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 p Pm- r- KV, •v ’ 1“ A TV «vj ' v“ t - ■ •K.V mm3 cuts tA THREE-RING CIRCUS by THE SENIOR CLASS or MORRISONVILLE UNIT HIGH SCHOOL EDITOR ..... Mary Margaret Jones 43S'T EDITOR . . . Margaret Todt 2 ADVISOR . . Miss LcgueINTRODUCING LIFE UNDER THE BIG TOP 3Spotlighting The STAR OF SHOW THE During the first three years of our life under the Big Tod we have overcome difficulties and gained many achievements. There is one wno stands out mostJn our memories forher inspiration, willing wavs, and untiring efforts in helping us attain these achievements. In appreciation, the Seniors of ’53 wish to show their gratitude by dedicating this Crest to a very deserving person, the Star of our Show, MLss 4OUR RINGMASTER PRESENTING There is still another person, we feel, deserving of recognition. Because of her guiding influence in making the Crest better during the few years she has been here, we, the Senior Class of '53 wish to give Miss Logue, our advisor, special acknowledgement. She has devoted many hours of her time and effort in helping ns prepare this Crest,and some of those in the past. To her we would like to show our gratitude and appreciation by saying, "Many Thanks." 5AdministrationBOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Carl Rathgeber, Mr. Henry Hombuckle, Mr. William Phelps, Mr. WayneIeFever; President,Mr. James Graham Superintendent, Mr. Joe Boyd; Secretary, Mr. Lawrence Todt, and Mr. Orville Beckmeir. We the students are thankful for the advantage of a valuable education. We appreciate our school's many assets and realize that for these we are indebted in large part to Mr. Graham and the Board of Education. This page sponsored by BIVIN FUNERAL HOMES 76 TrainersTHESE ARE THE PEOPLE IN THE FRONT OFFICE WO RUN THE BIO TOP EFFICIENTLY. Mr. J. Graham Superintendent Mrs. Ruth Ley Secretary Mr. Earl W. Can: Principal 9JAMES FISHER Biology, World History B. A. Iowa State Teachers College Cedar Falls, Iowa Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana ALEX KRUZEL Science, Math Social Science ate Oust eacitefci . . . Eureka College Eureka, Illinois Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois BILL M. BULLARD TaJUo- 1 AeiJfiAivUi Agriculture U f B. S. in Agriculture Oklahoma A. M. College Stillwater, Oklahoma CHRIS IELLA WES1ERMEIER Librarian English II 17 Blackburn College Carlinville, Illinois James Millikin University Decatur, Illinois :!i i 10JAMES E. SMITH Coach, P. E. Social Science Iola, Kansas, Jr. College Southern Illinois University 1 Carbondale, Illinois BERNICE D. ROBINSON Chorus, English B. A. Jamestown College Jamestown, North Dakota bevoie lime and . SHIRLEY M. LOGUE Commerce B. S. in Educ. 111. State Normal Univ. Normal, Illinois nfyosi 6un WeU-feeiruj,. IRENE BRANDT Physical Education B.S in Education 111. State Normal Univ. Normal, Illinois DEAN H. BALL Music B. Music Educ. Sherwood Music School DePaul University Scnool of Music Chicago, Illinois MILDRED KORNEGGER Home Economics B.S. in Homemaking Univ. of Illinois Urbana, Illinois 12TRANSPORTATION Mr. Jackson, Mr. Dye, Mr. Lamb, Mr. Welch, Mi’. Ewig and Mr. Dyson. (Absent from picture:) Mr. Lauer, Mr. Hancock, and Mr. Christian. BILL AND OSCAR MAINTENANCECAFETERIA Mrs. Klinger, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Munson, Mrs. Ewig and Mrs. Crites.NEW SCHOOL BUILDINGSENIOR OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Miss Logue, class advisor; Betty Dowdy, president; Duane Dozier, vice-president; Gene Sikes, treasurer; David Anderson, secretary; and Mr. Carr, class advisor. Forty-three Freshman began school September 6, 191 9. Just thirty-seven Sophomores came back the second year. We chose Mr. Ball and Mr Smith as our advisors. Thirty two Jiniors ran through the halls the next year. Two of the highlights of that year were the play "A Ready-Made Family" and the prom both of which proved to be stars in our crown Then came the last year. In numbers there were twenty-nine to brave the storm. Our first activity was a welcoming party for the Freshmen, then we had our pictures taken at Springfield. AT»ry successful magazine drive was held by our class due to the fact that we went far over the $1000 goal that was set. In the line of basketball our class had an important part. Jim Sloan, JimStewart, David Anderson, andjbe Lucas were on the basketball floor. Betty Dowdy and Phyllis Smith were chosen as two of the varsity cheerleaders. The main attraction for our career "Under the Big Top" was our .graduation. And so we go down in history as the class of '$3. This page sponsored by BURCHETT STUDIOSArta illiter David Anderson A saucy grin, wears smart With melodious voice,boy of clothes with a stylish snap, our choice, ambitious for A's. Jeanne Ebe Blue eyes, dark hair, both beyond compare. Joe Lucas Betty Dowdy Independent in thought, a Truly marvelous to know; sociable fellow with a smile.Joe is her beau. Duane Dozier Takes things as they come, er.joys friendly arguments. acfetheb 'MttdLe'i the Bltf 0 0 0 'We cMaiie Studied, This page sponsored by 19 LUSTER1S INCORPORATED, TATLORVILLELinda MeElroy Peaches and cream complexion fun-loving, tallandtrunette. Gene Sikes Ingenious ideas, unpredictable, and witty. Dwight Lamb Angelic look, enjoys himself when puttering with motors. Phyllis Smith Her giggle tickles all; capable and conscientious. Maty Margaret Jones Artist at the piano; efficient in ail undertakings Don Shake Quiet ways that appear to b shyness, a serious out-look l Uosiked, g u JP.ai4XfJ eA. . . . ALL With One ottapje