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31981944 t6St iN QV Wig!! ll 'P s fired btfflnegemors F o T 3 Bffutrrwa +ms.n. E Af. .1 12.11 Viv IG Es S AJ 9 6 . .- 5333? S:-4 H225 v' I lllh- I q ve e Q IW vrlionvsue Commons 3 Hs ln School ' 0 0 GY Kenna o Q ol JITOY I In I IVY am Te VI Of fh, 4- v-,S 5' EZ 7 K"-J, ' Q 'fY,x . A ., ' V 5' . Ov-Q Qvfxxm. in-A. KVW 1747,- ,il L .4- 104 Sl i f'NFN xl Tm pf mlnls Yilnbll 41,15 5 ?f,ij ZNL. L 251 I 1 v' fi m U Mla-A I CD eg CC eo 30--PROC 9..l""I -bo lb 'f J' 0 V10 I 4 O-scov ro 3.20 . 'CQ-'3 ' 11904-D n..'77L 5' '- co o QT., .J -A ., 0"' VJ' X 7 A 'D :O fm ' ur "L 'fl 'CJ '1' 'WQU RCT'JJ gsm Coin: Mid U 9 QTLDT JJ SIC o BE STL. 'Ill IH S CS o EYC Q III sg :N TO A'lTeLer Soclq S U egplujscalgl N keasTMs .S TQT rs Q E Q s -F.3TTe 8 S C e J Cllee Sue Row:-:CQ T c Semen JS AXJS L Eel plan' S A3 Yqnc GW 4- Ee S Q 'IQ g e H253 e s Il H glues 'J 1 vrfvb' if A le, the Seniors of 1944 are grateful for the opportunities we have had in living and me learning these four years that will will r membered pert as our life goes ing on to learn the ways of the wide so that we can go out and make for us our fellow citizens a better place to rk e march world an live We feel that it is our duty to dedicate to you, OUR PARENTS, the following pages which make a report of our progress and the progress of fellow students of the lower classes in the work and educational efforts of the past years We hope it has been enough that we can meet the demands that are made during future years THE SENIOR CLASS OF Ebgyywwmv Zzgfvffwff 0 wif yawufcj ,054-J "6 41 m Lael... amen 47 .MGP rgiwiw Qgmifigl AW Qew 5, -- d WLLU 75 ' s J L . ff . ,, ' ' ' - ,ff ,I Lal - 'fide ' ' 570 1 .1f241L41L- esJg? qy70AAvL4'2 I ' Aire gs . . ,M 9 ' . " f f' ' f., 5 I 'YJ' xxx, 'eff'-1 A f Na' 4 ' Q ,, Vg. W -ip? fl 'J 'S' Nw "9 '? 'K E3 v First Row Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Second Row Mr and Mr and Mr and Mr and Third Row an an an and Mr Fourth Row Dr and Mr and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs PARENTS' NAMES Charles Anderson and James John Brittln and Charles John Clark and Mary Edward Clavin and Agnes William Coy and Maryalice Albert Dunkirk and Mary Louise Frank Fleigle and Robert George Gleespen and Bernard Clarence Goebel and Patricia Harold Grundy and Dorothy Lloyd Harmon, Ruth and Lyle Ralph Jenkins and Nadine Charles MacPherson and Richard Earl Meyer and George Mrs Frank Donaldson and John Millburg Fifth Row Mr and an an and Sixth Row and and and and Seventh Row Mr an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs August Mundhenke and Robert William Phelps and Lila Leonard Prose and Lawrence Herman Neunaber and Ruth Walter Eson and Richard Norris Fred Rich and Betty Trumble Rittenhouse, Ada and Ida Arthur Rosenthal and Kenneth Delmar Smothers and Virginia Mrs Wanda Walker and Donald Mr and Mrs Clarence Welch, Mildred and Eloise Mr and Mrs Ray Wilson . ' a . Mr. d . Mr. d . Mr. . ' Mr: and Mrs: Clarence Mcward and Betty Jo ur: a f Mr. d . Mr. . ur. ' . Mr. . Mr! I Mr! U . A . I! DAD gets me up in the morning, So that I can get to school sees that I don't forget to wash, And tells me to abide by the golden rule helps me with my ha e work, And a dozen little odds and ends quarrels and very few arguments, 'Cause we're the very best of friends And when I'm feelin' kinds low, He takes notice and asks, what's it about He's always there to lend a hand, And in his own way, helps me out I brag on him an awful lot, It makes me feel oh, so glad You knew him 'cause he's my Dad Dick Norris MY MOTHER Dear Mother with a tear in her eye, Has seen these four years quickly fly She's proud of her children, everyone, Stood by them all, till they were done Bother, no matter how young or old, we still think you are made of gold With a heart as big as you ever saw, Yet we just think of you as 'ma ' You've helped us to get to sohool, le, too, to abide by the golden rule And you've dressed us, oh so neat, Why Mother, you just ean't be beat But really, 'Mom' we think you're tops, And almost rank above our 'Pop' we know many a sorrow hangs o'er your breast, So to you, too, we dedicate The Crest Betty Rich 44 He He He No Why--he's the best friend I ever had, ILL!! -- I I .., wx K , ,GY 6 0 VZ, W S-3 'Kin BIDIOYS le I-I r rw Secve ca rece BeTTej J'P'XeNJoJ VICE press en 9"'W"NG Pace 65 0' 'U if 9 L OYYWLJ 47C OO LAJQ CVE SO nes Own pl' VC YXLI YWO C T GI? Q oc Nt .AQ- -R-50 es wr-Q fr Fxwf I Vx rx U 0 GCG Q gn owd econ-we Iome INS O M Q OIDPL-I 14 GO 6.1 vt G OUI Wm uf. FO OSOU pvfiilrfl PQ CU Kcnc X, Yfvwu O JJ ol U yup, UIQ 'WSU fvxug V Qh ev 'KQV 'Horus an we YYYXOY1 OKVYYHOYIQ OY1 VEY IAC 'U I6 ku GYX OVC V I .3 I-IQ JQKMHI rm nf- T4 v - I 1 I X ig QUT welkvwx- 'fi ' " ' -' CIKWOV Sw IXVIIAFW II I ' .. FAJQIIU 3 ATL-IIQ, Q - OV x SIM"-3 75: 2 - j I NO v In C' I vfiv ' Q" bl JVI' , 1 0 QUT SIA Inrovme us Qf-'SIS fx. . A I I Clvkj CIOWIK fx AY5OXlIf1Qv IIIIIH-1r' ,I 'UR' f',"',65!'."k I - ' I II fI I I f NX lr Irwcxfxg, fc I f U f, , Q In ff IX Oy I' Q' 3 'I I ' 'Y' pIe QF Peo ff' wI ' 'V' 'fr , 1 O I, A FL ,AY , 0 Ilj , , I VW!! tj prom v Io i'0A'3Ie he' 'I In PQ Ive I os LIQJ V1 MFT' QN I I -Q I LI I ,JI f"JY'II,5IYIq I I0 7104, 0. , I IQSIS 0, 7 ASIQ Iiefvvg 'flvi UUIII IJ ,Bei-T. QOH. 'I '- 40 'z I-I I! ZJICIT ld IV All I J ,A UQ' I r-1f,.aIf,bE fr fx IKOS noI. - IJ, V' ml ,fjiviff I. I I"I Q, I OIS QIXI-Iun , rgffrr OQIQ III - Iowvw FI MII, I If F' I I I I I I I "1 rvii '11 '1"r ,'QI Iv V' I' mul 'I .II-I -I IA fl'-GI VLA 'MII L11 II. Q II I or LD OIKS. W I Q QI I nv I1 YI I I ' I I I I, QI M 0 Soul 4 LU I QI OP' 1 I ' IjIS I Ion HQ LMJIU I T J 03 004100 FO C- MQQ Im LDuI?S CJ e O? O EY Uh en k J mesm n SUNG D N MTL ObJYenCe rose QL- L9 MH UIUC UJVX QITETNWJ eorcj H Zmfirm, ,A v' OISE' S C J L PP1 C JWSCL UKJOYG 90m Q FFT Tk BIHTLQL A nlwou HL, Q es c I QIJITSYWLOUSC GVIVWQ O ern os I N lm mano on H T GYlY1 ATS YS 5 Q YC SC SVHOYS Qmov so em 9 4 E i g Q' ' e ' IC SKUCC' Ill ,fyyryxl rl i l 'D J The SIU e-VL:-gi if Pu I ' V do I fe ' f L ,Qt H J J GV 'Q CLJVJ KTH1KCt L , A l 0 rjlrl nsu kk: By ly! ' do SLWE' 4119 Ona C-lUTlC:'v'a J Mg, 4 I-ov-sl-mesnT nclolveomg, Jlf 5 M3 5 1 C, V TkhOuJxeCjiG Lexn STI' L16 IS OIWQLJS S V . I QW C5 :mimic Qffcvfr r Q EIS Iwoxjifklmlkunnj L Qi Q AOHIT Know LOLAJ gawk, J 0' V,f Q :X 'AKwfY X" Ac eevieqoieposodo d 3 J . 'A J-Us njoe' To s,H,qJ,T 1 27 , BQ- 'QXBLSLWQI OINCLNOYWJPQ Too NHS'-i cjqwwe pOr Qnjif ,ni 3 UJOH Ji YC goon Lxer L-xeovT To CUPlC1QL!E",lflxr1' 5 'v Uhr: olvc-1Qc17LxQSTLxe rlrwcj, Nj f F , lxfxfl I YJ TLD C O efvxh 99 OHJ TS no,se za My Q Q aeJNr,Om mann Oneje U' I IO QCJSJE I VN Tkr fjeOrS njou kjhave ,lone ijeuv PQVT C YWC3fQ-Vu! O1-IJHS Oh lbenma CUT. . Q f -A 3 . F R rl ?" S I A' '9' f, 'f . , Q, '9 - 2 V Aj' 1 ' Y-W. Q 4. -La ,. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fateful year of l9h0, a very large class of Freshles entered the Morrisonville Community High School Qin short H C H S At first, as the tradition goes, we were very green, but soon we became accustomed to high school life We elected Mr Schultz as Class Advisor, Donald Walker, President, Howard Wilson, Vice President, June Campbell, Secretary, and Virginia Smothers, Trees urer We sponsored a dance and a food sale, which along with our dues, helped swell the treasury One of our members, Maryalioe Coy was chosen cheerleader along with some upperclassmen and has retained this position for the full four years we had many active members in glee club and choir which was under the direction of Mr Schultz We also had some very active members in athletics We started our Sophomore year by losing some of our members but not very many We elected Mr Flemlng as Class Advisor, John Hillburg as President, Betty Rich as Vice President, Rosemary Gauer as Secretary, Nadine Jenkins as Treasurer, and Alice Sloman as Publicity Manager, and we proceeded to make our Sophomore year a successful one We sponsored a dance, hayride, a hamburger our boys on the first five of boys went out for basketball M C H S from Taylorville and several social events which included fry, and a food sale We had one of the basketball team Several other At this time Dick Norris entered wa put into the Sophomore class In our Junior year, we bestowed the honor of Class Advisor to Miss Estes, who has remained with us for our Senior year W elected Donald President, and our songbirds, Nadine Jenkins with Maryalice Walker as President, Bernard Gleespen as Vice Ruth Harmon as Secretary Treasurer We lost two of Rosemary Gauer and Alice Sloman to Springfield and Donald Walker were elected cheerleaders, which Coy, made all the cheerleaders from our class presented the play 'Happy Landings' to a very large audience on the evening of April 2, 19h3 We sponsored, also a Halloween Party, which was very hilarious and very profitable, and the traditional Prom and Banquet for the departing Seniors At the end of the year, Ie had a nice little sum of money in the treasury to start our Sen or year The Senior year was started by giving a dance Our officers elected for the year were as follows President, Kenneth Rosenthal, Vice President, Betty Jo Howard, Secretary Treasurer, Lyle Harmon In October we gave a very successful Carnival, at which we started something new boxing matches, contestants taken from the Senior Class Then along came December and the Senior play, 'It's Papa Who Pays,' starring some talented members of our class The Sen iors traveled to Springfield to have their pictures taken good pictures too' Then came the biggest job we have yet undertaken that of publishing a bigger, better annual than ever before We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together Last but not least, our Senior picnic on May 26 ended a very happy four years at M C H S Virginia Smothers NMR O O O I , I O e e - U O 1 I 0 O C C U ' o O O e - e Q e 0 e 0 O 0 0 I 9 0 . B ' nn Q - ' I . W! O O Q I e e e Q an ' 0 0 f on 0 . 9 no . 