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Published by Senior Class of '54 MORRISONVILiLE COMMUNITY UNIT HIGH SCHOOL Morrisonville, IllinoisMemories of Morrisonville Community Unit High School linger long in the minds of all who have been students there. We hope this yearbook will make the reflections of its present students clear and vivid, and in the years to come will help them to remember clearly these high school days as some of the happiest of their lives.' Co-Editor GERALD RICHTER Annual Editor DARLENE WEITEKAMP Supe rintendent JAMES C. GRAHAM 4MR. JAMES C. GRAHAM SUPERIIIIEVDEII PRINCIPAL Mr. Graham has set the living example of discipline, trust, and dependability. His efforts were ever in reach of any gain for the betterment of our knowledge from the four years of opportunities. We, as seniors, hold Mr. Graham in high regard for his labor to strengthen the high standard of our education. PRINCIPAL MRS. RUTH DEY School Secretary Mr. Griffith, our high school principal, has experienced his first year of working with us. He has helped to make our school year enjoyable through his hard work, encouragement, and support. ASSISTANT MR. FRANCIS L. ASSISTANT SlIPERINEENDENT ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR Mr. Stephenson is one of our leaders who has a big job of overseeing grade and junior high school affairs. One with more patience and determination could not be found. He has been an important part of the smoothly running school term. MR. H. B. STEPHENSON 6 GRIFFITHBOARD Ot EDUCATION The backbone of all schools is its board of directors. During this year as seniors we could have found none more co-operative than these chosen few. Problems of all kinds confront these able leaders, but always a fair decision results. Our indebtedness to these men is great, but we hope to make their time worthwhile by giving our all to each undertaken task in our futures a-head. Members of the board are Mr. Orville Beckmier, Mr. Carl Rathgeber, president; Mr. Wayne Le Fever, Mr. Cletus Weitekamp, Mr. Willard Colbrook, Mr. Joe C. Boyd, secretary; and Mr. Henry Hornbuckle.MRS. DONNA EGGESON BOWEN MR. ROY GILBERT FACUITV I N D U S T R I A L A R T S MR. WILLIAM BULLARD G I R L S P H Y S I C A L E D U C A T I O m MISS IRMA Me WARD MR. FRANCIS GRIFFITH M A T C H O M C M H E E R M C I I S A T L R Y MRS. BERNICE ROBINSON MRS. CHRISTELLA WESTERMEIER FACULTY H O M E E C O N 0 M 1 C S N S T R U M E N T A L M U S I c MR. ANTONE TEPATTI MRS. IRENE WELCH MR. JAMES SMITH MR. EUGENE LeMAYCAFETERIA STAFF The bustle and hard work which accompanies school activities always whets the appetite. This group of efficient workers has filled so uncomplainingly that all important vacant cavity called the stomach. Our thanks to you! STAFF: Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mrs. Hilda Klinger, Mrs. Mary Guthrie, Mrs. Tracie Shea. m DRIVERS Through ice and sleet, mud and snow, these brave men have battled with wheels and occupants to help bring the unyielding pupils to the "place of education. " Theirs has been a task, but one which has made every day of school more fun. Mrs. Ruth Davis, STAFF: Mr. Robert Ewig, Mr. Ralph Welch, Mr. Jack Dey, Mr. Edward Lauer, Mr. Glen Lamb, Mr. Arthur Dyson, Mr. Ralph Hancock, Mr. John Christian. MAINTENANCE MEN These men were forced with the dirty work but they always cleaned it up. To Oscar Swinger goes our best wishes for the future years, and a hearty "thanks" for his many years of faithful service in the past. We hate to see you go, Oscar. Compliments of MORRISONVILLE TIMESSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mack Prose, Secretary; Harold Massey, Treasurer; Mrs. Betty Petersen. Adviser; Mr. Francis Griffith, Adviser; Shirley Stanley. Vice-President; Gerald Jones, President. President GERALD JONES THE SENIOR CLASS Four years of diligent labor have drawn to a climax for the seniors of '54. The never to be forgotten memories are well cherished in the hearts of every class member. Not only the work, the good times, and hard knocks will be always remembered, but many other gems shall remain a part of high school reminiscences . Half of a high school education is making friends and getting along with the better half. These seniors have learned to appreciate many of the higher values and living standards which will be of great importance in living successful lives. Their last year living and learning in the new building created an inspiration toward a higher goal in their futures. It is with regret, the seniors say "Farewell" to their beloved Alma Mater. Congratulations, Seniors! LARRY'S BARBERSHOPDOROTHY ARMITAGE Sweet and pleasant with winning ways. We wish her happiness throughout her days. CHARLES BABBS Not so big, but there's lots of him, With his friendly smile he's plenty of vim. RAMONA BRAKENHOFF She's quiet and smart and very demure, But she's a true friend you may be sure. t SENIORS BILL BEIERMANN He counts it a sin, if not a crime, To stay home and study all the time. • DELORES BEATY Her good points are many, her bad ones few. She'll tackle a job with little ado. ARTHUR CARTER Always out for lots of fun, We usually find him on the run.GERALD HORNBUCKLE Here's a guy and what a line! All the girls think he’s divine. LUCILLE CURVEY Then there's Lucy, what a lass! She's the life of the Senior class. HAROLD HASLETT Calm, unruffled, always the same, A friendly person, Has-lett's the name. m m NELLIE DOWDY Always happy, never sad, Full of pep, and never bad. GERALD JONES Concerning Jerry Jones we have no fears, Knowing he will succeed in future years. JANICE FRANKLIN Once you know her, you will say, Here's a girl, that’s quite O. K.JOYCE HORNBUCKLE Sparkling, friendly, good natured too, She’ll stand by whatever you do. LELAND Le FEVER He’s not very wide, he's not very tall, But a good natured chap liked by all. CAROL HENDERSON A happy heart, a will ing mind, These are the things you seldom find. SENIORS JACK KADER He’s not an Ed, he's not a square, He's just a Jack without a care. JOYCE M1LLBURG This little miss is smiling, sweet, A brunette that simply can't be beat. JAMES MUSTER He doesn't make a lot of noise, But we know he is one of our finest boys.HAROLD MASSEY CAROLINE MILLER MACK PROSE In this world, there’s too much hurry, What's the use of fuss and worry. She gets fun out of living every day. She's a good scout in every way. Mack will always make the grade. When he starts in, consider it made. SENIORS MARCELLA OLLER This little maid is quiet and reserved, But highest praise is well deserved. GERALD RICHTER If he were down to his very last dime, He’d share it with you any time. MARILYN REYNOLDS Quick to smile, ready to laugh. Of all she has she'll give you half.SHIRLEY STANLEY She may be quiet, but she's a thoughtful girl, And a very loyal member of our senior whirl. DEAN WHITE You'll find him where the fun's to be had A quiet, but mischievous lad. DARLENE WEITEKAMP And then there's Darlene and she's a queen As in the last four we've all seen. SENIORS MARY LOU WAGNER Gay of heart, bright of face, No one else can take her place. DONALD MINNIS Because I was smart I made it in four If I hadn't been, t'would have taken more. SENIOR HONOR ROLL These 9 students have reached their 4-year goal, by making the Senior Honor Roll DOROTHY ARMITAGE RAMONA BRAKENHOFF LUCILLE CURVEY JANICE FRANKLIN JOYCE MILLBURG CAROLINE MILLER MACK PROSE SHIRLEY STANLEY DARLENE WEITEKAMPSENIOR ACTIVITIES DOROTHY ARMITAGE F. H. A. 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3, Secretary 4; Band 1, 2, 3,4; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Ensemble 4; G. A. A. 3; Class Officer Sec. -Treas. 2, President 3; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4; "53" Prom Queen. CHARLES BABBS F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4; Band 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 1; Annual Staff 4. DELORES BEATY F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1, Accompanist 4; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4. BILL BEIERMANN F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Reporter 3; Annual Staff 4. RAMONA BRAKENHOFF F. H. A. 1; Band 1, 2, 3,4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; G. A. A. 2,3; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3. ARTHUR CARTER F. F. A. 