in Mind. . . This page sponsored by THE MORRISONVILLE TIMES 7a IdJe dloae Qio n Ou i jPaAt PeA nsnastce . .. . Maxine Garner Jim Stewart Donna Franklin Top-notch student. Likes to take long jaunts in A pack of potential dynamite; shy smile, polite manner, his car, athletic minded. expressive eyes. This page sponsored by MARCELLA'S, TAYLORVILLE Melba Luken Pert and capable; expert homemaker. James oloan Joyce Bradford Tenor in t-he quartet; Qr. her toes in school work; asset toihefcasket-ball team, always "a" friendly smile.A oun We tf-axHe Uucuf, Out off tb Spot - JtujJit. . . . Shirley Thacker Smart as a whip, a future nurse. Helen Skinner JoAnn Christian A red-headed lass Artistic capable; therefe mis- Vivaci ous and mat describes hen chief under that quiet erterior. Beth Schober Barbara Franklin Mary Sullivan A silent type miss. An affable disposition, Noted for her hair, a pleasure to be and worlcwith. dainty hands envied by all. looks on the brighter side. This page sponsored by STANLEY'S MARKET, PALMERAndrew Young Pull of suprises, ready- wit, and quiet nature Marjorie Muster Soft-spoken, competent leader; faults are few. Carl Splengler An enthusiastic skater, a boy of varied interests. Jack Smith Margaret Todt Life of the party, a All for fun with a mischievous grin charming personality. feut Qu i Mesnxvu i AUucuyi Jllnx eAin (bn .... 0 you, 2 ean Alma Maiesi. 23 This page sponsored by HELEN'S COFFEE SHOP24 This page sponsored by EMPRESS BEAUT! BARClass Prophecy The Seniors of '53 are having their annual get-together under the big top. It was ten years ago that the group graduated from Morrison-ville High School. We are now at the new high school auditoruim greet ville High School. We are now at the new high school auditoruim greeting them as they make their grand entrance. Betty Dowdy, our president of the class 10 years ago, greets the Seniors. She has become a well-known person in the business field. Betty is president of the Meyers Building in Springfield. She still finds time to be a model mother and wife. She and her husband reside just out of Springfield in a new home. Donna Franklin is now a famous nurse in England. After, all she found the most effective cure for cancer in the field of medicine. Some people call Donna a second Sister Kenny. A special chartered plane brought her to the Morrisonville airport. Although nursing keeps her busy she finds time for her doctor husband and daughter. Here comes David Ehrl Aiderson the famous coach at Norte Dame. His team has been undefeated for the last two years. The whole country is expecting great things of him. David tells us that his job has kept him so busy that he has not married. There is a rumor that he is think him so busy that he is not married. There is a rumor that he is thinking about it though. Next comes Jo Ann Christian in one of her new creation. As we all know she is a famous dress stylist for the Seventeen magazine. Her dresses are famous for their unusual and cute styles which flatter the teen-agers. Jo Ann received the Dress Makers Award last year for her creations. A new catalina just drove up and Duane Dozier alighted. He has a large farm south of Morrisonville, and practices the latest developments in farming. He is well-known among the high-school bovs as he is the national F.F.A. advisor. Duane and his recent bride reside on their farm. Shirley Thacker is just arriving. She is a missionary's wife and just recently arrived in the states. Shirley and her husband have been to Australia working for the Christian movement. Both her husband and her are widely known through out the world as great educators. Shirley is very happy and has twins, both girls. Walking in the door now is Jim Sloan, He came to the reunion from the wild west. Jim tells us that if we come to Arizonia he will let us in free at one of his 25 chain movies. When Jim worked at the "State"theater in Morrisonville he became ambitious of owning a movie theater andhas succeeded so well he is known as a second Frisina. Jim has been ahome-body for several years and he, his wife, and three childrennake their heme in Arizonia. Who's is this? Oh, yes, Jeanne Ebe. She tells us of her latest trip to Paris, We all know that she is a member of the Clown Modeling Company, Jeanne is all excited about her next trip to London when she will model before the Queen of England. This girl has really gone far in the modeling field. When we asked Jeanne if she had anv wedding plans she told us no, but we notice the familiar blush that appears whenever Jeanne is embarrassed. Here is that famous research specialist. Maxine Garner works in the "Slap HappyKitchens". They are a nationally known kitchen company. Maxine uses their kitchens and perfects any small details so they will be flaw-proof. Maxine is quite popular and we feel that there will be a wedding soon as she has a certainrlng on the left hand, third finger. The next person to enteris Carl Spengler. He is the local dealer in farm implements. Farmers from all over the state come to see his up-to-date shop. Since Carl was raised on a farm and got his experience there he knew the improvements that were needed. Many of his timesaving inventions are used throughout the country. The personthat enters next is Melba Luken,the State Health Department president. She is quite impressivelooking. She has made great advances in the slum areas in Chicago and other large cities. We hear that Melba is very happy with her husband and two children. Right now Melba's husband is in China working with the Chinese towards better