0- C C e 0 0 0 on CLASS POEM We are the class of forty four Through these portals we'1l walk no more Many memories we'll never forget And very few hours of regret Latin, math, we have taken, History and science we haven't forsaken, Allen, Bacon, Longfellow, and Poe Those book reports were hours of woe 'Happy Landings' was a success, 'It's Papa Who Pays' was one of the best The Senior Carnival was a lot of work But such a success so why should we shirk9 Parties, Weiner roasts, and hayrides for some Could we forget that Junior Prom? Lest but not least, we published our Crest We hope you like lt, cause we did our best These four years have swiftly gone by marched down the aisle to get our sheepskin Then out the same doors that we came in We hope you've liked us and ve hate to go But success we seek, whnch we hooe isn't slow Good luck and happiness to each of you To all we bid fond adieu' Miss Wstes On the twenty-fifth with a tear in our eye, We , J 3 9 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY On December 20, 1943 I sent a letter to that aged old sage from the Orient, Phizannie, to help me out on the Senior Class Prophecy of l94L It was today, on the first of January that I received the answer from the old wizard He told me 'egg zactly' what the me bers of the great class of 19LL would be doing ten years after they passed through the door of M C H S Here is the prophecy of Phiz ann e JAMES ANDERSON will become the bat boy of the Philadelphia Phils for two or three years, then will buy a hot dog stand and sell hot dogs and pop for the rest of his life CHARLES BRITTIN will be pla ing his first big league baseball season with the St Louis Browns in 1949 He will start as a right fielder, then will be traded to the Cubs in 1950 and be converted into a pitcher MARY CLARK will be married and living on a farm and raising a lot of chickens AGNES CLAVIN will be tutoring small children for several wealthy families in New York City MARYALICE COY will be the champion woman ice skater of the world, and will be known to movie goers as Sonja Heine II MARY LOUISE DUNKIRK will be operating a very large beauty parlor in Palmer Permanent waves will be S3 OO on May 16, 1953 Come by ap polntment ROBERT FLEIGLE will be an army engineer and have the large task of supervising the rebuilding of the Burma road BERNARD GLEESPEN will be a stunt flyer for Droop Brothers Circus To his millions of fans he will be known as 'Fearless Fosdick ' PATRICIA GOEBEL will be the head nurse in Taylorville Memorial Hospital JAYSON DOWDY will hold the welter weight boxing champion against all comers Beware in 1955 or else the peanut termites will eat uo your farm LYLE HARHON will be the example of the perlect farmer and will be touring the country showing farmers how to raise hogs the 'Harmon Way ' RUTH HARMON will be keeping house for her Admiral, Bernard Garlett, who is stationed at San Diego, California NADINE JEN INS will be writing 'Advice to the Lovelorn' in the Chicago Sun and will be paid by the day, according to the length of her column DICK MACPHERSON will be a very famous doctor working on the prevention of cancer He will find a completely new and simple cure in the year 2000 BETTY JO HOWARD will be the dress designer at MGM Studios in Hollywood working along with Adrian GEORGE MEYER will be the owner of six gambling places scattered over the country and will be rolling in revenue BOB HUNDl4l1 will be the owner of a thousand acre farm in Wisconsin When he comes to Morrisonville, he will be telling us how much better the crops are in Wisconsin JOHN MILLB RG will be known as the playboy of New York He will have plenty of 'mazu a' and a girl in every night club RUTH NEUNABER will be the composer of the 13th Symphony and will also write the United States national epic, 'Pistol Packin' Mamma ' DICK NORRIS will be head basketball coach at Ohio State University, and we understand his two sons have acquired as much meanness in them as their father had ten years ago LILA PHELPS will be the owner of a large chain of farms and in 1954 she will donate enough money to build a new high school and gymnasium for H C H S LAWRENCE PROSE will be working for a large collecting agency His first job will be to collect a small sum for the Breeze e y' DOROTHY GRUNDY will be the owner of a large peanut farm in Alabama. . . IBN!! SENIOR CLASS PROPHBCY Courier Ie u derstand he and Doris are a happily married couple ADA and IDA RITTINHOUSI will take up the vacancy left by the Andrew Sisters and will be heard over mutual networks every londay, led nesday, and Saturday evenings at 5 30 p m and also on the Hit Parade BETTY RICH will be helping lary Louise Dunkirk in her beauty parlor and will be in charge of the mud baths KENNY ROSENTHAL will serve in e branch of the service as a First Lieutenant for five years Then he will become a swoon crooner Later with the help of Baldy Wells ographer for a large Chicago soap firm We hear that she and her boss are sort of 'wishy washy' about each other DONALD WALKER will be the Professor of History in Colu bia University, taking the place vacated by David Muzzey HOWARD WILSON will still be serving in the United States Marines as a Seargent ELOISE and MILDRED WELCH will be the co owners of a restaurant in lorrisonville, which was formerly known as Ella Cole's Cafe Eloise was married to a banker from Salt Lake City about a year ago, and we understand she's selling her part in the restaurant to Mildred, who is still looking for a man And thus Phlzannie brought to a close his prophecy Whether it is right or wrong, I believe that the members of the class of l9LL will meet with success wherever their footsteps may guide them James Anderson LL he will start a small ouartette. VIRGINIA SMOTHERS will be a stan-' -- B ll CLASS IILL Ie, the members of the Senior Class of l9Lh, of Ibrrisonville Community High School, being of sound mind and memory wish to make known to, this is our last will and testament le hereby revoke and make void all former wills or promises anytime heretofore made spoken one to another as the thoughtless wish of an idle hour To the Freshmen we leave our ability to get smarter and smarter and not to be a burden to the faculty in the next three years To the Sophomores we feel we do not have to leave anything They can get by themselves To the Juniors it is our desire that this class inherit all our mental capacity in order that they may have no difficulty in measur ing up th the high requirements set up by the Senior Class James Anderson, bequeath my theme writing ability to Loren Bethard Charles Brlttln, since I've moved away, bequeath lvelyn Hill to Lawrence Clavin laryallce Coy, bequeath Dale lbore to Oh, no, I'll keep him' lary Clark bequeath my black wavy hair to Margaret Grundy Agnes Clavln, bequeath my height to Jackie B own Jayson Dowdy, bequeath my fighting ability to Joe Langen lary Louise Dunkirk, bequeath my piano playing ability to Mary Young Robert Pleigle, bequeath my wavy hair to Donald Lentz Patricia Goebel, bequeath my bookkeeping workbook to next years' Dorothy Grundy, bequeath my ability to write and transcribe shorthand to Dorothy Todt Bernard Gleespen, bequeath my little green 'Chevie' to Dwight Johnson so he won't be late every morning Lyle Harmon, bequeath my ford to the school so all boys will have a place to eat their dinner and loaf for fifty five minutes Ruth Harmon, bequeath my athletic ability in basketball to all freshmen girls Nadine Jenkins, bequeath my talkativeness and long black hair to Irene Ryman Richard lacPhereon, bequeath my height to Iva Phelps Betty Jo Hclard, bequeath my job as Editor of the annual to any Junior who is capable of handling it next year John lillburg, bequeath my 'way with women' to T lells George leyer, bequeath my 'yeller' hair to Sam y Sloan Robert luadhenke, bequeath my winnin way with Ada to anyone who thinks he can get it KJuat try it' Richard Norris, bequeath my muscles to Dale Dey Ruth leunaber, bequeath my bashfulness to Norma Jeanne Todt Lawrence Prose, bequeath my coke dates at four in the afternoon with Doris, to Jack Light Lila Phelps, bequeath my 'race horse speed' walking to John Goebel Betty Rich, bequeath my typing speed to Betty Iexinnie to help please the good looking boss, not yet gray haired Ada Rittenhouse, bequeath my noon sessions with Bob to Ivan and Clara lac . l suckers. . .Si CLASS WILL Ida Rittenhouse, bequeath my graceful walking ability to Dale Irobish Ksnneth Rosenthal, bequeath my ability to blush to Leo Nagle Virginia Smothsrs, bequeath my 120 word a minute speed in shorthand Donald Walker, bequeath my tall, dark, and handsome form te Jack Nicol Eloise Welch, bequeath my boyfriends Ksave onel to all prospects, namely, Velma Hornbeck lildred Welch, bequeath my chewing gum and feminine screams to Violet Ruth Ryan I, Howard Wilson, bequeath my position in the Marines to any boy who has become 18 years of age Signed By Senior Class of 'LL Witneesed By Kenneth Rosenthal Betty Rich Donald Walker Eloise Welch I If . 1, - - - to Bob Frcbleh. I, 1, ' 1, ' UUIO g 1 H Ill' W ! E A QYICQ S BCH Crhg, YQSIAQH 1: M., 'Til' Q S Tunlovs SCCVQ Chu Tv8Q'5uv9v MQ TLSQTQHQ GSS er VICE Veg Ae lll Wulf BIYKWH' PUC? P5305 ltr mrs row P Q Sled HKevns Mikessler I Phelpi Bm' ' " M 6 C ,con yew M SmqTha 5 SRosenTFQl C-l'X.Pr se, DLG 0 DTGJT, HU To T Thy J row G-'S-Tiele IMIOLQVJW HB1-118 PKn than R Mavek fo ,, ,ow R P cajgnpxuox 3' Ly M1 G earnon B HG rx V x, 0 ox....'rzwL.. Mimi: vm Lk LNG' L1 MDW TGoebel C Goqbe Kun Sevovfik vow RD0avd0 F9 D T0""f0" 'gf' 595 'A'.s. f ,fi ' P T E3 I l If I 0 8 aj .ki ,x T " . 1 . K K +- -Q H I K , ., P ' v K I v i I - P I vfr . 'Q I, . I ' P . -A 'dw' . - - l H gg "1l"lE'5-ui 4.- A I' o , 4 P911 Ill' A - A... ,..... vtllavuu-1.n'a.--'Q . . , ' I Iwi l' -nl 1- ,.-W. -,, H., f , I llwfilliifl HX fl-v 1 "- - A ' a-- -....-..,.,,.. .,,-,, , , , I .uni .susan fn,-,fmf,1:,:7w.n nf-:Oar-,: A l It uni:-4 'llllulli 065211-H bi' ',,f'z. ', V 3""'Z '43..Li.!T -,gI .':1.'.L......,L?l,-1 f, f . hi! .i:::M5: 9 w-1:1 .ral nh .ef-rr.: 1- , w l.Q ATTS1 I. --4RY.BKfllv"l in up nm-0 .nm -- ffm- y - :Z izv-nn ll 'YU IU' ' lf' 5. w I ' :rv uncnuvvuv. H ':ff': ln'-'il I , , ' ,.,,.,,,,,..,,,,. 1 , 1 lialhllgnu ifejdt 1 I ' I 1 . ' '- u , ' ' 1 ' 1 . " ,. . f . ig iifS4',-QVQMQI. 