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" 'Pit V-L71 , - ...A y L. i ff ' f --- vf ' mQr4 , n r, ,, - ' W J aw . -- - 1 1-ww" '25 -.fffwx Uwijrufd-AJJYfQ4-4L'3V jf f ffjfgf :yrs Jr 4- W ff' I 19 u .59 fdefv ,Ufy M4671 iz!!-Q! XA bfi kf 6-7 E' 12 wwf , 'fix Mlffifi' X'5' 5Wf 152' rn ff' L I 1 -1 Q L f ff! J ff 'K riv.. M7 KV-'S 'twat J' ,jf -rf!! 7 11' Z' lily! !!J!4f'fffUW!,F,fff ff lj jf' Wifi, A W Pilsiafllfff IS Jffllf J fr ,J , fm01,u,unvn.Lg lmmmunm 1111511 shaun 'rm rxlrl' WU' I 1111 UIIJB 1135591 911013 ft UUJUIJU .J IIHJIIUDB mylvurl ' ! . l'x1'iy . 1 A aff f ' il, ' vt 1 f mpuqi 5 ,I . 1 ' , Q 'I if I 51 I IJ C I r' J , ,f - r' S , I , K -7, X7 I f 'f M f 4561 f ,, 446 fff.'4'ff-1' -If , V ' 'f K I Y' V Ja? V jf, L1 V tv F M ,Q -1 f ,, Lutz, ,,, af , V .A 4,5 , 4 4V y 7' 'L' f R fk zffftfw ' 1 465 , 7: Jfff " ,- J U" "lf fg, ,f 'af ff. ,I K tuabf, , , 471, Us 1 , A 1 f 1' ! ., , , ,l ' Hd' . J ff , ' ' . ' D I L ' KX I7 ' f " 'M J I -7 .' ! 'MV ' CLTQIS' 1 fk , fl, MW ' M. 1 I ,A ' N N A 4 X, 14 A , Q 7 I . A, ff iz' " 1 I, .fx fl fi: f my '. 0 5 f f f yi, ,- I ,. lW,il.,v ,H 3 I .ggnl 0 o..,, V H1 sl I, y nj l . l'+f 43'W5-' 4 n". 3 ,f ' "' ff P' 1 J u J A! if M A "' "' " f ' ' f" f , ' ' , Lf . ,NW I . W 61. ' ' If ' ,jf , f ' , ' gf "J 1 ' 1 01" I E X ,Af Lf ,fl 'VX' J! X if V , 1 X 'JI' jf ,v J uf! ij, A fd 7 X 3 Jfllyf ,fbgf 'A 1 , .f ,YU , ,V NW!! 'yi ffm I! x 'lr . f' I, ,FK . IJ 77 . 'rpg Pl lf' I fruit U I ij 0, P ,Atl I 7 In , I X I' VI ,J M,y7', ,iff , K A- - M I 1' ff I jf, XVJJ7 l. , 1 j. ly , f, ly VJ! Q A L V 4 1 I, 'Ax Af' ,If F J ,ff Q ,ff f,A f 4' lp ' .XJ f ,J iv .ri ff 1 NJ - 'VJ , LV A , Ajfl' ! I V, J If J - ,ll,rl If y' Q, roxy lt- I I' I I if ,il ,' f ,ff y 0' I ' ' r S ' I H 'Ji' r 'F H Lf' ,I iw' ' ,' J f f -. J t 'Af' 1 v P LA" .TY . ly 'A . I, I f :J ' f J ' ' ' s Q Q ' S J 1 1 A ' J 17 I . I K U I , V ' Xpff,QJJl -'vs 5- 'IMI L-fag: J! -y J .I J... I LA CQN J I, ' Y Q I Q f ,, X" f, ' V ,fl 'f ,. 5 ' P 5 7 9 1' jf, ' LLL B 1' In 1 'XJ' I ,- . Vg , u I x "' 1 ' ' Q U ' :, Q -,f -f 'J ' I 1 I K I ' Ng ' AX C 41 ' V ' V J . ,J YJ' 7 fl I us! IL J 5f' I my t Q M' a F ef' f mfwff MW Y WWW We, the Senlors of l9l,6, salute the former FOTF1SODV1116 students who served our country 1D the fight for freedom and the preservation of Democracy during the World War II In our deep appreclatlon and ever last1ng memories, WlSh to dedicate thls Crest May God be with you always X xi NS i View Vw 33 3 "Jr -..-7 ei Ha W 5221? fwffif 91 N A iw ij? ff! DEDICATION 'df ' Lf 3 . X9 . ' we ' , eil? 'X ,xxx pci qc S Q 235 H QNX Ave 5. xii .......,, ..., X cf, W e a f 3 1: er a F7 3 Q. A gw.,-, Wjgx 1, 5 5155-d d fi- AW ' me 2 Q 1 ff QQQ rn qxjx " l Q at ' .I .V A. - 3 - .' X' A Lia' U1 UNI -4- 7 ffff X ff E51 X V XXN X ff I x , K SEQ N XN .aumm 1 , 161111011 W X9 X fail? 'XXKZE X ! X j X f X X 1 lu, if f X ' ' K f I , ' ff M f 4' f 1' , X? ff!! x ,X If , 1 fl ff! 'ff X f XV X f fl X, ff? fl X X7 ff f 4 ' fr 7 V, f Z' ff .x X f 9 ' I X X wig 'e f x X N 7 ' 1 x X - X xx N ff x - - xwxxx if X x f 'Q X - AX" A KM, X X lx ., -x .. ,f ,X jf X. W xx Qi Q , .,.1-- X XQ X XX , , X X X- 4 X ' xx ' f F X - X ff H X. W 2, ff , - -""",' pt ,Z I sii ' ,--yff' f f""' 'S f-'-"'-'-"" K 15,- -B-LA ith -l-f-iii--.- X ' H' 0 J ' IO I ',- r r . ? X BOARD OF EDUCATION George Sloan Harold Dey John Wade Arthur Kerns Leonard Prose 7 X Ruth R Todd Physical bdUC8t1OD B Ed , Southern Ill1no1s State Normal University C Todd Pr1nc1pal, Mathematics B S , Monmouth College M Ed , University of Missouri Dorothy Kasten Armstrong English, Latin A B , University of Illinois University of Michigan O Attebery Social Studies, Physical Educa tion, Coach Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Colorado Teachers College Arkansas University Vlrglnla Estes Commercial B Ed Illinois State Normal Un1versity Helen Kelly Home Economics B.S., western State Teachers College Sue Rowe Cantrell Science B.Ed., Southern Illinois State Normal University A. W. Schmidt Agr1culture, Band B.Ed., Platteville Teachers College B.S., University of Illinois Vandercook School of Music 8 Q 1' '1 I V X t,'Y Q sf! if g 5 - U 9 JF K 40 yf J 1,5 Y-N: ,gf , 1' V Q , fx!! z f' ' XL: ll . ll W f- . M f R. . Y , J. . B.S., sw.. Dau hmmm mum me p,-OM M QQMW4 cg FF ffl Bff' ADWJWWIJH 9 XBMV in n , I N ,I I 1 I 7 ' - I H r' if ' , S -4 J Z 7 ? Ms ' x f, QR fi' I: 4 I Juanlta DEVldSOH FRESHNEN CLASS OFFICERS Pres Bill Prose V1ce Pres Earl Welch Sec Trees Joyce Jalker SOUHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pres Warl Oyler V1ce Pres Margorxe whalen Sec Trees Maureen McLean JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JUDIOP Band 'HH Pres umund Langen V100 Pres Helen Jenk1ns Sec Treas Wllma omotners I rf,-f """" f .-,ff ,,,..2 , jf gm M A 1i12w M W2 Q1 JM 'mi LL 1 fd- MXR 'vfitfhikxx M K AM 52111088 K' x.iJr .J wb TnoF L e Presxdent e re the gxrls 1 AU1. sr11TH, vell bottom ven though th1nk f Vice President trousers coat o you're gone away you RITA MAL SLOAN, Secretary Treasurer f Navy blue You may call her Bowdy or call her Red , we still She still has knowledge in her head JOHN B. FAHL, Editor Neat in appearance, a favorite indeed The kind of boy all the h1gh schools need. 13 fe l f' C' r' n'.g, xH LN, ' Although La'a tall, ani has the curls Th 1432: ,I' 1'- N,.'Y'l':,. '1 A ' W ' ' o . DALE DEY Team Manager 1S his vocation I wonder 'Does he draw compensa tionvn KENNETH DUNKIRK At mathematics, he's a wonder And he can skate without a blunder. LAVERNA EDWARDS She left our class to join her man Let's wish her all the luck we can. IRENE EYMAN Never too loud, the quieter kind She must have good things on her mind. NEAL ANDERSON also a twln, A handsome Senior, At basketball he's Sure to w1n NITA ANDERSON A bundle of joy, she's f ll of f n A good worker, girl friend, all one JOHN BACON This quiet lad is from Palmer town The g1r1S are glad that he came down DOROTHY COY T1mid, shy and quiet are what never call The g1rl named Dorothy Coy in study hall - 14 - fi f 1 EVELYN HILL On the staff at the local drug store She does her part and a little more' VELMA HORNBECX A Senior's class rlng on her hand May someday change to a wedding band LOU HOWARD The Army made a h1t, we understand She has the SltUat1OD well in hand CECIL HUDDLESTON The big, strong, silent type is he A handy person, you can see' MARY GOEBEL At typ1ng tests she can't be beat To grade her paper is a tree ALDENE GREEAR Aldene's a clever, peppy glrl dho keeps us 1n a cheerful whirl ROBERT GRUNDY One of our students good to all Never too mean 1D study hall HARLIN HANCOCK Small but m1ghty on the basketball floor He makes the baskets and they cheer for more' r t! 4 2 ' , 'Q - 3' h ' . A - 15 - studlous, qulet, fun to know Lot's of luck wherever you go' VELMA McKlNNPY Another student from Palmer town We th1nk Jou're swell, glad you came down DONALD MQWARD Thls boy's mlud is alw ys at work And never his lessons does h shirk' DOnOTHY MnYER A natural blonde, good to the eye Je all look twice when she goes by JAP S KINNWY Hls trlps to Harvel are not ln valn We see he always goes back again' VORMA KLINM She drove her llttle NFord' to school We often called lt a 'One car pool DORIS LAMB She's a Jolly Senlor, full of llfe And never txres of everyday strlfe LA DONNE LAMB A swell g1rl true to a soldier lad She does her best and that's not bad 16 1 ' I YY HARJORIE MCKINNIE 6 EUGWNE SALISBURY A silent lad with little to say A very good worker in the F F A ALICE STAHR She came from Palmer to graduate here We hope you had a swell time dear MERLE WADDLE He comes from Palmer on his scooter Some may be smarter, but