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'ponetvo'icC With the passing of time, the echoes of our school life will grow fainter and fainter, and then die away. Gone forever will be the routine of school life, the fun we had, and the friends we made. It is the hope of the 1956 Mohawk Staff that, as you glance through this book in the years to come, you will recapture those moments----- and the echoes will begin again."DecUcatCatt We dedicate this book to our Parents. To their unselfishness, wisdom, and countless virtues that have governed our lives to become a better citizen.SufrenutteKcUtU - - Pnincifiat Mr. Graham, our Superintendent and Principal, is indeed a friend of the students. His ever encouraging words help to spur us on to greater achievements now and in the future. We, seniors, appreciate the efforts and guidance he has extended throughout the four years of our stay at Morrisonville High. MR. JAMES C. GRAHAM rfteit utt SujteniKteHcteHt SieHtetttasuf Sufl ivi wi Mr. Petersen in undertaking his new position this year as assistant Superintendent in charge of elementary supervision has made our school a more pleasant and cheerful place. He is held in high esteem by all of us. 'PtitcifitU Mr. Griffith, has endeavored to help us become better students and citizens. We, the seniors, appreciate the help that he has given us during the three years he has been our high school principal. MR. FRANCIS L. GRIFFITH MR. WARREN J. PETERSEN »Mr. Wayne LeFever Saaid Mr. Orville Beckmier Mr. Howard Langen Mr. Willard Colbrook Mr. Chester Vanzant Mr. Cletus Weitekamp Secretary Mr. Lowell Franklin President 2WW Sducatitoi The Board of Education represents what we as citizens will be tomorrow. The affairs which confront our school are competently handled by the Board members. We, as seniors, realize the importance of their work and wish to thank them for the time and consideration they have given us. Through their efforts our school has been placed on a high standard of education. P xcu(ty MR. LAWRENCE KEMP B.A. Illinois College Subjects: Biology, World History MRS. BETTY BEANE A.B. Illinois College Subjects: English, Librarian, Dramatics MR. JOHN GUDGEL B.S. Bradley University Subject: Industrial Arts MR. WILLIAM BULLARD B.S. Oklahoma A. M. Subject: Agriculture MR. ANTONE TEPATTI A. B. McKendree College Subject: Band MRS. BERNICE COOLER B. S. Jamestown College Subjects: English, Latin, Vocal Music0?accdty MR. JAMES SMITH, Coach B.S. Ed. Southern Illinois University Subjects: Physical Education, American History MRS. IRMA BRYAN B.S. Ed. Southern Illinois University Subject: Physical Education MRS. BETTY PETERSEN B.S. Carthage College Graduate Study Colorado State Subjects: Commercial MR. FRANCIS GRIFFITH, Assistant Principal B. Ed. Illinois State Normal M. Ed. University of Illinois Subjects: Chemistry, Math MR. GEORGE DUNCAN, Assistant Coach B. Physical Education Purdue University Subjects: Drivers' Training, Social Science, General Science, Junior High Physical Education. MRS. IRENE WELCH B. Ed. Eastern State Subject: Home Economics 9 Mr. James Steele, Mr. Dick Carter, Mr. Ralph Hancock, Mr. Jack Dey, Mr. Arthur Dyson, Mr. Glenn Lamb, Mr. Edward Lauer, Mr. Ralph Welch. “P ia tttiel Sta These men and women have given their time and effort in making our school a better place to live and work. They have become our personal friends in their daily services through contacts with us. Much credit should be given to these members of our personnel staffs for the big responsibility which each does willingly. ‘TfaUHteH Kce Mr. Bill Lauer, Mr. Reno Yattoni, Mr. Carrol O'Brien. Compliments of McKINNEY'S FEED STORE Mrs. Margaret Hischer, Mrs. Helen Painter, Mrs. Gladys Prose, Mrs. Edna Secrest, Mrs. Lillie Bethard. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Lillian Eyman.(ZCcuteASenior SENIOR ADVISORS Mr. Francis Griffith, Mrs. Irma Bryan, Mr. James Smith. Senior Four years of work and fun have come to an end for the Seniors of '56. When we think back over our past four years we will remember them as a lot of fun even though we had to work hard. There will always be pleasure in remembering our classmates and teachers. It is with faith and hope that we look to the future. Senior O fcoero GARY HERZOG, President Class President, willing worker, full of fun, If anyone goes places, Gary will be the one. DONALD KRAMER, Vice President The big strong, silent type is he, A handy person as you can see. LYNDA SCHOBER, Secretary A very little girl not very old. But small packages are made of gold. LYLE McWARD, Treasurer He handles our money, and very good too. For he comes to collect when bills are due.Seacard BECKY ANDERSON A nice young lady with a great big grin, Whatever she undertakes we're sure she’ll win. BILL CLARK Although he’s tall and has the curls, The least of his worries are the girls. LINDA BECKMIER A bushel of fun and peppy too. She's game for anything you do. DORIS JANE DEY In artist ability she can't be beat, Look at the annual! Isn’t it neat? MARY ALICE ELLIS Quiet, never has much to say, But she has her opinions anyway. HERMAN DURBIN Not very wide, he's not very tall, A good natured chap liked by all. PHYLLIS FRANKLIN Timid, shy and quiet are what we never call, The girl named Phyllis in study hall.Seacard SHIRLEY FRANKLIN Friendly, likeable, and dependable too, A girl who will do a lot for you. HARRIS GRAHAM Harris is one of our faculty boys, At dancing he has the poise. MARILYN HIMSTEDT Studious, quiet, fun to know, Lots of luck wherever you go. BARBARA HUDDLESTON The girl we take our hats off to, For tops in grades she always comes through. EUGENE LEACH Neat in appearance, a favorite indeed, The kind of boy all the high schools need. MARY LOUISE JONES Mary Louise is a clever, peppy girl. Who keeps us in a cheerful whirl. 14CAROUNE MUNSON Here's a young girl with lots of pep. May success follow you every step. RONALD PAINTER Ronnie is a boy who is known to all, He is always ready at mischiefs call. NADINE RATHGEBER In 4-H she is climbing high, We wish her luck as the years roll by. KAREN SAFFER A lovely girl with a lovely voice, May you find success in the career of your choice. JERRY SNYDER Happy, carefree, always on the go. He is the guy whom all people know. ANGELA SCHWEITZER As a beautician we're sure she'll succeed, With the greatest of ease and lots of speed. 