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JAe 1952£ifc (SfJAe Mafuiwftd PRESENTED BT THE SENIOR CLASS OF MORRISONVILLE UNIT DISTRICT NO. 1 Editor ......... Assistant Editor Advisor Mary Whalen Vivian Long .Miss Logue(Swc Jep, Man We the Senior Class of '52 wish to dedicate our annual to the man who has helped us so untiringly and so willingly in many hard tasks that we had to face. We wish to extend sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. Hendricks whom we consider as our "top man on the totem pole." THE SENIORS 3 JAe Otofy Jeep£e 4 SJlAcUttUtLst alldHSckaal (Baaid Left to right: John Kent, Orville Beckmier, Harold Dey, Wayne LeFever, President; James C. Graham, Superintendent; Joe C. Boyd, Secretary; Lawrence Todt, and Bill Phelps 6Mr. Earl W. Carr, Principal Mrs. Ruth Dey, Secretary Mr. J. C. Graham, Superintendent 7JAMES FISHER Biology, World History B. A. Iowa State Teachers College Cedar Falls, Iowa Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana MARJORIE GALLOWAY Physical Education B. Ed. Western Illinois State Teachers College Macomb, Illinois JAMES E. SMITH Coach, P. E. Social Science Iola, Kansas, Jr. College Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois BILL M. BULLARD Agriculture B. S. in Agriculture Oklahoma A. M. College Stillwater, Oklahoma « 8 EUGENE LeMAY Ass’t Coach, Soc. Science B. S. James Millikin University Decatur, Illinois 0 SHIRLEY M. LOGUE Commerce B. S. in Educ. 111. State Normal Univ. Normal, IllinoisBERNICE D. ROBINSON Chorus, English B. A. Jamestown College Jamestown, North Dakota ESTHER SHAFFER Home Economics B. S. University of 111. Urbana, Illinois ALEX KRUZSL Science, Math Social Science B. S. Eureka College Eureka, Illinois Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois DEAN H. BALL Music B. Music Ecluc. Sherwood Music School DePaul University School of Music Chicago, Illinois HELEN HANSON English, Library Dramatics B. A. University of Colo. Boulder, Colorado University of Minn. Minneapolis, Minnesota 9Juuu'patfatien Left to right: Edward Lauer, Ralph Deihl, Reverend Jackson, Jack Dey, Supervisor; Bob Ewig, Ralph Welch, Arthur Deison, John Christian, Glenn Lamb 10 This page sponsored by Boston and Peck Implement CompanyMaintenance Oscar Swinger has lived in Morrisonville for 65 years, and has been janitor for 27 years. He really likes his work, that is why he has been with us so long. Bill Lauer has lived in Morrisonville 58 years andhe has been slaving here as janitor for 6 years. In direct agreement with Oscar, Bill, too, states that he enjoys his job. This page sponsored by Le Nore Beauty Shop 11Cafeteria Mr. Ralph tfelcb Food Deliverer. Mrs. Dorothyleach, Mrs. HildaKLinger, Mrs. Elizabeth Munson, Mrs. Elizabeth Ewig, Mrs. Denna Crites. 12Sophisticated SeniorScnUn Class Of lice is Spaas ais President, Lou Forbesj Vice-president, Vivian Longj Secretary, Joyce Wilsonj Treasurer, Darlene Hill. The Seniors started out their last year by choosing Miss Logue and Mr Carr as their Advisors. Miss Logue has been with us for two years, teaching our students commercial work. Mr. Carr, who taught History, Algebra, Geometry, for two years, has served as school principal for his third year. The Seniors have worked hard their first three years to make everything they undertook to do come out especially well. They have topped all their other activities by the wonderful jobs they have completed in this, their last year at Morrisonville High School. We wish them the best of luck as they continue on their seperate ways in life. 14HOWARD REYNOLDS His laughing, smiling. Has helped to brighten LOU FORBES Athlete, artist, class Just goes to show what MAXINE SMITH A smile on her face she always bears. And two bright rings on her finger she wears winning way, many a day LOLITA HARBERT In twirling contests, this little lass. Has done her part to represent our class. president too, Louie can do VIVIAN LONG Her eyes are brown, hair is vary. She gives her heart to a boy in the navy. 15MARIANNA CLOWER In sports she can t be beat. To watch her was a treat. MONICA CLARK She came to us her sophomore year. We hope she has been happy here. PATRICIA VANGEISON Her smile has helped us to know. We had a friend when we felt lowl MELBA TAILOR Her quietness and winning ways. Will help her through life in later days. 16 DARLENE HILL On the honor roll her name appears. She helped us out in all four yearsWESLEY SPENGLER In that little black Ford he gets around. He sweeps the girls right off the ground. JOYCE WILSON Her piano playing has won our heart. In the future she'll "play" her part. MARY WHALEN She's the winner of the D. A. R. award. And a big hit with us she has scored. EVELYN MYRICK Sweet and quiet, but yet so gay. In our memories she'll stay that way. KENNY HANCOCK In sports he rates high. In our memory he'll never die. This page sponsored hy BALSLEY IMPLEMENT COMPANY 17WINONA WILSON Her sweet voice and smile, Helped us all the while. JIM HOWARD It's sports and girls that he likes best. He leaves the studying to all the rest. NORMA JOHNSON Her bright smile and cheerful way. Has helped us to enjoy our stay. HOWARD LAMB JOICE SPENCER A girl worthwhile. Is a girl who can smile. This page sponsored by HARBERT'S TIRE SHOP 18HELEN GRUNDY Led the school in many a cheer. Representing us in our senior year. JAMEb RICHTER He seemed to be the Romeo of our class. He's gone with many and many a lass LORRAINE CURVET Prom queen her junior year. She brought us joy and cheer. RAYMOND MCKINNY Though he's quiet, bashful, and shy. We 8till think he's a wonderful guy. PAT VOTA She's the song bird of our class. She's quite a talented little lass. This page sponsored by HCRRISOtrSTLLE LUMBER COMPANYsenioR class will Article I We, the graduating class of '52 of the Morrisonville Unit High School, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will. Article II Our gay parties and merry voices we leave to the Big Tepee, the school. May they ring through the halls forever. Article III To the Counselors, our faculty, leave. (Thank Goodness I) We have greatly appreciated their helpfulness andguidance through the past four years. Article IV To the Chief Sitting Bull, our principal and class advisor, we leave many happy times and memories of the class of 1952. Article V To our Chief Scribe, our secretary, we leave all our old PINK excuse slips. She can start a collection. Article VI First: To the Warriors, the Juniors, we leave our tomahawks. May you use them successfully. Second: To the Braves, the Sophomores, we leave our bows and arrows. Use them carefully in achieving future aims in life. Third: To the panooses, the Freshmen, we leave our warpaint. We hope it serves you well in the future. Fourth: We request that all unpaid bills be sent to "Happy Hunt- ing Grounds" after we leave. I, ETHEL BALLARD, do hereby bequeath my quiet ways to Joyce Bradford. She might be able to use them. I, MONICA CLARK, do hereby bequeath my full skirts to JoAnn Christian. I, MARIANNA CLOWER, do hereby bequeath my stationery to Joyce Horn-buckle so she can keep writing to those service men. I, LORRAINE CURVEY, do hereby bequeath athletic ability to Dolores O’Brien. I, LOUIS FORBES, do hereby bequeath my chemistry book to the next poor sucker. I pity him! I, HELEN GRUNDY, do hereby bequeath my cheerleading uniform to Joyce Millburg. I, KENNETH HANCOCK, do hereby bequeath my "Linda" to no one. I, LOLITA HARBERT, do hereby bequeath my contests and twirling medals to Shirley Oiler. 