not many cuter' DALE WHALEN Sure, and he 15 an Irish lad At basketball he wasn't ba gglxv A+ LEAH FAYE MILLBURG Leah Faye, we consider you Sweet as a flower, fresh with dew. STEPHEN MILLER This is your second year with us We wish you luck and happiness. TEMPLE MINNIS Friendly, likeable, and dependable too A girl who will do a lot for you' VIOLVT RJTH RYAN Quiet in manner, thought and deed Just the type all high schools need l I O D . A Q I O I I I I dl IP, f X X N ' I - 1 ,lx 1 9 N. X' f Q, f 1 ff x X , 7 Q n XV5 f , ' . K1 ,A J ' X7 Ognll ', " f -1 SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the members of the Senior Class of 1946, of the Morrisonvllle Community High School, being of sound m1nd body, and spirits, do make this our last will and testa ment All our possessions, both real and unreal, we devise and bequeath to our dear Alma Mater To the Freshies, we bequeath the privilege to blush and our undying efforts to help them find their classes To the Sophomores, we bequeath the privilege to sleep in the library, on a shelf unless you're caught, then we are not responsible To the Senlors of '48 '49, we bequeath our Social graces, athletic abillty, and good sportsmanship, ability to sleep and talk in study hall To Mr Todd, we bequeath a new fishing tackle and gun for all coming seasons To Mrs Todd, we bequeath the girls' gym classes and locker keys To Miss Estes, we bequeath the time clock in hopes that she will be sure to give more time tests to future typ1sts To Mrs Armstrong, we bequeath our English IV class and also our thanks for all her help on the Mohawk and the Crest Also on the Junior class play and the Junior and the Senlor Prom of '45 To Coach Attebery, we bequeath a six foot team to go with him, also a new team manager to replace Jit To Mr Schmidt, we bequeath more success with his To Miss Kelly, we bequeath some new stoves for her to prepare the banquets for the local business men To Mrs Cantrell, we bequeath Wbugs' or the insect and some new microscopes for future biologists To the Janitors, we bequeath two new brooms, and all round corners to elimlnate the dirt catching corners Neal Anderson, bequeath my ability to play basket ball to Guy Virgll Oller Nita Anderson, bequeath my A's in Latin, with a side kicked out to future students Jack Bacon, bequeath all my lady friends to anyone out of a supply of them Dorothy Coy, bequeath my quiet manner to Rosemary Richter Dale Dey, bequeath my jitterbugging to Earl Oyler Kenneth Dunkirk, bequeath my interest in Ag to Darrell Grundy 18 , . i Q N H. band and lots of blue ribbons in Ag and in band. . s I' - I. I. I. I, . I. Irene Eyman, bequeath my talkat1veness to Wilma Jean Smothers John Fahl, bequeath my blue r1bbon rooster to Mr Schmid and his aggies Mary Goebel bequ ath my typlng ab1l1ty to all JHDIOP typlsts Aldene Greear, bequeath Monte Mann1ng to Taylorville Evelyn Hill, bequeath my abillty in basketball t Gladys Beattie Robert Grundy, bequeath my participation in class to Don We ls Velma Fornbeck, bequeath my interest in basketball to Dar ene Lamb I Lou Howard, bequeath my cooking ab1lity to B Brown Cecil Huddleston, bequeath sturdy form and height to Donald Beatty James Kinney, bequeath my all around ability in school to 'Cat' Clav1n Norma Klimm, bequeath my Ford to the Sen1ors of '47 Dorls Lamb, bequeath my love to Larry and Nick LaDonne Lamb, bequeath my cheerleading back to the Mohawk Marjorie McKinnie, bequeath my ab1l1ty 1D bookkeep ing to Carl Poggenpobl Velma MCKIDDOY, bequeath my A's in bookkeeplng to any fu ure bookkeeper who needs them Donald Mcward, bequeath my ability in science to Dorothy Neyer, bequeath my grace and charm to Grace Lyerla Leah Millburg, bequeath my share in the Navy to abso u ely no one Stephen M1ller, bequeath my studious manner to Joe Forres er Temple N1DH1S, bequeath my ability to attract men to Mel a Sarglnson V1olet Ryan, bequeath my fPi8Ddl1H6SS and willing ness help 'Pete Bethard Eugene Salisbury, bequeath my tricycle to Bob Ste wart qlt has an outboard motor, tool Rlta Sloan, bequeath my long red curls to Vanzant Paul Sm1th, bequeath all my love to M C H Alice Stahr, bequeath my dancing ab1l1ty to Melvln Rathge er Merle Waddle, bequeath my motorscooter to C Clark Pat Whalen, bequeath my 10 mllk cows to Juggy Langen prov1d ng that he milks them L t1mes a day Tom wells, bequeath the rema1nder class funds to Mr Schmidt and hi Hoosier Hot Shots, a total of S 72 19 I, ' ' I, ' . t . I, , 3 . . . I, ' I, ' o I. l . I, A l . 9 . 0 e I. I. I, ' . I. ' N N. I, s. I' , . . . - I, , . . t . I, Cub Brittin. I, 1 I. 1 t . I, ' t . I, A. . M b ' . I, . . - to v rv . I, - I, ' B. I, . U l l QSO I, . . . b . I, . . I, ' - ' 1 ' - . I, ' SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The little brick school house, known as M C H S was greatly frlghtened by the arrival of a rather large fresh man class, but we soon overcame our bashfulness Je elect ed Miss Nighswander class advisor, Neal Anderson, president Paul Smlth, vice presldent, Leah Faye Millburg, secretary treasurer We had a weiner roast and hay ride combined and several class part1es during the year Our sophomore officers were 51m Kinney, presldent Dorothy Meyer, vice president, Velma Hornbeck, secretary treasurer, and Mrs Hughes was class advisor As JUDIOTB, we elected Miss Kasten class advisor John Fahl was presldent, Tom wells, vice president, and Shirleyann Richardson, secretary and treasurer This year bonnet Jane of Sycamore Lane' during December, and earned the money for the prom Every six weeks we publ1shed the Mohawk under the direction of Editor Don Mcward In the spring we gave the Junior Senior Banquet and enjoyed enter talning the graduating seniors Before the close of school, we elected offlcers for our senior year Tom Wells was elected president, Paul Smith, vice president, and Rita Mae Sloan, secretary treasurer Miss Kasten was again chosen class advisor, and we entered our senior year with a busy program ahead of s The first important activity was the Carnival, which we gave together w1th the Band on October l9 On November 10, we all went to Springfield to have our pictures taken at Burchett's Studio It was a big day, but a pleasant one During the fall we had a hayride, and there was the usual Christmas party just before the holidays After the holidays, we began thinking serlously about the Crest which turned out to be our biggest activity of all four years we enjoyed the time and effort put into this book to make it one for pleasure now and happy memor ies later So we complete our four years t M C H S They have given us much happlness, and it is our earnest hope that future classes at N C H S w1ll have four years as pleas ant and prof1table as ours have been Jimmey Kinney - 2Q - I 1 . 3 . . 3 was a big one socially and financially. We produced 'Sun- u . 