1 - f . ..' ' .. - v x V R' . ,M 4 I , , Q 93,3-V ' 1:11 .4 U ii ,V A ' nm F T - ' B K - ' ' ' I ' ' K nn I ' ' I I S A ,.. , Y , 1 , g . ill , I ' ' .J 5 ... f , . 4 I - U I ' ,, 15, , . . , , .5 J . Q , , va. .le VF-I Y vu.. - I ' na J ' ' bV"j' ' und n Q' cj S.. 1 - - , . L R. ... , v , . , - " JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Thirty five their third year have trudged the a classroom high spirited students have now finished of hard work and study Three years we stairs of H C H S and labored in many On September 3, 1941, thirty five boys and girls braved their first day of high school education At our first class meeting we elected Miss Estes, Class Advisor Glen Beaman, President, Norma Jeanne Todt, Vice President, Patty Balsley, Secretary Treasurer In January we had a dance, and during the year we did several other things to increase our treasury When the school bell rang on September morn, we then of the sophomore class, were glad to be back to M C H S 'polishing the apple' with all the teachers At our first class meeting, we elected Shirlen Rosenthal, President, Donald Lentz, Vice President, Patty Balsley, Secretary Treasurer and Mr Chidekel, Class Advisor During the year we had a 'Sadie Hawkins' dance and a weiner roast and hayride which proved to be a great success Dale Moore, Bob Froblsh, Donald Lentz, Jack Nicol, and John Goebel represented the class on the hardwood and also on the baseball diamond Shlrlen Rosenthal and Glen Beaman were basketball managers This next year turned us from Silly Sophs to Jolly Juniors Our first duty was to elect class officers W chose Mrs Cantrell as President, Martha Ja Balsley, Secretary 'Toby Doodle Dandy our Class Advisor, Helen Kerns, Kessler, Vice President, Patty surer In April we presented he play turned out to be a great success under the d ction of Mrs Cantrell Dale, Bob, Donald, and Jack ar members and baseball teams Several active in the F F A In Hay was held and it proved a big of the varsity basketball boys in this class were quite the Junior-Senior banquet success And so our third year has ended in our journey down the road to higher education We will be waiting for next year to arrive when we will become dignified Seniors Eloise Welch 'LL - o o o o 0 c - o c .4 1 , . u Q "' 0 o L o e a c 9 Q K .. ' -. c o e o e Q f Q B . , , Q e I' ' e I n l 1 J 1 o 1 o u e ' Q e 1 -- ll TP 10 LE gg'--U Soplsomores l xx 7 if 1 ex f' X X me 'N A QW ax umm xc ,f J A . -3-Uhldlf m g r UUROPCS D TL., Me ev VICE VOS! Oh QYYSQS IYIYWE. P' Sl YN S YY10 on-nxD8c SGQPQ. Qr rec S- lil! ll zz RW fl swan Q f .K I rue s L B DMs es- TK 3 H 0 v Les Oc na o IE me G o Bel Tl.?YOUJ WEQKLUQJ 3 M nSA C F 0 Nkl Fogfhrr viper: os N Auf fn EHHH ww SIYTH S n, '16 M Q m s.,u 41 Oro N u 1 'P J T 'fl P Q ae TU rg". v n H L4 ' T kj-T Svver Q" ' 6 J"Y35 7'b -- 3 :. 'Yeas -5 71 "5 L E FJ S. I j 1 . 7 if ii! J A ii, -d 4 v S. TP uu-D- Gm , . 3 , . gy-,p-,E ,V ov-nb 4klMg,Llu3 - ' n, Xuvpk ,V'Q- 'MNYG G I bu F-Ll: Y W- 3 ,. 5' ,, I? ur ,E In n , .QveQy,oMiM'i?'nn.e v- ou.:--Th , . nmn,l?Q-lc3.wF. Fswh lb- on, . , I I-lqncog , . QU, ,..,.-N.A.,a.,'. 0.0, '.'D-Q .k.1A..4, AQJf.'?:"k"K SOPHOMORB CLASS HISTORY September l found man old friends and a few new ones present in the Sophomore Class About the second week in September, we elected Jimmy Kinney, president, Dorothy Meyer, vice president and Velma Hornbeck, secretary and treasurer Mrs Hughes was chosen as our class advisor We decided to pay fifty cents a year for class dues One of the most enjoyable activities of the year was a weiner roast Neal Anderson, Paul Smith, Johnny Fahl, Dale Whalen, Jlm y Kinney, Harlan Hancock and Kenny Dunkirk show that our class was well represented on the basketball floor as well as on the baseball diamond Tommy Wells was a baske In January our class began selling war stamps and bonds twice a week during the noon hour Everyone has helped to make this successful and by the end of two months we had sold over two thousand dollars worth Subjects most chosen by the Sophomore Class were English, History, Home Economics, Agriculture, Latin Biology, and Algebra We have had a profitable and pleasant year, and are looking farward to September, l9LL when we shall then be upperclassmen Patricia Goebel LL t ' " 1 ball manager the past year. . D -- U H niijr 1? Sub 8 EIR, 'ar A MK Gm :Hn n I 6 e cufB? , -w f 41' ,, Ut N I - ' Q 5 I Tn fi? 1 , . X, -I -gi "7 s P' -S :-' ls 541 5 s -FTM Tk I-'rF1'kvow TWO!-ll SQCOBJ Y r tl... FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY A new family, twenty six in ell, have moved into the Morrisonville Comm nity High School with Miss Nighswander as their class advisor We are called 'Green Fresh1es', but we don't mind cause we're going to make M C H S proud of us in four years time The Freshmen have been well represented on the honor roll, band, and basketball this year Keith Long was one of the cheerleaders The first month of school was spent in learning each others names and electing our President, Bob Brittln, Vice President, Jo Ann Furry, Our freshmen boys' basketball team was under the direction of a Senior, Dick Norris, and the boys playing were Bob Brittin, Dale Frobish, Joseph Forrester, Loren Bethard, Edmund Langen, Keith Long, Bernard Lucas, and James Kessler We were also represented in the band by the following members Mary Rose Hall, Ralph Sloman, Jackie Brown, Merle Billiter, Rose Ann Sloan, Margaret Grundy Loren Bethard, Lawrence Clavin, Darlene Lamb, Edmund Lengen, Bernard Lucas, and Wilma Jean Smothers We were very sorry to lose two members, Bob Brittln and Mary Rose Hall, but we hope to see all twenty four back in the 'knowledge box' in September, 1944 when we will be 'Silly Sophs ' - H11d1'8d W610h wus Secretary-Treasurer, Keith Long. Qixt I ff' 0Y'l's fix i 4 -Q f ff gl'-wif' W W TW 'I ff ..- mifkix' us vena f"XvAffeL: NA e Sono!-8 R Fla 3 g ec, A vo N g'Xf-X 8vionKRoSQvs1LxQ DIV1od,e 'Elica Rl-vgbs M'3"' 0 0 -1 D Ti? 1se.L..s.f l T, . "'E'.:".-5:7 . ' f , uw: vi 17-fr ' ul , . f s if ',. f I 4 1 -. ,' ' h ' I Nl: xQA 5 'V 1 H if ' I :Qxf I ,I . l , i 1 ' ' I ,J f . 1, I " Q , f 0 7 'K ' I .4112 VS 'S .U ' I V 4' - ev-J. - nd v . - ntl.,-I-"funnevj L.ProSe, . ll on LLJ- R. QYYI' 1 'id , - ll . . . I , .' . k . - r xuj I f- 4 f ' BASEBALL The Scarlet and Gray came through with a very successful season with four straight wins to capture the CMB baseball trophy This makes the fourth straight year it has been won by the Mo hawks Our catcher for the season was Dick Norris, our pitchers were Kenny Rosenthal and Charles Brittin, who did very well this year with 34 strikeouts Bob Frobish held the bag down at first, while Jack Nicol did likewise at second, and Lawrence Prose at third Dale Moore, our tall, lanky shortstop nabbed many a ball to help us win James Anderson, James Kinney and Neal Anderson covered left field while Donald Lentz, George Meyer, Bob Fleigle and right These boys made retired the sides Although did a fine job keeping score and Kenny Rosenthal covered center many outstanding catches and often Shirlen Rosenthal never played, he One of the outstanding events Morrisonville Morrisonville Morrisonville Morrisonvllle Bob Fleigle George Meyer Dale Moore Charles Brlttin Bob Frobish James Anderson Lawrence Prose Kenneth Rosenthal Jack Nicol Donald Lentz James Kinney Neal Anderson Shirlen Rosenthal Scores was when Meyer and Prose were Waggener l Raymond Farmersvllle 1 Ball Township Batting Averages Georgzbleyer o B a m m o m I5 Q '11 rl o H' in we o 'J '4 o Q- o I3 o r- D C+ D' m 0 5 vs H' m +1 n- vs o H m ET E o H OV! Ol' '11 0 H 0 d' OO OOO 1 2 2 2 1 200 O00 OOO 000 000 D 8 1 8 I+ A.B. H. , 13 7 53 2 1 5 15 6 1. Dick Norris ll, 5 357 15 5 333 16 5 3 3 17 5 91. 11+ L 85 13 3 3 10 2 1 0 3 O 0 0 0 0 I 'Q ll -1 77? x n Q 1' . M ll 1 ,W -, N V, J I H iqr 'L ' - I ' J 0""1 ff vb I4 'F Y lr , rl 7 71 1, If BASKETBALL The Iohawks galloped off with 22 wins out of 27 this year The boys who came out to practice and made the squad were Kenneth Rosenthal, George Meyer, Dick Norris, Bob Frobish, Dale Moore, Jack Nicol, Dick MacPherson, Donald Lentz, Paul Smith, Shirlen Rosenthal, Neal Anderson, Dwight Johnson, John Fahl, Harlan Hancock, Bernard Gleespen, Blen Beaman, James Kinney, Dale Whalen, Joh Goebel, and Charles Brlttin Morrisonville 52 Stonington 30 The Mohawks started the season off with a bang, defeating Stonington in a thrilling game with the Mohawks leading all the way Moore, Frobish, and Brittin led the attack Morrlsonvllle 53 Edinburg 2L The next victim on the list was the Wildcats who were a little too wild' The Morrisonville team put on a spurt of scoring in the first quarter and never ceased Meyer, Moore and Frobish were high gunners for the Mohawks Morrisonville 35 Raymond 27 The Redbirds led 8 to 5 at the first quarter when Morrison ville turned on the heat and took the lead 18 ll at the half for Morrisonville Morrisonvllle L3 Divernon 25 Morrisonville defeated Divernon in their fourth straight victory, and also their first MSM victory It was an excellent game with Morrlsonville leading all the way Moore was the big noise for the Mohawks Morrisonvllle 32 Kincaid 30 Morrisonville fans witnessed the beat game of the season when the Mohawks traveled to Kincaid to defeat them in a thrilling battle all the way This was the Ponies first defeat in nine starts and also an MSM game Frobish led the Mohawks in scoring while Moore and Rosenthal contributed much toward a successful defense Morrisonvllle L1 Pawnee 23 The Hohawks turned on the heat in the first quarter leading ll 2 and from then on it was the Scarlet and Gray all the way Moore and Frobish were high gunners for Morrisonville llorrisonville 33 Raymond 29 The Scarlet and Gray got off to a had start, but finally managed to pull away fr m the Redbirds in the final minutes This was the Mohawks seventh straight win. From then on, it was the Mohawks all the way. Frobish was high Morrisonville 33 Girard L8 This was the unlucky night for the lohawks their first loss in eight starts The Girard boys were a little too much for them and our boys just couldn't get started lorrisonville 35 