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Annual Staff 4. LUCILLE CURVEY F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 3; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Class Officer President 1, Vice President 3; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3; "53" Prom Attendant 3; Cheerleader 4. NELLIE DOWDY Chorus 1,2,3,4; G. A. A. 2,3, Basketball Manager 3; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4. JANICE FRANKLIN F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 2; Chorus 2, 3; G. A. A. 3,4, Social Chairman 4; Class Officer, Treasurer 4; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4; "53" Prom Attendant 3. HAROLD HASLETT Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3; Library Staff 2, 3. CAROL HENDERSON G. A. A. 1,2,3, Secretary 3; F. H. A. 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4; Paper Staff 3. JERRY HORNBUCKLE F. F. A. 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1; Track 2; Band 1, 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4. JOYCE HORNBUCKLE F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3; "53" Prom Attendant 3; Cheerleader 4; Library Staff 3, 4. JERRY JONES Baseball 1, 2, 3,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3,4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3; Class Officer, President 4; Class Play 3; Annual Staff 4. JACK KADER Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3. LELAND LeFEVER F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Class Play 3; Athletic Manager 3. HAROLD MASSEY F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer Treasurer 4; Track 3; Annual Staff 4. JOYCE MILLBURG F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4, Recreation Leader 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3,4, Vice President 4; Class Play 3; Cheerleader 1; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4. CAROLINE MILLER F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3,4; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4; Library Staff 4. DON MINNIS Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; Annual Staff 4. JIM MUSTER F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3. MARCELLA OLLER Twirler 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff 4. MACK PROSE Band 1, 2, 3,4, Vice President 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer Vice President 1, President 2, Secretary 4;Basketball 3, 4:Paper!Staff Assistant Editor 3; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3; Athletic Manager 1, 2. MARILYN REYNOLDS F. H. A. 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 3, 4; G. A. A. 1,2,4, Point Recorder; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4. GERALD RICHTER F. F. A. 1,2, 3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; Track 3; Annual Staff 4, Assistant Editor; Class Play 3. SHIRLEY STANLEY F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; G. A. A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Class Officer, Vice President 4; Annual Staff 4; Class Play 3; Library Staff 4. MARY LOU WAGNER F. H. A. 1; G. A. A. 1,2, 3,4; Paper Staff 3; Annual Staff 4. DARLENE WEITEKAMP F. H. A. 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 3, 4; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Class Officer, Secretary 3; Paper Staff Editor 3; Annual Staff Editor 4; Class Play 3; Ensemble 4; "53" Prom Attendant. DEAN WHITE F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Track 1; Class Play 3. Best Wishes Seniors DOCTOR and MRS. SEATONTHE JUNIOR CLASS The juniors certainly proved an all important part in activities of the third year in their high school life. The band and chorus found the juniors a vital part of their groups . Not just the F. H. A. , G. A. A. and F. F. A. organizations but athletic activities showed a great many members of this "willing workers" class. "The Little Dog Laughed" proved to be hard labor, but well worth the effort of all involved. When the time comes for them to be seniors, the juniors will be well prepared. They have found already their experience in working together has brought them widening success. Congratulations Class of '54 - PRIZE OIL COMPANY 20Lawrence Beaty Shirley Babbs Jerry Beiermann Lenora Clark Bob Bethard Wayne Cravens Judy Dodson Bernard Dozier Janann Duffy Dave Egbert Diane Edwards Albert Eyman Linda Ewig JUNIORS CLASS OF ’55 This page sponsored by BRYAN AND BRUNS FURNITURE--Taylorville 21Glenn Fesser Lois Ann Garner Galen Franklin Mary Hancock Wayne Grundy Dave Jones Dolores Harris Glen Jones Donnis Jack Bill Klinger Joe Lamb Lenora Lucas Dolores O'Brien Boyce McWard JUNIORS CLASS Of ’55 This page sponsored by MARBLESTONE'S CLOTHING STORE--TaylorvilleRon Schroyer Elaine Rathgeber Eugene Schultz Glenna Secrest Allan Smith Larry Smith Barbara Spencer John Stanley Donna Thacker Fred Vangeison Don Wanack Jean White Donna Yard Rich Wilson JUNIORS CLASS OF '55 This page sponsored by GEORGE CANDY SHOP--Taylorville 23SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Antone Tepatti, Adviser; Lyle McWard, President; Phyllis Franklin, Secretary; Mary Frances Spencer, Vice-President; Mrs. Bernice Robinson, Adviser; Donald Kramer, Treasurer. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS President LYLE McWARD Back to school came the sophomores filled with the fire of ambition. You can be sure the athletic organizations were an interesting part of their outside activities during their year of true school spirit. The honor roll saw many sophomores names even though a great number of the class joined F. H. A. , F. F. A. , G. A. A, band, and chorus. Their zeal filled year proved to be one of hope and happiness. They will remember during the next two years that a person is happiest when he is busiest. Good Luck Seniors--STATE THEATERBecky Anderson James Linda Beckmier Bill Campbell Doris Dey Mary Alice Ellis Bergschneider Phyllis Franklin Harris Graham Shirley Marilyn Himstedt Barbara Huddleston Franklin This page sponsored by KRUMSIEK MEMORIAL--Taylorville 25Mary Louise Jones Eugene Leach Gary Herzog La Verne Donald Kramer Janice Millburg Caroline Loman Phyllis Oiler Ronnie Painter Munsor Lyle McWard Nadine Rathgeber Karen Saffer This page sponsored by GILBERT H. LARGE COMPANY Chevrolet- -Buick- -CadillacLynda Schober Elvin Porter Angela Schweitzer James Smith Jerry Snyder Carrol Smith Harold Wade Geraldine Smith Mary Frances Spencer Beverly Windell NOT PICTURED Herman Durbin This page sponsored by LEE'S DRESS SHOP--Taylorville Janet Shoraga Gene WilsonPresident RONALD VANGEISON FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Eugene LeMay, Adviser; Roger Hertel, Vice-President; JoAnn Sheedy, Secretary-Treasurer; Ronald Vangeison, President; Mr. Roy Gilbert. Adviser. THE FRESHMAN CLASS P P 0 0 $ T J With frightened and awesome expressions the "Freshies" anxiously entered their most thrilling year of school, their first year of high school. In spite of being surrounded by experienced seniors, fun-loving juniors, and vitality stricken sophomores, the freshmen soon made a place for themselves in the complicated environment of high school curriculum. The F.H.A., F.F.A., G.A.A. , band, chorus, basketball, and all athletic activities were filled with eager members of the enthusiastic freshmen. The end of the year found the freshmen pleased with their accomplishments during the first of four glorious years. The class is filled with anticipation for the three oncoming years packed even tighter than the first with fun, frolic, and frustration. Best Wishes Class of '54 VIRGINIA'S CAFEMary Babbs Diane Burchie Mary Eyman Bernard Brakenhoff Ruth Beaty Ronnie Cole Rose Ann Clark Russell Darrah Anita Ferrill