living conditions. Who is the nice-looking man? Why it's Joe Lucas and he hasn't changed a bit. While talking to him, we find that he is a veterinarian in Taylorville, Joe is a family man and he and his wife have a large family. Their new home is located just outside of Taylorville. Joe is considered the best veterinarian in Christian County. Look] It's the famous UVW recording artist. We all used to know her as Helen Skinner but since being in the public spot light she. is known as frelen Dee. Sry spare time Helen has is spent as a model for the "Rose Modeling Company." Her latest recording of "Lazy Lagoon" was a smash hit! Remember how Don Shake used to dislike remembering authors of stories in English? Well, bon is making the students remember his name nowj He is the author of the mystery novel "Whispering Trees". Don is entirely different from the type of books he writes. He just told us of the latest addition to his already large family. A helicopterjust landed. And look, Mary Sullivan has just arrived. Mary and her husband live in Dallas, Texas and own the "Rootee Tootee 26Drivo-In Cafe," They have a booming business the year around. If all goes well they plan to build a new ranch-type home. Let’s wish than luck in their new undertaking. Gene Sikes is driving up in his new Chevrolet. He is the owner of the "Lou-Lou Moving Company." His company operates throughout the Middle West. One of Gene's ambitions is to have a nation-wide trucking company. Because he is so busy he doesn't get time to drive the trucks as often as he wishes. Gene, his wife, and boylive in Detroit, Michigan. There's Joyce Bradford! She lives right outside of Morrisonville. Joyce teaches the home economics girls right in the old high school. She is all excited about the all new high school that is just finished. We hear from her that the building was just completed this week. Joyce and her husband live quietly on their modern farm. Next we greet Margaret Ann Todt. She is visting her folks for a week. Margaret Ann is the President of the University of Illinois She has a Bachelor of Science Degree and majored in Latin. Those two years of Latin in High School made Margaret Ann appreciate it. Her husband and she met under unusual circumstance. A horse that Margaret was riding threw her and her husband-to-be picked her up. Beth Schober arrived on the Bluebird from Chicago. She lives in New York wL th her husband. His name is Tbmray Ringmaster and he is the director of the Ringmaster Band. One of the band's latest engagements was at the "21 Club." Beth and her two children accompanies Tom where-ever he goes. She tells us that next year when the oldest boy goes to school that they will settle permanently in New York. Jack Smith walks in his Lieutenant's suit. It seems like he is going to make the navy his career. A large crowd of admirers are now talking to him and he tells them of his latest adventure to Alaska and the North pole. Everyone is surprised that Jackie is one of those eligible bachelors. Jackie tells us that he has visited every port of the globe except the South Pole but still feels that Morrisonville is the best And now arrives Arta Billiter. She came directly from Los Angles where she is the head of Zebra Bookkeeping Company. This company keeps books for all the large firms in the West. When Arta first started working there she was only a clerk and has worked her way up until she is now Second Vice-President. Her name is often found in the society page of the Los Angles papers. Walking toward us is the former Marjorie Muster. The reason she is late is because her youngest boy was attending a L-H meeting. Marjorie is the secretary for the Springfield Dry Goods Store. She is quite busy with her two boys at home and her job. Marjorie and her husband live in Springfield but come to Morrisonville quite often. We are happy to greet Andrew Young as he walks in the door. When Andy graduated from high school he applied for a job at the Chevroletgarage in Taylorville. He developed a keen interest in mechanics and developed superior skill along that line. After he had worked his way up to top mechanic he perfected a substitute forgisoline to be used in vehicles. Here comes Miss Barbara Franklin the now famous beautician of the "Snow-White Beauty Salon" in Chicago. She is the originator of the Poodle-Bob cut. She took her training while still a senior in High School and by the time she had graduated she had already shown her skill in this field. Barbara is now the assistant director of the Illinois Association of Beautician. Linda MeElroy3s the next visitor to our reunion. She is the owner of the "Look Your Best" Dress Salon in Litchfield. Her salon features smart fashions for the teenagers and misses of today. Linda married her dream man whom she met in Litchfield. They live in a cute apartment and arethe proud parents of an eight month baby boy. And now Dwight Lamb enters. He is known through-out the country as drummer for the "Up-Beat Band." The band plays on the "Top Tunes" T-V show every Sunday night right after the Bob Dope Show. The band has became famous because of Dwight's drum. We hear that his eye is turned quite often to the beautiful blond singer for the band. Entering now is the former Phyllis Smith. She is the staff nurse at the Alton Hospital in Alton. She specializes in the pediatrics ward and has helped with the recovery of many children. She herself has a busy schedule with her three children at home. Her husband and she live in the subarbs of Alton in a large house. Jimmy Stewart is our next