15Seacard JANET SHORAGA A Nice girl everyone will say, As she does her part every day. ELVIN PORTNER Quiet appearance, but always real gay, A polite type of boy in every way. GERALDINE SMITH She is one of the typist of the yearbook staff, Geraldine is the name of this little lass. MARY FRANCES SPENCER An efficient drummer, cheerleader too, Sometimes happy, sometimes blue. HAROLD WADE In fun and frolic he does his part, A junior girl has stolen his heart. BEVERLY WIN DELL EYMAN 16 Not graduating.Smiox rfctivitieb BECKY ANDERSON Class Secretary 3; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3,4; G. A. A. 2, 3,4; Latin Club 3; Chorus 1,2; Band 1,2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4. LINDA BECKMIER Class Treasurer 3; F. H. A, 1,2, 3,4; F. H. A. Projects Chairman 2; G. A. A, 1,2, 3, 4, Chorus 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. BILL CLARK F. F. A. 1. 2, 3,4; Class Play 4; Annual Staff 4. DORIS DEY F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 4; Annual Staff 4. HERMAN DURBIN Class Play 3. MARY ALICE ELLIS F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4; F. H. A. Treasurer 4; G. A, A, 3,4; Library Staff 4; Annual Staff 4. PHYLLIS FRANKLIN Class Secretary 2; F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4; G. A. A. 3; Chorus 3; Prom Queen Attendant 3; Annual Staff 4; F.H.A, Vice President 4; F. H. A. Chairman of Recreation 2. SHIRLEY FRANKLIN Class Treasurer 1; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. Secretary 3; F.H.A. President 4; G. A. A. 2, 3; Library Staff 3; Latin Club 3; Latin Club President 3; Class Play 3; Band 1,2, 3,4; Prom Queen 3; Carnival Queen Attendant 3; Cheerleader 4; Annual Staff 4. HARRIS GRAHAM F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; F.F.A. Reporter 4; Basketball 1.2, 3. 4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1, 2, 3,4; Class Plays 3,4; Chorus 1; Band 1, 2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4. GARY HERZOG Class Officer President 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball Captain 2, 3; Track 3, 4; Class Play 4; Carnival Attendant 4; Annual Staff 4. MARILYN HIMSTEDT F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4; Latin Club 3; Annual Staff 4. BARBARA HUDDLESTON Class Secretary 1; Class President 3; F. H. A. 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. Vice President 3; F.H.A. Projects Chairman 4; F. H. A. Section 6 Projects Chairman 3,4; G. A. A. 2. 3,4; G. A.A. Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; Library Staff 3; Class Plays 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3,4; Prom Queen Attendant 3; Carnival Queen Attendant 2; Carnival Queen 3; Annual Staff 4. MARY LOUISE JONES F.H.A. 1.2, 3,4; F.H.A. Historian 3; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Girls Ensemble Accompanist 2,3; Band 1,2,3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Class Plays 3,4. DONALD KRAMER Class Treasurer 2; Class Vice President 4; F. F. A. 1,2, 3,4; F.F.A. President 4; Class Plays 3,4; Chorus 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. F.F.A. Secretary 3; Class Plays 3,4; Newspaper Staff 2; Carnival King Candidate 3; Annual Staff 4. LYLE McWARD Class President 2; Class Treasurer 4; F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; F.F.A. Vice President 3; F.F.A. Sentinel 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1, 2, 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Band 1. 2, 3,4; Carnival King Attendant 3; Annual Staff 4. CAROLINE MUNSON F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4; G. A. A. 4; Class Play 3; Chorus 1,2, 3. 4; Girls Ensemble 2, 3,4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. RON PAINTER Basketball 2,3; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Track 3,4; Class Plays 3,4; Annual Staff 4. ELVIN PORTER F.F.A. 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1.2, 3,4; Track 2, 3; Class Play 3; Annual Staff 4. NADINE RATHGEBER F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 4; Library Staff 3; Annual Staff 4. KAREN SAFFER Class Vice President 1; F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4; F.H.A. Recreation Leader 2; G. A. A. 2, 3,4; G. A. A. Vice President 4; Library Staff 3,4; Class Plays 3,4; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Prom Queen Attendant; Carnival Queen Attendant 2; Annual Staff. LYNDA SCHOBER Class Secretary 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 4; Library Staff 3; Class Play 4; Chorus 1; Newspaper Staff 2; Carnival Attendant 4; Annual Staff 4. ANGELA SCHWEITZER F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4; Class Plays 3, 4; Chorus 1; Band 1,2. 3, 4; Prom Queen Attendant 3; Annual Staff 4. JANET SHORAGA F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4; F. H. A. Chairman of Public Relations 3; F.H.A. Secretary 4; Chorus 3; G.A.A. 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Carnival Queen Attendant 4. GERALDINE SMITH F.H.A. 1.2. 3,4; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; G. A. A. Vice President 3; Class Play 3; Chorus 1,3; Annual Staff 4. JERRY SNYDER Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,4; Track 1,2,4; Class Play 3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Carnival King Attendant 4; Annual Staff 4. MARY FRANCES SPENCER Class Vice President 2; F.H.A. 1,3,4; G.A.A. 1; Chorus 1; Band 1, 2, 3,4; Cheerleader 1. 2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4. HAROLD WADE F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4; Class Play 3,4; Annual Staff 4. BEVERLEY WINDELL EYMAN Library Staff 3,4; Latin Club 3; Band Majorette 1,2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4. EUGENE LEACH Class President 1; Class Vice President 3; F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4;President Larry Fesser cation, (faut O ice u x td fctvi4 Kl Vice President Harry Lee Vangeison ADVISORS Mrs. Irene Welch, Mr. Lawrence Kemp, Mrs. Betty Petersen, Mr. Antone Tepatti 7be junior A group of 42 junior explorers returned to M. C. H. S. in the fall, more confident and sure of reaching their goal. Representatives from the class were found in all school activities. The class sold Christmas cards and took care of concessions at the home basketball games as part of their money making projects. In closing a most successful year they gave a banquet and prom in honor of the seniors. Members of the class are looking forward to their senior year, and hope to be a credit to Morrisonville High School. Secretary Joyce Shake Treasurer Rose Ann Clark Compliments of LOWE'S HARDWARE AMary Babbs Bernard Brakenhoff Ruth Beaty Sam Brown t Karen Brady __h ■■■■ Bill Campbell Diane Burchie Gary Crites Ron Cole Mary Eyman Best Wishes from GAUER'S INSURANCE AGENCY Sharron Dyson Larry Dowdyc Anita Ferrill Ron Henderson lone Fisher Roger Hertel Kay Franklin Charles Ray Hudson M I— Bob Jenkins Richard Jurgena Sheryl Hill Marilyn Gowin Larry McKinney Mickey McElroy Mae Grundy Good Lack, Class of '56 EP'S TAILOR SHOPDorris Jack Tom Millburg Betty Lou Jones Joe O'Brien Elaine LeFever Compliments of FARMER'S GRAIN COMPANY Raymond Oiler Ron Vangeison John Waterman