Larry Fesser Sam Brown Karen Brady Gary Crites Sharron Dyson Larry Dowdy lone Fisher This page sponsored by TAYLOR PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. --Taylorville 29 Kay Franklin Charles Ray Hudson Sheryl Hill Ron Henderson Rose Mary Hancock Mike Lunik Marilyn Gowin Bob Jenkins Dorris Jack Larry McKinney Roger Hertel Mary Grundy Ile'ne Haney Dick Jurgena Mickey McElroy Elizabeth Jones This page sponsored by NEIKES FLOOR COVERING--Taylorville 30Elaine Le Fever Tommy Millburg Jo Ann Mayberry Joe O'Brien Raymond Oiler JoAnnSheedy Carl Prose Theresa PatSomerfield RonVangeison Jean Turner Smith Dale John Weitekamp Waterman Joyce Shake Harry Vangeison Marjorie Waterman This page sponsored by 'RISINA THEATRE--Taylorville 31UNDERCLASSMEN HONOR STUDENTS JUNIORS Lenora Clark Judy Dodson Janann Duffy Linda Ewig Lois Garner Dolores Harris Lenora Lucas Boyce Me Ward Larry Smith SOPHOMORES Mary Alice Ellis Barbara Huddleston Eugene Leach Karen Saffer Lynda Schober Janet Shoraga FRESHMEN Diane Burchie Rose Ann Clark Anita Ferrill Kay Franklin Dorris Jack Marilyn Gowin Larry McKinney Carl Prose Joyce Shake JoAnn Sheedy Ronnie Vangeison This page sponsored by MARSCH SERVICE STATION 32TEAM MEMBERS FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Jones, Don Minnis, Don Wanack. SECOND ROW: Gerald Jones, Allan Smith, Joe Lamb, Mickey McElroy, Dale Weitekamp, Ron Painter. THIRD ROW: Coach LeMay, Carl Prose, Larry Dowdy, Alvin Porter, Ron Vangeison, Harris Graham, Coach Smith. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Hornbuckle, Bill Klinger, Gary Herzog, Lyle McWard, Ron Cole, Harry Vangeison. THE BASEBALL TEAM The baseball team suffered a loss in the length of the playing season due to the late start of the school term. Consequently the only game played was with Coffeen on October 9, which the squad lost 14 to 3. The team will lose three members in the spring due to graduation. The three boys are Gerald Hornbuckle, Gerald Jones, and Don Minnis. Although the team will lose these three boys, the prospects for next year look promising. Compliments of McKINNEY BROTHERS' FEED AND TRUCKINGMORRISONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Morrisonville Community Unit school gymnasium, "Tepee" for the Mohawks' playground, was dedicated to the betterment of gymnastic abilities on November 8, 1953. ASSISTANT COACH LEMAY COACH SMITH COACHES Our coaches, leaders in sportsmanship, have given our teams the training and backing necessary for future leaders and healthy sportsmen. We received their best; we hope we have made it worth their while. Best Wishes, Seniors D J CONFECTIONARY Managers Roger Hertel Fred VangeisonSQUAD MEMBERS Coach James Smith, Lyle Me Ward, Gerald Jones, Gary Herzog, Albert Eyman, Don Wa-nack. Mack Prose, Ron Vangeison, Bill Klinger, Elvin Porter, Dave Jones, Boyce Me Ward, Joe Lamb. VARSITY SCHEDULE DATE SCHEDULE WE THEY November 17 Mt. Auburn H 59 52 24 Divernon H 48 55 December 1 Raymond H 52 56 4 Auburn T 46 66 11 Stoning ton H 50 64 12 Kincaid H 42 60 15 Staunton T 53 62 18 Nokomis T 53 5i 21 Edinburg H 58 57 January 5 Benld T 59 63 12 Farmersville T 46 77 15 St. James T 48 60 26 Raymond T 56 55 29 Nokomis H 69 48 February 2 Virden T 56 78 6 Coffeen H 40 61 9 Northwestern H 49 65 11 Girard T 67 62 16 Wa verly H 64 55 19 Pawnee T 49 76 MORRISONVILLE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT January 19 Farmersville 67 Coffeen 63 Kincaid 57 Stonington 49 20 Nokomis 57 Assumption 57 Raymond 43 M'ville 59 21 Coffeen 62 Nokomis 50 Farmersville 67 M'ville 55 22 Nokomis 39 M'ville 32 Coffeen 53 Farmersville 46 MORRISONVILLE PLACED SECOND FARMERSVILLE DISTRICT TOURNAMENT February 23 Farmersville 83 Morrison ville 59 Good luck, Seniors MORRISONVILLE SALES SERVICESQUAD MEMBERS Richard Juxgena, Ron Cole, Dale Weitekamp, Ron Painter, Jerry Snyder, Bob Jenkins, Harris Graham, Harry Vangeison, Larry McKinney, Carl Prose, Elvin Porter, Ron Vange ison, Raymond Oiler, Gary Herzog, Coach Gene LeMay. JR. VARSITY SCHEDULE DATE SCHEDULE WE THEY November 17 Mt. Auburn H 43 26 24 Di vernon H 40 42 December 1 Raymond H 50 48 4 Auburn T 43 41 11 Stonington H 45 52 12 Kincaid H 33 43 15 Staunton T 54 30 18 Nokomis T 34 42 21 Edinburg H 45 39 January 5 Benld T 43 39 12 Farmersville T 31 45 15 St. James T 50 32 26 Raymond T 37 32 29 Nokomis H 36 34 February 2 Virden T 62 48 6 Coffeen H 31 23 9 Northwestern H 47 43 11 Girard T 51 52 16 Waverly H 65 39 19 Pawnee T 49 74 Best Wishes to the Seniors GAUER'S INSURANCE AGENCY953 54 car , with a rn High ame lasium t-siz for n Tuesday ?r the Mt. earn, with the new nament here next Tuesday night, Jan. 19. Farmersville and Kin caid tangle in the first conteit at 7 o’clock, and Coffeen and 1 Stoningtoir meet at 8:30 that evening. On Wednesday night at 7 o’clock, Nokomis and Raym will tangle, with Morrl®' iS meeting Assumption " ? complete the first On Thursde the first finals wh night. Trophies first, secont winners. Mohawks Los Farmersville hawks Tuesday • komis defeated Raymond, 57-43, and Morrisonville edged Asr tion, 59-57, in the Morris tournament here last nigh Moeller paced Nokomis w points. Brachear was higl nd with 12 isonville scored three han Assumption in ver to win h : high 20 p mis last Tnursciay nigntrim close contest at Nokomis. F was 52-50. Klinger and W paced the Mohawks with I 11 points respectively, wh reserves were w 'ening’s opener, al boys, 42-27. 7re: ■nersville "doped the Mo-1 night at Farm- j “ while Morrisonville goes against W8 Nokomis in the nightcap. la Nokomis (57). | Raymond (43), B F. T I B. P. T. . f 5 6 3d Hitching f 4 3 11 p ersville, winning an easy 77-56, Xurnin" c 2 6 io'tuSTc 3 2 fl b , Aum ♦. 1 Jans Vlrlr victory. Gibbs carried the scor ing load for Farmersville with 18 points. Lamb and Klinger shared Morrisonville scoring laurels with nine markers each. !Moiruu»vm« Totals (59).| Assumption (57), Mohawks scoring: Jones 7. Por- ntm f Bj Fj Tn| stmwt . F: T, ler 2. Wanack 4. McWarri 4 Har. McWard t « B 171 tc»o«or ■ o o Freshman-Sor’ Freshman-S' . an easy Mt. Auh fs oprjW n v c« iFthe “1 ’ K chalking .dyers’ scori ft !kamp 1, L. y.nney 6. H. Grah ............ . . • _ vCT 1 c 5 4 11 T , 3 9| Wilson f 0 0 0 7 1 0 2 Doan g 4 0 8 Assui -w night Coffeen will taxe on McV - armersville in the first game, Eyr sen g 2 0 i| Bruntjen g 0 -2 2 TJ Kirk u 4 2 1 k 1 6 Cearlock g 6 1 13 Bracheer g 6 0 12 Lei 21 15 57! Total 15 33 43 rhe .uohawks came out wn rs by a single point against E )urg here Monday night. Sco t was tied, 11-11, at the en the first period and Morrisor le was trailing. 26-28 at th lf-time. In the third period, th o teams scored point for poir h Edinburg still leading ? two-point margin. In the firr« “iod, the Mohawks outscore visitors by points, con ; out winne Scoring by was as ics 25, i Lamb irer fo n thr minr single poin wille pla Klinger Wanack hig 16. of th Pulaski, Jy- —Mt. lilltopper ng. 71-6? Pu- n City with» jo Jenson was ar ■Ke AA Virden. Jan. 22 -N Mason City, Jan. 22 — Mason[° ine Phtys Kewanee, itpointed Virden 6 City turned on the power here ma ers are under th a heart-!|m.S.M. conference c tonight to wallop Athens, 66-48. decision I'tonight. High gunner Dye and Wag ' shared scor-ernon Rams, sportin n City with» jo’ to Mario ant south Mt. Vernon -dy earlier in - this time Marion 3 9 he home floor 0 2l it coni' '♦A a tetcse Normal, j, western was Welle ing honors j! points while Co. had 13 points ea °nd den. high man ; Northwestern (62).I VI With 14 B. F. T.l Mason Clt; I! Kemp f I 2 41 Pltche 1 Hicks f 8 0 16, Hendr Dye f rllcr c 7 7 211 SJlores Quick edfem g 4 3 Hi Cox c Snyder irner g 4 2 101 Quinn Rankir I T Zer Lincoln, Jan. 22—EBr 1 ried off top honors in v-c, Dewitt basketball toy night, defeating |The winners took . thb outset and show 1 maegin at the half. lj In the con sola tio enney beat Middleti Klkhart (60). | Brt B. F. T.l Ung t 3 3 9! M. Fli _ tor f 4 1 9 Martin Tllilds c 8 (T 22 Wyldcr {J? ™ les g 1 4 6! We ton -... g 0 2 21 N. Fin { J .einingcr g 4 t 12| Fox g — 1 o Cev( joints 24 1 P'' te a rdi’ st Wishes Class of "5411 frobish feed STORE he v Of 43- . 