advisor to Spanish Club. Industrial MR. DON McDONALD, B.S.: East Tennessee State University, Carson-Newman Col- lege: Mechanical Drawing l, ll. Library . . MRS. CHARLES E. BROWN, B.S.: Maryville College, Uni- versity of Tennessee, South- western Baptist Theological Seminaryg Librarian: Advisor to Library Club. 24 Arts MISS AILEEN CATRON, B.A.: Hivvassee College, East Tennessee State University, Carson-Newman Ccllegeg Latin I: Advisor to Junior Classical League. and Co-op MR. EUGENE G. SMITH, B.S.g University of Tennessee, King College, Utah State Uni- versity: Trade and Industrial Education. MRS. HARRY CUPP, A.B., M.S.g Lincoln Memorial University, University of Tenn- esaeeg Librarian: Advisor to Library Club. MRS. ELEANOR M. SMITH, 15.5.3 Pennsylvania State Unl- versity. Carson-Newman Col- lege: English l, German I, ll: Advisor lo Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, German Club. MRS. HUGH M. TAYLOR. B.A., M.A.: University of Tennessee: Latin ll, lll, IV: Advisor to Junior Classical League. "Daddy, this is what we want for Christmas," David and Ann Webb Saulsbury get a close view of the big fire truck just before the Christmas parade. Mathematics . . . MRS. ERMA BRUMMITT, B.S.: Radford College: Gen- enl Mathematics, Algebra I: Advisor to Bets Tri-Ht-Y. MISS CHARLES GRACE HALE, A.B.: Carson-Newman College, glniverslty ol Tennessee: Alge- rs II. MRS. GLENN RUTHERFORD. B.A.: University of Tennessee: Algebra I, Unified Geometry: Advisor to Future Teachers of Amerien. MRS. WILLIAM H. WILSON. B.S.: Dsvis-Elkins College, University of Tennessee: Alge- brs I. MB. ODUS 1. MILLER. MRS. JAMES M. PHILLIPS. B.A.: Carson-Newman Cnllvgv. B.S.: East Tennessee State- University ol Tennessee, Tenn- essee Polytechnic Institute: Arithmetic, Algebra I. Music . . . MRS. MABEL DUNKIIIK SMITH, B.M., M.A.: Westminster Choir College, Appulacluisn Stste Teachers College: Chorus I, II, Concert Choir, Glee Club, World Geography: Advisor to Glee Club, Concert Choir. Ph sical Education . . . Health . . . Y MR. BURLEICH DAVIS, B.S.: Tennessee Wesleyan Col- lege, East Tennessee State Uni- versity: Physicsl Education, Head Football Conch, Track Coach. MR. SAM H. I-IUMPHREYS, B.S.: University of South Car- olina: Physical Education, Health: Advisor to Student Council, Assistant Football Coach. MR. JAMES W. SAIJLSBUIKY. B.S.: East Tennessee Stats University: Physical Education, Health, Assistant Football Conch. University, University of Ten- nessee: Unified Geometry. MR. WILLIAM B. BIDDLE, B.A.: Csrson-Newman College, Vander Cook College: Sym- phonic and Marching Bands. MRS. MAURICE WILLIAMS, B.S.: East Tennessee State University: Physical Education: Advisor to Bowling League. 25 Science . . . MII. FRANK HOLDER, H.S.g Carson-Newman College: Biology, Chcmietryg Advisor to Golf Team, HURRICANE. MRS. JOHN A. NORTHERN, I3.S.: Maryville College. Cer- son-Newman College, Univer- sity of Tennessee: General Science. MR. GENE L. QUARLES, B.S., M.A.g Ent Tennessee State University, Furman Uni- versity, P h y s i c s, Advanced Mathematics: Basketball Coach. 26 MR. EDWARD C. LONG, B.S.: University of Georgia, University of Tennessee: Bi- nlogy. MR. JAMES M. PHILLIPS, ILS., Millignn College, Tenn- essee Tech: Biology. Mr. Holder demonstrates how to find the composition of water by weight. i MRS. JIM W. STAMBAUGH, B.S.7 Carson-Newman College, Univereit of Kentuclr ' Chem Y Y ' istryg Advisor to Checnlenders, Ancllor Club. MR. RAYMOND WILLIAMS, B.S.g Carson-Newman College: General Scienceg Freshman Football Coachg Advisor to Bets Hi-Y. MRS. H. W. WOLFE, B.S., M.S.g Carson-Newman College, University of Virginia, University of Tennessee: Gen- eral Science. ocial tudies . . . MR. RONALD L. BRIGGS, B.S.: University of Tennessee: World History, Economics: Arl- visor to Key Club. MR. JOHN THOMAS KING, B.S.: University of Tennessee: Psychology, Sociology. Civics: Advisor to Alpha Hi-Y. MR. CHARLES E. BROWN, B.S., M.R.E.: East Tennessee State University, Adams State College, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: Ameri- MISS GRACE CATRON. B.A., M.A.: Carson-Newman College: University of Tenn- essee: American History, Latin I: Advisor to Junior Y-Teens, can History. Junior Classical League. MRS. RALPH MASENGILL, JR-. B.S.: University of Tennessee: Civics, American History. MRS. NANCY ROARK, B.S.: Lincoln Memorial Univer- sity, University of Tennessee, Arkansas State University: World Geography: Advisor to Beta Tri-Hi-Y. MRS. PHYLLIS SHAVER, B.A.: Maryville College: World History. Vocational Agriculture and Home Economics MR. DENVER J. RUTH, B.S., M.S.: Lincoln Memorial University, University of Ten- nessee: Vocational Agriculture: Advisor to Future Farmers of Amt-rica. l Mas. LUTHER M. DeBUSK, ILS.: University of Tennessee: Vocational Home Economics I, II, III: Advisor to Futura Home-makers of America Chap- ter III. MRS. ZONA H. KELLEY, M.S.: University of Tennessee: Vocational Home Economics I, II, III: Advisor to Fixture Homemakers of America Chap- ter I. MR. W. B. KEEZEL, B.S.: East Tennessee State University. University of Tenn- essee: World History, Mechani- cal Drawing: Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach. MRS. BETSY H. SMITH, B.S.: University of Miami, Tusculum College, Carson- Newman College: Sociology. Psychology. MRS. EUGENE G. SMITH, B.S.: Carson-Newman College, University of Tennessee: Vo- cational Home Economics: Ad- visor to Student Council, Fu- ture Homemakers of America Chapter II, Anchor Club. 27 29 President: Tommy Hale Student Council promote t Vice-President: Secretary 1 Treasurer : Lynda Rinlnler Barbara Vaughn J0lll'!I1y Cranford Student Council members-under the supervision of Mr. Weesner and Mrs. McKinley-plan and type the 1964- 65 M H S Student Directory. Q SENIOR MEMBERS Cary Blackburn Dianne Charles Diana Dearing Doris Lewis Lea Wayne Smith Student Council President, Tommy Hale, explains to other members of the Council that the Hamblen County Election Commission has granted permission to use the voting machine in the 1966 student election. school spirit . . . Student Council Advisors: Mr. Sam Humphreys. Mrs. Katherine Smith and Mr. Murrcll Wee-sner Striving to promote cooperation and har- mony in all phases of school life, this year's Student Council has sponsored many varied activities. In addition to the annual projects which include presenting the Harvest Festival, pub- lishing the student directory, preparing club schedules, holding student elections, and promoting school spirit through dress-up and color days, the council has initiated sever- al new projects. "Beat Kingsport Week" was proclaimed and sponsoredg two freshman orientation programs, designed to introduce new students to the school and its organiza- tions, were offeredg and the constitution of the Student Council was completely revised. JUNIOR MEMBERS SOPHOMORE Johnny Miller MEMBERS Peter Stephenson Stanley Johnson Janice Russell Kay Kinser Frank Wilson FRESHMAN MEMBERS Susan Fields Samuel Hale Lynne Anne Smith The Itakha depicts ou Mrs. Kyle Thompson, ITAKHA Advisor, works with Co-editors Margaret Perry and Donna Ramsey in planning page lay- outs, captions and write-ups. Co-Editors: Margaret Perry Donna Ramsey Business Manager: Glenna Graham Assistant llusincss Managur: Mary Elizaliulh Hill Editorial Chairman: Martha Magill Class Editors: Sue Medlin Cynthia Tullock Typist Chairman: Jeanne Bishop Senior Directory Chairman: Diane Milligan Sports Editor: Ronnie Palmer Top Ad Salesmenz Dianne Charles Lea Way'ne Smith hi h school days . . . Twenty people assigned to one room! We do hope the new school will provide working space for other ITAKHA Staffs. Editorial Assistant: Gary Blackburn Circulation Staff: Linda Cogdill Doris Lewis Brenda Rice Typist Assistant: Janet Bunch Senior Directory Assistant: Ann Bacon Sports Assistant: Danny Scott General Assistant: Margaret King Staff Photographer: Doug Davis Ad Salesmen: Cecelia Bible Diana Dearing Becky Gratz Anne Hileman Jane Patterson Karen Sproles Jay Wilson Gloria Wright Our friends, our school and our town are a part of our world within the world. Through word and picture the 1965 ITAKHA Staff attempted to present the many different facets that make our world a part of the whole world. To capture exciting and important moments, to relate every day events and happenings and to offer a hook that will stir your memory in later years has been the aim of this staff. p-to-date news 34 Assistant Editor: Joan Abbott Junior Editor: Sandy Jones Junior Assistant Editor: Larry Duby J ay Wilson Feature Editors: Harriet Harris Cary Blackbum Sports Editors: Larry Anderson Walter Thorn Business Manager: compiled and published l Editor: Susan Crafton Innovations sparked THE HURRICANE, Morristown High School's student newspaper, this year as the staff gave the school community a printed edition distributed free each week. The new offset process enabled the staff to produce more pictures, sharper copy and brighter pages in each Friday's issue. The latest news and more details about coming events highlighted each double paged weekly while a larger monthly issue offered features illustrated by staff-made photographs and colorful drawings. ' Typists: Susan Smith Janice Wright Circulation Chairman: Phyllis Fisher Artists: Mary Sprinkle Tommy Hale Head Ad Salesman: Mary Ann Isbell Writing, typing, mimeographin are all necessary to produce th weekly and monthly issue 1 the HURRICANE but the mo: Weekly by Hurricane Staff . . . ADSALESMEN Advisors: Mr. Frank Holder and Mr. Murrcll Weesncr lifficult job of all is for fifteen vgople to work in a room 91,5x Carolyn Beier Claudia Capps Johnny Cranford Judy Hayter Lynda Rimmer Darlene Seals Ann Thompson Bobbie Vance Barbara Vaughn Karen Whiteside PHOTOGRAPHERS: Terry Brimer Doug Davis Collin Ballance i .l. Leadership, achievement, and service L. Bivcns, A. Blackburn, G. Blair, L. Bolinger, D. Brewer, T. Bunch, J. Burnett, J. Capps, C. Cardwell, J. Carmichael, S. Carter, F. Clark, J. Cogdill, L. Collins, S. Covington, J. Crafton, S. Cranford, J. Darden, D. Davis, B. Davis, Dennis Davis, Doug Dountz, M. Duby, L. Ewing, M. Folsom, T. Foust, R. Gibson, A. Goan, C. Graham, G. Guinn, C. Hale, T. Hayter, J Helton, P. Hileman, A. Hill, M. Hurley, M. Hurt, C. Hut, E. Isbell, M. Johns, R. President: Vice-President: Corresponding Diana Dearing Anne Bacon secretary: Martha Magil Recording secretary : Linda Hayter Treasurer : Sue Medlin Advisor: Advisor: Mr. Frank Holder Mr. Randall J oines 1 Senator Herbert Walters addresse the members of the Beta Club the advisors, parents and other guests recognized b Beta The members of the Beta Club endeavor to stimulate within the student body a sincere de- sire for greater scholastic improvement. Each member is required to maintain a "B" average, to hold fast to principles of honesty, to endeavor constantly to maintain a creditable record, and to cultivate and conduct the principles of service and leadership. An impressive initiation ceremony for the new members was held in November at the Morristown Power Building with Senator Herbert Walters as the guest speaker. With the thought that through serving others we best serve ourselves, the Beta Club members prepared baskets at Thanksgiving, sent fruit to Hamblen Hall and contributed toys for Greene Valley Hospital and School. Advisor : Advisor: AdViS0l'2 Mrs. John K. Mr. John Stokely MTS- JHSPCT Jones Walkills me annual initiation service held at me Morristown Power Building. Club Long, D. McKinley, E. Milligan, D. Mitchell, M. Moody, J. Pangle, J. Parker, S. Patterson, J. Penland, B. Perry, M. Price, E. Ramsey, D. Rauberts, P. Read, H. Reams, S. Rice, B. Rimmer, L. Rumbley, L. Russell, J. Russell, L. Scott, C. Seal, S. Smith, L. Sproles, K. Stephenson, P Thompson, S. Trent, D. Tullock, C. Turner, K. Vance, B. Vaughn, B. Wagner, J. Williams, J. Wilson, B. Wilson, J. Winn, J. Wright, J. Wright, M. Young, A. Young, B. Bacon, B. Bishop, J. Blair, L. Bolinger, D. Bunch, J. Bumett, J. Cameron, C. Carmichael, S. Carton, D. Cohen, J. Covington, J. Freeman, G. Hipshire, C. Hut, E. Jaynes, S. Johns, R. Johnson, J. Anchor Club achieves man Advisor : President : Vice-President : Mrs. Katherine Smith Martha Mitchell Janice Wright The highlight of the Pilot Cluh Christmas Banquet was a play presented by these members of the M.H.S. Anchor Club. Anchor Club advisors are recognized for their services with gifts presented by Pilot Club officers. ambitious goals . . . Landis, V Secretary: Treasurer: Advisor : Anne Hileman Deanna Long Mrs. Jim Stambaugh The Anchor Club is a newly formed service organization sponsored by the Pilot Club of Morristown, Inc. and Pilot International. Anchor serves the school and community through initiative, leadership, experience, and cooperation. The Anchor Club has taken a very active part in school activities by participating in the Petticoat Olympics and by conducting a successful Har- vest Festival project. Members earned service hours by working in the high school office during the summer months, sponsoring a luncheon for the teachers during in-service training, and serving refreshments on Teacher Appreciation Day. Anchors have served those in need by collecting used eyeglasses and frames for the New Jersey Eye Center, by saving stamps for the veterans at the Johnson City VFW Hospital, and by sending soap scraps overseas. In cooperation with Morristown Pilots, the members have also participated in a safety project. The club extended courtesy to tourists through the Hospitality Center at David Greene Bridge and greeted visitors at the United Fund Booths. Service was also given to the retarded children through day camp and swimming lessons. The uniforms and crest made and displayed by Anchor Club members are examples of the hard work which has made this newly organized club a notable success. Lane, D. Lilly. J. Little, P. Livesay, P. Mitchell, M. Moore, P. Rogers, D. Ruffner, S. Satterfield, Sharpe, S. Tullock, C. Tuttle, D. Williams, C. Williams, J. Young, A. Young, L. Senior Y-Teens develop Baxley, B Beck, T Black, J. Burke, B. Cobble, B. Cogdill, L. Cranford, Davis, B. Eller, E. Harris, L. Hux, J. Lewis, D. President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Judy Hayter Suzie Fields Darlene Seals Linda Allen The National Chapter of the YWCA, represented at Morristown High School by the Senior Y-Teens, endeavors to establish high standards of Christian conduct in high school junior and senior girls. Members must maintain a "Ci, average and mustbe willing to devote their time and efforts to the projects in which the club participates. During the year, the club sponsored a project at the Har- vest F estivalg distributed Thanksgiving basketsg and participated in the Petticoat Olympics. The club also attended various churches as a group throughout the year. Members of the Senior Y-Teens assemble at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard to attend the Sunday moming worship service. hristian attitudes . . . It's clean-up time as the club spends Saturday morning dusting, mopping and waxing the teachers' lounge. Low, C, Putty, B. Penland, R Penland, T Powell, C. Price, E. Rednower, D. Reeves, L. Rumbley, L. Smith, D. Stubblefield, D. Wright, G. Senior Y-Teens advisors: Mrs. Don White and Mrs. Ralph Masengill, Jr. Junior Y-Teens encourage Alvls, K. Bryant, S. President : Vice-President: Secretary : Reporter: Jeannie Rueseher Rowena Williams Barbara Lowe Janice Jones Clarkson, D. Cutshaw, S. Cosson L Davis, P. Rowena Williams, Jeannie Ruescher, and June Carpenter, wno had a hand in winning first place at the Petticoat Olympics, proudly display their trophy. Fleenor, A. Franklin, T. Hudgens, B. Lane, J. Any freshman or sophomore girl who maintains a "C" average, wishes to build a Christian fellowship of young women, and is devoted to the task of realizing social living may become a member of the Junior Y- Teens. The club, sponsored by the YWCA, raised funds by participating in the Harvest Festival and the Petticoat. Olympics. They also enjoyed a Christmas party and various other social events. The Junior Y-Teens seek the true meaning of the Christian way of life in order that they might live in harmony and understanding with others. ln keeping with this objective, the club attended different churches at designated times during the year. Adams, M. Ailshie E Baxter J. rady, W Key lub Completes valuable Brewer, T. Eroglu, A. Class, D. Goan, T. President : Vice-President: Secretary: Lynn Phillips Johnny Thompson David Trent Service minded Key Clubbers sort magazines to send overseas. Greene, A. Harrison, B. . Hilten, B. Hipshire, J. Harold Hale and Steve Holt aid the look of the First Aid Room. Everyone is grateful to the members the Key Club who built the stable l service projects . . . 4 Treasurer: Advisor: Harold Hale Mr. Ronald Briggs Notable services which have been beneficial to the school and community have been sponsored by the Morristown Key Club. Carnpus beautification has been promoted by the club placing trash cans at convenient locations, and the stable for the annual Christmas pageant was built by members of the club. Other projects included helping the Chamber of Commerce set up the Christmas Parade by directing the visiting bands to their designated positions, and collecting in- formational magazines to be sent to our school teachers, missionaries, and Peace Corps workers abroad. The Key Club, sponsored by Kiwanis International, annually sends delegates to its district and national conventions. To raise necessary funds, they sold concessions for the Mutual Concerts, parked cars and checked hats at the country club, provided twenty-five boys as extras for the Passion Play, and conducted a "slave day" sale. The membership is comprised of sophomore, junior, and senior young men who maintain a "C" average and commit themselves to devote a required amount of time working on service projects. e Nativity Scene. Holt, S. Kinser, A. McKinley, E. Peterson, G. Pittman, R. Purkey, .l. Sanders, T Seagle, J. Key Club Sweethearts: Miss Pat Whitson and Miss Claudia Capps S Thomason, D Thompson, S Widener, E. Wilder, S. John Sides. Doug Davis. Jimmy Owen, and Wayne Smith adorn the school with welcome signs for convention delegates. Right: Visitors get "pinned" and registered upon arrival Friday evening. Delegates "sing along with Backstromn during the opening session. Morristown hosts Hi-Y Morristown became a "convention city," when the 1964- East Tennessee District Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Conference was held at Morristown High School. The theme of the annual event was "Freedom-the Challenge." The patriotic theme of the convention, "Freedom-the Challenge," was emphasized throughout the weekend in workshops, and in the stirring key-note address delivered by Dr. William Lee from Tusculum College, a refugee from Communist China. Right: Saturday workshops informed and stimu- lated delegates. Tri-Hi-Y District Convention . . . After a busy day the interest turned to the lighter side featuring a banquet, a de- lightful address by Dr. Ruth Stephens and a "sock hop" to top off the evening. Right: Delegates feast at the banquet in the trusty, old MHS cafeteria. Officers and sponsors played a vital role in keeping the conference "moving" Special guests and officers attending the banquet are Dr. Stephens, .lay Wilson, president, Mr. Clif Backstrom, State YMCA Secretary, Mary Eliza- beth Hill, recording secretary, and Miss Jo Ellen Ottinger, advisor. After attending the worship service Sunday morning at the First Presbyterian Church, a successful convention came to a close with countless memories and moments of inspira- t1on. Marilyn Dountz and Jay Wilson really get into the "swing of things" Saturday night. Bacon, A. Barbee, P. Bible, C. Bivens, A. Capps, C. Cardwell, J. Carter, F. Clark, J. A. Crafton, S. Dardin, D. Ewing, M. Fisher, P. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y . . . President: Vice-President : Secretary: Treasurer : Marilyn Dountz Linda Hayter Martha Magill Diana Dearing ReP0rter: Chaplain : Sergeant-at-Arms: Elizabeth 'Wilson Joan Abbott Lea Wayne Smith Gibson, A. Goan, C. Helton, P. H'll, M. E. , , , , I The Alpha Trl-H1-Y, made up of Junior and senior young women, maintained its spirit of service by participating in numerous projects. EEQLCMI A. Under the sponsorship of the Lions Club, -king? 5-S the organization collected money for the blind e in, . , , on "Gum Day," sold tlCk6lS for the American History Museum, and donated money to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Fund. Several llllfggf, members of the club participated in the pro- Illaiiefsohfif J- duction of The Passion Play and represented Cf 1 - . . . . ry the Alpha Tri-H1-Y 1n the annual Christmas Parade by riding on the floats. Ramsey, D. Rauherts, P. Read, H. Rimrner, L. Russell, I. Scott, C. Smith, S. Stuart, T. Th A Advisor : Advisor: V ompsgn' ' Miss .lo Ellen Mrs. Eleanor Smith wee' ' Ottin er van Gilder, B. 5 Wagner, J. Alpha Hi-Y . . . President : Vice-President: Secretary : Treasurer: .limmy Owen Collin Ballance Robert Justice Doug Davis Reporter : Chaplain : Parliamentari an : Gary Blackburn Terry Brimer Bobby Houk In service to their home, school and community, the Alpha Hi-Y has participated in numerous beneficial activities. The club assisted in cleaning the Morristown-Hamblen Day Care Center, built a float for the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade, prepared Christmas baskets for underprivileged families, provided a beautiful Christmas tree for the front of the school, supported the Youth and Government Program in Nashville, and served as co-hosts to the annual Hi-Y con- vention. Funds to support these projects were raised by co-sponsoring the Hi-Y-Key Club football game. Advisors: Mr, Tom King Mr. John Stokely Some triumphant members of the Hi-Y football team pause to display their Hi-Y-Key Club trophy and football. Harrell, M. Horner, E. Hurley, M. King, C. Lee, T. McCune, M. Moore, S. Pearson, J. Reams, S. Smith, W. Stephenson, P. Surber, D Thorn, W. Wampler, D. Wilson, J. Winn, J. Woodford, K. Wright, M. Allen, M. Anderson, Bacon, J. Copeland, Davis, D. Davis, G. Duby, L. Foust, R Milligan, W. Mounts, E. Renner, P. Rogers, P. Smith, L. Taylor, J. Tinsley, R. Walker, R. Willia ms, L. Wykle, A. Barbee, J . Blake, D. Breeding, D. Brittain. A. Cain, K. Caldwell, C. Catron, L. Compton, S. Dearing, B. Dixon, C. Farris, S. Fields, S. Heath, L. Little, N. Long, P. Beta Tri-Hi-Y . . . President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: Chaplain: Robbie Gail Benning Harriet Harris Kay Kinser Carolynn Quinton Beier Historian: Reporter: Kathy Bible Margaret Fisher An eventful year for the Beta Tri-Hi-Y was made pos- sible through many fields of service. Among these activ- ities were the adoption of a ugrandmothef' at Hamblen Hallg the promotion of an American History Museum in collaboration with their co-sponsors, the Hamblen Ki- wanis Club: the sponsoring of a L'Teacher Appreciation Dayi' every nine weeks dur- ing which apples, carnations. and similar tokens were dis- tributed: the participation in Youth and Government held in Nashville: and serving as co-hosts to the annual Hi- Y - Tri-Hi-Y Convention held in Morristown. Parliamen- Advisor: Advisor: .tarian: Mrs. Erma Mrs. Nancy Ginny Taylor Brummitt Roark An oriental touch is added as members of the Beta Tri-Hi-Y try their hand in the art of fortune telling at the annual Harvest Festival. Members of the Beta Tri-Hi-Y pose for a scrapbook snapshot after participating in the various events of the Petticoat Olympics. Beta Hi-Y Anderson, M. President: Vice-Presidentg Secretary: Treasurer: Chaplain: Sergeant-an arms: John Sides Duggan Bradley Cleve Horner Steve Goodson Jimmy SCIIICF Ronald Harrold Cannon, S. Charles, B. Collins, L. Dickerson, D Duby, T. Advisor: Advisor: Mr- Wendell Francis Mr. Raymond Williams 5133263 D- Scheduled meetings of the Beta-Hi-Y were planned to enlighten members in parlia- mentary procedure, and the Rhea B club's objectives, constitution smug, and by-laws. The young men of the club, composed of freshmen and sophomores, promoted growth in the experiences of Wemlinger G Christian leadership. In co- Wright,S,, Sweethearts: Miss Rebecca Penland Miss Rebecca Gratz operation with other Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y chapters of the school, the Beta-Hi-Y served as co-hosts to the annual convention. President, John Sides, acquaints members of the Beta Hi-Y with the fundamental principles of parliamentary procedure Advisor: Mr. Eugene Smith Brady, R. Brooks, J. Brown, N. Burchell, D. Calfee, L. Carlyle, S. Chambers, C. Collins, M. Floyd, L. Frazier, R. Golden, J. Haun, J. Hodge, P. Hodges, B. T811 Club seeks Plans for an eventful year were completed by club officers: Melha Painter, Billy Seals, Charlotte Marshall, Nancy Brown, Mike Jones, Teddy Lowe and club advisor, Mr. Smith. Crowds gather to hear the sound of "16 Tons" which was a successful part of the variety show at the Harvest Festival. These members of the TSI club helped to make the banquet for their employers an enjoyable occasion. career guidance . . . The chain gang of T811 is off for another day of hard labor!! Through the joint efforts of the Trade and Industrial in- structor and the businessmen of our town, job opportunities and career training are made available to Morristown High School junior and senior students who wish to work and also attend school. An interest in a future career is promoted in addition to earning a high school credit. This year Morristown High School representatives attended a convention in Memphis and the annual regional contest which was held in Johnson City. The club also won the softball cham- pionship game' and attended a skating party. Second place was won by the club in the state wide competition for their excellent proyect displaying the various stages of chair construction. A design of multi-colored upholstery was arranged for a background for the display. Jones, M. Kirk, J. Laughlin, M. Marshall, C. Noe, Br Osborne, B. Painter, M. Seals, B. Stubblefield, Tummire, R. Ward, D. Westmorelandg Wiley, J. Wright. R. G. M. Jeffers, C Barhee, J. Beets, J. Britt, J. Brittain, A. Lane, D. Lewis, P. Efficient performance of duties President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: Helen Windom Ruth Ann Johns lxatrma Wright Betty Farmer Leanne Heath The use of the MHS Library is made easier by the efficient Brooks, J. , I , i Buda, A, functioning of the sixty-three members of the Library Club. Cannon' F' Students who maintain a good scholastic standing and endeavor to create a greater interest in reading and using books are eligible for membership in the organization. Members are assigned duties to perform each period such as Cash, A. filing cards, pamphlets and newspaper clippingsg shelving booksg Collins. S- mending books and magazinesg typing reading listsg and offering Cosson, J. . . . . . 