Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN)

 - Class of 1948

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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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5' af ff 5 a -3 3 SE lu t i J JS f z 'A I 1 fa S P3 5 'J e ff 25 3 ex if :4 3 ff Sl 4 if J K , harm. mb' O 5 ! SN QU? I OQ fb f X z"""""-"Z RW X z,' may I K. wi X, " df nb Ml' If g A Y XA ig' fl .1 iw A Z5-Ii MMZL7 . 1 V8 Jaffa, WJ 1 V Q , . i X H . A191-u G, fee- W eel. 4-f1.x,g,,.ga vw WWYWMZJMWW '7""'-'P' ' ww vb-gd ff, frm.-MM, W- -. c-,QAM Ynqmu Alum awww 5 X :D My Mike Carver Mrs. W, C. Huddieston Tookie Iames Editor-in-Chief Sponsor Asst. Editor W ' W Margaret Ann Williams Betty Lee Taylor Peggy Isenberq Mary Elizabeth Line Juanita Crider Advertising Editor Advertising Editor Business Manager Literary Editor Art Editor sighs f f ' f 'fsr' 'FLA :V - " iff.-is Ns. -. , 4. ' - . . ' CALENDAR ' SEPTEMBER Time to come back to the halls of dear old M.H.S. With football practice getting into sway and those awful initiations over, things got pretty well underway. The Hi-Y started the year off by having their annual hayride, which everyone said was the best yet. The 75:6 began an active year by polishing the trophies in the hall. ' ' . ocroEER y Everyone was really glad to see the new coat of paint go on the classrooms, and halls. The Sub-Debs had a clever dance: the 76:6 a Treasure Hunt, camping trips, and there were lots of parties and numerous hayrides. Then the teachers went to the E. T. E. A. and. every one had fun on Hallowe'en. ' f ' NOVEMBER , - November brought us another holiday-Armistice. This was our first time to have this, and every one was really thrilled. The State Inspector came and we crossed our fingers and held our breath, but as usual Mr. 'Vance and M. H. S. were highly praised and were we proud! We said good-bye to football until Spring and our thoughts turned to Basketball. , B' DECEMBER W Then' came the I-li-Y Banquet, which was a big success as usual, and every one had a wonderful time. At last the Christmas Holidays arrived and there were more parties, dances, and banquets. On New Year's Eve the 76:6 had their sharp banquet and the Century Club came out'with a really clever Costume Ball. Every one ushered in the New Year in a big way, and so ended another "long to be rememberedf' Christmas. - ' y D ' E I JANUARY E Back to school 'after the holidays and we had the first snow of the winter. Too bad it couldn't have come a little earlier for Christmas. Before we knew it, time for those much- loved exams soon rolled around and we started cramrning. Unlucky for those who didn't live through them, for things turned exciting ffl when Bill Ebel blew up the lab. , -. , . FEBRUARY Time really flies-Basketball Tournament came up and then the Girl Reserve Banquet, another successs. Every one had more fun ana all the girls had new nformals. The cast for the Senior Play was chosen and every one got down to work C?l MARCH With Spring just around the corner, spring football practice soonlbegins. APRIL The ended another successful year with their spring hayride and of course every one had fun. Tennis balls flew everywhere and every one began to wake up because Spring was really here at last. The Sub-Deb. Dance was mighty sharp and so was the F. F. A. Banquet. ' MAY 2 The Senior Play was over and the next highlight was the Iunior-Senior Banquet. Then, what hit us in the face? Exams again. The Betfx Club made another clever trip-this time to Chattanooga. At last our Graduation Day is here and we bid farewell to our beloved M. H. S. W3 1' X' 3 a ,A .f 5 ff A H 'ix """ his xf Q in ----as 1"3?"'w' ' Vw, W: LP! I 5 U 3 wa any .Gail sl. ,Ax Y 'Q' 2? E 1 Qqfvg r" .ff wi fin if Tig. I 4 uw-assi WITTIEST Lea Lawrence, Bland Thomlin- S011 LAZIEST Kenneth Easley, Katherine Smith " ,Y a,., A , MOST INDUSTRIOUS Lynn Easley, Betty Lee Taylor MOST ATHLETIC Ann Lane, Bill Foster CUTEST lack Brooks, Janis Sawyer .,' A"fibm?1'!h-1 Mr. Curl T. Vcrnce, AB., MA. Superintendent WWW Mrs. Corinne N. Mcszey Secretary 'Q MR. THOMAS BOLES MISS ROBBIE THOMPSON MR. W. S. MURRELL MISS BIVA SMITH Music-B.S. Biology-B.A. Mathematics, History-B.S. Tennessee State Teachers College East Tennessee State College Tennessee State Teachers CollegeTennessee State Teachers College University of Tennessee Duke University MISS RUTH IAYNES MR. I. S. FISH MRS. McCAU'I.EY CLARK MISS ONA MULLINS Spanish, English-B.S. Vocational Agriculture--B.S. Physics. Chemistry-B.S. English-A.B. Carson Newman College University of Kentucky Florida State College lor Women Tennessee College Valparaison University University of Chicago Eastem State Kentucky State University of Tennessee vjfwtiw S., 5 sm ff-I ,dai 1.--K-rf , - 4. MRS. W. C. HUDDLESTON MR. R. I.. ISENBERG MRS. BEN SHAVER MISS GRACE CATRON Commercial Department Mathematics-B.S. English, History-B.A. History. Math.. Latin-BJL Tenn. Polytechnic Institute Carson Newman College Maryville College Tenn. State Teachers College Carson Newman College FACULTY MR. H. G. BRAY Industrial Arts Tenn. State Teachers College B.S. University of Tennessee M.A. 7 DEDICATION We, the Senior Class, dedicate the 1948 Itakha, to our friend and helper, Mrs. G. W. Dudley who through her untirinq efforts in behalf of the school has won the love and respect of every Morristown High School student. ---nu ..- .w '72 WZWZQ' I 'f '1 7 f?ff'f 00:5 1,11 - we .. ew i lll ll ll' 251 'E 55 an :g ri '13, ml I Ill H. 1: 'EE ll? ' K - . ' 5 'U ,-f 41' F J 52 .lf 9- -Z5 R ,, -MT-x njb lz::7 Q1 w XS.. 55 5 y x ' I f NT- Z "' . . . . . - - :-:Q-3. 'gb -52:-A Q' v M f I wal., , 1, 3 Mi!! WW W W ' XXX!! 5 Q fam, SENICR CLASS OFFICERS .ai N 4'5- Qs. First Row: Mury Elizzqboth Lime, Mrs. Clark, Murfzclrei Arm VViNiCm1s. Semmd Row: Prcmk Tishcwr, Miss Bivff Srriiih, Graham VONTQ. Presidoni Frcmk Fisher VViC9'PT9SidGNl Grclhmu Vance SQc1Ql4,1ry Murguroi Arm Williorrrs Treasurer Mary Elizubeih Line Sgwog':':rwr,1 Miss EWU Smith cmd Mrs. Mtfluuley Clark SENIORS OF 1948 BILLY BEETS DICK BEU. W. P. BELL HUB BLAIR Biology Club '45 HiAY Club '45, '46, '47 N 3. Treas. '48 'X Band '44, '45, '46, '47, '48 Q 48 A.O.A.f '47, '46 J' Ivionoqrani '47, '48 fag spanish C146 ,'46, '46 J Industrial Arts '47, '48 HUGH BOYD MADELYNE BRADY ESTELLE BRADY TACK BROOKS Ili-Y '45, '45 '47, '48 A.O.A.- '47, '48 Transferred from Oak HifY-'45, '46, '47, '48 Bela Club '47, '48 F.H.A.--'46, '47 Band' '48, '44, '45, '46, '47, '48 A.o.A. -446, '47, '48 6 Club Editor of ltakha '48 I Biology f-'48, '47 Monogram--'47, '48 Spanish Club--'46, '47 Tennis Te-am-'46, '47, '48 Industrial Arts-V-'47, '48 Ridge Girl Rezerves '47, '48 Biology Club '47, '48 F.H.A. '47, '48 Hurricane Staff- '47, '48 Cheerleader4'47, '48 Spanish Club-'46, '47 Pres. '47 A.Q.1-H. -'47, '48 Basketball -f-'47 Tennis Team-'48, '47, '48 Hurricane Staff-'47, '48 ltakha Staff-'48 ED BOWMAN Hi-Y Club--'46, '47 Football '46, '47 Screwball--'45, '46, '47 Monogram Club '47, '48 Tennis Team--'46, '47 IEANETTE BROOKS Latin Club--'45, '48 Spanish Club-'47 Girl Reserves--6 '46, '47, '48 Biology Club -'46 A.O.A.-A '47, '48 Home EC.-'45 Band--'45, '46, '47, '48 M ii' M , 1i'4'f'f,r4fSYfWN RUTH BRYANT Spanish Club-'45 Biology Club-'46 Home Ec.- '45, Sec. '46 MARY E. COFFEY LLOYD BURNETT P.F.A,- "47, '48, Sec. GEORGIA CALWELI. PHA. '46, '47 Biology f-'46, Pres. Glee Club '46, '47 Iela Club -'47, '48 MARY NELL COVING- IUANITA CRIDER TON Arl Ed. llalcha '46 W"'Ml-, 'fl MARY FRANCES CANTER Hfme EC. '45 Stienre '45 Glle Club '46, '47 ALMEDA DINKENS Spanish Clube '46, '47 Home Elf. '45, '46, '47 Pres. '46, Tres '47, Sec, 7 . ' S 'ence - X- W' P553- MIKE CARVER Ed. in Chief of Ilakha '48 Football '44, '45, '46, '47 Basketball '47 l'li-Y- '46, '47, '48 V.-Pres. '47 B oloqy Club -'46 A.O.A.f' '46, '47 Iulius Caesar Memorial Club '46 Screw Balls '45, '46 Bela Club "'47, '48 Monogram Clube '47, '48 LYNN EASLEY Snapshot Ed, of Italcha Latin Club '45, '46 lr. Hi-Ye-'45 Spanish Club---'46, '47 Biology Club -'46 Bela Club '47, '48 A,O.A. f--'47, '48 '48 Lx . X fx 03? if JC ff' V Qxvogkgf' J V' 9 A r 'No by Ys .