1 1 31 HaU c 3 3 • 8 2 18: H'loway g 1 6 8 g 1 0 2: R’crtaon g 4 4 12 g 11 3 25 Floyd g 2 0 4 -AM ___O O 1)1____ _______________57. and Colleen turned back lost to Benld Tuesday nieht a: mington, 63-49, here ht in opening roui st annual Morrison vil! nal basketball touri on Gibbs’ poi rmersville 1 Kincaid rmersville le. :offeen iningtoi st per7 ht to t th' lite Morrisonville, Jan. 21—Farmer sville and Morrisonville became Ifinallsts in Morrisonville’s first Benld Tuesday night Benld. The local cagers were ---- trailing by one point at the end [annual basketball tournament tool the first quarter, and by only i night. Farmersville downed Cof two points at the halftime. They, feen 67-60 and the hosts took t outscored Benld bv live points in • : -30 victory from Nokomis. period, leading at_ the Farmersville outpointed Cof- the third sound of the whistl points. Benld went final period, win score of 63-59. Jerry Jones with 29 markers three 18-12, in the last quarter to hadf field ows by ows b; nute on n a thril rtle Joe » Mohawl lgham pa markers Moeller Nok points ..cnear w; lymond with 12 In tonight’s games. Coif lys Farmersville at 7 o’clo d the hosts meet Nokomis 10. Finals will be played Frid ht. The box scores: rmersville (67) bbs ........... d over-of the Jned an through n’s Bud j ting 29. issump ; Box .scores: M’ville (59) Jones, G. Eyman Wanack McWard Lamb Klinger Benld (63) Lesecho Lelli Palovich Palkp f reak up been nip frames. a. battle which and tuck for | Morrison-lersville v tournamcr feating Me leen took Nokomi-« Far 22 — Fai I •night by d I by beatin r n“"M °6„ r three , 11 pc villc dinners meet lor the title tonight after tonight’s f;; for third place. ® lf Coffprn «ny. lan T. fgun- o free] ,wo free i j vie last j Atwks to T tnption. gh lor. ; s. Cun-with 2 2 1 3 2 ft 0 0 1 n B. .fi’um f 4 L B’urn f 4 ? B’um f 3 While c 8 M’F'land g 1 ,J Huber g 0 ! Garwood g 1 I Fuller g l 1 9 2 10 3 9 8 24 1 3 1 1 2 4 0 2 A 67| Totals 22 18 62 Morriftonvlllr (53 . B. F. T. wnard f 4 J' net c B person g Nokomis (5(0 B. F. T. 2 4 Moeller f 4 « 14 1 111 German f 0 4 5 171 Auman c 12 4 2 2 Janssen c 2 3 7 2 6 Kirk g l 5 15: Hopwood g 0 I Oarlock g 5 X 1 Mill H rr ,4| I. Bun 32 I White c Jansso for the Farni« r s ii Gibbs f Keller f 1 Boll f 1 D.-5lorse c 4 J. Morse g 1 Webb g 1 b.Tot. Coffeen (6 B. Bob B'rn f 7 Bill R’rn f urn f otals 19 15 53| Totals vision liwiu ueiiiu net 1 v%j»h ' a score of 67-47. Skip Hasti I ith 20 points, hut Ben1 f •rt Falke was high for ime with 24 counters. Mt. Olive (67). t Benld B. F. T.| 1 31 (47). I 0 10 0 4 1 1 1 i ■ 11 57 0 4 3 13 1 8 26 1 5 9 3 7 0 1 b 1 3 63 Keller ard 3. Spring meet St. Hillsboro, Jan. 22—Jacksonville roared to a surprisingly easy 74-55 victory over Hillsboro her [onight. It was Hillsboro’s setback in 17 starts home loss of t Hiltoppers halftime, b' gaifie wid chapter wit points as com J y Hillsboro. Bob Scott win jk $ scoring ringleadeV points while Larry Terni , aced Hillsboro in scoring column with 13 pounters. Jacksonville (74). I Hillsboro (53). B. F. T.j B. F. T. Fzzard f 3 2 8| Hart f 3 2 8 1 51 Hitt r 1 1 3 5 15; Ecole f 14 6 2 2! Marti f 0 2 2 5 151 Terneus c 5 3 13 3 19' Young C Oil 0 10' W’brook a 2 4 8 I M. M’no A Two Games At Berlin, Jan. 21-j t Hill will met Raymond e Griva f 1 111 Falke t 0 21 Alepra c 2 20 Lelli 2 2 21 Moody ff 4 101 Ptovlch g 2 8- Berutti g 1 91 1 II 1 II Jan. 21—Elkhart their games in the Logan-Di Ml nere tonight and l .ie championship night while the Jiddletov « nd -oils. Pleasant TT " 44-22, ing New Berl Hitchings grade sch j House •row by vlTish in the se Bruntjen Gieseking d miopBrachear .ored 12 p Ford got W’ward f 2 Stan field f 5 toegge c 0 ordan c 5 kS tt g 8 latley g 5 ii , ripj F' -viand M- Kaln Bi - dewell A berry 8 -II rdln g 2 K Totals Morrison v C Herzog Congratulations Seniors SLOAN'S FURNITURE STORE 1 own.'52-'53 TRACK LETTERMEN Gerald Jones, Albert Eyman, Gerald Richter, Don Wanack. 1 952 - 1953 SEASON The track team of '52-'53 made a good showing for our school even though competition was great. The members of the team numbered fifteen. These included Gerald Richter, Gerald Jones, Don Wanack, Albert Eyman, Galen Franklin, Harris Graham, Jerry Snyder, Lyle Me Ward, Elvin Porter, Don Minnis, Jim Sloan, Don Shake, Carl Spangler, Dave Anderson, and Joe Lucas. The Mid-Plains conference meet held at Kincaid was the biggest highlight of the track season. The team also participated in the district meet held at Taylorville besides others held during the spring. The success of hard work was shown in the number of letters received: Don Wanack, Gerald Jones, Gerald Richter, Carl Spangler, Jim Sloan, Albert Eyman, Donald Shake all earned letters. The lettermen returning to the team are pictured above. Best of luck to future track teams from the seniors of '54. Best Wishes, seniors--SHAW'S BEAUTY SHOP 40Joyce Hornbuckle, Lucille Curvey, Linda Beckmier, Mary Frances Spencer. I'm Joyce M. H. S. CHEERLEADERS Morrisonville High School is proud of its cheerleaders. Under their direction the student body and fans are led in cheering, promoting good sportsmanship and enthusiastic support at our games. They themselves are good sports and help control the crowd whether we win or lose. I'm Lucy I'm Mary Frances Compliments of STEWART'S IGA MARKETTHE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED Gus.................... Martha Huntington. . . Wally Huntington . . . Sidney Huntington. . . Laurie Huntington . . . Horatio P. Honeywell. . Joan Wood.............. Mark Bradford .... Mrs. Amelia Dennis . . Mrs. Caroline Blakesley . Mrs. Grace Schoenbeck . Mrs. Walola Breckenridge Therese Brown .... Ted Wood............... Lillian Wood .... Passers By: Small Boy and Dog . Mary Hancock . Janann Duffy . .GlenFesser . John Stanley . .Linda Ewig .Galen Franklin . Lenora Lucas . Dave Egbert Donna Thacker Delores O'Brien . . Jean White . . Lois Gamer . Judy Dodson . Larry Smith Elaine Rathgeber Dale Fesser and his dog-Teddy Book Holder.......................Barbara Spencer Director...............Mrs. Christella Westermeier BEST WISHES CLASS OF 54 - EP’S TAILOR SHOP 42CAST OF CHARACTERS Henry Simmons........................................Mack Prose Harriet Simmons........................Joyce Hornbuckle Ethel Simmons.....................................Lucille Curvey Chester Binney...............................Gerald Jones Letty Lythe..........................Darlene Weitekamp Donald Swift.........................................Jack Kader Roger Shields.............................Leland Le Fever Lila Wilson.........................Ramona Brakenhoff Sally Otis..........................Dorothy Armitage Annie.....................................Shirley Stanley Taxi-Driver........................................Harold Haslett Book Holder..............................Caroline Miller Mrs. Christella Westermeier Even though classroom direction utilizes an enormous amount of time, there was always time found for the rehearsals of the annual class plays. This nerve racking task was nobly done by Mrs. Westermeier. 