1nd1v1dual 3SSlSt3DC6 to students 1n reference work. The library is favorably recognized by the faculty and student body for the artistic and creative bulletin boards prepared on topics of current interest. Cupp, C. CuPP. J. Day, R. Elkins, B. Ellison, P. Fields, S. Gaby, L. Gentry, E. Gentry, J. Holt, B. Horner, E. Horton, M. Johns, R. JoneS, J. Kilgore, A. Beautification Queen Candidate: Anne Buda is displayed b the Librar lub Social Chairman: Reporter: Chaplain: Sentinel: Sentinel: Diane Hurst Carolyn Pratt Janice Lowen Pat Patterson Madeline Lowen The lawlessness of MHS is checked by the Library Club as they collect fines from violators at the Harvest Festival. The processing of books, a never ending job, is efficiently done by the Library Club Sponsors, Mrs. Harry Cupp and Mrs. Charles Brown. Pittman, M. Rahe, J. Rogers, D. Rogers, P. Rogers, S. Rouse, D. Seals, L. Seals, M. Sims, S. Smith, A. Smith, E. Stewart, E. Stewart, M. Swain, P. Taber, M. Taylor, G. Taylor, J. Thompson, E. Watkins, D. Williams. K. Windom, E. Lewis, S. Oler, M. Osterfeld, S Payne, M. Wolfe, C. Wolfe, J. Davis, B. Hayter, J. Hileman, A Landis, V . Lewis, D. Livesay, P. Students volunteer services Auen, L. Baxley, B. Bible, C. Bishop, J. Burnett, J. Clubb, K. 1 Cobble, B Collins, S. 5 I r Office Assistants with Mr. Weesner are Barbara DeArmond and Elaine Odom. Office assistants gain practical experience in office work by per- forming varied tasks in the book- store, the guidance office and the principal's office. The administration and faculty appreciate these students who vol- unteer their services to perform these duties and responsibilities. Kay Wester and Mary Hal Hale are compiling the absentee report for Mrs. Thompson. Guidance Assistants: Geraldine Pendergrass, Sandra Purkey, Linda Williams, and Christine Mayes. as office assistants . . . Lowe, B. Quinton, R. Ramsey, D. Rice, B. Rimmer, L. Rumbley, L. Russell, L. Mrs. Carter, Jonnie Smith, and Suzanne Holt are convinced that locating one student among 1,700 is not an easy task! Satterfield, G. Seals, D. Smith, S. :x it X. Mr. Weesner's Office Assistants: Nancy Hodge, Mary Masoner, Brenda Kiser, and Karen Davis. Taber, M. Thompson, A. Williams, R. Wright, C. 2 a x . X , Qi? American High School Bed Cross Council Beck, T. Brock, B. Burnett, J. Carter, F. Charles, B. Cohen, J. Chairman: Vice-Chairman 81 Reporter: Janie Britt J ay Wilson Secretary: Advisor: Bobbie Vance Mrs. John K. J0nes Duby, T. Hut, A. Hut, E. Oyer, C. Perry, M. w Ramsey, D. l Patterson, J. ' Peterson, G. These members of the Red Cross Council have found that enjoyment and satisfacl provides enjo ment for those in need The Red Cross emblem, composed of five equal squares representing Tradition, Hope, Faith, Love, and Service, has been honored by the Morristown High School Red Cross Council. The Council has members from the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes who have enjoyed mailing, collecting and sending holiday and birthday gifts to Hamblen Hall, Eastern State Hospital, Greene Valley Hospital, and Mountain Home. These gifts included fruit, food, clothing, toys, scrapbooks and holiday favors. Ricker, S. Rimmer, L. Robertson, B Seals, D. Sharpe, S. Smith, A. derived from helping others. Sproles, K. Stephenson, P Taylor, J. Taylor, J. S. Tuttle, D. Williams, R. Wilson, F. Wright, C. Hodge, P. Horton, M. Howard, C. Johns, R. Johns, R.A. Johnson, C. Johnson, S. Landis, V. Long, B. Long, P. Allen, L. Bacon, B. Future Teachers enlightened Barbee, P. Barton, C. Beasley. J. Blair, L. Brooks, J. Buda, A. Cameron, Cobble, B. Collins, B. Davis, B. Dixon, C. C. Farmer, B. Harris, H. Presidentg Vice President: Secretary: Jeanne Bishop Gloria Wright Janet Bunch The Future Teachers of America, a national organization, offers membership to any student who might be seeking the field of teaching as a career. After the members are acquainted with the basic quali- ties of the successful teacher, the senior members advance their knowledge in an actual teaching experience under the supervision of local elementary school instructors. During the past year they attended a joint tea with the local chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma, distributed baskets at Christmas, participated in the Clean-Up Cam- paign, and sponsored a dart throw at the Harvest Festival. Future Teacher of the Year: Jeanne Bishop through experience . . . Low, C. Treasurer: Historian : Parlia mentarian : Glenna Graham Doris Lewis Edith Hut Advisor: Mrs. Glenn Rutherford Merhoff, M. Milligan, W. Moody, J. Overholt, S. Payne, M. Rodgers, D. Rodgers, D.E Rurnbley, L. Russell, J . Smith, S. Stitch, J. As future teachers study the NEA Ioumal, they form constructive ideas for their day of teaching in the grammar schools. Taber, M. Vaughn, B. Vincent, S. Wagner, J. Whiteside, K. Williams, C. Williams, K. Williams, R. Thespians encourage student Anderson, L. Bacon, A. Bible, K. Bishop, J. Graham, G Hayter, L. President : Vice-President: Secretary: Cary Blackburn Jay Wilson Gloria Wright Carpenter, I. Carter, F. Elkins, B. Glass, D. Cary Blackburn, student director, explains to the cast of the Freshman-Sophomo Horner, E. Hurt C Chris Schultz, Margaret Perry, and Glenna Graham assisted Mrs. Conkin in the difficult task of selecting a play. interest in dramatics . . . Treasurer: Reporter: Janet Bunch Carolyn Scott King, M. McCune, M. Medlin, S. Perry, M. my the need for more expression. l t t The lowering of the curtain of the 1964- 65 school year brought to a close an enjoy- able year for the Morristown Thespian Troupe 571. Membership in the organization is earned by participation in high school dramatics. This year the troupe successfully produced and directed their annual Freshman-Soph- omore Play, There Arose Such A Clatter. The troupe presents two awards each year. The Best Thespian Award is given to the person most active in dramatics throughout the year, and the senior who has contributed the most to dramatics during his four years in high school receives the Senior Drama Award. Thespian advisor: Mrs. John R. Conkin Ramsey, D. Sides, J. Smith, L. Sproles, K. Williams, C. Williams, J. Young, B. Front Row: C. Beier, C. Freeman, L. Williams, J. Williams, B. Patty, B. Ferguson, M. Thompson, E. Thompson, T. Stuart. Second Row Miss A. Catron fadvisorl, G. Benning, S. Carson, D. Blake, B. Beets, D. Hare, P. Rogers, J. Cohen, D. Davis, D. Long, F. Carter, K. Kinser Mrs. H. Taylor fadvisorl, Third Row: B. Brock, M. Marsh, K. Needham, C. Wolfe, D. Tuttle, D. Breeding, S. Sharpe, J. Gray, T. Cralnik T Haggerty, H. Harris, W. Milligan, P. Long, L. Bryant. Fourth Row: J. Noe, H. Read, P. Smith, E. Rhines, R. Pittman, B. Bradley, C Wilson, R. Covington, C. Lewis, E. Spoone, A. Kelley, C. Morrell, M. Adams. an interest in our Roman Heritage . . . The ,lunior Classical League strives to awake in its mem- bers an interest in and an appreciation for the times, life, culture, and language of the ancient Romans. By showing how much of our culture and language is de- rived from the Romans, it teaches Latin students to apply their knowledge of Roman history to modern life. Any high school student of Latin is eligible to join this club, which is sponsored by the American Classical League. The Junior Classical League participates in school activities and has a clean-up project each' year. Many members create interesting projects exemplifying life as it 'appeared to the ancient Roman. The most repre- sentative of these are displayed in the library each year. President: Vice President: Helen Read Richard Reed Secretary: Treasurer: Waynah Milligan Christopher Schultz Baker, L. Barton, C. Beets, R. Caldwell, C. Cannon, F. Carmichael, S. Carpenter, R. Chambers, S. Clubh, K. Cogdill, L. Cox, E. Cox, L. Croley, A. Cupp, C. CuPP, J. Davis, J. Dean, J. Deniston, D. Gentry, J. Greene, C. Harmon, S. Harris, L. Helton, E. Henson, L. Hileman, J. Holt, B. Honeycutt, K. Horner, E. Johns, R. Jones, J. Lakins, M.- Lane, J. Lewis, D. Toward New Horizons President: Vice-President : Secretary : Treasurer Diana Robbie Susan Judy Dearing Quinton Carson Gray Future Homemaker of the Year: Doris Lewis F.H.A. Chapter I . . . Reporter: Historian: Song Leader: Advisor: Barbara Marianna Shadeline Mrs. Zona H. Lowe Ewing Parker Kelley Service projects in which club members partici- pated were: donating food baskets to needy families, taking par in the Clean-Up Project, the FFA-FHA Banquet, the PTA-BIE Night and hemming blan- kets for the Day Care Center. Some of the funds needed to sponsor these projects were raised by participating in the Harvest Festival. Numerous girls promoted club progress by work- ing on Chapter, Junior, and State Degrees of Achievement. gtatsnlflomemaker Degree Awards were received by Doris Lewis and Linda og 1 . Livesay. W. Long, B. Long, D. McKinney, D. McKinney, U. Murphy, K. Overholt, S. Pack, A. Patrick, B. Pratt, K. Purkey, L. Reid, G. Rogers, S. Sanders, B. Seal, N. Seals, D. Sherwood, B. Sims, S. Smith, Claudette Smith, Cheryl Smith, D. Smith, E. Southerland, P. Stubblefield, J. Talley, B. Taylor, J. Thompson, M. Tinsley, R. Vance, C. Walter, V. Watts, S. Wisecarver, C. Zeeryp, J. Howard, Hurley, R. Experiences in leadership through Baxley, B. Blair, L. Breeding, D. Broyles, J. Bullion, T. Champ, P. Clarkson, V. Cobble, B. Collins, P. Cosson, J. Crider, B. Crigger, M.- Davis, P. DeMonbreun, C. Depew, W. Dixon, C. Dunsmore, J. Fields, S. Franklin, T. Gibson, D. Goan, C. ' Guinn, C. Gulley, B. Haun, B. Hawkins, D. Hileman, A. Hipshire, G. Hipshire, M. Hodge, C. Holt, R. President : Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: Reporter: Pa rliamentarian Patricia Kathy Deanna Ann Lois Ginger Livesay Turner Long Gibson Shaver Freeman Er n 1964 Beautification Queen: Miss Sharon Blake The knowledge and skills learned in Home Economics classes are applied by these FHA members as- they make gifts for underprivileged children and prepare to dis- FH hapter II . . . Historian: Chaplain I Song Public Advisor: Janice Vickie Leader: Relations: Mrs, Eugene Pangle Landis Margaret Linda Smith Haun Cutshaw The Future Homemakers of America participated in nu- merous service and social ac- tivities. Among these were the Harvest Festival, F FA-FHA social and banquet, an initia- tion tea, a slumber party for new members, making cookies and candy for faculty mem- bers, making doll clothes for underprivileged children, and corresponding with pen pals from other lands. The club practices leader- ship by taking part in local, regional and state activities of the FHA. Future Homemaker of the Year: Anne Hileman tribute homemade cookies and candy to faculty members. Hux, J. Inman, R. Johnson, C. Kirk, M. Lane, D. Lawson, C. Legg, M. Low, C. Mason, R. Miller, B. Noe, J. Parker, V. Penland, B. Pittman, M. Renner, P. Rogers, Darlene Rogers, Debra Russell, J. Shipley, M. E. Shropshire, C. Smallman, P. Stewart, E. Stitch, J. Stout, A. Sullivan, L. Van Gilder, R. Wamer, M. Watkins, D. Wilson, M. Windom, E. Windom, H. Young, L. Education strengthened for futul Beets, J. Benning, G. Black, J. Britt, .l. Brooks, J. Buda, A. Cash, A. Cooper, C. Deering, B. Dyer, G. Ferguson, B. Ferguson, T. Fields, S. Fleenor, A. Francisco, R. Gentry, E. Colden, J. Greene, S. Harville, S. Hill, M. Hodge, F. Hudgens, B. Jaynes, S. Johnson, J. King, S. Lane, J. Lee, L. Livesay, L. Long, W. Lowe, L. Lowen, J. Martin, D. Oler, M. Patterson, P. Penland, L. President: Vice-President: Secretary : Anita Young Shirley Seal Patricia Bireley Reporter: Photographer: Chaplain : Rebecca Hale Judy Lilly Carolyn Hurt Progress in education and leadership was devel- oped through the projects adopted by the FHA Ill. Candidates for Degrees of Achievement completed programs, surveys, and projects centered around the clulfs national objectives. Activities for the year included a picnic with first year students as the special guests, participation in the FHA Fashion Show at the TVA8rl Fair, the FFA- FHA fall social and spring banquet, a Christmas caroling party, participation in the Harvest Festival, and the adoption of a "Grandmother,' at Hamblem Hall. State Homemaker Degrees were earned by Nancy Hodge and Brenda Pangle. Brenda was also named Future Home- maker of the Year. roles b FH Ill . . . Treasurer: Parliamentarian : Historian : Jam1e Bumett Sharon Bryant Lynn Cosson Song Leader: Advisor: Jane Bell Mrs. Mattie Lee DeBusk McCall's Teen Fashion Board Representative, Mary Elizabeth Hill, and Betty Crocker Award Winner, Carolyn Hurt, display the latest in fashion news as they decorate a bulletin board for the FHA. Good food and red stockings filled with presents made a wonderfull Christmas party for the Special Education class at Sherwood School. Pratt, C. Rahe, J. Ramsey, B. Roach, B. Roberts, L. Robertson, B. Robertson, S. Ruescher, J. Russell, P. Sauceman, D. Seal, L. Sexton, Y. Sharpe, J. Southerland G Standifer, Bf Stewart, M. Stout, J. Taber, M. Vineyard, S. Walker, R. Walton, S. Warren, J. Wester, I. Whitehead, P. Williams, R. Wolfe, J. Wright, J. Front Row: B. Helton, C. Stuart, B. Hopson, J. Capps, J. Buchannon, W . McKinney, G. Lowe, J. Fullington, R. Woods, C. Whitehead, B. Cotter, B. Manning, M. NeSmith, I. Sauceman, J. Kimbrough. Second Row:R. Rhea, R. Bridges, G. Carpenter, R. Roberts, M. Purkey, S. Hale, C. Drinnon, P. Greene, D. Purkey, B. Myers, J. Clahorn, L. Ivy, G. Cardner, B. Howerton, D. Masengil. Third Row: T. Raines, B. Moss, J. Drinnon, D. Crider, R. Laster, C. French, S. King, D. Darnell, C. Craine, L. Davis, G. Cody, C. Williamson, B. Wolfe, C. Johnson, D. Waites, H. Dicker- son, D. Trent, H. Cook, C. Freeman. communit projects Receiving the honor of "Superior" rating from the National Organization for Vocational Agricul- ture for the seventh consecutive year, the FF A fur- ther promoted modern farming methods. The -Mor- ristown Chapter sponsored and participated in the Hamblen County FFA and 4-H Fair, the Fat Calf Show and Sale, and the Soil Juding Contest. Other activities-included participation in public speaking, an informative display of parliamentary procedure at Business-Industry-Education Night, Livestock and Dairy Judging Contest, the distribution of Christ- mas food baskets, and the promotion of fire pre- vention and farm safety in Hamblen County. The baking ability of Diana Dearing, the FFA Sweetheart, is put to a test as she serves freshly baked cookies to members of the club. 73 Art appreciation enhanced b the Art Club . . President: Vice.Pre5idemg Secretary: Treasurer: Reporter: Se, Margaret Perry Jacqueline Beasley Suzanne Trent Donna Ramsey Karen SPTOICS Cary Treece Beck, T. Oyer, C. Demonbreun, C. Paxton, M. Horner, G. Sides, J. Hudgens, B. Sprinkle, M. Kirk, M. Taylor, G. LeFevers, R. Taylor, J. 74 Enrlchlnv student appreciation for art has been enhanced by the worth while projects sponsored by the Art Club. The Portrait-Painting Booth at the Harvest-Festival proved to be one of the most successful booths sponsored. The club spent many hours in design- ing patterns for the covering of the front windows of the school with Christmas scenes. "Artist of the Month" is selected from club members on the basis of work accomplished. From those chosen, an "Artist of the Year" will be se- lected. A trip to the Craftsman's Fair at Gatlinburg is always a highlight of the club's activities. Suzanne Trent, talented member of the Art.Club, adds the finishing strokes on Carolyn Williams' portrait at the Harvest Festival. Karen Sproles assists in displaying other portraits. Art Club Advisor: Mrs. Yater Breeding 5 President: Treasurer: Davina Bolinger Janice Rines Not pictured: Secretary: Vice-President: Susan Bowie i Susan Hartman Advisor: Sue Williams and Linda McKinney help make the Mrs, Maurice Williams Bowling League's project at the Harvest Festival a real success. Bowling provides fun and relaxation . . . The Bowling League is composed of ten teams Caldwell, C. sponsored by private businesses in the city. Each Champ, P. week the teams compete for the highest score. At the end of the season a trophy is awarded to the winning team. The girls perfect their technique through re- gular practice and stiff competition. Henson, Lb The League endeavors to promote student in- ilgnes, terest in bowling by encouraging physical edu- JI' cation classes to participate in the sport after school. McKinney, L. Merhoff, M. W Moore, P. W Powell, C. Purkey, L. Redden, C. Shaver, L. Sims, S. Stout, J. Vincent, S. Wykle, A. Zeeryp, J. Beverly Berry smiles confidently as she attempts to score the winning strike. MR. KENNETH L. MCSWEEN In Memoriam M I 21,11 gi 'S Q, is Q? .13 fi 45 ' Q5 5 9? n E if 5 K rf- W g Qs ,E :Q i 2 If 5 J m ,,, S Wm' 1 5 Maur!! "' 7 3 . sh 351 m Ni' Q 2 ' x igagw'ii 1 an gli' ss N S X 333 ' 2 A AQ' xx HQ X 2 xi 2 5 3 sf ggg , 3 il Iii! f Officers : President: Melba Painter Vice-President: Linda Russell Secretary: Cary Hurley Reporter: Lynn Ayers l 5 At the home of Mrs. Smith, the members of the Concert Choir prepare and enjoy a "spaghetti supper." Profound standards of ex- cellence and quality have been promoted in the choral pro- gram of MHS. The Concert Choir of forty voices, selected by individual audition, have performed for various civic clubs, at the Na- tivity Scene, and in an in- formal Christmas Carol serv- ice. Concentrated effort was ap- parent in the preparation of music for the East Tennessee Vocal Aujudication and the Senior Graduation ceremonies. Glee Club Presents Down in the Valle The music for "Down in the Valleyn, although com- posed and compilated by Kurt Weill, is interspersed with ac- tual musical remnants of old Appalachian folklore. The Glee Club production was com- plemented with backdrop, sets, lighting, and the student voices. Mike Howell as the leader told the simple love story in song. The other leads were Karen Eaton as Jenne Parson and Lynn Ayers as Brack Weaver. E Q E E is sf T si Morristown Hurricane Band Piccolo Susie Foard Flutes Gail Benning Betsy Brock Suzie Couch Drew Darden Margaret Fisher Debbie Givens Chris Nield Jeannie Ruescher Linda Stuart Regena Walker Clarinets Karen Alvis Jane Bellamy Kathy Cain iSusan Carmichael Sondra Collins Jama Davis Barbara Frazier Karen Greene Susan Hartman Patricia Hodge Rose Marie Holt Suzanne Holt Lucille Humpston Barbara Lowry Donna Martin Gail Noe Carolyn Powell Sandy Rader Lorraine Reeves Sarah Sharpe Darlene Smith Barbara Vaughn Judy Wagner Sandra Williams Alto Clarinets Shari Farris Elaine Thompson Bass Clarinets Linda Blair Kathy Bible Terri Penland Deborah Rogers Linda Thayer Gloria Wright Oboes Kate Haggerty Deborah Tuttle Bassoon Jackie Beasley Cynthia Dixon Alto Sax Michael Compton Benny Slahbekom Linda Rumbley Tenor Sax Judy Harrison Kay Kinser Sue Medlin Bari-Sox Jane Patterson Comets Eugene Ailshie Patsy Ailshie Darla Blake Don Britton Janet Bunch Karen Eaton Rita Johnson Martha Mitchell Patricia Renner Andy Smith Paula Southerland Carolyn Williams Jeffrey Wirm French Horns Gary Blackbum Bob Charles Theresa Haggerty Janice Russell Lynne Ann Smith Robert Taylor Trombones Collin Ballance B. B. Bradley David Gjedde Lynn Lawson Malcolm McCune Richard Reed Peter Stephenson Larry Stubblefield Steve Wilder Barilones Duggan Bradley Mike Hurley Doyal Shaun Basses Don Edwards Lee Huguenard Steve Thayer Sam Moore Percussion Mark Anderson Brenda Collins Teresa Daniels Dorman Higgins LORRAIN E REEVES DRUM MAJOR: MICHAEL HURLEY JACQUELINE BEASLEY PATRICIA AILSHIE BARBARA VAUGHN competition. The Tri-State Marching Festival in Chattanooga was attended for the first time by the MHS Band. Under the new director, Mr. William Biddle, the band received a "superior" rating at the Festival. The band represented our school well by per- forming at football games to boost spirit among players and fans, by marching in all special- occasion parades and by presenting the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. Band members are motivated individually through competitive participation in class try-outs, the Solo and Ensemble Festival, and All-State Senior Band Clinic. Members chosen to represent this year's band were Jacqueline Beasley, Susie Foard, Collin Ballance, Gary Blackburn, Gloria Wright, Jeannie Ruescher, and Sue Medlin. Col- lectively the band attended band camp at John- son's Bible College and participated in the East Tennessee Band Festival. Q 5 Bass Clarinets: K. Bible, L. Thayer, L. Blair, T. Penland, C. Wright, S. Farris, E. Thompson. Bassoons: C. Dixon, J. Beasley. Saxophones: J. Patterson, K. Kinser, J. Harrison, S. Medlin, B. Slabbekorn, M. Compton, L. Rurnbley. Baritones: M. Hurley, D. Bradley, D. Shoun. Trombones: D. Gjedde, R. Reed, L. Stubblefield, S. Wilder, B. Bradley, P. Stephenson, L. Lawson, C. Ballance. Couch, M. Fisher. Obues: K. Haggerty, D. Tuttle. Mr. William Biddle, director of the Morristown High School Band. 83 x I i 85 'VW Www Aw' U9 4 xx mmm A ,'?w9fk'k X Jfef w QM fm , W 'Za ED 5 55 A xx A X . KWN' 'IF x N X T' 1 ,J I , f, Q I I K .wb Y- ' , gf ' f wg 5555 M H353 Q af 3Q -2 im? in , A my mi Q 'X Wm? 1? WN W A ' N- Q . " if "'t " in ' JV if V an A Mm w' 1 V L,., W 9:5 ? M ' M- P Mi WF., , WW . X t N N if A 1 xx X QS J W Wm X V 95 E3 ,X 6 Q ww A af? ww-ggi 3 .4 h Q K X if ,Y ,X X V i Mm , Q, , X ad, 4 x V ,. 1 W ,A V ff wg. M W-m 1, iw MM. nw A A r G:- mg, .A 'WN "2.5l:1?"' , 1 'W5 Us we ,Q W .EI ? ffm N. M N ' X W 'hw 'WZ mm if W " N M 'W V r 45, 1 m ' we A ,M V K . . , . N. M W , A w w ' v mg W- 1 M w ' ' Mx if Q ,ww . Y M 1 fa Wm Y yn' 1, W W Awyx gn L , . 5 ws: LA ., M U' Y X Q -WK? X if iw- ' , if Mm, W, .. -,Mmm H 1 Z. , X., MWUQR S' Q' A 'Wm w W Y w 6 my M ET lb , ' .ww X V W ,5 if "' X YH W Q -I Y ft - wwwtf- x X ' W .N X QQ Q K NX X , ., .Q A HN 'rf 5 W W ggfii k ' , fm . Q . H3 51 . wh - h "X H4 my wg-.5 M X M . , XV X W V Y A f A WW 'M-E 4 A W gm Q M wb X WB? X L NW! Www' x ' 'M , xy . F ' Q M w Q WW umv Sm V Av hm ai 41 .1 Senior lettermen . . . TOMMY DAVIS GARY HOHNER DENNIS INMAN Quarterback End Tackle 6-1, 165 6-0, 165 5-11, 205 1 GROVER JARNAGIN JOHNNY JOHNSON Halfback Tackle 5-8, 150 6-3, 210 GARY NEEDHAM RONNIE PALMER EDDIE RHINES C118-fd Halfback Fullhack 88 5-9, 160 5-6, 155 5-9, 160 TOMMY SANDERS DANNY SCOTT Guard Center 5-8, 160 5-10, 180 FESTUS TALLEY RICKY TEAGUE PAUL WEMLINGER Tackle Guard Halfback 6-1, 205 5-9, 170 5-10, 165 DAVID WI-IITEHEAD MIKE WRIGHT End End 641,165 5-8, 150 MHS finished season with MORRISTOWN 34p-ERWIN 6 Morristown, winners of last year's "Big 7" Conference, picked up their first conference victory of the '64 season with an impressive win over Erwin. Tolmmy Davis was chosen as player of the week with another outstanding game of defense. MORRISTOWN 6-KINGSPORT 14 Kingsport Dobyns-Bennett handed Coach Davis' Hurricanes their first defeat of the season. It was a hard fought battle that cost Morristown its number three ranking in the state. Mike Wright, Dennis Inman and Grover .lamagin did the best job for the MHS gridders. Ronnie Palmer was player of the week. 90 MORRISTOWN 26-KNOX EAST 7 The Hurricanes rolled over Knox East for their first victory of the season. The Orangemen aided by the 94 yard TD run by Ronnie Palmer netted 215 yards to East's 96. Tommy Davis led the way on offense with two TD's. Tommy Sanders, Gary Homer, and David Whitehead led the attack on defense. David Whitehead was named player of the week. MORRISTOWN 7-JOHNSON CITY 0 The state's number three ranked team, Morristown heat highly ranked Johnson City in a. savagely fought battle at Burke-Toney Stadium. Grover ,Iamagin pulled the Hurricanes through with a twist- ing 20 yard sprint in the last five minutes of the game. Defensive standouts were Gary Needham, Festus Talley, and Danny Scott. Grover was elected player of the week. MORRISTOWN 54-NEWPORT 0 Morristown bounced back from the first loss of the season by batter- ing outclassed Newport 54-0. A variety of the Hurricanes got into the scoring column, including Grover Jarnagin, Ronnie Harrold, and Eddie Rhines. Ronnie Harrold was player of the week. 8-2 record . . . MORRISTOWN 7-GREENVILLE 14 The Hurricanes suffered their second loss of the season at the hands of Greeneville. The Greene Devil's defense proved to be too much for the Hurricanes. Morristown got on the scoreboard by Danny Scott picking up a Greeneville fumble and racing 50 yards for the TD. Tommy Sanders was chosen as,player of the week. MORRISTOWN 20-BRISTOL 0 Morristown won their third Conference game by defeating Bristol. Ronnie Palmer took the opening kick-off back for the TD. The keyed-up Hurricane squad held the Vikings to a mere 34 yards rushing. Eddie Rhines and Stan Draper paved the way on offense, Paul Wemlinger and Dana Wampler provided the punch for defense. Rhines earned player of the week. MORRISTOWN 14-KNOX YOUNG 0 The Hurricanes rolled to a 14-0 victory at the expense of Knox Young. The Morristown defense played superbly as Gary Horner, David Whitehead, David Wade, and Danny Scott constantly threw the Yellow Jackets for losses. The Hurricanes secondary did an outstanding job by picking off three Young passes. Ronnie Palmer ran two TD's in the last five minutes of the game. Player of the week was Danny Scott. MORRISTOWN 13-JEFFERSON CITY 0 Morristown underestimated the power of Jefferson City and struggled for a 13-0 win. Playing well for the Hurricanes were Paul Wemlinger, David Wade, and Joe Brooks. Paul Wemlinger won the player of the week award for his fine blocking. MORRISTOWN 7-ELIZABETHTON 0 In the final game of the season the Hurricanes defeated Elizabeth- ton in a "Big 7" tilt. Grover Jarnagin scored the only TD. Dennis Inman, Festus Talley, and Ricky Teague led the attack on defense. Teague tumed in the outstanding performance for player of the week. Freshman football team . Front Row: John Hall, Clyde Byard, Mike Cole, Jerry Helton, Mike Shuck, Randall Erwin, Steve Watkins, John Chance, Ronnie Beene, Danny Powell, Kenny Scott, Steve Watson. Second Row: Steve Combs, Warren Conway, Leslie Toon, Gray Trent, Steve Wright, Gary Antrican, Richard Carter, Bill Horton, Bobby Marcum, Eddie Price, Mike Purkey, Chuck Hicks, Billy Shockley, Larry Collins. Third Row: Coach Gibson, Gary Holt, David Brooks, Bill Adams, Lynn Hurley, Allen Jones, David Darnell, Tommy Walker, Merle Chamberlain, David Noe, David Adams, Steve Patrick, Tom Bivens, Dan Reagan, Coach Williams. Opponent We They Lenoir City 32 0 Bristol 20 13 North Jr. High 7 10 Elizabethton 27 0 South Ir. High 14- 0 Erwin 19 20 Greeneville 14 0 Central 7 19 Joe Brooks "gets the works" 'from trainers, Billy Harrison and Walter Thorn. Cheerleaders: Claudia Capps, Pat Cranford, Becky Gratz, Martha Magill, and Becky Penland. 