Jean Turnerand s4cCvi4vt4, ADVISORS Mr. Bill Bullard, Mrs. Betty Beane, Mr. George Duncan Vice President Marcella Todt President Jerry Taylor Safi. ama'ie A class of 30 sophomores came back to school in the fall feeling much more experienced. They took part in many school activities and were well represented in all organizations. Members of the class enjoyed a skating party in October. Due to the capable guidance of their teachers, the sophomores feel that their class has thus far been a success and look forward to the time when they will reach their goal. Secretary Irene Langen Treasurer Ruth Grundy Best Wishes from MORRISONVILLE STATE BANKGary Dailey Lorriane Beaty Lamar Fesser Safi uxttuyiea Georgia Kemp Ron Graham Sharron Land Compliments of MR. MRS. E.H. BIVINKirby Kindsey Joyce Smith Leland Oiler Good Luck, Class of '56, RAY HUDSONDale Smith Lois Voorhees Best Wishes - MILLBURG'S DRUG STORE Allen Stewart7 £e 0?ne 6.mcM, Forty-six freshmen entered the high school in the fall, full of pep and ready for anything. The first days of their four-year adventure were spent living down the name "Freshie" which was given to them by the upperclassmen. They soon settled down to business and at an early meeting elected their class officers. Class members enthusiastically took part in all the school activities and did very well in them. The highlight of their activities for the year was the all-school party they gave in honor of the seniors. The freshmen were well pleased with the completion of their first year at M. C. H. S. Secretary Wayne Stewart Compliments of SHAW'S BEAUTY SHOP Treasurer Rosalie Painter i .Howard Clark vr £ Carol Beaty Rita Davis Allan Eggersmeier Maurice Dullenty Mary Ann Campbell Jean Beaty Molly Jo Bates Mary Lou Davis Ruth Ann Ewig Judy Fleming Ruth Fesser Edward Lyerla Best Wishes VIRGINIA'S CAFEDonna Frye k M j Sylvia Kemp Ted Millburg Donna Henderson Carol Lamb Barbara James Linda King Ruth Lynch Anita Lauer Jackie Miller Good Luck from HARBERT'S TIRE SHOP Sandra Mayberry Malinda McKinney Larry Sheedy Carla MitchellCarolyn Wilson JoAnn Williams Linda Spangle Linda 1 Pearson Raymond Wagehoft Esther Skinner Charles Windell Joe McKinney Charles Oiler Best Wishes F rom MORRISONVILLE TIMES Leah Williams Barbara Durbin Doris Ann Wade Pat Turner“?%■ S. attar Students ?te46meAt (1 semester) Mary Lou Davis Rita Davis Ruth Ann Ewig Sylvia Kemp Linda King Anita Lauer Carla Mitchell Rosalie Painter Larry Seitz Wayne Stewart (5 semesters) Karen Brady Bernard Brakenhoff Diane Burchie Anita Ferrill Larry Fesser Kay Franklin Marilyn Gowin Dorris Jack Betty Lou Jones Larry McKinney JoAnn Sheedy SeKOVKl (3 semesters) Lorraine Beaty Ron Graham Allen Stewart Marcella Todt (7 semesters) Shirley Franklin Harris Graham Barbara Huddleston Donald Kramer Eugene Leach Karen Saffer Lynda Schober Janet Shoraga Compliments of LOWE'S HARDWARE 30Sa e atC Stfruaci FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Painter, Harris Graham, Lindal Pearson, Dale Weitekamp, Mickey McElroy. Carl Prose, Wayne Stewart, Larry Dowdy, Howard Clark. SECOND ROW: Jerry Snyder, Harry Lee Vangeison, Larry McKinney, Larry Thunhorst, Tom Millburg, Bob Jenkins, Ron Cole, Gary Herzog. THIRD ROW: John Waterman, Larry Seitz, Lyle McWard. f955 'JaCi Schedule September 9 M. H.S. 14 Mt. Auburn 9 September 16 M. H.S. 5 F armer sville 4 September 26 M. H.S. 0 Edinburg 1 September 30 M. H.S. 4 Raymond 5 October 7 M. H.S. 12 Farmersville 5 October 11 M. H.S. 2 Ball Township 4 The Mohawks had a good season this fall with a 3-3 record. Very capable pitching services were rendered by Bob Jenkins and Ron Painter. Behind the plate was the capable catcher, Gary Herzog. Much credit goes to all the boys who made up the squad as they put forth what it takes to win ball games. In the batting department there were two outstanding boys. Gary Herzog, whose average was a high . 500 and John Waterman, whose average was . 350. All this adds up to a very bright outlook for the spring season. With all this talent they can't miss winning. ztte Ue CATCHER PITCHERS Gary Herzog Ron Painter Bob Jenkins Compliments of HARRY RATHGEBER cue zCl ‘ReaenveA Harry Vangeison Larry Dowdy Mickey McElroy Wayne Stewart Lindal Pearson Larry Thunhorst Tom Millburg Howard Clark Larry Seitz 'la ieCct Larry McKinney Larry Seitz Lyle McWard Carl Prose Ron Cole Compliments of FISHBURN FUNERAL HOMEt ?56 t ?55 M: WARD HIRTEK42 HERZOC 41 PHDS'- _ VANGEISflN ',S M. KINNEY ■ IENKINS graham'l anAity Second FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry McKinney, Elvin Porter, Richard Jurgena, Harry Vangeison. Bob Jenkins, Harris Graham. SECOND ROW: Carl Prose, Gary Herzog, John Waterman, Coach Smith, Lyle McWard, Ron Vangeison, Ron Cole. , 1955-56 Schedule Nov. 15 Mt. Auburn 56 M. H.S. 51 Basketball Tournaments 18 St. James 34 M. H. S. 72 22 Divernon 52 M. H. S. 55 C. M. S. TOURNAMENT 29 Raymond 58 M. H. S. 51 M. H. S. 68 Mt. Auburn 49 Dec. 2 Auburn 49 M. H.S. 44 M. H. S. 48 Raymond 49 6 Nokomis 45 M. H. S. 44 M.H.S. 54 Farmersville 78 9 Stonington 57 M. H. S. 59 16 F armersville 61 M. H.S. 63 MORRISONVIEEE INVITATIONAL 20 Edinburg 32 M. H. S. 72 TOURNAMENT Jan. 3 Kincaid 75 M. H. S. 59 M. H. S. 69 Mt. Auburn 47 6 F ranklin. 38 M. H. S. 65 M.H.S. 66 Farmersville 78 17 Raymond 58 M. H. S. 59 M. H. S. 67 Kincaid 84 20 Ball Township 60 M. H. S. 67 31 Virden 91 M. H. S. 88 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT F eb. 3 Nokomis 53 M.H.S. 71 M. H. S. 62 Girard 63 7 Northwesten 62 M. H. S. 79 10 Girard 65 M. H. S. 75 14 Waverly 49 M. H. S. 72 17 Pawnee 58 M. H. S. 92 Compliments of HELEN'S COFFEE SHOP-g" S W FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Lyerla, Allen Stewart, Jerry Taylor, Lindal Pearson, Joe McKinney. SECOND ROW: Kirby Lindsey, Larry Seitz, Coach Duncan, Ron Graham, Wayne Stewart. " 1955-56 ScAedule Nov. 15 Mt. Auburn 21 M. H. S. 41 6 F ranklin 30 M. H. S. 28 18 St. James 23 M. H. S. 37 17 Raymond 38 M. H. S. 44 22 Divernon 39 M.H.S. 38 20 Ball Township 45 M. H. S. 35 29 Raymond 37 M. H. S. 27 Jan. 31 Virden 56 M. H. S. 43 Dec. 2 Auburn 62 M. H. S. 34 Feb. 3 Nokomis 59 M. H. S. 53 6 Nokomis 65 M. H. S. 33 7 Northwestern 37 M.H.S. 46 9 Stonington 38 M. H. S. 35 10 Girard 45 M. H. S. 56 16 Farmersville 35 M. H. S. 33 14 Waverly 29 M. H. S. 40 20 Edinburg 28 M.H.S. 39 17 Pawnee 39 M. H. S. 59 Jan. 3 Kincaid 63 M. H. S. 32 Compliments of LeNORA'S BEAUTY SHOP 36M. 2. 5. Ttteutfiy i A valuable asset to any athletic team is the manager. Larry Dowdy has spent much time in assisting the coaches and players in every way that was possible. We are sure the coaches, teams, and the whole student body appreciate the effort Larry has put forth. 