43 Compliments of MORRISONVILLE FARMERS CO-OPMEMBERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Robinson, Director; JoAnn Mayberry, Donna Thacker, Ramona Brakenhoff, Glenna Secrest, Mary Hancock, JoAnn Sheedy, Darlene Weitekamp, Mary Louise Jones, Karen Saffer, Janann Duffy, Marilyn Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Beaty, Glen Fesser, Larry Smith, Diane Burchie, Delores O'Brien, Donnisjack, Becky Anderson, Caroline Munson, Arthur Carter, Roger Hertel, Larry Fesser. THIRD ROW: Barbara Huddleston, Dorothy Armitage, Lenora Lucas, Diane Edwards, Delores Beaty, Mack Prose, John Stanley, Dave Jones, Elaine Rathgeber, Jean White, Ruth Beaty, Elaine Le Fever, Caroline Miller. M. H. S. CHORUS Director MRS. BERNICE ROBINSON Accompanist DELORES BEATY The choruses, ensemble, and soloists, under the capable direction of Mrs. Bernice Robinson, have been active in the school festivities during '53 and '54. The girls' ensemble made its debut this year at the Christmas program. Much credit should be given to Mrs. Robinson who planned and created many beautiful decorations for the program held in the M. H. S. gym before the Christmas holidays. Two entries were entered in the solo ensemble contest held at Franklin, Illinois in the spring. The girls' ensemble and a soloist, Karen Saffer, were the contestants. Credit should also be given to the choral accompanist, Delores Beaty, who worked so faithfully and diligently. Good Luck Seniors D. R. L. SUPPLY COMPANYMEMBERS FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Armitage, Donnis Jack, Lenora Lucas, Diane Edwards, Mrs. Robinson, Director, Barbara Huddleston, Ruth Beaty, Elaine LeFever, Caroline Miller. SECOND ROW: Delores Beaty, Glenna Secrest, Mary Hancock, JoAnn Sheedy, Darlene Weitekamp, Mary Louise Jones, Karen Saffer, Marilyn Reynolds, Janann Duffy. THIRD ROW: Ramona Brakenhoff, JoAnn Mayberry, Donna Thacker, Diane Burcnie, Delores O'Brien, Elaine Rathgeber, Jean White, Becky Anderson, Caroline Munson. t i S [ M B I MEMBERS f Elaine Le Fever, Darlene Weitekamp, Dorothy Armitage, Mary Louise Jones, Karen " Saffer, Janann Duffy, Caroline Munson. Congratulations Class of '54--BOSTON PECK EQUIPMENT COMPANY MEMBERS FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Fesser, Roger Hertel, Mrs. Robinson, Director, Arthur Carter, Lawrence Beaty. SECOND ROW: Larry Smith,1 Glen Fesser, John Stanley, Mack Prose, Dave Jones. BAND MEMBERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Glen Fesser, Becky Anderson, Jerry Snyder, Janice Millburg, Angela Schweitzer, Mary Eyman, Boyce McWard, Ramona Brakenhoff, Joyce Hombuckle, Gerry Hornbuckle, Freddy Vangeison, Bernard Dozier. SECOND ROW: Mr. Tepatti, Director, Glenna Secrest, Elaine Rathgeber, Shirley Franklin, Donald Kramer, Mary Louise Jones, Billy Klinger, Carl Prose, Rich Wilson, Harry Vangeison, Mary Frances Spencer. THIRD ROW: Lyle McWard, Harris Graham, Ronnie Vangeison, Eugene Schultz, Harold Massey, Mack Prose, Larry Smith, Leland LeFever, Karen Saffer, Barbara Spencer, Carol Smith. FOURTH ROW: Caroline Munson, Roger Hertel, Larry Fesser, Bernard Brakenhoff, Mickey McElroy, Marilyn Gowin, Sherryl Hill, Linda Beck -meir, Linda Ewig, Dorothy Armitage, Joyce Shake. M. H.S. BAND The new director, Mr. Antone Tepatti, has been the medicinal shot the band needed for renewed enthusiasm. Not only has the band given concerts for the enjoyment of this community, but has participated in exchange concerts with Raymond high school and others. The many solos and ensembles entered in the spring contest prove the hard work and patience of the new instructor. The invitational festival, the first of its kind here, established new found permanency for this organization. Compliments of MILLBURG'S DRUG STORE Director MR. ANTONE TEPATTITROMBONE QUARTETTE Harry Vangeison, Roger Hertel, Mary Louise Jones, Dorothy Arm-itage. BAND CONTESTANTS TRUMPET TRIO Leland Le Fever, Harold Massey, Mack Prose. SOLOS SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Hornbuckle, Jerry Snyder, Mary Louise Jones, Glenn Fesser, Gene Schultz. STANDING: Larry Fesser, Fred Vangeison, Harris Graham, Larry Smith, Elaine Rathgeber, Ramona Brakenhoff, Dorothy Armitage.F. H. A. MEMBERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Himstedt, Dorothy Armitage, Mary Babbs, Barbara Huddleston, Linda Beckmeir, Elaine LeFever, Lois Ann Garner, Linda Ewig, Shirley Babbs, Judy Dodson, Caroline Miller, Nadine Rathgeber, Lynda Schober, Geraldine Smith. SECOND ROW: Joyce Hornbuckle, Joyce Millburg, Mary Louise Jones, Delores O’Brien, Delores Harris, Ruth Beaty, JoAnn Mayberry, Shirley Franklin, Janet Shoraga, Doris Dey, Shirley Stanley, Becky Anderson, Janice Millburg, Janann Duffy. THIRD ROW: Rose Ann Clark, Mary Grundy, Elaine Rathgeber, Barbara Spencer, Jean Turner, Lenora Lucas, Shirley Collins, Joyce Shake, Kay Franklin, Mary Eyman, Mary Alice Ellis, Jean White. FOURTH ROW: Angela Schweitzer, Karen Saffer, Diane Burchie, Delores Beaty, Karen Brady, Carol Smith, Mary Frances Spencer, Phyllis Franklin, JoAnn Sheedy, Elizabeth Jones, Marilyn Gowen, Caroline Munson. A "1 if j 1 I I President JANANN DUFFY F. H. A OFFICERS President.... . . . Janann Duffy Vice President . . . . . Jean White Secretary . . . . Dorothy Armitage Treasurer. . . Reporter .... Parliamentarian . . . Lenora Lucas Historian.... Recreation Leaders. . . . Karen Saffer and Phyllis Franklin Project Chairman . . . Linda Beckmeir Adviser .... Chapter Mother . Mrs. Claude Saffer Chapter Father . . . Mr. Lowell Franklin Good Luck Seniors MORRISONVILLE BOWLING ALLEYSPresident F.F.A. MEMBERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eugene Leach, Donald Kramer, Harold Massey. Gerald Richter, Jerry Beiermann, Bill Campbell, Bob Bethard, Art Carter, Charles Babbs, Leland Le Fever, Charles Wade, Lawrence Beaty, Galen Franklin, Joe Lamb. SECOND ROW: Bernie Brakenhoff, Rich Wilson, Jerry Hornbuckle, Bernard Dozier, Larry Smith, Dean White, Bill Beiermann, Bill Klinger, Lyle McWard, Don Wanack, Glen Fesser, David Jones, Fred Vangeison, Harry Vangeison. THIRD ROW: Charles Hudson, Larry Fesser, Roger Her tel, Boyce McWard, El vin Porter, Harris Graham, Wayne Grundy, John Waterman, Bill Clark, Eugene Schultz, Gene Wilson, Mike Lunic, Joe O’Brien, Dick Jurgena, James Smith. GERALD RICHTER F.F.A. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Watchdog. Reporter. Adviser . Gerald Richter . Glen Fesser Boyce McWard David Jones . Don Wanack Bernard Dozier William Bullard Best Wishes Seniors SMITH'S ELECTRIC SHOP G.A.A. MEMBERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Yard, Lucille Curvey, Linda Beck-mier, Elaine Le Fever, Marilyn Gowen, Barbara Huddleston, Lenora Lucas, Joyce Millburg, Jean White, Sherryl Hill, Sharon Dyson, Teresa Smith, Geraldine Smith, Diane Edwards. SECOND ROW: Glenna Secrest, Nellie Dowdy, Mary Eyman, Janice Millburg, Donna Thacker, Mary Grundy, Shirley Stanley, Mary Lou Wagner, Shirley Franklin, Becky Anderson, Karen Saffer, Mary Louise Jones, Darlene Weitekamp, Elaine Rathgeber. THIRD ROW: Delores O'Brien, Carol Smith, Mary Spencer, JoAnn Sheedy, Betty Jones, Diane Burchie, Karen Brady, lone Fisher, Doris Jack, Pat Somerfield, Anita Ferrill, Marilyn Reynolds. President DARLENE WEITEKAMP G.A.A. OFFICERS President . Darlene Weitekamp Vice-President . Joyce Millburg Secretary .... Jean White Treasurer .... Carol Smith Basketball Mgr. . Nellie Dowdy Point Recorder. Marilyn Reynolds Bowling Mgr. . .Janice Millburg (NOT PICTURED) Recreation Leader............. Janice Franklin (NOT PICTURED) Adviser . . Miss Irma McWard Compliments of SMOTHERS' STANDARD SERVICEL I B R A R STAFF MEMBERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Caroline Miller, Shirley Stanley, Donna Yard, Donna Thacker, Joyce Hornbuckle, Diane Edwards, Glenna Secrest. SEATED: Mrs. Christella Westermeier, Librarian. LIBRARY The library staff has been a very active group this year. Due to the fact that a new library was acquired, there was a lot of extra work to be done before it was ready for use. All the books had to be transferred to the library and arranged properly in the shelves. The new library is divided into twenty-two sections with seven shelves for each section. Two sections are used for magazines and six sections for dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, world books, "Who's Who," and other references. The remaining space contains the shelf list which is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal system. In this method a certain number stands for each subject, and all books on that subject are marked with that number and stand together on the shelves. For instance, books on English history are marked 942. Related subjects have numbers near each other. A group of books on one subject is called a class, and the number that stands for the subject is called