- 5 fc? Y' AV' SENIOR CLASS or 194b8Q" 'lv' BILL EBEI. FRANK FISHER RITA ANN FOWLER WAYNE FRANKLIN ALFRED FULLER Translerrej from Ialin Pres. Senior Class '48 Home EC. '44, '45, '46, '47 A. O. A. '48 F. F. A, '45, '46, '47 4 Marshall High Pres. Iunior Class '47 A. O. A. '47 Capt. Track Team '47, '48 Spanish '45 Cleveland, Chia Pres. Freslirnan Class '45 Spanish '45, '46, '47 Spanish Club '46, '47 A. O. A. '48 Baskeiball '45, '47 Girl Reserves '45, '4 3, '47 Aeronautics Club '46 Tennis '46 Hi-Y '46, '47 Ir. HifY '44, 45, Pres. '45 A. O, A. Treasurer '47 Ffizrricais Staff '47 lrrlifi Cli-lr '-15, '45 Pres. '46 WILLAREE GALLOWAY CLIFFORD GILL DOT GODWIN PAULINE GREGG Latin '45, '46 Hi-Y '47, '48 Transferred irqpni leifsrson llorne EC. '46, '47 Home EC. '45 Ssrewballs '47 City Spanish Club '45, '46 Spanish '47 Sinn SIU? Glre Chili Girl Reserves '47, Girl Reserves '46, '47 '48 '45, '46, '47, '48 Band '48 Biology '46 , Class Lcaaue '47 Cuffi '48 M fp K :I Orereflu '48 ' Clie Club '47, '48 5 V I ,W 6 f - -- 3"i"'V -. E Aycngj . -Zi., u 49 " C2 L' ' If 4' VIDA GREGG Home EC. '45, '46 Spanish '45, '46 F. H, A. '47, '48 0 J' I u 3 cf Q1- 'b 24,20 J-'P THE MORRISTOWN AGNES HALE Hurricane Staff-'46, '47, '48 Asst. Ed. '47 Ed. in Chief '48 7156 Club--'47, '48 Vice-Pres. '48 A.O.A."-'47, '48 Beta'C1ub'-'47, '48 Biology Club-'46 HZCHARD HALE Biology Club '46, Pres. Lalin Club '46g Treas. Bsia Club--'46, '47, '48 Spanish Club--'48, Pres. Iulius Caesar Memorial Club--'45, '45 Glrl Reserves--'46, '47, '48 BIIQL HELMS DAVID HIGGINS GEORGE HARPER GECRGIA HAYES BETTY IEAN HAZEL- Monogram Club-'47, '48 Transferred from Rutledge WOOVD Biology Club-946: Biology Club-'46 Sec.-Treas. F.H.A.-'45, '46 AOA.-'47, '48 Spanish Club '46, '47 Band' '45, '46, '47 Glee Club '46, '47 Civics Club --'46, Treas. BESSIE MAE HIPSHER Biology Club-'46 Science Club-'45 Home Ec.-'45, '46, '47 W' FRANK HODGES IIMMY HOLT A,f'J.A.4'48p Pres. F.F.A.-'44, '45, '46 V.-Pres. '45 .I SENIORS M My S frgjgfgf OF 1948 IEAN HOHNER BETTY IO HURLEY 75:6 Club---'47, '48 Beta Club-'47, '48, Pres. '48 Hurricane Staff '47, '48 News Ed, Glee Club '47, '48, Pianist Operettaf-'47: Pianist Girl Reserves-"46, '47, '48 Latin Club--'45, '46 Spanish Club---347: V-Pres. A.O.A.f4'48 Home Ec.- -'45, '48: Sec. '45, VAPres. '48 BOBBY IONES Ir. Hi-Y -'44, '45 Hi-Y -'46, '57, '48 Spanish Cluo Football-'47, '48 A.O.A.!'48 Science Club--'45 Monogram Club-'48 Spanish Club---'46 Basketball----'47 Home Ec. '45 Science Club --'45 4-H Club -'46, '47 GLENN LANE PEGGY ISENBERG 7616 Club---'47, '48 Beta Club- --'47, '48, 'rooms JAMES me ctubewie, '47, '48, Reporter '46g Sec. '47 TOMMY IENKINS lr. l-li-Y-'44, '45 Hi-Y--'46, '47, '48 Sec. '48 Girl Reserves "46, '47, '48 Spanish Club' '46, '47 Girl Reserves '46, '47, '48 Latin Club -'45, '46, Civics Clube '45 Sec. '48 Sec. '46 Barid --'45, '46, '47, ltakha Staff--'48, Bus. ACJ4. -'47, '48, Sec. '47 Treas. '46 Man. Hurricane Staff--'47, '48 Science Club - '45 Biology Club-'46 Latin Club -'46, V-Pres. A.O.A.-J48 WILLIE ANN LANE Spanish Club-'46, '47 Girl Re-servese'48 Biology Club-'46 Monogram Club-'47 Capt. of Basketball-'46 Latin Club--'45 Home Ec. -'45 Glee Club--'47 Cheerleader-'46, '47, '48 Home Ec. Club-'45 Glee Club4'48 Asst. Ed. Itakhae'48 Monogram Club-'48 Science Club-'45 Monogram Club-ff '47 Glee Club '47 FLOYD LAWLESS LEA LAWRENCE Hi-Y-'46, '47, '48 l-li4Y '46, '47, '48 Srewballf'46, '47 Monogram Club-'46, '47, Tennis-'47, '48 '48 Glee Clubf'45, '46, '47, A.O.A.+-'48 '48 Hurricane Staff-'46, '47, Basketballf'47, '48 '48 Monogram Club-'48 Cheerleader-'46, '47, '487 Capt. '48 Spanish Club-'46, '47, '48 Treas. '47 Siience Club-f '45 5 fQi",5".f""i ' ,iii iii is iii 'ff . f' ' RR1si"o"ilviI MARY ELIZABETH LINE Iiakha Siaff-'48 .Sr Clzss Treas.--'48 Hurricane Stafff'48 Eeia Club-'47, '48 A,O.A.-'48 Girl Reserves--'46, '47, '48 Spanish Club-'46, '47, V.-Pres. '47 I-lsme Ec.f'45, '46, '477 V.-Pres. '47 Science Clubf'45g Sec, MURREL MELTON Transferred from East Poin, Ga. '47 ,Sub-Debs '48 Girl Reserves '48 Band Sponsor '48 spanish Club via" Glee Club '48 Pres. Basketball '48 RITA LORINO RUTH MAYES HELEN MAY 766 Club-'48 Glee Club-'46, '47, '48 V.-Pres. of Music Club '45 Girl Reserves-'46, '47, '48 Girl Reserves--'47, '48 Pies. Home Ec. '45 Song Leader-'48 Beia Club+'47, '48 Iulus Caesar Memorial Latin Club--'45, '46 4-H Club-'47, '48 Club '45, '46 Gl'e Club-4-'47 Horne Ec.-'45 Hurricane Stuff Represen- Beta Club- "47, '48 lfllive '47 Hurricane Siaff--'45, '46, '47, '48 Spanish Club-'47, '487 Sec. '47, Treas. '48 Pres. '48 I. C. MCCLANAHAN Home Ec. Club-'45, '48p Hurricane Staff-'48 Beta Club---'47, '48 Girl Reservesf'46, '47, '48 V.-Pres. '48 Biology Club '46p Sec. Spanish Club, Pres '47, '48 RAY MCGINNIS BILLY MCGLAMERY F.F.A. '44, '45, '46, '47, '48 Biology '46 ii 3, sf STELLA GRACE MEDLIN Glee Club '46, '47 Band '45, '46, '47 Spanish Club '46, '47g V.-Pres. '46, Sec. '47 Girl Reserves '46, '47, '48 Home Ec. Club 445 Pres. of Sooh. Home Room-'46 Bela Club-'47, '48 Science Clube - '45 4-I-I Club--'45, '46, '47, '48 MARGARET MCMURRAY if M' W'5""" SENICRS' OF 1948 DEAN MILLER MARY HELEN MOORE IENNIE RUTH MULLINS BUDDY NABERS Transferred frcm White Football f-'47, '48 Pine-'45 Blsketball- 746, '47, '48 Home Es. '45, '46 Hi-Y -'46, '47, '48 C-lee Club -'46, '47, '48 Hurricane Staff 347, '43 Science Club 745 Spanish Club- -'46, '47 A.D.A.--347, '48 BILLIE NOE p BUDDY NOE LOUISE NOE HENRY NOE ' , - Girl Reserves -'46, '47, '48 M f' siee ciub-'46, '47 B!!! P,H.A.e46 CHARLES NICHOLOUS 'l'r:.m:.ierrei frcm Va.--'43 BETTY OLIVER 15? ff '-4 Q ,-is LSE 345 ry 4' . THE 1v1oR1z1s'rowN BETTY RAE PARKER LOLA PAYE PAR N 1 ALICE PATRICK DAVID PEOPLES B615 Qlub-'47, '48 Transferred from Hawley Bio1oQY Club- 45: TYGGS- suwebs-'4e, '47, '48g High 5011001 lf- HW-'44f '45 pres. '47 Latin Club-'47 Hi-Y-'46, '47, '48 Latin C1ubFf45 146 Gi,-1 Reserves-'47' '48 Aeronautics Club-'47, '48 Biology Clubhfgg A.O.A.-'47, '48g sec. '48 A-OA--'47, '48 Hurricane Staff-'45 Q yay! Humccme S4C"'g'46' "47' G' 1' -' ' ' '48 Qglriftifig 46' 47' 48 , Q' Annual Staffs'48 K, , 1 FootbC1llf'47, '48 Glee Chlb 46' 47 0, 5 lr1dustrialArts- '46, 47, 147 '44 FIORETTA PRICE BRYAN PURKEY ROYLE RHODES FRANCES RHEA Sub-Debs-'46, '47, '48 Sec. '47g Pres. '48 Beta Club-'47, '48 Girl Rese-rvesg'46, '47, '48 Reporter '48 Spanish Club-'46, '47 Operetta-'45 Home EC. Club-'47 Hurricane Staff-'48 Glee Clubi'47, '48 Transferred from Whites- burg .y Girl Reserv '45 Spanish C1 -'4 '47 Biology CI 344 Home EC lui 'X ' S '4 Glee C -' Sy Q y t. t My tg S, 4 ' '1' nf" 'AR N ti Q" an Q' 454333 44' W . X I RICHARD PERRY I. L. PURKEY olipwiy i SENIORS OF 1948 W swf W-.6 MYRTIS RIGGS F.H.A. '45, '47 Biology Club 345 Glee Club '46, '47 IANIS SAWYER WILLIAM RIZER BUDDY HOUSE Transferred from Hacken- sack High, N. l. Hi-Y Club '48 Beta Club--'48 Glee Club V '48 BARBARA SCHETTLER IACK SPOONE 766 Club-'46, '47, '48, Transferred from Ashe- lr. l-li-Y-'44, '45 Pres. '48 Ville, N. C. '45 iii-Y -'46, '47, '48 Girl Reserves -'46, '47, '48 Biology Club-V-'46, Sec. Civics Club '44, '45, A.O,A.--'48 Spanish Club '46, '47 Pres. Spanish Club-'47, '48, Girl Reserves-'46, '47, '48 Screwballs-'46, '47, '48 Pres. '47, V.-Pres. '48 Bei Clclub-'47, '48 Glee Club-'46, '47, Hurricane Siaff-'47, '48 A.O.A.-'48 PYGS- '47 Glee Club-'47, '48 Band Sponsor-'48 H1-1ffiCCH1G SfG1ff4'45, '47, Latin Club-'45 Sub-DebSg'45, '47, '48, '48 Home E . Club-'45 Reporter4'48 CIIGITIUUU of MGfCh of - . Dimes-'47 . i V Science Club--'45, V-Pres. Mo B! Cpereita-'47 li W MW VIRGINIA RUFFNER AL SNYDER Hi-Y-'46, '47, '48 BiOlOqYf'46 Spanish-'47, '48 Fooibclll '47 Basketball-'47, '48, Co-Capt. Track Team-'47 Monogram Club-'47, WILMA RUSSELL Home Ec. Club-J46, '47 Spanish Club-'46, '47 CLIFFORD SUSONG cf? X ,ff gwwwzgpwwfw if"'f"' rf' wry," THE MORRISTOWN ANNE SMITH Giee Club-'46, '47 Band-'45, '46, '47 Spanish Club-'46, '47g Sec. '46, Treas. '47 Girl Reserves-'46, '47, Home EC. C1ubg'45 Treas. of Soph. Home '48 KATHERINE SMITH Room-'46 4-H ciub-'45, '46, '47, '48 MARY UH WMN MARY ANN sznno 'X' JW Transferred frcm Gibson- burq. Ohio BILLY STUMP Iiakha Staff-'48 Eeta Club --'47, '48 .1X,O.A.-'48 Eioioqy Club-'46, Pres. Spanish--'46 BETTY LEE TAYLOR Armuai Staff-'48 7516 Club-'47, '48: Treus. '47, '48 Beta Club-'47, '47, Trecfs. Girl Reserves-'46, '47, '48 Treczs. '47, '48 A.O.A.4'47, '48 Basketball-'44, '45, '46, '47, '48 lcxiin Club-'45, '46 Monogram Club-'47, '48 Q w 1 I 1 MA ..E11ES STYKES DOROTHY SWANN Transfer d from Heath- sprinqs, S. C. Home EC. C1ubY'47 Girl Reserves-'48 Biolzqy-'47 BLAND TOMLINSON Biology-'46 Soanish Club-'45, '46 F.H.A.-'45 ESCO TRENT F.F.A.-'45, '46, '47 Class League--'45, '46 '47, '48g Capt. '45g Co-Capt. '46 Science Club-'45 Bicioqy Club-'46 A.O.A.+-'48 SENIORS OF 1948 LESTER TURNER MARKARET ANN WILI.- IAMS Bandw'45, '46, '47p Sec. '45, '47 Drum Maiorette-'46, '47 Pres. oi Soph. Home Room '46 Sec. of Ir. Class-'47 Sec. of Sr. Class-'48 Girl Reserves-'46, '47, '48 Pres. '48 Home Ec.