Virden 33 This was a nip and tuck battle all the way with all the boys fighting hard Virden had a five point lead with two minutes to go, but the two field tosses by Meyer, one by Norris and a charity toss by Brittin oinched the game Morrisonville 39 Auburn 23 The Mohawks found it easy to down the Auburn five in an HSM conference game The boys led all the way in the smallest gym they had played all year Frobish swished the net for the Mohawks CIS TOURNAMENT M C H S carried off the Honors in the CMS at Farmersville defeating Waggener Q35 241 in the first game and Raymond 143 30, in the semifinals and the championship game with Divernon C42 353 The excellent defense play of Norris, Moore, Nicol, and Rosenthal contributed much to the teams success COUNTY TOURNAMENT The Scarlet and Gray quintet came through with a third in the County Tournament at Stonington, meeting Harvel K56 231 in the open ing game The next night the speedy Morrisonville five met Edinburg defeating them 65 26 The next and toughest of all was Kincaid who defeated the Mohawks 47 3L The last and final night the Mohawks met Ht Auburn in the consolation game and took it 3L 3l victory in the final minutes Morrisonville 38 Stonington 46 The County Tournament must have worn the boys out because when they journeyed to Stonington, they couldn't see to get going This was the Mohawks third defeat in eighteen starts Moore and Frobish were high point men Morrlsonville 29 Kincaid LL The Mohawks still weren't able to get started or else the Ponies were all a little too much for them But after all they did beat them on their home floor, which hadn't been done for sev eral years Morrisonville L2 Pawnee 38 The Morrisonville quintet Jarrod the Pawnee five in a thrilling game until the fourth quarter when the Mohawks pulled away Frobigh and Moore again led the Mohawks ' l combined with the high percentage of shots hit by Frobish and Meyer lorrlsonville The lcrrieonvllle Auburn in lorrleonville, after being forfeited to lorrlsonville lorrisonville If you remember, this is before and they almost did it lohawks rolled in two baskets the burden for the lohawks lorrlsonville 2 Auburn O game which was scheduled to be played postpcsed twice due to bad weather was 57 Yirden 51 the team that almost beat us once again With a few seconds to go, the which helped a lot Froblsh carried bl Dlvernon 32 The Morrisonville quintet downed Dlvernon for the third time this year, this being the toughest time Neyer was high for the lohawks Iorrlsonville bl Girard 37 The Mchawks turned the tide for the Girard five in a great game with the Hohawks on top all the way This gave the Morrison ville team second in the MSM conference The defensive play of Nlcols and MacPherson was outstanding Morrlsonville 51 Waverly 33 The Hohawks defeated the Waverly five in a thrilling contest that insured second place for the local quintet in MSM competition tangles with the floor result Bob's last game this season REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Morrisonville 2h Pena 21 The Mohawks met the Panthers in the first game, and they were plenty tough It was the lowest score the Mohawks had made this year Pana led most of the way, but the Mohawks took the lead in the third quarter and defeated the Panthers, 2b 21 lorrisonville 31 Taylorville 72 The next game was with Taylorville, and we took an easy 3 0 lead and 9 8 in the first four minutes The Tornadoes were too much for the Hohawks with their rebounding Frobish was also out with a sore arm Some say if we would had Brittin and Froblsh along with the rest of the team, it would have been tougher for the Torn adoes TOTAL POINTS llorriscnville 1059 Opponents 968 The lohawks wish to thank everyone for attending the games and helping us to have such a successful season We also wish to thank the four cheerleaders for all the noise and pep when we were behind, and also cheering us on when we were ahead Thanks, Coach, for your assistance, and help- we conldn't have done it without you! Georgedeyer Shortly after Moore left the game via the foul route, Bob Frcbish ' ll GBQQMQ T S R 9e"H"l B Glees GH eu Pwkqle Dj nc H l-loneoc Th P3 ATTQBQ P T 9- QL TCD CD21 ov nc. J' n. 1- EE? rr' C On fn 9: 4 'La J K I' 32, mn F'-I JJX 9,3 Tu D V Ln UU 2 U 0 Z :r' ffl n 1 51 ""' . din V 1 ., - 9 : W 'iyg E 094 0. ff. I I ' - ui... . I ' lv' l ,J - "T', 3+ x 1 P -Q, 1 .Hz .3 '- .fr 1 mi, ilu -J 555' l -oO Alf I 07- ... V X - IA as -I , A "'- .i -U g . 1 1 'U' q , . X' 0- 0 9. nr' - J-I J .Q :ru 0""l Q.Qc, 'B' SQUAD The Mohawk 'B' Squad, proving ground for next season, made a good snowing, winning fifty percent of the games played The sole purpose of the 'B' team this season was the development of players and the using of every game as a means of adding exper ience for each member or the squad Every boy that dressed sew action, usually at least half of each game Scores lorrisonville Stonington lorrlaonville Edinburg lorrisonville lorrisonville lorrisonville lorriscnville lorrisonville lorrisonville lorrisonville lorrisonville lorrieonville Horrisonville Horrisonville Morrisonville lorrisonville Raymond Divernon Kincaid Pawnee Raymond Girard Auburn Stonington Kincaid Virden Divernon Girard Waverly FRESH EN The Mohawk Freshmen team, coached by Dick Norris, played nine games and won seven The 'Freshies' are to the 'B' team what the 'B' team is to the Varsity a proving ground for things to come The 'Freshies' under D1ck's direction, proved this year that if given two things they will be ready for come what may first, increased stature and wisdom, second, basketball experience Scores lorrisonville Morrisonville Horrisonville lorrisonville Morrisonville Horrisonvllle Morriscnville Horrisonville lorrisonville lo lsonvilre Morx sonville Horrisonville Morrisonville Morrisonville Horrisonville Kincaid Grades Kincaid Grades Palmer Grades Grades Grades Grades Grades Grades Grades 2L 17 9 22 17 15 21 2L 17 20 29 2L 11 17 16 12 15 25 21 18 22 16 22 lorrisonville 12 Pawnee lL 21 22 ll, 10 16 17 33 22 18 rr ' 33 - 29 18 31 29 17 19 ws vom DW Ike Bmw Jlnenke PN-Jkalen E M IIIQ econcl row B Dsaen 33M llb G3 INJQ G A gmuTkcvs M Affcbcrg Goan 0 Ge hue PS an C Q M0 evk osen Q MMQ-nn 3 TUIBLING Considerable interest was shown This being the first year that the public approval was checked at the Spontaneous acceptance of the team at M C.H.S. in tumbling. school has had a tu bling team, first home basketball game. was very gratifying, and as a result, the team put on an exhibition at each home game. In addition to the elementary tumbling stunts, some members of the team specialized in various flips lboth front and backl, springs, and diving Members of the team are John Millburg, captain, Donald Walker, Eugene Millburg, Dale Whalen, Bob Mundhenke, Bob Poggen pohl, Eugene Salisbury, Bud Smothers, Ivan Weber, Bob Brittin, Charles Brittin, and Dick Norris TRACK The boys who went out for track in the spring of 1943 the direction of Coach Thruman Pharis, were as follows Nicol, Kenneth Rosenthal, John Goebel, Glen Beaman, Neal Dale Whalen, Monte Manning, Paul Smith, Dick Norris, and under Jack Anderson, George Meyer The boys who did not appear in the track picture, but who also went out were Charles Brittin, James King, Howard Wilson, Ralph Deihl, Ben Peat, and Bernard Garrett The team competed in two meets CMS at Raymond and the County Kincaid Mile Rosenthal, Wilson O Goebel O Nicol , Deihl 220 100 120 120 yd Low Hurdles Brittin yd High Hurdles Brittin King, Beaman yd Dash Garrett, King, Nicol Freshmen Relay Whalen, Anderson, Smith, Manning Varsity Relay Garrett, Deihl, King, Nicol Broad Jump Norris, Brittin High Jump Norris, Brittin Discus -Meyer, Peat Shot Norris, Deihl OUTSTANDING QUALITIES OF LETTERMEN IN BASKETBALL Brittin 'Well balanced defensively ' Frobish 'His scoring record speaks for itself ' Meyer 'The best offensive rebounder ' Nicol 'He held Lane down ' Moore 'The best defensive rebounder swell to have around in a pinch Norris 'A good floor general, an excellent feeder Rosenthal 'He could gee ly block and play defense MacPherson 'He1ght, '3 I'd like to have him back next year at J -- as -:- LL -- Poleayault--Norris -:- -- .W -- ll -.. iw-.. ' . f' , PMS-TJJ RPGICLJ v EXIJQIQLI MN-lllfh MCQULPHCIPGBPI 'J Sec nd A ,11'ehL, se DL.n bIPTTe he SC ls! JEG H H on Nu NIT A1 cl vs THX n:LMllL Q MTk0f3lCvLEJmG d5Dme'1' D1-AT T3 ku 9 H K6 Q W' he Pm.. 1. K Cav V9 0J"'e"5 MC'la F HW' 'OU SUCH L 5 NXL Du Yu k Your-A pee:-H C S n Q eq'n'9 MHA!! I Eu,-,,,qnfVXG-r A 9' Q s vw e A J' 4 lv DA L Phe ps B M T Uv-U f'-C3 GDM So-ff Boll GIRL'S GTI Under the direction of Irs Todd as our gym teacher, we have especially enjoyed our gym classes this year We played volley ball, softball, table tennis, other games, and of course basket ball, which is the most eagerly awaited sport on the school calen dar for the girls as well as the boys The girls have gym on Tuesday and Thursday, fifth and seventh hours Our gym glass teaches us girls new and different activities of which we have never participated in before and which we enjoy very luch Tunhllng was a novel and interesting feat we participated in for the first time in the history of g1rl's gymnastics After scns practice several of us girls were able to perform sonersaults head springs, and flips of various descriptions in a c mendable manner It was so luch fun and so lnvlgprstlng that we vote tmnb ling to be an important part of our athletic program in the future Seniors were the proud winners with the Juniors placing second In the first game the Sophs beat the Freehies in a close game 18 13, and the Seniors beat the Juniors L9 7 In the IGI! finals, the Juniors won over the Sophs 23 17, and the Seniors beat the Frcshies 35 5 In the first quarter of the finals, the Juniors kept a pretty good pace with the Seniors, hut ln the third quarter the Seniors raised the score enough to beat the 35 19, thus end ing basketball for the season When the first warn days cf spring come around, we hear the girls saying, 'Let's play softball today, so we can be outside It ls such a swell day ' For most of the last two nonths cf school the girls are outside swinging the hat Nadine Jenkins lu! 9 The girls held an inter-class tournament in larch, and the X gf QCA , X " , 5.53 J X A013 vifg A f 3 5? vr Q AP ,W Z7 , gf 9 1 X3 if : f ' I7 .4 - - QL' 21' t f ff X 1' 6 K 1 2 l , T RMK M R B Its Papa Ulu Paujs SD M D Ccjfvxefi 1 IJXJE HEL HSC me Lxevsn Q 'Zi' S 5 IQRTTe o e SATD os XJ L M fvxci ag T T1 n eybf S i 1 ln1...D.NJelKe'.N-II'e.nKulns,IVX.C..j, . agp cv-son,0- eat'- B. ec,k,R.Mo'-rug. S1'Q"'C-Inna-V.Srnofhev-s,E.MlGInh,NX.g5ESTC5,Qdv.,I.Rfffenk C. 1.n,R.M cu, E, v Mr. er1nLj,rnoT'ne.r---,,, ,------ QCTT'-JQIC-LW I-. ennj, DQJ----,----..G' Ov S Y Duck -Dehnv.1,x-eson-.....