the class number. In the Decimal classification there are ten main groups and are numbered as follows: 010-199 General Works, 100-199 Philosophy, 200-299 Religion, 300-399 Social Sciences, 400-499 Language and Languages, 500-599 Science, Including Mathematics, 600-699 Applied Science, Industries, 700-799 Fine Arts, Recreation, 800-899 Literature, 900-999 History, Travel, Biography. All of the library furniture is blond birch. Among these, the most beautiful piece is the librarian's desk. Included in the library furniture is a stand containing shelves. This one piece of furniture accommodates a large dictionary and several Atlasses. Everyone certainly has reason to be proud of this new library. The librarians have a special privilege this year--an office of their own set off from the study hall. This a convenience over last year and appreciated by all the librarians. We extend our thanks to Mrs. Westermeier, who is in charge of the library, for her time and consideration throughout the year. Best Wishes, Seniors -- JOHNSON EQUIPMENT COMPANYBest Wishes Class of '54 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor...................Darlene Weitekamp Co-Editor...............................Gerald Richter Copy Editor.................Dorothy Armitage Writers.........................Joyce Millburg Ramona Brakenhoff Layout Editor.........................Caroline Miller Photo Editor...................Gerald Jones Snapshots.................. . .Janice Franklin Typists................................Lucille Curvey Marilyn Reynolds Mary Lou Wagner Activities .... Jack Kader, DonMinnis, Jim Muster, Carol Henderson, Dean White, Delores Beaty, Nellie Dowdy, Art Carter, Marcella Oiler, Gerald Hornbuckle, Charles Babbs, Bill Beiermann BUSINESS STAFF Business Managers .... Joyce Hornbuckle Mack Prose Book Salesmen..................Leland Le Fever Shirley Stanley Copy Worker....................Harold Haslett Bookkeeper.....................Harold Massey ADVISER..................Mrs. Betty Petersen HARBERT'S TIRE SHOPSTAFF MEMBERS Editor......... Co-Editor News Editor News Reporters . .Janann Duffy . Lenora Lucas . Shirley Babbs Diane Edwards, Judy Dodson, Lynda Schober, Fred Vangeison, Lawrence Beaty, Jean White, Delores O'Brien, Donnis Jack, Eugene Leach Feature Editor................Linda Ewig Feature Writers .... Lois Garner, Larry Smith, Barbara Spencer, Sports Editor.........................Don Wanack Sports Writers.......................Dave Jones, Eugene Schultz Typists....................Donna Thacker Elaine Rathgeber Sue Snider Proof Readers................Lenora Clark Delores Harris Adviser . . Mrs. Donna Eggeson Bowen Best Wishes Seniors CLYDE COLE TRUCKING SERVICEDEDICATION On Sunday afternoon, November 8, 1953, the addition to the Morrisonville Community Unit School was dedicated. It was indeed with great pride that the remodeling and new gymnasium were shown to all the eager, curious visitors. The music furnished by the high school band began the afternoon program. Mr. J. Lester Buford, Supt. of Schools, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, gave the address of the afternoon. Those who toured the building found bright cheery classrooms in contrast with those used in the past. The all-over clean, new impression was refreshing for visitors and has been an inspiration of work for the students during the past year. The huge gymnasium with the beautiful stage and roll-a-way bleachers provided more than enough seating capacity for the many visiting dignitaries and interested friends. Congratulations Class of '54 W. P. BALSLEY IMPLEMENT COMPANYFEATuKESMiss Darlene Weitekamp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Weite-kamp, was selected as this year's recipient of the D. A. R. Award. Senior students selected three girls for this award from which list the faculty chose the student most deserving. The following essential qualities formed the basis for choosing the winner: honesty, punctuality, service, leadership, and patriotism. Darlene ranks as a top student in her class scholastically and has taken an active part in all school organizations. She has always found time to promote good fellowship among the students, and is most deserving of the honor of receiving the D. A. R. Award bestowed upon her by her classmates and faculty. Good Luck, Seniors--JONES GARAGE 56NIGHTTIME IN HAWAII An evening of fun, fantasy, and lasting enjoyment was the eve of the Junior-Senior Prom, May 14, 1953. All the invited guests were transported through the land of make-believe far, far, away to the beautiful Hawaiian Paradise for an evening of dancing. For such a special event as this Prom given in honor of the graduates of '53, Mr. Lou Hahn and his orchestra traveled to the South Sea island to help entertain the group. The palm trees, the pineapples, the "little grass shack, " and the moonlit sky made one melancholy without the dreamy background of Mr. Hahn's music. The evening was climaxed by announcing the queen Dorothy Armitage. who was escorted by Frank Osborne. The queen’s four lovely attendants and their escorts were as follows: Lucille Curvey and Arthur Carter, Janice Franklin and James Sloan, Joyce Horn-buckle and Jim Meredith, Darlene Weitekamp and Ray O'Brien. The crowning was performed by the '52 queen. Helen Skinner, who also presented "her majesty" with a lei of beautiful gardenias.SCHOOL CARNIVAL At the school Carnival, held the Saturday night of February 27, Miss Diane Edwards was crowned Queen of the festive occasion. This Carnival was sponsored by the Future Homemakers of America and the senior class, both of which were active and creative in school activities. All the different concession stands and additional attractions drew a large crowd of people thus helping the two groups in their money-making program. The senior boys furnished a side show act which proved a source of amusement to the entertained guests. At the close of the dance the Queen, Miss Edwards, and her court which are listed as follows entered with their escorts to proclaim the crowning of the Queen: Diane Edwards, escort Albert Eyman; Darlene Weitekamp, Mack Prose; Lucille Curvey, Gerald Jones; Janann Duffy, Gary Herzog; Barbara Huddleston, Joe Lamb; Karen Saffer, Don Wanack; Marilyn Gowin, Bill Klinger; and Karen Brady, Lyle McWard. Best Wishes Class of '54 CHRISTIAN COUNTY SUPPLY COMPANY James Steele and Charles Schweitzer CARNIVAL QUEEN AND COURT LUCILLE CURVY MACK PROSE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED DARLENE WEITEKAMP Mack and Darlene were selected by the Seniors as the boy and girl most likely to succeed. The Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen by popular vote, selected Lucille to be Queen of the '53-’54 Mohawk. GERALD JONES ARTHUR CARTER LUCILLE CURVEY MOST POPULAR The Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen by popular vote, selected Gerry to be King of the '53 '54 Mohawk. Art and Lucy were selected by the Seniors as the boy and girl most popular. Best Wishes Class of 54 James Steele Charles Schweitzer CHRISTIAN COUNTY SUPPLY COMPANYSENIOR PERSONALITIES FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE FUTURE NAME NICKNAME PASTIME SONG POSSESSION AMBITION Dorothy Armitage Dot Reading Sewing Hot Toddy Shoe Skates Airline Hostess Charles Babbs Chuck Driving my ’41 Ford Your Cheating Heart My Guitar To be a good farmer Delores Beaty Sleepy Playing the piano with no audience I Want To Be With You Always LeRoy To try to keep my favorite possession Bill Beiermann Willy Hanging out at "Virginia’s" Dragnet '53 Che vie To be a cattleman Ramona Brakenhoff Amonia Playing musical instruments Beautiful Ohio My wrist watch Go to college and become a teacher Arthur Carter Artie Going with girls Dragnet My little black jewel To own a standard service station Lucille Curvey Lucy Skating Oh, Johnnie Roller Skates Private Secretary Nellie Dowdy Nell Listening to the radio Rags to Riches Alfred Frazier A secretary Janice Franklin Jani Skating The Navy Gets the