20I, DARLENE HILL, do hereby bequeath my place on the "Honor Roll" to anyone that can get there easier than I did. I, JAMES HOWARD, do hereby bequeath my place on the basketball team and my ways with the girls to Jerry Hornbuckle. I, NORMA JOHNSON, do hereby bequeath my big feet to Betty Dowdy, I hope she doesn't have as much trouble stumbling over the while playing ball as I did. I, HOWARD LAMB, do hereby bequeath my winning ways with the Senior girls to Sonny Smith. I, VIVIAN LONG, do hereby bequeath all my spare time spent on English to Coach Smith so he can let some other history student use it. I, RAYMOND McKINNEY, do hereby bequeath my job as basketball manager to Joe Bacon. I, EVELYN MYRICK, do hereby bequeath my loose seat in first-hour study hall to Mr. Ball. I hope he likes it as well as I did. I HOWARD REYNOLDS, do hereby bequeath my silly laugh to anyone who'd take it. Just anyone, so that I'll be rid of it. I, JAMES RICHTER, do hereby bequeath my car to my brother Gerald so that he will have a way to Raymond too. I, MAXINE SMITH, do hereby bequeath my husband's uniform back to Uncle Sam so that C. P. can be home with me. I, WESLEY SPENGLER, do hereby bequeath my skates to Andy Touag. May he meet as many girls by wearing them as I did. I, JOYCE SPENCER, do hereby bequeath my winning smile and giggles to Delores Beaty, as if she needed them. I, MELBA TAYLOR, do hereby bequeath my blonde hair to Helen Skinner. I, PATRICIA VANGEISON, do here by bequeath my height to Betty Buckner. I, PATRICIA VOTA, do hereby bequeath my gab sessions with Mag Todt between classes to anyone with anything worth talking about. If MARY WHALEN, do hereby bequeath my blushing and shyness to Donna Franklin. I, JOYCE WILSON, dohBreby bequeath myimsic abilityto Barbara Franklin. I, WINONA WILSON, do hereby bequeath my singing ability to Don Wanack. I hope he can reach high "C" without screeching. 21SeuUns The graduating class of Morrisonville High of '52 are having their grand reunion this year at the "Tepee Palace" which was erected in 1955 by this class. It has been fifteen years since they graduated so let's take a peep and see if we recognize anyone. I see WESLEY SPENGLER. I bet everyone who is interested in sports listens to Wesley's sport news. I see he is trying to get in a good word about his program on the radio. He is the top announcer of sports in the United States atthe present time. We hope that he will stay up here on top of the list. There's famous stylistaf teen-age fashions. I wonder what she is doing here? Oh, yes, that's PAT VAN3EIS0N. All the young teen-age girls adore Pat's creations. No wonder, they are always so pretty and stylish. I bet you can guess who that is withthe black doctor bag. He was always a show-off in high school, and I see he still is. It's HOWARD REYNOLDS who is a doctor at Medicine Lake Hospital. That'3 an appropriate namel There's VARY WHALEN! She's home on vacation from the Pale Face Hospital where she is the staff nurse. Mary tells us that there is a good-looking doctor who would like to become acquainted, but you know how bashful Mary always was. Hi, Joyce. JOYCE WILSON is now a concert pianist, and the social circles are just clambering to see her concerts. Music has always been Joyce'8 great interest in life. Well, at least, her second greatest interest! There's EVELYN MYRICK. She's giving the girls the news about all those good-looking pilots she has met. Evelyn is an air-hostess. She is always uo in the clouds about some guy. Who's that fashion creation. It's MELBA TAYLOR. Melba is the number-one designer of woman's clothes. She's quite in demand by the fashionable women in America. She's wearing one of her creation to publisize her work. We saw KENNETH HANCOCK and his wife, Linda, next. Kenneth is now the owner of the Hawk Hotels which are known from coast to coast. Everyone, esoecially Linda, thinks he has been quite successful in his life. 22Class fliapktcy Next, we sawthat great author and Journalist, VIVIAN LONG. Vivian had a talent for writing way back when she was in high school. I imagine everyone has read her novel, "The Painted Paleface." Here comes that whizzer in shorthand. She was always excellent in dictationin high school that she made therest of us feel like fools. Tes, it's PAT VOTA, who is now a shorthand reporter for the State Court. Who's that guy with the taxi-cab cap on? Oh, yes, that's RAT MCKINNEY1 I guess everyone remembers how Ray startedwith one cab years ago and is now the owner of the "Reds kin"taxi line that is so famous in Buffalo. Who is this person walking with such grace and poise? Why it's HELEN GRUNBY. No wonder, she has such poise, when she is a Pow-Wow model. Helen claims there isn't a love in her life but we don't know. She's sure to meet a lot of interesting people in her career. MAXINE SMITH and her husband, C. P., was the next ones we met. Maxine is now a private secretary in the Government Office where her husband is stationed. Her Office Practice has benefited her in this work. There's JIM RICHTER. Jim is now a large farm owner. He has also done research in agriculture that has improved farming methods. From high school days, most of you will be able to guess who was with Jim. We talked to NORMA JOHNSON next, since she just happened to be close by. Norma tells us that she is a typist in Springfield at the Sioux Railroad Company. Norma has had several promotion since she started working for this company which shows her ability in her career JIM HOWARD, who we saw next, is now a professional basketball player with the Ponies. Jim has been playing on the team ever since they were established. In fact, he heloed organize the Ponies. They have been undefeated for the last three years. WINONA WILSON was next onlhe list. She is forever wanting people to re-decorate their homes. After all, Winona is an interior decorator and she likes to advertise her decorating. There's that famous district attorney from Silverbowthat you read about in the newsoapers. MONICA CLARK tells us that her career originated in Mr. Kruzel's Social Science class in high school. 