-'45, '46, '47, '43 Pres. '46 Pres. of Chapter-'47, Sub-District Pres-'47, '48 Beta Club-'47, '48 Hurricane Staff-'48 Itakha Staff-'48 Spanish Club-'46, '47 Science Club-'45 GRAHAM VANCE ALDON VAUGHN Sports Ed. of ltakha-'48 V.-Pres. cf Sr. Class-'43 Hi-Y-'45, '47, '485 Sql. at Arms '47, '48 Beta Club-'47, '48g V.-Pres. '48 Spanish Clubf'45 '47 A.O.A.-'48g V.-Pres. lr. Hi-Y-'45 Science Club--'45, Treas. Latin Club-'45 Football--'45 MARGARET ELLEN WILLIAMS'n Club-'45 Science Club-' Home Ec.-'44 - Reporter Band-'44, '45, '46- Sgc, Orchestra-'45, '46 Glee Club-'47, '48 Spanish Club-'46, '47 Debating Squad-'46, '47 Girl Reserves-'46, '47, '48 Industrial Arts-'47, '48 Operetta-'47 45 '45, NELI. B. WILLIAMS BILLY DAN WALKER Ir. Hi-Y-'45 Football Mgr.--'45 Biology Club4'46g Sec. Spanish Club-'45, '47, Pres. '47 Beta Club--'47, '48 Industrial Art:-'47 Hi-Y-'46, '47, '48 Volunteer Boys State-'47 Ir. Class Treas.-'47 TOMMY WAGNER WILLIE KATE WITHERS GERALDINE CHANEY Home EC.--'45 Home Ec. Club-'46 F ..- tif it rf' "l tl Girl Res-rves--'46, '47 '48 Glee Club-'46, '47 ' Beta ctub-'47, '48 E tl I s mxwwp JUNICDR CLASS CF F ICERS First Row: Mrs. Shcrver, Ann Murphey, Io Hoiberi. Second Row: Buddy Portruni, Miss Qne Mullins, Tornniy Pugh. President f Tommy Pugh Vice-President - Buddy Porirurn Secretary - Ann Murphey Treasurer - Io Holbert Sponsors sf Mrs. Shaver and Miss Oncr Mullins BILL ALLEN DAVD ADAMS HAROLD BURNETT I. B. BRUCE CHARLES DAVIS BEN CARVER STANLEY DICKERSON DONAL DYER GLENN ELLER IOE FRY C. T. GREENE VIRGIL HARVILLE CRAMPTON HELMS I. P. HELTON VERIIE HOHNER MARViN MARIAN EDWARD MOORE RALPH McKINNEY ROBERT McCOY AVERY MAYES A .-I Gif NED MOORE CARROLL MOORE HAROLD PARKER IIMMY PEMBERTON BUDDY PORTRUM JIMMY POTTS TOMMY PUGH CARSON RHODES ROBERT RINES BILLY ROUSE TOMMY ROUSE CHARLIE SENTER BOBBY SKEEN CHARLES WALKER ELLIS WINSTEAD EDWARD WOLFE BARBARA WHITTEN IIMMIE RUTH WHETSEI BOBBIE FAYE WALL PEARL WILLIAMS ,NVQ ,M W R W 1 5 A ' i If V I lx! X22Q"I'3df'x : , .Y f A EVELYN SMITH SARAH SMITH INEZ STINER DOROTHY STINTES PEGGY SOUTHERLAND HELEN ALLEN CHARLOTTE SMITH VELDA SHOUN EDITH SAWYER EUGENIA RULE DORIS RUSSELL BETTY IO REYNOLDS IEAN ANN RHODES IAN PURVIS THELMA PIERCE EVELYN PETTIGREW INA PEOPLES BETTY IO PADGETT KATHERINE O'DELL IUANITA NOE gif bk . V r 4 x M CHARLOTTE HOWELL MILDRED HALE KATHERINE HALE DOROTHY IARNAGIN MILDRED KIRK BARBARA LOWERY DELORIS LORINO PEGGY LANDRUM RUTH LAMPKIN SHIRLEY BRADY DOROTHY IEAN LONG IOAN LONG MARGARET LONG BETTY MAXEY IUANITA MARSHALL BETTY MARSHALL ANN MURPHEY DOROTHY MOYERS LORAINE MOYERS IEAN ASHLEY -QP 46- 5 BERNICE HAWKINS AGNES BREEDEN IEAN BRUCE LYDIA BURNETT MARY FRANK ERYAN BETTY CANTWELL GENEVA CARTER IANE CHRISTMAS ANN COOPER MARY RUTH CUPP MARIE DINKINS NOLA MAE FINE EFFIE MAE FORD MARGIE FRAZIER DOROTHY HORNER IO HOLBERT MARTHA F. HELTON DOROTHY HELTON THELMA HANKS N. SOPHCMORE " 's" First Row: Martha Honeycutt. Margaret Caldwell. Ora Van, Dickerson. Mrs. Huddleston, Mattie Sue Dyer, Ruth Ann Hopper, Shirley Smith, Rose Ann Stapleton. Second Row: I. E. Harris, Joe Wall, Buddy Dickerson. Charles Lumpkin, Chappy Craig. Dean Maqqard. Third Row: Henderson Hurley, Iames Carter, A. Q. Allen, Billy Stephens, David Richardson. SCPHCMORE "B's" First Row: George Hale, Bob Smith. Robert Seahorn, Claude links, Robert Hale, Tommy Lester. Harold Rieland. Iohn Ellis, Bobby Minnich, R. C. Fielder. Second Row: Miss Catron. W. C. Mills, Bill Akers, Eddie Cross, Bobby Lawless, Charles Robertson, Sonny Lutrell, Everett Purkey, Third Row: Harry Sams, Donald Stines, Bob Reagan, lohnny Potts, Kelly Scott, Earl Collins, Stanley Bobbin, David Rupley, Billy Frank Bryant, Bruce Harvel, Billy Hodges, Mr. Murell, Paul Livingston, Stanciel Ford, Buddy Buchanan. Fourth Row: Cleo Hurley, Wayne Noe, I. C. Mayner, Hubert Bunch, Floyd Covington, Wade Cowan. Everett Iohnson. Ray Hoover, Iohn Robert Gouge. Fifth Row: Billy Goin, Billy Frank Pease. Grant Housely, I. C. Inman, Carroll Marshall. SOPHOMORE GIRL'S First Row: Mary Cross, Katherine Fowler, Iean Pascal, Pot Lovett, Barbara Rogers. Ellie Akens. Betty June Marsh. Miss Thompson, Beatrice Shultz. Second Row: Mary Frances Iackson. Ioan Ebel. Virginia Quinn. Ann McClanhan. Mary Bell Bryant, Orvella Brady. Voni lanes, PeQ9Y Wilmeth. Peggy Franklin, Beatrice Shutts. Third Row: Anna Lou Hipshire, Ann Graves. Geraldine Goiorth. Iean Rizer, Nickie Bryant, Maxine Lovin, Imogene Cole, Onita Musser, Peqgy Wilmeth. Fourth Row: Ioan Whitley. Vera Hipahire, Mariorie Bumett, Mary Williams, Carolyn Bell, 'Dot Orrick, Iune Purkey, Doris Lee, Doris Bacon. Lulabell Russell, Helen Allen, Edith Allen, Helen Hazelwood, Edith Cornwell. Fifth Row: Louise Davis, Nell Easley. Rosemary Perryman, Polly Atchley, Barbara Roach, Ann Wallace. Betty Monroe. Aria Faye Flowers, Ioan Spires, Betty Lou Woods, Wetona Lowe, Rebecca Fine. Betty Io Huff, Sixth How: Emma Hux. Beverly Hill. Marie Braon, Betty lane Hedrick, Wanda Travis, luanita Riner. FRE SHMAN "Ks" First Row: Doris Woods, Betty Murphey, Mary Fullinqton, Pauline Rhienhart, Miss Snoddy, Buelah Hayes, Lena Mae Fox, Helen Seals. Betty Carol Morgan. Iune Smith. Second Row: Don Knight, C. H. Harville, Rosco Harville, Peggy Smith, Margaret Carter, Earl Hopper, Mary Elkins, Hazel Rader, Buddy Milles, Escoe Harville. Wilber Baxter, Loyd Price. Carl Haskins. Kenneth Turner, Billy Beckner. First Row: Edna Goan, Patty Rouse, Helen Owen, Georgia Smith. Blanche Kate Rich, Doris Cooper, Doris Helton, Sylvia Pettigrew, Norma Spzmgle, Bettv Susorg, Dorothy Lane, Anna Blanche McCracken, lennie Harper, Louise Rich. Dorothy Beers. Second Row: Marie Hux, Elizabeth Wilds, Mary Lou Greene, Mildred Chamberlain, Madelyn Combs, Emma lean Wilmeth, Nancy Coates, 'Doris Brabston, Cecile Killian, Ioan Long, Lorraine Russell. Third Row: Mary Ruth Carter, Billie Marshall, Christine Purkey. Bonnie Iune Eales, Doris Stykes. Vada King, Dorthyy Wi:e, Io Anne Smith, Bobby lean Chandler, Elizabeth Russell, Gay Maggard, Ioy Rich. Marie Woods. Fourth Row: Wanda Western, Opal McDaniel, Aileen Denton, Dorthy Mabry, Ann Moore, Ann Bryan, Charlotte Hurst. F RESHMEN "B" GIRLS First Row: Mrs. Murphey, Doris Staley, Christine Collins, Willie Bervle Walker, Kay Deal, Anne Williams, Anne Christmas, Ann Witt, Marilyn Brooks, Alma Ruth Dalton, Betty lean Walker, Billie Horner, Mary Midkiit, Doris May, Audrey Brady, fanette Conner, Miss Horner. Second Row: Helen Rines, Peggy Brooks, Ioann Corbin. Iewell Rymer, Ruth Sell, Doris Walden Louise Shannon, Carolyn Kelly, Betty Murphey, Doris Woods. Third Row: Betty Crockett, Helen Seals, Mary Fullinqton. Marvella Matheny, Lena Mae Fox, Mary Rose, Sue Carol Spoone, lune Smith, Betty Carol Morgan, Bula Hayes, Pauline Rhinehart, Hazel Rader, Peggy Smith. Mary Elkins, Edith Robertson, Betty lane Noe, Mary Frances Thomas. First Row: Miss Horner, Tommy Frierson, Iimmy Iones. Iohnny Hale, Don Neblett, Wayne Easley. Gerale Tyler, Hugh Heltner, Buddy Fox. A. T. Lester, Mrs. Hale, Paul Bruce. Second Row: Roy Stuart, Billy lack Cunningham, Delmar Carpenter, Bill Reynolds, Stanley Spcmgle, Bob Luther. Richard Long, Euqene Collins, Burle Frazier, Iames Ray Mcliineny. Third Row: Cecil Mills, I. T. Eller, I. C. Goan, Curtis Darton, Iimmy Branton, Delmer Simmons. Woody Shorter, Kenneth Hipshire, Bruce Barney, Sydney Pease, Billy Mackey, Billy Black. FRE SHMEN BCJYS First Row: William Coleman, Allan Gerson, Bobby Young, W. C. Martin, R. L. Harville, Charles Ienkins, Tommy Ioe Dalton, Earl Manning, Iohnny McDaniels, Iimmy Rulfner, Mr. Strange, Billy Ray Lee. Second Row: Richard Potts. George McCan1ess, Roman Porteriield, Paul Miller, Iimmy Stykes. Charles Whetsel, Billy Lee, Herman Mutter. Harold Smith, C. E, Roberts, Neil Turner. Third Row: Everett Barnes, Fred Helton, Brice Barding, Clittord Dalton, Bobby Kelley, lohnny West, Benny Smith, George Morris, I. C. Wilds, Emerson Iohnson, Clarence King, CLASS PROPHECY Ladies and gentlemen-today our program, odd things ot the future, over WCBK proudly presents the prophecy of the class of 1948 of Morristown High School. Today the year of l958, lack Brooks is the President of the Brooks Nylon Hosiery Mill, motto-You bring them, I fit them. The Chief fitter is Frank Fisher-Models-Tookie Iames and Agnes Hale. Run titters: Click Gill and Estell Brady. Billy Beets and lack Spoone are still great competitors in the grocery business. Alfred Higgens and Lcslle Easley are delivery boys. Mike Carver is now cne of the most popular doctors in Morristown. He is single, unmar- ried, and own cn cirplane. Madeline Brady, Lola Pay Parvin, Georgie Hayes, and leanette Brooks are