Gravy bur the Army Gets the Beans Roller Skates To work for Jerry Lewis Harold Haslett Fooling with my car You Belong To Me My little blue Ford Automobile Mechanic Carol Henderson Hank Skating I’ve Forgotten More Than You’ll Ever Know Roller Skates Motorcycle Racer Gerald Hornbuckle Heiny Coming to M'ville. Bingo Bongo on The Congo My bull legs Farmer and a wife Joycelin Hornbuckle Hornie Going out with a certain sailor Crying In The Chapel Roller Skates Go to college to study to be a wife Gerald Jones Jerry Going places April In Portugal My glasses To own a Cadillac John Kader Jack Driving "Dad's" Nash Carribean My shotgun Bumming around Leland Le Fever Lee Going with girls Dragnet My black cast six iron Work Harold Massey "Massacre" Running around at night Skirts My '48 Che vie To make money Joyce Millburg Joycie Eating I'm Yours Dean Dad's partner Caroline Miller Shortie Going to the movie Crying In The Chapel Class ring A secretary Donald Minnis Toad Going to Taylor -ville China Doll My shotgun Interior Decorating get married James Muster Muzzey Sleeping Tennessee Waltz My natural curly hair Join the Air Force become a pilot Marcella Oiler Marcy Being with Ray To Be Alone My bookkeeping workbook (Ha) To get a good job Mack Prose Prose y Sleeping Eating Dragnet My place at the dinner table To get four years of college education Marilyn Reynolds Melve Eating listening to top tunes Seven Lonely Days Radio To be a beauty operator Gerald Richter Oz Driving our 98 Olds On Top of Old Smokey Freckles To be a gentleman farmer Shirley Stanley "T Reading Make Believe Parakeet Go to College Mary Lou Wagner Dutch Talking to Marcella Pretty Butterfly Geno To get a good job Darlene Weitekamp "Wheaties" Being out every night Any song by Guy Lombardo Clock Radio To be an efficient secretary Dean White Whitey Working on my car Dragnet My little green sick six Carpenter work CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS - JOE C. BOYD, AUCTIONEER 61SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the class of nineteen hundred fifty-four, being in our right mind do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament: I, Dorothy Armitage, leave our hectic senior year to all up and coming juniors. I, Charles Babbs, leave my little feet and curly hair to Charles Ray Hudson. I, Delores Beaty, leave my ability to carry on a good argument to Ralph Skinner. I, Bill Beiermann want to leave--"school. " I, Ramona Brakenhoff, leave my behavior in 7th hour study hall to Mary Babbs and Kay Franklin. I, Arthur Carter, need all I have. I, Lucille Curvey, leave all of my good times in high school to the incoming freshmen. I, Nellie Dowdy, leave my giggles to Marilyn Hemstead. I, Janice Franklin, leave my Jerry Lewis pictures to no one. I, Harold Haslett, leave my place at the end of the lunch line to Coach Smith's future 4th hour class. I, Carol Henderson, leave my pony tail to Janice Millburg. I, Gerald Hornbuckle, leave my straight A marks, good looks, and all good looking girls to Herman Durbin I, Joyce Hornbuckle, leave my athletic ability to Joe Lamb. I, Gerald Jones, leave my basketball ability to Ronnie Cole in hopes that he will go far. I, John Kader, leave my geometry book to any one who thinks he is man enough to handle it. I, Leland Le Fever, leave my winning ways with women to Gary Crites. I, Harold Massey, leave my, uh, leave my, oh, I'm just leaving. I, Joyce Millburg, leave everything but Dean. I, Caroline Miller, leave my shortness to Barbara Spencer. I, Donald Minnis, leave my windiness to just anybody. I, Jim Muster, leave my nickname "Muzzey" to anyone who wants it. I, Marcella Oiler, leave my bashfulness to Karen Saffer. I, Mack Prose, leave my curly hair to Ronnie Vangeison. I, Marilyn Reynolds, leave my height to Ruth Beaty. I, Gerald Richter, leave my red hair and winning ways to Donna Yard. I, Shirley Stanley, leave my love for bookkeeping to Jean White. I, Mary Lou Wagner, leave my power over boys to anyone who needs it. I, Darlene Weitekamp, leave my place on the honor roll to my brother, Dale. I, Dean White, leave my energy to shine shoes to Mike Lunic. Not my shoes ! ! ! ! Best Wishes Class of '54 - Mr. and Mrs. Walter GreenTHE Weather • • • Happy Daze MORRISOIVVILLE FORECASTER Price Yours for Many years later the asking. SENIOR PROPHECY FAMOUS PIANIST RETURNS HOME Springfield, 111., Oct. 20. 1959— The famous concert pianist. Miss Delores Beaty, returned home recently from her six-month tour of Europe. While in Europe, Miss Beaty played at all the major cities of the old countries. TO TEACH HOME ECONOMICS AT VASSAR Poughkeepsie. N. Y.. Aug. 22, 196 1 Miss Shirley Stanley, of Palmer, Illinois, is among the new professors at Vassar this year. She is enrolled as the head of the Home Economics department. Miss Stanley received her education in Home Economics at Colorado State College. OPENS NEW BEAUT i SHOP Decatur. 111., Nov. 25, 1961— Miss Carol Henderson, of Palmer, Illinois, announced today that her new beauty salon will be open for business, Monday. The new shop is equipped with the latest equipment and is said to be the most modern and eleganc in the state of Illinois. SELECTED BY POWERS MODEMNU AGENCY Morrisonville, 111., Dec. 2, 1958 A young lady. Miss Marcella Oiler, of this city was selected recently by the Powers Agency to do modeling work. Miss Oiler will specialize in the modeling ol evening gowns. Her grace and charms are unique. NEW DEAN OF WOME AT UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Champaign, 111., Sept. 10. 1962 A new Dean of Women was selected recently as disclosed by the president of the board. She is Miss Ramona Brakenhoff who had been a professor in the Chemistry department of various universities. Her wonderful council with girls has made her eligible for the honor of serving as Dean of Women at the University of Illinois. INHERITS TEXAS' LARGEST CATTLE RANCH Dallas. Tex., Dec. 6. 1973—Mr. Leland LeFever, of Palmer, Illinois. was declared sole owner of Texas’ largest cattle ranch as was willed to him by his late uncle. The LeFever Ranch sells more beef to Swift Company than any other cattle ranch in the entire United States. WINS ACADEMY AWARD Hollywood, Calif., Jan. 5, 1960 Janice Franklin, a newcomer in the screen world received an “Oscar” for her magnificent performance in “The Jerry Lewis 1 Story." Her portrayal of Pattie : Lewis will never be forgotten by movie-goers. INVESTS MONEY IN TRUC KING FIRM Morrisonville, III., Feb. 23, 1973 Harold Massey, a life long resident of this city recently purchased the Cassen’s Auto Transport firm. Trucking has been Mr. Massey’s chief interest since he was in high school. WINS INDIANAPOLIS 500 MILE RACE Indianapolis. Ind., May 30. 1962 - Bill Bciermann. who has been . speeding around since the day he ' icurned to drive, was the winner of the 500 mile race held here today. Bill's little “Offie” No. 13. broke the record with 409.6 mph. OIL SPOUTS FROM HORNBUCKLE ESTATE Palmer, 111., Aug. 12, 1968 -Gerald Hornbuckle received the news last Wednesday that his farms are rich in oil. The scarcity of oil and the large vein under his farms will provide Mr. Horn-buckle with more money than he can spend for the rest of his days. JOINS CHICAGO DAILY NEWS STAFF Chicago, 111., Jan. 5, 1956 -Miss Caroline Miller, of Morrisonville, Illinois, was accepted today as a writer for the women’s page of the Chicago Daily News. Miss Miller has just completed a twq-year course in Journalism JOINS WESTERN JAMBOREE Memphis,' Tenn., Mar. 11, 1964— Charles Babbs made his debut in television last night when ho appeared on the Western Jamboree shown on Channel 10. It has been rumored that Universal-International has offered him a contract. Previous to this time, Mr. Babbs has given numerous radio broad-. casts. TO ENTER OLYMPICS Switzerland Special, Fail, 1960 - Miss Nellie Dowdy of Morrisonville, Illinois, has qualified for the Olympic games this year. Miss Dowdy, well known for her athletic ability, is the only woman qualified to take part in the Olympics this year from the United States. She plans to enter all the races. LOCAL COUPLE RECEIVE DEGREES Morrisonville. III., June 1, 1958 —Mr. and Mrs. Dean White of this city were awarded degrees recently from the University M Minnesota. Mrs. White is the former Joyce Millburg of this city. She received j»er degree in Pharmacy. Mr. White, also of this city, received his degree in Agriculture. The Whites were married during their second year at the University. HEADS NEW CATHOLIC BOYS’ SCHOOL Omaha. Neb., Aug. 2, 1969— Gerald Jones, prominent citizen, becomes the head of the new Catholic boys' school in Omaha, Nebraska. His extensi . studies and experience will enable him to handle the position well. MOVES INTO GLASS HOUSE Morrisonville. 