7ft. S. Two important feathers in our Mohawk war bonnet are Coach Smith and Coach Duncan. They have compiled a very commendable athletic record this year. Besides leading the athletic teams they have been very successful in promoting sportsmanship and school spirit. These are two of the more important aspects of the school. We wish to congratulate the coaches on the excellent job they have done this year. Compliments of RALPH BAILS 37 LARRY DOWDY Manager Assistant Coach George Duncan Coach James SmithWV «V « $ TO esS ® 'twWCv W c, sv Morrisomllle 55 Divemon 52 One of the steadiest and most dependable players on the squad is big JOHN WATERMAN. Playing a tremendous game against Divernon, John showed the spark that helps to make a winning team. His great rebounding and accurate shooting was a main factor in a close victory against Divernon. Morrlsonvllle 68 Mt. Auburn 49 fn an exciting game with Mt. Auburn in the CMS tournament, LARRY McKINNEY led his team to an important victory. With his deceptive dribbling and good shooting he made them sit up and take notice of the fine game he played. The Mohawks depended upon him to get them out of their tight spots and guide them on. He may be the man to watch in the Morrisonville team lineup next year if he keeps up his good work. Even with his height disadvantage, he has proved that it is not so important and shows he is very good. VI COACH SMITH graham of STEWAR JENKINS eCacf Dale Weltekamp Larry McKinney Harris Graham Jerry Snyder Gary Herzog V FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Allen Stewart, Jerry Taylor, Lindal Pearson, Jerry Snyder, Harris Graham, Ron Painter, Gary Herzog. SECOND ROW: Norman Schultz, Dale Weitekamp, Larry McKinney, Ron Cole, Larry Seitz, Ron Graham, Dale Smith, Larry Thunhorst. 'pieict £ve tt The 1954- 55 track season was a very successful one. Three new school records were set. Gary Herzog set a new record for the quarter mile; Donald Wanack set a new mark in the shotput; and John Stanley had a record try for the high jump. All we can say for these boys and the rest of a swell team is, "Nice going, boys. We're sure proud of you." Best Wishes from D J CONFECTIONARY Norman Schultz Dale Smith Larry Seitz Jerry Taylor Gary Herzog 954- 55 7'earn1955 7lack Schedule April 7 at Kincaid M. H. S. placed 3rd April 13 at Divernon M. H. S. placed 2nd April 23 C, M, S, Meet M. H. S. placed 5th April 26 at Witt M. H. S. placed 1 st May- 3 Christian County Meet M.H.S. had 29 pts. May 10 M. S, M, Meet M. H, S. placed 5th Twiddle 0Di ta tce Larry McKinney Ron Painter Harris Graham Gary Herzog SfrU tten Ron Graham Jerry Taylor Dale Smith Di4fa tce Ron Vangeison Ron Cole Jerry Snyder £ jh 7e tK Dale Smith Jerry Taylor Allen Stewart Ron Graham Good Luck, Class of '56 McVEY AND SONCHEERLEADERS Linda Beckmier, Shirley Franklin, Mary Frances Spencer, Jo AnnSheedy, Diane Burchie, Mary Grundy, Cheryl Franklin. Mascot Cheryl Franklin 7%. S. eenCeeicle'i6 The purpose of the cheerleaders was to give the school pep. This year's squad of six girls did this very well at both pep meetings and games. The cheerleader's twirling skirts, synchronized gestures, and lusty cheers sparked the yells and songs of team supporters. Mary Frances Shirley v Linda Jo Ann Diane Best Wishes DR. RALPH SEATON MaeCHEERLEADERS Linda Spangle, Rosalie Painter, Sylvia Kemp, and Jean Beaty. A group of four girls were elected to cheer for the "B squad" this year. The girls were always on hand to enthusiastically lead cheers at the pep assemblies and games to boost our "fighting basketeers. " Compliments of MEL FORBES Sylvia LindaPresident MAE GRUNDY G. A. A. is an organization for girls interested in athletics other than those carried on in physical education classes. Morrisonville G. A. A. consists of fifty girls who have held, during the school year, a number of events. Amoung those events were a hike and weiner roast, a slumber party, a Christmas party, and other activities such as social dancing and recreational games. At the first of the year the officers attended a workshop at Hillsboro, which enabled them to lead the organization to its best advantage. The G. A. A. holds business meetings once a month and every Tuesday there is an activity period after school during which the girls play recreational games. Ruth Grundy, Athletic Manager; Marcella Todt, Point Recorder; Karen Saffer, Vice President; Mae Grundy, President; Barbara Huddleston, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Bryan, Advisor; Mary Eyman, Recreation Leader. Best Wishes STANLEY'S MARKETrftAletic rfte ciaticM TMetnAeru FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Esther Skinner, Ruth Grundy, Diane Burchie, Marilyn Gowin, Georgia Kemp, Sheryl Hill, Karen Brady, Mae Grundy, Joyce Smith, Mary Eyman, Molly Jo Bates, Mary Alice Ellis, Janet Shoraga. SECOND ROW; Rita Davis, Kathy Hogge, Judy Fleming, Barbara Durbin, Betty Lou Jones, Karen Saffer, Anita Ferrill, Mary Louise Jones, Dorris Jack, Carolyn Wilson, Becky Anderson, Irene Langen, Joyce Wagner. THIRD ROW: Linda Spangle, Mary Lou Davis, Rosalie Painter, Caroline Munson, Mary Ann Campbell, Barbara Huddleston, Lynda Schober, Donna Frye, Linda Beckmier, Jackie Miller, Jean Beaty, Nancy Col-brook. FOURTH ROW: Lorraine Thacker, Joyce Wilson, Marcella Todt, Mary Oiler, Andrea McWard, Carol Lamb, Lorraine Beaty, Sylvia Kemp, Anita Lauer, Ruth Ann Ewig, Geraldine Smith, Nadine Rathgeber. Good Luck, Class of '56 PALMER GRAIN COMPANY 45 Advisor MRS. IRMA BRYANPresident DONALD KRAMER The F. F. A. organization started this year with an enrollment of 29 members. The chapter holds a meeting once a month at which time various organization activities and projects are discussed and planned. One of the group's community projects this year was to sponsor the March of Dimes scrap drive. Harry Lee Vangeison, Roger Hertel, Charles Ray Hudson, Larry Fesser, Jerry Taylor, and Mr. Bullard attended the National F. F. A. convention at Kansas City in the fall. Eugene Leach was awarded the State Farmer's Degree at the State convention. Glenn and Larry Fesser played in the State F. F. A. Band. The Father and Son Banquet held in the spring climaxes a successful school year for the organization. I. O lcefU Lyle McWard, Sentinel; Hairy Lee Vangeison, Vice President; Jerry Taylor, Secretary; Donald Kramer, President; Larry Fesser, Treasurer; Harris Graham, Reporter; Mr. Bullard, Advisor. Compliments of GEORGE NEFF s4. ActivityFIRST ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Lyle Me Ward, John Waterman, Harold Wade, Harris Graham, Eugene Leach, Donald Kramer. SECOND ROW: Bill Campbell, Roger Hertel, Richard Jurgena, Harry Lee Vangeison, Charles Hudson, Larry Fesser. THIRD ROW: John Painter, Bernard Brackenhoff, Dallas Kent, Norman Schultz, Lamar Fesser, Jack Hackenberg, Mr. Bullard. FOURTH ROW: Pat Turner, Jerry Taylor, Allen Eggersmeier, Howard Clark, Raymond Wagehoft, and Eddie Lyerla. Best Wishes from a FRIEND Mr. William Bullard AdvisorPresident Shirley Franklin Chapter Mothers: Mrs. John Me Ward Mrs. Wayne Beaty Chapter Father: Mr. Galen Franklin ?. 