23Senlais There's LORRAINE CURVEY! Guess what? Lorraine is back in school again. She is a Home Economics teacher at Springfield. Now Lorraine can tell the students what to do. When she graduated, she had no intention of returning to school so soon. There's LOU FORBES. Remember his lead in the Junior play in high school. Well, he has made use of that talent, because now he is an actor. Everyone who has seen him on the screen thinks he looks like Ronald Reagan. There's LOLITA HARBERTJ She couldn't evenleave her baton at home. Of course, everyone has seen Lolita either on television or in the movies. She is widely known for the acrobatic twirling act. Here comes JOYCE SPENCER. She looks like she just stepped out of a dream. No wonder, since she is the owner and operator of the "War Paint" Parlor. Joyce should look like a million dollars all the time. There's ETHEL BALLARD! Her bookkeeping sessions in class has helped her achieve her career. She is now the accountant for the Red-Water Insurance Company. Next, we met that clown from our high school days. It seems that HOWARD LAMB is still playing the clown, because he isnow a professional camedienne. Howard plays in the movie, that has just been released, "A comedienne's nightmare." You better see it. Who is that cowgirl over there? She is the owner of the Nine Mile Ranch where horses are trained for professional racers. Horses were always her main interest in life. You guessed it. It's DARLENE HILL. The day is coning to a close, and the Class of '52 had a perfect attendance. All the old friends will soon be going their separate ways again. Perhaps we shall all meet at another reunionin the near future. But, if we don't we shall always remember our many happytimes together. 24Suniox QIooa From these beloved halls we 11 have to stray When it comes time for our graduation day. Many a memory will linger here Of those old friends and ones so dear. Many a memory of pleasant times will return. And for these beloved halls again our hearts will yearn. All of us will have to go on our separate ways. But always we will remember our happy school days. Many a pleasure in these old halls we have known. And very fond and loyal to our school we have grown. As we travel on down this hard road of life Though we have sorrow, trouble, and strife. We'll find comfort in memories of our old school days That will brighten our dark and dreary pathways. On graduation day our hearts will be filled With many thoughts that cannot be chilled; For all the warm memories in our hearts we will hold Of many happy experiences and pleasures untold. Through all walks of life many storms alone we will weather. But always our memories will be here together. VIVIAN LONGfoMty JutuomJunior CiflficeM. and Sypxmdxvta, President, Joe Lucasj Vice-president, Joyce Bradford; Secretary, Mary Margaret Jones; Treasurer, Glenda Vanzant. Mr. Janes Fisher and Miss Marjorie Galloway,were selected as the junior class sponsors. Mr. Fisher is from Waterloo, Iowa and he teaches Biology, and World History. This is his first year in Morrisonville. Miss Galloway is from Mendota, Illinois, and she is the girls P. E. teacher. This is her third year with us. The juniors have shown their acting ability by the swell job they did in their class play, A READI-MADE FAMILY. Their prom, too, was a star in their crown for it was very well done. 27Juniox 28OioiA Juniax VIRGINIA'S CAPE 30OiciAo. BARBARA FRANKLIN GLENDA VANZANT JACK SMITH MART MARGARET JONES LINDA MCELROY MART SULLIVAN ANDREW TOUNG DON SHAKE This page sponsored toy MARSCH SERVICE STATICS 31‘Junior C£aa Njewf , On September 6, 19li9, U6 green "papooses" entered Morrisonville High School. Our class advisors were Miss Galloway and Mr. Smith. We elected our officers as follows: President, Darrell Donaldson; Vice-president, Donna Franklin; Secretary, Gene Sikes. On September 5, 1950, 37 "tribe members" came back as "silly sophomores." Our class advisors were Mr. Ball aid Mr. Smith. Our officers were as follows: President, Margaret Ann Todt; Vice-president, Helen Skinner as follows: President, Margaret Ann Todt; Vice-president, Helen Skinner; Secretary, Treasurer, Donna Franklin. On September li, 1951 33 "big chiefs" came back under the title of "jolly juniors." We met in our "tepee" and chose Miss Galloway and Mr. Fisher as our class advisors. We also elected Joe Lucas as our "chief medicine man," Joyce Bradford as his assistant, Mary Margaret Jones as our scribe and Glenda Vanzant to keep her eyes fixed on our money. The Junior class participated in many activities. In G. A. A., we have 12 members from our class representing us. In chorus there are 17 juniors; in F. H. A., 16 members; in F. F. A., 5 members. Alsothere are 3 juniors taking second-year Latin. (Boyl Are they brave 1) Forth© third year Helen Skinner and Phyllis Smith were chosen by the student body to back our team as cheerleaders. We are also represented by Junior boys in all sports. We have basket ball, baseball and track competitors in our midst. In the fall of the year we put on the traditional Junior-class play entitled A READY-MADE FAMILY. We gave two performances, one in the after noon for the grade school and one at night for anyone wishing to attend. We were quite elated with our success. Our endeavor for the year has been along the line of money-making. You see, in the spiring we put on the annual Junior-Senior Banquet id Prom, the highlight of the social activities of the year. Bren the job of cleaning up did not dim our pleasure in this event. Next year you will see still more added to our record—we will then return as the Class of '53 of Morrisonville High School 32 This page sponsored by morrisonville timesSnapshot Stick Em Up! »Peach’1 Got Stupkl Want A Ride? What's up Doc? Hold Still ’’Lunch” I What is it? Help I'"! Caught I Ain't We Cute? 3334SjopAomoxe dfifUcexa and Spanaoxa, President: Mack Prose Vice-president; Joyce Millburg Secretary and Treasurer: Dorothy Armitage The Sophomore class has highlighted this year by giving an allschool party which turned out very successful. They have put in many hours of hard work with help only fromtheir class advisors, Miss Hanson and Mr. Lemay. Miss Hanson was a new