8 I O I O SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY It's the Spring of 1955, and the weather looks promising for a good farming season The latest atomic development has been added to the list of helps for housewives It' been adapted to a push button dish washing mach1ne wh1ch washes and drles the dishes and stacks them on the shelves ln less than five minutes The newest model of Kaiser Frazier Rocket Ship broke all prevlous records for a round trip to the moon by making the trip in 3 hours, 59 mlnutes, and 59 seconds A helicopter settled down comfortably on the school ground last week, and deposlted the members of the class of 1946 for the celebration Of the1r T nth Annual Alumni As soclatlon Meetlng It was a Jolly gatherlng, and we are happy to report tie followlug news and VIGN concernlng the m mbers of the group Neal and Velma were the P1TSt to allght from the shlp for the meetlng They were unable to brlng the tw1ns, and the other two chlldren because the old st had a sllght touch of kindergarten1tis We hope the quarant1ne is lifted soon Both Neal and Velma looked well and happy, and we understand Neal expects to make a small fortune on h1s bean crop this y ar Dorothy Yeyer MacPherson was drlpplng Wlth sllver foxes, and wore a very attractlve new hair do In addltion to keeplng up a very charm1ng home for the Doctor and Junlor Dorothy stlll finds time to keep up w1th her flute, her drawlng, the local Red Cross Chapter, the Eastern Star, the Ladles Ald, and she also wr1tes book for ch1ldren vnlch she lllustrates herself Evelyn H111 Slkes seemed to be 1D a hurry She told she hasn't much tlme to be away since Ray is farmlng over SOO acr and she 15 presldent of th local Home Bureau Chapter Jack Bacon lost a little halr worrying about which of the glTlS to plck, but Erma won out, and they are now l1v lng 1n Palmer, 1D a charmlng home next door to the1r grocery store Jack bT1DgS home the bacon Aldene Greear ha a model agency and school for models in San FPSHCISCO Several of her ex student have recelved offers of screen contracts, wh1ch takes them to Hollywood Paul Smlth stlcks brav ly and cheerfully to the Navy He 1HS1StS 1t's the safest way 1n the world to have as many glrls as he llkes, but only one to a port 21 o o S 1 1 . . ' Q c - . 1 o . ' W - - ' cz - V I h Q 1 l 'S 5 0 V . . . . C . ' A 9 O ' 9 . N! l ' o , S I f Q LIS Q. 35, 9 Q J , . . Q . - . - ' , ' ' . U U S . " S . I ' S o C .. - Violet Ruth Ryan has a studio in New York City where she designs fashlons for JHDIOTS She has recelved consid erable notice for her work w1th unusual color COmb1D8tiODS Dale Patr1ck Whalen and JoAnn have a D106 l1ttle home over in Dixle Dan and John were good sports about wishing them luck and happiness, and we believe they have it Merle Waddle recently enlarged his bracelet and trinket m8Huf8CtuT1Dg bus1ness and took Eugene Sallsbury 1D as a partner They received the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for artistic Jewelry designs thls spr1ng, and we wish to con gratulate them Dale Dey is keep1ng up the family tradition in the cleaning and dyeing business Marjorie McK1nnie is h1s bookkeeper, and we understand she handles very large f1g ures, now that Dale has enlarged the plant Alice Stahr and her husband we don't know h1s name have opened a new dine and dance place in Clarksdale wish them all the success in the world Donald Mcward is a professor of agronomy and physics Clark Unlversity near Boston He has quite a crush secretary, we hear, and don't be surprised any day you about wedding bells Dorothy Coy Wells is enjoylng keeping house, but she h1S hear does admit she gets a little tlT8d of cooking meals for all the wells boys every day They seem comfortable and happy, and Wllbur, Jr 18 the l1v1ng image of his Uncle Donald Norma Klimm is playing the drums with Splke Jones' City Slickers Didn't you hear that extra lick she got in during the radio broadcast last Sunday night? That's a special code she has with her latest heart throb' Cecil Huddleston is coaching basketball players down in New had quite a successful season, plans to stay here for a while to spend w1th Nita, his secret a team of professional Orleans He says they've and now that it's over, he in order to have some time passion of h1gh school days She's currently on vacation from her duties as chief sur gical nurse at M1chael Reese Hospltal in Chicago Doris Lamb couldn't stay away from her chlckens long, so we excused her early We see her in town now and then, and we notice she always gets her Nicol's worth About time to adjourn, who should arr1ve, but the former LaDonne Lamb, now Mrs Jason Dowdy She is now living 1n Madison Square Gardens w1th her husband and her triplets Her husband 18 now the boxing champion of the Helter we1ghts - 22 . . . O . - . C O O C O - . we O at ' . on ' O O I O I . . . . . . C O ' B I ' A D I Temple NlHHiS can't remember the rest of it, was back for the f1TSt t1me 1n several years After teach1ng Girls Phys1cal nducat1on 1n Los Angeles, she marr1ed the manager of the St Lou1s Cardlnals They're currently l1v1ng 1D Florlda durlng he SPPIH5 Jork out Jonn Fahl has recently invented a new hydromatic over dr1ve for h1 tractor, and we understand the Internatlonal Harvester Company 1S maklng a bld for h1m to become an executive vice president Lou Howard used to be has opened another restaurant to brlng the number in her chaln up to four It's t e best place we know of to eat ch1cken 1n the rough, and Lou is very happy dishing lt out Deacon Grundy bought a sect1on of land a few years ago, and lt is now one of the best 1mPTOV9d farms in thls part of the country He's experlmenting w1th a new type of hybrld peanut vlne this year Mary Goebel is pr1nc1pal of the Modern Era Buslness College in Taylorvllle where many former MOIT1SODV1ll6 students go to learn the ABC's of typlng and shorthand Jlmmey Kinney was 1n a rush as usual, because he had a date waitlng 101 h1n in Chicago He's chlef accountant for the Purple Passion P81Ht and Plastic Company there now, and seems to have a rushing buslness wlth the glrls Rita Mae Sloan supervises the department of Occupatlon al Therapy at McCloskey General Hosp1tal at Temple, Texas She's doing a good Job of help1ng the wounded soldlers learn a pleasant and prof1table occupat1on there Stephen Miller is the newly appointed Farm Advlsor of Montgomery County He and Irene have Just bu1lt a new home near Morrisonville w1th a nursery for the chlldren Velma McKinney has still managed to escape any matrl monial snares She is now a private secretary to Thomas Q Hells, Esquire, President of the W1ndy C1ty Tire and Tube Company, where he has built up qulte a successful business Velma looked f1ne and prosperous, but Tommy looked a little worse for business WOTPISS He st1ll has his cheerful dispos1tion, congenial manner, and curly hair, and we certa1nly enjoyed seelng him Kenneth Dunkirk has organized h1s own skatlng company, and they have Just returned from the1r premiere tour Kenneth is looking f1t and happy over the success of h1s new buslness venture Leah Faye 18 as sweet as ever, but she seemed to be a little lonely and unhappy to be away from Donald for the two days she spent at the convention Three of her l1ttle ones are in school now, and together wlth the two l1ttle ones at home, they keep her pretty busy -23- A. 111 Q . . . , 0 - -1 - - . O I . . . . . 4, . C .N I' - , - . .C , t. ' 0 ..- ..- . . . . Q Il l 1. 1 1 0 ' v o o l . ., I . ' . L 0 I . -- . . ' O . 1 I a Q o .1 I , . . e o . . v O 0 4 . ' . 1 . o o SENIOR CLASS POEN we've spent four years at Morr1sonv1lle High And now, when 1t's t1W9 to say 'good bye We think of all the thlngs we've done Some were work, and some were fun As Freshmen we were green as grass And we groped our way when we went to class We studied our books w1th moans and sighs, And viewed the QSFIOTS with envious eyes As Sophomores we thought we knew a lot, And each of us thought ourselves Whig sho W We manaved our lessons with greater ease And the Freshmen ne s1mply loved to tease when we were J nlors, we had NBTTIVGQ' A d then the ways and means derlved To handle the paper, a prom, and a play As we grew wiser day by day Our And The But So We We' To last the years Just as pests our best' Senlor ye r arrlved at we corsldered chlldish teachers thought of ls really, now we've done past farewell to vou good old NOTP1SOHV11l8 dlgh leave you fondly WltH a great blg sigh re fllled wlth memorles, hopes, and a cheer ful view our teachers, thanks, and good luck to all of you Dorothy K Armstrong 2A . . - ,, O ' 0 U ,, . 