4. The F. H. A. organization which consists of seventy-nine girls, a sponsor, two chapter mothers, and a chapter father started the year by entertaining the freshmen girls and all girls wanting to join F. H. A. They had a supper and went to a movie in Taylorville. The next big event was the carnival co-sponsored by the seniors. F. H. A. week followed the carnival and the usual activities such as wearing ribbons, placing roses in the superintendent's office, and hobo day were observed. The Christmas dance with Vic Alane's orchestra was held December 22. In January, formal initiation was held for the new F. H. A. members. Daddy Date Nite for all F. H. A. girls and their fathers was the February activity. In March, the F. H. A. girls entertain the F. F. A. boys. In April, the Pawnee F. H. A. were guests at a tea sponsored by our organi zation. In May, the F. H. A. winds up events with a Mother-Daughter Banquet. Special observance of such things as Civil Defense, Christian Religion Education Week, a radio program, a TV program, and attending the section rally made the year quite full and very pleasant. F.H.A. OFFICERS President, Shirley Franklin; Vice-President, Phyllis Franklin; Secretary. Janet Shoraga; Treasurer, Mary Alice Ellis; Parliamentarian, Andrea McWard; Public Relations, Chairman, Rose Ann Clark; Projects Chairman, Barbara Huddleston; Recreation Leader, Mary Oiler; Historian, Marcella Todt; Section 6 Projects Chairman Barbara Huddleston Advisor, Mrs. Irene Welch. Good Luck, Class of '56 PEPSI COLA'Jutuxe i¥ ymema en4. )fCeiH6enA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Eyman, Joyce Smith, Shirley Franklin, Kay Franklin, Joyce Shake, Mary Grundy, Doris Oiler, Sharron Land, Lois Voorhees, Noella Sparks, Janet Shorga, Mary Alice Ellis. SECOND ROW: Esther Skinner, Ruth Grundy, Diane Burchie, Marilyn Gowins, Karen Brady, Rose Ann Clark, Sheryl Hill, lone Fisher, Sharron Dyson, Sandra Mayberry, Molly Jo Bates, Doris Wade, Carla Mitchel. THIRD ROW: Donna Henderson, Judy Fleming, Betty Lou Jones, Jo Ann Mayberry, Jean Turner, Carolyn Wilson, Anita Ferril, Mary Louise Jones, Dorris Jack, Jo Ann Sheedy, Karen Saffer, Mary Spencer, Becky Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Fesser, Rita Davis, Barbara Durbin, Linda King, Mary Ann Crinner, Donna Frye, Linda Beckmier, Barbara Huddleston, Lynda Schober, Phyllis Franklin, Elaine Le Fever, Irene Langen. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Colbrook, Jean Beaty, Jackie Miller, Ruth Beaty, Linda Spangle, Mary Lou Davis, Rosalie Painter, Caroline Munson, Angela Schweitzer, Mary Ann Campbell, Carol Beaty, Leah Williams, Jo Ann Williams, Mary Babbs, Joyce Wagner. SIXTH ROW: Joyce Wilson, Marcella Todt, Mary Oiler, Marilyn Himstedt, Andrea Me Ward, Judy Edwards, Carol Lamb, Doris Dey, Lorraine Beaty, Sylvia Kemp, Anita Lauer, Ruth Ann Ewig, Geraldine Smith, Nadine Rathgeber. Best Wishes--COCA COLA MRS. IRENE WELCH AdvisorSiam SnteHtiCte State Soloiafa ?955 1956 Sand Under the able direction of our band director, Mr. Tepatti, much progress has been made by the band. This year the band participated in the C.M.S. contest at Auburn and the District contest at Morrisonville. The Band also sponsored the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts, M.C.H.S. Invitational Concert, and played at numerous Homecomings and Centennials during the summer months. Best Wishes from NORMAN'S(?. S. attcC FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Fesser, Barbara Durbin, Donna Frye, Mr. Tepatti, Director; Caroline Munson, Angela Schweitzer, Rita Davis, Anita Lauer, Mary Frances Spencer, Ronnie Vangei-son, Ruth Grundy, Ruth A. Ewig, May Grundy, Diane Burchie, Mary Louise Jones, Jack Hackenberg, Harry Lee Vangeison. SECOND ROW: Linda Beckmier, Shirley Franklin, Becky Anderson, Andrea McWard, Karen Saffer, Judy Edwards, Sheryl Hill, Ruth Fesser, Jackie Miller, Mary Ann Campbell. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Gowin, Donald Kramer, Jerry Snyder, Ruth Beaty, Irene Langen, Lorraine Beaty, Joyce Shake, Mary Eyman. FOURTH ROW: Lamar Fesser, Lyle McWard, Jerry Taylor, Bernard Brakenhoff, Carla Mitchel, Mickey McElroy, Charles Windell, Larry Seitz, Ronnie Cole, Roger Hertel, Alan Eggersmier, Carl Prose, Dalas Kent. John Painter, Harris Graham, Ron Graham. Best Wishes from NORMAN'S 51 Caroline Munson, Rita Davis, Rosalie Painter, Marcella Todt, Karen Saffer, Elaine LeFever, Lorraine Beaty, and Georgia Kemp. Ruth Fesser, Sylvia Kemp, 'Dviect i Mrs. Bernice Cooler ACCOMPANISTS Molly Jo Bates, Marcella Todt, and Mary Louise Jones. Good Luck, Class of ’56 MORTON'S DRUG STORE Much credit goes to Mrs. Bernice Cooler who so capably directed the vocal section of the music department. At Christmas the girls' chorus and ensemble gave an impressive program and in the spring a concert was presented. These groups also sang for baccalaureate and commencement. The ensemble and soloists participated in the C.M.S. and District contests. SOLOISTS Ruth Fesser, Caroline Munson, Karen Saffer Ruth Ann Ewig, and Georgia Kemp. c c c n 7%. 7%. S. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rita Davis, Marilyn Gowin, Karen Brady, Georgia Kemp, Molly Jo Bates, Cathy Hogge, Joyce Wagner, Irene Langen, Elaine Le Fever, Sharron Land. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Cooler, Director; Linda Spangle, Judy Fleming, Jo Ann Mayberry, Jo Ann Sheedy, Karen Saffer, Anita Ferril, Dorris Jack, Caroline Munson, Joyce Smith, Jean Beaty, Nancy Colbrook. THIRD ROW: Ruth Fesser, Mary Babbs, Mary Lou Davis, Barbara Huddleston, Rosalie Painter, Sylvia Kemp, Anita Lauer, Ruth Ann Ewig, Carol Beaty, Sandra Mayberry. FOURTH ROW: Lorraine Thacker, Marcella Todt, Mary Oiler, Theresa Smith, Jean Turner, Andrea McWard, Ruth Beaty, Lorraine Beaty, Kay Franklin. MOLLY JO BATES Accompanist Recognition is given to Molly Jo Bates, the 1955- 56 chorus accompanist. The hours spent by her were appreciated by the chorus members and she contributed immensely to the great showing the choral group made this year. jN Compliments of BERT AND NEAL ANDERSONOn November 10, the senior class gave Florence Ryerson's comedy, "Ever Since Eve." It proved to be a financial success as well as entertaining. "Ever Since Eve" was the mirthful story of Susan Blake, a "career girl," and the troubles which beset those two loyal musketeers, Johnny Clover and Spud Erwin, Editor and Business Manager of the Preston High School Penguin, when Susan high-pressures herself