-......--D0YWQ QI er Qabs D0nn.1,1'kQ olQuc1x,Ter....--fvXQrs1QllCe C045 1-14. , .. Jf..,.A------HQJ.f,eTe,.k.nS Wag QYlT0n,EA1TLSC,uU5lvx....DxCK 0 P g Gr C2 D6hn1,0naunT---Viva ' SYN-moTl'wGrS Lee Denndmzn uncle ---- -C ln le QYITTIY1 Dos-cu Denn ,Lee' lJraJe--- J I nk us fl Ml 9 U-JOOELQ PuLIgCl14jLLJOYWnQn---EI I 6 elc 'Fxwler L11PPgIQvcPor1cr-----DlCKN0rIlS Y- Q Uon, On Q5 Qn --- O U h S 'IT'S PAPA WHO PAYS' The Senior play, which was a three act comedy was presented, under Miss Estes' direction, to a large crowd on Friday, December 3 1943, and proved to be a great success George Meyer, the irritated papa, was fed up on contests really started this 'contest crave', but he doesn't stop to realize it His two bright off springs, Babs and Dick, who are played by Maryalice Coy and Donald Walker, enter in every contest that they hear about The house is cluttered up with box tops, contest Jingles, and so forth Mother who is played by Betty Rich, is very understanding with the children Although she buys everything the children want her to, that is for contests, she is getting fed up with them too Edith, as Nadine Jenkins, is a 'giggling Gerty' who is all the time 'spilling the beans Virginia Smothers, as Grace Denny, plays the 'vamp of the camp' She is Bab's aunt and O'BOY what an aunt The boys crowd around her like nobodys' business What really gets Bab's coat is when a cousin Ed1th's comes over to Bab's house with Edith Aunt Grace is there and then the fireworks really start Babs really gives her Aunt the cold shoulder Ed1th's cousin is a tall, dark, handsome man, whose name is Wayne Carlton, played by Dick MacPherson, and Babs wants him but Aunt Grace gets him for awhile Fixer, fwhat a guy I played by Dick Norris, is Papa's friend and is always getting people in a fix and then trylng to get them out Papa has entered a contest and has forgotten that he entered it Mean mlght win from contests already entered When he finds out that he has won a oar in a dog biscuit contest prevlously entered, he doesn know how to get out of it He wants the car but he doesn't want the family to know how he got it This is where Uncle Lee, lChar1es Brittinl comes in Fixer tells Papa to tell the family th t Uncle Lee had paid an old debt which is 8500 After they tell the family that Uncle Lee has sent 8500, Mother tells them that Uncle Lee, who has just married, is coming to visit them Papa almost passes out Uncle Lee arrives Cafter being chased through a pasture by a bull! and Mother tells him that he really shouldn't have sent all that money She tells him he needs the money because he is just married He really had aimed to send some of the money, because he had received exactly S500 for a poem that he had just published H said he had sent some but he did not remember sending all of it While all of this is going on, Papa is having some more trouble Miss Atwood, played by ElO1S8 Welch, a publicity agent for the contest Papa had just won, showed up with a contestant Mr Magoon lBob Mundhenkel that they had found had also tied for first They draw slips and Dad finds out that instead of getting a car, he is going to get a Russian Wolfhound Dad has an unwanted Wolfhound and no car or money from Lee and Lee did not know he had sent the money Then Lee's wife, Dora, llda Rittenhouse! She has found Lee's check on the desk under a pile of papers She pays Papa and Dick sells the Russian Wolfhound for 8200 and Papa tells them that they can enter more contests Papa paid dearly, but everyone was happy' Donald Walker ILL!! , - I ' e He - , .n . ' , or I while he tells the kids that they cannot receive any prizes that they - ' ' vt D . e f 3 M L YTHK DJ on CVS qi MTI-. lr- ki XVXTL1 L 'J TNG DTLT T WTOBY DOODLE DANDY' The Junior Class presented on April 28, at eight p m their play, which was an important date for all Juniors and everyone who saw it The play 'Toby Doodle Dandy' a three act farce, consist ing of comedy and mystery was put on with the aid and direction of Hrs Cantrell This play takes place in the apartment of Horace Mathews, a government man, and is centered around a chemical formula which is very valuable to the U S Government and is wanted by Nazi and Japanese spies Jerry is a very attractive girl who keeps up the romantic interests of the play Susie is a deaf girl, very Eventually she falls in love with Toby who is a gay, carefree idiot, but cannot marry her until he goes through fire and water to prove his love Rogers and Madame La Coyne turn out to be spies and are assisted by Hilda, the housekeeper, in stealing the secret formula that is possessed by the dashing, daring, and ro mantle Granger Mr Mathews cannot understand the situations they all get themselves into, but insists upon grumbling about the servant situation Amid roars of laughter, shedding of tears, and gun fire, the spies are outwitted by Toby, Jerry admits her marriage to Granger, and Toby proves his love for Susie, by preparing to go through fire and water, and is prepared for the event with an old fashioned bathing suit and f1reman's helmet Doroth Todt RLS!! likeable, and tries to be a maid, but doesn't succeed very well. Siwuhk 1hlBTmw A E L 1 A +1 T 4 R4 Pc M ST PP Ef QTTTWXWJ 1EA L. .ln RL JM S BET QTETJTJ MQ Q C C,Q11,Imw P A JIJl51T'fqk EJ M .N I M Sofalw E eEJT os XJ o. I-:JT vmes ms J-kepgm TD Mhmbc Elomniifxk AJP, ' 5 'mf' Fxniur I'-IPST raw..-N-Tlnkun5,M.C. , - 0 G , -Rain-1 a, .. c QP ,M.Uel.Lf1.g5 Second raw- B.Q,c ,V.Sf....khg..,'I,Q,1 e,,5.,,U,el ,RI ,nkousei hu' Pow- -I tvman' . egkgl, D. C-rundq3'P.Ng+...5 T.A,,cle,,5 F9""+h "0lv- D-XUulkQ..,G.lVle1jer, R. qcvheu-s R, I Jhen-,kg Q JI or-an-cLuo'P-... .,,---- ---- - - e o C Q, ASG- lTov-.-- -...---. -----kehnetlr poser-.T Hal Clvculorlon fxorsqjeg--RICLNQY OYYIS' IC or Qdpkerson Qu 1nessf'Xq.-.Q jar--- .... ,,..,,,, , 1 jak F-80-ru!-QEditor-..-..-..--..-......---,, HOPU-non P l on---..-- .... - V11 Il e o , C o c QYJ ov S E Iran- ..... ....- , ..- -,,,,-Geov G eljer- Sclwool Coldndrlr- .... ,... J Clan q I eh QUSQ F-P-8SL1rr1qh :Tour .------ ------- lldve E C Orvxqv Q av------ ..... --- l Q eicln .J-Unlqy :1xTav--..-.. --,.- -.. ---PQTFICIQ GQGLGI S nnov- 1 ov----Vl3 I mot-L1svs,TG Q AnJevsah SHO 5L'lOT..--,,,., -..-..-h ....- -PlQJsnQTCnklhS o 4 Q, ,,,-. GLY! 1 uv-cj, o Ev- Uh T IS .. .... -- ...- G O1 , 0 Q SV' vi QI'--- ,.,.,-. -------,, 5 S 'S THE CREST The Annual Staff, which consists of 20 Seniors, elected by the Senior Class, who have various important Jobs to do, have been planning and working earnestly to give to you, a finer, bet ter more exciting Annual than ever before The arrangements and printing, and many of the artistic features have been the work of Betty Jo McWard, who has been a most efficient Editor in Chief Didn't you enjoy that, 'Ain Love Grand' page which was so ably done by Maryalice Coy? We are fortunate to have an athlete like George Meyer to bring to you the 'World of Sports' for the year We have several poetic Seniors too Betty Rich and Dick Norris are the ones who wrote a poem to Mom' and 'Dad , since we dedicated our 'Crest' to our parents Did you read those interesting class, club, and activity writeups? Contribute the work to Nadine Jenkins, Maryalioe Coy, Mildred and Eloise Welch, Patricia Goebel, Bob Mundhenke, Helen Kerns, and Norma Jeanne Todt Look through the School Calendar and you will find all of the important events of the year, which was brought to you from the beginning to the end by Ada and Ida Rittenhouse What a class, those Seniors' We wish to thank Virginia Smothers for the Senior Class History and Poem, Kenny Rosenthal, Betty Jo McWard, Eloise Welch, Donald Walker for the Class Will, James ald Walker for the Senior Class Play writeup, Dorothy Todt for the Junior Class Play writeup You say you like our snapshot pages? Nadine Jenkins was our Snapshot Editor Johnny llllburg and Bob Mundhenke added stme more fun to our annual when they popped up with those funny jokes If you want super salesmen, just come to the Senior Class W have them too Dick Norris and Dick MacPherson went 'over the top' in Annual sales Dick MacPherson and Betty Rich sold the ads too, which is quite a task in itself What do you think of our ads? Give credit to the Seniors who set up the ads We also want to thank Dorothy Grundy and Donald Walker for the big job they had in typing all the material for the annual With the help of our Class Advisor, Miss Estes, and the staff members working well together, we have tried to give to you an Annual that will be enjoyed in years to come, and be well worth your time and money laryalice Coy Nw - - , 't .ll I Anderson for the Prophecy, Ruth Harmon for the many features, Don- ' o 9 049 9 U . T ? eng. L Qxfsv O ,na IEA,-,, A fm ,f Q W' Dashs qgom L0 'Nw be 'Q Ok, ou-.001-N vs 3 to 0 A ,kv-J, J Qpf me I L Q J jjj L HJ Wi' A QQ ,. v 95 H Vt HJL.. I Q. 0 ' 50 4- xoqoe? A o Y T YH Ui 'r Y 1 a - oe x -1 0 . -N. , id X f is.-A.-.. ...Tig ' y i? Grunlj Cgokuuj 9 sk? gbkcg' XR' xy XQPJNL -' : 'l Q X21 wj X ANL Q, ,J cf Q. ' , nl 50001 sob . - x 411.533 S .9 7 , 'D 'b"-'if-' xl' 1 ' it '-1- . Fo oo l li dh I X 5-6. -,IJ Y..---'fi' i4 ' " N A i - 0' di c I f 7 ' ' Q .E Q ' 9 7:-Nk""" fn, f I ,' K, '5lq,,,?oQ,, .: u,so g 'L N ,Rf dna," ,"'o I ' " 1 n an . -' -. , Q 1 1 L 5' ffififz tx N i ' A fm' ' 'sm v ' .km 245 U Uv a tm' Mu. S f ,,, 1-X A L BL.. 1 1 v fl' 5 C N 4,ff! yff Q ooAM Q t L 'g 'mg H X ga HC S 1 m N Q' JM W- fs'- A I T. F C VJ L fn A 4 5, ff ' Q 4 f .5 ,CQJ 151 K if f ' 1 1 A v I I 2' f f I L-Qi. A-,,,J. 4 f I QM' '1 'A EJTX f 4 HNF? 15,33 ' 1 7 m Hg N 11 n X , - Ag:-ge 5 W R nf - :cop -J t 0 Q eiaagg: XC?H'?.'