to be among the nurses at Mike's new hospital. Another doctor around town is Wayne Franklin, doctor of all animals large and small. His wife, Alice Patrick Franklin, is his secretary. The large ENKA Corp. is still in existence. The chemists are Lynn Easley, Alfred Fuller, Richard Hale, George Harper, limmy Holt, Bill Ebel, Dick Bell, and Hugh Boyd. There are among one thousand others. Richard Perry is chief test tube waslier. A Fannie loe Hale, who is she? Her husband often wonders. As time goes on tea:hers are still retiring Nelle Burke Williams is now a popular teacher at Rose School. Margaret Ellen Williams teachs the new sixth grade at Sherwood. A new restaurant has just opened in town with Esco Trent as manager and Bay McGin- nis as head waiter. Marvella Matheny just bought out his last restaurant. Billy Noe, Louise Noe, and Mary Noe have gotten together and opened a new dry goods store. They call it Nce's. Mary Ann Szabo is their pressure salesman. This is really the largest store of its kind in town. Alden Vaughn and Lloyd Burnette are trying to get a contract to put in escalators. The elevators are just too crowded. Billy Dcn Walder is now telling the jokes over "Can You Top This." Willie Kate Withers and Virginia Ruftner have their jokes told weekly. Buddy Rouse is now operating a large sp ace ship to the moon. The co-pilot is Bill Foster. Stewardess-Georgie Coldwell. ' Anne Smith is now working at the Berkline. So is Betty Oliver. Secretaries, you know. Mary Helen Moore, Wilma Bussell, and Bessie Mae Hipshire are working in Washington. Did you hear our Senator talk on the radio last night? Senator Lawrence really spoke like an East Tennessean. He was congratulating Graham Vance, W. P. Bell, Hubert Blair, Kay Greene, and Glen Lane, on their good statesmanship. We also have in Morristown Sonny Lawless, who own all the tax cabs. Among his drivers are Imogene Long, David Peoples, lanis Sawyer, Al Snyder, and Stella Grace Medlin. Buddy Nabers is now running Naber's clinic. Peggy lsenberg is his head nurse. lean Horner and lennie Ruth Mullins are among the nurses there. Tommy lenkins and Frank Hodges are both car dealers. Of course, not partners. Bob Lowe owns a hunting resort in the Great Smoky Mountains. His Gun Tender-I. E. McClanahan: guides are Billy McGlamery, Dean Miller, and Henry Noe. They lead a leisure- ly life because there is not any hunting allowed in the Smokies. The High School faculty has somewhat changed. Eugene Leonard is new football coach Barbara Schettler teaches biology: Rita Anne Fowler teachs Home Economics and Betty lo Hurley is Librarian. Billy Stump is teaching chemistry. We have some very talented people from Morristown High School such as Murrel Mel- ton, Betty Rae Parder, Helen May and Geraldine Chaney, who are now playing on Broad- way. Myrtis Riggs, Frances Rhea, Mary Charles Stykes, Dot Swann, Charles Nichelas, Buddy Noe, Bill Rizer, and Clifford Susong are working in department stores in Morristown. Betty lean Hazelwood is now running her own flower shop. Her helpers are Dot Godwin and Pauline Gregg. The delivery boy is Royal Rhodes. Bryan and I. L. Purkey own a large farm and supply most of Morristown's vegetables. Iuanita Crider is now one of the artists for Miller's advertisements. Bland Tomlinson for Georges. Libby Line, Fioretta Price, Ruth Mayes, Kate Smith, Cotton Williams, Mary Nell Coving- ton, Vida Gregg, and Mary Swain are housewives in Morristown. Secretaries in New York are Mary Frances Canter, Willie Ann Lane, Ruth Bryant and Willaree Galloway. There are three people we could not locate-Mary E. Coffey, Margaret Collins and Al- meda Dinkins. We're sorry. This information on this program was collected by Bobby Iones, now a doctor in this town. ' This is WCRK Morristown, Tennessee. LAST WILL 8: TESTAIVIENT 5 State of Tennessee County of Hamblen City of Morristown We the seniors of Morristown High School being fully saturated with alcohol and poss- essing limited knowledge do swear and declare that we are of unsound, unsoloer, and undis- posing mind and memory while writing this, our Last Will and Testament. . First, we will the newly acquired names, drawing and chewing gum on and under the desks to next years seniors and hope that a few additions will occur. Second, we leave, better than we found, the building, the teachers, the students, and "Petie" Silergto the City of Morristown. Third, we now present the seniors disposing of their earthly possessions in this their Last Will and Testament. lirnmie Holt-'I leave my great height and width to George Hale." Alfred Higgins-"I leave, if I leave, my extention to Peter Ienks." Felixiganklin-"I leave nothing. l'm taking Alice with me." Beanhead McGlameryi-"I leave Mae D. to Con Moore." Lea Lawrence!-"I leave my title, President of the Brakeline, to Iohnny Pressley and hope he may do as well:" Tookie Iames-"I leave my fear of "Skinney Legs" to Ian Purvis." PeqQY lsenbergfnl leave my fear of the dark to Barbara Roach." Frank Fisher-"I will all my broken bones to any obnoxious, dilapidated, anonmous sap who plays football." Graham Vance-"I will my extra weight to Tommy Pugh." Al Snyder-"I will Bobbie Rogers to Ben Carver." Richard Hale-"I will Fat Walker a pack of weeds if I can get enough money to buy them." Click Gill-"I leave my woman Deloris." Estelle Brady-"I will Virginia Ruffner the ability to get Commercial Law." Kenneth "Leslie" Easley-JI will my influence over the women to Wee Wee Carver." Buddy "Ieep" Rouse--"I leave I. S. CWIMPYJ Fish to Daddy Pack." Bill Ebel-"I leave all the fine people of Morristown High." Fioretta Price-"I W' will Martha Helton my ability to get out of school single." Buddy Noe-'I will Iuanita and Wanda to Charles Walker." Floyd Lawless-"I leave my nickname "Gooty" to Buddy Dickerson." Betty Rae Parker--"I will all my bets pertaining to Mr. Boles to Martha Helton. tl didn't succeed.J" Billy Stump-"I will my red rose book to the Four Roses." Frank Hodges--"I will everything that has to do with school to anyone who is a fool enough to want it." Charles Nickalous--"l will Donald Dyer my two hundred pounds." Ruth Mayes-"I will my trips'to town for Miss Ona to Ann Ruth McClanahan." Kenneth K. Greene-"I will my books to any fool who wants them." Richard Perry-'I leave Charles Lampkin to take, care of things." Bryan Purkey-"I leave the eighth table in Speck's for Harold Parker to practice on." W. P. Bell-"I leave my pole vaulttng to Crarnpton Helms." Dean Miller-"I lecrve!sl" - V ' Ann Lane--"I will captain of the basketball team to lennice Ruftnerf' Helen May-"I will Monkey to High School." . Lloyd Burnett-'I will that Mr. Fish have peace of mind next year." Bland Tomlinson-"I will my geometry book to Nola Mae Fine." Mary Sue Swain-"I will my geometry book to Iean Fuller." Margaret Ann Williams-"Will, will, Who?" ' Nelle Burke Williams-"I will my long skirts to Mary Nelle Covington." Hubert Blair-'I leave my ability in classes and the gym to Daddy Pack." Alfred Fuller-"l will my billard ability to Charles Lampkin." Esco Trent--"I leave by billard ability to Charles Larnpkin." D Rita Lorino-"I leave my ability to play ping-pong to Charlotte Smith." Margaret E. Williams-"I will knowledge gained in Mech. Drawing to any girl fool enough to get in a class of boys." ' Tommy Ienkins-"I leave the best teacher in school, Miss Catron, to any one lucky enough to get her." ' Bob Iones-"I leave my physics and chemistry books and Mrs. Clark to any one who wants them." Betty Lee Taylor-"I will my ability to Ann Murphey." George Harper-"I leave the whole darn works, including my special seat on Mrs. Massey's knee to Robert McCoy." iff' 4 Agnes Hale-"I leave Ian Purvis the key to the Paper Room Door, hoping that, with the help of Majors, she can carry on." Dorothy lean Swan-"I will my figure to Nola Mae Fine." Margaret Collins-"I will my twist back to Bobbie Rogers." Jimmie Ruth Mullins-'I will my figure back to the Coca-Cola plant." , Myrtis Riggs-"I will to Ginny Ruffner a box of ,Walla Walla chewing gum so that she will ' always be unfresh." Mary NoeMary Noe-"I will all my permits and phone calls to Thelma Hanks." Billy Dan Walker-"I will my antsy pants to Kelly Scott." Ann Smith and Willaree Galloway--"We will second period history to anyone crazy enough to get in it." Murrel Melton-"I will my gift of gab to Red Reynolds." Dick Bell-"I leave Mr. Isenberg my Solid Geometry book." Wa Wa Helms--"I leave My Muscles to my brother." Billy Beets-"I will my ability to get along with the women to Tommy Boles. Cl-le sure needs it.J" , Dorothy Godwin-"I will my love for campusology to Ann Murphey." Lynn Easley-"I will my barrel chest to Robert Seahornl' Mike Carver-"I will my three nails in the football dressing room to Iirnmie lonesf' Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said seniors of M.H.S. to be their Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at their request and in their presence do subscribe our names as witnesses there- to. In witness whereof I, David A. Peoples IOHN DILLINGER do set my hand and seal this gradua- BABY FACE NELSON tion day of 1948. D OO His Mark OOO His Seal 5521 QM L 15 +4 .wg L we Wg, isfw ,R 1 as Y . if , , if . in A- .i Q K FE I + A :yy QA W ,MI QL- N i x M F-sf' X V :gb S , ,MX .W Y Y . M, ., ,W 4: my 5 . 