visitor. He is the manager and owner of the ABC chaincf supermarkets. We all remember when Jimmy was head clerk in his dad's store. He is all excited about the new kind of check-outs that he is going to install. Jimmy is an old-time navy man as he spent four years in the navy after his graduation. Miss Logue comes rushing in at the last minute. She used to think that h er schedule was filled up when she taught school but she says that it wasn't anything compared to her schedule now. Yes, Miss Logue has settled down and3s the mother of two children. She claims that her children are perfectly well-mannered because she had so much training to teach them with. Who is this coming through the door with a big smile on her face? Why it's Mary Margaret Jones. She always had a smile when in high school and we notice that it still prevails. Peach is the creator of the "Sunny View" magazine of which she is editor. When she had all the experience editing the yearbook she developed her life's ambition. Peach's magazine features information on all the better known vacation spots. Her motto is, "A trip will vanish your troubles." We must bide good-bye to all our friends and wish them success in 28 the three-ring circus of life.Seniors Class Will Article I We, the graduating class of 53 of the Morrisonville High School, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will. Article II Our sad and happy experiences under the "Big Top" we leave to the coming actors. Article III To the trainers, our faculty, we leave the wonderful thrill of the folding of our performance. Article IV To the chief trainer, our principal, we leave the Juniors as the entertainers for the circus. Article V First? To the Juniors we leave the "Big Top" for their future acts. Seconds To the Sophomores we leave all the worries that occur before the main performance. Thirds To the Freshman we leave all the fun that we have had. Fourths To all the classes we leave the memories ofthe good old days when we had a forty-five minute lunch hour. I, Dwight Lamb, do hereby bequeath my Jeep to Butch Jones so he can have as mucH fun hunting it after play practice as 1 did. I, Phyllis Smith, do hereby bequeath my calm temper to Doris Jane Dey. I, Jeanne Ebe, do hereby bequeath my blushing ways to Marsha Durbin. Hope she don't get teased as much as I. I, Jackie Smith, bequeath all ny wild nights to James Muster. I, Jo Ann Christian, do hereby bequeath Harold to anyone who thinks they can get him. I, Jim Sloan, bequeath my crew cut to Mack Prose. I, Melba Luken, do hereby bequeath my big feet to Shirley Babbs. I, Andy Young, bequeath my watch to Herman Durbin so he can get to Fifth hour study hall on time. 29 I, Barbara Franklin, bequeath my small hands to Barbara SpencerI, Marjorie Muster, do hereby bequeath ray place on the "Honor Roll" to John Christian, I, Maxine Gamer, do hereby bequeath the fun I had in home economics to Barbara iIuddleston. I, Jim Stewart, do hereby bequeath my glasses to anyone who thinks they can see through them. I, Joyce Bradford, do hereby bequeath mv saxaphone playing ability to Jerry Snyder so that he can serenade Mr. Ball during band. I, Donna Franklin, do hereby bequeath my dates with Lee to nobody. I, Carl Spengler, do hereby bequeath my salesmanship ability to Charles BabEsT As if he needed it • I, Betty Dowdy, do hereby bequeath Joe to no one. Fooled you didn't I? I, Beth Schober, do hereby bequeath njy quietness to Mary Louise Jones. I, Duane Dozier, do hereby bequeath my Fhyics b okto anyonebrave enough to attempt it. I, Mary Sullivan, do hereby bequeath my dark red hair to Donna Yard. I, Don Shake, do hereby bequeath my track ability to Laurence Beaty. I, Shirley Thacker, do hereby bequeath my ambition to becoming a nurse to anyone with that much will power. I, Helen Skinner, do hereby bequeath my strawberry-blond hairto anybody who wantv I, Joe Lucas, do hereby bequeath ray "Little Red Ford" to Allan so he can have as much fun in it as I did, I, Mary Margaret Jones, do hereby bequeath my horse "Scout" to Shirley Franklin Hope'she gets to town on it faster than I did. I, David Earl Anderson, do hereby bequeath my singing ability to Don Wanack so that he may get first in contest. I, Linda McELroy, do hereby bequeath my ticklishness to Jerry Richter. I, Arta Billiter, do hereby bequeath my brown eyes to Becky Anderson. I, Gene Sikes, do bequeath my basketball ability to Leland LaFever so that he may warm the bench as I did. I, Margaret Todt, do hereby bequeath all the many hours I spent having fun and giggling with my pals to Joe Lamb. 30JUNIOR OFFICERS AND SPONSORS First Row: Janice Franklin, treasurer; Lucille Curvey, vice- president; Dorothy Armitage, president; Darlene Weitekamp, secretary; Second Row: Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Brandt, class advisors. When the forty-four "Green Freshies” of 1950 first entered high school they felt out-of-place However, after becoming acquainted it seemed part of their life. The Freshmen were represented in every school organization. With the title of "Silly Sophomores”we were "back in circulation again Wehad Jerry Jones, Jerry Hornbuckle, Don Minnis, andJames Muster on the basketball floor to help in the athletic department Mack Prose was chosen as manager of the basketball team. This yean being, Juniors we were the producers of the "Mohawk'" and the ’53 Prom rorttie Seniors A play which was a huge success was given by the class. The title was "Riddle Me Riches” and had a well-planned plot. The class has performed its duties well in the past years