into the position of Assistant Editor. Before the curtain falls on the second act, Susan--always with the best possible intention--has almost bankrupted and given them the measles. When her innocent enthusiasm almost lands them in jail, Johnny's mother steps in and saves the day. Mrs. Clover Johnny Clover Mr. Clover. Spud Erwin . Susan Blake Betsy Erwin Martha Willard Officer Simmons Henry Quinn Lucybell Lee Preston Hughes Football Players Mary Louise Jones Donald Kramer Lyle McWard Eugene Leach Barbara Huddleston Angela Schweitzer .Karen Saffer . Ron Painter Harris Graham Lynda Schober Jerry Snyder Gary Herzog, Harold Wade, Bill Clark Director MRS. BETTY BEANE Best Wishes-SLOAN'S FURNITURE STOREADVISOR EDITORS ADVISOR Mr. Antone Tepatti Ron Vangeison-Marilyn Gowin Mrs- Bernice Cooler The junior class assembled early in the year to select the "Tomahawk" editors. Each junior student was placed on a committe best suited to his ability. We can truly say that the Tomahawk is the concerted effort of the entire class and we hope you have enjoyed it. SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS: Gary Crites, Mae Grundy. Roger Hertel, Anita Ferrill. Dorris Jack, Kay Franklin, Carl Prose. SEATED: Diane Buichie, Karen Brady, Jo Ann Sheedy, Marilyn Gowin and Ron Vangeison.Eugene Leach, Editor Shirley Franklin Co-Editor Harris Graham, Layout Editor Linda Beckmier, Assistant. Each and every member of the Senior Class did his and her part to make this year’s Mohawk the very best ever edited. Barbara Huddleston, Business Manager Angela Schweitzer, Assistant. Caroline Munson, Lynda Schober, Geraldine Smith. Typists. 56EDITORIAL STAFF: Editor.......................Eugene Leach Co-Editor.................Shirley Franklin Copy Editor..................Karen Saffer ......................Mary Louise Jones Layout Editor..............Harris Graham ..........................Linda Beckmier Typing Editor Lynda Schober .........................Caroline Munson .........................Geraldine Smith Photo Editor..............Phyllis Franklin .............................Don Kramer '...................James Bergschneider Sports Editor................Gary Herzog ............................Lyle Me Ward Activity Writers.............Harold Wade .........................Beverly Windell .........................Mary Alice Ellis .......................... Becky Anderson Artists...................Marilyn Himstedt ...........................Doris Jane Dey BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . . . Barbara Huddleston Assistant Business Manager................ Angela Schweitzer Book Salesmen.................Jerry Snyder ......................Nadine Rathgeber ..............................Ron Painter ....................Mary Frances Spencer .............................Elvin Porter MRS. BETTY PETERSEN Staff Advisor Bill Clark ..........................Herman Durbin Bookkeeper Janet ShoragaFIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Alice Ellis, Karen Saffer, Beverley Windell, Joyce Smith, Lorraine Thacker, SECOND ROW; Marilyn Gowin, Diane Burchie, Sam Brown, Lois Voorhees, Cathy Hogge. The Members of the Library Staff act as assistants to the Librarian, and carry on the business of the Library in her absence, Their duties consist of circulation, charging and returning books; keeping shelves in order; care of periodicals; mending; collecting fines; preparation of materials; and reference duty for other students. These duties provide excellent opportunity for self-activity, and training for the future. Mrs. Betty Beane was the capable faculty advisor for the school year. 58 MRS. BETTY BEANE Librariant?eatu'ieARuth Grundy - Jerry Taylor JERRY SNYDER Jerry, was selected to be the 1955-1956 yearbook King by popular vote of the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Classes.(2C ZU, SettionA Diane Burchie - Larry Dowdy '?tt yfauv6 tZuceK BARBARA HUDDLESTON Barbara, was selected to be the 1955-1956 yearbook Queen by popular vote of the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Classes. I, Harris Graham, leave my track spikes to anyone fast enough to keep up with them. I, Shirley Franklin, leave my ability to escape study hall along with my chemistry book to Donna Jean Frye. I, Phyllis Franklin, leave all the fun I've had my four years at M. C. H.S. to Allen Stewart. I, Mary Alice Ellis, leave all my good times on the bus, at school, and at the square dances to Mary Babbs. I, Herman Durbin just leave. I, Doris Dey, leave my red hair and blue eyes to Donna Henderson. I, Bill Clark, leave my wavy hair and winning ways to one certain someone! I, Linda Beckmier, leave my two extra ribs to Larry Seitz. They might come in handy sometime. I, Becky Anderson, leave my ability to be on the spot to ask What, Who, When, and How Much to Andrea McWard. "We, the Senior Class of 1956, being in our right mind, do bequeath and bequit, leave, give and get rid of the following members of the Senior class: Senior “Weil I, Gary Herzog, leave my catching position to anyone who is fool enough to want it. I, Marilyn Himstedt, leave my "memories" of algebra class to Sheryl Hill. I, Barbara Huddleston, leave all the fun I've had at M.C.H.S., also my shorthand book and electric pencil to Ruth Grundy. I, Mary Louise Jones, leave to my fellow classmates, all the memories, pleasant and unpleasant of four hectic years together. I, Donald Kramer, leave my chemistry book to anyone who wants it, but they better think twice before taking it. I, Eugene Leach, leave all my activities to anyone who has time to go to all of them. I, Lyle McWard, leave anything to anyone who wants it. I, Caroline Munson, leave locker 175 and a box of mothballs to some bright and shining Junior. I, Ron Painter, leave all the fun I have had in High School to Kirby Lindsey. I, Elvin Porter, leave all the fun I’ve had at M. H. S. to Larry Sheedy. I, Nadine Rathgeber, leave all my taffy apples to Sheryl Hill. I, Karen Saffer, leave my talkativeness to Rita Davis. I, Lynda Schober, leave my ability to get out of school to go downtown to Jean Turner. I, Angela Schweitzer, leave all my many good times at M. H.S. to Nancy Colbrook. I, Janet Shoraga, leave my chemistry lab. book to anyone who thinks he is smart enough to handle it. I, Geraldine Jftnith, leave my four years of high school fun to those who are gradually making their way to graduation. I, Jerry Snyder, leave my blushing to Jerry Taylor. I, Mary Frances Spencer, leave my cheerleading ability to Joyce Smith. I, Harold Wade, leave my ability to hang on locker doors to Roger Hertel. I, Beverley Windell, leave my four years of trouble trying to get on the Honor Roll along with the fun of those years.Freak huh ? Hang on! Past Royalty King Charles