92 Baseball team Wins second in District Tournament . . . Front Row: Paul Wemlinger, Augie Dennis, Mike Helton, Bruce Lewis, Larry Comwell, Bobby Bruce, Lynn Wampler, Bradco Barding, Wayne Talley, Eddie Lane, Jimmy Claborne. Second Row: Coach William B. Keezel, Mike Howell, Bonnie Lovelace, Fred Woolwine, Don Harbin, David Buchanan, Ronnie Jones, Bobby Keister, Sonny Carter, Rusty Pruitt. Opponent We They Rush Strong 2 1 Sevier County 0 3 Rutledge 4 2 Mosheim 7 0 Rush Strong 5 2 Rutledge 16 10 Maynardville 7 4 Mosheim 2 1 Jefferson City 2 3 Elizabetliton 5 3 Johnson City 0 7 Bristol 5 10 Greeneville 2 1 Elizabethton 12 9 Johnson City 2 4 Erwin 15 7 Greeneville 2 4 Bristol 4 1 DISTRICT TWO TOURNAMENT Mosheim 9 2 Sevierville 7 2 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Jefferson City 94 2 4- Baseball captains, Bonnie Lovelace and Sonny Carter, hold the Runner-up Trophy won at the District Tournament. Golf team competed in State Tournament . . . Richard Morgan, Steve Goodson, Scott Reams, Johnny Cranford, Bobby Bray and Gary Wemlinger. Advisor: Mr. Frank Holder The Morristown High School golf team sponsored by Frank Holder and coached by professional golfer, Fred Brown of the Morristown Country Club, enjoyed its most successful season, during the 1964-65 school year. Although a neophyte organization of little team experience, the MHS golfers won their first seven match re-match competi- tions against Greeneville, Johnson City, Rogersville and Middleshoro, Kentucky to finish with a seven won, four lost record. An excellent showing of third place at the East Tennessee Regional Match in Knoxville made this the first team from MHS to qualify for' the TSSAA State Championship matches held in Nashville last summer where Morristown took eleventh place honors. Steve Goodson prepares to clohber the ball for a birdie. 95 4 HB" team . . . Opponent W e They Erwin 30 25 Creeneville 36 38 Johnson City 26 4-8 Bristol 23 28 Erwin 34 38 Elizabethton 33 43 Greeneville 33 55 Johnson City 26 4-4 Coach Gene Quarles, Scott Reams, 50, Lewis Flack, 105 Len Davis, 4g Jay Dean, 4-Og Ellis Owen, 225 Pat Dean, 445 Gary Wood, 14g Cale Douthat, 323 Bobby Bray, 345 Craig Morrell, 12. Freshman team . . . Buddy Hopson, Phil Greene, Terry Crews, Billy Adams, Gary Turnmire, Buddy Inman, Kranz Van Gilder, Coach Bolton, Dan Reagan, Doug Hamilton, Sammy King, Lamar Huff, Roy Roberts, Roger Jamigan, Lynn Breeding. Opponent Holston Newport Sevierville Greeneville Gatlinburg- Pittman Sevierville Manley Newport Sevierville Greeneville Greeneville Holston They 37 32 4-O 23 35 35 33 43 35 35 39 41 99 Hurrieanettes complete year Wltlll 11 8 record Front Row: Berdie Diamond, 453 Carrie Cuinn, 23g Diana Dearing, 51g Peggy Smallman 11 Second Row Carol DeMonbreun 55 Paula Southerland 314 Lynn McClure, 353 Patty Smith, 13g Martha Mitchell, 33g Coach William B Keezel Lmda Shockley 53 Relda Mason 25 Lynn Cosson 153 Ann Pack, 433 Pat Patterson, 21. Opponent White Pine Hancock Rush Strong Newport Washburn Maury Clinch Whiteshurg Gatlinburg- Pittman Rutledge They 22 45 46 37 31 38 28 33 53 40 Opponent Washburn Maury Rush Strong Whitesburg White Pine Rutledge White Pine Hancock Clinch Gatlinburg- Pittman WeT hey 28 82 41-O 33 22 4-2 22 56 28 40 Managers: Shirley Seal and Ida Shipley and Coach William B. Keezel. Humcanettes shoot for two I00 4 fx? S, S , , Q 5 1 I , , a if Q. L f M wa , s Eff - Ve-mi X Q fi w"'ff I X ff -...., ,, JK, -ffgxfqii. A Q x ? pf' l 5 3 K 5 X 44, wifi? 1 X L ,.,,, f sf . 1 .Hr we QQ it . A3 5 If? -X 3. b , .. I' ' 6 F ,. S ff -q ff Q , .V-ll ......h ,.....S I03 Who's Who mong MHS Seniors Members of the 1965 Sen- ior Class named to Who's Who were presented on Feb- ruary 19, 1965. Students are selected on the basis of points accumulated for leadership, scholarship, tal- ent and service. Points are earned through club member- ship, holding club and class offices, working on school publications, participating in athletics and maintaining a high scholastic average dur- ing the students, four years. "Who's Who" is a formal acknowledgement of students selected for their achievements and was established to honor them. I04 MISS MHS: DIANA DEARING MR. MHS: BONNIE LOVELACE ANNE BACON i I JEANNE BISHOP GARY BLACKBURN TOMMY DAVIS GLENNA GRAHAM B X 6 4, ' W f fukin 55654-A : g f- 1. fm wa-:ik ,M X V sg - X 5 - Jw NM W 9 5: X21 N,-Q wx otable honors received by Worth To be chosen as an exchange student through the American Field Service is an hon- or which merits much recognition. Henry Troy, son of Dr. and Mrs. H. Olin Troy, represented Morristown High School in this program. On August 17, 1964, Henry left for Kandern, a city in Germany on the edge of the fa- mous Black Forest near the Swiss- French Border, to meet his Ger- man family-Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lendle, sister Doris and brother Peter. Morristown High School stu- dents will he privileged to share with Henry his marvelous exper- iences in his German school, com- munity and home. I08 Better international relations promoted by A.F.S. Exchange Student Program . . Aydin Eroglu, our exchange student from Istanbul, Tur- key, was cordially welcomed by MHS students. Aydin is the son of Edibe and Emin Eroglu. He has a brother Yalgin and a sister Gulgin. His American family is Mr. and Mrs. Tom Benning, sisters Gail and Leslie and brothers Mike and Richard. While in America, Aydin was an active member of the Key Club and was especially recognized for setting the high school record for high jump on the track team. The local Rotary Club sponsors our Exchange Program and has been in- strumental in making Aydin's year in Morristown a memorable one. students . . . Carolyn Hurt received the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. The DAR Representative, Diana Dearing, fascinates the members of the Special' Education Class by reading a colorful story. l 0 0 Boys' and Glrls' tate Representatlves . . . D38-H8 Deming Ronnie Palmer Henry Troy Mike Wright I09 goofgaf W 0 yafy I 0 Queen M135 y-Zfarffa 71212 Wayzf qffez20Q12f M33 Wegecca ,KJUQIZLIZJK Wf1'e120Qnl' M133 geegecca grafz - , , . , , ..... ,, i , . ' ,f v 'f f + Q g Q -N 2 Q .F Q. Q +1 X ii 1 . ,,.,, ., x3 ' Q gy 5 Eg: L. Ng is Ni. . ., fi- J . .fwwi www my Q X i S - - i ' .7 W . K Q , gl E , ff- Q T , ' :s gf X I gift. ,fi Ihr . an I ,S , S at gs. 'Ss 55 - 'm-, 1 N' F '::L .L 7:5S".:::.iff:5 f 12115. J1L5'533 ' bWf2?q.'i2.G- , .. 22- gg ,, W: k Q ' 1 mfg: - if " ' ' 7 "-' Qf wk. . . . ,..,,.. V. MN 'B QQ xi V 5 N, Y 1 . , ,Q , 2 LW.i1vM ,511 5 .. Ng-, . 5 U 3 ? 5 ir- A ,kk A ,lx .Q sf- EW C6116 . . . As a crisp breeze flowed through the air on December 16, 19641, the people of Morristown gathered in front of the 'high school to behold the oldest and best-loved Christmas Story. Each year the Christmas Pageant is presented by the senior class who elect the characters, build the setting and furnish the cos- tumes. The 1964 Nativity Scene was vividly portrayed by students with the members of the MHS Choir singing carols at appro- priate times. A magnificent Christmas tree was dedicated to the memory of: Ross Litz, Class of 1963 Kenneth Mcsween, MHS Choir Director Reuben Pritchard, Manager Morristown Power and Light Company who in former years gave freely of their time and talent for this annual production. Mrs. John R. Conkin, make-up chairman, prepares to nut a beard on Bonnie Lovelace who portrays the Wise Man from the Far East. A scurry of activity prevails as the angels prepare to appear on the scene dressed in. robes of white. i Eli 2225 Q.. WM., M MX M S tg: lfmri-Wg? Q -'Yfgw' ,,.. -i f , Qf k 4 'WM--'lff-fxfwimw . V ,... -in ,'.. fi: A ' NWT, Agimom L f L,LL ,Q , V, Q ,gsffw In 1- A - x ' W f A SZ gf 53' ' I 1- Q- Q 2 L 5' 'J 7' r - f LH' 1 ' at X3 '5T,RiQkfi Qwwwx Qgffns A . . gg - N X A V, Q ,, ' R ' T? it U 'S' Q57 r- 51j":'i , X 5 - q W J N ' we if QQ . ef we 'W - v ' fest f' y J, A - - 623- 3215: XS, in lf . - .4 si if" " f . if mf: ' :SQ gt Q fm -, X 'R f Wg-13 f-55 . 2- L + A 2 g W M ,, W W 5 i Q . X Q 3 . F' F . V, 1 ,ws L 59 , , V , f- Q .V L, ,E Q , A 6. ,Y if x i av if e 3 mg 13' 2 N, .L ' A W awk H4 H 5 L+ Teahouse of the August Moon it Directed by Mrs. John R. Conkin Stage Setting by Mrs. Yater Breeding Student Directors-Donna Ramsey and Virgil Bible Captain F isby ...... Clint Anderson Sergeant Gregovich .... Joel Streb Old Woman ........ Judith Black Old Woman's Daughter .......... Martha Magill Daughtefs Children. .Johnny Conkin Patricia Whalen THE CAST Sakini ......... . . . Jackie Goan Colonel Purdy III ..... Dick Krieg Lotus Blossom ........ Judy Collins Captain McLean , , , Gary Blackburn Ancient Man ........ Dan Jones Mrs. Oshira ....... Karen Sproles Mr. Hokaida ........ Ernie Horner Villagers ..... .... J ohn Brooks Mr. Omura ........ Terry Brewer Joe Cunningham Mr. Surnata ........ Eddie Haley Ladies League .., ...... Anne Bacon His Father . , .......... Jay Wilson Jeanne Bisho Mr. Seiko ........ Charles Lennox Janet Buncli Miss H iga ,liga ...... Gloria Wright Darlene Stubblefield Terrence Whalen Lady Astor ............... Beck ' fthe goatl Margaret Howard ftgefot destroy. Just take away and hide. You watch now, boss. We have up in 31 y. fleftl "If this passes the goat-test, il's all right. No marine would ever admit he has n weaker stomach than a goat!" The 1964+ Prom instills tendo 'V' 45 ,f 43" M 'F 3 F P H 3 -3 f Time out to admire the beautiful decorations and to enjoy the tasty punch and cookies. , v 1 ' i 'tl Soft music and faraway mountains provide the "just right" 8 atmosphere for slow dancing. King and Queen of the Prom: Doug Dountz and Patricia Marshall I V ftemories . . . Serving from the attractively arranged refreshment table are Mrs. W. C. Hayter, Mrs. Ruth Anne Bacon, and Miss Anna Frank Litz. The talent and ingenuity with which the Junior Class planned, dec- orated and presented the 1964 Prom made this final tribute to the seniors a most enchanting and memorable event. The Southern plantation scene, the vine-covered trellises and a mural of far off mountains created a romantic atmosphere. Soft lights, mellow music, and dancing made real the prom's theme, "Tender is the Night. 97 This night is filled with anticipation and excitement as the ITAKHA cameraman snaps just one of the many upper classmen calling for his date. Junior class officers and their dates: Vice-President: Mike Wright and Martha Magill Secretary: Lea Wayne Smith and Rusty Cantwell Treasurer: Tommy Davis and Susan Crafton Not pictured: President: Ronnie Palmer II7 -4- II9 Seniors . . . PRESIDENT: MARTHA ANN MAGILL loan Elizabeth Abbott Judy Allen James Alvis Larry Anderson Carolyn Ashley Victor Lynn Ayers Anne Lawrence Bacon Brenda Kay Bacon James T. Bacon Patricia Kay Bales Collin Ballance Patricia A. Barbee Davis Bradco Barding Brenda Ann Baxley Jacqueline Raye Beasley l20 James Eugene Ailshie Linda June Allen David Amos Seniors . . Tom Ruth Beck Cecilia .l Blble Judith A1111 Black VICE PRESIDENT: BONNIE Thomas C. Blair Robert Bowers Velma Geraldene Brady Wayne Howard Brady Cary Breeden Terry Brewer Terry Mike Brimer Joyce Evans Brooks Judith Brooks Nancy L. Brown Sandra Darleen Broyles Glenn E. Bryant Seniors . . . SECRET ARYg GLORIA WRIGHT J. David Buchanan Jerry Dean Buell Patricia Burchett Janice Burns Betty Anne Cannon E. Jean Cardwell Sue Carlyle ,laymie May Carpenter Linda Sue Carpenter Sherrian Faye Carter William David Carter Sheila Marie Carton Polly Anna Casteel Carl Cecil James Clayton Chambers l22 Elizabeth Anne Buda Janet Susan Bunch Joyce Burnett l Seniors . . Shlrley Jo Dyer C D1ane Eller Patrlcla Elhson Aydln Erouglu Robert Estes Judlth Carolyn Elkms Ellzabeth Ann Eller Eddle Leon Epps Bearmce Ann Estes Lauretta Sue Ferguson Carolyn Sue Fields Linda Leah Floyd Jo Ellen Flynt Theodore W. Folsom III Tommy R. Fox Sandra Lynn Franklin Judy Lou Free Tedford Harold Freeman Curtis French Johnny French David Ray Fuller Carrie Fullington 5" A H h g Q. ' ' Z- .2 my Q Q 9 ., , . Erik - fx f - -Q we fs EXW -wwe? i isw w . 3 Kg X -,CF ' X ...,. A W' W hy.. Seniors Micheal R. Holdway EUICSVZ Franklin Suzanne Holt Murphy B. Horner Margaret I. Horton Bobby Hughett John W. Hughett Gary W. Hurley Brenda Sue Hurst Carolyn Lane Hurt Edith Jane Hut Dennis H. Inman Mary Ann Isbell Grover N. .larnagin James Lawrence Jenkins, J r. Horner, III Cary Horner Scores, scholarships, and selection of a college are discussed by David Trent and Mrs. Goddard. -fix f X X .5- ,X - . X515 ' . 9? X 5 X flu' 5? ,X f YF' mi ' - lll-imgggi .if xg i I W W , , , , M ..X,5oi,,..,,R655mf?,....,,- - kk'k' J-WX.fwXMW,WwW,,.,. MM, . , 4 5 mhw nm ..,, , I mmm.x . . Y,,X:-.Xw,-.--mf I-wM,Q:.XX W ..,, . ,X 5 'fix Xkofgfi t, ho sai we could take only one ,mo in Xw I Q -XXXXXQWQ: - .Xu XM, 1 X 5-:XX mediu ,XM 1 AS- ' size suitcase X X 1.5 Q K ' Q X : to Washington ?' ?'i'W3 ?Qfyk?i:zQ2' f Iii? S o 35 :52 Q. m x Qsggk X o ,. i n F X X ,X Q 56 V. Q L ai .o.. X , X W X .- -. - Q .L . vesi:-L ' Y 4' X Mm - f' xg ' . 1 - X- - . A , X - ss?5"'!551 12" CP X155 S i"iN " 7 Q 62 55.72 mff' V JZ. S119 ' ' oi: . Yin, ' ff , W' ' "Q oi .E -w fi? " HD '- 55 ' 'E N52 . ' w D Seniors . . Patricia Whitson James M. Wiley Donald Williams Mary Sue Wilson Charles Jeffrey Winn Steve Wilder Brenda Kay Williams James David Wilson Theresa Yvonne Windom Carol F. Wolfe Bobbie Lynn Young Nancy Ann Wolfe Gloria Jean Wright James Michael Wright Katrina Ann Wright Seniors not pictured : Linda Darlene Baker Betty Jean Barker Michael Cagle Clyde R. Campbell Marvin Crawford Terence G. Evans Rodney R. Frazier Jerusha Gibson Judy Ann Golden R. Dale Green Carolyn Elaine Harville Affnes Pauline Hodge D Jewel Holt Richard Honaker Constance Hurley Harold B. J arnagin Charles E. Jeffers John Kinkead Danny Lane Eddie Lane Judith Ann Lawson Robert A. Lawson Pamela Joy Leabow James Edward Long Rachel Yvonne Long Sharon Lou McKemy William Howard Miller Sandra L. Minor - B. Elaine Odom Steve Poling J oane Posey Sarah J . Ruffner Glenda P. Seals Carolyn M. Shiflet Robert Shoun Jackie R. Simmons Don Stubblefield Claudia Stump J acquelyn Taylor Brenda B. Trent John Thomas Walker Shirley Watts Linda F. Williams Linda F. Witt Sidney Wykle I37 Anderson Smith Darlene Smith Jonnie Smith Shirley Smith Robert Snyder Lois Southerland Peter Stephenson Esther Stewart Freddie Stines Ann Stout Joyce Stout Linda Stuart William Vance Rebecca Van Cilder Barbara Vaughn Judy Wagner Julia Walker Terry Walker Dana Wampler Martha Warner Donna Watkins Dee Way William West Kay Wester .Juniors . Linda Sullivan Marilyn Talley Betty Tate Ronald Teague Linda Thayer Joyce Thomas Anne Thompson Elsie Thompson John Thompson Raymond Turner Kathy Turner Bobbie Vance From David's smile he must be thinking . . . "from here to here in just two years". Juniors Not Pictured: M. Wayne Antrican George E. Bewley Johnny Bible Dora K. Blair Jerry L. Blair Billy Buel Lewis Burke Jerry Carson Jane Clark Dearl F. Coffee Carolyn S. Cole Mary Collins Larry Cornwell Judy Cosson James Davis Douglas Dearing Ernie Drinnon Dearl Eddengton Harvey Elkins Dennis Everidge Billy Green Larry Harbin Barbara Haun Norman Helm Annis Hockersrnith Patiricia Hodge Benny Hodges Carol Holder Billy Horner Ronald C. Inman Ronald F. Inman Jerry Ivy Otis Johns James Johnson Ronald Johnson Donald Jones Sandra Jones Steve Joyce Jack Keasling Janice Kelley Linda Kelley Juniors . . Jackie Kilgore Joann King Homer Kirkpatrick Mary Kyte William Lakins Joyce Lamb Madelyn Lawson Glennis Leabow Teddy Lowe Calvin E. McKinney Joyce McKinney Janice Martin Larry Martin William Moore Wayne Musick Otto Purkey Jane Rahe Wayne Reagan Michael Roach Jerry Shepard Richard Shorter Malcolm Simmons Helen Solomon Stephen Southerland David Stepp Danny Surber James Thacker Roger Turnmire Marcia Vincent Brenda Walker David Ward Virgil Webb Danny Williams William Williams Edward Winstead William Withers Claud Whitt David Wolfe Danny Wood Benjamin Woody SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Carolyn Beier, President, David Vance, Vice President: Mike Helton, Treasurer: and Mary Will Creech Secretary. Ailshie, P. Alston, K. Alvis, D. Alvis, K. Anderson, L. Ashley, S. Banner, D. Barbee, J. Barnard, J. Beam, R. Beets, P. Beets, R. Beier, C. Benning, G. Berry, B. Birchfield, C. Bishop, D. Blair, J. Blake, D. Bolinger, M. Bradley, B. Bradley, J. Bray, B. Bray, P. Breeding, D. Brock, E. Brotherton, B. Bruce, R. Bryant, L. Bryant, S. Buell, N. Bullion, T. Bunch, K. Burchett, R. Byrd, R. Cain, C. Carlisle, C. Carpenter, G. Carpenter, J. Carpenter, R. I48 Sophomores . . . Sophomores Carson, S. Carter, G. Carton, D. Chambers, S. Champ, P.. Clark, J. Clarkson, V. Clubb, T. Coffey, B. Cogdill, J. Cohen, J. Collins, B. Collins, P. Compton, S. Cooper, B. Cope, S. Cosson, L. Courtney, I. Cox, C. Cox, D. Cozart, J. Crider, R. Cross, C. Crosswhite, B CUPP. J . Cutshall, S. Davidson, B. Davis, J. Day, R. Dean, Jay Dean, John Dean, P. Dearing, B. Dearing, F. Delph, B. Depew, W. Dickerson, D. Dixson, A. Douthat, G. Drake, L. Drinnon, B. Drinnon, C. Drinnon, J. Dunlap, M. Dyer, G. Eaton, K. Elkins, B. Eller, D. Elliott, C. Elmore, D. Estes, S. Faddis, M. Flack, L. Fleenor, A. Fopc, F. Fox, J. Francisco, R. Franklin, T. Free, B. Gaby, L. Gantt, J. Ciannini, C. Gibbons, M. Gibson, S. Givens, D. Glass, D. Goan, R. Goodson, S. Gray, J. Greene, K. Gregg, M. Gregory, S. I49 Sophomores LeFevers, S. Leonard, C. Lephew, G. Lewis, C. Livesay, W. sf 4 2 wr 92 r' Long, Long, Mm. Mu. Long. Lowe, Lowery, A. McGhee, L. McGinnis, D. WSW? McMahan, D. Mallicoat, A. Marshall, J. Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Mason, Massey, D. FWFF? Ho Mayes, C. Merritt, C. Miller, B. Miller, M. Mink, K. Mitchell, G. Mitchell, M. Moffitt, R. Moore, B. Moore, K. Moore, R. Moore, W. Mottem, S. Mounts, E. Moyers, S. Mullins, V. Murphy, K. Mutter, B. Mutter, J. Needham, P. Northem, W. Owens, N. Overholt, S. Pack, A. Parker, E. Parker, V. Patterson, L. Paxton, M. Peterson, G. Phipps, S. Pittman, M. Pollack, A. Pollard, D. Pratt, K. Purkey, L. Purkey, R. E Purkey, R. F Quarles, G. Quinton, R. Ragan, J. Ramsey, B. Ramsey, J. Rayle, L. Reagan, D. Redden, C. Reed, R. Reid, G. Rhea, B. I5I Ricker, S. M. Ricker, S. R. Riddlebarger, Ridley, G. Riner, T. Rines, J. Roach, B. Roach, M. Roberts, J. Roberts, L. Robertson, B. Robertson, M. Rogers, D. Rogers, M. Rogers, P. Rosumny, B. Ruescher, J. Sams, M. Sanders, B. Sauceman, D. Sawyer, B. Schubert, C. Schultz, C. Seals, K. Seals, L. Seals, R. Senter, J. Sexton, N. Sharpe, J. Sharpe, S. Shipley, A. Shockley, L. Shropshire, S. Sides, J. Skeen, R. Smallman, N. Smith, C. Smith, E. Smith, J. Smith, P. Smith, S. Southerland, M. Spoone, E. Spoone, J. Sprinkle, M. Standifer, B. Stubblefield, L. Sullivan, L. Taylor, R. D. Taylor, R. M. Thomason, I. Thompson, E. Thompson, K. Thompson, M. Tompkins, G. Treece, C. Trent, E. Turner, N. Tuttle, D. Underwood, D. Vance, D. Vaughn, D. Vincent, N. Vinyard, N. Wade, D. Walker, T. Walter, V. Watts, R. Webb, R. Weidman, I. Wernlinger, C. West, D. I52 ophomores West, R. Wheeler, K. Whitehead, P. Whitten, J. Widener, E. Wilder, A. Williams, B. Williams, C. Williams, L. Williams, R. Williams, S. Williamson, C. Wilson, F. Wilson, P. Windom, E. Winstead, D. Winstead, G. Winstead, P. Winstead, W. Wolfe, J. Wood, G. Sophomores, not pictured: Atwood, J. Beene, W. Bently, M. Birely, R. Blackburn, C. Bradley, B. Bray, L. Brewer, R. Brickley, B. Britt, J. Brooks, B. Brooks, W. Burke, B. Butler, E. Cannon, C. Capps, J. Car enter G. P t Carroll, J. Carter, J. Chambers, S. Claborn, B. Combs, R. Couch, M. Covington, R. Creech, D. Creech, M. Crider, D. Davis, D. Davis, W. Dawson, L. Dean, L. Dickerson, J. Doty, D. Doty, L. Draper, S. Ellcessor, C. Epps, D. Epps, G. Epps, D- Evans, T. Fox, R. Franklin, M. Franklin, W. Gaby, J. Gibson, W. Greene, D. Hagan, D. Haggerty, T. Hale, D. Hall, S. Hart, B. Helm, M. Hodge, F. Hollifield, R. Homer, A. Housewright, Hull, F. Hurley, C. Hurst, S. Inman, D. J. Yount, C. Zeeryps J. Zeeryp, R. Inman, R. Kitts, J. Lalcins, G. Lawson, R. Lee, R. Lemda, L. Letchford, H. Long, V. Lovin, H. Mayes, D. McGuffin, K. McKee, P. Marsh, A. Miller, L. Milligan, W. Moss, W. Mullins, J. Musser, E. Mutter, M. Palmer, R. Parker, T. Perry, K. Pratt, J. Pruett, E. Purkey, B. Purkey, D. Rauberts, W. Reese, C. Rick, R. Ridley, M. Wright, L. Wykle, R. Young, T. Rucker, C. Wall. D- Seals, P. Walker, L. Shipe, J. Williams, R. Sims, S, Winstead, A. Singleton, C. Withers. L- Stephens, S. Witt, S. Surrett, C. Wolfe, B. Susong, J. Yount, R. Susong, 0. Thompson, K. Underwood, L. Kay Kinser realizes that College Career Night can offer in-formation and guidance to sophomores as well as seniors. Harbin, P. Harbin, R. Harmon, E. Harmon, S. Harris, T. Harrison, J. Harvey, S. Harville, J. Harville, R. Haslie, J. Hattaway, B. Haynes, P. Hazelwood, S. Heath, L. Helton, J. Henson, J. Henson, T. Hicks, M. Hileman, J. Hill, J. Hill, K. Hill, L. Hinkle, L. Hodge, B. Hodge, P. Holt, B. E. Holt, B. J. Holt, G. Holt, R. Hoover, M. Hopkins, B. Hopson, B. Horner, E. Horton, B. Howell, J. Howerton, C. Howington, P. Hudgens, B. Huff, G. Hughes, L. Humpston, E. Hurley, G. Hurst, D. L Hurst, D. R. Hurst, L. Hurt, T. Idell, R. Inman, R. Irwin, R. Jacobs, B. Jarnagin, D. Jarnagin, M. Jarnigan, E. Jamigan, R. Jinks, B. Johns, R. Johnson, C. Johnson, R. Jones, A. Kilday, D. Kilday, M. Kilgore, A. Kilgore, G. Kimbrough, E. Kimbrou h, K. E King, F. King, S. Kitts. N. Knight, L. Lakins, J. Lamb, R. Lampkin, H. l56 Freshmen Lane, B. Lane, J. Lane, K. Lawson, S. Layman, R. Lee, B. Lee, L. Leonard, B. Lewis, S. Little, N. Litz, J. Long . Long, . Long, Long, Long, Zrwcvis 22355555 'gggvsssz 0 2.53-S992 - . :- pa . C McFadden, McGee, B. McKee, B. McKinney, McKinney, McKinney, McKinney, . McKinney, McNabb. J. Manis, C. Manning, W. Mantootli, B. Marcum, R. Marshall, C. Martin, S. Masengill, D. gzwrwv Masengill, V. Mason, D. Mays, K. Merhoff, M. Miller, B. Minnich, L. Minor, M. Mitchell, C. Morris, R. Moss, S. Moyers, S. Mullendore, D. Mullins, D. Musslewhite, J. Mutter, R. Nash, C. Necessary, P. Nesmith, M. Noe, D. Noe, J. Noe, L. Oler, M. Pardue, M. Patrick, B. Patrick, S. Paxton, T. Payne, M. Pigmon, B. Pollack, K. Potter, C. Powell, D. Pratt, A. Pratt, C. Pratt, H. Price, G. Price, M. Purkey, D. Purkey, L. Purkey, M. Purkey, S. l57 Freshmen not pictured Bellamy, E. Bledsoe, J. Brewer, H. Bridges, D. Brinkley, R. Brock, W. Buchanan, J. Buel, B. Bullion, C. Burchfield, B. Cameron, F. Casteel, B. Cotter, B. Dickerson, R. Drinnon, D. Dunlap, M. Evans, C. Everhart, G. Ferguson, W. Gibson, D. Golden, L. Gregg, J. Harville, H. Henson, J. Hicks, D. Hill, C. Hill, L. Hodge, P. Howard, R. Howerton, B. Hut, P. Jennings, C. Johnson, G. Jolley, B. Jones, T. Kimbrough, AJ. King, S. Kinsler, J. Lakins, M. Lee, M. Lilly, J. Linkous, V. Long, C. Long, D. Lowry, B. McGinnis, B. McMahan, W. Marshall, L. Mills, D. Mitchell, D. Mitchell, P. Morrison, R. Mutter, I... Nield, C. Potteriield, L. Preston, T. Price, H. Purkey, S. Quinton, B. Reed, C. Rhea, R. Riekett, M. Seals, D. Shepard, D. Shockley, E. Short, D. Short, R. Spearman, S. Stewart, M. Tate, V. Tharp, W. Thompson, M. Van Gilder, J. Waites, D. Webb, D. Weston, J. Wilder, R. Williams, J. Williams, W. Wolfe, R. Thompson, B. Timmins, D. Tinsley, R. Toon, J. Townsend, L. Travis, D. Trent, C. Trent, C. Trent, G. Trent, P. Trohaugh, P. Trobaugh, R. Turaska, N. Turner, C. Turner, J. Tumer, J. Turnmire, C. Underwood, R Vance, C. Vaughn, G. Walker, R. Walker, T. Walton, S. Wampler, J. Warner, M. Warren, J. Wassum, C. Watkins, S. Watson, J. Way, R. West, M. West, V. Wester, J. Whitehead, G. Wilkinson, E. Williams, N. Williams, R. Williams, S. Williamson, C. Winnie, R. Winstead, F. Winstead, P. Witherall, N. Witt, A. Witt, M. Wolfe, J. Wolfe, L. Wood, R. X-sf w,me,,..,ww ,WN-W ,,, Wu mf W4 XL i,, em . v gl NW MM A A V, .si aw-4 - -BQ., ..,A,.,am-W M W ., , ,, .S . .. Nl 1 X , ef 5 5 X n t 1 . W X 1, t g s S . AA f . . 1 , A, , - S .' - .. V .- q ' ' Q 3. . -QQ H A , I 'V' z ' ff' ,. . K .Q .gr -. .,. ,ay f Q , , ,, . W.. .Q ,453 .11 ,gl-ft,Jx1 4- Qgurwi-::?.?, if xi .fj I ' y U a+H M- -W: iw W f i , ,imma -L .. - , k alia: l ,Q gg e 7' ff" 'L , X 3 f 4 ' J 1 e 5 2. ,- - W , . . - , . - ' ZH f f' ' 3 - . -4 -ff"'x -.' 5- W- ,. ,, A . x 4 X 1 Q Q , K X P fp.-,nm . X' X,,,,.,. 0 . .Q 1 fi' X Q H A Y . . x . -V y K . I K y A-f - ' ' 5 A .ww 1 . L i I AQ 'I s 4. t Q Q I Y 2 Q ,gals .QW 5 5 - v .4 3 rs f A. n A ' , ax Q '. 5 x 5 3 I - 'W - . , - fl 53332 Y . -..L . W 'fa f as My :ww - U- vii. -iwmxw - ew ffwwniu-ng.:1 - Standing amidst winter's magical wonder, our school is not merely a part of a beauti- ful scene. It is rather a part of our lives- offering its aid to those who wish to re- ceive aid. Its greatest offering is the gift of knowledge and the opportunity to apply that knowledge. Its gift is not easy to receive. Not only does knowledge require a wish, but a burning desire for a deep and broad sense of understanding. This understanding provides the basic founda- tion for wisdom g and from this basic foun- dation great ideas spring, great achieve- ments' are realized, and great men come ifortlito great nations. a a a i t r ffi'fh6QSnOw'iirnelts changes the scene, strange! in its Own WY lgrteturen addsf--and lg sulzgtractse as time de- itime demands- gang addition .ro Q- Cars have, if will as Kstands. i gg W T dil' 5 Xl i , Lovelace g .il T .ff eee as as f Q Q li s Q i 2 ., ,. ,. M 6. Z 7 E. , 5, -...,-..- - JOAN ELIZABETH ABBOTI' In Memoriam BOTT. JOAN ELIZABETH-Daughter of Margaret R. Abbott, 415 West First h Street. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Sales- 3, Assistant Editor 4, Tri-Hi-Y, Chap- 4, Beta Club, Junior Red Cross Rep- ntative, Future Homemakers of America, ior Classical League, Junior Y-Teens, m Committee, Junior-Senior Play Com- tee, Varsity Visit, German Club. SHIE, JAMES EUGENE-Son of Mr. and . James E. Ailshie, 427 Hillcrest Drive. Club, Band, Prom Committee. LEN, JUDY-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 0. Allen, Jr., 1167 East First North eet. Library Club, Library Assistant, ior-Senior Play Committee. LEN, LINDA JUNE-Daughter of Mr. and s. Arnold Allen, Route 4. Senior Y-Teens, asurer 4, Junior Y-Teens, Beta Club, Fu- Teachers of America, Spanish Club, Fu- Homemakers of America, Band, Glee b, Choir, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior y Committee, Office Assistant, 1964 ool Musical. VIS, JAMES-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn is, 540 Redwood Street. OS, DAVID-Son of Mrs. Sam Amos, 533 st Third South Street. DERSON, LARRY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. rold Anderson, 1105 West Fourth North eet. HURRICANE Staff, Sports Editor 4, la Club, 'Hi-Y Club, Thespian Society. HLEY, CAROLYN-Daughter of Mr. and ls. Claude H. Ashley, 626 Choctaw Street. ior Y-Teens, Future Homemakers of Amer- TERS, VICTOR LYNN-Son of Mr. and 's. William V. Ayers, Route 2, Bybee. oir, Reporter 4, 1964 School Musical. CON, ANNE LAWRENCE-Daughter of . Ray Bacon, Route 5. ITAKHA Staff, ior Index Assistant, Junior Y-Teens, Pres- :nt 2, Future Homemakers of America, aplain 2, Junior Classical League, Ameri- High School Red Cross, President's Club, a Club, Vice-President 4, Tri-Hi-Y, Thes- ln Society, Band, Prom Committee, Junior- nior Play, Nativity Scene, Beta Sigma Phi rard, 1. tCON, BRENDA KAY-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. R. E. Bacon, Route 4. Beta Club, ichor Club, Call Secretary 4, Junior-Senior ay Committee, Nativity Scene, German ub, Future Teachers of America. ICON, JAMES T.-Son of Mrs. James A. icon, Route 1. Future Farmers of America. LKER, LINDA DARLENE-Daughter of r. and Mrs. Jesse Baker, 405 East Fourth ix-th Street. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Sales- in, Junior Classical League, Future Teach- s of America, Library Club, German Club, L0l'l1S. LLES, PATRICIA KAY-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. Edward Carrol Bales, Sr., Route 2, lbott. Future Homemakers of America, ng Leader 3, Junior and Chapter Home- iker Degrees, Junior Red Cross Represent- ve: Glee Club. ILLANCE, COLLIN-Son of Mrs. Gladys Ballance, 1440 Darbee Drive. HURRI- LNE Staff, Ad Salesman, Band, President All East-Tennessee Blue Band 3, All East- nnessee Orchestra, 4, Beta Club, Hi-Y, ce-President 4, Prom Committee. .RBEE, PATRICIA A.-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. W. C. Barbee, Route 1. Beta Club, ta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Prom Com- HCC. IRDING, DAVIS BRADCO-Son of Mr. rl Mrs. E. S. Barding, Route 1. Basketball, seball. iRKER, BETTY JEAN-Daughter of Mr. rl Mrs. Mack Barker, 919 Montview Avenue. LXLEY, BRENDA ANN-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. W. Ray Baxley, Route 1. Junior Y- Teens, Future Homemakers of America, Vice- President 4, Senior Y-Teens, Library Club, Office Assistant, Library Assistant. BEASLEY, JACQUELINE RAYE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Beasley, 714 Memorial Avenue. Art Club, Vice-President 4, Future Teachers of America, Library Club, Junior Classical League, Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Prom Committee. Transfer from Pearisburg High School, Pearisburg, Virginia. Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, PEARISCOPE Staff, Band. BECK, TONI RUTH--Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Beck, 707 Masengill Avenue. Art Club, Senior Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross Council, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play Committee. Transfer from Lee Edwards High School, Asheville, North Carolina. BENNING, MICHAEL F.-Son of Mr. ,and Mrs. T. C. Benning, Jr., Box 26, Lowland. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman, Football, Beta Club, German Club, Second Vice-President 4, Prom Committee, Nativity Scene. BIBLE, CECILIA J.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Bible, 224 West Second North Street. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman, Beta Club, Junior Y-Teens, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play Committee, Office Assistant. BISHOP, JEANNE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bishop, Route 2, Talbott. ITAK- HA Staff, Typist Chairman, Beta Club, Junior Classical League, President 3, Thespian So- ciety, Future Teachers of America, Presi- dent 4, Junior Y-Teens, Anchor Club, Bowling League, President's Club, Nativity Scene, Second Place Winner in American Legion Auxiliary Essay Contest, 2, Girls' State Candidate 3, Office Assistant, Junior- Senior Play, Prom Committee, Torch Bearer at Graduation. BLACK, JUDITH ANN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Black, Ridgeview. Future Home- makers of America, Historian 1, Treasurer 2, 3, Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees, Senior Y-Teens, Bowling League, Reporter 2, Junior-Senior Play, Prom Cormnittee. BLACKBURN, WILLIAM CARY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Blackburn, 302 Laurel Street. HURRICANE Staff, Feature Editor, ITAK- HA Staff, Assistant Editorial Chairman, Thes- pian Society, President 4, Beta Hi-Y Chap- lain 2, Alpha Hi-Y, Reporter 4, German Club, First Vice-President 4, Band, Student Council, Junior-Senior Play, Freshman-Soph- omore Play, W.C.T.U. Speech Contest, Re- gionaI,Math Contest, Nativity Scene. BLAIR, THOMAS C.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Blair, 626 Baker Street. Basketball. BOWERS, ROBERT-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Beal, 2709 Andrew Johnson Highway. BRADY, VELMA GERALDENE-Daughter gl lglr. and Mrs. Aden Brady, Route 5. Beta u . BRADY, WAYNE HOWARD--Son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brady, Route 3. Key Club, Optimist Club Speaking Contest. BREEDEN, GARY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Breeden, Route 2. BREWER, TERRY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Brewer, Havely Springs Road. Beta Club, Key Club, Junior-Senior Play, Prom Committee, National Science Foundation Summer School Student. BRIMER, TERRY MIKE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brimer, Route 3. HURRI- CANE Staff, Photographer, Football Trainer, Alpha Hi-Y, Chaplain 4, Nativity Scene. BROOKS, JOYCE EVANS-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Evans, 516 East First South Street. T 8 I Club. BROOKS, JUDY-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brooks, Route 3. Junior Classical League, Junior Y-Teens, Library Club, Future Teach- ers of America, Bowling League, Future Homemakers of America, Prom Committee, Senior Director Junior-Senior Play Usher, Chorus. BROWN, NANCY LEE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brown, 605 Parker Road. Junior Classical League, Library Club, Junior Y-Teens, Beta Club, T. 8a I. Club, Parlia- mentarian, Prom Committee. BROYLES, SANDRA DARLEEN-Daughter of Mr! and Mrs. Willard Broyles, Route 1. Future Homemakers of America, Glee Club, President 4, 1964 School Musical. BRYANT, GLENN-Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bryant, Route 2. Glee Club, Future Farm- ers of America. BUCHANAN, J. DAVID-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Buchanan, 408 Walters Drive. Baseball, All Big Six Conference. BUDA, ELIZABETH ANN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Z. Buda, 708 Scenic Drive. Junior Classical League, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Future Homemakers of America, Library Club, Beautification Queen Candidate, Na- tivity Scene, Junior-Senior Play Usher, Prom Committee, Office Assistant. BUELL, JERRY DEAN-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Buell, Route 3. Future Farmers of America, Treasurer, Football. BUNCH, JANET SUSAN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bunch, 1811 Momingside. ITAKHA Staff, Assistant Typist Chairman, Junior Y-Teens, Junior Classical League, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Homemaker Degree, American High School Red Cross Council, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Secretary 4, Thespian Society, Treasurer 4, Beta Club, Anchor Club, Band, Fresh- man-Sophomore Play, Prom Committee, Re- gional Math Contest 1, 3, Junior-Senior Play, American Field Service Candidate. BURCHETT, PATRICIA-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Burchett, Route 5. BURNETT, JOYCE--Daughter of Mr. Pangle Bumett, 540 Inman Street. Junior Classical League, Library Club, Future Teachers of America. BURNS, JANICE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Burns, Route 5. Basketball. CAGLE, MICHAEL-Son of Mrs. Eileen Cagle, 314 West First North Street. CAMPBELL, CLYDE R.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Campbell, Route 4. CANNON, BETTY ANNE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Cannon, 435 South Hill Street. Library Club, Spanish Club, Bowling League, Treasurer, Reporter. CARDWELL, E. JEAN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Miles Cardwell, Route 1. Future Home- makers of America, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Anns 3, Beta Club, J unior-Senior Play Committee. CARLYLE, SUE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernie McGee, 2162 East Outer Drive. Junior- Senior Play Usher, Future Homemakers of America, T. 81 I. Club. CARPENTER, JAYMIE MAY-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Carpenter, Route 5. Bas- ketball, 1, Basketball Manager 2, 3, Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League: Girls' State Alternate, Junior-Senior Play Committee, Junior Red Cross Representative, Graduation Usher, Student Council 1, 3, Ac- celerated Program at East Tennessee State University. CARPENTER, LINDA SUE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carpenter, 1362 Easley Court. CARTER, SHERRIAN FAYE-Daughter of lgir. and Mrs. Clifford F. Carter, 510 Choctaw treet. CARTER, WILLIAM DAVID-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Carter, Route 4. Football, Baseball, Captain 4, Key Club, Future Farm- ers of America, Red Cross Representative. CARTON, SHEILA MARIE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John V. Carton, 1705 Oak Street. Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Anchor Club, American High School Red lggoss Senior Director Council: German Club: Prom Committee: Office Assistant. CASTEEL, POLLY ANNA-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Casteel, 515 Montview Ave- nue. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Reporter 3: Future Teachers of America: Library Club: Junior Red Cross. CECIL, CARL-Son of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cecil, 906 Forest Drive. Junior-Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee. CHAMBERS, JAMES CLAYTON-Son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Chambers, 620 Charles Street. Junior Classical League: T. 8: I. Club, Parliamentarian. CHANCE, SANDRA SUE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earle E. Missing, 1023 East Third North Street. Chorus. Transfer from White Pine High School, White Pine, Tennessee. Glee Club. CHARLES, DIANNE M.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Charles, Route 5. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman: Junior Y-Teens, Chap- lain 2: Junior Classical League: Future Homemakers of America, Song Leader 3: Student Council 4: Band: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play Committee. CLABORN, JIMMY W.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff E. Claborn, 724 Baker Street. Base- ball Manager: Basketball Manager: Prom Committee: Future Fanners of America. CLICK, GARY L.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Click, Ridgelawn Avenue. CLUBB, A. KATHRYN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ,Benjamin F. Clubb, Jr., 915 East Second North Street. Junior Classical League: Future Homemakers of America, Parliamentarian 3: Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees: Ger- man Club: Office Assistant. COATES, JAMES LEE-Son of Mrs. Mary Lillie Coates, Route 3. Future Farmers of America. COBBLE, BRENDA4-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Cobble, Route 3. Future Home- makers of America, Treasurer 3: Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees: Varsity Visit: Junior Y-Teens: Junior Classical League: Anchor Club: Library Club: Senior Y-Teens: Future Teachers of America: Prom Commit- tee-: Junior-Senior Play' Committee: Chorus. COGDILL, LINDA CAIL-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Cogdill, Route 3. Future Homemakers of America, Historian 2, Vice- President 3, Class Vice-President: Junior, Chapter, and State Homemaker Degrees: Var- sity Visit: Beta Club: Future Teachers of America: Senior Y-Teens: ITAKHA Staff, Circulation Manager. COOKE, BERDIE DIAMOND-Daughter of Mr. Ed Diamond, Route 5. Concert Choir: Beta Club: Future Homemakers of America: Prom Committee: Basketball. COPE, CAROLE ANNE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester K. Cope, 120 Peachtree Street. Transfer from Whitesburg High School, Whitesburg, Tennessee. Pep Club. COVINGTON, JOAN KAY-Daughter of Mrs. Minnie Covington, Brights Pike. Beta Club: Anchor Club: Gemran Club. COWAN, VICTORIA LYNN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cowan, 115 East Louise Avenue. Future Teachers of America: Future Homemakers of America: Junior Red Cross: Beta Club: Junior Classical League: J unior-Senior Play Committee. CRAFTON, SUSAN C.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Crafton, 1420 Doyal Drive. HURRI- CANE Staff, Editor: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Beta Club: Nativity Scene: Band Secretary 1: Beautification Queen Candidate. CRANFORD, PATRICIA-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Colon Cranford, 919 Summit Lane. Junior Y-Teens: Junior Classical League: Senior Y-Teens: Cheerleader: Prom Coangnitteeg Office Assistant. 4 CROMWELL, DAVID-Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cromwell, Ritchie Street. Transfer from Lee H. Edwards High School, Asheville, North Carolina. Tennis: Tri-Sci: L'Alliance Francaise. CROSS, WILLIAM R.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cross, Fulton Road. Football Manager: Future Farmers of America. CUNNINGHAM, BRENDA-Daughter of Mrs. Edith Cunningham, 342 Montview Avenue. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Junior Y- Teens: Library Club: Glee Club, Vice-Pres- ident: Chorus. CURETON, GARLAND-Son of Mr. Roy Cureton, 616 Rosedale Avenue. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Key Club. CUTSHALL, LONNIE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cutshall, 2208 Shields Ferry Road. T. 81 I. Club: Junior Red Cross. DANIEL,. CHARLOTTE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Daniel, Route 3. Future Homemakers of America: Junior Classical League. DAVIS, BETTY SUE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Davis, Route 3. Future Home- makers of America: Spanish Club: Junior Y- Teens: Beta Club: Senior Y-Teens: Future Teachers of America: Chorus: Glee Club: Choir: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Office Assistant: 1964 School Musical. DAVIS, DOROTHY LYNN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Davis, 1855 Magnolia Ave- nue. Beta Club: Junior Classical League. DAVIS, DOUGLAS ALAN-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Davis, East First North Street. HURRICANE Staff, Photographer: ITAKHA Staff, Photographer: Junior Classical League: Beta Club: Alpha Hi-Y, Treasurer 4: Band. DAVIS, JAMES GREGORY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Davis, 1006 Montview Avenue. Football: Hi-Y Club: Band: Prom Com- mittee: Junior-Senior Play Committee. DAVIS, KAREN LIZABETH-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Davis, 1006 Montview Avenue. Basketball: Junior Y-Teens: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Band: Prom Com- mittee: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Office Assistant: East Tennessee Band Clinic. DAVIS, MICHAEL C.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Davis, 1473 Easley Court. Chorus: Glee Club: Football. DAVIS, THOMAS L.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Davis, 1836 Cherry Avenue. Junior Class Treasurer: Football: All Big Seven Conference: Track: Alpha Hi-Y: Beta Club: Junior Classical League: Nativity Scene: Prom Committee: Boys' State Alternate: Student Council: Graduation Usher. DEARING, DIANA LYNN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Dearing, Route 1. Basketball, Captain 4: Basketball Scholastic Trophy, 3: ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman: Beta Club, President 4: Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer 4: Junior Classical League: President's Club: Girls' State Representative: Student Council: Beau- tification Queen Candidate: DAR Represent- ative: Future Homemakers of America, Par- liamentarian 2, Secretary 3, President 4: Smoky Mountain Sub-regional Pianist 3: T.V.A. 81 I, Style Show: Varsity Visit: Jun- ior, Chapter Homemaker Degrees: Future Farmers of America Sweetheart: Prom Com- mittee: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Na- tivity Scene. DeARMOND, BARBARA-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. DeArrnond, Sr., 533 South Liberty Hill Road. Future Homemakers of America: Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees: Junior-Senior Play Usher: Office Assistant. DICKERSON, BRENDA JOYCE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Dickerson, Route 1. DOUNTZ, MARILYN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dountz, 436 Hale Avenue. Junior Classical League: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain 3, President 4: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Il Club: Band: Prom Committee: German C Transfer from Hamilton High School, Col bus, Ohio. Band: Student Council. DRINNON, CAROLYN L.-Daughter of and Mrs. Garrison Drinnon, 243 Peach Street. Junior Y-Teens. DRINNON, MAVIS VERNA-Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Doyle D. Drinnon, Rout Future Homemakers of America: Nata Scene. DUNSMORE, JUDY KAY-Daughter of and Mrs. Howard Dunsmore, Route 4. Fu Homemakers of America: 1964 School sical: Glee Club: Chorus: Beautifica Queen Candidate. DYER, SHIRLEY JO-Daughter of Mr. . Mrs. J. P. Dyer, 435 South Daisy St Future Homemakers of America: Fu Teachers of America: Glee Club: 1964 Sc Musical: Chorus. ELKINS, JUDITH CAROLYN-Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Elkins, 426 Oak St Future Homemakers of America: Bow League: Prom Committee. Transfer from High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. Red C Future Homemakers of America: Drillt Club. ELLER, C. DIANE-Daughter of Mr. 1 Mrs. James R. Eller, Route 4. Library C11 Future Homemakers of America: Junior t Chapter Homemaker Degrees: Anchor CI ELLER, ELIZABETH ANN-Daughter of I and Mrs. James F. Hale, Route 3. Senior Teens. Transfer from White Pine High Sch4 White Pine, Tennessee. PINE CONE S Basketball: Beta Club: Future Homemake America: Glee Club: Band: Debate Te Junior Class Play: Junior Class Repre ative to Career Weekend at Saint Mar School of Nursing. ELLISON, PATRICIA-Daughter of Mr. z Mrs. Harvey Ellison, 406 Beech Street. hrary Club. Transfer from Brookland-Ca High School, Cayce, South Carolina. li Club. EPPS, EDDIE LEON-Son of Mr. and N James A. Epps, Route 5. EROGLU, AYDIN-Ward of Mr. and M Thomas C. Benning, Box 26, Lowland. l change Student from Turkey through 1 American Field Service Exchange, New Yo Key Club: Track. Transfer from Kadikoy ll arif Koleji, Istanbul, Turkey. Track Tea Captain: Volleyball Team, Co-Captain: Hi Jump Record Holder: Kadikoy Maarif Kolu Canteen, Treasurer. ESTES, BERNICE ANN-Daughter of I and Mrs. Sam W. Estes, Route 1, Wh Pine. Future Homemakers of America: Jun and Chapter Homemaker Degrees: Futl Teachers of America: Prom Committee. ESTES, ROBERT-Son of Mr. and M Robert B. Estes, Lee Drive. EVANS, TERENCE GLEN-Son of Mr. Pa R. Crigger, 1520 Hugh Drive. FERGUSON, LAURETTA SUE-Daughter Mr. H. S. Ferguson, 1812 McDaniel Str: FIELDS, CAROLYN SUE-Daughter of 1 and Mrs. Carl Fields, 1175 East Rose Stre American Red Cross: Senior Y-Teens, Vi President, 4: Library Club: Future Hoi: makers of America: Junior and Chapter I-Ion maker Degrees: Prom Committee: Junior-Si ior Play Committee. Transfer from Lyn East Muin High School, Lynch, Kentucl Homecoming Attendant: Library Assistant. FLOYD, LINDA LEAH-Daughter of Mr. a Mrs. Frank E. Floyd, Route 1, Russellvil High School Red Cross: Future Homemaln of America: Junior Classical League: T. 81 Club. FLYNT, JO ELLEN-Daughter of Mr. a Mrs. Hal H. Flynt, 116 North James Stre HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Futs Homemakers of America:' Library Clr d, Prom Committee, Office Assistant. LSOM, THEODORE W., III-Son of Mr. Mrs. Ted W. Folsom, Jr., 1808 Russell eet. Football Manager, Beta Club, German b. X, TOMMY R.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rob- Fox, Route 5. Football, Basketball, Track, orus, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play mmittee. ANKLIN, SANDRA LYNN-Daughter of . and Mrs. Ray T. Franklin, 511 Pauline e. Future Homemakers of America, Junior eens, Beautification Queen Candidate, om Committee, Junior-Senior Play Com- ttee. AZIER, RODNEY R.-Son of Mr. and s. Rodney R. Frazier, 504 Brown Avenue. otball Manager, T. 81 I. Club, Chorus, eshman-Sophomore Play, J unior-Senior Play mmittee. EE, JUDY LOU-Daughter of Mr. and . Carroll Eugene Free, 1042 East Third rth Street. T. 81 I. Club. EEMAN, TEDFORD HAROLD-Son of . and Mrs. Roy Freeman, 507 Houston eet. ENCH, CURTIS-Son of Mr. and Mrs. ose French, Route 4. Basketball. ENCH, JOHNNY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. hnny French, 709 Montview Avenue. Na- ity Scene. LLER, DAVID RAY-Son of Mr. and rs. Frank H. Fuller, Spoone Circle. Chorus, ee Club, Concert Choir. LLINGTON, CARRIE-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. Horace C. Fullington, Route 4. ULT, DON-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack ult, 1410 Hugh Drive. BSON, BARBARA-Daughter of Mr. and rs. L. C. Kanipe, 1822 Emerson Street. ta Club, Junior Classical League, Junior- nior Play Committee. IBSON, JERUSHA-Daughter of Mrs. Ruby cKee. 1124 North Henry Street. IBSON, LINDA--Daughter of Mrs. Ruby cKee. Route 5. ILBERT, JOSEPH LEO-Son of Mr. and rs. Oscar Gilbert, Route 2. Future Farmers America, Glee Club. ILES, JIMMY L.-Son of Mr. and -Mrs. Alex iles, Melody Acres. Glee Club, German lub, Concert Choir, Football, 1964 School usical. ILLILAND, VIRGINIA-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. John Gilliland, 525 Montview Ave- he. Library Club, Junior Classical League, 'uture Homemakers of America. LOAN, THURMAN T., JR.-Son of Mr. and ffrs. Thurman T. Guan, 605 North Daisy Ptreet. Key Club, Nativity Scene. GOLDEN, JUDY ANN-Daughter'of Mr. and llrs. B. M. Golden, 612 Harrison Street. .ibrary Club, T. 8: I. Club. IOOD, MARGERY L.-Daughter of Mr. and llrs. L. C. Good, 411 East Fourth North itreet. Future Homemakers of America, Jun- or Y-Teens, Junior Classical League, Span- sh Club, Junior-Senior Play Committee. IRAHAM, GLENNA LOU--Daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. J. Luke Graham, Route 2, Talbott. TAKHA Staff, Business Manager, Beta Club, Yhespian Society? Junior Classical League, Treasurer 2, Junior Red Cross Representative, future Teachers of America, Treasurer 4, unior-Senior Play Committee, Prom Commit- ee, W.C.T.U. Speech Contest Winner, Ham- flen County V.F.W. Speech Contest Winner, lorchbearer at Graduation, Nativity Scene, Ac- elerated Program at Carson-Newman College. ZRATZ, REBECCA JO-Daughter of Mr. ,nd Mrs. James B. Gratz, 226 East Sixth North Street. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman, Junior J-Teens, Library Club, Future Homemakers f America, Cheerleader, Captain 4, Home- oming Attendant, Beta Hi-Y Sweetheart, 4, land, Beautification Queen Candidate, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play Committee, Graduation Usher, Nativity Scene. GRAY, DANA V.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gray, 440 Laurel Street. Art Club, Chorus, 1964 School Musical. Transfer from Pleasant View High School, Columbus, Ohio, Art Club, Pep Club, Hi-Y Club, Vice-Pres- ident 1. GREEN, REUBEN DALE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Green, 421 Jarnigan Avenue. Trans- fer from John Foster Dulles High, Stratford, Texas. Basketball, Track, Hi-Y. GREENE, ADREN STERL-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wright Greene, 2222 Turkey Street. Key Club, Future Farmers of America. GREENE, EUDOLA HENSLEY-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Hensley, 700 Har- ville Street. Future Homemakers of America, Parliamentarian 1, Vice-President 3, President 2, Future Homemaker of the Year, 2, Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees, Bowling League, Red Cross Representative, Anchor Club, President 4, Vice-President 3, Junior- Senior Play Committee. GREENE, RICHARD-Son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Greene, 728 Baird Avenue. GREGG, H. ELOISE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Y. J. Gregg, Route 3. Future Home- makers of America. GRIFFITH, ODIS-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Griffith, 517 Inman Street. Transfer from Leatherwood High School, Leatherwood, Kentucky. GRIGSBY, GERALDINE R.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Grigsbyi Jr., Route 5. Junior Classical League, Beta Club, Anchor Club, Beautficiation Queen Candidate, Grad- uation Usher, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Chaplain 3, Varsity Visit, Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees, T.V.A. 81 I. Style Show, Accelerated Program at East Tennessee State University. GUINN, CARRIE ADELINE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Guinn, Jr., Route 2, Tal- bott. Basketball, Alternate Captain 4, Beta Club, Anchor Club, Treasurer 4, Future Homemakers of America. HALE, HAROLD H.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Estal Hale, Route 5. Key Club, Treasurer 4, Future Fanners of America. HALE, THOMAS N.