1- U t . V . J A Q . . , X u , Y . .LA - U . A . CA A A K' I I J 5 I , . . .. . . A U I I I , .. M Y' Q ef? 4 X f mff g N IVJJ fi? . f J is X R i I 7 W f X pv Qt 4 g MK f W If Y X X QR if ,V , r 5, First row Third row JUNIOR CLASS Miss Estes, Juanita Greer, Clara Richter, Bernard Lucas, Wilma Jean Smothers, Edmund Langen, Helen Jenkins, Bob Brittin, Loren Bethard Betty Brown, Jackie Glidewell, Darlene Lamb, Jo Ann Furray, Gladys Beattie, Margaret Grundy, Melvin Rathgeber Dale Frobish, Carl Pogginpohl, Ralph Sloman, A1 berta Jaeger, Annabelle Clover, Mary Young, Ralph Edwards, Joe Forrester, Jim Clark, Keith Long 26 Second row: Lawrence Clavin, Merle Billiter, Rose Ann Sloan, JUNIOR CLADS HISTORY Twenty SIX enrolled at M C H S in September, 1943, for thelr f1rst year at h1gh school Bob Brittln was elected presxdent, Joann Furray, vice presldent and Kelth Long, sec retary treasurer Mlss Nighswander was chosen class advlsor we were well represented on the basketball floor, on the honor roll, and in the band Keith Long was elected as one of the cheer leaders Edmund Langen was our class reporter on the Fohawk staff 1944 reunlted us for another year at M C H we had changed from nGreen Freshles' to Silly Sophomores Class Off1C6TS were as follows Kelth Long, presldent, Juanlta Greer, v1ce presldent Annabelle Clower ecretary tzeasur and M158 Estes, class advlsor Sophomores and more in the world, our m1DdS turned to maklng money Under the supervlslon of Miss Estes, we gave a Sklt 14 the senlor Carnlval and won 310 We declded that we had enough money and the Cormerce Club had a welner roast together Jolly Juniors welcomed the beglnnlng school season at ln 1945 Presidential powers were vested 1U Edmund Langen, Helen Jenk1ns, v1ce PTBSIGSHC, wllma Jean Smothers secretary treasurer, and Miss Estes, class advisor nThe Mohawk' was publlshed wlth the a1d of ielen Jenklns as ed 1tor and Juanlta Greer, 8SS1St8Ht edltor Another means of T81S1Dg funds was selllng pop at all the basketball games On November 2 1945, a play 'It's a Great Llfe' was presented, and we cleared over S100 Wllma Jean Smothers represents our class as cheer lead Slnce we have a nlce fat pocketbook, we're sure we can give the Seniors a nice banquet and prom Several of our members repre ent us on the hardwood thls year Joe Forres ter, Bob Br1tt1n, Kelth Long, Lawrence Clavln, and Ralph Bd wards We are still represented on the honor rolland a spe cial honor goes to one of the Juniors, Gladys Beatt1e, a stra1ght A student We are also represented ln the band Our Jun1or Class has been a successful one, and we are look lng forward to bSCOm1Dg WSoph1st1cated Senlors ' Helen Jenklns 27 " . o o o n . . . 0 . . , - . 5 . - ' 0 I X . o ' ' . . .S. U ' V ll O YI I ' . 5 9 5 ' ' ' erg ' ' ' . As - H H ' ' 0 . . . so we had a class party. At the end of the year, our class 1 ' . I . . N.C.H.S. ' . 3 , . . - . A , . , an ' K . , . . . , . - I ' 9 . , - D , er. . . . . . , I - , - . I I I . . . . . , O Muscles' Carnival Queen Pals Somvth H5 Old Today! Latin Class Somethmnv Newl SOPUS Glamourousq Iaestro ,f,,.,,'y. 2-nuff: W . ' . U lx , a -I . H gy 4 A ' "' , X f ,: - ' ' y f N ' r K, AK J, I B , .1 i ,. i ' p. - ' U 3 I I u MXMXM f ASSY i My ,fQf9f-'Ea . x ff- l 'E LJ!! 57-:.""'-' ' S S-RMK fffw KMXQRX M WM pf Mmm, K0 mb 'AM . SIJPHUIIIUBIS First row Second row Third row SOPHOMORE CLASS Mrs Cantrell, Guy V Oller, Norma Jean McKinnie, Earl Oyler, Diane McLean, Jack Mundhenke, Nelda Harbert, Howard Jones, Dorothy McK1nnie, Bob Donaldson, Betty Wilson Ralph Sloman, Bob Smith, Lorraine Balsley, Violet Paine, Nita Joyce Ryan, Emma Lou Bacon, Darrell Grundy, Vonda Phelps, Dorothy Summers, Albert Miller, Helen Smith, Don Coy MarJorie Whalen, John Lyons, Margaret Nagle, Bob Stewart, Erma Johnson, Ida Garrett, Juanita Davidson, Jacob Lyons, Martha Sloan, Alice Clover, Maureen McLean, Wilbur Harper, Glenn Harper Knot picturedl 30 1 W N 1?CE' ' J' ' 2.3- ' . I 1 I o . . . I . . . C .. - SOr101oRE 5 F C f N en the dfors ov 4 swun o,en lest fel 1 folds ce ep,rox1K tely tnlrty I1 e eager Soph onmres were glad to rec ve 1 t o dst several new nembere amd hope we are mad them feel at Home y r, blt son of olr enthuslesm has elted ode to unfo +un me lreumstarc Next yeero Nell, we will endeavor to be a Junlol ass owe 1 lb S r the year we have oeen lee sueh Of'lC6TS as Ferl Uyler, presldent MEFJOTIG fhelen, vlce presldent, wlth Maureen NcLeen as secretary treasdrer The class enose hrs oantrell as the1r 8dV1SOT We are lOOK1Hg forward to e blgger and better, and nore urosperous Junior Year We are elncevely hOp1Ug that our old E9mDS1S wlll be able to be back wlth us once more Lorralne Balsley jl '.'Il ZLASA .IVTQRY 'h- J . L.C.H.S. g W, Q l, into 'ts me X: . We l o ei 'n o our mi , V e 1 o h ' e . . we started off wizh a bang last ee l ne l ' m, V, A' ' re Q 3' , 1- - es. - . ' ' V . ' Cl . n t"e I Fo . ' f 'e 1 by e J' , " ' 3 A . . T . - . , . v J. " W 0 L sv ' 1 o 1 A ' l 0 . U . . V - ' A- ' A I O' s Q A Y 6 7 6g5x 'yq Q. X Q 225: J A im 'ic ,X wifi' N j E QE: P 'Z NANMM M2159 W m-'izsunxfn www Q3 xvwwf ? .2 'Y ' s 7 . 1 . .." S A ' 'elf iff- - ' ' -, 1 A ' - A Ci.: Q : 5 A Q' f Y Q 6 by 'fd ' I 3 fs? ?:.x.'u 'X"'Q, 1- -fo ggi! v is-5' fx mx 'N if 5' . 51 Sn X i'x" 5" g Q :. it .X OP X., of:'H.A .-'J 4' 5 ...QQ-1 . V ' ..,Aj,Z -N ' -5. ., , Q P xi U U Qnhfilj Q .Q1!gx5'.?'x -A 0' f' Civ i."O'5 gilt 6 in Xxx- ' ' -C f , N c I NK ,-.l I 5 'rixf Q 1: E-gifx E E jf x HQ A, H I 5: - w- fn fw- , 1 5 ' x '2 Mmywpy I r x I . .J f , . 5 5 u 'K . , I.. - I0 ,,r ,, Xa V M OP' V pf . First row Second row Third row KN. FRESHMAN CLASS Miss Kelly, Katherine Grundy, Marcella Howard, Verne Mundhenke, Doloris Lamb, Clara Richter Larry Donaldson, Cec1lia Miller, Louis Carter Charles Clark Dick Br1ttin, Jim Frobish, Billy Prose, Joan Smith, Joyce Walker, Donald Wells, Norma Sm1th, Wanda B1ll1ter, Dick Brown, Grace Lyerla, Vir ginia Smith, Donald Beatty, Norman Chambers Bernard Todt, Jean Spencer, Helen Goeb l, Melba Sarginson, Earl Welch, Bonnie Lou Vanzant, Norma Jean Stahr, -Toe Harris, Margaret Spencer, John Clark, Maureen Lucas Knot pictured! -31.- FRLSHFAN CLASS HISTORY a shy and eager group, called 'Fresh ies,' entered high school in the fall of '45 to begin to further our education There were thirty three of us thirteen from the Public School, thirteen from St Maurice, and seven from the rural schools We chose M1ss Kelly to be our class advis or, and we fully appreciate her helpfulness and interest We elected the followlng class offic Earl Welch, Secretary We have some very our boys, namely, Dick Treasurer, Joyce Walker promising athletes among Brlttin, Dick Brown, Jim Frobish, Joe Harris, Billy Prose, Bernard Todt and Earl Welch The school chose Norma Stahr to be Fresh man cheer leader Four of our members, Bonnie Lou Vanzant Joyce Walker, Billy Prose, and Earl Welch, are members of the Hlgh School Band we feel that we have made a good beginnlng and our aim is to be a graduating class of '49 whlch M C H S will be proud to claim Joyce Ualker 35 We, - ers: President, Billy Prose, Vice-President, l 9 fxix H Q 33 29:-Z1 4 Xl! M! 'I X E ex F21 f" GD CQ 4'-,,"?'Q"s.- X f QD Q eng X X if 4.49 if X A H wr NZ LFdMg1gymxAxQMxlxk2 QR WLKYM X l, bP013'J'.v 1 V Q 5 tb Alf, 112, Q E.