comer this year, but got ri£ht into the swin ; of things by pounding English into those Sophomores and Seniors Mr. Lemay has had plenty of recognition in his two years of service to our school by teaching Physical Education, Drivers Training, and Social Science I. 3536PHILLIS HANCOCK JOYCE MILLBURG This page sponsored by PALMER STATE BANK and MARION STANLEY 37SopAomave DON MINNIS HAROLD HASLETT DARLENE WEITEKAMP DELORES BEAT! JOYCE HORNBUCKLE MARILYN REYNOLDS CAROL MONTGOMERY LUWANNA GERMAN This page sponsored by JONES GARAGE BETTI SKINNER BILL BEIERMAN MARCELLA OLLER RICHARD SMITH JOE BACON RAMONA BRACKENHOFF MARI LOO WAGNER NELLIE DOWD! This page sponsored by Me VET AND SON 39Sofhatti ws On September 5, 1950, forty-four "Green Freshies" (Papooses), entered the "Big Tepee" very nervous and scared. But, the "Big Chiefs" entertained them at a party to get them acquainted with the rest of the Mohawk Tribe, so they soon lost their nervousness. At their first council, they elected the following officers: President-Lucille Curvey, Vice-president-Mack Prose, Secretary-Nancy Cummings, Treasure-Carolyn Myrick. Mrs. Robinson and Mr. LeMay were chosen as advisors. On September U, 1951, they again entered the "Big Tepee", but, as"silly sophomores", insteadof "green freshies". Thistime, they were familiar with the "Tepee", so they knew their way around, and were not late for any of their classes. This time officers chosen were: Mack Prose-President, Joyce Millburg-Vice-president, Corothy Armitage-Sec-retary and Treasure. Miss Hanson and Mr. LeMay were chosen as advison Marcella Oiler represents the sophomore class in twirling. She seems to have great encouragement from the other twirlers. The band is also largely composed of members of the sophomore class. This year four sophomore boys are on the basketball squad, they are: Jerry Jones, Jerry Hornbuckle, Donny Minnis, and James Muster. If you saw any of the games you know they rated pretty high. So as "silly sophomores", we say so long until we meet you next year as "jolly juniors." 40 This page sponsored by KeKDiNIE BROTHERS TRUCKINGSnap hotA Backward or Forward????? Curtain Time1S1 Charleston, Charleston Morrisonville All StarlUtl This page sponsored by D. R L. DRY GOODS 41C %em jte sAiea,Ssieafunen C flficew and SjMmaxwa, Presidents Jerry Beierman Vice-president: Shirley Babbs Secretary: Joe Lamb Treasurer: Lois Garner Sponsors: Mr. Kruzel Mrs. Robinson Mr. Alexander Kruzel and Mrs. Bernice Robinson were chosen at the beginning of the school term as Freshmen Sponsors. Mr. Kruzel, who is here for the first year, is from Chicago, and he teaches Chemistry, General Science, Math, and Social Science II. Mrs. Robinson, who has been here four years, is from North Dakota and she teaches English I, English III, Latin, and Chorus. The Freshmen, were welcomed by the Seniors at an all-school party held in their honor. They showed their appreciation by getting into the swing of school days, and having many students represented on the honor roll. This page sponsored by FROBISH FEED AND TRUCKING 43LARRY SMITH This page specsored by GALEN FRANKLIN STATE THEATERGLEN FESSER OladA JACK SIMMONS SHIRLEI OLLER LOIS GARNER BILL! KLINGER ELAINE RATHGEBER This pa e sponsored by gauer INSURANCE AGENCT BOB BETHARD 451 WAYNE CRAVENS RONALD SCHRCJYER ALLAN SMITH V xj BOYCE MCWARD MARY HANCOCK tea(unm C:i LINDA EWIG 46 DIANE EDWARDS This pag« sponsored by SMITH'S ELECTRIC SHOP fr JOE LAMB v JEROME BEIERMANHOMER EASLET OiaAA MARLIN DURBIN This page sponsored by BERNARD DOZIER MHI£URGtS DRUG STOREJOHN STANLEY WAYNE GRUNDY DELORES O'BRIEN fheaAmeti DOROTHA BUCKNER This page sponsored by DONALD WANACK D. R. L. SUPPLY COMPANY'fteslunw September U, 1951, was an exciting day in the lives of U8 little "papooses" 1 Ve had at last earned the title of "green freshies." At our first class meeting we elected our class officers who are: President, Jerry Beiermanj Vice-president, Shirley Babbs; Secretary, Joe Lamb; Treasurer, Lois Ann Gamer. Our "Chiefs" are Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Kruzel. We may have the title of "green freshies" but you vatchuB and you may be surprised before our four years are up. We have already started to show you a thing or two. We are the class who consistently keep several of our names on the honor roll. We have good representation in almost all school organizations. Several of our members were initiated into F. F. A. and F. H. A. Many of us are in band and chorus and we have one girl oa the twirling squad. The Freshman-Sophomore basketball team, of course, is composedcf people from our class and the Sophomore class. We think these people deserve commendation for their work because their faithfulness to practice so often does not pay off until later years. We were the recipients of an all-school party in our honor sponsored by the Seniors. We think it very nice of them to have planned this so soon after school started because they must have known we were a little scared. Now we are definitely a part of Morrisonville High School for we have made a place for ourselves here. We look forward to returning next year, but as Sophomores. It's been fun—our first year of high schooll 49Snaps Home Ec Style Show. "Ooh I’m ScaredI" ■Watch the Birdie" 50(Hit the WaxSCORES OF 1951-52 BASEBALL GAMES Morrjsonville 12 Stonington 3 Morrisonville 8 Farmersville 5 Morrisonville U Raymond 5 Morrisonville h Raymond 3 Morrisonville 16 Coffeen 7 Morrisonville 5 Farmersville 6 SNAPS OF l9i l-52 BASKETBALL GAMES 53Mofuuvda, "Wes" "Jerry" "Beef" "Jim" This page sponsored by NELSON PROSE "Dave""Lunch" This page sponsored by STEWART'S LOCKER PLANT "Kenny" "Humphrey" "Lou"Samlet and tyey Front row: Manager, Joe Bacon, Jiack Smith, Joe Lucas, Jerry Jones, Gene Sikes, Wesley Spengler, Kenny Hancock, Jim Howard, Lou Forbes, Howard Lamb, Jim Sloan, Dave" Anderson, and Manager, Mack Prose. Back row: Coach LeMay, Joe Lamb, Jerry Hornbuckle, John Stanley, Donny Minnis, Bobby Harris, Janes Muster, Albert Eyman, Jerry Bierman, Billy Klingner, David Jones, and Coach Smith. 