111., July 12. 1961 - Miss Mary Lou Wagner of this city moved into her new glass house last week. Her house is the first within a 100 mile radius to be completely made of glass. APPOINTED CHIEF JUSTICE OF SUPREME COURT Washington, D. C.. Feb. 7. 1971 —Gerald Richter, a former resident of Morrisonville. Illinois, has been appointed by the President of the United States to act as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He has been a close friend of the President for years. ELECTED CHIEF OF POLICE San Francisco. Calif., Oct. 16, 1969 A well known resident of Morrisonville. Illinois. Jack Kad-er. was selected Chief of Police in the recent San Francisco election. Kader has been a patrol cop for years. SECRETARY TO HENRY FORD Detroit. Mich., Sept. 22, 1957-Miss Lucille Curvey has been working for the Ford company since 1954, and yesterday she was selected to be Mr. Ford’s private secretary. Previous to this time. Miss Curvey worked as a stenographer, but her ef ficiency gained a promotion for her. DESIGNS RACER TO GO FASTER THAN SOUND Morrisonville. 111., July 1, 1956 —Harold HasJett of this city has disclosed to the public that he has designed an auto racer that will go faster than sound. Harold has been working on his project for three years. PILOTS ROCKET TO MOON Seattle. Wash., June 30, 1962-Don Minnis was the only one ol the few rocket fliers selected to make weekly flights to the moon. His ship has been equipped with the latest controls to make the trip in the shortest possible time. PROFESSOR AT UNIVERSITY Champaign. 111., Aug. 15, 1966 James Muster of Morrisonville, Illinois, has been accepted as a professor of mathematics at the University of Illinois. Professor Muster has spent twenty-four years studying for this position. FIRST WOMAN TO HOLD VICE-PRESIDENT Y Washington, D. C., Nov. 10, 1968—For the first time in the history of the United States, a woman has been elected to an executive position. She is by name. Darlene Weitekamp. Miss Wcitekamp was a former resident of-Morrisonville, Illinois, until her interest in political affairs drew her to the nation’s capital. PARIS DESIGNER TO DISPLAY CLOTHES Portland, Ore., Apr. 10, 1960 Joyce Hornbuckle. now a Parisian will give a display in our lair city for the fashion minded women of Portland. Miss Hornbuckle was formerly from Mor-iLsonville, Illinois. TO GIVE PROGRAM HERE Reno. Nev.. Apr. 6, 1975 America’s- favorite band leader. Mack Prose, will tour to Morrisonville. Illinois, to give a program in the Morrisonville High School from where he graduated. His terrific trumpet has found a place in the heart of everyone, from nine to ninety. TV SHOW RATED TOPS IN ENTERTAINMENT Chicago, 111., Jan. 19, 1981—Arthur Carter, a well known comedian. received an award recently for being top flight television entertainment. His jokes and cra2y antics have spurned many a laugh from America's viewers. BOOK BECOMES BEST SELLER Davenport, la., Jan. 10, 196-1 Dorothy Armitage, formerly of Morrisonville. Illinois, received word that her book “Della Mc-Day" became a best seller. Miss Armitage is well known in America's book clubs. WINS “MISS AMERICA” CONTEST Atlantic City. N. J., Sept 2, 1955—Miss Marilyn Reynolds of Morrisonville, Illinois, h is been c hosen Miss Ameica of 1955. Miss Reynolds represented Illinois in the contest. Compliments of STANLEYS MARKET, PalmerAS WE SEE THEM Reddest Hair Most Original . Most Handsome Most Carefree . Most Studious . Best Athlete Curliest Hair . Most Bashful Most Sophisticated Most Agreeable Hardest to Please. Most Natural . Sweetest Disposition Most Energetic Most Willing Most Fun Busiest Boy. Most Pleasing Smile Neatest .... Best Sense of Humor Most Helpful Most Dependable . Most Co-operative Best Liked . Most Friendly . Class Problem Child Most Artistic . Most Excitable. Most Attractive . Gerald Richter . . . Joyce Millburg . . . Harold Massey . . . Bill Beiermann . Ramona Brakenhoff . . . Gerald Jones . Jim Muster . . .Caroline Miller . . Dorothy Armitage .Janice Franklin . . . . Mack Prose . Jack Kader . . . Marcella Oiler . . Joyce Hornbuckle Darlene Weitekamp . . Marilyn Reynolds . . Leland Le Fever . . . Lucille Curvey . . . . Dean White . . . Arthur Carter . . . Delores Beaty . . . Shirley Stanley . Harold Haslett . . Gerry Hornbuckle . . . Nellie Dowdy . . . Donnie Minnis . . Carol Henderson . Charles Babbs . Mary Lou Wagner Compliments of BROOKS DRIVE IN-Taylorville Best Wishes Class of '54 - RENE'S DRUG STORE, Taylorville GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1954 MORRISOWVILLE LUMBER COMPANY Phone 4041 Morrisonville, Illinois BOOSTER Homer D. Armitage Ralph E. Welch George E. Ebe Loris Harbert Joe J. Miller Christella Westermeier Ray O'Brien W. J. England Son--Dean August Miller Mr. Mrs. Carl Brakenhoff Dale Wells Bob Smith Dick Carter Cletus Weitekamp Willard Colbrook Bonnie Hewitt CEOB Mrs. Amos Shea Mrs. Mary Guthrie Mrs. Rollie Smith Sr. Mrs. Albert Davis La Suza Shoe Shop--Taylorville Frisina Hotel--Taylorville Mrs. Spur ling, Flowers Gifts Taylor ville Ronald Nothdurft--Taylorville Warsham's Dairy, P. Wernsing, distributor--Nokomis Hog Commission Co. --St. Louis James Finkey Earl Dallas Boyd Lumber Co. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS BERT ANDERSON, Representative STANDARD OIL Phone 2271 Morrisonville, IllinoisCongratulations HANCOCK'S SERVICE STATION Cafe, Light Groceries Notions-Phone 3921 Palmer, Illinois Best Wishes Ralph E. Bails MASSEY-HARRIS SALES AND SERVICE Tractors--Combines--Farm Implements Phone 2061 Morrisonville, Illinois Compliments of EVERETT SWI T Tom's Candy Representative Good Luck Class of '54 Pay your dues to Keith Kastien, Secretary LET'S ALL BELONG TO THE COMMUNITY CLUB Best of Luck Compliments of the BIVIN FUNERAL HOME Compliments of ABEL JEWELRY If it's new—If it's different ---You'll find it at the East side of the square MARCELLA'S W atches -Diamonds - Jewelry 103 E. Main St. Taylorville Taylorville, IllinoisCosmetics, School and Office Supplies SLAYBAUGH JEWELERS North Side-Taylorville 122 East Main Cross Taylorville, Illinois Taylorville Illinois Est. 1896 GOOD LUCK, SENIORS CHRISTIAN COUNTY FARM BUREAU A farmers organization LOT'S OF SUCCESS HARRISON MOTOR SALES Sales-Service Corner Webster Main St. Taylorville, IllinoisIf) BEST WISHES PONTIAC... KNOLLMEYER PONTIAC 203 E. Main St. Taylorville, Illinois Phone 312 Complete Parts, Service Sales It shall always be the policy of the BREEZE COURIER To support a better Christian County; forever building for the future; the largest medium in our County. IN TAXiQRVILlI Irw HOMI F J ft M I T U R E APPU A N ZJ mum — IIS £Stl m i Open 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Phone 16041 Route 48 West Plenty Parking Soacr GOOD LUCK BUESINGER MOTOR SALES Chrysler-Plymouth Sales-Service 217 East Main Phone 322 Taylorville, Illinois Open a checking or savings account today FIRST STAFF BANK Morrisonville, Illinois BEST WISHES M. H. S. SENIORS COMPLIMENTS OF PRAIRIE FARMS CREAMERY Carlinville, Illinois BEST WISHES   -jV' 7T 35 -jo ; ,aSr- tt V . " -S. - V -v SW v .: v Jy v- •- rr' K T WfT? X »- . V- Vir ' V % - ■■■ S- v - -r • • • -- v - «. ? ■. .„• . - - - • •■'■ ' ■ . . -"tU. ' ■-.

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