-T"'s.!A:, E1 O a gf" f- D09 1:3 :Q rl- A--f-"4 . P 3 W , 4' " -a-1- 2 f- ' X11 v 2'?:3Z::S" "l,.'V. , ,Y , F Q -Ncgyf 1,1 X ,JA 4 n 4 ' "" ' X, Q f , q I X ' ff ff' . , L' W 4 ' ' '.r 'fx hx X X A ff f ss N 2' V ,f" "f X! I ,f X X 1" ,' A! fi! : X I X y A J X f - f -1 w fW f , Y ' '. i ' 7 I ,f ' il I K X - - ' I ,' X77 iff X Y W - - , gf f X ff!! fl , 'ff-4 A 'I x k X15 kk M i 3 :J I' U' r 53. E' ...I 11 1 : Si! IU 0? BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM First Row Mr Attebery, Neel Anderson, Joe Forrester, Cecil Huddleston, John Fahl, Bob Brittin Second Row Jack Bacon, Ralph Edwards, Tom Wells, Pat Whalen, Keith Long, Dale Dey 'v04- ZWVV Q.s,sA fya, Q 6.0, , 5 0. 5.9 's'o'Q.b.' QQTQJW' 0 'Q' 8303 s:O.','4.'4 'Q Q O 5 'QAQ 359301 fevwv I' ral r 1 TS average mej Qrltf 11 Eanl nnlt J 9P1tt1 Bacon Totals 82 Opmonerts 364 16 210 188 243 39 6 249 1 1 1 28 933 4 16 44- TeSk- 1211 fE2E 1915-L6 Covering 21 :eL,5 gp to Regiz. Player Fieli Free Th 2 '.-J S 93615 Total I 1 GaQ1s Hit His ed 'o'n, 4xg2Mf,1 T11 17 22 53 239 11.7 Kelli L 7 16 33 15 -1 Hu1i1Qsi.H 68 23 19 52 59 7.5 LGRQ A 0 1 10 8 -1 Kin: ' 1 1 5 13 3 -1 E.- ' Qin 72 29 38 41 73 8.2 Edwards 10 7 14 22 27 1.2 Fnrreszer 55 25 26 57 35 6.4 Whf en 25 11 10 27 61 2.9 1 ' 12 6 11 35 30 1.4 fx' h 15 20 23 A9 50 . Er ,57' an 1 0 1 1 2 -1 7.6-1 -n 2 O 0 1 A -1 Waddle O 1 2 1 2 -1 1 1 2 2 1 3 65 39 9 LA 2 A , 6 Bhwr LDAL Ave? 1945 l9Z.6 Date Tears bcoreS November November December December December December December December January January Janua y January January A Stonlngton MOTT1SOHVil19 Morrlsonvllle Trl nlty Kincaid MOTTIQO vllle Divernon Yorrlsonvllle MOFP1 onvllle Pane MOPT1SOHV1l18 POTT1SOUVll16 Pawnee StOH1WgtOH NOTTiSODV1ll9 MOIT1SOHV1l18 Edlnburg NOPT1SOHV1119 Glrard horrlsonwllle V1rden Pena MOPT1SODV1ll6 Raymond VOTTiSODVll1S atonlngton WOTT1SO ville I 1 4 7 , Q 30 K . .u . 5 . w , ll - U December 13 Mt. Dliveh 1 5 A . . 18 lv ' . ' , - 28 V '. , 29 U ' ' 8 ,- . A , r 15 , . A 17 ' 22 D I ww Date January 29 February 1 February Februa y February February February February . Ccontinuedl Teams Morrisonville Raymond Kincaid Morrisonville Forrisonvxlle Pawnee Auburn Virden Morriaonville Divernon Morrisonville Morrisonville Girard Morrisonville Waverly Pena Morrisonville - Ll - Scores BASKETBALL GAMES L9 31 58 LO 5 1 ' Ll 30 February 8 Morrieonville 35 32 r 12 L7 36 15 47 L5 19 63 V 33 22 61 39 98 73 L8 First row Second row TUMBLING TEAM Dick Brown, Bob Brlttin, Donald Beatty, Dick Brittin, Verne Mundhenke, Larry Donaldson Kenneth Dunkirk, Ralph Sloman, Howard Jones Donald Coy, Eugene Salisbury, Edmund Langen, Bill Prose, Charles Clark, Darrell Grundy. -42- TUMBLING Tumbllng agaln gave an added attrac tion to the basketball games Between the halves it wasn't unusual to see the tumb llng team rolllng out the mats and settlng up the posts You could always f1nd Larry Donaldson and Verne Mundhenke standing by the posts adgu tlng the poles so that B111 Prose, Ralph Sloman, and Captain Eugene Sallsbury could glide over them Thls year for the flTSt tlme the sprlng board was lntro the same order as a dlvlng board, enabled you to get more spring and height Boys who had not the spring ln thelr legs to get over had the help of this board The tumbllng team was g1fted w1th the talent of three Freshies, Billy Prose, Dick Brown, and Dick Brittin Among the others were Bob Br1tt1n, who d1d an exceptlonally good job on the front and back fl1ps, C Clark, Don Beatty, Don Coy, Edmund Langen, Darrell Grundy, and Howard Jones We thank all of them for a Job well done and hope that next year they will show up as well as they have in the past year Ralph Edwards L3 duced to the school. This board, built on Flrst row Second row: Third row Fourth row Fifth row GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION clara Richter, Deloris Lamb, Virginia Smith, Marcella Howard, Wanda Billiter, Norma Smith Grace Lyella, Dorothy McK1nnie, Cecilia Miller Jackie Brown, Catherine Grundy, Anna Young, Norma Stahr, Bonn1e Vanzant, Norma McKinnie, Evelyn Hill, Doris Lamb Mrs Todd, Betty Wilson, Gladys Beattie, Doro thy Summers, Alice Clower, Helen Goebel, Mary Goebel, Margaret Spencer, Irene Eyman, Rose mary Richter, Annabelle Clower, JoAnn Furray, Samnie Sloan, Darlene Lamb Martha Sloan, Diane McLean, Margaret Grundy, Maureen McLean, Nita Ryan, Ida Garrett, Irma Johnson, Vonda Phelps, Joyce Walker, Violet Paine, Dorothy Meyer, Aldene Greear, Alice Stahr, Marjorie Whalen Melba Sargineon, Mary Young, Lorra1ne Balsley, Dorothy Coy, Lou Howard, Alberta Jaeger, Bett Brown, Helen Jenkins, Lois Spencer, Norma Klimm, Leah Millburg, LaDonne Lamb, Temple Minnie, Nita Ander on, Velma Hornbeck Marjorie McKinnie 44 9 Joan Smith. ' t Y GIRL H S1 AL EV A 73N e little lassies of N C H are K6 physically fit bf the ctivities in their Phys ical Wducatio arinv fifth S1X+ severth add elf t periods gf ev rj Tuesd and Tharsiay you ca y reco uize the low voices of the c arf Q at p They are really great talxers awe often bur t 1 o a cheer when they are tte cha pions o a game participate 1 regulation irl's basketball Everyone, includinv the freshmen, are eager to plav this game the fall vheu it is too co to play OUUSIQS on the playorouno we begin practisinv and playing basketball in the gym na ium All through the wirter, we faithfully try to ihprove our skills another favorite during the N1 ter we ther lo wolleyba have a very larbe ball which bot boys d ir s use as a volleyball On Monday, March ll, the seniors and soph mores clashed in an irter class tourrament It was a real battle, with the sobhomores the winners tk a score of l5 14 The following day at A 30 the ireshren and Juniors tried for the Cb3EDlODSflL e Junior firl were the N nners by a margin of L4 L can truthpu ly say that ll all the girls have had a very enjoyable time in their Physical Education classes this year aldeae Greear +5 'S P'Y 'C ' JUG Tit Th ' ' ..,. .S. ' pt . i 3 . . . . A . - ' a 'ch classes. D1 ' Q ' il, ' oh, 1 , 1 'gh h ' f 1 1 e 1 av ' if , 1 n easily g ' mel- ' se h ning girl, lay. f ' ' .' a D 1. A .1 Y P . H7 . H f The beet-liked activity in which the girls . . .S A . 3. N L . ' I Lv I LL A v ' ' . ln 2 . ' ' ld T4 'G a, ' ' . . O A . 5 . Q - S I g - 1 ' . .. ' U .A . . , A , ' "n a In ' ' ll. We N ' ' ' .. .h 1 an 5' 1. L l f ' O ' l ' A ' 1 L . '. . Wi'! - . , ' , 0 . . . . , 1 A A. L.l. Th . . T. S , , 'i . ' --. I V 1 l a in A . , A . O . . , A - 1' - fresw Glamour oun Brlphto G lr O con E ger Beavers Just Boys The Gran Long A1B't Love and L6 O1-t U .,-ffzff ,ff dir? IVY -J K A? 0, bf I? ! f '15 H gig? ilbflllfl f X A Cc X f P f Q 1 ,f X ,-45 . , ...Q 21 ,C 7- 1 ' j 5? I 0 if gf? f r :f . 7. ,Q 'f 0 QR Y., :T If- gif, :"":. " git: fffti - ' J I , v 'Tiff X S , .r',t 'G A f I 11 g,,.f fQl,23 - M f f X A- fir? ps-A. il x ix ,A , vi fi., 'ii 31.415 9' , S ' 54 f 211, ,Fa I ', 1 7 Y Lhv' LC: .Y I- I Y E 'YV - " "ki 3,,,, X Q x xiii? S ix , 152- """ ? ' -'ik . J 3 J- g ' x THE First row R1ta Mae Sloan, Ruth Ryan, John Paul Smlth Second row Mrs Armstrong, CREST Dorothy Meyer, Dale Dey, V1Ol6t Fahl, Temple Mlnnis, Jlm Kinney, Nita Anderson, Tom Wells, Cecil Huddleston, Ralph Edwards, Eugene Sallsbury, Neal Anderson, Laverna Edwards STAFF Edltor John Fahl Asslstant Ed1tor Violet Ruth Ryan Art Editors Dorothy Meyer, Eugene Salisbury Class Editor Jimmy Kinney Activity Ed1tor Temple Minnls Camera Editors Paul Smith, Nita Anderson, Rita Mae Sloan Advertlsing Managers Nlta Anderson, Dale Dey Business Nanager Cecll Huddleston N111 and Prophecy Tom wells Sports Edltor Neal Anderson Faculty Sponsor Hrs Armstrong L8 . . . n - 0 n 1 0 Q 1 K A fq . 