'M-Q 1? MSF E' . ,W w :QV Km I-:ti-T Xie. Wa Www as j - nl? lag it A S I , , I . , ? F' x S3 5 as s U fin ML.. 6 M is W ...V-V v LV, ggi? q. if in-n was K fu! ' . V5 zz,"-f2iT2'gef ' + f 2 'X M I' f 'waning ,, 4555! . ' , A avlffnvonou I , . 1l"5lnunnsu,k If P N ' sity!! 5 A? . .11 ' gm? X- - , .. ,.,' - t. t .La Al A Q 1',,,,,10en, I .ndlfgtfsql-i,,, ,QQQQQ ig . J.: ..,,,. my ,, 1 . ' ' W f n 4 4 1 l"'x .5 ' fl swim I 1, A -I . ' -. 'Wea P . ' ' I .X 2 fgggfggfk W? Vwwwwm 555, 53? f ef' f X ' L I F 3 K 'F if K I j,',fg:L:?, X 1 I 7 , r ., fa!! ,QQ 11x -gf ' E5 ,, I 'ii I ff, f iff' M 'H ,f! 51' Mm I 5 f f f KRW Z 5 ' 1 ii? Z 1 f 1 ' V may 9 ,--su-unfit ..----g -.---.i-'- --g FM THE HURRICANE STAFF Editor-in-Chief W , , , Agnes Hale Associate Editor , Ian Purvis Business Manager , ,,,,,,,,,,, , Peggy Isenberg The 1947-1948 Hurricane had a successful year publishing a total of eleven regular issues and various extras such as sports and holiday extras. A new typewriter was purchased as well as other needed equipment. The 1947-1948 Hurricane belonged to the Quill and Scroll and the National Schalostic Press Association. lean Horner Kathryn O'Dell Iimmy Pemberton lack Brooks Buddy Nabers Tommy Puth Ben Carver Buddy Portrum Ann Murphey Mary Elizabeth Line Billy Dan Walker Margaret Ann Williams Ianis Sawyer Iuanita Crider Tookie flames Rita Lorino David Peoples Iimmy Potts Charlotte Smith Estell Brady Lea Lawrence Betty Taylor Helen May lack Spoone W. S. Murrell Sponsor W A... HI-Y CLUB First Row: Floyd Lawless, Cliilord Gill lack Brooks, Ben Carver, lock Spoone. Charles Walker, Eddie Cross, Robert Hale, Jimmy Pemberton, Bobby Lawless. Second Row: Tommy Jenkins, Mike Carver. Hugh Boyd, Tommy Lester. George Hale, I. B. Bruce, Ioe Fr . 'lhird gow: David Peoples, Tommy Rouse, Buddy Buchanan, Billy Dan Walker, Dick Bell. Buddy Portrum. Tommy Pugh. Bill Rizer. Fourth Row: Chappy Craig. Allen Snyder, Donald Dyer, Graham Vance, Buddy Nabers, Not Pictured: Doc Dickerson. Bobby lones, Bill Foster. President .. ,,,, .. ,,,,, Tom Pugh VicefPresident . . .. Bill Foster Secretary .. . . Buddy Portrum . . Dick Bell . . . Graham Vance Macauley Clark Treasurer ,,,,, . Sgt.-at-Arms , . Sponsor ,,,.,, . . ,,,,. .. . ,.,,, . . . .. The Hi-Y Club of '48 has had a good season of fine work and success in the school. The boys enjoyed several socials, including a hayride and a ban- quet. The club has sponsored many projects, which were helpful to the school. Although the members of the l-li-Y have a splendid time each Monday night with an evening of fun, food, and fellowship, along with good programs, their main purpose is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the com- munity, high standards of Christian character." So thanks to the capable direction of the officers, the excellent co-operation of all the boys and the supervision of our sponsor, Macauley Clark, the Hi-Y has experienced one of its best years. 1 QL! H5 Q 5 gp-... HMT' 5 'rw' . , GIRL RESERVES First Row: Miss Iaynes, Margaret Ann Williams, Peggy Izenberg, Rita Lorino, Mary Kate Cross, Helen May, Willaree Galoway, Arm Smith, Margaret Williams, Bernice Hawkins, Iimmy Wetsell, Miss Catron. Second Row: Deloris Lorino, lean Fuller, Hilda Croxdale, Betty Lee Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Line, Barbara Schettler, Barbara Lowery, Mary Iane Williams, Ora Van Dickerson, Belly Oliver, Belva Grace Vaughn, Ioan Spires, Barbara Whitten, Ina lean Peoples. Third Row: Mary Charles Stykes, lean Ann Rhodes, Ann Murphey, Geraldine Gotorth, Ann Graves, Mary Katherine Fowler, lean Horner. Rose Ann Stapleton, Martha Honeycutt, Iimmy Lou Travis, Rita Ann Fowler, Edith Cornwell. Lida Burnett, Helen Hazlewood. Fourth Row: lean Paschall, Caroline Bell, Agnes Hale, Ma:y Frances Iackson. Betty lane Hedrick, Marvella MaTheney, Evelyn Smith, Betty Io Padgett, Mary Bell Brandon, Ianis Sawyers, Louise Davis, Betty Lou Wood, Katherine O'dell. Filth Row: Rosemary Perryman, Betty Cantwell, Thelma Hanks, Vera Hipshire, Shirley Brady, Marjorie Burnett, Pearl Williams, Sara Smith, Mildred Kirk, Murrell Melton. Dorothy lean Long. Sixth Row: Imogene Cole, Alice Patrick, Estelle Brady, Ieanette Brooks, Ann Wallace, Betty Monroe, Charlotte Smith, Betty Io Reynolds, Ian Purvis, Tookie Iames. Willie Ann Lane, Virginia Rutfner, Katherine Smith, Doris Russell, Eugenia Rule. Seventh Row: Peggy Southerland. Doris Bacon, Barbara Roach. Betty lo Hurley, Arta Faye Flowers, Mildred Hale, Katherine Hale. Eighth Row: Peggy Landrum, Anne Ruth McClannhan, Eiiie Atkins, Rebecca Fine, Betty lo Huff, Dot Orrick, Bobby Mayes, Ioan Whitley, Ioan Ebel, Dot Godwin, Stella Grace Medlin, Dorothy Swann, Orvella Brady, lane Christmas, Betty Rae Parker, Fioretta Price, SUB-DEB CLUB Seated: Ioan Sphires, Barbara Schettler, Betty Io Reynolds, Doris Ruszell, Izza Pecplzs, Peggy Landrum. Mildred Kirk, Virginia Ruifner. Standing: Murrell Melton, Dorthy Iean Long, Mrs. Huddleston. Fioretta Price. Martha Helton. Not Pictured: Betty Rae Parker. Katherine Smith. President Fioretta Price Vice-President Virginia Rulfner Secretary , Dot Long Treasurer Mildred Kirk Reporter Barbara Schettler Sponsor Mrs. Elaine Huddlestorx ln the fall of l942 the Sub-Deh Club was oraanized. Snce iheh The Suhv Debs have been very successful. This year we have had numerous parties, suppers, etc. 'Wo hope this cluli will be as prosperous as it has hcen in the pasl years cull we know it viii be with our wonderful sponsor, "Maiors." MONOGRAM CLUB First Row: Tommy Lester, Pearl Williams, Betty Lee Taylor, Tookie Iames. Coach Siler. Ann Mur- phey, Ian Purvis, Iuanita Noe, Willie Ann Lane, Lea Lawrence. Second Row: Dick Bell, Billy Beets, Buddy Buchanan, Frank Fisher, Mike Carver, Buddy Nahers. Hugh Boyd, Wayne Franklin, David Peoples, David Higgins, Tommy Pugh, lack Brooks. Not Pictured: Kenneth Easley, Bobby Iones, Ed Bowman, Herbert Harville, Kenneth Pack. Wimp McDaniels, Donald Dyer, Bill Foster, I. B. Bruce, Al Snyder, W. P. Bell, Mildred Kirk, Kay Greene. George Harper, Sonny Lawless, eanette Brooks, Betty Io Hurley. President ,,,, ,,,,,. A nn Murphey Vice-President Kenneth Easley Secretary , Tommy Pugh Treasurer ,,,, Buddy Nabers Reporter Willie Ann Lane The Moiiogrfmi Club is Composed ot those people who letlerecl in tootboll, boslceiboll, trails, tennis, baud, ond cheerleading. The Club hos had meetings fluriticy chotpel club hour cmd cliscussecl business. P7 BIOLOGY CLUB First Row: Mary lane Williams, Orvella Brady. Carolyn Bell, Bruce Harville, lean Rizer, Betty Mae Conner, Dorothy Banner, Beverly. Ora Van Dickerson, Virginia Quinn, Miss Thompson. Belva Grace Vauqhn, Mattie Sue Dyer, Rose Ann Stapleton, Second Row: A. Q. Allen, Ina Peoples, Dorothy Stanley, Dorothy Moyer. Estelle Brady. Wetona Lowe, Rebecca Fine, Mary Ictcobs. David Rupley. Third Row: W. C. Mills, Chappy Craig, Dean Maqgard, Billy Stephens. Bob Smith. Ioe Wall. Wayne Noe. Fourth Row: Buddy Dickerson, Wade Cowan, Hubert Bunch, Stancil Ford, Cleo Hurley, Charles Lumpkin. .45 LHS... fa? id , ggi 5 Y Q x M lid MQ F. F. A. Firsl Row: Carson Rhodes, I. B. Bruce, Alfred Fuller, Robert Hale. Billy Bryant. Floyd Graham, Milton Moore. Abbie Mariin. I. S. Fish. Second Row: George Hale. Carroll Marshall, Fred Wolfe, Sonny Lutirell, Loyd Burneti. I. E, Harris, Robert Rines, Paul McDaniel. Third Row: Carroll Moore, Hubert Bunch, Stancil Ford, Avery Mayes. James Carson. Fourth Row: Roberl Stines, Elnrence Bible, Tommy Rouse, Fred Sinard, Bobby Minniclc. Wade Cowan. ,, I ' Filth Row: George Pack, Viiooley Blair, Tommy Siaplelon. Iep Rouse. l x JUNIOR F. F. A. First Row: Stanley Spanqle, Mr. Fish, Richard Long, Fred Helton. Delmer Simmons, Clifford Dalton. Billy Rae Lea, Clarence Kinq, Buddy Fox, Paul Bruce. Second Row: Kenneth Hipshire, Johnny Hale, Iirnrny Brunton, Bill Reynolds, Woody Shorter Iohnny West, Burle