and so we look forward to even a better year when we acquire the title of "Sophicated Seniors". This page sponsored by 31 BALSLEI IMPLEMENT COMPANYDon Minnis Garo1 Anderson J ooJzuUf, 7a the fyutum . . • Carol Montgomery erald Jones 32 Darlene weiteKamp Dean White This page sponsored by CLIDE COLE TRUCKING SERVICE Theresa WatermanRamona Brackenhoff Arthur Carter Lucille Curvey Jack Kader arilyn Reynolds With OptUfiUm and Cxpiectatio . WiiLtoCf, Cartpdetti, Gap able. . . . Mack Prose Mary Lou Wagner Gerald Richter 33 This page sponsored by GAUER'S INSURANCE AGENCYDelores Beaty ®ill Beierman Dorothy Armitage Shirley Stanley Charles Babbs • • ate OuSi fjusu te. Nellie Dowdy Joyce Millburg James Muster Harold Massey This page sponsored by NOTERMAN'S Marcella OilerSOPHOMORE OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Back row: Larry Smith, President; Mrs.Westerraeier, class advisor; Janann Duffy, secretary; Mr. LeMay, Class advisor; Front Row: Lois Ann Garner, treasurer; and oyce McWard, vice-president. It was an exciting day for the 1 8 students entering high school on September h, 1951 as the "Green Freshie Class". John Stanley, Don Wanack, Bob Harris, Joe Lamb, Allan Smith, Billy Klinger, David Jones, andAlbert Eyman represented us on the basketball floor. This year with the title of Sophomores we are known for having given a nice inter-class party. Our class has again provided part of the material it takes to win basketball games. All of the above fellows returned to play except Bob Harris and John Stanley. Diana Edwards was chosen from our class to help in the cheering for the basketball games. Larry Smith, another classmate, was chosen to be the assistant basketball manager. Shirley Oiler and Donnis Jack are the twirlers from our class. This page sponsored by McKJNNET BROTHERS TRUCKING SERVICEBilly Klinger Don Wanack This page sponsored by EP S TAILOR SHOP Lawrence Beaty Lenora Lucas Gan jtee., Qcuf., Jean White Eugene Schultz 36Lois Garner This page sponsored by HERBERT'S TIRE SHOPLinda Ewig We Joe Lamb fyiwdt cM'eSia Shirley Babbs Galen franklin This page sponsored by VIRGINIA1S CAFE Delores O'Brien Donnis JackRich Wilson GlaU 0 '55. Barbara Spencer 39 This page sponsored by MILLBURG'S DRUG STOREFRESHMAN OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Standing: BarbaraHiddleston. Secretary; Mr. Kruzel, class advisor; Mrs. Robinson, class advisor; Shirley Franklin, Treasurer; seatedIferen Saffer, Vice President; Eugene Leach, President. A class of forty- three Freshies, the largest class in school entered high school this year. To start off the year an inter-class party was given in October. Becky Anderson, Mary Louise Jones, Donald Kramer, Lyle McWard, Caroline Munson,Iinda Beckmier, Bill Campbell,Shirley Franklin, Harris, Graham, Angela Schweitzer,feren Saffer, Carrol Smith, Jerry Snyder, and Mary Frances Spencer were members of the band. When basketball became the "talk of the school" we had Harris Graham, Jerry snyder, Gary Herzog, Lyle McWard, and Elvin Porter in there helping. Mary Frances Spencer wa3 cheerleader elect from the class. The majorettes from the class were Regina Plopper and Dori3 Jane Dey. With luck we'll all be back next year with the title of "Silly Sophomores."' 40 This page sponsored by THE JONES GARAGERegina Plopper Calvin Brown and Qte n. Mary Louise Jones John Waterman Beverly Wiridell JUete ate un AmcU uM,. . Nadine Rathgeber Gary Herzog Doris Jane Dey William Plopper This page sponsored by 4l STEWART’S I. G. A. MARKETBecky Anderson Patience, .Karen Saffer and It txi iAtxindi William Clark Barbara Christopher Elvin Porter Caro1 Smith This page sponsored by SMITH'S ELECTRIC SHOPLinda Schober cM-ad. fenaucfbt Uietn tf-asi I le Me Ward Linda Beckmier Gene Wilson 9 t Maki Uf. . Caroline Munson Jerry Snyder Anglea Schweitzer 43 This page sponsored by D. R. L. SUPPLY COMPANYBarbara Light aclt jbay 'Mvuiesi the Harris Graham QiCf lop Complete. Marcia Durbin Herman Durbin Mary Alice Ellis This page sponsored by MI STORE, TAYLORVILLEThis page sponsored by FROBISH FEED AND TRUCKING SERVICERING TWOBASEBALL TEAM First Rowt Coach Lemay; Lyle McWard; Harris Graham; Allen Smith Ron Painter; Joe Lanib; Glen Jones; Wayne Grundy; Dave Jones; Coach Smith. Second Rowt Dave Anderson; Jim Stewart; Don Hinnis; Gerry Jones Jim Sloan; Gary Herzog; Elvin Porter; Joe Lucas 'We. GlieeSvedL 7 te McUtcuak-i. 1 a. rUic,tosuf, This page sponsored by HOKRISONVILLE SALES ANT) SERVICE 48This page sponsored by MorrisonviUe Tournament Tournament Last Row: Coach Smith, Charles Babbs, Elvin Porter, Lyle McWard, Gary Herzog, Jerry Jones, Albert Eyman, Jim Muster, Jimmy Stewart, Donald Wanack, Jim Sloan, Billy Klinger, Joe Lucas, David Anderson, Joe Lamb, aid Coach Lemay. Second Row: Mack Prose; Manager, Harris Graham, Jerry S.ynder, David Jones, Allan Smith and Larry Smith; Assistant Manager. 