0 u - MOHAWK STAFF Flrst row Bob Br1tt1n, Jackie Gl1dewell, Dlane McLean Helen Jenklns Juanita Greer Alberta Jaeger Second row Miss Estes, Loren Bethard, Wllma Jean Smothers, Ralph Sloman, Dale Froblsh, Joe Forrester, Anna belle Clower Edmund Langen Thlrd row Clara Rlchter, Rose Ann Sloan, Gladys Beattie Bernard Lucas Darlene Lamb, Margaret Grundy 50 . z . . . . , ' I a 1 l Temple Minnie, Earl Welch. . : . , , C e o r tarmac. 3 or ore nlckel QQ art nlcfel Jus D1gC8St 1 ves ne o W1tH l s Es has the e c mhe ,epte er 'THBHKSSIVIH5 Thrlll and 1 aprll ana lay The edlt asslstant edl those who con to the paper for news or h way a good r we have publlshed thl each and ever make the Noha belleve lt wa t VL 8 'J O O t t 6 6 c s Y w s f s "Tlx e cen al the laurhs, ear an Jet ,where r a t buys you f e D165 u J rrr rent ever dlscovered 1n M was PUDllSh6Q exerf slx neens s as advlsor Each lSodS has nlected Nlth 1tS publl a lon sue was choolcavs, Iovewber December C rlstmas February, U nce, Mar h 'St ratr1ck,' Easter and the Close of school r, Helen J9HK1HS, alded by the or, Iuanlta Greer, owe a lot to rlbuted Jokes, gosslp, and news when any Junior was called on lp on the paper there was al sponse from each and every one. leared over S5 on each paper year, and we slncerely thank one who helpei ln any way to k a success, which we JJDIOTS Juanlta Greer 51 'fgli f.O2iA'v!H WCOL ne! Zone all! Rixht this way! Tde biggest issue of the year at 3:L5 T 'Cay af c .c rl ou' miss it! Just fiv .ts ,, V' r f l , -f Q haf t- aclcs, he breays yuu cz. 7 M any , Yo 'cy --1 .t fiv, pen ' M! H'rrf! Ha yi " 2 'n n '- X' 'U ..C.H.3.n T' M ha'k f. ' ' . 7 ' 1 -' ' ' " A Wi s t V ' . . ' M . ' a n n -.1 " n ' - l 'c t' . L.. P gb is ' U -" In , I ' ' ' f-vol! YV L, ' -'V , , A , LL , H ' T .a 'W ' c , ' . ' ' " and ' ' ' N vv " ' vv . . , . . , . . . . , 0 -' ' . s c 1 L ,A A v w ' I , Ffa? 5 ,A . ,a -. fb..C'?f ,ij 5 x A if Second row JUNIOR Juanita Greer, Wllma Jean Smo Furray, MISS W belle Clower, CLASS PLAY Joe Forrester thers, Dale Froblsh, JoAnn Stes, Gladys Beattle, Anna Bernard Lucas 52 First row: Helen Jenkins, Bob Brittin, Edmund Langen, D 1 K X Flrst row Second row Th1rd row ,ai Asthma U GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Mrs Armstro Joyce Walker cella Howard Joan Smlth Velma Hornbe well, Temple mary RICHLCT Laverne Vdwa Balsley helen Goebel belle Clower Lois Spencer CNot picture n d g, Helen Jenkins, Juanlta Greer Grace Lyerla, Norma Smlth, Mar Irene Eyman, Vlrglnla Smlth k, JoAnn Furray, Jackie Glide Mlnnis, Wllma Jean Smothers, Rose Vary Goebel, Bonnie Lou Vanzant, ds, Juanlta Davldson, Lorraine Norma Stahr, Norma Kllmm, Anna Dorothy Mey r, Alberta Jaeger, Nargaret opencer, Mary Young, D Anna Young -54 V1 Q ze' .1 I ' A U k 4 ' , 2 1 p Q 1 "" A - . . ,K V. A' K ' f, 4' . . I . U O ul , , - , . . . . D i l I . C . " , . U I 0 . . v . - n , . o , V C' , A I - RL' VLEV C This year we had the f1TSt Glee flub for many a year we were about twenty folr ln num ber, who ttorou hly enjoyed SlHQlDU together hrs Arnstrong started us ln the fall wlth 'Green Cathedral we also learned when Day we were 1nsp1red by the Christmas sp1r1t to slng carols On a very cold nlght we set out on the ad venture of slnglng to shut ins and others who e thought would enjoy hearlng the Christmas carols It was so cold that we had to stop several t1m6S to warm up Yr Butterf1eld 1nv1ted us in to eat COOKIES whlch were very good After all the ex cltement, we enjoyed hot chocolate and sandw1ches at Young's w1th the compllments of N C At the annual Community Christmas Tree we furnished part of the entertalnment by slnglng carols The llghts were dlmmed and we dressed 1n our robes, advanced to the front of the gym carrying l1vhted candles It was very lmpress lve, and everyone enjoyed it, lncludlng our selves We have had a Host enjoyable year under Mrs Armstrong and here's hoplng for more llke it Vlolet Ruth Ryan 55 Cl: 3 J' - LUB - ' J n tgr ' ' u ' rf ,J J . . I A .N ' 'VT'L is Donen and qwinter Wonderland.n Soon after, . . - W . . . - ' I' in oHaSo .O . v . - - - 0 . . 0 FllSt row Second row Thlrd row C H B Mr echmldt, Jelda Iarbert, Ilta Ryan, Annabelle Clower, Dorothy Meyer, Norma Kllmm, Jacquellne Plldemell, Hllma Jean Smothers, Darlene Lamb Maureen Fclean, Martha Sloan, Nargaret Grundy, Joyce walk r, Dlane McLean, lone Nundhenke Nar lan smlth, Kexth Long James Sw1n5er Jacquellne Brown, Dorls Lamb Roseann bloan Lorralne Balsley, Mar ret Iagle Nelvln Sloman Kenny Dunklrk, Darrell Grundy, Rlta Nae Sloan, Bonnle Vanzant, Merle B1ll1ter, Earoara Lowls Vlolet Ruth Ryan Howard Jones, Bob Clower, Russ ll MdHH1H5, Ed mund Langen, Ralph bloman, Lester Jaeger, B111 Sol Prose, Earl Welch, Uob Donaldson, A11C8 Clower ack Nundhenke, Margorle Whalen, Bernar d 10 Olsts et 'YY oofn 50 BA1 The band tM1S year has Vale conslderable probress over last year Ne are playlnv more advanced pieces, we have learned to Sl ht read better and are learnlnv to put BSSIDW 1D our nu be also a Band 1other's Club was org nized th1s year to help T81SP Haney for new band unlforns hrs Jack Brown was elected presldent and Prs Herby Clower, secretary trea Jrer The Club spo sored a 'Breakfast In qollywoo ' 11 wn1ch many people turned out for an enjoyable 6V6H1Hg in eatlng slnplng and l3UPh1Hg oO far thls year the band has made two publlc appear ances December 18 the band presented a Chrlstmas Pro ram The band also made an appearance w1th our new UH1fOTmS at e C S Contes The band was very suc cessful and r celved f1TSt Cn Narch 21 the band 1S golng to play For he Teacher's 1DSt1tUt6 in Taylorville Some t1me 1U the near future the band 1S also to put on a Sprlna Concert Seven solo1s+s h ve ente ed the State and CMS contest from our band Dorothy Peyer 1S playlng the clarlnet, Merle B1ll1ter, coronet, Darllne Lamb, snare drum Ralph Slonan, french horn, Lorraln Balsely, tenor saxaphone, Rlta hae Sloan, alto saxaphone, and Vlolet Ruth Ryan, the plano P91th Lorg and Nelda Harbert have entered the tw1rl lnf contest C S also has a JUHIOP Band WHlCh many of ou people knon no HID about It 1s an elvhteen plece ban and was many promlsln players If we senlor band mem bers don't watca out we ar gO1H2 to lose our CH8lTS All 1n all the provress of the band lS due to the n t1r1np and c aseless work of our lnstructor, Pr Schmldt Rl'd Mae Sloan 57 .1 fu v ,1 , N. C. H. D. WD ' v , ' 'v A AA A .. y .f Q :B . in o ex' pr A ffl FS. A A Y a- ' ' ,, . ., ' A ' A . 1 . ' A 0 A ' .s' ,-. n ,- ' L d A AA L ' ' 5 A w, A J .3 0 A, , . f - . - A a On 1 , .1 1 E ' ' th e Ko 0 to " S . A , L . .L on ' 0 ' . . . F V . A., A AA . gd A o ' 'W .1 8 A I' , . . . ' A O 4 - 1 ' ' - ' .Q - y - A ' 1 0 ' Q I .1 . , ,, . . A A . . . , . Q s A C, o ,, H eq . , . IH. . Il. y ' t. g . c Q d A A s ' A F v 2 x K ' L Q O , u - ,D 5 ' A . Q V. Y -A First row Second row Third row Fourth row COMMERCE CLUB Mlss Estes, Rosemary Richter, Annabelle Clower, Dorothy Meyer, John Fahl, Neal Anderson, Helen Jenklns, Edmund Langen, Bob Brittln Merle Billlter, Temple Minnis, Betty Brown, Eynan, Stephen Mlller, Loren Bethard Long, Dale Dey, Jackie Glidewell, L Edwards, Velma Hornbeck, Eugene Salis Margaret Grundy, Dale Frobish, Ralph Edwards Melvin Rathgeber, Dorothy Coy, Wilma Jean Smothers, Mary Young, Mary Goebel, Tom Hells, Pat Whalen, Paul Smith, Jack Bacon Irene Keith Verna bury, 58 1 Juanita Greer, Darlene Lamb, Joann Furray, : a- CONTEQCE e ir t eetinz Ol e ub was Leld n oepter for ofiicers for lf43 l9L6 They a preside t Dorothy fejer, vice secretary Yell And rson, t CLUB orrisonville i h Commerce T elec iig 1 s re as follows John Earl president, Annabelle Cloner e a ii s s ndvis This club has really been t er or Ther are thirty onth Aay year the n Wedne this except October and No e e tin s were h ecanse e found it r The club wa organized to eats plan topic