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hale, Route 1, Russellville. HURRI- CANE Staff, Artist, Future Farmers of Amer- ica, American Red Cross Council, Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Student Council, President 4, Prom Committee, 'Nativity Scene. HALL, DAVID C.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Hall, Route 3. Future Farmers of America. HARBIN, CHARLOTTE CAROLE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Harbin, Route 3. Junior Classical League, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Homemaker Degree, Jun- ior-Senior Play Committee. HARRELL, JAMES T.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Harrell, Route 2, Talbott. Football, Future Fanners of America, Sentinel 3, 4, Chorus, Glee Club, Concert Choir. HARRISON, GEORGE RICHARD-Son of Mr. and Mrs. George T. Harrison, 522 West Sixth North Street. American High School Red Cross, Spanish Club. HARTMAN, SUSAN ANN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hartman, 525 West Hill- crest Drive. Future Homemakers of America, Spanish Club, Bowling League, Vice-President 4, Beta Club, Band. HARVILLE, CAROLYN ELAINE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harville, 603 Rosedale Avenue. HAUN, BARBARA-Daughter of Mrs. Alma Haun, Route 1, Russellville. HAUN, BRENDA S.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Connie B. Haun, 728 West Charles Street. Future Homemakers of America, Jun- ior Y-Teens, Junior-Senior Play Committee. HAUN, JUDY ELLEN-Daughter of Mr. and Senior Director Mrs. G. Paul Haun, 412 Carriger Street. Future Homemakers of America, T. 81 I. Club, American Red Cross Council. HAUN, SANDRA LEE-Daughter of Mrs. Lena Haun, 1941 Rogers Road. Future Home- makers of America. HAYTER, JUDY E.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hayter, 1621 South Cumberland Street. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman, Future Homemakers of America, Parliamen- tarian 2, 3, Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees, Junior Y-Teens, Secretary 2, Beta Club, Senior Y-Teens, President 4, Prom Committee, Beautification Queen Candidate, Office Assistant, Graduation Usher. HAYTER, LINDA JANE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hayter, 550 Spruce Street. Beta Club, Secretary 4, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Vice- President 4, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary 2, Thespian Society, Future Teachers of Amer- ics, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Classical League, Spanish Club, High School Red Cross Council, Prom Committee, Junior- Senior Play Committee. HELTON, BARBARA JOAN-Daughter of Mrs. John L. Helton, Route 1. Future Teachers of America, Glee Club, Concert Choir, Li- brary Club, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Y-Teens, Chorus, Prom Committee, 1964 School Musical. HELTON, PATRICIA A.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Helton, Ridgeview. Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Parliamentarian 1, Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees, Bowling League, Treasurer 2, Beta Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Prom Committee. HILEMAN, E. ANNE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Powell Hileman, 2138 East Out- er Drive. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman, Beta Club, Anchor Club, Secretary 3, 4, Future Homemakers of America, Vice-President 2, Secretary 3, Smoky Mountain Sub-region, Reporter 3, Junior, Chapter, and State Home- maker Degrees, T.V.A. 8: I. Style Show, Fu- ture Homemaker Girl of the Year, 4, Prom Committee, Office Assistant, Nativity Scene. HILL, MARY ELIZABETH-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Hill, 2444 North Economy Road. ITAKHA Staff, Assistant Business Man- ager, Junior Classical League, Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, President 2, Hi-Y Convention Re- cording Secretary, Future Homemakers of America, Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees, Prom Committee. HIPSHIRE, JAMES RUBLE-Son of Mrs. Ruble L. Hipshire, Route 3. Key Club, Future Farmers of America. HODGE, AGNES PAULINE-Daughter of Mrs. Ella Hodge, 312 West Fourth South Street. T. 8: I. Club. HODGE, CONSTANCE CHARLENE-Daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hodge, 1527 Stetzer Circle. Basketball, Glee Club, Junior Red Cross, Future Homemakers of America, Spanish Club, Concert Choir, Prom Commit- tee, 1964 School Musical, Junior-Senior Play Committee. HODGE, NANCY ELIZABETH-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L. Hodge, 540 North Jackson Street. Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Chaplain 3, Junior, Chapter, and State Homemaker Degrees, Junior Classical League, Driver's Education Club, Office Assistant. HOLDWAY, MICHEAL R.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Holdway, Route 5. HOLT, SUZANNE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Holt, 229 East Third North Street. ITAK- HA Staff, Ad Salesman, Junior Classical League, Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y-Teens, Future Homemakers of America, Band, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play Committee, Office Assistant. HONAKER, RICHARD-Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Honaker, 604 Jamigan Avenue. HORNER, ERNEST FRANKLIN, III-Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Horner, Jr., 840 West I65 Senior Directory Second North Street. Hi-Y Club: Thespian Society: Junior Red Cross Representative: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play: Fresh- man-Sophomore Play: Band. HORNER, GARY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Cal- vgln Homer, 225 Laurel Street. Football: Art u . HORNER, MURPHY B.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Homer, 124 Morton Street. HORTON, MARGARET J.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Horton, 1940 Eastern Avenue. Junior Classical League: Library Club: Fu- ture Teachers of America: Prom Committee: Drivers' Education Club: Junior-Senior Play Committee. Transfer from Grand Island Sen- ior High School Grand Island, Nebraska. Stu- dent Council Representative: Cheerleader: Of- fice Assistant: Pep -Club: Future Nurses glug: Future Teachers of America: Library u . HUGHETT, BOBBY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hughett, 354 South Liberty Hill Road. HUGHETT, JOHN W.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lee Hughett, 1022 West Sixth North Street. Football: Nativity Scene. HURLEY, CONSTANCE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Hurley, 1602 Medlin Road. Library Club: Junior Classical League: Fu- ture Homemakers of America: Beta Club: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene. HURLEY, GARY W.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hurley, Route 3. Glee Club: Concert Choir, Secretary and Treasurer: 1964 School Musical. HURST, BRENDA SUE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hurst, Route 2, Talbott. HURT, CAROLYN LANE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. I-Iurt, 412 Redwood Street. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Junior Classical League: Junior Y-Teens, Treasurer 2: Future Homemakers of America, Chaplain 1, 4: Junior Homemaker Degree: Varsity Visit: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Thespian Society: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Freshman-Sophomore Play: Beta Sigma Phi Award, 2: Graduation Usher. HUT, EDITH JANE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hut, 903 Montview Avenue. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Junior Classical League: Library Club: Future Teach- ers of America, Reporter 4: Spanish Club: American High School Red. Cross Council: Anchor Club: Beta Club: Art Club: German Club: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee. INMAN, DENNIS H.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Inman, Route 3. Football: Junior Classical League: Prom Committee. ISBELL, MARY ANN-Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Isbell, Lyn Mar Hills. HURRI- CANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Junior Classical League: Library Club: Beta Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Junior Y-Teens: Band, Secretary 1: Junior- Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee: Li- brary Assistant: Office Assistant: Nativity Scene. JACKSON, DONALD-Son of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Jackson, Route 1. Future Farmers of America, Treasurer 3. JARNAGIN, GROVER N.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gail Jamagin, 900 East: Fourth North Street. Football: Track. JARNIGAN, HAROLD B.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Jarnigan, 419 East Avenue. All Conference Basketball: Track. JEFF ERS, CHARLES E.-Son of Mrs. Georgie Jeffers, 425 West Charles Street. T. 81 I. Club. JENKINS, JAMES LAWRENCE, JR.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jenkins, 835 Tru- man Street. JOHNS, RONALD LARRY-Son of Mrs. Laora Johns, Route 5. JOHNS, RUTH ANN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Johns, Cameron Drive. Anchor Club, Senior Director, 4: Library Club, Vice- Ibb President 4: Future Teachers of America: Beta Club: Library Assistant. Transfer from Hancock High School, Sneedville, Tennessee. Future Homemakers of America: Glee Club. JOHNSON, BEN LOUIS-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Davis, 340 Wilder Street. Foot- ball: Track: Nativity Scene. Transfer from Church Hill High School, Church Hill, Ten- nessee. Football: Track: Baseball. JOHNSON, JOHNNY WAYNE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Johnson, Route 5. Junior Classical League: Football. JONES, MICHEAL D.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Jones, 221 Van Vooris Street. Football: T. 8 I. Club, Vice-Pres- ident: Chorus: Prom Committee. JUSTICE, ROBERT W.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Justice, 524 Oak Street. Alpha Hi-Y, Secretary: Beta I-Ii-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms: Foot- ball: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene. KELLEY, FRANCES WILSON-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hulan O. Wilson, 1284 Carmi- chael Drive. Transfer from Lynch High School, Lynch, Kentucky. KIMBROUGH, JAMES KENNETH-Son of Mr. and Mrs. James McCampbell, Route 2. KING, MARGARET-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James King, 429 South Hill Street. ITAKHA Staff, General Assistant: HURRI- CANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Junior Y-Teens: Future Homemakers of America: Library Club: Beta Club: Thespian Society,'Reporter 3: Bowling League, Secretary 2: Future Teachers of America, President 3: Art Club: President's Club: Third Place Winner in A- merican Legion Essay Contest: Regional Math Contest, Third Place: Freshman-Sophomore Play: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee: Office Assistant. KINKEAD, JOHN-Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Kinkead, 1015 East Second North Street. KIRKPATRICK, RAY-Son of Mr. Homer Kirkpatrick, Russellville. Future Farmers of America: Junior Classical League. KISER, BRENDA-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Kiser, 1428 Buffalo Trail. Junior Class- ical League: Beta Club: Band: Prom Com- mittee : Office Assistant. LANDIS, VICKIE JANE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor N. Landis, 613 Charles Ave- nue. Future Homemakers of America, Ples- ident 1, Reporter 2, Chaplain 4: Future Home- makers of America State Choir: Future Teach- ers of America: Junior Y-Teens: Anchor Club: Junior, Chapter, and State Homemaker Degrees: Future Homemaker Girl of the Year: T.V.A.81I. Style Show: Band: Grad- uation Usher: Prom Committee: Office Assist- ant: W.C.T.U. Speech Contest. LANE, .BOBBY C.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lane, 302 Locust Street. LANE, DANNY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lane, 842 Panorama Drive. Chorus: Glee Club. LANE, DOUGLAS D.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Lane, Route 5. Future Farmers of America, Vice-President 3, 4. LANE, EDDIE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lane, 842 Panorama Drive. Baseball. LAWSON, JUDITH ANN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lawson, Route 5. Future Home- makers of America: Junior Classical League. LEABOW, PAMELA JOY-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Leabow, 2118 Washington Street. Beta Club. LEE, JOHN M.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Lee, Box 142 Russellville. LEFEVERS, BONNIE JUNE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lefevers, Route l, Tal- bott. LEFTWICH, CHARLES MICHAEL-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Leftwich, Route 2, Talbott. Junior Classical League. LEGG, LILLIAN MARIE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rastus Legg, 726 Linnie Avenue. Junior Classical League: Future Homemakers of America: Junior Y-Teens: L1- brary Club: Beta Club: Concert Choir: J ior-Senior Play Committee: 1964 School la sica . LETCHFORD, HAROLD-Son of Mr. a Mrs. R. H. Letchford, Route 4. Future Far ers of America. LEWIS, BRUCE G.-Son of Mr. and M grace T.-Lewis, 604 North Hill Street. Bar a . LEWIS, DORIS J.-Granddaughter of Dil and Mrs. A. R. James, 823 South Clevela Avenue. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesma: ITAKHA Staff, Assistant Circulation Ma ger: Future Homemakers of Azmerica, vill President, 2, President 3, Class President Future Homemaker Girl of the Year: Juni Chapter, and State Homemaker Degr T.V.A. 81 I. Style Show: Varsity Vi Junior Y-Teens, Vice-President 2: Senior Teens, Reporter 4: Beta Club: Presidem Club: Junior Classical League: Bowlil League, President 2: Future Teachers 1 America, Historian 3: Library Club: Nativi Scene: Student Council: Prom Committet Junior-Senior Play Committee: Graduatio Usher: Office Assistant. LEWFS, RALPH EDWARD-Son of Mr. a Mrs. Bruce T. Lewis, 604 North Hill Str LINKOUS, DAVID LEE-Son of Mr. a Mrs. Harold Linkous, 829 Terrace View Driv LITTLE, VIRGINIA A.-Daughter of Ml and Mrs. Hugh D. Little, Route 1, Russel ville. Future Homemakers of America: Libral Club :I Library Assistant. LLOYD, GERALDEAN RUTH-Daughter 4 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Lloyd, Route f Russellville. Future Homemakers of America Junior Classical League. LONG, JAMES EDWARD-Son of Mr. an Mrs. Morris H. Long, 512 Carriger Stree LONG, RACHEL YVONNE-Daughter of M: and Mrs. Raymond W. Long, 713 Rutledg Street. Future Homemakers of America: Col cert Choir: 1964 School Musical. LOVELACE, BONNIE A.-Son of Mr. an Mrs. Bonnie A. Lovelace, 403 North Hig Street. Basketball, Captain 3, 4: Basebal Co-Captain 4: Senior Class Vice-President Nativity Scene: Regional Math Contest. Tran: fer from Salem High School, Morgantor North Carolina. Science Club. , LOVIN, ROBERT CLAYTON-Son of M1 and Mrs. Dayton Lovin, 1035 Tip Top Circlc LOWE, DENNIS WAYNE-Son of Mr. ani Mrs. Charles R. Lowe, 425 South Mill Street McCLANAHAN, PEGGY JOYCE-Daughte of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McClanahan, Rout 3. Chorus. McCRACKEN, JUDITH KAYE-Daughter o Mrs. Beryle McCracken, 444 South Daisj Street. Future Homemakers of America. McCUNE, MALCOLM L.-Son of Mr. am Mrs. W. W. McCune, 522 Poplar Street Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y: Thespian Society Band: Junior-Senior Play. McGILL, JIM-Son of Mrs. Millie McGil 611 East Fourth North Street. Future Farmer of America. McGLAMERY, WAYNE-Son of Mr. ant Mrs. Carl McGlamery, Route 3, Future Farm ers of America. McKEMY, SHARON-Daughter of Mr. am Mrs. Fred McKemy, 209 l..aurel Street. Fu ture Homemakers of America: Junior Clas sical League. McKINNEY, MARTHA-Daughter of Mr. anc Mrs. Horace McKinney, Route 4. Glee Club: 1964 School Musical. McCLAIN, JAMES PAUL-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carson McLain, 832 Linnie Avenue. MAGILL, MARTHA ANN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Magill, 520 Hale Avenue. ITAKHA Staff, Editorial Chaimian: Senior Class Pres- ident: Cheerleader: Homecoming Queen: Band: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary 4: Beta Club, Corresponding Secretary 4: Junior Clas- l League: Junior Red Cross Represent- e, Vice-President 2: Prom Committee: ior-Senior Play Committee: President's b: 'W.C.T.U. Speech Contest Winner: Na- 'ty Scene. LLICOAT, SUE-Daughter of Mr. and s. Shields Mallicoat, Route 5. Future rnemakers of America, Historian 2, 3: Jun- and Chapter Homemaker Degrees: Junior ssical League. RSHALL CHARLOTTE ANN--Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Lofton Marshall, 701 Talbott eet. T. 81 J. Club, President 3, 4: Junior ssical League: Future Homemakers of erica: Glee Club: Library Club: Concert oir: Prom Committee: Junior Red Cross presentative. RSHALL, JAMES KENNETH-Son of . and Mrs. Hubert Marshall, 328 Highland 've. Track. RSHALL, LEROY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. rt Marshall, Route 1, Russellville. Future rmers of America, Reporter. 2, Treasurer 3: trical Contest Winner. RSHALL, RANDALL WESLEY-Son of . Mary E. Marshall, 1601 West Andrew nson Highway. Football. SON, LINDA DARLENE-Daughter of . and Mrs. James R. Mason, 727 Rosedale enue. Y, RONNIE W.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. nry May, 519 West Fifth North Street. gional Math Contest Winner, First Place. YES, CHRISTINE-Daughter of Mr. and s. Earl Mayes, Route 1. Future Home- kers of America: Office Assistant. YES, DELORES FAYE-Daughter of Mrs. .uline Mayes, 212 Converse Street. Future omemakers of America. Transfer from Bass ugh School, Atlanta, Georgia. AYES, ,LYNDA CAROL-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. James N. Mayes, Route 2. Future memakers of America: Junior Y-Teens: lherican High School Red Cross Council: nncert Choir: Prom Committee. lEDLlN, SUE ELLEN-Daughter of Mr. ,d Mrs. W. Keith Medlin, 1526 Briar Cliff rcle. ITAKHA Staff, Class Editor: Junior :d Cross: Beta Club, Treasurer 4: Thesplan iciety: Anchor Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Band Coun- l, Secretary 4: Band: Band Clinic, Red Band rst Chair 3, 4: Solo Festival: Prom Com- ittee: Junior-Senior Play. ,EFFORD, ROGER-Son of Mr. and Mrs. ln R. Mefford, 703 West Fifth North Street. ILLER, BEVERLY-Daughter of Mr. and rs. Donald W. Miller, Lee Drive. Beta Club: :ture Homemakers of America: Jlln10l' :winemaker Degree: Junior Classical League? -om Committee: Junior-Senior Play Commit- s. , ILLER, GWENDOLYN-Daughter of Miss Ita Goans, Noe Chapel Road. Bowling ragueg Future Homemakers of America: xanish Club: Drivers' Education Club. ILLER, WILLIAM HOWARD-Son of Mr. id Mrs. W. H. Miller, Route 4. ILLIGAN, DIANE-Daughter of Mr. and rs. Wayne P. Milligan, Route 3. ITAKHA aff, Senior Index Chairman: Junior Y-Teens? brary Club: Junior Classical League: Beta ub: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play immittee. ITCHELL, JAMES-Son of Mr. and Mrs. iloe Mitchell, 930 Merwin Street. INOR, SANDRA LOU-Daughterlof Mrs. :ne F. McCoig, Route 1, White Pine. TPR- essee. Transfer from White Pine High bool, White Pine, Tennessee. PINE WHIS- IRS Staff, Typist: Basketball: Beta Club? iture Homemakers of America: Library nb: Glee Club: Library Assistant. OORE, JERRY-Son of. Mr. and Mrs. nhert, Fair. Route 1. Spanish Club- DORF, PATSY JOANN-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. Charlie Moore, Route 3. Future Homemakers of America: Junior Classical League: Anchor Club. MOORE, SAMUEL CALVIN-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Moore, 719 North Jackson Street. Junior Classical Ifeague: Beta Hi-Y: Alpha Hi-Y: Band, Treasurer 4: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Nativity Scene. MOORE, STEVE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clister Moore, 2602 Purkey Street. Basketball. MURPHY, JOYCE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Wilson, 1014 East First North Street. Future Homemakers of America: Jun- ior Classical League: Library Club. NEAL, JAMES THOMAS-Son of Mrs. Lola Neal, Route 2, Talbott. Baseball. NEEDHAM, GARY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Needham, .2016 Murray Street. Football: Prom Committee. NOE, ROY LEE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleddies Noe, 914 Crescent Street. Track: Baseball: Glee Club: T. 81 I. Club. NORRIS, ARELIOUS CURETON-Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Norris, 812 Highland Drive. Prom Committee: Chorus. Transfer from Crossville High School, Crossville, Tennessee. NORTHERN, PATRICIA A.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Northern, West Hills. NORTON, DARLENE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Norton, 617 Rosedale Avenue. Future Homemakers of America, Song Leader, Treasurer: Chorus: Concert Choir: American Red Cross Council. ODOM, BEATRICE ELAINE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Odom, Route 4. Beta Club: Junior Classical League: Poetry Con- test Winner: Office Assistant. OLIVER, PHYLLIS-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Oliver, Route 2. Beta Club: Fu- ture,Homemakers of America: Junior Class- ical League: Accelerated Program at East Tennessee State University. , OSBORNE, BARBARA SUNDERLAND- Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Sunder- land, Route 2. Junior Y-Teens: Future Home- makers of America: American High School Red Cross Council: T. 81 I. Club: Junior- Senior Play Usher: W.C.T.U. Speech Con- tset Winner: Bowling League: Glee Club. OSBORNE, SANDRA JILL-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Osborne, Route 4. American High School Red Cross Council: Bowlirlg League. Transfer from Wilbur Wright High School, Detroit, Michigan. Basketball: Fresh- man-Sophomore Play. OWEN, DANNY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Owen, Route 4. Chorus: Glee Club. OWEN, DONNA SUE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Owen, 823 Sulphur Springs Road. Future Homemakers of America: Junior Clas- sical League. OWEN, JIMMY DEAN-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Owen, 805 Baird Street. Beta Hi-Y, Re- porter 1: Alpha Hi-Y, President 4: Prom Committee: American Red Cross Represent- ative. OWEN, RONALD M.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Owen, 1432 Knollwood Drive. Foot- ball: Junior Red Cross Representative. OYER, CARLA SUE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Oyer, 452 Laurel Street. Future Teachers of America: Library Club: Bowling League: American High School Red Cross: Art Club: German Club. Transfer -from Mifflin High School, Columbus, Ohio. Student Council: Tri-Hi-Y: Cheerleader: Girls Ath- letic Association: Glee Club. PAINTER, MELBA LOUISE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Painter, 305 Pauline Avenue. Future Homemakers of America: T. 8: I. Club, Secretary 4: Chorus: Concert Choir, Secretary 3, President 4: Tennessee All- State Chorus: Freshman-Sophomore Play: Jun- ior-Senior Play Usher: 1964 School Musical. PALMER, RONALD O.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Palmer, 559 West Hillcrest Drive. Senior Director ITAKHA Staff, Sports Editor: Freshman Class President: Sophomore Class President: Junior Class President: Football: All Big-Seven Con- ference: All-East Tennessee Team: Track: State Decathlon: Hi-Y Club: Junior Red Cross, Secretary 2: Boys' State Represent- ative: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Nativity Scene. PARKER, SANDRA GAY-Daughter of Mrs. Eloise Parker, 503 South Liberty Hill Road. Future Homemakers of America: Prom Com- mittee: Junior-Senior Play Usher. PARKER, VICTORIA LYN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Parker, 711 Sulphur Springs Road. Junior Y-Teens: Future Home- makers of America: German Club: Concert Choir: Junior-Senior Play Committee. PATTERSON, JANE ENGELBERT-Daugh- ter of Mrs. Engelbert Patterson, 815 West Main Street. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman: Beta Club: Tri-Hi-Y: American Red Cross Council, Secretary 3: Band: Prom Committee: J unior-Senior Play Committee. PENDERGRASS, GERALDINE E.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Pendergrass, 1125 East First North Street. Future Homemakers of America: American Red Cross Council: Office Assistant. PENLAND, BRENDA KAYE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Penland, Route 4. Future Homemakers of America: Junior Clas- sical League. PENLAND, LINDA FAYE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Penland, Route 4. Junior Classical League: Future Homemakers of America: Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees: American Red Cross. PENLAND, REBECCA-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Penland, Route 5. Freshman Class Secretary: Sophomore Class Secretary: Senior Class Treasurer: Beta Club: Junior Y-Teens: Junior Red Cross: Junior Classical League: Library Club: Future Teachers of America: Senior Y-Teens: Cheerleader: Beta Hi-Y Sweetheart: Beautification Queen Can- didate: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Nativity Scene. PEOPLES, RICHARD-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peoples, 2345 Andrew Johnson High- way. PERRY, MARGARET ELIZABETH-Daugb ter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Howard Perry, 1108 Ridgecrest. ITAKHA Staff, Co-Editor: Beta Club: Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer 2: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Thespian Society: Art Club, Treas- urer 3, President 4: President's Club: Junior Classical League: Future Homemakers of America: Future Teachers of America: Li- brary Club: American High School Red Cross Council: German Club: Prom Committee: Graduation Usher: Junior-Senior Play Com- mittee: American Field Service Candidate. PHILLIPS, C. LYNN-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Phillips, Route 5: Key Club, Vice- President 3, President 4: Junior Classical League: American Red Cross Representative: Nativity Scene. PITTMAN, RICHARD-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Pittman, 225 Gilbert Street. Foot- ball: Key Club: Junior Classical League. POLING, STEVE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Poling, Route 2, Talbott. POLLARD, LINDA CAROLYN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pollard, Route 2, Talbott. POPLIN, DEESE-Son of Mrs. H. U. Poplin, 808 Forest Drive. Spanish Club. POSEY, JOANE-Daughter of Mrs. Margie Sears, 814 Lincoln Avenue. Transfer from Walter F. George High School, Atlanta, Georgia. POWELL, CAROLYN JEAN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Asa Powell, White Avenue. Beta Club: Library Club: Junior Y-Teens: Senior Y-Teens: Bowling League: Junior Classical League: Band. l67 Senior Director PRICE, DONNIE-Son of Mr. Leroy Price, 914 Brown Avenue. Transfer from Rogers- ville High School, Rogersville, Tennessee. Basketball, Pep Club. PRICE, MARGARET ELAINE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Price, Route 5. Fu- ture Homemakers of America, Junior Classical League, Junior Red Cross Representative, Beta Club, Senior Y-Teens, Junior Y-Teens, Beautification Queen Candidate, Junior- Senior Play Committee. PRICE, MITCHELL RODGER-Son of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Price, 528 West Third North Street. PURKEY, JACK H.