. "Jr to I SL - B avi H ll K-fmuf - - 2' -4 -.15 Ill. 2.4.3 K U! like annul HTTA s H T k P T fl xx ra :wb B:rmw.1Lrf-xus. Q T J OYYN e Mex I kes 0 E SNP? KY r- e T V C SQA Q 5M no .3 U XYXYQ QYQ We TTMW J 9110 TLHJTAT IQXVX e oe Qld Peps smess G0 Urnml 30 e Ste e C vel AJS M' I E. Q M is'-T Jz: 'sf' Y ' ! I 5-ff Mg in ' gf 'fi "Q "LNB . " FlYSTrom..P-Beislcu. . , Q .RgsQ,w-tkgl Jdvg- Cuq Qlfre SCCOHJ Yum- RKnvJSQh,fvx- Gr IQ,DA.Lf,u,QI el s'3'.Lq naeh Hn- row- V.SmqTker-s,S.R.g q,.cjg,,,'QT.J . .S1'.!e Fouv1"l Yam - . Q ev, , , c -P I . i I vii. 'Boqmon EJXTCY'-, ------, --,, ,, 0 YWQTQNNS 0 ASME .T..,, --,. Sk. I hPa 'lkal 'FV9SL1rY1Qn.....-- ,,,Q ----- - TGS I-Qnggh BOPP v ....,,-- ..-- -LE LFP-Qvje .ll UY J-Uhxor.. ---- ,------- -, -Pqulnnekn Aioh Senior--- .-..... ---..VlVi SYYSOTLT A37-gg',uITuYQ,,,,,-,,, ----- -, -..- ,IVQY1 Lev- l-low. Ee..- .,,, , ,... ---- e 0 C Qw- U C- ----'- -- ---- ---,,---- ovo o Cqrvwn-wav-can' .,......... -Er Q GQVPPTT S'Po,,T5---- M---- ---- -.,, .. P b r1+-volzau 0 - --------DovlsAv1nLoL,..x ,Iva M I QU Mqnq3er,,-PGt ,GTQNHBEQVYWQIW Al - ---- ---,,-,, ..... -Aer v T u-'He ArTlSf--- ----- ----,,-,,,,,--GqrolJ el W MH n - --,-, 0, v. ani I THE MOHAWK 'Will all students on the paper staff please have their articles in by Wednesday?' Yes, this sign appear ed on the boards more than once throughout the year, as the editor with the help of the staff, and under the ad vice of Mrs Cantrell prepared the 'Mohawk' for its pub llcation The 'Mohawk' was published every four weeks by the Junior Class for five cents a copy Two or three special editions appeared at different times during the year Assistant Editor, Shirlen Rosenthal, then came the writers of the feature articles whose items made up the body of the paper A large part cf the success of the 'Mohawk' was due to the two Business Managers, Pat Balsley and Bud Beaman It was they who hounded the business men to death for ads, and at a quarter an ad, we averaged over S2 per publication in ads It took all of the staff working and cooperating to gather to achieve the success which we believe the paper has had this year Norma Jeanne Todt OILS! The Editor, Norma Jeanne Todt, was aided by the CU Ll Q' 5' hs' Y sw! 65 ROHM wk E V 1 MES v Cl! 12" fx W F ! nas -2-9 sg ' WE ,,, k 1583 ' 3 my A x . .3 .' Ln" , U. I A . sg I - .uk 1 ' ff: jd A, A mr ' L' l U l E U l U Iv - . n 6 I 3.3, g' 1, ' fs: A I 35155 A N5 A 'gg if-"4 1 " I 5 Q41 iii- X L 3' an 6 'i V ,M U 9 my IQ!! V S' W Q W larry 1- 'I -. 12" - ' s , - 2245: as I X :1rC"lgl3 ek 1 6 foie 063' 62 Q ' ! .uri gh, QQ' Q.. v Y n 9. 67 1 O 64' J 6 Ckgivrn Za g e, I . A Mg' S I 5 ... Tthljldri Hemel . gf' 4 - Na' ft, ev! Q -F. ,g ,ww A Rnffenluwse BTIVMVIM-J -IRIHIHLQQ :CC mpvose V PRBQ TB 0 NNN 1395 geeona vo W gm TMQYS DLA 5 L we Ifvxpkexpi Q NNcK Q Q Rc C Thu J row C- 8001118 S R CRC' 5' 'V n 'fu Th row PKn JSon M H. le My-lql u,.,..,x N Q ev-su N l SIXTH Yiwu M as P9oe.bc,l-A ru J-AAC IVQIVXUC n yg I' Seaman wif' 'Yeo I G en., To M fe: U Tir' ' . I , n. ',,, .ln ,,..r . ,.....o.-.-- .- -ST-1 F - , ' ' F .nl T'I1,.nn's, E-I .J,r,,, ,J- av-'sl .l.lg,Lp-x,,rn anvil. .1 Fuupikwt 7.-g,G',H,Sg.4,'JL. ,,4..,b"1,:L x.5.f1..J I'.,,l14-gqL.H'i J4nJ'l'uv.l5-l1,l'L,UJ suv c " ' V 4 - I-T 1 - , - Wd 'ME-Hsu, l'W'l - -xisun , . I K-:..:42r.Qr,L.G' vs , -I9-AJ2r,n'..'gr11L-. lo - I n I . , V - qi!!! " 1 i Y X . 7- . g QQ . .p . HOME ECONOMICS The Home Ec Home Makers Club started out a new year with the enrollment of forty six girls which is the largest enrollment the club ever has had The club girls elected Betty Jo Mcward as President Ida Rittenhouse as Vice President, Claire Mae Prose as Secretary and Treasurer, Alberta Jaeger as Recreational Leader, and Shirlyann Richardson as Reporter Mrs Hughes is the club's sponsor Before Christmas vacation the club girls served their mothers' at an informal tea The mothers' were The girls have a meeting once a month in which buslness is discussed, planning of the scrap book, and then a program The girls don't m1nd coming to meetings so much if they can answer roll call with a name of a boy they like best The club gave a dance for the Future Farmers in May Girls decked out in bright print dresses and boys in bright blue overalls Don't forget our club motto, 'As the girl is, so the woman shall be ' Ida Rittenhouse D very well entertained by the Home Ec Club singing. 165 'N I Srrow R O39 9 Iwe' be en e S e ikn A llT9,.kX-JlHn,K-D R K'-BeTM JU?-obns BLuc.os J ,ow pq M 1 Ka n Tfohl C pqoz3 Hal Q 3 Slam-nan Mvnd HGH-u Ke I? No Q 5-ik Anderg Lan Pqovsk I KeSSl9' F' YU-a ow L Prose E Salas urs G Beqmay., Dw a en J DmcwqaRkH-. wx. .3 EMU, QLAIQG C2 iqng Qvfhih r- su Q 1-'cabal TR 6 P- Lvll.. vw 4: QPCIOCS ob 13 xx gp. K x.1,l1e, U! Q '1 Q A .P Beb Qux T lt G Q F The lorrlsonville Chapter of Future Farmers started this year with an enrollment of forty four m mbers A meeting of the chapter was held on the first Thursday of each month At the meeting, lous problems pertaining to the organization were discussed and voted on by the members After each meeting a recreational program followed Some of the outstanding recreational games had by the me bers were the caterpillar race, tug of war, and relay races These games were usually followed with a basketball game The F F A members turned in a record breaking income from their projects this past year There were 57 projects in rogress last year of which 53 of them reported a total income of 11,780 12 total of Q6 177 10 profit includin labor was earned by the boys I addition to the above, a total of 92 LO was taken in by F F F mem bers who won prizes at the F F A fairs Boys who did outstanding work in showing their agricultural products were Dwight Johnson, Bob mundhenke et the F F A Livestock fair at Moweaqua, and Jack Nicol at the Poultry and Grain Show held at Assumption Bernard Garrett and Bob Mundhenke, boys of our local chapter, received their State Farmer's Degree at the State F F A Convention held at Champaign Three boys who are making application for this honor this year are Shirlen Rosenthal, Ivan Weber, and Robert Pog genpohl Some of the social events in which the local chapter partlci pated in were a joint weiner roast held by the Home Fc girls and the v F F A members in October On No base ent hall which nas decorated Dancing the Virginia Reel, square be the most interesting diversion In a patriotic answer to the ember 5, an Ag party was held in t in F F A colors, blue and orange dance, and circle dance proved to of the evening national call for waste paper, the F F A sponsored several successful waste paper collections during the year A total of nearly ten tons were collected A part of the proceeds were turned over to the Red Cross for blood plasma fund During the time of this writing several of our F F A members from our l9L3 and l9LL classes have been called to the armed ser vices Those called were as follows Bernard Garrett, James King, Howard Wilson, Wayne Lyles, William Fleigle, and James Anderson he The officers of the chapter for the past year were as follows President, Robert Mundhenke, Vice President, Jack Nicol, Secretary, Shirlen Rosenthal, Treasurer, Ivan Weber, Reporter, Robert Poggenpohl, Advisor, A W Schmidt Bob Hundhenke LL r..A. - . 'a VCT' ' 3 ..A " 5. ...'-n -- In IPS row Gsfeele. MT kesele ENJele.k N'.Te k Q MC .3 MM-lol hm SS EsTe C' A 0 L- l'lQlpsl'NHeTlsPG-eblVS TY-xevxUR HNTTJTDT T J ow D I-en JM llbuwa me du Dgalslew B3 M w A owqwe H06 413-L + 'O ot9l?F bg V X Ma cc ' -kh QFAQHQV .fs gw " In QTCQQRWW , Thu D-awe' I3 The l"XlsceHon-4.144 " " . l ,fm ll If ' au: C ' '. vt L S . .EE m . fl:-?""4 rn - , . 21: HQ! 7 e ,. , H , V ,' .. ' 'f C f ins, e 1' 5 , ' C 1 W I U . ' 1 - - . . - P. - , - n gn I . Q ' . g,' 1 S se Oh Y lu- 'P . . 5- , , o Q, - wvo I , -Q , . , 9 ' , QC! Tlx" Y - ' mln . 1 ' , vup , . , - . C Qs- I , F R'I- Y in ' ' lik - Fogbth 'JJ' ' . YQ I Lg I ' ,p0SenYhq,l CDH-Y Oh Vogkg.. . ' C Y I COM ERCE CLUB The Morrisonville High Com erce Club was organized in October, l9u3 for all students who had taken at least one year of any commercial subject The ourcose of this organ ization was to learn more about commercial work through talks and programs by the students and to develop the mem bers further by participation in the meetings and by social contact A constitution was adopted with eleven articles and all business meetings were conducted bv parliamentary law There were thirty three members who joined The colors of the club were green and white and the club flower was the white carnation A club song was also made uo to the tune of 'On Wisconsin W At the flrst meetlng 1n October, officers were elected as follows Virginia Smothers, president, Dale Moore, vice president Betty Pich secretary Dick MacPherson, day of each month and the meetings ,ere conducted in the fol lowing manner meeting called to order by the president, roll call presented by the secretary, the business meeting and the program The topics discussed for +he year l9A3 hh were as follows Advantages of the Commerce Club and vhv it Should Be Formed Personal Appearance Voice and Conversation Interviews Predioaments Our Dictators in Action My Reactlfns 'hen Called Upon to Gpeak Good and Bad Points of An Interview In May a weiner roast and skating partv was held and each member of the club was allowed to 1HVlt6 one guest We think our club has been quite a success this year and hope it will continue every year, and get better and bet ter Nadine Jenkins hh ' l . .. l , O O 4 Y , V s - n a - ' 3 I L 2 . 3 ' A treasurer, Miss Estes, advlsor. We met every third Wednes- . 1 V' J ' 0 0 ' ' ' J U ' VI A .1 H LJ 1 IV I1 Fu-51' row TBro E f4urPhx3l"xCoq1 LJISmoTkevsMWQl'1 D1-Gm TE-1.3 av-sl'1G 5' 4 'Own dex-gon Q T nan sc v- H ,ge NU-Dunk R Dmewqy A you., man R Q ,vysn-1-Q DLGY, CS ebel1We Sv Dv V k vundss B L- CCS vw-1 N... rw mqmm Dwalke S.. , .,,, DT.J1Gf"We13 r F F 0'3lCn3 Sluin qw. krou., LBQfHc.4l SL pq AWS Pwhqlef, "5" C "' "C" T " :Quo 0 Ort 44Seruors ovwTe5o1n Q ? gn ll it Wu " Q11-J I 31115 Ill!! 11 ,FIV PAf'1V" v?!5,I vyq 9 fhld Bd Welch T elslo eo' GMS ev few QP Q' 'ill l' Mule e corn. '3 'S P B I I s H Jonolol We Kev Bef R C Helen e"n5 mel '3Li1-S32 unl:,xTqP C 40 meTev-K sMsv43 Clarm-cT o""5' DunklYk 'Ida' V. sun, . . . I , , . , - 4 - ' 6. S - Yh , . 