views would apply for a The students ave had at least club's colors are Carnation and knowledge in the busin nas been fully ar ied out of discussion we had wer ersonol Appearance At Position eligible J year green and whi One of the main events of Valentine Party on February 21 guest and dressed se 1 formal lunch followed an evening of da The Comrerce Club has been dents aho are interested in thi has been loads of fun ' 59 sy si e its in f ur rexbexs in the c b vember which were meld on a at 7 O n the even n ore convenient broaden the student's inter ess world l think that this year Some of the Introductions, Inter Dinner How the Beginner oin this club are those who ore conmeicial subject The te and its flower is the the club this year was a Fach member invited a The program and a buffet ncing very beneficial to the stu s type of work and it a so Annabelle Clower A . Va The f' s n oc' V ' th H ' '." H'gn Cl v 2 lu i C-- aber the purpose of t'r 't 4' 9 '- . - ' A -1 ii ., n 5 L 1 - ' ' A ' . ' 'g L 1 e reasur rg and Y'ss E te , ' ' o 'H ' bu nc, ' origin ' Oc- cob ' 'A3. , e A - o n n - '. lu this year. He have had meetings every third Thursday of . T. . T. -T 1 k Vu Su . Th n e ' g ' eld 13 i C i g . V b ., ' vf . .i - A ' 4 s .' A . ' - ., " v 1 ' , ' . .,, , I , , ' . ' c r' ,' . ' s 'o ' T. e: ' ' . - 3 T ' ' 3 ' 3 ' - AA Y I . I . . ' ' to ' ' ' o ' hr . 5 one f of s n 1, ' ' ' . , , I v ' ' 1 I o 4 L . ' 4 11 m I - . V - ' ' A ' AA .J I ' J . 1 C- ' v. '- ' ' ' ' fl O LIBRARY STAFF First row JoAnn Furray, Temple Minnie, Norma Klimm Second row Darlene Lamb, Aldene Greear, Mrs Armstrong, Lorraine Balsley, Jackie Glidewell 60 iiwwwff 1' 'wiki LISRARI NENQ The place where many peofle spend the1r lelsure t1ne 18 our library The llbrary is a great credlt to the school and most of the students take advantage of the prlvllepe lt offers when we are confronted wlth a problem concerning mBth6m8t1CS, hlstory, or science, we flnd ourselves burled deep 1n the reference books of vast knowledge This year new books have been added to the llbrary New volumes of fictlon, biography, travel, and adventure are on the shelves The Freshmen and Sophomores are partlcularly fond of animal books Of course, the SeH1OPS thlnk they are more sophlstlcated and p1ck the books of adventure and romance Our favorlte books are both old and new They are such f1Ct1OH tltles as P1nk Camellla Gone Wlth The Ulnd, Sunset Pass, and The Robe Popular adventure books are I served On Betaan, I Never Left Home, and Danger Is Q1 Buslness Most w1dely read b1ograph1es are Marian Ander Eisenhower, and The story of Dr Jassell for poems and short stories we flnd our the Famillar, and Thlq 1S The Llbrary staff hour hour hour hour hour hour hour hour hour greatest dellght ln Treasury of gy Best 13 as follows Lorralne Balsley Aldene Jreear Worua klimm Dorls Lamb Joann rurray Jackle Plldewell Darllne Lamb Jlnny Klnney Temple M1HHlS Rita Mae oloan ol ' J 1 9 son, Lou Gehrig, 1 wanted To Be An Actress, General Wlken 1 -- . 2 -, P 3 --A . I ,' 4 -- ' . 5 -- - 6 -- ' J ' 7 --. . 8 -- 'r. L' 9 -- 1 . . First row Second row Third row Fourth row FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Norma Smlth, Katherine Grundy, Marcella Howard, Wanda Bllliter, Clara Richter, Betty Wilson Dorothy McKinnie, Helen Sm1th, Virginia Sm1th LaVerna Edwards, Helen Goebel, Joan Smith, Diane McLean, Joyce Walker, Emma Lou Bacon, Juanita Greer, Norma Jean McK1nnie, Rose Ann Sloan, Dar lene Lamb, Vonda Phelps, Nelda Harbert, Bonnie Lou Vanzant, Betty Brown, Norma Stahr Jackie Glidewell, Martha Sloan, Jean Spencer, Hill, Margaret Nagle, Paine, JoAnn Furray, Jean Smothers, Marjorie Margaret Grundy, Margaret Spencer, Velma Hornbeck, Temple Mlnnie Lou Howard, Erma Johnson, Ida Garrett, Dorothy Coy, Norma Klimm, Nita Anderson, Alberta Jaeger, Helen Jenklns, Dorothy Summers, Marjorie McKinnie, Mary Goebel, Alice Clower, Mary Young, Annabelle Clower Melba Sarginson, Evelyn Nita Joyce Ryan Violet Rosemary Richter, Wilma Whalen, Rita Mae Sloan, 62 Dolores Lamb, Grace Lyerla, Cecilia Miller, . a n , D FUTURE HONEMAKERS OF AMERICA This organizat1on whose name may be unfamlliar to many is the national organization formerly called Home Econorics Club It was organized this past summer and has many advan tages over the old club Our chapter is afflliated with this group The flower is the red rose, the colors are red and white, and the motto is 'Toward New Hor1zons ' The goal of th1s organlzation is toward better home and community life for everyone in our country F we are concerned w1th how as individuals we can become better homemakers and how we can work with others to make a better home life for everyone in our communities and in our Nation The F H A is well organized There is a staff that cles in this magazine about the different F H A chapters and about things of interest to these chapters The sponsor of our chapter is Miss Kelly Nita Ander son is president, Dorothy Summers is vice president, and Al berta Jaeger is secretary and treasurer Helen Jenkins is reporter, and Temple Minnis is program chairman The highlights of our year's program are as follows A Sectional Meeting at Springfield which was attended by Nita Anderson, Alberta Jaeger, Miss Kelly, and Norma Klimm, who is district secretary A Rally at Mt Auburn High School was attended by all the members and the sponsor of the chapter Four different chapters were represented at this meeting Installation of officers took place at our second meeting It was an impressive candlel1ght service Two of our outstanding meetings of the year were Valentine Meeting in February and the Christmas Meet ing in December Open House was held in collaboration with the F A on April nin We entertained our mothers with a style show Later refreshments were served by the g1rls to the whole group. During the year the club served the banquet for the Business Men three times. At the end of year we had a potluck supper. Helen Jenkins -63- . In . H. A. puts out a monthly magazine, HTeen Times.' There are arti- Fl l O the First row Second row Thlrd row Fourth row "w..'-Mu? FUTURE FARMERD OF AMERICA Larry Donaldson, Howard Jones, Ralph Sloman, Pat Whalen, Donald Mcward Neal Anderson, mund Langen, Dlck Brlttln, Verne Mundhenke Donald Beatty Bob Donaldson, Dale Dey, Earl Welch, Bllly Prose, Jacob Lyons, John bahl, James Froblsh Mr Schm1dt Earl Oyler, Dlck Brown, Kennetn Dunklrk Melvln Rathgeber Norman Chambers Joe Harrls John Clark Bernard Todt, Loren Bethard Stephen Mlller Merle Bxlliter, Darrell Grundy, Bob Grundy, Carl Poggenpohl, Eugene Sal1sbury John Lyon,, James Clark, Paul omlth, Dale Froblsh, Law renee Clavln 4 I fl -' ' wi, nggfmf , Ed- A. E , 1 - V ' , Louie Carter, Jack Mundhenke, Charles Clark. ' : . L , ' ' , ' D D l 9 9 1 . , . . , F - 6 - FUTURE raRW 13 OF A4EQICA The Morrlsonvllle Chapter of Future Farmers of AMSTICB boasts an enrollment of thlrty slx members we meet the f1TSt Thursday of each month under the dlrection of Donald Iclard, pres ident, Pat Jhalen, vlce pP6Sld6Ht, ialpr ploran secretary dmund Langen, treasurer, Jarrell Grundy, reporter, James Plark, watchdog, and Nr Sch ldt dvlsor lt th meetin s we tame and attend to V3TludS 1t8TS of buslness After eacd m etlng ve have elther a r1CtUT8 show or refreshments of sore k1nd some of the hlghllghts thls year are the ag and Home c partles, the lDit18t1OH of he Greenhands and Phapter F r ers, th selllng of garden seed the open house sponsored by the and e an also the n F trlp to wh1ch many boys are lOOKlH5 forward 101 HECHIPG Por the chool Last vear, one of our boys, Robert IO5g1H pohl recelved tle Qtate Farner's Degree oev eral boys F316 applled for the devree thls year have had at le t a e rmer 1U our organlzatlon slnce lts be lnnlrg The ttlng we are Yost prou of lS our Hono doll of for er boys wdo are now or have been ervlce on trelr country There are over SlXt boys ine boy Pau nlth, nas just recently left to Joln the Nav Donald cward J H H, we , . , . A , - . -.1 A n 0 . l . . -r ' - ',' ' -, vs ' . I -ra V' A I A 4 L - u , 3 E A A " ' fl D - . A NJ 2 44 . r 4 O m' , a ' . Q .e g ' up A K ' 'X ' I A.. I , A l :J I J .1 . 