Frazier, Bruce Bcrrdinq, Sydney Pease, Everett Barnes. Third Row: Eugene Collins, Brice Bardinq. , . W, . BETA CLUB First Row: Betty Lee Taylor, Peggy lsenberg, Graham Vance, lean Homer, Mrs. Huddleston. Second Row: Katherine O'Dell, Doris Russell. Ina Peoples, Peggy Southerland, Edith Sawyer. Ian Purvis, Charlotte Smith. Ruth Mayes, Inez Stiner, Fioretta Price, Barbara Schettler, Rita Lorino, Agnes Breeden. Third How: Rose Ann Stapleton, Helen May, Geraldine Chaney, Thelma Hanks, Barbara Whitten, Betty Cantwell, Ruth Ann Hopper, Io Ann Long, Mattie Sue Dyer, Margaret Caldwell. Fourth Row: Margaret Ann Williams, Ettie Mae Ford, Mary Elizabeth Line, Agnes Hale, Lynn Easley. Mike Carver, Georgia Caldwell, Filth Row: Billy Dan Walker, Billy Stump, Iimmy Potts. Bill Rizer, Hugh Boyd, Richard Hale. Sixth Row: Floyd Lawless, Clitiord Gill, Marvin Marion. Ben Carver, David Peoples, Cramptcn Helms. INDUSTRIAL ARTS First Row: Ned Moore. Clitlord Gill, Floyd Lawless, Avery Mayes, Ben Carver. Robert Hale, Robert Seahorn, Margaret Williams, Eddie Cross, George Hale. Claude Iinks, H. G. Bray. Second Row: Billy Pease, I. P. Helton, Ray Hoover. Henderson Hurley. Robert McCoy. Iohn Ellis, Harold Parker, Glenn Lane, I. L. Purkey, I. E. Harris, Everett Iohnson, Bobby Minnick, Bob Skeen, Carroll Marshall, Harold Burnett, Milton Moore, Bobby Lawless, Everett Purkey, Charles Robertson, Henry Noe, Iimmy Holt, Edward Moore. Kenneth Lovin, Frances Wilder, l'hird Row: Clarence Bible, Allred Fuller, Billy Bryant, Carroll Moore. Billy Rouse, Floyd Graham. Verbie Horner, David Adams, Escoe Trent, Bob Smith, Dean Maggard, Ioe Fry. Bruce Harville, A. Q. Allen, Buddy Dickerson, Iames Carter, Grant Housely. Billy Goan. Sonny Luttrell, lack Spoone, Bobby Reagan, Ellis Winstead, Ioe Wall, Donald Dyer, Wayne Noe, Charles Davis. Fourth Row: Charles Lumpkin, David Peoples, Buddy Buchanan, Lloyd Burnett, Hugh Boyd, Bill Rizer, 'Dick Bell, Tommy Lester, Billy McGlamery, Iohn Gouge. Fifth Row: David Higgins, Dean Miller, Tommy Stapleton, C. T. Green, illy Stephens, Bryan Purkey, Chappy Craig, Frank Fisher, Paul Livingston. President ,,,, Buddy Buchanan Vice-President W , Jack Spoone Secretary ,,,,,, George Hale Treasurer ,,..... Frances Wilder Instructor ,,,, .,,,,,, , W , , H. G. Bray There are ll7 students taking lndustrial Arts this year. We have tour classes in shop and two classes in Mechanical Drawing. All ot the classes are crowded and a lot ot the students who wanted the work could not get to take it because of the overcrowded classes. There will be an interesting exhibit ot the work that the students have done in shop at the close ot the school year. On the opposite page you will see some ot the work that the students did last year the second semester. INDUSTRIAL ARTS JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Seated: Bob Smith. Miss Catton, Iimmy Pemberton. Standing: Orvella Brady, lean Pascal, Betty Conner. Ioe Fry, Betty Monroe. Ioan Ebel, Voni lanes, Barbara Roach. David Ruphley, lean Rizer. Mary Frances Iackson. Rosemary Perryman, Iohnny Potts, Pat Lovette, Ann Wallace. President , ,,,,, Bob Smith Vice-President , Betty Monroe Secretary , W ,, Iimmy Pemberton Treasurer Y Y , , Rosemary Perryman We have been an active club since the beginning ot the school year, hold- ing our meetings semi-monthly and during the regular class period. The pro- gram and social committees change with each meeting, giving all members a chance to serve and participate. The theme of our programs has been Home and the Romans. Some excellent programs have been given. Through affiliation With the American Classical League this group ot Latin students pledges to hand out the torch of classical civilization in the modern World. f . , . jf V ' ff , SPANISH CLUB First Row: Billy Rouse, Stanley Robbin, Kelly Scott. Eddie Cross, Robert Seahorn, Iimmy Potts. Second Row: Miss Inynes, Peggy Franklin, Beatrice Shuts, Betty Cantwell, lean Bruce, Marie Kinkins, Lida Burnett, Betty lean Marsh, Inez Stiner, Dorothy Long, Murrell Melton, Ano Faye Flowers. Peggy Southerlund. Third Row: Helen Hazelwood Dorothy Horner, Dot Orrick, Bobby Mayes, Vercx Hipshire, Shirley Brady, Margaret, Caldwell, Lulcrbell Russell. SPANISH CLUB Sitting: Rita Lorino, Miss Ianyes. Ianis Sawyer, Second Row: Lynn Beasley, Katherine Hale, Rita Fowler, Katherine O'Dell, Thelma Pierce, Thelma Hanks, Ann Murphey, Deloris Lorino, Helen May. Third Row: Inc: Peoples, Virgil Harville. Charles Davis. Billy Waller, Harold Burnett, Tommy Push, Al Snyder. F If ,K - ' X R SPANISH CLUB First Row: Harry Sams. Glen Eller, Billy Goan. Everett Iohnson, Marvin Marion. Richard Hale. Second Row: Mildred Hale, Ioan Spires. Mary Brandon, Miss Iaynes. Anna Lou Hipshire, Imogene Cole. loan Whitley. Geraldine Goforth. Ann Graves. Third Row: Wilma Pierce. Belly Io Hull, Peggy Wilmeth. Iue Purkey. Anne Cooper, Onieda Musser. Iuanita Marshall. Wetone Lowe, Nickie Bryant. HCME EC CLUB First Row: Rose Ann Stapleton, Mary Kale Cross. Mary Iane Williams, Iimmie Lou Travis. Ora Van 'Dickerson, Dorothy Banner, Bernice Hawkins. Barbara Whitten, Rita Lorino. Second Row: Marie Brown, Hilda Croxdale, Dorothy Stines, Edith Sawyer, Mariorie Burnett. Bobbie Faye Wall, Ioan Long. Ruth Ann Hopper, Betty Iune Marsh. limmie Ruth Whetsel. Third Row: Betty Iane Hedrick, Geraldine Goforth. Belva Grace Vaughn, Ann Graves, Mary Katherine Fowler, Anna Mae Bell, Myrtis Riggs. Nelle Burke Williams, Oneida Musser. Beatrice Shultz, Edith Cromwell. Fourth Row: Louise Davis, Virginia Quinn, Carolyn Bell, lean Fuller, Iennie Ruth Mullins. Ann Cooper, Mary Sue Dyer, lane Christmas, Iuanita Marshall. Wanda Travis. Filth Row: Anna Ruth McClanahan, Thelma Hanks, Geneva Carter. Bobbie lane Quinton, Marie Dinkins, Dorothy Iaranagin, Betty Lou Woods, Mary Ruth Cupp, Margaret Colley. Peggy Wilmeth. Sixth Row: Emma Hux, Nola Mae Fine, Lorraine Moyars, Lida Burnett, Eugenie Rule. Mary Frank Bryan, Ellie Akins. Wilma Pierce. Seventh Row: Martha Honeycutt. Margaret Caldwell, Betty Maxey. Marjorie Fraizer, Doris Russell, Mary Bell Brandon, Maxine Lovin, Betty Io Padgett, Helen Hazelwood, Shirley Brady, Edith lean Allen, Doris Bacon, Barbara Rogers. Eighth Row: Sarah Ellen Orrick, Iune Purkey. Thelma Pierce, Vera Hipshire. Edith Harville, Charlotte Howell. lean Ashley, Estelle Brady, Ellie Mae Ford, Velda Shoun, Iuanita Riner, Bobby Mayes. A. O. A. First Row: Barbara Schettler, Alice Patrick. leanette Brooks, lean Horner, Agnes Hale, Ianis Sawyer, lack Brooks, Lea Lawrence, Tookie Iames, Mrs, Clark, Rita Ann Fowler, Mary Elizabeth Line, Ruth Lampin, Evelyn Pettigrew. Betty Cantwell, Ann Cooper. Second Row: lean Pascall, Mary Katherine Fowler, Rosemary Perryman, Velda Shoun, Effie Mae Ford, Nola Mae Fine, Helen Allen. Madelyn Brady. Third Row: Betty Lee Taylor, Tommy Pugh, Mike Carver, Donald Dyer, Billy Rouse, Jimmy Potts, Kelly Scott, Billy Beets, Peqqy Isenberq. Fourth Row: Crompton Helms. Huqh Boyd, Richard Hale, Lynn Easley, Iimmy Pemberton, Charles Nicoklous, George Harper, Charlie Senter, Marvin Marion, Billy Stump, Ray McGinnis. Filth Row: Graham Vance, Buddy Nabers, Frank Fisher, David Higgins, Wayne Franklin, William Ebel, Glenn Eller, Richard Perry. Not Pictured: Dick Bell. ,........., fm, WT? w 4' '3' Af' JR. HI-Y CLUB First Row: Iimmy Iones, Iohnny Hale, Cris Zimmerman, Iimmy Sykes, Don Neblelie, Richard Polls, Bobby Young. Second Row: Wayne Easley, Bill Reynolds, Tommy Pierson, Billy lack Cunningham, George Morris, Neal Turner. Third Row: Mr. Charles H. Strange. ,,-'v""'w ,.,...aa umwrfz CIVICS CLUB First Row: Billy Mackey. Wm. Coleman. Roy Slewart. Jimmy Iones, Bobby Young, Donald Marlin, Harry Sams. Second Row: Neal Turner, I. T. Eller, Roman Porieriield. Billy Cunningham. Mrs. Medlin. Third Row: Fred Sinurd. Curiis Dalton. Harold Smiih, R. I.. Howell. W. C. Marlin. George Morris E a' ww Aw ,wyyffwwwfw , i S .I Q 3, 3, if m. in-ssl!! P15 f V 551 Q r lv '31 "' 421 Q Q. -eg H 9-454 ,, 5 'Wifi mi 'aww M- W. fl K N", ,Win REX iv? L .fs- LATIN CLUB First Row: Don Neblett. Doris Cooper, Christine Collins, Audrey Brady, Kay Deal, Mrs, Taylor, Anne Williams, Ann Witt, Marilyn Brooks, Ieanette Connor. Second Row: Iimmy Sykes, Hugh Heflner, George McCanless, Willie Beryle Walker, Charlotte Hurst. Ann Bryan, Gay Maqqard, lohn McDaniel, Herman Mutter. Iimmy Rulfner, Iimmy Lou Travis. Third Row: Iimmy Iones, Richard Potts, Paul Miller, Bobby Kelley, Alan Gerson. Donald Stines, Iames Ray McKinley, Dot Stanley. x MY! I fgw 52, if b x :gm A Xwffzffjftlf ' ' all Kg pm W .