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Purkey, 1005 West Skyline Drive. Key Club. PURKEY, SANDRA DARLENE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Payne W. Purkey, Route 1. Future Homemakers of America, Junior and Chapter Homemaker Degrees. RAMSEY, DONNA ELIZABETH-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ramsey, Jr., 1204 West Seventh North Street. ITAKHA Staff, Co-Editor, Art Club, Treasurer 4, Junior Red Cross Representative, Library Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Historian 2, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Ger- man Club, Thespian Society, American High School Red Cross Council, Junior Classical League, Beta Club, Band, Junior-Senior Play Committee, Prom Committee, Office Assist- ant, Beautification Queen Candidate, Nativi- ty Scene, Student Director of Play. RAUBERTS, PATRICIA ANN--Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Rauberts, 408 Hale Ave- nue. Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Chorus, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play Committee. Transfer from Pleasant View High School, Columbus, Ohio. Cheerleader, Symphonic Choir, Girl's 'Athletic Association, PLEAS- ANT VIEWER Staff, Tri-Hi-Y. REESE. CLARIS, JR.--Son of Mr. and Mrs. Claris Reese. Sunset Hills. RHINES, EDDIE RAY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Rhines, Route 3. Key Club, Junior Clas- sical League, American Red Cross, Football. RICE, BRENDA LEE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon F. Rice, 904 North Outer Drive. ITAKHA Staff, Assistant Circulation Man- ager, Junior Classical League, Beta Club, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play Com- mittee, Regional Math Contest, Office As- sistant, Nativity Scene. RICHMANN, PAUL-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Richmann, 2133 Murray Street. RICHTER, SARAH LOVELOCK-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Richter, 456 Oak Street. Beta Club, Anchor Club, Junior Y- Teens, Junior Classical League, 1964 School Musical. Transfer from Knoxville Catholic High School, Knoxville, Tennessee. Glee Club, History Award. RICKARD, M. MARGARET-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Rickard, 1538 Jones Avenue. RIMMER, LYNDA ANN-Daughter of Mrs. Carrie Lou Rimmer, 445 Wilder Street. HUR- RICANE Staff, Ad Salesman, Future Home- makers of America, Treasurer 1, Junior Homemaker Degree, Junior Red Cross Coun- cil, Junior Classical League, Junior Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Gennan Club, Student Council, ,Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, Grad- uation Usher, Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play Committee, Office Assistant, Nativity Scene. ROBERTSON, SALLY JEAN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Robertson, Route 1. Future Homemakers of America, Secretary 3, Junior, Chapter, and State Homemaker Degrees, T.V.A.8I. Style Show, Library Club, American High School Red Cross. RUFFNER, SARAH JANE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ruffner, 811 Crescent Street. Future- Homemakers of America, His- torian 1, Junior Homemaker Degree, Anchor l68 Club, Junior Classical League, Bowling League. RUSSELL, LINDA DARLENE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dal Russell, 714 Church Street. Future Homemakers of America, Song Leader 1, Glee Club, Concert Choir, Vice- President 2, 3, 4, Beta Club, Junior Red Cross Representative, Tennessee All-State Cho- rus 2, 3, Office Assistant. SAMS, JERRY C.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sams, 1360 Price Drive. SANDERS, WILLIAM THOMAS-Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Sanders, Jr., 2007 Eastem Avenue. Football, Key Club. Transfer from Church Hill High School, Church Hill, Ten- nessee. Football. SATTERFIELD, GALE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Satterfield, 1119 Water- crest. Anchor Club, Junior Y-Teens, Library Club, Prom Committee, Office Assistant. SCOTT, DANNY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Scott, 217 Montrose Avenue. ITAKHA Staff, Assistant Sports Editor, Football, Co- Captain 4, All Big Seven Center, Most Val- -uable Defensive Player Award, Junior Red Cross Representative, Prom Committee, Na- tivity Scene. SCOTT, DOUGLAS-Son of Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Scott, 1219 West Fifth North Street.--Beta Club. SEAGLE, JAMES C.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Seagle, Route 5. Key Club, Junior Classical League, Spanish Club, Prom Com- mittee, J unior-Senior Play Committee. SEALS, GLENDA PAULINE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Seals, Route 3. SEALS, PAUL E2-Son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Seals, 441 South Hill Street. T. S I. Club, Reporter 4, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative. SEALS, SANDRA DARLENE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Quinton H. Seals, 337 West Hillcrest Drive. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Sales- man, Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y-Teens, Sec- retary 4, Junior Classical League, Junior Red Cross Representative, Future Homemak- ers of America, Reporter 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President of Smokey Mountain Sub-re- gion 4, Junior and Chapter Homemaker De- grees, Varsity Visit, T.V.A.8I. Style Show, Junior-Senior Play Committee, Prom Com- mittee, Office Assistant, Beautification Queen Candidate. SELF, LINDA DAY-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Self, 255 Laurel Street. Future Homemakers of America, Junior Y-Teens. SEXTON, BOBBY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sexton, 816 West Fourth North Street. Transfer from Hancock High School, Sneed- ville, Tennessee. SHELTON, JOHNNY WAYNE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shelton, Route 3. SHEPARD, CAROLYN COLLINS-Daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Collins, 915 North Church Street. Future Homemakers of Ameri- ea. SHEPARD, ZORA ETHELENE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Algie E. Shepard, Route 2. SHIPLEY, MARY ELLEN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eulis Shipley, 530 Spruce Street. Future Homemakers of America, Library Club, Prom Committee, Library Assistant. Transfer from Lynch East Main High School, Lynch, Kentucky. SHIPLEY, MARY RUTH-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shipley, 823 Donna Street. Future Hornemakers of America. SHOCKLEY, KENNETH R.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Shockley, 716 Bradley Street. Football, Glee Club, Choir, 1964 School Musical. SHOCKLEY. LARRY WAYNE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Beaman Shockley, 1541 Goodwin Street. SHORT, CAROLYN JEAN-Daughter of Mrs. Hazel Short, 1521 Stetzer Circle. SHOUN, ROBERT-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shoun, 418 Montrose Avenue. Tra SIPE, PHYLLIS-Daughter of Mr. and W. E. Sipe, 622 South Henry Street. SISSON, JAMES-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sisson, 905 Scenic Drive. SISSON, THOMAS-Son of Mr. and Earl Sisson, 905 Scenic Drive. SKELTON, WAYMAN-Son of Mr. and Allie C. Skelton. 1559 Stetzer Circle. SMALLMAN, PEGGY-Daughter of Mr. Mrs. Dewles Smallman, Route 1. Basketb Junior Classical League, Future Homemak of America. SMITH, LEA WAYNE-Daughter of and Mrs. G. Wayne Smith, 1128 West Seve North Street. Junior Class Secretary, IT HA Staff, Ad Salesman, Beta Club, Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, Junior Classi League, President 2, Student Council, retary 2, Treasurer 3, Junior Red Cross R resentative, Beautification Queen Candida Prom Committee, Junior-Senior Play Com tee, Office Asisstant, Nativity Scene. SMITH, M. WAYNE-Son of Mr. and J. D. Smith, 905 Dalton Circle. Beta Hi Treasurer 2, Alpha Hi-Y, German Cl Accelerated Student at Carson-Newman lege. SMITH, SUSAN LYNN-Daughter of and Mrs. Fred H. Smith, 925 Walters Dri HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman, Typi Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers of Ameri Junior-Senior Play Committee, Prom Co tee, Nativity Scene. Tifansfer from Doby Bennet High School, Kingsport, Tenness Junior Classical League, Y-Teens, French temational Relations Club, Office Assista SNOW, JOE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Hamilton, Route 5. Future Farmers of Am ica. SPROLES, KAREN ANNE-Daughter of N and Mrs. James W. Sproles, 109 North Hi, Street. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman, Bc Club, Thespian Society, Spanish Club, F ture Teachers of America, American Hi, School Red Cross Council, Art Club, Secrets 3, Reporter 4, Prom Committee, Junior-Se ior Play Committee, Freshman-Sophomc Play, Office Assistant, Nativity Scen V.F.W. Speech Contest, Third Place. Transi from McClintock Junior High School, Ch: lotte, North Carolina. Choir, National Juni Honor Society. STITCH, JEANNE-Daughter of Col. a Mrs. Wray M. Stitch, 626 Charles Street. I ture Teachers of America, Future Hon makers of America. Transfer from Gr: Falls High School, Great Falls, Montana. Bow ing Club, Teen Buyers Club,, Chorus, Pri Committee, Future Nurses of America. STROUD, JEANIE E.-Daughter of Mrs. El abeth Moore, 709 Cave Street. Library Clu Junior Classical League, Prom Committe Library Assistant. Transfer from West Will High School, Wilkesboro, North Carolina. STUART, TERESA LYNN-Daughter of ll and Mrs. Frank Stuart, Jr., 354 Redwo Street. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Gl Club: Junior Classical League, 1964 Schm Musical. Transfer from Bulls Gap Hi School, Bulls Gap, Tennessee. Cheerleade Iartgre Teachers of America, Beta Club, Gl u . STUBBLEFIELD, DONALD-Son of Mr. a Mrs. J. P. Stubhlefield, 1328 Oak Stre Transfer from W. M. Fleming High Scho Roanoke, Virginia. Wrestling Team. STUBBLEFIELD, GERALENE-Daughter Mrs. Lucille Irene Stubblefield, 1223 Pri Drive. T. 81 I. Club. STUBBLEFIELD, JUDY DARLENE-Dang ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stubblefiel Ridgeview. Senior Y-Teens, Chaplain 4, I are Homemakers of America, Junior-Seni ay. UFFLE, VIRGINIA-Daughter of Mr. and . Paul Stuffle, Route 2. SONG, RITA STEFANIA-Daughter of r. and Mrs. Roy E. Susong, Route 1, Rus- llville. Future Homemakers of America: Jun- Classical League. BER, MARTHA ANNE-Daughter of Mr. d Mrs. G. L. Taber, 443 Spruce Street. Jun- Y-Teens: Junior Classical League: Library ub: Future Homemakers of America: Prom mmittee: Future Teachers of America: Jun- -Senior Play Committee: Office Assistant. LLEY, FESTUS, JR.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. stus Talley, Route 2, Bybee. Football, Co- ptain: All Big Seven Conference: Basket- ll: Nativity Scene. LLEY, JUDY-Daughter of Mrs. Velma lley, 1323 Lee Avenue. TE, LINDA FAYE-Daughter of Mr. and rs. George' Tate, 1460 Willow Street. YLOR, JACQUELYN ANN-Daughter of r. and Mrs. James C. Taylor, 716 Masengill enue. High School Red Cross Council, easurer. Transfer from Jonesboro High hool, Jonesboro, Tennessee. French Club: anish Club: Civinettes: Band: Sophomore ay: Dramatics Club. AGUE, RICHARD W.-Son of Mr. and rs. G. S. Teague, 1041 West Sixth North reet. Football: Prom Committee: Nativity ene. ARP, DORTHEA LEONA-Daughter of r. and Mrs. Herbert Tharp, Route 2, Tal- tt. Glee Club: Concert Choir. Transfer om Jefferson High School, Jefferson City, nnessee. Chorus: Band. OMPSON, STEVEN LARRY-Son of Mr. d Mrs. Larry Thompson, 437 Ash Street. ta Club: Key Club: Regional Math Con- t. ORN, WALTER-Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. . Thom, 708 North Highland Drive. HUR- CANE Staff, Sports Editor: Alpha Hi-Y': otball Trainer: Nativity Scene: Prom Com- ittee: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Band. NKER, MAE ELISE-Daughter of Mr. and rs. James S. Tinker, 827 Montvue Avenue. MPKINS, FRED D.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. . D. Tompkins, Route 3. Future Farmers of erica, Vice-President 2, President 3, 4. RENT, BRENDA B.-Daughter of Mr. and rs. Ellis E. Trent, 937 Marsh Street. Trans- 'r from Church Hill High School, Church lill, Tennessee. RENT, DAVID L.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. andon L. Trent, South Liberty Hill Road. Qey Club, Secretary 4: Beta Club. 'RENT, SUZANNE-Daughter of Mr. and Irs. Robert L. Trent, 100 Seminole Avenue. unior Classical League: Art Club, Secretary : German Club: Prom Committee: Junior- enior Play Committee: Beautification Queen andidate. ROY, HENRY LEE-Son of Dr. and Mrs. . Olin Troy, 1803 Morningside. HURRI- ANE Staff, Junior Editor: Hi-Y Club: Beta lub: High School Red Cross: Boys' State epresentative: Regional Math Contest: Jun- tr-Senior Play Committee: American Field ervice Exchange Student to Germany. Trans- :r from Central High School, Knoxville, Ten- essee. Freshman Class President: Mr. Fresh- tan Central High School: Basketball: Key lub: Freshman Chorus: Junior Honor So- iety: Regional Math Contest. TULLOCK, CYNTHIA P.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Tullock, Jr., 520 Memorial Avenue. ITAKHA Staff, Class Editor: Beta Club: Anchor Club: Junior Classical League: Concert Choir: Prom Committee: Junior- Senior Play Committee: 1964 School Mu- sical: Nativity Secne. VAUGHN, JEANNINE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Vaughn, 532 West Hillcrest Drive. Future Homemakers of America. Transfer from Manett High School, Manett, Missouri. Future Homemakers of America: Pep Club: Student Council: Girls' Glee Club: Debate Club: Chorus. WALKER, JOHN THOMAS-Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Dale Bacon, 2506 West Andrew John- son Highway. WAMPLER, LYNN BARRY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Wampler, Route 2. Football: Base- ball: Key Club: Prom Committee: Nativity Scene. WARD, SUE ELLEN-Ward of Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Gouge, 1015 Marsh Avenue. Library Club: Junior Red Cross: Nativity Scene: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play Com- mittee. WARREN, JIMMY D.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Ed Warren, 2118 Momingside. Track: Future Farmers of America. WATKINS, JAMES CECIL-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Watkins, Route 2, Talbott. Future Farmers of America. WATTS, SHIRLEY DARLENE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Watts, Route 1. WEMLINGER, PAUL-Son of Mr. and 'Mrs. Paul Wemlinger, 909 North Outer Drive. Foot- ball: Baseball: Nativity Scene. WHITAKER, CYNTHIA JILL-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Ralph Whitaker, 1323 North Fairmount Avenue. Junior Y-Teens: Junior Red Cross: Library Club: Future Homemak- ers of America: Chorus: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Office Assistant. WHITE, BOBBY LYNN-Son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. White, Route 2. Future Farmers of America. WHITEHEAD, LARRY-Son of Mr. Henry E. Whitehead, Route 2, Talbott. WHITESIDE, KAREN NEAL-Daughter of Mt. and Mrs. Robert N. Whiteside, 1436 Walters Drive. Future Homemakers of Amer- ica: Future Teachers of America: Junior Red Cross: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee. WHITSON, PATRICIA-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Whitson, 400 Hale Avenue. Prom Committee: Beautification Queen Candidate: Key Club Sweetheart: Junior-Senior Play Com- mittee. Transfer from Marion High School, Marion, North Carolina. WILDER, STEVE-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jes- sie B. Wilder, 340 Cleveland Avenue. Key Club, Chaplain 4: Junior Classical League: Band: Regional Math Contest. WILEY, JAMES M.-Son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wiley, 901 West Second North Street. T. 8: I. Club, Reporter: Nativity Scene. WILLIAMS, BRENDA KAY-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Williams, 431 Jarnagin Ave- nue. Library Club: Future Teachers of Amer- ica: Nativity Scene: Prom Committee: Junior- Senior Play Committee: Office Assistant: Li- brary Assistant. WILLIAMS, DONALD-Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Williams, Jr., Route 3. Future Farmers Senior Director of America, Reporter 4. WILLIAMS, LINDA FAYE-Daughter of Mr. and- Mrs. Marvin Williams, 721 South Jack- son Street. Future Homemakers of America: Office Assistant. WILSON, JAMES DAVID-Son of Mr.- and Mrs. William H. Wilson, 502 Highland Drive. ITAKHA Staff, Ad Salesman: HURRICANE Staff, Business Manager: Junior Classical League: Beta Club: Thespian Society, Vice- President 4: High School Red Cross Council, Vice-Chairman 4: Alpha Hi-Y, Reporter 3, 1964 Hi-Y District Conference President: Junior-Senior Play Committee: Prom Com- mittee: Regional Math Contest: Band: Fresh- man-Sophomore Play Committee. WILSON, MARY SUE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bewley, 1165 East Main Street. Future Homemakers of America. WINDOM, THERESA YVONNE-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Lee Windom, 132 Evans Avenue. Junior Classical League. WINN, CHARLES JEFREY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. James B. Winn, 138 Highland Drive. Beta Club: Alpha Hi-Y: Band. WITT, LINDA FAYE-Daughter of Mrr. John W. Shepard, 914 Rosedale Avenue. WOLFE, CAROL F.-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Wolfe, Route 2. Junior Classical League: Future Homemakers of America: Library Club: Driver's Education Club: Red Cross Representative: Office Assistant. WOLFE, NANCY ANN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clay W. Wolfe, 416 Hedrick Street. An- chor Club: Prom Coinmittee. Transfer from Hancock High School, Sneedville, Tennessee. Glee Club: Future Homemakers of America, Historian 2. WRIGHT, GLORIA JEAN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Wright, 1800 Pinecrest Lane. Sophomore Class Treasurer: Senior Class Secretary: ITAKHA Staff, Ad Sales- man: Bowling League: Future Teachers of America, Vice-President 4: Thespian Society, Secretary 4: Library Club: Future Home- makers of America: Junior Y-Teens: Senior Y-Teens: Junior Classical League: Red Cross Representative: Band: East Tennessee Band Clinic 2, 3, 4: Junior-Senior Play: Prom Com- mittee: Office Assistant. WRIGHT, JAMES MICHAEL-Son of Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wright, 1105 Catalonia Ave- nue. Freshman Class Vice-President: Sopho- more Class Vice-President: Junior Class Vice- President: Football: Hi-Y Club: Beta Club: Boys' State Representative: Math Contest: Prom Committee: Junior-Senior Play Com- mittee: Nativity Scene. WRIGHT, KATRINA ANN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Crockett Wright, Jr., 414 West Sixth North Street. Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative: HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Library Club, Secretary 4: Junior Y-Teens: Future Homemakers of America: W.C.T.U. Speech Contest Winner: Prom Committee: Library Assistant. WYKLE, SIDNEY-Son of Mr. and Mrs. David Wykle, 212 Mohawk Street. YOUNG, BOBBIE LYNN-Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah N. Young, 626 Montview Ave- nue. HURRICANE Staff, Ad Salesman: Jun- ior Y-Teens: Beta Club: Thespian Society: Future Teachers of America: Library Club: German Club: Freshman-Sophomore Play. lb'-7 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF WILBURN BECK-Counfy Courl Clerk HUBERT HODGE-Regisfer of Deeds ADRIAN BIBLE-Circuil' Courl Clerlc GEORGE W. JAYNES-General. MA-I-TIE PEARL DRINNON-Gerk and Sessions Judge and Juvenile Judge Masrer BILLY LAMPKIN-Sheriff GEORGE S. HALE-Trus+ee CLYDE THOMPSON-Tax Assessor Compliments of . f LEA'WAYNE KNITTING MILLS inc. V I Manufacturers of lnfants', ChiIdren's, and Misses Hosiery and Slippersocks "FOR YOUNG AMERICA" "Carried away by if?" RISACHER MCTORS, INC Ill Wes? Second Souih Sfreef Morrisiown, Tennessee Complei-e Volkswagen Aufhorized Sales and Compleie Service Savings Earn. 47, Paid Quarferly E1:F2!5'lQ.S0fV 0 EUERAL C534 VIJVGSAZVD IOAZVASSOCIAYTON , - . "2. vm- , ,I .z f i us ualilnliuuimmnllllllillw'nl '-., Hwllli , 4--.,, - .. , . 5 fv.:,':'-'1'V""' "f"" JE ' ' -7X V 1 f V! ' SA'5r:2io:'n??.2:'i4 lg ij X 'Q . 2 .. ll - ' 11", , 5 ll .V X ' I . .nil -, - 1 V -1 E .. Z! - ,....-:- Q 155 2OI EAST FIRST NORTH STREET MORRISTOWN TENNESSEE 'fi,!s,. 'WS -. "'5U"fD 5 AVI N G 5 -l- -a s Savings Earn 47, Paid Quarierly Complimenis of THE JEFFREY MANUFACTURING COMPANY nl ! 1 N I CECSFIICIIETE I MATERIALS. INCORPORATED "YOUR READY-MIXED CONCRETE PRODUCER" I527 Wesi' Firsi' NorI'I1 Sireei' PHONE 586-50ll T . 1. I 4 C0mPIIme"I5 of Complimenis of WOI.FE INSURANCE AGENCY BE-I-I-I-ROSE Au'I'o-Fire PHONE 586-4897 BEAUTY SALON Day or Nighi' I Complimenfs of E DAVIS PAINT CENTER Phone 586-064I RADIO CENTER THOMPSO'N'S PURE SERVICE STATION 830 Souih Cumberland Sfreei' Phone 586- I 3 I 5 Morrisiown, Tennessee I75 QQHITURE uuousrpw KENNFSJ- '94'lSrowN TENNES56' N' . I Z ' an 8 ' It - fx '4 'on XX .' X Nr ali' IU 'ur 47. .f E 'S O - 5 'fr s 0 . I 6 S B O j A TCCT A , SUPER DOLLAR MARKET BRADLEY'S CRESCENT CENTER DRUG STORE CRESCENT BARBER SHOP THE FABRIC SHOP GI C: d Sue Medlin are "really sold" on The beaufiful rings displayed by M HARMol1infimen'JEwELERs 'rsxzxcd ' Q T S DISTRIBUTOR TEXACO 8: FIRESTONE PRODUCTS BUY THE BEST-BUY TEXACO HAMBLEN SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 220 Wesf Main Sfreei' Training Fufure Hairdressers l MUNFORD "Do I+ Yourself S+ore" 430 Soufh Cumberland PHONE 586-2904 Morrisfown, Tennessee DAWSON'S WOMAN'S SHOP I34 Wesf Main S+ree1' PHONE 586-5732 Nafionally Adveriised Lines Complimen+s of R. L. HOLMES SHOE STORE "Your Family Shoe S+ore" DICK'S BEE LINE ALIGNMENT SERVICE Frame Siraighiening Brake Service Wheel Alignmeni' and Balancing THE MINUTE MARKET Soufh Cumberland Sireei' Phone 586-5965 DAVID WYKLE , l CAS WALKER S SUPER MARKET WE GIVE C R GREEN STAMPS LITTLE DUTCH RESTAURANT "Morris1'own's Fines+" Sou+h Cumberland Sfreei- Complimenis of FOREST PRODUCTS CORPORATION Dry Cleaning Shir+ Service MORRISTOWN LAUNDRY DRY-CLEAN ERS Cash Cify and Wide Carry Delivery COVI NGTON CARPET HOUSE Wool-Nylon-Acrilan Linoleums Draperies 2335 Wesi' Andrew Johnson Highway PHONE 586-2925 MORRISTOWN FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured SavIngs Flrsf Mor+gage Loans Wesi' FIrsI' Nor-II1 SIree'I' MOFYISIOWH Tennessee BULLEN BEST wI5I-IES SHELL SERVICE STATION STANDIFER s PI-IILLIPs 66 " A'g ' B S W e H gh ev Ph sas 9590 Com IImen s of GLEN MORE CLOTHING BROOKSPMOIQTUARY FPCIOIY Io You Sure AIrpIane Ambulance ServIce Corner of MaIn and CumberIand 444 Wes+ Mem S+ee+ Morrmown Tennessee Phone 586 32II MOFFISIOWH Tennessee JIMMYS TEXACO SERVICE WHI'I'I'YS HOBBY SHOP STATION Phone sae o9ao Model TraIns Planes Cars and Craffs Pho 586 2403 429 Ea 'I' M SI' sei' 930 AM 900 PM I , Fron'I' En I nmeni' Whee alancing Sieam Cleaning Complefe Brake e ice Andr w Johnson I w one . -1 -JZ!! NorII1 Cumberland Sheer I I I Sunsef Drive ' , . I ne - s ain r Complimenfs of DRAPERIES BY JAYNE . RADIO CENTER Compllmenfs of I- Complimenls of CREAM KITCHEN DRIVE-IN I303 Norlh Cumberland Slreei' I AND AUCTION co. and - ENGLISH ANTIQUE SHOP F Lamp Paris and Wiring S+ ' ' d B ' h' INSURANCE CO. 2403 'L1'Zl'l3 il'.,,.sc,,i'.'l'if,iff, l Q Your Dale a+- - RADIO CENTER PHONE 586-9280 I BUFFALO TRAIL Morrislown, Tennessee SKA-I-ING RINK Friday - Safurday 6:30 - I0:00 L Parfies by Appoinfmenf Phyllis Fisher and Steve Thompson never dodge lhe opporlunify fo go picuiclcing in a new I965 Dodge. FISHER MOTORS, INCORPORATED CHRYSLER IMPERIAL DODGE TRUCKS I203 Sou'l'h Cumberland Slreel' Morrislown, Tennessee Phone 586-4493 I82 WMTN Dla I3 THE BIG STATION WMTN FM GOLDEN SOUND OF MUSIC il'0Sf0llC Dealer S'Iore 23I Souih Cumberland Sireei' Morrlsfown Tennessee Cusfomer Sahsfachon Guaranfeed ' I 6 A.M. 'Io Miclnighi' Complimenis of WRAY JOHNSON GENERAL CONTRACTOR SH I PE'S AUTO SALES Andrew Johnson Highway Phone 586-7529 Bas? Wishes ANDERSON ELECTRIC CO Eleclrlcal Service JAMES L JENKINS-O ner o n 1 . W A Ton or a Carload GILLIAM COAL COMPANY PHONE 586-5480 IMPERIAL CAFETERIA 427 Easl' Main Sfreel' Finesf of Foods Delicious Homemade Pies Phone 585-995l SHOP AND SAVE SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Caialogue Sales Office Soulh Cumberland Shopping Cenlfer Phone 586 l76I BEST WISHES DAIRY QUEEN MOFFISIOWH s Family Drive ln Mk dL arry fry Io lure Sally and Janice ouf of the car by playing folk music. but 'the girls are convinced 'rhaf a ride I or" m am io 's avr o I w a he wanl' "and righlawayf' Sp SpI"froS Rly Ch oII"sh+Iy COMPLIMENTS OF SAM RILEY CHEVROLET Complimenfs of E. C. DEARING ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Phone 586-2277 Airpori Road MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE S' MURRELL TWIN EIECRVISE STATION D " BURGLAR ALARM CO. GROCERIEQJ TS P6666 586-6965 u.s. me Phone sae.9a-n MINNIS DRUG STORE RADIO CENTER "Pal Sells Pills" ALPHA MARKET Phone 586-9932 Andrew Johnson Highway Complimenfs of MODEL MOTORS, INC. and JOHNSON'S COIN LAUNDRY Easi' M ain MITCHELL HODGE ELECTRIC COMPANY "We Serve EIec+ricaIIy" Phone 586-2950 S+ree'I Morrisiown. Tennessee HAYTER OIL CO., INC. Box 39 9. I6l9 Soufh CumberIancI SI'ree'I' Phone 586-2962 Morris'I'own, Tennessee "Bu+ I 378 I 4 Complimenis of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Always Firsi Qualify 'm Afraid Io Charge IH" QUALITY CONCRETE INDUSTRIES INC. Ph 586 4402 B 1619 M + T Concrete Examples from Quality W Complimenis of W. V. IJACKI COMPTON Disfrici' Sales Manager The Wesiern and Soufhern Life Insurance Agency WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 2II Wesi' Main Sheer WEESNER REAMS CO. Furnifure Since I906 Phone 596-6902 KATHRYN'S DRESS SHOPPE Phone 586-596I III9 Soufh Cumberland Sfreei' THIS SHOPPE WAS DESIGNED WlTH"THE TEEN IN MIND F maost DAIRIES INC. FINE DAIRY FOODS Phone 586-907I Morrisiown, Tennessee HASSON-BRYAN COMPANY Wholesale Hardware Phone 586-2283 Morrisiown. Tennessee DEEYA COSMETIC STUDIO ELIZABETH HUDSON Phone 586-3368 III7 Soufh Cumberland Sfreef C-5lBSON'S MARKET Andrew Johnson Highway Phone 586-0550 Eaf AI' MA 8: PA JACKSON'S Andrew Johnson Highway NOE AUTO SUPPLY Phone ses-3093 440 Soufh Cumberland Sfreei' Morrisfown, Tennessee BRADLEY'S II h 11 . yllll et! CRESCENT CENTER - U57 Ji , 586-377l' .1 Cgzf QMHYI I .7 BRADLEY'S PRO HARDWARE -I ' 586-l873 cE ':REAMf DAIRY DIVISION PET 7 FARM STORE J 535-3392 DAIRY DIVISION I , l 1 ,pf E R K Complimenfs of COFFEY FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCE C0. l89 G. MARCUS JONES General Confracfor, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS MCKINLEY STUDIO We, your lfalrha por'rraH' phofog- raphers of upperclassmen and faculfy. proudly salufe your Horne- coming queen. 