56 This page sponsored by CLARENCE TQDTMohawk Sxmea, PLATER FIELD GOALS FREE HITS TOTAL POINTS Anderson 19 33 85 Forbes 1 1 68 180 Hancock 51 66 186 Howard 67 97 261 Lamb 3 8 19 Lucas 2 2 6 Sloan 36 38 112 Spengler 10 12 31 Stewart 33 92 217 TOTALS 268 1 16 1100 57(Bas keUtall Morrisonville 3h Edinburg 50 Morrisonville 56 Divernon Ub Morrisonville US Raymond 35 Morrisonville U6 Mt. Olive 81 Morrisonville 28 Farmersville 36 Morrisonville U8 Edinburg UU Morrisonville 56 Stonington 76 Morrisonville 50 Stauton 80 Morrisonville 57 Benld 52 Morrisonville 56 Coffeen 52 Morrisonville U6 Nokomis 31 Morrisonville 38 Stonington Uh Morrisonville U9 Auburn 65 Morrisonville 59 Nokomis 35 Morrisonville 51 Virden 60 Morrisonville 6b Raymond 70 Morrisonville 63 North Western b3 Morrisonville U7 Girard SI Morrisonville 80 Waverly b9 Morrisonville 51 Pawnee 75 Morrisonville 50 St. James 39 Morrisonville 31 Taylorville (Regional game) 55 58 This page sponsored by BUFF'S SUPERETTEffiafi! tJlafi! I U h I I Howard Reynolds Phyllis Smith Helen Skinner Helen Grundy This page sponsored by KRANER STANDARD SERVICE 59S pmts SUgMiqfdd Dave Anderson is at bat in a close game with Raymond. Ughl Lou Forbes in the broad jump at a track meetIn Raymond. Looks like deep interest on the side lines. Set for the 220 yard dash are: Harold Pinkston, Dean Ogden from Raymond. Don Minnis, Dave Anderson dnd Lou Forbes are from Morrisonville. The other is unknown. 60§ltls A iklelic As social ton First row: Glenna Secrest, Linda Ewig, Joyce Millburg, Mary Lou Wagner, Marianna Clower, Shirley Thacker, Secretary and Treasurer, Darlene Hill Vice-president, Helen Grundy, President, Betty Dowdy, Glenda Vanzant, Helen Skinner, Maggie Todt, Advisor, Miss Galloway, Jeannie Ebe, Joyce Wilson, Evelyn ffyrick, Elaine Rathgeber Second row: Shirley Babbs, Mary Jones, Winona Wilson, Joyce Bradford, Mary Hancock, Joyce Spencer, Norma Johnson, Linda McElroy,Iht Vangeison, Barbara Spencer, Shirley Oiler, Phyllis Smith, Darlene Weitekamp, Ramona Brakenhoff Shirley Stanley, Mary Whalen. Third row: Carol Henderson, Phyllis Smith, Donna Oiler, Jean White, Donnis Jack, Barbara Franklin, Delores O'Brien, Nellie Dowdy, Diane Edwards, Donna Yard, Donna Franklin, Pat Vota, Vivian Long, Lolita Harbert. This page through the courtesy of ALICE POGGENPOHL 61§.d.A. The Girls Athletic Association is one of the youngest organizations at Morrisonville. The G. A. A. was organized at M. U. H. S. in October, 19L9, and is a member of the Illinois League of High School Girls Athletic Association. The aim of the G. A. A. is to stimulate interest in girls' athletic activities and to promote ideals of health and sportsmanship. The Year's program includes athletic activities, business meetings, social activities, and a money-making plan to pay for the awards and letters, and to pay part of expenses of the camp representatives. The G. A. A. at Morrisonville has participated in the League bowlings and Basket-shooting tournaments, also sponsors a girls' inter class basketball and softball tournament. As a school project,they cleaned and polished all of the school's trophies. Two years ago they provided money for cheerleading uniforms, and this year formed a G. A. A. Pep Club. On October 13, G. A. A. sponsored a fall play day with six other schools as guests. Ten G. A. A. members and their sponsors were present from Raymond, Litchfielf, Nokomis, Gillespie, and Benld. A day of fun was enjoyed by all. The camp representatives for this year are, Lucille Curvey and Mary Margaret Jones. They will attend East Bay Camp at Lake Bloomington. On March 22, they sponsored a food sale with the proceeds going toward sending the two delegates to camp. The present officers are: Betty Dowdy, President; Helen Grundy, Vice-president; Darlene Hill, Secretary and Treasurer; Helen Skinner, Social Chairman; Shirley Thacker, Basketball Manager; Glenda Vanzant, Bowling Manager; Margaret Todt, Point Recorder; and Miss Galloway, Advisor. There are 55 girls in the organization this year. Five teams were represented in a Round Robin Tournament. Shorty's Sharpshooter's won the tournament and played Alumni. Also they had an inter-claso tournament and the Seniors won over the Freshmen. 62 This page sponsored by NOTEHMAN'S and First row: Linda Ewig, Glenna Secrest, Frederick Davis, Bernard Dozier, Boyce McWard, Carolyn Munson, Shirley Miner, Angela Schweitzer Barbara Franklin, Dorothy Armitage, Elaine Rathgeber, Helen Skinner, Joe Lamb, Allan Smith Second r w: Lolita Herbert, Shirley Oiler, Nancy Cummins, Harris Graham, Arthur Carter, John Stanley, Shirley Stanley, Joyce Bradford, Jerry Hornbuckle, Dwight Lamb, Mr. Ball, Director; Jean Ebe, Frances Spencer, Becky Anderson, Glenn Fesser, Joyce Wilson, Galen Franklin, Rich Wilson, Leland LeFever, JoAnn Christian, Marcel'a Oiler. Third row; Don Kramer, Joyce Spencer, DuaneDozier, Dean White, Mack Prose Don Shake, Eugene Schultze, Fred Vangeison, Billy Klinger, Barbara Spencer, Linda McElroy, Glenda Vanzant, Larry Smith, Carol Smith. 64 This page sponsored by CHRISTIAN COUNT! FARMERS' SUPPLI COMPANY Mr. Ball cane back for his third year of directing the band here at Morri8onrllle. There were fifty-seven high and junior high school nenbers who signed up for band. Added to this numDer werefbur very pretty twirlers The band made its first appearance at the Christa as concert and many compliments were received. We also played at several of the basketball games and some of the assembly programs this year. Before time for contest rolled around, the soloists who were entered in competition gave a concert so they would get used to appearing before an audience. On March 15 the soloists got on the bus at a bright and early six o’clock in the morning and journeyed to Beardstown. There they competed with students from schools in this section in class C. Everyone of the kids who went did a good job an his solo and the judges gave us a first for Joyce Bradford's saxaphone solo. Those that received seconds were: clarinet quartet, composed of Larry Smith, Helen Skinner, Linda McElroy, and Joyce Hornbuckle; piano solos, Mary Margaret Jones and Joyce Wilson. Third ratings were: Larry Smith, clarinet soloj Ramona Brakenhoff, flute solo; saxaphone quartet, Joyce Bradford, Melba Luken, Delores Beaty, and Nancy Cummins. Joyce Bradford went to Peoria and competed with all the winners from all the sections of Illinois on May 22. On April 5, the whole band went to Beardstown in their scarlet and grey uniforms. The three numbers we played were: SYMBOL OF HONOR, GOLDEN HARVEST, and EVANGELINE. We then had to sight read a piece to determine how good we really were. We came home with a third rating The band went to Kincaid on May 7 and joined seven other bands for a festival. There were about 300 students there under the direction of an entirely new director. Some of the pieces we played were: CARNIVAL OF ROSES, MAGNUS, EVANGELINE, GOLD AND SILVER WALTZ, BAND JIVE, AMERICAN FOLK RHAPSODY, BIG HORN BOOGIE, U. S. STARRY EMBLEM, INDIANA STATE BAND, WASHINGTON POST, and MIGHTY MITE. We spent a very profitable and enjoyable day there. The band played at Baccaluareate and Commencement to end the school year. Then all of the members packed up their instruments and took them home so they could practice real hard during the summer. 