- K AN 7 651' ,id-915' Ili QQ W 9' WW 1 '-: -'Z 25:7 ' ' N Q-,..,Q D x If if A W , a 33' I .,,. -. .V.. z -V .ff ,M ,r 'gf ,4 V ,H , Q E . V . ,,,,. b ,.,. Af A ,VN V mTl" f" "T'I XA iaJf"', I ' I QX A xvf W ""'A"'--'-' -M-e-u . Y Mm 3rd, PERIOD CHORUS First Row: Ruth Mayes, Louise Davis, Mary Helen Moore, Anna Ruth Mclanahan, Mary Kate Cross. Dot Godwin, lean Horner, Ianis Sawyer, Beverly Hill, Deloris Lorino, Rose Ann Stapleton, Edith Harville. Second Row: Tookie lames, Katherine O'Dell, Margaret Long, lean Pascal, Io Halbert. Eiiie Atkins, Toni Lowe, lean Fuller, Belva Vaughn. Ann Murphey. Third Row: Betty Io Huff, Maxine Lovin, Anna Lou Hipshire, Nickie Bryant, lean Ann Rhodes. Mary Charles Stykes, Vonni lanes, Rose Mary Perryman. Ioan Spires. Fourth Row: Emma Hux, Rebecca Fine, Helen Allen, Edith Allen, Mary Ellen Icxcobs. Thelma Hanks, Mary Frank Bryan, 'Dorothy Iaranagin, Loranine Moyers. Fifth Row: Iimmie Carson. Mr. Thomas Boles, Bobby Skeens. Bill Akers. Buddy Nabers. Hubert Blair. Kenneth Pack, Milton Moore. "'F" Y , ""' . , , . Aff, . .... ' il 5th, PERIOD CHORUS First Row: Dorothy Helton. Dorothy Moyers. Martha Horzeycutt. Ann Lane. Mcrqaret E. Williams. Fioretta Price. Mr. Poles. Iimmie Ruth Whetsel, Bernice Hawkins, Barbara Whitten. Mary E. Coffey. Peqqy Landrum. Margaret McMurray, Second Row: lane Christmas, Virginia Ruttner, Martha F. Helton. Murrel Melton. Margaret Cald- well, Shirley Smith, Mary Noe. Third Row: Iimmie Lou Travis, Betty Io Reynolds, Verbie Horner, Ice Wall, Floyd Lawless. Clittord Gill, Ray McGinnis, Dorthy lean Long, Doris Russell. Eugenia Rule, Mary Ann Szabo. Dot Stanley. Fourth Row: Iimmy Potts. George Harper. David Higgins. President , Mun-ell Melton Vice-President , , Iimmy Potts Secretary and Treasurer Eugenia Rule Librarian , Martha F. Helton pilo- 3,0 BAND The Band started anew this year with a new Band Director, Tommy H. Boles. The Band has accomplished many things this year including raising money for new uniforms, which have already arrived. The Band received an invitation from the Kiwanis Club to play a short concert in Tazewell for a community meeting. We also marched for a parade there. The Football games were aided in school spirit with the band parading through town before the games, and marching at the half and playing between the quarters. The Band is now practicing for a concert which is to be given in the Spring. We had three members to attend the band Clinic in Maryville this year. We are proud of all sixty of our members and hope the band next year will have as big and colorful a year as we have had. Let us not forget the band Dance held at the Legion Hut in November. A gay affair for everyone who attended. BAND First Row: Imogene Hodge, Betty Io Buchanan, Ora Van Dickerson, Betty Richards, Irene Iones, Ruth Smith, Kay Deal, Iune Smith, Beverly Rolan, Shirley Pack, Betty Tipton, Barbara Shipley, Patty Sue Ienkins. Second Row: Dick Bell, Aria Faye Flowers, Murrell Melton, Io Holbert, lean Pascal, Mildred Kirk, Willie Walker, Virginia Ruffner, Rose Mary Perryman, Barbara Schettler, Ieanette Brooks, Tommy Frierson. Third Row: Hugh Boyd, Bob Smith, Shirley Smith, George Harper, Bobby Kelly. Don Neblett, Richard Perry, Iames Mclienny, Charles Lampkin, Bozy Iohnson, Franklin Hipshire, David Gratz, Paul Pendelton, Kay Green. Fourth Row: Billy Beets, Dorothy Godwin, I. C. Wild, Buddy Mills, Marvin Williams, George McCaness, Wayne Easley, Barbara, Whitten. David Greene, Charles Ienkins, Peggy Souther- land, Iune Easterly, Charlotte Hurst, Richard Potts. Filth Row: Billy Black. Betty Io Hurley, Dean Maggard, Harry Sams, Gay Magqard, Iimmy Potts, Ina Peoples, Marion Traxler, Harold Rader, Philip Shelley. Captain W, ,,,,, . .................... ,,.,., H ugh Boyd lst Lieutenant .. ,,,.. Billy Beets 2nd Lieutenant ,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,...,,,, ,... , ,, ..., Dick Bell Secretary and Treasurer .,..,,. ,....,.,,,,,...,,,.....,..Y.......,, R ichard Perry Librarians ,,,,.,..,....,.,,...,,,,.. . ....... Ina Peoples, Aria Faye Flowers JUNIOR HIGH BAND First Row: Miss Crews, Tommy Frierson, Bozy Iohnson, Gordon Smith, loan Iohnson, Ann Medlin, Ioyce Slusher, Iames Easterly, lames Ray McKenney. Second Row: David Gratz, Wayne Easley, George McCanless, Marvin Williams, Richard Potts, Philip Shelley, Charlie Whetsel, Tommy Ioe Dalton. Third Row: Charles Ienkins, Don Neblett, I. C. Wild. Franklin Hipshire, Peggy Kenley, Marion Neal Trexler, Billy Black, C. E. Roberts, Gay Maggard, Charlotte Hurst, Paul Pendleton, David Gordon, Buddy Mills. X A X 1 f. f' eff' f '1 X , W' MW V'. 'A ff X . LZ Q7 K X Qu:--Q .-f -1 WJ ? I 1947 HURRICAN ES First Row: Herbert Harville. I. C. Lane, Tommy Pugh. Kenneth Pack, David Peoples. Buddy Buchanan, Paul McDaniels. Mike Carver, Harold Burnett, Charles Robertson. Second Row: Wilber Baxter. Bobby Skeen. Ioe Wall. Buddy Nabers, Donald Dyer, Al Snyder, Bill Boster. Alix-ed Hiqqins, Kenneth Easley. Ed Bowman. Bobby Iones. Frank Fisher, MHS-0 .. . .. .. . . . . Elizabethton-12 MHS-20 ,,,, . ristol, Tenn.-14 MHS-0 . .. Erwin- 7 MHS-2 5 . Newport-12 MHS-J Iohnson City-19 MHS-6 . Everett-20 MHS-0 . . Central-18 MHS-13 .. Stair Tech- 0 MHS-l2 . . ,,,, Rule- 6 MHS-0 ,,,, . . Knoxville High-21 MHS-5 ,,,, ,,,, . . ,, .. . .. .. Lenoir City-14 Beset with an injury-riddled team tor most of the season, Coach Siler did not have any easy job. He produced a team that asked and gave no quarter, a team that fought hard and clean and a team that was respected by all of its opponents. Led by Captain Easley and Co-Captain Bowman, the boys won tour out of eleven games While playing against the toughest opposition in the state. Had it not been for tough breaks, the team would probably have won a least eight out of the eleven games. With five starters oft ot this year's team returning next year, we are looking forward to a good '48 season. The team will be led by Captain-elect, Tom Pugh. Under the direction ot Coach Strange the B Team progressed rapidly this year. Several ot the B Team boys graduated to the first squad during the season, and others are expected to by the time we are ready to start our '48 season. Herbert Hcn'vi1le'fh3' : Mike Carver Alfred Higgins David Peoples Capiain Kenneth Easley C0-Cqpfgin Bgwmgn Bobby Iones Frank Fisher Buddy Nqbegs g l Paul McDaniels Bill Foster Kenneth Pack 1 Tommy Pugh Buddy Buchanan Donald Dyer v" 'W s . xg ' xl ' . 2 S 1 - 1 . x ' NN KKK O x0 -V x X' .- 5' , N an ,M an lx: Hn fm. Wag 5 53 . , gf. Wi, ww w L, ,, A... , we " Af , Q f 4 .of ,W-w Q-wk 1,,R:,,..u,,Kkq,,,. ,wp ff Vg W, ,.,.Y...a.m ,,..,.,, ' ,fvnvilapf .-an-nnrdf-w. M., V W,.MM.,.s.M U ..WL-1-M .f 3 :iii W :V I "arg g , , . ,av mdk .MI I viggmafl fm"x,., M ff Q ' ' fifrvwiw -,fig xfiif 3 T: 5 . RM k . g xfisfilfffw Q-Q A , I , ,,l,yfAZ55l15Q.Nf,.4,1 qffjfwf 4 W ,,, we-nm . M, 9 I F A 47, I wi, 3 W 'T K """'h-vxibn vhnm '?-lfrffi ,, L YZ., ,ii :WQQZ iff, F A, A rwg :A L S! Mi H MJTM TIT' ,, .M M., f .4.., 'Q' . Y. M tg KY? . X, Wy u MS M Ma :rw Hdw ww, y xv- sry kg Q1 ,iw W A B TEAM Sealed: Buddy Porlrum, Tommy Pugh, Donald Dyer. Bobby Skeen Standing: Billy Stevens. I. B. Bruce, Ben Carver. Bobby Lawless. ind X 44 S' '1k.- -, . .. Q "fl, Q 'E , f f 4 K V x , Q 9' f ' K. K:-. , t fl s r lc f. 4 .2 'z Q2 ' K . x ,,,, .,,. A ,M CHEERLEADERS BOYS-IACK BROOKS, LEA LAWRENCE, TOMMY LESTER GIRLS-ANN MURPHEY. TOOKIE IAMES, IANIS PURVIS JOKES If you can't laugh at the joke of the age, laugh at the age of the joke. Her small son ran in all out of breath with the news. "Mummyl They have a new baby next door, an' the lady is awful sick" "Yes, Bobby." Q 'You'd better go over an' see her, mummy, 'cause she's sick in bed." 'I know. I'll go over tomorrow, perhaps, when she's a little better." 'But she's so sick today," Bobby insisted, "that you ought to go right now." "Still, I think I'd better wait until she is a little better." Bobby was nonplussed. Finally, the cause of his mother's reluctance seemed to dawn dawn on him, for he burst out: "You don't need to be afraid mummy. It ain't catching." Lawrence-"What would you say if I were to kiss you?" Bobbie R.-"Shut your mouth." Iones-"Do you like indoor sports?" Taylor-"Yes, but father won't let them stay." Many a bathing girl has gotten into deep water. "I'11 raise you two," said the wealthy lady to the orphans. "Hello, little girll Want a ride?" "No thanks. l'm walking back from one now." Miss Catron: "Give for one year, the number of tons of coal shipped out of the United States." Fisher: "l4927 NOne." Mrs. Shaver-"A fool can answer more questions than a wise man can answer." Mrs. Clark-"No wonder so many flunk on our exams." Mrs. Clark: "If HZO is water: What is CH2O?" Iean Homer: "Sea Water." Al-'How is my girl this morning?" Ann M.