824 Wesi' Firsi' Norih S+ree'I' Phone 586-256l Morrisiown, Tennessee l I 1 31 I - 1 Morrisiown Molding Division HENRITE PRODUCTS CORPORATION Morrisfown, Tennessee Monrisiown Tool and Die Division CHET BROGAN PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY CLEANERS "Your Clofhes Bes'r Friend" 425 Wesf Firsi' Norfh S'I'reeI' Phone 586-7383 Telephone 96-2570 Morrisiown, Tennessee R128 ,EMI M?m Shed Poriraifs. Weddings. Commercial. and Color cms own' ennessee DMEHS86-570' Complimenfs of I MORNINGSIDE SHELL M 8: S SALES JOHN BROCK, Owner phone 5354509 Ihggrifxjvnvdq-?nniZZ? 425 North Cumberland Sheei' I.-.........-........ , I S E :ii E FRUITS- F R E 5 H -VEGETABLES W 1 I i'f.5 I H 1i: ',iAE 'V .. H I , T A -K fy U V' I I I ' V. .A 1, iVf" 4,i-' I 4, I I iii' ' CANN ED- IN STITUTIO NAL FOODS - FROZEN 50:5 EAST MAIN STREET fVXORI?ISTOWN,-IENNESSEE Besi' Wishes +o +h Graduaiing CI f l965 THE BERKLINE CORPORATION AND EMPLOYEES CHUCKY METALS, INC. General Manager, GEORGE E. PRICE I29 Sou'II1 Cumberland S+reeI' Morrisiown. Tennessee Complimenfs of WATTS FURNITURE COMPANY QUALITY FURNITURE FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES In Radio Cenfer Morris+own, Tennessee Complimenfs of PRATER'S Funiiure Tools Gifts Farm Equipmeni' Appliances Trucks Complimenfs of DANCE FREIGHT LINES, INC. Complimenis of TREECE AUTO SHOP Swifch Lighfs, Aufomafic Transmission. and Tune-Up 2lI5 Andrew Johnson Highway, Morrisfown, Tennessee 586-6480 , THE FARM MARKET SEED-FEED-FERTILIZER Corner Second Norfh and Cumberland B39 Norm Cumberland Shed Dial sae-336: Phone 586-7025 PATRON'S LIST Dr. Sieve L. Dolca G. Kei+l1 Purkey, C.P.A. Ci+y Marlcei' O. S. Sexfon, D.D,S. Trombley Elecfronics Will F- Baker. D.D.S. Dr. Howard Brock Isbell and Farris O. T. and Benny E. Smifh Pearl Hay!-BS John H. Kinser, M.D. JOG D. Long C. J. Duby, M.D. Sam M. Chambers, O.D. Bacon and Dugger SILVER SPUR RESTAURANT l305 Soufh Cumberland Srreef Phone 586-9080 for Orders fo Go or 'For Dining Room Reservaiions MORRISTOWN TENNESSEE w Complimems of Complimenis of cocA-coLA A 8' W Roor BEER Complimenfs of Complimenis of PARKS-BELK COMPANY LAMINITE PLASTICS Morrisiown, Tennessee LUCKY lINE ii B Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of '65 MORRISTOWN GREENEVILLE CANTWELL INSURANCE COMPANY Complel-e Insurance Service MRS. ROWENA P. CANTWELL FRANK P. CANTWELL I "Never Iafe for a dare in a I9b5 Mercury." I MORRISTOWN LINCOLN MERCURY, INC "The Besl' Place Io Trade" Phone 586-6050 Knoxville Phone 525-5792 Ancl rew Johnson Highway SUNSET BARBER SHOP Air-Condiiioned Hair-Condiiioned The Laiesf in Barbering 2I29 Wes'r Andrew Johnson Highway 586-8743 CITY SHOE SHOP HAL WILLIAMS Wesf Firsi' Norih Si-reef Morrisiown, Tennessee The bagboys are Jay Ashley. Randy Burcheff, Charles Johns. and David Winsfead. SMITH'S IGA MARKET L'nda. Jay. and Carolyn fake a ride offer school in a I965 Thunderbird from Hamblen Counfy Molor Comp HAMBLEN COUNTY MOTOR COMPANY Complimenls of Complimenls of STUBBLEFIELD BIBLE INSURANCE FUNERAL AGENCY HOME FIRE-CASUALTY-LIFE Real Es+a+e and Loans i I BURKE AND HODGES TEAGUE DRUG . Pamfs Wallpaper Building Supplies RADIO CENTER Hardware Morrisfown, Tennessee 586-5893 PHONES 586-5894 BANK OF COMMERCE HARDING E. WILLIAMS, Presidenl- NK FOR EVERYBODY A STRONG FRIENDLY BA Serving a Communi+y of Balanced Economy-Agricul+ure-Commerce-Induslry MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION HA ' lgglgpm EQTMEERS OFFICE EQUIPMENT C0 R V I22 Wesf Firsl' Norfh Sfreei- Feed-Seed-Ferfilizer phone 586-027' Morrisiown. Tennessee Morrisiown, Tennessee Phone 586-9 I4 I Carl end Eugene! The race is over and fhe PIymou+h's won-so don'f go Ihrough fha showroom Complimenis of KING SOLOMON MOTORS Morris+own, Tennessee BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF l965 MODE RN UPHOLSTERED CHAIR COMPANY and Employees L .I RUGEL MANUFACTURING Complimenfs of' Church Furniiure S Phone 586-2530 "Your Sanifone CIeaners" Morrisfown Tennessee ADVANCE MUSIC CO. Televisions TRAVIS CABINET Records Record Players . . Radios Cusiom Bunii Knichens Dealers 'For RCA Vicior, Zenifh and Moforola our Speciahy 243 Wesi, Main S,h,ee+ WOODROW TRAVIS-Proprieior Me,-,is-gown Tennessee 420 Dice Sfreef Phone 586-0860 CORD I Jamie Burneh' and Dennis Inman never 'frown wifh a Royal Crown . . . King Size Ihafis. Complimenis of R. C. COLA BOTTLING COMPANY JOHN CLAWSON, Dis+ribuIor Complimenis of FABRIC CARE CENTER Nexi' Io George's MarIceI' on Easf Main and SPEED WASH in Radio Cenfer Two convenieni' Iocaiions 'ro do your coin operafed Dry Cleaning and Laundry 1 I I I H 1 Mary Elizabefh Hill. loaded down wifh books. appreciaies Denny ScoH's couriesy and his I965 Grand Prix. PRICE MOTORS, INC. Ponfiac-Cadillac-G M C Trucks 9II Sou'I'I1 Cumberland SI'ree'I' MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE J. W. RIPPETOE COMPANY Insurance and Real Esfafe I27 Norfh Henry Sheer WEST END LANES Dial 586-6l6I I Complimenfs of Complimenfs of TENNESSEE TRAILWAYS, INC. Go Trailways! Charler Bus Service Educafional . . . Excifing . . . Economical FAST FREQUENT DAILY SCHEDULES 7l0 Sevier Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee PHONE 525-029l or 523-l923 Complimenis of STOCK YARDS SUPPLY COMPANY "The Only Exclusive Sfoclr Yards Supply House in 'lhe U. S. A." I- I Phone 586-259 I Phone 586-2 I 63 CBS RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE and GRAY SEAL PAINT COMPANY "I+ Cos'rs Less 'ro Pain'r Wifh The BesI"' 208 Moniview Avenue MORRISTOWN SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS 4340 EasI' Main SI'reeI Phone 586-62lI Morris+own, Tennesse Complimenis of PANTHER STEEL COMPANY Andrew Johnson Highway EasI P. O. Box I603 Phone 586-7654 Morrisfown, Tennessee Complimenfs of STETZER'S Funeral Home Morrisfown, Tennessee "Service Since I 902" L I Complimenfs of CHEROKEE PLAZA MOTEL Complimenis of MILLS DRY CLEANERS US. H-E 586-7890 II.I Easf Fiffh Norih Jefferson Ciiy, Tennessee N-f-2:21:35 TV-Telephone-Air Condilioning-Swimming Pool THE HURRICANE DRIVE-IN "A Grea+ Place 'For Greal' Food" Phone 586-5592 Knoxville Highway R. M. ROGERS COMPANY "The lv1an's Siore Since I897" ARROW SHIRTS NUNN-BUSH SHOES KINGMYER MOTOR INN MOTEL - HOTEL coMBlNATloN Serving Fine Foods Phone 586-9332 Morrisiown, Tennessee MEMBER A. H. A. Complimenfs of FRANK'S TAXI 81 DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 586-l800 CompIimen'I's of Congrafulaiions CROSBY-HENDERSON Jobbers of Cifies Service Producis TRANSPORTATION COMPANY P, O, Box I375 Direci' or Conneciing Mofor Mo'-risfown' Tennessee Freighi' Service +o AII I'I1e Nafion " " ' """"'l CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR JOBBING COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Morrislown. Tennessee ARTISTE' BEAUTY SALON COX'S SPORTING GOODS Morrislown Exclusive Sporling Goods ELSIE RUCKER SANDRA MOSS Cenlel' SANDY LONG PAULINE COX 239 Wesl' Main Slreel' Phone 586-2073 VERA TATE DELPHENIA COX Morrisfown Tennessee I 33 Wesl' Firsl' Norfh Sfreel' TROBAUGH FLORIST and Jewelers Since l893 CLIFTON'S, INC. . . 'I I Morrisl'own's Largesl' and Leading Florisl' Sogirivlle -A-ennessee Special lnvilalion +o High School Sluclenls cms own' ennessee 80l Easl' Second Norih Phone 586-94l3 i MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT FREELS DRUG STORE Phone 586-695I Free Delivery In The Heari' of Morrisfown JOE A. WAYMAN CO. AsphaI'I' Paving II36 Easi' Main Sireei Morrisfown. Tennessee Phone 586-5953 gill? 60. I09 Easi' Main Sfreei PIANOS o ALLEN ORGANS STEINWAY o EVERETT o CABLE NELSON Morrisfown, Tennessee QUINTON'S SINCLAIR STATION Andrew Johnson Highway Phone 586-9866 Morrisfown, Tennessee PORTER'S TIRE SERVICE General Tire Disfribuior INew, Used, Recap Tires for Your Jalopy or CacIiIIacI Complimenfs of DR. W. D. JAYNES OPTOMETRIST II9 Norfh Cumberland Sfreef Complimenfs of 'Ihe CRAFT SHOP MorrisI'own's New Giff Cenfer I339 Norih Cumberland Sfreei' Complimenis of OAKES MOTOR COMPANY Your Dealer for Buick, Oldsmobile, and Rambler Morrlsfown, Tennessee mm Complimenls of PRATER OIL COMPANY T. W. PRATER, JR. Morrislown, Tennessee MIDTOWN MOTORS Qualify Cars l3l3 Norfh Cumberland Sireei' Morrisfown, Tennessee Phone 586-6350 DON BUNCH Owner HOWE MOTEL Morrisfown, Tennessee l6ll Andrew Johnson Highway ll-E Air Conclilionecl Room Phones Free T.V. in Rooms Commercial Men Are Always Welcome" Complimenfs of PUTT-PUTI' GOLF COURSE Phone 586-6002 I . W C R K The Voice of Communify Service BEWLEY'S PURE OIL STATION AND GARAGE II55 NorI'h Cumberland Sheer PHONE 586-72I3 Compleie Mechanic Service REAL ESTATE BUILDING CONTRACTOR VAUGHN REALTY G. DELMER VAUGHN. Broker 2I3I Wesi Andrew Johnson Highway Morris+own, Tennessee 586-04I4 For LancI's Sake, Drop In! BALLANCE CHEVROLET CO. HOWARD BALLANCE Morrisiown, Tennessee and Knoxville, Tennesse Morrisfown Phone 586-366I Complimenfs of P. TAYLOR COMPANY Main Sfreef I HAUN'S BARBER SHOP Radio Cenfer Buffalo Trail "We Need Your Head in Our Business" CompIimen+s of SHELBY WILLIAMS OF TENNESSEE, INC. 5303 Tennessee Blvd. Morrisiown, Tennessee COUNTRY HAM FROM GOODSON 8: MAYES 70I Wesi' Third Nor'l'h Sireei Morrisiown. Tennessee MASENGILL AGENCY Insurance and Real EsI'a'Ie Phone 586-6653 R. P.. MASENGILL W. C. "BILL" JONES JOHNNY McCRARY CAMERON'S GULF SERVICE Souih Cumberland SIree'l' aI Scenic Drive Phone 586-86I0 I i ECONOMY AUTO ASSOCIATE 1 STORE C. PAUL DEAKINS 432 S. Cumberland Sfreef Morrisiown, Tennessee GEORGE H. HATFIELD - Aurhorized Underwood Agenr 3l5 Nor+h Cumberland Sireel' Morrisiown, Tennessee MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALERS Appalachian Hardwoods l23 Wesi' Firsr Norrh Srreei' Exporrers of Walnul' Pl"0"'e 5864463 Oak and Ash Veneer Logs Morrislown Tennessee Specializing in Sleamed Walnur Lumber all grades, 4X4 rhrough I2f4 EARL RUGEL WOODWORKING COMPANY CHURCH FURNITURE Phone 475-3030 Jefferson Ci+y. Tennesse Complimenis of "BUSTER" RIPPETOE RADIO CENTER REALTY COMPANY "Jus+ Real Esl'al'e" I052 Sourh Cumberland Srreei- Morrisfown Tennessee GEORGE'S MARKETS H 81 H SERVICE AND Complimenfs of SUPPLY DlCK'S "We Never Close" U TEXACO PRODUCTS I Soufh Cumberland Shoppmg Cenfer Cresceni- Shopping Cenier Easi' Main S'l'ree1' 586-284 I Phones 586-2842 HALE 81 POWELL FARM CENTER l28 Easi' Second Souih S'l'ree1' Morrisiown, Tennessee THE BLOSSOM SHOP We Sell Beau+y 4l5 Wesi Firsi Norih S+ree+ 586-0733 PHONES 586-0734 Nighf and Sundays 586-0288 l GALBREATH'S MILLEN GARAGE BUILDERS IST CHOICE BREAD I204 E- Magnolia Avenue is now made exclusively wiih Knoxville, Tennessee p0LY-UN5ATURA1'ED Phone 576-644I ALL VEGETABLE OIL ff?W!'7ff?'l' 'EQZE FEE? ':" 4 ' f" ' Y I - XXI 'M' I2 ""I'f'I-'I an 'I"l" F MIM 'I 's1 III iii "'1 .-I'-l"'I RI' ,I I iiix Hmm I' " fc' e Elie -Ii-I-I IIE -W gmgQ'VIXE 'N M , I : Ei 'T 1, - eeee f A A -Nw . 1 .,. .XXNVAM ly X Q 3 CompIimen'I's of THE MAGNAVOX COMPANY Morrisfown TSHUGSSGG J- 2I6 Harrie? Harris, Anne Thompson. Susan Craffon. Phyllis Fisher. Mary Ann Isbell. Claudia Capps. Kay Kinser, Mary Elizabefh Hill, Marfha Ann Magill, and Kaye McGufl'ln. NOT PICTURED: Lea Wayne Smiih and Jonnle Smilh. COMPLIMENTS OF SEVEN 81 SIX CLUB Saahd: Lorraine Reeves, Elaine Price. Judy Sfubblefield, Judy Harrison, Sandra Hall, Sheri Ricker, and Darlene Seals. Sfandingz Johnny Thompson lsweelhearfl, Becky Penland. Barbara Burke, Pal Rauberls. Dianne Charles, Laurie Guyefle. Pal Whilson. Janis Brock. Judy Hay- ier, Billy Harrison lsweefhearfl. COMPLIMENTS OF VANITY GIRLS Sealed: Anne Bacon, Jane Pafferson, Donna Ramsey, Karen Davis, Janel' Bunch, Brenda Klser, Beily Davis. and Carolyn Hurt Slanding: Dana Wampler lsweefhearfi, Darlene Smilh, Jamie BurneH. Pal' Bireley, Sue Medlin, Kafhy Turner, Becky Van Gilder, Helen Read. Marilyn Douniz, Linda Hayfer, Frances Carfer, Carla Goan, Betsy Wilson, Carolyn SCOH, and Danny Surber lsweeflxearli. COMPLIMENTS or TEEN-ETTE CLUB 12 k i Sealed: Teresa Daniels, Susan Smilh. Becky Gralz, Sandy Jones. Judy Wagner, Bobbie Vance. ana Barbara Vaughn. Shading: Larry Anderson lsweefhearrl, Robbie Quinlan, Jan Jones. Brenda Dearing, Diana Dearing, Janice Pangle, Marianna Ewing, and Danny Scofl' lsweelhearll. COMPLIMENTS or SUB-DEB CLUB 2 "H will run beHer if +he kick-sfand is up!" MORRISTOWN SPEED AND SPORT BSA-Ducaii-Norfon Moforcycles McCulloch Chain Saws Used Cars SALES-SERVICE-REPAIRS 230I Wes+ Andrew Johnson Highway Phone 535-0543 Morrisfown, Tennessee - EATON'S VENDORS Drinks Served wifh Ice Candy and Cigarefies Vending Machines I504 Trade Sfreei D. V. EATON-Owner . E MERHOFF-STRATE AGENCY QUINTON OIL COMPANY ' .35 Wg','iilZiUI3ZTi Andrew Johnsen Highway Morris'rown, Tennessee Morrisfown, Tennessee Among ih l965 Gr d ies are Judy Dunsmoro and Eddie Rhines. niece and nephew of Mrs. Wrighf. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF I965 from RADIO CENTER BEAUTY SHOP MYRTLE WRIGHT-Owner ii. A Biddle, William H. ' ..... . 25, 83 Breeding, Mrs. Yater 22, 74 Briggs, Ronald ........ 27, 45, 124 Biown, Mrs. Barbara ...... 24, 55 Brown, Charles .......... .... 8 , 27 Brown, Mrs. Elisa ... ..... 24 Brummitt, Mrs. Emma .. .... .. 25, 50 Carter, Mrs. Edna 21, 57 Catron, Aileen ...... . . 24, 65 Catton, Grace ...... . ....... 27, 43 Conkin, Mrs. John R. .. 23, 62, 63, 113 Cupp. Mrs. Harry 24, 55 Davis, Burleigh ..... . . . 25, 86 Davis, Mrs. Burleigh . . ...... 23 DeBuak, Mrs. L. M. .. .... 27, 71 Dougherty, Joe Q. .. ..... . 21 Fisher, Russell ...... . ....... 21 Francis, Wendell E. .... 22, 51 Frye, Mrs. Lola .... ...... 2 1 Abbott, Adams, Joan, 34, 36, 48, 120 Bill, 92, 99, 154 Adams, David A., 92, 154 Adaxns, David P., 154 Adams, Michael, 44, 65, 138 Adkins, Donna, 154 Ailshie, Eugene, 44, 82, 120 Ailshie, Pat, 81, 82, 148 Allen, Barbara, 154 Allen, Judy A., 120 Allen Jud K 138 Facult Gaddis, James 1-1. ... ..... 21 Gibson, Meredith : ....... . . . . . . . . 92 Goddard, Mrs. Ruth S. . . . . . . 21, 128 Gray, Misa Leah Ann . . ...... 23 Hale, Misa Charles Grace . . . . . . 25 Helms, William 0. ............ 21 Hilten, Mrs. Sarah 23 Holder, Frank ...... ' 26, 35, 36, 95 Horner, Miss Jane . ...... ..... .. 23 Humphreys, Samuel H. . . . . 25, 31, 86 Joinea, Randall ..... - . . . 23, 36 Jones, Mrs. Henry . . . ..... . . . . 21, Jones, Mrs. John K. .... . . . . 23, 37, 58 Keezel, William B. . . . . . . . . 27, 94, 100 Kelley, Mrs. Zona H. . . . . . . . . 67 Kilgore, Miss Anna B. . . . . . . 43 King, John Thomas ..... . . . 49 Long, Edward C. .... . . . 26 Mc-Donald, Donald D. . . . . . . 86 Index McKinley, Mrs. H. Evan Masengill, Mrs. Ralph, Jr. .. Miller, Odus J. ... .... ...... Northern, Mrs. John A. .... . Oakes, Roy S. .............. . Ottinger, Miss Jo Ellen .. 23, Pearson, Kenneth V. ......... Pemberton, Jack .... .... Phillips, James M. Phillips, Mrs. James . 22, 27, I-i, Prater, Tracy . ..... ... ...... Quarles, Gene ...... ... Riner, Joseph . .... ..... Roark, Mrs. Nancy .......... Ruth, Denver J. ........... . Rutherford, Mrs. Madge H. ,... Saulsbury, James L, ...... Sharpe, Ralph Wesley ..... Shaver, Mrs. Phyllis ..... . Student Index Beene, Ronnie, 92, 93, 154 Beats, Paul, 148 u Y -- Allen, Linda, 36, 40, 56, 60, 120 Allen, Malcolm, 49, 138 Alston, Kennefh, 72, 148 Alvis, Dennis, 148 Alvis, James, 120 Alvis, Karen, 42, 82, 148 Amos, David, 120 Anderson, Larry, 34, 36, 49, 62, 120, 217 Anderson, Linda, 148 Anderson, Mark, 51, 82, 154 Antrican, Elaine, 138 Antrican, Gary, 92, 154 Arnold, Dixie, 154 Becta, Janet, 54, 70, 154, Beers, Rebecca, 65, 66, 148 Beier, Carolyn, 35, 50, 65, 148 Bell, Jane, 71, 138 Bellamy, Jane, 82 Benning, Gail, 50, 65, 70, 82, 108, 148 Benning, Michael, 15, 87, 108, 121 Bentley, Lynn, 154 Berry, Beverly, 64, 75, 148 Bewley, Andrea, 154 Bible, Cecilia, 33, 36, 48, 56. 121 Bible, Kathy, 50, 62, 64, 83, 154 Birchfield, Gary, 148 Bireley, Patricia, 70, 138, 217 Bishop, Daniel, 148 Bishop, Jeanne, 32, 36, 38, 56, 60, 62, 121, 105 Bivens, Amy, 36, 48, 138 Bivens, Tam, 92, 154 Black, Judith, 40, 70, 121 Blackburn, Gary, 12, 30, 33, 34, 36, 49, 62, 82, 105, 121 Blair, Jerry, 148 Blair, Linda, 36. ss, so, 68, 83. 138 Brooks, William, 72 Brotherton, Brenda, 148 Brown, Nancy, 52, 121 Broyles, Joyce, 68, 138 Broyles, Sandra, 121 Bruce, Robert, 64, 94, 148 Bryant, Glenn, 6, 121 Bryant, Larry, 65, 148 Bryant, Sharon, 42, 64 , 71, 148 Buchanan, Dana, 154 Buchanan, David, 73, 94, 122 Buchanan, Susan, 138 Buda, Anne, 54, 60, 70, 122 Buell, Dean, 72, 122 Buell, Nancy, 148 Bullion, Theresa, 64, 68, 148 Bunch, Janet, 33, 36, 38, 60, 63, 122, 217 Bunch, Kenneth, 72, 148 Bunch, Norma, 154 Burchell, Diane, 52, 139 Burchett, Charotte, 154 Burchelt, Patricia, 122 Burchett, Randall, 148, 198 Burchett, Robert, 154 Burke, Barbara, 40, 216 Burnett, Ann, 64, 154 26, 27, 25, 25, 32. 80 41 25 26 21 48 Smith, Mrs. Betsy Hyatt ....... Smith, Mrs. Eleanor .......... 2 Smith, Mrs. Eugene .. 27, 31, 38 Smith, Eugene .............. 24 Smith, Mrs. Mable ........ 25, Spiggle, Mrs. Jo Anne ........... Stambaugh, Mrs. Jim .... 14, 26 Stockely, John M., Jr. .. 23, 37 Strange, Charles H. .... ...... . Taylor, Mrs. Hugh M. 24 Thompson, Mrs. Vera .. .. 22, Vance, Dr. Carl T. .. ...... Watkins, Mrs. Evelyn 23, Weesner, Murrell .. 22, 20, 30, White, Mrs. Amy . ......... 22, Williams, Mrs. Maurice .... 25, Williams, Raymond . ..... 26, 51 Wilson, Mrs. Elizabeth, ........ Wolfe, Mrs. Crilla ..... ....... Caraon, Susan, 65, 66, 149 Carter, Frances, 36, 48, 58, 62, 65, 139, 217 Carter, Gary, 149 Carter, Marilyn, 64, 154 Carter, Richard, 64, 92, 154 Carter, Sherrian, 122 Carter, William, 94, 122 Carton, Deborah, 38, 149 Carton, Shelia, 122 Case, Phyllis, 154 Cash, Angels, 54, 70, 154 Casteel, Polly, 122 Catron, Linda, 50, 64 Cecil, Carl, 122 Chamberlain, Merle, 92, 154 Chambers, Clayton, 52, 122 Chambers, Sandra, 66, 149 Champ, Patricia, 68, 75, 149 Chance, John, 64, 92, 154 Chance, Ronald, 139 Chance, Sandra, 123 Charles, Charles Christian, Douglas, 155 Clahorn. Jimmy, 73, 94, 96, 123 Clark, Gloria, 149 Dianne, 30, 32, 123, 216 Robert, 51, 58, 64, 82, 155 Arwood, Linda, 138 Atwood, William, 154 Asbury, Connie., 154 Ashley, Carolyn, 120 Ashley, Jay, 138, 198 Ashley, Sandra, 148 Atkins, Patricia, 154 Arm. Ayers, David, 138 'Lynn, 78, 78, 120 B Bacon, Anne, 33, 36, 48, 62, 105, 120, 217 Bacon, Brenda, 36, 38, 60, 120 Bacon, James, 120 Bacon, Joseph, 49, 138 Baker, Jackie, 154 Baker, Lynn, 66, 154 Bales, Delores, 154 Blair, Thomas, 96, 121 Blake, Darla, 50, 65, 82, 148 Blake, Sharon, 68 ' Bolinger, Davina, 36, 38, 75, 138 Bolinger, Marilyn, 148 Bowers. Robert, 121 Bowie, Susan, 138 Bowlin, James, 154 Bowlin, Jimmy D., 154 Brabston, Julia, 154 Bradley, Billy, 148 Bradley, B. B., 65, 83 Bradley, Duggan, 51, 83, 148 BradY. Joyce, 138 Brady, Ronald, 52, 138 Brady, Velma, 121 Brady, Wayne, 44, 121 Branton, Randall, 138 Braawell, Robert, 64, 154 Bray, Patricia, 148 Bray, Robert, 95, 99, 148 Burnett, Jamie, 36, 38, 56, 58, 202, 211 Burnett, Joyce, 122 Burns, James, 154 Burns, Janice, 122 Bales, Patricia, 120 Ballance, Collin, 35, 36, 49, 82, 83, 120 Banner, Iris, 148 Banner, Rita, 154 Barbee, Jancie, 50, 54, 64, 148 Barbee, Patricia, 36, 48, 60. 120 Barding, Bradco, 72, 94, 120 Barnard, Johnny, 148 Barton, Carole, 60. 66, 138 Baxleym, Brenda, 40, 56, 68, 120 Baxley, Steve, 138 Baxter, James, 44, 96, 97, 138 Baxter, Johnny. 154 Beal, Nancy, 138 Beam, Mark, 154 Beam, Robert, 148 Beasley, Jacqueline, 60, 74, 81, 83, 120 Beck, Toni, 40, 58, 74, 121 Beckner, Carolyn, 138 Beene, Bill, 87 Beene, Donnie, 154 220 Breeden, Gary, 121 Breeding, Donna, 50, 65, 68, 148 Breeding, Lynn, 64, 99, 154 Breeding, Virginia, 64, 154 Brewer, Terry, 36, 44, 121 Bridges, Ray, 73 Brimer, Tony, 35, 49, 121 Britt, Janie, 54, 58, 64, 70 Burrell, Cameron, 154 Byard, Clyde, 92, 154 Byrd, Betty, 139 Byrd, Ronnie, 148 C Cagle, Patricia, 139 Cain, Kathy, 50, 82, 148 71, 139, Caldwell, Carolyn, 50, 64, 66, 75, 154 Calfee, Linda, 139 Cameron, Carolyn, 38, 60, 139 Cameron, Patricia, 154 Cannon, Betty, 122 Cannon, Clyde, 51, 64 Cannon, Frankie, 54, 66, 139 Cantwell, Rusty, 93 Capps, Claudia, 35, 36, 45, 48, 92, 139, 144, 216 Capps, Darrell, 139 Capps, John, 73 Cardwell, Jean, 36, 48, 122 Carlisle, Carole, 148 Carlyle, Sue, 52, 122 Clark, Jane Ann, 36, 48 Clark, Martin, 139 Clarkson, Donna, 42, 155 Clarkson, Venus, 68, 149 Clement, Hugh, 96, 155 Clevenger, Elizabeth, 155 Clevenger, Rita, 155 Click, Gary, 123 Cloar, Jack, 64, 155 Cluhb, Kathryn, 56. 66, 123 Clubb, Thomas, 149 Coates, James, 123 Cobble, Brenda, 40, 56, 60, 68, 123 Cobble, Johnny, 155 Cobble, Ronald, 139 Cockrum. Johnny, 155 Cody, Eddie, 73, 139 Coffey, Burtcbel, 72, 149 Coffey, Dearl, 139 Cogdill, Jack, 72, 149 Brittain, Ann, 50, 54, 64, 154 Britton, Donald, 82, 138 Brock, Elizabeth. 58, 65, 83, 148 Brock, Janis, 138, 216 Brooks, Allan, 154 Brooks, David, 92, 154 Brooks, Carolyn, 138 Brooks, Delores, 154 Brooks, Joe, 86, 92, 138 Brooks, Joyce, 52, 121 Brooks, Judith, 54, 60, 70, 121 Brooks, Nomta, 138 Brooks, Ronald, 138 Carmichael, Susan, 36, 38, 66, 82, 139 Carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter, Gary, 148 Glen, '13 Jaymie, 122 Jimmy, 154 John, 139 June, 42, 43, 62, 148 Linda, 122 Reds, 66, 148 Thomas, 139 Carroll, Jack, 154 Carroll, Jerry, 64, 154 Carson, Steve, 139 Cogdill, Linda, 6, 33, 123 Cohen, Jan, 38, 58, 65, 149 Cole, Cary, 87, 139 Cole, Mike, 92, 155 Cole tricia, 155 , Pa Collake, Mike, 139 Collins, Brenda, 60, 75, 82, 149 Collins, Mary, 52 " Collins, Paulette, 68, 149 36, 40, 66, 67, Collins, Robert, 51, 92. 155 Collins, Sharon, 155 Collins, Sondra, 36, 54, 56, 82, 139 Combs, Rick, 139 Combs, Steve, 92, 155 Compton, Michael, 64, 83, 155 Compto Compto n, Sharon, 58, 149 n, William, 86, 93, 139 Conway, Warren, 92, 155 Cook, Berdie D., 100, 101, 123 Cook, Henry, 139 Cooper, Brenda, 149 Dunlap per, Cheryl, 70, 155 e, Carol Ann, 123 a, Nancy, 155 e, Sandra, 149 eland, Richard, 49, 139 nwell, Larry, 94 on, Frank, 155 Drinnon, Carolyn, 124, 149 Drinnon, Charles, 73 Drlnnon, Jerry, 73, 149 Drinnon, Mavis, 124 Duby, Lawrence, 34, 36, 49, 140 Duby, Timothy, 51, 58, 155 , Mickey, 149 Goodman, William, 155 Goodson, Steve, 51, 95, 149 Gouge, Thomas, 140 Graham, Glenna, 12, 32, 36, 61, 62, 105, 126, 178 Gralnik, Terryl, 65, 140 Grata, Rebecca, 33, 92, 111, 126, 217 son, Judy, 54, 68 son, Lynn, 42, 71, 100, 149 ie., Bin, 73 ch, Mike, 139 ch, Suzanne, 82, 155 rtney, Isaac, 93, 149 rtney, Ronnie, 155 ington,.Donald, 72, 139 ingtnn, Joan, 36, 38, 123 ington, Ronald, 65, 139 an, Calvin, 155 an, Vickie, 123 , C , E x, L xart, harles, 149 , Douglas, 87, 149 arlene, 66, 155 ois, 66, 155 Janis , 149 fton, Susan, 34, 36, 48, 117, 123, 16 ine, Charles, 73, 155 nford, Johnny, 30, 35, 36, 36, 95, 39 anford, Patricia, 40, 92, 123 eech, Mary Will, 64, 148 ews, Terry, 99, 155 itler, Dennis, 73 ider, Rebecca, 68, 149 igger, Marilyn, 68, 139 'gger, Patsy, 155 ittenden, George, 155 oley, Alice, 66, 139 omwell, David, 123 oss, Billy, 72, 123 oss, Charles, 149 ss, Johnny, 72, 139 oss, Linda, 155 lswhite, Brenda, 149 mmings, Robert, 139 miingham, Brenda, 123 upp, Carolyn, 54, 66. 155 opp, Judy, 54, 66. 149 ureton, Garland, 123 utshall, Lonnie, 124 utshall, Suella, 42, 149 utshaw, Linda, 69, 139 utshaw, Patricia, 155 D aniel, Charlotte, 124 aniela, Theresa, 82, 139, 217 arden, Drew, 36, 48. 32. 139 Dunsmore, Judy, 68, 124, 219 Dyer, Gloria, 70, 149 Dyer, Shirley, 125 Eaton, Karen, 79, 82, 149 Edwards, Donald, 51, 64, 155 Edwards, Janice, 140 Elkins, Brenda, 54, 62, 64, 149 Elkins, Judith, 75, 125 Eller, Delores Ann, 149 Eller, Diane, 125 Eller, Elizabeth Ann, 40, 125 Elliott, Charles, 149 Ellison, Patricia, 54, 125 Elmore, Dennis, 149 Epps, Eddie, 125 Eroulu, Aydin, 15, 44, 93, 108, 125 Erwin, Randall, 92 Estes, Bearnice, 125 Estes, Robert, 125 Estes, Shirley, 149 Everhart, June, 140 Ewing, Marianna, 36, 48, 67, 140, 217 F Faddis, Margaret, 149 Farmer, Allen, 155 Farmer, Betty, 54, 60, 64, 155 Farris, Shari, 50, 64, 82, 83. 155 Ferguson, Brenda, 65, 70, 140 Ferguson, Erma, 140 Ferguson, Lauretta, 125 Ferguson, Terry, 70, 155 Fields, Sue, 40, 54, 70, 125 Fields, Susan, 31, 50, 68, 155 Gray, Dana, 126 Gray, Judy, 65, 66, 149 Greene, Adrian, 44, 72, 126 Greene, Arles, 140 Greene, Carol, 66, 155 Greene, Eudola Hensley, 126 Greene, Karen, 64, 82, 149 Greene, Larry, 140 Greene, Phillip, 73, 99, 155 Greene, Richard, 126 Greene, Sharon, 70, 155 Gregg, El oise, 126 Gregg, Johnny, 141 GNK8. Mary, 149 Grekb Sandra, 141 Gre ory, Stanley, 149 I Griffen, Jerry, 155 Griffen, Linda, 155 Griffith, Elizabeth, 150 Griffith, Odis, 6, 126 Grigsby, Gerry, 126 Grooms. James, 150 Helton, Patricia, 36, 48, 127 Hemphill, George, 87, 150 Henderson, Janie, 141 Henson, Jacqueline, 156 Henson, Linda, 66, 75, 150 Henson, Tommy, 156 Hickey, Roger, 141 Hicks, Michael, 92, 156 Higgins, Dorman, 64, 82, 93, 150 Hileman, Anne, 33, 36, 39, 56, 68, 69. 106. 127 Hileman, Janet, 66, 156 Hill, James, 156 Hill, Kathy, 156 Hill, Linda, 156 Hill, Mary Elisabeth, 32, 36, 47, 48, 70, 71, 127, 203, 216 Hilten, Robert, 44, 141 Hinkle, Barbara, 141 Hinkle, Lloyd, 156 Hipshire, James, 44, 127 Hipshire, Larry, 150 Hipshire, Marilyn, 150 Hipshire, Romana, 38, 68, 141 Hodge, Pauline, 52 Hodge, Billie, 156 Hodge, Carol, 150 Hodge, Connie C., 127 1-lodge, Connie J., 64, 68, 150 Fisher, Margaret, 50, 64, 82, 155 Fisher, Phyllis. 34. 43. 140. 132. 215 Flack, Fleeno Lewis, 99, 149 r, Ann, 42, 70, 149 arnell, David, 73, 92, 155 avidson, Brenda. 149 avis, avis, mmmmmmmm Dennis, 36, 49, 140 Davis, Dorothy, 65, 124 Davis, Douglas, 33. 35. 35. 46. 49. 