7' ' l A - ' . g ' A L ., E ' ' ' ' ' t A J l 3 fl.. l 9 I s, , . F. F. A. ' th F. H. A. d F. . A. I A , ,. 1 . The F. F. A. has also purchased a slide project- ' l A . . l ll . o L , ' A V oe . A . A - L, N . . U . ,, Q CD . We as slx st t ha M s . H ' f ' l ' ' r g'. 'l . n' v ' M d ' ' A r ' n F. F. A. L , l in the s ' l K " '. . n f ' y of these ' . C ' , 1 l 31' ' ' ' , ' i ' H y. T! A . - U I - H, 6bH24e Czkzzaff 6A1Z0Qe 6, " 'ff ddfaz -'WW Like -Lx., VCAZZQ 'ctq9r- f Cafzfcafnf Qiapf PATRONS Cbocaukkw Czar Dr and Mrs Ralph M Seaton A L Grundy and Mrs R C To Dorothy K Armstrong Helen Kelly Virginia Estes Sue Rowe Cantrell Dean England John O Attebery A W Schmidt Ada Rittenhouse Doris Ann Lowe Betty Rich Virginia Smothers Pauline Knudson William Lauer THANK YOU To all students and faculty members who assisted w1th the preparation of the annual To Burchett Studio for their photography To Mr. Todd for his assistance, patlence, and cooperation. raphy To Coach Attebery for his help with special photog To all patrons and advertisers. - 55 - V7 Cff Q p 1 , 17 - ' N 'ff !I , 1 , , Sv -, 1 - ' f' , - L1 1 X, X I, ' I .l,, ' 4 I pfa -SSX HW I ,, . 4, ,V - mic , ff . p jff Z A, If r 5 I I fl l I O V . . Mr. . . . dd O O O O I I O E E141 E7 J L1 X "" L Nm. yff Rx CN qu X X ,mx ilU'JE3'I' I SEIIJHJTS I-L l A AJ? L:- H 'J if E,.a 2211 'ff U! C ff ' F KS 4 X Q 5 ':s5.:'l.MF'--- 4 ln- X , K - KK . K Q ,MK Ls ' X Q 4p , jf 3 ' I X N PF f .x i QLLNJQ GLOHGLA Forrlsenvllle ill , 1DOlS kOTTlQOHVll1 Il Ibane 123 l1UO1S lhere Flsh B'o KAAT 5 L'I'U1'CS ' Veg ables Fresh Meats Phone 23? N W1 1 the ove 0 D Dr Howard arwon bTANLEY'Q VAFE Ice Cream Neals 'C a ner, lllHO1S Po ltrv Eggs uredm Ne Plck lt p Ra pV anee rnone 26 So t? The Q op of E5 we latter uri' D1 .31 BTG J 16 , 1hJlS tnyl lo 9 KJ m DR.1-f Ei,i.'7'wI"n" HI 'S DEHTIST B E A U T Y S H L r A 'f ' f ' ' .1 '- '-e, A ' JA X wt nl BUF' ' NA'WZ vEST 'ISHES ' ' ','l , C X- C me Home ' et e 5' ' 0 A ' H A THE WADLEY CO. f- . U 1 J U' .. D1 fi r - 'A vw' ' ' U in - lg I ' ' 1 H I 'Ask T,n.ini. F y ri ' 1 'e bH'JHFIELQ'5 'E 'Iwi Ql.nl3W 1 A n'de of A141 SITE ?h07Q'm' faylsrx-11' 111' -' E . H sw f .. 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LOW HARDwARV STORE Vorrisonville, Illxnoxe Phone 25 JOHN N BECKER The ClOthlDg Pan' Forrisonville Illlnols QTANDARD OIL CO Bert Anderson Iorrlsonvllle, Illlno HARBEnT' W1nE SHOP Vulcanlzlng B8tt6TlSS AOCGSSOTISS Morrlsonville, Illinols CCMPLIPFWKS d KENT C H MacPherson Phone 4001 CONPLIMVNTS DPnw D BLAUTY DHCP Phone lL HOPE CAFE Home Cooked Feels Philip Winder E'S U N ' ' V A A , . . H S , , U , . 5 . . . is ,A . Phone 2 ',1 A41 a u of I M. D. W. '. of A f1-fgvyfv rw- f- Y - 7,4 - IDUIMTS BEL-f r rDlUlT11 H1 JJMC I 7 ' JI' If f rf rldJ1f IMI' JffISUf ffm IJUHWH UUUU HUD f UH rw: ffl r UVM' 9 R0 IT Illl JI.: .UV Brmfmb IJ Ufirllli f D390 MTIUU ffl Prlrfl Ur! 'UHF' UH IITJ 'UNI H110 F11 Lg. V S53 X I gx is N si, SS J' x ' n rfw .A IYIEHLS " ' ' ' Sf" E. 'IJU1JES" JE JHETD r' ' - - r' ' t' F Q S f .C P fl ll " BB f' -.E, .- HF r 3 ' " 5 'ss' 1' 5 ' 1 f naposns up ro 255,600 msuazao m THE fllf' ' Q I-3 :Q ffl'-' f l . 0 1 "r ' 1' Q s 'Q 'C' J .J -a ' xxx z's DF , xv -' - CNE " ' JD ' ,w O E MCL COMPLIWENTS DENTIST Morrisonville, Ill1no1s DI PLOTTI SHOE STORE Phone Res 6905 Office 6901 CONPLIMENIS CHARLES M STEWARD General Repair JONES BARBER SHOP Leather and Canvass KENl'S MEAT MARKET SEWELL'S SHOE STORE Home kllled Meats MOTTlSOHVlll6 1l1no1s Phone 30 Phone A Taylorville, lll1no1s BROVERMAN The Home f Hart, Schnaffer and Marx Clothes Taylorvlllek Ill1no1s Poultr COMPLIMVNTS DEARDORFF y Cream Y V1 9 For up to date c and Ready to Wear Shop at Milllnery and Piece Goods Taylorv1lle, llllnols GEORGE'S CANDY SHOP oats sults M A JOHNQON DRUG CO F M McL AN Morrlsonville, Illinoxs Soft Drlnks Tobacco Phone 283 CALLOWAY'b NOTHING BUT RVAL ESTATE READY TO WEAR SIDCS 1917 Taylorvllle, Illinois W J ENGLAND Phone L00 Phone 280 K4 DR. . . EAN . of of . . , I . . I 'S n o A A DURRR'S A when in Ta lor 'll 3 - - , ' .Q A nl f . 0 U . . . E I QI' ractors lxke rnen can t do their best unless they ue an s class condmon Leaky valves worn rings oose bearmgs fouled :gm non s stem these and o er nnnor trou les can grea reduce your tractor s and af not attended to they may lea ro costly breakdow our john Deere tractor nn Bglmng trim 1 es cnhstxnan 33 ur factory Lrixne for nex season s work for a very :no they now msrantly what xs re ulre and have the s on genome jo n e e parts when rngklng necessary replace paris that are exactly lxke the orxgxn s en next sprmg rolls ground youll be :ann to go See that your ohn re uarior 15 nn e same con mon Drop ID the next tune you are an town, and let us show you how we can make your john Deere tractor as ood as new Wehope to ae' you soon- ii. r" fi-Cifmfi rg ,NJ Fly HOW, 4 xlx ,, ell, I f .,-r.fl1flHLEM'.1N ,Jn 75 XJ av!-f 'I- vfz A f Q at f V 1 f I 1 5' .. T , . , , . . at ti . . 0 ' . 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X X X r -A F , , S E S STEUART'S LOCKER SELF SERVICE MARKET P Low Prices Everyday STEWART and SF CKLEBORD ME O K E R L STEWART COLE and HERNAN VOTOR COMPANY YOUR FORD DEALERS Phone MARSCH SERVICE STA1ION CONPLIPENTS KROGER'S SNITT S ELECTRIC SHOP h RATHON C S OIL BATTERIES and TIRES Hotpolnt Appliances Morr1sonv1lle yorrlsonvllle Bullding and Loan ASSOC18tiOD Real Estate Loan Investments Phone 18 ' ri 3ffMLlffD.a .Palmer Zo 1 L C O M L E T E L C S E R V I , 90 F U J A of QUAKER STATE L .,, ,2' C A , P r ll rr F T .J wi V Provlde your boy or glrl wlth a College EdUC8t1OH by buylng an Educatlonal Pollcy through the Massa chusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company N111 pay about S400 per A years if you are l1v1ng and pay 3500 per year for A years should you d1e HEALTH, ACCIDENT and HOSPITAL INSURANCW No Acrobat Mother Nature 1S a remarkable woman, but she st1ll can't Jump from summer to wlnter wlthout a fall, nor from wlnter to summer w1thout a spr1ng erff Jdnef fncfzanapoiv 5 fndmna C.76lSS72?7l S CO7nTnen.c67neru':Wnvzounce-fnenfs e-We eras Sf' 5z1a.izo7zef-'S o orvfzsonzn e, ommunsfzf S051 02 E If H012 ed.a1l'aY'j:?17z01S JD -77- I Y S U R A N ' E . . . . , , ' ' will . , H For particulars, see, ARTHUR BUTTERFIELD, Agent I . . 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Suggestions in the Morrisonville High School - Crest Yearbook (Morrisonville, IL) collection:

Morrisonville High School - Crest Yearbook (Morrisonville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Morrisonville High School - Crest Yearbook (Morrisonville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Morrisonville High School - Crest Yearbook (Morrisonville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Morrisonville High School - Crest Yearbook (Morrisonville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Morrisonville High School - Crest Yearbook (Morrisonville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Morrisonville High School - Crest Yearbook (Morrisonville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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