9t Won't Ho 'WlteiUeA, Wo+t (D i Jlo kr PRIZE OIL COMPANYBASKETBALL Hut a4 uu W Played Uie Qame Allan Smith, Harris Graham, Elvin Porter, Lyle McWard, Gary Herzog Albert Eyman, Donala Wanack, Billy Klinger, David Jones, Jerry Snyder, Joe Lamb, and Coach Leraay.BASKETBALL REVIEW Morrisonville Friends???? SECOND TEAM SCORES U6 Edinburg 38 la Divernon U6 Sh Raymond U8 37 Mount Olive U7 32 Edinburg U9 38 Stonington U3 UU Staunton 38 61 Farmersville 59 36 Benld 3U 30 Nokomis 21 U7 Coffeen U6 33 St James 3U 39 Raymond U3 53 Nokomis Uo 37 Virden U5 U5 Auburn 6? U5 Northwestern 35 6o Girard 29 U8 Waverly hS 36 Pawnee US This page sponsored by tMHIS GRAIN COMPANY, PAUliR L fejfi Out a huddle,BASKETBALL SNAPS n"ui;Yp bail at the Nokomis game." ,,Whelve’s the ball?” "Herzog and Stewart guarding.” " ome on Stewart, get that jump." "Joe at the free throw line." "t)ne p int owning up at the St» James game."’ 53CHEERLEADERS "Don't Cry" Left to Rights Mary Frances Spencer, Phyllis Smith, Diana Edwards, Betty Dowdy, TRACK tyman and sloan, Le tie man in '52 A Albert Eyman, Discus Thrcver.JUNIOR PLA Y On November 1U the Junior Class held its annual class play entitled "Riddle Me Riches." The hilarious comedy in three acts was directed by Mrs. Christella Westermier. It all takes place in the living room of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor (Mack Prose and Joyce Hombuckle). Their l6-year old son, Chuck, played by Leland LeFever, and their 18-year-old daughter, Patty, played by Lucille Curvey, are involved in a radio contest which they hope will profit them twenty-five thousand dollars in prizes, Chuck's friends, Danny Hudson and Edmund Davis, played by Jack Kader and Gerald Jones, manage to get themselves into the usual amount of mischief. Susan Bryant (Joyce Millburg) is one of Chuck's admirers. Gerald Richter, playing the part of Bob Calloway, is Patty's steady beau. Patty's good friend is Romana Brakenhoff, who is castas Olive Kendall. Mr. Rufus B. Hill, the manager of the Alliance store,is played by Harold Haslettj his wife, Adeling Hill,is Theresa Waterman. Radio publicity man and the movie star, Marla Kay, are portrayed by i on Minnis and Darlene Weitekamp. The Hill's maid, Hilda, is hirl Stanley, and a truck driver is played by Dean hite. Between the second and third acts Dorothy Armitage presented Mrs. Westermeir with ajewerly set as a token of appreciation from the class, he play was a big success. This page sponsored by CLIDE COLE TRUCKING SERVICERIDDLE ME RICHES THE WHOLE CAST This page sponsored by THE STATE THEATER "Bye! I've gotta go now." of FROLIC DOG FOOD"PARTUS "St Pat'8 Party" "Head Couple Reel" "Gary, Eugene, Donald, Livin'" 58 "Lota of Wind" "Rough Necks"BAND AND CHORUS Ratings of District 12 of the Solo and Ehsemble Music Contest Delores Beaty, Accompanist. Vocal Solos: Karen Saffer; First, David Anderson; Second, and Helen Skinner; First, Saxophone Quartet-Carrol Smith, Melba Luken, Glenn Fesser, and Joyce Bradford, Second Dorothy Armitage, Trombone Solo, Second harry Smith, Clarinet Solo. First, To StateCONTESTANTS Glenn Fesser, Tenor Saxaphone. Second This page sponsored by Clarinet Quartet-Linda Mcelroy, Helen Skinner, Larry Smith, and Joyce Hornbuckle. First Ramona Brakenhoff, Flute Soloj Third, Piano Soloj Third, and Accompanist. Mary Margaret Jones, Piano Solo, Accompanist. Third McVEI AND SON IMPLEMENT COMPANY 61THE 1952 PROM... Lorrine Curvey, 1951 Prom Queen, and escort Tory Krager Helen Skinner, 1952 Prom Queen, and escort Halden ernsing 7 ie Q andeit Upltt fyndesi Ite (Zip Queen Helen Skinner and her courtKING NEPTUNE’S BALL Junior and Senior Lasses waiting for their dates. The Throne, "Swirling taffetas and organdies. . . the Queen and her Court. . . the good ship "Mohawk" . . . the banquet . . . sweet frangrance of gardenias and roses. . . everyone in a dream world "Under the Sea". . . melodies, . . swaying couples. , . a wonderland of make-believe. This is the picture we recall of King Neptune's Ball on May 11, 1952. 63GRADUATION First row from left to right: Hary Sullivan, Beth Schober, Betty Dowdy, Jo Ann Christian, ffaxine Garner; Arta Billiter, andffergaret Todt, Second row from 1, to r,: Barbara Franklin, Fhyllis Smith, Melba Luken, Donna Franklin, Jeanne Ebe, and Helen Skinner, Third row from 1. to r,: Marjorie Muster, Linda McELrOy, Shirley Thacker, Joyce Bradford, and Mary Margaret Jones, Fourth row from 1, to r,: Duane Cozier, Dwight Lamb, Gene Sikes, Jim Sloan, and Joe Lucas, Fifth row from 1, to r,: Andrew Young, Don Shake, Jim Stewart, Carl Spengler, and David Earl Anderson, Here we are I We are the ones who have made this The Senior Class of 53 to be remembered as such and not just as another class. Some of us are tall, 3ome short; some of us have exhibited leadership, others "followership," But it took each and everyone of us to make up the class. Each of us had a part in the presentation of our show. We will leave with many memories—some good, some perhaps not so good— but we will take them all with us to be pondered over in days to come. But we will now be looking forward and will take courage from what we have experienced here for we know we are just going on into a larger show and we intend to make it as much a success as possible.HONORS Joyce Eradi'ord, winner of the D. A. R. award Duane Cozier, State F. F. A. Farmer These eight people had a rtBn average or better for their four years in school. Shirley Thacker Beth Schober, Joyce Bradford, Mary Margaret Jones 65"Hit the Nail" Jonesy" "Down Boy BIC TOP 66 "Just Basking in the Sun" "J.F. and J.M." "Cheese"Homemaker????"BOYS CHORUS ■j, m SOHYlLLC M6H.Schooi 9 0 Second row from left to rights Jim Sloan, Mack Prose, Jerry Jones, Albert Eyman, David Jones, Joe Lucas,Jbrry Beirman, Dean White, Donald Wanack, and John Stanley. First row left to right: David Earl Anderson, Glenn Fesser, Bob Betnard, Joe Lamb, Allan Smith, Wayne Beaty, Arthur Carter,Harris Graham, Larry Smith, and Donald Kramer. 