124 hvis, Jama, 66, 82, 149 Javis, Greg, 49, 124 Javis, Karen, 124, 217 Javis, Larry, 155 Javia, Len, 73, 99 Javis, Michael, 124 Javis, Patricia, 155 Javis, Phyllis, 42, 68, 155 Davis, Tommy, 86, 88, 93, 105. 112. 117, 124 Dawson, Lynn, 96, 98 Day, Rita, 54, 149 Dean, Jay, 99, 149 Dean, Jo Ann, 66, 155 Dean, John, 86, 149 Dean, Patrick, 72, 99, 149 Dean, Sandra, 64, 155 Dearing, Brenda, 50, 70, 149, 217 Dearing, Diana, 30, 33, 36. 43. 66. 100, 101, 104, 109, 112, 124, 217 Dearing, Edna, 155 Dearing, Freddie, 149 DeArmond, Barbara, 56, 124 Delph, Bascom, 149 Demko, Rebecca, 64, 155 DeMonbreum, Carol, 68, 74. 100. 140 Deniston, Donna, 64. 66. 155 Dennis, Billy, 155 Dennis, Donna, 155 Dennis, Dwight fAugie1, 94, 140 Denton, Sonny, 155 Depew, Wanda, 6,8, 149 Dickerson, Brenda, 124 Dickerson, David, 51,'149 Dickerson, Hughie, 731 155 Dixson, Agnes, 149 Dixon, Cynthia, 50, 60, 68, 83, 155 Doks, Pat, 155 Doty, Donald, 72 Dountx, Douglas, 116 Dountz, Marilyn, 36. 48. 124, 217 Douthat, Gale, 99, 149 Drake, Lynn, 149 Drake, Shirley, 155 Draper, Stanley. 87 Drinnon, Ann, 140 Drlnnon, Brenda, 149 Floyd, Linda, 52, 125 Floyd, Sarah, 155 Flynt, Jo Ellen, 125 Foard, Susanne, 82. 140 Folsom, Thomas, 64, 155 Folsom, Theodore, '36, 125 Foshie, Gary, 140 Foust, Russell, 36, 49, 93, 140 Fox, Betty, 140 Fox, Frederick, 149 Fox, Joyce, 64, 149 Fox, Lonnie, 87, 140 Fox, Mary, 140 Fox, Tommy, 125 Francisco, Rita, 70, 149 Franklin, George, 155 Franklin, Sandra, 125 Franklin, Terry, 42, 68, 149 Frazier, Barbara, 82, 140 Frazier, Randy, 52, 137 Free, Bill, 86, 149 Free, Bobby. 155 Free, Judy, 125 Freeman, Charles, 73, 155 Freeman, Ginger, 38, 65, 68, 140 Freeman, Tedlord, 125 French, Curtis, 125 French, Robert, 73, 155 Fuller, David, 72, 125 Fuller, James, 155 Fullington, Carrie, 125 Fullington, Jimmy, 73, 155 G Gaby, Linda, 54, 64, 149 Gantt, Jackie, 149 Gardener, Grady, 73, 140 Gaston, Stuart, 140 Gault, Donald, 126 Gentry, Della, 64, 155 Gentry, Earlene, 54, 70, 140 Gentry, Janice, 54, 66, 155 Giannini, Chris, 149 Gibbons, Michael, 64, 149 Gibson, Ann, 36, 48, 68, 140 Gibson, Barbara, 126 Gibson, Linda, 126 Gibson, Steve, 149 Gibson, Sylvia, 68, 155 Gilbert, Joseph, 126 Giles, Jimmy, 126 Gilliland, Virginia, 126 Gilmer, David, 140 Givens, Debbie, 82, 83, 149 Gjcdde, David, 64, 83, 155 Glass, David, 44, 62, 64, 149 Goan, Carla, 36, 48, 68, 140, 217 Goan, Mary, 155 Goan, Richard, 149 Goan, Thurmond, 44, 126 Golden, Joyce, 140 Golden, Judy, 52, 70 Good, Margery, 126 Guice, Donald, 64, 155 Gwinn. Carrie. 36. 68. 100, 101, 126 Gulley, Brenda, 68, 141 Gulley, Ralph, 155 Guyette, Laurel, 141, 216 H Haggerty, Kate, 64, 83, 155 Haggerty, Theresa, 65 Hale, Harold, 44, 45, 72, 126 Hale, James, 86, 150 Hale, Lowell, 150 Hale, Mary Hal, 9, 56, 141 Hale, Rebecca, 64, 70, 150 Hale, Samuel, 31, 64, 73, 155 Hale, Thomas, 30, 34, 36, 72, 126 Hall, David A., 141 Hall, David C., 72, 126 Hall, John, 92, 155 Hall, Sandra, 216 Hamilton, David. 141. Hamilton, Douglas, 99, 155 Hammond, Dwayne, 150 , Harbin, Alvin, 156 Harbin, Billy, 72,150 Harbin, Carol, 126 Harbin, Carroll, 141 Harbin, Don, 94 Harbin, Larry, 141 Hodge, Frankie, 70 Hodge, Judy, 141 Hodge, Nancy, 70, 127 Hodge, Patricia F., 15 Hodge, Patricia L., 60, 154, 156 Hodges, Benny, 52 Holdway, Michael, 128 Holt, Brenda E., 54, 64, 66, 156 Holt, Brenda J., 156 Holt, Gary, 92, 156- Holt, Ronald, 156 Holt, Linda, 150 Holt, Patricia, 138, 141 Holt, Rose, 68, 82, 156 Holt, Steve, 44, 45, 141 Holt, Suranne, 57, 82, 128 Honeycutt, Rebecca, 64, 66, 150 Hoover, Mike, 156 Hopkins, Betty, 156 Hopson, Buddy, 73, 99, 156 Horner, Cleve, 51 Horner, Elisabeth, 54, 64, 66, 156 Homer, Ernest, 49, 62, 96, 97, 98, 128 Horner, Gary, 74, 86, 88, 128 Horner, Murphy, 128 Horner, Ronald, 141 Horner, Roiemary, 150 Horton, Margaret, 54, 60, 128 Horton, William, 92, 156 Houk, Robert, 49, 141 Harbin, Patricia, 64,' 156 Hardin, George, 141 Haro, Debbie, 65, 150 Harmon, Eddie, 156 Harmon, Sue, 64, 66, 156 Harrell, James, 127 Harrell, Michael, 49, 141 Harris, Harriet, 34, 50, 60, 65, 150, 216 Harris, Linda, 40, 66, 141 Harris, Tommy, 156 Harrison, Dill, 44, 92, 141, ,216 Harrison, George, 127 Harrison, Harle, 141 Harrison, John, 96, 141 Harrison, Judy, 64, 83, 156, 216 Harrold, Hartman, Ronald, 51, U, 150 Susan, 82: 127 Harvey, Shelby, 156 Harville, Donald, 150 Harville, Judy, 64, 156 Harville, Mary, 150 Harville, Patricia, 150 Harville, Patricia Ann, 150 Harville, Roy, 156 Harville, Sandra, 10, 150 Hastie, John, 51, 156 Hatcher, George, 150 Hattaway, Belinda, 156 Haun, Barbara, 127 Haun, Brenda, 68, 127 Haun, Charles, 150 Haun, Judy, 52, 127 Haun, Margaret, 69, 141 Haun, Philip, 72, 150 Haun, Sandra, 127 Hawkins, Donna, 68, 150 Hayes, Frances, 150 Hayes, Patsy, 141 Haynes, Lee, 72, 150 Haynes, Peggy, 156 Hayter, Judy, 35, 36, 40, 56, 127, 216 Hayter, Linda, 36, 48, 62, 127, 217 Haxelwood, Shirley, 156 Heath, Catherine, 50, 54, 64, 156 Helms, David, 150 Helton, Barbara A., 150 Helton, Barbara J., 127 Helton, Bobby, 73, 150 Helton, Janice, 64, 66, 150 Helton, Jerry, 92, 156 Helton, Larry, 141 Helton, Michael. 64. 94. 96, 148, 150 Howard, Connie. 60, 68, 150 Howell, James, 64, 156 Howell, Michael, 64, 79, 87. 94. 150 ' Howell, William, 141 Howerton, Bobby, 73 Howerton, Charles, 156 Howington, Phyllis, 156 Hudgena, Betty, 42, 70, 74, 156 Hudgena, James, 150 Huff, Lamar, 99, 156 Huff, Linda G., 150 Huff, Linda, 156 Hughes, Danny, 64, 150 Hughes, Lanny, 156 Hughett, Bobby, 128 Hughett, Deborah, 141 Hughett, John, 86, 128 Hughenard, Lee, 82, 150 Humpston, Lucille, 64, N, 156 Hunt, Dianne, 141 Hunt, James, 150 Hurley, Gary, 128, 78 Hurley, Lynn, 64, 92, 156 Hurley, Michael, 36, 49, 81, 83, 141 Hurley, Rowena, 68, 150 Hurst, Brenda, 128 Hurst, Danny, 156 Hurst, Diana, 55, 64, 156 Hurst, Larry, 156 Hurst, Linda, 150 Hurt, Carolyn, 36, 48, 62, 70, 71, 109, 128, 217 Hurt, Thomas, 156 Hut, Ann, 58, 64, 150 Hut, Edith, 36, 38, 58, 61, 128 Hiix, Janice, 40, 89. 141 I Idell, Richard, 64, 156 Inman, Buddy, 99 Inman, Dennis, 87, 88, 128, 202 Inman, Rebecca, 69 Inman, Robert, 156 Inman, Sally, 141 Irwin, Randall, 156 Isbell, Mary Ann, 34, 36, 48, 128, 216 Isenberg, Doyal, 150 Ivy, Jerry, '13 Jackson, Glenda, 141 22 I Miller, Betty. 157 Jacobs, Barney, 156 Jarnagin, Grover, 86, 88, 93, 128 Jarnagin, Jackie, 141 Jarnsgin, Michael, 156 Jarnigan, Donald, 156 Jarnigan, Edward, 156 Jernigan, Harold, 96, 98 Jarni an Ro er 99 156 I v K 1 Q Jarnigan, Sammy, 72, 150 Jaynes, Sharon, 38, 70, 141 Jelfera, Charles, 53 Jenkins, James, 128 Jinks, Barbara, 156 Johns, Charles, 198 Johns. Rebecca. 54. 60, 64, 66, 156 Johns, Ronald, 129 Johns, Ruth Ann, 36, 38, 54, 60, 129 Johnson, Benny, 129 Johnson, Catherine, 60, 64, 69, 156 Johnson Johnson Johnson , Charles, 73, 142 , Johnny, 86, 88, 129 Joseph 150 Johnson: Judy, Sa, 10, 142 Johnson , Rita, 64, 82, 154, 156 Johnson, Samuel, 86, 150 Johnson, Sandra. 60, 150 J ohnsoa Stanley, 31, 87, 93, 150 Jones, Allen, 92, 156 Jones, Brenda, 75, 150 Jones, Donna, 142 Jones, Jan, 66, 142, 217 Jones, Janice, 42, 54, 150 Lee, Linda R.. 70, 142 Lee, Paul, 150 Lee, Richard, 72 Lee, Roger, 142 Lee. Tim, 49, 142 Lefovers, Bonnie, 129 Lcicvcrs, Regina, 74, 150 Lefevcrs, Shclia, 64, 151 Leitwich, Michael, 129 Legg. Marie, 37, 69, 129 Leonard, Brenda, 157 Leonard, Cynthia, 151 Lephew, Glenda, 151 Letanosky, Laura, 142 Letchiord, Harold, 72, 129 Lewis, Bruce, 94, 129 Lewis, Charles, 65, 151 Lewis, Doris, 30, 33, 37, 40, 61, 55, 67. 106, 129 Lewis, Patsy, 37, 54, 142 Lewis, Ralph. 130 Lewis, Sandra, 55, 64, 157 Lilly. Judy, 39, 10, 142 Linkous. David. 130 Little, Nancy. 50. 64. 157 Little. Patricia, 37, 39, 142 Little, Virginia, 130 Lita, Jane, 64, 157 I-ivwv. Lana-. 37. 10, 142 Livesay, Patricia, 37, 39, 68, 142 Livesay, Wayne, 151 Long: wmsl, io, 151 Kirk, James, 53, 142 Morgan, Jones, Lee, 160 Jones, Michael, 52, 53, 129 Jones, Ronnie, 94 Jones, Sandra, 34, 37, 48, 140, 217 Justice, Robert, 49, 129 K Keller, Jimmy, 72, 150 Kelley, Alvin, 65. 142 Kelley, Frances, 129 Kilday, Denise, 156 Kilday, Michale, 156 Kilday, Ronald, 150 Kilgore, Andrea, 54, 64, 156 Kilgore, Gary, 156 Kimbrough, David. 150 Kimbrough, Evelyn, 156 Kimbrough, Jackie, 73, 142 Kimbrough, James K., 129 Kimbrough, Kathy, 156 King, Charles, 4-9, 142 King, David, 72, 87, 150 King, Frances. 156 King, Mower, sa, av, 62? 63. 129 King, Samuel, 73, 99, 156 King, Sandra, 70, 75, 150 Kinser, Alan, 45, 142 Kinaer, Kay, 31, 58: 65, 83, 150, 153 216 ' Kirk. Judy A., 150 Kirk, Judy C., 150 Kirk, Margaret, 69, 74, 150 Kirkpatrick, Allen, 142 Kirkpatrick, Ray, 129 Kiser, Brenda, 129, 217 Kitts, Kenneth, 150 Kitts, Nancy, 156 Knight, Billy, 150 Knight, Harold, 142 Knight, James, 142 Knight, Leslie, 156 Livesay, Wilma, 64, 67, 151 Llo d, Gerry, 130 Long Y Long, Brenda, 60, 67, 151 142 Carolyn F., Long: Carolyn L., 142 Lo ng Darrell, 64, 157 Long, David, 157 Lone. Deanna, 37. 39, 65, 68, 142 Long, Donna, 67, 151 Long, Dorothy, 157 Long, James, 137 Long. Lynn. 157 Long, Mary, 142 Long. Nancy J., 157 Long, Nancy S., 157 Long, Pam, 50, 60, 65, 151 Long, Rachel, 137 Long Steve 157 Lovelace, Bonnie, 94, 96, 98, 104, 113, 121, 130 Lovin, Robert, 130 Low, Connie, 41, 61, 69, 143 Lowe , Barbara, 42, 57, 67, 151 Lowe, Dennis, 130 Lowe, Goth, 73, 157 Lowe, Linda, 70, 157 Lowe, Teddy, 52 Lowe Lowe Lowe n,'.l'anice, 55, 64, 70, 157 n, Madeline, 55, 143 ry, Theresa, 151 1 Marshall Marshall , Deborah, 143 . J. B., 151 Marshall, Kenneth, 72, 93, 130 Marshall, Leroy, 72, 130 Marshall, Patricia, 116 Marshall, Randall, 130 Martin nita 151 ' . A . Martin, Donna, 43, 70, 82, 151 Martin Martin, orthy 151 Mary Ann, 143 . D . Martin, Larry, 72 S Martin, Martin, tells J., 151 Stella L., 157 Masengill, Douglas, 157 Masengill, Van, 157 Mason, Delores. 157 Mason, Linda, 130 Mason, Relda, 69, 100. 151 Masoner, Mary, 143 Massey, Dorothy, 151 May, Ronnie, 130 Mayes, Cheryl, 151 Mayes, Christine, 57, 131 Mayes, Lynda, 131 Mays, Kenneth, 157 Medlitl. Sue, 32. 36, 48, 63. 82, 83, 131, 178, 217 Mefford, Roger, 131 Merhoif, Margaret, 61, 75, 157 Merritt, Cathy, 151 Miller, Beverly, 69, 131 Miller, Brenda, 64, 151 Miller, Gwendolyn, 131 Miller, Joe, 143 Miller, John, 31, 143 Miller, Michael G., 151 Miller, Michael L., 143 Miller, William, 137 Milligan, Diane, az', 31, 131 Milligan, Waynah, 50, 61, 65 Mink, Kenneth, 151 Minnich, Linda, 157 Min8r, Marcus, 157 Minor Sandra, 137 Mitchell, Charles, 157 Mitchell, Glenda, 151 Mitchell, James, 131 Mitchell, Margaret, 39, 151 Mitchell, Martha, 37, 38, 82, 100, 143 Moifi tt, Moody, Joseph. 151 Janlyn, 37, 48, 61, 143 Moore, Billy, 151 Moore. Jerry, 131 Moore , Katherine, 64, 151 Moore, Patsy, 39, 75, 131 Moore, Randall, 151 Moore, Samuel, 49, 82, 131, 132 Moore, Moore, Steve, 131 William C.. 72 Moore. William S., 151 Richard, 95, 143 Owen, Ronald, 132 Owens, Gene, 99, 143 Owens, Neva, 151 Oyer, Carla, 58, 74, 132 P Pack, Ann, 67, 100, 151 Painter, Melba, 52, 53, 78, 132 Palmer, Ronnie, 32, 86, 88, 93, 106 109, 132 Pangle,.Brenda. 70 Pangle, Janice, 15, 37, 48, 69, 143, 217 Pardue, Michael, 157 Parker, Ellen, 151 Parker, Sandra, 132 Parker, Shadelene, 37, 67, 143 Parker, Victoria, 69, 133 Parker, Virginia, 151 Patrick, Becky, 64, 67, 157 Patrick, Steve, 92, 157 Patterson, Jane, 33, 37, 48, 58, 83, 133, 217 Patterson, Larry, 151 Patterson, Patricia, 55, 71, 100, 143 Patty. Beverly, 41, 65, 143 Paxton, Mary, 64, 74, 151 Paxton, Terry, 157 Payne, Margaret, 55, 61, 64, 157 Pearson, Joseph, 49, 143 Pcndergrass, Geraldine, 56, 133 Penland, Brenda, 69, 133 Penland, Linda, 71, 133 Penland, Rebecca, 37, 41, 92. 106, 111, 123, 133, 216 Penland, Teresa, 41, 83, 143 Peoples, Melinda, 143 Peoples, Richard, 133 Perry, Margaret, 32, 37, 48, 58, 62, 4 74, 107, 133 Peterson, Gregory, 45, 58, 151 Phillips, Lynn, 44, 133 Phipps, Sharon, 151 Pigmon, Brenda, 157 Pittman, Mary, 55, 64, 69, 151 Pittman, Richard, 45, 65. 133 Poling, Steve, 137 Pollack, Annette, 151 Pollock, Kirk, 157 Pollard, Deloris, 151 Pollard, Linda, 133 Poplin, Deeac, 133 Posev. Joane, 137 Potter, Charlotte, 157 Powell, Carolyn, 41, 75, 82, 133 Powell, Dan, 143 Powell, 92, 157 Powell, Susan, 144 Pratt, Ance, 157 Pratt, Carolyn, 55, 71, 157 Pratt, Geraldcne, 144 Pratt, Wayne, 157 L Lakins, George, 72 Lakins, John, 156 Lakins, Linda, 142 Lakins, Maxie, 66 Lamb, Linda, 142 Lamb. R ay, 64, 156 Lampkin. Herman, 156 Landis, Vickie, 39, 60, 69, 129 Lane, Betsy, 150 Lane, Bobby, 129 Lane, Buddy, 64, 157 Lane, Danny, 137 Lane, Delores, 39, 54, 69, 142 Lane, Douglas, 129 Lane, Eddie, 72, 94, 137 Lane, Joann, 42, 64, 66, 75, 157 Lane, Kadle, 157 Lane, Linda, 150 Larch, Nelson, 150 Laster, Ralph, 73, 157 Lathlm, Linda. 142 Laughin , Lawson , Lawson, Lawson, Lawson, Lawson , Lawson , Lawson , Laymon , Leabow. Michael, 53, 129 clmxone, 69, ua Judith, 137 Kathy. 142 Kenneth, 150 Lynn, 64, 83, 150 Robert, 137 Sharon, 157 Rose, 157 Pamela, 137 Lee, Brenda. 157 Lee, John, 129 Lee, Laura, 150 Lee, Lin da E.. 157 222 Lowry, Barbara, 64, 82 Lynch, Everett, 157 Mc McClanahan. PCUY. 130 McClure, Lynn, 100, 157 McCoig. Kenneth. 157 McCracken, Judy, 130 McCune, Malcolm, 49, 63, 130 McDonald, Billy, 64. 157 McFadden, David, 157 McGee, Brenda, 157 McGhee. Linda, 151 McGill, Jim, 130 McGinnis, Donna, 151 McGinnis, Larry, 143 McGlamery, Wayne, 72, 130 McGuf1'in, Kaye, 216 McKee, Barbara. 157 McKt-my, Sharon, 137 McKinley, Evan, 37, 45, 143 McKinney, Brenda, 157 McKinney, Calvin, 73 McKinney, Eddie, 157 McKinney, Eleanor, 67, 157 McKinney, Linda, 75, 143 McKinney, Martha, 130 McKinney, Mary, 157 Moltlnney, Shells, 143 McKinney, Una Faye, 67, 143 McKinney, William, 157 McLain. James. 130 McMahan, Darlena, 151 McNabb, Jona, 157 M Magill, Martha, 32, 36, 48, 92, 10o, 110, 112, 117, 120, 130, 216 Mallicoat, Alvin, 72, 98, 151 Mallicoat, Sue, 130 ManisHJarwin, 143 Mania, Glenda, 157 Manning, Carolyn, 143 Manning, Foye, 72, 143 Manning, William. 73. 157 Mantooth, Robert, 157 Mareum, Robert, 92, 154, 157 Msrkland, Randall, 143 Marsh, Alice, 65 Marshall, Charlotte, 52, 53, 130 Marshall, Clifford, 64, 157 Morrell, Craig, 65, 99, 143 Morris, Robert, 157 Moss, Shirley, 157 Moss, William, 73 Mottern, Slelis, 151 Mounts, Eileen, 50, 151 Moyers, Sandra, 64, 157 Moyers, Shirley, 151 llullendore, Donna, 157 Mullins, James, 143 Mullins, Vicki. 43, 151 Murphy. Joyce, 131 Murphy, Karen, 67, 151' Musslewhile, J. W., 157 Mutter, Brenda, 151 Mutter, Janice, 151 Mutter, Regina, 157 Myers, Billy, 73, 143 Myers, Margaret Ann, 143 N Nash, Frankie, 157 Neal, James. 131 Mecessary, Patricia, 157 Needham, Patricia, 65, 151 Needham, Gary, 87, 88, 132 NeSmith, William, 73, 157 Noe, Bobby, 53, 143 Noe, David, 92, 157 Noe, Gail, 43, 64, 157 Noe, Jerry, 157 Noe, Joan, 65, 69, 148 Noe, Roy, 132 Norris, Ree, 132 Northern, Patricia, 132 Northern, William, 151 Norton, Darlene, 132 O Odom. Elaine, 56, 137 Oler, Mary Lois, 55, 70, 157 Oliver, Phyllis, 132 Osborne, Barbara, 53, 132 Osborne, Sandra, 132 Osterleld, Sherry, 55, 143 Overholt, Susan, 61, 67, 151 Owen, Danny, 132 Owen, Donna, 132 Owen, Jimmy, 46, 49, 72, 132 Pratt, Price, Karen, 67, 151 Donnie, 133 Eddie, 92, 154, 157 Elaine. 37, 41, 133, 216 Price, Price. Price, James, 144 Price, Michael, 157 Price, Price, Pruitt, Mitchell, 133 Wanda, 144 Rusty, 94 Purkey, Donald, 73 Pnrkey, Doris, 151 Purkey. Jack, 45, 133 Purkey, Larry, 72, 151 Purkey, Linda, 64. 75, 157 Piercy, Mn., 13. 92, 157 Purkey, Ruler. 54. 151 Purkey. Ronald. 151 Purkey, Sandra D.. 56. 133 Purkey, Sylvia S.. 157 Putnam, Elizabeth, 158 Quarles, Gail, 151 Quinton, Robbie, 50, 57, 66, 151, 217 R Rader, Sandra, 43, 64, 82, 158 Rsgsn, Daniel, 158 Ragan, Jim, 151 Rahe, Jane, 55, 71 Raines, Terry, 73, 144 Ramsey, Barbara, 71, 151 Ramsey, Donna, 32, 37, 48, 57, 58, 62 74, 107, 112, 133, 217 Ramsey, Jimmy, 151 Rauberts, Patricia, 37, 43. 133. 216 Raylc, Linda, 151 Read, Helen, 37, 48, 65, 144, 217 Reagan, Dan, 92, 99 Reagan, Donna, 151 Reams, Scott, 37, 49, 95, 99, 144 Redden, Cathy, 75, 151 Rednower, Delores, 41, 144 Reece, Larry, 158 Reed, Edwartl. 144 Reed, Richard, 64, 65, 83, 151 Reese, Claris, 133 Reeves, Lorraine, 41, Bl, 82, 144, 216 id, Glenna, 64, 67, 151 ihl, Joe, 158 ihl, John, 158 nner, Palricia, 50, 69, 158 en, Robert, 73 en, Robert, 51, 64, 151 inea, Eddie, 12,. 15, 86, 88, 133, 219 e, Brenda, 33, 37, 57, 134 hmann, Paul, 134 liter, Sarnh, 134 Thompson, Mary Lee, 65, 67, 152 nlurd, Mary, 158 ckard, Mary Margaret, 134 cker, James, 158 clrcr, Sandra, 152 cker, Sherry, 59, 64, 152, 216 ddleb dley, dley, dley, nrger, Rodney, 152 Billy, 158 Glenda, 152 Shirley, 144 lcy, Larry, 15B Shockley, Connie, 144 Shockley, Kenneth, 135 Shcckley, Larry. 135 Shockley, Linda, 100, 152 Shockley, Lynn, 144 Shockley, Ronnie, 144 Shockley, William, 92, 158 Short, Agnes, 158 Short, Carolyn, 135 Short, Regena, 150 Short er, Jack, 158 Shaun. Doyal, 83. 153 Shouu, Robert, 93, 137 Shropshire, Cynthia, 69, 144 Shropshire, Shells, 152 Shropshire, Lillian, 144 Shuhert, Annette, 158 Shuck, Michlel, 92, 158 Sides, John, 46, 51. 63, 74. 152 Simmons, Jackie, 137 rnmer. Lynda, 30, 35, 37, 48, 57, 59, 101, 134 er, Tommy, 152 nee, Janice, 64, 75, l52 Ich, Barbara, 71, 152 sch, Brenda, 158 ich, Mike, 152 Sims, Shirley. 55, 67. 75 Sipe, John, 158 Sipe, Phyllis, 135 Sisson, James, 135 Siunon, Thomas, 135 Skeen, Larry, 158 Skeen, Rebecca, 43, 152 Taylor. Taylor, Incquelyn, 59, 137 June, 50. 55. 59. 61, 74, 158 Tlylor, Robert, 82, 152 Taylor, Roger, 152 Taylor, Roger L.. 158 Teague, Richard, B6, 89, 136 Teague, Ronald, 145 Teague, Sherry, 158 Tharp, Dorothea, l36 Thayer, Linda, 83, 145 Thayer, Steve, 64, 82, 158 Thames, Joyce, 145 Thomason, John, 4-5, 152 Tlzomp Thomp Thom p son, son, Barbara, 159 non, Elaine, 83, 152 Thompson, Elsie, ss, es, 145 Thompson, Thompson, Kenneth, 152 Thomp Thorn, son, Steven, 37, 45, 136, 182 Walter, 12, 34, 49, 92, 112, 136 Timmins, Dinah, 159 Tinker, Mae, 136 Tinsley, Rachel, 50. 64, 67, 159 Anne, 85, 48, 57, 145, 216 John, 7, 44, 87, 145. 216 West, Robert. 153 West, Vickie, 64, 159 West, William, 72, 145 Wester, Joyce, 71, 159 Wester, Kay, 56, 145 Westmoreland, Mary, 53, 146 Wheeler, Knren, 153 Whitaker, Jill, 136 Wlxituker, Rebecca, 146 White, Bobby, 136 White, Gilbert, 146 Whitehead, David, 87, B9 Whitehead, Gary, 73, 159 Whitehead, Larry, 136 Whitehead, Phyllis, 71, 153 Whiteside, Karen, 35, 61, 136 Whitson, Patricia, 45, 137, 216 Whitten, John, 153 Widener, Eugene, 45, 153 Wilder, Elizabeth, 64, 153 Tompkins, Fred, 72, 136 Tompkins, George, 72, 152 Toon. James Leslie, 92, 159 Wilder, Steve, 45, 83, 137 Wiley. James, 53, 137 Wilkinson, Edwin, 159 Williams, Williams, Bonnie Sue, 75, 153 Brenda I., 153 Williams, Brenda K., 55, 61, 137 Williams, Constance, 146 Williams , Donald, 72, 137 hens, Charles, 158 buts, Gnry, 87, 144 oberts, John, 152 bert! , Roy, 73, 99 oberts, Lindn, 152 obertson, Barbara, 59, 71, 152 obertsun, Elizabeth, 152 obertson, Sally, 71, 134 ogers, Darlene, 61, 69, 152 ngers, Deborah, 39, 55, 61, 69, 158 ogers, Margaret, 64, 152 ogers, Priscilla, 50, 55, 65, 152 ogers, Sandra, 55, 67, 144 osenbalm, Danny, 158 osumny, Benjamin, 152 ouse, Deborah, 55, 64, 158 ucker, Larry, 158 uencher, Jeannie, 42, 71, 83, 152 uffner, Carol, 137, 144 uffner, Sarah, 39 umbley, Linda, 37, 41, 57, 61, 83, 144 umfelt, Bobby, 158 umfelt, Roy, 96, 144 uaeell, Danny, 144 uuell, Janice, 31, 37, 48, 61, 69, 82, 144 ussell, Linda, 37, 57, 78, 134 ussell, Pntriciq, 158 ussell, Patsy, 71, 158 S sms, Monty, 86, 152 Anders, Mary, 67, 152 Anders, Thomas, 45, 86, 89, 134 Satterfield, Gale, 39, 57, 134 Sauceman, Diane, 64, 71, 152 Snuceman, James, 73, 158 Sawyer, Betty, 152 Schubert, Charlene. 152 Schultz. Christopher, 62, 64, 65, 152 Scott, Carolyn, 7, 37, 48, 63, 142. 144, 217 Scott, Douglas, 134 Scott, Danny, 33, H7, 89, 112, 134, 203 sms, Jerry, 134 , 211 , Scott, Kenneth, 92, 158 Selgle, limes. 45, 134 Wmer' aa, 122, 131 Sal, Nancy, 64, 67, '11, 158 Seal, Shirley, 37, 70, 100, 144 Seals, Glenda. 137 Seals, Kirby, 152 Sells, Lnughton, 72, 152 Seals, Lindl, 55, 158 Seals, Margaret. 55, 14-4 Seals, Paul, 52, 53, 134 Seals, Ralph. 152 Seals, 216 Darlene, 35, 40, 57, 59, 67, 134, Self, Linda, 134 Sentelle, Horace, 15B Senier, James, 6, 51, 64, 87, 152 Skelton. Waymm, 135 Slabbekorn, Benn, 83, 158 Smallman, Nancy, 152 Smallman, Peggy, 69. 100' 101' 135 Smelser, Clifford, 158 Smith, Alice, 43, 55, 59, 64, 158 Smith, Anderson, 82. 145 Smith, Anita, 67, 158 Smith, Beth, 158 Smith, Claudette, 61, 152 Smith, Darlene, 41. 67, 82, 145. 21 Smith, Edna, 55, 64, 67, 152 Smith, Janice, 158 Smith, Jimmy, 158 Smith, John, 51, 87, 152 Smith Jennie, 57, 145 7 Smith, Lea Wayne, 30, 32, 37, 4-B, 107, 117, 135 Smith, Lynn. 50, 158 Smith, Lynne Ann, 31, 63, 64, 158 Smith, Patty, 43, 65. 100 Smith, Sandra, 152 Smith, Shirley, 145 Smith, Susan. 34. 45. 57. 51, 135, 217 Smith, Wanda. 158 Smith, Wayne, 46. 49. 135 Snow, Joe, 135 Smoe, Roy, 158 Snyder, Robert, 145 Southerland, Lois, 145 Southerlancl, Mike, 152 Soutlxerland, Paula, 67, 100, .158 Southerland, Sandra, 71, 153 Spoone, Eddih 65. 152 Spoons, Jnmes, 72, 152 Sprinkle. Mary, 34, 74. 152 Sproles, Knren, 33, 37, 59- 63. 74. 135 Standifer, Betty Jane, 71, l52 Starnes, Barbara, 158 83 . Stephenson, Peter, 31, 37, 49, 59, 145 Stepp, Larry, 158 , Stewart, Esther Ruth, 55, 69, 145 Stewart, Marie, 55, 71 Still, Larry, 158 Stines, Allen, 158 Stinel, Freddie, l45 Snitch, Jeanne. 61, 69, 124. 135 Stout, Ann, 69, 145 Stout. Joyve. 71. 75. 145 Stroud, Jeanie. 135 Stroupe, Alma, 158 Stuart, Charles, 73, 158 Stuart, John, 158 Stuart, Linda, 33. 145 Stuart, Teresl- 48, 65. 124. 135 Stubblefield. Dom 137 Stubblefield. Gulldihh 53. 135 Stubblefield, ludith, 67, 158 Stubblefield, Judy, 41, 135. 216 Slubblefield, Larry, 83. 152 Stubbleileld Terry, 159 Townsend, Letitia, 159 Travis, Dana, 64, 159 Treece, Gary, 74, 152 Trent, Brenda, 137 Trent, Carroll, 159 Trent, Trent, Clurlotte, 159 David, 37, 44, 128, 136 Trent, Evelyn, 152 Trent, Gary, 92, 159 Trent, Patsy, 64, 159 Trent, Suzanne, 74, 136 Trobauglx, Pamela, 11, 159 Trobaugh, Robert, 159 Troy, Henry, 108, 109, 136 Tullock, Cynthia, 32, 37, 39. 136 Turuka, Nancy, 159 Turner, Curtis, 159 Turner, Jackie, 64, 159 Turner, Jerry, 159 Turner, Kathy, 37, 68, 145, 217 Turnen Nancy, 152 Turner, Turnmi Turnmi Tuttle, Underw Underw Van Gil Van Gil Raymond, 145 re, Guy, 99, 159 re, Roger, 53 Deborah, 59, 65, 33, 152 U ood, Danny, 152 ood, Ron, 159 V der, Kraus, 99 der. Vance, Bobbie, 14, 35, 37, 48, 58, 138, 1 45, 217 Vance, Cynthia, 67, 159 Vanci, Ravid, 148, 152 Vanne, William, 87, 93, 145 Vaughn, Bnrbarl, 30, 35, 37, 61, 81, 82, 145, 217 Vaughn, David, 152 Vaughn, George, 159 Vaughn, Jeannine, 136 Vincent , Nancy, 61, 75, 152 Vineyard, Shelby, 71, 152 W Wnde, David, 86, 152 Wagner, Iudy, 37, 48, 61, Waites, Donald, 73 Walker, John. 137 Walker, Julia, 145 Walker, Regena, 50, 71, B3, l59 Walker, Terry, 145 wtnm, 'rmy G., 152 Walker, Tommy, 92, 159 Vickie, 43, 67, 152 Williams, Carolyn, 39, 61, 63, 64, 74, 82, 153 Willilmn, Joy, 37, 39, 63, 65, 145 Williams, Judy R., 42, 57, 61, 71 Williams, Lillifn, 50, 65, 153 Williamn, Lindt, 57, 137 Williams, Luuise, 146 Williams, Nancy, 159 Williams, Patrieig 146 Williuns, Ronald, 59, 159 Williams, Ronnie, 153 Williams, Sandra, B2, 159 Williamson, Curl. 159 Williamson, Charles, 73, 153 Wilson, Elizabeth, 37, 45, 146, 217 Wilson, Frank, 31, 59, 65, 153 Wilson. James, 33, 34, 37, 47, 49, 58 62, 137 Rebecca, 48, 69, 145, 217 Wilson, Mary Sue, 69, 137 Wilson, Phyllis, 153 Win dom, Windom, Windom, Elll, 55, 69. 153 Helen, 54, 69, 146 Theresa, 137 Winn. Jeffery, 37, 49, 82, 137 Winnie, Rnymund, 159 Winatead, Winstead, Albert, 146 David, 153, 198 Winsleld, Freddie, 159 Winsiead, Gerald, 153 Winstead, Larry, 146 Winslead, Larry L., 146 Winlteld, Patsy, 153 Winstead, Peggy, 159 Winstead, Wilma, 64, 153 Wisecarver, Carolyn, 67, 146 Witherell, Nancy, 64, 159 Witt, Alipe, 159 Witt, Linda, 137 Witt, Mary, 159 Wolfe, Betty, 146 Wolfe, Billy, 73 Wolfe, Carol, 55, 65, 137 Wolfe, Donald, 146 Wolfe, Ilnice, 159 Wolfe, Jimmy, 146 Wolfe,AIudy, 55, 71, 153 Wolfe, Linda, 159 Wolfe, Nancy. 137 82, 145, 217 Sexton, Anna, 71, 158 Sexton, Bobby, 134 Sexton, Nnnnie, 152 Shaffer, Shirley, 158 Shannon, Virginia, 158 Sharpe. Janie, 6, 64. 71. 152 Sharpe, Sarah, 39, 59, 65, 82, 152 Shaver, John, 144 , Shaver, Lois, 64, 68, 75. 153 Shelton, Kathy, 158 Shelton, Johnny, l34 Shelton, Robert, 144 Sl1epard,. Carolyn Collins, 134 Shepard, Roger, 158 Shepard, Zora, 134 Sherwood, Blrblrl. 67, 144 Shiflet, Carolyn. 137 Shipley, Alan, 152 Shipley, Betty. 158 Shipley, ml- 100. 144 Shipley, Mary Ellen, 69, 134 Shipley, Mary Ruth, 134 Stuffle. Virginia. 135 Stump, Claudia, 127 Sullivan, Lee, 152 Sullivan, Linda, 69, 145 Surber, Danny, 49, 217 Susong, Olsie, 72 Susong, Rita. 135 Swain, Patricia, 55, 153 T Taber. Martha, 55, 57, 61, 71, 135 Talley, Beatrice, 67, 158 Tall ey, Talley , Tall ey, Talley, Tall ey, Tate, B Tate, L Tnylor, Taylor, Walton, Sandra, 71, 159 Wampler, Dann, 49, 87, 145, 217 Wampler, Jimmy, 159 Wlmpler. Lynn, 94, 136 Ward, David, 53 Ward, Sue, 136 Warner, Martha, 145 Wsmer, Mary, 69, 159 Warren, Jimmy, 136 Warren, Judy, 71 Wasaum, Cu-roll, 159 Watkins, Donna, 55, 69, 145 Watkins, James, 72, 136 Watkins, Stephen, 92, 159 Watson, Stevn, 92, l59 Watts, Shirley, 137 Wood, Gail, 153 Wood. Gary. 99. 146 Wood, Rebecca, 64, 159 Wood, Thomas, 159 Woods, Cecil, 73, 159 Woodford, Kenneth, 49, 146 Woolwine, Fred, 94, 96, 146 Woolwine, Mary, 159 Wright, Gloria, 33, 41, 57, 59, 60, 62, Wright, Michael, 37, 49, 86, 89, 109, 117, 137 Wright, Jlnice, 34, 37, BB, 71, 146 Wright, Katrina, 54, 137 Festua, 86, 89, 135 James, 154 Judy, 136 Marilyn, 145 Wayne, 94 etty, 145 inda. 136 Eddie, 158 Ginny, 50, 55, 74, 158 Wntts, Stella, 67, 152 Way, Dee, 145 Way, R oger, 159 Webb, Robert, 152 Weidman. Jack, 152 Wemlin Weml in ger Gary, 51. 87, 95, 152 get, Paul, 86, 89, 94, 136 West, David, 64, 152 West, Michnel, l59 Wright, Llrry, 153 Wright, Robert, 159 Wright, Robert W.. 53, 146 Wright, Steve, Sl, 92, 159 Wylie, Ann, 50, 64, 75, 153 Wykle, Sidney, 137 Young, Bohlua L , 31, 63, 157 Young, Gladys, 159 Young, Linda 59, 69 146 Young, Thomas, 153 Y Young, Anita, 37, 39, 70, 146 1 , A Yount, gnes, 146 Yount, Charles, 153 Yount, Melissa, 159 Z Zeetyp, Jennifer, 67, 75, 153 Zeeryp, Russell, 153 223 Autographs 24 But, Jane - a field trip to the Blue Circle? I twallowed my thistle Nl Mommy, will we ever go home? 'Who would have thought we would ever he making money?' M-I-Cccc-K-E-Yyyy M-O-U-S-Eeee Humphy Dumpty stood on the scales!!! I i 1 ' - 231 i i ,1

Suggestions in the Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) collection:

Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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