65Sated and Conteslanby. FRONT ROW: Joyce Hombuckle, Delores Beaty, Larry Smith, Helen Skinner, Jeannie Ebe, Lolita Harbert, Joyce Wilson, Winona Wilson, Pat Vota. BACK ROW: Leland Balsley, Howard Lamb, Jim Sloan, Dave Anderson, Joyce Bradford, Linda McElroy, Norma Johnson, Marianna Clover, Nancy Cummins, Melba Luken, Ramona Brakenhoff, Mary Margaret Jones. NORMA JOHNSON...........Vocal Solo WINONA WILSON ......... Vocal Solo JOYCE WILSON .......... Piano Solo DAVE ANDERSON...........Vocal Solo LOLITA HARBERT . . . Twirling Solo RAMONA BRAKENHOFF . . . Flute Solo MARY JONES..............Piano Solo LARRY SMITH .... Clarinet Solo Qirls Sextet .... HELEN SKINNER JEANNIE EBE WINONA WILSON MARIANNA CLOWER PAT VOTA NORMA JOHNSON Boys Quartet .... LELAND BALSLEY JIM SLOAN HOWARD LAMB DAVE ANDERSON Saxophone Quartet MELBA LUKEN NANCY CUMMINS JOYCE BRADFORD DELORES BEATY Clarinet Quartet . . . LARRY SMITH JOYCE HORNBUCKLE LINDA McELROY HELEN SKINNER 66Jumlena. Shirley Oiler Marcella Oiler JoAnn Christian Lolita Harbert This page sponsored by MORRISONVILLE SALES AND SERVICE 67IHixed Chauis First row: Barbara Franklin, Beth Shoeber, Mary Sullivan, Jean rthite, Delores O'Brien, Diane Edwards, Donna Thacker, Joyce Bradford, Glenda Van-zant, Joyce Spencer, Pat Vangeison, Linda McElroy, Dorothy Buckneer, Lenora Lucas, Margaret Todt, Betty Dowdy, Linda Ewig, Shirley Babbs, Teresa Miller Director, Mrs. Robinson. Second row: Dorothy Armitage, Helen Skinner, Pat Vota, Nellie Dowdy, Nancy Cummins, Phyllis Hancock, Marianna Clower, Vivian Long, Joyce Wilson, Mary Jones, Ramona Brakenhoff, Winona Wilson, Mary Hancock, Janann Duffy, Janice Franklin, Melba Luken, Jeannie Ebe, Marjorie Muster. Third row: Larry Smith, Glen Fesser, Joe Lucas, Ronald Schroyer, Wayne Cravens, Larry Murphy, John Stanley, Dave Anderson, Howard Lamb, Jim Sloan, Bob Harris, Mack Prose, Leland Balsley, Jerome Wilson, Albert Eyman, Dean White, Arthur Carter, Bobby Bethard, Joe Lamb. 68TUttis The Morrisonville chorus has been quite busy this year. Mrs. Robinson, the director, has charge of the girls' chorus, boys' chorus, nixed chorus, girls sextette, and boys' quartet. The fifty-six students have worsed very hard to present pleasant music for the community listening. The boys' quartet, composed of Jim Sloan, first tenorj David Earl Anderson, second tenor; Leland Balsley, baritone; and Howard Lamb, bass; are new this year. They received a third rating this year at Contest held at Beardstown. The girls in the sextette are: first sopranos: Winona Wilson and Norma Johnson; second sopranos: Jeannie Ebe and Helen Skinner altos: Pat Vota and Marianna Clower. The sextette has sung several dif- ferent times this year for community affairs. They received a first rating at contest. The mixed chorus has performed several different times also. Last fall they went to Farmersville and attended the "Fall Music Festival. There were six other schools there who sang with Morrisonville. There were: Pana Farmersville, Stonington, Raymond, Edinburg, and Auburn. Our special number was a two-piano duet by Joyce Wilson and Mary Margaret Jones. They played "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers." The chorus and band presented a Christmas and Spring concert, also, very pleasant music for the listener's ear. Besides the sextette and quartette going to contest there were three solos. They were: David Earl Anderson who brought back a first rating; Norma Johnson came through with second rating, and Winona Wilson received a third rating. The chorus has had a lot of fun this year working and playing. Here's to a bigger and better chorus next year. 69Conteaianta, THE GIRLS SEXTET Standing: Joyce Wilson, Winona Wilson, and Jeannie Ebe. Seated: Marianna Clowor, Helen Skinner, Pat Vota, and Norma Johnson. 70 This page sponsored by Gilpin's Furniture Company and SloanNoon hour. What! All Freshiesl Dance Ke Loose! Smile girls! Stargazing? Oh tnese parties! Silly Sophomores.Sutwie MamemafteM, of (Xm dca First row: Norma Johnson, Marilyn Reynolds, Linda McElroy, Glenda Vanzant, Pat Vangieson, Barbara Spencer, President, Phyllis Smith, Vice-president, Mary Whalen, Secretary, Margaret Todt, Advisor, Mrs. Shaffer, Treasurer, Helen Skinner, Parliamentarian, Janice Franklin, Reporter, Betty Dowdy, Carol Montgomery, Melba Taylor, Janann Duffy, Shirley Thacker, Shirley Stanley, Winona Wilson, Second row: Dorothy Amitage, Beth Shoeber, Jean White, Monica Clark, Donna Franklin, Jean Ebe, Melba Luken, Joyce Wilson, Joyce Hornbuckle, Nancy Cummins, Mary Jones, Darlene Weitekamp, Joyce Bradford, Marjorie Muster, Maxine Smith, Shirley Oiler, Mary Sullivan, Delores Beaty. Third row: Maxine Garner, Arta Billiter, JoAnn Christian, Barbara Franklin, Donnis Jack, Luwanna German, Donna Yard, Delores O'Brien, Donna Thacke’, Edwards, Joyce Millburg, Lenora Lucas, Carol H Donna Thacker, Donna Edwards, Joyce Millburg, Lenora Lucas, Carol Henderson, Carolyn Myrick, Linda Ewig, Lois Garner, Shirley Babbs, Teresa Miller 72Cventa. The Future Homemakers of Morrisonville High School started the year vrith the following officers: Phyllis Smith, President; Mary Whalen, Vice- president; Margaret Todt, Secretary; Helen Skinner, Treasurer; Janice Franklin, Parliamentarian; Betty Dowdy,Reporter; Mrs.Edith Wilson, Chapter Mother; Mrs. Esther Shaffer, Chapter Advisor. On October li, sixteen new members were informally initiated into the club. From November k to loth was National F. H. A. Week. On Sunday each girl attended the church of her choice. Monday we sent a CARE package. On Tuesday and Wednesday we sold red roses throughout Palmer and Morrisonville. On Thursday we held our monthly business meeting. On Friday we, had a tea for all the F. H. A. mothers. On Saturday we held a bake sale. The sale was a grand success On Friday afternoon, December lk, the F. H. A. girls were hostesses to almost i 0 little boys and girls of Unit District No. 1. The highlights of the afternoon came when Santa arrived to give all the little boys and girls a treat. In January a very impressive formal initiation was held for all new members. On February 29 we held an all school party. The girls had the chance they had long been waiting for, they could go and ask the boy for a date. All those attending had a very enjoyable time at the "Sadie Hawkins Leap Year Party." In March we attended the spring rally in Virden. In April we had s. weiner roast and hike, along with a business meeting. In May the Publicity Book was finished. This brought to a close of a very successful year for the Morrisonville F. H. A., Mrs. Edith Wilson, and Mrs. Esther Shaffer. 