1-unJLa e H -n.Ah ,NMI-I r le.N.Kla k,H-'fe ns, .- hknit . uv- . , Thx' a R.Sxu , .Slo n, ' I I Y- ' TL' ' 0 ' ' b I K. ru 1 v , , . u 'nn I1 - . cj. u-I E, I, B .al 1 , . g I l PP-'3 , R. , UL 5 .. . Y 5 , r. - - Ll ,d T 9' , 4- L,, P S' l T Q rg-A . , 'Q 525333, g ' ': 1 : mc T Ts ' -T' I I , 0 .ii-3 ' nu xi ' . ' ' Q V? , ,X vw, 'i'i'1TrmWyfgfrE .,.7 v. ' 3-gf-,-.-,Q f U. ' ,f 'vcd , IP F f . - v , ,N .1 I, it m 3, ' X x , l 1 9 1 u . lm X s' f . ' Y ' u".-'ltv"mv - f A - - . -. sm . L ,M cf ' 'fxQg"ig,g M Y - at V - ' V.: A r caluc Cog. P . QJIIT P- 1 no . 3 . k 1 - C ,V I . rg - L. . . 'b , - J lr1 . I C H S BAND The band is under the direction of Mr Schmidt who has con sented to take over since we were unable to get an instructor in music this year le started with sixteen members consisting chiefly of clarinets and saxaphone players The bend was very much in need of additional players, especially in the brass section of our band When a call was made for new members to join the band, twenty seven recruits volunteered of which twenty three of the new members are now playing in our thirty nine piece band The band sponsored several activities this year for the purpose of raising a fund to help defray the expanses of the additional capes and the new visor type cap that was purchased by the band members Some of the activities sponsored by the band for raising funds were a movie, a paper drive, and a spring concert We made several public appearances, among the first of these being a Christmas program sponsored by the Business Men's Associa tion and a concert played for the students of M C H S Among the future activities that the band will appear in are the CMS Contest, Spring Concert on May 5 and Decoration Day Parade Three soloists from our bend who will compete at the CMS Con test are Patty Balsley, Mary Louise Dunkirk, Merle Billiter, and Helen Kerns, accompanist The band this year is losing eight of their most valuable players Seven of these were with the band since their first year at M C H S We will certainly miss them and hope that our beginning members can replace them in our next vear's band with as fine a per The personnel of our thirty nine piece band is as follows Clarinets Betty Rich, student director, Nadine Jenkins, Helen Kerns, Margaret Hertle, Dorothy Meyer, Mary Louise Dunkirk, Jackie Brown, Nita Anderson, Mary Rose Hall, Margaret giundy, Elizabeth Murphy, Norma Klimm, Irene Eyman, Martha can Cornets Donald Lentz, Carl Goebel, Merle Billiter, Kenneth Dunkirk, Rose Ann Sloan, Ivan Weber, Darrell Grundy Saxaphones Patty Balsley, Rita Sloan, Doris Lamb, Dorothy Todt, George Meyer Alto Horns Ralph Sloman, Bernard Lucas Baritones Edmund Langen, John Fahl Trombones Donald Walker, Eugene Salisbury, Monte Manning Basses Loren Bethard, Patrick Whalen Percussion Maryalice Coy, Darlene Lamb, Wilma Jean Smothers, Mildred Welch Mildred Welch lub! formance as our senior members have glven us the past year. N. EJ Eb Hi M 'AEM' 'vs 'bu' Hx 'UW S walker R HQ ws IVX Cox: G 'Q Ml-le Tle Kqyhg AQ s x A40 jf-Hvvov . Q ? L 'S '20 ' ' ,- ,, ' 6 4 h 0 ls M- S "x , swf, ,b,, V' : ,rpw ' 0 J v 5 A '17 J .. Q . T it - I n .D. , . v- an . Se had LU- . 5 I H . u Yeo' fx 'ol u., 32' 'w 51, gx : TQ Q ,f LIBRARY NEWS This year our library has grown to considerable size The books that were ordered at the beginning of the year have been read and reread A gzeat number of these were the best selling books of war, written about real historical events of the war and the life of our troops in this country and overseas Some of these were See Here Private Hargrove, gfo Post master, Guadalcanal Diary, and numerous others course there was fiction These were all best selling books of the year Some of the new fiction is Mrs Miniver, Flying Hoofs, The Robe, Blueberry Mountain Some very interesting blographies also made their first appearance on our shelves These include the lives of Goodyear, George Washington Carver, Churchill, and others just as interesting Our varieties of magazines h ve grown and improved These include Life, Look, Libert , Colliers, American, Redbook, Reader's Digest, Healt , and Nature Our library staff this year has been very efficient Instead of having all girls on the staff, a boy was ap pointed for the fourth hour cn ua cl- SD v-s f-s v- m SD rn v-5 o 5-J H o 2 m ONVIJNKAIOI-4 X hour Helen Kerns hour Ruth Harmon hour Maryalice Coy hour Donald Walker hour Aldene Greer hour Temple Minnis hour Margaret Hertel hour Temple Minnie Helen Kerns L5 glf . l llll sl . Q, :: -- N ll l SYQY BYINGTM osen Ofdfaon 1943 Co 1'ss'l'an1'S Uoneld Wqlkev 301131 Ha J 3 Fva 1. B ek Mnss Nl kin-.ncaa Bert!!-3-80h l"lQu-qlxnj DVQWNQ-:xc 'llofhuwon In H43 Geor QIVXQ er Oro son Donald wflxkbr Huw-ovoue VII! I-S TLC Sun ,BY Infensiihs I O A F M Guesswl. 'O zwf Love Grand 7349 .2 M3 f F f fkx Q K., f by Qu C H-QXN J-ff F' - ., L, ,lm V W I 0135? y 0 U ' z QV V 6 r UI 9 , .A . .. wt f '67 M -3' ' ' 6563 - Q ' 's 5 w.J ' -A Y? H S-gf? ' X H.. 4, 65, I m X, K ' ,Q I X 11 ' K -1 P xg I If 'i 3 U f zgj K CZ-QL X ff .1 r Q ' Jw! X x s 51 f, .x,. TNG-'1 , x, .J,.. T. R5 N ,. ,539 'Q . X Q-'fx 4'fxg N M' ,fl 1 'y TH MYST'RY OF AMERICAN H ST'RY Since we all have such a time with hist'ry Thought I'd try to solve the myst'ry, Attebery says, 'Who's absent,' and hands Lila the pad, 'So many absent, gee, that's too bad 'All right, didn't you hear the bell9 When you quiet down, I'll say what I have to tell, Take a half sheet of paper, and pencil of course Maybe this should be oral, but don't talk till you're hoarse When the day comes to give reports, Jim says, 'Not me,' teacher gives him a look, 'Well, Anderson, I guess 1t's up to 'Oh, that's easy, I'll read from YOU, the book ' read,' 'M11lburg, tell me Just what you've '0h, just what everyone else has said,' 'Open your books,' he says with rage 'All of you, who don't already have the page By this time the forty minutes have passed Walker jumps up and says, 'Oh boy, at last,' Everyone says 'Could you get that test?' We all say, 'No, but we tried our best ' I guess this will solve the myst'ry Of the dumb kids in hist'ry, And when it He knows knows knows knows knows who who who who Dale Frobish Mr Attebery Dale Frobish comes to giving a grade not not and and Early to Early to And your Goes out bed, rise, girl xtra' Extra' 'I'll take one men being swindled just h w the letter is made Betty Rich and knows not that he knows not is a FRESH AN shun him and knows that he knows not is a SOPHOMORE teach him knows not that he knows is a JUNIOR wake him knows that he knows is a SENIOR hit him in the head with a brick with other guys M C H S Athletes Read all about it Two men swindled N Say, there isn't anything about two 'Extra' Wxtra' Three men swindled' .vc U! ll U He He He -- He -- O ""o a o 0 : 'B . . . D 0 lit! n Q : ln-I O U ggi a AW? O P S QU OQCLX gym' MS v-ST e 2 iii' TUST K A SQ 3 S pkg 13S 'fm ' Rql1'RqL.R4H S ln' L JHOTDSTLIETNQ1-kir? Draft-ee St.y8QIiR8 Ofrac 'Puls 330 wig H9 Ehg Snee H - + The End SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Soh ol opens with a bang' Three new teachers Still more Freshmen' A holiday so soon? Labor Day' S nior Dance first big school party a success' Baseball at Ball Township we win Hurray' Baseball at Farmersville we win again we are really hot this year on the diamond OCTOBER Baseball game at Waggener Rah' Rah' We beat Waggener Senior Skating Party Any legs or broken???? Just one day off County Institute Home Ec and Ag Initiation Don't laugh too loud' Sophomore Weiner Roast Boiled Weiners Faculty Party given by Home Ee Girls are really great tea givers Com erce Club organized Oh Happy Day' full, so was the Ag room for the big fights NOVEMBER F F A Night Don't turn out Mr Sch 1dt's chickens Ag and Home Eo party Swing your partner Senior pictures taken Look at the birdie' Armistice Oh, happy day' We can sleep this morning First basketball game of the season at home beat Stonington 58 32 COHMGTCO Club meeting Don'ts of a Secretary' Don't sit on the boss' lap' Junior Party No music No dance"' Edinburg at Morrlsonville We did it again rah' rah' 53 25 Thanksgiving Don't eat too much turkey Senior Carnival. A great Success! Ring side seats were all I H 11 DECEMBER Senior Play Lights out and here is the play 'It's Papa Who Pays' F F A Meeting Raymond Basketball game here Poor Raymond I C H 8 is just too good 35 2? Divernon here We came through with another victory over them L3 25 Com erce Club Meeting Did you have my name? Thank you Basketball game at Kincaid A nip and tuck game with Morrisonville co ing out on top 32 30 Pawnee game at Morrisonville We did it before and did it aga1n Ll 23 Christmas Vacation begins Hurray' No more school till next year JANUARY Vacation ends Oh' Have to get up before nine this morning Game at Raymond' New Years wasn't too bed cause we won 33 29 it back Pfo KPersonal Friend of the Colonel! Francis Boehm addressed the student body' M S M Meetlng Virden at Morrisonville Close game but we made it 35 33 Game at Auburn Again we 'dood' it 39 23 Visitors today Doctor and Nurse T B Examlnation Don't be afraid of that shot It's not fatal' Commerce Club Meeting Dale wasn't scared just bashful' County Nurse examines us 'Have you been to the dentist within the last six months?' 