Underclassmen After hours Memories Are Made of This Night Club Entertainers Our Best! Clean-Up Crew Uncle Tom On Patrol Queen Andrea Oh! So Tall! Windy M. C. A P. E. Pyrami Whose ?t ?55 'P'UHtl 2.UCCK z tct (favti PROM ROYALTY Karen Saffer, Eugene Leach, Phyllis Franklin, Jerry Snyder, Boyce McWard, Gary Herzog, Queen Shirley, Janann Duffy, Barbara Huddleston, Lyle McWard, Angela Schweitzer, Gene Wilson. tiaxetea. dfotd 'Dreanul "Dream" would truly describe the 1955 Junior-Senior Prom on May 20. Preceding the Prom all invited guests were entertained at the banquet, with the Seniors as special guests of honor. The banquet was decorated in lavender and gold. Organ music by Frances Strader furnished a dreamy atmosphere, while all enjoyed the food prepared by the Junior mothers. Following the banquet, the guests entered the Garden of Golden Dreams through the castle door and crossed the drawbridge to an evening of enchantment. Walt Schlemmer provided the music for dancing, in a ballroom decorated with silver stars, soft moonlight, lovely flowers, and a castle wall providing an enchanting background. As the clock neared the hour, the long anticipated event took place. The queen, Shirley Franklin, escorted by Gary Herzog ascended the golden stairs to the throne. The queen was seated and the crown was placed on her head by the retiring queen. Miss Janann Duffy. Members of the court were Barbara Huddleston escorted by Jerry Snyder, Phyllis Franklin escorted by Lyle McWard, Karen Saffer escorted by Gene Wilson, and Angela Schweitzer escorted by Eugene Leach. Following the coronation, the queen, her court, and prom guests were entertained with special dance acts by the Stardusters. All attending will truly remember the evening as a dream in the Garden of Golden Dreams. 64 2.ccee t, SAinleySeaiar (?ta44 'P'lofc ect} Barbara Huddleston holds the spotlight in the political world of Morrisonville. Even though Barb has a family of four to care for, she still finds time to be Mayor for our thriving community. Karen Saffer is one of the seven professional secretaries in the state of Illinois. Karen graduated from Brown's Business College with honors "cum laude." Three persons who have done much for this community are Becky Anderson, Marilyn Himstedt, and Janet Shoraga. Through the combined efforts of these three nurses this city has acquired a clinic. These gallant women have secured a place in our hearts. Looking pert and pretty in her uniform is Shirley Franklin, who is an airline hostess for T. W. A, Shirley can relate many harrowing and hilarious experiences. An important cog in the clockwork of Broadway has just arrived. Caroline Munson is a chorographer. She is presently working out a new routine for "South Pacific." Charming and gracious Angela Schweitzer moves among the alumni. Angela now owns several beauty shops throughout Illinois and is famous for her hair styles. Mary Francis Spencer is the foremost beauty culturist of Morrisonville. She does a thriving business with the matrons of our fair city. Mary Alice Ellis was elected "Teacher of the Year. " Mary Alice graduated from Eastern State College. She is presently working on her master's degree in elementary education. Present owner of the former "D J Confectionery” is Geraldine Smith. Jhe restaurant is still a favorite meeting place for the teenagers. Miss Doris Jane Dey is presently engaged as a commercial artist. Doris studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. She has had covers published on the Saturday Evening Post. Nadine Rathgeber is working with St. Vincent's Hospital as a speech therapist. Nadine did her internship with the Mayo Clinic. Mary Louise Jones is teaching piano in her home here in Morrisonville. Mary Louise is planning to go abroad next year and see Europe and Africa. One of the most prominent farmers of Christian County today is Donald Kramer. Don graduated from the U. of I. college of agriculture. He is the present head of the State Farm Bureau. Looking very distinguished is Eugene Leach, junior congressman from our district. Eugene is planning to run for state senator in the coming election. Captain Gary Herzog has his classmates spellbound by his many army adventures. Gary is making a career of the army. Lyle Me Ward has been coach at Morrisonville for the past four years. Lyle has guided the Mohawks to the Sweet Sixteen for the last two seasons. Ron Painter is the owner of an airport in Texas. He does a very nice business with the ranchers who use planes as the chief means of transportations. Ron indulges in cross country races as a sideline. Harris Graham, nucular scientist, is employed by the government. He is a member of the Atomic Energy Commission. Harris helped discover an antidote for radiation. Harold Wade, is the owner of a truck farm in California. Harold's farm produces citrus fruits which he ships to San Francisco. Jerry Snyder is a junior partner in a prominent law firm. Jerry studied law at Harvard and was admitted to the state bar. Herman Durbin is working with Anderson Jewelers in Taylorville. Herman is general manager and finds his work very interesting. Elvin Porter has enriched the city of Morrisonville by the addition of a restaurant and motel. The buildings are beautiful and the restaurant is the favorite for fine dining. Linda Beckmier is the person to see if you wish a charming home. Linda is an authority in the field of interior decorating. She was recently asked to redecorate the governor's mansion. Lynda Schober is currently a feature writer for a nationally read magazine. While Lynda is in town she is doing a feature on the High School. Beverly Windell has a very happy and exciting life taking care of her five boys. But Bev is none the worse for wear and wouldn't trade places with anyone. Bill Clark runs a health resort in Arizona. Dry air and sunshine make it an ideal spot. An additional attraction is radioactive dirt. Phyllis Franklin is writing an autobiography which will be published soon. Phyllis has had many novels and short stories published.Geraldine Phyllis Donald Harris Caroline Beverley Harold Barbara Shirley Marilyn Angela@a%ttCval The 1955-'56 Carnival held October 29 was another successful school activity. Concession booths for the entertainment of the public filled the gymnasium. The school cafeteria was transformed into a night club where delicious food and popular acts added to the evening's success. The boxing matches sponsored by the Physical Education Department also drew a large crowd. Another carnival attraction was a dance for the carnival guests with music provided by Pat Dardano's orchestra. To highlight the evening's activities, there was a colorful ceremony crowning Charles Ray Hudson and Andrea McWard as 19 55 Carnival King