73. txmttd Got A Customer "Open House" Looking for Santa. 74uluti fatmas First row? Secretary, Duane Dozier, Dean White, John Piercy, Treasurer, Bill Bier-man, Vice-president, Don Shake, Harold Massey, Kennv Hancock, President, Jim Richter, Sentinel, W;s Spengler,Ray McKinney, Lawrence Beaty, Advisor, Mr. Bullard. Second row: Rich Wilson, Larry Smith, Glen Fesser, Galen Franklin, Arthur Carter, Eugene Schultz, Jerry Hornbuckle, Jerry Bierman, Charlie Babbs, John Christian, Joe Lamb, Reporter, Leland Lefever, Don Bethard Third row: Billy Klinger, David Jones, Boyce Mc'Ward, Carl Spengler, Jerry Richter, Bob Harris, Jim Muster, Jack Simmons, Jerome Wilson, Ron Swinger, Dwight Lamb, Joe Lucas, Wayne Grundy. This page sponsored by MORRISOHVILLE FARMERS’ CO-OP 76JV UM, The years activity started with the officers attending "Officers Training School" held at Taylorville. Those attending were: Jim Richter, Duane Dozier, Bill Bierman, Don Shake, and Wes Spengler. Mr. Bullard, the chapters' Advisor, also attended. At the October 11th meeting 37 "Green Hands" were accepted as members and were initiated at the meeting. The father and S0n Banquet was a big success this year. It was on the evening of January 15th. The speaker was the father of Ken Luller, the speaker of last year. At the Banquet two honorary members were chosen and ere pinned at that time, these two persons were Everette McWard and Ray Hudson. A new nroject was established this year. This was the F. F. A, U-H sale held on October l6th. The sale was put on by the prominent members of the community. The surrounding Auctioneers voluntarily gave their services. At the sale a 7 x lit hog house was sold by the F. F. A. organization. Another project the F. F. A. and It—H took part in for the first time was the Morrisonville Picnic. They had an exhibit of their livestockprojects at the Picnic,1.1.4. Wes and FamilyI An Eye FullI Feedin Timel Willie's Prize Cowl A Lot Of Bulll This little piggy went to market. Jerry and Whitiel Future Farm InspectorsI This page sponsored by JOHNSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Lee's Guernsey1 77Jfie Cueat Seated: Vivian Long, Mary Whalen, Marianna Clower Evelyn Myrick, Lolita Harbert, Joyce Wilson, Monica Clark, Ethel Ballard, Maxine Smith, Joyce Spencer, and Norma Johnson. Standing: Helen Grundy, Melba Taylor, Miss Logue, Pat Vota, Darlene Hill, Howard Reynolds, Kenny Hancock, Lou Forbes, Jim Richter, Wesley Spengler, Ray McKinny, Jim Howard, Howard Lamb, Winona Wilson, Pat Vangeison. 78 This page sponsored by MCRRISONVILLE BOWLING ALLEYAnnual Stall This is itl The staff has tried to put together the most interesting events ofthe year to give you the "Life of the Mohawks." The Seniors have worked hard to meet our financial needs. Ray McKinnie, who made the most sales in our magazine drive, sold I16U.50 worth. Winona Wilson was next with $129.00. The advertising staff took a big part in selling ads, as others sold subscriptions for the annual. We hope you enjoy reading it, as we have enjoyed making it. The staff is as follows: Editor ......... Assistant Editor Business Manager Advertising . . , Art Editors Camera Staff Class Editors Sports Editors . . Activities Editors Will and Prophecy . . Mary Whalen . . Vivian Long Howard Reynolds . • Monica Clark Evelyn Myrick Joyce Spencer Howard Lamb .. Louis Forbes Pat Vota Darlene Hill Ethel Ballard . Ray McKinnie Jim Richter . Norma Johnson Pat Vangeison Maxine Smith Marianna Clower • . Jim Howard Kenny Hancock . Helen Grundy Wes Spengler Lorraine Curvey Joyce Wilson • Melba Taylor Lolita Harbert This is the tale ofthis book and a few of the people who worked on it. Please read the ads, also, as these people have sponsored the book. This page sponsored by Boston and Peck Implement Company 79Mohawk. Seated: Editor, Margaret Todtj Assistant Editor, Helen Skinner. Standing left to right: Shirley Thacker, Marjorie Muster, Advisor, Miss Galloway, Betty Buckner, Mary Sullivan, Phyllis Smith, Glenda Vanzant, Donna Franklin, Beth Shober, Linda McElroy, JoAnn Christian, Betty Dowdy, Joyce Bradford, Mary Margaret Jones. 80 This page sponsored by KENT'S FEED STOREUlokawk Huns Once again the Junior Class put forth their best efforts to publish the "Mohawk." We publishes six copies. One at the end of each six weeks. Much recognition should be given to the Editors and staff members for giving up much of their time to the success of this paper. Our staff con- sists of: Editor Assistant Editor News Editor ... Feature Editor . . News Reporter • • Duaine Dozier Linda MeElroy Beth Schober Mary Sullivan Sports Writers . Phyllis Smith Typists JoAnn Christian Glenda Vanzant Qn the 29th of March, Donna Franklin, Mary Margaret Jones, Margaret Todt, and Miss Galloway, traveled to Lebanon, Illinois, to attend "A Communications Work Shop" sponsored by McKendree College. Our special recognitionto the "Times" office for printing our "Mohawk" each six weeks and also to Miss Galloway, our Advisor, for giving so much of her time in helping us. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work, but we enjoyed every minute of it. So we leave our task to next years class and hope that they may have as successful a year as we have had. 81fPxom of. Queen, Attendants and Escorts Queen, Lorraine Curvgy.............. Louis Forbes Crowning Queen, Margie Jenkins ....... . .Jerry Fahl Left, Mary Whalen ......... ••••••••••••••• Bill Hayes Right, Joyce Spencer .. ........... • Ronny Thunhorst Norma Johnson ..... ........ » . Jim Richter • J Helen Orundy ......................... Ray O'Brien 82SiftyrClne Queen, Lorraine Cur-vey, and her escort Louis Forbes walking to the throne Dancing to the music of Joe Ladd and his orchestra.Cl Steady, Made Santily 84Jiuwxx ‘May On the night of November 2, 1951 the gym was packed and behind the stage the juniors were anxious and nervous It was the night of the annual Junior-Class play. The Juniors were in the Home Economics room, getting the finishing touches on their makeup and getting their final and last checkup before going on stage. Hiss Hanson, the director, was nervously waiting for the hour to come Finally the time arrived and the curtain was drawn. The action started when Agnes Martin, a widow, met an old sweetheart, Henry Turner, a widower, and they fell in love. When their two families learn of their plans to marry they plot to destroy the marriage In the hilarious second act, Bob Martin turned into a raving maniac in Mr turner's presence; Mary Lee talked baby talk; Oracle, the youngest of Mrs. Martin's children, pursued her antics as a typical brat It all came to a climax when Bob foamed at the mouth and had a convulsion in the presence of Nicodemus, the colored gardener To even things up, Mr Turner's two children Saande and Doris came to call on Mrsc Martin Doris talked constantly about her operation and Saa-mie showed signs of being a kleptomaniac To top things off Saamie had a murderous fit in the presence of Begonia, the colored maid Still there were more complications 1 Miss Lydia, the old maid sister of Agnes' late husband Horatio, tried to bring Horatio back as a ghost to scare poor Mr Turner After all the difficulty and hardship, everyone got together, including Mr. Turner and Mrs. Martin They were able to finish their plans for marriage. Between the second and third acts Joe Lucas, president of the (Hass, presented Miss Hanson with a compact and a dozen roses as a token ofappreciation from the Class 85Leland and Joyce W Howard R. and Pat Maxine and Helen Gift presentation to Miss Hanson Joyce S Lorraine, Joe, Monica, and Lou Mack and Winona 86Seniai Mai On May 9 the Senior class held its annual class play entitled "In Spring the Sap." It was a three-act comedy written by Guernsey LePelley. The setting of the play was Riverbottom University, and the "Mad" series of events all began when Rockhead McGuire, (Howard Lamb) Riverbottora U's hope for winning the track meet, was confined to the dorm by the faculty for an infraction ofthe rules. With the aid of a classmate, Phillip Dill, the track team manager, (Leland Balsley) put Rockhead in a box and hid him inthe workshop of J. Oliver Twibbly, an 89-year-old inventor, (Howard Reynolds) who was frantically at work completing his "Various Machine" (it did various things). The facultyhsard ofthe strange goings-on and started an investigation. Josephine, a professional girl football player, (Lorraine Curvey) created quite a panic when she proceeded to show the ancient Twibbly some fine points of the game. Phillip, who was scheduled to marry Vickie (Joyce Wilson) stood her up in the interest of the track team. Melville Kadenza (Lou Forbes) had written a poem, "Beautiful New," in honor of the wedding and it became wasted effort. Mrs. Mince (Pat Vota) was the proprietor ofthe Soda Shop next door and was almost out of her mind worrying about the "Various Machine" which exploded at the most inopportune moment. She was also worried about her daughter, Violet, (Winona Wilson) who wanted to capitalize on the wedding postponement by capturing Phillip. Mrs. Mince finally employed Squintin Glower, a hypnotist, (Joe Lucas) in an attempt to win Philip for her daughter. But this scheme backfired when Rockhead was the one who fell under the hypnotist’s power. Rockhead responded immediately to Mr. Glower’s power and for a while was so under the spell that he thought he was a duck. If Mrs. Gerturde Hawley Stickney (Maxine Smith) hadn't falleninto the "Various Machine", things would have been a lot simpler, but from that point on misfortune climbed into the driver's seat. However, as in all good plays, the madly tangled complications we-e straightened out in the end. And even Dr. Matilda Guppie, (Helen Grundy) president of Riverbottom U, was so enthusiastic about the outcome that she offered good old Twibbly the use of the college labs. Pam Broomwell, (Mary Whalen) a pretty co-ed, was Vickie's goodfhiend. Prudence Prim (Monica Clark) was a nurse who took her careerwry seriously. Henry Graves (Mack Prose) was a hearse driver. Susie Mae lounghope (Joyce Spencer) was an eye witness to some strange events which took place Miss Hanson was the director. Assistant Director was Marianna Clower, and the sound-effects man was Ray McKinnie. 87Qxiu t 3staining One of the classes. Learning the parts? Coach LeMay, our instructor. You try it first. 88JnUiatiom, Child Care I And Baby Makes ThreeI What A DayI All This and Lipstick Tool Not Too Much Sun Girlsi 89ClwuuL MISS MELBA TAIL® VALEDICTQRIAI Melba Taylor was named vale-dictorian of the Class of '$2 for her high scholastic standing in her four years of high school. Melba came to MUHS in her freshman year. In her Junior year she wandered to Taylorville for a semester. Then Melba came back to MUHS to finish her Senior year. Melba was on the annual staff in her Senior year aid was on the library staff two years. Melba was also on the A and Bhonor roll every six weeks. 90MISS DARLENE HILL SALOTATORIAN Darlene Hill was named salutatorian of the Claes of ’$2, She was a consistent honor roll member. Darlene also heldthe following offices: Secretary ofher class as a Junior, manager of GAA bowlingteam, treasurer of her class as a Senior. She was also on the library staff and was editor of the Mohawk. MISS MART WHALEN DAR AWARD WINNER Mary Whalen was selected to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award. She was selected by the members of the Senior class and the faculty. The four qualities by which Mary was chosen were: Dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Mary has been a fine, outstanding student in her years at MUHS. She has taken part in many of the school activities being Vice-president of FHA, a member of the Mohawk staff, editor of the Crest, attendant at the Prom of 51, an active GAA member and an honor roll student. She had a leading part in her class play as a Junior and has been a librarian. 91JdiftHWtty Staff, First hour.........Helen Grundy Second hour . . . • .Harold Haslett Third hour.........Vivian Long Monica Clark Fourth hour .... .Joyce Bradford Fifth hour.........Melba Taylor Sixth hour.........Betty Dowdy Seventh hour .... Mary Whalen Eighth hour........Winona Wilson Director .......... Miss Hanson93Qmduation First Row Monica Clark, Helen Grundy, Mary Whalen, Lorraine Curvey, Pat Vota Second Row: Lolita Harbert, Evelyn Myrick, Maxine Smith, Joyce Wilson, Marianna Clower Third Row: Melba Taylor, Vivian Long, Winona Wilson, Howard Lamb Fourth Row: Ray McKinnie, Norma Johnson, Darlene Hill, Joyce Spencer, Patricia Vangeison Fifth Row: Wesley Spongier, Jim Richter, Lou Forbes, Jim Howard, Howard Reynolds, Kenneth Hancock 94American Legion Medal.............Mary Whalen American Legion Certificate of Merit . . Maxine Smith American Legion Medal. ...••••••• Lou Forbes School Spirit Award......... . .Winona Wilson American Legion Certificate of Merit .Howard Reynolds 9596 97f T- Vor . 99She td of the Snailnu

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