-"Oh, just fine." A1-"Why, how do you know, have you seen her this morr1ing?" "Stop the press," shouted the editor frantically to the young fellow who was hugging his sweetheart. Helen May-"Have you seen May?" Richard Hale-"May who?" Helen-"Mayonnaise." Richard-"No, she was dressing and wouldn't lettuce." 271 X R 4 W r ma!! 1 S A X X , XX E,Q--gl ' 2 xXX YU- I lf I 01110: ! " V' fy U24 52.1 5-2 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '48 I WALTEBS and PRATEB COMPLIMENTS OF am e RIC an - ENKA-CORPORATION Walters Manufacturing Company THE ONLY METAL MANUFACTURER IN MORRISTOWN CHARLES DEPARTMENT STORE Your One Stop Shopping Center For The Entire Family NOW AS ALWAYS KEEPS PRICES DOWN-DOWN-DOWN COMPLIMENTS OF . . . P E R R Y M A N ' S ...QUALITY IEWELERS ROBERTS G TURNER DRUGS Over 70 Years Of Service MORRISTOWN TENNESSEE BEST WISHES PROM P.TAYLORCO. Shoes For All The Family Smart Feminine Apparel HAMBLEN COUNTY MOTOR COMPANY CARS - TRUCKS - TRACTORS Telephone 145 MORRISTOWN Sales FORD Service TENNESSEE PEOPLE'S HARDWARE 6. FURNITURE Complete Line Of HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Electric Appliances - Wiring MITCHELL ELECTRIC COMPANY Stop At The Maytag Store Y il CCDMPLIMENTS GE -"I T 1-1 E , B. T. CHEVROLET COMPANY WRECKER SERVICE - I ron ' IIIIALITY! I BANK OF COMMERCE A Strong Friendly Bunk si H Q'tlMll.l'L? ,HAM Zworridfawn MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPGRATION - F F The M ll S The Best Best ONE STOP SHOPPING visit your FIRESTONE store COMPLIMENTS OF The Grill Cafe For The Important Occasion. . .A Corsaqe From Trobauqhs Priced To Suit The School Kids Budget And Looks To Suit The Pretty Girls TROBAUGH---FLORIST Phones 657 and 656 Congratulations To The Class Ot l948 From SINCLAIR GASOLINE e. lo. fisher, agent Best Wishes To Graduating Class Cf '48 Modern Upholstered Chair Co., Inc. Best Wishes To Graduating Class Of '48 Morristown High School GLUCK BROTHERS, Inc. BUSY BEE CAFE AckerBlackWalnut Corp Co1eman.Hind1ey-Iohnson Inc. COMPLIMENTS Heating. Ventilating and Air-Condition OF A. Roscoe Smith, Representut sus sueee K ill 'r . Roy K- Mllfphey COMPLIMENTS PASIEURIZED MILK QT I. C. PENNY CO. Best Wishes To The Class Of '48 DRAPER AND DARWIN STORES BEST WISHES from MORRISTOWN KNITTING MILLS Your Family Department Store Gay St. And Wall Ave. I I KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '48 MINIAY MILLS CORP. I-IASSON-BRYAN HARDWARE CO. LYNCHBURG-RED BAND FENCE PHONE 6 COMPLIMENTS OF I. W. ARNOLD 6. CO. nqratulations... Ga1breath's Bakery ooMPL1MENTs OF Super Dollar Market Keith Implement Co. Andrew Iohnson Highway McCormick-Deering Farm Equipment And Trucks DOWNTOWN MARKET Clifto1'1's, Inc. IEWELERS ' Congratulations Cla s s O f ' 4 8 Minnie Lea lamaqin Compliments of A FRIEND HELM GrAde MILK PRODUCTS DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY Phone 11 COMPLIMENTS or WALLACE HARDWARE CO.. Inc. Compliments Geo. F. Smith Agency Of- Real Estate - Insurance - Loans W. R. 11 N. Henry St. Morristown. Tenn. Nelson's Jewelry Store Southern Furniture Co. 106-lO8 Main Street Thellomeof Morristown. Tenn. Blue - 'White Diamonds" H. W. Dick, Owner B E S T COMPLIMENTS W I S H E S OF George W. O'DELL ELECTRIC CO. Holloway Best Wishes Graduating Class Of '48 Your Ambition Should Be To Serve As Well As Get- This Bank Will Help You Serve HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK E V A N S Book Store Schoal And Otiice Supplies Anderson Electric Co "Everything Electrical" MoRR1sTowN, TENN. P110116 630 Compliments Of COMPLIMENTS OF Lynn .Sheeley. Co. Eagle Stores. Inc. Olcfrk And lones, Inc. COMPLIMENTS Everything Musicoll OF Guy St. Knoxville Tennessee We11S'Harrel1 C0- Mcrny A Second Look ls Prornpted By The Hcrir LILA HAT SHOP ll5 East Morin St. Phone 253 De Buslc Shoe Store Polly Debs for School Debs 203 West Morin THE PRESCRIPTION STORE "Prescriptions First" WALGREEN AGENCY Telephone 93 145 Main St. Weesner-Reams Co. Furniture Since 1906 MORRISTOWN. TENNESSEE Phone 168 R. M. ROGERS The Mons Store For Over Fifty Years McGREGOR'S SPORT WEAR--NUNN-BUSH SHOES-CURLEE SUITS ARROW SHIRTS BEST WISHES I TO GRADUATING CLASS OF '48 The Berkline Corp. SCHOOL 6. OFFICE SUPPLY CO. STATIQNERS . . .OFFICE OUTFITTERS 407 West Church Avenue KNOXVILLE. TENNESSEE Tel ph 3-7145 CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OI? 748 from YOUR Newspaper The Morristown Sun "EAST TENNESSEE'S FASTEST GROWING NEWSPAPER" I OVERHOLT PLUMBING 6. HEATING South Cumberland St. Phone 1493-I MORRISTOWN TENNESSEE CONGRATULATIONS To The Class Of '48 Morristown's Future Homemakers TENNESSEE GAS COMPANY 130 West Main Street COMPLIMENTS COMPSQWETNTS OF Southland Appliance Co Forest Products Corp. "Home of Hotpoint" 200 East Main St. Phone 1397 COMPLIMENTS OF ROUSE SERVICE STATION COMPCIQIIVIENTS COMPCIQIEVIENTS Deony Williams Produce WlLLA'S BEAUTY And Grocery Sl-IGPPE .HORTONS FUNERAL HOME We Strive To Satisfy AMBULANCE SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF BURNETT MOTORS Youn PONTIAC DEALER N O E A U T O S U P P L Y Auto Parts - General Repairing Phone 874 136 S. Hill Street H. 6. H. SERVICE AND SUPPLY WE NEVER CLOSE PHONE 16 Portrum C l e a n e r s There's A Difference Phone 331 WORTHINGTON HEALTH FOODS 0? M mnmm W Z' 711 fjwdj - yn' -2 I "Everything: For The Table" Compliments of Franklin Number 2 "lust Wonderful Food' COMPLIMENTS OF Industrial Electric Co. 646 E. Main Phone 241 COMPLIMENTS OF Watson's Dept. Store "The Store That Constantly Lowers Your Cost Of Living" r. rbn e ii o A R D istri utor C R 0 g K E T T ' S PAN-AM PRODUCTS Fine As They Come COMPLIMENTS Dqwggn OF Woman's Shoppe S T E T Z E R Style and Quality COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF STRIPLIN'S STORE Morristown Watch Shop COMPLIMENTS OF Spic and Span Cleaners W C R K Phone 1442 lll East 3rd N. TENNESSEE SCENIC COACH LINES ALWAYS APPRECIATES YOUR BUSINESS 477 PHONE I CQMPUMENTS OF I Gale L. BakerReaIty City T1re and Recappmg ,,mM,, CO" Inc' REAL ESTATE- INSURANCE I LOANS 326-328 E. Main St. Morristown. Tenn. Phone 1531 omce over L C. Penney! FREELS DRUG STORE East Tenn. Production Rexall Prescriptions THE PLACE TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS Credit Assn. FARM CREDIT SERVICE Tom Wright, Sec. Protitt's Dress Shop SMART CLOTHES FOR STUDENTS ARNOLD AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY Morristown Laundry And Cleaners COMPLIMENTS OF McGlamery Insurance Service "LET THE LAUNDRY DO IT" Freels Bldg Phone 1355 CDMPLIMENTS QF coMEL1MENrS Morristown Beauty OF Academy CITY GARAGE Home ln The Art Of Beauty Culture Q phone 121 Phone 839-W 268 West Main COMPLIMENTS OF Morristown Roofing Courtesy Service Station And Supply Pan-Am Products I. C. Austin. Opzrator Phone 95-I Phone 772 COMPUMENTS Noe Brothers Restaurant or TAYLOR I OBBING CO. Where Young And Older Folks Meet For Good Eats ALSO FOUNTAIN SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF MORRISTOWN PURE MILK COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF HALE BROTHERS FRUITS igvHoiEiiALE VEGETABLES COMPLIMENTS OF ANNE FLORIST COMPLIMENTS OF I. D. KREIS-TEXACO PRODUCTS COMPLCSIPIEAENTS BROOKS MORTUARY Morristown's Finest And Most Up-To-Date Mortuary Private Ambulance Service Phone 1533 C O M P L I M E N T S O F M c C R O Y ' S archer of smith printing company creators and designers of distinctive high school and college annuals 1033 North Broadway if Knoxville, Tennessee 'A' AUTOGRAPHS . ff ip 'if -V,-f-,ff - - F. , , ,, f - , . ,V -. .V , ,, -. -5 jf ' ' ' " ,dp ' 'f-" f ----.e-1 -nv 5 . K 3-QM 'fl - It 1 w.x ,., H5 - -IN: , ' . J ffif., : , ' VY. T J Ach .ik V, ,-,,'A,?f ,1 .V ,SL . ., . ., 1, 6 f f ,r, 1, .W 1 -6 S. 1 R 1 1. N 4.4 Aj, . I . .A -f - ' r . ' 32.-. , I Q ,V --x.. fm-+f"ff - lf- : f 1 4 .. +.4b.: 'A-f?-,M-ff-' 3555 ' , .V . ..f, ,, - x ffz- ,-",- i-.f'-2- , , K 'ff' ' 1 , ,f 4 -.HJJ vw 'V :jim ' Q ' ,F ,Z ' . .'fk ' f' 'n l' A ,-- H .f'1'f',F:+ L ,, - . 1 . -, ,urn fii: X M 4 ,, .A --1.31 -5 ':A .3f-?-.w':,. . . ,. ,um-.'-.-.-Y:L.,,- I ...,....- Q, ,WA X 4 ,., 'M xv-'f71'A vii Q Y V. ip, .J 757:43 1 -' muff, S33-f' .... xbb. ' . ' ' , :True fu: ' '-iff" be L" T V In - ' f ':3'E3: g . f 'i ,ff 9 ,Q al if gr. -. U u ' 4. , fn. . .gf .. aw

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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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