3CYS« QUARTETGIRLS CHORUS Third row from left to right: Phyllis Smith, laverne Loman, Janice Franklin, Mary Louise Jones, Romana Brackenhoff, Karen Saffer, Mary Frances Spencer, Mary Margaret Jones, Janann Duffy, Mary Hancock, Darlene Weitekarap, Marilyn Reynolds, Linda McElroy, Joyce Bradford, and Marjorie Muster, Second row from left to right: Jeanne Ebe, Elaine Rathgeber, Lucille Curvey, Beth Schober, Angela Schweitzer, Melba Luken, Donna Thacker, Becky Anderson, Nellie Dowdy, Dorothy Armitage, Jean White, Barbara Franklin, Diana Edwards, Caroline Munson, Delores O'Brien, First row left to right: Lenora Lucas, Geraldine Smith, Linda Beckmeir, Barbara Huddleston, Mary Sullivan, Iinda Schober, Barbara light, Caroline Miller, Joyce Williamson, Barbara Christopher, Betty Dowdy, Margaret Ann Todt, Linda Ewig, and Joyce Millburg. 71 HIGH SHOOl" BAND MB ”-£3g- w» MS «g = S S -TJzgg ' “‘“iJiia BAND First rows Mr. Dean Ball, director, Leland Le Fever, Bernard Dozier, Barbara Spenceij Mary Frances Spenceij Jeanne Bbe, Jeriy Horribuckle, Joan Christian, Dennis Jack, Marcella Oiler. Second row: Mack Pros% Don Shake, Iferris Graham, Iyle Me Ward, Allan Smith, Dorothy Armitage, Dwight Lamb, Linda Beckmier, Joyce Hornbuckle, Linda Ewig. Third row: Rich Wilson, Boyce Me Ward, Arthur Carter, Duane Dozier, Joe Lamb, Bob Harris, Eugene Schultz. Fourth row: Dean White, Galen Franklin, Fred Vangeison, Carol Smith, Angela Schweitzer, Jerry Synder, Bill Campbell, Glen Fesser. Fifth row: Larry Smith, Caroline Munson, Joyce Bradford, Linda Me Elroy, Melba Luker Helen Skinner, Bill Klinger, Elaine Rathgeber, Glenna Secrest, Becky Andersoij Karen Saffer, Donald Kramer, Shirley Franklin, Ramona Brackenhoff, Charles Babbs MARCHING BAND 72LIBRARY STAFF Shirley Thacker, Joyce Hornbuckle, Mrs. Vfesiermeier, Aivisor, Betty Dowdy, Donna Yard, and Harold Haslett. This page sponsored by BOULDING'S FLORAL SHOP AND GREENHOUSE, TAYLORVTLLEgirls’ athletic association Front Row Ramona Brakenhofi', Shirley Stanley, Nellie Dowdy, Shirley Thacker, Mary Margaret Jones,Incille Curvey, Mrs, Brandt, Donna Yard, Jean White, Betty Dowdy, Mary Louise Jones, Joyce Bradford. Second Row: Helen Skinner, Donna Franklin, Jeanne Ebe, Elaine Rathgeber, Janice Franklin, Dorothy Armitage, Theresa Thacker, Maiy Hancock, Donna Thacker, Marilyn Reynolds, Fhyllis Smith, Mary Spencer, Carrol Smith. Third Row: Geraldine Smith, Arta Billiter, Linda Beckmeir, Diane Edwards, Margaret Todt, Joyce Millburg,Janice Millburg,Jfcry Lou Wagner, Barbara Franklin, JoAnn Christian, Donnis Jack, Darlene weitekamp. G.A.A. OFFICERS Mary Margaret Jones, Vice-President Carol Henderson, Secretary (absent when picture was taken) Shirley Thacker, Treasurer Donna Thacker, Point Recorder Nellie Dowdy, Basketball Manager Jean White, Bowling Manager Betty Dowdy, Social Chairman This page sponsored by 74 PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Lucille Curvey, PresidentIs this P.E. class???? Warming up 111 The bowlers. Just my luck 11 Just Campers It Hi tt Watch that ball 41 Q.A. A. Qin.ll 9n Adlan Chalking up points tFUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row: Fhyllis Franklin, Shirley Thacker, Jeanne Ebe, Helen Skinner, Mary Sullivan, Elaine Rathgeber, Jean White, Caroline Munson, Doris Jane Dey, Marilyn Himstead, and Carrol Smith. Second Row: Laverne Loman, Janice Millburg, Beth Schober; Parliamentarian, fferjorie Muster;frojects Chairman, Maxine Garner; Secretary, Joyce Bradford; President, Miss Komegger; Advisor, Dorothy Armitage; Vice-President, Donna Franklin; Treasurer, Becky Anderson, Shirley Franklin, Angel' Schweitzer, Janice Franklin, and Lucille Curvey. Third Row; Melba Luken, Mary Louise Jones, Karen Saffer, Darlene Weitekamp, Mary Margaret Jones, Riyllis Smith, Marilyn Reynolds,Barbara Spencer, Mary Frances Spencer, Delores O'Brien, Lenora Lucas, Joyce Horribuckle, Delores Beaty, Donna Yard, Donna Thacker, Shirley Stanley, Janet Shoraga, and Mary Ellen Ellis. Fourth Row: Geraldine Smith, Betty Dowdy, Arta Billiter, Margaret Todt, tfedine Rathgeber, LLnda Beckraeir,Barbara Huddleston, Iinda Schober, Barbara Light, Judy Dodson, Lois Ann Garner, Shirley Babbs, Delores Harris,Iinda wig, Darlene Millburg, Caroline Miller,Barbara Franklin, Diane Edwards, and JoAnn Christian. F.H.A. Officers 76 This page sponsored by BLAKELY'S DEPARTMENT STORE, TAYLORVILLESo tired. ACTIVITIES Cute, huh?FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Front Row: Dean White, Art Carter, Larry Smith, Bill Beierman Don Shake, Mr, Bullard, Jerry Richter, Galen Franklin, Jerry Hornbuckle Charles Babbs, Jerry Beierman, Joe Lamb, Leland LeFever Second Row: Bob Bethard, John Christian, Eugene Leach, Eugene Schultz, Duane Dozier, ELvin Porter, Don Kramer, Fred Vangeison, Glen Fesser, Rich Wilson, Lawrence Beaty, Harris Graham, Harold Wade Third Row: Jim Smith, Bill Campbell, Bernard Dozier, Boyce McWard Wayne Grundy, David Jones, Joe Lucas, Iyle McWard, Don Wanack, Jim Muster, Bill Clark, Bob Harris, Bill Klinger, Dwight Lamb, Carl Spengler Gene Wilson. 1952-1953 Officers Jerry Richter, Vice-President Larry Smith, Secretary Galen Franklin, Treasurer Bill Beierman, Reporter Carl Spengler, Sentinal Don Shake, President 78 This page sponsored by JOHNSON EQUIPMENT COMPANYSNAPSHOTS "Lecture on Chicks" "Going or Coming?" F.F "FFA Class" "Big Test" Future Farmers of America is a national organization of farm boys studying vocational agriculture in tie rural high school of the nation. The Future Farmers of America is now celebrating its silver anniversary, Hiisis the 25th year that they have celebrated the annual F.F.A. week. The local chapter had its lUth anniversary since organization on September 17, Some of their well-known activities include the annual sale of the members’ livestock projects andihe showing of their projects at the Morrisonville Picnic. 