and Queen. The attendants were Freshmen --Rosalie Painter, Jean Beaty, Larry Seitz, Wayne Stewart; Sophomores--Marcella Todt, Kirby Lindsey, Dale Smith; Juniors--Elaine LeFever, Joyce Shake, Larry Dowdy; and Sen-iors--Lynda Schober, Janet Shoraga, Gary Herzog, Jerry Snyder. The Carnival was sponsored by the Senior Class and the F. H. A. organization. Seeuat Cities NAME FAVORITE SONG FAVORITE POSSESSION FAVORITE FOOD AMBITION Becky Anderson The Sand and The Sea My Zane Grey Books Cheese Cake Nurse Linda Beckmier Moments To Remember Doll collection Pecan Pie Go to Hawaii in 1958 Bill Clark Suddenly Roller Skates Fried Chicken To own a new ford Doris Dey Anything that's Rhythm and Blues Shoe Skates Cherry Pie Commercial artist and housewife Herman Durbin South of New Orleans My Money Strawberry Shortcake A Bookkeeper Mary Alice Ellis Stardust All of my jewelry Devil's Food Cake Home Economics Teacher Phyllis Franklin Moments to Remember Daddy's black and white ford Peaches To go to college next fall Shirley Franklin Somewhere Over The Rainbow Stuffed animal collection Fried Chicken Go to college or be an airline hostess Harris Graham Autumn Leaves Baritone Sardines Mathematician Gary Herzog White Christmas Class Ring Fried Chicken To own a new car Marilyn Himstedt Always C. R. 's ring Fried Chicken Nurse Barbara Huddleston Stardust Picture Collection Date Pudding To go to school Mary Louise Jones Naughty Mariette Driver's License Baked Chicken, dressing, and gravy Piano teacher Donald Kramer Rock Around The Clock Shotgun Apple Dumplings To get out of school Eugene Leach It’s a Sin To My little green Pie of any Go to college Tell A Ue Ford kind and become a millionaire Lyle Me Ward Sixteen Ton Glasses Ham To farm 1, 000 acres Caroline Munson Teenagers Waltz Class Ring Shrimp Airline Hostess Ron Painter Teenagers Waltz Class Ring Fried Chicken To get a job and make lots of money Elvin Porter There Stands The Glass Shotgun Strawberry Shortcake To be a farmer Nadine Rathgeber Autumn Leaves Eddie Fisher Picture Album Cherry Pie T.V. Home Economist Karen Saffer The Gypsy My Yearbooks Ham Secretary and farmer's wife Lynda Schober He Turquoise Ring Ice Cream Secretary Angela Schweitzer The Kentuckian Cedar Chest Steak Go to Hawaii Janet Shoraga I'll Never Stop Loving You Driver's License Cokes Nurse Geraldine Smith He Class Ring Chicken To be a secretary Jerry Snyder There Stands The Glass Ring Strawberry Shortcake To be a doctor Mary Frances Spencer Tina Marie Skates Chicken Beautician Harold Wade He Car Fried Chicken To own a new Ford Beverley Windell If I May by Nat "King” Cole Albert Raspberry Pie al a mode Wife to a certain someone1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Sn zfe Problem boys 8. Gab session 9. Dry 'em good 10. F. H. A. Officers 11. Orderly bunch 12. Mushy huh? 13. Sweet talk 14. Hokey Pokey Grab that man Any news? Out of the windows! ! In the usual way Guess who? Now to find the gal!Special rfevevuU T . f. 55. Miss Barbara Huddleston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Huddleston, was chosen by vote of the senior class and faculty of Morrisonville High School to receive the D.A.R. citizenship award. Miss Huddleston ranked high scholastically and was active throughout the four years in extra curricular activities. She served as business manager of the yearbook staff and was an active member of F.H.A. and G.A.A. Her numerous other activities included four years as a member of the school chorus. She reigned as the 1954 Carnival Queen and was an attendant to the queen when she was a sophomore. In her junior year she served on the library staff and was an attendant to the 1955 prom queen. She was a member of both the junior and senior play casts. Barbara was selected for this honor on the basis of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. 'rtyo-rttetHa ei 7 muvvi mv Miss Karen Saffer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Saffer, was chosen as the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for 1956 in the Mor risonville High School. She received the highest score in a written examination which tested the homemaking knowledge and attitudes of senior girls. Miss Saffer, an honor student, has been active in school activities. She has been a member of F.H.A. and served as recreation leader her sophomore year. Karen is a member of band, chorus, and girls ensenble. She has served as student librarian and was vice-president of the Freshman Class. In both the junior and senior play casts she had a leading part. Miss Saffer was attendant to the Carnival Queen her sophomore year and attendant to the prom queen her junior year. Karen received a golden award pin designed by Trifari.1. No Secrets 2. Out too late? 3. Why so sad? 4. Get the idea? 5. Clowns 6. Love must be grand 7. Good balance 8. Talking it over 9. Where's the smile? 10. Is that so! 11. The Colgate smile 12. Main attraction 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Working hard? So happy Four Stooges Caught in the act Posed Noon hour Cleaning up The old potato dance That's the plan Bunn Capital Grocery Co. AT THE BRUCE CO. 301 East Monroe St. Springfield. Illinois INSTITUTIONAL FOODS SUPPLIES SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS PRIZE OIL CO. Petroleum Products Tires Batteries • Accessories Wholesale • Retail Ph. 2091 Morrisonville, Illinois Best Wishes • FROBISH FEED STORE Feed Farm Supplies Purina chows Honeggers Big "H" Feeds GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1956 Phone 4231 Congratulations Seniors D. R. L. SUPPLY CO. Morrisonville Lumber Company Dry Goods-Groceries Shoes-Work Clothing MORRISONVILLE, ILLINOIS Phone 4041 We appreciate your patronage. Congratulations HANCOCK'S SERVICE STATION Cafe, Groceries, Notions Phone 3921 Palmer, Illinois Best Wishes PALMER STATE BANK Member F.D.I.C, Deposits Insured 10 to 10,000 2On Time Deposits Oldest State Bank In Christian County Compliments of PRAIRIE FIRMS CREAMERY Good Luck, Seniors Good Luck, Seniors C.F. TODT WM. D. COY Plumbing Mill Work Contractor Heating Builder Electrical Phone 4461 Phone 4451 Morrisonville IllinoisBEST WISHES SENIORS Johnson Ei|iii|iini‘iil Company Morrisonville Illinois Best Wishes Congratulations CHRISTIAN COUNTY FARMERS Aloysius McLean GENERAL LINE OF INSURANCE SUPPLY CO. Phone 4381 Charles Schweitzer Morrisonville Illinois and Maurice Plopper BALSLEY IMP. CO. John Deere Compliments Of READHEAD HARDWARE Sales Service RCA TV Morrisonville, Illinois Monarch Frigidaire Appliances Phone 2231 W. H.KENT Compliments Of THE CRAFT'S LINE truck service School Office Equipment Supplies Livestock And Grain Hauling 208 North Main Morrisonville, Dial 3131 Taylorville, Illinois  

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