22 Won C M S Tournament by beating Divernon, Raymond, and Waggoner We're loyal to you Morrisonville' 29 Christian County Tournament Won third place by defeating Mt Auburn 34 31 I Game at Girard! Grr! Lost our first game, but we'1l get FEBRUARY Morrisonville at Stonington 36 L8 Too bad we had to lose but we will make up for it! F Night Who stole the lock on the hen house door? Kincaid at Horrisonville LL 29, favor of Kincaid Seats on rafter No 5 or in the basement, please' At Pawnee L2 28 We sang the victory song to Pawnee Auburn at Morrisonville cancelled just too much snow for the boys Virden at Virden 57 51 We are still red hot' Com erce Club Quiet, olease and let's get down to business' Divernon here Ll 32 We came out on top again Girard here Ll 37 Keep your seats, Girard The referee is already baldheaded, he can't afford to lose anymore" Auburn here still no game snow snow' Forfelted to Morrisonville MARCH F F A Night All is qulet on the western front' Regional Tournament Beat Pana the first night 24 21, but lost to Taylorville on Thursday night, 72 31 Don't say a word it was a good game' Open House 18 State Tornament Look out for Taylorville' Sophomore Class Dance Band Contest at Farmersville County Institute Ha' Ha' the teachers have to go to school today! I E A at Springfield Vacation for the teachers' APRIL F F A Night Good Friday Make your nest for the Easter Bunnie now, little children Ag Party Right arm swing left arm swing County Track Meet at Kincaid There goes the gun and we're off for the mile FQ I Ao Q -- -- 2 Waverly here--Morr1sonville's final home game winning 51-33. rr . , , - County Music and Literary Contest at Assumption Speak your piece C M S Trace Meet at Raymond Come now, do your stuff' MAY F F A Night They gathered together for a great meeting Did they have one? Well, of course' Spring Band Contest Now, kids, don't blow your chewing gum in your instrument' Junior Senior Banquet What a night' what a banquet One night we Seniors will never forget' Baccalaureate Seniors, act your age, but for goodness sake, please don't crawl Commencement The day that all the bright and brilliant Seniors have been looking forward to for four long, years' Ada and Ida Rittenhouse Y! I Commerce Club. Let's make our last meeting count! , V -- IAP! FNKC UGSS ZZ., 'NN' ...xi M 6 NNW DIN -3 fe- 1' 2- 5 M 'v -19-H,- A I .Ja . In ICI44C,.,S C H, Lx I-IE C3 Z "'E EE IIE! .Cl DE f ff ff ffffwfnfw ISBNBI1 0 F1 fx , I-'dl TF lj O JV YTISBU In S or fvxovvltorwn ommunxnj l Ls Sc oe' u. :a :n 1: 1: r: :I 1:1 r: cl I: au If E Z II E Z Z CJ E Z Z I"l Z Z E llff- r Z I ll I Z I Z Z Z Z IZ I Z Z CII EI 4:1 cr 1:1 1:1 1: 1:1 1:1 4:1 1:1 Cl If '. 1:1 1:1 cn :J C1 EI 1:1 :J 1:1 1:1 ua E1 nn 1 I'-1:1 :I m :I 1:1 r:: I: :1 r: 1:1 r:1 :r 1:1 1:1 at 2 1:1 :I 1:1 I: 1:1 1:1 1: :I D Er El JL n :Ln H VI H H nan , . ,Z twin Sam d P t Do th y lo k alikez compliments Taylorvllle Theatre Co Capitol an RltZ heatres g t bli y lip f g d Wh it off? Twylorvullv Wansfu Com, any Dealers uv Scmplran Cb' aid pkvrw 7.99 Lyforvzllo oe, rervlerg h ight b ky high th t f erff one-I Co fncizanapoias lncizcmcz Class Rzn. 5 Commencemonf Jnnouncoment: ezufolors 6' ffwfzoners fo Morrzsonvzllv Communnfy Nzyh fchaol f J-I H411 Docafur Imam Do with th b t yy th t b th th ight 1 g ld? W 11 f 1 f 8 S y have s, eh? Y sir, twins. an e e. e o I c a --es e a . r I o O 0 .E-1 --'I've had somethin rem ng on m s or a 1 ti d --1--w M -'Sgn?'ve notice . y don't you shave ' 'lrs. Cantrell--'If anything should go wrong in this experiment w and t e 'lab' m e blown s - --come closer so a you may be able to ollow me.' 1 7 y, 3 II" ll , ou agree e ee-keegers when hey se a ees are wor e r we n o e , I'd rather ha y pockets 1 old Q5 P ine? ni Ish all E mm MOFZRISONVILLE FARMERS COOP CO PHONE NZDT- GRAIN COAL SEED FEED FERTILIZER SEE Us BEFORE you Buy MORRISONVILLE LUMBER 4 HARDWARE C0 .JACK Duffy M PHONE 76 COME AND DINE YOUNG S CAFE LUNCHE5' I' W SOFTDRINKS MORRISONVILLE ILLINOIS EIRSI SDQTE BANK OF MDRRISDNVILLE Morrfsommze I7H7l0IS 50UNDD4CiQ,fQuQ!Y?i5!flW5 ,QANKM 013' L P Y y Lam H ppl G. Meyer--larrested for s eed --'But officer, I'm a gh school student.' Cop--' or oe is no e ' - Miss Estes--'You missed my bookkeeping class yesteida , d1dn't n?' D. Walker--'Not in the leastg not in the leest.' i xx H 1, cv-. D W Wells--'I caught a fish this long--llndicatingl. I never s such a fish.' e --'I believe you.' BK J E D1 L .. I. Weber--'Did you hear about Bob Frobish's prize heiter?' urn Schmidt"'Noc' I. Weberf-'She eta blue grass and mqg--d ' 'F' J C 2. p Y' Ce- QOY 0Y'Q'UOY1 D. Lamb--'Can you drive with one hand?' fn . rose--' es, ' D. b--' ere's a e.' MORRISOINILLE BUU-W NG AND LOArl ASW Real E srorr L 5- Pl' ue Mokglsonv Ll-fm! Ws ,gpg TQIXOY sk. Pp fb l I My yy:-.?:fe7rz1l?-I N7 CoAPLlMENTS Q TE W CKFUVNER I-f PL no Owenaco 59l 'L TSLN M Qeckev 1' C L, NN N mans N Il STE WART BROS Lockew MARke't Sewvuce Q ROYEQMHN 'nml-lmgfi-fdT TL "-ff ' :'wmf,,'f' of GAr1dew:oh 31 Son 1-40 Tu-ss Taqle Nun :ws cyrav-,kg app Com amenlfs XA! kenT OYSSH l31SMa T 'ul' llc 1-ll 9 9 LE S T' fb lofhesF Mso Ns ofhll A ee SQ Squave cl T gl F-ILVIN FPISCH CLOTHING HATS -FURNISHING TAYLORVILLE 'ILL f,6uMM9,Affw Sfr I I2 Nl P11 casa' COIN QQ 5 .R J gm Te 0VVQBqv 5-Qmemf ?r6?,.e tfqfe 1' ll IIILLARD IMPLEMENT compmq .D ' Z1 ?..g'sh , 5, Lv J 0 N P F M. . , . Ol S T H C F F Q, ... I gp llvcltoek gulpna hc 1-:T In . 0 Q 1 o vslsla, I. BR!! M - 3 a r - . 'ly' lo vu vain: m " ' ' Nufkmq buffke besi fn ovev Gian, Co mlb!! 'fini-I . of Tewlo PTomc li r vm . Banco , I . EI' of 0,0 I-I Q5 . n n ' ' Q 0 YVI , gy sv n 6, ' . - U QYVI ' le o ' fa ' r ' 'M T flu e or o QPVISONY el ll A S e ' 5 an - - O ft 409 Q 0 U SNA SEPKUCES compmv Y Wk. S11. 4 nd s SETI JQUELERS Tl om om Til 'Sfcujlovu l8q6 Om Y mums kl-I P 43? eq0 Il QTCHIB J.. F 7 Nonnm u nsuranc: Mo"o1ko"Goso OJ MOYPllOHVlLlU lvicvvstonvnll - TB r .,. 5 n .. orvulle SMC., 0 7 ,nlfgll Tlqwe II7 l E I a ee vu un Lsvcstoe. duh f' s.,.n.r... .. .M 'I 9 'P., I. no B 'PLM I MOWlSQhVlllQ, l. - -J' Ire. Ingles- 'I took the reoeips for this cake out or the cookbook lr Hughes 'You did quite right dear It should never have been tin pu 'een G 9' e S 05' rlwlmmerhe e Ile ll RQdJf7oMfCdr ff-9Je Ofsquvre Colfs 9 fs DPGSJCSQ' all v-wus Iffm 3 H S Sq, Tlyl 'Billie W 'Why does that cow seem so happy while being milked? Bob F She s a baseball fan and likes the Yanks nw-Ck 5 que TR upiR 0 A s DVV 9 YOU! E vo DrALsn cosmeT,cS if Heat! SKRVICEM In Wn11popev-,PAINT CALLOWAYS .9 NasTIIS:J S HAVE Rf Ta Iovvruef-nl APY T WEAR Donald Lentz Did he get an answer? H?AL"T'H HELL5 .-1 HPR!! S HASAJVQRE STORE .u "Hum 1 ,LV ef' 'vo -P. W ?S0lY J ' ss 9 ' fJvqnPfM:i'5 N Pam s 'ff Ty, Ile Ilia' l. H Mr Schmidt What is a garden plot? B Mundhenke The bugs and worms planning to eat your stuff all u SHIRLEY SHOP wh-ff If w vu Shop A1 xc ugwe Geox-ge'sCof1Jg Skop LADIES RFADT TO WEAR Tay Yv INITNHS Phone 303 or-Hsonvn le Times UUYI lY7'5.ns 6 I Anderson I have so nan! original ideas Hr Attebery Yes espeeia ly in history P G on b I ' Tl, l , HUF! of 'Nm Roc Tosqroesfui I A? 7 T 'eo-vu , I anon 0 ' ' f' B 3. ,I Jr R . . . - U. :v snug 'I - T 0 ' M - Ns D S' L U S' S .S S f ,O IC 05 hon 9 5 7 T . 9 0 , r 7 r ' r 9 LD I Miss Nighswandsr--'Robert Burns wrote 'To a Field-Mouse. "' Ll 0 t s B' . G. "5 a Q' I . 0- QY'.'s L 0 Cl Yo' 9' 2' lv. ON 1 'CO . T . 0' '5 . f QW ' ' on . . Movvssenw Q , I - .s. 8 Or u le . 3' E 1 . Q c I 'r .- Jo I G, PW? of ,. M I COMPLIHENTI nn ln lllll'l'all llama- Ml0pwl7xlfUNXVllll.ll.lE IDAWNIEIE tt d 11 1 1 ye xgzu fthb B b F1 igl 1 h B b F1 131 yan 1 th fi IW CUIE C3 CUMIPANNY PEIRIUNPQIL ILUHNI N IIQUARIE IPHUNIE 995 1I'FENYlLCDlPxVIIlLll.lE. B tty M Ki 1 1 A W ll th t thi g Bauer Funeral Home PHONE 44 MORRISONVILLE y gi 1? Wh t 1 uld it b ? bl all tudlo P ofoyraphefr ILO fha CL-F55 f 1944 Sprznzfzald Inna. ma OIF' ' A A V A I I Did ou o hat scar on your wrist ue ng for some fa r ady honor? New, o -1 readhin' or e utter. o e e--'Where are you go ng in such a urry?' W'1bur Wells--'To a doctor. My brother's temperature is l16.' e e--'You don't t a doctor. Cal e department. I I e o nn e--'I have a cold n my head.' Doris . Lowe--' e , a 's some n .' is your new bab a boy or r a e se oo e 0 O O 0 0 3 5 ol UG COMTLIMENTS LE NORE BEAUTY SHOPPE If Your Hair Isn't Becoming to You Be Coming to Me Phone 140 pb Used Cars Bought and Sold LUM HOLLAND GARAGE Ray Tombozzi E Main Cross Ta lorville p D R L SUPPLY CO General Merchandise We Annreci te Your Patronage Phone 10 Dr O E McLean DENTIST Morrisonville, Ill Phone 283 tiiiiiiii is a tug of waro' Lucas 'Well Yanks on one side Jerks on the other" xxsxaxxxx A man in a restaurant called the waiter over disgustedly 'What do you call this stuff coffee or tea? he asked 'It tastes like 'kerosene" 'If it tastes like kerosene,' said the waiter, 'It must be coffee The tea tastes like turpentine ' Yiiiiiiii Teacher was testing the knowledge of the kindergarden class Taking a half dollar from her purse, she tossed it on the desk, said 'And now, children, what is that?' Instantly a voice from the front row answered, 'Tails" iiiiiiiii You all must have heard about Smothers, Beaman, and Nicol going into a milk bar Smothers 'I'll have a malted milk ' Beaman 'I'll have a lemonade ' Nicol: "I'll just have a glass of water. You see I'm driving." xxxxxxxxx An army rifle weighs 8.69 pounds. After it has been carried a few miles, the decimal point drops out. iilllllli Tobacco is found mostly in the Southern states. And in some cigars. OF M , - f Forrester--'What do you mean by saying the struggle in the Pacific , R aku X ff'-of X 0 Ill 3-A mvmj fm ,C 'X as' ax A 125 , ll q gg? RX! X' Q 1 K Q Q Sl I I 6 J. O. Attebery Francis Boehm E H Bivin Sue Cantrell C E Colbrook E H Dudenhoffer R D Gauer Joe Hardy Frances Hughes Esther Johnson Virginia Estes Oscar Swinger George Martin SINCERF APPRECIATION TOO PATRONS W. H. Kent Frank Langen H F Lentz Tom Llndsey Dale Vyers Frances Mundhenke Ruth Nighswander Leonard Prose R C Todd Zebbie Safrit A W Schmidt C R Shake STUDENTS AND FACULTY whose cooperation and willingness to help have made it much easier to publish this book OUR ADVERTISERS whose financial support has helped us, and we certainly appreciate it ABIGAIL STUDIOS FOR the nice photography on the Senior pictures, and OUR COACH, MR J O ATTEBERY, who has been very Thanks, Mr Attebery' WALSWORTH BROTHERS who published this book kind and patient in taking all of the other pictures in this book .f-J"""2-s., 9- W 1- 6 f E X Q ' i 7? W WLM Wf The :sul ff -1...--...........-r"" QQ 4 Q 1 ff 7 22 7 fr, , K 40 K O W .-es f f f , I J G , X j xsi 4 f W Q f 'ay I J I ff V Af V 4 f W J f K f gf' f

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