79MOHAWK STAFF Third Row: Janice Franklin, Dorothy Armitage, and Jerry Jones. Second Row: Joyce Hornbuckle, Marilyn Reynolds, Nellie Dowdy, Theresa Waterman, Lucille Curvey, Mary Lou Waggner, Joyce Millburg, Delores Beaty, Carolyn Ityrick, and Caroline Miller. First Row: Mack Prose;Assistant Editor, Darlene Weitekamp; Editor, and Romana Brakenhoff. Every year the Junior class is responsible for the school paper which is called the niMohawkn • This year, as every year, the Juniors have worked hard to give us the best possible school paper. For their work and time we hereby dedicate this page to them for a job well done. This page sponsored by MORRISONVILLE FARMERS CO-OP COMPANY 80 Darlene Weitekamp, EditorANNUAL STAH Arta Billiter, Linda McElroy, Mary Jonesj Editor, Betty Dowdy, Margaret Todtj Assistant Editor, Mary Sullivan, Beth Schober, Maxine Garner, Barbara Franklin, Phyllis Smith, Melba Luken, Joyce Bradford, Marjorie Muster, Donna Franklin, Jeanne Ebe, David Anderson, Shirley Thacker,Diane Dozier,Gene Sikes, Carl Spengler, Joe Lucas, Jack Smith, Jim Sloan, Donald Shake, Jim Stewart, and Dwight Lamb. The annual staff has always consisted of the members of the Senior Class, who are responsible for the annual. Everyone in the class has a job to do in order that the annual may be completed on time. We hope that all you readers will enjoy the "Annual" as much as wo enjoyed working on it for you. Mary Margaret Jones, Editor This page sponsored by BROOKS’ DRIVE IN, TAYLORVILLE 8182TOR SVi l opdofj x,e page; Center "Cute Kid i I" Counter-clock-wise "The Conic-Book Kid". "Smell good??" "Squares or Triangles???" "Ruth, our Office Oirl." ’Vher« to????" "And this is James I". "Monkey-shine3." •Any Resemblance?" "The Big Lift." "Just a shy ’reshiell" "rfho fell???" TOP Across "Such happy similes." "Our teachers as cheerleaders F "that’s so interesting, girls??? Down "That mad rush for lunch line." "My how you have changed IP "This sun is sure hot." 83SEPTEMBER 2 School started 15 Mid-Plains Music (Vocal) 16 FFA Officers Training School l6 Dog Assembly 18 FHA Meeting 23 Baseball Farmersville Here 2? CCTA at Pana 29 Senior Pictures at Burchett's 30 Baseball Coffeen There 30 Rank Assembly NOVEMBER 5 Activity Pictures 6 FFA Meeting 11 Armistice Day No School 13 CCTA at Mt. Auburn 13 Music Makers 13 Matinee of Junior Play 1 Junior Play IT MSM Meeting 18 Basketball Edinburg Here 20 Schoolmasters at Morrisonville 25 Basketball Divernon There 26 Freshmen to Springfield Weather Bureau 27-28 Thanksgiving Vacation 28 End of second six weeks OCTOBER 3 Baseball Farmersville There k FHA House of Delegates Meeting at Springfield 1+ Band to Moweaqua Centenial 6 Baseball Raymond There 9 FHA-FFA Initiation of Freshmen 9 Leonard! Program 10 Baseball Raymond Here 10 Senior All-School Party lk Lecture: State Department of Health 16-17 Teachers Institute No School 17 End of first six weeks 22 Cheerleader Tryouts and Election 2k Freshman Inner-Class Party 28 Sophomore Inner-Class Party 28 Seniors Started Magazine Drive 31 National School Studios Pictures DECEMBER 1 GAA Meeting 2 Basketball Raymond There 3 Choral Festival at Mt. Auburn 4 FHA Meeting 5 Basketball Mt. Olive There 9 Basketball Edinburg There 11 Board-Faculty Party 12 Basketball Stonington There 15 GAA after school 16 FHA during school l6 Basketball Staunton Here 18 Christmas Music Program 19 Christmas Vacation begins 19 Basketball Farmersville HerePROGRAM JANUARY 5 School convenes 6 Basketball Benld Here 8 FFA Meeting 9 Basketball Nokomis There 12 GAA Meeting 15 FHA Meeting 15 Schoolmasters at Edinburg 16 Basketball Saint James Here 20-22 Mid-Plains Tourney at Mt. Auburn 23 End of third six weeks 26 Assembly Program 27 Basketball Raymond Here 30 Basketball Nokomis Here FEBRUARY 3 Basketball Virden Here 5 FFA Meeting 6 GAA Meeting 7 GAA Bake Sale 7 Basketball Auburn Here 10 Basketball Northwestern Tnere 12 Lincoln's Birthday No School 13 Basketball Girard Here 17 Basketball Waverly There 17 GAA Meeting 19 Schoolmasters at Pana 19 FHA Meeting 20 Basketball Pawnee Here 26 CCTA at Assumption 26 College and Career Day at Taylorville 26 FHA Daddy Date Nite 26 Assembly Program Haaker 27 Basketball Raymond Here 30 Basketball Nokomis Here MARCH 5 FFA Meeting 5-6 Teachers Institute 6 End of fourth six weeks 9 GAA Meeting 10 Solo-Ensemble Recital 19 FHA Meeting 20 Freshmen All-School Party 26 Board-Faculty Party 31 Letterman's Banquet APRIL 1 Assembly Imperial Singers 3 Good Friday No School 7 Baseball Girard Here 9 FFA Meeting 13 Baseball Nokomis Here l6 FHA Meeting 16 Schoolmasters at Kincaid 17 End of fifth six weeks 27 Baseball Nokomis There 28 Spring Music Festival 30 CCTA at Edinburg MAI MAY 5 6 7 12 14 21 2k 28 29 Mid-Plains Track Meet at Kincaid Band Festival at Kincaid Board-Faculty Party Baseball Saint James Here Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet FHA-FFA Baccalaureate Graduation End of sixth six weeks JUo e Jllttle 7We Won't fyotefet. Beanie scrubbing the steps on Initiation Day. Government class visiting the State Capitol. ricme-ec girls taking Ag Picture taking day. "Watch the birdie 111" It's Pep Assonbly Day, 86 Pop and Coat Checkers Crew J J J Lunch line rush IAUTOGRAPHSIsn't it strange that princes and kings And clowns that caper in sawdust rings And common folks like you and me Are builders of eternity? To each is given a bag of tools, A shapeless mass and a book of rules. And each must make, ere life has flown, A stumbling block or a steppingstone. ANONYMOUS I 

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